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About Us 

Our Vision

In 2011, the Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation, under which Morven Park operates, adopted the following mission statement and goals. The Foundation also adopted a 26-point Strategic Plan to advance each of the four goals. One of those strategies, accomplished in 2011, was the creation of a comprehensive Master Site Plan.

Mission Statement

Inspired by the life of Virginia Governor Westmoreland Davis, Morven Park preserves and advances the ideals of civic responsibility, sustainable agriculture, and enhancement of life in rural Virginia.


Promote civic-minded responsibility and leadership. Promote wellness and healthy lifestyles. Increase public involvement with Morven Park. Foster a financially sound and professionally managed organization.

Our Year Dear Friends of Morven Park:

To each of you who participated this year in an equestrian event, attended a holiday program, toured the Governor Davis residence, jogged through the property, or experienced any of the dozens of other activities available to you at Morven Park, I want to thank you for contributing to the energy of this unique place.

The momentum that built throughout 2011 was almost palpable, as we launched a new interpretive tour of the Mansion; updated our mission statement; adopted a comprehensive strategic plan; and developed a master site plan that blazes the trail for the future of our 1,200 acres and 50-plus buildings.

“The momentum that built throughout 2011 was almost palpable...”

We ended 2011 with a strong sense of direction and determination, guided by two sources: the needs expressed to us by the community, and the desires of Marguerite Davis to preserve the place and the ideals that inspired the life of her husband, Governor Westmoreland Davis.

Establishing the future direction of Morven Park was a vital first step, but all the plans and preparations mean nothing unless people have an opportunity to benefit from all that Morven Park has to offer. Otherwise, this becomes just a beautiful, yet remote, mansion on a hill. And so, we set to work to develop programming that enlightens, invigorates, and inspires our visitors. We set an ambitious goal for educational program attendance last year, aiming for a 25 percent increase from 2010. Even excluding the 3,000 people who visited Morven Park during the October events commemorating the Battle of Ball’s Bluff, our 7,345 program attendees helped us exceed our goal, increasing attendance by 28 percent. We believe that the new interpretive tour of the Governor’s residence plus the addition of programs such as the Governor’s Country Fair, the Princess Parade, the Free Family Fun Weekend, Eco-Friendly Easter, and picnics for Mothers’ and Fathers’ Days boosted overall attendance. We also introduced a series of farming and healthy food workshops, featuring topics such as raising your own poultry and growing berries for fun or profit, introducing Morven Park to an entirely new audience. Similarly, increased participation in Morven Park-managed equestrian events – such as spring and fall Horse Trials, Hunter Pace events, and cross-country schooling days – evidence the organization’s continuing tradition of equestrian excellence. (continued on next page)

“We ended 2011 with a strong sense of direction and determination.”

ď ¨

Our Year (continued)

Increasingly, Morven Park has become the venue of choice for area weddings, corporate, and other special events. As in past years, we hosted the Northern Virginia Brewfest, the Ladies Board Rummage Sale, the Virginia Foxhound Club Show, the Fairfax Hunt Races, the Middleburg Classic Hunter-Jumper Show, the Loudoun Laurels annual awards, and dozens of other events including community fundraisers, horse shows, riding clinics, and private parties. Morven Park also is honored to continue serving as home to Loudoun Therapeutic Riding, an organization we are proud to support in its program expansion in 2011, providing services to wounded U.S. soldiers in treatment at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Reflecting our support of Loudoun Therapeutic Riding, we included that organization as the co-recipient of income from several of our 2011 events, including the annual steeplechase races. Despite our efforts to increase event income by building community and corporate support, that support did not materialize, and the Board of Trustees voted to discontinue this event for financial reasons.

“Morven Park is here for you to experience and enjoy...�

Morven Park continues to seek ways to engage the community, and last year launched membership opportunities for individuals and businesses, expanded its online profile with a presence on a number of social networking sites, and unveiled a monthly e-newsletter with distribution that grew to just under 5,000 in its first year.

We are excited about the future of this remarkable property to which we serve as stewards. We know that the work is far from done, as we strive to complete each element of our new strategic plan. Programming will continue to evolve and expand, and restoration and expansion of facilities will be ongoing. Morven Park is here for you to experience and enjoy, which is why we hope you share our sense of optimism and energy about seeing it meet its full potential. Such visionary plans will require visionary support. People like you can ensure that Morven Park will be here for the benefit of generations to come. Sincerely, Frank Milligan Executive Director

James H. Harris President, Board of Trustees

ď ¨

Master Site Plan

The plans adopted by the Board of Trustees in December 2011 touch every square foot of Morven Park’s 1,200 acres. The Master Site Plan includes solutions to tie together the entire property, creating one main entrance from which visitors can reach any and all facilities and programs. And it reflects a vision for a future that allows the organization to fully live out its mission. To learn more, go to www.MorvenPark.org or click here.


Unrest�icted Giſts Charter ($5,000 & Above) Mr. & Mrs. James Harris Mr. & Mrs. David McMunn Mr. & Mrs. Harold P. Wilmerding Fellow ($2,500-$4,999) Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Porter Sustaining ($1,000-$2,499) Mr. & Mrs. John DiZerega Cook Mr. & Mrs. Michael Geyer Ms. Joanne Hart Mrs. Jacqueline B. Mars Mr. & Mrs. Samuel H. Rogers, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John Rust Mr. & Mrs. Michael Wodynski Associate ($500-$999) Ms. Magalen O. Bryant Ms. Edith Cassidy Fabbioli Cellars Gruver Cooley Custom Homes Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hoffman Dr. Frank Milligan & Ms. Chris Hart Affiliate ($250-$499) Ms. Maude G. Carr Mr. Fred Carter Mrs. Margaret Good Ms. Nancy Parsons Mr. & Mrs. Karl Riedel Dr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Rogers Mr. & Mrs. Eric Williams

*This report reflects annual fund gifts given between January 1, 2011, and December 31, 2011.

Patron ($125-$249) Ameriprise Financial Kenneth B. Blaine Appraisals, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Ken Blaine Loudoun Therapeutic Riding Mr. and Mrs. James Needham

Friend ($25 -$124) Mr. & Mrs. David Bartlow Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Bowman Mr. & Mrs. Childs Burden Ms.Teresa K. Davenport Ms. Joy Ditto-Hill Mr. & Mrs. Coe Eldredge Ms. Nancy Farrell Ms. Cynthia Guill-Reinhold Mr. Mason H. Lampton Ms. Gabriel Pfisterer & Mr. Kevin Donovan Mr. & Mrs. Nart Shafagoj Mr. Bruce Smart Ms. Carol Stewart Wegmans


Rest�icted Giſts Equestrian Center Sustaining ($1,000-$2,499) Ms. Anne Sullivan Ms. Amy York Associate ($500-$999) Ms. Edith Cassidy Ms. Katherine Coviello Patron ($125-$249) Ms. Janice A. Alperin Mr. & Mrs. William Boyd Mr. Michael O’Dell & Ms. Judith Grass Friend ($25-$124) Mr. & Mrs. Helmut Boehme Ms. Nancy W. Bradley Ms. Steffanie Burgevin Ms. Nancy Byrd Mr. Kevin Chinn The Gold Family Ms. Susanne Hiegel Ms. Marilyn Jackson Mr. & Mrs. Robert Jepson Mr. & Mrs. Alfred King Ms. Deborah Leben Mr. Robert E. Lindemann Mr. Dennis Moore Ms. Leslie Page Ms. Erin Sylvester Mr. & Mrs. Michael Terpak VADA/NOVA, Inc.

Grants Loudoun Preservation Society Virginia Commission for the Arts Virginia Horse Industry Board Wegmans

Preservation/Historic Structures Associate ($500-$999) Ms. Sally T. Rogers Patron ($125-$249) Mr. Doug L. Boyd Friend ($25-$124) Ms. Steffanie Burgevin Ms. Erin Smith

Winmill Carriage Museum Mr. Mark Winmill

Pas De Deux Mr. & Mrs. Michael Wodynski

Morven Park Steeplechase Race Sponsors Official Race Sponsors Booz Allen Hamilton Clark & Associates K2M, Inc. Family Fun Fair Sponsor Mr. & Mrs. James G. Harris Tent Sponsors John Marshall Bank The Wolf Group General Donations Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Rogers

Charter Members

Charter Membership - June 2011- June 2012 The following individuals and businesses represent Morven Park’s charter members. Their names will be engraved on a plaque that will be permanently displayed at Morven Park. MEMBERSHIP LEVELS Inman - $5,000 Mr. John B. Wood & Telos Corporation Winmill - $1,000 Mr. & Mrs. Fred Briggs Ms. Edith Cassidy Mr. & Mrs. Michael Geyer Mr. & Mrs. James Harris Loudoun Hunt Pony Club Morningside House Mr. & Mrs. Harold Wilmerding Michael & Judy Wodynski Mr. & Mrs. Rene R. Woolcott Ms. Joyanna Wilson Donor - $500 Mr. & Mrs. Karl Riedel Patron - $250 Mr. William F. Brinkley Mr. & Mrs. Tremaine Cooper Mr. Dennis Foster/MFHA Mr. & Mrs. John Howard Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Joyce Frank Milligan & Chris Hart Mr. Clinton Poland Mr. & Mrs. John Rust Equestrian - $125 Ms. Wendy Behm Feconda Mr. Nicholas Karangelen & Ms. Kate McPartlan Mr. & Mrs. Mason Lampton Mrs. Jacqueline Badger Mars Ms. Melissa Palmer Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Porter Ms. Amy Schull Ms. Sonia Webb Ms. Torrey Wilkinson

Supporter - $125 Mr. & Mrs. William Boyd Mr. & Mrs. James B. Christian Mrs. Agnes Cook Mr. & Mrs. Moss Crosby Mr. & Mrs. Coe Eldredge Ms. Christine Gleckner & Mr. Clay Steward Mr. & Mrs. Clifton Gruver Ms. Adrienne Iorio Mr. & Mrs. Alfred King Ms. Julia Kingsbury Mr. & Mrs. Graham Knight Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Leigh, Jr. Mr. David Linton Mr. & Mrs. Eric Majors Mrs. Jacqueline Badger Mars Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Murphy Mr. Michael Odell & Ms. Judith Grass Dr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Rogers Mr. Benjamin Saul Mr. Emmett Turner Alston O. Wolf Dual/Family - $85 Ms. Paula Adkins Mr. Gerald Avery Mr. & Mrs. Gary Binder Ms. Kay Blassic Mr. & Mrs. Val Birladeanu Mr. & Mrs. Helmut Boehme Mr. & Mrs. Keith Boi Mr. & Mrs. Steve Buckley Ms. Dori Castro Mr. & Mrs. Dave Colburn Mr. Bob Cook Mr. & Mrs. John Paul Cook Mr. & Mrs. John Crook Mr. & Mrs. James Currie Mr. & Mrs. Daniel G. Dodson

Ms. Sarah Miller Espinosa Mr. Rodney Furgeson Mr. & Mrs. Myke Gluck Ms. Kathy Grugick Mr. & Mrs. William H. Harrison Ms. Anne Healy Christa Hellberg-Cook Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Kelly Ms. Julie Kowalsky Ms. Vee Kreitz Mr. & Mrs. Ian Krest Ms. Jennifer Laughlin Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lintz Mr. Sidney L. Lissner Mr. Andrew Lockwood Mr. Richard Lynch Ms. Kelly Machado Ms. Rebecca McMurry Mr. & Mrs. Clay McNerney Mr. & Mrs. Todd Miller Ms. Teresa Minchew Mr. Aqdas Muneer & Mrs. Tara Aqdas Mr. & Mrs. James Needham Ms. Lisa Nelson Ms. Carolyn Odegaard Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Peebles Ms. Schuyler Richardson & Mr. Thomas Edmonds Ms. Christiane Ritcher Ms. Jacqi Roueche Mrs. Juli Seaman Ms. Bonnie Sewell Ms. Pat Shoop Mr. S. Bruce Smart, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. David Spencer Col. Hugh Sproul Ms. Gayle Stabo Mr. Will Mark Stevenson & Mr. Alan J. Savada Ms. Anne Sullivan

ď ¨

Charter Members Mr. Hideko Takahashi Mr. & Mrs. Kiley Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Tim Tibbits Mr. Bill Toole & Ms. Phyllis Heffner Mr. & Mrs. Richard Tracey Individual - $50 Mr. Chris Anders Ms. Beth Babcock Ms. Margaret Bardwell Ms. Vicki Baturay Ms. Nancy G. Bedford Ms. Diana Bendit Mr. Ted Brennan Ms. Pamela Brumfield Mrs. Magalen Bryant Mr. Scot Buffington Ms. Ann Caldwell Ms. Candace Campbell Ms. Melissa Crosby Mr. Bill Cross Mr. Andrew Dangel Ms. Robin Dannels Ms. Bailey Davis Mrs. Marsha Dearlove Ms. Donna Dennis Mr. John P. Dorrier, Jr. Ms. Judith Gilman Ms. Jessie Ginsburg Mrs. Margaret Good Ms. Cynthia Guill-Reinhold Ms. Cathy Handford Ms. Linda Harer Ms. Joanne Hart Mrs. Robyn Harter Ms. Alison Head Mr. George Heffner Ms. Dona Hoffman Mr. Orrin Ingram Ms. Carol Kennedy Ms. Lori Kimball Mr. Dinwiddie Lampton Leesburg Garden Club Mr. Michael Martorelli Mr. Matt McLaughlin Ms. Linda Knox McLean

Mr. Bob Minton Ms. Amy Marasco Newton Ms. Nancy Parsons Ms. Sally Rasmussen Ms. Patricia Rayner Ms. Cindie Reinhold Mr. Bill Rodman Ms. Cathy Roesch Ms. Susan Schardein Ms. Kimberly Shaver Ms. Eleanor Slater Mr. Robert Small Ms. Judy Smith Ms. Tracy Smith Mr. T. Garrick Steele Mr. Donnie Strum Mr. Dick Watters Ms. BJ Webb Ms. Jill Widdifield Mr. Dave Wilson Ms. Kelly York

BUSINESS MEMBERSHIP Business Leader - $1,000 The Chef's Table Grandale Farms Legends Catering L.H. Lindberg Photography Occasions Catering Purple Onion Catering Co. R&R Catering REHAU Ridgewells Catering RSVP Seasoned to Taste Shenandoah Carriage Co., LLC Smokin Willy's BBQ Vintage 50 Business Sponsor - $500 Bluebells Florist Browning Equipment Brookfield Site Development, Inc. Burnett & Williams Personal Injury Lawyers United States Eventing Association, Inc.

Business Partner - $250 Alisha McMaster Photography Amie Otto Photography Arianne Burtaine Photography Bialeks Music Courtney Middleton Photography Dijio Photography Ellen Zangla Photography Genevieve Leiper Photography Heykoop Photography Homewood Suites Hilton Joylyn Hannahs Photography, LLC Kelly Ewell Photography L & M Photography Market Salamander Moxie Photos True Wedding Events

Leadership Management Team Frank Milligan Executive Director Judith Wodynski Director of Development & Community Relations Sheryl Williams Business Office Manager Martin Graves Buildings & Grounds Manager

2011 Board of Trustees Executive Committee: James Harris President Coe Eldredge Vice President Edith A. Cassidy - Treasurer Margaret Good - Member Karl Riedel - Member Anne Sullivan - Governance Trustees: Peter Burnett Agnes Dizerega Cook Joyce Finley Jill Gruver Michael E. Hoffman Nancy Parsons Peggy Rust B.J. Webb Harold P. Wilmerding Mark Winmill Frank Milligan Executive Director / Secretary to the Board Honorary Member: Dr. Joseph M. Rogers

ď ¨

ď ¨


Morven Park ended its fiscal year essentially level with 2010. In spite of its aggressive development of a new master site plan and new programs, the organization was successful in keeping expenses to a level that was a small fraction of 1 percent higher than the previous year.

Income was down slightly, by $133,003, mostly attributable to a slight decrease in the distribution from the Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation trust. Income from site rentals, admissions, and fundraising all increased over 2010. For the entire Consolidated Statement of Activities (for the year ended December 31, 2011), visit our website: www.MorvenPark.org or click here. Income

Endowment 65% Tours & Special Events 13% Investments Site Rentals 3% Other 12% Contributions & 3% Membership 4%


Depreciation 16% Personnel 47%

Insurance & Professional Fees 11%

Other Programs & Special 3% Events Advertising 5% OďŹƒce Expenses Utilities 1% 6% 6% Maintenance 5%

Community Partners

Morven Park thanks all of the following organizations and businesses that partnered with us on various projects and events in 2011. We are grateful for their donations of time, efforts, and expertise.

4-H Leaps and Squeaks Club 17th Mississippi Company G Reenactment Unit Agriculture in the Classroom Allder School Berries Belle Gray Farm Boy Scout Troops 163, 1910, 553 and 998 Dodona Manor Green Alchemy Herb and Mercantile Company Journey Through Hallowed Ground Liberty Rifles Loudoun Archeological Foundation Loudoun County Bomb Squad Loudoun County Civil War Sesquicentennial Committee Virginia Cooperative Extension Loudoun County Office Loudoun County Rural Economic Development Council Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office Loudoun Hunt Pony Club Loudoun Hunt West Loudoun Therapeutic Riding Loudoun Volunteer Fire Department Loudoun Volunteer Rescue Squad Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy Masters of the Foxhounds Association Mom’s Apple Pie Moo Thru Ice Cream Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority Oatlands Plantation Performing Arts Ministries Pink Shop/Very Virginia Rear Rank Productions Star Performance Thomas Balch Library Town of Leesburg Tuscarora High School VADA/NoVa Virginia Department of Transportation Virginia Foxhound Association Virginia Regional Pony Club Virginia Tourism Corporation Visit Loudoun

Year in Photos

ď ¨

Morven Park The Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation P.O. Box 6228 Leesburg, VA 20178 703.777.2414 www.MorvenPark.org

Profile for Morven Park

2011 Morven Park Annual Report  

Morven Park / Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation 2011 Annual Report

2011 Morven Park Annual Report  

Morven Park / Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation 2011 Annual Report