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‘Rely on quality control’ Kisama | October 28


MINISTER FOR Health & Family Welfare Kuzholuzo Nienu today stressed on the need to rely on quality control while undertaking construction works in the state. “We don’t’ have quality control,” he regretted. According to him, the absence of quality control will invite liability instead of creating an asset. Speaking at the silver jubilee celebrations of Porbami Social Club of Kohima at Naga Heritage Complex at Kisama, the minister said the time has come for the people of the state to realize the importance of quality control and create an asset for the state. The present government is contemplating to set up a quality-control board in the state, the minister said. Saying that the present government is ‘delivering the goods to the people’, Azo urged the people to cooperate with the government and continue to ‘enjoy

” India faces highest political risk

If you are standing upright, don’t worry if your shadow is crooked

The Yimchunger Nagas performing a traditional dance as part of the Eastern Naga Students’ Union Dimapur cultural festival under the theme “Consolidation of Culture” at the DDSC Stadium, Dimapur, on October 28. (Morung Photo/Zakir Hussain) Story on page 2

Our Correspondent

Wednesday, October 29, 2008 12 pages Rs. 3

the fruit of developmental packages’. Complimenting the PSCK on its attaining 25 years of existence, since inception in 1983, the minister urged the organization to introspect on their achievements as well as failures and march towards greater heights. In his remarks, PSCK chairman Shepo said the strength of the members at present is about 45 households from a population of around 300. He said that the club undertakes mass social works, assistance to the sick and needy, prayer fellowships, activities on career guidance, ‘tackling of unwanted situations’ and interaction with elders and various organizations for understanding and co-operation. MLA Neiba Kronu, deputy chairman of the State Planning Board, Z Lohe, advisor to the chief minister and former CPO president Timikha Koza and others also graced the occasion. Folk music and a jubilee feast marked the occasion.

Vatican implores for Gandhi’s non-violent spirit VATICAN CITY, OCTOBER 28 (REUTERS): The Vatican invoked the memory of Mahatma Gandhi in an appeal on Tuesday for an end to religious violence in Orissa after anti-Christian riots killed at least 35 people. On Sunday, Pope Benedict had called for governments to protect Christian minorities in India and Iraq. In a written address to Hindus, the Vatican office in charge of relations with other religions said Christian and Hindu leaders needed to foster a belief in non-violence among followers. The Vatican pointed to Mohandas K. Gandhi, also known as the Mahatma or “Great Soul”, as a global icon of non-violence. “During the course of (Gandhi’s) struggle for freedom, he realised that ‘an eye for a eye, and soon the whole world is blind,’” Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, head of the Pontifical Council for Inter-Religious Dialogue, said in the address. “He is a model for non-violence and he led by example to the point of laying down his life because of his refusal to engage in violence.” “While religions are often blamed for society’s ills, we know that it is rather the manipulation of religion, contrary to its fundamental beliefs, that is used to carry out so many forms of violence,” the address said. “As religious leaders called to uphold the truth found in our respective religions, let us help foster non-violence among our followers and support it in their actions.”

SINGAPORE, OCTOBER 28 (REUTERS): India, Malaysia and Thailand face the highest political and social risk among AsiaPacific countries in 2009, mainly because of internal instability, a political risk consultancy said. India's highest risk score of 6.87 on a scale of 10 also reflected fears over Pakistan, the Hong Kongbased Political & Economic Risk Consultancy (PERC) said in a report, warning of social unrest and insecurity if things worsened in the neighbouring nation. The consultancy assessed 16 countries on factors such as the risk of disruptive political change, the threat posed by social activism and vulnerability to policy changes by other governments. A score of zero represented the best socio-political situation and 10 the highest risk. Contributing to India's high score was uncertainty over the outcome of general elections next year, rising communal violence and increased militant attacks, PERC said in the report released."India, Thailand and Malaysia are not so much vulnerable to negative fallout from the global financial crisis as they are to factors that are mainly internal," Robert Broadfoot, managing director of PERC, told Reuters. "For these countries, the coming global economic storm is only going to make a bad situation worse," he said. "India's underlying attractions to foreign investors should remain no matter who wins the next election," the report said. Thailand is the second riskiest country in Asia for 2009 with a score of 6.28, as the current political turmoil threatens to drag into 2009 and is eroding the country's key institutions. The consultancy projected Thailand's worst case scenario to be if the King of Thailand dies before the turmoil is resolved. As for Malaysia, the third riskiest in the region, the report said the struggle for political power was aggravating racial and

-Chinese Proverb

Fatima Banoo holds a photograph of her disappeared husband Shamas- Ud-Din during a demonstration organized by the Association for Parents of Disappeared Persons (APDP) against the government over the fate of those allegedly ‘disappeared in custody’, in Srinagar today. According to the APDP since the beginning of the Kashmir conflict in 1989, some 8,000-10,000 persons went missing after being arrested by Indian security forces and other security agencies. (AP Photo)

religious tensions. "The status quo is changing in ways that will see a stronger political opposition than in the past," said the report. Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia were ranked most stable and low in political risk for 2009 even though their economies are likely to be hurt by the global financial crisis, PERC said. For the United States, being at the epicentre of the financial crisis has weakened the country economically and psychologically, PERC said. The U.S. political and military profile will be lower than before and it will become less aggressive in pushing its views on other countries.

In Asia, the U.S. may rely more on its regional allies such as Japan, Singapore and Australia to push its agenda. China scored 5.33 on PERC's scale and the consultancy expects the world's most populous nation to have a difficult year in 2009 as the government tries to sustain economic momentum and boost domestic demand in the face of weaker export markets. "Despite a desire to get average Chinese to spend more, layoffs in factories, weak stock prices and lower real estate prices in key markets like Shanghai are likely to make average Chinese turn more cautious in their consumption," said PERC.

ORISSA’s REALITY: A Voice Diwali celebrated amidst financial crisis Scarred By Violence Speaks Out

Reverend Daniel Sahu with his three children. Reverend Daniel Sahu is in Dimapur with his three children who were students’ of St. Ann’s Convent. Having lost their schooling in circumstances they barely understand, their father has brought them here with hope to build a new life for them, while he will return to Orissa to fulfill his mission. Y Merina Chishi Dimapur| October 28

REVEREND DANIEL Sahu is a powerful witness to the world. In 1995 he was assaulted by cadres of the bigoted Bajrang Dal and RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) for his missionary works in Orissa. In 2000, he was again beaten and put in jail for the same. He has been falsely implicated on a severe charge of crime he did not commit, and was given orders to inform of his whereabouts at all times. Over the past few weeks, heartbreaking stories have been reported from Orissa. Thousands of Christians have been severely affected by the anti-Christian attacks while still many continue to live in fear. Hindu extremists have reportedly forced reconverted many Christians to Hinduism and many have been displaced. Reverend Daniel’s voice carries the truth about Christian prosecutions in Orissa. Reverend Daniel Sahu hails from Sonepur district of Orissa, adjacent to Khandamal which is the epicenter of the anti-Christian

NEW DELHI, OCT 28 (PTI): Fireworks illuminated the evening sky and earthen lamps dotted the houses as Diwali, the festival of lights, was celebrated across the country with traditional fervour and gaiety today. People clad in new attire thronged temples and distributed sweets among friends and relatives while children and youngsters burst firecrackers and exchanged ‘Happy Diwali’ SMSes. President Pratibha Patil, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Union Ministers also celebrated Diwali. Amid a global financial crisis and fears of its impact on India, pre-Diwali sales saw a downturn this year. Government agencies and NGOs campaigned for a safer and quieter Diwali. Keeping in view the recent bomb blasts in various parts of the country, tight security measures were put in place around vital installations, markets and places of worship. In the national capital, more than 3,400 personnel were deployed to maintain a strict vigil. Security was also tightened in Jammu where people in large numbers visited the historic Ragunath temple and Lakshmi Narayan temple. In Amritsar, hundreds of devotees queued up since morning to pay obeisance at the sanctum sanctorum of Golden Temple. According to Hindu belief, Diwali marks the return of Lord Ram to his kingdom after 14 years in exile. It also holds significance for Sikhs as on this day in 1620, sixth Sikh Guru Hargobind Sahib was freed by Mughal emperor Jahangir. The celebra-

Children play with fireworks during Diwali celebrations in Allahabad on October 28. Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, is being celebrated across India today. (AP Photo)

tions were marred by tragedy in Bihar’s Gopalganj district when three children of a family were killed and another was seriously injured in an accidental

explosion in a heap of firecrackers. One man was burnt to death in a blaze at a cracker shop in Udham Singh Nagar in Uttarakhand.

violence in Orissa. He is the district president of the Christian Council of Sonepur and he confirmed that several believers were picked up by Hindu extremists during the riots and forced reconverted to Hinduism. “One day Jaswant Khora, a college student from Kholiapali (a village under Sonepur district) was forcefully picked up by two RSS men in a motorbike from his college and taken to a secluded place,” Reverend Daniel related. “He was then threatened to convert to Hinduism by performing several Hindu religious rituals. On the pretext of calling all his brothers to convert to Hinduism, Jaswant managed to escape,” he said. A similar incident happened in village Rugrigura, he reported, where one Christian was picked up by RSS men at night and taken away with his hands tied behind his back. The young believer was asked to denounce Christianity and drink cow’s urine. “He also managed to escape from their clutches. While running, his ‘lungi’ fell off; and only in underwear he jumped into a river and fled,” the Reverend said. Continued on page 5

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Wednesday 29 October 2008

Phek Division ‘Be wary of growing ethno-centrism’ NPF condemns killing

DIMAPUR, OCTOBER 28 (MExN): Speaking as the chief guest at the Eastern Nagaland Students’ Union Dimapur (ENSUD) Cultural festival held at DDSC Stadium, Dimapur, Additional Chief Secretary and Development Commissioner Nagaland, Alemtemshi Jamir, clearly differentiated the concepts of culture and tradition. He said that culture was confined to human beings alone and encompassed knowledge, beliefs, ideas, etc. He further opined that our understanding of culture should not be brought down to mere display of traditional items. Alemtemshi also advised the students to be wary of the growing ethno-centrism, which refers to the belief that “my culture alone is good and all other cultures are bad”. While also advis-

Young women of the Chang community seen in their traditional attire at the cultural festival of the Eastern Naga Students’ Union Dimapur (ENSUD) held under the theme ‘Consolidation of Culture’ at the DDSC Stadium, Dimapur, on Tuesday. (Morung Photos)

Abducted Manipuri drivers released KOHIMA, OCTOBER 28 (UNI): Three drivers from Manipur, attached with the Food Corporation of India (FCI), who were reportedly abducted by unknown miscreants on Sunday, were released last night after they paid Rs.15,000 to the abductors. Official sources here today said the drivers, along with their handymen, were preparing food for dinner on Sunday near the Firing Range of Dimapur, when three people, including two women, came to meet them. The people, along with the drivers, later left together without informing anything to the handymen. When they did not return at night, the handymen informed the police and also the truck owners in Manipur. Dimapur police launched a manhunt for the missing drivers, but failed to locate them. The three drivers were released last night after they reportedly paid Rs.5,000 each to the abductors, who were suspected to be activists of the Kuki Liberation Army (KLA). The drivers reportedly left for Imphal after they were released. The KLA is demanding Rs.5,000 each from every truck and bus bound for Manipur. The KLA also claimed responsibility for torching a passenger bus on Thursday at Lahorijan in Assam’s Karbi Anglong district, due to which two people, including a woman, were burnt alive.

ing them to accept the reality that all cultures need to modernise, Alemtemshi asked the gathering to avoid negative cultural trend like the present gun-culture. On the other hand, he lamented that the admirable work culture was being lost with Nagas wanting to eat without working. Thus, clearly defining culture, the chief guest asked the students to organise the cultural festival in a bigger way and make it an annual event so as to boost tourism. The ENSUD Cultural Festival, which began at 10:00 am, saw all the six tribes performing folksongs and dances. The afternoon session consisted of ethnic show, songs, dances and performance by guest band ‘Melodrama.’ The entire programme was compered by Muchu Khiamniungan and Likhumla Sangtam.

Our Correspondent Phek | October 28

THE NAGALAND People’s Party (NPF) Phek Division has expressed its resentment over the assassination of one FGN NonAccordist cadre, late Major Kusalie, “who was brutally killed in his house at Khuzha Village on October 26.” According to the party’s president, Chivotso Nienu, and general secretary Wepe Mekrisuh, so far no one has claimed responsibility for the incident. Condemning the dastardly act during its party meeting at Hotel Japfu, Kohima, the NPF Phek Division made an appeal to all like-minded citizens to condemn the same. At one point of time, there was a com-

munication gap among the Federal set-up in Phek District, resulting in clashes, and even resulting in loss of lives, the two leaders stated. However, they added, the intervention of the Chakhesang Public Organization (CPO) through its peace mission managed to bring better understanding between the two groups; since then there has been relative peace in the district. The President and General Secretary NPF, Phek Division, further remarked, “whoever had committed the heinous crime was intended not only to annihilate the victim but also to create the misunderstanding and suspicion among the peace loving people,” and termed the act as ‘anti-people and anti-peace’.

Second phase NLVC drive in Phek concludes Kuzhovesa Soho Chozuba | October 28

THE SECOND phase of the Non-Local Verification Card-issuing drive, which was initiated by the Chakhesang Students’ Union (CSU) covering the whole jurisdiction of the Union, ended on October 28. The said drive, which was carried out under the aegis of the Naga Students’ Federation (NSF), starting from October 21 last at Phek Town, was successfully implemented without any disturbance. CSU General Secretary Esther Rhakho said the drive was a mandatory decision of the tribal students’ community, where strict enforcement was dealt upon ‘as per the laid down principles of the same.’ The intention of the drive was to create an awareness among all the non-locals, that those residing in any part of the Chakhesang area without obtaining proper documents would be severely dealt with as deemed fit. This verification drive is an opportunity for all the non-locals to prepare themselves “before the students forcefully chase them away from the land, which indeed will be ugly to observe,” Rhakho asserted. It was felt that the illegal Bangla-

MEx File Interview for animation, entertainment industry aspirants C M Y K

The Morung Express

deshis who were posing an ugly threat and harboured bad designs on our beautiful culture should be eliminated from our society in order to enjoy our rich and unique traditions. “With an intention of dominating the Nagas slowly and gradually through their small business and work in our land as labourers, the Bangladeshis has always kept their eyes of snatching every opportunity of the Nagas,” she stated, adding that every rightthinking denizens of Nagaland should come out to the mainstream and fight those evil designs. The weeklong verification drive covered areas that included Chizami town, Pfutsero town, Chetheba town and Chozuba town. Talking to this correspondent, the General Secretary of CSU revealed that within a short span of time, a surprise checking of Inner line Permit (ILP) will be launched in all the mentioned towns. It may be noted that the Superintendent of Police (SP), Phek, has assured deportation of the detected illegal ILP holders. Rhakho, in the meantime, has called the constituents units to be prepared to face any kind of eventualities if such arises. Thanking all the volunteers and wellwishers who tirelessly rendered their un-

A section of non-locals lined up to register their Non-Local Verification Card, during the 2nd phase drive for issuing of NLVCs at Phek Town, on October 22. (Morung Photo/ Kuzhovesa Soho)

flinching support towards the Union, she further appealed to them to continue in the same spirit even in the days to come. In a separate statement disclosed to this correspondent, having detected a large number of non-Chakhesangs being employed in the name and privilege

GHS Phek draws government’s attention

DIMAPUR, OCTOBER 28 (MExN): In a notification to all aspiring candidates to the animation and entertainment industry, another round of interview/interaction has been arranged to be held sometime in the month of November 2008. This interview/interaction is to be conducted both for those interviewed on October 22 by the Koreans, as well as for those who could not turn up on that day. In this regard, the Director Art & Culture Nagaland, Kohima, in a notification informs that all the candidates of both categories, irrespective of whether one had faced interviews or not, are to be prepared for another round of interactions for consideration. Details of the exact date and venue will be announced later.

ZTC informs HoDs and shop-owners ZUNHEBOTO, OCTOBER 28 (MExN): Zunheboto Town Council informs all concerned heads of departments and shop-owners to whitewash their respective offices, buildings, and shops, with broken-white color in preparation for the upcoming Ahuna Festival (Cross Cultural feast). Khehoshe H Yeptho further informs all to execute the same before November 5 “for the grand success of the programme.”

of the ST Chakhesang quota in the past years, especially in the Police department, by obtaining fake Indigenous and Backward certificate from the competent authority, the CSU had submitted a representation to the Chairman of the Selection Board of the new 14th NAP

(IR) Battalion for Phek District, during the last new recruitment of the said battalion at Phek on October 23, 2008. “This representation simply urged the Board Chairman to carefully verify the real holders of the said certificate,” stated Esther. Expressing happiness with the concerned department for inducting CPO President as the Selection Board Member with a view of conducting the recruitment in a fair manner, the CSU further appealed to the department to continue such innovative attitude even in the days to come. Urging the district administrator to ban the issuing of Indigenous certificate, unless the concerned applicant obtains recommendation letter from their concerned Village authorities and the Students’ Union, the CSU warned that the concerned authorities would be held responsible if they failed to carry out the said directives. “Any untoward incidents arises in regard to the said certificate in the near future, the CSU will enquire the same till the real culprits is nabbed,” the Union warned. Meanwhile, the CSU appeals to all the Village authorities to take note of the same to avoid such anomalies in the near future.

A view of the Phek GHS building. The old building located in Phek village, which has not been renovated for ages, raises concern regarding its stability and safety of school equipment. (Morung Photo/Kuzhovesa Soho) Our Correspondent Phek | October 28

THE PRESENT Government

High School (GHS) in Phek Village is said to be one of the oldest functioning government schools in the district. GHS, Phek Village,

which started functioning in the year 1924, was taken over by the government as Middle School in the year 1939. With the passage of time, the number of pupils increased after every academic year. As per reliable sources, the school, which was functioning smoothly, was once put to a halt due to the rise of Naga insurgency. However, with the contribution and efforts of well-wishers, the school was restored. It was managed by the local managing body with much difficulty till the government took up the said school as a full fledged High School in 1974. The report from the school’s management further added that after the upgradation of the school to a full-fledged High School, the same was shifted to Phek Town in the same year. Meanwhile, following the vacating of the school location, a primary school started functioning in the same location without proper facilities until the government took over the school to

the level of Middle School during the early eighties. Today the school is commissioned with the status of High School; however, it is disheartening to observe that in spite of having its reputation of being regarded as an oldest government schools in the district, the school building remains unchanged to date having retained its old design and structure. Drawing the attention of the concerned department, the School Managing authority made a fervent appeal to the department to redress the required needs of the present school in the larger interest of the community. Expressing its gratitude to the department for providing computers for the school, the school authority stated that the costly accessories were not safe being kept in the outdated buildings of the school. Besides, they added, the school finds it difficult to impart computer classes to the students in the absence of convenient rooms.

Talent expo on 60 Seconds for Jesus DIMAPUR, OCTOBER 28 (MExN): The Bible Society of India Dimapur Auxiliary Youth Committee is organising a ‘Talent Expo on 60 Seconds for Jesus’ on December 7, 2008, at the Covenant Hall, CHSS Dimapur. The expo is being organised for “promotional work of Bible ministry and to create a platform for the youths to exhibit their talent and gift of God.” In this regard, the BSI, in a release has requested churches, institutions and individuals to participate in the competition. The first prize has been set at Rs.5000, Rs.3000 as second prize, and Rs.1000 as third prize. The Registration Fee will be Rs.200. Forms may be obtained from the Bible Society of India Dimapur Auxiliary Office. The last date for submission of forms will be November 20, 2008. For further information, one may contact: (03862) 229087, 9856014595, 9436003553.

‘Why only fight for 33 percent reservation’ Morung Express News Dimapur | October 28

PARLIAMENTARY SECRETARY for Social Welfare, Women & Child Development, Chotisüh Sazo today asserted equal opportunity should be given to women and questioned why women should fight only for 33 percent reservation, forgetting the remaining 67 percent. Are Sonia Gandhi, Mayawati, etc. holding their position due to women reservation, he questioned. Sazo was speaking as the chief guest at the 3rd general conference-cum-freshers’ meet of the Tenyimi Students’ Union Dimapur (TSUD) under the theme surviving in self-reliance, here at the Town Hall. Enunciating about Tenyimia, Sazo said, “We are an excellent breed. We are called as Tenyimia not by accident nor by temporary arrangements but by blood. It is our traditional bond. Even if someone wants to become Tenyimia, he cannot. Three characteristics make us unique, such as hard working, honesty and sincerity.” Stressing on unity, the chief guest said, “If we are united, we can be the backbone of the Naga unity, be it political, social or economic. It not, we can become the liability of the society.” “We must be united; and unity is the backbone of any society,” he added. Encouraging the gathering to uphold the spirit of fraternity, mutual understanding and social coexistence, the Parliamentary Secretary said that that

“differences may arise sometimes, but that should be sorted out within the family rather than putting it into outside wall.” Terming Tenyimia culture as one of the best cultures amongst the Nagas, Sazo said that we must preserve and promote traditional heritages and good cultures. “Where there is no culture, there is no law. Today, the society is deteriorating due to lack of good culture,” he pointed out. Reminding the students to work hard and try to obtain the best education so as to be able to lead their people in the future, Sazo said, “Expand your visions and horizons and translate your visions and dreams into action,” adding, “we must develop work culture, honesty, hard work and the spirit of oneness and brotherhood.” He further encouraged them to take failures as positive signals to achieve greater heights. While expressing concern over the unemployment crisis, the Parliamentary Secretary said, “If you are not lazy to do anything, there should not be any unemployment problem,” and added that people from mainland India come and settle properly in Nagaland and have a comfortable and wealthy life. He also appealed to the younger generation to start a campaign to preserve the rich flora and fauna of the state. Sazo donated a sum of Rs. 1 lakh to the TSUD. D P Angami, Deputy Chairperson of the Dimapur Municipal Council, also spoke as the guest of honour on the occasion.

Parliamentary Secretary Chotisüh Sazo is felicitated by the TSUD at the Union’s 3rd general conference-cum-freshers’ meet 2008, at the Town Hall in Dimapur, on October 28. (Morung Photo)


The Morung Express


29 October 2008



NPF Phek reprobates Police arrest one STARTING LINE-UP relinquished Chaplain

Your daily Meetings, Appointments, Information and Reminder column

ANSTA Peren executive meet October 29

DIMAPUR, OCTOBER 28 (MExN): The NPF Phek division today deplored the reported manner of resignation of one Thsepili as Chaplain of NPF under 20th Meluri Assembly constituency and termed the subsequent statements made by Thsepili to the media over his resignation from NPF as ‘mischievous’ and ‘far from truth’. NPF Phek division alleged that Thsepili was “trying hard to tarnish the image of NPF” under the “capable leadership” of Parliamentary secretary, Yitachu. Clarifying this in a release, Wepe Mekrisuii, general secretary, NPF Phek division stated that Thsepili who was appointed as chaplain of 20th Meluri A/C “was trying to disgrace the sanctity of a Chaplain assigned to a Political party, who fabricated with Congress Phek District by resigning in the dignity of Chaplain” (sic) and further alleged that he was in fact ‘a congress member’ and had been ‘playing double standards’ to ‘mislead’ the people. Mekrisuii further stated that Thsepili as a Chaplain “failed

miserably (in) the purpose to impart the true love and sincerity of Christian Spirits” (sic) and “narrowed down” the respectable identity and integrity of priesthood. Instead, Mekrisuii alleged further that Thsepili “sought cheap political gains” that have badly hurt the sentiments of sensible citizens. The NPF had in fact doubted the integrity of Thsepili and stated that “interestingly NPF had fault smells on him who used to join campaign groups of NPF and prays, whenever campaign takes place” (sic) and yet he would “campaign for the congress and wooing voters” with the funds from the NPF. Although NPF never directly charged Thsepili that he was with the Congress, the Phek division NPF expressed relief that Thsepili “himself revealed through press stating resigning (from) NPF to join congress”.(sic) The fact that Thsepili was welcomed into the Congress with open arms by DCC Phek President Mikha, the NPF claimed,

made it obvious that “his resignation was never true rather he (Thsepili) fabricated with congress”. The NPF in the release also took a dig at DCC Phek President Mikha who welcomed Thsepili with “with his sugar coated lips” saying that Thsepili “was doing the right job for joining congress” and praising him “in crocodile’s tears that a wise religious orator and sincere chaplain like Mr. Thsepili will never share the beds of NPF who had been unholy alliance to NDA led BJP cronies of hindutva who had been the sole breeders of all anti Christian activities in the country.”(sic) NPF termed DCC president’s allegations against the NPF for aligning with NDA as “legally insane”. NPF Phek further claimed that “Obviously Dan NPF Govt. is doing right jobs to alliance NDA in fulfilling to democratic secularism on political principle as a citizen to a state or a country, and trying to irradiate communal tensions.” (sic) The note further

stated, “Hence it is clear that congress is trying hard to attack DAN led NPF is most unfortunate and uncalled for, for endangering the democratic secularisms without understanding and wrongly blamed others which is going the process of kindling communal tensions and for DAN led NPF there is no reason to listens such fictitious threats for trying to bring disunity of NDA and DAN led NPF.” Mekrisuii in the note further stated that it was unbecoming of Thsepili to malign Parliamentary secretary Yitachu under whose leadership NPF claimed, “20th Meluri had done maximum coverage in the developmental infrastructures which earlier no MLAs in the past had done to the extend of this level.” The NPF Phek division in the note also expressed gratitude “to DAN led NPF Govt. for concerns to our peoples who had done step a head from long slumbers.” The note further cautioned Thsepili “not (to) repeat the same legally insane exemplary,” also reminding him that “no one serves two masters”.

The All Nagaland School Teachers’ Association (ANSTA), Peren unit has called an executive meeting on October 29 next, at the residence of its secretary at Athibung town at 11:00 am. A press note issued by its press secretary, Lungsa Zeliang, informed all executives to attend the meeting without fail. NPF Diphupar Area meeting October 29

There will be a meeting of the NPF under Diphupar Area primary unit on October 29 at 3:00 pm in the residence of the Unit president Visheto Assumi, near Pentecostal Church, Diphupar Village. The seized items under the custody of the East Police Sta- General Secretary I. Wati Lemtor in a release requested all concerned to attend the meeting without fail. tion in Dimapur. (Morung Photo) DIMAPUR, OCTOBER 28 (MExN): Dimapur police during routine frisking at Niu Colony, Burma Camp apprehended one “NSCN/ GPRN” cadre and seized a country made pistol with seven bullets. Police identified the arrested person as ‘ss’ 2nd lieutenant’ Ketovi of the ‘NSCN (K)’. Police also seized two mobile handsets and a cash amount of Rs 5000 from his possession. It is learnt from reliable police sources that the arrested

cadre came in an auto-rickshaw while the personnel of the 12th NAP (IR) Battalion were conducting routine checking. The cadre reportedly tried to escape thereby prompting the IRB jawans to resort to three to four rounds of blank firing. The cadre was subsequently arrested. A list containing the registration number of vehicles, allegedly to be used during extortion, was also recovered from the possession of the arrested cadre, police added.

WASU goodwill tour

KOHIMA, OCTOBER 28 (MExN): The Western Angami Students’ Union (WASU) will be visiting all the schools within its jurisdiction on October 31 as goodwill tour. The Union said that they will interact with the school authority or the managing board to show their kind gesture and concern, contemplating the essence of society –building.

Naga Council reminds Protection of culture urgent need of the hour Dimapur police of lost vehicle DIMAPUR, OCTOBER 28(MExN): The Dimapur police is urged by the Naga Council to expedite the “investigation process” to recover the vehicle of the council’s president. The Naga Council in a letter to the SP of Dimapur today related that the vehicle (a Mahindra Bolero) belonging to the council’s president was stolen from his residence in the wee hours October 25. The council said an FIR was lodged and registered at the Dimapur East Police station. But nothing has been done, the council lamented. “It is very unfortunate that the vehicle belonging to such a responsible public leader is insecure in our city. Showing not only the growth of crime

rate of late, but also indicating the involvement of well organized network or syndicate operating in Dimapur which is very dangerous sign for the future of Dimapur,” the council lamented. Under the circumstances the council urged the law enforcing agencies to expedite the “process of investigation” to recover the said. This can be an exemplary action in the eye of the public and also help eradicate such type of crimes from the city, the council said. The council also assured its full cooperation in the days to come in the greater interest of the public. The letter was appended by Vice President T. Bengerloba Ao general secretary W. Lemba Chang.

Orientation training programme held in Mon

KOHIMA, OCTOBER 28 (MExN): The Mon District Corpus Committee conducted an orientation training programme with all the selected beneficiaries under the Chief Minister’s Corpus Fund 2007-08 on October 22 last at the Deputy Commissioner’s Conference Hall to envisage the proper implementation and better implementation of the selected schemes/projects. Dinesh Kumar, IAS, Deputy Commissioner of

Mon, gave the keynote address and the project feasibility of the programme was elaborated by Branch Manager, SBI Mon. The resource persons were drawn from the district offices of transport, industries, veterinary and education, for sectoral discussion and interaction with the respective beneficiaries. All the 35 beneficiaries attended the programme. The Committee also awarded participatory certificate to all participants.

CSUK elects new team KOHIMA, OCTOBER 28 (MExN): The Chakhesang Students’ Union Kohima elected a new team of executive for the tenure 200809. President- Thupukutho Lohe, vice president- Sekhotso Rokha, general secretary- Shekhozolu Ringa, finance secretary- Thebi Joseph Shupao, treasurer- Shezotalu Rhakho, social and cultural secretary- Seyiekuolie Shupao, education and statistical secretary- Zhosato Kapu, publicity and information secretary- Hiweku Mebou and Suokho Domeh as deputy speaker are the new executives. The new team was elected during the 47th general

session cum freshers’s social of the CSUK held on October 18 last at the State Academy Hall, Kohima. Meanwhile, CSUK former president Solomon Ritse wishes the newly elected team a successful tenure. He also thanked all the donors who contributed financially, materially and physically for the success of the recently concluded session.

More Local News on Page - 5

DIMAPUR, OCTOBER 28 (MExN): Stating that “today’s step is the beginning of tomorrow’s mile,” Rev. Dr. Solomon Vizo, Rector at the Good Shepherd Seminary, Dimapur, advised students to cultivate and promote peace in their daily life. He was speaking as chief guest at the folkdance and group song competition organised by the Peace Channel International for its peace club members of Dimapur district on October 28 at Assisi Hall Dimapur. Dr. H Chishi, Director, Indigenous Cultural Society Dimapur, Tali Longkumer, Music Director, Dimapur Ao Baptist Arogo (DABA) and Rev. Fr. George Keduolhou, Dean of studies, GSS, Dimapur, were the panel of judges at the competition. Reminding that protection of tribal songs and dances was the urgent need of the hour, Rev. Dr. Vizo expressed his pleasure at seeing the Peace Channel working hard to protect the dying culture of our society. He also spoke on the present scenario of Nagaland, where violence, fight, stealing, drugs, etc., are prevalent in the region. Dr. H Chishi in his message said that promotion of culture is the only way to build peace in the region. It

The District Congress Committee (DCC), Kohima has convened its office bearers meeting on October 29 at 11:00 am. in the DCC office, Congress Bhavan, Kohima. This meeting will deliberate on some important issues including the deteriorating law and order situation in the State. All office bearers are requested to attend this meeting in time without fail. NVFAA GM October 31

Nagaland Veterinary Field Assistants’ Association (NVFAA) will hold its general meeting on October 31 at the residence of S. Tokhivo Swu (General Secretary), Burma Camp at 10:00 am. Further, all the District are requested to send at least 5 (five) representatives along with membership fee of Rs 100/only per head for the year 2008. All the eleven district presidents are requested to attend the meeting without fail.

LCWA general conference

KOHIMA, OCTOBER 28 (MExN): The Lotha Catholic Women Association will hold its 28th general conference from December 5-7 at St. Mary’s Church, Lakhuti Village. The Association president Areni Lotha informed all regional and unit members of the Association to attend the conference for the same. For further information, contact9862010168 (president), 9862127366 (secretary).

LOU (DHEP) elects new officers

DIMAPUR, OCTOBER 28 (MExN): The executive members among the affected landowners of the Doyang Hydro Electric Project (DHEP) held a meeting on October 22 at the DC’s Conference Room, Wokha Town. On expiry of the tenure of the LOU (DHEP) in March 2007, the members present in the meeting, after thorough deliberation, elected a new team of office bearers, Sessional Chiarman Renchio Yanthan stated this in a release. The team will be led by President Y Odyuo, T Abemo Yanthan as general secretary, and Rechilo Yanthan as treasurer.

NCRC (Sumi) women conference

KOHIMA, OCTOBER 28 (MExN): The NCRC (Sumi) Women Conference will be held from November 7 to 9 at Thilixu village, 3rd Mile, Dimapur. The speakers at the conference will include Dr. Akaho Awomi, Pastor Imchayanger, Qanili Ayemi and Xevili T. Swu. A seminar on HIV/AIDS and women will also be held on Saturday afternoon, November 8. Former Chief Minister K L Chishi, MLA, Er. Hutoi Aye and Kakugha Jimo will also grace the conference as special guests. Praise and worship will be led by students of Living Bible College, Ajinato, Vihokhu. All the WSC executives and advanced prayer group have been requested to reach the venue on November 6. The Chief Guest along with the Judges and winners of the competitions.

is the right time to contextualise and inculcate cultural aspects of the society; our cultural dances convey tremendous meaning of our lives, and culture should not be limited to only conventional set up but let it grow with us, he added. Tali Longkumer said that creativity in our culture should not diminish the originality of our culture, and stated that such

Tuensang NCSU elects new team TUENSANG, OCTOBER 28 (MExN): A meeting of members of the Nagaland Contractors & Suppliers Union (NCSU) Tuensang Unit was held on October 21 at Town Hall, Tuensang. Informing this in a release, Z Rikhum Yim, stated that the house, after thorough discussion, decided and unanimously selected its unit Office Bearers with C N Yanchu Chang as President, and T L Thonger Sangtam and S Peshe Khiam as Joint Secretaries.

competitions served to bring awareness and enhance the peace building process in our society. A release from the Youth Centre News Desk added that Pilgrim School, St. Clare School, St. Paul Hr. Sec. School and St. Clare School, Assisi candidates, St. Paul Hr. Sec. School walked away with the trophy and certificates. The welcome address

FOR SALE A two storey bungalow with 20 rooms and 3 annexe building suitable for Office+School+Guest House etc with parking space for 20 Cars at NH39, 3rd mile Dimapur.

was delivered by Atoholi, coordinator, Assisi candidates presented a special number, and Pius proposed the vote of thanks. The prizes were sponsored by P.C. Solutions. The program, which was compered by Martina, concluded with the peace anthem.

RYO annual day

KOHIMA, OCTOBER 28 (MExN): The Rutsa Youth Organization (RYO) P. Khel, Kohima village, will hold its 35th annual day on December 28 at Zieke, P. Khel, Kohima village. During the annual day, the RYO will confer awards students who have secured more than 80 percent and above in academics as well as students with cent percent attendance in school during 2008. This was stated in a release issue by RYO information & publicity secretary, Kevingulie Rutsa.

St. Joseph’s College Jakhama, Nagaland

INVITATION The Management, Staff and Students of St. Joseph’s College, Jakhama, cordially invite all the Graduates of 2008 for the 'GRADUATION DAY' on Saturday, 15th November 2008 at 10:00 A.M. Shri Francis Pelevituo Solo, Commissioner & Secretary, Higher Education, Government of Nagaland will be the Chief Guest. Principal

Contact No: 9862950231

Coordination meeting at Zunheboto


KOHIMA, OCTOBER 28 (MExN): The coordination meeting of DRDA and Block Staff, VDB Secretaries, VCC and GBs under RD Block Zunheboto will take place on October 30 at 10:00 am at Dr. Nihoshe Yeptho’s private residence, Zunheboto. Dr. KC Nihoshe Yepthomi, parliamentary secretary for industries and commerce will grace the occasion as the chief guest.




Mission Road, near-North Police Station-Kohima

Coaching for: 1. NPSC, UPSC, NCS (Prelim-2009), SCC and other Competitive Exam 2. Intensive Coaching for-2009 Exam Cl-10 (All subjects or Maths and Science only) Cl-12 (Science, Arts & Commerce) 3. Spoken English & Computer Course (Hardware and Software) 4. JEE & NERIST Entrance for 2009. Minister for health and family welfare Kuzholuzo (Azo) Nienu during the silver jubilee celebration of Porbami Social Club, Kohima at Kisama on Tuesday.

DCC Kohima meeting October 29

Contact : Ph. 0370-2290672, 9436071373, 9863143388

Organised by : Nagaland Handloom & Handicrafts Development Corporation Limited, Half Nagarjan, Dimapur : Nagaland Sponsored by : Office of the Development Commissioner for Handicraft, Govt of India, Ministry of Textiles, New Delhi. N. HUSHILI SEMA (NCS) Managing Director





Wednesday 29 October 2008

The Morung Express

Airlines to lose over US$ 5.2 bn: IATA ISTANBU, OCTOBER 28 (AGENCIES): Global airline industry is expected to lose more than an estimated USD 5.2 billion this year as international passenger traffic has substantially declined despite a fall in oil prices by half. Airlines in the Asia-Pacific region, including India and China, experienced a sharp fall of 6.8 percent in September compared with the same month last year. The latest figures were released by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) at the Freedom Sum-

mit in Istanbul, which concluded on Sunday, with the global airline body asking governments to take urgent steps to help the industry and do away with archaic rules. "The deterioration in traffic is alarmingly fastpaced and widespread. We have not seen such a decline in passenger traffic since SARS in 2003," said IATA chief Giovanni Bisignani at the Summit. "Even the good news that the oil price has fallen to half its July peak is not enough to offset the impact of the drop in demand.

At this rate, losses may be even deeper than our than our forecast of USD 5.2 billion," he said, adding that airlines in all major regions reported shrinking of passenger traffic. On the cargo front, the Asia-Pacific region's carriers reported a 10.6 percent decline, the "most alarming drop" experienced by the largest players in the market, the IATA said in its latest report. Up to August, the drop in international passenger traffic was isolated to AsiaPacific carriers. "The econo-

mies of the region's two major growth markets-- China and India-- slowed and Japan saw industrial production drop five per cent, the IATA figures showed. The cargo market saw the "worst decline since the technology bubble burst in 2001", the report said. Pointing out that the crisis facing the industry was deepening, the IATA Director General and CEO said "but unlike other companies, they are denied some basic commercial freedom-- access to markets and to global capital-- that could help

them manage their business in this difficult time." He said a "web of 3,500 bilateral air service agreements" governing the international air transport "denies market access until specifically agreed. And the ownership clauses that are contained in these agreements preclude merger across borders." In this context, Bisignani pointed towards the banking industry and said it was accessing global capital and carrying out mergers. On the other hand, "airlines are not asking for handouts

(bailout packages). But today's crisis highlights the need for airlines to be able to run their businesses like normal global businesses," he argued at the Freedom Summit which is being attended by government representatives of 15 countries including India. At the Summit, IATA circulated a paper for these governments to examine solutions within the bilateral system that could be quickly implemented to expand opportunities for airlines to access markets and global capital.

Diwali gifts become a victim of economic slowdown Government plans

NEW DELHI, OCTOBER 28 (CNN-IBN): The election season for politicians kicks off with Diwali celebrations and all of them are hoping that the outcome of the elections will not be as colourless as the festival of lights. Traditionally Diwali is a time for lavish parties, accepting and sending huge gifts for our politicians and bureaucrats. “People who are exceptionally rich give different kinds of presence.

The real presence that we can give each other during Diwali is affection and love,” says Congress leader and Union Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Science and Technology and Ocean Development Kapil Sibal. “Markets come up and markets go down. Diwali is permanent and let me assure you that juts like slightly bad times come after good times, good times are bound to follow after bad times,” Congress Spokesper-

son Abhishek Manu Singhvi says. But it’s not just the decision makers who are missing the zing this time. Opinion makers too are feelings pinch. “Diwali is the time when editors and publishers get lots of gifts like dry fruits, sweets, wine. The amount of gift I receive are down by at least 50 per cent,” Vinod Mehta, Editor, Outlook says. But this Diwali has presented an unwelcome gift for the people of Delhi as the metro

has been flooded by small insects known as Brown Plant Hoppers. “First it was the recession, then it was the insects and now it’s the police who’re not allowing us to display our goods,” says a shopkeeper. Diwali and gifts have become synonymous with one another, but with major economies facing recession and the markets crashing, it seems like the custom is also taking a beating.

Britain's Prince Charles, second right, looks at Honda's humanoid robot "Asimo" at National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation with the museum director and former STS-99 Japanese Mission Specialist Mamoru Mohri, right, in Tokyo Tuesday, October 28. The prince and his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, are on a five-day visit to Japan. (AP Photo)


differential court fees for the commercial or corporate or company matters immediately and amend the Supreme Court Rules, High Court Rules and other court fees Acts accordingly," the parliamentary standing committee on Law and Justice has said. In a report presented in Parliament, the Committee's chairman E M S Natchiappan frowned at the preference that corporate bodies get in courts while a

common litigant waits for justice for years. "Early hearing and disposals of cases by the courts in corporate cases only delay the cases of ordinary citizens as they take valuable court time within minimum court fees, therefore, there is a strong case for a differential court fee for the corporate sector," said Natchiappan. In a scenario when the judicial system is clogged by the huge number of cases, pref-

erence to corporate cases that too on minimum court fees may amount to taking away the time meant for the common man, he said. "The corporate bodies could easily get their disputes resolved through the methods of Arbitration and Conciliation. However, arbitration may involve higher cost. For this reason also the corporate bodies make use of the judicial infrastructure," the panel said.




for investment with a large spending population. According to tourism ministry officials, this is in keeping with global practices. Countries like Singapore, Malaysia and China do not have any restrictions on royalty, marketing and other branding fees. The tourism ministry is also planning to incentivise creation of hotel accommodation. The ministry is likely to introduce a subsidy of up to Rs 1 crore, for one-, two- and three-starred hotels that have come up before April 1, 2007. The subsidy — that is expected to benefit entrepreneurs across India — will be graded. A three-star hotel will be eligible for a subsidy that is 15% of the loan taken from a financial institution or a minimum of Rs 3 lakh to a maximum of Rs 1 crore. A two-star hotel can get a minimum of Rs 3 lakh up to Rs 75 lakh per room while a one-star hotel can get a subsidy of Rs 2 lakh to Rs 50 lakh. This, however, does not address the issue of self-financed projects.



NEW DELHI, OCTOBER 28 (AGENCIES): Consumer durables major LG Electronics India has decided to hike prices of its products in almost all categories from 1st November to offset the sharp depreciation of rupee against the dollar. "We have decided to hike prices from November 1 ranging from up to 5 percent across almost all product categories, as we are unable to take further hits on account of rupee depreciation," LG Electronics India Head (Electronics) Amitabh Tiwari said. "We will be increasing the price of CTVs by 3.5 per cent, washing machines and refrigerators by 4 percent, while that of LCDs would remained unchanged

as the price decrease benefit will get offset with rupee depreciation. Otherwise prices of LCDs would have decreased by about seven per cent," Tiwari said. Rupee depreciation took the Indian currency past the 50 mark against the dollar. There were apprehensions that after Diwali, prices of electronic goods would ease due to high inventory with dealers and that the market would not be buoyant like in other years due to the ongoing crisis in commodity and financial markets. Meanwhile, the company said it continued to be bullish on India and had recently announced plans to invest USD 50 million to enhance its manpower and R&D by 2009.



NEW DELHI, OCTOBER 28 (AGENCIES): Extending the Diwali cheer, the government is planning to roll out the red carpet for the hotel industry. Among the slew of proposals that are likely to come up for the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs’s approval soon is deregulation of foreign technology collaborations (FTC) and incentivising hotel accommodation. At present, the government fixes the FTC fee that is split into technical and consultancy services (3% of net turnover), franchising and marketing support fee (up to 3% of net turnover) and management fee (up to 10% of gross operating profit). According to the department of industrial policy and promotion (DIPP) that has mooted the proposal to deregulate the sector, a number of hotel brands have already entered the sector and there are many more waiting. Officials say that with the West going belly up, India appears as a safe market






The Morung Express number game

Sudoku # 1121

CROSSWORD # 1137 1






7 8




N R L T C X E N S C X V H S I W N V U M 11





14 15












GPRN/NSCN, in keeping up with the theme “A Journey of Common Hope” has a strict ‘standing Ahza’ not to go on an offensive. It is with this great belief and hope that despite great provocation, Naga Army continue to abide by the orders of their commanders not to go on the offensive. This is to respect the sentiments of the Naga people. The attack on the Naga Army stationed at Phaibijung on Oct. 25th in which Sgt. Hopeto Tuccu of Kihovi Village lost his life, is an example that the enemies would only fulfill their hidden agendas through killings and bloodshed. The recent transfer of men and arms from all Battalions outside Nagaland to Hebron camp is another significant development and surely it is not to usher in Unity, Peace and Reconciliation in Nagaland. There has been a considerable increase in the movement of Hebron campers in and around Dimapur Town. Seitekhema, 5th and 6th mile have become their transit camps. State Government and paramilitary forces have failed to control the situation. In such a scenario, GPRN/NSCN will not remain a mute spectator when anti-Naga people threaten Nagas with increased activities against the very principles of Reconciliation and Unity they claim to regard highly. Naga Army collecting a portion of its weaponry from eastern sector to western sector as deterrence to possible raids should not be misconstrued as muscle flexing or preparation for war. The recent display on the local dailies of assorted arms and Ammunitions belonging to Naga Army is an honest admission of a people’s movement ready to defend the Naga cause with renewed strength and vigor through unity and reconciliation. It is a priority of the GPRN/NSCN and only after its realization can the Nagas find a path to fulfill their destiny as a Nation. PUBLICITY CELL, GPRN/NSCN





Simple Rules - There is just one simple rule: “Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through 9.”

Yesterdays answer Sudoku #1120



Civil Hospital: Metro Hospital: Faith Hospital: Shamrock Hospital Zion Hospital: Fire Service: Police Control Room Police Traffic Control East Police Station West Police Station CIHSR (Referral Hospital)

STD CODE: 03862

232224; Emergency- 229529, 229474 227930, 231081 233044, 228846 228254 231864, 230889 232201 228400 232106 227607, 228400 232181 242555/ 242531

KOHIMA Police Control Room: North Police Station: South Police Station: Fire Brigade: Naga Hospital: Oking Hospital: Bethel Nursing Home:

STD CODE: 0370 2244279 2244923 2242897 2222952 2222916 2243339 2224202




A Malaysian broker takes a nap at a private stock market gallery in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Tuesday, October 28. Asian stocks were mixed Tuesday with Japan's benchmark index extending a 26-year low amid persistent worries over a worldwide recession, while markets in South Korea and Hong Kong rose. (AP Photo)






LG Electronics to hike prices from 1st Nov

Make corporates pay more for cases in SC, HC: House panel NEW DELHI, OCTOBER 28 (AGENCIES): The Supreme Court and High Courts should charge a higher fee from corporate commercial bodies for settling their disputes and give a feewaiver to poor and illiterate litigants, a House panel has said while pressing for a differential court fee system. "The Committee draws the attention of the executive and the judiciary to arrive at a decision regarding

sops for hotel sector



1. Common fabric (6) 1. Skill (5) 2. Twelve inches (4) 7. Former prison in Paris (8) 3. Salary (4) 8. English royal house (5) 4. Display of daring (5) 10. Canopied shrine (10) 5. Lancashire resort town (9) 12. Brave- - -- Aldous Huxley novel (3,5) 6. Britain’s longest river (6) 14. Undo (4) 9. Shaver (5) 16. Wrath (4) 11. Fencer (9) 17. Minor planet (8) 13. Guitar virtuoso, - -Paul (3) 20, Nationality of Barry Humphries (10) 15. Conifer tree (5) 23. of the kidneys (5) 16. Free-for-all (6) 24. Fun in - - Elvis film (8) 18. Card player (6) 25. Aviator (5) 19. Arrogant (5) 21. Scottish Lake (4) 22. Actor, - - - Morrissey (4)

Answers to CROSSWORD #1136 Across: 1. Segment, 8. Drover, 9. Atholone, 10. Astray, 12. Crisp, 14. Bass,15.Elevate,16.Alas,17.Limit 18. Gyrate, 22. General, 23. Maniac, 24. Deliver. Down: 2.Externally, 3.Molasses, 4.None, 5. Eros, 6. Over, 7. Orgy, 10. Allah, 11. Assimilate, 13. Lease, 14. Beriberi, 18. Game, 19. Ring, 20. Thaw, 21. Bede.



268,648 289,992 304,641 334,123 401,639 444,184 483,975 790,100 606,461 661,631 754,930 877,748 993,249 967,686 1,074,547 1,812,688

For details contact: Urban Station, Near NSC Petrol Pump, 6th Mile Dimapur. Ph No : 240994 CURRENCY EXCHANGE

CURRENCY NOTES US Dollars Sterling Pound Hong Kong Dollar Japanese Yen /1000 Malaysian Ringtt Singapore Dollar Thai Bhat / 100 U.A.E. Dirhams Euro

BUY(Rs) 48.88 77.12 5.54 505.67 12.43 30.30 137.60 12.53 61.64

SELL(Rs) 51.42 81.32 7.46 559.23 15.41 35.49 149.10 14.65 64.84


The Morung Express

Wednesday 29 October 2008



‘Rashmi’ mars Diwali festivities in Assam ZWU urge Kuki groups

Newmai News Network Guwahati | October 28

THE TROPICAL cyclone ‘Rashmi’ marred the Deepawali festivity in at least three districts of Assam— Kamrup, Sonitput and Lakhimpur as flash floods have hit the districts and inundated vast tracts of land besides rendering people homeless. The flash floods have occurred as neighbouring Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh have released excess waters from its reservoirs due to increase water levels caused by incessant rains for last two days. The northeast India has been witnessing severe rainfalls due the tropical cyclone called ‘Rashmi’. Kampur Deputy Commissioner RC Jain informed NNN, “At least five to six villages are affected due to flood. The waters might have come from Bhutan. However, we are probing the source of the flash flood. The increasing water level have already submerged part of the National Highway no 31 and road communication is snapped since Monday night.” Jain said that surging waters of Puthimari river have breached dykes in two places inundating several villages under Rangia subdivision in the district. “We have set up two relief camps near Puthimari to house the affected people,” he added. The other two districts—Sonitpur and Lakhimpur were affected

as waters from Jia Bhoroli and Ronganodi rivers respectively entered the two districts and inundated vast areas. More than 50,000 people were affected due to the flash floods in Lakhimpur and Sonitpur districts. Circle officer of Lakhimpur district Hemkanta Pegu said that waters started entering the area in late evening on Monday. “Waters entered the area through several broken embankments. There is good number of embankments which were damaged in two waves of flood which the state experienced earlier this year. Water have however, started receding now,” he said. Already Northeast has ushered in early winter with, tropical cyclone triggering incessant rainfall accompanied by gusty winds, resulting in a sudden dip in temperatures across the region. The cyclone resulted in the death of as many as four people — three died in landslides due to incessant rains together with heavy storm and one was washed away by the surging water of the Wahumkhrah River that flows through the heart of Shillong—the capital of neighbouring Meghalaya. The entire North-East region recorded incessant rain on Sunday, with Shillong recording the highest rainfall of 111 mm, followed by Cherrapunjee with 105 mm, Kohima 45 mm, Pasighat (Arunachal Pradesh) 43 mm, Guwahati 38 mm and Agartala 35 mm.

‘not to provoke things’

Newmai News Network Imphal | October 28

Jawans of NDRF, 128 Battalion evacuting flood affected people to safer places in Puthimari, after a flash flood was created by rainwater that came down from the Arunachal Pradesh in the Puthimari area of Kamrup district on October 28 morning. It is worth mentioning that, in August 2008, a similar flash flood had happened which breached an embankment resulting in sudden submerging of about 30 villages, displacing an estimated 50,000 people in the Puthimari area. (UB PHOTOS)

Flash floods in Assam displace thousands

RANGIA, OCTOBER 28 (PTI): Flash floods in lower Assam’s Kamrup district caused by incessant rains breached an embankment submerging over 70 villages and snapped surface communication between the state and the rest of the country. An embankment was breached last night at around 11:00 pm following rain over the past three days in the Puthimari

area of the district and upper reaches of the surrounding mountains, official sources said. The flood waters affected over 70,000 people, damaged standing paddy crops ready for harvest and overflowed onto the national highway 31 that connects the state to rest of the country through West Bengal. The worst-affected areas were Hahara, Kundukona, Moranjona, Ko-

soruwa, Bamungaon and Sotsil. The district administration has called in the BSF and National Disaster Response Force with eight motor-boats to rescue the affected people. The embankment at Puthimari which had breached on August 31 during the monsoons had developed cracks within five days of repair at a cost of Rs 19 lakh on September 15, the sources said.

THE ZELIANGRONG Women Union, Tamenglong district in a strong worded press note, has said that the setting ablaze of a passenger bus in Assam by the cadres of Kuki Liberation Organisation/Kuki Liberation Army (KLO/ KLA) on October 23 killing two passengers, can invite unwanted consequences. In a statement, the ZWU-TML District urged the KLO/KLA not to provoke things or else situation may go out of gear. The Zeliangrong women’s body alleged that the Kuki militants on October 23 seemed to have targeted the Zeliangrong passengers. The statement further alleged that after all the passengers had moved out of the vehicle on the fateful night at Loharijan in Assam, the militants shut the vehicle doors although the assailants knew that a woman in Zeliangrong traditional attire was still inside the bus.

After closing the doors from outside, the militants set the bus on fire killing Robert Goimei s/o Dingenang Goimei of Tamenglong and Ginthailiu Gangmei w/o Lanbidimpou Gangmei of Bishenpur, both belonged to Zeliangrong community, alleged the ZWU-TML District. Meanwhile, family members of both the victims have expresed gratitude to MLA Gaikhangam, MLA Awangbow, MLA Khangthonang, Ex-MLA Samuel Jendai, former Naga vice president Gaingam, Army official of ASC,Aeliangrong Union, AZSU, Rongmei Lu Phuam, Rongmei Christian Church, Dimapur, Zeliangrong Women Union, Tamenglong, Thoiba Longmei, all the doctors who assisted the victims, Zeliangrong Baudi, Nagaland, advocate Alin Kamei, Athiu Remei, RNBA, Athiu Gonmei of Nagaland and all those people who helped the victims brought back the lifeless bodies of the victims to Manipur from Assam.

Students irked by bad roads Czech entomologist jumps bail, flees India

Newmai News Network Shillong | October 28

PATHETIC ROAD conditions in West Khasi Hills and East Garo Hills districts of Meghalaya prompted two students’ bodies from the two districts in the state to serve an ultimatum to the government to immediately improve the road connectivity. The West Khasi Hills Students Union (WKSU) displayed of anger against the government lethargy towards the deplorable road conditions is evident from the one day road blockade called. Similarly, The Garo Students Union (GSU) has given

the government an ultimatum to improve connectivity in the two districts of east and south Garo Hills district. Submitting a memorandum to the Chairman of the state Planning Board today, the GSU demanded the immediate repairing of the WillamnagarMendipathar road via Songsak, the Bajengdoba-Resubelpara –Athar road to Damra, the national highway from Dianadubi-Karongre to Bagmara and the Rongjeng-Adokgre to Mansang. The GSU also demanded from the government to hasten up the process to convert all wooden bridges to RCC brideges at the earliest.

Two Karbi rebels killed GUWAHATI, OCTOBER 28 (UNI): Two suspected Karbi militants were killed in an encounter with the Army early today. The encounter took place at Surkading in upper Assam’s Golaghat district at about 0100 hrs, Army spokesperson Col Kalia informed. The two slain militants were yet to be identified and it was suspected that they were cadres of the Karbi Longri NC Hills Liberation Front (KLNLF). Two pistols and four live rounds were recovered from their possession.

Moirang AC declared vacant IMPHAL, OCTOBER 28 (UNI): The Manipur Legislative Assembly has notified that the Moirang Assembly Constituency of Bishenpur district has been lying vacant. M Manindra Singh, who was elected to the Ninth Manipur Legislative Assembly from Moirang, died on October 26 and as such the said constituency has been lying vacant since then. The Congress MLA died at the Regional Institute of Medical Sciences on October 26 following a heart attack.

SILIGURI, OCTOBER 28 (PTI): Czech entomologist Emil Kucera, sentenced to three years’ imprisonment for illegally collecting rare insects from a national park in Darjeeling, has jumped bail and reached his home in Czechoslovakia, official sources said on Tuesday. When contacted, Czech Ambassador in India Hynek Kmonicek told PTI over phone from New Delhi that he received an e-mail from Kucera stating that he had left India as “he had no other alternative but to reach his country”.

Kmonicek said that it was absolutely Kucera’s personal responsibility and the Czech embassy was ready to extend all possible help to India on this issue. Kucera’s lawyer T K Pandit was not available for comments. The lawyer’s assistant Prakash Pradhan said, “we don’t know that he has left India. Instead we have received an e-mail from the Czech Ambassador informing us that his fellow entomologist Petr Svacha was sick and being treated in Delhi.” Kucera was arrested along with Svacha on June 22 last for collecting beetles,

butterflies and moths from Singalila National Park without valid documents. It took a few months for their bail petitions to be heard due to the GJM movement and lawyers ceased work in Darjeeling court. Later, Kucera was awarded three years imprisonment and fined Rs 60,000. Svacha was let off with a fine of Rs 20,000. Kucera, who was out on bail for making an appeal in a higher court, was staying in a Darjeeling hotel before his escape. His passport was in the custody of the Darjeeling chief judicial magistrate.

Relatives and volunteers of the JAC which was formed in connection with the October 21 bomb blast at Ragailong carrying out a protest rally in Imphal east district on October 28 towards CM bunglow for submitting their memorandums. The October 21 bomb blast at Ragailong killed 17 persons and left about 30 innocent civilians injured. (UB Photos)

Bodo outfit asks Bangla migrants to leave Assam Refugees refuse to leave relief camps GUWAHATI, OCTOBER 28 (AGENCIES): Apparently as a fallout of the recent communal bloodbath in Darrang and Udalguri districts, Bodo insurgent outfit National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB) – now in ceasefire with the Centre – has asked the illegal Bangladeshi migrants to leave Assam. This is the first direct warning by the insurgent group to the illegal Bangladeshi migrants to leave the state since it waged an armed struggle against India in 1986. “They (illegal Bangladeshi migrants) are a potential threat to the existence of indigenous people of Assam. Therefore, they shall have to leave the state,” said NDFB general secretary Gobinda Basumatary to a group of journalists in Udalguri on Sunday. With most of their leaders either operating from Bangladesh or holed

up there, the other insurgent groups of the North-East, including the banned United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA), are, however, yet to make their stand clear on the issue of illegal migrants. “We don’t have any concrete evidence to suggest the involvement of Jehadi elements (in the communal mayhem). But still, we don’t rule out their involvement,” the NDFB general secretary said. He also allayed doubts about the NDFB’s possible nexus with any Jehadi group. “As an organisation, the NDFB is free from any Jehadi influence,” Basumatary said. Officially, 55 persons have died in the riots but unofficial sources claimed that over 200 people have lost their lives. An estimated twolakh people were also affected. Dismissing allegations about their involvement in the riots, Basumatary said,

“A section implicated us in the violence but police never said that we were involved.” Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi, suspecting the hand of NDFB in the violence, had warned that he would recommend the abrogation of the Centre- NDFB truce if the outfit was found to have indulged in the violence. The NDFB had first signed the truce pact with the Centre in 2005. The current term of the three month ceasefire would expire on December 31. The outfit’s demand for a sovereign Bodoland had been turned down by the Centre recently. Commenting on their revised charter of demands served on the Government, Basumatary said, “We submitted the same charter but with slight modifications so that the peace talks could begin.” His indications were that NDFB has not yet dropped the demand

of sovereignty. Meanwhile, the delay in commencement of peace parleys have made a section of the cadres frustrated. “We feel bored here as the authorities have put restrictions on our movement due to security reasons. In fact, we have nothing to do now,” said one of the 250 cadres lodged at Udalguri designated camp. The NDFB general secretary said since it was a longstanding problem, it would take some time before the achievement of any solution. Designated camps in Kokrajhar and Baksa have housed 350 and 250 cadres respectively. The NDFB is spending about Rs 2 crore per annum for food and clothing of the cadres lodged in the three designated camps. “We are hopeful that the Government would meet the expenses. They have assured to provide us with funds,” Basumatary added.

DARRANG, OCTOBER 28 (ANI): With fears of more violence lurking, residents living in relief camps after being hit by violence between the immigrant Bangladeshi settlers and the Bodo tribals in Assam, refuse to return to their homes. Villagers from both communities, armed with bows and arrows, machetes, spears, and guns targeted rivals. More than 50,000 fled their homes and took shelter in makeshift camps set up by police. The inmates of the camps refuse to return to their villages unless they are provided with security. “When these incidents had taken place in earlier this month, the situation was very tense. The situation has improved comparatively, but we all living in the relief camps have not been able to muster the courage the go back to our villages,” said Prafulla Bodo, a person living in a relief camp. “My appeal to the gov-

ernment is that these people should be sent to their respected places as soon as possible. They should be provided with proper security because if they keep living in these relief camps, they would have to suffer a lot. And I doubt whether these people can go back to their homes unless security is provided to them,” said Zakir Hussain, a resident. Tribals in the state have often been at loggerheads with the Bangladesh settlers who have occupied vacant lands over the past few decades. According to police sources, at least 25 people were killed and thousands left homeless in ethnic violence between tribal people and Bangladeshi settlers in Rowta in Assam’s Udalguri district, about 100 km from the state capital Dispur around a fortnight ago. The authorities have called in the army and paramilitary forces to bring the violence under control.

Cyclone Rashmi claims four lives in Meghalaya ORISSA’s REALITY: A Voice

SHILLONG OCTOBER 28( AGENCIES): Two persons were killed in landslides and as many washed away by streams in and around Shillong due to the incessant rainfall caused by Cyclone Rashmi that crossed Northeast beA physically challenged man with his daughter traveling in a fore entering Bangladesh hand propelled tricycle in the streets of Guwahati on October on Monday. Rescue teams 28. (UB Photos) have been sent to the affected areas. "We are yet to ascer-

NPF 20th A/C Meluri welcomes, clarifies

PHEK, OCTOBER 28 (MExN): The NPF 20th A/C Meluri has welcomed D Moses, Treasurer of 20th A/C Meluri, Executive DCC and Unit President Wezeho to NPF party, who had earlier resigned from the Congress party. This was stated in a press note issued by its general secretary, Nyurhusie Nyuthe. In a separate note, NPF 20th A/C Meluri stated that the resignation of Tshepeli, former chaplain of the A/C was totally false, baseless and holds no truth. “Infact, Tshepeli Chaplain NPF 20th A/C had been expelled from the party after the declaration of the election results, for betraying the party by giving his family voter’s slips to the Congress party agents, favouring the Congress candidate,” it stated.

NCSU joint meeting at Kohima KOHIMA, OCTOBER 28 (MExN): There will be a joint meeting of the Nagaland Contractors’ and Suppliers’ Union, Kohima and NCSU of Tuensang district on October 30 next at the conference hall of NCSU, Kohima at 11 am, to deliberate the formation of new office bearers of Tuensang unit. A press note issued by Pele Khezhie, president and N Neilo Koza, secretary, NCSU informed all registered members of Tuensang district NCSU to attend the meeting without fail.

tain the extent of damage, particularly in rural areas, as reports are still pouring in. It is difficult to gather information from remote areas with communication disrupted," a police officer said in Shillong where power supply was snapped for most part of the day. The cyclone left a trail of destruction with Shillong being littered with pine branches, signboards, electricity

cables and posts. Some Kali puja pandals were damaged by the gusty wind accompanying the cyclone. According to the weather office, Rashmi hit Bangladesh on Monday morning and was rapidly moving north-northeastwards. The weather is expected to be stormy and there will be heavy showers at isolated places in Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Meghalaya,

said D K Pathak, a meteorologist with the Regional Meteorological Center, Borjhar. Guwahati is expected to have an overcast sky on Tuesday. The Met office warned that wind will blow at 50 to 60 kmph in south Assam, Meghalaya and Mizoram in the next 36 hours. On Monday, Guwahati received 37.8 mm of rainfall and Shillong 11.1 mm.

NREGS trains to ensure transparency & vigilance KOHIMA, OCTOBER 28 (MExN): A two weeks’ training on ‘NREGS-MIS Monitoring and Reporting System’ for Data Entry Operators, Computer Assistants, Accounts Assistants and Technical Assistants at the State NIC Training Centre, was held here from October 14 to 24. The training was organised by the Department of Rural Development in collaboration with the State NIC. Altogether 168 personnel from 11 districts and the state headquarter under NREGA were trained. This was informed through a release issued by Metsubo Jamir,

V Sakhrie, Commissioner and Secretary, RD, interacting with NIC Officials during the training on NREGS-MIS Monitoring and Reporting.

Director of Rural Develop- sincere gratitude to the State ment Department. The De- NIC for the successful conpartment further expressed duct of the training.

To ensure transparency and vigilance in implementation of the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS), the Ministry of Rural Development, India, has developed a database Management Information System (MIS) called ‘NREGA Soft’. The software has the functionality of monitoring and tracking the scheme right from registration, issue of job cards and demand of work, sanctioning and payment of wages to assets created, etc. Reporting through MIS format will be fully functional in the state by the end of December 2008, the release added.

Scarred By Violence Speaks Out

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The Reverend then contacted the District Collector over phone and told him about the situation. The police were deployed within several hours. However, Rev. Daniel said the real picture of security measures is shocking. “I have heard with my own ears the police telling Hindus – ‘we are simply doing our duty, you do whatever you want’,” he said. His house was also surrounded sometime this month so he lodged a complaint with the local police station, where, the officer-in-charge refused to acknowledge him. Reverend Daniel therefore had to approach the DIG for intervention. “We are being mentally, psychologically tortured. The police show only luke-warm response,” he said. Many affected families are said to be still living in the jungles. And as the Hindu extremists venture out at night, the displaced people cannot even use lights at night for fear of being attacked again. Despite Orissa state government’s lofty ‘secular’ proclamations, it is understood that Christians in Orissa are looked down on. Reverend Daniel said everything looks

rosy outside but the reality of being a Christian is different in Orissa. “If Christian farmers apply agriculture loans, the process is delayed,” he said. Even in educational institutions particularly the Oriya medium, Christian students are forced to eat ‘prasad’ and ‘tortured’ to perform Hindu religious rituals, he said. In fact, there are cases of kidnapping of children from Christian homes by bigoted groups like the RSS and VHP. During the recent violence, many Christian institutions were forced to close down. St. Ann’s Convent in Sonepur is also closed. The principal and sisters of the school have reportedly received warnings not to reopen the school, ruining the academic career of about 500 students of the convent. Reverend Daniel disclosed that he and some other prominent Christian believers have been informed though sources that there might be further attacks on churches and schools. Many fearing such attacks have removed the cross from church roofs and institutions. It is also reported that about ten Christian families in Sonepur have converted to Hinduism during these three months of violence.



The Power of Truth

The Morung Express WEDNESDAY 29 OCTOBER 2008 VOL. III ISSUE 300

Redefining Elections


agas talk about elections only during elections and this has impeded the need to have a broader and critical dialogue around the culture of elections in Nagaland state. There is a critical need to redefine Elections, and the culture of state elections in Nagaland. It will not be wrong to say that the present culture of state elections is actually contrary to the values that the election process ideally seeks to achieve. On one hand, one can claim that the present state electoral system is an alien system put upon the Nagas, while on the other hand, one can equally claim that the Nagas have to make full use of what it has at present, and therefore to actually exercise elections in a fair and judicious way to ensure governance that will prepare the Nagas for the future. Both these claims are indeed interrelated and cannot be separated and therefore the need to talk about the culture of elections is an unavoidable necessity. Election in Nagaland is now an apolitical election. The existing state electoral process is more of a procedural mechanism to electing individuals, rather than a participatory process to choosing leaders and it is from this point of reference that we find the shift in ethos. This is self evident by the quality of performances by successive politicians who have been in seats of authority; coupled by the empirical fact that elections tend to focus on force and power, rather than on issues that matter to people. Unfortunately, any society which fails to publicly talk about issues during elections finds itself in a state of acute public unaccountability. This ethos of unaccountability and brute force corrupts absolutely. It is often said that without elections, there can be no democracy and participating in elections is the principal, if not sole duty of the citizens of a democracy. This however is not the end by itself. It would be undemocratic to leave the honorable citizens to fend for themselves against the practices of the powers that be. Therefore, it must be said that without an honest and credible elections, there can be no democracy. Furthermore, it must also be said that without honest and credible elections and an informed electorate, there can be no democracy. The routine of elections therefore cannot be reduced to the act of voting alone, because that itself is not democracy. The pressing question therefore is, is the elections in Nagaland state honest and credible; and is it an informed electorate? Historical experience has shown otherwise. And hence, what are we supposed to do, ignore elections until we can fix them? That probably will just get us more elected officials who are less likely to fix them. Isn’t therefore imperative to redefine elections, to make it a truly democratic process which is honest, credible, and with an informed electorate. Considering it is a process, this means any transformation will have to take place in stages which will involve arousing critical consciousness amongst the people, holding elected officials accountable and responsible for their actions and policies; and most importantly creating an alternative system that supports and breeds an electoral process that truly reflects the will of the people. How serious are we about redefining elections? Can we begin by bringing issues of public importance to the table? Are we ready to follow candidates whose power of persuasion are based on policies and imaginative visioning for the well being of the people, rather than on other persuasive means? David Swanson says that “the health of our democracy can be measured by the wide range of candidate choices we’ve been offered.” Let’s take a good look at it. And I wonder, truly, how healthy is our democracy? Is it not time that we start telling Naga politicians that rather than only focusing on how to get elected, they need to focus on how to serve the people? Perhaps this is the crux of the issue. For some candidates, elections have become the end in itself, but for the people, it is only a means to better their lives. Perhaps the process to redefining elections must begin with voting responsibly on issues that matter most to us. Let us not wait for the next elections to discuss about elections, but lets start working on a process that will enable a true and democratic electoral process that can bring about transformation in the system.


Judith Warner

No Ordinary Woman


n 1977, Bella Abzug, the former congresswoman and outspoken feminist, said, “Our struggle today is not to have a female Einstein get appointed as an assistant professor. It is for a woman schlemiel to get as quickly promoted as a male schlemiel.” In other words, women will truly have arrived when the most mediocre among us will be able to do just as well as the most mediocre of men. By this standard, the watershed event for women this year was not Hillary Clinton’s near ascendancy to the top of the Democratic ticket, but Sarah Palin’s nomination as the Republicans’ No. 2. For Clinton was a lifelong overachiever, a star in a generational vanguard who clearly took to heart the maxim that women “must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good,” and in so doing divorced herself from the world of the merely average. In that, she was not unlike Barack Obama, taxed by his race to be twice as reassuring, twice as un-angry, twice as presidential as any white candidate. Mediocrity, after all, is the privilege of those who have arrived. Palin is a woman who has risen to national prominence without, apparently, even remotely being twice as good as her male competitors. On the contrary, her claim to fame lies in her repudiation of Clinton-type exceptionalism. She speaks no better - and no worse - than many of her crowd-pleasing male peers, dropping her g’s, banishing “who” in favor of “that,” issuing verbal blunders that linger just long enough to make their mark in the public mind before they’re winked away in staged apologies. She is a woman who is able to not only get by but also be quickly promoted on the kinds of attributes that were once the exclusive province of unremarkable white men: rapport, the right looks or connections, an easy sort of familiarity. In the days leading up to Palin’s pick as vice-presidential nominee, according to an article in The New York Times Magazine, Rick Davis, who is John McCain’s campaign manager, said a friend had told him how best to choose a running mate: “You get a frame of Time magazine, and you put the pictures of the people in that frame. You look at who fits that frame best - that’s your VP.” Donny Deutsch, the ad executive turned talk show host, put it less elegantly on CNBC right after the Republican convention. “Women want to be her, men want to mate with her,” he said, describing Palin as a “new creation that the feminist movement has not figured out in 40 years.” And this was the crux of the Palin Phenomenon: She was a breakthrough woman who threatened no one. The McCain crowd would have you believe that Palin is the perfect representation of the post-feminist woman, a candidate whose very existence marks the end of feminism - of the old “liberal feminist agenda,” as McCain himself has put it - and the start of a more global kind of triumph for the great mass of women. Just as some young women in recent years have argued that appearing topless on “Girls Gone Wild” is an act of sexual liberation, putting an untested Alaskan governor on the road to the White House was spun as a sign of the arrival of real, hot-blooded women into the mainstream of power. But the finer points of what it takes for real women to make progress in seizing power don’t seem much to trouble Palin. “Someone called me a ‘redneck woman’ once, and you know what I said back? ‘Why, thank you,’ “ she told the country singer Gretchen Wilson at a recent Republican rally. I guess Palin has never seen Wilson’s “Redneck Woman” music video, which, among other things, features a couple of stripper-styled babes dancing in cages, one of which is made of chains. With her five children, successful political career, $1.2 million net worth and beauty pageant looks, Sarah Palin is really not an average woman, much less the worthy schlemiel envisioned by Abzug. She’s actually, as Colin Powell carefully said, quite “distinguished” - for her looks, her grace and charm, her ability to connect with an audience, her ambition and her drive. Those are admirable, even enviable qualities. But the American public, defecting from the McCain ticket in a slow bleed, is clearly not convinced that they amount to vice-presidential qualifications. Seems like “real America” wants something more than a wife, mother or girlfriend in a female political leader. Maybe we’ve come a long way after all.



Venusa Tinyi

The Mad Dog Syndrome “WATCH OUT! Watch out!” shouted a group of overexcited young people as they chased a dog. A stray dog had unfortunately wondered into our colony that day. I too followed the frantic crowd in hot pursuit of the dog. The dog was finally cornered at the end of the high walls. A big stone was thrown from the wall at the dog and that brought the chase to an end. By then, the crowd had grown bigger. Half were not aware what was happening. Some inquired, “What happened?” “Ah, it’s a mad dog. Someone got nearly bitten.” Someone from within the excited crowd responded. Nobody bothered to ask any further question. In fact, some even looked quite relieved thinking that some danger had been averted. Dragging the dead dog along the street was even beginning to look so heroic then. It was indeed an eventful moment for the chasers. Well, up until now I am not sure if it was really a mad dog. This happened a long time ago. I was just a boy then. Anyway, one thing I am certain of is that the ‘heroes’ had good food that evening. After all, it was dogmeat. Long after that “Mad Dog Incident,” a senior friend and entrepreneur, Nichute Doulo, introduced and explained to me what “Mad Dog Syndrome” is, a term given a new interpretation and employed by him in his polemics of Naga politics. What I have encountered long time ago has suddenly become a semantical boon to me. I begin to understand that there is so much politics in ‘naming.’ There is a world of difference in meanings in politics between a dog and a mad dog. A dog may often be passed off as a man’s best friend but not so is a mad dog. The right treatment for a mad dog is either detention or annihilation. The justification is that the mad dog is dangerous, a threat for everyone in the society. There was a time, even as late as early 20th century, when “outsiders” rarely dared to venture into the hill areas of extreme North-Eastern part of India and North-Western part of Myanmar. Very amusingly, even today some people from mainland India fear to visit Nagaland for the same reason – the people in this region are/ were “headhunters.” Unknown to these tribes of headhunters, they have been referred to as ‘Nagas.’ The association of ‘head-hunting’ with the Nagas became such that ‘headhunting’ came to be seen as the defining characteristic of Naga identity. With more contacts and with more books on

Nagas by administrators, missionaries, ethnographers and anthropologists who trotted upon the Naga soil, more and more attributes were added to the construction and projection of the Naga identity, viz. primitive, savage, hostile, bloodthirsty, naked, barbarians and so on. Nagas were uncultured and ever warring tribals who eat pork, beef, snake, dog, snails, etc., in short, any creature that walks or crawls. Well, the world seemingly discovered and perceived the Nagas in that state in the 19th century. Like many others in Asia and Africa, Nagas too became the ‘burden of the legendary White people.’ All this is not to say that Nagas have been perceived by others only in the manner depicted above; I’m just trying to highlight some facts which affected our image in ways more than we can ever hope to free ourselves from. Soon after the colonial empire in the Indian sub-continent came to an end, Nagas again became the “Brown Men’s Burden.” The supposedly utterly chaotic and backward living condition of the Nagas needed the gracious blessings of free India to become civilized and developed. Besides, Nagas were too small an ethnic group to survive as a separate national entity. On rejection of such a noble and benevolent offer by the Nagas to become a burden to free India, the true motive of Delhi came to light. Nagas got additional adjectives: stubborn and stupid people, a people completely misguided by fatalist ideologies and false hope. Thus Nagas became rebels, terrorist, insurgents, treacherous, gangsters, secessionists, and so on. Hordes of military people were sent to the Naga inhabited areas to occupy and to deal with this apparent madness of the Nagas. What followed was a “Mad Dog Syndrome.” Nagas needed to be tamed, if not, chained or killed. Draconian laws were passed in the parliament to deal with the Nagas. Armed forces were so empowered that any Naga could be given a mad dog treatment. Even basic human dignities (not to speak of fundamental rights) were stripped off. Womenfolk suffered the brunt of such a law in its most extreme form. Granaries and houses were worth only a bonfire for the merriment of the military personnel. Some Naga writers argue that few hundred thousands were killed and several maimed for life. No explanation was required for a long time in the parliament, perhaps until late 70s, because Nagas were no different from mad dogs, too dangerous and haz-

ardous for the Indian society. Who ever can capture or kill a Naga insurgent was considered a hero. I wonder how many mainland Indians have seen the Nagas otherwise then. It appears that even Gandhi, the great Indian leader and beloved of the Nagas, may not have been entirely an exception to prejudice against the “naked” Naga: It was said that once when the Naga delegation went to meet him in Delhi he remarked, among other things, that he would be willing to come to Naga areas and teach the Nagas to weave clothes. Obviously, he had no idea of the presence, even in those days, of many complexly designed Naga traditional attires, which speak highly of the skill and creative abilities of the Nagas. Indeed, indiscriminate construction and imposition of the Naga identity by outsiders has done irreparable damage to the dignity and integrity of the Nagas. National mass media too played considerable roles in projecting these negative images of the Nagas. But we will have to leave this point to be given its due treatment perhaps for another opportune time. So, then, it was considered unsafe for foreigners to visit the Naga country, too wild even for the sensible mainland Indians. Special permission or protection is (still) required to visit Nagaland, a land, perhaps mistakenly, referred to as “Switzerland of the East” at times. Only uniformed people who enjoy special empowerment can step into the perilous Naga areas. It is not surprising that for a long time the only Indian people known to the Nagas were the people who treated them as mad dogs. With what pride and purpose the Armed Forces Special Power Act has still been preserved in the country of the world’s largest democracy is a matter of wonderment to me. All efforts by civil societies and special commissions to repeal the said law have been given a deaf ear so far. But strangely this state of affairs no longer seems to alarm me the way it should. The reason is that today many uniformed people do not share the indoctrinated sentiments and attitude of their predecessors. It is because of such sensible uniformed people that by and large the Nagas continue to live as human beings despite of the fact that the lawmakers in Delhi have empowered every armed personnel to finish off any Naga of their choice with no particular rhyme or reason. In my opinion, the act in question can be seen as a living monument to vindicate our cry for justice and recognition of our

rights and equality. It is an important piece of historic document that will live on to tell the future generations of historians that Nagas have suffered this “Mad Dog Syndrome” in the hand of the Indian lawmakers and uniformed people. Now, the question is: After our struggle for more than fifty years, have we Nagas learnt anything about this “Mad Dog Syndrome?” This is the question that came to me the moment I started to muse over this concept. How are we going to tackle this syndrome? The answer requires us to take both an inward and an outward direction. People in public life are better equipped than I am to address the outward direction. My concern here is with the inward, namely to provoke thinking toward critical self-analysis. Do we find this “Mad Dog Syndrome” prevailing in our own systems and movements? Have we made it part of our politics too? Have our underground factions been playing with this syndrome as they war each other with words and bullets? What actually is happening when different Naga groups are serving quit notices or ex-communicating fellow Nagas? Does the fact that our own fellow Nagas have been killing each other and then justifying such acts speak anything about this “Mad Dog Syndrome?” Perhaps this idea of “Mad Dog Syndrome” can be contrasted against the idea of what may be termed as “Messiah Syndrome” in order to get better effect. They seem to be opposites but are strange bedfellows. “Messiah Syndrome” may be viewed as a kind of self-belief that one is the only person who can save others from their misery. It is ‘none but me’ attitude in relation to solving problem. His or her glory is therefore not sharable with others. All his or her actions must be seen as altruistic and sacrificial no matter how brutal or gross or bizarre they are in reality. His or her actions are beyond criticism or question. The failure of the people to understand such actions is due to their inability to see the grand picture of liberation. This is “Messiah Syndrome.” Keeping the above definitions in mind, I have a strong feeling that the said syndromes have penetrated and pervaded deep into our cultural systems. The fact that no faction hesitates to call the other factions traitors or extortionists or terrorists seems to reflect the above syndromes in them. Each group thinks and claims that the right solution has to come through them. It has become

a matter of routine to portray their acts of violence as a selfdefense against ominous and implacable rivals, as necessary action for the ultimate good of the Nagas. Aggression against rival factions and people critical of their ways and views are justified by reference to their “noble and selfless objectives.” Clearly, it’s time to examine and reveal the true motives and interests of the warring factions. In the process of believing and claiming to be the sole political ‘Messiah’ of the Nagas, and acting violently upon that belief, are they not reducing other rival factions and people with alternative views into “Mad Dogs”? The danger with this “Messiah Syndrome” is that soon the whole Naga country, and anyone who disagrees with the factions, will seem plagued with the “Mad Dog Syndrome.” Now, which is more honorable and preferable – to suffer from “Mad Dog Syndrome” in the hands of non-Nagas or in the hands of fellow Nagas? The question is absurd, of course. But justified. Why is it that when we present our views or voice our concern, we inevitably run the risk of being diagnosed with “Mad Dog Syndrome?” How many have to suffer the fate of the mad dogs – chained or killed – because we bark? In choosing the way of the gun to treat this supposed syndrome or to find the path to liberation, we Nagas may have moved from the White and Brown Men’s Burden to becoming our own burden, “Gunmen’s Burden.” I say this because despite the internal differences, all the factions seem to agree that the gun is the only and best option available for any problem or aspiration. The gun to eliminate undesirables; the relentless gun as “the noble and selfless” way for the uplift of the Nagas as a people? Perhaps, all these questions are beginning to sound too provocative, like a tirade. But since the stakes are so high, we cannot afford to ignore such questions any longer. In my view, all thoughtful and caring Nagas irrespective of their cultural and professional differences know there is a better way: that it would be much wiser if the sounds of the barking dogs are taken as a warning. Instead of reading “Mad Dog Syndrome” against the people we don’t agree with, it would be much wiser to wake up from our dogmas and try to see what are the dangers threatening our common destiny. Perhaps, they are more ominous and more gigantic than anyone of us has ever thought of! Venusa Tinyi Kuknalim Columnist

We did it, we can undo it Thomas E. Lovejoy, Tim Flannery and Achim Steiner


n the course of Earth’s history, life collectively has had a strong influence on atmosphere and climate. It has helped shape both, and has been shaped by both. Today atmospheric and climate changes are driven by a single species - ourselves - and they are happening very rapidly. One of the principal elements in this is carbon, the most basic of the building blocks of living organisms. When we burn fossil fuels, we release solar energy captured by ancient green plants and carbon goes into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide. Similarly when current living matter is burned and degraded, as in tropical deforestation, it too converts into carbon dioxide. Greenhouse gas emissions are central in the climate agenda. But the key question has always been, what is a “safe” concentration of atmospheric greenhouse gases. The pre-industrial concentration was 280 parts per million (ppm). Today the concentration is 389 ppm and emission rates have passed beyond the worst case scenario of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Climate scientist James Hansen has suggested that 350 ppm was the concentration beyond which it was unsafe to go. The rapid retreat as well as thinning of the Arctic Ocean ice is consistent with that conclusion. So, too, Earth’s ecosystems and biodiversity are sending multiple signals that essentially confirm 350 ppm as the limit. Unquestionably we are beyond where we should be. Nature is on the move all over the planet, with species changing their natural history (e.g. earlier blooming) and their geographical location (e.g. often moving northward and up in altitude). We have also begun to see abrupt threshold change in ecosystems. Coral reefs are being bleached all over the globe as the fundamental coral animal-alga partnership of reef systems breaks down at warmer temperatures. Evergreen forests in western North America

and in Europe are experiencing major tree mortality as a longer summer tilts the balance against the trees in favor of bark beetles. With major additional temperature increase due from current greenhouse concentrations, major ecosystem disruption is surely in store. In addition, the growing acidity of the oceans (as they absorb carbon dioxide) is already affecting some marine food chains. The outlook for the species and ecosystems so fundamental to human existence is truly grim at higher greenhouse gas concentrations and consequent climate change. Clearly the imperative should be to peak at as low a concentration as possible and then come down to the safe level. Once in the atmosphere, a carbon dioxide molecule will stay there for 100 to 1,000 years. We need ways to remove it and reach the safe level more quickly. Fortunately Earth’s living systems can contribute to that goal in a significant way. That is why forests have been part of the climate change agenda from the outset. But the time has come to scale up to the planet’s ecosystems as a whole. In the last 300 years, the planet’s ecosystems have released a staggering amount - between 200 and 250 billion tons - of carbon, as landscapes have been converted for human uses such as agriculture and cities. Were some of that to be recovered, with each billion tons restored to ecosystems the atmospheric concentration would be reduced by one part per million. It is more complicated than that because of the equilibrium between atmospheric CO² and that which has been taken up by the oceans, but the potential to remove CO² from the atmosphere by restoring biodiversity and carbon is clearly of major consequence. Recent studies suggest that restoring degraded grazing lands worldwide could take up billions of tons of carbon, maybe even as much as the difference between current greenhouse gas concentrations and the

“safe” 350. Reforesting degraded rain forest lands has enormous potential also. Both would have biodiversity conservation benefits as well. Restored grazing lands actually would provide improved grazing and there is no reason the forest couldn’t be used for forest products. Peat lands would have an important role to play. There are complications: The climate is still changing and affecting ecosystems, human population is growing, and demands for food and biofuels will command their part of the landscapes. Those are huge factors that could work against the role ecosystems can play in reducing the greenhouse gas climate change threat, but increasing carbon retention by agricultural ecosystems can make a contribution in its own right. Charcoal from plant waste is a relatively long-term way to add carbon to soils and could conceivably remove a significant fraction of the CO² from the atmosphere we add annually. In addition, it is essential to integrate concerns for equity in land use and tenure, rights of indigenous peoples and local communities, and livelihoods of farmers and herders. This in no sense reduces the imperative to redesign the energy base of human societies. It is as urgent as ever. The scale of the change needed is not beyond our abilities. Together the ecosystem and energy approaches both help reduce the peak amount of gases in the atmosphere (and consequent climate change) and can get us back to the safe level as fast as possible. Nations are already preparing for the upcoming meetings in Poland and then Denmark of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. The time has come to look at this as a whole, and at the scale of the problem - namely the entire planet. Notions of planetary engineering abound, but this is the only one essentially free of potential unintended environmental consequences. We need to turn to the rest of the living planet to influence atmosphere and climate as it has done in the past.


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29 OCTOBER 2008


Peace, Non-Violence And Secularism In Dalit Perspective Ratnesh Katulkar


ll the mainstream secular and progressive discussions in India appeared in a fixed format. Firstly, it starts with projecting Gandhi as a lone symbol of peace, non-violence and secularism and he is lauded with heavy titles like 'worshipper of Truth and Non-Violence' etc. his philosophy of non-violence and his brotherly treatment and sympathetic attitude towards Muslims are shown as references. Secondly, the illustrations of Hindu-Muslim unity are presented by putting examples where particularly Muslims have been playing active part in Hindu religious culture. Emperor Akbar was one such mighty figure who had very good relations with Rajputs he gave equal treatments to Hindus by lifting Jazia tax, his respect to Pundits and his active participation in Hindu festivals were illustrated as examples. The translation of Brahmanic texts in Arabic, Persian and Urdu in medieval period are also frequently been referred. A Muslim Poet Ras khan is presented as an example who had composed many verses on Lord Krishna and now in addition there are serious attempts based on factual evidences to present the hardcore Muslim Aurangzeb as secular on the grounds that he had given huge grants to many Hindu temples for their building, repair and maintenance. In modern context the Hindu Bhajans sang by famous legendry singer Mohammed Rafi and other Muslim singers, and those Bhajans composed by Muslim lyricists for instance Zaved Akhtar and the Hindu devotional songs picturized on Muslim actors like Dilip Kumar and Madhubala and now bhajans performed by Khan-superstars are frequently been quoted. Recently Salman Khan's Ganesh worship is one add in this list. The next step of the mainstream secularists is showing the similarities between Hinduism and Islam for instance both believed in divine books, what Navratri is to Hindus is Roza to Muslims etc. Thus, such secular discussions end with a utopia of cohesive culture. The participants of such secular mission may be contented with their views but if such is their dream society where secularism is delimited to 'Brahmin' and 'upper-class Muslim' unity then is there any place for the Dalits and Atheists in it? Truly not because in such a condition secularism is not only dangerous to the above mentioned two communities-the Dalits and Atheists but it is equally harmful to the Muslims and other minorities, as such efforts of secularization is ultimately nothing but hinduization. A renowned Dalit thinker Mudrarakshasa rightly viewed secular Muslims as Brahmanists as in the process of assimilation of religions, there is even danger to existence of Islam and other minor religions, which is very harmful not only for them but also to Dalits and Atheists. Barring category of professional actors, lyricists and music composers, some for instance Ras Khan, though he was born as Muslim but in all practical purpose, he was a devout Hindu; and those Muslims who for the sake of secularism were performing religious ceremonies of Hindus led possibility of losing their minority identity, as in long run they themselves or their children would be absorbed in the Hindu fold. Moreover, in present context it has been noted that many Muslims are bound to participate in Hindu fes-

tivals and rituals by both their donations and their presence only to ensure their safety amidst Hindu majority. If one has noticed, the Hindu devotional songs sung by a popular Muslim singer Shahnaz Akhtar that is now being played in every Durga Pandals s/he can easily finds the threats to non-believers and other religious minorities in her songs. In one of her songs she challenged those who are not worshipping Goddess Durga, its lyrics is "Jo na Bole Maiyya Ki Jaykara uske Muh Pe Lag Jaye Tala, Aligarh Wala ,Nau Man Wala…. Jo hath na uthe Maiya Ke Jaykara Us Hath Me Lag Jaye Tala, Aligarh Wala ,Nau Man Wala " (One who is not chanting the name of Goddess Durga his Mouth is sealed with a Aligarh brand lock and one who is not raising his hands before Goddess Durga he will be handcuffed) . It is not known who has composed such dreadful lyrics for Shahnaz Akhtar a secularMuslim woman! Does such individual could be the symbols of secularism and does this a real meaning of Secularism? Whatever one may say but certainly, it is not. Secularism is a rational terminiology, which does not mean assimilation, but it means plurality, diversity and a just society. This is the need of every society and it is especially accepted and expected mainly by the Dalits and Rationalists. Reason is not because they were the easy prey of communal violence but more than that, it is the class, which is secular in nature both in its ideology and in practice. In the long written and unwritten history of Dalit struggle, right from reformist Buddha, to medieval Bhakti saints like Kabeer and Raidas to the leaders in Modern era Mahatma Jotiba Phule, Savitri Bai Phule, Shahu and Dr. Ambedkar there is not a single instance in their life, which was communal. The struggle that they did was far difficult from the struggles of nationalist-political leaders, as unlike them the Dalit leaders were not fighting with any educated and cultured foreigners. But they were struggling against their own countrymen and more so against their own co-religionists called 'upper castes' and in contrast

with the British who despite lot of strong criticisms met by nationalist leaders, had faith in law and democracy the caste-Hindus on the other hand were not only illiterate but also more inhuman and violent. They did serious lifetaking attempts on Dalit leaders; they attempted to kill Mahatma Phule and did violent activities against Savitri Bai Phule by pelting stones and Cow dung for her mission of providing education to women. But despite such violent attacks Phules' remained silent and continued their benevolent activities and worked for spreading education to the women, shudras and the untouchables. The Bhakti saints dohas are full of love, kindness and filled with mutual respects and equal treatment to all class and communities but even they were not spared of their lives and many of them were killed by caste-Hindus. They also mercilessly killed Buddhists and converted many Buddhist Viharas into Hindu temples, and they go violent against the peaceful and non-violent march of Dr. Ambedkar at the time of Mahad Satyagrah, a struggle for the right to drink water in public places. But Dr Ambedkar instead of violent retaliation remained peaceful and asked his supporters-many of them were retired army men, and had martial ability to teach lesson to their opponents-not to involve in counter violence. But the Buddha's philosophy of peace and non-violence; and the establishment of first welfare state by Buddhist Emperor Ashoka, loving kindness of Bhakti Saints and struggles of Phule, Shahu, Ambedkar had no place in secularist discussion for them, these great humanists are not national figures but the leaders of a small section. In their opinion in the national level, Gandhi is the only symbol of peace, non-violence and secularism. In such opinion they easily ignored the fact Gandhi seriously opposed 'religious conversion'-a constitutionally approved measure-which has always been praised by Dalit-Bahujan leaders but opposed by Hindu fundamentalists. This is not the case of liberal secularists alone but the upper-class Muslims who are proud of their 'high' lineage are also not different as they always wished to develop close relations with caste-Hindus particularly Brahmins but they are looking Dalits as low. On the question of DalitMuslim unity, they completely ignore the role of the great Dalit icons and their philosophies but their immediate reaction is the example of Mayawati who openly supported Narendra Modi even after Gujrat carnage. However here also by branding Mayawati as sole representative of Dalits they completely ignore the role and ideology of other Dalit leaders like Ramvilas Paswan who risked his life to save the lives of Sikhs in 1984 riots and at the time of Gujrat riots he resigned from NDA Government as protest. The leader of Indian Justice Party Udit Raj is actively opposing communalism and the leaders of faction ridden 'Republican Party of India' (RPI) Prof. Kawade, Ramdas Athwale, R.S. Gawai etc who despite their petty infightings had strong faith in secularism and they never compromised with communal forces. The Dalit leaders in south are also firm with their fight against communalism. But all these Dalit leaders are totally ignored in the liberal-secularist discourses. Such ignorance and negligence of Dalit ideology by the mainstream secularists and the upper-class Muslims are harming Muslims to fall prey before Hindu fascist and it is dangerous in building the real foundation of secularism in India.

China falls for Obama’s ‘Dream’ Antoaneta Bezlova Inter Press Service

DESPITE BEIJING’S history of sound relations with Republican presidents from the United States, recent polls shows popular opinion is bucking the trend, with “hip and unconventional” Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama an “overwhelming hit” with ordinary Chinese. The results of the online poll, conducted on the China Daily website by the US Embassy in Beijing, gave Obama a much greater lead over his Republican rival, Senator John McCain, with the support of 75% of Chinese polled. Despite Obama’s tough rhetoric on China’s human rights record and other issues. A Horizon Research survey released on October 22 showed about 35.5% of Chinese people “pay close attention” to the US presidential race. Among these people, Obama’s supporters exceeded McCain’s by 17.8%. “Perhaps his age, energy and even complexion, which signify the American dream, are more appealing to the Chinese,” Song Zhiyuan, who analyzed the survey, told the China Daily. Rebecca Zhu, a 29-year-old bank employee, agreed. “No Chinese leader is that young,” she said. “Obama is attractive because he is hip and unconventional. He has even used emails to advance his campaign.” The media has been awash with commentaries predicting a new, more sensitive America, vastly different from the country led by current President George W Bush, should Obama win. The popular notion in China that the US is out to impose Western ideals on the world, would also take a hit with the election of a man of African descent. “Obama’s skin color is the biggest focal point of this year’s US election,” said the opening line in a front-page editorial in the overseas edition of China’s People’s Daily newspaper in July. “I want to see if a black American could become the president,” Xu Kai, 23, who works for a real estate company in Wuxi, Jiangsu province told the China Daily. He added that by electing Obama the Americans could prove the US is not just a country for white people. “Many think that because of his origins Obama would be prone to considering other nations’ concerns better than McCain,’’ said Shi Yinhong, an expert on international relations at China’s Renmin University. “But for China the most important factor is that he might be more susceptible to our concerns regarding Taiwan.” McCain, the Republican presidential nominee, has adopted a tough stance on national security, promising to create “a

strong military in a dangerous world”. His pledge to commit more troops to Iraq has not been well received in Beijing. China was angered by the US Defense Department’s recent desicion to sell Taiwan US$6.46 billion worth of weapons, and while John McCain and Obama both endorsed the deal, McCain also said the administration should grant Taiwan’s request for submarines and F-16 fighter jets. The thorny issue of Taiwan aside, Beijing is comfortable in its knowledge that no matter which presidential candidate wins, bilateral ties are likely to deepen over the next four years. A victory for McCain would have offered a more predictable scenario for China, which is accustomed to dealing with Republican presidents. Bush - who made securing freedom for people under tyrannical regimes the core of his agenda in his second term of office - managed to achieve good relations with China, though he once openly branded it a “strategic competitor”. That continued a long history of “realpolitik” bilateral ties between communist leaders in Beijing and Republican presidents, initiated by Richard Nixon’s historic visit to Mao’s China in 1972. In 1984, Ronald Reagan went to China, his first visit to a communist country, in the midst of the Cold War. George H W Bush, father of the current president and a lifelong Sinophile, spent more than a year in China before becoming president. His work while president was instrumental in China being granted preferential trade status during the aftermath of the Tiananmen massacre. His then-national security adviser, Brent Scowcroft, also made a secret visit to Beijing just five weeks after the massacre to reassure Chinese leaders of America’s friendship. “It is not that China ‘loves’ Republicans more,’’ said Professor Guo Xiangang at the China Institute of International Studies, which functions under the foreign ministry. “It is more about having a common goal that binds us. Nixon and Reagan used China as a chip to counter the threat of the Soviet Union. Bush needs China’s help in his fight against terrorism.” Beijing is now used to the reality of harsh anti-authoritarian rhetoric during US presidential campaigns, which quickly gives way to more pragmatic engagements once the elected candidate is in office. “Our bilateral ties are now above the campaign rhetoric,” said Guo. The most memorable example of such a flip-flop was former US Democratic president Bill Clinton, who famously denounced Bush Senior’s China policy during the 1992 campaign as “cod-

Further clarification as demanded on ‘Rigid National Principle Hurdle to Naga Unification that delayed solution’ THIS CLARIFICATION press statement on certain paragraphs of my press statement dated 14th October 2008, is in response to the demand of MIP NSCN/GPRN in its rejoinder press statement Nagaland Post dated 17th October 2008, under the heading ‘Naga pol issue demands careful handling’. My press statement issued on 14th October 2008, under the caption ‘Rigidity in National Principle the blocking Rock of Naga underground unification that delayed solution’ was in response to the call of the collective leadership of NSCN (IM) during their landing in the Dimapur Airport and Hebron Hq on 15th December 2004, see the Nagaland Post dated 15th December 2004, under heading ‘Isak, Muivah seek solution from Nagas’ quote ‘Muivah spoke about the futility of violence and said both he and Isak have come to listen to the people and will convey the desire of the Nagas to the Government of India (GOI) for a lasting and honourable solution’. It will be of great value to the MIP NSCN/GPRN, that must not forget to remember the earlier press statements of their collective leadership that invited the suggestions and opinions of the people. My press statement dated 14th October 2008, was the combination of few suggestions and opinions to bail out the ‘Crucial hours’, that the NSCN (IM) leadership are facing during their ongoing peace process with Government of India. In the second paragraph, the MIP NSCN/GPRN objected one sentence quote ‘You may like to play delay politics, but the other Nagas want to solve the political solution’. The meaning ‘you’ is, let it be NSCN(K), NSCN (IM) and NNC/FGN, who are stubborn to their stand and never listen to the voice of the Naga public. Instead, they co-operate with the call of peace, unity and reconciliation cried by the Naga public, that ‘you’ group use to kill one another among the Naga brothers. It seems those ‘you’ group are playing the ‘delay politics’ is our (public) suspect. Because, sometimes ‘no-solution’ is beneficial to some one who are gaining their economy benefits out of bad situation. ‘Other Nagas want solution’ means, those that cried for peace, unity and reconciliation and against the culture of ‘Naga-killing-Naga’. I hope there are majority Nagas that are against the ‘Naga-killing-Naga’, but supported the Naga solution in one voice. Answer to MIP NSCN/GPRN question no.2 that demanded explanation on “…but to initiate the interim settlement in one voice is the last chance for them…..unity of all the national leaders through unconditional reconciliation to bring the interim settlement, which may not be full sovereignty”. Because of ‘no-unity’ among the Nagas, the question of full sovereignty is prolonged is no hide. In the light of that situation, the alternative question is negotiation with Government of India and that has come to the stage of ‘Give and Take’. In case, the Nagas demand for full sovereignty shall remain stand, then, there will be another ‘final settlement’ than ‘this time settlement’. In that case, this time settlement will be called ‘Interim Settlement’ as suggested by the Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio, see Nagaland Post dated 29th May 2006 under the heading ‘Rio on interim agreement’, quote ‘Rio said his suggestion for an interim agreement was as means to give a much needed breather in case the negotiation on sovereignty threatened to jeopardize the nine year long peace process’. The suggestion for the National workers unification without any condition you may call it ‘provocative’, but it is the suggestion only and you can throw it as you wish. In future, the Naga elders may fear to initiate the Naga unity. In my case too, I shall not initiate the Naga unity, under the leadership of Isak, Muivah, as the MIP NSCN/GPRN treated it as ‘provocative’. Let every faction and organisation claim their self righteousness but we shall support to that faction and organisation that listen to Naga voice and come in one voice, under the banner they ‘decide’ jointly.

“Long Live Nagaland” KUKNALIM I.Vitokhe Assumi Advisor, Sumi Hoho

Coffee and Sunshine ~Vishü Rita Krocha

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., listens to his supporters during a rally at the Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh, Monday, October 27. (AP Photo) dling aging rulers with undisguised con- Obama said, “[O]bviously China is rising, tempt for democracy, for human rights”. and it’s not going away. They’re neither But once elected he decided that using our enemy nor our friend.” trade policy to leverage human rights was Yu Honglan, a 47-year-old office cleancounterproductive. er from Beijing, told the China Daily that After his 1998 visit to China, Clinton she was was nonplussed by the surveys and went on to become one of the most popu- not too interested in the US elections, to lar US presidents ever among the Chinese be held November 4. “No matter who bepeople, a household name remembered for comes the US president, he will not have his outgoing demeanor and charisma. But much to do with my life. I’m concerned Clinton’s celebrity status in China has now about something else - that their falling been challenged by Obama’s sway among economy may affect us.” young Chinese. “[This] shows how much young Chinese people follow popular opinion in the US,” said Professor Shi. “Two months ago, the same poll would have come out with a different result. Now, the financial criOn your Birthday, we sis has changed everything.” However, the all want to tell you choice is not as clear cut as it first appears. how special you are. Obama’s criticism of China’s trade practicEveryday you make es and his demand that China “play by the us laugh with your international rules” have irked the Chinese smart words and also leadership, which fears regular admonishamazingly funny ments over its human rights records from a dance steps. Always Democratic president. stay the same and Obama in April called for Bush to boyour prayer is that you cott the Olympic Games opening ceremony will use your talents in Beijing in August, saying he would only for God’s glory. go to Beijing if he saw progress between the Happy Birthday Chinese government and the Dalai Lama. and Many, Many Obama has also threatened to impose trade happy returns of the sanctions due to concerns over the yawnday. God Bless You. ing trade surplus, currency manipulation and intellectual property rights violations. From Aba, Ave, Ati, Tushki, Azu, Avo, Ako Obang and Aunty(s). In his first major foreign policy address of his presidential campaign, in April 2007,

Hello Birthday Girl Putusen,

The sun was high on our hills On that pretty morn’ we decided to meet He said he was here for a while Home, where hearts always yearned I felt the clouds roaming above me Such perfect sky, I just had to smile And so dream café was a dream place Sun, coffee, laughter and more sunshine He was the kind who brightened moments And made you feel easy and nice Someone you’d surely want to remember When time rush past us So we were there looking beyond The little town we both call home The pretty little place etched in our hearts No matter how far we may have to roam Someday it will still be where we belong Our dreams far flung but close to the hills We smiled still to depart By then evening was afloat Like dreams had begun to bloom Deeply rooted in one place But flying higher to the heavens A one day memory to behold And for another coffee time If chance permits again And you are not too far away Perhaps we would be sitting here again On a sunny afternoon to beat our blues More coffee and laughter would surely be there

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The Morung Express

NEWS FILE Case handed over to Mumbai Crime Branch Sadhvi’s father observing BEST BUS SHOOTOUT

vow of silence

AHMEDABAD, OCTOBER 28 (IANS): The father of Sadhvi Pragya Thakur, the prime accused in the Malegaon bomb blast case, is observing maun vrat (vow of silence) and will not speak to anyone for three days, said a relative here Monday. The relative of Sadhvi’s father Chandrapal Thakur said, “Whatever it is, you will have to speak to him on October 30, when he will have completed his period of silence.” The Sadhvi is also observing a ‘maun vrat’ and not replying to queries by sleuths. A court in Nashik Monday granted permission to the Anti Terrorism Squad of Maharashtra Police to conduct narco tests and other scientific procedures on her. She was arrested last week along with Shivnarayan Singh and Shyam Bhavarlal Sahu for alleged involvement in the Malegaon bomb blast in which five people were killed.

Two naxalites killed in police encounter in AP

GUNTUR, OCTOBER 28 (PTI): Two naxalites were killed in a police encounter near Bollapalle village in Nallamala forest in Andhra Pradesh on Tuesday, police said. The encounter happened when Maoists attacked a CRPF training camp and in retaliation the CRPF personnel exchanged the fire killing two Maoists on the spot, police said. The deceased were identified as M Prabhakar and his wife Nagamani, they added. Earlier, the police unearthed a naxal arms dump and apprehended three Maoists on Sunday near Pamidipadu village not far from today’s venue of encounter.

Broken leg broke her freedom run

RAIPUR, OCTOBER 28 (AGENCIES): A woman inmate managed to escape from a high security prison here on Sunday morning but a fractured leg cut short her freedom run. Amrica Bai was serving time in Raipur Central Jail for the murder of her mother-in-law. She managed to scale the 24-foot wall but lost her balance while climbing down. The fall broke her leg. Unable to walk, she waited an hour for the pain to subside, then hobbled to the main road, where a CISF man saw her. He asked some questions and when she didn’t respond, called up the jail staff. Deputy Inspector General (Jail) P.D. Verma and jail superintendent S.S. Tigga rushed to the spot and recognised Amrica. The incident has raised questions about security at the jail, where some 50 Maoists are also imprisoned.

Businessman stabbed to death in Thane THANE, OCTOBER 28 (PTI): A businessman was stabbed to death today by three unidentified assailants in Vaitywadi area in Mumbai, police said. The incident took place in the wee hours when the dacoits, suspected to be Nepalis, barged into the house of Pravin Gala and attacked him and his sons, who came to his resucue, while the businessman tried to stop the trio, they said. Gala died on the spot after the assailants allegedly stabbed him 14 times, police said adding one of gang members was also injured in the melee. Further investigations are on and search has been launched to nab the trio.



Wednesday 29 October 2008

No arrest of any ex-army officer in Pune: ATS

PUNE, OCTOBER 28 (PTI): A top Anti-Terrorist Squad officer today said no former army officer from the city was arrested in connection with the Malegaon blasts but confirmed that one Rameshchandra Upadhaya, a retired major, was being “interrogated” by the ATS, Mumbai. “There has been no arrest of any ex-army officer in Pune. The ATS team from Mumbai has detained Upadhyaya for questioning but has not found anything suspicious so far,” the ATS officer, who did not want to be named, told PTI here. Upadhyaya was the only ex-army officer from Pune who had been questioned in connection with the September blasts, he added. Since no arrest had taken place, there was no question of producing the retired major in the Nasik court at this juncture, the official said. The Nasik court yesterday granted permission to the authorities to conduct brain mapping and polygraph tests on Sadhvi Pragya, who has been arrested on terror charges.

JMM chief Soren denies Maoist links

RANCHI, OCTOBER 28 (AGENCIES): Jharkhand Chief Minister Shibu Soren on Tuesday denied any links with Maoists, after an arrested guerrilla claimed that his organisation had the patronage of the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM) leader. Lorense Mundri alias Carlos, zonal commander of the Jharkhand Liberation Tiger (JLT), now known as People Liberation Front of India (PLFI), was arrested from Khuti district Sunday night. Director General of Police V D Ram produced Carlos before the media Monday and

the rebel leader said: “JLT chief Dinesh Gope claims that the organisation has the patronage of Shibu Soren.” Reacting to the allegation, Soren told reporters: “I have no connection with anyone. I do not know such people. It seems Carlos has lost his balance after his arrest.” Carlos faces 29 criminal charges including those of murder and abduction. PLFI, the second largest Maoist group in Jharkhand, is active in eight districts. It was formed by a group of disgruntled activists of the outlawed Communist Party of IndiaMaoist (CPI-Maoist).

MUMBAI, OCTOBER 28 (AGENCIES): In view of the increasing pressure and ensuing high-voltage political drama over the alleged killing of Rahul Raj – a Bihari youth – the state government of Maharashtra on Tuesday handed over the BEST bus shootout case to the Mumbai Crime Branch. The development came shortly after Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar demanded a CBI inquiry into the killing of the 23-year-old youth in a police encounter in Mumbai. Kumar, who along with Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi and state NDA convenor and Health Minister Nandkishore Yadav, visited Rahul’s residence in Kadamkuan, consoled the bereaved family. “The Bihar government and the people of the state share the view that a CBI inquiry is necessary to bring out the truth. After all, why a young man carrying a country made pistol, who could have been easily overpowered, was shot dead by the police?” “The people of the state have every right to know,” he told reporters at the slain youth’s residence. He also asked the people of Bihar, particularly the youth to ex-

ercise restraint and not allow divisive elements like Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) leader Raj Thackeray to succeed in their evil designs. Referring to an article published in Shiv Sena mouthpiece ‘Samna’ in which Rahul was reportedly described as a ‘Bihari mafia”, Kumar said “no words are adequate to denounce it. A young man, who had recently completed a diploma in radiology and wanted to pursue a decent career cannot be described as mafia.” Earlier, Maharashtra Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh has ordered enquiry in Monday’s BEST bus shootout. He said a high level committee will conduct an inquiry into the shootout incident in which a Bihari youth has been killed to ascertain whether his killing could have be avoided. “I have asked the State Chief Secretary to setup a high level committee and submit the report at the earliest,” Deshmukh said. While speaking to reporters the Chief Minister said, “The DGP and Mumbai Police Commissioner have sought details. They will inquire into all aspects of the incident, including how the armed youth

got into the public transport bus and whether his killing could have been avoided.” “I spoke to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and also to Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil and assured them that the inquiry report would be submitted soon,” he said. “We will submit the factual report to the Centre,” Deshmukh said. The 23year-old youth Rahul Raj, who said he wanted to kill MNS leader Raj Thackeray, held a bus load of passengers’ hostage in a north-east suburb on Monday was killed in a shootout with the police.

Committee headed by Chief Secretary to probe shootout PTI: A high-level committee headed by Chief Secretary Johny Joseph will probe into the shootout in a BEST bus in which a youth was killed, officials said today. “The committee has been directed by Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh to submit its report on the incident at the earliest,” they said. Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh had said yesterday that the DGP and Mumbai police commissioner would inquire into all aspects of the incident includ-

ing how the armed youth got into the public transport bus and whether his killing could have been avoided. Deshmukh said he had spoken to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil

yesterday and assured them that the inquiry report would be submitted at the earliest. The Crime Branch of the city police is also conducting an internal probe into the incident, a senior police official said today.

MUMBAI, OCTOBER 28 (PTI): Defying court orders, MNS chief Raj Thackeray has openly accused the Maharashtra government of indulging in “revenge politics” and said that its decision to withdraw his Zplus security was “foolish”. In an interview to Marathi daily ‘Loksatta’, referring to the decision of the Congressled Democratic Front (DF) government to withdraw the security following his arrest in a case relating to attack on north Indian job aspirants, Raj said, “The government’s action was a foolish decision.” Claiming that his life is under threat, the MNS chief said, “It has been proved after the bus-shootout incident involving a boy from Patna. Even a criminal called Bunty Pandey has issued threats,” he told the newspaper. “In fact,

I had never asked for police security. It was given to me in 1992 on grounds that I faced threats to my life. Now it has been withdrawn without giving any reasons,” he said. A Mumbai court and the Police have ordered him not to address rallies or give any interviews to the media and make provocative speeches. Raj also questioned whether the security arrangements were made based on threat perception or the cases registered against him. “The decision on security is made by a high-level committee of the state government. Was the issue of withdrawal of my security on the agenda,” Raj asked. The MNS chief also alleged that in places like Malegaon, his followers were mercilessly beaten up by the non-Marathi police officers.

Withdrawing my security was a foolish act of Mah govt: Raj

Autopsy conducted, body sent to Patna

MUMBAI, OCTOBER 28 (PTI): The body of the youth, who was killed in a shoot-out in a BEST bus here, was today flown into Patna following the completion of postmortem. The body of 23-yearold Rahul Raj was handed over to his relatives at the J J Hospital here. Rahul Raj, who was carrying a country made gun, was killed in a shootout with the police at suburban Kurla after he fired indiscriminately and threatened passengers in the bus. The youth had claimed he had come to the city to kill MNS leader Raj Thackeray. Police yesterday said Raj was killed after sustaining four bullet injuries. A passenger was also injured after allegedly shot by Rahul Raj. Rahul Raj’s body was shifted from the Rajawadi Hospital in suburban Ghatkopar to the J J Hospital in south Mumbai yesterday following which the autopsy, which was recorded, was performed.

PDP to contest elections in Jammu and Kashmir Sarabjit shifted from

SRINAGAR, OCTOBER 28 (PTI): The People’s Democratic Party today announced that it will take part in the coming assembly polls in Jammu and Kashmir, but maintained that the Centre should have initiated a “serious dialogue” with all sections in the Kashmir valley before holding elections. The party argued that it has decided to contest the polls as a boycott will help “some political parties” trying to subvert the people’s right to choose their representatives. “If PDP stays away from the elections, we are going to facilitate the agenda of these parties of undermining the people’s authority to elect their representatives. It is a challenge for our party and we accept it,” PDP president Mehbooba Mufti told reporters here. She also released the PDP manifesto, which was largely similar to “self-rule” document released by it on October 25. The PDP decision comes 10 days after the Election Commission announced sev-

death row cell: Report

Senior leader of pro-Indian local political group Awami National Conference, Muzaffar Shah, speaks at an election rally in Srinagar, India, Tuesday, October 28. Pro-Indian parties in Indian Kashmir started campaigns for elections which begin November 17 in the Himalayan region even as separatists called for total boycott of the polls. (AP Photo)

en-phase poll schedule for the state beginning November 17 and amidst some leaders of the party favouring an election boycott in view of the prevailing situation in the Kashmir Valley. She said her party had voiced its concerns about holding polls in the state in the prevailing circumstances

as there was anger and distress among the people about the killings in the valley during the recent agitation. “While an initiative was taken by the Centre about the agitation in Jammu, we expected something similar to be done in the valley as well. An order of an elected

government was revoked to defuse the situation in Jammu,” she said. “We wanted a serious dialogue to be initiated by Centre with all shades of opinion in the valley including the separatists before holding polls ... Elections were not a priority,” Mehbooba added.

NEW DELHI, OCTOBER 28 (PTI): Indian national Sarabjit Singh, awarded capital punishment in Pakistan, has been shifted from death row to a normal cell in a Lahore jail, raising hopes that he might not be executed. Pakistani TV channel Geo news reported that the move may be an indication that Sarabjit, convicted for triggering blasts killing 14 people in Pakistan in 1990, would not be hanged. However, there was no official word in this regard so far. Sarabjit, whom Pakistani authorities call Manjit Singh, has been on death row since he was convicted for alleged involvement in four bomb attacks in Punjab province in 1990. Sarabjit’s family, who visited Pakistan this year seeking his release, insists that he was wrongly convicted for the attacks. His execution, initially set for April 1, was deferred for 30 days by former president Pervez Musharraf. This was done so that the new

Pakistan People’s Party-led government could review his case following India’s appeal for clemency. After Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani intervened in the matter, Pakistani authorities put off Sarabjit’s execution “till further orders”.Pakistan’s Supreme Court and Musharraf had earlier turned down Sarabjit’s mercy petitions. Pakistan Law Minister Farooq Naek, who met Sarabjit in Lahore’s Kot Lakhpat jail earlier this month, said he had sought the Indian’s file from the prison superintendent so that he could study his case. The 42-year-old has already spent 17 years behind bars. Leading Pakistani human rights activist Ansar Burney, who earlier played a key role in the release of another Indian prisoner Kashmir Singh, recently asked the Pakistan government to commute all death sentences, including that of Sarabjit, to life imprisonment, saying a majority of death row prisoners had been wrongly convicted.

Pak violates ceasefire, shells along LoC

JAMMU, OCTOBER 28 (AGENCIES): Less than a fortnight after Pakistan promised to stop cross-border firing, its troops Tuesday shelled Indian posts, again violating the ceasefire along the Line of Control in Poonch district of Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistani troops fired mortar shells and rocket projectile grenades and opened small arms firing on Indian posts along LoC in Sabzian area of Poonch district at around 11.45 pm on Monday night, a senior army official told reporters. Around ten shells were intermittently fired for nearly half an hour, he said adding that these shells exploded away from the forward posts and there was no casualty on the Indian side.

BSF troops of 192 battalion guarding the border line observed calm despite provocation and did not retaliate. The ceasefire violation by Pakistan came less than a fortnight after India and Pakistan decided to refrain from cross-border firing and shelling and to preserve the sanctity of the four-year-old ceasefire along Indo-Pak border. This was agreed at a twoday long bi-annual meeting between Pakistan rangers and BSF at Lahore on October 16 during which Pakistan rangers Director General Lt Gen Mohammad Yaqoob Khan promised to Additional Director General BSF UK Bansal that there would be no ceasefire violations henceforth while acknowledging that there had been

some violations earlier. This is 35th ceasefire violation since January this year and seventh in Sabzian sub-sector where two jawans were killed in September in Pakistan firing. The ceasefire violation and firing by Pakistan is aimed at infiltrating militants into Jammu and Kashmir to target forthcoming assembly elections in the state, officials said adding that troops at the border are foiling infiltration attempts by militants. Army has further beefed up the security along LoC after intelligence reports that several big groups of militants are waiting to enter Jammu and Kashmir, they said. The army’s Director General of military operations had protested to his Pakistani counterpart on

a couple of occasions over ceasefire violations, especially during the Tangdhar firing and the Nowgam LoC breach. Breaches of the ceasefire by Pakistan have been reported from Jammu, Samba, Rajouri, Uri, Tanghdhar and Poonch sector this year, from where a large number of militants have been trying to infiltrate into India. Army has assessed that the Pakistani firing occurred whenever militant groups were making attempts to infiltrate into India and ceasefire violations could be a tactic being adopted by Pakistani troops to distract Indian forces along the LoC. Over 132 infiltration bids have been reported in the last nine months from across the LoC in which 80 militants have been killed.

Inconsistent eyewitness statements benefit accused NEW DELHI, OCTOBER 28 (AGENCIES): The Supreme Court has held that inconsistencies in statements of the so-called eyewitnesses can be a ground for acquittal of the accused in murder and other cases. “In the instant case not only there is discrepancy as regards the place of occurrence, but also on several vital aspects like non-disclosure and nonpossibility of identification,” the apex court observed, while dismissing an appeal filed by Madhya Pradesh Government in a murder case. The State government had come on an appeal against the Madhya Pradesh HC order which acquitted the accused sentenced to life imprisonment by the sessions court. While the Sessions Court on the basis of Shoppers stop to take pictures of a theatre artist, right, face painted golden and eyewitness’ account convicted dressed in golden color attire on the occasion of Diwali, the Hindu festival of accused Makhan and others to life imprisonment, the HC lights in Bangalore, India, Tuesday, October 28. (AP Photo)

disbelieved the evidence and eyewitness’ accounts, while acquitting them, following which the government appealed in the apex court. Concurring with the findings of the HC, the apex court said there were a lot of inconsistencies and inaccuracies in the statements made by the prosecution witnesses particularly, the deceased’s wife Somti Bai. For instance in the FIR she stated that her husband was murdered at Kanji House Bazar Bohalla, but in the court during the trial she had stated that the accused persons assaulted her husband at the residence of Deoli, the sarpanch of the gram panchayat. Another eyewitness, Lachhu Bai, testified that the deceased was assaulted on the way while he was coming from the house of the sarpanch. Similarly, eyewitness Maniya Bai stated that she had seen the

accused assault the deceased with fists and slaps, but in the earlier cross examination she had stated that Gomti Bai had disclosed to her about the assault on her husband. The apex court noted that Lachhu Bai in his statement had stated that he could not identify any of the accused persons due to darkness. “If that be so, the evidence of Somti Bai, Maniya Bai that they had clearly identified the accused persons cannot be disbelieved. It is true that even in darkness known persons can be identified from the manner of speech, style of walking and several other peculiar features. But the evidence of Lacchu was to the effect that because of darkness one of the accused persons could not be identified,” deserves to be believed, the apex court said while upholding the acquittal order passed by the HC.

An elderly Kashmiri Qadir Malik holds a placard during a demonstration organized by the Association for Parents of Disappeared Persons (APDP) against the state government over the fate of those allegedly ‘disappeared in custody’, in Srinagar, India, Tuesday, Oct, 28, 2008. According to the Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons (APDP) since the beginning of the Kashmir conflict in 1989, some 8,00010,000 persons went missing after being arrested by Indian security forces and other security agencies. (AP Photo)

CBI raids Ashok Todi’s residence

KOLKATA, OCTOBER 28 (AGENCIES): The CBI on Monday night conducted a raid at the residence of Ashok Todi, the father-in-law of Rizwanur Rehman who was found dead last year after a month of his marriage to the industrialist’s daughter. The Special Branch of CBI conducted a raid in the Salt Lake residence of Ashok Todi in search of Ashok Todi, his brother Pradip Todi and brother-in-law Anil Sarogi against whom non-bailable arrest warrants were issued by the court earlier in the day. However, none of the three were found in the resi-

dence, CBI sources said. The CBI Kolkata office informed the developments to the CBI headquarters in Delhi from where a red alert has been issued to all airports and major railway stations against Ashok Todi, Pradip Todi and Anil Sarogi to prevent them from escaping from the country, CBI sources added. A city court today issued non-bailable arrest warrants against Ashok Todi and two of his relatives. The court observed that the non-appearance of Todi and two others despite summons was nothing but an attempt to drag on the proceedings.


The Morung Express

Wednesday 29 October 2008


made fire Obama death plot raises fears ‘Humans 790,000 years ago’


JERUSALEM, OCTOBER 28 (REUTERS): A new study shows that humans had the ability to make fire nearly 790,000 years ago, a skill that helped them migrate from Africa to Europe. By analyzing flints at an archaeological site on the bank of the river Jordan, researchers at Israel's Hebrew University discovered that early civilizations had learned to light fires, a turning point that allowed them to venture into unknown lands. A previous study of the site published in 2004 showed that man had been able to control fire -- for example transferring it by means of burning branches -- in that early time period. But researchers now say that ancient man could actually start fire, rather than relying on natural phenomena such as lightning. That independence helped promoted migration northward, they say. The new study, published in a recent edition of Quaternary Science Reviews, mapped 12 archaeological layers at Gesher Benot Yaaqov in northern Israel. "The new data shows there was a continued, controlled use of fire through many civilizations and that they were not dependent on natural fires," archaeologist Nira Alperson-Afil said on Sunday. While they did not find remnants of ancient matches or lighters, Alperson-Afil said the patterns of burned flint found in the same place throughout 12 civilizations was evidence of fire-making ability, though the methods used were unclear. And because the site is located in the Jordan valley -- a key route between Africa and Europe -- it provides evidence of the human migration, she said. "Once they mastered fire to protect themselves from predators and provide warmth and light, they were secure enough to move into and populate unfamiliar territory," Alperson-Afil said.

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., arrives at the airport in Canton, Ohio, Monday, October 27. (AP Photo)

ST DAVID'S, OCTOBER 28 (AFP): Two white supremacists have been arrested for threatening to kill Barack Obama in a chilling twist revealed by officials as the race for the White House headed for its final seven days. Daniel Cowart, 20, and Paul Schlesselman, 18, were arrested last week in Tennessee for possession of firearms, threats against a candidate running for president and conspiring to rob a gun store, the Department of Justice said. The men began "discussing going on a 'killing spree' that included killing 88 people and beheading 14 African Americans," Brian Weaks, an agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives told a Memphis court on Monday. "They further stated that their final act of violence would be to attempt to kill/assassinate

presidential candidate Barack Obama," he added, as the two men appeared before the federal court. The case is likely to heighten fears for Democrat candidate Obama's safety as he bids to defeat Republican opponent John McCain to become the first black US president in history in next Tuesday's elections. He is already under secret service protection having received it much earlier in the campaign than any other presidential candidate. His campaign team declined to comment on the news. The White House rivals were to hold competing rallies on Tuesday in the rustbelt state of Pennsylvania before splitting, with McCain fighting a rearguard action in North Carolina and Obama on the attack in Virginia. Despite holding a robust poll lead nationally

and in battleground states, Obama, 47, warned against complacency as he prepared to air a costly 30-minute "infomercial" on major US networks on Wednesday evening. "Don't believe for a second this election is over," the Illinois senator said Monday in Pittsburgh, whose withered steelworks are symptomatic of Pennsylvania's industrial blight. "And Pittsburgh, that's why we cannot afford to slow down, or sit back, or let up for one day, one minute, or one second in this final week," he told 15,800 supporters in the cavernous arena of the Penguins ice hockey team. "In one week, you can choose hope over fear, unity over division, the promise of change over the power of the status quo," Obama said, his oratory returning to its early campaign heights as

the electrifying race climaxes. "We can't let up. Not now. Not when so much is at stake," he added in what aides called his "closing argument" to voters. For McCain, Pennsylvania and its swollen ranks of disaffected, white, workingclass voters is must-win territory on November 4, along with historically Republican bastions such as North Carolina and Virginia. The Arizona senator, 72, tried to reignite fears of "socialism" by citing a 2001 radio interview given by Obama where he appeared to lament the failure of the 1960s civil rights movement to bring about greater financial equality. "That is what change means for Barack the Redistributor: It means taking your money and giving it to someone else," he told a crowd of around 2,000 at a sports hall in Dayton, Ohio.

In Cleveland earlier, McCain said: "Today he claims he'll tax the rich; but we've seen in the past that he's been willing to hit people squarely in the middle class." Obama's camp responded swiftly, rejecting McCain's comment over wealth redistribution as a "false, desperate attack," as the candidate tarred the Republican with the taint of President George W. Bush's economic policies. "I can take one more week of John McCain's attacks, but this country can't take four more years of the same old politics and the same failed policies. It's time for something new," Obama said both in Ohio and Pennsylvania Monday. The challenge facing McCain was underlined by his choice this late in the game to head to North Carolina, which has not voted for a Democratic White House

hopeful since 1976 but is now a raging battleground. Virginia is an even deeper shade of Republican "red," having last backed a Democrat for the presidency way back in 1964. But Obama has a double-digit poll lead there, and is hoping the forecasts could portend a landslide in his favor. The Republican was to address an evening rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina, home of the vast Fort Bragg army base, as the former Vietnam prisoner of war hammers Obama as unfit to serve as commander-inchief. "I have fought for you most of my life, and in places where defeat meant more than returning to the Senate," McCain said in Dayton. "There are other ways to love this country, but I've never been the kind to back down when the stakes are high."

Soldiers retreat as rebels advance in Congo's east

KILIMANYOKA, OCTOBER 28 (AP): Rebels vowing to take Congo's eastern provincial capital of 600,000 people advanced toward Goma on Tuesday as Congolese troops and U.N. tanks retreated in a haze of fumes. Adding to the melee, tens of thousands of civilians jammed the roads. Many were carrying huge bundles of clothes, pots and bedding on their heads. Even young children balanced sacks of food on their heads, walking along rutted roads in bare feet. The U.N. refugee agency said it was struggling to prepare for the arrival of an estimated 30,000 civilians fleeing the fighting between rebels and government forces. Some refugees, who had spent the night sleeping on ground muddy from tropical showers, lobbed rocks Tuesday at U.N. tanks with Uruguayan troops also heading away from the battlefield. "What are they doing? They are supposed to protect us," complained JeanPaul Maombi, a 31-year-old nurse from Kibumba. As some tanks fled the fighting, U.N. officials or-

dered staff to stay home Tuesday and away from rock-throwing mobs. The commander of the embattled Congo peacekeeping force resigned Monday after just a month on the job, and officials were hastily trying to find a permanent successor. Peacekeepers fired into the air at one U.N. compound that came under a hail of rocks Monday, and city leaders said three people were killed. Mobs hurled the stones to protest the U.N.'s failure to protect them from the rebels, despite having 17,000 peacekeepers in its Congo mission. Renegade Gen. Laurent Nkunda has vowed to seize Goma, a lakeside city of 600,000 on the border with Rwanda in Central Africa. Nkunda signed a ceasefire with the government in January, but defected because he said the government showed no interest in protecting his Tutsi people - a tiny minority of 3 percent in east Congo - from Rwandan Hutu militiamen who escaped to Congo after helping perpetrate Rwanda's 1994 genocide. Some half a million

Rwandan Tutsis were slaughtered in that genocide. But Nkunda's ambitions have expanded since he launched a fresh onslaught on Aug. 28 - he now declares he will "liberate" all of Congo, a country the size of Western Europe with vast reserves of diamonds, gold and other resources. Congo's vast mineral wealth helped fuel back-to-back wars from 1997-2003. More than 200,000 people have been forced from their homes in the last two months, the U.N. says, joining 1.2 million displaced in previous conflicts in the east. Outbreaks of cholera and diarrhea have killed dozens in camps, compounding the misery. U.N. efforts to halt Nkunda's rebellion are complicated by the country's rugged terrain, dense tropical forests that roll over hills and mountains with few roads. U.N. provincial chief Hiroute Guebre Selassie told angry civil leaders on Monday that Nkunda's fighters also were using guerrilla tactics. "We cannot use the helicopters to prevent them advancing, because they hide in

United Nations soldiers and Congolese soldiers retreat from the front line near the village of Kibati some 12 kilometers north of Goma in eastern Congo, Tuesday, October 28. Thousands of refugees are fleeing the fighting in eastern Congo while fighting continues between government forces and rebels of renegade Gen. Laurent Nkunda.(AP Photo)

the bush, they fight on many fronts, and they hide themselves among the population," she said. "(That) strategy makes it very difficult for us to master the situation." On Monday, peacekeepers in attack helicopters fired at the rebels trying to stop them taking Kibumba, a village on the main road 30 miles north of Goma. But fleeing civilians say the fighters overran

Kibumba anyway. A U.N. helicopter gunship patrolled the sky Tuesday in Kilimanyoka, seven miles north of Goma. Rebel spokesman Bertrand Bisimwa said he expected the helicopters to soon attack their front line, which he said is within 12 miles of Goma. The chief U.N. mandate is to protect the population. But since the peace deal it also is

helping the Congolese army disarm and repatriate Hutu militiamen - by force if necessary. Yet Bisimwa, the rebel spokesman, claimed Tuesday the Congolese army has abandoned dozens of its positions to Hutu militiamen."It's the Hutus who are on the front line and whom we are fighting, not the army," he said. U.N. peacekeepers "leave us no choice but to fight on."

NKorean leader Jong-Il likely in hospital TOKYO, OCTOBER 28 (AFP): North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il is likely in hospital but is still capable of making decisions, Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso said Tuesday, citing intelligence reports. Aso told a parliamentary committee on foreign policy that Japan has "information that he is probably in hospital." "Anyway, his condition isn't good. But we don't think that he's in a state where he's incapable of making any decisions at all," Aso said. "Our understanding is that if that were the case, we would be seeing different developments," he said without elaborating. The state of Kim's health -- and the question over who would succeed him -- has been a topic of intense speculation since he failed to ap-

pear at a key anniversary parade in early September. US and South Korean officials say the 66-year-old recluse is believed to have suffered a stroke. Japan's Fuji Television on Monday showed footage of a French brain surgeon who it said was personally recruited by Kim's eldest son to treat him. Aso said he was aware of the report. "We also know that the French doctor flew to Beijing soon" after he met with son Kim Jong-Nam in Paris, Aso said. Aso declined to give further details on Kim's health. "We get information from many sectors in this area," Aso said, without specifying which country had provided the intelligence report. Aso, an outspoken conservative and critic of North Korea, took office last month. He

has frequently faced charges during his career that he is not careful about his public remarks. North Korea threatened Tuesday to turn South Korea into "debris" in an unusually strong statement that demanded Seoul halt what the communist state called its policy of confrontation. It was issued amid worsening relations between the Koreas, with the North angry about anti-Pyongyang leaflets floated across the border by activists and defector groups based in the South. "The puppet authorities (Seoul) had better bear in mind that the advanced pre-emptive strike of our own style will reduce everything... to debris, not just setting them on fire," the North's military said.

South Korean protesters, with a defaced portrait of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il and North Korean flag, shout a slogan during a rally against the pro-North Korea policy of the National Intelligence Service (NIS) near the NIS headquarters in Seoul, South Korea, Tuesday, October 28. Kim Sung-ho, head of the National Intelligence Service, Tuesday said that North Korean leader Kim's health appears to have improved. (AP Photo)

IAEA concern over theft of radioactive material UNITED NATIONS, OCTOBER 28 (PTI): Voicing concern over increasing incidence of theft of radioactive materials, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has said there was a grave threat of terrorists obtaining them. The number of incidents reported to the Agency involving the theft or loss of nuclear or radioactive material is “disturbingly high”, and it is equally troubling that much of that material was not subsequently recovered, its Director General Mohmed Elbaradei told the United Nations General Assembly yesterday. Presenting its report, he said 250 such thefts were reported in the year ending June last. “The possibility of terrorists obtaining nuclear or other radioactive material remain a grave threat,” he said. However, experts say and IAEA concedes that the material missing so far is so small that even if put together it could not be made into one nuclear device. Besides, in a panel discussion organised last week, several experts expressed the view that that exploding an atomic device is not something that can be done easily and they doubted that terrorists could do so. But the concern, experts said, would continue to grow as more and more countries go in for nuclear power and establish facilities to refine uranium. On the issue of technical cooperation, ElBaradei said IAEA’s role as a development agency “is as important as anything else we do”, and partnerships with agencies such as the World Health Organization (WHO) provided people with access to clean drinking water, among other things. As surging food prices have pushed millions deeper into poverty over the past year, the global community has a responsibility to ensure that people and communities are not cut off from technologies that would accelerate economic development, he said.

China says still looking to talks with Tibet BEIJING, OCTOBER 28 (REUTERS): China remains in contact with the Dalai Lama’s administration over proposed talks, an official said on Tuesday, despite the exiled Buddhist leader’s claim that he had lost hope of agreement with Beijing over the future of Tibet. Officials from Beijing were due this month to meet with the Dalai Lama’s envoys for their latest talks on Tibet, the mountain region he fled in 1959. But a senior aide of the 73-year-old leader of Tibetan Buddhism said on Sunday the Dalai Lama saw “no hope” of winning self-determination for his homeland, which erupted in riots and unrest in March. The Dalai Lama has called a meeting of Tibetan exiles in November to discuss the future of their cause. “From what I understand, there is further communication underway on the arrangements for the contacts and consultations,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu said. Jiang told a regular news conference in Beijing that it was up to the Dalai Lama, not China, to show sincerity about the secretive discussions that resumed in July. “We hope that these contacts can make the Dalai’s side see the situation clearly and truly demonstrate sincerity and actions,” she said. Jiang did not comment directly on the Dalai Lama’s apparent loss of hope. “China has an old saying: To listen to words and observe actions,” she said. “If the Dalai’s side truly wants to improve relations with the Chinese government, it should resolutely observe the commitments made in the July bilateral discussions.” In those talks, China demanded that that the Buddhist leader should not support any efforts seeking Tibetan independence. The Nobel Peace Prize laureate, who fled into exile in India after a failed uprising against Chinese rule, has said he wants a high level of autonomy for Tibet, but not outright independence. Beijing says his conditions amount to a bid for independence.

Dina Cocea, “queen of Romanian theater” dies at 95 BUCHAREST, OCTOBER 28 (AP): Dina Cocea, the aristocratic “queen of Romanian theater” who performed over 100 roles in a career spanning more than 50 years, has died at age 95.Officials say Cocea died Tuesday in the Floreasca hospital after suffering a heart attack. Cocea studied theater in Paris and had her debut on the French stage in 1934, before returning to Romania a year later. Besides the theater, she starred in a dozen films and represented Romania at the United Nations cultural agency, UNESCO. But it was her beauty, talent and aura of dignity that prompted one Romanian theater expert to dub her the “the queen of Romanian theater.” Cocea was the daughter of Romanian writer N.D. Cocea and actress Alicia Cocea.

Picasso painting withdrawn from Sotheby’s auction LONDON, OCTOBER 28 (AP): A painting by Pablo Picasso that was expected to fetch more than $30 million at auction next week has been withdrawn from sale, Sotheby’s auction house said Tuesday. “Arlequin” was to have been one of the star lots at Sotheby’s Nov. 3 sale of Impressionist and modern art in New York. A Sotheby’s spokeswoman said the painting had been withdrawn by the seller “for private reasons.” A series of high-profile artworks have failed to reach the expected prices at recent auctions as the global economic crisis hits the art market. The 1909 cubist painting of a jester in hues of green rose, jade and amber was owned for more than 50 years by surrealist painter Enrico Donati, who died in April. It was put up for sale by his estate. Next week’s New York sales at Christie’s and Sotheby’s are considered an important test of the softening market. The last such sales, in May, generated more than $500 million between them.




Tuesday 28 October 2008

The Morung Express

Chelsea up next for high-ying Hull

LONDON, OCTOBER 28 (REUTERS): Chelsea visit Hull City on Wednesday hoping to avoid becoming the latest big scalp from the capital for the Premier League's surprise package. Hull, who this time last year were struggling in the second division and were thrashed at home by Chelsea in the League Cup, have beaten Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, West Ham United and Fulham so far in their debut season in the top flight. There has been a joke doing the rounds that Chelsea might even pull off a "surprise win" at Hull but nobody from Stamford Bridge will be taking the trip to Humberside lightly. Hull's incredible start continued with a 3-0 win at West Bromwich Albion on Saturday which put them level on 20 points with Chelsea who lost 1-0 to Liverpool, their first league home defeat since February 2004. Tigers coach Phil Brown indulged in some subtle mind games on Saturday when he said "after 10 games we've got 20 points and if we do as well in the next 10 I will be a happy man." Actually, Hull have Liverpool's Steven Gerrard, center, tries to pass Chelsea's Juliano Belletti, left, and John Obi Mikel during their English Premier League soccer match at played only nine games Stamford Bridge, London, Sunday, October 26. Liverpool won the match 1-0. (AP Photo) so either he got his maths

wrong or he was implying that Hull had already written off the three points against Chelsea. "We've got a couple of massive games on the horizon now and we've earned the right to at least give a good account of ourselves instead of everyone calling us whipping boys," Brown said. They travel to champions Manchester United at the weekend. Chelsea should have midfielder Joe Cole back from injury and goalkeeper Petr Cech believes Chelsea will need to be at their best if they are to shake off the Liverpool defeat. "They (Hull) have confidence and have nothing to lose, this is really dangerous," Cech told Chelsea's website ( ). "When you win promotion and get some positive results you go into every game fighting and enjoying it. Every year you have one of the promoted sides starting so well and this time it is Hull and we know what to expect from them." Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez said his side's win at Chelsea had sent out a message to the rest of the Premier League and he will want that underlined in thick red marker when they take on managerless Ports-

mouth at Anfield. There appears to be genuine belief in the city that this Liverpool side can compete all the way for a first title since 1990 but they know any slips will be punished. Fourth-placed Arsenal host Tottenham Hotspur in a north-London derby that Spurs fans may well be viewing with a little more optimism than they were three days ago. A whirlwind chain of events at White Hart Lane saw Juande Ramos and his coaching staff sacked and replaced by wily Harry Redknapp, who quit Portsmouth to try and rescue a club hurtling towards relegation. Spurs are still bottom of the league despite a morale-boosting 2-0 victory over Bolton Wanderers on Sunday and all eyes will be on Redknapp's first team selection. "Sometimes you've got to move forward if things aren't working and Harry's come in and had an instant impact," Spurs striker Darren Bent told the club's website (http://www. ). Sixth-placed Manchester United, held 1-1 at Everton on Saturday, host West Ham United while fifth-placed Aston Villa host Blackburn Rovers.

Ferrari threatens F1 pull-out over engines Hackett hangs MILAN, OCTOBER 28 (REUTERS): Ferrari will review its participation in Formula One if plans to introduce a standard engine for all teams from 2010 goes ahead, its board said in a statement on Monday. Formula One's governing body, the International Automobile Federation (FIA), said earlier this month it intended to bring in the rule to save costs. "The board of Ferrari, confirming its full support for the substantial

and necessary reduction in costs starting with engines, has however expressed strong reservations about the project to equalise or standardise engines," the statement said. "The board reserves the right to consider, together with our partners, our presence in this discipline." Ferrari, controlled by Italian car firm Fiat, won last year's world constructors' championship and their driver Kimi Raikkonen took the individ-

ual title. His team mate Felipe Massa is in the running for this season's title, with the final Grand Prix taking place in Brazil on Sunday. He trails McLaren's championship leader Lewis Hamilton by seven points. The FIA issued a statement before this month's Chinese Grand Prix announcing a tender for "a third-party supplier of engines and transmission systems" to be used by all teams in 2010, 2011 and 2012. The

body has argued that the costs of Formula One are unsustainable in the current economic climate and must be slashed to ensure none of the 10 teams leave the sport. Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo, also head of the Formula One Teams Association (FOTA), he recently met FIA chief Max Mosley to discuss cost cutting measures, saying he was satisfied with progress made during the talks. However, the company's board

are not impressed with the standard engine idea. "The (board) felt that such a move would detract from the entire raison d'etre of a sport with which Ferrari has been involved continuously since 1950, a raison d'etre based principally on competition and technology development," the statement read. Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone has backed the FIA's standard engine proposal and rejected suggestions that it might

push some manufacturers towards the exit. "We're trying to get a level playing field," he told reporters earlier this month. "I don't see why (manufacturers) should leave, we're saving them an awful lot of money I hope. All the technical things will still be there, they can show all of their talent." Pundits say the FIA's stance may be part of a familiar carrot-andstick approach to persuade the teams to swallow a more palatable alternative.

up his goggles

Benitez says Victory is proof we can compete for title LONDON, OCTOBER 28 (REUTERS): Liverpool's victory at Chelsea on Sunday could be a decisive moment in their quest for a long-awaited title, manager Rafael Benitez said. An early strike by Xabi Alonso was enough to earn a 1-0 victory and put Liverpool three points clear of Chelsea at the top of the Premier League. "They were unbeaten for a long time so it was a massive game and a big boost for the rest of the season," Benitez told reporters after ending Chelsea's 86-match unbeaten home league run at Stamford Bridge. "It's important to have shown everyone we can do it

here. They have a very good, very offensive team. We were trying to win...the commitment of the players showed they wanted to win. "If we want to stay at the top of the table we have to beat almost everyone. We have the belief, we have the mentality." While Benitez celebrated a first away league victory against either Chelsea, Arsenal or Manchester United, his opposite number Luiz Felipe Scolari had to digest a first defeat since taking the manager's job at Stamford Bridge. "We did not expect the result," the Brazilian said. "But we have to understand that Liverpool are a very good

team. They didn't play better than us but they shot one ball better than us and they won." Scolari said his players should shake off the disappointment of losing their long unbeaten record at home, a run stretching back to February 2004. "It is no different losing three points at home or in Manchester or Tottenham or Liverpool, it is three points lost," he said. "They are sad, that's normal but it's not the end of the world, it's only one game." Scolari said he hoped Joe Cole would be fit for Wednesday's trip to third-placed Hull City, although he said Didier Drogba and Michael Ballack would miss the trip.

Liverpool's Xabi Alonso, left, shoots the ball to score against Chelsea during their English Premier League soccer match at the Stamford Bridge stadium, London, Sunday, October 26. (AP Photo)

Amit Mishra to pave way for skipper Kumble NEW DELHI, OCTOBER 28 (PTI): His sensational Mohali debut notwithstanding, Haryana leg-spinner Amit Mishra will pave way for fitagain skipper Anil Kumble in the third Test against Australia, India coach Gary Kirsten hinted on Wednesday. Kirsten said Kumble was recovering well from the shoulder injury that kept him out of the Mohali Test, handing Mishra his maiden Test cap. Kirsten said there was no possibility of going into the match with three spinners at the cost of a middle-order batsman and chances are also slim that India would opt for two leg-spinners, Kumble and Mishra, dropping the in-form offie Harbhajan Singh. "If Kumble is fit, he is the captain of the team, he'll play the next match I expect," Kirsten said after India's practice session at the Ferozeshah Kotla on Monday. "He is looking good, so we are happy with the way things have progressed," he added. Ruling out the prospect of fielding three spinners at the possible cost of VVS Laxman, Kirsten said, "No, there is not a possibility of that, as far as I'm concerned...I would like to go into a Test match with six batsmen." Mishra's slender hopes now hinge on the toe injury Harbhajan picked in

the Mohali Test even though Kirsten said he expected the off-spinner to recover before the third Test. "I'm not sure (about Harbhajan's injury), to be honest. We'll just wait and see tomorrow. Hopefully it's not too serious. "I think he picked it up towards the end of the last game, maybe it's an over-use injury. We are hopeful that he would be ready for this Test," he said. Kirsten was effusive in his praise for the pacers and also dismissed talks in the Australian media that Zaheer Khan could be emotionally vulnerable. "I don't think he is emotionally vulnerable. He is an exceptionally talented bowler, a great performer for India. He has certainly produced the goods," Kirsten said, insisting he was not focussing on what the visitors are saying about his wards. Rather, he waxed eloquent on how Zaheer and Ishant Sharma have forged a lethal partnership in the series. "They bowled exceptionally well. I mean it's a very exciting time for Indian cricket with two fast bowlers having such an impact in a Test series. Certainly, we said in our planning that we need our fast bowlers to be the strikers and they have certainly done exceptionally well so far.

"With two more Test matches to go, we would like that trend to continue," said the South African. On Ishant, Kirsten said, "I was impressed the first minute I saw him. When I was in Perth for my first time... I saw something in Ishant we can all be excited about as a young fast bowler. He loves Test cricket, he does not want to bowl just five overs, he wants to bowl 25 overs a day. "He's mentally strong, a great find and a great asset for Indian cricket and I think our challenge is to manage him carefully so that he continues to give great performances for India," Kirsten said. Looking back at the Mohali Test, Kirsten said India played flawless cricket and now they need to maintain the standard. "It was a great Test match, certainly a benchmark Test match in terms of dominating the play. But it's a new day and new game and we'll certainly use that Test match as a benchmark to what we would like to achieve in future." Like any other Indo-Australian clashes, the Mohali Test also saw sparks flying and Zaheer was fined 80 per cent of his match fee for a prolonged celebration after Matthew Hayden was dismissed by Harbhajan Singh.

Kirsten, however, saw no reason to reign in his wards. "I think it involves two very competitive, very emotional and aggressive teams, so that's very exciting for Test cricket to have a competition like that. I think there will always be occasions in pressure situations when either team might overstep the mark little bit. "Zaheer in the Match Referee's meeting admitted he overstepped the mark. That can happen. (After all) they are trying to produce high level of cricket and that creates great excitement. We must encourage it but we obviously understand that individuals must not overstep the mark," Kirsten said. "It's a tremendous clash between two great cricketing nations and there is huge interest. "The teams are in many respects playing in a similar fashion -- both have got talented batsmen who play aggressively and now we certainly see the Indian seamers coming into play. So it just creates exciting cricket in all components of the game," Kirsten observed. On the Kotla track, the India coach said, "Obviously guys in the team know the wicket better, I tend to take the backseat there." About the task at hand, Kirsten said, "All I know is that they would be well-prepared. They are a

Indian cricketers Anil Kumble, left, and Harbhajan Singh interact during a practice session ahead of the third cricket test match against Australia in New Delhi, India, Tuesday, October 28. (AP Photo)

highly competitive team and we are giving everything to win this Test match. That's

the way they are...we are not expecting any freebies in the next Test match."

SYDNEY, OCTOBER 28 (REUTERS): Australia's Grant Hackett announced his retirement on Monday, ending his career as one of the world's most decorated long-distance swimmers. The 28-year-old said he was hanging up his goggles to pursue new interests outside the pool because his body could no longer cope with the constant grind of training. "Swimming has been fantastic but you have to know when you are done," he said at the Australian swimmer of the year awards. Hackett's decision came two months after he finished a close second behind Tunisia's Oussama Mellouli in the 1500 metres freestyle final at the Beijing Olympics, failing narrowly in his bid to become the first male swimmer to win the same individual event at three Olympics. A glutton for punishment, Hackett won a total of seven medals, including three golds, from his three Olympic appearances at Sydney, Athens and Beijing, through a simple method: training for hours on end, day after day. He also won a stack of 18 medals, featuring 10 gold, at five world championships, as well as setting world records for 200, 800 and 1500 freestyle, the latter two of which still stand. Despite his versatility, Hackett's favourite and most successful event was the 1500, the most gruelling in the pool. In his native Australia, long-distance swimming is regarded as badge of honour and Hackett became a national icon. His domination of the 1,500 took on epic proportions when the United States once offered $1 million to any American who could beat him and take his world record. No one claimed the cash although sponsors and corporations have been queuing up to capitalise on his clean-cut image. A tall, thin man with a giant armspan and effortless stroke, Hackett was unbeaten in the event for almost a decade with no-one getting within six seconds of his world record of 14 minutes 34.56 seconds, set in Japan seven years ago. He won four world titles

in a row from 1998 to 2005 as well as back to back Olympics, his first in Sydney when he was struggling to fight off a virus and his second in Athens when he had a partiallycollapsed lung. Hackett spent most of his career battling comparisons with his team mates Kieren Perkins and Ian Thorpe but outlasted them both and snatched their world records. He broke Perkins 1500 record at the 2001 Fukuoka world championships then Thorpe's 800 mark at the 2005 world titles in Montreal, where he upstaged Michael Phelps to win the award as best male swimmer. But just when he seemed unstoppable, the constant wear and tear of training finally started taking its toll. He underwent shoulder surgery in Nov. 2005 and was forced to pull out of the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne. Later that same year, he began having back problems and was diagnosed with exercise-induced asthma. He used his time away from the pool to complete a university degree in commerce and law and left his Gold Coast home to marry Australian singer Candice Alley. He arrived at the 2007 world championships in Melbourne in the worst shape of his career and he finished seventh in the 1500, ending his unbeaten run in the 30-lap event. His best years seemed behind him but he defied the odds to register the second fastest time in history and qualify fastest for the final at Beijing's Water Cube. When the younger Mellouli surged clear halfway through the final, Hackett summoned up his last reserves of energy over the last 100 to give it one final shot, drawing within a body length of the Tunisian by the end. Hackett immediately ruled out going to the 2012 London Olympics. The announcement that he was retiring was not a surprise after he recently started a job as television presenter in Australia. "After a while the passion to do this (swimming) does get worn down a little bit and those other passions start to outweigh (them)," he said.



The Morung Express

29 October 2008

Body of Hudson’s nephew found in Chicago


he police found the body of the young nephew of the actress and singer Jennifer Hudson in an abandoned sport-utility vehicle in Chicago on Monday, three days after her mother and brother were found dead in their home about 10 miles away. The child, Julian King, 7, was found shot to death in the back of a white 1994 Chevrolet Suburban belonging to Hudson's brother that had been missing since Friday. The Chicago police superintendent, Jody Weis, said the motive for the killing was unknown. He added that the police had not yet identified a suspect but that the boy's stepfather, William Balfour, was considered a "person of interest" in the case. Balfour, 27, is being held on a parole violation by the Illinois Department of Corrections, and has been questioned but not charged in the killings. Today in Americas Obama and McCain clash over taxes Back from war, and into the political fray Arrests in plan to kill Obama and black schoolchildren Jennifer Hudson and her older sister, Julia Hudson, the child's mother, had called on the public for help in bringing him home safely, and the family had offered a $100,000 reward for his return.

Julian lived in the white clapboard house on the South Side of Chicago where the killings took place. He had been missing since the bodies of Hudson's mother, Darnell Donerson, 57, and 29year-old brother, Jason Hudson, were found about 3 p.m. Friday. Both died of gunshot wounds. The Chevrolet Suburban was found about 7 a.m. Monday by a resident who called the police to report a suspicious vehicle parked along a residential street on the city's West Side. Commander Wayne Gulliford of the Chicago police said at a news conference Monday morning that the vehicle matched the one they had sought in an Amber Alert issued after the killings. Balfour, the estranged husband of Julia Hudson, has convictions for attempted murder, vehicular hijacking and possession of a stolen motor vehicle, according to the Corrections Department. He was released from prison in May 2006 after more than six years in detention and remains on probation, said a department spokeswoman, Januari Smith. Jennifer Hudson, who won an Academy Award as best supporting actress for the 2006 film "Dreamgirls," had been on a promotional tour in Florida for her latest movie, "The Secret Lives of Bees," when she received word of the killings. She returned to Chicago on Friday night.


lthough he lives in Beverly Hills and watches movies at home with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, the soccer-star-turned-model swears he has no plans to join them on the big screen. Asked if he hopes to develop a film career, the fashion fan recently issued an emphatic denial. "What film career? I haven't got one," Beckham told the December issue of British GQ. "Never say never, except about that! And that's the way it's going to stay." Still, that doesn't stop 33year-old from mingling with famous friends like Cruise. "He came round for dinner a few weeks ago," said Beckham. "But it's the same with him. We just go round and watch a film. It's not a big deal, it's just popping round to watch a film or to mess around and play with the kids." The Brit also dismissed claims that Cruise has tried to convert him or his wife Victoria. "I respect any person's religion. Everybody's got their own ideas," said Beckham. "And, of course, Tom is a big believer in Scientology, but he's never pushed anything on to us about it and he never will do. Friends don't do that." His L.A. Galaxy soccer team has failed to make the playoffs and will not take the field again until next March. Dur-



merican Idol judges Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul are sending their condolences to onetime contestant Jennifer Hudson after the singer's mother, brother and nephew were all found dead. "This is a horrific tragedy and my thoughts and prayers go out to Jennifer and her entire family," Abdul said Monday evening after news broke that police had identified the body of Hudson's missing 7-year-old nephew, Julian King. The boy was found in the back of an SUV three days after Hudson's mother and brother were fatally shot in the mother's Chicago home. "The time I had to get to know Jennifer and forge a wonderful friendship with her while she was on Idol was very special to me, and I personally can't imagine a greater loss for any family." Hudson, 27, got her start on American Idol before going on to win an Oscar for her role in Dreamgirls. Cowell also sent a heartfelt message to Hudson, tells Extra, "I was horrified when I heard the news. This is an appalling tragedy. My thoughts right now are with Jennifer, and her family."


ing the lay-off, Beckham will reportedly play for Italy's AC Milan. But, he insists, America is still his home. "We're happy here at the moment, that's the biggest thing," he explained. "When your family are happy, that's all you can ask for."

bout of treatment. A source said she repeatedly gagged and slumped in pain as they left the Royal Marsden Hospital in London’s Chelsea. A tearful Jade Goody was seen looking in some discomfort after her chemotherapy session last Friday at London's Royal Marsden Hotel


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reity Zinta is ecstatic after winning the best actress award at the 44th Chicago International Film Festival for playing a battered Punjabi wife in Deepa Mehta’s Heaven On Earth. She is thankful to Anupam Kher for helping her get the right Punjabi diction for her role. The award will be given today in a glittering ceremony. She has bagged the Silver Hugo Award for Best Actress “for her strong yet subtle performance as a woman struggling to keep her dreams despite brutal realities” in the Feature Film Competition section. “It was my director, Deepa Mehta, who informed me that I had won. I couldn’t go to Chicago, and neither could Deepa. Without any lobbying I’ve done it. I am so happy and excited. I’m walking on sunshine. I can’t believe where I am,” said Preity.

Cancer-stricken Jade Goody breaks down in tears as chemotherapy takes its toll

ade Goody needed the support of her mother Jackiey Budden as the latest chemotherapy session for her cervical cancer appeared to take its toll. Looking pale and drawn, the tearful reality TV star was supported by her mother as she left the hospital in some discomfort after her fourth

‘Our Hearts Go Out to Hudson’

I'm walking on sunshine: Preity Zinta

I Will ‘Never’ Be a Movie Star

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areenaKapoorturned down the chance to make a film with Hoollywood superstar Johnny Depp. The actress was offered the role of a lifetime by Bend it like Beckham director Gurinder Chadda for her next flick opposite handsome actor.

s n r u T r o o p a K a Kareen Johnny Depp Down

Jade, who had a hysterectomy last month, has been given a 50/50 chance of survival after learning the cancer has spread to tissue surrounding vital abdominal organs. The 27-year-old mother of two was seen leaving the hospital on Friday The NRI didressed casually in a Gap rector is also set to make a bighoodie, black tracksuit botbudget Hollywood flick, but toms and black sheepskin Kareena turned down the film boots. But she seemed to as she had dates problem and struggle to make the short moreover she was not impressed journey to her car, and at with the offer. With films like 3 one point she sat down on a idiots with Aamir Khan, Kamwall and appeared to be drybaqt Ishq with Akshay Kumar heaving. Her agent told The and Main aur Mrs Khanna with Sun: 'Jade takes each day as it Sallu behind her, Bebo has nothcomes and Friday was a bad ing to worry about not even Jack day but she had her mum Sparrow himself. there for support. Jade is four weeks into her first six-week bout of treatment.' Jade - who gave her consent for the pictures to be taken - has been resting at home in Upshire, Essex. She is reported to be planning to marry boyfriend Jack Tweed who is serving 18 months jail sentence for assault at Chelmsford prison in Essex. He is due to be released in May. A source said: 'She has realised that Jack is really important to her and she wants to live every moment to the full. They have talked about staying together forever, but now both of them want to go ahead. She wants the ceremony as soon a possible,' the source added. Jade said earlier this month: 'Most people plan their weddings. But I'm planning my funeral. Some people say they don't want people crying, but I want people to cry over me! And I don't want anyone to have a booze up when I'm dead! They should have a cup of tea Clint Eastwood, left, and Angelina Jolie are seen backstage at the Hollywood Awards Gala in Beverly Hills, Calif., on Monday October 27. (AP Photo) and be crying!', she said.

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India plots to seal series in Kotla

Indian cricketer Ishant Sharma bowls during a practice session ahead of the third cricket test match against Australia in New Delhi, India, Tuesday, October 28. (AP Photo)

Indian cricketers, from left, Anil Kumble, Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Harbhajan Singh, interact during a practice session ahead of the third cricket test match against Australia in New Delhi, India, Tuesday, October 28. (AP Photo)

NEW DELHI, OCTOBER 28 (PTI): With the Australians stripped off their cloak of invincibility and squirming in an unfamiliar rut, a domineering India sniff an opportunity to seal the four-match series at their happy hunting ground when the third Test gets underway in New Delhi on Wednesday. India's thumping 320-run win in Mohali was a rude jolt to the Aussies, for whom, winning so far was just a matter of habit. It was the manner, and not merely the margin, of defeat in Mohali which punctured Australia's aura of invincibility and suddenly the world champions looked as fragile as any other team.

propagates offence is the best defence and bowlers, as a tribe, don't merit any respect whatsoever. So far in the series, only once they failed to raise less than 70 runs for the opening stand and more often than not, the Australians found bowling to them a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea. And even if they managed to get rid of the duo, the star-studded middle-order, boasting some of the greatest names in modern cricket, nipped any hopes of a batting collapse right in the bud. His scores may suggest otherwise but Rahul Dravid's defence remains as impregnable as ever, while Sachin Tendulkar

In contrast, India's brusque openers and the middle order batsmen have blunted the Australian attack with disdain while their brash leather-flingers ran through the Australian batting order like knife through butter. Rattled by the Mohali mauling, Australia decided to take a couple of days' off, purportedly for an introspection, and even though they believe the grey areas have been addressed and the mistakes would not recur, Ferozeshah Kotla's tremendous bias towards the hosts is the sort of statistics which is least likely to amuse the Aussies. India have won the last seven Tests here in a row and

the only time Australia managed to win here was way back in 1959 when Richie Benaud used to skipper the side. Mark Taylor embarked on a similar mission in 1996 but was sent packing within four days before a seven-wicket defeat was shoved down the visitors' throat. Personally, Anil Kumble would have liked to roll the 22-yard strip and take it home as souvenir after grabbing all 10 wickets in Pakistan's second innings in the 1999 Test and the India captain would surely expect Kotla to remain equally benign to him over the next five days. As coach Gary Kirsten put it, India raised the bar high in

Mohali and the onus is now to maintain the sky-high standards. And if Kumble's teammates can replicate the Mohali magic here, the fourth Test in Nagpur would be of only statistician's interest. If well begun is half done, India owe their success to a large extent to the explosive Delhi duo of Virender Sehwag and Gautam Gambhir. They have shattered the myth that a swashbuckler necessarily needs a stonewaller as his opening partner and that opening pair should, almost as a matter of rule, never be peas of the same pod. Sehwag and Gambhir essentially belong to the same school of thought which

is relishing doing what he does best -- turning stones into milestones. Playing his last series, Sourav Ganguly is hell-bent to go on a high and though VVS Laxman looks slightly off-colour of the quartet, his past exploits would never allow the Aussies slip into any complacency against the Hyderabadi wrist-artist. Not that their bowling colleagues lacked behind. Since his numerous runins with the Aussie, Harbhajan Singh never lacked motivation against the world champions while Anil Kumble, who is expected to return to the team after sitting out of the Mohali Test because

of injury, too commands great respect from the Aussies. However, what has been most heart-warming is the pacers coming to party and seldom did Indian fast bowlers made such an impact in a Test series. A country considered the spiritual home of spin bowling suddenly discovered two potent pacers in Zaheer Khan and Ishant Sharma who can make the ball talk -- both conventional swing with the new ball and reverse with the old. Zaheer has already found his bunny in Matthew Hayden, while Ishant continues to haunt Ricky Ponting. With their frailties laid bare, the Australians are not

looking the same redoubtable bunch anymore. The void created by Glenn McGrath and Shane Warne could not be filled and Brett Lee, the man they banked most on, is clearly ill at ease leading the attack. The batting looks brittle as well with Michael Hussey possibly the lone exception and that competitive edge which makes them such a redoubtable force has simply vanished into thin air. Since salvaging the draw in Bangalore, India has not put a foot wrong in the series and Kumble will have his hands on the Border-Gavaskar Trophy if his team maintain the same standard over the next five days.

8th Open Basketball C'ship underway ‘Gilchrist made loose statements’ Our Correspondent Kohima | October 28

THE 8TH Open Basketball Championship 2008 under the aegis of Nagaland Basketball Association and Suncity, Kohima got underway here in the Kohima Local Ground with the par ticipation of 21 teams. In the inaugural match, Team Gravity beat St. Joseph College 31-20. Inaugurating the tournament, Alemtemshi Jamir, IAS, additional chief secretary and Development Commissioner lauded the NBA and Suncity for organizing the tournament and hoped that it would grow from strength to strength. Neilhouvolie Mechiilho, co-convener organizing com-

mittee announced that some players will be selected during the championships to represent the state team in the forthcoming East Zone Basketball tournament. Earlier, the inaugural function was chaired by Zhale-o Rio, IAS, secretary PHED and President NBA, invocation prayer was given by Achalie Kuotsu, pastor Bypass Christian Fellowship (Rutsa), special number by Kenei Chalie, NSACS Naga Idol 3.08 contestant No-01 and the vote of thank was given by Johnny G Rengma, convenor organizing committee. The inaugural function was attended by Er. Vekho Swuro, EE CAWD, Neise Mech, Director Land Resources Development,

NCA to conduct talent search for Cricketers

The teams Team Gravity and St. Joseph College

Neivor Rutsa, KMC Councilor and Prasielie Pienyii, President KDCC. Altogether 21 teams from three states – Assam, Nagaland and West

Bengal are taking part in this year’s edition. On Wednesday, the first match will start at 8.00 AM between Doberman and Hoopers.

NEW DELHI, OCTOBER 28 (PTI): Sachin Tendulkar today ticked off Adam Gilchrist for questioning his sportsman spirit and honesty, saying a person who does not know him well enough made such "loose statements" which left him shocked. "I was surprised. I didn't know how to react. (What he alleged) is something that I can't even think of in my wildest dreams. I love the game so much and those remarks came from some-

one who doesn't know me enough. I think he made loose statements," he said reacting to Gilchrist's comments in his upcoming autobiography that the Indian was hard to find for a handshake after India lost the Sydney Test. Tendulkar said Gilchrist did call up to clear the air and he did not mince words in telling the former Aussie stumper that he had forgotten the spirit in which the Indians took the

Former Australia Test and One Day Cricketer Adam Gilchrist and his wife Mel pose during the launch of his autobiography "True Colors" in Sydney, Australia, Tuesday, October 28. (AP Photo)

1st Tennis Ball Cricket Tourney concludes DIMAPUR, OCTOBER 28 (MExN): The 1st Tennis Ball Cricket Tournament, which was organized by Ravel Club, Toulazou said in a release that the tournament would be ended on October 29 with Asa

Chase, VCC, Toulazou Tenyimi Village as the guest of honour. The closing ceremony would be held right after the final match to be played between Spark Cricket Club Vs Thahekhu Rangapahar

RCC, which begins at 12 pm. Therefore, all the teams/clubs are requested to attend in the closing ceremony of the tourney and to take back their respective flags.


Sydney defeat. "I am the kind of person who would leave things behind. So many times he mentioned that you and Harbhajan (Singh) are not traceable to shake hands. I reminded him that I was the first person to shake hands after the Sydney defeat. It was a tough game that we lost and it was difficult for us.


DIMAPUR, OCTOBER NCA president Neiphiu Rio. 28 (MExN): The NCA will A press note issued by Abu conduct talent search initia- Metha, Secretary of NCA tive to select 10 youngsters stated that the inter-district within the age group of un- championship will be held der 14 years for sponsorship within February 2009. It was for intensive training in also decided that any cricket cricket and also for sponsor- related programme or activship of their education. The ity organized by any group or selection process will begin organization within the State from the district level after of Nagaland will need the priwhich a state level camp will or approval of the NCA. This be conducted, from where decision comes into immethe final ten students will be diate effect. Pihoto, former selected for sponsorship. Working President of the DiA committed of three mapur District Cricket Assomembers namely Rehman, ciation has been inducted as Sunup Imchen and Atha Joint Secretary of the NCA, it Angami has been appointed informed. for the purpose of overseeing The NCA extended its thisdevelopmentprogramme appreciation to the BCCI for and to formulate and execute granting affiliate memberthe modalities for the spon- ship to the NCA and further sorship programme. Young- appealed to the BCCI to exsters belonging to class seven tend support to the NCA for and below will be eligible for development and promotion this programme. This was of the game in Nagaland. It one of the resolutions that further felicitated the new were passed by the Nagaland team of office bearers of the Cricket Association (NCA) BCCI and wished the new C in its meeting, held on Oc- team success while assuring tober 26 last at Dimapur un- support to the BCCI in every M der the chairmanship of the possible manner. Y Published, Printed and Edited by Aküm Longchari on behalf of Morung for Indigenous Affairs and JustPeace from House No. 4, Duncan Bosti, Dimapur at Themba Printers and Telecommunications, Padum Pukhuri Village, Dimapur, Nagaland. K Email :, RNI No : NAGENG /2005/15430. House No.4, Duncan Bosti, Dimapur 797112, Nagaland. Phone: Dimapur -(03862) News Desk- 281043, Admin -236871, Fax: (03862) 235194, Kohima - (0370) 2291952 For advertisements and circulation, please contact: (03862) 236871, Fax-235194 or email :

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