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Modi urges people’s participation for greener planet

‘Nagaland vulnerable to climate change’

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By Sandemo Ngullie

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From tomorrow onwards please bring your own chairs.

May 29 Phek town incident Phek Town resolves non-cooperation

PHEK, JUNE 5 (MExN): “The public of Phek Town have resolved that henceforth it will impose noncooperation to the NNC Non Accordist in every section,” and has further warned NPGs enrolling the three accused into their fold will be inviting the same yardstick. At the same time, any NPGs indulging in “anti-social activities” will be dealt with in the same manner, a press statement from the Media Cell, ACAUT Phek stated. ACAUT informed that the situation in Phek Town almost went out of control as public gathered at the clock tower but the timely action of the administration and security personnel in bringing the criminals to custody prevented public action. As per the reports from the police sources, three accused, Muluvolu Ezung, Poshehu Rhakho, and Vekuvo Mebou, have surrendered themselves to the police. A fourth, Thomas Konyak, is still absconding, it informed.

NNC/FGN clarifies


The NNC/FGN, while condemning the “inhuman actions of its cadres” on May 29 that led to the death of Chivoveyi Nienu, stated that the “Government had not directed the two neither was the crime committed in the knowledge of the Government, thus the culprits alone are accountable for the crime.” A press release from Col. V. Huire, Commander, 15th Bn., 5th B’de, S/C, Naga Army, recalled that on May 29, 2nd Lieut. Vekuvo under the directive of Capt. Thomas, Naga Army, 15th Bn, 5th Bde, Southern Command, went and physically assaulted Chivoveyi Nienu at the house of one Tovika. Chivoveyi Nienu was hospitalised thereafter, but due to the severity of the assault, the victim succumbed to his injuries on June 3. It was mentioned that the NNC/ FGN authorities, upon hearing the news, met with the family members of Chivoveyi Nienu, “resolved and settled the matter after careful and through deliberations, there and then in the presence of the family.” “The Government on its part has terminated Capt. Thomas and Lieut. Vekuvo from active national service,” informed Col. V. Huire. Also as proposed, the Government has “assured its co-operation with the memorandum presented by the Mütsale Village which was presented on the 4th of June, 2014 and has ensured to continue insuring such anti-social activities.” The NNC/FGN had prayed for peace and solace to the bereaved family.

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Abokali Jimomi Dimapur | June 5

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Nepalese students hug trees during a mass tree hugging on the World Environment Day on the outskirts of Katmandu, Nepal, Thursday, June 5. More than 2,000 people gathered in Nepal’s capital on Thursday in a bid to set a world record for the largest tree hug. (AP Photo)

Article 371(A) and Nagaland State: Apprehensions and perceived threat Newmai News Network Dimapur | June 5

Apprehension has cropped up among the people of Nagaland that Article 371(A) may be abrogated by the Modi led NDA government. This apprehension has come up after the NDA government talked of opening a debate on Article 370 of the Indian Constitution which grants special autonomous status to Jammu and Kashmir. There have been rising discussions on microblogging sites and social media networks on Nagaland’s Article 371(A). Article 371(A) of the Constitution of India protects some rights of some Naga people. It is also an “agreement of

–Mitt Romney

Peoples. corruption. & electoral systems.


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Messi world’s most valuable [ PAGE 2] player: NSF results for free Technical and study Medicinal courses at Hyderabad

Deepika Padukone brand ambassador of Axis Bank

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Leadership - leadership is about taking responsibility, not making excuses

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accession” to the Indian Union, according to Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) leader KV Pusa. He said if Article 371(A) is abrogated, it will be akin to the abrogation of the 16-Point Agreement. Meanwhile, there are mixed feelings among the Nagas as the Modi led NDA government has come up with many serious indications on all fronts including the insurgency issues of the country. The appointment of former Chief of the Army Staff, VK Singh, as the DoNER minister speaks volumes. The approach of the 10 days old NDA government on internal security too is another indication that the Narendra Modi government means busi-

ness and ready to deal with things with an iron hand. A noted Naga intellectual who wished not to be named said that things will be extreme, either for good or for bad for insurgency issues in the North East and in Kashmir. He added that Modi may do things in a ‘straight-forward’ manner and not based on popular voice when it comes to ‘security’ issues. In that case, the Naga intellectual feared that even the hard earned cease fire agreements with various Naga underground outfits may be abrogated if Modi feels that is going to enhance the security aspect of the country. “Modi is a typical old fashioned nationalist of India,” the Naga intellectual added.

MLA Imtilemba Sangtam declines MARCOFED position KOHIMA, JUNE 5 (MExN): NCP MLA Imtilemba Sangtam has declined to accept the post of Chairman of MARCOFED, as offered to him by the Chief Minister of Nagaland. While appreciating the gesture, Sangtam informed the CM, “I regret to inform you that I will be unable to accept your kind offer due to a number of reasons.” He stated in the brief note to the CM that he is “grateful” that two of his party members were inducted as parliamentary secretaries with various portfolios, “though it is very unfortunate that the NPF leadership did not consult with the NCP authorities while selecting the NCP members to be inducted under the DAN 3 ministry.”

Every citizen of 18 years and above is guaranteed universal adult suffrage in India. Voting is not only a constitutional right but the duty of every citizen to elect representatives in a democracy. These aspects of a democracy are dependent on the people practicing them through a clean system. That, however, is not Nagaland’s case. Here, we blame individuals, organizations, churches, politicians, and bureaucrats for the last 50 years, and even NGOs, for not doing enough to tackle corruption. When we push the blame to someone else, does it mean that we who blame are untainted and free from fault? What are our individual responsibilities? What is the role of each person, villager, politician, bureaucrat, Church leader, or drug addict? “I have never voted in Nagaland elections. Honestly, my one vote will not make any difference to our situation,” says a 30-yearold educated Naga, who explains, “Unless Nagaland undergoes a 360 degree change where the existing system collapses through a major revolution or a world war type of scenario, I don’t forsee any change in my lifetime. Everyone is involved - the people, politicians, bureaucrats … tell

me who is not corrupted? I am just trying to live my life and do the best I can in my job. I doubt if I will vote in the next election.” “I voted 67 times proxy,” said a young man, “And I voted 24 times,” said another, whose response to if this was the right thing to do was: “This is politics… it has been this way from before and will continue this way.” H.S. Rotokha, a Sumi elder from Zunheboto, recounts that he was a National Worker and therefore did not vote in 1964 and 1969, but he is certain

“There is either a ‘polling booth capture’ and no unfavoured candidate allowed to enter a village, or ‘Bundle Vote’ where the entire village’s vote is given to one candidate, decided by village heads,” says Tsukti Longkumer, President of Mokokchung Chamber of Commerce and Industries. “It is an open secret… sometimes the situation is such that candidates become insecure if people don’t come asking for money.” “It is only upon younger generation and intellectuals now to work hard and transform our land… our social fabric is mutilated and we cannot continue this way anymore,” laments Rotokha. Longkumer says, “It is disheartening… almost impossible to see change happening to our corrupt system in Nagaland for another 20 years or more. Something like a supernatural phenomenon has to occur otherwise it is hopeless… I think we must look for young, honest politicians to come up and do things differently.” The apprehensions of many younger Nagas interested in political careers are that, “our current environment is still hostile to change. It is the people, all of us, our mindsets need changing to usher in a new era in Nagaland… of acceptance of newer generation of transformational leaders, those not based on money-power.”

‘It is only upon younger generation and intellectuals now to work hard and transform our land’ that there was no money-play in 1961 at Interim Body time. When he left the underground and voted in 1974, he said, “I think people were buying and selling votes already by the70’s.” A 67-year-old Naga man recollects, “The first time I voted was in 1969, there was no vote-buying. I’ve been voting since but never sold my vote. I cannot say when exactly this trend picked up in Nagaland but it was not like this before.” “We had 22 votes in our family, to sell for 2 lakhs to any willing candidate; we got some money,” said an unemployed person during 2013 elections.

Kohima Police on traffic rules Policies aim to ‘disenfranchise &

KOHIMA, JUNE 5 (MExN): The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Government of India, vide Notification – GSR 152 (E) Dated 5th March 2014, has banned vehicles from carrying rods, pipes or indivisible load protruding from the body frame. This is in view of the large number of death tolls as a result of road accidents caused due to load protrusions. Thousands of motorists die every year in accidents caused by trucks parked recklessly on highways, many with iron rods protruding from their body frames.

The objective, informed the SDPO & PRO DEF Kohima (on behalf of the SP), Shouka Kakheto in a press release today, is that material carried in a truck or trailer remains within the length of the vehicle or trailer. At present, truck drivers seldom follow the practice of fixing blinkers at the end point of protruding material to warn vehicles coming from behind. Hence, Kohima Traffic Police will spread awareness through various medium to educate truckers and consignees and also strictly enforce the referred notification.

It was also informed that complaints have been received from the general public that some motorists in Kohima are causing public nuisance by installing modified silencers in their two wheelers and cars. As per the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989, Rule 120 (1) & (2) – Modification of silencers in two wheelers and cars is illegal. Hence, Kohima Traffic Police warned all such motorists to discontinue the use of such modified silencers in their vehicles. Defaulting vehicles will be impounded and action taken against the owners as per

‘No society can remain static or untouched by changes’ Morung Express News Kohima | June 5

“It is an undeniable fact that Nagas derive their being and identity through the continuity and strength of our customary laws and traditional practices but we also know that no society can remain static or untouched by the changes that time brings,” said Dr. Temsula Ao, Chairperson Nagaland State Commission for Women during the Legal awareness campaign jointly conducted by Kohima Law College, Nagaland Legal Services Authority and Nagaland Voluntary Consumers Organization on June 5 at Red Cross Hall Kohima. Dr. Ao spoke on marriage, divorce and inheritance where she stated that with changing times, Nagas today live in a new dispensation called the State of Nagaland under the Constitution of India and its laws adopted by the State where both men and women are supposed to govern equally. However when it comes to personal relationships like marriage, divorce and inheritance, customary laws are

invariably invoked because these laws are more favourable to men. “Compared to women’s position in other cultures, one has to admit that Naga women do enjoy a certain measure of ‘status’ in society, we are not subjected to dowry because the custom and its attendant horrors for women do not exist in Naga society. But in issues like marriage, divorce and inheritance, women are treated unjustly,” added Dr. Temsula Ao. She also stated that inheritance is not referred to ancestral properties in the village but inheritance in terms of property/wealth created or acquired by parents in urban set ups where daughters deserve equal shares and that without empowering women in the true sense of the word, no society can claim to be developed or enlightened. That is why awareness campaigns have to focus on the need to bring justice and equality to women in their homes and family conditions so that girls from such environments will become equal partners in building a just and equitable Naga society. Dr. Temsula Ao was also of the

marginalize’ indigenous peoples

the provisions of law. As notified earlier, movement of heavy vehicles within Kohima Town from 8:00am to 5:00pm on Consultative Meeting deliberates deteriorating all working days is strictly human rights situations of indigenous peoples in NE prohibited. The prohibited heavy vehicles include JCBs, Commercial Water Tankers, Road Rollers, Tipper Trucks etc. Further, it was notified that due to narrow lane along the Naga Bazaar Road, heavy and medium goods laden vehicles will not be allowed to ply along Naga Bazaar Road from NHK Jn. to Census Jn. and vice versa on all working week days from 8:00am to 5:00pm. Participants at the 2nd Consultative Meeting of Indigenous

view that issues of women’s legal status in matrimonial and inheritance laws are basic ‘human rights’ issues. “Only then the centuries-old discrimination against women in Naga customary laws will end and a new era of true emancipation for Naga women will begin,” she concluded. Mayang Lima, Registrar Gauhati High Court Kohima bench, who spoke on Lok Adalat, Legal Services Authority and legal literacy, exhorted the law students at the seminar to spread the message and be empowered by law and ensure social justice in society. Lima also encouraged the students to make full use of the RTI to empower themselves and also added that corruption will come down by 50 per cent if RTI is used extensively. Kezhokhoto Savi, President NVCO, who spoke on the topic, ‘Our environment is the future of our world’ stated that right to environment is a part of consumer rights and stated, “World environment Day represents all that sustains you in this life. To celebrate it is to celebrate your life.”

Peoples and Human Rights Groups’ of NE India.

UKHRUL, JUNE 5 (MExN): The 2nd Consultative Meeting of Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights Groups’ of North East India expressed concern over the deteriorating human rights situations of indigenous peoples within the region, and deliberated on the alarming rise in human rights violations resulting from “increased militarization” linked to developmental aggression and economic policies that “aim to disenfranchise and marginalize” indigenous communities further. A press note from the organizers informed that such an approach towards the indigenous peoples of the North East region has resulted in increasing cases of human trafficking, violence against women and children, and HIV/ AIDS etc.

The meeting, held in Ukhrul, Manipur, from June 2-4 was attended by Borok Peoples Human Rights Organisation (BPHRO), Indigenous Women’s Forum of Northeast India (IWFNEI), Karbi Human Rights Watch (KHRW), Meghalaya Peoples Human Rights Council (MPHRC), Naga Peoples’ Movement for Human Rights (NPMHR), and Zomi Human Rights Foundation (ZHRF). The meeting took strong note of the ongoing series of negotiation and dialogue between the States and the Centre with different indigenous groups and civil societies with regards to varied demands for recognition of their distinct rights and identities based on their historical relationship with their lands, territories, resources, languages and

cultures. During the discussion, representatives of participating organisations expressed serious concern over the delay of these processes and strongly urged the government to sincerely expedite the process of negotiation for meaningful solutions. The meeting, distressed by the continued racial attacks and discrimination against people from the region residing in other parts of the country, questioned the “insincerity” of the government in ensuring the safety and security of the people. Representatives of the organizations also dwelled at length on the implicit role of successive governments in “perpetuating conflict” among the indigenous peoples of the region through encouragement of land alienation by non-indigenous communities, implementation of anti-people development agendas, extraction of mineral resources etc. “All this has led to large scale displacement of indigenous communities from their lands and territories,” it was noted. The meeting reiterated its stance on the right to self-determination of indigenous peoples and strongly urged the Government of India to uphold its commitment to the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.







6 June 2014

The Morung Express

World EnvironmEnt day 2014


THEME: RAISE YOUR VOICE, NOT THE SEA LEVEL Students make giant globe with disposable plastic water bottles

Students and faculty of Geography Department, Fazl Ali College working on the giant plastic globe made out of disposable plastics.


MokokchUNg, JUNE 5 (MExN): The Department of Geography, Fazl Ali College Mokokchung observed World Environment Day 2014 through a long art project sponsored by the college, culminating in the first week of June 2014. This year, the teachers and students of Geography Department constructed a giant globe measuring two meters in

diameter using disposable plastic water bottles collected by the students in and around the college campus and in Mokokchung town. The idea to construct the giant globe using disposable plastic bottle was taken up as an initiative meant to promote and inspire the people in every community to work towards keeping the environment clean, said a

AKM launches cleaner and greener campaign at Mkg


press note from the Geography Department, FAC. Basing on the slogan, “Raise your voice, not the sea level”, the project was undertaken to encourage and generate awareness on the value of recycling and proper waste management and to send out a message that, what other people consider garbage can be used for creating something useful, said the press note.

‘nagaland vulnerable to climate change’

DIMAPUR, JUNE 5 (MExN): Fanning themselves with programme leaflets to get some respite from the sweltering heat, around 300 students from different eco clubs took the “Green Pledge” at Nagaland Zoological Park (NZP), Rangapahar, on World Environment Day. Nagaland Forest minister, Dr. Nicky Kire, the chief guest of the World Environment Day event organized by Department of Forests, Ecology, Environment &Wildlife, at NZP, expressed concern about the dwindling forest cover in Nagaland. “Our forests are degrading because of large-scale shifting cultivation, mining, indiscriminate felling of trees, poaching and killing of wildlife...As per the Forest Survey of India Report 2011 there is a loss of 146 sq km of forest cover compared with previous report of 2009,” the minister said. Kire also said that as per report of professor Ravindranth of India Institute of Science, Nagaland is vulnerable to climate change and it is predicted that in a climate change scenario accentuated by the state’s dwindling forest area, there will be gradual shifting of plant species to higher altitude with some plant species disappearing forever in due course of time.

Kohima feeling impact of climate change Our Correspondent

Residents of Kohima have already started feeling the impact of climate change, said Dr. Limatemjen, assistant professor, department of zoology, Kohima Science College, Jotsoma. “I never imagine that Kohima will become so warm within a span of ten years,” he said adding that during college days he never imagine that he will be teaching in the classroom with the fans on, which is now installed in the classroom today. Sharing his journey through the length and breadth of the state for research work, Dr. Limatemjen said wherever he go around he observed changes in one way or other, be it man made or natural disaster and there is al-

ways a change. “We can see climate change everywhere,” he said. Talking on the topic “Potable Water” on the occasion of World Environment Day here organised by District Education Officer, Kohima under the sponsorship of the department of science & technology at Don Bosco Higher Secondary School, Dr. Limatemjen said water scarcity is an acute problem in the state capital and during the dry spell the situation is extreme. Monsoon pattern has changed, he said adding that data indicates that the number of rainy days have reduced while the intensity of rainfall has increased, thus leading to increased run off, soil erosion, more drought and storm incidents. Stating that water scarcity, especially during win-

ter months, has become a regular feature, he said during the lean season, people have been undergoing untold miseries not only for paying exorbitant price for buying waters from individuals and private supplies but also for not getting water to buy at times. Further, stressing on the need to take the environment issue with seriousness, he said “it is high time we all take things seriously and act positively.” Sosang Temjen, education assistant Nagaland Science Centre Dimapur in his introductory speech challenged the students to do something for environment and collectively save the mother earth. The function was chaired by Kaitunchap Newmai, JEO, District Education Office, Kohima.

The minister also provoked some thoughts saying that the quantity of firewood used for cooking meals in rural Nagaland is like burning a small forest every day. “But we are not planting enough trees to replace the ones cut down”, he said. While appreciating the Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC) resolution on protection of environment and climate

change adaptation strategies, the minister however said adoption of resolution is one thing and putting the resolution into practice is another. He challenged the Church to preach on environment even in the pulpit. On the brighter side, Kire said of late there has been an increase in activities relating to conservation and protection of environment and cited the case of conservation initia-

tives of the migratory Amur Falcon. “The need of the hour is creating awareness amongst all stakeholders. It is only collectively that we can protect the environment...Today as we take the Green Pledge, I hope all of us will implement the pledge in our day to day life”, he said. The minister further requested the Education Department to introduce

Kohima | June 5

Green Pledge in every school so that the children take the pledge at the time of school prayer and develop “green habits to protect the environment.” Principal chief conservator of forest (PCCF) and HOFF, Lokeswara Rao and principal secretary, Forests, Ecology, Environment & Wildlife, Government of Nagaland, NN Zhasa, also stressed on the need for conservation and protection of environment. On the occasion, the Forest department felicitated range officer and in-charge, NZP, Obed Botovi Swu, ranger (Peren division) Rangpaukai Mpom and Old Jalukie Joint Forest Management Committee, for their contribution to protection and conservation of environment and forests. Chairman, Nagaland Pollution Control Board, Amenba Yaden, MLA, led the administering of ‘Green Pledge.’ Additional PCCF (Environment & Climate Change), Albert Solo delivered the welcome address and additional PCCF (Development & Planning & T), I Panger Jamir, proposed vote of thanks. Later the chief guest and Forest officials planted tree saplings to commemorate the Day. Kire also flagged off the Nagaland Adventure and Mountaineering Education (NAAME).


KVYO undertakes tree plantation Our Correspondent Kohima | June 5

sapling by KVYO president Ketuonei Kire. Kire said the objective of this tree plantation programme is to spread awareness to the people to become conscious about conserving our forest and biodiversity. He said the need of the hour is creating awareness amongst all the stake holders. It is only through collective effort we can protect our environment. “Let us pledge to create awareness to adopt eco friendly ways to save our natural resource including forests and rich biodiversity and Chang Students’ Union (CSU) Saksi NAP Sector Tuensang observed World Environment make planet earth a beautiful Day by planting trees in and around schools and churches under its jurisdiction. The Forest Department Tuensang provided the tree saplings. place to live,” said.

MokokchUNg, JUNE 5 Marking the observation of (DIPR): Deputy Commissioner the World Environment Day, Mokokchung Muroho Chotso the Kohima Village Youth formally launched “Cleaner and Organization (KVYO) today Greener Mokokchung” camundertook a tree plantation paign which was organized by here at the site of the NagaAo Students Conference (AKM), land Medical College. coinciding with the World EnviThis tree plantation proronment Day. gramme, initiated by parliaSpeaking at the launching mentary secretary for youth programme which was held at resources & sports, new & reImlong Place Mokokchung on newable energy and music June 5, Deputy Commissioner task force Khriehu Liezietsu Mokokchung lauded the AKM for and involving frontal organizataking the initiative in organizing tions of Kohima village, started the campaign to create environwith plantation of the first tree mental awareness. He stated that it is high time that we all care to KVYO president Ketuonei Kire planting first tree sapling at the learn more about the present ensite of Nagaland Medical College, Kohima on June 5 to mark the vironmental issues and become World Environment Day. (Morung Photo) conscious and responsible citizen. He therefore called for collective action and responsibility to ensure for the future generation that the earth they inherit is a better place as it is suppose to be. To mark the occasion the Deputy Commissioner planted a sapling in the heart of the town. Earlier, short speeches were also delivered by President Ao Senden Prof. Sangyu Yaden and President All Ward Union R. Ayim Longkumer. On the same day, under the Dream Foundation of Nagaland (DFoN) officials and members with staff of ISBT Dimapur during initiative of Mokokchung District tree plantation drive in the premises of Inter State Bus Terminus Dimapur on June 5. The department of forest provided the tree saplings. The event also commemorated DFoN foundation day. Forest Officer, the Department donated 15,000 saplings of fruit bearing and evergreen trees to NGOs, Educational Institutions and Govt. Institutions. It is to be mentioned that the Forest Department issue such saplings ev- Students of Salesian College of Higher Education ob- Students of Great Commission Kids Academy Naga Unitery year to encourage the people serve Environment Day 2014 by planting Mahagony ed village, Dimapur displaying placards near the roadside trees in the college compound. spreading awareness on World Environment Day on June 5. to save the environment.



DABA youth ministry: ‘I Love My Earth Campaign’ Dimapur Chungtia Students Union along with Indisen village council and members observed World Environment day by planting trees in and around Indisen village and on the highway leading to Indisen village.

Leaders of the eight DABA youth fellowships display the pledge card at the launch programme on June 5, Dimapur. (Morung Photo)



Words are inadequate to express our profound gratitude to all who stood by us through prayers and supported us physically, materially and financially in our hour of grief during the sudden demise of our beloved Late. Mhasizokho Shunyu. We regret our inability to thank each and everyone individually, but we pray that the good Lord shower His blessing on you all. Loving wife, children, parent, brother and sisters

DIMAPUR, JUNE 5 (MExN): The Youth Ministry of Dimapur Ao Baptist Arogo took the observance of World Environment day to a new level this year. It launched ‘I Love My Earth’ pledge card campaign for a healthier and cleaner environment on June 5. Youth director, Toshi Longkumer sharing the idea behind the movement said that the movement will not only stop at distributing the pledge cards but will include issue-based inter-personal interactions aimed at sensitising people on matters confronting the environment today.

“For DABA, it’s the beginning, a beginning not only for today but for the days to come,” said Longkumer at the launch programme today. The movement will be spearheaded by members of the DABA Youth Ministry and it will be sustained to continue, Longkumer said. The idea is to include environmental issues as part of the customary ‘home visitations’ conducted by leaders of the youth ministry. It was further stated that Dimapur Mission Higher Secondary School observed World Environment Day 2014 by conthe pledge card campaign will not be con- ducting cleanliness drive in the school and planting tree sapling from City Tower to Hotelfined only to members of DABA. Tragopan traffic point, Dimapur.



The Morung Express


Meghalaya minister assures justice to killed woman's family Shillong, June 5 (PTi): Meghalaya Home Minister Roshan Warjri Thursday assured 'justice' to members of the bereaved family of the woman whose head was blown away by Garo National Liberation Army (GNLA) militants in a remote village in South Garo Hills on Tuesday evening after she resisted their molestation and rape attempt. The Home Minister also reviewed the security scenario in the entire Garo Hills region at Tura, the headquarters of Garo Hills division taking into consideration activities of the militant groups. "All efforts are being made to ensure that justice is delivered to members of the bereaved family especially to the father and children who are go-

M’laya encounter ends, GNLA camp destroyed Shillong, June 5 (AgencieS): The gun battle between security forces and rebels of the Garo National Liberation Army (GNLA) ended Thursday evening. Reports coming in from Meghalaya state that the security forces have destroyed a camp of the Garo rebels. The security forces also recovered an air-gun and three bullet-proof jackets from the militant camp. There was no confirmation of any casualty from both sides. The gun battle had started at 8 am this morning, and involved personnel of the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team and Combat Battalion for Resolute Action (COBRA) commandos, district police chief Davies NR Marak informed. The encounter took place in Adugre area, about 370 km from the state capital Shillong.

ing through a tough time after the shootout in the premises of their home," Warjri told PTI. The Home Minister has also directed the district


6 June 2014


GOLDEN CROWN COLLEGE (An Associate Member of Asia Theological Association) (Affiliated To the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, London UK)

administration to provide necessary relief to the family especially the children who witnessed the assault, molestation and execution of their mother.


-Bachelor of Theology with Music. 3 Years for 10+2 -Diploma in Theology. 2 years after Class 10 (Matriculate)

Offers: Piano, Guitar, Violin, Voice Theory lessons and Diploma in Music in Association with The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, London UK.

For Admission contact Director at 9856124314/9436658844 Crown Centre, House No.389, Kuda B Colony (Full Nagarjan), Dimapur-797112, Nagaland






Ikishe Village Inauguration Date 12/06/2014 Time 10.00 Am This is to inform all the Ikishe Villager’s who are residing/ having a plot of land under Ikishe Village jurisdiction is requested to attend (compulsory) without fail. Failing which GB’s and Ikishe Village Council will take action. (Kakhevi Kinimi) Chairman Ikishe Village Council Dimapur, Nagaland

Applications are invited for filling up the post of principal in Assam Rifles School, Chieswema (Nur to Cl-III) CBSE pattern. Qualification Required Post graduate with B.Ed with adequate teaching experience. Pay- Negotiable Applications to be submitted by 7 Jun 2014 at the u/m address:Secretary Assam Rifles Primary School Chieswema, Nagaland Date of Interview: 10 Jun 2014 Venue- AR Primary School, Chieswema Chieswema Assam Rifles Camp Kohima-Wokha Road Contact No: 08415926943

Lower P R Hill, Kohima, Nagaland ADMISSION NOTICE COACHING for Class 10 students in all the subjects [Both Regular & Repeaters]

Issue of forms & prospectus Admission Commencement of classes

Contact No.: 0370-2226005/2244814





Dated Kohima, the 21st May 2014

Sd/Chief Registrar of Births & Deaths Economics & Statistics Department Nagaland

NAGA STUDENTS’ FEDERATION (NSF) Associated With DR YSR Educational & Welfare Foundation Group of Institutions.

Dated Kohima, the 6th June 2014



6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41.



NB. Detail information for counseling shall be notified through press media. SD/NAGA STUDENTS’ FEDERATION

(1) Class 11 (Science) (2) Class 12 (Science) [Both Regular & Repeaters] (3) AIPMT 2015/JEE main 2015

Issue of forms & prospectus : 9 June, 2014 onwards Admission : 9 June, 2014 onwards Commencement of classes : 7 July, 2014 (Class 11/Class 12/AIPMT/JEE main)


This is for public information that the inhabitants of unrecognized villages may obtain Birth & Death certificates from the nearest registration centre.


• Excellent result for the last three years • 2 Ranks in Top 50 (Ranks 22 & 27) in 2014 HSLC Exam


No. ES/RBD/1-146/2013

: 9 June, 2014 onwards : 9 June, 2014 onwards : 1 July, 2014

Contact No.: 0370-2226005/2244814





Dated Kohima, the 5thJune 2014


Applications in the prescribed form are invited from bonafide local candidates for undergoing training at various Govt. Industrial Training Institutes under Craftsmen Training Scheme for the session commencing from 1st August, 2014. Name of the Institutes, sanctioned trades, duration of courses and minimum Educational qualification required are given below: SI. TRADES No A. Engineering Trades 1. Carpenter 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.


Plumber Diesel Mechanic Draughtsman(Civil) Electrician

Electronics Mechanic Motor Mechanic Surveyor Information Technology & Electronic System Maintenance. (IT & ESM). B. Non- Engineering Trades. 1. Computer Operator & Programming Assistant(COPA) 2. Cutting & Sewing 3. Knitting 4. Hair & Skin Care 5. Stenography 6. Secretarial Practice

1 year

8th Passed

1 year 1 year 2 years 2 years

8th Passed 10th Passed 10th Passed 10th Passed

2 years 2 years 2 years 2 years

10th Passed 10th Passed 10th Passed 10th Passed

1 year

10th Passed

1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year

8th Passed 8th Passed 10th Passed 10th Passed 10th Passed

NAME OF GOVT ITIs Kohima, Mon, Wokha, Phek, Tuensang. Kohima, Phek, Zunheboto. Tuensang. Kohima. Kohima, Mokokchung, Wokha, Tuensang, Zunheboto Dimapur, Mokokchung. Mon. Kohima. Wokha.

Kohima, Dimapur, Mokokchung, Mon, Zunheboto. Kohima, Mon, Tuensang. Kohima,Dimapur,Mon. Kohima, Dimapur, Phek. Dimapur. Dimapur, Mokokchung.

SESSION-B: SEPTEMBER 2014-AUGUST2015 SI. DURATION MINIMUM EDUCATION- SITTING NAME OF COURSE No OF COURSE AL QUALIFICATION CAPACITY 1. Broad Based Basic Training in Class X passed with Math- 100 Nos. 1 year Automobile Sector. ematics 2. Advanced Module in Automobile Completed BBBT in AuSector. tomobile Sector OR NTC/ a) Servicing and Overhauling NAC in Mechanic Motor of Automobiles (Petrol). Vehicle or other revelent 6months 48 each b) Servicing & Overhauling of trade OR Diploma in AutoAutomobiles (Diesel). mobile. c) Denting/ Painting & Welding of Automobiles. NOTE FOR SESSION —B (SEPTEMBER 2014 - AUGUST 2015):1. Admission will be on first come first basis. 2. Applications forms can be obtained from the office of the Principal ITI, Kohima.



Conditions: 1. Candidates applying for the admission should be above 14(fourteen) years as on 1st August, 2014 & there is no upper age limit. 2. Application forms are obtainable from any ITI on any working day during office hours. 3. Seating capacity in each trade is 20 (twenty) except for Carpentry & Knitting trades in ITI Kohima is 40(forty) each. 4. All trades are under SCVT except Carpentry, Surveyor, Draughtsman (Civil) trades of ITI Kohima and secretariat practice of ITI, Mokokchung fall under NCVT. 5. Cost of application form is Rs.50/- (Rupees fifty) only. 6. Only women candidates need aply for women ITI,dimapur 7. Selected candidates will be paid stipend @ Rs.500/- PM 8. Last date of entrance test is fixed on 1st & 2nd July 2014. 9. Date of entrance test is fixed on 1st and 2nd July 2014. 10. Declaration of entrance result 11/07/2014. Sd/MUTHINGNYUBA SANGTAM Director, Employment & Craftsmen Training, Nagaland, Kohima


The Morung Express businEss public discoursE India likely to ease restrictions The Best School for foreign online retailers in July Dimapur


6 June 2014

MuMbai, June 5 (ReuteRs): India could allow global online retailers such as Inc (AMZN.O) to sell their own products as early as next month, removing restrictions that have held back competition in one of the world’s biggest, and most price-sensitive, retail markets. The decision, likely to be announced in or alongside the budget, is one of the first tangible signs of economic reform by the business-friendly government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was sworn in 10 days ago.The move could allow the government to circumvent political opposition to opening up India’s $500 billion retail sector to global retail giants such as Wal-Mart Stores Inc. Four people privy to discussions within the government told Reuters that officials believed a more robust online retail sector would spur manufacturing and consumption, helping revive an economy that has grown at below 5 percent for two years, the longest period of sub-par expansion since the late 1980s. “Most stakeholders support FDI (foreign direct

investment),” said a senior government official, referring to e-commerce. “We have pitched for opening it up completely.” The official, like others who spoke to Reuters on the move, declined to be named because the matter was confidential. When asked about the decision, a spokesman for India’s commerce and industry ministry declined to comment. Industry surveys say e-commerce could contribute up to 4 percent to India’s economy by 2020 from under one percent now. The proposal was put forward to Modi when he met top bureaucrats late Wednesday to brief them on his goal of streamlining government, one of the officials who attended the meeting told Reuters. Although New Delhi has been discussing opening up the sector since last year, the sources said a decision was imminent. “The way the government is initiating discussion, it is very clear that they are extremely serious about it,” said an executive with a global online retailer who was invited to a meeting two weeks ago between the government and foreign and domestic companies.

decide investment guidelines and the limits of foreign ownership in online retail, but the sources said the rules will be clearer than those the previous government put in place for foreign investment in the supermarket sector. That regulatory uncertainty had discouraged global chains from entering India. For example, the policy will apply across the country, and will not be left at the discretion of individual states, they said. Companies, however, will be required to source products locally and invest in the supply chain. An Amazon spokesperson in India said opening up the sector would be good for both consumers and Indian businesses, and spur infrastructure development. Peter Faricy, head of the company’s global marketplaces, said India was a promising market. “I can’t speculate on what might happen going forward, but I can tell you that we’re very pleased about the launch of the business so far out there,” Faricy added. Deepa Thomas, spokeswoman for eBay (EBAY.O) in India, said the e-tailer was also excited about the opportunity.

“They understand this will help small traders to grow their business, expand and reach out to a larger market,” he said. He also declined to be named, as the matter was confidential. U.S. President Barack Obama has set a goal of quintupling bilateral trade with India to $500 billion, highlighting sectors like retail, defence, drugs and energy as areas where the U.S. administration is seeking greater access. Two Indian newspapers reported on Thursday that Modi would meet Obama in Washington in September, where trade and investment are likely to be high on the agenda. Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has been a vocal critic of the previous government’s policy to allow foreign multi-brand retailers, but Modi has tried to reassure the politically influential small traders that stymied that decision about online retail. “We should not worry about these things. Our children have taken IT to the world. We’ll have to embrace it,” he told a gathering of small traders in February while he was on the campaign trail. Modi will eventually


n the ongoing development at the centre, involving a highly regarded office of the Union Human Resources Development (HRD) Minister in the Modi cabinet, Smriti Irani is embroiled in an ugly hullabaloo about the authenticity of her educational credential. The opposition party has a legitimate reason to question the caliber and veracity of any person with ambiguous background who aspires to hold public office of great significance like the HRD. Ministry of HRD deals with primary and secondary education, adult education, literacy, university education, scholarship etc. In fact, until 1985 it used to be called the Education Ministry. If what the Congress party alleges about her educational qualification is right, can an undergraduate Minister run a national affair of a department like Human Resources Development? Can we expect from a leader with dubious background to take India to a level close to countries that have fared so well in the field of education? Narrowing it down from the national stage back to our home ground, how well are we faring in the field of education. The story is not encouraging. After the declaration of HSLC & HSSLC results and the subsequent hunt for the best institutions, the dust

of commotion kicked up by a combined reaction of excitement and exasperation has finally settled down. As concerned laymen and professionals, students and parents, it is imperative to assess the quality of education and its institutions in our state. To the school authorities and teachers: Are you happy that you have produced the best result of the year? Are our toppers from our Board on par with the toppers of other Boards and states? To the guardians and parents: Are you now happy that you have secured a seat for your ward in the best school in the state? To everyone: What makes a school a good school? The obvious answers are: A school that has the best infrastructure. A school that has a strong team of trained teachers. A school that has produced 100% passed result. A school that has produced the highest number of distinctions and toppers. These are definitely some of the indicators of a good school. But there is more to it than these. Majority of the schools that produce good result in the final examination are invariably the same schools that receive good students during admission. Generally, these are private-run-institutions that screen out weaker applicants by means of selection or entrance

ary 2012. Now, the issue has been resolved amicably. “We hold a global leadership position in Packet Core networks and are very happy to partner with Vid-

eocon Telecom to bring this cuttingedge technology,” Huawei India CEO Cai Liqun said. Last year Videocon Telecom had announced to explore partnership possibility with Nokia Solutions Network (formerly Nokia Siemens Network) but finally opted for

the Chinese equipment maker. NSN manages Punjab operations of Videocon where the mobile service provider firm has permit only for 2G services at present. Videocon has permit to roll out 4G services in Bihar, Gujarat, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh East and West where it won spectrum afresh in November 2012. Videocon at present operates only in 4 service areas and out of which three (Haryana, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh) are managed by Huawei for its 2G services. The company has registered fastest growth rate in its subscriber over the period of last eight months. Videocon has 5.28 million subscibers at the end of April, as per industry data.



Simple Rules - There is just one simple rule: “Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through 9.”

SUDOKU Game Number # 2899

Rümatho Nyusou SBS, Zubza

Readers may please note that the contents of the articles, letters and opinions published do not reflect the outlook of this paper nor of the Editor in any form.

Mahindra launches ‘XUV500 Sportz’

Videocon Telecom ties up with Huawei for 4G rollout

neW Delhi, June 5 (Pti): Videocon Telecom, has tied up with Chinese equipment firm Huawei Technologies for rolling out 4G network in six out of its 7 service areas. “Videocon Telecom is rolling out LTE-ready Packet Core network from Huawei in 6 telecom circles in India. This network will provide a larger data coverage and reduce the overall capex and opex leading to an improved profitability and lower costs to end users,” Videocon Telecom’s Director and CEO Arvind Bali said in a statement. Both companies had earlier run into dispute over payments when Videocon Telecom lost its 21 licences along with 101 others after the Supreme Court judgement in Febru-

examination prior to admission - a travesty to the government policy of free and compulsory education for all the children. On the other hand, majority of the schools that produce poor result are also the same schools that admit below average students. And in this case, government schools bear the brunt of poor management and unsolicited pressure from various ends. There are several essential components involved in the making of a good institution, but I wish to underscore one reality. A school is a good school, if it admits below average students and produces an average level result. It will be an exceptionally good school, if a school admits below average students and yet produces an above average standard result. If this yardstick is applied to determine the standard of schools in Nagaland, the result may embarrass many of the so-called good institutions. The bottom line is that any good institution worth its name should meet this challenge head-on, if it should enjoy the good faith of the people - dare to admit a week applicant and turn him/ her into a good graduate. Such is the touchstone of a good school.

neW Delhi, June 5 (Pti): Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) today launched a special edition of its sports utility vehicle XUV500, priced at Rs 13.68 lakh (ex-showroom Mum-

bai). The special edition-XUV500 Sportz, which has been built upon the top end model of XUV500, comes with various external and internal features including rear-view camera and



leather-fabric seats. “This new offering of ‘XUV500 Sportz’ aligns with our leadership position in Indian motor sports and rallying and reflects our sporty DNA very well,” M&M Chief Marketing Officer, Automotive Division, Vivek Nayer said in a statement. The company believes that it will create a new benchmark in exclusivity to further enhance the XUV500’s appeal amongst customers, he added. The model comes with various high end features like electronic stability programme (ESP) with rollover mitigation, airbags and hill hold control and hill descent control functions. “XUV 500 has good acceptance in Punjab and Chandigarh and people here have passion for vehicles. That is why we launched here from Chandigarh,”

DIMAPUR Civil Hospital:

STD CODE: 03862

Metro Hospital: Faith Hospital: Shamrock Hospital Zion Hospital: Police Control Room Police Traffic Control East Police Station West Police Station CIHSR (Referral Hospital) Dimapur hospital Apollo Hospital Info Centre: Railway: Indian Airlines Chumukedima Fire Brigade Nikos Hospital and Research Centre Nagaland Multispecialty Health & Research Centre

Answer Number # 2898


Police Control Room: North Police Station: South Police Station: Fire Brigade: Naga Hospital: Oking Hospital: Bethel Nursing Home:

company’s Chief Sales and Customer Care Officer, Automotive Division, Arun Malhotra told reporters in Chandigarh today. The company would roll out 1,000 units of this limited edition vehicle, he said. “With this launch, we want that image and brand identity of XUV 500 to be further reinforced,” he said. Since the launch of XUV 500 in year 2011, Mahindra and MahindraBSE -1.46 % sold 75,000 units of this vehicle so far. ‘XUV500 Sportz’ will be equipped with 140bhp (103Kw) mHawk engine with 330Nm torque and a 6-speed transmission. It also comes with Electronic Stability Program (ESP) with rollover mitigation, 6 airbags (front, side and curtain) ABS with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD), Hill Hold Control & Hill Descent Control.

232224; Emergency229529, 229474 227930, 231081 228846 228254 231864, 224117, 227337 228400 232106 227607 232181 242555/ 242533 224041, 248011 230695/9402435652 131/228404 229366 282777 232032, 231031 248302, 09856006026

STD CODE: 0370

Northeast Shuttles

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54. Mineral rock 55. Not a single one 56. Indirect 58. Ends a prayer 59. Bay window 60. A single time 61. In order to prevent 62. Clearing 63. Visual organs

DOWN 1. Nigerian monetary unit 2. Come to pass 3. Wearing footgear 4. Poetic dusk 5. Build up 6. A large pill 7. “Oh my!” 8. Juneberry 9. Eastern Standard Time 10. Lunatic 11. Floods 12. A few 13. Checks 18. Double-reed instruments 22. Pervert 24. Pearly-shelled mussel 26. Derbies or berets 28. Flies alone 29. Anagram of “Note” 30. Chooses

31. Tiny sphere 32. Highest point 33. Tibiae 34. A woman salesperson 37. Not there 38. Indian music 40. Replete 41. A forehead dot 43. Ability 44. Cane or flat paddle 46. Walked nervously 47. Bonkers 48. Armistice 49. Affirmatives 50. A Freudian stage 51. Hefty volume 53. Murres 56. Sprocket 57. Foot digit Ans to CrossWord 2905

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The Morung Express

Friday 6 June 2014

Rotaract Club Kohima 5th installation prog held Our Correspondent Kohima | June 5

The 5th installation programme 2014 of the Rotaract Club Kohima took place here this evening at Hotel Orchid with Kezhokhoto Savi, vice president Rotary Club, Kohima as the chief guest. Speaking on the occasion, Savi said the installation programme is an important chapter which gives new re-

sponsibility to the members to carry forward its task for the welfare of the public. He encouraged the members to do well in their endeavour and at the same time congratulated the new executive team of 2014-15. The new executive team for the tenure 2014-15 is led by Khriezovotuo Suokhrie as president, vice president - Pukhato Sheqi, general secretary - Akati Chopi,

I AM ACAUT: Strengthening its movement and to garner widespread public support, ACAUT on Thursday organised a sticker campaign at Clock Tower junction Dimapur by pasting stickers on passing vehicles. In this image, an ACAUT volunteer is seen pasting a sticker which read "I am ACAUT" on a vehicle. (Morung photo)

joint secretary - Rongsen Kumzuk and Mhasivotuo Koza as treasurer. Board of directors: Club - Burakum Ao, community - Vekusu Vero, professional - Hukupa Thulu-o, international - Alipoker, editor - Vekhozo Medeo, sergeant at arms - Thejakhrielie Ajabu Solo, advisor to the board Thejakielie Zuyie and PRO Mezhukhonuo Kulnu.


MEx FILE Power Department informs Dimapur, June 5 (mexn): The power department has informed the public of Dimapur that there will be jungle cutting operation on June 7 from 6 am to 10 am. A press release from Er. Moameren, Executive Engineer, Dimapur Electrical Division, in this regard has requested ward chairmen, village councils, GBs and consumers to extend cooperation in cutting down trees obstructing transmission lines and distribution lines within their areas. Remains of a house that was completed gutted down to ashes by fire at around 1:00 am on June 5 at Ao Kong Colony, Dimapur. The incident occurred when fire broke out from the house of one Temjenwaba Ao due to electrical short circuit. The house - a wooden shack with tin roof, an auto rickshaw, documents and other properties worth Rs. 10 lakhs were destroyed in the fire.

Nüklutoshi visits Soil and Water Conservation Directorate KOHima, June 5 (mexn): Minister of Highways, Mechanical and Soil & Water conservation, Nüklutoshi Longkumer visited the Directorate of Soil and Water Conservation on June 5 and interacted with the staffs in the department. The program was chaired by Yantso Lotha, Commissioner and Secretary to the Government, while the welcome address was delivered by Director, Nungshi Jamir.


The staff set up was highlighted by M. Limameren Ao, Project Director where he hoped that under the leadership of Nüklutoshi, the department will achieve its goals and help the state and country as a whole. A brief round of introduction of the staffs was also held. Vengota Nakhro, Joint Director who gave the highlights of the scheme in the department stated that in the 12th five year plan, the

plan outlay for the department has drastically been cut down whereby for the year 2013-14 the department received 15.50 crores but for 2014-15 it was reduced to 12.50 crores. Nakhro asserted on the need to address the problems of soil erosion and water conservation and also for the State to develop strong linkage with the Ministry of Water Resources, Agriculture, Rural Development and Land Resources. There

are 780 staffs under the department. Nüklutoshi stated that together with the cooperation of the staff in the department, they will try to improve the department and continue to work for the people and Nagaland. Further, Nüklutoshi also requested the staffs not to pressure him in matters of transfers and postings as they will be monitored on the basis of their sincerity and hard work.

NBCC to organise Teen Games KOHima, June 5 (mexn): The Education & Communication Department of the Nagaland Baptist Church Council is organizing TeensGames an international program for teenagers across the globe. The opening ceremony of this program will be held on June 29, 2:00 pm, at the Local ground, Kohima. The event will be a five day program with every day schedules commencing from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm from June 30 - July 4. Interested teenagers along with parents are invited to join the opening ceremony and learn more about the program. There will be a registration fee of Rs. 100/only. The interested can submit their names, Church and contact number along with the registration fee to NBCC Office or Contact 9856185990/9856141487/96 12035866.

NCP to observe 16th Foundation Day Dimapur, June 5 (mexn): The Nagaland Unit of Nationalist Congress Party will observe the 16th Foundation Day of NCP on June 10 at its state office, Dimapur at 11 am. A press release from Miathou Krose, General Secretary (Admn.), NCP Nagaland, informed that the meeting will be addressed by all the party legislators and requested all state officials, frontals and district presidents to attend the function.

NSF and ENSF prepones joint meeting with ANSTA KOHima, June 5 (mexn): Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) and Eastern Naga Students’ Federation (ENSF) has preponed its joint sitting with All Nagaland School Teachers’ Association (ANSTA) officials and its units/sub-units to June 12 at Zonal Council Hall, Kohima at 12:00 noon and not as scheduled. A press release from the General Secretaries of NSF, Esther Rhakho, and ENSF, Honang M. Jessuhu, informed. The federations have requested ANSTA officials and representatives of its units/sub-units to bear the inconvenience caused and attend the meeting with positive inputs and constructive suggestions. Parliamentary Secretary for NRE, YRS & MTF, Khriehu Liezietsu observing World Environment Day by initiating tree plantation drive with Kohima Village Frontal Organisations at the proposed Medical College site in Kohima.

Office of the Superintendent of Excise and Prohibition KOHima, June 5 (mexn): Excise personnel under the Superintendent of Excise and Prohibition, Kohima seized a total of 12 bottles of 750 ml whisky, 96 bottles of 750 ml rum, 144 cans of 500 ml Beer and 24 bottles of 650 ml beer on June 3 at MVCP Peducha. A press release from the Superintendent of Excise and Prohibition informed that the seizure was made under the command of Akum Ao, A.I.E. The press note further informed that the accused persons have been penalized for violation of NLTP Act ’89 and the seized articles deposited in the Superintendent of Excise Office Malkhana, Kohima.

Fire at Railway Bazaar World Environment Day was celebrated at Porba, Phek district in support of the UN designation of 2014 as the International Year of Small Island Developing States (SIDS) in broader context of climate change as its theme, organized by KVK Phek, NRC on Mithun (ICAR). Esther Longkumer spoke about the importance of World Environment Day. Staffs of both KVK and NRC on Mithun Porba actively participated in planting Ficus hookeri saplings in and around the office premises.

The student of Ruzhukhrie Government Higher Secondary School, Kohima with ECO CLUB and NSS, observed World Environment Day on the theme “Raise your voice not the sea level”. The students and teachers planted 200 trees in and around the school to show their inclusiveness to the cause and pledged to effectively preserve, protect, and create awareness among their family, peers and neighbor in conserving the environment and make earth a better place to live in. The school expressed appreciation to the Land Resource Department for providing tree saplings.

Block Program Manager Bendangtoshi planting a sapling at Akhoya Village along with NSRLM Changtongya Block staffs, PRP-CRP Team from OMPLIS Andra Pradesh and Alala Kimong SHG, Akhoya to commemorate World Environment Day.

Eco club of Highland Hall School, Naga United Village, Dimapur in collaboration with Nagaland Pollution Control Board celebrated World Environment Day by organizing environment rally on June 5.

Patkai Christian College (Autonomous) commemorated World Environment Day with the rest of the world by planting trees in and around the campus. The plantation drive was led by Visazo Chase, Dean of Students, along with the SUPCC members and students for the sake of the College, the Environment and for a Better Tomorrow. (Photo courtesy: Heutinggumbe)

Students of St Paul High School Phesama cleans the village to mark World Environment Day. The Phesama village council distributed sweets to the students as a gesture of appreciation. The school organized various competitions to create awareness on the environment. Earlier, the school honoured five students of class VIII for participating in the mountaineering and adventure camp conducted by the Nagaland Association for Adventure, Mountaineering and Education.

The Razhie Club, Pfütsero with Addl. Deputy Commissioner, T. Nchumbemo Odyuo,and Civil SDO, T. Moa Lemtur observe the World Environment Day by planting around 480 saplings of Wild Apple trees (Pyrus Edulis) in and around Pfutsero Town. It also undertook mass social work by way of cleaning. The Club lauded the Administration Office for their concern and support. The Action Committee, Pfütsero Town also joined their support and the Razhie Club also thanked Zhonulu Tunyi, convener Action Committee, Pfütsero Town and her colleagues for their continued support.

Dimapur, June 5 (mexn): A fire broke out at M/S Priyanka and Ayemi Cotton Industries at Railway Bazaar on May 2 at around 2:30 am which completely burned down the building and all its contents. A press release from H. Akaito Sema, Managing Director, M/S Priyanka & Ayemi Cotton Industries, stated that the fire was put under control with the timely intervention of the fire tenders. Goods and property worth lakhs of rupees has been destroyed in the fire. The exact cause of the fire has not been ascertained yet

Call to empower women for positive changes KOHima, June 5 (Dipr): The Department of Women Resource Development accorded a warm felicitation program to its new parliamentary secretary, N. Thomas Lotha at the Directorate of Women Resource Development on June 4. Speaking at the function, Lotha said that 50% of the population comprises of women and they could play significant roles in shaping our society. He emphasized the need for empowerment and participation of women in all spheres, to bring positive changes in our state. He also stressed on the importance of fundamental rights and duties enshrined in the constitution, which give not only equality to women but also empowered the states to uplift the status of women at par with men. He highlighted the importance of 73rd & 74th Constitutional amendments passed in 1993, wherein reservation of seats for women in Panchayat and municipal bodies were provided. The GOI has come forward and documented its policies, plans, programmes and related mechanisms on the one hand and the situational reality of the status of women on the other hand, based on the international conferences on women like Mexico plan action 1975,

Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action 1995 all of which asserted women’s empowerment as “Fundamental for the achievement of equality, development and peace.” The objectives of the National Policy on women was for creating an environment through, positive economic and social policies, the de-jure and defacto enjoyment of all human rights, equal access to participation and decision of women in social, political etc., equal access to health care, equal remuneration, social security etc., strengthening legal systems and elimination of all forms of discrimination against women and the girl child. He said, “Reaching out to every woman in all nook and corner of the State, must be the agenda.” He also assured to put his best and urged the staff and officers to contribute in order to become the most sought department in the State. After the function he visited the various activities being undertaken by the department including the stall touted as ‘MYKI’. Director, DWRD, Neilavou Keditsu in her welcome address said that the day was a Red Letter day for the department as the nomenclature of the department has been changed into Department of Women Resource Development.



The Power of Truth

The Morung Express FRIDAy 6 JunE 2014 volumE IX IssuE 153

Along Longkumer Consulting Editor

Kicking the Tobacco Habit



Krista Larson Associated Press

Alone in the forest amidst the chaos


ccording to the free encyclopedia Wikipedia, World No Tobacco Day is observed around the world every year on May 31. It is meant to encourage a 24-hour period of abstinence from all forms of tobacco consumption across the globe. And importantly, the day is further intended to draw global attention to the widespread prevalence of tobacco use and to negative health effects, which currently lead to 5.4 million deaths worldwide annually. In fact even in our small state of Nagaland statistics related to tobacco consumption is quite horrifying. As per a survey of Government of India, more than 50 % of the people in Nagaland are tobacco users. This statistic is indeed a matter of deep concern for all of us. A recent study on tobacco use among students in the eight North-eastern states of India has further revealed some frightening details. Over 65% of users reported initiation at 10 years of age or earlier in all states except Mizoram. The range of current tobacco use (any product) was 63% (Nagaland) to 36.1% (Assam). Current smokeless tobacco use ranged from 49.9% (Nagaland) to 25.3% (Assam). The study concludes that tobacco use including smoking was very high, even among girls, in all eight states in the North-eastern part of India. Unfortunately, our Christian State of Nagaland is a leader in tobacco use. But why is this so? For many years now it has been observed that tobacco consumption among the Nagas has increased. Today it has become a socially accepted habit. Who can blame our children for taking tobacco when parents themselves indulge in such habits? According to the recent studies, it was found (not surprisingly) that tobacco use by parents and close friends was positively associated with young people’s current tobacco use. Also because it is not categorized as an ‘illegal substance’ tobacco in its various forms and manifestation has become ubiquitous. Attempts made to ban such items as gutkha has also failed. And even if we are to successfully enforce such a ban on a single item, what about cigarettes, beedis and kaini (chewing tobacco). Tobacco in various forms is a favourite in government offices, within the police force, colleges and even schools. Also because of its easy availability and given that it is inexpensive (unlike drugs and foreign liquor) it is part of the common man’s indulgence whether it is in the villages or urban areas. The popular ‘Pan shop’ in every nook and corner of the State ensures easy access. There is no regulation of any sort and so even children can easily buy them. The fight against tobacco consumption is not going to be easy. But we need to do something about this killer habit. Tobacco control and its enforcement must be bolstered. Gariphema village in Nagaland has been declared the country's first “tobacco-free village”. We need to do more to create mass awareness on the ill effects of tobacco consumption and also enforce the same. The State Health & Family Welfare Department should design appropriate messages both in English and local dialects and undertake awareness campaign across the State. This should be done not just on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day but much beyond. Different mass forums can also be identified such the Church, schools, colleges, festivals, youth events, road-shows etc. to disseminate information on the killer substance. According to a recent data made available during the year 1999, India reportedly spent Rs 27,761 crore for treatment of tobacco-related diseases whereas the Government of India earned Rs. 6,018 crore as Excise Duty from tobacco products in the same year. Clearly even the business side of tobacco use is nothing compared to the greater cost involved in the health and well being of human life itself. This is one bad habit we must kick. (Feedback can be send to

lEfT wiNg |

Ciaran Fahey Associated Press

No excuses: Players helped develop World Cup ball


layers were consulted extensively in the development of the World Cup ball, meaning they should be less likely to commit on-pitch blunders in Brazil. German manufacturer Adidas says the "Brazuca" was tested by more than 600 of the world's top players, and 30 teams in 10 countries over two and a half years. "This is by far the most tested ball we've ever produced," Adidas business director for football hardware Matthias Mecking told The Associated Press in a telephone interview on Wednesday. Among the players involved in the testing process were Lionel Messi, Iker Casillas, Bastian Schweinsteiger, and 1998 World Cup winner Zinedine Zidane. "For us the most important thing is what the players tell us, what the players want. The players will tell you they want a 'reliable and fair' ball. One statement nearly all players make is, 'I want the ball to do what I plan to do with it,'" Mecking said. "The feedback has been very positive." Adidas also manufactured the 2010 World Cup ball, named Jabulani, but it received heavy criticism from many players before the tournament. They said it was too unpredictable. Casillas, one of the ball's most vocal critics, then went on to win the World Cup with Spain, and Mecking said much of the feedback from players after the tournament in South Africa was quite positive. "We're still very proud of that ball. At the time it was our most advanced ball technically and it was our most successful World Cup ball to date," Mecking said. When it came to developing the Brazuca, however, Adidas used the Euro 2012 ball, the Tango, and the popular Champions League ball as its benchmark. "The key new part is in the construction of the outer layer, made of six panels - fewer than ever before - with each panel exactly the same shape or geometry. This means the ball is much more accurate, much more consistent, and should allow for fewer mistakes," Mecking said. The star or propeller shaped panels interlock perfectly, and seams all over the ball give it added stability in the air. "It helps with overall consistency and accuracy," Mecking said. The Brazuca, like its predecessors, is made of three different levels, with a bladder made of butyl, a rubber compound, surrounded by patch carcass made using textile material. The outer shell is a polyurethane (PU) material made of plastic and foam. Around 4,000 will be provided to teams at the World Cup for training purposes, and for the games. Last December, the ball was distributed to all the countries taking part in the tournament to give them time to train with it. The Brazuca has also been used in Major League Soccer, at the Under-20 World Cup, Club World Cup, Spanish Cup, German Cup final and several international friendlies. "We wanted to make sure we had real-life tests and not only tests in training," Mecking said. The ball's design has been inspired by the host country. Brazuca is used as a term for Brazilians living abroad - like many of its footballers - and as slang to describe national pride or anything Brazilian. "We wanted to make sure the ball becomes the icon of the tournament. It's obviously inspired by the vibrancy, the rhythm, the color of Brazil," said Mecking, who denied a researcher's claim it may have been inspired by ninja knowledge. "It might be an interpretation but it wasn't planned by us," he said. Instead, the ball's design, its ribbons in shades of blue, gold and green, symbolize the traditional Bahia bands or "wish bracelets" popular in Brazil. "Ahead of a big tournament, people use those bands to make a wish for their country to succeed," Mecking said. The ball makes its proper debut in the opening game on June 12 in Sao Paulo, and will be used through to the final on July 13 in Rio de Janeiro.

In this April 16, 2014 photo, 10-year-old Hamamatou Harouna smiles as she sits in a tent with other Muslim refugees on the grounds of the Catholic Church in Carnot, Central African Republic. Hammamatou, who had lost the use of her legs to polio, fled Anti-Balaka violence in her village, carried on the back of her 12-year-old brother Souleymane. She spent 10 days alone in the forest. (AP Photo/Jerome Delay)


hen gunfire rang out through the village just after dawn, when neighbors dropped their coffee to flee, even when her mother grabbed three younger children and ran for her life, the 10-year-old girl did not budge. It was not that terror pinned Hamamatou Harouna to the ground, although she was terrified. It was that polio had left her unable to walk. So all she could do was wait and watch, paralyzed, as the vicious war between Muslims and Christians in Central African Republic came to her village. The Christian fighters were going from door to door, and she wondered if she would die. That's when her 12-year-old brother came to her rescue. Barely bigger than his sister, Souleymane struggled to hoist her, all 40 pounds of her, onto his back. Around his neck she clasped her calloused hands, dirty from pulling herself over the ground. They set off, barefoot, disappearing into the dense tropical forest as fast as they could manage. Her legs could not hook onto her brother's back, and her body drooped like a dead weight. Hamamatou had never felt so heavy in her life. Over the past year, conflict between Muslims and Christians has killed thousands of people in the Central African Republic, a nation of about 4.6 million that sits almost precisely at the heart of Africa. As families flee, it is often children who carry the weight of the crisis on their backs. Nearly half a million children have been displaced by violence in the country last year, with many hiding out in forests, according to UNICEF. Hundreds have become separated from their families, lost or simply too slow to keep up. That's what left Hamamatou and her brother trudging along the red dirt path on an unlikely journey that would reflect a world turned upside down by the complexities of war. The AP pieced together the story from interviews with the girl over two weeks and information from witnesses, health workers, priests and medical records. Hamamatou, a Muslim girl, grew up in Guen, a village so remote that it can hardly be reached during the rainy season. Before the conflict, it was home to about 2,500 Muslims, a quarter of the population, many of whom worked as diamond miners. Today only three remain. Life had not been kind to Hamamatou. She lost her


t is encouraging to hear former Union Home Secretary Gopal Krishna Pillai saying 'Naga solution within a year' in his exclusive interview with the Nagaland Post, published on 1 Jun. 2014. He is hopeful that the new Government of India headed by BJP under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be more sincere and committed to solve the long-drawn Conflict, 60 years, through the Indo-Naga peace talks of which after more than 50 rounds of talks, from 1997, the solution is still pending. In fact, as the new Government comes to power, the Naga people are also expecting in optimism the BJPled government, that recognized the Uniqueness of Naga History under the leadership of the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee way back in 2003, will be more sympathetic in solving the Indo-Naga Conflict, which was deliberately ignored by the Congress-led government during the last ten years. Mr. Pillai's hopeful statement toward solving the vexed Indo-Naga Political Conflict has given a space to build more trust between the two Nations. He further mentioned, “We don’t want disagreement between Naga organisations or groups and therefore any final settlement should be with respect and honour to the History of the Nagas.” But contrary to this statement he mentioned that final settlement would not include the Nagas in Myanmar as he reasoned Nagas in Myanmar have joined Parliamentary Democracy and so adopted the Constitution of Myanmar. However, his statement is inconsistent, contradictory in itself and lacks historical background, which is already recognized by the Government of India itself and clearly accepted by Pillai himself in his statement. It is a sound re-

father at age 7. A year later, her limbs withered from polio, a disease that had almost died worldwide but is now coming back in countries torn by war and poverty. The pain started in her toes, and a traditional healer could do little for her. Within a month, she could no longer walk. Soon she had to crawl across the dirt. Most days she helped her mother sell tiny plastic bags of salt and okra, each one tied firmly with a knot. Hamamatou had never been to school a day in her life, but she spoke two African languages and knew how to make change. Her brother, Souleymane, doted on her like a parent, helping her get around as best he could. With what little money he had, he bought her stunning silver earrings, with chains that swayed from a ball in each ear. On the day of the attack, Christian militia fighters burst out of the forest with machetes and rifles to seek revenge on the civilians they accused of supporting Muslim rebels. Hamamatou's mother scooped up her baby, grabbed the hands of two other children and disappeared into the masses. Souleymane was left carrying his sister. He headed deeper and deeper into the forest on paths used by local cattle herders. His back hunched forward from his sister's weight. The cacophony of insects drowned out the sound of his labored breathing. The crisp morning air gave way to an unforgiving afternoon sun. Hamamatou didn't know how far they had walked, only that they had not yet reached the next town, 6 miles (10 kilometers) away. It was clear they would never make it to safety this way. Exhausted, Souleymane placed his sister down on the ground and told her he was heading for help. If he didn't come back, he said, she should make as much noise as possible so someone would find her. Hamamatou told her brother she would wait for him in the grass, in the shade of a large tree. As evening fell, hunger set in. Hamamatou had nothing to eat or drink. She talked aloud to her brother and mother as though they were still beside her. But with each sound of the grass moving, she feared wild boars would come to eat her. She cried until her eyelids were swollen. She said aloud: "I have been abandoned." Despite decades of near anarchy, Central African Republic had little history of overt sectarian violence until 2013, when Muslim rebels from the north invaded the capital and overthrew the president. The rebels, known as the Seleka, looted and

killed Christians but largely spared Muslims. The hatred toward them mounted, fuelled by longstanding resentment that a Muslim minority of about 15 percent still made up most of the merchant class in a desperately poor country. And so when the Seleka were pushed out in January, Christian fighters within minutes descended upon Muslim shops and claimed Muslim homes. The backlash turned into a blood bath, and hundreds of thousands fled their homes. Among them was Hamamatou's family. As Hamamatou sat on the same patch of forest, her stomach rumbled. She dragged herself toward the grass she had seen the cattle eat. That night, when it rained, she sipped from the puddles. She was growing weaker by the day. And Souleymane was wrong - no matter how much noise she made, no one could hear her. She counted the number of times the sun rose and set. On the third day, she heard voices, and her heart began to race. A group of Christians from town passed her lying on the ground, and laughed. She begged for water. "If you leave me here, I will die here," she cried. They kept walking. Hamamatou began to lose hope of ever leaving the forest alive. Two more times it rained at night, leaving her wet and cold. She lay down her head and waited to die. On the tenth day, a man with a rifle and a machete turned up on the footpath along with his wife. She knew right away this was the enemy: He wore the necklaces and amulets the Christian fighters claimed would protect them from attack. "What are you doing here?" he asked. "Where are your parents?" He suspected she might be part of a trap to ambush him. Hamamatou was too tired to lift up her head. "My father is already dead, my mother has abandoned me because I cannot walk," she told him. "You are lying," he said. He threatened to kill her. "What have I done to you? Nothing," she replied in resignation. As he approached her, Hamamatou closed her eyes. She did not know which weapon he would kill her with, his machete or his rifle. As she awaited her fate, she did not even have the energy to cry. Instead, the man picked the child up like a baby and carried her to a creek. There he ordered his wife to wash Hamamatou's red and black cotton top and her filthy skirt. The woman bathed her in the stream as the laundry dried in the sun. Then the person she least expected to save her carried her for several hours all the way back to town, where he brought her into his own home. His wife tried to serve her broth, but after days of starving Hamamatou could no longer swallow. They took her to the home of one of the last remaining Muslim families in town. The Christian militiaman never told her his name. She never saw him again. Hamamatou was brought to a church in the nearby town of Djomo, and then to another church about 130 kilometers (80 miles) away. She now lives inside a large tent at a church compound with more than 800 other trapped Muslims, guarded by armed peacekeepers. There are three other girls with polio here, only one of whom has a mother to look after her. Hamamatou has been diagnosed with malaria, and her braids were shaved off because of lice. Just to go to the toilet, she must crawl past a maze of shelters until the red mud, still wet from showers, cakes her forearms and feet. But she is alive. She seems older than her years, with large eyes that reflect the intensity of her short life. She does not blame her brother for leaving her behind, and hopes he has made it to a refugee camp in neighboring Cameroon. "It's not his fault he couldn't carry me all that way," she says. "He's only 12 and he's small for his age. He's not very strong." All Hamamatou will say of her mother is that she abandoned her. There are no tears, just the same matter-of-factness with which she relates her story. Her only ties to her old life are the shirt she uses as a pillow and the earrings from her brother. She is among hundreds of children registered by UNICEF who await reunification with families that may or may not be alive. "If you find my brother," she says, "tell him I am stuck here with no way to leave." "I am waiting."

Pillai in Optimistic Wonderland or Naga Solution within a Year? A. Makury minder to the Uniqueness of Naga History which also means that the land of the Nagas was divided without their consent and so Nagas are fighting for it viz. to reunify all the Naga inhabited areas under one umbrella, the Naga Nation. Also the Indo-Burma-Naga Conflict is not just an internal issue, which can be handled within the framework of law and order. It is not just a Human Rights issue either but a clear and fundamental problem of invasion and aggression. The atrocities committed by the Governments of India and Myanmar and have their roots in the legacy of the irresponsible British colonial Government.If Mr. Pillai looks at a few Naga mouthpieces of the military backed Government of Myanmar who joined Parliamentary Democracy and swore to Constitution of Myanmar, it would be good if he also looks at the reality of the vast majority of Nagas in Myanmar. They, till date and in various manners, stand to defend their right to self-determination. Because of this any government, which tries to solve the Indo-Myanmar-Naga Conflict must carefully take the other side of the coin into account for the two sides of the coin are attached to one another. The present situational pop-ups are not reliable and are not concrete evidence to warrant an honorable solution. Under the banner and call for Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP), it is an internationally known

fact that these types of ploys are created by the Military Government, which ordered voting for the USDP and so the people were threatened in several ways. Simple and plain evidence to prove the vast majority of Nagas is not interested in the type of Parliamentary Democracy of Myanmar can be drawn from looking at how present Naga MPs in the name of Nagas act as Naga representatives in the said parliament and how they got there. It is a widely known fact that all of them are Buddhists (though they were once Christians). The Military Government could not trap candidates from the Naga Christian community, the majority which has over 80% of the entire Naga population in Naga region in Myanmar. The background view of how some of these Nagas became Buddhists is another interesting aspect as it may come as a surprise that at gunpoint that Nagas were seriously forced to convert to Buddhism. This was cleverly concealed by the Military Junta and its successive Government as hardly a soul from outside world, outside India and Myanmar, knows about this. Yes it is unheard but it is still a fact not to be erased. Thus the Burmese Military Government picked them to use them to cover the vocal voices of Nagas crying out for their rights. And so it has come to the point now of becoming a challenge to all who wants to know about whether the call for unity is genuine or a consent


by the Nagas to be part of the Union of Myanmar rather than coming together under one umbrella as one Nation, anyone can check and ask to the Naga peoples directly. Those who do will find clarity and will find out that Nagas in Myanmar/Burma still believe in their right to self-determination but due to military oppression meted out by the Burmese military genuine voices of the Nagas have been suppressed and cannot be heard. It any case it will not prove Nagas have surrendered their struggle as Pillai suggested.While the plastic situation in Myanmar created by the military government is getting clearer before the eyes of the International Community, which once like Mr. Pillai, happened to believe in the gimmick of the Burmese military rogues, decision makers must be thorough in sorting out a mutually agreeable solution to this long-drawn Indo-Naga Conflictlest the so-called final settlement will leave a room for another solution in the near future. Another problem! Can anyone believe a solution based on shallow and shaky evidence be long lasting? Therefore, any solution or settlement without the Nagas in Myanmar involved does not show respect the truthand is not honorable as it disregards the unique nature of the Naga political situation. Hence, any settlement without inclusion of the Nagas in Myanmar will further germinate undesired problems to which the Government of India will find harder to solve and this ignorance of Mr. Pillai will cause a deeper problem and so create a thorn in the flesh of the Government of India. Kuknalim! A. Makury is a researcher, writer and an observer to Myanmar-Naga Politics, currently based in Thailand.

Letters to the Editor should be sent to: The morung Express, House No. 4, Duncan Bosti, Dimapur - 797112, Or –email: All letters (including those via email) should have the full name and Postal address of the sender. Readers may please note that the contents of the articles, letters and opinions published do not reflect the outlook of this paper nor of the Editor in any form.




6 June 2014


Use of feed additives as growth promoter in livestock and poultry Soya Rungsung1 and M.K. Patra2

use of antibiotics leads to increasing resistance in enteric bacteria that can infect people or transfer their resistance to other pathogenic bacteria. However, there has been no ICAR RC for NEH Region, Nagaland Centre, concrete evidence that shows that use of anJharnapani, Medziphema, Nagaland tibiotics in animal food production poses a he provision of balance ration is es- threat to human health, and studies are still sential for optimum growth and pro- under way to find the direct linkage. duction of any individual animal Approved levels and withdrawal periods for species. Inclusion of specific growth some feed-grade antibiotics used in farm animals promoter substances in the feed is recent Growth promo- Withdrawal trend to increase the nutrient utilization effi- antibacterial tion level (gm/ton) period (days) ciency. Growth promoters consist of diverse Zinc 10 to 50 none group of drugs such as antimicrobials, probi- Bacitracin Chlortetracycline 10 to 50 none otics, prebiotics, enzymes etc. These agents Lincomycin 20 none improve the feed conversion ability of food or Oxytetracycline 10 to 50 none meat animals at faster rate. It is the most com- Penicillin 10 to 50 none 20 to 40 none mon and cost effective method of promoting Tylosin 10 2 growth. When used judiciously, growth pro- Tiamulin 5 moters improve live weight gain, enhance Oxytetracycline/ 10 to 50 neomycin feed conversion ability and increase efficien- Chlortetracycline/ 100, 100 & 50 7 cy of production. sulfathiazole/peni1Senior Research Fellow, NICRA project and 2Scientist (A.R.)


Antibiotics Antibiotics are used widely as growth promoter apart from its application in therapeutics for animals and human. The term "antibiotic growth promoter" is used to describe any antimicrobial that destroys or inhibits bacteria at a sub-therapeutic dose. Incorporating antibiotic at low doses in animal feed is considered to improve the quality of the product, with a lower percentage of fat and higher protein content in the meat. Antibiotics can be used in both male and female animals without any adverse effect on gonadal functions and also does not affect the carcass quality. The exact mechanisms by which antibiotics enhance growth are not known; however, researchers propose that the administration of sub-therapeutic antibiotics and antimicrobial agents effectively suppresses the load of harmful microbes which utilizes nutrients of the host or by enhancing the intestinal absorption of essential nutrients. Non-ionophore antibiotic avilamycin is used in pig and poultry farming, ionophores, namely monensin and salinomycin are used for cattle and pigs and flavophospholipol is used with a range of livestock, including cattle, pigs, poultry and rabbits. Oxytetracycline, chlortetracycline, procaine penicillin and lincomycin are also used in sub-therapeutic doses as growth promoter in food animals. Use of any antibiotic is associated with the possibility of resistance against pathogenic bacteria and it has been argued that the use of growth-promoters antibiotic imposes a greater risk for bacteria to become resistant to antibiotics that may be used in clinical or veterinary practice, thus compromising the continued use of antimicrobial chemotherapy. Human health can either be affected directly through residues of an antibiotic in meat, which may cause side-effects, or indirectly, through the selection of antibiotic resistance determinants that may spread to a human pathogen. Observing the proper withdrawal time for feed additive antibiotic is important to avoid residues in the meat. The level fed and the duration of feeding also influences tissue retention of additives. Indiscriminate

cillin Tylosin/sulfameth- 100 &100 azine


Probiotics Probiotics are products containing live micro-organism which are thought to be beneficial to the host organism. The normal balance of non-pathogenic and pathogenic microorganisms is often disturbed by disease, stress and poor management conditions. Probiotics are clinically used to improve digestion, in cases of digestive upsets like diarrhoea, to enhance growth rate and feed efficiency and to overcome stress during weaning and transportation of livestock. These microorganisms, when administered in feed support the useful bacteria against the harmful ones and have a positive effect on the health of the animals. Probiotic feed additives generally consists of selected strains of Lactobacilli, Enterococci, Streptococci or yeasts in vegetative or arrested states, but capable of colony formation under suitable conditions. The mode of action of probiotics in livestock and poultry includes (i) maintaining normal intestinal microflora by competitive exclusion and antagonism (ii) altering metabolism by increasing digestive enzyme activity and decreasing bacterial enzyme activity and ammonia production; (iii) improving feed intake and digestion; and (iv) stimulating the immune system. Dosage depends on the type of microorganism and the preparation.

Mrs. V. Kenny Rhetso (SMS Home Sc.) sunlight/shade after washing. Dr. Anamika Sharma (PC) and Raw fiber are dietary supplements which are indigestVinika K Aomi JRF The fiber must be bundled out afible to the host animal but are selectively ferter drying the moisture content. From mented by beneficial gut microflora. ThereKVK Dimapur, ICAR RC for NEH Re10kgs of raw pseudostem we can extract fore, the use of such alternatives that work gion, Nagaland Centre 250gms of net fibre. Wild banana fiin similar way by promoting growth and enagaland is one of the seven sister bres are more rough, thicker thread and hancing the efficiency of feed conversion can states of India. Banana is third im- stronger as compared to jahajee, chini be used in ration and the dependence in use portant fruit crop of the state after champa and malbhog. Wild banana fibre of antimicrobials as growth promoters can be minimized. Prebiotics mainly consists of pineapple and passion fruit, covering an is off-white in color whereas fibres from carbohydrates like fructo-oligosaccharides area of 6,650 ha with the production of cultivated banana are whiter and gives (FOS), mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS), 40,200 MT. Wild cultivars of banana are better shine. The fibre of pineapple leaf grown abundantly in jungles of the state. is greenish in color, softer thread as comlactulose etc. The banana fruit bunches and leaves are pared to that of banana fibre. Supplements can also be given by in comAgave Americana leaves can also be bination of prebiotics and probiotics, i.e., the main source of income. Tender pseucalled as symbiotic. The main reason for the dostem of some local cultivars is used for utilized for extraction of fibre but cares use of synbiotic is that prebiotics provide the culinary purposes, whereas major portions should to be taken while extracting the necessary food source for probiotics to sur- of banana pseudostem are wasted. These fibre because the juice of the Agave leads vive in the digestive system thus preserving pseudo stem can be utilized judiciously for to skin irritation in hands. the population of beneficial bacteria. Studies extraction of fibre for additional income. Banana fiber extraction from pseudo Product weaving have shown that by harnessing both benefits The fibre is blended with various maof prebiotics and probiotics the number of stem is a new and an innovative technol- terials such as wool or jute fibre for prepbeneficial bacteria increases manifold for the ogy to the people of Nagaland, which can aration of various products. Banana fibre provide a platform for entrepreneurs to betterment of health. venture into the fiber production indus- alone is also weaved for making different handicraft items such as door mat, tea Examples of common prebiotics and synbiotics try. With the increasing environmental coaster, sling bag etc. awareness and growing importance of Pre-biotics Synbiotics eco-friendly fabrics, products made of Final products Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) Lactobacilli + inulin banana fiber has been recognized for all KVK Dimapur has initiated the prepaLactose Lactobacilli + FOS/ its good qualities and now its application ration of door-mats, table mats and bags inulin Inulin Bifidobacteria + is increasing in other fields too such as using the banana fiber and blending with FOS/GOS apparel garments and home furnishings different materials. Banana fiber can be reLactulose Bifidobacteria and fined and used to make fine cushion covlactobacilli + FOS/ EXTRACTION PROCESS ers, neck ties, bags, table cloths, curtains Banana fiber extractor machine can etc. Rugs made from banana silk yarn fiinulin Mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS) be procured from Central Tobacco Re- bers are also very popular world over. Galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) search Institute, Rajahmundry, Andhra Xylo-oligosaccharides (XOS) Pradesh, for extraction of Banana fibre Economics Four ladies can prepare 12 doormats which can be easily operated by an unIn fed enzymes in one day and can earn the net profit of skilled labour and gives maximum outEnzymes are also supplemented in animal Rs.100/doormat. diets to promote growth and enhance pro- put. The same machine can extract pinePreparation of 4 mandays can make duction. Enzymes enhance the feed conver- apple leaf fibre also. doormat & table mat 12 nos of doormat @ Rs sion efficiency mainly by converting food into Sheath preparation with wool & banana 150/ piece = 1800.00 easily digestible molecules. Some enzyme The pseudostem has to be cut into Net profit = 1200.00 product approved for use in animal diets are 4-5inches breadth having length of 7-8 feet. fibre. 4 mandays @ Profit/piece=Rs.100 amylase, lipase, phytase, protease, pepsin, The length of pseudostem may vary de600.00 galactosidase and glucanase. All are fermen- pending on the need of fibre length. The Rs.150= (6working hrs/day) tation products of either bacterial or fungal cut pseudostems should be used within 48 6x4=24hrs origin, and are available as liquid, solid, gran- hours after cutting and the cut-open sheaths Preparation of tea 1 person can make 10ulated, powder or coated preparations. 12 pieces of tea coaster coaster. have to be processed on the same day.


Tips for use of growth promoter The increasing concern about bacterial resistance and drug residues in animal tissues implies the need for proper use of feed additives by the users.  Feeding directions should be strictly followed as per the product label.  The producers should know what feed Commonly used micro-organims as additives they are using and the purpose probiotics for livestock and poultry of the medication whether to improve Micro-organism sps. Farm animals growth or disease prevention or treatment Saccharomyces cerevi- Piglets, sow, dairy cows should be known. siae Bacillus licheniformis Sows, piglets, pigs for fat-  Directions for use to mix at proper levels tening, poultry, calves. and not to be used in unapproved combiLactobacillus acidophilus Poultry, dairy cattle nations. Bacillus subtilis Sows, piglets, pigs for fat-  Warning for withdrawal period on the latening, poultry, calves bel when required for the particular drug enterococcus faecium Piglets, calves contained in feed should be noted. Prebiotics  Warning against misuse which explains Prebiotics on the other hand is a new conthe adverse effects of using at too high levcept to support healthy and harmless gut miels or feeding at the wrong stage of produccroflora to improve digestive efficiency. These tion should also be noted.

ARe ALL MuSHROOMS eDIBLe? Tasvina Rahman Borah Scientist (Plant Pathology) ICAR Research Complex for neH Region, Nagaland Centre


wonder crop. In today’s age of fast track science, it is pathetic to know that we lose precious lives to the clutches of death due to ignorance. A proof to it stands with the cases of mushroom poisoning reported in local dailies recently from Mekokla village (Vol XXIV No. 129 Nagaland Post 16th April 2014). There might be deaths after consumption of wild mushrooms in the far remote areas which went unreported. In Nagaland also like other rural India, picking wild mushrooms is prevalent amongst the locals because they believe that many wild mushrooms spring up with the first showers particularly on new moon. Wild edible mushrooms are considered very tasty; however there are no non-scientific tests or rules that can accurately determine the safety or toxicity of a mushroom. Identification of mushrooms is an exact art that is very difficult and time-consuming and requires skill cultured over time. The scientific methods that are available cannot be carried out instantly and are confined to the laboratory only. Some prominent distinctions between poisonous and non-poisonous mushrooms are chalked out hereunder for information of the interested and common persons. Although the reliability of these distinctions is less, they may be employed to avert accidental deaths associated with consumption of poisonous mushrooms.

ime immemorial microbial biomass has been used either directly as food eg. mushroom or indirectly as fermented foods eg. brewers’ and bakers yeast, curd, yoghurt, etc. Mushrooms are fruiting body of certain fungi belonging to Basidiomycetes and Ascomycetes groups, some are edible and many are poisonous and non-edible. Of the 10000 known mushroom species, about 2000 are edible and only a dozen of them are cultivated on large scale. Button, oyster, milky and paddy straw mushrooms are commonly used for human consumption. Mushrooms are rich in high quality protein, thus they are called ‘Vegetarians Meat’. Owing to their very low content of carbohydrate, mushrooms are suitable ingredients in the diet of diabetic individuals. They contain ergosterol (precursor of vitamin D) and are also rich in vitamin and minerals. They have pleasant flavour and delicious to eat. Delicacies of mushroom make the most preferred food of the young and old in present day. Mushroom production is gaining its ground as one of the fastest grow- Morphological features: ing biotechnological industries with multii. A distinctive feature of poisonous mushmillion Dollar annual trade. rooms is the presence of a ring or annulus in the middle of the stalk or stipe of the mushroom. Another characteristic feature is that at the base of the stipe, a cup or saucer like structure known as volva is present. Generally, both these structures are found to be present together in the poisonous mushrooms. However, in the edible species, any of these structures i.e. either the ring (e.g. Button mushroom) or the volva (eg. Paddy There is so much misinformation about straw mushroom) may be present or neither of toadstools and mushrooms, the terms need these may be present (eg. Oyster mushroom). clarification. Some people mistakenly believe ii. The poisonous mushrooms are comthe word "mushroom" means an edible or paratively soft and the skin of the pileus (cap) safe variety and the word "toadstool" means cannot be easily peeled off. a poisonous or bad mushroom. This is incoriii. Poisonous mushrooms are generally rect. Many mushrooms can be non-edible colourful and quite attractive. and poisonous while some are edible or safe. iv. Milk like exudation oozes out from the Many mushroom species are found wild in the damaged fruit bodies in some poisonous North East, particularly in Nagaland with the onset mushroom species. of monsoons. Nature has bestowed its best in this v. Poisonous mushrooms are generally bitresourceful place for the luxuriant growth of this ter or sour in taste and bear unpleasant smell.

Banana fiber products: Avenues for additional income


Cup/Volva Deadly poisonous mushroom - Death cap

Indigenous tests or some age-old practices: i. Generally ants, insects and other animals do not feed on poisonous mushrooms. ii. The colour of mushroom soaked water turns blackish when some brinjal pieces or its flowers are dipped into the water indicates that the mushroom is poisonous. iii. Poisonous mushrooms put into salt solution makes the solution blackish. iv. Silver or copper articles would turn blackish when immersed in a dish of poisonous mushrooms. v. Garlic flakes take a dark colour when added to water along with poisonous mushrooms. vi. Unusual changes in colour of onion and brinjal occur while cooking along with poisonous mushrooms. vii. Milk curds immediately in contact with poisonous mushrooms. Some points to ponder: 1. There is hardly any chance of poisoning if the commonly cultivated species like oyster mushroom, paddy straw mushroom, milky mushroom and button mushroom is used as food item. 2. Wild mushroom should not be consumed without proper identification or knowledge. 3. Liquor should be avoided along with a mushroom dish. 4. Pumpkin or broadbeans when consumed along with mushrooms can cause food poisoning. Mushrooms are believed to be ‘God’s own food’ especially by the Romans and Greeks. History also reveals that the great Roman Emperors like Claudius, Charles VI and Pope Clement lost their lives due to mushroom poisoning. Except for the poisonous ones most mushrooms are tongue tickling and healthy. It therefore becomes the duty of every mycophagist (people enjoying eating mushrooms) to cautiously select his favorite species from amongst the varied species of this wonder crop.

Extraction The cut pseudostems are divided into pieces and inserted into the machine for fiber extraction. Once the fibre is extracted it needs to be washed thoroughly with clean water to remove the dirt and pieces of pseudostems. Drying The fiber has to be dried properly in

1 manday @ Rs.150.00 (6 working hrs/day)

@ Rs.30/piece (12x 30=360) Net profit = 210.00 Profit/Piece=Rs.18 – 20.

Extraction and use of natural fibres from banana, pineapple etc and production of ecofriendly finish products for everyday use can thus be a profitable venture when the world is growing conscious of healthy living.

Economic growth through collective responsibility


omprising of 14 determined women, Merangmeret Self Help Group (SHG) through their activities and achievements are living an example that collective responsibility indeed leads to economic development and social empowerment. The strong bonding among the members cannot be missed and infact their relationship is akin to kinsmanship which is a key factor to their success as a group. Formed in 2006, this SHG which is at Moalenden village under Ongpangkong North Block, Mokokchung district was initially started by way of contributing `100 each every year among its members. They then opened a joint savings bank account at State Bank of India (SBI), Mokokchung and started exploring income generating activities. Since all members of Merangmeret are farmers and own small plot of land for cultivation, they started cultivating field crops such as sticky rice, maize and vegetables. Selection of field for cultivation is done on rotation basis year wise. As per their novel idea of turn-by-turn system, one member would donate a part of her family field for the group farm activities per season to generate income. During the year 2010, an amount of `10,000 as revolving fund was provided which the group utilized for procuring seeds and on other requirements. Presently, the group cultivates different types of vegetables both of rabi and kharif season and sell the produce in the village or

at the local market. The farm operations are carried out by the members themselves, also on rotation basis. However, during peak period of important operations such as sowing, weeding and harvest, when a large labour force is required, all of them work together in the field. Not one to sit idle, the members in their leisure times also prepare local biscuits with the sticky rice harvested from their group field and sell it in the bustling market.The net profit of Merangmeret SHG generated through sale proceed depends on the type of crops grown and the area cultivated and varies between `15,000 to `20,000 per year. The money is also utilized as loan with a certain rate of interest to any group members in need. The group also participate actively in various competition organized by the district during farmers mela and exhibition and have received many awards. Apart from their contribution to economic development, Merangmeret SHG is also a socially empowered group. The women are actively involved in social activities such as helping the sick and needy villagers. They also contribute their service during village social activities. Before the formation of the SHG, they were solely dependent on the meager resources generated by their husbands. Now, these women are significant contributors to their family income. Contribution by : ATMA, Department of Agriculture Government of Nagaland

Weather based integrated advisory for the month of June 1 2

3 4


Pineapple Fruit trees


Land should be prepared for planting of pineapple Pit for plantation of fruit crops/ agro-forestry could have been completed in MarchApril. expose the pit to sunlight to kill the soil borne microbial infection as well as pests for 15-20 days. Then fill the pit with top 50cm soil with 1 kg lime, 15-20kg well decomposed FYM, put bamboo peg to remind the place of the pit. Let the pit be exposed to 3-4 rain showers. Then open the pit with same size as soil earth ball of the fruit plant. Planting of fruit trees should be done only in afternoon or on a cloudy day. earth ball should not be disturbed. If possible irrigate the plant after planting. Cucurbits Cucurbits can be sown in jhum fields even in river basin by using heap methods. Then 3-4 seeds can be sown in one place. Leaf eating Leaf eating caterpillars and fruit flies need to be controlled. In case of leaf eating catercaterpillars pillar, neem oil can be sprayed 5ml/lit of water. For fruit fly, poison bait can be prepared and fruit flies with 250gm jaggery with Fenthinion/dimethoate(Rogor) 20ml + 1 liter water can be kept in plastic bowls in bottle gourd/cucumber/curcurbit fields to check the fruit fly.


 Vaccination against Foot and Mouth disease in cattle, buffalo, goat and pig should be done. Prior to vaccination, deworm all your animals with appropriate anti-helmentic drugs one week before vaccinating your animals.  In case of poultry, to protect the birds from heat stroke housing should have proper ventilation and plenty of cool, clean fresh drinking water should be provided as the water consumption increase during summer.  Fishery ponds should be repaired before stocking the pond with fish. Then close the outlet, open the inlet and protect the bank under it. Fill the pond with water. If possible fertilize the pond with animal compost or animal manure; the water will start to turn green in two to three days. Wait until the water becomes rich in natural fish food- the water will turn green and it will become less transparent. It will take about a week to become green enough, after that the fishes can be released.

Agro Met Field Unit ICAR, Jharnapani. Medziphema

The Morung Express in collaboration with the ICAR Research Complex for North Eastern Hill Region, Nagaland Centre will be publishing articles with regard to Agriculture and the farming community on the first Friday of every month.




Friday 6 June 2014

Full treasury, truncated opposition mark new Lok Sabha

new DelhI, June 5 (Ians): Change seemed to be the leitmotif of the 16th Lok Sabha as it began business Thursday with a new and full treasury bench and a truncated opposition. While Narendra Modi, in parliament for the first time, led his team on the ruling side, Congress president Sonia Gandhi sat on the front in the opposition benches after sitting in the first row of the treasury benches for a full decade. Modi, attired in a spotless white kurta-pajama was the first one to take oath followed by BJP patriarch L.K. Advani. However, unlike Wednesday, Advani was not seen sitting next to the prime minister this time. He was instead sitting next to senior ministers Sushma Swaraj and Rajnath Singh in the next row. Congress president Sonia Gandhi was the next in line to take took oath in Hindi. Sushma Swaraj surprised many by taking oath in fluent Sanskrit, but later it was evident that BJP members had taken a conscious decision to bring the classical language back into spotlight as many more followed her lead. Many members took oath in their mother tongue, notable among

Attired in spotless white, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the first to take oath amid thumping of desks. (PTI Photo)

them being Shiromani Akali Dal’s Harsimrat Kaur Badal, who took oath in Punjabi, Jual Oram, who took oath in Odiya, Mansukhbhai Dhanjibhai Vasava who took oath in Gujarati and Sarbananda Sonowal, who took oath in Assamese reflecting the linguistic diversity of this multilingual nation. Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi took oath in English. Her sister-in-law Sonia Gandhi was seen thumping the desk when she took oath.

Senior members Arjun Charan Sethi (BJD), P. A. Sangma (National People’s Party) and Biren Singh Engti (Congress), appointed on the panel of chairpersons by the president to help the protem speaker in oath taking process, took oath after Modi, Advani and Gandhi. Protem speaker Kamal Nath was the only member who had taken oath Wednesday as the house was adjourned on the first day of the new Lok Sabha following death of union

minister Gopinath Munde June 3. As soon as the house assembled, Nath welcomed all members, especially those of newlyformed states of Telangana and residuary Andhra Pradesh. The 16th Lok Sabha has 315 first-time lawmakers, the highest in 30 years for any house that has 543 elected and two nominated members, according to data compiled by PRS Legislative, a research group that tracks the working of parliament. After the oath

taking of the council of ministers, MPs were called state-wise beginning alphabetically. However, some exceptions were made especially in the case of senior members like former prime minister H. D. Deve Gowda and two former deputy speakers Karia Munda and M. Thambidurai and Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav. The prime minister was present till the members of his council of ministers took oath. As soon as he left, many BJP members were seen leaving the house, probably for a cup of tea or some fresh air. Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi, who seems to have taken a fancy for the back seat, was seen having a lengthy conversation with NCP’s Supriya Sule. Glamour queens of Bollywood and regional cinema including Mathura MP Hema Malini, Chandigarh MP Kirron Kher and Shatabdi Roy of the Trinamool Congress were in full attendance resplendent in their bright saris and salwar kameeze. Gujarat MPs Devajibhai Govindbhai Fatepara and Mohanbhai Kalyanjibhai Kundariya were dressed in their traditional attire.

Modi and Obama summit in Sept, will end visa ban

new DelhI, June 5 (Ians): Nearly a decade after it denied him a visa and blacklisted him, the US is practically preparing to roll out the red carpet for Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is set to hold a summit meeting with President Barack Obama in Washington in September-end this year. According to official sources, Modi has expressed his keenness to give a push to the flagging IndoUS ties and has accepted Obama’s invite to visit Washington. The US denied Modi a visa in 2005 over the Gujarat riots, in which over a 1,000 people, mostly Muslims were killed. Modi was Gujarat chief minister when the riots occured and the US State Department invoked a little-known US law passed in 1998 that makes foreign officials responsible for “severe violations of religious free-

dom” ineligible for visas. After the swearing-in of Modi, who led the BJP to a spectacular victory in the general election, Obama in a message vowed to work closely together with the new Indian prime minister “for years to come”. Obama was quick to acknowledge Modi’s “resounding” victory in the election and extended an invitation to him to visit Washington – effectively ending the visa ban on him. Obama is believed to be keen to patch up the damage to Indo-US ties as fast as possible. His meeting with Modi will be the second within the span of a year with an Indian prime minister. He had met Manmohan Singh in September last year during the former prime minister’s visit to Washington enroute to the UN General Assembly.

The proposed June 8 visit of US Assistant Secretary of State Nisha Desai Biswal, the Obama administration’s point person for South and Central Asia, to New Delhi is an indication of the urgency with which the US is keen to mend ties with the Modi government. Modi, whose move to reach out to South Asian neighbours during his swearing-in has been lauded, gave an indication of his foreign policy thoughts in interviews before coming to power. He had said that individual incidents should not be allowed to cloud bilateral relations – an apparent reference to the visa ban on him by the US. Bilateral ties, which had seen a cooling off during the latter years of UPA-II, suffered a setback with the handcuffing and strip search of Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade last year for alleged visa

Telangana government gets rap on loan waiver promise

hyDerabaD, June 5 (Ians): Opposition parties in Telangana have come down heavily on the TRS government for allegedly going back on its poll promise to waive off all crops loans of up to Rs.1 lakh. The main opposition Congress and the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) demanded that the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) waive the loans without any conditions as promised by it in its election manifesto. Congress Legislature Party (CLP) leader K. Jana Reddy said the decision of the state government to waive off loans taken only during 2013-14 had caused concern among the farming community. His counterpart in the legislative council D.Srinivas alleged that the TRS has cheated the farmers by declaring that loans taken only after June 1 last year will be waived. He said the Congress party

would launch an agitation to pressurize the government to fulfill its commitment. TDP leader M. Narasimhulu said there should be no cut-off date for loan waiver. He told reporters that if any conditions are imposed, the TDP will protest strongly in the assembly. Agriculture Minister P. Srinivasa Reddy clarified that the government has not taken any decision on cut-off date. “This will be decided only after talks with the banks. The final decision will be taken in the cabinet,” he said. Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhara Rao Wednesday held a meeting with the top bank officials to discuss implementation of the poll promise. He had asked the banks to submit details of the outstanding farm loans. After the meeting, Finance Minister E. Rajender said that the loans taken after June 1 last year would be waived.

fraud and underpaying her nanny. The policy paralysis of the previous United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government is seen to have crept into its bilateral ties as well, with little headway on many ticklish issues. The US is keen to get started with implementation of the Indo-US civil nuclear deal, which is stuck over India’s civil nuclear liability laws. The US is also keen to increase its defence ties with India, a major market, and also keen to push trade with India from the current around $100 billion annually to $500 billion by 2015. Indian Ambassador to the US S. Jaishankar, who is believed to be tipped for a bigger role in the Prime Minister’s Office, is also said to be flying down for consultations in South Block with regard to the upcoming Modi-Obama meet.

Modi urges people’s participation for greener planet

new DelhI, June 5 (Ians): Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar on World Environment Day Thursday called for government and people’s participation to make the planet cleaner and greener. “Lets serve as trustees, where we utilise our natural resources for the present and at the same time ensure happiness of future generations,” Modi said in a tweet.”Along with government efforts, people’s participation can make a big difference in creating a cleaner and greener planet,” he added. In a series of tweets, Modi said that World Environment Day is a day to bow to mother earth and to reaffirm our pledge to protect the environment, making our planet cleaner and greener. “We are blessed to be a part of a culture where living in complete harmony with the environment is central to our ethos,” Modi said. “Let’s ensure that even the smallest step we take in our daily lives will be an effort towards conserving nature and natural resources,” the prime minister added.

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Anjali Damania, Preeti Sharma-Menon quit AAP

mumbaI, June 5 (Ians): The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in Maharashtra suffered a post-poll setback when two senior leaders state convenor Anjali Damania and state secretary Preeti Sharma-Menon - quit the party Thursday. “Dear colleagues, with a heavy heart, I am ending my association with AAP,” Damania said in her resignation message to the party leadership. “My greatest regards for Arvind (Kejriwal), who is like an elder brother. All I want to request is that please do not have any conspiracy theories over my exit,” she said. Damania added she had never compromised her values and would never do so. “I request the media to respect my privacy,” she

said. Attempts to contact her remained unsuccessful as her phone remained switched off. A crusader against corruption in high places, Damania said she had nothing more to add except that she cared a lot for AAP and expressed her best wishes for it. Sharma-Menon also sent in her resignation. Senior AAP leader Mayank Gandhi’s office in Mumbai confirmed the developments but declined to comment on them. In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the AAP put up candidates in all the 48 Lok Sabha seats in the state, but the party was wiped out. Many of its prominent and high-profile candidates like Damania, who contested against Bharati-

ya Janata Party’s former president Nitin Gadkari in Nagpur, Gandhi, Medha Patkar and Vijay Pandhare, among others, lost. Both Damania and Sharma-Menon are believed to be upset over certain organisation issues and internal party mechanisms which prevented them from concentrating adequately on important social and electoral issues, said a party office-bearer here. Both Damania and Sharma-Menon are likely to meet top AAP functioneries in Mumbai later. After the AAP rout in most parts of India, barring Punjab, many other high-profile activists, including Shazia Ilmi, Captain Gopinath and others, quit in the past few weeks.

Pune techie murder: BJP MP says some repercussions to derogatory FB post ‘natural’ new DelhI, June 5 (PtI): BJP MP from Pune, where a techie was bludgeoned to death on Monday allegedly by members of a Hindutva outfit, said on Thursday some repercussions to the Facebook post derogatory of Shivaji and Bal Thackeray was “natural”. “What appeared on Facebook was very painful. Some amount of repercussions was natural,” Anil Shirole told reporters outside Parliament. The trigger for the attack on Shaikh Mohasin Sadiq (28) was apparently uploading of derogatory pictures of warrior king Shivaji and late Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray on Facebook by unknown

people, which also led to a protest bandh on Sunday. Several people who are said to be linked to Hindu Rashtra Sena have been arrested in this connection. When asked for comments on the involvement of Hindu Rashtra Sena, the BJP MP said, “We will have to find out who are all involved in the matter. Police is probing”. He said Pune is a peace-loving city and BJP workers are trying to maintain peace in the town. Sadiq worked in the IT department of a textile firm in Pune. He was thrashed with sticks at Bankar Colony by the accused and succumbed to his injuries during treatment at a hospital, police said.

Tibetan PM Sangay starts campaign on policy on Tibet

Lobsang Sangay, prime minister of the Tibetan government-in-exile, right, smiles as he listens to spiritual leader the Dalai Lama at the Tibetan Children’s Village School in Dharmsala on June 5. (AP Photo)

Dharamsala, June 5 (Ians): The Tibetan administration-in-exile Thursday launched a campaign to reach out to the international community to counter the Chinese “misinformation campaign on its middle-way approach to resolve the Tibetan issue. Tibetan prime minister-in-exile Lobsang Sangay launched the campaign. The “middle-way approach” favours “genuine autonomy” for Tibetans within the framework of the Chinese constitution and does not speak of independence. Sangay said the campaign would not only help understand exactly what the Tibetan people were calling for genuine autonomy, but also make it clear how long the Tibetan administration had stuck firm to this policy about its impact to date and its intentions for the future. “The middle-way approach information materials - many of them available in seven languages, including Chinese will make it very easy for people around

the world to understand exactly what the Tibetan administration is proposing in terms of genuine autonomy within China,” the political successor of the Dalai Lama said in a statement. He said through the campaign, the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) would try engaging the young people, diplomats and media across the globe to counter the Chinese government’s misinformation campaign about the policy. The middle-way approach is already supported by international leaders including US President Barack Obama and many Chinese intellectuals, such as imprisoned Nobel Peace Laureate Liu Xiaobo. Sangay said Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama and the then Tibetan administration formulated the middle-way approach policy in 1974, as a realistic option to resolve the issue of Tibet. China and the Dalai Lama’s envoys have held nine rounds of talks since 2002 to resolve the Tibetan issue.

MP minister says rape “sometimes right, sometimes wrong” new DelhI, June 5 (reuters): Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Babulal Gaur has described rape as a social crime, saying “sometimes it’s right, sometimes it’s wrong”, in the latest controversial remarks by an Indian politician about rape. Akhilesh Yadav, Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, where two cousins aged 12 and 14 were raped and hanged last week, have faced criticism for failing to visit the scene and for accusing the media of hyping the story. Gaur, who is from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), said on Thursday that the crime of rape can only be considered to have been committed if it is

Worried about rising rapes in UP? Stay in Delhi: Mulayam new DelhI, June 5 (agencIes): Despite widespread criticism, the Uttar Pradesh government and Samajwadi Party leaders have remained defiant over the inaction in connection with the rising cases of rapes in the state. A day after Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav suggested people to Google about such crimes in other states, his father and Samajwadi Party Chief Mulayam Singh Yadav brazenly said those concerned about crimes in UP should stay in Delhi. When reporters questioned the veteran politician about the issue of Badaun gangrape, he advised all those worried about the incident to stay in Delhi. He further targeted the media for reporting only about crimes in Uttar Pradesh and ignoring those in other states. However, her daughterin-law Dimple Yadav assured mediapersons that the Akhilesh govern-

ment in Uttar Pradesh was taking the issue seriously and working towards it. “This is a very important and sensitive social issue. We take this very seriously and the culprits must get stringent punishment. Our government is working towards it,” said Dimple. The Central government was quick in reacting to the remark of the Samajwadi Party chief, accusing the UP government of “protecting rapists”. Talking to mediapersons, the Union Water Resources Minister alleged that UP government was the only government which protected rapists and gave statement in their favour. She added that the issue would be raised in parliament as well. “The government in UP provides protection to rapists, and give statements in their favour. All political parties must think about this. And this issue will be raised and discussed in

Parliament,” said Bharti. This comes after Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav claimed that criminal cases of UP alone were being purposely publicised by the media. Citing law and order incidents of Bangalore, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, he asked the mediapersons to “google search” those incidents as well. Quick to come to his defence was his uncle and senior Samajwadi Party leader Ramgopal Yadav, who claimed that when relationship between girls and boys come out, it is termed as rape. “In many places, when the relationship between girls and boys come out in open, it is termed as rape. In many places, girls and boys are ready (to marry) but honour killings take place. These incidents happen in other places also but are not highlighted,” senior SP leader Ramgopal Yadav said.

reported to police. “This is a social crime which depends on men and women. Sometimes it’s right, sometimes it’s wrong,” said Babulal Gaur, the home minister responsible for law and order in BJP-run Madhya Pradesh. “Until there’s a complaint, nothing can happen,” Gaur told reporters. Gaur also expressed sympathy with Mulayam Singh Yadav, head of the regional Samajwadi Party. In the recent election, Mulayam criticised legal changes that foresee the death penalty for gang rape, saying: “Boys commit mistakes: Will they be hanged for rape?” The BJP dismissed Gaur’s comments as an expression of his personal views, and not the party’s.

Modi, who was sworn in as prime minister last week after a landslide election victory, has so far remained silent over the double killing in the village of Katra Shahadatganj, around half a day’s drive east of New Delhi. The father and uncle of one of the victims said they tried to report the crime to local police but had been turned away. Three men have been arrested over the killings. Two policemen were held on suspicion of trying to cover up the crime. Although a rape is reported in India every 21 minutes on average, law enforcement failures mean that such crimes - a symptom of pervasive sexual and caste oppression - are

often not reported or properly investigated, human rights groups say. More sex crimes have come to light in recent days. A woman in a nearby district of Uttar Pradesh was gang-raped, forced to drink acid and strangled to death. Another was shot dead in northeast India while resisting attackers, media reports said. U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has said he was “especially appalled” by the rape and murder of the two girls. “We say no to the dismissive, destructive attitude of, ‘Boys will be boys’,” he said in a statement this week that made clear his contempt for the language used by Mulayam Singh Yadav.



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6 June 2014



Thai politicians plan overseas movement to resist coup BANGKOK, JuNe 5 (ReuteRs): Around 15 Thai political leaders allied to the ousted government plan to establish a movement outside Thailand to lead a campaign of civil disobedience to military rule, two members of the group said on Thursday. General Prayuth Chan-ocha seized power on May 22 and has since led a crackdown that has stifled dissent and silenced the “red shirt” supporters of former Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and her brother, billionaire former premier Thaksin Shinawatra. The military has detained many politicians and activists and demanded as a condition of release that they sign documents stating they would avoid politics and halt anti-coup activities. If the plan proceeds, the group would represent the first attempt to mount organised opposition to military rule. The two activists said they had yet to formulate exactly what measures the group would use, but said they would be peaceful and would aim to fill the leadership vacuum among anti-coup elements. “We believe democracy in Thailand has been systematically destroyed,” said former government minister and red-shirt founding member Jakrapob Penkair in a telephone interview from Phnom Penh, the capital of neighbouring Cambodia. “People have been chastened, hunted and bullied with no sense of fairness, justice or decency. We aim to create an organisation for all groups protesting the coup inside and outside Thailand. This would be a non-radical group using civil disobedience.” Thaksin, who lives in exile, is not involved in the movement, said both Jakrapob and a second member of the group, fugitive former member of parliament Sunai Julapongsathorn. It is unclear how much momentum the movement would gain among those opposed to the junta without the backing of Thaksin, who revolutionised Thai politics and com-

mands the loyalty of millions in the populous north. The coup was the latest twist in nearly a decade of confrontation between Thaksin and the Bangkokbased royalist establishment, which sees him as a threat to their interests. Thaksin has given no guidance to his supporters since the military seized power. The former prime minister has effectively funded and controlled the red shirt movement from self-imposed exile since fleeing a 2008 conviction for abuse of power. He was ousted by the military in a previous coup in 2006. “We will advance with or without him,” said Jakrapob, a former spokesman for Thaksin. “He’s not involved and had no influence in setting this up.” Jakrapob was forced to resign as a minister in May 2008 after being accused of violating Thailand’s strict lese-majeste laws and has lived in Cambodia for some time. “Red Shirt” Leaders Summoned The military has summoned Jakrapob along with other prominent red shirt leaders to report on June 9. Asked if the military had heard of the plans to set up such a movement overseas, Winthai Suvaree, deputy spokesman for the military’s National Council for Peace and Order, said: “Thai law can’t touch those who flee abroad but if we know where they are we will ask for international cooperation to bring them back to Thailand.” “We are monitoring groups resisting the coup. Those who were summoned and do not show up will face the law and their case will be treated as criminal. If they return to Thailand and have cases pending then these may be brought to military court,” he told a news conference. Kuy Kuong, a spokesman at Cambodia’s foreign ministry, said no request for such cooperation had yet been received from Thailand. But Kirth Chantharith, a deputy national police chief, told Reuters that

Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen would not allow resistance groups to base themselves in the country. “We won’t allow anyone to use our soil to plot against any country. Our position is clear,” Kirth Chantharith said. Sunai, the Thai activist, said some members of the group would remain inside Thailand. “We will fight with information but the strategy is not yet clear,” he told Reuters in a conversation over Skype. Sunai said he was in Thailand, but declined to say where. He is on the run after ignoring a military summons in the days after the coup. “In three months, the military will have relaxed its grip. That is when we will move. This won’t be quick. It will take a long time.” Both Jakrapob and Sunai said the movement would be based in a neutral country outside Thailand. Both declined to say where. The group would not base themselves in Cambodia to avoid putting in a difficult position, Jakrapob said. The group may call itself the “Free Thai Movement”, adopting the name of the underground resistance in Thailand to Japanese occupation during World War Two, Jakrapob said. Sunai said no name had been chosen yet. The group had considered and then ruled out the possibility of forming a government in exile, Jakrapob said. The junta has banned meetings of more than five people and at the weekend flooded Bangkok with thousands of troops and policemen. Opposition to the coup has been limited to small flash mob protests, and they have for the most part been peaceful. Some protesters have expressed defiance through the use of a threefingered salute inspired by the hit film “The Hunger Games”, where the gesture symbolised rebellion against a totalitarian regime. Others Bangkok protesters have sat in groups of less than five reading books about civil disobedience or that criticise authoritarian government, such as George Orwell’s “1984”.

A woman flashes a three-fingered salute borrowed from “The Hunger Games” during an anti-coup demonstration outside the Australian Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand Wednesday, June 4 , 2014. The gesture is being used as a real symbol of resistance in Thailand. Protesters against the military coup are flashing the symbol as a silent act of rebellion, and are being threatened with arrest if they ignore warnings to stop. (AP Photo

Under curfew, Thais can forget watching World Cup in a bar BANGKOK, JuNe 5 (ReuteRs): Thai soccer fans hoping to watch the World Cup in a bar with a beer may have no choice but to stay at home after their military government said on Thursday a curfew would probably remain in force during the monthlong competition. The military seized power on May 22 and imposed a nationwide curfew. It has been lifted in a few tourist areas but runs

from midnight to 4 a.m. in most of the country, and many of the games in Brazil from June 12 kick off then or just before. “During this period, our priority is security,” Winthai Suvaree, a spokesman for the military’s National Council for Peace and Order, told reporters. “We will consider lifting it but we want the public to understand that during this period they may have to watch the World Cup at home and not at restaurants.”

That will come as a disappointment to Thailand’s ardent soccer fans, who spent the last World Cup watching televised games at one of the outdoor beer gardens that sprang up during the competition. It will also do little to help the generals’ public relations campaign aimed at promoting unity and happiness in a country where years of deep political divisions have taken their toll. There have been coup

protests every day but, under the army’s strict rules that include a ban on political gatherings of more than five people, numbers have wavered. On Wednesday the army put on a “Return Happiness to the Public” event at the landmark Victory Monument in Bangkok, complete with street food, music and women in military fatigues posing for photographs with members of the public.

Bashar Assad wins presidential vote in landslide ‘No humanitarian crisis in Ukraine’

Syrian soldiers celebrate Bashar Assad’s presidential re-election in Damascus on June 4, 2014. (AP Photo)

DAMAsCus, JuNe 5 (AP): Syrian President Bashar Assad has been re-elected in a landslide, officials said Wednesday, capturing another seven-year term in the middle of a bloody 3-year-old uprising against his rule that has devastated the country. Syria’s parliament speaker, Jihad Laham, announced the final results from Tuesday’s election, saying Assad garnered 10,319,723 votes, or 88.7 percent. Assad’s two challengers, Hassan al-Nouri and Maher Hajjar, won 4.3 percent and 3.2 percent respectively.

The Supreme Constitutional Court put turnout at 73.42 percent. Assad’s victory was always a foregone conclusion, despite the presence of other candidates on the ballot for the first time in decades. The opposition and its Western allies denounced the election as a farce, with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry calling it a “great big zero.” Damascus erupted into a thunderous, rolling clap of celebratory gunfire that appeared to include heavy weaponry after the results

Bees create mental maps to reach home

WAshiNGtON, JuNe 4 (iANs): We have long wondered at the complex navigation abilities of the bees who use the sun as a compass. But bees do memorise a mental map too, like humans, despite their much smaller brain size, new research reveals adding a whole new dimension to complex bee-navigation abilities that have long fascinated scientists. “The surprise comes for many people that such a tiny little brain is able to form such a rich memory described as a cognitive map,” said Randolf Menzel, a neurobiologist at Free University of Berlin. The research demonstrates that bees can find their way back to their hives without relying solely on the sun. Instead, they seem to use a “cognitive map” that is made up of memorised landscape snapshots that direct them home. The cognitive map used by mammals is thought to originate in the brain’s hippocampus. Humans employ such maps on a daily basis. Even in a windowless office, many people can point towards their home. “They can point to their home generally even though they cannot see it, even along a path through a wall that they have not travelled,” said Fred Dyer, a behavioural biologist at Michigan State University in East Lansing. The study argues that bees can do something similar, albeit on a much more rudimentary level. The authors tested their theory by interfering with the bees’ sun compass. They shifted the bees’ internal biological clock by inducing sleep using a general anaesthetic. Once the bees had woken up, Menzel and his colleagues tracked them along a path of several hundred metres from a release site to their hive using harmonic radar. When the bees were released from a site with which they were unfamiliar, they initially travelled in the wrong direction, flying away from their hive instead of towards it. With their internal clocks shifted, the bees still thought that it was morning -- so they went the wrong way based on their sense of where the sun should be. “But then they redirect, ignoring the information from the sun. They refer to something else which is a cognitive map,” Menzel said.

were announced. Thousands of Assad supporters flocked the streets to celebrate, some waving large Syrian flags and others carrying photos of Assad as car horns blared. Some men broke into the familiar pro-Assad chant: “With our souls, with our blood, we sacrifice for you, Bashar!” Lebanon’s Al-Mayadeen television aired live footage from the government stronghold of Latakia and the war-ravaged city of Homs, which the government recaptured last month, showing crowds of people celebrating with flags and posters of Assad amid cries of “God, Syria, Bashar!” Fireworks lit up the night sky in Latakia. Voting was held only in government-controlled areas, excluding huge tracks of northern and eastern Syria that are in rebel hands. Tens of thousands of Syrians abroad voted last week, although many of the more than 2.7 mn Syrian refugees across the region either abstained or were excluded by law. The vote provided no respite from the war. As people filed to the polls in Damascus on Tuesday, the rumble of government shelling and airstrikes on rebellious suburbs provided an ominous backdrop and sobering reminder that not all Syrians were able to cast their ballots. That did nothing to diminish the enthusiasm of Assad’s supporters, for

whom the election victory provided a boost amid a war that has touched every family on both sides of the divide. The win also provides further evidence that the Syrian leader has no intention of relinquishing power, making a protracted conflict the likely outcome in fighting that has already lasted three years and killed more than 160,000 people. Assad’s hold on power was not always so secure. Just over a year ago, his grip was slipping as vast swaths of the country fell to the surging rebels. But Assad’s troops — bolstered by allies Iran, Russia and the Lebanese Shiite militant Hezbollah — managed over the past year to turn the tide, and even wrest back some of the ground lost. For the first time in decades, there were multiple candidates on Syria’s presidential ballot. In previous elections, Assad, and before him his father, Hafez Assad, were elected in single-candidate referendums in which voters cast yesno ballots. In both Syria’s 2000 and 2007 elections, Assad garnered 97% yes votes. The government has portrayed this vote as a democratic solution to Syria’s conflict, although there’s no indication it will help bridge the differences of a bitterly divided nation. Syria’s rebels remain determined in their fight to oust Assad.

uNiteD NAtiONs, JuNe 5 (AP): Ukraine said Wednesday it faces no humanitarian crisis, as Russia claims, and the U.N. aid chief appeared to agree. When asked whether Ukraine has a humanitarian aid crisis, Valerie Amos replied, “Not as far as I’m aware.” Russia on Monday surprised diplomats by introducing a Security Council resolution that called for humanitarian aid corridors in troubled eastern Ukraine. Some diplomats were privately dismayed that Russia asked for this while opposing the creation of humanitarian corridors in Syria, its close ally. The United States immediately denounced the resolution as “hypocritical.” Diplomats this week discussed asking the U.N. to investigate Russia’s claims. The resolution expresses “grave concern” at “the dire situation of thousands of civilians trapped in besieged areas” in Russian-speaking southeastern Ukraine. It also demands an immediate halt to deadly clashes in eastern Ukraine, where government troops have been fighting pro-Russian insurgents for weeks. Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin has said the violence will worsen the political situation for Ukraine’s president-

elect, Petro Poroshenko. Ukraine’s U.N. ambassador, Yuriy Sergeyev, insisted Wednesday that Russia’s proposed resolution is not necessary. “The resolution was drafted by a country that recently annexed a big part of our territory,” Sergeyev said. “There’s a double standard, as they are very restrained on a new draft resolution on Syria, where the humanitarian crisis so obvious.” Sergeyev also told reporters that outside groups, including the Red Cross, have confirmed there is no humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. “Ukrainian security forces are not besieging civilians,” he added. The spokesman for the U.N. secretary-general on Wednesday said the U.N. had not received any request from either Russia or Ukraine for the delivery of international aid to the region. The Security Council has met more than a dozen times on the situation in Ukraine, but it has been unable to act because Russia holds veto power as a permanent council member. Russia, which has found itself virtually isolated on this issue, has called several times for an end to the violence, but this is the first time it has proposed a resolution to back it up.

Spain’s next king speaks of unity YesA, JuNe 5 (AP): In his first speech since he was tapped to become king, Spain’s Crown Prince Felipe on Wednesday spoke delicately about the need for unity in the Mediterranean country that has been hit by separatist fervor and crushing unemployment. Sticking to protocol as the future symbolic leader of Spain’s constitutional monarchy, Felipe got his point across without mentioning by name Spain’s two biggest problems: The drive in the northeastern region of Catalonia for a secession referendum and the nation’s 25 percent jobless rate. “In the difficult times like those we are going through, the experience of times past shaped in history show us that only by uniting our hard work, putting the common good in front of special interests and promoting initiative and ... the creativity of each person, we succeed in advancing toward better scenarios,” Felipe said at a cultural award ceremony in an ancient church in northeastern Spain. Watched attentively by his wife Princess Letizia, Felipe characterized Spain as both “united and diverse.” The crown prince will become King Felipe VI as early as June 18 following Monday’s announcement by King Juan

Prince Felipe smiles beside Princess Letizia, during the Prince’s Viana Award, in the Monastery of Leyre, around 60 kilometers from Pamplona, northern Spain on June 4. (AP Photo)

Carlos that he will abdicate because his son is ready for the job and because the country needs new royal blood to lead it. Royalty experts said Felipe’s appearance gave strong hints that the 46-year-old crown prince will be a discreet and well-prepared ruler, his regal style molded by decades of preparation in Spain and abroad. “He’s a man with a duty and a job to do and the careful and constant training he has had will play out in a dignified, politically ad-

ept but quite bland sort of way,” said Mary Vincent, a professor of modern European history at Britain’s University of Sheffield. Europe’s youngest king will be averse to scandals that have tainted Spain’s royal family in recent years and will benefit from strong popular support for Letizia, 41, a former television journalist dubbed the country’s first “Middle Class Queen” in Spanish media this week. “He is young man who has been trained from birth for the job,” said Hugo Vickers, a

British historian and European royalty expert. “And he seems to have a proactive, glamorous wife.” Juan Carlos is widely respected for leading Spain’s transition from dictatorship to democracy and staring down a 1981 coup attempt. But his reputation took a big blow following a secret 2012 elephant hunting trip to Botswana at the height of Spain’s financial crisis plus a corruption investigation targeting a son-in-law. “If Felipe stays out of trouble and does a good job he’ll recuperate some of the public feeling his father has lost,” Vincent said. “I am sure he won’t be hunting any elephants.” Standing just shy of 2 meters (6 feet, 5 inches) tall, the crown prince speaks fluent English and French and can give speeches in Spain’s additional official languages of Basque, Catalan and Gallego. He graduated with a law degree from Madrid’s Autonomous University and has a master’s degree from Georgetown University in Washington D.C. He frequently travels abroad on official state business and especially to Latin America to attend presidential inaugurations and boost Spanish business interests and cultural ties. With his father’s health declining in recent years, Felipe has already replaced

Juan Carlos on many trips. The crown prince is a military helicopter pilot who received training and holds ranks in all branches of Spain’s armed services though he’s never seen combat. An avid yachtsman, Felipe was on the Spanish Olympic sailing team that came in 6th at the 1992 games in Barcelona. Felipe raised eyebrows in Spain when he dated a Norwegian model in the late 1990s but wowed the country when he courted and eventually married Letizia, a divorced commoner. At their televised official engagement announcement in 2003, Letizia told Felipe to “let me finish” when he began to interrupt her while she talked about leaving her news job at TVE, Spain’s national broadcaster. She is renowned for her fashion sense and preference for clothing from Spanish designer Felipe Varela. “She pulls off that trick of being glamorous but recognizable. She doesn’t embarrass herself and looks dignified,” Vincent said. “She wears clothes other women imagine themselves wearing.” The two dine out frequently, stroll in public with their daughters, aged 8 and 7, and take time to talk with regular Spaniards who approach them as security guards stand nearby.




Friday 6 June 2014

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MoRE LocaL NEWs... Wayne Rooney ends goal Council Banned drugs worth Rs. 5 Academic drought as England draws lakh destroyed in Tuensang Meeting of NU

MIAMI G ARDENS, JuNE 5 (AP): Rarely has tapping in a goal provided such relief for Wayne Rooney. With pressure building after a four-game England goal drought, the striker bundled the ball over the line from close range against Ecuador on Wednesday for a goal that lacked finesse or power but was a timely confidence boost ahead of the World Cup. "It's a great joy to score for England," Rooney said after the 2-2 draw at the Sun Life Stadium. "I was obviously pleased to score to get us back in the game." Rooney's 39th international goal canceled out Enner Valencia's eighthminute header, nudging the ball over the line after Rickie Lambert hit the post. Lambert found the net himself six minutes into the second half after 20-year-old Ross Barkley weaved his way through the defense with ease. But Michael Arroyo powered in equalizer from distance in the 70th in his team's final game before playing Switzerland at the World Cup on June 15. "We have to improve aspects of our game to be ready for the start of the World Cup," Ecuador coach Reinaldo Rueda said. Both teams ended this feisty encounter with 10 men at the Sun Life Stadium after Raheem Sterling was dismissed in the 79th minute for a sliding challenge on Ecuador winger Antonio Valencia, who saw red for pushing the Englishman and going to grab his throat. The players will not be suspended for World Cup matches. "I am sorry for the fight with Sterling," Valencia said. "I apologized to the team after the match and the coach." England coach Hodgson accepted Sterling's challenge was fierce, but believes it didn't constitute a red card. "He played the ball and accelerated into the ball," Hodgson said." I'm disappointed with Antonio's reaction, grabbing the player." Hodgson's greater concern was mid-

Government of Nagaland through the initiative of Mothers’ Association Tuensang town under the banner of Eastern Nagaland Women Organization, Tuensang. The seized drugs were destroyed after a brief program chaired by President, Mothers’ Association Tuensang. Short speeches were delivered by Women Secretary, CBLT, Associate Pastor TTLB, President TTBWU and Executive Chairman, ENWOT. District administration, Police, NGOs and thousands of public attended

the programme. "It was a clear signal from the Superintendent of Police, Tuensang to the drugs peddler and pharmacies running with illegal selling of drugs for stern action in the near future," cited the note. The drugs were earlier brought to Tuensang Police Station and kept in the Maalkhana before being destroyed. The Deputy Commissioner Tuensang constituted the destruction with EAC HQ Tuensang, SDPO Tuensang and President, Mothers’ Association Tuensang as members.

Wo kh A, Ju N E 5 (MExN): Cashless healthcare service provided under centrally sponsored scheme Rajiv Gandhi Shilpi Swasthya Bima Yojana (RGSSBY) has been resumed in Wokha. A press release informed that the scheme aims at financially enabling the beneficiaries to access the best healthcare facilities in the coun-

try. In Wokha, the scheme would resume from June 5, 2014 at Life Care Clinic near NST Station which provides free consultation and medical benefits. The beneficiaries, whose card(s) expired in the year 2013 can avail the service till September 2014. The Service would cover the cardholders under the weavers’ scheme. Wokha

based advocacy NGO, Kyong Youth Initiative (KYI) has lauded the Customer Service Manager, Nagaland Obed Sumi of ICICI Lombard, for the resumption of the service in Wokha. Meanwhile, to give maximum coverage, the KYI has asked ICICI Lombard for additional cards and timely renewal of expired cards in Wokha district.

DIMAPuR, JuNE 5 (MExN): In an attempt to enforce sale of hygienic and quality beef in the market, the Veterinary Cell and Rate Control Cell of Dimapur Municipal Council are conducting joint checking of butchers within the jurisdiction of DMC. DMC said it had issued a directive that any butcher selling beef must slaughter the animal in the DMC

slaughter house and should have certification of the DMC certifying the meat is healthy and fit for consumption. But many butchers are slaughtering animals on their own, which are not healthy and fit for consumption. In this regard, the DMC has informed the public to buy beef only from butchers who are selling beef that is certified by the DMC slaughter house.

In the process of conducting a surprise checking on June 4, DMC staff detected butchers selling beef without the slaughter house certification. DMC seized meat and initiated action against the defaulters. DMC has warned that any butchers not following the directive of the DMC would be dealt severely which may even lead to cancellation of their trade license.

Wo kh A, Ju N E 5 (MExN): The Green – SONS organized one day training on sustainable horticulture, sustainable agriculture and biodiversity conservation at Yanpha Village under Wokha district on May 29. A press release informed that 60 participants attended. Meyasashi, District Horticulture Officer, Wokha District, one of the resource persons, presented a paper on “Sustainable Technological Production of Fruit” during the “Sustainable Horticul-

ture” session. He also gave a PowerPoint presentation. Z. James Kikon, Subject Matter Specialist (SMS), KVK (Krishi Vikas Kendra) ICAR Jharnapani, also presented a paper on “Sustainable Technological Production of Vegetables”. The program on “Sustainable Horticulture” was sponsored by Department of Horticulture, Government of Nagaland. In the afternoon session, training on “Sustainable Agriculture and Biodiversity Conservation” was conducted, which was

sponsored by Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) Wokha. The resource persons were Subenthung Yanthan, DPD, ATMA-Wokha who spoke on “Sustainable Agriculture” and Yanglen DPD, ATMA-Wokha who presented on “Biodiversity Conservation”. They each gave a PowerPoint presentation on their own topics. Green-SONS has lauded the Department of Horticulture, Govt. of Nagaland and ATMA-Wokha for their sponsorship.

Central healthcare scheme resumes in Wokha

England's Wayne Rooney (10) kicks past Ecuador's Jorge Guagua (2) in the second half of a friendly soccer match in Miami Gardens, Fla., Wednesday, June 4. (AP Photo)

fielder Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain coming off with suspected ligament damage in his right knee — just 10 days before England's World Cup opener against Italy. As Hodgson tested the depth of his squad in its penultimate World Cup warm-up match, only Rooney was retained from the side that beat Peru 3-0. He featured on a team sheet that was mistakenly distributed around the stadium featuring the passport numbers of both teams' players. The private English details were also tweeted out globally by an England team sponsor. After that blunder, England's defenders responded with mishaps of their own, looking disjointed and giving the Ecuadoreans space to express themselves and unsettle their opponents. Defenders Luke Shaw and Chris Smalling allowed Enner Valencia to rise between them to meet Walter Ayovi's cross with a header

past Ben Foster, who was deputizing in goal for Joe Hart. There were several uneasy moments for Foster when he was exposed after racing off his line. For all the lapses at the back, England was playing with a confidence and verve at times up front that was lacking against Peru despite the margin of victory. Barkley, the England midfielder earning his fourth cap, was providing flashes of dynamism, typified by a backheel to Rooney, who could only clip the ball across the face of goal. After stand-in captain Frank Lampard tested goalkeeper Maximo Banguera with a long-range powerful strike, Rooney netted in the 29th despite being shunted out to the left wing. Meeting Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain's cross, Banguera collided with his own player, and Lambert appeared to use his hand to control the ball before backheeling against the post. Rooney came close again twice before the break, stabbing the ball

wide and sending a stinging strike into Banguera's hands. Like England, Ecuador also struggled to contain counterattacks while launching several of its own. England's second goal followed a superb move. Barkley held off Frickson Erazo and Carlos Gruezo to waltz through opposition territory and set up Lambert for a powerful strike. The 32-year-old Lambert's third England goal came less than a year after making his debut. But England's defense was breached again with a fine leveler. Just two minutes after coming off the bench, Arroyo picked up possession on the edge of the penalty area and sent it into the top corner. "A large number of the opportunities they created for themselves were when we were really attacking, we were going forward," Hodgson said. "Maybe what we've got to make certain is that we shore up a little bit behind some of these attacking movements."

Spain's dominance faces ultimate test in Brazil

MADRID, JuNE 5 (REutERS): Spain's desire for glory on the international stage is as strong as ever but the champions will need something special if they are to become the first Europeans to win the World Cup in the Americas. The only nation from the continent to triumph in soccer's global showpiece outside Europe, thanks to their triumph in South Africa four years ago, La Roja got an indication of the task facing them when they were humbled 3-0 by hosts Brazil in last year's Confederations Cup final. The pressure of the occasion at an intimidating Maracana Stadium in Rio De Janeiro, where July's World Cup final will be held, was too much for them. They were unable to match Brazil's intensity as they fell to what is one of only three defeats under coach Vicente Del Bosque in competitive games since he took over nearly six years ago. That Brazil were able to dominate a Spain team used to having the lion's share of possession was partly due to the absence of the injured Xabi Alonso, whose partnership with Sergio Busquets in midfield creates a stable platform for more creative team mates such as Xavi, Andres Iniesta and Cesc Fabregas to weave their magic. Del Bosque, who masterminded Spain's campaign in South Africa and led them to a second straight European title two years ago, will have learned

tuENSANG, JuNE 5 (MExN): Banned drugs worth around Rs. 5 lakhs in the market consisting of 1205 cough syrup of different brands and Spasmo Proxyvon (SP) capsules around 15,020 were destroyed on May 26 at main traffic point, Tuensang Town. According to a press note received from SDPO Z James Sema, the drugs were seized from two pharmacies that are run by Tappadar and Nawaz Tappadar. Their licenses have been revoked by the

DMC for hygienic and quality beef

Training on sustainable horti, agri & conservation

MEx File BJP Nagaland unit condoles

DIMAPuR, JuNE 5 (MExN): The BJP Nagaland Unit, President Dr M. Chuba Ao and all rank and file have expressed their heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family of Max Zeliang, Peren BJP President, whose mother passed away on June 3 in Dimapur and the funeral service was held at Jalukie-B on June 4. The Party prayed that God will give peace, comfort and solace to the family and also lead the departed soul to rest in peace.

Consultation meeting on border issue June 7

FILE - In this June 11, 2013 file photo, Spain soccer team poses prior to the start an international friendly soccer match against Ireland at Yankee Stadium in New York. Foreground from left, Pedro, Andres Iniesta, David Silva, Davis Villa, Xavi Hernadez, Jordi Alba. Background from left, Alvaro Arbeloa, Sergio Ramos, Sergio Busquets, Gerard Pique, Victor Valdes. (AP Photo)

from the reverse. The former Real Madrid coach has only had to tinker with his team since he took over from the late Luis Aragones after the Euro 2008 triumph but has begun recently to give more playing time to some of Spain's promising youngsters. While he may be reluctant to experiment too much in Brazil and risk upsetting the balance of a side stuffed with proven champions, he will have recourse to players capable of coming off the bench and changing a game like creative midfielder Koke or forward Juan Mata. Perhaps his most significant move was the controversial decision late last year to call Brazil-born forward Diego Costa into the squad, which provoked outrage in Costa's native country.

Spain scored just eight times in seven games at the 2010 World Cup and Costa, who made his debut in a 1-0 friendly win against Italy in March, could provide the cutting edge that La Roja sometimes lack up front if he can shake off a series of niggling injuries that have dogged him in recent weeks. The 25-year-old has scored a hatful of goals for Atletico Madrid in La Liga and the Champions League this season, and his combative playing style, strength in the air and prowess shooting with either foot strike fear into any defence. False Nine In Xavi, Iniesta, Fabregas and David Silva, Spain have some of the best passers in the game, and Del Bosque will be counting on Costa making the intel-

ligent runs into space that have been so devastating at club level. Another tactic Del Bosque has often used to excellent effect, particularly at Euro 2012, is playing without a traditional centre forward, with Fabregas in a roving attacking role as a so-called "false nine". Spain's midfield revolves around the settled quartet of Alonso, Busquets, Xavi and Iniesta, while at the back Sergio Ramos and Gerard Pique have formed a solid partnership in the middle, with the pacy Jordi Alba on the left. With Alvaro Arbeloa not selected, Cesar Azpilicueta looks to be in line for the right-back slot and Del Bosque has stuck with his captain Iker Casillas in goal despite him losing his firstteam place at Real Madrid.

kohIMA, JuNE 5 (DIPR): The 18th Academic Council Meeting of Nagaland University is scheduled on June 16 at 11 hours at the Conference Hall, Nagaland University, Kohima Campus, Meriema. The notification issued by T. Lanusosang, Registrar & Secretary Academic Council vide No. NU/Conf/ F- 3/ 2003 (Pt)- 749, Lumami Dated 20th May, 2014 requested all the members to make it convenient to attend the meeting. The notification also requested the external members to kindly confirm their participation and tour programme to enable the University to make the necessary arrangement for stay and transportation.

BJMM condemns alleged molestation in Delhi DIMAPuR, JuNE 5 (MExN): The Bharatiya Janata Mahila Morcha (BJMM) Nagaland Unit has voiced out against the sexual assaults on women from North East in Delhi. In a press statement, BJMM Nagaland president Sanuo Ngullie condemned the alleged molestation of a woman hailing from Ukhrul district by her landlord, his son, and the station in-charge of Chirag Dilli area police station, Delhi. “Women of North East are molested and assaulted time and again in Delhi, only last month a Naga girl was assaulted and molested,” the statement said. “How can women in Delhi be safe when the law enforcement personnel themselves are involved in molestation against women? Are women from North East India not Indians? Are women from North East area not entitled to get justice in India? When a crime like this takes place, it makes us lose hope in the law enforcing agencies,” it added. The BJMM Nagaland unit has appealed to the law authorities concerned to take exemplary action against the three accused and take necessary steps to prevent crime against women in Delhi.

a press release has directed all the police pastors and chaplains to make the programme. All police personnel, wives and children have been invited to attend the programme and support in prayer. Also, he informed that prayer points have been already served to the pastors and “for any spiritual revelation contact the office for further implementation.”

Pughoboto SDPDB meeting on June 23

PuGhoboto, JuNE 5 (DIPR): Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC), Pughoboto, Nokchasashi has informed all the Sub-Divisional Planning and Development Board (SDPDB) members that the meeting for the month of June will be held on June 23 at 11:00 am at ADC Office. The ADC has therefore requested all the SDPDB members of Pughoboto sub-division to attend the meeting.

DIMAPuR, JuNE 5 (MExN): In view of the tension in the border area of Dimapur and Diphu, the Naga Hoho “desires” to meet the NGOs and farmers of the area for consultation on June 7, 10:00 am at Unity Hall, Naga Council Dimapur. Therefore, Naga Council Dimapur general secretary Ntsemo Ngullie has requested all the councilors, NWHD, DNSU, GB Union, chairmen of the TAPWO condemns colonies, UNTABA, JAC, FIRMS, Dikoi village, Indisen, kohIMA, JuNE 5 (MExN): The Tizu Area Public WelRilan and Aoyimkum council chairmen, secretaries and fare Organization (TAPWO) strongly condemned the representatives to attend the meeting positively. murder of Late Chivoveyi Nienu on June 3 by Vekuvoyi and Thomas of NNC (N/A). Stating this in a release, TAPKDCC reiterates support to its leadership WO president Vechineyi Khesoh urged the authority to book the culprit at the earliest and award befitting punkohIMA, JuNE 5 (MExN): The Kohima District Con- ishment as per the law. The Organization also extended gress Committee (KDCC) held its executive meeting on condolence to the bereaved family members. June 4 and deliberated on the overall performance of the INC parliamentary election 2014 in the State and the country as a whole. A press release from KDCC informed WCH informs that the meeting unanimously resolved to reiterate its “unflinching faith and confidence” in the leadership of DIMAPuR, JuNE 5 (MExN): The Western ChakheSonia Gandhi, president AICC, and Rahul Gandhi, vice sang Hoho (WCH) has informed that it has granted leave president AICC that “inspite of sad episode we hope that to its president from June 4 till 30 for further medical treatthrough their leadership the INC will regain its rightful ment “due to physical assault o May 24 incident at Aoyplace sooner than later.” The KDCC also cautioned all imkum village.” Therefore, all the NGOs, social organizaright thinking citizens to be alert of the “BJP fundamen- tions have been informed that all official correspondence tal agendas which may hamper even the secular fabrics will be done through N Medo, vice president, WCH. This of our country and affect the existence of our Christian was informed in a press release appended by Vice Presifaith.” It resolved to work for protection of minorities and dent N Medo and Press Secretary Rhudu Shupao. to uphold secularism.

Lotha Students’ Union, Delhi informs

NEW DElhI, JuNE 5 (MExN): The Lotha Students’ Union, Delhi (LSUD) has informed that any Lotha student aspiring to be a part of Delhi University may contact the following numbers of the admission assistance cell set up by LSUD for any admission related aid: Yilobeni (chairperson) - 099-11-620139, Lanso Ngullie - +91 8826-610318, Echungthung - 08750-977443, Naomi- 099-71-523944.

NPBCA Police Day of Prayer on June 8

DIMAPuR, JuNE 5 (MExN): The Nagaland Police Baptist Church Association (NPBCA) will be observing Police Day of Prayer on June 8 in all its churches and fellowships with the theme ‘The Lord will fight for you’. NPBCA executive secretary Rev Dr N Mong Lotha in

ZHA (N) wish best to new leaders

DIMAPuR, JuNE 5 (MExN): Zeliangrong Heraka Association, Nagaland has congratulated TR Zeliang for being elevated as the chief minister of Nagaland and being the first person from Zeliang community in particular and Zeliangrong in general to hold the post. The ZHA (N) also extended its congratulations to the outgoing Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio for being elected to the Lok Sabha and thanked him and TR Zeliang for their moral support and generous contributions extended to Heraka community during their previous tenures. Further, the Association congratulated Namri Nchang for being elected to the Nagaland Legislative Assembly and allotted the position of Chairman, NHHDC. The ZHA (N) wished the leaders the best for their respective new assignments and hoped for more support/guidance towards Heraka community in future.


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6 June 2014



EllE UK is slammed Nagas dance on: by Native Americans The Xzeria way! Morung Express Feature

A HISTORY OF THE FEATHER HEADDRESS eathered headdresses, or war bonnets were historically worn by Native AmeriF can chiefs and warriors who received feathers for heroic deeds. Each feather signifies an individual deed, however its primary role, according to Wikipedia, is to protect the wearer. Eagle feathers were typically favored by Native Americans, and the most highly-honored warriors were required to hunt their own birds. While the days of battle are long gone for the Native Americans, the feather headdress is still considered a sacred item and continues to be used for some ceremonies.

Thousands have branded the photo 'disrespectful' and 'racist' because the traditional feather headpiece is sacred for Native Americans.


he UK edition of Elle has come under fire for its latest cover, which features Pharrell Williams sporting a feathered headdress. Thousands of social media users have branded the photo 'disrespectful' and 'racist' because the traditional feather headpiece is a sacred symbol for Native Americans. Within hours of the July issue's release, people had taken to both Pharrell's and the Elle UK Facebook pages, sharing their anger with the hashtag 'nothappy', in reference to the singer's recent hit, Happy. One user wrote: 'Bad move Elle... very disrespectful, he has no business wearing that.' Another posted: 'Please stop your stylists from exploiting native culture on photo shoots. You should know better.' And from a third furious user: 'Are you kidding me? This is the most disturbing overtly racist, disrespectful cooptation of a cultural object.' Others took the opportunity to educate about the meaning of a feather headdress. One Facebook user, Ruth Rose, explained: 'The headdress is sacred, it was worn by those who were revered and chosen to lead

the people. It's not meant to be a fancy headdress for trendsetting.' Another, Eric Garcia, likened it to a misuse of the Medal of Honor, America's highest military honor. 'The warbonnet is equivalent to the Medal of Honor,' he wrote. 'Would you appreciate it if a foreign nation had photos of people with that medal on?' The image is a second, limited-edition cover that has been published in addition to one featuring Keira Knightley. It was initially posted on the Elle UK website with the words: 'We persuaded ELLE Style Award winner Pharrell to trade his Vivienne Westwood mountie hat for a native American feather headdress in his best ever shoot.' And while the publication is yet to respond to MailOnline's request for comment, those particular words have since been removed. Retailers Victoria's Secret, Urban Outfitters and H&M, as well as the band No Doubt have apologised in recent years for using Native American dress as fashion statements. And a Chanel show in December last year was branded an 'offensive mockery' for dressing models in feather headdresses.

I do NOT endorse this!

Jennifer Love Hewitt 'suing company using her image to promote slimming product' featured on Shark Tank



he is pictured smiling proudly holding a bottle of a 'slimming spray' in an advertisement that promotes the product. However, actress Jennifer Love Hewitt claims she does not endorse the weight loss supplement Slim Spray. In fact, TMZ report that Jennifer is now suing the company, and claims the photograph was taken after she just happened to be holding the item at a party. The product first appeared on the reality show Shark Tank, where even the investors decided

it was a 'total scam' according to TMZ. The site also reports that the actress feels her 'stellar reputation and credibility' have been put in jeopardy by the bogus advert. Jennifer is known for her glossy campaigns for beauty products like Neutrogena. However, the Slim Spray advertising design looks like a far more amateur affair. The suit is said to have been filed on Wednesday in Los Angeles. The actress is said to be asking for damages after the advert has appeared online.


(L-R) Imna Jungshi, Nzan Ngullie and Allison Zhimomi of the Xzeria Dance Studio.


n 2012, three youths found themselves in Nagaland with the same morbid variables— they were educated, had the drive to do something but there was no avenue. So, Allison Zhimomi (26), Imna Jungshi (27) and Nzan Ngullie (26) decided to pool in their resources to provide a dance platform to people in the State. They set up the Xzeria Dance Studio at Chishi Marketing Complex, Circular Road, here and work with 60 dancers currently, 25 of whom are trainees. “Coincidentally, all of us came back to the State at the same time after our courses and found nothing to do, so we decided to create a platform for the many good dancers of Nagaland to take them forward,” says Allison Zhimomi, who studied electronics and electrical engineering in Tamil Nadu. The three of them started with a small budget from their pockets, and slowly put together the Studio, complete with a full wall dance studio mirror and graffiti on the opposite wall. The clean space reeks of professionalism.

Nzan Ngullie, trained as a dancer from Mumbai, became the choreographer-entrepreneur of the team. The Studio teaches dance to people from ages 2 to 40 in varied styles— lyrical, hip hop, modern hip hop, Bollywood pop, salsa, contemporary etc. “It is nice to teach dance— everyday there is a creative element to pick up from the students!” grins Nzan, the shy but confident choreographer. His classes are held in six batches between 2pm and 8pm, and many take them to “keep physically fit.” As also to enhance their careers in dance. Imna Jungshi, who completed his BCA from Kohima, came up with the idea of a video platform banking on his video editing skills. The Xzeria Studio has produced three dance videos with their choreographer and dancers (students), which are on YouTube, and one is at the editing table. While such a dais could lead the way to professionalizing the Nagamese film industry even, it could create a dance niche of its own in Nagaland.

“It will help them take their (dance) career to the next level,” says Imna of the videos, and indeed generate an industry for careers in the creative fields. Since its inception in 2012, the Studio has sent its dancers to perform at the Hornbill Festival, where their videos have also been showcased. At the December 2013 Dimapur night bazaar, their team of 60 broke into a flash mob, giving Dimapur its first experience of the same. “Financial help,” however, admits Allison, is difficult to come by. “But we are first focusing on improving our skills before we expand or approach anyone for help,” he humbly says, with his team nodding in tow. “We are the first generation to make dance professional in Nagaland—we don’t lack in creativity or enthusiasm. The energy and enthusiasm of our dancers keep moving us forward!” acknowledges the Xzeria Studio team. The dance classes cost Rs. 700 per month, and to join the dancewagon, call the Xzeria Dance Studio on +91 9862030279.


Padukone brand audiTion Begins for first Deepika ambassador of Axis Bank

ever Guitar Prodigy contest



he auditions of the first ever Guitar Prodigy contest organized by Barefoot Production Pvt. Ltd. Kick- starts at Dimapur on June 9 at Upstairs, opp Mahindra show room, Walford, Dimapur followed by Kohima and Mokokchung

auditions on June 11 and June 15 respectively. For Kohima the auditions will be held at LCS conclave hall near Ao church while auditions for the Mokokchung will be held at Cosmos entertainment hall. The entries to

the contest will be closed on June 6 at 5:00 p.m. The organizers has requested the contestants to mention their preferred timing for their audition on the registration form (11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) to avoid clashes with school timings.


ollywood`s blockbuster actress Deepika Padukone on Wednesday was signed on to endorse Axis Bank. She will front the private sector bank`s new campaign ‘Badhne ke kai naam hai…’, and says she`s happy to be associated with a service so important to an individual`s progress. A bank plays a very important role in the progress of so many individuals and I`m proud to be a part of the Axis Bank team, Deepika said in a statement. She is happy that being a woman, she has been chosen to represent the brand as she sees no reason why any industry should be dominated by either gender in today`s day and age. Like I mentioned earlier, a bank plays such

an important role in the progress of so many individuals, and that`s what has excited me the most about this association, she added. Deepika, who grew from being a badminton player to a model and then actress, says she believes in the brand`s philosophy - `Badhti Ka Naam Zindagi`. I`ve always believed that if you stop growing, you stop being. Moreover, progress is a very individual thing. What it means to you might be very different from what it means to me. But yet for both of us, it`s the most vital part of our lives. In a way it`s a common thread that binds us, she said. This is the first association of the bank with a celebrity, and the idea behind zeroing in on Deepika is because her journey of progress represents the new India which is young, hardworking, in-tune and aware of the world around them, said Rajiv Anand, president - Retail Banking, Axis Bank. She is contemporary yet there is an innate Indian-ness about her. We believe these qualities will fit the brand perfectly, Anand added. The campaign, designed by Lowe Lintas lies in the space that progress has many dimensions and talks about the holistic nature of progress and highlights Axis Bank`s journey as a customer-centric bank. The new campaign featuring Deepika is directed by `English Vinglish` director Gauri Shinde.










Messi world's most valuable player: study

Argentina's Lionel Messi, second left, fights for the ball with Trinidad and Tobago's Sheldon Bateau, left, during their international friendly soccer match in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Wednesday, June 4. (AP Photo)

GENEVA, JuNE 5 (AFP): Barcelona and Argentina star Lionel Messi remains the world's most valuable footballer, even though his crown slipped this season, a market study showed on Wednesday. In its annual report on the player market, the Swiss-based CIES Football Observatory put Messi's value at 216 million euros ($294 million). Even though Messi's lower performance levels slashed 19 million euros from his market value, he was still worth almost twice as much as arch-rival Cristiano Ronaldo, second in the ranking on 114 million euros. CIES said that Mes-

si's higher value was mainly related to his younger age -- he turns 27 this month, while Portuguese icon Ronaldo is already 29. Ronaldo's heroics this season with Champions League winners Real Madrid meanwhile saw his market value climb by four million euros. The study also showed that Real Madrid did the worst deal -- in market terms -- for a single player when they spent a record 100 million euros to sign Welshman Gareth Bale from London club Tottenham. "Real Madrid clearly paid over the odds to convince Tottenham to release the player," CIES said, underlining that

Bale's market value was now 37 million euros less than he cost the Spanish club. Real spent an average of 32.3 million euros per player to build its Champions League squad -- the most expensive line-up on record. Champions League runners-up Atletico Madrid, who this season also clinched the Spanish title, made do with 4.3 million euros per player. Other clubs where results outstripped spending included Crystal Palace in England, Elche in Spain, Guingamp in France, Augsburg in Germany and Verona in Italy, the study showed.

Pomersbach quits cricket to fight depression SydNEy, JuNE 5 (IANS): Luke Pomersbach has decided to end his cricket career to battle depression. He has informed Queensland Cricket that he will not be available this season. The left-handed batsman who played one T20 International at the WACA in December 2007 had a troubled career in his native Western Australia, reports The Australian. Four times he was suspended by the WACA and in 2009 he escaped a jail sentence when he admitted to assaulting a police officer and drunken driving. He was found drinking, missing a practice session in 2011, and subsequently


announced that he would take the summer off from representing Western Australia in an effort to address his problems. The next season he was in trouble again. He was charged with assault in India when a US national alleged that Pomersbach, who played for the Royal Challengers Bangalore in the IPL, had assaulted her and her fiance in their room at a Delhi hotel. The case was withdrawn after an out-of-court settlement. Pomersbach, 29, began the last season well before he was sidelined by injury. He was an important player in the Big Bash League with Brisbane Heat, but he told

the Reds Wednesday that he was pulling out. "I really appreciate all the help and support that I have received from Queensland Cricket over the past three years and especially over the past couple of months leading up to this difficult decision to leave professional cricket, so that I can put all my efforts into getting better and making a full recovery," a statement from Pomersbach said. "In particular, I would sincerely like to thank Stuart Law and the coaching staff as well as my Bulls and Heat teammates for all the things they have done for me during this difficult time," Pomersbach said.

Maria beats BOuchard tO reach FreNch FiNal PARIS, JuNE 5 (AFP):PARIS: Maria Sharapova reached the final of the French Open for the third straight year at Roland Garros on Thursday, digging deep to see off the youthful challenge of Canada's Eugenie Bouchard. The 27-year-old, seventh seed once again did it the hard way, battling back from a set down to edge the 20-year-old from Montreal 4-6, 7-5, 6-2 in a match full of beefy baseline shot-making. It was the 19th time in a row that the never-say-die Sharapova had won a three-set match on clay, dating back to a loss against Justine Henin at Roland Garros in 2010. On Saturday she will take on the winner of the other semifinal opposing fourth seed Simona Halep of Romania and Andrea Petkovic of Germany. For the fast-rising Bouchard, it represents the second time she has reached a Grand Slam semifinal, after this year's Australian Open, and the second time she has failed to go a step further, having lost to eventual champion Li Na in Melbourne. "She played an unbelievable match. Her level was extremely high today and I am just fortunate to be the winner," Sharapova said. "I would prefer to win in two sets, but she started so well. It was tough losing the first set, but that's not when the match is over." Both players had been guilty of slow starts earlier in the tournament, but the quality from both was high from the start as the sunshine returned to light up the centre court. Bouchard broke first to lead 3-1, but amid some hefty baseline shot-making, the Russian was soon back on level terms at 4-4. Bouchard, the WTA Newcomer of the Year in 2013, then produced an inspired game to stun her girlhood idol Sharapova, breaking serve and then holding to take the first set 6-4 in 44 minutes. But Sharapova is seldom as dangerous as when she is behind, especially on clay, as shown in her two previous matches when she dropped the opening set to Samantha Stosur and then Garbine Muguruza. Seeking a fifth Grand Slam title, having completed a career Grand Slam sweep in Paris two years ago, Sharapova jumped out into a 4-1 and then 5-2 lead in the second set. But as so often in the past, Sharapova's wobbly serve let her down and she let slip four set points, twice due to double faults, as Bouchard battled back to level at 5-5. Sharapova was in big trouble, but once again she found a way of digging her way out of it, holding serve and then levelling the score by bagging her sixth set point in the following game. Once again, Sharapova's drive and determination allowed her to dominate the deciding set with Bouchard struggling to stay with the Russian superstar now in overdrive. Sharapova grabbed a vital break in the third game to lead 4-1 and raced away with the tie as Bouchard wilted, although the Russian still needed five match points to get the job done. Russia's Maria Sharapova returns the ball during the semifinal match of the French Open tennis tournament against Canada's Eugenie Bouchard at the Roland Garros stadium, in Paris, France, Thursday, June 5, 2014. Sharapova won in three sets 4-6, 7-5, 6-2. (AP Photo)

Nadal vs Murray in French Open semis

PARIS, JuNE 5 (AFP): Eight-time champion Rafael Nadal defeated compatriot David Ferrer as well as the Paris gloom on Wednesday to reach his ninth French Open semifinal where he will face Wimbledon champion Andy Murray. The world number one recovered from dropping his first set of the tournament to record a 4-6, 6-4, 6-0, 6-1 win while seventhseeded Murray defeated home hope Gael Monfils 6-4, 6-1, 4-6, 1-6, 6-0. Murray lost to Nadal in

the Roland Garros semifinals three years ago and has never beaten him on clay. However, he did take a set off the top seed in Rome last month. Wednesday's win took the 28-year-old Nadal's record in Paris to 64 victories and just one loss and extended his mastery over his 32-year-old Spanish Davis Cup teammate to 22 victories against just six defeats. He did it in some style, reeling off 13 of the last 14 games before the sun set. "When you play David

on any surface, it's always tough and he's having a great season," said Nadal of a man who beat him in Monte Carlo in April, one of three losses the top seed suffered on European clay this spring in a 10-year low. "But I was more aggressive after the first set and maybe he did not have the best of matches as it went on." He added: "I was making too many mistakes with my backhand, it was appalling. But when I used my forehand more, it changed the dynamic."

Ferrer was left to regret another lost opportunity. "I was not good enough. I lost my focus. I was too slow, and I think I didn't play the game of a top 10 player." After not getting on court until just before 1900 local time (1700GMT) as rain delayed the programme by three hours, Nadal looked doomed to have to return on Thursday to complete his quarterfinal ahead of a Friday semifinal. But after losing the first set, firing twice as many

errors against the man he defeated for the loss of just eight games in last year's final, the world number one carved the only break of the second to level the contest. Nadal raced through the third set as the sun started to fade courtesy of three breaks of serve and no unforced errors. He was 3-0 up in the fourth, a run of 10 straight games, before Ferrer stopped the rot. It was a brief respite however as back came Nadal with another break and a 4-1 lead.

Rojer and Groenefeld win mixed doubles

PARIS, JuNE 5 (AFP): Anna-Lena Groenefeld of Germany and Jean-Julian Rojer of the Netherlands won the French Open mixed doubles title on Thursday with a 4-6, 6-2 (10/7) win over Julia Goerges of Germany and Nenad Zimonjic of Serbia. Roland Garros was the first time that Groenefeld and Rojer had played together and the first time that the Dutchman was playing in a Grand Slam final. The pair staved off match points in their semifinal win and they were soon up against it again against eighth seeded Goerges and Zimonjic after losing the first set. But they battled back to level the match and were always ahead in the match tie-break. "It's five years since my last one in Wimbledon (mixed doubles title with Mark Knowles) and it's just as exciting this time around," Groenefeld said. "Prior to this match I made, I think, four semifinals, but I was never even in the finals before." The mixed doubles title at the year's first Grand Slam tournament in Australia was won by Kristina Mladenovic of France and Daniel Nestor of Canada.


Germany's Anna-Lena Groenefeld, left, and Netherlands' Jean-Julien Rojer hold their trophy after winning the mixed doubles final of the French Open tennis tournament at the Roland Garros stadium, in Paris, France, Thursday, June 5. (AP Photo)

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