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Active Vista Film Fest held in LPL





As vibrant as a flower


June-October 2012

Greener Lipa

Lipa hosts 2 marathons




Talisay celebrates Marian Regatta Feast Day John Lester Pura

Brillante Mendoza showing the people how he works as a director

Image from: Batangas City PIO

T al i sa y, B ata n g as celebrated the feast day called Marian Regatta, a first ever fluvial procession last September 8 around Taal Lake. The procession is an international event attended by many Filipinos and even foreigners from different countries. Local and foreign tourists participates the event. “Lahat ng bayan sa paligid ng Taal Lake pati yung mga ibang parokya ay makikisama sa procession, since first time nga mangyayari ito, inaasahan talaga namin na maraming tao ang dadating,” [The entire town around Taal Lake and even other parish church will join the procession and because it’s the first time, we expect that there are lots of people who will join the

parade] said the OIC of Tourism Department in Talisay. The parade takes two hours to walk around the volcano island. This event marked in many Filipinos who joined the procession and became part of it. According to the OIC of Tourism Department, this procession is not all about prayer, they also have message to bring to people. The message is on how to keep the Lake clean and safe for us, because they do not want the fish kill happen again. The Fluvial procession is for peace, family and life. According to the municipality of Talisay, taking care of Taal Lake is part of life especially to those who live near it. The municipality of Talisay and their citizens are helping each other to take care of the lake.

Brillante Mendoza film festival launched Gizelle Lachica


M City Batangas launched the Brillante Mendoza Film festival last August 28, featuring the renowned director himself and his four award-winning short films. According to SM City Assistant Manager Mina Buenaflor, it does not happen everyday that the first-ever Asian Best Director in Cannes Film Festival visits their place so it is a great honor for them to hosts

the Film Festival and share to the public his films. Synopsis Reading The four short films that were shown were Foster Child, Manoro, Kaledo and Lola which garnered praises not only in the Philippines but also in other countries. According to Marie V. Lualhati, PIO Batangas City, the films were about social realities; stories

of ordinary people who lives in extraordinary circumstances. She also added that Director Mendoza used the reality of life to the problems and issues of the country. Before the showing of the film, there was a synopsis reading for the four featured films. Executive Secretary, Atty. RD Dimacuha, Local Economics and Investment Promotions Officer Erik Sanohan, City

Cultural Affairs Committee Vice Chairman Ed Borbon and Batangas State University representative Melanie Arguelles led the synopsis reading. Right after the synopsis reading, the film trailers were shown to the viewers. The event was also attended by SM City Batangas official, Vice President for Communication and Marketing Millie Dizon.

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2012 Bañamos holds Walk-for-a-Cause Rizza Jasareno


n the previous years, the Bañamos festival was celebrated through street dances and loud fiestas, but this year as the city of Los Baños celebrated their 397th Foundation day, a walk-fora-cause took place to help the flood victims in the community, with the main objective of volunteerism and civicmindedness. The purpose of the celebration of Bañamos is to gather more volunteers including donations for flood victims of the monsoon rain and heavy flooding in August. Thousands of Los Baños victims are requiring to ‘chip in’ donations. About 4,000 families were affected by the

floods and around 950 families are still temporarily sheltered in evacuation center and “tent cities” as of September 17. The program started at exactly seven o’clock in the morning for the mass together with the speech of Mayor Anthony Flores Genuino, and other municipality’s officer of Los Baños in Trace College in El Danda Street and will traverse Lopez Avenue and the National Highway going to the Municipal Covered Court. After the program, the office of the Mayor together with the Walk-for-a-Cause participants, that are from different sectors including the NGOs, high schools and

Walk-for-a-cause participants colleges, organizations, and institutions in Los Baños gathered at the Municipal Covered Court for some announcements and programs for that day. Since there was no registration fee, during the walk participants are required to bring something like rice, canned goods, used clothes, bottled water, medicines and

Source: Bagong Los Baños FB so on or any amount of cash donations. “We’ll do away with the traditional festivities and colorful street dancing this month to give way to an austere but meaningful event. Instead, we’ll instill the spirit of bayanihan to gather more donations for flood victims,” said Mayor Anthony Genuino. cont. p8

San Pablo City to approve ecotourism budget plan Fiel Esguerra

San Pablo City’s Tourism Affairs Office is a new office in the city of San Pablo and it was created on the last quarter of 2011. Ms. Donalyn Eseo, the head of the Tourism Affairs department of San Pablo City mentioned that everything under their department is still on a planning stage. Last September 21, they had their Budget Plan Hearing with the city government officials. The presentation was led by Eseo and the staff of the Tourism Affairs Office. Eco-tourism planning The Eco-tourism projects for the city of San Pablo and of course for the seven lakes. It also includes their budget proposals for their projects and Eseo mentioned “Hopefully ‘pagna-approve ‘yung budget proposal naming, magkakaroonng seminar with the tourism stakeholders especially ‘yungmganasa tourism business.” The focus of their budget plan is to give good services for the tourists and they are planning to have “Seven Lakes Tour.” This “Seven Lakes Tour” plans to have the permanent right of way, foot trails, and facilities like waiting sheds, picnic area and public toilets for the tourists. Eseo stated that they are aiming for all seven lakes to have

Eco-Tourism community like what they have in Pandin. They will also improve the security and promote this community based Eco-Tourism for the other lakes so they will maintain and operate it properly. Included in the plan is about the zoning of fish cages on the lakes and it aims that these cages should be properly organized. According to Eseo that they are still waiting for the approval from the Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA) and they are discussing this with them for about three years now. Hand in hand action If ever the budget plan will be approved, San Pablo Tourism Affairs Office will hire a consultant for further planning and will also how these plans will work in the future. Eseo added, “Kapag nag-hire kami ng consultant, mag-conduct silangstudiesparamakitakung applicabletalagas’ya for that certain activity for the lake.” San Pablo Tourism Affairs office works hand in hand with Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA) when they are planning something for the Seven Lakes. Eseo said that everything we plan about the Seven Lakes needs an approval for LLDA, because LLDA is the one who maintain the Seven cont. p8 Lakes.


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Cabuyao City to implement motorcycle helmet act Timmy Viray


ewly created city, Cabuyao in Laguna, is laying the foundation for the full implementation of RA 10054 or the Motorcycle Helmet Act in January 2013. RA No. 10054, which was signed into law on March 23, 2010, provides that all motorcycle riders are required to wear standard protective motorcycle helmets at all times while driving. These helmets should comply with the specifications issued by the Department of Trade and Industry which will conduct tests on the helmets being sold by manufacturers. Cabuyao City officials said that proper coordination has been

made with motorcycle dealers in the city who are required by law to make available to buyers a new motorcycle helmet that bears the Philippine Standard (PS) mark or Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) of the Bureau of Product Standards (BPS). Proper training is also being conducted among the members of the Cabuyao Traffic Management Office who are tasked with monitoring compliance with the new law and subsequent apprehension of violators. The city’s Public Information Office is also making sure that the public is aware that violators will be fined P1,500 for the first offense,

P3,000 for the second offense, P5,000 for the third offense and P10,000 and confiscation of drivers license for the fourth and succeeding offenses. The city also wishes to call the attention of manufacturers that they should get the necessary licenses to produce the new helmets. They, however, wish to reassure tricycle drivers who are apprehensive that they cannot afford the buy the new helmets that they are exempted from the new law. The city of Cabuyao is fully supportive of the implementation of the new law realizing its importance to the safety of the general public.

Source: Google Images

Floating restaurant demolished


al i say, B a t a n g a s workers started Wednesday to demolish the controversial multimillion Korean “Floating” restaurant after the establishment was ordered closed by the concerned authorities last June 28 for being an illegal structure within the vicinity of the world famous Taal and Volcano lake. Senior Inspector Domingo Ballesteros Jr. Talisay Police chief said the demolition was done peacefully and orderly with no tension. The 100 officers and men from Talisay municipal police station and Police Regional Office (PRO) 4-A secured the area with more than 50 workers from the engineering office, some with sledgehammers and one with a jackhammer, broke the pathway, dismantled the structure’s silverplated silver rails and cleared the white two-story building which was reportedly worth P5million. The initial demolition started at 7:30 am yesterday as local officials led by Mayor Zenaida Mendoza stood by. Others who came to see the demolition were,

Floating restaurant demolition

Livy Lloyd Angeles

among others, Agham PartyList Rep. Angelo Palmones, Laguna Rep. Dan Fernandez, and officials frion the department of Environment Natural Resources (DENR), Bureau of Agrarian Reform (BFAF), some other government agency officials and Kim Young, the reported owner of Jung Ang Leisure and Resort which operated the restaurant. The 500-square meter land where the restaurant building was occupying was an extension of a total 6,920 square-meter resort which has been operating for the last five years. The Restaurant is not actually floating but only seemed that way since it was situated on the lake side. The restaurant, which is reportedly under a 10 year contract, is the favorite hangout of Koreans visiting the area. Officials said the restaurant was an illegal structure as it had neither title nor permit to operate and had violated rule 21 of republic Act 7586 and DAO No. 2008-26. Ta l i s a y M u n i c i p a l Administrator, Alfredo O. Ordinario said the demolition was

made after the DENR, through the office of the Taal volcano protected landscape, issued the cease and desist order and the closure notice last June 28. The demolition was made even Kim Young, who according to Ordinario is a widow of Jung Ang appealed to save the building. Both police chief and Ordinario said they would be on guard to ensure that the illegal restaurant would no longer operate. This restaurant building should set an example that the concerned agencies are against the illegal structures in the area,” said Ordinario. The action against the restaurant building was taken following the dismantling of illegal fish pens and other “eyesores” in the area. Ordinario said some 16 other illegal structures near Taal Lake are now being acted upon by the authorities. The authorities are doing everything to get rid of the illegal structures which have been operating in Taal Lake for years, He said.

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Mayor Genuino launches “Kari-TON” project Rizza Jasareno


Mayor Sabili delivering his SOLCA


Mayor Sabili avows SOLCA

L Proper motorcycle driving attire


The Lycean Post

ipeños have become awre of what is happening around Lipa City through SOLCA (State of the Lipa City Address) which was delivered by Mayor Meynard A. Sabili at Lipa City Youth and Cultural Center last August 13. Mayor Sabili delivered in his speech everything that he had done during his tenure. He discussed plans for Lipa and stated everything that the city had before 2011 ends. SOLCA was attended by government officials, barangay officials from 72 barangays of Lipa, business sectors, scholars and youth leaders, senior citizens, religious leaders and ordinary citizens of Lipa City. Before the end of 2011, the seven-point agenda of Lipa was transformed to what is now called “I HELP.” The flagship program or I HELP stands for Infrastructure and Information Technology, Health, Education and Environmental Management, Livelihood, and Peace and Order. “We did this to inform everyone our bona fide and sincere vision or ambition to help all our needy fellowmen and to establish progress in the lives of Lipeños,” says Mayor Sabili. He added that the budget of Lipa City will be increased so as the plans will be carried out. From P 891 million last 2010, Lipa is targeting P 1 billion budget for this coming 2013. Mayor Sabili’s administration program Mayor Sabili talked about I HELP and its progress. Regarding the infrastructure, there were six gymnasiums and covered courts that were completely built where youth can play sports and barangay assemblies can be hold. Also, there were 11 barangay halls constructed and fixed for a more presentable reception in each barangay. Several improvements were cited—sidewalks and pedestrian lanes, drainages, and light posts. There was also a plan of building up a Parking Building between Building I and II of Lipa market and a Grand terminal alongside of SM Lipa. This year, infrastructure projects consumed a total of P 33 million. About information and technology, “Lipa was not left behind in having all their systems modernized,” says Mayor Sabili. Application for business permits is now faster than before, from 14 steps to five steps. In 2013, automated application of permits for public utility vehicles will be done. Also, quick tax

Jestine Dela Cruz

payment will be observed as records will directly be linked to the Treasurer’s office. The method of keeping the systems modern is to elude red tape and graft and corruption. About the health phase of I HELP, the local government, together with Mayor Sabili, announced that Ospital ng Lipa is almost done. This hospital aims to give every Lipeño free remedy and health benefits. In addition, medical or hospitalization assistance was also given to Lipeños. There were also several medical and dental missions continuously executing. The program of education in Lipa city was expanded. “I believe that through ample education, associated with diligence, perseverance, and a strategic approach in life, an individual will be successful and progressive,” says Mayor Sabili. From 300 scholars last 2010, now there were about 12 thousand college students who are scholars of Lipa government. Lipa City was in partnership with innumerable schools like Batangas State University, Lyceum of the Philippines Batangas, University of Batangas, Lipa City Colleges, Batangas College of Arts and Sciences and STI which are giving 50% discount on tuition fees. Educational assistance and giving of allowance were done constantly until now. Lipa is now envisioning a cleaner and greener city. Lipeños are now under a 2 Million Tree project, as of now; there were an estimated number of about 300,000 trees in barangays, mountains, and forests. This project aims to decrease the effects of global warming. In addition, Lipa is now banning styrofoam and plastic under Ordinance No. 01-2011. According to Mayor Sabili, livelihood and employment is their response in opposing poverty in Lipa City. The government is strengthening cooperatives and with that there were about 372 individuals who borrowed two to twenty thousand pesos without interest to help people in starting up even small businesses. In helping the farmers, Lipa bought one tractor that is readily available. The city is also helping President Aquino in realizing the 4 P’s (Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program). Lipa never stops in relating to different companies to solicit for job vacancies for employment of Lipeños. For security purposes in

Lipa, MAS Force and Bantay Bayan are at help in keeping peace in the city. The crime rate lowered last 2011, from 595 last 2010 to 545 this 2011. A rehabilitation center “Bahay ni Kuya” was also built under the M.A.Sabili Foundation which secures Lipeños from the use of illegal drugs and to keep them in the right path and to a successful future. Lipa’s success Mayor Sabili reported his accomplishments for Lipa City and he promised to continue to work hard for the progress of the city. He just wanted every Lipeño to cooperate and work handin-hand as well. “My beloved Lipeños, my passion is too great on enduring the improvement of our city that is why I am expecting that we will be one in the coming years to promote the progressiveness of our beloved Lipa City,” says Mayor Sabili. Lipa’s success was envisioned through the programs and projects that Mayor Sabili laid through. According to him, he just wanted every Lipeño to cooperate and treat Lipa City as their homes. He added that it is Lipeños’ duty to keep the city pleasing and presentable in the eyes of the others.

Greetings to all CAS Faculty and Staff!

ayor Anthony Flores Genuino implemented the new project for the community livelihood of Los Baños. According to Mr. Oji Sanchez, information representative of municipality of Los Baños, this project of the city mayor aims to help and increase the income of ambulant vendors and also to prevent the health of the people on their community. This project is in partnership with Department of Science and Technology (DOST IV-A) and BIDANI (Barangay Integrated Development Approach to Nutrition Improvement) with a theme of “Upgrading of Street Food Vending in Los Baños.” All the “KARITON” carts were distributed by Mayor Genuino by the end of September. The “Kariton” is for indigent vendors of street foods in Los Baños. All of the said “KARITONS”

that will be distributed cost P38,500.00 each, the 60% of each “KARITON” cart will be paid by those vendors who are qualified and passed the trainings of their barangay livelihood trainings, and they will be paying with the small amount of 32 pesos each day. The products that the vendors used were from the livelihood training of the municipality with the concept of “One Barangay One Product.” Products like ube, halaya, itlog na pula, buko pie, tinapa, nutri balls, and other seafood frozen products like fishball, kikiam, etc. The Technical Working Group or TWG created principles or regulations to qualify those vendors who will be given the KARITON carts together with the Food Safety team of DOST to maintain and to monitor the cleanliness and orderliness of the foods and streets.

Kariton samples

Source: Bagong Los Baños FB

Taal Municipality holds LGOO training Eugene Lopez


he Local Government Operation Officer (LGOO) from DILG Regional Office conducts training and evaluation for Taal Municipality that started last June for excellence of local governance. According to the Department of Interior and Local Governments website as one of the institutionalized Human Resource Development (HRD) interventions for DILG officers, the LGOO training has been evolving since its beginning to make it responsive not only to the requirements of the individual in terms of knowledge, attitude, skills and values (KASV) but also to the requirement of the organization: the DILG and its client, the LGUs. This training also aims to equip those participants who are eligible for promotion with the basic competencies required for higher LGOO positions. The Regional office assigned the trainers at Taal, Batangas the teams were distributed all over CALABARZON. The Local Government Operations Officer has had their three months field immersion as part of their training. The practice started last June up to last week of September. “We come up to team bulkan as the name of our team because when we heard Taal

what comes to your mind first is the volcano,” said Karen C. Aquino LLGO Officer. The LGOO provided training for State of Local Governance (SLGR) System on competency assessment for local governments (SCALOG), Capacity Development and Learning event. The capacity development is the result of the analysis on the SLGR and SCALOG. “Regarding Cap Development we will choose one area that we think is needed for area of development and seminars, “ said Warren M. Ratio LLGO Officer. “First, the local governance performance management system have the purpose to assist the municipality about their status. Second, the SCALOG system on competency assessment, it is also a tool but the side that we look up to is to make sure that the Municipal comply to all the rules given to them and the best practices that they do. To make sure that the Municipality improved their service among the people we make Capacity Development agenda,“ said Racio. “We expected that after our training to them we will have possible result for the Cap development that could help them to improve their Municipality,” said Racio. The trainer’s main goal is to help the local government to be a competitive Municipality and to level up their standard.

Dimacuha in a relief operation

Source: Google Images

Mayor Dimacuha sympathizes with victims of ‘Gener’


ayor Vilma Abaya Dimacuha of Batangas city proposes to relocate the homes of those who were affected by typhoon ‘Gener’. According to Letty C. Chua, PIO Batangas City, although Batangas City wasn’t given a storm signal, there were eight houses that were drastically affected by typhoon Gener. Mayor Dimacuha together with the members of City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (CDRRMC) visited Sitio Itlugan, Barangay Cuta last July 31, to check on the condition of the homes that were devastated by the typhoon. “Families affected by the typhoon must be given another location to live in; it is not safe to stay here anymore. We need to clean the garbage brought by the sea and unclog the river. These are the causes why the city becomes flooded. The rainwater cannot thoroughly flow to the

Patricia Podolig

sea. (Kailangan na mabigyan ng malilipatan ang pamilyang apektado ng bagyo dahil napakadelikado ng tayo nila dito. Kailangan din na malinis ang mga basura na dala ng alon at maalis ang mga istraktura sa bunganga ng ilog. Ito ang isa sa dahilan ng pagbaha sa kabayanan. Hindi makadaloy ang tubig papuntang dagat.)”, said Dimacuha. According to Chua, at the height of the storm 28 families with a total of 89 people were evacuated by CDRRMC to Kumintang Ilaya Elementary School. They received food; things used for sleeping, and used clothing from CSWD Office. Two garbage trucks immediately came to the site and a backhoe together with the employees of the City Engineer and General Services Department to facilitate the clean-up operations. According to Engr. Adela Hernandez, City Engineer, they will finish getting all the garbage brought by the sea

within that day so that they can start removing the ruined houses. Batangas City’s municipality has an P11 million worth of budget for a housing project. According to Dimacuha, the P10M is allotted for San Isidro Housing Project for government employees and the remaining P1M may be used for the relocation of the affected residents. “We will measure the land area of the lots allocated by our mayor for the relocates tomorrow (August 3). Rain or shine. (Magsasagawa na rin kami bukas (August 3) ng pagsusukat ng lote na itatalaga sa mga relocatees ayon sa mandato ng ating Mayor. Rain or shine)”, Hernandez said. Relocatees brought to Barangay Ambulong CDRRMC led by Mayor Dimacuha had a meeting with the officials of Barangay Ambulong last July 30 regarding the relocation of the residents. According to Ambulong, Brgy. Captain Jeffrey

Berberabe, an association called ABNAI (Ambulong Batangas Neighborhood Association, Inc.) is looking over the place that’s why their community is peaceful. The barangay has sufficient supply of water and electricity. Informal settlers in Sitio Itlugan will be given 30 square meters for them to build their own homes. Couples for Christ leaders, headed by Mr. Aga Antenor will help in the people’s values formation while OCVAS will hold livelihood trainings. According to Chua, the meeting was attended by G. Rodolfo A. Taday, president of ABNAI; Daniel Vino, chief Barangay Tanod; Atty. Victor Reginald Dimacuha for CDRRMC; City Administrator Phillip Baroja; City Legal Officer Teodulfo Deguito; Engr. Obette Carandang; City Assessor Guadalupe Judy Tumambing; and Rodrigo de la Roca, Local CDRRM Officer.

Savemore opens new branch in LB Rizza Jasareno

Savemore ribbon cutting


he new Savemore Market branch opened on Lopez Avenue in Los Baños, last September 25. The opening started around 10:00 o’clock in the morning, the owner of the Savemore market and the city Mayor Anthony Flores Genuino, gave an opening remarks for the employees and for the whole community of Los Baños, which

Source: Bagong Los Baños FB was followed by the cutting of ribbon. Jayson Abalos, TV personality was invited as a guest. Mayor Anthony, together with the other staff and employees of Savemore market, walked and inspected throughout the store, while the assistant customer staff were entertaining the crowd in front of the market. They also conducted games

inside the market and inspected all the products that were already on the stalls. They also gave product discounts and incentives to those people who were in the crowd. According to Mayor Anthony, the supermarket could help increase the employment opportunities (average of 250 jobs) are brought in the community where Savemore is

located. Savemore market brings convenience to the shopper and affords their money to save on transportation costs. He also noted that to increase the quality of life within the area by means of improving roads and access to public transportation, and also to improve the quality of products offered by other markets within the same vicinity.


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Korean delegation visits Batangas City Gizelle Lachica

Taal local government builds and John Lester Pura renovates facilities




delegation of Korean women from Suseong-gu, Daegu Metropolitan in South Korea visited Batangas City last August 30 as a part of sisterhood ties between the two cities. The Suseong Global Women Academy delegation was headed by Kim So Ok. Batangas City officials warmly welcomed them in the city as they greeted them in the lobby of the City Hall, in accordance to the city’s tradition in welcoming important guests. “We are filled with much joy and we would like to thank everyone for the overwhelming welcome to us. We plan to explore the beauty of the Philippines particularly, Batangas City,” said Kim. Kim also commended the Batangueños’ determination in maintaining the culture and

tradition of the city led by Batangas City mayor, Vilma Abaya-Dimacuha. Exploring Batangas City The delegates had seen different places in Batangas City, particularly the Museo Puntong Batangan and Yatco Museum of Basilica of Immaculate Conception. Before proceeding to lunch, the delegates went to the Batangas City Convention Center where they tried the native delicacies like, nilupak, puto, pilipit, mani, kutsinta, maja and kapeng barako. There were also lechon, palamig and sorbetes. The delegates were also entertained by the students of Immaculate Heart of Mary Learning Center and School of Values who presented folk dances like “Alitaptap” and “Polka sa Nayon,” while the teachers

Source: from BANAHIS danced the “Jota Batangueña.” Dangal ng Lungsod Batangan chorale sang to the delegates the Korean song Arirang. Understanding Batangas Culture They also visited Barangay Ambulong where the women and daycare children presented an energizer. Batangueños showed the delegates the native games like pabitin, paluan ng palayok, and sabong. They also tried out the Batangueño dishes, after that, the women’s group exhibited their hand-made products. The delegate donated school supplies and hygiene kit to the barangay. In the evening, they were serenaded by the City Assessor’s Office employees and also by Atty. Antonio Pastor in the Pastor Acosta ancestral house.

ew buildings and facilities are under construction and renovation. in Taal, Batangas. Sponsorship offered help in accomplishing each project . According to the Municipal Administrator Office, the plans are coming out from big dreams. Part of their dreams is to renovate the park and build a government hospital. The local government allotted budget worth Php1.8 million for the materials needed for the renovation of park. According to Mr. Leopoldo Martinez, the municipality really needs to give attention to the restoration of park because it stands as center of town. He

added that there are families who spend time together in the park and also foreigners. Aside from the renovation of park, the municipality also built a government hospital. Municipal Administrator Office of Taal stated that the budget for the construction of the hospital is worth Php10.9 million. The first floor of the hospital is now operating and gives it services to public. The construction is not yet finished but they are now preparing for the inauguration next month. Other projects Apart from renovation of park and building a new hospital, the municipality also focused on

the refurbishment of roads in different places and barangays in Taal. The municipal government of Taal also gives it attention on health programs. They are now hosting health programs to maintain good health of their people. They conduct free medical missions for adults. They give free vitamins and feeding programs for the students from different schools to lessen the rate of malnutrition in their town. Aside from roads and health programs, the local government of Taal also has a housing plan for Gawad Kalinga wherein they are transferring informal settlers to a better and safer house.

Ospital ng Lipa—under construction source: Wow Batangas

Batangas City Chorale participates in the Gov’t Chorale Competition Jazzer Magpantay


The Lycean Post JUNE-OCTOBER 2012

Taal exhibits highest cure rate of tuberculosis Eugene Lopez

Gov. Vilma Santos giving recognition


ll over the province and region, Taal received an award for the highest in cure rate of tuberculosis in Batangas. The Local Government Units (LGUs) had big contribution to the World TB day Celebration last March 21 with the theme “Stop TB in my Life Time”. Governor Vilma Santos gave recognition to the municipalities and individuals that are called TB Warriors in Batangas. According to website of Pia., identifying municipalities with highest case detection rate is the first step in the monitoring and treatment of individuals in the town that has the disease. Nasugbu, Balayan and Talisay were recognized as the town with the highest TB detection case. “We won the award because we were able to manage such kinds of illness. We were given 200 thousand pesos as the price that we are using now in other priority projects in our town, “ said Maria Rowena Almazan, Municipal Planning Coordinator.

Source: Google Images

Other projects regarding health Taal local government supervised more projects to promote a healthy living for the Taalenos citizens. “The two-story Rural Health Unit in Taal, Batangas is one of our project edifice. The second floor is the one that is constructing now. This is expected to finish before December. The municipality allotted P2.6 million for the construction of it,“ Almazan said. According to Doriminda Atienza, nurse of the Municipal Health Center their annual project is to give vitamins to all Pre-school kids and the feeding program for the 27 Day Care Center all over Taal. “The distribution of weighing Scales in all 42 barangays is one of the municipal projects in Taal, Batangas. Hopefully next year we can give also height board and to distribute it also with the help of our municipality,” Atienza said.

SPC government builds new NBI satellite office Fiel Esguerra


he new San Pablo NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) satellite office is now open and already started its operation last September 13 in San Pablo City Shopping Mall. San Pablo NBI office was in the City Hall before, but due to some Internet connection problems they decided to transfer it to a more convenient location and also with the initiative of San Pablo City Mayor Vicente Amante. According to Mr. PerdritoBigueras, Records Officer of San Pablo City Information Office, “Last year kasinagkaroonng problem sa

internet provider ng NBI, so napatigilang operation ngilang months, so no’ng nag-open ulitsila, kasi mas malaki ‘yung place na available doonsa San Pablo City Shopping Mall compared ditosa previous office kaya inilipatna naming doon. Tsaka mas accessible kasinasa San Pablo Shopping Mall naming doon.” From planning to construction The city government planned the rebuilding project last year, and it’s said that they will spend 250,000 pesos for the computer system, inclusive with maintenance and operating software.Bigueras added that



DLBC performing

he Batangas City Chorale known as the Dangal ng Lungsod Batangan Chorale (DLBC) competed in the government chorale competition at the Cultural Center of the Philippines last September 6. There were 17 chorale groups that competed in the semi finals last August 8. There were two local government units who were able to join this competition and 10 government agencies were also able to become the finalists in the said event, Bureau of Quarantine, Central Luzon State University Administration, East Avenue Medical Center Chorale, National Power Corporation, Pag-ibig Fund, PAGCOR Voice Symphony, POEA, PPA, PRC and PVAO. The main objective of this competition is to showcase the talents of government officials. Every contestant was given 10 minutes for every

source: Wow Batanagas three pieces of song. This also includes the competition song which is dedicated for the loyal government officials who serve their fellowmen. Guidelines in choosing the winners The criteria for judging are 10% stage; 30% technique (tone quality, projection, balance, blend, diction); 30% performance o stylistic interpretation; at 30% musicianship (general understanding of the music, dynamics, phrasing, rhythmic vitality, etc.) The judges in this competition were Jonathan Velasco, Edgardo Lumbera and Tristan Ignacio.’ Winners in the competition Pag-ibig Fund, PAGCOR, and NAPOCOR got the third, second and first prize of 20,000, 30,000 and 50,000, respectively. The conductor of NAPOCOR was given recognition and

PVAO was awarded for the Best arrangement of competition song, “Para Sa’yo”. The said competition was established by the Civil Service Commission, Philippine Choral Directors Association, National Commission for the Culture and Arts and Cultural Center of the Philippines. The Dangal ng Lungsod Batangan Chorale had their general rehearsal last September 5 in Saint Bridget Auditorium. They underwent in critiquing of Batangas City Cultural Affairs Committee with the cooperation of Atty. Reginald Dimacuha, Atty. Tonying Pastor, Nedy Lanto and Evelyn Periña. DLBC was started in the year 2004 during the administration of the former Mayor Eddie Dimacuha while Marilyn Boongaling served as the chief of Human Resources Management and Development Office.

Ms. Gerby Muya Ms. Phlor Zamora Ms. Anna Kagaoan Mr. Gary Castillo

Convenience and access The new NBI satellite office is located on the fourth floor of San Pablo City Shopping mall. Bigueras stated that the reception of the people was quite good, because at the first place it was transferred to a more accessible area, it also made “tipid-pamasahe”. Among 800 Local Government Units that applied for the establishment of NBI Satellite Office, San Pablo City on the first batch of grantees and it’s the third NBI satellite office in Laguna.

Rhisgine Manalo

more tourist and investors in the municipality. Mr. Allen Amaloza, the Admin Aid at the Tourism Office said “Kahit umuunlad na dito sa Santa Cruz hindi pa din pinababayaan yung kalinisan ng bayan, syempre isa din yun sa pwede ipagmalaki ng lugar namen.” The Material Recovery Facilities and Ecological and Solid Waste Management Complex are located in Brgy. Alipit and is one of the best in the region. A recipient of Hall of Fame Award for the Cleanest and Greenest Municipality in CALABARZON Region and a consistent finalist in the national level, Santa Cruz is a regular destination for Lakbay-Aral of other local government units.

We would like to thank:

Amante will be present in the event.

Active Vista visits LPL

Pamela Don Diego

Filipino-American War. It is also the hometown of the legendary Henerala Agueda Kahabagan Iniquinto, the only woman general in the roster of Philippine Army. As the municipality of Sta. Cruz become more commercialized it still maintained the cleanliness of the place. Santa Cruz is a supporter of the Clean and Green Program and strongly abides the Republic Act 9003 also known as Solid Waste Management Act. Despite the progress of the town it aims to realize the development without compromising the sanitation of the locality, to keep a clean and healthy environment with bountiful resources for future generations and to encourage

the construction of the new office started last August and construction process finished after a month. Lily Tandoc is the assignedhead personnel in the new San Pablo NBI satellite office. Biguerasalso mentioned that this might be a big change for San Pablo’s NBI operation, but apparently the files are stored online or in the internet that’s why they didn’t had a hard time transferring. Furthermore, Bigueras added that they are still planning for the formal blessing and ribbon cutting of the new NBI office, and they expect that Mayor Vicente

Los Baños constructs new ambulatory clinics in different barangays

Sta. Cruz wins Cleanest Municipality Award anta Cruz, Laguna received the Hall of Fame Award for the Cleanest and Greenest Municipality in CALABARZON region. In the eastern part of Laguna many towns are gifted with natural beauty but there is one town, unlike many others, was not endowed with all the majestic tourists’ spots. This town is Sta. Cruz, named as the Queen Municipality of Laguna is still attracts people by its mementos which are very rich in history and in culture. All takes pride in the Philippines heroes like Gen. Emilio Jacinto, the brain of Katipunan, Gen. Juan Cailles, the first Governor of Laguna and the last General who surrendered during the


Guest spekers in Active Vista Film Fest image by: Jason Suba

Kriz Nuqui

A Check up in the ambulatory clinic Source: Bagong Los Baños FB


he construction of ambulatory clinics for each barangay in the town of Los Baños started this year. These clinics will provide first aid to emergency matters concerning the citizens of Los Baños. According to Municipal Health Office of Los Baños, some common medical cases that this clinic can accommodate are asthma, diarrhea, pneumonia and hypertension. They will make sure that the facilities of ambulatory clinic have the capability to supervise such illness. Mayor Genuino said that the town government will assure that the clinics will provide complete medicines, apparatuses like oxygen tanks, nebulizers,

blood glucose monitoring machine and many more. He also ordered the engineering office to communicate with Municipal Health Office in order to put enough space for maternity ward and a nursery due to the request of Sanggunian ng Kababaihan in Los Baños. The first one to have this Ambulatory clinic are the barangays of Tuntungin-Putho, Mayondon-Bayog at LalakayTimugan. Mayor Genuino is still in the process of inspections to other barangays so that he can release the order of making it to all of barangays in Los Baños. This project of Mayor Genuino is one of his primary platforms that he promised to the residents of Los Baños.

ctive Vista shared the values of life in independent films to the students of Lyceum of the PhilippinesLaguna (LPL) last September 22. The purpose of Active Vista film festival is to portray truth or reality of existence and to show the moral values underlying in different independent films they play. Myla Medrano-Loreto, Dean of College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) department of LPL, said in her opening remarks that the film screening is to promote and help the participants become active in terms of analysing, appreciating independent films more and getting something sensible from it. Active Vista played two award-winning independent films; both have values depicting the problems in real life that can help the students live as better individuals and responsible citizens of the Philippines through the lessons they can acquire from it. The program started at exactly 10:30 in the morning with Timmy Viray and Fiel Esguerra as the masters of the ceremony in the morning and with Gizelle Lachica and Marvin Malacaman in the

afternoon. Guest speakers were Ms. Ayeen Karunungan of Active Vista and Mr. Dennis Marasigan of independent film industry. “We have watched these films for quite a number of times but every time we replay the whole version of these two movies, we end up being confused for we see new and different angles. It’s like our understanding about the films and their stories are changed whenever we watch them. Different lessons appear, it’s impossible that there’s none,” Ms. Ayeen Karunungan, Coordinator of Active Vista 2012, said in her speech. The films played were Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa and Vox Populi of Dennis Marasigan. Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa The first film shown in the Active Vista film Festival was Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa, starring Jean Garcia, Paulo Avelino and Rocco Nacino. The film talked about love, art, gender, and femininity, which a lot of people in today’s generation of every age and status can easily appreciate and relate to. “The story of this film was never boring. It’s actually

timely since nowadays we cannot deny the fact that the number of gays and their society are growing. Everyone can definitely understand what the story’s about. It came with a twist as well that in the first place I never expected. The scenes were well delivered in a way that it wasn’t harsh at all,” Clark Belsonda, 1st year AB Communication student of LPL said. Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa is about Marlon (Paulo Avelino) who asked help from his friend Dennis (Rocco Nacino), to tutor him how to dance for the intention of wanting to be active in his teacher’s (Jean Garcia) dance lesson. The two guys fell in love with each other and their teacher was the one who became their mediator. The film ended with a scene of the two men looking eye-to-eye with each other and tears fell from Paulo’s eyes. “If you have noticed in the film, there could be a number of times when the two guys could’ve just kissed each other but they didn’t instead the approach of Paulo Avelino falling his tears down on his cheek made the story more meaningful. Why? This simple.. if we would ask the girls, which would they prefer,

a kiss from a guy or a tear from a guy’s eye for love? Definitely, it’s more appealing..” Mr. Dennis Marasigan, director and producer of indie films explained about the final scene. During the open forum that was held after the film showing, a student from CAS department asked regarding its title, Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa, and if it has something to do with the gender of the two protagonists. Mr. Dennis Marasigan answered the question. “The title itself has a strong connection about gender. It’s about two different feet of two individuals dancing. The rule in dancing is the guy’s foot is always in charge of leading the dance steps and since it indicates urge of learning how to dance, we came up with that kind of title-- Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa,” Mr. Marasigan said. Vox Populi Vox populi or the voice of people played in the afternoon at 1:30, talks about the reality in the world of politics. It courageously shows how the politicians and other people around them work in order to be throned in their position. The film, which is a work of Mr. Dennis Marasigan himself, cont. p8

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Special Thanks to: JUNE-OCTOBER 2012

Kap. Mal Malaborbor and Family Lachica Family Councilor Lito Lapastora Caringal Pawnshop Sto. Niño Complex CM recto St. Brgy. 6 Lucena City

Sigma Paints Dubai Branch

Sarmiento Family

Frankie’s Roasted Cow Arsenia Cleofe #322 Palingon, Calamba City

God’s Grace Christian Church Anderson Bldg., Calamba City Hon. Dra. Zenaida S. Mendoza Municipal Mayor Talisay, Batangas Councilor Luis Vergel “Bong” Baroro

Teodora ‘Dory’ Marasigan President and CEO M&S-Sigma Dos Philippines, Inc. Dominic Javier

Owner of Eureka Pro Lights and Sounds (049) 576-6998 09175450204/09237184321 email add:

Pabs M. Mendoza Brgy. Banyaga Agoncillo Batangas

Marcelina Landicho Earl John Carlo Blanes Eufracia Mendoza

Alilio-Blanes Vegetable Stall PNR Site Crossing, Calamba City

Crorumet “Metals are our passion” Bucal, Calamba City, Laguna 4027 Tel. (049) 545-3186 Telefax (049) 545-5527

Mr. and Mrs. Ramon and Linda Valentino 09477160652 “Congratulations on the success of your school newspaper.”

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Hon. Rolando Preza Municipal Vice-Mayor Tiaong, Quezon

Hon. Jonas Bryson Atienza Municipal Councilors Tiaong, Quezon

Hon. Jessa Preza SK Federation President Tiaong, Quezon

Hon. Milandro Landicho ABC President Tiaong, Quezon

Hon. Hernan Bait Hon. Michael Montenegro Municipal Mayor Hon. Rex Bautista Taal, Batangas Hon. Gemson Boongaling Hon. Gener Amurao Ronald Calpe, COO GMV Materials Inc. Biñan, Laguna 09178521568

Esguerra Family

Eureka Pro Lights and Sounds Services Offered: Staging, Trusses, Lights, Sounds, Band Equipments, Projector, Led Wall

Mr. & Mrs. Eldred and Susan Coleta

Sushel & Shanell Coleta Lot 1 Block 2 Sunrise Village San Rafael, Sto. Tomas, Batangas

Grand Harvest Christian Ministries, Inc. 8770 Bangkal Extn., Batong Malake, Los Baños, Laguna 09189410825 Eiji and Georgia Asano 00819065257251 - Contact No. 1-8-22 More Apex Inage Ku-Inage Chibashi, Chibaken, Japan


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LB urges citizens to register for election

Brillante Mendoza film... from page 1

Free screening in selected schools There were also free screenings of the four short-films in Batangas State University, University of Batangas High School Department, Colegio ng Lungsod ng Batangas and in Cristo Rey Institute for Career Development.

Director Mendoza is also known as a “ultra-neo-realist” by the film critics all over the world. He is also said to be a “living national treasure of the alternative cinema” by the critics. He was the very first Filipino who won th award for Best Director in Cannes Film Festival in 2009 for his film “Kinatay.”


2012 Banamos holds... from page 1

In the evening there was a Holy Mass at the Municipal Covered Court and was followed by spectacular display of sky lantern at the lake shore symbolizing the towns’

expression of gratefulness for all the blessings of Los Baños. And the walk earned 190, 000.00 pesos cash donations, plus the other goods from different participants.

San Pablo City to approve... from page 1

She added, “Since Eco-Tourism,masmalakianghinihingan naming ng participation is from the City Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO), kailangan ‘yungmgaplano naming ay hindimakakasirasakalikasan. Then for the national naman, DENR and LLDA, because Seven Lakes are our major tourist destination in our city.”

Active Vista visits... from page 5

was lead by the actress Irma Adlawan who played the role of Connie De Gracia, a disgraced politician running for Mayor and a daughter of the former Mayor of their City. It talks about how she tries to keep her strategies in the campaign legal and clean while his opponent pays for the people’s vote. Vox Populi shows the good and bad side in the world of politics, the strategies of the politician in order to get the vote of everyone and the instances in the field that could possibly happen. It also shows how the government dominates in its separation from the church. “This movie shows the real score about how every vote should be given importance. Yes, politics was never clean, indeed it’s filthy but our vote could change our lives that’s why we gotta be wise and waste

not our chance to decide for our government,” Lourdes San Mateo, 2nd year Multimedia Arts student of LPL, said. The film aims to open the eyes of everyone about the dirt from reality and to encourage everyone to not anticipate it and use their votes wisely in the upcoming election. “For the first time people who are given privilege to vote and decide who to place in the position, hopefully this Vox Populi will help you open your minds to vote wisely because that’s the reason why we came up with this kind of film,” Marasigan said. One way to express how lives could be changed is through this film—votes must be given importance by the Filipinos. It leads the people to what they should do to attain better developments in the country.

Teens registering for election

Source: Google Images


Jazzer Magpantay

CSS of Civil Service Commission conducted basic customer service skills for 150 frontliners last August 29-31 at Batangas City Sports Coliseum VIP Room. According to Maria Elena Boonggaling, head of Human Resource Department, the said activity aims to provide good public service. The role of the frontliner is to know all the words that the speaker is trying to convey. The facial expression and body language of an official is an indication if he/ she showed a good attitude to the people who go to the office of the government. Mrs. Maria Elena Boongaling, City Government

Assistant Department Head I, said that those people are now professional public servant and they assure the public that they will provide an excellent service. According to Lilibeth Poblador-Majomos, chief personnel of HR Division of Civil Service Commission Region IV, in the year 1990 they already passed a memorandum circular to conduct frontliner services management program for all government agencies. This activity is a program for government employee because the Division of Civil Service Commission Region IV wanted to improve the delivery of their services to their clients.

like Current employees ID, postal ID, Senior Citizens ID, NBI/PNP clearance, Passport, GSIS ID, student ID and PRC ID. Bagong Los Baños announced the early reminders for voters to avoid hassle, and to eliminate the last day or “PINOY DEADLINE” SYNDROME. According to Oji Sanchez, Municipal Information Officer of Los Baños, the memorandum was early released by the Commission on Election (COMELEC) so that the people in every community especially the new voters for the election 2013 prevent the hassle. He also added that the registration also extended during Saturdays, around 9-5 pm.

he City Government of Tanauan in partnership with the Civil Service Commission (CSC) and other government organizations joins the nation in celebrating the 112th anniversary of the Philippine Civil Service with a theme “Kawani Ikaw ay Isang Lingkod Bayani.” This theme is anchored with President Aquino call for reform and his pledge to implement change in our government as well as to exhibit transparency and accountability. Mayor Sonia Torres Aquino with the city councilors and city employees spearheaded the launching of the month-long schedule of activities during the flag raising ceremony and motorcade last September 3. Highlighting the Civil Service Month celebration will be the annual awarding which is Culminating activities and Employees day along Memorial Gymnasium on September 28 and also the Grand Big Seiso Day on September 26. Other activities include orientation on Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS) for City Employees on September 19 at the BPLO taxpayer’s lounge. There will also be an InterOffice Quiz Bee competition for the employees of the city on September 21. “The Inter-Office Quiz Bee,

wherein each departments will have representative,” Carlito Macaisa, Human Resource Officer 1 said. Moreover, they also had the “Kalikasan Mahalin Natin at Pagyamanin“ which is a cleanup drive and tree-planting activity last September 14 at Brgy. Ma. Paz. The said activity was under the initiative of City Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) and Human Resource Office ( HRMO). “Actually, yearly naming yan ginagawa, and last year sa Brgy. Sulpoc and kahit na umuulan e, tinuloy parin namin.” Rick Trinidad, staff from ENRO department stated. According to Ms. Susan Lat, one of the personnel from HRMO, that in line with the celebration was the giving of loyalty award to all city hall employees who have been in service of 10 years and every succeeding thereafter in 40 years of public service. Awarding of Quiz Bee, Sportsfest, 5s Office Implementer and Search for Model Department Winners will also be part from the recognition day of the employees. In addition, other activity which is not mentioned is the “Tuloy- Tuloy ang Hataw” under the initiation of City Health Office in developing comradeship among employees which considered as successful last September 25 -27.

Youth assembles for 14K Lakas ng Kabataan program


Youth participants in 14K Lakas ng Kabataan general assembly Photo from: Bagong Los Baños Facebook

Rhisgine Manalo

s a leading youth organization in Los Baños, 14 K Lakas ng Kabataan had their second general assembly at Trace College Covered Court to talk about their fourth quarter program of action last September 2. “Ang mga ginagawa ninyong proyekto at pagtulong sa ating mga kababayan ay hindi para kaninuman—hindi para sa akin, hindi para sa inyong pangulo, at hindi para sa inyong sarili, kundi para sa bayan ng Los Baños,” said Mayor Anthony Genuino. The main agenda of the organization was the program “walk for-a-cause” which served as a fund raising activity to

help those who were affected by the flood which became a very successful program for the beginning of their 397th Bañamos festival. 14K was founded last June of 2012 after the successful youth camp that was organized by the municipality of Los Baños and LB Sangguniang Kabataan Federation. 14K has a total member of 700 youth that underwent various screening and orientation. Aside from the walk-fora-cause, 14K also joined health care missions, feeding programs, cleanliness drive campaign, film showing, and variety of contest before the monsoon rains come.


‘That’s My Boy’: A search that hones potentials of children


That’s My Boy winners eveloping social skills amongst children and letting them showcase their

Photo by: talents are the goals of ‘That’s My Boy’ search, according to City Administrator Phillip Baroja, 2nd Vice-chairman of BSP Batangas City Council.

“Love nature, prepare our future”, is the theme of ‘That’s My Boy 2012’ on its 12th year of celebration. One of this search’s prides

is Makisig Morales, a singer and talent of Star Magic Talent center. This year, a seven-year old, grade two student in Alangilan Central Elementary School named Angelo F. Baha won the title and bagged special awards in this year’s ‘Search for That’s my Boy’ held last August 10 at the People’s Quadrangle. According to Ronna Endaya Contreras, PIOBatangas City, there are 23 grade 1 to 3 students from various public and private schools from different districts in Batangas City who joined the said contest. Contestants must be seven to ten years of

age and a registered Kab. Contreras added that Baja swept a number of awards namely: Best in Production Number, Mr. Photogenic, Best in Indigenous Costume, Sports Wear, Barong Tagalog and KAB Scout Uniform. He will be the city’s representative in the regional ‘That’s My Boy’ search. Other winners of the contest are Nhel Cedric Abaja of Bolbok Elementary School who got the fourth place; Von Ervin Bravante of Pinamucan Elementary School, 3rd runner up ; Luke James Alford of Jose C. Pastor Elementary School, 2nd runner up; and Vincent

Patricia Podolig Edrian Mabilangan of Saint Bridget College, 1st runner up. The winners received a trophy and certificate.

“Love, nature, and preparedness”

Time fades, history lasts

Tanauan City joins 112th Philippine Civil Service anniversary Monalyn Sarmiento

T BCSS conducts basic

customer service skills


Rizza Jasareno

he municipality of Los Baños announced the end of registration for the voters for the election 2013, last September 19. The announcement was entitled “Anong Petsa na Te? Nakapagparehistro ka naba sa COMELEC”. The said announcement tackles about what registration is all about and what its importance for the voters. The municipality of Los Baños also announced the end of registration on their Facebook page. The qualification for voters and the process on how to register was also on Facebook page. This announcement also included the requirements for the registration, personal appearance at the local COMELEC office, and valid ID’s with proof of address,


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Jestine Dela Cruz


Dr. David Harrison & Prof. Andy Nazarechuk, The ICE accreditors, as welcomed by the Lyceum Supreme Student Council members

LPU-Laguna Making It Big, As They Pass THE-ICE Accreditation


Kim Villavicencio

nother success counts as Lyceum of the Philippines University Laguna passed another international accreditation. Lyceum is the first and only university in the Philippines which succeeded THE-ICE accreditation. THE-ICE stands for International Center of Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality Education. It is an independent international accreditation body that specializes in tourism, hospitality, and culinary arts and events education. In addition to accreditation, the main activities of THE-ICE are confidential benchmarking and raising awareness of the quality of our accredited members to future students. Last July 18, Prof Andy Nazarechuk and Dr. David Harrison visited LPU Laguna. Dr. Andy Nazarechuk, the founding Dean of University of Nevada Las Vegas-Singapore, is a leader in both the academic and the professional worlds of hospitality development. He is an internationally known speaker, facilitating workshops, teaching courses, and addressing conferences and conventions for hotel professionals and academics on topics ranging from human resource motivation & management to casino management. David

Harrison is Professor and Head of School of Tourism and Hospitality Management. After studying Sociology and Social Anthropology in London, he taught for many years at the University of Sussex and at London Metropolitan University, and also spent a year at the University of Bendel State in Nigeria. The goal of THE-ICE is to help students identify their ‘Best-Fit’ study options by helping students to match their preferred study experience with what THE-ICE members offer. THE-ICE does not itself engage in the ranking of institutions or courses, rather they seek to help future students to develop personal rankings that would relate to their individual education needs and circumstances. Unlike traditional Accreditation Agencies, recognizing excellence is only part of the services THEICE offers to its members. THEICE is also committed to the benchmarking and the promotion of quality assurance in education, developing and improving its accreditation brand value to both educators and future students. International Hospitality (hotel and restaurant management, tourism) has consistently remained the university’s flagship courses. Lyceum once again succeeded in excellence. LPU–Laguna is now THE-ICE accredited university.

ipa City is well known for its never vanishing history and it is also considered a home of historical sites. The city shows off its wellpreserved spots, landmarks, traditions, food, and others. These serve as proofs of great history and rich culture of the Lipeños. These trademarks help in cultivating and adding on the beauty of the city. With that, Lipa City stands as one of the memoirs for chronological occurrences. Historical places in Lipa also serve as tourist attractions. Lipa City is a major recreational, religious, commercial, industrial and educational center in central Batangas province, as shown with the presence in the city of entities. Some of Lipa’s prosperous spots are very ancient as it sustains a natural antique look but some are having a quite contemporary appearance. Fundamentally, churches are the main attraction in Lipa City, since the places for worship here possess a unique old look. Also, the look of the houses here are historical and some of the bits and pieces here as well. Lipa’s preservation Several sites that depict a never fading history dwell in the area of Lipa City, Batangas. Churches, houses, museums and some other spots – all these portrays history and as you go here, you will see yourself time travelling. In reality, some of these places were really used

in the old times and that is why every individual who visits here will have a feel of the past. San Sebastian Cathedral is located at the heart of Lipa City poblacion. The church was built in 1895 by Augustinian Friar named Fr. Benito Varas. The paintings since its first construction remain up to date. The church is also the seat of Archdiocese of Lipa. This church is also called the Lipa Cathedral. The Parish of Lipa was administered by the Augustinians from 1605 to the end of 19th century. Lipa, which was located formerly on the shore of Bombon Lake, was destroyed by the eruption of Taal Volcano in 1754 but was reconstructed on the present site. The Diocese of Lipa was created by Pope Pius X on April 10, 1910. Another antique site in Lipa is the Casa de Segunda which is one of the oldest houses in Lipa. This is the home of Segunda Katigbak, known to be the first love of Dr. Jose Rizal. It is accredited by the National Historical Commission as another historical site. Another historical site is the Markers of the Burial Grounds of Japanese Massacre located at Barangay Lumbang, Lipa City. This signifies the heroic deeds of Lipeños during the Japanese invasion. Museo ng Katipunan, a historical museum, is located at Barangay Bulaklakan, Lipa City. This museum houses the original flag with blood stains of the Katipuneros during the Philippine Revolution. Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church gained its

popularity for its “Miraculous Shower of Rose Petals” also known for the apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary which happened in 1948. Lastly, the Peace Tower which is located at Barangay Lumbang, Lipa City, was constructed by the Japanese Government in memory of the former campsite of the Japanese soldiers during the World War II. The Lomi tradition As Lipa City celebrates its 65th Founding Anniversary, the city again highlighted the famous noodle dish in the 3rd Lomi Festival held last June 15. The festival was divided to three competitions: the search for the new Lomi Queen, the search for the new Lomi King, and the Lomi cook-off. The search for new Lomi Queen and King is a Lomieating contest. Ivonah Caringal from Brgy. 5 and Michael Gaspar of Brgy. Balintawak won, taking home P3,000 each. These competitions were done to revive the most popular trademark of Lipa City which is the Lomi. In 1968, To Kim Eng, a Chinese who came to live in Lipa City, became so fond of cooking Lomi for his mahjong friends. His Lomi tasted so good that he became known for it. With his wife Natalia, they put up Lipa City Panciteria in A. Mabini Street which is the first ever Lomi house in the city. The tender noodles and the Kikiam and meatball toppings made Kim Eng’s Lomi so enticing that Lipeños fell in love with his cooking.

Adventure time in Alaminos


n Agro-industrial town that lies within the third district of the province of Laguna is the Municipality of Alaminos. It is composed of fifteen barangays, four at the town proper and eleven regular barrios namely Del Carmen, Brgy. I, Brgy. II, Brgy. III, Brgy. IV, San Agustin, San Benito, San Juan, San Ildefonso, San Miguel, Palma, San Roque, Sta. Rosa, San Andres and San Gregorio with a population of 40, 380 as of 2007 National Census. Its initial name was Trenchera denoting the presence of long and deep ravines. Sometime in 1873, it was formally separated and became pueblo or town but remained part of the province of Batangas. When a certain Don Rafae Baylon served Alaminos in 1903, it was re-annexed as barrio of San Pablo, Laguna. It was not about 1916 that Alaminos regained its

status as a town and remained within the poliyical territory of Laguna.

A Señora made of ivory One of the prides of Alaminos is their three hundred year old patron saint, Nuestra Señora Del Pilar. Its town fiesta is celebrated on October 12 of every year. The patron saint was made of ivory and when you looked at it closely, you’ll be able to see the crack on its face and all over the body. It was said that the Patron Saint was owned by the Duran family that’s why it was in their residence. The patron was passed yearly to the three ancestral houses of the three sisters of Duran. This year it was in the confined home of Mr. And Mrs. Allan Duran located at Barangay III Poblacion, Alaminos Laguna. “People from different places go here just to see the

Patron. Sometimes they give donations like food, candles and flowers. We made a small adoration chapel for the devotees and we also put camera so that we can see if someone was there even if we are inside our home,” Mrs. Duran said. It was a privileged to see and to touch the Patron Saint of Alaminos that was three hundred years old. According to Mrs. Duran the oil that has baptized by the Patron Saint was called the healing oil. People would say that if you have body pain or in any part of the body, you just have to put the oil on that part and it will be gone after few minutes. She said that testimonials from the believers of the Patron Saint were one of the reasons why there are too many people that devotes it. A festival to awake you Another thing that Alaminos can be proud of is its agriculture

After the search for the Lomi Queen and King, Lomi cook-off took place. Many Lipeños came to watch and even taste the Lomi for free. The participating Lomi Houses for this year’s festival were Renfel, Bee Gees, Liam’s, Rose, Hanzel, Ala Fiesta, and LDC Lomi House. The winners for Lomi Festival 2012 Cook-Off Challenge are: Liam’s Lomi House (Champion), Ala Fiesta (1st Runner-Up), and Hanzel Lomi House (2nd Runner-Up). “Whenever the Lomi Festival comes, it seems like every Lipeño is excited as they will come to taste delicious Lomi for free and watch different entertaining programs and activities,” says Mrs. Irma Magbanua, a resident of Brgy. Sabang, Lipa City. Enlivening Barako coffee Though there are countless tastes of coffee present in this time, Kapeng Barako of Lipa City still booms out. Lipa gained an annual income of P4 million because of the production of this coffee and with that Lipa was once known as the richest municipality in the Philippines. Lipa City gets hold of the title as the country’s heart for coffee cultivation. Though there were some places in the Philippines who claimed the title “Coffee Capital” from them. Still, the historical taste of Kapeng Barako in Lipa City is a different and exclusive taste of experience.

Eunice Blanes that occupies the biggest land use in the municipality. Its crops include coconut, lanzones, rambutan, coffee, pineapple and citrus whereas they are highly valued. In fact, they made a festival in termed with their three most famous crops. The CORAMBLAN festival, it was from the words COconut, RAMButan and LANzones. They celebrates it annually together with their town fiesta. The festival includes the Street Dancing led by the different school in Alaminos wheter its public or private. There are also resorts in Alaminos that was perfect for a family outing or any event. There are rivers along that can be a venue for some adventure. Alaminos was indeed a small town but big explorations can be made on it if you are just ready to explore.


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The Lycean Post JUNE-OCTOBER 2012

OFW phenomenon loosen Filipino family ties


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Environmental Wakeup call

n 2009, the Philippines was stunned by the unexpected flooding of Metro Manila and parts of Luzon due to the heavy rainfall brought by Ondoy. This year, another unexpected flooding almost destroyed Metro Manila and parts of Luzon once again, brought by the heavy rainfall of Gener, Helen and Habagat. August 1, the local government of Metro Manila and CALABARZON suspended classes in alllevels due to the heavy rainfall of Gener. The water in the dams started to rise and officials started to administer evacuation in some places because there might be a chance that the Ondoy disaster will repeat once more. After several hours, heavy rains started to fall and it started flooding. Classes were suspended for several days because the rooms are still flooded. August 6, the rain started pouring non-stop. There was no typhoon forecasted by the PAGASA but a red warning signal was issued. The water started to rise again. Two-days of nonstop rain resulted to even worse than Ondoy. 687.1mm volume of rain was brought by the Habagat while Ondoy only brought 455mm volume of rain. Helen came after the Habagat and it even worsen the effect to the affected places. When combined, 118 people

were killed and more than P3 billion worth of infrastructures and agricultural crops were destroyed according to the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC). With these things happening in our country, who do we blame? What actions do we need to do in order to prevent these things from happening again? From where do we start making changes? This is not just an issue about environmental preservation but this also relates to the people’s discipline. No matter how often the government and non-government organizations try to set tree-planting activities and clean up drives, if the people will still continue to violate the laws and break the rules, there will be no progress.

With these things happening in our country, who do we blame? What actions do we need to do in order to prevent these things from happening again? From where do we start making changes?

Isn’t it clear that littering in public areas is prohibited? “Wag magtapon ng basura dito,” it is already written in the language but it seems like people are still having a hard time comprehending the sign. Even though it is against the law to cut trees, still there are people who refuse to comply with the law. It starts with the littlest things then it escalates to something bigger. These defilements result to grave costs in the environment where we are the ones most affected by. What we do always comes back for us. Continuing this kind of attitude will not help in the growing problem of our society. Do we have to wait for the time when it would be impossible for us to get up after a calamity? It is getting worse and worse; let us not wait for the worst to come. The flash floods, landslides and climate change should serve as a wakeup call for us to change the way we live. Learning how to follow even the basic traffic rules will go a long way. Once we learn to follow the rules, change would be apparent in this society. Should we wait for more lives to be taken away by these calamities before we start to action? We have to make a change for the better. If not now, when? We need to wake up before it is too late.

People’s Liberty Jestine Dela Cruz


y father is an operator of a public utility jeepney, but he also drives it sometimes. One day, I went with him and helped him collect the passengers’ fare. As I went with him, I wondered why there were policemen who were just sitting and not manning the traffic. A question was stuck in my head: why are they not serving the people? Another day when I joined my father again, I saw policemen on the streets doing their trafficking job. When my father loaded a passenger in a “No loading/unloading” area, thinking that the policeman would not notice him, my father was caught by this particular policeman. The policeman asked for my father’s license and confiscated it. My father was also given a warning for doing such thing. My father apologized and promised that he will not do it again. But the policeman still confiscated his license. Another day, I noticed that there was a luxury car parked in a “No parking” area. The same policeman, who got my

father’s license, was there. He saw the car and approached the owner. I saw them talk and after that conversation, they were both smiling at each other and I saw that the


question was stuck in my head: why are they not serving the people?

policeman did not even issue a warning for that driver. I realized that it was so unfair knowing that these policemen’s treatment to individuals of different class status was not the same. After what had happened, I became aware that these people in authority are blinded by wealth. They cannot even issue a warning to those using luxury cars unlike what they do to people using ordinary vehicles. Policemen should be one of the first persons to give equality to people. In spite the status of a person, they should treat everyone with

E D I T O R I A L Jestine Dela Cruz News Editor Fiel Esguerra Lay-out Artist Jazzer Magpantay Eugene Lopez Marlon Micua Fatima Viray Pamela Lyka Dondiego Livy Lloyd Angeles

Gizelle Lachica Editor-in-Chief Patricia Podolig Associate Editor


Gerby R. Muya Adviser

due fairness. How can this country progress and develop when our “public servants” do not really act as one? The policemen’s attitude is just one example of a change that we need. In the improvement of a country, people should be united and public servants should be fair and should handle their authority with equality. Many people in the authority abuse their power in leading and serving the people. They should be role models of good will but as what they show, they are not. We always blame other people for the fall of our country but do we see ourselves and the people that we assign to lead? All the leaders and public servants, not just the policemen, should not abuse their right. For sure, a progressive country starts with small things that needed change. This change may be the attitude of the leaders, public servants, and us. Powerful individuals should not misuse their power instead be fair and act right.

B O A R D Monalyn Sarmiento Feature Editor John Lester Pura Photographer Kim Kirby Villavicencio Rhisgine Manalo Jessica Bautista Riza Jasareno Eunice Blanes Hannah Krizette Nuqui

owadays many social problems had gone through our society. There are rampant problems such as crimes, corruptions, disasters and also institutional problaems that we can no longer control. The Filipino family before was considered as one of the strongest family ties in the world, but because of the emergence of various strains and stresses it weakened the closeness of each members of the family. One of the prevailing reasons is the so called “OFW phenomenon” which is observable to almost Filipino family today. According to, in 2001, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines lamented in a pastoral statement that many social situations are beginning to destroy or deform the family. The CBCP called poverty “the silent killer of families,’’ forcing many spouses to separate for one or both of them to work abroad. It’s a sad reality that more and more Filipinos are heading abroad in order to sustain the financial needs of their families. One member of the family is forceful to leave

to look for a better future in other countries. There are various reasons why this phenomenon existed. However, If you

Family First

Google images would ask about this issue, do you believe that OFW phenomenon loosen Filipino family ties? To justify this issue I made an interview with several individuals. According to Rozzellin Soliman, 18, OFW phenomenon somehow affects the closeness of each families but it does not mean that the essence of love and affection would lose because

is not a new issue but for him this phenomenon affects the ties and this is not the only reason. Another one was also stated by Marilyn Sarmiento, 42, who said that this issue is exactly what she is experiencing. She pointed out that the OFW phenomenon loosens family ties in the Philippines. “Hindi lang naman ang

“Epals” not allowed


s the local election fast approaches, faces and names of politicians are now visible in every poster greetings, newly built infrastructures, donated goods and many more. Though the official campaign period hasn’t started yet, these politicians start to publicize themselves. Senate Bill No. 1967 popularized as the “Antiepal” Bill is being pursued by Sen. Miriam DifensorSantiago in the Congress. The bill is formally entitled “An Act Prohibiting Public Officers from Claiming Credit through Signage Announcing a Public Works Project,” which is

intended for politicians or bureaucrats who credits themselves for projects built with public funds.The bill only allows signs that bear the name, image or logo of the local or national government agency handling the project. Santiago said allowing incumbents or appointees to grab undue credit “diminishes the importance that the public needs to place on supporting government officials, not because of their popularity, but because of their essential role in policy determination, whether on the local or national level.” “Secondly, it diminishes the concept of continuity in

Think Positive

Monalyn Sarmiento

it still depends on what relationship do they have in their respective homes. Abelardo Macasandig, 22, also shared his views that this

pamilya ko ang may ganitong problema, pero marami din akong kakilala and kasi sa sobrang tagal na na hindi nagkakasama unti-unti nang nalalayo ang loob sa isat-isa lalo na kung maraming tukso ang nakapaligid” Sarmiento said. Out of 15 individuals, only 4 disagree about the issue and the rest believed that it mattered the most. These opinions showed that almost all Filipinos believed that this issue is one of the prevailing factors. If this problem would continuously proliferate, we Filipinos will no longer be considered as one of the “close-family ties” in the world. Again, other prevailing factors would emerge in our society. Therefore, various organizations and institutions should take an action regarding this issue. Our Government should find ways for the betterment of each Filipino worker so as there will be no OFW’s who will take risk just to earn money. Every Filipino should also be reminded that as much as possible there should have a constant relationship to each family member.

Excuse me Rhisgine Manalo

good governance in the mind of the public,” she said. “It is a prevalent practice among public officers, whether elected or appointed, to append their names to public works projects which were either funded or facilitated through their office,” DefensorSantiago said in the bill’s explanatory note. “This is unnecessary and highly unethical” and “promotes a culture of political patronage and corruption,” she added. According to Christian V. Esguerra in his article in Philippine Daily Inquirer, “epal” is Google images

slang for “mapapel,” a Filipino term for attention grabbers, scene stealers, or people who crave a role (papel) in affairs that are not necessarily theirs to handle or decide. The term originated from the streets to become a buzzword in political circles especially last year, when President Benigno Aquino III initiated a shame campaign against such annoying public officials Printing out their faces and names is somehow a form of covert campaign for themselves. It is alarming to know that they are using public funds, which came from the public’s paid taxes; and they append their name to these public fixtures such as foot bridges, waiting sheds, gymnasiums, light posts and even goods donated to victims of calamities, showing as if the money used came from their very own pockets. Defensor is right in pushing through this bill, the money used for building this infrastructures is from the taxpayers therefore the credit is due to them not to these politicians. Their faces and names become ubiquitous; you see their streamers, banners, posters and billboards on public places, you see them everywhere streets, plazas and public places. What’s worse is that they even


Patricia Podolig

Be a FilipinOptimist


t has been written and said by many travel guides and blog authors alike. But it can’t be stressed enough. The Best about the Philippines is truly its People! The Filipinos and Filipinas here are without a doubt the country’s biggest asset.” said Christian Skoda, a German Traveller. Since the “It’s more fun in the Philippines” campaign began, I have realized that it really is fun to be in the Philippines moreover it’s more fun to be a Filipino. Optimistic and always in high spirits—a distinction that makes us Filipinos stanad out among other nationalities. Despite all the political and social chaos; and the natural calamities and tragedies that strike our country, we remain positive. “The people of the Philippines are the friendliest, most hospitable and optimistic people you will run into when travelling Southeast Asia. There are even studies published, which have the Filipinos listed as the happiest people in Asia and rated highly also in the world.” added Christian Skoda in his blog. Positivity runs in the bloodstreams of the Filipinos, we know how to take the light and bright side of everything. Amidst

the floods and storms flashed in the news, you can even catch people smiling and waving to the camera. There are even some who squeeze humor out of the worst case scenarios you can ever think of. We are a third-world country but that does not mean we stop there and just let it be. Is the Philippines poor? Considering the natural wonders that we are blessed with we’re not. We are not lacking and scarce as a country in fact Philippines is rich in mineral resources, agricultural resources and marine resources, truth is our country has not been handled well. From corruption and social injustice fountains poverty, a cancer that consumes every deteriorating inch of us. Corruption and greed weakens the chances to curb poverty. If only they do not exist, then there would be enough money to fund the projects beneficial to the public and less people would suffer. Philippines is not poor, we just lack good governance. Filipinos are special people and we deserve more than what we get. Let’s not stop from hoping and being optimistic, but more than that let us also take action to put the hopes we have in to reality.

have their initials engraved or carved in hospitals, walls of schools, police stations, and even the gates of public buildings. As public servants this does not connote moral uprightness in their professional integrity, they must be servants of the people and not merely endorsers of themselves at the expense of the people. It simply is ironic to see these politicians even have their names placed even on the most inappropriate yet conspicuous places or things namely: government vehicles, ambulance, fire

trucks, police patrol cars, and even on business permit plates. When you go to other countries this shouldn’t be the case, that’s why it is bothering to see such kind of practice in the Philipppines. If Filipinos are worth dying for, don’t you think we deserve public servants who would serve as our voice and stand for our concerns; not men who popularize themselves by making a fool out of the Filipino people by using the public funds perfuming their image.


his is unnecessary and highly unethical” and “promotes a culture of political patronage and corruption.”

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Mayor Vilma Abaya Dimacuha: As vibrant as a flower

The Lycean Post

Gizelle Lachica

“A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love.” -Max Muller


he Universtity of the Philippines Los Baños named a new breed of gumamela flower after Batangas City mayor, Vilma Abaya Dimacuha for her devoted public service and successful governance in community development. The new flower, Hibiscus rosa-sinesis vilma abaya dimacuha was presented to the public last July 30 in the People’s Quadrangle, Batangas City. This makes history again for Mayor Dimacuha in recogniton of her many achievements. The breeding program of UPLB has been going for 18 years and they have created more than a thousand of hybrids of gumamela. Only few women have been chosen to be named after a flower and they have made such an impact to the Philippine history. Some of them are Gabriela Silang, Gregoria de Jesus and others who had influenced the field of science, education, public service and Philippine cinema. They are Senator Loren Legarda for her ecofriendly advocacies, Justice Secretary Leila de Lima who brought trillion-peso investments in the country as the former Director General of PEZA, and Red Cross Governor Rosa Rosal for her benevolent

labors. Mayor Dimacuha, as a public servant, is well-loved by her citizens for her programs on education, health, youth, senior citizens and the disabled. She

also accomplished development in public safety, transportation and the promotion of culture and arts. The implementation of Batangas City Environment Code was the first in the

Mayor Vilma Abaya-Dimacuha holding the gumamela named after her

Lipa City: “Little Rome of the Philippines”

Victoria Espaldon, UPLB Vice Chancellor for Research; Dr. Carlixto Protacio, Director, Crop Science Cluster; and Dr. Pablito Magdalita who is in duty of the Hibiscus Breeding Program of

Photo by:

the Crop Science Cluster and Institute of Plant Breeding, College Agriculture. Magdalita gave a speech of recognition before presenting the award to Mayor Dimacuha. “The new hibiscus hybrid we are launching today is one of the most unique from among the handful of varieties that were chosen carefully to fit the qualities of a truly-blooded and dedicated public servant. This new variety falls under the “Women in Public Service Series”, a group of true blooded Filipinas who dedicatedly served the public in extraordinary ways and devoted their time and effort to public service and possess the spirit of volunteerism to meet the needs of others before their own without material or financial rewards,” Magdalita said. He also added that it is just fitting that another woman be honored with a special flower of beauty and vibrancy. A flower that bears the name Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis ‘Vilma Abaya Dimacuha’, an honorable mayor that all of us are truly proud of- a trueblooded public servant, an environmentalist, a multiawarded public figure, a catalyst of progress for a better community and a Godloving citizen.

City of Binan values pets Kriz Nuqui

Marlon Micua

Lipa City Church Photo by: Google images

Filipinos are well-known for being religious individuals among the Asian countries, and there’s no doubt that the Philippines has a huge number of religious and sacred places all over the 7,107 islands. The province of Lipa, Batangas, located at 78 kilometers south of Manila, is one of the richest cities in terms of religious places in the country. It contains vintage churches and institutes which made the place as the “Little Rome of the Philippines.” The Metropolitan Cathedral of San Sebastian serves as a primary source of pride for religious worship in Lipa. Its structure was made through the concerted efforts of Augustinians who administered the Parish priest of San Sebastian in 1779,

province to mandate the no plastic and no styro policy which she was also recognized for. The presentation of the award was attended by Dr. Ma.

Fray Ignacio Pallares. Later on continued by Fray Manuel Galiana in 1787, and its spacious transepts completed in 1865 by Fray Manuel Gonzalez. Finally, it was built in1895 boasts of colossal paintings of Biblical characters at the ceiling which is patterned after the Sistine Chapel in Rome. It also has a beautiful altar and a work of art in silver which shimmers in semidarkness. Out of the San Sebastian Parish were borne the diversity of parishes located at different Barangays in the city. The Carmel of Our Lady Mary Mediatrix of All Grace which known for the “Miraculous Shower of Petals” that happened in 1948 and the Miraculous Appearance of the Blessed Virgin Mary Mediatrix

of All Grace to a convent nun. According to some church goers in Lipa, in September 12, 1991, rose petals from the sky began to fall in the grounds of the Carmelite convent and they said that the statue of Our Lady came to Life. The Divino Amor Chapel, also known as the Shrine Mission of Our Mother of Perpetual Help, this Chapel was opened after the first Redemptory’s Community was established in Lipa in August 1936. There were also 40 another different churches, religious institutes for men and women adjoining the land of Lipa, Batangas that gives holy life to every Lipeños. It is just proven that the province of Lipa is such a silent place where you can find peace and tranquility.

Are pets given importance in your town or city, too? Mayor Len-Len AlonteNaguiat, as the standing mother of the City of Binan, manages to give emphasis on every single thing in the place where she is currently serving. Lives are seen and given attention, including the pets. While others care less about the animals and care more about killing numerous of them, the City of Binan has finally come up with an idea of shielding the lives of not only the people residing in the area but also the pets living in the vicinity. They are part of the community, therefore, they are to be loved and welcomed. Mayor Len-Len together with the city’s veterinarian Dra. Marcellana are extending their responsibilities to the unsheltered animals and pets that are owned by the residents of Binan, City. “Binan and its programs are improving from time to time and Binan officials do not take the other things for granted, not even the animals especially the pets of Binanenses. It may sound a little different but it goes to show that Binan never stops caring for the people and environment and all the ones that make it a good community,” Roman Carencia, the City Information Officer of Binan, City said. Pet Food Distribution If there’s community service for the residents, then there’s pet food campaign for the dogs and cats in Binan. Pet food distribution has just started and it happened

last September 19 in Brgy. Malaban and the activity will continue to run every week but not limiting it in the same area. The group of people helping in distributing food for the pets will be visiting other barangays to hold another event. The objective of this program besides feeding and welcoming the aura of involving the other species in the said place, is to partake happiness to the owners of the pets and shift the moods of the families affected by the previous effect of monsoon rains in different barangays from being solely dispirited to becoming somehow delighted as they see that the local government is reaching out for them and their pets. For every pet dog, there are three kilos of dog food supplies that the owner of the pet will get. Same thing goes with every cat owner; he will receive three kilos of cat food for his pet as he brings it with him at the venue. Binan meets its goal On the same day that pet food distribution was held, the people who helped in disseminating the cat and dog foods to the pet owners made the event possible. A total of 597 kilos of dog food were allocated to 199 dogs that participated in the event that very day, while a sum of 32 kilos of cat food was equally shared to 14 cats. “It was evident that the owners of the pets were satisfied and glad because their love for them have finally paid off. They got an unexpected reward that was for their dearest pets, the ones they consider members of the family,” Carencia said.

“We, as well, are glad that the team met the goals and objectives of this program. We are happy to see them smile and even for a while, people in that area forgot about their bad situation. It’s the least we could do for them,” he added. Service Contin es Mr. Roman Carencia said that the local government of Binan, City would never stop serving the people for it’s not what they ought to do but it’s what they want to do. Mayor Len-Len’s team will continue to visit different barangays to support the needs of the owners’ pets. The information about their next tour for giving out foods for the pets will be delivered to the Barangay officers so as to inform the respective area that the same team will be coming to conduct another activities for the pets of the residents. The team is expecting to extend their service to a larger number of pets every week. Part of their purpose is to also make the people happy as they give their best foot forward.


It’s more fun in Taal, Batangas

Photo by: Google Images

Richness of Taal: Looking back in its history


comfortable two-hour drive from Manila brings the visitors to the historic town of Taal, an enchanting period village nestled on a Hill overlooking Balayan Bay in the Province of Batangas based on Taal Tourism Office. According to Cleo San Jose, Tourism staff, Taal is unique among Philippines towns, Taal boasts of numerous well-preserved historical treasures dating back to preSpanish colonial period. In this small community, you can

find some of the oldest stone structures and ancestral home in the community. Biggest Catholic Church in Southeast Asia According to San Jose, most famous of these enduring edifices is the Basilica of Saint Martin De Tours stands 95 meters long and 45 meters wide on the plateau in the heart of Taal. The facade resembles St. Peters Basilica in Rome. Its tabernacle is made of silver, the only one of its kind in the Philippines. It was declared as a National Shrine on

January 16, 1974. It is known as one of the biggest Catholic Church on Southeast Asia. The Shrine of Our Lady of Caysasay is built out of coral stones and is located in Barangay Caysasay better known as Labac along the banks of Pansipit River. According to legends, the original image was caught in the fishnet of a religious man named Juan Maningkad in 1603 at the Pansipit River. It mysteriously disappeared and re-appeared in the chosen sanctuary. Because of this incident, a provincial chapel was

- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Our Lady of Fatima image visits Tanauan Jessica Bautista

a little

never stops caring for the people and environment and all the ones that make it a good community,”

Taal Tourist Destinations According to San Jose, Taal have different tourist destinations like the following: Don Leon Apacible Museum. Leon Apacible already a successful lawyer and judge of the Court First Instance

of Batangas City, He was also a clandestine rebel by 1880s, when his house became a meeting place of the resistance leaders. In 1892, the colonial government discovered his activities and he was deported to Lepanto in the Mountain Province. Upon his return he joined General Miguel Malvar’s forces. As formidable a warrior as he was a lawyer, by 1898 he commanded his own forces in Batanagas. With the proclamation of the Revolutionary Government, President Emilio Aguinaldo appointed Apacible finance officer of Batangas, and then as a delegate to the Malolos Congress. Once the new constitution was in place, Apacible returned to his former civilian life in Taal where he died in 1901. Marcela Marino Agoncillo Museum (June 24, 1860-May 30, 1946) also known as Marcela Agoncillo, was a Filipina renowned in Philippine history as the principal seam stress of the first and official flag of the Philippines, gaining her title of the Philippines Flag. Gregorio Agoncillo Mansion (White House). Among the important discoveries, Taal has contributed in the patriotic pursuits of its old landed gentry in helping the country gain its independence from Spain. The early 20th century ancestral house of Don Gregorio Agoncillo is one of the landmarks of the heritage town. Escuela Pia was originally constructed to temporarily house the image of the Virgin of Caysasay and hold masses during the construction of the Basilica. It later became home of the Collegio De La Sagrada Familia, which was a school dedicated to the moral formation of women, founded by Dona Gliceria Marella De Villavicencio. It also became the

Image of Our Lady of Fatima


ur Lady of Fatima image from Portugal visited Batangas. From Sto. Tomas Parish church the image was brought in Tanauan City last September 12. It started first in Lipa City where so many devoters came to see and witness the miraculous image of Our

Photo by: Tanauan PIO Lady of Fatima last August, then it was transferred to St. Thomas Aquinas Parish Churh in Sto.Tomas Batangas. Jerwin Bautista, one of the cathecists said that It is much better if the welcoming of the image goes around the municipality of Tanauan not just in one part.

Catechists of Tanauan, La Consolacion students and some senior citizens welcome the image by having a mass lead by Fr. Rene Ramos. Programs were also shown to honor the image of the Fatima. The image stayed in Tanauan City for one week from September 2-9.

Central School of Taal. It is now used as the Cultutral Center for the town. Casa Villavicencio this grand pre-1850 ancestral house belonged to Eulalio and Gliceria Marella de Villavicencio. This house served as the secret meeting place of revolutionary leaders such as Andres Bonifacio, Feliciano Jocson, Vito Belarmino, Miguel Malvar, Eleuterio Marasigan and Felipe Calderon, who came to Taal disguised as sabungeros, On June 12, 1898, during the Philippine Independence Day proclamation, General Aguinaldo referred to Gliceria Marella as “Godmother of the Revolutionary Forces” Miraculous Well of Sta. Lucia this arch with bas-relief of the Virgin of Caysasay on its facade made of coral stone, was erected upon the spot where the image was founs in 1611. The well is still there underneath the arch and it is where miraculous healing water springs from an underground source. San Lorenzo Ruiz Steps these are hundres twenty-five granite steps dating back to 1849, referred to as “Hagdan-hagdan,” a symbol of number of years of the Filipinos doing forced labor under the Spaniards. Taal Public Market is famous for tourists shopping for Taal products and delicacies such as barong embroideries, tapang-taal, longganisa, sumptuous kakanin like nilupak, bibingkang kanin, puto pao, suman, tsokolate, sinaing na tulingan and tamales. According to Taal Tourism Office, Taal is the seat of known Churches and Ancestral Houses. Taalenos are very proud of their culture and heritage, treasures which remained through the centuries. With its 42 barangays, the whole Taal works hand-inhand in preserving ad cultivating what their past generations have passed onto them.

The newly improved Los Baños

the whole staircase, just take the first step.

may sound

to show that Binan

Eugene Lopez

erected in 1611 near the spot where it was found. Henceforth, the image was called the Virgin Caysasay. The image since has been adored and thought of as miraculous for granting impossible petitions to those who seek her help.

Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see

different but it goes




he municipal Mayor of Los Banos carried out three of the municipality’s ongoing projects which are expected to be finished during the last quarter of the year. One of the major projects of Mayor Anthony 'Ton' Genuino is the construction of a new municipal building for Los Baños, located at the corner of Magnetic Jamboree Road and National Highway at Barangay Timugan. The construction of the new municipal building is still on going for the completion of its last phase. Its builders were also people coming from Los Baños so as it will serve as source of income for them. The new municipal building will sure give pride to every resident of Los Baños after it is done because finally they can say that their municipality has no difference from other nearby cities and towns. The new building has three stories, a wider parking area, and a client-friendly lobby for day-to-day walk-in residents of Los Baños. It has the mayor's office, the Sangguniang Bayan, and the Sangguniang Bayan session hall which is designed to accommodate more people for public viewing of hearings and committee meetings. The ground floor consist of the offices of the Treasurer, Assessor, Local

Rhisgine Manalo Civil Registrar, Agriculture, General Services Office, the Municipal Action Center with an Emergency Medical Team, plus other units frequently visited by the public. It is also designed with an expansive events area and a multi-purpose hall at the rear entrance of the building. The local Philippine National Police Municipal Station will also be transferred to the said building along with the municipal jail and the office of the local (Bureau of Jail Management and Penology) BJMP. On the other hand, when the construction of new building is done, Tourism Officer KC Managuelod says that there are studies being made for the conversion of the old municipal building into a Museo de Los Baños. LED markers in Los Baños A new welcome marker was designed only for Los Baños by its mayor Anthony 'Ton' Genuino. It has the form of huge leaf symbolizing nature and is made of aluminium steel which embodies science and technology that will represent Los Baños as the Special Science and Nature City. The marker design is considered to be a rare work of art in the province of Laguna or even in the whole country. Two similar markers will be placed at the boundaries of Calamba-Los

Baños and Bay-Los Baños soon before the year ends. Mayor Genuino said that the marker symbolizes the blending of science and knowledge with efforts to protect the environment. It symbolizes the collective consciousness of the people of Los Baños. The huge steel structure is created to attract local and foreign tourists to boost the economy of this municipality. The creatively-designed marker is equipped with a huge LED display similar to those seen in bigger cities in Metro Manila. Advertisements of various businesses and announcements of the local government unit and other institutions in Los Baños may be displayed on the said LED portion of the marker. LB Cento A huge commercial complex consist of famous fast food chains, coffee shops, music bars, specialty shops, a supermarket, boutiques, books and accessories shops that will accommodate up to more than 10,000 students from the UPLB (University of the Philippines Los Baños) and a lot more from the people of LB and nearby towns and cities. The complex will sure give extra benefits and more job opportunities for other residents of Los Baños.

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Hon.Carlito Dela Peña Reyes, MD. Mayor Malvar,Batantgas

The Working Mayor and His 5k Executive Agenda (3000) The municipality of Malvar is a small town with atotal population of 46,000, sandwiched by two cities namely: Tanauan City to its North and Lipa City to its South. In terms of land area and population compared to these two big cities, this humble town of Malvar can not measure up but instead, it can only boast for its peaceful citizenry and well-managed local government unit in the province of Batangas. The sustainable and increasing revenue generated from Lima Industrial Park and otherbusiness sectors, is a primary indicator of Malvar’s progress and development. Behind this is a not-so-ordinary, prudent man, a doctor by profession whose sincere aspiration is to bring Malvar to the forefront of success. Yes, he is no other than Hon. Carlito Dela Pena-Reyes, and his working agenda is the 5K executive agenda on Kalusugan-Karunungan-KapaligiranKabuhayan-Kaunlaran. For the last three (3) years of continuous and untiring efforts of 5K implementation, how far have they gone? Noteworthy is the able support of ViceMayor Bert Lat and the SB members for the successful implementation. Let’s check on them: Kalusugan. A 24-hour Lying-in clinic for Malvarenos maintains free medical, dental and


birthing/delivery services during “ugnayan sa Baranggay.” Highlighting these endeavour is the recognition received thru the LGU scoreboard performing top 1 on health services. Karunungan. Improvements/constructions of classrooms and facilities; creation of ordinance for the sustainability of municipal scholarship program for high school and college students; continuous literacy programs for OSY and adults as part of human development and people empowerment; establishment and maintenance of computer E-center which recently received an award, the international computeron the telecentre women digital literacy’s. For having trained the most numbe of women, bested 221 organizations from 65 countries and with cash award of 15,000 Swiss Francs or an equivalent of Php 600,000. Kapaligiran: Maintenance and improvement of Materials Recovery Facility (MRF); procurement of shredder for biodegradable wastes and plastic wastes (including diapers); cleaning, greening and beautifying the environment. Kabuhayan: well-mobilized activities of Public Employment Service Officer (PESO) for continuous hiring and referrals and job fair for more job opportunities; improvement of Malvar Public Market; maintenance and sustainability of Malvar-Kabalikat sa hanapbuhay training and livelihood center which proceeds for income of its “Pasalubong Center,” employs two of its staff, an out-of-school-youth (OSY) and a single mother. Worth-mentioning is its tie-up with TESDA for its training programs. Kaunlaran. Ongoing improvement/sconstructions/repairs of infrastructure facilities including roads and canals are given priority. On top of all of the above, is the seal of good housekeeping award received by the LGU as a sign of good governance, transparency of all records including financial aspect. What more can a Malvareno ask for but to be disciplined, law-abiding citizen.

MP CYCLEMED MOTOR PARTS SUPPLY Main Rd., Farconville Subd., San Pablo City Raul B. Villavicencio - Prop. Tel. No.: (049) 5602-010


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Tanauan ENRO refuses task force for plastic ban implementation Monalyn Sarmiento “We did not create any task force for the implementation because we know it wouldn’t work,“ Peter Gonzales, Head of ENRO, said.

O Lipeños unite to sustain Lipeños’ tree planting activity

environmental projects Jestine Dela Cruz


ipeños help and take part in keeping Lipa a clean and green city. The local government organized and planned several projects on how to keep Lipa a place of purity. Mayor Sabili discussed about the progress of the environment program of Lipa City. He dictated the developments and future plans concerning the clean and green project. He also plead in his SOLCA (State of the Lipa City Address) that every Lipeño should help since this project is for the beauty of their own hometown. Two million trees project The administration covered a two million trees project. Lipa already have planted almost 300,000 trees located in barangays, mountains, and forests. This project aims to plant approximately two million trees all over Lipa. “If we cannot bring back the cold weather that we are experiencing back then, let us just do this planting acitivity to stop or even decrease the effects

of global warming in our city,” says Mayor Sabili. The two million trees project is also to prevent floods which are one of the causes of struggle of the residents who are victimized in many places of this country. Up until now, many of the Lipeños are on a continuous plantation of the trees to complete the two million target. Other environment-related projects The rehabilitation of dumpsites is also on-going. Lipa City already has its Eco Center and butterfly garden. The administration is also conducting the Coastal Clean-up and Bantay Ilog project. Through the effectiveness of Ordinance No. 01-2011, Lipa City banned the use of styrofoam and some types of plastics. Styrofoam and plastic do not melt and stays even hundreds of years passed through and these materials play a big role in the destruction of the environment. Some Lipeños disagreed and argued about the banning of styrofoam and plastic since it has

an effect on their businesses and that they are paying for violating the rule. On the other hand, some of Lipa’s citizens agreed for this law will help eliminate trash. The banning of styrofoam and plastic was implemented last April 22. Actually, Lipa is not the first to implement this law; many towns in the Philippines already use this regulation and still many places today are continuing on applying this law. As per Mayor Sabili, let us just think that through this small matter of action, we are transforming for the better and we are taking part on keeping the city clean. The local government of Lipa would like to acknowledge those establishments, entrepreneurs, and vendors within the city’s environs for cooperating and supporting the banning of styrofoam and plastic. “This law may be hard to follow at first, but when Lipeños came to get used to it, it will then be realized that the good effects of following this rule is essential to us and our households,” says Mayor Sabili.

San Pablo City extends its water clean-up


Fiel Esguerra

he previous typhoon “Gener” turned Manila Bay into a dump site and filled the sea wall with garbage, as a result San Pablo city initiated to become stricter in cleaning the bodies of water in the area. According to Dennis Ramos, a staff in City Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) of San Pablo city this cleanup is an ongoing project of the city government of San Pablo and it started a year ago, but because of what happened to Manila Bay last August they are now getting stricter with San Pablo city’s cleanliness. Ramos also said that according to the Supreme Court’s order, “Hindi lang enough nalinisinnatinang Manila Bay, kasama ‘yungmga tributary at ‘yungmga rivers napumupuntad’yan. Nagkataonnaang San Pablo, ‘yungilang rivers natinditonagdra-drain sa Laguna Lake which is ang Laguna Lake namannagdra-drain sa Pasig River, then ang Pasig River pumupuntanamansa Manila Bay. So dugtongdugtong, nak

itanilanahindilangdo’nangkai langan i-address mo, pati din ‘yungdito.” Implementations in Barangays To mobilize this clean up, CENRO coordinated with the barangays in their area and they agreed to the city

government that this clean up should be improved. Since there are many people living near these rivers San Pablo’s CENRO made this cleanup from quarterly to monthly and they are really strict with this cleanup project and minimizing the solid wastes in their bodies of water. Ramos added, that the barangay

officials must observe these areas to remain the cleanliness of their rivers. The barangay officials are recording these cleanup and they are reporting to CENRO and to the city government, then they wil discuss the improvements or progress of the project. Ramos also stated, “Kapag may nakitakamingmadumisa portion ngilog, lilinisinnilaagadito at hahakutinnila ‘yungbasura, sa Solid Waste Management naman ‘yun.” Evacuation of Informal Settllers CENRO recorded that most of the people living nearby the area are informal settlers they are now discussing with the city government officials if they will clear the area. But they found out that removing these informal settlers is difficult and they are waiting for the approval or order from the city government. San Pablo’s CENRO ordered the barangay officials to have initiative to inform these informal settlers or residents to clean their area and to help in this cleanup project. Ramos mentioned that their boss, Ramon Deroma is working hard for this clean up to be strictly implemented.

ffice of the City Environment and Natural Resources had decided not to create any task force in the said implementation of the plastic ban. The City government had already started in disseminating the provisions about the ordinance after July. “Hindi na kami bumuo ng task force dahil wala rin namang nangyayari, hindi rin nasusunod, kaya ang ginawa namin ay inatasan namin ang mga may-ari ng mga malalaking grocery stores at iba pang tindahan na sila mismo ang maglagay nung banner sa kanilang pwesto, para sa ganon’ Makita ng mga mamimili na sila mismo

nasunod sa patakaran,” Gonzales stated. (“We did not create any task force because we know it wouldn’t work. So what we did is we ask the assistance of these establishments owners as well as other big grocery stores to put this banner from their stores so as their customers would see that even them are following the provision.”) Gonzales pointed out that it is no longer applicable to have personnel to monitor the ordinance and he also said that they do not have to compare themselves to other towns which have many task forces that control and religiously monitor the city. According to Gonzales it is more effective if they would just let the initiative of people from Tanauan. From that, they will see how disciplined those people especially vendors and other establishment owners. “Kaakibat namin dito ang

mga Brgy. Chairmans, Sk at iba’t ibang may-ari ng malalaking establishment sa pagpapaalala ng nasabing ordinance, bali sila ang nagsisilbing task force sa kani kanilang nasasakupan at sa ganitong paraan, mahihiyang lumabag ang mga may-ari ng tindahan dahil sila mismo ang nagpapakita na sumusunod sila patakaran ng batas,” Gonzales also added. (“We are coordinated with Brgy. Chairmans, SK and different owners of big establishments, they are the ones which served as task force in their respective places and in this way, these owners of stores would not commit the violation because even to themselves they were committed in following the said ordinance.”) In addition, the decision is not final regarding the fines of those who will violate the said ordinance.

Taal introduces Garbage Granulator to citizens Eugene Lopez


aal Municipality has acquired the machine called granulator that can hopefully solve their problem regarding solid waste management. Taal is the first to have the granulator in the Philippines that is why there are cities bringing their garbage and processed by the machine. The granulator was purchased by the municipality last September 2011. This is in coordination with the Office of the Mayor and Solid Waste Management Department of Taal, Batangas. The municipal government of Taal, Batangas chooses to be a pollution free town after having a granulator machine that helps in maintaining te cleanliness of town. “Regarding our problem then about waste material like for example the segregation of garbage for the biodegradable and nonbiodegradable, it became easy for us to manage and separate it now because of the granulator machine, “ said Nenita Merano GSO/ OIC of Taal Municipality. According to the website of, “The past two nights, TV Patrol anchor Noli de Castro ran a two-part series on a reasonably lowcost engineering solution to the garbage disposal problem that plagues many cities and municipalities in this country. The solution is called the garbage granulator a.k.a. basura grinder, invented and developed by a Filipino engineer and the use of which is now benefiting the municipality of Taal in Batangas.The name of the engineer is Bong Archeta who also native of Batangas. Taal, Batangas is one of the municipalities benefiting the granulator. The grinder does not cost a lot in terms of space for production, although, Compared to big cities, Taal will pale to comparison and will need a much larger scale for the metropolis.” Archeta himself stated that among his main considerations was the


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Tanauan to implement Plastic Ban Monalyn Sarmiento

“It is never too late for City of Tanauan to implement the total banning of plastic.”

Residents from Tanauan should clean and dry out those plastics and submit them to their respective barangays.

Last year, many cities had started the implementation of total bans of plastic Bags. Its Nearby towns such as Lipa, Calamba and Sto. Tomas have started to have different task force in monitoring the ordinance regarding the usage of plastics. But for Tanauan , it is never too late in implementing the said campaign. The City had decided to release the ordinance no. 136 series of 2012 to be mandated throughout the municipality last July. “Actually we have many activities for the greener project of Tanauan and one of it is our campaign against the overuse of plastic and we have this indulgence monotorium , for these owners of establishments and different stores to dispose all their plastic bags within 4 months until the 9th day of November,” Ricky Natuel, Clerk from CENRO narrated. The said Ordinance was proposed by Hon. Councilor Marcial V, Gocuangco Jr. and approved last July 2012.

Just say no to plastic Unlike to other municipalities who have gone with this implementation, Tanauan also has campaign banners which was not yet been disseminated throughout the city. It is a banner stating “Just say no to plastic” which was produced by different owners from different establishments along the vicinity of Tanauan. “We did not create any task force because we know it wouldn’t work. So what we did is we ask the assistance of these establishments owners as well as other big grocery stores to put this banner from their stores so as their customers would see that even them are following the provisison,” Peter Gonzales, Head of CENRO stated. Many nearby municipalities have founded task force in enforcing the said ordinance but here in Tanauan CENRO explained that it is no longer effective and they have to change the style of enforcement. “In this way, these owners of stores would not commit

the violation because even to themselves they were committed in following the said ordinance,” Gonzales also added. The City Environment and Natural Resources Office ( CENRO) were not just the ones assigned to monitor the implementation but also the Barangay Chairmans who has a big part in the community. They will be the one to inform their constituents about the Ordinance and within themselves must start the enactment. Negative Concerns “Any type of complains or reaction they give, still they have to follow because it’s a law and no one is exempted and they have to commit themselves “ignorance of the law excuses no one” like for example you are caught in the act carrying plastic bag and you will give this complain that you are not aware, it is wrong,” said Gonzales “It’s okay for me, because it’s a law and I have to follow because I will be the one to suffer from violation if I will not follow, and maybe the only concern for us vendors is the sales we have before would not be the same since our profit will be affected because paper cups

are costly than plastic cups. But I am not against the ordinance,” said Zeny Noble, a side walk vendor. Another concerned vendor also said that their profit would be affected because there will be a sudden change to the costs of goods and products. It would become a financial problem for both consumers and vendors. Primary and Secondary Containers According to Gonzales, they have these so called primary and secondary containers. Primary containers are composed of sando bags, paper cups and plates, plastic labo (cellophane). This type of container is used for wet foods and goods such as fresh meats. Secondary containers are composed of Baskets and Bayongs which are used for dry foods and goods. The official implementation would take an effect on November 10, 2012, the day after the issuance of monotorium ended, which the City Government of Tanauan will fully monitor the said ordinance as to meet their objective to make Tanauan clean, free from floods and also to promote greener lifestyle as well as saving our mother earth.

Task Force Clean and Green says No to Plastic Granulator machine that transform garbage to bricks From: Google Images reduction of operational costs. The machine runs on diesel and including the costs of manpower can be operated unbelievably cheap. Archeta cites the case of Cuenca for which a mere 300 pesos need to be collected per 1,200 families per year to be able to operate the garbage granulating facility. The technology is already registered with the patent office and approved by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) and the Filipino Inventors’ Society, a Filipino solution to a typically Filipino problem of the modern day. Archeta told de Castro that his main aim in developing the granulator machine was not so much personal profit but to solve the country’s perennial garbage problem as a matter of social responsibility.” Benefits of Granulator Machine According to the website also, the granulator has the capability to segregate nondegradable and degradable materials. Degradable wastes are shredded and ground to decrease the composting process. They can use these for organic fertilizers.Nondegradable materials however will be filtered first to extract rocks, soil, and liquids before being shredded and grounded. These grounded wastes are then mixed to cement and compressed to a cube to make a sturdy fire resistant bricks. These bricks are sold half price gravel-cement bricks and have the same quality.” “We bought the granulator machine at a cost 6.4 million and can be found in Brgy. Gahol, Taal, Batangas. There

also have utility workers who are laborers and they are paid 200 per day. I thought if our municipality do not have now this machine, our town is still under the problem of having many garbage and maybe our waste as large as a mountainous, “ said Merano. “It's a big help for us especially to the citizens of this town, because the waste management will not be a problem anymore. It's a vast relief for us, “ said Merano. Taal Municipality see the beneficial for their town for having this kind of machine that is earth-friendly. The advantage of the machine is that it is ecofriendly. It's not harmful to the citizen and nature because the processed wastes are not producing dangerous chemicals. The granulator brings big changes to Taal, Batangas. Other ordinance for environment Aside from maintaining cleanliness of town, they also have ordinances regarding the prevention of pollution. The citizens are helping and cooperating to fight any kind of pollution. They have slogan on how the environment keep clean and pollution free, like “Bawal na ang maingay at mausok na tambutso sa bayan ng Taal,” because there are some vehicles that have very earsplitting noise and black emission from their cars. The slogan of the local government of Taal has the purpose to lessen the noise and air pollution in their town. Those who would violate this ordinance will be charge of any reasonable punishment depending on the violation.



n umber o f establishments were given notices and fines by Task Force Clean and Green in Batangas City for the violations they committed against the Environmental code or E-code. According to Jerson J. Sanchez, PIO Batangas City, thirteen establishments were given citation tickets recently at two different operations done by Task Force Clean and Green for violating the use of plastic and styrophore in Batangas City according to the passed report of the said group to the office of Mayor Dimacuha. Seven establishments mostly eateries were charged fines after they were inspected by members of the task force around Alangilan,

Patricia Podolig

P. Herrera and Kumintang Ibaba last August 31. Last September 3 six eateries and retail stores in Barangay Wawa and Bolbok were given warnings and rightful penalties corresponding to the violation they made. Through reinforcing the use of plastics in the city, floods during heavy rains and typhoons will be prevented, since fewer plastics will be used as garbage bags, the overflowing canals and alleys that it clogs will be reduced. According to the chairman of Task Force Clean and Green, retired Pol./Supt. Restito Hernandez, they will continue to do their job and fulfill all the duties and responsibilities

entrusted to them. They will always carry out and execute surprise inspections around Batangas City to make sure that the implemented law with the use of plastic and styrophore is well-abided and pursued by the people. Hernandez added that their task force’s action will really be of great help not only to the environment but to the city and its people as well. He calls out to everyone to be vigilant and cautious to the laws being employed because these were created for the benefit of everyone. In addition to this, Batangas is the first city in the Philippines to have the Environmental Code, which was used as a basis for

creating environmental laws by the province and its neighboring provinces such as Laguna and Cavite. “This E-code is a pioneering effort in the codification of literature on the environment. The importance of this E-code stems from the crucial and urgent call to take immediate positive action against the degradation of our environment.” said City Mayor Vilma Abaya Dimacuha. ‘E-code’ encompasses Forest Resources, Mineral Resources, Energy Resources, Ecotourism, Ecological Solid Waste Management, Industrial and Toxic Hazardous Waste Management, Environmental management System, etc.

Tanauan conducts tree-planting activity


anauanCity government conducted a tree-planting activity last September 14 which was held at Brgy. Ma.Paz, with the theme of “Kalikasan, Mahalin Natin at Pagyamanin.” The Program was initiated by the City Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO), together with the other departments such as Human Resources Office headed by Mr. Rick Trinidad, DEPED, PNP, BJMP and also in coordination of their supportive mayor, Hon. Sonia Torres Aquino.

Monalyn Sarmiento The said activity was part of the 112th Philippine Civil Service month which was done every month of September as to show the years of public service. According to Trinidad, marketing specialists from Tanauan, each employee from the different departments are required to have at least 3 representatives as what their executive mandated. All departments must have representatives in all the activities that they will be conducting. “More or less we have 300

volunteers coming from different sectors who joined the said activity and though it is raining we still continue the activity and there were also some teachers from different schools who also join,” Trinidad also stated. Apart from that, Trinidad also said that this was one of the highlights of their one month celebration of the Civil Service month and there are upcoming activities to be conducted by the municipality. According to Peter Gonzales, Head of ENRO, the tree- planting activity was part

of their Forestry Code and it is yearly done in accordance of their ordinances. Since it is annually conducted they choose one among these 48 Barangays who will benefit on their project. The entrapment operations for those illegal loggers are also included in the said code. “There would also be the hunting of these illegal loggers from different barangays,” Gonzales stated.

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Batangas City launches Adopt-a-Tree project


Gizelle Lachica

ata n g as C i t y Parole and Probation Office launched Adopt a Tree project last July 25 as a part of the environmental programs of the City of Batangas Batangas City Police Officers, headed by PSI Capt. Eva Pascua, also took part on the project in cooperation with the City Environment Natural Resources Office (CENRO) and the City Veterinarian and Agricultural Services which gave them the trees to plant.

In an interview of the program Barangay Frontline and Maghuntahan Tayo to City Parole and Probation Officer Archi Gache, she said that they planted 30 acacia trees along the Diversion Road near the Philippine Ports Authority together with 14 probationers and 28 parolees. He also added that they wanted to be a part of taking care of the environment which will be a big help for everyone in the city to prevent the heat wave and the flooding.

Batangas City implements zoning law


Jazzer Magpantay

he City Planning and Development Office in Batangas City implemented the Zoning Law and Land Use Plan to promote a good urban planning and management and to preserve the environment. According to Licarte, the Land Use Plan will last up to 10 years. The land conversion cannot be easily acquired by some establishments like real estate, industrial at commercial activities. The revision of Land Use Plan was done under the study of UP Planades which is the consultant of Batangas city. UP Planades are group of experts of urban management in the University of the Philippines. Batangas City did not experience extreme floods and landslides because the green spaces like agricultural

areas and the ecological development or forest management zone were preserved unlike the other places in CALABARZON. Licarte said that out of 28,541 hectares, land area of Batangas City, only 8,000 hectares is for agricultural and 10,000 hectares for forest management zone with the slope of 18% and above. Real estate development and residential zone has a wide area of 3,000 hectares while 2,000 hectares is for industrial zone; therefore, 1000 hectares is still vacant. In the 2,000 hectare commercial area, 800 hectares is allotted for building business establishments. Batangas City Environment Co d e imp le me n t e d t h e environmental protection in the city in which also implemented the “No to mining” policy.

The CENRO ensures the continuity of the programs that are assigned to their department and initiating the tree-planting activity proves that their department has a concern with their community. “It feels fulfilling that I was given a chance to be part of this action and at least, we employees were

aware from this activity most especially concerns about our nature,” Trinidad said.


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Carnapped vehicle located Jestine Dela Cruz

A lost van was reported to the Philippine National Police of Lipa last September 6. Around 6:30 in the evening, Catalina San Luis, a resident of Brgy. Sabang, Lipa City, went to the police station to report and to file a complaint about her carnapped vehicle. In connection with the missing car, the complainant was accompanied by Liza San Luis and Kalvin Paolo Benamer for testimonies. About 4:00 in the afternoon of September 6, the victim found out that her one Hyundai Grace Van, was gone. The van was still registered under the name of Adelina M. Aliwalas of Masin Sur, Candelaria Quezon. The said Hyundai Grace Van was last seen driven by

the suspect without the consent of the victim on or about 9:00 in the morning of September 5, along P. Laygo St., Brgy. Sabang, Lipa City heading towards the direction of Lipa City. The suspect was identified as Dominador Magnaye Jr., aka “Jhun-Jhun,” a resident of Brgy. Malaya Rosario, Batangas. “Follow-up operation and investigation still being undertaken by the elements of this station for possible apprehension of the suspect/s as well as for the recovery of the alleged stolen Hyundai Grace Van,” says PO2 Arnold Delfin, officer on case. PO2 Delfin also added that flash alarms will be sent to BPPO regarding the missing vehicle.


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Robbery suspect arrested John Lester Pura

Batangas PNP during their inspection


Batangas City Police accomplishes PNP’s Annual General Inspection Patricia Podolig


atangas City Police passed the assessment in the recent InspectionOperation Readiness Security Inspection Test and Evaluation (AGI-ORSITE) of Philippine National Police Camp Crame held last August 2. The Annual General Inspection is conducted every third quarter of the year to test the overall capability, effectiveness and readiness of policemen. All police stations in the country are checked and inspected to evaluate the proficiency and excellence of the policemen in their operations and to assure the public that they are giving first-rate service to

their community. According to Liza Perez- De Los Reyes, PIO Batangas City, AGI is implemented to test the skills, capabilities and preparedness of policemen in provinces and cities. Among the things that PNP looks over are the police records; their equipment such as guns, communication equipment, police mobiles and vehicles; accountability of all the policemen’s personnel and their proper grooming including their uniforms. PNP Camp Crame facilitated drills that took place in Plaza Mabini, right in front of Batangas City Police Station.

They had a hostage-taking and bomb threat dry run activity for Batangas City’s Policemen. They were graded depending on their performance. Among the criteria for marking them is how they handle these unwanted circumstances. According to Col. Antonio Bilon, the Inspection Team Head of PNP Camp Crame and the one in charge to spearhead the said inspection, the purpose of this yearly activity is to practice and prepare policemen in our country to an excellent and high-quality service. He added that this inspection is a directive executed and put into practice by higher

authorities to elevate the level of public service that our state’s policemen give and to ensure that these public servants will also serve as noble examples of goodwill to people especially the youth. Meanwhile, according to Pol/ Supt Chief of Police Nick Torre, the Chief of Batangas City Police Station, that despite the few number of policemen in their city, they are still able to give right, sufficient and quick response in fighting and combating the crimes in their city. Chief Torre hopes and asks for the cooperation, honesty and loyalty of the policemen to the public.

Mental patient stabs mother and child Eugene Lopez


Car totally crashed after the accident

From: Alaminos PIO

Man seriously injured after car accident


Eunice Blanes

man driving his car was seriously injured after it crashed with a cargo truck in Maharlika Highway, San Juan Alaminos Laguna last September 03 at around one thirty in the morning. According to Police Officer AC Salapa, both vehicles were traversing along Maharlika Highway. The car was speeding towards Sto. Tomas direction while the cargo truck was traversing the opposite lane heading towards Alaminos. Upon reaching the place of occurrence, the cargo truck swerved to left hitting the front left portion of the car resulting in

damage on its impact. The driver of the car who was identified as Cedelino Flores and the passenger was seriously injured and was rushed to San Pablo College Medical Center. The cargo truck was registered to SPS Rufino and Lilibeth Baguisa of San Nicholas, Gapan Nueva Ecija. The driver of the cargo truck was identified as Ermise Sumbise. He was charged a case of reckless imprudence resulting to physical injury and damage to property. The suspect is still on the custody of PNP Alaminos for proper disposition and further investigation.

mother and her child were stabbed in the afternoon of September 10, inside the school campus by a man who was a patient before at the mental hospital. According to PO2 Joseph Catapang, Desk Officer, they received a call that a man stabs a mother and child. The Taal Municipality Police do fast action to the concerned. “The suspect, Nicanor Jokno from Pook, Taal, Batangas. The incident happened in the school when the student took their lunch time. The suspect went to School and enter to the campus and when he first saw the child and her mother he stabbed them”, said PO2 Catapang. “I thought the suspect was not on his normal action that time that is why he did not know what he is doing. According to Jokno's family when we

had our interview to them the suspect was a patient before of mental hospital. The act that he did is considered as a frustrated murder and it is vailable”, said PO2 Catapang. The suspect Nicanor Jokno said, “Parang may nagsasalita na nagsasabi sa akin na kaya ko itong gawin kaya ko sila sinaksak.” According to PO2 Catapang, the child who was being stabbed by Jokno is 7 years-old a grade 2 student of Kaysasan, Elementary School in Taal, Batangas. The child received 4 stabbed to her body that caused to injure her. The man was not related to his victims. The mother and child were immediately brought to the hospital because of the injuries they got. The suspect is confessed by the police and stay at Taal Municipality Police Station and under observation due of his mental disorder.

Did you know that according to DOH, road accidents are ranked as the fourth leading cause of death in the Philippines next to heart disease, lukemia and cancer source:

Taal Municipal Police arrested the suspect last September 8 after stealing from a store in Taal, Batangas. The suspect was a 17-year of age boy who is from Laguna and is now on the custody of authority. They identified the suspect as Cesar Vergara, who lives in Brgy. Butong Aroma, Taal, Batangas. The police arrested him because of the grievances against him. Vergara has been imprisoned before and has records in Taal Police Department. “It’s his fifth time here, yet he did not change at all,” said PO3 Sixto Catapang. “Because he’s minor at that

time, he was discharged by the law,” Catapang added. The suspect admitted that he committed the crime and stated their style in robbery. According to him they usually steal metals from houses or any establishments and sell them to junkshops. “I am forced to do that because the income of my parents is not enough to sustain our needs,” the suspect said. According to the law the suspects who are less than 18-years of age and commits a crime should not be imprisoned. The case of the suspect is now waiting for the resolution from the court.

Factory worker robbed in Cabuyao Timmy Viray

A factory worker on her way to work was robbed of cash at gunpoint last September 6, in Cabuyao City, Laguna. The victim was Geneva Versoza who works as Production Operator in a factory in Cabuyao. Versoza claimed that on said date, while walking along San Carlos Subdivision in Brgy. Pulo, she was blocked by a man riding on a bicycle to

ask the place where he was. The man suddenly declared that it was a hold-up while pointing a gun at her after which he took her walled with P1,920 and BPI ATM card. Responding barangay tanods arrested the suspect and recovered the wallet and firearm. A case of robbery with force and intimidation has been filed at the Prosecutors office in Binan,Laguna.

Unidentified men rob Internet café in Brgy. Sabang


Marlon Micua

n i de n t i f i ed group of robbers stole computer hardware in an Internet café at Brgy. Sabang Lipa City, Batangas, last September 7. According to the victim, Avelino Permentilla, he noticed that the roll-up door of Computer Shop situated along P. Lagyo St., Brgy. Sabang, was slightly opened. He went closer to the said establishment and discovers that its padlocks were already cut. Upon checking inside, he found that the same was ransacked and nine units of computer central processing units (CPUs) and seven computer monitors were missing.

According to SPO4 Alberto Ortega Garing, duty desk officer during that time, at around 4:30 o’clock in the morning of September 7, he received a telephone call from SPO1 Emmanuel Angelo Umali informing that an alleged robbery had transpired at Brgy. Sabang, Lipa City. Taking cognizance on the said report, responsive operation led by P/SINSP Ernesto Robles Chavez was dispatched to conduct investigation. According to the Lipa City Police, they are still undergoing investigation and follow-up operation for possible apprehension of the suspect/s of the said robbery.

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Random Fun Facts

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Dolphins have the ability to recognize and admire themselves in a mirror.

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Animal Ambiguity Illusions

Humans cannot walk in a straight line without a visual point - When blindfolded, humans will gradually walk in a circle. Right-handed people live, on average, nine years longer than lefthanded people do Your immune system destroys at least one cell every day that would have become cancer if it lived.


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Sto. Tomas holds Race to Serve 2 Monalyn Sarmiento


iving assistance to education, a Race to Serve 2, was held in Sto. Tomas last September 7 in accordance of their participation in the nationwide celebration of the 112th Civil Service anniversary. The said event is a joint project from different departments of the municipal government of Sto. Tomas. It is a run for a cause that promotes an awareness of public service in giving assistance to chosen students from public high schools.Other government sectors also joined the activity.

“Municipal Employees, National Government Agencies, gano’n din ang mga Barangay officials kasama ang mga NGO, PNP, DEPED at Bureau of Fire and Protection sector,” Rhoda Laroza said. Moreover, the activity was a joint participation of each department of the municipality. A mandatory of 100 -peso fee is collected for the registration and the said collection will serve as their fund to be allocated to their beneficiary students from Sta. Anastacia and San Rafael National High school.

Meanwhile, the said program has its winners for men and women. “We divided 3k run into two categories. Female 18-35, 36above and Male 18-35, 36- above same with 5k run, so a total of 8 winners will get the prizes,” Head of MENRO department, Eric Velasco stated. Velasco also added that the continuity of the program would not b possible without the earnest effort of the Municipal Social Welfare Development (MSWD), and also the continuous support of the employees which showed the effectiveness of the said 112th Civil Service anniversary which as yearly celebrated on the month of September.

Winners of Race to Serve 2

(Photo Courtesy of Tanauan PIO)

Lipa hosts two marathons

The less sleep you get, the more dreams you have when you DO sleep.

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The City of Lipa organized two recreational marathons this third quarter of the year. The first ever Batangas runway run was held last September 2 and the 36th National Milo Marathon was held last September 16. The local government office of Lipa announced these activities so as Lipeños will cooperate. Many Lipeños run during these events to support the sport program of Lipa City.

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Runway run at Fernando Airbase Grandstand

Can you find all animals hidden in these illusons? Don’t just focus on one region. Keep on looking.

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Batangas City promotes sportsmanship through Inter-Barangay Cup

The first-ever Batangas runway run The Air Education and Training Command of the Philippine Air Force, in cooperation with the local government units and nongovernment organizations of Batangas, organized the first-ever Batangas runaway run. Air Traffic was closed to let

the runners, health and fitness enthusiasts run on the Fernando Air Base Runway. The runway run took place at Fernando Airbase Grandstand, Lipa City, Batangas. The distances for the run are three, five, ten, and fifteen kilometers. The earliest gun start was at 5:30 in the morning which is the 15-kilometer run. The 10-kilometer run at 5:40 AM; the five-kilometer at 5:45 AM; and the three-kilometer run at around 6:00 in the morning. Cash prizes were given for top finishers in each distance. Other inclusions include finisher’s medal for 15K finishers and also a medal to top 200 (or more) finishers in the 3K, 5K, and 10K run. 36th National Milo Marathon Another marathon held in Lipa City Batangas is the 36th

National Marathon sponsored by Milo. It was also called the “Lipa City Elimination Race.” This run starts and ends at the city government hall. This marathon was organized by Attorney Leo Latido and Ms. Esther Saludo. The 21-kilometer run started at 4:30 in the morning, 5:00 AM for 10K, and 5:30 AM for five and three-kilometer run. The registration cost range from P 50.00 to P 500. The National Milo Marathon was associated by Honorable Mayor Meynard A. Sabili and the local government office of Lipa City in partnership with DepEd, Timex, Reebok, and Bayview Park Hotel Manila. “For me, marathons are not just a form of exercise, it also enhances an individual’s sense of motivation on things not just on running,” says Mr. Lito Balagat, a runner on the national Milo marathon.

The participants running for runway run 2012




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Mayor Vilma Abaya Dimacuha during the opening of the inter-barangay cup (Photos courtesy of


arangay Sta. Clara dominated in the basketball court as they got the championship in the InterBarangay Basketball League, Juniors Division last June 13. While the barangay Alangilan took home the trophy in the seniors division and Koponan ng mga Cuta Duhat for the Tricycle Operators Drivers Association (TODA) category. Raven Briones of Barangay Sta. Clara was hailed as the MVP (Most Valuable Player) in the Junior Division, Rex Marvin Dimaano of Barangay Alangilan for the Seniors Division and Edward Mercado of Cuta Duhat for

By: Gizelle Lachica the TODA category. Barangay Cuta won the championship in the Interbarangay Volleyball League Women’s Division and Barangay Bolbok was named the champion in the Men’s Division. Cherry Mae Abrenica was hailed as the MVP in the women’s division while Paul Dickson Aldover was named the MVP in the men’s division. Mayor Vilma Abaya Dimacuha personally handed out the trophy and medals to the winners of the said cup. According to Ronna Endaya Contreras, PIO, Batangas City, the goal of the cup was to strengthen

the sports in the city and to promote sportsmanship to the players of the different barangays.

Special Thanks to:

Dean Myla Medrano-Loreto and all CAS Faculty


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Sta. Cruz hosts STCAA 2012 Patricia Podolig


he 2012 Southern T a g a l o g CALABARZON Athletic Association (STCAA) meet was held at Sta. Cruz, Laguna last February 1925 which was participated by athletes coming from different divisions in Region IV-A. The event was opened with the parade of delegates at New San Luis RECS Complex, Sta. Cruz, Laguna at 2 p.m.. The place was filled with cheers and yells from the crowd as colors, choreographs and salutes wowed them. The parade was joined by some of the government officials and staff from the different provinces in the region, Schools Division Superintendents (SDS), Assistant Schools Division Superintendents (ASDS), Education Program Supervisors (EPS), school heads, field officials, coaches and players.

“The Caring CALABARZON Athletes: Leading the Way towards Quality and Excellence in Sports” is the theme for 2012 STCAA Meet. To mold the young athletes and to promote excellent sports tradition is their aim. Annually hundreds of aspirants to be qualifiers in Palarong Pambansa compete to give honor to their own respective division. archery, arnis, athletics, badminton, baseball, basketball, chess, boxing, football, golf, gymnastics, sepak takraw, sipa takraw, softball, swimming, table tennis, Taekwondo and Tennis are the events that the athletes contend for held at different places around Sta. Cruz. “The event was successful and organized; it was a fun learning experience.” said Miralyn Sarmiento, athletics player. The winners were awarded at the end of the event. Rizal division was the overall champion for this year’s competition followed by Lipa City that landed on the second spot and Sta. Rosa City on third spot.

LPU Batangas launches 14th NCCA South


he 14th National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) South was officially opened in Lyceum International Maritime Academy, Barangay Cuta, Bata¬ngas City. It is the second time that Lyceum of the Philippines University Batangas hosted the said event. According to Peter Laurel, LPU Batangas President, it is a great privilege that their school hosted the NCAA twice. Together with this event is the celebration of their 46th founding anniversary. Its objective is to develop the “camaraderie” between athletes of different schools and also to nurture the skills of their students in sports.

Jazzer Magpantay

The 14th season of NCAA was participated by 11 schools including San Beda College-Alabang, Don Bosco College Technical – Mandaluyong, Colegio de San Juan de Letran-Calamba, First Asia Institute of Technology ang Humanities- Tanauan, Philippine Christian University-Dasmarinas, University of Perpetual Help-Laguna, San Pablo Colleges, University of Batangas, St Francis College of Assisi-Las Pinas City at LPUBatangas. The said event was started by lighting the torch. Governor Vilma Santos Recto and Mayor Vilma Dimacuha gave a short message to the participants and they also gave a warm welcome to

the players that will join the competition. In the first semester, the games that will be played are basketball, volleyball, chess and table tennis and in the second semester are badminton, football, taekwondo, beach volleyball and swimming.

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Lipeños host 36th National Milo Marathon


ipa, Batangas made noise even with heavy rainfall, having 6,500 runners for the 36th National Milo Marathon last September 16. Jujet de Asis of the Philippine Army and Janice Tawagin of the Lucena were the winners for 21-K track female and male division for the 36th National Milo Marathon. De Asis finished the line with the time of 1:16:15 in the 21-K and he will be joining the MILO Marathon National Finals. In the local category the prize for the competition is P150,000 for the champion, while in the open division of both men’s and women’s is P300,000. Desamito Bernardo was the second place who met the finished line in 1:17:10. Franklin Penalosa was the third placer in 1:22:54 Tawagin who was the winner for the 21-K finished the line at 1:39:35. The second place goes to Jocelyn Elijeran of Wednesday Groups in 1:48:40 and Jennelyn Portuguez in 1:52:12 got the third. According to the interview of Milo Marathon to the winner De Asis, a 10-year National MILO Marathon runner, he aims to train for longer stamina and land a slot at the National Finals. “The race track felt longer than I expected. I wasn’t able to prepare for the last few meters and that kept me from reaching my personal goal. I am set to do an extensive conditioning to prepare my body for the long race in December,” said De Asis, a Sultan Kudarat native. While their interview to Tawagin, 21-K track female division winner and aspires to become a member of the Philippine athletics team. The young athlete from Lucena City said, “I’ve always dreamed of making it to the national team. I’m preparing myself for the big league by joining quality races such as the MILO marathon. I’m

According to Ronna Endaya Contreras, PIO representative, the schedule and the results of the 14th NCAA will be posted on their website and facebook account. The theme of this event is “Taking the lead through sports excellence.”

Eugene Lopez

LCC to hold fun run in Lipa


John Lester Pura

ipa City, Batangas is now preparing for the upcoming fun run on November 18 to be hosted by the Lipa City College. The fun run aims to strengthen the relationship between each family member. The event has been divided into three categories. First is a 1 kilometer run of parents with their children, Mother and Son/ Father and Daughter. The children must be preschool and elementary students. A 2 kilometer runs for the students of LLC from highschool and college

Photo courtesy of Leo Cadungon, Lipa, City Official Photographer hoping to beat my time in the qualifying race by maintaining my discipline and building my strategies for the sport.” The 36th National Milo Marathon have a total of 32 schools participated in the Milo Marathon, among these schools were Abundio Torre School, Anilao Elementary School, Banuyo Elementary School, BCas Lipa City, Bulacnin National High School, Calaca Elementary School, Canossa Academy, Dagatan Elementary School,

Rizal Elementary School, San Gilyermo Elementary School, San Isidro Elementary School, San Salvador Elementary School, Paninsingin Public School, Elementary School, Bikas Elementary School, Batangas State University, Lipa City College, University of Batangas and Kolehiyo ng Lungsod ng Lipa. “The Kolehiyo ng Lungsod ng Lipa won the special award after sending 2, 337 participants for the Biggest Delegation to the event,“

said Joselyn Dimaculangan, Assistant City Community Affairs. She added that the event was very successful and organized, they also have professional participants coming from different area. Among these places were Lemery, Balayan, Calaca, Rosario, Padre Garcia and Caloocan. They also have many participants this year marathon and she can say that everybody enjoy the fun run. They received positive

feedback because many people can make to attend in the event not only the residence of the city but most especially people from different places. The Milo Marathon also strives to develop the future of the Filipino youth by promoting and actualizing its advocacy program, ‘Help Give Shoes’, which has already reached 18,200 underprivileged school children nationwide. Almost 500 recipients from the five beneficiary schools in Lipa City namely, San Isidro Elementary School, Pinagkawitan National High School, Rizal Elementary School, San Salvador Loob PS, and Paninsingin Public School, also joined the race, according to their website. The race organizers for Lipa, Batangas were Atty. Leo Latido, City Administrator and Ms. Esther Saludo Assistant Organizer. The MILO races have many destinations after the Lipa, City Batangas Leg, according to MILO Marathon they will proceed

department. Also, there is an invitational run for professional and amateur runners. The Lipa City government supports this event to be organized by the Lipa City College. The event are going to start at 4am onwards from the starting line in Inosluban, Lipa. For the people who want to join the fun run they can register on or before November 15 at Lipa City Colleges, No. 10 G.A Solis st. Lipa City, Batangas. The invitational event has a registration fee worth Php100.00.

to Puerto Princesa, Palawan on September 23 for the last Luzon elimination. The Visayas run will then follow starting in Tagbilaran City, Bohol on September 30, then Cebu City on October 7, Bacolod on October 14 and the last Visayas swing in Iloilo City on October 28, before the Mindanao leg commences in General Santos on November 4, Davao City on November 11, Butuan City on November 18 and Cagayan de Oro City on November 25. The 36th MILO Marathon National Finals will be on December 9 at the SM Mall of Asia Grounds in Pasay City.

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