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Tuesday, October 25, 2011 12 pages ` 3

The goal of life is living in agreement with nature

‘Year of entrepreneur’ runs into trouble

by Sandemo Ngullie

Y Merina Chishi

Dimapur| October 24

“Don’t worry you’re safe. The anti corruption team will not take up a case involving only 90 lakhs.they only deal in terms of Crores….”

Naga Council meeting notice for October 27 DimaPur, OctOber 24 (mexN): A Public meeting willbeheldon27October,2011 at 11 AM in the Conference Hall of Chakhesang Hoho Building near Chakhesang Church, Dimapur (Friends Cinema Road). The Meeting will discuss the implementation of the forthcoming October 29 Public Campaign against antisocial activities in Dimapur, informed a press note from President and GeneralSecretaryofNagaCouncil. All concerned organisations and its members such as Naga Council, Women Hoho, DCCI (Chamber of Commerce), GB Union,Tribal Hohos, NMDA, Senior Citizens, Communities of Marwari, Bengali, Punjabi, Kachari, Bihari, Muslim, Gorkha, Tibetan, DBPF (Pastors’ Fellowship), Joint Christian Forum, ANPSA, School Principals/Heads, Banking Association, various Colony Council Chairmen & GBs, Village Council Chairmen & GBs, DCCF, peace-loving concerned citizens, NGOs are requestedtoattendpositively.

GPRN/NSCN restricts fire crackers DimaPur, OctOber 24 (mexN): As per the directive of the Chairman, Union Territory-I, GPRN/NSCN, the general public has been restricted on the use of fire crackers within the administrative jurisdiction of Union Territory-I. In a press release issued by Aron, Secretary, Union Territory, GPRN/ NSCN, it was stated that the practice of using fire crackers has been restricted due to anti-social elements taking advantage of the situation and also for other reasons such as noise pollution, air pollution etc. It was also stated that the Union has requested all citizens to co-operate on the occasion of this festive season.

Libyan authorities announce Gaddafi death investigation


triPOli, OctOber 24 (bbc): Libya’s new authorities have announced an investigation into the death of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi last week. It follows international pressure to explain how the former leader was killed, when film footage had shown him alive at the time he was captured. There has been suspicion that he was shot by his captors, but the new authorities say he died during a gun battle with Gaddafi loyalists. No details have been given of who will carry out the investigation. The acting Libyan leader, Mustafa Abdul Jalil, said Col Gaddafi’s opponents would prefer to have seen him stand trial and then suffer in prison.

- Zeno

1000 Naga youths will have to wait for some more time to get assistance under the ‘Year of Entrepreneur’ as the government programme has run into trouble due to lack of funds. Sources informed that the youths may have to wait ‘at least’ till April 2012.This is bound to disappoint the youths who are eagerly waiting to start their businesses and have repeatedly been requesting the government to speed up the implementing process. Government sources informed that more fund is needed to support the youths which the governA player of the Youth Association Merepkong (Red Jersey) tackling the ball against Sporting Club Longpa (White Jersey) ment is not in a position to in the last quarter final match at the ongoing XVII MDFA Trophy at Imkongmeren Sports Complex, Mokokchung on Monday, provide right now. DAN g overnment October 24, 2011. Youth Association Merepkong defeated Sporting Club Longpa 1-0. (Imaonen Pongener Photo)

launched the ambitious “Year of Entrepreneur” in April 2010. The scheme was to identify 1000 entrepreneurs, train and later provide financial assistance to set up small, medium and micro enterprises. The chief minister announced a sum of Rs 10 crore for the youths to be used as seed money and the selected entrepreneurs would be assisted in getting the necessary bank loans. However, sources said that banks are not willing to provide loans owing to past experiences of repayment. The seed money is also not sufficient to support 1000 youths. The selected entrepreneurs have already undergone training at Guwahati and Dimapur. They have also submitted their Detailed Project Report

(DPR) to the implementing agency- the Department of Industry and Commerce. But sources in the department said that projections are very high and so the entrepreneurs are likely to get only 15% aid of the total cost of the project. “Some DPRs have projected upto 30 lakh rupees. We don’t have that kind of money,” an officer in the department said. While the selected youths are clearly not satisfied with the delay, some people in the government are also embarrassed about the whole thing. They said that the Cabinet did not take practicalities into account before going ahead with the programme. “It is a very ambitious project…sufficient funds should have been allocated before declaring the Year of Entrepreneur.”

Financial woes may close SC Commission wants definition Ignorant to RTI, WikiLeaks: Assange of corruption expanded Mokokchung falters lONDON, OctOber statement on Monday that New Delhi, OctOIn a communication mission held recently. 24 (aP): WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said on Monday that financial problems may lead to the closure of the secret-spilling site at the end of this year. “If WikiLeaks does not find a way to remove this blockade we will simply not be able to continue by the turn of the New Year,” he said. “If we don’t knock down the blockade we simply will not be able to continue.” WikiLeaks said in a

it would stop publishing for the moment in order to focus on raising funds explaining that the blockade imposed by financial companies including Visa, MasterCard, Western Union and PayPal left it with no choice. The statement says that in order to ensure survival, WikiLeaks must “aggressively fundraise in order to fight back against this blockade and its proponents.”

ber 24 (Pti): The National Commission for Scheduled Castes has suggested expanding the definition of the term corruption in the proposed Lokpal Bill by including issues like non utilisation and diversion of funds from schemes meant for the welfare of STs and SCs. It has also suggested that no judge or the Chief Justice should be eligible for appointment in Lokpal panel if he has “passed adverse judgement on important Dalit issues”.

sent to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Law and Justice and Personnel scrutinising the Lokpal Bill, the Commission is learnt to have said issues like non earmarking of funds under Scheduled Caste sub plan and tribal sub plan in proportion to respective population should also fall under the definition of corruption. The decision to suggest broadening the definition of graft was taken at a meeting of the full Com-

“...Non formulation of schemes exclusively for the benefit of SC, ST; non utilisation of funds; diversion of these funds for schemes other than welfare of SC/ ST, deprivation of rights and safeguards provided in the Constitution and other laws passed by Parliament and state Assemblies and official orders and notifications” be brought ambit under the definition of corruption, the Commission has told the Standing Committee.

NSCN/GPRN to conduct election for Anti-social awareness drive Collective Leadership, Leacy & Tatars DCCI to observe black day on October 29 DimaPur, OctOber 24 (mexN): The NSCN/ GPRN-IM has now an “election commission” and the group is scheduled to have its own “elections” to elect its collective leadership among others. According to a note from “Nagalim election commission,” the “election of leacy and tatars” and the collective leadership of the group would be completed on or before December 20, 2011. The ‘exact date of elec-

tions (voting) would be notified in due time, a note from “chief election commissioner of Nagalim” AZ Jami stated. “The election of the collective leadership will be held during the winter session of the tatar hoho which shall automatically take the place of the national hoho,” the note explained. Explaining the criteria of eligibility, the note said all male NSCN cadres who have rendered “service” for

6 six years all female cadres who have completed 4 years of “service” have the “right to vote.” The “leacy hoho and the tatar hoho” shall stand dissolved before 15 days of the “voting (election)” day, the group’s “chief election commissioner of Nagalim” explained. All the organization’s functionaries, “election commission staff” and “CAOs” are directed to prepare for the ‘election.’ Continued on page 5

DimaPur, OctOber 24 (mexN): As part of its antisocial awareness campaign, business establishments in Dimapur have decided to erect hoardings against extortion, illegal taxation, kidnapping and anti-social activities in and around Dimapur from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. on Saturday, October 29, 2011. This resolution was taken at a consultative meeting of the Naga Council Dimapur, DCCI, Naga Women Hoho Dimapur, GBs’ Association, various civil societies

and churches on October 17. In this regard, a press note issued by Hokivi Chishi, President, Dimapur Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) has directed all the frontalbusinessorganizations (FBO) and members of the business community to compulsorily hoist black flags and place placards in front of their business establishments, and to wear black arm-band as a mark of solidarity towards the awareness campaign on the mentioneddate. Continued on page 5

Limalenden Longkumer

Mokokchung | October 24

The great number of people of Mokokchung seems to be largely ignorant about the Right to Information (RTI) Act, 2005 and the power it endows on the citizen. The RTI Act greatly empowers the citizens, promotes transparency and accountability in the working of the government, checks corruption, and makes democracy work for the people in the real sense of the term. Oddly enough, however, there are no RTI activists of renown in Mokokchung. There are also no NGOs or groups of people dedicated to the cause of RTI movement. Easter Lee, a young entrepreneur based in Mokokchung is one of the very few citizens passionate about the changes that one can bring about in society through RTI activism. She has so far filed more than 50 RTI applications to various governmental departments in Mokokchung. She says she does not know of any RTI activist in Mokokchung. She disclosed that she got the desired information

sought from the authorities but added, “If we go for verification, many a time the answers are not satisfactory.” Since most RTI activists are volunteers and depend on other occupations for their livelihood, their occupations divert their energies and mental resources away from RTI work. “After getting the first information if the answers are not satisfactory, we can appeal but in many cases it doesn’t happen...” explains Easter Lee. She continued, “Usually when I get the information,ItelltheofficersthatI will go for verification. In fact after getting the necessary info, we are supposed to have a public hearing but because of some circumstances we couldn’t have it (public hearing on RTI).” It is now almost 7 years since the RTI Act was enacted but there is no record of a ‘public hearing on RTI’ ever held in Mokokchung. RTI volunteers also face problems, like Easter Lee says, “We have to run around a lot. Though we mention our postal address, the offices prefer to call us to come and collect the information.” Continued on page 5

SBI launches ‘Bank on Discover Nagaland unfolds new experiences for cyclists Wheels’ in Nagaland Emilo Khuving

Kohima | October 24

Morung Express News Dimapur | October 24

State Bank of India has launched an ambitious programme called “Bank on Wheels” in Nagaland with the objective of providebankingservicestounbanked blocks allotted to it in the state of Nagaland. The programme under ‘Financial Inclusion’ project as laid down by Government of India and Reserve Bank of India was launched in six blocks - Noksen (Tuensang district), Tenning (Peren district), Tamlu (Longleng district), Kikruma (Phek district) and Pungro and Sitimi (Kiphire district) blocks, on October 18 last. Briefing mediapersons at SBI Regional office, Dimapur, SBI officials AK Das (AGM), David Kire (chief manager Lead Bank) and TAP Paul (manager RMME), said that out of 196 villages in Nagaland with population over 2000, SBI covers 145 villages.

Out of the total 17 unbanked blocks in Nagaland, SBI has taken up the task of opening branches or business correspondents/business facilitators (BCs/BFs) in six blocks including villages in far-flung areas along the Indo-Myanmar border. AK Das said that the task is expected to be completed by March 31, 2012. The AGM said ‘Bank on Wheels’ consisting of mobile banking van will tour and visit villages in the unbanked blocks and open ‘no frills accounts’ for the villagers. ‘No frills accounts’ are savings bank accounts where customers can open bank accounts with zero balance or by depositing Rs. 50 only. The banks officials also said that besides SBI branches, mobile vans will be provided to NGO partners tied up under a MoU to roll out customer services points (CSPs) in unbanked villages all over the state. Continued on page 5

What started off as an adventure trip slowly unfolded into anoverwhelmingexperience for the two cyclists. Sievituo Solo and Ruokuo Kire began their journey on October 11 2011 and have reached Tuensang last Friday. The explorative trip has given the duo the opportunity to cover many places and has resulted in discoveries of many truths and many heartfelt experiences to share Speaking to Morung Express, Sievituo Solo and Ruokuo Kire said that the hospitality and the kindness of the people aroused strong feelings of appreciation and gratitude. The Journey came as a blessing to them and all their weariness wore off at the sight of the people and their nature. The duo cyclists stated that they were definitely experiencing the truth of life in every move and their determination to discover Nagaland has truly paid off for them. They pointed out that the living condition of the people in the remote places was pathetic. No proper roads connecting the places, no proper infrastructure, no

Sievituo Solo (right) and Ruokuo Kire seen here during their Discover Nagaland tour. The duo has reached Mon today.

proper sanitation, no proper infrastructure in the schools and colleges was a common sight which greeted them in almost all the places that they visited. They said that they became the hope and inspiration of the people, “If I and Ruokuo Kire, can be an inspiration and hope for these people, then the people in position can definitely do a lot for them”, said Solo and opined that they should

practice, not preach. The journey also made the cyclists ponder over certain matters crippling the developmental aspect of eastern Nagaland and they commented that the Special Recruitment Drive is not enough to better the condition of the people. They stated that the few EAC posts will not help them and that the whole thing needs to be revamped. The duo also said

that getting the opportunity to meet those people added zeal to their mission and Peter Rutsa and his team from Nagaland Adventure Club (NAC) accompanied the duo cyclist for six days as rescue team. They were indeed stunned to learn the unmovable determination and willpower of the cyclist. Considering the fact that it was not easy to reach even by cars, Rutsa said the villag-

ers were amazed and proud of them. Still amazed, Rutsa said Solo and Kire declined help from the rescue team even in the middle of the jungle even in the pitiable road condition “they carried the cycle and moved on, they are the stars”, said Rutsa. He maintained that there are countless things to do for the Eastern brothers and sisters. “It’s our time to give, it is time for us to work hard and earn, and so that we can share. I am thankful to those homes that hosted us with the best food accompanied by the widest smile”. His concern echoed loud for the people of Eastern Nagas, He said “it is our time to share and sacrifice what we got and pass it on to the people of Eastern Nagaland, let’s stop being greedy”. The Nagaland Adventure Club (NAC) is supporting all the necessary arrangements at their own resource while the two brothers, Ababe and Capt Rena Ezung are sponsoring the duo. The cyclist along with the NAC team will start off to Mon from Tuensang and is scheduled to complete their journey in the one month time that is 11 November covering all the districts.

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Tuesday 25 October 2011

The Morung Express

PSC agitates at PWD (R&B) Longleng

Dimapur, OctOber 24 (mexN): Phom Students’ Conference (PSC) staged the first day of its agitation begetting the office of PWD (R&B) Longleng on October 24 against the department for non implementation of vide letter No.CE (R&B)/TB/ MISC/2010-11/496 Dt. Kohima the 30th Aug’ 2011. The department have mentioned in the letter that if the contractor’s reasons for slow progress of the works are not genuine the case will be forwarded to the government for cancellation of the work order and blacklist the firm. However, instead the department have served a letter to the office of PSC stating that the contractors will re-

sume the work as the working season is already at hand to which the PSC resented and expressed unsatisfactory and termed it as a sugar-coated words. “Because many times they used to resume their works only when there is a complaint which is their usual tactics of fooling the people,” stated President, PSC in a press note. The note has informed that the next form of indefinite agitation will continue by blocking movement of vehicles along Longleng-Ladigarh NEC road. Medical, security, paramilitary, district administration, and press shall be exempted from the purview of the blockade. Executive Engineer, SDO, JE were absent during the first day of agitation.

absent or insincere in their service and appeals to all the public of the area to give full co-operation toward the Department. Further, SASU in the note stated that the GMS Seyochung has been functioning with only one teacher for more than a decade and the students’ has suffered a lot for many years. The students at Seyochung Village have large number of enrolment but, due to the shortage of teachers, the school cannot function smoothly. It informed that the Education Department transferred back R.P Singh and Litsase Sangtam both government teachers to their original posting at Seyochung Village. “Understanding the sufferings of the children by the concern department and gave us back our teachers is worth praising,” stated SASU and hoped that their coming back will do a great help for students and looks

ATMA Peren orientation prog held

Members of Phom Students’ Conference stage agitation begetting the office of PWD (R&B) Longleng on October 24.

forward for a changes in the educational sector at Seyochung Village. Further, the note also mentioned that GHS Seyochung which is also been functioning with no Head master/Assistant Head Master for three to four years has now been appointed new Head master and Assistant Head Master. SASU expressed hope that with the appointment of this experienced and learned Teachers the GHS Seyochung will bring laurel in the area. Meanwhile, the SASU while appreciating the Education Department for showing more concern on education sector to the most remotest part of the State would also like to appeal for construction of GHS Seyochung, as the School building which was build for more than 30 years back is on the verge of collapse, and therefore to kindly look into this matter at the earliest.

Our Correspondent Kohima | October 24

Lalit Kala Academy, (LKA) Advisor, North East, US Tiwari said, LKA will tap the rich traditional Art of North East which will give good impetus to promote art and also ‘our’ export. The five days Regional Art Workshop, organized by state department of Art & Culture in collaboration of Lalit Kala Academy concluded on October 21. While briefing media persons at The Heritage Kohima, the advisor had said North East Region remained out of focus in the field of Art for long time; however he said it has reached its new Horizon through the vision of LKA. Appreciating the participants (Artists) from various state for showcasing the talents and potentials at the Regional artist work-

shop, he said the artist can do a wonder in the Art world that, through their works, the new generation will be aware of what art is. Tiwari asserted that Art moment started very late in the North East which is why it still remains below the standard to compete with the rest of the councils. Witnessing the wonder works of the artist, Tiwari was very appreciative and confident that the participant artists are not far away to compete with the rest of India and that “it just needs a great deal of perseverance to sustain”. He also suggested that the department of Art & Culture should take the artist outside the state to visit the Art Centre experiencing the colour combinations of the other artists. Tiwari also addressed the artists to avail the scholarship that is available of line

sponsored by LKA. Sharing her experience, professor Manjula (a participant), who is said to be teaching painting for the last 33 years, said the workshop has strengthened the bond of friendship by sharing the ideas in Arts. She opined that Nagaland requires Art Gallery, State Academy, and College of Arts & Crafts in the state capital adding that the workshop has enriched all the participants and artists. It was mentioned that 17 Artists from Madhya Pradesh, Manipur, Orissa, Bihar, Gujarat, Assam, Indore, Bhopal and five artists from Nagaland took part in the five days workshop. Tiwari expressed his contentment over the last stay and thanked the department of Art and culture for extending warm hospitality to the entire guest.

34th SASRD foundation day observed


The Indian Dental Association, Nagaland Branch (Mokokchung Unit) conducted a free dental camp for the inmates of the District Hospital Mokokchung on Saturday, October 22, 2011. A team of seven doctors (six dental specialists and one medical surgeon) examined the thirty-seven inmates and gave away free medicines to those inmates needing it. The team was led by Dr N Moa Jamir. The Mokokchung District Jail authorities expressed heartfelt gratitude to the doctors for conducting the free medical camp and rendering yeomen service in the society. (Morung Photo)

NPF Dimapur Division convention on Oct 26 Dimapur, OctOber 24 (mexN): NPF Dimapur Division will hold its general convention on October 26, 2011 in the Division Office, Landmark, PWD Colony, Dimapur at 10:00 am. A press note issued by Timir Choudury, vice-president, i/c. Media, NPF Dimapur Division informed all the Division Office Bearers, Women Wing, Youth Wing, farmers Wing and Minority Wing, and all the five Assembly Constituency Office Bearers and exNPF candidates to attend positively. All Dimapur based NPF Central office bearers are invited to attend the function. The note mentioned that MP (Rajya Sabha) Nagaland Khekiho Zhimomi, Azheto Zimomi, MLA, Legislator i/c. Dimapur Division and T.L. Merry, Vice President, NPF Central, i/c. NPF Dimapur Division will address the meeting.

PHC highlight plights of ‘Nagaland requires art gallery health centre in Seyochung and college of arts ad crafts’

Dimapur, OctOber 24 (mexN): The Seyochung Area Students’ Union (SASU) has stated that the PHC Seyochung Town has been functioning with no doctor/pharmacist etc for many years, which has caused many precious lives in the past years. A press note issued by A. Lipise Jing’er, vice-president, SASU said that it was a long cherished dream of the Seyochung area people to have medical Officer at PHC Seyochung. It therefore shared deepest appreciation to the Director, Health & Family welfare for appointing Dr. T.Y Apila Sangtam as Medical Officer (NRHM) at PHC Seyochung Town and detachment of Dr. Kumar from ART Centre, Kiphire. Meanwhile, the SASU also warns of initiating necessary action to any incumbent appointed against PHC Seyochung if found

MEx File


Dimapur, OctOber 24 (mexN): The Alumni award 2011 of NU: SASRD (erstwhile NEHU: College of Agriculture) was presented during the 34th SASRD foundation day on October 20 at SASRD auditorium. The award which carries a cash amount of rupees 10,000 and a certificate was awarded to Nagato K. Aye for securing an OGPA of 8.67 in a scale of 10.00. N Jacob Yanthan President ASASRD highlighted about the association which was formed on June 15. This award is for B. Sc (Agri) Topper Degree programme which started in the year 2003. Having vision for moral booster, support and encouragement for the younger generation in the field of Agriculture stream with a Motto: Quest for knowledge in the service of people. A team of alumni members from Mizoram led by

Alumni members of NU: SASRD during the 34th SASRD foundation day on October 20.

Dr. Elizabeth Saipari, Jt. Director, Department of Horticulture, Government of Mizoram who also was the Guest of honour attended the programme and gave away the award. Special features of the programme included the ‘Foundation day Lecture’ delivered by Dr. Akali Sema, Director CIH: MoA, Government of India on the topic ‘Cli-

mate Change and Agriculture’ and launching of the Alumni website. The programme started with an invocation by Dr. L Dirhii and was chaired by the Dean, NU:SASRD, Prof. RC Nayak. Special numbers were presented by the representatives of the students union and Tiarenla Jamir. The programme was attended by Alumni mem-

bers, local administration, representatives of 20th Assam rifles, besides faculty, staff and students. The day long programme culminated with a grand variety show programme sponsored by the Alumni Association of SASRD where the student participants showcased their talents and competed for attractive prizes.



ADMISSION NOTICE Admission started for 2 months course Spoken Language in: 1. English 2. Hindi 3. Tenyidie 4. Ao 5. Korean • Minimum qualification : Matriculate • Prepaid fee : Rs. 2000/- for the whole course (2 months) • Weekdays : Monday - Friday • Time : 2:30 pm to 4:00pm • Commencement of class : 1st Nov 2011 Drop by for Admission form during Office hours (best time: 11 am- 2 pm). Director Institute of World Languages (Opp. Axis Bank Kohima) Nagaland Kohima.

Election office Mon informs Dimapur, OctOber 24 (mexN): The President/ Secretary of all recognized political party under Mon district are informed that a joint meeting of all political party would be held on October 27, 2011 at the conference hall of Deputy Commissioner, Mon at 12:00 noon. A press note issued by S. Hongpi Konyak, DPRO, Mon stated that in this connection, Additional Deputy Commissioner & Electoral Registration Officer, Mon Kuko Mero has requested to delegate at least five representative to the meeting led by respective party president & Secretary positively.

Electro Roll Observer visits Dimapur Dimapur, OctOber 24 (Dipr): State Electro Roll Observer and Secretary DUDA, TC Sangtam visited Dimapur district and held an interaction with the members of the District Election machinery and various political parties in the district at the office chamber of the Deputy commissioner Dimapur on October 24. TC Sangtam, who has been appointed as observer for the district of Kohima, Dimapur, Peren and Pughoboto Sub Division said that the purpose of his two-day visit to Dimapur is to assist in case of any lapses on electoral process in the district. He added that he would personally visit all the five constituencies in the districts and interact with the Booth Level Officers (BLOs) while inspecting some of the designated polling station.

KGSTH 4th general conference Dimapur, OctOber 24 (mexN): Kuhuboto Ghakhu Sumi Totimi Hoho 4th general conference will be held on November 2, 2011 at Hoito Village, with the theme “Women upliftment in our Society”. A press note issued by Kashini H. Swu, President of KGSTH stated that Vihuli S. Zhimomi, President WSTH will be the speaker. All the Local STH, GB’s, V.C.C under Kuhuboto Area are cordially invited to attend the program.

Children’s conference meet


Ura Academy

pereN, OctOber 24 (mexN): ATMA Peren district organised orientation programme for the second phase of farmer’s friend on October 18 at ATMA Meeting hall Jalukie town. In the programme Mapeuheile Ndang, SMS delivered welcome address and Imti Walling, BTM, gave short speech. Akam Zeliang, Dy. Project Director lauded the role and function of Farmers Friend and to perform their role effectively and sincerely. The programme ended with vote of thanks by Lungzeuna, Accountant-cum- clerk.



The Changtongya Senso Telongjem Kohima, would like to congratulate and honour Mr. Imotemsu S/o Imkongnukba of Changtongya, presently working as Director, The Global Open University Nagaland (TGOUN) for successful completion of the course requirements for the award of the degree of Ph.D. in Science with Law (Environmental Law) for the award of the said degree for his thesis “BIOLOGICAL DIVERSITY ACT, 2002: APPLICATION AND IMPACT IN NAGALAND – A CASE STUDY”, on 13th October 2011. He did his research under the kind Research Guidance of Prof. L.K. Jha, (External guide), (former Dean, School of Forestry and Earth Sciences and HOD of Forestry) Department of Environmental Studies, NEHU, Shillong and Prof. Dr. A. Lakshiminath (Internal Guide), Vice Chancellor, Chanakya National Law University (CNLU), Patna. It maybe mentions here that, Dr. Imotemsu is a pioneer among the Nagas to achieve Doctorate of Law. May God almighty grand him success and prosperity in his future Endeavour. Limatemsu Jamir Secretary

Dimapur, OctOber 24 (mexN): The second preparatory meeting of Kohima Sunday School Superintendent for Children’s Conference organize by King’s Kids International (YWAM) along with NBCC in January 5 to 7, 2012 will be held on October 29, 2011 at NBCC Conference Hall at 2:00 pm. A press note issued by Evangeline Odyuo, Secretary, Education & Communication therefore informed all Kohima Churches S.S Superintendents to attend the meeting.

Management Fest of St. Joseph’s College held Dimapur, OctOber 24 (mexN): St. Joseph’s College, Jakhama, B.B.A Department conducted 2nd Annual Management Fest 2011 with Dr. Hovital Sothu, State Coordinator, ATI Disaster Management, as the guest of the day. A press note by Vishito Kunlu, Lecturer, St. Joseph’s College, stated that Dr. Hovital Sothu encouraged the students on the opportunities of business in Nagaland. He also emphasized on ‘competing against situation’ and to identify one’s core competency and change the playing field to suit the competency. I t was further mentioned that the students presented on topics like CWG Scam; SEZ(Special Economic Zone); 2G Scam; Lokpal Bill; Lokayukta Mining Scam and Women Reservation Bill. Students also participated in Extempore Speech, Business Quiz, Debate, Pick and Act and Mime Act.

SRPUD Ahuna 2011 Dimapur, OctOber 24 (mexN): The Satoi Range Public Union Dimapur (SRPUD) is going the celebrate Ahuna 2011 on November 14, 2011 at the residence of Phushika Aomi, ex-president NSF at Thilixu block 1V Dimpur at 10:00 am. A press note issued by Phukato, president and Khevishe, general secretary SRPUD stated that Kaito G Aye, Minister Road and Bridges will grace the Ahuna 2011 festival as chief guest and Kaiho Zhimomi, ex-president will speak on the topic of Ahuna Festival. SRPUD will also hold a general body meeting on October 29, 2011 at 9:00 am at the Banker residence LRC colony. Therefore, all the members are requested to come for the Ahuna 2011 and said GBM meeting without fail.

Rotary Club of Dimapur and Rotaract Club of Dimapur in a joint effort distributed utensils, set of steel plate, glass and bucket in form of relief material to the entire 174 families of Master Colony, Kuda Village on October 23 where their houses and belonging were burnt down to ashes in an inferno that took place on October 18.



The Morung Express

Nagaland to observe Badhte Kadam today Our Correspondent Kohima | October 24

NagalaNd will joiN the rest of the country in observing Badhte Kadam 2011 on october 25. The flagging off service will take place from 11:00 aM at The Heritage, old dC Bungalow, Kohima with Chief Secretary lalthara as the chief guest and Norman Putsure, secretary social welfare and bamboo mission as the guest of honour. The programme will be witnessed among others like; message from National institute of Mentally Handicapped Secunderabad, testimony, short speeches, special number, dance, puppet show etc.

Meet on ‘Biometric enrolment process’

Dimapur, OctOber 24, (mexN): in regard to biometric enrolment process, the dimapur Municipal Council held a meeting with the entire colony gBs under the jurisdiction of dMC at its conference hall on october 24, 2011. The meeting was led by imtirenla jamir, Chief Executive officer, dMC. during the meeting, dMC officials informed the gBs about the importance of biometric enrolment and urged them to assist the dMC for conducting the enrolment smoothly.

IMFL seized

KOhima, OctOber 24: (mexN): The Excise duty party at the check gate under the command of akum, aiE seized a total of 272 number of cane beer, 157 bottles of Rum, 36 bottles of whisky, 36 bottles of gin an 36 bottle of beer during the period from 17-23 october. The arrested persons were penalized under NdPS act 89 and the seized articles deposited in the Malkhana. This has been brought to notice by Superintendent of excise & Prohibition, Kohima.

CKSU election postponed on 29 Oct

KOhima, OctOber 24: (mexN): The general Election of the Kohima Chakhesang Students’ Union (CKSU) scheduled to be held on 22 oct is postponed to 29 october due to unavoidable circumstances. its union Speaker Hiweku Mebou and president dode Nakro said directed all the unit representatives and intending candidates to contact KCSU officials and the election commission for any queries. Meanwhile the KCSU had unanimously appointed Thupukutho lohe, Shepo Hesuh and Khrope as the election Commissioner and member respectively to conduct the forth coming KCSU general Election.


KOhima, OctOber 24 (mexN): The members of all Nagaland Power department Meter Reader and Bill assistant association tender moral support for the genuine cause of demand, demanded by the all Nagaland Electricity Field workers association which included demand for regularizing 381 worked-charged, for filling the unfulfilled vacancies for enhancement of risk allowance of worked charged from Rs. 50/- to Rs. 300/- identical with the regular employees and for enhancement of uniform allowance from Rs. 500/- to Rs. 700. its association vice president Temsu longkumer joint secretary Ruokuovituo in a press release stated that “we are a part and parcel of the same and therefore, as a matter of our bounded duty and responsibility”, declaring that in any circumstances, the association shall stand together with the members of the all Nagaland Electricity Field workers association in their fight for the genuine causes and face any eventualities together. it added that in a social welfare state where government is the mentor and guarantor of Rights of its citizens, it is expected that the government will take serious note to fulfill the genuine demands raised by the all Nagaland electricity Field workers association at the fastest possible span of time for it is well settled that justice denied is delayed.

NCCW tour to Aizawl

KOhima, OctOber 24 (mexN): The Nagaland Council for Child welfare led by atula jamir and lilon limichhane, both teachers in the Highland Hall School, Naga United Village, dimapur are proceeding with six children to aizawl to attend National learn to live Together Camp from october 31- November 5. its general secretary issued press release stating that the objective of the Camp is a National integration sponsored by the iCCw, New delhi where dancing, singing, physical exercise, group interaction, cultural programme and lectures by resource persons and sight-seeing will be the main events. The participants are Veselu Puro, Rokoviü, Sashiaküm, Zojamo Kikon, Tohanba, Raizune.

KSUD executive session on Oct 26

Ramakrishnan IAS secretary to the governor of Nagaland speaking at TGOUN Dimapur on Monday. (Morung photo)

galand, secretary to the governor of Nagaland, Ramakrishnan iaS said he had MENTioNiNg aBoUT noticed that Naga youths HiS 13 years of stay in Na- have the strength and poMorung Express News


tential to excel in every field and urged them to believe in their abilities and remain focused on the goal. He was speaking as the chief guest at the annual social (Freshers’ cum parting social) of The global open University Nagaland (TgoUN) at dimapur on Monday. at present, TgoUN dimapur offers regular courses in B.Sc Hotel Management and BBa Fashion designing. Ramakrishnan noted that Nagas have been making names in the field of fashion and designing and encouraged the students of TgoUN to be dedicated and continue to work hard even as they

The NPCC said it complied with ‘specific instruction’ given by the president of all india Mahila Congress to elect a new president/team in place of those who have served for more than 5 years. The NPCC leadership had projected the incumbent NPMCC president ‘without any malicious intention’ and ‘constitutionally, once the designated head is removed/ replaced whether by election or appointment the previous committee or body stands automatically dissolved,’ jamir said. “it is constitutional that the outgone team smoothly paves the way for the formation of a new team without any obstruction. Hence the question of any former official resigning from the dissolved committee does not arise in the new set up,” the Congress leadership said.

Calling the criticism “unfortunate” that “instead of sharing the grievances with appropriate authority or in party platform the matter was thrown out into the street thoughtlessly.” This is “unbecoming on the part of senior Congress leaders, particularly from someone who was given opportunity to serve as NPMCC president for about 17 years,” the NPCC said. otherwise, the NPCC added, it “fully appreciate and respect the sentiments of the aggrieved mahila members who have at the same time demonstrated their enthusiasm that given opportunity they could work more potentially.” ‘Congress is a big family wherein every able member can be accommodated according to the principle of right man/woman, right place,’ the NPCC added.

Naga wrestling champ tenders apology Army recruitment Dimapur, OctOber 24 (mexN): The Naga wrestler, Surhoneyi Soho of Phek village tendered a public apology with regards to the incident at Pfutsero Town on 17th october which was published in the local dailies. He apologised to everyone concerned of his condemning act and the inhuman behaviour and for the condemnation note carried in local dailies of 20, 22 and 24 oct issue respectively, He stated that his act had disturbed the peaceful atmosphere of Pfutsero town and

that he had dishonoured the image of leshemi community, the village of his “engaged wife”. He further stated unconditional apology to leshemi Community, to his “engaged wife” and family and a man belonging to leshemi Community, with whom he shared harsh words. He also apologized to the denizens of Pfutsero town, Chakhesang wrestling association for dragging the name of association in condemnation note, Phek Village and Soho Clan for dragging the name in

condemnation note. He also pronounced his apology to leshemi Youth organization, leshemi Sub-Society Pfutsero Town, Pfutsero Town Mothers association. He expressed his gratitude to everyone for the healthy condemnation of his act and thereby paving the way for him to continue his assignment with more commitment and dedication. He also pointed out that he has resolved not to repeat the act and would rather be loyal citizen of the community.

Modalities for relief worked out mOKOKchuNg, OctOber 24 (Dipr): district level committee constituted to work out modalities for disbursement of relief sanctioned by the state government to the victims of Mokokchung incident that occurred in august 2003 met in the deputy Commissioner’s conference Hall on 24th october 2011. The seven member-Committee headed by d.C Mokokchung, lihrongla g. Chishi deliberated on the criteria to be followed and decided that the following documents should be produced by the victims: a letter of identification from the Hoho president (Non aos); Certificate of authentication from the chairman, village Council/ward

chairman; Recent Pass port photograph of the victim or the authorized person; all the victims belonging to the ao community should obtain certificate from their concerned chairman, village Council; and, the shop owners should obtain certificate from the Mokokchung Municipal Council. other members of the Committee who attended the meeting are l.Bendang lemtur, SP Mokokchung, l. Sashi longchar, Executive Engineer (Housing), P.i imna ao, Executive Engineer (R&B), Bendang jamir, Coordinaor MMC, lendinokdang, President ao Senden and Nungsangmenla imchen, Sdo (C) Mokokchung.

NBCC youth annual session cum triennial conference concludes

Dimapur, OctOber 24 (mexN): The Post graduate Students Union, Nagaland University (PgSU), lumami had apologize to the chief medical officer Nagaland University, medical fraternity and the Naga public in general for vandalizing the University Health center at Nagaland University lumami during 2010-2011 . in a press statement issued by Bohoto Y awomi , it was stated that the deeply PgSU deeply regretted for the damage and gave the assurance to all the concerned that henceforth, no such incident would take place in the future.


rally from Nov 8

Dimapur, OctOber 24 (mexN): all the unmarried male candidates from all districts of Nagaland and Manipur are called for an army open Recruitment Rally to be held at local football ground Zakhama from November 8 to 18. Rajeev dong, wing Commander , deputy director, Rajya Sainik Board, govt of Nagaland stated in a press release that there will be an for Soldier general duty category, candidate should be Class Eight pass and born between 8th November 1990 and 8th May 1994. For Soldier (Clerk/Store Keeper/ Technical/Nursing assistant) category, candidate should be Class Twelve pass (any stream) with 50% aggregate marks and born between 08 Nov 1988 and 08 May 1994. it was also stated that the reporting time is 6 aM every day. detailed advertisements will soon be released in the local dailies. For further details, the candidates are requested to contact directorate of Sainik welfare and Resettlement, Top Floor old Secretariat Complex, opposite Congress Bhavan Kohima, during office working hours.

Dimapur, OctOber 24 (mexN): gorkha organizations are unhappy with a number of resolutions said to have been taken by organization called ‘dimapur gorkha Union’ on october 18. gorkha organizations, from clubs to Panchayats and committees across dimapur issued a joint statement today rejecting the said dimapur gorkha Union. in the statement, the gorkha civil organizations have demanded from the union response and clarification over a number of queries. These include the source of authority that mandated the union to impose “ban” on other gorkha unions and whether the union has at all the mandate of other gorkha unions to impose such ‘bans.’ The organizations have also demanded to know if the so-called dimapur gorkha Union has the mandate of all the gorkha citizens of dimapur. The organizations have warned the said union and its president to come up with clarification within 7-days, from the date of the publication of this statement, without fail. Further, the organizations have demanded to know who or which unions that are collecting funds, which of them are misusing

government assistance and who the complainants are. Clarification to these queries must be publically made through the Media so action can be initiated to cleanse the image of the gorkha in the eyes of the public the organizations said. The organizations also denounced what they alleged is the highhandedness of one deepak lama, ‘self-styled chairman’ of the “disciplinary action committee” of the dgU who ‘masterminded the arrest and manhandling of one Shibu BK, president of the gorkha Youth Club of dimapur and also abusing some gorkha elders on october 18. The said lama is also said to have a “dubious record” of assault. He allegedly assaulted one ganesh dahal in 2009 and members of the gorkha Elders’ Forum in May, 2011. The said deepak lama is misusing his connections with a “certain political party” to flex his muscles, the organization said. The gorkha Elders’ Forum, gorkha Youth Club, Chumukedima gorkha Union, Nepali Mandir Committee, gorkha Public Panchayat, Nepali Bosti Village Council, gorkha Pariwar and CgSU appended the statement.

Dearest Avolu As your birth day falls on October 25, wishing u happiness and all success in your journey of life with me. -Chizs

V.J’S COACHING CENTRE D.C.Court Road, Duncan: Dimapur

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Dr.R.R. Das MD DM (Neurology) from Guwahati will be available for consultation on 28th and 29th October 2011. Patients requiring consultation may contact the reception for registration. For registration, please contact the Reception. 03862-224117, 231864,227337

Lost Notice of Migration Certificate Name: Rosemary E. Mozhui F/Name: Ekyimo Mozhui Roll No.: A 070809 Regd. No.: 31045008 of 2006-07 DOB: 10-09-1988

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Underdeveloped Area Director notify

PGSU apologizes to CMO, NU

cultivate inner qualities respecting core values. He said external qualities were not the only requirements to achieve something in life but that inner qualities and strength was important. He urged the students to choose not to be distracted but remain focused and become role models for others. Ramakrishnan also urged the students to demonstrate their social responsibilities by taking care of the needy people around them. Earlier, dr. K. C. Murry oSd delivered the welcome address. The students presented several entertainment items during the programme.

NPCC unhappy over Mahila members’ media protest Dimapur, OctOber 24 (mexN): The leadership of the Nagaland Congress unit is unhappy that members of its women wing took to airing their displeasure about the appointment of a new Mahila (women) wing president in the Media. Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) president Si jamir issued a note today in response to comments in the Media from women Congress workers who expressed “humiliation” at the unit appointing a ‘junior most’ member to head the wing. jamir said the NPCC is “dismayed with the manner some former office bearers of the Nagaland Pradesh Mahila Congress Committee have irrationally reacted to the appointment of a new NPMCC president, who is appointed by none other than Smt Sonia gandhi, the president of aiCC.”

KOhima, OctOber 24 (mexN): The executive session of the Khiamniungan Students’ Union, dimapur (KSUd) will be held on october 26 at the treasurer’s resident at 9:00 am. a press note issued by its general secretary, K. Shongmao requested all the Khiamniungan Students of dimapur studying above class-10 in various schools and colleges to attend the meeting positively. The union further notified that students failing to attend the said session will be dealt strictly according to the resolution laid down by KSUd.

KOhima, OctOber 24 (mexN): The beneficiaries of Special grant given by the department of Underdeveloped areas for backward tribe students of Mon, Tuensang, longleng and Kiphire for the year 2009-10 are informed those beneficiaries, who have not yet collected the second installment despite several reminders should do so on or before october 30. director, Underdeveloped area, alan gongmei in a press release has notified the beneficiaries that this will be the final notice and if the grant is not collected within the stipulated time, it will be deemed forfeited and utilized as per the guidelines.


civil society ‘Naga youths have potential to excel’ Gorkha warns Gorkha “union”

Registration for Tech Aura 2011 from today

Dimapur, OctOber 24 (mexN): The convenor of Tech aura 2011, Menyawongto has informed in a press note that the registration for Tech aura 2011 will start from october 25. interested students can register their names online – or can be done offline bu collecting the forms available at the university – School of Engg & Technology, dc Court junction.


25 October 2011

Members of ABAM delegation presenting special number during the concluding service.

Dimapur, OctOber 24 (mexN): The Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC), youth department 27th annual session cum triennial conference was held from october 21 to 23 under the theme “being rooted in the world” (Colossians 2:7). The event was hosted by the western Sumi Baptist akukuhou Kuqhakulu (wSBaK), at its Mission Centre, akuvuto, Thahekhu. The three days conference was marked by various events including workshops, meetings, Bible exposition and competitions. The openingmessagewasdeliveredbyRev.jeffery alan dieselberg, Pastoral Supervisor, Nightlight Bangkok. The other speakers were Rev. dr. Kavito Zhimo, Principal, Trinity Theological, dimapur and lianasanti Keyho, lecturer, oriental Theological Seminary. dr. l. anjo Keikung, general Secretary, NBCC, was the speaker for the closing service. workshop of various topics were conducted during the course of the confer-

ence resource persons of the workshops were james longkumer, lecturer, oTS; Rev. jeffery alan dieselberg; Neichete doulo, CEo, Entrepreneur associates; dr. Hukato Shohe, academic dean, TTC and dr. jamedi longkumer, associate Professor, govt. gollege dimapur. altogether 20 church associations and two associate members participated in the conference. Meanwhile on the last day, the installation of new office Bearers for the next term was done. The team of officials was inducted- Vicavor Krose as President, Vice President Poangba Konyak, Recorder Hoinu Hangsing, assistant Recorder M.H Tep, and Er. Chingato Kath, Chiten Yaden as member-at-large. The convener of publicity and information committee Rev. Helkat, on behalf of the wSBaK and NBCC has thanked all those who are responsible for the grand success of the conference.

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local/public discoursE

25 October 2011

Two-days health mela held at Phek district

surgeries (excision), five lap ligation, and six IUCD (copper-T) were inserted. Free medicines, condoms and contraceptive pills were also provided. IEC (Information Education Communication) materials on health issues were also distributed through pamphlets, leaflets, posters and magazines. The health mela was convened by Dr. L. Watikala CMO Phek, and Co-Convenor by Dr. Imnapokim, Dy. Medical Superintendant Phek. The members present were Dr. P Tia Medical Superintendant Phek, Dr. CW Tungoe Dy.CMO Phek, Dr. Khriezotuo Paphino DIO, Dr. Neisakho DPO (NVBDCP) District Program Manager Phek, Dy MEIO and media officer, Phek.

Dimapur, OctOber 24 (mexN): District Health Society Phek conducted two days health mela at Town Hall Phek on October 11 and 12. The mela was graced by Mikha Lomi Deputy Commissioner Phek. The patients were treated by Dr. Azo Louis, Gynecologist DHP, Dr. Imnapokim, Ophthalmologist DHP, Dr. Visitsolie Vupru, Orthopaedician, Dr. Dwalie AYUSH, Dr. V.Tetseo, Dental, Dr.Ruben Semy, Dental, Dr.Vetsolou, Medical Officer, Dr. Mulusato Medical Officer and other health workers. A press note mentioned that a total of 332 patients from different villages under Phek District were treated on different health diseases where two eye surgeries, seven minor

Career guidance prog essential for students

Dimapur, OctOber 24 (mexN): With the world advancing supersonically, propelled by competitive spirit in knowledge and technology, one cannot but be prepared. As students, getting molded and nurtured for the future, it is crucially important to take every opportunity to get enhanced in all round development and growth. Recognizing one’s interest and talent conglomerated with the ability and capability as students is, therefore, inevitable, stated a press note issued by Model Christian College (MCC) Principal Anthony V. Richa. Keeping this need of the hour in mind, Model Christian College in collaboration with the University of Technology and Management, Meghalaya, organized a career guidance programme for the students of the College and Model Higher Secondary School. The resource persons were Virendra Gupta (Head of Admission and Enrolment, Delhi Campus of the University) and Nermit Sharma (Senior Executive Member of the University). The resource persons highlighted the different courses offered by their university. Gupta stressed on the scope of various courses of study; emphasizing that student should be focused depending on their interest and talent. He also highlighted the lower cut-off percentile for the north-eastern students besides the availability of scholarships if any individual intends to pursue higher studies, both undergraduate and post-graduate, in their university. With the latest and the most essential courses offered like could technology, sports management etc, at an affordable reach of the students for the course of study, the university also offered themselves towards helping and guiding the students if any further needs arise especially in terms future career.

BIRTHDAY GREETING Dear Apuza, We wish you a very happy and sweet birthday. May you have a sweet and joyful long life ahead. We love you, Kumty (Kopo) & Sungit (Bono)

The Morung Express

Rejoinder to the statement of Engineer-in-Chief Dr. Er. Vikuotuolie Angami


he Engineer-in-Chief PWD Nagaland Er. Vikuoltuolie mentioned his name as “Dr. Er. Vikuotuolie Angami Ph.D Engineer-in-Chief, NPWD” more than six times in his rejoinder as a decorative title, but as for the Nagaland Government Registered Class-I Contractors’ Union(NGRC-I CU), we have decided to address him as ‘Er. Vikuotuolie’ for the sake of saving space in its reply to his rejoinder published in local dailies on 22nd Oct, 2011. Er. Vikuotuolie in his statement wrote that he does not believe in paper war but at the same time has asked the Union to immediately clarify to the public otherwise he is ready to go to any Court to sue the NGRC-I CU Office Bearers for defamation and therefore the Union is compelled to issue this rejoinder in the form of clarification which Er. Vikuotuolie had demanded from the NGRC1CU. Er. Vikuotuolie stated that good or bad, face to face discussion with clarity and sound mind is a must in our Naga Society. Towards this endeavour the Union has already clarified with full documentary evidences in regard to favoritism shown by himself and the PWD(NH) officials towards the global firm namely M/s Maytas & Gayatri(JV) in a meeting convened by him on 17th Oct, 2011 in front of Apex NGO’s of Nagaland, senior officials of NPWD. Being the host of the meeting, instead of behaving with a sound mind, Er. Vikuotuolie resorted to shouting and reprimanding the NGRC-1CU at the top of his voice which reverberated throughout the PWD housing office complex and all the office surroundings. With this unbecoming reproofs, one member of our Union stood up and requested Er. Vikuotuolie to kindly lower down the pitch and tone of his voice and also reminded him that he is addressing his speech in front of the apex NGO’s of Nagaland, to which Er. Vikuotuolie retorted and said, it is his wish and that he is capable of such reprimanding when he is angry and that, it was he who has called for the said meeting and that if the interrupting member does not want to bear his reprimands, he may leave the room. With one member leaving the room, all other NGRC-1CU left the meeting. As for the use of demeaning and abusive words which Er. Vikuotuolie accused Kezhokhoto Savi the Union legal advisor, the Union prefer to leave it to the authentic and untampered video recording if it is not already tampered by now. There are evidences and witnesses of Apex NGO’s, PWD officials, NGRC-1CU and NCSU contractors who were all present on the day of the meeting called by Engineer in Chief. Shri. Kezhokhoto Savi, Advocate is not only the legal advisor of NGRC1CU but also the President of the Nagaland Voluntary Consumers’ Organisation(NVCO) and a social activist who has been voicing out prejudice and unjust actions of the Government and public alike in our society. He has nothing to gain for himself by doing this but has been a voice of conscious for the welfare of the entire society. In the present case, he stood to expose exploitation and prejudice which met to the local contractors by the officials of PWD(NH) which is indirectly going against the welfare of the people of the state. The NGRC-1CU encourage the public to see the video shoot taken by the Engineerin-Chief which should not be tampered as it would amount to foul play. What Kezhokhoto Savi said, are all on the video recordings and it is best to let the public see and judge for itself, instead of misleading the public through media anymore ! As the disc of video recording arranged by Er. Vikuotuolie is ‘for sale’ as published by him , the Union wishes him all the best in this business venture of the sale of the said video and also assure him that the NGRC-1CU is committed to buy them in very good numbers and would like to know where the video recordings can be made available, whether at his home or his office or in the market. Er.Vikuotuolie’s claim of his truthfulness, obedience and full integrity is left to the public

and the state government particularly when the investigating agency/authority/Vigilance department still have not made public the past cases of Er. Vikuotuolie which it should publish for the interest of justice. Er. Vikuotuolie was never in the picture as far as in the news item published by the Union on 24.08.2011. Er. Vikuotuolie even stated that necessary preparation of papers & issue of M/s Maytas & Gayatri(JV) and that of M/s Meenakshi Pvt Ltd were all done by the Chief Engineer, PWD(NH) Er. Peter Solo and Er. Krosü Rhetso the then SE, NH-I and that he has absolutely no knowledge about the issue of awarding abnormally High rates to Gayatri and Maytas JV and the abnormally low rates to Meenakshi Pvt Ltd on NH-61 and the difference of 40%, in the issue of work in the above two contract works tendered by the same ministry ie MORT&H and PWD(NH) because no papers or documents had been put up to him as Engineer-in-Chief NPWD even for information. If Er. Viketuolie is the Head of 4(four) Directorates viz; Chief Engineer, PWD(R&B), CE(National Highways), CE(Housing) and CE(Mechanical) why is he washing his hands where there is legal charges already framed against his department. Being the Engineer in Chief, he has to shoulder the total responsibilities of technical manipulations perpetuated by his junior officials. Unlike Er.Vikuotuolie’s meeting held on 17th Oct 2011, the NGRC-I CU attended a very decent and cordial meeting convened by the Commissioner & Secretary to the Govt. of Nagaland, department of Works & Housing on 19.10.2011 during which the Union legal advisor, Shri. Kezhokhoto Savi, Advocate made the same presentation as done earlier before Er. Vikuotuolie on 17th Oct 2011. All detailed explanations in support with relevant documents were presented on behalf of the Union with its three point legitimate demand to the Government of Nagaland as follows: (i) to bring down the rates awarded @ 21.74% above the NPWD 2010 Scheduled of Rates given to Maytas & Gayatri(JV) to be brought at par with the NPWD 2010 Scheduled of Rates, since no such rates were ever given or acceded to any contractors upto date in the history of PWD(NH). Infact if an enquiry is set up on the past bidding episodes of the PWD(Road and Bridge Department), actual recommendations made by the concerned authorities can be clearly understood by the public at large of the discrimination and exploitation of the departmental authorities towards contractors of Nagaland. (ii) to verify and justify why the Chief Engineer, PWD(NH) & SE(NH) in the same nature of work & specification at the same time where the rates @18.51% below NPWD SOR2008 was awarded to the firm M/s Meenakshi Pvt. Ltd of Hyderabad of the work NH-61 was manipulated without valid submission of financial bid which was approved by the Chief Engineer PWD (NH) and SE PWD(NH) and M/s Maytas & Gayatri(JV) were awarded contract @21.74% above the NPWD SOR 2010 and (iii) to let the principle contractor work with equal treatment given to other local indeginous contractors of the state and to come and work by themselves instead of filtering down the major part of the funds meant for actual development on the ground to middleman. The NGRC-I CU in its emergency meeting held at Hotel Tragopan again at Dimapur on Oct 23rd, 2011 after seeing the rejoinder of Er. Vikuotuolie, instead genuinely acknowledged the tremendous services rendered by its legal advisor Shri. Kezhokhoto Savi both to the Union and the Naga society and who is still relentlessly working for the welfare of justice for the Naga Society. During the meeting which was convened by the Engineer-in-Chief NPWD on Oct 17th, 2011 Kezhokhoto Savi has officially presented the Paper Presentation of NGRC-I CU which was fully supported with enclosures of documentary proof. The paper presentation of NGRC-I CU consisted of sev-

en(7) pages with supported documents of 81 pages in several ‘Annexures’ was clearly read out by Kezhokhoto Savi and use of languages such as ‘nefarious activities’ were only made up by Er. Vikuotuolie although today the activities of the top technical officials of PWD(NH) may even qualify its use and for which Kezhokhoto Savi highlighted the manipulation of rates in various projects including the present Gayatri-Maytas JV @21.74% above the NPWD SOR 2010 and the discrimination and inequality meted out to the local competent contractors. Er.Vikuotuolie also stated that in his best effort to save the NGRC-I CU from the jaw of shame clearly shows that Er. Vikuotuolie fully justifies M/s Maytas & Gayatri(JV) of the award of rate @21.74% above the NPWD SOR 2010 by his department? and had even verbally instructed the global firms that it was not necessary to meet the NGRC-I CU, at a stage when the NGRC-I CU called the firms through wide media publication for a dialogue to clarify the firm’s activities of exploitative subletting of work in the State of Nagaland. The Union’s paper presentation clearly highlighted documents to proof that Gayatri & Maytas JV had further sublet the work to M/s Ratna with Power of Attorney executed by the Chairman Cum Managing Director Shri. M.M.L. Narasimham of Ratna Infrastructure Projects Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad, Lease Deed for a considerable period of time of the work and that video recording of the employers of M/s Ratna executives and labours working in various places of Nagaland, changing of records, visiting cards, letterheads, identity cards, etc. Also in the NGRC-1CU paper presentation, the Union also highlighted that the firm Ratna Infrastructure Projects Pvt. Ltd and now the project Manager of Gayatri-Maytas JV, Shri M.M.L. Narasimham of Ratna Infrastructure Projects Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad who tried to cheat the NGRC-I CU official executive luring him with a forged work orders for supply of wheat to the state of Nagaland from the Food Corporation of India(FCI),New Delhi amounting to Rs.400 Crores. Instead of further confusing the public through media with unreasonable rejoinders and counter rejoinders, the NGRC-1CU would like to clearly illustrate the people of the state on the crux of the ongoing issue and leave the public mass and also the Court of law to be the final judge as no leader, officials, Unions or citizens are above the law : 1) The work of Two lanning of LonglenChangtongya-Chakhabama-Zunheboto Road and Pfutsero-Phek Road and Mon to Tamlu to Merangkong road under SARDP-NE was awarded to M/s Gayatri-Maytas JV @ 21.74% above Nagaland PWD SOR 2010 amounting to Rs.1130.67 Crores. 2)Till date, in the History of PWD (NH) such high rates was never given away to any Contractors /firms neither by National Highways Authorities of India, MORT&H nor by the Nagaland PWD. However in the present case which does not involve local contractors the Chief Engineer PWD (NH) has favourably justified the above rate in favourr of Gayatri Maytas JV as follows: (i) The Analysis submitted by the firm (i.e Gayatri Maytas JV) is 21.74% above estimated cost(i.e Nagaland Schedule of Rate-2010). (ii) The Location of the projects are scattered within the State and mostly in rural areas. (iii) Time for completion of the projects is 2012-13 i.e 3 Years (iv) In Nagaland State the working season in a year is 5 to 6 months Therefore, the price and rates quoted by Gayatri-Maytas Infrastructure JV was found to be justified and approved. Signed by Er. Peter Solo, Chief Engineer PWD (NH), Nagaland. 3) During the same time while the above work is being awarded to M/s Gayatri Maytas JV, the MORT&H and NPWD (NH) comprising of the same officials tendered yet another

work of exactly the same specification,type and nature of road work namely: 2 Widening to two Lane from Km 40.00 to 72.4 Km of NH-61 in Nagaland (Job no.061NG 2010-11060). The above officials in order to get the local contractors out of the national Highway work, jointly resorted to foul play by using unfair means and had arbitrarily and illlegally awarded this work to firm M/s Meenakshi Pvt Ltd @18.51 % below NPWD SOR 2008. This was done even when the firm M/s meenakshi Pvt Ltd did not even put any valid bid and that recordings of the financial comparative statement was also left blank against the firm. The matter was taken to Delhi High Court which has quashed the work order and the decision of the MORT&H and PWD (NH) officials by the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi vide case no .W.P.(C) No. 265/2011. The Hon’ble High Court of Delhi has also in its judgement imposed fine on the Secretary MORT&H, The Chief Engineer MORT&H, The Chief Engineer PWD (NH) in the same judgement. 4). If the work now awarded to GAYATRIMAytas @ 21.74% above NPWD SOR 2010 costing Rs.1130.67 crores is brought down to 18. 51 % below SOR NPWD 2008, than M/s gayatri -Maytas JV work amount of Rs.1130.67 crores shall reduce to Rs. 675.44 crores thereby a saving of Rs. 455.22 Crores. A comparison of the above two works awarded to Gayatri-Maytas JV and M/s Meenakshi Pvt Ltd respectively has a difference of more than 40.25 % and both the tenders were of the same type of road work, specification, and tendered almost at the same time . The earlier tender approved very high and the later very low just to circumvent and squeeze the local contractors participation in the work . The NGRC-1CU finds it hard to understand the wisdom and yard stick used and adopted by the officials of MORT&H and NPWD (NH) to justify its action. 5). There are more than 550 registered class-1 contractors in the state of Nagaland as on date. If the government of India or the State Government keep combining all the works of one department into a single package and award them to one single Global firm , the days are not far when even all the works of all the department of the state can be also combined into one giant package to be awarded to one single Global firm. Today Engineering Procurement Contracting systems (EPC) has already taken over the country’s bidding system in which contractors have multidisciplinary expertise in almost every infrastructural works from design to construction to running the infrastructure and also maintenance of the same. 6) The NGRC-1CU demands that MORT&H and the Government of Nagaland must elevate the rates of all the NGRC-1CU contractor in PWD Roads and Bridges to be at par with the rates awarded now to Gayatri and Maytas JV, or else if that is not possible than to bring down the rates of Gayatri- Maytas JV to be at par with SOR 2010 so that the same treatment is given to both local and global firm. If the Government cannot accede to this demand, than the Union shall have no option but to protect its stand from exploitation and discrimination guaranteed by Article 14 of the Constitution of India. 7) Vikuotuolie is preaching ‘Do not threatened one another with dire consequences. This is not a pleasant word to be digested. Beware of words’. A special message to Er. Vikuotuolie Engineer-in- Chief NPWD - “Practice what You Preach”, “Correct Yourself” & “Control Yourself” then our society would be much more happier, easier & pleasant to live with you.


SUDOKU game Number # 1999

Simple Rules - There is just one simple rule: “Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through 9.”


Answer Number # 1998

Civil Hospital: Metro Hospital: Faith Hospital: Shamrock Hospital Zion Hospital: Fire Service: Police Control Room Police Traffic Control East Police Station West Police Station CIHSR (Referral Hospital) Dimapur hospital Apollo Hospital Info Centre: Railway: Indian Airlines Northeast Shuttles


Sd/(L. PUKHATO SHOHE) General Secretary, NGRC-I CU (K.C. ANGAMI) President, NGRC-I CU






























57. Midday

58. Now 1.Armadillo 59. Gait faster than a walk 6. Camp beds 60. Memorable periods 10. Dross 61. Endow 14. Tag 62. Rational 15. Astringent 63. A territorial subdivision of 16. Survey Greece 17. Water vapor 18. Prefix meaning “After” or 64. Relaxes “Beyond” DoWN 19. Anger 1. As well 20. Horrific 2. Maori club 22. Weightlifters pump this 3. Assist 23. Zero 4. Backside 24. Bees make this 5. An annual reference book 26. Loony 6. Dromedary 30. Smile derisively 7. Margarine 32. Pelvic 8. Ballet wear 33. Cowardly 9. Crushing 37. Doe’s mate 10. Scatter with liquid 38. Golf stroke 11. France’s longest river 39. Notion 12. A mixture of 2 or more metals 40. A one-person card game 13. Secluded valley 42. Cherub 21. Strong liquor flavored with juniper berries 43. Marsh plant 25. Refinable rock 44. Silver, in heraldry 26. A young lady 45. Carried with difficulty 27. Countertenor 47. Bro or sis 28. Found on a rotary phone 48. German for “Mister” 49. Having unsuitable feminine 29. Judge qualities 30. Steeple 56. Operatic solo 31. Not yours

33. A large hurried swallow 34. Border 35. Espied 36. Sodium chloride 38. Made unhappy 41. Golf ball support 42. Umpire 44. Draw a bead on 45. The Earth 46. A giant Boeotian hunter (Greek mythology) 47. Detect 48. Stetsons and derbies 50. In front of 51. Froth 52. Not a single one 53. Tallies 54. Tight 55. Visual organs

Ans to CrossWord 2007

STD CODE: 0370

Police Control Room: North Police Station: South Police Station: Fire Brigade: Naga Hospital: Oking Hospital: Bethel Nursing Home:

100/2244279 2222222 2222111 2222952 2222916 2243339 2224202

Northeast Shuttles




STD CODe: 03862

232224; Emergency- 229529, 229474 227930, 231081 233044, 228846 228254 231864, 230889 232201 228400 232106 227607, 228400 232181 242555/ 242533 224041, 285117, 248011 230695/9402435652 131/228404 229366 22232

STD CODE: 0369

Police Station 1: Police Station 2 :

2226241 2226214

Civil Hospital: Woodland Nursing Home: Hotel Metsüpen (Tourist Lodge):

2226216 2226263 2225011

TAHAMZAM (formerly Senapati) STD CODE: 03871 Police Station: Fire Brigade

222246 222491
























For details & Test drive Contact: Urban Station, Near NSC Petrol Pump, 6th Mile Dimapur. Ph No : 240994




US Dollars



Sterling Pound Hong Kong Dollar Australian Dollar Singapore Dollar Canadian Dollar U.A.E. Dirhams

79.36 6.39 51.93 39.31 49.49 13.54

79.44 6.39 52.05 39.40 49.60 13.56





The Morung Express

From page 1 Ignorant to RTI, Mokokchung falters The various government offices also seem to be ignorant about the RTI. She also experienced problems like when the PIOs were not in office. “Some offices don’t want to accept RTI applications if the PIO is not there so again we have to drop in to the office when he is there.” Asked if the authorities use guarded means against her while filing RTI applications, she would respond “No officers have tried to stop me but after I apply an RTI application, they get curious about me and indirectly fling a little threat.” Some government offices in Mokokchung are also ignorant about RTI. “Sometimes officers are ignorant about it so we have to explain it to them,” like Easter Lee says. This correspondent once tried to apply an RTI application to the Regional Transport Office, Mokokchung but was denied on the ground that they do not accept applications delivered by hand. It was also explained that they do not accept RTI application fee (of Rs.10/-) in cash, despite provisions for it under RTI Act, 2005. Recently, the RTI Week was observed in Mokokchung along with the rest of the country, during which a seminar was conducted on October 11, initiated by the district administration at Ongpangkong Salang. Despite proper and timely dissemination of information and extending official invitations to stake holders including NGOs like apex tribal bodies and students’ unions, hardly a handful turned up for the seminar. There were only 32 individuals who turned up for the seminar, 25 of whom were students of Fazl Ali College. Even the PIOs and APIOs of the various government offices did not attend the seminar, save for one. Resource person for the seminar on that day, Temsuwathy, District Informatics Officer, Mokokchung when asked if he was satisfied with the response plainly said “no”. On the next day, a ‘college level quiz competition’ on RTI was held at Fazl Ali College. APIO of Mokokchung DC’s Office, T.Moa Lemtor supervised the observance of RTI Week in Mokokchung, held October 5th to 12th, 2011. He expressed dissatisfaction on the awareness level of RTI among the people of Mokokchung but was delighted about the students taking keen interest on RTI of late. However, RTI activism is slowly taking wings as younger citizens are slowly realizing how RTI empowers the citizens. Mokokchung Town Lanur Telongjem, a youth organization has recently constituted an RTI Cell. It is also learnt that Fazl Ali College has also instituted an RTI Domestic Cell and that they are organizing a seminar on RTI on October 25 at the college auditorium. It goes without saying that an informed citizen is better equipped to check corruption and make the government more accountable to the governed. But it is hard to tell if everybody possesses all the softskills, energies and resources needed to do what dedicated RTI activists can.

Anti-social awareness drive Both proprietors as well as salespersons are requested to actively participate in the awareness drive in their own respective business establishments and should keep the black flags hoisted for a week, the DCCI informed. Further, the DCCI has appealed to the various underground organizations to ban collection of “Christmas donation” by its cadres in true spirit of the festive season. The DCCI has fervently requested the respective organizations “not to issue any authorization slips/letters to any person(s) or cadre(s) for collection of Christmas donation” as it causes untold hardship to the business community who can barely make ends meet. In this regard, the DCCI stated that it shall be extremely grateful if the underground organizations consider this appeal and also publicize the same in through the media as it would immensely ease the problem of illegal collection in the market. Also keeping in view of the numerous complaints received regarding enhancement of trade license fees without physical verification, the DCCI has appealed to the Dimapur Municipal Council authority to review the enhancement of trade license fees and requested that renewal be kept in abeyance. It further informed all business establishments to renew their trade license only after the fees are revised. The DCCI also informs all the frontal business organizations (FBO) and members of the business community that the yearly membership drive will begin November 1 onwards. All concerned are requested to avail membership and register their business establishments and themselves with the DCCI by producing their firm’s name, trade license number and location of shop for effective and better coordination in the future. Further, in view of the declaration of Sundays as business days during the festive season, the DCCI appeals to the proprietors and business owners to grant paid leave to local Naga salespersons on Sundays to enable them to attend church services.

NSCN/GPRN to conduct election for Collective Leadership, Leacy & Tatars The “CAOs” who have not yet submitted “village-wise census figures” in spite of repeated notification shall bear all “responsibilities and consequences,” the note said. The note then explained that “there shall be no transfers, postings, appointments, nominations inductions etc” during the “election process” starting from October 24. All senior leaders of the group are requested to cooperate and assist the “election commission.”

SBI launches ‘Bank on Wheels’ in Nagaland

Newmai News Network Aizawl, October 24

LOANS DISBuRSED TO state governments by NABARD crossed rupees 1, 00, 000 crore cumulatively and stood at Rs 1, 02, 844 crore as on September 30, 2011. These included loans disbursed to 28 states and union territory of Puducherry as well as to the NRRDA to support the rural roads component of Bharat Nirman. Sources said in Mizoram, 178 projects have been sanctioned to the state Government involving RIDF loans of Rs 361.54 crores. Of these, 141 projects have been completed and NABARD has released Rs 200.79 crore under the various projects so far. Maximum funds were utilized for rural roads and bridges (52 %), small hydel projects and rural drinking water supply (14 % each) and Drainage & flood protection (8 %), Minor Irrigation (6 %). RIDF was set up with NABARD by the

Govt. of India in 1995-1996 with an initial corpus of Rs 2,000 crore. The funds were sourced by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) from Scheduled Commercial Banks in proportion to the extent of their shortfall in agriculture lending. For the current year (under RIDF XVII), an amount of ` 2,000 crore has been earmarked specifically for creation of warehousing infrastructure in different states. Some of the projects involving large financial support from NABARD in Mizoram are Tlawva Small Hydel Project in Champhai district, W. Phaileng - Marpara road and number of drinking water project including Rural Drinking Water Supply project at Durtlang. A few special innovative projects sanctioned during 2010-2011 include Slaughter house and Meat marketing Network and Drainage-cum-Flood Control at Aizawl. Implementation of these sanctioned projects will create man days of em-

ployment, besides the long term, multiplier benefits to the economy of the States and provide essential social infrastructure like drinking water supply benefiting thousand of people. Evaluation studies conducted elsewhere in the country have observed that NABARD has played a very proactive role in financing and management of infrastructure projects in rural areas. Further, RIDF supports to State Governments give a fillip to public investment in infrastructure in rural areas that makes positive impact on the otherwise declining rate of capital formation in infrastructure for agriculture development. Acknowledging the need for investing massive financial resources in further developing the infrastructure in rural areas, NABARD has now designed a new financial product viz., Nabard Infrastructure Development Assistance (NIDA) for this sector outside RIDF as well.


iMphal, octoBer 24 (nnn): under tight security arrangements Autonomous District Council (ADC) elections to the Phaibung Khullen district council constituency under Senapati Autonomous District Council and Chingai district council constituency under ukhrul district were held on Monday. Sources said out of 10 pollingstationsin Chingai constituency, voters cast their votes only in four polling stations, while voters cast their votes in five polling stations of Phaibung constituency, which has five polling stations. Sources said in the initial stage of the polls today, no voter turned up in the morning but later in the afternoon people came out and cast their votes. Today’s poll will decide the fate of four candidates. No official information was available for the voting and the united Naga Council (uNC) volunteers were attempting to derail the election process in all the polling stations of the two constituencies, sources said. Sources from the state Election Commission said the polls have conducted smoothly in both Senapati

and ukhrul today with a record of 73.98 per cent votes in 3/1 polling station, 92.24 per cent in 3/2 polling station, 95.70 per cent in 3/3 polling station and 55.61 per cent in 3/6 polling station of Chingai constituency. A quite number of voters came out both in Senapati and ukhrul districts but details on it could not be available, said state election Commissioner, Chitra said. She said the details on the voting will be available tomorrow afternoon. A total of 8444 voters were to exercise their rights in 10 polling stations of the two districts in today’s polls. 4475 voters alone were to cast their votes in Phaibung Khullen district constituency and 3169 voters in the Chingai district constituency. Altogether 32 companies of CRPF, apart from state security forces were deployed in today’s polls. The result of the election is expected to declare on October 31. It can be noted here that out of the 10 ADC left out in the last years election, eight were elected uncontested, all from congress party.

new Delhi, octoBer 24 (tnn): Three youths from Manipur, including a self-styled commander of the banned outfit People's united Liberation Front, were arrested in south Delhi for their alleged involvement in vehicle theft cases. Twelve motorcycles have been recovered from the gang. The accused, identified as Suraj Khan (26), Ayub Khan (36), and Rajib Saikh (22) were arrested from Munirka. "The three men used to dispose of the stolen motorcycles to the northeastthroughtherailways using fake registration certificates and identity proof," said Chhaya Sharma, deputy commissioner of police (south). Police said Suraj, a graduate, came to Delhi around threeyearsagowithhisfamily and stayed in Maharani Bagh and joined a security agency. After he came into contact with Ayub, another graduate, he started committing vehicle thefts. "He had also used a forged IAF identity card and was arrested from Kotla Mubarkpur on January 25 this year," said DCP Sharma.

150 Hmar Facebook group hosts Zeliangrong 2011 refugees return to Assam aizawl, octoBer 24 (pti): With the improvement in law and order situation in Dima Hasao district of neighbouring Assam, around 150 Hmar refugees belonging to 20 families who had taken shelter in Mizoram have returned, a senior police official today said. The official told PTI that most of those who returned to Dima Hasao (erstwhile North Cachar Hills) were mainly from Bairabi, the only rail link in the state, where majority of the refugees took shelter in the homes of their relatives. "If the situation continues to improve, we hope that all the refugees who entered Mizoram since October 16 last would return to Assam," he said. Around 200 refugees have come and taken shelter in Mizoram-Assam border Kolasib district following ethnic clashes between majority Dimasas and non-Dimasas in Dima Hasao district.

Members of the “Zeliangrong Naga”, a Facebook group with special invitees during the first ever Zeliangrong conclave, “Zeliangrong 2011” at New Delhi on October 22.

DiMapur, octoBer 24 (Mexn): The first ever Zeliangrong conclave, “Zeliangrong 2011” organized by a group called “Zeliangrong Naga” on social network website Facebook was held at New Delhi on October 22, 2011 with the theme “One People, One vision, One Voice”. The conclave was attended by Zeliangrong elites, youth and student leaders, research scholars and professionals besides the members of the “Zeliangrong Naga” Facebook group. A press note issued by Rangro Herie, Convenor

Zeliangrong 2011 stated that after a day-long interaction and deliberations, the following resolutions have been unanimously passed by the house appealing to the Zeliangrong apex bodies to earnestly implement at the earliest in the interests of the Zeliangrong people: To protect Zeliangrong people, land and resources, to work for the Integration of Zeliangrong territories, which have been arbitrarily trifurcated into Assam, Manipur and Nagaland. The get-together opined

that the early integration of Zeliangrong territories would invariably strengthen the process of Naga integration too. It also resolved to continue to support the Indo-Naga peace process. Appeal was also made to the Zeliangrong apex bodies to remain vigilant and see that the interests of the Zeliangrong people are ensured when the Indo-Naga settlement is arrived at, and also appeal for peace and harmony and immediate cessation of all acts of hostilities and violence in Zeliangrong country.

The more the merrier, says man with 39 wives, 94 kids

Baktawng, MizoraM, octoBer 24 (ianS): Many would consider it an achievement of Biblical proportions! With 39 wives and more than 120 children and grandchildren, all staying together, a tribal Christian cult leader in the northeastern state of Mizoram could perhaps claim to head the world's biggest family. Not only that, Zionnghaka Chana, 67, is still keen to expand his family by marrying a few more women. "I can travel beyond the borders of Mizoram or even India to marry as that would help me to expand my family," a beaming Zionnghaka told IANS. From a playground to a school and a church, the village of Baktawng resembles any other tribal village but for the fact that the community members belong to one single family of 181 members -- 39 wives, 94 children, 14 daughters-in-law and 33 grandchildren. "We are all happy and like any other

church we believe in the existence of god but the only distinctive difference is that our denomination allows us to marry more than one wife," said Nunparliana, one of Zionnghaka's sons. The family is part of a Christian cult called Channa, named after Zionnghaka's father Challianchana who died in 1997. The cult, founded by Challianchana some time in the early 1930s, is now spread over four generations and boasts of having some 1,700 members. Challianchana was believed to have had 50 wives, with Zionnghaka being the eldest of his many children -- there is no count available of the number of children Challianchana had. Perched at a hilltop, the 100-room four-storeyed building they live in is as unique as the family - the youngest wife sleeps near to Zionnghaka'sbedroom.There is a rotation system among the wives to share his bedroom. Most of the community

members are today known across Mizoram for their skills in carving out wooden furniture and pottery items. The circumstances leading to the establishment of the cult are as bizarre as the traditions and practices followed by the Channa sect, whose ancestors worshipped a traditional drum called the 'Khuang', until the arrival of the Welsh missionaries. "The Welsh missionaries banned the worship of the Khuang. upset over this, my grandfather Challianchana and his brother severed ties and founded this sect whom we call either Channa or the Lalpa Kohhran," another community member said. But church leaders, Presbyterian being the dominant denomination, reject the cult's claims to be Christians. "Christianity does not allow polygamy and hence accepting the cult as Christian does not arise at all. Polygamy is very

rare in Mizoram," said a Presbyterian Synod leader in Mizoram capital Aizawl. There are an estimated 95 Christian cults in Mizoram with diverse practices -- some of them do not allow their children to mingle with others and attend school, while some of the sect claim their members to be gods. A predominantly Christian tribal state of just over one million people bordering Myanmar and Bangladesh, Mizoram is India's third highest literate state, next only to Kerala and Lakshwadeep. Christians account for about 88 percent of the population. The Mizo tribal people were animists until two British Baptist missionaries William Frederick Savidge and J.H. Lorrain first landed in Mizoram some time in 1894.



No DTE/TECH/NO/2/2009




Dated Kohima, the 19th Oct 2011

Das said that SBI being the lead bank in Nagaland has two-pronged strategy-one led by its branches directly and the other led by a NGO engaged as business partner. “The bank will spread financial literacy along with the programme. It is a programme of the people and of the people. Bank at your door step will become a reality and a dream come true for the rural people,” he added.


Manipur ADC polls held Mizoram rides high under tight security bike-lifter gang busted, on NABARD loans three held


Officials of SBI regional office, Dimapur, including AGM, AK Das (centre), chief manager (Lead Bank), David Kire (left) and manager RMME, TAP Paul, briefing media on SBI programme “Bank on Wheels” launched in the state of Nagaland.

Tuesday 25 October 2011

NO.DEO/KMA/EST-39/2011-12: This is to inform to all the Government Hindi Graduate Teachers under the District Education Officer, Kohima to submit the following documents to the undersigned on or before 21st November 2011 for onward submission to the higher authority to update the seniority list. 1. Appointment Order 2. Latest Extension Order(If Adhoc) 3. Regularization Order 4. Order of granting Graduates Scale 5. Admit Card and Mark Sheet(Graduate) 6. Birth Certificates recorded in the service book. Sd/- (RHEITUOLIE METHA) District Education Officer) Kohima

Dated 24th Oct2011

EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (EOI) FOR ESTABLISHMENT OF NEW POLYTECHNIC IN NAGALAND UNDER PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP MODE. The Government of Nagaland, Department of Technical Education invites EOI for the proposed establishment of New Polytechnic in the district of Peren, and Dimapur, Nagaland. under GOI scheme. Final selection in awarding the Polytechnic will be decided by GOI, Ministry of Human Resources & Development Interested parties may collect a brief guideline of RFQ from the office of the Directorate of Technical Education on payment of Rs 5000/ (Rupees Five thousand) only in cash from 27th Oct 2011 and submit in sealed envelope clearly labelled “ Expression of Interest” to the address below on or before 15th Nov 2011. Suggestion from Industry partners is also encouraged. Add : Director Directorate of Technical Education Below New Secretariat Kohima: 707001, Nagaland. (A. Kathipri) Director



The Power of Truth

The Morung Express TuEsDAy 25 OcTObER 2011 vOl. vI IssuE 293

Guest editoRial

sanjay (Xonzoi) barbora

After Gaddafi and the Arab Spring: What Next?


n October 20, 2011 all news channels and newspapers announced the death of Col. Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan leader who ruled his country with a mixture of coercion and cooption for more than 40 years. Television grabs show his bloodied body being dragged through the streets, even as gloating militiamen, wearing aviator glasses and expensive rings on their fingers, explained how they trapped and killed a man, who American president, Ronald Reagan once called the “Mad dog of the Middle-East”. Gaddafi came to power in Libya in 1969, following a bloodless coup that saw the end of a corrupt kingdom that was propped up by the United Nations. The United Kingdom of Libya was formed in 1951 when Emir Idris as-Senussi declared that he was claiming portions of northern Africa that had been colonised by the Italians (including the Fascists) from 1911 to 1943. Italian colonisation of northern Africa also saw a concerted resistance by native tribes, including the Senussi and their charismatic leader, Omar Mukhtar. For a generation of people growing up in the 1980s, the images of Anthony Quinn who starred as Omar Mukhtar in Hollywood’s depiction of the rebellion – The Lion of the Desert – Libya was synonymous with native tribal resistance to foreign rule in the deserts of northern Africa. Italian rule had debilitated the land and until the bloodless military coup in 1969, much of the country remained poor and dependent on Italian professionals for all kinds of material help. Following his eviction of King Idris, Gaddafi set up a republic based along eclectic socialist and Islamist lines. He, like many of the contemporary Arab leaders of his time, believed in building a strong state that would rid itself of the ignominy of colonial rule and use its wealth to better the lives of Arab citizens. He commiserated politically with Gemal Abdel Nasser (and Anwar Sadat after him) of Egypt, Hafez al-Assad of Syria and other nationalist Arab leaders, who were trying to make sense of the opportunity offered to them following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and two successive European wars that placed their lands and its wealth producing capabilities, under the trusteeship of either the French or the English. It was the promise of an ‘Arab Spring’ before the events of 2011. It was also a time when perfidious leaders, who bartered their country’s wealth and promoted their kinfolk into positions of power, betrayed nationalist promise. However, Gaddafi followed a slightly different course. He nationalised the oil wealth of his country and introduced compulsory education for all citizens, thereby raising living standards. He offered overt support to national liberation struggles, most notably to the Irish Republican Army and the Palestinian Liberation Organisation. He was also accused to transforming his secret police into an organ of internal suppression. It is true that his family and relatives benefited a great deal from his stay in power. His peculiar habits and predilection for female bodyguards and Bedouin tents added to his colourful persona. All of this did not protect him from being dragged out of a small drain and being summarily executed. It is still unclear as to what will happen to the different tribal factions that Gaddafi managed to glue together in his 40-odd years of rule. Those who claim to be part of the National Transitional Council (NTC) have a difficult task to keep their house in order. Already, there are sceptical opinions being presented in independent media around the world. There are legitimate worries in the Arab world that peoples’ discontent with their rulers is being misconstrued as the need for violent ‘regime change’, where western countries and their bomber jets will be able to build states that they can now deal with. Speaking about the incongruous idea of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) jets ‘helping’ common Libyans overcome brutal dictatorships, an Arab commentator speaking on Berkeley’s KPFA radio station said: “Beware of liberators who come riding on the Pharaoh’s chariot”. That is the truth, put out in as succinct a manner as possible. The Arab people are not ready to trade their dictators for new colonisers. Sanjay (Xonzoi) Barbora

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Reviving a friendship

Nepal PM’s India visit can be game-changer


he Prime Minister of Nepal, Mr Baburam Bhattarai’s, recent three-day visit to India has provided the much needed impetus to ties between New Delhi and Kathmandu. Since the monarchy was toppled in 2008, Nepal has been in a state of political flux, and that has been a matter of great concern for India, which could really do without another unstable, least of all hostile, neighbour. Unfortunately, bitter political infighting — exemplified in Nepal’s revolving door of Prime Ministers — has brought the country’s peace process to a complete halt. As a result, little progress is being made with respect to drafting a Constitution, without which there is no democracy, while thousands of Maoist fighters still remain holed up in camps, since there is little agreement on how best to integrate the former insurgents within the Nepal Army. With signs of popular unrest in Nepal becoming increasingly evident, it was only to be expected that, when Mr Bhattarai met with his Indian counterpart, Mr Manmohan Singh, on Friday, the latter would voice his concerns about such political instability that seemed to have become largely chronic and utterly characteristic of that country’s political leadership. While acknowledging the gravity of the situation, Mr Bhattarai is believed to have offered his assurance that he will indeed take the peace process to its logical end. While there is no reason to doubt the Premier’s intentions, the fact remains that he still faces the same uphill task as his immmediate predecessors. While it is yet to be seen if Mr Bhattarai can deliver on his promises, New Delhi at its end has done well to discard its traditional suspicions of Maoist leaders in Nepal. Despite the fact that the previous Maoist regime, led by party supremo Pushpa Kamal Dahal, gave little scope for political optimism, by welcoming Mr Bhattarai with open arms New Delhi has proven its willingness to give the bilateral relations. Towards this end, the economic agreements that were signed to boost bilateral trade and investment are welcome. Particularly, the long pending Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement, that aims to protect the other country’s interests at home, especially in such times of uncertainty, should go a long way in encouraging Indian investments in Nepal and vice versa. India already has made significant investments there, especially in infrastructure development projects. By making recently available a $250-million line of credit for more such projects, New Delhi only reiterated its commitment to a peaceful, democratic and economically strong Nepal. Beyond all this, however, is New Delhi’s security concerns. A porous India-Nepal border has always meant that it stands to lose from any sort of instability in Nepal. Moreover, extreme Left-wing activism with an anti-India flavour has resulted in attacks on Indian workers and project sites in Nepal. Finally, there is also the question of China. While it is true that Nepal benefits from cooperation with both its neighbours, New Delhi has rightly expressed its concerns about aggressive Chinese nationalist tendencies. While the right statements were made by both sides, the key to a long-term parternship lies in Kathmandu honouring its commitments and not getting torpedoed by elements trenchantly critical of New Delhi.



Rajiv Bhatia

Rebuilding eastern connections through Myanmar Thein Sein's dialogue in Delhi requires India looking at bilateral, regional dimensions.


he India-Myanmar relationship has been enriched by nine visits at the VVIP level in the past decade. The latest visit was by President Thein Sein who heads a more representative government than all his predecessors except one, namely Premier U Nu. This fact alone imbued Thein Sein's visit with special significance, but there are other factors too. A holistic assessment of his dialogue in Delhi requires a critical look both at the bilateral and regional dimensions. Backdrop Since the visit in July 2010 by his predecessor — Senior General Than Shwe, the ‘strong man' of the previous military government — the internal political landscape in Myanmar has undergone a noticeable change. A well-planned transition to guided democracy, accompanied by an increased quotient of freedom for citizens, the release of political prisoners, the adoption of reform agenda and a gradually blossoming reconciliation between the government and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, has generated optimism. Evidently her political influence, together with her freedom and visibility, are on the rise. But prudence demands that the magnitude of change should not be overstated. The Tatmadaw, i.e. the military, has agreed to try out a different method of governance (in which a ‘ civilian' government bears day-to-day responsibility for the country's affairs), but red markers are in place. Political forces are expected to behave responsibly, ensuring that public order and territorial integrity are not jeopardised and no one asks for a full-fledged democracy in a hurry. Two other important trends marking the backdrop should be noted. One relates to China and the other to India. Myanmar's decision to suspend the Myitsone dam project with China as the main beneficiary, has introduced new tensions, but the two governments are likely to craft a modus vivendi soon. The India-related factor is that South Block, facing criticism, has begun to strive hard to expedite implementation of previous projects and to choose new projects that are susceptible to execution within a shorter time frame.

LINKS: A shared legacy of Buddhism and other cultural bonds are among the factors that make for a 'multifaceted relationship'. Here, President Thein Sein offers prayers at the Mahabodhi temple in Bodhgaya.

Myanmar's reiteration of the commitment to Five Principles of Peaceful Existence and to its policy of independence, articulated by Thein Sein, must have been music to New Delhi's ears. India's emphasis on Myanmar's central importance in the region makes Naypyidaw happy. The government's mouthpiece, The New Light of Myanmar, stated in an editorial that the visit opened “a new chapter” for cementing bilateral relations with “high momentum.” Delving deeper, two key gains of the visit should be highlighted. The first relates to border security management. A whole mix of negative activities is a constant on the India-Myanmar border. Although Myanmar extends cooperation to India, it is episodic, not sustained, in nature and it is given to a suboptimal degree. This explains the two governments' agreement on “enhancing effective cooperation and coordination” between their security forces in tackling “the deadly menace of insurgency and terrorism.” It is hoped that President Thein Sein carried home a clear message and that he would deliver on this score satisfactorily. The second issue relates to ambitious plans to expand economic and development cooperation. It has been agreed to double bilateral trade to $3 billion by 2015. For the first time, a figure was put out, showing the monetary value of the assistance extended by India through various projects in recent years; it is $300 million. What is of the greatest importance — and what also constitutes evidence that South Block is listening to Track II deliberations — is the decision to offer a generous Line of Credit (LoC) amounting to $500 million for new projects. Perhaps Myanmar is heading to join the upper league of Afghanistan and Bangladesh. Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) officials have displayed refreshing candour now by putting a timeline on the flagship Kaladan multi-modal transport project. According to them, its riverine part would be ready by June 2013 and road connectivity would be speeded up, thereby bringing the project “on stream” by 2014. Moreover, in choosing new projects, special attention is now accorded to capacity-building and skill development in agriculture, IT, industrial training and health. Last week's joint statement refers to plans of expanding “connectivBilateral issues ity” through railway and microwave links, road, air and A comparison of the joint statement issued after ferry. Much of this is not new; authorities need to show Than Shwe's visit last year and the one released after tangible progress for the sake of their credibility. Thein Sein's visit last week reveals that officials are running out of adjectives to provide a label to bilateral Regional points relations. Last year these were described as “a multidiBordered by five countries, Myanmar is located in mensional relationship”; this year's choice is “a multi- a complex region. Among its external relationships in faceted relationship.” However, expanding contours of Asia, China and India rate high importance, besides relations point to the emergence of a nascent strategic the Association of SouthEast Asian Nations (ASEpartnership. It is perhaps a matter of time before the AN). A dispassionate analyst would view the Indiatwo governments decide to call a spade a spade. Myanmar relationship without ‘the prism of China'

but also without ignoring ‘the China factor.' It is common knowledge that China's political and economic profile in Myanmar is impressive. The two countries are linked through “a comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership,” announced in May 2011. Note other reported figures: the total number of Chinese projects: 72; the value of Chinese investments in Myanmar: $16 billion, and bilateral trade standing at $5.3 billion in March 2011. Experts believe that Myanmar has been looking for options, a mindset that drives it to strengthen links with other neighbours and to seek openings with the West. With senior American officials describing recent changes in Myanmar as “dramatic developments” that may be matched by suitable U.S. measures, Myanmar's quest for alternatives could succeed gradually. Meanwhile, India's assistance is already available in generous proportions. Smart Indian companies would do well to speed up matters before they face new competition from American and European companies in case the economy opens up. Let us be clear: Myanmar is important to us for economic as well as politico-strategic reasons. Speaking at an elegant banquet hosted by her, President Pratibha Patil captured India's sentiment aptly as she observed: “When we look eastwards, we first see Myanmar.” She stressed that Myanmar occupied “a central place in our vision and approach of rebuilding of our Eastern connections.” Toasting her on fruit juice, President Thein Sein used simple words in Myanmar language to convey that his government placed “a special emphasis” on the policy of maintaining good and friendly relations with India. He also expressed “high appreciation” for India's Look East policy. Other bonds The choice of places visited by the President — Rajghat, the Akshardham Temple, the premises of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, besides Buddhist pilgrimage sites — has its own story to tell. The shared legacy of Buddhism and many other cultural and ethnic bonds combine to make India and Myanmar special friends. As they accelerate their journey to rediscover each other, they are set to deepen their mutually beneficial cooperation. Hopefully the governments would encourage peoples and their representatives too to come closer. In this context, the big question is: how should New Delhi bring Aung San Suu Kyi into the process of growing engagement between India and her country? (The author is former Indian Ambassador to Myanmar.)

Bio-technology the only way to combat world hunger: experts


Ashok Easwaran

io-technology needs to be adopted more widely to combat the spectre of global hunger, said agriculturists from all over the world, policy experts, senior US officials and Fortune 500 companies who came together at a global farmers' conference in Des Moines, Iowa. One of the keynote speakers at the event, Jose Fernandez, assistant secretary in the US Bureau of Economic, Energy and Business Affairs set the tone of the discussions at conference, "The next generation: confronting the hunger challenge of tomorrow". Fernandez said agriculture production systems are under pressure as never before. "The United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that a doubling of agricultural output will be needed by 2050 to feed a population of more than nine billion people. That doubling of production will need to occur despite challenges caused by climate change, including water shortages and increased salinity of soil," he said. Other speakers noted that innovative science and collaboration are essential to addressing global food security. "At the end of the day, no one country, company, government or foundation can meet the global food security challenge alone," said DuPont CEO Ellen Kullman. "We have to work together through public-private collaborations and through a harmonised, science-based regulatory system to ensure farmers and consumers can benefit from new technologies." In a ceremony later at the State Capitol, John Kufuor, former president of Ghana and Luiz Inacio Lula Silva, former president of Brazil were honoured with the World Food Prize for creating and implementing

government policies that alleviated hunger and transformed the lives of the poor. The award was instituted by Nobel Peace Prize winner and father of the Green Revolution Norman Borlaug. Past recipients have included India's M.S. Swaminathan and Muhammad Yunus of the Grameen Bank, Bangladesh. Vijay Kapoor, a farmer from Karnal in India's Haryana state, was the sole farmer from Asia invited to attend the conference. Kapoor told IANS that his participation in the conference helped reaffirm his belief that bio-technology would help increase productivity, as well curb crop diseases in countries like India, faced with a rapid population growth and shrinking arable land. It also gave him an opportunity to compare notes with farmers from the West. "Attending the global farmers conference gave me an opportunity to see where we (in India) are compared to farmers the world over," said Kapoor, adding that BT (bio-technology) crops was the only option of increasing production in countries like India. He said he found the opposition in India to BT crops misplaced. "The United States has had BT crops for the last 16 years. Food regulatory authorities are far more stringent there than in India and yet they have not found adverse effects on humans," he said. Giving the example of BT cotton, which has been allowed in India since 2002, Kapoor said: "In Haryana, Punjab and Gujarat, pests affecting cotton had, over the years, grown resistant to pesticides. Moreover, there was a rise in incidences of cancer among cotton farmers as a result of a heavy use of the pesticides. With the planting of BT cotton, the use of pesticides has been reduced. Less pesticide residue is found in irrigation water and consequently even the groundwater

samples show lower pesticide contamination." Indian farmers can adopt BT rice to fight pests like the brown plant hopper which now causes significant damage to rice crops, Kapoor said. While the US was way ahead of India in agricultural reforms, Kapoor said that a panel of experts at the conference acknowledged that India had surpassed the US in agricultural research reaching the farmer. "In Haryana, for instance, we have an agricultural development officer who is responsible for five villages. We also have Krishi Vigyan Kendras where farmers can call a toll free number for advice. Farmers can also get text messages on their mobile phones on issues like the best time for sowing and the best variety of seeds. All this is available at no cost to the farmer, while in the US, the farmer has to pay for such advice. A discussion at the Iowa State University concluded that India is ahead of the US in this area," he said. According to Kapoor, besides dramatically raising productivity, BT crops could reduce the contamination of groundwater, a rapidly depleting resource in India. He echoed experts at the conference who said that water conservation could be a critical issue worldwide. "The next global war could well be over water resources and we need to do whatever we can to conserve it," he said. Besides updating him on the latest in agricultural technology, the farmers' conference also brought Kapoor a humbling realisation. Kapoor's farm extends over 120 acres making him the biggest farmer in Karnal, Haryana. Interacting with American farmers, he puzzled over why they indulgently referred to him as a small farmer, till he discovered that their average farm size was over 3,000 acres. "For me, it was a global reality check," he said.

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Letters to the editor ‘courier service-A letter or parcel delivery service’ •-Recently I had a parcel sent to me from Delhi. A particular courier service in Dimapur retained it in their premises for nearly a week. When inquiries were made the courier-people first claimed that I had offered to come for the parcel myself and then that my address was incomplete. Firstly, why would I offer to pick up anything from the courier service? Secondly, it turned out that my address was complete after all because after some hungama involving phone calls to and from the Delhi office the courier people did manage to find my house. When mentioned this incident to friends, I discovered that it is not an isolated case. Some people even said that couriers in Dimapur usually never deliver, they just make phone calls. So I’m wondering, if delivering is such a burden why run a delivery service at all? And by the way, not every address in Dimapur or anywhere else will be written in giant neon lights. There will be addresses which will require some searching. That is the service that couriers are paid for. Atula Longchar DC court junction Dimapur

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7 PERSPECTIVE Special support needed



25 OctOber 2011


HIV-positive children in Assam and their families need more than the usual measures of state support for their economic, medical and social needs. Ratna Bharali Talukdar reports


o one noticed the boy when he entered the room where media persons were interacting with parents of children living with HIV/AIDs. These families had gathered in Guwahati to draw attention to the problems faced by their children and others like them. The interaction, organised by World Vision India, included moving tales of struggle - particularly for the children. The boy suddenly stood up, confidently sought permission to say something before the gathering. What he stated eventually grabbed the attention of the audience. "My name is Dristanta Saikia, and I am a positive child. I study in class V in Pani Dihingia Prathamik Vidyalaya of Golaghat district in Upper Assam. I am here with my mother to say that I have never tried to hide my identity of positive status from my schoolmates and friends. My mother too, is a positive widow. I have also been able to make my friends understand that I will never be a possible threat to them in terms of spreading any disease. Now I can easily mix up with them, take part in all the games and other regular school activities. This is how I am living my life," he said. He also described how his innocent mother Nabanita, a village girl, was married to a man who was later found to have AIDS, and how the mother and son had to come back to her paternal village after the death of his father. By the time they returned, both mother and child had already been transmitted the disease. Nabanita is now a member of Assam Network of Positive People an activist of stop AIDS campaign in the state. "I do not know how long I will be able to live. But if I live I want to be a doctor to help positive people in this world," he declared amidst the pin-drop silence during the interaction. Dristanta was the only child to make such a declaration, among many others like him who had gathered there with their parents to speak publicly. Barasa Patgiri is another teen living with HIV/ AIDS, in Marigaon district, who also has a positive story of struggle to tell. A daughter of a positive parent, who lost her father, a CRPF Jawan, she became an AIDS patient when she was only six years old in 2002; Barasa faced all kinds of stigma and discrimination at school and in society as well, but finally successfully passed her 10th standard examination this year. A classical dancer and a student of Class XI at a junior college in the district, Barasa is now preparing to be a lawyer in the future. The bravery of Dristanta and Barasa, and their determination to fight the stigma and discrimination they confront is admirable. But their stories are uncommon; hundreds of other children live with HIV/AIDS in Assam and other northeastern states in pathetic conditions, without an effective state policy to address their rights to food, health and education. Even for such exemplary children as Dristanta and Barasa, the challenges remain. Their mothers do not know how they will find the money that will be needed to given them a nutritious diet - which is crucial for survival for people living with HIV/AIDS. As for dreams of college and careers, that too seems financially out of reach. The state education policy only provides free education for children up to Class VIII, under the Assam Sarba Siksha Abhiyan Mission in government-run schools. Barasa's mother Janti Patgiri, an Accredited Social Health Activist (ASHA) supervisor with the National Rural Health Mission, is among the few privi-

"My daughter has almost lost her childhood. I have to withdraw her from her previous school as some teachers treated her almost like an animal, used abusive words and separated her from all the group activities," says one parent.

leged to have a job and a pension for her late husband. But that is not enough. In 2001, when her husband was diagnosed with full-blown AIDS, Janti hardly knew what the illness is. She was called to Ranchi where her husband was posted, and the authorities tested her as well. She too, was declared HIV-positive. One year later her husband died. The rest of her story is similar to that of thousands of HIV/AIDS widows. "I am however, fortunate to have my husband's pension which is Rs.5000 now. Additionally, my job fetches me another Rs.3500. But, this is a very small amount if you consider the costs involved in medicine and to maintain a healthy life for me and my daughter. At times we cannot even manage a nutritious meal," says Janti, an active member of Assam Network of Positive People. The case of Dristanta's mother Nabanita Saikia is similar; she strongly spoke of the need for a special education policy, as well as a support system for HIV/AIDS widows. Other children, whose parents are afraid to disclose their positive status for fear of the discrimination their children might face, are in an even more hopeless situation. "My daughter has almost lost her childhood. I have to withdraw her from her previous school as some teachers treated her almost like an animal, used abusive words and separated her from all the group activities for fear of spreading the disease to her friends. This is the reality, and no one can avoid this. If people adopt a stubborn attitude of not having a scientific temperament, no one can help," said another widow from Nalbari district who did not want to disclose her name. This young mother, absolutely illiterate, and abandoned by family is still fighting for a livelihood to support herself and her minor child. Like most other HIV/AIDS widows she too became a victim of the dreaded disease passed on to her by her husband - to whom she was married with her parents' consent, but without knowing that her husband was suffering from the disease. After his demise life has been almost like a hell for this mother and child without any support. "In India almost 80 per cent budget spent for HIV/ AIDS focuses on AIDS prevention and awareness cam-

paign. Only 20 per cent of the allocation is actually spent for those affected or infected. This 20 per cent too is spent for health aspects, and no one considers things like the education of these vulnerable children, despite the constitutional right to education of every child," says Jahnavi Goswami, President of Assam Network of Positive People, the first woman in the state to have declared her positive status openly in early nineties - when she got to know suddenly that the virus was transmitted to her body from her late husband while she was pregnant. The baby girl that she had given birth lived only two years, and since then she has become a crusader for the stop-AIDS campaign. Goswami says about 70 per cent of positive people in our country are widows - most of them aged between 18-25 years and having two or three children. And most of these people belong to a very low socio-economic strata, and are often illiterate. Most of them are also deprived of all the facilities that are Below Poverty Line (BPL) families are entitled to. Acquiring a BPL card, or getting a house under the Indira Awas Yojna is not easy, owing to both stigma and corrupt practices prevailing in the system, she says. At times, even having a relatively better position can also appear to be a curse for some of these families. "If someone earns Rs.5000 a month her family is excluded from the BPL category. However, the hard reality is that the medicines alone for a person living with HIV/ AIDS can often exceed Rs.3000 a month. A proper diet, education and other expenses have to be borne with what little money remains. There is no doubt that such families are also BPL", she adds. In such a situation, children are bound to end their education after a certain stage. Getting to the higher grades in school, and going on to college are often mere dreams. Goswami also points to other concerns. For instance, children with HIV/AIDS need to take their medicines at certain intervals, and this is almost impossible unless teachers extend their co-operation, especially to the youngest children. Normally HIV positive children are required to take their dosages every 12 hours. Immediately after taking the medicines, they suffer from drowsiness for some time. Mothers usually give them the first dose of the day before eight or nine o'clock in the morning, but this means that as school begins, the children feel drowsy, and cannot pay attention properly - and end up being rebuked by the teachers during these periods. And when parents do not disclose their positive status for fear of stigma and discrimination, things become worse. "The government's emphasis on AIDS education is entirely on educating children about AIDS during adolescence, to prevent them from any wrongdoing during this period. But sensitising teachers in primary schools is also very crucial" says Jahnavi. There are two categories of affected children - those who are themselves infected, and others fortunate not to have received the illness through transmission from their HIV-positive mothers. But this difference often means nothing in society - where children are treated badly even if only their mothers have the disease. Can a special school only for HIV/AIDS-affected children be a practical solution? Goswami rejects the idea, saying this would further aggravate the isolation and discrimination. However, what is important immediately is to set up a rehabilitation center for AIDS orphans, who are left practically without care after the death of their parents. Two such children have already died. "AIDS orphans also cannot be placed with other orphanages as they may suffer from diseases like tuberculosis and other disease which can be a risk for other little children living in these orphanages" Goswami adds. There may be a silver lining on the horizon. The Health Department of Assam has agreed to run a rehabilitation center primarily for these children, at a recent meeting between the state Health Minister and representative of Assam Network of Positive People.

Open Letter to Chief Engineer, Dept of Power, Nagaland


ith outmost respect, we as concerned citizens and consumers of electricity provided by your department, would like to seek certain clarifications from your office with regard to the current trend of revenue collection system authorised by your esteemed office in respect of Mokokchung town.

Firstly, whereas, as per a publication in a local daily (Tir Yimyim dated 22-0611), the Electrical Executive Engineer, Mokokchung, in a meeting with Chairman of all 18 wards of Mokokchung on the 21st of June 2011, stated that, since a lot of discrepancies is created in generating revenue by following the presently practised slab/fixed charge system, which is by no means fair; henceforth, the collection of revenue would require to be done based on readings of units consumed. But, the fact remains that, the system of billing in the old mode is still continuing along with unspecified and unjustifiable billing which is taking the consumers for a ride. In addition to billing consumers without taking the meter readings, the UEMBs in some wards have started billing consumers depending on the number of kitchens/fireplaces. Isn’t the power department at Mokokchung governed by Indian Electricity Act as is done in other parts of the state? If so, what is the status of application of Tariff fixed by the government? The electric meter and consumer number shouldn’t be taken as a show piece or as a status symbol. All essential services like power, water, phone etc are governed by certain guidelines whereby tariffs are fixed and charged as per units consumed. The power department too has fixed Tariff and consumers are charged as per units consumed. Is the Tariff Order applicable to selected towns only? Aren’t all consumers provided with meters so that billing can be done accordingly? Then, what is the justification of fixing slabs of charges based on size/type of houses? Also, what makes it certain that a consumer would consume the same quantity of energy month after month? The availability of power is also irregular, so is the usage by consumer depending on individual requirement, which is not static. The big question is, How can a mere non-techni-

cal Electricity Management Board Member of a locality or for that matter the most learned Electrical engineer be able to ascertain the number of units a household consumes just by taking a look at the face of the house or consumer? This is certainly not possible and most certainly against the tenets that govern the Electricity Act.

It is in the general interest of the public as well as the government that departments dealing in essential services like power, health, etc have been communitised. The policy adopted by the power department with respect to communitisation of power appear to have been well researched to suit the state of affairs of our community. Implementation of the programmes may have shown good results in villages as envisioned by formulators of this policy owing to the rigid set-up of our traditional system of governance in villages and also because of moderate requirement of energy owing to absence of commercial and industrial activities therein. Mention maybe made here, that, owing to PUBLIC the success of the VEMBs in certain villages, the department may have endeavoured to implement a similar system in certain Urban areas (in the guise of UEMBs) of the state. The concerned officer admitted that, we are now dealing with a system which has been tried, tested and failed in some parts of the state, namely, Kohima and Dimapur Towns. If the UEMB system of functioning has failed in other parts of the state, then the practice may have been abandoned by now in those places. Hence, for how many more years are we to have a trial of the system at Mokokchung Town before it is given a decent burial as has happened in Kohima and Dimapur, in the process subjecting the innocent consumers to unjustifiable monetary deprivation. This matter require your immediate and most serious attention as this confusing and undefendable system of revenue collection is prevalent in Mokokchung Town since the past 7-8 years. It is to be noted here, that the above prevailing system of functioning of the de-

partment for realisation of revenue is outside the purview of Nagaland Communitisation of Public Institutions and Services Act, 2002 (Act No.2 of 2002), read with Section 12 of the Nagaland Village Council (Third Amendment Act, 2002) (Act No. 7 of 2002) which reads as Nagaland Communitisation of Electricity Management in Villages by village Councils Rules, 2002. In the impugned billing system, the department concerned has become powerless against the dictates of the UEMBs authorities which have no legal standing in the eye of the law for management of electricity. So, now let the citizens be made known under which act of the state legislature are the consumers in Mokokchung put to test and harassed. It is high time the government open its eyes and do away with disastrous extra constitutional activities. Secondly, the recent practice of billing every household taking into account the number of kitchen/fireplace is totally wrong and would give a lot of scope for mismanagement. GRIEVANCE CELL Power is business and is provided under certain legally laid down guidelines, and hence should not be equated to our age-old customary practice of levying various taxes taking into account the number of kitchen/fireplaces. How do you justify billing sub-units of a house when the same room/rooms come under one roof of a consumer with a duly certified electrical connection provided with meter. Isn’t it the duty of the department concerned to apprise the consumer and install additional meters if technically a house require additional meter owing to consumption in excess of installed load? It is worrying to note that if this trend of billing continues, a lot of “GHOST CONSUMERS or 2nd, 3rd ETC – TIER CONSUMERS” would surface paying their allotted dues but without any records as there can be no consumer without a certified meter and a consumer number and nowhere is a meter with a consumer number allotted to more than 1 consumer. The question of whether such multi-tiered categories of consumers is admissible is to


be looked into. The public in general may not be able to assess or comprehend the consequences this trend is leading to, but surely many are feeling the pinch and are a worried lot. But, not everyone is ignorant , we will no more remain silent spectators and let this social evil creep into the society. If the department fail to act positively in the matter, we are ready to take legal recourse and take the matter to its logical end for the well-being of the masses. When guidelines are clearly laid for maintaining essential services, no consumer should be taken for free ride or paid ride. As a consumer, you pay for what you consume, nothing more nor less, and the same yardstick should be applied for power consumers throughout the state. The public has no issues, in fact, are in support of any ingenious methods the authority employs for effective managements of its functions, but, the same should not be done at the cost of compromising with time-tested laid down management and technical principles thereby inconveniencing the consumers. We would like to put forth 2 demands:1. Consumers at Mokokchung should be charged/billed in terms of units consumed as done elsewhere in the state. No technology is known to man which is so advanced as to be able to ascertain the energy units consumed at face value of a consumer/house. 2. Provide additional meters if technically a house require more power than the installed load, but please do away with ghost consumers unless the department is moving towards a meter-free environment and inviting its own doom. Waiting to hear from your esteemed authority and hoping corrective measures are taken at the earliest before this menace get out of control thereby inviting public uprising. On behalf of aggrieved Consumers. Sd/I. Nangshi Longkumer Dilong Ward, Mokokchung. Sd/Meren Jamir, Arkong Ward, Mokokchung

Mission Calling Rev Dr T. Alem Meren


Composed on 16th October 1997 Hong Kong

When Satan is cast out from this earth, Christ will come, When Satan is imprisoned s Jesus Christ will reign. With all the redeemed, He will come down to this earth And He'll sit on the throne of David the great king. The seat of His royal throne be Jerusalem, His head-quarter be Palistine the promised-land, His dominion will cover all the world and men. His reign upon this earth will be one thousand years. The redeemed whom He purchased with His precious blood, And whom He made unto His Father kings and priests They'll share His glory and reign with Him together. Oh, what a privilege given to the redeemed. There'll be no mare curse upon the land and its soil. The land will bear plentifully as in Eden, Peace will cover the earth as water covers seas. Men will know peace the first time since the creation. The Prince of Peace will be on the throne of David. The nations of the world will bow before the King, The kings will cast their crowns at the feet of the King. Once Who was slain for our sins will reign as the King. An election campaign is a trust from the King To challenge the people to cast their precious vote rTo the King of kings, the coming King of the world. Will you join the election campaign of the King?


Composed on 22nd October 1997 Hong Kong

A man brought his son possessed with One demon. Jesus rebuked the demon and he left the boy. Seven demons possessed Mary Magdalene. Jesus cast them out and she became a witness. There was a man in the country of Gadara. He was possessed by a legion of vile demons. Legion is a battalion of six thousand men. Jesus cast them out; he too became a witness. A woman had a spirit of infirmity. She could in no way raise herself up eighteen years, Jesus healed her completely so she could make straight. And Jesus said, "Satan has bound her eighteen years." One day a blind and mute was brought to Jesus Christ. Jesus cast out the demon; then he could see well. The blindness of the man was caused by the demon Still the cause of blindness is vile Satan's demon. A dumb man was brought to Jesus the Son of God When Jesus cast out the devil the dumb man spoke. The dumbness was caused by the demon from Satan. Today the source of dumbness is still the devil. Jesus said, "Deaf and dumb spirit, I command you, Come out of him and enter him no more" again. The deaf could hear clearly from that very moment Still the Satanic demon causes deaf in men. There was a man in Synagogue the holy place. He’s possessed by an unclean Satan's Spirit. Jesus commanded the unclean spirit to leave. Unclean character is still caused by foul demons Peter’s mother-in-law was suffering from fever. Jesus rebuked the fever and the fever left All sickness and disease have-a Satanic germ When rebuked in Jesus' Name they leave the body. Satan's spirits are actual personalities. They manifest their real personalities Through persons whom they possessed and take control . There are various types and classes of the demons. Time may change, people may change, and culture may change, But Satan and his demons are not changed at all They just wear different dress in different time. But their life and nature same: to destroy mankind. Behind every catastrophe and disaster Satan is operating through his dark forces. He's called the murderer, accuser, enemy He's the source of all pain, misery and sorrow. But Jesus our Substitute defeated Satan. And He gave the authority over Satan. To every redeemed child of God, the believer Be bold, and stand firm, and wield the authority.


Composed on 23th October 1997 Hong Kong

I’am redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ, His Son, "We have redemption through His blood the forgiveness". I am justified by the blood of Jesus Christ. "Justified by His blood, We shall be saved from wrath". I am forgiven by the blood of Jesus Christ. "We have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness". I'm purged by the blood of Jesus the Son of God. "The blood of Christ cleanses your conscience from dead work”. I am brought near to God by the blood of Jesus. "You who were far off been brought by the blood of Christ". I have peace by the blood of Jesus Christ my Lord. "By Him having made peace through the blood of His Son” I am made white by the blood of Jesus my Lord. "Washed their robe and made white in the blood of the Lamb" I have the victory by the blood of Jesus. "And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb" (Mission Calling by Rev Dr T. Alem Meren is a collection of poems written over the years to inspire people especially young Nagas to take up mission work. Every Tuesday, the Morung Express will feature this column. As the writer states: “God laid upon my heart a burden to challenge the young people of Nagaland for Christ’s Ministry beyond our home”).

Readers may please note that, the contents of the articles published on this page do not reflect the outlook of this paper nor of the Editor in any form.




Tuesday 25 October 2011

The Morung Express

Diwali in jail for Kanimozhi and Bedi offers to return money Yeddyurappa, Amar goes home

New Delhi/bANgAlOre, OctOber 24 (iANS): Home at Diwali for one, behind bars for the others. Of the nine people, in jail for alleged involvement in corruption, only former Samajwadi Party leader Amar Singh got bail Monday while DMK MP Kanimozhi and six others arrested in the 2G scam as well as former Karnataka chief minister B.S. Yeddyurappa resigned themselves to a dark festival of lights. The cases of the high profile personalities arrested in various cases of graft - Amar Singh for the 2008 cashfor-votes scandal in parliament, Kanimozhi and six others for the 2G spectrum allotment scam and Yeddyurappa for land deals came up Monday. While the Delhi High Court gave an ailing Amar Singh a reprieve, a special Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) court took up the case of the seven 2G accused and decided to reserve bail orders till Nov 3. The Karnataka High Court put off Yeddyurappa’s plea till Oct 28. Diwali is on Wednesday. The CBI told Special Court Judge O.P. Saini that it had no ob-

jection to bail being given to Kanimozhi, directors of Kusegaon Asif Balwa and Rajeev B. Agarwal, Cineyug Film’s Karim Morani and Kalaignar TV’s managing director Sharad Kumar. However, the investigating agency opposed bail for Swan Telecom promoter Shahid Balwa and R.K. Chandolia, who was the secretary of former telecom minister A. Raja, who has also been jailed in the case. Kanimozhi, 43, DMK chief M. Karunanidhi’s daughter, who has been in jail since May 20, was charged along with other 16 accused, including Raja, with crimi-

nal breach of trust amongst other things. It could become a political hot potato with Karunanidhi, a key ally of the ruling Congress, last week meeting Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress chief Sonia Gandhi. The DMK was hopeful that she would be out on bail. “Kanimozhi should have got bail earlier... there is lot of politics behind the scene,” DMK spokesperson T.K.S. Elangovan told IANS. The case, entrusted to the CBI and involving award of scarce airwaves to new telecom players in 2007-08, is known commonly as the 2G (second generation

spectrum allocation) case. Amar Singh’s future was being decided at the same time as the CBI court was pronouncing its ruling. Observing that his health condition was “very critical”, the Delhi High Court granted bail to the Rajya Sabha MP. “Keeping the medical reports of the petitioner (Amar Singh) into view, it seems to me that the health condition of the petitioner is very critical. Even the doctor had advised him not to go in a crowded area and remain in a very hygienic condition to avoid infection. Obviously, the jail is

not such a place where the condition as required could be made available,” Justice Suresh Kait observed. The court has asked Amar Singh, who underwent a renal transplant in September 2009, to furnish surety and personal bonds of Rs.50 lakh each. He was held Sep 6 for his alleged involvement in an attempt to bribe MPs ahead of the July 2008 parliament trust vote. On July 22, 2008, then BJP MPs Faggan Singh Kulaste, Mahavir Bhagora and Ashok Argal waved currency notes in the Lok Sabha ahead of a trust vote, alleging they were given the money to vote in favour of the Manmohan Singh government. While Amar Singh headed home, Yeddyurappa, the BJP’s first chief minister in the south, prepared to spend a lonely Diwali behind bars with the Karnataka High Court adjourning the bail hearing on grounds that the arguments were inconclusive. He was arrested and sent to judicial custody by a special Lokayukta (ombudsman) court in two of the five corruption and illegal land deal cases against him.

New Delhi, OctOber 24 (Pti): Under attack over charging her hosts business class for economy class travel, Team Anna member Kiran Bedi on Monday offered to return the excess money collected but it did not cut much ice with her detractors. As a controversy raged with several prominent figures, including former Chief Justice J.S. Verma questioning her action, Ms. Bedi said the trustees of her NGO India Vision Foundation have asked her travel agent to return the balance amount to the hosts. “Trustees have instructed the travel agent to return the balance amounts forthwith. They have already passed a resolution directing me to travel strictly as per invite. This leaves no room for discretion,” she said. She said the travel agent Anil Bal, who is also a trustee of the Foundation, was handling the travel account and has been asked to return the money. Mr. Bal’s agency was handling the travel assignments of Ms. Bedi. The Trustees, including adman Prahlad Kakkar, Laveleen Thadani, Achal Paul, Pradeep Halwasiya, Amarjit Singh and Sunil Nanda,

Muslims issue ultimatum to Cong

lucKNOw, OctOber 24 (AgeNcieS): Taking cue from Team Anna, Muslims in UP have served an ultimatum to the Congress led UPA government asking for introduction of quota for `dalit’ Muslims if the party wants Muslim votes in 2012 state assembly elections. Team Anna has launched a campaign in the state against the Congress requesting people not to vote for the party in 2012 UP assembly elections if the UPA government fails to enact a strong Lokpal in the winter session of the Parliament. On the other hand, the Muslim Reservation Movement (MRM) have launched a campaign in which Muslim leaders and clerics in Uttar Pradesh have asked all the parties, specially Congress to take up Muslim reservation in the winter session of Parliament. At a convention held in Lucknow, the MRM warned it would intensify its agitation affecting their poll prospects during coming assembly elections. The MRM stand against the Congress was more tough in comparison to the BSP and Samajwadi Party (SP). The MRM demands include amendment in the Presidential

Order of 1950, under Article 341 of Indian Constitution, to enable reservation system for the dalit Muslims as given to dalit in Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs communities. The MRM has also demanded that the backward Muslims be given nine percent reservation within the 27 percent backward quota. For this, it said, there is no legal hurdle and this demand should be fulfilled before 2012 elections. The MRM also demanded reservation for the non-creamy layer of Muslims as recommended by the Ranganath Mishra Commission report. It has also asked for scholarships and zero fees for Muslim students as given to dalits. “It is up to the Congress party to take up Muslim reservation issue in coming winter session. We are thankful to BSP supremo Mayawati for writing a letter in this regard to the Prime Minister,” said convener MRM, Zafaryab Jilani. SP chief Mulatam Singh Yadav has already supported MRM demand. Congress MP Mohammad Adeeb, who attended the conference, urged MRM to wait till December Bhutan’s King Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuck, left, and his newlywed Queen Jetsun Pema, center, are acas UPA government is taking steps as de- corded ceremonial reception by Indian President Pratibha Patil, right, at the Presidential palace in New Delhi on manded by MRM. October 24. (AP Photo)

Government is dysfunctional: LK Advani Cabinet to consider Wage Boards’ proposals today

bhubANeSwAr, OctOber 24 (iANS): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader L.K. Advani Monday said the central government had become dysfunctional and there were question marks on who held the number one and number two positions in it. “The government is dysfunctional. It lacks decision-making...With every passing day, a newer order or decision comes which only aggravates the chaos,” Advani told reporters at the district headquarter town of Sambalpur, about 320 km from here. Referring to a report on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s working arrangements for disposal of urgent business during

his absence, Advani said such a move demonstrates anarchy and chaos in the functioning of the government. “Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee, who is also leader of the Lok Sabha, and Home Minister P. Chidambaram have been placed at par,” he said. “In the United Progressive Alliance government (UPA), since its formation there has been a question mark over who is number one in the government - the prime minister or the Congress president,” he said. “Now a question mark has been placed even over who is number two,” he said. “One wonders if the formal promotion of P. Chidambaram to parity status

with the leader of the Lok Sabha is a desperate attempt to thwart a probe against him in the 2G scam after the indictment of DMK leaders,” he said. Advani who has arrived in Orissa Sunday as part of his ongoing anti-graft roadshow, Jan Chetna Yatra, is to address several public meetings across the state Monday. He also did not rule out an alliance with the Biju Janata Dal (BJD) in Orissa in the 2014 general elections even though the two had ended their partnership in 2009. “I am not ruling out anything. The relations between the two have (become) more naturally the state unit’s view will be taken in to account,” Advani said.

New Delhi, OctOber 24 (Pti): The Union Cabinet will consider on Tuesday the recommendations of the Wage Boards which has proposed up to three-time hike in basic pay of journalists and non-journalists in print media and fixing the retirement age at 65. Sources said the Labour and Employment Ministry has moved the Cabinet note in this regard which will be taken up by the Cabinet meeting to be chaired by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. The note is understood to have suggested that the Cabinet may take a view which would be subject to the final orders of the Supreme Court which is hearing a writ petition challenging the recommendations of the Majithia Wage Boards, the sources said. The recommendations of the Wage Boards for Working Journalists, Non-Jour-

This Diwali, be wary of that anar & chakri

New Delhi, OctOber 24 (iANS): It’s that time of the year when the sky dazzles with fireworks and houses are lit up. But with so many potential fire hazards on Diwali day, here’s a rundown on how to celebrate a safe festival of lights this year. Nearly 80 percent of burn cases received by hospitals on Diwali day are due to fire crackers like the conical anar, chakri and rocket, say experts. “The extent of burns is minor, but we observe that they can be prevented if people are a little cautious while bursting crackers,” R.P. Narayan, professor and consultant, department of burns, plastic, and maxillofacial surgery at Safdarjung Hospital, told IANS. The 60-bedded unit at the hospital sees a hike in the number of burn cases received in the week before Diwali. “Anar and chakri are dangerous. Sometimes people, especially children, try to ignite the anar while holding it in the hand,” Narayan said, adding that the first word of caution is to “never leave the children unattended during Diwali”. Flame-producing crackers are relatively more dangerous than other crackers, he says. While doctors have been emphasising on making sure that children burst crackers only under an adult’s supervision, the health ministry’s National Programme for Prevention of Burns (NPPB) has also come up with posters on preventive mea-

Do’s and dont’s this Diwali

Here are some tips on how to celebrate a safe Di1. Don’t cover crackers with tin containers or glass wali this year: bottles for extra sound. Do’s: 2. Always take a candle to the cracker for lighting, 1. Buy crackers from only licensed shops, avoid never do the other way round. Chinese products. 3. If someone gets burnt, don’t remove the clothing 2. Keep fireworks in boxes, away from children. (unless it comes off easily). 3. Burst crackers in open spaces like parks. 4. Ensure that diyas or earthen lamps are not near 4. Maintain a two-foot distance from the any flammable material like wood, cloth or paper. crackers. 5. Decorative lights and electric lights should not 5. Keep blankets and buckets of water be tied to metal poles. ready. In case of injuries 6. Keep regulators of gas cylinders off, pro1. Splash tap water (not ice water) on the affected tect curtains from stray rockets. area. Repeat the process till the burning sensation 7. If your clothes catch fire, drop down on reduces. Rush the patient to the nearest hosthe ground and roll. pital. 8. Wear fitting cotton clothes. 2. If fingers or toes are burned, try and 9. Pour water in case of burns. Do separate them with dry, sterile, non-adnot smear ointment, butter or any hesive dressings. other oily substance on wounds. 3. Cover the burnt area with moist sterile Dont’s bandage (do not use blanket or towel). sures to avoid burns during Diwali. Under the programme, the National Academy of Burns-India (NABI) distributes posters that spread awareness through colourful drawings, animation, and slogans. Experts say taking some basic steps can thwart accidents. They suggest going for community celebrations, buying crackers from only licensed shops and keeping two buckets of water ready. But with a major chunk of population vouching for celebrating the festival of lights with firecrackers, doctors say the mea-

sures are not enough. An extensive approach to first aid is also needed to keep people prepared. “Since you cannot tell people to choose a defined and restricted way of celebrating the festival, it is better to be prepared,” Narayan says. The most common type of injuries include skin burns and eye injuries. Sometimes a finger might have to be amputated when a cracker goes off in the hand. According to experts, the reasons behind the increasing accidentsonDiwaliarespaceconstrains and increased spending power and

hence increasing sale of firecrackers. While the importance of prevention measures is placed high, doctors also have a list of post-burn measures. “The first thing to be done after any burn injury is to pour water over the burnt portion. If you receive burns on face or eyes, then splash plenty of cold water. The person should immediately be taken to the nearest hospital,” Rohit Batra, dermatologist with Gangaram hospital, told IANS. The awarenessmethodologyprofessedby experts is: prevention, management and rehabilitation measures.

nalists and other newspaper employees, submitted to the government on December 31 last year, has been hanging fire for the past 10 months as some media organisations have challenged these. The Supreme Court on September 21 had given the go-ahead to the government to examine and consider the award of the Wage Boards and pass appropriate orders thereupon. The Law Ministry, whose view was earlier sought by the Labour Ministry, had said “there appears to be no legal or constitutional objection if approval of the Cabinet is solicited for the proposal... as the same relates to the matter of policy with which we may concur.” Aggrieved employees of newspapers and news agencies had on October 14 staged nation-wide protest against the Centre’s “failure” to notify the recommendations for revision of their salaries.

were of the view that she need not save money for the NGO in this way, she told PTI. Allegations were levelled against Ms. Bedi that she overcharged hosts by inflating her travel bills and that she availed discounts on air tickets using her gallantry medal. She defended herself saying she did not personally benefit and that the money thus saved went to the Foundation. Ms. Bedi said she never handled the money and the agency issued the receipts and received the money. “So the Trustees have asked the agency to return the money which is lying in the travel account,” she added. The Trustees were also of the view that the money should be returned as it was bringing bad name to the NGO which is involved in good work, she said. Digvijay Singh’s comments Reacting to Ms. Bedi’s move, Congress leader Digvijay Singh said, “This means if the corrupt people return money, they will also be absolved of their crime. Then why has A. Raja been kept in jail? Raja also returns money and comes out?”

2011 crucial for India to eradicate polio: WHO

New Delhi, OctOber 24 (iANS): With just one case of polio recorded till now this year, the World Health Organisation (WHO) Monday said 2011 will be crucial for the country to eradicate the disease. “This year is extremely crucial for India to capitalise on the remarkable progress made so far and stop polio virus transmission forever,” WHO representative to India Nata Menabde said on World Polio Eradication Day. “The progress is attributed to the tireless efforts of the national and state governments and all partners in polio eradication,” Menabde said. While 39 polio cases were reported last year, only one case - from Howrah district in West Bengal - has been detected in the country this year. According to the health ministry, for the first time, no case of polio has been reported from UP (since April 2010) and from Bihar (since Sept 2010). Union Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad said: “We are close to our goal but not taking any chances. Efforts will be intensified in the country to stop residual polio virus circulation and also prevent international importation.” Pakistan is experiencing a spurt in polio cases, while the virus has made a reentry in China. “To mitigate the risk of importation from Pakistan, immunisation has begun at the Wagah border and Attari train station in Punjab since September and Munabo in Barmer district of Rajasthan this month,” Azad added.

Karnataka’s shame: Two thousand die of malnutrition

‘The Government’s Anganwadi system meant to care for children up to age six, has almost completely failed. The main problem is with food.’

rAichur, OctOber 24 (AgeNcieS): More than 2000 children have died of hunger in Karnataka’s Raichur district over the last 3 years. The government admits that around 4500 children are malnourished in Raichur. Nagaraju is one of them. When we first met 14-year-old Nagaraju last week, he was in a shocking condition, his sunken cheekbones and sticklike limbs told the story of one who’d hardly ever seen 2 meals a day. His mother had only cried in helplessness. Parvathy, Nagaraju’s mother, says, “We don’t understand his illness and we have no more money to spend on him.” But by the time the story of his life made it on air, Nagaraju gave up his battle with life. He breathed his last on Sunday and became yet another statistic in Raichur’s hall of shame where starvation deaths are chronic. You’d never guess that Divyashree is 3-year-old and she weighs just 4 kilos. And is not half as active as infants next to her. Divyashree’s care-taker says, “She’s not ill but she is too weak. We’re tired of seeing doctors.” In village

after village, we saw under-weight children. The Karnataka Government accepts that over 4,500 children in Raichur district suffer from acute malnutrition. The Government’s Anganwadi system meant to care for children up to age six, has almost completely failed. The main problem is with food. Ambanna Arolikar, a social worker, says, “In 2006, Supreme Court said no packet food, serve local fresh food. But Government has ignored the order.” Thayamma, a mother, says, “The food they give is very poor. They give kurkure, we can’t feed our baby that.” More than 2,200 child deaths have been recorded in Raichur the last 3 years. Officials cite the last illness that triggers death but NGOs say malnutrition right from birth is the real killer. Nina Nayak, Chairperson, Child Rights Commission, says, “We’ve heard several complaints from many districts but northern districts like Raichur and Bijapur are most affected.” Karnataka Chief Minister D V Sadananda Gowda says, “Since last one year only 4 deaths have been caused. It may be due to malnutrition.” Nagaraju’s almost skeletal frame is an image that will stay with me. We do try to be objective in our reporting but there is no other side to Nagaraju’s story. This 14-year-old did not deserve death by starvation. It’s a tragedy that could and should have been prevented. Someone is responsible, someone does need to answer.

The Morung Express


Tuesday 25 October 2011

Turkey quake toll exceeds 260 dead, hundreds missing

ERCIS, TuRkEy, OCTObER 24 (REuTERS): Rescuers clawed through rubble on Monday to free people trapped by a powerful earthquake that killed at least 264 people and wounded more than 1,000 in mainly Kurdish southeast Turkey. Hundreds more were feared dead, as Turkey's most powerful quake in a decade toppled remote villages of mud brick houses. As some desperate survivors cried for help from beneath mounds of smashed concrete and twisted metal, earthmoving machines and soldiers joined the search after Sunday's 7.2 magnitude quake struck the city of Van and the town of Ercis, some 100 km (60 miles) to the north. "Be patient, be patient," rescuers told a whimpering boy, pinned under a concrete slab with the lifeless hand of an adult, with a wedding ring, visible just in front of his face. A Reuters photographer saw a woman and her daughter being freed from beneath a concrete slab in the wreckage of a building that had once been six stories tall. "I'm here, I'm here," the woman, named Fidan, called out in a hoarse voice. Talking to her regularly while working for more than two hours to find a way through, rescuers cut through the slab, first sighting the daughter's foot, before freeing them. Standing by a wrecked four-storey building one woman told a rescue worker she had spoken to her friend, Hatice Hasimoglu,on her mobile phone six hours after the quake trapped her inside. "She's my friend and she called me to say that she's alive and she's stuck in the rubble near the stairs of the building," said her friend,

Rescuers work to save people from debris of collapsed buildings in Ercis, Van, eastern Turkey on Monday, October 24. (AP Photo)

a fellow teacher. "She told me she was wearing red pajamas," she said, standing with distraught relatives begging the rescue workers to hurry. In Van, an ancient city of one million on a lake ringed by snow-capped mountains, cranes shifted rubble from a collapsed six-storey apartment block where 70 people were feared trapped. Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan flew swiftly to Van to assess the scale of the disaster in a quake-prone area that is a hotbed of activity for Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) militants. Erdogan said he feared for the fate of villages which rescue teams had yet to reach. "Because the buildings are made of mud brick, they are more vulnerable to quakes. I must say

that almost all buildings in such villages are destroyed," he told an overnight news conference in Van. NTV broadcaster quoted Interior Minister Idris Naim Sahin as saying the death toll had reached 264. Deputy Prime Minister Besir Atalay, speaking in Van, said more than 1,300 were injured. The interior minister said hundreds more were unaccounted for, many believed buried under rubble. Newspapers said trauma had been piled on trauma in the southeast, where a PKK attack killed 24 Turkish soldiers in Hakkari, south of Van, last week. "Homeland of Pain. Yesterday terrorism, today earthquake," said Radikal newspaper. Erdogan earlier flew by helicopter to Ercis,

a town of 100,000 that was harder hit than Van, with 55 buildings flattened, including a student dormitory. "We don't know how many people are in the ruins of collapsed buildings," he said. At one crumpled fourstorey building in Ercis, firemen from the major southeastern city of Diyarbakir tried to reach four missing children. Aid workers carried two black body bags, one apparently containing a child, to an ambulance. An old woman wrapped in a headscarf walked alongside sobbing. A distressed man paced back and forth before running toward the rescue workers on top of the rubble. "That's my nephew's house," he sobbed as workers tried to hold him back. A

group of women, some with faces covered by headscarves, wept as they looked on under a chilly blue sky. COLD NIGHT IN OPEN Nearby, aid teams handed out parcels of bread and food, while people wrapped in blankets huddled around open fires after spending a cold night on the streets. Rescue efforts were hampered by power outages after the quake toppled electricity cables to towns and villages across much of the barren Anatolian steppe near the Iranian border. It also damaged the main Van-Ercis road, CNN Turk reported. More than 200 aftershocks have jolted the region since the quake struck for around 25 seconds at

1041 GMT (6:41 a.m. EDT) on Sunday. "I just felt the whole earth moving and I was petrified. It went on for ages. And the noise, you could hear this loud, loud noise," said Hakan Demirtas, 32, a builder who was working on construction site in Van at the time. "My house is ruined," he said, sitting on a low wall after spending the night in the open. "I am still afraid, I'm in shock. I have no future, there is nothing I can do." The Red Crescent said about 100 experts had reached the earthquake zone to coordinate rescue and relief operations. Some 5,000 tents and 11,000 blankets, stoves and food were being distributed and mobile kitchens were set up to

feed those made homeless. Sniffer dogs had joined the quest for survivors. At Van airport, a Turkish Airlines cargo plane unloaded aid materials onto waiting military vehicles for distribution. Workers set up a tent city in the Ercis sports stadium, as ambulances, sirens wailing, ferried the injured to hospital. Dogan news agency reported that 24 people were pulled from the rubble alive in the two hours after midnight. Erdogan later returned to Ankara for a cabinet meeting to discuss the response to the disaster. He said Turkey could cope by itself, but thanked nations offering help, including Armenia and Israel, which both have strained relations with Ankara. U.N Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said he was deeply saddened by the loss of life and devastation. "He expresses his heartfelt sympathies to the government and people of Turkey at this time of loss and suffering," a U.N. statement said. Major geological fault lines cross Turkey, where small tremors occur almost daily. Two large quakes in 1999 killed more than 20,000 people in the northwest. The quake had no impact on Turkish financial markets as they opened on Monday. Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek said Van benefit from tax exemptions. In Van, construction worker Sulhattin Secen, 27, said he had first mistaken the quake's rumble for a car crash. "Then the ground beneath me started moving up and down as if I was standing in water. May God help us. It's like life has stopped. What are people going to do?"



Gaddafi still on show, rotting as wrangling goes on MISRATA, OCTObER 24 (AGENCIES): Libyans filed past Muammar Gaddafi's decomposing body for a fourth day on Monday, keen to see for themselves that the fallen strongman was dead, while talks dragged on among emerging local factions over disposing of the corpse. Fighters guarding the darkening body and those of Gaddafi's son Mo'tassim and his former army chief had placed plastic sheeting under them as fluids leaked into the market cold store in Misrata, where they had been taken after their capture and killing in Gaddafi's hometown of Sirte on Thursday. With the door constantly opening to allow a procession of onlookers, in a grim parody of the lying in state typically accorded to deceased leaders, the refrigeration unit was failing to prevent a rapid decomposition and guards handed out surgical face masks to visitors to shield them from the stench. Gaddafi and his son died after being captured, wounded but alive -- some of their final moments captured on video. But few Libyans are troubled about either how they were killed or why they are being kept exposed to public view for so long, something against Islamic tradition which normally dictates burial within a day. “God made the pharaoh as an example to the others,” said Salem Shaka, visiting the bodies on Monday. “If he had been a good man, we would have buried him. But he chose this destiny for himself.” Another man, who said he had driven 400 km (250 miles) to see the bodies, said: “I came here to make sure with my own eyes... All Libyans must see him.”

Prince’s death sets challenge to ageing Saudi royals U.S. and N Korea start talks in Geneva

DubAI, OCTObER 24 (REuTERS): The death of Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Sultan sets the stage for an eventual generational shift in the aging leadership of the world's top oil exporter, even if King Abdullah picks 77-year-old Prince Nayef to succeed him. At stake is the direction of a U.S. ally attempting to reconcile its conservative traditions with the needs of a modern economy and a young, increasingly outward-looking population. Saudi Arabia, which dominates world oil markets and holds profound influence over Muslims through its guardianship of Islam's holiest sites in Mecca and Medina faces turbulence in its neighbors and a confrontation with regional rival Iran. King Abdullah appears set to appoint veteran Interior Minister Nayef as crown prince and heir, but his choice of a defense minister to replace Sultan, who died in New York on Saturday, may signal how the conservative Islamic state manages the transition to its future leaders. King Abdullah, Sultan and Nayef have run the

country since the late King Fahd fell ill in 1995, but the monarch is in his late 80s and has spent three months abroad this year recovering from a back problem that again required surgery last week. He remains firmly in control of the kingdom, but the focus will increasingly fall on Nayef and some younger princes. Chief among them is Prince Salman, the Riyadh Governor who is a full brother of Sultan and Nayef and is seen as next most important in a ruling family that has prized seniority since it was founded by King Abdulaziz Ibn Saud in 1932. "This all points to the key role of Prince Salman, who sooner or later will move up to crown prince," said a former diplomat to Riyadh who wished to remain anonymous. "He will be the one who really decides whether the succession will stay horizontal among the sons of Ibn Saud or go vertical to one of the grandsons." If the enigmatic Nayef becomes crown prince, his true character will shape the way Saudi Arabia tackles a host of challenges at a time of unprece-

Early lead for Islamist party in Tunisia TuNIS, OCTObER 24 (AP): Tunisian authorities counted votes on Monday in carefully watched elections, with early signs that a once-banned Islamist party is leading in many constituencies in the country that unleashed uprisings across the Arab world. Tunisia was known for decades for its repressive leadership but also for its progressive legislation on women and families, which secular-leaning Tunisians fear the moderate Islamist party Ennahda would roll back if it takes a commanding number of seats in the new assembly being created by Sunday’s elections. Ennahda believes that Islam should be the reference point for the country’s system and laws but maintains that it will respect women’s rights and is committed to democracy and working with other parties. “During the campaign the Islamist party was quite

disciplined in saying they will protect human rights, they will protect the rights of women and maintain equality, but in fact this is an open question,” said Ricky Goldstein who observed the elections for the New York-based Human Rights Watch. “Their discourse in some areas was vague and ambiguous.” He did, however, pronounce the contests as “a shining example in terms of the conduct of elections,” in an interview with Associated Press Television News. “I think we will see the example of Tunisia influence positively the upcoming elections in Egypt.” Tunisia’s landmark elections coincided with declarations in neighbouring Libya by its new leaders that the country has been liberated from the yoke of longtime leader Muammar Qadhafi. The new leaders also announced plans with a sharply Islamist tone that could rattle their Western backers.

Sultan bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud

dented change, both for the kingdom and the wider Middle East, for years to come. To Saudi liberals, Nayef represents the stern face of the conservative establishment: opposed to any moves toward democracy or women's rights, a supporter of the religious police and the veteran head of an Interior Ministry that locks up political activists without charge. "I'm very worried that Prince Nayef will be the next crown prince," said a 47-year-old woman who did not give her name. "I fear that reform plans will not go forward if he takes power." Nayef was quoted soon after the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States as doubting that any of his

compatriots had been involved when 15 of the 19 hijackers were in fact Saudis. However, former diplomats, local journalists and royal family members who have dealt with him paint a softer portrait of a man at the center of Saudi politics for over three decades. "Many things are said about Prince Nayef, but I find him to be a very kind man with a foot on the ground by meeting people," said Khaled al-Maeena, editor at large of the Arab News daily in Jeddah. "He has the pulse of the nation." Reforms enacted by King Abdullah have aimed to strengthen private sector growth and loosen the grip of conservative clerics on the education system and judiciary. "I don't think the gloom and doom about Nayef is justified," said the former diplomat. "You have to realize that Saudi Arabia is run by a coalition. It's not an autocracy run by one man." During the long illness of Sultan and absences of the king, Nayef stood in for his elder brothers, meeting world leaders and managing the kingdom's day-to-day affairs. People familiar with him

also point out that, as interior minister, Nayef interacts with normal Saudis more frequently than any other senior prince, dealing with the problems of individual citizens in matters ranging from crime to poverty. The simultaneous changes of both the crown prince and defense minister might prompt a wider cabinet reshuffle, said analysts, although Abdullah's actions might be constrained by the need to maintain a balance between senior princes. "Doing a cabinet reshuffle in Saudi Arabia is like Sudoku," said an analyst who asked not to be named because of the sensitivity of the subject. "You think you have solved it and then, whoops, the nine is in the wrong place." Two possible candidates for the defense ministry are Prince Khaled bin Sultan, who has been his father's deputy there since 2001, and Prince Salman. The choice of a son or grandson of Ibn Saud will indicate how quickly the Saud family plans to transfer power to a younger generation of princes who have long jockeyed for position.

GENEVA, OCTObER 24 (REuTERS): U.S. and North Korean negotiators began a two-day meeting in Geneva on Monday, the second such encounter since six-party talks on nuclear disarmament collapsedmorethantwoyears ago. The session, which follows talks in New York in late July, is aimed more at managing tensions on the divided Korean peninsula than resuming stalled regional talks on ending the North's nuclear programs."Talkshavestarted. They are in the room and talking," a U.S. official said outside the American diplomatic mission in Geneva where the two sides were meeting in a conference room. The two delegations, who are staying at the same Geneva lakeside hotel, held a roughly two-hour morning session and were to return after separate lunches at 2:30 p.m. (8:30 a.m. EDT). U.S. officialshavedescribedthetalks as "exploratory" and aimed at keeping Pyongyang engaged so as to avoid any "miscalculations" by the reclusive nation. U.S.envoyStephenBosworth, accompanied by his successor Glyn Davies, and veteran North Korean nuclear negotiator Vice Foreign Minister

Ri Kun, North Korean envoy for United States (Right) leaves his hotel for the United States Mission in Geneva October 24. (Reuters Photo)

Kim Kye-gwan lead the respective delegations. U.S. officials and analysts were keeping expectations low, despite a slight easing of tensions between American ally South Korea and North Korea and Pyongyang's repeated calls for resuming nuclear talks. The six-party talks, including North Korea's ally China as well as Russia, Japan and South Korea, fell apart in 2009 when North Korea quit the process after U.N. sanctions were imposed following its second nuclear test. China wants North Korea to deepen talks with the South and the United States in the hope of restarting

nuclear negotiations, the Chinese vice premier told his North Korean counterpart, state media reported on Monday. The six-party forum offers the North economic aid in return for dismantling its nuclear program which is believed to have yielded enough fissile material to make up to 10 atomic bombs. Last year, the North unveiled a uranium enrichment facility at Yongbyon, which opens a second route to make a nuclear bomb along with its plutonium program, and argued it was for peaceful purposes. It says uranium enrichment falls outside the realm of previous six-party negotiations.

Argentine president wins landslide re-election

buENOS AIRES, OCTObER 24 (AP): President Cristina Fernandez was re-elected in a landslide Sunday, winning with one of the widest victory margins in Argentina's history after her government spread the wealth of a booming economy. Fernandez had 53 percent of the vote after three-fourths of the polling stations reported nationwide. Her nearest challenger got just 17 percent. Interior Minister Florencio Randazzo predicted the president's share would rise as polls reported from her party's stronghold of densely populated Buenos Aires province. "Count on me to continue pursuing the project," Fernandez vowed in her victory speech. "All I want is to keep collaborating ... to keep Argentina growing. I want to keep changing history." Fernandez is Latin America's first woman to be re-elected as president, but the victory was personally bittersweet — the first without her husband and predecessor, Nestor Kirchner, who died of a heart attack last Oct. 27. "This is a strange night for me," she said, describing her mix of emotions. "This man who transformed Argentina led us all and gave everything he had and more ... Without

him, without his valor and courage, it would have been impossible to get to this point." Thousands of jubilant, flagwaving people crowded into the capital's historic Plaza de Mayo to watch on a huge TV screen as she spoke from a downtown hotel, where her supporters interrupted so frequently with their chants that she lectured them as a mother would her children: "The worst that people can be is small. In history, you always must be bigger still — more generous, more thoughtful, more thankful." Then, she showed her teeth, vowing to protect Argentina from outside threats or special interests. "This woman isn't moved by any interest. The only thing that moves her is profound love for the country. Of that I'm responsible," Fernandez said. Later, she appeared in the plaza as well, giving a rousing, second victory speech, her amplified voice echoing through the capital as she called on Argentina's youth to dedicate themselves to social projects nationwide. Fernandez was on track to win a larger share of votes than any president since Argentina's democracy was restored in 1983, when Raul Alfon-

Argentina’s President Cristina Fernandez flashes a victory sign while celebrating with supporters after general elections in Buenos Aires, Argentina on Sunday, October 23. (AP Photo)

sin was elected with 52 percent. Her 36-point lead over Gov. Hermes Binner, who finished second, was wider even than the 30-point margin won by her strongman hero Juan Domingo Peron and his wife Isabel in 1973, although Peron also got an additional 7 percent of votes on a second ticket with a different vice presidential candidate that election, said Leandro Morganfield, a historian at the University of Buenos Aires. Fernandez's political coalition also hoped to regain enough

seats in Congress to form new alliances and regain the control it lost in 2009. At play were 130 seats in the lower house and 24 in the Senate. Fernandez suffered high negative ratings early in her presidency, but soared in popularity as a widow by softening her usually combative tone and proving her ability to command loyalty or respect from an unruly political elite. Most voters polled beforehandsaidtheywantedgovernment stability to keep their financial situations improving in what has beenoneofArgentina'slongestspells of economic growth in history. Fernandez, 58, chose her youthful, guitar-playing, long-haired economy minister, Amado Boudou, as her running mate. Together, the pair championed Argentina's approach to the global financial crisis: nationalize private pensions and use central bank reserves to increase government spending rather than impose austerity measures, and force investors in foreign debt to suffer before ordinary citizens. Argentina's world-record debt default in 2001 closed off most international lending, but it has kept the country booming ever since, with its economy expanding at twice the rate of Brazil's, economist Mark

Weisbrot said. The country faces tough challenges in 2012: Its commodities exports are vulnerable to a global recession, and economic growth is forecast to slow sharply in thecomingyear.Decliningrevenues will make it harder to raise incomes to keep up with inflation. Argentina's central bank is under pressure to spend reserves to maintain the peso's value against the dollar, while also guarding against currency shocks that could threaten Argentina's all-important trade with Brazil. Boudou, 48, could now win attention as a potential successor to Fernandez, but navigating these storms will require much skill and good fortune. Opposition candidates blamed Fernandez for rising inflation and increasing crime and accusedherofpoliticallymanipulating economic data and trying to use government power to quell media criticism. Former President Eduardo Duhalde, who fell from frontrunning rival to near-last in the polls, said in a dour closing speech that "the country is dancing on the Titanic," failing to prepare Argentina for another global economic crisis. But Weisbrot said Argentina is in far better shape than most countries in the region to face such problems.




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Referee slammed after nine-man Chelsea lose Villas-Boas risks FA wrath in referee rant

LONDON, OctOber 24 (AFP): Andre Villas-Boas risks an FA charge after he delivered a fiercely critical assessment of referee Chris Foy's performance during Chelsea's 1-0 defeat at QPR. The match official dismissed Jose Bosingwa and Didier Drogba for first half fouls after awarding the home side a ninth-minute penalty that was converted by Heidar Helguson. Villas-Boas revealed he confronted Foy after the game and his claim that the referee and his assistants failed to cope with the pressures of taking charge of an intense west London derby is unlikely to be well-received. In addition to the two red cards, seven Chelsea players were booked, triggering an automatic fine for the club, but their manager focussed his attention on the performance of the referee. "The referee was poor, very, very poor," he said. "And it reflected in the result. "I spoke to him at the end and I was very aggressive to him afterwards. I don't care if he's okay or not. Everyone can have a bad day, but this was not a bad day for

us. It was a good day for us and a bad day for the referee. "Conspiracy theories can lead to bans and lead to you calling us cry babies, and we're not. But it keeps happening. We're showing commitment and strength. Hopefully, things will go our way. Referee decisions will start going our way." Villas-Boas believes his side have suffered from a number of recent refereeing decisions and on this occasion questioned Foy's consistency after awarding the penalty when David Luiz pushed Helguson. He also insisted Bosingwa's foul on Shaun WrightPhillips was not deserving of a red card but accepted Drogba's two footed lunge on Adel Taarabt merited a sending off. "The penalty's a penalty that could or could not be given," he said. "But if he gives a soft penalty like that, he has to give us a soft penalty. I don't know the difference of the treatment. If you give a penalty like that, then he has to consider a lot of shoves in the opposite box. "I have nothing to say about Didier's sending off because it seems fair to me. But with Bosingwa, I

Terry denies racial abuse

Referee Chris Foy, third left, sends off Chelsea's Didier Drogba, left on ground, for a tackle on Queens Park Rangers' Adel Taarabt, right on ground during their English Premier League soccer match at Loftus Road stadium, London on Oct. 23. (AP Photo)

think John Terry was in a position of cover so a yellow card would do. "Apart from the fourth official, the other three were led by the emotions of the crowd and couldn't deal with a game like this. I have to share my disappointment with what I saw." "It's the third time in

row where a referee has directly influenced the result for us and we're not happy. In three games there have been blatant refereeing mistakes." The defeat leaves Villas-Boas's side six point adrift of Premier League leaders Manchester City

but the manager insists there are positives to be drawn from the game. "We have two clashes with City where we can make things up eventually. We didn't profit from the Manchester derby, but this commitment gives us good signs towards the future."

QPR moved into the top half of the table after their first home victory in the top flight since they were relegated in 1996. "We had to show a lot of character and guts today," said Rangers manager Neil Warnock. "These top sides aren't used to having their feath-

Ronaldo eyes Real Fabregas denies racially abusing Kanoute Madrid 100-goal mark

Cristiano Ronaldo

MADrID, OctOber 24 (AFP): Cristiano Ronaldo hit form with a hat-trick as Real Madrid tore apart Malaga 4-0 at the weekend and now he has his sights set on breaking the 100-goal mark for the Spanish giants against Villarreal. While his fellow strikers were scoring freely with Gonzalo Higuain having hit three consecutive hat-tricks - including one for Argentina going into the Malaga game, Ronaldo had been going through a dry patch. His last goal in the league came almost a month ago against Rayo Vallecano but his three on Saturday put him joint top scorer on 10 goals with his rival at Barcelona, Lionel Messi. Ronaldo hit a 15-minute hat-trick during the first half and could have had another goal but saw a free-kick come back off the woodwork. "I am very happy with the three goals but obviously the key was the victory," said the Portuguese star, who now has 98 Real Madrid goals. "Some days you give assists and others you score, that is how a team works so I wasn't worried during the period when I wasn't finding the back of the net. It was a great game from us and I think it was one of our best. "It will be great to reach 100 goals this season but the team is what is important and now we have another important game against Villarreal." It was a disappointing weekend for Messi who missed a late penalty as Barcelona could only draw 0-0 with Sevilla to surrender top spot to Real who were, in turn, displaced by humble Levante. Messi has had an excellent start to the season and coach Pep Guardiola even joked last

week after the Champions League win over Viktoria Plzen that the news was that the little Argentine master did not score. Messi needs to bounce back at Granada and Guardiola is confident that the miss will not affect him. "He is very strong mentally. After the wait of several minutes before he was able to take the penalty he hit it calmly and it was saved but another day he will score," he said. "Only the greats have the courage to take them. He has given a lot of pleasure to the fans, he has done a lot of great things and people realise that." Levante, who narrowly escaped relegation last season, lead the way in Spain, a point ahead of Real and two in front of Barcelona. The Valencia club, who operate on a shoestring budget, face Real Sociedad in their midweek fixture. Sevilla will be without striker Frederic Kanoute against Racing Santander but Alvaro Negredo is set to be fit to join the attack. Kanoute was sent off against Barcelona for grabbing Cesc Fabregas around the neck. Valencia travel to Zaragoza with fans angry with the players' attitude after just one win in seven games, while Malaga look to bounce back from their Real trouncing at Rayo Vallecano. Real Betis aim to end their fourmatch losing streak against Espanyol who are level with them on 12 points. Atletico Madrid face a much-improved Athletic Bilbao side who were denied their third consecutive win by a late Valencia goal at the weekend. Mallorca entertain Sporting Gijon who won their first game of the season against Granada, and Osasuna travel to Getafe.

bArceLONA, OctO ber 24 (reuters): Barcelona midfielder Cesc Fabregas denied on Sunday that he racially abused Sevilla's Malian striker Frederic Kanoute in Saturday's 0-0 La Liga draw at the Nou Camp and the pair later settled their differences by telephone. "I want to categorically deny that I made any kind of racist insult towards any Sevilla player," the Spanish international and former Arsenal captain wrote on his Twitter account after local media reported the accusation. "I will not tolerate anyone accusing me of things that I'm not," added the 24-year-old. "If they are frustrated by a decision that has gone against them on the football pitch then there are others ways to deal with it. "To cry racism is cowardly and an easy option to excuse your own poor behaviour. My conscience is completely clear. I've done nothing wrong." Kanoute said he had been "provoked and insulted" during a mass brawl which erupted after Barca were awarded a penalty in second-half stoppage time. He did not mention Fabregas by name or use the word racist. Before the penalty kick was taken, an angry Kanoute kicked the ball away from the spot and appeared to grab Fabregas around the throat before

LONDON, OctOber 24 (reuters): Chelsea captain John Terry denied making a racist slur against defender Anton Ferdinand, brother of Manchester United's Rio, during the 1-0 defeat at Queens Park Rangers in the Premier League on Sunday. The 30-year-old England skipper issued a statement after video footage was posted on the Internet. "I'm disappointed people have leapt to the wrong conclusions about the context of what I was seen to be saying to Anton Ferdinand," Terry said. "I thought Anton was accusing me of using a racist slur against him. "I responded aggressively, saying I never used that term. I would never say such a thing and I'm saddened people would think so." Terry said there was no problem between him and Ferdinand when the pair spoke after the game which Chelsea lost after being reduced to nine men in the first half. "I congratulated him on their win. He has not accused me of any wrongful remark," Terry added. "It was clear it was all a misunderstanding at the time. "After the result today I am saddened to be dealing with these wrongful allegations. "I am the proud captain of one of the most internationally diverse teams in the Premier League and I absolutely believe there is no place for racism in sport and indeed in any walk of life." Last week Manchester United defender Patrice Evra accused Liverpool striker Luis Suarez of racially abusing him in their 1-1 draw at Anfield. The Uruguayan has denied any wrongdoing and the Football Association is investigating the matter. ers ruffled. But that's what you have to do when you're a promoted side. They'll be talking about this in 30 or 40 years. We've shocked a few people today - especially the bookies." The only blemish for Warnock was Adel Taarabt who reacted angrily to be-

ing substituted in the 61st minute three weeks after refusing to stay and watch his team-mates when he was replaced at half-time in the 6-0 defeat at Fulham. "That disappointed me," Warnock said. "I've told him it's a team game and it's not all about him."

XXXII Nagaland Police boxing championship MOkOkchuNg, OctOber 24 (DIPr): The XXXII Nagaland Police Boxing Championship will begin from October 25 at Multi Sports Complex, Mokokchung. Nagaland Minister for PHED Dr. Ngangshi Ao will inaugurate the championship. Altogether 17 teams (Four DEF, Thirteen NAP Battalion and NAP Training Centre) with a total of 97 (Ninety Seven) boxers will be participating in 10 (Ten) different weight category. It is worth mentioning that this year has recorded the highest number of participants ever in Police Boxing meet, according to organizer. The participants would bout in Light Fly weight, Fly Weight, Bantom weight, Light Weight, Light Welter Weight, Welter Weight Middle Weight, Light Heavy Weight, heavy Weight and Super Heavy Weight.

MDFA Trophy 2011 Semi-Finals Fixture 1st Semi-Final Oct. 25 Time: 1:30 PM Fusion SC Vs Marepkong YA 2nd Semi-Final Oct. 26 Time 1:30 PM Suyim SS (B) Vs Zonipang SC Sevilla's Frederic Kanoute, center left, argues with FC Barcelona's Cesc Fabregas, second right, during a Spanish La Liga soccer match against FC Barcelona at the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona, Spain, Saturday, Oct. 22. (AP Photo)

being sent off. Lionel Messi's effort was then saved by goalkeeper Javi Varas. Kanoute wrote on his Twitter account that he regretted the incident - which came at the end of UEFA's Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE) week - saying it "was not a good example". "Nonetheless there was provocation and insult, as you are already aware," the former Tottenham Hotspur player said. "But don't think

about it anymore. His behaviour, like mine, was bad. Issue closed. Let's get on with the football." Fabregas and Kanoute later spoke by telephone and said they had said sorry. "We both apologised and agreed the matter was settled," Fabregas Tweeted. Kanoute added on his Twitter feed: "The issue was explained and we are both adults and aware that we were at fault yesterday.

The matter is closed." Fabregas's Barca teammate Daniel Alves defended the Spaniard at a news conference following a Barca training session on Sunday. "There are moments when your pulse is racing and you don't say please when you are asking for things," the Brazilian defender said. "But it's clear there was no racist insult, above all from Cesc, who is a fantastic lad and would never do that."

Frustrated Cook rues failure to execute plans

MuMbAI, OctOber 24 (PtI): Disappointed England skipper Alastair Cook on Sunday expressed his frustration after his team's fourth successive loss to India in the ODI series but felt that it was not because of lack of effort from his players. Cook said his players could not execute their plans and failed to convert their starts to big scores and it lead to their six-wicket defeat to India in the fourth ODI at the Wandheke stadium on Sunday. "It's quite frustrating. We have not performed at the level we had done recently. We can't fault training, effort or desire or commitment. We are performing anywhere near to what we can do," said Cook after his side slumped to a six-wicket defeat at the Wankhede Stadium. "We are definitely talking the right thing, but we need to execute it. We are scoring a lot of 30s and 40s but not getting big scores. It's not easy to get that.

Two Indian rally drivers to be F1 marshals Veda FC of Chen lifs 6th M Noke Trophy

New DeLhI, OctOber 24 (IANs): Marshals are often referred to as "unsung heroes" in Formula One (F1) and among the 850 working behind the scenes in next week's Indian Grand Prix will be two former rally drivers from southern India. The marshals -- varying from track, fire, flag and recovery -- work tirelessly during the racing weekend to ensure the race goes through smoothly. The drivers hog all the limelight in the glamorous sport, but the marshals, who put their life on the line for a job that does not even pay, hardly get a mention. However, there are enough incentives in the job which lure people from across the world and all walks of life. Being a marshal is probably the best way for an ardent F1 fan to be associated with the sport. They are the closest people to watch the drivers careening their machines at 320 kmph and rescue them in case of an accident. The action starts when they raise the green flag and ends with their waving of the chequered flag. One of them at the Buddh International Circuit (BIC) in Greater Noida is Indian

National Rally Championship (INRC) driver Philippos Mathai. And the other is Matthew Lan, an automobile engineer. Mathai, who has driven for teams like MRF in his decade-old career, is one of the fire marshals undergoing training at BIC. His task during the race will be to use different sets of fire extinguishers depending on the nature of the accident. "F1 in India is something I could not miss out on. I had to be part of it in some way," Mathai told IANS. Marshals are stationed at various places along the F1 track to provide a support system for smooth conduct of the race. "We will have various sets of fire extinguishers during the racing weekend and be prepared for any untoward incident on the track. The training for the event has been a lifetime experience. We got to learn a lot from the marshals who came from Bahrain. They shared their past experiences (of Bahrain GP) which are always a great help for the people who will be doing it for the first time," said Mathai while referring to the 150 marshals from Bahrain who will be helping

their Indian counterparts during the race. Mathai last sat behind the wheels in 2009 and he sees the Indian Grand Prix as an opportunity for him to resurrect his career. One of his friends in the Indian motorsports fraternity is none other than Narain Karthikeyan. "It will be an emotional moment for me. I hope to catch up with a lot of friends as many of them will be competing in the support races. I am good friends with Karthikeyan's cousin Arjun Balu (another rally driver). With many people of the industry around, I can plan out my comeback as well,"hesaidofMRFFormula 1600 Championship and JK Racing Asia Series, which are feeder events to the Indian Grand Prix. The other rally driver, Matthew Lan, happily took a pit stop from work in Kochi and has been in the capital since Oct 15. He is a track marshal and will be taking care of the logistics during the three days. "I will supply everything needed around the track. It includes providing recovery equipment in case of an accident, fire extinguishers and different kind of flags," said Lan, who was into rallying for over 10 years.

Winner of the 6th M. Koke Trophy, Inter Club Football Tournament 2011, the Veda FC team display the trophy at Local Football Ground, on Town on October 22. (DIPR Photo)

MON, OctOber 24 (DIPr): The Veda FC of Chen lifted the 6th M Noke Trophy, Inter Club Football Tournament 2011 by defeating two times defending champion ‘the Bulls club’ of Mon by 4 goals to nil at local football ground, Mon town on October 22. The tournament was organized by Friends Club of Mon under the theme

“Search for talent”. Altogether 25 football clubs participated in the tournament. The best players of the tournament have been selected by the experts and they would form a team to represent Mon district in the Royal Cup at Kohima next month. The Bulls FC and the Warriors FC bagged 1st and 2nd runners up respectively. The highest score with

6 (six) goals was scored by Limtong of Veda FC, while the Best Player was bagged by Mr. Chingwang of Veda FC. Tinglong of Jahjon FC was awarded the Best Keeper and the Best Discipline Team was awarded to Spec FC. The Friends Club also informed that only registered club would be allowed to participate in the trophy from next year.

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Profile of Top 21 Contestants of Naga Orpheus Hunt 2011…


Name: Tovika (17) Age: 25 Location: Tzudikong, Tuli Profession: Government Servant( IRB) Musical history: Contestant in the audition of Naga Idol 1 Hobbies: Singing Most inspiring artist: Rob Thomas Favorite genre of music: Rock and Sentimental

Name: Supou Khiam (18) Age: 22 Location: Dimapur Qualification: Graduate, Servanthood Bible College Musical history: Member of the college Choir 2008-2009, adjudged 2nd place in the solo competition organized by Khiamniungan Students Union Dimapur (KSUD) Hobbies: Singing, reading, writing songs& poems and travelling Most inspiring artists: Shania Twain, Celine Dion, Katy Perry and Leona Lewis Favorite genre of music: Country, Blues, Pop and Soft Rock

The first glimpse of the First Baby of France


he waiting world was given it's first glimpse of Giulia Bruni-Sarkozy as France's Frist Lady left her Paris maternity clinic today. Last week Carla BruniSarkozy revealed the name chosen by her and president Nicolas Sarkozy for their first child. And today the new mother left for home from the Clinique de la Muette tightly holding the infant as she was helped into a car by two minders. But there was no sign of the proud father, who was also notably absent

from the birth last week. Mrs Bruni-Sarkozy announced the baby's name on her official website last week as she thanked well-wishers for their support following the birth. The announcement comes after Sarkozy spoke of his 'deep joy' following the baby's birth at a public appearance to the town of Mayenne in France. 'All of you who are parents can understand the very deep joy that Carla and I feel. Each one of you can also understand that it’s an even deeper joy because it is private,' he said. 'We have been lucky to have a very happy event take place,' he said. 'I will just keep to these few brief words to say to you that they are doing very well.' Sarkozy and his office have kept silent throughout Bruni’s pregnancy, despite high interest in what is the first baby ever born to a French presidential couple in office, with Sarkozy intent on repairing an image many see as too brash and informal.

Name: Kokliba (19) Age: 25 Location: Kohima Qualification: Matriculate Musical history: Member of the band XOTIC VOLVO from 1999-2005. Presently performs with various bands Hobbies: Football, singing and making handicraft products Most inspiring artists: Eric Martin Favorite genre of music: Rock and Roll

Name: Rangchopi (20) Age: 24 Location: Kiphire Qualification: P.U Profession: Self employed Musical history: Finalist of Eastern Highway Star 2009 and performed at many concerts Hobbies: Singing, watching movie and travelling Most inspiring artists: MR. Big, Elton John and Leo Sayer Favorite genre of music: Country, pop and soft rock


Name: Sepichem (21) Age: 19 Location: Kohima Qualification: B.A 2nd, Japfu Christian College Profession: Student Musical history: Regular performer in Churches, functions and Evangelical Union Hobbies: Shopping, listening to music and traveling Most inspiring artists: Dc Talk, Divine Connection and Bon Jovi Favorite genre of music: Sentimental, pop and Gospel Rock

Simon Cowell Targeted in "X Factor" Sabotage Plot


imon Cowell and L.A. Reid There is a war brewing behind the scenes at "X Factor" ... with two judges vowing to destroy each other ... and a reputed entertainment website reports that it's the contestants who could feel the repercussions. According to the reports, sources connected to the show have said that...

ever since judges Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid were assigned to mentor competing groups of contestants on the show (Reid with the boys, Cowell the girls) ... the two have been ruthless with each other ... even after the cameras turned off. Some sources overheard Reid telling people he plans to play "mind games" and "dirty tricks" with the members of

Cowell's team ... explaining, "Even if I have to give really bad advice to the other contestants when their mentors are not around ... I will!" Cowell seemed to be wise to the scheme ... and even called Reid out on it after a rehearsal ... but sources say L.A. is adamant he's do "whatever it takes" to win and doesn't plan on letting up anytime soon.



(From Left to Right) Visitors checking out artwork of the students of Vineyard School Kohima during the Parents' Day cum Art Exhibition held at the school premises on October 22. (Right) Music students of Vineyard School Kohima presenting a guitar piece.

Kyong Naga Cultural Society 4th Edition “Mr. & Miss Tokhü Kohima, 2011”


Contestant No. 7 Name - Thungchamo Yanthan Hobbies - Playing Football Aim in life - Politician Age - 20 yrs

Contestant No. 1 Name - Mhiceni Odyuo Hobbies - Basketball Aim in life - Social Worker Age - 21 yrs

Contestant No. 1 Name - Limhathung Khuvung Hobbies - Listening Music & Games Aim in life - IPS Officer Age - 17 yrs

Contestant No. 2 Name - Nzanthung Ngullie Hobbies - Reading Books Aim in life - IAS Officer Age - 19 yrs

Contestant No. 3 Name - Chonbemo Ezung Hobbies - Football & Music Aim in life - Politician Age - 21 yrs

Contestant No. 4 Name - Thungbemo Murry Hobbies - Painting & Playing Football Aim in life - Philanthropist Age - 20 yrs

Contestant No. 5 Name - Peter Patton Hobbies - Watching TV & Dancing Aim in life - Army Officer Age - 21 yrs

Contestant No. 6 Name - Amos Ezung Hobbies - Playing Basketball Aim in life - Business Men Age - 20 yrs

Contestant No. 2 Name - Caroline Erui Hobbies - Listening & Reading Books Aim in life - Theologian Age - 18 yrs

Contestant No. 3 Name - Fuchumlo Tsanglao Hobbies - Watching TV & Reading Books Aim in life - Journalist Age - 17 yrs

Contestant No. 4 Name - Esther Erui Hobbies - Cooking & Listening to music Aim in life - Journalist Age - 19 yrs

Contestant No. 5 Name - Chibeni Jami Hobbies - Playing Handball Aim in life - Sportsperson Age - 21 yrs

Contestant No. 6 Name - Lochani Yanthan Hobbies - Reading Books Aim in life - Social Worker Age - 20 yrs

Contestant No. 7 Name - Mhabeni Kikon Hobbies - Reading Books Aim in life - Police Officer Age - 20 yrs



Morung Dhoni aims whitewash after win in Mumbai

India's captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, left, and England's captain Alastair Cook. (AP Photo)

MUMbAI, OCtObEr 24 (PtI): The stage is set for a 5-0 whitewash with India's yet another comprehensive win over England on Sunday and skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni says the team will leave no stone unturned in terms of preparations for the fifth and final one-dayer in Kolkata. India hammered England in the fourth ODI by six wickets with 9.5 overs to spare to go ahead 4-0 in the series. "We have played good cricket in the last few days. There have been instances when we were under pressure but we came out well. If we have won four games it does not mean we will win fifth also. We have to play well and we will go we prepared for the game," Dhoni said after the match. The last ODI is scheduled for October 25. Dhoni said after England's flourishing start, they thought of chasing close to 270 runs but the spinners turned the

12TH NSF MARTYRS MEMORIAL TROPHY 2011 Lamkang SU finds semi finals berth Our Correspondent Kohima | October 24

Last edition runnersup Lamkang Students’ Union edged out Tangkhul Students’ Union via sudden death 7-6 after both the teams locked goal less draw in the stipulated allotted time of 105 minutes. With this win, Lamkang Students’ Union earned a berth to semi finals in the ongoing 12th NSF Martyrs Memorial Trophy 2011 where it will take on winner of Kohima Science College or 13th Assam Rifles in the semi finals on October 27. The match between the two well balanced team witnessed swift attacks and continuous attacks but the forward liners failed to knock the target. Tangkhul Students Union went down in the penalty shoot out resulting in sudden death. Major KJ Singh of 16 Assam Rifles acted as the match patron today. Sano Vamuzo, chairperson, Nagaland State Women Commission will be the match patron on October 25. There will be an exhibition match between the press/media and organizing committee at 11:30 AM on October 25. Media persons have been requested to reach the local ground by 10:30 AM.


LAST QUARTER FINALS MATCH October 25; Time: 1:30 AM *13th Assam Rifles vs Kohima Science College

tide in his team's favour. "They got a good start. After 10 overs we thought they will get 270 plus. But there was a twist in the tale. Spinners got more and more turn as the game progressed and that helped us restrain them," he said. Dhoni also said pacer Varun Aaron, who made his debut, was a good addition to the team. "He bowled quick. If you can bowl quick, it's difficult to rotate the strike. Now we have both Umesh Yadav and Aaron and we can make a good choice according to the conditions," he said. Dhoni was also happy with team's fielding. "We have improved a lot. Those 10 runs (saved) matter. Overall it has become a good fielding unit." A dejected Alastair Cook blamed lack of partnership for his side's defeat. "We fell short again. In Indian conditions, you need to score 270, 280. We

lost wickets in cluster today. 220 was never going to be enough. We kept losing wickets," the England skipper said. "We have not performed to our potential. We have not played as well as we would have liked to. The guys would definitely want to win in Kolkata," he added. Suresh Raina, who scored a quick-fire 80 off just 62 balls, was adjudged Man-of-the-Match. "The partnership with Virat was crucial. Me and Virat spoke to each other and he said, 'we have to be together for about 100 runs'. He said 'we'll rotate strike and wait for the loose deliveries to play our shots'," he said. Raina was bowled by Steve Finn when the diminutive left-hander went for a big shot to eventually miss put on a century. "I had decided to play my natural game. But I won't repeat that mistake again. We will try to win it 5-0," he said.


Seyie, Chizokho Vero, Kuzhovesa Soho, Kenny Peseyie, H. Chishi, Shoveyi Keyho, Mhalezolie Kire, Vincent Belho, Ketou, Marcus, Neitho, Steve, K. Chishi, Max, Ropfu Seyie, Mchunmchung Odyuo, Oken Jeet, Atul Sharma, Kopelo Krome, Atanu Pukhan and Toto Nurumi. Organizing Committee Players: Lhoulievi Belho, Metevizo Sophie, Buolie Rutsa, Neibu Rio, Nei-u


P 12

Ferguson stunned after worst ever defeat MANCHEStEr, OCtObEr 24 (AFP): Sir Alex Ferguson slammed his Manchester United players after suffering the heaviest defeat of his 54-year career against rivals Manchester City on Sunday. Ferguson was left shellshocked after City ran riot against 10man United, finishing 6-1 winners to score their biggest win at Old Trafford in 85 years. "It was our worst ever day," said Ferguson. "It's the worst result in my history, ever. Even as a player I don't think I ever lost 6-1. "I can't believe the scoreline. The first goal was a blow for sure but it was retrievable at 1-0." A furious Ferguson, who saw Jonny Evans redcarded, was unhappy that his team had not moved to staunch the flow of goals as City went for the jugular in the second half. "The sending off was a killer for us. We kept attacking when we went 4-1 down and we should have just said: 'We've had our day." "We just kept attacking. They were attacking three versus two. It was crazy football," Ferguson told Sky Sports. "I thought with the experience we've got - Rio Ferdinand, Patrice Evra - they would (defend more) but we just kept at-

tacking. Sometimes there has to be common sense about it. It was a bad day." Ferguson said the scale of the defeat could also come back to haunt United at the business end of the season if goal difference comes into play. Before the match, United had trailed City by only two goals in the standings. After Sunday's brutal mauling, that had stretched to 12 goals, with City now five points clear at the top of the table. "What did concern me was the goals for and against. Goal difference may count. Last year it was in our favour, most years it is in our favour...this time maybe not." Ferguson nevertheless vowed that his team would bounce back. "We will react, no question about that. It's a perfect result for us to react to because there is a lot of embarrassment in the dressing room and that will make an impact," he said. "We'll come back. By January we'll be okay. We usually get the show on the road in the second half of the season and that will have to be the case. "We've played all the teams around us and they have all to play each other so the second half of the season is important to us now."

People attending a memorial service for race-car driver Dan Wheldon file past a floral display around a photo of Wheldon in Indianapolis, Sunday, Oct. 23. Wheldon was killed Sunday, Oct. 16, in a 15-car crash in the IndyCar race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. (AP Photo)

'Tendulkar had been surprisingly fragile'

SYDNEY, OCtObEr 24 (IANS): Former India coach Greg Chappell, in his new book " Fierce Focus", claims batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar has occasionally been mentally fragile. Tendulkar is idolised by millions in India and the cricket world, and is considered the best batsman in the cricket history. But the Australian legend has revealed a different side of cricketer ahead of India's four-Test tour of Australia this summer,

Herald Sun reported. "At one pointearlyinmytimewiththe (Indian) team ... he came and talked to me for about two hours," Chappell wrote in the book. "He was frustrated with his form and racked with selfdoubt. Since he'd come back in Malaysia (in a one-day tournament in 2006), Sachin's mental state had been surprisingly fragile and he came to me for help. "When the team travelled, he would snap on his

headphones, not look sideways, and shut it all out. Not even Don Bradman carried expectations like this, and Sachin had been bearing it since 1989. "He just couldn't get any rest. Once we were talking ... and I said, 'You must have so many friends, it must be hard finding time to keep in touch with all of them'. He looked me in the eye and said, 'Greg, you would have more friends in India than I've got'," Chappell writes.

Press team to play exhibition match

KOHIMA, OCtObEr 24 (MExN): The exhibition match between the press/ media and organizing committee of the 12th NSF Martyrs Memorial Trophy 2011 will take place on October 25 at the Kohima Local Ground at 11:30 AM. PRESS/ MEDIA PLAYERS: Narain B. Sagar, Kevingulie Rutsa, Daiho S. Mao, Xavier Rutsa, Solomon, Malang, Kapelo, Neitsu, Medo, Eric Miachieo, Asa


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Clark Centre for Peace Research and Action (CCPRA)

Paphino, Voto Neikha, Thekrusolie Vakha, Kezhangulie Kire, Vimekhrelie Krose, Vikuosalie Chase, Viraseto, Ketholetuo, Sede Angami, Kevizolie Rino, Mahe Kin, Sahovi Phinyo, Kedozo Yhokha, Aviko Meyase, Medo Yhokha, Kekhrieselie Medoze, Keviphotsü and Khrielievi Chüsi. Meanwhile, media persons have been requested to gather at the Kohima Local Ground at 10:30 AM.

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Chakhesang Baptist Church Kohima, Kitsubozuo 5 PM November 4, 2011

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