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Brick prices costing people dear Dimapur | September 1

There was a time when a prospective buyer procured bricks directly from a manufacturing unit or a brick-kiln. Times, however, have changed. Middlemen have taken over this business from whom the consumers are compelled to buy at a rate higher than what is prescribed. Sellers may blame it on the monsoons, yet price I don`t know what to do, He`s begging me to be his of construction bricks is polling agent.” costing the people dear. The asking price of the allThe Morung Express too-essential construction POLL QUESTIOn item is now hovering at Rs 7 Vote on apiece, way above the preSMS your answer to 9862574165 scribed rate. The existing official rate as prescribed Is dependency on by the Dimapur district adgovernment jobs ministration is Rs 5.50 per hindering the development block for the ‘1st class’ variof Naga society? ant and Rs 4.70 for the ‘2nd class’ variant. The existing Yes no Others rate came into force in February 2012 and is still in efIs the print media in nagaland exercising fect. The official rates notresponsibility to ensure withstanding, buyers are ‘spirit of inquiry?’ left at the mercy of sellers, Yes 28% who seem to employ a take51% no it-or-leave-it policy.

One shot dead DIMApUr, SepteMBer 1 (MexN): In another killing suspected to be fallout of factional rivalry, one man was found shot dead at Lama Basti, KarbiAnglong on Sunday, September 1. The deceased was identified only as Pukhato hailing from Ahoto village, Niuland, Dimapur. Police quoting sources stated that the deceased was a ‘section officer’ in the NSCN-IM. The body was recovered around 8:00 pm and handed over to relatives, police said.

A labourer in one of the many brick kilns in Dimapur. Photo by Caisii Mao

This is how the brick business is conducted in Dimapur at present. Orders in bulk are made by individual businessmen also known as middlemen from the brick-fields who in turn act as the end sellers. It virtually blocks direct dealings between the kilns and

end buyers. According to one such seller, who does business at the junction leading to Zion Hospital & Research Centre, bulk buyers manage to procure it at the official rate as prescribed and eventually sell to customers but at a margin of profit. The

initial asking rate would be Rs. 7 apiece but following negotiation, the seller would agree to trim down the price to not below Rs. 6.75 or at the least Rs. 6.50 apiece. Another factor which dissuades end buyers from venturing to the brick-kilns

BANGKOK, SepteMBer 1 (Ap): Police in Thailand have arrested a Thai man wanted in India for alleged involvement in international arms deals with an Indian insurgent group worth nearly $2 million, authorities said Saturday. Wuthikorn Naruenartwanich, also known as Willy, was arrested Friday at his home in Bangkok, said Police Col. Charoen Sisa-

salak. Willy, 57, is accused of buying weapons, including nearly 1,000 rifles and an unspecified number of rocket-propelled grenades, to be sold to Naga rebels in northeastern India, Charoen said. During initial questioning, Willy told police that he was a restaurant owner in Bangkok and denied any involvement in arms deals, Charoen said. Prosecutors next week will try to convince a judge to send Willy to India, where he is being tried in absentia. India’s National Investigation Agency

charged Willy and three others in 2011 with criminal conspiracy to wage a war against the Indian government. If convicted, he could face the death penalty or life imprisonment. The Nagas are a conglomeration of several tribes inhabiting parts of northeast India and northwest Myanmar. The Naga rebels have been operating one of India’s longest-running insurgencies, fighting for more than 50 years, though a cease-fire with the government has held since it was signed in 1997.

Making laws for empowering women is not enough unless it is implemented: NMA

here. The information, the PIB release stated, was provided by Union Minister of Health & Family Welfare, Ghulam Nabi Azad at the Rajya Sabha. Local dailies had also carried the PIB report subsequently. “In the National Survey conducted by the FSSAI to ascertain the quality of milk throughout the country, 68.4% samples were found to be non-conforming to Food Safety and Standards Regulations, 2011,” the PIB release stated. Nagaland stood fourth (at 86 percent) in the state-wise details of non-conforming samples in the descending order of percentage with

respect to the total samples collected in different states and union territories. The report did not specify what kinds of adulterants were found in the samples which deemed the samples as not conforming to safety standards. “Random samples of food items including milk are drawn by the State Food Safety Officers and sent to the designated food testing laboratories for analysis,” it added. Surprisingly, food safety officials were unaware of milk samples from Nagaland making it to the non-conforming list. Sources stated there was no recent activity of the state

food safety authority collecting milk samples for quality checks and also there was no confirmed report of samples being sent to the FSSAI as part of the national milk quality survey. Neither the Commissioner & Secretary nor the principal director of Health and Family Welfare could be reached for ascertaining the credibility of the information. The food safety wing of the department of Health and Family Welfare is vested with the responsibility of maintaining food safety standards in Nagaland with the Commissioner & Secretary designated as the overall incharge for food safety.


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Dimapur | September 1

The State government and the department responsible for maintaining food safety standards in Nagaland, it appears, have chosen to keep mum on a recent Food Safety and Standards of Authority of India (FSSAI) survey report on milk quality in Nagaland. According to a Press Information Bureau (PIB) report released on August 28 last, Nagaland stood fourth among states not conforming to Food Safety and Standards Regulations, 2011 with regard to milk produced and sold


to directly make deals with the manufacturing units is the omnipresent menace of ‘tax collection’. An ordinary customer has to shell out anywhere between Rs. one to two thousand as ‘tax’ for a truckload of brick starting from the brick-fields till the ZHRC junction , said a sand-cum-brick dealer at the ZHRC junction. The well connected bulk buyers however are spared this problem, it was added. Price of brick during the past three years has increased alarmingly. Till the early part of 2010, the prevailing rate was around Rs. 3-3.50 apiece. Fast forward to 2013, the price has shot up to Rs. 6-7 apiece, almost a 100 percent increase since then. In neighbouring Khatkhati and Bokajan, the existing rate is well below Rs. 5. At the prevailing unofficial price, a truckload of a thousand bricks costs anywhere between Rs. 6500-7000, excluding the transport, labour, municipal toll charges and unsolicited ‘tax’.

South Korea edge India for Asia Cup [ PAGE 12]

Relief for stranded North East students

MUMBAI, SepteMBer 1 (tNN): Several students from the northeast who sought admissions to technical institutions in Maharashtra post the deadline (August 15) set by the Supreme Court have got some relief. Intervention by the Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD) has ensured provisional admissions for the students in the institutions where they were originally allotted seat. The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) too has filed a review petition in the SC seeking an extension in the deadline for this year to facilitate admissions for affected students. On July 1, the MHRD sent a letter to state governments stating that seats be reserved in technical institutes for northeast students. Around 1,500 students from the northeast were allotted seats in technical institutions in several states. The letter stated that the students could

take admissions till August 30. However, a SC order set a deadline of August 15 for admissions to all technical institutes in the country. While some candidates sought admissions before the August 15 deadline, some could not, for several reasons. In Maharashtra, around 40 candidates were denied admissions as they arrived post August 15. The AICTE has now filed a review petition seeking an extension in the admission deadline. “We have also sent letters to the technical board in all states asking them to give provisional admissions to the affected candidates up to September 15. The review petition was filed in the court three days ago and we are expecting the matter to be resolved,” said AICTE chairman SS Mantha. A student from Sikkim claimed that their state government, AICTE and MHRD officials have ensured that all students who returned to their respective states, after not getting a seat, were called back.

Thai police arrest alleged arms dealer NE cycle tour reaches Nagaland

Accused of supplying arms to Naga rebels

Govt silent on FSSAI report on milk quality Morung Express news

–Pablo Picasso

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Monday, September 2, 2013 12 pages Rs. 4

8 farmers from Nagaland to receive “Best Farmer Award” at Gujarat

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I’d like to live as a poor man with lots of money


Our Correspondent Kohima | September 1

Sougaijam Bidyalashmi Leima from Manipur, who is currently on a cycle tour of the North East to create awareness on violence against women, reached Kohima today. The objective of the tour is to raise consciousness on the prevalence and high human, social and economic costs of violence against women. It aims to sensitize, motivate and build capacity of governments to develop and implement policies to combat gender violence and to support networks, public and private organizations and programmes that work to eradicate violence against women. On her arrival in Kohima, Leima was received by the Naga Mothers’ Association (NMA), DYC, NYK Kohima and Women cell police personnel. Later, Leima and her entourage proceeded to Dimapur. The NMA, in a statement, lauded her bold and noble venture to spread the message to stop vio-

Sougaijam Bidyalashmi Leima along with parents, naga Mother’s Association leaders, DYC nYK Kohima and women cell police personnel in Kohima on September 1. (Morung Photo)

lence against women in the North East region. “It is an important moment for us and we support every movement and programme to stop crimes and violence against women and girls,” said the NMA. Stating that India is gripped with rising rapes, murders and violence, the NMA added that Nagaland as well as the rest of the North Eastern states are not far behind. “We need to address the present social menace and introspect where society has gone wrong with all seriousness. The need to change our mindset

has also become a necessity. We need to find out the root cause and family background of perpetrators and their families to access more knowledge and try to find remedial measures to curb the rising rate of all crimes,” it added. The NMA further said that girls in the family should be given equal status as boys. “This should start from the family itself. Men need to be taught to respect girls, women and mothers.” It said that the “misuse of technology, easily adapting to foreign cultures, greed and difficulty to adhere to honesty also

begets violence.” “Violence against women needs to be addressed right from the grassroots level,” it added. The NMA reiterated its demand to the government to set up Fast Tract Courts in every district of Nagaland to deliver timely justice to victims. “The slow legal system in disposing cases is seen as one reason why rapists and murderers remain largely unpunished thereby encouraging other likeminded criminals. NMA feels that making laws for empowering women is not enough unless it is implemented,” it stated.






Monday 2 September 2013

Pecan nut holds Promise for naga farmers


Pecan Nut tree bearing fruits at the Itiben nursery-cum-study centre.

Dimapur, September 1 (mexN): Pecan nut, a fruit known to be superior to walnut in quality has good scope for cultivation among Naga farmers. The nut, which can help cut heart disease and reduce the risk of cancer has been grown on trial basis at the Itiben nursery-cum-study

centre in Khatkhati, Assam, a few kilometers away from Dimapur. Pecan nut trees planted a few years ago on trial basis by Major Harvansh K. Sharma (retd) have started to bear fruits. Sharma, who is married to a Naga, had brought the saplings from Solan in Himachal Pradesh

with the hope that he can help grow them among Naga farmers. It is reported that the present rate of Pecan nut is around Rs 300350 per kg. According to news report in the Daily Mail, consuming pecan nuts can lower the risk of developing heart disease and cancer,

traditional rock bee hunters of mimi village Akamla

A DIPR Feature



Rock bee hunting is traditionally practiced since time immemorial by people mainly inhabiting in the easternmost part of the State along the Nagaland–Myanmar boundary. The dense forest and steep escarpments provides a critical resting place and a home for a Giant Rock Bee, with massive honey cliff present in large numbers, which contributes substantially to the diversity of the forest of this region Mimi, a village of Yimchunger Naga tribe, Pungro sub-division under Kiphire district is a home to the Rock bee honey gatherers who have carefully preserved the tradition of Rock bee honey hunting. Numerous folk lore and myths surround the death defying activity of these dare devils which is deeply rooted in the Socio-Economic milieu of the villagers, remnants of which are still practiced to this day by the 170 odd families engaged in this age old profession known as honey hunting. For instance, the ownership of rock bee sites is being passed on from fami-

lies over generations like property transfer from father to son. Further there is a belief that Rock bee site are guarded by the spirits of the land due to which the owners of the site even to this day ensures that the spirits are appeased by worshipping them and offering sacrifices before harvesting. Historically honey hunting was the main profession of this area besides agriculture. The harvested honey is used mainly for domestic consumption as a delicacy and is rarely sold to outsiders due to remoteness and lack of market. In the past the wax were bartered for goods across the boundary in Burma. But today, owing to increased awareness on the economic value attached to this activity, people of this remote hamlet are making efforts to conserve the rock bee habitats for posterity and at the same time willing to sell the products to the markets as local market linkages improves and demand for honey wax are on the rise. Source: Nagaland beekeeping and Honey Mission

Similar to walnut, Pecan Nut is known for its health benefits.

say researchers. A study showed that their naturally occurring antioxidants help reduce inflammation in the arteries. The nuts are particularly rich in one form of the antioxidant vitamin E, called gamma-tocopherol, and the study showed that its levels in the body doubled

Examinees from Churches and theological institutes sit for Bible Quest examination from the Books of Joshua and Romans organized by Faith Theological College, Circuit House Dimapur on Sunday. Around 100 examinees participated in the Bible Quest. (Morung Photo)

eight hours after eating pecans. Besides the commercial edible nut that it produces, the pecan provides food for wildlife. Pecans are an excellent multipurpose tree for home landscape by providing a source of nuts, furniture-grade wood, and aesthetic value.



MEx File

Meanwhile it is reported that Peru’s Pecan nut industry aims to increase its cultivated area to 1,500 ha by 2015 in a bid to capitalize on growing international demand. In particular there is huge demand from China as they do not posses suitable areas to plant these nuts. The nut’s popularity has prompted production interest in other South American countries too. According to Major Sharma, the plant can be grown at an elevation of 500 to 1500 meters and does well even in high rain fall areas. Its cultivation can be extended to zones which are considered somewhat lower and hotter for walnut. Because of its long tap root system, it has better tolerance to drought conditions and therefore can be recommended even for drought prone areas. The best time to plant Pecan tree is December and January. It was informed that planting materials will be available at Itiben Nursery during first week of January 2014. Interested individuals and parties can contact 9435539003.

CAN 30 years celebration from Sept 27

KLC to organize one day workshop on cyber security

Kohima, September 1 (mexN): Kohima Law College is organising a one day workshop on Cyber Security which is to be conducted by the expertise from National Institute of Electronics & IT on September 3, 2013 at 10:00 am at the conference hall of Red Cross building, Kohima. A press note received here stated that the workshop would be chaired by a lecturer-incharge of students' welfare of Kohima Law College Kezhokhoto Savi and the key note address would be delivered by the Principal Akang Ao. The resource person for the first morning session would be Darmoni on the topic “Internet threats and cyber security”. After tea break the resource person would be Morimenba on the topic “E-mail and social networking”. All the students are to compulsorily attend the workshop followed with attendance at the end of workshop. Kohima, September 1 (mexN): All the FPS/ village councils of Kohima centre are informed that the AAY food grains for two months will be released from September 4 to 6 between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm. Therefore, all concerned have been directed by Assistant Director Kapenlo Thong, Food & Civil Supplies to collect their respective quota within the stipulated period.

Longleng DPDB meet on Sept 6

tion, Assam Agricultural University as the special guest. Dr. Bidyut C. Deka, Joint Director, ICAR Complex, Nagaland Centre informed that all together 34 lectures and practical classes were delivered in last ten days along with the visits to CIH, Medziphema; Mithun farm; and protected cultivation site of ICAR, Jharnapani. In his address, Dr. Rajkhowa asked the participants for dissemination of such knowledge to the farming community of their respective states. Dr Bhattacharyya emphasized the importance

Dimapur, September 1 (mexN): The Longleng District Planning & Development Board meeting for the month if September will be held on September 6, 2013 at 11:00 am in deputy Commissioner Conference Hall. A press note issued by K.Libanthung Lotha, DC Commissioner &Vice chairman DPDB Longleng informed all the head of Department under Longleng District and members of DPDB Longleng to attend the meeting without fail.

of entrepreneurship development in the present context. Soft skill is required for earning and income generation to improve the livelihood of the poor people of our country, Dr. Konwar remarked while addressing the gathering. He called upon the entire institutes working in Nagaland for such kind of programme in coming future. He distributed certificates to the all participants. Earlier, on August 20, the course was inaugurated and participants from all over India joined.

ing up the police from S.P. office at noon. The situation turned ugly as the police on duty uttered words on “tribalistic lines”. Sometime later, a section of the crowd supposedly instigated the situation that led to the pelting of stones at the bank, vehicles and the IRB’s that were immediately called after the scuffle between the two police personnel. The situation gradually diverted with the civilians on one side and the security personnel on the other. Both civilians and the IRB’s were reported to have received injuries. The


TSUD informs

Dimapur, September 1 (mexN): The Tenyimi Students' Union Dimapur (TSUD) has informed its all constitute units and sub-ordinates bodies to collect the registration form of sport meet 2013 from September 2, 2013 between 1:00 to 3:00 pm at the union office or for more information one can contact Azo Wetsah, Secretary Games & Sports- 09862675997. The last date of submission form is on September 15, 2013. This was informed in a press note issued by Jenpu Rongmei, President TSUD.

SBI vehicle damaged at Tuensang, NAP jawan suspended

tueNSaNg, September 1 (mexN): The side wind shield of Branch Manager’s vehicle, SBI, Main Branch, was damaged on August 30 by an angry mob in the bank premises following a scuffle between two police personnel. Eyewitness report stated that a D.E.F police personnel had come to the bank to withdraw some money in uniform and stood beside the women’s queue. He was asked by the personnel on duty (1st NAP) to come in line. The conversation supposedly leaded to a heated argument leading the police on duty in the bank beat-


Kohima, September 1 (mexN): The Catholic Association of Nagaland (CAN) will be celebrating its 30 years under the theme ‘Laity in Service’ from September 27 to 29 at Don Bosco Higher Secondary School, Kohima auditorium. Minister of Forest Y. Patton will be the chief conferrer and Most Rev. Dr. James Thoppil, Bishop of Kohima Diocese and President, All India Catholic Union (AICU) Eugene Gonsalves will be the guests of honour at the inaugural function on September 28 at 9:00 am. CAN president Nosazol Charles in a press release said that other highlights of the programme would be challenges before CAN, election of new office bearers, releasing of publications etc. Rev. Dr. James Thoippil, Bishop will be the main celebrant of the Holy Mass on September 29 and will speak on the theme. Executive members of CAN have appealed to all parishes and priests-in-charge of Catholic Centres in Nagaland to send ten (10) members each, comprising of both men and women and a priest and nun as delegates to attend the programme.

ICAR course on entrepreneurship development

JharNapaNi, September 1 (mexN): ICAR sponsored short course on “Avenues for farmers’ Empowerment and Agro-based Entrepreneurship Development” concluded on August 29 at ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, Nagaland Centre. The valedictory function was graced by Prof. BK Konwar, Vice Chancellor, Nagaland University, Lumami as the chief guest; Dr. C. Rajkhowa, Director NRC on Mithun, Nagaland as the guest of honour and Dr. HC Bhattacharyya, Director, Extension Educa-


Kma AAY food grains release

driver of the SBI bank was also mistakenly beaten up. The two police involved in the scuffle were later taken to Civil Hospital to check the alcohol content in their body. Result of the blood sample test is awaited. S.D.P.O. James informed that S. Meren from 1st N.A.P. who was on duty at the bank has been suspended and presently under judicial custody.

A Bolero that was damaged when the crowd pelted stones at SBI Bank, following an altercation between two police personnel.


W/C employees list submission


Kohima, September 1 (mexN): All Nagaland Departmental Field Staffs’ Association Joint Forum has informed all the departments to submit the list of latest workcharged (W/C) scale pay employees to the Head of the Department for service regularization process. In a press release, the Association also informed that the cabinet sub-committee meeting which was scheduled to be held on August 20 was postponed in their sitting due to the absence of some cabinet members. Therefore, all the employees have been requested to bear the inconveniences “without disturbing / harassing the Department and Association as the sub-committee members are trying their best to settle the matter.” The association further appealed the government to settle the demands in favour of the W/C employees without further delaying with prompt action.



8 farmers from Nagaland to receive "Best Farmer Award" at Gujarat Dimapur, September 1 (mexN): Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) or popularly known as ATMA, is a society of key stakeholders involved in agricultural activities for sustainable agricultural development in the districts. It is the focal point for integrating Research & Extension activities and decentralizing day-to-day management of the public Agricultural Technology System and is responsible for technology dissemination at the district levels. Support to Extension Programmes for Extension


The Morung Express

Reforms (ATMA) is a Centrally Sponsored Scheme implemented under the Department of Agriculture & Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India. A press note issued by Director of Agriculture & SNO, ATMA Nagaland stated that ever since the scheme was introduced during 2005-06, the programme has immensely benefitted the farming communities in all the 52 blocks and 11 districts of the State. In fact, the name ATMA itself has gained popularity as an extension service provider of

Agri and Allied departments. Farmers oriented activities like trainings, demonstrations, farmers field days, exposure tours, farm schools, kisan melas/exhibitions, formation of CIGs/FIGs & farmers award has effectively made an impact in all the districts of Nagaland. The note mentioned that in recognition to the contribution & achievement made in the field of agri & allied, eight farmers of Nagaland has been selected for the best farmers award under different categories during Vibrant

Gujarat Global Agriculture Business Summit from September 9-10, 2013 at Gandhinagar, Gujarat. As per the communiqué received, the awardees will receive a cash prize of Rs. 50,000/- each, shawl, memento and scroll of honour. The farmer awardees of Nagaland will depart for Gujarat on September 7, 2013 and will be led by four Officers of ATMA Nagaland: Lipokonen Jamir, Coordinator, ATMA Mokokchung, Keviu Shuya, DPD, ATMA Phek, Avitoli, DPD, ATMA Zunheboto and Amongla Jamir, BTM, ATMA Mokokchung

List of ATMA Nagaland Farmers selected for Vibrant Gujarat Global Agriculture Summit 2013 Best Farmer Award SN

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Name of Farmer

Smti Atenla Sungyo Shri.Toluvi Zhimo Shri. Tsintsu Yimchunger Smti.Anna Humtsoe Shri. Angshei Phom Shri. Pukhalu Ayemi Shri. Ciezopra Nienu Smti Kundang Chang


Mopungchukit Khekiho Penkim Soku Yongam Tichipami Runguzu Nasa Chendang


Kubolong Dhansiripar Pungro sanis Tamlu Suruhuto Sekruzu Sangsangyu


Mokokchung Dimapur Kiphire Wokha Longleng Zunheboto Phek Tuensang


Dairy & Vegetable farming Sericulture & fishery. Vegetable farming Vegetable farming spices, poultry & bee-keeping Kiwi Cultivation Input dealer Vegetable farming



The Morung express


2 September 2013



Mass Movement for Our fight is against centre, not Bengal: GJM ‘territorial integrity

Darjeeling, September 1 (ianS): Accusing the West Bengal government of playing “dirty politics”, the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) Sunday asserted that its fight was against the central government and it would not compromise on its demand for a separate Gorkhaland. “Gorkhaland is not for me but for all, most importantly the youth of Darjeeling. Bengal is playing dirty politics and we must not be scared. They are point-

ing guns at us but we fight them with the might of the pen,” GJM supremo Bimal Gurung said here. Observing that the autonomous Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA) was an “interim arrangement”, Gurung said the GTA accord was signed without dropping the demand for Gorkhaland. “When we signed the GTA agreement, the central government said that they don’t have the mandate to give us a state, so take GTA

agartala, September 1 (tHe HinDu): Northeast India’s first state of the art prison near Agartala is all set for inauguration on October 2 – birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. This would mark the closure of 139 years old central jail in Agartala. As final touches are being given to the new installation which is coming up in a 33 acre land at Ghaniamara in Bishalgarh sub division, Chief Minister Manik Sarkar and Minister of Prisons Manindra Reang reviewed its work at a high level meeting. “95 percent work has been done and rest would complete within a short time”, Secretary of Prisons Samarjit Bhowmik said after the review meeting. Chief Minister Manik Sarkar instructed the concerned departments to get the prison ready at their earliest to ensure planned shifting of inmates and jail administration. Mr Sarkar would visit the new central jail at a suitable time to oversee the facilities. State officials said the jail premise at Bishalgarh

is biggest and modern in northeast India. This has the capacity to house 975 convicts and under trials. The jail has a separate compound for female prisoners. “All facilities like kitchen, big dining hall, play ground, sentry barrack, administrative building, vocational training centre, hospital, play ground, watch towers, water pump and staff quarters are available in the new jail”, an official said. The jail also has a separate cell for detainees granted division by the courts. However new jail does not have gallows and there is none in death row in Tripura now. Existing central jail was built by Tripura’s erstwhile king in 1874 to accommodate mere 355 inmates. It saw slight expansion over the years, but felt need for a new premise due to overcrowding. The state government sets October 2 for opening of the new jail as its marks Gandhi Jayanti – which is also observed as international day of non-violence.

guwaHati, September 1 (pti): Assam has emerged as role model in the health sector of the country by implementing the highest number of schemes under the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM), Union Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad said on Sunday. Inaugurating the 102 National Ambulance Service and Tele Radiology Project along with other schemes under the NRHM here, the Union Health Minister lauded the state government’s initiative in the health sector which he said would be replicated in other states as well. “The 102 service would augment the existing 108 ambulance service, which has greatly benefited patients across the country and will provide quality

transportation of patients to hospitals”, he said. The ambulance service would respond and reach patients within half an hour, besides transporting pregnant women and infants from home to hospital and if required back to home as well, the Union Minister said. “The service will facilitate an integrated all- comprehensive health care management providing high end ambulated transportation for appropriate care in the hospital”, Azad said. Azad also launched the Tele Radiology Project, the first in the country to initiate the project under the NRHM. “We are looking how the project can be implemented in other parts of the country under the Mis-

sion”, he said. The Rs 22 crore project has been initiated in 11 districts of the state and the facility would be gradually expanded with patients able to download their reports assessed by experts stationed at Guwahati or Bangalore without taking

the trouble of visiting the hospital again, Azad added. The Union Minister further said that cancer cases have been increasing in recent years and there was shortage of radiologists in the country but “We plan to initiate the tele radiology project to

plug the lacunae”. Azad also inaugurated the National Health Mission Free Drug Service, Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakaram, National Iron Plus Initiative, Assam Mother and Child Tracking System and Mother and Child Health Wings in 14 districts of the state. The Union Minister said that during the last nine years of UPA’s rule many schemes have been launched across the country, particularly for the development of the rural sector. “We are focused on providing quality health facilities to the people living in the rural areas and connecting them with the best available medical facilities in the country”, he added. Azad said that the Centre has so far spent more

guwaHati, September 1 (agenCieS): In the aftermath of the ethnic clashes that erupted in Bodo-dominated areas of Assam last year, more than four lakh people moved to relief camps set up by the state all across the territory. While most of these camps have closed now,

there are two that are still teeming with refugees. The camp at Joyma has over 600 residents unwilling to go back to their villages. 80-year-old Mohd Awal Shiekh, from the Ramphulbil village, came to this camp, about 30 kilometres away, in November last year, driven by fear and despera-

tion after his village was attacked by Bodos during the clashes with Bengali speaking Muslims. Mr Sheikh, a tailor by profession, refuses to go back home. “Let me die here. If that is God’s will, then so be it. But I will not go back. That’s for sure,” he says. Raju Kumar Narzary, Executive

Director of the NGO Nersun, says the sense of insecurity has percolated deep down. “And the problem is that you do not have reconciliation,” he points out. Another camp in Kokrajhar town has 25 residents, all of them Bodos from a village 30 kilometres away. Most of these people are students like

Ninay Basumatary, who have decided to continue studying in Kokrajhar instead of heading back home. Activists working in the area say that merely providing security and compensation to these people is not enough. What is more important is reconciling the two communities, they say.

Tripura’s state of the art prison gets ready

on temporary basis. But within a year the centre declared Telengana. So it must also declare Gorkhaland with Telengana,” said Gurung, adding that his “fight was against the central government and not Bengal”. The GTA was created July 18, 2011, via a tripartite agreement signed between the Gorkha outfit and the state and central governments. Gurung said that he would not entertain any

other arrangement other than Gorkhaland. With the Mamata Banerjee government cracking down on the separatist movement and arresting hundreds of GJM activists, including its key leaders, Gurung accused the state government of “playing rough”. “Our opposition is dangerous and if they play rough that does not mean we play rough. We should not hide and we must face the agitation. Our agitation is a democratic agitation which

will be non-violent. We will soon start a cultural agitation,” said Gurung whose GJM Aug 3 began an intensified separatist movement in the Darjeeling hills following the UPA’s endorsement of a separate Telangana. Asserting that the GJM was not against education, Gurung asked all schools to “discuss the Gorkhaland issue in the morning assembly as students must understand the relevance of the demand”. The GJM also an-

nounced a “ghar bahira janata” Sep 2 and 3 and a “Janta Sadak Ma” programmes from Sep 4. Gurung took a dig at Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, who is slated to attend a Lepcha community programme in Kalimpong Monday, offering his best wishes to her. “Best wishes to Mamata Banerjee and her programme in Kalimpong where she is bringing people from Dooars to make it a success,” he said.

An Indian coconut vendor takes a nap on a road in Gauhati, India on August 31. India on Friday assured foreign investors it is not contemplating capital controls as a step to stabilize the falling Indian rupee. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh told India's Parliament that the rupee's sudden decline was a shock, but his government will not address by it imposing capital controls or by reversing economic reforms. (AP Photo)

“We are focused on providing quality health facilities to the people living in the rural areas"

Assam’s Bodo-dominated districts: no relief

ILP issue: Meghalaya activists to go on strike nipur and Meghalaya will cause concern among the high Union Home Ministry officials. During the talks, Mr. Sangma had echoed the union government when he said that the ILP system cannot be introduced since the existing laws could check illegal migrants. He and Mr. Singh maintain that the genuine Indian citizens cannot be harassed in any manner since the constitution allows them to stay anywhere in the country. In Manipur, some foreigners had been sentenced to prison terms after being arrested by the police. They are of the view that the ILP system cannot check illegal migrants.

impHal, September 1 (nnn): Under the banner of United Committee, Manipur (UCM), a mass movement is likely to be launched soon in Manipur on the issue of the ‘territorial integrity of Manipur’. This was recommended in a one-day seminar held at Imphal Hotel, Imphal on the theme, “India’s Stand on the Territorial Integrity of Manipur”. The seminar was organised by the UCM. Today’s seminar was organised at the backdrop of the border dispute between India and Myanmar where several villages of Manipur have gone to the other side of the border due to the ongoing controversial border fencing. “A strong and intense mass movement is a must here so as to alert the Government of India on the issue,” opined social activist Dr Dhanabir Laishram. He asked for a bold and concerted and democratic form of agitation by the people of Manipur to get the attention of New Delhi on the issue. Dr Dhanabir Laishram was speaking as one of the resource persons during the seminar on the topic, “India’s double standard on the territorial integrity of Manipur”. RK Ranjan, ‘senior visiting fellow’, Geography department of Manipur University said that in this globalised world focus on the nitty-gritty of border lines has become weak. He however said, “But maintaining the correct boundary lines is important,” RK Ranjan stated while speaking as a resource person in the prigramme. He also said that boundaries have been affected whenever there occur historical event or incident and reiterated, “But reality should not be distorted.” RK Ranjan was speaking on the topic, “Boundaries of Manipur and its problems and issues.” Also speaking in the seminar was Hareshwar Goswami, a writer and social activist who said that border dispute with Myanmar (Burma) has been there since 1867. He stressed the need for the Manipur government to present a clear white paper on the issue to the public. Prof Nabakumar while speaking on the topic, “A new turn in the Indo-Myanmar relationship in the light of India’s Look East Policy,” has presented a detailed scenerio in the region developed in recent time. Meanwhile, the seminar also recommended, besides organising a massive mass movement on the territory of Manipur, for sending missives on the issue to the international forum.

Former Arunachal minister passes away

'Assam a role model in country’s health sector'

SHillOng, September 1 (tHe HinDu): Normal life in Meghalaya will be paralysed on Monday as pro-Inner Line Permit (ILP) activists will go on a 12-hour general strike from 5 a.m. The talk between the Chief Minister Mukul Sangma and representatives of the NGOs on Wednesday bogged down as both sides did not budge. This is the beginning of series of agitations demanding implementation of the ILP system in the state. In Manipur too, the demand for the ILP is gaining momentum. On the other hand, unidentified armed persons attacked migrant workers; with a few being killed in the blasts. The synchronised agitations in Ma-

of Manipur’

In Arunachal Pradesh, where the ILP system is in force, the population of the indigenous people had fallen to 68 per cent in 2011 from 79.02 per cent in 1971. Likewise it had fallen in Nagaland from 88.61 per cent in 1971 to 86 per cent in 2011. The activists insist that this regulatory provision should be enforced in Manipur and Meghalaya. Besides, they see no justification why the ILP system should be enforced in Mizoram, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh only in the NE region having 8 states. However, there is no mechanism in these 3 states to ensure that the visitors of all sorts leave the states after expiry of the permits which

they can obtain by paying a nominal fee. In Nagaland, even a coaster monger at the bus stand or railway station has to display a sign-board declaring that the business is owned by a Naga. But it is feared that many businesses continue in fake names and the outsiders have acquired immovable properties in the names of non-existent local men. In Manipur, almost one third of the population are non-locals, according to the 2011 census. For unexplained reasons the Union Home Ministry is against the enforcement of the ILP in Manipur and Meghalaya. King Khagemba had brought 1000 Muslims from

Assam as POWs in 1606. They had assimilated with the local populace. Today there are at least 5 Muslim MLAs in each election in the 60 constituencies. In 1946, King Budhachandra had allowed the construction of 64 houses for the Nepalis. But today the population of the Nepalis in Manipur is said to be over 3,00,000. There are 28,000 voters in the Jiribam sub division in Imphal east district. Out of them the indigenous people constitute just 9000. There are 40 villages in the sub division and the locals are staying in 8 villages only. Mr. Sangma and Mr. Singh find it increasingly difficult to convince the pro-ILP activists in their states.

than Rs 95,000 crore for constructing new hospitals and renovating the existing ones. More than 1.5 lakh doctors and para-medical personnel have been already trained and appointed while nine lakh ASHA workers are working under the NRHM, he said. “Moreover, schemes are being prepared in such a way that all sectors of people are being benefited, particularly in the case of providing free medicines”, Azad added. The minister also announced that Assam would be given Rs 100 crore to provide 200 types of medicines free to the patients. Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi and health minister Himanta Biswa Sarma were among those who spoke on the occasion.

itanagar, September 1 (pti): Former Arunachal Pradesh minister Niani Natung died in a city hospital at Guwahati after a brief illness, official sources said today. Niani Natung (51) died yesterday. Hailing from Pakke-Kessang assembly constituency in East Kameng district, she became the first lady minister from Nyishi community after the demise of her husband Dera Natung, then Education Minister, in a helicopter crash near Sessa in West Kameng district on May 8, 2001. Survived by two sons and two daughters, Natung was inducted as Minister of State for Social Welfare, Women and Child Development after winning the Pakke-Kessang seat in the bye-election held on September 20, 2001. Besides being an AICC member, she was holding the post of vice president of Arunachal Pradesh Mahila Congress Committee at the time of her passing away. Previously, she held the post of chairperson, State Social Welfare Board. Meanwhile, Governor Lt Gen (Retd) Nirbhay Sharma and Chief Minister Nabam Tuki led the people of the state to mourn the death of the former minister. The governor in his condolence message said that in Natung’s death, the state has lost an admired and dedicated social worker. While mourning her demise, Chief Minister Tuki remembered her as a simple and honest woman, and an able partner of her late husband Dera Natung, who was one of the most dynamic and visionary ministers witnessed by Arunachal. He also offered his condolences to the bereaved family members and prayed that they be bestowed with enough strength to bear the irreparable loss. The Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) and the BJP also condoled the death of Natung.

Nagaland Multispecialty

Health & Research Centre Midland Dimapur Ph: 03862-248302/9856006026

URGENTLY WANTED 2 Post of Medical Officers (Min.Qlf: MBBS)




Dated Kohima the 31st August 2013

(National competitive Bidding through e-Tendering mode only) The Chief Engineer, PWD (NH) Nagaland, Kohima on behalf of the President of India, invites bids for the consultancy services for the works detailed as below from the empanelled consultants of the Ministry of Road Transport & Highway (MoRT&H), New Delhi:

Sl. No. 1

Name of Work 2

Bid Security in Period of Rs. In Lakhs Completion 3 4

Consultancy services for detailed feasibility study, framing up of proposals and preparation of Detailed Project Report 3 (three 1. 2.00 (DPR) for extension of Maram-Peren road months) to NH-39 in Dimapur (2-Lane NH standard road) in the State of Nagaland Consultancy services for detailed feasibility study, framing up of proposals and preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) for Alternate connectivity road of 3 (three 2. 2.00 NH-39 from NH-150 (Kohima) to Mao Gate months) to avoid Landslide portion on NH-39 in Kohima (2-Lane NH standard road) in the State of Nagaland The detailed tender document can be viewed/downloaded from the website www. from 02.09.2013 to 10.09.2013 (upto 1700 Hrs). The last date & Time for On-line submission of the bidding document is 12.09.2013 upto 1400Hrs (IST). Amendments/Corrigendum, if any will be hosted on the above website. The Pre-bid meeting will be held in the Office of the Chief Engineer PWD (NH) on 09.05.2013 at 1300 Hrs Other details can be viewed from bidding document.

Sd/Chief Engineer PWD (NH) Nagaland: Kohima.



public discoursE



2 September 2013

The Morung Express

to all who are worrying Rupee slump a hard lesson An Advice about fall of Indian Rupee for students overseas T

New Delhi, September 1 (reuterS): Student Mikael Haris is wrestling with the sort of question confronting others across India, including companies, investors and banks, following the 18 percent slump in the rupee this year. With plans to study for a masters degree in marketing in London from this month, he is trying to decide whether to pay his course fees up front and secure a discount, or to spread them out in the hope that a rebound in the rupee will ultimately reduce his costs. “We are kind of speculating how to pay the fee, to see whether the rupee will regain its strength. It is a strategy that makes you think, how to lower your expenses,” Haris said. The slump in the rupee as the country struggles with decade-low economic growth and a record current account deficit has hit confidence across the country and among international investors. For the 800,000 or so students who go overseas to study each year, the main question is whether they can still afford to do so as their costs in rupees have risen by as much as 20 percent. The top three destinations to study are the United States, Britain and Australia. The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) estimated overseas Indian students spend the equivalent of about $15 billion a year to pursue their studies. “If the currency continues to depreciate, it will certainly put a doubt in the mind of students on whether to look at going abroad next year or not,” said New Delhi-based Ajay Mittal, a director

to get tough and obviously we would be concerned about the number of new students,” he said. Foreign students make up about a third of the total enrolment at the institute and Indian students are among the top three most represented foreign nationalities. Shiva Balasubramanian from Mumbai, who is studying computer engineering at Arizona State University, says he is cutting his daily expenses to cope. “You avoid buying exotic vegetables, and that one extra beer, for example,” he said. “It’s a test of management in daily life.” “BITE THE BULLET” In Australia, many look for part time work in restaurants, retail stores, gas stations and administration. “Indian students would come to class often very tired, and fall asleep in class, because when you look at it they’re often working two or three part time jobs, (sometimes) illegally,” said Phil Honeywood, executive director of the International Education Association of Australia. The rupee slump has also caught out those who had been cautious with budgeting. Ridhima Tomar, who will pursue a degree in Social Policy and Development at the London School of Economics this month, thought she had made a conservative calculation on the exchange rate at 95 per pound. The rupee now trades at 103 and she estimated her costs have risen 20 percent compared with last year. “I am done with all my formalities and booked my tickets and got my visa. I guess I will have to bite the bullet,” Tomar said.

an indian man counts coins after seeking alms at a pavement in hyderabad, on September 1. india’s stock market has dropped more than 10 percent in the past three months and the rupee has lost a sixth of its value against the dollar this year. Much of the currency’s fall has been in the past month. (AP Photo)

at International Placewell Consultants Pvt Ltd, a student placement company. “If the slide does not stop it may affect the January or next September admissions,” Mittal said. “ONE EXTRA BEER” Students already studying overseas are looking to cut costs, rely on savings or find work to cover their shortfalls. Pooja Raman, who is studying International Business Law at the National University of Singapore, is worried about paying off her education loan after her expenses rose by 15 percent in recent months. Most Indian students take loans for their studies overseas. “If the rupee continues on this devaluation path, it would get difficult to repay it within the given time and I might have to take another one,” Raman said. Adding to the pressure, state-run banks have not raised


the maximum limit on education loans to account for the fall in the rupee, meaning what used to be full-course funding now covers just a proportion. Foreign students are prized by U.S. academic institutions, particularly at the undergraduate level, because they often pay full tuition and board rather than counting on financial aid from universities, giving them an economic impact that outweighs their numbers - less than 4 percent of U.S. university enrolment. So far, U.S schools say there has been no significant drop off in the number of Indian students, the second-largest population of foreign students after the Chinese. That does not mean there will not be a fall though, said Gary Hamme, associate vice president for enrolment management at the Florida Institute of Technology. “If this continues, it’s going

Canon hikes DSLR camera prices

to my dearest Wife Ben ren walling,

New Delhi, September 1 (pti): Consumer electronics major Canon India is increasing prices of its products to offset the impact of rupee depreciation and will miss its target of clocking 25% growth to touch Rs 2,350 crore sales turnover this year due to demand slowdown. While the company has already raised prices of its DSLR cameras last week, it will undertake another round of 5% price hike of both its consumer and B2B product categories in October. “There is a huge pressure on our margins due to the rupee depreciation. While we have absorbed some parts, at the current rate we need to pass some of the burden to consumers. We have

To the world, you may be one person. But to me, you are the world. Wish you a very ‘Happy Birthday’.. love, imcha Jamir

already hiked the price of our DSLR cameras by 6% from August 30,” Canon India Senior Vice-President Alok Bharadwaj told PTI. Canon’s DSLR cameras are available at a price of around Rs 29,000 to Rs 4.55 lakh in India. The price hike in October will be across both consumer and B2B, including copiers and IT peripherals. “In July, we had increased prices of B2B items by 5 per cent but the consumer category was not touched, but this time we will have to increase as we have no option,” Bharadwaj said. Companies are facing the double impact of slowdown in overall economic growth, which has affected demand badly, and rupee depreciation, he added.



Simple Rules - There is just one simple rule: “Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box co ntains the digits 1 through 9.”

SUDOKU Game Number # 2635

hroughout the country please stop using cars except for emergency for only seven days (Just 7 days) Definitely Dollar rate will come down. This is true. The value to dollar is given by petrol only. This is called Derivative Trading. America has stopped valuing its Dollar with Gold 70 years ago. Americans understood that Petrol is equally valuable as Gold so they made Agreement with all the Middle East countries to sell petrol in Dollars only. That is why Americans print their Dollar as legal tender for debts. This mean if you don’t like their American Dollar and go to their Governor and ask for repayment in form of Gold, as in India they won’t give you Gold. You observe Indian Rupee, “I promise to pay the bearer...” is clearly printed along with the signature of Reserve Bank Governor. This mean, if you don’t like Indian Rupee and ask for repayment, Reserve Bank of India will pay you back an equal value of gold.(Actually there may be minor differences in the Transaction dealing rules, but for easy comprehension I am explaining this) Let us see an example. Indian petroleum minister goes to Middle East country to purchase petrol, the Middle East petrol bunk people will say that liter petrol is one Dollar. But Indians won’t have dollars. They have Indian Rupees. So what to do now? So That Indian Minister will ask America to give Dollars. American Federal Reserve will take a white paper, print Dollars on it and give it to the Indian Minister. Like this we get dollars, pay it to petrol bunks and buy petrol. But there is a fraud here. If you change your mind and want to give back the Dollars to America we can’t demand them to pay Gold in return for the Dollars. They will say “Have we promised to return something back to you? Haven’t you checked the Dollar? We clearly printed on the Dollar that it is Debt” So, Americans don’t need any Gold with them to print Dollars. They will print Dollars on white papers as they like. But what will Americans give to the Middle East countries for selling petrol in Dollars only? Middle East kings pay rent

to America for protecting their kings and heirs. Similarly they are still paying back the Debt to America for constructing Roads and Buildings in their countries. This is the value of American Dollar. That is why many say some day the Dollar will be destroyed. At present the problem of India is the result of buying those American Dollars. American white papers are equal to Indian Gold. So if we reduce the consumption of petrol and cars, Dollar will come down The Above Details are translated originally from Telugu Language to English by Radhika Gr. Kindly share this and make everyone aware of the facts of American Dollar V/s Indian Rupee. And here is a small thing other than petrol , what we can do to our Indian Rupee YOU CAN MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE TO THE INDIAN ECONOMY BY FOLLOWING FEW SIMPLE STEPS:Please spare a couple of minutes here for the sake of India. Here’s a small example:At 2008 August month 1 US $ = INR Rs 39.40 At 2013 August now 1 $ = INR Rs 62 Do you think US Economy is booming? No, but Indian Economy is Going Down. Our economy is in your hands. INDIAN economy is in a crisis. Our country like many other ASIAN countries, is undergoing a severe economic crunch. Many INDIAN industries are closing down. The INDIAN economy is in a crisis and if we do not take proper steps to control those, we will be in a critical situation. More than 30,000 crore rupees of foreign exchange are being siphoned out of our country on products such as cosmetics, snacks, tea, beverages, etc. which are grown, produced and consumed here. A cold drink that costs only 70 / 80 paisa to produce, is sold for Rs.9 and a major chunk of profits from these are sent abroad. This is a serious drain on INDIAN economy. We have nothing against Multinational companies, but to protect our own interest we request everybody to use INDIAN products only at least for the next two years. With the rise in petrol

prices, if we do not do this, the Rupee will devalue further and we will end up paying much more for the same products in the near future. What you can do about it? Buy only products manufactured by WHOLLY INDIAN COMPANIES. Each individual should become a leader for this awareness. This is the only way to save our country from severe economic crisis. You don’t need to give-up your lifestyle. You just need to choose an alternate product. Daily products which are COLD DRINKS,BATHING SOAP ,TOOTH PASTE,TOOTH BRUSH ,SHAVING CREAM,BLADE, TALCUM POWDER ,MILK POWDER ,SHAMPOO , Food Items etc. all you need to do is buy Indian Goods and Make sure Indian rupee is not crossing outside India. Every INDIAN product you buy makes a big difference. It saves INDIA. Let us take a firm decision today. THIS is a Shout For GIRLS Don’t IGNORE & Guys Tell Your Loved Ones, They are the Power Purchaser, Who takes care of HOUSEHOLD things, Who can Play a Big Role as well to SAVE OUR MOTHER INDIA we are not anti-multinational. we are trying to save our nation. Every day is a struggle for a real freedom. We achieved our independence after losing many lives. They died painfully to ensure that we live peacefully. The current trend is very threatening. Multinationals call it globalization of Indian economy. For Indians like you and me, it is re-colonization of India. The colonists left India then. But this time, they will make sure they don’t make any mistakes. Russia, S. Korea, Mexico - the list is very long!! Let us learn from their experience and from our history. let us do the duty of every true Indian. finally, it’s obvious that you can’t give up all of the items mentioned above. so give up at least one item for the sake of our country! “WE all TOGETHER CAN SAVE our COUNTRY from crises” Mhao Yanthan General Secretary RJD Youth Wing in-charge of Media & Publicity Cell Nagaland State

Readers may please note that the contents of the articles, letters and opinions published do not reflect the outlook of this paper nor of the Editor in any form.



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h E B O i F E O S u P E r i O r


E D P L r r n n E L L O P E E T


w i E L E a D E a M O i P n S E

M F D i C g S i M a O i B E O n

u O u n E r E u n a g T D E r h


i x n a P a O B O y T i h P y h

h g C T T n i v n n u S i P T n


T L L E a C E O a g y S O n a E

n O E S C E u g r r T g a S h C

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y P E D i C E L O E Z a B h E r


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ACROSS 1. Jetty 5. a bed on a ship 10. Spar 14. Lasso 15. a drama set to music 16. Carve in stone 17. Ear-related 18. Mediator 20. Device 22. Preordain 23. Citrus drink 24. French school 25. unfortunate 32. girlfriend (Spanish) 33. angers 34. Clothe 37. rend 38. assail 39. Early 20th-century art movement 40. French for “Summer” 41. Objectives 42. Poison 43. unworthy 45. Sand bar 49. Caviar 50. Deluge 53. walks unsteadily 57. unmerited

59. Found in some lotions 60. Encounter 61. a river through Paris 62. Small island 63. Combustible pile 64. Canvas shelters 65. Scallion

DOWN 1. a formal high school dance 2. greek letter 3. Sweeping story 4. reload 5. hood 6. Type of sword 7. regulation (abbrev.) 8. Stepped 9. Despise 10. Substantial 11. Loft 12. British biscuit 13. half of six 19. Small islands 21. Bright thought 25. unusual 26. Send forth 27. Donate 28. Step 29. Passageway 30. Consecrate

31. Permit 34. Cab 35. norse god 36. Mob 38. French for “good” 39. Fit together tightly 41. Throats (archaic) 42. gait faster than a walk 44. wears away 45. The base part of a tree 46. Product of bees 47. Law and _____ 48. Mountain crest 51. where a bird lives 52. Tall woody plant 53. Canvas dwelling 54. if not 55. Part in a play 56. Search 58. French for “wine”

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The Morung Express

Monday 2 September 2013


MEx FILE UBSIs lament discrepancies in promotion GPRN/NSCN terminates one Our Correspondent

NAGALAND POLICe PerSONNeL serving in the unarmed branch are craving for promotions, some of which has been pending for over 10-15 years. In a surprising disclosure, police personnel serving as Unarmed Branch Sub-Inspectors (UBSI) since 1997 are stranded in the same rank and position while their counterparts in the armed branch have been promoted to the rank of inspectors alongside the officers recruited in the armed branch after them. Highly placed sources serving as UBSI since 1997 revealed that despite submitting several representations to Police Headquarters (PHQ) Nagaland to look

into the discrepancies between the armed branch and unarmed branch sub-inspectors of Nagaland Police the matter still remains the same. Sources pointed that in 1997 the police department recruited both UBSI and Armed Branch SubInspectors (ABSI) through a combined examination. Candidates with better merit were offered the post of UBSI and the less meritorious were appointed as ABSI as per the examination result. After recruitment, it is learnt, both UBSI and ABSI were sent to the same training college for a one year basic course after which they were posted to DeF and NAP units randomly. Over the years, sources said, those ABSIs who were jointly recruited along with the UBSIs have

JaluKie, september 1 (mexN): The volunteers of National Service Scheme (NSS) of St. Xavier College, Jalukie, undertook a social work in the Community Health Centre of Jalukie subdivision on August 31 last. The team was lead by the Programme Officer Adani Siba and accompanied by the Principal Fr. Jose Lukose. The volunteers cleared the jungle in the campus, cleaned the drains and did the weeding in the flower garden. Stating this in a press release, Principal Fr. Jose Lukose expressed gratitude to the CMO and the staff who facilitated the social work and provided cool drinks to the students. The social work is to make the students aware of their role in taking care of public properties and to create civic sense, it added.

Kohima, september 1 (mexN): The Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) has written to the Commissioner & Secretary, Department of Social Welfare of Nagaland, to notify “anomalies and lack of transparency” in the said department. According to the letter, signed by the General Secretary and Vice President of the NSF, the Directorate of Social Welfare on May 3, 2013 [through the office notification No. SW/eSTT-161/2002] had send 2 post of CDPO, 1 post each of Probation Officer, Research Officer, Chief Instructor, Superintendent, Matron, 18 post of supervisor, 2 post of care taker and again 12 post of L.D.A. [through office notification No. SW/ eSTT-53/99(pt-1)] on July 10, 2013. As opposed to these, “It is learnt that the Nagaland Public Service Commission (NPSC) has received only 2 post of CDPO so far for open

Kohima | September 1

St. Xavier College undertake social work

Free medical camps for IndoMyanmar villages

Kohima, september 1 (mexN): The Department of Underdeveloped Areas (DUDA) successfully organised first Phase Joint Venture Free Medical Camps in collaboration with Medical Department and IGAr (N) at S/Mokok and Chenmoho villages on August 27 and 28 respectively. The programme has been extended to the IndoMyanmar border block villagers from Border Area Development Programme (BADP) through the Ministry of Home Affairs, Department of Border Management, GOI. Dr Maj K.r. Singh, 33 Ar (Naginimora), Dr M.K. roy, MO

already been promoted to Armed Branch Inspectors (ABIs) much earlier than their UBSI counterparts while some of such ABIs are now due for promotion to Deputy SP rank. The sources regretted that the UBSIs of same batches are in the same rank and there is still no scope for next promotion in the immediate future. The aggrieved UBSIs cited that the 2005 batch of directly recruited ABSIs have already been promoted to ABIs whereas in case of directly recruited UBSIs of 1999 batch onwards are yet to be promoted to Unarmed Branch Inspectors (UBI). It is learnt that as per the department policy, vacancies in the rank of UBSI are filled on 50:50 basis between direct recruits and

those promoted from lower ranks. However, from 1992 to 2012, PHQ had recruited 166 UBSI both with and without interview, and promoted only 125 in the corresponding period which has reportedly resulted in denial of due share for promotion of Assistant Sub-Inspector to next higher rank though they are supposed to be called for Central Promotional Test (CPT) after completion of 3 years in active service as per the manual. However, some ASIs who have already completed 18 years in service are still awaiting the call for CPT, sources said. On the other hand, under the current trend and circumstances, Senior Sub Inspectors who are yet to be promoted feel that it as an insult to Police hierarchy to take orders from Junior Sub-

NSF detects anomalies in govt posting

(Phomching), Dr Shokwang Konyak, MO (Chen) and Dr Chenjei, NrHM (Mon) along with their staff attended to 680 patients with 122 children, 265 female and 293 male from both the camps. Free medicines, injections, minor dressings etc were also extended to the neediest patients. About 10 patients from the nearby neighboring villages of Myanmar also availed the opportunity. Meanwhile, the department has thanked CM & Minister i/c DUDA, Advisor DUDA, Parliamentary Secretary rD, rePA, Parliamentary Secretary F&eS, r&r, Chief Secretary, Nagaland, Commissioner & Secretary, DUDA, Principal Director, H & F W, DC, Mon, CMO, Mon, IGAr(N), PrO,IGAr (N), Doctors, District Administration Officers of Phomching and Chen

recruitment till date from your esteemed department,” revealed the NSF. “At this juncture, when thousands of educated unemployed Naga youths are craving for job opportunities, it is most discouraging and demoralizing to come across such anomalies and lack of transparency in the government establishments, utterly denying the legitimate rights and opportunities of the aspiring candidates,” stated the students’ body. In this regard, the Federation has appealed to the Commissioner & Secretary to “immediately send the remaining vacant post for requisition to the NPSC, failing which the Federation will initiate appropriate course of action so as to deliver justice to the educated unemployed youth and the up-coming generation.”

HQs, Chenmoho Angh, and VCC of S/Mokok & Chenmoho villages for their supports and cooperations. The second and third camps will be held in September 2013 for Tuensang, Kiphire and Phek District border block villages in collaboration with the Assam Rifles and Medical Department in the same manner.

MCCI on apprehending highway robbers

moKoKchuNg, september 1 (mexN): Mokokchung Chamber of Commerce & Industries (MCCI) has extended its appreciation to the Mokokchung District Truck Owners Association (MDTOA) for their “coura-

en leaders in the church and society including a few male participated in the seminar. Juliet Yeptho, Associate Pastor, (DSBA) inaugurated the seminar with a prayer and welcome address, and greeting was brought by TokatoYeptho, Associate Pastor, Sümi Baptist Church, Sugar Mill. Dr. Hrangthan Chhungi, executive Secretary, Commission on Tribals and Adivasi, NCCI delivered the inaugural address and started the flow of the seminar. The first paper was presented by Professor Dr. Lalrinawmi ralte, Dean of Women’s

Nagaland’s Additional Chief Secretary and Development Commissioner H.K.Khulu (IAS) with Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways Oscar Fernandes (right). H.K.Khulu called on the latter at Transport Bhawan, New Delhi on August 29 and discussed State’s developmental issues.

geous act” in apprehending two highway robbers on the night of August 27 along MokokchungMariani road, near FCI Godown, Mekuli village. A press release issued by MCCI president Moasangba Jamir stated there is no room for such “blatant cowards as highway robbers” in this day and age, and befitting punishment should be meted out to the culprits. Further, it expressed hope that the absconding robbers will be arrested and booked without any delay, since the case is under the purview of the police now. Also, stating that Mokokchung-Mariani road is the state’s second busiest highway and is the lifeline for at least four districts, it expressed the need for the competent authority to ensure such crimes are not committed along the aforementioned highway in the future.

Studies Department, United Theological College, Bangalore on the topic “The role of Women in the Church: Naga Women’s Perspective”. The second paper was presented by Dr. S. Akatoli Chishi, Trinity Theological College, Dimapur, on the topic “The role of Women in the Naga Society”. At the end of each paper, there was discussion on the role played by traditional Naga women in the church and the society and how they are applied in today’s context. The seminar also came out with a statement and a message for the Naga women.

Kohima | September 1

Thenyizumi villagers undertake social work on state highway on August 31. (Morung Photo/Chizokho Vero)

plorable road condition and commuters are facing immense hardship, he said adding that it has invited soil erosion and landslides while culvert and drainage system has been disrupted. Kezo also informed that on several occasion, vehicles had been stranded on the road side for 2/3 days

Dimapur, september 1 (mexN): Air India has informed that the operation of Air India direct flight AI709/710, which was introduced from June 21 2013 for the sector Kolkata/ Dimapur/ Kolkata on Fridays, and was supposed to operate till August 30, 2013 has been extended till September 27, 2013 with A-319 type of Aircraft. A press note from the Station Master informed that the flight will operate on Fridays as per the timings: AI-709 (Kolkata-Dimapur) -Departure Kolkata 1300 hrs, arrival 1410 hrs. AI-710 (Dimapur-Kolkata) - Departure Dimapur 1445 hrs, arrival Kolkata 1555 hrs. The flights will give onward connects to Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai apart from other international sectors.

ZPO (D) condemns murder

Our Correspondent

unhappiness over the execution of the work by M/s Maytas-Gayatri JV lamenting that the work was carried out in haphazard manner and non speedy execution of the work has deteriorated the existing road condition instead of building the road. The road is now in de-

Air India informs

Dimapur, september 1 (mexN): Sangtam Students' Union Dimapur (SSUD) has wished all the Sangtams a “very Happy Mongmong”. A release issued by SSUD V Lumpise L/Thongru stated that this festival celebration comes after a plentiful harvest, while expressing hope that it brings joy, prosperity and solidarity among the Sangtam community.

due to frequent blockage of the road and the worst effected were the patients. Further, several terrace fields has been affected, he said adding it has threatened the livelihood of many farmers who solely depend their daily bread though cultivation. Chukhuphuyi Kezo,

Dimapur, september 1 (mexN): The Zeliang Public Organization, Dimapur has strongly condemned the murder of Peuhauzoing Zeliang of Peren district. According to a press release issued by ZPO, Dimapur, the dead body of the victim was found at Chathe river on August 27. ZPO, Dimapur has urged the authorities concerned to take the matter seriously and apprehend the “murderers” at the earliest. It has also requested the public to co-operate with the law enforcing agencies and assist them in booking the culprits so as to prevent such crimes in the future. The organization further extended its heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family for their tragic loss.

Crusader’s campaign against illegal taxation reaches Zunheboto

ZuNheboto, september 1 (mexN): Continuing their district tour campaign against illegal taxation in the state, civil rights crusader team led by Nagaland Voluntary Consumers’ Organisation (NVCO) president Kezhokhoto Savi met the District Administration, Zunheboto on August 29, 2013 and also held a marathon interaction session with civil societies on the same day in the conference hall of All Sumi Students’ Union (SKK), Zunheboto. The meet was attended by the officials of Sumi Hoho, Steering Committee against Priserise and Unabated Taxation (SCAPrUT), Chamber of Commerce, student community. Kezhokhoto Savi highlighted the detailed scenario of illegal collection/deduction of taxation/cash in the state and also the object of their coming to the district. A press release received here mentioned that several people representing various organizations took part in the interaction session. They divulged that the citizens, especially business community have to pay tax/cash to several factions. One of them also shared he was served a letter by one faction last week demanding

Thenyizu village attends deplorable road condition

THe THeNYIZUMI community conducted a mass social work on state highway within the stretch of Sedzu to Chetheba along Kohima to Zunheboto road on Saturday last. The social work, joined by over 1000 people, was purely a voluntary service to bring relief and comfort to the commuters passing through the route. The villagers cleared side drainage, removed garbages, filled up potholes etc.. Thenyizu village VDB secretary Puthiyi Kezo said that at the first place the villagers were quite happy about the North east (SArDP-Ne) project Phase I for construction of 2-lane road project from Chakhabama to Zunheboto which touches Thenyizu village jurisdiction, would ensure better connectivity and communication to the people. He, however expressed

Dimapur, september 1 (mexN): Ministry of Information & Publicity, GPrN/ NSCN has issued an order stating that as per recommendation received from the Regional Administrative Officer, Ao Region, Secretary, Ministry of Kilo Affairs Ghukiho T Jimo in exercise of the power conferred upon him terminates razou Peyu Mar Walling of Yimchenkimong village with immediate effect, from active national service, for indulging in “immoral activities”.

SSUD extend Mongmong greetings

NCCI seminar on role of Naga women concludes

Dimapur, september 1 (mexN): A seminar on “The role of Naga women in the church and the society” organized by the National Council of Churches in India (NCCI), Commission on Tribals and Adivasis in partnership with Dimapur Sümi Baptist Akukuhou (DSBA) and Student Christian Movement, North east India (SCM-NeI) concluded August 31. SCM-NeI Programme Secretary Akumla in a press release stated that the seminar was hosted at the DSBA premises. Altogether 33 persons including theological students, wom-

Inspectors and Havildars (now ABI) and also awkward to salute those juniors. This will ultimately have an adverse effect on the efficiency in executing bona-fide duty in line of the uniformed hierarchy. The UBSIs, without wanting to be quoted, expressed that in order to solve these problems there are avenues to create more post of UB Inspectors by upgrading all the 44 Police Stations which are presently manned by SI/ASI as head of policing in subdivisions while on the other hand the counterpart administration are headed by ADC/SDO (C). The UBSIs also expressed such unwarranted delay in their promotion has been a factor in demoralization of the police personnel in the unarmed branch.


acting chairman of Thenyizumi Village Council and Head GB village said the manner in which the M/s Maytas-Gayatri JV are executing the work showed they were not working for the benefit of the general public, but only after the bill. In this, he called for working out some mechanism for speedy execution of the project. Another villager said the deplorable road condition consumed hefty amount of time, citing that earlier they used to reach Kohima by 8:30 AM from Thenyizu village but now it is reachable by 11:30 AM. Besides, truck carrying essential commodities/ building materials up to 12/13 tons earlier can now ply only with 8 tons due to poor road condition. Meanwhile, the village council drew the attention of the authority concerned for a speedy execution of the work as well as proper maintenance of the road.

rs.70,000/- and the following week from another faction demanding rs.1,20,000/- . During the meet, it was also discussed that the practice of illegal syndicate and dealership system in trade is one of the main causes for price rise in the district. The release noted that earlier the price of one kg of potato was rs.25, but now it is has been brought down to rs.15/- per kilo after the ban/boycott of certain necessary essential goods was relaxed for open market. The meeting emphasized that these issues would be resolved only when all the civil societies come together. The civil societies also raised the issue that of late Town Council have been charging/taking a sum of rs.36,000/- per month from Petrol/fuel pump owners which was never practiced by other councils, for which they asked for an enquiry commission to be set up by the government in order to take appropriate actions. Some of them complained and alleged that the state government is not taking any initiative to take actions against rampant illegal collection of taxation/ cash stating that the “government is continually sleeping

over this menace”. regarding the Kohima Municipal Council’s (KMC) parking fee collection, the release said the citizens raised the issues of “unsystematic and incapability” of KMC in maintaining and managing the parking places/lot and “failing to serve deserved services” to the citizens/payers. The main complaint was about the random collection of parking fee irrespective of parking or no parking zone, without providing any proper places for parking which is amounting to harassment, it added. The team also conducted civil rights awareness campaign at Zunheboto Government College on August 30, 2013, which was attended by hundreds of undergraduate students including the VicePrincipal and teaching faculty. The note mentioned that the main object of conducting such program in colleges was to spread more awareness amongst the general public through college students with the hope that every student would not remain silent, but do justice to educate others in their own capacity as concerned young men and women towards building a better society.

Hepatitis C awareness program conducted

Dimapur, september 1 (mexN): Hepatitis Coalition of Nagaland (HepCoN) conducted a Viral Hepatitis C awareness program in collaboration with Bethesda Youth Welfare Centre at the Centre for Community transformation, Walford on August 29, 2013. The awareness program was well attended by 45 community representatives from five NGOs, namely CADF, Prodigals Home, Guardian Angel, Bethesda YWC, and RAF, which work in the field of HIV/AIDS and substance abuse in Dimapur, a press release received here said. It mentioned that the programme highlighted the major route of Hepatitis

C transmission and its prevention. The facilitators called upon the participants to “know this silent disease” and respond in addressing against it with a collaborated effort. Further, the program also discussed on how the NGO workers can contribute towards dissemination of information and prevention. The programme was chaired by Kevinguto Khamo and was facilitated by Imti Aier, Limha and Wati. It may be mentioned that HepCoN was formed by a coalition of NGOs working on health issues and was initiated in order to address issues of Viral Hepatitis in Nagaland.

Yepthomi Chronicles extend condolences

Dimapur, september 1 (mexN): The editorial board of Yepthomi Chronicles has conveyed profound condolences to the bereaved family of Late H Kawoto Sukhalu, Head GB of Kawoto village and retired PA to Deputy Commissioner Zunheboto. A condolence note issued by the chief editor of Yepthomi Chronicles Vihuto Yepthomi acknowledged that during

his journey of 88 years on earth, Kawoto rendered valuable service to the British government and he had great concern for the Nagas, and particularly Sumis in political and religious crises. In the formation of unified SBAK, he also came forward with his group and signed the agreement whole-heartedly, it stated, adding “He loved peace and unity for all humanity.” The note

further mentioned that Late Kawoto was a senior member of Yepthomi clan, who took initiative in the research work of Yepthomi Chronicles. He also hosted the research workers in his house on October 10, 2000. Under his active co-operation, Yepthomi Chronicles could be published in 2011, it recognized. “In his death, the Yepthomi clan and Sumis have lost a great leader.”



The Power of Truth

The Morung Express MonDAy 2 sEPTEMbEr 2013 vol. vIII IssuE 240

Along Longkumer



Mario Benedetti Source: Countercurrents

“Allende” in order to kill the man of peace to strike his forehead clean of nightmares they had to become a nightmare to defeat the man of peace they had to congregate all hatreds and planes and tanks as well to batter the man of peace they had to bombard him and turn him into flame because the man of peace was a fortress to kill the man of peace they had to untie the turbid war to vanquish the man of peace and to silence his modest and piercing voice they had to push terror to the abyss and kill more just to keep killing to batter the man of peace they had to assassinate him many times because the man of peace was a fortress

to kill the man of peace they had to imagine he was a troop an army a fleet a brigade they had to believe he was another army but the man of peace was just the people and he had in his hands a rifle and a mandate and they needed more tanks more rancor more bombs more planes more shame because the man of peace was a fortress

to kill the man of peace to strike his forhead clean of nightmares they had to become a nightmare to defeat the man of peace they had to join themselves forever to death kill and kill more just to keep killing him and condemn themselves to blinded loneliness to kill the man that was the people they had to lose the people.

(translated by Oscar Gonzalez and Gary Corseri)

mally bright-eyed and chatty programmer turns into someone you might find in a dentist’s waiting room. “Not a fun process,” he said. The unlucky receive letters, usually explaining the film is not the right fit for the festival. He will write 50 or 60 personally, depending on his relationships with the filmmakers. “All these people have put a year or more of their Weeks of Previewing lives into these films, sometimes acquiring financial He views some or all of 250 films during the heavy debt,” he said. “All that work and it’s in the hand of previewing period of June and July, assisted by mem- one subjective viewer.” bers of a prescreening team who will watch an additional 250. Three of his 15 films were already se- The Making of a Tastemaker lected by June: the new projects from Errol Morris (“The Unknown Known,” about Donald H. Rumsfeld) The long and bumpy road to getting a film completed and Frederick Wiseman (“At Berkeley”), and “The and in front of audiences is familiar to Mr. Powers. Dog,” about the eccentric real-life model for the bank From about 1994 to 2005, he made what he called robber played by Al Pacino in “Dog Day Afternoon,” a a meager living in New York working on documentaries. project he had been tracking for years. He had an early, unlikely success producing a Additional suggestions come trickling in: from the prescreeners but also from sales agents, dis- documentary on women’s attitudes toward breasts, tributors and other programmers. “Great films don’t a film HBO picked up, and then “spent eight years figstay hidden for very long,” Mr. Powers said. “Some- uring out how unique that had been.” He was asked one sees them and starts telling other people about for a follow-up — on penises — which was less sucthem, and inevitably one of those people will tell me.” cessful. A BBC documentary on Henry A. Kissinger He also cultivates his contacts. The Stranger Than fell through, as did a second project. Then came the opportunity to program Stranger Fiction series typically adjourns for post-screening drinks at a nearby bar. After the June screening of Than Fiction. Mr. Powers, who was teaching a class “Dirty Wars,” for example, Mr. Powers checked in on at the time, saw a way to cultivate that community the directors of “The Dog” and their sales agent, Josh of theatergoing documentary fans and keep up the conversation beyond a single screen. Braun of Submarine Films. Today, Stranger Than Fiction is just one of sev“It’s not only about seeing the films, it’s about positioning them at the festival,” Mr. Powers said of his eral endeavors, some of them collaborations with his efforts to help filmmakers land viewers and buyers. wife (whom he met at the Berlin film festival when That can mean arranging a screening to helping a she was presenting a documentary about a gulag beauty contest). He might still buy his own health infilm build up a profile through social media. surance, “but when you put seven jobs together,” he A Few More Decisions Made said, you can make a living. In the first week of July, a stack of DVDs, not to mention a virtual stack of Vimeo links, awaited his review Up Against the Deadline at his home in Montclair. Since June, some more slots The effective deadline for Mr. Powers’s Toronto selechad been taken up with fresh recommendations that tions is late July, when the news release for the docuhad panned out. New additions to the final 15 in- mentary selection goes out. Till then, he’s dealing with cluded an unsolicited but recommended submission matters large and small: handling a distributor’s reabout the Belarus Free Theater, “Dangerous Acts quest to show a film in a spotlighted gala slot rather Starring the Unstable Elements of Belarus”; “Find- than the documentary section, approving images and ing Vivian Maier,” passed along by Mr. Braun; new writing copy for the festival catalog, heading into New films by Marcel Ophuls and Claude Lanzmann that York for a last-minute screening — in this case, a film played Cannes; and Alex Gibney’s Lance Armstrong about Vermeer’s techniques. It made the cut. chronicle. Six slots remained. Each year, there are also documentaries racThe potential selections on this day came via Mr. ing to be finished in time. Somewhat exceptionalPowers’s chief prescreener, Dorota Lech, who also ly, Jehane Noujaim, director of the Egypt chronicle works for the Hot Docs festival in Toronto. Her regu- “The Square,” reworked the film after its Sundance lar dispatches outline what happens in each film and screening to add coverage of the summer’s turmoil. why she thinks he might (or might not) like it. For Mr. The directors of the eye-catching albatross docuPowers, culling from these plentiful options can be mentary “Midway” were touch and go at one point, “like bailing water from a sinking ship.” while Doug Block’s latest personal film ended up not He popped in a documentary about soap op- being ready. eras, a “soft” recommendation from Ms. Lech, who I've been down this road enough with filmmakthought it might be better suited for DOC NYC. Snip- ers that sometimes it doesn't happen, Mr. Powers pets from fans and writers flitted across the screen said. Theres a come-to-Jesus call in July where we in a music-driven montage, evoking a television seg- know, as much as we want to do this, were not going ment. “Will they get into a character’s life?” Mr. Pow- to be able to do it.The Dog finished up just in time. ers wondered. “Do I feel myself being an advocate of Midway is also on the slate, along with a film about the film, the subject matter?” Ms. Neihausen, passing Bob Guccione and a Pat Robertson exposé. on her way out, had another question. “Is that a commercial?” Next up were two works The Announcement Is Made on heavier topics: legalizing marijuana and abortion rights. These suffered by comparison to stronger re- Mr. Powers regards some of the films that Toronto atcent films on the subjects, “How to Make Money Selling tracts as selections anyone might make. “It’s hard to Drugs” and “After Tiller,” due for release in September. imagine anyone doing my job isn’t going to select the Familiar stories need to stand out even more, new Errol Morris film,” he said. “But then there’s anothwhether it’s a serious topic or, very broadly speaking, er half of films where it isn’t. It’s a total matter of taste.” human interest. So far, nothing was hitting the mark, He finally decamped to Toronto a couple of but a documentary about the Vermont descendants weeks before the festival. Scheduling conferences of European stonemasons involved strikingly pictur- with Cameron Bailey, artistic director of the festival, esque photography of stark, snowy vistas. Then the awaited, as did travel logistics for some guests and pace grew meditative: long camera takes, historical myriad other details. It was a long way from his first texts read in voice-over. Mr. Powers, an avowed fan of outing as a programmer: the 2005 debut of Strangmore narrative storytelling formats, turned restless. er Than Fiction. The film was Mr. Block’s “51 Birch “It shares a European sensibility,” he said. “Strong Street.” Mr. Powers had been hoping for 50 patrons, attention to visual detail and faith in the patience of only to watch the theater sell out completely — all the viewer that speaks of a government-financed 114 tickets. system that doesn’t have to make its money back.” “And that,” Mr. Powers said, “began my life of When it comes to the subject of rejections, the nor- counting seats.” and he programs it, you know it’s a good film. He’s no pushover.” To Mr. Powers, the task of assembling a 15-film slate for Toronto, from some 500 candidates, is a delicate matter of competing priorities.

state, resources & Tribes

lEfT wiNg |

Nicolas Rapold Source: NYT

A Kingmaker for Documentaries

Consulting Editor

ore often than not, the State government comes under criticisms from all and sundry for its acts of commission or omission. This is true in the case of Nagaland as well where, in recent years especially; the government has come to be almost ridiculed. Most of the time, such censure of the government is well justified and in fact democracy allows the freedom of speech and expression to question such authority. However one need to also draw a line between what is constructive and logical criticism and those that can be unreasonable, negative and sometimes even plain stupid. On the current topic of interest related to land ownership and its resources under Article 371 (A), there is a section of public opinion questioning the role of the State government. According to their view, land belongs to individuals (tribe, village etc) and the State does not own any land in the Naga context. The latter view is an incorrect one because the State government does own some landed property, which it has paid for, in order to construct or operate functions that is common to all people. The fact that every citizen in Nagaland can enjoy the facilities of a State Secretariat, the Airport, Railway station, Civil Hospitals and other common welfare amenities is prove that the government does own land, which has become the common property of all people living in Nagaland. Further, citing the Nagaland Petroleum & Natural Gas Regulations and Rules of 2012 (NPNGR&R), those criticizing the State government argues about how revenue collection/sharing from oil resources is being controlled by the State or that people’s consent has not been taken and even going to the extent of saying that as per the NPNGR&R, land owners have no real power to negotiate a deal with oil companies and that the State government “appropriates it completely”. There is nothing like a perfect law and while room for improvement or amendment must be kept open, yet the concerned government ought to be given the benefit of doubt. As far as people’s consent goes, a due process has to be established by the government so that some kind of consensus can be arrived at. However in order to take a decision it may not be possible to consult every citizen. That is a job left to the political executive, which can be ratified by the legislature where people’s representatives sit. If people are not happy, then there is always the ballot box. As far as the criticism regarding the role the government has taken upon itself in respect of land resources, we need to keep one thing in mind. A system of authority has to be there to provide a semblance of order and the rule of law must be allowed to prevail for the common good. Without this, one can well imagine how each Naga tribe can, on their own, appropriate to themselves the role of executing oil deals, sharing revenues or even arriving at a consensus among themselves i.e. the people to undertake such commercial activities. We are not a nomadic people but we have organized ourselves into an entity and for this we need some common rules of behavior so that there is no anarchy. Perhaps the NPNGR&R, with whatever fault there maybe, is about evolving some sort of concerted action. This should be best left to the State government and not to our tribal hohos, land owners or some NGOs. The State certainly does not create customs or even rights over land and resources but it has to protect the same. In this sense the State may lay down a system of imperatives and in the process providing a framework for social order. As Harold Laski said…”the State is a way of regulating human conduct…it binds/ unite people together and enjoins upon them to observe certain uniform rules of behavior without which we cannot think of a well ordered social life”. The State is a necessary institution. Let us try to strengthen and improve its functioning instead of deriding it every time.



ver the past decade’s boom in nonfiction film, documentaries of all shapes, sizes and niche interests have found their way into theaters. But getting there is still half the battle. Documentarians face often paltry budgets and ample competition for attention in an increasingly fractured marketplace. But once the documentary is complete (and sometimes even when it’s not), festivals can provide the initial momentum that can mean a fighting chance. The calendar is peppered with thriving nonfiction festivals with different approaches. Perhaps most crucial for many films are the proving grounds of Sundance in January and, next week, the Toronto International Film Festival, an event that can reward documentaries with marketable profiles. After all, that’s where the high school sports hopefest “Undefeated” received an important boost on its way to an Academy Award last year. Attentive listeners to the thank-you speech that Oscar night might have heard a name of a man that sounded like that of a superhero or his alter ego: Thom Powers, organizer of Toronto’s documentary section. In the small world of nonfiction film, Mr. Powers can help influence what makes it to public screens, partly because Toronto isn’t his only job. His portfolio includes the monthly Stranger Than Fiction series of new and classic films at the IFC Center in Manhattan, the DOC NYC series in November and the Montclair Film Festival in New Jersey, all events that he directs with his wife, Raphaela Neihausen. Throughout the year, his work involves assisting filmmakers (from viewing early cuts of films to recommending publicists), working with sales agents and distributors, and trying to put on a good show worth talking about. At Toronto, pitchable topics and established filmmakers tend to shine most brightly. Paul Sturtz, a programmer of the True/False festival in Missouri, said Mr. Powers’s selections are perceived as not always formally adventurous but audience aware. “There’s usually a hook,” he added. “There’s something you can hang your hat on rather than, ‘This is an intensely beautifully made film about people you’ve never heard of.’ ” Mr. Powers’s appraisals of a documentary’s seaworthiness are trustworthy even when critical, said Steve James, director of “The Interrupters” and “Hoop Dreams.” “Thom’s turned down films that I submitted to Toronto,” he added. “If he likes a film

Gap between elite schools and mass institutes will slow growth saroj Mohanty



he gap between top schools and mass institutions in India is widening and has the potential to slow domestic economic growth, deepen income inequality and create less social mobility, warns a study. The country is investing in elite science and technology colleges in a bid to create world-class institutions and gain a long-distance edge over developed nations like the United States and Europe. But the mass institutions are receiving fewer resources, and that’s where most of the students go. Students who go to the mass institutions are not getting high quality, competitive educational experiences, and many of the students also get stuck with big bills as funding assistance is directed towards the elite universities. This redistribution of funds away from second-tier institutions has serious implications as the engine of the economy is those who attend mass institutions, says the multidisciplinary Stanford University study. “What happens, then, is they are doing a good job of educating students at the elite levels, but they are not doing a good job of educating students at the non-elite levels who are also fundamental for the economy,” said Prashant Loyalka, research fellow at the university’s Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies and one of the study’s authors. The study covered the growth of higher education in the world’s four largest emerging economies -- Brazil, Russia, India and China-- where in the past 20 years, university systems have “just exploded”. “So the questions are why did it happen and what are the implications? What happens to their societies if all the energy is focussed on elite institutions? The researchers approached these questions with

the belief that societies and governments can be judged by the way they invest in and organise their public higher education systems, said Martin Carnoy, professor of education. For example, how well these countries create a labour force that is competitive in the information age depends on the quality of higher education. Whether people have equal chances to succeed relies on having colleges that are accessible to even the poorest students. And how effectively a country expands its university system may determine how successful it is at growing a robust economy and competing with advanced countries. “If you have economic growth and provide educational opportunities, you’re perceived as a legiti-


mate, successful government,” Carnoy said. “So our theory was, if you can pull this off, if you can successfully expand your university systems, you are likely a pretty efficient government.” The study found that in absolute terms the sheer number of students graduating from elite institutions in computer science and engineering majors in these countries is high. But sustaining and building innovation hubs requires more than the elite, it said. Overall, the scholars found that significant challenges remain as these countries march towards creating universities that can rank alongside those in the US and Europe. In India, Loyalka said, the higher education system “does not appear to be well organized”. India has good technical universities, but “a small proportion

of Indians going to those, and the mass institutions are of really poor quality”. India should increase its graduate education and increase spending on research, said the researchers. Not even a single Indian higher institution could get a place in the top 100 list of the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) for 2013 released last week. The only institution to book a slot is Bangalore-based Indian Institute of Science(IISc) that was ranked in the 301-400 category. China, the scholars said, is doing well. But what about Russia and Brazil? “Russia has provided the vast majority of its people with a high level of education, but it has lagged in terms of putting money into research,” Loyalka said. “Brazil has a high-level of graduate education and research at its top-tier public institutions, and these institutions are receiving a lot of support. However, the vast majority of students attend private institutions, which are, on average, of dubious quality.” So, the concern that these four BRICS countries will develop their own centres of high-tech production and innovation and draw research, development and scholarship away from American shores is still premature, say the researchers. And President Barrack Obama need not worry about the number of computer science and engineering graduates from Indian and Chinese universities. Obama has talked about an “education arms race” with countries like China and India and has been asking Americans to produce more graduates to compete globally and regain its top status. According to the university, the study is one of the first empirical and comparative research, and relied on in-country interviews, surveys, data analysis and classroom observation. It has now been published in a book, “University Expansion in a Changing Global Economy: Triumph of the BRICS?

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2 September 2013


Conflict, an alleged chemical attack, and fallout Tom Raum


for fighting for more than a maximum of 90 days without congressional approval.

Associated Press

resident Barack Obama's administration insists that Syrian President Bashar Assad's government carried out a chemical weapons attack last week against his own people, the latest turn in an ongoing conflict in the country. And Obama's team is laying the groundwork for an expected punitive military strike. But he is having trouble getting other countries to go along with him. Assad's government denies the allegations and insists the rebels are to blame for any chemical attack, and Russia is among the countries lining up behind him. Here's a look at the latest developments and how it got to this point:

The Syrian Conflict The country is in the midst of a brutal civil war now in its third year. It has killed at least 93,000 people and displaced millions, with no end in sight. It's essentially a regional proxy war that is increasingly being fought along sectarian lines, pitting Sunni against Shiite Muslims, and threatening the stability of Syria's neighbors. There are fears that Assad's stockpile of chemical weapons, believed to be one of the world's largest, could fall into the hands of Islamic extremist groups.

Obama's Red Line And Earlier Response Last summer, Obama said that Assad's use of chemical weapons would cross a red line, suggesting greater U.S. intervention. Then in June, the White House said it had conclusive evidence that Assad used chemical weapons against rebel fighters, and Obama decided to respond by authorizing the arming of Syria's rebels. The move promised to deepen U.S. involvement in the conflict and heightening U.S. tensions with Russia, a staunch ally of Assad. It was a turning point for the U.S., which up to that point had avoided getting drawn into the conflict militarily. A key U.S. concern had been that U.S.-supplied weapons could fall into the hands of al-Qaida-linked militants fighting alongside the rebels. The Tipping Point On Aug. 21, the Obama administration says, Assad's government unleashed a chemical attack outside Damascus, the capital. The government of Syria denies there were any chemical attacks. Syrian officials insist that rebels carried out the attacks. There IS disagreement within the international community over whether there were chemical weapons used. And estimates of the dead have varied depending on the source. Activists and those who live in the area have said well over 1,000 people died in the attacks. Secretary of State John Kerry put the death count at 1,429, of which he said 426 were children. However, the nonpartisan humanitarian group Doctors Without Borders has put the death toll at 355 people.

FILE - This March 13, 2002 file photo shows US Troops from 10th Mountain Division sitting in a Chinook helicopter on their way to take up the fight in eastern Afghanistan. (AP File Photo)

ons attack last week. But Obama has not yet been able to show that Assad himself ordered the attacks or spelled out how punishing military strikes might defer future use of chemical weapons in the region.

Coalition Of The Not-So Willing It's been hard for Obama to assemble an international coalition to confront Syria. That's because burnout over long engagements in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the unpopularity of military adventures in Muslim countries, have wearied traditional Western allies. Britain, a stalwart ally in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, won't play a direct role in any U.S. attack this time. British lawmakers abruptly refused to approve military action, despite a strong appeal by Prime Minister David Cameron to help the United States. The only allied leader to openly express willingness to join a U.S. attack on Syria was French President Francois Hollande. The German government also said it isn't considering joining military action against Syria.

A Matter Of Timing It could be seen as rude for the president to order air strikes while U.N. weapons inspectors are still at work in Syria searching for evidence of chemical weapons use. They were expected to issue a report on their findings on Saturday at the earliest. There's also a relatively short window before Obama leaves Tuesday on a foreign trip that will take him out of the country for most of next week — first to Sweden and then to St. Petersburg, Russia, for a meeting with the Group of 20 economic summit. This year's host, Russian President Vladimir Putin, is a vocal opponent of a military strike in Syria. It seems unlikely that Obama would want to order air strikes on Syria while he's out of the country, especially on Putin's turf. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon planned to meet privately with the ambassadors of the five permanent Security Council members as part of his efforts to urge the divided council to come together and act on Syria's crisis. But Russia has veto power over Security Council proposals and is likely to exercise it if military strikes are contemplated.

The Obama Administration's Argument Obama says he hasn't made a final decision about a military strike against Syria. But he says he's considering a limited and narrow action in response to a chemical weapons attack that he says Syria's government carried out last week. He made the comments after the U.S. released an intelligence assessment that How The Syria Conflict Began And Howfound with "high confidence" that Assad's Long It's Been Going On government carried out a chemical weapThe conflict is a product of growing un-

happiness with the long-serving Assad family. Bashar Assad has ruled Syria since July 2000. Before that, his father, Hafez Assad, ruled the country from 1971 to 2007. The civil war is a complicated and brutal one with heavy civilian casualties on both sides even before last week's alleged chemical attack. Syria is a small war-torn country with a population of about 23 million that has seen 2½ years of bloodshed. It borders Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Israel. The civil war began as protests over the frail economy and the failure of the government to deliver promised reforms. It has increasingly taken on sectarian tones as rebels, some of them Islamic extremists, fight government loyalists. Many Syrian Shiites are allied with the regime of Assad, who is a member of the Alawite sect, which is a relatively obscure branch of Islam not generally known as hard line. Assad, however, is not particularly religious and has been seen as a generally secular ruler. The civil war had its origins in the March 2011 jailing of a group of children who had painted anti-regime graffiti. Public protests spread through the country. Security forces opened fire on protesters. The revolt against Assad became the longest and deadliest uprising of the Arab Spring. Both Sunni extremists among the rebels and Alawite gunmen have been blamed for the deaths of scores of people from different sects. By mid-2011, a loose coalition of rebels and anti-government tribal groups formed the Free Syrian Army whose goal was to topple the Assad regime. As the violence increased, with those on both sides accused of killing civilians, more and more refugees fled the country. Rebels appeared to be gaining the upper hand and they occupied more and more territory. But over the past few months the military scored a string of victories and their offensives pushed many rebels back into the Damascus suburbs where the chemical attacks took place. In some towns and cities, activists accused regime forces of execution-style killings and a scorched earth campaign of burning homes. The Assad regime increased its pressure on rebels as pro-democracy Arab Spring movements swept through the region last year. The United Nations estimates that

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roughly 1.5 million people have now fled the country, many into Lebanon. Obama called the alleged chemical attacks "a challenge to the world" and says he has an "obligation" to act and is considering a "limited, narrow act" to send a strong message to Syria and others who might consider using chemical weapons.

How It Probably Would Work Obama has ruled out putting troops on the ground in Syria, and because of Assad's extensive air defense systems. Any order for a strike would come from Obama, delivered to Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. U.S. commanders would communicate and coordinate with military officers from other nations involved in the fight, such as France, over secure lines. Five U.S. Navy destroyers are in the eastern Mediterranean Sea waiting for the order to launch. They are armed with dozens of Tomahawk cruise missiles. The Navy also now has two aircraft carriers in the Arabian Sea that are loaded with fighter jets. The different U.S. responses to humanitarian crises in Rwanda, Kosovo and Syria Obama and his supporters have cited humanitarian motivations in setting the stage for military strikes in Syria, where more than 100,000 civilians have been killed in a civil war that has now lasted three years, including more than 300 deaths from chemical weapons attacks last week that the Obama administration blames on the Syrian government. But the United States has a mixed record on responding to humanitarian crises. More than 500,000 people were killed in genocidal mass slaughter in 1994 in the East African state of Rwanda in a civil war between ethnic groups. The United States did not get involved militarily, although it later helped out in international efforts to relocate refugees. Five years later, with President Bill Clinton still in the White House, it was a different story. As many as 10,000 ethnic Albanians were killed in Kosovo through the "ethnic cleansing" of Yugoslav leader Yugoslavia's Slobodan Milosevic. Clinton ordered air strikes that lasted 78 days. Milosevic had the strong support of Russia, as Syria's Assad does today.

The world's response to syria's civil war before the alleged chemical attack Even before the alleged chemical attacks, the Assad regime was hit with an increasing number of sanctions from European countries and the U.S. While the regime gained increasing support and supplies from Russia and Iran, the escalating sanctions by the European Union and the United States put more pressure on people struggling with food and fuel shortages and escalating inflation. That may have contributed to fueling increasing unrest and violence. The Syrian conflict didn't start out as a religious war, but increasingly both Sunni and Shiite factions are emphasizing religious differences Obama's Credibility as they grapple for power. Obama has drawn several "red lines" that could put him in a box and make it difCongress, The Constitution ficult to compromise with opponents. And The War Powers Act On Syria, he has said that Assad would There's little doubt that Obama as commander-in-chief could retaliate against Syrian cross one if he used chemical weapons in targets without approval from the American violation of international agreements that people or their representatives in Congress. ban the use of them. And Syria's alleged use He's done it before — two years ago in Syria. of chemical weapons tests the president's credibility on the world stage. So have many other U.S. presidents. Obama drew another red line on Iran, Even though the Constitution gives Congress the sole power to declare — and pay saying it was unacceptable for that country for — war, Congress hasn't formally de- to develop nuclear weapons. Tehran has regularly warned the U.S. clared war since World War II. Every subsequent conflict involving U.S. against possible military action against Syria, forces, including military conflicts in Korea, calling such a strike Iran's own "red line" even Vietnam, Panama, Iraq (twice), the Carib- as a cruise-missile bearing U.S. naval fleet pobean island of Grenada, Kosovo and Libya sitions itself off Syria's coast. And Iranian Preswere undeclared, even though in most cases ident Hassan Rouhani said his country will Congress did vote approval short of a war press forward with efforts to ward off military action in Syria by the U.S. and its allies. declaration — sometimes after the fact. At home, Obama has also set ultimaThe Korean War was fought under the auspices of the United Nations. The Kosovo tums. He has said he won't negotiate with War was waged by the North Atlantic Treaty Republicans in Congress over raising the nation's debt ceiling, which the Treasury Organization. Congress' constitutional power to declare Department says will the hit in mid-October, war was refined and expanded by the 1973 and he's refused to consider any budget that War Powers Act , which requires a president includes the across-the-board, automatic to notify Congress within 48 hours of initiat- spending cuts known as the sequester that ing military action and bars U.S. armed forces went into effect in March.


Is the prInt medIa In nagaland exercIsIng responsIbIlIty to ensure ‘spIrIt of InquIry?’ Some of those who voted YES had this to say: • Yes, But citizens must take full advantage of the freedom of expression positively and definitely Not divisive and pessimistic outbursts and insinuations. • Yes, the print media has improved drastically in the last few years. They still have a lot to improve but given the limitation they have matured quite a lot. No doubt the practice of investigative journalism still needs to take shape, but over all they are on the right track. The society at large has to encourage and support media in the areas of investigative journalism. • With new newspapers coming up the journalist seem to be showing more responsibility in discharging their work. • Unlike other parts of India, newspapers in Nagaland are comparatively doing a commendable job. In spite of their limited resources and poor pay, we see that the journalist are doing everything that is possible. It is sad to see that the state government while trying to promote other sectors are doing nothing at all to promote the print media in Nagaland. If print media is to flourish, the media houses need support from all sections of society. • Yes, when you compare to other newspapers in the northeast region, I think the Nagaland based newspaper are doing a much better job. I can see that the local papers are much more independent and investigative than them. Some of those who voted no had this to say: • My answer is No. I feel that the print media in Nagaland is yet to see investigative journalism due to reasons best known to the media house. ‘Spirit of inquiry’ relating to ‘truth’ should not b dissociated from responsibility. News is not just factual news but a mix of ‘information’ and ‘knowledge.’ Responsibility and spirit of inquiry is also defined by how print house define news.

• No, but they have reason... Like gun point. . .so • No. its not just about simply highlighting a case/issue etc but how rigorously are the media eager to there is no freedom for media in nagaland • No. the print media in Nagaland is one sided. it is follow the case is important which i see is lacking afraid of both the over ground and underground in our media. govt. we need brave investigative journalist and • No.... many issues and actual reasons are neglect by media. i sugnot the mouth piece gest media should neiof Govt and UGs. ther support any group • All print media are of people. puppets and mouth• No... because if piece of this and that the print media were agency. How can we to really exercise the expect transparency "spirit of inquiry", then and neutrality from a many skeletons will media house own by be unravelled from a politician and from the closets of our polithat inclined to a left ticians, bureaucrats, wing group? social workers and na• No, they are biased. tional workers. This • Well the editorial at spirit is missing within most of the times the fraternity of our comments on the print media. Most of the state of affairs of the items in our local dalnation and seldom about the goings of lies are basically "press Release" by various the state...(all of the organisations or instiprint media in our tutions. A Paper really state does that). Inneeds GUTS to print vestigative journos facts that may destaare almost nil.. Well bilise govt. or discredit polls are something individuals for the good else but what we reof the society. That is ally need are news missing in our print methat will make us YES no OTHERS dia, sad but true. move, get out of our • The newspapers chair and start writing about it and soon start questioning about it can really do much more in the state. Much dethrough 'letters to the editor' which is very less to pends on how the local journalists exercise their date. So the answer to your question I'm afraid is responsibility. Very often since Naga society is quite small and everyone seems to be related to sadly no. one another, it becomes very difficult for journalist • No.........still lots have to be done.




to be impartial or to investigate issues that involves their own family, relatives, village, clan or tribe. This seems to be the main obstacle for the journalist. Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say: • Both yes and No make sense to me. • Enquiries and complaints are regular issues in the print but results/answers are rarely seen. • I would love to say yes but.. i am quite divided on this issue.... you see print media are doing it but i belief "we" as the media are not able to deliver the whole truth, tackle the issue, and gave a critical evaluation on various issues. history fortels that most of the revolution and outburst against corruption and social start with a simple word from the newspaper.. when Nagaland began to revolt against corruption and social evil, then we could say that newspaper and print media has done their job. • Every journalist want to b best reporter, the best writer, they also compete with one another. . . Bt the thing is they are stop to investigate further eg: if an underground shoot NSF v.p, if he write something against dat factiön, definitely he wil b in trouble and if he dont giv up, he wil die like those people. . . .so life is better than death. And dat is the main reason why they write report in short cut. • Fear not, don't get tempted!!! just exercise/use the power of media rights. • My thoughts and what's theirs? Just want to read the response given by our leaders regarding the views and posts (from fb) that is being published every weekend in all major dailies...I hope our leaders are not becoming allergic to the weekend/sunday papers. • Please do some investigative journalism without any prejudice and fear and we will see Nagaland overturned on its back.

Readers may please note that, the contents of the articles published on this page do not reflect the outlook of this paper nor of the Editor in any form.




Monday 2 September 2013

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Asaram quizzed by Jodhpur Police

JoDhpur/iNDorE , SEptEmbEr 1 (AgENciES): Controversial selfstyled godman Asaram Bapu was on Sunday quizzed by police in Jodhpur after being flown from Indore where he was arrested after midnight amid high drama for allegedly assaulting a 16-year-old girl at his Jodhpur ashram. 72-year-old Asaram, who was escorted by Rajasthan police personnel led by Additional Commissioner of Police Satish Jnagid, reached the airport in Jodhpur on board an Air India flight via Delhi at about 1230 hrs. The godman might be taken for spot verification, DCP Ajay Pal Lamba told reporters. Unprecedented security arrangements were made at the airport, where Asaram faced black flag protests, on the streets, outside and inside Asaram ashrams, and the Mahila Thana (women’s police station) where the case has been lodged. Speaking on the arrest of Asaram, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said no actor, politician or any other person was above law. Asaram was driven to Dangaiawas police station, 30 kms from the city, on the Jodhpur-Jaipur highway, sources said. After coming out from the airport here, Asaram moved into one of the seven luxury vehicles escorted by cops and was taken to Dangiawas instead of Mahila Thana. The convoy was followed by seven buses

Girl’s father ends fast

I am innocent, Asaram tells cops JAipur, SEptEmbEr 1 (iANS): Spiritual guru Asaram Bapu Sunday claimed innocence before investigators in Rajasthan and denied the allegation of sexual assault levelled against him by a minor girl, Jodhpur Police Commissioner Biju George Joseph said. “Asaram denied the charges and said he is innocent,” Joseph told reporters in Jodhpur city, over 350 km from here. Police officials said a Rajasthan court had given them Asaram’s one-day remand for questioning. The police chief said Asaram had undergone a medical examination and the doctors had declared he was fine. “We would recreate the crime scene during investigation and the accused would be taken to the place of incident,” said Joseph. Earlier, a Rajasthan Police team flew Asaram Bapu, 72, to Jodhpur city in the afternoon after arresting him past midnight Saturday from his ashram in Indore in Madhya Pradesh. The girl lodged a complaint Aug 20, accusing Asaram of sexually assaulting her at his ashram in Jodhpur. Asaram has denied the charge, and his son has claimed the girl was “mentally unstable”. Asaram has been booked under various sections of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act and the Indian Penal Code. According to the allegations of the girl, who studied at Asaram’s ashram in Madhya Pradesh’s Chhindwara and stayed in a girls’ hostel there, the guru sexually assaulted her on the pretext of exorcism.

with armed police personnel. The godman might be taken for spot verification, Lamba said. Asaram was arrested by the Jodhpur Police after midnight from his ashram in Indore and escorted by a large posse police personnel to the airport, where he spent the night on a sofa in the VIP lounge. An Air India flight carrying Asaram from Indore left at 7.50 AM for New Delhi from where he

boarded another flight for Jodhpur. The arrest was made after a team of doctors from Indore’s Medical College found him fit for questioning and travel, the sources said. Armed with a medical report that the godman was fit to be interrogated, a team of Jodhpur Police arrested 72-year-old Asaram and whisked him in a white jeep, after waiting for nearly eight hours at the ash-

Controversial spiritual guru Asaram Bapu, center in white, is brought for interrogation by police at the Jodhpur airport in Jodhpur, on Sunday, September1. Bapu was arrested in central India early Sunday on a rape charge filed by a teenage girl in the northwestern Indian state of Rajasthan, police said. The case is the latest in a series of high-profile rape cases in India that have fueled public protests and raised questions about how police handle the cases and treat the victims. (AP Photo)

ram. Asked where Asaram was taken to, Kushwah said “I have no information on that”, amidst reports that he was headed to Indore Airport to be flown to Jodhpur where an FIR was filed by a 16-year-old girl alleging she was sexually assaulted by the godman at his ashram in the Rajasthan city. As the vehicle carrying Asaram and Jodhpur police made its way out of the ash-

ram in Indore, hundreds of his supporters, watched by posse of policemen, shouted slogans against the police and supporting the self-styled godman. Earlier in the day, Jodhpur DCP Ajay Lamba had said that his team will arrest Asaram if it is not satisfied with his defence against the allegations of sexual assault. Strong contingents of police personnel were deployed at the ashram even

as Asaram’s supporters protested the arrival of the Jodhpur police team, after which the religious preacher to ask them to stay calm. As soon as the Jodhpur police team reached Asaram’s ashram in Indore and met its personnel, it was told that he was presiding over a congregation and that it will have to wait for some time. TV footage showed an ambulance entering the ashram prem-

ises earlier in the evening with a report from doctors of Indore Medical College that Asaram was medically fit to be questioned.The move from the police for arresting and questioning came even as supporters of Asaram attacked a TV reporter and a cameraman at his Jodhpur ashram leaving them injured. Police said 13 people, including a woman have been arrested, in connection with the attack.

bArEilly, SEptEmbEr 1 (pti): The father of the 16-year old girl, who has accused Asaram Bapu of sexually assauting her, called off his fast-untodeath in nearby Shahajahanpur district soon after the arrest of the godman in Indore. Circle Officer, City, Rajeswar Singh offered the girl’s father juice to end his fast that he began on Saturday morning demanding immediate arrest of Asaram. “The first hurdle has been overcome. We would take our fight forward,” the father said after ending his fast after midnight. He thanked the media saying “the arrest has been made possible because of their efforts”. The father of the girl had found support from many teachers, doctors, lawyers, traders and others who also sat on a token hunger strike to show their solidarity. After he ended his fast, the girl’s father was taken to his home amid heavy security. Meanwhile, demonstrations against Asaram were held by Rashtriya Mahila Shakti Dal and others at different places, with protesters burning his effigy. 72-year-old Asaram, who has been booked for allegedly sexually assaulting the teenage girl in a Jodhpur ashram, was arrested after midnight in Indore.

Laws not enough, must end violence against women: Sonia NEW DElhi, SEptEmbEr 1 (pti): Against the backdrop of rising crimes against women, Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Saturday said making laws for their empowerment is not enough as they will have to be implemented properly on ground. “We realise that just making laws and announcing policies would not be enough to empower women. Along with it, policies and laws will have to be implemented properly on ground,”

she said while addressing a gathering at the launch of the Ahimsa Messenger scheme, under which volunteers will be created to spread awareness on women’s issues. “We should end all acts of violence against women and initiate all steps so that women feel safe and become fearless, empowered and they are given the respect,” Gandhi said. The Congress President’s statement on the issue comes at a time when the number

of incidents of crime against women are witnessing a rising trend. Urging the people to launch a “social revolution” for empowering women, the Congress President said, “The most fundamental issue that the mindset and old thoughts of our society have to be changed. Giving women equal status as men is a very big challenge and the wall of discrimination amongst women has to be demolished.” Gandhi said it is the col-

lective responsibility of all women to initiate this process of giving equal status to women right from their homes. “We all know that the social outlook of our children is formed inside the four walls of our homes. The girl in the family should be given the same status as that of her brother in a family. Girls too have a right to get education, development and employment as that of the boy in the family,” she said.

Gujarat riots unfortunate, unfair to blame Modi for it: Rajnath

NEW DElhi, SEptEmbEr 1 (AgENciES): Terming the 2002 Gujarat riots as “unfortunate”, BJP President Rajnath Singh on Sunday said it was unfair to blame state Chief Minister Narendra Modi for the incident and accused the Congress and some otherpartiesofdividingthecountry on religious lines. “One of our states is Gujarat. I agree an unfortunate incident took place. Who does not agree that it was unfortunate. Attempts were made to blame Narendra Modi as if the riots were planned by the Chief Minister,” said Singhat New Delhi. Hindu women belonging to the Dogra community perform rituals as He said during his personal they pray for the long life of their sons during the Bacch Dua festival interactions with Modi, he tries in Jammu, on Sunday, September 1. (AP Photo)

to read his facial expressions. “He looks so sad...what is wrong with the people. Is it politics?,” the BJP President asked referring to charges that Modi was behind the riots. He was addressing the inaugural session of BJP’s Minority Morcha’s National Executive meeting. He said people should ask the Muslims of the states whether they feel any discrimination under the BJP’s rule. Singh also used the occasion to lash out at the Congress for adopting the Britishers’ ‘divide and rule’ policy. “Whether the Congress adopted any other policy of the British or not, they at least adopted their divide and

rule policy... The Congress and some other political parties have tried to sow the seeds of division in the country,” he said. He admitted that members of the minority community working for the BJP find it difficult to propagate the party’s policies among people due to the perception created that the party was against taking minorities along. “The perception is away from the reality. We do not indulge in such politics,” he maintained. Singh’s remarks on Modi came a day after party leader Arun Jaitley said that there should be no controversy over the issue of BJP’s Prime

Ministerial candidate as that would be akin to committing a “hit-wicket” and turn out to be the only possible reason for the main Opposition losing the upcoming General Elections. The Leader of the Opposition in Rajya Sabha had indicated that Modi should be declared BJP’s PM candidate. Singh claimed that the BJP does not believe in the concept of hatred and said it was ready to correct any mistakes it could have committed. He said such “confusions” can be sorted out by talking to each other. Defending the party’s ‘cultural nationalism’ concept, he said family val-

‘India four times wealthier than Europe in terms of languages’

NEW DElhi, SEptEmbEr 1 (pti): India is four times richer than Europe, in terms of language, with Indians able to express themselves in over 850 languages as compared to Europeans who can speak only about 250 languages, according to findings of the People’s Linguistic Survey of India (PLSI). “England has not more than four or five languages of its own at the most. Out of those only two - English and Welsh - are doing well. Meanwhile a state like Assam which is more or less the size of England has a good 52 languages,” says Ganesh Devy a noted linguist and chairman of PLSI. Devy, draws a contrast with Paris headquartered UNESCO, an organisation that seeks to promote many languages, which allows but five languages in its deliberations. “On the other hand Indian courts and offices allow use of 22 languages,” says the linguist who recently completed an ambitious survey in the country, which identified 860 Indian languages. “In India we have several hundred living languages. It could be more than 850, out of which we were able to study 780 languages. And if the benchmark is the 1961 census we have lost 250 languages in last 50 years,” he says in the survey carried after over 100 years after George Abraham Grierson

under British Raj undertook such an exercise in the country. The survey was spearheaded by Vadodara-based Bhasha Research and Publication Centre, which has already released “Maharashtratil Bhasha”, a Marathi volume on languages. 49 more such volumes are scheduled to be released here on September 5. Columnist Arun Jakhde, who published the Maharashtra volume of the survey, says the survey celebrates the diversity of the country and is not a lament on the lost languages. “For me, 60 languages which we surveyed in Maharashtra are 60 different sounds (dhwani) through which my state should be identified,” he says. Jakhde points out that he did not go by conventional definitions of dialects and languages. “In the PLSI, we decided not to stigmatise languages which communities wanted to claim as ‘languages’ by calling them dialects merely because they had not got into any written form. Writing and scripts are a later day acquisitions of languages,” Jakhde says. Pointing out that for about the first 65,000 years of the history of human languages, all languages in world remained non-written and non-scripted. “Given these facts, I have no difficulty in minimising the importance

of the correspondence between oral languages and dialects,” he says. “You may recall the George Bernard Shaw’s ‘Pigmallion’, or the later day Willy Russel’s ‘Educating Rita’. These books amply demonstrate show how unscientific the notion of dialect is. When a language gets into print, the varieties that do not get printed come to be seen as dialects,” he explains. Jakhde points out that Grierson in his “Linguistic Survey of India” had used the term dialect quite generously. “He classified nearly three out of every four speech varieties that he examined as dialects,” says Jakhde. A Unesco Linguapax laureate, 63-year-old Devy says, “We have prepared a baseline and it’s a first survey of living languages in India. We have also collected grammars and dictionary of about 400 languages.” The survey, which began in 2010, has compiled a total of 50 volumes and 68 books that document various languages in the country, including sign languages used by transgenders and even thieves. Devy says “The Koti language of transgenders and the ‘Narsi-Farsi’ code used by some denotified communities are more evolved than the telegraphy code used until recently in India and outside.” “While

the Morse code used for telegrams was able to translate only words or simple sentences into simple manageable signals, the Koti code can be used to crack jokes and the Narsi Farsi is capable of creating stories. So these two are not entirely code languages in their nascent rudimentary form,” Devy says. According to the language survey PLSI found Arunachal to contain the 90 languages but Goa speaks only three languages. In metros like Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai people speak more than 300 languages, finds the survey. “Over 400 languages is spoken by nomads and denotified communities. And many of them don’t want to associate themselves with their language because they fear it can reveal their identity and may get them into trouble,” Devy says. Meanwhile, editor of the Maharashtra chapter, Jakhade says “In south Maharashtra we have met some communities who want to join the mainstream and want to forget their own language.” On the issue of scripts used in languages, Devy says no other country has ever created and used so many scripts. “India uses 66 scripts and West Bengal takes the cake in this with 9 scripts in use,” he says. The PLSI survey has recorded more number of languages that the

2001 census 2001, which has provided data of only 122 languages. “After Bangladesh war in 1971 the government decided not to record languages which are spoken by less than 10,000 people,” he points out. “Government then felt that India might fragment if it acknowledged too many languages,” Jhakade says. The PLSI has recorded even Majhi in Sikkim, a language which is spoken by only four people. Jhakade says “a word is library of the experience of hundreds of years” and “every language presents a unique world view.” Taking about the survey, Devy says, “We have managed to complete the entire work in about Rs 1.50 crore with about 3000 linguists, academicians, school teachers, farmer, nomads and volunteers. When the Government had plans of carrying out a linguistic survey in 2007-08, they had projected an estimate of expenditure at Rs 600 crore. Those plans did not move beyond the initial stage.” A professor of English literature at the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Vadodara Devi, Devy quit his job and founded in 1996 the Bhasha Trust which works for empowerment of Tribal communities of India and protection of human rights of Denotified and Nomadic tribes.

ues among Hindus and Muslims carry same importance in India. Quoting a philosopher, he said his words that “what is in you is in me” or “both are made of the same elements like the rest of the universe” hold equally good for the two communities. Singh, said the three leaders were an example that BJP gives due importance to leaders from the minority community. He said they all participate in important decision making. He also said BJP governments in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Goa have ensured that minorities are not discriminated and are given their due.

Letter threatens Anna Hazare

NEW DElhi, SEptEmbEr 1 (AgENciES): An anonymous letter has threatened social activist Anna Hazare with the same fate as rationalist Narendra Dabholkar if he did not demand imposition of a “military rule in India” like Egypt. Dabholkar was gunned down by unidentified assailants in Pune on August 20. One letter was also to Dabholkar’s organisation - Maharashtra Andhashraddha Nirmulan Samiti - threatening its members to stop their work. Hazare’s lawyer told a newspaper that he had asked the state government to provide foolproof security to the activist since he would be visiting Canada and Sri Lanka this month. The letter said politicians would not pass the Lokpal Bill “even after Hazare’s death” and only a military ruler will pass the legislation. “Problems confronting the country will not be solved until there is an armed revolution like that in Egypt. Even after passing the Right to Information Act, RTI activists are getting killed... Politicians will not learn a lesson unless the country is under military rule, as democracy has not achieved anything,” the letter said.


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Syria hails “historic American retreat” as Obama hesitates

beirUt/pariS, September 1 (reUterS): Syria hailed an “historic American retreat” on Sunday after President Barack Obama delayed an imminent military strike by deciding to consult Congress. As Obama stepped back from the brink, France said it could not act alone in punishing President Bashar al-Assad over a chemical weapons attack, making it the last remaining top Western ally to hesitate about bombing Syria. “Obama announced yesterday, directly or through implication, the beginning of the historic American retreat,” Syria’s official al-Thawra newspaper said in a front-page editorial. The U.S. president said on Saturday he would seek congressional consent before taking military action against Damascus for the August 21 attack which he blames on Assad’s forces - a decision likely to delay any strike for at least nine days. Syria’s deputy foreign minister Faisal Mekdad denounced any armed Western move against his government. “A decision to wage war on Syria is a criminal decision and an incorrect decision. We are confident that we will be victorious,” he told reporters outside a hotel in Damascus. However, Syria’s opposition coalition called on Sunday on the U.S. congress to grant approval for military action and said any intervention should be accompanied with more arms for the rebels. Obama made his surprise announcement in a gamble that will test his ability to project American strength abroad and deploy his own power at home.

President Barack Obama delivers remarks about the crisis in Syria in the Rose Garden of the White House on Saturday, Aug. 31, 2013 in Washington. Obama said he has decided that the United States should take military action against Syria in response to a deadly chemical weapons attack. But he said he will seek congressional authorization for the use of force. (AP Photo)

Before he put on the brakes, the path had been cleared for a U.S. assault. Navy ships were in place and awaiting orders to launch missiles, and U.N. inspectors had left Syria after gathering evidence of a chemical weapons attack that U.S. officials say killed 1,429 people in rebel-held areas. The United States had been expected to lead the strike soon, backed up by its NATO allies Britain and France. However, the Westminster parliament voted last Thursday against any British involvement and France said on Sunday it would await

the U.S. Congress’s decision. “France cannot go it alone,” Interior Minister Manuel Valls told Europe 1 radio. “We need a coalition.” France, which ruled Syria for more than two decades until the 1940s, has, like the United States and Britain, the military strength to blitz the country in response to the poison gas attack on areas around Damascus, which the Syrian government has accused the rebels of staging. Valls said Obama’s announcement had created “a new situation” which meant France would have to wait “for the end

of this new phase”. President Francois Hollande reaffirmed to Obama on Saturday his will to punish Syria but has come under increasing pressure to put the intervention to parliament. A BVA poll on Saturday showed most French people do not approve of military action against Syria and most do not trust Hollande to conduct such an operation. His prime minister Jean-Marc Ayrault is scheduled to meet the heads of the two houses of the French parliament and the conservative opposition on Monday before a parliamentary debate on Syria

on Wednesday. DEADLIEST INCIDENT Last month’s attack was the deadliest incident of the Syrian civil war and the world’s worst use of chemical arms since Iraq’s Saddam Hussein gassed thousands of Kurds in 1988. However, polls also show strong opposition to a strike on Assad’s forces among Americans weary of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Congressional approval will more than a week, if it comes at all. A senior Syrian rebel expressed concern about the delay, saying it gave Assad and his government the chance to keep killing and prepare from a missile or bomb attack. “As days go by, more people get killed by the hands of this regime. Further delay for action gives them a chance to change the position of their weapons,” said Mohammad Aboud, the Deputy Commander of eastern joint command of the Free Syrian Army. “According to the intelligence that we have, we know that he exploits this delay to prepare for this strike,” Aboud, a lieutenant who defected from Assad’s forces, told Reuters. Foreign Ministers from the Arab League, which blamed Syria for the chemical attack but has so far stopped short of explicitly endorsing Western military strikes, are due to meet in Cairo on Sunday. Some analysts believe Syria could strike back at its neighbours in retaliation for any Western attack. On Sunday Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not mention Syria by name, but said: “Israel is serene and self-confident.” “Israel’s citizens know well that we are pre-

pared for any possible scenario. And Israel’s citizens should also know that our enemies have very good reasons not to test our power and not to test our might,” he said in public remarks to his cabinet before its weekly meeting. Obama’s credibility had already been called into question for not punishing Assad over earlier alleged gas attacks, and he is under pressure to act now that he believes Damascus has crossed what he once described as a “red line”. Some analysts say that if Assad goes unpunished, Iran will feel entirely free to press on with its nuclear programme. Tehran says this is peaceful but the West believes it wants to develop nuclear weapons. Any U.S. failure to act might encourage Israel to take matters into its own hands, say analysts. “If Obama is hesitating on the matter of Syria, then clearly on the question of attacking Iran - a move that is expected to be far more complicated - Obama will hesitate much more, and thus the chances Israel will have to act alone have increased,” Israeli Army Radio quoted an unnamed government official as saying. Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said world opinion stood against any attack on its ally Syria, pointing to the British parliament’s rejection of military action. In the Vatican City, Pope Francis called for a negotiated solution to the conflict in Syria and announced he would lead a worldwide day of prayer for peace in the country on September 7. Obama’s approach

has left in doubt whether the United States will carry through with the military steps that the president has already approved. Backing from congress is by no means assured, with many Democrats and Republicans uneasy about intervening in a distant civil war in which 100,000 people have been killed over the past 2-1/2 years. Lawmakers for the most part welcomed Obama’s decision but looked in no hurry to come back to Washington early from their summer recess, which lasts until September 9. “PROVOCATION” The team of U.N. experts arrived in the Netherlands on Saturday carrying evidence and samples relating to the attack. They had flown from Beirut after crossing the border into Lebanon by road earlier in the day. Syria and its main ally, Russia, say rebels carried out the gas attack as a ploy to draw in foreign military intervention. Moscow has repeatedly used its U.N. Security Council veto to block action against Syria and says any attack would be illegal and only inflame the civil war there. “I am convinced that (the chemical attack) is nothing more than a provocation by those who want to drag other countries into the Syrian conflict,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday. A group of rebel fighters and activists visited by a Reuters reporter in Aleppo city felt there would now be no U.S. strike. “This is the same old hesitancy that the United States have tortured us with since the beginning of the revolution,” one said.

Liquid ammonia leak leaves 15 dead, 25 injured Sri Lanka ready to probe UN claims

SHangHai, September 1 (SHangHai dailY): Fifteen people were killed when ammonia leaked in a seafood refrigeration plant in Shanghai’s Baoshan District on Saturday. The accident also left 25 people requiring hospital treatment for the effects of the caustic gas, including five in a critical condition, local authorities said. Doctors said most victims suffered internal burns after inhaling the highly corrosive fumes, while some of those who died had severe facial burns. All the dead and injured were in the plant at the time of the leak, and authorities said there was no danger to the wider population. The accident happened at about 10:50am at Shanghai Weng’s Cold Storage Industrial Co Ltd on Fengxiang Road, the municipal government said in a statement. The injured were rushed to Baoshan’s Dachang Hospital. Last night, five were still in critical condition, the local government said. Thirteen people died after being taken to the hospital, and another two died after they were transferred to Shanghai Liqun Hospital. Doctors at Dachang Hospital said most of the victims suffered respiratory tract burns after breathing in the ammonia. Some victims had burns to their skin, and a number of those who died had severe facial burns, making identification difficult, said doctors. The report said those who suffered light injuries were given oxygen and transfusions at Dachang

Colombo, September 1 (ianS): Sri Lanka Sunday said it was ready to investigate the allegations raised by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay, who said that some people she met during her visit to the country had been threatened. Government spokesman and Media Minister Keheliya Rambukwella, however, said Pillay’s office must provide evidence to prove the allegations in order to investigate the matter.

Rambukwella said some groups may attempt to discredit the government by either threatening those who spoke to her or by making false claims. “We take these claims very seriously,” the minister said. Pillay told reporters at a media briefing Saturday that she had received reports that people in villages and settlements in northern Sri Lanka were visited by police or military officers after she had visited the area.

She said that several people she met were subsequently questioned about the contents of the conversation she had with them. “I wish to stress that the United Nations takes the issue of reprisals against people because they have talked to UN officials as an extremely serious matter. I will be reporting those that take place in connection with this visit to the Human Rights Council,” Pillay said.

Protester killed by gunfire in southern Thailand

A firefighter hoses down the protective suit of a fellow rescuer, following an ammonia leak at a food refrigeration plant in Shanghai’s Baoshan District yesterday morning. Fifteen people died and 25 were injured in the accident. Five of the injured were reported to be in a critical condition last night. (Shanghai Daily)

Hospital and some were able to leave afterward. More than 200 firefighters in 25 fire vehicles and 100 police were dispatched to the scene, where firefighters sprayed water to dilute ammonia in the air. A chief firefighter told the Xinhua news agency that there were no naked flames after the leak, so the team carried out rescue work immediately and closed down valves that are suspected of having been the source of the leak. “It was so pungent that I could hardly open my eyes,” said a 23-yearold worker, surnamed Jiang. Jiang and other workers were

Egypt’s police puts ‘spy duck’ under arrest

Cairo, September 1 (pti): Quack-down! Egyptian police have arrested a duck after a device was found attached to its feathers and it was suspected of being a ‘spy’. A fisherman in the Nile River of Egypt’s southern governorate Qena caught the accused bird, which was among a group of five ducks waddling in the freshwater. The fisherman became suspicious as a device was attached on the duck’s body, and he handed over the bird to the Coalition of Arab Tribes in Qena, who in turn filed a police report. The police put the duck under arrest late Friday, Ahram Online reported. A security official was quoted as saying that security and environmental experts examined the device in order to determine its intended purposes and whether or not the little bird has repeated national secrets to anyone. They later found that the device was neither an explosive nor a spying device. It was found to be a wildlife tracker used by French scientists to follow the movement of migrating birds, media reports said. With a raging political turmoil in Egypt after the ouster of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi on July 3 by the army, authorities and citizens have become highly suspicious of anything foreign. In January, a carrier pigeon was captured in the Egyptian governorate Qalyubia and was sent to the Criminal Investigation Department after a message was found attached to one of its feet and a microfilm to the other. In 2010, sensationalist reports surfaced in the local media on “GPS-controlled sharks” allegedly sent by Israel to Sinai shores.

sleeping when someone knocked at the door and told them there had been an ammonia leakage. They then ran out immediately, said Jiang. Nurses at Dachang Hospital said a pungent odor filled the air when the patients arrived. “I was awakened by a harsh smell,” Li Qiufen, a hospitalized worker, told Xinhua. “I could not breathe. I stumbled out of the room and found the smell coming from the workshop. There was a clamor to escape and chaos.” “There was no place to hide. I rolled on the ground, choking,” said another injured worker surnamed Wang.

Hat Yai, tHailand, September 1 (ap): One protester was killed by gunfire and another was seriously wounded Sunday at the site of a blockade in southern Thailand where rubber farmers have been protesting for more than a week against a steep decline in rubber prices. It was not clear who was behind the shooting, which took place before dawn near a railway crossing the farmers have blocked along with a major road leading to Thailand’s south. A 29-yearold protester died after being shot in the head and a 25-year-old was wounded by two gunshots in the neck, said police Lt. Anant Panichkul. Police said they believed the shooting stemmed from a quarrel that broke out among the protesters’ own

security guards. “The information we have shows that every guard is a heavy drinker and all of them have a lot of weapons. They also fight every night,” the police chief of Nakhon Si Thammarat province, Maj. Gen. Ronnapong Saikaew, told The Nation Channel television station. A second possibility was that “maybe some villagers are not happy with the protest ... and the guards have been harassing people for money, and harassing women,” the police chief said. He denied rumors circulating among some of the protesters that authorities staged the attack in an effort to scare away the protesters. Hundreds of rubber farmers have taken part in the protest in the Cha-uat district of Nakhon Si Thammarat, 580 kilometers (360

miles) south of Bangkok. The farmers are calling for the government to guarantee the price of rubber to help increase their incomes. Rubber prices in Thailand have continually dropped since peaking in 2011 due to weaker demand in a sluggish global economy. In negotiations in Bangkok last week, representatives of the farmers demanded the government fix a price of 120 baht ($3.70) per kilogram for rubber products, but the agriculture ministry made an offer of 80 baht ($2.50) per kilogram. Thailand is the world’s top producer and exporter of natural rubber, which is used in products from condoms to car tires. The government already subsidizes rice growers by paying them above-market prices,

a scheme that has accumulated losses of at least $4 billion since its inception two years ago and resulted in Thailand losing its spot as world’s No. 1 rice exporter. The demonstrators have said groups of rubber farmers from other parts of the country will stage separate rallies on Monday. At the site of Sunday’s shooting, angry protesters blamed the government. A protest representative, Iad Seng-iad, said that if the government had accepted the farmers’ demands, the protest would have already ended and nobody would have died Sunday. “The government must take sole responsibility,” he said in a statement read to reporters in Cha-uat district. “Our brother who died was neither a thief nor a convict. He was a farmer in trouble.”

David Frost, known for Nixon interview, dies

london, September 1 (ap): Veteran British journalist and broadcaster David Frost, who won fame around the world for his TV interviews with former President Richard Nixon, has died, his family told the BBC. He was 74. Frost died of a suspected heart attack on Saturday night aboard the Queen Elizabeth cruise ship, where he was due to give a speech, the family said. The cruise company Cunard said its vessel left the English port of Southampton on Saturday for a 10day cruise in the Mediterranean. Known both for an amiable personality and incisive interviews with leading public figures, Frost’s career in television news and entertainment spanned almost half a century. He was the only person to have interviewed all six British prime ministers serving between 1964 and 2007 and the seven U.S. presidents in office between 1969 and 2008. Outside world affairs, his roster ranged from Orson Welles to Muhammad Ali to Clint Eastwood. Prime Minister David Cameron was quick to send his condolences, praising Frost for being an “extraordinary man with charm, wit, talent, intelligence and warmth in equal measure.” “The Nixon interviews were among

the great broadcast moments — but there were many other brilliant interviews,” Cameron said. “He could be — and certainly was with me — both a friend and a fearsome interviewer.” The BBC said it received a statement from Frost’s family saying it was devastated and asking “for privacy at this difficult time.” Frost began television hosting while still a student at Cambridge University. He went on to host the BBC’s satirical news show “The Week That Was” in the early 1960s, and, later, a sketch show called “The Frost Report” and a long-running BBC Sunday show, “Breakfast with Frost.” His signature, “Hello, good evening and welcome” was often mimicked. While popular in Britain and beginning to launch a career on U.S. television, Frost did not become internationally known until 1977, when he secured a series of television interviews with Nixon. The dramatic faceto-face was make-or-break both for him and for the ex-president, who was trying to salvage his reputation after resigning from the White House in disgrace following the Watergate scandal three years earlier. At the time, it was the most widely watched news interview in the history of TV.

The interviewer and his subject sparred through the first part of the interview, but Frost later said he realized he didn’t have what he wanted as it wound down. Nixon had acknowledged mistakes, but Frost pressed him on whether that was enough. Americans, he said, wanted to hear him own up to wrongdoing and acknowledge abuse of power — and “unless you say it, you’re going to be haunted for the rest of your life.” “That was totally off-thecuff,” Frost later said. “That was totally ad-lib. In fact, I threw my clipboard down just to indicate that it was not prepared in any way ... I just knew at that moment that Richard Nixon was more vulnerable than he’d ever be in his life. And I knew I had to get it right.” After more pressing, Nixon relented. “I let the American people down and I have to carry that burden with me for the rest of my life,” he said. The dramatic face-off went on to spawn a hit play. And in 2008, a new generation was introduced to Frost’s work with the Oscar-nominated movie “Frost/Nixon,” starring Michael Sheen as Frost and Frank Langella as Nixon. Frost was born on Apr. 7, 1939, the son of a Methodist preacher.

David Frost, left, talks with former President Richard Nixon in this March 1977 file photo prior to the taping of his interview with the former President. Veteran broadcaster David Frost, who won fame around the world for his interview with former President Richard Nixon, has died, his family told the BBC. (AP File Photo)




Monday 2 September 2013

Champion Juventus beats Lazio 4-1 in Serie A MILAN, SEPTEMBER 1 (AP): Juventus cruised to a 4-1 victory over 10-man Lazio in Serie A on Saturday as the capital club fell to another hefty defeat at the hands of the defending champion. Lazio was looking to avenge its 4-0 Super Cup loss to Juventus two weeks ago, but two worldclass finishes from Arturo Vidal sent Juventus on its way to another victory. Miroslav Klose reduced the deficit with his first goal against Juventus but Mirko Vucinic restored the home side's two-goal advantage shortly after halftime. Lazio was forced to play nearly half an hour with 10 men after Hernanes was sent off for a second yellow card. And Carlos Tevez — who had earlier hit the crossbar — scored his third goal in as many games. Earlier, last year's runner-up Napoli beat Chievo Verona 4-2 in another entertaining game. Both Napoli and Juventus have won their opening two matches but this was a lot more convincing a result from Antonio Conte's team than last week's narrow 1-0 win over Sampdoria and will serve as a warning sign of just how difficult it will be to Juventus forward Carlos Tevez, of Argentina, cele- prevent Juve from claiming a brates after scoring during a Serie A soccer match third successive league title. between Juventus and Lazio at the Juventus sta"Winning again and putting dium, in Turin, Italy on Aug. 31. (AP Photo) another four goals past Lazio is

Faith in Action Taekwondo C'ship

DIMAPUR, SEPTEMBER 1 (MExN): The first Faith in Action Taekwondo Championship is scheduled to be held at Honili Memorial School, Dimapur from September 13 to 14 at the school premises. A press note informed that an estimated 150 Taekwondo players, 20 official and 20 volunteers will take part in the championship. Taekwondo players from Livingstone Foundation School, St Thomas School, Hope Academy, Honili Memorial School, Dimapur Club, Faith in Action Academy and Nizuto Taekwondo Academy have already confirmed their participation. The championship is aimed at honing the talents o budding martial artists, “especially girls for self defense” by the Faith in Action Foundation. Medals will be awarded to the top four athletes in all the respective weight categories besides team championship for the top two teams with maximum gold medals. The winners will receive trophies and certificates and one trophy for beat discipline team and awards for the beat fighters in both boys and girls category, best referee and awards for the officials. The medal winners of the event will be selected to represent the state in the forthcoming Korean Ambassador’s Kukkiwon Cup- Korean Ambassador’s Kukkiwon Cup-India Open National Taekwondo Championship at New Delhi from October 4 to 6.

Royal Club lauds Kire and Bengdangnukshi

DIMAPUR, SEPTEMBER 1 (MExN): The Royal Club Kohima has expressed happiness over the selection of K. Kire, IPS, and former DGP Nagaland by Badminton Association of India (BAI) along with Bengdangnukshi to participate in the 5th Badminton World Senior Championship to be held at Ankara, Turkey from September 9-14, 2013. A press note from the Press Secretary of Royal Club Kohima stated that both the ace veteran player are part of the 156 Indian contingent of all age group and would play in the 55 plus singles and also in the 60 plus doubles event. The duo had earlier participated in the senior National Veteran Championship held at Ooty in 2011, while K. Kire was crowned as the champion in the 55 plus category at the All India Police Badminton Championship held at New Delhi, the same year. The note said that Royal Club has always been proud of K. Kire for remarkable achievements in his professional career as an efficient officer and also in the game of Badminton and football. The club while wishing the two shuttlers the very best of luck for the ensuing championship abroad, expressed optimism that they will usher in laurel to the state and also make in indelible impact at the championship. Meanwhile, the Club also congratulates Pelezotuo Miachieo for successfully participating in the veteran Table Tennis Tournament held at Bangkok, Thailand from July 12-17.

19 CLASSIC CUP 2013 September 2 Ist Semi Final (3:00 PM) Kohima Komets SC vs New Market XI

a sign of our growing form, both as a collective and as individuals," Conte said. "We have won all three of our official matches. Today we were facing a tough opponent who always made us suffer. It's a victory that gives us confidence, but we must never let our concentration slip. "We started very strong, particularly the spectacular opening 25 minutes in terms of intensity and organization. We still need to improve, as in some stages there wasn't enough pressure from the midfielders and we went too deep." Juventus took the lead in the 14th minute, with Vidal controlling a lovely chipped pass from Paul Pogba and slotting the ball home. The Chilean doubled his tally in the 26th, beating the offside trap again to latch on to Leonardo Bonucci's delightful ball over the defense and fire into the bottom left corner. Klose immediatly got Lazio back into the game. Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon failed to hold on to Hernanes' powerful 30-meter effort and the Germany striker was on hand to follow up. Juventus extended its lead after the break thanks to another wonderful Bonucci assist. The Italy defender lifted the ball from his own half into the area for Vucinic to finish past Federico Marchetti.

The Morung Express

NSF Martyrs’ Memorial Trophy 2013 from Sept 20

been fixed at Rs. 5000 plus Rs. 500 for photo journal. Form has been made available at Sports World, Taxi Stand Kohima, Stars Sports, BOC Kohima, Zümvü Printex Kohima and Kiran Sports Dimapur (contact No 03862225316). ASU president Zakie Khate said the inaugural ceremony will be graced by minister for youth resources & sports Merentoshi R. Jamir as the chief guest. Khate said that efforts has been made to request all the federating units of the Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) to hoist their respective unit flags during the inaugural ceremony There will also be individual prize for player of the tournament, best goalASU officials and organizing committee introduces entry form booklet during a press conferkeeper, best defender, best ence on September 1 in Kohima. (Morung Photo) midfielder, highest scorer Our Correspondent Announcing this in a match in aid of fund raiser and best discipline team. press conference here to- for trust fund and to feature Kohima | September 1 Champion day, ASU secretary sports some reputed teams from The Angami Students’ Union M. Mathew Yhome said the second round or pre- 1,20,000/-with running (ASU) today announced that this year edition will quarter finals. Trophy that the 14th edition of NSF be different from the previYhome said that atleast Runners up Martyrs’ Memorial Trophy ous years by standardizing 50/60 teams are expected 70,000/- with running (Late Kekujoalie Sachü & and improvising the event from different parts of the Trophy Late Vikhozo Yhoshü) will through the enhancing state including other parts be commenced fromSep- prize money, entry form in of the north eastern states. Losing Semi finalists tember 20 till October 19 booklet form, publication Issue of form will start from 15,000/- each at the Kohima Local Ground of photo journal, 2-wheel- September 2 and last date for under the theme “Goal for ers as prize for player of submission has been fixed on Losing Quarter finalists 7,500/-each peace.” the tournament, exhibition September 13. Entry fee has

Hyderabad Hotshots clinch inaugural IBL title

MUMBAI, SEPTEMBER 1 (IANS): Led by their icon player Saina Nehwal, the Hyderabad Hotshots won the inaugural Indian Badminton League (IBL) title at the National Sports Club of India (NSCI) here Saturday. The Hotshots beat the Lucknowbased Awadhe Warriors 3-1 in the final to clinch world’s richest badminton league trophy. Saina, the duo of Goh V. Shem and Lim Khim Wah, and Ajay Jayaram won their respective matches to bring home the title. Kidambi Srikanth gave the Awadhe Warriors the perfect start by pulling off an upset win in the men’s singles over Tanongsak Saensomboonsuk to give his team a 1-0 lead. The Thailand Open Grand Prix Gold winner scored 20 winners to romp home 21-12, 21-20 against his World No.19 opponent. “The beginning was tough but after the first interval I was able to increase the gap. This gave me confidence to play my game. I remained focused and even

though Tanongsak gave me great fight in the second game, the match went in our favour,” said Srikanth after his match. However, the course changed its route after Hotshots’ Saina defeated Warriors’ icon P.V. Sindhu in the women’s singles for the second time in the tournament. Unlike the first match between the two top-10 players in New Delhi, Sindhu could not offer much of a fight to her city mate and lost 15-21, 7-21 in 36 minutes, levelling the score 1-1. “I would like to thank my fans who have supported me all through. Sindhu played really well and gave her best but I managed to outwit her. I have been really lucky during the entire league to have won all my matches,” said Saina, who was later declared the player of the tournament. This was World No.4 Saina’s seventh win. She remained undefeated in the tournament. Experienced shuttlers Mathias Boe and Markis Kido of the Warriors

were the favourites for the men’s doubles tie but Malaysian duo of Goh and Lim came out on top to win in three games and give the advantage to Hotshots 2-1. The Malaysians won 2114, 13-21, 11-4. “The first game was smooth. In the

second game, Boe and Kido tried to be in the front all the time and both of us had to fasten our movements. We maintained our calm in the third game and the swift shots helped us win the match,” said Goh. In a must-win match for

koLkATA, SEPTEMBER 1 (PTI): Sachin Tendulkar is all set to play his 200th Test match on home soil with the BCCI trying to squeeze in a series against the West Indies ahead of the year-end tour of South Africa. The decision to invite West Indies for two Tests and five one-dayers was taken at the working committee meeting on Sunday. "We have sent a proposal to the West Indies Cricket Board in this regard. We are hopeful of working out the modalities for the series," a top BCCI official said.

The series against West Indies will provide Tendulkar a chance to complete the historic milestone of playing 200 Tests in front of home fans. Mumbai and Kolkata are the likely venues for the much-anticipated matches and the final decision will be taken by the BCCI's tours and fixtures committee. This has also raised speculation that Tendulkar may call it quits from the game after this series. The champion batsman has so far played 198 Tests, scoring 15,837 runs at an av-

erage of 53.86. The top run-getter by quite a mile, Tendulkar has scored 51 hundreds in the five-day format. Tendulkar, who has retired from ODIs and Twenty20s, played 463 50-over games scoring 18.426 runs at an average of 44.83. He struck 49 hundreds in the process. The BCCI official said the working committee did not have any discussion on the South Africa series, which India need to finalise after rejecting the itinerary proposed by Cricket South Africa.

The official said the BCCI Annual General Meeting to be held in Chennai on September 29 will be chaired by N Srinivasan, who stepped aside as Board President in the wake of the IPL spot-fixing scandal. Interim chief Jagmohan Dalmiya will look after the day-to-day functioning of the Board till the AGM. He also said that the BCCI disciplinary committee will meet in Delhi on September 13 to discuss the the Board's anti-corruption unit chief Ravi Sawani's report on the spot-fixing scandal.

Man of the Series. Besides the cup, the champion team walked away with Rs. 8000 cheque, which was sponsored by Kashliwal Enterprise Pvt. Ltd. The runnerup team received Rs. 5,000 cheque. Man of the Series and Man of Match in all the matches were also awarded mementoes. The closing functioncum-prize distribution was graced by Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) executive member, Irrigation, Longki Timung as chief guest. The chief guest in his address said that besides bringing fame and glory, games and sports promotes peace, understanding and unity among different nations and communities. The KAAC EM also said that games & sports is the most ideal

then push the match into the decider. Both the shuttlers gave their best in the third game and were 5-all when Jayaram found legs to close the game, match and tie 10-21, 21-17, 11-7 in the favour of the Hotshots, who bagged Rs.3.25 crores.

NEw YoRk, SEPTEMBER 1 (IANS): It was a perfect day in office for Indians as Leander Paes, Rohan Bopanna, Sania Mirza and Divij Sharan advanced to the third round of the US Open in their respective groups here at the Flushing Meadows. All four Indian tennis players moved into the third round of doubles action Saturday in the final major of the year. In second round men's doubles action, Paes, Sharan and Bopanna won their respective matches while Sania won her women's doubles tie to move into Round 3. Fourth seeds Paes and Czech partner Radek Stepanek took two hours and 35 minutes to defeat unseeded German-Austrian pairing of Daniel Brands

and Philipp Oswald 4-6, 6-3, 6-4 on Court 7. The Indo-Czech pair took respectively 51, 38 minutes and 66 minutes for the three sets, converting two of eight breakpoints while their opponents could only convert one of 10. Otherwise there was little to choose between the two pairs. In the pre-quarterfinals Paes and Radek will be up against France's 14th seeds Michael Llodra and Nicolas Mahut. Sixth seeded IndoFrench combine Bopanna and Edouard Roger-Vasselin beat experienced Russian duo Nikolay Davydenko and Mikhail Elgin in a two tough sets on Court 7. Bopanna and Roger-Vasselin won 7-6(2), 7-6(0) in one hour and 31 minutes.

Tendulkar to play 200th Test at home Paes, Sania, Bopanna, Sharan in Round 3

Blue Star wins 5th Summer Cup cricket tournament

DIMAPUR, SEPTEMBER 1 (MExN): Blue Star Club defeated Netaji Cricket Club by 130 runs to lift the 5th Summer Cup cricket tournament, organized by Balijan Youth Club, in a one-sided final played at Balijan local ground, Karbi Anglong, Assam, on Sunday. Electing to bat first, Blue Star notched 130 runs at the loss of 6 wickets in the in the 20-20 overs match with Imliwati contributing 36 runs, the highest run getter in the final. In reply, Netaji Cricket Club could muster only 34 runs as they were declared all out in 12.3 overs. Jalal of Blue Star who scalped 4 wickets and gathered 22 runs was declared Man of the Match. Both Blue Star and Netaji Cricket Club are Dimapur-based clubs. Imliwati was adjudged

the Warriors, R.M.V. Gurusaidutt took off well against Hotshots’ Jayaram and sealed the first game. But Jayaram, who hails from Mumbai, came back in fantastic fashion from being down and out in the second game to overtake Guru and

form of entertainment and relaxation. He encouraged Balijan Youth Club to initiate more sporting activities for better understanding and harmony among the various communities living in the area. Timung also said that recently rumours and propagandas were being circulated that apart from Karbi/Kachari and Dimasa, other communities settling in the area were facing the threat of their land being forfeited. Dismissing such rumours, Timung assured said that any citizen of the area, irrespective of tribe or community, who has his name registered in the electoral roll, has the right to get ‘patta’ for his or her land. Sarkar GB of Balijan, Birsing Teron, also spoke on the occasion.

Two new clubs in NPL

KAAC executive member for Irrigation, Longki Timung (2nd left), presenting the cup and cheque to captain of Blue Star Club, the champion of the 5th Summer Cup cricket tournament, at Balijan local ground, Karbi Anglong, Assam, on Sunday.

Among others, Block pur vice president, Roland tion was chaired by Rewati Development Chairman of Lotha, also attended the Sharma and DS Pandey Deopani, and DCC Dima- function. The closing func- proposed vote of thanks.

DIMAPUR, SEPTEMBER 1 (MExN): With the second season of the NPL kicking off in September, major preparations, players transfer and trials are on process. After a successful auction on the August 31 at the 442 management office, it has been announced that there will be two new teams in the NPL. The two new faces vying to be the best in the state and give the old clubs a run for their money will be United Red Skins FC registered under Mon district football association and the other Veda FC will be representing Kohima. United Redskins FC will be from Mon district, wherein NPL will be stretching towards all areas. The team was represented by the club's PRO, Isaac. Veda FC from kohima’s main objective is to promote football and NPL and to promote sports in the grassroot level. The team was represented by its Chairman, Anok. There will be an official meeting between clubs, NFA and 442 management at Hotel Japfu at 10 am, on September 10 to discuss about the second season of the NPL.


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Kate Bosworth marries Michael Polish

Monday 2 September 2013


11 C M Y K

Participants of the 10th Autumn Melodies 2013 organized by Lengrijan Fellowship under Dimapur Ao Baptist Church (DABA) today. The participating artistes were Jemimah Kath, No Strings Attached, Commitment, Imdangjungla, Atu & The Band, Helen, Alo Wanth, Moajungla, Broken Mirror 13.1.13, Nungtilong Lkr (Kids for Fame contestant) and Nokrang. (Imcha Jamir / Morung Photo)

Taking legal action to stop drinks giant ‘hijacking’ ethical water business


inger Adele’s boyfriend is battling Pepsi in a bid to stop the drinks giant ‘hijacking’ his ethical water business. Simon Konecki, a former City trader, and Adele have a ten-month-old son Angelo. Mr Konecki is taking legal action to stop the US firm trademarking its drink, SoBe Lifewater, in Britain, be-


he and Michael Polish got engaged in August 2012. And one year later, Kate Bosworth has said ‘I do’ to the actor in an ‘intimate ceremony’ in Montana, reports US Weekly. The couple who met in 2011 - tied the knot in front of their close friends and family at The Ranch at Rock Creek in the town of Philipsburg on Saturday. Guests were given polaroid cameras and told to post pictures on a board that said ‘Love is...’ in the main lodge, according to the website. The 30-year-old actress met film director Michael, 42, on the set of the 2011 film Big Sur. He proposed to her a year later during a visit to South Korea.

The star revealed in the September issue of Instyle UK that Michael planned to make her his wife even before the pair started dating. ‘I never even dated my husbandto-be. He said to me after just a few weeks, before we were even together, “I’m going to marry you.” He just knew. The actress, who affectionately referred to Michael as her ‘hubby’, also opened up about their wedding. However the notoriously private star kept details to a minimum, simply sharing: ‘I can give you one detail: it’s not the norm and whisky will be involved.’ Kate previously dated actors Alexander Skarsgard and Orlando Bloom.

Fame’s a pain when you’re a teenager



avid and Victoria Beckham’s teenage son Brooklyn was hastily told to take down an account he had set up on the controversial social networking site amid a flurry of abusive and overly personal messages. The site encourages users to ask each other any number of questions and to answer candidly. The @brooklynbeckham account was riddled with obscenities and answered 3,968 questions, some very intimate. The account identified another user as being Brooklyn’s girlfriend, and one post appeared to show the 14-year-old’s younger brother, Burberry model Romeo, making a crude gesture in the back seat of a car. The family’s spokesman did not respond when asked if the account was genuine, but minutes later both the @ brooklynbeckham account and that of the 15-year-old cited as Brooklyn’s girlfriend

were shut down and replaced with a notice reading: ‘This user has disabled their account.’ Meanwhile, Victoria is on the hunt for a permanent base in New York. ‘It makes sense because it’s where her fashion work is often based,’ says a source. A family spokesman said: ‘David and Victoria are always keeping their options open but have no plans to buy a particular property in New York.’ Members of One Direction may have only just entered adulthood themselves, but I’m told that their mentor Simon Cowell is planning to name one of them as godfather to his baby. ‘I think the One Direction boys are at the top of his list,’ said Union J singer JJ at the launch of the band’s new collection for Claire’s Accessories. ‘Those guys are so close to Simon and he has been with them through every step of their career. Sadly, I think we’re slightly lower down on the list.’ As call girl and author Belle de Jour, Brooke Magnanti made a fortune by parading unsavoury aspects of her life – and now it looks like she’s about to offer us another slice of her chequered past. Responding to Jamie Oliver’s comments about struggling Britons spending money on vast TVs rather than good food, Magnanti, right, dropped a few cryptic clues about her own time living in poverty. ‘I should write about the year of being homeless,’ she tweeted. ‘I was living in the States then. Drugs for my skin condition cost more than rent, and I chose skin over rent.’ Is there a new book in the pipeline.

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water, and we’d be incredibly disappointed for anyone to confuse our ethical, charitable and carbon neutral water with one that doesn’t share those values,’ he said. ‘We are aware of the ‘Life’ trademark in the UK and believe confusion in the market is unlikely given the different nature of the products.’

Mick Jagger turns TV mogul


new TV series centred around Mick Jagger and David Bowie’s experiences in drug-rife New York during the 1970s is being made by Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese. The drama will be based on a fictional account – first compiled decades ago by the rock stars – of the sleazy record industry in the 1970s. Jagger will also be a series producer. It revolves around a drug-addled record company executive and his artists trying to survive in the cut-throat business, and many of the storylines are loosely based on Bowie and Jagger’s own experiences. An industry insider says: ‘Many years back, David and Mick sat down and came up with a story together about sleazy record industry types. ‘It was based on the sort of hustlers who emerged in the post-Beatles era, where one day a guy would be a nightclub bouncer and the next he was the manager of a band. ‘There wasn’t much control and everyone was

out to make a quick buck. ‘Mick lived in New York in the 1970s when the Studio 54 nightclub became a notorious hotspot for A-list

excess and debauchery – and the script harks back to those days. ‘The idea lay dormant for years, but now a script has been pulled

(Peta) anti-circus campaign. In the photos, Lauren is seen dressed in grey shorts and a top, standing in front of a chained inflatable life-size elephant replica with her hands shackled, carrying a placard with the message. “I have been an animal lover and have worked for animal welfare in America. “When I dance, I know I am free and happy, and that’s what brings out the best in me and my performances,”

says Lauren, a former contestant of the hit American dance show, So You Think You Can Dance. “We are all born free. I feel that animals also have the right to be in their natural habitat and not where they are put on stage with chains and shackles for human gratification. “When I think of animals being used in circuses for human entertainment, I think of slavery. “Animals love their freedom just as we do but circuses steal their freedom and force them to live like prisoners for no crime,” she adds. Peta has been urging the Indian government to ban the use of animals in circuses for a long time. It is now appealing to the Ministry of Environment and Forests, the Central Zoo Authority and the Animal Welfare Board of India to implement the ban immediately.

together. Mick will be the show’s producer.’ The Rolling Stones frontman, 70, will be joined by Scorsese and Terence Winter – the man behind shows such as Boardwalk Empire and The Sopranos – to make the programme, and it is likely to be a huge hit. Boardwalk Empire actor Bobby Cannavale has been cast as the lead character and directors Brian Koppelman and David Levien, who made the George Clooney blockbuster Ocean’s Thirteen, have also been hired to help with the project. Jagger and Scorsese became friends when the acclaimed director made The Rolling Stones documentary Shine A Light. Another industry insider added: ‘It’s not clear how involved David Bowie will be in the TV project. ‘No doubt fans will be desperate to point out characters who share similarities with real-life figures from the period. ‘If it’s half as interesting as Mick and David’s own lives it will certainly be a gripping story.’

There was only one problem for fans invited to see rocker Pete Doherty present a ‘personal exhibition’ of his paintings – neither the singer nor his art turned up. Instead the Babyshambles frontman chose to spend the evening with his girlfriend, film-maker Katia de Vidas. ‘Pete was meant to be turning up with all of his paintings, but he never arrived and the walls stayed empty,’ says a disgruntled guest at the event held at London’s Camden Collective. Pete’s business partner Suzi Martin says: ‘Pete was having one of his moments. He is a perfectionist and not all the pictures were ready. We still had a party for everyone.’ He may be a member of one of the richest banking dynasties in the world, but Lord Rothschild shunned a private jet last week in favour of easyJet. The 77-year-old was travelling to London from Corfu, where he owns a plush villa. ‘He didn’t even opt for speedy boarding,’ a fellow passenger reveals.


American dancer and Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa star Lauren Gottlieb joins Peta to call for a ban on animal circusesa


auren Gottlieb has a message for India: “Unchain the Elephants: Ban Animal Circuses”. The American contemporary dancer, who shot to fame in India with the film ABCD: Any Body Can Dance and has since become a household name as a contestant on the dance reality show Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season 6, on Friday shot an ad for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

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cause he claims it sounds too similar to his bottled water, Life. Life’s profits are donated to his charity Drop4Drop, which funds clean drinking water in developing countries. Mr Konecki, 38, said he is ‘frustrated’ and is preparing to fight the case in court tomorrow. ‘The name Lifewater is almost identical to Life


“I have been an animal lover and have worked for animal welfare in America










Federer easily reaches US Open's 4th round Roger Federer, of Switzerland, returns against Adrian Mannarino, of France, during the second round of the 2013 U.S. Open tennis tournament, Saturday, Aug. 31 in New York. (AP Photo)

NEW YORK, SEPTEMBER 1 (AP): Quick as can be, Roger Federer moved into the fourth round at the U.S. Open for the 13th year in a row with a 6-3, 6-0, 6-2 victory over Adrian Mannarino on Saturday. Finishing points with early winners from all angles, 17-time Grand Slam champion Federer raced past the Frenchman in only one hour and 21 minutes. "There's always a lot of pressure coming out here on this court to perform, because you never know if you're going to play well," said Federer, who compiled a 34-8 edge in winners, "but tonight was one of those nights." Manna-

rino said: "He was playing too good for me, that's for sure. ... I was making a lot of mistakes, but that's because of Roger. He's playing too fast." Federer, who won five consecutive U.S. Opens from 2004-08, next plays 19th-seeded Tommy Robredo of Spain. Federer has won all 10 of their previous matches. If Federer makes that head-to-head record 11-0, he could face 12-time major champion Rafael Nadal in the quarterfinals in what would be the rivals' 32nd meeting — but first at Flushing Meadows. Not only have they met at each of the other Grand Slam tournaments, they've met

Azarenka, Ivanovic to meet in last 16

in the final at Wimbledon, the French Open and Australian Open. Against Mannarino, Federer had no trouble with the swirling wind in Arthur Ashe Stadium, whipping deep returns off the lefthanded Mannarino's soft second serves and winning 36 of 39 points on his first serve. "I was able to really use my serve well, because it was breezy tonight again. I used the wind a bit better and I had more variation than him, which gave me more margin in my game," Federer said. "I won the first set and I was able to play with the lead, and that makes things easier, as well." Federer has been

ranked No. 1 for more weeks than any man in history, but he's currently No. 7, his lowest spot since 2002. He has won one title in 2013, dealt with pain in his lower back and experimented with using a larger racket head. And his record streak of reaching the quarterfinals at 36 straight Grand Slam tournaments ended with a second-round loss at Wimbledon to an opponent ranked outside the top 100. So far at the U.S. Open, though, he has looked good. It's the 56th consecutive major tournament Federer has entered, tying the men's record held by Wayne Ferreira.

NEW YORK, SEPTEMBER 1 (REUTERS): A feisty Victoria Azarenka dropped her first set of the tournament before regaining composure to safely book her place in the last 16 at the US Open this morning (NZT). A finalist last year and one of the favourites to win the title this season, the Belarussian passed her first real test at the championship in beating beat Alize Cornet of France 6-7(2) 6-3 6-2. By her own admission, this was not one of Azarenka's best performances.

She made 38 unforced errors and got involved in an argument with the chair umpire over a line call. ''I don't think I played my best tennis today but I have to give her credit. She played really well,'' Azarenka said. ''The dynamic of the match was a little bit weird for me. ''I felt like I didn't take my opportunities in the first set, which was kind of a waste and it gave her a lot of confidence.'' The first set took more than an hour to complete and the 24-year-old Azarenka was frustrated that she let it go

IPOh, SEPTEMBER 1 (IANS): It was a close call but defending champions South Korea reaffirmed their status as Asia’s best when they defeated India 4-3 in a nerve-wracking final of the ninth Asia Cup hockey tournament at the Azlan Shah Stadium here Sunday. The Koreans played one of their best games here and managed to subdue a determined Indian side hoping to seal their World Cup berth by winning the title. The Koreans had already booked their World Cup place going into the match and it was in India’s interest to go for a win and

get a direct ticket to the World Cup at the Hague, in the Netherlands. The Indians will have to wait for the official confirmation from the International Hockey Federation (IHF) after the conclusion of the Oceania Cup in November. If Australia or New Zealand, who have already qualified for the World Cup, fail to win the Oceania tournament -- an unlikely scenario -- that would put India's chances of qualifying in jeopardy. The two teams had already locked horns in the group stage with India surprising the four-time champions 2-0. But this time in the

final it was the Koreans who started off aggressively and were two goals up by half time. Korean penalty corner specialists Jang Jonghyun was on target in the 28th minute. The goal took his tally to eight in the top scorers list. A minute later You Hyo-sik added that second with a goal from close range after three Indian defenders were beaten by a square pass into the D. The Indians fought back in the second half and in the 48th minute, they made their way back into the match when Rupinderpal Singh scored from the penalty corner. And in the 55th minute Nithin Thimmaiah added a

field goal to put India level. Nam Hyun-woo regained the lead for the Koreans in the 57th minute but only to see Mandeep Singh score from close range in the 66th minute. As a penalty shootout loomed the Koreans earned a penalty corner in the 68th minute. Instead of taking a direct hit the Koreans played a variation and Kang Moon-kweon scored from the left side. Moonkweon was named man-ofthe-match for his winning goal. This meeting the two Asian giants is also their 70th. The Koreans lead with 31 wins as opposed to 27 losses and 12 draws.

Victoria Azarenka. (AP Photo)

Lorenzo wins South Korea edge India for Asia Cup British Moto GP

Ana Ivanovic,. (AP Photo)

after fighting back from 4-1 behind to force a tiebreak. But she raised her game in the remaining two sets, reducing her unforced error count. ''That was more me playing, more finding the rhythm,'' she said. ''I felt much better in the third set than in the first set which was going past the twohour mark. It's pretty good, so I'm happy with that.'' Azarenka's frustrations threatened to boil over when the umpire ordered a point she had won to be replayed and was still fum-

ing about it after the match. ''That was the most ridiculous thing there is,'' she said. ''I had already walked to my chair, Alize almost walked to her chair, they said, 'replay the point'.'' Despite her below-par performance, Azarenka said she enjoyed being under pressure, believing it brought out the best in her. ''I like pressure. I think pressure is something that if you want to be on top, you have to deal with,'' she said. ''That's what makes you better. You need that to be on top, to be motivated.

Sturridge secures Liverpool's win over United

Jorge Lorenzo of Spain holds his trophy on the podium after winning the MotoGP race of the British Grand Prix at the Silverstone circuit in Silverstone, England on Sept. 1. At right is Dani Pedrosa, also from Spain, who finished third. (AP Photo)


SILVERSTONE, SEPTEMBER 1 (AGENCIES): The world champion, Jorge Lorenzo, held off his fellow Spaniard Marc Márquez in a dramatic tussle to win the British MotoGP at Silverstone. Márquez, the world championship leader who dislocated his shoulder in Sunday morning's warmup session, started on pole on his Honda but Yamaha's Lorenzo made an early move to overtake him. Márquez, bidding for his fifth win in a row, fought back to regain the lead on the last lap before Lorenzo nipped past him again to seal victory on the line by less than a tenth of a second. Honda's Dani Pedrosa finished third to complete a Spanish sweep of the podium, while Briton Cal Crutchlow, who suffered a 180mph crash in practice, finished seventh. Later Márquez was

docked two points for failing to observe safety regulations during the warm-up session that led to his crash. The Spaniard did not slow down when yellow flags were waved after an earlier accident before crashing at the same place on the track and causing the dislocation. "He [Márquez] continued at racing speed and did not slow down and be prepared to stop as required by the regulations," FIM, the sport's ruling body, said in a statement. "His subsequent crash at the same point as the previous accident seriously endangered the rider being attended and the marshals in the accident zone. "A Race Direction hearing was held. The decision is to impose two penalty points on the 2013 season total of the MotoGP rider number 93 Marc Márquez," FIM said.

L I V E R P O O L , S E PTEMBER 1 (AP): Daniel Sturridge scored Liverpool's winner for the third straight Premier League game to condemn fierce rival Manchester United to a 1-0 loss on Sunday, handing David Moyes his first defeat as manager of the champions. The England striker flicked home a close-range header in the fourth minute to maintain his red-hot form and his side's perfect start to the season. Liverpool has won all three of its games 1-0. United barely created a clear-cut chance in the absence of Wayne Rooney, missing after sustaining a head injury in training on Saturday, and has just four points from a possible nine under Moyes. And with an away match at Manchester City to come in his fifth league match, the start to Moyes' tenure as Alex Ferguson's replacement doesn't get any easier. Even after spending 11 years in charge of Everton, he has still never won at Anfield. The match was played on the eve of what would have been the 100th birthday of the late Liverpool manager Bill Shankly, who died in 1981 after helping turn the club into the leading force in English football in a 15-year spell from 1959-74. Shankly's


Liverpool's Daniel Sturridge, right, fights for the ball against Manchester United's Tom Cleverley during their English Premier League soccer match at Anfield Stadium, Liverpool, England, Sunday Sept. 1. (AP Photo)

daughter and six grandchildren stood on the touchline as Liverpool fans — and most of United's travelling fans — took part in a minute's applause in the Scot's honor. It certainly got Liverpool's players fired up and they were first to every

ball in a breathless opening spell in which Sturridge grabbed an 11th goal in his last nine Liverpool games. Daniel Agger beat Rio Ferdinand to Steven Gerrard's outswinging corner and Sturridge was there inside the six-yard box to

stoop and flick home a deft header. The sound was deafening as Sturridge and the whole Liverpool team ran to manager Brendan Rodgers, who has instilled belief into the striker since his move from Chelsea in January.

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