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A few things to remember before searching for a good USC student housing •

Graduating to college is, in total, a different, heavenly feeling. It is the time you feel all jittery and nervous and giddy about getting older and acquiring a new genre of freedom. Amidst all this, one thing is very important, accommodations. Especially, when you have got the honour of studying in a prestigious university like the University Of Southern California, Thousands of students flock to USC every year, sending hostel accommodations into tizzy. For those who are lucky they get to live in the hostel, but those not-so-lucky people have to find USC student housing outside the campus.


The features one should look for in housing outside the campus: All basic requirements are fulfilled. Distance between campus and home. Safety measures are intact. Affordability.

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There are many USC property management services that offer houses in rent for numerous USC students. All of them have few basic things. Additional facilities depend on the price. The basic amenities offered USC housings are:

 Fully furnished, spacious rooms, common rooms and well equipped bathrooms.  Clean and hygienic.  Department of Public Safety or DPS patrol area.

 Parking facility available.  Free internet and laundry.  5 to 8 bedroom accommodations too for USC group housing. •

How to look for an accommodation?

 Getting recommendations: The new students can take a leaf out of their seniors and live in the place which they have just vacated. Friends, family, relatives may be of immense help in finding USC housing for those who are new to the area.  Posting requirements ad: You can post an ad for accommodations in your college or online. This will help you acquire people with common interest and then you can go USC group housing hunting together.  Websites: Local website can be very handy when it comes to searching for accommodations as it will allow you to get a better look at the things and decide beforehand measuring everything properly.

ďƒ˜ Agents: They have a very good source of providing you with all the things you need in a proper housing facility outside the university campus. They have the list of the good ones and their price too. ďƒ˜ Taking assistance from USC property management services of the campus: for parents and kids who are new to the area, the university runs a special cell that will provide all assistance one needs in finding a proper house for living outside the campus but within the near vicinity of the University. •

Both hostels are really short and also college life is equal to enjoyment, so you will be able to find a proper USC student housing which is in the vicinity and is according to the exact requirement of your needs. So welcome to your new home.

A few things to remember before searching for a good USC student housing  
A few things to remember before searching for a good USC student housing  

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