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Annual Report

BOARD OF TRUSTEES The Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation Mr. Clark Davis, President Mr. Steven F. Jackson, Vice President Mr. Frank Milligan, Secretary/Treasurer Ms. Tracy Carspecken Ms. Edith A. Cassidy Mr. Peter Dean

Mr. Bruce Forbes Mr. Bert Harrell Mr. Eric Major

Mr. Dan Porter Mr. Stuart Thayer Mr. Mark Winmill

BUSINESS PARTNERS Morven Park wishes to thank the following 2015 preferred vendors, event sponsors and business partners: Amy Berringer Photography Ashley Brody Photography BaconNEd's Best Western Leesburg Hotel Blooming Spaces By Invitation Only Wedding Services Capital Mechanical, LLC Capital Party Rentals CCF Photography Chas Sumser Photography Chick-Fil-A Leesburg Comfort Suites Leesburg Daisy Lane Creamery Ellen Zangla Photography Emma Elizabeth Events


Events By Gina Harris Fluttering Shutter Photography Fuog Interbuild g Custom Photography Genevieve Leiper Photography Hershey's Shake Shop Heykoop Photography Images By Erom Lifestyle Photography Jenn Simmons Eventing Jessica Monte Photography Katherine Montaner Photography Lauren Ortega Photography LCE Photography Little Moon Photography Lynn Prescott Photography

MacDowell Brew Kitchen Photography By Beth Lightbody Photography Du Jour Pomerene Photography Rita's Italian Ice Of Fairfax Second Ave Photography Sloppy Mama's LLC Smoothie King Stacy Michele Photography Staged Photography Temp-Power, Inc. The Rockport Company, Inc. Traci J. Brooks Studios VTO Saddlery Your Dream Shots Photography


Donor contributions allow us to:

It is so inspiring when we receive a gift from a donor; someone who recognizes that Morven Park is a valuable asset to our community; someone who understands that it takes many people joining together, supporting the park financially, to keep Morven Park a vibrant and welcoming place. Thank you to our generous 2015 donors. Iris Aberbach John and Diane Adams Len Adler Laurie Allen Ameriprise Financial Ara and Patricia Bagdasarian Dorothy C. Ballenger Nancy Bedford Jan Benjamin Mary Ann Beverley B.J. Webb Bishop Helmut and Diana Boehme Pamela Brumfield Joe Bukovac Childs and Elaine Burden Steffanie Burgevin Mary Callan Rodion Cantacuzene Tracy and Christopher Carspecken Edith Cassidy Chris Charron Peter J. Cook Tremaine Cooper Lisa Cromwell Kathy Curtis Teresa K. Davenport Al and Jane Davis Bailey and Brad Davis Clark and Heather Davis Lori Defranco Ann Denison Beverly Dickerson Luann Dongilli The Dun Foundation Coe and Maria Eldredge Lamar Fife William Howard Flowers, Jr. Foundation Bruce and Lisa Forbes Nina Fout Futurity Capital LLC Ann Garvey David and Amy Geyer Michael and Patricia Geyer Mary Gilman Christine Gleckner and Clay Steward Nancy Glynn Joe and Ann Goode The Graham Family Foundation, Inc.

Clifton and Jill Gruver Mary Destin Gustafson James and Marcy Harris William and Polly Harrison Joanne Hart David and Janet Hedrick Heather Heider Susanne Hiegel Robert H. and Katherine Ann Hogan The Hollymar Foundation David and Susanne Horn Kate Hyam Steven and Megan Jackson Christian Jessup Michelle Johns Patricia Jones Larry and Sharon Kearns Shannon Kellogg Vicki and Daniel Kelly Stephanie Kenyon Graham Knight Patti Koreski Francis and Sharon LaMagra Laura Landrum Robert and Blair Lawrence Marion Lee Leesburg Garden Club Lewis, Jr. and Rosalie Leigh Loudoun County Road Runners Loudoun Hunt Pony Club Scott and Tamara MacDonald Eric and Lara Major Janeen Marconi Jacqueline B. Mars Malcolm Matheson James McDermott Pamela McDorman The McGraw Foundation Keith McMillan Susan F. and David McMunn Reynaldo M. and Marcia B. Mia Carol and Robert Miller Frank Milligan and Chris Hart Delegate J. Randall Minchew Dennis Moore Jeanne Morency Mary T. Munster Douglas and Christine Murphy Ellen Murphy Suzanne Musgrave Christine Navarrete

James and Katie Needham Rafe Nichols Nancy A. Noble Michael Odell and Judith Grass Robert and Ona Orkin The O’Shaughnessy-Hurst Memorial Foundation Louis Parent Susan Parks Matt Perkins Aldona Petraitis Gabriel Pfisterer and Kevin Donovan Cynthia S. Piper Byron and Kristy Poindexter Dan Porter L. Wayne Porter and M. Elizabeth Moore Patti Psaris Gary Quinn Patricia Rayner Diana Reuter Steven Rickles The Rimora Foundation Paul and Krista Ritsema Patty Rogers-Renner Randolph Rouse Peter and Kelly Ruhl Enrico and Margaret Santos Patrick and Kimberly Shaver Ryan and Kathryn Snead Lisa R. Snooks Adair Soho Southern States Stohlman Automotive Kristin Sullivan Wendy Takacs Stuart Thayer Richard and Tracey Tracy Stephanie Tracy Anne Watkins Daryl Wickstrom Jill and David Widdifield Susan Wight Eric and Sheryl Williams Mr. and Mrs. Harold P. Wilmerding Mark Winmill Michael and Judith Wodynski Mary and Don Woodruff Lisa Woods Jacqueline Wright

• Offer year-round public access. Our 1,000 acres of wooded hiking trails, formal gardens and strikingly beautiful landscapes in the heart of Leesburg are open to visitors seven days a week. We are able to maintain Morven Park’s beauty because of donor contributions. • Continue the tradition of offering outstanding equestrian events at Morven Park. This year alone, donations helped us host more than 30,000 riders, grooms, and spectators—all attracted by the Morven Park International Equestrian Center’s standing as one of the most magnificent horse parks in the world. • Expand educational programs at Morven Park’s Center for Civic Impact. Thousands of Loudoun County Public School students come to the Park to participate in our engaging and fun educational programs where they learn to make a positive impact on the world. Thanks to our generous donors, we can offer these programs free of charge.

Together, we can work toward the common goal of preserving and enhancing the park for future generations.




372 Objects cataloged in 2015 843 Objects conditioned in 2015

Books in the Davis Library

(includes 514 books)


Archival boxes filled with Davis Archive documents


Clocks in the Davis Collection


Chairs in the Davis Collection



Collections volunteer hours


Volunteers for fall and spring horse trials

Hours to clean the Mansion and Winmill Carriage Museum. The annaul deep clean takes a total of 150 hours over approximately 20 days with 12 volunteers and staff members participating.


Hours to clean up the leaves in the formal gardens in the fall

Hours spent by the education staff planning and executing Morven Park’s free civics education programs


visitors to Morven Park IN 2015 3,500 Horses competed at Morven Park 1,000 Riders and spectators attended the 2015 Fall Horse Trials

3,898 Visitors to the Davis Mansion

Students attended a Morven Park Civics Education Program


Kids hunted for eggs at the annual “Easter at the Park� event


Guests at weddings held at the Park


People visited and used the Athletic Fields


Hounds competed in the Virginia Foxhound Show held at Morven Park


Live worms delivered to Morven Park for school programs


ATHLETIC FIELDS Hours of usage on the athletic fields


Fields lined


Gallons of field paint used to line the fields



Lacrosse balls found at the fields


Different field layouts used for the 7 sports played at Morven Park (soccer, rugby, ultimate frisbee, flag football, lacrosse, field hockey and gaelic football).



Hours a day to mow the athletic fields (and they are mowed 3 times per week)


Hours to drag all of the equestrian rings


Miles were walked by the maintenance staff while lining the athletic fields during the 2015 athletic season

The lower athletic field is 1,130 feet long and it takes 16 hours a month to aerate


Cross Country jumps were set for equestrian events

12 New barn doors built 3 Barn windows replaced 6 Interior barn doors replaced 73 Stalls leveled with new mats installed


2015 year in review So much can happen in a year. Morven Park encompasses over 1,000 acres and on any given day you can encounter horses and riders competing in an equestrian event, hikers exploring nature on our wooded trails, an action-packed flag football game being played on the athletic fields, or a wedding party posing for pictures in the formal gardens. Here’s a recap of some of the happenings at Morven Park in 2015.

FEBRUARY The Quantico Orienteering Club hosted an orienteering race at Morven Park with over 200 competitors.



The Davis Mansion and Winmill Carriage Museum closed for an annual deep clean.

The Morven Park Spring Horse Trials welcomed 200 competitors.

NOVEMBER Turkey Hill Farm greeted two new residents when the turkeys pardoned by President Obama found a new home at Morven Park.

DECEMBER Museum staff launched a new holiday tour in the Davis Mansion that explored the origins of Christmas and New Year traditions in the United States. Morven Park Executive Director Frank Milligan retired. He joined the Park in 2010 and was instrumental in creating a site wide strategic plan and the civics education program. 8

The 3rd annual Black Friday Bowl, an all-ages flag football tournament hosted by Morven Park, attracted 18 teams.

OCTOBER Morven Park welcomed over 1,000 equestrian enthusiasts as 247 competitors participated in the Fall Horse Trials & CIC 1, 2, & 3*.

APRIL “Easter at the Park,” Morven Park’s annual egg hunt in the gardens and egg roll on the Davis Mansion lawn, sells out with 500 people in attendance.

MAY The Museum of Hounds and Hunting of North America opened their exhibit Wallace Nall—From Imagination and From Life. The exhibit featured 79 paintings from private collectors.

JUNE Morven Park Sports kicked off the inaugural season of our youth Morven Park Ultimate Frisbee League.




Morven Park’s cross-site road, aptly named Governor Davis Lane, opened to the public. The road connects the historic side of the park to the athletic fields and equestrian center.

More than 3,000 players and spectators attended the Dulles National Soccer Tournament at Morven Park.

Morven Park welcomed athletes from around the world as the host of the outdoor soccer competition for the World Police and Fire Games.

Morven Park launched new K-12 educational programming aimed at teaching students of all ages the skills needed to be engaged citizens and to make positive impacts on their communities. Learn more at CenterforCivicImpact.org.


FINANCIALS THE WESTMORELAND DAVIS MEMORIAL FOUNDATION, INCORPORATED AND SUBSIDIARIES Consolidated Statements of Financial Position December 31, 2015 and 2014 Assets Cash and cash equivalents Accounts receivable Pledges receivable Investments, at fair market value Long-term receivable, life insurance premiums Morven Park Collections Property and equipment, net of accumulated depreciation Total assets



$ 2,041,220 6,798

$ 2,096,033 40,053

150,000 2,879,448

485,984 3,267,502

124,660 2,081,146

115,130 2,081,146

11,668,252 $ 18,951,524

11,237,023 $ 19,322,871

$ 33,725 151,824 58,194 812,533 $ 1,056,276

$ 34,100 181,943 45,398 880,115 $ 1,141,556

$ 15,114,934 699,168 2,081,146 $ 17,895,248 $ 18,951,524

$ 15,300,313 799,856 2,081,146 $ 18,181,315 $ 19,322,871

Liabilities and Net Assets Liabilities: Security deposits Accounts payable Accrued expenses Deferred compensation payable Total liabilities Net Assets: Unrestricted Temporarily restricted Permanently restricted Total net assets Total liabilities and net assets


THE WESTMORELAND DAVIS MEMORIAL FOUNDATION, INCORPORATED AND SUBSIDIARIES Consolidated Statement of Activities For the Year Ended December 31, 2015 Support and Revenue Davis Trust distribution Rental income Contributions Admissions Membership–Museum of Hounds and Hunts Sponsorships Special events Investment income Other income Gain on sale of fixed assets Assets released from restriction Total support and revenue


Temporarily Restricted

Permanently Restricted


$ 2,505,602 402,887 150,219 30,188

$--39,566 --


$ 2,505,602 402,887 189,785 30,188

10,820 20,900 246,205 53,047 21,542



10,820 20,900 246,205 53,047 21,542






( 140,254)



$ 3,583,568

$ ( 100,688)

$- -

$ 3,482,880

$ 1,860,622



$ 1,860,622

28,638 128,258



28,638 128,258

188,611 104,491 367,306



188,611 104,491 367,306

319,401 39,161 62,248 540,193



319,401 39,161 62,248 540,193

39,415 90,603 $ 3,768,947 $ ( 185,379)



$-$ ( 100,688)


39,415 90,603 $ 3,768,947 $ ( 286,067)

15,300,313 $ 15,114,934

799,856 $ 699,168

2,081,146 $ 2,081,146

Expenses: Salaries and benefits Benefits–former Executive Directors Utilities Office expenses and other supplies Insurance Professional fees Maintenance of property Advertising Special events Depreciation Unrealized and realized loss on investments, net Other Total expenses Change in net assets Net Assets, beginning Net Assets, ending

18,181,315 $ 17,895,248 11

More Morven Park Fun Facts • The oldest book in the Davis Mansion collection is Ichtyologie, ou Histoire Naturelle, Generale et Particuliere des Poissons (Ichthyology, or Natural History General and Particular Fish) by Marc Elieser Bloch. It is dated 1785 and includes hand-painted watercolor images of fish. • It takes a minimum of four days to mow the entire property with three people operating mowers and other equipment. • 1,400 champagne toasts were poured at weddings held at Morven Park in 2015.

Morven Park is a nonprofit that relies on donations from friends like you. All donations directly fund our work in historic preservation, our world-class equestrian center, youth sports, and our unique civics education programming. Your donation is an investment in Morven Park’s future, ensuring that generations to come will enjoy this vital public resource. Please donate today at www.MorvenPark.org/support.

• The education staff helped students raise 173 butterflies for the “Meadows, Milkweed, and Monarchs—Oh My!” program in 2015. • Morven Park is larger than New York City’s Central Park. It’s true! Central Park consists of 843 acres while Morven Park boasts 1,000 acres.

Morven Park

The Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation P.O. Box 6228, Leesburg, VA 20178 703.777.2414 www.MorvenPark.org


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Morven Park 2015 Annual Report  

Morven Park 2015 Annual Report