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Choosing the best universities in My idea of Nagaland after 10 years State; the Switzerland of the east.’ syndrome jutted by the increasing India for Degree and PG Courses agaland’ - my beau- Assessing our strength and weak- number of educated unemployed/ Tovitho Nyusou


s platforms of higher learning- sensible to seek admission in the uniuniversities of India fall under versity affiliating your college. But in case, you are keen as well as the following categories. eligible for specialized study of techni• Union universities or Central Uni- cal excellence there is meaning to conversities in India - constituted in ac- sider inter university transfer. If you are meritorious enough to be cordance with the parliamentary actdirectly under the control of Union loaded with multiplicity of choices; do consider the ranking or grading pattern. Government It is important to avoid states or • State universities - controlled by the provinces lagging behind in literacy, respective state governments. • Deemed university - with the power rather it is sensible going to states advanced in literacy; providing due faciliof autonomy. • Private universities- approved by ties for development of resources. Points to be kept in mind while University Grant Commission- one of the leading affiliating bodies. They choosing technical and management are not eligible to have colleges under institutes for degree courses and higher studies. their purview It is important to keep in mind the • Agricultural universities & technical forums- imparting vocational train- grading pattern; because there are different modes of categorization to set ing and technical knowledge. one apart from the other. Grading patPoints of fundamental essentiality tern is directly relevant to their respecwhile choosing a college or university tive standards. In case one is keen to specialize See for yourself- Rather than go by hearsay, make a comparative analysis of in the so called off beat lines such as different Indian universities. Visit their sculpting, dancing, agriculture and film respective websites to find out about making; it is important to choose instiinfrastructure, management, examina- tutes /universities particularly catering tional details and how much it has to of- to those. fer to your course of learning. Situational details- Location of the rating of universities chosen university also matters because There are standardized methods accordingly you will have to arrange for of rating, leading to their respective necessary modes of communication. categorization. Several yardsticks are Quality of performance- One of the kept in mind so as to rate universities most important yardsticks as it serves on merits of their strength. There are to reflect on the techniques guiding nationalized as well as internationally knowledge transfer. Again in this re- significant standards of rating. Despite, spect dependence on print media and their relative differences, they are dewebsites will help you assess the exact signed to benefit the prospective stupicture. dents seeking admission. Rating is diMethod of evaluation- It is impor- rectly relevant to the qualitative output tant to know if examinations are held on of the university. Thus, it plays an ima regular basis; or political activism disportant role when it comes to the questurbs the same. Facilities for campus interview- tion of choice. Yardsticks/categories borne in mind Technical institutions as well those cawhile rating- In general by means of the tering to general study have been gradfollowing standards universities are ratually becoming oriented towards job ed. Depending on the university's conprospects. This in turn is leading uniformation to the following standards versities to encourage corporate bodies they are either given 'star' rating or to hold campus selection. Keeping this in mind it is important that the prospec- graded in categories such as A, A+, B,++ and so on. tive student keeps track of the same. Points which should be kept in mind while choosing a college/University for pursuing degree course. Criteria for admission. Facilities for scholarship and financial aids. Whether or not the criteria of seat reservation works in your favor. Respective in-house amenities. Relevance of the university in the International context. ways to be judicious and pragmatic while choosing a university It makes sense choosing one of the better ones where you can avail the benefit of scholarship reservation. For students of the average category, it is advantageous if they persist with higher education from the state to which they belong. In case you happen to have graduated from a particular college, it is more

recognition & accreditation Indian universities are duly affiliated by University Grant Commission or UGC. Usually those listed under central, state, deemed and private categories are all recognized by UGC. The body also has a coordinating role to play. Accreditation is also accorded by various professional councils- Several technical and professional councils are there as well. Deriving their respective power from the laws of the land; they serve to co- ordinate as well as authorize the functioning of different technical institutes. For instance, institutes dealing with agricultural study should bear the due recognition of ICAR( Indian Council Of Agricultural Research) (Source: education/selecting-universitiesin-india-for-degree-courses.php)

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tiful State where majority of the people are Christians. Nagaland is rich in flora and fauna. Different varieties of species of plants and animals can be found in my beautiful state. Life styles of people in Nagaland are complicated to other state. My state is small comparing to other state but our ways of living is so advanced, we the Nagas follow western style of living. Nagaland being under India control, we cannot do our wish or follow our own steps. Lately Nagaland have sign peace accord on August 3, 2015 and I’m hoping for a bright future for my state. Being a citizen of Nagaland, it’s my responsibility to make plans for my state. In a sense, how to make my state beautiful, develop and compete with other states. Being a citizen of Nagaland, we don’t want someone to rule or control over us in a sense we don’t want someone to rule or control of India. If my state gets independent, it will be good news for us because we will open our mind, thinking and the thought and plans how to make it work to be a responsible country. My views about my future planning for Nagaland are full of wishes and beautiful thoughts. A part of Nagaland State Human Development should mainly focus on key areas of peace, population stabilization, national and international connectivity, sustainable agriculture, infrastructure and action oriented missions. I visualized a future Nagaland as ‘An evergreen


eligibility criteria: Any Indian girl studying in college, between the ages of 17 to 23 years (as of 31st December 2016), i.e. born between 1st January 1993 and 31st December 1999 with a career objective is eligible to apply. Scholarship amount and purpose: The scholarship is a one-time reward of INR 25,000/- and is meant to advance the girl’s career in some way – be it an allowance for pursuing an internship or undertaking a project in the chosen field, payment towards a specialized training program, special equipment, etc. Deadline: 31st January 2017. application Link:

imtinungchet aier Class 10, Maple Tree Dimapur

artiStS We are, who we are. We stand not too far. Our skills may vary, But one mind we carry. We are the bridge, That links the dream world. We are the ridge, That separates the real world. What we seek, Is beyond reality. But what we keep, Are endless possibilities. We are, who we are. We stand not too far. When our minds collaborate, Wondrous things we do create.

The writer is a Class XII student of

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The Naga Tribes Stereotyped

Stereotyping. The act of judging or making assumptions about an individual or groups based on their looks, race, social group, economic status or gender which lead to generalisations. From the mundane to the serious - Methanilie’s songs, conversations over coffee to conferences and business meetings, are we constantly stereotyping each other and our Naga tribes, hence influencing our decisions and responses to one another? Stereotyping can be both positive and negative, and as we read on we see how it has not escaped Nagaland but affected the way we understand the various Naga tribes.


tereotyping is a way of oversimplifying groups of people and has fortunately or unfortunately a) Nagaland Liberal Democratic Party become one of the easiest ways b) Democratic Liberal Party of Nagaland of establishing an identity. In Nagaland, c)The Democratic Secular Party of Nagaland stereotyping stems from a commonlyd) Liberal Democratic Party of Nagaland held view about a particular tribe or group and this fallacy may arise from 3. who has been sworn-in as the new chief Justice a single incident, which leads to a false of india (cJi)? assumption about the entire commua) Madan Lokur b) Kamlesh Khehar nity. It’s like colouring the entire comc) J S Khehar d) T S Patil munity with the same brush. Whenever 4. a new genus of Horsehair worms (nematomorpha) we don’t have a good understanding of has been discovered by Dr. arun K. Yadav, people or a particular tribe, we tend to department of Zoology, north-eastern Hill make assumptions about them. StereoUniversity, Dr. andreas Schmidt-rhaesa Zoological types are nothing but those assumptions Museum, University Hamburg, Germany and Dr that have become common knowledge. We assume that one’s character and Limatemjen Department of Zoology, Kohima personality are largely shaped by the Science college (autonomous) in tribe one belongs to. But how many of a) Viswema b) Khonoma us agree with the stereotypes about ourc) Kigwema d) Jakhama selves? We need to ask this question before we start stereotyping the other 5. recently two tigers from Thiruvananthapuram Zoo tribes. How does stereotyping affect our were transported to nagaland in exchange for two social relationships at school, work, our a) Black Asiatic Bears b)Blythe Tragopan friend circles, or our dynamics in the c) Three Hillock Gibbons d) Mithun neighbourhood? How does it affect the way we see ourselves and the way we Send in your answers to the Morung Express Office (address given view others? below) or email to or WhatsApp/SMS There’s this song composed and @ 7085976283 sung by Methanilie, a legendary singer from NagalandAnswers to Quiz #42 – 1-b, 2-d, 3-a, 4-c, 5-d “Kohima te thakia khan nisa lage Winner of last week’s contest: phutani, Thejasetuo Sote, Guwahati College of Architecture Wokha para aha khan chalak, Each week, one lucky winner will be given a prize of Rs. 500. The chalak ahise. Mokokchung thakia khan style winner may collect the same from The Morung Express Office, 2. which regional party was recently formed in nagaland?

Now, within the context of our state, a facet of the idea of development should necessarily include restricting and ramping. Keeping in mind the looming climate of political uncertainty, the present Nagaland Government Political set up is in need of restricting. Further, certain sectors like the Nagaland State Transport (NST) and the kind of service it provides calls for serious deliberation or the lines of privatization. Education as a marker of any civilized society is another sector that requires through systems revamp and work towards building a system that will bring out the best in every teacher making effective use of human resources towards producing quality and qualified students. We may talk about development and its associated patterns but without quality education in place economic dependency

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1. the 1st national information infrastructure (nii) Pilot Project of the country was inaugurated recently at –

b) Meghalaya d) Manipur

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unemployable will make matters worse leading to increased corruption and illegal activities in the state. One of the strengths of Nagaland lies in her natural resources but currently natural resources which cannot be replaced especially the Non-renewable resources are plundered at will greatly. Sadly the policies regarding the extraction of natural resources are inadequate thereby the economic performance remain not only poor but has opened the window towards for reaching detrimental consequences. This calls for proper investment policies especially on revenue generation with focus on shifting the pattern of economic development towards manufacturing and service sectors. Industrialization of both small and big industries is another major concern for economic development. The revival of Tuli Paper Mill is an urgent necessity if Nagaland is to revive economy. Another bid challenge to economic development comes from road and connectivity. Proper roads and connectivity ate vital to economic development. Proper roads and connectivity are viable transport system of a lifeline. Well, for all the failed vision, plans and policies, Nagaland is in urgent need of a proper policy transforming visions and developing model into reality. Nagaland should chart out a pragmatic vision plan and not any grand dream.

Internshala Career Scholarship for Girls – 2017

ParticiPate & win a) Nagaland c) Mizoram

ness and the looming threats at the base of the plans, the pattern of development becomes central to this vision document and thereby the need to conceptualize the term development within our context. This brings us to the key areas of development and how we want to develop. As a footnote, a tragedy to development is that, the state general election is taken as the parameter of development and the grand promises fails to go beyond lip servicing and thereby the ideas of development fails to progress.

Thungdeno Humstoe, HoD, Department of Sociology Roughly translated into English, it says Kohima folks have too much attitude, people from Wokha are very cunning, those from Mokokchung are too stylish, and the ones from Zunheboto keep getting into fights. This song gained popularity during the 90s. As a kid, this was the first Nagamese song I learned. Of course, back then I didn’t fully understand the meaning of the lyrics. But as I grew up it dawned on me that this song contains elements of stereotyping. The intention of the singer regarding the idea conveyed is best known to him. Perhaps the singer wrote it based on his own experiences with few people he had come across. Although I feel that he is at fault for generalising all the tribes purely by his own bias, we, however, cannot simply blame the media and Methanelie for producing such content. Listeners have an immense responsibility for judging and filtering the information they hear, see, or receive. We need to use our own values and knowledge to process the message. We popularised the song. We Nagas have specific stereotypes regarding each of our tribes. We can easily find such examples in abundance which are familiar to every Naga. We accuse certain tribes of being sly, while others are double-crossers. We classify some tribes as aggressive, while others as misers. Some tribes we say are unsophisticated, and others dipsomaniacs. Sadly, the list goes on.

fellow tribes chiefly based on our own experience with one or two people, or maybe tend to pre-assume. We habitually depict stereotypes through offensive songs, stories, and jokes, and thus help keep these ugly stereotypes alive! Stereotypes of this kind must be viewed with caution and be avoided at all cost as it leads to treating groups and communities as single entities. In one of the TED-Talk shows, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, the Nigerian writer, argues that knowing a single story of a person, tribe, or country can cause misunderstandings, leading to the creation of stereotypes. People are influenced by a single story while remaining oblivious of the many stories that could change one’s perception. What if we see in other tribes and cultures not only what we believe, but the reality? We are so fixated on the narrow-minded perspective. Perhaps, we are victimised by the ‘Ophelia Syndrome’, best described as thinking or feeling a certain way because a person is told so. We fail to think independently due to the presence of social hierarchy and dominant popular culture. At this juncture, when we fail to make decisions based on our own thoughts, we lose our individuality. Though many of us do not openly endorse these negative beliefs, just the mere awareness of these stereotypes can have undesirable consequences for individuals who are being labelled.

Stereotypes have repercussions. It manipulates how we think about a person belonging to a particular tribe and how we behave towards them. “Past studies have shown that people perform poorly in situations where they feel they are being stereotyped”, says Michael Inzlicht, a Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto, in a paper published in the 2010 edition of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. In the article published on the UC Berkely News website, Carol Hyman tells how stereotypes could cause problems in people from early ages. The problem of stereotypes is creating confusion in children as it encourages bullying behaviour that they carry into adulthood. It’s tough to eradicate all these stereotypes overnight because this is how our society is woven, but we can definitely start teaching our children to value and respect other people for what they are – wonderfully diverse. It is important to disapprove stereotypes in any form. Let’s not bind ourselves with chains which aren’t even real. This will make way for a better tomorrow for us Nagas. Degree of Thought is a weekly community column initiated by Tetso College in partnership with The Morung Express. Degree of Thought will delve into the social, cultural, political and educational issues around us. The views expressed here do not reflect the opinion of the institution. Tetso College is a NAAC Accredited UGC recognised Commerce and Arts College. The editors are Dr. Hewasa Lorin, Anjan Behera, Dr. Salikyu Sangtam, Nivibo Yiki,

January 11th, 2017  

The Morung Express Dimapur, Nagaland, India

January 11th, 2017  

The Morung Express Dimapur, Nagaland, India