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Wednesday, October 30, 2013 12 pages Rs. 4 –Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Rise of juvenile crimes in the State ‘Federer a concern, says Kiyanilie Peseyie doesn’t care [ PAGE 02] about Naga youth urged no.1 spot’ to ‘sweat and toil’

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peoples’ AcAUt not against indigenous rights disappearing ‘naga movement’ Morung Express News Lamka | October 29

• ‘Public Awareness Rally’ to be held as scheduled on October 31 • ACAUT requests NSCN (IM) to extend co-operation for the rally • ACAUT appeals to Indian government to immediately stop provocation

Westernized society? Well, it means we all own cell phones, buy rice, vegetables and water from the city wallahs..

NTC not to accept ban DIMAPur, october 29 (Mexn): President of the Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC), Thepfulhouvi Solo, has stated in a press release today that the NSCN (IM) ban on the Council is “absolutely unacceptable.” “NTC aims for the protection of the Constitutional Rights of the Nagas of the State of Nagaland from abuse by others, very similar to UNC of Manipur,” Solo noted. In that, the NTC has even objected to certain actions of the State Government considered“illegitimateinfringement of the rights the Nagas of Nagaland.” The statement also mentions that except for “some pertinent lapses” of the Naga Hoho, the NTC is “not against any Organization.” The NTC has clearly stated, said Solo, that the NTC “remembers Naga aspiration but it is not a Political Body.” It reminded that the NTC is founded on the principles of: freedom for formation of any lawful organization, freedom of peaceful assembly, and any organization not against it is NTC’s partner.

Load shedding in Mokokchung town


Mokokchung, october 29 (Mexn): The Executive Engineer, Mokokchung Electrical Division, Nagaland has informed that a 33/11 kv 2.5MVA transformer feeding Mokokchung town, has “burnt down” on October 29 morning. In a press note, the Engineer stated that until replacement of the same, the Department is compelled to impose load shedding. Since the other single 33/11 kv 5MVA transformer from which the power supply is to be given is also overloaded, consumers have been requested to reduce their consumption upto the extent possible till the situation is normalized. The load shedding shall be taken alternatively between Block A and Block B for two hours each starting from this evening. The affected areas are: 11 kv Faldu Feeder -Arkong, Upper Kumlong, Mongsenbai, Marepkong, Ungma (Block A), 11 kv Hospital FeederAongza, Sangtemla, Penli, Majakong, Lijabalichen, Artang (Block A), 11 kv Bazaar Feeder- Dilong, Alongmen, Mkg Compound (AIR area), Tongdentsuyong, Alempang, Sungkomen (Block B), 11 kv Pump House FeederKapayong, Mkg Village, Tsusapang, Chuchuyimpang, FAC, DEF, Longmisa (Block B). However, additional load shedding, if any, from Load Control Aolijen Sub-Station shall also be affected. The areas not affected are: Salangtem, Yimyu, Kichutip, part of Lower Aongza, part of Lower Arkong, Lower Kumlong (IOC area).


DIMAPur, october 29 (Mexn): The Action Committee Against Unabated Taxation (ACAUT) has stated that the “cry of the common man being undeniable,” the ‘Public Awareness Rally’ will be held as scheduled on October 31 and has “requested” the NSCN (IM) to extend co-operation for the rally. This was stated in a press note issued by the Media Cell, ACAUT. It may be mentioned that the NSCN (IM) had taken a decision to “disallow” the rally. In this regard, the ACAUT has clarified to the NSCN (IM) that it is not against the Naga political solution or the Naga movement. “It is not opposed to any of the Naga Political Groups (NPGs) as is being made out nor is it against any organisation and individual,” it stated. However, the ACAUT is “against a system which has diluted the peoples mandated movement of its sheen and mass support much to the dismay and angst of the Naga people.” “Time and again, ACAUT has reiterated that multiple and unabated taxation has done nothing but harmed the interest of the Naga people and the common man.” Further, according to ACAUT, “unabated taxation is affecting every strata of society and consequently the emotional appeal of the Naga movement for sovereignty is being undermined.” In that, the ACAUT has merely appealed “to the leaderships of the NPGs to rein in wayward cadres and put its house in order.” The ACAUT has also mentioned about the memorandum submitted to the Chief Minister on August 30, asking the State Government “to set its house in order too, namely the illegal collections by police and other departments, the DMC imbroglio, the issue of illegal immigrants and corruption in developmental works, etc.” The press note stated that the State Government refused to acknowledge this despite time extension on expiry of the ultimatum. “The ACAUT was left with no choice but to announce the go ahead with its programme on October 31.” The ACAUT stated that it “sincerely wishes that an honourable political solution is found for the Naga nation,” and also told “the Indian government and its paramilitary forces that it strongly condemns interference in matters which are purely the internal kitchen matters of the Naga family.” “That the Assam Rifles chose to take advantage of family dispute and surround Hebron Camp is most condemnable and an act of betrayal. This action has jeopardized the job of the ACAUT and periled the lives of its members for which the Assam Rifles shall be responsible,” stated the ACAUT and appealed to the Indian government that “in the interest of peace, this provocation be stopped immediately.”

reconsider ban: nMA appeals kohIMA, october 29 (Mexn): The Naga Mothers’ Association (NMA) has expressed “serious concern” over banning of the ACAUTproposed public rally by NSCN (IM). While extending appreciation to both the NSCN (IM) and ACAUT for their “concern and efforts in trying to bring about protecting the interest of the Nagas,” the NMA, in a press release issued today, called upon all to “exhibit large heartedness and a spirit of accommodation towards any step in the right direction that deserves support and cooperation from all section of the Naga society.” In this, the NMA has made a fervent appeal to “The GPRN to reconsider their resolution adopted on 28th October 2013 banning the proposed rally of the ACAUT” and to “both the parties to give each other space and if there is any misunderstanding in between, to resolve it through dialogue to maintain peace and bring about amicable solution to this imbroglio.” As mothers, the NMA said, “our concern have always been to build a healthy society for our people and we will continue to uphold and give our best to strengthen our aspiration.”

‘Tearing down banners will not silence the voices of people’ Morung Express News Dimapur | October 29

The ACAUT today informed that the ‘Signature Campaign’ banners at Clock Tower—manned by The Naga Blog (TNB) – were “pulled down by unscrupulous elements and carted away.” This, it stated, “has hurt the sentiments of the people and the ACAUT condemns such acts of cowardice.” Business Association of Nagas (BAN) pointed out that “tearing down the banners will not silence the voices of the general public.” While pointing out “the immaturity of individuals who have torn down the banners of the ACAUT’s signature campaign,” the BAN in a statement, affirmed that “this rally is not targeted against any organization but is simply an expression of people who are fed up with the sad state of affairs.” Citizens who turned up at the Clock Tower to sign the ACAUT banners Tuesday morning were in for a shock as the banners were found removed. ACAUT members at the site said that about 20 banners were taken away. The missing banners, with signatures on them, were replaced by a new one. The replacements were however also torn down later in the afternoon by unidentified men. A witness said that 4-5 persons turned up at the Clock Tower at around 4:30

pm, took down the remaining banners and left. The police was finally called to keep vigil at the site. Pastors from the Lotha Baptist Church, BAN, Eastern Naga Students Union, Dimapur, Miss Dimapur 2013 and Nightwatch Prayer Group had turned up. A pastor, expressing disappointment, termed the act as a direct challenge to democracy and against the wishes of the people; and on the flipside has only reinforced the people’s support. Medicine shops, Garages to close till noon on October 31 The Nagaland Medicine Dealers Association has informed that all “the Medicine shops in and around Dimapur will remain closed from 9AM to 12 noon on October 31” in support of the ACAUT rally. The NMDA issued this statement today. Furthermore, Dimapur District Garage Welfare Trade Union has requested all its registered garages to remain closed on October 31 to “fully support the ACAUT rally.” Schools, Colleges requested to close on October 31 The ACAUT has requested all schools and colleges in Dimapur District to close their institutions on October 31 to show solidarity with the ‘Public Awareness Rally’ and also to enable the students to attend the rally.

Msf to collaborate with Mon hospital till July 2014

Mon, october 29 (Mexn): On October 7, Nagaland Chief Secretary Alemtemshi Jamir signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Luke Arend, the India Country Director for the international medical NGO, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)/Doctors without Borders. They agreed to a 1 year extension on the existing 3-year agreement to support the civil hospital in Mon, which began in 2010. The MoU was signed in Kohima. This was informed in a press release from Beatrice Barbot, Field Coordinator for MSF in Mon. “I am very proud of the collaboration between MSF and the Nagaland government over the last 3 years, which together we have translated into significant improvements to the healthcare for the people of

Mon,” said Arend. This 1 year extension, until July 2014, is for a process of “transitioning back” the running of the Mon district hospital to “full Department of Health & Family Welfare (DoH&FW) operational responsibility,” informed the press statement. MSF will withdraw from Mon in July 2014. The MoU extension defines and gives timelines for this process of transition to happen. This will include, informed MSF Mon: the absorption of some MSF-funded staff to continue in the hospital, to move from MSF to DoH&FW supplied medicines and medical materials, the progressive transition of hospital departments from MSF to DoH&FW, transition of administrative and logistic support functions. MSF India Country Direc-

tor Arend further said, “MSF are fully committed to making this a successful handover, and DoH&FW, along with community groups, are showing they are also committed to quality services in Mon hospital continuing after MSF withdraws.” Arend also stated how the community has increased their involvement in the hospital. “We have seen over the last year the increased support of the community groups with the hospital, which is great and fully encouraged. It is clear that the future success of the Mon hospital is for the community support to continue and grow. The more the community show it is “their hospital,” and play an active role in how it is managed and functions, the better will be the healthcare for the Mon population,” he noted.

UNC President L Adani has said that the rights of the indigenous people living in the hills of Manipur State are being “obliterated through laws, enactments and notifications.” He said this in respect to the “demand emanating from the Imphal valley for recognizing the dominant community as tribals and declaring Manipur as a hill state.” “The distinct identity of the tribals which finds its essence in their unique cultures and tradition is being proposed to be nullified in a new construct of ‘Manipur’ and ‘Manipuri,’” noted Adani. He was delivering a solidarity message from the Naga people to the Zo people at the 3rd World Zomi Convention held here from October 25-27. He reminded that the 20 “tribal MLAs” (in a house of 60) are caught in an equation where they are again divided on “tribal and party lines” and cannot assert the rights of the tribal people of Manipur. “The equation and configuration in the system

simply does not allow tribals to muster strength in unity. It is rights of the tribals versus the interest of the dominant community, in a system which weighs heavily in the favour of the latter.” In such a scenario, the demand for a Scheduled Tribe (ST) status for the Meitei community in Imphal could, according to the UNC President, have “obvious ramifications” for the people living in the hills. “Protection of our land, our employment opportunities and our representation will cease to be operative by law. The tribals must not fail to discern the interest which has spawned this demand, for it is with the same disrespect with which our rights are being obliterated through laws, enactments and notifications.” This “common concern” led to the institution of the Manipur Tribal Peoples’ Co-ordination Committee in August 2013 by the apex tribal organizations in the State. It has also led the All Tribal Students’ Union Manipur (ATSUM) to launch the second phase of its agitation against the

usurping of the rights of the indigenous people of the hills. “If the demand of the Scheduled Tribe Demand Committee of Manipur succeeds, tribal people will become slaves in one’s own land,” reads an ATSUM pamphlet titled ‘Reckoning of the Other’ on the agitation soon to begin. The pamphlet documents some of the laws, enactments, and policy and development measures taken by the Manipur State Government which are leading to the slow encroachment of indigenous land and exerting majoritarian hegemony. The ATSUM has made a set of seven specific demands that secure the protection of tribal rights to land and natural resources. The “moving forward” of the Zomi and the tribals in Manipur, Adani concluded, will continue to be “scuttled” should “changes through an alternative arrangement be not secured.” In that, the UNC and ATSUM have called for unity and support to each other among the indigenous communities of the hills of Manipur State.

portedly the victim. Pongen and the nine defendants were reportedly lodged in the same cell. Taking cognizance of the reported incident, the court ordered a magisterial

riot-like situation between inmates in the Central Jail forcing the shifting of the nine defendants to the Subjail. They will be lodged in the Sub-jail pending inquiry. The incident was not reported by the jail authorities, prompting the prosecution counsel, Public Prosecutor Imtiakum, to appeal the court to initiate a suo motto case and take appropriate steps. The victim did not file any complaint, nor could jail authorities be reached for comment. Meanwhile, the witnesses for the blasts case, who were scheduled to be examined today, did not turn up at the hearing. The court fixed November 29 as the next date of hearing.

2004 Dimapur Twin blasts hearing overshadowed by sodomy allegation Morung Express News Dimapur | October 29

Allegation of sodomy overshadowed a scheduled cross examination of witnesses in the 2004 Dimapur twin blasts hearing on October 29. Court trial of the case, which started on July 17, is in its fourth month of hearings. One of the nine defendants in the case, who are already serving prison terms at the Central Jail for crimes not related to the blasts, allegedly sodomised a cellmate. According to the proceedings heard today at the District Sessions court, Rikumkaba Pongen, facing trial in the July 4 murder case, was re-

Magisterial inquiry ordered to submit a report within 7 days inquiry headed by the Chief Judicial Magistrate, Dimapur. The inquiry committee was ordered to submit a report within seven days. The incident reportedly occurred sometime towards the latter part of September. It resulted in a


a platform for young leaders 16TH - 18TH DECEMBER 2013 KOHIMA, NAGALAND SUPPORTED BY











Wednesday 30 October 2013


Mon, october 29 (DIPr): Minister for Social Welfare, Kiyanilie Peseyie today said the rise of juvenile crimes all over Nagaland is a major area of concern and for this reason Government has set up various Observation Homes in various parts of the state, and all districts will be covered. He stated this while officially inaugurating the Observation Home in Mon district on October 29, 2013. The Minister appealed the people of Mon district to extend cooperation and support the Government to achieve the aims and objectives of the Observation Home and Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS) in the state. Kiyanilie said that the Government set up the Observation Home in Mon in the first phase keeping in view that the district is the biggest with large population. Observation Home is a short stay home and those who require longer attention referred by the Juvenile Justice Board can be sent to Pherima Special Home for proper counseling and future guidance, he added. He informed that at present, the state has seven Observation Homes, out of which five are run by the Government, while

Kiyanilie Peseyie, Social Welfare Minister inaugurating the Observation Home in Mon. (DIPR photo)

other two are run by an NGO. The objective of ICPS, the minister informed, is to safeguard the rights of

MEx File

AR apprehends two NSCN (K) cadres ZUnheboto, october 29 (Mexn): Troops of 21 Assam Rifles apprehended two NSCN (K) cadres from New Colony, Zunheboto along with arms and ammunition on October 28, 2013. A press release issued by PRO, Assam Rifles, Kohima informed that one AK56 rifle, two pistols and large quantity of ammunition was recovered.

Keziekie Market stall owners informed


KohIMA, october 29 (Mexn): Kohima Municipal Council (KMC) will be dismantling the stalls at Keziekie Market for re-construction of the same. In this connection, all occupants of Keziekie Market have been directed to vacate the stalls on or before November 8. All concerned have been directed to comply with the same accordingly, failing which KMC will take its own course of action.

State govt appoints PIO and APIO

KohIMA, october 29 (DIPr): Government of Nagaland has appointed Deputy Director, R. Kronu as Public Information Officer (PIO); Statistical Officer, Nyushotho Nuythe and Assistant Superintendent, Dzuvichulie Chatsu as Assistant Public Information Officers (APIOs) under the establishment of Directorate of Economics & Statistics, Nagaland, Kohima. This notification was issued by the Economics & Statistics Department, Nagaland Civil Secretariat in pursuance to section 5 of the Right to Information Act, 2005.

Seminar for retired people in Mission postponed

DIMAPUr, october 29 (Mexn): All the churches and individuals are informed that the time for seminar for retired people in mission to be held at Dimapur Ao Baptist Church, Khermahal has been postponed from 10: 00 am to 2:00 pm on November 5 due to unavoidable circumstances. A press note issued by Rev. Vilodi Sakhrie, Chairman CFCI N stated that Loh Hoe Peng, Asia representative for Christ For The City International will be the speaker during the seminar. All the retired people have been requested to come and listen, and be blessed.

YGOA general meeting

tUensAng, october 29 (Mexn): The general meeting of Yimchunger Gazette Officers Association (YGOA) will be held on November 16 at Bamboo Resort, 6th Mile Dimapur at 11:00 am. Therefore, all the Yimchunger Gazette officers serving in the central and state have been requested to attend the meeting along with yearly membership fee of Rs 1000/- and new registration fee of Rs 1000/- without fail.



Rise of juvenile crimes in the State Farmers awarded in Kohima a concern, says Kiyanilie Peseyie


The Morung Express

AROUND 1500 sq. ft. to 3000 sq.ft in prime location of KOHIMA (preferably on main road) FOR LARGE & REPUTED ORGANISATION (Should be ready for immediate possession)


8415838139, 9863245588

the children in vulnerable in need of proper care and condition and these vul- protection, and children in nerable children fall under conflict with law. two categories: Children Most of the children

in conflict with law committed petty crimes in the state, he said. Some committed more serious offenses like murder and rape, while some were forced into crime by adults who used them as they knew that children cannot be tried as adults. Most of the children who committed crimes have no education or have education only up to primary level, the minister stated. Deputy Commissioner of Mon Angau I Thou, IAS highlighted about the Home and Acts provided by the Government for protection of Children below the age of 18 years. She called upon the people to give a consolidated effort to run the home smoothly and at the same time appealed the staff to cater to the needs of the juvenile with love and care, and bring them up as decent and responsible citizens of the state. President KNSK Lomei Konyak thanked the Government for the Home and suggested ideas for running the home smoothly. Meanwhile, Joint Director, Social Welfare who is also the Director of Observation Home, Mon stressed on the Management Information System (MIS) and Integrated Child Protection Scheme.

Kohima | October 29

“In our lives we need…but you need a farmer three times a day” quoting Brinda, Chairperson Rosalene, Deputy Project director ATMA started program of the Farmers Award cum mid intervention for FIGs and CIGs for effective way forward, organized by Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) Kohima on October 29 at DC Conference Hall, Kohima. Altogether ten individual farmers and eight Farmers Interest Groups (FIGs) were awarded. Gracing the occasion as Chief Guest, W. C Honje Konyak, DC, Kohima and GB, Chairman (ATMA), Kohima said, “When we progress, it not only has to be the application of new knowledge and technologies but we have to find out innovative ideas out of practical experiences in the local contexts.” A keynote address was given by Nosezole, DAO & PD (ATMA), Kohima. Nosezole asserted that the award was given to motivate the people which would further encourage them to share their experiences to others in the village. A power point presentation on a brief profile and activities of the awardees was presented by Mhasikhotuo, BTT Convenor (A.O) while Dr. Amen, LTO Directorate of Agriculture gave a speech on the mid intervention for FIG’s and CIG’s for

Tsiatsiivi, District Program Officer, DAPCU Kiphire addressing the gathering during the VHND conducted at Moya Village.

villages. Basic health care services and medicines were provided to the villagers. Patients numbering to 25 had their blood test done

on the spot after counselling. IEC materials, leaflets and posters were also distributed. Health talks on importance of Institutional delivery were dis-


Our Correspondent

Health workers visit village in Kiphire

KIPhIre, october 29 (Mexn): A team comprising of IEC personnel, Block Program Manager Pungro Block joined with Mobile ICTC Lab Tech and Counsellor and District Program Officer, DAPCU under Chief Medical Office, Kiphire and visited Moya Village on October 27 to conduct Village Health Nutrition Day (VHND) and also to provide awareness about HIV/AIDS. During the visit, the team monitored and evaluated the various activities especially maintenance of reports, the importance of IEC materials: Citizens Charter, Demographic profile of the respective health units, sign boards & posters needs to be displayed in proper location, and VHND to be conducted compulsorily every month in all the


cussed and villagers were made aware to avail JSSK services. This was stated in a press release issued by District Media Officer, CMO Office, Kiphire.

A farmer receives award from the chief guest on October 29.

List of awardees

individuals: 1. V Nakhro (Jotsoma) – Organic Vegetable farming 2. Methahetuo (Khonoma) – Alder based farming 3. Khriepino (Peducha) – Eri farming 4. Niketuo Vimera (Rüsoma) – Orchard farm and bee keeping 5. Neitho Soliezou (Zhadima) – Integrated farming 6. Vilasalie Angami (Dihoma) – Piggery farms 7. Vinesa Luho (Khuzama) – Potato farming 8. Neichükedo Neihu – Fishery 9. Soyhulo K (Longwesenyu) – Horticulture 10. Solo Kent (Tseminyu) – Integrated farming fiGs 1. Pekro (Jotsoma) – Vegetable gardening 2. Nitho Women Diary cooperation (Chedema) – Dairy 3. Krotho MPCS (Kidima) 4. Loko Krotho (Jakhama) – Poultry 5. Abu Krotho Viswema – Poultry 6. Sr. Dominic church Women FIG – Vegetable farming 7. Kashunlongwa SHG (Tseminyu block) 8. K. Kechye Longwa SHG (Tseminyu block)

effective way forward. Emphasizing on the Government’s target towards the group approach, Dr. Amen said, “Your potatoes alone will not reach the market. You need to make a federation and good linkage and aim for the market.” W. C Honje Konyak further focused on the need for transparency and fac-

tual reality on the activities of the farmers. Konyak exhorted the ATMA officials to dig out the innovative ideas and find the interest of the local people and their fields of efficiency and further encouraged the Kohima farmers to be an example of exemplary achievement to other districts.

Peren villages urged to preserve wildlife

Peren, october 29 (Mexn): Village Chairmen Union, Peren District has appealed all the villages under Peren district to safeguard the ecological environment and wildlife within their respective jurisdictions. A circular appended by the Union president Namgong informed that an awareness programme was conducted by Forest Department Jalukie with the topic “Save Amur Falcon” on October 22, 2013. There, the DFO, Jalukie as a resource person stated that Amur Falcon is protected under Wildlife Protection Act, 1972. Trapping, killing and selling of wildlife is criminal offence, punishable with 3 years vigorous imprisonment or with Rs. 25,000/- fine, or both under section 51 of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972. According to the release, the resource person stated that rampant burning of jungle during dry season is another menace in the district which is totally restricted by the government. Hence, it said, burning of jungle without any reason must be controlled and stopped in respective jurisdiction to preserve the wildlife in the district. Quoting the order notified by government, the Union chairman reminded all the villages that village which destroys local environment and wildlife will be penalized by stopping grant-in-aid allocation and this fund would be utilized for environmental protection activities by the government. Therefore, all the villages have been urged not to indulge in hunting, fishing, and rampant burning of Jungles during dry seasons.



SBAK members visit Andhra Pradesh

DIMAPUr, october 29 (Mexn): Sumi Baptist Churches Association (SBAK) Aizuto Mission Department organized a mission trip to SBAK-Aizuto Mission Field in Andhra Pradesh from October 21 to 27. A press release issued by SBAK informed that the members visited two churches and three Fellowships and the speakers were Rev. Dr. Joshua Rochill, Executive Secretary; Rev. Picuto Yeputhomi, Mission Secretary; Khehoto Yeputhomi Associate Pastor ZTSBC. At present, there are five missionaries in Andhra Pradesh and they Dimapur Ao Youth Organization, Dimapur Ao Students Union, and Dimapur Ao Baptist Arogo Youth Ministry conducted a sticker campaign in support of ACAUT on October 28, 2013 at City are sponsored by Zunheboto Town Sumi Baptist Church Tower, Dimapur. Seen here is a volunteer attaching campaign sticker on a vehicle.

SBAK members with others during the trip to SBAK-Aizuto Mission Field in Andhra Pradesh.

(ZTSBC). The Mission Secretary has extended gratitude to all believers for their unceasing prayer support for the mission trip. Other

members who took the trip included Hoshimu Awomi, Treasurer; Hokugha Sumi, Treasurer Mission Board ZTSBC.

Four students win Peace Poster Contest 2013 DIMAPUr, october 29 (Mexn): Four school students of Dimapur between the ages of 11 and 13 have been selected as winners of Peace Poster Contest jointly organized by Lions Club of Dimapur and Lions Club of Dimapur Blue Vanda. Abhijit Das and Hamlong Phom, both of Livingstone Foundation Higher Secondary School secured first and second prizes respectively, Anish Shah of MGM Higher Secondary School came third, and Akshay Sarkar of Delhi Public School secured the fourth prize. The winners were among 64 contestants from 23 Schools of Dimapur. They were awarded a cash prize of Rs.2,500/-, Rs.2,000/-,

Rs.1,500/- & Rs.1000/- respectively along with winners and School Participation certificates at Deepawali Mela held at Lions Club on October 27. A press release issued by the Contest organizers informed that the posters were judged based on originality, artistic merit and portrayal of the contest theme, “Our World, Our Future” by people in Guwahati. All the four winners’ posters will advance to face stiff competition through district, multiple district and international rounds of competitions if any one of them is to be declared the international grand prize winner. One grand prize winner and 23 merit award

winners will be selected. The grand prize includes a cash award of US$ 5,000 plus a trip for the winner and two family members to the awards ceremony at Lions Day with the United Nations, the release said. The 23 merit award winners will each receive a certificate and a cash award of US$ 500. International grand prize and merit award winners can be viewed at www. All the four winners and parents have been requested to contact Lion Ajay Sethi at 96121-71341 to know the progress of the competition or visit NIIT Dimapur Centre, Jain Tem- The winning posters: (L-R) Second prize ple Road, Marwari Patti for winner, (top) third prize winner, (bottom) fourth winner. further details.



The Morung express


30 October 2013

ANSAM leaders walk the peripheries asserting rights Imphal, OctOber 29 (NNN): All Naga Students Association, Manipur (ANSAM) has been touring several villages in IndoMyanmar border, including Leibi village and Tamu town since last Friday as part of its “Journey towards GrassRoots” under the theme, "My Land, My Identity-walking the peripheries." About 60 delegates of ANSAM led by its president Seth Satshang in 15 vehicles met villagers in the IndoMyanmar border. At Tamu in Myanmar, Seth Satshang told the people “we should continue to help each other.” He added, "Let us not lose hope. We will definitely have a bright future." At Leibi, the ANSAM delegates had a worship service with the villagers on Friday evening. "Despite our struggle and resistance, our symbolic relationship with

our land and forest is at stake and has serious implication on our future," stated the ANSAM leaders during their tour. The concept note of the programme asked, "If self-determination is a pre-requisite for the exercise of our spiritual, social, cultural, economic and political rights, and if land and forest are the bases of our sovereignty, what is the course of our future?" ANSAM leaders dwelt on the issues of forest and land. "The land relations among the indigenous peoples and other forest dwelling communities of the mainland India and North East region differs," ANSAM leaders asserted. According to the Naga student leaders, in mainland India, people have practically lost all their rights over their lands, forests and other natural resources. "This was done through conquers and

melbOurNe, OctOber 29 (ptI): Scenic Sikkim has been named as the best region to visit in 2014 by a leading global travel guide, with Brazil emerging as the top destination in terms of countries. Lonely Planet's Best in Travel 2014 has come out with a list of top 10 destinations in different categories such as best countries to visit, best regions to visit, best cities to visit and many more such guiding lists for travel next year. Sikkim was chosen as the best region to go to, with Paris the top city in a list that also included Cape Town, Shanghai and Chicago, while the Greek Islands were seen as the best-value destination. "Picking up national accolades in 2012 for being India's cleanest state with the most innovative tourism project, Sikkim has set new benchmarks for responsible travel in the country," the guide says. "Checkbox sightseeing has rapidly made way for sustainable communitybased tourism in less developed areas, while ecofriendly policies have lent new vigour to the virginal Himalayan wilderness that drapes the region's mountains," the Melbourne-based guide book publisher says. Praising the food in the region, the guide notes that organic farming is the new

mantra in Sikkim and is being promoted in a big way. With a new airport scheduled to open near Gangtok, the guide says in 2014 several hours of transit time will be cut and one could fly in directly from major Indian metros. The Kimberly region in Australia came in second after Sikkim in the list of best destinations to visit in 2014 in terms of regions. The list included other regions of great natural beauty and splendour such as Yorksire in the UK, Hokuriku in Japan, Texas in the US, Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and Zambia, Mallorca in Spain, West Coast in New Zealand, Hunan in China and Ha'apai in Tonga. In terms of countries, Brazil topped the list of best destinations to visit in 2014. Antarctica and Scotland were also named in the top three. Other countries to make it to the top ten were Sweden, Malawi, Mexico, Seychelles, Belgium, Macedonia and Malaysia. Published this week, Lonely Planet's ninth annual roundup of best destinations around the world for the upcoming year was based on "scores for topicality, excitement and that special x-factor," as determined by their inhouse experts and outside writers.

conquests by empires and kingdoms, and through the colonisation of their lands and territories by colonial powers, especially the British.” It further stated, “The

legacy was inherited by the Independent India through the continuation of the forest laws and were created by their colonial master primarily for the extraction

of natural resources." The Naga student leaders cited numerous related Acts of India during their tour. The ANSAM leaders also pointed out that envi-

ronmental politics in India today represents a new era in Indian democracy. According to them, the Supreme Court is subverting all laws that are made by the

State and the latter is being “pretentiously submissive” to the former. "The recent trends in the Northeast as well as in other parts of India are indicative of this.” ANSAM president further said that the Naga students' body was compelled to take up the “journey” as there have been constant threats to "our lands and our natural resources both from state and non-state agencies” through “various backdoor methods”. According to the ANSAM leader, the student body is working hard meeting people in this regard. "Today, our rights, our lands and our resources exist due to the fierce struggle we have collectively put forward," said Seth Satshang. "Since its inception, ANSAM has been relentlessly and consistently working towards its objective alongside with other organisations."

Tribunal on Tuesday asked the Assam government to put barriers, speed cameras and challan rash vehicles to regulate traffic on a stretch of National Highway 37 passing through the famed Kaziranga National Park to prevent killing of wild animals. A bench headed by NGT chairperson Swatanter Kumar said, “We are sure nothing has been done. There is no regulatory mechanism. “We want barriers points to be fixed, speed cameras to be installed by next date of hearing and challans (of vehicles) be done and show

entering the most vulnerable area of the 20.5 km road passing through the national park.” The bench passed the order after the state government placed before it a proposal to regulate traffic on the stretch while also contending that “The State government is completely insignificant. The Ministry of Environment and Forests can take charge of the issue and consult the Wildlife Board.” “Fixing barriers, cameras and challaning vehicles doesn’t need a 30-page report,” the bench remarked. It also said “the suggestions made (by the state) can

necessary party.” The bench warned the MoEF of adverse orders in case of further non-appearance leading to adjournment of cases. The tribunal was hearing a plea filed by RTI activist Rohit Choudhury opposing expansion of the NH 37 stretch running through the national park. During the hearing, the bench asked the state government to show what steps has it taken to address the issue. When the state said it has put signages on the stretch, the bench remarked, “You want animals to read signages.” “Show us

hicle. We know roads can’t be shut but we don’t have right to kill animals. From photographs before us, it is obvious that vehicles are moving at a very high speed. It is a very valuable wildlife. Why should we shut our eyes to it?” “We find that there is no regulatory mechanism. First of all this road should not have been there. It was the duty of the state to build a road which does not touch the ground. You could have made a flyover,” Justice Kumar said. “Why don’t you fix barriers at least? Why don’t you regulate traffic. Why can’t there be

animals,” he said. On Assam government’s contention that NGT does not have the jurisdiction to hear the matter as the same comes under the Wildlife Protection Act, the bench said it will consider the aspect. It, however, added that NH-37 passing through Jakhalabandha to Bokakhat going through Kaziranga National Park is not only violation of Wildlife Act but also of the conditions imposed by Ministry of Environment and Forests while granting permission for this Project and the Environment Protection Act.

ItaNaGar, OctOber 29 (ptI): The Arunachal Pradesh government has decided to set up two new model colleges at Tirap and Longding districts to improve the education scenario. State education minister Bosiram Siram said, "The state government is putting more emphasis on education, particularly in the higher education sector," while inaugurating the 18th college week of Rang-Frah Government College (RFGC) at Changlang district on October 29, official sources said. He assured that the present shortage of faculty members at RFGC and other government colleges of the state would end with the appointment of 94 newly

selected assistant professors. The minister also said that recruitment of school teachers would be conducted by the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) in order to improve the standard of education. Siram said the stipend for

the students had been increased substantially. Earlier, Siram visited the upcoming new campus site of the college and asked the principal and the executing agency to complete the project as per the requirement of the college, the sources said.

ANSAM leaders pose for a photograph at the Indo-Myanmar border during their tour.

Lonely Planet name Sikkim NGT urges Assam to regulate traffic to save wildlife as top region to visit in 2014 New DelhI, OctOber how are you (Assam) try- hardly be considered in the a single document that you speed barriers? You see, you 29 (ptI): The National Green ing to protect animals from absence of MoEF which is a have challaned even one ve- are doing nothing but killing

Arunachal govt to set up two new model colleges

At least five injured in Imphal blast

URGENT REQUIRED 1. Programme Executive -1 No. Qlf.Graduate + Diploma in Computer

2. Field Supervisor

-1 No.

Qlf.Graduate (any stream)


i) 0370-2292033,

ii) +91 9612319350


V.J.S COACHING CENTRE D.C.Court Road, Duncan: Dimapur

Admission is going on for 3 months crash course

for both Regular & Repeater students.(Limited seats) for details contact the office or call: 03862-234272/ 9615520965/ 9436600530

An injured man is taken in a stretcher for treatment at the Regional Institute of Medical Sciences, or RIMS hospital after a crude bomb exploded near a market in Imphal, Manipur on Tuesday, October 29. (AP Photo/ Bullu Raj)

Imphal, OctOber 29 (NNN): At least five people, including two school students were wounded when powerful IED exploded at the busy Thangal bazaar, in the heart of Imphal city Tuesday morning. The blast occurred at non-locals majority Marwari Dharamsala around 6 am, police said, adding the Improvised Explosive Device (IED) was placed under a stationary cart. Bhairodan Maxwell Hindi Primary and High School located close to the site was also damaged in the blast. Doors, windows, ceiling and roof of class VI room of the school were blown apart in the explosion. The wounded were identified as Abhujam Arun, 21, a Magic van driv-

er from Thoubal district, Shambu Shah, 40, a cart puller from Bihar, presently staying at Khoyathang in Imphal West district, Raghunath Mandop, 35, who owns a mobile-teastall here, also a native of Bihar, while the two students were identified as Rajdeep Sharma, 17, and Kishan Chakrabarti, 18, both from Serou in Thoubal district. The condition of Kishan, now receiving treatment at Raj Polyclinic here, was reported to be critical. The other four were taken to Regional Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS), Imphal. Police reports said a 4 ft diametre crater was created in the explosion. According to the Police, the explosive is believed to be

a remote controlled bomb. A team of police from Imphal West district led by its Superintendent of Police K Jayenta, Deputy Superintendent (Operation) S Ibomcha and another team of CRPF rushed to the site and conducted cordon and search operation in the area. However, the security forces could not make any arrest in connection with the incident. Suspected militants had triggered an IED at Major Khul in Thangal bazaar on October 19 last. None was injured in the blast. Again on October 26, the proscribed United National Liberation Front (UNLF) attacked an Assam Rifles patrol party by detonating an IED at North AOC here, injuring one personnel.

Preschool & Kindergarten Ages from 21/2-- 6 yrs

2014 Admission Open Resource Centre, 21/2 Mile Near Tata Motors NH-29, Dimapur, 9612057154; 9615194788

ST. JOSEPH’S COLLEGE, JAKHAMA VACANCY Applications are invited for the following teaching positions: 1. Economics (one) 2. Sociology (one) 3. History (one) Qualifications: Minimum M.A. Preference will be given to applicants with Ph.D. and NET. Applications with Resume or CV may be sent on or before November 11th 2013 to For further info please contact 9436437544


Manipur could be India’s gateway to SE Asia: Ibobi Morung Express News Lamka | October 29

Chief Minister of Manipur, O. Ibobi Singh, has said that historically Manipur has been a place of rich cultural heritage, and geographically it can be the “centre of international trade,” India’s gateway to South East Asia. He was speaking as chief guest at the closing program of the 3rd World Zomi Convention held here from October 25-27. “Moreh has been identified by the Government of India for an Integrated Check Post and other facilities to promote international trade,” the Chief Minister informed. The ICP at Moreh will be one of the 13 ICPs being developed by the Central Government along India’s international borders. Ibobi Singh also said that international flights to Manipur will be started soon, and that the State has rich flora and fauna, making it one with good potential for tourism. In sync, he called for inclusive growth and sustainable development in the hills and the valley of Manipur. “We have progressed much but there are many more opportunities available. We should work together to promote Manipur in international sports, the arts, culture etc.”


Applications are invited from eligible candidates for the following Teaching positions. Preference will be given to trained teachers. Name of the post No of vacancies Qualifications 1. PGT (Zoology/Botany/EE) 2 M. Sc, B. Ed 2. PGT (Physics) 1 M. Sc, B. Ed 3. PGT (Economics with PGDCA) 1 M. A. B. Ed 4. Graduate Teacher (Mathematics) 2 B. Sc /M. Sc 5. Graduate Teacher (Science) 2 B. Sc 6. Graduate Teacher (English) 1 B. A 7. Computer Science 1 B. A, PGDCAIT 8. Pre - Primary Teacher 1 B. A / PSTE / Montessori Trained 9. Attendant 1 Matriculate Date of Interview 1st November (Friday) 2013 at 10 a.m. Candidates (SI. No. 1 to 8) should come prepared for a Demonstration Class on any topic of the subject for a duration of 10-15 minutes which will be followed by a Personal Interview on Application along with Xerox copies of the supporting documents to be submitted to the Registrar at the Administrative Block before the Demo Class. The Original Certificates to be presented at the Personal Interview. Contact: # 9856006380 / 9862124541 / 0370-2806075 Address High School Area Kohima

Near TCP gate, Kohima

Admission going on for the following courses (Class 10 selection passed & repeaters in all subjects (Nov, Dec & Jan 2014) 1) Coaching for class 12 (Arts & 2) Coaching for NPSC UPSC Commerce) repeaters in all (Prelims- 2014) SSC & other subjects competitive exams 3) Computer courses 4) Typewriting 5) Stenography 6) Cutting & Tailoring 7) Embroidery 8) Knitting Contact: Capital Training Institute Mobile: 9402831939/ 9436201083





GRATITUDE Ragailong Council, Dimapur and organiser of Ragailong Platinum Jubilee Celebration express gratitude to Hon'ble Minister Shri T. R Zeliang and Parliamentary Secretary Shri Tovihoto Ayemi for gracing the occasion as Chief Guest and Guest of Honor respectively on 26th of October 2013, Ragailong colony, Dimapur. The people of Ragailong colony also like to thank organizations whose presence and participation have made the celebration a grand success. Also, even though mention cannot be made here of many individuals who have contributed in cash and kinds, your solidarity will always be remembered. We thank you all. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32.

Naga Council Dimapur Dimapur District G. B. Association Tenyime Union Dimapur Rongmei Council Nagaland Rongmei Council Kohima Dimapur Naga Students Union Tenyime Students Union Dimapur Chakhesang Students Union Dimapur Rongmei Students Union Dimapur Rongmei Naga Indigenous Society Nagaland Kuda Council, Dimapur Chungaizaeng Rongmei Colony Council Namgalong Rongmei Colony Council Walford Area Council Rengma Colony Council Tangnajeilong (Zeliangrong Village, Dimapur) Rongkaidai, Diphupar Rongmei Pei-kai, United North Block, Dimapur Govt. Middle School, Ragailong Ward-4 Dimapur Rongmei Baptist Church Burma Camp, Ragailong Colony, Dimapur Rongmei Christian Fellowship, Chumukedima Dimapur Rongmei Baptist Church, Sachu Colony, Dimapur St. Francis Church, Zeliangrong Village Dimapur St. Paul Church, Namgalong Colony, Dimapur Rongmei Christian Church, United North Block, Dimapur Rongmei Baptist Fellowship, United North Block, Dimapur Millenial Vision School, Ragailong colony, Burma Camp, Dimapur Shyam Traders, N.L Road, Dimapur R. James Gonmei Videography, Dimapur Rejoice & Brothers Video & Still Pictures S. N. Singh Arts, Dimapur Print Media sd/L. Thoyba Rongmei Chairman Ragailong Colony Council, Dimapur





30 October 2013

public discoursE Recognition of immigrants should be done basing on truth and justice


he people irrespective of clans, tribes and races living together within a boundary as permanent settlers are to be treated as equal citizens. In the village the population consists of descendants of various clans or tribes or races living together for many years forget about who belongs to what and there is no sense of discrimination among the village community. Whether in a village or tribe or State or country, all of the people who are permanent settlers are to be recognized as bonafide citizens basing on fulfillment of rules and conditions of citizenship and not basing on tribalism or racism. There are some Nagas living in Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya and U.S.A. as domiciled citizens and there are

ognised as equal citizens and should not continue to be treated as temporary so- jouners. It is individual matter and to be dealt with individually. Whether a community has set up a village or not is not the question. Formation of NTC is both antagonistic and laudatory going on side by side but it is already in existence and it is no harm unlike an armed faction because any organization whatsoever is subject to the general public and any organisation has to do anything according to universal human right and truth and justice before God. In anything we have to stand for the truth and justice because we all are stewards only in the world.

many people from other tribes and races living together with the Nagas for many years who may deserve acquiring citizenship to live as bonafide citizens. Recognition of citizenship is not to be in term of tribe or race but to be in term of whether the candidate is qualified or not per the existing rules and conditions. Some persons belonging to Rongmai tribe lived at Kohima since British time and if such particular persons are recognized as bonafide citizens, it deos not mean that Rongmai tribe is recognized. In like manner, whether Maos, Kukis, Kacharis, Nepalese, Punjabis,Bengalese, Assamese, Manipuris, Khsis and so on who have been residing in Nagaland many years having their permanent homes should be roc-

Rev. L. Suohie Mhasi

The Faults Of An Ignorant Youth


keep of roads. The truth is I don’t deserve any road other than the one I was travelling on. Only a morally sound person would beat the temptation to misuse power and money when it is so readily handed to him without the risk of any accountability. I would be naive to expect every government servant to be such a person. Maybe, if I fail in my duty as a citizen by keeping my government accountable, then it’s true I don’t even deserve a road. Instead of asking questions, I happily defend myself from my own arguments because that will help keep me blinded from my own failures/misdeeds. Why are the power failures more severe these days? Because we have more consumers and more electrical gadgets to feed. Surely, that’s undeniable, right? My logic says a larger consumer base would mean more revenues. More revenues mean greater ability to purchase power. Still, I must not bother about that, as long as I look cool and do not miss my daily meal. The dreaded winter months are coming. It is a suffocating feeling to think about the long dark hours we are going to spend together, a time when we cannot even finish one half hour T.V. show without power interruptions. But, I grit my teeth, stifling the anger I feel and brace myself to suffer the rewards of my selfishness. Deep in my heart, be it summer, monsoon or winter, I know it is me who had validated the silly alibi provided by the concerned department in the first place. I may have an academic degree or so, but no one can claim one is truly educated if he cannot even make sure his basic amenities of a simple modern life - a good road and a decent supply of electric power, are not tampered with. I hope none of the educated readers is ignorant like me. Or are you..?

t certain periods of a man’s life, he is presented with opportunities to decide his fate. If he is oppressed and subjected to humility, then he brought it upon himself.” There’s some truth in it, if not in its totality. I’m a person who is considered educated. But, I’m living a blind life. I do not have much opinions about anything and the few I have, I fail to support its logic with much tangible arguments because of lack of thinking. Why, I even sold my vote to the highest bidder, and most probably would do so again. I live my life more or less like a pig: no worries for tomorrow, if I get enough for today. Education is supposed to make me think critically, appreciate the merits and demerits of anything and act wisely. Maybe the whole point of going for years to college eludes me. And I think reading the newspapers ends with the front page! I can’t be more ignorant than that, can I? I’m ignorant because I have a very myopic vision of who I am, what my society is and what my position in it is. Conformity is innate in me. I cannot think critically because I care too much for myself. I must not be seen making a mistake or acting stupid because I’m at the centre of the universe and everyone on earth will see it! I dig respect and praise more than I deserve. The only guiding principle in my life is: Never be odd. In adjusting to that principle, nothing matters. I’ll compromise my quality of life for a decent cloth or saving my family from starving. How I get the money doesn’t matter, because even if I feel guilty, I take solace in the fact that everyone around does it. The most important thing is to go along with the flow. Being educated, I don’t want people finding fault with me. Still I’m pretty good with pointing out other people’s. The last time I was on the road, I cursed the public transport agencies every time there was a bump. Never did I think I’m also to be blamed. My excuse was I have nothing to do with the up-

The Morung Express businEss SP Traffic regulation for October 31 In view of the “Public Awareness Rally” called by the Action Committee Against Unabated Taxation (ACAUT) on 31st October 2013 at Clock Tower from 09:30 A.M onwards, the following traffic regulation shall be enforced on the day of the rally effective from 06:00 A.M onwards till the ends of the rally. 1. No vehicle shall be allowed to proceed beyond Plaza Point, Khermahal Junction and Metro Hospital towards Clock Tower. 2. All vehicles coming from Tragopan junction and proceeding towards Notun Basti/Duncan Basti area shall be diverted from Khermahal Junction towards Oasis and exit from Notun Basti junction. 3. All vehicles coming from Tragopan junction and proceeding towards Church Road/Dhobinala shall be diverted from Khermahal junction towards Deluxe Point. 4. All vehicles coming from

MUMBAI, OCTOBER 29 (PTI): Computer maker Hewlett-Packard (HP) today unveiled its first mobile Workstation Ultrabook in India, sensing demand for such devices among professionals in engineering, architecture, design, animation and film sectors. The US-based firm also announced the expansion of its Z portfolio of professional workstation and display products. HP ZBook 14, which the firm claims is the world’s first workstation ultrabook, sports Intel’s Thunderbolt technology for high-speed data transfer, HP India said in a release. The portfolio also includes three new HP ZBook Mobile Workstations, processor and graphics enhancements to the HP Z Desktop Workstations and two new HP Z Displays, it added. The HP ZBook 14, which is priced at Rs 1.50 lakh, also comes with the option for a touch-enabled panel. The company is focusing on professionals in engineering, CAD, architecture,

Loving Mum, How much we are grateful to you, As you celebrate your Birthday Celebration on this very Day. May we wish you a bright future and a happy long life. Potsow khie Otsuk oso mmhon ni pia e- zechana ni vantokvuka Ayio. From, Mha /Eni /Cheni /Adon / Mhalo & Yean Ngully.


SUDOKU Game Number # 2691

design, animation, film, education, government and healthcare with its latest range of products. Designed for workstation-class professionals that demand mobility, HP’s ZBook mobile Workstations feature the 4th Generation Intel Haswell dual and quad core processors and graphics technologies from NVIDIA and AMD. They also include Keplar-based professional graphics from NVIDIA. The HP ZBook Mobile Workstations feature innovative tool-free chassis for easy upgrades and serviceability. Built with IPS Gen 2 panels, HP Z displays deliver power savings of up to 37 per cent compared to HP’s first-generation IPS technology products. To free up valuable desk space, an HP Thin Client Mount Kit is also available for HP Z27i and Z30i, allowing users to securely mount an HP Thin Client or Ultra Slim desktop to the back of the display. HP has priced its Z series – Z27i, Z30i, Z420, Z620, Z820, Z Book 15 and Z Book 17 – in range of Rs 75,000—2.30 lakh.

birthday GreetinG

A. Kichu, Kohima.

Simple Rules - There is just one simple rule: “Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box co ntains the digits 1 through 9.”

Duncan Basti area and protion. Clock Tower. ceeding towards Tragopan 5. No vehicles coming from 6. All concerned citizens of Dijunction shall be diverted Dhobinalla and Deluxe Point mapur are requested to coSKETCH MAP OF TRAFFIC REGULATION ON 31ST OCT’2013 from Notun BAsti junction to Plaza Point shall be aloperate and abide with the and exit at Khermahal junclowed to proceed towards above traffic regulation

HP unveils its first Workstation Reliance topples ONGC Ultrabook for Indian market to become top-ranked

Readers may please note that the contents of the articles, letters and opinions published do not reflect the outlook of this paper nor of the Editor in any form.





Answer Number # 2690

Indian energy firm

SIngAPORE, OCTOBER 29 (PTI): Reliance Industries has toppled state-owned Oil and Natural Gas Corp (ONGC) to become the top Indian firm in a global ranking of energy companies. Billionaire Mukesh Ambani-led RIL improved eight positions to grab the 19th position on the Platts Top 250 Global Energy Company Rankings for 2013. ONGC held on its 22nd ranking, the position it had in 2012, while RIL improved from last time’s 27th rank. This year’s list is topped by Exxon Mobil Corp, with Chevron Corp in second place.The US giants are followed by Royal Dutch Shell and Russia’s Gazprom, Statoil of Norway, Total of France andLukoil of Russia. Chinese firm PetroChina makes an entry at number 8, while UK’s BP Plc is ranked number 11. The Platts Top 250 Global Energy Company Rankings, now in its 12th year, is based on data compiled and maintained by S&P Capital IQ, which, like Platts, is a part of The McGrawHill Companies. The 2013 rankings reflect fiscal 2012 financial performance in four key areas: asset value, revenue, profit and return on invested capital (ROIC). Coal India improved its ranking from 48 to 43 while power utility NTPC went to 49th rank from 62 in 2012. Oil refining and marketing company Indian Oil Corp improved two positions to rank at number 80 while gas utility GAIL India moved up four notches to 105. Cairn India, which held the 121st position, movedup to 109this year. Bharat Petroleum Corp leaped to 119th position from 178 in the 2012 listing. Other Indian firms featuring in the 250 listing include Power Grid Corp (ranked 139), Reliance Infrastructure (163), Hindustan Petroleum Corp (177), NHPC (197) and Essar Energy (229th position).

DiMAPuR Civil Hospital:

StD CODe: 03862

Metro Hospital: Faith Hospital: Shamrock Hospital Zion Hospital: Police Control Room Police Traffic Control East Police Station West Police Station CIHSR (Referral Hospital) Dimapur hospital Apollo Hospital Info Centre: Railway: Indian Airlines Northeast Shuttles Chumukedima Fire Brigade Nikos Hospital and Research Centre Nagaland Multispecialty Health & Research Centre


Police Control Room: North Police Station: South Police Station: Fire Brigade: Naga Hospital: Oking Hospital: Bethel Nursing Home:

232224; Emergency229529, 229474 227930, 231081 233044, 228846 228254 231864, 230889 228400 232106 227607, 228400 232181 242555/ 242533 224041, 285117, 248011 230695/9402435652 131/228404 229366 22232 282777 232032, 231031 248302, 09856006026

StD CODe: 0370

Northeast Shuttles

100/2244279 2222222 2222111 2222952 2222916 2243339 2224202




















D e e J i e S e t A A C i D R A i n

R n t n M S Y e R P O D t n F M e

S g P K t B i n e t t M t u Q e D e

B O R e R D O A n n P D C P M L A

E A L e R Y e i D A C e x n O e e e

B L C D O h t A Q O t g D P x F L

A t u Y e O O A P u M i n O u O u A

e t C P t R V t A M t B R L S R e

R i L e A A R A t u i n L A K O C

R R O e n t t e t i n O Y S t e t O

e n R D i R S i C i n M i i L A S

C S F A e B V n O R t R P i O e D Y

t R D n A x O n O Y e h A n t e S

R Y i t h e C S R A g i e x O R t

H i i C i e x t i n C t i O n n P e

A e A Q n O i t A n i M R e g S M


L e L e e g L g t g S e A P C K O

1. Wanes 5. Sail supports 10. Leave in a hurry 14. harvest 15. Accustom 16. Story 17. hindu princess 18. Deplorable 20. Anagram of “Clients” 22. Version 23. Seek damages 24. Leases 25. informative 32. indian monetary unit 33. Sensational 34. Residue from a fire 37. Smell 38. A type of dance 39. Double-reed woodwind 40. Mesh 41. Passageway 42. Lacquer ingredient 43. Velocity indicator 45. Orderly grouping 49. Spy agency 50. Low leather step-in shoes 53. incinerator 57. extra 59. Boring

60. Back 61. Andean animal 62. god of love 63. not less 64. hermit 65. Anger

DOWN 1. Makes a mistake 2. Rhythm 3. Curse 4. Old maid 5. environment 6. A Freudian stage 7. total 8. tall woody plant 9. transmit 10. Condition 11. Log home 12. Bestow 13. Adolescents 19. exhausted 21. Medical breakthrough 25. Weightlifters pump this 26. naked 27. Smudge 28. near 29. gown fabric 30. Annoyed 31. By means of 34. Assist in crime

35. A few 36. inheritor 38. A small hard seed 39. Poisonous ornamental shrub 41. heretofore (2 words) 42. Arab chieftain 44. Relating to the eye 45. Warning signal 46. Cowboy sport 47. Radiolocation 48. All excited 51. Small brook 52. Alone 53. notability 54. emanation 55. Blockage 56. if not 58. indian bread

Ans to CrossWord 2702

CHUMUKEDIMA: 03862-282777/101 (O) 9436012949 (OC) WOKHA: 03860-242215 (O) 9402643782 MOKOKCHUNG: 0369-2226225/101 (O) 9856872011 (OC) PHEK: 03865-223838/101 (O) 9402003086 (OC)

MON: 03869-290629/101 (O) 9856248962/ 9612805461 (OC)

Toll free No. 1098 childline


DIMAPUR: 03862-232201/101 (O) 9436601225 (OC)

TUENSANG: 03861-220256/101 (O) 8974322879



KOHIMA: 0370-2222952/101 (O) 9436062098 (OC)

ZUNHEBOTO: 03867-220444/101 (O) 9856158740 (OC)



FiRe StAtiOnS

StD CODe: 0369

Police Station 1: Police Station 2 :

2226241 2226214

Civil Hospital: Woodland Nursing Home: Hotel Metsüpen (Tourist Lodge):

2226216 2226263 2226373/2229343

TAHAMzAM (formerly Senapati) STD CODE: 03871 Police Station: Fire Brigade

222246 222491


StARting PRiCe
























For details & test drive Contact: Urban Station, Near NSC Petrol Pump, 6th Mile Dimapur. Ph No : 240994 CuRRenCY exChAnge CuRRenCY nOteS BuY(Rs) SeLL(Rs) US Dollars Sterling Pound Hong Kong Dollar

61.27 98.95 7.88

61.7 100.06 7.97

Australian Dollar



Singapore Dollar Canadian Dollar Japanese Yen

49.41 58.54 62.62

49.99 59.25 63.37





The Morung Express

Wednesday 30 October 2013

Naga youth urged to ‘sweat and toil’ Imkong emphasizes dignity of labour on NSF Foundation Day Morung Express News

the State. The Health Minister also stressed on the need of a “green environment for a sustainable future,” pointing out the need of the student community to preserve the ecosystem while keeping a tab on ecological balance. For this, Imkong advised the NSF to create a Greener Environment logo

and organize programs to create awareness in schools and colleges. Reminiscing his times as a student leader in the 1980s, Imkong spoke of how things were harsher for the early leaders and how the NSF, as one of the earliest social bodies, strived to represent the sentiments of the people since its incep-

tion. In that, he called upon the present and future crop of leaders to strive to give their best for the welfare of students and the younger generation. Former NSF President and current Parliamentary Secretary, Horticulture, Neiba Kronu, speaking on the occasion, brought forth the need for the NSF

as the apex students’ body to focus on fostering peace and unity in the State while sticking to the foundations and principles of what NSF stood for. In the keynote address, NSF President, Tongpang Ozukum, while appreciating the sacrifices and contributions of former leaders, paid tribute to departed leaders who were instrumental in keeping the NSF as the apex students’ body of Naga students both within and outside the State for the past 66 years. Zaku Tsükrü, former president (1973-74), gave a brief history of the NSF. Rev. Yapang, Pastor Ao Baptist Church, invoked God’s blessings while Shenieta Curhah and Jonathan L N Mawai gave messages through their songs. Esther Rhakho, General Secretary NSF, proposed the vote of thanks. The programme was chaired by Kelhouneizo Yhome, NSF Tribunal General.

Our Correspondent

Minister for Roads & Bridges Kuzholuzo (Azo) Nienu today stressed on the need to produce more IAS, IPS, IFS within the state. He said the state is facing shortage of IAS, IPS, IFS at present. Addressing the 22nd annual freshers meet 2013 of the Post Graduate Students’ Union (PGSU), Kohima Campus, Meriema at the State Academy Hall, Kohima, he maintained that the state will

“land in danger” if shortage of IAS, IPS, IFS hits the state. Stating that a Post Graduate course is only for duration of two years, the minister told the students to choose whether they would spend two years in leisure time and suffer for the rest of their life or suffer two years in their academic pursuit and enjoy for the rest of their life. If you want to shine in life, you have to be more punctual, committed, dedicated in whatever you do, he said. He reminded the stu-

dents that their duty is to study, and asked them to concentrate on the same, assuring that they can achieve something and make the Nagas proud. The minister said, in this competitive world, one cannot survive without education. “Survival is education and education is survival,” he said adding that if one has to shine one has to be educated. He also said the basic foundation of a vibrant socio- economic principle lies with the human resource

development. The minister said the future will be in pathetic condition if human resource is not in order. Appreciating that the state’s literacy rate, he stressed on the need to increase the amount of quality education in the state. Later, T.L. Merry, vice president NPF (Central) and chairman Lotha Hoho Dimapur also graced the function as the guest of honour while union president Selezo Tsukru delivered presidential address.

Dimapur, october 29 (mexN): Bengali Hindu Community organized “Bijaya Sammellan”, a socio cultural programme at Durga Mandir Auditorium here on October 27. The event was graced by Swami Sadhanandaji Maharaj, Organizing Secretary (North-East) of Bharat Sevashram Sangha from Guwahati as chief guest.

A press release informed that Lipok Pongen and Pihoto Awomi, former DMC Member and public leader of Dimapur respectively attended the programme as guests of honour with other community leaders. Swami, the note said, lauded the hospitality of Dimapur people towards all community irrespective of caste and

creed. Lipok appreciated the approach of oneness of Bengali community. Meanwhile, Pihoto Awomi stressed on the need to develop understanding among each other to beautify Dimapur. Bishnu Bhattacharjee, working president of the Community in his welcome address invited all youths to join hands to preserve

culture and heritage to contribute more to the society. Other speakers included Dr A B Choudhury, Chief Advisor BHC; Monoj Bhattacharjee Principal Pranab Vidyapith; S. N. Dubey Principal Hindi College; and Tarun Nandi President, BHC. The ‘Sammellan’ was marked with cultural shows and felicitation.

Kohima | October 29

The 66th Foundation Day of the Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) was commemorated here today at Hotel Vivor with Imkong L. Imchen, Nagaland Minister for Health & Family Welfare and former general secretary of NSF (1983-85), as the Chief Guest. The Minister greeted all Naga students from federating units of the NSF and paid homage to contributions of former NSF leaders in taking the NSF to great heights. He stressed on the role of the youth through “energy, inventiveness, character and orientation” in building up society while defining the pace of development and security of a nation. Highlighting the importance of the dignity of labour, Imchen called upon the youth to “toil and sweat” to succeed in life. Citing the present genera-

Current and former leaders of the NSF are seen here with Nagaland minister Imkong L. Imchen at the NSF’s 66th Foundation Day, commemorated in Kohima on October 29.

tion’s misconception of manual labor as the means of a poor man’s livelihood, Imkong urged the younger generation to take cues from developed countries in addressing and creating awareness about the importance of labour in social institutions, while commenting on the need for local skilled workers in



MEx FILE Neiphiu Rio greets Liangmai community Dimapur, october 29 (mexN): The Chief Minister of Nagaland, Neiphiu Rio, has extended greetings on the occasion of Chaga Gadi festival which is celebrated by the Liangmai community. A press note issued by Abu Metha, Chief Minister's Office, Nagaland stated, “He wishes that the festival be commemorated in a successful and peaceful manner everywhere and that the celebrations may contribute towards unity, understanding and oneness of Naga society”.

Capacity development prog begins at Mokokchung

moKoKchuNg, october 29 (Dipr): Capacity Development Programme at Mokokchung from October 29, 2013 which is being organized by Nagaland State Disaster Management Authority (NSDMA) (Home Department) in collaboration with National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) GOI, started today at Mayangnokcha Government Higher Secondary School (MGHSS) Auditorium. Special Secretary (Home) Nagaland, Singsit in his inaugural speech said that disaster strike without warning, therefore every individual must be prepared by having the knowledge at incident response system so that one could tackle and respond more easily when disaster strike. Brig. (Dr.) B. K. Khana as specialist from NDMA in his short speech mentioned that community is the first respondent during disaster. He said that the important thing is to protect oneself in time of disaster such as earthquake saying that by protecting ourselves we can help others. Other special guest in the programme includes Ghatnayak, IRS Specialist from NDMA and Manohar, Deputy Commandant from NDRF. Administrative officers, police, officers from different department representing Mon, Longleng, Tuensang, Zunheboto and Mokokchung district, leaders from NGO’s and students from different schools attended the first day of the Capacity Development Programme.

ANIDFSAJF to agitate in Azo underscores need for more IAS, IPS, IFS Extortionist nabbed support of W/C employees

Dimapur, october 29 (mexN): All Nagaland Inter-Departmental Field Staff Association Joint Forum (ANIDFSAJF) has highlighted that the Cabinet Sub- Committee (CSC) was constituted by the State Government to examine the report and recommend suitable course of action of the workcharged & causal employees to the cabinet within two months period. A press note issued by N. Zhekugha Assumi, Sessional Chairman ANIDFSAJF, and K. Atovi Awomi, Sessional Secretary ANIDFSAJF, has stated that even after completion of four months, no positive response has arrived as a proposed meeting which was convened on August 20, 2013 was postponed to October 18, 2013, but the proposed meeting failed to hold because of "some Cab-

inet Sub-Committee Members were absent". Similarly, the said meeting was again postponed in the first week of November 2013. ANIDFSAJF, has therefore appealed that the proposed meeting must be hold without further postponed and the decision may kindly be made as early as possible as because the demands of the W/C employees are becoming beyond the control of the Association. ANIDFSAJF also warned that it will be liable to support the demands of the W/C employees to hold its proposed agitation in case of failure to hold meeting within first week of November 2013. ANIDFSAJF, further appealed all the WIC employees of every - department/Division to get ready for proposed agitation after first week of November 2013.

Kohima | October 29

Bijaya Sammellan celebrated in Dimapur

WACBCC Children Ministry conducts ‘Teen’s Retreat’

Participants at the one day Teens’ Retreat organized by WACBCC Children Ministry on October 26, 2013, at Chakhesang Baptist Church, Dimapur.

Dimapur, october 29 (mexN): Envisioning a world where children are able to make right choice in life, the WACBCC Children

Ministry, considering the Sunday School as the “Gold mine of the Church”, organized a one day Teens’ Retreat on October 26, 2013,

at Chakhesang Baptist Church, Dimapur, under the theme “In His grip”. A press note received here stated that 205 girls, 178

Kohima, october 29 (mexN): The inaugural programme of DMLT Course was held at the Conference Hall of PMTI Kohima on October 29 with Sentiyanger Imchen (IAS) Commissioner & Secretary H&FW as the chief guest. Dr. Neiphi Kire, Principal Director H&FW Nagaland, chaired the function and welcomed all the congregations and said that, the day is a memorable milestone in the history of H&FW Department for starting DMLT Course the first of its kind in the state after a gap of about 20 years. The programme started with an invocation prayer by Bendangtemsu Chaplin NHAK. The chief guest congratulated the department for the achievement and

stressed that more such Diploma Courses should be initiated at the institute in near future as the institute has good infrastructure as well as qualified faculty. He also emphasized that the department should let the PMTI continue to conduct more refresher/ re-orientation trainings of Multi Purpose Workers/Health Workers etc in order to generate resources to sustain the institute without depending always on the Government. The students of DMLT Course presented some special number and one of them shared his experience and expectations. The programme concluded with vote of thanks by Dr. I. Talitemsula Jamir Principal PMTI Kohima.

Kohima, october 29 (mexN): Sixteen selected contestants from the previous ‘Cooking Skills round’ of the Naga Chef Season 1 faced the Innovation round today. Naga Chef Season 1 which is being organised by the team at Synergy Group Enterprise was held at The Heritage, Kohima here today. A first of its kind in Nagaland, the cooking competition is also supported by the Government of Nagaland along with the event partners namely, Organic Nagaland who are managing the Naga Chef Pantry, Salon Blue for make-up and hairstyling, Precious Me Love (PML) for wardrobe styling and Eastern Gas who are supplying the commercial gas cylinders being used during the show. A press note issued by The Naga Chef team stated that the contestants

DMLT Course inaugurated

boys and 62 teachers participated in the program. The Resource persons - Dr. Cho and Vemuriyi Vadeo, spoke on knowing the Master who cre-

ated us- Jesus, by encountering Him and following Him as well. They also emphasized on identity crisis which is one of the major issues of Teens.

The Teens were encouraged to stay connected in Him and that we all live a life with Jesus who ensures a meaningful living.

by Mokokchung Police moKoKchuNg, october 29 (mexN): The Superintendent of Police, Mokokchung has stated that one person namely, Moameren Imchen, s/o Late Mapu of Longkhum village and presently residing at Aongza Ward, Mokokchung town was arrested by personnel of Mokokchung Police Station II on October 21, 2013 for threatening the family members of a ‘VVIP’ in order to commit extortion. The note stated that a written FIR was received from the complainant on October 15th that an SMS was sent to her from an unknown miscreant who was demanding Rs.2 lakhs from her or else she would be shot death. The police immediately requisitioned the CDR (Call Detail Records) and SDR (Subscribers Detail Records) of the unknown numbers from the concerned service providers. At the same time, a plan was laid out to capture the miscreant. The complainant on the advice of the police, agreed to pay the demanded money to the unknown person. On the morning of October 17, the extortionist gave a time and place for the money to be dropped off. Plain clothes police and special teams were deployed in and around that location. However, the person failed to show up that day. The note also mentioned that since the extortionist had stopped using the mobile phone numbers which were used to send SMSs and the SDR of those numbers were also not accurate, requisitions were made to all mobile phone

operators to provide details of the IMEI Number of the mobile phone used by the unknown person. A mobile number was identified which had used and was still using the mobile phone with the same IMEI number as that of the mobile used by the extortionist. So, accordingly, the CAF (Customer Application Form) of the identified number was obtained through which the identity and address of the extortionist was obtained. After his arrest and thorough interrogation, Moameren admitted that he had sent the extortion SMSs. Accordingly, a case was registered vide Mkg.PS-II case no. 0039/2013U /387 /506/ 507 IPC R/W66 (A) IT Act 2008 and the accused has now been forwarded to judicial custody. In this case connection, SP Mokokchung Vikram Khalate IPS taking serious note mobile SIM cards being sold without proper verification of documents, cautions all mobile service providers and distributors to take necessary actions on their part or else defaulters will be strictly penalized to the fullest extent of the law. In another case connection on October 22, 2013, Special Operation Team (SOT) of DEF Mokokchung apprehended one person namely, Imtinungsang (40 years) s/o P.Sutsung Village from Sungkomen Ward Mokokchung for illegal possession of 700 (seven hundred) capsules of banned Spasmoproxyvon. A case has been registered at Mokokchung Police Station I for further investigation.

Naga Chef contestants face Innovation Round, 12 selected

The selected 12 contestants of Naga Chef Season 1, who faced 'Innovation Round' at The Heritage, Kohima.

were given a fixed token amount with which to procure their own indigenous Naga ingredients and come up with an innovative dish that could be both appealing and palatable to international standards. The cooking time given was sixty minutes, within which the contestants had to pres-

ent a non vegetarian dish strictly using only Naga ingredients. The first batch of eight contestants did not leave the panel of judges very impressed however, some from the second batch delivered beautiful presentations. Among the interesting and innovative

creations, the ones that stood out were hornet stuffed in tomatoes, seafood platter Naga style, red minced pork with salad and another dish aptly named ‘Vuophehie’ which is Angami for Pork belly cups. Out of the sixteen contestants, twelve made the cut and will be facing the next

round which is a non elimination group round. The note also mentioned that the panel of judges included Rovi Chasie, Chef Joel Basumatari, Himato Zhimomi and a guest judge Chenti Phom, executive chef, Niathu Resort. According to the feedback given by the judges,

the contestants need to keep in mind that in promoting Naga food, contestants need to be very careful about both the taste and the presentation. The contestants were also advised to explore presentations of cuisines from other cultures in order to get better ideas to increase their chances of winning the competition. The twelve selected contestants will be divided into groups and will cook for a large number of patrons who will be gracing the occasion on November 2, at Hotel Vivor. The List of twelve selected contestants: Aketoli Zhimomi, James Chemben Ngullie, Hahao Chongloi, Gilbert Humtsoe, Asi Kera, Limala Sangtam, Viholi Sema, Imnanunsang Longkumer, Asano Angami, Supongla Lemtur, Nzano Tungoe, Jenny Kath Thong.



The Power of Truth

The Morung Express WEDnEsDAy 30 OcTObEr 2013 vOl. vIII IssuE 296

A Common Perception


onflicts are natural and occur at all levels of human interaction within and between individuals, communities, cultures and countries. The general perception that conflict is negative emerges from the assumption that conflicts are inherently associated with violence, and the absence of any violence implies there must be no conflict. In actuality, whenever harmony is interrupted or broken conflict exists. Unfortunately, perceptions of war and peace only reaffirm the status quo of “negative peace” – a peace that focuses on ending violence without justice. This “negative peace” perpetuates the conflict and does not allow for harmonious relations to be established because of its suppressive nature. Kai Frithjof Brand-Jacobsen shares the view that, “what is important, is not whether conflicts themselves are good or bad, but how we deal with them.” Current approaches dealing with conflicts reveal that there is a tendency to focus too much on ending the violence by presenting selective short-term options without addressing the peoples’ aspirations and needs. Such approaches do not empower peace interventions for exploring settlements that are consistent with justice. The thinking, language and actions that contribute to long lasting change using nonviolent means have not replaced deep-rooted causes of the conflict. This effectively denies the spectrum of rights that is necessary for unrepresented peoples to experience rehumanization and dignity. Invariably, this prevents the self from determining its own destiny, and perhaps this is one of the reasons why self-determination conflicts have either spanned over an extended period of time or have reoccurred. In protracted conflicts, Frederic S. Pearson says “attitudes seem particularly resistant where the conflict has witnessed a long history of mutual attack and atrocity.” He points out that the process of transforming conflicts needs to create a “perception of common concern” so that trust-building can begin to take place helping attitudes to shift. Initiatives to mobilize and involve people need to be an ongoing effort throughout the course of the peace process in various peacebuilding activities such as, trust-building, peoples-to-peoples dialogue, trauma healing, reconciliation, to rehumanize the image of the ‘cultural other,’ to encourage and support leaders in making conciliatory steps, truth-telling and envisioning a shared future. John Paul Lederach calls for “cultivating an infrastructure for peacebuilding” which is not merely interested in ending something that is undesirable, but “oriented toward the building of relationships that in their totality form new patterns, processes, and structures.” Clearly, top-down approaches to peace-building, “peace imposed from above or from abroad,” and “resolutions by force or the threat of force”, will not lead to peace, rather they may provoke the conflict causing further escalation. Any sustainable solution to peacefully transforming a conflict involves the peoples’ active participation at all levels of society, and a peoples’ values, needs and interests need to be integral in a peace process and upheld in a settlement. Attaining levels of transcendence requires empathy, creativity, sincerity based on nonviolence. There is no ready-made, one-size-fits-all blueprint for addressing self-determination conflicts. In each case, the parties involved must consider their distinctive context of “historical and political circumstances” and find a balance among various interests and values to make transformation possible.

lEfT wiNg |

Duane Shank Source: Sojourners

A Revolution of Rising Expectations


HE PHRASE “a revolution of rising expectations” is now part of the social science literature. When people who are not oppressed have a belief that life is getting better as economies improve, their expectations often outstrip the pace of actual change. Those rising expectations lead to unrest as demands for improvement continue to grow. This summer we have seen that play out in several countries. As living standards increase, people are less likely to tolerate corrupt and inefficient governments. Washington Post reporters Anthony Faiola and Paula Moura recently wrote, “One small incident has ignited the fuse in societies that, linked by social media and years of improved living standards across the developing world, are now demanding more from their democracies and governments.” In Turkey, it was the government’s plans to destroy the only public green space in the heart of Istanbul, a park that was to be replaced with a shopping mall. Protests against the plan soon grew into broader concerns about what is seen as increasingly authoritarian rule by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. They turned violent when peaceful demonstrators were attacked by police, and ultimately an Istanbul court ruled against the plan, although it is not finally settled. In Brazil, protests that began over a proposed rise in bus fares brought hundreds of thousands of people into the streets. The protests soon escalated into opposition to the large amounts of money the government is investing in facilities for the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics, while neglecting basic health care and education. President Dilma Rousseff has promised political reforms and increased spending on public transportation and other social needs. With an approaching presidential election in Chile, students again took to the streets with a demand for free education rather than a for-profit system. They were joined by workers and fishermen with broader demands for reform of the political system. There, too, promises of reforms are being made. And, in perhaps the most dramatic change, growing street protests brought about the military overthrow of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi’s Islamist government. In the year since the election that brought him and the Muslim Brotherhood to power, the economy has not kept pace with demands, unemployment has climbed, and social services declined. The events this summer follow on the strikes and demonstrations that have occurred in Europe—in Greece, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, and elsewhere—as austerity budgets have taken hold while unemployment and falling standards of living affect more and more people. All of this raises the obvious question: Why are the people of the U.S. seemingly so acquiescent to what is happening here? Unemployment, especially long-term, is still high; our infrastructure is crumbling; the social safety net is being shredded, at both the state and national levels; our education system is now ranked 17th among the top 40 developed countries. Despite all that, there are not thousands of people in the streets demanding change. The closest the U.S. has come in recent years was the dramatic birth and growth of the Occupy movement. Two years later, that has largely disappeared at the national level, in part due to its active suppression by the police. But more important, the activists involved have been putting down local roots, organizing at the community level against foreclosures and for jobs, protesting growing income inequality, and getting involved in many other struggles around the country. One day, there may be that “one small incident” here that will spark the kind of nonviolent prophetic protests that are now occurring around the world. Duane Shank is an associate editor of Sojourners.



Reem Mohamed

WOMEN AND THE ARAB SPRING Should women’s movements support a national revolution based on patriarchal principles?


hen women joined men on the streets of Egypt on January 25 2011, they did not organize for a gender revolution; they joined the crowds to chant ‘bread, freedom and social justice.’ This was a big mistake. Led by males, uprisings of the Arab Spring did not prioritize ‘equality’, a crucial concern for women. In 1991, when South Africa was redefining its national identity after four decades of apartheid rule, McClintock wrote: “women who are not empowered to organize during the struggle will not be empowered to organize after the struggle. If nationalism is not deeply informed, and transformed, by an analysis of gender power, the nation-state will remain a repository of male hopes, male aspirations, and male privilege.” The Arab Spring witnessed women falling into this trap: unconditionally supporting a national movement, hoping that gender equality would be a byproduct of toppling oppressive regimes. This causality is flawed; when formerly oppressed men rise to power, they are ever reluctant to share this power, especially with women. In fact, they may well seek to curb the rights and freedoms that women already enjoy so as to eliminate any possibility of empowerment. The recent political developments in Egypt suggest the return of an autocratic regime. Women’s position towards any rising power at this point is influenced by the political developments in the last three years. Women were excluded from the transitional process and remain at risk of losing the limited rights they enjoy, not only in Egypt, but also in Tunisia and Libya – countries that successfully overthrew an oppressive leader and entered into a transitional process. This leaves women with a tough choice: supporting pseudo-democratic regimes that grant them some legal rights, or supporting the ‘revolutionary’ movements that eliminate any empowerment prospect for women.

Global trends The participation of women in collective movements is not only welcomed, but can be strongly encouraged. The visibility of women in such movements may be important for a variety of reasons: first, femininity reflects fertility and symbolizes the continuity of the nation; second, women are mothers, wives and daughters supporting ‘their’ patriotic men and complementing their work; and third, the visibility of women strengthens the legitimacy of the movement’s international image and recognition. As long as women’s participation and aspirations are contained in a masculine framework, women are urged to revolt. In this way, women’s efforts are employed for a patriarchal project. Gender equality is considered peripheral to the national struggle, based on the assumption that women’s emancipation will sequentially follow national liberation. Accordingly, gender inequalities are never linked to patriarchy, but rather blamed on various political and economic ideologies including colonialism, dictatorships and capitalism, among others. In 1931 India, Nehru urged women to participate in the national movement and abandon the gender struggle when he stated that ‘in a national war, there is no question of either sex or community. Whoever is born in this country ought to be a soldier’ because of which he advised women to dedicate their efforts to the national struggle so as to rid themselves from all kinds of oppressions; imperialism and gender inequalities alike. Throughout the apartheid era, the South African women’s movement dared not speak about gender inequalities for fear of shifting focus away from the concern perceived as the most pressing: racial discrimination.

Disillusioned women of the Arab Spring During the uprisings of the Arab Spring, women were directed away from gender issues, and towards the mainstream demands of ‘bread and freedom’. Because of their remarkable contribution to these movements, women expected that they would play a pivotal role in the newly-founded democracies; however, they were utterly disappointed. A few days into the transitional period, the Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF) in Egypt delegated Judge Tariq el Bishry to head a committee for draft-


evi galho hotel is a tiny food joint in Kohima’s super market lane, situated parallel to the local ground. We discovered this tiny non-descript looking food joint quite by chance. Film-maker Kivini Shohe and I had 3 hours to spare before an appointment so we hung around casually in the market area. Someone had suggested we try a chow-momo place just below Wupru Optics. On our way there Kivini got a whiff of something familiar, something that triggered a mouth-watering response in that bustling lane. “Angami galho,” she beamed with delight. “Wow, let’s go in,” I answered without hesitation. We spotted a small doorway with old curtains half drawn. We peeped in and realized this was the very place where the captivating aroma came from! This was Kevi galho hotel, but even that name scrawled on the wall was hidden by a row of clothes on hangers belonging to the adjoining shop. We entered the hotel and occupied a spot amid the sparse arrangement of tables and benches. The place looked like it had customers flowing in and out through the day. On the wall it was written: Galho – Beef Rs. 50, Pork Rs. 60. There were two little bowls of chutney on the table, one was axone in raja mircha and the other was mashed potato in raja mircha. We ordered beef

ing the constitutional amendments that regulated the forthcoming elections. El Bishry appointed experts in law and politics including members of minority groups such as a Coptic Christian and a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, but he did not appoint a single woman. Women did not lead any political parties and were generally absent from negotiations over the transitional process with the SCAF. The opposition is similarly biased; gender issues are restricted to the women’s committees of political parties as they are not considered public issues. The first ministerial cabinet following the ousting of Mubarak included three women and the one appointed after the 2012 presidential elections included two women. Out of 100 members in the Constitutional Committee of 2012, seven were women; and five women are among the 50 members of the committee assigned to draft the 2013 Constitution. Ideologically, women were perceived as a financial burden; as sexual objects; and as ‘homemakers’ who are expected to prioritize their family life over their personal interests. Despite the economic and political turmoil in Egypt, the first post-Mubarak elected parliament deemed it more urgent to curb women’s rights, seeking to annul the meagre legal and political gains they had made during Mubarak’s era. Parliamentarians discussed regressive legal amendments suggesting the repeal of unilateral divorce, the restriction on women’s movements, and the legalization of female genital mutilation (that was outlawed in 2008). The parliament also discussed removing restrictions on a marital age for girls and the return of Beit-El-Ta’a (a man’s legal right to force women to live in the marital home). The 2012 Constitution reaffirmed gender stereotypes as it was generous with women’s welfare rights and stingy with gender equality and women’s empowerment. Article 10 stated that ‘the State shall provide special care and protection to female breadwinners, divorced women and widows’. In other words, the state must overtake the role of deceased and absent men to ‘protect’ women; otherwise, women will be protected by their husbands. The article also enjoins the state to ‘enable the reconciliation between the duties of a woman toward her family and her work.’ These provisions were hailed as protective measures, when in fact they emphasized the gendered division of labour, restricting women’s identities to mothers, daughters and wives. With these constitutional indications, the new Egypt has carefully drawn the boundaries for women in public and private life. The obsession with curbing women’s rights is trending across the region. In the midst of the Libyan national reconciliation process, Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, Chairman of the Libyan National Transitional Council (NTC) vowed to loosen all restrictions imposed by Gaddafi on the practice of polygamy. Similar to their Egyptian neighbours, the NTC considered polygamy to be a more urgent matter than serious political challenges that threatened Libya’s peace and reconciliation prospects. Abdul-Jalil’s promise was realized when the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court in Libya abolished all restrictions on the practice of polygamy in February 2013. The thinning of the line between religion and politics following the Arab Spring has diminished the already limited prospects of women’s participation in the region. Jumping on the bandwagon, religious figures made numerous sexist statements seeking to restrict women’s rights. After Gaddafi’s fall Libyan Grand Mufti Sheikh Sadeq Al-Ghariani called for a separation of sexes in law and society, and in March 2013, he urged the

government to restrict women’s freedom of marriage. Tunisian women are not enjoying a ‘spring’ either. Before they held office in 2011 Ennahda party had promised to recognize and honour women’s rights. Once in power, the party sang a different tune; party members called for the recognition of women as ‘complementary to men’ in the draft Constitution of 2012. In the latest row of sexist politics, in September 2013, Tunisian women were reportedly used as sex Jihadists to be gifted to the warriors of the Free Syrian Army. In March 2013 the UN Commission on the Status of Women sought to ratify a declaration to end violence against women. The draft document enraged political and religious leaders (with overlapping roles) in both Egypt and Libya. The Libyan Grand Mufti issued a fatwa calling upon all Muslim women to protest against the declaration as it jeopardized the rules of Islam. Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood issued a statement against the declaration, pinpointing ten main criticisms and shamelessly published it on the group’s English website. The Brotherhood contested women’s freedom to travel and work. The group also condemned the interference of state-law in marriage particularly regarding intimate violence. The statement also urged women’s organizations to ‘commit to their religion and morals of their communities and the foundations of good social life and not be deceived with misleading calls to decadent modernization and paths of subversive immorality.’ Making a safe bet While considered ‘oppressive’, pseudo-democratic states do not have a problem with women’s rights, albeit not out of their commitment to gender equality. Promoting women’s rights is a safe bet; women’s rights neither question the legitimacy nor threaten the longevity of such regimes. In fact, reflecting the image of ‘supporters of gender equality’ earns the state international praise with little emphasis on either implementation or budgetary allocation. The former Egyptian first lady Suzanne Mubarak headed the National Council for Women that successfully advocated for various rights and freedoms including the right to unilateral divorce and the criminalization of FGM, along with NGOs. Seeking international approval as far back as 1957, Bourguiba introduced some rights to Tunisian women that were rarely enjoyed in the Arab world: women had the right to divorce, polygamy was banned and marital age was set at 17. His successor Ben Ali maintained the stance towards women’s rights. However, both leaders had no regard to civil and political liberties. In Gaddafi’s era, female education significantly increased (including college level), women enjoyed the right to divorce and to equal pay for equal work, and polygamy was restricted. So what? A question presenting itself at this point: overthrowing an oppressive regime is necessary regardless of the collateral damage. In fact, women do have a choice. Referring to Gaddafi’s regime, a prominent Libyan human rights lawyer, Hana el-Gallal, stated: “In the old regime we didn’t have any voice in the economic and political sector. Now, in these two sectors we don’t have any presence”. Women may decide to play it safe and support the least of two evils; at least with pseudo-democracies women can work within the system without seeing their rights eradicated. So, should women’s movements support a national revolution based on patriarchal principles? Such a decision has to be a matter of choice informed by the political environments in each country; however, the developments in three of the countries that are ‘transitioning’ to democracy give quite a stark indication of women’s chances in a nationalist movement.

Kevi Galho Hotel susan Waten

galho for it looked completely delicious on the plate of the customer beside us. Within seconds our orders arrived. Without wasting any time we both dived into our plates like it was an eating competition! The tiny pieces of beef innards looked mindboggling yummy. It was a little hard to chew, but none the less, absolutely fabulous to taste! The axone chutney was just heavenly. We had eaten our lunch not very long ago, but the idea of gobbling down some “original Angami galho” in Kohima really appealed to us. We both lived in Kohima before shifting to Dimapur, and are no stranger to galho; in fact we are ardent fans of this highly popular dish. As such this golden opportunity to ‘pig out’ on something as ‘local’ as galho in a busy Kohima market was such an exciting treat! My stomach became full, but in my mind, I was hankering for a second and third helping. Controlling this silly self-indulgent urge to eat more, we paid and swiftly left the place. I’ve heard about the concept of

“comfort food,” of food that actually triggers “happy hormones” and uplifts the spirit, of food that can give a “euphoric high” similar to the effect of chemical stimulants. I happened to see a movie, a comedy, where this lady experiences a climactic high over an ice-cream. Seeing the amazing effect, people made a drooling bee line for it. That day when I strolled out the door in a full belly, I experienced such a kick, it was so totally crazy! I felt I was floating on mid air, my head felt dizzily light and to have eaten that mouthsmacking plate of galho was just awesome and beyond belief. I felt incredibly good, and happy, and utterly content. It was so very different from an experience I had several years ago. Two of my friends and I, after a tiring day, decided to eat galho in some strange market place. We entered an anonymous joint, some-what shady looking but it was the only one nearby. We were hungry and didn’t care that the place might have been a local watering hole. Our galho looked terrifyingly green and exaggeratedly watery. It had too much


leaves and too little rice. It was also cold and flavorless; the accompanying meat wasn’t enticing enough. Someone whispered, “gahori dana,” and that nauseous thought played on our minds till we reached home. Such was an episode best left alone. Anyway, I soon learned how to make galho, each time giving it a highly personalized twist. For taste-maker, I sometimes used ‘anishi’ instead of axone, pumpkin or potatoes instead of green leaves, and also daal for gravy. This recipe may be a far cry from the original Angami galho, but for me, this assorted pot has always been a hot favorite. Churning out this dish also proved to be very handy because when I started living by myself in Dimapur, I became somewhat lazy to cook full course meals daily. Instead, I never hesitate to deposit in one smoldering pot all the left-overs of previous days for a special galho, my very own fast food! It is also a healthy dish because I dump in all those green veggies with their natural vitamins, along with meat pieces for protein! And anyway, galho is more highly recommended than Maggi or Wai Wai for people who’re fortunate enough to live independently. But that day in Kevi galho hotel, I realized that I urgently need to update and revise my old galho recipe, and not to stray too far away from the original Angami concoction. Susan Waten, Founder of Holiday Abode for Writers & Artists (HAWA), Nagaland.

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7 The Church in a Shifting Culture



30 OctOber 2013



Chekrovei Cho-o ulture plays an important role in the life of the church as well as individual lives. Culture impacts the functions and activities of the church besides its traditions and belief. For instance, preaching has always borrowed its style from culture. During the scholastic period preaching was full of allegory and stories of the saints. Preaching style in baroque period was as flowery and ornamental as baroque architecture. The enlightenment brought rational, highly philosophical and doctrinal preaching to forefront, while the romantic era saw an emphasis on emotion and nature (Stephenson Bond). It should not be surprising, then, that in our age prosperity gospel dominates our preaching styles due to the culture of materialism. We’ve also put infrastructural development above spiritual development in our churches. There is nothing wrong about being culturally relevant as long as the biblical principles are not compromised; nevertheless, there are very high chances of being swayed away by the popular culture of the day at the expense of biblical foundations of the church and its activities. Some of the Contemporary Challenges Confronting the Church Today The church is never free from being influenced, even dictated by a system informed by the popular culture. The followings are some of the crises confronting the mission of God through the Church.

Success Syndrome Versus Servant Lifestyle: Materialism has hindered the church from its inception. Congregations often perceive ministerial effectiveness as numbers game. By equating BIGNESS with GREATNESS, this “nickles and noses” mentality has frequently diverted the attention of the church and her ministers from faithful service. The servant motivation in Christian ministry has given way to grasping for prestige and power. As Christians have drifted away from the simple life-style of the New Testament toward the pursuit of materialistic success, the church’s inconsistency has scrambled it’s message of care (James Reed and Ronnie Prevost). Think about the mega events of the church such as jubilees, crusades, and conferences. Particularly, jubilees among the Baptist churches in Nagaland have become a mockery than an occasion to fulfill God’s purpose. Celebrations need not be in material sense. Why jubilee gifts for VIPs, missionaries, and church workers when jubilee is all about deliverance from bondage of all kinds. Why jubilee memorial buildings? Why not send out the message of care to the poor and needy by providing their basic needs in the name of jubilee? Why not sponsor an orphan or two in the name of jubilee instead of a giant structure called house. Why not send out a few missionaries for the spiritual deliverance of the lost in the name of jubilee? And for heaven’s sake, jubilee is held only in the 50th year, not 25 or 75 or 125 years. Our superficial understanding of the Scripture accompanied by our willful negligence of the biblical principles have made our “celebrations” abomination to God. Equating bigness with greatness is a misconception and a bad culture too. Every great thing has a humble beginning. We seem to have forgotten this fact. If you want to clean up a jungle, it is better to uproot the unwanted trees than to set fire on the whole jungle causing wild fire. And, by the way, you don’t plant jungles you plant tree saplings. The good thing is that, Nagas are very ambitious in doing things but not many are good at embodying what they do with vision. If we want to see change, we must climb down the ladder of pride and begin to serve at grass root level. Biblically speaking, mega events in the bible were all the result of the outpouring of God’s Spirit on the faithful (e.g. Day of Pentecost – Acts 2:14ff.). They were never human made events. We cannot appropriate God’s plan with human wisdom. God must be allowed to do great things in us by being faithful and obedient lest we reduce our spirituality to “spiritual anorexia.” Spiritual anorexia is a kind of giving up the possibility that God will meet our spiritual needs. Thus we begin to appropriate God’s plan for our lives and our churches. This thing happens not because we don’t rust in God but because of our wrong trust and wrong step. Sarai’s (Sarah) suggestion for Abraham to marry Hagar to bear a son for them (to fulfill God promise) was a typical example (see Genesis 16:1-16). We must allow God to manifest His mighty works in us than initiate mighty works for God in contrary to the biblical teachings. Superficial Evangelism Versus Nurture: Throughout the history, new converts to the Christian faith have received too little and shallow instructional training and organic nurture for Christian living. Many Christians seem to have directed their attention more toward an orthodoxy of belief than an orthodoxy of life. We have even reduced mission to number game. The number of converts is rising every year, but lack of leadership among the local converts continues to persist. This is because the church has misunderstood the Great Commission. The emphasis in the Great Commission is not “go” or “conversion” but” make disciples”. . . “teaching them to obey all I have commanded” (Matthew 28:19-20). Of course, without going one cannot make disciples of all nations, but evangelism without nurture is halfdone. We are responsible for the crisis in mission fields. As the saying goes, “little learning is dangerous.” There are people who do not believe in the gospel because they do not understand, while others become Christians without understanding the cost being a disciple. The church cannot afford to count the gospel eggs by spending huge amount of money without enabling them to hatch and mature. Institutional Form Versus Individual Faith: Christian bodies are turning into religious organization rather than the Body of Christ because the church is institutionalized. Thus the believers are forced to remain spiritual infants. Findley Edge, Bill Rogers, and others have described a cyclic process of institutionalism. First, as a reaction to errors, abuses, and injustices, a movement is born in a time of great stress. Second, the new movement must organize its own institutions to survive. Third, society rejects the growing movement as a hated sect. Fourth, the movement passes from rejection to toleration to acceptance by society. Finally, once the movement’s dogma has become accepted, either an individual or group demands conformity. Thus the cycle repeats itself. In contrast, individual faith stresses a direct relationship between God and humans. Such radical faith has almost always met persecution. Jesus’ crucifixion provides the supreme example of this truth. In

reality, the church as a living body of Christ is much more than a structured institution. In order to overcome this crisis and initiate effective mission of God in the church we must first understand the purpose of the church. Most denominations and scholars agree that the church exists for three purposes – Fellowship, Worship, and Witness. This idea is drawn from the New Testament characteristics of a church based on Acts 2:42-47. The very purpose of the church – assembled people of God – is to have relationship with God and with one another and to witness the God in whom and for whom they exist.

Current Lack of Purpose: Jim Wilhoit points out the current crisis in church ministry stems from a lack of clear purpose at the grassroots level. The people most directly involved in Christian education – Sunday school teachers, youth counselors, and Bible study leaders – often have no idea of the ultimate purpose of their educational endeavors. We are good at copying others and do what others do, and even do better. The only problem is doing things without expecting results, thus our activities are reduced to busybody than a purposeful activity. Think about children’s department where most of the time is spent on crafts and work books that have only an incidental relationship to the Bible passage of the week. The teachers believe that they should not bore the children, so they do their best to make the class a lot of fun. Often, however, no one knows the ultimate purpose for the class. At times, Sunday School teachers become “fire fighters” struggling with how to keep the children quiet so that there’s little time to impart in them what they need to learn and become. I used to be ashamed of myself, today, of how I had no direction whatsoever when I was forced by my church to teach Sunday school children during my early secular college days. Such a lack of purpose can devastate the personnel in ministries where the results are slow and where mere hard work goes unnoticed. We are very eager to know WHAT does it mean to do something. We are even more eager to know HOW things are done. But, we tend to ignore the most important one: WHY do we involve in the things that we do? The way we understand something will determine the way we will do things.

Strategic Shifts to Successfully Transform the Church Sóren Kierkegaard said, “Life can only be understood backward, but it must be lived forward.” Likewise, when we look at our past as the church – the body of Christ – we can see so many challenges. Dwelling on these challenges can be overwhelming, but looking forward with renewed strength with a desire to see positive change can make a lot of difference. The followings are strategic shifts suggested by Mark Conner for a healthy church. A Power Shift from Self to God: It is a confidence in self to a greater dependence on God. It is a recognition that true success is, “not by might or power, but by the Spirit of the Lord” (Zechariah 4:6). When we look at the fall of mankind (Genesis 3:4,5), and even angel – the Morning Star (Isaiah 14:12-14), both the causes were pride or ego. Indeed, “pride goes before a fall.” Prayer is the key to everything both in our personal lives and in the Church because it is the greatest source of power. It is said, a prayerful person is a powerful person. If our Lord Jesus Christ had to spend so much time with his Father to sustain his earthly ministry, how much more would we need to spend with God. Power belongs to God and to wait on God no time is lost. A Priority Shift from Inreach to Outreach: Today, many say that they find increasing attraction in Jesus but growing alienation from the church. But why this loss of faith in the integrity of the church? Chevis F. Horne points out three reasons: First, some say that the church is introverted, that it turns in upon its own life, and that it is more concerned with serving itself than serving the world. The church is really a servant, existing not for itself but for the world, it seems to have forgotten that. Second, the charge of irrelevance is leveled at the church. It is not in touch with real life and its crucial issues. It has been too tethered closely to sacred buildings and holy hours. It has not freed itself to be the church in the world. Third, the church reflects too much the spirit of its culture and too little the spirit of its Lord. Rather than being controlled by the mind of Christ, it has embodied the values, standards, and fragmentation of its society. The church, like its Lord, is to be a servant, but it has sought power, prestige, and status symbols. Unless the church is able to live out beyond these crises it will soon be overwhelmed by its own problems. The church must become evangelistic community. The church is a community of believers but it does not exist for itself but for the ones who need to know the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. One thing the church must guard itself from is self serving or being served. A Program Shift from Events to Relationship: As mentioned earlier the church is becoming too much event-oriented at the expense of relationship. We have even reduced church administration to activities. Charles A. Tidwell maintains that, there are things to be done in the church, but church administration is more than doing of things; it is “growing of people.” We cannot grow people if relationship is ignored or neglected. God wants us to shift our focus from just having events to the development of meaningful relationships between people, so that the church becomes a caring Christian community. As highlighted above, there’s severe deviation from the biblical teaching in regards to our church jubilees when it’s not about the event but people, especially people in need. It is everybody’s responsibility to initiate change in our local churches as well as Associations/Councils today. The Church is God’s new community that is to be known by its love and the quality relationships between God and His people and among God’s people (see John 13:34-35). In Acts b2:42-47, we see the distinguishing qualities of this new community. These first believers ate together, prayed together, shared their material possessions, praised God together, met together to learn the Word of God and experienced opportunities to witness Jesus Christ. As they did, they attracted others from the city to follow Jesus Christ and be a part of their community. Perhaps, we as the church know very well what we OUGHT to do but are not willing to move a bit to practice what we believe. This is called “abusive spirituality.” The fact is that, if your faith doesn’t change you, you change your faith. A Leadership Shift from Ministers to Equippers: Leadership crisis is not foreign to the Nagas even

among church leaders. It is because the biblical understanding of leadership is either not grasped or misunderstood. It is an obvious thing that, what one can do, two can do better provided proper guidance precedes the action. According to Charles A. Tidwell, “all ministry is equipping ministry.” What Jesus did throughout his earthly ministry was equipping his disciples for the challenges ahead of them in His kingdom business. Church leaders need to take on the role of a COACH, who empowers others to reach their ministry potential. As cited above, church administration is “growing of people” developing people as effective ministers is vital to the ongoing growth and health of the church and its ministries. We know that Moses had “Messiah Complex” in his leadership style until his father-in-law Jethro gave him a word of wisdom that enabled him to delegate and mobilize others to help him in the work of ministry (Exodus 18:13-27). Nehemiah was an excellent leader, who led a group of people to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem. The task was too big for him to do by himself, so he made sure every person had a place and a job to do to contribute to the overall task (Nehemiah 1-6). Jesus was a Shepherd, but He worked like a rancher. He trained twelve disciples and told them to go and make disciples, who would raise even more disciples and thereby multiply the ministry. That was Jesus’ priority; that was the disciples’ primary task (Matthew 28:18-20). Paul was a great leader because he was able to train others to join him in ministry. Paul told Timothy to take the things he had taught him and pass them on to the faithful people who would be able to train others (2 Timothy 2:1-2). In the words of Dr. James Longkumer, “discipleship is not limited to the clergies or people in ministry. Every member of the church must be made disciples in order to follow Jesus and contribute to the gospel ministry of Jesus Christ.” One common failure of the church today is inability to equip the laity for ministry. Leadership that empowers others is a powerful leadership.

A Ministry Shift from Consumers to Contributors: We live in a consumer mentality society today. What is “important” for many people is how much one gets than how much one can contribute. The measure of ministry is not how much we get but how much we give. Mark Conner says, “I believe that people are looking for significance in life and this is found by giving their lives to a cause beyond themselves. God has a vision, a dream, and a destiny for each individual person and this includes a significant contribution to the local church.” A number of years ago, gospel singer Michael W. Smith had a hit song called Place in This World. The message of this song touches on one of the core needs that every human being is born with – to find their place in the world. We have a deep desire for our lives to have a sense of purpose and meaning. Each one of us wants to know the answers to the questions, “Who am I?” and “Why am I here for?” Thankfully the Bible teaches us that God has a plan and a purpose for each person (Mark Conner). God is in recruiting business. History is full of examples of ordinary people that God chose to do extraordinary tasks. God is doing a great work and he has selected you and me to be on His team. No one is too insignificant for the task God has entrusted to him or her. “Priesthood of all believers” (1 Peter 2:9) gives you ample opportunity to do what you can do in God’s team. Conner reiterates that, you are a part of the body of Christ; you have been given a spiritual gift; you have a specific job to do; the growth of the body of Christ is dependent on you; and God sees what you can become, not just what you are now. A Worldview Shift from Church Mentality to a Kingdom Mentality: In Mark 9:38-40, we have an interesting story involving Jesus’ disciples. While traveling along ministering in various villages, they observed someone else ministering. They said, “Jesus, we saw someone who is NOT ONE OF US casting out demons in your name. Should we tell them to stop?” See how their reaction revealed an attitude of pride and exclusiveness that Jesus has to rebuke them for. This story reveals some common attitudes that can easily become part of our way of thinking concerning other churches and ministries. Today, many churches have become their own stumbling blocks in mission fields. Scuffle among the Christian churches or denominations is causing confusion among the new believers in many mission fields. Our ego-centricity and selfish attitude displayed in our claim for ownership in the mission of God has done so much damage than promote the mission God has entrusted to us. We need to change our thinking patterns in order to adopt a kingdom mentality. We need to shift our focus so that we do not merely concentrate our attention on our own local church or ministry, but begin to see what God is doing through the wider Church and body of Christ. It is said, “Humility is the right estimate of yourself.” We must not think of ourselves more highly than we should (Romans 13:3). We all need each other. The Great Commission is too big for any one of us to fulfill. We need all churches and all Christian ministries working together to achieve God’s purposes. The book of Proverbs tells us that, a mark of wisdom and maturity is a willingness to listen and learn from others (9:9; 12:15). We should look for common ground and not focus only on our differences (Philippians 1:15-18). God wants us connected to others, not isolated from them. God values diversity, not uniformity and so should we. God is building His Church, and His Church is an extension of the kingdom of God in every locality. It is not one particular denomination or nationalistic group. It is His people, out of every nation and cultural background. As the true Church of Jesus Christ turns from competitiveness to co-operation, we will see the task of reaching our cities and villages accomplished much more quickly. A kingdom mentality sees the church in the world as a body comprised of many local churches, all working together for God’s purposes. Finally, I know very well, there is neither a perfect church nor a perfect church leader and that every fallible leader is bound to lack perfection his or her ministry, but one must be reminded of biblical principles as often as possible than being swayed away by the cultures of the world. As echoed by Dr. Pangernungba, “the church needs to be informed by culture but it must transcend the contemporary culture and retain its own culture, that is, biblical and spiritual principles. It is because the church is to be ‘in the world although it is not of the world’” (John 17:11-17). Therefore, culture should be understood as a vehicle to direct the church in its functions and activities for the sake of relevance, but it must guard itself from being polluted or swallowed up by the popular culture.

The Newspaper with an Opinion The Morung Express

There are many times we turn a blind eye – for example, when a family member uses unfair means to get a job or we condone corrupt practices which directly benefit us. Likewise, we continue to uphold the law on prohibition while ignoring the abundance of alcohol in functions, wedding parties, or even in some paan shops. The hypocrisy has led to many articles and debate topics on the issue since it was first enforced and has brought about many different viewpoints. This week, generation “Y” has a say:

“DO WE NEED PROHIBITION OF LIQUOR IN NAGALAND?” P. Jonglio Khiamniungan, B.A. 3rd year rohibition of liquor is the legal Act of prohibiting the manufacture, transportation and sale of alcohol and alcoholic beverages. In Nagaland, I believe we need prohibition of liquor as it has become like a disease; bearing numerous ill effects. It does not only poison one’s life but affects the political, social, economic, spiritual, moral and educational standards of a society. Nagaland is one of the states in India where liquor or alcohol is legally banned. The government of Nagaland passed the liquor prohibition in 1989. The prohibition bill has in some ways helped in removing the glittering liquor shops from our towns and the drunken brawls that were noisily located in busy streets and the Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC) has also taken the initiative in upholding the prohibition Act. However, the prohibition has not fully succeeded in preventing our people from drinking alcohol and the debate is now whether it should be lifted from the land or not . Alcohol or liquor consumption has become a disease in the Naga society where the victims include both genders of all ages. I would like to highlight the disadvantages of alcohol and liquor consumption. 1. Alcohol hinders the spiritual life of a person. Nagaland as we know is a Christian state but the inhabitants consume liquor in abundance, which strongly contradicts the Bible. Alcohol is one of the greatest enemies of man and destroys the family. 1st Corinthians 6:10 says, “No drunkards shall enter the kingdom of Heaven. No thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortionists shall inherit the kingdom of God”. The Bible condemns liquor drinking: Leviticus 10:9 “Do not drink wine nor strong drink”. Proverbs 20:21 “Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging”. Proverbs 23:21 “The drunkards shall come to poverty’. Thus, from the spiritual point of view it clearly indicates that one should avoid drinking alcohol to inherit the kingdom of god. 2. Political: From the political point of view, it leads to all sorts of corruption, especially during election. Voters are being bought by a bottle of liquor by the candidates and allies. 3. Economic: Alcohol consumption leads to low standards of living as the father or the bread earner in the family succumbs to this evil vice. Ultimately, it obstructs development in the society as it leads to less contribution from the members towards the society. 4. Health problems: It is a slow poison where the consumer suffers from multiple health problems such as – kidney failure, damaged cerebellum, liver and eventually kills the victim. It leads to severe asthmatic attacks, high blood pressure problems, heart attacks, cancer and other chronic ailments in the long run. Consumption of alcohol is not only harmful for one’s health but also the entire environment. There are millions suffering from alcohol abuse in the world and they are increasing in numbers day by day. One may get temporary pleasure out of it, but it gradually leads to mental and physical dependency on alcohol and addiction. 5. Social Problems - It leads to many social problems like divorce, infidelity, rape, different forms of abuse, molestation, verbal and physical abuse etc. Especially among students, it hampers academic achievement. Students are unable to concentrate on their studies and other related activities which affects their academic performance. Unless the policy makers and law enforcers are serious and committed to the Bill, it will never succeed. However, in the present scenario, we find that many of them also actively consume alcohol. Despite being the lawmakers, they seem to have no intention of abiding by it themselves. Sometimes in life we have to relentlessly pursue our objectives regardless of failure simply because doing them is right. All of this is possible only when the world comes together for a common cause. I believe the government organizations need to put in a greater concerted effort to eliminate this dirty habit from the root. Steps should be taken up by the government organization or leaders of the state to bring discipline in the society and peace and order in our state. The society cannot progress in an undisciplined environment. There will be chaos and confusion in the society if things are not organized in a proper way. It is with the implementation of laws that the animal instinct in human beings is controlled. It is essential to impart knowledge of laws. So far, due to the lack of implementation of laws in our society, we witness corruption in every nook and corner of our state. Nagaland, as a Christian state needs to be controlled and disciplined. According to the act, dry state should be strictly prohibited. Despite our motto of Nagaland for Christ, every morning in newspaper we read so many IMFL cases. It is illegal in Nagaland, yet many exploit the alcoholic by smuggling in alcohol and selling them at exorbitant rates. While they may become rich, these alcohol dealers are abetting slow death among users, besides putting their families in untold misery. These black alcohol dealers are indeed some of the worst criminals in our society who are destroying people’s life as long as they get their money. The idea of revoking the total prohibition is unthinkable. It will instead provoke people to fall into graver situations. In conclusion, I would like to cite that a growing and developing state like Nagaland needs to prohibit liquor in every possible way in order to improve our life in particular and our development in general. Let us commit ourselves to freeing our homes, streets, markets, offices, work place, villages and towns from the evils of liquor.


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Wednesday 30 October 2013

The Morung Express

‘Indian Mujahideen behind attack on Modi rally’

BHUBANESWAR, OctOBER 29 (REUtERS): An Islamist militant group is believed to be behind an attack on a rally by Narendra Modi that killed six people and wounded more than 80, police said on Tuesday. Modi, who has a good chance of becoming India’s next prime minister, is seen as a target of militants who hold him responsible for riots a decade ago during his first term as chief minister of Gujarat. At least 1,000 people, most of them Muslims, were killed in the rioting. Seven crude bombs went off on Sunday in Bihar as Modi’s supporters gathered for his rally. He was not near any of the blasts and delivered his speech despite the attack. Senior police official S.N. Pradhan said one of two suspects arrested after the blasts had identified a suspected senior member of the Indian Mujahideen militant group, Tehseen Akhtar, as the organiser of the attack. The National Investigation Agency, India’s top counter terrorism body, is seeking the arrest of the 24-yearold Akhtar in connection with attacks in recent years in the cities of Mumbai and Varanasi and is investigating his role in blasts in Hyderabad in February. “Because of the Tehseen connection, the entire chain is established,” said Pradhan, a senior police official in Jharkhand, where the detained suspect is from. “There is no doubt

Centre alerted Bihar about terror attack in Patna: Shinde

Indian National Security Guard soldiers collect evidence from the site of bomb blasts at a central park in Bihar’s state capital of Patna, on Monday, October 28. (AP Photo)

that it is the work of the Indian Mujahideen.” Police said the bombers were trying to spark a stampede in the crowd. Heavy loss of life could have inflamed tension, recently simmering again, between majority Hindus and minority Muslims. The Indian Mujahideen has been accused of dozens of similar bomb attacks over recent years. The ease with which the bombs were planted around the rally ground, where tens of thousands of people gathered to hear Modi, has raised concern about Modi’s safety. Leaders of his Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) have called the attack a big security failure and have demanded better

protection for him. There has been no claim of responsibility. LEADER ARRESTED Opinion polls suggest the BJP, which is seeking to unseat a ruling coalition led by the Congress party, could win the most seats in a general election due by May. Critics say Modi did not do enough to stop rampaging Hindu mobs in the 2002 riots in Gujarat. Modi denies any role in the violence and a Supreme Court appointed panel cleared him of wrongdoing. Modi rejects any suggestion of bias against Muslims although his party rose to prominence after leading a campaign that led to the destruction of the

ministers “exposes the scenario in what manner coal blocks were being allocated”. “Recommendations letters had played a role in the allocation of coal blocks,” he said. Sharma had moved the apex court Oct 21 asking Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to explain the allocation of 150 coal blocks as he had done while defending the allocation of Talabira-II Coal block in Odisha to Aditya Birla Group’s Hindalco. He Tuesday moved an application, saying, “...for the first time since the coal block allocation scam came up, PM Manmohan Singh has explained about one allocation. But there have been more than 150 coal block allocations, so will he be able to explain all of them”. The court Tuesday asked the government to spell out its view on the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) plea that its director

should be vested with the status of being ex-officio secretary to the government so that he could communicate with the minister for personnel directly without wading through the bureaucratic web. The court also asked the government to pronounce its position on the CBI plea that its director should have the authority to appoint independent senior counsel to represent the agency before the courts. However, Solicitor General Mohan Parasaran “strongly” opposed the CBI’s plea on both the counts. “It goes against administrative spirit. It would send a wrong signal... it involves the checks and balances. CBI has been given a lot of power.”

Babri Masjid mosque in 1992, which triggered rioting that killed some 2,000 people. The party said the mosque was built on a Hindu holy site. The Indian Mujahideen claimed responsibility for a series of bomb attacks in Gujarat in 2011 that killed at least 45 people, saying they were revenge for the 2002 riots. India arrested the organisation’s suspected leader, Yasin Bhaktal, near the border with Nepal in August but Sunday’s explosions would appear to indicate the group can still launch high-profile attacks. Police also suspect the Indian Mujahideen’s involvement in a series of blasts in July at the Buddhist holy site

PM will not be made party in coal scam: SC

NEW dElHI, OctOBER 29 (IANS): The Supreme Court Tuesday dismissed a plea seeking direction to the prime minister to file an affidavit explaining allocation of more than 150 coal blocks to various companies the validity of which is being examined by the apex court. “Dismissed,” said a bench of Justice R.M. Lodha, Justice Madan B. Lokur and Justice Kurian Joseph, brushing aside the public interest litigation (PIL) plea of advocate M.L. Sharma, seeking directions to the prime minister to file the affidavit. Dismissing the plea, the court said: “We are hearing the matter and you are reaching the conclusion.” Pressing his application, Sharma told the court that the manner in which recommendation letters were issued for the grant of coal blocks even by the central

of Bodh Gaya in Bihar. A National Intelligence Agency official told Reuters an analysis of the bombs used in the Sunday attack showed they were similar to devices used in Bodh Gaya. In both attacks, ammonium nitrate was detected, and the timers and circuits were similar, the official said. In 2011, the United States designated the Indian Mujahideen a terrorist organization with close links to Pakistan-based groups like the Lashkar-eTaiba (LeT). The State Department said the group played a “facilitative role” in the 2008 Mumbai attack carried out by LeT that killed 166 people, including six Americans.

GURGAON, OctOBER 29 (PtI): The Centre on Tuesday said it had alerted the Bihar government about possible terror attack on BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi’s rally in Patna which was rocked by serial blasts on Sunday. “We have said that we had given input (about Patna rally). Now, it was general or specific input that is a different thing. Whenever there is specific input we give but whenever there are such rallies we give input saying you have rally in your state so there could be a possibility of an attack,” he told reporters. He was replying to a question whether the Central government had alerted the Bihar government beforehand about possible terror attack on Modi’s rally. Multiple blasts rocked in and around the rally venue in Patna on Sunday claiming six lives and injuring more than 80 people. “We give input saying you could be attacked in 2-3 days or so and so day. We keep doing

that. We also give specific input,” he said on the sidelines of a function organized on the occasion of the 74th raising day of CRPF. Shinde said the home ministry had given alerts to all states with regard to rallies and asking the state police forces to beef up security. The home minister, who was supposed to visit Patna on Tuesday to review security in Bihar but cancelled it on Monday night, said Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar would travel to Delhi on Wednesday and they would meet to take stock of the law and order situation there. “The Bihar chief minister will meet me tomorrow. I was supposed to go today but he has a meeting in Rajgir. So, he would not be in Patna. Hence, I have sent the Union home secretary, additional secretary and NIA chief. They will go there and report me back. Tomorrow, I will talk to Kumar,” he said.

Two more bombs found, defused in Patna

PAtNA, OctOBER 29 (IANS): Two bombs were found in and around Patna’s Gandhi Maidan Tuesday, on a day when union Home Secretary Anil Goswami visited the spot that saw a string of explosions the previous day, police said. One of the two bombs was found barely half an hour before Goswami’s visit to the site. “One after another, two bombs were found Tuesday,” Patna senior Superintendent of Police Manu Maharaj said. The

first bomb was found near S.K. Memorial hall, hardly 50 metres from Gandhi Maidan. The bomb was defused by the bomb disposal squad. The second bomb was found in Gandhi Maidan, police officials said. The first bomb was detected when a police team was on a drive to search for hidden bombs. “Immediately the bomb disposal squad defused it,” a police official said. Suspecting that more live bombs were in and around Gandhi Maidan,

Manu Maharaj appealed to people to tell them if they spot any suspicious article. “Police have requested people not to touch any suspicious article and inform police immediately if they find anything,” Maharaj said. Police, till now, have recovered six live bombs from Gandhi Maidan. A series of blasts took place Sunday before Bharatiya Janata Party’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi was to address a rally in Gandhi Maidan.

are accountable to government. This is to get past some red tape. When a large number of bureaucratic controls will go, it will improve functional efficacy,” senior counsel Amarendra Saran, appearing for the CBI, told the court. “On this, all political parties are in line up,” observed Justice Lodha as Saran told the court that all political formations in the country want to control CBI. In another order, the court asked the CBI to file the next status report on its investigation into the criminality dimension on the allocation of coal blocks upto Dec 31 by Jan 10, 2014 and directed the listing of the matter on Jan 15. The court allowed the investigating agency’s plea to add one more investigatCBI refuted the ing officer in its team prob- A policeman stands by the site of an accident on a highway near Amritsar, on Tuesday, October 29. A bus and a truck claims. ing the coal scam. At pres- collided Tuesday killing 8 people, including a child and two women, and injuring more than a dozen, according to a news “We are not asking for ent, the investigating team agency. (AP Photo) unaccountable power. We has 39 officers.

richest woman is new Haryana minister Teacher set afire for not withdrawing plaint India’s cHANdIGARH, Oc- high-profile parliament when his private helicop- criminal cases. Earlier this

BHUBANESWAR, OctOBER 29 (IANS): A woman teacher sustained critical injuries when she was set ablaze by an unidentified assailant in Odisha for allegedly refusing to withdraw a sexual assault complaint she had filed against an official early this year, police said Tuesday. The incident took place Sunday night at a residential government school at Tikiri, in Rayagada district, about 420 km from state capital Bhubaneswar, when the teacher was watching a television show along with some children, a senior district police official told IANS. The teacher was staying in the

school. The assailant allegedly entered the school room and poured kerosene on her before lighting the match, the official said. Itishree Pradhan, 28, sustained more than 90 percent burn injuries. She was rushed for treatment to a hospital in Vishakapatnam in the neighbouring state of Andhra Pradesh where her condition is stated to be critical, he added. The official said Pradhan had filed a complaint with police against school inspector Netrananda Dandsena in July for molesting her. Dandsena is absconding since then. A committee against sexual ha-

Modi cannot become PM: Nitish

PAtNA, OctOBER 29 (IANS): BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi will never become the prime minister of India, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar asserted Tuesday. Launching a bitter attack on Modi, two days after he hit out at Nitish Kumar here, the Janata Dal-United (JD-U) leader also blamed the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for the collapse of the BJP-JD-U alliance in June. In his concluding speech at a two-day JD-U convention that began Monday, Nitish Kumar made fun of his Gujarat counterpart but without taking Modi’s name. Describing Modi as “the man who came here two days ago”, Nitish Kumar said his dream of becoming the prime minister will remain a dream. He compared the “dream” with what he described as “BJP’s hype” over Modi. “This ‘hava’ (wind) is not natural. It has been produced by a blower.” In any case, Nitish Kumar went on, anyone aspiring to become the prime minister of a country like India should learn to be patient -- and sober. “The way he was wiping his sweat and drinking huge quantities of water” while addressing a BJP rally here Sunday showed he was “waiting to attack me”, the Bihar chief minister said. Nitish Kumar said it was not he who ended the 17-year-long alliance with the BJP but it was the latter which created conditions that led to the bitter divorce. “It is the BJP which is responsible for the split,” he said. Nitish Kumar said that while Gujaratis were known for their love for sweets, there was nothing “sweet” about the way Modi makes his points.

rassment at work place, which also probed the allegation, had recommended action against Dandsena early this month after finding him guilty. The man who set her on fire had allegedly threatened her to withdraw the complaint against the school inspector. “The district administration has suspended the school inspector, a district inspector of school and a police officer who was investigating the molestation case,” the official said. Police have formed a special team to nab both the culprits, the one who set her afire and the school inspector, who had molested her some months ago, he added.

tOBER 29 (IANS): The country’s richest woman, Savitri Jindal, was Tuesday inducted as a minister in the Haryana cabinet by Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda. This is the second time that she has become a minister in the Hooda government. She was earlier a minister of state in the 2005-09 Hooda government. Jindal is a legislator from the ruling Congress from Hisar assembly constituency and is the mother of industrial tycoon and

member Naveen Jindal (Lok Sabha member from Kurukshetra). She was listed by a leading business publication as the country’s richest woman as she lords over a multi-billion rupee steel and power sector empire and is the chairperson of the Jindal Group. Her name also figures in the Top-100 richest people in the world. SWavitri Jindal’s industrialist-cum-politician husband O.P.Jindal, who too was a minister in the Hooda government, was killed

ter crashed near the Haryana-Uttar Pradesh border March 2005. Jindal was sworn-in Tuesday along with the other new minister, Aftab Ahmed, who is a legislator from Nuh assembly constituency in Mewat district and the only Muslim face in the Hooda ministry. Two ministerial slots in the Hooda government were vacant ever since ministers O.P.Jain and Gopal Kanda resigned in June 2011 and August 2012 respectively, after their names figured in separate

year, Jindal was directed by the Punjab and Haryana High Court to vacate her government accommodation, which she had been occupying unauthorisedly. She has been occupying a ministerial bungalow in Chandigarh’s upscale Sector 7, even though she ceased to be a minister in 2009. The court said that eviction proceedings be started if she did not vacate the house. A penalty of Rs.89 lakh was also slapped on her for occupying the house.

Rains may defeat govt’s efforts to calm onion prices quickly

MUMBAI, OctOBER 29 (REUtERS): The government efforts to quickly calm soaring onion prices are unlikely to succeed as heavy rains have damaged the crop and delayed harvesting, a worry for the ruling Congress party which is struggling to control inflation as elections loom. Retail prices of onions have quadrupled in some cities over the past three months and have helped push inflation to a seven-

month high of 6.46 percent in September, prompting the central bank to hike interest rates. Indians eat their way through 15 million tonnes of onions a year, using them as the base for curries and traditional dishes such as biryani and bhaji. In the past, higher onion prices have contributed to the fall of state governments. Elections in the states of New Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Mizoram, seen as a warm-up for the national elections slated for 2014, kick off in November. Last week, food and farm ministers said onion prices would come down in two to three weeks but this may not come to pass as four key oniongrowing states have received heavy crop-damaging rains since then, in some areas 10 times more than normal. Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Odisha account for

more than half of the country’s total onion output. “The heavy rainfall would delay harvesting by a few days. It might have damaged 5 to 10 percent of the crop,” R.P. Gupta, director at the National Horticultural Research and Development Foundation (NHRDF), told Reuters. This may keep onion prices elevated, which are currently more expensive than apples and oil in India. In some cities, onions were being sold for over 80 rupees per kg, compared with 20 rupees three months ago. “Supply from the summer-sown crop has started, but it is nearly half compared to last year,” said Vilas Bhujbal, a trader based at Pune in Maharashtra, India’s top onion producing state. “Rains have hurt the development of bulbs, their size is smaller than usual. Farmers are reporting lower yields.”

NEW CROP SUPPLY While Gupta from NHRDF expects supplies to improve from next week, the trader from Pune said it would not be enough to trigger a hefty price correction. On Tuesday, average prices at the country’s largest wholesale onion trading hub in Lasalgaon, Maharashtra, were 3,500 rupees per 100 kg, nearly three times more than last year. Even after new season supplies, the price is unlikely to fall below 3,000 rupees in November, Bhujbal said. Farmers have cultivated onions on more land, but supplies will rise substantially only from December, said Changdev Holkar, a director at the National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation. “From December onwards prices would start falling. They might fall sharply in January and February, but for next few weeks we have to cope with higher prices.”


The Morung Express

Wednesday 30 October 2013



US weighs end to spying on leaders

WASHINGTON, OcTOber 29 (AP): The Obama administration is considering ending spying on allied heads of state, a senior administration official said, as the White House grappled with the fallout from revelations that the U.S. has eavesdropped on German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The official said late Monday that a final decision had not been made and an internal review was still underway. The revelations about National Security Agency monitoring of Merkel were the latest in a months-long spying scandal that has strained longstanding alliances with some of America’s closest partners. Earlier Monday, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, called for a “total review of all intelligence programs.” Feinstein, D-Calif., said in a statement that the White House had informed her that “collection on our allies will not continue.” The administration official said that statement was not accurate, but added that some unspecified changes already had been made and more were being considered, including terminating the collection of communications from friendly heads of state. The official was not authorized to discuss the review by name and insisted on anonymity. As a result of the spying allegations, German officials said Monday that the U.S. could lose access to an important law enforcement tool used to track terrorist money flows. As possible leverage, German authorities cited last week’s non-binding resolution by the European Parliament to suspend a post-9/11 agreement allowing the Americans access to bank transfer data to track the flow of terrorist money. A top German official said she believed the Americans were using the information obtained from Merkel to gather economic intelligence apart from terrorism and that the agreement known as SWIFT should be suspended. Feinstein said while the intelligence community has kept her apprised of other issues, like the court orders on telephone record collection, intelligence officials failed to brief her on how they followed foreign leaders. Her statement follows reports based on new leaks from former NSA systems analyst Edward Snowden indicating that the NSA listened to Merkel and 34 other foreign leaders. “With respect to NSA collection of intelligence on leaders of U.S. allies — including France, Spain,

Demonstrators protest outside of the U.S. Capitol in Washington during a rally to demand that the U.S. Congress investigate the National Security Agency’s mass surveillance programs Saturday, October 26. (AP Photo)

Mexico and Germany — let me state unequivocally: I am totally opposed,” Feinstein said. She added that the U.S. should not be “collecting phone calls or emails of friendly presidents and prime ministers” unless in an emergency with approval of the president. European Union officials who are in Washington to meet with lawmakers ahead of White House talks said U.S. surveillance of their people could affect negotiations over a U.S.-Europe trade agreement. They said European privacy must be better protected. Many officials in Germany and other European governments have made

clear, however, that they don’t favor suspending the U.S.EU trade talks which began last summer because both sides stand to gain so much through the proposed deal, especially against competition from China and other emerging markets. As tensions with European allies escalate, the top U.S. intelligence official declassified dozens of pages of top secret documents in an apparent bid to show the NSA was acting legally when it gathered millions of Americans’ phone records. Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper said he was following the president’s direction to

Abbott declares end of Australia’s longest war

Soldiers from the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) stand on a road as they provide security in Laiza, a border town of China and Myanmar, Kachin State, Myanmar, on October 28. From 1961 until 1994, the KIA fought a grueling and inconclusive war against the Burmese junta for independence, but now the groups goal is for autonomy within a federal union. The Kachins are a coalition of six tribes whose homeland encompasses territory in Yunnan, China and Northeast India, in addition to Kachin State in Burma. (AP Photo)

SydNey, OcTOber 29 (AFP): Prime Minister Tony Abbott declared Australia’s longest war at an end during a surprise visit to Afghanistan, with more than 1,000 troops to return home before Christmas in a “bitter-sweet” withdrawal. “Australia’s longest war is ending, not with victory, not with defeat, but with, we hope, an Afghanistan that’s better for our presence here,” Abbott said. He flew to the Australian Defence Force (ADF) mission in remote Uruzgan province on Monday to make the announcement on the withdrawal which he said was a “bitter-sweet moment for Australia”. “Sweet because hundreds of soldiers will be home for Christmas. Bitter because not all Australian families have had their sons, fathers and partners return,” he said at the main base of Tarin Kot. In an official statement released Tuesday, Abbott said the mission had been critical to Australia’s national security. “We have worked to ensure Afghanistan

does not again become a safe haven for terrorists and have worked with our allies to make the world a safer place,” he said. “People have paid a high price. We have lost 40 of our best.” More than 20,000 Australians have served in Afghanistan, with 40 killed in action and 260 wounded since 2001 when Australia joined close ally the United States to fight the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. “Australians don’t fight wars of conquest. We fight wars of freedom,” Abbott said. “We fight for peoples’ right to live their own lives and to worship in their own way.” Abbott underlined that Australia left a legacy of 200 schools as well as health clinics and upgraded roads. He reaffirmed Canberra’s commitment to support Afghanistan in the future, notably by training Afghan National Security Forces and development assistance. Several hundred Australians will continue to serve in non-combat roles in the country.

Scorpions, beetles on menu at Paris bar

PArIS, OcTOber 29 (AFP): At a tiny bar in Paris’s Montmartre district, chef Elie Daviron is happy to admit his new menu has disgusted some clients while others need two or three drinks before they can face it. Amid the guacamole, chicken tikka and chili hotdogs, the young chef is conducting a “gastronomical experiment” with what he calls a selection of “ insect tapas”. Grasshoppers, beetles, scorpions and two different types of worm -- sango and silk -- are the latest

additions to his fare. “My personal favourite is the sango worm,” Daviron said from behind the bar of the Festin Nu or Naked Lunch, a watering hole in this picturesque northern slope of the Montmartre hill. “There are two textures.... you have the head and the body which are a completely different taste and flavour,” he said. The body was “sandy” tasting while the head was “crunchy” and tasted a bit like a combination of beetroot and mushrooms, he added. The 26-year-old from

Montpellier in southern France became interested several years ago in the idea of how insects could in future be a common source of protein in Europe. And after the release of a UN report on edible insects earlier this year, he “realized that people were waiting for someone to do that”. Daviron ordered a selection from a company licensed to import dried insects and set about experimenting with recipes. The result was five dishes including scorpion with pepper cooked in olive oil,

Limit kids’ texts, tweets, online cHIcAGO, OcTOber 29 (AP): Parents should limit kids’ tweeting and texting and keep smartphones and laptops out of bedrooms, a pediatricans group says. The recommendations are bound to prompt eye-rolling and laughs from many teens but the influential pediatricians group American Academy of Pediatrics says parents need to know that unrestricted media use can have serious consequences. It’s been linked with violence, cyberbullying, school woes, obesity, lack of sleep and a host of other problems. It’s not a major cause of these troubles, but “many parents are clueless” about the profound impact media exposure can have on their children, said Dr. Victor Strasburger, lead author of the new policy. “This is the 21st century and they need to get with it,” said Strasburger, a University of New Mexico adolescent medicine specialist. The policy is aimed at all kids, including those who use smartphones, computers and other Internet-connected devices. It expands the academy’s

longstanding recommendations on banning televisions from children’s and teens’ bedrooms and limiting entertainment screen time to no more than two hours daily. Under the new policy, those two hours include using the Internet for entertainment, including Facebook, Twitter, TV and movies; online homework is an exception. The policy statement cites a 2010 report that found U.S. children aged 8 to 18 spend an average of more than seven hours daily using some kind of entertainment media. Many kids now watch TV online and many send text messages from their bedrooms after “lights out,” including sexually explicit images by cellphone or Internet, yet few parents set rules about media use, the policy says. “I guarantee you that if you have a 14-year-old boy and he has an Internet connection in his bedroom, he is looking at pornography,” Strasburger said. The policy notes that three-quarters of kids aged 12 to 17 own cellphones; nearly all teens send text messages,

and many younger kids have phones giving them online access. “Young people now spend more time with media than they do in school — it is the leading activity for children and teenagers other than sleeping” the policy says. Mark Risinger, 16, is allowed to use his smartphone and laptop in his room, and says he spends about four hours daily on the Internet doing homework, using Facebook and YouTube and watching movies. He said a two-hour Internet time limit “would be catastrophic” and that kids won’t follow the advice, “they’ll just find a way to get around it.” Strasburger said he realizes many kids will scoff at advice from pediatricians — or any adults. “After all, they’re the experts! We’re media-Neanderthals to them,” he said. But he said he hopes it will lead to more limits from parents and schools, and more government research on the effects of media. The policy was published online Monday in the journal Pediatrics.

beetle with cucumber, ginger pickle and green peas and grasshopper with egg. The protein-rich insects are imported from Thailand where they are widely eaten as snacks. But due to limited demand in France the few licensed suppliers deal only in dried insects rather than frozen or fresh. ‘Disgust turns to satisfaction’ Student Laura Dandelot, 21, said she had to overcome her prejudices in order to try the scorpion. “At first, I did think it was disgust-

ing and impossible to eat because it was strange and dirty,” she said. In fact, the scorpion tasted pleasant enough, she said, describing it as a bit “like nuts”, although she did not like the texture. “It was very hard to eat... crispy and hard,” she added. Adele Gaudre, also a 21-year-old student, said she liked the grasshopper. “It was as if you were chewing on dried tea, it was really dry but very nice,” she said. The “insect tapas” are priced at between 5 and 9 euros (7 and 12 dollars) per serving.

make public as much information as possible about how U.S. intelligence agencies spy under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Monday’s release of documents focused on Section 215 of the Patriot Act, which allows the bulk collection of U.S. phone records. The document release is part of an administrationwide effort to preserve the NSA’s ability to collect bulk data, which it says is key to tracking key terror suspects, but which privacy activists say is a breach of the Constitution’s ban on unreasonable search and seizure of evidence from innocent Americans. The release of the documents comes ahead of a House Intelligence Committee hearing Tuesday on FISA reform. The documents support administration testimony that the NSA worked to operate within the law and fix errors when they or their systems overreached. One of the documents shows the NSA admitting to the House Intelligence Committee that one of its automated systems picked up too much telephone metadata. The February 2009 document indicates the problem was fixed. Another set of documents shows the judges of the FISA court seemed satisfied with the NSA’s cooperation. It says that in September 2009, the NSA advised the Senate Intelligence Committee about its continuing collection of Americans’ phone records and described a series of demonstrations and briefings it conducted for three judges on the secretive U.S. spy court. The memorandum said the judges were “engaged throughout and asked questions, which were answered by the briefers and other subject matter experts,” and said the judges appreciated the amount and quality of information the NSA provided. It said that two days later, one of the judges, U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton, renewed the court’s permission to resume collecting phone records. The documents also included previously classified testimony from 2009 for the House Intelligence Committee by Michael Leiter, then head of the National Counterterrorism Center. He and other officials said collecting Americans’ phone records helped indict Najibullah Zazi, who was accused in a previously disclosed 2009 terror plot to bomb the New York City subways. The documents also show the NSA considered tracking targets using cellphone location data, and according to an April 2011 memo consulted the Justice Department first, which said such collection was legal. Only later did the NSA inform the FISA court of the testing. NSA commander Gen. Keith Alexander revealed the testing earlier this month to Congress but said the agency did not use the capability to track Americans’ cellphone locations nor deem it necessary right now. Asked Monday if the NSA intelligence gathering had been used not only to protect national security but American economic interests as well, White House spokesman Jay Carney said: “We do not use our intelligence capabilities for that purpose. We use it for security purposes.” But National Security Council spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden later clarified that: “We do not use our intelligence capabilities to give U.S. companies an advantage, not ruling out that we are interested in economic information.” Carney acknowledged the tensions with allies over the eavesdropping disclosures and said the White House was “working to allay those concerns,” though he refused to discuss any specific reports or provide details of internal White House discussions.

INFORMATION This is to inform all the repeaters of the 6-month CPTE, 2 year PSTE&D’ED 1st, 2nd& 3rd semester candidates that the back paper examination will be held from 19th November 2013. Therefore they are requested to report to their respective DIET centers and fill up the back paper form. A fee of Rs. 100 will be remitted for each paper. (VIPRALHOUKESIEZIE) Director SCERT, Nagaland, Kohima





30 October 2013

Heat preparing for another ring celebration

FILE - In this Oct. 15, 2013, file photo, Miami Heat forward LeBron James goes for a dunk during the first half of a preseason NBA basketball game against the Washington Wizards in Washington. Considered the best player in the game, James remains obsessed with getting better. That's why, on the verge of starting his 11th professional season and fourth with the Heat, he fully expects the 2013-14 campaign to be his best one yet. (AP Photo)

MIAMI, OCtObeR 29 (AP): By now, the Miami Heat know a thing or two about planning championship celebrations. They're getting a fair amount of practice. A pair of 3D videos that will turn the court into a theater screen and even the infamous yellow rope — which got attention for all the wrong reasons in Game 6 of last season's NBA Finals against San Antonio — will be part of the show Tuesday when the Heat distribute their newest championship rings before the team's season-opener against the Chicago Bulls. For the Heat, it's their third banner-raising party in seven years, and the second one they'll hold in a span of 12 months. Elements of the team introduction video have been teased in social media, but not much in the way of details — especially about the rings — have leaked out publicly. One known piece of the party is that yellow lanyards, a reminder of the rope that security personnel used to cordon off the court in the last seconds of regulation of Game 6 as it looked the Spurs were about to clinch the title, will be part of a fan-giveaway item. Those security workers had to retreat, and take the rope with them, when Ray Allen made a 3-pointer with 5.2 seconds left in reg-

ulation to cap a wild Heat comeback and level the game, which Miami wound up winning in overtime. The rope has been a talking point around Miami ever since. "It's a nod to the importance of that element," McCullough said. The Heat will wear specially designed warm-ups and uniforms, all with gold effects to signify the color of the championship trophy. The jersey will only be worn on opening night, and is one of 10 that the team plans to wear at various times this season. All the looking-back is nice, but to the players, what's going on before the game takes a back seat — for good — once the new season starts for real. "After we get our rings, that's last year," Heat star and four-time NBA MVP LeBron James said. James made no secret about how much he enjoyed last year's ring party, and he and Heat players have said some of the elements that they know about, such as the player video, meet with their approval. "I'm going to see some of it, obviously," James said. "I'm going to watch a lot of it and I don't take it for granted. We did some special things last year and this is an opportunity for us to look back at it one more time, but I definitely won't lose sight of what's in front of me."

The Morung Express WEdNESdAY, OCTOBER 30, 2013 By NPL Pundits

dimapur, ddSC Stadium United Redskins vs Barak FC FC Naga Tornadoes vs Doyang FC Kohima, IG Stadium Veda FC vs Sangpang FC Kohima Komets vs Dimapur United FC

Kick-off: 11 am Kick-off: 1 pm

Kick-off: 12 noon Kick-off: 2 pm

Mokokchung, Imkongmeren Sports Complex Zonipang SA vs Dynamic FC Kick-off: 9 am



nited Redskins takes on Barak in the first match in Dimapur on Wedesday. They were soundly beaten by Zonipang at the weekend despite scoring two goals. United Redskins’ inability to remain consistent and compact throughout the ninety minutes has cost them valuable points and this needs to be addressed at the earliest. Barak registered another commanding win playing away against Sangpang last weekend. They currently trail runaway leaders Veda by 7 points and they will look to keep the pressure up with another victory on Wednesday. Naga Tornadoes secured a crucial away win at the weekend beating second placed Kohima Komets. This decisive victory over the title rivals will definitely be a huge morale booster for their title hopes this season. Naga Tornadoes will hope to keep this good run going when they take on a struggling Doyang side on Wednesday. Doyang went down by 5 goals against leaders Veda on Saturday in Kohima. They are struggling to find the back of the net at the moment scoring just 5 times in 10 outings. Doyang will look for an improved performance both infront of goal and at the back when they take on Naga Tornadoes. Veda continued their ruthless streak on Saturday when they hammered Doyang by 5 goals to extend the lead by 6 points at the top of the table. The debutants have a formidable home record winning all their games in Kohima. Wednesday pres-

ents another opportunity to maintain the 100% win record in front of their home crowd. Sangpang will look to bounce back from the home defeat to Barak last weekend. They have the ability to upset any team in the league and they will be keen to put in another stellar performance and stop a rampant Veda on Wednesday. Kohima Komets hosts Dimapur United in a crucial encounter on Wednesday. The two teams are currently placed joint second on the table with the same goal difference. Kohima Komets will be eager to bounce back from the defeat on Saturday and look to take advantage of the roaring home crowd support and make it difficult for the visitors. Dimapur United are in fine form after another dominant victory over Dynamic at the weekend. A difficult away fixture awaits them on Wednesday but they will be confident of getting a good result against another title rival Kohima Komets. Zonipang outclassed United Redskins in their last outing in Dimapur on Saturday. They go into the match against Dynamic on Wednesday with plenty of confidence and will back themselves for another win in front of the home supporters. Dynamic remain winless after 10 games with just two points on the board. They need to repeat last season’s form where they registered a string of impressive victories in the second half of the season. A good away result against an well-drilled Zonipang side will give them the much needed confidence for the rest of the season.

bayern dominate FiFa Player Five things to know about the nba season of the Year nominations Tim Reynolds

AP Basketball Writer

few preseason games) for the Chicago Bulls star to make his return to the NBA, after tearing up his knee in a playoff game in April 2012. The Bulls have been a title contender with Rose in the past; there's no reason to think that they won't be one again now that he's on the court again. The Eastern Conference saw plenty of offseason movement, but it could very easily turn out that the most notable development is Rose coming back.

STILL THE CHAMPS: New year, same story. The Miami Heat enter this season as they did the last, as champions of the NBA. Reigning MVP LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh are trying to get the Heat to their fourth straight appearance in the NBA Finals, something that only the Lakers and Celtics of old were able to accomplish. While legacies about those players and this Heat run are still being writHE'S NOT BACK. YET: ten, winning another title this Out West, Kobe Bryant is still season would solidify this team working his way back from a torn as one of the NBA's all-time clubs. Achilles' in last season's playoffs. The Los Angeles Lakers almost HE'S BACK: certainly won't go far without Derrick Rose, finally, is back. Bryant, but with him, it would It took 18 months (forgetting a be hard to say that they aren't

playoff-worthy even in a typically loaded-up Western Conference. Bryant remains considered by his peers as one of the league's best players, and he hasn't hidden his disdain over suggestions that the Lakers' run of relevance, at least for now, is over.

FAREWELL, COMMISH: David Stern will hand out his last championship rings on Tuesday night in Miami, when he awards the jewelry that the team had designed for the special night to Pat Riley, Micky Arison, Erik Spoelstra and the rest of the Heat staff and players. Stern leaves early next year and turns the reins of the league over to longtime deputy Adam Silver. Under Stern, who will have served a 30-year term as commissioner, the league went

from fledgling to simply a business giant.

THINGS TO WATCH: Will Memphis or Golden State go from looking like they're ready to contend and, you know, actually contend for the NBA title? Will Dwight Howard realize his potential in Houston? Can San Antonio make one more run at winning it all? Who will emerge as the surprise team, if anyone? Will teams tank to enhance their chances of drafting presumed 2014 No. 1 pick Andrew Wiggins next June? Will the grand experiment in Brooklyn of taking an aging team and adding longtime stars while paying an enormous luxury tax work out? And can anyone dethrone Miami? We'll know more when the playoffs start, exactly 1,230 games from now.

ZURICH, OCtObeR 29 (ReUteRs): Six players from Bayern Munich's treble-winning team were included among the 23 nominees for the World Player of the Year award announced by FIFA on Tuesday. Jose Mourinho was included on the shortlist for Coach of the Year despite failing to win any major trophies with Real Madrid last season, a performance the Portuguese himself described as "disastrous". The only British player to make the list was Wales international Gareth Bale. African Nations Cup winning coach Stephen Keshi of Nigeria was overlooked and Manchester City mid-

fielder Yaya Toure was the only African to make either list. There were no representatives from Asia or CONCACAF. German internationals Manuel Neuer, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Thomas Mueller and Philipp Lahm, Frenchman Franck Ribery and Dutchman Arjen Robben were the Bayern players on the list. Joining the Bayern contingent were the usual favourites such as Lionel Messi, Andres Iniesta and Cristiano Ronaldo. Bayern's former coach Jupp Heynckes, since replaced by Pep Guardiola, was on the coaches list after leading his side to a Bundesliga, German Cup

and Champions League treble. The omission of Bayern's Croatian forward Mario Mandzukic was a surprise as many critics felt he had made the difference between last season and 2011/12, where Bayern were runners-up in all three competitions. Brazil's Luiz Felipe Scolari, whose side hosted and won the Confederations Cup in June, was the only South American to make the coaching shortlist. Radamel Falcao, Edinson Cavani, Luis Suarez, Neymar and Thiago Silva were the South American nominees for the Player of the Year award, along with Messi. All six are based in Europe.

Paris Masters, where the two could clash in the final. "No doubt about that. His talent allows him to keep being one of the favourites, to keep winning the best tournaments of the year. "So talking about if he's able to be back or try to be back in the No. 1 (spot), I think it's not his goal, because at the end he already has been there. He has been in the top positions of the ranking for a long time." Federer, who lost the Basel final to Juan Martin

del Potro on Sunday, will be seeded fifth in Paris as he looks to secure a spot in next month's ATP World Tour Finals. Is the Swiss worried at the prospect of missing out on the yearend tournament? All signs point to no, said Nadal. "At the end, what really makes you happy is to go on court with the feeling you can win the tournament. That's probably the only thing that maybe worries him," he said, hinting Federer probably has plans for 2014.

"His goal probably will be finish the year well and be ready to start well in Australia next year. If that happens, he will be one of the candidates to win the first grand slam of the season. That's something that really motivates him." Federer, this year, has dropped out of the top four for the first time since 2003. "But I am sure that he's not finished. He will work hard in the off-season to be ready for 2014. I am sure he will be back playing great tennis again," said Nadal.

India’s under-performers ‘Federer doesn't care about no.1 spot’ need to fire in must win game MATCH STARTS AT 1:30 PM NAgPUR, OCtObeR 29 (PtI): Handicapped by the poor form of some of their key bowlers, India will be under intense pressure as they go into the do-or-die sixth cricket one-dayer against an upbeat Australia here tomorrow, fully aware that any slip-up at this stage could cost them the series. The visitors are sitting pretty with a 2-1 lead in the best-of-seven series after the successive washouts of the fourth and fifth games of the long series at Ranchi and Cuttack on October 23 and 26. The onus is on India, whose underperforming players, need to pull up their socks and fire in unison to upset the apple cart of the Australians who came here with the record of winning two seven-game series in the past. The hosts have no option but to win the remaining two matches to clinch the series and any lapses in tomorrow’s game could turn out to be disastrous for the team. “From our point of view this is the game we want to win. We don’t want to save it for the last game on Sunday (at Bangalore). We want to wrap up with this game. Obviously from their (India’s) point of view they need to win to stay alive and from that point pretty crucial for them,”

said Australian left arm spinner Xavier Doherty in the run-up to the crucial match at the stadium. Among the batsmen, Virat Kohli and Mahendra Singh Dhoni are the topscorers for the hosts, with the former consistently brilliant and the captain playing that superb innings at Mohali to help the team recover and post a challenging 300-plus total that was chased successfully by the visitors. Openers Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma produced top drawer batting in the second ODI at Jaipur with excellent knocks of 95 and 141 not out that helped India chase a huge target of 360 with plenty to spare. India would be looking forward to this left-right combination to provide a very good start again at the VCA ground where 300 or more scores have been put up on four occasions in the past. The worry for India is the middle order given the way Suresh Raina and Yuvraj Singh struggled against the pace and bounce extracted by Mitchell Johnson in Mohali. The 31-year-old Queenslander produced a scintillating show in the last game that was not washed out in the series and he will come hard at these two batsmen again

in the all-lefties’ battle. The wicket at the Jamtha stadium may not be as conducive for Johnson’s type of bowling, but he and the other speedsters have certainly exposed some chinks with their short-ball attack in the Indian batting line up. Raina and Yuvraj many not have done much in the series so far but are capable of coming up with a scintillating show at some stage of the competition and the hosts would welcome such a display in this do-or-die game. Doherty expected some turn from the wicket after the run-fest in this series of tall scores. “I expected some spinning wickets as we got in the Test series here (earlier this year). Probably the last game it rained (in Ranchi) or it might have been spinning a bit. Looks like this wicket will spin a bit and spinners will play a bit more of a role,” he said ahead of the clash. From India’s point of view, some extra turn would be very welcome especially for the struggling R Ashwin whose economy rate has gone for a toss in the batting-friendly conditions. He has also continued to use his strange ploy of coming round the wicket and bowling ‘carrom’ balls to the right-handers.

PARIs, OCtObeR 29 (ReUteRs): Been there, done that. Roger Federer does not need to be world number one anymore and he might well be a top contender at next year's Australian Open, his chief rival Rafa Nadal said. Federer's decline has been well documented since 2011, the year he failed to win a grand slam for the first time since 2003. He suffered yet another below par performance this season, at best

reaching the last four at the Australian Open -- the first time he has not made it to a major final since 2002. The Swiss, however, has a record 17 grand slam titles to his name and has spent 302 weeks at the top of the ATP rankings. He does remain a formidable opponent, according to current world number one Nadal. "I don't have any doubt that he will be playing better than what he did this year," the Spaniard told a news conference at the

Let arjun tendulkar enjoy his cricket: Rohan gavaskar

LAHLI, OCtObeR 29 (PtI): Well aware of the burden of expectations that comes with a legendary surname, former India player Rohan Gavaskar is miffed at the way the cricket fraternity is following each and every move of Sachin Tendulkar's 14-year-old son, Arjun. Clearly not in a mood to discuss the progress made by the junior Tendulkar in school level cricket, Rohan said the kid should be left alone and allowed to "enjoy" his cricket. "This is something I do not wish to discuss. I don't want to talk about it," Rohan said at first. Prodded a bit and the son of the legendary Sunil Gavaskar said, "The kid should be left alone, let him enjoy his cricket. "I have spoken to Sachin, I have spoken to Anjali (Tendulkar) about it. This is not fair on them." While his father is considered to be one of India's finest ever batsman, the 37-year-old Rohan couldn't really

reach those dizzy heights during a cricket career spanning over a decade and a half. Rohan played in 11 one-day internationals, with 54 being his best. With 6938 runs and 18 centuries in 117 matches, his first-class record stands a lot better. He had also captained Bengal for two seasons. Gavaskar had retired from first-class cricket last year. Now a cricket commentator, Rohan shared the box with his father during the current ODI series against Australia, against whom he made his one-day debut in January 2004. Knowing well that constant comparison could be a problem, Rohan doesn't want Arjun to be weighed on the same scale as his legendary father when he grows up. Arjun, who bats left-handed, had scored a century in the Mumbai Cricket Association's Under-14 selection trials in May last year.

11 Entertainment Pianist Lang Lang Receives to spend Highest UN Honour A Wednesday

The Morung Express C M Y K

30 October 2013

Rihanna $750,000 to go into space

cclaimed Chinese pianist Lang Lang has been given a special role by officials at the United Nations (UN) in a bid to help educate youngsters around the world. The classical superstar is now a messenger of peace, the highest accolade handed out by the UN, and he is the first person from China to receive the title. His new role comes after acting as a goodwill ambassador for the intergovernmental organisation's children's charity UNICEF for 10 years. After receiving the honour from Un Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Monday, Lang said, Last night, I couldn't sleep thinking about it. Playing concerts (is) one thing, but to give back to the society, I think is even more important as a human being. The 31 year old revealed he now wants to go into war zones to help promote the importance of education. He joins the ranks of famous messengers of peace including Stevie Wonder, George Clooney, Charlize Theron and Edward Norton.

R&B singer Rihanna is set to buy three seats on Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic to travel into space next year.


he 'Only Girl (In The World)' singer is reportedly planning to buy three seats on Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic programme. The 25-yearold pop superstar is on the waiting list for one of next year's expensive flights, and she hopes to take her younger brother Rorrey, 23, and a bodyguard on the out-of-this-world mission. A source told the Daily Star newspaper ''Rihanna has already put down a deposit for the flight. ''She has been obsessed with space since she was a child so it would be a dream come true for her.'' Rihanna has long been fascinated by space and

her rapper-and-DJ brother lifted the lid on her obsession with aliens last month. Rorrey revealed ''She believes there are UFOs. No one knows for sure, but Ri and I think they're out there.'' The 'Diamonds' singer - who is worth more than $43 million - is set to join fellow famous wannabe astronauts Ashton Kutcher and his girlfriend Mila Kunis, Justin Bieber and Leonardo DiCaprio who all have confirmed seats on the Virgin Atlantic programme. The world's first commercial spaceline is expected to launch in 2014 and more than 500 people have already paid deposits for


the trips. The Virgin Galactic website states seats are $250,000 each and many potential passengers have visited Necker Island with Branson and completed G-force training. SpaceShipTwo was unveiled in the Mojave Desert in California in 2009. The first ever two-hour flight in the planet's orbit will be boarded by Branson and his family and anyone who has paid a deposit guaranteeing them a place on it. Passengers will travel 62 miles in altitude - the internationally recognised boundary of outer space - and will experience weightlessness and an incredible view of the curve of the Earth.


Aamir Khan gets Us honour for tackling social issues Brad Pitt has



ollywood superstar Aamir Khan has been honoured with a prestigious US award in recognition of his successful effort to create debate on India's pressing social problems through his popular TV show "Satyamev Jayate". Khan, 47, was presented with the Inaugural America Abroad Media Award along with Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow and the International Centre on Non-violent Conflict (ICNC) at a function here Monday night. Launched in 2012, the Sunday morning show "Satyamev Jayete", tackles some of India's most pressing social problems - forced abortions of unborn girls; domestic violence; child sexual abuse; alcoholism and treatment

of the elderly. "I have no idea how the work that we started back home would interest somehow outside India," said Aamir Khan accepting the award in person making a rare exception to his practice of not attending award shows. "Me and my team are trying to do this show with love, because we feel that we are part of the problem and we are also part of the solution. And we need to find that. We need to question ourselves and look inside as opposed to pointing outside," he said after the ceremony. Aamir Khan, who was accompanied by his filmmaker wife Kiran Rao, said he is working on the next season of the show, which became so popular at home that it propelled him on to


Priyanka becomes the first Indian face of International brand ‘GUess’


riyanka Chopra is going places. The former Miss World, who ventured into acting in Bollywood almost a decade back has bagged an endorsement deal with an international brand. The actress-singer has been signed by international clothing brand ‘Guess’ for it’s Holiday 2013 campaign. The 33-year-old actress has already gone international with music as her platform, but now she has gone a step further by becoming the first Indian ‘Guess’ girl. "I`m so proud to be the next #GuessGirl. It`s a legacy of beauty for 30 years..Thank u @bryanadams and @ GUESS for making this such a fab shoot," Priyanka Chopra tweeted. PeeCee has got the opportunity to work with singer-photographer Bryan Adams for this campaign. Needless to say, Priyanka has pulled it off really well.


ictoria Beckham has been nominated for two awards, Brand of the Year and Red Carpet Designer, at the British Fashion Awards this year. The 39-year-old de-

stopped using soap

ans," he said. In the coming election season, Aamir Khan said he would like to see political parties making social

justice and the needs of the common man as part of their agenda. When asked by a Pakistani journalist whether he would work for a Pakistani film, Aamir Khan answered in the affirmative. "I am a creative person. Whenever I receive an offer from any part of the world, which is of interest to me, I would like to do that." "The culture of India and Pakistan are the same. Our language is the same. There is a lot of similarities among us. So indeed if there is any offer of a film from Pakistan, and I like the script, I would certainly like to do that," he said. Bigelow, the other winner, is the director of "Hurt Locker", a 2008 American war film about a threeman bomb disposal team during the Iraq War, and "Zero Dark Thirty", where she chronicled America's decade-long hunt for Osama bin Laden. She is the only woman to have won an Oscar for Best Director, for "Hurt Locker". Founded by Peter Ackerman, the ICNC produces award-winning documentaries on the role of non-violent resistance promotTOP: Ballet Students ofinhCe performing during the annual event. democratic change. BOTTOM: hopeing Centre of excellence Symphony Orchestra performing during the school annual Event. It is one of the first Orchestra in Nagaland. PhOTOGRaPhS By BeTOKA SWu

Mr Wokha 2013 to be held on December 17

Kohima, october 29 (mexN): Campaign Modelling Agency (CMA) Wokha has announced that Mr. Wokha 2013 (3rd Season) will be held on December 17, 2013 at Local Ground, Wokha with the theme “Pious & Strength”. The contest will be held in association with Mr. Nagaland, Mr. North East and Mr. International India contest. Director CMA, Thunglamo Yanthan in a press i was born with Music inside me...that any release informed interested in and a young boy of eight monthsLotha playing across the state, who has with his instruments. the VeRO zeal to participate in PhOTO By - VeVOZO the contest can collect the

Victoria Beckham leads nominations for British Fashion Awards


An Opinion

the cover of Time maga- to sensitise people about zine's 100 Most Influential issues and see that we can People In the World issue find solutions to our own issues back home. I am this year. "All my capabilities lie looking to talking to Indiin the field of PATTON media and haCh storytelling. So we try to combine our expertise and It’s magical, powerful and awesome. Nacapabilities in storytelling gas and their love for music are but a tapand television and picking estry. It is inherent to both the old and social issues we feelthethat young. It is inexplicably intense. I still remember one fine morning the guitar can make a difference," he maestro, Ren Merry telling his music stusaid. Khan screeneddents theat Patkai Christian College about the Nagas love for music and its prospects. foetal infanticide episode In his words. “I find that Nagas are inSunday night at hotel for they do. But as of now I can ascredibly talented in whatever a small audience sure you that, if wewhose are to complete with the rest of the world. Its’ through our music”. That was circa 1994. Almost 20 years members audibly gasped down the women line he has told not been proven wrong. as several Naga musician have taken their passion for music all theiracross gruesome stories, the world and have made great impressions. Some menaccording to the Washingtion can be made about the indomitable spirit of the Abioton Post. genesis, Divine Connection, Alobo Naga, Neise Meruno, Nagaland Chamber Choirsaid, and the new teenage sensation the Polar Aamir Khan Lights. Talk about though it is nice toGoa beand fe- Jamaica and you think of music and good here, times. So, ‘musicos’. You have taken Nagaland to licitated he Naga is more the world. Now, it is about time you bring the world to Nagaconcerned about Indian land and let them feel our love and passion for good music. audience. "My main aim isTis the land of music and festivities. Nagaland here we come. to really work in India and

signer is in the running for both the Brand of the Year and Red Carpet Designer prizes after being recognised for her contribution to the industry over the past year.


he 'World War Z' actor has decided to forms from Hornbill Res- and Best Ethnic Wear. forgo traditional taurant, Nongo Publication Candidates having methods of washing and is Centre (Uniform House) minimum height of 5.5 and Wokha Circle Students’ feet and above, between reportedly cleaning himUnion Office Wokha. Thun- the age of 16 and 26, and self with a combination of glamo further informed single can duly submit lemons, water and apple that the winner of the con- the forms along with full cider vinegar, as he thinks it is better for the environtest will walk away with a length photograph. cash prize of Rs. 20,000, Thunglamo further en- ment. A source said: ''Brad while the 1st and 2nd run- couraged all interested cansays he's read up on the ners up will receive an didates that the experience amount of Rs. 15,000 and would help boost the confi- toxins of soap - especially Rs. 10,000 respectively. dence and social etiquette as the antibacterial ones - and Besides the Mr. Wokha this is the only male oriented feels that using them and Title, the contest would platform to expose them- antiperspirants is not only have eight sub titles: Mr. selves into the fashion world. bad for the planet, but it Photogenic, Mr. Fresh For any queries, one may also speeds up the ageing Face, Mr. Talented, Sexi- contact +91-8416064019/ process in humans.'' However, the star's est Body, Mr. Popular, Best +91-9862950681/ +91PhOTOGRaPhS By MiReuyi HeRie move hasn't been such a hit Walk, Upcoming Model 9612634454. with his fiancee Angelina

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Jolie - who says he smells ''like a sheepdog'' - and their six children; Maddox, 12, Pax, nine, Zahara, eight, Shiloh, seven and five-yearold twins Knox and Vivienne. The source continued: ''Angelina was revolted - and their kids even started calling him 'Stinky Daddy'. ''Angie agreed to humour him only as long as they weren't on the same continent.'' Brad, 49 is currently filming 'Fury' in London, while Angelina, 38, is directing her second movie, 'Unbroken', in Australia. They are said to be planning to meet up in Hong Kong before Christmas.

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Transcending Through sporTs: develop beTTer undersTanding

1st Kohima district ward/block volleyball tourney underway

Noelle Pikus-Pace receives a hug from her daughter Lacee, 5, after competing in the United States women's skeleton team trials Monday, Oct. 28, 2013, in Park City, Utah. Noelle Pikus-Pace came in first place after 2 heats. (AP Photo)

Tendulkar keeps Mumbai hopes alive LAHLI, OCTOBER 29 (PTI): Sachin Tendulkar warmed up for his farewell series against the West Indies next month with a gritty unbeaten half-century to keep Mumbai's chances alive in their Ranji Trophy match against a spirited Haryana on Tuesday. Featuring in his last Ranji Trophy innings, Tendulkar played the lone-ranger as he remained not out on a patient 55 at stumps on the third day, with Mumbai, set a target of 240, needing another 39 runs to win with four wickets in hand. The 40-time defending champions were 201 for six at close of day, with Dhawal Kulkarni giving Tendulkar company on six. Resuming at 224 for nine, Haryana were all bowled out for 241 earlier in the day. After that Tendulkar held centrestage by showing signs of regaining his form, much to the delight of the packed crowd who had been awaiting his arrival at the crease with bated breath. The champion batsman, who will walk into sunset after playing

his landmark 200th Test against the West Indies next month, decorated his innings with four hits to the fence while facing 122 balls. One shot that brought back the days of yore was the cracker of a cover drive Tendulkar produced off pacer Ashish Hooda, attracting huge cheers from the packed crowd. Chants of 'Sachin, Sachin' was heard almost all day long and he obliged his fans in this sleepy village by recording his 115th firstclass fifty. Tendulkar, who was dismissed for five in the first innings, got to his 50 when he flicked Joginder Sharma for two through the vacant square leg region, bringing the crowd to its feet. The 40-year-old Tendulkar was concentration personified as he looked to bail Mumbai out of a difficult situation by bringing into play all his experience. He was far from being his aggressive best, but on this tricky track at the Chaudhary Bansi Lal Stadium, patience was the order of the day and Tendulkar showed that in abundance.

daY one resulT

Men’s Soyim Club Lower Bayavü beat Kezo Town Youth ‘B’ by 25-15,25-18 Kezo Basa Youth Organisation beat TsiepfuTsiepfhe AG Colony by 25-17,13-25,25-17 Sechu Zubza Volleyball Club beat Strivers Club Kigwema by 27-25, 25-9 Phesama Youth Organisation beat Kiruphema Village by 25-22, 25-22 Khonoma Youth Organisation beat Young Felcon Tsiesema by 25-18,25-19 Vanquishers Club Kiruphema (Peducha) beat Northern Angami Sports Association by 25-19,25-20 Sparklets Mima beat Kasha Club by 27-25,27-25 Kiruphema Village beat Kezo Town Youth ‘A’ by 25-18,23-25,25-16 Soyim Club Lower Bayavü beat Young Felcon Tsiesema by 25-17,25-9 Vanquishers Club Kiruphema (Peducha) beat Kezo Basa Youth Organisation by 25-11, 25-8 Sechu Zubza Volleyball Club beat Kasha Club 25-13,25-15.

Our Correspondent Kohima | October 29

A three day long 1st Kohima District Ward/Block Volleyball Tournament 2013 (Men & women) got underway here this morning at the Kohima Local Ground under the aegis of the Kohima District Volleyball Association (KDVA) with the theme “Transcending through sports.” Altogether, 15 men’s team and 6 women’s team are vying for top honours, which will conclude on October 31. Gracing the inaugural function as the chief guest, Dr. Neikiesalie (Nicky) Kire, parliamentary secretary for law & justice, land revenue & labour and employment congratulated KDVA for starting such event and hoped that it would grow from strength to strength, and at the same time enhance the standard of volleyball discipline in the state. Dr. Kire also called upon the participating teams to mingle with one another as to develop better under-

WOMEN’S Northern Angami Sports Association beat Phesama Youth Organisation by 25-13,25-18 Khonoma Youth Organisation beat Elixir United Club Kezoma by 25-22,2512 Sendenyu Youth Organisation beat Northern Angami Sports Association by 25-22,25-20 Kezo Town Youth Organisation beat Elixir United Club Kezoma by 25-14,25-19.

Chief Guest Dr. Neikiesalie (Nicky) Kire being introduced to the players

standing and build unity among themselves. He also advised the sportspersons to fully concentrate on what discipline/field they are good and try to become experts in it. Also advising them to join other tournaments in Mokokchung, Dimapur or elsewhere, he was of that

‘Education without sports is incomplete’

view that more exposure will help them to improve upon and excel. Further, Dr. Kire called upon the managers of all the participating teams to expose their teams to the higher level. Earlier, KDVA president Visasielie Suohu delivered welcome address while Visakolie Rhatsu admin-

istered oath to the participating teams. The inaugural function was chaired by organizing committee convenor Er. Dzüvichüto Khale. Former DGP Nagaland K. Kire, Angami Public Organization (APO) president Keneingunyu Sekhose and several others also present at the inaugural function.

Fixtures for day 2 (Men’s Category October 30, Time 9:00 AM 1.Phesama Youth Organisation Vs Kezo Town Youth ‘A’ 2.Kezo Town Youth ‘B’ Vs Young Felcon Tsiesema 3.Tsiepfu-Tsiepfhe AG Colony Vs Vanquishers Club Kiruphema (Peducha) 4.Strivers Club Kigwema Vs Kasha Club 5.Soyim Club Lower Bayavü Vs Khonoma Youth Organisation 6.Kezo Basa Youth Organisation Vs Northern Angami Sports Association 7.Sechu Zubza Volleyball Club Vs Sparklets Mima 8.Kezo Town Youth ‘B’ Vs Khonoma Youth Organisation 9.Tsiepfu-Tsiepfhe AG Colony Vs Northern Angami Sports Association 10. Strivers Club Kigwema Vs Sparklets Mima Quarter Final 1.A Winner Vs B Runner – up 2.C Winner Vs D Runner – up 3.B Winner Vs A Runner – up 4.D Winner Vs C Runner – up FIXTURES FOR DAY 2 (WOMEN’S CATEGORY) Phesama Youth Organisation Vs Sende

Tohanba inauguraTes paTkai sporTs meeT


DIMAPUR, OCTOBER 29 (MExN): The 39th annual sports week of Patkai Christian College (Autonomous) commenced Tuesday at 1st NAP Ground, Chumukedima, with parliamentary secretary for CAWD, R Tohanba, as chief guest of the inaugural function. The chief guest in his address said sports is the “main component” behind the physical, mental, moral and spiritual wellbeing of a person and that education without games and sports is incomplete. Tohanba said in the modern era, sports has become a thriving industry and sportspersons have become assets to their state or country by bringing fame, glory and recognition. He said present Indian sportspersons like cricketer Virat Kohli, Mary Kom and Naga archer Chekrovolu Swuro have not only gained fame for themselves but are doing the country proud with their sporting feats. The parliamentary secretary also said that given the vast scope of sports, Nagaland government is also giving maximum thrust


Parliamentary secretary for CAWD, R Tohanba (2nd right), lighting the Naga traditional torch at the inaugural ceremony of the 39th annual sports week of Patkai Christian College (Autonomous), Tuesday.

in this sector through introduction of state sports policy, building sports infrastrucuture and imparting trainings to the talented sportspersons. Tohanba further said that the Hornbill Festival has come as a big boon in highlighting various Naga taditional and indigenous sports like wrestling and tug-of-war. Reminding that the first Olympic Games in ancient Athens heralded the spirit of unity and peace, the

parliamentary secretary expressed optimism that likewise, the PCC sports meet will likewise kindle the flame of unity, brotherhood and peace among the students coming from diffrent backgrounds and communities. PCC Students’ Union president, Mughaho Yeptho, delivered the introductory note and games & sports secretary, Thepuzo Keyho, officiated the oath taking. Commandant, 1st NAP,

KS Angami, PCC principal H Epao and other dignitaries also attended the inaugural ceremony. Students divided into four houses – Tornado, Hurricane, Typhoon and Cyclone-will compete in the sports meet held under the theme “Living the art of teamwork.” The opening ceremony also witnessed an exhibition football match between Nagaland Premier League defending champion Barak FC and PCC students.

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