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NLTA coaching session for 2017-2018

KOHiMA, JANUARY 10 (MExN): The Nagaland Lawn Tennis Association (NLTA) would like to inform that the coaching session for 2017-2018 will begin shortly at Chavino Memorial Tennis Complex, Kuda Village. Interested individuals are requested to contact 8413087643 for further details. This was informed by David Kire, General Secretary, NLTA.

52nd CCSA meet begins

DiMAPUR, JANUARY 10 (MExN): The 52th meet of the Centre Chakhesang Sport Association was declared open by Chief Guest, Tohoshe Awomi, President, Nagaland State VDB Association on January 9 at Cepichozu, Pholami Village under Phek district. The 52" meet of the CCSA is a weeklong event from January 9 to 14 commemorating the running trophies of Lt. Poduyi Dzudo, Lt.Thisayi Lohe, Shri.Vetetso Lasuh, Shri.Cekropa Tenenu, Lt. Nukulu Lohe and Lt.Velakholu Khesoh. Participants will compete in field and track events, football, volleyball and basketball for men and women.

U-15 football talent hunt cum coaching from Jan 14

MOKOKCHUNG, JANUARY 10 (MExN): The Mokokchung District Football Association (MDFA) will be organizing a “Talent Hunt cum Free Coaching Clinic” from January 14-28, 2016 at the Mokokchung Village Ground for Under-15 footballers. The MDFA has invited all interested U-15 footballers to register for the football clinic which will be conducted by veteran footballers during the two-week training program. The interested footballers are informed to bring a photocopy of their Date of Birth Certificate and submit it to the officials at 2 PM on January 14, 2016 at the venue. The players are requested to report at the venue with their full playing kits. For further details contact the MDFA officials at 9856699423


VYO 71st wrestling cum MDCA Tournament Day 6: Zero sports meet underway Boys CC, and Züngamedem CC win Our Correspondent Kohima | January 10


four day long 71st wrestling cum sports meet under the aegis f of Viswema Youth Organization (VYO) got underway today at John Government Higher Secondary School Ground, Viswema. Addressing the inaugural function, Dr. Hovithal Sothu, Deputy Director ATI, Kohima encouraged the sports lovers to involve in the field of games and sports with commitment and sincerity. “Be an alert sportsman,” he told the youth. He maintained that in this competitive world one has to stay focus on what they are good, adding “You have to reach to the highest level be it in sports, education and other fields.” Stating that there is no place for mediocre people today, he urged upon the youth to give their best and at the same time asked them to go through trainings and sacrifice to fulfill their desired goals. He also called upon Viswema youth to excel in their respective fields and bring fame and glory to the village. Further, he encouraged the

Dr. Hovithal Sothu addressing the inaugural function of 71st wrestling-cum-sports meet at Viswema on January 10. Morung Photo

youth to believe in themselves that they can do it and become an asset to the village. Earlier, a newly constructed Rostrum as dedicated by Nosezol Valeo, pastor VCRC. The inaugural function was chaired by VYO president Visakho Kiso while welcome address was delivered by VYO advisor Eyosa Kikhi. Administration of oath was done by VYO games & sports secretary Vikekul Sothu. The meet will go on till January 13 with Zhotoho Kiso, chairman Viswema Village Council as the guest of honour. The meet will be marked by football, Naga wrestling, track & field events, volleyball, Sepaktakraw and Bamboo walk.

MOKOKCHUNG, JANUARY 10 (MExN): On the sixth match day of the ongoing MDCA Tournament played at Imkongmeren Sports complex on Tuesday, Zero Boys CC and Züngamedem CC registered wins against their respective opponents. In the first match of the day, Zero Boys outperformed Longmiasang in all departments of the game and won the match by mammoth 62 runs. After winning the toss and sending the Zero Boys to bat first, Longmiasang bowlers couldn't contain Imlikokba's batting exploits who scored 54 runs and helped his team set a target of 132 runs in 20 overs. Yarsen was the pick of the bowlers for Longmiasang with 3/ 14 and Ochijunger and Longsen scalped a wicket each. Chasing the target Longmiasang CC were bundled out for 69 runs in just 15.3 overs . For Longmiasang, Armen top scored with 24 runs while Longsen scored 13 runs. Along was the chief destroyer with ball for Zero Boys who ended with a splendid figure of 6/8 in 4 overs. Wadangren also picked 2/7 in 3 overs for Zero Boys.

The Premise: As a young ‘Naga’ adult, flicking through the scrambled chronicle and genesis of the Naga political struggle, one can decisively isolate the Original Sin of the Naga’s.The traditional Naga life before the advent of the British,centered around gaining prestige, social advancement and public esteembehind the materialistic culture viz., feast of merit, head-hunting, and warfareto name a few. It is an established fact that most of thethen Naga adults were bilingual or multilingual, speaking assorted Naga dialects despite the environment of head-hunting culture with the common perception of a disruptive social order. Each permanently established Naga village-statesmuch like the Greek city-states governed itself independently without interfering into each other’s affairsave for the internecine warfare and feuds amongst individual villages and groups of villages. The customary character of Naga’s original autonomousdemocratic village republics is the hallmark of the Original Sin of the Naga’s. The Arguments: The study of savage life (lower races of man) by anthropologists was part of the mission of the expansionists British Empire with colonies in every part of the world.The general feature of the mind of a savage is held like that of a child which is easily fatigued if questions are asked that requires effort of thought or memory then he gives random answers to spare himself the trouble of thought. As it happens, savages do not react without reason but their reason would often be unusually absurd. Savages are held to be passionately fond of ornaments, all savage races who leave much of their skin uncovered delight in painting themselves black, white, red and yellow which are the commonest color. They studied the Aryans, semi-Aryan and non-Aryan tribes in India and each and every subject race,their history, habits, food, dress, weapons, requirements, weaknesses and prejudices and the mental condition of the savage, understand the motives by which he is influenced to furnish the basis of political inductions and administrative foresight.Nagas were reckoned by the European anthropologists as the ‘Noble Savage’ for having the culture of a purest democracy. The British desired the Nagas to remain in backwardness, to lead the life of a noble savage by indirect rule and keep away the Nagas to form any national identity. As a matter of fact, the independent Naga village self-government failed to resist the British push into the Naga territory beginning from 1824. The British East India Company’s colonial rule tried to keep the Nagas isolated and underdevelopedwith the policy of “non-interference” ordered by Lord Dalhousie. However, to prevent the Nagas from raiding the British subjects in Assam, Cachar and Manipur, the East India Company’s military campaign and expedition into the Naga territory was inevitable. With the economic considerations of the tea plantations, British subjects began expanding their tea plantations seizing the entire Naga forest lands around the foothills of

Assam. TheNagas reacted with fierce resistance but the disunited village-states fell one by one into the hands of the Britishconquerors. The very weaknesses of the Nagas were exploited by the British administrative foresight and divided segments of Naga territory into Assam, Manipur, NEFA (Arunachal Pradesh) and Burma (Myanmar). In the very recent incident of 18th Dec, 2016 where Nagas were attacked by Meitei miscreants in Manipur, there were scores of disturbing comments in the social media making the victims (Nagas) the trouble maker against every neighboring society Meitei’s, Kuki’s, Assamese and Arunachalee. The abject perception of the contemporary general publicwho do not understandthe pasthistorical factsby virtue of which the Nagas are making its rightful claim against the wrong done by the then British rulers. But we cannot blame any of them viz., Meitei’s, Kuki’s, Assamese, Arunachalee or any outsiders since it was the handiwork of the British political shrewdness vis-à-vis the Original Sin of the Nagas.Kuki’s were outsiders brought by the British power to crush the Nagas but the Kuki’s cannot be blamed as they were only dogs of war. They are now part of Naga community and Naga history and history cannot be changed. Kuki’s are the living witness against the forceful occupation of Naga country by the British colonial power and the territories occupied by the neighbors. The encounter of the Nagas (noble savage) with the British government, the dawn of Christianity and the exposure in the First World War, as labour corps in 1916-17to France had awakened the Naga’sexistence into modern civilization. The formation of Naga Club in 1918 gave birth to the Naga Nationalism who submitted a memorandum to the Simon Commission in 1929. When the British Parliament questioned; how could “Savages” who were head-hunters possibly have any form of self-determination? After the Second World War in 1946, on the anvil of unity, tribal councils joined forces to form the Naga National Council (NNC) which was further strengthened by ZapuPhizo, a veteran of Indian National Army led by Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.From 1918 till 1950 when ZapuPhizo was elected the President of the NNC, the Naga Plebiscite of 1951, the boycott of the first general elections in 1952-53, the formation of the Naga Federal Government on 22nd March, 1956 and the subsequent recruitment and training of Naga Army in China and East Pakistan was the period when the Original Sin of the Nagas wasconquered for about 4(four) decades. The British manipulative occupationof Naga Hills by indirect rule on the basis of Gaonburas (authority on customary law) and Dobashis (paid interpreters) left its detrimental effect of corruption by colonial rule in the Nagasocial order. The absence of codified Naga customary law into formal system for the people to study and establish civil order remains maliciouslybiased. The Gaonburas and Dobashis were repressive instruments of British administrative ingenuity which are illogically still inmaintenance.‘Policy matters’when motivated by partisan politicsleads to destructive consequences and weaken a nation’s determination

and strengthen the enemies.Sidestepping the Naga National Council (NNC) and formation of the Naga People’s Convention(NPC) set in motion thebreeding ground for the Naga elitist club (NNO/UFN/UDF), who wanted the best of both the worlds? Proverbs 29:18 says “Where there is no vision (revelation), people perish (society heads in the direction of anarchy)”. Perhaps, the fullfledged statehood of Nagaland on 1st Dec, 1963was founded on the wrong premise by the Naga elitist club and the Govt. of India. The rule of law in the State of Nagaland is yet to see the light of day. Despite the Inner Line Regulation of 1873 (BEFRA), it is a surprising fact to note that the Live Birth and Death by Religion in Nagaland for 2011 recorded by Directorate of Economics and Statistics is higher for Muslims @3589/477 than the Hindus @2906/400 as against the Christians @38819/6004.Probably, theconcessions to illegal Muslim immigrants are the pound of flesh for sheltering, arming and training the Naga Army in the then east Pakistan! Is there a real threat of illegal Muslim immigrants especially the so called Naga-Miasakin to the crisis of the Rohingya people in the Rakhine State of Myanmar?Nevertheless, any movement that fools itself by crafting a policy based on bad evidence will sooner or later face the backlash. The Conclusions: Perhaps, the practical reality is the debates across the board where people don’t want to find the right answer but they only want to win the argument. Their ultimate reason is purposefully other than standing behind the truth but centered on gaining personal prestige, individual tribe’s socio-economic advancement and public esteem - the standing in their community. Back to the basics of materialistic Naga culture or the sinful human nature. The proof of the hypothesis when a smarter, better educated citizenry will not put an end to the materialisticcharacter but be better equipped to argue for their ownclan. However, people across the world had persisted to broaden their vision with devotion and sacrifice to gain nationhood including India,which had the herculean task of uniting 562 Indian princely states. The fact of the matter is that our primitive village-statesand Naga culture could not withstand the test oftime and the very concept of our disunited independent village self-government was the original sin of the Nagas. Nagas had already sacrificed thousands of precious lives on the altar ofsovereignty, there is no need for any more bloodshed. It is high time for the Naga society to gain historicalinsightsinto rationality, yet Nagas still wheel aroundto its original sin in the role of factions(NSCN/IM/K/U/R), (NNC/ NA/A), Naga Hoho/ENPO/NTC etc. The choice and fate forself-determination is within the Naga society, whether to seek outside help from China, US, Russia etc.,or follow the course of M. K. Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. The point of politics for Naga nationalism is sound policy fostering more unity and fraternity transcending tribal, regional and village-independence with the civil society wielding clout over the underground factions.

sunep with an inning of 26 runs and Rongsenyanger's 19 runs were the chief contributions for Züngamedem in the run chase. The match went to the last over with 6 runs required with 4 wickets in hand for Züngamedem. The last over was bowled by Kalyen who bowled beautifully but a sloppy effort by the wicket keeper in the last ball sealed Trepuchet’s fate. With Züngamedem requiring 2 runs from the final delivery, Trepuchet’s strike bowler Kalyen delivered an unplayable ball which the Züngamedem batsman Benjung missed completely but the wicket keeper failed to stop the ball and let it pass him. There was enough pace in the delivery and the ball went for a boundary in byes, handing Züngamedem their second win of the tournament in as many games. For Trebuchet Merenkaba , Vickey Ali and Wapangtoshi took 1 wicket each. Today’s Fixture: 8:00 AM - Suzerain CC vs Zero Boys (A) CC 12 Noon - Jovial CC vs Rainbow CC

Reservation Hiccups

The Original Sin of W the Naga’s: A Thesis V.T. Chakhesang

The second match of the day played between Trebuchet CC and Züngamedem CC went to the wire with all results possible. Till the last ball was delivered, both teams had chances to win or tie but a last ball blunder by the Trebuchet's wicket keeper cost them the match and Züngamedem won the match by 4 wickets. It was arguably the most exciting as well as the most intense match of the tournament so far. Trebuchet having won the toss and electing to bat first could not score freely with the Züngamedem bowlers attacking with tight line and length. The bowlers were well supported by the fielders who took some spectacular catches. They restricted Trebuchet for just 96/9 in 20 overs. Imnayanger top scored with 23 runs and Kalyen added a much needed 21 runs to the scorecard. Lipokyapang, Temjentoshi, Funitchiba and Bendangopang took 2 wickets each for Züngamedem CC. Chasing the tricky target of 97 runs, Züngamedem got off to a decent start but lost their momentum after losing some silly wickets in the form of run outs and bad shot selection. Meren-

Jonah Achumi

ith an intense speculation on the ongoing tussle between our civil societies and the state government, and the raging debate refusing to die down on the issue of Women Reservation it has now become a matter of who blinks first. The government making its hard stance assuring that its application will not infringe upon the hard earned rights provided by Article 371A, however, where is their foolproof scheme to ensure this? Is it possible in a state such as Nagaland where customs and cultures are not always precisely defined, and differ widely across different tribes? The state government’s defiance of the people’s wishes to postpone the ULB election and seek clarification can be interpreted as an infringement of Article 371A in itself. The Article empowers the various Tribal Apex bodies to deal with matters concerning respective tribes and areas and undermining such rights by the State government is undemocratic. Who should decide whether Naga customary laws and rights are being threatened? Is it the legal fraternity that advises the state government or the guardians of our rights and customs which is our tribal hohos? It is undoubtedly true that we could not avail the flow of funds from Central Government in terms of development of Municipality and Towns but we should not look upon the funds alone leaving aside the future ramifications. Some people at present have even gone to the point of ridiculing at our apex bodies who are taking the stand on the ground that this reservation act will infringe upon Article 371A which indeed is very unfortunate as whatever privileges we are enjoying today was brought by the blood, sweat and tears of our fathers and pioneers who even gave away their yesterday for our today. Though the Article 371A came along with the creation of Nagaland state, its roots can be traced back to our political movement which resulted in this special allotment. Another aspect which needs to be understood by all Nagas both young and old is that this particular provision was given to us in order to suit our society because our way of life is much more different from the rest of the people of India in every sense of the term. As a result, the special provision of Article 371 (A) which is meant for our people cannot be interpreted like that of the rest of the provisions in the Indian Constitution. We should know also fully well that we Nagas are distinct in all aspects be it in appearances or landholding system or tradition and religion, etc. the Government of India has inserted the provision of Article 371(A) with a view of its historical and philosophical perspectives. Unlike the other States in India, the land holding system in the State of Nagaland is different. In the State of Nagaland, the land belongs to the individual/community and village authority. In other words, the private individuals are the owner of the land. The Government is not the landowner. For initiation of developmental activities, the Government acquires the land from the private individuals by way of purchased / paying compensation. Perhaps, many of us do not realize that this very provision belongs to us Nagas alone and not to any others. What we need to remember is that as of now this provision is the only bond of relationship and the main binding factor between Nagas and Indians and nothing more, nothing less. The 33% Reservation for women is just one component of Municipal Act of 2001 and 2006. With the current election scenario in Nagaland involving corruption, manipulation and brute power, many concerned people feels that women will be compelled to involve in such malpractices, which will totally lead to social degeneration. The dream of the clean elections will become completely shattered once again and remain once more a distant dream than ever before. Though for many gender issue doesn’t matter as long as the candidates who are contesting have the positive answers to questions like- do they possess leadership quality, are they genuinely going to work for you and me and the society, are they going to listen to you and me and truly work for the masses even after they are elected or are they just jumping in the fray because of this so-called reservation. The government would have come out much cleaner and better had this reservation issue done with proper grassroots homework with our tribal apex bodies rather than waiting for the ver-

dict which is yet to be passed by the Supreme Court. The extension of the nomination dates from 7th to 9th January has only invited more wrath and reaction from around the districts. So the big questions again remain for those who filed nominations, will polls be held no matter what? May wisdom prevail amongst our leaders. While the battle rages on let us ponder on some queries on reservation below: 1. Is the real focus of this reservation truly on social justice and gender equality or more on the benefits? If so, what we see are just some higher and upper income classes of women filing nominations to contest the ULB elections. So is this reservation implemented in the real sense? For instance, most of the intending candidates seem to wives, daughters or relatives of former councilors or from affluent background with strong political connections. 2. While allotting reservation in some wards to our women, what about our men in those particular wards who are capable and honest and are worthy to be good leaders? Won’t they be deprived their right to contest the elections because of this reservation policy? So won’t this amount to gender discrimination too? Won’t the reservation policy force the people to vote for some women even if they are incapable, corrupt or not worthy enough to be good leaders? 3. If an issue as women reservation can create such a furor and shake the foundations of our state with almost all our tribal apex bodies and civil societies crying hoarse, creating almost now a war-like situation, why do we remain silent and passive on other burning issues which are deteriorating our society such as the issue of illegal immigrants, bad roads, unpaid salaries, etc? 4. Will the rotation of the reservation seats give dedication, accountability and sincerity of elected representatives which is also one strong argument about the reservation policy. As both the electorates as well as the elected will not be serious enough since they won’t be for long in the service of the people of that particular place. 5. Why don’t the JAWCR as soon as possible set up a consultative meeting with our respective tribal bodies and sort out the whole matter? It is still clear in our minds that this very present state government said that the spirit of dialogue and discussion will solve any matter. So why not organize and initiate discussions/deliberations among the confronting on this beleaguered issue without further delay? The WR bill is one of the most controversial bills ever to implement not just because of gender bias but many feel it will benefit on an elitist group and further aggravate the plight of the poor and the deprived lot. So will our state be any different? Just because one doesn’t support this WR policy doesn’t mean that we don’t love our women-folks. Let us not just get too emotional over this gender equality/inequality issue or bias. Article 371 A may or may not infringe directly at the moment but it will surely open the floodgates of manipulation to encroach and dilute our special provision given by this article which no one can deny. Too much is at stake. The mediocre, incapable or some corrupt women may win only with reservation but the capable, talented and worthy women will win without any reservation on their own terms. True equality will take place only when women feel secure and safe in their homes and not just by mere granting of seats in some urban local body elections. What is most important is basic education, safety and security and above all respect in our homes and beyond. Naga women have always enjoyed a high place of respect in our society. Using development rhetoric and garnering of more funds as smokescreen has not been able to convince our tribal apex bodies so far. Some say this reservation is not about only allotting women some share of seats and can smell of politics but 33% reservation itself is politics in itself since its inception at the national level. Instead of strengthening the party in power before the assembly elections slated to be held next year, this reservation issue has not only deepened the chasms between the state government and the tribal bodies but has further created more divisions and inflicted fresh wounds amongst the partymen while in the issuing of tickets. It has not only seen the exit of some party loyalists joining other parties but affect the prospects of the results too.

Readers may please note that the contents of the articles, letters and opinions published do not reflect the outlook of this paper nor of the Editor in any form.

January 11th, 2017  

The Morung Express Dimapur, Nagaland, India

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