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Outsourced Transcription Services Gain Maximum Advantages To transcribe various dictated reports, it is necessary to spend a lot of time and effort. Busy legal professionals most often might be unable to complete their documentation procedures on time. To meet your documentation requirements in a timely manner, many established legal transcription companies in the US offer professional transcription solutions. Outsourced transcription services offered by such firms help professionals streamline their workflow in an affordable and efficient manner and gain maximum advantages.

Outsourced Transcription Services Ensure Comprehensive Benefits Proper management of official records is important for government departments, legal groups, medical facilities, academic institutions, insurance firms, advertising companies, and multinational corporations. Outsourcing transcription tasks to professional companies helps them maintain their everyday business records in organized formats. This would in turn facilitate retrieval and updating of relevant information at any time. Outsourced



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transcription company bring comprehensive advantages such as:


Reduce payroll and benefits expenses: Through outsourcing their core transcription tasks, businesses can save on a considerable amount of money required to maintain additional transcription staff and quality controllers. They can significantly reduce the expenses involved in providing salaries, insurance benefits and other additional compensation packages.

Fewer capital investments: To carry out the documentation procedures in-house, business entities have to implement the latest infrastructure, advanced technology, equipment, resources and manpower. Outsourcing transcription jobs rules out the need of all these and help to get the work done quickly without making capital investment.

Focus on core business: Well coordinated transcription procedures significantly reduce the documentation workload of professionals, and save their precious time and effort. They can focus on core business functions with improved efficiency and obtain maximum business benefits.

Cost savings: Most outsourcing firms offer quality transcription solutions at affordable pricing. Their services ensure clients cost savings of up to 30 to 40 percent.

Reduce liability and business risk: Implementation of precise strategies at the right time and development of appropriate risk management programs help businesses completely reduce liability and business risks.

Access to latest technology: Outsourcing allows you to get the work done by skilled transcriptionists utilizing the latest transcription


tools and technology. You also benefit from quality and error-free documents.

Transcription Solutions for Various Business Entities Companies that offer outsourced transcription services take care to maintain quality in all their services. Leveraging advanced technological innovations and utilizing the skills of experienced transcriptionists, proofreaders, editors and quality controllers they carry out all types of transcription jobs and provide error-free transcripts within the specified time. The transcription experts in these firms are highly skilled and can manage all kinds of transcription requirements quite efficiently. They can transcribe dictations provided in DVDs, audio CDs, tapes and cassettes. A professional legal transcription company offers consistent transcription solutions covering: • Insurance transcription • Business transcription • Educational transcription • Media transcription • Legal transcription • Thesis transcription • Court proceedings transcription • Real estate transcription • Footage transcription


• Technical transcription, and lots more

Minimum Turnaround Time and Other Valuable Benefits Professional companies adopt stringent quality control measures to ensure 99% data accuracy in all the transcripts. Outsourced transcription services of such firms ensure supplementary benefits comprising: • 256 bit AES encryption for data security • For dictation: digital recorders or toll free numbers • FTP or email based secure file transfer • End-to-end data tracking • Document flow management • Customized turnaround time • Competitive pricing • Free trial offer • 24/7 customer support Businesses determined to streamline their workflow, and save their valuable time and operating costs should depend on reliable companies. Such companies can provide outsourced transcription services that best suit your requirements and help gain maximum advantages in an affordable manner.

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Outsourced Transcription Services - Gain Maximum Advantages  

Outsourced transcription services offered by experienced transcription companies help business professionals in various fields to streamline...