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Wednesday, August 7, 2013 12 pages Rs. 4

If you put the government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there’d be a shortage of sand 5 soldiers killed in attack by Pak troops [ PAGE 08]


By Sandemo Ngullie

Vibi Yhokha

GPRN/NSCN leader shot dead in Senapati Newmai News Network Senapati | August 6

Factional killings among Naga militant organisations have re-surfaced in Manipur after a long lull. Today, a cadre of GPRN/NSCN (KholeKitovi) was shot dead in Senapati district headquarters by suspected rival cadres. Sources said self-style ‘Lieutenant Colonel’ Pfokrehe James, 55 years, hailed from GPRN/NSCN was dragged away from Senapati Bazaar Old Road area around 3:15 pm today by three gunmen and later at around 5 pm gun shots were heard. Around 5:30 pm the body of Pfokrehe James was found lying between Senapati’s Angkailongdi and Viewland Colony. Police rushed to the spot and retrieved the body. It is said that Pfokrehe James hailed from Robunamai village under Mao-Maram subdivision of Senapati district. Police believed that the incident is related to the factional rivalry of the NSCNs. However, it is exactly not known which group was responsible for the killing. Meanwhile, Mao Council has strongly condemned the incident saying killing an unarmed person is an act of cowardice. The Mao Council also said Pfokrehe had come to Senapati town to participate in the crucial meeting on Census issue today.

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Amazon founder Bezos to buy Washington Post

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“The Mid-Day Meal (MDM) scheme in itself is a good system but its implementation is problematic,” says Kepelhoutuo Chiisi, Headmaster, Riizhiikhrie Government Higher Secondary School. In Kohima, MDM has two systems. One is the Common Kitchen where 14 schools come under its service, while the other system is where schools are allotted their own kitchen. RGHSS is one of the schools with their own kitchen. “We are supposed to have 3 cooks but the appointment of the cooks or the salary is not regular. The distribution of food grains is not regular. Classes are disturbed when midday meals are prepared because the teachers have to line up the students and serve them.” says Kepelhoutuo Chiisi. The school received rice three times this year, each consignment containing 25 and sometimes 27 bags. Since rice alone could not be prepared, they distributed 3 kgs of rice per student. “Another problem is that the students feel shy to eat or to take it home,” the Head-

master said. For schools that are allotted their own kitchen, the meager wages of the cooks also pose another problem. Under the MDM, a cook is entitled to an honorarium of only Rs. 1000 per month. “We have received complaints on the wages of cooks but we are at the mercy of the government. The MDM only allots Rs. 1000 per month for cooks, which does not even reach the minimum standard wage of Rs.3000.” says Dr. Zase Chiiisi, Project Coordinator of MDM cell. Abou-ii, a teacher at the Merhiilietsa Government Middle School said that due to the large number of students, even teachers have to help out in cooking. The school has a total of 299 students with one cook. The school does not even have a compound, making it difficult to prepare meals every day. Kaholi, President of the Merhiilietsa Women Organization says, “We received only rice and money for cooking charges. No transportation expenses are given.” The main objective of MDM is to improve the nutritional status of children and increase enrollment

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to get meals six days in a week but why only two?” says Azo Solo, Headmaster of Government High School, PWD. The school has 485 students and receives a Parle-G biscuit each, mostly on Tuesdays and Fridays and sometimes cooked peas, grams, eggs. A wholesome meal is a rare occurrence and even

when provided comes with burned lentils and stones in the rice. The Government Middle School in Midland also comes under the Common Kitchen and has received meals only five times this year. It also receives the usual Parle-G biscuit once or twice a week with the occasional peas and grams. “Last year they provided Sunfeast biscuits, buns and Maggi but this year we received small packets of Parle-g biscuit and grams and peas. The biscuit provided is not even sufficient for the students and the quality of food is not up to the mark.” says Headmistress Lanula Panger. “The Centre provides the funds in time but the problem is with the state government. We have to keep on pressuring the state to release the funds else we have to wait for the next financial year.” says Obed, Assistant, MDM Cell. “Food grains are distributed according to the enrollment of students. We also provide the cooking costs and transportation expenses. We have not received the grants this year.” says Ruokuovolhoulie, Sub-Divisional Education Officer. Under the MDM, a child

is entitled to a meal of Rs. 3.34 paise, out of which the State has to pay only .33 paise. “We have to manage the expenses of oil, vegetables, firewood or LPG with the Rs. 3.34 paise for each child, which is practically very problematic” asserts Dr. Zase Chiisi. Transportation is another problem, because for a quintal of rice, the Government provides Rs.249 regardless of the distance. Some places do not have access to roads, so human labor is needed to carry food grains to the destination. The other dilemma is that the MDM scheme is not entitled to students in the lower classes, (i.e. LKG and UKG children). However, the core problem lies in the delay of fund release from the Nagaland State Government. The Centre has sanctioned 27 crores for 2012-2013, however the state’s share of 2 crore 45 lakh is still in the process of release. The food grains that the Centre provides are only rice. Lentils, vegetables etc are to be bought by the State if they have extra funds. More than 18 crores have not been released by the State government.

trict administration have consulted with the IOC in Dimapur and confirmed that the existing stock will last for two days. The DC further stated that additional stock will be arriving on Wednesday. Meanwhile, the Superintendent of Police, reiterating the DC’s statement said that people should not panic as contrary to rumours vehicular traffic is continuing quite smoothly in NH 29 between Garampani and Dimapur. Police are keeping vigil along the route providing escort and ensuring movement of vehicles, the SP told media persons in the evening.

KOHIMA, AUGUST 6 (DIPR): The Deputy Commissioner of Kohima, W Honje Konyak has appealed to the public not to panic over the reported shortage of petrol/diesel etc in the state capital. He informed that the bandh in Karbi Anglong will not be affecting the supply of fuel, which is usually transported through train services. Meanwhile, a public notice by the CEO, Kohima Municipal Council informed that the ongoing Karbi-Anglong bandh will not have adverse effects on the availability of essential commodities in the market. It said that there is sufficient stock of essential commodi-

ties. It requested not to indulge in panic purchases, as this may create hoarding of essential commodities by unscrupulous traders. All stockist and traders have been directed to sell the commodities as per the rates fixed by KMC, failing which the council said it would take appropriate action against the offenders. It also informed of the availability of LPG (Gas) and petroleum products as per information received from the department of food and civil supplies. It added that sufficient stock of petroleum products are on transit by road and rail and would be available to all the consumers.

Students are seen having their mid day meals at the Merhiilietsa Government Primary School, Kohima. While an admirable scheme to improve the nutritional intake of students, the proper implementation of the MMD has proven to be quiet a handful. (Morung Photo)

and retention of children in schools. MDM sought to provide cooked mid-day meals with a nutritional value of 350 calories and 8-12 grams of protein for the lower primary students (Class I-V) and 700 calories and 20 grams of protein for upper primary students (Class I-VIII). However the food dis-

tributed to the schools under the Common Kitchen tells another story. The schools received biscuits and the occasional cooked peas and grams once or twice a week. “They complain about transportation, cooking expenses, about government not providing the funds etc. The children are supposed

Karbi bandh creates chaos in Dimapur Kohima urged not to panic

DIMAPUR, AUGUST 6 (MExN): The 12-day Karbi-Anglong bandh gave rise to rumors and speculations which resulted in creating panic in Dimapur. Many people were seen flocking to petrol pumps anticipating a slump in supply of fuel. As dusk set in on Tuesday evening, long lines of vehicles were seen queued up in several fuel outlets around town. Policemen carrying out routine security patrols were compelled to intervene in many of the petrol pumps as tempers rose among drivers jostling for space. The district administration, realising the un-

Vehicles line up to fill their tanks at a petrol pump in Dimapur, after imposition of a twelve day Karbi bandh on August 6. (Morung Photo)

precedented rush, stated missioner, Dimapur, on there is sufficient stock of that there is no need for Tuesday evening said that petrol and diesel in Dimapanic. The Deputy Com- people should not panic as pur. The DC said the dis-

Empowering women with right information Chizokho Vero

Jotsoma | August 6


Usain Bolt out to rescue world championships

–Milton Friedman

Mid-Day Meal scheme: remains a handful Kohima | August 6

All your demands will be met. Just give some days and many, many, many years ok?

Tribute paid to martyrs on ‘Sumi Patriots’ Day’

Priyanka takes US by storm


In a bid to create awareness on legal rights and provisions for protection of women, the Nagaland State Commission for Women today organized an awareness campaign on “Statutory Rights of Women” at Kohima Science College, Jotsoma on August 6. The event was attended by around 1400 students, including lecturers of the college. The NSCW in its brochure stated that the lack of awareness regarding laws and provisions have trapped women in different situations. The Commission stressed on the importance for disseminating such information to empower women. The keynote address was delivered by Dr. Temsula Ao, Chairperson of NSCW, while advocate Khrisenuo Kire and Kohima SP, Rothihu Tetseo spoke on the various facets of crimes against women and legislations in place for their protection. Statutory Rights of Women Advocate Khrisenuo Kire informed that the Criminal Law (2nd Amendment) Act, 1983 gives legal recognition to domestic violence by making cruelty inflicted by the husband or relatives an offence and punishable with imprisonment, up to 3 years and also a fine.

Domestic violence Kire informed that around 70% of women in India are victims of domestic violence. The National Crime Records Bureau reveals that a crime against a woman is committed every 3 minutes, a woman is raped every 20 minutes, a dowry death occurs every 77 minutes and 1 case of cruelty committed by either the husband or relative of the husband occurs every 9 minutes. The Domestic Violence Act, 2005 protects the wife or female live-in partner from domestic violence at the hands of the husband or male live-in partner or his relatives. The law also extends protection to all women living in a household. “In our Naga society, we do not literally practice the unlawful dowry system but it has come to light through some cases that demands are made by husbands or his relatives either in cash or kind and if the demand is not met, the wife is ill treated and abused,” she added. She informed that the Act also gives women the right to secure housing, which means that women have a right to reside in the matrimonial or shared household, irrespective of any title or rights in the household. She also said that there is hesitancy amongst women to report against domestic violence. A major reason for this is the patriarchal structure, the stigma attached and misconception that it is al-

most, always the woman’s fault. Police role in safeguarding In this, she said that anybody may women’s rights approach the authority to report Rothihu Tetseo, SP Kohima said such crimes. “Our trust and understanding on law and legal system is still low, and Sexual harassment as a result the effort and action of poKire informed that the Sexual lice go wasted. In many cases people Harassment of Women at Work- prefer to settle the case outside the place (Prevention, Prohibition court which reduces the action of the and Redressal) Act, 2013 ensures police and magistrate to a tempothat women are protected at work rary measure.” He stated that police places against verbal and physical have a major role to play in combatabuse. She said that the Act cov- ing such crimes. A Women Cell was ers students as well as hospital set up in North PS Kohima, where a patients, clients, customers and Sub-Inspector with 20 women podomestic workers from verbal lice is available for 24 hours. One Maand physical harassment. She in- hila Coy also patrols the town for 24 formed that defaulters would in- hours. An Anti-human Trafficking vite penalties or cancellation of Cell is also set up in all district HQs. trade licenses and registration. The SP also informed of numerous legal provisions that are available for Rape protection of women. Kire said that the UN ranks InHe said that most crimes dia among one of the most unsafe against women occur in the eveplaces in the world for women. ning/night in taxis and parties. “How humiliating is that for the Most of the accused are the hanation as a whole?” she lamented. bitual alcohol/drug users, he inShe informed that under the formed. He further said that one Anti-Rape Bill, the minimum sen- should be more vigilant in the evetence for gang rape, rape of a mi- ning or while in taxis. nor or rape by police officers or a He suggested separate rows person in authority will be dou- for women in public transport sysbled to 20 years imprisonment tems and separate taxi service for and can be extended to life im- women, adding that decent dressprisonment without parole. The ing may minimize unwanted inciBill also stipulates death penalty dent and mobile/internet should for repeat rapists and for the first be used for necessity and not as times makes second occurrences luxury, since many violent acts and of voyeurism and stalking as non- illegal marriages are taking place bailable offences. through misuse of mobile/net.






Wednesday 7 August 2013

The Morung Express C

300kgs of ganja seized from two taxis Tribute paid to martyrs

Dimapur, august 6 (mExN): The Narcotic Cell of the Excise department seized 300 kilograms of ganja in transit at Jharnapani, Dimapur on Monday, August 5. According to the Deputy Commissioner (Narcotic Cell), Pitongse Sangtam, the contraband was recovered from two taxis, which were headed towards Dimapur. The drivers of the taxis, identified as Loli Mao (23 years) and Neizo Metha, residents of Mohonkhola and Para-Medical, Kohima, respectively were arrested. The ganja-laden taxis were intercepted at Jharnapani by a team of Narcotic Cell personnel following a tip-off, Sangtam added. Quoting the statement of the two accused, Sangtam said that the duo was approached by one Losii Mao to ferry the contraband to Dimapur. For the service, they were assured Rs. 9000 each. The consignment was loaded somewhere between Kohima and Senapati and the vehicles avoided detection by skirting NH 29 till Kohima. They were supposed to get in touch with an unidentified contact


on ‘Sumi Patriots’ Day’

Dimapur, august 6 (mExN): The ‘Sumi Patriots’ Day’ is observed every year on August 4 commemorating the death anniversary of late General Kaito Sukhai in all the Sumi inhabited areas. This year also the Sumi Hoho at Zunheboto organized the event. A press release issued by Sumi Hoho Secretary, Vihuto Asumi stated that Sumi leaders of all the Sumi Frontal Organizations- Sumi Hoho, Sumi Kukami Hoho, Sumi Totimi Hoho, Sumi Kiphimi Kuqhakulu, Sumi Officers Union Nagaland, others and concerned Sumi elders including HS Rotokha, forThe two accused in the custody of the Excise department in Dimapur on August mer Sumi Hoho president and family members of the 5. They were later forwarded to court. (Morung Photo) martyrs participated in this after crossing Chumukedima but monetary value of the seized contra- occasion. luck ran out as Narcotic Cell person- band is estimated at Rs. 3 lakhs in the The leaders and the famnel got wind of the movement. The illicit drug market. ily members of the martyrs

gathered at the Sumi Patriots’ Memorial Rock, Zunheboto at 8:30 am and paid floral tribute to late General Kaito Sukhai and the Sumi martyrs by placing wreaths and bouquets. After a prayer, the leaders proceeded to the Zunheboto Town Sumi Baptist Church (ZTSBC) to attend the Devotional Service. Hovishe Arkha, President, Sumi Hoho and HK Zhimomi, Speaker, Naga Hoho addressed the congregation. Hovishe Arkha urged the national workers not to be drifted away from the ideals and principles of the founders of the national movement. He lamented that the true spirit of patriotism is somewhere missing with many of our national workers. He said factional killing and violence is not going to lead

us to our destination. He appealed to the cadres to shun factional killings and violence. HK Zhimomi asserted that the Sumis had played a pivotal role in the formation of the national movement in the early 40s and 50s. He reminded the gathering that war at Hoshepu with the Indian armies was the first war of Naga independence where villages like Hoshepu and Khekiye were completely razed to ashes. To the national workers, he questioned, “How can you proclaim that you love your nation when you cannot love your own brother?” He said that the Naga Hoho, Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) and Tribal Hohos are continuously striving to bring peace and unity among the

Naga factions. However, he appealed to the gathering that each and every people to play constructive role in bringing the factional brothers under one umbrella so that Nagas aspirations can be achieved. Dr. Daniel Chishi, Pastor, ZTSBC exhorted the leaders and the congregation from the story of the Moses and the Israelites. After a moment of silence in remembrance and respect of the martyrs, the believers led by the Pastor invoked God’s blessing upon the Sumi leaders, the Naga national workers and the family members of the martyrs. The Hoho express our gratitude to the Pastor and Deacon Board and all the believers of ZTSBC for hosting the programme and the hospitality.

were highlighted by the Planning officer. DEO Peren, Disswang sought the suggestion from the board member as to which department, the evaluation should be undertaken for the current year. After various opinions were debated, the board acceded to allow the department evaluate the Social Welfare department. The deteriorating road conditions were also discussed. The PWD department suggested that road from Mhainamtsi police point to Sukhovi village

which was under Dimapur Division be reverted back to Peren Division. The board approved the proposal and decided to forward the matter to higher authority for consideration. Temporary power supply and water supply to new district headquarter was reviewed where the board urged the concerned department to speed up the arrangement at the earliest. Stationing of Police arms personnel was also deliberated where SP Peren assured the board that, a pla-

toon will be posted as and when shifting takes place. The Deputy Commissioner also reminded the board members about the mass social work to be undertaken in Peren town in collaboration with Indian Red Cross Society on August 8 commencing from 7.00 a.m. In this regard, he requested all Ward Chairmen, Head of offices to take charge of respective wards and offices and added that SDO (C) HQ will be the overall in-charge of the social work.

MLA pays surprise visit to school Peren DPDB approves LADP 2013-14 Staff and faculty contributes from salary for school maintenance Morung Express News Mokokchung | August 6



The deplorable condition of government school buildings in rural Nagaland seem to be all pervasive. Dr. Imtiwapang Aier, MLA from 23 Impur A/C today paid a surprise visit to Kubolong High School, about 25 kilometers from Mokokchung town where he interacted with the students and faculty. The school is the oldest government high school in the constituency, due to celebrate its golden jubilee in 2017. On reaching the school, the visiting MLA straightaway visited the classrooms and interacted with the students before meeting the faculty. Later, while interacting with the faculty, the MLA was informed that the staff and faculty of the school were contributing among themselves ten percent of their salary for the upkeep of the school, as there were no funds available from government sources for the school’s maintenance. The school also lacks the most basic of amenities like lavatory and toilet requisites, neither for the students nor for the staff. The school administration also informed the MLA that there was a shortage of science teacher in the school and requested him to look into it for any possible assistance. The MLA while interacting with the faculty said that he has observed the school building needed major repairing. He also said that he would make it a priority to help the school in all ways possible and help the school celebrate a grant and meaningful golden jubilee. He also encouraged the (Top) Dr. Imtiwapang Aier, MLA interacts with students of Kubolong High teachers to be dedicated and sincere in School (Bottom) The MLA with staffs during his surprise visit to the school their profession and give their best to inculcate quality education to the students. on August 6. (Morung Photos)

Social work in Peren town on August 8

pErEN, august 6 (Dipr): The LADP 201314 for Peren District was approved at the DPDB meeting held on August 6 under the chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner and Vice Chairman DPDB, Senti Ao. The LADP for Tening and Peren got the approval of the DPDB after the details of the programmes

Youth ministering beyond church walls

mokokchuNg, august 6 (mExN): Taking its missions beyond the four walls of the church, the A&B Youth Fellowship of Mokokchung Town Baptist Church undertook a social work at Imkongliba Memorial District Hospital on August 3 and cleaned the hospital premises. The numbering more than twenty people worked until the noon hours and cleaned the hospital. A press release received here today informed that the social work was undertaken to lend their helping hand to the hospital in maintaining a clean and safe environment. “We set out with two objectives; firstly, to encourage the patients, out-patients, the staff and all the workers of the hospital, the necessity and importance of keeping the surrounding of a patient clean. Secondly, to maintain



The family of late REV. DUPORÜ VASA is overwhelmed by the love, support and concern shown towards us in our times of grief and sorrow. Your continued ‘presence’ right from the time of his illness and passing till he made his journey to his final resting place at Dzulhami Village has humbled us profoundly. We are especially indebted to the following churches, organizations and people: Chakhesang Baptist Church Kohima for hosting a warm and emotional send-off service in honour of our beloved father, the public of Chozuba Town for the grand reception of his mortal remains, the Chozuba Town Baptist Church for generously hosting the funeral service, the Dzulhami Villagers and Dzulhami Baptist Church for the grand funeral reception and for the remarkable gesture of allowing a place in the heart of the village to be used as his final resting place, the Khonoma Baptist Church, SABAK, CBCC, NBCC, CRC PR Hill, CBCMH, DCF, Sepfuzou dwellers, OrDIED ON 16 JULY 2013 dained Ministers’ Fellowship, RD officers and staff, Speaker, NLA; Minister for PWD; Parliamentary Secretary Higher Education and SCERT; DGP, Nagaland for paying heartfelt tributes to his life and work. A special mention must be made for the doctors and nurses of Bethel Medical Centre, Kohima for their tireless supervision and care for our late father till the very final moments of his life. The presence of his contemporaries and the word of encouragement rendered to us are ever the greatest source of solace and comfort to us all. Last but not the least, the many well wishers who stood by us, rendering their best through moral, financial and material support, and heartfelt prayers. We humbly admit our constraints for being unable to mention the names of each and every one of you. Nevertheless, through this message, we want to say that we value all your noble deeds. We firmly believe and sincerely trust in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ for His wonderful grace and blessings upon you all. Children, grandchildren, and all family members. Thank you once again.


Youth leaders from A&B Youth Fellowship, Mokokchung at the IMDH, Mokokchung on August 3.

a good relationship with the hospital authorities as well as the rest of the staffs working in the hospital,” stated the press release. Besides it also informed that the youths had “two main missions” of cleaning the hospital premises of the overgrown weeds and grasses and ‘to repair the water reserviour tank that

Mangkolemba SDPDB centers on road development

maNgkolEmba, august 6 (Dipr): The monthly Mangkolemba SDPDB meeting was held at DBs Court Hall on August 6 under the chairmanship of Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture, Dr. Benjongliba. MLA & Advisor NBDA, Dr. Longrineken also attended the meeting. Concerning Longchem PHC approach road, Dr. Benjongliba said that he would find the resources for the PHC approach road. Improvement of Longchem town road, Establishment of Yajang (C) school and road construction from Yajang (C) (Milak Bridge) to Mang-


kolemba were also discussed. Dr. Benjongliba requested all SDPDB members to attend the meeting regularly stating that it is important for the subdivision and also asked them to bring more agenda in the next meeting. EE PWD, Along shared the shortage of road’s fund and EAC Longchem, Lanurenla Longkumer also informed that government wanted to provide bus service for Longchem area but due to road condition the Government could not implement it. She further requested the concernedauthoritytoseethe condition of road from Mangkolemba to Longchem.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Through this column, we the bereaved family members express our profound gratitude to one and all who stood by us through prayer and supported us physically, materially and financially during untimely and sudden demise of beloved Late. KÜVEZOLÜ NIENU on 1st August 2013 at Phek Village. We would like to convey our special thanks to: 1. Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Phek 2. CYE, PVBC 3. Phek Students’ Union 4. Phek Sports Association 5. GHS, Phek Village 6. BMHS, Phek Village 7. New Life School, Phek Village 8. Ketuzou Khel, Phek Village We regret our inability to mention each and everyone individually, but it is our fervent prayer that God the Almighty bless you all abundantly. -Loving, Dad, Mum, Bros, Sis & relatives

was being used for the patients’. “Hospitalized patients are more prone to infections and hence a good water storage is the basic requirement of good health,” the release highlighted. Saying that ‘good hospital hygiene and clean environment is vital to every hospital’, the release as-

serted that “one should be vigilant enough to see that the hospital needs more workers to do the needful”. In this connection, the A&B Youth Fellowship ‘pleaded the government takes steps in allotting more workers in order to keep the hospital infectionfree and also to maintain a clean environment’.


MEx File

District Welfare Officer informs on pension Dimapur, august 6 (mExN): The beneficiaries availing handicap pension, blind pension, IGNDPS and widow pension are directed to collect their pension from the office of the District Welfare Officer/DPO Dimapur, 4th Mile from August 12. This was informed in a press release issued by DWO Dimapur Tulula Pongen.

Kangching Buhu Union meeting

Dimapur, august 6 (mExN): All the members of Kangching Buhu Union Dimapur are informed that a general meeting will be held on August 9 at 10:00 am at the residence of T Longshak, DGM, Union Treasurer, Khermahal Dimapur. All the members are requested to attend the meeting without fail.

Lankmark Colony social work on Aug 10

Diampur, august 6 (mExN): All the residents of Lankmark Colony are informed that there will be a mass social work in the colony on August 10 starting 6:00 am. All the residents have been requested to clean their surroundings in order to keep the colony eco-friendly. The colony council has warned that the defaulters will be sternly dealt with as per the executive council resolution on July 27, 2013. The council further reminded all its executive members to assemble at Children’s Park at 5:30 am to jointly monitor/ verify the social work.

Naval recruitment drive at Kohima

kohima, august 6 (mExN): The Navy will be conducting recruitment for the post of Sailor (Class Twelve Science entry), Cook, Steward (Matric entry) and Topass (Class 6), at Kohima on September 27 from 6:00 am onwards. A team from the Directorate of Manpower Planning & Recruitment (DMPR) of the Integrated HQ of Ministry of Defence (Navy) will conduct the Recruitment Drive. Lt. Col. Emron Musavi, Defence PRO,Kohima has informed in a press release that the venue of the Recruitment Drive is the 19 Assam Rifles Ground at Kohima.



The Morung express

Wednesday 7 August 2013



UNC to intensify protest over Alt Arrangement DIMAPUR, AUGUST 6 (MExN): A 48 hour’s total bandh will be observed in Naga areas in Manipur from the midnight of August 11 to midnight of August 13. Medical services, fire-brigade, media, power and telecommunication departments and observation of Bolbum ritual will be exempted from the purview of the total bandh.

This was stated in a press note issued by the Publicity Wing of the UNC and was part of the resolutions adopted during the Presidential Council meeting of the UNC which was held at Tahamzam on August 5. The Council meeting which was attended by all the Regional and Naga frontal organisations took strong exception to what was described as “the lack of respect for the democratic process of dialogue by the GoI and the GoM which had been put in place at the instance of the GoI”. The UNC statement in

particular noted the “non receipt of response from the Government of India (GoI) to the submission of the UNC dated 15th July, 2013 for indicating the date for the next round (6th) of tripartite talk of the GoI, Government of Manipur and the Nagas on the demand for an alternative arrangement outside the GoM”. The UNC expressed unhappiness over the delay in convening the 6th round of talk even after lapse of more than 5 months since the last talk, which concluded with assurance for convening the next round

at an early date. The UNC stated that this “reflects insincerity and lack of seriousness of the GoI in taking forward the dialogue process that it has initiated, to its logical conclusion”. Therefore in protest against the lack of respect and seriousness in upholding the democratic process of dialogue and to urge the GoI for immediate intervention pending settlement of the Indo-Naga issue, the Presidential Council decided on resolutions which included the 48 hour’s bandh and also pointing out that the Naga

people will abstain from participation in the 66th Indian Independence Day celebration. Further there will be a ban on all construction works of Central Projects such as the Trans-Asian Railway line and Power Grid line. All concerned tribe should also be vigilant and disallow the arbitrary boundary fencing being taken up on the Indo-Burma borders which seeks to disintegrate or barter away Naga areas, it stated. The issue on census/ delimitation and denial of representation being

GUwAhATI, AUGUST 6 (PTI): National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has taken suo motu cognisance of injuries to 12 students due to alleged ragging in a government-run residential school in Assam's Chirang district. NHRC issued notices to the secretary to Assam Elementary and School Education, deputy commissioner and police superintendent of Chirang district calling for reports within four weeks, a statement said today. It has also asked the deputy commissioner to inform the Commission of the health status of the injured students. At least 12 students were injured recently due to alleged ragging by seniors in the governmentrun Navodaya School in Chirang. Four of them reported broken bones.

ShIlloNG, AUGUST 6 (IANS): Encouraged by the Congress and the UPA coalition's endorsement for Telangana state July 30, the demand for Garoland reverberated in the Garo Hills Tuesday. The Garo Hills State Movement Committee (GHSMC) -- a conglomeration of several Garo organisations, including the Garo National Council (GNC), a regional political party -- Tuesday began their two-day sit-in protest in front of the deputy commissioner's office in all the five district headquarters of Garo Hills demanding Garoland state. "We have been fighting for Garoland for a very long time. Our statehood demand is on the linguistic lines of the States Reorganisations Act, 1965 and the government must concede our demand," general secretary Augustine Marak told IANS.

"If the government can give Telangana for the Telugu-speaking people of that state, why can't it create Garoland for the Garos. We (Garos) will not sit idle and will continue to strive forward till the government creates a separate Garoland," Marak added. The committee has announced a dawn-to-dusk shutdown in the entire five districts of Garo hills Aug 8 to further mount pressure on the government. Meghalaya became an autonomous state in 1971 and a full-fledged state Jan 21, 1972. The GNC, one of the oldest regional political parties, has been demanding creation of Garoland for over two decades. It has one member in the 60-member state assembly. The Garo National Liberation Army, a rebel group, is also fighting for Garoland. Meanwhile, the Achik

National Volunteers Council, currently observing a tripartite ceasefire with the central and the state governments, has scaled

down its demand for a separate Garoland state to an autonomous council like the Bodoland Territorial Council.

NHRC takes notice of ragging in Assam school

Protest in Meghalaya for Garoland

Former Mizo rebels to release book on ‘atrocities’ in Mizoram

implement in full all the terms in the Peace Accord. Ex-MNA leaders said the Centre had promised a separate High Court for Mizoram and to cease all the pending cases during the insurgency, but these have not been fulfilled even after a span of 26 years. The governor allegedly replied that Mizoram does not need a separate high court as of now as not many cases are there to deal with. He asked the Ex-MNA leaders whether they would go back to jungle, to which the Association leaders replied: “We won’t as of now; but if there is second uprising due to non-fulfilment of the promises in the Peace Accord, then the party with whom we have signed the Accord shall be responsible. The Mizo people shall not be responsible,” said C Zama. The leaders of Ex-MNA said that they could not understand why three of their colleagues still have cases in Manipur, while the Accord promised to lift all such cases related to the then insurgency movement.

The Seasonal Club of Mokokchung would like to convey our heartiest congratulations to S. Bendangnukshi Jamir, a bona fide member of this Club, nicknamed “Kalachor” within the Club’s circle, for having selected by the Badminton Association of India (BAI) to participate in the 5th Badminton World Senior Championships to be held at Ankara, Turkey in the second week of September 2013, along with K. Kire, the former DGP Nagaland, representing India under certain categories. Members of the Seasonal Club wishes him and his partner great success and pray that they would bring laurels to the country and more particularly to Nagaland. “Well done, Kala. We are all proud of you and wishing you all the best. It would be another feather in the cap of SCM”. Apong Pongener President Seasonal Club, Mokokchung

Arise & Shine – Isa 60:1


CLAIM KOHIMA FOR CHRIST Time: 7: 00 AM – 12:00 Noon Place: Chapel Hall, Kohima Bible College

VACANCIES 1) Registered BSc Staff Nurse 2) Diploma in Optometry from recognized institution (preferably CMAI approved). Candidates should submit the prescribed application form along with their supporting documents by 19th August 2013. Application form can be downloaded from our And address it to The HR Department, Christian Institute of Health Sciences and Research, 4th Mile, Dimapur-797112 Or e-mail Contact Number: 03862-242555 (Extn no. 2209)



Dated Kohima, the 5th August, 2013


In pursuance to the Nagaland Public Service Commission Advertisement No. NPSC-2/2012 Dated 5th July, 2012 and with reference to the Commission’s Notification of even no dated 22.05.2012, the Commission is pleased to declare the complementary results of the following successful candidates of NCS, NPS, NSS & Allied Services-2012 under BT reservation for Zeliang tribe (BDO-1 Post, SA-2 Posts, Economic Investigator-1 Post) subject to outcome of verification of the indigenous inhabitant/BT certificates of the candidates. Roll No.

Post & Department


BDO (Block Development Officer) Cl-I Gazetted, under Rural Development Department Secretariat Assistant (Cl-III Non-Gazetted), under Personnel & Administrative Reforms Department Secretariat Assistant (Cl-III Non-Gazetted), under Personnel & Administrative Reforms Department Economic Investigator (Cl-III Non-Gazetted), under Industries & Commerce Department










7:00 AM -12:00 PM 12: 00-12:30 PM 12: 45 PM 3:00 PM


NO. DTE/ ESTT-108/2013

Dt. Kohima, the


Aug. ’2013.

In continuation of this office letter even No. dated 18 July 2013 the last date for submission of applications from the interested candidates belonging to Indigenous schedule tribes of Nagaland to undergo 1(one) year training at Vision University College of Jeonju, South Korea, in the branches of Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Automotive Engineering, has been extended to 27th Aug, 2013, under the following criteria laid down: 1. Eligibility : Diploma with 3(three) years/Degree 4(four) years pass out from recognized Institute approved by AICTE, in the relevant branch with 55% pass percentage and above. 2. Age Limit : 18-25 years 3. Selected Students will have to undergo 6(six) months Korean language training at Dimapur, starting from Sept’2013 4. Candidates should be willing to serve any where in the world after one year training at Korea. 5. The total cost for training including to & fro flight fare from Dimapur to South Korea per head is Rs.3, 47,000/- of which 25% of fees is to be borne by the students. 6. The expenses for boarding and lodging during six months Korean language training at Dimapur shall be borne by the Students. 7. The registration fee of Rs. 10,000/- shall be collected from the selected candidates which will be refundable after the successful completion of Korean language training. Application with complete bio-data, correspondence with Tel/mobile, email etc, along with attested Photostat qualification certificates from HSLC onwards should reach the Deputy Director, Technical Education latest by 27th Aug’2013 during office hours. Any queries may be enquired from Deputy Director, Technical Education at Phone No. 0370-2270409. th

(A.KATHIPRI) Director


High Court Site

Ps Velavoyi, Phezoucha Nagamese BC

AG & Lierie

Ps Azahto, New Life Church

KMC Dumping site

Ps Rukuo, Flames of Fire Church

Forest & Cathedral

Nungsang, New Covenant Church


Mhasi Z Krose, The Crossmission

Kohima Village (D Khel & L Khel)

Rev Zotuo Kiewhuo, Koinonia Baptist Church

War cemetery & Paramedical

Rev Ashok, Messiah Reigns, D Block





Dated Kohima 5th Aug '13

NOTICE Inviting creative artists to design the 'Logo' for the 'Hornbill International Rock Contest 2013', to be hosted during the forthcoming Hornbill Festival 2013. The contest enlarges the tradition of the Hornbill National Rock Contest by progressing into the international arena. Still respected for offering the highest Prize money for this genre of music in the country; a shared belief, that our Naga musicians are ready for wider and better opportunities. (i) There shall be no bar to the number of designs submitted by any individual(s)/ organisation. (ii) Supporting hard and soft copies of the creatives along with explanatory notes towards the concept must be annexed along with the design. (iii) The exclusive rights for the use of the approved design shall implicitly be conveyed to the Music Task Force (YRS) upon submission by the authors. (iv) Rs. 10,000/- (Rupees ten thousand) only shall be awarded to the author(s) of the approved design. The creatives may kindly be submitted to the Office of the undersigned on or before the 14th August 2013. (G. Sema) Project Director

For all category of posts where BT reservation for Zeliang tribe exists, the inter-se merit for the purpose of seniority shall be specified in the nomination letter to the user Department. Sd/- SARAH R. RITSE Secretary, Nagaland Public Service Commission, Kohima

: Prayer Sessions : Tea Break : Departure to the Designated Locations/Prayer Walk : Thanksgiving Prayer at Kohima Local Ground.


Moa S Longkumer Secretary Seasonal Club, Mokokchung


KAzIRANGA, AUGUST 6 (PTI): An elephant calf, which fell into a ditch in a tea estate, has been rescued and reunited with its herd in Assam's Golaghat district, forest officials said today. A onemonth-old male calf fell into a ditch in the Numalighur Tea Estate when a herd comprising 38 elephants was crossing the area last week. A team of forest guards and officials led by Pratap Saikia, officer of Numaligarh Beat under Golaghat Territorial Division, rushed to the spot and spotted the calf with the herd waiting at a distance. "To disperse the herd, we used whistles, burst fire crackers and fired in the air and finally lifted the calf," Saikia said. As the calf had no injury, the team left it near the herd of the elephants who took it along with them.



Christian Institute of Health Sciences & Research, 4th Mile, Dimapur

Sl. Name No. 1. ITEISING

N.B. Hostel available for Both Boys and Girls.


Chief Guest Venue Date Time


AIzAwl, AUGUST 6 (AGENCIES): The ExMizo National Army Association is planning to organize a protest rally in Aizawl on August 8 to protest against the “non-implementation’’ of all the promises made in the Mizoram Accord between the Centre and the Mizo National Front in 1986 even as it is planning an explosive book on ”atrocities’ in Mizoram. The members are also said to be against the Mizoram Governor’s “unfavourable’’ reply to the association when they approached for help to seek the Central government’s intervention for addressing their grievances. The association has accused the governor of looking down the Mizo people because of his hostile response. According to Ex-MNA Treasurer C Zama, on July 16, leaders of Ex-MNA met the Governor at the Raj Bhavan, and discussed with him the memorandum submitted to the President, Prime Minister, UPA Chairperson and Home Secretary. The governor was then asked to follow-up these so that the Central government may

spearheaded by the NPO wards making the protest lating the above strictures will be supported by all programme peaceful and would be doing so at their tribes/organisations, stat- violence free. Anybody vio- own risk, stated the UNC. ed the UNC. Further, all tribe/organisation should refrain from diluting the political position of the people with regard to severance of ties with the GoM Admission Started:and to uphold the people’s 1. Coaching for Repeaters. decision in letter and spirit. Class – 10 (All Subjects) The Council also decidClass – 12 (Sci., Arts & Comm.). ed that the peoples’ move2. NPSC Prelim (Crash Course-2013). ment for their democratic 3. NPSC/ UPSC, NCS (Prelim-2014) SSC and Bankrights will be intensified ing etc. 4. Entrance Coaching for JEE & NEET - 2014. in consonance with the in5. Computer Courses (Basic, Diploma & PGDCA). tervention of the GoI. The 6. Spoken English & Hindi. UNC has solicited the coContact: operation and goodwill Ph. 0370-2241518, 9863143390, 9436830040 of the general public to-


48 hours total bandh called from Aug 11, to boycott I-Day celebration


: Shri R. Tohanba Parliamentary Secretary CAWD, Nagaland : The Heritage Complex : 8 Aug. 2013 : 10: 00 AM

Chairperson 1. Invocation 2. Welcome Speech 3. Metumneo Significance 4. Special No.

5. Short Speeches

6. Folk Song 7. Speech 8. Word of thanks 9. Benediction

: John : Longri Pastor YBCK : President YSUK : Muremong Treasurer YSUK : Ms. Tsurila Women Co-ordinator YSUK (a) Kekongchim V/P ENPO (b) Thinglichem P/ENPUK (c) H. Mukam Advocate (d) President ENSUK : Culture Troops YWOK : Chief Guest : G/Secretary YSUK : Mrs. Yinsola W/pastor Followed by Lunch




public discoursE

Wednesday 7 August 2013

Onion prices could touch Rs 100

Vadodara, august 6 (Bs): Onion prices are once again on the boil as retail prices are set to hit the roof from the current level of Rs 70-80 per kg quoted at different retail markets. Traders and officials are not ruling out possibilities of retail prices touching Rs.100 per kg. At the Azadpur Mandi in Delhi, the wholesale market prices quoted at Rs 3,250 per quintal, high-

er from Rs 2,650-2,800 a week back. “The jump in wholesale prices is reflected as a sharp increase in the retail prices. Though we do not compile retail price data, but the prices at various retail vendors in Delhi is almost 2-2.5 times of what sis quoted in the wholesale market,” said a source at Azadpur market. Even as arrivals remain fluctuating, onion prices have started head-

birThday grEETing

Dearest Darling Kuyi Khamo, Happy First birthday. You mean so much to the whole family. You are our little angel and our Super Star. Happy Birthday. With Lots of Love and blessings, Mom, Dad, Grandparents and loved ones

NPCC rejoinder to Home Minister

Darling’s Dementia

ing north. The prices have surged by more than three times since April this year, while arrivals have declined from around 18,600 quintals to around 7500 quintals amid rising demand. Notably, as compared with last year, onion arrivals have dropped to one third. The data by National Horticultural Research and Development Foundation (NHRDF) showed that onion arrivals at Lasalgaon market – India’s largest onion market stood at 7540 quintal yesterday, as compared to 22,430 quintal in the same month last year. “The price rise in Lasalgaon is reflected in other markets. And there is possibility of further increase in prices till the fresh stocks arrive in the market by the end of this month,” said a market expert.


he NPF led DAN govt and more particularly Home Minister G Kaito Aye has been deliberately or ignorantly “missing the woods for the trees,” when it comes to tackling law and order problem by repeatedly asserting that the state govt has nothing to do with factional clashes. Failing to realize that majority of factional clashes happens in civilian populated areas thereby putting lives of public at great peril; the state govt has failed in its bounden duty to protect the rights of its citizens and instead legitimized the violence and illegal activities that continues to grip the state. Perhaps for the first time in the history of the country, the state Home Minister has gone on record to state the inability of the state govt to curb the UG group’s related violence and also repeat-

Lovisenla Darling Mom packs her belongings in poly bags Suitcases would only slow down her wanderings Dragging her once agile feet Awaits an auto rickshaw for a destination unknown It’s always getting late, her sun sets too soon Rushing us into the night Dementia can’t have her without a fight! Our lone hope is the Bright Morning Star Gnarled body cradles her radiant spirit She smiles as her memories paint dying dreams She only feels Love Longing to be home Tears fall like stars Darling Mom, He will carry us Home.


The distribution of the photocopied comics encourages local debate in the society and unlike the mainstream comics, grassroots comics can be pasted in several locations such as the village’s meeting place, bus stops, shops, offices, schools, on notice-boards and electricity poles or even on trees. World Comics India The credit for Grassroots Comics really belongs to Sharad Sharma, who began as a political cartoonist in Rajasthan and eventually developed the medium for spreading awareness on social issues through illustrations. This gave birth to World Comics India, an organization based in Delhi that has inspired the world over to use comics as a tool in telling stories. With its roots in India, Grassroots Comics has pretty much been adopted in other parts of the world including Tanzania, Mozambique, Brazil, Lebanon, UK, Finland, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka. These countries have numerous nongovernmental organization activists, institutes, government departments and several individuals using grassroots comics to voice their issues. As per the information given in their World Comics India website, around 500 comics workshops have been organized so far. Significantly, most of these workshops were organized in remote and conflict areas of South Asia for activists working in NGOs and involved with various movements working in the area of Human Rights, Children’s Rights, Farmer’s issue, Tribal’s Rights, Youth Issues, Disability, Peace & Conflict. Apart from these, a number of Mass Communication, Journalism and M.A in Social

edly advocating for counseling of UG cadres of different factions by the state police to curb factional violence. This has exposed the mindset of the Home Minister and the NPF govt who have already abdicated their responsibility to govern the state long time ago. The mushrooming of various groups and organizations who have flourished at the expense of the public misery will be the legacy of the NPF. Instead of questioning the congress for bringing out the ground realities faced by the people, the Home Minister should understand that one cannot “run with the hares and hunt with the hounds,” when it comes to matters of governance. In addition to factional clashes at public places, the unabated taxations imposed by various organizations which

include state govt agencies and UG groups purely falls under the purview of law and order problem. However, the Home minister to cover up his helplessness, opines that these are political issues to simply wash off his hands from the plight of the people. The present situation therefore calls for a firm hand to come down heavily on nefarious elements that are destroying the fabric of the state. If the Home Minister and the NPF govt repeatedly stress their argument on the present lawlessness situation arising out of their inability to differentiate political problem with law and order problem, then they have no moral right to occupy the seat of govt for which they have been mandated by the people to govern the state. Issued by Media Cell, NPCC

The importance of Constitutional Rights

Grassroots Comics, giving voice to the common people

rassroots Comics is a relatively new concept that has emerged as a powerful medium for the rural community to give voice to issues concerning them. It is a tool for delivering socially relevant messages to the society by the common masses themselves. While comics are more commonly found in daily newspapers as a professional means or more often, been looked up only as books for children’s reading, Grassroots Comics give voice for the common people to not only create comics on their own stories but also on issues close to them. Therefore, Grassroots Comics, as a medium stands out distinctly from mainstream comics for its nature of being created by the common masses and do not necessarily have to be created by artists but by people who are socially aware. Also termed as one of the most popular communication tool for several organizations and people’s movement, grassroots comic is further known for giving new direction to representation of silences, thereby creating a revolution in itself. The beginning of this movement can be traced back to the late nineties when a group of likeminded people comprising of cartoonists, development journalists and activists conceived the novel idea as a means of using their skills beyond their livelihood and betterment of the society. The medium was well received particularly in those areas with low literacy rates as the stories communicated through this platform were their very own and also because grassroots comics are inexpensive and simple. All you need is your imagination, a pen, paper and access to a photocopy machine for further dissemination.

The Morung Express

Work students have also been trained in such workshops. World Comics India has further set foot in Kashmir University, Marathwada University, Kushabhau Thakre University-Raipur, Tezpur University, Delhi University, Mumbai University, Gauhati University, Mizoram University among others. Grassroots Comic Making Workshop in Nagaland Grassroots Comic Making Workshop will feature as an interesting run-up event to the Kohima Summit this August with India Water Portal as the main partner. The three day workshop to be held from 27th to 29th August, 2013 at Jubilee Memorial Hall, will give the opportunity to young people to explore the innovative medium and express themselves through comic strips. The Sustainable Development Forum Nagaland (SDFN) believes that this will be an interesting way to get the youth to talk or express their opinions. The workshop is focused on the youth who have interest in issues of development and are further drawn towards making their ideas known in their area of influence. Although the number of participants is limited to twenty, if the grassroots comic making workshop is a success, more of such workshop is on the pipeline by way of training trainers in order to explore the medium for the betterment of the society. The one-of-a-kind workshop will discuss on the focus of the campaign, followed by construction of comics through visual storytelling and added texts, creating storylines and characters on the chosen focus, etc. Media Cell, SDFN


his Writer was involved in drafting the Constitution of (NTC) ‘Nagaland Tribes Council’ of the aboriginal Naga Tribes of Nagaland. Our Committee consisted of five Members of different shades of political thoughts, Centre-Right and Centre-Left, Centre-Up, Centre-Down or even One Member who has a Centre but without a Circle which happens in the Nagas politics sometimes: but our Minds were united single minded, focused solely for the Interest of the Aboriginal Naga Tribes of Nagaland covered by Article 371A. We endeavored whole heartedly to the best of our ability with give-and-take to frame a Constitution to: i. Protect, and ii. Preserve democratically, the Interest of the Nagaland Tribes for all time to come. All our intensions and purposes were directed singularly to produce a Constitution to that purpose. Article 371A of the Constitution of India already gives very vital protection to the Rights of the Nagas of Nagaland. The Rights the Indian Constitution gives to the Nagas of Nagaland, is greater than what the NTC Constitution gives; only now do Nagas covet the preciousness of it. It is like a gemstone in the midst of ordinary Stones. No wonder Nagas of everywhere want to share it. The Article 371A provides: “special provision with respect to the State of Nagaland” and begins with Sub-Clause (1) saying: “Notwithstanding anything in this Constitution, (a) no act of Parliament in respect of: (i) Religious or social practices of the Nagas, (ii)Naga customary law and procedure, (iii)Administration of civil and criminal justice involving decision according to Naga customary law, (iv) Ownership and transfer of land and its resources, shall apply to the State of Nagaland unless the Legislative Assembly of Nagaland by a resolution so decides”. No other of India’s possibly 29 States have such an unprecedented comparable Constitutional Protection. This protection came out of the 16-Point Agreement the Naga People’s Convention (NPC)

made with the Government of India. This Agreement was signed between Jawaharlal Nehru, the Prime Minister of India and the Representative of Naga People’s Convention. Article 371A was scripted not by the Representatives of the Naga People’s Convention; it was scripted by Indian Government legal Experts and it is here that Nagaland appreciates the concern the Nehru Government had for the Nagas. However it is not only the big heartedness of the Nehru Government or the earnestness of the Naga People’s Conference alone, but it is mainly because of the historical Rights of the Nagas prior to 1963 under the Naga Institution of the Naga National Council that has influenced the Government of India to recognize the Naga Rights. It is not for nothing that Nagas got their Rights recorded in the Constitution of India. Every younger generation of Nagas need to remember this and hold his/her head high up in pride and thankfulness for the sacrifices the older uneducated generations that gave for their Tomorrow. If the Authors perception is correct, some educated Nagas today seem to have a little hesitation to fully and strongly claim the Nagas Rights in the Constitution of India in Article 371A. It is for this that this Writer is scripting this wretched writing. Remember, the Article was framed by legal experts of the Government of India and not by Nagas; rightly or wrongly the Rights are recorded in the sacred Constitution of India; Nagaland is happy and grateful to the Government of India, but Nagaland did not get what it did not deserve. Nagaland feels it has the democratic Right to have a life outside the Constitution of India. Its history indicates, but whether separately or jointly, Nagaland would do well to have very close connection with India. Without civilized democratic Neighbors; tiny Luxemburg perhaps cannot live. This does not mean Nagaland should hesitate in forcefully assert what its Rights are in the Constitution of India: Nothing less, nothing more democratically and Nagaland has that. Thepfulhouvi Solo

Readers may please note that the contents of the articles, letters and opinions published do not reflect the outlook of this paper nor of the Editor in any form. DiMaPuR Civil Hospital:

Simple Rules - There is just one simple rule: “Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box co ntains the digits 1 through 9.”

SUDOKU Game Number # 2610


Answer Number # 2609

STD CODE: 03862

Metro Hospital: Faith Hospital: Shamrock Hospital Zion Hospital: Police Control Room Police Traffic Control East Police Station West Police Station CIHSR (Referral Hospital) Dimapur hospital Apollo Hospital Info Centre: Railway: Indian Airlines Northeast Shuttles Chumukedima Fire Brigade Nikos Hospital and Research Centre Nagaland Multispecialty Health & Research Centre


Police Control Room: North Police Station: South Police Station: Fire Brigade: Naga Hospital: Oking Hospital: Bethel Nursing Home:

232224; Emergency229529, 229474 227930, 231081 233044, 228846 228254 231864, 230889 228400 232106 227607, 228400 232181 242555/ 242533 224041, 285117, 248011 230695/9402435652 131/228404 229366 22232 282777 232032, 231031 248302, 09856006026

STD CODE: 0370

Northeast Shuttles

100/2244279 2222222 2222111 2222952 2222916 2243339 2224202


RANdom WoRds











































B T w E R P u T u S u L O w w i

K i D S O n L y R n S L y a a P


u M u a M g E a E T i E R L i C


n a M C h a n g E g h R R C T u

D E B K R D i Q h M O i a D E h

E R R D O n ‘ T y D w J M T R E


R C E M L i h E T E M a i L C a

T S L a R O D i R E C T O R n R


O n L T u M V K i S S T y O u T

n R a S O n E E u S i S T E R B

n i E V K T O u R x u P T E E E


T h i S C R i P T T R i n g O a

E E E y n h u n T E R n P Q h T


L T g O T y B a g n i D D E w T

L E R n S T a g E R i g h T C h

n R a B D a T E h E a R T S L E

ACROSS 1. Cavalry weapon 6. Bogus 10. not yours 14. wash out with a solvent 15. whimper 16. False god 17. anklebone 18. at one time (archaic) 19. Prepare for action 20. a type of judge 22. Schnozzola 23. Slave 24. Chemical cousin 26. Lion sound 30. Large flightless bird 31. Bamboozle 32. a single time 33. wicked 35. greek letter 39. Rigidify 41. Citadel 43. alpine call 44. as a result 46. nipple 47. Regret 49. antlered animal 50. Terminates 51. a triangular fore-andaft sail 54. away from the wind

56. not closed 57. a shortened version 63. a division of a hospital 64. Spouse 65. gossip 66. Beige 67. Biblical garden 68. Leave out 69. 500 sheets 70. gave temporarily 71. Brusque

DOWN 1. Bristle 2. winglike 3. Electric light 4. Decorative case 5. Relaxes 6. a type of mint 7. injurious 8. as well 9. System of weights and measures 10. Mediterranean woody annual plant 11. Manner of speaking 12. Like the Vikings 13. Church officer 21. One of the Canterbury pilgrims 25. Mats of grass 26. Optimistic

27. Savvy about 28. Corrosive 29. a popular vote by the electorate 34. Exuberant 36. Mortgage 37. Tailless amphibian 38. Picnic insects 40. Chimney channel 42. Requested 45. Cheer 48. hard glossy coating 51. not upper 52. Quickly 53. Latin name for our planet 55. Everglades bird 58. invited 59. Stubborn beast 60. arab chieftain 61. gestures of assent 62. Tall woody plant

Ans to CrossWord 2621

CHUMUKEDIMA: 03862-282777/101 (O) 9436012949 (OC) WOKHA: 03860-242215 (O) 9402643782 MOKOKCHUNG: 0369-2226225/101 (O) 9856872011 (OC) PHEK: 03865-223838/101 (O) 9402003086 (OC)

MON: 03869-290629/101 (O) 9856248962/ 9612805461 (OC)

Toll free No. 1098 childline


DIMAPUR: 03862-232201/101 (O) 9436601225 (OC)

TUENSANG: 03861-220256/101 (O) 8974322879



KOHIMA: 0370-2222952/101 (O) 9436062098 (OC)

ZUNHEBOTO: 03867-220444/101 (O) 9856158740 (OC)




STD CODE: 0369

Police Station 1: Police Station 2 :

2226241 2226214

Civil Hospital: Woodland Nursing Home: Hotel Metsüpen (Tourist Lodge):

2226216 2226263 2226373/2229343

TAHAMzAM (formerly Senapati) STD CODE: 03871 Police Station: Fire Brigade

222246 222491


























For details & Test drive Contact: Urban Station, Near NSC Petrol Pump, 6th Mile Dimapur. Ph No : 240994 CuRREnCy ExChangE CuRREnCy nOTES BUY(Rs) SELL(Rs) US Dollars Sterling Pound Hong Kong Dollar

61.16 93.47 7.87

61.59 94.76 7.95

Australian Dollar



Singapore Dollar Canadian Dollar Japanese Yen

48.19 58.83 62.13

48.76 59.54 62.88





The Morung Express

Wednesday 7 August 2013


Truckload of ImFl seized DIMAPUR, AUGUST 6 (MExN): A truckload of illicit liquor was caught in Dimapur on August 5. The consignment containing 805 cases of assorted IMFL brands was recovered from a truck at Purana Bazaar while in transit. A press statement from the Additional Superintendent of Police stated that the liquor was smuggled into Dimapur for distribution to other districts. The driver of the truck identified as Md. Bibi Shah has been arrested.

The IMFL laden truck caught at Purana Bazaar on August 5.

Three arrested for hijacking goods carrier In a joint operation carried by Assam and Dimapur police, three persons were arrested in Dimapur on August 5 in connection with a truck hijacking case registered at Gorchuk Police Station, Guwahati. According to the statement from the ASP, the truck

carrying a consignment of ‘Goodknight’ mosquito repellents was hijacked near Jorabat after the driver was drugged unconscious. The stolen goods were later tracked down to Dimapur. “Dimapur Police acting on a requisition for assistance into the investigation of the case along with a team Assam Police arrested three persons from Dimapur who had received the stolen goods on 5th Aug 2013,” said the statement. The arrested individuals were identified as Sanjay Kumar Jain, Ram Kishan Agarwal and Pankaj Kumar Jain. It was further stated that the stolen items were found being sold in the market. The retailers told police that they procured it from one Setho, son of Binat Deb, resident of NST colony, Dimapur, who is absconding. Investigation is on to nab the absconding Setho, it was added.

Aier’s Enclave. The contestants are primarily between the ages of 18 and 29. “They (contestants) have been shortlisted on the basis of good looks, athletic body, intelligence and who has emboldened social problems,” stated I Alempokba. Meanwhile, as a personal message to aspiring young models, he said, “Eat right, think right, and live right.” The Mister International India 2013 will be offered a one time lead role in Bollywood movie under Find Studioz production house.

He will also represent India at Mister International 2013 contest slated to be held in Jakarta, Indonesia later this year. Adang Imsong choreographer based in Mumbai will be directing, choreographing and hosting (along with Asola) the show. Others include T Lima as secretary, Avi Lotha as chief co-ordinator, Walo Keppen and Tosovi Kiso as executives. The event is being cosponsored by Spill Lounge owner Tito Yepthomi, and Premier Rio showroom owner Feroze Khan.

All is well at Mister International India 2013 preparation DIMAPUR, AUGUST 6 (MExN): With just four days left for the much talked about grand finale of Mister International India 2013 on August 10, the organizers and the ground workers seemed undeterred by anything that might pose as a challenge to the show. Speaking to media persons at Aier’s Enclave here August 6 evening, the organizers said all the arrangements have been going as planned. “We have roped in the right people in all the departments,” expressed the president of the pageant I

Alempokba Imsong. The make-up artists, the hosts, the choreographer, and the costumes are all in place. Nine freestylers have been brought to Dimapur already and theme song titled “Believe,” a fusion of Desi, Naga and western has been composed already. Of the fourteen contestants shortlisted from across India, only one has arrived Dimapur so far. The rest are expected to arrive today, as is the official date set by the organizers. During the period leading to the contest, the contestants will be put up at


Vehicles seen stranded on both sides of NH-29 near a fuel depot at Bypass check gate, some 3 kms from the state capital Kohima, Tuesday. In Kohima streets, traffic was stranded for hours together since Tuesday morning as motorists and vehicle owners made a mad rush to petrol pumps to fill gas after hearing news of impending indefinite bandhs called by Karbi Anglong and Bodo organizations demanding separate statehoods.

Nicky Kire visits ITI Mkg MoKoKchUNG, AUGUST 6 (MExN): Parliamentary Secretary Labour and Employment, Law and Justice, and Land Revenue Dr Nicky Kire paid a maiden visit to ITI Mokokchung located at Marepkong Ward on August 5. A press release from Institute Management Committee member, ITI Mokokchung Sangkong Jamir informed that ITI Mokokchung was inaugurated in 2005 and since then it has never been visited by any elected legislative member. “The visit today by Dr Nicky kire has indeed been made a historical visit.” The release mentioned that Dr Nicky Kire in his session with the visiting team members, Mokokchung ITI faculty, and IMC expressed his appreciation for making the ITI Mokokchung an outstanding ITI centre in the whole of Nagaland.

Meanwhile, T. ImliSunep Ao, Principal ITI Mokokchung highlighted the problems and requirements of ITI Mokokchung where Nicky Kire assured to do his best. ITI Mokokchung offers six trades namely, Motor Mechanics, Electronic Mechanics, Electrician and Draughtsman Civil which are two years courses and Secretarial Practices and Copa, one year courses. Till 2012 every trade enrolled only 16 students, however from 2013 batch due to the increase in students seeking admission it has increased to 21 students per trade, the note stated. Dr Nicky Kiri was accompanied by Mithungnyuba Sangtam, Director Labour and Employment, Additional Director Labour and Employment, Joint Labour Commissioner, Deputy Director Land Records and a host of dignitaries.

Thomas encourages students to avail the power of RTI

JAKhAMA, AUGUST 6 (DIPR): MLA and Chairman Nagaland State Minerals Development Corporation (NSMDC) Thomas Ngullie who graced the Lotha Students’ Union St. Joseph’s College silver jubilee celebration as the chief guest, on August 6, 2013, made the occasion memorable by asking the students to raise any queries and doubts relating to various Government policies and programmes. Thomas responded to the burning issues raised by the students instead of delivering the usual chief guest speech which was well appreciated by the audience.

Responding to a student with regard to non-detention policy, Thomas pointed out that the policy may be implemented effectively in other states but opined it was not at all relevant in our situations. On the issue of corruption, Thomas admitted that corruption do exist and said it was a matter of concern for one and all to uproot the deep rooted corrupt practices. He further advised the students to avail the power of RTI to seek justice and clarify their doubts. With regard to the Foot Hill Road issue, the chief guest replied that the Chief Minister of Nagaland Neiphiu Rio and R&B

minister Azo are both very serious on the issue. He also disclosed that the CM is trying his best effort to arrange fund from the Asian Development Bank and other sources to keep the project on priority basis of the state PWD Department. Clarifying on the Middle Range Road, Thomas explained that a road already exists from Changki to Bridge point and that the need was construction of only one bridge over Doyang River. Thomas further informed that once the bridge is constructed, the road can be used as Foot Hill connectivity road for any emergency purposes

by the affected people and also those living in the common border areas. On the development of road map of Wokha district during the 12th Plan, Thomas Ngullie said that the legislators of Wokha district needs the guidance of Lotha elders, student leaders and every concerned Lotha. He also extended invitation to the student leaders to participate in the DPDB meeting. “Give us one to two years and you will see the clear road map relating to various development programmes that will be taken up for Wokha district,” he assured. On being aked as to why not a single proj-

ect from Wokha district is taken up under NLCPR and NEC, he replied that during the current year, four to five programmes under NLCPR from Wokha district has been given in priority list. He admitted that it was unfortunate that hardly any project was considered under Wokha district in the past and assured that their voice will be heard in the Assembly. Earlier, the chief guest released the souvenir of the union commemorating 25th year celebration under the theme “Heralding Tomorrow.” Dr. Athungo Ovung ,Assistant Professor, Deptt of Sociology

PhEK, AUGUST 6 (MExN): Phekmi Collegiate Forum (PCF) organized a one day Workshop on ‘Work Culture’ exclusively for the frontal organization leaders of Phekmi Villages on August 3 last at Phek Village community hall. According to a press release issued by PCF general secretary Kuzhovesa Soho, Huvechiyi Hoshi and Rev. DN. Soho, Pastor, Phek Town Baptist Church as resource persons spoke on the topics, “Work Culture” and “Management” respectively. Earlier, Kunesa Vero, Advisor PCF and Zhokupa Hoshi chaired the two consecutive sessions. PCF President, Kuvehu delivered keynote address, Hukhoneyi and Vekuduyi enlightened the gathering with their melodious indigenous song, PCF Finance secretary Vekhopu proposed closing remark. Around 200 leaders representing various frontal organizations attended the day long workshop. Meanwhile, it was informed that a seminar on the same topic will be organized for the entire citizens of Phekmi villages during second week of November 2013. All Phekmi citizens have been appealed to be part of the general Seminar.

tion Nagaland has urged the State Forest Department to secure the Nagaland Zoological Park (NZP) boundaries by constructing protection walls or barbed wire fencing to avoid future encroachment. Applauding the State Forest Department, Dimapur district administration and Dimapur police and IR personnel for carrying out the eviction drive at Nagaland Zoological Park (NZP) on August 2, 2013, it also urged all con-

from illegal encroachment of reserved areas/wildlife sanctuaries in the state. In a press statement appended by its Public Relations Officer Zachamo Ezung, the Foundation also extended its appreciation to Y Patton Minister, Minister for Forest and Environment, “for taking up positive steps in conserving wildlife and biodiversity in the state.” It also lauded the District Planning Development Boards of Mokokchung, Wokha and Kohima

fauna in the state. It particularly acknowledged the steps taken by the district administration, forest personnel and NGOs of Mokokchung and Wokha for conserving Amur falcons in the state. It has urged the government to frame stricter rules and protective measures to prevent mass massacre of migratory birds in the state which, it said, was bringing bad reputation to the people of the state. The foundation further

human-elephant conflicts in the state, particularly in Wokha district. It expressed happiness at the New Wokha Village people pledging to protect the giant visitors in their jurisdiction, while appealing to all other villages in the state to emulate the noble gesture of New Wokha Village. It also urged all concerned to remain watchful against poachers and report poaching activities to the government authorities.

Workshop on Green Foundation urges to preserve State flora and fauna AUGUST 6 cerned to honour the High for resolving to protect expressed concern over ‘work culture’ WoKhA, (MExN): Green Founda- court rulings and desist and preserve the flora and the growing incidents of

N.U. while speaking on the theme “Heralding Tomorrow’ emphasized on the need for preservation of culture to maintain one’s identity. Recalling the integrity, hard work and bond of oneness maintained by our forefathers, Dr. Ovung exhorted the gathering to carry forward the strong moral values exhibited by our forefathers. He reminded the gathering of students that hard work, determination, sincerity, unity and faith in God would enable them in heralding tomorrow. “You have to be full of values, principles and ethics to march towards heralding tomorrow.”


GPRN/NSCN directs

DIMAPUR, AUGUST 6 (MExN): The GPRN/NSCN has directed all stones and sand gravel contractors not to extract stones and sand gravel etc up to ½ (half) km from the bridges near CIHSR/Referral Hospital, 4th mile and Atu Ghoki (Zubza) between Niuland town and Hozukhe village. A press note from the MIP said that due to massive unchecked and random extraction of stone and sand gravel around the Chathe river, the aforementioned bridges are about to collapse. The note also informed that “the Chairman of Union Territory- I is endorsed to see that the order is strictly implemented.”

Air India informs

DIMAPUR, AUGUST 6 (MExN): All passengers traveling on Air India flights from Dimapur have been requested to report for check-in, 2(two) hours prior to departure. A press note from the Station Manager for Air India Ltd, Dimapur has informed that the check-in counters would be closed 45 minutes before departure.

Helicopter service suspended

DIMAPUR, AUGUST 6 (MExN): Nagaland state helicopter service will not be available for schedule as well as chartering service for five days from August 6 to 10 due to “technical reasons”. This has been informed to all the general public by Additional General Manager of Nagaland State Transport Senti Pongener.

DC Kohima directs shopkeepers/public

KohIMA, AUGUST 6 (DIPR): Deputy Commissioner, Kohima, W. Honje Konyak has directed all the residents/ public and shopkeepers to remove vehicles, building materials, timbers and other garbage lying on the road side/footpath/drains etc with immediate effect. Defaulters will be punished as per provision of the law, stated.

BJP Nagaland Unit informs

DIMAPUR, AUGUST 6 (MExN): Bharatiya Janata Party Nagaland unit has informed all district president and Morcha president to submit their office bearers list with mobile number along with name and address latest by August 15, 2013 as per instruction of the central leaders. They are also requested to submit list of the all mandal president, and mandal office bearers; List of the all Local committee, president and its office bearers; Total active members in each mandal and district; Total primary membership in each mandal and primary committee; Name of the state council member with mobile number; State Executive if any; Total Executive members in each district, Mandal and local committee. The list can be submitted to, fax to 03862-232548, contact 03862-225841or via courier/ postal service. This was informed in a press release issued by State BJP Office secretary Lachit Kachari.

Members of Leo Club with children of ‘Love Care Home’ at Darogapathar, Dimapur on Friendship Day, August 4. Leo Club of Dimapur arranged special breakfast and distributed gifts to all the kids at Love Care Home.

CondolenCe messages Keltomi Phuthemi Kuposhukulu

Unity College faculty, Vandana Ladha and Sarita Agarwal (Department of Commerce), Krelo Vincenza (Department of English), Kunlung B. Phom (Social Service Secretary, UCSU) and 19 students visited Wondang-Ki, an orphanage and adoption centre in Dimapur on August 3. They distributed gifts and played games with the children. NT Kikon and Mhalo Kikon established Wondang-Ki in the year 2007 with the aim of giving quality lives to underprivileged girls. This image was taken during the visit.

DIMAPUR, AUGUST 6 (MExN): The Keltomi Phuthemi Kuposhukulu (KPK) has conveyed its deepest condolences to the bereaved family of Late Kavito Yeputhomi of Ijevi Village, Aghunaqa Area under Niuland sub-division, Dimapur. Late Kavito was the executive member of KPK till his death on July 27, 2013 at his residence in Dimapur after a brief illness, stated a condolence note issued by

KPK vice president Hukiye Yeputhomi. The KPK further prayed for the Almighty God to provide solace and comfort to the family members in their time of grief.

Zeliangrong Youth Front

The Zeliangrong Youth Front (Assam, Manipur & Nagaland) has expressed deep condolence at the sudden demise of Benjamin Gonmei of Longmai Bazar. According to a release appended by ZYF (AMN) general secretary Subash Kamei, on August 3,

a speeding truck knocked down the bike where Benjamin was pillion riding, killing him on the spot. The note acknowledged the deceased as dedicated and selfless leader who rendered remarkable service. Benjamin Gonmei served as vice chairman, Zeliangrong Youth Front, Nungba Zone for two consecutive terms from 2002 till 2008. He was an assistant teacher under Autonomous District Council, Tamenglong at the time of his death, the note informed. Further, ZYF extended solidarity to the bereaved family members at their moment of agony.



The Power of Truth

The Morung Express WEDnESDAy 7 AuGuST 2013 vol. vIII ISSuE 215

Truth in Reconciliation


econciliation is more than sentimentality and emotional outbursts. It involves human reasoning and the grace to recognize the existence of the one you are divided from. The journey towards achieving reconciliation can never be assumed, it is a process guided by truth. The process involves addressing openly the bitter differences of the past and exploring the possible future in a sincere and forth right manner. Reconciliation, therefore, needs to occur within the interplay of contextual reality, human feelings, moral arguments, the power of the past and the politics of the future. In essence, reconciliation is not an event, it is a process that is aimed at transforming human relationships, power dynamics and eventually, resulting in a new harmonious coexistence. Reconciliation is a radical proposition that has social, cultural, economic and political implications. It is about dismantling the structures of dominance, divisions and violence, through a process where JustPeace can be experienced. Forgiveness in the context of a reconciliation process is relational, and does not occur in a vacuum, and is rarely the first step because it is usually preceded by acknowledging the coexistence principle which is based on a willingness to accept the existence of the other. Reconciliation is not about uniformity or conformity. It is not even important that agreement is reached on all matters. What is important is to ensure that we treat one another with respect and address differences in a non-violent manner, keeping in mind the common good as the paramount objective. It is essential that the reconciliation process creates the maximum space within which dialogue, mutual reciprocity and open engagement can take place between those who disagree and are in conflict with each other. Such a process can lead to mutual understanding, affirming a common set of principles and values, and the willingness to contribute to a shared future where people who disagree can live together. Reconciliation processes in armed conflict situations have shown that it is unrealistic to expect leaders and commanders of liberation movements and military forces, who believe that their cause is a just one, to readily assume responsibility for violations of human rights. Experiences have also shown that it is also unlikely that all leaders and members of conflict parties will change their ways. And yet, it is essential for any reconciliation process to address violations of human rights and killings. It is here that the question of truth becomes complicated by default. The truth can be so horrific and soul-rendering that relatives of victims may even be driven to seek revenge. In this case, truth does not necessarily lead to reconciliation. Hence, truth needs to be carefully and gently handled and spoken with humility and sincerity. From this viewpoint, genuine reconciliation needs more than truth-telling. It requires a willingness to change, and where possible to make restitution or reparation for past mistakes and the readiness to extend and receive forgiveness. Even as Nagas engaging in a process of reconciliation, it will be useful for us to learn from the other people’s experiences. And while we do so, let us consciously make a shift in our thinking from one of victims to survivors. So long as we look at ourselves as victims and carry this mentality of victimhood we will always find one justification or another to perpetuate this cycle of violence. It is in our experiment with truth that Nagas can claim our destiny as a people with dignity and compassion.

lEfT wiNg |

Gyanendra Kumar Keshri IANS Book Review

Secret of peace lies within


his is the maiden book by the 17th Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje, the third most important Tibetan religious head after the Dalai Lama and the Panchen Lama. The book, edited by a group of American college students, explores the major interpersonal, social and environmental issues facing a human being today, and points to the emotional resources Book: The Heart is that can help tackle these formidaNoble; Author: The ble challenges. Karmapa, Ogyen The 28-yearold mainTrinley Dorje; Publisher: tains monk that the basic Shambhala Publications; nobility of the huheart can help Pages: 216; Price: Rs.495 man overcome these challenges. "Although I am a Buddhist monk, this is not a book about Buddhist theory or practice, but about our experiences as human beings," The Karmapa, who mysteriously escaped to India from Tibet in January 2000 at the age of 14, says in the introduction. "My formal study has been in Buddhist philosophy and religion; so I may use some Buddhist terms on occasion. But this is only because I have found them helpful in my own life and hope they might also open up useful perspectives for you." The book touches on several burning issues like gender inequality, social conflict and the environment. A chapter on "Gender Identities" says division of human beings on the basis of gender is nothing more than a socially constructed identity. "Masculine and feminine are fabricated identities that societies create, not nature," the book says. "When we think in more subtle ways beyond obvious anatomical distinctions, we see that the fundamental foundation of human beings includes both female and male aspects, both psychologically and even biologically. We have both," it says. The book refers to mythological stories that say there was a time when there was no gender either male or female but just a human. "Being human is prior to being male or female," the book says. In his foreword, the Dalai Lama says it would help in motivating the people, especially youth. "If the coming decades are going to be significantly different, today's young people need to find ways of securing peace in the world based on establishing inner peace within themselves and relying on dialogue to deal with whatever problems arise," says the Dalai Lama, also the author's mentor. The 17th Karmapa has also described the terror he and his companions faced along the way as they fled across the Himalayas into India, where he reached Jan 5, 2000. Since then he has been residing at Gyuto Monastery on the outskirts of Dharamsala, where the seat of the Tibetan government-in-exile is located.



Lisa Gale Garrigues

Break Free of History's Trauma—Together


n Berkeley, Calif., Palestinians and Israelis in a workshop circle pass around an invisible object called “hope.” In Atlanta, Ga., healers and activists of color make a recording that celebrates local healing traditions. In the remote villages of Alaska, a native health educator creates culture-specific programs for people recovering from alcoholism and depression. All of these people are working with collective trauma to create a clearer and more compassionate paradigm of how we view ourselves, each other, and the world. “Collective trauma” happens to large groups of people—attempted genocide, war, disease, a terrorist attack. Its effects are specific: fear, rage, depression, survivor guilt, and physical responses in the brain and body that can lead to illness and a sense of disconnection or detachment. Collective trauma can be transmitted down generations and throughout communities. It is further described as historical, transgenerational, cultural, or ancestral. “Each of these terms has its own nuances,” says Sousan Abadian, a former fellow at the MIT Dalai Lama Center for Ethics and Transformational Studies, who wrote her doctoral thesis on collective trauma and international development work. For example, she says the term “cultural trauma” reflects that “trauma is not just at the level of the individual, it’s at the level of culture—that culture has been damaged, meaning institutions, cultural practices, values, and beliefs.” Dr. Maria Yellow Horse Brave Heart is one of the pioneers of applying the concept of historical trauma to native people in the Americas. For them, she writes, “Genocide, imprisonment, forced assimilation, and misguided governance have resulted in the loss of culture and identity, alcoholism, poverty, and despair.” She says she was looking at native historical photos at one point in the late 1970s when “It was almost like a light bulb went off in my head, like some kind of spiritual transformation.” She began making connections between indigenous people and Jewish survivors of the Holocaust. Historical trauma, she says, “is cumulative emotional and psychological wounding across generations, including one’s own lifespan, because everything up to a minute ago is history.” For historical trauma, Brave Heart identifies four necessary steps for healing: confronting trauma, understanding it, releasing the pain, and transcendence. Ray Daw, a Navajo who currently works as a health administrator in Alaska, is one of many people using this model of historical trauma in work with Native communities. As a result of 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, and mass shootings, collective trauma is something that all Americans have experienced, according to Daw. “The idea of historical trauma has really grown across the United States,” he says, “particularly among Native people.” Daw sees the Idle No More movement as bringing indigenous models of healing to the forefront and doing a lot to catalyze healing from the wounds of history. Instead of being stuck with behaviors generated by anger or sadness, Daw says identifying the effects of trauma can help us “think of ways to not feel as angry or as sad, and connect


inally, the brain drain appears to be reversing. Better research opportunities in India, passion to do something for their native country and family obligations have started to lure back Indian scientists working abroad. Around 500 scientists have come back in the last seven years - and only six have gone back. Going by the figures maintained by the union science and technology ministry, the majority of the reverse brain drain has happened from the US, Germany and Britain. Recently, scientists have also started coming from South Korea and Japan. "About 500 scientists have come back from abroad and are working in various institutions across the country. Of these only six have gone back for various reasons," T. Ramasami, Secretary, Department of Science and Technology, told IANS. Credit must also be given to the several schemes run by the Indian government to encourage scientists and engineers of Indian origin from all over the world to take up scientific research positions in India, especially those scientists who want to return to India from abroad. The Ramanujan Fellowship, Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research (INSPIRE) Programme and the Ramalingaswamy Fellowship are among those that provide a platform to scientists willing to return and work in India. An internal analysis by the ministry

Responding to past traumas like slavery and acts of terrorism can heal us—and future generations

Historical trauma leaves wounds that can linger for generations. The nonprofit Coming to the Table, founded by descendants of both slaveholders and enslaved people in partnership with the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding at Eastern Mennonite University, offers a framework for racial reconciliation within communities through the sharing of stories, the arts, and apology. Above, a photo from the group’s national gathering in Richmond, Va. (Photo: Jane Feldman)

with others who feel the same way.” And through this process, regardless of ethnicity, “We all begin to create a better world for ourselves.” The trauma of Hurricane Katrina, and the lack of adequate government response, catalyzed the creation of the Kindred Southern Justice Healing Collective, a network of more than 100 healers and activists of color and their allies in the southern United States. They envision emergency response teams of healers, nurses, and doctors who could be ready in the face of any future disaster. Collective member Cara Page says that Kindred roots itself within a Southern understanding of how transgenerational trauma is connected to a history of slavery, unethical medical testing, and economic displacement. “Healing generational trauma is not separate from political liberation,” she says. Unacknowledged historical trauma can keep social activists in a cerebral, disconnected state which has the potential to tear movements apart. Collective resilience can be an an-

tidote to collective grief. In Kindred’s recording, “Good Medicine,” Southern healers and activists of color challenge the current capitalist model of medicine and celebrate the healing traditions that kept their ancestors going: song, art, prayer, touch, and community. America’s legacy of slavery and continuing racial injustice has led to “survival behaviors” in both blacks and whites, says Dr. Joy DeGruy, a professor of social work and author of Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: America’s Legacy of Enduring Injury and Healing. In whites, one such behavior is a denial of the past, which obscures the causes of current privilege. Unresolved historical trauma can render us invisible to one another. “Re-spect,” says DeGruy, is another way of saying “Look again.” Whether the historical trauma was caused by slavery or genocide, the “looking again” that DeGruy describes—at ourselves, our history, and at one another—can lead to the last stage in Brave Heart’s four stages of healing: transcendence. “The lesson of centuries of torture

Reversing brain drain? Richa Sharma IANS

of the reasons for the reverse brain drain revealed that tough competition abroad, better research opportunities in India, love of work for the motherland and aiming to contribute to science were some of the major factors that drew Indian scientists to their homeland. Family obligations was another reason that attracted them back home. Sheeba Vasu, who was doing her post-doctoral research at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, said she came back as she always wanted to work in India. "I wanted to come back and start my work in India after getting trained in the US. Moreover, it is not easy to get a job as a faculty in any of the universities in the US as there is a tough competition," Vasu, who is a Ramanujan Fellow since 2008, told IANS. She was in the US for six years. Vasu, who is now doing her research in the Evolutionary and Organismal Biology Unit of Bangalore's Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, says there are more research opportunities in Indian universities

and elite institutions like the Indian Institutes of Technology, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, and Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research (IISERs), among others. Echoing similar views, another Ramanujan fellow, Vidya T.N.C., said competition is much higher abroad as compared to India, where there is a shortage of experts and qualified faculties. "There are issues with research facilities in India. Here, we do not have many advanced research laboratories. We also face a funds crunch. But overall it's a good platform that gives you a kind of startup when you return to India," Vidya, who worked at Columbia University, told IANS. Some scientists feel conducting research in India is more relaxed while there is a rat race in the advanced countries. "I think academic work outside India is stressful and it is a bit more relaxed in India and I am saying that in a positive way," Ashwin Srinivasan, a professor at Delhi's Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, told IANS. Srinivasan, who had worked at Ox-


and millions of human sacrifices, including of my own people, on the altars of extremists and fanatics is not a lesson for exacting revenge,” writes Israeli author Avraham Burg in The Holocaust is Over; We Must Rise From Its Ashes. “Rather, in the name of those who went through it all and saw the inferno’s flames firsthand, we must prepare the ground for a better world.” Burg, along with other Jewish writers, has written about Israel as a nation formed from the collective trauma of the Holocaust, with fear driving it to be like the “battered boy” who becomes an abusive father. Without transcendence, or what Abadian would call “reframing the post-traumatic narrative,” collective trauma in any nation or ethnic group can play itself out on the personal and group level as paranoia or inflicting internalized trauma on others. For Armand Volkas, a psychotherapist and child of Holocaust survivors, exploring and owning the potential perpetrator in all of us is an important part of the reframing process. Using techniques of drama therapy, ritual, and storytelling, he facilitates workshops between groups with a history of collective trauma between them: Jews and Germans, Israelis and Palestinians, Turks and Armenians, Japanese and Chinese, African Americans and European Americans. “Humanizing the enemy is one of the first steps,” he says. “Just the act of bringing people together.” In his workshops, individuals can reach personal catharsis and transcendence of national or ethnic conflicts that have played out over generations. In one instance, on the day a restaurant was bombed in Jerusalem, emotions in a workshop were running high as a group of Israelis and Palestinians passed around an invisible flame of hope during a warm-up exercise. When someone dropped the imaginary flame, an Israeli woman burst into tears and a Palestinian woman took her in her arms and held her. But are compassion and empathy enough? What about justice? “I know a lot of people say without justice, healing cannot take place. And I completely agree on one level,” says Abadian, who acknowledges the importance of changing institutions and cultures damaged by trauma. “On another level, if we wait around for justice, or think that our feelings or well-being are dependent on others changing their stance, or having our pain recognized by them, or making some sort of reparation, we are not free. … If we were to truly recognize the importance of healing collective trauma, it would reframe and transform our approach to everything, including international economic development, diplomacy, and nation-building.” An embrace between an Israeli and a Palestinian, remembered by a roomful of people. Health workers re-envisioning a medical model that values our rich and distinct cultural traditions. People speaking out about how we hold collective memory in our bodies, our relationships, and our institutions. These may seem like small gestures when faced with the enormity of collective trauma. But for those who are working toward healing, they are the beginnings of a new social tapestry of respect, understanding, and hope.

ford University, said there is an economic crunch in the academic setup abroad and it is tough to get research grants. "The research setup is better in India and the opportunity to work in science in India is not as bad as it being said. Yes, there are things like most of the big science ideas are explored in institutes abroad and lack of options to do inter-disciplinary research that hurts," said Srinivasan, who has been abroad for 15 years and took a four-fold cut in salary when he returned to India. The figures show that the majority of researchers prefer to work in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal. The reason is that these states have the largest number of good research institutions. "Through various schemes, we provide a platform under which scientists in the agegroup of 30-45 years can work in any of the scientific institutions and universities in India and would be eligible for receiving regular research grants and a monthly remuneration," he said. Srinivasan, who is a US citizen, suggests some changes - for instance, schemes should be flexible to ensure people of Indian origin who are not Indian citizens can also take up jobs at central government universities and institutions. "Some more initiatives are needed to make India a very attractive destination for scientists wanting to work for their motherland," he said.

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Alcohol kills but NBCC rambles!


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veryone knows that “excessive” alcohol kills! Apart from saving the soul, saving the human liver has been one of Nagaland Baptist Council of Churches’ (NBCC) most celebrated missions (and, oxymoronically, if so to say, defeated achievement!). The utopian dream to send all post-1989 Nagaland habitants to Heaven minus alcohol content in the blood stream is also controversially disputed: given the present state of affairs and mockery in Nagaland as a Dry State. To therefore start the old debate of “for” and “against” Prohibition is a smack of memory and yawningly boring! To be briefly reminded—the two old megalomaniac issues, i.e., “revenue loss” and “failure of implementation,” does not concern this write-up. What is interesting to the whole debate assumes a totally different perspective, only when the historico-cultural is segregated from the doctrinal, only when the political is segregated from the religious. What has influenced NBCC’s vociferous and fanatical law of providence (primacy of being over praxis) to midwife the birth of Nagaland Liquor Total Prohibition Act, 1989 (NLTPA)? Especially, when such legislations are found to be impractical in free societies? Two major influences may be traced: Firstly, the import and continuity of Victorian sensibilities through nineteen-century colonization and Western theology, which is still strongly imprinted in the precepts of Naga theological and cultural orientations! Discussing on the drinking habits of the Nagas, one of the earliest Christian missionaries to the Nagas (December 1872), and the first to the Ao Nagas (through Molungkimong Village), the Right Reverend Dr. E.W. Clark, in 1886, observes: “One difficulty is, the Nagas do not get drunk easily. When does the drunkenness begin? It is difficult to say just what is to be called drunkenness. Total abstinence is best.” When does “drunkenness” begin to take place in a Naga? Such curious anxieties were debated under the theme “Prevailing Vices, Our Treatment of Them,” on the occasion of “Gospel Destitution About Assam” [The Assam Mission of the American Baptist Missionary Union, The Assam Mission of The American Baptist Missionary Union: Papers and Discussions of the Jubilee Conference, Nowgong, December 18-29, 1886 (Calcutta: J.W. Thomas Baptist Mission Press, 1887), p. 230.]. What was making the Nagas drunk in the last quarter of nineteenth century? What happens when intoxication takes place? “Maud-drinking,” as the brews are called, which the American Baptists went on to argue: “There is no excuse for the Assamese, but there seems to be for the Nagas, as the rice is almost all damaged. They ferment the rice, and it becomes eatable. So far, good; but as fermentation proceeds, the liquid which trickles out is intoxicating. This they [Nagas] drink. It seems that the best thing would be to eat the fermented rice, but not drink the liquid. But the former leads to the latter, so we think we must teach them to dispense with both, lest the temple of the Holy Ghost be [defiled]” (Ibid., p. 228.). Secondly, the privileging of liquid spirits over any other allure of ‘gift’ politics—constructed during the colonial times as the ultimate prototype of seducing the Nagas—comes as an influence that is well within the narrative. As John Butler, (Travels and Adventures in the Province of Assam, 1885, p. 22.) cites an example: “In the afternoon, a few Rengmah Nagahs visited us, and presented a fowl and a little rice, for which civility we gave them a bottle of spirituous liquor, which they prized more than money or any other remuneration” (quoted in Verrier Elwin, Nagaland, p. 356.). With such improvised taming of savagery through tempting indulgence, the historicized “rum politics” in recent Naga history equally proved to be a beckoner for the pathological. Nagas, like many indigenous peoples, particularly Aborigines of Australia, took to drinking—not because there was a gallant award for it but because of unmitigated social depression that could not be arrested in a radically changing environment of social and cultural habitus. The then context of prohibition movement therein was fertile—and individual fatalities are approached through limitless invocation of the social

Do we go the traditional or modern way? This is an issue that has long arrested the people of Nagaland from colonial times to the present. Give or take a few, we have our elders who cry out for cultural recovery and the younger generation who find it difficult to connect to traditional values of the past. What happens when we are faced with two opposing cultures? Dr. Temjenwabang, Head of Department of History, speaks out on where our cultural future might be headed.

Between Cultures Dr.Temjenwabang


evil, and also as a respond to the moral legitimacy of a new social category that was fast emerging—the nuclear family over the community. In 19th-century—one does not, of course, expect Nagas to be sipping or toasting scotch or blended whiskeys—or, least, the Bourbon type that was popularly beginning to be brewed in evangelical America then. Although the Rev. Clark found it actively difficult to define when exactly a person is in a state of “drunkenness”—his abhorrence for the fermented element of “rice,” which was culturally alienating for American palette, was outrightly found to be disgusting. By invoking the legend of Mordiford’s Wyvern and Maud, evil and the devil was categorized into the food habits of the Nagas as maud-drinking. “Total abstinence,” in Clark’s own words and parroted even today by NBCC, being not only the uncanny orthodox solution, but also recommended as the “best.” To drink or not to drink, or to lift the prohibition of Dry State or not, one does not require any postcolonial theologizing or doctrinal indigenizing, in the Naga context. Religion, although culturally rooted by now, is still experimental, lacking the intellectual rigor of a traditional culture. It is not so much the fear of the Lord but the fear of a predominantly religious denomination, based on the simple calculus of vote-swings in electoral politics, wherein various political parties have had also desisted from testing the wrath (not of the God but) of the general public, by fearing to lift the Nagaland Liquor Total Prohibition Act. It is not by researching the alcohol content of Jesus’ first miracle—the wine converted from water— or by debating the statistics that out of the 60 legislators elected to the present 12th Nagaland Legislative Assembly, only four are teetotalers—that the issue of Dry State is expected to be put into perspective! At the core of NBCC’s Alcohol Prohibition campaign, both philosophically and onto-theologically, is the need to evaluate the cognitive structures of Naga cultural and social reasoning! The seduction laws of physical look as the primary appeal for the normal (judgemental) and the closure of

the pathological as a subjugated reason is central to NBCC’s Cherry Shoeshine erudition for Dry State. The premise of ideological stubbornness woven into an aesthetic judgement is deeply rooted in cognitive phenomenology, and the power of exercising such righteousness as decreed is a theological misinterpretation of a historicized faith, much in tune with the usual excuse of pariah edicts in medieval sophistry. There is nothing spiritual in containing liquid spirits, whether it is defended as justified from a teleological view: of causes-and-effects in the origin of evil! Similarly, the ability of a religious denomination to exercise not only control over the public space but also literally foreground its role in the legislative (rex inutilis)—is an unsubstantiated claim that democratic principles govern the power of the public. The church has no right to enforce its moral policing into governance. The church is free to interpret, but should not legislate! To drink or not to drink is not a moral-religious issue in the first place; we cannot afford for it to be converted into religious tenet that constrict individual choice (however, different from Christianity’s problem with Stoic’s freewill of men)! The road to evil in pastoral deliverance is not negotiable with absolute terms of power and intolerance. The fascinating ethos of modern but fragile Naga public culture—fabricated on the metaphors of very ancient religions and civilizations—needs to move away from the colourful and mimicry culture of sloganeering and befooling. Unless a foundation of reason and governmentality is charted into the course of our everyday politics or future polity, the militancy of make-believe virtuosity or satanic fears shall continue to perpetuate the psyche of a theocratic society. What social or political mercies do we nitwit ourselves with Dry State or, for that matter, Nagaland for Christ? But for the quick-fix sensual religion, pleasing to the senses, as a cognitive logic of interplay between absence and presence! Feeling good, with sacramental faith alone, does not really change society or abide upstanding progress!

Use “sweep-in saving account”

Q- Ideally how much of my monthly take home salary should I save? And is there any guideline how much home loan can I afford? -Yanger Pongen, Mokokchung via Email

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Simplifying perSonal finance

number of benefits provided by these 2 relatively straightforward investment strategies is immense.

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Head of Department of History

hat is culture? Culture has been defined generally as the totality of the way of life evolved by a people in their attempts to meet the challenges of living in their environment, which gives order and meaning to their social, political, economic, aesthetic and religious norms and modes of organization, thus distinguishing a people from their ‘neighbors’. Culture should not be interpreted merely as a return to the customs of the past. It embodies the attitude of a people to the future of their traditional values faced with the demands of modern technology, which is an essential factory of development and progress. A few years ago, when I was undertaking a field research, I came across a group of youths enthusiastically practicing a traditional dance, accompanied by a song for an event. Impressed, I appraised the boys and girls for the wonderful performance. But when I asked them how they connected to this art, I was rather dismayed by their reply, “we loved and enjoyed the dance and the song but we actually know nothing about what they mean”. As the interaction continued, I heard comments that our cultures and traditions are oldfashioned, hence irrelevant to this ‘new’ age. I am sure many of us do not agree with all these opinions because some of us are living examples of what our culture and tradition did for us when we were young. They have developed and moulded our attitudes and characters to be productive, useful, purposeful and progressive as well as appreciative of the ways of our ancestors. In a way, upholding these ancestral values may have had an effective influence in enabling us avoid immoral living and corruption, laziness and conning. More so, hunger for wealth, power and glory was unknown in our cultural and traditional ways of life. By saying this, I don’t intend to suggest that we should all shift our environment to a traditional setting in order to lead a life of goodness. Nor do I suggest that we should have our young generations brought up in the villages so that for the rest of their lives they can have had a mental background of the fields and trees and wide skies and the smell of the earth and the riches of cultures and traditions. Regardless of where we are, it only takes ‘responsibility’ to keep us connected with our cultural and traditional values. The Jews did it! During World War II, over six million Jews faced genocide. But they were never erased from the face of the earth! And they will never be as long as they keep their skullcaps and long flowing gowns and as long as they adhere to the Halakhah (divine commandments). It is only when we don’t see a trace of our culture anywhere anymore, we stop to exist. So if we do not feed our young generations with our cultural and traditional values and practices, our future will lose its identity and we may begin to wonder if we are Americans, Koreans, Japanese or just a nation of faceless people adopting and blending into any ‘other’ culture we encounter. Many of our youths today proudly announce they cannot speak their mother tongue, neither do they know where they come from. When I was hanging out at a café in Kohima, I asked an acquaintance of mixed Ao and Angami parentage living in Dimapur about his original village. He said that he was from Dimapur! On another occasion, I shared a dining with an Ao girl. The lunch was rice, pork curry and rosep. When I offered her rosep, she refused saying she does not eat local or traditional food! These encounters gave me an appalling idea of how many parents bring up their children in ignorance of our cultural tradition. Remember, we may be over-flooded with multi-cultural influences, but we should also keep in mind that the blending of one culture with another has the potential of killing off aboriginal cultures. Nagaland has very unique cultures and ways of life, and these are already at high risk of being erased by and assimilated into multi-cultural entities. It is sensibly logical to assume that for any nation, culture is the fountain spring of all policies whether educational, social, political, or economic. Strategies of development often depend on the understanding of the culture, the adaptation of its elements for social, political, educational and economic development. I have not traveled far and wide but from what I have observed over the years, I am amazed to see and hear that the people of several countries in Asia like Indonesia, China and Japan treasure, preserve, practice and promote their cultures and traditional values. As for our fate, the state of recording and preservation of our rich and diverse cultural heritage is quite disappointing. I have come across many initiatives of self-reliance and self-sufficiency by organizations, but never on the preservation of our culture and traditional practices. Our traditional cultures and indigenous systems may be lost, if not regularly (and with passion) practiced, properly recorded and preserved, and proudly and widely promoted. A well planned cultural programme is the need of the hour in order to preserve such an essential part of our history for future reference, because culture, I repeat, as a force, has both its own social, economic and political consequences in the life of any nation. Let us take this as a challenge and therefore an important and absolutely necessary mission to learn in order to preserve, and hand down such an important inheritance to the youngsters. After all, they must carry an identity. The same goes for our intellectual properties; for example, traditional medicine can be developed into patented commodities. Without culture, a nation is as good as extinct. I still remember a saying, “the only way to wipe out a people from the face of the earth is to take away their culture”. Today, we now find ourselves caught in between cultures. Most young Nagas find it difficult to adapt to these cultures, let alone stick to one. And the odds are that they will neglect the traditional ones in favor of the ‘other’. “Degree of Thought is a weekly community column initiated by Tetso College in partnership with The Morung Express. Degree of Thought will delve into the social, cultural, political and educational issues around us. Tetso College is a NAAC Accredited UGC recognised Commerce and Arts College. For feedback or comments please email:”

Readers may please note that, the contents of the articles published on this page do not reflect the outlook of this paper nor of the Editor in any form.




Wednesday 7 August 2013

Farmers seek permission from PM to sell organs chANDigArh, August 6 (Pti): Unable to repay bank loans and to highlight their miserable plight, a group of farmers from Haryana have sought permission from Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to allow them to sell their vital organs. The farmers’ group who held a rally on Monday under the aegis of Bharat Kisan Union (Tikait), held placards displaying a rate list of their organs. “We are left with no other option, but to sell our vital organs. Over 20,000 farmers have ended their lives across the country due to debt burden. At least, selling our organs would enable us to repay the debt and live for a few years more and feed our families,” BKU’s state unit chief Gurnam Singh said. Singh claimed that agriculture these days has become an unprofitable occupation. . “We cannot sell our land as it is like our mother and has been feeding us for centuries. We have decided to sale our organs. It is better than committing suicide, that is why we are seeking permission from the Prime Minister,” he added.

Open defecation matter of shame

NEW DElhi, August 6 (iANs): About 70 percent of Indians defecate in the open which is a matter of national shame, Minister of State for Drinking Water and Sanitation Bharatsinh Solanki said Tuesday. Speaking at an event organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry here, Solanki said: “India is going to become an economic power but it is a shame that we have failed to solve the problem of open defecation.” He said India has announced to end open defecation by 2020 but that target appears difficult to achieve. He called for fostering association between the government and the industry for ensuring sanitation and safe drinking water to villages across the country. Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation Secretary Pankaj Jain suggested industry should upscale sanitation facility along with clean drinking water. “It is dismal that diseases and deaths are prevalent on account of poor sanitation and impure drinking water facilities,” said Jain. He proposed that the corporate sector and social entrepreneurs should spearhead the work for construction and maintenance of sanitation facilities and pure drinking water. “The government will extend support to the industry and help in getting land from gram panchayats (village self-governments) for construction of sanitation facilities,” Jain added.

5 soldiers killed in attack by Pak troops

NEW DElhi, August 6 (AgENciEs): A heavilyarmed team of terrorists and Pakistani troops ambushed an Indian Army patrol along the Line of Control in the Poonch sector of Jammu and Kashmir in the early hours of Tuesday, killing five Indian soldiers. The incident occurred just hours after the ceasefire violation in Samba sector on Monday evening in which one BSF soldier was injured. The Army said 15-20 terrorists, backed by Pakistani Army regulars, intruded into the Indian territory after crossing over the LoC at about 1am and ambushed the six-member Indian patrol near the Sarlah post of Poonch Brigade nearthe Chakkan-da-Bagh area, over 200km away from Jammu. “Five of our soldiers from the 21 Bihar Regiment died in the firefight around 450 meters inside our territory, while one was injured,” said an officer. The Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists and the Pakistani Army, according to sources, took advantage of the weather conditions and topography of the area to sneak across the LoC. Senior superintendent of Police (SSP) Poonch, Shamsher Hussain told TOI in Jammu that the attackers took the advantage of dense vegetation. “The soldiers were believed to have been on a regular patrol along the LoC in Chakandabad area of Poonch and were passing through a vulnerable (unfenced LoC) sector of some 300 mts between Cheeta and Begum posts when they were ambushed,” he said. “Some lo-

cal civilians reported to police that they heard some firing at approximately 0200 hrs,” the SSP said. On Tuesday morning, J&K chief minister Omar Abdullah tweeted, “(I) was briefed early this morning about the news that five of our soldiers had been killed on the LoC. My heartfelt condolences to their next of kin. These incidents don’t help efforts to normalise or even improve relations with Pak and call in to question the Pak Govt’s recent overtures.” Army Chief Gen Bikram Singh was taking stock of the situation in New Delhi, with he Indian DGMO being asked to lodge a strong protest with his Pakistani counter-

part over the hotline. The injured is likely to be shifted to Command Hospital Northern Command provided the weather conditions permit. The injured soldier is presently undergoing treatment at Military Hospital Poonch. This is the second biggest attack in Poonch area in a year, after the January 8 beheading incident that had triggered a series of skirmishes along the LoC and the India-Pakistan international border. Official sources suspect that the last night’s assault could have been a reaction to the recent elimination of over a dozen armed terrorists killed by the Indian security forces in counter-infil-

tration operations carried out in north Kashmir. Pakistan has already violated the border ceasefire over 33 times this year. The latest incident could cast a dark shadow on the resumption of the IndoPak composite dialogue process expected to begin later this month, much like the beheading of an Indian soldier by Pakistani troops in January had derailed the bilateral ties for some time. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif are also slated to meet in New York next month on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly session. The incident sparked uproar in Parliament, with

lucKNoW, August 6 (iANs): Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi came in for sharp criticism on Tuesday for saying that poverty was a “state of mind”. Political leaders here said the statement made in Allahabad showed how much the Gandhi scion was cut off from the ground reality. Bharatiya Janata Party ( BJP) Uttar Pradesh spokesman Vijay Bahadur Pathak said Gandhi’s statement smacked of arrogance. “This is not only sad but also makes mockery of the poor,” Pathak told IANS. Ba-

hujan Samaj Party (BSP) leader Naseemuddin Siddiqui said the Congress leader was ignorant and did not know the ground situation. “He comes from a billionaire family and many generations in the Gandhi Nehru family have not seen poverty even from a distance. So they cannot be blamed for their poor knowledge,” he said. Speaking at a discourse on ‘Culture, Deepening Democracy and Most Marginalised Communities’, organised by social scientist Badri Narayan Monday, Gandhi

had said that poverty was a state of mind. “Poverty is just a state of mind. It does not mean the scarcity of food, money or material things. If one possesses self-confidence, then one can overcome poverty,” Gandhi was quoted as saying by the organisers. Going further, Gandhi cited the example of a poor woman in Amethi who took control of her life, both financially and socially, by getting associated with a self-help group, Rajiv Gandhi Mahila Vikas Pariyojana.

Wednesday launching its first batch of trained college students who will take school children on an informative guided tour through the galleries. The inaugural batch of Yuva Saathi volunteers comprises students of National Museum Institute (NMI) and undergraduates from five Delhi colleges - St Stephen’s, Lady Sri Ram, Sri Venkateswara, Miranda House and Jesus and Mary. “We thought college students would be a good choice as guides for school children at the museum. Communication will be free and fresh between generations that are closer by age,” said Venu V., director-general, National Museum, in a statement. “It will be education for both parties,

India can’t be cowed down: Sonia Gandhi

In this Jan. 15, 2013 file photograph, Indian army soldiers patrol near the Line of Control (LOC), that divides Kashmir between India and Pakistan, in Churunda village, about 150 Kilometers (94 miles) northwest of Srinagar. India’s army says five of its soldiers were killed when Pakistani troops fired at a patrol near the cease-fire line in the disputed Himalayan region of Kashmir on Tuesday, Aug. 6. (AP File Photo)

the opposition parties accusing the government of a soft foreign policy. Defence minister A K Antony is expected to make a statement in both houses. “It is a sad incident. If Pakistan wants better ties with India then this is not the way,” said minister of state for home RPN Singh. Union minister Farooq Abdullah said the incident will affect the process of normalisation between India and Pakistan. “The hand of friendship cannot be extended from one side only. Pakistan has to stop the killings of Indian soldiers. The dialogue process cannot resume if such a situation continues,” he said. The leader of opposi-

NEW DElhi, August 6 (iANs): India “cannot be cowed down by such blatant acts of deceit”, Congress president Sonia Gandhi said over the killing of five soldiers by Pakistanis in Jammu & Kashmir, a party statement said Tuesday. “India cannot be cowed down by such blatant acts of deceit,” the statement quoting Gandhi said. She expressed “deep grief and shock at the deceitful killing of five Indian solders by Pakistan at the LoC in Jammu & Kashmir”. Sonia Gandhi also “extended heartfelt condolences to the family of the martyred soldiers”. “The entire Congress party as indeed the entire country stands by them,” Gandhi said. Gandhi also asked the “government to take appropriate action”.

tion in the Rajya Sabha, Arun Jaitley, said the incident has serious defence, security and foreign policy implications. BJP spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad said government should come out with a clear-cut and firm response to the latest Pakistani attack which has become a weekly affair. Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi accused the government of laxity in securing Indian borders. Gurudas Dasgupta of CPI said government should take up the issue strongly with Pakistan. Former Army chief Shankar Roy Choudhary said India should be wary of any peace overtures of Pakistan. “This is

a serious situation and requires a strong response from the government,” said former Foreign Secretary Lalit Mansingh. Govt lodges protest with Pakistan India has lodged a strong protest through diplomatic channels over the killing of five Indian soldiers in Jammu and Kashmir, defence minister A K Antony said in Lok Sabha. A K Anonty said attack on Indian soldiers was carried out by 20 heavily-armed terrorists along with persons in Pakistan army uniform. “We strongly condemn the incident. The Indian Army is fully ready to tackle any such incident,” Antony said in Lok Sabha.

Rahul Gandhi’s ‘poverty is a College students to be guides at Nat’l Museum DElhi, August 6 (iANs): To attract the kindling in them a fresh interest in history and heritage,” he state of mind’ remark draws flak NEW younger generation, the National Museum here is added. The first batch of these 30 volunteers went through

SC to examine govt’s drug pricing policy

NEW DElhi, August 6 (Pti): The Supreme Court on Tuesday agreed to examine the new national pharmaceutical pricing policy framed by the government for fixing prices of essential medicines in the country. A bench headed by Justice GS Singhvi asked the Centre to file its response on a petition challenging the policy and raised questions on prices of medicines fixed by government. “Margin of profit for manufacturers and dealers has become 10% to 1300% of the cost of manufacture of the drug,” the bench said after going through a data provided by the petitioner in the PIL. The bench also pulled up the Centre for dilly dallying on the issue of price fixation for the last 10 years and saying that nothing

has been done by the Centre despite various committees including parliamentary committee deliberating on the issue. The assessment was done by the petitioner after analysing the market price, price fixed by government and the cost of production of drug. While hearing another case, the court had earlier also slammed the government for not controlling the price of such drugs during the last 18 years. The court had made it clear to the Centre that it should not form a pharma policy which may cause increase in the price of essential drugs. The court had said drugs prescribed by the doctors were going beyond the reach of common man and “any formula for price fixation which goes against common man should be quashed”.

‘Rising number of dowry deaths in India’

KollAm, August 6 (AgENciEs): In spite of stringent laws against dowry and dowry related offences, complemented by sustained campaigns against the dowry system; statistics released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) last week on dowry related deaths, show that such deaths have only increased over the years. NCRB statistics on dowry related deaths in the country during the past 12 years from 2001 show that 91,202 dowry deaths were reported from January 1, 2001 to December 31 2012. Out of those, 84,013 were charged and sent for trial. The rest were either withdrawn by the government during the course of investigation or not inves-

The Morung Express

tigated. 5,081 cases were reported to be false after investigations. While 6,851 dowry deaths were reported in the country in 2001, the figure reached 7,618 in 2006 and touched 8,233 in 2012. While 6,539 cases were charged and 6,060 sent for trail in 2001, in 2012, the number of cases charged was 8,022 and 7,537 of that sent for trial. 21,922 dowry death cases were pending trial from the previous year in 2001 and the figure touched 29,669 in 2012. In 2001, the total number of cases on trial was 27,969 and at the end of that year 22,697 cases were pending trail. The corresponding figures for 2012 were 37,206 and 31,888 respectively. A total of 1,389 cases were with-

drawn for various reasons after coming up for trial during the 12 year period. 44,668 cases were convicted during the period. A state wise break-up provided in the statistics show that the highest incidence of dowry deaths was in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. During the 12 year period shown in the statistics, 23,824 dowry deaths were reported in Uttar Pradesh and 19,702 sent for trial. In Bihar 13,548 cases were reported during the period and 9,984 sent for trial. The conviction rate was always around 50 per cent in UP and less than 30 per cent in Bihar. In fact the number of dowry death cases acquitted was always much higher that those convicted in all the States. In Maharashtra, the inci-

dence of dowry cases getting acquitted was seen to be very high. Out of a total of 3,485 cases for which trail was completed during the 12 year period, 3,066 were acquitted. In UP, the dowry death figure was above 2,000 during most of the years of statistics period and in Bihar it was above 1,000 for the majority of the years. In Madhya Pradesh, it was above 600 during the early rears of the statistics period and later climbed to 800 plus during the later period. 1,582 dowry deaths were reported in Delhi during the 12 year period. Nagaland is the only State and Lakshadweep the only Union Territory where no dowry deaths were reported during the period.

a three-month course and received training from curators, communication experts and art historians. “The tour is of 60 minutes and the storyline is simple. Objects related to the curriculum have been included, but the interpretation will be light and entertaining,” said Manvi Seth of the NMI, which has conceptualised the Yuva Saathi initiative.


The Morung Express

Amazon founder Bezos to buy Washington Post

LOS ANGELES, AuGuSt 6 (AP): Jeff Bezos, the founder who helped bring books into the digital age, is going after another pillar of “old media”: The Washington Post. Bezos, 49, struck a deal announced Monday to buy the venerable Washington broadsheet and other newspapers for $250 million. It was a startling demonstration of how the Internet has created winners and losers and transformed the media landscape. Bezos pioneered online shopping, first by selling books out of his Seattle garage in 1995, then with just about everything else. In doing so, he has amassed a $25 billion personal fortune, based on the most recent estimates by Forbes magazine. Meanwhile The Washington Post, like most newspapers, has been losing readers and advertisers to the Internet while watching its value plummet. The newspaper became internationally known after its investigation of the Watergate scandal that led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon, the basis for the Robert Redford film “All the President’s Men.” Bezos is buying the newspaper as an individual. Inc. is not involved. Bezos said to Post employees in a letter distributed to the media that he’d be keeping his “day job” as Amazon CEO and a life in “the other Washington” where Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle are

based. But he made clear there would be changes, if unforeseen ones, coming. “The Internet is transforming almost every element of the news business: shortening news cycles, eroding long-reliable revenue sources, and enabling new kinds of competition, some of which bear little or no news-gathering costs,” Bezos wrote. “There is no map, and charting a path ahead will not be easy. We will need to invent, which means we will need to experiment.” Washington Post Co. chairman and CEO Donald Graham called Bezos a “uniquely good new owner.” He said the decision was made after years of newspaper industry challenges. The company, which owns the Kaplan education business and several TV stations, will change its name but didn’t say what the new name will be. Bezos said in a statement that he understands the Post’s “critical role” in Washington and said its values won’t change. “The paper’s duty will remain to its readers and not to the private interests of its owners,” Bezos said in his letter to Post employees. “We will continue to follow the truth wherever it leads, and we’ll work hard not to make mistakes. When we do, we will own up to them quickly and completely.” Katharine Weymouth, the newspaper’s publisher and CEO and a member of the Graham family that has owned the newspaper since 1933, will remain

in her post. She has asked other senior managers to stay on as well. “Mr. Bezos knows as well as anyone the opportunities that come with revolutionary technology when we understand how to make the most of it,” she said in a letter to readers. “Under his ownership and with his management savvy, we will be able to accelerate the pace and quality of innovation.” The news surprised industry observers and even the newspaper’s employees. “I think we’re all still in shock,” said Robert McCartney, one of the newspaper’s Metro columnists and a 31-year veteran. “Everybody’s standing around the newsroom talking about it. ... I don’t think much work’s getting done.” The email hit staffers’ inboxes at 4:17 p.m. local time. It summoned them to a meeting 13 minutes later. Graham spoke at the staff meeting of how he has known Bezos for more than a decade, and described him as a decent and patient man, said McCartney. Graham told the staff he is convinced Bezos is committed to quality journalism and has no political agenda. There was a long standing ovation from the staff after Graham and Weymouth’s remarks. “Hard to imagine the Post without the Grahams,” wrote East Asia Correspondent Chico Harlan in a tweet. “Don emailed his writers, knew their names.” Fredrick Kunkle, a metro reporter and a union leader at The Post, said there is

In this Sept. 6, 2012, file photo, Jeff Bezos, CEO and founder of Amazon, speaks at the introduction of the new Amazon Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Paperwhite personal devices, in Santa Monica, Calif. (AP File Photo)

also apprehension among staff. “The Graham family has been revered in this town, rightly so,” he said, adding he saw at least one person at the meeting wipe away tears. “We all have a lot of questions.” Carl Bernstein, who helped crack the Watergate scandal as a reporter at the Post in the early 1970s, expressed hope on Monday: “Jeff Bezos seems to me exactly the kind of inventive and innovative choice needed to bring about a recommitment to great journalism,” he said in a statement. Allen & Co., which held a high-level conference for media and technology executives in Idaho last month, was named as an adviser to the deal. To observers, Bezos is eminently qualified to be a newspaper owner: He’s rich, he’s innovative and

he’s willing to live with slim profits. That’s proven by his running of Amazon since its foundation. Last month, Inc. reported a surprise loss in the AprilJune quarter even though revenue grew 22 percent to $15.7 billion. “Some other buyers might see the Post as a thing to drain money out of,” said Joshua Benton, director of the Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard University. “There’s little reason to think (Bezos would) fall into that category.” The Poynter Institute’s media and business analyst, Rick Edmonds, compared Bezos’ purchase of the Post to billionaire John Henry’s $70 million purchase of The Boston Globe, which was announced Saturday. The newspaper transactions remove well-loved, established publications

from publicly traded parent companies which had to answer to shareholders who demanded good quarterly financial results. “This means putting the Post in the hands of a wealthy individual who can take as long as he needs and spend as much money as he wishes in keeping the paper strong,” Edmonds said. “That’s a much better situation than a company with other faster-growing businesses trying to justify that same investment.” Alan Mutter, a media consultant and former newspaper editor, said this deal marks the first time a newspaper has been bought by a “digital native,” not someone entrenched in the print medium. “Here’s a guy who’s going to re-envision the newspaper from top to bottom and we’ll see what we get,” Mutter said.

Boy dies after serving Escaped python kills two children as parents’ best man

PIttSbuRGH, AuGuSt 6 (AFP): The terminally ill 2-year-old US boy who served as his parents’ best man at their wedding has died. Christine Swidorsky Stevenson says on her Facebook page that Logan Stevenson died in her arms on Monday night at the home she shared with the boy’s father and her new husband, Sean Stevenson. The couple married at a weekend ceremony at their home. A family spokeswoman, Sylvia Johnson, confirmed the boy’s death for The Associated Press on Tuesday. The boy had leukemia and other Christine Swidorsky holds her son, complications. His mother Logan Stevenson, 2 on Tuesday, says on Facebook, “He is July 30, 2013 in their Jeannette, Pa., with angels and he’s in no more pain.” home. (AP Photo)

mONtREAL, AuGuSt 6 (AFP): An escaped python killed two children in their sleep in eastern Canada, police said on Monday. The 2 young boys, aged 5 and 7, were sleeping at a friend’s apartment late Sunday in the small town of Campbellton when they were surprised by the snake. It had escaped from a pet store that specialized in exotic animals located on the floor below the apartment. “The preliminary investigation has led police to believe that a large exotic snake had escaped its enclosure at the store sometime overnight, and got into the ventilation system, then into the upstairs apartment,” police said in a statement. “It’s believed the two boys were strangled by the snake.” A New Brunswick police spokesman declined to give further details on the size of the snake or whether signs of strangulation

Hiroshima marks anniv of US atomic bombing

HIROSHImA, AuGuSt 6 (AFP): Tens of thousands gathered at a peace memorial park in Hiroshima on Tuesday to mark the 68th anniversary of the US atomic bombing of the city, as anti-atomic sentiment runs high in Japan. The annual ceremony came as radioactive water leaks at the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant have stoked renewed fears about the plant’s precarious state, and underscored broader worries about atomic power following Japan’s 2011 nuclear crisis. In Hiroshima, ageing survivors, relatives, government officials and foreign delegates observed a moment of silence at 8:15 am (2315 GMT Monday), the time of the detonation which turned the western Japanese city into a nuclear inferno. “We offer heartfelt consolation to the souls of the atomic bomb victims by pledging to do everything in our power to eliminate the absolute evil of nuclear weapons and achieve a peaceful world,” Hiroshima Mayor Kazumi Matsui told the ceremony. An American B-29 bomber named Enola Gay

dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima August 6, 1945, in one of the final chapters of World War II. It killed an estimated 140,000 by December that year. Three days later, the port city of Nagasaki was also bombed, killing an estimated 70,000 people. The Allied powers have long argued that the twin attacks brought a quick end to the war by speeding up Japan’s surrender, preventing millions more casualties from a land invasion planned for later in the year. Later Tuesday, Japanese officials will be unveiling Tokyo’s biggest naval ship since World War II, as the government moves to beef up Japan’s self-defence forces, jangling nerves in neighbouring China and South Korea. Tokyo said the timing of an annual peace ceremony and the helicopter carrier unveiling was coincidental. Among the attendees in Hiroshima last year was Clifton Truman Daniel, grandson of former US president Harry Truman, who authorised the bombings. He was the first Truman relative to attend the annual anniversary in Japan.

Many atomic bomb survivors, known as “hibakusha”, oppose both military and civil use of nuclear power, pointing to the tens of thousands who were killed instantly in the Hiroshima blast and the many more who later died from radiation sickness and cancers linked to the attack. Anti-nuclear sentiment flared in Japan after an earthquake-sparked tsunami left some 19,000 dead or missing and knocked out cooling systems at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant two years ago. Meltdowns at the crippled site spread radiation over a large area and forced thousands to leave their homes in the worst atomic disaster in a generation. Concerns about Fukushima have remained high since the accident. In recent weeks, the plant’s operator Tokyo Electric Power admitted for the first time that radioactive water had leaked into the ocean as it struggles to contain the toxic buildup. “Eastern Japan is still suffering the aftermath of the great earthquake and the nuclear accident,” Hiroshima’s mayor said Tuesday.

were apparent on the boys. Authorities late Monday said they were still waiting for the results of the autopsies — to be carried out on Tuesday — to determine the cause of death. But reptile experts expressed skepticism over the incident, saying it would be extremely rare for a constrictor to attack two young boys. “It’s difficult to believe,” said David Rogrigue, director of Montreal’s Ecomuseum Zoo. This type of accident would be “an isolated case and very, very extraordinary, and very improbable,” he said. These snakes typically bite to defend themselves and use strangulation solely for their prey. “Strangling is really linked to the feeding of the animal,” he said, explaining the behavior “is stimulated by hunger and by the odor of the prey.” The python had Noah and Connor Barth were killed by been recaptured and was being a massive python in their sleep after it held by police, authorities said. escaped from its cage.

NOTICE INVITING TENDERS MILITARY ENGINEER SERVICES HQ 137 Works Engineers, C/O 99 APO on behalf of President of India invites application from eligible enlisted Contractors of MES and enlisted/unenlisted Contractors working with other Govt. Departments meeting eligibility criteria for selection of Contractors for issue of tender of under mentioned work:Name of work


Estimated cost of work Completion period Amount of earnest money of the contractors not enlisted with MES Cost of tender

: : : :

Last date of receipt of Ap- : plications Eligibility criteria : (a) For MES Enlisted Contractors (b) For other Contractors :

Date of issue tender Date of receipt of tender

: :

SPECIAL REPAIR/REPLACEMENT OF WATER SUPPLY PIPE LINE TO RAWAT ENCLAVE PUMP HOUSE AT RANGAPAHAR MILITARY STATION Rs. 29.00 Lakhs (Rupees twenty nine lakhs only) 08 (EIGHT) Months Rs. 58,000.00 in the shape of Call Deposit receipt from any Scheduled Bank. BGB not acceptable Rs. 500.00 in the shape of DD/Bankers cheque from any Scheduled Bank in favour of GE 868 EWS 17 Aug 2013 Class: ‘D’ Category: a (ii) Meeting enlistment criteria of MES with regards to having satisfactorily completed requisite value of works, Annual turn over, Working Capital, Fixed Assets, no recovery outstanding in any Govt. Deptt, Security clearance etc. On or after 19 Aug 2013 20 Sep 2013 upto 1200 hours

Note: 1. Applications not accompanied by requisite value of DD/Bankers Cheque towards Cost of Tender shall not be considered for issue of tender. 2. Contractors not enlisted with MES will be required to enclosed necessary documents to prove their eligibility as given above including Affidavit for no recovery outstanding. 3. In case of rejection of application for issue of tender, the applicant shall be refunded the cost of tender. However, contractor may appeal to next higher Engineer Authority i.e. CE Shillong Zone for rejection of his application for issue of tender whose decision shall be final and binding. However contractor shall not entitled to any compensation what so ever for non issue of tender. 4. The above details are also available on MES website. And Indian Trade Journal. Full Notice of tender IAFW-2162 & Enlistment criteria is available in all office of MES and also on MES website. Davp: 10102/11/1012/1314

Wednesday 7 August 2013



Benazir murder: Musharraf to face charges August 20

ISLAmAbAd, AuGuSt 6 (IANS): A Rawalpindi court Tuesday ruled that former Pakistan president Pervez Musharraf would be indicted for the murder of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto Aug 20 after he failed to appear before it due to security concerns, a leading Pakistani daily said. Musharraf had been summoned to face charges of criminal conspiracy and the murder of Bhutto, according to The Dawn. Police and Musharraf’s lawyer told the court in Rawalpindi, the city where Bhutto was assassinated, that it was not safe to escort him to the court due to threats on his life. Judge Chaudhry Habibur Rehman adjourned the indictment until Aug 20 and ordered Musharraf to appear then. Musharraf has been under house arrest at his plush villa here since April 19. Earlier July 30, he had appeared before the court in person. Bhutto was assassinated in a gun and bombing Dec 27, 2007. Musharraf’s government had blamed Pakistani Taliban chief Baitullah Mehsud for the murder. However, Mehsud denied the charges. He was killed in a US drone attack in 2009. The Benazir Bhutto case is one in a series of court battles that Musharraf has faced over allegations dating back to his 1999-2008 rule, since he returned in March from four years of self-imposed exile.




Wednesday 7 August 2013

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Li confident of a good Bayern begins defense of German Cup with 5-0 win show in Rogers Cup

ToroNTo, AuguST 6 (iANS): China's Grand Slam singles champion Li Na, who's vying for the Rogers Cup tennis title, saying she is 'prepared' and 'confident' with her game. World No.5 Li, who won the first grand slam tennis singles title for Asia back at the 2011 French Open, will

be representing China, reports Xinhua. Li, who was the runnerup at last year's tournament in Montreal, prepares for her first match Wednesday against Russia's Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova. "Last year I got a lot of confidence after I come to the final, but you know this

year is already one year past, so but yeah, I will focus on every match," she stressed. Fourth seed Li may be facing No.8 seed Angelique Kerber of Germany in the quarterfinal round, and either No.6 seed Petra Kvitova of Czech Republic or No.9 seed Caroline Wozniacki in the semi-finals. Li won't be facing the world's No.1 player Serena Williams until the final round. An aggressive baseline player, Li has been following her coach Carlos Rodriguez's advice to move off the baseline and close the net. Her change in strategy was noticeable at this year's Wimbledon when she came to the net 71 times in the quarter-finals to earn 48 points. While she was ousted in the quarterfinals, but Li believes the new strategy worked for her, and says she will continue testing it out in Toronto. "This is the new plan for me, because I try already in Wimbledon, so I was feeling pretty good," she said. "That's why I will continue for end of the season." Besides having her strategy down, Li says a little downtime after Wimbledon has helped recharge her both mentally and physically. "I was feeling pretty good, because after Wimbledon, I was taking one half week off," said Li. "Now the body and mind, pretty free, so I think I'm ready for this tournament."

BerliN, AuguST 6 (AP): Thomas Mueller scored a hat trick as Bayern Munich opened its German Cup defense with a 5-0 win over fourth-tier side BSV Rehden on Monday. "Such a game is always dangerous," Bayern coach Pep Guardiola said. "So we're happy." Xherdan Shaqiri opened the scoring in the 18th, deflecting in Arjen Robben's shot from close range after the Rehden defense failed to clear the ball. Mueller was unmarked when he scored just before halftime with a header from Rafinha's cross. Rehden goalkeeper Milos Mandic denied Mario Mandzukic with an acrobatic save early in the second half, and Mueller hit the crossbar from the resultant corner. However, the Bayern attacker dusted himself off to make it 3-0 from the penalty spot after he was brought down in the area in the 58th, and

he completed his hat trick Mueller was still furious other chance late on, before in with a header in the 64th. with himself for missing an- Robben wrapped up the

scoring two minutes from time. "We're not perfect yet," Robben said. "We're not at 100 percent but that's normal. We're ready for the Bundesliga regardless. We'll be there on Friday." Earlier Monday, KlaasJan Huntelaar scored one goal and set up another for Schalke to defeat fifth-tier FC Noettingen 2-0 to advance to the second round. Huntelaar struck in the 30th minute but the visitors were made to wait until the fourth minute of stoppage time before the Dutchman could set up offseason signing Leon Goretzka to secure the result. "They played well in the first half, hit the crossbar twice," Huntelaar said. "We were bad, you have to be honest." Second-division side Paderborn defeated third-tier MSV Duisburg 3-2, and another seconddivision side, Union Berlin, won 2-1 at third-division Jahn Regensburg.

raid from Mumbai, May 16. In the aftermath of the three arrests, Chennai Super Kings team principal Gurunath Meiyappan, who is also son-in-law of BCCI president N.Srinivasan, and Rajasthan Royals co-owner Raj Kundra were suspended by the BCCI for their alleged involvement in betting. Meiyappan is out on bail after being arrested by Mumbai police while Kundra was questioned by Delhi Police. But a BCCI probe panel recently gave a clean chit

to both Meiyappan and Kundra in the betting scandal. A hurt Dravid said: "Things like this don't help, when we are on the front pages of the newspapers and not on the back. A certain amount of reverence, respect and love for cricketers can diminish." Dravid said the spotfixing and the betting scandal is the worst thing that could happen to Indian cricket. "I think it's a really, really sad thing for cricket in this country if that had to happen," he said.

Bayern's Rafinha, right, vies for the ball with Rehden's Taiki Hirooka during the German soccer cup first round match between 4th League club BSV Rehden and FC Bayern Munich in Osnabrueck, Monday, Aug. 5. (AP Photo)

‘Administrators are there because of fans and cricketers’

New Delhi, AuguST 6 (PTi): Former India captain Rahul Dravid hit out at the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) Saturday, saying administrators are there for the fans and the cricketers to run the game. Dravid, who will be a prosecution witness in the Indian Premier League-6 (IPL-6) spot-fixing case, said that credibility of game and the board is important. "Administrators are there because of the fans and the cricketers to run

this game, so credibility of a game or a board is important irrespective of what you do. If you are in public life it is important," Dravid, who led Rajasthan Royals in the last edition of the IPL, told "There are so many fans and so many people who care deeply about this game and it is because of these fans that we are who we are as cricketers," Dravid added. Three of Dravid's team mates Sreesanth, An- dila were arrested by Delhi keet Chavan and Ajit Chan- Police after a mid-night

Sports minister unhappy Cook unconcerned over manner of Ashes win with CMG preparations

New Delhi, Aug 6 (iANS): India's preparations for the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and the Asian Games in Incheon, South Korea, have left Sports Minister Jitendra Singh less than impressed. Singh was upset that only a handful of National Sports Federations (NSFs) had given a detailed training programme for the probable medal winners identified for the games, the sports ministry said in a statement here Tuesday. The minister also directed that a chief coach along with his support staff be appointed for each discipline and their team should be entrusted with the responsibility for coaching of probables. Singh also directed that a steering committee headed by Secretary (Sports) be set up and meet every week to review the progress of training sportsperson in each discipline by rotation. This system would hold till the conclusion of Commonwealth Games. It was also decided that top training needs

of sportsperson would be identified and will be funded from the National Sports Development Fund (NSDF). However, the main expenditure of training of sportsperson would be from Assistance to NSFs. Director General, SAI was asked to provide estimates of expenditure so that suitable provisions could be made for training of sportsperson. It was decided at the meeting that scientific data on all probables would be periodically collected and provided to the coaches so that they could tailor the coaching programme to the play parameters of each sportspersons. The minister was concerned that India would stand to lose at least 30 medals in the next Commonwealth Games due to the exclusion of sports discipline like archery, greco-roman wrestling, team events in shooting and the like. These constituted more than 30 percent of the total medals won by India in the Commonwealth Games 2010 at New Delhi.

England's captain Alastair Cook poses for a picture with fans at the end of day five of the third Ashes Test match held at Old Trafford cricket ground in Manchester, England, Monday, Aug. 5. The match was a draw after bad weather meant the match was called off, so England retain the Ashes. (AP Photo)

MANCheSTer, AuguST 6 (reuTerS): Cheers from a handful of drenched fans and a presentation held indoors hardly matched the glory of retaining the Ashes in recent series but England captain Alastair Cook was just happy to get away with a patchy draw. England, in trouble at 37 for three chasing 332 after lunch on Monday's final day before rain intervened, will keep the urn as holders

after the third test stalemate at Old Trafford meant they stay 2-0 up in the series with two matches left. Fireworks at the Oval and sprinkler dances at the MCG and SCG marked England's success in 2009 and 2011, but in traditionally rainy Manchester the sprinkler was in the sky. "If you'd have said 14 days ago to me that you'd be sitting here and it might have rained the last day but you'd have retained the Ashes after three

games I'd have snapped your hand off," Cook told a news conference. British sport is enjoying a purple patch much like the 2012 UK summer with Andy Murray winning Wimbledon, Chris Froome the Tour de France and the British and Irish Lions vanquishing Australia. Now the Ashes are staying in England. British Prime Minister David Cameron tweeted: "And to think some people criticise the

British weather. Congratulations to our cricketers on retaining the Ashes." However, Cook is not satisfied with merely retaining the Ashes because of a drawn series, he wants to make sure they beat an improving Australia outright for the third straight time. "It's showing this test match how competitive Australia are," he said. Cook, who played down reports some players were late to the ground on Monday, hailed Kevin Pietersen for his first innings 113 which made him England's record scorer in all formats. "That's a great honour to have as a player and a great achievement. He's a great player, you can put him in that category now," the captain added. Pietersen featured in yet another DRS controversy this test when he was given out on Monday after appearing to edge behind for eight despite no hot spot showing up on the review. Cook hopes the ICC will clarify the situation, with hotspot seeming fallible and no one sure if third umpires should be giving the benefit of the doubt to the batsman or to the on-field umpire who made the original decision.

Mokokchung town inter bank branches sports meet

MokokChuNg, AuguST 6 (DiPr): The 1st Mokokchung Town Inter Branches Sports Meet will be held on August 9 at Imkongmeren Sports Complex, Mokokchung under the theme “Unity through Sports”. Around 130 Bank employees from 12 Banks & Branches in Mokokchung Town will be participating in the event. The Bankers will be competing in four events i.e. Carrom, Chess, Table Tennis & Badminton. According to the Convenor, Neken Mongro, the objective of holding the sports meet is to bring all the financial institutions to a common platform and provide them the opportunity to share ideas on banking system so as to provide better service to the customers.

Minister for youth resources & sports Merentoshi R. Jamir tries a hand at a game of snooker during the 9th Atou Memorial Open Snooker Championship 2013 in Kohima recently. (Morung Photo/Chizokho Vero)

Squash star Ghosal coaches kids to supplement income

New Delhi, Aug 6 (iANS): The Siri Fort squash stadium is abuzz with a bunch of keen youngsters relentlessly slapping the ball against the wall. It looked a pretty normal activity on a Sunday till India's highest world ranked player Saurav Ghosal emerged on court. What is World No.20 doing in Delhi on the state-of-the-art courts built for the 2010 Commonwealth Games? He can't be training for his next international commitment along with the novices. The next moment you see him talking to a teenager on his grip and footwork. Even that is understandable for an international player to offer tips to a budding youngster. Only when he opens up to IANS that one realizes that he is indeed training the youngsters to make a living out of squash. Not exactly to buy his bread and butter, he wants to supplement his income so that he can sustain himself on the international circuit. He is doing this 10 years after he turned pro. "I was thinking about it (coaching) for quite some time. It is tough to make a decent liv-

ing solely by playing all around the world," Ghosal tells IANS as he takes a break on second day of his six-day clinic in the capital's plush arena. "It is the first time I am doing it in India. I did a camp with a friend in Amsterdam last month and I have done a couple of them in the US. But it feels good to be doing it here with the kids. It is one way of giving something back to the sport. "Still, my focus is on getting into the top-15 and then the top10," says the Kolkata-born Ghosal, stressing that he will hold workshops only when he gets time out of his hectic schedule. The 27-year-old is working with 10 upcoming players amongst the hundreds who use the swanky training facility. Coaching is a different ball game, more so when one does it after one was put through the paces by eminent coaches and played the sport at the highest level. "It is a hell lot different from playing. For example, I tell these guys one thing over and over again and even then they find it tough to make adjustments in their game. I realise I surely need to be a lot

more patient as a coach." No matter how much the young guns are troubling Ghosal, they are overwhelmed with his presence on the court. "I was thrilled when I heard about this opportunity. I play in Noida where I don't get to practise with high quality players and now I find myself training alongside Saurav sir," says Robin Singh Mann, who according to the "coach," has shown great promise. Mann recently won the U-15 bronze in the Asian Junior Championships in Amman, Jordan. So, how is it like hitting with someone of Ghosal's class? "You start doing the basic things much better. Like the right way to hold the racket, changing pace during a rally, how softly we need to drop the ball and how to volley. It has only been two days and I feel stronger about my game," says the lanky teenager before Ghosal announces "break time over". The conversation with the first Indian to win the prestigious British Junior Open title shifts to his PSA career. Ghosal has been in the top-20s for some time now with the num-

ber 18 position in February being his highest. "The next step (getting higher up the ranking) is taking a little time. It is not easy as you can't be staying in Europe for long. I have done that enough without the backing some of the top players on the circuit have," he says referring to England's James Willstrop and Nick Matthew, ranked three and four. "In England, they are given a lump sum amount before the start of the season and they can plan the year accordingly. In comparison, the Indian government has a cumbersome process. We are required to fill the reimbursement form first and get paid afterwards. It is a bit distracting in between tournaments." The sponsor support too is limited and he has to rely on prize money, which is a lot less when compared to other racquet sports. One gets around $2,500 to $3,000 for reaching the pre-quarterfinals of a premier tournament. Ghosal is hoping the sports get a big push in India and it can happen only if squash makes the 2020 Olympics.

Ghosal in action against World No.1 Ramy Ashour


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David Beckham in ' The Secret Service'

The new James Bond (villain)


etired soccer star David Beckham has been offered a cameo role in new movie 'The Secret Service' as a villain. David Beckham has been approached to play a bad guy in a new movie. The retired soccer star - who announced he was quitting the sport earlier this year - has been asked

by Colin Firth to star in 'The Secret Service' and director Matthew Vaughn is so confident he will agree to appear, he has already had a villainous part written for him. A source told The Sun newspaper: "Becks was asked by Colin Firth if he'd like to be in the movie but he is yet to fully commit. He loves movies and fancies appearing

on the big screen -- but just as a one-off, not a full-time career. The film - which is based on a spy graphic novel by Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons - stars Colin and Sir Michael Caine as superagents fighting a team of villains headed by Samuel L. Jackson and will also feature cameo appear-

Scarlett Johansson declared the 'modern Marilyn'


he is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world, and now Scarlett Johansson has been declared a living icon. The stunning 28-yearold led a who's who of female stars and taste-makers in Harper's Bazaar's annual fashion portfolio, which runs across all its titles worldwide. The magazine describes the actress as a

'modern Marilyn' in the photo spread, which was conceptualised and styled by Global Fashion Director Carine Roitfeld. To be included in the annual photo shoot is considered one of fashion's most privileged honours, and showing just how important the fashion spread is, it was photographed by designer and king of couture, Karl Lagerfeld.

The magazine described The Avengers actress as the 'Queen of Screen and Stage,' comparing her to the iconic Marilyn Monroe. 'Our modern Marilyn and the star of this fall’s Don Jon,' the magazine said. The fashion spread appears in the September issue of all 29 editions of the magazine, across 45 countries, as well as online.

Madras Cafe doesn't call anyone terrorists: John Abraham


7 August,2013



'My favourite cover ever!'





ollywood actor-producer John Abraham today said he was ready to show a preview of his latest film Madras Cafe before its actual release to prove Tamil outfits, which had alleged that the film portrayed the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam in a bad light. "We have not called anyone 'terrorists' in the film. We haven't taken sides... This film doesn't take any sides. We prob-

ably will show them (those opposing the film) the film," Abraham told reporters. The actor, who was in the city for releasing the trailer of the film, said "The film is not biased and is based on facts and actual situations." Pro Tamil outfit Naam Thamizhar founder Seeman had reportedly demanded a ban on the film after he learnt that the film projected the LTTE in a bad light. He wanted to watch

the movie before its actual release on August 23. Abraham said, "If someone wants to take a political mileage out of it, I can't stop that. A lot of research has gone into the making of the film and it is unbiased. We have not taken any sides." He maintained that the storyline of the film was based on fiction which was the actual backdrop of two historical events happened in the late 80s and the early 90s.

ances from stars including Sir Elton John. David - who has children Brooklyn, 14, Romeo, 10, Cruz, eight, and Harper, two, with wife Victoria - has previously been tipped for movie success by his spouse. She has said: "I think he would be really good at acting. He'd be a great James Bond."


he's made herself a household name transforming her look in front of millions of fans over her 30 year career. And Oprah Winfrey has done it again, this time wearing a giant afro on the cover of the September issue of her magazine O. The media mogul, who is featured on the cover of every issue, released the image on her social media accounts on Monday. In her monthly magazine column, the 59-yearold nicknamed the wig Wild Thang and likened wearing the 3.5-pound weave to 'carrying around an extra head.' 'I wish I could say it was all mine,' she said in her monthly magazine column. 'My own hair is shorter, not quite to spherical, and a lot lighter. But that doesn't mean it never gives me grief. When it comes to hair, I'm in the same boat as most every other woman.' Dressed in a figure-hugging

orange dress and simple gold jewellery, Oprah was so enamoured with the photo that she made it her profile picture on Facebook and Twitter. She wrote: 'Just revealed this new over of O, The Oprah Magazine - one of my faves ever - Let's talk about HAIR! Love this cover so much, I'm making it my new profile pic!' she wrote. 'For almost 30 years, I've had the luxury of a hairdresser, Andre Walker, who loves all kinds of textures and adores experimenting,' she added. 'Hence this

month's cover; we call the wig I'm wearing Wild Thang!' She has addressed the issue of having a 'natural' hairstyle in the past, saying she prefers to wear her hair without blowdrying or straitening on weekends and on holiday. 'This is the "do" my grandmother had to deal with when I was a little girl, braiding and unbraiding it regularly to keep it strong,' she said in an editorial published in the September 2012 issue of O Magazine. 'I like wearing my hair this way on the weekends and on vacation -- it makes me feel unencumbered.' She continued, saying her best friend Gayle King refers to her natural locks as looking like 'you put your finger in a light socket.' This is not the first time Oprah has undergone a major transformation in her more than three decades in the spotlight. The talk show host endeared herself with viewers by not being afraid to tackle tough subjects including her struggles with weight and her appear-

ance. In 1988 she famously returned from a summer hiatus carrying out a wagon with a large block of fat to represent her nearly 70 pound weight loss. Over the years her look has changed as her figure has yo-yo'd up and down in size, her hair also taking a hit as she has worn it curly, straightened, and often resorted to wearing wigs. 'I've worn weaves on the show,' she said. 'I've worn weaves on the magazine covers.' While she continues to be an influence to her more than 20 million Twitter followers and 8.4 million more on Facebook, Oprah has struggled to find an audience for her OWN network Since calling quits to her popular syndicated program in 2011. In her new interview programme Oprah's Next Chapter, she has sat down with many celebrity names, including landing the first big interviews with disgraced American cyclist Lance Armstrong and fresh out of rehab starlet Lindsay Lohan. Oprah is next set to appear in her first movie role since 1985's The Color Purple in The Butler with Forest Whitaker.

relearning how to eat, and temptation is still hard for me,' Graham admitted. 'If friends are eating fast food or baking fresh chocolate chip cookies, it's difficult not to grab even a tiny piece. Mentally, I've got to start thinking of that stuff as the enemy.' He added further: 'We did a party the

other night at one of my restaurants that was soul food – fried chicken and all these great things – and I didn't have one piece because I knew it wouldn't be worth it. 'I keep thinking tomorrow I could plateau. I have to keep working. I can't just sit all day on the couch and expect the weight to come off. My goals are my new focus instead of food.' Graham was tipping the scales at nearly 400lbs when he decided that weight loss surgery was the way out. The cooking extraordinaire had a one-hour sleeve gastrectomy procedure to remove about 80 percent of his stomach and create a small, banana-sized sleeveshaped stomach. At age 27 he became the youngest four-star chef in the US and

joined the judging panel on MasterChef in 2010. 'Weight is something I've battled all my life,' Graham told People magazine a few days before the laparoscopic surgery. 'It's hard to get in and out of a car, tie my shoe or play with my kids.' Graham was in fact in the hospital as the winners of the MasterChef challenge joined judge Gordon Ramsay at Major League Baseball's All-Star Game on July 16 at Citi Field in New York City. Graham posted a message on Twitter saying he was missing the All-Star Game due to the surgery. 'Can't make #AllStarGame. Time to focus on my #AllStar family; undergoing weight loss surgery. Thanks for all your support!,' he tweeted.


MasterChef judge reveals dramatic weight loss


asterChef judge Graham Elliot underwent weight loss surgery on July 16 and he's already shed an impressive 56 lbs. The Chicago-based chef once tipped the scales at 396lbs and couldn't even tie his shoe laces but now he's finally getting to experience all those things in life he used to miss out on. Graham, 36, has a long way to go still but now he's at least got the energy to get in and out of his car and play with his three sons, Mylo, six, Conrad, two, and 10-month-old Jedediah. He's happy to report that since his operation for a sleeve gastrectomy his weight is now at 340lbs and 'that's even better than expected,' Graham told Peo-


ple. 'I feel amazing. I have a lot more energy. I'm able to play tag with my six-yearold son. He said, "You're way faster than you were." He's so excited.' Every day he continues to face piles of fattening, sugary foods but so far the star chef has been able to turn away from those pitfalls. 'The hardest part is

fter releasing her new single Exotic, featuring Pitbull, Priyanka is wooing her fans in the "land of opportunity". And if the pictures she has been posting on Instagram are any proof, it seems she has earned herself quite an army of admirers in the country. Among the photos posted was pictures of herself at a Real Madrid- versusEverton match at the Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. Sporting black skinny trousers and white shirt, Priyanka was seen promoting her singles, In my city and Exotic, at the stadium. American rapper and songwriter Pitbull has collaborated with the actress for Exotic, which sees Priyanka experimenting with Hindi lyrics to add a bit of a desi flavour. At the Dodger Stadium, Priyanka watched Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo score a goal. The match was played as a part of the International Champions Cup. On Saturday, Priyanka tossed the coin before Madrid took on Everton in a match. " Super exhausted. Long day. Coin toss. Rehearsal. India day parade.. Phew..Now zzzzzss.. So excited for # Planes # Zanjeer # Krrish3 comin up soon! ( sic)," she tweeted. Planes is the new Disney animation film where Priyanka has lent her voice for one of the characters, Ishani. The film is a follow- up to the hugely popular toon flicks Cars and Cars 2 . Priyanka was also part of the India Day Parade in LA, where she was grand marshal. Organised by a nonprofit organisation, the parade has a tradition of inviting a Bollywood actor every year as the grand marshal. This year, donning a pale yellow anarkali kurta and churidaar , Priyanka did not miss the chance to promote her single.

Priyanka takes US by storm


Actress Priyanka Chopra attends the premiere of Disney's "Planes" at the El Capitan Theatre on August 5, 2013 in Hollywood, California.

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Usain Bolt out to rescue world championships

Newcastle signs striker Remy on loan from QPR NEWCAstLE, AUgUst 6 (AP): Newcastle has signed French striker Loic Remy on a season-long loan from Queens Park Rangers, strengthening its attack ahead of the Premier League season. Remy joined QPR in the January transfer window and scored six goals in 14 appearances, but couldn't prevent the London club being relegated to the League Championship. Remy said he wanted to keep playing in the Premier League to boost his chances of making the France squad for next year's World Cup. He said "I know in order to do that I need to have a big season and a successful campaign with Newcastle United." Newcastle manager Alan Pardew said Remy will be "a great addition to the squad, he gives us strength and pace up front and I'm sure he'll bring plenty of goals."

Pennetta, Wickmayer advance at Rogers Cup

In this photo made late Sunday, Aug. 4, 2013, and released by Puma on Monday, Aug. 5, 2013, Usain Bolt of Jamaica, right, entertains fans during the PUMA Jamaica Party after his arrival in Moscow at Puma Social Club in the Gorky Park. Usain Bolt, a Jamaican sprinter widely regarded as the fastest person ever, arrived in Moscow to take part at the upcoming IAAF World Championship, which starts on Aug. 10. (AP Photo)

MOsCOW, AUgUst 6 (AP): Heading into the world championships, Usain Bolt stands as tall as ever. It just seems the sport around him has diminished. Matching the sheer exuberance and sell-out mass appeal of the London Olympics was always going to be a stretch, but a shocking array of no-shows and doping scandals in several of the sport's premier events has hit athletics hard. It has left Bolt in a prime spot to add more gold to his gloried career. Of the athletes traveling to the Russian capital for next week's championships, he has the fastest times in both the 100 and 200 meters. And given Jamaica's standout tradition in the 4x100 relay, he is a favorite to win another golden triple. Both won three golds at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, three at the London Games and three more at the 2009 worlds in Berlin. And with seven world championship medals already, a triple of any color would also move him alongside American great Carl Lewis as the most medaled man in the event's history with 10 overall. "Right now my only fo-

cus is winning three gold medals," Bolt said in an email exchange with the news agency. Only a year ago, Jamaican teammate Yohan Blake was challenging Bolt for Olympic supremacy in London, but came up with silver. This year was supposed to give him another shot, but the sprinter who won the world title in Daegu, South Korea, two years ago after Bolt false-started is out with a hamstring injury. In Blake's absence, a revitalized Tyson Gay was to challenge hard. Yet even though the American has the two top times over the 100 this year, Gay's year, and perhaps his career, came crashing down when he relinquished his US sprint spots for Moscow after failing an out-of-competition doping test. Almost at the same time, it was announced that former world-record holder Asafa Powell tested positive for the stimulant oxilofrone at the Jamaican national championships in June. The scandals leave Justin Gatlin as Bolt's toughest competitor in the championship's premier event. The 2004 Olympic champion already beat the

Jamaican at the Diamond League meeting in Rome this spring, Bolt's only competitive flaw this season. "He knows that I'm going to come with my 'A' and he's going to come with his 'A' game," Gatlin said. "We're both the kind of people that turn it on when the lights come on in a competition." In his favorite race, the 200, Bolt is going for his third straight world title, and there his competition will be as much the clock as teammate Warren Weir. Bolt set the world record of 19.19 seconds at the 2009 worlds, but still feels improvements can be made. "The 200 world record would be the one I'd really love to break again, to see if it's maybe even possible to get it under 19 seconds," Bolt said. And when Bolt sets himself a challenge, he all too often turns it into reality. The London Olympics still had plenty of world records, and none of the four were bigger than David Rudisha's gold rush in the 800. The Kenyan, however, has seen his season go to waste because of a knee injury, robbing the championships of another big star.

tORONtO, AUgUst 6 (AP): Flavia Pennetta and Yanina Wickmayer advanced to the second round of the Rogers Cup on Monday. Pennetta defeated Urszula Radwanska 6-3, 3-6, 6-2, and Wickmayer ousted American Bethanie Mattek-Sands 6-4, 2-6, 6-4. Mattek-Sands replaced Britain's Laura Robson, who pulled out because of a right wrist injury. Known for colorful outfits, Mattek-Sands wore black socks and wrist bands with a streak of green in her blonde hair. In other matches, Mona Barthel edged Jie Zheng 6-7 (3), 6-3, 7-6 (1), and Dominika Cibulkova topped Jana Cepelova 7-5, 6-4. Sorana Cirstea defeated qualifier Olga Savchuk 6-2, 6-3. The 32nd-ranked Robson was coming off a strong performance at Wimbledon where she reached the fourth round — the first British woman to do so since 1998. Later, 14th-ranked American Sloane Stephens was scheduled to play Kristina Mladenovic. FC Barcelona’s Neymar runs during a training session at Rajamangala national stadium in Bangkok, Thailand Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2013. The Spanish soccer club is in Bangkok to play Thai national team on Aug. 7. (AP Photo/Sakchai Lalit)

Pujara maintains sixth position in Test rankings

Flavia Penetta of Italy tosses the ball to serve to Urszula Radwanska of Poland during first round Rogers Cup women's tennis action in Toronto on Aug. 5. (AP Photo)

Nagaland state open badminton championship begins

DUBAI, AUgUst 6 (PtI): Cheteshwar Pujara continues to be the only Indian batsman in the top-20 list as he has managed to maintain his sixth spot, while offspinner R Ashwin is the highest-ranked bowler at number eight, in the latest ICC Test rankings issued here today. With 777 points to his credit, right-handed batsman Pujara is the lone Indian to be figuring in the table, which is headed by South Africa's Hashim Amla (903). Australia skipper Michael Clarke has jumped three spots at number two after scoring a splendid 187 in the first innings of the third Ashes Test. In the Test bowlers' rankings, Ashwin and left-arm spinner Pragyan Ojha have remained at eight and 10th positions, respectively. Out-of-favour pacer Sager Khan is placed at 17th spot in list. Dale Steyn continues to rule the roost and is followed by seamer Vernon Philander.







Nagaland CM, Neiphiu Rio playing an exhibition match at the 37th Inter District & State Open badminton Championship in Wokha on August 6. (DIPR Photo)

WOkhA, AUgUst 6 (DIPR): The 37th Inter District & State Open badminton Championship got off to a colorful start today at Indoor stadium, Wokha. Chief Minister of Nagaland, Neiphiu Rio and Minister for Forest, Border Affairs, Y. Patton graced the function as the Chief Guest and Guest of honour respectively. The Chief Guest while addressing the gathering during the inaugural function said the Government has farmed out youth policy and sports policy and advocated that badminton be supported by government. Sports is one arena where one can become a celebrity

overnight, there is pride and fame in sports, added the Chief Guest, and urged the players to be disciplined, determined and dedicated. “To achieve National and International prizes, it is time to retrospect and re-strategized our approach to reach higher level. The government realizing all this has been giving importance to youth particularly sports,” he said. He also added that the government would continue to create facility to support sportsperson and urged them to put more effort to excel and bring laurels for our State. Stating the indoor stadium has completed late but never too late, he lauded the effort of the

Deputy Commissioner, Wokha, Vyasan R and every person involved for the successful completion of the stadium. He also congratulated the Nagaland Badminton Association (NBA) for organizing the tournament for the 37th time and the Wokha District Badminton Association (WDBA) for hosting the event. Y. Patton in his speech expressed optimism that the availability of stadium of this standard would definitely boost the morale of game lovers in the district and thereby promote upcoming youngster in indoor games as well. “Sports has become a fundamental aspect in our daily life. Sports


do not only give health benefit but it has become a source of income, discipline, unity, peace and social relationship. Sports can be used as a facilitator as it is capable to bring people from different places and regions together and foster peace, unity and understanding among people of different entities,” he said Participants from Ten district and Nagaland Police Team are participating in the prestigious event. Last year Junior Boys and Girl Champions TaliAkum and Tepika were presented Yonex kit by the Chief Minister, which was sponsored by the Nagaland badminton Association.

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