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Annual Report

Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation


Cover photo by Teresa Davenport. Written and designed by the Morven Park Communications & Development department.

About Us Mission Statement: Inspired by the life of Virginia Governor Westmoreland Davis, Morven Park preserves and advances the ideals of civic responsibility, sustainable agriculture, and enhancement of life in rural Virginia.

Construction began in December 2012 for a new Visitors Center, located in the Davis Mansion. Completed in January 2013, the Visitors Center provides a gracious reception area for our guests, an expanded gift shop, and wheelchair-accessible restroom facilities.

Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation, Inc.


Morven Park’s museums and Mansion are increasingly popular destinations for touring groups. In 2012, group tours increased by 30 percent over the previous year.

The number of annual visitors to Morven Park in 2012 reached almost 85,000, an increase of 15 percent from 2011.

Dear Friends Dear Friends of Morven Park: A first-time visitor to Morven Park arrives with certain expectations. Depending on which entrance they use, most people probably arrive expecting to see a beautiful old house or to watch athletes (of the two-legged and four-legged variety) in competition. In reality, the visitor is likely to find much more than that. Toddlers learning about nature. The child of a wounded soldier meeting a therapy horse. A young man putting finishing touches on his Eagle Scout project. Families cheering on their young soccer players. A rapt audience listening to a speaker describe her journey as a community activist. In short, people learning, playing, and strengthening relationships with one another and with nature. Morven Park is a place that reimagines what it means to be a historic site. Yes, preservation of the buildings and stories of the past are – and always will be – important to us. But making this treasured property relevant to our time is equally significant. This is a unique 1,000 acres, not only because of its diverse historic and natural landscapes, but because it is a park that exists strictly for the use of the general public and does so without the benefit of taxpayer funding. It is only through the generosity of our donors that this place, so treasured by past generations and generations to come, remains open for the enjoyment of all. This Annual Report is dedicated to our donors. Thank you for making Morven Park matter; for strengthening our community, protecting our natural resources, preserving our history, and honoring our heritage. Sincerely, Frank Milligan Executive Director

Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation, Inc.

James H. Harris President, Board of Trustees


The first-ever reunion of the Morven Park International Equestrian Institute on Oct. 27, 2012, attracted 31 former students and instructors from as far away as Washington, Florida, Indiana, and Vermont. The school, open 1969-1991, continues its far-reaching impact, as many of the alumni continue to work in the international horse industry.

My Morven Park: Susan M. Mikalsen For 23 years, equestrians from around the world spent nine months of their lives living and training at the Morven Park International Equestrian Institute. From there they traveled to all corners, teaching other riders the time-honored skills they learned while under the tutelage of former cavalry officers and Olympic team veterans. On Saturday, October 27, 2012, Susan MacauleyMikalsen was one of 31 former students and instructors who attended the first-ever MPIEI alumni reunion. Susan grew up in Connecticut, where she returned to work as a trainer and riding instructor after her graduation from MPIEI in 1976, under the mentorship of world-renown riding instructor Major John Lynch. For her, the reunion brought back a flood of memories from when she was 21 and already an established equestrian. “When the instructors called a ride, you had to show up in your riding boots and breeches and hunt cap. Some people complained, but I kept thinking there

Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation, Inc.

had to be a reason for this. I adopted a saying: ‘Look the part; act the part.’ As a director of a riding school today, I insist on the same thing. Ask any of my staff to this day … they all know the name ‘Major Lynch.’” Susan visits Morven Park from time to time, and when she drives into the driveway from Tutt Lane, she says, “I am so aware of all the knowledge that “I don’t see how has been shared there anyone who by great instructors over the decades attended the school and by all the could not feel that famous riders tug on the heart who competed there. As students, that I feel for we all put our heart and Morven Park.” soul into our training. I don’t see how anyone who attended the school could not feel that tug on the heart that I feel for Morven Park.”


On October 27-28, Morven Park and Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy hosted a workshop on the identification and enhancement of aquatic habitats known as vernal pools. The workshop, led by two of the most highly regarded wetlands experts in the United States, provided knowledge and skills to 20 environmental enthusiasts and resulted in a greatly enhanced pool at Morven Park that as of spring 2013 is filled with frog and salamander tadpoles for the first time in many years.

My Morven Park: Kristyn Matz With four children in the house, middle school teacher Kristyn Matz is always looking for ways to inject educational components into her kids’ activities. When she saw an announcement for Morven Park’s new KaMP (Kids at Morven Park) program last summer, she signed up the youngest three, boys who range in age from 7 to 10.

“My oldest son loves history and really enjoys the historical component of the activities.”

That introduction to Morven Park was just the beginning of a relationship that continues to grow. The boys’ older sister, who is 14, joined her siblings for a summer KaMP reunion day in October and for the gingerbread-making workshop before the holidays. Already in 2013, the entire family has been back at Morven Park for the Easter egg roll and hunt.

Davis Mansion. “There are no other programs like it in the Leesburg area. I looked!” The family intends to keep coming back because of the Park’s unique combination of fun programs that are reasonably priced, educational, and offer exposure to the great outdoors and because, she says, “My kids love the programs!” At Morven Park’s Summer KaMP, Kristyn’s son Niko learned about where vegetables come from.

“The educational component [of the programs] is important,” says Kristyn. “My oldest son loves history and really enjoys the historical component of the activities.” The family especially enjoyed the gingerbread house workshop, she says, which included a discussion about the architecture of the

Turkeys returned to Morven Park in 2012, residing in the spot where Gov. Davis once raised as many as 20,000 bronze turkeys at a time. Today, Abigail and Franklin inhabit Turkey Hill Farm, which we continue to develop into an agricultural education center.

Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation, Inc.


Annual Fund Gifts The Governor’s Circle Davis ($10,000 and above) Mr. and Mrs. James G. Harris The James G. Harris Foundation Mr. Mark Winmill Inman ($5,000 - $9,999) Mr. Kenneth George Mr. John Wood Mr. and Mrs. Eric Williams Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wodynski Swann ($2,500 - $4,999) Mr. and Mrs. John DiZerega-Cook National Film Preservation Foundation National Trust for Historic Preservation Mr. and Mrs. Conor Powell Virgnia Environmental Endowment Winmill ($1,000 - $2,499) Ms. Edith Cassidy Mr. Paul Fout Dunn Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Gruver Loudoun Hunt Pony Club Ms. Susan McMunn McMunn Family Foundation Ms. Heather Peterson Mr. and Mrs. John Rust Sam’s Club of Sterling, Va. Visit Loudoun Ms. Amy York


Associate ($500-$999) Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Hogan Mr. and Mrs. Merritt Jones Mrs. Jacqueline Badger Mars Frank Milligan and Chris Hart Mr. and Mrs. Luke Pirello Hon. and Mrs. Bruce Smart Ms. Anne Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Mark Sylvester Ms. B.J. Webb Affiliate ($250-$499) Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Bowman Mr. and Mrs. Clark Davis Mr. Dennis Foster Ms. Judith Gilman Mrs. Margaret Good Mr. and Mrs. Joe Goode Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Joyce Mr. Clinton Poland Mr. and Mrs. Karl Riedel Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Rene Woolcott Patron ($125 - $249) Ms. Iris Aberbach Mr. Howard Armfield Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Beeman Ms. Arianne Burtaine Mr. Kevin Chinn Mr. and Mrs. James B. Christian Dr. and Mrs. Mark Coyne Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dugger Ms. Wendy Behm Feconda Mrs. Christine Gleckner and Mr. Clay Steward Mr. and Mrs. William H. Harrison Ms. Susanne Hiegel Mr. Nicholas Karangelen and Ms. Kate McPartlan Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kavanaugh Mr. and Mrs. Mason Lampton Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Leigh, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Eric Major Mr. and Mrs. Michael Martin-Tucker Mr. and Mrs. Randall Minchew Mr. and Mrs. James Needham

Mr. Michael Odell and Ms. Judith Grass Ms. Melissa Palmer Dr. and Mrs. Byron Poindexter Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Porter Mr. and Mrs. Juan Ralda Dr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Rogers Mr. Benjamin Saul Ms. Amy Schull Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tracy Mr. Emmett Turner Ms. Sonia Webb Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Wilkinson Alston O. Wolf Friend ($25 - $124) Anonymous (2) Ms. Margaret Bardwell Mr. and Mrs. David Bartlow Ms. Vicki Baturay Ms. Nancy Bedford Mr. and Mrs. Gary Binder Mr. and Mrs. Charles Birdie Mr. and Mrs. Helmut Boehme Ms. Brenda Bracuto Mr. and Mrs. Fred Briggs Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Brouwer Ms. Sheila Brown Mr. and Mrs. Childs Burden Ms. Anne Chikes Mr. and Mrs. Dave Colburn Mr. Tremaine Cooper Ms. Teresa Davenport Ms. Bailey Davis Ms. Ana Diaz Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Dodson Mr. Kevin Donovan and Ms. Abby Pfisterer Mr. John P. Dorrier Jr. Ms. Mary Dorsey-Lee Mr. and Mrs. Robert Doyle Mr. and Mrs. Coe Eldredge Mr. and Mrs. Alex Espinosa Mr. and Mrs. Myke Gluck Ms. Cynthia Guill-Reinhold Mr. Tom Gutierrez Mr. and Mrs. Steve Harer Ms. Joanne Hart Mrs. Christa Hellberg-Cook

Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation, Inc.

Annual Fund Gifts Mr. Orrin Ingram Mr. and Mrs. Larry Kearns Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kelly Ms. Lori Kimball Mr. and Mrs. Alfred King Mr. Dinwiddie Lampton Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Lawrence Mrs. H. Pettus LeCompte Ms. Marion Lee Leesburg Garden Club Mr. Richard Leroy and Mrs. Cindy Lintz Ms. Leslie Lewis Mr. Robert Lindemann Ms. Linda McLean Mr. and Mrs. Reynaldo M. Mia Mr. and Mrs. Robert Miller Mr. Dennis Moore Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Mountz Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Murphy Ms. Amy Marasco Newton Ms. Nancy Noble Mr. and Mrs. John Odenkirk Mr. Keith Payne II Potomac Valley Dressage Assn. Inc. Ms. Sally Rasmussen Ms. Schuyler Richardson and Mr. Thomas Edmonds Ms. Maria Romito Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rosen Ms. Susan Schardein Mr. Eugene Scheel Mrs. Juli Seaman Ms. Bonnie Sewell Mr. and Mrs. Nart Shafagoj Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Shaver Mrs. Eleanor Slater Mr. and Mrs. Kent Slaysman Ms. Judy Smith Mr. T. Garrick Steele Mr. George Torian VADA/Nova Dr. John Van Nagell Ms. Jill Widdifield Mr. and Mrs. William Wilson Ms. Nancy L. Wise

Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation, Inc.

Business Members Business Leader Morningside Operations Inc. Purple Onion Catering Ridgewells Catering Smoking Willy's Telos Corporation Business Sponsor Brookfield Site Development, Inc. Burnett & Williams Personal Injury Lawyers Business Partner Alisha McMaster Photography Amy Berringer Photography Ashley Brody Photography Browning Equipment Courtney Middleton Photography Ellen Zangla Photography Genevieve Leiper Photography Heykoop Photography Homewood Suites Hilton Joylyn Hannahs Photography, LLC LCE Photography Masters of Foxhounds Association The Pink Shop / Very Virginia The Shenandoah Carriage Company, LLC True Wedding Evemts


Over the course of 2012, the collections staff and volunteers numbered, photographed, wrote descriptions and performed condition assessments on every item within the Davis collection. In all, more than 1,500 objects had records either added or updated in our collections database. Now staff members can easily track each object’s location, and future Morven Park staff can quickly assess any changes in an item’s condition.

Photo by Ken Graham

My Morven Park: W. Brown Morton

People who live in and visit Virginia often have an affliction that Brown Morton likes to call “18thcentury-itis.” “Here in Virginia, people don’t look closely at the heritage that surrounds them,” says Brown, whose own family arrived in Virginia in 1608 and has been here ever since. “After the 18th Century, visitors tend to think that outside of Robert E. Lee and the Civil War, Virginia history is sort of a blank. But I think Morven Park and the story of Westmoreland Davis offer an opportunity to understand a period that people – in their rush to Monticello and Mt. Vernon – too often overlook.” Brown has made a career of knowing about history, especially as it is reflected in buildings and monuments. Brown is professor emeritus in the Department of Historic Preservation at the University of Mary Washington and has worked internationally as a historic preservation consultant and architectural conservator. Most notably, Brown co-authored the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Historic Preservation Projects. Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation, Inc.

“For me, the most important thing about Morven Park is its nearly 1,000-acre scale, which promotes an exciting mix of land use that widely benefits the people of Northern Virginia.” In addition to the historic Mansion and gardens, the property’s sports and equestrian facilities as well as its undisturbed forest landscapes offer opportunities for all ages, he adds.

“Morven Park and

“Morven Park’s the story of commitment is to Westmoreland Davis keep this landscape offer an opportunity intact, and its to understand a management is period that unafraid of making the changes necessary people...too often to allow the public to overlook.” use the property. And since we’re living in one of the fastest growing areas in the country, the availability of Morven Park to the community is something that’s going to be increasingly appreciated.”


Morven Park’s Fall Horse Trials event was selected as the U.S. Eventing Association’s Area II Championship venue. The three-day event attracted Olympic- and national-level riders and horses, with a total of 404 horses competing.

Photo by GRC Photography

My Morven Park: Cara Goode When Cara Goode was eight, she and her pony began training with the Loudoun Hunt Pony Club, an organization based at Morven Park for more than 30 years. “I joined because it was something I could do with my pony, and if my pony was involved, I was all for it!” she says. Today, Cara is a 19-year-old college student, finding time to compete in an average of 24 events each year. Like Cara, hundreds of young people spent their youth learning about riding, horse care, and sportsmanship through their involvement in Loudoun Hunt Pony Club.

As the organization’s home base, we provide the facilities for the Club’s six-week sessions “As I think about each spring and fall and host its all the things I week-long riding have done in my camp each riding career so far, summer, all at highly I realize how many discounted rates of them occurred at to the club. In Morven Park.” return, Pony Club members and their families volunteer during Morven Park’s spring and fall Horse Trials. “I have countless wonderful memories that have been made at Morven Park,” says Cara. “Pony Club taught me an intense level of independence that most people I know who are my age have not yet developed. It also taught me how to work cohesively with others in tough situations.” The skills she gained at Morven Park now allow her to compete at several skill levels and at a variety of venues, including Morven Park. “As I think about all the things I have done in my riding career so far, I realize how many of them occurred at Morven Park,” she says. “It is such a beautiful facility that has so much to offer our community. It’s a place that has really made a difference in my life.”

Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation, Inc.


Gifts at Work: 2012 Grants Visit Loudoun, the destination marketing organization for Loudoun County, awarded Morven Park two grants in 2012. One supported our marketing efforts as a wedding and corporate events venue. The second grant allowed us to have a presence at the National Assn. of Sports Commissions symposium to promote our new athletic fields. Building these markets not only increases Morven Park’s ability to fund its education and preservation efforts, but also brings income to Loudoun County businesses in the form of overnight stays, meals, and tourism. The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Fund, administered by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, provided funding for an in-depth paint analysis on the tenant farmer house located at Morven Park’s Turkey Hill Farm. This is the only farm house that remains standing on the property, and it is being restored in order to interpret the lives of farm workers during the Davis era. The paint analysis was one of the first steps in determining the final materials and finishes to be used in the restoration project, which will be completed in fall 2013. The National Film Preservation Foundation provided a grant to restore the only remaining film from the days of the Morven Park International Equestrian Institute. The 16 mm film, “About Jumping” was produced in 1969. In its 25 minutes, it focuses on the training methods of the school’s most famous instructor, Major John Lynch. The grant also funded conversion of the restored film to a digital format. The Virginia Environmental Endowment and Sam’s Club of Sterling, Va., provided grants enabling Morven Park and Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy to conduct a training workshop on identifying and restoring the aquatic habitats known as vernal pools. The workshop, led by two of the most highly regarded wetlands experts in the United States, provided knowledge and skills to 20 environmental enthusiasts and resulted in a greatly enhanced pool at Morven Park that as of spring 2013 is filled with frog and salamander tadpoles for the first time in many years. A Leesburg graphic design company, N2Designs, selected Morven Park as one of 12 local non-profits receiving free design work in celebration of the company’s 12th anniversary. N2Designs updated Morven Park’s logo, created the “MP” insignia we now use on many of our publications and signs, helped us select new colors and fonts to update the site’s branding, and assisted us in coming up with our new tagline, “It’s at the Park: Morven Park.” In 2012, Morven Park partnered with Visit Loudoun, the Northern Virginia Regional Parks Authority, and Lansdowne Resort to market Loudoun County’s Civil War-related historic sites during the War’s sesquicentennial years. A grant from the Virginia Tourism Corporation matched funds provided by the local partners. The resulting campaign, known as “Loudoun County’s Rallying Point,” included distribution of 30,000 brochures and targeted placement of advertising. 14

Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation, Inc.

Spreading Good Will

The Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation is proud to have hosted a number of non-profit organizations in 2012 that benefited from the use of Morven Park’s facilities and open spaces. As has been the case since 1995, Morven Park provided barns, paddocks, office space and maintenance support to Loudoun Therapeutic Riding, in addition to serving as the venue for LTR’s Preakness Party, Hunter Pace and other fundraising events. In 2012, Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation, Inc.

the organization served 188 individuals with physical and cognitive disabilities, including wounded military personnel. Other non-profits held their own fundraising events at Morven Park, including walk-runs to raise money for the Cherry Blossom Breast Cancer Foundation and for an organization that builds water wells for communities in West Africa. The Middleburg Classic Horse Show, held here in September, benefited Food & Friends, an organization providing food to people with AIDS and other life-threatening illnesses. Best Buddies International, attracted 2,500 people to its Audi Best Buddies Challenge, a walk/run/bike ride from Washington, DC, to Morven Park, raising $2.5 million for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


Our Community Partners During the year, Morven Park was honored to partner with a number of organizations and businesses to present programs or to join forces on projects. They include the following:

4-H Leaps and Squeaks Club of Leesburg 17th Mississippi Company G Reenactment Unit Academy International Camps Agriculture in the Classroom Beekeepers of Northern Virginia Blue Ridge Site and Soil, LLC Boy Scouts of America (Troops 163, 1910, 553 & 998) Chesapeake Volunteer Guard DC United Emmanuel Episcopal Church Fabbioli Cellars Fields of Athenry Farm George C. Marshall House Girl Scouts of America Journey Through Hallowed Ground Lansdowne Resort Loudoun Amateur Radio Group Loudoun Archeological Foundation Loudoun County Arbor Day Committee Loudoun County Archeologist Michael Clem Loudoun County Bomb Squad Loudoun County Civil War Sesquicentennial Committee Loudoun County Equine Alliance Loudoun County Libraries Loudoun County Milling Company Loudoun County Public Schools Loudoun County Rural Economic Development Council Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office Loudoun Hunt Pony Club Loudoun Hunt West Loudoun Soccer Loudoun Therapeutic Riding Loudoun Volunteer Fire Department Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy Masters of Foxhounds Association Mom’s Apple Pie Moo Thru Ice Cream Mosby Heritage Area Association Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority Oatlands Plantation 16

Our Native Bees Piedmont Epicurean and Agricultural Council Shenandoah Carriage Company The Swamp School Thomas Balch Library Town of Leesburg Tuscarora High School VADA/Nova Virginia Cooperative Extension Virginia Department of Transportation Virginia Foxhound Club Virginia Region Pony Clubs Virginia Tourism Corporation Visit Loudoun Waterford Foundation Wetland Studies and Solutions, Inc. Willowcroft Winery WST Sports

The exterior of the gracious Davis Mansion was filmed in October for scenes in an upcoming feature film, Foxcatcher, directed by Bennett Miller and starring Steve Carell and Channing Tatum.

Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation, Inc.

Morven Park completed the first phase of its athletic fields project in 2012, opening seven new fields for public use. In their first season of operation, the fields won much praise including from Tom Torres, Head Coach of the DC United Academy, who called the fields, “superbly manicured and of high quality,” and said that each visit to Morven Park has been “a great experience.”

Leadership 2012 Management Team Frank Milligan Executive Director Judith Wodynski Director of Development & Community Relations Sheryl Williams Chief Operating Officer Martin Graves Buildings & Grounds Manager

2012 Board of Trustees Officers: James Harris President Coe Eldredge Vice President Frank Milligan Secretary-Treasurer Peter Burnett Agnes DiZerega-Cook Margaret Good Jill Gruver Michael E. Hoffman Nancy Parsons Karl Riedel Peggy Rust Anne Sullivan B.J. Webb Mark Winmill Honorary Member Dr. Joseph M. Rogers 18

Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation, Inc.

Financials 2012 Income 1% 5%



Site Rentals


Tours & Special Events 15% 66%

Contributions & Membership Investments Other

2012 Expenses 3% 19%



Fundraising 78%

Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation, Inc.


Financials Consolidated Statements of Financial Position December 31, 2012 and 2011



Assets Cash and cash equivalents Accounts receivable Investments, at fair market value Long-term receivable, life insurance premiums Morven Park Collections Property and equipment, net of accumulated depreciation Total assets


558,965 1,099 3,597,779 101,887 2,081,146 11,208,187


752,767 113,218 3,542,904 101,887 2,081,146 11,134,854

$ 17,549,063

$ 17,726,776



Liabilities and Net Assets Liabilities Security deposits Accounts payable Accrued expenses Deferred compensation payable


25,000 121,704 29,897 1,013,268

28,000 11,462 21,556 1,078,853

Total liabilities

$ 1,189,869

$ 1,139,871

Net Assets Unrestricted Temporarily restricted Permanently restricted

$ 14,270,050 7,998 2,081,146

$ 14,503,759 2,000 2,081,146

Total net assets

$ 16,359,194

$ 16,586,905

Total liabilities and net assets

$ 17,549,063

$ 17,726,776

Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation, Inc.

Financials Consolidated Statement of Activities For the Year Ended December 31, 2012

Temporarily Restricted


Support and Revenue Davis Trust distribution Rental income - other Contributions Admissions Membership - Museum of Hounds and Hunting Special events Investment income Other income Assets released from restriction Total support and revenue

$ 1,947,907 441,194 77,242 20,378 33,570 235,751 110,132 34,005 45,227 $ 2,945,406

Expenses Salaries and benefits Benefits - former Executive Directors Clinics, shows and programs Utilities Office expenses Insurance Professional fees Maintenance of property Advertising Special events Depreciation Loss on disposal of property and equipment Unrealized and realized loss on investments, net Other Total expenses

$ 1,445,669 54,903 67,896 157,268 301,977 74,393 343,718 133,732 25,004 24,350 471,341 2,458 30,916 45,490 $ 3,179,115



$ (233,709)


Excess of revenues over expenses Net Assets, beginning Net Assets, ending

Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation, Inc.



$ 1,947,907 441,194 128,467 20,378 33,570 235,751 110,132 34,005



$ 2,951,404







$ 1,445,669 54,903 67,896 157,268 301,977 74,393 343,718 133,732 25,004 24,350 471,341 2,458 30,916 45,490 $ 3,179,115



$ (227,711)





$ 2,081,146

$ 16,359,194








14,503,759 $ 14,270,050

Permanently Restricted

(45,227) 5,998




Morven Park The Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation P.O. Box 6228 Leesburg, VA 20178 703.777.2414 www.MorvenPark.org

Profile for Morven Park

2012 Annual Report - Morven Park  

2012 Annual Report - Morven Park / The Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation Inc.

2012 Annual Report - Morven Park  

2012 Annual Report - Morven Park / The Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation Inc.