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Children learn empathy growing up, but can we train adults to have more of it? John Malouff The Conversation


just get so angry when he says he will call and then doesn’t,” says Ellen about her boyfriend. Her empathic friend might respond: “Yes, I can see how that would make you angry. I’m guessing underneath that you feel hurt.” Whether Ellen agrees or disagrees, important communication occurs. She might learn something useful about her emotions, and the friend might learn something about Ellen. Empathy is an interpersonal skill that can be viewed as part of emotional intelligence. Psychotherapist Carl Rogers wrote that empathy could enhance relationships and recommended it for ordinary people and therapists. Studies support its value. Health professionals who show high levels of empathy tend to get better adherence to treatment from their patients and better patient outcomes. And beyond health care, empathy is associated with better personal relationships and more successful social behaviour. In its most complete form, empathyinvolves understanding the emotion of another person, feeling the emotion and responding appropriately to it. These three aspects of empathy constitute empathic cognition, emotions and behaviour. Some people are good at understanding the emotions of others but not at feeling them or commenting on them. So can we teach people the parts they lack? Naturally learning empathy People who have an antisocial or narcissistic personality tend to have empathy impairments. So do those with autism or schizophrenia. There are also many children and some adults without a mental diagnosis who are low on empathy. Some people are genetically inclined to be highly empathic or not. But, generally, we develop empathy as children, primarily through observing how others show it. We may be on the receiving end of expressions of empathy and come to value it for the emotional benefits it had for us. Then we may show empathy ourselves and receive a positive response, such as praise or a smile, that reinforces our actions. Some children are more fortunate than others with the number of episodes of empathy they observe and responses they receive for showing it. To actively teach children empathy, parents can explain their own emotions during significant events. They can also discuss the emotions of the child as well as those of others. They can point out the connec-

The Naga Blog is a forum on Facebook where Naga’s from Nagaland and around the world network, share ideas and discuss a wide range of topics from politics and philosophy to music and current events in Nagaland and beyond. The blog is not owned by any individual, nor is it affiliated to or associated with any political party or religion. The only movement it hopes to stir is the one raised by the voices of the Naga’s every step of the way, amassing perhaps to mass consciousness one day.

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model might sometimes fail to show empathy and subsequently demonstrate a better response. The third step is practice at showing empathy. This might occur live with the trainer or online in response to written or audio comments or actions of another person. The practice would include, when possible, showing empathy in real situations outside training sessions. The last step involves constructive feedback on attempts to show empathy. The feedback typically includes praise when the person has reacted appropriately. It might also So can we teach it to adults? Many parents, health-care pro- include information about how betfessionals, teachers, work supervi- ter to assess the emotion of another sors and romantic partners would person or respond to the emotion. likely benefit from higher levels of empathy. As would anyone low in Does teaching empathy work? A student and I recently comempathy for whatever reason. Researchers have examined pleted a meta-analysis that pulled whether it is possible to increase together 18 studies on the effects cognitive, emotional and behav- of empathy training. Our results ioural empathy through formal indicated formal training can intraining. The methods used to teach crease empathy. The studies measured empathy someone to be more empathic are in many ways similar to those used to in various ways, but many used test teach a new dance or how to give a measures. These present situations and then ask: what would you say to good public speech. Training typically includes four the person? Some studies asked for self-reelements. The first part usually involves instruction about the benefits ports of empathy in everyday life. A of showing empathy, how to identify few sought patient ratings of a proemotions in others, how to feel those fessional’s level of empathy during emotions and how to comment ap- patient-professional consultations. No matter which measure was propriately on them. Next comes providing models used, the training tended to have a of a person showing empathy in re- positive effect. The findings of the studies we sponse to something another has said or done. The models can be surveyed had limitations, though. live, on video or audio, or written. The trainees who showed signifiThe situation optimally includes cant improvements were mainly a positive response to the appro- health professionals or university priate expression of empathy. The students. And studies usually foltion between events and emotions. For instance: “When I learned Poppy had cancer, I felt stunned at first, then scared and sad.” Parents can model empathy by showing it when the child has a strong emotion, whether fear, surprise or something else. They can prompt empathy by asking the child questions like, “How do you think your brother felt when you threw his toy and it broke?” They can also praise the child for showing empathy.

lowed participants for periods of a few weeks at most. So we do not know for sure whether we can increase empathy in ordinary people through formal training. We also do not know whether it is possible to help anyone make a long-term gain in empathy. Some people might be challenging to teach, either because they lack motivation to increase empathy or because they find it difficult to imagine how others feel. Sex offenders, for instance, could be hard to help, as could autistic individuals. Can we teach ourselves? Adults can increase their empathy outside formal training. They can start by looking for signs others are experiencing an emotion. These can include facial expressions, postures, sighs, tone of voice, the content of what they say and their apparent situation. If we imagine ourselves in the situation of another person, we take an additional step down the path of empathy. If we develop a hypothesis about the person’s emotion and gently present that to the other person, we may get valuable feedback and complete a self-instruction experience in empathy enhancement. Of course, not everyone stands to gain from increasing empathy. Those in occupations that require dealing in an assertive or harsh manner with others might not benefit professionally. Consider the pressures on combat soldiers and police officers. But for most people increasing empathy would have positive effects. Life provides opportunities for enhancing our own empathy. We just need to look for them.

Tips to cure for cracked heels ating scrub you can make for your feet at home. Mix one table spoon of rice flour with two table spoon of honey and one table spoon of lemon juice. Mix the scrub well and scrub your feet gently for 10 minutes. If you have serious cracking then soak your feet in warm water for 15 minutes before scrubbing. * Herbal neem and tulsi remedy: And now an Ayurvedic remedy for cracked heels which has been used since decades in India. Use the anti fungal and anti bacterial margosa leaves or neem leaves, when mixed with the turmeric, can do wonders to give you soft and smooth heels. This easy home - made remedy is particularly good for bleeding heels. * Milk and honey exfoliate for cracked heels: When you lack in taking proper care of your feet, this may result in cracked heels. Therefore, it's essential to follow a daily regime of cleansing and moisturizing your heels and a weekly regimen of exfoliating oil alone or mix them to get heels without any cracks. uring winter, we apply lothem during winters. If you aladded benefits of their differ- * Oatmeal-jojoba oil remedy: Antions and creams to our ready have cracked heels, exfolient components. other good exfoliating foot mask hands, neck and face but ate them daily by using milk and can be made using ground oatmiss out the most im- * Glycerine-rosewater remedy: honey and moisturize them till Glycerine is one of the best moismeal and jojoba oil. Grind up a portant part, the feet, thus causing they are cured completely. turisers that one can imagine. tablespoon of oatmeal in your * Fruit mask for healing cracked cracked heels. Give your feet an oil Applying glycerine on cracked blender, pour it into a bowl and massage and apply glycerine and heels: Fruits have many enzymes heels can accelerate the healing add jojoba oil to create a thick rose water, says an expert. and other miraculous compoprocess as well. Blend togethpaste. Massage this into the damMonica Sood, Managing Direcnents. They can even make you get er one tablespoon of glycerine aged skin on your feet, and put tor, beauty brand TBC by Nature, rid of your cracked heels. You just with two teaspoons of rosewater your feet up for half an hour. has shared some easy hacks to keep need to pick certain fruits like baand half a tea spoon of freshly When the time is up, rinse your our feet and heels soft and tender nana, pineapple, avocado, papaya extracted lemon juice. Apply feet with cool water. this winter. and mash them to massage your this mixture on your heels and * Rice flour scrub for cracked * Oil massage: Oils are the best feet during winters. Banana and wear a pair of clean socks. You heels: Not exfoliating your feet is natural moisturisers, not only papaya are the best options as you for your dry feet but also for should follow this remedy just also a reason for dry and cracked can mash them easily. Rub them your skin anywhere. You can before you turn in for the night. heels. So, exfoliating them is also alone or make this fruit mixture. either use any hydrogenated It can give you smooth and soft necessary. Rice flour is best exfoliSource: IANS



Meg Iralu: January 2nd 2017 at 2.30 am, a house caught fire in New Ministers’ Hill Colony just below Cathedral church. The house was a Govt Quarter presently occupied by a class 1 gazetted officer who mostly stays alone and when the incident took place he was out of station. The quarter was old more than 18 years without any form of repairing till date. The reason for the fire is poor connectivity of power cables using the old system as still found in most old houses of 90s. The moment the fire started cracking over the tin roof my brother hearing the sound, got up and alerted the neighbours and we around more than 10 guys including all families got to work extinguishing most of fire by breaking all the window glasses and breaking the doors. Though most of the house was burned out with everything inside of it and luckily there was no gas cylinder, no one was injured and it is also found no valuable documents was keep there by the house owner later. Some points to be noted here: 1. On the New Year day (still morning) when the state and the whole country itself was in the mood of celebration, where countless and undesired incidents are sure bound to arise/happen, why was the emergency no. 100 not working? In the capital of India, New Delhi, cops remain more alert on festivals days and there is not a single day holiday for even officer of CISF, BSF, NAVY etc. who know well that criminals always take advantages of those situations. 2. Why is the Govt of Nagaland and even the officers who are allocated quarters not maintaining these public by repairing those floors that are made of woods, walls, electricity switches, compound of plastered cements, gate, garages, power cable lines of current and landline, water taps etc, and where most officers and their families do not even care with that irritating excuse of the said property/problem been that of Govt duty. Not only that even after their retirement, some try to buy away their living quarters, vehicle (before the period of condemnation) and take away as much profit from the Govt in the form of applications, bribery, political backings, their status etc. I am saying all this because I am a witness and have seen the sincerity of my dad and uncles leaving behind good examples to their juniors before they leave the office. Aren't these corrupted officers not ashamed being public servants? 3. We all know Kohima is a windy area and houses in Porter Land, Midland, Naga Bazaar, Choto Bosti etc where the neighbour of that house which caught fire is not only at risk but the whole colony itself too. And we hardly find even portable fire extinguisher cylinder in households. Every year there are always cases of fire accident all over Nagaland and the disaster management team. Nagaland is not equipped when it comes to handling real situations but expert at shouting and posting on their websites, on social media pages etc. No! That is not enough when they educate others but can't do their job properly. 4. We are lucky that we have sufficient waters and today morning already drained out more than 6000 litres from our reserved water tank and we thank those guys and our neighbours who are ever ready helpful and together we did most of the job by extinguishing that quarter in 2 hours and even before those fire brigade trucks arrived. Of course! They arrived after mistaking the location first by going up toward Tourist Lodge and then coming down where we were waiting for them. They came with 3 truckloads of water, with around 30 personnel, insufficient torch lights and finished the job perfectly and we thanked them for being awake and active even during those dead hours and may God bless them. 5. This is the 2nd incident in New Ministers’ Hill Colony where another government quarter caught fire due to old and weak cable connectivity of electricity. The first took place last year, just below Circuit House nearly killing one resident when he woke up in the middle of the night and alerted the neighbours. It is high time the Govt of Nagaland took step by informing the civil servants to repair their own allocated quarter with their own money. A simple ordinary citizen like me is fed up of hearing news of totally depending on the government for job, for scheme, for protection, those peoples setting up organisation with government money, charity through government money, private cottage industries through government money, setting up own personal business with government help, those student leaders and other organisation leaders keep begging the government for money and this that always etc. Yes! we are poor people but we are not beggars, we keep our integrity and we don't beg the government to do this and that but a citizen in accordance to the constitution has every right to point out the flaws of the ruling Government and their cronies and any organisations which say they are working for public but going in the wrong direction. A new year has begun giving the people a new hope for themselves and for others and toward the government...Let’s wait and see what the new year has good things in store for us, the Nagas.

Dilemma on NSF goals & objectives Steve Chophy Chopika: Forget about NSF taking part in the ACAUT movement, of all the responsibilities that is expected of NSF, lets talk of the purpose behind its formation, "to work for the welfare of the students community." Where was NSF when the teachers were agitating for salary? Here the students were indirectly victimised, teachers did not attend their class in protest of not getting their salary, students were at the receiving end. Where was NSF during the scholarship issue? Here many students could not fill up the forms due to connectivity or for that matter both in Dimapur and Kohima, where students have to pay unaccounted money to receive some few thousands? Where is NSF on the proxy teacher issue? Many students are deprived of quality education because of this proxy system. Where is NSF on the poor infrastructure of Government schools? Here the students are made to suffer during summer and rainy seasons. Where is NSF on the issue of poor results in Government schools? What is the stand of the NSF on educated unemployed youths? Here it’s an intellectual body so it should check on the government and give ideas and means to help find ways and means to help the unemployed youths. Where is the NSF on untimely distributions of books? Here the students are made to study without study materials. Whose responsibility is it? The list goes on and on and on and on. I wonder Why NSF has to shy away from the purpose of its formation? Why is today's NSF drifting away from shouldering the responsibility its former leaders did with great responsibility and concerns? Why do NSF choose to remain silent on the genuine issues concerning the Nagas of Nagaland, but as and when a stray incident happens in Manipur, NSF will be the first to give a statement (not with regard to the ongoing communal tension). NSF is an intellectual body, instead of going for economic blockade NSF should have initiated a peace mission? I would have whole heartedly supported and taken part, had the NSF undertaken the peace mission. But alas! Everybody knows that Nagas are spread out in many NE states, but if the approach is not done humanely, infringing on the rights and lives of one group to appease the other, then at the end of the day we will be all living in a divided house making our adversaries having the last laugh. This post has nothing to do with the ongoing communal tension in Manipur....I am not against our Naga brethren from Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, or Myanmar... We are brothers and we respect each other’s existence... It is our responsibility to extend our moral support in times of needs from any side of the boundary. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are the views of the individual and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of The Naga Blog.

January 14th, 2017  

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