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One-on-one Interview Transcription Services One-on-one interview transcription involves transcribing audio and video recordings of one-on-one interviews. Transcription services bring benefits in terms of time and cost savings to clients.

It was with a start that I woke up that Friday morning, recalling that it was the day I had to interview the famous billionaire for our magazine. I had a deadline to meet by Monday and the weekend was coming in between. It was with great difficulty that I managed to secure this opportunity to interview one of the most notable personalities in our country. I had to interview him, no doubt, and also get the transcripts ready in time to meet my Monday deadline. I had heard about transcription service providers available 24/7, but had never utilized the service. I decided to do so and am thankful for that decision, perhaps one of the most sensible decisions I have made in my life. So here is some valuable information for those looking for reliable one-on-one interview transcription services. What Is One-on-one Interview Transcription? One-on-one interview involves one person interviewing another; usually a sitdown interview. Job interviews, interviews with celebrities and politicians fall under one-on-interviews. These are usually broadcast on radio and television or as in my case, published in magazines and journals. Interview transcription services involve capturing all of what the interviewee says, though the interviewer’s questions can be suitably paraphrased. Depending on your requirements, the transcription service provider can provide a true verbatim or clean verbatim transcription. The former involves transcribing each and every utterance of the person interviewed including any stammer, stutter and other sounds, while the latter leaves out the non-verbal utterances. In case you require time coding, that is also available. So, How Do You Locate Competent Interview Transcription Services? When you decide to sign up for transcription service, it should be from a competent service provider. There are certain yardsticks to measure the competence and reliability of your service provider.

Consider the following aspects when hiring interview transcription services: • Ensure that the service provider has the expertise, technology and transcription skills to transcribe the one-on-one interview digital audio and video recordings you provide accurately and promptly. • The transcriptionists should be able to meet challenging large interview transcription projects efficiently. • The transcriptionists should be able to provide verbatim or non-verbatim transcription according to your requirement. • Ideally, they should be able to fill in any missing information such as names of places/people, technical terms etc. via internet research, and provide accurate one-on-one interview transcripts. • Time coding should be available. • Ensured confidentiality and security for your files during file transfer. • Multi-level quality checking to ensure accuracy and superior quality of the transcripts. • Customized turnaround time. • Affordable pricing with cost savings of 30 – 40%. One-on-one interview transcription services should not be hired in a rush. Be patient enough to research properly and find an experienced service provider. Ensure that the transcription company has a good reputation in the industry and satisfied clients. Make it a point to talk to their customer service representatives to get an idea about their service mentality and responsiveness.

One on one interview transcription services  

One-on-one interview transcription involves transcribing audio and video recordings of one-on-one interviews. Transcription services bring b...

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