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Project365 - one photo the day. From the 1.1.2010 I start taking a photo every day and uploading it as soon as possible. My personal rules are: - keep photoshopping to a minimum (except for HDR, tiltshift,...) - one photo a day - no preshooting. Later uploads are ok (and a must when I‘m on vacation) - photos can be shot with various cams (DSLR, compact camera, mobile) Ok, thats it - hopefully I make it to the 31.12.2010 werner | All photos are licenced under the Creative Commons Attribution - NonCommercial except the following photos: 2010_04_04_ChariotJogging, 2010_04_21_Steffi These are Š Werner Moser 2010

JANUAR 2010.01.02: Think!

Found this display in a shoe shop in downtown Salzburg

2010.01.01: Fireworks

The 1st photo of my Project365 was also my first fireworks photography. Can‘t wait for the next firework to improve on that skill ...

2010.01.04: Love is in the Air!

2010.01.03: Waterslide

The waterslide of our daytrip - the Aqua Salza near Salzburg

2010.01.06: Lost Chairs Somewhere near Mondsee/Austria

2010.01.05: Snowy Balustrade

The Balustrade of an abbey in the Hellbrunner Alley in Salzburg

2010.01.07: Panorama View from the Jenner near Berchtesgaden / Germany

2010.01.08: Black Bull

The Black model is an origami model made by Stefan Weber - an amazing artist. He created this figure for an origami exhibition at the Hangar7 in Salzburg

2010.01.10: Rossfeld

On the way up to the Rossfeld - a really nice little snowboard tour near Berchtesgaden / Germany

2010.01.09: Pretzel Sticks

I wanted to go on a snowboard tour today but then my girlfriend didn‘t feel well so I stayed home to take care of our little boy. But when she ate her pretzel sticks with cola I had my photo of the day and tomorrow is (hopefully) snowboarding time

2010.01.11: Back At Work

Christmas holidays are finally over so it‘s time to go back to reality ...

2010.01.12: Bike Lane

I love riding my bike and thanksfully Salzburg is a bike-friendly city: it‘s 7:30 am and they are cleaning all the bicycle lanes :)

2010.01.13: Simpligility

Wow - my brother launched his own company and the corresponding website/blog at

2010.01.14: Good Morning Salzburg!

It‘s around 7:30am on the way to work ... Salzburg is really a great city to live :)

2010.01.15: Memories

It‘s a really cool experience to scan the photos from your own childhood. All the time I had a flash back and the 250+ scans were done in a short time .... Bathing in the tub, first kayaking, babyphotos, the first christmas and birthdays just to name a view ... Ah, btw that‘s me and my brother on the little screen - roughly 35years ago ...

2010.01.16: Saltimbanco

The stage is ready ... and a view minutes later the show began. We enjoyed the Saltimbanco show from the Cirque de Solei and luckily we had the camera with the 270mm zoom with us to see the faces of the artists.

2010.01.17: The Bridge

The weather was more or less ... well .. bad so I thought that a black and white photo is a good idea and luckily I found this bridge in Rif near Salzburg

2010.01.18: Speakers World

Found this speaker arrangement at the Rotunde of the SalzburgAG. The reason for being there was a meeting for the upcoming Netd@ys Austria event

2010.01.19: Sweet Melons

Or is it something different? Well - it‘s swedish candy and these solid sugarballs ar just 1cm in diameter. Shot this photo at the Swedish Candy shop in Salzburg right at the main bridge (Staatsbrücke)

2010.01.20: Morning Fog

It‘s 10 o‘clock in the morning and the fog is lifting.... Now it‘s a perfect day with blue sky and comfy temperatures.

2010.01.21: Two Hearts

I know it‘s kitsch ... but two hearts that belong together ... ah well - enough writing...

2010.01.22: Reflections

The street lights give a nice reflection in the water of the river Salzach. Since a few days I think about this photo and today was the day. I used my bicycle as a poor-mans-tripod.

2010.01.23: At The Lake

Got this photo at the Obertrumer See near Salzburg. We checked a location for our upcoming big party (sadly not the right one) and on the way back I shot this photo.

2010.01.24: Lonesome Sledge

Got this photo during a sleding/zipflbobing break in Hochschwarzeck near Berchtesgaden

2010.01.25: Phones Phones Phones What a crazy day - we just hang on the telephones to organise the location for our upcoming big day (yes, we say Yes!). Now we have 3 locations on hold and we have to check them ...

2010.01.26: Snowy Bikes

Finally the snow has come and I still ride my bicycle to work which is big fun!!

2010.01.27: Red Light

During the last days it was so cold that you find icicles everywhere - even in the red light districts ;)

2010.01.28: White Light

It‘s amazing - I discover so many photography options while riding my bike to work! Got this shot around 7:30 in the morning...

2010.01.29: Seagull

Wintertime always means seagulls along the river Salzach... and then there are (mostly elderly) people who feed them and so I got this photo.

2010.01.30: Kiwi

Didn‘t get a good shot at our snowboarding tour so I played with the kiwi

2010.01.31: Riverstones

Finally I managed to take this shot. Got the idea a few days ago while riding my bike and today I nailed it.

FEBRUAR 2010.02.01: Icicles

While I was eating lunch in the restaurant I saw these icicles. A little bit later I returned and got this shot.

2010.02.02: Balls

Think about thousands of these ball and then going for a dive in them. That‘s excactly what we enjoyed yesterday at the kids corner of the Verein Spektrum in Salzburg.

2010.02.04: The Craziness of Signs This collection of signs is just for a parking lot !!!!

2010.02.03: Applestrudel

Today is an awesome day - Margit brought plenty of applestrudel and I can‘t wait to eat them.

2010.02.05: Lynx

We bought the annual pass for the zoo of Salzburg and I managed to see the lynx :) hurray !!!

2010.02.07. Comfy At Home

It‘s dark outside, the muffins are aten and so it‘s time for some comfy lights

2010.02.06: Elephants

Got this shot before we saw thousands of photos from Rose‘s Tansania trip

2010.02.08: Still Closed

The marble hall in Salzburg is still closed for us but we will return on the 11th of june and then we have a special appointment there :)

2010.02.09: Cameratwirl

I was trying to get a cool shot for a subproject about the bridges of Salzburg but then ... I tried a cameratwirl and got this one. Btw, camera tossing is something I will never try but camera twirling/turning produces also cool stuff!

2010.02.10: Yoga Time

Wednesday is my Morning Yoga day and finally I took a photo of my yoga mat :)

2010.02.12: Street Scene

My 1st night scene with lighttrails. Got this while waking to the sauna :)

2010.02.13: Gearwheel

Found this one near my homeplace - it‘s a gearwheel of a bridge in Salzburg, the Hellbrunnerbrücke.

2010.02.11: Makartsteg

This is the first bridge of my subproject „Bridges of Salzburg“: the Makartsteg.

2010.02.14: The Old Mill

It‘s amazing - this old mill is at the starting point of a favourite backcountry snowboard tour of mine. And yet - I never saw that it is a mill and now, thank‘s to my Project365 I somehow scout the surrounding and discover such cool things. The Project365 was a superb idea and I‘m really happy what I learned and discover in the first 1,5 month!!! Ah and btw, the tour is the Gurlspitze near Salzburg/Austria.

2010.01.15: Hello Sunspot

When you move a sunspot (the gadget in the hand) with the right programme it activates the LEDs in the perfect timing so that the eye sees the writing! Thanks to Manfred Bortenschlager for his help :)

2010.02.16: Pioniersteg

Bridge 2 of Salzburg is another pedestrian/bicycle/unicycle only bridge.

2010.02.17: In The Library

Visited the photography section of the library today and got a few good books :)

2010.02.18: Miniature Origami Got this tiny origami crane from a working collegue - thanks again Daniel.

2010.02.19: Graffiti in Salzburg I love the flamingo :)

2010.02.20: Ladybug

Spring is coming ... and after enjoying my first unicycle trialsession of the year I found this little ladybug in our flat

2010.02.21: Hellbrunnerbr端cke

.. another bridge of Salzburg shot from a slightly different perspective ;)

2010.02.22: High Ropes Course

Got this one on my daily route to work :)

2010.02.23. Müllnersteg

The next bridge of Salzburg - a cycle/pedestrian only bridge (like the majority of them). The cool thing in the region is the amazing playground next to the church. You find a rockclimbing area there plus slacklines and other cool balancing stuff. Can‘t wait to visit the playground with my unicycle :)

2010.02.24: Selfportrait This is my first project365.selfportrait :)

2010.02.25: Nonntaler Brücke

The next bridge - got this one at 6:25 in the morning ...

2010.02.26: Greenish Selfportrait

Wow - another selfportrait but this mirror thing in the Nature Museum of Salzburg was just the perfect shooting location :)

2010.02.28: Springtime

Spring has come to Salzburg - up to 15째, sunshine and T-Shirts. I love it :)

2010.02.27: Zipflbob

Blue sky, snow and four crazy people with snowboards, ski & zipflbob result in such a jumpsession :)

2010.03.01: Emblem of Salzburg


Found this emblem of my hometown Salzburg near the festival hall.

2010.03.02: Graveyard

I met Mr. Stony Death at the St. Peter‘s graveyard in Salzburg ... while my girlfriend had an appointment with her dentist!

2010.03.03. Color of Salt

Until yesterday I didn‘t know that there is a special salt shop in Salzburg and today I was there for this photo

2010.03.04: Cathedral of Salzburg

2010.03.05. Cool Art

Found this cool art thing in downtown Salzburg (at the Residenz)

2010.03.06. Yellow

It was snowing the hole day and so I played with some close-up/macro shots ...

2010.03.08: Blue Pig

Found this lovely blue pig beside Dani‘s Mac while finishing some print productions ...

2010.03.07: Return of the Icicles

After some days of pure spring (up to 15°) it‘s back to winter ... icicles for photos, snowboardtours for me :)

2010.03.09: ExpressSpider

Got my new Primus ExpressSpider stove today, which I won at a Facebook competition on the PrimusFacebook page. Now I can‘t wait to prepare something with the Spider for my upcoming outdoor camping cookbook.

2010.03.10: Christmas In Salzburg

Got this shot in a funny shop in Salzburg - the „Christmas in Salzburg“. The shop offers christmas decorations and eastern eggs for the hole year! And a short side-note: sadly the chocolate shop in downtown Salzburg didn‘t allow me to take a photo so I couldn‘t buy anything from them ...

2010.03.11: waiting for spring ...

2010.03.12: EisenbahnbĂźcke

The next bridge - this time it‘s the one and only train bridge in downtown Salzburg.

2010.03.13: Saturday Morning

Ahh - saturday morning means breakfast with my little boy and my girlfriend and we often enjoy the delicious apple-walnut bread from the bakery next to our flat.

2010.03.14: Khan

Khan was watching us for the hole dinner at the CookingKhan restaurant in Salzburg which I enjoyed with some friends, my girlfriend and my little hero (aka my son)

2010.03.15: The short but thrilling life of matches Ah - the inspiration for the image is from the book „understanding close-up“

2010.03.16: Thai Lanterns

These lanterns from thailand are our decoration for the christmas-tree since 3 years - you see we are not the typical traditional austrians ;)

2010.03.17: 999

Wow - my 4 Jahreszeiten | 4 Seasons multisport video reached the 999+ views! If you don‘t know it head over to and (hopefully) enjoy it :)

2010.03.18: Green Gnome It‘s 7:23 in the morning and I‘m already posting my photo of the day - what‘s going on? Well I found this green gnome on the ride to work and I know that I have a really busy day in front of me so why not post it ...

2010.03.19:Werner On The Wall

That was a pretty tough self portrait. I set the timer to 10sec and pressed the button... then I had 10seconds to climb the wall, mount my unicycle and balance on the marked spot :)

2010.03.20: Cafe

Shop decorations are often good for a photo

2010.03.21: The wheel is spinning

2010.03.22: Schloss Freisaal

One of the nice little castles of Salzburg. Would be a cool place for some paddling ;)

2010.03.24: The inner side ...

2010.03.23: Signs

Found these signs in the library of Salzburg...

2010.03.25: Mozartsteg

The next bridge of Salzburg - this time it‘s a bicycle/pedastrian bridge called Mozartsteg.

2010.03.26: Another Project

What a crazy year this 2010... Besides my little son Nino & my girlfriend, the photo.Project365 there is still place for another project. I write/cook/layout a (german) camping cookbook called „Einfach draussen“ (means simple outdoors). If you are interested in some background infos then head over to my for the book @ einfachdraussen ... ah and thanks to Primus Stoves for their support. And finally: if you got some tips for food photography - pleaaaasse tell me :)

2010.03.29: Gaisberg Biking

What a day - it was the first time that we did a Chariot (kids carrier) mountain tour and while Nino and I did a road downhill, Babsi enjoyed one of the cool trails.

2010.03.27: New Toy

Well - my collection of bicycles grew again. Overall I have 3 unicycles, 2 mountainbike, 1 citybike and now brand new: a BMX

2010.03.28: The Return Of The Mammoth

2010.03.30: Eye Of The Elephant

I found the Elephant in a furniture shop next to our living place.

2010.03.31: Elephants World

2010.04.01: Butterflies


Outside it‘s cold and white again but spring is coming for sure!

2010.04.02: Lehner Brücke

2010.04.05: Waterdrops

Last week we got our new Canon SX200IS and today I played with the supermacro. It‘s really amazing what you can do with it and besides the waterdrops I started a side-project inspired by Bryan Peterson: the Grunge/Macro ABC .... 17 letters/numbers are already done

Time for the next bridge and thanks to Bryan Peterson‘s Brother Sky the exposure was right. And if you don‘t know Brother Sky then don‘t forget to read Understanding Exposure - until now my favourite photography book

2010.04.03: Eggs

Today was the Egg-Coloring-Day for my girlfriend and so she produced a nice photo opportunity for me :) And Happy Easter!

2010.04.04: Chariot Jogging

A wonderful day resulted in a unicycle/jogging trip with our kids carrier from chariot and my girlfriend and I both played with panning photography

2010.04.06: Spinning

2010.04.07: Daisy

Got this while shooting an endless amount of grass-shots for our wedding invitation

2010.04.08: Hydrant

Who says hydrants have to be grey and boring....

2010.04.09: bobby car

Finally I photographed my little boy‘s bobby car - one of his favourite toys (besides mom, me, my bmx, .....)

2010.04.10: Fun With Forks

2 Forks is all that you need for a funny photography session ...

2010.04.11: Chain

2010.04.12: Red Building

2010.04.13: Morning Sky

Ridingn to work around 7am is great for sunrise shots :)

2010.04.14: Leaf

A rain day at work results in a short photography break :)

2010.04.15: Let There Be Light I really love my Sigma 50mm macro lens :)

2010.04.18: The Lego Duckling

My little son Nino discovered the box full of Lego Duplo on his own so now it belongs to him :)

2010.04.16: SpeedyTrain

Another pan shot - somehow I really fell in love with panning shots

2010.04.19: Traklsteg

Next bridge - this time it‘s the Traklsteg - a pedestrian/cycling only bridge

2010.04.17: Bikelane

2010.04.20: Nockstein

Another early morning shot which resulted in a really dirty bicycle. While I shot this photo the street cleaning team used their high pressure water thing to dump all the dirt onto my bicycle - yikes....

2010.04.21: Steffi

A day full of photography@work for our upcoming annual report resulted in plenty shots and this is one of my favourites. Thanks to Steffi for posing and for p365-approval :)

2010.04.24: Koru

As wikipedia says: The koru is a spiral shape based on the shape of a new unfurling silver fern frond and symbolizing new life, growth, strength and peace. Well - this is not a silver fern but an austrian fern but still I really like the idea of the Koru

2010.04.22: Margit‘s Treasure

2010.04.23: The Nawi

Why the name - well it‘s the natural science part of the university of Salzburg and in german it‘s called NAturWIssenschaft (hence Nawi)

2010.04.25: Flowers of Hellbrunn

Spring is always a pure flower paradise - especially in the Castle of Hellbrunn were the gardener of Salzburg show their best.

2010.04.26: Lausdirndln

Yesterday we met Susanne from at their workshop to check out some stuff for our upcoming wedding and there I found this little Pin-A-Needle-Into-Me ...

2010.04.27: Bikelane

Got my new Tamron 10-24 yesterday and today was my first day using it. Looking forward to our summer trip to scandinavia for some landscape shots with the wideangle lens :)

2010.04.28: Staircase

Another shot with my new Tamron 10-24

2010.04.29: Rotunde

The building of the SalzburgAG is really a nice one for my wide angle lens...

2010.04.30: Hellbrunner Allee

Last shot of April is done - wasn‘t my most creative day ‚coz I was a little bit tired/uninspired from the event on the 29th ...


2010.05.01: Dew Drops

After the heavy rain during the night I had plenty of dew drops photos to capture and this one turned to be my best.

2010.05.02: Bird of Prey

Today I had an awesome experience at the zoo of Salzburg. Plenty of wonderful sights/photos and at the end I had this close encouter with the vultures who visit the zoo on a regular base - but they are still wild creatures who live in the nearby mountains.

2010.05.03: Glases

After a Lego Mindstorm workshop in the natural museum of Salzburg we headed to the restaurant for lunch - and there I saw these glases :)

2010.05.05: Thinking

„Hmmm, why do I wait here, year after year, in this graveyard?“

2010.05.04.: Minis

3 little Minis were standing in a row ...

2010.05.06: Kinetic Swing

After reading an article about kinetic photograhy at phototuts+ I tried my first own kinetic... The setup was simple: a 3-LED headlamp (therefore the 3 lines) placed on my black yoga mat and then I set the exposure time to 8‘‘ and swinged the camera with the shoulder straps. So no tossing or something dangerous with the camera ...

2010.05.09: Blowing the dandelion

2010.05.07: Hangar7

After enjyoing the austrian premiere of the new - awesome - MountainBikeVideo FollowMe I got this shot of the nearby Hangar7

2010.05.08: Let‘s fill it Up!

How does the milk enter the TetraPack? Well, today was OpenHouse of the dairy plant of Salzburg and so we found it out.

2010.05.12: Sexy

I saw the „Sexy Toys“ sign at a nearby Erotic Shop a few days ago and today I got this shot. Their is definitly at least one more shot there that I like to take ...

2010.05.11: The Treasure

Found this bracelet at the Swarovski shop in Salzburg.

2010.05.10: Photography Workshop

Got this one during the photography session of our workshop at work :)

2010.05.13: ABC of the Street

Got the last letters of my ABC project today. I collected all the letters and numbers as close-up/macro shots and now they are available at Released under the CreativeCommonsAttribution licence

2010.05.14:Celtic Food

Got this arrangement of celtic food during a photo shoot for my company. ... and I will be on vacation for the next week so updates will be sporadic :)

2010.05.15: Lights

Two lights at the petrol station on the way to tyrol

2010.05.16: Insects Favorit

I‘m not sure but people told me that the drills are for insects ...

2010.05.17: Young Cones

... found these young cones at the beautiful of the Obernberger Valley

2010.05.18: Runkelstein

The beautiful castle of Runkelstein near Bozen in Southern Tyrol was a wonderful visit - and our first sun after all the snow and rain of northern tyrol

2010.05.19: Evening Leafes

2010.05.20: The Tower .. of Terlan in sunny southern tyrol

2010.05.21: Obernberger See (Lake)

Got this shot after pushing my little boy Nino in his carrier for 300m attitude and shortly before the Unicycle/KidsCarrier downhill (which was big fun ...)

2010.05.22: Coffee Beans

We wanted to visit the medival festival in Kufstein but the entry fee was just crazy so we decided to go for a stroll through downtown Kufstein and we found a lovely coffee shop called Das Kaffee Haus ( - one of the nicest coffee shops that I know! Ah - and we are back from our trip to north and south tryol and now it‘s just more of less 5 weeks before we head north to scandinavia :)

2010.05.23: Little Bird

Found this little fellow while playing around with my girlfriend‘s orchid

2010.05.24: Hohensalzburg

I love Salzburg and it‘s impressive castle called „Hohensalzburg“. Luckily that‘s my view on the daily ride to work :)

2010.05.25: Morning Rays

While riding my bike to work I saw this incredible sunrise and I couldn‘t resist ;)

2010.05.26: The Forging of the Rings

Today was a really cool day - Babsi and I were forging our wedding rings with the professinal help of Alex ( After the fusing of the silver we had to do plenty other steps but after 6 hours our wedding rings were ready and they are really really beautiful. And no - no picture of them before our wedding ;) A big thanks again to Alex for his gorgeous help!

2010.05.27: Graffiti

Found this big fisherman on the side of th Lehner bridge - good fishing

2010.05.28: Lynx

Today was the big opening party of the new lions cage in the zoo of Salzburg. Sadly the lion was not in the mood for good photos today but the lynx was just perfect - got the shot maybe 1-2m in front of the european lynx (btw, my favourite animal)

2010.05.29: Shopping Center

A day of shopping at two shopping centers of Salzburg but now we got some stuff for our wedding and our trip to the north. Besides that I took exactly one photo at the parking house of the Outlet center in Salzburg and that‘s the photo you see - quite efficient ;)

2010.05.30: Rubber Boots

Ahhh - what a tough (photography) day. Finally I decided to take this on ... of my son‘s rubber boots. He definitly enjoyed the parts of the day when it wasn‘t raining and he could find water everywhere ...

2010.05.31: The Sieve

Another rainy day ... but while playing with my little boy I looked at the kitchen sieve (yes - he loves cooking) and I knew the photo motive of the day ... and here is my result from the session ...


2010.06.01: Zoomed Bokeh

Another rainy day... but on the way to a relaxing sauna I got this zoomed bokeh photography

2010.06.02: Tools At Work

Today my typical tools at work changed - from the PC to Lego, diapers and other stuff.... Why - well my parental leave started today so for the next four month our little son Nino is my boss :)

2010.06:03: Lanterns

It‘s still raining like crazy so we used the day for more wedding preparations. The fun part was the making of these lanterns - the not so funny part is making of lists and more lists ... what to shop, what to bring etc etc....

2010.06.04: Poppy Field

During a wonderful and sunny Bicycle-Unicycle-KidsCarrier trip we came across this awesome poppy field!

2010.06.05: The Well

My little son loves water therefore we had to stop at this well for a good session of water splashing. After a superfun break we continued on our bike tour ...

2010.06.06: The Field

Another awesome day with my little son - after a bike tour (with no good photo) we did a unicycle tour and there I found this field ...

2010.06.07: The Old Fire Engine

Near my place is a oldtimer repair shop and luckily they have this old fire engine there.

2010.06.08: No Stairs ...

Yesterday was really cool - my brother arrived at the airport!!! After 3 long years it‘s good to see him again and not just in skype!

2010.06.09: Preparations

Deco for the tables of our upcoming big day :)

2010.06.10: Henna Tattoo

Our big day is over and it was an wonderful time. Now it‘s time to catch up with my P365. On the day before the wedding Rose came to our place for this incredible henna tattoo on my left hand. Thanks again Rose!

2010.06.12: 1000Stars Suite

Who needs the wedding suite in a hotel when you can have this 1000stars luxury suite for the wedding night! Babsi and I definitely prefered this one :)

2010.06.11: Wedding

Just a few minutes before our wedding in the Marmorsaal (Marble hall) in the castle of Mirabell / Salzburg! Btw, I think I‘m the 1st bridegroom wearing FlipFlops in the Marmorsaal :)

2010.06.13: Marmeladenprobiererle

The last day of our 3-day wedding party started with 20 delicious marmelades from Babsi‘s uncle Werni and continued in a perfect way until 9pm when I fell asleep..

2010.06.14: Our Rings

Our selfmade wedding rings! If you are interested in some making of photos (and german description) head over to my website @ www.mosabuam. com/2010/06/das-schmieden-unserer-ringe

2010.06.15: The Treasure

We got this wedding present from the dark elfs Hari and Rita - thanks again for your awesome costume!

2010.06.16: The Old Fire Engine - Detail 2

Another detail of the old fire engine - this time it‘s the water pressure thing.. What is it Nanometer, Barometer, Manometer ... oh I don‘t know ... Ah, the first shot is @

2010.06.18: The Old Fire Engine - Detail 3

Found another detail on the old fire engine but that‘s it! No more fire engine ...

2010.06.17: The Sphere

It‘s amazing what you discover when you play with kids :)

2010.06.19: Raindrops

Outside it‘s raining but that‘s ok. We have enough to do with all the packing for our trip to Scandinavia - just 5 days left and we are on the road :)

2010.06.20: Quatchi

My son got Quatchi from his canadian cousins Lukas, Nicolas and Tobi and he really likes him :)

2010.10.21: At The Barber

Today we tried a haircut for Nino - but he is definitly my little son because he didn‘t like the barber‘s shop at all ... so in the end Babsi got a new haircut and Nino and I kept our long hair :) Ah, the shot is a detail of a hair dryer ...

2010.06.23: Our Destination

Tomorrow is the big day and we head north. For the next 9 weeks we live in our 6m² flat with a huge garden - you could also say that we live in our camping bus :)

2010.06.22: Library

This old typewriter is resting in the library of the castle Leopoldskron / Salzburg

2010.06.24: Heading North

Today is the final day - our bus is already 80% packed and just a few more things to do and then just wait for the evening when our little son gets tired. This will be the starting sign for our drive up north... So for the next weeks uploading and commenting will be rare & irregular but of course my P365 goes on ... Have a beautiful summer!


Our wedding tour started with the long drive up north. One of our stops was in Fulda were I found this white rose.


One day of Hamburg consisted of GlobetrotterShopping, a harbour tour and some hiking in the center and the Speicherstadt. And there, in the so called Speicherstadt, I found this architectural shot.

2010_06_27_The Mill of Hojer

Finally we arrived in Denmark and in Hojer we visited the old mill. Besides that we enjoyed Tonder and the north sea :)

2010_06_28_Bikes in Ribe

Another day in Denmark - after relaxing at the beaches of Romo we visited the old city of Ribe.

2010_06_29_Funny Stones

We continue our drive up north and at a harbour near Agger we found this funny stones looking at us. Ah, btw Denmark is really beautiful!!!

2010_06_30 The Dunes

The Dunes of Denmark near Bokhus

JULY 2010_07_02_The opera of Oslo

The cool Operahouse of Oslo with the swimming stage for a concert in front of it.

2010_07_01_On the Ferry

Luckily we didn‘t need the rescue boats on our trip from Frederikshavn to Oslo.

2010_07_03_Norwegian details

Found this little detail at our camping place near Breitvik


We crossed the Hardangervidda and arrived at the Voringsfossen waterfall and it‘s really an impressive view.


Another waterfall of Norway. The cool thing is that you can walk behind the waterfall

2010_07_06_ Bryggen in Bergen The old hanseatic part of Bergen called Bryggen is really lovely

2010_07_07_The Aurland

We found this nice little waterfall somewhere in the Aurland region

2010_07_08_Picknickstop in the Laerdalstunnelen

During the 20min drive through the longest tunnel of the world (the Laerdalstunnelen with 25km) we visited one of the 3 picknickstops for a short photo.

2010_07_09_Bakery in Luster

The small village of Luster had two wonderful things for us: the Lustrafjord for a swim and the delicious bakery

2010_07_10_Stave church of Lom

Finally we found a typical stave church in Lom - and afterwards we visited the awesome bakery

2010_07_12_Seagull of Trondheim 2010_07_11_Our Little chef

Nino enjoys the beach of Flakk near Trondheim. Tomorrow we head to Trondheim and then further north up to the Lofoten islands :)


This was the second of three mooses that we saw on this awesome day!!!

2010_07_14_Along the RV17

Driving along the coastal road 17 is really beautiful - even when it‘s raining ....

2010_07_15_On the ferry

The cool thing on the coastal road 17 is that you drive a little bit and then you hop on another ferry - drive - ferry - drive - ferry ... pretty wonderful


We visited the island of the puffins: Lovund and it was really a wonderful trip ... except that we didn‘t see the puffins ....


Wow - another moose day: we saw four (!!!) elks today and this time it was the first time to see male ones with the antlers :)


The Svartisen glacier and all the surrounding here is just awesome


On our first Lofoten day we visited the village with the shortest name that I know: A (with a circle above it, but I don‘t know how to type that)

2010_07_19_At the playground

A rainy day resulted in a pool session and sauna and in the evening I just got this quick shot at the campsite‘s playground

2010_07_20_Hello Lofoten

The Lofoten island sent us this stormy/windy welcome ...

2010_07_22_A Lofotese

We found this typical inhabitant samewhere near the surfcapital of the Lofoten

2010_07_23_Another Lofotese

Say hello to Mr. Lofot himself - we actually met him in the aquarium ....

2010_07_24_Selfportrait of the polarswimmer Just a few minutes before the photo I went for a swim in freezing cold Gullesfjord north of the arctic circle :)

2010_07_25_Stones of Longbeach

Our last way in Norway was on a lovely gravelbeach near Narvik where Nino enjoyed an endless time throwing stones ....

2010_07_26_On the Kongsvegen

We enjoyed our first day in Sweden on the Kongsvegen - a long long looonnng hike if you want - or just a 5km roundtrip for the others (like us ;) )

2010_07_27_In the Icebar

We visited the Icehotel today and during summer they have the icebar in the building with all the ice for the next season. Quite cool :)

2010_07_28_Bread on the Stick

We visited the beautiful Muddus Nationalpark in Lappland/Sweden and then we found a lovely place for the night. We made a campfire and I prepared homemade bread for my upcoming cookbook „Einfach Draussen“ (it‘s in german and it is about camping/outdoor cooking)

2010_07_29_Bastards of the North

We spent the night at a lovely place except for the bastards of Sweden .... My left feed is full of bites due to one such mosy who was in my sleeping bag .... around 15 bites on ONE foot.....

2010_07_30_Sunset at Eleven

After spending a lovely day at a small lake near Alvsbyn we were even more rewarded with this incredible sunset at 11pm

2010_07_31_Let it Burn

Time for another campfire (without any fire cooking) at Bjurรถklubb

2010_08_01_The Beach of Bjurรถklubb


The Nature Reserve of Bjurรถklubb was a small gem that we discovered by pure luck :)

2010_08_02_In the Skuleskogens Nationalpark The high coast was not that high but we found other beautiful stuff there :)

2010_08_04_On the road to Östersund 2010_08_03_Good Morning Norrfelsviken

Somewhere on the road to Östersund we found a lovely nature camp and there we had a yummie picknick and a photosession :)

we enjoyed the sparkling sun on the morning after a very relaxing day before

2010_08_05_Thank you, Andersön Nature Reserve

Wow, swedish Nature Reserves are wonderful - the Andersön one held us for a complete day and we used our inflatable boat „Le Melon“ for the first time!


Swedish people go crazy for the cloudberries and we met a bunch of them collecting them like crazy.... the only thing: I don‘t understand it ... blueberries and raspberries are way better!

2010_08_07_Mushrooms in the Hede Urskog

After spending a long time in the Sangfjellets National Park we headed to the old growth forest of the Hede Urskog and it was a wonderful hike there (with an endless amount of blueberries)

2010_08_09_Wood wood wood

In Sweden you drive through the forests all the time and some are really old growth but of course many of them are wood plantages and that‘s how they end ...

2010_08_08_Black Hands

A fireplace is just an awesome place for Nino - full fun getting black everywhere and then you get a bath tub as well :)

2010_08_10_ Typical Swedish

Lichens are found in most swedish forests and I really like the magical touch that they give to a forest

2010_08_11_The Mine of Falun

Not - it‘s not the Mine of Moria but the one of Falun. There is no more mining but still they produce the FalunrĂśd here which is the color for 99% of all swedish houses

2010_08_12_Deposits from the Mine

Another day - another mine! This time it‘s an old silvermine near Säter that we visited and I really liked the color contrast from the deposits of the mine and the green.

2010_08_13_The trainstation of Nora

We stayed a day in Nora and sadly the boats for the World Championships of speedboats didn‘t drive around so the photo of the day was the old trainstation...

2010_08_14_The UFO of Ă–rebro We had a lovely day in Ă–rebro with Peter, Lotte and Maya and we met right on the foot of the watertower (aka the UFO)


We arrived in Stockholm and it was rainy and we were hungry ... so what to do?? Well we stopped at IKEA ...


Well - the Kanelbulle (Cinamon rolls) is definitly a typical swedish thing and we really enjoy them (besides the fact that until now the norwegians made better ones ...)


Our daily routine in Stockholm involes a lot of TBana driving (the Underground train of Stockholm) and so I had to play with my camera while waiting for the right one

2010_08_18_The Hand of an Ent

While crusing around in the Stockholm archipelago I found an Ent pointing at something magical in the rock ....


The trainstation of Stockholm was our meeting place with Rose :)

2010_08_20_Parking Lot at the Kunsthus

That‘s a cool way of showing that this is the parking lot for kids carriers - btw, the left one is the coolest in my opinion

2010_08_21_Lottas Bicycle

We found Lotta‘s Bike in the Astrid Lindgren World in Vimmerby, which we found is a big rip off .....

2010_08_22_Running on the Wheel

Running on big wheels is always fun and we found one such wheel used for cables on the campsite and had big fun with it.

2010_08_23_Eketorp Borg

The iron age/medival fortress of Eketorp was a really place to visit

2010_08_24_Typical テ僕and

テ僕and is really nice and you can see a lllooooootttt of windmills there .....

2010_08_26_In the swedish forest

Blueberry picking is definitly not my thing so while all the others collected the blue yummies I did some macro photography and afterwards I did some cooking for them with the blueberries and some mushrooms that they had collected.

2010_08_25_Karlskrona Marina

During a lovely day in Karlskrona we visited the Marine Museum and strolled around and then I discoverd this photo


The girls enjoyed their Women-Only trip and they even managed to paddle very well :)

2010_08_28_Swedish Beach

We found this wonderful beach near Simrisham and enjoyed and lovely evening there

2010_08_29_Ales Stenar

In Sweden you can find a lot of ship graveyards from the viking age and the one in K채seberga is the biggest one with over 50 stones.

2010_08_30_Sunset at the Lighthouse

We spent the afternoon on a lonesome beach in Sk채nor with playing in the sand and flying my kite and the evening resulted in this awesome sunset


We visited the Foteviken Viking Reservat and in an old viking building I found this spiderweb

2010_09_05_Our Route


During our trip we used wooden pegs as reminders where we have been ... and that‘s the result of it :)


We arrived in Germany on the island of RĂźgen and there we found a landart-artist who created this wonderful stone arch. It was a really cool moment when he removed the construction underneath and the stones were still in place !!!

2010_09_03_The end of the journey

Part two of our TransGermany ended and we arrived back home in Salzburg with a final kilometer reading of 9715,1 km of driving through Austria, Germany, Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

2010_09_02_The Power of Wind

Part one of our TransGermany driving experience was embossed by these wonderful windpower engines!

2010_09_04_In the Kaleidoscope

Now that we are back home it‘s time to visit our friends and there I found a kaleidoscope and some Duplo stuff ....

2010_09_06_Hihi Gaisberg

Slowly we are getting used to our daily routine in Salzburg - which means a bicycle tour with my little son to the Gaisberg - our local mountain. After 10weeks on the road it was not an easy uphill ride but still it was great to do some sport . Ah and the sign is from the restaurant where we had a break ... and some sweet dumplings :)

2010_09_08_At the Corn field

Another lovely day which resulted in a unicycle/kids carrier trip with my little son and somewhere on the way I found a corn field ....

2010_09_07_At the playground

While we have been away the playgrounds of Salzburg got some new orange benchlike things .... this time I used them for a close-up photo and next time I will try to ride my unicycle on them :)

2010_09_09_Diggers and more

Kids love diggers and other construction stuff and Nino is no exception ... so we watched a digger for 15-20minutes and during that time I found this shot

2010_09_10_Mama Kanga

Today we visited the zoo again and Nino really enjoyed seeing all the different animals like jaguars, pumas, wolfs and especially the Katas. And when I discovered the little Roo in Mama Kangas pouch I was really happy :)

2010_09_11_Life is everywhere

After an awesome mountainbike ride I thought that I got my Photo of the Day (my dirty tire) but then I went shopping with my little son and on the way back he was fascinated by a duct cover and so I started taking pictures of it ... and the 3rd photo showed me that Life is really everywhere ...


Found this spiral in the gardens of Hellbrunn


A rainy day resulted in some bureaucratic crap, shopping, ikea‘ing and a visit to the library where I found these lockers and some excellent books

2010_09_14_Moving Lights

What a busy day.... I wasn‘t able to grab my camera before 21:00 and so I decided to go for another lightpainting. I tried some writing (the sign ?), painting my wifes contours but finally the chaotic swinging of the headlamp made it. Btw, the triple line is due to my headlamp which has 3 LEDs ....

2010_09_15_On the sleepy tour

Nino gets tired around 1130 and then it‘s time for a bicycle or unicycle ride with the kids carrier. This time we explored the region of Grödig and Rif and there I found the reflection of the Untersberg in the river and I knew that I got my Picture of the Day


I love cooking and spices are an essential part of it. Luckily Wiberg (a spice company) is very close to our place and there I got 3 new wonderful spice mixtures (Thai, Cacjun and African). The one on the picture is the african mixture!

2010_09_18_The dangerous Dragon

Lukas showed me his dragon and so I couldn‘t resist taking a portrait of him.

2010_09_17_The three little ones

What a wondeful day! My brother, his wife and my 3 little cousins arrived today for a 2 week visit and we welcomed them with these 3 ballons :)


Another day at the zoo - this time with 5 children and 6 adults so there was not a lot of photography but luckily I got this shot

2010_09_19_On the Taugl trail

We had our 4th baby meeting today with all the people from the „How-to give birth and be parents“ course and afterwards we went for a nature walk and there I discovered this little thing.

2010_09_21_Autumn has come

2010_09_22_Gollinger Wasserfall After a lovely day in the Bluntautal we additionally visited the Gollinger Wasserfall (waterfall) on the way back and there I got my Photo of the Day.

2010_09_24_Details of a jeans

Sometimes even perfect weather and a bike ride doesn‘t result in any (good) photo and so I did this indoor/evening macro

2010_09_23_At the farmers market

We visited the famer‘s market today and besides all the vegetables and fruits they sell a lot of flowers there as well.

2010_09_25_The Lamp

After a superb day with family‘n‘friends at the potluck I did another night session with this lamp from 1001 nights ...

2010_09_26_Rainy day

We enjoyed a relaxed rainy sunday and on a short hike with my little son I found this detail ...

2010_09_27_Aquarius‘ of Hellbrunn

I love the park of Hellbrunn and besides the zoo, the awesome playground, the castle, the stone theatre and the trickfountains there are plenty pools with stone statues ...

2010_09_28_Emergency Cars

I did a lot of photography for the company and this was a little „sidekick“ ;)

2010_09_29_Amber Tree

After visiting the fortress of Salzburg we passed an amber shop and there I found this little tree.

2010_09_30_Duct Cover Art Somewhere on the road with my little son we discovered this duct cover ..



We found Noah‘s Ark near Abtenau and it is completly made of straw!!! Besides the giraffes there were plenty other animals like vultures, lions, elephants, snakes and so on ...

2010_10_02_In the Canyon

I love the natural gems in the surrounding of Salzburg and one favourite of mine is canyoning through the Strubklamm. This spot is especially cool - you sit down, slide for the first part and then it‘s a 3m freefall into the black pool.


Today was our SUP day which means StandUpPaddling. We paddled them on the river Salzach and on the lake of Kuchl and it was big fun!!!

2010_10_05_The Zebraglas

After reading an article @ DIYPhotography about glases and patterns I had to try it on my own ... During the next days I will do it again with some liquid in the glas ... red wine ...

2010_10_04_Back in the office

Well - it‘s back to „normal“ life ... sitting on a perfect day in the office in front of the PC instead of doing something with my little son. That‘s what I enjoyed during the last 4 month of my parental leave...

2010_10_06_Colours of Autumn

Got this shot on the way to get some yummie icecream :)

2010_10_08_In the sandpit A lovely autumn day with blue sky, warm temperatures and a sand session with my little son - life is so wonderful!!!

2010_10_07_Dalmatian Wine

Another shot based on the idea of DIYPhotography somehow the red wine didn‘t look the way I thought but ....

2010_10_10_At the organic market

Besides all the yummie organic food there was a market stall that sold those beautiful plates and one had this beautiful autumn arrangement.


2010_10_11_The Curve

2010_10_12_Inside the bubble

Look close and you see the (upside-down) selfportrait of myself in the bubble :)

20_10_13_Time to say goodbye

Today was the funeral of a friend of mine and I had the hardest photography job that I could think of - doing the photos of the funeral ...

2010_10_14_Poorman‘s Watertank

First time I played with waterdrops and due to the fact that I don‘t have a watertank/aquarium/etc I was glad for the poorman‘s watertank tip from fledsbo - and Ikea storage tank

2010_10_15_The Inkling

Another poorman‘s watertank shot (Ikea storage) - this time I play with red ink


I was at the spa today and there they sold this little fellow ... and of course I couldn‘t resist to buy one for Nino ...

2010_10_17_My first Droplet

After reading the tutorial at PictureCorrect I tried my first water droplet session today and that‘s the result. I will definitly try it again but it‘s not easy ...

2010_10_18_Lines of Light

The path to the gym is always a perfect playground for lightpainting and more ...

2010_10_19_Coffee Break

Today was a day full of wordpress styling/coding but with a mug of coffee everything is ok :)


Today I got this yummy birthday cake besides some wonderful gifts :)


Crazy@work ... an event today and the setup for another event tomorrow and in between some photography and so on ... quite busy time ...

2010_10_22_Another anniversary

Today was party@work because we celebrated the 10th anniversary (well and we worked quite a bit) but now everything is over and I‘m just exhausted...

2010_10_23_Colors at the playground

Being at the playground is always great! Spending an awesome time with Nino and additionally finding new photos ... what else do you need for a perfect day! Due to my luck I even got my first Unicylce/Chariot mountain ascent & descent today ...


Tried this simple setup (just 5 white sheets of paper) today - perfect for a rainy sunday :)


Today it‘s (hopefully) time for RoboRally - an awesome boardgame. The only trouble is with the snow outside ... we still got summer tires on the car

2010_10_26_The Highway Bridge We visited some friends today and on the lunch stroll I got this picture of the highway bridge.

2010_10_27_A sea of Yellowness

Today was a brilliant autumn day and I was lucky to find this yellow tree.

2010_10_28_The Polar Globe

After seeing the new How-To video from Steve Hermitage at I had to try it on my own ...


Another bridge for my attempt to get a photo of every bridge of my hometown

2010_10_30_Bridges of Salzburg

That‘s efficiency: 4 bridges at once ... but it‘s the only car bridge that I wanted to get (it‘s the Staatsbrücke). Got this shot from the Mönchsberg during a unicycle ride with my little son

2010_10_31_Early birds

I got this shot at 6am - or even 5am due to the switch to winter time ... but I was really happy because it was Nino‘s first night without being breast feeded and he just slept through from 20:00 until 6:00 :)

NOVEMBE 2010_11_02_Fun with Matches

After trying some smoke photography with no success I moved to 5 little matches ...

2010_11_01_Panoramic Biketour

Ahh - what a wonderful day! Thanks to a special weather phenomen (called FÜn) we had up to 19°. Of course I used this weather for a unicycle tour with my little son and afterwards (thanks to Oma) Babsi and I did a wonderful mountainbike tour on our local mountain - the Gaisberg.


One of the cool modern buildings in Salzburg :)

2010_11_04_Autumn leaves Another shot with the colors of autumn


Another day at the playground with my little son resulted in this shot of a soccer goal and a big amount of wonderful time :)

2010_11_07_Food Coloring I played with some left over food colors ...

2010_11_06_On the kitchen table

The grater and a homemade pizza were the ingredients for this photo ...

2010_11_09_Sky on fire Today was just an unreal sky ...

2010_11_08_At the hardware shop

I had to buy some new tools at the hardware shop and the lamps section was a rewarding photography option :)

2010_11_10_PC Training

I had a personal coaching session with Michi from and besides a really helpful training plan I got this picture :)

2010_11_11_At the shopping center

A late afternoon/evening of shopping ... not my most favourite activity but sometimes it‘s necessary.

2010_11_12_Quick Bokeh

Today is not my day for photography ... so I just did this quick bokeh ....

2010_11_13_A beautiful bum

Another day at the zoo ... btw, the bum belongs to a Grevy Zebra

2010_11_14_Another playground detail

Another day that feels like summer and so I visited the local playground with my little hero and there I found this chain detail.

2010_11_15_The fortress of Salzburg On the way back home the light was just pure magic!


Got some cool toys from and the OBall was just the perfect thing for my photo of the day (besides being a fun toy for my little son)

2010_11_17_Salzburg at night


Say „Hello“ to Emilia - one of Nino‘s favourite friends and today Emilia wanted to live with big boots :)

2010_11_19_Smelly Smoke

My first real attempt on smoke photography. I used an incense cone and a spoon creating some turbulances....

2010_11_21_Bits for the screwdriver

It‘s always amazing when you take something completly ordinary and make a macro shot of it ...

2010_11_20_Colorful Lamp

We had a wonderful afternoon/evening at a friends‘s place and there I got this photo of their living room lamp.

2010_11_22_The Mic

A quick little shot of a microfon@work :)

2010_11_23_Spinning and Spinning

This shot was really fun: hands streched out with the camera pointing to the ceiling and then I just started spinning with a long exposure time ...


Winterfest is coming to town and that‘s one of their tents/pavilions. If you don‘t know what the Winterfest of Salzburg is - well, it‘s the best circus festival that I know and it has it‘s 10th anniversary!


Christmas kitsch is coming ...

2010_11_26_The gliding disco ball

This was a fun shot: I used the little disco glide ball and pushed it back and forth on a edge of a black book :)


Winter has arrived .... Salzburg is now a white wonderland.

2011_11_28_The Key to ...

Just came back at 20:30 with no photo at all and the key was the solution ...

2010_11_29_On the bridge

I pass this bridge 5 days the week but until today I never noticed this photo-opportunity!

2010_11_30_Advent wreath

The time of the christmas kitsch has definitly arrived ...


2010_12_01_Salzburg at night On the way back home ...

2010_12_02_Astrojaxing Playtime with the Astrojax Saturn :)


Got the corrections from Birgit for my upcoming camping cookbook „Einfach Draußen“ (in german language) and now I have to edit them ...

2010_12_04_The Exception

Don‘t follow the ordenairy - be the exception, like this little red wood chip :)

2010_12_05_Circus time

What an awesome day. After a snowboard backcountry tour I visited the circus with the awesome Tiger Lilies Freakshow they are really, really Freaks!

2010_12_07_Caught by the new TV

Well, after a long time we finally decided to buy a new 40‘ LCD TV ... and I couldn‘t resist to try, if I can squeeze myself into it ;)


We visited another market - the so called „Waldklang“ with it‘s wonderful light sculptures

2010_12_06_Grilled peach

Today was a big cooking day - I did 5 different recipes for my upcoming camping cookbook

2010_12_09_First prototype

That‘s the first prototype of my upcoming camping cookbook ...

2010_12_10_White - crispy - yummy

Oh - I‘m a real Choco-Holic and this one is especially yummy - white‘n‘crispy :)

2010_12_11_It‘s done

I can‘t believe it, but I really finished my german camping cookbook today. All files are uploaded to BookOnDemand and in 1-2 weeks you can buy the book more or less everywhere .... stay tuned @

2010_12_12_On the morning tour

Getting up at 6.45 and going for a backcountry snowboard tour - isn‘t that a cool sunday morning ;) The photo shows some snow a a protection thingie (the orange foam)

2010_12_13_The Spam Monster

Found the Spam.Monster today - sadly I couldn‘t catch it ....

2010_12_14_Being sick My little son is sick ....

2010_12_15_Let it flow

My little son is still sick (but getting better) so I was not in a creative mood ... I just did a reshoot of a brilliant photo by Steve

2010_12_16_A bridge

Did this shot just in time at 23:54 on the way back from our christmas meeting ...


I love cooking and therefore I love delicious ingredients and today was a big shopping day for oil and vinigars :)


2010_12_19_Snow on the Fence

2010_12_21_Early bird‘s catch

Got up at 6am and on the bikeride to work I saw this magical moon

2010_12_20_Tree pots Found these glowing tree pots in the neighbour hood.

2010_12_22_My book(s) arrived

Wow - I got my (german) camping cookbook today!!! ... and I really like the result from BookOnDemand. More about the book @

2010_12_23_Details of a Lamp


We spent a wonderful christmas eve at my parent‘s place with the beautifully decorated tree.

2010_12_25_At the graveyard

We visited the grave of Babsi‘s dad today.

2010_12_26_Thai balls

Found this lightballs from Thailand in the flat from Bene & Nadine. New areas are always good for a photography treasure hunt :)

2010_12_28_The candelabrum

After another beautiful day in the Allgäu I found a new photography opportunity at Bene‘s & Nadine‘s flat.

2010_12_27_Fire in the coffee house

We visited the coffee house Aran in downtown Kempten and it was really a comfy place :)

2010_12_29_Time is ticking

This shot was taken at Jan & Carina‘s place where we enjoyed a wonderful time.

2010_12_30_Play time

Nino really likes his new Duplo toys that he got from Oma as a christmas present :)

2010_12_31_Bye bye

Good bye and thanks for watching, commenting, helping and so on. I‘m really glad that I started my P365 ages ago and now it‘s really done: the last photo is uploaded ....

Project365:2010 - one photo the day  

2010: One Year - 365 Photos - a photographic journey through the year by Werner Moser

Project365:2010 - one photo the day  

2010: One Year - 365 Photos - a photographic journey through the year by Werner Moser