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By Sandemo Ngullie

Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change

Friday, September 20, 2013 12 pages Rs. 4 –Confucius

MTI awards degrees to its music graduates [ PAGE 02]

We will never seek nuclear bomb: Iran [ PAGE 09]

GloBAl WArMinG will end life on earth But don’t panic, you’ve got 3.5 billion years left!

Messi scores 3 as Barca routs Ajax [ PAGE 12

nsf extends solidarity to ‘Western rengmas’ dimapUr, September 19 (mexn): The Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) and Rengma Students’ Union (central) paid a solidarity visit to the Rengma Hills under Karbi Anglong, Assam on Wednesday and held a meeting with the Rengma people at Jongpha village. A press note from the NSF informed that the meeting was attended by Rengma Naga Students’ Union, Karbi Anglong Assam, Rengma Naga People’s Council, women organisation (which is in its formation stage), church leaders, GBs and village elders. The visiting NSF team were told that the situation was steadily returning to normalcy. NSF president, Tongpang Ozukum said the solidarity visit was to show that Nagas are united and that the entire Naga people are behind the Western Rengmas. “Being in Assam does not mean you (Western Rengmas) are alone,” Tongpang said. The NSF president sent out a message to the Assam government that the Rengma people in Karbi Anglong should get all rights and privileges under the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC). He asserted that the Rengmas must be represented in the KAAC. Talking about the border

‘Being in Assam does not mean you are alone’

Rengma Village Council. The RNSU president said that they were demanding tripartite talks among the Rengmas, Karbi people and Government of Assam. On the development front, he said the Rengma people were losing all funds since the development funds come through KAAC. Jongpha having few electric poles with erratic or no power supply at all and the only motorable but deplorable road is the most developed Rengma village in Karbi Anglong, he added. Rengma Naga People’s Council president, Khenga said there were 15 Rengma villages in Karbi Anglong and as an ST community they have every right to be represented in the KAAC. He informed that the Rengma population in the area was 4685, out of which 2259 are permanent settlers. “We have less people and that is why we can’t get our constitutional rights,” he added. Another leader, Benjamin Lorin appealed for NSF to take the grievances of the Rengma people to their student counterparts in Karbi Anglong and Assam. Other elders opined that the Rengma people should first revive their identity before talking about development. Senior NSF leaders including G. Vashum and Achumbemo also spoke during the meeting.

London, Septempects of finding life on issue, he stated that both ber 19 (daiLy maiL): other planets with a long sides should respect each The end of the world is habitable lifetime. Rushothers’ rights and added not nigh. Life will thrive on by examined seven canthat it was solely for adminEarth for at least another didates – the most likely istrative convenience that 1.75billion years and perbeing a planet known as the Nagas have been dividhaps as many as 3.5bilGliese 581d, which Rushed geographically. lion. Beyond then, the Sun by estimates will have the He said that the NSF will come out with steps will have become so hot right temperature for life either towards the end of that nothing will be able to for up to 55billion years. Bomb? na, Sounds like on- survive, scientists believe. the year or early next year Roughly twice as big as ion prices shooting through on the border issue. ReasEver since it was formed the Earth, Gliese 581d is the roof. suring the Rengmas, he our planet has been at just a daunting 20 light years stated, “Your issue has now the right distance from the way. Rushby added: ‘It is The Morung Express Sun to make it habitable. become a Naga issue.” possible that there will be President of Rengma POLL QUESTIOn Being in this ‘Goldia habitable Earth-like planNaga Students’ Union Karet within ten light years, Vote on locks’ zone has allowed bi Anglong, Phengpiga inSMS your answer to 9862574165 oceans to develop in tem- Armageddon: The Sun will eventually become so hot that which is very close in astroformed that not a single peratures neither too hot no life on earth will survive, scientists believe. nomical terms. Rengma was being repreWill the ‘death penalty’ to boil the water away, or ‘However, reaching it sented in the KAAC. Out deter incidents of rape ‘We would see a cata- would take hundreds of too cold to freeze it into at the University of East and sexual-violence? of the 30 members, 26 are permanent ice. The prob- Anglia, who believe the strophic and terminal ex- thousands of years with elected by the people and 4 nominated by the governlem is, however, that stars world can expect between tinction event for all life.’ our current technology. If Yes no Others ment. “We can’t even conbecome hotter over time, 6.3billion and 7.8billion Humans would be among we ever needed to move test the election and that’s ensuring that the habit- years of ‘Goldilocks’ condi- the first species to be to another planet, Mars is why we should be nomiStatements of the able period cannot last. As tions from its birth around wiped out – and well be- probably our best bet. ‘It’s nated because the purpose fore even the 1.75billion- very close and will remain the stars emit more heat, 4.55billion years ago. of nomination is to provide people of Lahe any surface water on nearThat means there year timescale. ‘Humans in the habitable zone until representation to the miagainst the action by planets dries up and can only be 1.75billion would be in trouble with the end of the Sun’s lifenorities,” he said. water nothing can to 3.5billion years of life even a small increase in time – six billion years from He informed that the taken by NSCN (K) without left. Andrew Rushby, a re- temperature and near the now.’ The team’s calculasurvive. main demands of the RengOn page 4 At this point, the Earth searcher at the university, end only microbes in niche tions for the Earth’s lifesma people include politiwill have ‘moved’ out of said: ‘After this point, the environments would be pan are based on the rate cal empowerment, decthe habitable zone even Earth would be in the hot able to endure the heat,’ at which the Sun is warmlaration of Rengma Hills though its position will be zone of the Sun, with tem- said Rushby. ing up. The larger figure, Autonomous Regional The research project 3.5billion years, adjusts for exactly the same. The pre- peratures so high that the Council, sub-division status for Rengma region, and also examined the pros- atmospheric changes. diction comes from experts seas would evaporate. KoHima, September 19 (mexn): A government quarter was burnt down here on Thursday at 5:59 PM, below Officers’ Hill. Fire & emergency services Our Correspondent Ghoshito and Botovi along with fied on the September 18 inci- Demands that those selves from the grip of violence candidates of Tangkhul Naga personnel rushed to the three other Khaplang boys fired dent that appeared in local daiand bloodshed, such actions dis- Long was abducted by unidenKohima | September 19 spot and averted major upon them from a moving car lies wherein troops of 37 Assam responsible be held honor the collective effort to build tified armed men from Phungfire. No official assessment A firing incident was reported on with automated rifles. “Fortu- rifles had claimed to have arpeace,” it stated. It asserted that reitang area in Ukhrul town on accountable of damage or cause of fire Thursday at around 6:00 PM in nately, none of the Naga Army rested four GPRN/NSCN cadres the maturity of any nation is test- September 13 at around 9:40 could be confirmed till the PWD Colony, Kohima. Identity of was injured, but a bystander got with ammunitions at Pherima, dimapUr, September ed by its respect for the dignity am. His decomposed body was filing of this report. the groups involved is yet to be hit by a stray bullet,” it added. 19 (mexn): The Naga Peoples’ and sanctity of human lives, jus- found late September 17 eveNational Highway 29. ascertained, according to Police. The GPRN/NSCN asserted Regarding this, it was clari- Movement for Human Rights tice, fairness and the rule of law. ning at Tolloi Junction. Police said a civilian identified as that “such kind of display in civil- fied that “the four arrested (NPMHR) has condemned the “The NSCN (IM), as an orMeanwhile, the Tangkhul Pukrove of Suthozu village, Phek ian areas shows the true nature members are civilians, where, “abduction and killing of Jona- ganisation that was founded for Katamnao Long Delhi (TKLD) district was hit by stray bullet of the Khaplang boys who are on three belongs to the Angami than Kashung of Shingkap vil- the rights of struggling peoples, also condemned the incident. A a rampage to destroy the very community from Model village lage, while in the custody of the is expected to be non-arbitrary press note from the TKLD stated dimapUr, Septem- and rushed to Naga Hospital. fabric of peaceful atmosphere and one belongs to Sumi com- National Socialist Council of and accountable in its decision that “such extreme steps should ber 19 (mexn): In two GPRN/NSCN condemns Nagalim (IM).” A press note from making, particularly when it in- have no rooms for reasoning in painstakingly maintained by munity from Pherima village.” separate incidents, Assam Meanwhile, the GPRN/NSCN every right thinking Naga, and It advised the concerned the NPMHR Secretary General, volves the lives of people irre- modern society.” “The Student Rifles personnel apprehended four persons for il- in a press statement condemned should be condemned lest authorities to “investigate Dr. Gina Shangkham called for spective of differences,” it added. community stands against violegal tax collection and arms what it termed as an “attack on things get out of hand because upon thoroughly on any per- an immediate investigation of The NPMHR further expressed lence especially upon members smuggling. On September its cadres by the Khaplang boys.” of a handful of misguided Nagas son caught for displaying anti- the incident and demanded that its deepest condolences to the of the civil society,” it stated and The statement issued by the claiming to be Nationalist when social activities before running those responsible be held ac- bereaved family. demanded proper investigation 18 the 29 AR apprehended MIP informed that the GPRN/ their true agenda is only to cre- to the media and releasing press countable. According to Newmai News and that the perpetrators should two persons from Dimapur “At a time when the Naga Network, Jonathan Kashung be booked and no stone should be statements that is baseless and “in possession of illegally col- NSCN cadres were buying veg- ate terror among the Nagas.” etables when 2nd Lieutenant people are struggling to free our- (49), one of the presidential left unturned to deliver justice. The GPRN/NSCN also clariuntrue.” lected money” amounting to Rs 61,700 along with Tax receipts. A press note from Lt Col AS Chauhan, PRO to the AR stated that the operation was carried out based on “inMorung Express news dimapUr, September 19 (mexn): that “a majority of the PLHAs are living in formation about illegal tax District Level Networks (DLN) of People liv- conditions even below the poverty line.” Dimapur | September 19 collection by NSCN (IM) cading with HIV/AIDS (PLHAs) in Nagaland has As such the DLNs queried if it would not be res in the Hong Kong Market There is no end to cases re- dimapUr, September 19 ders. Motive behind the attack could not expressed reservations about the 5th NSACS better to use a portion of the resources for area.” It informed that the lated to investment fraud. (mexn): One woman sustained severe be conclusively established. Bajram was Zero Multi Media Campaign, particularly the the Multi Media Campaign towards tangiapprehended were “in the Three persons were arrest- injury after an acid attack at Walford, Di- arrested later at around 6:00 am. part where ‘Positive Speakers’ are sched- ble steps to help PHLAs meet their mediciuled to speak during the campaign. nal and nutritional needs. Such a step, the process of illegally collect- ed by Dimapur police on mapur in the wee hours of September 19. While lauding the campaign’s objec- DLNs said, would go a long way in achieving money from one of the September 16 for duping The attacker, identified as Bajram Bhara- One held with Relipen shops.” The apprehended naive investors of crores ti (28 years), a goldsmith by profession, In another unrelated incident, one tive to spread HIV/AIDS awareness, the ing the goal for zero Aids related deaths. of rupees in a period spanDLNs expressed concern that the shows/ In view of the concerns, the DLNs rehave been identified as Jaswas arrested by the police. man from Karbi-Anglong was arrested beat contests would be more solved not to participate in the per Shimray and Michael ning three years. According to police, the victim and the for possessing illicitly obtained pharma- focused on the performers and According to sourc‘Positive Speakers’ sessions of Ngullie, who along with the es, the three, identified attacker were reportedly involved in an ceutical drug. According to a delayed rerather than the issue. A the campaign. However, the note recovered cash were handed as Deepak Chakraborty, extramarital affair as both have spouses. port received from the police, the man, artists press note from the Dimapur informed that the DLNs would over to Dimapur East Police Rajesh Kanti Pal and Su- Bajram’s wife resides in his native village identified as Krishna Thapa alias Sunny Network of PLHAs said that as participate “wholeheartedly station. In another incident, shanka Mazumdar had while the victim stays with her husband (43 years) was arrested on September per prior experience, “the auand unreservedly” in all other troops of 37 AR under the floated a bogus and unli- in Dimapur, police stated. On Thursday 15 at the inter-state bus stand, Gola- dience would rather listen to events related to HIV/AIDS aegis of HQ 6 Sect AR placed censed real estate invest- morning at around 5:00 am, Bajram ar- ghat Road with 6000 tablets of Relipen. music than be interrupted by awareness programmes (World mobile check post on NH-29 ment firm – Orchid Infra rived at the victim’s residence and threw A resident of Sukhanjan, Karbi-Anglong, people speaking about their Aids Day, Candlelight Memorial and apprehended two sus- Limited. It was opened acid on her. She was admitted to hospital Thapa had come to Dimapur to send the problems.” Service etc) and other innovapected GPRN/NSCN cadres in January 2009 and was with severe burns on the face and shoul- contraband to Imphal. “Through previous experitive mass based programmes to ences, we know that some mempromote HIV/AIDS awareness namely Hecha Gangte and headquartered at Bokajan, ment scams, the investors towards the beginning of sconding. bers of the audience hurl insults and education. Mamong Haokip in posses- Karbi-Anglong, Assam. Throughout its three and abuses at the speakers which They carried out the initially received dividends September. Based on the The DLNs viewed that in sion of arms. A press note informed that the arms were scam by employing com- on their investments. complaint, Dimapur po- years of existence, the bo- are hurtful, judgmental and blatantly dis- line with the ‘Greater Involvement of People Living with HIV,’ PLHAs should be inbeing transported from Ma- mission-based agents, But the firm closed down lice arrested Chakraborty, gus firm expanded its op- criminatory towards the PLHAs,” it added. abruptly in the month of Pal and Mazumdar from erations across the northwho brought investors to While commending the goal of the volved in all stages of chalking out HIV/ nipur to Dimapur in a Maruti the firm with promise of April 2013 leaving approx- Lumding on September 16. east by employing around for ‘Zero New Infection, Zero AIDS awareness programmes. It added Van. Three AK 56 rifles along big returns. In Dimapur, it imately 2000 investors They were booked under 200 agents. During the pe- campaign Discrimination and Zero Aids,’ the note that PLHA involvement should not just be with magazines were found also attracted the atten- across the north-east high section 420 of the Indian riod, it siphoned off more however said that the ground reality in- in terms of ‘Positive Speaking’ roles. This hidden in the petrol tank of tion of gullible investors. and dry. Meanwhile, the Penal code and are cur- than Rs. 3 crores. The mon- cludes PLHAs in Nagaland dying due to the was resolved in a co ordination meeting inthe Maruti van. The appre- Some 700-800 people from people behind the fraud rently in police remand. A ey collected from investors lack of medical facilities. It stated that the volving DNP+(Dimapur), KNP+(Kohima), hended individuals along Dimapur had invested firm went underground. fourth person, identified was reportedly invested in many PHLAs in Nagaland cannot afford MNP+(Mokokchung), ZNP+(Zunheboto), with recoveries were hand- around 1.6 crores during Some of the duped in- as Kashitesh Debnath, who real estate located in Gu- OIs (Opportunistic Infections) medicines WNP+(Wokha), NTDP+(Tuensang), ed over to Medziphema Po- the period. vestors in Dimapur finally was said to be the ‘direc- wahati and Karimganj dis- and other clinical tests needed to moni- NKP+(Kiphire), NPDP+(Peren) and Like any other invest- lodged a police complaint tor’ of the bogus firm is ab- tricts of Assam. lice Station. tor their health condition. It further added PNP+(Phek) on September 18.

House gutted in Kohima


Firing in Kohima, civilian injured nPMHr calls for investigation

AR apprehends 4 NSCN cadres

three arrested for investment fraud NSACS Campaign: Missing the point? Acid attack on woman






20 September 2013


The Morung Express C

Workshop on e-Procurement held at Kohima “ Kohima, September 19 (Dipr): A State Level Workshop on eProcurement was held on September 19, 2013 at the Nagaland Civil Secretariat Conference Hall Kohima that was jointly organised by the Ministry of Commerce & Industries GoI, the Government of Nagaland and the National Informatics Centre. Er. S. Bhardwaj, IIS, Director & Nodal Officer (e-Procurement) Commerce Ministry, GoI; Tapan Prakash Ray, Tech. Director, NIC and Nihar Ranjan Biswal, Principal System Analyst, NIC were the resource persons in the workshop. All the AHODs and HODs attended the workshop. The Director and Nodal Officer (e-Procurement) Commerce Ministry GoI, Er. S. Bhardwaj in his presentation said that the Government of India has made e-Procurement mandatory all over the country. The department of Industries and Commerce has been made the nodal department for its implementation in the 35 States of India. He also informed that the Mission Mode Project (MMP) has been approved in the year 2006. Bhardwaj said that the role of NIC is very impor-




…hope that music becomes an integral part in the Naga society, healing the anguish and bringing together the society


e-Procurement workshop at Nagaland Civil Secretariat Conference Hall, Kohima on September 19. (DIPR Photo)

tant in the process of implementing e-Procurement in the States/UTs as the progressive States are using NIC solution/NIC Portals for the Mission Mode Project. Other resource persons Tapan Prakash Ray, Tech. Director NIC and Nihar Ranjan Biswal, Principal System Analyst, NIC gave presentations on process Re-engineering requirements to adopt e-Procurement; Live Tender Creation & Publishing; Preparation of Price Bid; Mock Bid Sub-

mission and Online Clarification; Standardisation of My Space Requirements and Discussion/Demo of Technical Bid Opening. In the second session, presentation/demo on Technical Evaluation; Finance Bid Opening and Auto Financial Evaluation; Award of Contract Module; Discussion on CVC Guidelines; DSC related issues and other preparedness and Programme Implementation Cell/e-Procurement Cell were also pre-

sented. The Additional Chief Secretary & Commissioner Nagaland, Banuo Z. Jamir in her introductory remark at the inaugural session of the workshop said that IT have revolutionalised our lives and affected our personal lives and added that we should make use of the facility and opportunity. She said that e-Procurement is people-less and that work pressure will immensely improve and the system will maintain transparency

in governance. However, she said it has to be properly planned so that the system becomes relevant to us. The inaugural session was chaired by Commissioner & Secretary, Information Technology & Communication, K.T. Sukhalu who also remarked that eProcurement governance system will bring about transparency and accountability. He also said that IT is the facilitator to the departments of the State of Nagaland.

Dimapur, September 19 (mexN): Graduating students of Music Training Institute (MTI) located at Half Nagarjan Dimapur today were reminded of the power of music. At its 7th Graduation Day, MTI had ten graduates, who achieved degrees in vocals, piano, church music and the like. Nyathei Pangnyu, the chief guest of the event exhorted the students on the power of music and the impact it could make, if used in the right way. She told the students that graduation is an event about looking forward, stepping into the world equipped with right and required knowledge, while reminding them that people are waiting to hear them, for hopes to be restored. Applauding the graduating students for choosing music as a career over other “predictable” ones, she reiterated that music can change lives and world as a whole. Music can

Youth promotional music Agri department releases show held at Tuensang farm machineries under RKVY

tueNSaNg, September 19 (Dipr): Tuensang Hills Accolade Society (THAS) under the aegis of "Bridge Cafe" organised 2nd Youth Promotional Music Show on September 17, 2013 under the theme ' Honoring Teachers', with BDO Tuensang, Kekha Sangtam as special guest of the show. Lecturer Sao Chang College, Prof. Akiuba Sangtam delivered words

of encouragement to the young music artists. T. Kiutan Yimchungru, M/s. Vyilila Chang, S. Doki Yimchungru presented solo numbers while Psyconic Band also performed during the music show. Col. Pathak Commandant 23rd AR Tuensang & his colleagues, teachers from different schools & colleges across the town, and hosts of music lovers attended the programme.

Kohima, September 19 (mexN): IGNOU Combined Induction Progamme for July 2013 Admitted Learners will be conducted for Study Centres 2022, C200001 and C200003 at Study Centre 2022, Loyem Memorial College, Tuensang on September 20, 2013 at 2:30 pm. A press note issued by Dr. T. Iralu, Regional Director IGNOU Regional Centre-20 Kohima informed that the Induction Programme for Study Centre 2025 will be conducted on September 21, 2013 at 10.00 am at Zisaji Presidency Government College, Kiphiri. For Study Centre 2012, the Induction Programme will be conducted on September 23, 2013 at 1:00 pm at St. Joseph’s College, Jakhama. Combined Induction Programme for Study Cen-

tres 2013 and C200002 will be conducted on September 25, 2013 at 2:30 pm at Wankhao Government College, Mon. For Study Centre 2021, the programme will be conducted on September 27, 2013 at 1:00 pm at St. Xavier’s College, Jalukie. For Study Centres 2001 and 2031 P, a Combined Induction Programme will be conducted on September 29, 2013 at 1:00 pm at State College of Teacher Education, Kohima. It was also informed that all learners registered at the above mentioned IGNOU Study Centres are requested to personally attend the Programme and also collect their Study Materials and Identity Cards the same day. For more details, contact IGNOU Regional Centre or Study Centres.

event to commemorate the International Day of Peace and the Foundation Day of Peace Channel and PFP. In preparation of the event, PFP and volunteers from various schools, on September 18 held a meeting to assess and give a final touch to the Northeast Youth Peace and Cultural Festival. The festival would kick off with peace concert featuring Peace Band on September 20 at 4:00 pm. Minister for youth resources and sports, Merentoshi Jamir would grace the inaugural function on September 21, at 10:00

Agri & Allied department officials with RKVY beneficiaries during the training and distribution of Agriculture Machineries and implements at Chiechama, Kohima on September 18. (DIPR Photo)

Kohima, September 19 (Dipr): As part of Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana “RKVY” project of Agri and allied departments, a programme on “Training and distribution of Agriculture Machineries & implements” was conducted at Compact Area Project Zierhie, Chiechama, Kohima on September 18, 2013. Delivering the keynote ad-

dress, Dy. Director, Directorate of Agriculture, G. Ikuto Zhimomi called on the farmers to work hand in hand with the Agri. and allied departments and pro actively participate in various work implementation. He asked the beneficiaries to efficiently utilize the machineries and implements and to be good caretaker of all machineries which were given freely


for his commendable contribution towards peace building and reconciliation in Nagaland. State Bank of India is the sponsor of the award. The three-day event will also enable integration through inter-cultural interaction and sharing, facilitate learning through input session, panel discussions and discourses from leading personalities, provide entertainment through exposition of cultural dances, songs and art forms and inculcate peace in the mind and hearts of the participants.

from the project. He also handed out various machineries and implements to the beneficiaries. District heads of various Agri and allied departments attended the programme and also briefed the farmers about their respective works. The DAO Kohima took an inspection of various activities being carried out in the compact project area.

Dimapur, September 19 (mexN): It has been reported that a Maruti 800 bearing registration number WB 02 Z – 0022 has been found crashed on the road side under the jurisdiction of Philimi village under Atoizu sub-division on Thursday. This was stated in a press note issued by Chairman, Philimi Village Council Vihoto. The note mentioned that the driver of the vehicle, a non-local but claiming his name as Kavito came to the village and reported the matter but absconded to

Funeral Service



Organised by Nagaland Handloom & Handicrafts Development Corporation

Sponsored by: Office of the Development Commissioner for Handloom, Ministry of Textiles,Govt. of India,New Delhi.

together the society which, according to her is presently divided along tribal and factional lines. At the same time, she admitted that music industry in Nagaland is in its initial stage, and career in it is challenging. However, she encouraged the students to use their gifts effectively. “Let your love and passion for music allow you to make good choice.” Meanwhile, the speaker Rev. Kika Jamir also encouraged the students to use their talents for the glory of God. Stating that music is a universal language of mankind, he told the students to reach to the unreached. His message, rife with Bible verses, conveyed that music can encourage and inspire others, as well as praise God. He reminded, “Everything God has created is to use it for the right purpose.” However, he also cautioned about the misuse of it. “Use your talent prayerfully with an aim to praise God.”

MEx File

Common Service Centers inaugural on Sept 21 Dimapur, September 19 (Dipr): Parliamentary Secretary for IT&C Tovihoto will be inaugurating the Nagaland One Common Service Center at CSC, Indisen village, Dimapur on September 21, 2013 at 10:15 a.m. Thereafter, an inaugural function would be held at the Conference Hal of the DC’s Office Dimapur at 11:00 am. The programme is being organised by Nagaland State e-Governance Society, Directorate of Information Technology & Communication.


GB’s Union East Dimapur appeals



strengthen and comfort us in grief, she said. Further, quoting 1Samuel 16:23 from the Bible, she asserted it was music which ministered to Saul. “That’s what music does. It speaks to you.” She said whatever the students decide to do with their degree and talent is their choice, but if channelized in the right way, “it will not change only your life, but the world and people around you.” She also dwelt on the power of music to influence political scenario, describing how Nelson Mandela used music both politically and personally throughout his life. “Music is a great blessing. It has the power to elevate and liberate us. It sets people free to dream. It can unite us to sing with one voice. Such is the value of music,” Nyathei Pangnyu quoted Mandela. Likewise, she hoped that music becomes an integral part in the Naga society, healing the anguish and bringing

Dimapur, September 19 (mexN): All the households/Individual within DMC jurisdiction those who have taken their Biometric may go for downloading of their Aadhaar/UID status from UIDAI website, in. This was stated in a press note issued by Orenthung Lotha, Charge Officer Census 2011, Dimapur Town.

am as chief guest. The valedictory function on September 22, at 2:30 pm would be held with Hushili Sema IAS, Deputy Commissioner as chief guest and Geoffrey Yaden, Editor of Nagaland Post as guests of honour. Message will be delivered by Most Rev. Dr. James Thoppil, Bishop of Nagaland who is also the chairman of Peace Channel. During the programme, the Peace Channel award, 2013 would be conferred to I. Vitokhe Assumi, former Sumi Hoho president and social activist from Littami village of Zunheboto district



DMC informs

Youth Peace & Cultural Festival to begin today Vehicle recovered

Dimapur, September 19 (mexN): The 6th North East Youth Peace and Cultural Festival would begin on September 20 at Holy Cross Higher Secondary School (HCHSS) Dimapur. Around 700-800 Youth from Nagaland and Northeast India would be arriving Dimapur to participate at the festival being jointly organized by People’s Forum for Peace (PFP) and Peace Channel from September 20 to 23 on the theme ‘Peace building through reconciliation’. The festival is an annual


MTI awards degrees to its music graduates

IGNOU Combined Induction Prog info



Funeral Service of Late Aoyangla Imchen will be held on September 20th 2013 H. No. 369 Kushiabil, Dimapur Service Timing: 11am.

Zunheboto without any further details except saying that he was coming from Dimapur and dozed off resulting in the crash. The vehicle has been towed till the village under the supervision of the village council chairman. The Chairman, Philimi Village Council Vihoto in the note therefore informs the rightful owner to claim the vehicle with proper documents within 10 days after which no claims will be entertained and the vehicle will become the property of those who recovered and towed the vehicle.

Dimapur, September 19 (mexN): The GB’s Union East Dimapur has appealed to the Government of Nagaland to look into the condition of the National Highway 29, and heed to the cry of the public. A press note issued by Niuto Awomi, President and Pitu Mech, secretary appealed to take up the initiatives of making the Highway accessible for the public to ply without undue hardship by constructing the road along with proper drainage system which is a very needed work of the entire Naga populace.


Health mela to be held at Amahator PHC

Kiphire, September 19 (mexN): It is informed to the public of Kiphire District that Health Mela is going to be held at Amahator PHC on September 21, 2013. Specialist doctors- gynaecologist, pathologist, Ophthalmologist and Dental Surgeon will be providing services, and free basic medicines will also be provided. This was stated in a press note issued by DR. Punsokiu, Chief Medical Officer Kiphire.

Orientation training on management of CCI

Kohima, September 19 (Dipr): The department of Social Welfare along with the State Child Protection Society, Nagaland is organising orientation training on Management of Child Care Institutions on September 23 and 24, 2013 at Zonal Council Hall, Kohima at 9:30 am. National Institute of Public Cooperation and Child Development from Gauhati and Nagaland will be the resource persons during the training. The inaugural programme will be chaired by Society Director, SCPS, Nagaland, Khehoto Sema while invocation by Pastor, CRC Upper PWD, Kohima, David Koza. Welcome address will be delivered by Director, Social Welfare, Nagaland, Khevito T. Shohe and keynote address will be given by Secretary, Social Welfare, Nagaland, T. Kiheto Sema. Objective and importance of the training will be given by Assistant Director, NIPCCD, Dr. Sanghamitra Barik.

Seminar on Human Trafficking held

Dimapur, September 19 (mexN): A oneday seminar on Human Trafficking was held at Chang Baptist Church, Dimapur on Thursday. A press note received here stated that the seminar was organized by Chang Women Department and co-sponsored by School of Social Work (SSW), an NGO that now implements Human Trafficking project in Nagaland. Yanger, Coordinator, SSW highlighted some of the project implementation and said that sensitization and rehabilitation are some of its chief criteria. The Resource Person, Ela, Director, Prodigal Home asserted that now with the rise in Human Trafficking in Nagaland one cannot afford to be comfortable within

Ela, Director, Prodigal Home speaking as the resource person at the one-day seminar on Human Trafficking held at Chang Baptist Church, Dimapur on September 19.

the walls of the church, but rather feel uncomfortable about such issues in the society. She said that women and children are the most vulnerable targets of Human Trafficking. She also pointed out that one of the major trends of Human Trafficking in Nagaland is the procurement of domestic helpers and added, “Surprisingly, many of us who keep domestic helpers do not even know that we are perpetrators of child labor and abuse”. Its time, she said, that society reaches out to help the vulnerable; rescue the victims and punish the culprits of Human Trafficking. Another session on Diet and Manners, was conducted by Achilla Imlong, Erdican as part of the session.



The Morung express


20 September 2013



No innerline permit in Meghalaya: CM 'Mission Gorkhaland is task for students' Sangma promised to implement strict laws to curb the burgeoning infiltration of illegal immigrants. "The state government will go ahead with its decision to implement the comprehensive mechanism that is the Tenancy Act to help us address the influx problem," Sangma told journalists late Wednesday. "It is not for the state government to implement the ILP. It is something which can't be implemented by the state government. The matter

lies with the union government," he said. Sangma said his government was looking at other options, including appointment of labour officers and strengthening of the Directorate of Infiltration, to address the issue of illegal migrants. "We are taking initiatives to put in place a mechanism that will ensure that illegal influx is checked," the chief minister said. He said the draft Tenancy Act will be completed soon and stakeholders will be invited for

their suggestions and opinions on the matter. Sangma ruled out talks with 10 social organisations who have launched an agitation demanding the implementation of ILP in Meghalaya. The chief minister also hinted at a ban on shutdowns and other forms of agitation. The 10 organisations, including the Khasi Students' Union, the Federation of Khasi, Jaintia and Garo People and the Hynniewtrep National Youth Front, have called for a 12-

hour shutdown Friday to put pressure on the government to implement the ILP. The organisations are demanding introduction of the innerline permit, saying the number of people entering Meghalaya might go out of control, given the state's proximity to Bangladesh. "The implementation of the ILP would help protect the tribal population from being annihilated in their own land," said Joe Marwein, spokesperson of the agitating groups.

Darjeeling, September 19 (ianS): The Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM), which is spearheading a separatist movement in West Bengal's Darjeeling hills, Thursday said, "working for the creation of Gorkhaland will be a task for all students of the region". "Mission Gorkhaland" will be the name and task for all the students in the Dooars and Hills, as the floodplains and the foothills of the eastern Himalayas are called. "The students must play an active role in the formation of Gorkhaland. The students will create awareness for Gorkhaland," GJM

agartala, September 19 (ianS): Some members of Tripura's erstwhile royal family had tried to merge the state with then East Pakistan and later tried to integrate the state with Assam, Chief Minister Manik Sarkar has revealed. "Before the partition of India, a section in the royal family tried to merge Tripura with East Pakistan (now Bangladesh)," Sarkar told a seminar here Wednesday. "But sensing the public sentiments, the last king of Tripura (Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya Bahadur) before his death had expressed his desire to keep Tripura with the Indian union," the chief minister said. The king who ruled from 1923 died in 1947, the year India became free and the sub-continent was partitioned. Sarkar, a member of the Communist Party of India-Marxist politburo, said that later a section of influential people and

political leaders tried to merge Tripura with neighbouring Assam. Historian and writer Pannalal Roy said: "The States Reorganisation Commission, constituted in 1953, proposed to merge Tripura with Assam." However, after people began a struggle to keep Tripura as a full-fledged state of India, the central government dropped the merger plan, Sarkar said. The seminar was organised on the occasion of the golden jubilee of the Tripura assembly to highlight the transition in the state from princely rule to democratic governance. Inaugurating the seminar, Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar said parliament and state assemblies must run smoothly with high standards of debates to fulfill the hopes and aspirations of the people. She stressed the need of more women lawmakers in both parliament and state assemblies.

DimapUr, September 19 (mexn): The Zeliangrong Youth Front (Assam, Manipur & Nagaland) have condemned the “excessive actions” of the Army posted at Lamdangmei village for “illegal detention, harassment and tortured meted out to two innocent civilians” namely Tanthailung Malangmei and Phungangam Malangmei under Longmai (Noney) Police Station jurisdiction. A press note from the ZYF (AMN) informed that the two civilians were abducted at about 6.30 pm on their way back home after attending thanks giving programme on August 31 at Longmai Town Baptist Church. According to the note, they were released only on September 2 at around 10 am after detained them without informing or reporting or filing FIR to the nearest police station as per laws regarding their detention. The family members came to know about

their detention only when their parents went down to Longmai (Noney) and enquired their whereabouts, the note added. The note claimed that the two civilians were “rendered electric shocks, severely beaten up after tied and hung upside down.” It added that the army took the two innocent civilians to their camp unit hospital located at Longmai (Noney) and gave them medical treatment following complaints of pain on their body and feet. “The army strictly warned not to disclose or divulge the incident to anybody as such the two innocent civilians fearing for their safety and security concealed the matter for the last many days,” it added. The ZYF (AMN) said that this incident is clear and evident case of lack of coordination and cooperation between army and police station, “which compelled the innocent civilians to go through such

unnecessary, unbearable and intolerable episode at the hands of army who are supposedly to protect the lives of the citizens.” The note said that it is contradictory on the part of army to treat the innocent civilians in this manner. Such acts of perpetrations and atrocities of the army has created fear among the public which would only distance away from the public co-operation and support, it said. The ZYF called for investigation in

this regard so as to avoid recurrence of such incident in future. “The Zeliangrong Youth Front in the interest of justice will observe the investigation process and failing to initiate any step of investigation by higher authority would resort to intense form democratic agitation in order to secure conducive and peaceful atmosphere in Zeliangrong areas of which consequences shall be the responsibility of the army authority,” it cautioned.

imphal, September 19 (agencieS): Myanmar is erecting wooden fencing along the undemarcated border with India near Moreh town of Manipur's Chandel district, civil society groups and political parties today alleged and sought Centre's intervention. A CPI team visited the border areas yesterday and suggested that a working group formed by the two countries should immediately re-survey the area and till then there must no fencing work at the undemarcated areas. The party's Manipur unit secretary M Nara said it was "now an accepted fact that there was a border dispute near Moreh", and demanded that the ruling Congress immediately convene an all political party meeting to discuss the issue. Senior CPI leader Sotin Kumar, who led the team, claimed that if the erection of fencing continued, about 7 km stretch of land with a width of about 100 metres would fall within the territory of the neighbouring country. Major social organisation, United Committee Manipur (UCM), national and regional political parties and other civil societies whose representatives had

visited the 'undemarcated' border areas claimed if the fencing was not stopped, several villages would come under Myanmar. Villagers of Holenphai, about three km south of Moreh, said wooden fencing was erected near their village about four days ago before conducting a proper re-survey of the 'undemarcated' border areas. The ongoing erection of fencing was about 10 feet from border pillar number 23, sources said, adding the area was yet to be demarcated between the two countries. Village leaders of Holenphai claim they had been asked by the officials of the neighbouring country to vacate the area. State government officials had urged the Myanmar officials to stop all activities at the border areas until a proper re-survey was done, sources said. The sources said the state government had sent a high-powered team led by Home Commissioner Suresh Babu to inspect the 'undemarcated' border areas on August 26. Babu, whose team had visited Holenphai and surrounding areas, had said it was a 'security fencing' and not border fencing.

Shillong, September 19 (ianS): Meghalaya Chief Minister Mukul Sangma has ruled out implementation of the British-era innerline permit system -- which requires people to secure a licence if they wish to enter a restricted area -- to check illegal migrants from Bangladesh. State governments of Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland and Mizoram issue the innerline permit (ILP) under the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation, 1873.

‘Royals wanted to merge ZYF (AMN) condemns ‘excessive actions’ of Army with East Pakistan’

‘Myanmar erecting fencing along Mnp border’

Assam to battle poachers with AK-47s

new Delhi, September 19 (ianS): Assam has got permission to arm its forest guards with weapons like AK47s to fight heavily-armed poachers, the state's Environment and Forest Minister Rockybul Hussain said Thursday. The minister's comments came as another rhino fell prey to greed at the sprawling Kaziranga National Park, about 200 km from Guwahati, Assam's key city. "We have been allowed by the centre to (arm forest guards) with sophisticated weapons like AK-47," Hussain told IANS in an interview while visiting the national capital. The minister said the use of AK-47 in the latest killing of an one-horned rhino at Kaziranga was "very worrying". He said Assam had sought the central government's green signal to use "powerful weapons" as "poachers have started using AK-47". "Intelligence and police department have said that extremists are involved in this (poaching)," said Hussain. According to one estimate, a processed kilogram of rhino horn can fetch as much as $30,000. The latest rhino killing has taken the toll of rhinos hunted this year to 21 at the Kaziranga park, which is spread over 430 sq km. The rhino killed Tuesday night had its horn chopped off. A senior forest official said there was a heavy exchange of fire between the poachers and the forest guards, who are now armed with mainly .303 rifles of World War I vintage. "The rhino carcass was recovered with its horn sawed away and empty cartridges of AK 47 and .303 rifles were scattered near it," the official said.

In June, Manipur Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh had said on the floor of the state assembly that some border pillars were missing near Moreh and the matter had been referred to the central government. Political parties including CPI, BJP, Manipur People's Party, Nationalist Congress Party and others, besides the civil societies, had urged the state and central governments on several occasions earlier to settle the border issue before it becomes a major one.


It is hereby issued this public notice that land Patta belonging to Mr.Jopi Zhotso situated near New D.C Court Chumukedima. One ATM card, driving License two I.D card and cash Rs.2000/- of Mr.Avi Chase is lost. Therefore this public warning notice is issued for all not to purchase or give out loan on mortgage against the same land Patta, violators shall be doing so at their own risk and lose. (Avi Chase) Chumukedima, Dimapur: Nagaland

supremo Bimal Gurung said. The Gorkhaland Joint Action Committee (GJAC), a forum of pro-Gorkhaland parties led by the GJM, has been spearheading agitation for a separate Gorkhaland. The movement has been intensified in the wake of the decision to carve out a separate Telangana from Andhra Pradesh. The demand is for a new state of Gorkhaland, to be carved out of parts of Darjeeling and neighbouring Jalpaiguri district in West Bengal.

Gurung, who earlier asked schools to "discuss the Gorkhaland issue in the morning assembly", said a team comprising 21 students will also go to Delhi and meet various ministers to press for the creation of Gorkhaland. "Gorkhaland is not for me, but for these students," Gurung said. He earlier asked students to fax their demand to the prime minister and the president, and asserted that Darjeeling's students were ready to sacrifice their education for Gorkhaland.


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public discoursE

Friday 20 September 2013

The Morung Express

Naga-Kuki Purported Where Nagas are living is called The Land of Nagas Statement of the people Ethnic Clash o Nation on earth exists with- arms from Sema area on a single day in we see that we are still holding on the of Lahe against the action he uneducated Nagas developing a politically adout a concrete geographical 1956 by the combined force. And also in rope of Sovereignty? Hence, today we vanced vision for a separate life of Nagas from T taken by NSCN (K) land. And this land of the Nagas Angami area by a single night eight hun- have bilateral ceasefire both with India India in the early 20th Century has descended to un- was preserved before we arrived from dred Indian forces were killed. This is to and Myanmar, thus the world knows that


stoppably armed conflict not only with India alone but also ultimately to unimaginable killing between Nagas and Nagas. The Angamis and Semas may have some differences of Naga political perceptions but this has never gained the seriousness of an ethnic clash between Sümis and Angamis. Of all the Naga Communities; the Angamis and the Zeliangs have the closest proximity to the Kukis. Factually, Nagas are not Kukis nor are Kukis Nagas; they speak different Languages, have different cultures and different social organizations but they live peacefully as normal neighbors for so many Christian generations in Nagaland. The Kukis of Nagaland have supported all Naga political stands since the Petition to the Simon Commission in 1929 they participated. They participate in National and State Politics of Nagaland. Nagas of Nagaland and Kukis of Nagaland have no Ethnic Enmity. How this unfortunate clash between the NSCN(IM) and the KUKIS of Manipur developed purportedly into an Ethnic Clash between NAGAS and KUKIS is not clear to Nagas of Nagaland where Kukis and Nagas live peacefully. The Reported clash between the NSCN(IM) and the KUKIS in Manipur is not a Naga–Kuki Ethnic Clash; Nagas of Nagaland never have any perception of a Kuki-Naga Ethnic Clash. The World today is inexorably and unappeasably tilted against Racism, Human Right Violations, Ethnic Cleansing, Maltreatment of Minority and Genocide etc and if the reported Kuki loss of innocent lives is linked to killings for no other reasons than for being of Kuki Ethnicity; then the deaths may even would be very unfortunate for NAGAS as a whole. If the IM-KUKI trouble is taken up as a Case of Ethnic Kuki Cleansing, then the attention of even the International Court of Justice may someday be attracted. The IM-Kuki difficulty is not a Naga-Kuki Ethnic Clash.

far east. Hence where Nagas are living is called the land of the Nagas. We preserve and respect our indigenous history from time immemorial. The stand of the Nagas is that “Our land is ours”. We are not asking either the Indians or the Burmese to give a part of their land. Form the early fifties when the Burmese leaders like Gen. Aungsan and Indian leader like Netaji Subash Chandra Bose were fighting against the British, we were also fighting for our own rights. And either in the east or west we were defending and protecting ourselves. And our land is not our artificial land either for India or Burma. Nagas are independent tribe. As we hear, in retaliation to imperial rule; the combined warriors of Semas and Yimchungers fought and recovered up to 73

show that there is presence of God with us. This was because we were forced to retaliate them since they came and tortured us even from our churches with lot of atrocities. But we never went for war to Delhi or Rangon. It is purely a war against imperial rule. I am a born of Nagas of Myanmar Khiamnungan. But what I heard is, even Mahatma Gandhi said from Bhangi Basti that Nagas have every right to be independent. And during the achievement of independence of Burma they asked Nagas to join their union, but we the Nagas refused it. During 1964 there was a bilateral ceasefire which failed from Indian side. But as the majority of the National workers returned to the jungle and continued to struggle for Naga Sovereignty led by His Excellency President S.S. Khaplang, can’t

we are a Nation. Our only vision is Naga Sovereignty and that will be our solution. We hear that Nagalim also have unilateral ceasefire. But what we think of Nagalim is like land of Issac Muivah. We have never heard of it before, we have only been hearing about Nagaland. Nagas, remember the sacrifices our parents did while lots of tortures, arson, rape etc. were metted out on us. This was for Naga Sovereignty and not only for few people. Arise Nagas, don’t keep mum out of shame or fear, instead remember Nagas of Nagaland and Nagas of Myanmar are jointly called one Nation. INO. PAPEI KHIAMNUNGAN Central Council Member National Socialist Council of Nagaland.

An Open Letter To The Governor Of Nagaland

SUB:- INVESTIGATIONS 1. Construction of Phek to and submitted the report ON ABANDONED ROAD Chozuba Road under NLto the office of EngineerPROJECTS CPR. in-Chief (R & B) sometime 2. Construction of Old Phek in second week of Decemost respectfully, the unto Satakha via Khuza Road ber 2012. From what is dersigned draw your under NLCPR learned, the SVC has sought kind attention to the public The SVC was requested to prosecution sanction from grievances in respect to the investigate the matters thorEngineer-in-Chief (R & B) following complaints. oughly for public interest. which surprisingly, the latOn 19th April 2012, two Accordingly, the SVC had coner was not even aware of, complaints were lodged in ducted on-spot verification when asked. the State Vigilance Commis- on 21/06/12 for Sl.No.1 and (ii) In regard to Sl.No.2 above, sion (SVC), Nagaland Kohima 31/10/12 for Sl. No.2. the Investigation Offiby the undersigned for public Status report: cer (I.O) has consistently interest. The facts and figures (i) In regard to Sl.No.1 above, maintained that the Consubmitted in the dossiers are the SVC had completed its tractors were not co-operThepfulhouvi Solo self-explanatory. preliminary investigation ating in the investigation



An open letter to men

ou are a wonderful creation of God, remember Adam was created first and was given the responsibility to name and care for His creation. If you could have lived on your own God would not have created woman, but God knew you do need and so He did. I was taught that the father in the family is the image of God (I am not discounting God’s image in each of us). Thank God, dad really was. Through him I learnt that men and women are equal with differences to complement each other. Being raised under the care of a God fearing man, I always accept womanhood as a gift. I grew up learning that as a woman I have my own worth. I acknowledge that God has wired women in such a manner that we find joy in giving men the respect due to them. But we resist it when men steps out of their place – the place where God placed them. There were days when I used to go out alone and it was ok but lately just sometime before dad expired

he began to care more about my going out alone. The concern was because of the rampant sexual harassments, rape and murder which have unfortunately crept into our society. He trusted me but could not trust fellowmen who do not value women as God does. What daggers my spirit more is daughters who become victims under their own shelter. I refuse to use the word home because it really cannot be called a home. To me, a home is where Jesus is the head and the family live under biblical principle. There are daughters raped by their own fathers and brothers; men who were supposed to protect and care for them. Gang rape seems to be the trend now. I am not sure where this springs from. It surprised me more to read that a minor was raped by a group of minor boys. Which culture is this? Which faith propagate such act? Can such men be respected?

God forbid, and just as He loves the sinner but hate sin, I hate this diabolic act of men. Reading newspaper is not pleasant anymore. It is as thought a day without moral degrading news is an incomplete newspaper. In fact there will be many more uncovered happenings we never get to know of. Where is our Christianity? Where is our humanity? Is this the kind of men God created? Is this how He intended men to behave? Someone pointed out in one of the write up that we are becoming like chimpanzee. I agree wholly with a heavy heart that God did not create men as animals but in His own image to be rulers and care takers. God created both men and animals. What than is the difference? Animals are ruled by instincts. They do not marry like human to propagate and to enjoy the gift of sex. They have a mating season

and when that time comes, they follow their instincts. Men are not only led by instincts but have rationality wired in our system. Instincts react first but unlike animals, it goes through rational thinking and thus a normal man conducts in an appropriate way. God created both men and animals as sexual beings and there is nothing wrong with that. God in His wisdom therefore created women and instituted marriage so that you can partner and fulfill your needs as well as grow together in all spheres of life. When men forget his original nature and starts behaving like an animal, nothing can be worse than that. At least, animals have a season, men does not seem to. Men who do not know their worth and responsibility in this world through God are more destructive and worthless than animals. We can train animals to serve us, sell or kill it

despite repeated summons. The preliminary investigation is still pending completion. Hence, we request you to kindly intervene so as to expedite the process of investigation and bring the cases to their logical conclusions at the earliest. Murhaveyi Khesoh Phek Town Complainant for Sl.No.1

Dr. K. Hoshi Phek Town Complainant for Sl.No.2

if it does not serve the purpose, even eat their flesh but what do we do with men who are morally corrupted and threaten women’s wellbeing? When I read or hear about sexual offences on women by men, my instinct tells me to hate men but my rational side tells me that there are also noble men like my dad. Because of this man who has now gone to be with the Lord and the Word of God; I realize the worth of men in the sight of God and have hope that husbands, fathers, sons and brothers can join hearts to bring change in our society. Men, I appeal to you to know your creator. Gone are the days when we use to tell men, treat other women as you expect others to treat your sisters. Today there is no other metaphor we can say of except to say, treat women as Jesus did. Let Jesus be seen in you, retain the honour that is due to you.


aga Armed Force did not contribute for the betterment of the people of Naga living in Myanmar in any economic or educational sectors during over 60 years of revolutionary action, in fact our society been ruined and as an impact our people struggle the inferiority among any other ethnic groups of Myanmar until today. Since 1960 Naga Armed Force has taken refuge in the Lahe Township region, many innocent were killed, villages were destroyed and some suffered from pangs of hunger during those strikes between Myanmar military and Naga Armed group. In this transitional period of the Government of Myanmar NSCN (K) and State Government has come to the agreement of cease fire and more efforts are being made to execute the betterment of the people of Myanmar Naga. Road construction was initiated with the collaboration of local Companies and Entrepreneurs after obtaining the agreement from the State to bring better local transportation system. In the process, NSCN (K) make appealed to the Sagaing regional office which becomes hindrance toward the ongoing local transportation construction projects and indeed disappoints the local community. If NSCN (K) claim to stands for the concern of all Naga living in Myanmar, their response or their action should not express prejudice. The ongoing three local transportation projects, Noklat, Avakhong and Chenmoho, are the cooperative implementing between MPs of Naga Self-Administered Zone and Companies and Entrepreneurs from Nagaland. The local communities were frustrated towards NSCN (K) for the objection on these transportations projects. Nagaland Government and Government of Myanmar are not involved in the ongoing local transportation projects, yet projects are been carried out after noticed to the Government of Myanmar, and it is the outcome of the discussion between the MPs and the Entrepreneurs of Chabou & Co Company in 2012 May 2 during their visit to Myanmar. These projects are not correlated with the Lungwa National Trade route project. The local community also expressed that suspicious statement made by NSCN (K) over this route map of the present construction area can mislead our people. Lahe MP U Sa Mu, also said, “our people in this area suffered enough during the revolutionary action, many lost their shelters, innocent were tortured and even many more gave their lives. The objection made by NSCN (K) towards the ongoing projects, Chenmoho constructions projects, does not intend constructive attitudes and by this act they ignored the public’s concern.” The suspicious statement made by NSCN (K) towards construction work had brought frustrations among the local communities which indeed is the collaborative projects between MPs and local Companies. Therefore, village head administrator of the project area and the community leaders expressed their disappointment toward NSCN (K). Pubo, Village Administrator, Chen area

Sa Mu, MP of Lower House, Lahe township, Naga Self-Administrator

Nighatoli Piketo Achumi Youth Pastor N.C.R.C Sumi, Purana Bazar

Readers may please note that the contents of the articles, letters and opinions published do not reflect the outlook of this paper nor of the Editor in any form.



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S h i i P i D a a S a v a n n a h i i E S a

B R L R J a M E S T O w n i B O S T O n S

E E g a v i T n a R g D n a L a i D R M n h

R i D T a C S h i P B u i L D i n g i S a

E n E L L T E P B a L T i M O R E a i D R

L i L T n E F O M a S S a C h E T T S E v

A i a P L y M O u T h P L a n T a T i O n a

g u h g h C E L O n D O n C O M P a n y R

i v i R T a E a n i L O R a C h T u O S D

R O u a h n E w E n g L a n D u L i D F g C

u P L y M O u T h C O M P a n y C y Q n O

S E F C L C Q w S T a R v i n g T i M E L

C F a P O R C h S a C h a R L E S T O n n L

R O O T T h a n K S g i v i n g E O y L E

E E T h E O C R a C y E u n w R R O R a g

H E n x x E S i w i L L i a M P E n n x i E

D E g E O R g i a P E n n S y L v a n i a

O P i L g R i M S E D n a L S i E D O h R


M T O i n a v a L S u P P L i E S h h S n

1. Ottoman title 6. Foliage 10. head 14. Bestow 15. arab chieftain 16. wicked 17. Sensible 19. auctioned 20. used to boil water 21. Downwind 22. it ebbs and flows 23. Pry 25. Duck down 26. Stinging insect 30. Ethically indifferent 32. Take advantage of 35. a short novel 39. a gripping hand tool 40. Disavowal 41. Reasonable 43. a movement downward 44. afternoon nap 46. Cocoyam 47. Swindle 50. an essay 53. Low-fat 54. Craggy peak 55. wealthy 60. where the sun rises 61. Car

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34. Small island 36. Misled 37. Territory 38. Countertenor 42. Take up the cause 43. Dip lightly 45. Disagreeable woman 47. Transparent 48. Throw with effort 49. artist’s workstand 51. Shade tree 52. ancestors 54. Makes lace 56. assist in crime 57. Calamitous 58. if not 59. Bottomless 62. Mineral rock

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LOCAL Countdown begins for IMI-Kohima Summit (SMDS-III)

The Morung Express

Dimapur, September 19 (mexN): In less than a week, Kohima will be filled with some of India’s finest think-tanks discussing issues related to mountain people spread across the Himalayan region. As the much awaited IMI-Kohima Summit or Sustainable Mountain Development Summit III draws closer, there is a sense of anticipation, both in the form of extending hospitality to participants from all walks of life and that of deliberations on the heart of the matter, stated a release issued by the Media Cell, Sustainable Development Forum Nagaland (SDFN). The summit, from September 25 to 27, 2013 will see faces representing the GIZ, the India Water

Portal, International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), Swiss Embassy, Indian Himalayas Climate Adaptation Programme (IHCAP), Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region, Ministry of Environment and Forests, apart from several other politicians, bureaucrats, policy makers, journalists, researchers, subject experts, participants from the eleven Indian Himalayan states etc. According to the note, about 300 people are expected to take part in the three-day Summit, which will also see three main thematic addresses on water, forest and agriculture, apart from the side events including Policy Makers’ Dialogue, Indian Himalayan

Legislators’ Meet, State Action Plans on Climate Change, Special Session on Himalayan Disasters, the field visits and Youth Summit (September 22 to 23, 2013). (SDFN), the host has, apart from the serious deliberations, also provided space for exhibitions and demonstrations where a pavilion will facilitate different development agencies and organizations to network and demonstrate experiences, as well as, the different innovations and technologies available in mountain states. The summit, the release said has been planned in a manner that the event is not just about policies, experience sharing and dialogue, but also about learning opportunities through

food, culture, and networking. In this regard, the Kohima Summit will also feature a ‘Food Festival’ as one of the attractions, where local food and food systems are hoped to be shared and appreciated. Meanwhile, cultural richness of the North East will be showcased through different cultural troupes from across the North East region under NEZCC on the evening of the first day of the summit, while the show will be stolen by the Dreamz Unlimited on the second day. Some of the prominent names to participate in the summit include P.D Rai, Indian Mountain Initiative Convenor and Sikkim MP (Lok Sabha), Lise Grande,

Friday 20 September 2013



BIrthday GrEEtInGs

Resident Coordinator, United Temjenrenla Nations, New Delhi, BMS RaWarm greetings for thore, Joint Secretary, Ministry a truly happy birthday of Environment & Forests, Janine Kuriger, Councillor and Direcwith the best of wishtor of Cooperation, Embassy of es, may God Bless you Switzerland, New Delhi, Dr. Dawith good health and vid Molden, Director General, Inmany many happy reternational Centre for Integrated turns of the day. Mountain Development, Helga With love from Mum, Dad, Fink, Program Manager, CCAAkum, grandparents and loved NER, GIZ, Shillong, Meghalaya, ones BK Chaturvedi, Member, Planning Commission. Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio will be the chief guest for the inaugural session, while Ninong State level national role play Ering, Union Minister of State for competition in Kohima Minority Affairs, Government of India will grace the valedictory Kohima, September 19 (mexN): A state level National Role Play Competition under the aegis of Adosession on September 25. lescence Education Cell, SCERT, Nagaland will take place on September 20 from 11:00 AM onwards at Rüzhükhrie Govt. Higher Secondary School Kohima. The event is being organized by SCERTs in various states across imagine today.” Zhaleo on be- the country in coordination with the NCERT, New Delhi half of his family conveyed sol- under Population Education/Adolescence Education emn and heartfelt condolences project with the objective to provide an opportunity for students to learn life skills through participation and exto the bereaved family. periential learning approach. Parliamentary secretary for higher education & SCERT Deo Nukhu will grace NPF Ghaspani – II A/C The NPF 5 Ghaspani-II A/C the occasion as the chief guest. The programme will be has expressed deep pain to hear chaired by Kevi Liegise, joint director SCERT, Nagaland of the demise of Kuolatuo Kuot- while introductory speech will be given by Vipralhou su, from Medziphema Village on Kesiezie, director SCERT Nagaland. The event will witSeptember 17. In a condolence ness participants from the districts of Dimapur, Kohima, message, NPF 5 Ghaspani-II A/C Mokokchung, Peren and Wokha. Judges for the event inpresident Gohu Vupru and its clude; Tuolie Seleyi, reader SCERT, Hosheli, research aspress secretary Thejangukho sociate, SCERT and Kegwalo, research associate, SCERT. Yalietsu stated, “ Words are indeed, inadequate to speak of his unsurpassed dedication and Hindi Divas celebration today sincerity as well as his faithful- Kohima, September 19 (mexN): The Naganess to a greater vision which land Rashtrabhasha Prachar Samity (Hindi Uchchatar has all along, driven him to lead Vidyakaya) Kohima will be observing debate cum Hindi us to a higher ground.” Mourning Divas celebration on September 20 at 11:30 AM at Capithe death, the release conveyed tal Convention Centre, Kohima. Parliamentary secreheartfelt condolences to his family and, at the same time, prayed tary for higher education and SCERT Deo Nukhu will for Lord’s blessings upon the be- grace the occasion as the chief guest while K. Phesao, director (HS) Directorate of School Education will be reaved family. the guest of honour. The function will be chaired by Vipralhou Kesiezie, director SCERT.


Seminar on role of media in Christian ministry Demise of GB Medziphema Village mourned

Participants in action during the seminar on media ministry organized by nBCC.

Dimapur, September 19 (mexN): NBCC Education and Communication Department organized a seminar on Media Ministry from September 17 to 18, 2013. The rationale behind the seminar was to create awareness on the importance and role of Media in Christian ministry. Dr.

Imsutoshi Jamir, Associate Professor, Communication and Media Studies & Dean, Tribal Study Centre, Eastern Theological College and Inato Shikhu, Editor, Indian Christian Post and Sümi Zumulhu were the resource persons. The Importance and Role of Media in Church Ministry, Ex-

ploring Media Mediated Values, Principles of Christian Communication and Social Media were some of the topics in the seminar. Some practical sessions on how to write press statement and releases were also conducted. This was stated in a press statement received here.

Parliamentary Secretary Zhaleo Rio Parliamentary Secretary for Urban Development Zhaleo Rio expressed profound sadness at the sudden demise of Kuolatuo Kuotsu, GB of Medziphema Village, at the latter’s funeral on September 18. He acknowledged Kuolatuo Kuotsu as an eminent leader who moulded lives all throughout his years of service to “our people” and “our society”. Zhaleo recollected that he heard of the deceased’s exemplary sacrifices right from his youth to his years of teaching in school, to his rise as a leader and a reliable elder till his final breath. Further, he added that since his (the deceased) retirement from government service, “He has been my persistent inspiration, an instrument of motivation and my invaluable guide in more ways than I can

Peren District Village Chairman Union issues resolutions

pereN, September 19 (mexN): The Peren District Village Chairman Union has issued a resolution stating that the Village Council being the supreme authority of the village administration, no persons/ organization will convene meeting without its knowledge as regard to developmental activities of departments concerned in their respective villages. A press note issued by Peramthinlung, General Secretary, Village Chairman Union Peren stated that a representative from the village council should be present/invited during any important making of developmental activities in respect of VDB since On september 13 IMFL and narcotic drugs were destroyed in the presence of Inalo Zhimomi, CJM, Kohima, Pros- the VDBs are “a part of ecution, dEF and the Prosecuting Inspector. a press note received listed the items destroyed as: IMFL- 442 cases, action Br tablets -4320 strips, Lupicof syrup-1300 bottles, nitrosen-8000 tablets, spasmo Proxyvon-7350 capsules, the village” and not “apart from the village”. It also reGanja-352 kgs, heroin-145 gms, Opium-6 kgs, suspected narcotic drugs-3 kgs.

Deptt of Urban Garbage collection van along NH 29 Septem- along the highway, as it gives Development Dimapur, ber 19 (mexN): Pura- filthy look to the area and na Bazaar Village Council removed all waste collecnotifies (PBVC) has introduced gar- tion bins, banning rampant Kohima, September 19 (Dipr): The Department of Urban Development (Municipal Administration Cell) has invited claims and objections to the altered boundary limits of the Longleng Town Council area and that of Ward No. 11 (Leinak Ward) vide Notification No. TC/HOME-34/2003 dated 21/06/2013. The demarcation for the West boundary of the Longleng Town Council area specified in the Schedule and shown as ‘Lengkha Area’ vide this Department’s Notification mentioned above should be read as ‘Lonkha Area’; and the boundary demarcation for Ward No. 11 (Leinak Ward) of the Longleng Town Council should be read as detailed: North: Oushok village, East: Malangtei Nala, South: Shahyung Hukuk Nala Last and West: Good Shepherd School. Therefore, in exercise of the powers conferred under Section 6(3) of the Nagaland Municipal Act, 2001, any inhabitant of the specified area desiring to object to this Notification should submit his/ her objection, in written, to the Government through the Deputy Commissioner, Longleng, within 30 days with effect from September 11, 2013.

bage collection van along National Highway 29, between Old Dhansiri Bridge and Holotoli School, following the removal of all garbage bins along the highway. In a bid to give a facelift to the commercial area of the village, the PBVC, on Wednesday conducted a massive garbage cleaning drive along the highway with hired machineries to remove piles of wastes collected along the road. Hozheto Achumi, Chairman of PBVC said the council decided not to have any designated spot for collection of garbage

dumping of wastes. Now, a garbage collection van will operate on the highway every morning from 7:00 to 8:00 am. The council chairman has informed all the business owners along the said stretch to maintain their own dust bins and dump the wastes into the garbage collection van. He also appealed the business establishments to co-operate with the council to keep the area clean. Anyone found not maintaining proper waste bin would be penalized, it warned.

solved that “random” press release against departmental officers in the district on trivial issues will not be encouraged. “Any complaints/clarifications should be addressed/ directed to the officers concerned rather than going to the media and creating a bad impression on the departments concerned who otherwise, deserve our outmost respect and regard for their services rendered in spite of all the challenges and difficulties they face in their workplace,” the note said. It further stated that tenures of any communitized department Chairman or VDB secretary should not be extended without the consent of the Village Chairman Union Peren District Nagaland.

PUDA condemns rape of a minor

Dimapur, September 19 (mexN): Phom Union Diphupar Area (PUDA) has strongly condemned the rape of a 14-year-old minor reportedly by one Joshua Rhakho on September around 5:30 pm at Naga United Village Block ‘B’. Stating that the act should be condemned by all, the Union asserted that befitting punishment should be awarded to him by the law enforcing agencies and that he should not be granted bail. It further stated that light punishment and bail should not be accepted by people. Lauding the Naga United Village Council for apprehending the accused and handing over to the police, the Union also urged the Council to take action against the accused as per the rules and regulations of the village.

Invitation for Dmp truck owners and truck drivers

Dimapur, September 19 (mexN): All the truck owners and truck drivers under Dimapur district are informed to attend the inaugural function of Dimapur District Truck Drivers’ Welfare Trade Union (DDTDWTU) office to be held on September 21, 11:30 am at Burma Camp, Kohima Road, near Bible Society of India. Dimapur, September 19 (mexN): The team of Hindu Seva Samiti, Dimapur has extended heartiest thanks to the administration and security personnel of Dimapur who for maintaining peace during Vishwakarma Puja in and around Dimapur. In a press release, Samiti secretary and its president conveyed special thanks to the Deputy Commissioner, Dimapur, SP Dimapur, OCs and the deputed force of IRB at the ghat to help during the immersion programme. It also thanked all the Kariyakartas (volunteers), Bharat Sevaashram Sangh and the Committee of Hanuman Mandir for their social contribution at the ghat.

NPBCAWD triennial conference rev. dr. avi sophie, member of International Council of Elders Jerusalem leading a team from nagaland during a tree planting event in Israel on september 12, 2013 in collaboration with Jewish national Fund or KKL. also seen are state Minister for roads and Bridge Kuzholuzo nienu, nagaland state chaplain rev. Khrutsoyi Luruo, rev. Vevozo Khamo, Kevinourheno seyie and some other travelers from nagaland.

special song being presented at Lakhamai Baptist church on the church’s Foundation day.

same mind to extend the kingdom of God here on this earth. James challenged the church members to retrospect the blessings of God the past 64 years after the

Dimapur, September 19 (mexN): All the residents of Kughato Village have been requested to construct the houses before November 15, 2013. A press release issued by Head GB of the village K Kakiye Zhimomi cautioned failing to do so, the plot/ allotment of the members will stand cancelled.

Hindu Seva Samiti conveys thanks

Lakhamai Baptist Church observes Foundation Day

Kohima, September 19 (mexN): Lakhamai Baptist Church (LBC) observed its church foundation day on September 15 at Lakhamai village with P. James, principal Chilivai Baptist High School and Kh. Ngaoni Sha, the only surviving church pioneer as the speakers. James, speaking on the topic “Build together for a dwelling place of God” said the believers should stay together in unity and the church should be responsible for bringing the Christian together and closer. He said people in Christ always stay together and have the

Kughato Village residents informed

light of gospel came to the village. He encouraged the believers to stand firm and mature spiritually as the church is 64 years old now and should not be like an infant as in the initial stage.

Ngaoni church pioneer who witnessed the initial stage of the first church said he never dreamed to see the church up to this stage, but it was through His wonderful grace. He said at the beginning only 7 household embraced Christian with 27 members but now there are around 300 households and more than 1200 members. He elaborated how the first Christian in the village suffered and struggled in the hands of the majority nonChristian. He said though they faced problems from different angles they never gave up their faith in Christ and

rather they grew stronger and more united. Challenging the church members he said now the believers should be strong in faith even more and work harder for God’s glory. The day was observed with various competitions and events during the three services on Sunday. Church members were divided into four groups namely, Church colony, Reinah, Koukhe and Senapati Karong group. The two best in every item were awarded. Hundreds of church members attended the programme including those who are dwelling outside the village.

Dimapur, September 19 (mexN): The third triennial conference of Nagaland Police Baptist Churches Association Women Department (NPBCAWD) will be held from September 27 to 29, hosted by PBC, 5th NAP Bn., Phek. The speakers will be Rev Narola, Secretary, NBCCWD; Rev. Dr N Mong Lotha, Executive Secretary, Neingeupeu Kazhei, Women Secretary, CBCC Pfutsero. A workshop will also be organized by Asha Sanchu, Director, Miqlat Ministry on the topic, “Church’s responsibility towards human trafficking and commercial sex workers.” Meanwhile, Nipele Kezo will be the special guest for exhibition cum sale and cultural expo.

AR apprehends suspected cadres

Dimapur, September 19 (mexN): Acting on a tip-off, troops of 37 Assam Rifles apprehended four suspected NSCN (KK) cadres from Pherima and Piphema areas in Dimapur district on September 15. According to a press release issued by the AR, the apprehended cadres are suspected to be involved in illegal activities along NH-29, between Dimapur and Kohima. One pistol along with magazine and 03 live rounds were recovered from one of the four apprehended cadres, the release said. All the four cadres were handed to the Medziphema police station. Meanwhile, in a separate incident, 33 Assam Rifles under the aegis of HQ 7 Sector Assam Rifles recovered 306 bottles of illicit liquor on September 14 while carrying out patrolling in Longling village of Mon district. The release mentioned that the local populace appreciates the continuous seizure of contraband in the State in the last one month by AR troops.



The Power of Truth

The Morung Express FrIDAy 20 sEPTEmbEr 2013 vol. vIII IssuE 258

Along Longkumer Consulting Editor

Missing Dynamism


mpact 5000 by 2018, a five-year campaign on entrepreneurship and employment was officially launched recently in the State Capital Kohima. The campaign is a joint collaboration of the Government of Nagaland and YouthNet. Speaking during its launch, the State Chief Secretary made an interesting comment that the ‘expected dynamism’ was lacking among our youth. A few years ago also, as the then Development Commissioner, he had mentioned about ‘the missing link’, which according to him was hampering the growth of entrepreneurship in the state. While it is not an easy thing to diagnose the reason/s why this is so, one can only contemplate a few points here that could perhaps explain why it is not just our youths but all of us Nagas in general lack this ‘expected dynamism’. One of the drawbacks that we face is that over the years, we have developed a serious problem of attitude when it comes to our work ethics. We yearn only to be masters, of hankering after easy money without doing any work. This speaks volumes about the problem we face. Our attitude of self dependency is clearly manifested by the fact that we are unable to solve our own problems without outside help and this weakness is made worse by charity. Perhaps, Japan’s rise to the top, post the devastation following the Second World War (bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki) can be attributed to hard work of its people and the sheer patriotism displayed. According to a book ‘Count your chickens before they hatch’ by Arindam Chaudhuri, the typical Japanese would say “I am a Honda man (and not that I work for Honda)” displaying the bond that he shares with his company. In the same book, the author mentions about how patriotism drives the Japanese people to give their best and they rarely cheat their country. All this comes from patriotism. Of course, it’s not only Japan but we have countries like China and Korea dominating the global market with their products and being able to compete with the West. The political system also has a role to play. For instance in a non-democratic but totalitarian rule as in China, it is said that at one point of time, bells would go off on street corners at 5 am in the morning, signifying that it’s time to get up and get working. Can we ever imagine this happening in Naga society? Can government servants who have a secured job with good salary repay back the govt in terms of commitment and hard work? We love our job security but we are complacent so we get paid without working. Also the atmosphere in our govt offices is not inspiring to push people to perform better since the commitment and patriotism is missing. The other aspect that needs collective effort of all concerned (whether State govt or national groups) is to help build up an atmosphere that is conducive for business and investment to thrive in. Many of our young men and women do not lack in potential or hard work. What they lack is the right kind of environment. It is a known fact that businesses are made to pay exorbitant rates of extortion, which unfortunately has become a culture and way of life and worse of all hampering enterprise. All this would mean that we will have to clean up the internal problems that have worked to the disadvantage of the Nagas. Also, our people’s work culture and attitude must also change if we are to make the best use of any given opportunity. (Feedback can be send to

lEfT wiNg |

Gemma Tarlach

Blood Test May Predict Suicide Risk


ndividuals most intent on committing suicide are often the least likely to admit it. But soon, their blood may do the talking for them. Molecules in the blood appear to indicate an individual’s current degree of suicidal intent, according to a study of bipolar patients in Indiana. Although the study’s small sample of just nine Caucasian men makes the findings preliminary, the results could lead to a breakthrough in creating the first quantitative and objective tool for establishing an individual’s suicide risk.

Enzyme Sign The study focused on subjects diagnosed with bipolar disorder and thus considered at high risk for suicide — previous studies have suggested that one of every three bipolar-diagnosed individuals will attempt suicide. Over the course of multiple visits every three to six months, subjects provided blood samples and also received assessments of their mental state at the time, including suicidal intent and suicidal ideation, or preoccupation with suicide. From one visit to the next, subjects’ suicidal intent and ideation levels ranged from low to high. Analyzing the subject’s samples, researchers identified 41 enzymes and proteins whose levels appeared to fluctuate based on the degree of suicidal risk at the time. The molecules, or biomarkers, were discovered through a process known as convergent functional genomics, which involves amplifying the DNA in a blood sample to look for genetic evidence of the molecules’ presence. Expression of an enzyme called SAT1 in particular was elevated when suicidal intent and ideation were high. SAT1 has previously been associated with suicidal intent, anxiety and mood disorders. To compare the expression of SAT1 and other biomarkers in suicidal subjects with individuals who had committed suicide, researchers obtained postmortem samples from nine suicide completers, some of whom had a history of mental illness. Researchers discovered that SAT1 expression in all cases was significantly elevated, and was higher in suicide completers than in living subjects with suicidal thoughts.

Other Indicators While SAT1 and some other biomarkers were elevated when suicidal intent or ideation was high, other biomarkers, such as the protein CD24, decreased when the living subjects were assessed as highly suicidal. CD24 levels were also lower in the postmortem samples when compared to samples from subjects assessed as having low suicide risk. Although SAT1 displayed the strongest correlation between gene expression and risk, five other biomarkers remained associated with suicidal intent or ideation after the team performed additional rigorous statistical testing. The team also identified four biomarkers, including SAT1, for which a high baseline level may indicate a general predisposition to having suicidal intent and ideation, even if the subject is not currently suicidal. Researchers involved in the study, published today in Molecular Psychiatry, note that development of an objective tool such as a biomarker blood test is crucial since suicidal individuals often will not disclose their intent due to fears of being stigmatized, hospitalized or thwarted. Clinicians today typically rely on an assortment of subjective tests and observation to determine risk of suicide, but these methods are often imprecise and poorly predictive. Today’s published findings are the first to suggest the feasibility of a predictive test to assess an individual’s suicide risk—and thus, hopefully, save some lives.



Max Zahn

Compassionate Economics

What kind of economics could facilitate the liberation of all human beings? A new middle path can transform our relationship to individual and collective suffering


welling in our collective imagination, the economist sits hunched over reams of data that appear to the uninitiated like hieroglyphics. Luckily he or she (and it’s usually a “he”) can quickly discern underlying patterns in the sheets that fly from the printer, as would a meteorologist when staring at a multi-colored map. That’s how the myth goes anyway: economists are smarter than the rest of us. You know those college classes that you tried to avoid like the dining hall’s weird-smelling seafood? The economists sought out those classes, and they excelled. So when things like the Great Recession of 2008 happen and societies desperately need a collective conversation about the economy, it’s no wonder that many people defer to the experts who’ve been thinking long and hard about this stuff. They are called “economists” after all. The problem is they also get things wrong. In their recent New York Times Op-Ed “What is Economics Good For,” Alex Rosenberg and Tyler Curtain argue that no one has any business referring to economics as a science. “The fact that the discipline of economics hasn’t helped us improve our predictive abilities,” they say, “suggests it is still far from being a science, and may never be.” Basically, economists make too many mistakes. Scientists hypothesize gravity, drop a bunch of household objects, and then confidently advise that you shouldn’t let go of your mug unless you want the kitchen floor littered with shards of the Paris skyline. Economists, on the other hand, guarantee the upward trajectory of the housing market and then stare at their shoelaces as the mortgage bubble bursts. Back in 2009, Paul Krugman took his indictment of economics one step further. “Few economists saw our current crisis coming, but this predictive failure was the least of the field’s problems,” he wrote. “More important was the profession’s blindness to the very possibility of catastrophic failures in a market economy.” Not only do economists get things wrong, but they also nurse a glaring ideological blind spot. In this case, Krugman was referring to the market fundamentalism that suffused the outlook of economists like former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan. It was Greenspan that helped to orchestrate the financial deregulation and low interest rates that directly precipitated the crash of 2008. Despite our hangover from the Great Recession, we should be wary of disregarding economic perspectives. The most important takeaway from the recent crisis is not that economics is unimportant, but that mathematical projection models in economics should be treated with great skepticism, especially those that make ideal market assumptions that are characteristic of the classical school. Professors Rosenberg and Curtain end their piece with a fittingly cautious prescription for any post-recession economic policy: “at this point, [the economy] is a craft, to be executed with wisdom, not algorithms, in the design and management of institutions.” The call for “wisdom, not algorithms” is an invitation to citizens as well as to economists. At root,


HEN I came into my office, he was in my chair, feet up, shirt off, an AK-47 propped against the desk. “President Putin,” I said, playing it cool. “Nice Op-Ed last week.” He looked up from my computer. “Ah, yes. I was just checking this, how you say, ‘most-e-mailed list’ that your New York Times keeps. I see I’m still No. 1.” “Only until someone writes a piece about Ivy League admissions, Mr. President.” His laugh sounded like ice cracking in a Siberian spring. “Call me Vlad,” he said. “And tell me: Is it always this easy to get a rise out of you Americans? I watch your TV, I follow your elections. I thought you are used to propaganda.” “Well, if it’s our own. But it’s different being lectured on peace and human rights by a ruler who doesn’t give a fig about either.” “Yes, but all this whining from your politicians. This Bob Menendez saying my piece made him want to vomit — like a podrostok who cannot handle vodka. And John Boehner, I know he sometimes cries like a babushka but to whine that he was insulted by my column ... does he get so offended when he watches the White House’s propaganda network, this MSNBC?” “Actually, the White House doesn’t run ...” “And this anger about the paragraph where I questioned American exceptionalism? After reading the online comments, I concede that American people are exceptional: exception-

Riot police arrest a school guard demonstrating in Athens on Monday, September16, 2013. Riot police scuffled with striking school guards outside a ministry in central Athens on Monday morning, as labor unions geared up for a series of public sector strikes over job cuts. (AP Photo)

the most profound economic questions of the day do not demand more sophisticated numerical calculations but more expansive imaginations and priorities. The task is to bring public advocacy into the formerly-sacred realm of economics, thereby helping to ensure a healthy society for ourselves and our neighbors. The recession should not instill a wholesale disavowal of economics; it should strengthen a popular commitment to reinvent the subject in a different image that we can co-create. Our current and future wellbeing depends on it. With that task in mind, the first step is to take an inventory of core values. By sorting out first principles, we enter the economic thicket with a machete that can chop through jargon and obfuscation. As a practicing Buddhist, I’ve chosen compassion as a cornerstone of my economic understanding. Literally meaning “to suffer with,” compassion – in the words of revered Vietnamese Zen Monk Thich Nhat Hanh – entails a commitment to “remove the suffering that is present in another.” This value reappears in the more extreme Mahayana Buddhist Bodhisattva vow to alleviate the suffering of all sentient beings. Notice that the language here is not one of optimizing pleasure but of minimizing pain. In this sense, it flips American rags-to-riches exceptionalism on its head. To understand what Buddhists mean by compassion, we need to revisit their conception of suffering. The Sanskrit term for suffering is “Samsara,” which refers to a persistent and deep sense of dissatisfaction - the sense that things aren’t the way that we want them to be. Buddhists believe that all sentient beings remain trapped in a cyclic feeling of this dissatisfaction, from which we constantly seek escape. The only way to liberate ourselves from Samsara is to transform the way we relate to the place in which this suffering arises: our own minds. Through practices like meditation, we gradually erode the urge to attach ourselves to pleasurable feelings or run away from painful ones. From that point on, we slowly attain a grounded sense of equilibrium and contentment which allow us to adapt fluidly to the evershifting circumstances of our lives. What kind of economic approaches could facilitate the liberation of all sentient beings from this kind of suffering? One of the Buddha’s primary teachings – that of the Middle Path – helps to clarify this point. The Buddha taught that both extreme asceticism and extreme excess are hindrances to the path of liberation. Self-denial clouds the mind with

Call me vlad

the vestiges of fatigue and malnutrition, while indulgence indefinitely postpones the necessary depth of engagement with internal experience. Therefore, a Buddhist economics should ensure that each and every sentient being has sufficient material and educational support to liberate themselves from suffering. For animals, this means that human consumption patterns should not cause avoidable harm. And for humans themselves, this approach calls for progressive taxation, redistributive social services, and accessible pre-college and college education. The conservative critique of this philosophy is easy to anticipate, and not to be dismissed. Conservatives argue that government intrusion in the marketplace will hinder the individual’s entrepreneurial and expressive freedoms. Frankly I’m much more concerned about civil liberties than I am about the right to turn a good idea into lots of money, though I concede that the two overlap. I think Buddhism has a novel response to this concern, and one that isn’t often aired in the mainstream public debate. For Buddhists, the individual presents a tricky paradox. On the one hand, the Buddha famously preached a belief in “no-self:” the concept that one cannot trace any inherent existence to his or herself due to the dual truths of interdependence and impermanence. That said, the Buddha also taught a challenging personal practice that counts on each individual to fully realize this truth of no-self, and thus attain enlightenment. So ironically, each individual Buddhist makes a personal commitment to a path that will eventually undo our most basic assumptions about individuated existence. In this regard, Buddhists should bring a circumspect attitude toward an entirely centralized economy that would impede freedom of thought or expression. It is this freedom to radically engage with our consciousness that allows each of us to liberate ourselves from suffering. At the same time, Buddhists should acknowledge that unregulated market capitalism inevitably causes extreme inequalities of wealth that inflict unnecessary harm on billions of people worldwide. Hence the need for a new middle path but not one that resembles bipartisanship, Washington consensus, or the thinly-veiled politics of economic technocrats. This middle path demands a radical and sustained commitment to a new kind of empowerment for all: the power to transform our relationship with suffering.

ross Douthat Source: NYT

ally easy to bait.” “Well, you can’t blame us for being annoyed with the situation. President Obama traps himself by threatening a war that Congress wouldn’t support, you sweep in with a bogus solution he has to accept because the alternative is impotence ...” “How is the solution we have offered not a good one?” “Will it lead to Assad giving up his chemical weapons?” “I have no idea. But the diplomatic to-and-fro makes him unlikely to use them, which is what you wanted, no?” “Well, the ultimate goal is to remove him from power ...” He banged his hand on my desk. “This is how it always is! You cannot stop with reasonable goal. You must have unreasonable one. Toppling the Taliban was not enough — you had to repeat our mistake and occupy Afghanistan. Saddam contained was not enough — you wanted regime change, democracy. Killing terrorists is not enough — you want the Muslim world to love you.” “Well, there’s that exceptionalism thing ...”

“Yes, yes, I admit, America really is different. Sometimes, deep in my cold, black heart, I even feel flicker of admiration for that difference ...” “Well, thanks ...” “But mostly it makes me insane. I have been dealing with American government for 13 years, and my needs have always been simple, straightforward. I just want what Russian leaders will always want: a sphere of influence, a partner to fight terrorism, stability at home, respect abroad. But your presidents, Bush and Obama — who can tell what they want? One minute they ask me for help in Afghanistan or offer some sort of ‘reset’ button; the next they push NATO to my borders and try to topple my only Middle Eastern client ...” “Well, maybe they both started out hoping that you were something other than a thug and ended up disappointed.” He stroked the AK-47. “Maybe. But you are lucky to have me. After the 1990s, you could have had a crazy revanchist who tried to conquer his neighbors instead of just bullying them like me. Or another clown like Yeltsin, who let everything fall apart. Instead,


I’ve delivered growth, stability, continuity — even our birthrate is now higher than yours!” “O.K.,” I returned, “but your continuity is just corrupt one-party rule, and your hold on power is actually weakening. You’re relying more on demagogy, cracking down on civil society ...” “Your Obama would still give his eyeteeth for my approval ratings.” “Touché. But in the long run, you’re a prisoner of your corrupt system. You’ll either hang on while it crumbles or step down and end up jailed by your successor.” “I cannot let you change the subject, American columnist. Here is a message to transmit to your readers: As much fun as I had baiting them, part of my Op-Ed was sincere. I am not America’s enemy. I do not wish a new cold war. I do not wish to dominate the Middle East, whatever that means. “No,” he went on, “all I want is an American foreign policy that sees the world as it actually is, and an American leader who can arm-wrestle at my level. Which is what you Americans should want as well, no? Maybe someday you should consider electing one.” He rose, pecs flexing, and looked around my office. “Oh — and if I should need post-presidential career outside of Mother Russia, I think my Op-Ed sets me up nicely to become a columnist for your New York Times, no?” Then he grinned — a wolf’s grin — and showed himself out.

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20 September 2013


‘Confusionists’, Mao & Urban Morality Francesco Sisci


Asia times Online

t is hard to understand and reconcile the appeal of Maoist thought and its communist drive in China with the freewheeling turbo-capitalism one sees in the same country nowadays. The simple - and certainly true - answer is that people miss the egalitarian spirit even though they do not pine for the poverty and social and political duress of the past. Perhaps there is also a more complicated element to the picture. In the early 1980s, China launched a campaign against "spiritual pollution". It was aimed at rooting out the Western values seeping through society that were considered the ultimate cause of the Wall of Democracy movement in Xidan. A couple of years before, those demonstrations asked for political and economic reforms. The institutionally materialistic Communist Party saw correctly that a "spiritual" element needed to be addressed while China was in the process of implementing economic reforms. The cure, one can say now, was wrong - incoming Western values were helping rather than thwarting economic reforms - but the analysis was right. A huge change was occurring in the Chinese mindset and that had to be addressed as the real root of all evils. Something similar may be happening today. In the past two decades, popular movements have sprung up out of nowhere, trying to pull China off the path of reforms. In the 1990s, there was the Falun Gong, maintaining that modern science and modern medicine were of no use. Another movement saw recently disgraced Chongqing party leader Bo Xilai as its standard bearer, and stated that state-owned enterprises did better economically than private ones. Both claims had little to do with empirical findings. Modern medicine has proven time and again to work better than old qi gong (a breathing exercise) practices; private companies, rather than state ones, have for decades driven Chinese and world development. That many people are willing to believe things which are so factually untenable seems to point at a larger problem in Chinese society and in this present value system: the fall of the old values, be they Confucian or communist, and the lack of new ones, be they Western or "neo-Chinese". This fall of the old values and lack of new ones is not simply a spiritual issue. It has deep, practical roots. In 1988, Beijing had about 8 million people, which was double the 4 million people living there when the Communists took power in 1949. But within a Chinese population of some 1.2 billion people in 1988, this number represented a smaller percentage than the Pekinese of 1949, when China had some 500 million people. Now, 25 years, a generation, later, the total population of China is still a few million short of the 1.4 billion mark, but the Chinese capital boasts a real population of over 24 million, three times the number in 1988. That is, in 25 years urbanization has made huge strides, and it will continue to do so. In 1988, the official percentage of the nation's population living in urban areas was 25.81%; in 2012, it was 52.6%. The urbanization rate was 1.02% per year starting from the beginning of the economic reforms in the late 1970s. After 2000, the rate increased to 1.36% a year. More than the number, the quality of life in urban areas has changed. In 1988, Beijing had very few shops, a dozen or so of restaurants, and half a dozen hotels; no karaoke, no massage parlors, and no bars. Now Beijing glitters like any other large city in the world - or even more so. In a few words, cities are becoming crowded, and countryside is becoming empty. This is not just a shift in numbers; it is a dramatic change in China's social fabric and moral values. Western society may believe in the idea that God sees into our hearts and thus we have to behave, but for centuries that idea had its "enforcers" in priests who advised and coaxed people to keep their behavior in line with the commonly accepted values. The old Chinese society believed in respecting the legacy of the ancestors and projecting a good name to one's progeny, and thus people behaved accordingly. But there were "enforcers" in traditional family and social relations, which were stronger in the countryside, where until 25 years ago some 75% of the Chinese population resided. Family and village ties kept people in line with widely accepted values. The communist revolution undermined the old Confucian values and tried to substitute them with rashly enforced new communist values. The failures of that revolution have undermined the belief in communist values but there is no new value system to substitute for the old. New Western values have de facto arrived through movies, literature, and opening up; but they are not officially

master tree planter in our times


In this May 29, 2013 photo released by China's Xinhua News Agency, Chinese President Xi Jinping, center, takes part in a children's activity in Beijing, China. In nearly 10 months as China’s leader, Xi Jinping has projected himself as a man of the people in a Mao Zedong-inspired propaganda push to connect with an alienated public. (AP Photo/Xinhua, Li Xueren)

supported and are resisted by common people who often do not understand them. Moreover, which Western values should be adopted? Should it be, for example, those from liberal Holland or the ones from conservative southern Italy? However, more than the issue of values, it is important to consider the structure that can "enforce" them. The ongoing movement of people to large and small cities is changing the pattern and structure of Chinese society. It seems far more important than the Cultural Revolution in the late 1960s or the Great Leap Forward in the late 1950s. Those movements battled ideas and values that were deeply ingrained in society, but they did not dramatically change the social structure. Families, villages, and relations were still there at the end of the movements and actually helped people physically and psychologically survive those disasters. Now there is no open battle against any old value or idea, but there is a combined effect of an invasion of ideas (Western ones) coming from abroad that are largely alien to the traditional Chinese value system and the systematic destruction of the enforcing agents of the old value system. Old families and rural communities are broken as people move to the cities. Here migrants do not find the old values and have no sentinel of the old values either. There is also physical evidence of what is going on. Old cities and ancient villages have been torn down since the early 1990s to build new cities with Western appearances. Those cities were not destroyed and rebuilt in Mao's times - proof of how ineffective, though cruel, his revolution was. In this situation, a few Chinese tried to convert to Western values, but conversion was hardly perfect, as no clear standard could be observed and the Western models were ill understood. Others tried to adapt by attempting to keep a balance between new and old. And others thought - and still think - that a way to keep one's sanity is to hark back to the past, like the Falun Gong or the neo-Maoists. In a way, neo-Maoists and wholesale "Westernizers" are each other's mirror image. Both project themselves out of the present time, which is a time of transition in which prudence should be the by-word. Some want to flee to the past, while others simply want to run abroad, dreaming that China is no longer China. Curiously, some of the Westernizers are still strongly superstitious, believing in the old and certainly non-Western predictions of the Yi Jing, just as their inverses among the neo-Maoists are often not very materialistic and conversely very superstitious. The problem is of values and also of "enforcers". There is no nostalgia for fathers who were absolute masters of the family or for janitors who held the spare keys to the apartment block and your room. However, it goes well beyond this. The huge apartment buildings, where people move in and out easily, break down many possibilities for social restraint. Moreover, nobody knows what is an "appropriate" social restraint: not too much, not too little.

With no neighbors or neighborhood, everybody is anonymous and has no group of friends. People come from different places and different backgrounds to live in the same building, and they do not share the same mindset to start with. Cities are jungles were people can lose themselves in every way. Many have double, triple lives; second, third jobs; and second, third, and fourth families. Society has still not clearly judged whether this is right or wrong. Before and beyond the legal sanction of this or that behavior, there is no social or ethical sanction or reward for having two lovers or no lover, and there is no standard. Is it right or wrong? According to the Confucian value system, a mistress, like a concubine, is acceptable. But according to the communists it is wrong, and according to some loose transplantation of Western values a woman can also have many lovers. Is it all okay? Is it all wrong? Who is watching anyway? Where do you draw a line? Or should a line be drawn at all? There are no clear, accepted answers. What about privacy, a concept alien to China or to southern Europe (still part of the Western world)? Chinese now believe privacy is worth having, but should privacy mean keeping secrets from the husband or the wife? Should it imply that I can have a party at home and my neighbors should not complain? In more than a way this moral confusion is the hotbed of what Chas Freeman calls "cadre capitalism", [1] a system where no one is really clear where the official ends and the entrepreneur starts. The system had a positive impact in Chinese development, but it is becoming more and more a hurdle to further development, as it hampers true private enterprises and deeply corrupts the bureaucracy by making it more and more inefficient. On the personal scale, this is a lot of freedom, but for many it also means that a moral compass has been lost to determine what is right and what is wrong? Too much freedom does not make people gods able to do whatever they want. It brings an emptiness of the soul, searching for something substantial that can't be found in the constant whirl of "fun" sold in bars, restaurants, karaoke joints, massage parlors, etc - the new earthly paradises on offer in China now. A return to the past communist or Confucian values is impossible, and the understanding of Western values is vague, but something has to happen. The party sees this and worries. It knows that an old or new style of "spiritual pollution" is a basic problem for China. However, a new compass can't be a simple propaganda exercise. One must wait for the dust to settle, in this case for the urbanization process to come to an end in 10-15 years. Then a new community will start to emerge, and from that, new social norms will naturally develop, drawing from what seems to answer the current needs best. In the meantime, Chinese society will be very confused, and in this confusion a lot of people will try to push the party to stop progress and go back to a life and a world where people knew how to behave.

uring my PhD fieldwork in Nagaland (2008-09) and on its subsequent completetion in 2012 from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, I had spent time with my Yimchunger Naga friends and well wishers. They became my helpful interlocuters. I also came across many subjects of ethnographic value that were of great interest to me. In all I was fascinated by a tree plantation farm near Shamatore in Tuensang District. Close to four hundred acres in area and measuring more than two 2.5 kilometres in length, this tree plantation is the biggest man made forest I came across in Nagaland. The variety of trees on the farm included some rare species including Gamari (Gmelina Arborea), Hollock (Terminalia Myriocarpa) and Consoroi (Cinnamum Cecicodaphne). I had the opportunity to meet the proprietor of the farm Dokiu Kecham who by profession is a farmer and philanthropist. Apart from his farming profession I found him to be a great adventurer, travel enthusiast and an environmentalist by heart. Probably he is one of the most well travelled individual from Nagaland. He has travelled to some of the extreme corners on the planet which include the Lapland in Norway and Sweden, the Amazon Basin in Brazil and the Patagonian Andes in Argentina. A landmass of frozen peaks, fairytale forests, imposing glaciers and glistering lakes. A little further down on the Tierra Del Fuego is Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world and if one were to set sail from here, it’s not very far off to the vast and endless stretch of emerald green and blue waters of the southern hemisphere, the South Atlantic and the Pacific oceans. The port of Ushuaia is also the starting point for cruises to Antarctica. He has travelled widely to many other destinations in Europe and the Americas. From these experiences he has brought new ideas of plantation and agro-forestry to his native land in Shamatore. For an enthusiast with great travelling skill and thrilling experiences in life I noticed other amazing qualities in him. His ability to transform patches of wasteland and tracts of abandoned jhum cultivation fields into a manmade forest. On close interaction with him I discovered that he has planted more than 3, 30,000 (three lakh thirty thousand) saplings of commercially valued trees in the span of nineteen years. Besides this, he has 2, 00,000 (two lakhs) naturally grown trees in the farm. What was once a rugged and barren land, the highly developed tree plantation farm has now become habitat for wild animals and birds. And with an outlook to transform this plantation farm into an animal corridor and bird sanctuary he has planted hundreds of fruit, fig, acorn and nut bearing trees. This is very wise of him because in Nagaland where the vast majority of the farming community is dependent on the slash and burn method (jhum cultivation) of farming, huge forests covers are cut down every year for the very purpose. Consequently huge areas of forest cover are being denuded while fruit trees and valuable timber trees on which the animals and birds are dependent upon get destroyed in the process. In most cases it would take 7-10 years time before the same fruit trees and plants grow up and begin to yield their fruits again. This is very important for the survival of the wild animals and birds. At a time when intellectuals across the globe are discussing the implication of global warming and taking up various measures to counter environmental degradation in the highlands, Kecham’s effort has been commendable towards conservation and afforestation in Nagaland. During my fieldwork interviews he used to stress on the very important issue that we are battling with global warming, on the other hand we have to see that human needs and dependence are left uninterrupted. He adds on to say that the economical survival of every individual counts and while trees are being planted for ecological balance, afforestation programmes should be taken up as a means for livelihood regeneration through community forestry and Self Help Group programmes. This is very practical of him because if there are no trees then our planet would starve of its oxygen. Then again if there are no more trees left on earth there will be no wood for building our houses. Wood being the main source for building houses and furniture those engaged in this trade would run out of business while millions throughout the world would be rendered jobless thus affecting the economy severely. Therefore trees not only help humanity by providing oxygen but are economic goods. Currently the world is consuming its resources 20% faster than it can sustain them. Global greenhouse gas emissions have gone up by 70% since 1970. Who is going to keep check and balance on this change? We know that one fully grown tree can filter more than 27 (twenty seven) kgs of pollutant air each year, and forests act as carbon sinks storing 50% of the world’s terrestrial carbon dioxide. While others of his stature would have opted for financial investment and non sustainable projects, Dokiu Kecham chose to contribute his time and energy towards something noble, concerned with saving our planet earth from its peril. With more than half a million trees, his tree plantation farm will help mankind breathe fresh air for they will filter as much as fourteen million kgs of pollutant air each year. Dr. Debojyoti Das Department of History, Classics and Archaeology, Birkbeck College, University of London

Burma: Opening a door to the Past, and the Present Jane Perlez


Source: NYt

n a delicate operation here, specialists gingerly eased a priceless, 1,000-yearold national treasure — a Buddhist bronze casting in the shape of a lotus flower — from its perch in a museum showcase. A small group of curators on a recent visit from the United States, flashlights in hand, admired the tiny metal hinges that allow the flower to open and close as well as the intricate detail on the miniature Buddhas craftsmen attached to the petals long ago. The piece was found in pristine condition inside a stone box flung to the surface by an earthquake here nearly 40 years ago. The curators pronounced it a star attraction among hundreds of rarely seen ancient objects in the neglected museums and dusty storerooms they have been scouring across Myanmar as they prepare for a 2015 exhibit at the Asia Society in New York City that will celebrate the nation’s long-hidden Buddhist art. As Myanmar wrestles with the problems and uncertainty of a nascent democracy, and Buddhist extremists tarnish the image of the country’s dominant religion with attacks on Muslims, early Buddhist art offers a different dimension of a country that until recently languished under a military dictatorship, and before World War II served as a tropical outpost of the British Empire.

The curators rummaged through the humid basement of the Bagan museum, where they found outsize chamber pots used in the princely palaces that once flourished on the banks of the Irrawaddy River. They examined gilded wood monastery boxes that stored palm-leaf manuscripts, the paint now peeling. They peered into grimy glass cabinets at gold-painted sphinxlike creatures in a rundown library in the town of Prome, near where the first Buddhists in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, lived. “The show will be a coming out for Burma,” said Melissa Chiu, museum director of the Asia Society. “The country has been closed off for so many years, we hope the show will assume a bigger significance, and shed new light on material not seen before. Buddhism is the state religion and plays such a major role in daily life.” The curators searched in the former capital, Yangon; in the new capital, Naypyidaw; in Prome; and here in Bagan, which from the ninth century to the 13th century was the center of a royal kingdom where the creative energy was so intense that nearly 2,000 brick and gilded temples were built across a vast plain. In Bagan, a popular destination for tourists imagining the glory days among faded temples, farmers still unearth ancient gold jewelry. The antiquities hunt has the support of President Thein Sein. During a visit to the

United States last year, he approved the loan of dozens of artworks for the 2015 show, ensuring that the curators were welcomed in usually off-limits inner sanctums. Of the estimated 70 objects planned for the exhibit, about three-quarters will come from Myanmar and the remainder from collections in the United States, Ms. Chiu said. In exchange for the right to borrow the art, the Asia Society has pledged to provide training in conservation techniques to Myanmar’s museum employees, who must make do with a scant $100,000 budget that leaves the nation’s museums with little electricity, poor airconditioning and no money for acquisitions. Although the visitors had extraordinary access and freedom to choose the objects they wanted, some items were too precious to ship to New York, including an elaborately carved gilt door from the royal court in Mandalay that was salvaged before the British Army looted the palace in 1885. The door was low, making it impossible for subjects who visited the king to enter without bending in obeisance. The curators coveted it, but it was one of the few pieces that the directors of the National Museum in Yangon vetoed. “Impossible,” said Daw Nu Mra Zan, a former deputy director of the museum. But that still left many images of Buddha — in stone, bronze and wood — to choose from. Some looked similar to other famous images. A few were judged to be fakes. But with so many

remarkable pieces, it will be difficult to make the final selections, the curators said. A wood carving more than two feet high from the 12th century that shows Buddha descending from heaven after giving a sermon to his mother will surely be on the A-list. “This is very special,” said Sylvia Fraser-Lu, a guest curator for the show, as she admired the movement carved into the piece. “It’s luck that it was preserved. It may have been inside a temple, or on the shady side of a temple.” For a spectacular object that would impress hard-to-please New York audiences, the curators liked an 11th-century stone sculpture of a jaunty-looking Prince Siddhartha shearing his hair with a sword as he vowed to begin the journey that would lead him to become the Buddha. “It could be the signature piece of the show,” said Ms. Chiu, thinking ahead to marketing possibilities. Over the years, waves of looters depleted much of the great storehouse of treasures. In the 1885 Anglo-Burmese war, British soldiers plundered smaller items like mirrors, manuscripts and jewelry, said Ms. Fraser-Lu, who lived in Burma in the 1970s. In the 1920s, German souvenir hunters carted away chunks of walls from several monasteries, she said. Monks told her that during the military dictatorship from 1962 to 2011 they wielded baseball bats to protect the treasures in their monasteries from smugglers in league

with the authorities. Still, many of the stone Buddha images that were too heavy for even the most ardent looters to move remained in the country, so the New York exhibit will be a chance to show the pieces for the first time outside Myanmar. “There is not a single major Bagan-era stone sculpture outside of Burma,” said Donald Stadtner, also a guest curator and the author of books on Burma’s Buddhist heritage. At the curators’ last stop, the tin-roofed annex of the museum in Prome, a 1,500-yearold bronze Buddha, encrusted with a rough patina from centuries buried in the ground, stood on a green plastic tablecloth under a bare neon strip light. A rice farmer stumbled across it in 2005 while plowing his fields, said U Thein Lwin, the deputy director general of the National Department of Archaeology. “He hit something hard,” Mr. Thein Lwin said. “We are lucky it wasn’t broken.” Shipping the tough bronze Buddha to New York should not be risky, but the fragile lotus flower at Bagan is another matter, and may need special permission from the government to exit the country, Ms. Chiu said. Daw Baby, the deputy director of the museum here, said the prized lotus flower should travel to New York. “All of the collection is in my heart,” she said. “Every day I check the 1,000 pieces in our museum. A temporary loan to New York is not a problem for me. But not permanently.”

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Friday 20 September 2013

The Morung Express

Politicians caught in sex scandals

Mahipal Maderna

NEW DELhI, SEptEmBER 19 (AGENcIES): Rajasthan Minister Babu Lal Nagar, accused of raping a 35-year-old woman at his residence, tendered his resignation on ‘moral ground’. The minister, booked for allegedly raping, threatening and beating up the woman on September 11 is the latest in the list of politicians involved in alleged sex scandals. Here are a few politicians who have been involved in sex scandals: Mahipal Maderna Former Rajasthan Public Health and Water Resources Minister Mahipal Maderna was charged of abduction, rape and murder of Bhanwari Devi. Bhanwari Devi was killed on September 1, 2011 allegedly at the behest of Maderna and Congress

Gopal Kanda

Amar Mani Tripathi


she had said she was ending her life due to “harassment” by Kanda. The lower court had on May 10 framed charges against Kanda for various offences including abatement of suicide, criminal conspiracy and forgery under the IPC and the Information Technology Act for hacking computers and sending offensive or false messages. It had framed additional and fresh charges of rape and unnatural offence against Kanda and his aide Aruna Chadha, who was also booked for abetting the commission of these offences. Kanda is out Gopal Kanda Former Haryana minister Go- onbail. pal Kanda is an accused the suicide of air hostess Geetika Sharma. Amar Mani Tripathi The story of Samajwadi ParThe 23-year-old former air hostess, who was earlier employed ty leader Amar Mani Tripathi with Kanda’s MLDR Airlines, was and Madhumita Shukla was an found dead on August 5, 2012 at example of a romantic triangle her Ashok Vihar residence in Del- that went awry. 24-year old pohi. In her August 4 suicide note, etess, Madhumita was gunned legislator Malkhan Singh. The CBI, which had taken over the probe a year ago, had alleged that Bhanwari Devi was blackmailing Maderna and Malkhan on the basis of some CDs featuring her in a compromising position with the two politicians. She was abducted from Jodhpur’s Bilara area on September 1, 2011 and strangulated to death. Her body was then handed over to another gang which burnt it and dumped it in a canal.

Rajya Sabha MP found guilty in MBBS seat allocation case

NEW DELhI, SEptEmBER 19 (AGENcIES): A Special CBI court on Thursday held Congress leader and Rajya Sabha MP Rasheed Masood guilty of fraudulently nominating undeserving candidates to MBBS seats allotted to Tripura in medical colleges across the country in 1990-91 as Union Minister of State for Health. Special CBI Judge J P S Malik held Masood guilty of nominating undeserving candidates for academic session 1990-91 to MBBS seats allocated to Tripura from the central pool. Masood was Minister of State (Independent Charge) in Ministry of Health and Family Welfare when the offence took place. Besides him, two top bureaucrats and others have also been held guilty. Sentencing in the case will be pronounced on October 1. The judgement has been delivered in 11 similar cases registered by CBI in 1996. Of the 11, Masood was named in 3 cases. “Con-

sequently some MBBS and BDS seats are allocated every year from central Pool by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India in various medical colleges across the country,” CBI counsel V N Ojha had told the court. These seats are made available to Tripura for allotment to eligible students from the state on the basis of merit, he had said. The Government of Tripura constituted the Tripura Board of Joint Entrance Examination (TBJEE) in 1988 for selection of candidates through joint entrance examination held every year. The candidates were nominated. CBI had alleged that some candidates got their names nominated for MBBS seats for academic session 1990-91 from accused Gurdial Singh, then Resident Commissioner Tripura and an IPS officer of Gujarat cadre who was on deputation to government of Tripura.

Mahendra Singh

down by two assailants in her apartment in Lucknow on April 9, 2003. Amarmani Tripathi, his wife Madhumani and two others Rohit Chaturvedi and Santosh Kumar Rai were convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment by a Dehradun court in 2007 for hatching a conspiracy and killing Shukla. The investigations revealed that the poetess was pregnant when she was murdered and both Pandey and Rai went to her house and shot her dead.

Raghavji sodomy case Former Madhya Pradesh Finance Minister and BJP leader Raghavji was arrested in July this year after his domestic servant accused him of sodomy. The servant alleged that Raghavji abused him for the last three-and-a-half years on the promise of getting him a government job. He later confided

Babu Lal Nagar

in the suspended BJP leader, Shiv Shankar Pateria about his ordeal, who asked him to record the act. The victim prepared 22 purported CDs, which showed Raghavji in the act, including one in Rewanchal Express Train.

Mahendra Singh caught from Goa dance bar Samajwadi Party MLA from Uttar Pradesh, Mahendra Singh, was among six persons arrested by the Goa police following a raid on a Panaji dance bar. He was booked under the Anti-Prostitution Act. Following the incident, Akhilesh Yadav expelled him from the party. In 2009, a Telegu channel aired a short clip allegedly showing the then Andhra Pradesh Governor in compromising position with three women. Tiwari resigned and apologized for the incident.

Commuters hang on the door of a crowded bus during a two-day strike called by private bus transport operators in Kolkata, on Thursday, September 19. A section of private bus operators went on strike Thursday demanding that the authorities increase the fares taking into account the hike in fuel prices. (AP Photo)

PM commissions NTPC’s 2,980 MW plant Woman gangraped at bus stand in AP; four including cop held

SIpAt (chhAttISGARh), SEptEmBER 19 (IANS): Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Thursday commissioned the NTPC’s 2,980 MW Super Thermal Power Station to the nation at a grand function held at Sipat, in Chhattisgarh’s Bilaspur district. He also laid the foundation stone of 1,600 MW stage-I of NTPC’s Lara Super Thermal Power Project through remote control. The project to come up at Lara village in the state’s coal-rich Raigarh district will have two 800 MW units in stage I and an ultimate installed capacity of 4,000 MW. “The coal-based Sipat Super Thermal Power Station is capable of generating 2,980 MW of electricity and it will not only cater to the demands of Chhattisgarh but also adjoining states like Madhya Pradesh and as far as Jammu and Kashmir,” the prime minister

said in his brief speech, dedicating the project to the nation. He noted that in the 11th Five Year Plan period, India achieved a record power generation capacity of about 55,000 MW which was double the capacity added in the 10th Plan period, and in the 12th Plan a target of adding over 118,000 MW of power generation has been set. Built at an estimated cost of Rs.13,000 crore, the Sipat plant is the first to have used super critical technology. Manmohan Singh said that the power ministry is now taking steps to encourage indigenous manufacturing of super critical technology. “This is being done by inviting bulk tendering for manufacture of supercritical units. The 800 MW units of Lara thermal plant will be set up with the help of this process,” he said. He said that in the 13th Plan, ther-

mal plants based only on super critical technologies will be set up. The prime minister stated that advanced ultra super critical technology is now being developed in the country, and lauded the efforts of NTPC, BHEL and Indira Gandhi Centre for Nuclear Research for working in tandem to develop this technology. In his welcome address, union Minister of State for Power Jyotiraditya Scindia said that power is key to the growth of any country and capacity addition is doing better year after year in the country. He said that new capacity generation in 2012-13 was 23,000 MW, which is a record. Scindia also stated that in the coming years, Chhattisgarh will become the country’s electricity hub as the government is planning to make investments of Rs.62,000 crore in the power sector in the state.

BANGALORE, SEptEmBER 19 (ptI): Jnanpith awardee and acclaimed Kannada writer Dr UR Ananthamurthy has said he will not live in a country with Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister, triggering angry reactions from BJP which said he was free to leave India. As a controversy broke out over his strident anti-Modi remark, Ananthamurthy on Thursday stood his ground and said the Gujarat chief minister would create fear among people if he becomes Prime Minister. “I would not want to live in a

country where Modi is the Prime Minister,” he said at an event here recently. Against the backdrop of vitriolic attacks against him from the BJP and its sympathizers for his remarks, Ananthamurthy said, “He (Modi) will create fear and if a fearsome man is sitting there, people will just bow down to him because a bully creates cowards.” The country needs to build a citizenry who are not afraid and a governance where people do not follow a leader slavishly, he told reporters. Furious at Ananthamurthy’s remarks, BJP and supporters of the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate dubbed him “parasite like” alleging he swayed according to political climate, having supported Congress and JDS in the past and “currying” favours with the government of the day. BJP MP Ananthkumar Hegde and several local party leaders said he was free to leave the country. Several writers, including Baragur Ramachandrappa and K Marulasiddappa, have come out in support of Ananthamurthy while some others such as noted scholar Dr Chidananda Murthy flayed him. Ananthamurthy — who lost the

Man Booker International Prize to American writer Lydia Davis in May this year — said there was dignity attached to Prime Minister’s post when Pandit Nehru and Narasimha Rao assumed the charge, but this will wane away if Modi becomes PM. “We had people like Nehru who could write a book in jail — Discovery of India, a great book even today. Rao was a great scholar too. There was some dignity for the Prime Minister’s post, but that dignity will go (if Modi becomes PM), he said. On BJP leaders’ attacks on him, Ananthamurthy said he had been critical of Indira Gandhi and Nehru in the past but was never abused as much as the saffron party did. “If I say something and I am abused so much by a gang of people, imagine when they are in power what will happen,” he said. Ananthamurthy said the BJP has always criticized him because he did not buy the RSS Hindu philosophy. “They are a fascist party and don’t understand Hinduism. It is a great religion,” he said. On UPA government, he said it is not anti-people but was corrupt and should be punished. “But the way out is not choosing a man like Modi,” he said.

I won’t live in India if Modi becomes PM: Ananthamurthy

hyDERABAD, SEptEmBER 19 (ptI): A 35-yearold woman was allegedly gangraped by four persons, including a police constable and a homeguard, at Kothkota bus stand in Mahabubnagar district of Andhra Pradesh in the wee hours today, police said. Four persons, including a police constable and a homeguard, have been arrested in this connection, they said. The incident occurred at the bus stand at around 1 AM when the woman was apparently waiting for a bus, Mahabubnagar SP D Nagendra Kumar told PTI over phone. He said constable Seenu and homeguard Nagendran were apprehended along with two private employees identified as Ramesh and Rakesh based on information. The victim was sent to a local hospital for medical examination and the four accused were booked under relevant provisions of recently-enacted Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill-2013 and section 376 (B) of Indian Penal Code, the SP said.

Maoists training Jharkhand kids to plant bombs

RANchI, SEptEmBER 19 (IANS): Maoist guerrillas are training children in Jharkhand to plant bombs, police said Thursday, after a 10-year-old boy was killed during an exercise. Pardeshi Lohra died Tuesday in Latehar district. Police said he was in a group of eight children abducted by Maoists to train them to plant bombs. Some children managed to escape. “In Jharkhand, Maoists have been exposed and in many cases women cadre have been sexually exploited. Maoists are not getting youth for their cadre, so they are inducting children to be trained for different purposes,” S.N. Pradhan, additional director general of police (law and order) and police spokesperson, told IANS. A police official involved in anti-Maoist operations told IANS that raising a “children’s army” was not new for Maoists in Jharkhand. “Earlier, Maoists were using children to get information on police movement. Now they have changed their strategy and are abducting children from villages and training them to plant bombs,” the official said. Police said there have been reports that many children in Gumla and Lohardaga districts, fearing abduction by Maoists, have stopped going to school. According to police, Maoists have put up a poster at a Dumritarwan school in Chatra district, demanding 30 children. A school teacher spotted the poster Sep 17 and alerted police. Maoists are active in 18 of Jharkhand’s 24 districts.

Bihar demands central assistance to tackle drought

NEW DELhI, SEptEmBER 19 (ptI): Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar on Thursday demanded central assistance of Rs 12,000 crore to tide over the drought situation in 33 of the total 38 districts of the state. Kumar, who is here on a two-day visit, made the demand during his meeting with finance minister P Chidambaram. He also demanded that a central team visit Bihar to assess the situation. The Bihar chief minister would be meeting Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Friday over the issue. Bihar government had on Wednesday declared 33 of the total 38 districts in the state as drought affected. Kumar said his government is keeping a watch on the situation and if required, the remaining five districts will also be declared drought-affected. He maintained that monsoon has been 37 per cent deficient and the sowed crops in the state are drying. “We have informed them about our needs. We would want their (Centre) teams to visit Bihar ... we are giving them a paper in this regard. Today, I will meet the agriculture minister and tomorrow the Prime Minister on this issue,” he said when asked what transpired during his meeting with Chidambaram. Asked about the amount of central assistance the state requires, Kumar said the amount required as per the assessment made now is Rs 12,000 crore but “it may increase later when the central team visits us.”


The Morung Express

We will never seek nuclear bomb: Iran

WASHINGTON, SepTember 19 (Ap): Iranian President Hasan Rouhani says that his country has never sought and will never seek a nuclear bomb, telling NBC News in an interview that he has full authority to resolve a standoff with the West. Rouhani spoke Wednesday to the American television network in Tehran just days before he is to make his first appearance as president on the world stage when he attends the United Nations General Assembly in New York. U.S. officials will be watching next week’s visit closely for signs that Rouhani will warm relations with the West and take a more moderate line in the next negotiations on Iran’s disputed nuclear program. “We have never pursued or sought a nuclear bomb and we are not going to do so,” Rouhani said, according to an NBC translation of the interview. “We have time and again said that under no circumstances would we seek any weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons, nor will we ever.” It was a claim Iran has made before, that its nuclear activities are purely peaceful. However, the U.S. and its allies suspect Iran is trying to develop a nuclear weapon, a feat some experts say the country might be able to accomplish as early as next year. Rouhani also addressed a question that many in the U.S. have been asking: Does he really have the power to make major decisions and concessions on the nuclear issue? Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is known to control all important matters of state, including nuclear. “In its nuclear program, this government enters with full power and has complete authority,” Rouhani said. “We have sufficient political latitude to solve this problem.” Rouhani is considered a relative moderate in Iran’s hard-line clerical regime. He campaigned on a promise to seek relief from punishing U.S. and Western sanctions that have slashed Iran’s vital oil exports by more than half in the past two years, sent inflation soaring and severely undercut the value of its currency. Turning to the Syria, Rouhani addressed U.S. al-

In this photo released by the official website of the office of the Iranian Presidency, Iranian President Hasan Rouhani speaks during an interview with state television at the presidency in Tehran, on Tuesday, September 10. (AP Photo)

Friday 20 September 2013



Just 30 minutes workout to stay healthy COpeNHAGeN, SepTember 19 (IANS): Exercising for 30 minutes on a daily basis boosts energy and encourages people to maintain a healthy lifestyle, says a recent study. Interdisciplinary research at the University of Copenhagen explains why moderate exercising is more motivating than hard training. The findings have been published in Scandinavian Journal of Public Health. The obesity epidemic has massive socio-eco-

nomic consequences, and decades of health campaigns have not made significant headway, reports Science Daily. Researchers at the University of Copenhagen are pursuing the development of a new integrative methods for preventing and treating this widespread problem. “Obesity is a complex social problem requiring a multidisciplinary approach. In a new scientific article we combine data

from biomedical studies of the subjects’ bodies with ethnological data on their experiences during the 13-week trial period. “This enables us to explain the background for the surprising fact that 30 minutes of daily exercise is just as beneficial as a full hour of hard fitness training,” says Professor Bente Stallknecht from the Department of Biomedical Sciences at University of Copenhagen.

legations that the Iranian-allied regime was behind a chemical weapons attack near Damascus last month. He said his country seeks peace and stability and the elimination of weapons of mass destruction in the entire region. Asked whether President Barack Obama had looked weak by backing off a military strike on the Syrian regime, Rouhani responded: “We consider war a weakness. Any government that decides on war, we consider a weakness. And any government that decides on peace, we look on it with respect for peace.” Rouhani also said he received a “positive and constructive” letter from Obama congratulating him on his election in June. In it, he said Obama raised some issues the U.S. president was concerned about and that he had responded to the points Obama raised. “From my point of view, the tone of the letter was positive and constructive,” Rouhani said. “It could be subtle and tiny steps for a very important future.” White House spokesman Jay Carney said Wednesday there were no current plans for Obama to meet Rouhani at the U.N. General Assembly.

Mother of US Navy Yard shooter ‘so, so very sorry’

WASHINGTON, SepTember 19 (reuTerS): The mother of Washington Navy Yard gunman Aaron Alexis apologized to the victims on Wednesday and was unable to explain what drove her son to open fire on civilian workers inside a restricted military installation. “I don’t know why he did what he did, and I’ll never be able to ask him why. Aaron is now in a place where he can never do harm to anyone, and for that I am glad,” Cathleen Alexis said in an audio statement aired on MSNBC from her home in New York. “To the families of the victims, I am so, so very sorry that this has happened. My heart is broken.” All 12 victims, aged 46 to 73, were civilians caught up in the shooting spree on Monday morning by the former Navy reservist, who received security clearance to work as an information technology contractor at the site despite a history of misconduct and signs of mental illness. Alexis, 34, was killed in a gun battle with police officers. With his motive still a mystery, U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel acknowledged there were “red flags” before Alexis received security clearance. “Obviously when you go back in hindsight and look at all this, there were some red flags - of course there were,” Hagel told a news conference. “And should we have picked them up? Why didn’t we? How could we have? All those questions need to be answered.” The government Office of Personnel Management (OPM) acknowledged on Wednesday that during a 2007 security check of Alexis it had uncovered a 2004 arrest on a charge of malicious mischief, but said that the Pentagon decided to grant him clearance anyway. The OPM declined to give further details, but Alexis was arrested for malicious mischief in 2004 in Seattle when police said he shot the tires of a construction worker’s car with a Glock .45-caliber handgun. Alexis later described the incident as anger-fueled “blackout,” according to a police report. The case was never prosecuted. In 2010, Alexis was arrested for shooting through the roof of his apartment and into a neighbor’s home, but charges were dropped when authorities determined it was an accident. More recently, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs said Alexis twice visited VA emergency rooms for insomnia but never sought care from a mental health specialist

and denied he suffered from anxiety or depression. Alexis received medication for insomnia in Providence, Rhode Island, on August 23 and Washington on August 28. “On both occasions, Mr. Alexis was alert and oriented, and was asked by VA doctors if he was struggling with anxiety or depression, or had thoughts about harming himself or others, which he denied,” the VA said in a statement. A few weeks earlier, on August 7, Alexis told police

while on a business trip to Newport, Rhode Island, that he had trouble sleeping because he was “hearing voices.” He believed people were following him and “sending vibrations into his body,” according to a Newport police report. Newport police found his behavior so odd that they called Navy police to alert them and sent them a copy of their report. The Navy said it was looking into the Newport incident. Alexis, who was a resident of Fort Worth, Texas,

legally bought the 12-gauge Remington shotgun used in the rampage for $419 at the Sharpshooters Indoor Shooting Range and Pro Shop in Lorton, Virginia on Saturday, the store’s lawyer, J. Michael Slocum said on Wednesday. Slocum said the store refused to sell Alexis a handgun. “He asked about buying a handgun but was told, no he couldn’t buy a handgun because he’s not a Virginia resident. At that point, he bought the shotgun,” Slocum said.




Dated Kohima, the 18th Sept, 2013

NOTICE INVITING TENDER The Chief Engineer, PHED, on behalf of the Governor of Nagaland invites sealed tenders affixing Court Fee Stamp of Rs 7.50 (Rupees seven paisa fifty) only on concerned letter pad of Class-I registered contractors of Nagaland PWD and CPWD/MES/ONGC/IOC for "Augmentation of water supply to Wokha town in Nagaland under NLCPR (DoNER)" as per details of work mentioned below. The rates may be quoted on percentage basis below/above/at approved rates of the project work. However preference will be given to the bids offered at approved rates. Sl. no 1 2 3 4

Name of work


Estimated Cost ( Rs. in lakh)

Construction of RCC circular desilting tank of 3.75 MLD capacity Construction of RCC circular sedimentation tank of 3.75 MLD capacity. Construction of rapid sand filter of 4.05 MLD capacity Construction of pump house at water treatment plant site. Grant Total=



Earnest Money (in Rupees) Non-local Local 1% 2% 21,482.00 42.964.00





10 (ten) months









10 (ten) months 6 (six) months


Time of completion 10 (ten) months

1,28,804.00 2,57,608.00

TERMS & CONDITIONS 1. The tenders will be considered for allotment of contract to the most competent Bidder/Firm. The works will be implemented in technical co-ordination with Nagaland PHED. The system shall be constructed, installed, test run, commissioned and handed over to the Department within the stipulated period. 2. The intending Bidders/Firms/Agencies must have records of having implemented similar works in the past five years and tenders must be accompanied by relevant certificates from competent authorities of having implemented such works/schemes at national or state level of repute. 3. Intending bidders may obtain the bid documents, containing detailed specifications, estimates and drawings during working days between 11 am to 3 pm till 4th Oct 2013 from the Executive Engineer (Investigation), office of the undersigned, on payment of Rs 10,000.00 (Rupees ten thousand) only in cash (non-refundable). 4. The sealed tenders affixing Court Fee stamp of Rs 7.50 only addressed to the undersigned along with support documents and Earnest Money will be received on 8th Oct 2013, till 12 noon and will be opened on the same day at 1 pm, in the presence of the tender parties or their authorized representatives at the office of the undersigned. 5. All tenders must be accompanied by Earnest Money in the form of DAC/Banker's cheque from any Scheduled Bank, drawn in favour of the Chief Engineer, PHED, Nagaland, Kohima. 6. On approval of the eligible bidder, Earnest Money is refundable, as and when claimed for, to unsuccessful bidders and, only on completion of work, for the successful bidder. 7. Bidders should have overdraft/ credit facility certificate equivalent to 25 % of the tendered amount, certified by Chief Manager/Branch Manager, with name, designation, code number of bank and contact number for necessary clarification. Audited account of the last five years should be submitted. 8. Intending Contractors are advised to acquaint themselves with the local conditions of work site by inspecting the site before tendering such that the work put to tender is workable and agreeable. This may be done with the co-ordination of the Executive Engineer, PHED, Wokha Division, Nagaland. 9. The Department shall physically verify documents of purchase of machinery by the contractor documents and physically verify such machinery and equipments for the job. Hiring or leasing of machineries among the intending tenders shall not he allowed during any period when other works are in progress and shall not be considered in the assessment of bid evaluation. 10. The bidder should not have abandoned any Nagaland PHED project/work during the last Five years. 11. It is not obligatory to accept the lowest tendered rate and the undersigned reserves the right to reject any or all tenders without assigning any reason thereof. 12. Defect liability period is one year and any damage / defect shall be corrected at the risk and cost of the contractor which is mandatory. 13. Enhancement of rate is not admissible without changing the scope of the work. 14. Payments of bills for completed works will be subject to availability of fund and no cost escalation is admissible unless there is change in the scope of the work. 15. All taxes admissible under the Government of Nagaland shall he deducted at the time of payment. (Er.KEVISEKHO KRUSE) Chief Engineer, PHED Nagaland: Kohima




Thursday 19 September 2013

Manchester United's Wayne Rooney celebrates after he scored the third goal of the game for his side during their Champions League Group A soccer match at Old Trafford in Manchester, England on Sept 17. (AP Photo)

The Morung Express

Rooney inspiRes ManU to victoRy MANCHESTER, SEpTEMbER 18(Ap): Way n e Rooney reached the 200goal mark for Manchester United by scoring twice in a 4-2 win over Bayer Leverkusen on Tuesday, giving manager David Moyes the perfect introduction to life in the Champions League. Free from the uncertainty of the offseason when he was constantly linked with a move to Chelsea, Rooney was the star at Old Trafford after opening the scoring in the 22nd minute, grabbing United's crucial third and then setting up Antonio Valencia to complete an impressive Group A victory. "I've concentrated on working hard to get my head down, to get myself fit and ready for the season," Rooney said. "I'm delighted with the way I've come back and delighted I'm back playing and scoring goals. "It's great the reception I get here and hopefully I can repay (the fans) with performances and goals like tonight." Simon Rolfes equalized against the run of play for Leverkusen in the 54th, but Robin van Persie regained the lead for United five minutes later before his strike partner came into his own. Omer Toprak poked in a close-range consolation in the 88th for Leverkusen, which failed to reproduce the form it has shown so far in the Bundesliga where the team has won

four matches out of five. Leverkusen hadn't come up against such a potent combination as Rooney and Van Persie, though. "It looks so easy the way he is playing," Leverkusen coach Sami Hyypia said of Rooney. "He is still scoring goals and he will continue to score them." Moyes was taking charge of his first group-stage match in the Champions League and saw his team hit the ground running in its record 18th straight season in Europe's top competition, producing a performance that was much improved from its underwhelming start to the Premier League. The margin of victory should have been even larger, with Rooney and Van Persie both missing open goals. Van Persie's effort was particularly remarkable, sidefooting wide from barely a yard out. Rooney can still look back with much fondness on an evening when he reached another scoring milestone for United. Only three other players — Bobby Charlton (249), Denis Law (237) and Jack Rowley (211) have scored more than 200 goals for the club and Rooney is still only 27. Wearing a thick headband to cover a deep gash to his forehead sustained in training 2½ weeks ago, the England striker looked sharp and full of running in the hole behind Van Persie, underlining just why United fought so hard to keep him this summer. "If we are going to win the Champions League, we need to have several world-class players and Wayne comes into that category," Moyes said. "I remember coming here and saying he has the chance to become one of the all-time leading goal scorers at this club. If he keeps playing like he did tonight,

he'll get there." Rooney and Van Persie were also both on target in a 2-0 win over Crystal Palace in the league on Saturday, and it is a partnership that Moyes is clearly banking on in his first season at United. The opener — Rooney's 199th in all competitions for United — had a hint of fortune about it, though. Patrice Evra was just offside when he swung a cross in to Rooney and Valencia was also offside and hindering goalkeeper Bernd Leno as the striker volleyed downward and into the net. United fully deserved its halftime lead, though, against an initially compact Leverkusen side whose defense was ripped apart after the break. Rooney will be glad his glaring 52nd-minute miss didn't come back to haunt him and United. Toprak slipped to allow the striker to run through on goal but after rounding Leno, Rooney was caught between shooting into an unguarded net and crossing for the unmarked Van Persie. What ended up being a cross-cum-shot agonizingly rolled just wide of the far post. Rolfes made him pay two minutes later by bending in a shot from the edge of the area with Leverkusen's first real chance, but the lead was restored in the 59th. Valencia raced to the byline and crossed for Van Persie to send a flying volley toward Leno, who could only bat the ball into his own net. Rooney then pounced on Toprak's poor headed clearance to beat Leno at his near post in the 70th, before slipping a ball through to Valencia following a quick counterattack for the winger to fizz a low shot in at the near post. "Obviously the first game in the Champions League is always important and thankfully we got the victory," Rooney said.

Bayern begins on a winning note

MUNICH, SEpTEMbER 18 (Ap): Bayern Munich began the defense of its Champions League title with a comfortable 3-0 win at home to CSKA Moscow on Tuesday. David Alaba opened the scoring with a free kick in the fourth minute, Mario Mandzukic headed Bayern's second in the 41st, and Alaba set up Arjen Robben to seal the victory in the 68th. Bayern, which appointed Pep Guardiola as coach after claiming an unprecedented treble last season, rarely appeared to be troubled by the Russian league leader. "We conceded the first goal too early. That created many difficulties for us and influenced the game," CSKA coach Leonid Slutski said. "We didn't have so many counterattack opportunities after that. We still had a few chances though." Substitute Georgi Milanov came closest for the visitors in the 82nd minute, when his 22-meter effort landed on the roof of the net, before Zoran Tosic finally tested Bayern goalkeeper Manuel Neuer with the last kick of the game. Czech champion Viktoria Plzen

lost 3-0 at home to Manchester City in the other Group D match. Bayern is attempting to become the first club since 1990 to defend the European title. The Bavarian side defeated domestic rival Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League final in London last May. "I could hear from fans today, 'Finale, Finale,' but let's keep out feet on the ground. We need to go step by step," Robben said. "It's early in the season. The most important thing is to concentrate on ourselves, improve as we go on. It was a good start." Bayern sports director Mattias Sammer had criticized his side's players after a 2-0 Bundesliga win over Hannover on Saturday for not delivering their full potential. "He's entitled to criticize us," Alaba said after his impressive performance. "That had nothing to do with Mattias Sammer," said Bayern chairman KarlHeinz Rummenigge after the win. "The team has huge quality, the team has our trust. At the end of the day we know that they can deliver such games. They Bayern's Mario Mandzukic of Croatia, Moscow's Georgi Schennikov, left, and Moscow's Sergei started where they stopped in London. Ignashevi challenge for the ball, during their Champions League first round group D soccer match Namely, with a class game." between FC Bayern Munich and CSKA Moscow, in Munich, Germany on Sept. 17. (AP Photo)

ill-fated iker casillas injured again

ISTANbUL, SEpTEMbER 18 (REUTERS): Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas was forced off in the 15th minute of Tuesday's 6-1 Champions League Group B romp at Galatasaray after sustaining a rib injury in a collision with team mate Sergio Ramos. Medical staff taped up the affected area but it quickly became Seen here is the Nagaland U-14 team for Subroto Cup along with Coach Mughato and team manager Tikaram Dhakal, who is also the finance secretary of Gorkha Union, Dimapur on September 18. The 54th Subroto Cup International Football Tournament will kick off on September 27 at Dr Ambedkar Stadium, New Delhi. The team will leave for New Delhi on September 23.

Ferrari in the spotlight ahead of singapore Gp

SINGApORE, SEpTEMbER 18 (Ap): Formula One arrives in Singapore this week for the annual night race with Sebastian Vettel careering toward a fourthstraight championship and with attention turning toward the combustible situation at Ferrari. Vettel's win in the previous two races at Belgium and Italy has put the Red Bull driver 53 points clear atop the standings and it only appears a matter of when, rather than if, the German will secure the 2013 title. The biggest news since the race in Monza has been Ferrari's

signing of Lotus' Kimi Raikkonen to a two-year contract starting next season. The return of the Finn to Maranello, where he was ousted after 2009 to make way for the arrival of Fernando Alonso, has set up a potentially fractious rivalry with the Spaniard and has pushed Felipe Massa to the exit. Raikkonen will not accept the secondary role which Massa had played to Alonso for the past four years, and many are already predicting trouble as Alonso is not accustomed to having a genuinely challenging team-

mate, aside from his one year at McLaren which ended abruptly and unhappily. The man in the best position to make a judgment is Massa, who has been a teammate to both at Ferrari, and he is expecting friction. "I know Fernando and Kimi well, both on and off the track. They are excellent drivers but I fear, as a team, there will be conflict," Massa said in an interview in Brazil this week. "I have told (Ferrari's management) to breathe deeply now, because breathing will be much more difficult next season."

clear the Real captain would be unable to continue and he was replaced by Diego Lopez. Coach Carlo Ancelotti told reporters that he hoped Casillas would recover in three to four days but Spanish media reported the 32-year-old could be sidelined for two weeks. "Iker had bad luck, that happens in football,"

said Real's hat-trick hero Cristiano Ronaldo. "He did something to his ribs. He was down in the dumps but he will recover soon." Casillas has barely played since Real and Spain team mate Alvaro Arbeloa accidentally kicked his hand during a King's Cup match in January and broke a bone. He fell out with former coach

Jose Mourinho on his return and was replaced in the team by Lopez. Mourinho's successor Ancelotti has used Lopez in Real's four La Liga matches this season but picked Casillas, who has retained his place in the Spain team, for their opening Champions League game. Spain coach Vicente del Bosque

has stood by his captain and if fit he will almost certainly be first choice for the final two World Cup qualifiers at home to Belarus and Georgia on October 11 and October 15 respectively. The world and European champions are level on 14 points with France at the top of Group I and have a game in hand.

Sachin's future focus of speculation ahead of 200th Test NEW DELHI, SEpTEMbER 18 (pTI): Just two matches shy of playing his 200th Test, Sachin Tendulkar's future on Wednesday became a subject of intense speculation after a media report claimed that he has been told to consider his career plans after the milestone game, forcing the BCCI to issue a denial. The 40-year-old champion batsman was reportedly told by chief selector Sandeep Patil that after the 200th Test, which would be completed during the two-match series against the West Indies in November, his place in the team would depend on the runs that he scores. However, Patil himself refuted it, saying that he had not met Tendulkar for 10 months, while the Indian Cricket Board (BCCI) was also quick to deny such a development. "There is no truth in the report. We have spoken to both Tendulkar and Patil, no such conversation ever took place. It is for the player to take a call on retirement, and

the BCCI has always followed this policy", senior Board official Rajeev Shukla said. "It's always a pleasure to meet Sachin, but I have not met him for the last 10 months. I have not called him, neither has he called me. We have not discussed anything, It's all nonsense," Patil said. The report, quoting an unnamed selector, had stated that Patil met Tendulkar after the BCCI penciled in an unscheduled tour against the West Indies at home comprising a two-Test series and a three-game ODI rubber. It also hinted that Patil had told Tendulkar that the selectors will decide the batsman's future after his muchawaited 200th Test appearance. "We have got a bunch of youngsters and they all have been performing well. No one can question Sachin Tendulkar. What he has done is remarkable but we also have to look at the future. We have several talented players waiting to get one chance to prove themselves," the selector said, according to the report.

Tendulkar has appeared in 198 Tests, the most by any cricketer in the history of the game, notching up a mindboggling 51 hundreds in the five-day format of the game. Besides, he has also raked up 49 ODI centuries, a format from which he has already retired, to make it a century of international hundreds. The batting veteran, who has scored close to 16,000 runs in Tests, has had a lean run especially as per his standards over the last couple of years. He has scored only two half centuries in the last 10 Test matches India have played at home, against New Zealand, England and Australia, and his last Test hundred (146) was in an away Test at Cape Town against South Africa in January, 2011, which has prompted questions on his future in some quarters. He is currently gearing up to play in the Champions League T20 League for IPL holders Mumbai Indians with his first game scheduled against hosts Rajasthan Royals at Jaipur on September 21.


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Friday 20 September 2013



Aniston's camp denies new 4 selected from Kohima reports she is pregnant NAGA ORPHEUS HUNT 2013


The judges are seen here with the selected contestants from Kohima. (Photo courtesy: Licham Humtsoe).


our contestants out of 13 that auditioned were selected for the elimination rounds of the Naga Orpheus Hunt 2013 today at the Rattle & Hum Lounge, Kohima. The four selected are David Solo, Tovi Achumi, T. Apen Sangtam and VesĂźto Medeo. Judge for the competition and the winner of the first edition of the Naga Orpheus Hunt (formerly called Naga Idol) Moanungsang speaking to The Morung Express expressed a little disappointment in the turnout of contestants. However he expressed optimism on the quality of the singers that auditioned, talking about his journey as a contestant and now as a part of the judge panel he said it was an honor to be a part of the family.

For further query any aspiring NOH, 2013 candidates can contact the district partners listed below:1- Dimapur-8974313443 (Soyachunk) 2- Zunhebuto- 9774343174 (Ari) 3- Wokha- 9862300779 (Kyong Provision opp. SBI bank) 4- Mon- 8974796921 (Glitz Fashion & Entertainment Group) 5- Tuensang- 8575744790 (The Tuensang voice) 6- Phek- 9612373602(Roko) 7- Mokokchung- 03692225127(Roots office) 8- Kohima-03702260904 (or) 8794399256 (Synergy Group enterprise)

Tali Angh, one of the judges expressed his delight in the quality of singers that auditioned, while pointing out that two of the contestants had the potential to make it big. On the issue of the music scenario in the State, Tali expressed optimism that with the younger generation showing great interest in music, the state would have its

own music industry with proper infrastructure in some years. Akiebu, proprietor of Rattle & Hum Lounge opined that the contestants were good talent wise and believed that with a former winner as a judge, even the contestants who were not selected definitely left inspired through the encouragement of the Judges.

ver the years there have been dozens of reports that Jennifer Aniston has been pregnant, all false. On Wednesday UsWeekly made that claim again with the excited cover line, Jen's Big Secret, Pregnant! But the actress' rep strongly denies the story, telling MailOnline, 'Jennifer is not pregnant.' The publication printed a rep denial, but still proceeded to detail how the Friends star, 44, has been trying very hard to hide the fact that she is expecting a child with her fiancĂŠ Justin Theroux, 42. 'She's thrilled!' a source tells the weekly magazine. The source adds that the couple, that fell in love on the set of Wanderlust, is 'extremely happy' and this 'is the baby Jen always wanted,' adding the child is due in 2014. Us Weekly claims the Emmy winner has been struggling to hide her 'growing bump' as she promotes her two films We're The Millers and Life Of Crime. The magazine also reports the actress has had to rethink her wardrobe after wearing a tight-fitting purple satin Burberry dress at the New York We're The Millers premiere on August 1. 'Her stylist had to redo her whole press tour wardrobe,' a source tells the publication. Instead of asking designers to borrow outfits in bigger sizes to accommodate the star's expanding waistline (which would alert

Hrithik Roshan launches

several people that the beauty was gaining weight), the stylist had to go to clothing stores and buy new dresses by Alexander McQueen and Chanel straight of the rack, the article details.

The star also didn't look pregnant as she sunbathed in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, in August, but UsWeekly had an answer for that too: she constantly tried to hide her stomach with a towel

or wrap. There are other arguments that support the claim she is with child. Sometime in September the pitchwoman canceled a Smartwater photo shoot and said it would be a 'while'


before she could reschedule. She also has no movie projects lined up, which is odd for her because she usually works nonstop. The couple has already moved into their new gated $21m Bel-Air home in LA, which at 8,500 square feet has plenty of space for a nursery. On September 7 the duo were spotted loading up on groceries for their new kitchen (though most likely not eggs as they have their own chicken coop on their property). Tellingly the Golden Globe darling wore a baby doll dress that completely hid her midsection. There are no plans yet for a wedding because, 'the baby is taking priority,' says the source. In 2005 after her split from Brad Pitt, the Friends told Vanity Fair, 'I've never in my life said I didn't want children. I did and I do and I will.' In 2011 she said that becoming a mother, 'resonated with me in my twenties and my thirties and it still does'. Instead of having children, the star has been collecting dogs. Her first canine Norman passed away in 2012 and she got his name tattooed on her foot to commemorate his passing. She already had her German Shepherd mix Dolly. Together Jennifer and Justin adopted a pit bullboxer mix named Sophie and more recently they picked up a mutt they named Clyde.

Kanye West asked BBC staff to IRON his dressing room carpet



ilmmaker Rakesh Roshan and actor Hrithik Roshan unveiled the first look of ` Kid Krrish`, which is set to premiere on October 2, 2013, in Mumbai. The 64-year old directorproducer said that `Krrish` is broadly a family film but we made the kid Krrish only targeting the children, so

when they see the animated film on cartoon network and if it does well, we can keep continuing this series as long as we can. The 39-year old `Agneepath` star said that cartoons are very important for all of us, as it is important to keep the child in us alive. So I would say that not just

kids but all of us should take a look at kid Krrish, which will definitely touch our heart and may be teach you a few things about love. The animation telly-film will see superhero kid `Krrish` fighting an evil scientist and keeping him from getting his hands on a precious artifact that he is eyeing.

er is huge and it is killing us," he added. He spoke at a conference on creating a vibrant digital economy for screen content, which was organised by the Film and Television Producers Guild of India and Motion Pictures Association (MPA), India. An anti-piracy mobile application was also launched at the event. "I feel the initiative by MPA with the Producers Guild of India, is the need

of the hour because we are going towards digitisation. If digitisation means more rampant piracy, we need to curb that before we are wiped out," Bhatt added. He said his film "Aashiqui 2" suffered huge revenue loss. Bhatt co-produced it with T-Series. "For 'Aashiqui 2', which I produced...more than 40 percent of my revenue was lost to internet piracy," said Bhatt. "When I go to work, I feel I am not working for


Digital piracy biggest menace: Mukesh Bhatt


ukesh Bhatt, producer and president of the Film & Television Producers Guild of India, rues how digital piracy is killing filmmakers. "Digital piracy is the biggest menace, which we film producers face," Bhatt told reporters here Wednesday. "As we know that youngsters are more net savvy than anybody else and they watch more movies (online), the amount of revenue lost by a filmmak-

myself, I am working for a pirate and that breaks my heart," he added. Bhatt feels filmmakers shouldn't depend upon government body to curb piracy. "We need to do it ourselves because of the simple apathy and the lack of interest being shown by the government towards piracy and it is sad. So, we have nobody but ourselves to wake up and try to save our ourselves," said Bhatt.

Cowell embarrassed by contestant on 'The X Factor'



contestant on the American singing reality show "The X Factor" failed to recognise music mogul Simon Cowell thus leaving him embarrassed. The incident took place during the Denver, Colorado auditions for the show when contestant Yosselin Marquez bluntly asked Cowell who he was. Though Marquez's performance ended up being a disaster, it was Cowell who was left embarrassed on national television, said a statement. But as we all know, the 53-year-old is not one to take a punch lying down. When it was time for the votes he voted a firm "No"

and chose not to break the news gently, he said: "You don't have the X Factor and Denver hates you." With her dreams shattered on national television, Marquez was captured backstage saying: "I don't care about the judges... like honestly, I don't even know that guy." "Who is he? I have never seen him before, nothing and I think he got mad because I asked him his name, whatever, I don't care," she added. The third season of "The X Factor" will be judged by Cowell along with singers Kelly Rowland, Demi Lovato and Paulina Rubio. It will air on BIG CBS love.

t's not unusual for megastars to make diva demands, but Kanye West's request to have his dressing room carpet ironed by BBC staff might be a step too far. The 36-year-old rapper - who welcomed his first child North into the world with Kim Kardashian in June caused a stir on the Later with Jools Holland show on Tuesday when he made a series of outrageous requests before taking to the stage to perform. After turning up for

rehearsals in Maidstone, Kent, the star was less than impressed with his studio set and demanded that staff tear it down and rebuild it to his original plans. He then insisted everything in his dressing room be replaced in the colour white, including the walls, sofa and flowers. The singer, who joined Sting and Kings of Leon on the show, was also adamant that he and his huge entourage should be given more than half of the fifteen dressing rooms available to the performers.

However, he really shocked BBC employees when he asked for his carpet to be flattened out with a heated tool as it was too bumpy for his liking. A source told The Sun newspaper: 'Everybody knew Kanye's reputation for being a handful, but nobody had heard of a request for a carpet to be ironed before 'His entourage took over the studio, even though plenty of other stars were present. 'Luckily once he got to the performance he was very quiet and unassuming.'


Nick Carter Writing Memoir

Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter has signed a book deal and will release his memoir 'Facing the Music and Living to Talk About It' in September.


ick Carter is writing his autobiography. The 33-year-old singer will open up about his life in the Backstreet Boys, his struggles with substance abuse and his family tragedies, including the death of his sister Leslie from a suspected overdose last year, in 'Facing the Music and Living to Talk About It'. The tome will be published by Bird Street Books on September 24. Nick proposed to his girlfriend of four years Lauren Kitt, in the Florida Keys with a seven-carat diamond ring from XIV KARATS in February and admitted he was desperate to pop the question. He said: "I was like, 'I don't want [the ring] anymore!' It was driving me insane. I just wanted to get it out of my hands and on to hers. "She said, 'Yes,' and I'm, like, 'I don't know what to do. She said, 'You're supposed to put it on my finger.' So I did. I was in shock." Fitness expert and actress Lauren, 29, admitted she was shocked by the proposal and acknowledged wedding dates will have to be worked around

the upcoming Backstreet Boys tour. She said: "I wasn't expecting it. It just felt very surreal. We both are just so happy in love right now and on cloud nine. "Our first thought was, 'We need to contact the Backstreet Boys and find out when their schedule will permit. "It's not up to us. It's up to the schedule. We're just excited and looking forward to the next chapter of our lives."

'Drug Binges Left me Depressed' Nick Carter regrets his decade-long battle with drugs and alcohol because it led to depression, which he still has to deal with. Now six years sober, the pop star opens up about the extent of his abuse issues in his new memoir, Facing the Music and Living to Talk About It, revealing that during the height of his problems, he took Ecstasy pills, cocaine and drank a large

bottle of vodka a night. He tells In Touch magazine, "I regret taking Ecstasy. The amount I did caused changes to my brain that are responsible for my bouts of depression now". Carter also details his romance with ex-girlfriend Paris Hilton in the book, and admits she was the wrong person for him at the lowest time of his life. He adds, "(She) fed my worst impulses as far as partying".



Messi scores 3 as Barca routs Ajax

B ARCELONA, SEptEmBER 19 (Ap): Lionel Messi marked his 80th Champions League match with a hat trick on Wednesday as Barcelona began its campaign in Group H with a 4-0 rout of Ajax. The Argentina forward opened the scoring at Camp Nou Stadium with a free kick in the 22nd minute, doubled the hosts' advantage in the 55th on the break and, after Gerard Pique's 69th-minute goal, added another 15 minutes from fulltime. The goals took his cumulative tally in the competition to 62 — nine short of Raul Gonzalez's all-time record of 71 goals in 144 appearances. Messi now stands alone as the only player to have scored a hat trick four times in the tournament. "From (Frank) Rijkaard until now, the coaches that have come through here, every two or three games they have talked about how surprised they are by him, and I am just one more," said Barcelona coach Gerardo Martino, who will

travel to his native Argentina following the death of his father on Tuesday. Despite some lethargic moments late in the first half, Barcelona eased to the win thanks to Messi's goals and the team's near complete control of possession. When Ajax did manage to create a scoring opportunity, Valdes was there to keep a clean sheet. "As the game went on we adapted better as we figured out what to do," said Messi. "We couldn't put pressure on them at the beginning because they read the match perfectly." True to both teams' well-established playing styles, Barcelona and Ajax kept the ball on the turf. While Ajax was limited to former Barcelona forward Bojan Krkic's sprints down the left side, Barcelona soon focused on Neymar cutting in from the left flank. But it fell to Messi to get the hosts going after he was fouled while dribbling across the edge of the area following a neat passing combination with Dani Alves.

KVSU to meet SFC in inaugural match

Local ground at 1:00 PM. Minister for youth resources and sports Merentoshi Jamir will grace the inaugural ceremony as the chief guest. Keneido Peseyie will chair the function while welcome address will be delivered by ASU president Zakie Khate. Keynote address will be delivered by Rükravolie Rülho, convenor organizing committee. Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) president Tongpang Ozukum will bring solidarity note while secretary sports ASU Mhasimhalie Mathew Yhome will administer oath to the participating teams, which will be followed by inaugural match between Kohima Village Students’ Union and Students’ Football Club. A total prize money of Rs. 2.5 lakh has been set for the tournament, which includes Rs. 1.20 lakh for the champions, Rs. 70,000 for runnersup, Rs. 15,000 each to two semi-final losers and Rs. 7500 each to four quarterfinal losers. Out of 65 team, 5 teams are from Manipur, 51 Kohima, 4 Phek, 3 Dimapur and one each from Peren and Zunheboto districts will vie for the top honours.

From that prime spot, Messi sent a left-foot shot off the left post, with the ball beating outstretched goalkeeper Kenneth Vermeer before ricocheting into the far side of the net. "We know that Messi can always score, and he did," said Ajax coach Frank de Boer, a former Barcelona defender. "His free kick was very good, very fast. "I can't be happy. When you allow four goals you can't be. But I saw moments that we can build on for the games ahead." Ricardo van Rhijn almost answered for Ajax in the 31st when Bojan picked him out with a cross, only for Valdes to smother his header. The home crowd became nervous near the end of the first half, and Barcelona apparently took note by showing the defensive pressure Martino had said was his top priority to restore after the break. The increased intensity paid off when Barcelona recovered the ball and Sergio Busquets spotted Messi running unmarked down the right side.

Messi took his pass, cut back to bring Stefano Denswil to the ground and used his left foot to score. Neymar, in his European debut, set up Gerard Pique to add Barcelona's third goal with a long cross. Ajax lost possession near its area and Xavi Hernandez laid the ball off for Messi to take his time before driving it between a pair of defenders and into the corner of the net for his third goal. Valdes had his moment of glory one minute later in the 76th when he blocked Kolbeinn Sigthorsson's penalty after Javier Mascherano fouled Thulani Serero in the box. The two four-time champions had never met before in Europe's top-tier competition. Even so, fewer teams from different countries have stronger ties. Dutch great Johan Cruyff led Ajax to three straight European titles from 197173 as a player before moving to Barcelona, where he would later return as a Ajax players Stefano Denswil, left, and Ajax's Christian Poulsen, right, try and stop Barcelona's Lionel Messi, center, durcoach to guide it to its first ing the Champions League group H soccer match between Ajax Amsterdam and F.C. Barcelona on Wednesday, Sept. 18 at European title in 1992. Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona, Spain. (AP Photo)


14th NSF Martyrs’ Memorial United T20 Open Cosco Ball Cricket Tourney Trophy to begin today

Our Correspondent Kohima | September 19

The 14th NSF Martyrs’ Memorial Trophy 2013 under the aegis of Angami Students’ Union (ASU) will start from September 20 at the Kohima Local Ground under the theme “Goal for Peace.” Altogether, over 1000 players belonging to 65 teams have confirmed their participation in this month long tournament which will continue till October 19. The NSF Martyrs’ Memorial Trophy organized by ASU is an annual feature since 1986 in memory and honour of the supreme sacrifices made by student comrades Late Kekuojalie Sachü and Late Vikhozo Yoshü while on duty call of the Naga Students’ Federation. Laying of wreaths and unfurling of flag will take place at NSF Martyrs’ Park at 12:30 PM on September 20. The inaugural function will take place at Kohima

Players of the first semi final match between First Choice Cricket Club (Yellow jersy) and Evolution Cricket Clucb (Blue jersy) being introduced to the chief guest.

DImApUR, SEptEmBER 19 (mExN): Mahindra First Choice beat Evolution Cricket Club of Diphu, Assam, in the first semi final match of the ‘1st United T20 Open Cosco Ball Cricket Tournament’ played here at DDSC Stadium Thursday morning. Electing to field first after winning the toss, the Dimapur based Mahindra First Choice overcame the target of 143 runs for 8 wickets set by the rival Evolution in the 19th overs. In the second semi final match, Blue Star Cricket Club elected to bat first after winning the toss and set

a target of 156 runs in the 20 overs match with Badal (30 runs) and Sahil (29 runs) as the top run getters of the Blue Star Club. In reply, Morning Star were all out in 16 overs. The final match of the ‘1st United T20 Open Cosco Ball Cricket Tournament’ organised by United Baptist Church Association (UBCA) North East India with the theme “Cricket for Christ” between Mahindra First Choice and Blue Star will kick off Friday at 1 pm with Roads & Bridges minister, Kuzoluzho Nienu, as the chief guest.

Central NPF general secretary (Finance), Basu Damani who was the chief guest of the semi final matches in his address said that whether in sports, business or any profession, one should always keep three things in mind –love of the game or profession, position or recognition and financial aspect. Damani said a person should always have the passion or love for the game or profession in order to realize his or her full potential. A sportsperson should also strive to gain recognition through his or her talent. At the same time,

a sportsperson should not forget the financial aspect for survival, he said. Congratulating the semi finalist teams for having come so far, Damani exhorted the players that success does not come easy and that even the biggest tree is a creation of a small seed. He also reminded the players to take lessons from Sachin Tendulkar who rose from a humble beginning to become the “God of cricket.” Convenor, organizing committee, Rev. Puduhu Khuso, chaired the programme and evangelist Akavi offered invocation.









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