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God made Truth with many doors to welcome every believer who knocks on them

New York designer’s bribery issue could upset political ambitions of Ban Ki-moon

‘Live Now: Yes Life, No HIV’


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Wade maiden ODI ton help Aus beat Pak


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Reproductive Rights and the Right to Life Vibi Yhokha

Kohima | January 13

A Free Syrian Army fighter takes a selfie near Qabasin town, during an offensive against Islamic State fighters to take control of Qabasin town, near the northern Syrian town of al-Bab, Syria. (REUTERS)


By Sandemo Ngullie

No shopping is complete without visiting the second hand clothes line, you know, let check it out, I swear I won’t take more than two or three hours.

Stop Indo-Myanmar border fencing: NPCC

DIMAPUR, JANUARY 13 (MExN): The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) today submitted a memorandum to the Nagaland State Governor, PB Acharya with regard to the border fencing works at the Indo Myanmar border. The NPCC memorandum informed that Nagas across the region, both in India and in Myanmar share interlocked lands with traditional land holding systems and have coexisted harmoniously with economic activity between farmers and traders alike across the border, since time immemorial. The Indo-Myanmar boundary has never been demarcated with the consent of the local people, it stated and cautioned that construction of Indo-Myanmar Border fencing will deny access to one’s own traditional land holdings and create a bar-

rier for socio-economic activity. “The divide will thus, seriously impact communities inhabiting the region in multiple forms. No nation has the right to take away lands traditionally held by the Nagas,” it maintained. While both the nations honour boundary pillars for administrative purposes, in order to maintain harmonious coexistence, both the nations should honour the traditional land holding systems, the NPCC stated. It condemned the construction of the Indo-Myanmar Border fence and appealed to the Government of India and the Government of Myanmar to stop construction of the fence, which it stated “is not necessary and will be detrimental to the well-being of the people inhabiting both sides of the boundary.”

Abortion as an issue has triggered debates and influenced policies across the world, with India on the verge of making amendments especially towards the reproductive rights of women. On one hand, there is the emerging movement for reproductive rights to ensure women their rights over their body and reproductive health, which includes an individual’s right to terminate pregnancy. On the other hand, the right to live and the value of a life inside the womb is a pressing matter that cannot be ignored. In Nagaland, as seen in a report published by The Morung Express, the number of abortions has shown an increasing trend over the years. For Dr Kezha Tsürho from Bethel Medical Center, “life starts at fertilization.” “That’s scripturally right and medically right. The difference between a month old baby in a womb and a newborn baby is time and nutrition. We talk about of civil liberties, human rights, and how can we deny the very right of the child to live,” Dr Kezha stated. General Secretary of the Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC), Dr. Zelhou Keyho meanwhile said: “For Christians, our basis is that life doesn’t belong to us, it belongs to God, and the process of conception is also never something that we can manipulate. God is the originator of life and therefore we have no control over it. Our duty is just to nurture and to take care, beyond that we have no control. You cannot extend, and if you cannot extend you also don’t have the right to cut off. If we do that

we are taking things on ourselves, we become the one responsible of when life should end or when life should continue.” However with the increasing rate of abortions in Nagaland, a ‘Christian state’, Keyho wondered if Christians, especially leaders, have done enough after everything being said about the conception of life, or whether the dignity of life has been conveyed enough to congregations. A leading Gynaecologist from Kohima, who chose to remain anonymous, stated that abortion is taking a life because once the ovum is fertilized, the life process starts. “In one way, it definitely promotes promiscuity but if we don’t do it, they will go to local quacks or they will take medications on their own and that will lead to complication. It is dangerous for the mothers’ health,” he added. The church cannot compromise on abortion Stating that the Church has failed to educate the sanctity of human life, failed to address corruption, and every form of wrong that is happening in Naga Society, Dr. Kezha pointed out that the Church often patronizes the rich, and the corrupt. “There is absolute anarchy in the system of running the state. Society has lost every sense of morality. All checks and balances are just thrown out of the window. We have lost all morality,” he said. Rev. Dr. Zelhou Keyho added that the Church must confess its failure and repent. Further, the Church must speak out, and must not only condemn but seek ways to minister in order to save lives. “The silence of the church doesn’t

mean that we condone with what we hear and is happening in our situation. Our voice on the sanctity and dignity of life should become louder. We must directly address the issue at its face and say abortion is not only wrong but it is a sin because we are not in charge of life, life is a gift from God and it belongs to God,” the NBCC General Secretary said. He added that the Church must speak louder and protect the unborn “A tribe, a generation is made to disappear from our land! A tribe is wiped out yearly through this sinful act out of the wrong decision, shame and in order the save face. We are moving from a culture of life to a culture of death and this is not Christianity,” he exclaimed. Where do we go from here? Vincent Belho, Branch Manager, FPAI Nagaland stated that abortion is not something a woman would want to go through. “There are people who say they are against abortion but they do nothing about it,” he said, while suggesting the need for sex education and use of contraceptives. Belho also pointed out the necessity of safe legal abortion because “people will continue to have their medical needs” and this gives grounds for quacks to flourish and make more money. Dr. Kezha viewed that the need for a moral society is stronger than ever in Nagaland than anywhere else, and only when morality improves in Naga society, will it impact every sphere of life, including corruption at the political and bureaucratic level. “Sensitization has to occur in every age group. Schools have to improve health education. It has to start from family level,” recommended Dr. Kezha.

Chhattisgarh Rape: ‘NHRC ‘Eastern Nagas have gone through untold sufferings’ should put its act together’


DIMAPUR, JANUARY 13 (MExN): The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) today expressed concern at reports of security personnel in Chhattisgarh having raped and sexually and physically assaulted at least 16 women, mostly women belonging to the indigenous communities. A press note from the AHRC informed that it is almost a week since the National Human Rights Commission of India (NHRC) admitted to having found prima facie evidence of the security personnel having committed the crime. It is also a week since the NHRC put the state government on notice, though in doing so, merely asking why the women should not be monetarily compensated, with a sum of Rupees 3 lakh for each of the eight victims of rape, Rupees 2 lakh for each of the six victims of sexual assault, and Rupees 50,000 for the two victims physically assaulted. It lamented that the NHRC only cited compensation, and sidestepped the directive to invoke SC/ ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act in all the cases when the victims belong to Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes. It has not sought even suspension of the cops accused and named in the first information reports, never mind taking the investigations into the cases away from the Chhattisgarh Police, the force whose personnel are accused of these rapes and assaults. The Chhattisgarh Police has not sought to hand over the cases to an independent body to ensure an impartial investigation. It however said that the NHRC “for once has stood as true to its mandate as it can, taking suo moto notice of a media report detailing the assaults and acting on them, to at least do this much. Had it not been for this timely intervention by the Commission, the crimes committed by those obligated to protect the victims might have been forgotten, like so many others committed in the state marred by an ongoing armed struggle between Maoist in-

surgents and the State,” it said. The AHRC said that the case betrays a “total collapse of the rule of law in most Indian states. Particularly in the hinterlands, public justice institutions have been rendered completely incapable of providing redress for victims, whatever the nature of the crime committed by either private citizens or State personnel.” “The reality is laid bare in this case of rape and assault. In a functioning rule of law system, a victim of rape and/or assault would rush to the police to seek justice. What if the cops themselves committed the rapes, though? And, what if the justice system is corrupt and dysfunctional? Whom would the victims go to seek justice?” the AHRC questioned. It further claimed that there is a high possibility the women will not get any justice even if some other institution enters the fray. “Prosecutors, being from the same state administration that NHRC held as “vicariously liable” for gross violations of human rights, would sniff out any hope of justice remaining. Any intervention by an outside agency, even if it were independent, would become meaningless. So the only possibility in the current scenario is some financial compensation, i.e. if even this snails its way to the point of reimbursement,” it stated. It is in this context, the AHRC pointed out that the NHRC intervention – stopping at seeking compensation and invoking provisions of SC/ST (PoA) Act – “turns into a welcome, but cruel, joke.” It will remain so unless the NHRC puts its act together and orders transfer of investigation to an independent body in a time-bound manner, monitored by either itself or any other competent and independent body, it stated. If it does not, the AHRC cautioned that, the intervention will be “just another, in a state notorious for security forces themselves committing crimes against women, raping and assaulting them, with impunity.”

DIMAPUR, JANUARY 13 (MExN): President of the Eastern Naga National Government (ENNG), R Stephen Naga in a statement to commemorate the first anniversary of the ENNG, which falls on January 14, called upon all youths to “join hands with the ENNG to strengthen our national Government and the Naga Army in order to defend our nation vigorously.” Stating that under the military occupation of Burma, the Eastern Nagas have been through untold sufferings in the past more than fifty years, he reminded that villages were burned, thousands killed, molested, raped and “Christian villagers were forcefully converted into Buddhism.” “Our people were marginalized and treated as inferior to them. Our lands are being confiscated according to their Constitution, in which they enshrined that Land belongs to

the Government, and minerals which are underneath or surface, under water or in the air, belongs to the Government,” Naga stated. He informed that the Eastern Nagas have lost land ownership rights, minerals, forest cover; their environment has been contaminated and their men irrespective of age are being destroyed by opium. “No Government or organization is there to check and control all these evil practices. We are therefore, imperatively needed to strengthen our Naga Army in order to protect our land, our right and to defend our people from being destroyed,” he stated. He said that the ENNG was formed to “strengthen the Naga Army in Eastern Nagaland in order to defend the right of Eastern Naga people joining hands with the armed groups of other ethnic nationalities of Burma.” This he

said was needed because, “unless the Eastern Nagas have a separate political entity at present, we find no way to build up friendship and alliance with other ethnic nationalities in Burma.” “The ENNG will maintain solidarity of the Naga people and uphold what truth is and will cooperate with the political organizations and all socio organizations of Nagas who stand for the truth and are working for the wellbeing of the Naga people,” he affirmed. The ENNG President said that the Eastern Nagas are “proud as free people.” He however lamented that after the 1950s the nascent independent Government of Myanmar “started forcefully claiming Eastern Nagaland as integral part of Burma without the knowledge of Naga people and sent its Army to occupy our land. Eastern Nagaland had thus unfortunately fallen into the military occupation of

Burma since then.” The Nagas, he stated, “had no choice but to resist the aggressor at all cost and formed the Eastern Naga Revolutionary Council (ENRC) on 7th April 1964 and hence the Eastern Nagas have been relentlessly defending the sovereignty of Eastern Nagaland. We pay homage and respect to the ENRC leaders and soldiers who sacrificed their lives and undauntedly defended our country in their times.” “Though we have formed the ENNG to face the present circumstances, we uphold a single entity of Nagaland as only one nation,” Naga meanwhile affirmed. He assured that the ENNG would “maintain peace with all the Naga political groups and also with the Indian Government.” He however cautioned that the ENNG would not give room for “factionalism and sectarian political games.”

Nagaland ULB Elections 2016: Sixteen more candidates withdraw nomination

DIMAPUR, JANUARY 13 (MExN): The number of candidates withdrawing their nomination for the upcoming Urban Local Body (ULB) elections increased to 53 today, with 16 more candidates withdrawing their nominations on January 13. On Friday, the number of candidates who withdrew their nominations included 2 from Phek, 4 from Chumukedima, 1 from Kiphire and 9 from Chozuba. The total district wise number of candidates who have now withdrawn from the polls is: Phek (6), Chumukedima (4), Kiphire (2), Chozuba (10), Meluri (2), Tobu (1), Pfutsero (27), and Dimapur (1). Only 482 candidates now remain as being validly nominated for the polls. Meanwhile, the Central Nagaland Tribes Council (CNTC) has informed that

“some non- Nagaland Nagas from neighboring states have filed nominations,” which it stated is “very disturbing.” Expressing “dismay about some non-indigenous Naga inhabitants from other states taking undue advantage in the name of the women reservation,” the CNTC informed public leaders like GBs/ Chairmen of various colonies and localities to be “vigilant of such practices which are detrimental to the Nagas of Nagaland.” Irked that the 33 percent women reservation is being “imposed against the wishes of the people,” the CNTC has demanded immediate postponement of the ULB elections. The Naga Council Dimapur (NCD) meanwhile informed that February 15 is the deadline for withdrawal of nominations in Dimapur. In this connection, a

press note form the NCD informed the tribe union presidents of the Kuki, Kachari, Rongmei, Phom and Sangtam communities to contact the Vice President (Adm) Naga Council Dimapur “for urgent assignment” on or before 12:00 noon January 14.

‘Ao Senden action contravenes Ao customary laws and practices’ A joint meeting of the Tuli area Land Owners (Kangtsung, Wameken, Merangkong), intending candidates for forthcoming ULB election and public leaders on January 13 raised strong objection to the Ao Senden diktat of ex-communicating intending Ao candidates for 30 years if they do not withdraw their nominations on or before January 17. A joint statement from the Kangtsung Village Coun-

cil, Wameken Village Council, Merangkong Village Council and the Tuli Town Ward Union said that this action is in “total contravention of Ao customary laws and practices and is tantamount to infringement upon the jurisdiction and powers of the Ao Putu Menden.” “We reiterate the earlier resolution adopted at the joint meeting of the Land Owners of Tuli area and Tuli Town Ward Union to participate in the forthcoming ULB election if the Government conducts the said election in even a remote corner of Nagaland,” it said. The statement further urged the State Government to conduct the election as per the original schedule.

dates for the upcoming ULB polls, who had attempted to file nominations at the Tuli ADC headquarters, issued a joint declaration today stating that the decision to file nomination was taken “on our own self.” The declaration, appended by the candidates Imlitemjen, Tiatemjen, Supongmenla, Marula, Narola, Mayangnenla and Tinukumia alleged that due to constant pressure from village councils of Changtongya and Akhoya “we decided not to file our nomination papers.” It further claimed that while returning to their respective homes, their vehicles were “intervened by the volunteers of the aforesaid village councils.” The intending canMinister did not force didates further declared that us to file nomination: “we never forced by the Minister Nuklutoshi neither to candidates file nor withdraw our nomiSeven intending candi- nation papers.”


SaturDaY 14•01•2017



MKPO Nagaland host Aai Sagi festival ‘Live Now: Yes Life, No HIV’ Morung Express News Dimapur | January 13

The Mech Kachari community under the aegis of Mech Kachari Public Organization (MKPO) Nagaland, celebrated Aai Sagi festival, a post harvest festival of the Mech Kachari community, here at Mandeville Garden, Jurpukhuri, Purana Bazar, on Friday. The celebration was graced by Nagaland Governor, PB Acharya, as chief guest and Deputy Commissioner, Dimapur, Kesonyu Yhome, as guest of honour. The chief guest in his address said festivals like Aai Sagi form an integral and inseparable part of the people of the country since India is an agriculture country and made of villages. The Governor also said India is a democratic and secular nation and that unity in diversity is the peculiarity of the great nation. Acharya said Nagaland too exemplifies the unity and diversity with various tribal communities co-existing in harmony. He said it

Mech Kachari women presenting a cultural dance during the Aai Sagi festival celebration held at Purana Bazar on January 13. (Morung Photo)

was important for various communities to co-exist in peace and harmony without losing their own unique cultural identities. Stressing on the importance of preserving one’s culture and identity, especially dialect or language, the Governor reminded that a tribe or community cannot march forward if it leaves its dialect or language behind. DC Dimapur, Kesonyu

Yhome, said the Kachari people at large have contributed immensely to the overall social landscape of Nagaland, especially in promoting peace and harmony among various communities and tribes. Terming the Kacharis as one of the most peace loving citizens, he said this should also be a trendsetter to other Naga tribes and communities.

Earlier, advisor MKPO, Chabi Kumar, delivered welcome address while MKPO president explained on the significance of the Aai Sagi festival. On the occasion, MKPO also submitted a memorandum to the Governor. Other highlights of the celebration included presentation of traditional dances, songs and indigenous games.

KMC informs on preparation for Republic Day

Kohima, January 13 (mExn): In view of the forth coming Republic Day on January 26, the Kohima Municipal Council directs all the shopkeepers and business establishments to clean, paint and whitewash the front side of the building and shops facing the road side on or before January 20. All concerned are further directed to hoist National Flag on top of their shops and building by 6:00 am on January 26. KMC, Administrator, Kovi Mey-

ase in a press release also informed to organize a tug-of war comprising of all the 19 (nineteen) wards on January 26. All the 19 wards of Kohima Municipality are therefore informed to arrange 20 participants each with 5 reserves for this event and submit their lists on or before Jan 21 in the office of the undersigned. The Tournament will be conducted in the afternoon and will be on Knock-Out basis. A copy of rules

and regulations for conduct of the event is further enclosed for your information. Each team will have 20 players with 5 reserved. Matches will be played knock-out system. Each team will get one chance only. 1st and 2nd round matches will be played during the main evening function. All teams/participants should report 2hrs ahead of the evening program for preliminary matches.

Kohima, January 13 (mExn): Nagaland State AIDS Control Society celebrated the National Youth Day with the theme ‘Live Now: Yes Life, No HIV’ on January 12. The programme was observed with 450 NCC cadets from 29 Indian States and 7 Union Territories, at the ongoing special National Integration camp (January 4 to 15), Patkai Christian College, Dimapur. Brigadier Nikam, National Cadet Corps, Group Headquarter, Kohima, while delivering the welcome address expressed gratitude to the Department for coming forward to educate the young people about HIV & AIDS. It was further stated in a press release that the introduction was delivered by Metevinuo Sakhrie, Joint Director (IEC), NSACS. Highlighting the significance of the day, she urged the cadets to wake up the eternal energy and give efforts to make the country developed. She also mentioned that HIV & AIDS was a concern for the whole country, and that the event was an opportunity to learn and share the issues of HIV & AIDS. Ainato Yetho, Assistant Director (Youth Affairs) shared the basic facts about HIV & AIDS: The four routes of HIV transmission and the ways of prevention. He also mentioned about the impor-


Participants form Red Ribbon Human Chain to mark the National Youth Day observed with the theme ‘Live Now: Yes Life, No HIV’ on January 12.

tance of HIV testing, care support and treatment and facilities available to help and support the People Living with HIV. Alipoker, Assistant Director (VBD) shared the importance of Voluntary Blood Donation. On stating the fact that nothing can replace human blood, he encouraged the young people to be voluntary blood donors to save lives. The programme was

chaired by Thejangunuo Theunuo, Deputy Director (IEC), NSACS. It concluded with signing of Pledge, “I pledge to create awareness in my own capacity and influence to spread the message that prevention is the only cure for HIV and AIDS and work to eliminate stigma and discrimination” followed by formation of Red Ribbon Human Chain and voluntary HIV testing. Total of 23 cadets came

forward for voluntary HIV testing. Earlier, the cadets were provided IEC materials and Red Ribbon badge- signifying Hope and concern, Love and support to the people infected and affected by HIV and AIDS. The programme was jointly organized by Nagaland State AIDS Control Society, DH&FW & National Cadet Corps, Group Headquarter, Kohima.

CEO office bids farewell to Sanjay Kumar SSP secures 1st at CBSE regional Level Science Exhibition

DimaPur, January 13 (mExn): Cadet Ameka T Yeptho and Cadet Sumwang Wangsa, both from class XI of Sainik School Punglwa participated at CBSE Regional Level Science Exhibition 2016-17 conducted at NPS International School Guwahati from December 15 to 17, 2016. The team presented a model on ‘Heavy Duty Sun Synchronised Solar Cooker’ under the category Industry and secured the 1st position in this category. Around 50 schools CEO Nagaland Sanjay Kumar, IAS speaking at his farewell programme held at the office from North East participremise, Kohima on January 13. (DIPR Photo) Kohima, January 13 (DiPr): The Office of the Chief Electoral Officer bid farewell to its CEO, Sanjay Kumar, IAS on January 13 in a function held at their office premise, Kohima. Delivering his speech, the outgoing Chief Electoral Officer said that most of his active years were spent in Nagaland and opined that he would always cherish the memories of the beautiful people of Nagaland which he felt as home. He also expressed his

gratitude to the officers and staffs for their support, love and understanding during his tenure and encouraged them to have team spirit in taking the Department into greater heights. He will be leaving the Department to take up his new assignment in the Ministry of Human Resources (HR) as Joint Secretary, Education Department, Delhi. Speaking on behalf of CEO’s office, Joint CEO, N. Moa Aier stated that many

You live d on a simple code – Honesty, Sincerity and Love. Your greatest virtue was Love. You were a ge ntle She ep, You knew the Shepherd’s Voice, The Shepherd this time calle d you home And you he e de d. Rest well .

things have been done in the Department and also mentioned that one of the greatest example was the successful conduct of the National Electoral Roll purification (NERP). The outgoing CEO had also visited various districts during his tenure, he added. The programme was chaired by Deputy CEO, Khekugha Sema while speech on behalf of DEO’s Office was delivered by AEO Kohima, Mhathung.

pated in the Regional exhibition with more than 100 participants from different schools. The guide for the project was Ashok Kumar Das, Master (Physics). After having been selected at the Regional level, Sainik School Punglwa will represent the region at National Level Science Exhibition which is scheduled to be held at Delhi.

Cadet Ameka T Yeptho and Cadet Sumwang Wangsa of Sainik School Punglwa with others display the model on ‘Heavy Duty Sun Synchronised Solar Cooker.’

Call for peace made at Performance of Rural Development progs reviewed Pong Lum (Winter Festival)

Secretary, Rural Development, Kelei Zeliang and others at the performance review meeting of Rural Development programmes held on January 13 at RD Conference Hall.

2017 to be ‘year of training for RD Department’

Mehopi Kera

(12/02/1956 - 09/01/2017)

The bereaved family thanks each and every one of you who stood by us and supported us in your own ways throughout his sickness and helped us pull through this ordeal. We remember each and every gesture. May God bless you all abundantly. Thank you.

Loving wife, son and daughters.

Kohima, January 13 (mExn): A performance review meeting of Rural Development programmes was held on January 13 at RD Conference Hall with Project Directors, BDOs, JEs and SOs of all DRDAs and Blocks. A press release stated that the meeting deliberated on issues and agendas regarding to Services Rules, Trainings, PMAY (G), RTI and MGNREGS. A brief discussion on cashless transaction in rural areas was also initiated by officials from SIRD, TOTs and bank officials. Addressing the meeting, Secretary, Rural Development, Kelei Zeliang urged upon the BDOs and JEs to be more sincere and dedicated in discharging their duties as the success of the department depends on their performances. He also urged them to

follow the guidelines while implementing schemes and to comply with the instructions of their immediate controlling officers. “If your PDs complain against you, we will not hesitate to take action against you,” he said. The RD Secretary also thoroughly discussed issues on man day’s generation, job card verification, Aadhar seeding, opening of bank accounts, natural resources management (NHM) and MGNREGA geo tagging reports. Director, RD, Metsubo Jamir while lamenting on the problems of communication gap between the PDs and BDOs, called upon all BDOs to comply with the instructions of their respective PDs. He said that Government Service Rules will be applied strictly in regard to eligibility for promotions of BDOs and non performing officers will be removed. “Discipline must be maintained from now and strict disciplinary actions will be issued whenever necessary,” he stated. Jamir

cautioned that any officers producing a ministerial note in the case of transfer and posting, the department will put it up to the chief secretary who will forward it to the minister concerned. In regard to implementation of PMAY (G), he informed that specific training for BDOs, JEs and SOs will be conducted within this month which is to be attended compulsorily by all officers concerned. He mentioned that 2017 will be a year of training for RD Department. He informed that the minister, RD will be visiting all DRDAs and Blocks in the current year. Joint director, RD, K. Neibou Sekhose also reminded the officers to submit RTI Implementation Report by April 3 and RTI 17 manuals by the 1st week of April. Maintaining that Rural Development Department receives the highest number of RTI applications, he also urged them to keep information and replies ready for furnishing on time.

TuEnsang, January 13 (mExn): The Pong Lum (Winter Festival) celebration which was organized by Chang Khulei Setshang (Chang Tribal Council) concluded on January 13 at Loyem Memorial Ground Tuensang. The organisers stated in a press release that Kipili Sangtam, Minster to Power and Koiwang Konyak President ENPO were the chief guest and guest of honour respectively. CM Chang MLA, Gug Chishi Director Music Task Force, Assistant Director Labour Department and other dignitaries also attended the programme. Speaking on the occasion, Minister Kipli Sangtam said that Tuensang being the oldest district in Eastern Nagaland region, Chang community should take the responsibility for peace and unity. “Nagaland is the only place in the world which is declared in the name of the Christ as Nagaland for Christ so the Nagas should act and live as example to others,” he stated. He exhorted the leaders and public in general not be proud of the position or be it ability as it will only lead failures or disgrace in the society. He coded unity as source of everything without which there is no sign of prosperity and progress. “Repent, rethink, right attitude and forgiveness are the key for peace,” he said. “We need a matured society for which leaders should be of matured minds which will help change the system our

Minister Kipili Sangtam addresses in the Pong Lum (Winter Festival) celebration which concluded on January 13 at Loyem Memorial Ground Tuensang.

society,” the Minister said while on the recent political turmoil, he expressed that leaders need to be in a sound mind to work out in a peaceful means. Meanwhile, Koiwang Konyak addressed on the Frontier Nagaland issues and said peace and unity are the main element for the success of the statehood demands. He narrated also on the ongoing talks on the municipal council election. CM Chang also spoke on the theme of the Poang Lum ‘Enveloping peace in oneness’ basing on which he advised the gathering to uphold peace and unity and forget and forgive which will bring hindrance to the development and growth of the society. On day one evening Tetseo Sisters performed and ethic shows marked the celebration. While in the closing programme Alem Jongshi Deputy Commissioner Tuensang was the special guest. Incipit Band and other local bands performed in the closing ceremony of Poang Lum.

Saturday 14•01•2017



Campaign against ‘Anti-Tribal Bills’ completes 500 days

UNC accuses security forces of ‘indiscriminate firing’ Newmai News Network Senapati | January 13

People observing the 500th day of the 'tribal movement' at the Young Paite Association General Headquarters Hall, Hiangtam Lamka on January 12. Newmai News Network Churachandpur | January 13

A campaign to rise above the electoral politics was vocally echoed during the observation of the 500th day of the “tribal movement” in Manipur. The 'tribal movement' against the three 'anti tribal bills' completed 500 days on Thursday, January 12. The movement for "tribal land, rights and identity" began with the simultaneous reactions against the passing of the three "infamous anti-tribal bills" by the Manipur Legislative Assembly on August 31, 2015. To mark the occasion, the Joint Action Committee Against Anti-Tribal Bills (JAC-AATB) organized a 'Mass Prayer' programme at the Young Paite Association General Headquarters

Hall, Hiangtam Lamka on January 12. Rev. Stephen Chinzathang, Executive Secretary, Zou Presbyterian Church Synod, welcomed the gathering and sought through prayer the Almighty’s guidance and presence in the program as well as the Movement. The packed house observed a moment of silence as a tribute to the fallen 'tribal martyrs', followed by the JACAATB Chief Convenor, H. Mangchinkhup delivering a keynote address on the occasion. He stressed that the movement is a fight for tribal self-determination and protection of tribal ancestral lands, their rights and identity. He made a heartfelt appeal to the gathering as well as viewers watching the event live on local TV cable networks in Lamka, the district headquarter, to rise above mere electoral

The United Naga Council (UNC) has accused the Manipur state security forces of resorting to “indiscriminate firing” at Khumji village, near Noney, on January 12. Condemning the incident, the UNC, in a press statement, stated that the state security forces were escorting the trucks carrying different commodities from Jiribam to Imphal "defying the democratic agitation" launched by the UNC in protest against the declaration of 7 new districts. One Dikhuan Gonmei, s/o Tajinang Gonmei of Changdai village died on

politics and work together for the collective survival of the indigenous tribal peoples inhabiting present Manipur. This was followed by a speech from G. Liana Vaiphei, President of Manipur Tribals Union Bengaluru as well as Zomi Youth Association Bengaluru Region, exhorting the tribal peoples to keep the flame of the Movement burning. Taking cues from Biblical events, the 500th Day Message was delivered by Rev. Dr. Sut Khan Thang, Executive Secretary, Chin Baptist Association. This was followed by a mass prayer session led by leaders of the Tuailai 1434PRO, a movement initiated by a church-based youth group for uprooting corruption and building a New Delhi, JaNuary 13 righteous Christian society based on (MexN): Taking serious exception to Proverbs 14:34. the report of inhuman custodial torture involving electric shock against the two incarcerated UNC leaders and the indiscriminate firing at Khumji village on January 12 where one Dikhonang Gonmei was killed and three demanded that the Home Department others seriously injured, the Joint immediately withdraw the "so-called" Naga Civil Societies, Delhi (CJNCSD) JIC at Kangla Fort. today demanded “immediate judiCORE then questioned the ratio- cial enquiry” and action against the nale behind turning the archaeologi- responsible police officials to ensure cal and cultural heritage site, Kangla that justice and rule of law prevail. as a “torture centre.” Crying foul over the reported use In its press statement, the UNC said of third-degree method and violation that it took the "revelation of Gaidon of human dignity of the two incarcerKamei, President of UNC, seriously ated leaders, the CJNCSD in a statethat he was being treated cruelly in the ment expressed that it was “baffled” most inhuman and extreme manners that such acts were permitted to take including electric shock and other third degree methods of tortures when he was taken out at the Joint Interrogation Cell (JIC) on November 28, 2016". The UNC warned that the Government of Manipur would bear all responsibilities for any consequences if anything were to happen to Kamei and Stephen while in police custody.

Imphal | January 13

The Centre for Organisation Research and Education (CORE), a representative indigenous people’s organisation based in Manipur and the United Naga Council (UNC), in separate statements, have expressed serious concern over the reported severe physical torture and cruel and inhuman degrading treatment meted out to United Naga Council president Gaidon Kamei by Manipur police. Kamei, 52, has been detained under police custody since his arrest on November 25 last year in connection with the ongoing indefinite economic blockade on National Highways connecting Manipur, which was launched by the United Naga Council

"anti tribal bills" passed by the Manipur Legislative Assembly. It further cited an incident which occurred on November 28, 2016 at Longmai bazaar where one Thuanguanglu Kamei was allegedly hit on the chest after security forces opened fire. "We urged upon one and all not to repeat such and anti people activities in Indo-Naga Ceasefire coverage areas," the Naga body appealed. In this, the UNC flayed the Government of India for its continued display of indifference. On the prevailing situation in Manipur, the UNC maintained that all unwanted incidents could have been avoided had

(UNC) in connection with the district creation issue since November 1. The UNC alleged that its President was subjected to third degree torture, including electric shock inside the Joint Interrogation Cell (JIC). Based on the allegation made by the UNC, CORE in its press release said Kamei’s health, personal security and life are now have been put at great risk in the police custody as per a news report. It demanded the state government ensure that all detainees and prisoners are treated with dignity and respect accorded to all humans equally under the law. The UNC leader should be given immediate access to competent and impartial professional medical attention, CORE further demanded. It also

place despite the duo being under judicial custody. The CJNCSD added that it was ‘bemused’ that “the contemporary Manipur as a democratic state has been reduced to an absurd entity where targeting the life, soul and interest of the Nagas has become the sole professed state-function of the Government of Manipur.” Claiming that Nagas have been observing peaceful protests since the arrest of the two UNC leaders and formation of the new seven districts, the CJNCSD accused the Manipur Chief Minister of resorting to “stateterrorism” to brutalise, dehumanize and subdue the legitimate aspirations and rights of the Nagas. “Against every democratic norm and expec-

tation, the State Government and the Government of India have been dictating terms on the Nagas to withdraw the ongoing agitation instead of fulfilling their legitimate demands,” the Delhi-based Joint Naga Civil Societies argued. Meanwhile, the CJNCSD has demanded the unconditional release of the two UNC leaders and the immediate rollback of the new seven districts. “There is no question of the Nagas withdrawing the ongoing agitation or entering into the proposed “tri-partite talk” without first fulfilling their demands,” it asserted. “No use of state-force or terror can deter the Nagas from standing up for their birthright and historical aspirations,” the CJNCSD asserted.

Ukhrul ADC calls for Centre to intervene in Manipur impasse Newmai News Network Ukhrul | January 13

The Autonomous District Council (ADC), Ukhrul has called for the Central government to intervene in the Manipur impasse and create the needed situation so that the agitating United Naga Council (UNC) and the Manipur government can hold a dialogue over the issue. urge Addressing a press conference here this afternoon, Chairman of Ukhrul ADC Dr. Yaronsho Ngalung said that the "immediate intervention" of the Central government by convening a tripartite talk is needed to resolve the present imbroglio "as Manipur government and UNC are at loggerhead". To help create the much needed atmosphere to hold dialogues, the ADC Chairman urged the Manipur government to first release the two arrested UNC leaders, insisting that the Naga body would reciprocate by lifting its agitation. Dr. Ngalung also categorically stated the need to keep the dispensation of the recently created

seven districts in abeyance until the crisis is resolved amicably. The ADC Chairman sought to lay the blame on the state government for the prevailing situation. "I did not blame the Manipur government without reason. If they (Manipur government) happen to consult the stakeholders by respecting the various Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) signed between the Government of Manipur and the Naga bodies the present crisis may not happen at all. We also respect the rights of State government for creating new districts, likewise, the State government should also respect Article 371 (C) of the Constitution

where it clearly states that anything that relates to the interest of the hill people must be referred to the Hill Area Committee (HAC) of Manipur Legislative Assembly. HAC was not consulted and we were also not consulted at all. This is a clear violation of the Constitution," he maintained. The Ukhrul ADC also strongly condemned the alleged third degree torture meted out to the arrested

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People celebrate 'Uruka' feast in Assam MoDEL HIGHER SEcoNDARy ScHooL

Guwahati, JaNuary 13 (iaNS): People from all walks of life on Friday thronged the markets in Assam on Uruka -the annual festival of feast -- ahead of the Magh Bihu celebrations starting on Saturday. Markets across the state were thronged since Friday morning with buyers bargaining for the different varieties of fish. The Assamese Magh Bihu or Bhogali Bihu celebrations start from the previous day which is Uruka (the day of grand feast). While the people will celebrate Uruka with friends and family on Friday night, the lighting of the Meji (bonfire made of bamboo and straw) will take place early Saturday morning, to mark the beginning of the 'Magh' month. Magh Bihu marks the harvest festival and the celebrations continue for more than a week.

A.G Colony, Kohima Job vAcANcy

Sl. No.




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Minimum 6 months experience

Interested candidates may kindly furnish your resume and submit in the school office on or before 17th January, 2017. Preferences will be given to those who have experience and B.Ed. For further information contact: 9886483794/9436005925. PRINCIPAL

affidavit Regd. No. 76

I, Shri. Paunamlungbe S/o of Digumraing of Jalukie town, PO & PS Jalukie, Peren Dist. Nagaland hereby declared that: 1. That I am the deponent of this affidavit. 2. That the name Paunamlungbe and Paunamlungbe Iheilung is of same person. 3. I hereby declared that my correct name is Paunamlungbe and shall be use for all official purposes in the future. Deponent 1st Class Magistrate

UNC President Gaidon Kamei and Infomation Secretary SK Stephen while in police custody. "It is very unfortunate and unthinkable. They are not criminals but leaders. The Manipur government ought to take note of this," stated the Executive Member (EM) of Ukhrul ADC Isaac Mashangva who also participated at the press conference along with other Executive Members.


adMissiOn OPEn

the Manipur government “upheld and honored the letter and spirit” of the 4 Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs) signed between the Government of Manipur and the Naga people and also, the written assurance given by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India on the district creation issue. The Naga body further argued that the issue may have been resolved had the Government of Manipur sent its representative to Delhi on November 15, 2016 for a tripartite talk between the Government of India, Government of Manipur and the UNC. “And all such undesirable consequences would have been avoided,” it claimed.

CJNCSD demands judicial inquiry into firing, alleged custodial torture

Organisations condemn alleged torture Newmai News Network

the spot while three others were seriously injured. All four were civilians. Accusing the State security forces as being responsible for the death and the injuries, the UNC in its statement insisted that the Naga people have seen enough bitter experiences of the past activities of "state sponsored terrorism". To drive home its points, the UNC cited the May 6, 2010 Mao Gate incident in which 2 Naga students were killed; the August 31, 2014 incident of Ukhrul where 2 civilians; the August 31, 2015 incident at Churachandpur headquarters where 9 were killed while protesting against the passing of three

Kohima Educational Trust Scholarship (UK) INvITATIoN

Applications of Private schools are invited for the award of the Kohima Educational Trust Scholarships (three years scholarship) for students who are in class VIII this year, 2017. Only students of recognised educational institutions in Nagaland in the said classes need/could apply. The additional conditions required are: 1. Applicants must be routed through the Head of their respective Institutions. The Heads of the Institutions must also be willing to supervise / monitor, or otherwise confirm with / to requirements of the scholarship and such willingness must be given in writing, along with the application. 2. Applicants must submit their progress report card of the last three consecutive years (Class 5,6, &7) by the given date, without the submission of which, the application will not be considered. 3 Occupations of the parents/ guardian and annual income should be attached, attested by the resident Pastor/ Parish Priest as the case may be (need not be in legal stamp paper) 4. Proper correspondence address and contact number of the applicants and the Institutions must be provided. 5. Any other information about the applicant, including why he/she is deserving of the scholarship, will be considered with due seriousness. 6. The applications to be forwarded to the Executive Manager K.E.S. in the address mentioned below. The last date for the submission of the applications to the undersigned is 24th of February 2017. The scholars/ candidates who have received the Scholarship last year, should submit their annual Progress Report Card by 24th February 2017; failing which, their scholarship will be terminated for the current year. The Scholarship Award will be held on the 10th of March 2017 at URA Academy, Mission Compound, Kohima Village at 10: 00 am. For any further inquiry kindly contact the number mentioned below. 14th of January 2017,

Mhasisalie Solo, Executive Manager, The Kohima Educational Society, C/o. Western Book Depot, Main Town, Kohima Nagaland - 797001 Contact Number : 8575013986.


saturDaY 14•01•2017



World’s jobless to rise amid slower growth, political & economic uncertainty: UN agency San FranciSco, January 13 (reuterS): The ranks of the world’s jobless are expected to grow this year due to slow growth, political and economic uncertainty and a lack of investment, the International Labour Organization (ILO) said on Thursday. Unemployment is rising in major emerging economies, especially those reliant on commodity exports such as Russia, South Africa and Brazil, the United Nations agency said. Due to the failure to create jobs, global unemployment is forecast to increase by 3.4 million people in 2017, bringing the total to 201 million, it said in its annual report World Employment Social Outlook. “That corresponds to an increase in the rate

of unemployment in the world from 5.7 percent in the year that has just closed to 5.8 pct in 2017, and this is a tendency driven by deteriorating labour market conditions, particularly in emerging countries,” ILO director-

Road ahead not easy, operational excellence imperative for all: Infosys CEO tells employees Long-term unemployment remains stubbornly high in Europe, Canada and the United States, the report said. At the same time, social unrest and a lack of decent wages are prompting job-seekers to migrate from developing regions. “Migration is an essential part of the world of work, it’s an essential part of stimulating future growth, sharing prosperity, making our global economy more inclusive,” said Ryder, a former head of the international trade union ICFTU. “The irony, dilemma, paradox of our time is that at a moment when the economic case for migration, taken globally, has probably never been stronger, it seems

Airtel launches payments bank Offers 7.2% on savings accounts MuMbai, January 13 (agencieS): Airtel Payments Bank on Thursday launched its nationwide operations with an initial investment of Rs. 3,000 crore and offering an interest rate of 7.25 per cent for savings accounts. The bank was launched by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. Airtel Payments Bank is the first among several such niche banks to start operations, after the central bank handed over new permits to bring financial services within the reach of millions who still lack access to formal banking. Payments banks can take deposits and remittances but are not allowed to lend. This new set of banks is expected to increase competition in the sector by offering higher interest rates on deposits. Several of Bharti’s competitors have also received payments bank licenses, including Reliance Industries, which has entered the country’s telecoms sector through unit Jio, as well as Vodafone Group Plc and Idea Cellular. Private-sector lender Kotak Mahindra Bank owns a minority stake in Airtel Payments Bank. Airtel Payments Bank will use 250,000 of Bharti Airtel’s retail mobile services outlets to offer its services and has already added one million customers during its pilot phase, it said in a statement.

that the social and political obstacles to migration are becoming even higher.” Major commodityexporting economies are hardest-hit by insufficient jobs. “For instance, we note an increase in the unemployment rate in the Russian Federation, South Africa, Brazil ... and some levelling off at least in Saudi Arabia and again also in Indonesia,” said ILO senior economist Steven Tobin. Latin America and the Caribbean remain scarred by recent recessions, while sub-Saharan Africa is in the midst of its lowest level of general Guy Ryder told a MIGRATION growth in more than two news briefing. Globalisation and trade decades, the report said. “We have a situation in liberalisation are increasLatin America’s unemwhich, despite relatively ingly questioned, Ryder ployment rate is set to rise high cash holdings, com- said, noting that the intenby 0.3 percent in 2017 to panies seem uncertain tions of the incoming US 8.4 percent, largely due to about investment. Invest- administration of Donald the slowdown in Brazil, the beiJing, January 13 (agencieS): Nokia’s comement levels are not where Trump were a “major cause continent’s largest econo- back phone, the Nokia 6 was announced by the new owner they need to be,” he added. of uncertainty”. my, it said. HMD Global, last week in China. The smartphone will be available in an exclusive sale on The website has begun to take in pre-registrations for the smartphone. A PlayfulDroid report has said that the Nokia 6 device was able to get 2,50,000 pre-registrations within 24 hours of the announcement. The phone will finally be rolled out in China new york, January Amazon has replaced Sam- “Long standing tech giants 21st rank. The coveted list on January 19. The device has been priced at 1,699 yuan 13 (Pti): Apple, Google sung on the fifth slot. There hold down the top places revealed the 50 companies ($246) and according to the company this new phone will be and Tesla on Thursday re- is no Indian entity on the once again, new digital dis- that global innovation ex- sold exclusively in China only. According to a teaser, HMD tained their positions as latest list, though the rank- ruptors such as Uber and ecutives ranked as the Global may soon launch the new Nokia phones globally and the world’s most innovative ing for 2015 had Tata Mo- Airbnb have joined the list, most innovative and ex- are expected to be announced on February 26. Interestingly, companies on an annual tors at 26th place. Before and the expanding role of plores the increasing im- the Mobile World Congress starts just after a day, February top-50 list, even as Tatas that, another Tata group digital innovation is readily perative for companies to have moved out after being firm TCS was ranked 43rd apparent in the presence of bring in innovations from 27 in Barcelona. HMD, which has the ownership rights of the some traditional manufac- outside. “Given faster- Nokia brand, teased a video on social media. the only Indian entity there in 2014 list. This launch marks the first new smartphone that The 2016 list has 34 turers and process driven changing markets -- and for two years. The latest list for 2016, companies from the US, 10 companies such as Gen- the fact that even in more carries the iconic handset name ‘Nokia’ ever since 2014 released today by the Bos- from Europe, and 6 from eral Electric and Diamler,” traditional sectors tech- when Nokia OYJ sold its entire handset unit to Microsoft. nology is becoming a key The new device, Nokia 6, runs on Google’s android platton Consulting Group, has Asia. The top 10 most in- the report noted. General Electric was differentiator -- a not-in- form and has been manufactured by Foxconn. When it Apple, Google, Tesla, Mi- novative companies for crosoft and Amazon in the 2016 include, Netflix at the ranked in the 15th place vented-here mindset can comes to specifications, the smartphone is powered by top five positions. Among 6th place, Samsung Group followed by Diamler be fatal,” said BCG partner Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 processor along with 4GB these, the top-four have re- (7th), Toyota (8th), Faceb- (16th), Uber 17th and and report coauthor An- of RAM and 64GB internal storage which is expandable tained their positions while bok (9th) and IBM (10th). Airbnb was placed at the drew Taylor. up to 128GB. The device features a dual amplifier speaker with Dolby Atmos technology for sound output. The smartphone contains a 16MP PDAF rear camera with f/2.0 aperture and an 8MP front camera. The Nokia 6 is fueled by a powerful 3,000 mAh battery. The home button in Nokia 6 doubles up as a fingerprint new Delhi, January 13 said Ajay Singh, Chairman and Man- achieved 7 consecutive quarters of sensor. The device is a 4G-enabled smartphone which profit, highest on-time performance supports Bluetooth v4.1, Wi-Fi, GPS and USB-OTG. (ianS) Budget passenger carrier aging Director, SpiceJet. Apart from this, there is also rumours about Nokia 8, “The Boeing 737 class of aircraft has and lowest cancellation rates; a record SpiceJet on Friday said that it will purchase up to 205 aircraft from global been the backbone of our fleet since load factor of over 90% every month another premium smartphone which can get a release commercial jetliners’ manufacturer SpiceJet began, with its high reliability, for 20 months in a row - a feat that has on February 26. A YouTubechannel called Total Tech had published a teaser video for the device and this may be Boeing. According to the airline, the low operation economies and comfort. no parallel in aviation history.” The B737 MAX incorporates the the next flagship device from Nokia. The phone is spectotal order for 205 aircraft is worth $22 WiththenextgenerationofB737andthe billion (Rs 150,000 crore) at list prices. B737 MAX, we are sure that we can be latest technology ‘CFM International ulated to have a great camera with 24 megapixels along The order enhances the compa- competitiveandgrowprofitably.”Spice- LEAP-1B engines’, advanced technol- with optical image stabilisation (OIS) as well as “Super ny’s earlier commitment to buy 55 air- Jet had placed its first order with Boeing ogy winglets and other improvements EIS” or Electronic Image Stabilization. The front-facing craft with additional 100 firm B737-8 in 2005 for Next-Generation B737s and to deliver the highest efficiency, reliabil- camera might be a 12MP unit. Pictures of the new device gave been leaked by My Nokia MAX and 50 purchase rights for B737- currently operates 32 Next-Generation ity and passenger comfort in the singleaisle market. The new airplane type Blog and Slashleaks websites which also suggests similar 8 MAX and wide-body aircraft. “We B737s and 17 Bombardier Q400s. “Our turnaround story has been consumes 20% less fuel than the first features of the device. The reports suggest that the device are now in a very good position to expand our network and operations, one which has very few parallels in Next-Generation B737s and the lowest will have a 5.7 inch Super AMOLED QHD display, a 2.0GHz which include both domestic and in- the world today and we are proud operating costs in its class -- 8% per seat Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 or 835 processor with either 4 or 6GB RAM, either 64GB or 128GB of internal storage. ternational routes and destinations,” of it,” Ajay Singh said. “SpiceJet has less than its nearest competitor.

Nokia 6 smartphone gets 2.5 lakh registrations in 1 day

Reliance Jio rumoured to launch No Indian companies in world’s top-50 innovative list Rs 999 VoLTE feature phones new Delhi, January 13 (hinDuStan tiMeS): Reliance Jio is reportedly planning to launch feature phones with 4G VoLTE support, priced between Rs. 999 and Rs. 1,500. At least two such low-cost Reliance Jio VoLTE feature phones are said to be planned by the company, which will come with bundled free voice calls and other services. According to a report by Hindustan Times, Reliance Jio’s low-cost 4G VoLTE feature phones will use Spreadtrum chipsets to enable 4G VoLTE calls. The report says, citing unnamed people familiar with the matter, that Reliance Jio is “expectedly in talks” with Qualcomm and MediaTek, which account for a huge chunk of the processors used in smartphones nowadays. These Reliance Jio VoLTE feature phones may become a vehicle for the company to promote its bundled apps, such as Jio Chat, Live TV, video-on-demand, and JioMoney. Reliance Jio’s VoLTE feature phones are also expected to have cameras on the front and the back. Two 4G VoLTE feature phones by Reliance Jio are said to be in the offing at present. However, there is no clarity on the launch timeline of these devices. According to IDC’s Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, Reliance Jio was the fifth-biggest smartphone vendor of India in Q3 2016. At present, 4G VoLTE smartphones are available at starting price of around Rs. 3,500-4,000. The low-cost VoLTE-enabled feature phones may bring Reliance Jio’s free calling service to a large section of the mobile phone market that has not been able to make use of the free services as they are limited to smartphones so far. However, the current Reliance Jio Happy New Year Offer – which provides free calls, data, and other services – expires on March 31, 2017. Therefore, Reliance Jio will have to launch these VoLTE feature phones ahead of the deadline to get feature phone users on its network with all the incentives. FiRe StatiOnS

KoHIMA soUtH: 0370-2222952/ 101 (O) 9402003086 (OC) KoHIMA nortH: 7085924114 (O) dIMAPUr: 03862-232201/ 101 (O) 9856156876 (OC) CHUMUKedIMA: 7085982102 (O) 8732810051 (OC) woKHA: 03860-242215/101 (O) 8974322879 (OC) MoKoKCHUnG: 0369-2226225/ 101 (O) 8415830232 (OC) PHeK: 8414853765 (O) 8413822476(OC) ZUnHeBoto: 03867-280304/ 101 (O) 9436422730 (OC) tUensAnG: 8414853766 (O) 9856163601 (OC) Mon: 03869-251222/ 101 (O) 9862130954 (OC) Kiphire: 8414853767 (O) 9436261577 (OC) Peren: 7085189932 (O) 9856311205 (OC) LonGLenG: 7085924113 (O) 9862414264 (OC)

we4 woMen HeLPLIne

std code: 03862

DiMaPUR Civil Hospital emergency-

232224 229529 229474 MH Hospital 227930 231081 Faith Hospital 228846 shamrock Hospital 228254 Zion Hospital 231864 224117 227337 Police Control room 228400 Police Traffic Control 232106 east Police station 227607 west Police station 232181 CIHsr (referral Hospital) 242555 242533 dimapur Hospital 224041 248011 Apollo Hospital Info Centre 230695/ 9402435652 railway 131/228404 Airport 229366 Indian Airlines 242441 225212 Chumukedima Fire Brigade 282777 nikos Hospital and 232032, research Centre 231031 nagaland Multispecialty Health & research Centre

248302, 09856006026

eden Medical Centre


W AnnIVersArY APPeAL APPLe BeGIn Center CHICKen CHoICe CLeAn Crown deMo dIAL drIVe eXCLUde FroZen GreAse GreAt Green HUnG InCLUde Lent PeeP

SpiceJet to buy up to 205 aircraft from Boeing



PersonAL Pose PresCrIPtIon PreserVes PrICe ProUd reFresH reMAIn rePeAL rUst sCALe sCene seAr sILVer soLId stone tore toUGH wAres wInd




08822911011 WOMen HeLPLIne 181 CHiLD weLFAre CoMMIttee Toll free No. 1098 childline

taHaMZaM (formerly senapati) Police station Fire Brigade




222246 222491

KOHiMa Fire Brigade naga Hospital oking Hospital Bethel nursing Home northeast shuttles

north Ps Officer-in-Charge south Ps Officer-in-Charge Zubza Ps Officer-in-Charge Chiephobozou Ps Officer-in-Charge tseminyu Ps Officer-in-Charge Khuzama Ps Officer-in-Charge Kezocha Ps Officer-in-Charge women Cell Officer-in-Charge Control room


stdcode: 03871

std code: 0370 2222952 2222916 2243339 2224202 08974997923


9485232688 9485232689 9485232690 9485232693 9485232694 9485232695 2226216

woodland nursing Home


Hotel Metsüpen (tourist Lodge) 2226373/ 2229343


Us dollars sterling Pound Hong Kong dollar Australian dollar singapore dollar Canadian dollar Japanese Yen euro thai Baht Korean won UAe dirham (Aed) Chinese Yuan

BUY (rs) 66.62 80.87 8.31 49.77 46.56 50.53 57.57 70.59 1.82 0.0547 17.55 9.39

seLL (rs) 69.64 84.81 9.26 52.21 48.86 53.01 60.83 74.03 2.03 0.061 19.55 10.46


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std code: 0369

Police station 1 Police station 2 Police station Kobulong Police station tuli Police station Changtongya Police station Mangkolemba Civil Hospital




Simple Rules - Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through 9.

Game Number # 3823

Answer Number # 3822

ACROSS 1. Pup 6. Back 10. Male undergrad social club 14. Celebrate 15. Carve in stone 16. Emanation 17. Turf 18. Pear-shaped instrument 19. Expectoration 20. Sissy 22. T T T T 23. Carton 24. Bay window 26. Walk quietly 30. Pierced 32. Nonsense 33. Medications 37. “Smallest” particle 38. Terror 39. Ow! 40. Waterproofed canvas 42. A swindle 43. Ancient Roman magistrate 44. Directed 45. Nobles 47. Type of snake 48. Mother 49. Exotic dancer 56. Ends a prayer 57. Absent Without Leave 58. Craze 59. Brass component 60. Cozy corner 61. Declares 62. Leisure 63. Sounds of disapproval 64. Chatty DOWN 1. Envelop 2. Sister and wife of Zeus 3. Not odd 4. Gave temporarily 5. Hedonist

6. Unwind 7. Decorative case 8. Does something 9. Empty talk 10. Fussy 11. Indian monetary unit 12. Disney mermaid 13. Makes lace 21. Suffering 25. Record (abbrev.) 26. Not this 27. Greek letter 28. Impoverished 29. Sobriety 30. Wish granter 31. Norse god 33. Shopping center 34. Religious sisters 35. Behold, in old Rome 36. Not barefoot 38. Powerful 41. Contribute 42. Gondolier 44. Hit on the head 45. Female demon 46. Portents 47. Defrauds 48. Labyrinth 50. 2 2 2 2 51. A chess piece 52. Overhang 53. Again 54. Knights 55. Not difficult Answer to Crossword 3827

Saturday 14•01•2017


JACWR urges Nagaland State govt to complete municipal election process • Appeals Government to stand by its commitment to uphold, protect the constitutional rights of Naga women • Condemns use of force, intimidations by tribe organisations Kohima, January 13 (mExn): The Joint Action Committee on Women Reservation (JACWR) has urged the Nagaland State government to complete the election process for the municipal and town councils as per the directive of the interim order from the apex court. In its emergency meeting held in Dimapur, the Committee also condemned the “undemocratic use of force, intimidations, threats of banishment and otherwise by some tribe organisations in stopping the filing of nominations of candidates, including its women candidates for the municipal polls in the towns of Kohima, Mokokchung, Tuensang, Medziphema and forced withdrawal of candidates in some other towns,” according to a press release from Abeiu Meru, Convenor, JACWR & President, NMA and Dr. Rosemary Dzuvichu, Co-Convenor, JACWR & Advisor, NMA. The JACWR further questioned the sincerity of some of the elected representatives of the people, who after having passed the First

Amendment of the Nagaland Municipal Act passed the Second and Third Amendments in the successive Assembly sessions at the request of the tribal bodies. “They seem to have lost all sense of Constitutional allegiance and adherence to law by agreeing to withdraw bona fide candidates, who are now eligible for the polls after scrutiny of their nomination papers,” it stated. Applauding the courage of those Naga women, who in the face of such stiff resistance, filed their nomination for the forthcoming polls, the release asserted that the number of women candidates who had filed and were ready to file nominations in all towns of Nagaland “proves beyond any doubt, that Naga women are ready to take up such responsibilities of leadership.” The statements from different organisations, it lamented, seem to convey that for the Naga society, the voices of women, the fifty percent of the population, is not the voice of the people. “This is not the Middle Ages and while fully respecting age old traditions of our forefathers, with the changing times, we also uphold the democratic rights of women as equal citizens and as human beings under the Constitution. We are not trying to fight with men, we are seeking that our Constitutional rights guaranteed to us under the Constitution, the Parliament and passed by the Nagaland State Assembly

MEx FILE AR apprehend NSCN (K) cadre mon, January 13 (mExn): 35 Assam Rifles apprehended Corporal Cheimang of NSCN (K) on January 10 in Mon. The apprehended person was staying in Mon Town and carrying out tax collection for NSCN (K), a press release from AR alleged. “He also provided shelter and assistance to NSCN (K) cadres to carry out their nefarious activities to include extortion in Mon town,” it added. A .22 mm pistol along with ammunition was recovered from him.

AR apprehend two alleged arms dealers Dimapur, January 13 (mExn): Troops of 41 Assam Rifles along with police representative apprehended two alleged arms dealers at 6th Mile, Sovima Village, Dimapur on January 12. One 9 mm pistol, two laptops, two mobile phones and 25 bottles of Rexcod syrup were recovered from the two identified as Sadam Husain (25) and Kevi Yalie (37), informed a press release from Assam Rifles. The individuals along with the recovered items were handed over to Diphupar Police Station, Dimapur for further investigation, the release added.

is given to us. It is most unfortunate that the issue of reservation for women in Municipalities has been wilfully misinterpreted and politicised by vested interests,” it reiterated. Meanwhile, it termed illogical the demand of various organisations to withdraw the case (regarding the women reservation) in the Supreme Court. The State Government’s petition, it said, has made the case “infructuous and for Naga women, the case is over.” The Committee further pointed out that in the last six years there were enough observations made by the courts, including the apex court, that reservation for women has nothing to do with Article 371 A, and that it stands by it. “To defame women in public banners, that we are playing with the rights and future of the Nagas is highly objectionable, and it proves that there are vested politicised interests who are bent on misinterpreting the law or ignorant of the law,” it added. It mentioned that reservation for women is implemented in all municipalities and town councils in different parts of the country in various states. In major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and down south and in the North East like Tripura, it is 50% reservation for women. In the neighbouring states like Manipur, Assam, Sikkim, there is 33% reservation for women. Like Nagaland, Mizoram has the special provision of another clause of

Pochury Hoho reiterates to stand by Naga Hoho on ULB elections

mEluri, January 13 (mExn): The Pochury Hoho in its Executive Council meeting on January 13 deliberated on the Nagaland Municipal Act 2001 and reiterated its earlier discussion dated August 12, 2016, wherein it decided to stand by the position of Naga Hoho as its federating member. Therefore, the Pochury Hoho has appealed to the State Government to have further deliberation with all the stakeholders on the issue. The house also approved and regularized the decision

Woman found loitering in Kijümetouma

CM greets Chakhesangs on Sukrunye Kohima, January 13 (mExn): The Chief Minister of Nagaland, TR Zeliang has extended heartiest greetings to the Chakhesang community on the occasion of Sukrunye. “As the colorful festival marks the beginning of sowing season ahead, the Chakhesang community gears up and celebrate the most important festival with traditional fervor and gaiety as it symbolizes the sanctification of youth and a ceremony to ensure prosperous future for the community,” he said. The CM hoped that the festival will not only be a time for merriment but a time to recreate the flavour and purpose of the festival. Zeliang wished the community a joyous and peaceful celebration.

Meetings & AppointMents ENPO president calls meeting In view of the issues related to ULBs election in Nagaland and the subsequent diverse views expressed by the federating tribal units, the ENPO President has called for a joint consultative meeting at Tuensang HQ on January 14, 9:00 am at CKS Hall. Hence, all 6 tribal federation units, frontal organizations under ENPO and eminent leaders of all affected town councils within ENPO jurisdiction have been requested to attend without fail.

Kohima DPDB meet The monthly Kohima District Planning and Development Board (DPDB) meeting will be held on January 16, 10:00 am in the DPDB conference hall. Therefore, all the DPDB members of Kohima district have been requested to attend the meeting positively. This was informed by ADC Planning and Member Secretary DPDB, Kohima, Ketoho Luho.

NCD emergency meet An emergency meeting of Naga Council Dimapur (NCD) councilors will be held on January 16, 2:00 pm at NCD office. All the councilors have been asked to attend the meeting without fail, as an important agenda and action plan regarding the boycott of Urban Local Bodies’ election will be discussed.

CVO Dimapur informs The Chief Veterinary Officer (CVO), Dimapur has informed all the sectoral officers/ doctors under Dimapur district that there will be a district level co-ordination meeting on January 16, 1:00 pm in the CVO office chamber. All concerned have been requested to come prepared in brief about the targets and achievements for the financial year ending March 31, 2017 without fail.

the Article in the Constitution and has implemented 33% reservation for women without any fears of infringement, it stated. Reservation of seats, JACWR noted, is not forever and Naga women are not demanding that. The JACWR appealed to the tribe organisations to “remember their Christian ethics and desist from exposing themselves to the outside world with such unchivalrous behaviour, threats and unbecoming statements.” As Naga women and bona fide members of the respective tribes, it stated, “it is against the inherent, the very essence of Naga culture to declare a war on women, that violates democratic principles and our fundamental right. The kind of threats and intimidations to candidates, that are emanating from such respected apex tribal bodies, the last few days ,that has brought great shame to the Naga family.” The JACWR also urged the State Government to stand by its commitment to uphold and protect the constitutional rights of Naga women and the elected legislators to remember they are the guardians of all citizens, including women in the State. Further, it expressed shock over the “stoic silence” of the many churches which have been sloganeering for Clean Election and expected sane Christian voices to emerge and protect the constitutional rights of women.

Kohima, January 13 (mExn): A mentally challenged woman was found loitering at Kijümetouma Village in Kohima. Women Cell Kohima and the Women Helpline (181), Nagaland have admitted her at the State Mental Institute, Kohima, according to a press release from Women Helpline, Nagaland. Her name and identity is unknown. She is about 50 to 60 years old with a height of around 5’2 ft and has a mole on left cheek. Anyone who has information about her family, relatives or any known person may call Women Helpline (181), Nagaland or 9485239095.

of the Executive Council to accept the resignation tendered by Penthu, President, Pochury Hoho and Chusietho Joshou, Finance Secretary, Pochury Hoho. Further, it resolved to constitute Range Presidents as nomination/search committee to fill up the vacant posts within 25 days, said a release from M. Chuba, Acting President, Pochury Hoho. The meeting also endorsed Vice President M. Chuba as Acting President and present Treasurer

Khevitho Nyuthe to take dual charge as Finance Secretary till President elect and new Finance Secretary are installed. Meanwhile, the Executive Council pledged to commit and rededicate themselves to strengthen the sanctity of Pochury Hoho against all forms of internal and external elements. The meeting held at the office of Pochury Hoho in Meluri Town was attended by 13 executive members out of 19.

Alleged blast at DMC candidate’s residence Candidates write to Police Commissioner for security Dimapur, January 13 (mExn): In the backdrop of a purported blast at Ward 22, intending candidates for the Dimapur Municipal Council from the BJP has sought police security for one of its fellow candidates. The incident reportedly occurred around 9:25 pm on January 12 at the Veterinary colony (Burma Camp) residence of BJP candidate from Ward 22, Hokuto Zhimomi. In a letter to the Commissioner of Police, Dimapur, the candidates stated that “unidentified miscreants lobbed explosives” inside Zhimomi’s residential compound. The letter appended by BJP candidates of Wards 19, 17, 23, 10, 16, 20, 21, 1 and 7 stated that the incident has given rise to fear and panic within Zhimomi’s family and also reflects a “clear threat” to

stated, “While we the BJP candidates vehemently condemn the incident, we also appeal the Police to immediately book the culprits involved in the incident and also unearth the masterminds of the blast and book them as per the law of the land.” The police when contacted stated that a complaint of an alleged explosion at the residence of a DMC election candidate was received at around 10:20 pm on January 12. Following the receipt of the complaint police visited the alleged blast site to investigate. Stating that debris in the form of bits of paper and plastic were found at the purported site of impact, the police added that investigation was on to verify whether it was caused by a firecracker or a bomb.

Demands to book perpetrator(s) Dimapur, January 13 (mExn): The BJP Nagaland has condemned the act of throwing a "crude powerful homemade bomb" into the residential premise of Hokuto Zhimomi, a BJP candidate (Ward 22) for Dimapur Municipal Council elections, at Veterinary colony in Burma Camp on January 12. The party in a press release issued by its General Secretary (Media) & Spokesperson has requested that the culprits are booked at the earliest for the safety and security of the candidates, voters and the general public. It also requested the State Election Commission to ensure enhanced security for the BJP candidates in the ensuing polls to prevent any such re-occurrences anywhere in the state for a free and fair poll. Hokuto Zhimomi has also refuted the ongoing rumours of his withdrawal from BJP candidature, ac-

cording to the press release. He has clarified that when the NPF issued two party tickets to him and the other NPF candidate in Ward 22, he had withdrawn from the NPF party candidature from Ward 22 and not as rumoured. Meanwhile, the BJP candidates have been requested to coordinate with the State and District party office and presidents as well as the Election Commission offices at the respective districts and conform to the electoral rules and regulations while ensuring to avoid any rumour and misinformation. In a separate press note, the residents of Veterinary colony also condemned the blast. They have requested the district administration to look into the matter at the earliest and take necessary action by booking the culprits. The release from D Yongnyak Konyak, Chairman and S Tokiho Swu, Gener-

al Secretary of Veterinary colony further stated that the citizens of the colony in a meeting held on January 13 also resolved to take drastic action towards anyone who directly or indirectly tries to sabotage the peaceful atmosphere of the colony. They also decided to conduct clear and fair election by implementing one person one vote. Any proxy voter will be dealt with stern actions, the release stated. The council and the citizens also appealed to the administration to provide security for the colony. The NPF candidate of DMC Ward 22, Pukhavi Yepthomi has also condemned the incident. According to a press release, Yepthomi has urged the investigating agency to seriously investigate the matter and book the culprit(s) at the earliest as per the law of the land so that no miscreants can create a situation between the two parties.

LSU holds 50th general conference Boy Missing WoKha, January 13 (Dipr): Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha), Neiphiu Rio has maintained that education, as the most powerful weapon, can make a person an asset of the society and a positive agent of change but taking it for granted and misusing of knowledge can make one a liability for the society. Speaking at the 50th general conference of Lotha Ekhae Ekhung (Lotha Students’ Union) in Chukitong on January 12, he added that educating a child through synchronized participation of child, parent and teacher is important as the child learns to prepare to face the challenges of life ahead. Reflecting on the theme ‘Be an agent of change’, Rio said that positive change will not come as miracle but every concerned individual needs to work towards it as stakeholders in the society. He observed that the modern Naga society is an educated society, but in regards to the process of civilisation and evolution although we have achieved

many goals within a short period of time, “we are still a young society to call ourselves civilised.” He also observed that among the Nagas, the Lotha community has exceedingly achieved on many competitive platforms and have done well on social, education and economy ratings as well. Making a narrative of Naga history, he said that the Government of India and the world is now recognising the Nagas as a people. “Our political issue is no more known as law and order issue, but a political issue, and we are now recognised as a people with a unique history. Therefore, the present ceasefire and the dialogue is going on,” he stated. “It now depends on the Nagas whether we want to come together and unite and accept what is available or to reject and continue to fight.” President of Lotha Students’ Union (LSU), Amos Odyuo in his presidential address stated that he and his team had put in a great amount of time for the union's welfare during

which they faced countless hardship and constraining pressures but saw God's divine intervention and courage to lead on the student community thus far. He appealed to the Lotha intellectuals and leaders to learn to appreciate, encourage, and support the selfless social leaders who work relentlessly for the uplift and progress of the people. “Many things need to change to keep up with the changing times, but there are things which need our careful preservation, and those are our vibrant tradition, culture, costumes and the bravery and honesty of our forefathers,” said Dr. Abemo Odyuo, Controller of Examination, NU, who spoke on the theme, “Be an agent of change.” Subenthung Kithan, President NSF, in his greetings advised the student community to use social media carefully and wisely as irrational and destructive means of its usage will in the long run destroy the peaceful fabric of the society and even between people.

SKK: All Sumi Students Union (SKK) said ‘Baba’ Tokheho brought great name and laurel to the Sumi community and Nagas. Remembering the deceased as a visionary and enthusiastic person who uplifted the Naga people, SKK said the demise has created a vacuum not only for his tribe but for the Nagas in general. SKK prayed to God to grant peace to the departed soul and solace to the bereaved family. KSH: The Kohima Sumi Hoho (KSH) stated Tokheho was an active and outstanding leader of not only Zunheboto constituency but the entire Sumi community. “He played a very crucial role in politics during the early formative

years of Nagaland State. He continued his involvement in many important and critical events as a politician and also as an elderly and matured person,” KSH said in a condolence message. The Hoho further recognized Tokheho as a brave man with strong personality and significant influence “particularly during insurgency times in Nagaland.” In his death, it added, “we have lost a rare personality and a good human being. Sumis have truly lost a fatherly figure which is difficult to replace.” NPCC: NPCC President, K. Therie mentioned Tokheho was one of the senior-most founding fathers of Nagaland statehood who played a vital role as

Name: Puloto Sumi Age: 13 years Gender: Male Father’s name: Vighoto Sumi Mother’s name: Khetoni Sumi Date of missing: 8/01/2017 Address: Signal Nagagoan Village. If found, kindly contact: CHILDLINE No 1098/ 9856503877/ 03862-224151 or 9077114774.

Old Dhansiri Bridge closure: Traffic Police issues advisory

Dimapur, January ing Nagarjan to 3rd Mile. Meanwhile, pillion rid13 (mExn): Following the closure of Old Dhansiri ers on two wheelers have Bridge for re-construction been asked to use helmets since January 9, 2017, the compulsorily, adding that Dimapur Traffic Police defaulters will be penalhas announced again that ized. “With the increasing all vehicular traffic on that route is closed round the volume of vehicular traffic compounded by variclock. For smooth flow of traf- ous repair works, inconvefic, the exit of vehicles from nience to the commuters Walford to New Dhansiri is eminent. The Dimapur Bridge via Lorna School Traffic Police is trying its junction is prohibited. level best to minimize However, entry from Lorna these inconveniences and School junction towards ensure smooth flow of trafWalford is allowed, accord- fic along all the routes,” the ing to a press release from press release said. ComAddl. Dy. Commissioner of muters have been requested to co-operate with the Police/PRO, Dimapur. Owing to the heavy Traffic Police personnel traffic on the routes from by obeying traffic rules Purana Bazar to Tragopan and also assist by following the youngest Interim Body Point, commuters have single lane driving along Member and as Minister. been encouraged to use narrow stretches and avoid “An eminent social worker, the arterial route connect- overtaking. he was also a very upright and strong public leader who had a vision for the Naga people. His philanthropic works and leadership will continue to be remembered for generations to come,” Therie said. “The void created by his demise is a loss not only to the bereaved family members, but also to his community and the people of the state.” BJP: The Nagaland State BJP also mourned the loss of a veteran leader “whose void shall be diffi- Police in Mokokchung apprehended one Imsubenla for cult to be filled.” It prayed illegal possession of 6500 tablets of contraband spasfor the departed soul to mo-proxyon. The arrest was made at around 1:30 am on 13 at Longmisa junction from a Tuensang bound rest in peace and strength January night bus, according to the police. A case has been regisfor the family he has left tered in this connection at PS I Mokokchung vide 001/17 behind. U/S 27 DC Act.

More pay tribute to Tokheho Sema Kohima, January 13 (mExn): More people today grieved the death of Tokheho Sema, former minister and Padma Shri awardee on January 12 and conveyed heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family. Governor: Governor of Nagaland, PB Acharya described Tokheho as a prominent social worker and great human being. “Late Tokheho H. Sema dedicated his life for the welfare of the people of Nagaland in general and State in particular,” he stated in a condolence message. Stating that his contributions and sacrifices for the development of the State will be remembered by all, Acharya said his demise is a great loss to the people of Nagaland.

his life. While stating “such incidents would only create a feeling of terror not only among the other BJP candidates and party workers but also the common public,” the letter expressed apprehension that it would adversely impact the election environment. As per the letter, the blast took place not far from where a number of people were gathered in the compound. Stating that the candidate was not home at the time, the letter added that the alleged blast damaged “the concrete floored compound” and “splinters” hitting “some youth present in the vicinity but no injuries were caused.” Appealing the police to provide security to Zhimomi till the entire electioneering process is completed, the letter


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PeoPle, life, etc...


An ancient toy could help improve healthcare in the developing world Ed Yong


The Atlantic

n 2013, on a visit to a Ugandan clinic, Manu Prakash noticed a small metal machine propping open a door. It was a centrifuge—a device that spins tubes of liquid at extremely high speeds, so that any particles within them sink to the bottom. This process is used to separate out everything from cells to viruses to DNA, which means that centrifuges underpin a lot of modern science. They’re as essential to hospitals and laboratories as saucepans are to kitchens. But centrifuges run on electricity, which is why many clinics in the developing world can’t use them, even if they can afford them. That’s why the one that Prakash visited had repurposed their centrifuge as a doorstop. It’s also why the clinic couldn’t carry out a lot of simple diagnostic tests. “On a chart, they listed all the tests that they do, but they were only really doing two out of 10,” recalls Prakash. “The other eight required centrifugation. I’ve seen this play out over and over again. It was clear that we needed a centrifuge that could operate without electric power.” Prakash has now created one. Modeled on an ancient children’s toy, and made with little more than paper, string, and tape, it can spin at speeds of up to 125,000 revolutions per minute (rpm). That’s more than enough to, say, separate cells or malaria parasites from blood samples. And it’s actually much faster than a lot of desktop centrifuges, even though Prakash’s device is entirely hand-powered, weighs less than 2 grams, and can be made for just 20 cents. He calls it the paperfuge. “This type of innovation has the potential to support the creation of cost-appropriate, rapid, and robust diagnostics that can be administered by local health care workers in the lowest-resource communities in the world,” says Carol Dahl, Executive Director of the Lemelson Foundation. Prakash, a biophysicist who grew up in India and now works at Stanford University, has a habit of creating devices like this. Last year, I wrote about his Foldscope—a $1 pocket microscope that can be folded from a sheet of paper. He has also developed a skin patch that detects parasitic worms in the manner of an ultrasound, but for less than $10. He has been working on tools for extracting malarial parasites from mosqui-

to bites, and computers that run on water droplets. For these feats, he was awarded a MacArthur “genius grant” last year—a coveted $625,000 award given to exceptional and innovative people. Having decided to make a cheap centrifuge, Saad Bhamla and other members of Prakash’s team started thinking about simple spinning devices. Yo-yos were an obvious pick, and one of the lab members was adept with them, having once been a circus performer. But the group soon learned that yo-yos can only achieve about 4,000 rpm. At such low speeds, it would take far too long to spin down a typical laboratory sample. The same problem has plagued other attempts to build hand-powered centrifuges out of egg-beaters or salad-spinners—they just don’t spin quickly enough.


Nury Vittachi

stood and its fundamental limits were completely unknown. So we spent six months thinking about the math, all with the goal of asking how fast it could really go.” By playing around with the disc size, the position of the holes, the strings, and the speed at which the users pull them apart, the team managed to hit 125,000 rpm. That’s “the fastest rotational speed every recorded for a human-powered device,” they wrote. “We have submitted an application to Guinness World Records. But anyone can make a whirligig to our specifications and get those numbers. It’s just physics; it’s not special materials.” In the actual paperfuges, the discs are just stiff, waterproof paper, like the stuff that bank notes are made from. The strings are just fishing lines, tied to two wooden handles for easy winding. Each paperfuge has

‘Zero-waste’ living is possible

Don't rush to judgement, these four true tales teach us couple of years ago, a friend accused me of being really slow on the uptake, so I called him last night. "Yep," I said. One should always take time over important issues instead of rushing to judgement. Case in point: A recent news report says police were shocked to see the driver of a forklift truck use her vehicle's pointy bits to pick up and move a van that someone had parked in front of her house. It was a cheeky, dangerous act, so police detained the driver and then set out to trace the van owner. It turned out to be the forklift driver. "Villain and victim were the same person," said reader Sarath Malhotra, who forwarded me the link to the news story from the US state of Wyoming. Police realised they now lacked a victim to file a complaint and so had to prosecute the motorist for Wearing Flipflops While Operating a Forklift, which is apparently an actual offence. (It is clear to me that law-makers worldwide work in three separate divisions: Criminal Law, Civil Legislation and Silly Laws, the third group being by far the most prolific.) Anyway, the tale presaged the arrival in my inbox of a rash of news reports with unexpected twists. An email from a regular contributor reported a recent incident in the UK town of Wiltshire. A woman saw a man with some sort of long-bladed weapon lurking menacingly in a quiet street. She called police and nine squad cars full of officers turned up -- to find a man trimming a hedge. The conversation went something like this. "What are you doing?" "Trimming my hedge, then having a cup of tea and a nap." "No mass murders or terrorist activities?" "I don't think so but I'll check my diary." Next came a news item from the Washington Post. An old, homeless bag lady had long the habit of making deranged-sounding claims that the government owed her $100,000. Eventually a kindly social worker took the trouble to read through the paperwork in one of the woman's bags -- and discovered that the government owed the woman, 80-year-old Wanda Witter, $100,000. Be nice to homeless people, who may well have more disposable income than we do. The fourth tale-with-a-twist came from a reader who collects "dumb criminal" reports. In California, a fugitive female, 29, found a pair of handcuffs at a friend's house and made a snap decision to try them on. Click! Now where's the key? No key! Unable to remove them, she called the police for help. They turned up at the house and were delighted to find a woman they had been looking for, pre-cuffed and ready to go. This was kind of like a Christmas present for police detectives, who usually have to do all their own detecting and handcuffing. So there we go. Don't make rush decisions. Yet there are exceptions. I told my children that I will love them unconditionally whatever they do, even if they rob banks or start wars, but if they ever use the words "craycray", "whatevs" or "swag" I kick them out and change the locks right now. That's reasonable, right?

“So, I asked the [team] to bring more toys into the lab,” Prakash says. And someone brought in a button spinner. The simple toy, also known as a buzzer, is part of the whirligig family, and has been around for more than 5,000 years. They’re made by passing strings through the center of small discs—everything from buttons to bones and flattened musket balls. By twirling the ends of the strings, you spin the disc and wind the strings together. If you now pull the strings outwards, they unwind and rapidly spin the disc in the opposite direction. By filming a basic whirligig, Prakash’s team were astonished to find that it could spin at 10,000 rpm. “We realized that this is a toy that no one had thought about,” he says. “The physics of how it works weren’t under-

two discs, which are stuck together by bits of Velcro and sandwich two sealed drinking straws. If you want to spin some liquid, you inject it into thin plastic tubes and load these into the straws. Stick the discs together, wind up the device—and off you go. In less than 2 minutes of spinning, the paperfuge can separate the liquid part of blood (plasma) from the cells within it—an essential step in many diagnostic tests. In 15 minutes, it can isolate malaria parasites from a finger prick’s worth of blood. And despite its simple nature, it has a number of seals, plugs, and other safety features, designed to stop users from spraying themselves with blood and other fluids. “We’ve built a thousand of these, taken a hundred into the field, and aggressively tested them,” says Prakash. “We’ve even tried throwing them into the street to see if any samples leaked out.” “It’s so simple and yet so clever,” says Andres Martinez from California Polytechnic State University, who also works on cheap diagnostic tools. “Beyond the potential applications of the [paperfuge], I think it will inspire others to think about how other simple technologies could be applied toward improving life in developing areas of the world.” “The importance of sample preparation is often overlooked and under-estimated. Yet it is the wheels of a car, without which a diagnostic test will not go far,” adds Helen Lee from the University of Cambridge. If the paperfuge can be integrated directly with tests that only require a few drops of blood, “it would be a great addition to the diagnostic tool box in resource-limited settings.” The team is now testing other materials. By switching from paper to certain plastics, they could use 3-D printers to mass-manufacture millions of paperfuges; they could also print discs with more complicated liquid-holding channels, for carrying out more sophisticated chemical reactions. Or, by using transparent plastic discs, they could create paperfuges that could double as microscope slides, and be examined immediately after being spun. They have also taken their paperfuges to rural Madagascar to see if health workers can actually use them in the field. “The first time you explain it, people look at you speculatively,” he says. “But when you take it out and demonstrate it, it’s almost like a lightbulb goes on—ironic, since these are places that have no electricity.”


Soma Basu

hen we require something, it is natural to turn to others for help. And guess what Mridula Ramesh, the Joint Managing Director of Southern Roadways, is asking for. She wants “waste”! “It is one of the most wonderful resources we have,” she says. In the last 18 months, Mridula has moved towards an almost ideal situation. She has drastically reduced the generation of waste where she lives and works. As a result, she is practically running short of waste to put into her compost bins. This has prompted her to request for food waste from restaurants, departmental stores and vegetable markets in her vicinity. Hers is perhaps the first and only family in Madurai that does not send its trash out any more. “Waste affects our health and the more waste we generate and strain our landfills, it contaminates the soil and water and impacts the environment too,” she reminds. “We cannot reverse the devastating impacts of climate change but at least adapt ourselves to somewhat halt it. And this can be achieved by understanding the critical link between climate change and waste,” she adds. If waste is the secret weapon to fight climate change, the know-how to reduce its generation or reuse it, is crucial. And this is the message Mridula Ramesh is bent upon spreading now. She got working on it when the bore well inside her sprawling bungalow in Chokkikulam in Madurai went dry four years ago and she had to purchase water from private tankers. “I had been reading a lot about climate change over the years. With taps going dry at home, I realised it was time for individual action. To be a part of the solution was inevitable and imperative now,” says the young member of the iconic TVS family. The connection between waste and floods, waste and mosquitoes, waste and stray animals only underlined how waste is important in fighting climate change and she immediately decided to look at two things – her personal consumption and waste production pattern. “It had to begin at home and we decided to be honest enough to look at our ugly selves in the mirror and address the issue. It meant measuring our

mistakes,” she asserts. For a week in July 2015, her small family of four and the staff observed the amount of waste they were collectively throwing into the municipal bin. Inclusive of 11 kilos of garden waste, it averaged 17.6 kilos a day! And Mridula was shocked to find herself as the biggest culprit of unmindful and irregular grocery purchase. “I don’t cook and yet I was cluttering my shelves with stuff that caught my attention in the market and forgot to use them. And all that was becoming waste.” She instantly set herself a target – “to go zero-waste at home.” Displaying the data of what we bought, the quantity of food cooked, eaten and thrown, hit everybody hard, says Mridula. A “name and shame” board was put up on the wall for everybody to see. “Now I strictly stick to a shopping list fully aware of the kitchen requirement and the stocks and our grocery bills have dropped by 15 percent,” she points out. Each item purchased is now kept at eye level and in transparent jars on the kitchen shelves and inside the fridge for easy access and timely consumption. The next step was segregating kitchen waste. Much of the kitchen and garden waste that is sent to landfills can be turned into an energy source or fertiliser, says Mridula, who rues the unwillingness of the people to segregate waste.

To make it simple and uncomplicated, she placed separate, big and open bins for biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste in a way so that the girls in her kitchen did not have to move even a step to throw the waste in the right bin. “If things are easy and hassle-free, everybody will be inclined to join in a good cause,” she notes. Mridula’s graduation major in microbiology from Cornell University came in handy as she took to composting through trials and errors using aerobic and anaerobic processes. From the suitable size of composters to which bacteria can give the most viable compost under what temperature conditions and period of time, Mridula gradually worked on a complete package. Though her experiments are still on, Mridula says she wants to give people an easy solution for the best results. The various types of manure she created in her backyard yielded her a flourishing vegetable, fruits and flowering garden in no time. So much so that she is now inspired to market and sell the compost. The best part about Mridula’s approach is she is a voracious reader of articles related to climate change, experiments in her house before demonstrating the success, tracks daily progress with good quality and measurable data, uses small teams to involve everybody and makes them ac-

countable and answerable. “In order to sustain what you have started, the system has to run on its own steam, be easy enough with no friction on the path and there has to be a payback,” she believes. The outgoing waste from her bungalow today is roughly about 400g. Mostly FMCG packaging material, it is sold to the junk dealer. So there is an economic gain out of waste as well but how the non-biodegradable waste can be further managed continues to worry her. What satisfies her though is the transfer of the same waste reduction model to her company with an employee strength of 500-plus that generated 200 kg of waste till last year. Within five months, the canteen waste has reduced to less than 10 kilos from 40, the grocery bills are less and the entire garden waste of 110 kg is going for bulk composting and anaerobic management for production of gas. “We just need to pretend that we do not have a garbage service,” says Mridula, “and then see how our choices and lifestyle will change!” Time for energy revolution A small solar energy playroom has been set up for the children. Water and power consumption pattern is monitored to minimise usage. A biogas plant has been installed to use the gas, produced out of waste, in the kitchen for cooking. Mridula Ramesh’s zero-waste lifestyle is distinguished by the fact that she combines her eco-friendly actions with teaching in business schools on climate change and entrepreneurship and also writing on environment. She is in the process of wrapping up a book on climate change. The businesswoman that she is, Mridula also doubles up as a clean tech investor having invested in five clean technology start-ups. “NGOs raising awareness about damage to the environment is not enough. It is the start-ups that create a wonderful impact,” she believes. The Sundaram Climate Institute that she has set up in Madurai offers waste reduction programmes to students and residents through age-appropriate teaching modules, talks and video screening and encourages innovative ideas and entrepreneurship in clean technology.

Readers may please note that the contents of the articles, letters and opinions published do not reflect the outlook of this paper nor of the Editor in any form.

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Children learn empathy growing up, but can we train adults to have more of it? John Malouff The Conversation


just get so angry when he says he will call and then doesn’t,” says Ellen about her boyfriend. Her empathic friend might respond: “Yes, I can see how that would make you angry. I’m guessing underneath that you feel hurt.” Whether Ellen agrees or disagrees, important communication occurs. She might learn something useful about her emotions, and the friend might learn something about Ellen. Empathy is an interpersonal skill that can be viewed as part of emotional intelligence. Psychotherapist Carl Rogers wrote that empathy could enhance relationships and recommended it for ordinary people and therapists. Studies support its value. Health professionals who show high levels of empathy tend to get better adherence to treatment from their patients and better patient outcomes. And beyond health care, empathy is associated with better personal relationships and more successful social behaviour. In its most complete form, empathyinvolves understanding the emotion of another person, feeling the emotion and responding appropriately to it. These three aspects of empathy constitute empathic cognition, emotions and behaviour. Some people are good at understanding the emotions of others but not at feeling them or commenting on them. So can we teach people the parts they lack? Naturally learning empathy People who have an antisocial or narcissistic personality tend to have empathy impairments. So do those with autism or schizophrenia. There are also many children and some adults without a mental diagnosis who are low on empathy. Some people are genetically inclined to be highly empathic or not. But, generally, we develop empathy as children, primarily through observing how others show it. We may be on the receiving end of expressions of empathy and come to value it for the emotional benefits it had for us. Then we may show empathy ourselves and receive a positive response, such as praise or a smile, that reinforces our actions. Some children are more fortunate than others with the number of episodes of empathy they observe and responses they receive for showing it. To actively teach children empathy, parents can explain their own emotions during significant events. They can also discuss the emotions of the child as well as those of others. They can point out the connec-

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model might sometimes fail to show empathy and subsequently demonstrate a better response. The third step is practice at showing empathy. This might occur live with the trainer or online in response to written or audio comments or actions of another person. The practice would include, when possible, showing empathy in real situations outside training sessions. The last step involves constructive feedback on attempts to show empathy. The feedback typically includes praise when the person has reacted appropriately. It might also So can we teach it to adults? Many parents, health-care pro- include information about how betfessionals, teachers, work supervi- ter to assess the emotion of another sors and romantic partners would person or respond to the emotion. likely benefit from higher levels of empathy. As would anyone low in Does teaching empathy work? A student and I recently comempathy for whatever reason. Researchers have examined pleted a meta-analysis that pulled whether it is possible to increase together 18 studies on the effects cognitive, emotional and behav- of empathy training. Our results ioural empathy through formal indicated formal training can intraining. The methods used to teach crease empathy. The studies measured empathy someone to be more empathic are in many ways similar to those used to in various ways, but many used test teach a new dance or how to give a measures. These present situations and then ask: what would you say to good public speech. Training typically includes four the person? Some studies asked for self-reelements. The first part usually involves instruction about the benefits ports of empathy in everyday life. A of showing empathy, how to identify few sought patient ratings of a proemotions in others, how to feel those fessional’s level of empathy during emotions and how to comment ap- patient-professional consultations. No matter which measure was propriately on them. Next comes providing models used, the training tended to have a of a person showing empathy in re- positive effect. The findings of the studies we sponse to something another has said or done. The models can be surveyed had limitations, though. live, on video or audio, or written. The trainees who showed signifiThe situation optimally includes cant improvements were mainly a positive response to the appro- health professionals or university priate expression of empathy. The students. And studies usually foltion between events and emotions. For instance: “When I learned Poppy had cancer, I felt stunned at first, then scared and sad.” Parents can model empathy by showing it when the child has a strong emotion, whether fear, surprise or something else. They can prompt empathy by asking the child questions like, “How do you think your brother felt when you threw his toy and it broke?” They can also praise the child for showing empathy.

lowed participants for periods of a few weeks at most. So we do not know for sure whether we can increase empathy in ordinary people through formal training. We also do not know whether it is possible to help anyone make a long-term gain in empathy. Some people might be challenging to teach, either because they lack motivation to increase empathy or because they find it difficult to imagine how others feel. Sex offenders, for instance, could be hard to help, as could autistic individuals. Can we teach ourselves? Adults can increase their empathy outside formal training. They can start by looking for signs others are experiencing an emotion. These can include facial expressions, postures, sighs, tone of voice, the content of what they say and their apparent situation. If we imagine ourselves in the situation of another person, we take an additional step down the path of empathy. If we develop a hypothesis about the person’s emotion and gently present that to the other person, we may get valuable feedback and complete a self-instruction experience in empathy enhancement. Of course, not everyone stands to gain from increasing empathy. Those in occupations that require dealing in an assertive or harsh manner with others might not benefit professionally. Consider the pressures on combat soldiers and police officers. But for most people increasing empathy would have positive effects. Life provides opportunities for enhancing our own empathy. We just need to look for them.

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Meg Iralu: January 2nd 2017 at 2.30 am, a house caught fire in New Ministers’ Hill Colony just below Cathedral church. The house was a Govt Quarter presently occupied by a class 1 gazetted officer who mostly stays alone and when the incident took place he was out of station. The quarter was old more than 18 years without any form of repairing till date. The reason for the fire is poor connectivity of power cables using the old system as still found in most old houses of 90s. The moment the fire started cracking over the tin roof my brother hearing the sound, got up and alerted the neighbours and we around more than 10 guys including all families got to work extinguishing most of fire by breaking all the window glasses and breaking the doors. Though most of the house was burned out with everything inside of it and luckily there was no gas cylinder, no one was injured and it is also found no valuable documents was keep there by the house owner later. Some points to be noted here: 1. On the New Year day (still morning) when the state and the whole country itself was in the mood of celebration, where countless and undesired incidents are sure bound to arise/happen, why was the emergency no. 100 not working? In the capital of India, New Delhi, cops remain more alert on festivals days and there is not a single day holiday for even officer of CISF, BSF, NAVY etc. who know well that criminals always take advantages of those situations. 2. Why is the Govt of Nagaland and even the officers who are allocated quarters not maintaining these public by repairing those floors that are made of woods, walls, electricity switches, compound of plastered cements, gate, garages, power cable lines of current and landline, water taps etc, and where most officers and their families do not even care with that irritating excuse of the said property/problem been that of Govt duty. Not only that even after their retirement, some try to buy away their living quarters, vehicle (before the period of condemnation) and take away as much profit from the Govt in the form of applications, bribery, political backings, their status etc. I am saying all this because I am a witness and have seen the sincerity of my dad and uncles leaving behind good examples to their juniors before they leave the office. Aren't these corrupted officers not ashamed being public servants? 3. We all know Kohima is a windy area and houses in Porter Land, Midland, Naga Bazaar, Choto Bosti etc where the neighbour of that house which caught fire is not only at risk but the whole colony itself too. And we hardly find even portable fire extinguisher cylinder in households. Every year there are always cases of fire accident all over Nagaland and the disaster management team. Nagaland is not equipped when it comes to handling real situations but expert at shouting and posting on their websites, on social media pages etc. No! That is not enough when they educate others but can't do their job properly. 4. We are lucky that we have sufficient waters and today morning already drained out more than 6000 litres from our reserved water tank and we thank those guys and our neighbours who are ever ready helpful and together we did most of the job by extinguishing that quarter in 2 hours and even before those fire brigade trucks arrived. Of course! They arrived after mistaking the location first by going up toward Tourist Lodge and then coming down where we were waiting for them. They came with 3 truckloads of water, with around 30 personnel, insufficient torch lights and finished the job perfectly and we thanked them for being awake and active even during those dead hours and may God bless them. 5. This is the 2nd incident in New Ministers’ Hill Colony where another government quarter caught fire due to old and weak cable connectivity of electricity. The first took place last year, just below Circuit House nearly killing one resident when he woke up in the middle of the night and alerted the neighbours. It is high time the Govt of Nagaland took step by informing the civil servants to repair their own allocated quarter with their own money. A simple ordinary citizen like me is fed up of hearing news of totally depending on the government for job, for scheme, for protection, those peoples setting up organisation with government money, charity through government money, private cottage industries through government money, setting up own personal business with government help, those student leaders and other organisation leaders keep begging the government for money and this that always etc. Yes! we are poor people but we are not beggars, we keep our integrity and we don't beg the government to do this and that but a citizen in accordance to the constitution has every right to point out the flaws of the ruling Government and their cronies and any organisations which say they are working for public but going in the wrong direction. A new year has begun giving the people a new hope for themselves and for others and toward the government...Let’s wait and see what the new year has good things in store for us, the Nagas.

Dilemma on NSF goals & objectives Steve Chophy Chopika: Forget about NSF taking part in the ACAUT movement, of all the responsibilities that is expected of NSF, lets talk of the purpose behind its formation, "to work for the welfare of the students community." Where was NSF when the teachers were agitating for salary? Here the students were indirectly victimised, teachers did not attend their class in protest of not getting their salary, students were at the receiving end. Where was NSF during the scholarship issue? Here many students could not fill up the forms due to connectivity or for that matter both in Dimapur and Kohima, where students have to pay unaccounted money to receive some few thousands? Where is NSF on the proxy teacher issue? Many students are deprived of quality education because of this proxy system. Where is NSF on the poor infrastructure of Government schools? Here the students are made to suffer during summer and rainy seasons. Where is NSF on the issue of poor results in Government schools? What is the stand of the NSF on educated unemployed youths? Here it’s an intellectual body so it should check on the government and give ideas and means to help find ways and means to help the unemployed youths. Where is the NSF on untimely distributions of books? Here the students are made to study without study materials. Whose responsibility is it? The list goes on and on and on and on. I wonder Why NSF has to shy away from the purpose of its formation? Why is today's NSF drifting away from shouldering the responsibility its former leaders did with great responsibility and concerns? Why do NSF choose to remain silent on the genuine issues concerning the Nagas of Nagaland, but as and when a stray incident happens in Manipur, NSF will be the first to give a statement (not with regard to the ongoing communal tension). NSF is an intellectual body, instead of going for economic blockade NSF should have initiated a peace mission? I would have whole heartedly supported and taken part, had the NSF undertaken the peace mission. But alas! Everybody knows that Nagas are spread out in many NE states, but if the approach is not done humanely, infringing on the rights and lives of one group to appease the other, then at the end of the day we will be all living in a divided house making our adversaries having the last laugh. This post has nothing to do with the ongoing communal tension in Manipur....I am not against our Naga brethren from Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, or Myanmar... We are brothers and we respect each other’s existence... It is our responsibility to extend our moral support in times of needs from any side of the boundary. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are the views of the individual and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of The Naga Blog.


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Modi faces opposition flak over bid to 'replace' Gandhi

New Delhi, JaNuary 13 (iaNS): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday came under intense criticism from the opposition over his picture "replacing" Mahatma Gandhi on the 2017 calendar and diary of the Khadi Village Industries Commission (KVIC). IANS on Thursday reported about Modi's picture spinning the charkha donning the cover page of the KVIC calendar and diary, instead of the iconic picture of Gandhi weaving khadi on a simple charkha, wearing his trademark loin cloth. Opposition parties including the Congress, Left, the Trinamool Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party were unanimous in slamming the move, asserting the "Father of the Nation" was "irreplaceable". Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi, hitting out at Modi, said "Gandhi is too great to be replaced by any one." "Modiji first likened himself to Sardar Patel, now he considers himself to be Gandhiji. He has now tried to become a Gandhi replacement by evicting Gandhi from all the stationery published by the Khadi Sansthan. "RSS killed Gandhiji be-

'Gandhi's photo dropped from KVIC calendar earlier too' New Delhi, JaNuary 13 (iaNS): The Khadi Village Industries Commission (KVIC) has in the past published calendars and diaries that did not have the photograph of Mahatma Gandhi, sources said on Friday, brushing aside as "needless" the controversy over PM Modi's photograph 'replacing' that of Gandhi in this year's calendar and table diaries. Opposition parties have targeted Prime Minister Modi over his photo "replacing" that of Gandhi in calender and table diaries issued by the KVIC. The sources said that the calendar diary issued by KVIC in 1996, 2002, 2005, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2016 did not have the photograph of Mahatma Gandhi, and the issue did not merit any controversy. The sources said that sale of khadi products increased by 5 to 7% during the Congress rule, but the last 2 years had seen "unprecedented" jump in khadi cause of his ideology. Now, a former RSS Pracharak has removed Gandhiji and placed his own image on diaries and calendars," he added. Singhvi also said: "An obsession bordering on narcissism, self-love and self-obsession and self-promotion has unfortunately become the hallmark of the Prime Minister." He also rubbished talk that Gandhi had been replaced by other figures in

Election Commission reserves decision on'cycle', to announce on Monday New Delhi, JaNuary 13 (iaNS): The Election Commission on Friday reserved its verdict on allocation of the Samajwadi Party's election symbol 'cycle' to one of the warring factions and is expected to announce its decision on Monday. "The Commission reserved its order today (Friday). It will decide on the party's election symbol on Monday," Gauri Naulankar, lawyer of Samajwadi Party supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav, told IANS after a hearing at the Election Commission. The Commission declined to make any comments now, she said. Giving a brief account of the hearing on FRiday, Gauri said: "Mulayamji said that he is the legal President of the party since the beginning. So, no one can remove him from the position by holding illegal or invalid conferences." The lawyer said that Mulayam Singh told the commission that he is the incumbent President of the party as per its constitution. Gauri also said that Kapil Sibal, who represented Mulayam's son and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav at the hearing, told Chief Election Commissioner Nasim Zaidi that it is Akhilesh's party. After the hearing at the Commission, Sibal too told reporters that the EC has heard both factions and has reserved its verdict as to whom to allot the party election symbol 'cycle'. The hearing on Friday lasted for over four hours.

70 BJP councillors detained outside Kejriwal residence

previous years. "Earlier, in those years Gandhiji was replaced by some symbolic emblematic replacement. But, never was Gandhiji replaced by the then Prime Minister or President," said Singhvi. Communist Party of India-Marxist General Secretary Sitaram Yechury told IANS: "It is most unfortunate that such a thing has happened. Nobody can replace Mahatma Gandhi. These sort of things do not define the moral authority

of the Prime Minister's Office." "I have just one word to express my anguish -- it is atrocious," Communist Party of India veteran Gurudas Dasgupta told IANS. The Congress also dubbed the move "a sacrilegious sin" with party Vice President Rahul Gandhi taking pot shots at the Prime Minister. "The Mangalyaan effect," said Gandhi posting the IANS story on Twitter. Congress leader Ran-

deep Surjewala said: "Khadi and Gandhiji are symbols of our history, selfreliance and struggle. Removing Gandhiji's photo is a sacrilegious sin." "It is an irony that Modi is trying to get the symbol of non-violence from Mahatma Gandhi," he added. Condemning the move, the Janata Dal-United (JDU) demanded scrapping of the calendars and diaries carrying Modi's picture. "We strongly condemn the decision. It is an insult

to the Mahatma, our national hero, our inspiration. He is above all, and Modi is no match to him. KVIC should re-issue the calendars and diaries, with photos of Mahatma Gandhi," JD-U spokesperson K.C. Tyagi told IANS. "Mahatma Gandhi was the greatest leader of the 20th century not just in India but across the world. Nobody, no matter how important or high office he holds, can replace him. Any kind of comparison with

sales with the increase now touching 34%. They said the growth in sales has been possible due to the push given by Prime Minister Modi towards acceptance of khadi among people. The sources said that KVIC does not have a rule that calendars and diaries should have a photograph of Mahatma Gandhi. According to them, Modi was a "youth icon" and the growing popularity of khadi among the young people was proof of this. They said that Modi's picture on the KVIC diary calendar was from a programme in which he distributed "charkha (spinning wheel)" among poor women. IANS on Thursday reported about Modi's picture spinning the charkha donning the cover page of the KVIC calendar and dairy, instead of the iconic picture of Gandhi weaving khadi on a simple charkha, wearing his trademark loin cloth.

the Mahatma is absolute sacrilegious," Trinamool Congress Rajya Sabha member S.S. Roy told IANS. Taking a jibe at the Prime Minister, Trinamool supremo and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Twitter said "Gandhiji is the Father of the Nation. Modi ji what???" "Becoming Gandhi requires years of austerities. One cannot become Gandhi by acting to spin the Charkha, this would only

attract ridicule," AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal said in a tweet. The BJP-led Centre, however, tried to downplay the incident with Union Minister Kalraj Mishra asserting Mahatma Gandhi to be "irreplaceable" "It is not that Modi has replaced Gandhi. The pages of the calendar are month wise and in just one page Modi's photo is there," said the Union Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Minister.

Lawrence School, Sanawar comes under RTI purview Govt's response Shimla, JaNuary 13 appoint a public information 2(h) of the RTI Act to declare vice, giving him three months of sought on TB (iaNS): The prestigious Law- officer and First Appellate Au- the school as public authority," advance salary in lieu of notice period. rence School at Sanawar in thority within a month from the Acharyulu observed. It said the school was being After this, Singla started his medicines usage Kasauli hills of Himachal receipt of the order.

Pradesh, which boasts of alumni like Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt, has come under the purview of the RTI Act. "The CIC has declared both Lawrence School and the society running it as public authority," Right to Information (RTI) activist Rajinder K. Singla told IANS on Friday, quoting the Central Information Commission's (CIC) latest order. Singla has been fighting for almost a decade to get the RTI Act extended to the school to make it accountable to the public. He said the CIC, in its order dated December 6 last year, directed the school authorities to

Information Commissioner M. Sridhar Acharyulu in his order observed that to decide whether Lawrence School is public authority, it is required to be proved that the school is substantially financed by the government. "As the entire land consisting of 127.47 acres with buildings, structures and trees thereon were considered as military lands and the Defence Department transferred all that to the society, it proves that the government has substantially funded the society to run this school by giving land and buildings," he said. "This fulfils one of the conditions prescribed under Section

run by a society registered under Section 19 of the Societies Registration Act of 1860, which imposed an obligation on the society to provide information to any person. Singla, who was working as senior biology teacher in the school, had on December 28, 2006, sought from the affiliating board, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), information relating to the school like school rules, qualifications of teachers, student fees and members of the school management committee. However, five days later, the school removed him from ser-

fight to bring the residential public school, which also boasts of alumni like Punjab's Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal and former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, under the purview of the RTI Act. Earlier, the CIC had issued an order in Singla's favour in 2008. But the school challenged it in the Himachal Pradesh High Court. On September 19 last year, a Division Bench of Chief Justice Mansoor Ahmad Mir and Justice Tarlok Singh Chauhan quashed the CIC decision, and directed it to decide the case afresh.

May repeat surgical strike if peace not reciprocated: Army chief New Delhi, JaNuary 13 (iaNS): Army chief General Bipin Rawat on Friday said India was offering peace to its "adversary" and but if the offer was not reciprocated, India will continue with operations like the surgical strike. The Army chief was asked about the two surgical strikes carried out by India along the Myanmar border in 2015 and one against Pakistan in September 2016. "Our aim is to ensure peace. We are trying to ensure there is no need for conducting another surgical strike," General Rawat said, addressing a press conference ahead of the Army Day on January 15. "Our offer to the adversary is if you reciprocate offer of peace in same manner, the need to conduct a surgical strike will not arise," he said. "But if that offer of peace and tranquillity is not reciprocated in an appropriate manner, this method of execution of operation (surgical strike) will continue," he said. General Rawat also said that Pakistan has recently conveyed through the military chan-

New Delhi, JaNuary 13 (iaNS): Police on Friday detained around 70 BJP councillors from outside Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's residence while staging a protest. A BJP leader told IANS earlier that 120 councillors were arrested. "We detained the protesters but let them go after half hour. No arrests were made," Deputy Commissioner of Police Madhur Verma told IANS. The protesters were demanding the release of funds for salaries of the striking sanitation workers. The group was led by Subhash Arya, a senior Bharatiya Janata Party councillor who sought the release of funds from Kejriwal as per the Fourth Delhi Finance Commission (FDFC). The police forcibly removed the demonstrators who were taken to the Civil Lines and Maurice Nagar police stations. Delhi BJP President Manoj Tiwari accused Kejriwal of evading his responsibility towards the national Capital. "It is really strange that while Delhi is facing a sanitation and primary health crisis, the CM is busy campaigning in Punjab," Tiwari said. "BJP's Municipal Councillors have been trying to meet Kejriwal but the Chief Minister is evading responsibility towards the citizens of Delhi," Tiwari said in a statement. The protest followed a week-long strike by sanitation workers of East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) who did not receive salaries in the last few months. The BJP-controlled municipal corporation cited lack of bud- New Delhi, JaNuary 13 (PTi): The Home Ministry Friget for the non-payment of salaries. day directed all paramilitary forces to ensure speedy redress of jawans’ grievances even as it submitted a report to the PMO saying “no substance” was found in the complaint by a BSF man that New Delhi, JaNuary 13 (iaNS): The rapid dip poor quality rations were given to in the temperature to near-freezing levels is likely to in- security personnel. In a commucrease the risk of brain stroke, migraine and joint aches nication to BSF, CRPF, CISF, SSB, and problems, especially in the elderly and children, ITBP, NSG and Assam Rifles, the experts have warned. High blood pressure can raise by Ministry has asked them to conthree fold the risk of brain strokes. The continuing intense duct an independent inquiry cold wave can cause constriction in the arteries, which in- once a complaint from any jawan creases blood pressure levels -- a major factor for stroke. is received on any matter and try For people with arthritis, the cold-weather can increase to resolve it as early as possible. neck pain, back ache, inflammation and other mobility The seven central paramilitary issues. "It is a complex interplay of several factors which forces have been asked to inform makes winters all the more difficult for people with arthrit- their personnel about the existing ic knees, shoulders, or hip joints," said Raju Vaishya, Senior grievance redressal cell and regisConsultant orthopaedic and joint replacement surgeon at ter complaints, if any, without fear, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi. official sources said. The forces Very low temperature conditions also increase the were also asked to ensure that risk of "nerve pain, back pain, trigeminal neuralgia, mus- jawans making complaints were cle stiffness and loss of sensation in people with neuro- not harassed by their superiors. logical conditions," said Rahul Gupta, senior spine and The paramilitary forces neuro surgeon associated with Fortis HealthCare. The were told to accept complaints condition of migraine in children also increases by 15% to through e-letters. Among the sev20% during winters. In addition, children may be prone to en Central Paramilitary Forces, viral infections and ear-nose-and throat (ENT) problems. one has already started receiving

nels that it was willing to enforce the ceasefire along the Line of Control and the International Border in Jammu and Kashmir. The Army chief, who took office on December 31, said: "We told them that the words should be supported by actions on the ground and our army is for peace and tranquility." But he made it clear that the ceasefire would not apply for terrorists infiltrating into the Indian side. "We will fire on infiltrating terrorists and we have conveyed this through our DGMO to the Pakistani side," he said. In a press conference that lasted for around two hours, the Army chief spoke extensively on the issue of soldiers using social media to air their grievances, and said that the established mechanisms should be used. General Rawat announced the setting up of the "Chief of Army Staff Redressal and Grievance Boxes" at the Army Headquarter, at Command headquarters and subsequently at lower levels. "If someone feels things are going

wrong, they can communicate. It is important for me, sitting at the helm, while soldiers are far away," he said and added that listening to their grievances is important for the health of the Army. Asked if availability of new communication mediums like mobile phones was increasing the problems for soldiers, the Army chief agreed. "Earlier, there used to be just STD booths, or letters came... Family news did not come real time. The spread of communication is causing more stress," he said. On a question on having women in combat role, the Army chief referred to the overall social scenario and cited the situation in the frontline areas where soldiers had to sleep together in open, and there were no basic amenities like bathrooms. "We have to look at the society as a whole... Equal opportunity comes with equal responsibility. Women themselves have to take a call if they are willing to do that," he said. He also called for taking the situation in Jammu and Kashmir back to normal.

New Delhi, JaNuary 13 (iaNS): The Supreme Court on Friday sought the government's response on a plea that the existing stocks of tuberculosis medicine be utilized for giving daily doses to patients. Chief Justice Jagdish Singh Khehar and Justice D.Y. Chandrachd sought the government's response as PIL petitioner Raman Kakkar said that the government could well use its existing stocks for giving daily doses of tuberculosis medicine to the patients. Kakkar, a Haryana-based medical officer associated with revised national TB control programme of India, is seeking the implementation of the government decision to administer TB doses to patients every day instead of the earlier practice of thrice a week. He pointed out that TB medicines stocked with the government could be utilized for the present and arrangement for the future could be made in due course. The court on Friday asked the Deputy Director General (TB) in the Health and Family Welfare Ministry to file an affidavit stating the government position on the plea. In December 2016, the central government told the top court that it had decided to phase out the intermittent doses regime and switch over to daily doses. The court was told that the switchover would commence in five states. Kakkar moved the top court for shifting to daily doses regime after studying 5,300 cases where he found the reappearance of the disease in patients who were treated and cured by giving doses thrice a week. He found that in many cases, the resurfacing of the disease proved to be fatal.

Home Ministry asks paramilitary forces to redress grievances fast

Cold wave may raise health issues in elderly, children

the complaints through e-letter, while the other six have been told to follow suit, sources said. Meanwhile, the Home Ministry has in a report to the Prime Minister’s Office today said it has found no substance in a complaint by a BSF jawan that poor quality rations were provided to security personnel posted along the border, asserting “there was no widespread discontent” in the constabulary over food. In the report, the Home Ministry conveyed to the PMO that there was no shortage of rations at any post in paramilitary forces and quality check was conducted regularly. A video by BSF jawan Tej Bahadur Yadav complaining about the quality of food had gone viral, triggerred a flurry of reactions with the PMO also seeking a “detailed factual” report on the incident. The PMO has been told that “there is no widespread discontent in constabulary over food in any paramilitary force”, official sources said. The BSF has maintained that

there was no shortage of rations at any post and security personnel deployed along the border had never complained about food. The PMO has been conveyed that the Home Ministry has directed the paramilitary forces to take all complaints of jawans se-

riously and that corrective steps should be taken to improve their working conditions and food, the sources said. Yadav, wearing camouflage uniform and carrying a rifle, had claimed in the videod that while government procures essentials

for them, the officers “sell them off” in an “illegal” manner in the market and the personnel have to suffer. He had also posted other videos in which he claimed that the quality of food served was not good.

saturdaY 14•01•2017




New York designer’s bribery issue could upset political ambitions of Ban Ki-moon NEW YORK, JaNuaRY 13 (REutERs): A scandal that could complicate the South Korean political ambitions of former U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon features an unlikely central character: a New York fashion designer whose wedding was broadcast on reality TV and who authorities said falsely touted ties to Middle Eastern royalty. Malcolm Harris, who has dubbed himself on social media the “curator of cool,” was indicted in a U.S. federal court this week along with two of Ban’s relatives in connection with an alleged international bribery scheme. Harris double-crossed the others and walked away with $500,000, prosecutors said. Harris faces arrest on the charges, but it is not clear if U.S. authorities know his whereabouts. He told Reuters in a Facebook message on Thursday that he was hiring a lawyer and would not comment on the allegations or his location. “I would appreciate your patience,” he said. Harris’ husband posted on Instagram this week from Mexico but did not indicate if Harris was with

Ban Ki-moon poised for presidential bid

Former U.N. secretary-general Ban Ki-moon leaves after paying a tribute at the natioanl cemetery in Seoul, South Korea on January 13. (REUTERS Photo)

him. The case has roiled Ban’s plans to run for president of South Korea after completing his term at the United Nations two weeks ago. Ban, who is not accused of wrongdoing, has said he knew nothing of the case and that he plans to decide soon on his political future. [nL4N1F22TP] Harris, 52, moves in different circles. His wedding, held on a fashion runway, was featured in 2012 on the Bravo TV network in an

episode labeled online as “Matrimony Fierce.” He frequently writes on cultural topics for the Huffington Post, where his profile as an independent contributor described him as a “creative consultant, cultural icon, and art world aficionado.” Fashion publications have said his famous friends include Madonna, that he studied at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology and that he has lived in Paris and Tokyo.

sEOul, JaNuaRY 13 (IaNs): Former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, upon returning to South Korea, has hinted that he would run in the forthcoming presidential election, underlining his past 10 years of experience as the chief official of the international organisation. He also reiterated his denial over the allegations that he received massive kickbacks from a businessman, The Korea Herald reported. “I have vowed to listen to the people’s opinions and I plan to do so, starting from tomorrow (Friday),” the former top diplomat said at a press conference, following his arrival at Incheon International Airport on Thursday. “Then with a humble heart, I will make a decision that has nothing to do with my private interests. The decision

ALTY Federal prosecutors in Manhattan said Harris ran into trouble after he told false tales about connections to Middle Eastern royalty. Central to the case is a 72-story skyscraper complex in Vietnam built at a cost of $1 billion. In 2014, the South Korean construction firm Keangnam Enterprises Co Ltd, facing a liquidity crisis, was interested in selling the ALLEGED TIES TO ROY- complex, an indictment He sold three dresses to Angelina Jolie, despite having twice hung up on her phone calls after mistakenly thinking it was a prankster, the celebrity TV show Access Hollywood reported in 2009. In 2005, he told the Washington Post that as much as he “adored” the fashion business, he had become fed up with celebrities “mooching” free clothing from designers.

will not take long.” Ban, whose two consecutive terms as the UN’s top official ended on December 31, returned to his home country accompanied by his wife Yoo Soon-taek. He was received at the airport by Vice Foreign Minister Lim Sung-nam and Incheon International Airport Corporation CEO Chung Il-young. Although he refrained from directly announcing his much anticipated presidential candidacy, Ban once again expressed the will to become part of the country’s leadership. “I have long sought to use my insight and experience as UN Secretary General for the sake of my own country,” Ban said, stressing his prestigious career as the chief official of the world’s most powerful international organisation.

released on Tuesday said. Harris heard about the possible deal through Joo Hyun Bahn, a real estate broker who is a nephew of the former U.N. secretarygeneral and whose father was a Keangnam executive, the indictment said. According to prosecutors, Harris offered to help arrange a sale to a sovereign wealth fund through his claimed connections to Middle Eastern royalty. All he needed, he said, was a commission for himself

and money to pay bribes to a Middle Eastern official, according to the indictment. But Harris had no such connections, and after he persuaded the other men to send $500,000 to his company, Muse Creative Consulting LLC, to pay bribes as a middle man, he kept the money, the indictment said. Harris even forged emails that appeared to be from the Middle Eastern official demanding bribes,

the indictment said. He spent the money on airfare, hotels, lavish meals, furniture, rent for a Manhattan apartment and a six-month lease for a penthouse in the fashionable Brooklyn neighborhood of Williamsburg, the indictment said. Joo Hyun Bahn was arrested on Tuesday and pleaded not guilty. His father, Ban Ki-sang, who is Ban Ki-moon’s younger brother, was also charged and remains at large. Harris, who faces charges that include wire fraud and aggravated identity theft, faces a mandatory minimum sentence of two years in prison and a maximum of 32 years if convicted. The year before the alleged scheme, Harris compared himself in an interview to a character from “Scandal,” a TV drama about a former White House aide who becomes a crisis manager for the rich and powerful. “People come to me when they have the perfect life, but they want to make it better - when they know that there is something missing,” he told Whitewall art magazine in 2013.

Save the Children demands higher UN budget to tackle crimes against children Obama surprises Vice President lONDON, JaNuaRY 13 cent of humanitarian funding mark until 2015, said “in- man rights official urged 17,000 children into armed Biden with Medal of Freedom (tHOmsON REutERs is spent protecting or educat- dependent special courts” Greece to stop detaining ref- forces in South Sudan. “What

FOuNDatION): The head of Save the Children International Helle Thorning-Schmidt on Thursday demanded increased U.N. funding to investigate crimes against children, as she condemned violations of their rights worldwide. “More than 50 percent of those affected by war are children,” she said in a speech at the London School of Economics. “But less than 5 per-

ing them. This has to change.” Her speech came as the ceasefire between government and rebel forces in Syria – where some 8 million children are threatened by war - neared the end of its second week. The United Nations-led mechanism for monitoring and reporting crimes against children was “chronically underfunded” she said. Thorning-Schmidt, who was prime minister of Den-

might be a new way to hold peacekeepers to account in warzones, in the absence of functioning legal systems. She used her speech to criticise European governments who hold child refugees in “detention-like conditions”, saying that Save the Children has had to scale up its humanitarian work in Europe since the beginning of the refugee crisis. Last May, a top U.N. hu-

ugee and migrant children, some of whom are locked in police cells for weeks. “Detention is never in a child’s best interest,” Thorning-Schmidt said in a copy of the speech. “And is in clear contravention of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.” She pointed to forced displacement as one of the biggest dangers facing children in war zones, and condemned the recruitment of

we are seeing are new and worrying incarnations of long perpetrated violations of children’s rights,” she said. T h o r n i n g -S c h m i d t ’s speech comes one month after 7-year-old Syrian girl Bana Alabed was evacuated from Aleppo where her tweets of life in the war-torn Syrian city went viral. After being led safely from the rebel-held eastern part of Aleppo, she and her family arrived in Turkey in December.

Australia’s health minister resigns in expenses scandal sYDNEY, JaNuaRY 13 (REutERs): Australian Health Minister Sussan Ley said on Friday she had resigned from her Cabinet position amid an expenses scandal that has proved to be an embarrassing start to the year for embattled Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Ley’s resignation from Cabinet will force a reshuffle on Turnbull, the first since he took power in 2015. A Newspoll on Monday found Turnbull and opposition leader Bill Shorten to be the most unpopular pair of political leaders in 20 years. Keen to temper the political fall-out from Ley’s resignation, Turnbull said his government would implement an indepenSussan Ley speaks during a media conference in Syd- dent body to monitor and adjudicate on expense claims by memney. (REUTERS File Photo)

Malaria infection depends on number of parasites, not bites lONDON, JaNuaRY 13 (IaNs): Researchers have, for the first time, found that the chances of a person developing malaria infection is determined by the number of parasites each individual mosquito carries, not the number of mosquito bites a person receives. Malaria is spread when mosquitoes bite humans and release microscopic parasites, which live in the salivary glands of the mosquitoes, into the person’s bloodstream. The parasites then travel to the liver, where they mature and multiply for 8-30 days before spreading throughout the bloodstream and causing the symptoms of malaria. The study, led by researchers at Imperial College London, showed that RTS,S -- the only registered malaria vaccine -- becomes less effective when mice or humans were bitten by mosquitoes carrying a greater number of parasites. This explains why the vaccine is effective only around 50 per cent of the time as well as any protection rapidly drops off after three years. It may be because the vaccine can only kill a certain proportion of the parasites and is overwhelmed when the parasite population is too large, the researchers said. “The study has shown that the concept of relying on the number of bites alone to predict malarial burden is flawed and has probably hampered the successful use of control measures and the development of effective vaccines,” said Andrew Blagborough from Imperial College London. The findings are extremely important and should be taken into account while developing vaccines for malaria and other vector-borne diseases, Blagborough added. The study was published in the journal PLOS Pathogens.

bers of Australia’s parliament. “Australians are entitled to expect that politicians spend taxpayers’ money carefully, ensuring at all times that their work expenditure represents an efficient, effective and ethical use of public resources,” Turnbull told reporters in Sydney. Turnbull already faces a tough year ahead, with a fractious upper house Senate stymying his legislative agenda, mainly focused on spending cuts and tax reforms meant to balance the national budget, after an unconvincing election win last year. He is also facing growing discontent within his own party, with resentment still simmering after he toppled previous leader Tony Abbott in a party-room coup in 2015. Ley

is a high-profile casualty of a scandal that is engulfing Turnbull’s conservative government amid growing revelations that several Cabinet ministers had claimed expenses for trips that had coincided with personal activities. Ley, who is also the minister for aged care and sport, had been fighting calls for her to resign after it was revealed she had made expense claims for several visits to the Gold Coast, a holiday destination in Queensland state, including one when she said she purchased an investment property on impulse. Ley said in an emailed statement she believed she did not break any rules by claiming expenses for the trips but had decided to resign after embarrassing the government.

US President Barack Obama presents the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Vice President Joe Biden in the State Dining Room of the White House in Washington on January 12. (REUTERS Photo)

WasHINGtON, JaNuaRY 13 (REutERs): U.S. President Barack Obama surprised Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday by awarding him the Presidential Medal of Freedom with Distinction in an emotional White House ceremony that celebrated their partnership over eight years in office. “This is an extraordinary man,” Obama said of his friend and running mate at a surprise ceremony with staff, family and friends of the vice president. “For the past 8 years, he could not have been a more devoted or effective partner in the progress that we’ve made.” Biden, who was unaware that the ceremony would take place, became visibly moved when Obama said he would bestow on him the highest civil honor in the United States. It will be the last such award that Obama gives be-

fore he and Biden leave office on Jan. 20. “I had no inkling,” Biden, 74, said after receiving the medal. “I get a lot of credit I don’t deserve,” he said, proceeding to give a roughly 20-minute impromptu speech thanking Obama and honoring the extended Biden family. Biden and Obama became close friends during their time in the White House. Biden was a U.S. senator from Delaware when Obama chose him to be his running mate in his 2008 presidential campaign. The vice president told an anecdote about Obama offering to help the Bidens financially during Biden’s son Beau’s illness. Beau Biden died of brain cancer at age 46 in 2015. First lady Michelle Obama and the Obamas’ daughters, Malia and Sasha, also attended the ceremony.

Chinese tabloid says US needs to ‘wage war’ to block off South China Sea islands BEIJING, JaNuaRY 13 (REutERs): Blocking Chinese access to islands in the South China Sea would require the U.S. to “wage war”, an influential sHaNGHaI, JaNuaRY 13 (RE- the system’s powerful radar will comChinese state-run tab- utERs): China and Russia have agreed promise their security and do nothing to loid said on Friday, af- to take further unspecified “countermea- lower tensions on the Korean peninsula. ter U.S. Secretary of State sures” in response to a U.S. plan to deploy China and Russia said in October nominee Rex Tillerson an anti-missile system in South Korea, they would hold a second drill this year. suggested the strategy on state news agency Xinhua reported on “China and Russia urged the United Wednesday. States and South Korea to address their Friday. Tillerson told his conThe countermeasures “will be aimed security concerns and stop the deployfirmation hearing before at safeguarding interests of China and ment of THAAD on the Korean Peninthe U.S. Senate Foreign Russia and the strategic balance in the sula,” Xinhua quoted the statement as Relations Committee that region”, Xinhua said, citing a statement saying. he wanted to send a signal released after a China-Russia security North Korea’s drive to develop nucleto China that their access meeting. ar weapons capability has angered Chito islands in the disputed China and Russia held a joint anti- na, Pyongyang’s sole major diplomatic South China Sea “is not go- missile drill last May after Washington and economic supporter. However, Beiing to be allowed”. He did and Seoul began discussions over install- jing fears THAAD and its radar have a not elaborate. ing the U.S. Terminal High Altitude Area range that would extend into China. The United States would Defense (THAAD) system to counter any On Thursday, South Korea’s trade have to “wage a large-scale North Korean threats. minister said the South might complain war” in the South China sea THAAD is now due to be deployed to China about actions perceived to have to prevent Chinese access on a South Korean golf course, unsettling been taken in retaliation for its decision to the islands, the Global Moscow and Beijing, which worry that to deploy the U.S. anti-missile system. Times said in an English language editorial. The paper, which is nationalist editorials, is ship paper. It does not re- bone up on nuclear power strategies if he wants to known for writing strong- published by the ruling flect Chinese policy. “Tillerson had better force a big nuclear power ly-worded, hawkish and Communist Party’s flag-

China and Russia agree on more ‘counter measures’ against US anti-missile system

to withdraw from its own territories,” the paper added. The editorial also said that Tillerson, an Exxon Mobil Corp chairman and former chief executive, was the most likely of U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet picks to be vetoed by congress. “It is suspected that he merely wanted to curry favour from senators and increase his chances of being confirmed by intentionally showing a tough stance toward China,” it said. The paper did not elaborate on either point. A similar article was also carried in the paper’s Chinese language website that receives thousands of hits every day. There are also legal questions of any U.S. attempt to block China’s access, the editorial said, asking if this might mean that Vietnam and Philippines also should be de-

nied entry. China claims most of the energy-rich South China Sea through which about $5 trillion in shipborne trade passes every year. Neighbours Brunei, Malaysia, Taiwan and Vietnam also have claims. The United States has previously called on China to respect the findings of the arbitration court in The Hague earlier this year which ruled in favour of the Philippines, rejecting China’s territorial claims in the strategic waterway. Democratic President Barack Obama’s administration conducted periodic air and naval patrols to assert the right of free navigation in the South China Sea. These have angered Beijing, but seeking to blockade China’s manmade islands would be a major step further and a step that Washington has never raised as an option.


saturDaY 14•01•2017



leonard helps spurs thrash slumping lakers

Los AngeLes, JAnuAry 13 (AFP): Kawhi Leonard poured in 31 points in just three quarters as the San Antonio Spurs dominated in every facet of play with a emphatic 13494 blowout of the Los Angeles Lakers. San Antonio's 134 points were a season high, as were the 72 points scored by the Spurs in the first half and the overall margin of victory of 40 points. Pau Gasol added 22 points for San Antonio, while LaMarcus Aldridge and Tony Parker added 13 each, all in just three quarters of the lopsided game. The Spurs also got 12 points from Jonathan Simmons and 10 from Dejounte Murray and a gamehigh 12 rebounds from Dewayne Dedmon. San Antonio was a bad mood heading into the home game after losing by three points to the Milwaukee Bucks on Tuesday. The Spurs took out their frustrations on a meek Laker team as four of San Antonio's starters finished in double figures at AT&T Center. "I respect the way the Spurs played tonight -granted we didn't put up a

"Showtime" darlings of the NBA but have been on a steady downward spiral ever since the passing of club owner and team architect Jerry Buss in 2013. The Lakers were led by Julius Randle's 22 points, but the rest of Los Angeles' starters managed just 20 total points. In New York, Tyreke Evans scored 14 of his season-high 29 points in the fourth quarter and the New Orleans Pelicans overcame the absence of Anthony Davis with a 104-95 victory over the Brooklyn Nets. Evans made 10 of 15 shots in a season-high 27 minutes. He missed the first 26 games of the season while recovering from knee surgery.

Kawhi Leonard helped the San Antonio Spurs to a 134-94 win against the Los Angeles Lakers at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas (AFP Photo)

ton of fight -- but it's beautiful to see championship teams and the way they came out after one loss," Lakers coach Luke Walton said. "How (that loss) made them play and how sharp they were -- there's a lot

to learn from being in this game, from watching them. I didn't think we showed up to meet the challenge." All 13 players who took the floor for San Antonio scored, and the Spurs (318) outshot Los Angeles 60

percent to 41 percent. "You always want to handle a loss by bouncing back the next night," Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said. The lowly Lakers dropped to 15-28 on the season. They were once the

- Season-high total It was the first time he scored more than 25 points since January 10 against the Los Angeles Clippers. Davis missed his second game of the season because of a left hip injury. The Pelicans received little help from centers Omer Asik and Donatas Motiejunas, who combined for one point on zero-of-seven shooting. Elsewhere, Klay Thompson and Andre Iguodala connected on a pair of three-pointers apiece during a longrange shooting exhibition that powered the Golden State Warriors to a 127-107 win over the Detroit Pistons. Riding double-figure scoring from four starters, the Pistons were down 68-65 in the fourth minute of the third period before the Warriors stepped up their play to earn a season-series sweep.

Wade maiden ODI ton help Aus beat Pak

BrisBAne, JAnuAry 13 (reuters): Australia's Matthew Wade struck his maiden one-day century to help secure a comprehensive 92-run victory over a disjointed Pakistan in the first one-day international in Brisbane on Friday. Blanked in the preceding test series, Pakistan began well by reducing Australia to 78 for five in the 17th over at the Gabba. Wade's unbeaten run-aball 100, brought up off the final delivery of the innings, and Glenn Maxwell's brisk 60 helped the hosts to recover, however, and post 268 for nine. Pakistan got off to a decent start but there was no significant partnership in their innings and Azhar Ali's side were dismissed for 176

in the 43rd over. Azhar and Sharjeel Khan put on 38 runs in their opening stand before James Faulkner (4-32) claimed the first of his four wickets by dismissing Sharjeel.

To make matters worse for the tourists, Azhar was forced to retire hurt and, even though he returned to bat, the match had slipped out of Pakistan's hands by then.

Babar Azam's 33 was the highest score for Pakistan who sorely missed wicketkeeper-batsman Sarfraz Ahmed and paceman Mohammad Irfan, both having returned home for family reasons. Earlier, Australia packed their rejigged top half with explosive hitters but at 170-7 inside 34 overs, it looked like the world champions might not last full 50 overs. Paceman Mohammad Amir breathed hostility after Steve Smith opted to bat, dismissing the dangerous David Warner and the scoreless Australia captain with successive deliveries. Debutant Chris Lynn denied him the hat-trick but Australia looked in trouble

public discourse

The Lesser Human Parody

until Wade joined Maxwell in the middle. Maxwell was returning to the side after being dropped and fined for speaking out about batting below his captain Wade in Victoria's Sheffield Shield side. There, however, was no sign of any bad blood between the duo who raised 82 runs to steady the innings. Maxwell smashed seven boundaries before throwing his wicket away but Wade looked unmoveable as he hit seven boundaries and two sixes in a gritty knock which earned him the man-of-thematch award. The teams move to Melbourne for the second of five matches in the series on Sunday.


Lerie, Kohima

amend even for good cause? Another reason given is the chance of a capable male candidate being deprived of his opportunity and preempted by incapable female candidate. Well, at least it’s one reason worth debating. But looking at our state and towns where both the town election and general election have been held since decades and where it has been all men domain, how far can we say our towns and state have developed. We even don’t have basics like roads and drainage. And can we also expect any honest person in our near future who would not think to fill his pocket first but to only work for the people? Is there any such true visionary leader whose seat will be substituted by women if given chance? I guess a big NO is a safe bet. Than where is the question of such capable male candidate in the first place. It’s just an illusion created to fool the common men and protect the male chauvinism. Then there is this wonderful and sweet to hear sermon of our women being treated equally with men. That they get all the educations and freedom without partiality vis-à-vis male counterpart. And so they should be treated equally in election as well without any reservation. But may I remind you my classmate boy. This logic is also against the reservation and quota in any sense. If this logic applies universally than there shouldn’t be Schedule Tribe quota for us in the UPSC or any other central jobs, nor there backward tribe quota in the state. But thankfully that’s not how things work, not at least in the culture and tradition of rational thinking. Such quotas or reservations are to uplift the disadvantaged section of the

society. Such positive discrimination is blessed by the constitution of India itself, which unfortunately happens to conflict our tradition and culture for some jingoistic reason. Equality is not always about treating everyone the same- it is about treating people in such a way that the outcome for each person can be the same. With all due respect to our elders and leaders, is it wise to set certain terms and condition upon people and to impose them the same with iron fist just for selfish interest of some? Were the people first consulted before making decision? Or is autocracy and despotism our culture as well? May be the culture and tradition that is being talked about might just be an outdated one for the upcoming youth and the future generation. Should the opinion of all-men made decision influenced by the patriarchal mindset be carried upon as our culture forever? Will our women ever get to say her opinion on anything? Or shall we just keep them busy in our kitchen considering them as lesser human- no wise for a decision making whatsoever. Are we men just so selfish to not let our women share her ideas and stand side by side with us. Can we say to a baby- we have fed you, cared special for you and loved you much, now don’t ask us to help you stand on your feet and walk like us someday. Let’s be gentlemen and not be frightened of women to be in par with us. Or if we think our culture and tradition should not be amended for anything whatsoever, than will the true headhunting naked Naga please stand.

neW DeLhi, JAnuAry 13 (Pti): The Sports Ministry today lifted the suspension on the Indian Olympic Association with immediate effect after it removed the corruption-tainted duo of Suresh Kalmadi and Abhay Singh Chautala as life presidents following widespread outrage. The ministry said that it was revoking the suspension of deemed recognition of IOA handed down on December 30 last following its admission of "faux pas" while making Kalmadi and Chautala as life presidents. "Government has decided to revoke the suspension of deemed recognition of IOA with immediate effect in the light of the corrective action taken by them in reversing its earlier decision making Shri Abhay Singh Chautala and Shri Suresh Kalmadi, Life Presidents of IOA," the ministry said in a statement. "In the light of the above developments and keeping in view the larger interest of promotion and development of sports in the country, the Minister of State (Independent

Charge), Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports has revoked the suspension of deemed recognition of IOA, imposed on 30.12.2016, with immediate effect," it added. The ministry, however, asked the IOA to uphold the highest standards of probity and ethics in future also. "Since IOA has admitted the faux pas committed and regretted the inconvenience and embarrassment caused to all concerned, it is expected of IOA that it will uphold the highest standard of probity and ethics in its functioning in future," the ministry said. IOA President N Ramachandran welcomed the ministry's decision. "If the ministry revokes the suspension, it is good news for IOA. As far as I am concerned, if the government revokes the suspension, I am thankful to the ministry," Ramachandran told PTI. Ramachandran, in his reply to a showcause notice served by the Ministry, had said that the decision to appoint Kalmadi and Chautala does not stand owing to technicalities.

Three Chinese weightlifters stripped of 2008 Olympic gold LAusAnne, JAnuAry 13 (AFP): Three Chinese women's weightlifting gold medallists at the 2008 Beijing Olympics were disqualified for doping on Thursday following a reanalysis of their drug tests, the International Olympic Committee said. It leaves China facing a ban from international competition for a year, a sanction brought in by the sport's governing body the IWF last year to crack down on doping that is rife in weightlifting. Cao Lei, the 75kg champion, Chen Xiexia, the 48kg gold medallist, and Liu Chunhong, who won the 69kg category, were stripped of their 2008 titles. The Chinese trio, all aged between 31 and 34, tested positive for the banned GHRP-2, a human growth hormone. The International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) is attempting to rid the sport of a drug-taking culture that has made it one of the most notorious Olympic events. The IWF barred serial performance-enhancing offenders Russia and Bulgaria from competing at the Rio Games last summer. Two months before the Games the IWF adopted a resolution that said any country which returns three or more positive drugs tests from the reanalysis of samples from Beijing 2008 and London 2012 would be suspended for a year. That would mean China potentially missing out this year on the Asian Championships in April while the World Championships are set for November. In all, eight athletes were disqual-

ified on Thursday from the 2008 and 2012 Olympics in London as part of the ongoing series of retests from 2008 and 2012. Also disqualified were Belarus shot-putter Nadzeya Ostapchuk, who was bronze medallist in Beijing but tested positive for the steroid turinabol. She was only promoted to the bronze medal position after compatriot Natallia Mikhnevich failed an earlier dope test. Another Belarusian, hammer thrower Darya Pchelnik, lost her fourth spot from the 2008 Games. Three non-medal weightlifters from the 2012 Olympics in London -Sibel Simsek of Turkey, Intigam Zairov of Azerbaijan and Armenia's Norayr Vardanyan -- were also disqualified. In total, the IOC is reanalysing 1,243 samples from Beijing and London using testing techniques not available at the time. By the end of December, the number of positive tests from the reanalysed samples had reached 101. Weightlifting accounts for the bulk of positive tests, followed by athletics, wrestling and cycling. The results of the new tests will feature in April during discussions to map out the programme of future summer Olympics. "We will have to look at the results in detail, connect each sport with each country and see if it is a problem specific to each country," said IOC president Thomas Bach recently. "And then we will study the situation with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)."

Shakib double ton crushes New Zealand in first Test

WeLLington, JAnuAry 13 (AFP): Bangladesh hammered New Zealand with a double century by everal years ago, in our college, Shakib Al Hasan in a record-breaking during the college election second day of the first Test in Wellingheld for the College Students’ ton on Friday. Union and the Class RepreBut they kept declaration plans sentative (CR), one of the girls from after reaching 542-7 on day two, and our class decided to contest for the New Zealand insisted they were still CR. A friend of mine started to camin the game. paign against her. His only reason to Shakib scored a Bangladesh inoppose her candidature was her gennings record of 217 and captain der. He started to influence his friends Mushfiqur Rahim added 159 in a 359that we as a boy cannot be under a girl run stand, which set a record for any CR. He had no other concrete reason Bangladesh partnership. to go against her, save for the gender. I Mushfiqur described the tourists' jumped in to correct him and to make position as "really satisfying". him know that we cannot be such a "Let's see," was his message to New narrow and chauvinist in this modern Zealand when questioned whether a time, not at least by us-educated lot. declaration was likely overnight. Today’s cacophony in our state "That's one job done but there's just reminds me of that episode. In still three days to go. Anything's possithe name of the culture and tradition, ble," he said, adding Bangladesh were we men folk just don’t want to give up determined to erase their nightmare what we have always considered ours build-up to the Test when they lost all for generation i.e., decision making six one-day and Twenty20 matches. position. We just don’t want to be Shakib called his seven hours at lead, directed, ordered or decided by the crease "one of proudest days" of our women. Unfortunately that is the his career as he moved up to second culture and tradition we are talking on the list of prolific Bangladesh batsabout today. men with 3,146 to his name behind Here are some of the excuses by Tamim Iqbal's 3,405. us men to support our view. He said he did not realise he had The big and bold ‘371A’ which we broken Tamim's record for the highest often use as a bargaining tool when Test innings by a Bangladesh player unodds are against us and often forget til he reached 207 and saw the opener when the tide turns in our favor. But stand and applaud in the stands. can our respected elders and leaders "I thought his score was 214 but tell us if we truly follow all our culwhen I ran that single and saw Tature and tradition in letter- word by mim was clapping I thought OK -- the word. If so, than aren’t we suppose highest." to be naked and headhunting still? - Black Caps still hopeful Can we not progress with time and But as Bangladesh bathed in the change for good, when and where the glory of dominating the first two days situation demand. Are laws made for of the Test, and blasting 388 runs at nearly four an over on the second day, men or men for laws that we cannot New Zealand fast bowler Tim Southee Readers may please note that the contents of the articles, letters and opinions published do not reflect the outlook of this paper nor of the Editor in any form. refused to accept a result for the home YC Joseph Konyak

Sports Ministry re-recognises IOA

Bangladesh's Shakib Al Hasan bats watched by New Zealand's keeper BJ Watling on day two of the first international Test in Wellington. (AFP Photo)

side was out of the question. "They've come out and played extremely well after losing the toss and they've played in an aggressive manner," he said, indicating the Test could go down to the wire on the fifth day. "We'll come back with a plan of hopefully knocking these (last three wickets) over and then trying to go as big as we can." Shakib and Mushfiqur both fell in the final session after setting Bangladesh up for their 542, which is the third-highest first innings at the traditional bowl-first Basin Reserve in its 59-Test history. With the wind and rain that disrupted day one out of the picture, New Zealand had early success in the fourth over when Mominul Haque fell for 64 and honours were even with Bangladesh at 160-4. But for the next 82 overs Shakib and Mushfiqur were in command as they batted at nearly 4.4 an over and with an element of luck.

Shakib was dropped on four by Mitchell Santner late on the first day and dropped by Ross Taylor on 189. He survived a tight appeal on 137 when wicketkeeper BJ Watling took what appeared to be a sensational diving catch down the leg side only for replays to show he briefly grounded the ball on hitting the turf. It was Wagner who eventually claimed the wicket when a tired Shakib chopped an attempted cut onto his stumps. Mushfiqur had a heart-stopping moment on 78 when an inside edge off Trent Boult brushed the stumps but the bails stayed on and the ball went through to the boundary. Boult eventually claimed his wicket with a wide delivery that Mushfiqur attempted to drive but succeeded only in edging to Watling. Wagner was the most successful New Zealand bowler with three for 124 while Boult had two for 121 and Southee two for 144.

Saturday 14•01•2017


U2 delay new album after Trump's victory



onald Trump's election has forced U2 to delay the release of their new album, guitarist The Edge has said. The Irish rockers had almost completed Songs of Experience, their 14th studio album, and were adding "the final touches" when "the election [happened] and suddenly the world changed," he told Rolling Stone magazine. "The world is a different place [after] the Trump election," he continued. "It's like a pendulum has suddenly just taken a huge swing in the other direction." The band have criticised the US president-elect in the past: in Sep-

tember, lead singer Bono called Trump "really dangerous", accusing the then presidential candidate of "trying to hijack the idea of America." Songs of Experience will be a follow-up to their last record Songs of Innocence, which sparked a backlash when it was automatically downloaded to half a billion iTunes accounts in 2014, leading Bono to apologise for his "megalomania." Shelving the new album's release will give the group "a chance to think about these songs and make sure they're really what we want to put out," The Edge said. Following the former reality TV star's

unexpected election victory, the band decided they needed "to put the album on ice". In the mean time, they will be touring their Grammy-winning 1987 album The Joshua Tree, with dates in London and Dublin. Tickets for the tour will be available from January 16. "We're happy to take this moment to regroup and think about an album that's so many years old, but still seems relevant," The Edge said, asserting that "things have come full circle" since the Eighties: "It was a period when there was a lot of unrest... it feel like we're right back there." Source:

Directing Salman is no less than a dream come true: Remo D’Souza


ver since choreographer Remo D’Souza donned the director’s hat, he has been on a roll. With movies such as FALTU (2011), ABCD (2013), ABCD 2 (2015) and A Flying Jatt (2016), he has successfully carved a niche for himself in the industry. The latest buzz is that Remo is teaming up with actor Salman Khan for his next dance film. “Though we are yet to make an official announcement, I think Salman (sir) has already mentioned it somewhere in the media. I’m happy to do a film with him at such an early stage in my directorial career,” says Remo without divulging more details. Remo who is a “huge fan” of Salman, and has worked with him on several songs, says collaborating with him for a film is going to be a different experience alto-

gether. “My chemistry with Salman goes long back and we have a great equation. Doing a film with him is no less than a dream,” he says. About Salman’s peculiar dancing style, Remo says, “People think that Salman does his own style of dancing, which he doesn’t do most of the time.” Also, Salman will reportedly play a father to a 13-year-old daughter. “I don’t see any harm in him playing a father on screen. It’s amazing how Aamir (Khan) also played such a role and got into that mode,” says Remo, adding, “ Initially, the audience didn’t like actors playing elderly roles. But the perception is changing now. The audience is now accepting that an actor can play a solo lead, an action hero and a father as well.”

Karan Johar confirms end of friendship


aran Johar's autobiography, An Unsuitable Boy, contains many headline grabbing revelations. After the filmmaker opened up about his sexuality and also responded to rumours about his alleged relationship with Shah Rukh Khan, now he has answered another burning question: What happened between Karan and Kajol? Karan has not held back in the book, clearly stating that he does not consider Kajol a friend anymore. Kajol and Karan met in 1995 when he was an assistant on Dilwale Dulhaniya Le

ew complaints of discrimination have hit the film awards season after Oscar-winning actress Natalie Portman slammed the gender pay gap as "crazy" – and said it was even worse in Hollywood than in other jobs. In a magazine interview, Portman revealed that she was paid three times less than her male costar Ashton Kutcher for her role in the 2011 romantic comedy "No Strings Attached". "Compared to men, in most professions, women make 80 cents to the dollar," Portman told Marie Claire. "In Hollywood we are making 30 cents to the dollar." The 35-year-old star – who won a best actress Oscar in 2011 for her role in "Black Swan" and plays Jackie Kennedy in a forthcoming biopic about the former U.S. First Lady - said the pay disparity was "crazy". The World Economic Forum, a non-profit foundation, predicts the global gender pay disparity may take up to 170 years to close. The average global gap stood at 59 percent in 2016, it said in a report released last October. Hollywood's gender pay gap was highlighted in 2015, when hacked documents from film studio Sony Pictures revealed major pay disparities between top actors. They showed that U.S. actress Jennifer Lawrence was paid less than her male co-stars Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper

in the 2013 black comedy "American Hustle". Hacked emails showed that Bale and Cooper earned nine percent of the film's total profits, whilst Lawrence was only paid seven percent. Lawrence later said she was "mad at herself" after learning about the pay gap because she had "failed as a negotiator". Other movie stars – such as Sandra Bullock and Jessica Chastain – have also hit out at pay discrimination. The 2017 awards season began on Sunday with the Golden Globes dinner in Beverly Hills, kicking off two months of red carpets and black tie events, culminating in the Academy Awards ceremony on Feb. 26. Actress Meryl Streep turned her Golden Globe acceptance speech into a scathing commentary on U.S. President-elect Donald Trump, stunning her audience into silence and grabbing headlines with her criticism of Trump's impersonation of a disabled newspaper reporter. Last year, the Academy Awards were heavily criticised for picking an all-white lineup of best actor nominees, prompting boycotts from several big names, including Will Smith, Jada Pinkett-Smith and Spike Lee. The criticism became widely associated with the Twitter hashtag #OscarsSoWhite. Source: Reuters

Now ShowiNg revIseD TICKeT rATes (silver) : `.120 (Gold) : `. 200 (recliner) : `. 400

Ok Jaanu

Source: Hindustan Times

Kajol Does NOT Deserve Me C M Y K

Hollywood’s gender pay gap is “crazy” - Natalie Portman

Jayenge which starred Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol. The trio became the best of friends when the future Mrs Devgn agreed to star in Karan's debut film, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai in 1998. And soon duo were seemingly joined at the hip. Kajol became a regular in all of Karan's movies, be it Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham or My Name Is Khan. Karan believed that Kajol was his lucky charm and even got her to do a cameo in Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna and his 2012 film Student Of The Year starring Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan and Siddharth Malhotra. The duo knew everything about each other's

Disney negotiating with Carrie Fisher’s estate to bring back Leia

Young Rongmei Damsels during ‘Lianglaam’ to mark the third day of Gaan Ngai at Zeliangrong Village (Tangnajeilong) Dimapur (Photo Courtesy: KD Pixel)

11:00AM | 01:45pm 04:45pm | 07:40pm 03862-237226 Ticket Counter (09:00 AM - 09:00 PM)


Ward 5 (6) Burma Camp, Landmark - Near J.K Hospital Dimapur. Power House.

Hillstar NOW SHOWING lives and were snapped together at all the filmi parties. They were so thick that Kajol spent hours with Karan at the Khar offices of Dharma Productions . From mak-

ing a pit stop to use his restroom, to scheduling meetings with other producers at his office, Kajol felt secure with Karan by her side. Young Rongmei boys performing folk dance (Lianglaam) to mark the third day of Gaan

Ok Jaanu

Source: Yahoo News Ngai at Ragailong Burma Camp, Dimapur.


he untimely death of Carrie Fisher at the end of December brought shock and grief to her fans, but it posed other problems for film executives with an extensive Star Wars franchise lined up. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story famously featured Peter Cushing, despite the fact the actor had died in 1994. Disney used a combination of digital effects to change the appearance of actor Guy Henry to appear as Cushing's character, so that it seemed as if Cushing was acting from beyond the grave. Newsnight reports that Disney could be discuss-

ing doing the same thing with Fisher, who returned to the Star Wars franchise in JJ Abrams' 2015 film, The Force Awakens, as General Leia Organa. Kirsty Wark said on the BBC show: "With what might be regarded as unseemly haste, Disney is negotiating with the actor’s estate over her continued appearance in the franchise. If Disney gets the go-ahead, Carrie Fisher will join Peter Cushing, who, last month, 15 years after his death, played a key role in Rogue One as Grand Moff Tarkin." There was no more detail on what exactly Disney is negotiating with the estate: the studio may want to continue using Fisher's likeness

on merchandise, or, as with Cushing, want to bring Leia back for Star Wars: Espiode IX, which is due for release in 2018. As Newsnight pointed out, however, such technological advances come with their own ethical questions: just because late actors can be brought back to popular franchises, it doesn't mean that they should. Some living actors have taken steps to ensuring that once they die, they shouldn't return to the big screen. Robin Williams, who died in 2014, banned the commercial use of his image until 2039. As for what technology will be capable of then remains to be seen. Source:

10:30 AM | 3:00 PM 8:00 PM

XXX: RetuRn Of XandeR Cage (3d)

1:00 PM (Hindi) 5:30 PM (English)


SATURDAY 14•01•2017



Real late show sets record 40-game unbeaten run Madrid, January 13 (aFP): Karim Benzema struck deep into stoppage time as Real Madrid set a new Spanish record by extending their unbeaten run to 40 games in a thrilling 3-3 draw at Sevilla to progress to the Copa del Rey quarter-finals on Thursday. Holding a 3-0 first leg lead, a Cristiano Ronaldoless Real looked set for defeat for the first time in eight months as an own goal from Danilo and secondhalf strikes from Stefan Jovetic and Vicente Iborra saw Sevilla lead 3-1 inside the final 10 minutes. However, Sergio Ramos's penalty and substitute Benzema salvaged Madrid's run, which now surpasses the 39-game unbeaten run set by Barcelona last season. "Possibly they deserved to win the game, but we fought until the end," Real boss Zinedine Zidane told GolTV.

Real Madrid's midfielder Marco Asensio (L) celebrates with Real Madrid's Brazilian defender Marcelo after scoring against Sevilla during a Spanish Copa del Rey round. (AFP Photo)

"They deserved more tonight, but the tie is two games and (over the two legs) it is logical that we go through." Both coaches named weakened sides with one eye on Sunday's crunch top

of the table La Liga clash between the two back at the Sanchez Pizjuan. However, it was Sevilla who settled first as they forced Madrid onto the back foot from the off. "We had a lot of chances,

at least 15 against a team of the stature of Madrid," said Sevilla coach Jorge Sampaoli. "We were very close. Unfortunately, we couldn't take our chances to show the difference there was between the teams."

Kiko Casilla had already been forced into two saves from Sergio Escudero and Joaquin Correa before Danilo powered a header into his own net after just 10 minutes. In the absence of Ronaldo and Benzema, Mariano Diaz was handed a rare start up front and nearly levelled in bizarre fashion as Sevilla 'keeper David Soria's clearance ricocheted off the striker and inches wide. However, most of the action in the first-half came at the other end as Casilla saved three times in quick succession from Wissam Ben Yedder and Luciano Vietto to prevent Real falling further behind. Toni Kroos fired inches wide just before the break, but the vital away goal the visitors needed to kill off the tie arrived in spectacular fashion three minutes into the second-half. Marco Asensio pounced on a clearance from a Sevilla corner on the

edge of his own area and ran the length of the field barely challenged before slotting below Soria. That left Sevilla needing an unlikely four more goals to qualify, but they continued to pour forward as onloan Inter Milan forward Jovetic marked his debut by volleying home Escudero's cross six minutes later. Sampaoli threw on frist-team regulars Samir Nasri and Vitolo in search of more goals. And Madrid's record run appeared to be over when Iborra forced the ball home from close range to make it 3-1 with just 13 minutes remaining. However, Casemiro was adjudged to have been pushed inside the area by Matias Kranevitter five minutes later. Against his former club, Ramos showed remarkable calm to chip the resulting spot-kick down the middle of the goal.

Holders Barca avoid Real in King's Cup draw

Madrid, January 13 (reuters): Holders Barcelona were drawn on Friday to play Real Sociedad in the quarter-finals of the King's Cup while Celta Vigo will take on Real Madrid. La Liga leaders Real booked their spot in the last eight on Thursday when they set a Spanish record of 40 matches unbeaten in all competitions after they came back from two goals behind to snatch a 3-3 draw at Sevilla. Atletico Madrid will take on Eibar, who are in the quarter-finals for the first time, while second tier side Alcorcon, the only team from outside the top flight left in the competition, face Alaves. The ties will be played over two legs with the opening matches on Jan. 18 and the return encounters a week later. The final will take place on May 27. And Benzema provided the final sting in the tale three minutes into added time when he saw off two tired Sevilla challenges before firing low past Soria to seal a 6-3 aggregate win. Earlier, Celta Vigo and Eibar completed their

progress into the last eight having already built-up three-goal first leg leads over Valencia and Osasuna respectively. They will be joined by Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Alaves, Alcorcon and Real Sociedad in Friday's draw.

MDCA Tourney: Sovran, Züngamedem reach quarters I-League: Aizawl beat Minerva Punjab C M Y K

Mokokchung, January 13 (Mexn): Züngamedem and Sovran on Friday booked a place for themselves in the quarterfinals joining Titans and Brotherhood in the ongoing MDCA Inter Club T20 Cricket Tournament. In the first match of the day, Züngamedem chased down the target of 86 set by Zero Boys in 16.1 overs losing 4 wickets with Funit and Moalong scoring 19 and 14 runs respectively. For Zero Boys, Along picked 4/17 and become the leading wicket taker in the tournament. Earlier, Zero Boys put up 85 all out in 19.1 overs with Moatemjen top scoring with 17 runs. Züngamedem’s Bendangwapang (3/11) was the pick of the bowlers and was assisted at the other end by Tem-

jentoshi who returned with 2/17. With three wins out of three, Züngamedem top Pool B. The other team to qualify from Pool B will be decided after tomorrow's first match. In the other match of the day, a resurgent Tuli ADC XI pulled off an unlikely win as they beat last year's finalist Sovran CC in a very low scoring encounter. Sovran bowlers did everything right as they managed to restrict Tuli ADC XI bundling them all out in 16.1 overs for just 78 runs. Merenchemba, Temjenrenba and Lumong picked 2 wickets each. Only Temjenjungshi (14) managed to cross the double digit mark for Tuli ADC XI. A drama though unfolded in the run chase when Sovran's batsmen made an oversight howler

and brought their own defeat – although to their credit, the Tuli ADC XI bowlers did showcase a fine bowling display. But it was the strategy on the part of the Sovran batsmen who went after the net run rate to qualify as the pool winner, instead of securing the match first, which cost them the match. They got off to a flyer with their openers Yongsamong (22) and Imtisunep (12) amassing 45 runs in the first 4 overs. It looked like Sovrans were headed for an easy win but in came Hazarat Adam and Temsuinba into the bowling attack for the boys from Tuli and thoroughly changed the complexion of the match. The two bowlers accounted for all the 10 wickets to fall for Sovran as

Hazarat finished with 6/12 in 4 overs while Temsuinba took 4/15 as Sovran were bowled out for 69, falling short by 9 runs. Apart from the opening pair, none of the Sovran batsmen could score significantly with 5 of their batsman getting out on naught without bothering the scoreboard. Though Sovran lost the match, they still managed to qualify for the quarterfinals on superior net run rate edging Tuli ADC XI by the nearest of margins. Titans CC who already qualified top Pool A with Sovran CC qualifying behind them.

aizawL, January 13 (ians): Hosts Aizawl FC defeated Minerva Punjab FC 1-0 thanks to a last-gasp own goal by defender Loveday Okechukwu in an I-League second round football match here on Friday. The match remained goalless until the fourth minute of added time when when Loveday miscued his header to score an own goal from a corner taken by Aizawl's Mahmoud Al-Amna. Aizawl approached the match on the back of a 1-1 draw against East Bengal while Minerva played out a 0-0 draw with Chennai City FC. Aizawl defender Lalruatthara showed his worth in the match negating Minerva's attacking threat throughout the match.

Today’s Fixture: Trebuchet CC vs Longmiasang CC (8:00 am) Suzerain CC vs Jovial CC (11:30 am)

Tizu Area Sports Meet underway

Schneiderlin completes Everton switch London, January 13 (aFP): French holding midfielder Morgan Schneiderlin has joined Everton from Manchester United for an initial fee of £20 million, the Merseyside club said on Thursday. The 27-year-old signed a four-and-a-half-year contract in a deal that could rise to £24 million ($29 million) with bonuses. The move reunites Schneiderlin with Everton manager Ronald Koeman, beneath whom he worked for one season during his time at Southampton. "Everton is a big club in the history of English football," Schneiderlin said in comments published on the Everton website. "I can't wait to play and to represent this great club. "There is a manager in place here that I know. I know he can get the best out

In this image released by Everton FC, new signee Morgan Schneiderlin puts pen to paper on a a four-and-a-half-year contract.

of me, I know his style and how he likes to play football." Schneiderlin made just eight appearances for United following Jose Mourinho's appointment as manager last year. He posted a picture of himself in a United shirt on Twitter, accompanied by the words: "Thank you Manchester United."

Schneiderlin's arrival is a timely piece of business for Koeman, who has just lost Senegalese midfielder Idrissa Gueye to the Africa Cup of Nations. "I'm very pleased because I know the player, I know the qualities of the player, I know him as a person and he's really desperate to come to Everton --

Conte, Ibrahimovic claim Premier League awards

London, January 13 (reuters): Chelsea head coach Antonio Conte was named Premier League Manager of the Month for December on Friday, becoming the first to win the award three months in a row. The 47-year-old Italian, who joined Chelsea in the close season, won all six league games last month to equal the Premier League record of 13 consecutive

wins in a single campaign. Their record run was halted in a 2-0 defeat to Tottenham Hotspur last week. Chelsea's impressive form under Conte has catapulted the London club to the top of the table with 49 points from 20 games, five more than secondplaced Liverpool. "This award shows we're working very well," said Conte, who fended off competition from Liv-

erpool counterpart Juergen Klopp, Manchester United's Jose Mourinho and Tottenham Hotspur's Mauricio Pochettino. "December was a great month for us. It was important for the table and for our confidence." Manchester United striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic was named Player of the Month, having scored five league goals in December.

and that's what we need," Koeman said. Everton subsequently announced that Tom Cleverley, himself a former United player, has been loaned to Watford until the end of the season with an option for a permanent move. Schneiderlin, capped 15 times by France, joined United from Southampton for a reported fee of £25 million in 2015. But despite playing regularly under Louis van Gaal he disappeared from view under Mourinho. In total he played 47 games for United, scoring one goal, ironically against Everton in October 2015.

They were the superior side in the first half but failed to penetrate Minerva's defence. The decisive moment came in the added time when Mahmoud Al-Amna took a corner kick which was headed into their own goal by the lanky Loveday Okechukwu. Aizawl coach Khalid Jamil expressed his exuberance at their victory, "We controlled the match right from the beginning, and deserve the three points." Minerva coach Surinder Singh accepted their defeat: "Both victories and defeats are part of football. My boys worked really hard, and I am proud of their performance."

Imkongsangba Memorial TT tourney diMaPur, January 13 (Mexn): The 5th Imkongsangba Memorial Table Tennis Tournament is scheduled to be held on January 20 and 21 at Indoor Stadium, DC Court Junction, Dimapur. There are two categories: Men’s (Singles and Doubles) and Under-17 (Singles). For U-17, players must submit their birth certificate for age proof. Interested players can collect the forms from Kiran Sports, Dimapur. For any queries, one may contact +91-9643779385, +91-9774511068 or +918076768963.

MLA Azo and others at the inaugural function of the 56th Tizu Area Sports Meet on Thursday. Our Correspondent Kohima | January 13

The 56th Tizu Area Sports Meet got underway at Khuza with MLA Kuzholuzo (Azo) Nienu as the chief guest. Speaking at the inaugural function on Thursday, Nienu lauded the CPO resolution to do away with Chief Guest culture and the practice of giving flora and fauna

as gifts to Chief Guests. Thanking the CPO for initiating changes, he reminded that it only takes dedicated people to do great things in order to bring about changes in the society. Nienu remarked that through sports, we can promote friendship and brotherhood and create a better world to live in. The meet will conclude on January 18.

United brace for Liverpool crunch, Chelsea eye recovery London, January 13 (aFP): Manchester United have a golden opportunity to haul themselves into the Premier League title race at the expense of bitter rivals Liverpool this weekend, while leaders Chelsea will look to steady their nerves at Leicester. United go into the Old Trafford showdown in fine fettle after beating Hull in the League Cup semifinal first leg in midweek to extend their winning streak in all competitions to nine matches. Jose Mourinho's sixth-placed side still trail Chelsea by 10 points and lag five behind secondplaced Liverpool. But victory on Sunday, with Mourinho calling for United fans to raise the roof, would be a significant statement of intent. Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been a key figure in United's recent surge and despite his team's current position the Swedish striker has set his sights on adding a Premier League medal to the league titles he won in Spain, Italy, France and Holland. "I'm chasing the head trophy, the Premier League, that is my aim," said Ibrahimovic, who has 13 league goals this season. "I try to help the team and do what I'm best at -- scoring goals,

playing good and creating chances for my team-mates." In contrast to United, Liverpool -- after emerging as title contenders thanks to a four-match winning run in December -- have suffered a dip. A draw at Sunderland in the league was followed by an FA Cup stalemate against fourth-tier Plymouth and a 1-0 defeat in the League Cup semi-final first leg at Southampton. Manager Jurgen Klopp will hope the return against Southampton of Brazil forward Philippe Coutinho after seven weeks out with an ankle injury provides a timely boost for his team, who were held to a 0-0 draw by United in October. - Unhappy return? By the time Liverpool kick off at Old Trafford they could be eight points behind Chelsea, who face struggling champions Leicester at the King Power Stadium 24 hours earlier. Chelsea's 2-0 defeat at Tottenham last week halted their 13-match winning run in the league, but the west London club received a welcome boost in midweek with the news that their plan to redevelop their Stamford Bridge stadium into a 60,000-capacity are-

na has been approved. On the field, midfielder N'Golo Kante will make a first appearance at Leicester since his £30 million pre-season transfer. Kante was the driving force behind Leicester's incredible title triumph and his absence has been felt as the Foxes have slumped to within six points of the relegation zone. Leicester boss Claudio Ranieri called on the club's fans to salute Kante, but he hopes his side can make it an unhappy return. "I hope our fans give to Kante a warm welcome as he was our champion. It's important to remember what he gave to us," Ranieri said. "We respect Chelsea a lot but we are ready to fight and ready to try to win." Third-placed Tottenham can extend their winning run in the league to six matches when they host West Bromwich Albion, but boss Mauricio Pochettino isn't getting carried away by that impressive success against Chelsea. "Today it's about maturity and learning from this period. It doesn't mean that we will win every game," he said. "It's important to show that maturity we did against Chelsea,

that is important for trying to be more realistic and fighting for a bigger objective." Manchester City, in fourth, look to maintain the momentum from their FA Cup thrashing of West Ham when they travel to Everton, while fifth-placed Arsenal, eight points behind Chelsea, can't afford a slip at second-bottom Swansea. It will be an emotional day at Vicarage Road as Watford pay their respects to former manager Graham Taylor following his death on Thursday aged 72. Taylor, who suffered a suspected heart attack, led Watford into the top flight twice in two spells lasting a combined 15 years and the club plan a minute's applause and other tributes before their home match against Middlesbrough. Fixtures (8:30 pm IST unless stated) Saturday Burnley v Southampton, Hull v Bournemouth, Leicester v Chelsea (11 pm), Sunderland v Stoke, Swansea v Arsenal, Tottenham v West Brom (6 pm), Watford v Middlesbrough, West Ham v Crystal Palace Sunday Everton v Manchester City (7 pm), Manchester United v Liverpool (9:30 pm)

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