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The Newsletter of Mosaic Clubhouse 27th June—10th July 2022

Staff and members enjoy an Employment Dinner in the café!

Standard 10: Clubhouse staff have generalist roles. All staff share employment, housing, evening and weekend, holiday and unit responsibilities. Clubhouse staff do not divide their time between Clubhouse and other major work responsibilities that conflict with the unique nature of member/staff relationships. Published by E,E & I Unit of Mosaic Clubhouse, 65 Effra Road, London SW2 1BZ

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Table of Contents Page 3—Trustee Recruitment Page 4— The Windrush Generation Page 6— McDonald’s Social Page 7— Policy Meeting Page 8— Happy Pride Month

Page 10— Bereavement Workshop Page 11— In the Mo QR Code Page 12— Little Mermaid Movie review Page 13—Garden Party Page 14—Calendar Page 16—Café Menu

Page 18—Roving reporter: person of courage who inspires you? Page 20— Sandra’s Story Page 21— Disability Employment Advisor Page 22—Reflections by Peter Page 23— Databank SIMs available Page 24— Article: Evil Eye

Page 25—Job Hunting with Digital Mentors Page 27— Birthdays Page 28—LGBTQ+ Social Poster


Mosaic are looking for new Trustees! We are currently recruiting for new Trustees to join our Board. We are looking for external candidates with experience working in mental health and with local business networks. We are particularly keen to increase the diversity on our board to better reflect our community. All the details are on our website, so please direct anyone you think might be suitable and interested to the Work For Us tab on our website, The deadline is 11th July.


The Windrush Generation June 22nd, yearly, marks the arrival in 1948 of 1,027 passengers, mostly West Indian, at the Tilbury Docks in Gloucestershire. The cruise ship was built in Germany but re-named in Britain, after the river Windrush, a Thames River tributary. British Commonwealth citizens were invited to, ‘come to the “mother country” ’ to live, work and rebuild Britain, after World War 2. They were mostly ex-servicemen in “zoot suits” with plenty money in their pocket. On arrival in the United Kingdom, these Caribbean people faced discrimination, austerity and difficult working conditions. Their professional qualifications and skills were not acknowledged. Housing was a huge problem, and they were excluded from social and economic life. They turned to and were accepted by the Trade Unions, churches and the local council. Our ancestors made great sacrifices, by taking low paid jobs, by working in transportation, the National Health and the factories. By 1970 part of the British population took part in the Notting Hill Carnival in many of the streets where they once attacked and pursed. The “black culture” developed through music, food, drink plus dress to become of Britain In 1948, the British Nationality Act forced West Indians to apply for British Citizenship if they were to keep their right of abode and work. During 2018, Conservative government and Home Office engineered “The Windrush scandal “. In the United Kingdom, Caribbean people were asked to produced official documents which they did not have or had not kept for all those decades. British Empire West Indian members were illegally deported or held in detention centres. As British Commonwealth Empire members, they already had these rights (of abode and to work), so this caused them many grave difficulties. 4

Through various agencies, reparations are now being given to the Windrush generation and their offspring by the Home Office. A Windrush Child speaks; “I came to London, after a two-week journey in the Reina Del Mar ship, in 1965. I found Britain cold, dark, strange, and unfriendly but it did offer me many educational opportunities. Our family of 7 lived in one room in Brixton, then Clapham, with my father cleaning toilets, and my mother working a as maid. In Jamaica they had lived in their own home, with a maid doing chores. In Lambeth Borough we rented a room and cooked using a paraffin heater and on the bed was a blanket. I often placed my coat on the bed, over me, to keep warm. We then moved to a one bedroom flat in Wandsworth, with no bath and an outside toilet on the smelly river Thames embankment. Then eventually to a four bedroomed, social housing flat in Lambeth. I excelled in school, gaining certificates and awards, yet I was racially discriminated against for holiday work, even in getting a teaching job that nobody wanted. I worked 2 jobs to qualify for buying the home that I live in to this day. The Windrush Festivals are held throughout the United Kingdom in June to celebrate the significant contributions made by Caribbean peoples who endured severe hardships between 1948 to 1971 in Great Britain. Happy family events are arranged throughout the country; of music, performance, food and drink. Raising pride and self esteem for Caribbean peoples born here whose ancestors formed part of the Windrush Generation.“

From a member of Mosaic clubhouse, the race inequalities/ cultural events and black history working groups. 20th June 2022




HAPPY PRIDE MONTH! What does Pride stand for? PRIDE is an acronym for Personal Rights in Défense and Education.

What is the meaning of each colour on the gay pride flag? pink stood for sexuality red for life orange for healing yellow for the sun green for nature turquoise for art indigo for harmony violet for the soul. History of gay pride?


The first Pride event was organised by Brenda Howard, a bisexual activist, in New York City on the 28th of June 1970. The first march was called the Christopher Street Liberation Day March (which is the name of the road the Stonewall Inn is on) and the event had both an element of celebration and protest.




Review of the Little Mermaid Once upon a time there live a beautiful mermaid, Ariel, the little mermaid, that lived under the deep warm sea. She fell in love with her prince Eric. She was so romantically in love with her Prince Eric. She got beautiful, long, thick red hair. Her daughter, Melody, has thick black hair and coral. pink mermaid fins. The reason I love the little mermaid is because it’s got lots of singing like Part of Your World and For a Moment which Ariel’s daughter, Melody, sing. I recommend that you watch it because its Disney and everyone loves Disney princess movies. There are 3 films of the Little Mermaid, Ariel’s Beginning, The Little Mermaid and The Little Mermaid’s Return to the Sea. I very much liked Sebastian, the tiny red crab, played by Samuel E. Wright, who is very funny - he is a Jamaican crab. Jodie Benson played Ariel – she was the voice over character. What was funny is when Sebastian is playing under the sea, when Ariel disappears to find Scuttle the Seacole, to help look for Prince Eric. Then Sebastian stops playing under the sea song and realizes Ariel goes missing and King Triton (Jim Cummings) tries to find Ariel to rescue her, before the Sea Witch, Ursula (Pat Caroll) makes Ariel’s voice to stop her from singing. In The Little Mermaid’s Return to the Sea, Ariel got mad with Melody with the necklace that Melody had in her bag. It was a seashell necklace that she had on her, but Ariel snatched it back and said “How dare you disobey me! You stole that necklace from King Triton!” Then Ariel said “You went over the wall, didn’t you!”, then Melody said “I went under it, not over it!”! and Ariel was deeply mad because she was protecting Melody from the Sea Witch, from her wicked powers that would transform Melody into a human instead of becoming a mermaid. Tara Strong has done the voice over for Melody, in The Little Mermaid’s Return to the Sea. I highly recommend to all members to watch these beautiful films. By Charley-Anne 12


Monday 27th June

Tuesday 28th June

9:00—9:30 Morning Meeting

9:00—9:30 Morning Meeting

11:00—11:30 In The Mo Meeting

13:00—16:00 Recovery College workshop: Bereavement

13:30—14:00 Unit Meetings 14:00—15:00 Young Adults Committee Meeting

13:30—14:00 Unit Meeting in B&A 14:00—14:30 Comms Meeting 14:00-16:00 Gardening Group

Monday 4th July

Tuesday 5th July

9:00—9:30 Morning Meeting

9:00—9:30 Morning Meeting

11:00—11:30 In The Mo Meeting

13:30—14:00 Unit meeting

13:30—14:00 Unit Meetings

14:00—14:30 Comms Meeting

14:00—15:00 Young Adults Committee Meeting

14:00-16:00 Gardening group

Wednesday 29th June 9:00—9:30 Morning Meeting 11:30—12:30 Reading Group 13:30—14:00 Unit Meetings

14:00—14:30 Walking Group 15:00—16:00 Policy Meeting 17:00—18:00 Meditative Art Group 19:00—22:00 LGBTQ+ Poetry Social

Wednesday 6th July 9:00—9:30 Morning Meeting 11:30—12:30 Reading Group

13:30—14:00 Unit Meetings 14:00—14:30 Walking Group 17:00—18:00 Meditative Art Group


17:00—19:00 McDonald’s Social

Thursday 30th June

Friday 1st July

9:00—9:30 Morning Meeting

9:00—9:30 Morning Meeting

10:30—12:30 Computer drop in

10:00—12:30 Disability Employment Advisor

13:30—14:00 Unit Meetings

13:00—16:00 Recovery College workshop: Job Hunting with Digital Mentors

14:00-16:00 Gardening Group 14:00—16:00 Creative Voices Workshop 14:30—15:30 Writing is Fun 16:00—17:00 Keep Fit 17:00—19:00 Knit & Natter

Thursday 7th July 9:00—9:30 Morning Meeting 10:30—12:30 Computer drop in

13:30—14:00 Unit Meetings 14:30—15:30 Writing is Fun 14:00—16:00 Creative Voices Workshop 16:00—17:00 Keep Fit 17:00—19:00 Knit & Natter

13:30—14:00 Unit Meeting in B&A 15:00—16:00 Get Together in Cafe

Sat 2nd July

Sun 3rd July 6-7pm Yoga w/ Rosie

15:00—16:00 Yoga with Alice

Friday 8th July

Sat 9th July

9:00—9:30 Morning Meeting 13:30—14:00 Unit Meeting in E&E 15:00—16:00 Yoga with Alice

Sun 10th July

15:00—16:00 Get Together in Cafe

6-7pm Yoga w/ Rosie 15



Roving Reporter: Name a Person of Courage You Admire St Georges – Yinka Volodymyr Zelensky – Nina My dad Reg – Peter A Ayan Hirsi, Somalian activist – Luna Kate Winslet – Charlie Ann Mahatma Gandhi – Alexis Alex Ferguson – Jack Diana Ross – Byron Carl Brashear, Man of Honour – Beverly Malcolm X – Peter N Harnam Kauer . Motivational trend setter – Lee Emma Watson, supporting Palestinians – Debbie Veronica Guerin and Bagwan Shree Rajneesh—Harry


HarnaamL—Moses Andrew Kaur—Lee and Martin Luther King Francis Haugen, Daniel—Bob Marley Facebook and King whistleblower David —Iseult Donald—Moses, King David and Haile Selassie Wayne—Bob Marley Robert—Christ, Marthin Luther King and Marcus Garvey Betty—People who serve in the army Marva—Refugees Danny—Jackie Chan Jimmy— My friend John Thadius— Bill Gates Matt—Dame Kelly Holmes Barney—Mick Lynch Raymond—Mohammad Ali


Jason Jason’s head was buried in a book he’d been reading for homework. He had to write an essay due in at the end of the week. The book wasn’t of Jason’s choosing as he’d prefered a good thriller story, but each pupil in his class had been given a book at random so, Jason had found himself stuck with a story that he was already familiar with … “Merlin the magician!” Jason had moodily taken the book home, but after having read through its first chapter, he soon became gripped as this particular version was very different. It told of strange happenings occurring in our modern everyday lives making the legendary character of Merlin sound more than just a myth. “Jason!” called his mother from downstairs … “Lunch is ready!” “Right on the last page!” thought Jason closing the book in frustration. He leapt down the stairs and sat at the table. “Do you believe that Merlin the magician existed?” asked Jason inquisitively. “It’s a fable!” answered his mother. “But”, continued Jason … “Sorcery in medieval times was so prevalent that it make’s it more than probable, don’t you think?”. “Not necessarily!” answered his mother with a smile. Jason hurriedly ate his lunch then ran up the stairs to finish the book. “Where’s it gone?” thought Jason seeing that the book wasn’t still on his bed. He began to frantically search for it but it was nowhere to be found. “I can’t find my book anywhere!” shouted Jason down the stairs. “It’ll turn up!” said his mother wondering if Jason was playing a prank on her with his talk of magic. “Where on earth is it!” thought Jason vexed. He decided to go for a ride on his bike. He cycled around the park and watched some boys playing football, but nothing was able to distract him from the missing book with its mysterious stories he’d read through its pages. On the morning his essay and the book were due to be handed in together to his teacher, the book still hadn’t been found. Jason entered his classroom with dread and handed his essay to his teacher as he sheepishly said … “We couldn’t find the book anywhere!”. His teacher looked surprised then said … “How strange! Just this morning it suddenly appeared back up there on the shelf in its place” as his teacher pointed to the brightly coloured book with it’s unique beautiful binding … By Sandra B



Reflections by Peter A So the jubilee celebrations are over. I can still remember the silver celebrations in1977! No party for me this time. I came to Mosaic last Friday for the Social. Tea, cakes, sandwiches etc. Watching the dominos. Some people played Chess. I had a very sober weekend altogether.

I have met up with a few old friends recently. We want to make this a regular thing. Once a month or so. Old mates. We’re all very old. 67 years young, may I say. Dare’say we all met up at a pub. I’m still trying to get it together again, coming to Mosaic, and being as active as I can. England lost 1-0 to Hungary in the football. Not so good. Bad luck Ukraine. I’m sure the fixtures for next season will be out very soon, if not out already. Premiership etc Man City again? Liverpool? Chelsea? Chelsea were in a bit of a pickle for a while. New Owners etc. Arsenal? Tottenham, Conte, and all. Man U??? Southampton (maybe not). An outsider??? Champions League? F.A Cup. I have settled well into my new premises. OK. We had a big party last Wednesday for the Platinum Jubilee. So many different foods to eat. Soft drinks etc. I think so. We had a DJ and a young lady singer. Brilliant. I’m not sure how long it went on or finished. Still trying to get into some sort of routine. Maybe? Breakfast is back at Mosaic. That’s great. Cricket – England won a Test Match against New Zealand. England’s first win for ages. Maybe I’II try to go to a game to se some Cricket – The Oval – Surrey. 22


Someone I met was wearing an evil eye pendant on her neck. To my surprise it was an orange colour. Usually it’s blue. Curious I wondered what did this orange one mean? Long ago the evil eye symbolized a “look” or a “stare” that is believed to bring bad luck for the person at whom it is directed for reasons such as envy or dislike. This belief is traced to at least the 6th century BC. Today wearing an evil eye pendant is used as a sign of protection from bad luck. The different colours symbolize different things. There are various colours but the most widely evil eye bead is blue. Here are some of the meanings of the other colours: Orange – Happiness and protection Dark Blue – Karma and protection Light Blue – Solitude and peace

Dark Green – Happiness , balance in your life Red – Courage, enthusiasm and energy Brown – Protection from the elements White – Purity and protection

Pink – Calm, contentment and relaxation Famous people have worn the evil eye such as Madonna, Britney Spears and Nicole Richie. Also, recently other celebrities have worn it as well such as Brad Pitt, Lindsay Lohan and Rihanna. What I realise is that the original meaning has stayed true for thousands of years. I believe it will continue in many cultures and in human imagination for thousands of years to come. By Nina 24