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Annual Report 2015-2016

Moses Brown School

2015-16 by the numbers

1,200 people attended StoryDrive and the launch of MB Believes

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passed $35M raised 2,725 donors so far

186 attended $84,098 raised

$1,206,066 raised

20% increase in three years!

180 students went on 13 TRIPs led by 34

over 50 music, theater, and dance student performances



faculty members

130 rehearsals and 269.5 rehearsal hours

lunches served

with 165 costumes

473 student athletes

59 teams 17 programs






posts 2 | annual report 2015-16




hours of service in 1 upper school service day


grandparents + grandfriends at

lower school grandparents day

18 mascot



participated in

we settled into Meeting for Worship

98 times

30 US 31 MS 30 LS 5 All-school 2 Faculty/Staff

Debate Club

During the past year, I have been overwhelmed by the deep belief our community has demonstrated in Moses Brown. It’s incredible to see what can happen when so many alumni and parents give selflessly of their time and talents, and when donors band together at unprecedented levels. Collectively, we are activating a bold vision that will position MB at the forefront of 21st-century education. Matt Glendinning, Head of School

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thanks to the 2015-16 board of Trustees Rachel Littman ’87 Clerk, Trustees Committee

Paul Adler Issmat Atteereh

Frederick Martin

Greg Baldwin ’87 Neil S. Beranbaum ’86 Clerk, Enrollment & Marketing Russell Carpenter ’59 Charlene Cassese Clerk, MB Parents’ Association


M 64

#PlimothPlantations #3rdGradeFieldTrip

George T. Panichas ’83 Clerk, MB Alumni Association

Edward F. Fischer ’83

Alisha Pina ’96

Gary I. Goldberg ’87 Clerk, Campaign Steering Committee

Lisa Rocchio ’85 Clerk, Nominating Committee Brad Shipp ’83 Clerk, Buildings & Grounds Liesa Stamm

Karen Hammond

Heather Tow-Yick ’94

Michael Hirtle

Dawn C. Tripp Clerk, Nurturing Friends Education Committee Carl Weinberg Treasurer, Board of Trustees Clerk, Budget & Finance

Gardner Lane Kathleen Levesque Asst. Clerk, Board of Trustees


M 83

#MaryPollart #LowerSchoolSpringConcert

Mary Lee Morrison

Elaine Dickson

Lee Jaspers Recording Clerk, Board of Trustees

#MiddleSchoolTheater #FiddlerOnTheRoof

Kara Milner

Elizabeth K. Morse

Habib Y. Gorgi ’74 Clerk, Board of Trustees

M 72

Donald McNemar Friends Coordinator

Peter Crysdale

Brian D. Goldner


Mike McGuigan

Cecily Ziegler Elizabeth R.B. Zimmerman

Head of School Matt Glendinning

Clerk of the NEYM Frederick Weiss

M 102 # WeD id It # G ra du at io n # C la ss of 2016 June

annual report 2015-16 | 5

connecting alumni from coast to coast On October 16, 2015, the Moses Brown community celebrated the public launch of MB Believes: A Campaign for Learning, People, and Place. Over 1,200 people attended StoryDrive, a oneof-a-kind show celebrating Moses Brown’s past, present, and future, that showcased the stories of our community. StoryDrive then traveled to cities throughout the country for the regional kick-offs of MB Believes.

New York City, NY Reception at SPiN October 2015 StoryDrive January 2016

San Francisco, CA Alumni & Friends Reception November 2015

Chicago, IL Alumni Dinner May 2016

StoryDrive February 2016 Washington, DC MB Connects with Joe Petrosinelli ’84 November 2015

Palo Alto, CA Alumni Dinner February 2016

Del Mar, CA Alumni Dinner February 2016

New Orleans, LA Alumni Dinner November 2015

StoryDrive January 2016

La Jolla, CA Alumni Brunch February 2016

Palm Beach, FL StoryDrive December 2015

Thank you to the 67 alumni who served as Reunion 2016 volunteers! 6 | annual report 2015-16

thanks to the 2015-16 MBAA board of directors The Moses Brown Alumni Association board works tirelessly to grow and maintain the network of personal and professional relationships that benefit MB students long after graduation. The school actively partners with the MBAA to design programming and communications vehicles that keep alumni connected to each other and the school, as outlined below.

2015-2016 MBAA Board Clerk George T. Panichas ’83

Treasurer Brian S. Panoff ’94

Assistant Clerk Albie Dahlberg ’87

Recording Clerk John E. Baldwin ’94

Gabriel Amo ’05

Maggie Moran ’08

Taylor Rotondi Anderson ’02 David Murdock ’93 Cheryl Schadone Cohen ’81

David Murphy ’91

Joanne P. A. Debrah ’97

Nicole Navega ’89

Boston, MA Reception at Tavern in the Square October 2015

Jason S. Engle ’98

Neath Pal ’81

Thomas P.B. Frater ’82

John R. P. Pariseault ’97

Adrian C. Hendricks ’58

Vincent Porcaro ’83

StoryDrive February 2016

Austin Jaspers ’11

Joss Poulton ’07

Ngina A’lelia Johnson ’94

Matthew Runci ’64

David L. Keyser ’89

Miles Rutter ’04

Jane C. Knowles ’81

Conal Smith ’06

Todd R. Machtley ’00

Ahvi Spindell ’72

Boston A celebration of Moses Brown’s Past, Present, and Future

Vin Marcello ’60

MB Campus Expo/Homecoming StoryDrive/Launch of MB Believes Homecoming Reception October 2015

Staying Connected to MB Areté, June 2016


Alumni E-News

Turkey Tailgate at MB Thanksgiving Football Game November 2015 Annual Spree Bowl in memory of Evan Spirito ’06 November 2015

JUNE 2016


MB Reunion April 2016 Comedian Tom Cotter ’82 LIVE in Alumni Hall May 2016 Newport

Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage PAID Providence, RI Permit No. 3264

Young Alumni Reception August 2015

Moses Brown School


250 Lloyd Avenue, Providence RI 02906

Quaker Classic Golf Outing September 2015

This quarterly publication is designed to share strategic updates from Moses Brown’s Head of School and stories of growth and progress from across our campus.

Alumni Games 7v7 Football Soccer Lacrosse Hockey

An Evening at Newport Polo July 2016

MBAA/PA Skating Party February 2016

annual report 2015-16 | 7

Thanks to our 2015-16 Parent volunteers MBPA

Moses Brown Parents’ Association

Executive Board (2015-16) Presiding Clerk Charlene Cassese

Communications Clerk Meg Tunnicliffe

Administrative Clerk Amy Cooper

Treasurer Jim Paquette

Recording Clerk Vanessa Lombardi

Programming Clerk Emma Lisa Lesica

Outreach Clerk Ayla Cevik

PA Events Coordinator Laura Phillips

The home-school partnership is at the center of a Moses Brown education and it could not happen without the robust support of the MB Parents’ Association, which plays an active role in the life and culture of the school. The map below outlines just some of the ways the PA and our parent community support our teachers and children every day.

Lower School Coordinators Elizabeth Lane, Lauren Miller Middle School Coordinators Dele Mabray, Kent Tunnicliffe Upper School Coordinators Emily Atkinson, Christine Griffin

Class Representatives Nursery Erin Lane-Aaronian, Annie Schwartz, Molly Thomas

Pre-Primary Becky Biggs, Alexis Soloff

Kindergarten Vicki Allen, Michelle Fabisch

First Sandy Grand, Megan Stoessell

Second Deanna Lund, Allison Spadone

Third Irene Barnett, Sema Gurerk, Kevin Pearce

Fourth Perry Buroker, Tracey Pereira-Baker

Fifth Jonathan Haisman, Maureen Johnson, Iman Ali Pahlavi

Sixth Jessica d’Entremont ’93, Susan Deveney, Tanya Martin, Jen Reardon, Eileen Young

Seventh Carolyn Dalgliesh, Lisa Donahue, Wendi Metters, Diane Stratton

Eighth Pamela Cummings, Lisa Costantino, Jennie Newkirk, Tracey Tyrrell Ninth Nicole Couto, Kristen Haffenreffer, Michelle Petrarca, Allison Dessel

Tenth Heather Bell, Kristen Gower, Diana Mendes, Susan Plumb, Carlton Tucker

Eleventh Suzie Gorgi, Zoe Hart, Kristen Liguori, Liz Ohlson, Marcela Parker

Twelfth Deb Bigelow, Laura Carlisle, Lisa Weinberg, Cheryl Provazza, Antonia Zubiago

8 | annual report 2015-16

Providing food for athletic team banquets Post-concert and recital refreshments Chaperoning middle school dances Upper school parent orientation Setting up for the all-school art show PA All-school PA meetings PA Parent program: Diversity with Alison Park

parent partnership

PA New parent reception

PA MBe There MB Rocks The Moses Brown Fund phonathon volunteers

Volunteering in the cafeteria

Open House and Admissions volunteers PA Expo and Pancake Breakfast

Feeding our thespians before every performance PA Parent program: Friends Decision-making in a Quaker School with visiting scholar Arthur Larrabee

PA Year-end celebrations for 5th, 8th, and 12th Grade PA Teacher Appreciation days

LS classroom volunteers

Visiting Poet PA MB Book Festival PA Monthly divisional PA meetings

Countless oranges, Gatorade, and snacks for our student athletes

Off Campus PA Class Potlucks PA Ladies’ Night Out MBAA / PA Skating Party Field trip chaperones

annual report 2015-16 | 9

An Ambitious Plan for the Future of Education and Moses Brown School In the first few years of Matt Glendinning’s tenure as Head of School, he led the community through an inclusive and rigorous visioning process. From the start, this strategic planning was guided by a dual strategy: affirming the bedrock values and educational philosophy that have been at the core of our school for 233 years, while also exploring new ways to grow and innovate. Over two years, more than 1,000 alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff, and outside experts engaged in hundreds of hours of creative conversation to imagine the future of education and Moses Brown. We see three trends on the horizon, a convergence of attributes that will empower students to live lives of leadership, purpose, and fulfillment: Expert Thinking: An emphasis on applying knowledge to new situations and engaging critically and creatively with real-world issues, providing students with varied experiences working in teams, and integrating skills and knowledge to solve authentic problems. Global Awareness: Knowledge of other world regions, an ability to communicate across cultures by speaking other languages, and the capacity to work with those from different backgrounds and learn from those with different perspectives. Ethical Leadership: Fostering in students an ethical core, an unshakable foundation of personal integrity that fosters respect, the non-violent resolution of conflict, and a desire to make a positive difference in the world. The school’s strategic plan, MB Believes, is designed to enliven these values now and into the future. To make this vision a reality, the school embarked on the largest fundraising effort in school history—MB Believes: A Campaign for Learning, People, and Place, with a goal of $56.5 million. On the following pages, we provide a progress report on the many ways MB Believes is enhancing the educational experience of students at Moses Brown.

Expert Thinking Model

What is it? In a world where knowledge is growing at a rapid pace, tomorrow’s leaders need to be experts at using available information rather than merely memorizing facts. The Expert Thinking Model teaches children to integrate skills, apply knowledge, and work in teams to solve real-world problems. In order to accelerate this kind of applied learning across the school, MB seeks endowed funding for a program in Engineering & Design Learning, and for the systematic use of Project-Based Learning in each division.

What happened last year? • New upper school courses: Engineering Design; Programming with Arduino; Tinker, Tailor, Maker; AP Computer Science; Robotics & Programming; with half of seniors enrolled in AP Calculus, and a third in AP Statistics. • Programming curriculum for grades 2–5 using Creatorverse, Daisy the Dino, and Cargo-Bot, and electrical circuits coursework featuring littleBits. • Project-based learning was systematically incorporated in every grade and discipline, asking students to dive into probing questions like these:

First Grade Farm-to-Table First grade teachers Jeremy Saksik and Samantha Bradshaw ’85 saw an opportunity to help their young students connect science to their own lives through farm-to-table agriculture. Last spring they learned about class gardens and greenhouses to move their lesson plans from the page to the plate. Jeremy and Sam jumped at the chance to “green” their classroom, through the lens of horticulture as a science. They spent two days with David Epstein, a horticulturalist, meteorologist, teacher, and journalist, learning about all things green – from how to build a terrarium with students to starting a school garden. They explored growing food, composting, sprouting seeds, greenhouse basics, beneficial insects, local flora, container gardening, germination rates, and climate. Sam and Jeremy are both predisposed to hands-on learning. With a degree in computer/electrical engineering, Jeremy spends weekends fixing bikes and racing. Sam’s South County home embraces the natural world, with a large vegetable garden and a menagerie of dogs, a cat, a guinea pig, and a horse. They introduced some of the ideas in the classroom, including a worm farm and the earth boxes shown here. “Taking care of a living space help kids learn responsibility,” says Jeremy, “and we all benefit from the outdoor time. It’s exciting to think about how we’ll be able to approach this in a more holistic manner now.”

• How should the US government respond to the presence of wolves beyond government-managed lands?

We believe in learning through experience and in applying knowledge to solve real problems.

• How can we tell the story of American history with only one day in Boston? • How can serving homeless and at-risk veterans deepen our understanding of the themes of the literature of war? • Growth in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) after school, co-curricular, and summer programs, including robotics and math clubs in multiple divisions; coding and entrepreneurship summer camps; and the DownCity Design summer camp, in which students apply design and engineering skills to solve a pressing public need.

Where are we?



Campaign Goal $1.5m


Expert thinkin


To Date





annual report 2015-16 | 13


TRIps (Travel, Research, and Immersion Programs)

What is it? TRIPs – the Travel, Research, and Immersion Programs – foster a rising generation of civicminded, multilingual, and ethical global citizens. New courses and a broad array of travel opportunities help students explore cultures, life experiences, and worldviews different from their own, while a marine education program allows students to investigate the ecology and resources of Narragansett Bay. Because these educational experiences are so transformative, we believe they need to be a critical part of a Moses Brown education for every student, regardless of financial circumstances. To that end, we are asking donors to help us endow this important aspect of our curriculum.

What happened last year? • More than $35,000 in financial support was provided to students who participated in TRIPs experiences in 2015-16, significantly expanding opportunities for participation. • Building on a 40-year tradition, every middle school student and faculty member began the year with Team Trips. • Over 180 students went on 13 TRIPs led by 34 faculty members, including: • Lower school White Mountains adventure trip • Celebrating human rights in Washington, D.C. (fifth grade) • Dominican Republic service trip

Cuba–and learning–libré! For Brannen Dickson ’18, last summer’s trip to Cuba was exactly the kind of transformational experience the TRIPs program seeks to provide. An avid history student, Brannen was intrigued by Cuba after studying the Cold War. Like most Americans, he knew little about present-day Cuba. “I knew it was isolated from the global community for decades, due to the embargoes that restricted trade between Cuba and the United States, and subsequently, other countries,” he says. “I expected to see less advanced technology, and cars dating from the 1950s.” In addition, Cuba offered Brannen an immersion environment in which to test his Spanish. “I was able to converse with people I met, but their Spanish is much faster and more colloquial than classroom Spanish,” he laughs. “They drop the endings of common words, speaking even faster, but I caught up after a few days.” Most striking was the Cuban merchants’ responses to the MB group. “Street vendors would target us: ‘Americans! Buy this to bring back home to your family!’” Brannen recalls. “Every day, each of us spent about the amount of money the average Cuban earns in a month. I felt I hadn’t spent much, but this opened my eyes.” Brannen’s love for history grew during the trip. “We learned about our country’s intervention in Cuba after its independence from Spain,” he says. Moreover, the trip reaffirmed his views on policy: “Witnessing the state of the Cuban people deepened my belief in the need to lift the embargoes. Much of the population lives in poverty; lifting the trade ban would help turn this struggling economy around.”

• Providence March break service retreat • Puerto Rico cultural immersion and environmental conservation trip

We believe in bringing our classrooms to the world and the world to our classrooms.


• Cuba cultural immersion trip • New York City performing arts trip • The Hague – International Human Rights Conference (visited the Netherlands, Prague, Berlin, and Amsterdam)

Where are we?

• Rocky Mountains outdoor adventure trip • Girl Up leadership conference in Washington, D.C. • Third grade overnight trip to Nantucket to study whaling • Literature of War and Civics in Action upper school class trips to Washington, D.C.




Campaign Goal $4m




To Date






annual report 2015-16 | 15


World-class teaching

What is it? World-Class Teaching is the essential ingredient for educational excellence. To build on our legacy of inspired and inspiring teachers, MB is developing a rigorous model for supporting faculty, from hiring to evaluation and ongoing professional development. To attract the most creative and dynamic teachers and to foster a culture of continuous growth within our faculty, we ask donors to endow new crossdisciplinary team teaching opportunities, faculty leadership programs, and our innovative cohort model for veteran teacher evaluation and professional development.

What happened last year? • Begun in 2011, Moses Brown’s innovative Teacher Cohort Program provides ongoing growth and improvement for veteran faculty. On a fiveyear cycle, teachers commit to a year-long professional development project and evaluative process, supported and encouraged by a cohort of colleagues. With the completion of the fifth year of this program, 127 faculty members have completed a cohort project of their own devising to push themselves to new heights in their profession. • Over 60% of the Moses Brown faculty undertook rigorous professional development–including conferences, coursework, seminars, and year-long projects. These experiences include middle school Math teacher Dan Ohl attending the Hawken School’s workshop for social entrepreneurship, and lower school reading specialist Karen van Tienhoven and fifth-grade teacher Carolyn Garth attending the Teachers College’s Reading and Writing Summer Institute at Columbia University. • When MB parents were surveyed about what they love most about their child’s experience last year, by far the leading response was ‘teaching,’ with comments like, “My child really had fun while working the hardest she has ever worked,” and “...teachers were incredible. Far surpassed my already high expectations!” • 7 3 Moses Brown advanced degrees.




AP Computer Science Pioneer Moses Brown is piloting a new AP course, Computer Science Principles. Director of STEM Education Laurie Center watched closely as the College Board developed it over several years, and was poised to jump on board. “I’m thrilled that MB is one of the first schools in America to offer this course, and what a response from students!” she says. “Thirtyseven kids—two big sections— with a wide range of experience and interests. Some are already exceptional programmers, some are drawn to encryption or digital graphics, and some want to find out what computer science offers.” AP Computer Science Principles focuses on computational thinking, how people and computers can solve problems together in new ways. Beyond programming, the course develops students’ understanding of abstractions and algorithms. “We’re learning what makes apps do what they do, and how programming, hardware, and software work together. We’re learning about the Internet: infrastructure, protocols, layers, and applications.” She laughs, “When I first taught programming, there was no Internet!” Last summer, in a workshop funded by the National Science Foundation, Laurie studied collaborative teaching and learning for computer science. Rather than lectures, class time is devoted to learning activities. For example, in “paired programming,” students learn with a partner, and “driver” and “navigator” swap roles halfway through each session, making these computer science lessons active and social. “Computer programming is the next major step in MB’s STEM initiatives,” says Laurie. “We’re teaching students who will advance the next generation of innovation, whatever it turns out to be, so we want to catch their imaginations now.”

We believe in inspiring mentors who foster passion and curiosity.

World Class

Where are we? 0


Campaign Goal $3.5m



To Date


* $3.675 million in estate gifts




annual report 2015-16 | 17


open access

What is it? Moses Brown has put increased scholarship funding at the center of its vision so that we can continue to attract the most talented and diverse students. We believe that enhancing access to MB will allow us to enroll the best minds and expose our students to the broadest range of perspectives, thereby strengthening the educational experience for our entire community. Moses Brown intends to increase the yearly scholarship budget by over $1 million (30%) through a combination of new dedicated endowment and increased annual giving. Based on progress in 2015-16, MB was able to offer record scholarship support as follows:





of the student body receives aid

awarded in scholarship

(up from 15% in 2009)


more than a

the average scholarship (up from $14,088 in 2009)

50% increase in the scholarship budget since 2009

Did you know? • Tuition in the upper school in 2015-16 was $33,125.

Scholarship Student Passes the Baton Peter Lacaillade ’67 remembers the winter day in 1965 when he met Doc Odell and contemplated an education at Moses Brown. “My high school in Taunton didn’t have an indoor track, so I was practicing at Brown,” he says. Doc Odell had been watching and was impressed. “He asked if I’d ever thought about attending Moses Brown.” Peter gave it a lot of thought, then applied for and received a scholarship. “I wish I’d been able to go earlier,” he recalls, “but I’m fortunate to have had two years.” Those formative MB years proved to be a turning point. “Academics went well,” he says. “I was elected class president and captain of the track team, and set some records.” When his father passed away, the community’s support buoyed him. “Who knows where I’d be today without MB? Some people say you make your own breaks, but there’s luck, there’s timing.” After college, Peter worked in finance in New York, selling institutional fixed-income bonds for 25 years, though he adds with a laugh, “Computers do it all now!” For the past 18 years he has run Certified Oil, a multimillion-dollar company with 650 employees. “I’m in a good place, and the best preparation was MB.” Peter and his wife Connie want to leave something permanent for the next generations. As others reached out to help him a half-century ago, he is “paying it forward,” by creating endowed scholarships with a gift of $1 million. Education builds stronger communities, and Peter believes that “if you can help people change their lives, you should do it!”

We believe in best minds engaging with broadest perspectives.

• 60% of all applicants requested scholarship support (up from 43% ten years ago). A record 190 students received aid, up from 118 in 2008-09. • MB’s student body was 52% male and 48% female, including 96 children of alumni and 16 Quakers.

Open Access

Where are we?

• A record 166 students (21%) were children of color. • Moses Brown draws students from 131 zip codes. A third come from Providence; half come from within ten miles; and some from as far away as Block Island and Dartmouth, Mass.



Campaign Goal $15m



To Date





annual report 2015-16 | 19


the moses brown fund

What is it? The Moses Brown Fund offers every community member the opportunity to contribute to the inner promise of each student. Gifts to this core priority of the campaign are invested in four essential and enduring aspects of MB: Teaching and Academics; Scholarships; Athletics, the Arts, and Friends Education; and our Historic Campus. By building a yearly partnership among thousands of community members, The Moses Brown Fund creates a powerful engine for growth, innovation, and sustained excellence.

40% Teaching & Academics


Athletics, the Arts, & Friends Education




Our Historic Campus

What happened Last Year? • A record $1.206 million in cash raised, surpassing our goal of $1.175 million. This represents a 6.5% increase over 2014-15, and is 20% higher than the beginning of the campaign in 2012-13. • Over 1,447 people donated to The Moses Brown Fund, including: • 694 alumni • 359 parents • 225 parents of alumni • 128 grandparents • 62 faculty/staff • 314 Front Circle donors of $1,000 or more • This would not have been possible without the diligent efforts of The Moses Brown Fund Parent Co-Chairs, Meg Clurman P’12 ’14 ’19 and Gardner Lane P’27 ’28, and the 137 students, parents, and alumni who solicited gifts by phone, email, and inperson requests.

Helping All Day Long 7:45 a.m.: The school bus rumbles away. Sheila and her brother Jack lead the pack of students walking towards Middle House. The facilities crew was out early to clear the snow. Sheila moves fast; before advisory, she’ll grab five more minutes to review before her Latin test. Jack hustles faster, headed for lower school chorus. This semester in seventh grade, Sheila takes English, math, science, Latin, history, PE, drama, and woodshop. Her English and science teachers continued their teamteaching unit on wolf conservation with Never Cry Wolf. Hooked, Sheila signs up for MB’s Yellowstone Park Service TRIP. Wolves! Bison! Whitewater rafting! She makes a note to bring the information home, along with the permission form for the Middle School Student Diversity Conferences and the Math Counts schedule. Jack, in fourth grade, moves from chorus to advisory to technology. He liked the Hour of Code unit, and is excited to study simple and powered machines. After Meeting for Worship, the class finishes their letters to their pen-pals in Kenya. Jack hopes to meet his “buddy” when he’s old enough for MB’s Kenya Service TRIP. 4:30 p.m.: Sheila’s basketball practice and Jack’s string ensemble rehearsal are over, and they head home. What do these elements of an MB day share? All are made possible by The Moses Brown Fund: a superior faculty supported with professional development and curriculum innovation; athletics, arts, and extra-curricular opportunities; preservation and improvement of our campus and buildings; and scholarships – 24% of our students receive financial aid. The Moses Brown Fund: look what we can do together.

We believe we are more powerful as a community than we are as individuals.


Where are we? 0



Campaign Goal $5.4m



To Date






* The $1.458 million represents all new gifts and pledges in the 2015-2016 year for The Moses Brown Fund, including multi-year commitments. annual report 2015-16 | 21

woodman family community & performance center Do or sa re op en!

What is it?

What happened?

Located at the center of our 33-acre campus, this 34,000-square-foot multifunctional facility is designed to be the physical heart of Moses Brown. Sitting at the crossroads of all three divisions, it connects to a fullyrenovated Walter Jones Library and will become the new social, artistic, intellectual, and spiritual hub of campus.

June 4, 2015: Groundbreaking ceremony, in which hundreds of community members helped dig into the footprint of the Woodman Center

The Woodman Center can be quickly reconfigured for performances, meeting for worship, art and cultural exhibitions, and social functions—and with a lobby café, new classrooms, costume and scene shops, and professional-grade sound and lighting, it is poised to transform life at Moses Brown.

Lead donors Dean ’46 and Jane Woodman helped break ground on June 4, 2015.

March 2, 2016: Topping-off ceremony (final steel beam placed on the building superstructure) Sept. 7, 2016: Renovated Walter Jones Library re-opened to students on the first day of the school year Dec. 8, 2016: First-ever concert in the Woodman Center (middle school wind, chorus, and strings)

Where are we? 0


Campaign Goal $17.5m

22 | annual report 2015-16


Dec. 9, 2016: Woodman Center Housewarming and Dedication!


To Date







What is it?

what’s next?

As a home base for the Expert Thinking Model, the Y-Lab—named for Quaker scientist Thomas Young—will be an incubator where ideas can move from theory to practice, allowing students to make their own discoveries and experience the joy of learning in a space where it’s OK to fail, start again, and make a mess.

With the Woodman Center completed, Alumni Hall can now be re-made—150 years after it first opened—into a center for innovation and creativity.

Located in a renovated Alumni Hall, the 5,000-squarefoot Y-Lab will be a workshop dedicated to engineering, project-based experimentation, and creative problemsolving. A tinkerer’s studio, the Y-Lab will be supported by leading-edge technology like 3D printers, laser routers, and digital prototyping software—and low-tech modeling materials like sticky notes, cardboard, and glue guns.

Winter 2017: Finalize design and architectural plans March 2017: Complete fundraising (1:1 $750,000 gift matching challenge available) June 2017: Begin construction (assuming fundraising goals met) Fall 2017: Y-Lab opens

Ylab Where are we? 0


Campaign Goal $1.5m



To Date





annual report 2015-16 | 23


Young Learners Center

What is it?

What’s Next?

The Young Learners Center is a 13,000-square-foot expansion to MB’s lower school designed to support the way children learn in the 21st century. By clustering together the more ‘hands-on’ disciplines—science, art, music, and library—the new wing will promote experiential learning, integrative thinking, and group collaboration.

Winter 2017 • Share emerging architectural plans with the community • Host a series of community forums with lower school faculty, parents, and alumni to elicit feedback Spring 2017

With a totally reimagined entryway, the Young Learners Center will provide much-needed social connection space for families. A new community gathering space will comfortably host lower school events, performances, and seasonal celebrations.

What Happened? Freed by the relocation of the heating plant to the basement of the Woodman Center, MB took a fresh look at design possibilities for the lower school expansion. This site offers enhanced opportunities for early childhood education, special subjects, and community gathering.

24 | annual report 2015-16

• Finalize architectural plans • Initiate fundraising


Where are we? 0



Campaign Goal $5.6m


To Date




2015-16 $800


Sailing and Marine Education Center

Photo by Onne van der Wal P’10 ’11 ’17

What is it?

What’s Next?

The Sailing and Marine Education Center will provide a waterfront classroom for marine and maritime education, a home for the school’s championship sailing team, and consistent support for the MB TRIPs initiative.

Winter 2016-17: Finalize location and initiate design development Spring 2017: Share and solicit feedback on architectural plans (assuming agreement is reached on location and design) Fall 2017: Initiate construction (tentative)

With anchorage for Friendship (a 36’ Union Cutter sailboat donated to the school by Dean Woodman ’46) and a classroom suitable for biology, environmental science, as well as maritime history, art, and literature, this satellite facility will expand opportunities for transformational travel and exploration on Narragansett Bay.

What Happened? After extensive exploration of three separate sites, including development of preliminary design and cost models, Moses Brown is close to reaching agreement with key partners on a final site.

Sailing Where are we? 0


Campaign Goal $1.5m



To Date






* The $2.36 million represents the increased project costs beyond the original goal. annual report 2015-16 | 25

2015 Expo/StoryDrive

Moses Brown Thanks You Our community thrives because so many people contribute in so many ways: volunteering time, sharing expertise, and supporting the school financially. When we each do what we can, the results are dazzling. In the following pages, we thank every one of last year’s contributors to MB Believes: A Campaign for Learning, People, and Place, listed according to their roles in the 2015-16 school year.

The Grove

The Front Circle

MB’s most loyal contributors

MB’s annual leadership contributors

Moses Brown School’s mission is focused on inspiring the inner promise of each child.

The Front Circle recognizes those who have made gifts of $1,000 or more in the last fiscal year. Record levels of philanthropy to the priorities of MB Believes—including The Moses Brown Fund— are fueling a dynamic period of growth and innovation, extending and amplifying our 233year traditions of ethical leadership and academic excellence. Levels of membership within The Front Circle are denoted by the key below.

In our work to build philanthropic support for today’s students and teachers, we also value the ways each person contributes to MB. With this values-centered approach in mind, we created The Grove to recognize our most loyal contributors. Members have given to MB for at least five consecutive years, starting on July 1, 2011 and ending June 30, 2016. Years of consecutive giving are noted in italicized numbers following the donor’s name. Based on the limitations of MB’s electronic donor records, 30+ years of consecutive giving is the maximum we are able to confirm.


Robert Aaron ’42 and Margaret Aaron Muneer Iftikhar Ahmad ’89 Ÿ Patti Ducoff Albert ’92 Arthur M. Aloisio ’80 7 Mark Richard Alperin ’76 ¡ 30+ Joel D. Altman ’56 Ramon P. Alvarez ’48 Frohman Anderson ’80 and Kimberley Anderson £ 30+ Jordan Matthew Anderson ’10 Kenneth C. Anderson ’64 Philip Anderson ’53 and Madeleine Anderson Chris Angelone ’90 and Jonna Mollicone Angelone ’90 Ÿ 7 Peter Arden ’55 Ÿ 30+ Alexander Ardente ’08 Nathaniel J. Ardente ’09 Peter Hoyle Armstrong ’52 ¢ 30+ Derek Army ’09 Henry J. Arnold ’46 Philip G. Ayoub ’91 Christopher P. Baker ’70 £ 30+ Jesse R. Baker ’92 Ÿ 15 Norman Baker ’56 and Ann Baker  30+ Samuel H. Baker ’85 William D. Baker ’82 Gregory Baldwin ’87 Ÿ 5 John E. Baldwin ’94 ¢ 6 Robert Lee Baldwin ’56 ¡ 30+ William G. Ballaine ’63 Bradford A. Barnes ’68 David Barrall ’72 and Alison Barrall Ÿ Charles Barrett ’67 and Allison Barrett 11 Jeb Barrett ’01 John Barrett ’63 and Jane Barrett Ÿ 11 28 | annual report 2015-16

William S. Barrett ’60 James E. Barrows ’83 7 Ralph G. Barton ’57 16 Charles Inman Bearse ’47 11 Charles Bechtel ’01 Russell S. Beede ’53 Heather Parker Beliveau ’86 Allan R. Bellows ’43 8 Neil Beranbaum ’86 and Randi-Beth Beranbaum ¢ 29 Joshua Peter Berlo ’96 Julie Thomas Berry ’87 and Seth Berry Angelo Bianco ’86 and Mari Bianco  7 Emanuela Binello ’91 Kimberly Hurley Birmingham ’91 and Bill Birmingham Ÿ 6 F. Steele Blackall III ’42 ¡ 30+ Frederick S. Blackall ’68 Charles A. Blake ’61 5 Frederic Blakeman ’52 16 Carolyn Richins Blanks ’78 11 Laurence F. Blau ’82 Philip E. Blazar ’82 Anna H. Bliss ’94 Molly J. Bliss ’86 6 John Bloom ’66 Kenneth A. Bloom ’78 7 C. Perry Blossom ’82 6 Stephen R. Blough ’75 Ÿ 6 Kirstin McCarthy Boehm ’99 Emily Low Boenning ’81 Ÿ 30+ David M. Boghossian ’74 Ÿ Paul O. Boghossian ’72 Ÿ Carl Bogus ’66 and Cynthia Giles George A. Boitano ’79 Margaret-Mary Boitano ’83 Samantha Bradshaw ’85 and John Bradshaw Matthew G. Brady ’08

Robert Henry Breslin ’46 18 Thomas Breslin ’49 and Carolyn Breslin 11 James A. Briden ’81 30+ Jeffrey Brier ’71 and Jessica Brier 5 Christopher William Brito ’04 Francis A. Brooks ’51 7 Clifford W. Brown ’60 13 James Brown ’76 and Kendall Brown 18 Stephen G. Brown ’79 14 Taylor Gifford Brown ’03 Arthur F. Brunner ’49 8 Jeffrey Dennis Buckler ’01 and Natasha Buckler 6 Steven Buckler ’70 and Wendy Buckler James C. Bulman ’65 10


FRONT CIRCLE CONTRIBUTORS A NEW RECORD! Bernard Buonanno ’84 and Heidi Buonanno ¡ 28 Bernard V. Buonanno, Jr. ’55 Ÿ 16 Vincent J. Buonanno ’61 ¢ 7 Dennis P. Burgess ’65 Richard Irving Burton ’54 Blake Cady ’49 6 Steven Calabresi ’76 and Mary Calabresi 11 Cara V. Camacho ’97 7 Peter Canning ’77 and Deborah Canning 7 Anthony Cannistra ’78 and Lauralyn Cannistra

Russell H. Carpenter ’59  30+ Elizabeth Worrell Carroll ’86 Ÿ 27 Jennifer M. Casey ’81 10 Martin Macdermott Cassidy ’51 Ÿ 18 Jennifer Castellucci ’86 Mark Anthony Castro ’01 6 Richard Chadwell ’51 and Wanda Lincoln £ Richard Chafee ’49 and Inge Chafee 11 David S. Chaffee ’60 15 Robert A. Chamberlain ’64 8 Scott A. Champagne ’93 5 Thomas M. Chappell ’61 Ÿ 12 Adam Forman Chase ’81 5 Jerry Chase ’66 Ÿ 28 Jon M. Chase ’64 Michael Chazan ’78 and Leslie Chazan Robert T. Christensen ’66 Edward Chu ’76 Pamela Fishman Cianci ’91 William Howard Claflin ’46 30+ John Clark ’69 and Mia Clark Micah Clasper-Torch ’05 Sidney Clifford, Jr. ’54 16 Cheryl Schadone Cohen ’81 5 Richard Colby ’55 and Janet McWain Colby F. Sessions Cole ’65 Joseph J. Colello ’76 11 Bradford D. Coleman ’71 10 Lodowick Collins ’65 30+ Thomas W. Colomb ’90 ¡ 11 Richard L. Congdon ’58 John F. Conley ’85 Robert L. Considine ’54 5 William P. Considine ’49 Ÿ 5 Andrew S. Cooney ’80 Matthew Cornelius ’95 and Jessie Andersen Cornelius ’97 5

Christine Murphy Costello ’93 Ÿ 7 Thomas J. Cotter ’72 30+ Alexander D. Crary ’66 Ÿ 5 Ralph R. Crosby ’48 30+ Matthew Wade Crowther ’92 Richard W. Curtis ’55 30+ Jessica Howland d’Entremont ’93 and Jeffrey d’Entremont Ÿ 13 Andrew R. J. D’Uva ’86 Ÿ 11 Albert Dahlberg ’87 and Hilary Fagan 16 Howard H. Dana ’58 7 Murray Danforth ’72 and Judith Danforth Ÿ 30+ Danielle R. Darling ’11 Jeffrey Stephan Darman ’61 5 Lyman A. Davenport ’60 Ÿ Joel P. Davidsen ’59 Christian Huntington Davis ’86 Geoffrey Davis ’65 and Lisa Davis 16 Joseph M. Davis ’85 Charles DeBlois ’78 and Araxie DeBlois 17 David A. DeBlois ’79 D. Michael Degnan ’94 Stephen DeLeo ’79 and Julie DeLeo Ÿ 8 Stephen Nicholas DeLeo ’15 Thomas Joseph DeLuca ’82 Abigail M. Demopulos ’90 George K. Demopulos ’83 10 David N. Derbyshire ’73 Ralph C. Derbyshire ’74 ¢ Richard G. Derbyshire ’76 Lee DeRosa ’64 Priya Kirit Desai ’99 Jackson P. Despres ’66 Emma A. H. Dickson ’12 Sara B. Dickson ’05 Ralph J. DiLibero ’60 and Mary Ann DiLibero Robert J. DiLibero ’64 30+ Lauren Barry DiSarno ’90 Ÿ Marcela Donat ’09 Richard Donovon ’62 and Patricia Donovon Ÿ Wilson M. Dos Santos ’01 Charles T. Dowling ’85 Ÿ 7 John Dowling ’53 and Judith Dowling Ÿ Audrey Latham Dreibelbis ’90 ¡ 23 Stephen Paul Dretler ’56 Erik P. Duhaime ’06 5 Stefano Dukcevich ’89 and Angela Serrano-Dukcevich ¢ Kyle Sinclair Dungan ’04 6 Semia George Dunne ’94 and Matthew R. Dunne ’94 Jeffrey Durso-Finley ’86 Donald Dwares ’55 and Bonnie Dwares £ 30+ Peter Lance Dwares ’62 Ÿ Joseph J. Dziczek ’72 Elisabeth Henderson Egan ’01 Eric Egan ’04 8 Edward Kennedy Ellington ’64 Andrew G. Elsbree ’53 8 Eugene V. Elsbree ’51 Ÿ 5 Dana Engle ’11


James Engle ’71 and Robin Engle Ÿ 14 Jason Engle ’98 Richard Engle ’73 and Mary Engle Ÿ 30+ Sarah Engle ’07 Gary A. Enos ’79 Stephen W. Ensign ’65 30+ John Arthur Epstein ’92 16 Mark Estes ’67 and Noel Estes  30+ Alonzo Maurice Etheredge ’81 George Evans ’66 and Sharon Piper 18 Barry Fain ’60 and Elaine Fain Ÿ Richard D. Fain ’65  6 Rachel Falk ’11 Edward V. Famiglietti ’61 16 Georgia Hunter Farinholt ’96 7 Malcolm Farmer ’57 14 Walter E. Farnam ’59 30+ William Colby Farnham ’15 Robert W. Farwell ’45 30+ Noel Macdonald Field ’52 Ÿ 13 Victor J. Field ’59 John Whipple Filoon ’79 7 Tracy Abedon Filosa ’86 8 Jeffrey P. Fine ’81 ¡ Robert Fine ’72 and Susan Fine Ted Fischer ’83 and Lisa Fischer ¢ 30+ Matthew Fishbein ’02 and Jacqueline Fishbein £ 6 B. Mason Flemming ’55 9 Zachary P. Florin ’94 5 Catherine Ford ’98 and Brett Ford Jeff Forman ’60 Jeremy R. G. Forsythe ’01 Jonathan Forsythe ’03 Peter van Rensselaer Franchot ’65 Harley A. Frank ’81 Adam J. E. Freedman ’02 6 Jesse M. E. Freedman ’99 William Pattinson Freyd ’51 30+ Benjamin A. Froehlich ’08 7 Thomas A. Gagnon ’82 12 Norval E. Garnett ’47 John Gentile ’68 and Pamela Gentile 13 George J. Georges ’70 ¡ 7 Geoffrey Charles Gerhardt ’89 Burrill M. Getman ’48 11 James L. Giddings III ’65 Seth K. Gifford ’39 Richard T. Gilbane ’69 7 Thomas F. Gilbane ’93 ¡ Earl C. Gladue ’71 30+ Arthur Goddard ’59 and Mary Ellen Goddard  Thomas L. Godfray ’59 12 Laurens M. Goff ’90 Ÿ 5 Laurens Goff ’59 and Andrea Goff 9 Robert A. Goff ’78 ¢

Robert H. Goff Jr. ’53 and Maraya M. Goff Gary Goldberg ’87 and Elizabeth Goldberg  15 Eugene Goldstein ’82 and Melina Goldstein  Larry Goldstein ’84 and Jill Goldstein  Jordan Elliot Goodman ’72 Fred Goodrich ’51* Ÿ Sara Ades Goodwin ’82 Melissa Gordon ’09 Habib Gorgi ’74 and Susan Gorgi  26 Katherine Thérèse Gorgi ’08 William B. Greenough ’49 7 Phillip Gregory ’05 Jamie T. Griffin ’00 Stephen Griffin ’84 and Christine Griffin Ÿ Paul Grimes ’48 and Katherine Grimes 30+ Charles E. Gross ’68 6 James D. Gruetzmacher ’11 Ralph A. Guglielmi ’64 Bruce S. Haggerty ’58 Ÿ 5 George E. Hall ’47 18 Jonathan Hammel ’06 and Emma Kirkpatrick ’07 Jeremy Siceloff Harkey ’99 Robert J. Harrington ’43 30+ Terrence W. Harris ’90 7 Wendell G. Harris ’44 30+ Peter Hartz ’71 5 Lisa Perlman Harwood ’94 Olivia Harwood ’15 Charles C. Haskell ’66 Ÿ Alan G. Hassenfeld ’66 Ÿ 18 Luke W. K. Hathaway ’04 John Kenneth Hays ’02 David Jeffrey Hedison ’72 Eric D. Hedison ’67 Melissa Crouchley Hem ’85 28 Adrian C. Hendricks ’58 Ÿ 30+ Halsey C. Herreshoff ’51 7 Nathanael G. Herreshoff ’49 Kevin Hill ’66 and Jacqueline Hill 14 Philip C. Hindley ’62 Janet Dryfoos Hixson ’87 17 Geoffrey Hogan ’10 Gordon Holmes ’56 ¢ 30+ Matthew Hooper ’10 Ÿ John W. Houriet ’55 14 Andrew Howard ’15 Philip Howell ’78 and Judith Howell 28 Kenneth A. Hoxsie ’68 30+ Albert Shuyu Huang ’99 6 Michael J. Huber ’02 Bay A. Hudner ’04 Jonathan Thomas Hyde ’99 Hugh D. Hysell ’83 Peter Iovino ’58 and Charlie Iovino ¡ Mark A. Izeman ’82 David A. Izzi ’85 15 Samuel William Jack ’01 E. Gardner Jacobs, Jr. ’43 30+ David Lewis Jaffe ’76 ¡ 15 Sarah J. Jaffe ’83 5 Norman A. James ’49

Marc Janigian ’82 and Krista Janigian ¡ Joshua Jaspers ’14 Thomas A. Jenckes ’57 Andrew D. Jenkins ’04 Robert Rice Jenks ’65 Donald H. Jepson ’63 12 Carl Johnson ’66 and Barbara Johnson Stephen D. Johnson ’05 6 Amy Roebuck Jones ’79 5 Estate of Richard Jones ’42  Carson R. Jones ’04 Robert A. Jordan ’54 30+ William M. Jose ’78 Joshua Hunt Joseph ’96 Michael J. Julian ’82 Peter Karlson ’74 18 Steven E. Karlson ’78 Ÿ 8 Matthew O. Karshis ’92 Philip Kay ’63 Stephen B. Kay ’52 Peter W. Keegan ’62 7 Robert M. Keen ’71 Robert E. Kellar ’49 16 Drew Kemalian ’59 30+ Jacob and Maureen Kenner Joshua R. Kenyon ’85 William W. Kenyon ’70 Ÿ 30+ Jonathan Kern ’72 David Keyser ’89 and Kate Keyser Ÿ Lawrence B. Kilham ’59 30+ Peter H. Kilmarx ’79 12 Amory Kisch ’10 Robert I. Knibb ’77  30+ Terry Knickerbocker ’73 Romi Skolnik Knott ’85 9 Jane Knowles ’81 12 Kenneth G. Knowles ’49 Lawrence G. Knowles, Jr. ’57 and Deborah Knowles 15 Michael G. Knowles ’59 13 Jonathan E. Kolb ’61 11 Thomas R. Kolb ’66 Daniel Kortick ’85 and Linda Kortick £ 12 donor recognition key the grove

Italicized numerals indicate years of consecutive giving. the front circle

 Blue and White Society $1,000–$2,499

 Head’s Society $2,500–$4,999

 1784 Society $5,000–$9,999

 Cupola Society $10,000–$24,999

 Founders’ Society $25,000 and above *Deceased annual report 2015-16 | 29


Allison E. Krause ’02 ¡ 12 Judge Robert Krause ’63 and Marjorie Krause ¡ 13 David P. Krekorian ’76 30+ Uday N. Kumar ’90 12 Spencer Kurn ’04 Andrew Seth Labell ’93 Peter E. Lacaillade ’67 and Constance Lacaillade  30+ Ryan T. Laders ’11 Yangchen Dolma Lama ’94 Ÿ 7 William P. Lane ’86 Ÿ William E. Lannigan ’69 11 Todd R. Larson ’88 Mark L. Lasser ’88 Laraine Laudati ’71 Robert J. Lavoie ’05 6 Caroline Means Laye ’00 6 Amy Lee ’88 Brian Matthew Lehrman ’99 Christopher J. Lembo ’84 Sheri Marissa Lepore ’86 Ÿ 6 Tara Davignon Levine ’93 6 Frederick N. Levinger ’55 ¢ James C. Lewis ’70 Ÿ 6 William S. Lindblad ’45 30+ The Royal Little Family Foundation Stephen D. Loeber ’59 David London ’60 and Toby London 5 Marc D. London ’87 Gabriel Parsons Brooks Long ’04 Bradford W. Luther ’47 5 Ralph D. Lynch ’68 7 William H. Lynch ’61 Ÿ 30+ Kenneth Roberton MacColl ’62 Adam Machado ’94 Todd Richard Machtley ’00 Patricia and Will Mackenzie ’56  30+ Harold Mackinney ’52 and Mary Mackinney Ÿ 15 Michael J. MacPhee ’76 Heather Madden MacShane ’87 Hugh Madden ’84 and Kristen Madden 12 Paul M. Mahoney ’61 30+ Terrence W. Mahoney ’65 Maxwell Mann ’08 Ÿ Peter B. Mann ’64 Ÿ 17 Robert Mann ’69 and Judy Mann ¡ 30+ Zachary Mann ’10 Ÿ Douglas P. Marquis ’58 Ÿ 30+ Greg Marsello ’73 and Melinda Foley-Marsello Albert J. Martin, Jr. ’65 David Martin ’59 and Janice Martin 12 Paul Martin ’07 Max Martineau ’12 Elizabeth Foulkes Masterson ’87 Ross Mattis ’95 and Lauren Miller ¡ David McCahan ’74 Timothy McCahan ’80 and Elizabeth McCahan Ÿ 10 William C. McClaskey ’57 30+ Zachary Devin McDonald ’96 Katherine E. McDowell ’93 Christopher K. McGrath ’95 5 30 | annual report 2015-16

Bruce G. McInnes ’55 J. Roy McKechnie ’51 9 Sean J. McKenna ’71 Daniel Joseph McKinnon ’94 Micheal P. McLaughlin ’79 6 Michael P. McNally ’12 Morris B. Mellion ’57 30+ Samuel M. Mencoff ’74  30+ Howard R. Merriman ’51 Michael B. Messore ’50 Frederick J. Metters ’84 Ÿ 11 N. Marshall Meyers ’57 Ÿ 10 Richard F. Meystre ’61 Lisa M. Michael ’85 Heather E. Miles ’95 Mark W. Miller ’85 Arthur Milot ’51 and Martha Milot  30+ Charles Milot ’76 and Maria Milot 16 Liam David Miner ’09 John A. Mollicone ’94 Keith Monchik ’90 and Michelle Lefebvre £ 14 M. Willis Monroe ’04 6 Peter Charles Moon ’83 18 F. Paul Mooney ’69 Matthew James Moore ’88 10 Michael Moran ’03 Ted Moran ’87 and Drew Moran Terrence Moran ’76 and Patricia Moran ¢ 30+ Terrence P. Moran ’06 Stephen H. Morris ’66 11 W. Gregory Morrison ’66 Ÿ Karin Morse ’79 9 Jan R. Moyer ’60 Robert N. Mumaw ’64 Kevin Munro ’92 and Aimee Munro ¡ David W. Murdock ’93 David Murphy ’91 and Tracey Murphy ¢ Patrick M. Murphy ’85 23 Bill Myers ’48 and Helene Myers 30+ James Myers ’79 and Denise Myers 6 T. Barton Myers ’50 15 Thomas R. Myers ’77 12

Richard Oresman ’53 30+ Michelle Berube Ozcan ’89 James M. Paisner ’66 21 Neath Pal ’81 and Beth Toolan 12 Luned R. Palmer ’02 George Panichas ’83 and Anastasia Panichas 19 Neal R. Pandozzi ’91 Ÿ 14 Brian S. Panoff ’94 ¢ 20 Alicia Rose Pari ’03 Gordon Lancaster Parker ’96 Gordon Parker ’51 and Jane Parker Matthew Hayes Parker ’00 9 Richard J. Parker ’78 9 Theodore Parker ’04 5 Nancy A. Pasquariello ’91 Stephen S. Patterson ’83 Ÿ 6 Moses Peabody ’74 11 William D. Pease ’61 Ÿ Jeffrey R. Peirce ’85 ¢ 26 Bradford A. Penney ’68 30+ Melinda Fischer Penney ’84 and Robert Penney Jessie-Jo Perlow ’11 Angela Perry ’88 Bruce H. Perry ’60 Ÿ 5 Peter Petrarca ’92 and Michelle Petrarca Joseph Petrosinelli ’84 and Kara Petrosinelli  5 Philip Gerhardt Petteruti ’93 William W. Pettine ’48 6 R. Wendell Phillips, Jr. ’45 12 Alisha Pina ’96 Jeffrey Pine ’72 and Faith Pine Tracy Shipman Piper ’82 Nadja Pisula-Litoff ’90 and Jim Pisula ¡ 7 Harmon A. Poole, Jr. ’42 17 Vincent Porcaro ’83 and Southychanh Salinthone  23 Joss N. Poulton ’07 Eric V. Pozzo ’71 5 Beth Prairie ’89 and Todd Underwood ¡ 10 Frederick L. Pratt ’49 9 Arthur J. Press ’56 Stephanie Ogidan Preston ’97 15 NEW ENDOWED Jeffrey C. Pritchard ’59 6 Procaccianti Family Foundation  14 FUNDS Brayden Puddington ’09 Douglas Nani ’81 and Kathryn Nani Ÿ Peter Quattromani ’10  Dylan V. Neel ’11 David B. Quigley ’90 Elizabeth Newton ’91 Kyle M. Raeburn ’04 and Seth Goldenberg Natasha Ramirez ’98 and Luis Ramirez Brian A. Nichols ’83 Hillary Monahan Ramos ’91 Keith Frederick Nichols ’73 14 Peter Ramsden ’82 and Jack Nixon ’60 and Sharon Nixon Laura Ramsden  30+ R. Bruce Nixon ’58 Peter Y. Rapelye ’65 15 Henry M. Nodarse ’79 David A. Raphael ’68 13 Peter B. Noonan ’63 ¡ Jonathan D. Rappoport ’93 Richard Nourie ’51 Ÿ Sarah Goff Raslowsky ’81 15 Nicolas R. Nunez ’79 Ÿ Kathleen Morse Reardon ’96 10 James F. O’Hearn ’62 Christine G. Reavis ’11 Sean O’Neil ’72 Jennifer L. Reavis ’13 John P. O’Neill ’86 William I. Reid, Jr. ’50 11 Adam Olenn ’91 and Jennifer Olenn Alan Evan Reider ’67 12


1,794 CONTRIBUTORS TO OUR SCHOOL 332 FIRST-TIME DONORS 764 ALUMNI DONORS 408 CURRENT FAMILIES Jeffrey I. Reider ’70 Madison Ellen Rex ’10 Nathaniel Bronson Rex ’12 5 Edward Ricci ’87 and Stefanie Ricci Ÿ Daniel H. Rice ’51 Ÿ 12 Donald S. Richardson ’66 Douglas J. Richardson ’52 30+ David S. Ridderheim ’54 6 Robert A. Riesman ’72 Ÿ 7 Rory B. Riggs ’71 ¢ Schuyler Christen Riley ’89 Ÿ 13 Arthur B. Robertshaw ’45 Ÿ 30+ Corey E. Robinson ’10 Lisa Rocchio ’85 and Vincent Giordano ’83 10 James N. Roitman ’59 William J. Roland ’68 14 Andrew Romano ’11 Matthew John Romano ’14 John Rooks ’78 and Cathleen Rooks 5 Jennafer Rampone Rose ’01 and Brendan Rose Max Paul Rosen ’77 11 Kenneth Rosenthal ’67 6 Darrell Ross ’65 and Susan Ross  30+ Heather Handrigan Ross ’85 and Charles Ross 7 Kyle A. Rotelli ’04 Peter Rotelli ’70 and Rosemary Rotelli Susan Fitton Roth ’81 William B. Rothman ’68 Mia Rotondi ’09 Andrew T. Rourke ’93 Joana Ruano ’10 Matthew Runci ’64 and Laraine Runci Evan C. Ruppell ’06 Alison Mneek Russell ’82 6 Miles Caswell Rutter ’04 Benjamin Sack ’13 Daniel Sack ’10 Thomas Sadler ’72 and Cynthia Sadler Victoria Sadler ’05 Nicholas Sadovnikoff ’73 11 James R. Saklad ’62 6 Emily Neal Salander ’05 Joseph R. Salvatore ’67 Bob Samors ’77 Davis Swantz Sanford ’00 Gerrit Sanford ’45 and Elizabeth Sanford  30+ Cass Edward Sapir ’97 Francis B. Sargent ’48 8 Leah Saris ’09 5 Daniel G. Sarles ’94  14 Kevin J. Savage ’87 12

Herbert C. Sawyer ’60 5 William R. Scala ’74 T. Luke Scaramella ’91 Madeline Schaberg ’93  Gregory Schadone ’85 and Christina Schadone 9 Peter John Scheidler ’96  James N. Schlothauer ’70  30+ Eric Schultz ’78 and Hilary Major 19 Steven D. Schwartz ’79 Kai Yllo Schwertner ’02 Peter Scoliard ’75 and Sarah Sinclair  30+ J. Parker Scott ’51 8 Turner C. Scott ’66 Russell Settipane ’76 and Karen Settipane 8 Justin Walter Shaghalian ’96 10 Walter Shaghalian ’64 and Viviane Shaghalian 11 Henry D. Sharpe ’41 and Peggy Sharpe  14 Craig S. C. Shaw ’48 30+ Randolph H. Shaw ’78 30+ L. Peter Sheehan ’75 and Pamela Sheehan 21 Adam D. Shepard ’84  13 Allen G. Shepherd III ’54 12 John Sherman ’55 and Marcia Sherman 14 Richard D. Sherman ’43 30+ Brad Shipp ’83  29 Nathan Barrie Shore ’49* 30+ Andrew B. Sides ’73 12 Andrew Haspel Silver ’01 9 Nathaniel Haspel Silver ’06 Paul Silver ’68 and Katherine Haspel  30+ Elizabeth F. Silverman ’90  5 Michael A. Silverstein ’51 Roger S. Silverstein ’67 Kaia Elizabeth Simmons ’09 6 Benjamin Joseph Simon ’02 Derek Simpson ’08 Robert V. Simpson ’63 Ellis Singer ’04 Christopher A. Sinton ’63 John L. Slafsky ’83  Charles A. Sleicher ’42 18 Jessica Perkins Slusarski ’94 Amanda B. Smith ’11 Conal Smith ’06 Robert Ellis Smith ’58 Ronald Bancroft Smith ’57 Stephen C. Smith ’64 Stuart P. Smith ’51 11 Eric Soloff ’86 and Alexis Deignan Soloff ’95  6 Glenn Sparr ’85 and Cynthia Sparr Ahvi Spindell ’72 30+ Emma Tillotson St. Germain ’87 Hannah Stahl ’08 Charles Gilbert Staples ’47  30+ Jonathan Carroll Stapleton ’66 Andrew G. Stead ’62 5 Randy Steere ’74  30+ Joseph M. Steim ’74 7

51% PARTICIPATED IN THE CLASS OF 2016 SENIOR GIFT Tobias Stein ’07 Neal Steingold ’78 and Linda Kaplan  15 Sarah E. Steingold ’14 Rike Sterrett ’10 Burr Stewart ’71 7 William H. Stewart ’47 Richard J. Stoll ’70 Bruce J. Stone ’70 Kevin R. Stone ’73 David J. Strom ’74 5 Charles B. Stuart ’56  21 Jill E. Sugarman ’85 Paul A. Suttell ’67 30+ James Y. Sweet ’48 12 Michael J. Sweetser ’66 Paul Sydlowski ’59 and Barbara Sydlowski Peter D. Sylvester ’86 Kaveh Taleghani ’83 14 Jon Paul Tangen ’62 Sara Tansey ’06 Nathaniel Phillips Taylor ’08 Dean N. Temkin ’69 Samuel A. Tenney ’12 Jill S. Teverow ’04 Rodney Thomas ’87 and Monica Thomas  13 Noah Thompson ’97 Robert Bruce Thompson ’64 C. Nicholas Tingley ’53 30+ Harleigh V. S. Tingley ’47  18 H. Mark Titus ’65 Robert H. Tollefson ’42 6 Andrew P. Tothy ’55 9 Steven W. Toulmin ’87 Heather Paige Tow-Yick ’94  13 W. Gerry Tow ’60 30+ John T. Townsend ’45 6 J. Russell Triedman ’87  9 Julie B. Triedman ’81 Leonard Triedman ’46 and Cynthia Triedman  8 Natalie Triedman ’08 7 Scott Triedman ’78 and Mary Jo Kaplan  10 Steven Triedman ’76 and Elizabeth Isaacson Scott C. Tsagarakis ’76 30+ Thomas J. Tsagarakis ’72 30+ Stephanie M. Tudino ’11 George Anthony Turini ’01 12 Alexander M. Turner ’66 Richard B. Turner ’58 Wilson F. Utter ’45  30+ Peter Van Lancker ’71 and Catherine Van Lancker Willem P. Van Lancker ’06 Steven Vasquez ’07

Luc Vernerey ’10 George M. Vetter ’75 12 Mark Paul Viana ’97 Thomas W. Vignali ’93 Estate of Anthony F. Vincent ’59*  Joseph Voccola ’82 and Donna Voccola  Michael A. Voccola ’76 15 Joshua Ian Vogel ’86 23 Peter O. von Simson ’85 Stanley Wachtenheim ’70 and Mindy Wachtenheim Ashley Haffenreffer Wagstaff ’82 18 Skip Walls ’52 13 Allison Twomey Walton ’91 Stephen T. Warde ’13 Stephen L. Wasserman ’81 26 Edward M. Watson ’73  Ashley Earle Weiderman ’01 Paul H. Welch ’53  Mark Weremchuk ’75 30+ Daryl Ann West ’99 Dawn West ’79 11 Gary R. Westmoreland ’68 12 Judith Blazar Westrick ’81 Meagan Gibson Wheeler ’02 13 William K. Wheeler ’66  Nathaniel M. White ’59 Richard C. White ’84  17 Sarah Whitford ’94 5 Betsy Burrell Whittaker ’87 10 Ted Widmer ’80 6 Andrew Wigren ’92 and Kelley Ciampi Wigren ’92 11 Bruce C. Wilks ’70 30+ Wade M. Wilks ’66 30+ Robert H. Willis ’56 David James Wilner ’83 Robert M. Wilson ’67 18 Steven E. Winoker ’85 Daniel Abraham Winston ’05 7 Ted Winston ’74 and Denise Winston 30+ Gordon G. Wisbach ’63 30+ J. Scott Wolf ’71 Astrid Christina Womble ’87  19 Graham Hayde Woodberry ’10 Hannah Gordon Woodberry ’04 7 Curtis S. Woodman ’78  Dean Woodman ’46 and Jane Woodman  22 David L. Woronov ’78 James Worrell ’85 and Kimberly Worrell 17 Richard Worrell ’52 and Mary Worrell  12 Timothy S. Wright ’61 5 L. Kinvin Wroth ’50 8 Thomas G. Wroth ’53 Stephen W. Yan ’76 30+ Edward L. Yoon ’98  7 Samuel J. Yules ’12 Joseph A. Zeoli ’76 Samuel R. Zwetchkenbaum ’79 Hilary Cohen Zwicker ’84 29 Anonymous (23)


Peter Adamy and Patricia Flam 6 Paul Adler and Lori Basilico  11 Irfan Ahmad and Sadia Iftikhar Sun Ho Ahn and Suyin Lee Ahmad and Nesreen Al Raqqad  Barry and Lisa Alofsin Cindy and Devin Anderson  8 Lee and Elizabeth Anderson Matthew Andrews and Megan Langevin Joey Arcari Demosthenes Argys Fredy and Sara Arias 5 Emily and James Atkinson 7 Issmat Atteereh and Beshara Doumani Mark and Julia Atwood  Michael Baker and Tracey Pereira-Baker  Allan Ballou and Diane Stratton  Jeffrey and Lisa Bamonte 5 Rachel Barber Clotilde and Stephen Barker  Sarah Barnum and Joseph Rabatin 5 Ashley and Peter Barrett Bruce Bates and Linda Hower Bates Charles Beal and Anne Turilli Neil Beranbaum ’86 and Randi-Beth Beranbaum  29 Julie Thomas Berry ’87 and Seth Berry Deborah and Talman Bigelow  Rebecca and Andrew Biggs 6 William Binder and Anne Noel 5 Paul and Karen Bitterman Steven Blazar  Alan and Vanda Blinn Margaret-Mary Boitano ’83 James and Michele Bonner 12 Robin L. Boss  Samantha Bradshaw ’85 and John Bradshaw Jed Brandes and Carolyn Tick 6 Lauren Brignac-Huber and Warren Huber Richmond Brittingham and Melinda Cox donor recognition key the grove

Italicized numerals indicate years of consecutive giving. the front circle

 Blue and White Society $1,000–$2,499

 Head’s Society $2,500–$4,999

 1784 Society $5,000–$9,999

 Cupola Society $10,000–$24,999

 Founders’ Society $25,000 and above *Deceased annual report 2015-16 | 31


James Brown ’76 and Kendall Brown 18 Carolyn Buonanno Chase and Michael Chase  9 Bernard Buonanno ’84 and Heidi Buonanno  28 Cyril and Leanne Burke Perry and Darby Buroker 11 Steven Calabresi ’76 and Mary Calabresi 11 James and Christina Campbell David and Diane Canepari  Regina Cantwell and Edwin Furtado  Scott and Laura Carlisle  7 Benjamin Carr and Laura Phillips Rebecca and Richard Caruolo  John and Charlene Cassese Cynthia and Frank Castellone 5 Kevin and Courtney Chase  Ayesha and Faisal Cheema-Hasan Josny and Kathleen Chery Thomas and Rebekah Chestna 5 Sandra Ying Chiang 8 John and Tamara Chisholm William Cioffi and Theresa Graves  Margaretta S. Clurman  7 Melanie J. Cohen-Peddle Daniel and Susan Cohen  6 Arthur and Jennifer Coia  John Connell and April Smith Clayton T. Cookerly  Amy and Robert Cooper  Philippe Cordina Susan N. Cordina 12 Michael and Jamie Costello  Keith and Nicole Couto  Christopher and Janine Crisafulli  5 Laina and Kevin Crowthers Christopher and Robin Csanadi John and Pamela Cummings  Tony and Kerry D’Arcangelo Jessica Howland d’Entremont ’93 and Jeffrey d’Entremont Ÿ 13 Albert Dahlberg ’87 and Hilary Fagan 16 Ron and Carolyn Dalgliesh  9 Laird and Andrea Daniels  6 Ann Marie and Manny DaSilva


FACULTY/STAFF CONTRIBUTORS Michael DeAngelo 17 Elizabeth Debs  12 Ronald Powers DeFeo and Dorianne K. DeFeo 5 Mark and Helen DelGiudice William and Allison Dessel 9 Rachelle Marie Destine Susan Deveney Andrea and Zachary Dewhirst 5 Spencer Dhupa Chris and Bethany Di Napoli  Loree and Michael DiCenso 32 | annual report 2015-16

Easton and Elaine Dickson  8 John and Camille Dickson 6 Jane Dietze and Robin Rains  Steven DiLibero and Brie DiLibero John and Lisa Donahue  Bradley Dorman Oliver and Lisa Dow  Nicole Dreyer-Gavin 7 Fred and Anne Drogula Melissa DuBose and Amy Harrington Kerri Elizabeth Duffell Stefano Dukcevich ’89 and Angela Serrano-Dukcevich  Christopher and Courtney DuPaul  6 H. M. and Sandra Dwares Margaret M. Dyer Mark and Dorrie Eaton Susan and Michael Eides  10 Robert and Cynthia Elder  Shari and Craig Elice 11 Divya and Gary Epstein-Lubow 5 Rosmery and Rodolfo Estrada 5 Lance and Michele Evans Alice S. Eyo Brian and LeeAnn Fallon  John Farber and Wendyll Brown  Kevin and Samantha Faria Laura and Charles Farnham 5 Stephanie and Dan Fawcett 5 Louis and Deana Filippelli  Ted Fischer ’83 and Lisa Fischer  30+ David Flaxman and Alicia Ruiz Flaxman 5 Ann M. Fox Steven Frank and Lisa Frappier-Frank Thomas and Claudia Fullam Michael and Flor Furia Venkat Gaddipati and Mary Roberts  8 James Gadol and Hui Tin Chua Zoilo and Carmen Garcia Sylvio and Michelle Gario Pierre and Murette Gedeon Peter and Diana Gemma  6 Gina Gesamondo and Walter Martish Linda Gifford DeGeus John and Heidi Gilkenson 12 Heather Glenn and Nicholas Willis 17 Allan and Gabriela Goldberg Gary Goldberg ’87 and Elizabeth Goldberg  15 Habib Gorgi ’74 and Susan Gorgi  26 Kristen Gower  10 David and Sandy Grand Thomas and Noreen Graul  Daniel and Pamela Greene Dylan and Luciana Greene Albert and Lauren Greer  Stephen Griffin ’84 and Christine Griffin  The Gudoian Family  Baris and Sema Gurerk Kristen Haffenreffer  Lydia and John Hage 5 Thomas and Debra Hall Alicia and Adam Hamblett  Martha and Kevin Handley 14

Seth and Charlotte Handy Andrew and Barbara Hansen Kate Breslin Harden 6 Heather and H Hardie David and Lisa Harrington  5 James and Lisa Harrington Todd and Zoe Hart  Brendan Hassett and Eileen Cheng  Derek and Jennifer Hausladen  Kathleen Mary Hayes Sally and Matt Herreid 5 Michael and Nadine Himelfarb  6 Stephen and Monette Hinger 17 Bennett and Dori Hirsch Graham Holland and Alison Anderson 5 Chris and Pattie Holzwarth  Robert and Randi Horowitz Shah and Farzana Hossain  5 Clay Howland and Amy Grundt Jessica and Scott Humphrey Peter and Daniela Hutchinson Jennifer and Andrew Jencks  7 Richard and Bonnie Jennis Jun Li  Lajhon Jones and Leslie Caito-Jones Kelly and Timothy Joseph Dean and Laura Jumes Caroleen Jones Kandel Susan A. Keller Thomas and Leslie Kellogg Nancy and Tom King  10 Jonathan and Sue Klein  Zie Kone and Jennifer Eby-Kone Eric and Samantha Kravitz Anne Krive and Susan Ellis 8 Lynn and Joseph Kuzneski  8 Jarvis and Jennifer Lambert  15 Elizabeth and Gardner Lane  Karl and Corryn Langmuir 6 Robert and Geraldine Lanni Elizabeth and Vito Lantz 5 Sebastian and Olga Lassalle Lamousse and Marie Lauture 7 Tajuan Law and Benvinda Dalomba Christopher and Sarah Lee Sheri Marissa Lepore ’86  6 Thomas and Emma Lisa Lesica  Shaun and Kate Levesque  11 Eric Levine and Karen Susskind Guo Qing Li and Autumn Zi The Royal Little Family Foundation Matt and Susan Littlefield Hong Liu and Kemin Yang Liansheng Liu and Liyun Yan Philip and Tallulah Lloyd  Ann and James Lombardi  8 Meg and Clay Luby 8 John and Anne Ludes  6 Eric and Deanna Lund James and Diane Lynch  9 Thomas and Lisa Lynch  Keith and Simidele Mabray Ralph and Lori Ann Macari Andrew MacKeith and Shawen Williams  Hugh Madden ’84 and Kristen Madden 12

Top 5 REUNION CLASSES BY PARTICIPATION CLASS OF ’51: 65TH REUNION – 50% CLASS OF ’66: 50TH REUNION – 37% CLASS OF ’56: 60TH REUNION – 37% CLASS OF ’46: 70TH REUNION – 29% CLASS OF ’61: 40TH REUNION – 28% David and Rose Malkin  Steven and Elizabeth Malloy Richard Marcotte and Colleen Murphy 5 Scott and Tanya Martin  5 Enrique Martínez and June Daniel 5 David and Jennifer Martirano  Kevin and Michele Masse  Kevin and Pamela Matson Ross Mattis ’95 and Lauren Miller  Robert and Regina McAdam Jane E. McAuliffe  Richard McAuliffe  Michael and Elizabeth McBreen  5 Mark and Suzanne McCormack Michael and Diane McGuire George McKendall and Kathleen Maher McKendall 12 Kelly and Patricia McLaughlin Kevin McLaughlin and Ourida Mostefai 5 Eugene and Victoria McMahon 10 Sarah McShane and Veronica Jutras John Mello and Lynn Rognsvoog 8 Wendi and Keith Metters  10 Joaquin Meza and Kimberly Gilo Kennon Miller and Jennie Newkirk  Michael and Nina Mills David and Kara Milner  Keith Monchik ’90 and Michelle Lefebvre  14 Ted Moran ’87 and Drew Moran David Moss and Kathleen Cornely 6 Rachel Moulton and Daniel Meiser Kevin Munro ’92 and Aimee Munro  Patricia Murphy  Patrick M. Murphy  Ramesh and Barbara Murthy James Myers ’79 and Denise Myers 6 Douglas Nani ’81 and Kathryn Nani  Andrew and Julie Nicoletti  6 Eric and Laura Nyman Missey and Rob O’Neil  5

Cynthia M. Ohanian Dan and Alisa Ohl 9 John and Elizabeth Ohlson  7 Adam Olenn ’91 and Jennifer Olenn Bahram Pahlavi and Iman Ali  Neath Pal ’81 and Beth Toolan 12 George Panichas ’83 and Anastasia Panichas 19 James Paquette and Denise Parent  6 Matthew and Marcela Parker  David Parr and Cary Twichell  16 Jaymin and Kinnari Patel  11 Thomas and Hyechong Paterson Kevin Pearce and Irene Barnett Melinda Fischer Penney ’84 and Robert Penney Justin Peters and Amy Barrett Anne E. Petersen Peter Petrarca ’92 and Michelle Petrarca Patricia and Steven Petteruti  Abby Hertzmark Phyfe and James Phyfe Thomas Pizzuti and Jenny Andersson Igor Plotkin and Heather Collupy Susan and Peter Plumb  Akwasi Poku and Luckie Thompson Vincent Porcaro ’83 and Southychanh Salinthone  23 Procaccianti Family Foundation  Stephen and Cheryl Provazza  Yiguang Qiu and Ying Zhu Dejan and Mary Pat Radeka Natasha Ramirez ’98 and Luis Ramirez Peter Ramsden ’82 and Laura Ramsden  30+ Naveed Rana and Sobia Hussain Christopher and Jen Rawson  11 Joseph Reale, Jr.  13 James O. and Kathleen H. Reavis  13 David Reville and Tina Tryforos 11

Decade by Decade Participation TOP NON-REUNION CLASSES 1930s: CLASS OF ’39 – 25% 1940s: CLASS OF ’49 – 48% 1950s: CLASS OF ’59 – 50% 1960s: CLASS OF ’60 – 29% 1970s: CLASS OF ’79 – 23% 1980s: CLASS OF ’85 – 26% 1990s: CLASS OF ’94 – 21% 2000s: CLASS OF ’04 – 20% 2010S: CLASS OF ’10 – 16%

Margaret Reynolds and William McKee  Edward Ricci ’87 and Stefanie Ricci  Samantha Richard Raymond Richardson and Pamela Webster Michelle and David Rickerby Michael and Julie Ridge Jane Ritson-Parsons and Ian Parsons  Lisa Rocchio ’85 and Vincent Giordano ’83 10 Randal Rockney 6 J. Patrick Rollo and Michelle Russo  5 Rosemary and John Romano Mimi Romero 5 Andrew Rosenzweig and Susan Weinman 12 Heather Handrigan Ross ’85 and Charles Ross 7 Kenneth and Rebecca Rubin Charles and Melissa Ruhl 6 Philip and Lorna Russell  5 Katherine S. Rutherford  Paul and Navyn Salem  Ellen and Wilson Saville  Gregory Schadone ’85 and Christina Schadone 9 Cynthia A. Schimelpfenig Edward and Anne Schmults 6 Jared and Katherine Schott 12 Anne and Ken Schreiber 5 Anne J. Schwartz  5 Paul and Caylen Sepe  Thomas Sepe and Maria Mileno  16 Russell Settipane ’76 and Karen Settipane 8 Timothy Shafman and Mary Donlon  7 Jesse Shapiro and Emily Oster Jesse and Jessica Sherwood Darius Shirzadi Olga Shirzadi Sandra and James Shuster  8 Stephen Siegel and Jayne Kurkjian-Siegel  Michael and Terri Silveira Judy and Steve Silverstein 11 Laura Sitrin Steven Sitrin James Skillings and Ingrid Dyck 30+ Dawn and George Slack James and Victoria Smith Kirsty and Michael Smith 8 Reinhard Sokol and Connie Grosch 7 Eric Soloff ’86 and Alexis Deignan Soloff ’95  6 Lane and Thorne Sparkman Glenn Sparr ’85 and Cynthia Sparr Frederic Spector and Barbara Wong Emily and Timothy Spurrell Nancy Boghossian Staples and David Staples  Matthew Steckler and Nicole Steckler  Ariana and Christopher Steele 6 Neal Steingold ’78 and Linda Kaplan  15 Jessica Stewart and Daniel Bien

Todd and Megan Stoessell  Joanne and Jeffrey Stokes Daniel Stone and Karen Seiler David and Christina Strickler  6 Raymond and Beth Studley David and Shelly Sullivan  Kerry Sweeney  Jeanne and John Swen Alex and Isabelle Tadmoury  Zuhal and Tahir Tellioglu  5 Arlene Tevyaw and Judith Garrick Stephen and Molly Thomas  Marc Thompson and Misun Lee Heather and Steve Tingle 10 Andrew and Kate Tompkins Caroline and Stephen Tortolani  Matthew and Deborah Towey Scott Triedman ’78 and Mary Jo Kaplan  10 Steven Tripp and Dawn Clifton Tripp  10 George and Tara Tsakraklides Carlton and Kathleen Tucker  Kent and Marguerite Tunnicliffe 7 Stephen and Tracey Tyrrell Peter van Dommelen and Ayla Çevik Julie and Peter Veale 5 Joseph Voccola ’82 and Donna Voccola  Anya Wallack David Wasser and Susan Abbotson 6 David Weil and Rachel Friedberg Carl and Lisa Weinberg  13 Aaron and Joy Weisbord  Dale and Martha Whitehill Bradley Wightman  Erik and Holly Wilker 9 Lenke Wood and David Moscarelli 8 James Worrell ’85 and Kimberly Worrell 17 Tammie Worthington-Witczak and Rafal Witczak 16 Lindsey Yates-Grimley and John Grimley  J. Andrew and Jennifer Yates  Richard L. Yates  Henry and Eileen Young 9 Cecily Ziegler 6 Karl Ziegler  6 Richard Joseph Zienowicz  7 Antonia and Stephen Zubiago  5 Anonymous (20)


Richard and Peg Aaronian Priscilla Alfandre Paulette and James Allaire David and Estelle Andelman 10 Hakan Andersson Thomas Andrew and Katherine Bick 6 Richard and Carolyn Andrews James and Kay Atkinson Richard and Susanne Baccari  6 Daniel and Hildegard Barnett Charles Barrett ’67 and Allison Barrett 11 Anthony Basilico

Bruce and Ellen Bates Allan R. Bellows ’43 8 Stephen and Francine Beranbaum 30+ Paul and Margaret Bernier Joan Boghossian  Carl Bogus ’66 and Cynthia Giles Richard and Patricia Bombard Elizabeth and Donald Breed Thomas Breslin ’49 and Carolyn Breslin 11 James Brine and Ragaa Mazen Bernard V. Buonanno, Jr. ’55  16 Anne G. Carr Elaine Clark 6 Roger L. Clifton  10 William and Stephanie Close 6 Ellen Collis  30+ William P. Considine ’49  5 The Dahlberg Family  7 Katherine Dalgliesh Geoffrey Davis ’65 and Lisa Davis 16 Barbara and Richard Debs  10 Alfred and Theresa DeFreece 6 Ann DeLeo Francis and Carolyn Donahue Fred and Betty Drogula David and Margaret Duffell 7 Claire Edouard Alex and Mira Eides Peter S. Fagan Larry and Harriet Feldman Edward and Mary Fitzgerald Bill and Joyce Fletcher  Carmen Garcia William and Frances Geary John Gentile ’68 and Pamela Gentile 13 Daniel and Patricia Gifford Clinton Gilbert, Jr. 6 Stephen and Francine Gilkenson Robert and Sally Gillespie Isabel Goff 9 Paul and Sue Greene 6 Antonia and George Grumbach 14 Charles Hambly donor recognition key the grove

Italicized numerals indicate years of consecutive giving. the front circle

 Blue and White Society $1,000–$2,499

 Head’s Society $2,500–$4,999

 1784 Society $5,000–$9,999

 Cupola Society $10,000–$24,999

 Founders’ Society $25,000 and above *Deceased annual report 2015-16 | 33


Joan Hannon Anthony and Nancy Harraka Jean Hermele Alan and Janet Hertzmark Richard and Margaret Himelfarb 5 Franklin and Joanna Holland Peter and Gilda Holzer Kenneth and Grace Horn John and Carol Howland  10 Paul Jones Stephen Jordan and Elizabeth Bullock 6 Roland and Claire Jutras Nancy L. Kaye Thomas and Dorothea Kelley Alexander and Margaret Kerr 5 Joni and Howard Klein Nancy L. Kronfeld  Abby and Jarvis Lambert 14 Elease Latimer Camilla W. Lee Henry and Mary Lee Barbara and Richard Lustig Madeline A. Mabray  8 Joseph and Sharon Mansolillo Florence Marten Lynn Glenn McAtee 11 William and Nancy McEnery Christina and Jerry McIntyre  Carmen and Gary McNamee Jim and Judy McShane Constance K. Milner Arthur Milot ’51 and Martha Milot  30+ Charles Moreau Deborah Mulcare Walter and Louise Munroe Bill Myers ’48 and Helene Myers 30+ Jim and Susan Nagle 14 Thomas and Julie Nash  10 Richard Nourie ’51  Ellen E. O’Connell 12 Thomas Oakes J. Renn and Mary Olenn Richard Oresman ’53 30+ Sandra Oster  Arthur and Connie Parker Cynthia and John Peixinho Robert and Veronica Petersen Diana and Daniel Phillips  Arthur and Janice Post 9 Roger and Mary Beth Reville Fred and Marcia Rosenzweig 12 Mark and Dianne Rubin John and Susan Ruhl Matthew Runci ’64 and Laraine Runci Ernest and Roberta Rylander Guido and Barbara Salvadore Gerrit Sanford ’45 and Elizabeth Sanford  30+ Nancy Ruth Schwartz 6 Paul and Geraldine Sepe Arvin and Joyce Shapiro William and Gail Shepherd Harris Sitrin Ruth Skillings* 6 34 | annual report 2015-16

Katherine and Matt Glendinning  7 Ransom Griffin 30+ Galen and Jayme Hamann Martha and Kevin Handley 14 Chandra M. Harris Sally and Matt Herreid 5 Michael and Nadine Himelfarb  6 Graham Holland and Alison Anderson 5 Charles and Laura Hunt 7 Kelly and Timothy Joseph Eric and Samantha Kravitz Anne Krive and Susan Ellis 8 Anne Landis 29 Elizabeth and Vito Lantz 5 Hugh Madden ’84 and Kristen Madden 12 Jeff Maidment 6 Kevin and Pamela Matson Cheryl McDonald 6 Sarah McShane and Veronica Jutras Helen Burke Montague Karin Morse ’79 9 David Moss and Kathleen Cornely 6 Rachel Moulton and Daniel Meiser FACULTY/STAFF King B. Odell 24 Simone Ahlborn 6 Dan and Alisa Ohl 9 Thomas Andrew and Katherine Bick 6 Adam Olenn ’91 and Jennifer Olenn Matthew Andrews and Jean and Joseph V. Pennacchio 6 Megan Langevin Kevin W. Perry 12 Jordan Bailey Justin Peters and Amy Barrett Julia Baker Debora Phipps 9 Anni W. Barnard Abby Hertzmark Phyfe and James Phyfe Sarah Barnum and Joseph Rabatin 5 Tony and Susan Pirruccello-McClellan 19 John Barrett ’63 and Jane Barrett  11 Brian and Samantha Platt Wilfred R. Beaudoin 6 Susan and Peter Plumb  Laura Bennett Ruffin and Jeremy Powell Rebecca and Andrew Biggs 6 Melissa Rabinow Mino Bouthavong Dejan and Mary Pat Radeka Samantha Bradshaw ’85 and Christopher and Jen Rawson  11 John Bradshaw Joseph Ribeiro  12 Lauren Brignac-Huber and Kimberly L. W. Samways Warren Huber John Sargent Shaun A. Buckler  6 Patricia and John Savage Carolyn Buonanno Chase and Jared and Katherine Schott 12 Michael Chase  9 Eric Schultz ’78 and Hilary Major 19 Perry and Darby Buroker 11 Bruce and Judith Shaw 5 Elisio and Arminda Castro James Skillings and Ingrid Dyck 30+ Lillian Cataldi-Simmers Dawn and George Slack Laurie E. Center 9 Thomas and Rebekah Chestna 5 LOWER SCHOOL Susan N. Cordina 12 Kristen A. Curry 6 PARENT Jessica Howland d’Entremont ’93 PARTICIPATION and Jeffrey d’Entremont  13 Beverly A. Dalessio 7 CLASS OF ’23 (5TH): 67% Ron and Carolyn Dalgliesh  9 Michael DeAngelo 17 CLASS OF ’24 (4TH): 75% Marie Del Padre CLASS OF ’25 (3RD): 54% Andrea and Zachary Dewhirst 5 CLASS OF ’26 (2ND): 71% Lance and Michele Evans Lisa and Peter Evans 6 CLASS OF ’27 (1ST ): 86% Megan Fifer CLASS OF ’28 (K): 67% Kelly and John Fitzsimmons David Flaxman and CLASS OF ’29 (PP): 75% Alicia Ruiz Flaxman 5 CLASS OF ’30 (N): 71% Catherine Ford ’98 and Brett Ford

Anne R. Skinner 5 Judy and John Slonaker 8 Carol Smith and James Doak  8 T. Eugene and Joan Smith  Frederick and Anne Stratton  Harold and Louise Talbot Suzanne Tompkins Leonard Triedman ’46 and Cynthia Triedman  8 Arnold and Patricia Tripp 5 Paul and Mary Vanderwarker Louis and Maureen Vertefeuille Robert and Jane Viera Jane M. Walsh Frank and Donna Wetmore Frederic C. White  7 Mrs. Theodore S. Whitford 30+ Rod and Kate Wilger Mrs. Dudley A. Williams Emese Wood Robert and Anne Wood Richard Worrell ’52 and Mary Worrell  12 Anonymous (2)

$406,111 SENIOR PARENT GIFT 76% PARTICIPATION Ariana and Christopher Steele 6 Neal Steingold ’78 and Linda Kaplan  15 Jessica Stewart and Daniel Bien Jill A. Stockman 5 Stephen Toro George and Tara Tsakraklides Peter Van Lancker ’71 and Catherine Van Lancker Karen and Richard van Tienhoven 5 Ryan Keith Vemmer David Wasser and Susan Abbotson 6 Qiong Waters Erik and Holly Wilker 9 Ted Winston ’74 and Denise Winston 30+ Lenke Wood and David Moscarelli 8 Anonymous (3)


Adler’s Design Center & Hardware Alpha Theory, LLC Blount Fine Foods Corp. Bridget Snow Design 8 The Paul & Mary Boghossian Memorial Fund  CCRI Chemistry Department Clambake Institute The Collis Foundation  18 The Debs Foundation DeLaCour Family Foundation  5 The Haffenreffer Family Fund  Hazard Family Foundation  12 Herreshoff Marine Museum  Moses Brown MBe There  The Royal Little Family Foundation Procaccianti Family Foundation  14 Richardsons’ Maptech Sharpe Family Foundation  SquadLocker Target Turner Survivor’s Trust, Gloria R. Turner Trustee Anonymous (2)


Claude and Terri Anderson 7 Frohman Anderson ’80 and Kimberley Anderson  30+ Philip Anderson ’53 and Madeleine Anderson Thomas Andrew and Katherine Bick 6 Ellen and Bill Apfel David and Robin Appolonia  Betsy and Ted Archibald Tim and Susan Army Philip and Bette Ayoub

Richard and Susanne Baccari  6 Barbara and James Bachand 9 Norman Baker ’56 and Ann Baker  30+ Charles Barrett ’67 and Allison Barrett 11 John Barrett ’63 and Jane Barrett  11 Richard and Marita Bausman 30+ Susan and Robert Baxter 16 Charles Beauchamp and Linda Morrison Allan R. Bellows ’43 8 Thomas and Kathryn Bendheim  10 Laura Bennett Stephen and Francine Beranbaum 30+ Mitzi and Robert Berkelhammer Harrison and Arria Bilodeau  F. Steele Blackall III ’42  30+ Thomas F. Bliss, Jr.  Deborah Block and William Harley 7 Joan Boghossian  Kathy Bourque  8 Elizabeth and Donald Breed Thomas Breslin ’49 and Carolyn Breslin 11 Jeffrey Brier ’71 and Jessica Brier 5 Arthur and Mildred Brown Steven Buckler ’70 and Wendy Buckler Bernard V. Buonanno, Jr. ’55  16 John Burnham and Rachel Balaban 12 Stephen and Cornelia Burnham Judith and Len Cabral Anthony Cannistra ’78 and Lauralyn Cannistra Albano and Maria Carvalho 6 Meredith H. Cassick Elisio and Arminda Castro Richard Chafee ’49 and Inge Chafee 11 Michael Chazan ’78 and Leslie Chazan Kim and Steve Clark 15 Richard Colby ’55 and Janet McWain Colby Lodowick Collins ’65 30+ Ellen Collis  30+ Joanne and Edward Coombs David and Ann Costantino  Glenn and Mary Jane Creamer  6 Beth Croll Mrs. Addi Crouchley Elizabeth W. Crowther 7 H. Wayne and Virginia Curtis Carolyn and Peter D’Agostino 11 The Dahlberg Family  7 Paul and Donna Darling 6 Geoffrey Davis ’65 and Lisa Davis 16 Charles DeBlois ’78 and Araxie DeBlois 17 Ann DeLeo Stephen DeLeo ’79 and Julie DeLeo  8 Nancy-Lee Devane 11 Ralph J. DiLibero ’60 and Mary Ann DiLibero Dennis and Barbara Dobbyn 13 Nephele and Thomas Domencich  12 David and Margaret Duffell 7 Donald Dwares ’55 and Bonnie Dwares  30+

Anne G. Earle  14 Henry Elliot and Sarah Carlson James Engle ’71 and Robin Engle  14 Richard Engle ’73 and Mary Engle Ÿ 30+ Peter and Susan Erkkinen Pamela Nelson Erskine Lisa and Peter Evans 6 Barry Fain ’60 and Elaine Fain  Donald* and JoAnn Farrar  5 Gerard and Tricia Farrington Richard and Margaret Feodoroff Robert Fine ’72 and Susan Fine John and Linda Flinton Katharine Hazard Flynn and Lawrence Flynn  15 J. Thomas and Linda Foley 6 Kenton Forsythe and Christine Chiacu-Forsythe 9 Carl Freedman and Beverly Ehrich Glenn and Eula Fresch  17 John and Susan Froehlich 16 Edward and Lynn Gately Alan and Rosalyn Geller Thomas T. and Margaret R. Gilbert Michael Gilson and Joan McPhee  12 Stephen Glinick and Elizabeth Welch 5 Laurens Goff ’59 and Andrea Goff 9 Robert H. Goff Jr. ’53 and Maraya M. Goff Barbara and Brian Goldner  15 Stanley and Merle Goldstein  Marc and Susan Greenfield  8 Ransom Griffin 30+ Paul Grimes ’48 and Katherine Grimes 30+ William and Denise Gruetzmacher 6 Karen Hammond and Michael Quattromani  13 Patricia A. Harvey 5 John and Patricia Harwood  Dorothy and John Hays 19 Brian and Lori Hogan 11 Tara and Raymond Howard 5 Philip Howell ’78 and Judith Howell 28 John and Carol Howland 10  Michael and Elizabeth Huber  Charles and Laura Hunt 7 Isabelle and Tom Hunter Walter and Dottie Hunter Paul and Joan Hurley Dorothy H. Jacobs Stephen and Judith Jagolinzer 10 Judith K. Jamieson 6 Marc Janigian ’82 and Krista Janigian  Lauren and Vivien Jones Herbert and Deborah Katz Jacob and Maureen Kenner Ethan Kisch and Helene Pniewski Lawrence G. Knowles, Jr. ’57 and Deborah Knowles 15 John M. and K. B. Kosterlitz 28 Judge Robert Krause ’63 and Marjorie Krause  13 Seth Kurn and Barbara Harris 23 Anne Landis 29 Betty and Fraser Lang Patricia and Stephen Lang 11

Amey and Charles Larmore 5 Steven and Roberta Lasser 5 Robert Lee and Jennifer Wood Sandra Nusinoff Lehrman and Stephen Lehrman  12 M. Rebecca Leuchak and William Monroe 6 Merrell K. Lievens David London ’60 and Toby London 5 David and Maria Lucier  20 Madeline A. Mabray  8 Harold Mackinney ’52 and Mary Mackinney  15 Inge and Edward Maggiacomo  David A. and Nancy Maidman Robert Mann ’69 and Judy Mann  30+ Ronald Markoff and Karen Triedman 14 Greg Marsello ’73 and Melinda Foley-Marsello Albert J. Martin, Jr. ’65 David Martin ’59 and Janice Martin 12 Timothy McCahan ’80 and Elizabeth McCahan  10 Christina and Jerry McIntyre 

Bonnie H. Reibman John and Marianne Renza 9 Janice and Richard Robbins 8 Judith E. Rocchio Allison Rock William J. Roland ’68 14 John Rooks ’78 and Cathleen Rooks 5 Linda and Thomas Rosalanko  Darrell Ross ’65 and Susan Ross  30+ Peter Rotelli ’70 and Rosemary Rotelli Barbara and Allen Rubine Eric and Terry Ruby 27 Matthew Runci ’64 and Laraine Runci John and Lisa Ryan Steven and Lisa Sack Thomas Sadler ’72 and Cynthia Sadler Gerrit Sanford ’45 and Elizabeth Sanford  30+ Marilyn and Jay Sarles  Patricia and John Savage Eric Schultz ’78 and Hilary Major 19 Walter Shaghalian ’64 and Viviane Shaghalian 11 Kathleen and Peter Shank MIDDLE SCHOOL Bruce and Judith Shaw 5 Craig S. C. Shaw ’48 19 PARENT L. Peter Sheehan ’75 and Pamela Sheehan 21 PARTICIPATION William and Gail Shepherd Denise and Bob Silveira CLASS OF ’20 (8TH): 90% Paul Silver ’68 and TH CLASS OF ’21 (7 ): 61% Katherine Haspel  30+ CLASS OF ’22 (6TH): 63% William and Cheryl Simmons 18 Robyn and Ted Smalletz  21 Robert Ellis Smith ’58 Barbara and Jim McKay 18 Rory and Betsy Smith Mr. and Mrs. Daniel V. McKinnon Kendrick and Anne Snyder Arthur Milot ’51 and Joan and Paul Sorensen  24 Martha Milot  30+ Charles Milot ’76 and Maria Milot 16 C. Jody and Randy Spencer  Susan and Tony Spirito  5 Terrence Moran ’76 and Ellen and Kenneth Steingold 8 Patricia Moran  30+ Bill Myers ’48 and Helene Myers 30+ Gabriele and Thomas Stones Douglas and Karen Storrs Bachu and Sharda Naik Victor and Lila Neel Deborah Neely and Stanley Oldstein donor recognition key Jack Nixon ’60 and Sharon Nixon J. Renn and Mary Olenn the grove Richard Oresman ’53 30+ Italicized numerals indicate years Thomas Palmer and of consecutive giving. Dominique Alfandre Gertrude F. Pansey*  15 the front circle Gordon Parker ’51 and Jane Parker  Blue and White Society Caroline Patterson Inlow $1,000–$2,499 James and Cynthia Patterson  Head’s Society Kenneth D. and Patricia Paynter $2,500–$4,999 Jean and Joseph V. Pennacchio 6 Ralph and Trish Perfetto  1784 Society Elliot M. and Deborah F. Perlman $5,000–$9,999 Gail and Steve Perlow Karen Peterson and Josh Peterson  Cupola Society Tony and Susan Pirruccello-McClellan 19 $10,000–$24,999 Leo V. Plante   Founders’ Society William G. Preston $25,000 and above Betsey Chaplin Quigley 30+ David and Belle Rampone  *Deceased John and Jane Reeder 5 annual report 2015-16 | 35


Paul Sydlowski ’59 and Barbara Sydlowski Michael J. and Anne Szostak Dominick Tammaro and Cay DenHerder Cheryl Teverow 9 Joshua and Cindy Teverow C. June Tow  28 Leonard Triedman ’46 and Cynthia Triedman  8 Steven Triedman ’76 and Elizabeth Isaacson Robert J. Van Amburgh Peter Van Lancker ’71 and Catherine Van Lancker Karen and Richard van Tienhoven 5 Laurent and Barbara Vernerey Stanley Wachtenheim ’70 and Mindy Wachtenheim Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Wallick  Newell and Robin Warde  18 Edythe C. Warren John and Elizabeth White  15 Mrs. Theodore S. Whitford 30+ N. Kim Wiegand and Peter Swaszek Ted Winston ’74 and Denise Winston 30+ Robert and Anne Wood Peter N. Woodberry  9 Dean Woodman ’46 and Jane Woodman  22 Richard Worrell ’52 and Mary Worrell  12 James and Harriet Wrenn 9 Elizabeth R. B. Zimmerman  30+ Joseph and Morrisa Zwetchkenbaum Anonymous (19)


Debra B. Abeshaus Joan C. Abrams Elizabeth Acheson Deborah Aiken and Thomas Sepe Peter and Diana Almonte Roy and Carol Anderson Jean Angell Rita D. Anselmi Pamela Arnold Lee Ann Backlund Nancy and Boris Bagranoff Stephanie Balmer Anwyl Bates MaryLou Bates Elizabeth R. Beals Kathleen M. Beauchene Nina Hudner Beitman and Harty Beitman Gretchen Bergill Parker Beverage Ruth Elizabeth Boyden Gow Thyra Briggs Jennifer Britz Ann Fleming Brown Teal Butterworth 9 Jenny Byers Lawrence and Irene Cabrelli 36 | annual report 2015-16

Ronald J. Caniglia Amy Cembor Tim Cheney Scott Chrysler Andrew and Sarah Cichon Thomas Colt Kenneth W. Conley Stephen and Cynthia Cook Mona R. Coppola Rhody Davis Clotide Dedecker Matthew DeGreeff Emily Devey Terri and Ed Devine Bradford Dimeo Carol Rowey DiPalma Colleen Donovan Kate L. Dunnigan Kathleen F. Dwyer Roderick and Florence Eaton Robert and Marilyn Edwards Marty Elkins Susan C. Emery Daniel Evans Anne Ferguson Richard and Andrea Finelli Edward M. and Gail Higgins Fogarty Jillian C. Fox

Priscilla Jackson 6 Douglas Jacobs  Peter Jennings Barton and Deborah Jones James and Nancy Kardon Miriam G. Kenney 13 Leah Lambert Lillian T. Lanzieri Richard and Joann Leroux Lauren Lieberman Veronica H. Lima Karen Linehan  Christopher Lydon David Lyons Margaret Lysy Jacquie Magiera Robert and Susan Mair Matt Malatesta Joseph and Margherita Mansolillo Cynthia G. and G. Stephen Marshall Frederick Martin Scott Mayer Arthur McCann Mary McDonald James Mclaughlin David McNab Donald and Britta McNemar  Nancy Meislahn Linda L. Mendonca John Merchant UPPER SCHOOL Martha Merrill Katharine K. Merriman PARENT Lucy Metcalf  PARTICIPATION Maria Mileno Sharon Hoffman Miles TH CLASS OF ’16 (12 ): 76% Randy Mills CLASS OF ’17 (11TH): 67% Larry Momo Eric Monheim CLASS OF ’18 (10TH): 61% Mary Lee Morrison  TH CLASS OF ’19 (9 ): 71% Doug and Elsie Morse  13 Anne S. Nash Mary Cureton French Al Newell and Elsie Eagle Katharine Fretwell Jonathan Nicholson Joel and Wendy Friedman Robert and Stephanie Nickerson Anthony and Kathleen Gazzola Charles Nolan Michael Geller Sheri L. Norton Jamie W. German 24 Paul and Carolyn O’Malley Edward Gillis Theodore A. O’Neill Albert and Sharon Gizzarelli Laura Oliveira Jeffrey and Jessica Goldstern Jane Parker 10 Martha H. Gordon John and Susan Paton Charles and Charlotte Gosselink 7 Nancy J. Pedrick Edward Graf Robert and Carol Ann Pisaturo Felicia Greene Christine Pluta Francis Gummere Martha Elliott Pratt  Peter Hagan Timothy Pratt William Hartog Kurt Raaflaub and Deborah Boedeker Meredith Harward Melanie Reed Jay and Evelyn Henry Samuel and Meg Richards Peter R. Henry Burke Rogers Richard and Carole Higginbotham Richard Roller Michael Hirtle  Stephanie Rubin Joanne and Richard Hoffman 23 Kathryn Ryan and Bart Gummere David Holdt 6 John and Jo-Anne Sbrega James A. Hopkins Angelyn C. Scala Marcia Hunt Sabine Schaefers and Matthew Jones Dale and Paula Hurley Johanna Shaghalian


30+ YEAR CONTRIBUTORS Elizabeth H. Shattuck  11 James and Lynn Shevlin George T. Sipp Denise A. Slaven Shannon Smith Whitney Soule William and Teresa Squizzero Jeffrey St. Sauveur  Beverly T. Stambaugh Blair D. Stambaugh 10 Liesa Stamm Lew and Lois Stival Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Stubbs Lewis and Hope Taylor Emanuel and Anneken Terezakis Vicki and Carey Thompson Webster Trenchard Mary Karen Vellines Michael Viveiros Tom Walsh Elizabeth Ward 10 Richard and Jo-Ann Warren Magrieta and Sherwood Willard Amy Wintermeyer Ari Worthman Anonymous (10) We have made every effort to ensure that this list is complete and accurate. If you have any questions, please contact: Kelly Fitzsimmons Associate Director of Development 401-831-7350 ext. 195 donor recognition key the grove

Italicized numerals indicate years of consecutive giving. the front circle

 Blue and White Society $1,000–$2,499

 Head’s Society $2,500–$4,999

 1784 Society $5,000–$9,999

 Cupola Society $10,000–$24,999

 Founders’ Society $25,000 and above *Deceased

The Obadiah Brown Society

More than 200 years ago, Moses Brown’s son, Obadiah (1771–1822), established a model of giving for all who care about MB. His gift of $100,000—at that time, the largest single bequest given to an educational institution in the United States—built a strong financial foundation for the school. Obadiah’s influence and vision along with his recognition of the need for enduring endowment left a legacy of excellence in education which continues at MB today.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Since that time, many have chosen to leave a personal legacy at MB by making planned gifts through bequests, life income gifts, or other deferred giving arrangements. The Obadiah Brown Society recognizes and honors members of the community who have thoughtfully provided for MB in their wills and other estate plans. Moses Brown is deeply grateful to The Obadiah Brown Society members listed below. With their future commitments, these individuals ensure that the experience that was so special, so formative, so important to them or their family, is possible for generations of students to come.

Mark Richard Alperin ’76 Frohman C. Anderson ’80 Peter Hoyle Armstrong ’52 Barbara and James Bachand Richard H. Blanding ’29* Zenas W. Bliss ’44 Emily Low Boenning ’81 Russell A. Boss ’57 Jeffrey G. Brier ’71 David and Anne Burnham* Blake Cady ’49 Richard H. W. Chadwell ’51 Thomas Chappell ’61 and Katherine Chappell William Howard Claflin ’46 Americo W. and Judith L. Colaluca Bradford D. Coleman ’71 Ellen and Charles* Collis Melissa MacGillivray Dane ’87 Audrey Latham Dreibelbis ’90 Donald Dwares ’55 Peter Lance Dwares ’62 Harley A. Frank ’81 Fred Goodrich ’51* Mrs. Ransom Griffin, Jr. GP’96 ’98 Gordon Holmes ’56

Ted Low ’44 and Emily Low Boenning ’81 have been leaders in this community for almost 75 years. Ted served his country and sailed around the world months after his MB graduation and now works side by side with his daughter Emily. Because of their shared experiences, life-long involvement, and ongoing love for Moses Brown, Ted and Emily have made gifts in their wills that will add to an endowed scholarship fund in their family’s name. Their bequests will create a permanent legacy – one that will be at MB for far more than 75 years.

Charles P. Isherwood ’40* E. Gardner Jacobs, Jr. ’43 Richard H. Jones ’42* Amy Roebuck Jones ’79 Walter R. Jones ’01* John C. Juhasz and Susan W. Juhasz* Peter E. Lacaillade ’67 Phillips L. Lillibridge ’41* Theodore F. Low ’44 Will Mackenzie ’56 Vincent A. Marcello ’60 Stanley Markowitz ’46 Douglas P. Marquis ’58 William C. McClaskey ’57 James R. McCulloch ’70 Bruce G. McInnes ’55 Terrence P. Moran ’76 C. William Myers ’48 C. Rodney O’Connor ’50 Lester N. Odams ’47* King B. Odell Harmon A. Poole, Jr. ’42 Beth A. Prairie ’89 Marianne and John Renza Ann and Robert Rheault

Stuart B. and Donna Robinson Thomas Rockel ’53* Gail S. Samdperil ’81 Bob Samors ’77 Francis B. Sargent ’48 Turner C. Scott ’66 Peter Shattuck ’52* Craig S. C. Shaw ’48 P ’78 ’82 A. Homer Skinner, Jr. ’38 Charles G. Staples II ’47 & Joan Staples Charles B. Stuart ’56 Reza Taleghani ’90 Stephen Toro Leonard J. Triedman ’46 Anthony F. Vincent ’59* Richard H. Webster ’42* Paul H. Welch ’53 Wade M. Wilks ’66 Robert A. Whitaker ’29* Daniel Winston ’05 Dean Stuart Woodman ’46 Dudley J. Woodman ’25* and Alma Woodman* Anonymous (7)

Please note that * denotes Obadiah Brown Society members being honored posthumously. annual report 2015-16 | 37

f inancial sustainability

2015–2016 Operating Budget Application of Funds

Income Tuition



- $3,509,000

Tuition Remission

- $1,804,000

Net Tuition


The Moses Brown Fund


Restricted Gifts


Endowment Income


Camps and Bookstore


Application Fees






66.9% 8.3% 6.2% 7.5%

Total Compensation Academic Programs Facility Operations Administrative Programs

4.5% 3.0% 2.3% 1.3%

Plant Renewal Debt Service Utilities Other

Functional Allocation of Expenses

Expenditures Compensation Instruction

$10,503,000 $2,917,000

Staff and Administration Operations


Total Compensation


Academic Program Funding


Facility Operations


Non-Academic Program Funding


Plant Renewal and Replacement


Debt Service




Insurances: Liability, Workers Comp, Commercial



38 | annual report 2015-16


70.4% 29.6%

Instruction and Student Services General and Administrative

Sources of Funds

88.7% 5.5% 4.1% 1.7%

Net Tuition The Moses Brown Fund and Other Contributions Endowment Income Other Income

a vigorous student body

Admissions While MB’s enrollment target is 768, the school has been in the fortunate position of exceeding our target, even through the recession of 2008. In 2015–16 we enrolled 21% students of color, with a goal of reaching or surpassing 25% by 2022.

Student Demographics

790 166 (21%) Students of Color 96 (12%) Children of Alumni 16 (2%) Quakers

780 780 770 TARGET = 768










Gender Breakdown

Enrollment Students Receiving Financial Aid 800

Total Enrollment





403 377

Total on Financial Aid




Male Female



Attrition Rate*


10% 8%


118 15%

0 2008/09

141 18%


159 20%

172 22%



184 24%

189 25%

190 24%

6% 4% 2%








National Association of Independent Schools Moses Brown

*Students leaving each year annual report 2015-16 | 39

Endowment fuels the future

Like a smooth-running machine, Moses Brown’s fiscal engine is powered by income received through tuition, charitable donations, and annual distributions from endowed funds. Endowed funds, like 401k or 529 accounts, are saved and invested today for a specific purpose tomorrow. Endowment distributions help us provide the best education possible—supporting great teaching, academic and co-curricular programs, and scholarship. MB Believes is an opportunity to secure the financial future of Moses Brown. Over 233 years MB has amassed an endowment of over $26 million (via both gifts and market growth). With the success of MB Believes, the school will add $28.1 million in new gifts to the school’s endowment, more than doubling its current size. To secure MB’s reputation and strength, the school needs to build the financial resources to attract the best teachers and students and provide them with truly world-class facilities and programs. This campaign has the potential to catapult MB to a much stronger position among peer schools regionally and nationally.


will more than double our current endowment. A CAMPAIGN FOR LEARNING, PEOPLE, AND PLACE


26.1 26.1











40 | annual report 2015-16






endowment funds Moses Brown is proud to recognize the 126 endowed funds comprising the school’s $26.1 million endowment. This list includes the 15 endowed funds that were established in 2015-16. The following funds are organized by purpose: Creamer Family Scholarship Fund Nathaniel C. Earle ’70 Endowed Fund M. Falk Fund F. H. Gifford Fund G. M. Gifford Fund The Eric and Dana Falk Endowed Scholarship Fund The Flynn Family Endowed Scholarship Fund The E. E. Ford Foundation Fund for ACCESS Frank Fuller Scholarship Fund The Goldberg Family Scholarship Fund Philip Gould Scholarship Fund Phyllis Gunion Fund The Haffenreffer Endowed Scholarship Fund Joanne P. Hoffman Endowed Scholarship Stephen R. Howe Scholarship Fund John F. Kenney, Jr. ’50 Endowed Fund Lacaillade Family Endowed Scholarship Fund Physical Plant Joseph Lake Endowed Scholarship C. Brier Fund Tony L. Leonard ’79 Endowment Fund Program/Student Experience Chase Fund Low Family Fund Anderson Fund Jack A. Lubrano ’20 Scholarship Fund Jake Bliss ’93 Endowed Fund for Adventurous Service Unrestricted Funds Michael Maggiacomo ’85 Memorial Scholarship Fund Class of 2011 Legacy Fund Bowditch Fund Marathon 2500 Endowed Scholarship Fund Marc A. Dwares ’94 Fund for Community Service F. Brownell Fund Vincent A. Marcello ’60 Endowed Scholarship Fund Expert Thinking Fund Campaign for Moses Brown School Endowed Fund MB Scholarship Fund Friends Education Fund Centennial Endowed Fund McCune Endowed Scholarship Fund Debbie Goff Library Fund Class of 1914 Fund Thomas Melucci ’84 Memorial Fund The Goddard Fund for Student Projects C. Cooksey Fund Milner Family Endowed Scholarship Fund H. Scotte Gordon Endowed TRIPs Fund G. M. Gates Fund Moses Brown Parents’ Association Fund for Scholarship Sarah Howland Fund Jason Goldstein ’58 Fund Petrosinelli Family Endowed Scholarship Fund Rip Hudner ’99 Fund for Outdoor Leadership Charles G. Greenhalgh Fund Dwight Hall Owen, Jr. and Sr., Endowed Fund Lacaillade Family Student Travel and Experience Fund Walter R. Jones Trust Fund Ramsden Family Endowed Scholarship Fund Malcolm Lipson Fund Lower School Fund for Special Projects M. D. Slocomb Fund Moses Brown School Improvement Fund MB TRIPs Fund Peter D. Smith ’88 Memorial Scholarship Fund Richard F. Richardson Fund Middle School Fund for Curriculum Sorensen Endowed Scholarship Fund H. D. Sharp Fund Innovation & Technology Evan B. Spirito ’06 Endowed Scholarship Fund A.J. Smiley Fund Pansey Visiting Artist Theatre Fund Dirk Stones ’82 Memorial Fund Rebecca Akin (Wing) Steere Fund Petteruti STEM Co-curricular Experience Fund L. Ralston Thomas Scholarship Fund Third Century Fund Alexandra Quattromani ’14 TRIPs Fund Philip J. Tripp Fund Frances E. Wheeler Fund Andrew Quattromani ’14 Expert Thinking Fund Edith C. Ware Endowed Scholarship Fund Donald Aldrich Murdock Fund Paul H. Welch ’53 Endowed Scholarship Fund Scholarship Brad Shipp ’83 Endowed TRIPs Fund Anonymous (3) Andrew F. Anderson ’81 Endowed Scholarship Fund Lillian H. Simmons Library Fund The Bianco Endowed Scholarship Fund Charles Taber Memorial Fund Randall W. Bliss ’46 Alumni Scholarship Fund Truslow Fund Board Designated Fund for Financial Aid Upper School Foreign Language Endowed Fund The Class of 2015 Endowed Scholarship Upper School Fund for Senior Projects Awards & Prizes Hannah J. Bailey Fund Thomas J. Battey Fund Obadiah Brown Fund Eugene Capotosto ’33 Latin Prize Fund Class of ’48 Fund for Independent Study & Inquiry John F. Kenney Prize Fund R. Morris Fund Carter Palmer ’38 Memorial Prize Fund John Milton Payne II Prize Fund David Earle Pearce ’46 Fund Sophia L. Pitman Book Prize Fund Susan M. Seabury Memorial Prize Fund Charles H. Smith Fund R. Thomas Fund Ben Tré Fund for the Visual Arts Howard Seth Young, Jr. ’42 Prize Fund Jim English Prize Fund

Faculty Support Rufus S. D. Bilodeau ’89 Fund Burton Fund for Faculty Enrichment The Russell Carpenter ’59 Program in Teaching Excellence Class of 1960 Master Teacher Development Fund Class of 2013 Team Teaching Fund Collins Family Fund The E. E. Ford Foundation Fund for Faculty Salaries Leonard Miller ’51 Fund for Travel/Study King B. “Doc” Odell Distinguished Teaching Chair Fund (peter ‘67 and constance lacaillade) Joseph Olney ’32 Sabbatical Fund Pension Funds (3) Swan Fund for Faculty Enrichment World Class Teaching Endowment

annual report 2015-16 | 41

Campaign goal updates 2015-16 Campaign Steering Committee Honorary Chairs Jane & Dean Woodman ’46 Russell Carpenter ’59 Campaign Chairs Brian & Barbara Goldner Clerk of the Board Habib Gorgi ’74 Head of School Matt Glendinning Clerk of CSC Gary Goldberg ’87



$ 5.4 million


The Moses Brown Fund

$ 1.0 million


Scholarship Current-Use (annual giving)


Other Current-Use (annual giving)

$ 4.0 million


TRIPs Endowment


Expert Thinking Model Endowment

Vice Chairs Frohman Anderson ’80 Ted Fischer ’83 Gardner Lane Kate & Shaun Levesque

$ 1.5 million

Members Chris Baker ’70 John E. Baldwin ’94 John T. Barrett ’63 Charlene Cassese Michael Chase Roger Clifton Meg Clurman Anne Earle Matt Fishbein ’02 Heidi Gilkenson Rebecca Leuchak Don McNemar Jane Ritson-Parsons


$17.5 million*


$ 5.6 million*


$ 1.5 million*


$ 1.5 million*


Sailing & Marine Education Center


Other Facility Support


Gifts Not Yet Designated

$15.0 million


Scholarship Endowment

$ 3.5 million


World-Class Teaching Endowment

$56.50 m

42 | annual report 2015-16

Other Endowment Support

Woodman Family Community & Performance Center Young Learners Center Y-Lab


total raised to date

* These goals include a total of $4.1 million in endowment dedicated to the long-term operating and maintenance costs of these new facilities.

Thank you! annual report 2015-16 | 43

Moses Brown School

44 | annual report 2015-16

250 Lloyd Avenue, Providence RI 02906 (401) 831-7350

2016 Annual Report  
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