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Terror strikes Bodh Gaya, 2 injured but temple safe [ PAGE 08]


By Sandemo Ngullie

Pippa ‘ready to tie the knot with Nico’

To love beauty is to see light

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Monday, July 8, 2013 12 pages Rs. 4

–Victor Hugo

Govt to create satellite model Red Bull’s towns in all district HQs: Zhaleo Vettel wins [ PAGE 02] German 2 killed, 182 injured in Asiana GP Boeing 777 crash in San Francisco

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Youths assaulted, parents fnr calls for a shared Purpose allege police highhandedness Outlines principles of a provisional Naga National Government

We brought blankets and some sweets for the children-here please inform the local paper.

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Perspective on ‘The Naga Boundary’ by Bendangangshi: See Page 7

CM extends Tuluni greetings Dimapur, July 7 (mExN): The Chief Minister of Nagaland, Neiphiu Rio has extended greetings on the occasion of Tuluni festival which is celebrated by the Sumi community. In a press note issued by the CM’s office, Rio wished for the festival to be commemorated in a successful and peaceful manner everywhere and that the celebrations may contribute towards unity, understanding and oneness of Naga society.

NPF told to clarify support to UPA


Dimapur, July 7 (mExN): The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee has termed as amusing to see the confusion of the NPF with regard to its support to the Congress led UPA government at the Centre. The NPCC stated that the NPF had been extending unconditional support since May 2009. “It is therefore amusing to see the confusion of the NPF; while in state they attack the Congress led UPA govt at the Centre but professes to support them while in Delhi,” stated the NPCC. Stating that this “action speaks volumes of double standard policy adopted by the NPF to befool the public,” as such the recent statement of the Lok Sabha MP CM Chang on meeting the Prime Minister which appeared in local dailies on July 3, will therefore need to be clarified by the NPF on their support to the Congress led UPA, stated the NPCC.


People waving the Naga flag in support for Naga Reconciliation during a pubilc rally.

Dimapur, July 7 (mExN): In line with the structural transformation required towards shaping a “reconciled political reality within Naga society,” the framework for a provisional Naga National Government – NNG (P) – has been proposed by the Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR). “The structural frame-

work in the form of a provisional Naga National Government NNG (P), as agreed upon in the ‘Naga Concordant,’ is required to be accommodative of all Naga Political Groups. This is in the common cause of pursuing in a united effort our shared historical and political rights and creating a dignified and peaceful

society,” stated the FNR in a note circulated to the media today. This has been suggested in order to strengthen the ‘Covenant of Reconciliation’, an imperative more urgently felt “in light of the present circumstances.” In this, the FNR has expressed that the NNG (P) needs to incorporate ways

to organize and to interrelate with mutual respect among all Naga Political Groups towards a shared Naga future. As a reconciled political structure, the NNG (P) is based on the principles of the “Covenant of Reconciliation” and the commitment that all groups will cease all violent and provocative actions while hon-

ENSF terms new NPSC prelim centers ‘historic’

Dimapur, July 7 (mExN): The Eastern Naga Students Federation (ENSF) has termed the government initiative to open up new NPSC prelim centers at Mon and Tuensang as a “historical development.” A press note appended by the ENSF General Secretary and Vice President stated that this move would “deliver justice” to the poorer sections of students from the remotest parts of the state. It may be noted that in a memorandum dated April 20, 2013, the ENSF had demanded, among other things, the setting up of two prelim centers at Mon and Tuensang. Taking serious note of the government’s right to cancel any center in case of malpractice complaints from any student or invigilator, the ENSF has decided to constitute a committee to oversee the entire pro-

cess of implementation and execution in consultation with the concerned authority. The ENSF added that since this initiation is being spearheaded by the Federation, any grievances would have to be first reported to the Federation for necessary action (if any). The Federation assured that its executives would be involved in conducting clean and fair examinations at both the centers. The Federation has also directed the concerned federating units and the concerned district authority to formulate effective plans as per the directives/guidelines from the NPSC. It also appealed for all aspiring candidates in Mon and Tuensang centers to strictly adhere to the examination norms/code of conduct as laid down by the NPSC.

ouring the Code of Conduct as agreed in the “Turning Swords into Ploughshares” with an inbuilt disciplinary mechanism. Moreover, it is required to be people-centered and guided by the common aspirations of the people, and not by any particular group, and should pursue the realization of the Naga aspirations consistent with the principles of justice in which the Nagas can determine, safeguard and exercise their historical and political rights in the contemporary world. The FNR has made this call, it affirmed, after “five years of continuously forming relationships, discerning challenges and dilemmas, overcoming deadlocks, developing trust, discovering common ground, and learning the various perspectives and positions of the Naga Political Groups.” In its endeavor, the FNR has expressed gratitude to the Churches, Naga public, civil society (tribe organizations, women, youth, students, GBs and DBs), and particularly the Naga political groups for their consistent and critical solidarity throughout the “Naga Reconciliation: A Journey of Common Hope.” Full Text on page 4

Dimapur, July 7 (mExN): Four youths bore the brunt of highhanded of the police behaviour on Saturday night in the midst of the mob mayhem which occurred outside West Police Station on Saturday night. According to the youths, who are residents of Thahekhu village, Nepali Basti, Viola colony and Duncan Basti, they were kicked, punched and hit with rifle

butts and batons without any rhyme or reason near SM College, Duncan Basti. Narrating the incident to media persons on Sunday, two of the youths said they were heading home taking the Duncan Basti-Dhobinullah route from Lengrijan unaware of the development outside West PS. The other two youths could not attend the meeting.

Dimapur, July 7 (mExN): A sense of normalcy returned on Sunday after Saturday night’s riot-like situation outside West Police Station (PS). A strong police presence was observed outside West PS till late evening, Sunday. Further, prohibitory order under section 144 of the CrPC, which was clamped following the mob incident at West PS on Saturday night, is still in effect, police said. The district administration had through a late night order on July 6 restricted movement of five or more people and had stated that it will remain in effect till further orders. Despite, police had to resort to more tear gas shelling and blank firing, even after the initial mayhem, to disperse people, who were

still loitering around the vicinity of the police station. It eventually subsided around 1:00 am. Furthermore, the order did not seem to have much of an impact on Sunday as people and vehicles moved around freely within town. There was no news from the Deputy Commissioner’s office as to when the order will be revoked. On the murder investigation, there is no new development. As reported earlier, the murder accused, who admitted to the crime, and the three other suspects are still in police remand. The Additional Superintendent of Police, Watichuchang Jamir, said that the police are doing whatever they can while adding that any development in the investigation will be let known.

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Dimapur situation normal, 144 CrPC still in effect

While appreciating the response of the government to its memorandum, the ENSF reminded the government to expedite the remaining demands made in the aforementioned memo. The memo had asked for a separate roaster system exclusively for the six “eastern backward tribes of Nagaland.” It had also called for a 25% reservation policy to be maintained by all departments separately for each category of post/job in the process of implementation. The memo further said that in order to safeguard the job reservation policy for “backward tribes” effectively, the government would have to enact a law directing all departments to advertise all the vacancies in the local daily. The Federation expressed hope for positive response from the government in this regard.

NSF to abstain from cooperating with GPRN/NSCN

Dimapur, July 7 (mExN): The Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) has declared that it will not cooperate nor extend any help or support in any manner to the GPRN/ NSCN till the demand of the Federation is satisfactorily responded to and the matter is amicably solved. The NSF in a press note appended by its President and General Secretary said that this decision was taken due to the failure of the GPRN/NSCN to “admit the crime committed by its erring cadre, despite clear and honest clarification given by the federation.” In this regard, the NSF has directed all its federating units and subordinate bodies and all bona fide members of the Federation in all Naga inhabited areas to abstain from extending co-operation to the GPRN/ NSCN government in any manner or capacity. It also said that the Federation See related story on page5 was “aghast to come across

the response of the GPRN/ NSCN to the ultimatum submitted on June 28 by the NSF.” It added that the NSF is “deeply offended by the GPRN/NSCN total disregard to the office of the NSF by merely responding to its ultimatum through local dailies when the NSF has presented an official written request to the GPRN/NSCN.” Further, the NSF stated it is “enraged to the reaffirmation of the GPRN/ NSCN to protect the culprit responsible for shooting the NSF Official by merely down playing it that the action was committed in response to call on duty as a soldier.” While stating that the NSF has respect for Naga National Organizations, the Federation asserted that it would not give up its demand till the culprit is given befitting punishment. The NSF also said that ever since its inception in 1947, the NSF has been

“championing the cause of the Naga National Movement.” It added that the NSF as an intellectual student organization has always been on the forefront to profess that Naga Nationalism is a legitimate movement and that the Government of India must solve the Naga issue politically. It further claimed that the ongoing cease fire with different Naga Political organization “is an outcome which is because of the long unflinching support and struggle of the NSF.” Therefore, it stated that the GPRN/NSCN statement saying that the ongoing ceasefire is outside the purview of the NSF is “an attempt to belittle and ignore the contribution of the NSF towards the Naga Nationalism.” The NSF also expressed its condemnation over “the attempt of the GPRN/NSCN in trying to divert the issue and

downplay it to as mere tribal and regional matter.” It also clarified that the NSF does not have any hidden agenda against the GPRN/NSCN or other factions fighting for the cause of the Nagas. However, it cautioned that the federation would not tolerate and continue to oppose “such cruel acts perpetrated against the students’ community and the innocent public.” Stating that the NSF would not cow down by any threat or intimidation, the federation clarified that it is not guided or misled against the GPRN/ NSCN. As such, it reacted to the GPRN/NSCN statement of preparing “an appropriate response,” by stating, “If the phrase ‘appropriate response shall be prepared’ is intended to mean threat to the NSF, then there is no dearth of fear for NSF to continue to stand for our rights till justice is delivered.”






Monday 8 July 2013

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Govt to create satellite model towns in all district HQs: Zhaleo

Our Correspondent Kohima | July 7

The Nagaland state Urban Development Department is contemplating to create satellite model towns in all district headquarters. This was stated by parliamentary secretary for urban development, Zhaleo Rio. Talking to media personnel at Kohima, Zhaleo expressed concern that two main towns, i.e state capital Kohima and commercial hub Dimapur are becoming congested because no proper plans were formulated in the past, and also the towns getting crowded due to continuous migration from rural areas. The satellite model towns would thus provide an alternative to people of the interior districts to look for better avenues in their respective districts instead of

NBCC observes “Youth Day of Prayer”

migrating to urban areas especially Kohima and Dimapur. He said Kohima and Dimapur are the two most important cities and these two would be given the top priority. He however asserted that all the other 17 townships in the state would be taken up in phase manner for development. Also, for Dimapur and Kohima, the department is preparing Detailed Project Reports (DPR) under Centrally Sponsored Schemes (CSS). These two most important urban areas have quantum jump in the population figure with natural growth as well as people migrating from the rural areas in search of gainful employment and better avenues, he said. Nonetheless, the existing cities do not have scope of expansion but can only be added with facilities while the

drainage and roads lack proper planning. In this, he said that unless new city plan is created and implemented there is always going to be problem of all forms of congestion. With regard to Kohima, he said the DAN-III government plans to make new capital complex in areas beyond the State Secretariat and new High Court areas with proper planning. Zhaleo said that creation of more alternate road like link roads and ring roads are being planned to avoid the ever increasing traffic congestion in the capital town. Plans for city centres, shopping malls and parking facilities are being made to develop Kohima. Referring to Dimapur, Zhaleo who represents Ghaspani-II Assembly Constituency of the district, said, “The state government has moved

for shifting of the district headquarters to Chumukedima. In this connection proper planning is being made for construction of integrated roads/ ring roads and two flyovers from Thehekhu to Singrijan to Chumukedima”. He also said that the existing flyover located near Hotel Tragopan, which has almost lived its span of life would be replaced with a new one. Expressing concern that Dimapur is mostly tagged as the crime city of the state, he assured that his top priority would be to make Dimapur an attraction for all, as it is a homeland to every Naga and face of Nagaland. He also said that the state government and general public of the district have to work hand-in-glove to make Dimapur a better place to live in. Zhaleo also mulled on enforcing Inner Line Permit (ILP) checking

along the entry route to Dimapur at Assam-Nagaland border and the only Railway station instead of the Chumukedima check post. This will help check influx of all unwanted elements as well as protect the entire state as Dimapur has become open to all and even people from other places come and commit crime in connivance with the local people. Stating that the state has 19 recognised towns spread over the 11 districts, he said the Urban Development department has engaged a Delhi based consultant to have proper discussion with the Government of India and garner funds for implementation of the projects under CSS. He said the consultant had to be engaged as during the financial year 2012-13, despite the Department’s making proposals and submitting


BJYM meeting on July 9


Dimapur, July 7 (mExN): The BJYM Northeast incharge Bill Lotha will be holding a meeting with the officials of BJYM, Nagaland on July 9, 2013 at 2:00 pm at BJP Office Super Market, Dimapur. Therefore all are requested to attend the meeting positively. This was informed in a press note issued by Kahato Chishi, President BJYM, Nagaland.

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SWAMY AYURVEDIC CENTRE Shan Complex 1st Floor Opp. Metro Hospital Circular Road, Dimapur


DPRs for several projects amounting to Rs. 1100 crore the Central Government did not give approval for any of the projects. Meanwhile, Zhaleo also disclosed that the housing complex for urban poor constructed in Dimapur through CSS has been completed and the allocations would be made very soon. Also, constructions of the housing complex in Kohima at K. Badze is nearing completion. He however said that in order to allocate the house to actual beneficiaries, the government has taken decision to constitute ward committees for selection. On the delay in conduct of Municipal and Town Council elections in the state, the parliamentary secretary said the matter is in the court and everything depends on the judgment.

MEx File

Dimapur, July 7 (mExN): The Naga Mothers’ Association (NMA) has convened an emergency meeting on July 9, 2013 at the LCS Building at 11:00 am in regard to the murder case of a woman which took place in Dimapur on July 4th and continuous crimes of rape and murder against women in the State. A press note issued by Lochumbeni Humtsoe, Secretary ,NMA therefore informed all NMA executives, Advisors, NMA apex units, NWHD, ENWO ,Watsu Mungdang and all concern leaders and women organizations are requested to attend the meeting positively.

Kohima | July 7



NMA emergency meeting on July 9

Our Correspondent

Churches in Nagaland under Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC) today prayed for young people to live a life worthy towards God and society. In the state capital Kohima, the congregation attending Sunday church services in the different churches prayed to Almighty to grant a healthy, vibrant and productive life to the young people of the state. This was in response to “Youth Day of Prayer” set aside today by NBCC in joining with the Baptist World Alliance (BWA) theme “In Step with the Spirit” (Galatians 5:25). “Young people need proper guidance, appreciation, encouragement and most of all prayer supports because prayer heals, prayer changes and prayer transforms lives,” stated NBCC youth secretary Vikuo Rhi. NBCC has 20 fullfledged associations, four associate members, 1553 churches with 5, 15,384 Baptised members with 1,69,930 youth members.


AKM 3rd executive meeting on July 12

The Dimapur Ao Baptist Church Youth Ministry Signal Fellowship consisting of 140 members presenting an indegenious gospel song during the ABAM Youth Sunday devotional service at DABA church on July 7. ABAM Youth Sunday is an annual event observed since 1974. (Photo Courtesy/Lanu Pongen)

MTYA members interact Entry call for written with Mangkolemba SDPDB open bible contest

maNgKolEmb a, July 7 (Dipr): The SDPDB in Mangkolemba subdivision was held at Customary Law Court on July 5 chaired by ADC Mangkolemba, Y. Denngan Avennoho Phom. The ADC requested all the HoDs to attend the meeting and added that if any department fails to attend the meeting for a longtime, he would write to the higher authority. There was a short interaction between the Mangkolemba Town Youth Association (MTYA) and SDPDB members. President of the Association, Imjung Longkumer extended his appreciation, for giving time to share their inspira-

tion, burden and opinions, and requested all the SDPDB members to be in station as they are appointed by the government to help the people. He also informed that the Association was formed three years back in order to co-ordinate with the government to felicitate the people of the area as it is the oldest sub-division in Mokokchung district and said, “together with the government we can do better in everything for the people.” The ADC while appreciating the Association assured that SDPDB member are in support of the Association and requested them not to check all the HoDs, but also check the staff

who are not in the station. Pointing out that all the Village Development Funds are managed by Village Councils, he suggested that the Association can check how developments are taking place. CDPO, Moa Longkumer also said that one should understand the nature of the work in the office so that there would be no misunderstanding among them in the future. He also encouraged the youth to join together with the students under Mangkolemba sub-division and check how things are going on the buildings constructions. President of the Association delivered the vote of thanks.

Dimapur, July 7 (mExN): There will be a “written open bible quest 2013” on September 1, 2013, 2:00 pm at Faith Theological College in Ura Villa Circuit House Area, Dimapur. The contest will be on the Book of Joshua (OT) and Book of Romans (NT). The competition is open to all interested people irrespective of religion and has been divided into following categories: Group A – 3 to 12 years; Group B – 13 to 17 years; Group C – 18 to 24 years; Group D – 35 and above. There will be a cash price of Rs 3000, Rs 2000, Rs 1000 for first, second, third winners respectively in each group. Consolation prize will

be given to top winner in each group and certificates will be awarded to all the participants. A press release by the founder principal of Faith Theological College, Rev. Dr. S Gangte has requested all the church leaders, school/ college authorities, hostel proprietors and wardens to send maximum students for the open competition which will be objective type questions. Registration fee for the contest will be Rs 30 per head. Registration can be done personally at the college or through telephone. For any information contact, 9436425173, 9856319201, 9774870677.

Mopungchuket village takes positive step towards wildlife preservation

Our Correspondent

Mopungchuket | July 7

Taking a new leap in wildlife preservation activity, the Mopungchuket Community Tourism Society (MCTS) today released two bucks and two does (Barking Deer) at Sungkotenem Park here today in the presence of Mokokchung Deputy Commissioner Muroho Chotso, Secretary Home Bendangkokba, Mopungchuket Village Council members and students, officials from different departments in Mokokchung and other invitees. The Sungkotenem Park, which is located in the outskirt of Mopungchuket village, above the famed Sungkotenem Lake, is about fifteen acres in size. The park is enclosed with concrete and steel fences and the animals can freely roam around the enclosure without any harm from outside. This preservation effort is a joint effort of the Mopungchuket Village Council, Mopungchuket Students Union (MALT), Mopungchuket Community Tourism Society and other concerned citizens of the village. Two of the animals released today were brought from Kiphire district while the two others were donated by Parliamentary Secretary Torechu. The MCTS Convener, Dr Aoyimsen, who is a trained veterinarian, disclosed that the Society opened the Sungkotenem ‘deer park’ for aesthetic, recreational and educational purposes, so that visitors to the park can seen the animals in real life and appreciate the beauty and learn about the animals. The Mokokchung Deputy Com-

DC Mokokchung Muroho Chotso releases the barking deer at Sungkotenem Park, Mopungchuket on July 6, 2013 as Secretary Home & Veterinary Bendangkokba and others watches on. (Morung Photo)

missioner, Muroho Chotso, while speaking at a brief programme before releasing the animals, congratulated the Mopungchuket VC, Mopungchuket Students Union, MCTS and village leaders for the success of the wildlife conserva-

tion project in the village. Saying that humans, plants and animals are interdependent on each other, Muroho strongly appealed for conservation and preservation of wildlife. Besides, he called for creating mass awareness

in the society about the importance of preservation and conservation of wildlife. He also added that the Mokokchung District Administration will be declaring a total ban on hunting during the two month period from October 1 to November 30 to enable the animals to breed in the jungles. “I am sure this (initiative of Mopungchuket) will be an eye opener for the different villages and also other tribes to conserve and preserve wildlife,” the DC stated. The Secretary Home & Veterinary, Bendangkokba, who along with another fellow Mopungchuket citizen, Tarep, took the initiative to bring the Barking Deer to the village, expressed that the initiative of the Mopungchuket village is to spread a message to the world about the importance of preservation and conservation of wildlife. He also disclosed that the tourism activity and conservation of wildlife which started in the village a few years back has gained another milestone with the opening of the Sungkotenem ‘Deer Park’. He also added that the village has declared a total ban on hunting birds and animals within the village jurisdiction. He also called for creating mass awareness so that together the Naga society can work towards the conservation and preservation of wildlife for posterity to come. It may be noted here that Mopungchuket village, located some 17 kilometers away from Mokokchung town, is a popular local tourist destination. It is one of the most prominent villages in the Ao area and lies adjacent to the ABAM Mission Centre Impur.

Dimapur, July 7 (mExN): The Ao Student Conference (AKM) will hold its 3rd Executive meeting on July 12, 2013, from 11:00 am onwards at the AKM Conference Hall. A press note issued by Jemtimenba Longchar, Information & Publicity Secretary AKM therefore requested all the AKM executives, senior executives to attend the meeting without fail.

BLOs of Kohima district informed

Kohima, July 7 (mExN): In connection with the conduct of Pre- Revision Activities of 2013, all the Booth Level Officers (BLOs) of Kohima District have been directed to attend a brief training session on July 9 at DC’s Conference Hall, Kohima at 11:00 am which shall be addressed by DC, ADC & ERO and AEO, Kohima. All the AEROs and the Constituency Level Master Trainers have been directed to attend and participate. Necessary materials shall be distributed thereafter, according to a release issued by Kohima Deputy Commissioner W. Honje Konyak. Penal action shall be initiated against the absentee without prior permission, the release added.


Kma DC on draft list of recognized villages

Kohima, July 7 (mExN): The draft list of recognized villages under all administrative headquarters of Kohima district as on December 1, 2012 has been notified for scrutiny and filling of claims & objections. Stating this in a notification, Kohima deputy commissioner W. Honje Konyak informed all concerned to submit claims & objections if any, on the notified draft list of recognized villages to DC, Kohima within 30 days from the date of issue of the notification. The notification was issued on July 1. The last date for receipt of claims &objections has been fixed on July 30.


LBC Mokokchung ‘Sales day’ on July 13

Dimapur, July 7 (mExN): The Lotha Baptist Church, Mokokchung has informed that one day ‘Sales Day’ will be organized on July 13, 2013 at Imlong Place, Mokokchung from 7:30 am onwards in aid of the forthcoming Golden Jubilee Celebration, December, 2013. A press note issued by E. Benrithung Patton, Convenor, Finance Committee, Golden Jubilee,2013 stated that items available for the sale are- fresh vegetables and fruits, ready to serve Lotha cuisine such as Pork in bamboo shoot, dried meat with black sesame seeds, Lotha Machuhan (chutney), etc and the ‘Catch of the Day’ will be Doyang river fishes. The note stated, “All are cordially invited to come and participate on that day”.

Health camp held at Ungma village

moKochuNg, July 7 (mExN): TI Ongpangkong and Mobile-ICTC under Care & Support Society, Mokokchung had organized awareness cum health camp at Liten Fellowship, Ungma village, Mokokchung on July 7, 2013. This was informed in a press note issued to the media. The programme was arranged under the component of Community Mobilization of TI project. Earlier at the programme, Imchawati Kichu, Managing Director, Care & Support Society, Mokokchung gave the introductory speech, where he informed the community about the activities of Care & Support Society as well as TI project and Mobile-ICTC. Moatoshi, counsellor of Mobile-ICTC spoke on Basics of HIV/AIDS. Later, Imchawati Kichu also shared about Drug Addiction and the Role of Community. After the programme, free medical check up was provided by Dr. Taka, MO of PHC Ungma and Longkhum village (He is also the consultant doctor of TI Ongpangkong) assisted by Imtimenla (Nurse, TI Ongpangkong). Altogether around 40 persons availed the service. Imchawati Kichu, Managing Director, Care & Support Society, Mokokchung, thanked Satem (Incharge of Liten fellowship) for all the necessary arrangement and Dr. Taka for the success of the programme.

Directorate of Geology and Mining meeting

Kohima, July 7 (Dipr): The Directorate of Geology and Mining Government of Nagaland has scheduled to hold its 33rd Session of the State Geological Programming Board meeting on July 31 at its Conference Hall in Dimapur. In this connection, the Director of Geology and Mining has requested for report of any activities carried out by organisations during the current field season, to be submitted to the Department at the earliest for inclusion in the Agenda paper.



The Morung express


8 July 2013

Consultative meeting held in preparation of tripartite talks IMPHaL, JuLy 7 (NNN): The United Naga Council (UNC) has urged the government of India to convene the next round of 'tripartite talks' involving the UNC, the Government of India and the Manipur government on the UNC's demand on the 'Alternative Arrangement' for the Nagas of Manipur. In this connection, a consultative meeting in preparation to the 6th round of tripartite talks of the Government of India, Government of Manipur and the United Naga Council was held on Saturday at Taphou Naga village, Senapati. According to the UNC, the meeting involved various intellectuals, scholars, social leaders, tribal Hohos, regional organizations, women and student lead-

ers, social activists, frontal organizations, MLAs, Naga contractor’s association, former UNC presidents and the general Naga public. It then said that the interactive programme focused on two aspects, for which there were two separate sessions. In the first session an analysis of “the tripartite talk process so far” was taken up. In the second session, views and suggestions were generated from amongst the participants on a perspective and the effective approach to the 6th round of talk. The pre and post talk strategies for the people’s movement for alternative arrangement outside the Government of Manipur were also deliberated. Ningreichon Tungsang and Chingya Luithui moderated the 2

Northeast Briefs

Anup Chetia likely to be brought to New Delhi on July 16 NEW DELHI, JuLy 7 (PTI): ULFA 'general secretary' Anup Chetia, who is currently in a jail in Bangladesh, is likely to be repatriated to India on July 16. Bangladesh has indicated that Chetia will be sent back to India a day or two before the Home Secretary level talks between the two countries scheduled to be held here on July 1819. He will be brought to New Delhi and ULFA 'chairman' Arabinda Rajkhowa, who is holding peace dialogue with the government, has been asked to come to the national capital for a meeting with him, officials said. A team of Assam Police will also come to New Delhi to take custody of Chetia as various cases, including murder, kidnapping and extortion, are registered against him in Assam. The ULFA leader had given two applications in a Dhaka court -- one of withdrawal of his petition seeking asylum in Bangladesh and second of a request for repatriation to India. Chetia was arrested in Bangladesh in 1997 and was subsequently handed down seven years of jail term by a court for cross-border intrusion, carrying fake passports and illegally keeping foreign currencies. Despite the end of his term, the ULFA leader continues to remain in jail under a 2003 high court directive to keep him in safe custody until the government makes a decision on his petition seeking political asylum in Bangladesh. The latest development came five months after India and Bangladesh signed an extradition treaty agreeing to deport wanted "criminals" lodged in each other's jails.

Human trafficking racket busted, five teenagers rescued

RaNgIa, JuLy 7 (PTI): Police on Sunday busted a human trafficking racket today and rescued five teenagers from the Rangia railway station in lower Assam's Kamrup district when they were about to board a train for New Delhi. On suspicion, police questioned the children, which included a girl, along with their escort Basir Ali when they were about to board a New Delhi-bound train, sources said. Interrogation revealed that the children were being taken for human trafficking, they said. The children, aged between 13 to 15 years and belonging to the tribal and minority communities, were lured to Delhi on the promise of jobs, they said. They were later handed over to their guardians following identification.

Elephants trample girl to death

guWaHaTI, JuLy 7 (PTI): A herd of elephants trampled to death a girl and damaged several houses at Theperaguri in Nagaon district of Assam today, forest officials said. The elephants entered the village from nearby jungles last night and destroyed several thatched houses before they trampled to death Ratumani Saura (19) early this morning, the sources said.

Indefinite Curfew Clamped in Mancachar

DHubRI, JuLy 7 (PTI): Indefinite curfew was clamped from 7.30 tonight in Mancachar and adjoining areas in Assam's Dhubri district along Meghalaya and Bangladesh border following violence in which two police men were injured and a police vehicle was set ablaze. Trouble began Friday when people from the Garo Hills in Meghalaya crossed the Kanu river and came to Mancachar for shopping. People from this side allegedly beat some of them after an altercation, official sources said. The next day, when people from Mancachar went to border village Monabari in Meghalaya, locals allegedly beat them up in a "retaliatory move". Following the incident, a 'bandh' was observed in Mancachar yesterday and an indefinite economic blockade was later imposed, preventing movement of essential items to Meghalaya through the area.

Tripura troopers roped in for Bengal panchayat polls

sessions, of which Pungdi Celestine and Boveio Pou Duo were the respective rapporteurs. The panelists of the consultation included Dr Benjamin Gangmei, Modoli Puni, Dr Gina Sangkham, Sword Vashum and G. Gaingam, the UNC informed. At the conclusion of the programme, participants resolved to urge the Government of India to convene the next round of talk at an early date, as agreed upon in the 5th round held on the February 12, 2013. The meeting also registered serious concern over the delay of the settlement of the Indo-Nagas issue and strongly urged the Government of India to expedite the peace process to its logical conclusion, the Children carry packets of rice thrown away by railway passengers at a slum area near a railway track in Guwahati, Assam. Naga body added. (AP Photo/Anupam Nath)

KSDC to intensify agitation from today

IMPHaL, JuLy 7 (NNN): The Kuki State Demand Committee (KSDC) is all set to impose a bandh and economic blockade from 5 am of Monday. "This time, our preparation is far better and elaborate than the previous agitations," said George Guite while informing to Newmai News Network this evening. When queried if there was any initiative from the government for talks, George Guite answered in the negative. The KSDC has decided to resume and intensify its stir after a long gap, with the committee announcing bandh and economic blockade along National Highways leading to Manipur from July 8 to 9, but the economic blockade is likely to extend till July 11.

Flaying the Government of India for not realizing its written assurances given to the Kuki people, KSDC spokesperson K Khongsai had said few days ago that the Committee had decided to resume its earlier agitation by imposing general strike and economic blockade from 5 am of July 8 to 5 pm of July 9. Flanked by TS Kuki, vice-chairman, KSDC and its general secretary K Gangte, Khongsai had expressed unhappiness over repeated failure of the Government to meet its longpending demands while talking to newsmen somewhere in Churachandpur district on Thursday. He said KSDC has taken the decision as it intends to put more pressure on the Government for a peaceful solution for the Kuki community.

“Only the media and medical related activities will be exempted from the purview of the strike,” he said. KSDC will enforce blockade on Imphal-Ukhrul road, ImphalTamenglong road, Imphal-Moreh road, Imphal-Chandel road, Imphal Senapati road, Imphal-Churachandpur road and Imphal-Jiribam road, he informed. Khongsai had also said that the committee appeals to all like-minded social organizations, sympathizers and supporters, and friends of the Kukis to support the movement for a ‘peaceful solution.’ KSDC had earlier imposed parallel bandh but suspended it after the state Government gave it assurance to fulfill its demands by March 2013. The committee has

aIZaWL, JuLy 7 (NNN): Political parties in Mizoram have started gearing up for the next assembly elections. Polls to the Mizoram assembly are due by the later part of this year. One of the opposition parties in the state Mizoram Peoples Concention (MPC) has come up with its 10 points development programme, the same which was launched yesterday. MPC president, Lalhmangaiha Sailo released the 10 points development programme of the party here in the leaders meet at Party Conference Hall.

While lashing out at the various past Mizoram governments, the MPC president alleged that there had been no proper planning during the last 27 years. The 10 points development programme of the party announced by the party president consists of the creation of sustainable occupation for the farmers; generation of sufficient power; improvement in education; exploration of underground natural resources; empowerment of youths; empowerment of women; efficiency in Public Administration;

emphasis on preservation of the Mizo Identity and Eradication of Corruption. Meanwhile, Mizoram Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) president and Chief Minister Lal Thanhawla said, the Congress party continues to grow with the earnest effort of the party units, groups and blocks. He said this while addressing a 'political session' held in Congress Bhavan yesterday. The political session was held in connection with induction of new members who newly joined the party.

Pensions and other benefits direct to personal banks accounts participation to accelerate the development pace and enhance the status of women in the society. “Although there is 30 percent reservation for women in the country, it has not been able to fully provide it to them.” The Mahilla Congress is one that can work hard towards that end, he said and mentioned that the Mahillas have great role to play in spreading awareness about the flagship programmes of the UPA Government at the Centre. He said the districts as well as the block level Mahilla Congress Units need to organize mass awareness and workshops on the flagship programmes throughout the state. The Chief Minister

also talked about the current ban imposed on tobacco products in Manipur by the state Government saying that all the Mahillas of the Congress should assist the Government agents to make the ban more effective. Deputy Chief Minister and Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) president Gaikhangam, Manipur Pradesh Mahilla Congress Committee president RK Ranisana Devi, general secretary MPCC incharge Mahilla Congress D Korungthang, MP (Outer) Thangso Baite, Deputy Speaker MK Preshow Shimray, MLAs and active workers of Congress were also present during the convention.

Assam flood situation remains critical guWaHaT, JuLy 7 (PTI): Floods have damaged six roads, one bridge, three culverts in Golaghat district, breached an embankment each at Madanpur and Chandpur in Karimganj district. Assam's flood situation remained critical today with 11 districts reeling under the water of the swollen Brahmaputra and its tributaries affecting over one lakh people. Heavy rainfall in the catchment areas of neighbouring Arunachal Pradesh has caused river Jiadhol to rise and inundate fresh areas in the worst-hit Dhemaji district, official sources said. Over 25 villages were flooded in the district af-

Seen here are flooded areas resulting from the overflowing waters of the Bhramaputra.

fecting thousands of people who had been rendered homeless as flood waters had either entered their homes or damaged them. The flood victims claimed that flooding was severe as there were no river embankments or those breached by

been demanding both the state and Central Governments to start peace parleys with the Kuki armed groups—The Kuki National Organisation (KNO) and United People’s Front (UPF)—which are signatories to the Suspension of Operations (SoO) involving both the Central and state Governments. The KSDC spokesperson had further said that the committee had on June 16 urged all concerned authorities to begin political dialogue with the KNO and UPF as assured by the Ministry of Home Affairs however it failed. He said that the committee will never negotiate with the Government unless the latter this time gives a fresh assurance on its demands with a fixed date to meet them.

Mizoram parties gear up for polls

IMPHaL, JuLy 7 (NNN): Manipur Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh today said that in an effort to guarantee all the benefits under the UPA Government’s welfare schemes to the public, Government has taken steps to put the Old Age Pension money and other benefits into personal accounts of all beneficiaries in banks directly through the Centre. Ibobi was speaking during a one-day state level political convention of Mahilla Congress held at the Congress Bhavan here. The Manipur chief minister said the reason for this move was for the convenience of the pensioners. Meanwhile, Ibobi emphasized on the need of women

earlier floods not repaired before the deluge. Most of the roads were damaged or affected, while several others either partially or fully submerged, the sources said, adding, many road embankments had been eroded and approaches of



bridge and culverts washed away by the flood water. Erosion has also started on approaches on Dhemaji side on Khalihamari Butikur Road at Laumuri and the road surface inundated by flood water. Leakage, seepage and erosion have

also occurred on Kumotiya embankment. Floods have damaged six roads, one bridge, three culverts in Golaghat district, breached an embankment each at Madanpur and Chandpur in Karimganj district. Meanwhile, the mighty Brahmaputra was flowing above the danger level at Nematighat in Jorhat district, Burhidehing at Khowang in Dibrugarh district, Desang at Nanglamuragat in Sibsagar and Jia Bharali at N T Road Crossing in Sonitpur. The 11 affected districts are Dhemaji, Tinsukia, Chirang, Nagaon, Golaghat, Jorhat, Kamrup, Karimganj, Lakhimpur, Morigaon and Sibsagar.

Lost Notice

I, Asahrii am applying for an Original Migration Certificate, as I have lost it. Father’s/Name: Losii Migration Certificate No: 100574 Roll No: 1027023 Exam: HSSLC (NBSC) Result: Passed Year: 2010





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rt sta

agaRTaLa, JuLy 7 (IaNS): The counter-insurgency Tripura State Rifles (TSR) will provide security during the forthcoming panchayat polls in West Bengal, officials said here Sunday. "Around 450 troopers (five companies) of the TSR led by Commandant Prabir Majumder will go to poll-bound West Bengal next week. Their deployment would be at the discretion of the union home ministry," a senior Tripura home department official told IANS. The panchayat polls in West Bengal would be held in five phases -- July 11, 15, 19, 22 and 25. The TSR troopers would be deployed to provide security from third to fifth phases of the polls. "Besides providing security during Commonwealth Games in New Delhi in 2010, the India Reserve (IR) battalions of TSR were earlier sent to Bihar, West Bengal, Assam, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand to provide security during assembly elections in these states," the official said The TSR was constituted in March 1984 to deal with terrorism in Tripura. Seventy-five percent of its troopers are from Tripura while the remaining are from across the country. At present, there are 12 TSR battalions in Tripura. Of these, nine are India Reserve battalions, which means they can be deployed anywhere in India by the union home ministry. "The TSR has been modelled on the pattern of Border Security Force and Assam Rifles. It has played an important role in curbing terrorism in Tripura," the official added.

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CIRCULAR Pursuant to Action NO. 5 of the Executive Meeting dated 25th June 2013 the joint meeting of the central CANSSEA Office Bearers and the members of the following Committees shall be held on 16th July 2013 (Tuesday) at Hotel Japfu at 2 pm, namely: 1. JUBILEE PLANNING COMMITTEE i. Shri. Takatuba,Joint Director, Urban Development. ii. Shri. R.E.Lotha, Deputy Director, Horticulture. iii. Dr. Simon Ao, Deputy Director, Veterinary & Animal Husbandry. iv. Shri. N.Ekon Kikon, Sr. Inspector, Social Welfare, Wokha. v. Shri. N.Kupto Achumi, BDO Niuland. vi. Shri. Wati Imchen, Registrar, Fisheries Directorate. vii. Shri. Temjenzulu, UDA, Vigilance Commission.

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3. SOUVENIR COMMITTEE i. Dr. Tali Imsong, Project Officer, Directorate, Art & Culture. ii. Shri. Neibou Sekhose, Dy. Director, RD Deptt. iii. Shri. Ponchulo Rengma, G/Teacher, RGHSS, Kohima.

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All are, therefore, requested to attend the same positively and make necessary participation/ input towards a successful celebration of the jubilee.





The Morung Express businEss/public discoursE Indian investment in FNR Calls for a Shared Purpose US touches $11 billion T Monday


8 July 2013

WASHINGTON, JULY 7 (PTI): Investment by Indian companies in the US has touched a record $ 11 billion and in the process has created more than 100,000 jobs, a study has revealed. The report, ‘Investing in America, How India Helps Create American Jobs’ by the US India Business Council demonstrating the ways the US economy is benefiting from the successful bilateral and business relationship with India, is slated to be released during the USIBC’ 38th Anniversary Leadership Summit on July 11. In October last year, the US Deputy Secretary of State, William Burns, had said that between 2000 to 2010, the Indian direct investment in America grew from $ 200 million to nearly $ 5 billion. In his same speech he had said that Indian firms have helped create some 50,000 jobs in the US. However, according to the latest USIBC study, Indian investment in the US “recently touched $ 11 billion, with as many as 100,000 American jobs created. “The contribution of Indian businesses ... is expected to give a fitting reply to all those who have been calling for

a trade war between the two countries,” the study said. During a Congressional hearing last month, several US lawmakers and business and trade representatives had urged the Obama Administration to impress upon India against what they alleged as are protectionist measures and discriminatory to the US businesses. To address such concerns and to protect the interest of Indian companies in the US, which helps American businesses remain competitive in the global economy, the USIBC has launched the Coalition for Jobs and Growth (CJG). “USIBC supports the free movement of technical professionals. This freedom of movement is essential to US job creation, and is at the heart of our future economic prosperity,” USIBC President Ron Somers, said at the time of the launch of the coalition in June. “USIBC endorses immigration reform, but the legislation as currently written restricts a company’s ability to source skilled talent, which hamstrings American competitiveness,” Somers added.

he Forum for Naga Reconciliation makes this call after five years of continuously forming relationships, discerning challenges and dilemmas, overcoming deadlocks, developing trust, discovering common ground, and learning the various perspectives and positions of the Naga Political Groups. In order to strengthen the “Covenant of Reconciliation” and move forward together, structural transformation shaping a reconciled political reality within Naga society is needed. This imperative is more urgently felt in light of the present circumstances. The structural framework in the form of a provisional Naga National Government NNG (P), as agreed upon in the “Naga Concordant,” is required to be accommodative of all Naga Political Groups. This is in the common cause of


these high-end products. “Now, customer demands for even bigger screen sizes, upwards of 55 inch. For these kinds of large screen sizes, HD is actually not good enough to experience the best picture quality,” Sony India General Manager, Marketing Tadato Kimura said. Therefore, it was inevitable to create a better technology to cater to this kind of demand and to complete the large screen experience (with UHD technology), he added. The manufacturers are clear that they will be catering to a select set of customers with the UHD

products, which have been also launched worldwide only recently. “Ultra HD TVs are a niche segment....In our opinion, the customer of ultra HD TVs is a pioneer who understands the technology, and seeks the unique experience the product delivers,” LG India Marketing Head-Home Entertainment Rishi Tandon said. The UHD TVs have better pixel resolution quality, four times than normal HD TVs, with richer and more saturated colors in much bigger screen size, although they are priced at a premium.


Happy 4th Birthday Shiluben !

Dearest Akecha…! U listened 2 me wen I talk. U were alwys there 2 help me get rid of my fears and wipes away ol ma tears. 2day on ur b’day, I jst cannot mak my mind whom should I b more thankful 2 u 4 being always der? Or 2 God 4 blessing me wit som1 lik u? Happy B’day..!

As you grow one year older, we are blessed to have a daughter like you. You are special in every ways. May you continue to grow in His grace.

With love, Mum, Dad & all your loved ones.

Freedom of Speech and of Writing

ew countries stifle its citizens by denying them the freedom of speech or of writing. It is human tendency to get more curious and strengthened when such strictures are imposed. Our contemporary Naga society is moving on towards a civilisation that is based on discovering the truth of everything through dialogues and counter dialogues. It is a natural transition as findings, versions and opinions of individuals greatly differ. However, threats to individuals, particularly writers, are a signal that indicates impairment to freedom of expression. The last straw will be when differences in perspectives are silenced, shadowed by the intimidating barrel of a gun. I for one am greatly disturbed by the write up against Iralu, Solo and Yhome (26th June, 2013) by a certain faction. Let us all learn to live in unity while respecting our differences too. Variety is the spice of life. A dictated monotonous life is opposed to the very essence of freedom. The freedom that I look forward to is a freedom devoid of fear, threats and illogical dictation or dominance. I question the very concept of “freedom”, in our context, if it is to be contrary to Democracy.

TV at Rs 27 lakh: Companies look to develop ultra HD segment in India

NeW DeLHI, JULY 7 (PTI): A television priced at Rs 27 lakh? Yes. Manufacturers like Sony, Samsung and LG believe India is ready to be developed as a market for high-end ultra high definition (UHD) sets with demand for bigger screen sizes expected to grow. Recently these companies have introduced their range of UHD televisions which are priced between Rs 17 lakh and Rs 27 lakh with screen sizes of 84 inches and 85 inches, hoping that they would be able to create a niche segment and get more margins from

pursuing in a united effort our shared historical and political rights and creating a dignified and peaceful society. The NNG (P) needs to incorporate ways to organize and to inter-relate with mutual respect among all Naga Political Groups towards a shared Naga future. The NNG (P) as a reconciled political structure is based on the principles of the “Covenant of Reconciliation” and the commitment that all groups will cease all violent and provocative actions while honouring the Code of Conduct as agreed in the “Turning Swords into Ploughshares” with an inbuilt disciplinary mechanism. The NNG (P) is required to be people-centered and guided by the common aspirations of the people, and not by any particular group.

Visakhonü Hibo Kohima, Nagaland.

“Nagas on the edge”


he most debated and discussed burning issue in our Nagas society today is where and with what where we Nagas heading towards. But with all the debates and discussions, have we ever come to any point of concrete solution, if not what is the secret reason behind? Do such debates and issues leave any impact in our Naga society? Some of the most disturbing unanswered question is eating up all the mind of most young Nagas intellectuals today. If we look back at those times of the past years, we have come a very long way through harsh and hard times that any human mind can imagine and fight for the sovereignty. But the tragedy of this century and today’s life is that we are lacking far behind to those good practices and making every women afraid to stay alone and making them unsafe from there life even at there home. How we can be able to define freedom without social justice which is so rampant in our Naga society today. There is a big question for us if we get our freedom today and fall victim to slavery of social injustice tomorrow. Now I fear that rape, killing of innocent people will be more and it will kick us harder than anything else. Today our Naga society is taking shape step by step like cat walk but if owe trip. I fear it will lead to rape, bloodshed which will be unexpected by us even today. There is truth that our society is stagnant and we the Nagas will be lacking be-

hind at any North Eastern states if we do not do justice in good ways. I feel remorse in saying, I am losing faith in Naga leaders today whose vision are quite far without having there clear vision. But the problem is that they are going through their vision gathered from all spheres of profession. So, we also need to ask ourselves as to how far one’s profession is relevant to our Naga society today. Let us stop pointing at others and do good to one another as “ GOOD DEEDS OF A PERSON WILL REMAIN FOREVER IN THE MINDS OF MEN EVEN THE WHOLE WORLD VANISH”. Let us now not be under the banner of “TRIBALISM” but let us now all stand on our feet together and and fight for our rights saying “ WE ALL ARE BROTHERS AND SISTERS, WE ALL ARE ONE”. And makes our Silent voice loud that there should not be rape, bloodshed among our society. Let us all take a time to see and check the past, correct the present for the betterment of tomorrow. Do not pull each other backward but push forward to achieve good goal of the society. Be good example for tomorrow and for the world.. God Bless Nagas. Keduolhoukho Dominic Chadi, Student of St. Joseph’s College Jakhama, Nagaland.

The NNG (P) should pursue the realization of the Naga aspirations consistent with the principles of justice in which the Nagas can determine, safeguard and exercise their historical and political rights in the contemporary world. The Forum for Naga Reconciliation remains grateful to the Churches, Naga public, civil society (tribe organizations, women, youth, students, GBs and DBs), and particularly the Naga political groups for their consistent and critical solidarity throughout the “Naga Reconciliation: A Journey of Common Hope.” Finally, we are mindful and thankful of God’s ever presence, guidance and blessings in our common search to be reconciled as a nation. Forum for Naga Reconciliation

Do we learn from history or from Aesop fable?

Aesop Fables are captivatively simple and very commonly simple but containing great Principles of human life. The Fable of the humble Ash Tree and majestic Trees of the Jungle is one such. I am greatly attracted to the Principle in the Fable. The Ash (Thaprübo –Angami) is a small Tree; its wood is fine grained, gives very smooth finish, very hard; one of the hardest of the Timbers of Nagaland, very suitable for Ax, Daoh and Hammer Handles and also for Cutting-Boards but a bit too heavy for Hoe or Shovel Handles. The Fable goes likewise: ‘ONCE a Wood Cutter went to the Jungle and requested the noble Trees to grant him wood to make his Ax Handle. The grand Oak Tree said the request is very modest and straightway granted it. No sooner had the Wood Cutter fixed the Handle, he took the Ax to the jungle and began to hew down the big Trees; whereupon the noble Oak Tree whispered and confided with his majestic tall Cedar neighbor Tree: “With our first concession we lost every thing. If we had not sacrificed our humble neighbor, we might still be able to stand for Ages”. IF WE DO NOT SUPPORT THE RIGHTS OF THE INCONSEQUENTIAL TODAY; IT WILL PROVIDE HANDLE FOR USE AGAINST US TOMORROW. MARTIN NIEMOLLER: Martin Niemoller, a Pastor during Nazi Germany said: “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out Because I was not a Socialist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out Because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out Because I was not a Jew. At last they came for me; then, there was no one left to speak for me!” AVOID THE TRUTH TODAY; THEN, WE MAY HAVE TO KEEP COMPANY WITH THUGS TOMORROW.

Readers may please note that the contents of the articles, letters and opinions published do not reflect the outlook of this paper nor of the Editor in any form.

4ever KT

DiMaPur Civil Hospital:

Simple Rules - There is just one simple rule: “Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box co ntains the digits 1 through 9.”

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Thepfulhouvi Solo.


Answer Number # 2579

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TherApeuTic relATioNships























D E E n V i r O n M E n T , O a r O

h E L P , i E M P a T h a T i C ,

S D S E i y a T L a u g h T E r , T

P r a r L O T , D E T a L O S i D

E O E D C O M M u n i C a T i O n ,

S L L T h E r a P E u T i C , D J

A i a i B E h a V i O u r , O n i ,

T T E w , D L i u B F i V E , r E

i i , T n E M E g a r u O C n E L

R V O w E a h , E r u T L u C T E P

E n E a T h E O r i E S , a D y O

C , S u E g n , D i a r F a i O E E

F h r M O u T h , a E a r , i , P

O i r S O B O u n D a r i E S , n

H O P E r D F F E r F B L a M E , E

D , h r , n w a r D h T i w y B r


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1. Leaf opening 6. Put away 10. Derbies or berets 14. Four-wheeled toy cart 15. Cover with asphalt 16. Computer symbol 17. Bestow 18. District 19. Fizzy drink 20. Embroidery 22. Snare 23. Many millennia 24. Bonkers 26. Besmirches 30. Mendicant 32. Small mountains 33. Plentiful 37. a Freudian stage 38. affair 39. Carryall 40. Change of life for a woman 42. gateaux 43. a proofreader’s symbol 44. assault sexually 45. Look at with fixed eyes 47. Dashed 48. Flippant 49. water-soluble pigment

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The Morung Express

Monday 8 July 2013

‘total lawlessness, corruption under npf-dan government’

DIMAPUR, JULY 7 (MExN): The Opposition Congress in Nagaland has stated that “corruption, nepotism and favoritism in Nagaland have reached its zenith during the past decade of NPF led DAN govt, where Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio and his followers have surpassed all others on the scale of embezzlement and aggrandizement”. “Instead of governing the state, the Chief Minister has built up a vast business empire during the last ten years of his rule”, stated a press note issued by the Media Cell, NPCC. To substantiate this allegation, the NPCC made a mention of what it described as “the numerous chains of luxury resorts and hotels such as Niathu Resort (7th Mile, Dimapur), Noune Resort (Seithekiema, Dimapur), Hotel Vivor (Kohima) and Hotel Legacy (Kohima)” and pointing out that these were established during his chief ministership with funds meant for development of the state.

The press note also stated that the Chief Minister has also become a “big time contractor by allotting and executing major contract works to himself through the firms established in the name of his late father (Guolhoulie Rio & Sons), son (M/s Chabou & Co) and son in laws”. In addition, the Chief Minister has established multi dealerships such as Nagaland JCB at 6th Mile Sovima and supplier of the infamous High Security Registration Plate (HSRP) which fleeced the vehicle owners of the state, stated the NPCC while terming these as some of the prime examples in his (CM) chain of ever expanding business empire within the state. The NPCC claimed that the NPF ministers and MLAs have followed their chief minister into becoming contractors and suppliers themselves. In this regard, the Congress questioned as to how the NPF leaders are on a buying spree of commercial buildings worth multi crores in

MEx FILE NSTSA general session

KohIMA, JULY 7 (MExN): The Nagaland Sericulture Technical Staff Association (NSTSA) will hold a general session on July 10 at 10:00 AM at Directorate Conference Hall, Kohima. Therefore all the members have been directed to attend the same without fail. All the units/districts have also been requested to being their own choice of candidates for induction of new office bearers, advisory board and finance secretary. This was stated in a release issued by the Association’s general secretary A. Atenjemba Imchen.

DCC Dmp co-ordination meet

DIMAPUR, JULY 7 (MExN): The co-ordination meeting of DCC Dimapur will be held on July 10 at Congress Bhavan, Dimapur at 10:00 am. All the office bearers and party worker of Dimapur District, PCC members, MLAs and party leaders representing DCC to state level have been requested to attend the meeting without fail, informed a press release issued by Kakishe Achumi, General Secretary DCC, Dimapur.

NCSU Dmp extends solidarity

DIMAPUR, JULY 7 (MExN): Nagaland Contractors & Suppliers Union (NCSU) Dimapur district has extended solidarity to the Action Committee Against Unabated Taxation (ACAUT) comprising of Dimapur civil societies and Dimapur Chamber of Commerce and Industries under the auspices of Naga Council Dimapur. A press note issued by NCSU Dimapur district Vice President Hotoshe Chophy and General Secretary L Imtiwati Ao stated, “Illegal taxation creates a lot of inconveniences, discomfort and difficulties in our society today.”

Joint Venture Departmental Association meet

DIMAPUR, JULY 7 (MExN): The Joint Venture Departmental Association held its general meeting on June 28, 2013 in Dimapur where the house unanimously resolved to hold its next meeting on July 12, 2013, 10:00 am in Dimapur. Therefore, the president and secretaries of all departments in the State having work charged employees have been requested to attend the meeting positively. Failing to attend the proposed meeting, the Joint Venture Deoartmental Association will not entertain responsibilities if any, a press release received here said.

NASU felicitation prog

KohIMA, JULY 7 (MExN): The Northern Angami Students’ Union (NASU) will be organizing a felicitation programme for successful candidates of UPSC/ NPSC/HSSLC/HSLC on July 13 at 10:00 AM at Ura Academy Hall, Kohima. Khrienuo Metha, additional secretary agriculture and team leader Nagaland Bamboo Development Agency will be the chief patron. All the units under NASU have been invited to the programme. This was stated in a release issued by NASU general secretary Ruokuovizo Chiese.

ESSU condemns

DIMAPUR, JULY 7 (MExN): The Eastern Sumi Students Union has strongly condemned the futile killing of its former executive member Pukhayi Assumi of viyixe village in Dimapur. A press note from the General Secretary of the ESSU, Vinoka Y Chopy stated that Late Pukhayi served as Asst. Statistical Secy for the ESSU during 2006-08. The ESSU conveyed its deepest condolences to the bereaved family members and prayed for the departed soul to rest in peace.

ANCSF urge govt to implement NCDC schemes

KohIMA, JULY 7 (MExN): The executive body of All Nagaland Cooperative Societies Federation (ANCSF) in its meeting held on July 3 in Kohima under the chairmanship of its president, RK Mekho resolved to extend the tenure of the current office bearers of ANCSF till June 2014 for five years term following the approval of the constitution of ANCSF on March 2010. The meeting also resolved to hold the ANCSF general meeting in the first week of October, 2013 to review its activities and chalk out further programme, informed a release received here. The meeting further resolved to urge the Nagaland government to implement National Co-operative Development Cooperation (NCDC) sponsored scheme, which is now put under indefinite suspension. It also urged for taking up the schemes or projects which are lying with the state government for over ten years now for obtaining necessary sanctions to boost co-operative movement in the state.

prime areas of Dimapur when the state is devoid of any semblance of development. Moreover, the NPCC clarified that its President never admitted that the high command had sent money to Congress candidates and therefore asked the NPF to substantiate their allegations or refrain from using cheap political language to gain mileage. On the statement of CLP leader Tokheho Yepthomi, the NPCC stated that this has been twisted by the NPF, because according to the NPCC, the CLP leader had “only asked for withholding allotment of additional funds other than the normal state plan till financial misappropriation was thoroughly checked as financial mismanagement have become rampant under the NPF led DAN govt with their leaders embezzling every fund granted by the central govt”. On the NPF statement that the Congress has lost the moral right to play the role of opposition, the NPCC

stated that this showed the “dictatorial mindset and disdain for parliamentary democracy” by the NPF. The NPCC reminded the NPF memory that its predecessor, the Naga Peoples Council (NPC) was also reduced to a small minority in 1996 after its legislators joined the Congress. The NPCC also stated that the “usual rhetoric of the NPF press & Media Bureau to parrot good governance and genuine development is devoid of any substance since the people of Nagaland are experiencing the result of their mis-governance with total lawlessness prevailing in the state, compounded by dilapidated infrastructure across the state in total contrast to their claim of genuine development”. As such it stated that the NPF claim of ‘sound political ideology, good governance, genuine development and acceptable leadership,’ as the winning factor “will always remain paraphrased as purchased mandate”.



Youths from Kumlong Baptist Church presenting a special number during the combined ABAM Youth Sunday service at Alempang Baptist church on Sunday, July 7, 2013. Hundreds of youths from eight church fellowships under Mokokchung town converged at the Alempang Baptist Church for a combined youth service where ABAM Executive Secretary, Rev Dr Mar Atsongchanger was the main speaker. (Morung Photo)

Consultative meeting held on electoral 4th NAP and Vet Dept hold awareness prog reforms with political parties of ne

DIMAPUR, JULY 7 (MExN): The Parliamentary Standing Committee (PSC) on Personnel, Public Grievances, Law & Justice held a consultative meeting with all political parties, NGOs and prominent citizens of the North-East Region on the topic "Electoral Reforms - Code of Conduct for political parties and anti-defection law" at Shillong on July 5, 2013. The meeting was attended by about 20 MPs including Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha and almost all political parties of the North-East, NGOs and prominent citizens from various NE states. The NCP and NPF had also participated in the meeting. A press note informed that the Nagaland state NCP president Neiba Ndang raised three points in the meeting - Ceiling of Rs. 8 lakhs fixed for election expenditure, bogus voters and anti-defection law. On ceiling of election expendi-

GPPK elects new team of office bearers

KohIMA, JULY 7 (MExN): Gorkha Public Panchayat, Kohima (GPPK) held its general body meeting at Gorkha Public Panchayat Hall, Chandmari Kohima on June 30, 2013 where following office bearers and executives were selected by the Convenor, Election/Selection Committee: Office bearers: President - Santu Thapa; Vice President - Probhu Gurung; General Secretary - Suresh Kr. Lama; Panchayat Secretary - Jibon Pradhan; Asst. Panchayat Secretary - Arjun Chettri; Welfare Secretary - Mohan Gurung; Treasurer - Yem Bahadur Rana; Press & Publicity Secy. - Rajeev Rai. Executive members: Sanjay Chettri, Merman Pradhan, Bishnu Thapa, Pradeep Lama, Biju Khawas, Amardeep Gurung, Romit Limbu. Women representatives: Renuka Subba, Jamuna Rana.

ture fixed by the Election Commission, the state NCP president said the EC formula was highly appreciative provided it can be implemented sincerely and seriously. Ndang however said the recent assembly election in Nagaland has shown that the exercise was "mockery" as crores of money was flouted in the election. He also said that while the poor candidates may follow the EC stricture, the rich candidates can take advantage if EC does not monitor it strictly or take action against the defaulters. Therefore Ndang suggested that if at all ceiling limit is to be provided, it should be a sizable amount followed by strict supervision and proper monitoring by the EC and other different govt agencies. On bogus voters, Ndang said in the present election scenario, the bogus voters have, more or less, become the deciding factor and re-

duced the lofty "one man one vote" guideline to a farce, as one man votes for hundreds. He said enumeration of voters should be strictly monitored by the EC. With regard to anti-defection law, the Nagaland state NCP president said the 10th schedule of anti- defection law has done something good and tangible. He however suggested that to make the law more effective and positive, the EC should not allow any form of defection, whether 1/3rd, 2/3r0 or total merger of any political party till the elected term is over. Ndang said that a candidate who defects to other political parties not only cheats the electorate who voted them to power but also brings instability to the government. Therefore he suggested that the EC and the govt should introduce photo ID card to ensure that one man one vote and do away all the bogus vote.

KohIMA, JULY 7 (MExN): 4th NAP Battalion and Veterinary Department Kohima district jointly conducted an awareness programme on June 5, 2013 at Battalion Cantonment Thizama. The daylong activities commenced with a short informal programme at Unit Rostrum at 9:00 AM. The Veterinary team comprising of 12 staff led by Dr. Rükuo participated by providing free treatment against swine fever for pigs and anti-rabies course for dogs. Addressing the gathering, Dr. Rükuo touched upon the basic needs and timely intervention as and when epidemic situation arises. Altogether, 70 dogs and 200 pigs were vaccinated. The Battalion Commandant in his address stated launching such a joint venture not only caters the veterinary aspect alone, and expressed hope that it will develop better relation between police and civil staff. He claimed that the 4th NAP is known among all the pork lovers in Kohima and the Unit is able to meet their demands. “There is no single family without rearing pigs in the Unit,” he said. However, he lamented that families are ignorant to approach the department for any subsidies and guidance. He further appealed to the Department to continue their good work and requested them to consider as and when police families approach them. Earlier, Dr. Mhalo Ezung, Dy. Commandant 4th NAP chaired the function.

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Youths assaulted...

The assault occurred around the time when the police started dispersing the mob, which had re-converged after the initial round of tear gas shelling. As their car (a Ford Figo) neared SM College, the youths said that a group of 5-6 personnel of the Indian Reserve Battalion (IRB) stopped them and were instructed to turn back. And as instructed they were reversing when another group of IRB personnel numbering between 20-30 personnel came towards the car and ordered them to get out. The IRB personnel then started assaulting them without questions asked. One of the youths fell into the roadside drainage. “I was thrown inside the nullah (drainage) and kicked,” said the youth. As was evident from the marks on their bodies, they sustained severe bodily wounds inflicted by gun-butts, boots and batons. The one who fell into the drainage was advised to go for an X-ray examination as doctors feared he might have sustained internal organ wounds. Another sustained a gash on the forehead. Meanwhile, parents of the assaulted victims demanded that the unwarranted aggression from the uniformed personnel deserve investigation and disciplinary action on the erring personnel. “If our children were involved in the riot, or even drunk or

Two of the four youths, who unwarily got caught in the midst of the mob mayhem and subsequent police action.

misbehaving, we don’t have anything to out any questions asked, while leaving no say,” said the father of one of the youths. But thought for human values is intolerable, the the way the youths were assaulted with- father added.

Pitiable Kohima morgue seeks government’s attention

KohIMA, JULY 7 (MExN): In the face of repeated murders in Nagaland, the state remains ill-equipped to conduct a simple autopsy in its capital, Kohima. The Kohima morgue under Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Kohima district has been in a dilapidated condition, inhibiting the medical officers and law enforcing agency to carry out medical examination of dead bodies to establish causes of death. There are cracks and breakages in the walls, doors, windows, and floors while wild grasses grow around the corridor. Basic amenities like water, power supply, and proper disposal bins are not available. Besides, there is no road connectivity to transport cadaver and proper handing over of dead bodies after autopsy to the relatives. In view of the pathetic condition of the morgue, doctors urge the state government to immediately look into the condition of the morgue to ensure that the basic rights of the dead and their families are upheld. Kohima being the capital of Nagaland, medical officers also demands that an autopsy section should have all the basic amenities for smooth examinations of dead body. “The terrible conditions without proper facilities may result in defective post mortem procedures.” Dr. Rupert Peseyie deputy medical officer of CMO Kohima have already submitted a proposal to the Principal Director,

relatives and adequate sanitary facilities. Meanwhile, Naga Hospital Youth Organization (NHCYO), President Ame Yiese informs that the colony youth organization had earlier submitted application to the state government for renovating the building and upgrading the necessary requirements, but there was no response from the state government. Yiese urges the government to immediately look into the poor condition of Kohima morgue and allocate proper funds for adequate functioning. He also says the present Kohima morgue location is not an ideal site to carry out post mortem, “as it disturbs the minds and mentality of the colony people.” He requests the government to shift the present location to an ideal place. Moreover, people of the vicinity have been complaining against the smell of decomposed bodies, as there is no deep fridge and air conditioned room to keep the bodies. Sometimes, stray dogs and rats feast on the remnants of body organs in the compound, sources reveal. In addition, the National Human The images here show the rundown exterior and interior building of the morgue in Rights Commission (NHRC) of India in its Kohima, which is under the CMO office . guidelines very clearly mentions that all Health & Family Welfare Nagaland stating cal office, unit rooms for performing au- post mortem examinations in respect of the difficulties faced by doctors and law topsies, mortuary room for delivering the custodial deaths should be video-filmed enforcing agencies. He has requested for dead body, changing and washing room, and a copy of the recording should be ideal autopsy section to cater to the vary- room for laboratory procedures, storage, sent to the NHRC along with the post ing requirements like office for the medi- record maintenance, waiting room for mortem report.



The Power of Truth

The Morung Express MonDAy 8 July 2013 vol. vIII IssuE 185

Along Longkumer Consulting Editor

Home Church and Restoration


ecent incidents of crime being reported mostly involving young Nagas is a matter of deep concern and requires due attention of all concerned. The brutality of the July 4 murder at Landmark Colony, Dimapur or the other recent brutal murder of three members of a family on May 16 at Bor Lengri, these are clear evidence of the moral abyss our society has fallen into. We need to take note of certain things here. Firstly, the young Nagas (on both occasions) who committed the aforementioned crime must surely belong to some church as most of us profess to be Christians. They would also have been probably brought up in a ‘Christian household’ and taught to follow the ways and teachings of Jesus Christ. However, the fact that all sorts of crime and corruption continue to take place in our Christian State of Nagaland, naturally people will question the credibility of our so called Christian belief and worship. The other observation is that more often we tend to blame the government or those who enforce the law when such crimes take place. While the State no doubt has a role to play in maintenance of law and order, this is also perhaps a good time for our local Churches to introspect and see how they can also play their due role as the “embodiment of spiritual values” and appropriately respond in the face of the moral degradation, being witnessed today in Naga society. Some may not agree with this column but the Church would be failing in its duty if it was to merely expect the State to enforce the law and keep the peace while our moral standards collapse. The fact that churchgoing, as per several studies, does help young people escape from the world of alcohol, drug use and crime, therefore local churches in particular need to reorient themselves to taking on new tasks especially those involving the youths and to encourage their participation. Further, in order to quell crime and other delinquent activity, church groups such as the Baptist Pastors Fellowship, Nagaland Christian Fellowship or any others, can identify those neighbourhood or zones that are prone to trouble and help set up church related activities or even a mobile church service, which can be conducted in turns by the different well established churches. “Thou shalt not kill” and “Thou shalt not steal” are still necessary guidelines for a civil society and the Church therefore has still greater responsibility to teach these biblical values. The question is whether our Churches are capable enough to become that vital instrument to eradicate the social malaise from within. This should be a time for greater introspection, a test of our Christian ethos. There is much expectation. For one, the churches in Nagaland are in the most prominent position to intervene and address the problem related to crime and youth delinquency. The challenge of curbing crime is not just a matter of public policy, but is also a test of Christian commitment. The Nagaland Missionary Movement (NMM) for instance, has hundreds of missionaries working in many parts of India and even abroad. The noble ideal of sending hundreds and thousands of Naga missionaries outside to spread the gospel is itself a paradox of truth when it is actually the home mission which requires dedicated men and women to renew the teaching of the gospel. The Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC) and the autonomous local churches under it could perhaps demonstrate their faith by taking up responsibility and acting on the spiralling crime graph that is threatening the moral edifice of the present day Naga society. Crime and corruption for that matter cannot be tackled by man-made laws alone. It will need a renewal of the human spirit. Naga churches will have an important role to play in this restoration process. (Feedback can be send to



et me be clear - this was not a coup… More than 20 million people took to the streets because it could not continue like that... Either we risk a civil war or ... take extra constitutional measures to ensure that we keep the country together…It is a painful measure, nobody wanted that…We cannot afford Egypt to fail Mohamed ElBaradei Former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and Egypt’s new Prime Minister



Seumas Milne

Egypt, Brazil, Turkey: without politics, protest is at the mercy of the elites From Egypt to Brazil, street action is driving change, but organisation is essential if it's not to be hijacked or disarmed


wo years after the Arab uprisings fuelled a wave of protests and occupations across the world, mass demonstrations have returned to their crucible in Egypt. Just as millions braved brutal repression in 2011 to topple the western-backed dictator Hosni Mubarak, millions have now taken to the streets of Egyptian cities to demand the ousting of the country's first freely elected president, Mohamed Morsi. As in 2011, the opposition is a middle-classdominated alliance of left and right. But this time the Islamists are on the other side while supporters of the Mubarak regime are in the thick of it. The police, who beat and killed protesters two years ago, this week stood aside as demonstrators torched Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood offices. And the army, which backed the dictatorship until the last moment before forming a junta in 2011, has now thrown its weight behind the opposition. Whether its ultimatum to the president turns into a full-blown coup or a managed change of government, the army – lavishly funded and trained by the US government and in control of extensive commercial interests – is back in the saddle. And many self-proclaimed revolutionaries who previously denounced Morsi for kowtowing to the military are now cheering it on. On past experience, they'll come to regret it. The protesters have no shortage of grievances against Morsi's year-old government, of course: from the dire state of the economy, constitutional Islamisation and institutional power grabs to its failure to break with Mubarak's neoliberal policies and appeasement of US and Israeli power. But the reality is, however incompetent Morsi's administration, many key levers of power – from the judiciary and police to the military and media – are effectively still in the hands of the old regime elites. They openly regard the Muslim Brotherhood as illegitimate interlopers, whose leaders should be returned to prison as soon as possible. Yet these are the people now in alliance with opposition forces who genuinely want to see Egypt's revolution brought at least to a democratic conclusion. If Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood are forced from office, it's hard to see such people breaking with neoliberal orthodoxy or asserting national independence, as most Egyptians want. Instead, the likelihood is that the Islamists, also with mass support, will resist being denied their democratic mandate, plunging Egypt into deeper conflict. Egypt's latest eruption has immediately followed mass protests in Turkey and Brazil (as well as smaller upheavals in Bulgaria and Indonesia). None has mirrored the all-out struggle for power in Egypt, even if some demonstrators in Turkey called for the prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, to go. But there are significant echoes that highlight both the power and weakness of such flash demonstrations of popular anger. In the case of Turkey, what began as a protest against the redevelopment of Istanbul's Gezi Park mushroomed into mass demonstrations against Erdoğan, 's increasingly assertive Islamist administration, bringing together Turkish and Kurdish nationalists, liberals and leftists, socialists and free-marketeers. The breadth was a strength, but the disparate nature of the protesters' demands is likely to weaken its political impact. In Brazil, mass demonstrations against bus and train fare increases turned into wider protests about poor public services and the exorbitant cost of next year's World Cup. As in Turkey and Egypt, middle-class and politically footloose youth were at the forefront, and political parties were discour-

aged from taking part, while rightwing groups and media tried to steer the agenda from inequality to tax cuts and corruption. Brazil's centre-left government has lifted millions out of poverty, and the protests have been driven by rising expectations. But unlike elsewhere in Latin America, the Lula government never broke with neoliberal orthodoxy or attacked the interests of the rich elite. His successor, Dilma Rousseff – who responded to the protests by pledging huge investments in transport, health and education and a referendum on political reform – now has the chance to change that. Despite their differences, all three movements have striking common features. They combine widely divergent political groups and contradictory demands, along with the depoliticised, and lack a coherent organisational base. That can be an advantage for single-issue campaigns, but can lead to short-lived shallowness if the aims are more ambitious – which has arguably been the fate of the Occupy movement. All of them have, of course, been heavily influenced and shaped by social media and the spontaneous networks they foster. But there are plenty of historical precedents for such people power protests – and important lessons about why they are often derailed or lead to very different outcomes from those their protagonists hoped for. The most obvious are the European revolutions

Letters to the editor

Censuring freedom of speech & expression: Why wasn’t it the other way round? •- Article 19(1)(a) of the Indian Constitution guarantees freedom of speech and expression as fundamental right to all its citizens. It is only in a situation when the sovereignty and integrity of the nation is threatened, that this fundamental right loses its teeth. The government of India considers the de-facto Naga national governments illegal because Naga nation is yet to be recognized as sovereign by the world community. It is natural then, that the government of India takes all activities of the Naga national governments including press statements as subversive that threatens the sovereignty and integrity of India. The State government has pledged to safeguard the sovereignty and integrity of India. It was expected, that the Hon’ble Governor and his government, as the agent of the government of India take cognizance when its citizens are threatened by persons or authorities, India so considered anti-national. Viewing from this constitutional angle, censure on freedom of speech and expression was expected to have been the other way round. Nonetheless if that is not the case, it

will only help the Nagas politically. But for the multiple governments, the existence of Naga national government is the proof of its sovereignty because in any nation, the government runs the affairs of the nation State. Quite often we see the Naga national groups’ statements capturing the headlines in the print media for the wrong reasons. Instead of wasting our time in ego clash, the Nagas should use the print media to its advantage to exploit the hypocrisy and complacency of our adversary to promote our own legitimate cause intelligently. What has gone public in black and white is invariably accepted as material evidence. Dr. K. Hoshi

Murder Most Foul

•-Dimapurians beware! Of late, murderers and rapists are having a field day. They simply intrude into your house- rape your daughters, wives, sisters, kill them, mutilate anything that could lay their hand on with ease and make good their escape leaving you stunt and sending shivers down your spine. Crime of this kind occurred in Dimapur in Residency Colony on the night of 4th July 2013. Miss Nungshilila Jamir was found murdered in the early hour of July 5, 2013 in her sister’s home. Her body was found lying

naked with throat slit and an object shoved inside her private parts. This incident happened not in an isolated place but in the presence of her sister’s family. If the crime trend is any indication in the Town, the safe comfort of your home is no immunity to such senseless attack. Will the citizens wake up? Or just watch this frightful gruesome murder consigning to pages of crime history? One basic question that comes to our mind is- Is this an act of human? Should such barbarian be allowed to play havoc in this manner? Is this innocent girl deserved to die in this manner? She died a cruel death. There is no appropriate word to condemn a crime of this nature. No amount of words will assuage the feelings of the loved ones, parents, siblings and near and dear ones, not to talk of the torturous and tragic end of an innocent life. This will haunt the family for many years to come. As if to rub salt to the wound, her nude body was circulated via mobile MMS and face book. This act has not done any favor to the departed soul. The person who brought her naked body to the public domain via advance technology has done a great disservice to this innocent girl. Will you circulate and upload such photograph had it been your mother, wife, sister or your daughter? There is more decent and sensible way of

of 1848, which were also led by middle-class reformers and offered the promise of a democratic spring, but had as good as collapsed within a year. The tumultuous Paris upheaval of May 1968 was followed by the electoral victory of the French right. Those who marched for democratic socialism in east Berlin in 1989 ended up with mass privatisation and unemployment. The western-sponsored colour revolutions of the last decade used protesters as a stage army for the transfer of power to favoured oligarchs and elites. The indignados movement against austerity in Spain was powerless to prevent the return of the right and a plunge into even deeper austerity. In the era of neoliberalism, when the ruling elite has hollowed out democracy and ensured that whoever you vote for you get the same, politically inchoate protest movements are bound to flourish. They have crucial strengths: they can change moods, ditch policies and topple governments. But without socially rooted organisation and clear political agendas, they can flare and fizzle, or be vulnerable to hijacking or diversion by more entrenched and powerful forces. That also goes for revolutions – and is what appears to be happening in Egypt. Many activists regard traditional political parties and movements as redundant in the internet age. But that's an argument for new forms of political and social organisation. Without it, the elites will keep control – however spectacular the protests.

expressing one’s sorrow and anguish. In a situation as this, one should exhibit more sensitivity towards the victim and the loved ones. It goes without saying that the entire civilized world is unanimous that she doesn’t deserve to die in such a brutal manner. So, does she merit such a humiliating farewell? Yes, a barbarian had bludgeoned her using a machete. The more insensible part is that the civilized society chose to give her a humiliating and shameful send off using advanced technology. Whoever has committed this heinous crime must be brought to justice at the earliest. The perpetrator (s) of this crime deserves no leniency and once convicted; the criminal ought to face the gallows. Keeping him behind the bars will be too lenient a sentence considering the nature of the crime. For hardened criminals, Jails turned out to be their fiefdom and petty criminals their subjects making administration of justice a laughing stock. This calls for a re-visit of criminal justice system. This time round, the bucks must not stop in devil’s workshop. This is one of rarest of rare case. The criminal must be made accountable and eliminate from the face of this earth with the due process of law. This criminal (s) must be hanged as a deterrent. I do not know this girl nor seen her. Be

that as it may, you deserve a pat on the back assuming that you gnashed your teeth, fought single handed and tried to thwart the man with a machete in the dead of night. Nevertheless you succumbed to a much superior adversary and went down fighting. Presumably you gave a good fight and unable to defend the marauder(s) you lost the silent battle, yet you have won the hearts of the entire civilized world. We stand behind you shell-shocked paying glowing tributes with a deep sense of sorrow. Your lifeless body tells us of the tale of your agony before you bid us farewell. Even as you depart from this world in a very brutal circumstance, the inability of able-bodied menfolk in our colony to come to your rescue has saddened us beyond measure. Even though it is appointed unto man once to die, we are aghast by the manner in which you were put to death; and we, menfolk hang our heads in shame as this act appear as a worst act of cowardice by none other than a person who is suppose to protect and defend you- we menfolk “Brave heart, may you rest in peace”. Having said this, I convey my deepest sympathy and condolences to the bereaved family members and pray that almighty God give you strength to bear this irreparable tragedy. Dr Maongsangba, 120 Residency Colony, Dimapur

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8 July 2013


efore entering into more details on the migration trend of our forefathers, it is felt necessary to first know about the extent of the area traditionally considered to belong to the Nagas. In the absence of a script and a common language, the Nagas had no political map with clear cut boundary demarcation with their neighbouring states. Despite this limitation, every tribe had retained in their memory their traditional boundary lines, and the same was carried over from generation to generation, so much so that when A.Z.Phizo, at the time he became the NNC President, was asked by some Naga regional leaders about the boundary demarcation of Nagaland, he gave a very brief answer, “The land lying between the Chindwin River and the Brahmaputra River is our Nagaland.” As such, it is not at all hard to know the boundary demarcation of Nagaland. However, in recent times, it has come into our knowledge that there are still some more tribes called by the name ‘Naga’ even beyond the Chindwin River even though they are not actively associating themselves with the rest of the Nagas in their struggle against India for their political rights. However, now that they have been identified as Nagas, the area under their settlement can form an inseparable part of Nagaland, if, as it is hoped, they should, on their own volition, choose to join the Nagas of Nagaland. Though A.Z.Phizo could not substantiate his claim with an authentic map drawn by some authority, he was very clear about the traditional boundary lines. Phizo’s claim is also in conformity with the Ao Naga oral tradition handed down from generation to generation from the days when Aos were living in Chungliyimti, which, possibly, may have been at a time before the coming of the Ahoms to Assam. It is a fact that the traditional boundary line was never violated by the Ahom kings. Rather, they honoured it till 1825 to 1826 when the Ahom land was ceded to British India dominion by the Burmese Government by the Treaty of Yandabo signed between the then Burmese Government and the British. Hitherto, no attempt has ever been made by the Ahom Kings to redraw or violate the existing traditional boundary with the Nagas. Naga oral tradition has it that in those ancient days, the Ahoms who lived in parts of the land belonging to the Nagas of the bordering areas used to pay yearly taxes to the Nagas. After the Ahom land was taken over by the British from the Burmese as war indemnity by the Treaty of Yandabo, the British too, it appears, honoured the traditional boundary between the Nagas and the Ahoms, the fact of which can be evidenced by the map drawn in 1825 by the British. A map drawn subsequently is 1834 also clearly demarcates the traditional boundary. There is also clear proof that the first map of the area was drawn by the Germans before the British undertook the task. For confirmation, see the booklet published by the Senior Citizens’ Forum, Mokokchung, under the title ‘Uniqueness of Naga History.’ Despite the fact that they had themselves drawn the map delineating the boundary between Assam and the land of the Nagas, the British began encroaching upon the land of the Nagas by issuing time to time notifica-


the naga boundarY Bendangangshi, Ex.MLA, Mokokchung tions taking advantage of our ignorance and weakness, and without our consent began opening tea gardens and reserved forests upon our land. Thus, much of our land was usurped by the British and in the process, they also redrew the map to suit their convenience, obliterating the original boundary demarcation from subsequent maps drawn claimed by the Assamese as theirs. It is my hope that someday, when we have achieved the long cherished dream of a free and independent Nagaland, we may, through the mediation of the UNO, compel Great Britain to give her witness in the boundary case between Assam and Nagaland. It is understood that of the two people and nations, we the Nagas have come to this border area before the Ahoms entered into their present homeland. Hence, the then Ahom Kings without any doubt or criticism officially recognized the boundary demarcation and in recognition of this, they paid yearly taxes to the independent Naga villages living in the border areas in whose land they lived. The original Naga territory as demarcated by boundaries erected by the British after they reached India and its subordinates in the region is bounded as under: East : Hukong Valley, Akyap Sea Port North : Kumong Province of China West : North Lakhimpur, Sibsagar (Rongpur) up to Dikhu River South : Surma Valley, North Kachar Hills In 1917, the British Government erected the boundary pillars called ‘goya’ (Triangular pillars) marking the original traditional Naga boundaries with the adjoining states in India. Taxes were then collected by the British Government through its agencies and were submitted to the independent Naga villages on the border, once in a year. Accordingly, the British Assam Government had been paying such taxes to 23 Naga villages on the Assam-Naga border. However, this was discontinued since 1972. Under certain terms and conditions, the following tea gardens were established in Naga soil, namely: 1. Bihupar Tea Estate 2. Lakmijan Tea Estate 3. Geleki Tea Estate 4. Atkhel Tea Estate 5. Deopani Tea Estate 6. Bursela Tea Estate 7. Tipok Tea Estate 8. Haluwating Tea Estate 9. Amguri Tea Estate 10. Laojan Tea Estate 11. Rajabari Tea Estate 12. Simon Tea Estate 13. Charitle Tea Estate 14. Borhala Tea Estate 15. Goro Tea Estate

The following are the reserved forests in Naga soil which are mistakenly used by Assam, namely: 1. Tiru Hills Reserved Forest 2. Diphu Reserved Forest 3. Dhansiri Reserved Forest 4. Kakatanga Reserved Forest 5. Doyang Reserved Forest 6. Nompar Reserved Forest 7. Geleki Reserved Forest 8. Desoi Reserved Forest 9. Rangapar Reserved Forest 10. Intanki Reserved Forest 11. Singpon Reserved Forest Unfortunately for the Nagas, when Shri. Hamid became the District Forest Officer of Assam in 1925, he initiated the distortion of the unique Indo-Naga International Boundary without consulting either the British Government or any of the Independent Naga villages on the border. This act was strongly questioned by Shri. Hutton, the then Deputy Commissioner of the Naha Hills (available records are clear to that effect). There are also a number of collieries and an oil field in Naga soil for which permission of use for limited period was granted, namely: 1. Borjan Collieries 2. Naginimora Collieries (permitted only for a certain period) 3. Nazira Collieries (with fixed taxes for certain limits of time) 4. Nazira oil field The boundary dispute concerning Assam and Nagaland can only be resolved basing on the following maps: 1. 1834 map by German Company 2. 1843 map of Naga Hills by the British (first British map) 3. 1864 map by the British 4. 1876 to 1877 map by the British 5. 1878 map by the British 6. 1910 map by the British 7. 1912 map by the British 8. 1915 to 1916 map by the British 9. 1917 map by the British (original boundary marks can be seen in the map) 10. 1925 map by which Shri.Hamid distorted the existing boundary. This was the starting point of dispute between the Nagas and the Indian Government creating a unique history. The above mentioned maps that were so drawn by the British Government clearly show the existing traditional Baga Boundary with the neighbouring Indian states and the neighbouring countries. There are many more detailed records pertaining to the boundary issue between the Nagas and their neigh-

The Morung Express

bouring states that could be made available in due course of time. It is also learnt in recent times that there is another map drawn in 1825. These factual records are taken from the Second Paper Reading presented by Dr.Toshi Echa during the workshop held on 8th January, 2005, organized by the Senior Citizens’ Forum, Mokokchung, on the ‘Uniqueness of Naga History’ on the topic of Border Issue. In regard to the boundary question between Ahomland and Nagaland, it is also being felt important to cite what had happened during 1970-71. In this very year, the Government of India send a boundary commission called by the name ‘Sanduram Commission’ to examine and to make a report to the Central government of India on the boundary issue of Assam and Nagaland. It was a time when the author himself was a member of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly and Hokishe Sema was the Chief Minister of Nagaland. With our full knowledge and understanding, a memorandum on the issue was submitted to the Commission. However, the Commission in its report to the Central Government completely ignored the claims of the Government of Nagaland over the boundary issue of the two states and simply accepted the fantastic claim of the government of Assam in toto. Having seen the unfortunate decision of the Commission against Naga claim, the state government of Nagaland and the general Naga public flatly refused to agree with the senseless decision of the Commission by rejecting the Commission’s report, which was in favour of the government of Assam. For more understanding of the subject, one may refer to the book written by Hokishe Sema, the then Chief Minister of Nagaland. In addition the intelligent survey of India- 1872 i. Captain Mitchel: He stated that Doddhar Ali is the traditional boundary line between Assam and Nagaland. Road from Ledo-Simalguri-Namdi Ali-AmguriNagachare-Mariani-Titabar-Golaghat-Lumding lie on the boundaries between Assam and Nagaland. ii. The Work of Jawaharlal: The maker of modern India, Jawaharlal Nehru too had given away the whole of Eastern Nagaland to his counterpart Onu, the then Prime Minister of Burma, Myanmar in1953 – of which Boundary Stone Construction was done only in 1955. iii. The Ahoms destroyed all the said maps so drawn by the British India Administration and also removed all the Goya boundary stones erected by the Britishers in 1917. Yet the road running from Ledo to Lumding remains bearing witness to the existence of boundary line so drawn. We the Ao Nagas of those days called the road as Thoddar Ali Road but one elderly man by the name Mayangnokcha said Teyongdar Ali (it is your road) meaning in Ao is ‘Alijidang’ which means dividing land between the two sister states, even if Goya is no more standing, a landmark which means boundary line. iv. The Ahoms entered into this present land from Thailand towards the beginning of 13th Century and the close of 12th century A.D. long after our occupation of Nagaland. See Ahom history.


Will strengthening naga reconciliation enable the formulation of ‘unified taxation’ among naga groups? Some of those who voted YES had this to say: • Reconciliation is the only way for Nagas. Some may say that more factions have come out after reconciliation but this was bound to happen because the Naga Reconciliation process has forced people to think and decide. If the Naga public fully supports and endorses the reconciliation process, the factions will all be compelled to become one group. The issue of taxation is a problem today because there are too many factions, but once there is only one reconciled Naga faction, there will be only one unified taxation. • For a unified taxation system we need only one Naga group representing the Naga cause. But the Naga civil society seems confused. I appreciate the bold move of the ACAUT, but I also feel they are encouraging factionalism of the Naga UGs. Instead of saying that there should be only ONE tax, the ACAUT has said that they are for ONE TAX PER GROUP. This is not right because even if it is only one tax per group we will still be paying 5 to 7 taxes since there are more than 5 Naga factions now. I think it is best to have only ONE TAX and for this reconciliation among the Naga factions must be the priority. • Reconciliation among warring brethrens has been long felt need of the Nagas. How long every Naga family, business establishments and individuals are going to bear the brunt of multiple taxation by various factions in the name of “Naga Independence movement?” Enough is enough! Factional group’s intention has become more clearer day by day with the current ceasefire in place with GoI, turf war for the sake of levying unbridle taxation cannot be considered as the national cause anymore. Who is/are preventing them from reconciliation each other and translating the Naga Concordant to establish one Govt instead of multiple govts so that Nagas might not be a laughing stuff in front of GoI and others. Pocketing of national wealth for their personal aggrandizement or to truthfully service their people is the question of the day! • Many people who are in the different factions are collecting tax only for their own personal interest. This is one of the main problems and it is the result of factionalism of Naga movement. If the reconciliation process is successful, all the pseudo national workers can be phased out and only the genuine Naga national workers will remain and a unified tax can be introduced. • After reconciliation through FNR started, firstly the killing and violence among the Naga factions are reduced to a large extent. Now the reconciliation process must also discuss about having one single Naga government so that only one tax is collected from the people. It is time for Nagas to have only one single Naga National Government, only then can there be a unified tax policy. • Yes, Because if they unite as one, tax will be paid only to one genuine group • All the Naga Public should give moral support to the

Reconciliation Peace process, and the concerned dividual realized the term of 'civilization' in our sociNaga leaders from every Naga tribes irrespective eties this taxation will goes on. of artificial boundaries must meet together in true • The Naga cause which started for the freedom of spirit of Naganess, and approach all the Factions. the Nagas is now being reduced to territorial conAm sure 100% chance of Reconcile among the trol and tax. This is not right. • No, most of the Naga National Workers are working Naga Factions is Possible. • It might. But bringing about reconciliation in itself for their self interest only. has become so tasking that it has already become • Even though we the nagas unites strongly the naga almost unrealisable. The deteriorating factional groups are not going to unified among them berelationship among the warring groups and their cause firstly they are always thirsty for each others nonchalant approach to the efforts of the FNR has blood secondly they know that with the unification in taxation their revenue made the situation even and sources of income more difficult. The FNR would be miserably low. too had its share of flaws. • I dont think so. More facOne of the blunders committed by the forum was tions started taxation after giving special treatment reconciliation process beto certain groups. Some gins. groups sulked away from • Never. As long as tribal the mainstream talks identity exist there is absocomplaining they have lutely no hope of reconciliabeen sidelined; while tion or unification in/of any those groups which were aspec/area. This is a bitter actively involved in the fact we ought to acknowltalks were not serious at edge. all. We cannot think of • No, never present recgoing back in the past. onciliation process are However the past misnot on the basis of their takes can be corrected faith on Christ, it is only and necessary modifithe people of Nagaland cations may be made against their activities of for future use. The FNR killing, kidnapping, extorshould be given a second tion and against one anchance because we canother, because of these not arrange a better platthe people of Nagaland form than this if we are to want both them to make talk about reconciliation. reconciliation, in order to However care should bring peace into our land. be taken to see that ALL For taxation it will be anthe warring groups parable to formulated only ticipate actively and pardissolve all group and ticipate in body, mind and come together and form spirit. They should be one group by this only willing to make sacrifices they are surviving, people and accept adjustments are shouting but these YES no OTHERS in their political precepts. taxes only they are sur• Reconciliation is the only viving, people are shoutpractical step forward left for the Nagas. Without ing but they will not stop at once. Reconciliation and Unity, the Naga people are doomed and will have no future. Once there is rec- Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say: onciliation and the factions unite, there should be • The factions must clean up their taxation policy only one taxation system. because at the moment, it is like free-will collection, where everyone is collecting as they please. Some of those who voted no had this to say: If Nagas are not careful, taxation will kill the Naga • Ministers, MLA’s NPSC members, NSCN (IM), movement. GPRN/NSCN or NSCN (K) playing football will re- • The augmentation of Naga Reconciliation at the duce taxation? No, no. They are instead the highmoment does seem to be able to catalyze the curest paid players in Nagaland. Somebody please rent messy status quo where cringe-making, surreal; ambiguity and hypocrisy rule the roost. I believe stop them from playing more games because they it is primarily moral responsibility of every responare very expensive and more money will be used. sible Naga to challenge oneself to raise to the oc• Most of the Naga national worker's goes after easy casion as the situation demands. money to make their self livelihood. Until unless in-




• Are the Naga groups for the Naga cause or for collecting tax? If it stands for the Naga cause, what’s stopping them to unify? One unified Naga body will be better for the Naga cause and it will lessen the burden on the people. It is saddening that our Naga groups have swallowed hook, line and sinker the bait of adversaries and reduced the Naga cause mere money collecting body and burdening the people whom they suppose to represent. What an irony! Wake up from your slumber fest and unite fast. Others are laughing at us while we are on the verge of shedding tears! • At the first place, why should we pay taxes to these groups. They are not our democratic elected Government and do not represent us Officially. • Snakes Always Hunt alone..Reconciliation will just be a tag, but we will still continue to see different snakes in our backyard.. • To some extend i belief it might help(for sometime) but later on another Faction will emerge again, going back to square one. our Naga mentality has not yet develop. and until it is "fully Grown" it will still be ta same. • It should be the other way round. • The first practical step is to stop all form of taxes by the fractured UGs and declare that reasonable taxes will only be given to a unified organization. For money/tax is the dearest thing for touches their hearts. This will also discourage newer factions cropping up hoping to make some quick bucks. Without compulsions no sweet words are going to work. • No idea what practical steps can be suggested to form a reconciled and a unified political party. But there must also accompany a strong pressure on GOI to find a solution. From the way it goes about the point of hurdle now seems to be Ibobi's govt. I don't think Rio would talk to Ibobi nor do I think UNC would talk to valley based organisations in Manipur. It's a matter of pride! But if NMA or FNR kind of group would reach out to valley based civil society, that may prove fruitful. • I think this is Government task. Their responsibility. They must not allow any foreign entities to dictate taxation upon her citizens without the approval or consent of the leadership. A Reconciled body must negotiate with the Govt and Govt must ask the people for consent. It must never arbitrary. • i believe Churches all over Nagaland also have a major role to play in this unification. so far no church have step in to help or even try to analyse the matter of unification. and so i believe its time for the church to step in.. • First of all who are all those Stone Hearted Naga National Leaders? Are they not Christian by faith? Then why these Naga leaders are finding so stubborn to Reunite fo the sake of Naga Sovereignty. • We say reconcile (repeat) but where do we see peace, unity let take some xzmple. even on our own home we fight quarrel no understanding each other we say we are best then another will say we r better .den who s best n who s better?

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Monday 8 July 2013

The Morung Express

Terror strikes Bodh Gaya, 2 injured but temple safe Bodh Gaya (Bihar), July 7 (iaNS): Two monks were injured Sunday when nine bombs went off in quick succession at the revered Mahabodhi temple complex in Bihar’s Bodh Gaya town where the Buddha attained enlightenment. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said “such attacks on religious places will never be tolerated”, while President Pranab Mukherjee termed the serial blasts a “senseless act of violence”. The terror strike also triggered an ugly political spat in the state. Nine blasts took place between 5.30 a.m. and 6 a.m. at the 1,500-year-old Mahabodhi temple, annually visited by millions of pilgrims from all over the world. The deafening explosions triggered panic, but caused no major damage. An official had earlier said that there were eight bombings. The blasts made the hotels, where a number of tourists were staying, shake, said a local who resides near the Mahabodhi temple. “All the people, foreigners and tourists, came out wondering what had happened,” said the local resident. The temple complex, which is a Unesco Heritage site, has direct association with the Buddha (566-486 BC) as it was the place where he attained enlightenment in 531 BC while seated under the Bodhi tree. Bodh Gaya is about 110 km from Patna.

Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde said four of nine bombs went off in the temple complex, three in a monastery nearby, one near the statue of the Buddha, and another near a tourist bus. Bihar Police chief Abhayanand said the blasts were not of “very high intensity” and therefore no damage was caused to the sanctum sanctorum. “The evening prayers by monks will take place but general public would not be allowed inside the premises as of now,” he said. Union Home Secretary Anil Goswami also confirmed the temple complex has not suffered any damage. “The monastery and the statue of Lord Buddha are safe.” Additional Director General of Police S.K. Bhardwaj told IANS that two Buddhist monks were injured -one a Tibetan and the other a Myanmarese national. “Injured Tibetan is identified as Tenzing Dorjee, 50, and the injured Myanmarese is Vilas Ga, 30,” Bhardwaj said. Union Minister of State for Home R.P.N. Singh termed it a terror attack, while strategic analyst C. Uday Bhaskar told IANS that there is “little doubt that as per the classical evaluation of terror attacks - the multiple blasts at Bodh Gaya will qualify as a definitive terror attack”. Uday Bhaskar said there was some reference to intelli-

Centre asks states to tighten security at Buddhist shrines

Novice Buddhist monks wait outside the Tergar Monastery, the site of an explosion, in Bodhgaya, about 130 kilometers (80 miles) south of Patna, the capital of the eastern Indian state of Bihar on July 7. A series of small blasts hit three Buddhist temples in eastern India early Sunday, injuring at least two people, police said. (AP Photo)

gence inputs from Myanmar, about the likelihood of such an attack. The terror strike triggered a political row between the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Janata Dal-United (JDU), which snapped their 17-year-old alliance barely a fortnight back. “The state government had been told about recces that had been conducted by terror elements of the place, especially in context of the violence in Myanmar,” said BJP spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad, referring to the violence in Myanmar where scores of people have been killed in unrest between Buddhists and Muslims in Rakhine state. “There were warnings, but no preventive action was taken...Why?” he

asked. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was, however, quick to refute allegations about his government having ignored intelligence inputs. “There are CCTV cameras at the Mahabodhi temple... We have had a close look at the security of the temple earlier too... But the way these people entered and even became successful to plant bombs, we have to analyse in what dress they entered the temple and even examine the security at the gates,” the chief minister told reporters after visiting Bodh Gaya. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) would conduct a probe into the blasts, he added. Intelligence agencies had last month warned the district authorities about a security

threat to the temple. A Delhi Police team is also likely to visit Bodh Gaya to share information provided by the arrested Indian Mujahideen (IM) terrorists, who had earlier planned an attack on the temple, police said. A senior Delhi Police official said they had alerted intelligence agencies and Bihar Police about a likely terror attack in the state. The Mahabodhi temple is one of the few surviving examples of early brick structures in India and has had significant influence in the development of architecture over the centuries. UNESCO describes it as one of the earliest and most imposing structures built entirely from brick in the late Gupta period.

New delhi, July 7 (PTi): Hours after the multiple blasts at Mahabodhi temple complex in Bihar, the Centre today directed all states to ensure fool-proof security at Buddhist shrines and Tibetan settlements in the wake of the continuing violence between Rohingya Muslims and Buddhists in Myanmar. In an advisory to all states with special emphasis on cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune, the Home Ministry said adequate security must be provided to Buddhist shrines, Buddhist places of worships

and Tibetian settlements. Citing recent intelligence inputs, the Ministry said radical terrorist groups were planning to target Buddhist installations, including Bodh Gaya, which was today rocked by serial blasts, injuring two monks. This is perhaps the first time that the Centre has issued an advisory about possible violence in the wake of the clashes in Myanmar. The Home Ministry advisory asked the states to gear up intelligence and security mechanism and personnel strength at police stations under whose jurisdiction there is a sizeable Buddhist population

or Buddhist shrines are located. According to the United Nations, nearly 250 people have been killed in Myanmar in religious violence over the past year and about 150,000 people have been displaced. Meanwhile, officials sources said a security review meeting held in Bodh Gaya on July 2 between the monastry and the police had suggested several security measures and deployment of additional forces as security in the premises was found to be not adequate. However, it is not immediately clear whether security was stepped up.

dharamSala, July 7 (iaNS): The Tibetan government-in-exile Sunday expressed sadness over the series of blasts at the Mahabodhi temple area in Bihar’s Bodh Gaya town. “I am deeply saddened to learn about the series of bomb blasts at Mahabodhi temple. My prayers for the injured and their family members,” prime minister-in-exile Lobsang Sangay said in a statement here. Hundreds

of thousands of Buddhist pilgrims from across the world flock to Mahabodhi temple, which stands on the spot where Buddha attained enlightenment. Nine blasts took place early in the morning in quick succession at the over two millennia-old Mahabodhi temple, annually visited by millions of pilgrims from all over the world. The deafening explosions triggered panic, and left two monks injured.

The temple structure suffered no damage. The temple complex, which is a Unesco Heritage site, has direct association with the life of the Buddha (566486 BC) as the place where, in 531 BC, he attained enlightenment while seated under a Bodhi tree. The Bodhi trees near the temple too are held in reverence for being descendents of that tree under which the Sakya Muni gained enlightenment.

Tibetan leader saddened by Bodh Gaya blasts

Names of sex offenders uploaded on police website

New delhi, July 7 (aGeNcieS): A list containing details of those convicted of sexual offences in Delhi in the past three decades is now available online. Delhi Police officers said the move will help people identify the accused and prompt them to register complaints. This will help police track unreported sexual offences. The move is in line with the recommendations of the Justice Verma committee, con-

Delhi minor’s rape: Order on framing of charges July 11

New delhi, July 6 (iaNS): A Delhi court Saturday fixed July 11 for giving its order on whether to frame charges against two people arrested in a five-year-old girl’s rape and torture, which sparked a public outcry. Additional Sessions Judge Sanjay Garg will pass the order in the case in which Manoj Shah, 22, and Pradeep Kumar, 20, were arrested for allegedly brutalising their minor neighbour in east Delhi’s Gandhi Nagar in April. Judge Garg, who is presiding over the special court under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, took on record a report filed by the Tihar Jail authorities for security of accused Pradeep, who had complained of being beaten up by undertrial in the prison van. In its report the jail authorities said Pradeep would now be brought to court in a separate vehicle from jail. On May 24, Delhi Police filed a charge sheet against the two accused for sexual assault, kidnapping, wrongful confinement, attempt to murder and destruction of evidence. The offences carry a maximum punishment of life term. Manoj and Pradeep allegedly raped the child April 15 in a building where the victim and they themselves lived. The girl was abducted and kept hostage for two days without food and water in the room in which the attackers lived on the ground floor of the building, police said. The girl was rescued when members of her family heard her screams April 17, police said. Soon after the incident, activists and politicians had protested against the incident outside the area police station, demanding prompt action against the accused.

Maharashtra govt mulling ban on mobiles in colleges

mumBai, July 7 (PTi): Maharashtra Government has sought views of principals and teachers on a proposal seeking ban on using camera mobile phones in colleges and university campuses across the state to prevent “cyber crimes”. The joint director of higher education had sought views of college heads and teachers on this proposal in a letter sent in May. The proposal also involves mandatory installation of jammers and decoders in campuses of educational institutions, Mumbai University sources said.The joint director sent the letter following a presentation by NCP activist Ashok Lad from Aurangabad, to Minister for Higher and Technical Education Rajesh Tope, sources said. At present, the proposal is only in the initial stage and no final decision has been taken, the sources said, adding that the proposal mooted by the department needs to be approved by academicians and heads of institutions. Lad had written to Tope, expressing concern over “cyber crimes” committed through phone cameras, sources said. Following the joint director’s letter, Mumbai University (MU) issued a circular to affiliated colleges on June 25 seeking their opinion, they said, adding that the University will submit its report based on their response. The MU has received the letter from the department and issued a circular to all affiliated colleges seeking opinion on installing mobile phone jammers but has not set a deadline to gather the data. Lad claimed that some students take pictures and participate in “vulgar activities” using cellphones in classrooms and on campus.

stituted in the aftermath of the December 16 gangrape incident in the national capital. On the Delhi Police website, the list shows 664 persons convicted of sexual offences. These are persons convicted of serious sexual offences, such as rape and molestation, from 1983 to 2013. The details published include their names, names of their parents, addresses and case details, which include the FIR number, police

station where the incident took place, and the Indian Penal Code sections under which they were charged. Senior police officers said: “The move has come after a government directive that seeks to deter sexual criminals from relapsing and committing similar offences post-conviction. Due to the fact that on occasion these cases are recurrent, the objective is also to provide ad-

equate information to those residing in and around the vicinity of these persons to keep themselves safe.” An officer said the move is part of a larger project to upload crime records online. “The project is part of a national project that is being undertaken under the aegis of the National Crime Records Bureau. More of these records will be updated,” the officer said.

luckNow, July 7 (PTi): In a veiled reference to reports that Gujarat CM Narendra Modi had rescued 15,000 Gujaratis from Uttarakhand, Mayawati on Sunday said BSP condemns a political party whose leader seeks to become a PM candidate but talks about saving people only from his own state. “We strongly condemn the political party, whose leader stakes claim for the post of the PM, but talks about saving people only from Gujarat,” she said. The BSP supremo said from this, the personality of such a leader could be gauged. “A person having such a narrow mentality cannot be the one to occupy the top post with honesty. You have to keep this in mind,” Mayawati said while addressing Brahmin Bhaichara Sammelan at Ramabai Ambedkar ground here. She said some political parties were indulging in “politics” over the calamity in Uttarakhand. “BSP requested the Centre and the state government to extend maximum possible assistance, but I am sad to say that even at this time of deep trouble, some political parties are in-

dulging in politics,” she alleged. She said BSP has appealed partymen to extend maximum help to the victims and has requested the Centre to declare it a national calamity. “We are grieved with massive loss of life and property due to incessant rain

and landslide in Uttarakhand, we pray to give courage to the affected people,” she said. Mayawati said following the ideology of Dr Ambedkar, BSP was formed on April 14, 1983, and at that time almost all the political parties spread canard that it was a party of only Dalits and not

that of upper cast. “That was totally misleading because the ideology and principles of BSP are not against any caste or religion. It wants to createan equitablesystem,” shesaid. TheBSP supremo said people of all religions and castes should get equal opportunity to progress, but the opposition parties indulged in canard so that upper caste and minorities do not get associated with BSP. “We cannot come to the Centre without associating all the caste with us. My party has decided to associate upper caste and religious minorities along with dalits and backward and we started from Uttar Pradesh,” she said. Mayawati said she herself took up the task and associated people of Sarv Samaj between 2003 to 2007. “We ran the government of sarvjan sukhay and sarvjan hitay honestly,” she said. Alleging that all the opposition parties had a tacit understanding in the last assembly elections, she said in a bid to succeed, they used tactics due to which a large number of people from backward caste, upper caste and minorities got mislead.

SriNaGar, July 7 (PTi): Cautioning against people of Jammu and Kashmir being “taken for granted”, state Chief Minister Omar Abdullah today asked the Centre to engage with them politically in a dialogue. “By design or by default we have given this impression to the people in the state that we only engage with them when there is trouble,” he said, citing the instances of engaging with the separatists at the peak of militancy or with the general public in the aftermath of agitations in 2008 and 2010. Omar believes that this “is a dangerous impression to give to people” and wants an engagement with them when “things are quiet”. The people of the state are interested in peace and normalcy than ever before, he said. Nearly four-and-a-half years in power at the head of a coalition between his National Conference and the Congress, Omar spoke on a wide range of issues concerning the state and national politics during an interview to PTI here. At 43, Omar has noticeable strands of grey in his hair which he attributes partly to the tension of the job. There have been times when he had asked himself “what am I doing here” but then he had realised that a lot of positive things had been done by his government. With elections to the state Assembly due before November 2014, the issues facing Omar include the controversial Armed Forces Special Powers Act(AFSPA), incidents relating to militancy and the Centre’s failure to engage in a political dialogue with the people of the state given the largely peaceful situation. People of Kashmir do not want to be taken for granted, Omar said, adding, “My fear is that we are taken for granted at several levels”. While stating that “we castigate the Government of India at some point for not engaging in the state politically”, he lashed out at some of the political leadership in the state for not engaging with the Centre, referring to the main opposition PDP in particular. “Please explain to me why the leadership of the PDP can quietly go and meet the prime minister at his home in Delhi but not take a delegation to him when he is in Srinagar,” he asked. Omar said he was facing the challenges of militancy even now. “There are still the effects of militancy that require to be dealt with so that is an area that poses challenges

for us,” he added. About the incident in Bandipore in North Kashmir where two youths were killed in Army firing during a search and cordon operation, he said incidents like this can always be avoided if proper precautions and standard operating procedures are followed in letter and spirit. “These are eminently avoidable incidents that set us back enormously and obviously one would have liked to have been in a position where this would not have happened at all but we still have some way to go before we get there. “So as I said I wouldn’t term any particular area as a failure but definitely areas where we expect to achieve better results in the days and weeks ahead,” he said. Being forthright in his thoughts and work, Omar gave an insight of the problems he had not bargained for. “I couldn’t possibly have envisaged or bargained for the way in which the Shopian incident would be misused by people. I couldn’t possibly have bargained for the 2010 agitation so some aspects of the job have been tougher.” Contrary to the perceived perception of tensions between the two ruling coalition partners, the Chief Minister said, “...I found working with my coalition partners a lot coalition government has lasted this long in this state so clearly there is something we are doing right that is allowing these two partners--the National Conference and the Congress--to work together as we have done.” Omar said that ever since he had stepped into politics in 1998 he had only known coalition politics. “I think on the whole it has been a fairly smooth relationship. I think I had one advantage which may not have been some people available and that is that I have only known coalitions ever since I have stepped into politics. In Government of India I was part of NDA which is coalition. Now that I am ruling the state or rather governing the state, I am part of a coalition...I find working in coalition much smoother.” To a question whether he would have been more successful if he would have been governing the state with his party having the mandate, Omar said, “I don’t wish to answer hypothetical questions. Who knows whether I would have been the Chief Minister in that scenario. My father (Union Minister Farooq Abdullah) opted out as he had found running a coalition difficult

in 1986.” The Chief Minister was clear about receiving complete support from the Centre. “...while I can complain about small small things here and there, I have actually no complaints about the level of support that I have got from the Centre and on that I will be totally clear,” he said. Asked whether the Centre was missing the opportunity in engaging politically with the people of the state, he said, “Well there is an opportunity and we need to cash on it. Are we in a position to do it now or towards the general elections, I don’t know...Look I can only do this much, I can help normalise the situation to the best possible, which I think I have done. “My government with the cooperation of people of the state have given best and peaceful two-and-a-half years of peace in the last two-and-a half decades. 2011, 2012 and middle of 2013. Inspite of difficulties that we have been facing, 2013 is shaping into a relatively peaceful year. “What more do you want from me to create more conducive environment for carrying forward the process,” he asked. With elections scheduled anytime next year, the Chief Minister was asked as to what would be his poll plank to which he said, “it’s too early to outline my campaign strategy.” “Let’s see how people think of what I have. This much I know that I have done the best I could under the circumstances that I had to operate with. That’s as much I could expect from myself. Whether it is enough for the people or not that is for the people to decide. And I have always been the one who respect their decision,” he said. And this was his answer to a question whether he saw himself in the same job after elections next year. “This is not a question I can’t answer. Not because this is a hypothetical question but because I have learnt never to take the electorate for granted. You take the electorate for granted totally at your own peril. “And if I tell you that I want myself to be in this chair after the next elections, it would be a huge injustice to the intelligence of the voters of Jammu and Kashmir to assume beforehand what they may or may not do while I would like myself to return to office, that decision is not mine. That decision is first and foremost the almighty and the voters of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh and I will refer to their wisdom.”

Mayawati takes veiled dig at Narendra Modi “We are grieved with massive loss of life”

‘Don’t take people of Kashmir for granted’


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2 killed, 182 injured in Asiana Boeing 777 crash in San Francisco

Washington, July 7 (Pti): At least two people were killed and 182 injured when an Asiana Airlines plane with three Indians among 307 on board hit the runway, smashed into pieces and engulfed by flames while landing at San Francisco airport. Over 300 people on flight OZ214, however, miraculously escaped from the burned-out wreckage of the South Korean airlines’ long-range Boeing 777-200, using evacuation slides. Asiana, second in size to national carrier Korean Air, has confirmed two female Chinese teenagers have died. Yoon Young-doo, the president of Asiana Airlines, said the two passengers were in their teens and were believed to have been seated toward the back of the plane. San Francisco fire chief Joanne Hayes-White said 182 people were injured and 123 were unhurt. “When we had arrived on scene the chutes had already been deployed, and we observed multiple numbers of people coming down the chutes and walking to their safety, which was a good thing,” she said. At least five people were listed in critical condition at hospitals, including at San Francisco General Hospital, the region’s main trauma centre. Three Indians were also on board the ill-fated flight of Asiana Airlines from Seoul to San Francisco. Indian Ambassador to South Korea Vishnu Prakash said that there were three Indian passengers on board the plane and one of them suffered collar bone fracture. Vedpal Singh, who was sitting in the middle of the aircraft and survived the crash with his family, said there was no forewarning from the pilot or any crew members before the plane touched down hard and he heard a loud sound. “It’s miraculous we survived,” Singh, who suffered a fractured collarbone and had his arm was in a sling, was quoted as saying by the US media. The flight originated in Shanghai, China and stopped in Seoul before crashing at San Francisco International Airport yesterday morning. There were 16 crew members on the flight, in addition to 291 passengers, according to Asiana Airlines. The manifest included 141 Chinese passengers, 77 South Koreans and 61 Americans etc, Asiana Airlines said in a statement. It was not immediately clear what

Fire crews work the crash site of Asiana Flight 214 at San Francisco International Airport in San Francisco on July 6. (AP Photo)

The wreckage of Asiana Flight 214 rests at San Francisco International Airport after it crashed on July 6, in San Francisco. (AP Photo)

New method developed Pupils shot and burnt alive in Nigerian school massacre to detect drug efficiency

stockholm, July 7 (ians): Swedish scientists have developed a new method that detects the efficiency of drug molecules in reaching their targets, says a study. The method, which is described in the scientific journal Science, could make a significant contribution to the development of new, improved drug substances, reports Science Daily. Most drugs operate by binding to one or more proteins and affecting their function, which creates two common bottlenecks in the development of drugs -- identifying the right target proteins and designing drug molecules able to efficiently seek out and bind to them. Until now, no method was available for directly measuring the efficiency of the drug molecules to locate and bind to

their target protein. Researchers from Karolinska Institutet have developed a new tool called CETSA (Cellular Thermal Shift Assay), which utilises the concept that target proteins usually get stabilised when drug molecules bind. “We have shown that the method works on a wide variety of target proteins and allows us to directly measure whether the drug molecules reach their targets in cells and animal models,” says lead investigator Professor Par Nordlund of the department of medical biochemistry and biophysics at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden. “We believe that CETSA will eventually help to improve the efficiency of many drugs and contribute to better drug molecules and more successful treatments,” Nordlund said.

Over 587,000 Syrian refugees in Lebanon

BEiRut, July 7 (ians): The number of Syrian refugees in Lebanon has surpassed 587,000 after an increase of 19,000 in the past week, according to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR). The UN agency pointed out in a report that there were 503,000 registered refugees while more than 84,000 others were still waiting for their registration process to complete, Xinhua reported Saturday. Some 178,000 Syrian refugees were registered in northern Lebanon, 170,000 in the eastern Bekaa region, 92,000 in Beirut and Mount Lebanon, and 62,000 in southern Lebanon, it said while stressing that the refugees are provided with hu-

manitarian help and medical care. Lebanon has been calling on the UN Security Council and International donors to help it bear the burden of hosting the Syrian refugees, who are expected to cross one million in number by the year-end. Lebanese President Michel Suleiman Friday sounded alarm on his country’s inability to cope with the rampant spate of displaced Syrians and their massive influx’s repercussions. UNHRC’s Antonio Guterres said last month that the number of refugees in Lebanon has surpassed 25 percent of its population and that they were a huge burden on Lebanese government and people.

mamudo, July 7 (agEnciEs): Nigeria witnessed one of its bloodiest days on Saturday when terrorists massacred at least 41 young children and a teacher at a boarding school in the country’s insurgent-plagued north-east. Gunmen thought to be loyal to the al-Qaeda-linked Boko Haram fundamentalist movement descended on the Government Secondary School in Mamudo spraying it with bullets and using jerry cans of petrol to burn some pupils alive. At the regional morgue, Musa Hassan, 15, recalled the horror of listening to the death cries of his fellow pupils. “We were sleeping when we heard gunshots. When I woke up, someone was pointing a gun at me,” said 15-year-old Musa. He put his arm up in instinctive self-defence, and suffered a gunshot that blew off all four fingers on his right hand. He said the gunmen came armed with jerry cans of fuel that they used to torch the school’s administrative block and one of the hostels. “They burned the children alive,” he said, horror showing in his wide eyes. Survivors were taken to a clinic three miles away where they were under guard from the Nigerian army, which has been deployed across three northern states under an emergency offensive against Boko Haram launched in May. Hundreds more children from the 1,200-student school were unaccounted for, having escaped into the bush. Malam Abdullahi, a farmer and father of two victims, declared he was determined to withdraw his three remaining sons from a nearby school. He complained that there was no additional security protection put in place for students despite the deployment of thousands of troops since May. One of Abdullahi’s sons, a 10 year-old, was shot in the back as he apparently tried to run away, while a 12-yearold brother was shot in the chest. “It’s not safe,” he said. “The gunmen are attacking schools and there is no protection for students despite all the soldiers.” Mamudo lies just a few miles from Mai-

duguri, the town known as the birthplace of Boko Haram, often referred to as the Nigerian Taliban. The name of the group, which was established there 11 years ago and has flourished ever since, translates as a call to ban Western education. As a regional insurgency waged by Boko Haram has spread, the group has sought to retaliate against government offensives by attacking government schools. It maintains that Western-style education is at the roots of corruption and criminality in Nigeria, having lured people away from following Islamic teaching as a way of life. In traditional Koran schools, pupils receive no formal education but spend their days memorising the Koran. Such schools are common in the Boko Haram stronghold. Abu Qaqa, a spokesperson for Boko Haram, declared the attacks on schools would escalate as long as the government soldiers involved in the assault targeted Koranic schools. In one incident last month Nigerian soldiers had beaten pupils with canes. “When you attack Koran schools, you totally destroy Western schools,” his message said. President Jonathan has declared Boko Haram a threat to Nigeria’s integrity and sought Western support for an offensive to crush the group. He imposed a state of emergency in the states of Borno, Yobe, and Adamawa, saying Boko Haram had captured towns and territory, turning swathes into no-go zones for the security forces. Dozens of schools have been torched and unknown scores of students killed among more than 1,600 victims slain by extremists since 2010. An estimated 10,000 pupils have been forced out of state-schooling by the groups hit-and-run attacks, which have intensified since the start of the seven-week-old military offensive. Suspected Islamist militants opened fire on a school in Maiduguri last month, killing nine students, and a similar attack on a school in the city of Damaturu killed seven just days earlier.

Include Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt transition, ElBaradei says

BERlin, July 7 (aFP): Nobel Peace laureate Mohamed ElBaradei called for the Muslim Brotherhood to be included in Egypt’s political future, in a media interview conducted before his candidacy as interim premier hit opposition. ElBaradei told German news weekly Der Spiegel in remarks published on Sunday that members of the Muslim Brotherhood camp of ousted president Mohamed Morsi should not be treated as criminals. “I am calling for inclusion of the Brotherhood in the democratization process,” he said in comments printed in German. “No one should be taken to court without a convincing reason. Former president Morsi must be treated with dignity,” he added, calling such principles “preconditions

nEW yoRk (aP) : A solar-powered aircraft completed the final leg of a history-making cross-country flight Saturday night, gliding to a smooth stop at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport. The Solar Impulse touched down at JFK at 11:09 p.m. local time, completing the final leg of the cross-continental journey that started in California in early May. For Saturday’s final leg, the aircraft left Dulles International Airport a little before 5 a.m. local time. The flight plan for the

for national reconciliation”. Asked whether he feared becoming a “fig leaf” for the military, which deposed Morsi on Wednesday, ElBaradei insisted the generals were listening to his concerns. “My red line is that I won’t work with anyone who does not respect tolerance and democracy,” he said. ElBaradei said he expected new elections “at the latest in one year’s time” and said he could accept another Muslim Brotherhood victory if it respected democratic principles. He called on Germany, which has committed around 100 million euros ($128 million) to a so-called “transformation partnership” in Arab Spring countries such as Egypt, to respect the decision to oust Morsi following criticism from Berlin of the move.

The Germans in particular know “how difficult it is to build a democracy after a dictatorship and they were the first ones to criticise Morsi’s anti-democratic policies”, he said, referring to Germany’s experiences after the Nazi and communist regimes. “Let me be clear - this was not a coup,” he said. “More than 20 million people took to the streets because it could not continue like that.” The official MENA news agency said on Saturday that caretaker president Adly Mansour had appointed ElBaradei as interim premier, only for his office to later deny any final decision had been taken. Supporters and opponents of Morsi planned rival rallies Sunday amid mounting fears for the country’s stability.

caused this plane to lose control on a clear summer day. While the sequence of events remains unclear, it appeared the plane landed and then crashed on San Francisco International Airport’s Runway 28L, said Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman Laura Brown. Television footage of the scene showed debris strewn on the runway and smoke pouring from the jet, as fire crews sprayed a white fire retardant into gaping holes in the aircraft’s roof. One engine and the tail fin appeared to have broken away from the main wreckage. “The Airlines is currently investigating the specific cause of the incident,” Asiana Airlines said, adding that it will continue to cooperate with the investigation and has established an emergency response centre at its headquarters. The US National Transportation Safety Board has launched a full go-team to San Francisco, to investigate the crash. “The crash occurred while the aircraft was landing at San Francisco International Airport,” it said in a statement. “We have not determined what the focus of this investigation is yet... Everything is on the table at this point. The team will include people focused on operations; human performance; survival factors; airport operations; and aircraft systems, structure and power,” the NTSB chairwoman, Deborah Hersman, told reporters in Washington. Law-enforcement authorities said there is no indication of any link to terrorism. “At this point in time there is no indication of terrorism involved. The FBI will be working closely with the NTSB to determine the cause of this incident,” FBI special agent David Johnson was quoted as saying by South Korea’s Yonhap news agency. Soon after the crash, US President Barack Obama was made aware of the incident by Lisa Monaco, Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism. President Obama “directed his team to stay in constant contact with the federal, state and local partners as they investigate and respond to this event. His thoughts and prayers go out to the families who lost a loved one and all those affected by the crash,” the White House said.

Nigerian officials ask refugees to come home

Bosso, nigER (aP): Nigerian officials are pleading with refugees to come home, visiting thousands who have fled across borders to escape an Islamic uprising. Deputy Gov. Zannah Mustapha of Borno state visited the neighboring nation of Niger on Saturday, the same day Islamic militants killed 29 students and a teacher in neighboring Yobe state. Mustapha said there is adequate security to protect refugees from further attacks in their northeastern desert hometown of Mallam Fatori. But refugees indicated they are scared of the soldiers too. Taxi driver Madi Bukar said soldiers three weeks ago attacked a Mallam Fatori house where a resident was treating wounded extremists. He said the fighters fled but many houses were burnt afterward. Human rights groups say security forces have indiscriminately killed civilians in fighting to end the insurgency.

Quebec police: More oil train deaths expected

lac-mEgantic, QuEBEc, July 7 (aP) : Fires continued burning more than 24 hours after a runaway train carrying crude oil derailed in eastern Quebec, igniting explosions and fires that destroyed a town’s center and killed at least one person. Police said they expected the death toll to increase. The eruptions sent residents of Lac-Megantic scrambling through the streets under the intense heat of towering fireballs and a red glow that illuminated the night sky, witnesses said. Flames and billowing black smoke could still be seen long after the 73-car train derailed, and a fire chief likened the charred scene to a war zone. Up to 2,000 people were forced from their homes in the lakeside town of 6,000 people, which is about 155 miles (250 kilometers) east of Montreal and about 10 miles (16 kilometers) west of the Maine border. Quebec provincial police Lt. Michel Brunet confirmed that one person had died. He refused to say how many others might be dead, but said authorities have been told “many” people have been reported missing. Lt. Guy Lapointe, a spokesman with Quebec provincial police, said: “I don’t want to get into numbers, what I will say is we do expect we’ll have other people who will be found deceased unfortunately.” Lapointe refused to give any estimate of people unaccounted for because police were having difficulty getting a fixed number. “People are calling in reported love ones missing, some people are reported two, three times missing by different members of the family,” he said. The derailment caused several tanker rail cars to explode in the downtown, a popular area packed with bars that often bustles on summer weekend nights. Police said the first explosion tore through the town shortly after 1 a.m. local time. The fire then spread to several homes. “When you see the center of your town almost destroyed, you’ll understand that we’re asking ourselves how we are going to get through this event,” an emotional Mayor Colette Roy-Laroche told a televised news briefing. nThe cause of the accident was believed to be a runaway train, the railway’s operator said. The president and CEO of Rail World Inc., the parent company of Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway, said the train had been parked uphill of Lac-Megantic. “If brakes aren’t properly applied on a train, it’s going to run away,” said Edward Burkhardt. “But we think the brakes were properly applied on this train.”Burkhardt, who was mystified by the disaster, said the train was parked because the engineer had finished his run. n“We’ve had a very good safety record for these 10 years,” he said of the decade-old railroad.

Solar powered plane finishes journey, lands in NYC

revolutionary plane, powered by some 11,000 solar cells, had called for it to pass the Statue of Liberty before landing early Sunday at New York. But an unexpected tear discovered on the left wing of the aircraft Saturday afternoon forced officials to scuttle the fly-by and proceed directly to JFK for a landing three hours earlier than scheduled. Pilot Andre Borschberg trumpeted the success of

the project. “It was a huge success for renewable energy,” Borschberg said while standing in front of Solar Impulse on the runway at JFK. “The only thing that failed was a piece of fabric.” Borschberg noticed balance issues with the wing in the early afternoon Saturday off the coast of Toms River, New Jersey, said Alenka Zibetto, a spokeswoman for Solar Impulse. Officials said the pilot

and aircraft didn’t appear to be in danger. They said the eight-foot tear on the lower left side of the wing wasn’t expected to worsen through the final portion of the trip. “It was supposed to be the shortest and easiest leg,” said Bertrand Piccard, one of the two pilots who took turns flying the Solar Impulse across the United States. “It was the most difficult one.” Piccard said in addition

to the wing issue, another problem with the landing was Borschberg’s lack of air breaks to avoid making turbulence in the wing with the tear. Despite the relatively short distance, Saturday’s commuter-like hop was a long flight. The slow-flying aircraft was traveling between two of the world’s busiest airports and was required to take off very early in the morning and land very late at night,

when air traffic is at a minimum. “This is a leg where everybody is quite moved,” Piccard said shortly after the plane was in the air over Washington early Saturday. The aircraft soars to 30,000 feet while poking along at a top speed of 45 mph (72 kph). Most of the 11,000 solar cells are on the super-long wings that seem to stretch as far as a jumbo jet’s. It weighs about

the size of a small car, and soars with what is essentially the power of a small motorized scooter. The Solar Impulse left San Francisco in early May and has made stopovers in Phoenix, Dallas-Fort Worth, St. Louis, Cincinnati and Dulles. The cross-country flight is a tuneup for a planned 2015 flight around the globe with an up-graded version of the plane. Solar Impulse’s cre-

ators view themselves as green pioneers — promoting lighter materials, solar-powered batteries, and conservation as sexy and adventurous. Theirs is the high-flying equivalent of the Tesla electric sports car. Europe saw the solar plane first with a test flight from Switzerland and Spain to Morocco last year. Promoted as solarpowered, what really pushes the envelope with this plane is its miserly energy efficiency, Borschberg said before the flight.



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Hsieh & Shuai win Wimbledon women's doubles DDBA badminton tourney concludes DimAPUr, JULY 7 (mExN): The three-day Dimapur district badminton tournament organized by the Dimapur District Badminton Association (DDBA) at the indoor stadium, Half Nagarjan concluded on Saturday evening with Taliakang and Chubanungla winning the men’s and women’s title respectively. The three-day Dimapur district tourney was organized by the DDBA post twenty days talent search as pre-qualifiers to the upcoming inter-district and state open badminton championship to be hosted by Wokha district from August 6 till 9. Altogether, twenty players (20) have been se-

lected to represent Dimapur district based on their pre-qualifier performance in their respective age categories. Er Hutoi, executive member, DDBA lauded all the participants for the successful conduct of the tourney and the display of their talents. He encouraged all the players selected to represent the district to train hard and hone their skills to win laurels for the district and also make a name for themselves. All successful sports personnel easily earn their fame and glory unlike other fields, he commented adding, “to attain such status one has to be focussed and work diligently.”

SAN FrANCiSCO, JULY 7 (AP): The Italian syndicate Luna Rossa has announced it will not sail in Sunday's opening race of the America's Cup challenge series due to an ongoing dispute about rule changes. Luna Rossa and Team New Zealand have protested regatta director Iain Murray's authority to change rules as part of his 37 safety recommendations made after Artemis Racing crew member Andrew Simpson died in May. The most contentious is a technical change to the rudders that Murray says will make the boats more stable. While the opening race was scheduled for Sunday, the protest isn't scheduled to be heard until Monday. Murray said the jury is from the International Sailing Federation and sets its own schedule. He said the

jury members are in San Francisco and there was a chance the issue could be mediated before Sunday's scheduled racing. However the Luna Rossa syndicate announced Saturday that it would not race while the challenge to the rules remained unresolved. Opponent Team New Zealand will only have to sail around the course by itself to get the first point in the Louis Vuitton Challenge. "This isn't unexpected, but it's still disappointing," said America's Cup chief executive Stephen Barclay. "It's a case of won't race, not can't race. "The people really hurt by this are the fans, who have waited for more than two years to see the first race in these spectacular AC72 catamarans. "This is particularly disappointing considering Luna Rossa was out sailing on the race course on Saturday."

LONDON, JULY 7 (AP): Having first played together as teenagers, Hsieh Suwei and Peng Shuai won their first Grand Slam title with a 7-6 (1), 6-1 victory Saturday over Australian duo Ashleigh Barty and Casey Dellacqua in the women's doubles final at Wimbledon. Hsieh became the first player from Taiwan to win a Grand Slam title while Peng gave China its first doubles title at a major in seven years. "It's very special because I don't think tennis is popular in Taiwan," Hsieh said. "We didn't see many media during this tournament. We're very proud we can win this tournament together with my good friend. It's our first title, for Taiwan, so I think it's big thing in Taiwan." The pair, who are both 27, played a few tournaments together as amateurs but ended their partnership after turning pro. After a seven-year hiatus, Hsieh asked Peng at the

2008 US Open if she would be up for a renewed association. The duo reunited by the end of that year 2008 and won their first 11 matches, claiming titles in Bali and Sydney. They lost their openinground match in the 2009 Australian Open quarterfinals against Serena and Venus Williams but now have six titles together. Both Peng and Hsieh play two-handed shots on both sides, like Marion Bartoli, who won the Wimbledon singles title on Saturday. "It's probably the first time (two-handed players) win the singles and the doubles," Peng said. Peng and Hsieh said they opted for this unorthodox style of play because they were too small to hold their rackets with one hand when they were kids. The 12th-seeded Dellacqua and Barty were bidding to become the first all-Australian team to win Su-Wei Hsieh of Taiwan, left, and Shuai Peng of China pose with their trophies after winning against Ashleigh Barty of Austhe women's title at the All tralia and Casey Dellacqua of Australia in the Women's doubles final match at the All England Lawn Tennis Championships England Club since 1978. in Wimbledon, London, Saturday, July 6. (AP Photo)

PAriS, JULY 7 (AFP): Jamaican sprint sensation Usain Bolt raced to a worldleading time of 19.73 seconds in the 200m at the Diamond League meet in Paris on Saturday. It was the 26-year-old's second outing over his favoured event this season after clocking 19.79sec at Oslo on June 13. In the meantime, American rival Tyson Gay had raced 19.74sec in winning the US championships in Des Moines last month. But Bolt fired another raking broadside Stateside with an emphatic victory in scorching style just one month out from the August 10-18 World Athletics Championships in Moscow. "That's good, I'm happy with myself," said Bolt, the world record holder in both sprint events, and six-time Olympic gold medallist and five-time world champion. "I love Paris, I always feel wonderful here, it's a great crowd." But he said it was not all perfect. "I'm getting there. I still need to work on a few mistakes, and my coach ( Glen Mills) will determine on what exactly it will be." Wearing a blue and gold peppered sleeveless shirt, black shorts, and white and blue shoes, Bolt looked as if he meant busi-

ness at the Stade de France. Unlike his experience in the Norwegian capital, he and the 50,000 spectators packed into the stadium north of Paris enjoyed balmy conditions, with temperatures around 27 degrees Celsius (81F). After an average start reaction time, Bolt exploded into the corner and was up on compatriot Warren Weir in lane seven within 10 paces. As he rounded the bend, Weir looked like he would resume parity, but teeth clenched and at full tilt, Bolt destroyed the field in the final 40 metres to set a new meeting record, the previous best of 20.01sec set by US track legend Michael Johnson in 1990. Chris Weidman kicks Anderson Silva during their UFC 162 mixed martial arts middleweight championship bout at the MGM Olympic bronze medallist Grand Garden Arena on Saturday, July 6 in Las Vegas. Weidman won the fight with a TKO. (AP Photo) Weir claimed second place in 19.92sec, with France's Christophe Lemaitre finishing third in a season's best of 20.07. In the build-up to the race, Bolt was introduced to a raucous crowd sitting through the open top of a 2CV, the iconic French Peugeot car. When he made his entrance onto the track, the noise levels went up a notch and, ever the actor, Bolt delighted in playing up to the television cameras, preening his eyebrows and hair before doing his trademark GUwAhAti, JULY 7 bow-and-arrow pose. (mExN): Four boys from Maria’s Public School, Birkuchi, Guwahati-26, Assam have left for Barcelona on After showing encourJune 28 as part of an Under aging pace in practice ses17 Football team selected sions on Friday, the team from all over the country was hoping for a good reto play tournaments and sult in qualifying but was matches with their counterslightly left lagging on the parts in Spain from June 30. setup front. A press note informed that Heemskerk went on to Denny Hamlin (11) hits the wall as he wrecks with A J Allmendinger, back, and Dave Blaney (7) as Greg Biffle (16) drives past in this trip has been organized start the race but things the NASCAR Sprint Cup auto race at Daytona International Speedway on July 6, in Daytona Beach, Fla. (AP Photo) by the Professional Sports didn't go to plan as a chaotic start saw the safety car being deployed on the opening lap and the Team India BMW Z4 dropped down the order at a rapid pace. PAmPLONA, JULY 7 The Dane was however (AP): Several thousand able to recover as the team thrill-seekers tested their elected to pit as late as posbravery by dashing alongsible in the pitstop window, side six fighting bulls allowing for laps in clear through the streets of the air which allowed him to northern Spanish city of claw back the time lost in Pamplona on the first day initial stages. Armaan took of the running of the bulls over around the mid-point at the annual San Fermin of the one hour race and festival on Sunday. there was no looking back Despite a large crowd as he managed to carve his of participants because the way up the field, setting the run coincided with a weekfastest lap for the team in end, only four people were treated for injuries and no the process and eventually one was gored, officials finishing second in the Prosaid. The regional governAm category and a credment of Navarra, which is ible ninth overall. "It was a responsible for organizing good run even though we the festival, said in a statehad some braking issues ment that none of the four with the ABS malfunctionare seriously injured. ing towards the end, so I A 24-year-old Austrahad to brake earlier than lian, whom it identified only normal. "It wasn't the best by the initials J. C., was being situation as we had some treated for bruising, as was pressure from behind [the a 44-year-old British nathird-placed Lamborghini tional. An American citizen finished just over a second identified only as C.S. was behind] but I was able to also receiving treatment hold him off," said Armaan for a minor injury, as was a 36-year-old native of Pamwho will start ninth for the main race Sunday and An Alcurrucen's ranch fighting bull runs towards revelers during the running of the bulls of the San Fermin festival, in Pam- plona, the statement said. hopes that more progress plona, Spain, Sunday, July 7, 2013. Revelers from around the world arrive to Pamplona every year to take part on some of the There was a moment of tension as the last bull of the eight days of the running of the bulls glorified by Ernest Hemingway's 1926 novel "The Sun Also Rises." (AP Photo) will be on the books.

Usain Bolt delivers 200m belter in Paris

Podium for Armaan & team

ZANDvOOrt, JULY 7 (iANS): Indian racing driver Armaan Ebrahim and BMW Sports Trophy Team India clinched their maiden podium of the 2013 FIA GT World Series here Saturday by finishing second in the Pro-Am category and a brilliant ninth overall. It was a welcome result for the team after a disappointing last outing at Zolder in Belgium, where Armaan's teammate crashed the car during practice and put the team out of contention for the weekend. "This is effectively our second race of the season and my first at this circuit, so it feels incredible to finish on the podium," said an elated Armaan. Prior to the weekend, the team had done a brief shakedown at Spa along with Armaan's new teammate Melroy Heemskerk who had replaced Jouse who couldn't continue due to some contractual issues with the team. A Zandvoort native, Heemskerk had no problem getting comfortable in the car and both drivers ended up having similar pace at the Danish venue, despite Armaan's comparative lack of experience at the circuit. "The shakedown did us good as it enabled me to get into the groove straightway on the race weekend, as I hadn't been in the car for over two months before that," said Armaan.

Italian team will not sail in America's Cup race

Four NE boys leave for Barcelona

Promotion (P) Ltd, Gurgaon. The names of the selected players of the school are Reuben Lalrindika Pachuau, Writtick Choudhury, Anikesh Chetia, and Bhaskarjyoti Saud. All the boys are CLASS-X students of the school. Founder and Managing Trustee of Maria’s Public School, Nellie Ahmed Tanweer congratulated the Marians for their selection and talent.

4 injured in first Pamplona Bull Run

pack became disoriented and turned around to look back at runners, but it eventually entered the bullring without charging at anyone. The nine-day fiesta was immortalized in Ernest Hemingway's 1926 novel "The Sun Also Rises." "It's tremendous how many people there are here today," said Enrique Maya, mayor of Pamplona. Every morning of the festival at 8 a.m., six bulls specifically bred for fighting race through the narrow, medieval streets of Pamplona accompanied by an equal number of large steers — each wearing a clanking cowbell — tasked with keeping the pack tight and galloping at an even pace. "It was amazing, phenomenal and scary, all at the same time," said William Schulz, 34, a bartender in Nashville, Tennessee, but originally from Orlando, Florida. The run covers 930-yards (850-meters) from a holding pen on the edge of town to the central bull ring where the large animals face matadors and almost certain death


The Morung Express C M Y K

Monday 8 July,2013

The 2 day of the Indian Film Academy Awards






ay two of the IIFA extravaganza was a night of music, dance and fashion. The star-studded evening was a brilliant blend of musical performances by Pritam, Benny Dayal and Raghav Sachar among others followed by the fashion show. Winners of the technical awards category were also awarded with Anurag Basu’s Barfi! winning nine of the 14 awards. Following it is Anurag Kashyap’s Gangs of Wasseypur which won two awards. Ayushmann Khurrana-starrer Vicky Donor, Vidya Balan-starrer Kahaani and Salman Khan-starrer Ek Tha Tiger were among the films those were awarded. Actors Jacqueline Fernandez, Sonu Sood, Sophie Choudry, Arjun Kapoor, Dia Mirza, Hussain Kuwajerwala and Gauhar Khan entertained the audience with their performances. Hosts for the night Boman Irani and Vir Das looked dapper while promoting their upcoming film, Santa Banta. Their brilliant camaraderie andcomic timing was manifested in the easy, effortless delivery of well-executed jokes. They brought the evening alive as they interacted with some of Bollywood’s biggest stars on stage.

Bollywood actors Shah Rukh Khan, left, and Madhuri Dixit arrive for the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) awards in Macau on July 6. (AP Photo)

Free Handed Concert tour ends with homage to Naga women

Proceeds of the charity event will go to Wenkhang Foundation


he much awaited Alobo Naga & The Band (ANTB) finally performed their ‘free handed concert’, a charity event at Mon town council hall on July 6, 2013. The band began with their own song ‘Don’t stop my rights’ and continued to enthralled the enthusiastic crowd throughout the concert with ‘What if the world comes to an end tonight’, ‘Wish you were here’, ‘free love, circle, painted dreams…etc. and few hindi numbers. Against the backdrop of the crime against women in Naga society, they performed a special number dedicated to the womenfolk ‘Let her live’,

to respect and honour them. They also performed a latest number ‘All we have is now”, from their video album which is yet to be released. Thanking the audience for contributing towards the free surgery camp for the children born with cleft lip/palate, the managing director rock star entertainment Clement Imsong who is also the brain child behind these charity project of ‘Free Handed Concert’ said ‘We Nagas in nature are generous people but we don’t know how and where to give’. Informing that there are many people in the state who don’t have the comfort in their lives he said the main reason behind free handed concert is to assist these people who are suffering in their lives. He also urged the audience to create awareness to the people about the free handed charity concert.

Former Naga Idol, Yanbeni also performed a special number, ‘True Colors’ by Phil Collins. The proceeds of the charity event will go to Wenkhang Foundation which will be utilized for the benefit of the children with special needs in the district. The Wenkhang Foundation in collaboration with the Down Town hospital Guwahati will be organizing a free surgery camp at District Hospital Mon for children born with cleft lips/palate in the later part of this month. The purpose of the Foundation is to give new lives to those children who cannot eat or speak properly, aren’t allowed to attend schools and having a difficulty lives filled with shame and isolation. It further urged to avail the opportunity provided by the Wenkhang Foundation and its partner.

(DIPR News)

Alobo Naga and The Band performing at Council hall, Mon on July 6. (DIPR Photo)

Nigella Lawson’s multi- Masked beauty Rose McGowan helps Dolce Pippa ‘ready to tie millionaire hubby & Gabbana celebrate new collection in Italy the knot with Nico’


he is a big fan of fashion and Rose McGowan has been reaping the benefits of her star status this week. The actress graced a Dolce & Gabbana event in Venice, Italy on Saturday just days after attending a Fendi party in Paris. The 39-year-old former Charmed star donned a demure baby blue frock and sequined eye-mask for a masquerade ball, where Audrey Tautou also joined in the celebrations. Rose wore a stunning form-fitting sleeveless blue dress, adorned with embroidery and falling all the way to the floor behind her. The garment was tied together at her waist with a large pink ribbon, showing off the star’s curves beautifully. Her mask for


the evening started with pink sequins around the eyes and was topped with a floral-type arrangement. The Palazzo Pisani Moretta venue in Venice was completely decked out for the evening with Baroque style decorations and fittings. With all guests and employees seemingly in 18th Century style costumes, Rose was apparently awestruck by the event as she took plenty of Instagram snaps. Rose arrived at the event only to be helped out of the car by two gentleman fully costumed in 18th Century attire, wigs and all. It’s no surprise the brunette star captioned her happy snaps with ‘I feel like I’ve stepped back in

time’, and ‘Dreaming in Italia’. As Rose posed with Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce themselves, she looked to be well and truly in her element. But it seems her boyfriend Davey Detail was sorely missed, as the actress tweeted later in the night: ‘I wish my man was with me’. Amelie star Audrey Tautou also showed up for the elegant event, wearing a stunning black and baby pink lace dress with heavy detailing. The French actress wore a mask covered with an array of colourful charms and her hair looked to be a mere inch or two in length. Audrey threw a demure, deadpan gaze at shutterbugs as she posed at the high-fashion event.



he multi-millionaire art collector, 70, branded the decision to end his ten-year marriage with his telly chef wife, 53, “heart-breaking”. Saatchi admitted that he had “clearly been a disappointment” to Nigella — but slammed her for refusing to defend his reputation following their run-in. Shocking pictures showed Saatchi clutching her throat and pinching her nose for almost half an hour during the stormy lunch date at central London restaurant Scott’s on June 9. In a statement released last night, Saatchi said: “I am sorry to announce that Nigella Lawson and I are getting divorced. “This is heart-breaking for both of us as our love was very deep, but in the last year we have become estranged and drifted apart. “I feel that I have clearly been a disappointment to Nigella during the last year or so, and I am disappointed that she was advised to make no public comment to explain that I abhor violence of any kind against women, and have never abused her physically in any way.” He added: “I wish Nigella only the best for her future, and for her continuing global success. She remains the most wonderful woman in the world. I feel very fortunate to have had such a lovely wife for many years.” Astonishingly, Nigella was reportedly not aware of her husband’s divorce ultimatum until it was published in a Sunday newspaper today. After the argument — allegedly about whether daughter Cosima, 19, should go to university or work — a tearful Nigella was seen dabbing her nose and eyes with a napkin. Saatchi later accepted a police caution for assault. The couple, married since 2003, have not spoken since the row, during which Saatchi allegedly told her to pack her bags. She later moved out of their £14million home to a £10,000-a-week London bolthole with son Bruno, 17.


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ippa Middleton is poised to follow her sister Kate down the aisle after telling pals that her handsome boyfriend Nico Jackson is ‘the one’. Friends say Pippa is expected to announce her engagement within months – and is only delaying the news out of deference to Kate, who is due to give birth to her first child later this month. ‘An engagement is definitely on the cards,’ says a close friend of the lovestruck couple. ‘The last time Nico spoke about Pippa to his friends back home in Folkestone, he was totally buzzing about her. He is in his element right now. ‘He has never been happier and this is really what he wants.’ Another source confirmed that banker Nico, 35, is waiting for the excitement surrounding the Royal baby to die down before he pops the question. The source adds that both Pippa, 29, and Nico are clear about which direction their four-month relationship is going. ‘Pippa has also told her family that Nico is the one,’ says the source. Party planner-turned-columnist Pippa is preparing to move into Nico’s pad in South Kensington, The Morung Express monthly supplement ‘Opinion’ will be Central London, leaving behind the published on the third Saturday of every month. In the Opinion, you Chelsea apartment she shares with are the storyteller. Please share your story by responding to the brother James. Meanwhile, Pippa and Nico haven’t been shy about theme of this month’s issue: displaying their affection. Last “Fashion Culture and “Recommendations for Nagas” all round development in Nagaland” week they were seen canoodling at both a party thrown by The SpecContributions can be in the form of photography, illustrations, tator magazine, for which Pippa photos of artwork, essays, first-person accounts, poetry, reported is a regular contributor, and again articles, and any other form of expression that can be printed. while watching Friday’s thrilling men’s semi-finals at Wimbledon. A PRODUCTION OF Now friends are pondering one burning question: Will Pippa return and the favour and ask her sister to be one of her bridesmaids?










Red Bull's Vettel wins German GP

Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel of Germany lifts the trophy after winning the German Formula One Grand Prix at the Nuerburgring racetrack, in Nuerburg, Germany on July 7. (AP Photo)

NURBURGRING, JUly 7 (aGeNIces): Sebastian Vettel won the German Grand Prix after a battle with Lotus's Kimi Raikkonen and Romain Grosjean. The Red Bull driver held off Raikkonen, who made a late pit stop from the lead to benefit from the extra grip of fresh tyres in the closing laps. Raikkonen passed Grosjean under orders with five laps to go, who held off Ferrari's

Fernando Alonso to the flag. Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton faded from pole to finish fifth, passing McLaren's Jenson Button on the last lap. Vettel put himself in a position to control the race by passing Hamilton off the start line into the first corner. But a safety car in the middle of the race closed up the field and left Vettel holding off Grosjean and Raikkonen, with Alonso

running fourth. The three front-runners ran nose-totail from the restart on lap 36 until Grosjean made his final stop on lap 40, with Vettel following him in the next time around. Raikkonen and Alonso, though, stayed out for a further nine laps and fitted the faster but more fragile 'soft' tyres. The Finn rejoined 2.3 seconds behind Grosjean, who was 1.5secs behind Vettel, with Alonso a further 4.4secs behind. Raikkonen closed in on Grosjean, who was ordered to let the Finn by with five laps to go, and had five laps to close the 2.5-second lead to Vettel. He closed to within a second at the start of the final lap but although that put him in the range that allowed him to use the DRS overtaking aid, he was too far back when he entered the zone leading up to the final chicane and Vettel held on to win by one second. "That was a tough one," Vettel said as he whooped Kim Sears, the girlfriend of Andy Murray of Britain. (AP Photo) in delight over the team radio on the slowing down lap. It was Vettel's first victory in his home race and the 30th of his career. "Unbelievable, I'm very happy," said Vettel. "Kimi was pushing very hard in the race, they tried to do something different with different compound tyres. "I was pushing really hard throughout and very happy to finally win in Germany. "I could feel him coming with more and more pressure. I had some laps when Romain was very close. "We lost Kers in the middle of the race for a Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron, front right, and his couple of laps as well. Very mother Mary. (AP Photo) happy the race ended on lap 60 and not lap 61." "We had a think about whether we stay out to the end," said Raikkonen.

British Labour party leader Ed Miliband, front left, former tennis player Rod Laver, second from left in front, British soccer player Wayne Rooney, third from left, and his wife Coleen, second from left in second row, and designer Victoria Beckham. (AP Photo)


MuRRays wins wiMBledon First Brit to win the cup in 77 years

Andy Murray of Britain poses with the trophy after defeating Novak Djokovic of Serbia during the Men's singles final match at the All England Lawn Tennis Championships in Wimbledon, London, Sunday, July 7. (AP Photo)

lONDON, JUly 7 (aP): From the lawns of Wimbledon to the lochs of Scotland, all of Britain can celebrate. Andy Murray made it possible Sunday, winning his country's hallowed tennis tournament to become the first British man in 77 years to raise the trophy at the All England Club. Murray's 6-4, 7-5, 6-4 victory over top-seeded Novak Djokovic was a fitting close to nearly eight decades of British frustration in its own backyard: A straight-setter, but a hardfought, 3-hour, 9-minute Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood, left, and his wife Sally Hum- affair filled with long, punphreys. (AP Photo) ishing rallies and a final


game that may have felt like another 77 years, with Murray squandering three match points before finally putting it away after four deuces. On a warm, cloudless day on Centre Court, Murray put his name beside that of Fred Perry, the last British man to win Wimbledon, back in 1936. That sentence doesn't have to be written again. The second-seeded Murray beat the best in

Djokovic, a six-time Grand Slam winner known for both a mental and physical fitness built to handle what he faced Sunday: A crowd full of 15,000 partisans rooting against him, to say nothing of Murray himself, who, since falling to Roger Federer in the final last year, had shed some baggage by winning the Olympic gold medal on Centre Court, then following that with his first Grand Slam title at the U.S. Open.

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