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2014 ANNUAL REPORT Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation Inc. | 2014

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For more than 200 years, a massive post oak tree watched over Morven Park’s formal gardens. Standing in its shade, one could see the bright white portico of the Davis Mansion to the north and the shadowy entrances to the garden’s hidden rooms to the west and south. Couples began their married lives under its massive canopy. It is rumored that Civil War soldiers leaned against its trunk to write in their journals. For the past few years, hundreds of children searched for Easter eggs under and within its low-hanging branches. We can only imagine how much the Davises and owners before them must have loved and nurtured this tree, a variety of which normally does not survive to reach its age and size. In late fall 2014, after this treasured oak dropped one of its heavy, horizontal bottom branches, an arborist gave us the prognosis we had dreaded for many years. Despite a dozen years of extra pampering and cabling of its branches for support, much of the tree had died and now posed a danger to our visitors. And so, the tree was removed in late November. So many people held a special attachment to this historic tree, including many of us on Morven Park’s staff, and we dedicate this page to its memory. We miss its daily reminder that we carry on the efforts and the passions of generations before us. Editor’s Note: In 2014, the cost of care for our trees, excluding staff salaries and the removal of the oak tree, totaled $6,805.

Our Purpose Inspired by the life of Virginia Governor Westmoreland Davis, Morven Park preserves and advances the ideals of civic responsibility, sustainable agriculture, and enhancement of life in rural Virginia. We seek to accomplish this through educational and recreational programming that capitalizes on our 50-plus buildings and 1,000 acres of woodlands, pastures, and open spaces as well as our three museums (the Gov. Davis Mansion, Winmill Carriage Museum, and Museum of Hounds and Hunting of North America) and our sports/ equestrian complex.

MORVEN MILESTONES Reviews Put Morven Park in Trip Advisor’s No. 1 Spot in Leesburg* Increasingly, our visitors find Morven Park through websites like Trip Advisor, where people post their personal reviews of worldwide attractions. For more than two years, Morven Park has ranked as number 1 out of 71 “things to do” in Leesburg, based on Trip Advisor reviews. Trip Advisor reviewers consistently offer praise for our museum educators and include such phrases as “impressive,” “fantastic collection,” “I felt like I was walking through history,” and “the most interesting, knowledgeable narrative of any tour we have taken in the last ten years.” *Editor’s Note: Early in 2015, Morven Park’s Trip Advisor ranking also hit number 1 out of 164 things to do in all of Loudoun County!

Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation Inc. | 2014


MORVEN MILESTONES Visitor Numbers Continue to Increase For the third straight year, our annual increase in the number of visitors to Morven Park reached double digits at the close of 2014. We experienced 19 percent growth in attendance over the previous year, much of which was the result of our expanding athletic programs. Of the 135,246 visitors to the site in 2014, just under 57,000 were here to attend sports events, either as athletes or spectators.


Since the 2011 implementation of our new strategic plan, which focused on expanding our public programs, the number of Morven Park visitors has grown by 84 percent. 2014 | Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation Inc.

Dear Friends Dear Friends of Morven Park, Looking back at 2014, we will remember it as the year civics took a front-and-center position at Morven Park. This was the first full year of our civics programming, and the results exceeded our expectations. You will learn more about those results in this Annual Report. While our civics programs introduced Morven Park to an entirely new audience, the official opening of two miles of hiking trails also broadened our community reach. Unveiled in June 2014, the trails are the property’s first mapped and marked hiking paths available to the community since the site opened to the public 50 years ago. On the equestrian side of the property, our event calendar continued to expand, with 41 competitions, clinics, and seminars hosted here in 2014. Those combined events represent 143 days during which horse-related activities took place at Morven Park. And that does not include the 200-plus days during which Loudoun Therapeutic Riding offered its programs at our Equestrian Center. We were hopeful that this Annual Report would provide opportunity to celebrate the opening of our four new outdoor equestrian arenas, and we know many of you were anticipating that announcement. Although the permitting process has been long and arduous, Morven Park is moving closer to breaking ground, not only on the arenas, but on a second upgrade to our infrastructure: a new cross-site road that will provide visitors with direct vehicular and bicycle access leading from the south side of the site (closest to the historic Mansion) to the north side of the site (athletic fields and equestrian center). We anticipate that this Annual Report will provide insight into the many positive developments that occurred during 2014. But our goal is not to tout our accomplishments so much as to take this opportunity to thank Morven Park’s supporters for making all that we do a reality. Your commitment to support and preserve this special place speaks volumes about what truly matters to you. Future generations will thank you for it! Sincerely,

James G. Harris President, Board of Trustees

Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation Inc. | 2014

Frank Milligan Executive Director


My Morven Park - Mallory Bryan Editor’s Note: Mallory Bryan is a 16-year-old student at Highland School in Warrenton, Va. In fall 2014, she joined Morven Park’s pilot program for high school students called ACTION (Active Citizens to Inspire Our Nation), which teaches the skills and offers guidance so that students can advocate for issues that matter to them.

I have been passionate about community involvement for a long time. My school stresses that to the students, but I learned it from my family, too. I’ve also taken several leadership roles: vice president of my class this year and last, member of the student council in middle school, and team captain of the lacrosse team in 8th grade. A lot of kids go out and do volunteer work in the community or serve in leadership roles. But instead of just volunteering or heading something, it’s also important to learn about the actual process of creating lasting change within a community. I was taking an elective class on leadership last fall when [Morven Park Director of Civics Education] Abby Pfisterer came and talked to us about Westmoreland Davis and the new ACTION program. I decided to sign up. Ms. Pfisterer encouraged each of us to identify a project within our community that we wanted to address. I picked homelessness. Obviously, that’s not an issue where you can say, “Oh, I’m going to go solve homelessness all by myself.” I was a little scared at first, but Ms. Pfisterer helped us break our projects down into steps, setting us up to do a little more each time we met. After we’d each identified an issue we wanted to address, she got us to research the causes of the problem and think about how we can approach it from the grass roots level. I realized there’s not just one cause of homelessness. In 4

Fauquier County, where I live, homelessness is not necessarily apparent, but it is present. As Ms. Pfisterer helped us see the correlation between the problem and a solution, I saw there wasn’t going to be just one solution. I discovered that there are many separate organizations in Fauquier County working to address homelessness, and they all do great things, but there is only so much they can do by themselves. I thought about helping to create a network so that all those resources would be available at one place. I enlisted several of my friends, and we started what we call the Dignity Project, focusing on people living in low-rent hotels. We go to each of those hotels at least once a month to talk to the residents about their specific needs. This is helping us gather the information we need to get a broader sense of the specific homelessness issues in our community. With the help of a couple of friends, we also wrote an application and received a grant to help fund our outreach. Really, the reason I chose homelessness for my ACTION project goes back several years, when I was receiving cancer treatment in Washington, DC. For a year, Mom and I would travel to DC for my treatments, and we would see the same people every time, living on the streets. That really spoke to me. During that time, the National Coalition for the Homeless came to our school for an assembly, and several people stood up and told their stories of being without a home. ACTION has been an important part of my life. Morven Park is much more than just a historic place that reflects what happened in the past. It brings its past significance to the present by teaching people how to engage in the community and equipping the community to do something worthwhile.

2014 | Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation Inc.

MORVEN MILESTONES Making an Impact On Civic Engagement In September, former U.S. Congressman Mickey Edwards highlighted the first full year of programming from Morven Park’s Center for Civic Impact with his inspirational strategies to mend our political system. The 2014 “Distinguished Voices in Civics” event also featured the presentation of the Governor Westmoreland Davis Civic Leadership Award to Carol Kost, chairman emeritus and founder of Loudoun Youth. Previously known as “CivicsNOW!,” the Center for Civic Impact also completed the pilot year of its 8th Grade Student Citizenship Project in 2014. About 150 students addressed a local need for better access to healthy food and outdoor recreation by visiting Morven Park to build a one-mile public hiking trail and to grow 150 pounds of organic vegetables to donate to a foodbank. In addition, the Center launched its Active Citizens to Inspire Our Nation (ACTION) programs for middle and high-school students. Through the program, participants identify issues they care about, then learn how to advocate on behalf of those issues. All of these programs from the Center for Civic Impact are designed to teach the values and skills of civil and effective civic participation.

Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation Inc. | 2014


MORVEN MILESTONES Historic Coach House Undergoes Rehabilitation Restoration and rehabilitation of one of the oldest buildings at Morven Park progressed through 2014, including conversion of an early 19th century stone barn into a unique learning center. The entire Coach House complex, which includes the barn plus four wood-frame towers that originally served as horse stalls and carriage garages, is undergoing a facelift encompassing structural repairs, drainage and electrical improvements, a new climate control system, and floor replacement. The once-empty barn will host many of our new civics initiatives plus other youth programs, as well as Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy’s nature workshops.


2014 | Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation Inc.

My Morven Park - Jimmy Harris Editor’s Note: In December 2014, Jimmy Harris completed his four-year term as president of the Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation Board of Trustees. He remains involved with Morven Park as a patron of its Center for Civic Impact.

I first heard about Morven Park because my daughters rode horses here, and two of my college friends were serving on the Board of Trustees. I also knew another trustee, Jill Gruver, because our children went to the same school. Jill really led the Board’s initiative a few years ago to delve into the reasons Morven Park exists and to define what role it should be playing within the community. Because of my experience in managing a variety of operations, they recruited me to join the Board to help develop the new strategies and programs. Frankly, when we started, it wasn’t abundantly clear what our “reason-for-being” was. We hired [Executive Director] Frank Milligan, and he dug back into Governor Davis’s history … what he was about, what he accomplished, and what he created. I personally became very interested in Davis’s contributions. He had so many seminal accomplishments: he was a champion of modernizing state governance, the first executive budget was published under his term, he created the first permanent departments to establish accountability within the government, and on and on. We started asking how we could take Davis’s achievements and recast them in a current set of issues and initiatives. We realized that so much of what he did centered on his belief in participatory democracy. It didn’t take much imagination to extend his ideals into a modern Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation Inc. | 2014

construct. All the major political thinkers tell you that if you don’t have active participation of the citizenry, you cannot have an effective democracy. If you look at the current levels of voter participation, the lack of civil discourse, the polarization of the parties, you know there is something wrong. That is what Morven Park’s Center for Civic Impact is working to solve. The work that’s being done with Loudoun County youth will improve their lives because it is giving them the skills to participate as adults in our political system. There are other organizations that are working on fixing the structural problems within our system. Our contribution, though, is to imbue youth with the knowledge that civic engagement is important, that they can make a difference, and that they have the tools to create change. Given those tools, they will ultimately change the institutions that run the system. I’ve always been interested in fairness and equity and believed that people who are committed to something can do great things. But the idea of making a difference through civic engagement is a newfound interest for me. This particular notion is what most interests me about Morven Park. It would be easy to give tours of the Mansion and do horse shows. But there is more to preserving the Davis legacy than that. If we bring 20,000 kids through these programs and they gain tools to become actively engaged citizens, just think of the impact!


My Morven Park - Nina Fout Editor’s Note: Nina Fout, a lifelong horse woman, won a bronze medal in team eventing (an equestrian sport in which each horse and rider combination competes in dressage, show jumping, and cross-country) at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney. More recently she began designing cross-country courses, but she continues to compete, always making Morven Park’s Fall Horse Trials part of her annual circuit.

Pit, they can do anything. As a rider and a trainer, completing a Morven Park horse trials event is a great measure of your success.

The Fout family has made preserving open space for equestrian use our life’s mission. 3 Magic Beans [Fout’s Olympic partner], like Morven Park, represents everything my family is about. He was bred by [a client] of my dad’s, trained by my dad and my brother, and then sent to me to event.

The site is the most natural setting for our sport, maintaining great rural character. The property still has wildlife, and is a horse-friendly competition venue, a unique space unlike many of the newer, more homogenized competition venues. It’s rare to have a multi-faceted facility where people, horses, field sports, and wildlife co-exist.

Like many of the old-school event riders, I used to ride steeplechase races when I could. I remember running one of my event horses over hurdles at Morven Park, and we came dead last, but it was great to have that experience. Even though Morven Park isn’t doing steeplechase any more, it is a luxury to have a local property that people can use for so many different facets of riding. Probably one of my favorite moments was when I competed in my first [advanced-level competition] there. As I jumped down the Leaf Pit and galloped away, I felt like I’d really made it. I’ve felt that way with every horse I’ve ridden through that obstacle, because if a horse can make it through the Leaf 8

Open space is a precious commodity, and Morven Park is an oasis in the midst of urban sprawl. When I’m there, I feel like I’m removed from the rest of the world. It’s a wonderful sanctuary.

Morven Park is important to me personally, because it has always provided a quality field of play where riders can take their young horses and move them up the ranks. It’s terrific to have a facility where the kids can come and learn and have a good time out in the open, getting more experience out of the ring, riding over terrain. I enjoy being a part of, and giving to, Morven Park because it’s important to give back to a place that has given so much to riders over so many years. My parents’ life-long activity was to promote equine sports and open space. This is our legacy to carry on, because if we don’t do it, who will? Photo by GRC Photography

2014 | Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation Inc.

MORVEN MILESTONES Fall Horse Trials Attract Riders From ‘Beginner’ to ‘Olympic-Level’ The Morven Park Fall Horse Trials are always a highlight of the autumn eventing calendar. This was especially true in 2014, as Morven Park returned to international competition with one-, two-, and three-star divisions. We hosted 390 horses with competitors (including 11 Olympic riders) from seven nations. Morven Park is one of the few facilities in the country that offers eight levels of competition in a single weekend, a rare treat for novice riders who get to share the day with some of the world’s best. At the same time, this multi-level competition requires a tremendous effort from the schedulers, organizers, and our 120 volunteers. Thanks to the contributions of all involved, the three-day event ran beautifully and was featured on the front cover of The Chronicle of the Horse magazine the following week. Photo by GRC Photography

Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation Inc. | 2014


MORVEN MILESTONES Turkey Hill Farm Welcomes Two New Celebrities For the second consecutive year, Morven Park welcomed the national Thanksgiving turkeys following the official pardoning ceremony at the White House. Mac and Cheese joined 2013 White House turkey Caramel and our heritage bronze turkey Franklin at Turkey Hill Farm, next to Gov. Davis’s former poultry barn. This year, Mac and Cheese arrived straight from the White House ceremony, rather than making a stop to spend the holidays at Mt. Vernon. The turkeys made their first public Morven Park appearance during the Holiday Open House on December 6.


2014 | Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation Inc.

My Morven Park - Janeen Marconi Editor’s Note: Janeen Marconi, Principal Broker at Hunt Country Sotheby’s Realty in Leesburg, made donations to Morven Park for the past two years, specifically for the care of the presidential pardoned turkeys that make their home here, as well as for our heritage bronze turkey, Franklin. Her generous gift has provided housing, food, veterinary care, and heat through the past two particularly harsh winters.

I have lived very close to Morven Park for 15plus years, and one of my neighbors who walks at Morven Park every day encouraged me to start walking there. About the same time I began doing that, I had been thinking a lot about finding a local charity that I could support through my business. I happened to attend an open house at the Davis Mansion along with our office manager, Sheri Gershen. Two things really struck me during the tour. First I noticed how generous the site is in terms of what you’re allowed to see, because nothing is blocked off by ropes. Then, when we sat down in the kitchen and heard that Governor Davis thought the turkey was the perfect animal, Sheri and I just looked at each other, and we both knew that was it for me! I have hatched and raised turkeys as pets, and the one that was my favorite, Theo, was given to me by Elaine Boland of Fields of Athenry Farm, the same place that donated the heritage bronze turkeys to Morven Park. In fact, they were probably cousins! I had hatched and raised chickens and guineas, but I just wanted to see if I could hatch a turkey. I watched Theo hatch, and I guess she thought I was Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation Inc. | 2014

her mother. I would even take her to work with me when she was little. Unfortunately, when she was a year and a half old, she was attacked by a fox at 3 one morning. All the noise woke me, and when I looked out the window, I saw that the fox had Theo in his mouth. I ran out and managed to rescue Theo, and she eventually recovered fully. But when she was 3, she was attacked again. This time, though, she was killed. So, when we heard about Governor Davis’s turkeys and then learned that the White House turkeys were going to live there, it was clear that this was the perfect partnership for me. I never expected to find it so close to home! So, I made my first donation to Morven Park in memory of Theo. It was important to me, too, to designate my gift for something that really matters to me. I could have made a non-restricted donation, but I like seeing exactly how my donation makes a difference. If I were an equestrian, I might designate a gift to a particular jump so I could later say, “Look, I built that jump,” or if I were a gardener, I might pick a part of the formal gardens and designate a gift toward that. It’s just more meaningful to me to see tangible results of my donation. It also makes good business sense because at Sotheby’s, tradition is of great value to us. We work with so many clients who are buying and selling farms, so we understand the value of supporting a place like Morven Park that has a rich equestrian and agricultural heritage and that preserves such a scenic piece of open space.


Community Partners During the year, Morven Park was proud to partner with a number of organizations and businesses to present programs of benefit to the community. They include the following: 4-H Leaps and Squeaks Club of Leesburg Agriculture in the Classroom Boy Scouts of America Comfort Suites/Leesburg Feed Loudoun Plant-a-Row George C. Marshall House Heykoop Photography Kelly Arford-Horne Archeologist Leesburg Daybreak Rotary Club Loudoun County Bomb Squad Loudoun County Department of Parks, Recreation & Community Services Loudoun County Equine Alliance Loudoun County High School Naval Junior ROTC Loudoun County Master Gardeners Loudoun County Public Schools Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office

Loudoun Hunt Pony Club Loudoun Therapeutic Riding Loudoun Volunteer Fire Department Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy Loudoun Youth, Inc. Masters of Foxhounds Association Oatlands Historic House & Gardens Southern States Cooperative/Purcellville Thomas Balch Library Total Equine Veterinary Associates Town of Leesburg Virginia Cooperative Extension Virginia Foxhound Association Virginia Master Naturalists Virginia Region Pony Clubs Visit Loudoun

MORVEN MILESTONES New Trails Invite Hikers to Explore Once-Hidden Natural Beauty Morven Park celebrated National Trails Day on June 7 with the opening of two new hiking trails, providing more than two miles of public access within the Park’s 300-plus wooded acres that lie within the Catoctin Ridge. Thanks to volunteer trail builders from the Leesburg Daybreak Rotary Club, Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy, and Loudoun County High School Naval Junior ROTC, the new Wood Thrush Trail runs from the Park’s Turkey Hill Farm in the center of the property to its athletic fields on the northern edge. It consists of a .81-mile path plus an optional .47mile loop. A short connector path from Turkey Hill Farm leads to the 1.24-mile Ridge Top Trail, constructed by 8th-grade students from Sterling’s Seneca Ridge Middle School as part of Morven Park’s Center for Civic Impact Student Citizenship Project. The trails were partially funded by a grant from the American Hiking Society, sponsor of National Trails Day, and a gift from the Daybreak Rotary Club. 12

2014 | Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation Inc.

Gifts at Work: 2014 Grants Grants from the following organizations allowed Morven Park to enhance its many public programs during 2014. Officials from the American Hiking Society’s National Trails Fund attended the opening ceremony of Morven Park’s new hiking trails on National Trails Day, June 7, presenting Executive Director Frank Milligan with a check for $3,000. The Rotary Club of Leesburg Foundation also contributed $2,000 toward the project. The funds helped cover expenses for the trail markers throughout the two miles of new trails and the informational kiosks at each trail head. The National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Henry A. Jordan Fund awarded $5,000 to Morven Park in 2014 for interpretive panels that will be installed in the recently restored farmhand house at Turkey Hill Farm. The one-story, four-room dwelling was home to a succession of farm families

who worked for Gov. and Mrs. Westmoreland Davis. This modest home provides a space to tell the stories of farm life during the Progressive Era and to educate the public about the improvements that came about for rural Americans, due to the efforts of Gov. Davis. Installation of the interpretive panels is anticipated by the end of summer 2015. Morven Park began recruiting new horse shows for the 2016 season, thanks to marketing grants from Visit Loudoun in the amount of $5,000 and from the Virginia Horse Industry Board for $2,500. These funds purchased ads in a number of national publications geared toward the horse industry. Visit Loudoun awarded us with a second grant for $1,100 to be used for the marketing of our athletic fields for national and regional sports tournaments.

MORVEN MILESTONES Historic Homes Partnership Boosts Tour Numbers After two years of participation in a marketing partnership with Oatlands Historic Home & Gardens and the George C. Marshall House, Morven Park experienced a substantial increase in visitors from targeted markets in 2014, particularly from D.C. and Fairfax County. The increase was most evident during our winter holiday tours, following a mailing to 15,000 Smithsonian Magazine subscribers in those zip codes, promoting all three sites’ holiday tours. Paid attendance at Morven Park’s Davis Mansion tours was up by 43 percent in December, compared to the previous year.

Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation Inc. | 2014


Board of Trustees & Management Team 2014 Board of Trustees President James G. Harris

Vice President Clark Davis

Global Technology Officer (Ret.) Accenture

Secretary/Treasurer Frank Milligan

Managing Partner Ridge Capital Partners, LLC

Executive Director Morven Park

Edith A. Cassidy

Eric Major

Chris Charron

Lauren Sprieser

Peter Dean

Stuart Thayer

Jill Gruver

Mark Winmill

Managing Director, U.S. Trust

President, CEO, K2M

Vice President/Special Projects, Charron Consulting Owner, 868 Estate Vineyards

Dressage Trainer, Sprieser Sporthorse

Owner/Principal, AHT Insurance

President, Robinson and Thayer Custom Builders

Chief Operating Officer, Gruver Cooley

President, Global Income Fund

Steven F. Jackson

Assistant County Attorney, Loudoun County Attorney’s Office

2014 President’s Council Members of this newly formed Council are invited by the President of the Board of Trustees to serve as Morven Park ambassadors, broadening and strengthening support for the organization throughout the community. David O’Connor The Plains, Va.

Mary Munster The Plains, Va.

Harry Wilmerding Mendham, N.J.

Management Team Frank Milligan Executive Director Suzanne Musgrave Director of Development & Communications Jana Shafagoj Director of Preservation & Education 14

Sheryl Williams Chief Operating Officer Hank Woodward Manager of Buildings & Grounds

2014 | Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation Inc.

Annual Contributions Through their generosity, our donors ensure that Morven Park continues to welcome thousands of visitors each year to its 1,000 scenic acres, its educational and recreational programs, and its three museums. The following gifts were made between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31, 2014. GOVERNOR’S SOCIETY ($50,000+) Mr. & Mrs. James Harris


($5,000-$10,000) Ms. Edith Cassidy National Trust for Historic Preservation Rimora Foundation Visit Loudoun


($2,500-$4,999) American Hiking Society Mr. Chris Charron Ms. Cheryl Foster Mr. & Mrs. Shaun & Erin Gilbert Mr. Steven Jackson Mr. George Lafe Mr. & Mrs. Eric Major Brian & Barbara Mason Ms. Mary Munster Ms. Sarah Peters Ms. Kim Riffle Ms. Fiorella Roca Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Thayer Ms. Deborah Trunzo U.S. Trust* Virginia Horse Industry Board Ms. Jennifer Walters


($1,000-$2,499) Mrs. B.J. Bishop Mr. & Mrs. Clark Davis Mr. Peter Dean Ms. Kara Dengler Mr. & Mrs. Michael Geyer Mr. & Mrs. Martin Hamberger Mrs. Valerie Hargis Loudoun Hunt Pony Club Mr. Max Mellott Mr. & Mrs. Dan Porter Rotary Club of Leesburg Foundation Mrs. Clare Sanchez Mr. & Mrs. Eric & Sheryl Williams Mr. Mark Winmill


($500-$999) Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Forbes Mr. & Mrs. Chip & Jill Gruver Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Hogan Mr. & Mrs. John Howard Loudoun County Road Runners Dr. Frank Milligan & Ms. Chris Hart Mr. & Mrs. Karl Riedel Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Rogers Mr. & Mrs. John Rust Mr. Jeff Song Ms. Dawn Wolfe


($250-$499) Mr. John Creamer Ms. Gail Joukov Ms. Jennifer Lapp Ms. Suzanne Musgrave


($125-$249) Ms. Nancy Glynn Ms. Leona Heuer Mr. James McDermott Mr. Michael Odell & Ms. Judith Grass Mr. L. Wayne Porter & Ms. M. Elizabeth Moore Mr. & Mrs. Sam Ryburn Mr. Clyde Stover


($25-$124) Ms. Carol Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Arsenault Mr. & Mrs. Ara Bagdasarian Ms. Wendy Bebie Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Beeman Mr. & Mrs. Ken Blaine Mr. & Mrs. Keith Boi Mr. & Mrs. Fred & Heather Briggs Ms. Kim Burgoon Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Burk Ms. Kelly Burke Capt. & Mrs. Rodion Cantacuzene Ms. Jennifer Carpenter Ms. Anne Chikes Mr. Fred Cockerill Ms. Anne Cole-Johnson Mr. Tremaine Cooper Ms. Lisa Cromwell Ms. Glenda Cudaback Ms. Marisa Daley Ms. Teresa Davenport Mr. & Mrs. Al Davis

Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation Inc. | 2014

Ms. Bailey Davis Ms. Lori Defranco Mr. & Mrs. Robert Doyle Mr. & Mrs. Coe Eldredge Ms. Sharon Gallagher Mr. & Mrs. Joe Goode Ms. Andrea Gross Mr. Tom Gutierrez Mr. & Mrs. William H. Harrison Mrs. Francine Hayward Mr. & Mrs. David Hedrick Ms. Susanne Hiegel Ms. Penni Korb Mr. & Mrs. Francis LaMagra Mr. & Mrs. Mason Lampton Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin C. Lawrence Ms. Marion Lee Mr. & Mrs. William H. Linden Mr. & Mrs. John Marino J.T. Martin & Anita Baarns Mr. Keith McMillan Mr. & Mrs. Ed Melisky Ms. Elizabeth Millikin Ms. Pam Milner Mr. Dennis Moore Ms. Jeanne Morency Ms. Janet Morrison Ms. Ellen Murphy Mr. & Mrs. James Needham Mr. & Mrs. Robert Orkin Dr. & Mrs. Byron Poindexter Ms. Patti Psaris Mr. & Mrs. Gary Quinn Mr. & Mrs. Randolph D. Rouse Ms. Melissa Ryburn Mr. Eugene Scheel Mr. & Mrs. Stephen F. Seaman Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Shaver Mr. Ryan Snead Mr. William Sprecher Mrs. Anne Sullivan Ms. Wendy Takacs Mr. Mike Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Michael Terpak Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Thompson, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Paul Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Michael Wodynski Ms. Karen Yingst Mr. Eric Zicht /Zicht & Associates, PLC *Matching gift


Restricted Gifts Capital Campaign

These gifts helped fund renovations to and expansion of Morven Park facilities. $100,000-Plus Mr. & Mrs. James Harris Mrs. Jacqueline Mars $5,000-$10,000 Ms. Dorothy C. Ballenger Ms. Nina Fout Mr. & Mrs. Eric Major Mr. & Mrs. Eric & Sheryl Williams $2,500-$4,999 Ms. Mary Munster Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Thayer Ms. Amy York $1,000-$2,499 Mr. & Mrs. David McMunn William Howard Flowers, Jr., Foundation $250-$999 Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Carspecken Mr. Peter Dean Mr. & Mrs. Michael Geyer Ms. Joanne Hart Ms. Michelle Johns Mr. Clinton Poland Mr. & Mrs. Arjen Vons Mr. & Mrs. James & Patricia Watson $25-$249 Ms. Anne Ahern Ms. Wendy Bebie Ms. Estelle Beemer Ms. Wendy Behm-Feconda Ms. Vicki Bendure Ms. Carrie Blair Mr. & Mrs. Helmut Boehme Ms. Kelley Boyer Ms. Jean Louise Bridwell Ms. Gretchen Butts

Mr. Peter Cook Mr. Tremaine Cooper Mr. Nicholas D’Amore Ms. Christy Donovan Ms. Mary Dorsey-Lee Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Dugger Mr. & Mrs. David Geyer Ms. Mary Gustafson Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey D. Hamblen Mr. & Mrs. Jon Henkel Mr. & Mrs. Gaines E. Hopkins, Jr. Ms. Claudia Iannuccilli Ms. Marcia Keene Ms. Michelle Lachner Ms. Linda Landis-Heffernan Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin C. Lawrence Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Leigh, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. William H. Linden Ms. Pat Martin Ms. Margot McAllister Ms. Pamela McDorman Ms. Cheryl Microutsicos/WOW! Graphic Designs Mr. & Mrs. Robert Miller Ms. Elizabeth Millikin Ms. Ann M. Moxley Ms. Nancy Noble Ms. Janet Olcott Ms. Gail Osterlund Ms. Catie Pannill Ms. Jocelyn Pearson Ms. Patti Psaris Mrs. Caroline Purser Ms. Suzanne Schardein Mr. Douglas Shaw Ms. Wendy Smith-Boone Dr. Gary & Dr. Shauna Spurlock Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Thompson, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Wilkinson Ms. Darcy Woessner

Gifts in Honor/Memory

Donations were made to Morven Park in tribute to the following: Gift Made … In honor of Edith Cassidy In honor of Laura Doyle In memory of Cardinal Cross In memory of Beatrice & Ernest Glynn In memory of Red Alert


Donor Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Hogan Ms. Janet Olcott Mrs. Francine Hayward Ms. Nancy Glynn Mr. & Mrs. Michael Geyer

2014 | Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation Inc.

MORVEN MILESTONES Sponsors & Business Members

Incubator Farmers Harvest 1st Crops

Major Sponsors Hunt Country Sotheby’s International Realty/Janeen Marconi Southern States Cooperative

In 2014, commercial crops were grown at Morven Park for the first time in more than 50 years. In their first attempts at producing their crops, local aspiring farmers successfully sold their entire harvests.

Business Partners Ace Party Rentals Amy Berringer Photography Beth T. Photography B.L. Penfold Photography By Invitation Only Wedding Services Candice Mapa Photography CCF Photography Comfort Suites - Leesburg Ellen Zangla Photography First Dance Impressions, Inc. G Custom Photography Genevieve Leiper Photography Goodhart Photography Jennifer Wells Photography Jessica Monte Photography Joylyn Hannahs Photography, LLC Lisa Sinclair Photography Little Moon Photography Lynn Prescott Photography Meredith Puzenski Photography Olivera Music Entertainment Photography by Beth Lightbody Reza Mirzai Photography Sandy Williams Photography Second Ave Photography Staged Photography Temp-Power, Inc. Traci J. Brooks Studios Event Sponsors Mr. & Mrs. Allen Baturay Fireworks Pizza Giovanni’s NY Pizza Mr. & Mrs. R. Scott Heinzer Ms. Darlene Kemper Long Fence and Home Ms. Mary Munster Play It Again Sports Ms. Anne Watkins Ms. Linda Wilkins

Farmer Maureen Kane of Sterling harvested 15,000 heads of garlic at Morven Park’s Turkey Hill Farm, most of which she sold to other farmers as seed. Trent Tebbe of Herndon and Bruce Forbes of Leesburg grew 10,000 pounds of rye along the Southern Planter Lane entrance road. They sold the entire yield to distilleries, a brewery, and a retail organic bakery, all of which are small regional operations.



2014 | Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation Inc.

Contributions & Memberships 4% Tours & Special Events 7%


Investments 2%

Fundraising 7%

Other 1%

Site Rentals 10%

Administration 19%

Capital Campaign Contributions 19%



Consolidated StatementAND of Activities 2014 INCOME 2014 EXPENSES FOUNDATION, INCORPORATED SUBSIDIARIES For the Year Ended December 31, 2014

Consolidated Statement of Activities For the Year Ended December 31, 2014

Support and Revenue Davis Trust distribution Rentaland income Support Revenue Contributions Davis Trust distribution Admissions Rental income Membership - Museum of Hounds and Hunts Contributions Special events Admissions Investment -income Membership Museum of Hounds and Hunts Other events income Special Tax easements & credits Investment income Assets released from restriction Other income

$ 2,502,566 Unrestricted 469,355 123,697 $ 2,502,566 33,998 469,355 51,370 123,697 267,269 33,998 94,679 51,370 16,093 267,269 49,000 94,679 85,991 16,093

Tax easements creditsand revenue Total & support Assets released from restriction Total support and revenue Expenses Salaries and benefits Benefits - former Executive Directors Expenses Utilities Salaries and benefits Office -expenses Benefits former Executive Directors Insurance Utilities Professional Office expensesfees Maintenance of property Insurance Advertising Professional fees Special events Maintenance of property Depreciation Advertising Unrealized Special eventsand realized loss on investments, net Other Depreciation

$ $ $ $

UnrealizedTotal and expenses realized loss on investments, net Other Total expenses Excess of revenues over expenses Excess of revenues over expenses Net Assets, beginning Net Assets, beginning Net Assets, ending

3,694,018 1,673,191 35,677 172,017 1,673,191 309,018 35,677 98,106 172,017 322,436 309,018 158,721 98,106 58,480 322,436 56,978 158,721 504,351 58,480 35,808 56,978 105,910 504,351

Permanently Restricted

Temporarily Permanently $ -$ -Restricted Restricted --864,337 $ -$ - -- - -- - -- 864,337- - -- - -- - -- - -- - -- - -- - -- -- -- (85,991) -- -- -

49,000 3,694,018 85,991

$ $ $ $

-778,346 (85,991) 778,346 --- -- - -- - -- - -- - -- - -- - -- - -- - -- - -- -

$ $ $ $

---- -- - -- - -- - -- - -- - -- - -- - -- - -- - -- -


- -- --


- -- --

$ $ 3,530,693 163,325




- -- -



163,325 15,136,988 $15,136,988 15,300,313

778,346 21,510 $



21,510 799,856 799,856

-2,081,146 $ 2,081,146 2,081,146


Total $ Total 2,502,566 469,355 988,034 $ 2,502,566 33,998 469,355 51,370 988,034 267,269 33,998 94,679 51,370 16,093 267,269 49,000 94,679 16,093- -

- -- --

35,808 3,530,693 105,910


$ 15,300,313 Net Assets, ending See Notes to Memorial Consolidated Financial Statements. Westmoreland Davis Foundation Inc. | 2014 See Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements.

Temporarily Restricted



$ $ $ $


49,000 4,472,364 -4,472,364 1,673,191 35,677 172,017 1,673,191 309,018 35,677 98,106 172,017 322,436 309,018 158,721 98,106 58,480 322,436 56,978 158,721 504,351 58,480 35,808 56,978 105,910 504,351 35,808 3,530,693 105,910

$ $ 3,530,693 941,671 $

941,671 17,239,644 $17,239,644 18,181,315

$ 18,181,315


MORVEN MILESTONES Head Outside and Play! Building on the success of its adult flag football league, Morven Park added the sport of ultimate Frisbee to its offerings in 2014. The two leagues attracted 185 players during spring, summer, and fall seasons, and the second annual Black Friday Bowl flag football tournament drew 47 players on the day after Thanksgiving.


2014 | Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation Inc.

This photo and cover by Reza Mirzai.

Morven Park The Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation Inc. PO Box 6228 Leesburg, VA 20178 www.MorvenPark.org


2014 | Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation Inc.

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Morven Park 2014 Annual Report  

Morven Park 2014 Annual Report