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Life is very short and what we have to do must be done in the now

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By Sandemo Ngullie

Pope Francis graces front page of Rolling Stone


Thursday, January 30, 2014 12 pages Rs. 4 –Audre Lorde

‘In life one can find peace only through God’

Mata inspires ManU [ PAGE 2] to win over Barack Obama warns divided Cardiff Congress that he will act alone

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‘our society is modern, we are not’ Fifty years since Statehood, Nagas continue to be challenged by the question of modernity

Modernity, in the words of Dipankar Gupta in Mistaken Modernity, is described as “an attitude which represents universalistic norms, where the dignity of an individual is inviolable and where one’s achievement counts for more than family background and connection.” But modernity, for Gupta, is also about being accountable in public life and being able to trust the institution and not the individual. Al Ngullie, senior journalist and columnist, feels that modernity in Nagaland came as a quirk and not as a natural progression which today only completes the means but not the purpose. “Our society is modern, we are not,” reflects Ngullie. He further states that fifty years of statehood is also about fifty years of Nagaland being in a state of conflict and decline where the focus has been on the quarrel with our neighbor that caused Nagas to neglect their kitchen. “When we returned, the kitchen was beyond rebuilding. We sim-

LoNDoN, JaNuarY 29 (PTI): Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah has said no Prime Minister can revoke Article 370 of the Constitution granting special status to the state “without calling into question” its accession to India. Dismissing a question on whether he was worried at the prospect of BJP’s Narendra Modi becoming the Prime Minister, Omar said, “it does not matter whether he is the Prime Minister

or the President or (holds) any other position. “Constitutionally, he cannot revoke Article 370 without calling into question the accession of J&K to India. Now as Prime Minister of India, if he wants to rewrite accession to India, he is welcome to it. But I do not think any Prime Minister would be as foolhardy as that,” he said. Omar was answering questions during BBC’s ‘Hard Talk’ programme during which he more then

held his ground in the face of tough questioning by its anchor Stephen Sackur who focused on the insurgency, role of the armed forces and the State’s accession to India. The chief minister was asked about Modi’s suggestion for a debate on Article 370 to which he had responded by offering to debate the BJP leader “at any time, any place”. He said Modi had not responded to this himself but “one of his minions

DImaPur, JaNuarY 29 (mexN): The Dimapur Municipal Council Employees Association (DMCEA) will resume its agitation indefinitely from February 1, 2014 due to Government inaction. This was informed in a press statement from the DMCEA’s president, Badal Bhadra, and general secretary, T. Revo Anar. The DMCEA deliberated on the issue of the temporary suspension of cease work which was extended up to January 31, 2014, on account of the Cabinet meeting decision on December 16, 2013. “In connection with this cabinet decision, the Association had submitted a Representation to the Chief Secretary, Nagaland, Kohima for redressal of our grievances by expediting the matter by appointing a Senior Officer not below the rank of Secretary to the Govt. of Nagaland, as per the Cabinet Memo

order No. CAB-2/2013, Dated. 16/12/2013 and for submitting time bound report in the interest of the general public and the DMC Employees in particular,” explained the press statement. Noting that the Government is yet to appoint the Officer to enquire into the matter, the DMCEA stated that it is constrained to “inform the denizens of Dimapur to bear with any inconvenience that may be caused due to the agitation that shall resume indefinitely w.e.f. 1st February, 2014.” It may be mentioned that problem began within the DMC after the responsibility for collection of toll tax was leased out to a third party, rather than the DMC workers collecting it themselves. The DMCEA alleges that this has led to a loss of a huge margin for the DMC and taken away work from DMC employees.

DImaPur, JaNuarY 29 (mexN): The Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) has refuted a news item that appeared in one of the Dimapur based English newspaper dated January 29, under the headline “Rio to pave way for TR Zeliang as Chief Minister.” The CMO in a rejoinder issued to the media termed the news item as “purely speculative” and that the “CMO source mentioned in the news item is not valid.” While stating that “the contents of the news item are all speculative as no genuine source is mentioned,” it further added that “the news item quoting CMO source is denied and it is clarified that the information quoting the CMO is not true.” “The baseless allegation that the CM is try-

Vibi Yhokha Kohima | January 29

‘Miss, this is a one waystreet. mmm. Brand new car?

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Ray of hope for anti-HIV drugs New York, JaNuarY 29 (IaNS): In a significant discovery, researchers have identified a new protein that holds promise for the next-generation of anti-HIV drugs. The team at University of California, Berkeley, and the National Institutes of Health have focused on Nef - a fourth protein that hijacks host proteins and is essential to HIV’s lethality. They captured a high-resolution snapshot of Nef bound with a main host protein, and discovered a portion of the host protein. By blocking the part of a key host protein to which Nef binds, it may be possible to slow or stop HIV, said scientists. “We have imaged the molecular details for the first time,” said structural biologist James H. Hurley, UC Berkeley professor of molecular and cell biology. “Having these details in hand puts us in striking distance of designing drugs to block the binding site and, in doing so, block HIV infectivity,” he claimed.

Water to replace ink in your printer!


BeIJINg, JaNuarY 29 (IaNS): Imagine a simple printer at your office or home that uses water instead of ink to print reams of papers. Possible, say Chinese researchers. But the catch is not in the printer but the paper. According to scientists at Jilin University in Changchun, China, the printed characters last for a day on a special paper that can then be re-used. “Every time you print, it’s fresh,” Sean Zhang, professor of chemistry, was quoted as saying. “We are using a commercially available inkjet printer. We just filled the cartridges with water and put it back. It’s like normal printing. The magic is in the paper,” Zhang, a former researcher at HewlettPackard Labs in Menlo Park, California, told DiscoveryNews. This method allows the paper to be reused several times and could potentially have cheaper running costs. The team developed a special coating on the paper that responds to the water.

corruption and impunity. These contribute to the cycle of violence that permeates Naga society at all levels, as well as increased criminal activities.

ply gave in to the vagaries of conflict and convenience. We can see the influence of history on our mental personalities,” adds Ngullie. Heroka Yeptho is of the view that Nagas have their own conceptualized sense of modernity within traditions. “We have our own ways of reasoning. In that way, we also make sense and meanings of our lives.” Ngullie feels that there have been some remarkable changes in Nagaland such as the streamlined educational system, the impact of social accountability on policy (the church’s influence on prohibition and the flesh trade during the ‘80s), the beginning of groundbreaking developmental concepts such as ‘communitization’ and emphasis on community assets, reintroducing the concept of a career-based education in Nagaland in the late early ‘90s, the growing sports and performing arts sectors. However, he adds that such changes are scarce and basically convenient. This story begins to explore the question of modernity in Nagaland from several perspectives. “What do we see five decades after Nagaland was created?” questions noted Naga intellectual Kekhrie Yhome, with a possibility he projects that Nagas are “confusing modernity with social mod-

For young naga people, modernity is more than keeping tradition behind—it is also looking out for creating new systems and working with them, though faced with challenges of corruption and impunity. (AP Photo)

ernization, which is marked by rapid growth in money circulations and emerging elites with wannabe values based on material occult and mimesis. What modernity are we talking about when shamelessness has become the new idiom of cultural reason and opportunism is accepted as a new social order?”

point of view, the law gives equality to each individual. But the question is whether it has been applied practically in the Naga society?” doubts Yeptho, a PhD candidate of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), Delhi. Nagaland’s unstable justice system is responsible for major setbacks during its fifty years as a State. “The root cause of Jurisprudence and all administrative unrest its application in Nagaland is its weak ju“From the theoretical diciary administration and

police machinery. How can law bring order when it remains an anomaly within itself?” asks Ngullie, not surprised that people had rather approach the “underground” rather than the government or the police. This lack of proactive judicial activism and a nonexistent police administration in Nagaland is, asserts Ngullie, encouraging the growth of another even more malignant disease – widespread governmental

Accountability in public life “The accountability of a person or an organization is hardly there and the voice of the poor section or for a particular cause is not seen much in today’s time. Money in changing hands and power and the value of a rupee is no longer there in the mind of old and young,” says Selokieü, a working mother. In order to truly call ourselves modern, she further adds, Nagas need to prosper in other fields instead of fashion and corruption. “The political class created a culture of dependency and sycophancy,” says Yhome who feels that individual and communal self-realisation does not prosper in such environment. He asserts that our fifty year political history has failed to nurture values that seek to mediate harmony and a shared social responsibility for the future. Have we reached the stage where we are dedicated to human dignity and respecting of individual worth? Are all Nagas able to afford basic needs like three square meals a day?

“When our pay rises, the same level in commodities, groceries rise up too,” offers Selokieü.

What is modernity then? Modernity, according to Yhome, is “cultural” and seeks to “imagine, interpret or even transform the movement of care and creative thinking.” Selokieü feels that in order to consider itself modern, a State has to develop its economy, infrastructure, society and culture, adds, “We have celebrated the state day with great fireworks and drinks and food, but not with the development of science, technology, medicine, language, literature, and so on.” Modernity remains fiercely debated through the world and, in some ways, it is what it is. For the Nagas, this essence of being is governed by nostalgia of conflict with the hope towards creating new systems. As diverse voices here have stated, modernity can be kept at par with when respect for human dignity, individual worth and knowledge of systems (albeit foreign) gain currency—where the individual mind is in tandem with the collective system, with each, essentially, shaping the other in creative and respectful ways.

No PM can revoke J&K’s special status: Omar ‘future of nagaland gave a statement that he is too busy to discuss Article 370 and, to make it worse, he is far too important to discuss it with somebody like you (Omar)”. Sackur remarked that he would be “extraordinarily worried” because Modi could be the next Prime Minister if opinion polls were to be believed because the BJP leader favours doing away with J&K’s special status. “I am not worried,” Omar told him.

DMCEA to resume CMO refutes agitation from Feb 1 news report

ing to escape corruption charges is condemned. It may be pointed out that in more than ten years of chief ministership, the Chief Minister has not faced any corruption charge and therefore the question of escaping such charges just does not arise”, the CMO stated. It also stated that in so far as the NPF candidate for the Lok Sabha election and related political steps to be taken are concerned, the decisions would be taken by the “honorable members and the party.” “While we respect the freedom of the press and expression of free opinion, it is felt that the publication of such unauthenticated news item based on mere speculation is negative and damaging”, the CMO stated.

lies through Kiphire’ Our Correspondent Kiphire | January 29

Nagaland Governor, Dr. Ashwani Kumar, today said the rich natural resources of Kiphire district can shape the “future of Nagaland.” Choosing to travel by road on his maiden visit to the district bordering Burma, the Governor, at a public reception at Kiphire local ground, said Kiphire district with its potential human resources, rich biodiversity, abundant natural resources and favourable climate, can sustain economic development for long-term purpose. “Future of Nagaland lies through Kiphire”, Kumar said and urged the youth of the region to harvest these resources for the benefit of the district and the state. Dwelling on various areas for sustainable development, Kumar said be it in agriculture, human resource or mineral resources, Kiphire has enough potential to make the district the “power house of the state for economic development.” Acknowledging that the district is lagging behind in economic development, the Governor said the local economy can improve if more local entrepreneurs set up businesses including in Power sector. Kumar said Kiphire district alone has the potential to generate enough electricity to suffice the demand of the entire Nagaland state and still have a surplus that will help improve the economy of the district. The Governor recognized that lack of good road communication; marketing

nagaland governor, Dr. Ashwani Kumar, accorded a traditional reception on his maiden visit to Kiphire district at Kiphire local ground, Wednesday. Also seen is the DC Kiphire, Kesonyu Yhome and a public leader.

facilities and remoteness of the district are some factors obstructing its development and growth. Hehowever assured that Nagaland government is giving due attention to Kiphire, being the youngest district. “The people of the district may feel alienated from Kohima due to distance, but it is not so. Kohima is having enough concern for Kiphire and you are close to our hearts”, he added. Sharing his personal observation, the Governor said that in Nagaland, most of the menial works from agricultural activities to cattle rearing are done by women. He paid tribute to the women folk for raising the standard of living. The Governor disclosed that Nagaland has less than

40% teaching faculties manning the entire education in the state which, he said, is a serious concern for all. Further, Kumar said boundaries are vanishing in the 21st century, paving way for villages and communities to merge with the global village and opening opportunities for all to live together in harmony. He urged the people to do away with mistrust, conflict and misunderstanding among villages and communities and to enjoy the gift of global village. During his visit, the Governor also launched a website for Kiphire district in DC conference hall, visited the District Hospital and inaugurated Longthonger village as the first green village in the district. Related stories on page 5






Thursday 30 January 2014

The Morung Express C

Prohibition- A people’s war


Our Correspondent

Mokokchung | January 29

Excise Commissioner, Maongwati Aier termed the issue of Liquor Prohibition as a “people war against evil” and asserted that every citizen has a part of play against this evil. Speaking as a resource person at the ABAM Social Concern Consultation Programme at Impur on January 28, the Excise Commissioner Maongwati Aier, who has been instrumental in revamping the Excise Department in the state, lamented that the general public remain a silent spectator hoping others of government to do everything for them. “Prohibition is a 'People War' against evil where every citizen has a part to play. Unfortunately, we Nagas know how to give many suggestions to others but himself does nothing,” the Excise Commissioner said. Ridiculing the idea that lifting of prohibition Act Hukupa Thulu-o, Mister International India 2013 in Chakhesang traditional attire at the 16th cultural festival of Phüsa- would bring more revenue chodümi Youth Society at Phusachodu village in Phek dis- to the state, Maongwati said that even if more revtrict on January 29. (Morung Photo)

enue is generated through the lifting of NTLP Act, the consequent health hazards though open sale and consumption of alcohol and money spent on medical treatment would be much higher than the revenue generated. He even said that if Prohibition is lifted, then children, instead of buying Coca-cola, would buy alcohol and drink it. In this connection, the Excise Commissioner suggested some measures to check alcoholism in the state. He suggested that the government should create employment avenues for the educated unemployed youths since most of the youths are taking to drinking out of frustration and unemployment. He also suggested the introduction of vocational and professional needbased courses in the educational system to tackle the menace of alcoholism in the society. Besides, expressing deep concern about drug addiction and smuggling in the state, Maongwati

pointed out that Nagaland lies close to the notorious 'Golden Triangle' in southeast Asia from where illicit drugs are smuggled to different parts of the world. In this regard, he said that the Narcotic Control Bureau has created database of trafficiking operations, networks and routes in the country and there 'has been intensive financial investigation and forfeiture of assets of drug traffickers and their associates'. Saying it is on record that Nagaland ranks the first in seizures and convictions of drug traffickers in the northeast region of India, Maongwati said that the state excise department is keeping strict vigil round the clock and trying its best with all its available resources at its disposal to check illegal trafficking of narcotic and other drug cases in the state. He added that, so far, all the drug cases seized and registered in the court of law ended in cent percent conviction. In this connection, the Excise Commissioner acknowledged the district &

Session Judge Dimapur and his team for their concern and dedication in the fight against drugs. Giving a clarion call to all the other enforcement agency, organization, NGs who are working in the related field in combating the dreaded drug menace, Maongwati asserted that it should not simply be ritualistic affair like organizing such a consultation programme. He suggested that a roadmap can be charted out with follow up actions and adopt multi-prong approach and a strategy to combat this dreaded drug meance in a 'fight to the finish'. It may be noted here that the ABAM or Ao Baptist Church Council organized a Social Concern Consultation Programme where different sections of the society like the Ao Senden, Watsu Mungdang and others attended the meet. It may also be noted that the ABAM had resolved in the year 2011 to make Mokokchung a complete dry district within the next ten years.

‘In life one can find peace only through God’

Call of God Ministry Kohima observes14th foundation day C M Y K



Kohima, January 29 (mExn): The Call of God Ministry (CGM), Kohima observed its 14th foundation day on January 28 with the theme ‘Light the World’ at Naga Shisha Hoho (Pruzie Prayer Centre), Kohima. Speaking on the day speaker Pastor Ciekrosayi Phesao shared on the three different types of peace described in the Bible: Peace with God, the peace of the God and future peace. He said it is warfare between God and a person until he reconcile with God and obey

INC 54 A/C Tuensang Sadar II meeting held tuEnsang, January 29 (mExn): With the view for strengthening its party in the constituency in particular to take active part in the forth-coming Lok Sabha Parliamentary Election 2014, the INC party of 54 A/C Tuensang Sadar II held a party meeting at the residence of IN Mongba Chang, ex INC candidate. The party vice president C Sako in a press release stated that PCC members, ACCC, AYC, AMC and VCC leaders

attended the meeting. The house discussed the issues of development, drawing the plain bills without implementing the works and negligence of the constituency by the government in all around development. The house, therefore resolved to “deal the matter seriously for the welfare of the people.” The party also requests the authorities concerned not issue any clearance certificate blankly without verifying the spot and quality of the work.

Info on State helicopter service

CASU elects office bearers

mon, January 29 (Dipr): Chen Area Students’ Union (CASU) has elected its new office bearers for the tenure 2014 to 2016, led by Nokjong as President; other executives are Vice President Lemwang, General Secretary Nyakwang, Speaker Chingkai, Finance Kainyei, Games & Sport Secretary Puching, Action Chairman Wangka, Social & Cultural Secretary Kanwang, Statistic Secretary Shoksha, Women’s Co-ordinator Yalo, Asst. Games & Sport Secretary Chingwang and Information Secretary Nokho.

Changtongya Coordination Forum meeting held

Changtongya, January 29 (Dipr): First monthly Changtongya Sub-Division Departmental Coordination Forum meeting was held on January 29 at SDO (C) office chamber Changtongya. SDO (C) Changtongya & Chairman SDDCF, M.S. Thungpong chaired the meeting. The meeting discussed about the problem of pending salary for the employees under the establishment of SDEO (Education) Changtongya where the members of the forum, expressed apprehensions for the effected family, particularly the student community. Concerning the farmers, SDO Soil Changtongya, Lily Tep spoke on the importance of ATMA. She said that ATMA imparts training and conducts exposure trip to farmers so as to let the farmers see and adapt to the new and advanced methods of cultivation and farming.

CWB Tsiepfü Tsiepfhe general session

Kohima, January 29 (mExn): The Chakhesang Welfare Board, Tsiepfü Tsiepfhe, AG Ward 15 Kohima will hold its 29th general session cum picnic on February 1 at Mesenyü Therie’s premises at 11:00 AM. N. Neilo Koza, secretary Nagaland Contractors & Suppliers’ Union (NCSU) will grace the session as the special guest. All family members of share holders and Chakhesang community residing in Tsiepfü Tsiepfhe have been informed to attend the same. This was stated in a release issued by the board chairman Besuhu Dawhuo

congregation present to let God be the master and rule over their heart. He further said millions of people from different walks of life are in search of peace but said one

can find peace only through God alone. Earlier Daniel Seb, Chairman, CGM gave a brief history of the ministry. He said a group of people who

had different kinds of addiction but called by God for His ministry formed CGM. He further mentioned that CGN was formed in the year 2000 and since then they

Our Correspondent

tivities of the state departments in commemoration of 50 years of statehood This exercise will provide health security to underprivileged population of the state. Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY, a "National Health Insurance Programme" is a government-run health insurance scheme for the Indian poor. It provides for cashless insurance for hospitalisation in public as well private hospitals. The scheme started enrolling on April 1, 2008 and has been implemented in 25 states of

India. A total of 23 million families have been enrolled as of February 2011. The RSBY is a project under the Ministry of Labour and Employment. RSBY has been launched to provide health insurance coverage for Below Poverty Line (BPL) families. The objective of RSBY is to provide protection to households from financial liabilities arising out of health shocks that involve hospitalization. Source stated that in the Union Budget for 2012-13, the government made a total allocation of

INR 1096.7 crore towards RSBY. Although meant to cover the entire BPL population,(about 37.2 per cent of the total Indian population according to the Tendulkar committee estimates) it had enrolled only around 10 per cent of the Indian population by March 31, 2011. Also, it is expected to cost the exchequer at least INR3,350 crore a year to cover the entire BPL population. The scheme has won plaudits from the World Bank, the UN and the ILO as one of the world's best health insurance schemes.

Dimapur, January 29 (mExn): Scholastic Day and farewell programme for graduating students of Tetso College Dimapur was held at the college campus on Wednesday with Parliamentary Secretary for Higher Education and SCERT, Deo Nukhu as the chief guest. Nukhu pointed out that acquiring a degree merely was not enough and urged the students to engage themselves in all round development for a complete education. He called upon the students to know the value of time and work hard with all sincerity adding, “Nothing can substitute hard work which pays rich dividends.” The chief guest also lamented about the lack of trust and honesty in the society and encouraged the students to be trendsetters in these areas and lead their society. “Prepare yourselves to become somebody and lead your people,” he told the students. Principal, Dr. P S. lorin and the chief guest also released the second volume

(Left) Parliamentary Secretary Deo Nukhu with Principal, Dr. P S. Lorin releasing the second volume of the Tetso Interdisciplinary Journal (Right) Students of Tetso College Dimapur on Scholastic Day and farewell programme on January 29.

Taxi drivers, street vendors to get RSBY scheme

Kohima | January 29

Nagaland state’s labour department has covered BPL/ AAY families and MGNREGA job holders of the state through Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY). In view of the 50 years of the statehood of Nagaland, the labour department will cover other groups like taxi drivers, construction workers, domestic helpers, street vendors and rickshaw pullers from the next phase of enrolment, according to the compendium of various ac-


Dimapur, January 29 (mExn): The state helicopter service will not be available for schedule as well as for chartering service for three days w.e.f. February 5 to 7 due to technical reasons.NST additional general manager Senti Pongener in a press release stated, “The inconvenience caused is regretted.”

had been sharing their own testimonies to the people and had completed the tour in all the district Headquarters in the state last year. Shanchamo Humtsoe, Secretary, CGM led the service while Pastor Zelhou Zumu, Tuophema Baptist Church said the invocation prayer. Pastor, Ruokuowhelie, Upper Naga Baptist Church, Kohima exhorted the people and Dairhu Mao and Lemtsila Sangtam read the Bible from the Old and New Testament respectively. Joint Secretary, CGM, Razoukhoyi Rhakho said the vote of thanks and PASTOR Vezokho Vero, pronounced the benediction while ViceChairman, CGM, Diethozelie Huozha said the offertory prayer.

CGM members and their families with the speaker Pastor Ciekrosayi Phesao and Pastor Vevozo Vero.

the word of God. He added that the precious blood of Jesus signed the treaty of peace between God and humankind, when he died for our sins. He urged the

MEx File


DC Mokokchung informs

moKoKChung, January 29 (Dipr): Deputy Commissioner Mokokchung, Muroho Chotso has informed that, training on 13th Finance commission Award/Awareness Generation would be held on February 10 from 11:00 a.m. at town hall Mokokchung. In this regard, all Administrative officers and village councils under Mokokchung district are asked to make it convenient to attend the awareness training without fail. All Administrative officers are also directed to inform the villages in their respective Administrative circles.


DYO to conduct mass social work

Kohima, January 29 (mExn): The Dapfhütsumia Youth Organization (DYO), Kohima village informed all the concerned citizens of D’ Khel Kohima village that there will be a mass social work on February 1 in order to clean up the Kohima Municipal Council’s wastes dumping site and also waste being littered along the stretch of the road leading to the dumping site at Dzücha Pekhro, Phek road D’ Khel Sector. This cleanliness drive has been necessitated as a follow up activity after a representation was being sent to the deputy commissioner for total restriction of wastes being dumped in the area after January 31. All the concerned citizens of D’ Khel have been requested to actively participate in this cleanliness drive.


Longrapenlichen Guest House at Dibuia


moKoKChung, January 29 (Dipr): Longrapenlichen Guest House at Dibuia village will be inaugurated on January 31 with MLA & Advisor NBDA and Chairman DPDB Dr. Longriniken and Director, Department of Tourism Purakhu Angami as chief guest and guest of honour respectively. Deputy Commissioner Mokokchung, Muroho Chotso and Aowati would deliver short speeches on behalf of the land donors.



WEC informs

Kohima, January 29 (mExn): The Ward Education Committee (WEC) Tsiepfü Tsiepfhe, AG Ward No 15, Kohima informed that admission for GPS Tsiepfü Tsiepfhe (AG Colony) Kohima (Class A-5) has started from January 28. WEC chairman Zenohol Kikhi informed that the admission is purely first come first basis.

Nukhu graces Scholastic Day at Tetso College

of the Tetso Interdisciplinary Journal on the topic Commerce Education. This edition of the journal carries key articles that would be useful to teachers and students to know more about the commerce stream concerning Nagaland. The journal features articles by various experts in the commerce field like Dr. Martina Solo - HOD Commerce Nagaland University, Saikat Roy - Zonal Head- East Institutional Alliance Business NIIT, Dr.

Abhijit Chakraborty –Principal Public College of commerce, Dimapur and others. The journal is available at the college or in Modern Book Depot Dimapur and StarMart. The college NSS unit of Tetso College also took this time to announce the extension of its charity drive aimed at providing help to homeless children till February 7. In view of its theme “Spread the Love”, collections will be donated to an orphanage to be se-

lected by the NSS members on Valentine’s Day, February 14. Well-wishers who would like to donate can contact 9856909900. Other Highlights of the programme included felicitation to Aboli Kinny who secured the 3rd Position in the All India NCC Interdirectorate Shooting competition held at Delhi, India; award of the Class Champion 2013 trophy to the B.A. 1st Semester students and distribution of prizes and certificates conducted for

events held during 2013. Apart from the songs, dances and prize distributions, other highlights of the programme included the release of the annual Tetso Interdisciplinary Journal on the topic Commerce Education in Nagaland and a Charity drive being organized by the Tetso College NSS Unit in aid of orphans. Prizes were given away for the winners and champions of various categories during the College’s sports week.


3 Regional ‘India, B'desh heading for exciting beginning’ AAP to Contest Election in NE Thursday

The Morung express

30 January 2014

ShIllong, JAnuAry 29 (IAnS): India and Bangladesh are headed towards a "new and exciting" beginning in their bilateral ties, Bangladesh's envoy Tariq Ahmad Karim said Wednesday. "We are trying to rediscover and re-connect to our historical ties, although history and colonial legacy intervened. Despite this, we are headed towards a new beginning," Karim told journalists after meeting Meghalaya Chief Minister Mukul Sangma here. The Bangladesh envoy

also announced a slew of new initiatives in trade and commerce besides bilateral exchanges to bring the two countries closer. One initiative is the proposed construction of national highway 127B that would begin from North Bengal, touch Bhutan, Dhubri (Assam), Dalu (Meghalaya), Narayanganj (Bangladesh) and end at Chittagong port in Bangladesh. "Talks are on to restart the inland waterway service between the two countries that was an important route for trade and

commerce before Partition," he said. "We need to upscale our trade and commerce besides connectivity. We are once again thinking in terms of connectivity along the Brahmaputra basin because river transportation has a beneficial effect on the environment over rail and road." He said air service between India's northeast and Bangladesh would get a fillip after Bangladesh Biman agreed to fly twice a week between Guwahati and Dhaka from July this year. "Initially, Bangladesh

Biman would be operating two ATR aircraft and then there is a plan to move to the 727s," he added. Disclosing that Shillong-Sylhet-Dhaka bus service is in the final stages of approval, Karim said talks regarding it began some years back. On Meghalaya's proposal for opening up of 22 more border "haats" (bazars), he said, "My government is overseeing that such proposal is practically feasible to create space so other states follow suit." The "haats", once thriving centres of trade

AgArtAlA, JAnuAry 29 (IAnS): Mizoram Chief Minister Lal Thanhawla has said his government is keen to take back the Bru refugees sheltering in makeshift camps in Tripura for the past 17 years. "We are always ready to take back the refugees from Tripura and rehabilitate them in their villages. Those refugees, who have returned to their villages, were rehabilitated and are

living peacefully and satisfactorily," Lal Thanhawla told reporters at Jampui in north Tripura Tuesday. He said: "Some people are impeding the repatriation of refugees. Those refugees who have returned to their homes have got financial assistance under the central government package." Lal Thanhawla, who came to Jampui, 215 km from here, to attend the silver jubilee function of

the NGO, the Young Mizo Association as the chief guest, urged the refugees to return to their homes and lead a normal life. Addressing the association function, he said that some inimical forces are trying to disturb peace and ethnic harmony in Mizoram. Over 36,000 tribal refugees, locally called 'Bru', have been living in seven makeshift camps in northern Tripura for the past 17

years after fleeing their villages in Mizoram following ethnic trouble with the majority Mizos. The trouble began after a Mizo forest official was killed. Around 5,000 refugees returned to their homes and villages in the past three years following continued persuasion by Mizoram, Tripura and union home ministry officials. However, the process got stalled after that.

Mizoram CM urges refugees to return from Tripura

MSME units boost Manipur rural economy

ImphAl, JAnuAry 29 (AnI): Providing employment opportunities to different sections of the society is a major concern of the government of Manipur. Manipur has witnessed a steady growth of small scale industries through the government's consistent efforts to encourage self-employment ventures. This has come as a boon for rural artisans who are now able to earn a decent livelihood by utilizing their skills. The Imphal Handloom -Work shed cum rural showroom is one among several small scale enterprises in Manipur that provides training and employment to rural artisans. The group owned by M Jibonmala Devi at present trains around 40 artisans in making handloom and handicraft products. The final products are displayed in the showroom. The group has come as a boon for the locals, especially the women folk and the youth, who are able to supplement their family income by utilizing the leisure time. They are happy as they manage to earn around Rs.70008000 per month. "There are so many youngsters who do not have work. Instead of wasting time and doing nothing they should learn

Five rebels arrested in Meghalaya

ShIllong, JAnuAry 29 (IAnS): Security forces Wednesday arrested five rebels of the outlawed Garo National Liberation Army (GNLA) in Meghalaya's West Khasi Hills district, bordering Bangladesh, a police official said. Lasting G. Momin, Arnesh G. Momin, Bosco Momin, Fedrick Rongrin and Jaro S. Sangma, who are from the West Khasi Hills command of the GNLA, were arrested from Dorangre village. Two .32 bore pistols, two magazines, seven rounds of live ammunition, three mobile phones, three Indian SIM cards and 21 dry cells were seized from the rebel's possession, a police official said. "We have arrested the rebels from Dorangre village Wednesday morning in the wake of the ongoing combing operation to flush out the rebels from the area," Sylvester Nongtnger, the district police chief of West Khasi Hills, told IANS. "All the five rebels were a prized catch for us as they were involved in extorting money from coal exporters to Bangladesh and drivers of coal-laden trucks in the area," he said.

such handicrafts or handloom. So I called of them here for training. I want them to learn so that they can do something and earn their livelihood," said M Jibonmala Devi, MSME entrepreneur. The government has been regularly conducting skill and entrepreneurship development programmes to empower the rural population and encourage them to take up self-employment ventures. There has been a significant development in the micro, small and medium enterprise sector in Manipur. The National Small Industries Corporation has been organizing several expos in the state to provide a platform to such groups to showcase their products. Under the newly launched Northeast Textile Promotion Scheme, the department also intends to provide powerlooms at a 70 percent subsidy. The groups are also provided support in getting market exposure and participating in various exhibitions outside the state. A total of Rs 14 crores has been allotted for the development of handlooms and handicraft sector during the remaining three years of the 12th Five Year Plan.


Hongkong Market Price: 2.5 Lakhs Contact: 9615679371 OFFICE OF THE


The 7 Mile Village, Dimapur, through its council members appreciated to the kind visit of Hon’ble Minister for Roads & Bridges and Parliamentary Affairs, Shri. Kuzholuzo Nienu, Parliamentary Secretary for Higher Education and SCERT, Shri. Deo Nukhu and Dr. H N. Duttai, Vice Chancellor, TGOUN, Dr. Imotemsu Ao, Director cum Register ,TGOUN and TGOUN officials at The Global Open University,7th Mile Village on 26.01.2014 on the Republic Day. The council of 7th Mile Village further expressed its further concern for the visiting dignitaries and expressed that if would have been more pleasant if the visit of the dignitaries inform to the concerned Village Council of 7th Mile Village prior to their actual village to the Global Open University site. th

(A.TALHOU KOZA) Hd.G.B 7th Mile Village Dimapur: Nagaland

(KEVICHUSA LADU) Chairman 7th Mile Village Dimapur: Nagaland


AT POLICE BAPTIST CHURCH THIZAMA Post : Christian Education Cum Music Director Qualification required : B.D or Equivalent with good music knowledge Preference : Degree/Diploma/Course in Christian Education and Church Music Pay : NPBCA pay structure Forms available : Job Centre, Old NST Kohima or contact -9436405805 Last date of submission: 17th February 2014 Date of Interview : 20th February 2014 Place : PBC Thizama NO.NPSC/ADVT-1/04


Dated, Kohima the 28th January 2014.

CORRIGENDUM With reference to the Nagaland Public Service Commission’s Advertisement NO.4/2013 dated 03-12-2013, this is to notify all the Candidates that Item No.9: 1(one) post of Junior Engineer (Drilling) (Class-II Gazetted) under Geology and Mining Department has been withdrawn vide Department of Geology and Mining letter NO. GM/ESTT/DPC/202/95 (PT-II) dated 24-07-2013 and dated 08-01-2014. Fee for application form and exam will be refunded to all the candidates who have applied for Item No.9 only on production of application form receipt on any working day from dated 03-02-2014 to 15-02-2014. Other terms and conditions of the advertisement remain the same. Sd/- SARAH R. RITSE Secretary, Nagaland Public Service Commission Kohima

and commerce, were shut down after the creation of Bangladesh in 1971. Meghalaya has two border "haats" - one at Kalaichar in the state's West Garo Hills district and Baliamari of Bangladesh's Kurigram district, and another in Balat (East Khasi Hills district) and Lauwaghar (Dalora) in Sunamganj district of the neighbouring country. These "haats" are aimed to uplift the economic status of people by establishing the traditional system of marketing of local produce.

ItAnAgAr, JAnuAry 29 (ptI): After scripting a stunning electoral success in Delhi, the Aam Aadmi Party has set its sight on the Northeast where the party intends to field maximum number of candidates. To begin with, the party has decided to contest the coming Lok Sabha and Assembly elections in Arunachal Pradesh due this year, AAP's national executive member and in-charge of Northeastern states Habung Payeng said today. “We will make all efforts to put up maximum number of candidates in the parlia-

mentary and Assembly polls in Arunachal Pradesh, Payend toldapressconference.Payeng said that apart from Arunachal Pradesh, the AAP had already


constituted state committees in Assam, Manipur, Tripura and Meghalaya. They are also in the pipeline in Sikkim, Mizoram and Nagaland.


D.C.Court Road Duncan Dimapur-797112

Admission started for (2014) Batch

 Crash Course for JEE/NERIST--I  Hostel seats available for regular College going student (Only girls)  Contact: (03862) 234272/ 248605/ 9436600530




Dated the January’2014

AET walk -in-interview on 6th & 7th Feb' 2014 at SAMETI.Medziphema Inviting reference to the above, wherein, applications were invited from indigenous unemployed youth Vide. No.AGR/IETC/AET-6/2013-14/1262-64 dated the 16th Dec'2013 for undergoing 2(two) years Agriculture Extension Training (AET)course at IETC, Medziphema for 2013-15 session, the names of the enclosed candidates are declared eligible to appear for the interview test on the respective date and time indicated:1. 6th February 2014 from 9:30 A.M: Sl.No 1 to 150 2. 7th February 2014 from 9:00 A.M Sl.No.151 to 206 Kindly note the following: i) All documents will be re-verified with originals for which candidates should report by 8:30 A.M. Candidates without originals will not be allowed for interview ii) No separate calling letter will be issued. iii) Eligible candidate will have to appear at their own expenses iv) IETC/SAMETI Bus will be made available for Dimapur dropping only for candidates whose interview continues after 4:00 P.M v) The Department/Interview Board reserves the right to disqualify candidates if found undeserving for the course vi) The names of the selected will be notified in all local dailies and the IETC Notice Board along with the admission and commencement of classes etc. (N.TEKATUSHI AO) Director of Agriculture Nagaland:Kohima

NAME OF ELIGIBLE CANDIDATE FOR A.E.T INTERVIEW 2014 SL. NO 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68


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businEss/public discoursE

Thursday 30 January 2014


he recurring challenges facing the Nagas in relation to the statehood since the turn of this Millennium and the beginning of this century has been due to the embroilments caused by the different interpretations of statehood through different prisms of interest. The nature of our Naga identity has made the Naga tribes stapled under the state of Nagaland obliged to certain duties towards the rights of the Nagas living outside the tutelage of the statehood. It was perceived threat to its territorial integrity that the Manipur uprising of June 2001 happened, over declaration of ceasefire extension “without territorial limits” in Naga inhabited areas. The ongoing ethnic conflicts between the Rengma Nagas and Karbi in Assam have been blamed on the “third force”. Indeed the third force has been actively regenerating since the Merapani Border dispute between Assam and Nagaland in 1985. A primary implication of these events are rooted in the blueprint of the 16-Point Agreement that was signed to create the Nagaland State. One of the point of agreement was for the coming together of “Naga inhabited contagious area” making our neighboring sister states to gang-up and form a rigid barrier to the common Naga aspiration. Laski defines the State as “a territorial society divided into Government and subjects claiming, within its allocated physical area, a supremacy over all other institutions.” It was this “allocated physical area” one of the basic element of the state that was relegated to the back seat in the impromptu liaison that led to the premature birth of Nagaland state due to the intense internal and external political compulsions. Like a short lived illusion created by a magician, some crucial points among the 16-Point Agreement have been surgically and subtly removed. Nagaland had been unceremoniously transferred from the Ministry of External Affairs to Min-

Looking Beyond Statehood istry of Home Affairs. The payouts to Nagaland from the Consolidated Fund of India have also been halted. The special status of Nagaland under Article 371 is now under question by none other than step-motherly Ministry of Home. These are clear indications of a systematic dismantling of the pillars under whose strength the state was founded. Political analysts and policy makers are clearly thinking of a strong centralized federal setup, where power to a maverick state like Nagaland is curtailed and uniformity is finally extracted from all other states. It is only a matter of time that this devolution of power will boomerang. The burning question is whether to re-affirm the 16-Point Agreement and be implemented in toto within a certain dateline? Or that, the present status quo of scraped statecraft is acceptable? Or of a wider statecraft, undergoing complete architectural outlay and foundational engineering inclusive of its “political uniqueness” that need to be conceptualized and critically addressed. This dialogue should include what Professor Zimmern in his book “Nationality and Government” wrote and is of relevance to the Naga context “While Nationality is subjective, Statehood is objective; While Nationality is psychological, Statehood is political; While Nationality is a condition of mind, Statehood is a condition of law; While Nationality is a spiritual possession Statehood is a enforceable obligation. While Nationality is a way of feeling, Statehood is a condition inseparable from all civilized ways of living”. As a Christian State that has attained the Biblical 50th year of liberty and year of God’s favour, there should also be some work of significance in this direction. These are contentious issues pertaining to how Nagas divided by demarcated boundaries need to reiterate a vision

Tata Group to exit telecom business completely: Sources

MuMbai, January 29 (ET): In a big strategic shift at the Tata Group, Cyrus Mistry, a year after taking over as the chairman of the group, has decided to exit the telecom business completely, sources with direct knowledge share that the Tata Group has initiated talks with Vodafone to sell both Tata Communications and Tata Tele. Deal talks are at a “preliminary stage” sources point out. It will be a deal in various stages as both Tata Tele and Tata Comm have large shareholders with dominance on board decisions. Japanese firm NTT Docomo holds 26% in Tata Tele and has a put option which expires on March 31, 2014. Sources suggest that Docomo may give a one year extension to their put option to pave the way for a deal with Vodafone. Government of India holds 26% in Tata Communications and as part of the deal negotiations with Vodafone, Tata Group will first buy out government’s stake in the company and then sell to the UK based telecom giant.

and roadmap that we can project for a common future. This can only be hammered under the anvil of public debate, discussion, discourse and interaction with an accommodative spirit based on egalitarian rights of all Naga tribes. This collective voice will then form a true cohesive democratic society and earn us a place in the evolutionary global scenario. India having been under the colonial discriminatory policies should no longer continue repressive and regressive laws like the Arms Special Act of 1958. Nagaland has been the perfect guinea pig for the likes of present-day Machiavellis and Kautilyas to execute shrewd political maneuvers with deft swiftness and deadly precision to spread dissensions and fragment the dynamic Naga society. It is not without reason that the “political rum” and free flow of unaccounted money has depleted and corrupted the character of the indomitable spirit of the Nagas, that flamed the Naga nationalism. On the other hand, few pockets of elitist groups have been harbored to hold the power corridors of the State. In case of any failures or mismanagement the unresolved Naga cause is the perfect scapegoat. Sadly, many leaders of different Naga political groups’ banks on the doles of these privileged few. Nagas stepping into the arena of modern civilization is only a century old. What is remarkable is the people’s ability to adapt and change, be it the spread of Christianity by the American missionaries or the acceptance of British polity and administration. History had thrusted upon the Nagas the two World Wars that have directed the course of Naga history. It was in the land of “equality, liberty and fraternity” France that our forefathers were enlightened to form the Naga Club of 1918. It was loyalty and allegiance to the British Crown that Nagas stood against

the invading Japanese and won the Battle of Kohima in 1944, which was one pressing reason for the Britishers to leave India and barter away the Nagas. Nagas have always been resilient and united to face challenges triumphantly. Unfortunately, the over-working political machinations have churned a tsunami that have shipwrecked that coveted unity. Now, most of the fragmented national political groups are in lifeboats and rafts struggling to stay afloat. The choice is either to drift away into the abyss of no return or paddle towards the lighthouse and assemble under one roof. The need of the hour in order to solve the protracted Naga issue, is to search for certain operational principles for pragmatic implementation based on core values; to give Nagas a chance to be global citizens. Naga need not fear any force on earth to erase the rightful historical events and vicissitudes that have marked the Naga struggle if we only trust and believe in each other again, to create that “Naga Dream” we all aspire for. The natural geo-political dynamics can make Nagaland either a buffer-zone like Switzerland or a flash-point like the Balkan. India precarious border situation with neighboring China and Pakistan has made them as the adage “adversary of my adversary is my friend”. It was Nehru’s ‘Forward Policy’ that led to the Indo-China war of 1962. It was also in 1951, that the disputed Tawang town was consolidated into the Indian union under the command of Major Khathing, a Naga. It is quite ironic that China’s claim to Arunachal excludes the Naga inhabited territory. China designs are not only to claim territory but the red Dragon is fuming its periodic flame to assail a systematic calculus of warfare when the opportune moment comes; unlike the knee jerk trample that India always resort. China would stop at nothing in emerging

K. Tia Longchar

deadly highway!


am concerned about the amount of occurrences of accidents in NH-29 between Chumu and Dimapur , Living near the highway and plying this road daily I have come across a number of accidents taking place so much that if a week goes by without accidents it was a wonder, also most accidents goes unreported in the paper. Even today as I was going down I came across a body run over by a truck except for the legs that remained...I was perturbed but wasn’t surprised as it had happened in the past and will occur again if some steps are not taken for road safety. Here are few points to ponder and resolve. 1. The two –lane road is too small seeing the number of vehicles plying this road is fitted for four-lane road.

2. No road divider and random overtaking has led to a number of accidents. 3. No signposts for many approach roads from every corner and adjoining the highway. 4. No speed limits (some even plying at 80- 100km/hr). 5. Rash and inexperienced drivers, drunken drivers and even minors without driving license or without any knowledge of traffic rules and regulations are plying the roads as there is no law and order when it comes to the road. 6. No police or flying squads to arrest and control speeding, drunken or erratic drivers. 7. No infrastructure nor even lights or stoppage by the police for the

as the undisputed Asian power and thereafter a global superpower. Any talks on “land swap” would be tantamount to further festering in legalistic landmines and counter claims. Developed fissures always lead to crack and seepage especially on unmarked territory; it will be mired with masked diabolic designs under different leadership. In the brewing struggle for power between the two civilization, United States has strategically entrenched in Burma with a realpolitik policy and they would definitely wriggle mileages over the three Naga Self-Administered provinces in Myanmar. It is converging to a point of mutual benefit that India need to take some pre-emptive actions in the current flux Naga-affair before it crystallize. The “Look East Policy” of making North-East Region a economic hub and land-link with South-East Asia, is a policy in the right direction. It is indeed a herculean task to bring abroad a gamut of indecisive Indian political atrophy, the spineless Home Ministry, the procrastinating bureaucracy and the paranoid military top brass to charter a destination to solve the Naga imbroglio. Having navigated the Non Alignment Movement to its logical end during the Cold War, nations looks upon India as the natural leader of democratic global eminence; that treat nations great and small, respectfully with the golden rule of conduct and Gandhian principles of non-violence. It should not belittle its global stature by stifling the Naga aspirations in its own backyard. If Nagas today with one voice have a message for India, it will be in the same essence as to what dignified Porus replied to magnanimous Alexander, to be treated on equal terms. Nagas tryst with destiny can be envisioned true to the Japanese proverb saying, “Vision without action is daydreaming and action without vision is chaos.”

pedestrians to cross over in fact the pedestrians have to cross at a lightning speed to prevent being hit by vehicles. 8. Speeding truck drivers especially from other states, transport vehicles and army wagons are the major cause of accidents. 9. Overtaking of vehicles from wrong sides by bikers, autos and taxis contribute to causing accidents. So, it is my earnest request to the police department, the transport and the state government to look into the peril of this deadly road which will soon claim more lives if not dealt with soon.

The Morung Express

Brothers–in–Arms (An Eulogy in memory of our Dear Departed Sumi Warrior Brothers who laid down their lives in our fight for Justice and gave their today for our tomorrow - Lt. Paketo Swu, Lt. Ghukiye Zhimo & Lt. Nipulo Chishi)

These mist covered mountains Are a home now for me But my home is the lowlands And always will be Some day you’ll return to me Your valleys and your farms And you’ll no longer burn To be Brothers-in-Arms Through these fields of destruction Baptisms of fire I’ve witnessed all your suffering As the battle raged higher And though they did hurt me so bad In the fear and alarm You did not desert me My Brothers-in-Arms There’s so many different worlds So many different suns And we have just one world But we live in different ones Now the sun’s gone to hell And the moon’s riding high Let me bid you farewell Every man has to die As it’s written in the starlight And every line on your palm We’re fools to make war On our Brothers-in-Arms. What good is Sovereignty if we lose our Freedom? What good is Freedom if we lose our Rights? What good are our Rights if we cannot Live it? What good are our Lives if they have no Purpose? What good is a Purpose if it does not Serve? What good is a Service if it has no Principle? What good is a Principle if it has no Vision? What good is a Vision if it has no Value? What good is Value of Humanity if it fails to give the very essence of the importance of Human Life? To be very truthful, are we fighting for the Right kind of Freedom? True Freedom means not just liberty from the bondage of some foreign occupation but living without Restraints on the Right to Life and free from all fears Except the Fear of God. Compiled by: Jonah Achumi, Dimapur

Courtesy – Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits), Kohito Assumi Real Warriors, Brothers in Arms. Dimapur

Readers may please note that the contents of the articles, letters and opinions published do not reflect the outlook of this paper nor of the Editor in any form.



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52. Anklebone 54. Floral necklace 55. Indian music 56. The state of being clean 58. Strike heavily 59. Redress 60. Walk in water 61. If not 62. Canvas shelters 63. Poems

DOWN 1. Summary 2. Any animal with no feet 3. Mortise and _____ joint 4. Second (abbrev.) 5. Loan shark 6. Foundation 7. Hodgepodge 8. Next to 9. One more than nine 10. A song of loyalty 11. Attractive 12. Makes a mistake 13. Nonsense (British) 18. Water lily 22. Cozy 24. Hairdo 26. Feudal worker 28. Honor 29. Schnozzola 30. A feat

31. What a person is called 32. Distinctive flair 33. A type of vegetable 34. Determine one’s position 37. Pierce 38. Grotto 40. Easy gait 41. Vice ___ 43. Optical illusion 44. Roads 46. A hard kind of stone 47. Homeric epic 48. Crystal-lined rock 49. 9 9 9 9 50. Backside 51. Bulwark 53. Nameless 56. Seated oneself 57. Pair

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5 KBES responds to call for clean Tourism minister calls to preserve culture


The Morung Express

election and liquor prohibition

Wokha, January 29 who were treasured as the with his identity and dignity. (DIPr): Responding to a future of the Nagas, were He also appealed the mothdirective of the NBCC, KBES seen easily ensnared and ers to take courage to take (Kyong Baptist Churches As- victimized and for which, initiative and stand and live sociation) Women depart- the NBCC began to take ini- for the truth observing that ment held a one day seminar tiative for liquor prohibition when mothers give their on clean election and liquor in Nagaland. commitment, changes take prohibition at KBES Mission Speaking on the topic place for better. Centre, Vankhosung here on ‘Election code of conduct’, The KBES Women deJanuary 28. Executive Secre- Toshimongba emphasized partment and Kyong Eloe tary KBES M.C. KiHoho jointly rethan, AEO Wokha Resolve to submit representation solved to submit Toshimong and to district administration to a representaYouth Secretary to the disstrictly implement NLTP Act tion KBES Nzangthung trict administraNgullie were the resource on one man, one place, one tion to strictly implement persons. vote. He also spoke on model the Nagaland Liquor Total M.C. Kithan while speak- code of conduct, violation of Prohibition Act 1989 and ing on the topic ‘Liquor pro- model code of conduct, liabil- pledged to willingly and hibition’ recalled the ini- ities and rights of voters etc. totally participate in the tial hardships faced by the Nzanthung while speak- Clean Election campaign church leaders who had vi- ing on the topic ‘Clean elec- initiated by NBCC as neutral sion to safeguard and change tion, Christian perspective’ body. The seminar chaired the Naga society from the de- stated that people selling by KBES Women Secretary structive impact of the ram- their votes for money during Lichilo Lotha was attended pant flow of liquor across election should think twice by church women leaders, the State. He also stated that because it is selling of one’s NGOs and frontal organizamany children and youth, sum total of the human value tions, women leaders.


30 January 2014

Our Correspondent

Society at Phusachodu village in Phek district. He recognized under the “esteem guidance” of Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio, the inflow of tourist during 2013 Hornbill festival touched four figures mark. He also revealed that revenue earned by the department has also shot up on much higher scale beyond anticipation. “It is very important that

we continue to practice our culture so that we do not allow ourselves to be wiped out by the changing face of today’s modern world,” he said, while reminding many races in the world had failed to keep their traditions alive and ultimately faced the consequences. He appreciated the Chakhesang community for preserving culture. He

also lauded Tetseo Sisters and the different cultural troupes from Phek district for representing the state at various platforms both within and outside the state. He acknowledged that the famous chicken dance of Chakhesang has gained popularity and deserves appreciation. The minister also lauded the Phüsachodümi Youth Soci-

ety with its motto “Youth is the armour of the village,” for hoisting cultural festival, which, he said purifies the youth of the village. In his short speech, Nagaland Legislative Assembly speaker Chotisuh Sazo appreciated the presence of tourism minister and at the same time appreciated the state’s tourism department for extending several projects to the 18th Chozuba Assembly Constituency. Sazo stated that the department had extended Subash Chandra Bose heritage at Chesezu. He also stated that tourist accommodation project is under construction at Chozuba including tourist cottages and watch tower in several villages of the constituency. Later, the youth society submitted a memorandum to the minister for construction of cultural hall, which was positively responded by the latter.

Child Protection Society (SCPS) Nagaland in collaboration with Aangan Trust Mumbai conducted two days orientation training on Juvenile Justice (JJ) Act and Case Management from January 28-29, 2014 at Circuit House here. The two-day interactive training, a release

with Juvenile Justice Act and how to introduce and maintain Case Management system in Children Home. “There are so many children in Nagaland who are falling victims of trafficking, abuse, and child labour etc,” the note sated. “Through this training, SCPS hopes to strengthen

fare Committees, District Child Protection Units and alike bodies so that together we can ensure a safe, secure and healthy environment for all the children in Nagaland.” The release issued by office of SCPS Kohima informed that, Dr. Smita Dharmamer, National Pro-

baruah, Sr. Programme Associates Angaan Trust were the main resource persons. Child Welfare Committees, District Child Protection Officers, Superintendents of Observation Home from Kohima, Dimapur, Mon, Phek, Wokha and Peren participated in the training.

kohIma, January 29 (DIPr): Governor of Nagaland, Dr. Ashwani Kumar visited Wazeho in Phek district on January 28 and inspected the Cement Plant and Marble Stone Cutting units, accompanied by MLA of the area and Parliamentary Secretary Yitachu and other officials. It was disclosed to the governor that the Cement Plant had been upgraded but has been nonfunctional for the last few years, owing to non materialisation of government policy of privatisation. The long delay resulting in machines and staff lying waste was viewed with concern by the governor, since equipments would get rusted and jammed, while the regular MCP staff numbering 54 and Fixed Pay workers numbering 49 have grown demoralised. This visit of the governor is the first stage of his official tour to Meluri, Kiphire, Tuensang and Longleng. The tour is scheduled from January 28 to February 1, during which public civic receptions, visits to important institutions and public interviews will

happen at different places was being sanctioned to evand days. ery household, mentioned that, in Mizoram every man Inaugurates first is being sanctioned Rs. 1.00 green village in Kiphire lakh for cultivation of a crop The governor during of his choice. He felt that a his visit to Kiphire district similar scheme should be inaugurated Longthonger adopted for agro-economic as the first Green Village growth. in the district on January Parliamentary Secre29. The village has all been tary Torechu, exhorted the painted green and the en- people of Longthonger and tire 82 households have regarded the visit of the been fitted with solar pow- governor as historic to the er for lighting and other do- village. Dr. Ashwani, the mestic usages. first governor to be in the Deputy Commissioner, village is a blessing that is Kiphire, Kesonyü Yhome, bestowed upon God fearing in his introductory address, people, he said. He stated disclosed that, the district that the village should be has adopted an agenda for the beginning and the lessustainable development, son for others to follow. in which conservation and preservation of ecology Inspects Kiphire and environment is given District Hospital priority. Dr. Ashwani Kumar also Expressing gratification inspected the existing Kipover seeing happy faces ev- hire District Hospital and erywhere in the district, the the new building, which governor hoped that the is under construction, on village would surge ahead January 29. The new threein its wholesome growth storied building will house with integrity and unanim- 11 bedded ward each for ity. The governor, having male and female patients, learnt that under the en- 5 bedded maternity ward, vironment conservation 11 bedded surgical ward. programme, Rs. 13 lakhs The new hospital is target-

ed to facilitate emergency rooms, ultrasound, CT scan, laboratory, operation theatre, ICU, OPD rooms, conference hall, library and staff hall. It was brought to the notice of the governor by the medical officers that a retaining wall, compound fencing, approach road and parking area were urgently required. During an interactive session with the medical officers, the governor was informed that the district, being poorly connected and the area being hostile with no private health facilities, government health centres are the only ones available to the people. The medical officers therefore, expressed that the three sub-centres at Kuisam, Longmatra and Sitimi ought to be upgraded to Primary Health Centres in order to render proper services to the villages. Meanwhile, the governor expressed sincere appreciation to the doctors for the commendable jobs they do with high morale despite the remoteness of the area.

nity.. For these days people seem to design a careful logistics for offering prayers to God. Today God is understood differently from the one who was approached by the enslaved Hebrews and the simple Galilean farmers and the fishermen. Those people were ‘poor’ from all respects except that they were fully committed in trusting God. The poor, uneducated simple folks of Galilee became the first band of Jesus’ close friends, the generic band that grew to the present Christendom. They could look at Jesus face directly and make their supplications to him. It sounds different today because the logistics of prayer seem to have become a complex beyond the reach of the poor in spirit, like certain budgeting, locations, methods of prayer, frequencies of prayers, and some advocates who plead for the people.. The criteria by which the church selects its full time ministers for executing cer-

of the believers. I mean to say, prayers have come out from the heart to the world to take shape in the forms of those logistics mentioned above, and more of a noise than substance. In the dialogue between the Samaritan woman and Jesus the former sounded like localizing prayer or institutionalizing worship. Jesus told her that a time had began from him when people will no longer confine prayers to a certain location but that a true worshiper will worship God in spirit and in truth. Prayer cannot be localized in a certain place or monopolized by some individuals or groups. For wherever a believing soul is found, there and in that believing person lies the right to pray and have the confidence to approach God. This right was made available to all believers by the onetime and perfect sacrifice of Jesus. If a person believes s/he cannot convince God, other advocates will find it harder. Let us remember to pray for each other because it is a

divine command to do so, but not institutionalize it. For, many simple and happy Christians have begun to doubt their own divine right to pray. When the individual believer is relieved of the habit of praying to the Living God their natural urge to address God may turn to some other objects or ideologies resulting in disastrous apostasy. Prayer should have taken a visible shape in our land, including our physical world, Administrative system, public life as a whole. On the contrary, the floods of prayers in our land tilts to take the shape of is a very complicated ritual system and infrastructure will confuse many believers. I write this not displease any believer in Christ but with intent to remind each of us to lead a constantly examined Christian life, including our use and abuse of prayer. For, only a constantly revived life alone can lead us to grow toward maturity in Christ.

Phek | January 29

Minister for tourism E.E. Pangteang today said, looking back from the era of head hunting to present age, Nagas have taken a giant leap towards development and progress within a very short time. “As such, intellectual, thinkers and politicians must ensure that our society is guided in the right direction because one of the unique points of Naga people is the rich culture and tradition,” he asserted, adding people from all over the world love to come to Nagaland and join the festivals. Keeping this in mind, he said, DAN government has taken serious initiative to revive, while bringing balance in this complex stage for future generation. The minister was speaking at the 16th cultural festival cum Sühkrünye of Phüsachodümi Youth


Tourism minister EE Pangteang, NLA speaker Chotisuh Sazo and others during the cultural festival cum Sühkrünye held at Phusachodu village on January 29.

Farmers training held on Assam Rifles make donations Training to strengthen juvenile justice functionaries January 29 2014. In a ceremony held at DImaPur, January said, was aimed to famil- the Juvenile Justice func- gramme Coordinator, Anincreasing crop production Wokha, (mExn): As part of Civic the local football stadium 29 (mExn): The State iarise the participants tionaries like Child Wel- gaan Trust and Ajoy Bez-

DImaPur, January 29 (mExn): Indian Farmers Fertilizers Cooperative Ltd. (IFFCO) and Bhartya Farmers Agro Business Development Cooperative Ltd. (BFABDC), in a joint venture to educate farmers in Nagaland towards increasing their crop production through proper nutritional and soil management, conducted a practical field training on January 28, 2014. A press release issued by Media & Publicity, BFABDC informed that exercise on ‘Training on improved

DDCF condemns gang rape

DImaPur, January 29 (mExn): Dimapur District Citizens Forum (DDCF) has condemned the January 18 gang rape of a woman at gunpoint at Darogapathar, terming it barbaric. DDCF President, Joseph Lemtur and Secretary Publicity and Information A. Rahman on behalf of the forum have appealed to all citizens of Dimapur to be more vigil so as to assist the law enforcing agencies and ensure such inhuman act does not happen again and again. “The Dimapur police is doing a god job by arresting these culprits after every crime for the last so many incidents, but they also need the helping hand of citizens of Dimapur to try to totally stop such crimes to take place,” the two said in a press release. The DDCF further lauded the Dimapur Police for their prompt action in arresting the three accused involved in January 12 gang rape of a minor in Dimapur.


ne person’s noble thought can draw some more likeminded followers leading that thought to a movement. More often than not, such a movement reaches its momentum and then drops down to a stagnant institutionalization losing its dynamism. The good intent of God became a movement in Jesus which later became institutionalized in the form of the church. The church, unlike many such institutions remains lively and dynamic. Thank God who is the head of the Church. Prayer is only an aspect of the total religiosity of a person. Let us not institutionalize it lest it becomes a larger institution than the church itself. In a democratic world today each citizen has so many rights including the right to vote for electing leaders or government of our choice. Isn’t this a wonderful gift of God who gives us the freedom of choice? Unfortunately, we also speak about selling of our votes, our fundamental

Agro Technologies’, especially on pineapples which is grown in around 10,500 hectares of land throughout the state was organized in Medziphema village where a sizable number of farmers participated and availed the training. A.K. Mukherjee, State Marketing Manager (NE) and A. Bhattacharya explained the role of essential plant nutrients in increasing production as well as quality of fruits in pineapple. President of the BFABDC, P. Tripathi deliberated about the possibilities and scope of processing as well as ways and means pertaining to export of pineapples. BODs and members of BFABDC Akokla Lucy, R. Martha, K. Linyu and Nungsang Jamir were also part of the team. The team also conducted training and field visit on Rubber plantation at Gidima village and Areca plantation in Urra (URRA) village of Dimapur district.

Action Programmes, 17 Assam Rifles presented 200 plastic chairs to the village council of Pangti in Wokha district. A press release received here informed that the Assam Rifles has completed a number of civic action projects for benefit of the local populace. In addition, Officiating Commandant assured that more such development projects will be taken up in future too. All the elders, village council members, headman and chairman of Pangti village appreciated the efforts put in by the Assam Rifles, while urging for such assistance in future, the release added.

DImaPur, January 29 (mExn): Condemning the gang rape and robbery at Darogapathar here on January 18, Nagaland Alliance for Child Rights (NACR) has stated, “It is very disheartening to see that incidents of these kinds are still occurring in large.” In a press release issued by its secretary, Liangamang Robert, NARC expressed, “Our state has just celebrated 50 years of its existence and it is important for the law enforcing authority to be more vigi-

lant in tackling this barbaric crime.” It further urged every right thinking citizen to “pull our acts together to fight against this inhuman act against women.” Meanwhile, NACR appealed to the authorities concerned to speed up the process of enquiry and bring the culprits to the hands of law to prevent such violation and abuse in future.

Distributes sports items In its endeavour to reach out to the youth of the area and to promote sports, 23 Assam Rifles under the aegis of Headquarters 7 Sector Assam Rifles gifted sports equipments to Students’ Union, Aboi Town under DGAR Military Civic Action on January 23,

attended by ADC Aboi, office bearers of local bodies, members of the students’ union, prominent citizens of the area & locals, Commandant 23 Assam Rifles handed over cricket, volleyball, football and other indoor games equipments to the president of Students’ Union, Aboi. The locals lauded the efforts and the assistance rendered by Assam Rifles in the field of sports, medical and education facilities from time to time, a press release stated.

Pumping sets donated As part of Military Civic Action, 31 Assam Rifles under aegis of Headquarters 7 Sector Assam Rifles and Headquarters IGAR (N) donated two pumping sets of 1 Horse Power capacity to Changdang Village, Mokokchung district on January 23, 2014. Assam Rifles in a press release hoped that the pumping sets will provide relief to the village by providing water supply to remote localities.

NACR condemns Darogapathar rape

right that identifies us as a citizen for a morsel like Esau of the Bible. Certain aspirants for leadership may either buy or coup our rights and become free of any connection with the grievances of the subjects. This style of living has also taught us to treat prayer, the very fundamental right bestowed by the Creator to every believer. We tend to create a warrior caste within the believer’s community and almost tell them that they can institutionalize prayer and work out its complex structure, its hierarchy of officials. A citizen’s fundamental rights come in the very package of his or her citizenship. The politics of prayer is that it comes to the believer in the very package of right to become a citizen in the kingdom of God. Every individual becoming a follower of Christ has, therefore the God-given right to communicate with God in prayer. The quality and the validity of a believer’s sincere prayer are at par with Jesus’ pray-

and appreciated the effort taken by the police department in booking the three accused of the rape of a minor girl in Dimapur. However, NACR affirmed, “it is a matter of shame for our state that this barbaric crime is on the rise.” “People who can perpetrate such heinous act do not deserve to walk free on the street. They have to be reprimanded behind bars.” Lauds police action Therefore, NACR earnestly NACR, a network of requested the authorities NGOs for women rights and concerned not to grant children rights, also lauded bails to the accused.

Governor on official tour to four districts

Public SPace The Other Visible Shape Of Prayer

ing to his father. No human can claim praying better than the other in the sight of God. As believers we are told to pray for one another. But when the heart of the person in need of prayer is subjectively not inclined to God the objective prayers of the neighbors for that person becomes less effective. This is so because God has bestowed every person with the fundamental right to pray from the moment the person accepts Jesus. Should there be a time when prayer need be controlled like a commodity God alone has the right to control it because it is the basic gift God has given to every believer as the royal channel of communication to God. God will not allow any monopoly of this free gift to all the believers. Perhaps I should not be using too much of consumerist language like, control, monopoly, or hegemony because these concepts are never compatible with

prayer which is a free gift of God to all. The right to pray should not be hoarded (again I am tempted to use such a consumerist language unaware) by certain Christians and cause the others to crave for the right to pray as if they are stripped of its provision. Informal chats with many Church members following seminars and church services gives me the impression that many committed believers in Christ are made to feel so inadequate to pray for their needs. They say they continue to pray but they feel they are made powerless by their fellow believers who tell them that the methods and the rituals of prayer are not as simple as the former think. It seems, now a days, that there are certain prescribed methods for prayer if we want God to listen to our prayers, almost reviving the priestly office of the Israelite priest who entered the holy chamber on behalf of the commu-

tain rituals by observation and the common testimony of the believing community for commissioning are challenged today. Any believer seems to pop up and claim divine legitimization to be a leader. One who claims to know the mystery of executing those humanly constructed liturgy has a better credential for ministry than the one formally authorized by the Church. Such formally commissioned ministers often accept the mandate in humility and a sense of inadequacy before God. Nowadays, many volunteers would claim divinely appointment and take up leadership, thus relieving the believers community from the trouble of carefully observing and commending ministers for such a task. Prayer in the Bible appears to be not much vociferous or visible as it is a matter of heart and one’s inner motif toward God. Today prayers have become very conspicuous in the life

The Morung Express is introducing “Public Space” as part of our intention to provide deliberate space for the opinions of the people to be expressed and heard through this newspaper. Nonetheless, The Morung Express points out that the opinions expressed in the contents published in the “Public Space” do not reflect the views and position of the newspaper or the editor.

Ezamo Murry Jorhat



The Power of Truth

The Morung Express THursDAy 30 JAnuAry 2014 vol. IX IssuE 27 By Aheli Moitra



ur cousins consider themselves modern. They wear clothes designed by expensive tailors, walk on Italian shoes, drink single malt at a “high end” restaurant before having dinner at another, talk only through the Apple, and even live in the Big Apple. When in India, they talk of the beggar as the lazy bugger they never want to be. It is, after all, their fault they are poor. They talk of the great Indian democracy and their love for Obama—they have never voted, or gone without food, water, shelter and diamonds. They detest racism directed to them. They say how lazy black people are “in general.” They are repressed and consistently feel so. Subjects like these are perfect for the capitalist market, designed around western systems—arrogant and stratified. Our fellow Asians have contributed much to the strengthening of western modernity and the subsequent weakening of our own. Ashis Nandy has postulated a model of thought. For centuries now, Asia has had to face the slow chopping of its myriad cultures and dignity because the west would not have it. The modern west has looked at us, studied our “exotic” ways, and we have to now work in the way they have said we are. We are not allowed our systems of thought and politics. We can fight with our neighbours but not negotiate peace without a western framework and intervention. We can keep what is acceptable by the west about us (dances and songs, albeit stripped of context) but discard what is not (animism). So, the Nagas are interesting as long as in the process of this modernization. If we are cosmopolitan in the sense of our cousins noted above, even if for mere survival, it is all good—good roads, cars to drive on them, fancy restaurants, circulated money, shoes, a good bureaucracy. Talk about indigenous forms of cultural dialogue and political form, (pursued through violently nationalist means thanks to the little space given to our cultures) and we are given the boot, or convinced to think that we are wrong to want it. This is modernity as we accept it. But we need not. Western modernity has always been challenged in the indigenous climes of Asia, Africa or South America. A large number of cultures in these pockets continue to defy western modernity by being truly modern themselves— by talking to each other as equal partners taking western lines (like boundaries) out of the equation. We need not gulp down global concepts irrelevant to our context. The Zo people are breaking out of naked descriptions of themselves as intellectually blind tribals and talking to each other to design modern systems. The Naga people have been attempting to do so for years now—different processes have kept the community from obliterating itself yet allowed space for self reflection and continued resistance. This form of modernity could bring to the world solutions that it has been unable to find in its grand scheme of things. It will perhaps even release the west from its own repressed notion of it. Comments may be directed to

lEfT wiNg |

Joe Kay Source: Sojourners

Prophets, Questions, and a Dream


ne of my favorite scenes from the movie Gandhi portrays the Rev. Charlie Andrews standing in the pulpit of his church. The Anglican clergyman has been working with Gandhi to challenge how the people of India are being treated under British rule. Andrews looks out at his privileged, all-white congregation and dives into what he knows will be a divisive subject. “What Mr. Gandhi has forced us to do is ask questions about ourselves,” he says. Many in the congregation get up and leave, some with indignant expressions. They don’t want their beliefs questioned, certainly not in a church. They see no reason to even talk about change. Can we identify with that reaction in some ways? I think of that image from Gandhi as we honor the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. this weekend. The two of them were kindred spirits, prophets from different religions and different countries. They shared the same spirit-filled message and the same nonviolent methods. And they met with the same responses. Many who heard them were inspired and worked to change the world in some very significant ways. Others opposed them and tried to silence them. Both were assassinated by gunmen. But their message and their spirit endure. So do their questions. Prophets are always asking questions. Tough questions. Unsettling questions. Questions that they pose to themselves, then try to answer by how they live. Questions such as: What’s in our hearts? Are we concerned too much about ourselves and too little about others? Do we believe in love? Why do we give in so readily to bitterness and hatred? Why do so few have so much, while so many have so little? Aren’t we all diminished by the poverty, discrimination, violence, and the various injustices in our world? Why do we glamorize violence and weapons as solutions to our problems? Do we really believe that we’re all equally beloved children of God? Do we act that way? Do we walk past the person bleeding by the side of the road without stopping to help? Do we even notice them? How long will we accept the status quo? How long until we make justice a reality for all God’s children? Prophets are as unpopular as they are indispensable. Their questions generate friction and a lot of creative heat that can be used to reshape our world. Perhaps a good way to honor the Rev. King this weekend is to ask the questions all over again. To ask them compassionately and emphatically, just as he did. And then to have the daily courage to try to live our individual answers. The challenge is to be prophetic. To change the world a little bit at a time, one act of love at a time. To have a dream, too.



Dr. John Mohan Razu, CTC, Mokokchung

Parliamentary Elections 2014-The Issues Before Us


he 16th Parliamentary General Elections scheduled to take place this summer is expected to open up new challenges and new configurations in the post-Independent political history of our nation. The two national political parties namely the BJP and the Congress are vying to capture power and desirous to form the Government at the Centre as the single largest party along with its alliance partners. Towards this end the regional parties are making careful moves whether to continue with the same alliance or shift to the other in order to maximise their bargaining power once the government is formed. As of now the scenario is hazy. However, some political analysts predict that the formation of government is increasingly dependent on the regional parties that have a major say and stakes while devising and executing policies on crucial matters. While others contend that there is a possibility of new political formation taking place as an alternative to the existing alliances, namely NDA and UPA. Notably Indian politics revolves around identity viz. caste, religion, region, language, and other considerations and ideology. Identity and ideology did play a major role thus far, but in this election the role of ideology seem to be receding and identities are reconfiguring and inter-facing. Barring the left and a few regional parties most of the political parties keep shifting their alliances by abdicating their ideological stance and manifestos. As of now clear demarcation of the parties based on ideological position such as the right or extreme right of the centre or left of the left and left of the centre is not apparent. India’s political culture is rapidly changing in tune to the changes that take place on the ground. We are in the midst of a very critical time, and so, we cannot afford to make mistakes. The status quoits political parties want to further their interests. So, when we say non-political formation or anti-political parties all these permutations are within the ambit of the political establishment. The emergent scenario warrants governance premised on accountability and transparency. Apparently, we are in the midst of trajectories of novel formation. How and when are the questions? Political landscape is bound to change. It is subjected to many factors. General elections have given rise to new social and political situations, which in turn have advanced directed nuances. Failing to respond to the current impasse and thus remaining passive could lead to portents of dramatic political upheaval plunging the national polity into chaos. It might eventually give rise to fascist tendencies. The classic case is Modi factor. He is being promoted as the Prime Ministerial candidate. He seem have been elevated to the level of acceptability among sections of the socially and economically advanced segments that are active in social media networks such as Twitter and Face book. This segment have benefitted enormously from the policies and programs of LPG. This constituency comprising of entrepreneurial castes and business classes are becoming more vocal to protect their own class-caste interests. On the contrary, the current arrangement has alienated millions of the poor and marginalised negating their basic survival needs and rights. Electoral campaigns and social media have projected Modi as the force to reckon with. The visual and print media are flooded with Modi factor. Opinion polls swings towards Modi. His rhetoric of development has captured the imagination and aspirations of the neo-middle class and castes in Gujarat. They have been hugely benefitted by the market forces and private sector services. Modi talks about development, growth, progress, prosperity, and in the process pushed himself from Gujarat to pan-Indian. With all these gimmicks, his political agenda should not be forgotten. It is impregnated with enormous social dangers which include the possibility of the rise of fascism through electoral means. History reminds us that Hitler came to power through ballet. If BJP via Modi forms the government at Centre, communal upheaval and social polarisation shall cer-


n early December, after weeks of strikes and road blocks called by the political opposition, the dairy farmers of the Rangpur district, in northern Bangladesh, started protesting the disruption to their business by pouring milk onto highways. For many weeks, they hadn’t been able to get their milk to the processing and packaging plants in the capital; instead, they had to sell it to local confectioners and small restaurants. Supply far outstripped demand. Across the country, an average of half a million liters of milk was dumped every day that the opposition called a general strike or a blockade. After many such protests since late October, the dairy industry was on its knees. Many small farmers, like those in Rangpur, had borrowed money to buy their livestock and could no longer afford to feed their cows; they started selling the animals and looking for other ways to make a living. Supermarket shelves in Dhaka grew more sparse. They carried little fresh milk, and no butter, except for shockingly expensive brands imported from India and Australia. The crisis erupted after the opposition, led by the Bangladesh Nationalist Party and its ally Jamaat-e-Islami, objected to holding a national election unless the government first handed over power to a neutral caretaker body; it feared rigging otherwise. When the ruling Awami League refused, the opposition leader Khaleda Zia called a series of crippling protests. B.N.P. supporters and Jamaat-eIslami unleashed their anger on any-

tainly unleash and is inevitable. There seems to be a tremendous wave sweeping in favour of him across the country amongst the ultra-rightist ruled Hinduised Hindi-speaking belts and also some pockets in the Southern India. Modi is known for his aggressive communal and sectarian politics. He is undoubtedly against Muslims and minorities. His governance in the last two tenures as the Chief Minister of Gujarat triggered communal polarisation across the country. My caricature of Modi has two dimensions: prior to becoming the PM candidate “Modi was a wolf in wolf’s clothes” and after his appointment as PM candidate “Modi is a wolf in lamb’s clothes”. The basic characteristics of Modi are the same and shall not change. Let us apply clear criteria/yard sticks on which Modi be measured for the top political leadership of the country. Electorates judiciously exercise their franchise when it comes to Lok Sabha and Vidna Sabha elections. Performance at the state elections need not be construed as an automatic assurance for the Lok Sabha. We have been witnessing a combination of results in the elections in 2012 and 2013. For the Vidana Sabha elections in 2012 regional parities won with local agenda. The results of these elections showed the emergence of youth leaderships. But in the 2013 elections to other states the results were just the opposite wherein the BJP won in most of the states. Does it mean BJP has an advantage over congress or is the only alternative to Congress? Both the parties namely the Congress and the BJP are corrupt, known for poor governance and administrative lapses. These parties have equally proved that corruption is part and parcel of its culture. Prior to the elections the political parties with their rhetoric hoodwink the masses with their manifestos promising many things. After winning the elections what they said in the manifesto and what they did do not match. Therefore, people want change. But, there is an absence of political formation to counter the mainstream parties. If the vacuum is not filled with alternative counter-political option, there is every possibility of potentially dangerous social formation taking place across the country. The need of the hour is emergence of an alternative political force with new political culture and ethos. The political climate we are in should never be considered as crisis, but coupled with challenges and opportunities. The masses across the country are disillusioned with the mainstream political parties, its policies and programs, especially the young in midsegment, the poor and the labouring masses. In addition to these, there have been unprecedented rise in unemployment, escalation of prices in essential commodities, increase in the inter and intra migration patterns, spiralling violence against women, slave labour, ethnic conflicts, atrocities against Dalits/Tribals, millions who live in poverty and hunger across the country and host of others. The task is insurmountable, but be addressed. For this to happen there should be a broader alliance of political parties that have people’s agenda. Since the BJP and the Congress have fallen short of voters expectations, the electorates want good governance and prosperous environment. This could happen only through electoral process by electing a government known for good governance centre. Out of a maze of issues that the country faces the most crucial one is the security in all facets that the state/government provides for each citizen. It is mandatory that the state via the government shall translate the guarantees enshrined in the Constitution to its citizens. But the BJP PM candidate is the hard core ideologue of Hindutuva and a staunch promoter of Hindu Raj who is opposed to secular values. His party’s programs show anti-Dalit-Tribal and anti-minorities sentiments insulated with fascist tendencies. For instance, Maharashtra has witnessed amongst the largest number of communal attacks on Christians in 2013, second only to Karnataka, says a recently released by a Catholic-Secular Forum (CSF). Across the country the report points at 4,000odd aimed at Christians, with 400 clergy and 100 churches attacked in a year. The report suggests Ma-

harashtra is the next Hindutva laboratory. Christians in Karnataka had faced a spate of violent attacks by the Hindutva brigade during BJP regime till 2013.In Maharashtra, the police and the lower levels of state administration are highly saffronized,” claims the report. Instances of persecution against Christians were highest in Karnataka, followed by both Maharashtra and Andhra at No.2. It is followed by Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Rajasthan and Delhi where persecution occurred. In recent weeks we have been witnessing widespread outcry as against the Kerala bishops who expressed their willingness to meet Modi during his visit to Kerala. For those who have known the History of the Church in Kerala would agree with the idiom that “Birds of the same feather flock together”. There are a number of commonalities and linkages between Hindutva and Kerala Syrian Christianity. To cite an incidence many years ago when NCCI and RSS bigwigs in their dialogueconversation along with Sudershan who at that time was the RSS Chief had categorically said that the Church in Kerala was the only indigenous church and the others were alien. It simply means that the Reformed Churches which primarily consist of the Dalits and the Tribals shall never be considered as Indian. For the ultra-right Hindutuva fundamentalists, the Dalits and the Tribals embraced Christianity by denouncing caste-centric Hinduism. And so, they are not Indians, and naturally the churches they belong to need not be Indian too. Purity and pollution are very much engrained in Hindutva ideology. Obviously, its programs are geared against those churches where the Dalits, the Tribals, the vulnerable and the downtrodden Christian communities worship. So, the meeting of the Kerala Bishops with Modi should not be taken as something unusual and shocking. Rather it is natural and thus obvious. Over and above, the Indian Church by and large has always been and known for soft-peddling and non-committed when it comes to parliamentary elections. There could be a number of factors and reasons. Nonetheless, the Indian Church has always extended its support to any party that forms the government at the Centre irrespective of its ideological stance, policy positions, and past governance ratings. Hardly have we seen clear position statements issued by the Indian Church for the forthcoming Lok Sabha Elections. Paradoxically the Indian Christians are polarised on the basis of caste, creed, language, economic status, region, and other subsidiary identities and consideration. The ruling political class and its establishments should not take the people for granted as their objects of benevolence. New permutations and configurations keep emerging in the Indian polity and one such expression is AAP. AAP in recent times has created ripples and shaken the status quoits parties. The national parties (congress and BJP) in the modern political history of India have assumed that except them none has the political tenacity, maturity and experience to rule a complex Indian society. Sudden emergence of AAP and its formation of Government in Delhi have totally shaken the calculations of the national parties in power as well as in opposition. Masses keep surging and thronging demanding corruption-free government and institutions of governance. AAP is thus one such expression of people’s power that wilted the traditional political idiom and thus rattled the mainstream politics. AAP is undoubtedly a phenomenon. Irked by AAP’s actions both Congress and BJP use negative terms. One such term is ‘anarchy’. For decades the people of India tolerated all kinds of anarchy in economy, polity and socio-cultural and religious realms. When AAP purged corrupt and lethargic officials employed in the institutions of governance, the actions are attributed as anarchy. New political idioms will continue. So, the 16th Lok Sabha Elections are important for the preservation and furtherance of the democratic and secular character of our country. Let us exercise our franchise judiciously as citizens of India. As B.R. Ambedkar, the architect of India’s bible of governance used a maxim which is valid at this historical juncture: “One Person, One Vote, and One Value”.

Bangladesh's Non-Election Tahmima Anam NYT

one who defied the strikes, destroying roads, damaging rail lines, torching buses — and killing about 200 people since late October, according to the British newspaper The Independent. The milk farmers’ plight was just one example of the colossal waste caused by the chaos surrounding the election. Supply roads to the capital were obstructed, and across the country, milk soured on roads and vegetables rotted in fields. The garment industry, a major engine of the economy, was in jeopardy because of delayed deliveries to international buyers. Shahidullah Azim, vice president of the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association, told Reuters early this month that up to $1 billion in orders were at risk in the weeks ahead if stability did not return. But as political negotiations foundered, the opposition decided to boycott the election. So when the vote took place on Jan. 5, like many of my fellow citizens, I didn’t bother to cast a ballot. The sole candidate in my constituency — an ally of the Awami League — was running uncontested. Some 152 other members of Parliament from the Awami League and affiliated parties also ran against no competition, and the

147 remaining Awami League contestants faced off against weak independent candidates. (In the end, the Awami League won 232 out of 300 seats.) Bangladesh is now in the unprecedented situation of having a Parliament with no real opposition. How much staying power can such a government have? Enough to serve the whole term, it turns out, no matter how dysfunctional the situation. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has had the good sense of forming a new cabinet that is relatively fresh and untainted, leaving behind many ministers suspected of corruption. And while the Awami League has taken a hit in terms of popularity for staging an election with no serious contender, the B.N.P. seems to have come out of the experience even more discredited. Many people have been put off by its hard-line stance and violent tactics. The B.N.P. has refused to sever its links to the right-wing Jamaat-eIslami, even though that group was widely believed to be behind much of the street violence. On polling day and in subsequent weeks, Hindu minorities were targeted by Jamaat-e-Islami members simply for having gone out to vote. Especially in northern dis-


tricts, where religious minorities are concentrated, Hindu families have been attacked, their homes torched and their businesses destroyed. According to one count, up to 700 people may have been affected. These attacks have been widely condemned, and not just by Hindus, with protests taking place throughout the country. Most important, economic considerations will prevail over concerns about political representation, and this will favor the new status quo. The cost of more upheaval would be too high, and the prevailing mood now is for restoring economic stability. Businesses cannot afford another disruptive year. The Center for Policy Dialogue, an independent think tank, estimates the total economic loss at more than $6.3 billion. The transport sector has borne the brunt of the losses, followed by the agricultural sector and the clothing and textile industries. Previous elections in Bangladesh were celebrated with great fanfare: Voters would display their inky thumbs with pride. Not this time. Still, after the near-standstill of this fall, a semblance of normality has returned. There has been no major public outcry yet over this lopsided election. Children are going back to school. The roads in the capital are reassuringly clogged with traffic again. Butter has returned to the supermarket shelves. The fundamental political issues remain, but for now, an uneasy peace holds. Tahmima Anam is a writer and anthropologist, and the author of the novel “A Golden Age.”

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7 Sustainable security and the challenges of 2014



30 January 2014



richard reeve

ustainable Security is a concept that has been around for almost a decade now. It was first conceptualised by my colleagues Chris Abbott and Paul Rogers, whose thoughts on the subject have appeared many times in these pages. In 2000, Paul summed up what looked to many commentators like a surprisingly quiet decade of US hegemony as characterised by an unsustainable ‘control paradigm’, in which the symptoms of global insecurity were suppressed with force while their root causes were ignored and left to fester. The 9/11 attacks and subsequent ‘war on terror’ served to confirm Paul’s hypothesis that military domination would not be sufficient to ‘keep a lid’ on security challenges, even in the world’s most powerful states. The Sustainable Security paradigm has been developed by the Oxford Research Group as an alternative lens through which to view global security, identifying the underlying drivers of conflict and insecurity rather than its symptoms, such as violence, organised crime or radicalisation. The point is to understand how unmet human needs and feelings of insecurity interrelate and lead to violence, then to work to prevent conflict by addressing its root causes. The aim of this new monthly column on openSecurity is to facilitate precisely this kind of understanding through contributions from the Sustainable Security Programme’s network of experts on non-traditional security issues. Taking a sustainable security approach requires some thought about the future of our planet as well as its current unsustainable state. Changes to climate, demography, economic production and consumption, political and national identity, access to information and military technology will all condition the future security of our world. What, then, does 2014 hold in the way of challenges and opportunities?

majority. Turkey could see something similar if, as expected, conservative premier Erdogan seeks the presidency in August. Emerging giants Brazil and Indonesia will probably weather their elections better but nonetheless will be distracted. While 2014 may not be a peak year for economic growth or political stability among regional powers, overall the longer-term trend looks positive – marginalised groups, whether from the middle or working classes, asserting their rights and taking a stand against corruption and environmental degradation. With notable exceptions in Egypt, Thailand and perhaps Turkey, there is a deepening of democratic culture, whether or not civil society is fully respected, in many major developing states and significant incidences of demilitarisation and respect for rights. However, many of the biggest of them – Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Argentina to name just the democracies – are major oil, food and timber exporters with structural incentives to resist, for example, international efforts to restrict carbon emissions. Elections to the European Parliament in May and the US Congress in November may be less encouraging. The Tea Party trend and the rise of populist nationalism will continue squeezing progressive policy options on both sides of the North Atlantic.

Syrian refugees pose for a photo as flashing v-signs at an unofficial refugee camp on the outskirts of Amman, Jordan on Wednesday, January 22, 2014. (AP Photo/Mohammad Hannon)

and France invest in US systems and test indigenous prototypes, China and Iran have flown their own first UCAVs. Russia and others are not far behind. Even very modest air forces like Nigeria’s have built their own rudimentary drones. Non-state constructors cannot be far behind. Drone proliferation may define this decade 2014: the end of the war on terror? By the end of 2014, the last NATO combat troops as wireless communications defined the last. should have withdrawn from Afghanistan. Does this mean that the alliance’s war on terror will end where Militarisation of the greater Middle East If 2013 was the year that the democratic hopes of it began 13 years earlier? I doubt it. Billions of dollars and thousands of lives later, Afghanistan looks about as the Arab Spring unravelled, 2014 may be the year that stable as Iraq. Pakistan, India, Iran and other powerful it turns to regional war. Libya appears to be at the vanactors will continue to play their own cards at the Af- guard, although there remains a chance that it could ghan table and it is barely conceivable that the US and follow Yemen’s path of dialogue and isolate its increasits allies will not seek to use their own military influ- ingly prominent radical fringe. Egypt’s generals have ence and proxies to keep the Taliban down, however learned nothing from Algeria’s tragic past and the leaden Mubarak years. Iraq’s Maliki regime still believes it appalling the post-Karzai elections this April. As much as President Obama has sought to dis- has nothing to learn from Syria’s sectarian implosion, tance himself from the toxic Bush legacy of overt and continuing to marginalise a Sunni minority. Neither the US, UK nor France is likely to want to unilateral interventionism, the nature of the ‘Obama doctrine’ is war on terror-lite. It is covert, stealthy, overtly intervene in the inferno of Syria or the escalatand still the wrong side of international law. Obama’s ing crises of Iraq, Libya and Egypt; plenty of others will. strategy relies on the use of ‘remote control’ warfare: Meanwhile, the Sahara is becoming steadily more milispecial forces, private military contractors and, above tarised. France has just announced a major repositionall, armed drones, or unmanned combat air vehicles ing of its forces in Africa out of their urban and coastal (UCAVs). Since 2009, US drone attacks have escalated bases and into the Sahel to hunt and destroy al-Qaida dramatically and killed hundreds, including civilians, affiliates. Ever since 2009, US special forces, drone opin Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and Afghanistan, where erators and private contractors have been quietly movthe UK also increasingly uses UCAVs. Withdrawing ing from Djibouti across the Sahel and Horn, increascombat units does not mean that NATO states will ingly sharing facilities with France. cease to pursue war by remote control in Afghanistan. Arguments that UCAV systems and operators are Transition tensions Away from the Middle East, 2014 could be a year more offensive or inclined to kill civilians miss the larger legal point that the US is increasingly pursu- of democratic consolidation among rising powers. No ing undeclared wars and targeted assassinations, less than eight of the 15 largest emerging economies whether it employs drones, special forces, merce- expect to hold elections this year and a couple more are naries, manned gunships or cruise missiles. The already polarising around polls due in early 2015. India, Brazil, Turkey, South Africa, Thailand and backlash to such action is demonstrable through the further radicalisation of communities living in fear Egypt all plan to hold elections this year, in the wake of constant surveillance and attack from the unseen. of major protest movements in 2013. New parties from the margins are shaking up politics in India and It is employing terror against terror. 2013 was something of a break-out year for UCAVs. South Africa, potentially increasing instability as the Israel set many of the precedents that the US has fol- establishment fights back. Thailand is already polowed in drone warfare as well as targeted killings. The litically paralysed as its metropolitan establishment technology is simple and easy to imitate. While the UK lashes back at the populist aspirations of the rural


n a recent radio interview with a National Public Radio affiliate in Juneau, Alaska, I was asked if I had advice for a 16-year-old Palestinian student, Haitham. He had just arrived in the US as part of a school exchange program, and, admirably began reaching out to his peers in his and other schools to teach them about Palestine, its people and its ongoing struggle for freedom and rights. There was not enough time to convey much to Haitham, whose voice expressed the personality of a gentle, smart and driven young man. And since I have been asked that question on more than one occasion, mostly coming from young people in Palestine, here are a few thoughts that are an outcome of my own experiences, and nothing else.

Beat your ego to a pulp "Ego" is Latin for "I", but its implications are common to every language. If an activist doesn't learn to control his ego, he is likely to suffer numerous consequences, and perhaps ultimately fail in his mission. An activist, especially one who represents causes deemed "controversial", will find himself under repeated attacks and unwarranted accusations targeting his "self" not his ideas. And while there are those who will try to erode your confidence, there are also those who will hail your perceived success and heroism even. Both are dangerous to the ego, for they could upset the balance necessary to keep us focused and involved as members of a larger community, and moral in our behavior and conduct. Define and internalize your message It is easy to get pulled into all sorts of directions that may separate you from your original mission. To ensure that you will always find your way back, you must be clear on what you stand for and why. Thus it is essential that you define your cause, first and foremost to yourself before you present it to others. Internalize

2014 as prelude to 2015 Finally, 2014 is the year in which much of the work has to be done to prepare for the potentially landmark policy processes of 2015, each of which will have significant impact on future global security. For the UK, this includes the political parties setting their manifesto commitments ahead of the May 2015 general election and preparations for the ensuing review of National Security Strategy and Defence and Security Review. Three international processes also stand out. For arms reduction there is the quinquennial Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference, due next May. Difficult debates are expected given the Obama administration’s focus on superiority in strategic conventional weapons. For climate change the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change is to set a new universal climate agreement to replace the 1997 Kyoto Protocol on carbon emissions after 2020. This will extend emissions targets from industrialised to developing countries but faces huge hurdles in overcoming resistance from energy lobbies and climate change sceptics in the most powerful states. To address development there is also the culmination of the Post-2015 Development Agenda process to supersede the Millennium Development Goals and forge a new agenda with the Sustainable Development Goals. This is a massive project and there remains much to be done to ensure that conflict-affected states are not left behind, as they have been by the MDGs, and that the new agenda tackles inequality as a crucial part of achieving sustainable human security and development. 2014, then, is a time for looking backwards and forwards. While the dynamics of the war on terror are still very much in play, the withdrawal from Afghanistan and the re-escalation of violence in Iraq and Libya present an opportune context for sincere reflections on the disastrous consequences of war without borders. Such inquiry needs to look forward too, to the implications of the current administration’s ‘war-lite’ and the unstoppable proliferation of remote control technologies. This is also the year where we have the chance to get the agenda right for the big international policy decisions of 2015. Looming elections may make it a difficult year for politicians in the US, Europe and many emerging powers to show leadership on such controversial issues. Thus, 2014 will be an important year in deciding whether we continue to control the symptoms of global insecurity or whether we begin to address seriously the inequalities and injustices that underlie it.

Principles to guide the young activist ramzy Baroud asia Times Online

people. It is essential that you allow your audience the chance to relate to your cause as that of people, with names and stories, beautiful, inspiring, but also disheartening and complex. But it is important that you don't provide a sanctified, Be guided by universal thus unrealistic narrative either, for your values and human rights audience will disown you and question Even if your message pertains to a your credibility. Humanize your subject, local cause, find the universal aspect of but remain truthful in your presentation. your drive to bring about change, and embrace it. "Injustice anywhere is a threat to Be educated, strive for intellect justice everywhere," said Martin Luther and be wary of ideology King Jr. If you adhere to this notion alone, Education will give you access to othyou know that you will remain true, not erwise inaccessible platforms. It will emjust to your cause, but to the underlying power you and your message with the values that give it meaning. Universal hu- articulation you need to widen your cirman rights can always serve as a gauge cle of support. But you are also an intelby which you can assess matters within a lectual. The right education could further larger moral framework. develop your intellect. And when it is done with sincerity, both education and Find a frame of referenceintellect will feed on one another. While relate to your audience The onus is not on your audience to there is no harm in adhering to an iderelate to you as much as it is on you to ology that you may perceive to hold the relate to their frame of reference: their answers to the dilemmas with which you history, their political reality and other contend, be wary of becoming an ideodynamics that operate within and con- logue, a slave to stubborn dogmas. That trol their society. Only then, can you tai- will stifle your intellect and will make lor your words and expectations - but your education a mere platform to serve never the morality of your message - in unworthy, elitist causes. ways that they may understand, relate Keep an open mind to, and act upon. No matter how powerful your argument may seem, how high your eduHumanize - But don't cation and how insurmountable your sanctify your subject It doesn't matter how worthy a cause intellect is, remain humble and openis, if it is too distant or disconnected from minded. If you close your mind, it will it as an enduring part of your character before you stand in front of a crowd, hold a microphone, or carry a banner. If you are not fully convinced of your message, you will not be able to influence others.

cease to grow. Your ideas will eventually become outdated, and your ability to imagine a world beyond your own will wither and die under the weight of your own sense of self-importance.

Thank You Pete Seeger


Marina Sitrin

y being a radical activist is in no small part due to Pete Seeger who died on January 27 – and my parents. My mother was a civil rights and anti-war activist and my father was a GI who organized against the Vietnam War from inside the military. They met while organizing an anti-war Coffee House in Washington DC in 1969. I arrived on the scene two years later. I grew up learning that everyone must seek justice whatever that means to you - and it became an integral part of who I am. The music of Pete Seeger was central to that journey. My parents would listen to and sing his music all the time. My night time ‘lullabies’ were songs like “We Shall Overcome” (one of my mother’s favorites) and “Kevin Barry” (one of my dad’s). Listening to these songs as a child I can remember being upset at their lyrics. “I Come and Stand at Every Door”, Pete sang, but was the child in the song really a ghost? Where was Hiroshima, and how could children be allowed to die? “We are not afraid…we Did all miners shall all be free.” Pete live in the conditions described Seeger died January in “Mrs. Clara 27, but the power of Sullivan’s Lethis music lives on. One ter?” Why would “John Henry ” activist pays tribute have to die to to another “beat a machine.” Pete also sang songs especially for children, which really made me think. I learned the meaning of being “ostracized” by listening to “Abiyoyo” before I was even in school, and took the lesson of that song to heart: even if you are counted as excluded, you can still beat giants. Living in Croton-on-Hudson in upstate New York for much of my childhood, I was lucky enough to see Pete perform at the Clearwater Revival folk music celebrations he organized every year. I can remember his presence, so normal and accessible, and always trying to get everyone to participate. It was not about him, though he was the performer. It was his personality as much as his politics that made him such a transformative figure. My family and I would watch him organizing - doing the politics - from protests against the Indian Point Nuclear Power Station to cleaning up the Hudson River. These campaigns made his music even more powerful. He sang to get people involved in changing the world. As I got a little older, growing up with interracial siblings, I began to see and feel the injustices I heard about in Pete Seeger’s songs, and his lyrics carried even greater power for me. Listening to “Which Side Are You On” and other songs about the struggle for civil rights made me get active in middle school, when I was thirteen, organizing against racism with my friends. And Pete’s anti-war songs brought a realness to the conflicts supported by the United States Government in Central America during the 1980s, like the chilling “Crow on the Cradle” that sang that “somebody’s baby is not coming back.” That got me involved in solidarity work for Central America in my high school in my teens. Next it was organizing against Apartheid in South Africa while still in high school, and on and on over the years until Occupy Wall Street in New York, and now my partnerships with activists for housing rights and migrant organizing. Pete Seeger’s music is not in itself why I became political, but his lyrics and the way he sang and organized and conjured up a struggle, and represented in himself and his values and behavior the world he wanted to create outside, affected me very deeply. He was a key influence in my getting active, and absolutely central in keeping me in the struggle for social justice. The inspiring and passionate music of that struggle, from “Union Maid” to “Talking Union,” and even the lighter songs like “Bourgeois Blues” and “Little Boxes,” all helped me to feel the possibilities of freedom on such a deep level. “We are not afraid ... we shall all be free” as Pete told us in We Shall Overcome. I’ve never stopped listening to Pete Seeger, and now I play his songs for my baby too. Pete might have died in body, but he lives on in the power of his music.

Are you tea addict? Check for caffeine use disorder

Have an action plan It is not enough that you want to change the world. Sure, do that, but you must have a clear notion of what that actually means, and how you wish Source: IaNS to bring it about. Such a roadmap can f you can't live without your cup of coffee early mornalways help you re-examine your work ing or that tea to prevent the after-lunch slump, you and reassess your actions, and, if ever may be suffering from caffeine use disorder. Renecessary, alter or entirely change searchers at American University in Washington, DC, your direction. indicate that more people are dependent on caffeine to Don't get swayed by success The fight for justice is unending, as the point that they suffer withdrawal symptoms. “They are unable to reduce caffeine consumption is the struggle against racism, and ineven if they have another condition that may be impactequality. So "success" in this context, by definition is relative. While you ed by caffeine - such as a pregnancy, a heart condition or must acknowledge, even celebrate a bleeding disorder,” said psychology professor Laura achievements along the way, let "suc- Juliano at American University. The negative effects of cess" be a milestone towards another caffeine are often not recognised as such because it is goal, and not an end in itself. This way a socially acceptable and widely consumed drug that is you can always keep moving forward, well integrated into our customs and routines. “While many people can consume caffeine without with a vision that passes the immediate goal, on to a greater one, where the harm, for some it produces negative effects, physical de'rendezvous of victory' is an idea, so pendence, interferes with daily functioning, and can be difficult to give up, which are signs of problematic use,” coveted, yet unattainable. Juliano added. The study, published in the Journal of CafLive a balanced life Only by living life you contribute feine Research, shows how widespread the caffeine deto it. Don't estrange yourself from pendence is and the significant physical and psychologiyour surroundings. Learn from the cal symptoms experienced by habitual caffeine users. Caffeine is found in everything from coffee, tea and mistakes others make, and from your soda to OTC pain relievers, chocolate, and now a whole own. Don't be afraid or feel guilty if you try to find balance in your life. host of food and beverage products branded with some Enjoy a sustainable life, but without form of the word 'energy'. “Genetics research may help excess. The fight is long, at times ar- us to better understand the effects of caffeine on health duous, but you are here, along with and pregnancy as well as individual differences in caffeine consumption and sensitivity,” Juliano contended. millions of others, for the long haul. Based on current research, Juliano advises that They say people who live for a higher cause are happier than those healthy adults should limit caffeine consumption to no who don't. May you always find your more than two to three cups. Pregnant women and peohappiness in alleviating the pain of ple who regularly experience anxiety or insomnia - as others by standing up for what is right well as those with high blood pressure, heart problems, or urinary incontinence - should also limit caffeine. and honorable.


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Thursday 30 January 2014

The Morung Express

“Nirbhaya” invited rape: NCP’s Asha Mirje

New Delhi, JaNuary 29 (reuTerS): A female politician and activist has said rape victims may have invited attacks by their clothes and behaviour, fuelling a national debate over a series of incidents of sexual violence against women. Asha Mirje, a Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader in Maharashtra, questioned at a meeting on Tuesday why a 23-yearold physiotherapy student who was gang-raped on a bus in Delhi in 2012 was out late at night. The student died of her injuries and thousands of people took to the streets in nationwide protests against the prevalence of rape and sexual assault in the world’s largest democracy. A number of shocking incidents have since been highlighted in local media, most recently the case of 20-year-old woman who said she was gang-raped in a rural area of West Bengal on the orders of a village court last week. Mirje, who is a member of the state women’s commission, said in reference to the Delhi assault: “Did Nirbhaya really have go to watch a movie at 11 in the night with her friend?” “Nirbhaya”, a Hindi word meaning “fearless”, has been widely adopted by the media as a name for the victim. She also commented on the gang rape of a photojournalist who was on assignment at a disused

Asha Mirje’s remarks should be taken as a grandmother’s advice: Supriya Sule

MaharaShTra, JaNuary 29 (iBNliVe): Nationalist Congress Party leader Supriya Sule said on Wednesday that one should not read much into the remarks made by Maharashtra Women Commission member and party colleague Asha Mirje as she was talking like any grandmother would. Talking to CNN-IBN, Sule said, “She was talking like a grandmother would. My 65 year old mother also advices my 15 year old daughter on the basis of her experience.” A demonstrator holds a placard during a protest outside a court in New Delhi January 21, 2013. (REUTERS File Photo)

mill in Mumbai last year, asking why the victim had gone to such an isolated place. “Rapes take place also because of a woman’s clothes, her behaviour and her presence at inappropriate places,” she said. Women must be “careful”, she said, and think if they are inviting assault. Sexual violence has become a huge social and political issue since the Delhi rape and India toughened laws on sex crimes in March last year. Public anger over the poor state of women’s safety in Delhi was one reason that the ruling Congress Party was wiped out in local elections in the city

last month.

Supriya Sule told reporters she was sorry Mirje had made them and that they reflected her personal views, not those of the party. “She did make a mistake yesterday. She should not have said it,” she said While Mirje is thought to be the first senior female public figure to make such comments about the Delhi rape, other members of commissions looking after women’s affairs have made similar remarks about less high-profile attacks. “Mirje is reflecting what is a much larger problem. There are many others who hold such views,” Krishnan said. Mamata Banerjee, chief minister of West Bengal, ini-

tially dismissed a gang rape in her state in 2012 as a fabricated incident aimed at tarnishing her government. Assaults have tarnished the reputation of a country that has enjoyed growing prosperity in the past decade and is modernising fast. Still, Mirje’s comments were a reminder that conservative and traditional mores are still deeply held by many of its 1.2 billion people, women as well as men. In the most recent case involving a foreigner, a 51-year-old Danish tourist was gang-raped in the back-packers’ district of Delhi last month by men she asked for directions to her hotel.

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ThaNe, JaNuary 29 (iaNS): At least eight passengers were killed and 11 injured when a private luxury bus rammed into an oil tanker and caught fire on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway early Wednesday, police said. The accident took place when the Ahmedabad-bound bus was near Kuregaon village in Thane district’s Manor town, said Investigating Officer Sudhakar Yenare. According to preliminary information, the accident occurred when the bus driver was attempting to overtake a Hazira-bound BPCL (Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited) oil tanker and rammed into it, around 70 km north from Mumbai. A speeding Verna vehicle behind the bus also lost control and hit the bus. Details of the car’s occupants and their fate was not immediately known. Fire brigade officials

SWIFT REACTION Mirje’s party belongs to the Congress-led UPA government and her comments caused an immediate stir, with several television reports pouring scorn on her. “Every time such a statement is made by a public figure it justifies rape,” Kavita Krishnan, secretary of the All India Progressive Women’s Association, a lobby group, told Reuters. “It’s unconscionable that people in public posts make such remarks.” Even members of her own party distanced themsleves from her remarks. NCP member of parliament

Got a handwritten passport? Renew it by Nov 25, 2015

BaNGalOre, JaNuary 29 (TNN): Come November 2015, and your handwritten passport won’t take you on a foreign holiday. Neither can you fly out if your little blue book has a 20-year validity. This is in keeping with rules of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which has decided to do away with non-machine readable (handwritten) passports globally. India is part of the ICAO. This rule will come into effect from November 25, 2015. Countries under the ICAO will not issue visas to persons holding passports that are handwritten or valid for 20 years. Even passports valid beyond November 24, 2015, will not be accepted for visa. Technically, these passports, issued before 2001, will be worthless unless they are renewed. PS Karthigeyan, regional passport officer in Karnataka, said there is no data available of people who hold these kinds of passports. “People have already started inquiring and renewing their old passports,” he said. The process for renewal is the same: the applicant has to produce the passport to provide details, and can opt

for either the normal or tatkal method. Data available from 2002 Handwritten passports were issued before 2001, and are being phased out in many countries. The ministry has issued a circular on this. We’ve no data of how many such passport holders are there in the state, as there was no data storage before 2002, when we started computerized services. Those whose passports with 20-year validity extend beyond November 25, 2015, will also have to renew their passports. Getting a new book * Register on the website as new applicant * Download e-application form on the home page, and save the copy to upload later * After registering, you will be given a login ID and password * For type of passport on the second screen, click on ‘reissue of passport’ and then on normal or tatkal options, depending on urgency of renewal * Fill up details in the next few screens, as directed by web portal * Enter details of previous passport * Complete details and submit form

President accepts Kumari Selja’s resignation

New Delhi, JaNuary 29 (iaNS): President Pranab Mukherjee Wednesday accepted the resignation of Social Justice and Empowerment Minister Kumari Selja from the council of ministers. As advised by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the president has directed Railways Minister Mallikarjun Kharge to take charge of Selja’s ministry, an official statement said. The fourth-time Lok Sabha member put in her papers soon after being nominated to the Rajya Sabha from her home state Haryana. Selja has been in active politics since 1990 and she was first elected in 1991. Now, she will devote more time to party organization. The Congress Tuesday announced that Selja will be one of its nominees for the biennial elections to the Rajya Sabha.

India in world’s ‘Fragile Five’

New Delhi, JaNuary 29 (iaNS): The recent turmoil in emerging markets has produced a new expression - the Fragile Five - and India is one of them. The new term coined by a littleknown research analyst at Morgan Stanley last summer identifies Turkey, Brazil, India, South Africa and Indonesia as economies which have become too dependent on skittish foreign investment to finance their growth ambitions, reports the New York Times. Investment analysts come up with catchy names and phrases that simplify their views and, ideally, capture the market spirit of the moment. During the early period of the euro crisis, rather unkindly PIGS came to describe Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain. And when the focus turned to Greece and its future in the eurozone, Grexit became the term of art. In a report last August, Morgan Stanley used the term “Fragile Five” which became a quick and easy way for investors to give voice their fears of a broader routs of emerging markets, propelled by runs on the Turkish lira, Brazilian real and South African rand. The New York Times said the name has caught on in large degree because it highlights the strains that occur when countries place too much emphasis on stoking fast rates of economic growth. The new catchphrase also raises pressing questions about not just Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) but about emerging markets in general.

of the party say that the safety of and the onus of safety of any woman anywhere is the responsibility of the police and government.” However she added that what Mirje said was a part of our culture and one should respect it. Sule also noted Mirje’s performance as a member of the Maharashtra Women’s Commission. She said, “Asha Mirje has worked to rehabilitate a 6-year-old gangrape victim in Hingoli. You should look at that too. She ensured her survival.”

Mirge’s remarks on women & rape ‘insensitive’ New Delhi, JaNuary 29 (PTi): NCP on Wednesday disassociated itself from the remarks on women and rape made by a member of Maharashtra Commission for Women belonging to the party, saying they are “insensitive”. “The person concerned who has made such a statement is insensitive, has no business to do it and does not belong to the NCP (Nationalist Congress Party) in any capacity for us to react and take notice of,” NCP leader and Union Minister Praful Patel said here. “I am hearing her name (Asha Mirge) for the first time that I should react to somebody who claims to be from my party. If at all somebody has made such an insensitive statement, we will take action if the person belongs to our party,” he added. NCW raps Mirje over Nirbhaya comment, seeks explanation in 7 days The NCW has taken suo motu cognizance of Maharashtra State Women’s Commission member Asha Mirje’s comments on the December 16 gangrape

and the Shakti Mills gangrape victims. NCW member Nirmala Samant Prabhavalkar says that the comments were outrageous. “She has made a bizarre and outrageous statement blaming Nirbhaya and Shakti Mill victim for inviting trouble and getting victimised at the hands of rapists. This gives a message that rapes happen because of women who do no follow the rules of patriarchal society, who do not dress well, who do not take care of their own safety and protection and who don’t. This is predominantly said by males and forces women’s subjugation. This also gives police a clean chit and insinuates that police is not responsible and that women are breaking rules. I think the worst remarks are I may have ever heard from any person sitting on an official position. If woman can make such statements then you can imagine what men will say.” The commission has sent a letter to Asha Mirje seeking an explanation in 7 days.

Eight die in Maharashtra bus fire

A burnt bus stands by the side of a road after an accident near Kude, a village nearly 80 kms north of Mumbai, on Wednesday, January 29. (AP Photo)

and villagers doused the fire after the accident, which resulted in a massive traffic jam on the busy inter-state highway and other arterial roads. The injured victims, two of whom

Tiger suspected of killing eighth victim

New Delhi, JaNuary 29 (aFP): A wild tiger is believed to have claimed its eight victim in northern India, even as forest officials attempt to track down and kill the animal, an official said Wednesday. A tiger mauled and killed a farmer while he was working in the fields on Sunday in Bijnor district of Uttar Pradesh state, senior state wildlife official Roopak Dey said. “Our officers are on the ground. There are shooters waiting to spot the tiger and kill it. As the tiger is master of concealment, we need to be patient,” Dey said, confirming the latest death. The farmer’s wife was quoted in local media as saying the tiger dragged her husband to a nearby forest before killing him.

Mirje and Sule were attending a public function earlier in the day today where the former said that women too were responsible for rape. Mirje being a member of the Women’s Commission and also a part of NCP faced severe criticism for her remarks. In an interview to CNN-IBN later, Mirje apologised. “What I said was my personal opinion. If I have hurt someone, I apologise.” Bringing forth her opinion on surging crime against women, Sule said, “I as an MP and a member

A local said “the tiger has been managing to hide itself in the cane fields. It is getting difficult to trap or kill it.” Officials suspect the same tiger has killed all eight victims since the first death was reported in the state on December 29, although Dey said this was impossible to confirm. The tiger is thought to have strayed from the Jim Corbett National Park, around 80 kilometres (50 miles) from Bijnor, a popular tourist attraction and home to some 200 tigers. The death comes after forest officials in southern India last week shot dead a tiger suspected of killing three people, ending its three-week reign of terror which forced dozens of schools to close. Forest workers spotted

and shot the female tiger in a tea plantation in Tamil Nadu state after trying to trap it with the help of elephants and sniffer dogs, motion detection cameras and cages laced with meat. Conservationists blame towns and villages encroaching on tigers’ natural habitats for the deadly incidents occasionally reported in India. India is home to some 1,700 tigers -- half of the world’s rapidly shrinking wild tiger population -- but has been struggling to halt the big cats’ decline in the face of poachers, international smuggling networks and loss of habitat. The country has seen its tiger population plummet from an estimated 40,000 when it gained independence in 1947.

are reported to be serious, were rushed to a hospital. There were 21 passengers in the ill-fated bus, besides the driver and conductor. The condition of the remaining passengers and

the bus driver and the conductor was not immediately known. The bus, which left Pune for Ahmedabad around 6.30 in the evening, was completely burnt.

PM Manmohan faces protest at Delhi Waqf event

New Delhi, JaNuary 29 (iaNS): A conference attended by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi was disrupted here Wednesday by a man who said none of the government schemes for the minorities were reaching the beneficiaries. As soon as the prime minister concluded his speech at the launch of the National Waqf Development Corporation Limited (NAWADCO) in Vigyan Bhavan here, promising more steps to empower minorities, a man, later identified as M. Faheem Baig, stood up and shouted that none of the schemes were reaching the people. “There is no need for a new scheme when government cannot ensure the implementation of the existing welfare schemes,” Baig shouted as Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi and other dignitaries seated on the stage looked on. “I have written 150 letters to you but my voice is not being heard,” Baig said before being gagged and escorted out of the conference hall. NAWADCO is a new central public sector enterprise under the minority affairs ministry and will work towards the development of the 4.9 lakh Waqf properties in India, the largest in the world. The revenue generated from the assets would be used to benefit the Muslim community.

India has 37% of the world’s illiterate adults

New Delhi, JaNuary 29 (iaNS): India has by far the largest population of illiterate adults -- 287 million or 37 percent of the global total, said a report released Wednesday. The “EFA Global Monitoring Report, 2013-14: Teaching and Learning: Achieving Quality for All”, commissioned by the Unesco, said 10 countries (including India) account for 557 million or 72 percent of the global population of illiterate adults. “India’s literacy rate rose

from 48 percent in 1991 to 63 percent in 2006, (the latest year for which data was available), but population growth cancelled the gains. So there was no change in the number of illiterate adults,” the report said. Stressing the importance of “quality education”, Unesco’s New Delhi director Shigeru Aoyagi said India was facing a challenge of quality education. “Though we have more than 99 percent children in schools because of the Right to Education Act, the quality

of education being imparted is a big challenge that should be addressed,” he said. “The most crucial agents of quality education and learning are teachers and students. Teachers are the most important element that can improve the quality of education,” he said. The report said that without attracting and adequately training enough teachers, the learning crisis will “last for several generations and hit the disadvantaged the hardest”. The report also said that a

global learning crisis was costing governments $129 billion a year, and that 10 percent of global spending on primary education was being lost on poor quality education that was failing to ensure that children learn. “It leaves one in four young people in poor countries unable to read a single sentence, affecting one-third of young women in South and West Asia,” it said. The countries include Bhutan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. At the

report launch, Delhi Education Minister Manish Sisodia said it was essential to change the content in our textbooks, so that the “future generation is more aware” about the various issues prevalent in society. “The country will not change with IIMs (Indian Institutes of Management) and IAS. It will only change from the classrooms,” Sisodia said. “There is no other option but to spend quality money on education, and make it a priority,” he added.


The Morung Express

Thursday 30 January 2014



Obama warns divided Cong that he will act alone WASHINGTON, JANuAry 29 (reuTerS): President Barack Obama vowed on Tuesday to bypass a divided Congress and take action on his own to bolster America’s middle class in a State of the Union address that he used to try to breathe new life into his second term after a troubled year. Standing in the House of Representatives chamber before lawmakers, Supreme Court justices and VIP guests, Obama declared his independence from Congress by unveiling a series of executive orders and decisions - moves likely to inflame already tense relations between the Democratic president and Republicans. While his rhetoric was high flying, Obama’s actions were relatively modest, collectively amounting to an outpouring of frustration at the pace of legislative action with Republicans in control of the House of Representatives and able to slow the president’s agenda. “I’m eager to work with all of you,” Obama told the lawmakers gathered for the annual speech. “But America does not stand still - and neither will I. So wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families, that’s what I’m going to do.” Obama’s orders included a wage hike for federal contract workers, creation of a “starter savings account” to help millions of people save for retirement, and plans to establish new fuel efficiency standards for trucks. He said he was driven to act by the widening gap between rich

Vice President Joe Biden and House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio listens as President Barack Obama gives his State of the Union address on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday Jan. 28, 2014. (AP Photo/

and poor and the fact that while the stock market has soared, average wages have barely budged. “Inequality has deepened,” Obama said. “Upward mobility has stalled. The cold, hard fact is that even in the midst of recovery, too many Americans are working more than ever just to get by, let alone get ahead. And too many still aren’t working at all.”

Salute to wounded soldier In an emotional, flagwaving finish to his speech, Obama drew a standing ovation from people of all political stripes by saluting the heroism of Sergeant First Class Cory Remsburg. The Army Ranger survived a roadside blast in Afghanistan and has recovered

to the point where he attended the speech, seated next to first lady Michelle Obama. “Like the America he serves, Sergeant First Class Cory Remsburg never gives up, and he does not quit,” Obama said. In a nod to bipartisanship, Obama drew applause with a brief tribute to John Boehner, “the son of a barkeeper” who rose to become speaker of the House of Representatives and the top Republican in Congress. Boehner gave Obama a thumbs-up. Obama’s political objective in the address was to create a narrative for Democrats to use as they seek to head off Republicans eager to wrest control of the Senate from Democrats in November elections and build

on their majority in the House. The party in control of the White House typically loses seats in these socalled mid-term elections, but Democrats feel they stand a chance of limiting their losses or even making some gains. To that end, Obama drew loud applause by underscoring in particular the economic plight of women, who he noted make up about half the U.S. workforce but still earn 77 cents for every dollar a man makes. Women voters helped re-elect Obama in 2012. “This year, let’s all come together - Congress, the White House and businesses from Wall Street to Main Street - to give every woman the opportunity she deserves, because I firmly be-

lieve when women succeed, America succeeds,” he said. Obama’s governing strategy means he has scaled back ambitions for large legislative actions and wants to focus more on smaller-scale initiatives that can reduce income inequality and create more opportunities for middleclass workers. The wage hike for federal contract workers to $10.10 per hour, for example, will mean a pay raise for only about 560,000 federal contract workers. That’s only a tiny fraction of the number who would see bigger paychecks under stalled legislation to increase the minimum wage. Some 3.6 million workers were paid the federal minimum wage

Spanking your kids won’t make them disciplined

NeW yOrk, JANuAry 29 (IANS): For parents who spank their children believing it’s an effective form of discipline, think again. According to child psychologists, spanking is actually a harmful practice. “Parents spank with good intentions - they believe it will promote good behaviour, and they don’t intend to harm the child. But research thinks otherwise,” said child psychologist George Holden, a professor in the Southern Methodist University’s department of psy-

chology in Texas who has carried out extensive research on spanking. Holden and her colleagues used a simple and inexpensive method to briefly expose participants to short research summaries that detailed spanking’s negative impact. Carrying out two studies, one with nonparents and one with parents, Holden and his co-authors found that attitudes were significantly altered. “These studies demonstrate that a brief exposure to research findings can reduce

positive corporal punishment attitudes in parents and nonparents,” stressed Holden. The researchers believe the study, published in the international journal of Child Abuse & Neglect, is the first of its kind to find that brief exposure to spanking research can alter people’s views toward spanking. “If we can educate people about this issue of corporal punishment, these studies show that we can in a very quick way begin changing attitudes,” said Holden. Research has found that

in 2012. Obama spent a sizable part of his speech hammering away at issues that have long been debated but remain stalled, like closing the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. He renewed an appeal for Congress to give him the authority to speedily negotiate international trade agreements, a proposal held up by Democratic opposition. And on one of his biggest priorities, immigration reform, Obama urged Congress to work together on an overhaul. He tempered his criticism of Republicans who have held up the legislation, with signs of possible progress emerging in recent days among House Republicans. Obama stopped short of taking a step that immigration reform advocates have called on him to take. He did not take executive action to freeze the deportations of parents of children brought to the United States illegally. “Let’s get immigration reform done this year,” he said.

‘Refighting Old Battles’ On healthcare, the issue that rocked his presidency and caused many Americans to lose confidence in him, Obama defended the overhaul law he signed in 2010 but did not make it a centerpiece, urging Americans to sign up for medical insurance coverage by a March 31 deadline. He challenged Republicans to come up with a viable alternative instead of repeating past failed attempts to repeal the law. “Now, I don’t expect to convince my Republican friends on the merits of this law. But I know that

the American people aren’t interested in refighting old battles. So again, if you have specific plans to cut costs, cover more people, and increase choice - tell America what you’d do differently,” he said. Bill Galston, a Brookings Institution scholar, found Obama’s speech overall to be rather restrained compared to the usual partisan rhetoric in Washington. “His language was mostly devoid of overt partisan provocation. On policy, he gave little ground to the Republicans, but he did little to confront them either,” said Galston, who had worked for Democratic President Bill Clinton. Obama said nothing about whether he would approve the long-delayed Keystone XL Canada-toTexas oil pipeline that environmentalists oppose. Instead, Obama spoke passionately about the need to tackle climate change, a statement that could foreshadow more executive actions to reduce carbon emissions this year. Obama said, “The shift to a cleaner energy economy won’t happen overnight, and it will require some tough choices along the way. But the debate is settled. Climate change is a fact.” Republicans clambered for some of the same rhetorical ground as Obama in pledging to narrow the gap between rich and poor but staked out a different vision for doing so. U.S. Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers, chairwoman of the House Republican Caucus, said in her party’s official response to Obama’s speech that Republicans want to rely on free markets and trust people to

parents who spank believe spanking can make children behave or respect them. The majority of the participants in the study - 74.6 percent - thought less favourably of spanking after reading the summary. Unexpectedly, the researchers said, attitude change was significant for both active and passive participants. “Our web-based approach is less expensive, potentially quicker, and more easily scaled up to use at a community level across the communities,” Holden added.

Gay daughter of HK tycoon makes heartfelt plea to dad

HONG kONG, JANuAry 29 (AFP): The lesbian daughter of a Hong Kong tycoon, who offered more than $100 million to find her a male suitor, has issued a heartfelt open letter urging him to accept her sexuality. In the letter, which starts “Dear Daddy”, socialite Gigi Chao asked her father Cecil to treat her partner Sean Eav as “a normal, dignified human being” -- the pair have been together for nine years and are reported to have married in 2012 in France. “I know it’s difficult for you to understand how I could feel romantically attracted to a woman; I suppose I can’t really explain it either. It just happens, peacefully and gently,” she wrote in the letter, which was published in the South

China Morning Post on Wednesday and circulated to other Hong Kong media. Her plea came after property developer Chao, 77, who refuses to recognise that she is a lesbian, was reported last week to have doubled the “marriage bounty” on his daughter to HK$1 billion ($130 million), after an initial offer of HK$500 million two years ago. The first sum attracted 20,000 candidates, with the bizarre dowry attempt making international headlines. In her letter, 33-year-old Gigi said that she forgave her father because he was acting in her best interests. And she took responsibility for “misleading” him into thinking there might be other options for her. “I’m sorry to mislead

Cuba's President Raul Castro speaks to his Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez during a session of the CELAC Summit in Havana, Cuba, on January 28. Leaders from Latin America and the Caribbean are in Cuba to talk about poverty, inequality and hunger at the summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, or CELAC. (AP Photo)

HAVANA, JANuAry 29 (AP): Cuban President Raul Castro called on Latin American and Caribbean leaders Tuesday to work together on pressing regional problems at a gathering of all Western

Hemisphere nations except the U.S. and Canada. In his keynote speech as host for the summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, or CELAC for its initials

in Spanish, Castro argued that the bloc should aspire to unity despite diversity, describing it as “the legitimate representative of the interests of Latin America and the Caribbean.”

you to think I was only in a lesbian relationship because there was a shortage of good, suitable men in Hong Kong. There are plenty of good men. They are just not for me.” In a plaintive message to her dad she told him of her sadness that he was unable to share in the life she had made for herself. “My regret is that you have no idea how happy I am with my life, and there are aspects of my life that you don’t share.” Chao, who owns publicly listed property developer Cheuk Nang, is a fixture of Hong Kong high society and regularly appears at public events with his latest young girlfriend. British movie maker Sacha Baron Cohen is reportedly working on a film based on the story.

make their own decisions, not have the government make decisions for them. “The president talks a lot about income inequality, but the real gap we face today is one of opportunity inequality,” she said, videotaped seated on a couch in a living room setting. With three years left in office, Obama is trying to recover from a difficult past year in office, when immigration and gun control legislation failed to advance in Congress and the rollout of the key provisions of his healthcare law stumbled. Polls reflect a dissatisfied and gloomy country. An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released on Tuesday showed 68 percent of Americans saying the country is either stagnant or worse off since Obama took office. People used words like “divided,” “troubled” and “deteriorating” to describe the state of the country, the poll showed. Obama dwelled mostly on domestic issues in his hour-long address, but warned Congress he would veto any effort to increase economic sanctions on Iran as he tries to reach a comprehensive deal with Tehran to ensure it does not obtain a nuclear weapons capability. A CNN poll found that 44 percent of respondents viewed Obama’s address very positively while 32 percent felt somewhat positively about it and 22 percent were negative toward it. Obama will talk up the economic themes from the speech in a two-day road trip starting on Wednesday that will include stops in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Tennessee.

A graffiti depicting Pope Francis as Superman and holding a bag with a writing which reads: “Values” is seen on a wall of the Borgo Pio district near St. Peter’s Square in Rome, on January 28. It wasn’t enough that Pope Francis was named Time magazine’s “Person of the Year” or that he fronted this week’s Rolling Stone magazine. Now there’s SuperPope graffiti sprouting up around the Vatican. In typical superhero fashion, Francis’ right fist is thrust in the air, leading him in flight, while his left clutches his black satchel. “Valores,” or values in Spanish, is written across it. The artist is identified only as Maupal. Francis has charmed the masses with his simplicity and message of helping the poor, even as he has cracked down on Vatican waste and corruption. The Vatican communications office approved of the image, tweeting a photo Tuesday. (AP Photo)

Raul Castro calls for integration free of US

“We should establish a new regional and international cooperation paradigm,” Castro said. “In the context of CELAC, we have the possibility to create a model of our own making, adapted to our realities, based on the principles of mutual benefit.” The summit’s main theme is fighting poverty, inequality and hunger. According to the UN’s Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, 28 percent of the region’s inhabitants live in poverty and 11 percent in extreme poverty. But if unity and feel-good talk about lifting up the poor were the order of the day, Castro also heard a rebuke from U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, who was invited as an observer and met with the Cuban leader Monday. During his first trip

to Cuba, Ban praised Havana for its historical preservation efforts, its international medical missions that treat the poor and its work fighting violence against women and girls. But he also criticized the Communist-run nation on human rights. “I emphasized the importance of playing a greater role in enhancing human rights, and providing spaces for people’s right to peaceful assembly and freedom of association, and the cases of arbitrary detention occurring in Cuba,” Ban told reporters. Dissidents, international human rights groups and Washington have expressed concern at reports of increased harassment and detentions of Cuban government opponents in the days before and during the summit. The Cuban government of-

ficially considers dissidents to be traitors in service of foreign interests and out to undermine its sovereignty. Tuesday’s session of heads of CELAC states began with a minute of silence to remember the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who succumbed to cancer last March. Chavez, an outspoken U.S. foe, was a driving force behind CELAC’s creation in 2011. It was conceived as an alternative to the Washington-based Organization of American States, which suspended Cuba’s membership in 1962 shortly after Fidel Castro’s revolution. Proponents argued the OAS has historically served Washington’s interests rather than those of the region, and even Latin American allies of the United States have participated

enthusiastically in CELAC. OAS Secretary-General Jose Miguel Insulza attended the summit as an observer, believed to be the first visit by a secretary-general to Cuba since its founding in 1948. “The integration of Latin America is a strategic project. ... CELAC does not impede bilateral relations within and outside of the region. On the contrary, it strengthens them,” Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff said in an evening address. In his wide-ranging speech, Castro touched on the risk that global climate change poses to the region, especially lowlying Caribbean islands. He expressed solidarity for Argentina’s claim to the Britishcontrolled Falkland Islands, known in Spanish as the Malvinas; for Puerto Rican independence; and for Ecuador in its legal battle with U.S.

oil company Chevron. He also criticized the 52-year-old U.S. economic embargo on Cuba as well as American surveillance targeting the communications of foreign heads of state, companies and individuals. The threats of outside interference, military invasion and coups remain present, Castro said. Fidel Castro, who retired as president in 2008, received visits from Rousseff, President Cristina Fernandez of Argentina and Jamaican Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller on Sunday and Monday. He also met for 55 minutes with Ban, who described the former leader as “spiritually alert” and physically strong. Ban’s office said they talked about conflicts in Syria and Africa, food security, nuclear proliferation and Millennium Development goals.




Thursday 30 January 2014

The Morung Express

Liverpool humbles Everton with derby rout Mata inspires ManU to win over Cardiff

early chances with Jordan Henderson, Sturridge and Suarez, twice, denied by Howard. The breakthrough came when Suarez whipped in a corner and Gerrard cleverly lost marker Gareth Barry to power home a near-post header which James McCarthy on the line could not keep out. Gerrard wheeled away to celebrate with Suarez and that prompted some items to be thrown from the section

of visiting fans in the Anfield Road end. It was to prove a double blow for Everton as Barry's attempts to reengage with Gerrard at the corner saw him clatter into teammate Romelu Lukaku, resulting in the striker being carried off on a stretcher. Phil Jagielka forced Simon Mignolet into a good save and Kevin Mirallas fired wide but the momentum was all with the hosts and Philippe Coutinho's diagonal pass sent Sturridge sprinting from the halfway line and his pace took him well clear to clip past Howard in the 33rd minute. Sturridge's second came inside two minutes. From Kolo Toure's long ball forward, the striker hooked a lob almost over his shoulder to easily beat Howard. For all the talk of Liverpool's creaking back line — with four first-choice defenders out injured — it coped easily with an Everton attack now missing Lukaku. But Toure had to produce a great recovering tackle to force Mirallas wide and Mignolet saved at his near post. Everton needed a positive start to the second half but, having replaced Steven Pienaar with Leon Osman, blew it five minutes in. Jagielka's misjudgment on the halfway line gave Suarez the minimal opening he required and the Uruguay striker raced 50 yards with both Everton center backs trailing in his wake to slot past Howard.

advantage into their second leg against the Basques on Wednesday. Los Blancos also face high-flying Athletic in the league on Sunday

and Ancelotti insisted that despite Jese netting the winner in the absence of the injured Gareth Bale, the Welshman will start at San Mames if he is fit. "If Bale is fine then he will play, but that is not to say that Jese isn't another option because he is very dangerous at the moment. "I don't care who we meet (in the next round) because both teams are in very good form. We all know everything about Atletico Madrid, but Athletic are playing very well too and it will be a very difficult and important tie." Jese continued his case for more first team action as he confidently fired them ahead after being found by a fine long-range ball by Xabi Alonso. Casilla could have done better on the goal, but he more than redeemed himself for the rest of the half as he made a series of saves, most notably from Ronaldo and Angel di Maria.

Liverpool's Martin Skrtel top, and Everton's Ross Barkley battle for the ball during their English Premier League soccer match at Anfield in Liverpool, England on Jan. 28. (AP Photo)

LIVERPOOL, JanuaRy 29 (aP): Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge scored twice in a 4-0 win over Everton in the 222nd Merseyside derby on Tuesday, strengthening the club's place in the Premier League's top four. Captain Steven Gerrard headed Liverpool in front in the 21st minute before Sturridge netted twice in quick succession and Luis Suarez scored his 23rd

league goal of the season just after halftime. Sturridge missed out on a hat trick when he sent a penalty kick over the crossbar after Raheem Sterling was brought down by goalkeeper Tim Howard. But with four goals, Liverpool moved four points clear of Everton to stay fourth in the chase for Champions League qualification. "That's our target and it's been our target since preseason," Ger-

MadRId, JanuaRy 29 (aFP): Real Madrid eased into the semi-finals of the Copa del Rey with a 1-0 win over Espanyol at the Santiago Bernabeu on Tuesday to progress 2-0 on aggregate. Jese Rodriguez got the only goal of the game after just eight minutes as Madrid set a club record by not conceding for the eighth consecutive game. Espanyol keeper Kiko Casilla managed to keep the score down as he frustrated Cristiano Ronaldo on a number of occasions. However, it was to no avail as the visitors couldn't find a way through and ended with 10 men after Victor Sanchez was sent off late on for two bookable offences. Real boss Carlo Ancelotti praised the excellent start to 2014 made by his side's central defenders as they sealed an eighth win in January without conceding a single goal. "I think that the system gives us confidence.

Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldol, right, in action with Espanyol's Sergio Garcia, left, during a Copa del Rey soccer match between Real Madrid and Espanyol at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid, Spain on Jan. 28. (AP Photo)

We have good defensive balance because the whole team works to recover the ball quickly and the central defenders have been play-

nEW dELHI, JanuaRy 29 (aP): India's top competitor at the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi says not being able to compete under the national flag because of a political dispute will not harm his performance. "In my heart and mind I'm competing for India," luge competitor Shiva Keshavan told The Associated Press in an email interview. "Every day I'm flooded with messages from Indians all over the world telling me they are supporting me. This is enough to push me forward." The Indian Olympic Association was banned in December 2012 for not adhering to its own constitution and for electing tainted officials. Though the IOA has redrafted its constitution as directed, the ban can be

lifted only after post-Sochi elections, so the Indian flag will not be used at the Feb. 7-23 games. "I've never been motivated by external fame or attention. I love my sport which is why I have been doing it for 17 years. If I do well, people will notice. My focus is my sport," said the 32-year-old Keshavan, who is competing in his fifth Winter Olympics. Keshavan, who set an Asian record of 49.590 seconds in the Japanese city of Nagano in December 2012, conceded that winning India's first medal at the Games may not be realistic. "A medal is my aim but seems just a little out of reach at this time," Keshavan said. "I'm simultaneously working with my in-house engineering team to build a sled which will be hopefully the fastest I have ever been on. But this will take some time to develop. Right now, I have to focus on getting four clean runs in Sochi, and be the fastest I can." "This season did not go according to plan due to lack of high level technological inputs, which I had hoped to get on time from certain companies. However, this has not deterred me, and I am determined, as always, to put up my best performance." The other two Indian competitors who will participate in Sochi are alpine skiers Himanshu Thakur and Nadeem Iqbal.

rard said. "We've got two world-class forwards and against anyone we've got a chance." Gerrard endured a miserable 45 minutes on his last appearance at Anfield in a 2-2 draw against Aston Villa but dictated the tone against Everton. The midfielder led from the front and his influence plus Liverpool's superior firepower meant Everton never stood a chance. Liverpool created all the

Real ease into Copa del Rey semis

ing at a very high level." Real will now face Atletico Madrid or Athletic Bilbao in the last four with city rivals Atletico taking a 1-0

Manchester United's Juan Mata, right, keeps the ball from Cardiff City's Gary Medel, left, and Craig Noone, second left, during their English Premier League soccer match at Old Trafford Stadium, Manchester, England, Tuesday Jan. 28. (AP Photo)

ManCHESTER, JanuaRy 29 (aP): With record signing Juan Mata slotting seamlessly into the team and fit-again Robin van Persie back to scoring again, a return to the good times could be just around the corner for Manchester United. The English champions looked more like the United of old in a 2-0 win over Cardiff on Tuesday that revived their hopes of making up the ground to the top four — and put a smile back on the face of manager David Moyes. Three days after sealing his high-profile move from Chelsea, Mata made his debut for United and showed glimpses of his class and vision in the 84 minutes he played to underline why the club splashed out 37.1 million pounds ($61.2 million) for the Spain playmaker. Yet he was upstaged

by the returning Van Persie, who marked his first game after seven weeks out with a thigh injury by heading United in front after six minutes. Ashley Young added the second in the 59th minute and a substitute appearance from Wayne Rooney, who has also been struggling with injury, capped a satisfying night for Moyes. And there haven't been many of them lately. "To see Robin van Persie and Wayne Rooney back on the touchline would have been enough to give everyone an uplift but then to have Juan Mata as well," Moyes said. "The results with them will get much better." It all conspired to ruin the return to Old Trafford of Cardiff manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who played 11 years at United from

1996-2007 and has a place in the club's folklore after scoring the winning goal in the 1999 Champions League final. Solskjaer was given a great reception from United fans, and responded by waving to all sides of Old Trafford, but his last-place team did little more than compete gamely. It was a bittersweet night for the Norwegian. "With Rooney, van Persie, Mata (all playing), it was good timing coming to Old Trafford, wasn't it?" Solskjaer said with a smile. The atmosphere at Old Trafford has been subdued for much of Moyes' turbulent first season in charge, but there was a real buzz inside the stadium as fans greeted first Mata then the returning Van Persie and finally Solskjaer with huge roars before kickoff.

72 wrestlers to participate at SASA wrestling meet Our Correspondent Kohima | January 29

Altogether, 72 wrestlers will vie for the coveted championship title of the 52nd wrestling meet of Southern Angami Sports Association (SASA) scheduled to be held from January 30 to 31 at Khuzama Local Ground. Minister for Roads & Bridges and Parliamentary Affairs, Kuzholuzo (Azo) Nienu, will grace the occasion as chief guest, while Dr. Neiketou Kiso, Director, Family Welfare, will be the guest of honour. The inaugural function, starting from 9:30 am onwards will be chaired by SASA general secretary, Er. Zale Neikha and compered by Asano Zashümo. SASA president, Er. Pukroneizo Kera will deliver presidential address while administration of oath will be done by tournament director Nolvi Sophie. The champion in Naga style will pocket a cash prize of Rs 60,000 while Rs 50,000, Rs 30,000 and Rs 20,000 are set for 2nd, 3rd and 4th places respectively. All quar-

ter finalists excluding position holders will get Rs. 2000 each. A cash prize of Rs 6000 and Rs 4000 will be awarded to the first and second winners in each category of national free style in senior level and Rs 4000 and Rs 2000 for Ist and 2nd in junior/cadet level. Meanwhile, all national style wrestlers have been informed to take their weight on January 30. Referees for 52nd meet will comprise Sapi Kin, Visüto Yore, Visakrol Vitsu and Kikhwesül Thokhwe. Field judges will be: Medose Zhotso, Atho Koso, Zeluolie Mejura, Viphil Kidi, Zeluolie Kigwe and Zaprani Mekro. SASA vice president, Er. Zenyü Yore will chair the closing function. Declaration of new SASA team for 201416 will be made by election commissioner Neingu-u Zashümo. Vote of thanks will be proposed by SASA joint secretary Rokovikho Chale. Flagging down will be led by SASA joint tournament director Khriesamhalie Santsu.

No flag, no problem for Arsenal held by Southampton in EPL I won't let poor form India's Winter Olympian affect me, Saina says

Arsenal's goal keeper Wojciech Szczesn, centre right, leaps to save a goat attempt by Southampton, during their English Premier League match at St Mary's Stadium, Southampton, England, Tuesday Jan. 28. (AP Photo)

SOuTHaMPTOn, JanuaRy 29 (aP): Arsenal was held to a 2-2 draw at Southampton on Tuesday, leaving the door open for one of its rivals to seize the Premier League lead. Arsenal recovered from a goal down after being thoroughly outplayed in the first half to go up 2-1 thanks to quick goals by Olivier Giroud and Santi Cazorla after the restart. But Southampton fought back immediately with Adam Lallana slotting in the equalizer just two minutes after Cazorla's goal, and Arsenal was reduced to 10 men when Mathieu Flamini was sent off for a

two-footed tackle with 10 minutes left. Both teams still pushed for a winner, with Southampton coming closest and forcing goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny to make a couple of good saves in the closing minutes. Arsenal is now two points ahead of Manchester City and three ahead of Chelsea, who both play on Wednesday. If both their rivals win, the Gunners could find themselves suddenly in third. And after arguably its worst half of the season, many were again questioning the title credentials of Arsene Wenger's team at the halftime break. "In the first half, if you

had said we take a point tonight, I don't believe you," Wenger said. Jose Fonte put the hosts ahead when he jumped over Nacho Monreal at the far post to head in from close range, although Szczesny arguably should have kept it out. Sam Gallagher, making his full debut at the age of 18, should have doubled the hosts' advantage soon after when Monreal's clearance fell into his path, but he shot well wide from just in front of goal. Arsenal came out much more aggressively in the second half, however, and quickly turned the game on its head. Just three minutes after

the restart, Bacary Sagna met an over-hit cross on the right flank and sent a low cross across the goalmouth, which Giroud deftly deflected into the net. It was the Frenchman's fourth goal in five matches in all competitions — a record Cazorla bettered in the 52nd minute when he collected a pass from Mesut Ozil and beat Artur Boruc from the edge of the box to make it five in five. But the hosts didn't back down, and Lallana fired home Jay Rodriguez's cutback to make Saints just the second side to score more than one against Arsenal in their last 22 league games.

HydERaBad, JanuaRy 29 (PTI): Her confidence back after the India Grand Prix Gold triumph, ace Indian shuttler Saina Nehwal on Wednesday said the setbacks of an injurymarred last year are now firmly behind her. Saina snapped a 15-month title drought by claiming the India Grand Prix, beating rising star P V Sindhu in the final. Reflecting on 2013, which saw her battle poor form and injuries, Saina said it was a case of everything going wrong at the same time. "I was a little disappointed. Obviously, everyone gets disappointed when you play at such high level and suddenly you see yourself not doing so well. I think there were a lot of factors. There was a toe fracture which I never expected would happen at such a time," Saina said. "But, after the Super Series finals, I thought may be I should take a break and not really hurry up. Because, this year is going to be very tough with the Asian Games, Commonwealth Games are coming up," she said. "So, Gopi sir (national coach P Gopichand) and I decided that I better skip the Korea Open and take a break for four weeks and come back strong for Malaysia and India Open.

I think the time of four weeks really helped us to prepare for these two tournaments," she added. Saina said her results will depend a lot on her fitness in the months to come. "I got lot of time (during the four weeks) to work on my movements and strokes. I was thinking that I would do well. It is special that within four weeks of training, I won such a big tournament. I think now it would only get better if I keep on training the same way," she said. Though the string of losses disappointed her, the Olympic bronze-medallist said she remained focused on future without allowing the poor form to affect her mentally. "It is tough. Finally, this is a sport. You are going to win many matches and you are going to lose many matches. So, I was not really thinking about what all happened last year," she said. Saina said she just needed one match to pull her confidence back and that came in the India Grand Prix semifinal. "I was thinking about it as a tournament where I could do well. I just needed to pull off one match. I was sure that if I can pull off one match, I will be back to my best. That match against Deng Xuan in semifinals (of India Open) was the match where I got my confidence back," she said.


The Morung Express C M Y K

Pope Francis graces

front page of P

ope Francis is set to grace the cover of Rolling Stone as he continues to capture the hearts and minds of worshippers across the world. The Pope features on the front page of the rock and roll magazine's new issue with an accompanying article titled 'The times they are a-changin''. Dressed in white robes, he can be seen smiling at the camera while waving his right hand. It comes as the 77-yearold Pontiff is accused of killing defenceless doves by releasing them from a Vatican window - with animal activists claiming they inevitably get preyed upon by wild birds. Earlier today, the Italian RSPCA equivalent was revealed to have declared in an open letter that because doves are bred in captivity, the Pope's act of releasing them is 'condemning them to certain death'. The group appealed to Pope Francis to end the practice of releasing doves from the window overlooking St Peter's Square, a day after a pair of the peace symbols were attacked by a seagull and crow while a crowd including thousands of children watched below. In contrast, Rolling

Stone's cover article highlights the Pope's success at 'establishing himself as a people's Pope'. It comments on his 'noticeable break from Vatican tradition', which has seen him 'present a more all-inclusive attitude toward human rights'. The cover photo itself was taken by the magazine's contributing editor Mark Binelli, who visited the Vatican in person, according to Rolling Stone. During his visit, Binelli witnessed the Pope display his 'all-inclusive' attitude by telling a congregation weathering a storm in the piazza that

he wished he could be with them. 'He seemed to really mean it,' Binelli told the magazine. Yesterday, the National Animal Protection Agency published an open letter reminding Pope Francis that domesticated doves are easy prey for predators like gulls. ‘Do not use animals and their lives anymore, for these already outdated traditions,’ the animal protection agency, known as ENPA, said, adding that freeing doves in Rome is like ‘condemning them to certain death.’ ‘Animals born in captiv-

ity, not being wild animals, aren't able to recognize predators as such and are thus incapable of fleeing from possible dangerous situations,’ ENPA said, adding it was launching a signature petition to garner the pope's attention. The two larger birds swooped on the defenceless doves during the Pope’s weekly Sunday Angelus prayer in front of tens of thousands of worshippers gathered in the Vatican. After saying a prayer for Ukraine, where at least three people were killed during the latest clashes that have seen Kiev in

flames, the Pontiff helped schoolchildren release the doves from the window of the Apostolic Palace as a peace gesture. But they were immediately attacked. The seagull pinned one of the doves against the wall of the palace and pecked at its tail, but was left with a mouthful of feathers as its victim made an escape The crow caught the smaller bird unawares, as it rested on a windowsill, before pecking at it repeatedly. Again, the victim managed to get away. Eventually both doves flew off, seemingly uninjured, to the relief of tens of thousands of onlookers. The release of the birds concludes the Vatican’s annual Caravan of Peace event. Last year one of the doves was set upon by a gull, while in 2012 they simply flew back into the Apostolic Apartments. While speaking at the window beforehand, Francis had appealed for peace in Ukraine, after at least three people were killed during the latest clashes in the two-month crisis.

Thursday 30 January 2014



Heavy metal band announces breakup


after 33 years


ötley Crüe has been hinting about calling it quits since early 2013. After 33 years, the iconic heavy metal band announced their retirement in a press conference inside Beacher's Madhouse at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood on Tuesday afternoon. Pushing their point home, the stage was set with headstones, one for each of the band members: lead singer Vince Neil, guitarists Nikki Sixx and Mick Mars, and drummer Tommy Lee. But fans will get a chance to see the Girls, Girls, Girls stars one more time as they announced at the conference they will be completing a farewell tour which will last

about two years. In true Mötley style, the tour poster reads: 'RIP: All Bad Things Must Come To An End'. On Sunday, Mötley Crüe posted an image to their Facebook page, promoting the upcoming press conference and calling it 'The Biggest Announcement of Their Career'. The announcement was not completely a surprise as Mötley Crüe had already hinted the time is right for retirement. 'The thing about Mötley Crüe is we are a people's band, we don't kiss ass to the industry,' guitarist Nikki Six told Rolling Stone in October. 'We believe artists should be in control of their own destiny and that des-

tiny also includes when it should be done so that their fans can forever be proud.' He continued: 'Someone said to me the other day, "Won't you be sad?" I go, "No, I'd be sad if we were playing half-full theaters and only two band members were in the band." 'That would be sad. Sad is not taking your final bow in Los Angeles all together as four brothers.' Nikki is looking forward to going out with a bang. The film adaptation of the band's autobiography, The Dirt, is currently in development. 'It's going to come out at some point before our tour starts,' Neil told Billboard. 'We're hoping an early spring kind of thing.'

Indian-origin US actor Rohan Chand in 'Lone Survivor' R ohan Chand, a nine-year-old American actor of Indian origin, shares screen space with Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg in new war film `Lone Survivor`. Rohan, who has acted in movies like "Jack & Jill" and "Bad Words", is said to have an integral role in "Lone Survivor" that will hit Indian screens Feb 7. His character and his onscreen father, played by actor Ali Suliman in the film, are the ones who save

Wahlberg from the Afghan Army and nurse him back to health. The child actor, who started acting at the age of six, also speaks in Hindu and Urdu in the film, said a statement. Later this year, he`ll be seen in another Hollywood film produced by popular talk show host Oprah Winfrey and Oscar-winning filmmaker Steven Spielberg. The project also features Bollywood actors Juhi Chawla and Om Puri.













Nine qualify at NASA Wrestling Meet

KOHimA, JAnuARy 29 (mExn): Nine out of sixty wrestlers from the four groups under Northern Angami Sports Association (NASA) qualified today for the Individual rounds and will wrestle it out to become the eventual winner in the Naga Style category of the 55th NASA Wrestling Meet at Khuochiezie Local Ground, Kohima. The Wrestling Meet was declared open by Khriehu Liezietsu, MLA & Advisor MTF, NRE & Chairman DPDB, Kohima as chief guest today. On Day 1, in a battle of brains and brawns, NASA-A (Kohima Village) emerged champions in the group category of the Naga Style Wrestling, with six out of 15 wrestlers representing the group, making it to the Individual rounds. The second spot in the group category was claimed by NASA-B, while NASA D and NASA C claimed the third and fourth spots respectively.

List of the Wrestlers for the Individual round 1. Khrievotuo Sekhose (Group A) 2. Khriekethotuo Mepfhüo (Group A) 3. Visakuotuo Dzüvichü (Group A) 4. Kepelhoutuo Yhome (Group A) 5. Kekhriengulie Whuorie (Group A) 6. Kelhouvakhrie Kire (Group A) 7. Zasituo Tsükrü (Group B) 8. Keneilasezo Chase (Group B) 9. Visezhu Lhoungu (Group B)

Altogether 24 villages divided into four groups under the banner of NASA are competing in this twoday Wrestling Meet. Day 2 of the meet will witness the Individual rounds and the National Freestyle event. The Champion will walk away

Australia beat England by 13 runs in T20

HOBART, JAnuARy 29 (AFP): England lost the opening Twenty20 international in Hobart on Wednesday after narrowly failing to chase down Australia's massive 214-run target. The Australians were always in the box seats, with the tourists on 176 for nine with an over left. But some prodigious late hitting by Ravi Bopara got England to within 13 runs of the target at the finish. Bopara smashed seven sixes and two fours in his unbeaten 65 off 27 balls but paceman Nathan Coulter-Nile bowled the Australians to victory with four for 30 off his four overs. Joe Root scored 32 off 24 balls and opener Alex Hales hit 22 off 12 balls for the beaten tourists, who have only won one limited-over international on their hapless tour of Australia. Australia won

the Ashes Test series 5-0 and the ODI series 4-1 before the three-game T20 series began. "Ravi's performance was a positive, but if you lose three wickets in the first six overs you rarely win," said England skipper Stuart Broad. "We'll reflect and consider changes, but I err on the side of consistency and back these players to come back strong in Melbourne." Cameron White was named man-of-thematch for his 75 off 43 balls as Australia set England 214 to win. England's previous highest T20 run chase was 181 against India in 2012 so their 200 for nine was their highest score in the format. White, recalled by Australia for the first time since 2012, smashed six boundaries and four sixes to set the platform for the home side's 213 for four after they won the toss.

Participants wrestle on the first day of 55th NASA Wrestling Meet at Khuochiezie Local Ground, Kohima on January 29.

with Rs 60,000 richer while the 1st, 2nd & 3rd runners up will walk away with cash prizes of Rs 40,000, Rs 30,000 and Rs 20,000 re-

spectively. The losing quarter finalists will be awarded Rs 2,000 each while Rs 100 will be awarded to the wrestlers for each round points.

Prize money for the National Style wrestling for both Men & Women is Rs 3,000 for the Champion and Rs 2,000 for the runners up.

NAMSA to participate at Arunachal Festival of Speed

DimAPuR, JAnuARy 29 (mExn): A six-member delegation of the Nagaland Adventure & Motor Sports Association (NAMSA) led by its president, Vikishe Shohe, will be leaving for Arunachal Pradesh on January 30 to officiate in the “JK Tyre Arunachal Festival of Speed” to be held on February 1 and 2. NAMSA is also sponsoring four participants from Nagaland who will be competing in the ‘Festival of speed’ divided into three formats- Autocross, Rally Sprint and Hill Climb. At a press briefing before their departure, NAMSA treasurer Lima Imsong informed that NAMSA is going at the invitation of Arunachal Motor Sports Association (AMSA), which is organizing the event. The four participants

Members of Nagaland Adventure & Motor Sports Association (NAMSA) and participants from Nagaland before their departure to Arunachal Pradesh to officiate and take part in the JK Tyre Arunachal Festival of Speed on January 29.

from Nagaland are Along Aier, Unoka Assumi, Lhiche Mero and Hatpa Wangnao. Lima also informed that NAMSA is sponsoring a team from Nagaland including Philip Lam and Nitoka Chophy in the ‘Hima-

layan Drive II’ rally, which was flagged off Thursday at Siliguri, West Bengal. Since its formation in 2002, NAMSA has been actively involved in promotion of motor sports in the North East Region and the associa-

tion was also instrumental in formation of Federation of Adventure & Motor Sports Association North East. After JK Tyre stepped in as sponsor, NAMSA has also been organizing the annual ‘Hornbill Motor Rally”

as part of the Hornbill Festival since 2007. NAMSA and its members have also brought laurels to the state bagging trophies and prizes in numerous motor rallies held across the country.









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