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Chakra Tarot Collage-Making Is Cancer a State of Mind? Network Care’s Five Gifts

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Mosaic Magazine — Summer 2010

Summer 2010 — Mosaic Magazine


I Love Mosaic protocols. It’s really because I don’t want to duplicate what’s already being done well; it’s simply not what I feel called to do. My vision for Mosaic is very clear. I want it to provide the many service providers in this community with a respectable and professional place to educate others about whatever it is that they do - to highlight the wide variety of personal development, alternative health and healing therapies/services available here. AND I want our readers to learn, try and then be changed by things they wouldn’t have even known about any other way. I want the information in Mosaic to be a catalyst, a stepping stone to change whatever is not working in your life or to explore new parts of who you are. I want you to see what’s in Edmonton and surrounding areas and then go and experience it for yourself. Why? Because experiencing something can change your life in a way that reading words can’t. by Connie Brisson I wanted to make a difference. When I took Mosaic over six years ago, I had my own vision of how I thought it could help people. I wanted it to be an interesting, avant-garde magazine that was a professional, credible and beautiful resource. AND I wanted it to provide readers with an opportunity to learn about the many life changing therapies, people and businesses available right HERE. At that time I was already trained in many levels of CranioSacral Therapy and that therapy really marked the beginning of my healing journey. It changed how I looked and experienced both my past and present and because of that, it also changed my future. However, I knew that if I had just seen ‘CranioSacral Therapy’ on someone’s business card, I wouldn’t have called them because I wouldn’t have known what it was. But if I’d had the opportunity to read about it, heard examples of how it changed people’s lives, then I know I would have tried it. And, my only wish is that I would have known about it sooner. If I knew then what I know now, my daughter and I would not have had such a difficult time following her birth. If I knew then what I know now, I would’ve done everything I could to help my brother Gene with his cancer, to have hopefully prolonged his life or even just made him more comfortable. But I just didn’t know then what I know now. So when I tell you I want you to learn about things in this magazine you may not have otherwise known about, that have the possibility of changing your life for the better, I sincerely mean it.

You can gain insights and knowledge from reading what Martha Beck thinks (in Oprah’s magazine) but if you need help with your own situation, then I want you to be able to talk to someone real - right here - in Edmonton. Martha is not going to take your call ☺, but there are Life Coaches here like Youmashni Naidoo who will. I’ve read a lot about Feng Shui, but it’s no comparison to what I’ve learned having Skye MacLachlan go through my home, room by room, making me aware of the impact of each one and teaching me how to transform what isn’t working for me in my life by changing something there. Ten years (and three different houses) later, I know Feng Shui works. When I joined Liz Garratt’s Inspired Business Planning Circle I was looking for her business expertise, but I’ve honestly had more big “aha’s” about myself there than in any selfdevelopment course I’ve ever taken. And the list goes on. We’ve got amazing people right here and I want you to know about them and benefit from it. I want you to find what’s right for you and I want the right people/services to have a place to communicate, educate and reach you. That’s what Mosaic is about for me - a community resource that links the right people together for everyone’s highest good. We are all making a difference by doing whatever it is that we love to do. Turns out, Mosaic is my way. For upcoming Mosaic Book Club dinners, Catherine Potter’s monthly astrological forecasts, deadlines and more, go to and sign up for our bimonthly ezine/newsletter that arrives as an email. While you’re there, post a comment about what you love about Mosaic (or this issue) and I could be taking you out for a delicious lunch. One good deed deserves another. ☺

Mosaic is not a typical magazine and I don’t want it to be. I’ve been asked why I don’t do what other magazines do and print those same types of articles or follow ‘usual’ magazine


Mosaic Magazine — Summer 2010



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Network Care’s five gifts of the spine by Dr. Robin Browne


My ‘AHA’ Moment

What is in a name? AHA! by Anny Slegten


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Is Cancer a state of mind? by Tammie Quick

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Mind your business please by Catherine Potter


Creating positive changes in others by Abe Brown


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Mosaic Interview with Dr. Eric Pearl by Connie Brisson


Why Canada came calling to me by Tina Hall

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Showing joy and beauty in my art by Cindy Revell


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Loving what is, just the way it is by Connie Brisson

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Getting hooked on Chakra Tarot When I bought my first set of Tarot cards I was hooked - on the look of their shiny surfaces, the feel of them in my hands and their extraordinary but familiar images. I immediately started giving intuitive readings to my friends until work, life and childbirth intervened and they went into a bottom drawer under the diapers. A few years later I attended Psychic Development classes and on my first night, my teacher showed me a pack of Tarot cards and told me it was the only psychic ‘tool’ I would ever need. Laughing, I went home, dug out my old set and got to work. She was right - I’ve never looked back. She showed me that Tarot cards were a lot more than a way of giving a past, present and future reading; that they were an excellent healing tool. So I began to experiment blending Reiki self-treatments with Tarot readings. I found the reading would firstly reveal some very deep-seated emotional issues which the Reiki treatment could then target very effectively. This led me to create ‘Chakra Tarot’ for others - a combination of a Tarot reading immediately followed by a chakra-balancing Reiki treatment. It is especially useful for dealing with persistent or recurring emotional blocks or physical ailments - but it’s also a great general check-up. In Chakra Tarot the client selects seven cards which are then laid out according to the seven key chakra positions (from crown to base). Each card is interpreted according to the position it’s in and the functions of the chakra it represents. The performance of each chakra is summed up by the first card then further cards are pulled to dig deeper and identify the specific issues that have manifested there. Finally, Reiki energy is used to verify the findings of the reading and to apply healing.

logical reason for her behaviour as she considered her kids a blessing and had always been a loving mother. When we looked at the cards she pulled for her Chakra Tarot treatment, her heart chakra was represented by the Nine of Swords - simplistically interpreted as ‘the nightmare card’. The next card was the Queen of Swords and as I began to discuss the qualities of the card with her, she immediately recognised her own mother and was reminded of past conflicts they had shared. Despite their later reconciliation, the effects of the old issues were still being held inwardly in her heart chakra and were now being reflected emotionally in her relationship with her own children. Brilliance © Rose-Marie Cameron —

by Sue Clynes Tarot & Reiki Practitioner/Teacher

During the Reiki part of the treatment, the client had significant emotional release and then experienced an overwhelming sense of calm. She had two follow-up Reiki treatments and is now feeling a new attachment to her kids and giving lots more hugs and kisses.

I know that Tarot has more possibilities than simply being an oracle. Both as a tool for myself and for treating others, it’s proven its worth to me over and over again. It is a powerful system for self-development and healing - often deeply potent, block-shifting ‘wow’ kind of healing! I hope you get hooked too. Sue has been reading Tarot for 20 years and teaching for the last eight. She’s also a Reiki Master/Teacher and trained in Mediumship and Psychic Development. Contact her in Stony Plain at 780-485-7317, or visit

Chakra Tarot is not a usual Tarot reading - it is very focused and interactive. The client helps to interpret the cards to ensure we really get to the root of their unique issue(s). To her distress, one of my clients had started to reject her children, spending no more time with them than to provide for their immediate needs. She could find no


Mosaic Magazine — Summer 2010

Soul Stories

Collage-making as a spiritual practice Over the last 10 years, collage-making has served many different purposes in my life. As a form of alchemy, the combining and recombining of incongruous images has led to both transformations in my inner world and breakthroughs in my outer life. As a spiritual practice it helps me to gather, balance and re-connect the parts of myself that have become scattered and disconnected. In a collage, all of my heart’s desires, interests, feelings and identities can be yoked together and co-exist in the same space. Many of my collages specifically unite my experiences with different spiritual paths and religions, some of which have historically been at odds with each other. There’s often a sensation of soul traveling back to different times and places and re-visiting past experiences with different paths.

The Pearl © Lisa Chater

As a form of bhakti yoga or devotional art-making (perhaps my favorite way of looking at the process) making collages is one of my ways of expressing my love and gratitude to the guides and healers from different lineages who have helped me and to various deities, saints and ascended masters. Deities manifest and come alive in the images we create when we create them with intense devotion. They infuse their energy and presence into the imagery and it’s possible to commune with them very intimately.

by Lisa Chater Within me is a river of imagery that seems to continuously flow. Collage-making has been a way for me to connect with that river and have a conversation with that part of myself that speaks in a visual, symbolic language. Finding just the right images is part of the mystery and the fun. They arrive with delightful timing in flyers in the mail and in magazines in waiting rooms, cafes and grocery stores. Sometimes I’ve just dreamed of an image or have been contemplating something in my life that’s related to an image and suddenly there it is. Sometimes I’m just intensely attracted to an image and other images begin to gather and constellate around it, creating a shape or what some would call a vision. It’s wonderful when that happens. I can feel something beyond ‘me’ making the collage while I watch it take shape.

In this way collage-making is simultaneously a spiritual practice for me, a visual diary of my journey and ultimately, a spiritual service for anyone who feels drawn to connecting with the energies in them. Different collages seem to attract different people for different reasons. I just try to follow the river of my soul and then share my journey with others. A collage can take anywhere from one week to six months to complete. Once completed I usually spend considerable time contemplating the image and allowing it to balance, heal and guide some deeper part of myself. Like a good dream, the interpretation of a collage is never really finished. I can go back years later and say: “Oh! This is what that meant!” There are always new surprises and new levels of understanding and always, always some transcendent mystery to them that connects them to the larger collage of my life, as well as the collage of life we’re all a part of. Lisa has a PhD in Educational Psychology, specializing in creativity. Her collages will be on exhibit at Crimson Quill (#110, 8 Perron Street, St. Albert) from June 3 - July 1, as part of the annual St. Albert Art Walk. She can be reached at

Summer 2010 — Mosaic Magazine


Is Cancer a state of mind? Samuel Hahnemman (the father of homeopathy and Heilkunst) said that all disease is a state of mind: cancer is no exception. One of the things that I love most about the science of Heilkunst is that it encompasses many other teachings. Recently our collective consciousness has been made aware of the power of our thoughts by movies like The Secret. This is a beautiful depiction of how our state(s) of mind shape our thoughts and therefore our life experience. So imagine living with a thought process that tells you that you don’t matter... that what you passionately desire doesn’t matter... that to be a good person, you must always do unto others first. This is the cancer state of mind. (To a homeopath, it’s called Carcinosin.) After years of living with these thoughts and acting on them, it only makes sense that the cells of your body would align themselves with your beliefs. On the physical level, cancer is really interesting. Cancer cells are rather chaotic. They don’t respond like ‘normal’ cells and they don’t survive in oxygen. It’s almost like the cancer cells are encapsulated in their own little, chaotic party. In fact, it’s as if those cancer cells are living the life that the cancer patient isn’t. The cancer patient is busy doing only what he or she ‘should’ but those cancer cells do what they ‘want’.

quit their job and live like every day could be the last. But being used to putting their wants and needs aside, cancer patients do what others want, missing the message and the potential healing that the cancer cells bring with them. The cancer cells are the proverbial ‘messenger’ that gets ‘shot’. However the life force is strong and eventually tries again. This, the doctors say, is when the cancer is really aggressive and has metastasized. So then a more aggressive round of chemo and/or radiation must be used, and so on, until our cancer patient dies. Have you ever noticed how many people die of cancer treatment and not of cancer itself? The Heilkunst physician approaches cancer the same way he or she approaches any other malady... by following the map of shocks and traumas and treating them in the reverse order that they occurred and by treating any acute disease states that are noted along the way. In this case Carcinosin would be given, to treat the state of mind that sets the patient up for cancer. Additionally your Heilkunst physician will make recommendations for lifestyle changes and/or other healing modalities (such as German New Medicine) to support you on this profound healing journey. Jazz in the Garden © Cindy Revell —

by Tammie Quick DMH, DHHP

To be clear, I’m not saying that you can get rid of cancer simply by thinking about something else, but that cancer cells have a purpose and with proper treatment, they are not a death sentence but an affirmation of living one’s life.

For more information on Heilkunst, Homeopathy or German New Medicine, please visit Tammie’s website at or call 780-221-6127. Note: This information is for educational purposes only. It is intended to supplement your current health program and not to replace the care of a doctor. For diagnosis or treatment of any disease please consult a licensed physician.

Now what do we do with people who don’t follow the rules? We get rid of them (and cancer patients know this well). In this case we cut the chaotic cells out and then bombard the area with toxic chemicals. If our cancer patient got the message and changed his/her state of mind to reflect a self-love and a self-first attitude, then it could be a ‘cancer miracle’. But traditional cancer treatment is an abysmal failure, with a success rate that has not improved statistically since the 1950’s. Typically cancer patients will do whatever their doctors and loved ones tell them to, rather than follow their inner voice. That voice might tell them to finally go on that trip to Venice, learn to speak Spanish, take ballet lessons or


Mosaic Magazine — Summer 2010

Summer 2010 — Mosaic Magazine


Network Care’s five gifts of the spine by Dr. Robin Browne Doctor of Chiropractic I became a chiropractor because of what I experienced on my very first treatment. It was a mainstream chiropractic joint manipulation (aka: twist and crack treatment). I didn’t know what to expect but when it was over, I couldn’t get over how much more whole I felt. In that moment I decided that I had to know more about how adjusting the spine could possibly produce the deep sense of connection that I had just felt. That experience was why I became a chiropractor.

me down while venting his stress and before I could catch myself, I said: “NO, I’m not going to take that from you.” I’m not sure who was more surprised - him or me! You see, back then I was SO nice and normally would have just quietly accepted his snide remark. When I stood up for myself, I realized that Network Care was helping me at a much deeper level than I had realized. Dr. Donald Epstein created Network Care by asking: “What is the least amount of intervention that produces the most amount of change?”

In chiropractic college I learned there are several hundred methods of adjusting the spine and I wondered if my experience of connectedness was the goal of any of the methods (or if my experience was just a strange side effect). Then I learned that Network Care had connection as its goal. My first experience with Network Care was as a chiropractic student. I had no idea what to expect other than there was no joint manipulation and that it involved light touches along the spine. I remember it well because before the treatment I had no idea how I would survive the stresses of the exams scheduled for the following week.

Woman Divine © Bernadette McCormack —

After one light touch on my neck, I thought: “Umm oookaaaay?” Then, after a few more light touches I was asked to sit up. I did feel more relaxed but what really amazed me was that when I thought about my upcoming exams NOW I felt like I could handle it, that everything would be fine. I really had no idea how those light touches made that possible. The effect after my next few treatments was a little different each time. Sometimes I felt less tension in my neck or back, sometimes I felt it was easier to breathe. Overall I felt more at ease and confident about life. After my sixth treatment I felt a deep sense of peace that I could only compare to how I felt after I had meditated 20 minutes a day for several months. I was amazed again that such a simple treatment could produce that kind of mental shift. Then around my 12th treatment, something happened. One light touch and I felt heavy, two and I felt like I was sinking through the floor toward the center of the earth. Then in my next breath I felt rage and as soon as I thought: “What the?” the emotion shifted to grief. Then, just as quickly, my mood became joy. Then my helpful inner voice informed me: “You see, underneath your stored anger and grief is the joy you’ve been missing.” WOW! The next few weeks had more surprising, yet appropriate moments. I can still remember one of my classmates putting


Mosaic Magazine — Summer 2010

Everyone learns how to store stress as muscle tension (as a way of coping). As the stored tension accumulates it distorts our posture and gradually leads to misalignment. Patterns of stored tension can trigger you to experience thoughts or emotions from a previous stressful time. Once triggered, you’re not fully conscious because your body is in defense mode. Network Care helps the brain become aware of stored tension habits and transforms how you adapt to stress. With regular Network Care your body improves its ability to self heal through development of the five gifts of the spine. The first gift of the spine is FUNCTION. Every part of body has a function to fulfill and they are all designed to function together. They require the nervous system to coordinate them. If there is tension in your nervous system, there is decreased function in every system of your body. The spinal column serves to protect the nervous system and is the hub of strength and movement of the body. Network Care is fast at improving muscle tightness, aches and pains because releasing stored tension in the muscles restores alignment and function. The second is EMOTION. Motion and E-motion are part of the same process. Every emotion you have has a corresponding posture. When you are angry, your head comes down and your shoulders go forward and you compress the spine into a C-shape. When you’re inspired, the shoulders and head come back into extension and the spine has curves. If it is difficult for you to feel an emotion then likely it is difficult for you to assume the postures that would reflect/predispose you to it. Emotional range and range of motion are the paired outcome of reducing carried tension in the body. Emotions are important because they act as fuel for changes we want to make in our lives. You cannot heal what you cannot feel. Emotions can change genetic expression and as such are a large part of cellular healing. Range of emotion affects the expression of life force. So when people ask me: “Does Network Care help with Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer or other conditions?” the answer is: “as your alignment and function open to an increased range of motion and emotion, you can choose to empower renewed healing outcomes.” I often observe the breath, color and overall vitality of the person shift at this point in care.

As you progress in Network Care with less carried tension, a flexible spine, increased range of emotion and more awareness of your sense of self, you start making different choices. When you begin in Network Care the stored tension in your body is what leads to symptoms and that’s what you want taken care of. So initially you’re driven by the need to move away from tension. As your stored tension releases you begin to live with an awareness of ease. Soon your choices become motivated by moving towards ease and these choices support wellness behaviors like eating better and being more active. BEHAVIOR is the fourth gift of the spine. You might think that you make a health change and then get healthier. In fact when you feel healthier you make choices to support that better feeling. The question that arises is: “You know what to do to be healthier so why don’t you do it?” But the reality is that until you increase your FUNCTION and range of EMOTION, until you shift your SENSE OF SELF (which requires a shift in the flow of your life force), you can’t sustain the awareness and motive to act upon your ‘good ideas’. One of the best rewards of Network Care is that moment when you notice that you’re automatically doing things that you could never get yourself to do before (healthy things like eating better and exercising). The fifth gift of the spine is CONSCIOUSNESS. In advanced Network Care there is no defensive posturing to trigger you into checking out. Your ability to experience any of the five gifts continues to organize to a higher level allowing you to experience your life from increasingly larger circles. The five gifts of the spine are part of every Network Care treatment and gradually form the tools that you learn to access with your breath, movement and touch for whatever you want to heal or whoever you choose to grow into. Robin offers Network Care at New Strategy Wellness Centre. It’s exciting how easy wellness can be. To get started today call 780429-0023. Note: This information is for educational purposes only. It is intended to supplement your current health program and not to replace the care of a doctor. For diagnosis or treatment of any disease please consult a licensed physician.

After emotion you need thought. The lower mind has the ability to freeze moments of our experience in time so they can be examined. Gradually we form templates for how to behave in familiar situations because it is simply more energy efficient. For example when you first learned to drive a car, there were many things to do and pay attention to. After a time you could drive the car with ease even while doing or thinking of something else. These templates also form the basis of our style. They reflect our identity and form the third gift, the SENSE OF SELF. With more awareness and flexibility you can choose new habits, form new templates, which lead to the next gift.

Summer 2010 — Mosaic Magazine



Mosaic Magazine — Summer 2010

My AHA Moment

What is in a name? AHA! My self hypnosis CDs were not selling until I noticed the labels were not self explanatory. One had to read what was on the label to know what the recording was for and no one has the time to do so. Aha! There was no congruency between what it was and the image the label projected. Now the labels depict the content of the recordings and the CDs are selling well. I recently had an interesting experience that prompted me to write this article so you too can benefit from it. One of our courses named Hypno-Doula was not attracting many students. As usual when wanting inspiration, I ‘slept on it’. (I am teased a lot about this by my colleagues who trained here with me at the Hypnotism Training Institute of Alberta - HTIA) Upon awakening the answer was there, loud and clear. Aha! The name Hypno-Doula was bringing an image very different from what the training was all about and the beautiful and valuable service the graduates could provide to women and men alike.

by Anny Slegten Clinical Hypnotherapist Is the name of your business indicating what you are doing and who you want to attract? And what about your business card? Is your message clear at a glance? Pay attention. What image are you projecting each time you write or say: “I have a small office,” “I have a little store” or “a small … with a big heart” and then wonder what is going on with your business? Think about it. What do you really want and where do you want to go with it. And then, have a good look at the image your business name projects. Different cultures, different images. A car named Nova did not sell at all in Spanish language countries because it projected the image of not going, of ‘no go’. At the Beijing Olympic games, Australians thought Canadians were absolutely rude because all their apparel sported the name Roots. Well, ‘roots’ in Australia is a very crude word and I would not like to explain what it means in this well respected magazine.

Having more than 300 hours of classroom instruction in hypnosis and hypnotherapy, clinical hypnotherapists trained at the HTIA help women (and men) from the baby’s conception, through a healthy and enjoyable full term pregnancy and on to experience a safe and fulfilling birth including post partum birth or rebirth of a family. The name of this program has now been changed from Hypno-Doula to Hypno-Baby Birthing. Are you getting the picture? Consider the chef at a mining camp who had laboured a complete day making Roulade. To the chef’s despair, not one miner even looked at them. Knowing miners, the assistant camp manager told the chef to put his Roulade back on the menu, but this time with the name ‘Rolled Minute Steaks in Gravy’. All the miners loved it and kept coming for more until they were all gone. So, what is in a name? The image it brings to a person’s mind. It is as simple as that. Anny is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Director of the Hypnotism Training Institute of Alberta (HTIA). She has been in private practice since 1984, offering private sessions and classes. Visit www.success-and-more-com

Summer 2010 — Mosaic Magazine


Skye’s View

Surrounding ourselves with love Take a look around your home and ask yourself: “What do I really love?” Recently I had some wonderful feedback about Connie Brisson’s home. When Elizabeth recently visited Connie’s home for the first time, she said she was amazed by how it looked and felt. When she mentioned this, Connie told her that one of the simplest, but biggest, things she learned from Feng Shui was to only fill her home with what she really loves. And this inspired Elizabeth to think about recreating her own beautiful home with new eyes. I’ve had the pleasure of doing an annual Feng Shui consultation with Connie for several years. The transformation of how her home feels today has been a gradual, yet profoundly powerful one. The first time I saw her home, she had many items there because someone gave them to her, because they matched the decor or because she thought she might need them someday. And there were also sprinklings of magic, those pieces that were loved treasures. Today, Connie is very much aware of choosing only what she loves, even if it means waiting a couple of years for a sofa that makes her heart sing! Choosing to surround yourself with what you love is at the heart of Feng Shui. So how should you approach this journey in your own home? Let’s explore what it’s not, so that what it is can shine through. Surrounding yourself with what you love is not the same as obsessive perfectionism. I’ve been in homes where nothing is out of place and there’s a ‘don’t touch!’ feeling to the home. I had a client who wouldn’t hang her child’s paintings because the art work wasn’t good enough. Remember that a home is to be lived in and enjoyed; every family member deserves space for what they love.

Some of you might have the ‘it’s never enough’ syndrome. This will show itself as an inability to enjoy what you love. It can also manifest as an endless hunger for more and more of what you do love; it never feels like enough. This is a red flag that indicates it’s time to do some inner work around your ability to receive and to know that you are enough, just the way you are. Surrounding yourself with what you love is not necessarily about spending lots of money. What we love can cost very little. Sometimes what we create by hand can have the most powerful, soul connection to us and not cost a lot. Sunflower 2 © Monika Dery —

by Skye MacLachlan Feng Shui Consultant

In doing Feng Shui, I’ve noticed that some of the biggest and wealthiest homes are often the most lacking in soul. In those homes it’s very common to hire a decorator and often the decor doesn’t reflect what the people in the home love. I’ll always remember a huge home that felt very cold and when I asked the owner to show me what she loved, she gave me a blank stare; she couldn’t even show me one item that was special to her.

If you feel some excitement at the thought of surrounding yourself with what you love then you’ve already begun the journey that will transform your life. Have fun with it and take one loving step at a time. Skye has specialized in Feng Shui for the home and business for 30 years. She teaches Feng Shui, Tarot, Dreamwork and Gem Therapy at the Northern Star College of Mystical Studies in Edmonton. Call 780447-3667.

Surrounding yourself with what you love shouldn’t be an anxiety provoking exercise. If you find yourself stressed over not knowing what you like, never mind love, give yourself permission to explore and make mistakes. If something new doesn’t work, let it go and try something else. Also, start out small, with the very tiniest treasure that brings joy to your heart.


Mosaic Magazine — Summer 2010

Summer 2010 — Mosaic Magazine


Esoteric Explorations

Mind your business please by Catherine Potter Astrologer and Hypnotherapist

Not everyone had a wise mentor as a child and so as adults, due to a lack in education regarding self clarity and boundaries, life can get confusing and messy.

I remember a book that came out many years ago called What You Think of Me is None of My Business (Oak Tree Publications, 1979) by Terry Cole Whittaker. I never read the book so I can’t give my perspective on it but I fell in love with the title.

There are so many books, workshops and counselling modalities that teach how to get reconnected back to self and inner knowing, that anyone looking to fill that gap can easily find the resources to help.

When we are children, part of how we figure out what is right or wrong for us is to mimic and model people that we find interesting. We try on roles and looks as we explore what does or doesn’t resonate with us. If we were lucky, in our formative years, we had someone who possessed self clarity guiding us. They would have taught us to have healthy boundaries, encouraging us to say no to anything that made us feel ‘yucky’ (technical term) and yes to what made us feel vibrant and nourished. They also would have taught us what works for one person may or may not for another. In essence they would have been teaching us about self respect and respect for other people’s perspectives.


Mosaic Magazine — Summer 2010

Now if you just read that last statement and said: “I’m not like that but my partner, lover, close friends, wife/husband is,” you might want to take another look at how healthy you are with your boundaries.

Freedom © Amy Keller-Rempp —

It is easy, as we navigate the world of self discovery and the even more challenging world of relationship, to get messy with our boundaries.

Unfortunately, people may be unaware that if they are frustrated with someone in their life who bosses them around, voicing their opinions about how everyone ‘should’ live, they often have the same issue.

Here is a short quiz. As you answer the questions don’t answer based on what you think. Reflect on your significant relationships and answer the question based on what you do.

Is it okay for other people to be different from you? Essentially, if they don’t agree with your philosophy of life, the way you think, dress, live, etc., are you comfortable with it? If you are comfortable in your own skin you won’t try to convince them to agree with you. You will recognize that you don’t need someone’s consent or approval and visaversa to be yourself. When we give up trying to control what other people think, about the world or us, we free up tremendous amounts of energy. Let me leave you with some of my favourite lines from the piece Desiderata. I give you full permission to like it or hate it. Enjoy! Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, they too have their story. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. Be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. An Astrologer since 1986, Catherine is also a Hypnotherapist and Meditation instructor. She brings her unique counselling and teaching style to The Northern Star College of Mystical Studies. Call 780447-3667or visit

Summer 2010 — Mosaic Magazine


Creating positive change in others As a Life Coach Trainer, I’m often asked a version of this question: “I am struggling to help create positive change in the people closest to me. How can I work towards positive change in those I care about?” Most of us live our lives in close and intimate relationships with those we care about deeply. As a result, we often attempt to help them to create positive change within their lives. As parents, spouses, family members, partners, coworkers and friends, our desire is to help them grow and blossom. Sometimes we even try too hard. But, we often run into roadblocks. So, how can we create positive change in those closest to us? First, look at your motives. If our motives are unhealthy when creating positive change in others, they sense it intuitively. And, when they sense that our motivation is basically selfish and self-oriented, for OUR benefit as opposed to theirs, they will consciously and even subconsciously resist. This keeps us honest when trying to create positive change in others. The reality is that leadership is all about facilitating other people’s development. To facilitate others’ progressive development, our motives must be healthy. Second, look at your mutual relationship. Often we think those around us should change simply because we tell them to. Perhaps we have the authority, title or position and think we can just sway others with the force of our will. However, I have discovered through much pain and frustration that people will only be influenced from within, by those they have deep and mutual relationship with. You cannot influence a person beyond your level of relationship with them. So, in creating positive change, spend more time building the personal relationship and less time trying to steer the person. Spend more time caring and less time controlling.

in their orientation. Wanting to achieve so badly, they became pessimistic and depressing, and that negative energy could no more inspire positive change than make a flower bloom. This is not about your words but about your energy and spirit, your aura and what you emanate. Ensure that you radiate positive life always! Fourth, look at your method. Clarity is crucial. People will be discouraged if we seek to create positive change in them and yet are unclear or lack specifics. People can only respond to the specific. And, there is another point that’s also important here - seek to create positive change in a way that allows people to discover the truth you want them to get for themselves. Blaise Pascal said this: “We are generally the better persuaded by the reasons we discover ourselves than by those given to us by others.” This is so true. Learn the gentle art of positive persuasion. The Card Game © Kathy Meaney —

by Abe Brown Certified Master Coach Trainer

Lastly, look in the mirror. Before you create positive change, ensure that you are always growing, always progressing and constantly evolving into a healthier and more complete leader. This will give those you are seeking to influence motivation, inspiration and an example. Create positive change in others by continually allowing positive change to be created in yourself. Never give up seeking to create positive change in others. We were born to influence and help others grow. But these easy steps above will multiply your efforts abundantly. Abe Brown, B.Th., C.P.C., C.M.C., is the Certified Master Coach Trainer and Regional Vice President for the Certified Coaches Federation for Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the Atlantic provinces. A professional Life and Executive Coach for over 15 years, he also trains others. Call 866-455-2155 or

Third, look at your message. The question here is simple: Are you positive or negative? I learned this watching leaders who were frustrated, unable to motivate their staff, primarily because they were negative and downbeat


Mosaic Magazine — Summer 2010

Summer 2010 — Mosaic Magazine


True Stories of Reconnective Healing® It’s helped people dealing with cancer, surgeries, insomnia, tremors due to a car accident, speech difficulty, migraines and even healed a few dogs. It’s Reconnective Healing® and these amazing healings are just the beginning of what a huge difference Reconnective Healing has made in the lives our clients, families and friends. Dr. Eric Pearl (creator of Reconnective Healing®) emphasizes both in person and in his book (The Reconnection - Heal Others, Heal Yourself, Hay House 2001) that as Reconnective Healing® Practitioners, we enter into this work at the same level and ability as he has, once we complete our two-day training. Reconnective Healing® Practitioners can attest most emphatically with this statement. We have all been part of some very powerful healing experiences, sometimes only days after completing our training. Healing can come on a physical, emotional, spiritual or mental level, with the ultimate goal being true balance.

discomfort. After the first session, the swelling went down significantly and she awoke rested and with no tension. Her last MRI showed a 41% reduction in the tumor and her liver is two-thirds clear. She continues to do well and improve!” Chandelle MacMillan, Practitioner “What fascinates me about Reconnective Healing® is how limitless it is and how well it works at a distance. I performed a distance healing for a client and she was amazed at how powerful the experience was. She felt a strong vibrational energy moving through her physical body beginning at her feet and rising upward. It was a little like having a finger in a light socket she said, but much more pleasant. Afterwards she felt thoroughly cleansed and healed. She says she feels wonderful and is laughing a lot more.” Susanna Kronke, Practitioner

Purple Meditation © Cindy Revell —

by Chandelle MacMillan & The Reconnection® Team

Here are some of our healing stories that have changed both our clients and us as practitioners. “A client approached me to help with a specific physical issue. During her second session, she displayed strong physical and emotional responses to the Reconnective Healing® frequency. She had gone back 20 years earlier and revisited a moment in her life she had forgotten, buried deep out of fear and confusion. The client identified that this memory had been released and a healing had taken place, which left her feeling lighter and happier. Family and friends have commented on the change in her, but its nothing compared to the difference in how she feels herself!” Denise Hiscock, Practitioner “A client was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer also affecting her liver. Due to the stress of dealing with such a traumatic diagnosis, she had constant tension in her body, even upon waking. Additional swelling in her abdomen from the pancreas and liver was also causing


Mosaic Magazine — Summer 2010

“I have started doing more sessions (mostly distance healings) for children. One client, who had a positive experience and found her body healing itself, requested I work on her grandchildren. One of these dear children was waking up, crying multiple times a night, was picky and not eating well, and wasn’t very happy due to adenoid trouble. Since having Reconnective Healing® she is now sleeping peacefully through the night, eating MUCH better, full of joy and happily playing outside for hours at a time! Her family is very grateful, as am I.” Leanne Guenther, Practitioner “I worked with two clients, each with different health concerns - one with a very aggressive type of cancer and the other undergoing a knee replacement. Both had

profound results. Improved health and balance was achieved prior to the surgery and post-surgery as each client recovered quickly and amazed their doctors with their incredible progress. Very specific and overall healing occurred in both clients, before and after surgery, even though they were very different circumstances. The client with cancer received a ‘clear of cancer’ report two months after surgery and the knee replacement client returned to work several weeks earlier than normally scheduled!” Heather Coon, Practitioner “My client had been in a serious car accident. As a result, she has various physical problems on a daily basis. After her session there was an immediate shift. The tremors she feels internally were barely noticeable. She experienced a positive change in her speech pattern (normally she felt as though her speech was broken inside her head before it came out as words, never quite connected). She also commented that for the first time in a long while, she felt very grounded and at peace. It’s always amazing to see the positive affects of this work!” Karen MacMillan, Practitioner “A client of mine, a successful businesswoman, sought healing for her severe migraines. During the session, she reported seeing brilliant colors and shapes behind her closed eyes, while her arm was extended away from her body and stayed suspended there. A week later she was no longer snapping at her husband and teenagers, but had somehow suddenly ‘mellowed’ in her approach to them. Her tension and the migraines are also gone.” Kim Scott, Practitioner

“A pregnant client came to me for Reconnective Healing®. During the session, she felt like there were hands wrapping around her pregnant stomach as though the baby was being swaddled. She also felt a pulling sensation from her belly button. The baby responded with sudden kicks during the healing. She loved the idea that her baby was experiencing it as well. She truly felt a sense of relaxation after having the Reconnective Healing® sessions.” Heather Haynes, Practitioner This work continues to draw attention not only from the thousands of healing stories pouring in, but also from respected scientists and health organizations all over the world. Everyday we are grateful for the opportunity and the honor that it is to be invited into someone’s healing equation. As practitioners, we are there to support our clients in the choice that they make to step forward into their perfect blueprint of health, wellness and balance. Many thanks to our past, present and future clients that invite us to be part of their healing journey. Chandelle MacMillan is a Certified Practitioner Mentor/Teaching Assistant with The Reconnection®. Visit or contact her at 780-237-1401. Also visit for more information. Note: This information is for educational purposes only. It is intended to supplement your current health program and not to replace the care of a doctor. For diagnosis or treatment of any disease please consult a licensed physician.

“A client of mine, a long term Reiki Master, wanted to experience Reconnective Healing® and compare it to what he was used to. He did not have any obvious health issues or particularly outstanding aches and pains at that time. Still, you can always feel better! Very soon into the sessions, his ears starting popping and he found it fascinating to receive occasional pinpoints of intense energy. His whole body became very relaxed and he related that it was similar to a hypnosis feeling. His final opinion was that it was intensely relaxing and that he felt wonderful. His wife even noticed a change in his attitude!” Sandi Dwyer, Practitioner “A client with a dog that suffers from auto immune skin disease came in for a Reconnective Healing® session. The dog had two of her toes amputated and was facing the prospect of losing a third. After one session, the mass in the dog’s toe stopped growing. In the weeks following the session, the owners witnessed a significant decrease in its size allowing the dog to avoid another surgery. Another client had a dog that required eye surgery due to an infection in his right eye. The dog had one Reconnective Healing® session and three weeks later, the veterinarian gave him a clean bill of health.” Sherry Martini, Practitioner

Summer 2010 — Mosaic Magazine


Mosaic Interview with Dr. Eric Pearl March 2, 2010 Connie: I’m so excited to be talking to Dr. Eric Pearl. Eric is the internationally recognized healer responsible for Reconnective Healing®. As a doctor, Eric ran a highly successful chiropractic practice for 12 years in Los Angeles until one day when patients started to report receiving miraculous healings from cancers, AIDS-related diseases, epilepsy, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, birth disfigurements, cerebral palsy and other serious afflictions. All this occurred when Eric simply held his hands near them and to this day it continues. His patients’ healings have been documented in six books to date, including Eric’s own international best seller The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself (Hay House, 2001) soon in its 33rd language. Eric now teaches others to activate and utilize this new all-inclusive spectrum of healing frequencies he calls Reconnective Healing®. Locally, on June 19 and 20, one of Eric’s key instructors, Christine Upchurch, will be here in Edmonton teaching Level I and II of Reconnective Healing®. For more on that please go to their website at, or locally you can contact Chandelle MacMillan at 780-237-1401 or email her at Welcome Eric. Eric: Well, thank you for having me. Connie: I’d like to start off with your explanation of what Reconnective Healing® is and how it emerged. Eric: Well, that sounds like a simple question, doesn’t it? Connie: No, I know it’s going to be long. ☺ Eric: Reconnective Healing® appears to be, according to the researchers, a new level of healing that we have not had access to here on earth before. It’s not something old. It’s not something that we remember from a past life in Lemuria or Atlantis. I know this challenges the egos of some people in the New Age field who want to take claim to having already interacted with it, but as the saying goes, sometimes something is just new. Isn’t that wonderful? Let’s see, the way it manifested is that, well, in brief, I was a chiropractor minding my own business. And one night in the


Mosaic Magazine — Summer 2010

middle of the night, my lamp next to my bed turned itself on and woke me up and I felt people in my house. I went hunting for them. I couldn’t find anyone. I finally decided to go back to sleep. And that Monday when I went into my office, seven of my patients insisted that they felt people in the room with us, just as I had felt people in my home that night. So some of them looked me in the face and said they felt someone walking around, running around and some of the patients said they felt someone flying around the ceiling. No one had ever said that to me before and yet at the same time (that same day I should say), other patients were saying that they could feel my hands before I touched them, which, of course, I didn’t believe. So I told them they had to close their eyes and I sort of aimed my hands in different directions, anywhere from 10 or 12 inches to several feet or meters away from them, and they could tell me where my hand was turned - right shoulder, left ankle. So it sort of became a game and as I played with it, my palms blistered a couple of times. My palm actually bled once, not like a stigmata or anything like that, but more like you take a needle or a pin and you accidentally stick yourself. But the next thing I know people are having healings, real healings. They’re getting up out of wheelchairs and they’re reporting that cancers have vanished. Children with epilepsy and cerebral palsy, their parents are calling in asking what I did because they’re not having seizures any longer and they’re running and playing and speaking normally. “What did you do? What did you do?” And I said: “I didn’t do anything and don’t tell anybody.” And, of course that went over about as big as Nancy Reagan “Just say no to drugs.” So soon people started coming in from everywhere going: “I’ll have what she had.” And the next thing we know people are asking me to teach this. And I’m going, teach it, you’ve got to be crazy. I’ve got no idea what’s going on here. I’m standing there waving my hands in the air looking like an idiot and people having healings. So wave your hands in the air, look like an idiot and let me know what happens. But more and more, my patients would call me up and tell me that after they had left my office and gone home, that when they walked into their house, their lamp or television or stereo started turning itself off and on and off and on. And they felt sensations in their hands. And they would hold their hands by someone in their family and suddenly the uncle with the stroke was able to walk and run again and the grandfather could speak. These healings were happening very, very regularly. Not all the time, nothing is 100% - medicine’s not 100%; no healing art is 100% - but so dramatically consistently that it became quite clear that something real was occurring, something new, something very, very different. And as word got out, researchers started calling and asking to study it. And as they looked at it, some of their surprise was that those who had been willing to look at energy healing before had gotten tiny little results of warmth or comfort or relaxation or a little bit of change in this field or that field. And suddenly, the results and the response to this was so dramatically different that it brought even the researchers who refused to look at anything before. I mean, the healings were happening almost every time,

access this new healing spectrum, would only be producible if the room itself, he explained, was heated to, get this, over 300 degrees Celsius which obviously would kill everyone. So they’re finding all these things that make this work so very different. And I said to the researchers: “How can you say that this is something new that hasn’t been here on the earth before?’ I mean, it just seems to be, at best, a rather bold statement. And they said: “Well, it’s really easy if you understand two basic concepts: A) is that we are fourdimensional beings. Now we were all raised being told we were threedimensional: height, width and depth. But today, science knows we’re fourdimensional: we’re height, width, depth and time.

March © Oksana Zhelisko —

So they explained that they illustrate that in quantum physics as drawing it like a bubble. So imagine this tiny little bubble in our huge vast endless universe. And this little bubble represents our little four-dimensional playground of all of the bubbles comprised of height, width, depth and time and the interior is filled with energy. Everything has been energy, as we’ve learned.

fairly instantaneously and almost every time lasting for the person’s lifetime. And so, the researchers started taking a mechanistic view of it at first that they thought they could try to figure out how it worked. And so those who had studied energy healing, they would use certain kind of measurements like well, for instance, I believe it was Dr. William Tiller (who is known for the Tiller-Einstein “Model Of Negative Entropy,” and very well known throughout the world, he’s a professor emeritus at Stanford), and what he had found consistently with any form of energy healing is that it gives off into the room additional, what’s called “free excess thermodynamic energy.” Now, that sounds so complicated and it’s really kind of simple. “Free” means it’s freely floating around. “Excess” means more than the standard. “Thermodynamic” means temperature related. So they measure the amount of freely moving extra temperature-related energy in the room and every energy healing approach seems to give off little bits of that. But the amount that comes off in the seminar rooms and when people

But the funny thing is we’re moving into a period now where time is moving faster in all directions at once. In other words, time is expanding, which means that our playground or bubble is expanding further out into the universe to encompass more of what has always existed, but what has not been here within our bubble before or on this planet. So that’s how they explained that we’re accessing something that is timeless but new for us, not experienced in a past life or in an earlier time here in this life experience. It seems to give us the gift of being able to completely, completely transcend any and all of our energy healing techniques individually or combined and yet access something far more comprehensive. We’ve been doing energy healing. We use one technique for Reiki and another technique for Qigong and another technique for Jin Shin and we know that Reiki feels different than Jin Shin or Qigong and they’re accessed differently because there are various subsets. There are simply various subsets or fractions of energy, our little energy existence here. But suddenly, not only those subsets, but the entirety of energy has now become just a fraction or a subset of this new, what science calls Reconnective Healing® spectrum, which takes us beyond energy into a spectrum of energy, light and information and levels of the three that we haven’t accessed before. So this gift allows us to completely transcend our technique. The challenge with that is whether or not we’re willing to, because the moment that we try to add or keep or insert technique, we don’t access the same level of this work. It’s as if Summer 2010 — Mosaic Magazine


Fairy Best Friends © Amy Hibbard-Hiscock — the universe has said, all right, the real challenge is ego. And if you’re willing to challenge your ego to let go of the technique, to not feel the need to say: “I spent $300 and learned my 27 Reiki techniques” - when our ego lets us rise above the I - “I, I learned this and the me, me, me can do that” then suddenly the reward is we access something that brings a greater more instantaneous level of healing to the people who come to us and the challenge is whether or not we’re willing to. Or another way to phrase this is that this new level of healing, this gift is that it allows us to completely demystify the healing process. And yet the challenge to that is whether or not we’re willing to allow the healing process to be demystified. And so the question then is if we’re not willing to transcend our energy healing techniques to bring about a greater level of gift, we need to ask ourselves: “why?” And if we’re not willing to allow the healing process to be demystified and made transparent to everyone, we need to ask ourselves: “why?” And if we’re not willing to ask ourselves why, then we need to ask ourselves why we’re not willing to ask ourselves why. I hope I answered your question somewhere in that little discourse. Connie: No, that was good. Eric: You said you wanted me to talk. Connie: Yes, I want you to talk. Well, you made me think of a lot of things, but the one that comes to mind is what exactly do you think healing is? Just answer that. What do you think healing is? Eric: I don’t really like the word “healing.” Connie: Okay.


Mosaic Magazine — Summer 2010

Eric: Because it makes it sound as if there’s something that we have to get better from, regain the use of an arm or a leg or our vision or our hearing. But healing is so, so, so much more than that. Healing is about our evolution, not just individually but as humanity. Healing is actually a lesson and a responsibility for us without the limitation of just being something physical or mental or emotional. I mean, how does the body heal? The body doesn’t heal the way we were taught. We were taught the medical model. We were taught that the body actually heals through the chemical or the biochemical model. And we now know that that’s not true. We know that biochemicals are, of course, involved in the healing process, but really the body heals through energy, frequency, vibration, resonance, light. And all of this is what mediates and controls the ongoing regenerative process. For instance, what role could light possibly play? Connie: Yes. Eric: Well, let’s look first at the work of Dr. Fritz Popp, as a matter of fact, in Germany, who demonstrated clearly to us that the DNA in each of our cells emits a specific level of light. And he and others believe, according to what they’ve seen demonstrated, that as our health diminishes, the light dims. As our health comes back up, the light comes back up. Now again, let’s look at light. And I happened to mention, for instance, Dr. William Tiller a little earlier. And I mentioned that he’s known for the Tiller-Einstein “Model of Negative Entropy,” which of course, again, sounds complex and it’s really fairly simple. “Tiller” stands for Tiller. “Einstein” stands for Einstein. “Model” means it’s a model. “Entropy” is the tendency for things to break down or fall apart or to fall into disarray. So negative

entropy is the reverse of that. So, Tiller-Einstein Model of Negative Entropy. Entropy is just, if you wait long enough, your living room table’s going to collapse into a pile of splinters and eventually into a pile of dust. So is everyone and everything else. And we know that entropy increases with speed. The faster things move, the more rapid the breakdown, the more rapid the entropy. But Dr. Tiller demonstrated that once we hit the speed of light that entropy reverses itself. It goes into negative entropy. So degeneration becomes regeneration, disorganization, reorganization, disease becomes healing or ease. And so this light within us allows for the continued regeneration of our system, as well as communication of information throughout the system. Now, when we access energy we’re accessing something that needs help, because energy is just a portion of the Reconnective Healing® spectrum of energy, light and information. So it needed things like crystals that needed special colors. You had to empty your pockets of heavy coins and take off battery operated things. And you needed to move your hands in certain directions and protect yourself in a white flame, in a purple flame, in a green flame, in a plaid flame and move clockwise instead of counterclockwise unless you were in Australia and New Zealand. And you had to do all these different things. I think the latest superstition in one of the energy healing techniques is that they want you to, if you can believe this, zip up your energy body so that negative energy doesn’t enter and, get this, so the practitioner doesn’t gain any weight. I’m sorry, if you’re sitting there and your focus is on your weight gain, it’s not on the healing process. I mean, it’s time for us to move beyond that. But you see once we connect with a comprehensive spectrum of healing, those weaknesses and frailties no longer exist. Healing comes from love, prosperity and abundance. The need for protections and additions come from fear, lack and limitation. You cannot stand in fear, lack and limitation and facilitate healing when healing resides in love, prosperity and abundance. The reality is you can’t give that which you are unwilling to accept or receive for yourself. You can’t give that which you don’t own. And so our first challenge is can we transcend the fear that keeps

us in fear, lack and limitation? Can we transcend that and step into love, prosperity and abundance for ourselves, because only then can we facilitate the light. And we have to start off by walking through these fears, by not worrying about protecting ourselves in this or that or the other. We have to challenge ourselves. If we’re about to do a healing session, we have to learn that if we’re wearing black pants, we can wear black pants. If our tendency when we see the black pants is to run up and put on your healing colors, don’t. Instead, go back to your closet and put on all black - and don’t cheat, don’t put on purple underwear. The worst thing that will happen is you’ll die and then if you do, you’ll be all right anyhow. And if you don’t die, you’ll have just let go of one common conscious fear. And each time we step through one conscious fear, a thousand and one other fears that we’re not even aware of fall away with this. So it’s our challenge to step into these things, to recognize that after we do a healing session we don’t need to try to shake off negative energy into a bowl of water. And then we don’t need the added fear saying it might escape the water so we have to put salt into break it up before it escapes. We don’t need the added fear of having to keep a bottle of alcohol nearby to spray off any of the negative energy which might have gotten on us accidentally when we were putting it into the bowl of salt water. The truth is if there is any residue of the healing process left over on us it is not negative energy to be shaken off and sprayed off. It’s simply part of the beauty and love that is the universe itself much as when you climb out of bed in the morning from that one special person in your life and you go downstairs to do something and you reach across the table and you catch a little bit of that beautiful scent of their body, their skin is still on your skin and you re-experience the warmth and love that you were bathed in all night long. And tell me, do you really feel like reaching for a bottle of alcohol to spray it off? Of course not.

THERE’S MORE! To read or hear the rest of ERIC PEARL’S INTERVIEW go to

Summer 2010 — Mosaic Magazine


Why Canada came calling to me There are no coincidences in life. Every step you take, every place you go and each person you meet - it’s all meant to happen. In May 2005 I immigrated to Alberta with my family from England. As I stepped on Canadian soil I knew I had come for a very good reason. I am a clairvoyant medium and have had this gift for as long as I can remember. The energy I felt when stepping off the plane shook my body and left me breathless. I honestly believe Canada is one of the most spiritualist places on earth. We settled in Fort Saskatchewan, made lots of friends and I began to travel doing psychic fairs. At one of these fairs I met Donna Reilly, a lovely lady who left me her business card and a copy of the Mosaic Magazine. Over the next few months, Donna’s name kept popping up and her card kept falling out of my purse. Everywhere I looked I saw articles about Reiki healing. People would talk about it randomly in conversations. I took this as a sign so I gave her a call and she remembered me. We set a date. Donna explained how Reiki was healing energy, a universal energy that she was the channel for. From Reiki I would receive as much energy as I needed. She explained how it could be used for illnesses, ailments or situations. In fact Reiki could be used for anything. It was a wonderful and relaxing experience. I felt such peace, something I had never experienced before. Donna also talked me through a guided meditation and visualisation in which I was taken to the ‘other side’. I sat at a bench with my father who had passed away a few years before. Then I walked a little farther, came to a low wall looked and saw a beach and the ocean. I couldn’t go beyond the wall and I was told that was my future. I walked back through a gate, beautiful woods and across a stream. I suddenly felt myself back in my body and on the therapy bed. I later told my husband about my glimpse into my future. Weeks passed and I still felt like a different person somehow. Reiki had changed me. My intuition was more powerful than before and I felt a presence with me most days. Then one morning when I awoke I heard a voice say: “Listen to him!” Whatever did that mean?


Mosaic Magazine — Summer 2010

Days passed and life carried on as usual. Then one morning in March 2007 my husband said he wanted to go back to the UK and our boys wanted to go back too. The words replayed in my mind: “Listen to him!” When he had mentioned it before I always said I wouldn’t go back, but this time I just said: “Okay, fine.” Arrangements were quickly made and within a few weeks we were on a plane back to the place we knew as home. Funnily enough, it was a small fishing village on the coast and the house was by the beach. Was this the vision I had seen in the guided meditation? Sleeps with Butterflies © Denise Lefebvre

by Tina Hall

I found it hard at first to settle and I pined for Canada. I knew that I had been sent back for a reason and I just had to trust and believe in how I was being guided.

My health was not good but I always felt that someone was there with me and one day that proved true. A family member, who was also intuitive, called in to see us. She was stunned and shocked by what she saw behind me - a beautiful golden beam of light that she described as a true angel. This angel spoke to her and said I was dying and had to go to hospital immediately. My husband acted quickly as this family member was so insistent. This visit saved my life. I had blood clots on both lungs and I was close to death. I know I’ve been given another chance in life and that I’ve been saved for a purpose; I have work to do here on Earth. I have become a Reiki practitioner and I help as many people as I can. I am also researching the subject of divine intervention, which is about people who have had life saving or life changing events. I’m hoping to gather enough information to compile a book on it and would love to have stories from Alberta as this is where it all began. Please email me at if you have one for me. I felt compelled to write this article as a way of saying ‘thank you’ to Alberta and Donna Reilly. I highly recommend a Reiki healing session with her and think it might just change your life in a way you never thought possible - the same way it did mine.

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Summer 2010 — Mosaic Magazine


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Mosaic Magazine — Summer 2010

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SOUL COACHING PROGRAM - This six week program, including the 28 Day Program to Discover your Authentic Self, will take you on a spiritual journey to find meaning and sacredness in your everyday life. You will take an honest look at yourself, face fear, release old negative patterns, get motivated and step boldly and joyfully into your future. Contact Maureen Bracke, Certified Soul Coach, at 780-479-5011.

CONNECTING WITH THE ANGELS - Spend the day in the loving energy of the angels. You will have the opportunity to connect with and received messages from the angels using various techniques. You will also practice receiving and giving messages to others. For upcoming dates contact Maureen Bracke, Angel Therapy Practitioner® trained and certified by Dr. Doreen Virtue, 780-479-5011,


SACRED STONES Personal Growth Jewelry - Need more inner strength or love? Help with abundance, negativity or breaking old patterns? These unique AFFORDABLE, ECLECTIC, UNIQUE ARTWORK gemstone crystal bracelets are designed to help for home or office. Rent or purchase from a you transform aspects of your life. Sacred large range of batik, canvas or styrofoam Stones bracelets come with a researched paintings. Contact Monika Dery at keepsake card that explains the exact issues or and person it can help. Sacred Stones bracelets go through a special cleansing/blessing process and are associated with a sacred Spirit Helper FOUR WINDS ART GLASS - Go ahead. Forget (goddess, god, angel, fairy or animal) with time. Build a rainbow, create a mandala. Enjoy mystical abilities. Special orders are also the luminescent beauty of Stained Glass and available. See our Sacred Stones ad on page 2 for create your own piece of personal color therapy. Kim Scott store locations or email to Take the class you’ve always wanted and learn Reconnective Healing get the right one for you. Check out our website at Stained Glass! Small class sizes, nothing extra to buy. to learn MORE about how these Call to register: 780-432-4331, toll free 1-877-432-4331. Class amulets can help you. information at Newly renovated ART

studio gallery and store at 10050 - 81 Avenue NW, Edmonton, featuring a great selection of the newest stained glass, fusing and mosaic supplies. ASTROLOGY CATHERINE POTTER’S ASTROLOGICAL FORECAST for 2010 is now available for you to read on-line. Go to and click the ‘Newsletter/Ezine’ tab. Catherine is also featuring mini astrological forecasts each month in Mosaic’s Newsletter that comes to your inbox. Sign up today at Mosaic website, SAMANTHA KANE-KENNEDY is a Professional Astrologer with 40 years experience. Her caring in-depth consultations instill a deep sense of peace, turn complexity into simplicity and make the impossible possible by understanding that unique mystery … the tapestry of your soul!,, 250382-8443. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES AN OPPORTUNITY TO “ENHANCE” your life with Physical Wellness, Financial Wellness, Environmental Wellness and Personal Wellness. Learn how you can ride the Wellness wave to create a healthier, more financially secure future. Contact Karen Urusky at

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Mosaic Magazine — Summer 2010

HEALING & HEALTH FORT MCMURRAY’S ananda center for balance is now open! Services include relaxation and pregnancy massage, reiki, yoga and laughter yoga. For more information, please check out:; or call Heather at 780-747-3857. HOLISTIC HEALTH PRACTITIONER specializing in Iridology, Kinesiology, Clinical Herbalism and Ion Cleanse. Serving Spruce Grove, Stony Plain and surrounding area. Call Carlee to book your appointment: 780-628-6100. RECONNECTIVE HEALING - Let the new higher frequencies of Reconnective Healing bring you wholeness and healing not previously accessible to you before. Call Kim Scott at 780-2642999 or kimscott333@gmailcom MEDITATION RAJA YOGA MEDITATION classes in association with the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization. Free as a community service. Day and evening classes. Information: 780-425-1050, MOSAIC MAGAZINE DO YOU WANT MOSAIC MAGAZINE available at your office or event? Get bulk amounts of Mosaic Magazine to give to your clients at the following locations: ASCENDANT BOOKS (10310 124 St), A SENSE OF SERENITY (10342 - 81 Ave), CRIMSON QUILL (8 Perron St, St. Albert), LIFEFORCE (101 Signal Rd, Fort McMurray), NAMASTE (#216, 2016 Sherwood Dr, Sherwood Park).

GET MORE MOSAIC ON-LINE by signing up for our ezine/newsletter email that features MORE mind, body and spirit information, not available in the magazine. Featuring unique articles, details about our monthly Mosaic Delicious Book Club Dinners and Catherine Potter’s monthly Astrological Forecasts. Go to and sign up today! While you’re there, post a comment telling us what you LOVE about Mosaic for your chance to WIN a free lunch with Connie Brisson. We’d love to hear from you!

RIVER LODGE - a quiet, serene and peaceful Retreat Centre! Are you looking for a unique environment for your retreat? River Lodge is located just SW of Edmonton outside of the urban city lights, nestled on the bank of the North Saskatchewan River with abundance of natural surroundings. or 780-963-3873. SPACIOUS ROOMS FOR LEASE in newly renovated office space. Main floor location in beautiful downtown St. Albert. Call Rosa today at 780-460-8881.

REIKI SHAMANISM FEELING ACHY? TIME FOR REIKI! Helping everything from aches and pains to depression and severe illness, Reiki transmits incredible healing energy to the body, mind and spirit. Our Reiki Practitioner, Marina, has a demonstrated track record for getting amazing results for her clients. She offers both personal healing Reiki sessions and distant healing sessions. Call Acu-Health & Wellness at 780-907-7571 or visit HEALING FROM THE HEART - Reiki Master, Channeler, Card Reader and Dowser. Healing of mind, body, spirit. Call Roxy: 780424-6120. LOOKING FOR REIKI in Fort McMurray? Reiki treatments available. Call Marianne at 780-790-2024. REIKI CLASSES offered through the Spring/Summer. Contact Myles at or RENTAL SPACE BEAUTIFUL HOLISTIC SPIRIT SPA in South Edmonton has rooms available daily, weekly and monthly. Fun yet kind and caring atmosphere. Reasonable rates. For more information contact Garrette at DANCE PERCUSSION STUDIO at 7252 - 101 Avenue, Edmonton, has space available for meetings, movement, workshops, practice and teaching. Reasonable rates in a functional and inspiring environment. Contact Srutika at 780-485-2515, 780-433-4752 or email at LOOKING FOR RIGHT PERSON to share beautifully furnished therapy room/workshop space two weeks per month. Southside Edmonton. Contact Marilyn: 780-434-8079.

COMPASSIONATE DEPOSSESSION - Spiritual possession is not uncommon. If you are in need of shamanic depossession, extraction or soul retrieval call Kriket at 780-934-8222, SHAMANIC HEALING - Practicing shaman with fifteen years experience available for consultation, private sessions and workshops. Call Kriket: 780-934-8222, SPIRITUAL GROUPS & SERVICES LIFE ENRICHMENT SUNDAYS - Consciousness of Oneness celebrations with jubilant music and Science of Belief lessons at 11:00 a.m. In the natural light filled auditorium at 4936 - 87 Street with teacher/coach Jaclyn Darby. A joyful way to raise and maintain your total well being consciousness. Also customized wedding ceremonies. On the web: Phone: 780-462-4491. UNITY CHURCH OF EDMONTON - We provide the nurturing environment; Divinity within provides the infinite opportunity. Sunday gatherings: 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. at 13820 - 109A Avenue. Go to, email or call 780-913-6466 for more information about classes, concerts, movies, workshops and so much more. Theme for 2010: Realizing Wholeness; Transforming Lives. Are you ready? YOGA LOOKING FOR YOGA in Fort McMurray? Private and small yoga classes available with certified instructor. Call Marianne at 780790-2024.

Mosaic’s Calendar of Events MAY 12 Mosaic’s Delicious Book Club Dinner - Join us at Characters Restaurant, 10257 - 105 Street, Edmonton at 6:00 p.m. on WEDNESDAY, MAY 12 to talk about Michael Newton’s Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life between Lives (Llewellyn Publications, 1994-2003). Email if you can come. Want to keep informed about other upcoming book club dinners? Go to, sign up for our ezine/newsletter and you’ll get regular email updates about upcoming book choices and restaurants. Hope to see you there!

MAY 13 Change Your Story Change Your Life - There comes a time when you realize you are tired of your story and how your life is playing out. You want life to be different. Is this your time? If so, join Life Coach Mary Johnson and begin to rewrite your story.

Three hour workshops, Center 51 West, $69.00. Contact Mary at 780-481-6483 or e-mail

MAY 14-16 & JUNE 11-13 IIPA Iridology Certification Course - Expand your career, Learn Comprehensive Wholistic Iridology. “The eyes are the window to the soul.” Also October 1-3 and October 22-24. 780-482-7978,

MAY 15 Open House - Saturday, May 15th. Drop by between 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. for “Used Metaphysical and Holistic Book Sale.” Up to 70% off original prices including tarot and other cards. The Empress Bridge Kinesiology College, 9852A - 33 Avenue, 2nd Floor, Edmonton. 780-434-8079,

Summer 2010 — Mosaic Magazine


Calendar continued from page 31 MAY 16 - 20 Laodas-Way Clinics - Bringing the science of horses back to energetics! MAY 16-20: Non-Invasive Chiropractics (Alberta). MAY 1-2: Human Kinesiology (Sask). JUNE 11-13: Alchemy of the Horse (Alberta). JULY: Human Kinesiology (Edmonton, Alberta). JULY: Equine Adjustment & Energy Medicine Chart Clinics (Alberta). SEPT: Horse Herbal Master (Alberta). Check our web page for BC/Saskatchewan clinic dates. Full clinic outlines online! *Easy Reference Charts now available, purchase online, or 780-621-0765. Get your ALTERNATIVE Human, Horse or Dog REMEDIES at

MAY 29 & 30 Rosen Method Bodywork Introductory Workshop with Mariette Berinstein. Where: Providence Renewal Centre, Edmonton. Fee: $275 if registered by May 14th, $325 afterward. NHPCA approved. To register call Cinnamon Cranston: 780203-5159.

JUNE 4 Trance Dance Drumming Circle at Village Lifestyles, 10429 79 Avenue, Edmonton. Call Kriket at 780-934-8222 or visit for information and tickets.

Performance groups require commitment and membership. Contact Srutika at or 780485-2515, 780-433-4752. HEART DANCE - Explore the creative expression in your body through music, themes and art while increasing fitness and self expansion. World music is carefully sequenced for all ages and levels by Srutika Garfinkle and other graduates of Core Connexion Transformational Arts. Wednesdays 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. (except holidays) through May at Westmount Fitness Club, 12840 - 109th Avenue, Edmonton. Cost: $17 drop-in, $14 per session in a 5 week package ($70). Sunday mornings at Dance Percussion Studio will be continued if there is interest. Contact Srutika at or 780-485-2515, 780-433-4752.

MONTHLY CANADIAN SOCIETY OF QUESTERS - Monthly Chapter Meetings in Alberta and BC. Ancient arts of dowsing, divining, questing/seeking and PSI. EDMONTON ASTROLOGICAL SOCIETY meets on the 2nd Friday of every month (except July and August) at 7:30 p.m. at 3880 - 74 Avenue.

JUNE 4, 5 & 6 Advanced Tools For Self-Mastery, Calgary. Visit:, email: or call 1-866-847-3454.

JUNE 7 Sound Healing Workshop, Calgary. Visit:, email: or call 1-866-847-3454.

WOMEN’S DRUMMING & GODDESS CHANTING CIRCLE Every first Wednesday at 7:30 pm, Edmonton. Self-care circle for adult women. Debra: 780-483-7310.

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JUNE 11, 12 & 13 Experience a Quantum Makeover; shift your energy - shift your life! Change at the quantum level and everything else around you changes. Accelerated techniques unveil your authentic loving gifts. Contact Jane: 780-672-3023,

JUNE 16 Mosaic’s Delicious Book Club Dinner - Join us at our next book club dinner. Details will be in our online ezine.

JULY 14 Mosaic’s Delicious Book Club Dinner - Join us at our next book club dinner. Details will be in our online ezine.

SEPTEMBER 11 Attracting Abundance Workshop in Edmonton at Stillpoint Healing Center. Pre-registration required. Cost $150 + GST. Call Tanya Gorst: 306-240-7196 or email:

FALL 2010 Phenomenal Teacher Betsy Bergstrom is coming to Edmonton. Stay tuned. or Kriket at

WEEKLY DANCE PERCUSSION STUDIO at 7252 - 101 Avenue, Edmonton offers a West African DRUM CIRCLE facilitated by master drummer, Bill Mitchell on Tuesdays: 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. Cost: $17 drop-in, $14 per session in a 5 week package ($70). Other lessons and courses for children and adults: piano, keyboard, African and Middle Eastern drumming, Marimba, African Dance, Vocal Improvisation, hand and kit drumming.


Mosaic Magazine — Summer 2010

Artist’s Gallery

Showing joy and beauty in my art by Cindy Revell

Oil painting is as important to me as illustration is. While I enjoy painting portraits, animals and landscapes I always return to still life. Its subject matter resonates with me for its symbolism, its place in our lives, connection to the natural world or sometimes simply for its sheer beauty or humor. My paintings are in galleries, public, corporate and private collections in Canada and the US and have been in numerous juried exhibitions. They currently are part of a traveling museum exhibition.

A Good Sleep © Cindy Revell

My oil paintings and illustrations are very different from one another but share in rich colour, a sense of vibrancy and frequently humor. The work of the Dutch artists, numerous old masters and folk, medieval, Asian and eastern art are as inspiring to me as the natural world around us. It all finds its way into my art. There is much in the world that is greatly serious but it’s the joy and beauty that I prefer to show in both my illustration and my oil painting. To learn more about Cindy, visit and

Summer 2010 — Mosaic Magazine


Artichoke © Cindy Revell

Bird Talk © Cindy Revell

Over the years my illustrations have been published all over North America in cookbooks, numerous children’s books, billboards, wine bottles, magazines, calendars, furniture, packaging and more. Some clients who have used my work are: City of Edmonton, Canada Place, L.A. Times, Washington Post, Harvard Business Review, Better Homes and Gardens, Cornell University, Penguin Putnam and Scholastic.

Rooster © Cindy Revell

Creating, what a great way to spend one’s life. There was never any doubt that I’d be an artist when I was a child and I attended Grant MacEwan where I received my diploma in graphic design. After being employed as a designer and illustrator for a number of years I found I needed greater creative freedom and have been illustrating and doing fine art out of my own studio ever since.

Con Amore

(Italian) With heart and soul

Loving what is, just the way it is by Connie Brisson

to miss them dearly. Almost two years later, I don’t miss our conversations or our lack of them. I just miss her.

Death has taught me more about love than I ever imagined.

Gene was 46 years old when he died of cancer and I didn’t believe it could possibly ever happen (in a Pollyanna kind of way) until the absolute very end, maybe two months before he died. It was at Christmas at my Mom’s house, when he came around the corner into the kitchen and I looked at him… and I knew. This year Gene’s been gone 10 years. People always say it gets better the more time that goes by and I do think that’s true in a way … but now another part of me knows that it’s not. I feel his loss as much today as I did the day he died. I think logically that I should have gotten over this by now. It’s been a long time yet my heart still grieves for him, still remembers his crisp humor and wit, still hears his voice and laughter in my head, still looks for him sitting in every backhoe I pass by. I just miss him. My Mom and Dad have also been gone for almost two years. Although I had a good relationship with both of them, it wasn’t like we were exceptionally close. And as they were both in their 80’s and had lived full lives, I thought I would have an easier acceptance and peace once they were gone than I did with Gene. But I was wrong. My Mom and I really didn’t have amazing, in-depth talks about things and only lightly glided over the surface of most matters - which always bothered me. Somehow I thought that losing her would not be as hard because I’d never really been able to share many of my deepest feelings, thoughts and experiences with her or found my emotional support there.

I miss just sitting at the kitchen table with her looking at the hummingbirds outside her patio window. I miss watching her in the kitchen making cabbage rolls or other traditional Ukrainian food. I miss seeing her in her garden, walking through it, watering it. I miss her laugh so much and the way she easily cried whenever she laughed. She’d whip off her glasses and wipe her flowing tears as her head would go backwards and her contagious laughter would fill the room. As time goes by, I see that we did share a deep love even though I thought something was missing because our relationship wasn’t the exact way I thought it should be.

A Loving Garden © Cindy Revell —

I just turned 37 years old when my brother Gene died. He was my first ‘big’ death. I know a lot of people deal with a big death a lot sooner than that and I’m so very grateful to have been older when it came to me.

I’m not 100% sure what unconditional love is. I’m not sure I ever had it or that I’m giving it completely. I think I really started to understand it when I had my daughter Gabrielle. Once you have a baby you really see what it’s like to love someone, truly, no matter what. And there’s nothing Gabrielle can do that could change my love for her or stop me from loving her. What she does or doesn’t do, becomes or doesn’t become in life, isn’t what matters. Just her being herself is what matters.

That’s a big ‘aha’ for me. Growing up, I never felt that. I was always the horse trying to get the carrot - always striving to do better or be more or be great in order to be accepted or loved. The simple idea that what really matters in the end is not what you do that makes you someone loveable or special, but just who you are inside, was a big one for me. And I know it’s true because when I think about Gene, Mom or Dad now, I remember the essence of who they were. That’s what I miss. I don’t think about what they did or didn’t do, although those memories are also there. But that’s not what I miss. I miss the things that were unique to just them their colorful quirks, defining characteristics and soft vulnerabilities that made them different and lovely. Everyday I learn more about love - about loving what is, just the way it is… It’s a sweet and humbling journey.

But time has taught me that that you don’t necessarily need to have a really ‘deep’ or ‘perfect’ relationship with someone


Mosaic Magazine — Summer 2010

Summer 2010 — Mosaic Magazine


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Mosaic Magazine is all about the connection between the MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT. Each issue is jam packed with well written informational ar...


Mosaic Magazine is all about the connection between the MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT. Each issue is jam packed with well written informational ar...

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