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No medicine cures what happiness cannot

Sunday, April 20, 2014 12 pages Rs. 4 –Gabriel García Márquez (1927-2014)

Village councils demand for PHC at Yan-Mhonmo [ PAGE 2]

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Korean shipwreck: Chances of finding survivors deem [ PAGE 9]

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ssA imbroglio continues


By Sandemo Ngullie

Teachers draw support from civil society

DIMAPUR, APRIL 19 (MExN): They have not been paid since November last year; their arrears for all of 2013 remain unpaid. Under the aegis of the Nagaland SSA Teachers’ Association (NSSATA), SSA teachers from Nagaland facing these dire circumstances have been agitating and staying away from classrooms for something as basic as their wages since March this year. Thousands of students over Nagaland are affected. On April 16, the NSSATA submitted a letter-cum-ultimatum to the Governor of Nagaland to take note of their plight or the agitations would be intensified. Meanwhile, the Government of Nagaland continues to insist that the issue is “beyond the control of the State Government and the Department.”

Can’t afford a pint of beer so I am gonna while away the day in low spirits..

A South American cowboy known as a gaucho, and the wild horse he rides on, fall during a rodeo organized as part of Holy Week celebrations in Montevideo, Uruguay. The rodeo is one of the main attractions during Easter, also known as Tourism Week or Semana Criolla in Uruguay. (AP Photo)

Special Branch Dimapur recovers fake currency

nPcc questions DAn govt’s choice DIMAPUR, APRIL 19 (MExN): The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) has accused the DAN government, headed by Nagaland’s chief minister Neiphiu Rio, of having chosen the “weakest and most corrupt” minister of Roads & Bridges since statehood to be the Home Minister of Nagaland. “Due to the inefficient and inapt handling of the situation by the Home Minister, the existing territories of Nagaland in the borders of Assam are being systematically encroached and occupied by Assam,” stated the NPCC in a statement circulated to the press from its vice presidents, Nillo Reng-

ma and Khusatho. It alleged that while “public in border areas with Assam continue to suffer at the hands of Assam Police, be it in Dikhoi or Aoyimkum and other parts of Dimapur district, Merapani, Ladigarh, the Home Minister is campaigning to succeed Neiphiu Rio as the Chief Minister.” Not only are the border areas “suffering due to the inefficiency of the Home Minister,” stated the NPCC, but incidents like the one at Mukalimi have not been avoided. The NPCC remarked that the “Mukalimi situation could have been prevented and averted but due to delayed response by the Home Minister it led to

loss of precious lives and a standoff between Sumi Hoho and NSCN-IM.” Taking up the issue of roads, the NPCC informed that “thousands of crores of rupees” have been sanctioned by the Government of India in the last tenure of five years under various road schemes such as the PMGSY, NLCPR, National Highway, E&I, NEC, SARDP-NE etc. “All this money has been used up without any improvement in the road conditions,” said the State Congress, as also that even pliable roads have been reduced to non pliable roads such as Kohima – Zunheboto road and Changtonia –

Longleng road. The NPCC gave a detailed breakdown of funds sanctioned for roads like the Zhekiye to Satoi road (under NLCPR) and the Dimapur to Niuland road (NLCPR), the condition of which do not reflect the money “spent” on these roads. It also alleged that annual funds received by the Roads & Bridges Department for periodical repairs and maintenance of National Highways, as well as the 13th Finance Commission’s road maintenance fund, were drawn by supporters of the former minister of Roads & Bridges without any corresponding work.

DIMAPUR, APRIL 19 (MExN): The Special Branch of the Dimapur police recovered counterfeit currency amounting to Rs. 40,000 from the possession of a woman in Dimapur on April 18. The woman, identified as Rupali Borah (38), was arrested near the railway station. The fake notes reportedly originated from Dibrugarh in Assam and the woman was suspected to be acting at the behest of someone else. According to the Special Branch, the fake currency in 500-rupee-denominations was brought by the woman from Dibrugarh to be handed over to an unidentified contact(s) in Dimapur. She had reached Dimapur by the Kamrup Express. It was added that investigation was on to trace liver, along with inflammation and NEW DELhI, APRIL 19 (IANS): pital here, said at a press conference. the people involved. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease damage. NASH can lead to cancer if A sedentary lifestyle, increased alcohol consumption and obesity are is now one of the most common patients are not treated in time. “Fatty contributing towards making India causes of chronic liver disease. Some liver and NASH have been found in all NWHD says women the “world capital of liver diseases” by people with excess fat in the liver sim- age groups, including children. Howply have what is called a “fatty liver”. ever, it is more common between the 2025, a health expert said Saturday. will not live in “Urbanisation and changes linked Although this is not normal, it is not age group of 40 to 49 years,” he said. Timely diagnosis of disease is with it like sedentary lifestyle, fatty serious if it does not lead to inflamsilence and fear even more important, otherwise it food, uncontrolled blood sugar, obe- mation or damage. DIMAPUR , APRIL sity, smoking and high alcohol intake Choudhary said these factors also could develop into cancers, like those 19 (MExN): The Naga is leading Indians towards higher in- increase the risk of Non Alcoholic Ste- of the stomach, he said. “If the disWomen Hoho Dimapur cidence of fatty liver disease, that is atohepatitis (NASH), a common, of- eases linked with fatty liver are timely (NWHD) has strongly con- Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease,” ten “silent” liver disease. It resembles diagnosed, then they can be treated demned what it termed as Abhideep Choudhary, consultant sur- alcoholic liver disease but occurs in with laparoscopy, minimal invasion the “rape and murder” of geon of surgical gastrology and liver people who drink little or no alcohol. surgery or robotic surgery,” Chouda woman on April 17 in Di- transplantation at Sir Ganga Ram Hos- The major feature in NASH is fat in the hary said. mapur. Though a post mortem report of the case is yet to be released, the NWHD has appealed to the authority concerned to “arrest the culprit at the earliest and award life imprisonment or Morung Express News gives one a feel of what it temjen, and that is showing me that our God is not a must have been like when love and affection to one’s dead God but an ‘Alive’ capital punishment to such Kohima | April 19 Christ rose from the dead colleagues, friends and God. And just as Christ was culprit to give an exemplaraised from the dead, we ry to avoid recurrence of Easter eggs, bunnies, trea- on Easter morning. “It neighbors. Pastor Anungla Chang need to revive ourselves repeated crime.” In a press sure hunts are new trends feels like you are actually statement, NWHD presi- slowly catching up with there when the sun rises. from Chang Baptist again,” says Pastor Andent, Hukheli T. Wotsa, and Naga families and com- You feel more closer to the Church, Kohima, feels that ungla, further adding that general secretary, Vimen- munities but Gracy Gong- actual event,” adds Gracy. for many Nagas, Easter Easter is also a reflection “Everyday should be Sunday is only reduced to of heaven and of hope beuo Liegise, noted, “Raping mei, a mother of two, still and killing women should prefers being traditional— Easter!” says Martemjen attending church services cause it is a reminder to her be stopped by a united attending the Sunrise Ser- Jamir, a PhD Scholar who and celebration without that there is hope to meet voice, demanding award of vice, church and reflecting believes that Easter is God’s really reflecting on the real your loved ones someday. “The truth sounds incapital punishment or life on what lies at the heart of way of showing His love to meaning of Easter. Evimprisonment. Enough is Easter. “Personally, Easter us and that all have been ery year, like many other sane sometimes. But that enough, Women will not holds a significant mean- saved by Christ. Martemjen churches, her church con- doesn’t mean it’s not the live in silence and fear. We ing for me. Easter is the is of the view that many a ducts ‘Baptism’ of new truth,” said Linguini in the appeal to both Nagaland main magnet point for all times Christians, and even members with the usual movie Ratatouille. The stoGovernment and National of us, Christians. Because the Church, have destroyed program of bible study, ry of Christ’s resurrection Workers to support imple- of Easter, we have hope the values of Christianity Passion Week and par- may sound as crazy as the mentation of Mosaic law and that is something we and that many Nagas have taking in the Lord’s Sup- story of a rat who can cook. (i.e. capital punishment).” should all be looking for- become non-practicing per. But this year, Pastor The truth indeed is insane According to the NWHD, ward to,” says Gracy. And Christians today, whose Anungla has also started and to an extent defies all “Only Mosaic law can stop although Gracy won’t be lives and actions oppose something different—Re- rationality. But this truth such crime in our society.” able to attend this year’s their very beliefs. It is high vival– because she feels keeps us sane in an insane It conveyed its condolence Sunrise Service, Gracy time Nagas live out the spir- that people need to be re- world. And this truth is at remarks that the Sunrise it of Easter again, says Mar- vived again. “Easter tells the heart of Easter! to the victim’s family.

Clear pending salaries by stipulated deadline: ENSF The Eastern Naga Students Federation (ENSF) has appealed to the Nagaland State Government to “immediately clear the pending salaries of the SSA Teachers within the stipulated dateline given by the NSSATA.” In a press statement from its president, Shahsha L. Menhahu, and assistant general secretary, Topongchuba Chang, the Federation apprised the department concerned to take “serious note” of the problems faced by students in government schools where teachers appointed under SSA have “refused to perform their duties” due to non-payment of their pending salaries since November 2013 till date and the arrears of 2013 “which is their Legitimate Rights.” The ENSF stated that “when most schools in Nagaland particularly in the four districts of Eastern Nagaland are faced with the problem of shortage of teachers, such kind of insincerity on the part of the government is uncalled for.”

The ENSF felt “dismayed” that “teachers are led to protest for their salaries in the streets, whereas parents had to risk the future of their children by sending them to the Govt. school where innocent students had to endure all the suffering without teachers in the classrooms.” While expressing support to the NSSATA, the ENSF expressed “faith upon the concern authority that the matter would taken up on priority before the NSSATA takes up the next course of action and the aggrieved students take to the streets demanding for regular teachers.” NTC urges Nagaland State Government to “immediately address” SSA teachers’ plight The Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC) has expressed surprise at the “callous attitude” of the Government of Nagaland towards “the basic need of the SSA teachers who shoulder the core responsibilities of the state towards the student’s career.” It has urged the State Government to “immediately address the genuine demands of the NSSATA for release of pending salaries considering the plight of the Teachers and the students.” “It is disheartening to state that the SSA Teachers are deprived of their normal salaries after their appointment in March, 2013. Nobody can work on empty stomach and as such the teachers and yet, the ultimate victims are the students,” noted the NTC in a press statement from its general secretary Nribemo Ngullie and acting president, Lendinoktang. In order to “resume peaceful functioning of the Educational Institutions in the larger interest of the rural base student careers,” the Government, stated the NTC, is “duty bound” to “solve the imbroglio and see that students are rescued from this predicament.”

coMMUnitY fisHinG – A threat to fragile ecosystems

India may become ‘world capital of liver diseases’

‘Enough is enough’

At the Heart of Easter…


In this Morung File Photo, people gather for Community Fishing, which requires poisoning of the river—experts now suggest that such “unethical” practices need to go for the sake of ‘Biodiversity Conservation’

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed” –

M.K. Gandhi

WokhA, APRIL 19 (MExN): Wokha District Forest Officer, Ketusielie Angami, feels that the term ‘Biodiversity Conservation’ has to become part of Naga tradition with its message passed on to every generation to reach as many people as possible. While traditions and age old practices, he observes, still play an important role in our daily lives, “all are not beneficial and we should question if a certain practice is detrimental to the society in general and the ecosystem in particular.” Traditional community fishing and its effects, visà-vis ecological conservation, need to be appraised with all seriousness, notes Angami in a recent article. Community fishing, he explains, is an indigenous fishing method that is usually practiced by involving the whole community of a village, sometimes including the neighboring villages, who come together to fish in a particular stretch of a river. It is normally

done by poisoning the river stretches which are usually potential grounds for feeding and breeding of fishes. “This cruel and unethical fishing method leaves all the aquatic fauna in the river dead,” writes Angami. Practically, he informs, this activity or ritual is performed just before the onset of monsoon when most fish species are gravid and ready to breed. Thus, “In this process the fish population in the river is wiped out leaving no fishes to reproduce. Little do we realize that by doing this, we are fishing our indigenous and endemic fishes to the verge of extinction. Ecologically speaking, the loss of one species leads to the loss of several other species in that, the food chain and tropic balance is disturbed. The ramifications are thus serious.” According to Angami, the river systems and its tributaries of Nagaland are home to over 150 different kinds of indigenous fish species, many of which are endemic to Nagaland. Their breeding and propagation are entirely left to nature as research studies on their breeding behavior and development of their germplasm are still at its nascent stage. It is not at all

possible for some species to artificially breed. “Our indigenous fish species are rare exotic species in other parts of the globe and highly valued,” informs Angami, and that the Nagaland State Government has adopted the ‘Chocolate Mahseer’ (Neolissochilus Hexagonalepis), an economically important indigenous fish as the “State fish” which, as per Angami, is found in almost all the major rivers of Nagaland. The Nagaland Fisheries Regulation (Rules) 2008 has already been passed in the Nagaland Legislative Assembly. Rule 15 of the Nagaland Fisheries Regulations (rules) 2008, prohibits the use of poisons (synthetic or plant origin), explosives, chemicals etc in the river and river systems. Angami maintains, “While the government is yet to strictly enforce these rules, this can be only possible by involving the communities themselves along with the active cooperation of the village councils. It is about time we do away with unethical and unregulated practices and bring a ray of hope to the already threatened species before it is too late.”







20 April 2014

The Morung Express C

Village councils demand for PHC at Yan-Mhonmo


Wokha, april 19 (MExN): The Akuk Village Council, Mekokla Village Council, New Akuk Village Council and Chanka Village Council fully have extended support to the demand for establishment of Primary Health Centre (PHC) at Yan-Mhonmo. The demand was made earlier by Achumbemo Kikon Ex-Candidate 40 Bhandari A/C following the dead of Lt. Phyochamo & his daughter of Mekokla Village on April 14 and 16, 2014 from food poisoning. The four village councils in a joint press release stated that, the total population of these four villages comprises of 15,000 (fifteen thousand) and therefore it is equally qualified like any Cabbages grow in a plot of small kitchen garden, surrounded by weeds at Pungro under Kiphire district. The main agricultural other villages/areas to have PHC. system practiced in the district is the traditional jhum also known as swidden method of cultivation. (Photo by Lipichem)

The signatories are Ratsemo Patton, Chairman, Akuk Village Council; Lc. Nyamongo Kikon Chairman, Mekokla Village Council, Nkumo Kikon Chanka Village Council and Yanpothung Patton Chairman, New Akuk Village Council. Yan-mhonmo is the ideal location for establishment of PHC because it is the centre of these four villages. The distance from Yan-mhonmo to the district HQ (Wokha) is about 80 KMs. The climatic condition of these circle/ area is warm throughout the year hence it is a malaria prone zone. Since there is no hospital facility in this circle/ area, the villagers have to walk minimum 33 KMs even to get first aid. As

such, a good hospital needs to be set- up urgently in this circle/area to save the life of the poor villagers. In fact, many poor villagers of this circle/area have lost their precious lives in the past due to lack of medical facilities. Hence, if the Government set-up PHC in the above proposed area it will bring big relieve not only for the four villages but also to all its adjoining villagers. The press note also mentioned that on November 4, 1999, the DPDB Wokha has approved for establishment of PHC at Yan-mhonmo under the initiative of Y. Patton, the present Minister for Forest & Border Affairs when he was an MLA representing 40 Bhandari A/C. “But even after a lapse of 14 long years, no action


seems to have been taken so far for opening/creation of PHC at Yan-mhonmo,” they stated. They further added that Yan-mhonmo circle/area fulfils all the criteria for establishment of PHC and earlier, various representations have been submitted to the concerned authority on numerous occasions. “As such, we have also fulfilled all the formalities that ought to have been done,” the Village authorities stated. They have appeal to the Minister Health & Family Welfare, Nagaland to give top priority during this current year for establishment of Primary Health Centre (PHC) at Yan-Mhonmo under Wokha District as this particular circle/area deserves PHC in all sense of the term.

ACAUT encourage students to fight against corruption


DiMapur, april 19 (MExN): In the backdrop of filing RTI in two departments in Civil Secretariat on Tuesday (April 15) in Kohima, ACAUT hold a session with the faculty, staff and students of Sakus Mission College on April 16. Against Corruption & Unabated Taxation (ACAUT) has been visiting various colleges in Dimapur to spread its message and to spread awareness. A press note issued by ACAUT Media Cell said that the team was greeted with a standing ovation as it entered the college auditorium which was a sign of their support and which uplifted the spirit of the ACAUT team. A faculty member of the college chaired the session and it began with a prayer. The two main speakers were ACAUT Vice Chairman Joel Nillo Kath and Convener RTI Cell Dr. Kekhuga

Murru. Joel Nillo Kath gave a brief history on how ACAUT came into being and how ACAUT had to change its nomenclature from ‘Action Committee Against Unabated Taxation’ to ‘Against Corruption and Unabated Taxation’ keeping the needs of the Nagas in mind. He said that if Naga people had not given their mandate on October 31, 2013 ACAUT Rally held in Dimapur where tens of thousands gave their support, ACAUT would not have existed. ACAUT is not against the Naga National movement as such he added but factionalism has separated the Nagas, which in turn has led to multipletaxation, which weighed down on the Common Nagas. “One Government, One Tax” is what ACAUT stands for and the core message is to let the Naga

Students, staff and others listen to a member of ACAUT during a session conducted at Sakus Mission College, Dimapur on April 16.

People’s Groups unite so that public can pay tax to one Government. Dr. Kekhugha Murru stated that ACAUT is determined to weed out corrup-

tion and it will continue to remain a pressure group as long as corruption exists. Corruption exists in every sphere and he exhorted that the common Nagas

have to unite in tackling this issue of corruption, which is a cancer for everyone. It should be noted here that ACAUT is taking the issue of corruption with

all seriousness and with the support of the common Nagas, the Movement will press in finding a solution to this problem. Mar Longkumer, Con-

Good Friday celebrated at Cathedral Church C M Y K

kohiMa, april 19 (MExN): The Good Friday Service was celebrated in two parts at the Cathedral Church, Kohima, led by Most Rev. Dr. James Thoppil, the bishop of Kohima. The first part consisted in retracing of Christ’s steps in the city of Jerusalem, popularly known as the 14 Stations of the Cross. “In each of the stations, there were reflections in various languages with a message. These stations remind us of the crosses that we have to carry in our life. Jesus went before us giving us an example. His every step and stop on the way to Calvary spoke volumes, every look and glance had a message, every action and move had a meaning. We are to follow Him and he leads us with his grace.” The second part of the celebration had three segments: namely, the liturgy People partake in various rituals during the Good Friday service at Cathedral Church, Kohima. of the Word and general intercession for various the Cross and Holy Com- ter the passion narrative St. John, the Bishop high- Francis who said that the needs, the Veneration of munion. In his homily af- according to the Gospel of lighted the words of Pope Cross is the word through

which God has responded to evil in the world and it is also the Christian answer to evil around us. “We are to walk the way of the cross to confront the evil. The way of the cross is a way of love and forgiveness. There no other way we can find salvation.” The Veneration of the Cross was a symbolic way of accepting the great sacrifice Jesus on the Cross and submitting oneself to the divine plan of salvation. The service ended with the Holy Communion, giving the Christian the possibility of union with the divine. In the words of Jesus, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of man and drink his blood you have no life in you; he who eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day” John 6: 5354. There were 3000 participants and most observed the day as a day of prayer, fasting and abstinence.

vener Media Cell also spoke on the occasion. “It should be the students who should be most worried about the sorry state of affairs of our society and the students should be proactive on issues affecting us,” he said. “The civilization of any society is indicated by the collective response of every individual, implying that Nagas have to make a concerted effort in tackling issues affecting us,” he added. The ACAUT pledge to fight against corruption was led by Tia Longchar, ACAUT Public mobilization convener. He led with conviction as everyone present placed their hands on their hearts, repeated the pledge and declared that they were now ACAUT Nagaland. Chairman-cumproprietor of Sakus Mission College, Er. Saku Aier (ExParliamentary Secretary) said that the college fully

supports ACAUT. There was an interactive session where students fielded various questions to the ACAUT team and some questions even cornered the members. It concluded with the song “We shall overcome” which was led by the Social Media convener, Kevitho Kera. The other ACAUT members who attended were Simon Kelio, convener Liaison cell who is also the Vice-principal of SMC, Y. Zhimomi GS GB Union Dimapur, Likolo VP DNSU, Solomon L. Awomi, general secretary ACAUT and president EDBA, Zhalie, Assistant General secretary ACAUT and Hukiye VP DUCCF. Meanwhile, it further informs that ACAUT would like to visit more colleges and invitation can be given through Tia Longchar ACAUT Public Mobilization convener.

Major fire in Pessao Village, 24 houses gutted MoN, april 19 (MExN): Altogether twenty-four (24) houses were completely burn down to ashes and twenty-one (21) houses were damaged in a fire incident that happened in Pessao Village on April 17. According to witness, the 21 houses were damaged in an effort “to stop the fire from spreading further as the houses are located very close to each other.” It is reported that properties of Government Primary School including Pupil Cumulative Record (PCR), Book (120 Nos), text book, generator, computer set, carpentry tools, type writer and sewing machine were completely burnt down. Other houses destroyed by fire include Pessao Students Union office, Primary Health entre NPF Office. Further, VDB documents and statistical record of the Pessao village was also gutted down.

The fire, reportedly started while charging mobile battery directly connected to a solar plate in one villager. “However, complete assessment for the properties destroyed from each houses could not be made in our visit to village on April 18 as most of the villagers was very much occupied with their works,” MA Wanmai said in a press release. Meanwhile, thanking all relief campaign members and well-wishers from Mon Town and other places of the district for their support and concern towards Pessao village and Tobu people, more friends, NGOs and Civil Societies are requested to come up with their ideas and donation towards fire victim families. For necessary details and donations, contact M. A. Wanmai Tobu Town @ 9862688852/9436073401.



Field day at Hovishe Village conducted


DiMapur, april 19 (MExN): Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) Dimapur, Niuland Block organised ‘field day on rubber plantation’ at Hovishe village on April 18. Yanchibemo, BTT Member & WDT, Department of Land Resource Development spoke on the importance of rubber plantation in Dimapur due to its suitable climate and topography. The farmers were imparted knowledge on proper selection of site, nursery raising and proper selection of polythene, land preparation, planting, managing, tapping and processing. At the programme chaired by Moakumzuk, SMS, Niuland Block welcome address was given by Demalu Hasnusa, BTM, Niuland Block and around 60 participants that includ-

Resource persons demonstrates during the field day on Rubber Plantation at Hovishe village organised by ATMA Dimapur, Niuland Block.

ed farmers, SHG members and students attended the programme. On the other hand, on April 19 also at Hovishe village tea plantation farm school was inaugurated and. Katoho Holo, a tea farmer

was appointed its teacher. He stated that Tea plantation is available mostly at villages around Niuland Block in Dimapur district and many farmers are putting up interest in tea growing nowadays. After plucking leaves are tak-

en to nearest tea factories in Assam for further processing which yields a good quality tea leaves. Later, Akavi, BTM, Kuhuboto Block highlighted about the concept of a farm school and duties of its teacher.



The Morung Express


20 April 2014



Modi, Rahul slam each other in Assam NagaoN (assam), april 19 (iaNs): BJP's Narendra Modi Saturday attacked the Congress over its 'mother-son' government at the centre which he said has failed to meet the aspirations of the people while Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said the BJP has been making Hindus and Muslims fight against each other. Bharatiya Janata Party's prime ministerial candidate Modi launched his attack on the Congress in the central Assam town, just after the Con-

gress vice president assured the people of setting up production units in the northeast for giving employment to the youth, ensuring security of women and free medicines and hospitalisation for the poor. Gandhi took to the stage at a school ground in Nagaon and alleged that the BJP has been making Hindus and Muslims fight against each other. "The British made Hindus and Muslims fight with each other. The BJP is doing the same thing," he said.

He told people the Gujarat model of development only makes some rich people richer at the cost of the poor. "The Gujarat government takes land of farmers and sells it to companies at a price of Re.1 per square metre. Later, the companies sell the same land to other smaller companies at a price of Rs.800 per square metre," Gandhi said adding that 45,000 hectares of land have already been sold in the state. "Assam will only benefit when there is a Congress government at the centre. You have

a Congress government in Assam, so the state can benefit only when there is a Congress government at the Centre," he said while urging the people to vote for the party candidate for the Nawgong Lok Sabha seat, Jonjonali Baruah. He assured the people of bringing a bill for 33 percent reservation for women, reservation for 25 percent women in police, bank loans to women, right to food and free medicines for the poor. An hour after Rahul left,

Modi, speaking at another venue in the town, said the "mother-son" government at the centre and the "father-son" government in Assam have both failed to address issues like price rise, unemployment, unabated killing of rhinos and infiltration from Bangladesh. "In 2009, Congress had assured that 10 crore youths will be given jobs. However, they failed. They also assured to bring down prices of essential commodities but failed again," he said. "I heard Rahul Gandhi had come

here today. Did he mention price rise even once? No. He did not. Because he is not interested in the problem," Modi said. The BJP leader also attacked the Congress on women's security. "How can the Congress talk of women security? There are members in the Youth Congress who kill their wife and burn the body in a tandoor," Modi said, referring to the infamous 1995 Tandoor murder case, in which Youth Congress leader Sushil Sharma was convicted of killing his wife Naina Sahni in Delhi

and trying to burn her body in a hotel tandoor (oven). "A Congress woman worker went missing during the party of a Congress leader in Latur and her body was recovered after two days," he said. Modi also lashed out at the Congress over the Nirbhaya gang rape incident in Delhi. He said the Congress-led government created the Nirbhaya Fund with Rs.1,000 crore for security of women. "However, one year has passed and not a single paisa has been spent."

Marams observe Kajoi Manipur Govt and Gurkhas reach agreement

A scene at the annual indigenous community fishing, or Kajoi in Maram terminology, Wednesday, April 16, at the Willong-Barak river stretch.

sENapaTi, april 19 (mExN): The annual indigenous Community Fishing of Willong, called Kajoi in Maram terminology, was held on Wednesday, April 16, at the Willong-Barak river stretch. Willong is located along Maram-Peren Road, 35 kms west from NH and 12 kms north from the Barak River. The event participants included local villagers, neighbouring communities, and other guests, totaling to over 2000 in number. This year, official teams from Senapati District Students’ Association, Poumai Naga Students’ Union, and Naga Students’ Union Delhi, took part in the indigenous festival. Since 2011, the year that had coincided with the kickingoff of its Golden Jubilee Year, important cultural events – like community fishing (Kajoi), Kang-he (Maram Naked Wrestling), and Mangkhang (premier women folk festivals) – have become annual features. This is the endeavour of the MKS to further promote and sustain the cultural heritages of our fore-fathers, most of which today appears to have lost interests among the younger generations, the president’s note stated. Pungdi P. Celestine, President, Maram Students Union (MKS), giving a brief highlight of the festival states that the community fishing bears both social and religious values. Villagers believe, the substances mixed in the river and activities employed for fishing purposes clean up/ filtrate elements of the river as they flow along the river stretch. Further, failing to observe the tradition in a

year (March/April based on Agricultural calendar) is believed to bring misfortune to the people. In the earlier days, male members go to jungles in search of tree bark (Taking/Ka-shing) and creepers (Ka-lang/Ka-shii). En route the village, female folks assist in carrying loads and later powder the tree bark. Creepers are placed in the river on the day of fishing. Male members haul and carry the powdered tree bark and proceed down to the river early morning on the fishing day. Along the village route, women help to carry the load. Meanwhile, every male member prepares their own traditional ‘wooden sticks’ which are later used to thrash the creepers. It is “genna” to consume meat of wild animals (dried/fermented) on this day. The age-old belief is

that thrashing of creepers that produce juices and mixing of powdered tree bark in the selected river stretch caused fishes to lose balance and reduces visibility. In this way, fishes are caught with bare-hands or by using bamboo-baskets of varying sizes and by scything the fishes with sharp weapons. Before noon, almost every catch is offered to women, young girls, children, sisters, and those who were married in that same year. By evening time, when the women and children leave the river, male individuals and peer groups continue to fish for themselves till late at night and return to village the next morning. Today, villagers are made to jealously guard the river stretch to monitor excessive human activities in the river bed like collection of sand, stones, and poisoning of the fauna in the river by using chemicals.

impHal, april 19 (NNN): The agitating Gurkhas and the state government of Manipur have reached an agreement this evening and following this development the bandh on NH-2 will be lifted from Sunday. This information was revealed by deputy chief minister Gaikhangam while talking to reporters tonight. He said the joint action committee (JAC) and the state government representatives including the chief minister, himself (deputy chief minister), Sekmai MLA Kh Deven, and Kangpokpi MLA Nemcha Kipgen, met this evening at 6 pm and resolved the impasse. According to the agreement, a suitable government job will be given to one of the next of kin of the deceased driver who was killed in the police firing yesterday at Kanglatongbi. The injured will also avail government assistances. The officer-in-charge of Sekmai Police Station Deepchandra has been placed under suspension and an inquiry will be con-

ducted into the firing incident. However, the state government had given the choice to the JAC on the channel of investigation i.e., to choose from the two – a high level departmental inquiry or a magisterial inquiry. The state government said it will not be proper to conduct the judicial inquiry, as demanded by the JAC, into the incident. The JAC had agreed to the government offer. The state government has also agreed to post security personnel in Gurkha dominated areas as demanded by the JAC. Meanwhile, the deputy chief minister who is also the home minister of Manipur strongly condemned the rape case as well as the police firing incident that had resulted in the killing of a man last evening. One protestor was killed in the police firing and several others injured late last night at Kanglatongbi area which is about 20 km north of Imphal situated along the National Highway 2. The Manipur police resorted to firing as the mob became violent imposing

lightning bandh along the NH-2 in protest against the rape of a 13-year old Gorkha girl by a 65-year old man from Senapati district. The deceased has been identified as one Tilak Paudyal, 30 years, s/o one Prem Singh of Tispari Kangla-


Date: 20th April 2014 Time : 12:00 – 4:00pm Special Rate : 650 (NV) / 500(V) For Table Reservation Call @03862 241489/ 08415921118 Niathu Resort, 7th Mile, Chumukedima, Dimapur

AFFIDAVIT Regd.No:1645


I, Shri. JOPRUTSO KHUSOH son/daughter/spouse of Shri.Yenuruh Khusoh age about 45 yrs residing at Yoruba Village, do hereby solemnly affirm and declare on oath as under: 1. That my name is Shri. JOPRUTSO and change name is Shri. JOPRUTSO KHUSOH. 2. I am residing at the below mentioned address for the past 45 years. Address: Yoruba Village P.O.Chozuba-797104 3. My Pan Card No. is DHEPK2454O 4. My Driving License No. is NL-0820-120001585 5. Detail mentioned in the above data pertains to me. 6. My Bank Account No. is 11533108951 of Bank SBI Branch Chozuba -06008 Deponent Solemnly affirmed before me at Chozuba on this 21st day of March 2014 1st Class Magistrate Chozuba, Phek Dist., Nagaland


Following the Lord’s Program, all watchmen and watchwomen of Prayer Houses and Centres came together on 11-13 April 2014 to attend the “All Nagaland Prayer House/Centre Watchmen and Watchwomen Prayer Meeting” at the Naga Shisha Hoho Prayer Centre, Prüzie. Sixty prayer houses and centres were represented with a total of 186 members. And the Lord gave these words for the Nagas: 1.

The Lord says that Nagaland is filled with sin and the time has come for the Lord to question the Nagas. The time is nearing for the Lord’s wrath to befall Nagaland. Nagas are like clay pot in the Lord’s hand, that is about to be dropped. (Ecclesiastes 12: 6-7; Isaiah 1: 10-15; Jeremiah 2: 19)


Pastors, unless you work hard in serving the Lord, disobedience and troubled/difficult times will come to your homes (Ezekiel 39: 2-6).


Those in prayer houses/ centres, unless you honestly and righteously do your work in serving the Lord, you will be more severely asked by the Lord (I Samuel 4: 17-18).


Rich people, unless you do good things with your wealth and help the poor and those in need, the time is nearing for the Lord to ask of you.


The Lord says that Nagas will surely send out the 10,000 missionaries as committed; but since this commitment has not yet been fulfilled, drunkenness and fornication/adultery will increase, and Satan worshippers are also going to increase. (Daniel 7: 10)


Unless the Naga undergrounds, state politicians, and Church workers work together in harmony for the Lord and for the Naga nation, it is getting late.


Nagas will surely get their independence, but not with arms or many leaders. It will be brought through a few, who are in obedience to the will of God.


NGOs have not been successful in their works because instead of trusting God, they have put their trust in their own leadership and wisdom, and investing for their own position.


To the Churches, the Lord has this to say: because, members with gifts of the Holy Spirit are not allowed to operate their prophetic gifts in the churches, for which divisions and enmity within the church are on the rise. (Proverbs 29: 18)

Dt. Medziphema, the 19th April, 2014

ADDENDUM Apropos to our advertisement on 18.4.14 the age limit for the said course is 16-25 years as on the last day of form submission (02.05.14 till 4:00 PM) and issue of forms will be till the 26.04.14 till 4:00 PM. Sd/PRINCIPAL VFA Training Institute Medziphema: Nagaland

Appreciation to Forest Department, Phek In an appreciation note, the Lozaphuhu Village Council (LVC) would like to thank and acknowledge the Forest Department for their generous contribution and continuous support towards forest conservation in the village till date. That based on the knowledge and encouragement given by the Forest Department, the LVC had made a sincere effort to conserve the Cepi Forest in 1989, thereafter, the then Jhum area was transformed into Community Reserved Forest and since then the flora and fauna have increased manifold. The Department awarded JFMC scheme to the village and tree saplings were planted in the Reserved Forest Area. As a result of which the village Drinking Water Source has improved and accrued in the lean season. Under the JFMC scheme/ EPA, the long felt Village Student’s Union Office was constructed. Commemorating Nagaland 50th Year of Statehood, the Forest Department, Phek initiated an innovative component in November 2013 under FDA Scheme (2013-14) through the installation of Solar Street Lights in the village keeping in view the importance of renewal natural resources and sustainable energy development. In connection to this, the Village Council along with the subordinate bodies has prohibited hunting and burning of jungle within the village jurisdiction. The village council affirms its resolution and also stand by the resolution endorsed by the Chakhesang Public Organisation (CPO) and the Chakhesang Youth Front (CYF) with regard to the burning of jungle and wild life preservation. The Council hence is committed to cooperate with the Forest Department in the conservation of forest and wild life. Lastly, the Council acknowledge and appreciate the DFO (Phek) and staffs of Forest Department, Phek District in particular and the Nagaland Forest Department in general for raising environmental awareness in the village through the implementation of various innovative schemes with sincerity and dedication. Lozaphuhu Village Council Phek District

Poly Clinic, Imphal, but his condition is said to be critical while the other injured person has been identified as one Hemant Thapa, 30 years, also from Kanglatongbi. He was hit by a bullet in his leg but he is said to be out of danger.

Easter Sunday Brunch at Niathu Resort

PUBLIC NOTICE: CHANGE OF NAME I have changed my name from Pangernungba to Pangernungba Kechu vide Notary Public Regd. No: 168/14, Dimapur, Nagaland, on 19.04.2014. I shall at all times hereafter in all my official and private records and transactions use and sign the name of Pangernungba Kechu as my name/surname.

tongbi. A bullet had hit his stomach. He was said to be a mini truck driver. One Bhimsuter Karki, 45 years, s/o Sher Bahadur of Bijoynagar Kanglatongbi got injured. He was hit by a police bullet in his chest and later operated at Raj

10. All districts should establish their own prayer houses/centres and pray for their own people and land. (Ezekiel 9: 4-8)



public discoursE



20 April 2014

Dr. Thamsing lamkang


am the Resurrection and the Life. He who believes in Me will live, even though he dies” John 11:25 When the morning dawn comes than with the good news of Resurrection, everything changed of the world’s history. “The resurrection is rooted in history, grounded in Scripture, and confirmed by experience”! The simple truth about Jesus: Resurrection is the basis on which Christians stands and falls. The Resurrection is the unshakable ROCK of Christian evidences. Resurrection has the power to GIVE LIFE to the death! Resurrection is the greatest POWER in the world outside of the power of prayer. - Wow to JESUS…!! The context of Women in the Resurrection - The women folks are devastating to lose (Jesus) the man (Jesus) who came to bring comforts, rights and the values in women. Jesus lifted up the spirits of womanhood everywhere He goes. Women’s also have played the important role in the life and ministry of Jesus. Especially the most significance after the Resurrection, allowed the women-folks to become the first witness (first missionary in context) of the world’s greatest history.

EASTER SUNDAY-A NEW HOPE Women were address as the “Wife of men” but it is called wo-men, “women” today with the same importance as men in society, especially in the Christian world. Since the new Hope in the Resurrection of Christ, Jesus wants women to her perfection besides her husband. The women are the first witness to tell the transforming Good News of ‘Hope’ that changed the history forever. Women can become what her man makes them, and Jesus will surely appreciate when man treat their wives with love and respect. Jesus commanded men to love their wives, as Christ loves the church (His bride) unconditionally. Man, do you love your wife? Today, women are given roles in every social activity not to be neglected by men’s dominated world. Women are what men had made them to become. There are women married away to their husband, they are not allowed even to demonstrate the gifts of God and talents for herself, to her family and even to her community. The fact is women can perform much better than many husbands but not given her a chance to play her games! What is the ‘Significance of Sunday’ that influences the world? Is it because Sunday is declared as holiday universally, or what do you

‘Easter Sunday’ …the victorious, wow to JESUS!!! “Jesus was crucified to claim as the King of the Jews, but rose after 3 days, as the Savior of the whole world”. Jesus is indeed the “KING of kings and LORD of lords”. The word B-IB-L-E: Behold - I – Bring – Life – Eternal, has the meaning of the Resurrection. He came to live, He live to die, and He die to live again, according to scripture. “Easter Sunday fulfills and answers all the promises of God.” “Knowing Jesus died and rose again is just like knowing a history, but believing and accepting His death and resurrection is our Salvation” – Dr. Lamkang Sunday become the most significant day in the history of the church (Christianity) and also for the world! It is a ‘HOLY DAY’ to renew and revive our spiritual wellbeing. It always had been a Holy Day because it is the weekly reminder of Christ Resurrection from the dead on ‘First Day’ of the week. The practice of Christians assembling to praise and worship the risen Lord on Sunday dates back to the beginning of the Christian-Era! However, it was only in 321 A.D. that, Constantine, the Great Roman Emperor issued a decree that all works should cease on Sundays. It become more widespread and practice to other nations

understand the true meaning and its significance? “Sunday is NOT a holiday: as many understood, but it’s a ‘HOLY DAY”, the ‘Resurrection Day’ of our Lord Jesus. Christians called it as ‘Easter Sunday’. It was one the most significant day in the world history, especially to Christianity. And “Christmas Day, and the Good Friday are also the 2 most important “Holy Days!” It has a spiritual significance to keep the day Holy, as believers and followers of the living God. It is meant for the spiritual renewal unto the Lord. So, on Sunday it is to “Celebrate Jesus and HIM alone!” The most difficult question since creation was answered today on the “Easter Sunday”! The glorious day of Christian faith, because our Lord had risen from the death! Life on earth was hopeless, what next after death, was the most secret fear only Jesus can answer. Men began to see hope after the birth of Jesus on Christmas Day. Jesus was sent from God and by God, to restore and redeem back the broken relationship between God and men. He came to show men the way to God. “I am the Way the Truth and the Life…” John 14:6. “For God so loved the world…” John 3:16. Jesus lived on earth for 33 years. He died for us on ‘Good Friday’ but rose again on the

when the European countries conquered the other nations of the world. Especially, the British ruled nations (the Common Wealth Countries) in the world. No matter what you are, where you live, God must be your first priority on Sunday! The Hope for Eternity! The late Canon who dies of cancer at 51 years said, ‘No one can live well until he can die well.’ Paul wrote letter to the Thessalonians people who were worried about death. They were worried about their relatives and friends who had died and also presumably about themselves. What happens to them and us when we die? So many people would say that no-one knows the answers to these questions but Paul writes, ‘We do not want you to be ignorant’ but we can find out the answers. Our hope lies in the return of Jesus Christ: there are over 300 references to the Second Coming in the New Testament. This is not simply a tale of when you die but rather the center of our Christian hope and it is fundamental to our thinking. It involves everything! A UNIQUE HOPE (1Thess.4:13): Christians have a unique hope. Paul writes, ‘we do not want you… to grieve like the rest, who have no hope.’ It is not wrong

to grieve. Grief is important, and we should not suppress it, but the grief of the Christian is totally unlike that experienced by those who have no hope. It has been said that ‘other people see only a hopeless end, but the Christian rejoices in an endless hope.’ A CERTAIN FUTURE (1Thess.4:14): Hope in the Christian sense is no more human wishful thinking. It is not a pious hope, theoretical or speculative. It is not based on emotion, not is it a crutch. It is built on historical events. Jesus removes the sting of death on the cross as He bore the full horror of death on our behalf. We don’t have to face what He has already faced for us. Paul speaks of death as falling asleep and falling asleep is something to look forward to. We need not dread death because the next thing we will experience is waking up, and waking up in the presence of God and all those who have died in faith. Jesus rose again and demonstrated conclusively that death is conquered. The resurrection is the guarantee of Christian hope. This total certainty is not arrogant because it is based not on anything we have done or will do but on what Jesus did and said. A GLORIOUS ETERNITY (1Thess.4:16-17): We will be ‘with the Lord forever’, which is the Christian’s idea of bliss. There will be no ill-



Kaka D. Iralu

n the order of things in the universe, both at the level of creation (Physics), as well as morals (Metaphysics) Law comes before Power. The Law has to do with morals and power has to do with the execution of those morals. This means that before legal and political Powers were established, the Law was first given so that political powers can be guided by the law in the dispensation of God’s justice. Now if man had evolved from a non-moral material object like a stone, the question of morals or the dispensation of justice would not be there. The question would not be there because manthe product of the inanimate stone-would be an amoral

The Morung Express

being needing no moral laws to guide him. But we know from the records of millenniums of human history that man is not an amoral being devoid of the knowledge of right and wrong. Coming to the story of creation in the Bible, The all powerful (Omnipotent) God could have used his power to create man like a machine designed and destined to obey his moral laws without questioning it. In the created realm too, a machine is designed by its creator (Man) to operate according to the wishes and purposes of the designer. For example a vehicle cannot refuse to start and operate once the ignition key is turned. The vehicle simply has no choice to say, “I am tired today, so

don’t start me!” God could also have made us like machines if he wanted to do so. But on the contrary, the moral God of the universe created us with moral choices of either obeying his moral laws or breaking them. In creation then: Choice and not mechanics was used for our creation. Now, as the Biblical creation and human history unfolds, man used his choice to disobey God’s moral laws and brought sin and death into the human race. What now can save man from breaking God’s just laws? What choice was there on the part of the creator to redeem his creation from death without compromising his own moral laws? At Calvary, God and his

own beloved son had two choices before them. One was through power. The other was through love. As for power, when those who would crucify him came to the garden of Gethsemane and Peter used his sword to defend Jesus, Jesus said: “Thinkest thou that I cannot now pray to my father and he shall presently give me more than twelve legions of angels?” (A Roman legion at that time comprised of over five thousand soldiers) Just imagine over 60,000 angels in glittering ropes and swords descending on the garden of Gethsemane in the night. I am sure all those unruly mob and the soldiers would have fled in petrified fear! But Jesus did not choose the way of power to redeem


The other choice was of course the cold desolating choice of Calvary where he had to hang in total abandonment and pain crying: “My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me?” (Mt. 27:46). Had Jesus resorted to power at Getsemane, power would have triumphed. But if power had triumphed at the expense of justice, then justice would have been nullified and defeated. But at Calvary, God’s justice on evil was neither by-passed nor compromised. At Calvary the power of Jesus bowed before justice and took the judgment of justice upon himself. This act of love was done for our redemption. And this penalty for

the transgression of the law was paid in blood- the blood of the only begotten son of God. In conclusion, was the sacrifice offered for the penalty of sin guilty of any transgressions of the Law? No, he was the unblemished sacrificial Lamb of God who came to take away the sins of the world. (Jn. 1:29). Here, even the Roman authorities did not find any guilt in his person and washed their hands off guilt in hanging him. (Matt.27:24) The only guilt he was guilty of was- LOVE IN THE FIRST DEGREE. Thus both in the creation of man as well as in his redemption, God did not use the force of power but the embrace of his love.

ness, no crying or pain but only pure joy. This gives a new perspective to this life with all its trails, temptations and disappointments. We shall never again be parted from the Lord or from those we love. We will be caught up together with them. Paul writes, therefore, encourage each other with these words. A SUDDEN JUDGEMENT (1Thess.5:1-3): Various groups have tried to predict the timing of the Lord’s return. But Jesus, Peter, John, and Paul all tell us that He will come back like a thief 1Thess.5:5. We don’t know when this will be. But we do know that He will return. The point is that we must always be ready. There is a warning in this passage for those who reject Jesus. There is a dark side of our hope. Paul speaks of destruction, no escape and wrath. These are solemn and serious words. But he writes to assure the Thessalonians that they have nothing to fear; but you are not in darkness. He assures them that they will not suffer wrath but will receive salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. A TRANSFORMED LIFE (1Thess.5:4-11): Not only do we have a ‘unique Hope, a certain future and a Glorious Eternity’ but we are enjoying a foretaste of it now. We are ‘children of the light and the children of the day’, because God has already broken into history. There is life before death as well as after death:

Jesus died for us so that whether we wake or sleep we may live together with Jesus. We are already enjoying the relationship with God through Jesus, which assures us eternal life. Yet we cannot simply sit back and enjoy it. If we are aware that others are missing out now and will miss out even more in future, we must do all we can now to give others hope. As David Watson put it, ‘Christ wants disciples who not only have hope but also give hope to those hopeless.’ Dutley Tyang wrote a song. A preacher so passionately preaches about the king of the Jews Jesus Christ. A man who is also a Jew criticizes how he can tell something about an ordinary Jew. The preacher doesn’t need to proof, or doesn’t need to convince this young man but he simply says two words “HE LIVES”. The words ‘He Lives’ transformed the man’s life at that very moment. Immediately he was convicted in his heart, and accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. Thank Jesus for dying for you 1Pet.2:24. Pray for the grace of God to be with you as you pass on the Good News of His Resurrection to others that they too might find their freedom in Jesus! Thank God for the glorious eternity with the Lord and with those we love who have died in Christ. Let’s put on ‘faith and love’ as a Breastplate, and the Hope of Salvation as our helmet! Jesus is Alive, He Lives & He is Coming Soon! “Happy Easter to you”

Birthday Greetings Dearest Akok, As your turn another year older, we want you to know how much we value you for being such a wonderful daughter, sister and above all a kind person. Always keep it close to your heart that we love you and our prayers are with you all the time. May you have a sparkling and blessed birthday! Happy Birthday and God Bless you. From, everyone back here at home 

Readers may please note that the contents of the articles, letters and opinions published do not reflect the outlook of this paper nor of the Editor in any form.



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Police Control Room: North Police Station: South Police Station: Fire Brigade: Naga Hospital: Oking Hospital: Bethel Nursing Home:

232224; Emergency229529, 229474 227930, 231081 228846 228254 231864, 224117, 227337 228400 232106 227607 232181 242555/ 242533 224041, 248011 230695/9402435652 131/228404 229366 282777 232032, 231031 248302, 09856006026

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N l K C G T B q l o q U A T N K x H G T M V q N G

S q N R W H N B K N K P z l N j G o N N K z o l K R

N o l E M E A I T R B j V T R K o N N G q G N T A

E N G C F j T R R F x N T R A E K l x R F q N G D P

C M j B P A B R o H F T l C D K D N I R A M A T E

W R W N D W z P Y K C D H H Y j R E C N I U q P F

z V P N F T E N K V E E D G R E U G l W A F K T R

A C H A B N T T G z M R R q K C N j N q F R V C K U

R M E x q M A j l R K D R F l I x Y E W R x A F I

K N P N F Y N K Y R x o l A M R Y T l B A W R U T

C B A P A P A Y A R W z l P P E z K V B E P K B G

R x A R T z W R K H A j D x R W G R l z V Y R W q T

W N G V z T G R N B W M z I M N K l S q j T R A R

V A M l N H E W K E H R K C F A R T R M P l T Y P

C x N B Y B N M E l P P A T o H T R l T N N D z l x

R A W T C M o P q K H K R T A A M l I M E Y W R R

j A R T K j P R U K C M P R W F P C K V W H K T T

M l E z j A M M G j z P z B T z W l l z C x T M W

K V l P E K q K W z T D E j H P x Y P A q K R l q

N R G N G U K M W W T R W x o W l R E H B A G Y T

K T I q A l l B D x R x D x R l T P Y q N l x H N

V P q T K l F H R Y N T T P N P q T M T N A R W M

q B x D j K M x T G N N M z R C j M R W N S T P B

ACROSS 1. Passageway 6. Adult male sheep 10. Young cow 14. Flower 15. A Freudian stage 16. Egg-shaped 17. Depart 18. Combustible pile 19. Fabricated 20. Replaceable 22. Heap 23. A style of design 24. Rapscallion 26. Dry riverbed 30. Cover 31. An uncle 32. Nameless 33. Playthings 35. S S S S 39. French for “New” 41. The shaved crown of a head 43. Acted presumptuously 44. Break 46. Arab chieftain 47. Not bottom 49. Estimated time of arrival 50. An amount of medicine 51. Strategy 54. Defrost

56. Dock at a wharf 57. Reflexive form of “them” 63. Killer whale 64. Ascend 65. Bloodsucker 66. Tight 67. Norse god 68. Wood shaping machine 69. If not 70. In order to prevent 71. Hair net

DOWN 1. Competent 2. Holly 3. A cleansing agent 4. Great affection 5. Make improvements 6. Voracious 7. Any person 8. A crumbling earthy deposit 9. Record protector 10. Compacted 11. Utilize 12. Soup server 13. Swift 21. Greek letter 25. Ends a prayer 26. A magician’s tool 27. Dwarf buffalo

28. Gloomy 29. Habitual 34. Invoice 36. japanese wrestling 37. Twin sister of Ares 38. Arid 40. Biblical kingdom 42. opaque gems 45. Goddess of divine retribution 48. Gasoline 51. Clobbered 52. Reef material 53. To deceive or cheat 55. Informs 58. Conceal 59. low-fat 60. quash 61. Reflected sound 62. outbuilding Ans to CrossWord 2860

CHUMUKEDIMA: 03862-282777/101 (O) WOKHA: 03860-242215 (O) 9402643782 MOKOKCHUNG: 0369-2226225/101 (O) 9856872011 (OC) PHEK: 03865-223838/101 (O) 9436012949 (OC)

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STD CoDE: 0369

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2226241 2226214

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The Morung Express

Sunday 20 April 2014



Public SPace

There is Power in the Resurrection of Jesus


hat is the center of the Gospel message? is a question that theologians, the world over, have debated many times. Because Paul was one of the theological stalwarts, it has also often been asked, “What was the center of Paul’s theology?” Rightly so, Paul’s talk of justification by Grace, which influenced Luther so much, is put forward as the center. Others would suggest that the Cross is the one. Still, some others would suggest salvation, and others, eschatology. There is no definite consensus and that is okay – we need not totally agree outside the periphery of basic Christian doctrines and their intrinsic value for Christian life. Recently, I read the book “The Cross is not enough: Living as Witnesses to the Resurrection,” written by two scholars from Australia, Ross Clifford and Philip Johnson. They proposed a fresh slant on the idea that put the Cross as the main center of the Gospel and that, in the process, the resurrection has been ignored by many well intending Christians. One could probably agree with Clifford and Johnson, for instance when they say that too many

artworks focus on the cross giving an unhealthy idea that only the cross matters above everything. The same two authors charge John Stott of being too focussed on the cross that he largely ignored the resurrection, likewise, even for Billy Graham who is faulted for the same kind of lapse. Well, I do not intend to argue whether the Cross or the resurrection is/should be at the center of our Gospel message. All I can say is that perhaps, there have been lapses here and there, whereby too much emphasis has been placed on the Cross. Subsequently, the depressing sight of a dead savior on a cross, the pain, suffering, and humiliation associated with Christ’s sacrifice, have not been too inspiring for Christians to move forward more effectively. On the contrary, possibly, the momentous, glorious, joyous expression of the resurrection has been preached less, leading to much ignorance of the power of the resurrection. There is, therefore, the need to look beyond the cross and proclaim this wonder-of-wonders event, the resurrection, that is unique to the Christian faith. Having

Sanyü Iralu shared a few thoughts on both sides of the contention, I do believe that the resurrection of Jesus means significantly to believers. 1. Christ’s resurrection ensures our regeneration When Paul talks about the resurrection in 1 Corinthians 15:11, he seems to talk about it as the center of the gospel message in that it has a regenerative effect on those who accept that message. For instance, he talks about the gospel message that has been proclaimed, and which has been received and acted upon (v. 1). The content of that message includes the death of Jesus for our sins. This would be part of the didache, the traditional teaching in the early church, which included the mention of the burial and the rising of Jesus from the dead. Interestingly, Paul then goes on to recollect the names of people who had been impacted with the power of the message of the resurrected Jesus. This we can gauge by the way Paul mentions how Jesus APPEARED to several people (15:5-8), last of all, pointing to

Shalom Bible Seminary himself as one beneficiary who least deserved it. Here, Paul without any hesitation points to his sinful past when he persecuted the church of God. The implication is that the appearance of Jesus from the dead (here, Paul could be alluding to the Damascus Road incident) revitalized him and gave new directions to his life. Yes, those who have experienced the regenerative effects of the resurrection can easily identify with what Paul says elsewhere: “God made us alive together with Christ and raised us up with him” (Eph. 2:5-6; Col. 3:1). Yes, all of us have been dead at some point in the past when we were lost in our own individual sins and wretchedness. Then we had lost all hope of rising up to new life. But somehow, somewhere, the power of the resurrected Jesus impacted our lives and we got a second chance. Oh, the grace of God and the power of the resurrected Lord! A similar situation in nature happens, when in the dead of winter, a lot of vegetation disappears and there is dryness all

around. Come spring, many of the seemingly dead trees and hidden bulbs underground spring back to life. One clear example is the Easter Lily – they are in full bloom right now declaring the regenerative work of nature at its best! Likewise, in the spiritual realm, there can be new life, new glow, new purposes. This is no mere academic/theoretical stuff. So why do we talk about Christ at all? It is because Christ did not only die but rise again to life guaranteeing our coming back to spiritual life and vitality in a similar way. This is the reason why we preach the gospel to others around; they also need to be roused from their spiritual deadness. This is the potential power inherent in the gospel of the resurrection – the promise and HOPE of new life. Jesus himself said that he came to give us that vibrant life – not just life, so so! But hope of life abundant which is ours through the resurrected Jesus. 2. Christ’s resurrection ensures our bodily resurrection The Christian faith is the only faith in the whole world

that talks about its initiator as rising from the dead. Why we are interested in pointing out this fact is again that aspect of hope in the Christian faith that marks it out uniquely. Paul, in fact, draws our attention to the great significance of the resurrection of Jesus, which to him, is the very basis of our faith in Jesus Christ. Most likely, Paul could be arguing with certain people in the early church who doubted the resurrection of Jesus. In effect, Paul is saying in 15:12-13 that the belief in the resurrection of Jesus is directly proportional to the belief that likewise, believers would rise from the dead (the same point is reiterated in 15:16). In verse 19, Paul talks about how life is meaningless if we die and are gone just like that. Here, Paul latches on to the universal desire inherent in each of us to prolong our lives. We all want to live well and long, and even after life is over, harbor hope that we will still rise to new life. Yes, Paul is sure that Christ’s resurrection is the basis for us to hope in a bodily resurrection after death for all who believe in Jesus. Let us recapitulate on the significance of the resurrec-

tion. What does the resurrection signify? Firstly, it signifies that because Jesus died and rose again from the dead, we have hope of regeneration of our lives in its full sense while we are still here on earth. There is no greater joy in knowing this and experiencing this because of Christ’s resurrection. The second point is this: because Christ has risen from the dead, those who believe in him have hope of rising from the dead. Such hopes of renewal both at the point of rising from the depths of sin, depravity and hopelessness to new life and to new, fresh beginnings, even including having the hope of rising physically from the dead satisfies human being’s deepest desires. What a wonderful faith we have! What more can we ask for? Even more, how can we avoid reflecting on the significance of the resurrection of Jesus during this Easter? Reflect not once, twice, thrice. For behold, there is a goldmine of benefits that accrue to those who will take time to reflect on this event every day of their lives on earth. And perhaps, after all is said and done, the resurrection could well, be the center of the Gospel message!

Resurrection of Nagaland I

P. Dozo

believe people, especially young generation, will agree with me when I speak some generic issues relating to a better, cleaner, generation, and global vision of Nagaland as Resurrection of Nagaland. The followings are not something impracticable if Nagaland can consider them as worth venturing: Nagaland Observatory? While many human efforts move into forgotten history and fossilization, scientific in-

vention and discovery will rotate the orbit of our modern generation with relevance. And one of such sciences relates to probing into discovering curious and phenomenal solar mysteries. Can Nagaland begin to consider a project as Japfu Observatory of Kohima as feasible? I believe it is a worth venturing. This astronomical tout is both theological and touristy. Water Conservation? As water is the basic essential need of human subsis-

tence, it has become the key issue if Kohima of Nagaland should still remain as the capital of our land. As Kohima continues the present rate of water battle, we must ponder over a new feasible location with viability. Therefore, in view of the struggle in particular and global water crisis in general, can Nagaland take up a major scale of Water Conservation at Kohima and rainwater harvests in the district capitals? It is a point of survival towards success and a key issue of generation.

Indigenous Research and Studies? Culture relates to learning, retaining and preserving, and promoting values of human ways of life handed down. Indigenous values must not be fossilized; rather they must continue to relate to passing generations. Naga culture is a most refine and exquisite custom. But sadly our culture is at the verge of extinction. An indigenous studies center seems to be a delaying attention in the midst of many ambitious proj-

ects. Such a school can keep alive human cultures in relation to the Nagas. Can a wing of indigenous research and studies be developed alongside the Arts and Culture department of Nagaland or a Conversion? Leadership of Biblical Principle The message of life changing Gospel came to us some 141 years ago. Our response to the Gospel brought manifold blessings. But in stead of God’s faithfulness, we reverse and deviate from the Truth. We

are now losing and loosening Christian values in our practice. Our families, schools, government, and society are invaded and plagued by evils of modern anti-therapeutic elements. It is Too Early for Nagaland to Die. We have not yet begun our Christian journey and God’s mission. What we need today is leaders that can clean up the society with integrity and moral courage, and upholding legacy of Christian value. Effect of the Resurrection The Lord Jesus Christ rose

again from the death according to the Scriptures. Christians will rise again in the like manner. But preceding eschatological resurrection, the power of resurrection must be translated into our day-today practical life, transforming individuals and community circles, and bearing cleaner social life, deeper Christian living, all round ‘better’ and a difference from before. He Rose Again. May the power of Resurrection transform Nagaland!

The Morung Express is introducing “Public Space” as part of our intention to provide deliberate space for the opinions of the people to be expressed and heard through this newspaper. Nonetheless, The Morung Express points out that the opinions expressed in the contents published in the “Public Space” do not reflect the views and position of the newspaper or the editor.

Oren Mozhui, the soloist and guitarist Loreni Tsanglao Kohima | April 19

Strumming a six-string guitar, Oren Mozhui, a young promising solo artist from Kohima started his singing career in the 90’s. He first staged his special performance at the age of eleven crooning the all time favourite hit song “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” at his school’s annual day. When he was ten, Oren was first introduced to acoustic guitar by his uncle and gradually he started exploring his talent by performing in different churches. Later, he began assisting as a music guide at Lotha Baptist Church and interdenominational Christian Youth Fellowship, Kohima. Oren Mozhui, who hails from Yanmhon Village, after his long hard work and dedication, is now a well known composer, singer and lyricist. After his graduation, his

Oren Mozhui playing his guitar.

desire for music led him to Harvest Music School in Kolkata. After completing his music course, he worked as a music teacher in Bangalore. Later, he moved base to Delhi where he worked as a music teacher for a year and after which became the Brand

Ambassador of Lorriane Music Academy, Gurgaon for the year 2012- 13. In 2009, he released his debut album titled, "Obsession" on July 9. The album was adjudged the first English Ballad album from the Northeast India by some professional musicians in

Nagaland. From his first album, "Angelic", "I ain't seen like you”, “Obsession" and "Lead the way" were some of the superhit numbers. Oren's second album "Unstoppable" which was released in November, 2011, was well received by music lovers across the state and beyond. His song "Snazzy Lass" has proven to be a favourite among fashion show organizers and designers for the ramps. Songs like "Dolly Bird", "Ugly Things", and "What we have become?" have generated rave reviews and helped in building Oren's fan base both nationally and internationally. Oren, who is also popularly known as, “The most romantic Naga singer", is famous for his unique vocal style, passionate lyrics, distinctive composition and unconventional chords progressions and has earned a niche for his

work in acoustic genre. In 2013, he released “Oren Mozhui Collection", which incorporates songs which were already released in the market and all the numbers had colourful and picturesque English love songs comprising of acoustic genres and popular modern commercial music with strong melodies and beats. Presently, he is preparing to release his third album, “For a Naga lady" which will be available worldwide very soon. Besides, the other album released before, all the songs in the upcoming album are totally different, where people from all age groups will love it. In his upcoming album, he experimented on acoustic jazz pop and soft rock. The album includes songs like, "Loroeyo”, a Lotha song (for the Lotha women), "Loving you brings me to life", "ilokue” (Sumi version), "Be my

wife" and many more. At the same time, Oren is also working on three music videos and audio which includes, "I got my love on you”, “Love is sharing”, a song dedicated to the orphans, and "I am a Fool to love you". So far he has performed in more than 100 different churches in and outside Nagaland and also coordinated many concerts in major cities of India. Early this year, Oren released his debut Official Music Video, “I wanna marry you", where the shooting was done in and around Kohima. This wedding video was well accepted by his fans and the music video was declared as the first English wedding song with a music video in India. One can check out his songs on, buy his albums on indihut. com and watch his videos on youtube. One can follow him on twitter and can add him on Facebook too.

Motivational seminar ‘Awareness of rights imperative for one’s empowerment’ for Dimapur students Morung Express News Dimapur | April 19

Dimapur, april 19 (mExN): The Ao Students' Union Dimapur organised a motivational seminar for students in Dimapur on April 19. Themed ‘Level up’, the seminar was organised with an aim to encourage young people on the importance of having set career path. The resource persons were Wabang Jamir, IPS, DIG (Crime), Lipokmar Tzudir, NEZCC director, and Dr. Aotoshi, chairman of CII (Nagaland Council). The resource persons dwelled on academic career and competitive exams; music, art and culture; and entrepreneurship and the present context of the Naga society, respectively. Identifying one’s

strength and weakness early on, while building a mental career chart based on inherent aptitude was what the resource persons stressed on. “We need to have a roadmap for life so that we know exactly where we are going. Just a simple act of having an aspiration in life can prevent one from going in the wrong direction,” said DIG Jamir. Coming out of the “comfort zone”, daring to take risks albeit measured, adapting to situations while putting one’s mind and soul into what one is targeting are stepping stones to a successful career, Jamir added. In this regard, he said that educational institutions and student bodies would play a crucial role.

The Lotha Eloe Ekhung KarbiAnglong (LEEK), Bor Lengri, on Saturday organized a legal awareness seminar on rights of women with Pious Lotha, advocate and former Additional Advocate General Nagaland, as the resource person. The speaker emphasized on the provisions given in the Constitution on the Rights of Women and asserted that awareness on existence of such rights are imperative for one’s empowerment. Women as one of the social groups that are prone to various discrimination due to gender biasness, socioeconomic status and other social parameters, it is crucial to assert one’s rights in order to avail social Justice, he said. The speaker high-

Pious Lotha addressing during the awareness seminar organized by LEEK on April 19.

lighted sections of Rights from article 14, Article 21, Article 22(1) and article 31 (a), where protection of women from domestic violation was articulated particularly as many women continue to suffer suppressive domestic

violence which goes unreported due to lack of awareness on one’s legal rights. Pious said “There are several rights for every citizen and women should make use of their rights, by going directly to the Magistrate, where Protection Officer will be appointed, or the most convenient way would be by going to the women cell (police) and can go to the public Information Officer by filing for any queries with the implementation of Right to Information Act 2005.” The speaker asserted that such awareness programmes are crucial and most necessary if a society is to be empowered. He further called upon the leaders of LEEK to organize such meetings in the future endeavors for women’s development and empowerment. The chairperson for the

seminar was Zubeni Odyuo, vice president, LEEK. Other highlights of the programme included invocation by Nzanbeni Patton, women pastor, Borlengri Lotha Baptist Church, welcome address by Rosy Ezung, general secretary, LEEK, and benediction by Abeni Khenjung, treasurer, LEEK.

Corrigendum Apropos a press release which was published in this daily on November 22, 2013, concerning Government Hindi Institute, Dimapur, it is clarified that the press release was issued by Rometo Sema, president, All Nagaland Hindi Teachers’ Union and not chairman, Hindi Divas Committee as rendered.

MEx FILE Governor extends Easter greetings Kohima, april 19 (mExN): Governor of Nagaland, Dr. Ashwani Kumar has extended greetings to all the people of Nagaland on the “joyous occasion” of Easter. “The significance of Christ’s resurrection is that truth triumphs over evil and love is always stronger than hatred,” the governor stated in his message. “Let the day of resurrection make us work for peace, harmony and brotherhood. May the celebration of Easter foster the spirit of love and forgiveness in all of us,” he added.

Hindi teachers urged to withdraw agitation Kohima, april 19 (mExN): All Nagaland Hindi Teachers’ Union (ANHTU) has requested the 1,379 Hindi teachers who were appointed in the year 2012-13 to withdraw their agitation for payment of salary for the month of March 2014 and ROP. A press release appended by ANHTU president Rometo Sema informed the teachers concerned that Government of India had already released the fund for ROP as well as salary up to March 2014 on February 28, 2014. However, he said, due to absence of Finance Commissioner of Nagaland, their demand is not fulfilled. The salary and ROP arrear will be released soon when the commissioner attends his office, he added.

Tuensang DC informs TuENsaNg, april 19 (mExN): Deputy Commissioner & District Election Officer, Tuensang, T Mhabemo Yanthan has informed all concerned that the payment of hire charge for private vehicles requisitioned in the Parliamentary Election 2014 will start from April 21 till April 25. Therefore, all the owners/ drivers of the requisitioned vehicles have been directed to collect the same by producing the requisition slip and duty from the election branch, Deputy Commissioner Office, Tuensang. The DC informed that no payment will be entertained after the due date.

CANSSEA notifies Kohima, april 19 (mExN): The Confederation Of All Nagaland State Services Employees’ Associations (CANSSEA) has notified that an executive meeting has been convened for April 21 at 2 pm, CANSSEA building. The meeting will witness handover of office to the new team of office bearers for the tenure 2014 - 2016. All executive members including representatives of divisional units of CANSSEA have been invited to attend the same.

AR apprehends two with unauthorised arms and ammo Dimapur, april 19 (mExN): 29 AR under the aegis of HQ 6 Sect AR recovered illegal/ unauthorised ammunitions from Thungchanbemo Lotha. The operation was carried out in Duncan Basti. One magazine of 7.65 Pistol, 43 live rounds of .22 calibre, one live round of .45 calibre, and two detonators, were recovered. The apprehended person along with recovered items was handed over to West Police Station, Dimapur. In a separate incident in Singrijan, troops of 29 AR apprehended an individual and found one .22 calibre pistol with magazine and live round of .22 calibre. The individual was identified as Robert Swu (30), resident of Dimapur. He was handed over to the Diphupar Police Station, Dimapur, along with the recoveries. This was informed in a press release received here.

Sunday 20 april 2014





The GreaT DiviDe

In India, water and inequality are intertwined


ame period, affecting some 150 million people. This year’s budget also allocated a significant increase in funding towards water and sanitation, reflecting recognition at government levels, that this is an issue of some importance. This, however, just isn’t enough. Despite healthy and exciting changes and projections in today’s India, and a growth rate that is the envy of many a struggling European economy, the glamorous buildings and the growth of big businesses don’t reflect the reality of basic health conditions across the country. There is not a single city across India that has 24/7 access to water, save for a World Bank project in three cities in Karnataka. Nowhere is this imbalance more visible than in India’s rapidly transforming ‘corporate cities’ – places like Gurgaon in Haryana state, which borders the city of Delhi. Here there are a growing number of luxury developments. As the Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway leads into Gurgaon’s main strip, glassfaçade corporate buildings line either side of the road. There are shopping malls aplenty filled with Indian and foreign-brand clothing, accessories and digital technology. There are also abundant new condominium projects offering city views, swimming pools, state-of-the-art gymnasiums and Jacuzzi-fitted bathrooms. Rents for three- to fourbedroom flats at the fancier buildings start at about $3,500 per month. To the naked eye, the shimmering expanse of Gurgaon is a sign of new India, of wealth and success. But

this visual of wealth and economic growth is something of a mirage. Behind each glamourous building lie small, messy slums. Electricity to the area’s posh residences is guaranteed only by way of large generator systems. And water can be seen ferried back and forth in large, relatively ancient tankers with drippy faucets carrying 10,000 liters of water for about $40. One of the poshest offerings in Gurgaon is the Oberoi Hotel, where a single room costs about $550 a night. Interested in the Presidential Suite? For $5,500 a night, it’s yours. Catering to India’s growing corporate community and international business travelers, the hotel is built around a dramatic courtyard with reflecting pools and fountains. On one side a glass front Gucci store offers the best in luxury retail. In the early morning workers in gumboots tread carefully with long nets to fish out the day’s casual debris. A Ministry of Urban Development study on 423 cities across India with populations of over 100,000 people discovered that not a single city qualified in the top tier in water and sanitation. According to estimates generated by the World Bank, poor sanitation costs India about 6.4 percent of its GDP every year. Of the 1.1 billion people worldwide who are forced – due to lack of access – to defecate in public, over 600 million are in India. The history of access to resources like water can be tracked to certain exclusionary socio-historical forces. The Society for Promoting Participative Ecosystem Management and

the National Conference of Dalit Organizations believe that water has been used as a “weapon to control and subjugate excluded communities.” Historically, villages had a hierarchy of access based on India’s caste system. Water sources such as wells, ponds and rivers were accessible first to higher castes so that members of lower caste communities would not pollute the water sources. The Dalits, or lower castes, built the water systems but could not use them. In urban centers in India today much of this is broken down because of either state-provided resource delivery systems that don’t take caste or class into account. However, in many villages to-

day access is still determined through hierarchy. One of the major challenges India faces in virtually every sector is scale. Its size, population and complicated political and bureaucratic system make it difficult for water projects to have large-scale impact with any speed. However, there are plenty of small and medium-scale projects under way. One example of a successful water project is Arghyam, a public charitable foundation set up by technology and publishing entrepreneur Rohini Nilekani. Nilekani set up the foundation in 2005 with an endowment channeled to “meeting India’s growing water challenges.” Arghyam is a funding agency that collaborates with

government, NGOs and other institutions with the objective of achieving impact and scale. Its projects attempt to bridge the gap between rich and poor by focusing on “quantity, quality and access to domestic water in communities across the country.” Its tagline is “Safe, Sustainable Water For All.” In 2011-2012 fiscal year, Arghyam had funded a range of water projects across 19 states through 53 projects, directly impacting 500,000 people. Ninety percent of Arghyam’s funding goes into rural projects in partnership with NGOs or state players. “The hesitation for funding in the urban space for water and sanitation because urban is a

political minefield,” says Priya Desai of Arghyam’s India Water Portal, referring to the complexity of the urban areas where diverse communities compete for physical and political space. “Slums are usually not notified they don’t come under city development plans.” But there has been a gradual shift in attention towards the urban space, as well as plenty of small civil society efforts under way. Soaib Grewal started Waterwalla in 2009 with a business-school team whose main objective was to find a solution to the urban clean water issue. In their drive for sustainability the Waterwalla folks tried to create a marketdriven model to sell water filtration systems after

educating slum-dwellers in Dharavi, Mumbai about the importance of clean water — some 1,600 people die every day as a result of drinking dirty water. What Grewal and his team learned was this: despite the size of India’s urban slum community, those in the business of making water filtration systems weren’t looking at that segment even as part of their corporate social responsibility programs. The filtration systems were too large for the tiny hut homes, and the literature, almost always in English, was targeted at the middle class. “Then there was also a cost issue. There aren’t enough micro-loan schemes in the urban areas for devices like this,” explained Grewal. “Unilever has been trying it out in rural areas but nothing in the urban areas.” This is changing today, with Tata introducing Swach, a fairly successful cheaper, smaller filtration system aimed at this target market. Others, like Eureka Forbes and Bajaj – all mass market companies creating filtration systems and other electronic items – are also beginning to look at slum communities as buyers and tailoring products like filtration systems to suit their needs. In some parts of the country, there have also been community-driven solutions, like the Sarvajal, an initiative launched by the Ajay Piramal Foundation, which created large central filtration systems and allowed consumers to have cheap access to clean water by way of a Water ATM. “We need to change how we approach the entire issue, says Smita Misra of the World Bank. “There needs to be a statewide

action plan on urban water and sanitation which is completely missing today. The states have not designed their own policy for service delivery. The focus has been on infrastructure development but not on service delivery.” “The way forward is decentralization and the right kind of service models at the customer levels – efficient and accountable,” she continues. “There is a huge gap in infrastructure and service delivery in urban water supply and sanitation and rural water supply and sanitation and how to move towards efficient, managed service.” In the absence of a comprehensive, countrywide approach, India will continue to project embarrassing figures for sanitation. It will also continue to suffer from water leakage and theft, as in Kathputli Colony. The entire city of Bangalore is served by the Caurveri River, which lies 100 kilometers away. Along its path to Bangalore the water pipes get punctured in numerous places along the way feeding communities with no official access to water. Like folks in Kathputli, who see little government interest in their community, they take matters into their own hands. Because without water, residents say, comes a loss of dignity. “Why do you identify yourself as a laborer?” shouts out one resident in Kathputli Colony at the community leader. Everyone here recognizes him as easily the most educated man in Kathputli. “You see, these people don’t get it,” he slurs. half-hiding his magic glass bottle. “As long as they keep identifying themselves as lowly, they’ll always be seen as lowly.”

'Heaven and hell' side by side in Burma Glitz and desperation in a


overty and scratch out an existence through a dysfunctional agricultural sector that for most is tantamount to subsistence farming. Nearby the gated community of mansions and elegant condos along the golf course, there is the Yangon International School where diplomats and international business executives send their children to school. And there is the new, stateof-the art Pun Hlaing Hospital, which is privately run. These two facilities are reserved for approximately 2,000 people who live inside the estate and some surrounding gated communities and highend neighborhoods. They are completely out of reach for the tens of thousands who are squatting on land in a shanty town right up on the edge of the golf course and within view of the beautiful new school and hospital. We spoke with one woman in the slum who described losing an infant to dengue fever because she could not get access to the private hospital and the child died before a rickshaw driver could pedal her and the baby to a clinic several miles away. Thant Mynt U., an author and one of Burma’s leading intellectuals and founder of the Yangon Heritage Trust, said, “What you have seen at Pun Hlaing is a very stark example of a new kind of inequality.” Sitting in the lobby of a hotel in Yangon, Thant Mynt U. continued, saying, “Up until the 1990s, there was not such a great level of inequality. In the last ten years I would say we have seen a very rapid rise in this inequality. “That may be in part because of the sanctions,” he added, referring to the strict sanctions imposed by the United Nations during the brutal crackdown by Burma’s military on the pro-democracy movement prior to the current period of openness and new elections which have ushered Aung San Suu Kyi and other prodemocracy leaders to new levels of power. “Those sanctions empowered a class of cronies and people connected to the military and it left those who were on the other side of that fence slipping deeper and deeper into poverty,” he added. Chang Lim, the South Korean businessman, bought a three-bedroom condo at Pan Hlaing seven years ago for about $90,000. A real estate brochure in the club house confirms the unit would now be worth about $300,000. For a $50,000 club membership fee, Lim can come and relax a few months out of the year and break away

Modern-day feudalism drives income inequality at Pun Hlaing Golf Estate from the business he runs building communication network towers around Asia. We ran into Chang Lim inside the estate at a small, pool-side café where he was stretched out in a lounge chair. He was dressed in a lime green golf shirt, reading the Financial Times on an iPad 3 and listening to a play list with ear buds. Most of the time, he said, he lives in Seoul where he runs his company and in another vacation home in Canada. But he comes here to play golf with friends who have bought up the condos which until a few years ago were, he felt, quite reasonably priced. Right now, all of the condo units are sold out. The homes here cost well over $250,000 with some of the units exceeding $1 million. The more expensive homes are sprawling mansions designed in the style of Palm Beach, Florida or Santa Barbara, California, consciously mimicking the architecture with white stucco, and red tile roofs and ornamental gates. The changes in Burma in the last few years, Chang Lim says, are dramatic and they remind him of his native South Korea 30 years ago as it transitioned from military to civilian rule and took off as an economic powerhouse. “Thirty years ago we were in the same situation. Change is coming here in a very rapid way, change for the better,” he says, confidently, stopping a waiter dressed in a black tie and vest for a fresh watermelon juice. “We are a global economy so the country needs to open up to foreign investment. Labor charges are very cheap here,” he said, adding that his own company was considering a position in Myanmar, also known as Burma. Asked about the stark contrast between the poverty of the shacks along the road side that run right up along the fence to the golf course, he said, “The gap be-

tween the very rich and the very poor is growing. Absolutely. Growing wider and wider. These days, global commerce allows for some to make money quickly and they are rising quickly. And the poor who are staying poor are left very far down. And they are going further down.” He smiled and checked a Rolex on his left wrist and began looking less comfortable with the conversation. The caddies on the course make about $5 a day. The men who hold shade umbrellas for golfers make about $1 a day. The grounds crew workers typically make about $3 on average. Asked about this economic inequality just as the waiter returned with his watermelon juice in a tall glass, Lim sighed and said, “We can’t change it. We just follow the water’s way.” Later the same day, on the other side of the fence we found Htun Kyaw, 43, who was just passing through the steelgated laborer’s entrance at the end of a day which began at 6:30 a.m. and was ending just after 5 p.m. Kyaw is a day laborer who earns approximately $3 per day tending to the drainage ditches that ring the golf course. He lives in a shack fashioned out of scraps of wood and thatch taken from palm trees. Through the cracks in the floor board there is a mosquito-infested swamp which he, his wife and four small children use as an open latrine. “It’s the way it is,” he said, balancing his his shovel and pick axe on a rusty bicycle which he was walking through the mud pathways of the slum toward the shack. He carefully wrapped the tools in a soiled towel and hid them in a corner of the dwelling when he arrived home. He sat on the rough wood floor to a meal of steamed vegetables on rice and we asked about the enormous economic divide between the members of the golf club and those who worked there and lived as he did in the slums. He and his wife looked at each other puzzled for a moment and then laughed slightly at the question. “We are the people on this side. And they are the rich people on the other side. We are small and quiet. We will never catch up to them until death. We will never be equal until death,” said Kyaw. His wife, Nu Nu Khaing, 27, who said she never went to school, underscored her husband’s statement, “When we die, everyone is equal.”

Bangkok divided by income


hese damned people, these weeds, they’re poor and stupid and have no schooling.’ We are not like them. We are the ones who eat curry by the roadside for 20 baht (65 cents). They eat their curry on the mall’s top floor for 60 baht ($1.95).” Many of Thailand’s upper classes — high society especially — roll their eyes at the movement’s peasants-vs.-aristocrats rhetoric. They insist the protesters were pawns paid by politicians to raise hell and hold the economy hostage. The movement was funded and goaded on by ex-premier Thaksin Shinawatra, a billionaire mogul ousted in a 2006 army coup. His younger sister, Yingluck, now serves as prime minister. “Obviously, someone told them to burn down the mall,” said Udaiwan Niyomseree, a Siam Paragon regular. “They are just little people fighting. But their actions affect the entire country.” Appearance-wise, the 26-year-old embodies the hi-so: milky skin, twinkling jewelry, an auburn dye job and an educated Thai’s command of English. But she rejects the label. “The hi-so are pretty people, buying lots of stuff, never thinking of the price,” Udaiwan said. “My family is just not rich enough.” Returning home Though the size of Thailand’s wealth gap mirrors that of the US, its poverty is far more raw. The brackets measuring both high and low income in Thailand are significantly lower than the brackets of high and low income, for example, in Connecticut. Street dogs, their flesh eaten by lesions, skulk through Klong Toei’s alleys. Fetid sewage canals cut through the slum like jagged scars. After dark, by the railroad tracks, men go boozing in shacks decorated with twinkling lights and hostesses caked in rouge. How difficult it is for Thais to navigate their way from a slum like Klong Toei to a better life on the upper end of the economic scale is a central question in comparing the inequality in Thailand to that of Connecticut. A young woman named Jiraporn Suthaithum, from the slums of Klong Toei, was asked about this. She was born to a mother and father who were paid to wash the blood off butchered pigs in a slaughterhouse. She relied on Catholic charities to fund her boarding school tuition in Thailand. She later graduated from an American college — Methodist University in North Carolina — an almost unheard-of feat for a kid from Klong Toei. She is one of very few Klong Toei natives ever fortunate enough to have traveled overseas. “I remember, in grade eight, telling my friend that I’m from Klong Toei. She was shocked and said, ‘I heard about the drugs. And all the fires because you’re stacked

on top of each other,’” Jiraporn said. “So I knew I was poor. I just sucked it up and got used to it.” Jiraporn’s brushes with the upper class have disabused any sense that deluxe malls and spoiled teenagers are intimidating. “Of course they buy nice cars and handbags,” she said. “Anyone with money would do the same.” Blaming the rich for Klong Toei’s poverty is futile, Jiraporn said. The bigger enemy, she said, is the limited worldview worsened by Klong Toei teenagers’ tendency to quit school and start making money on the docks or the streets. “People think small here. Even my own brother thinks short term. Day to day. If he has a little money, he’ll just buy a new cell phone,” she said. “I think, ‘What do I want to do in the next five years?’ Then I’ll start setting goals.” Even many Klong Toei dwellers without her advantages are unmoved by messages of class struggle. Cambodian immigrant Tone Mana, a 38-year-old dockworker who lives near Jiraporn, could give a damn about Thailand’s never-ending protests and their angry sermonizing. Double standards are a fact of life, he said, and nothing to throw a molotov cocktail over. “The rich and poor live on totally different levels. I never had their opportunities. Look at them, look at me, and you’ll see we have nothing in common,” Tone said. “But it doesn’t upset me.” Despite Jiraporn’s American college degree — an achievement also unattained by many upper-class Thais — she is back where she began. Jiraporn lives with her parents in her childhood home, a wooden dwelling planted in a slum teeming with 100,000 other residents. She works up the block at the Mercy Centre, a charity offering shelter to urchins, health care to HIV-positive locals and other aid. The foundation is headed by a US-born Catholic priest, Joe Maier, who helped put Jiraporn through school. She is happy to give back. In America, infrastructure and government aid help inoculate the poor from Bangkok-style slum ugliness. Even in Anacostia, the infamously poor quarter in Washington, DC, the sewers are not exposed and the air-conditioning is plentiful. But Klong Toei, for all its setbacks, is not cursed with American-style gun crime and gang warfare. Most locals are reluctant to label the slum as dangerous. Still, Jiraporn would like to relocate her parents to nicer environs. Despite her best efforts, she cannot convince her mother to leave the slum. “Her life is here,” she said. “I respect that.” So, until she marries, she will remain among the dark alleys and bedraggled street dogs, living in a world considered hell by high society and home to her loved ones. “Klong Toei, to me, it’s really one big family,” Jiraporn said. “Even the drug addicts are pretty nice.”

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aster Sunday has the tag, “He is Alive.” This tag is special to me for two hallmarking events and its impact in my life; My Brother who passed to paradise in glory a few years back had a resurrection experience in his short sojourn on earth. My Lord who walked almighty on earth defined himself as God in resurrection. Lt. Zhazotuo Ziitso was my brother for two (too) short but supernatural years on earth. He now smiles in glory with the risen Lord whom he loved on earth. This brother of mine was different and unique from my other younger brothers, in a good way. He has the face of an angel and many times fairer than all of us brothers. His smile shone brighter and better with a well deep dimple that can consume and contain all sorrow of the beholder. He was the calmest baby ever. His maturity and faith preceded his age and that amused and amazed me the most. I saw his faith rising up the horizon when he was just 1 (one) year old. Apparently it was a bizarre and exotic relationship that I didn’t want to miss even when I was a 13 year old uncertain Christian. He knew Jesus personally (acted that way) which is quite a catch for a 1 year old baby. He prayed frequently at his own accord. To use Paul’s term he prayed without ceasing. We never knew what he prayed, all we knew was he was online with the Divine. He loves going to church and loves people who prays. He had an unusual burden for my Dad, who had an estranged relationship with the Lord. He cried and dried his duct when Dad was into things which were unsuitable for a Christian. But he was as happy as a lark when Dad went to church or prayed at home. These experiences were far removed from normal to be real for a 1 year old boy. I look back today and have no explanation than to accept it as a good exception. When he was 7 months old, My Mom and Dad took him to a Jhum cultivation. It was a bright hot sunny day. As my parents were busy cultivating, he started crying. He cried harder than never that day. He could not be soothed. My Mom tried to breastfeed him (panacea for babies) but he rebuffed the offer. My Mom knew this was no normal crying, something has gone real wrong with the baby. She called Dad and they caravan home. His duct dried because of crying but he continued to yell in pain. My Mom and Dad tried every trick in the book

He is Alive Mezhiisevi Mark Ziitso

My nous on Nagas and the Bible

The writer is currently doing his Master of Theology (Th.m) majoring in Biblical Theology in Asian Christian Academy and also works with Christ in Youth Team, Kohima.

to soothe him but to no avail. Upon no choice they took him to Naga Hospital, Kohima. The doctors were left flabbergast. They have no gram of idea what was wrong with the baby. At the hospital he started to convulse. No medicine could stop the convulsion. For 6 days all he did was crying and convulsion. On the morning of the 7th day, he stopped crying, his convulsion stopped. My Mom was thrilled and thought to herself, “the medicine worked, at last.” Her joy lasted only for a few minutes. She realized there was no movement in the child. She went near his face to sense his breath but the air was at ease. She tried his heart with her hand but felt no pump. Tears flooding her cheeks she gave her distress call. The nurse rushed in. Tried all they could but the baby boy went far away. The head nurse turn to my anxious hardly breathing Mom and gave the news she hated to hear. My mom was stunned in numb. The nurse removed the tubes fixed to his body, changed his clothes and covered him with deadly white cloth (how ironic). Worst coming to worst, the Naga Student Federation called a bandh that day. No movement was allowed, be it on the pavement or on the road. But the hospital authorities entreat my parents to take the body home, with sympathy though. My shattered Mom with the heaviest heart cried and sat at the edge of the cot where the body was laid. She couldn’t believe or accept that her baby boy was dead. She cried and

shouted up to the heavens. She was as desperate and pathetic as Hagar in the desert without water and her son dying of thirst. My Mom cried to God, “My God, why do you allow this shame on me? Why do you allow shame upon shame? (Her son died and she cannot take the body home but the authorities demanded otherwise) You are the God of Miracles, I plea for a Miracle.” She prayed earnestly for the next 30-40 minutes. All of a sudden, she saw some movement under the white ironic deadly cloth. In thrill and gratitude she sprung up and shouted, “He is Alive, He is Alive.” Stunned, the nurses rushed in again and saw the boy breathing. They immediately fixed the useless tubes on my brother. The doctors together with the hospital authority had no explanation. They just shrugged in indecision. The prophecy and promised of Jesus in John 11:25-26 where Jesus said, “… I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live even if he dies, and the one who lives and believes in me will never die…” was fulfilled again. My Mom believed and her son was brought back to life. My Brother lived miraculously for another 15 months. After his resurrection and restoration of health, one healthy morning my Mom picked my brother to change his clothes, the clothes given by the nurse deeming he was dead. To her sheer surprise she saw a finger print on the skull of my brother. I saw it myself; some parts of his head went bald forming the print of fingers. No

wonder, the doctors failed in diagnosis. He convulsed because it was no mere fever but his head was squeezed by an evil heartless spirit. But God sent his good good Spirit and saved my brother. I marveled when my Mom told me that the convulsion never occurred again after his resurrection. My brother passed to paradise after 15 months of his coming back to life. I could not believe it. I was hoping for another resurrection. I saw it in my dream that he was brought back to life. I hope against his death. Even after his body was laid in the grave and concreted above, I still kept the hope. I had this feeling that I will see him again, and will play with him. I never lose the hope of seeing him again. I did moved on but kept the hope with me as a young boy. Today I am thrilled that I kept the hope. Yes and Amen, and indeed I will see him again in glory. I am cast iron sure he is with the good Lord, who is the resurrection and the life. My brother lives even when he died because he believed in Christ. Now, I am guaranteed by the Holy Spirit that I will see my brother in glory. The story of resurrection is centrally pivotal to our faith. In the first century when some skeptics challenged the idea of resurrection after death, Paul responded, “Now if Christ is being preached as raised from the dead, how can some of you say there is no resurrection of the dead? But if there is no resurrection of the dead, then not even Christ has been raised. And if Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is futile and your faith is empty…. For if the dead are not raised, then not even Christ has been raised. And if Christ has not been raised, your faith is useless; you are still in your sins” (1Co 15:12-17). The resurrection of Christ then guarantees the resurrection of believers, validates preaching, gives meaning to faith and assures the forgiveness of sin. I will resurrect when my time comes because Christ resurrected first. My faith is neither in vain nor my hope. Paul nailed it when he said, “19 For if only in this life we have hope in Christ, we should be pitied more than anyone. 20 But now Christ has been raised from the dead, the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep. 21 For since death came through a man, the resurrection of the dead also came through a man.” (1Co 15:19-22). All to say, Jesus is Alive. Blessed Easter Sunday!

Easter and the Persecuted Church: Time of Celebration, Danger


Dr. David Curry

or most Christians, Easter is much more than Easter egg hunts and new Sunday clothing to wear to church. Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of our Lord. For the most part, Christians in the West flock to churches in safety. But for Christians living in countries like Iraq, Nigeria and Algeria, Easter takes on additional implications. It remains a precious and holy day, but one that also carries extra risk and danger. In many countries around the world, Christians are an embattled minority. In fact, Christians are the largest persecuted religious group in the world today with at least 100 million Christians living in countries or regions where they are pressured, oppressed, imprisoned or even killed because of their faith. In a recent global survey from the Pew Research Center, 74 percent of the world's people live in countries with high levels of religious hostility. Last Easter 80 Christians living in Nigeria were killed and many were injured in a series of attacks on predominantly Christian villages in Plateau and Kaduna states. The attackers were heavily armed, DOUBT OR UNBELIEF? The Apostle Thomas, who was also called “Didymus,” was not the only one who doubted; all the disciples did. Mark says, “When they heard that Jesus was alive...they did not believe it.” (Mk. 16:11) Luke says, “They did not believe the women, because their words seemed to them like nonsense” (Lk. 24:11). It’s not a sign of our weakness; it’s a sign of our humanity. Thomas was the only one who asked for proof: “Unless I see the nail marks in His hands and put my finger where the nails were, and put my hand into his side, I will not believe.” Thomas was not infected with unbelief, he had genuine doubt. Henry Drummond, author of the multi-million inspirational book “The Greatest Thing in the World,” says, “Christ never failed to distinguish between doubt and unbelief. Doubt is, can’t believe; unbelief is, won’t believe. Doubt is honesty; unbelief is obstinacy. Doubt is looking for light; unbelief is content with darkness.” Thomas was looking for Truth.

and most of their victims were children, women and elderly people. Many villagers fled to the nearby hills, and some who returned later were murdered. Christian leaders reported the destruction of 234 homes, the burning of eight church buildings and the displacement of as many as 4,500 Christians. Already this year's Holy Week in Nigeria was marred by explosions at a crowded bus station on the outskirts of Abuja on Monday morning. Over 70 people were killed and 125 injured. The blasts followed grave instability in the northeast area of Nigeria since last Wednesday during which at least 135 people were killed in three separate attacks. Several women were abducted by terrorists, believed to be Boko Haram Islamists. Nigeria is but one place this year where Easter will be celebrated with the potential for violence against worshippers. Last year Christians in Iraq celebrated Easter under heavy security with armored vehicles and armed guards protecting them. Such is the danger posed simply by attending church to celebrate the day of Jesus' resurrection. Each holy day is a renewed threat to Iraqi Christians. Several church bombings marked

last Christmas in Iraq, so Iraqi faithful will be on alert as they attend services this week. The constant pressure on Christians is the reason there has been a mass exodus of Jesus followers from Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries. Nevertheless, Christians in dangerous countries are determined to celebrate the Risen Savior this week. "We have our festivals given by God; we must celebrate!" a Christian in Algeria says when he explains the importance of Easter to him. Another believer, Abdul from Kabylia, Algeria says: "The church should not neglect the celebration of the biblical holy days, particularly Easter, when we remember the work of salvation accomplished through Jesus Christ." Besides meeting in the church, Abdul's congregation encourages the members to celebrate Easter at home, too. "They could, for example, prepare a special meal. Let's make the celebration of Easter enter into our culture. "The key is that people understand what Easter means for them today," Abdul adds. "They are freed from the bondage of sin through the death of Jesus Christ to a new life to live in holiness." For some followers, Easter will be recognized privately in their home as it

is too dangerous to celebrate publically or attend a church service. They make certain that no displays of faith are visible in their Muslim neighborhoods, so that they will not trigger an attack. The dangers and risks faced by Christians in the Middle East should be a sobering reminder to us of the precious freedoms we have, and renew our determination to celebrate Easter to its fullest. For those who recognize the spiritual significance of Jesus rising from the dead after his crucifixion on the cross, there should be no more meaningful day on the calendar. The gratitude and faithfulness with which persecuted Christians honor the Lord on Easter, even though they often do so under heavy pressure, should be an example to those of us who are free to celebrate Easter. In addition, it should also prompt us to pray throughout this Holy Week for our brothers and sisters around the world who face attacks for their faith in Jesus Christ. Let's not forget them at this very special time of year… our church gatherings, in our homes and in our hearts. Dr. David Curry is President and CEO for Open Doors USA (, based in Santa Ana, California), the American arm of Open Doors International, a worldwide ministry supporting and strengthening persecuted Christians for almost 60 years.

End-times disasters abound, but Jesus comeback offers eternal hope Anne Graham Lotz n recent years, we have seen devastating environmental disasters—tornadoes, fires, floods, hurricanes and snow storms—that have destroyed homes and entire communities. We have seen random school shootings that have taken the lives of innocent students, leaving families emotionally distraught. We have seen sadistic terrorist attacks tear at the very foundation of a nation’s security and identity, ushering in waves of fear and hatred. And the list goes on. Every day we either read or watch or hear of a new disaster, so that the one that happened yesterday is quickly forgotten with the news of one that happens today. And the one that happens today will be driven from our minds by what happens tomorrow. Even if the disaster is of record-breaking, biblical proportions, within a short time it is no longer front-page news and becomes just a statistic or an asterisk in other stories. We soon forget that those who lived through whatever the disaster was are still struggling to cope. To take the next breath. To survive financially and physically and emotionally and in every other way. It can be overwhelming to rebuild. From scratch. From nothing into something. The comeback trail can be long and hard and flooded with tears. Which is why Easter pulsates with hope. After the horror of the cross on Friday, after the agony of knowing that God’s Son was dead on Saturday, the beginning of His comeback story exploded into human history with an empty tomb!


Exploded with an empty tomb From the following verses, list as much proof for the resurrection of Jesus Christ as you can find: John 20:1-8, 10-18, 19-20, 24-29 and 21:1-14; Matthew 28:1-10 and 11-15; Luke 24:1-3, 13-15 and 36-39; 1 Corinthians 15:3-8; and Revelation 2:8. Give phrases that prove His resurrection was not spiritual or mystical but literal and physical, from Luke 24:36-40, 41-43; and John 20:24-29. How serious a matter is it to reject the proof of the Resurrection? See 1 Corinthians 15:12-19. Is Jesus still alive today? Read Matthew 28:19-20 and Acts 6:8-10, 7:54-56 and 9:1-6. What does this mean to you? What experiences in your own life or in the lives of others you know offer further proof that Jesus is not dead but is indeed alive today? The tomb was empty. Do you truly believe that? Your own comeback begins with a positive answer. Experienced with power How does the living Lord Jesus Christ impart power to you and me for our own comeback? Refer to Luke 24:45-49; Acts 1:1-8, 2:1-4, 16-18 and 3:1-16. What astounding connection does Paul make between the resurrection of Jesus and the life of believers? See Ephesians 1:18-21. How was this power demonstrated in Acts 3:1-4:4; John 18:10-18 and 25-27 with Acts 4:13? Acts 4:33? Acts 9:1-20? In what way have you experienced the power of the risen Christ to enable you to boldly share the gospel with an unbeliever? To free you from guilt? To break an addiction? To overcome a habit? To extend forgiveness to your wounder? To love your enemy? Or to ________________? Fill in the blank. What encouragement do you receive from Paul’s prayer in Ephesians 3:14-21 as you struggle to come back? Ends with glory How does His comeback story give you hope for tomorrow? See 1 Corinthians 15:20-22, 2 Corinthians 4:13-14 and Revelation 3:11. In what way are you encouraged today by the promises given because Jesus lives? Read Hebrews 7:23-28, 1 Corinthians 15:51-58, 2 Corinthians 5:14-15, Hebrews 12:2-3 and 1 Peter 1:3-5. What promise for not only your future, but also the future of the world directly rests on the fact that Jesus is alive? See John 14:1-3 and Acts 1:10-11. How did Jesus allude to His comeback during His trial before the religious leaders in Matthew 26:63-66? Describe the climax of His comeback story, as seen in Revelation 1:7, 12-16, 4:1, 5:6-12 and 19:6-16. How does the end of His comeback story impact the end of your own? See Romans 8:16-17 and 1 Peter 1:6-9. Emboldens us to tell others If Jesus never came back from the dead—if He was not raised—what difference would that make to you? To our world? Who do you know who is living as though Jesus was dead? What difference do you think it would make to them if they could know He is alive? How did the world in the first century, as well as the generations that have followed, know Jesus had risen from the dead? See John 15:26-27, Matthew 28:5-7, Acts 2:22-24, Acts 5:27-32 and Acts 10:39-43. How will your family, your friends and your world know Jesus is alive and is coming back? Would you celebrate this Easter by telling others that His comeback story can be theirs? The wonderful, good news of the gospel is that there can be a comeback story for each of us. Not only can we rebuild our lives, but we can actually be reborn! Because Jesus lives, we can live too—not just one day in heaven, but right here and now as we struggle with our own comeback stories from alcoholism, addiction, depression, disaster, betrayal, brokenness, bankruptcy or whatever has seemed to bury us. We, too, can explode into abundant life and joy and hope and power through fully trusting in Him. As we work out the day-to-day process of coming back, we can experience His peace and power and presence and purpose. And one day, our comeback trail will end at His throne in our heavenly home and we will reign with Him in glory. Now that’s a story to tell! Anne Graham Lotz, founder of AnGeL ministries, has proclaimed God’s Word worldwide for more than 30 years. Her newest book, Wounded by God’s People, is available at

Stop doubting and start Believing! makes that infamous statement in John 20:25, “Unless I see the nail marks ... I will not believe.” Thomas doubted his doubt and he wanted a proof. Jesus gave Thomas the benefit of the doubt! A special encounter with his Master gave Thomas a chance to see and feel the indisputable proof that Jesus offered. Stretching His hand, Jesus said to Thomas, “Put your finger here; see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it into my side. Stop doubting and start believing.” This is not just for Thomas but for all his disciples and all those who have doubts! To Thomas this was “nonnegotiable.” He had to see, touch and feel. But after he did that, he needed no other proof and thereafter no one could ever change what he believed.

DOUBTING TO DARING!: If the foundation of our faith is not strong enough now, it will be shaken later. Know What You Believe. Know Why ‘THE BENEFIT OF THE You Believe It or it will be blown here DOUBT’: The Apostle Thomas and there by every wind of teaching!



Then he said to Thomas, “Put your finger here; see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it into my side. Stop doubting and believe.”— John 20:27 Rev. Dr. Jose T. nithi “Then Peter stood up (took his stand) with the eleven and declared “......God has raised this Jesus to life, and we are all witnesses of it.” (Acts 2:14, 32.) People were confronted and challenged. Three thousand responded and were added to their number that day. The truth is - death could not hold down the TRUTH! The TRUTH came out and became the WAY and the LIFE. Clarence W Hall makes this point clear: “If Easter says anything to us today, it says this: You can put truth in a grave, but it won’t stay there. You can nail it to a cross, wrap it in winding sheets and shut it up in a tomb, but it will rise!” Peter the betrayer, Thomas the doubter, and the rest of the runaways took their

stand and said it loud and clear for everyone around them to hear and clarify their doubts because they were the witnesses! The invitation that was given to the listeners was not to blindly accept whatever they were hearing but to clarify, verify, cross-check and accept. They were bold like lions because the disciples saw and even felt Jesus after His resurrection. They could not bury the TRUTH again. Eventually, Thomas paid with his life. According to tradition and the Bible, eight of the Apostles died as Martyrs. At least two of the Apostles, Peter and Andrew, were crucified. DOUBTING TO DISCERNING: Doubting is no sin, but at some point

we’ve got to stop doubting and start believing. There will be never-ending arguments, but the evidences for God’s existence and his resurrection are overwhelming. No one can remain neutral or stay on the fence forever. You can bring your doubts to the Cross and the Empty Tomb and sort it out there … but you have to make a choice! Jesus gave Thomas the benefit of the doubt! If you are genuine in your doubts and if you seek God seriously and sincerely, He says, “You will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.” (Jeremiah 29:13) Strobel was an avowed atheist, journalist for The Chicago Tribune and a lawyer. When his wife became a Christian, he set out to ask the tough questions on God, Bible etc. On Nov. 8, 1981, after two years of research, from being a skeptic he became a committed follower of Christ. He wrote a book “The Case for Christ” with his research. If you have doubts on God, resurrection or the Bible - you

are not alone. Many who doubted and questioned the reliability and authenticity of the Bible are some of the best Christian apologists today. DOUBTING TO DANCING! Jesus did not leave his disciples with empty promises. He said, “The Son of Man is going to be betrayed into the hands of his enemies. He will be killed, but three days later he will rise from the dead.” (Mark 9:31) That is exactly what happened. It was also foretold by Hosea: “I will ransom them from the power of the grave; I will redeem them from death. O Death, I will be your plagues! O Grave, I will be your destruction!” (Hosea 13:14) Jesus proved his resurrection to His disciples again and again. Within 40 days of His resurrection, Jesus had 11 separate recorded appearances to numerous different groups of people. Pope John Paul II is right when he said about Easter, “Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song.” Christians are not people of despair but people of hope with joy in their heart, praise in their mouth and dancing on their feet!

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Sunday 20 April 2014

The Morung Express

PM must be a leader, not BJP seeks apology just a reader: Arun Jaitley from Geelani

Arun Jaitley

AMRITSAR, ApRIl 19 (pTI): A day after the PMO sought to counter the perception that Manmohan Singh has been “weak” in his tenure, senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley on Saturday took potshots at him and said the Prime Minister “walked on snow, but did not leave any footprints”. “In India, the Prime Minister’s read out speeches were not being heard by the people. They are no longer remembered or talked about. The PMO is right. Statistically, the Prime Min-

ister was speaking, factually, he was not being heard,” Jaitley, wrote in his blog. The BJP leader who is fighting his maiden Lok Sabha polls from Amritsar against former Punjab chief minister and Congress nominee, Amarinder Singh, further added, “the Prime Minister walked on snow, but did not leave any footprints”. Jailtey wrote that in response to controversy created by two recently published books including the one by PM’s former media

adviser Sanjaya Baru, the PMO has clarified that in the last 10 years, the Prime Minister had delivered around 1,200 speeches. “The PMO thought that this would counter the charge that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was not a ‘speaking’ Prime Minister,” Jaitley said. “He must be heard with attention. He must be a leader and not just a reader,” Jaitley said. The BJP veteran also took a dig at Rahul Gandhi’s brother-in-law Robert Vadra.

“Congratulations to Mr Robert Vadra. He has made it to the Wall Street Journal. The Vadra business model requires the research paper to be prepared by a key business analyst,” Jaitley has said. Targeting Vadra Jaitley wrote, “Start a business without any investment. Investment will flow as loans and advances which is a synonym for political equity. Use these loans to buy property at fraction of the market cost.” Jaitley, who is facing a tough battle at the husting in Amritsar further said “Many people are willing to sell property for an inadequate consideration, accumulate a land and a property bank with the patronage of the state. Sell off some properties and repay back the original loan. The rest is all yours with no liabilities. So far this business model has raised only eyebrows. It is time it raises serious questions. That is what the Wall Street Journal has done.” Jaitley said that the Prime Minister is the key political executive of the country and must “command both moral and political authority”. “Prime Minister is the

Kids mistake acid for water in school, suffer burn injuries New DelhI, ApRIl 19 (TNN): Three students — the youngest a little over four — received burn injuries on Wednesday when they mistook acid for water and splashed it on their hands and legs in a government school in Seemapuri. Police on Thursday filed a case of negligence on the order of the Child Welfare Committee (CWC), Dilshad Garden, which summoned the principal of Vishwamitra Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya, district deputy director of education and the medical superintendent of Guru Teg Bahadur GTB Hospital to appear before it on April 24. The children have suffered 5-6% burns each and are set to be discharged from the hospital soon. An open can of diluted

acid was lying in the toilet of the northeast Delhi school, presumably for a week since MCD workers cleaned the building before it was turned into polling booths during the Delhi assembly elections on April 10. Even after Tabassum — the four-year-old — was sent home after she came in contact with the acid, school authorities did not remove the can from the toilet. Later in the day, Alina (6) and Soni (8) splashed the liquid on their lower torso and suffered burns in their inner thighs and on their hips. “One of the girls couldn’t pass urine after that,” CWC member Ritu Mehra said. The three were immediately hospitalized and released after a few hours before the CWC got them readmitted to the hospital.

When Soni’s father Rafiq was called to the school, the authorities shockingly told him they didn’t know what had happened. “Later, they told us that the acid was left by the people who were using the school for the elections,” Alina’s grandmother Bhoori said. “How could they keep the can in the toilet for a week,” Rafiq rued. “After an NGO brought the parents to us, we ordered an FIR to be filed and the children to be readmitted to the hospital. What is startling is that no one removed the can of acid after the first child was sent home,” CWC’s Mehra said. The deputy director of northeast district is personally collecting all the information and will send the report to me by Saturday,”

said Padmini Singla, director, education. “It was Tabassum’s second day at school,” said her mother Shabana. A daughter of a construction worker, she had gone to the school toilet and thought the can was full of water. “She said there wasn’t any lid on it,” Shabana said. The girl poured some liquid in her palms. “When her hands started burning, she went to the teacher. A neighbour’s daughter studying in the same school dropped her home along with a security guard.” The can wasn’t removed and after a few hours, Alina poured the acid on her hands and splashed some on her legs. Soni accidentally tipped the can over. The injured girls were dropped home by some teachers.

face of Indian democracy. His opinion shapes policy. He provides leadership. People look up to him for solutions. A Prime Minister cannot be low-key. He must arouse confidence in people. He must appear confident about offering solutions. He must be a top mass leader of the ruling coalition,” the BJP leader said. In an interaction with reporters at New Delhi on Friday, Prime Minister’s communications adviser Pankaj Pachauri had said that economic data shows unprecedented development in the last decade which would have been impossible if Manmohan Singh had been “weak”, countering the damaging claims made by Baru. Jaitley said that a Prime Minister must be communicative. Making a reference to US President Barack Obama, who during his visit to India earlier, had delivered several important speeches including one in the Central Hall of Parliament and “impressed” one and all. “During the presidential banquet in his (Obama’s) honour, I had an opportunity to interact with the key draftsmen of his speeches. Each of his

of four years if not elevated to the Supreme Court during her tenure. Of the 29 judges in the apex court, only two are women. Born in 1955, Justice Rohini studied at Osmania University in Hyderabad and then at the College of Law under Andhra University in Visakhapatnam. She enrolled as an advocate in December 1980 and later becamechairmanof the Andhra Pradesh State Bar Council. She was appointed a government pleader in the high court in 1995. She was appointed additional judge in 2001 and made a permanent judge in 2002.

Modi neither superman nor magician: Virbhadra

ShIMlA, ApRIl 19 (IANS): Taking a jibe at BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh Saturday said “he’s not a superman or a magician” to solve all the problems. “Modi is not a superman or a magician who is claiming to solve all the problems in the blink of an eye,” the chief minister said at an election rally in Sunni in Shimla district. He said a wave was being created in favour of the Bharatiya Janata party leader through the media to misguide the people but the reality was far from this. “The state BJP leaders and Modi are raking up the Gujarat model of develop-

ment but there are many other states which are far more developed and self-reliant than Gujarat, and Himachal Pradesh is one of them,” Virbhadra Singh said while campaigningforMohanLalBragta,theCongresscandidatefor Shimla (reserved) seat. He said if a strong and secular government is formed at the centre, it would pave the way for the development of all states equally. Modi has failed to discharge his responsibility in an effective manner and during his chief ministership, Gujarat witnessed large-scale riots, he said. “He is not fit to become the prime minister.” Himachal Pradesh goes to the polls for the state’s four Lok Sabha seats May 7.

DelhI, ApRIl 19 (NDTV): With Sonia and Rahul Gandhi at the top, the Congress has “no requirement” for a leadership role, party leader Shashi Tharoor said on Saturday amidst speculation that Priyanka Gandhi could assume a bigger responsibility in the organisation. “Congress has a president and a vice-president, who are working. Priyanka is also working. She is leading a campaign in two constituencies. She herself has declared that there is no need for any other vacancy. Why are you asking this question now? There is no requirement right now since two

of our leaders are already working so hard,” he said. The Congress leader, at the same time, said that there has been a “very positive impact” by Priyanka’s campaigning in the two parliamentary constituencies. Earlier this week, Priyanka had said that her brother Rahul had expressed to her manytimesthathethinksshe should contest the elections. She had also said that no one in her family would ever stop her from contesting an election. “My brother, mother and husband would whole-heartedly support me if I wanted to contest. My decision not to contest is entirely my own. I will only change

AMeThI, ApRIl 19 (IANS): Congress president Sonia Gandhi Saturday slammed the BJP, saying that its “false propaganda” on corruption charges against the UPA government was nothing but an attempt to cover up cases of corruption in states ruled by it. “All those people who are themselves neck deep in corruption are levelling various kinds of allegations against us,” Gandhi said at a public meeting in Amethi. Defending the track record of the UPA government in fighting corruption, she said: “I want to tell you that in the fight against corruption,

it when I feel from within I should,” she had said. Priyanka’s comments had come in response to a report that she was very keen to contest from Varanasi Lok Sabha seat against BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi because she felt he was “bad for the country” and needed to be “stopped”. Two years younger than 43-year-old Rahul, Priyanka is seen as a more natural leader in the Congress than her brother. There have been demands from partymen from time to time that Priyanka should assume a larger role and campaign all over the country.

PM greets people on Easter

New DelhI, ApRIl 19 (IANS): Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Saturday greeted people on the occasion of Easter, saying the festival signifies compassion, brotherhood and a brighter future. “The significance of Christ’s resurrection is that truth and love triumph over

New DelhI, ApRIl 19 (IANS): The BJP Saturday sought an apology from hardline Kashmiri separatist leader Syed Ali Geelani over his claims that two people had approached him as Narendra Modi’s emissaries, saying such remarks were mischievous and aimed at creating confusion among people. Referring to Geelani’s remarks, the Bharatiya Janata Party said Kashmir was an integral part of the country and there was no room for deliberations on the issue. “The BJP categorically rejects these reports. They are mischievous, without basis and are aimed at creating confusion among people,” the party said in a release. Narendra Modi is the prime ministerial candidate of the BJP. “No emissary has either tried to meet or met Geelani to discuss the Kashmir issue. On the Kashmir issue, the BJP’s stand is very clear - that Kashmir is an integral part of India and there cannot be any room for deliberations on this,” the

party said. It said the BJP has also condemned the negative role played by leaders such as Geelani “whose politics is a threat to the aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir”. The party said if Geelani has made these claims, the onus lies on him to present the complete picture and name the individuals who purportedly met him on behalf of Modi. “If he fails to do so, which we are sure he will, he should apologize to the people of India,” the party said. The BJP said it also condemns the manner in which “elected representatives and those who hold important offices, most notably from Kashmir are encouraging such lies only to serve their political interests”. Geelani had told media persons Friday in Srinagar that two Kashmiri Pandits had called on him in Delhi, asking him to engage in a dialogue with Modi. He also claimed the two people had said they had approached him as Modi’s emissaries.

BJP’s charges of corruption against Congress false: Sonia

First woman Delhi chief justice ‘No requirement’ for Priyanka to take up to take charge Monday bigger role in Congress: Shashi Tharoor

New DelhI, ApRIl 19 (IANS): Justice G. Rohini will Monday assume charge as the first woman chief justice of the Delhi High Court, 47 years after the court was established in October 1966. Sangita Dhingra Sehgal, registrar general of the high court, said Justice Rohini, the seniormost judge of the Andhra Pradesh High Court, reached the national capital Friday and will take charge Monday. Justice Rohini will be the 10th woman judge among the 40 judges in the Delhi High Court. She is expected to stay for a period

speeches were prepared by an expert and vetted by a group of officials and eventually by the President himself. Most of the speeches were read out from the teleprompter. The teleprompter had a transparent screen. We, in the audience, thought it was an extempore speech. But the President was reading from the two teleprompters, even in the Central Hall of Parliament. The impact that his delivery and diction created was huge,” he wrote. The BJP leader was also unsparing in his attack on former Indian cricketer Bishan Singh Bedi, who was in Amritsar on Friday and had heaped praises on his Congress rival Amarinder Singh. “My friend Bishen Bedi was in Amritsar on Friday. This was the visit with a difference. He came to campaign for a political party (Congress) which has provided India the most dishonest government in history. He came to campaign for a candidate who is accused under the Prevention of Corruption Act. Bishen has always been a crusader even if he crusades for an immoral cause,” he wrote on Bedi.

evil and hatred. Easter celebrates compassion and brotherhood and signifies a brighter future,” the prime minister said in a message. The celebrations strengthen the bonds of unity among our countrymen, he added. Easter is being celebrated Sunday.

we brought anti-corruption law - the Right to Information Act. It is because of this that many cases of corruption have come to light.” Daring the Bharatiya Janata Party to tell people what action was taken by its governments in states against people involved in corruption, Gandhi said the United Progressive Alliance government at the centre has hauled up those found guilty. “Wehavetakenfirmsteps againstthoseaccused(ofcorruption). I challenge the BJP to tell if they have made similar laws in the states ruled by them, taken action against those accused of corruption. Have they punished them?

Not at all,” she said. The Congress chief lashed out at the BJP campaign that says nothing has been done in India in the last 65 years since independence by the successive Congress governments. “Our opposition BJP is engaged in a malicious campaign against us,” she said. Listing the achievements in various fields, Gandhi said the country has witnessed green revolution, white revolution, strides in nuclear energy, advancement in technology, industry, agriculture, irrigation, communication, education and infrastructure. “All this was possible

because of the Congress’s policies and its work coupled with hard work by the people,” she said. In the last 10 years, the UPA has given the country laws that guarantee right to free and compulsory education up to the age of 14 years, right to food security that provides subsidised food for the poor and rural employment guarantee. The Congress president said India has come a long way but still “a lot more has to be done”, as she counted the numerous development works undertaken in Amethi to link it with the mainstream through faster road and rail connectivity.

Anna Hazare to launch ‘Asli Azadi Abhiyan’ on August 9

JAIpuR, ApRIl 19 (pTI): Accusing both ruling and opposition parties of collecting unaccounted donations during elections, Anna Hazare on Friday announced that he would launch “Asli Azadi Abhiyan (Real Freedom Movement)” from Mumbai on August 9, on the anniversary of the Quit India Movement. The social activist said consultation programmes will be held in nine major cities covering nearly 660 districts and two representatives each will be selected for attending a lecture in memory of late sarvodaya leader Siddharaj Dhadda before August 9. Interested people, mainly youths, will be engaged in the movement during the consultation programmes to be held at nine cities including Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi, said Hazare, accompanied by

Rajendra Singh, a Magsaysay Award winning water conservationist. “Hame azadi toh mili 1947 mein, par nakli azadi mili (We got Independence in 1947, but it was a false freedom),” Hazare said, adding both the ruling and opposition parties exploited the people, grabbed their lands, indulged in corruption, violence and loot. In the name of election funds, the parties are collecting huge unaccounted donations turning black money into white, and spending them in parts so that the Election Commission cannot object to it, he claimed. Asli Azadi Abhiyan will put pressure on the government to have audit of election funds and black money given to both the ruling and opposition parties which are spending crores of rupees in Lok Sabha polls, he said. The movement will also

ask the government to form a separate institution like the Lokpal to contain this illegal flow of black money, Hazare said. The movement will not be a momentary one as it will go on for next five to 15 years till its demand for “asli azadi” was met, he stressed. “Satta ki naak dabane se moonh khulta hai (press the nose of the government to get its mouth opened),” he said. Quoting Mahatma Gandhi’s ideology of ‘gram swaraj’, the social activist said the government should also bring change in economy of villages instead of cities, and added villages had been neglected leading to migration of youths to big cities in search of jobs and education. Hazare alleged that the existing political parties had exploited youths in colleges and universities on the caste lines and hence purification of politics and its process was a must in next five years.

You can’t cross our bridge, villagers tell politicians

DARbhANgA, ApRIl 19 (IANS): Residents of a village in Bihar’s Darbhanga parliamentary constituency have barred elected representatives from using a bamboo bridge they have built through their own donations. Villagers of KamalpurBrahmotar Ghat, a village under the Pirri panchayat of Bahadurpur block in Darbhanga, have announced boycott of Lok Sabha polls

for failure of people’s representatives to fulfill their old demand for a concrete bridge over the Kamla river. “We have built a bamboo bridge, locally known as Chachri pul, over Kamla river last November by collecting donation of Rs.3 lakh from among the villagers and banned entry of people’s representative to express protest for their failures to fulfill a promise,” said Ashish Jha, a villager.

Darbhanga votes April 30. Jha said the bridge was thrown open for the public but with no entry for the local MP, legislators. “In last nearly five months, not a single people’s representative has dared to cross the bridge fearing angry villagers,” Jha said. Before they built the bamboo bridge, villagers used to travel across the river through a smaller bamboo bridge which used

to get washed away during monsoon season due to flooding of river. Another villager, Jogi Yadav, said that residents of the village were tired of hearing false promises and assurances made by the people’s representatives for decades. “After people’s representatives failed, villagers have proved that they can build a makeshift bridge without government help.” The bridge, which is 40 me-

tres long and three metres wide, has provided connectivity to dozens of nearby villages also. Nearly three decades ago, a legislator had laid the foundation stone for the construction of a bridge but the project has not materialized till date. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has repeatedly claimed that his government has built over 12,000 bridges in the state in the last eight and a half years to

improve road connectivity. He never forgets to remind people during the election campaign that as against 375 bridges constructed in 30 years between 1975 and 2005, his government has built a record number of bridges in the state. His government has built bridges on major rivers like the Ganga, the Gandak and the Koshi and many more such projects are in the pipeline.

the Morung express

InternatIonal / entertaInMent

Korean shipwrecK:

South Korean navy's frogman dives into a water to search passengers believed to have been trapped in the sunken ferry Sewol in the water off the southern coast near Jindo, south of Seoul, South Korea on April 19. The captain of the sunken South Korean ferry was arrested Saturday on suspicion of negligence and abandoning people in need, as investigators looked into whether his evacuation order came too late to save lives. Two crew members were also arrested, a prosecutor said. (AP Photo)

JINDO/MOKPO, APrIl 19(reuters): Some relatives of the more than 200 children missing in a sunken South Korean ferry offered DNA swabs on Saturday to help identify the dead as the rescue turned into a mission to recover the vessel and the bodies of those on board. The Sewol, carrying 476

passengers and crew, capsized on Wednesday on a journey from the port of Incheon to the southern holiday island of Jeju. Thirty-two people are known to have died. The 69-year-old captain, Lee Joon-seok, was arrested in the early hours of Saturday on charges of negligence along with two other crew

members, including the third mate who was steering at the time of the capsize. Prosecutors later said the mate was steering the Sewol through the waters where it listed and capsized - for the first time in her career. Asked why the children had been ordered to stay put in their cabins instead of abandoning

ship, Lee, apparently overwhelmed by the scale of the disaster, told reporters he feared they would have been swept out to sea in the strong, cold current. Early reports said that the ferry turned sharply and listed, perhaps due to a shift in the cargo it was carrying and crew members said the captain, who was not initial-

ly on the bridge, had tried to right the ship but failed. Some 500 relatives of the 270 people listed as missing watched a murky underwater video shot after divers reported they had seen three bodies through the windows. The official number of those missing was revised up from an earlier estimate of 269.

Jesus Christ, center, portrayed by Mario Valencia, better known as "Cristo Cholo," reenacts the Passion of Christ in Lima, Peru on April 18. Christians all over the world are marking Good Friday, the day when Jesus Christ was crucified. (AP Photo)

Hundred Years of Solitude,” but he could also turn out brief, tense stories, such as “Chronicle of a Death Foretold,” a novella published in Spanish in 1981 and in English two years later. The opening lines, not unlike the celebrated passage that begins “One Hundred Years of Solitude,” set a deadly mood worthy of the best thrillers. “On the day they were going to kill him, Santiago Nasar got up at five-thirty in the morning to wait for the boat the bishop was coming on,” Garcia Marquez wrote. “He had slept little and poorly, without getting undressed, and he woke up with a headache and a sediment of copper stirrup on his palate, and he interpreted them as the natural

havoc of the wedding revels that had gone on until after midnight.” For “Love in the Time of Cholera,” a 1980s best-seller which many critics ranked just behind “One Hundred Years of Solitude,” Marquez openly drew upon soap opera and romance. Through a plot he defined as one of frustrated love, a man and woman too young to marry at 20 and too old to marry at 80, he wove in politics, history, economics and the mysterious rules of male desire. “It was in those days that he devised his rather simplistic theories concerning the relationship between a woman’s appearance and her aptitude for love,” Garcia Marquez wrote. “He distrusted the sensual type, the ones who looked as if they

could eat an alligator raw and tended to be the most passive in bed. “The type he preferred was the opposite: those skinny little tadpoles that no one bothered to turn around and look at in the street, who seemed to disappear when they took off their clothes, who made you feel sorry for them when their bones cracked at the first impact, and yet who could leave the man who bragged the most about his virility ready for the trashcan.” Garcia Ma r q u e z reigned over both the external and the internal, public ceremony and private delusions and disappointments. “The Autumn of the Patriarch,” a devastating and exhausting portrait of

a Caribbean dictator published in the mid-1970s, was described by Garcia Marquez as a “poem on the solitude of power,” complete with vultures barging into the presidential palace. “No One Writes to the Colonel” was a sympathetic novella about a military man long overdue to receive his pension. The author’s celebrated short story “Big Mama’s Funeral” starts like a fairy tale (“This is, for all the world’s unbelievers, the true account of Big Mama”), captures the ways of a small community with the intimacy of an ancient folktale and defines the workings of political power with a thoroughness you might find in a book by Robert Caro.



Chances of finding survivors deem Packed in a gymnasium in the port city of Jindo day and night since Wednesday, tempers frayed and fist fights broke out after the video was shown. The video, viewed by relatives and journalists, did not appear to show any corpses. “Please lift the ship, so we can get the bodies out,” a woman who identified herself as the mother of a child called Kang Hyuck said, using a microphone. Relatives have criticised what they say is the slow response of the government and contradictory information given out by authorities in the early stages of the rescue mission. CHANCES OF FINDING SURVIVORS “ALMOST ZERO” President Park Geunhye was jeered by some when she visited on Thursday. “Park Geun-hye should come here again,” Kang Hyuck’s mother said. Three cranes were moved close to the sunken ship on Saturday but were not deployed. Strong tides and rough weather again impeded efforts to get inside. Coastguard spokesman

Kim Jae-in said the cranes would be deployed when the divers say it is safe. “Lifting the ship does not mean they will remove it completely from the sea. They can lift it two to three metres off the seabed,” he said. Coastguard officials said that divers would make another attempt to enter the ship in the evening. “The chances of finding anyone alive now are almost zero,” said Bruce Reid, Chief Executive Officer of the International Maritime Rescue Foundation. “There will still be a search operation on the water, a surface search, but it would be more of a recovery exercise now. They’ll be looking for bodies.” The capsize occurred in calm weather on a welltravelled 400 km (300 mile) sea route from Incheon to Jeju some 25 km (15 miles) from land. Lee, the ship’s captain, was described by officials from Chonghaejin Marine Co Ltd, the owner of the vessel, as a “veteran”. “I had ordered (passengers) to leave the ferry, but (later) I said to them to stay because there was no rescue ship,” he told South

Korean television as he was led away by police. Police also raided Chonghaejin offices in Incheon and Yang Joongjin, a prosecutor in the city of Mokpo, said ten people were being questioned over the loading and stowing of the Sewol’s cargo. Yonhap news agency said 180 vehicles were onboard the ferry along with 1,157 tons of freight. At least some of the freight was in containers stacked on the foredeck. Relatives and friends of the schoolchildren have also gathered at the Danwon High School in the commuter town of Ansan. The vice-principal of the school, Kang Min-gyu, 52, was one of those rescued as the children followed orders and stayed aboard. He hanged himself outside the gym in Jindo, police said. His body was discovered on Friday and police released part of a two-page suicide note. “Burn my body and scatter my ashes at the site of the sunken ferry,” he wrote. “Perhaps I can become a teacher for the missing students in my next life.”

Gwen Stefani is the newest coach on ‘The Voice’ T

he 44 year-old will be replacing the departing pregnant Christina Aguilera on the NBC show for the forthcoming 7th series, which starts filming in June. TMZ reports, producers have been scouting a replacement for the ‘Dirrty’ singer after she announced her pregnancy back in February. The television network wanted Aguilera to continue working during her pregnancy but she is already finding it extremely hard, and ultimately decided to walk away. A source close to the situation also confirmed the news of Stefani joining the singing talent show by telling Us Weekly, her contract is now done. The ‘No Doubt’ singer is reportedly only contracted for one full season, but a spokesperson for NBC commented earlier in the week, We haven’t made any decisions at this point. Bringing Stefani on board isn’t the only high-profile addition NBC have made for ‘The Voice’ season 7. Music mogul Pharrell Williams is also set to join the show as a coach as he is replacing the departing Cee Lo Green. ‘The Voice’ Twitter handle posted, WE ARE SO #HAPPY to announce PHARRELL WILLIAMS = #NewVoiceCoach for SEASON 7, to confirm the news. Season 6 of ‘The Voice’ began late last month on February 24th, and features original coaches Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, and also sees the return of Usher and Shakira to the spinning chairs. It was also announced earlier this month that Coldplay’s frontman Chris Martin will appear on ‘The Voice’ as a guest mentor for the second round of battles, providing aid to all of the show’s contenders.

Garcia Marquez: More than just a magic realist

NeW YOrK, APrIl 19 (AP); Magic realism was only one of his gifts. From crime stories and village folklore to romance and satire, Gabriel Garcia Marquez brought poetry to virtually every popular genre. The Nobel laureate and international literary statesman, who died Thursday at age 87, completed just six novels, four novellas, a few dozen short stories and a handful of nonfiction works during a half-century of publishing. But he drew upon an unpredictable range of influences and mastered styles that made him the most complex and most straightforward of literary authors. Much of the world learned of him through his expansive classic “One

Sunday 20 April 2014

‘Game of Thrones’ breaks piracy record

Avalanche sweeps down Everest

Mother of Nepalese mountaineer Ang Kaji Sherpa, killed in an avalanche on Mount Everest, cries while she waits for his body at Sherpa Monastery in Katmandu, Nepal on April 19. Rescuers were searching through piles of snow and ice on the slopes of Mount Everest on Saturday for four Sherpa guides who were buried by an avalanche that killed 12 other Nepalese guides in the deadliest disaster on the world's highest peak. The Sherpa people are one of the main ethnic groups in Nepal's alpine region, and many make their living as climbing guides on Everest and other Himalayan peaks. (AP Photo)

KAtMANDu, APrIl 19 (AP): Search teams recovered a 13th body Saturday from the snow and ice covering a dangerous climbing pass on Mount Everest, where an avalanche a day earlier swept over a group of Sherpa guides in the deadliest disaster on the world’s highest peak. Another three guides remained missing, and searchers were working

quickly to find them in case weather conditions deteriorated, said Maddhu Sunan Burlakoti, head of the Nepalese government’s mountaineering department. But the painstaking effort involved testing the strength of newly fallen snow and using extra ropes, clamps and aluminum ladders to navigate the unstable field. The avalanche barreled

down a narrow climbing pass known as the “popcorn field” for its bulging chunks of ice at about 6:30 a.m. Friday. The group of about 25 Sherpa guides were the first people making their way up this climbing season to dig paths and fix ropes for their foreign clients to use in attempting to reach the summit next month. One of the survivors told his relatives that the path had been unstable just before the snow slide hit at an elevation near 5,800 meters (19,000 feet). The area is considered particularly dangerous due to its steep slope and deep crevasses that cut through the snow and ice covering the pass year round. As soon as the avalanche occurred, rescuers, guides and climbers rushed to help, and all other climbing was suspended. Seven of the 12 bodies pulled out and brought down Friday were handed over to their families in the Everest region, while the other five were taken to Katmandu, Nepal’s capital. Four survivors were conscious and being treated in the intensive care

units of several Katmandu hospitals for broken ribs, fractured limbs, punctured lungs and skin abrasions, according to Dr. C.R. Pandey from Grande Hospital. Others were treated for less serious injuries at the Everest base camp. Hundreds of climbers, guides and support crews had been at Everest’s base camp preparing to climb the 8,850-meter (29,035foot) peak when weather conditions are most favorable next month. As with each year, the Sherpa guides from each of the expedition teams had been working together to prepare the path by carving routes through the ice, fixing ropes on the slopes and setting up camps at higher altitudes. One of the injured guides, Dawa Tashi, said the Sherpas were delayed on their way up the slope because the path was unsteady. With little warning, a wall of snow crashed down on the group and buried many of them, according to Tashi’s sisterin-law, Dawa Yanju. Doctors said Tashi, who was partially buried in the snowfall, suffered several

broken ribs. The Sherpa people are one of the main ethnic groups in Nepal’s alpine region, and many make their living as climbing guides on Everest and other Himalayan peaks. More than 4,000 climbers have summited Everest since 1953, when it was first conquered by New Zealander Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay. Hundreds have died trying. The worst recorded disaster on Everest had been a fierce blizzard on May 11, 1996, that caused the deaths of eight climbers, including famed mountaineer Rob Hall, and was later memorialized in a book, “Into Thin Air,” by Jon Krakauer. Six Nepalese guides were killed in an avalanche in 1970. Earlier this year, Nepal announced several steps to better manage the heavy flow of climbers and speed up rescue operations. The steps included the dispatch of officials and security personnel to the base camp at (5,300 meters) 17,380 feet, where they will stay throughout the spring climbing season, which ends in May.


antasy drama series `Game of Thrones` has broken its own record as one of the most illegally downloaded episodes of all time. `The Lion and the Rose` - dubbed the Purple Wedding by fans- broke the record for most people sharing a file simultaneously on the program, re-

portedly. Shortly after it was uploaded, the torrent was shared by 193,418 people, while 145,594 were uploading a complete copy and 47,824 others were downloading. The previous record was held by the `Game of Thrones` season three finale, with 171,572

users. Including similarly available torrents, approximately 1.5 million downloads of the episode took place in 24 hours. `Game of Thrones` director Alex Graves recently described the fourth season finale as the episode to end all episodes.




Sunday 20 April 2014

The Morung Express

Fuel-careful F1 less Hamilton takes pole at Shanghai of a guilty pleasure

Red Bull Racing driver Sebastian Vettel of Germany is pushed into the garage during the practice session ahead of Sunday's Chinese Formula One Grand Prix at Shanghai International Circuit in Shanghai, China, Saturday, April 19. (AP Photo) John Leicester more with less. boy of F1 mouth-rinsing AP Sports Columnist

As Earth's atmosphere warms alarmingly and fills with heat-trapping gases, and the writing on the wall — "People, we're in trouble!" — looms ever larger, Formula One has steadily become a guilty pleasure, the motorsport equivalent of blue whale burger or wearing panda fur. All that precious fuel going up in smoke, speed, and outrageous noise. Unsustainable and increasingly unjustifiable. So F1 deserves a pat on the back for now doing its little bit for the planet. Let's not kid ourselves: Strapping drivers into combustion engines can never be a "green" sport. Polar bears on retreating ice sheets shouldn't dance with joy —"We're saved!" — simply because F1 downgraded this season from monster 2.4-liter, V8 engines to somewhat less viciously thirsty 1.6-liter, V6 turbo hybrid engines. But it is something. More than that, it recognizes that if we are to have much of a collective future, then everyone must make and accept compromises, eke out and protect resources and learn to do

To cover a meagre 300 kilometers (190 miles), the length of all F1 races except the shorter Monaco Grand Prix, the V8s guzzled around 200 liters (50 gallons) of fuel — sometimes a bit more, sometimes less, depending on the track and conditions. That was just on race day. Now add practice and qualifying sessions, and multiply all this by 19 races a season, for a truly staggering fuel bill. In the real world, a midsize Toyota Prius hybrid might cover about 4,000 kilometers (2,500 miles) on those same 200 liters, almost enough to cross the United States from Washington DC to Los Angeles, according to fuel economy figures for that model from the U.S. government's Environmental Protection Agency. F1 wouldn't be F1 without excess. Fans worldwide wouldn't tune in for world champion Sebastian Vettel driving a Prius. F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone got fabulously rich with the sales pitch of bigger, faster, costlier, noisier equals vroooom. "Rush," director Ron Howard's glorification of 1976 world champion James Hunt, has the notorious bad

with champagne and puffing on an illegal-looking cigarette before races in his early Formula Three days. Swap the risk and glamour of F1 for quiet-as-a-mouse electric engines and showers of dandelion tea on the podium and you can be sure that petrol-heads would walk away. But as road cars become more fuel efficient, with electric and hybridengine technology making increasing inroads, F1 needed to reconnect with its time or risk becoming an anachronism, racing on regardless, damn costs to the environment. This season's switch to fantastically complex hybrid engines puts F1 back ahead of the technological curve. That is exactly where the sport must be to retain fans and stay relevant in today's energy-challenged world. The engines still generate most of their power from burning fuel but also recuperate and reuse far more energy from braking and exhaust gases than the previous V8 cars and their KERS energy-recovery systems. New rules slash by about one-third the amount of fuel that teams use in the

cars and also limit the rate at which they burn it. Again, that doesn't make them anywhere near green. The 100-kilogram-per-race allotment of fuel would still get a Prius from Paris to Moscow. But at least F1 can now argue that it is going in the right direction. If improvements in fuel economy, engine technology, energy recovery and hybrid-power know-how also bleed over into future road cars, F1 will be able to stick that feather in its cap, too. Critics who loved the fiery crackle of throaty V8s complain that the new engines are too quiet. But that nostalgia over-plays the supposed link between engine noise and the "sexiness" of F1. The V6s certainly sound different, with a top-end squeal like a dentist's drill. That will take getting used to. Ultimately, however, what makes F1 watchable — or not — isn't noise but the quality and closeness of the racing. V8 races may have been loud. But many of them were boring, too. Also misleading is the argument that F1 drivers shouldn't need to economize fuel or tires and instead should be able to race flatout from first lap to last. Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo is in this camp — itself a good indicator of how poorly his team has adapted to the new regime. But not every race needs non-stop wheel-towheel action to be interesting. In fact, you'd be naive and sorely disappointed if you expect that. The unfolding chess-game during races of teams balancing the need for speed with the need to make tires and fuel last, the strategies they employ and adapt to squeeze the most out of those resources, make F1 a more cerebral sport. Fuel economy isn't beside the point — for F1 or for any of us. It is the point. It must be.

Red Bull Racing driver Daniel Ricciardo of Australia, left, Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton of Britain, center, and Red Bull Racing driver Sebastian Vettel of Germany, right, wave to the fans after the qualifying session of the Chinese Formula One Grand Prix at Shanghai International Circuit in Shanghai, Saturday, April 19. (AP Photo)

SHANGHAI, AprIl 19 (Ap): Lewis Hamilton maintained Mercedes' perfect record in qualifying this season, holding off the two Red Bull's to capture his third pole position of the campaign on Saturday at the rainy Chinese Grand Prix. Hamilton broke the record for most poles by a British driver in Formula One and put himself in position for a third consecutive race victory on Sunday. Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo was about 0.6 seconds off the pace in second place, with teammate Sebastian Vettel qualifying third. The steady light rain and slippery track raised the prospect of rival teams challenging Mercedes, but Hamilton was well clear of the Red Bulls, although his main competitor — teammate Nico Rosberg — made mistakes on his final two flying laps and qualified fourth. "It's so slippery out there, trying to find the grip, obviously not making mistakes on your lap, and really putting it together, especially when you have these guys pushing you,"

Atletico close on title with win over stubborn Elche

MADrID, AprIl 19 (rEutErS): Atletico Madrid stayed firmly on course for a surprise La Liga title triumph when a Miranda header and Diego Costa's late penalty secured an unconvincing 2-0 win for the leaders at home to Elche on Friday. David Villa had a penalty saved shortly after halftime at a raucous Calderon stadium, packed with fans enjoying their

team's best season in nearly 20 years, and nerves were jangling when centre back Miranda rose at the back post to nod a Jose Sosa corner powerfully into the net 18 minutes from time. Costa was felled by Elche defender Cristian Sapunaru, who earned a second yellow card and was sent off, in the 90th minute and the Brazil-born forward stroked the ball into

the net for his 27th La Liga goal of the campaign, one fewer than leading marksman Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid. The victory stretched Atletico’s lead over secondplaced Real, whose game at Real Valladolid has been moved to May 7, to six points. Champions Barcelona, who host fourthplaced Athletic Bilbao on Sunday, are a further point

behind in third. Under coach Diego Simeone, Atletico are mounting a genuine challenge to the dominance of vastly wealthier Real and Barca and are closing on a first La Liga title since 1996 when a team featuring the former Argentina captain won the domestic league and Cup double. If they win their next three matches, they will be assured of the

Roger Federer beats Novak Djokovic MONAcO, AprIl 19 (AGENcIES): Roger Federer is into the Monte Carlo Masters final for the fourth time in his career after the Swiss overcame reigning champion Novak Djokovic 7-5 6-2. Federer, a runner-up to Rafael Nadal in 2006, 2007 and 2008, will take on fellow Swiss Stanislas Wawrinka in Sunday's final after the current Australian Open champion defeated

David Ferrer in straight sets. Federer, who accepted a wildcard to play at the event, saved two set points at 5-4 behind in the opening set, and converted his break point to take a 6-5 lead after winning five successive points on the Djokovic serve. Federer sealed the set with an ace down the middle and put the pressure on Djokovic early on in the second set, breaking the Serb to take a

2-1 lead with a fabulous backhand up the line. Djokovic, who has won the last four ATP Masters 1000 events, including the World Tour Finals, looked lacklustre as Federer dominated the rallies from the baseline. The record 17-time Grand Slam champion raced into a 5-1 advantage, before clinching victory on his serve in the eighth game to beat Djokovic for the second time this season.

title by the time they run out at Barca's Nou Camp stadium for the final game of the campaign. Before the trip to the Catalan capital, they face tough games at Valencia and Levante and a home match against Malaga. "It was a very important win and we have to carry on like this," Miranda told Spanish television broadcaster Canal Plus.

But the German, who claimed pole position in Bahrain and won the season-opening race in Australia, pushed too hard around the final corner on his last flying lap, spinning his car and ruining his last chance to top Hamilton. Instead, it was Red Bull challenging Hamilton for the pole, with Ricciardo again getting the better of his teammate, the four-time defending world champion. The Australian has now beaten Vettel in qualifying in three of four races this season. The Red Bulls now have a chance for their first podium finish in Shanghai since 2011 when Vettel finished second to Hamilton and his thenteammate Mark Webber was third. Vettel, however, said he thinks the silver cars are still going to be tough to catch, as they have been all season following F1's switch to the smaller V6 turbo hybrid engines and the introduction of new fuel-saving regulations. "In dry conditions, they are still quite quick and a little bit too far away," he said. "But let's see

what happens tomorrow." Ferrari's Fernando Alonso qualified fifth, while teammate Kimi Raikkonen was down in a humble 11th. Williams qualified two drivers in the top 10 — Felipe Massa in sixth and Valtteri Bottas in seventh — a vast improvement for the team after it struggled in wet conditions in qualifying in Australia and Malaysia due to its relative lack of downforce. Force India's Nico Hulkenberg qualified in eighth, followed by Toro Rosso's Jean-Eric Vergne and Lotus' Romain Grosjean, who took his team into the third qualifying session for the first time this season and will start from 10th. Both McLaren cars were also knocked out in the second session for the first time this year. Jenson Button will start from the 12th spot, while Kevin Magnussen will be three places back in 15th. Lotus driver Pastor Maldonado, meanwhile, did not start qualifying due to an engine problem that cut short his final practice round.

NBA playoffs looking more wide-open

KBYF Sports

KOHIMA, AprIl 19 (MExN): Kohima Baptist Youth Fellowship is set to spend a week in sports with 40-plus churches participating. A press release from Viposa, Sports Secretary, KBYF, informed that KBYF Sports is scheduled from April 28 to May 2 with Unit Ground, 4th NAP BN, Thizama, as the venue. The event is a campaign for the forthcoming FIFA World Cup. The sports secretary in this regard has urged for prayers and encouragements in helping the youth members participate with enthusiasm.

Nadal searches for fire after loss

pArIS, AprIl 19 (AFp): Rafael Nadal won’t panic after having his cloak of claycourt invincibility ripped to shreds by David Ferrer, but admits he needs to quickly rediscover his famed Spanish fire. The world number one suffered just his third career defeat in Monte Carlo when he slumped to a shock 7-6 (7/1), 6-4 quarterfinal loss to compatriot Ferrer on Friday. Nadal had won the Monte Carlo title for eight successive years from 2005 to 2012 before his run was ended in 2013 by Novak Djokovic in the final. FriRafael Nadal of Spain serves the ball to David Ferrer of Spain day’s loss was his earliest in during their quarterfinals match of the Monte Carlo Tennis the principality since a third round exit against GuillerMasters tournament in Monaco, Friday, April 18.(AP Photo)

Hamilton said. "It was a tough session." Conditions are expected to be better for Sunday's race, with no rain and cool temperatures in the forecast. It was the 34th pole of Hamilton's career, moving him into fourth place on the all-time pole list, one ahead of former world champion Jim Clark and Alain Prost. Hamilton had been tied with Clark for the most poles of any British driver in F1 history. The solid qualifying effort also marked a turnaround following his problems in Friday's practice with the car's suspension, which limited him to only nine laps in the morning and required work on his car Friday night. "Yesterday was not a good day for me," he said. "It's kind of strange because we made all those changes overnight and then today's been wet so I have no idea if it's in the right direction." After his thrilling tire-totire duel with Rosberg at the Bahrain GP two weeks ago, Hamilton believed his teammate would offer the strongest challenge in qualifying in Shanghai.

mo Coria on his debut appearance in 2003 when he was just 16. For Ferrer, the unheralded workhorse of the men’s tour, it was a first win on clay against the 13time major winner since Stuttgart in 2004. Even Nadal, whose season so far has seen titles in Doha and Rio and runnersup spots at the Australian Open and Miami, felt the shockwaves. I started the year great in Doha and during Australia. But I don’t have to lie. After what happened in Australia it was a little bit harder for me to find again the intensity, the confidence, the inside power that always I have,” said the 27-year-old.

“Even if I won Rio, I played the final in Miami, there remains something in my mind and in my game. I’m going to fight to try to find that solution soon.” There will again be suggestions that Nadal, who will attempt to become a ninetime French Open champion at Roland Garros next month, needs an overhaul of his coaching set-up. He has been guided by his uncle Toni since childhood and has vigorously defended his in-house operation even as rivals Djokovic, Roger Federer and Andy Murray ruthlessly wielded the coaching axe to keep up with Nadal’s blistering pace.

FILE - In this June 21, 2013 file photo, Miami Heat players including LeBron James, top center, celebrate after Game 7 of the NBA basketball championship game against the San Antonio Spurs, in Miami. As he walked off the court for the final time last season, LeBron James shouted to no one in particular, "Keep doubting me! I need it!" He and the Heat seem to have plenty of doubters now, and James knows there's only one way to prove them wrong. (AP Photo)

MIAMI, AprIl 19 (Ap): Before the season started, a poll suggested that the Miami Heat were the overwhelming favorite to win the NBA title, collecting a whopping 76 percent of ballots cast. The voters weren't some know-nothings, either. No, this was a polling of NBA general managers. Things seem quite a bit different now. The Heat don't seem like locks for a third straight title anymore. San Antonio and Indiana are top seeds. Brooklyn, Chicago, the Los Angeles Clippers, Oklahoma City, Golden State, Houston, Portland and the Heat all figure to have a legitimate chance at being the club to hoist the Larry O'Brien Trophy in a couple of months. Usually, the NBA play-

offs aren't so wide open. Things might change over the next couple of months. "There are 16 teams that have a chance to win it," said Oklahoma City coach Scott Brooks, whose team is seeded No. 2 in the West. "If you're in the playoffs, you have a chance. There are some good teams. Any team can beat each other. The West is deep. There are two teams that are really good that didn't make it and had great years. It's definitely open. There's a lot of good basketball teams that are fighting for the championship." For as good as San Antonio and Indiana were all year — well, for most of the year in Indiana's case, before the Pacers faltered down the stretch — it's never a certainty that the No. 1 seeds reach the NBA Finals.

It's happened that way only 11 times in the last 35 years. Then again, the last time that there wasn't either a No. 1 or a No. 2 in the title series was 1978. So while upsets can happen, it's not all that common to see bracket craziness — akin to a No. 7 and No. 8 seeds Connecticut and Kentucky playing for the NCAA title earlier this month — happening in the same NBA playoff season. "It is going to be tremendous from a fans' standpoint, watching," Golden State coach Mark Jackson said. "It going to be a lot of fun." Brooklyn's Jason Kidd has plenty of postseason experience as a player. He believes the NBA championship is up for grabs, but also probably knows history doesn't favor his sixthseeded club.















RCB beat Mumbai Indians by seven wickets

DuBAi, ApRiL 19 (pTi): Putting up an all-round show, Royal Challengers Bangalore humbled defending champions Mumbai Indians by seven wickets in their IPL Twenty20 match at the Dubai International Stadium today. After restricting Mumbai Indians to a modest 115 for nine, RCB cantered to their second successive win in the tournament in 17.3 overs. RCB though had a shaky start when left-handed opener Nic Maddinson was cleaned up by pacer Lasith Malinga for 16 and Zaheer Khan wreaked havoc in the very next over with two wickets. The left-arm pacer sent skipper Virat Kohli for a duck and trapped Sharjah hero Yuvraj Singh lbw for nought in the space of three deliveries. Wicketkeeper Aditya Tare though ruined Zaheer’s hat-trick chance when he dropped Yuvraj on the very next ball after Kohli’s dismissal. But Mumbai’s cheer was shortlived as Parthiv Patel and AB de Villiers soon got a grip of the situation to stitch a 99-run unbeaten partnership. Parthiv mixed the right dose of caution and aggression to score

TODAY MATCH 20-April 18:30 7th IPL Rajasthan Royals vs Kings XI Punjab Sharjah

AB de Villiers of the Royal Challengers Bangalore bats during match 5 of the Pepsi Indian Premier League Season 7 between the Royal Challengers Bangalore and the Mumbai Indians held at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai, United Arab Emirates on the 19th April. Photo by Pal Pillai / IPL / SPORTZPICS.

an unbeaten 57 off 45 deliveries. His innings was laced with seven boundaries. De Villiers at the other end played the sheet-anchor’s role to perfection, making an unbeaten 48-ball 45 with the help of three fours and two sixes. Earlier put into bat, Mumbai batsmen failed to

Czech Republic leads Italy 2-0 in Fed Cup semis

counter the clinical bowling display by. The Mumbai openers started on a decent note but soon lost the plot against the RCB pacers. South African pacer Albie Morkel drew first blood after scalping Mike Hussey for 16 in the 4th over of the innings. Tare also couldn’t last long as pacer Varun

Aaron induced a top-edge from the batsman which landed in the safe hands of Maddinson in the deep. Leg-spinner Yuzvendra Chahal then bowled a magnificent spell to bag two quick wickets, giving away just 17 runs in his quota of 4 overs. Mumbai skipper Rohit Sharma (2)

was a prized scalp for the Haryana tweaker and soon the big-hitting Kieron Pollard also fell to his guile. Ambati Rayudu and Corey Anderson then tried to stem the rot, stitching together a 31-run fifth-wicket partnership, but Mitchell Starc sent the two batsmen back in the dug-out in his third over to choke MI. Rayudu was caught at long off for a fighting 35 as De Villiers took his second catch while Anderson followed him soon after to give Starc a hat-trick chance. The Australian leftarm pacer did not get the hat-trick but ended with impressive figures of 2/21. Ashok Dinda joined the party when he packed Zaheer back for a duck and Mumbai slipped further. Harbhajan Singh tried to counter attack with a boundary in his run-a-ball eightrun stay but Aaron soon picked his second wicket. The win takes RCB into a position of strength very early into the tournament after their eight-wicket win against Delhi Daredevils in Sharjah while Mumbai certainly need to pull up their socks after their second successive loss.

Princess Charlene of Monaco, left, and Swiss tennis player Roger Federer, right, pose for photographers during the Monte Carlo Tennis Masters tournament in Monaco on April 18. The princess received a signed tennis racket from the hands of Federer. The racket will be sold at auction and the proceeds will be given to the Princess Charlene of Monaco foundation, which aims to promote sports activities as a vector for education and the development of children. (AP Photo)

defends Tottenham beats Fulham in Premier League Martino Messi, takes blame

LONDON, ApRiL 19 (Ap): Tottenham kept its small hopes of a top-four finish alive and dented Fulham's survival ambition with a 3-1 win over its London rival in the Premier League on Saturday. Spurs remained sixth in the standings but cut their deficit to fourth-place Arsenal to four points, though the Gunners have played one game less. Goals from Paulinho, Harry Kane and Younes Kaboul ended Fulham's good run of two consecutive wins and left Felix Magath's team two points adrift from safety with three games remaining. Fulham took the better start at White Hart Lane, with Alexander Kacaniklic hitting the side-netting and Hugo Rodallega volleying wide, but Denmark playmaker Christian Eriksen, one of the few positives in Spurs' underachieving season, set up two goals as his team struggled against a combative Fulham side. Paulinho put Tottenham ahead with a simple

for Barca fall

Tottenham Hotspur's Younes Kaboul, left, scores against Fulham during their English Premier League soccer match at White Hart Lane, London, Saturday, April 19. (AP Photo)

tap-in after Eriksen's free kick beat the Fulham defense but Steve Sidwell equalized just two minutes later. Kane restored Tottenham's lead after the interval with a header from Aaron Lennon's cross and Kaboul

made it 3-1 as he turned home another good free kick from Eriksen. "The first was just a cross, the second I really went for goal but it was lucky," Eriksen said. "(I wanted to hit them) hard

enough, with enough pace to be difficult for defenders." Sidwell missed a chance to put Fulham back in the match as he saw his penalty saved by Hugo Lloris following Eriksen's

handball in the area 15 minutes from time. "I was a little bit nervous but luckily Hugo made the save," said Eriksen. "We have to thank him for what he did in this win today, and all season."

BARCELONA, ApRiL 19 (Ap): Barcelona coach Gerardo Martino has defended Lionel Messi from criticism for his erratic play during three consecutive losses, while acknowledging he isn't "satisfied" with his own coaching performance. In the past two weeks, Barcelona has been eliminated from the Champions League, lost the Copa del Rey final and fallen behind in third place in the league. Martino says he puts no faith in media speculation that Messi's mini-dip in form might lead to his departure after the season. The Argentine manager says "everything is overblown with (Messi). His future must be in Barcelona until he stops playing." Martino adds "I am not satisfied with my job done. ... To have no chances in two competitions and almost none in the third means I can take nothing positive from my performance."

Czech Republic's Petra Kvitova celebrates after defeating Italy's Camila Giorgi in a Fed Cup semifinal tennis match in Ostrava, Czech Republic, Saturday, April 19. Kvitova won the match and gave Czech Republic a 2-0 lead. (AP Photo)


OSTRAVA, ApRiL 19 (Ap): The Czech Republic took a commanding 2-0 lead over defending champion Italy in their Fed Cup semifinal Saturday after Lucie Safarova and Petra Kvitova won the opening singles matches in straight sets. Safarova gave the Czechs a 1-0 lead by upsetting Sara Errani 6-4, 6-1, and Kvitova used her powerful serve and forehand to follow up with a 6-4, 6-2 win over Camila Giorgi to put the hosts one win away from the final against Australia or Germany. The reverse singles and doubles are planned for Sunday. The sixth-ranked Kvitova dominated the hard-hitting Giorgi and didn't face a break point until in the final game when she saved two and needed four match points to seal the victory. "I played a solid game and my serve helped me a great deal," said Kvitova, who hit 11 aces. Kvitova broke the 54thranked Giorgi in the opening game and went on to serve out the first set with an ace. The match had to be interrupted for 20 minutes in the first set with Kvitova

leading 4-3 due to a problem with the lights in the CEZ Arena. Giorgi double-faulted twice in the opening game of the second set and produced another doublefault to go 5-2 down. Earlier, the 26th-ranked Safarova converted her first match point with a return winner to complete the victory over her 11th-ranked opponent. "It's an important victory for our team," said Safarova, who improved to 2-1 against Errani. The Czech played aggressively from the start on the fast indoor hard-court at the CEZ Arena, hitting 33 winners to Errani's four. The opening set saw both players losing their serve twice in the first five games. Errani then double-faulted in the ninth game to lose her serve for the third time and Safarova clinched the set with a service winner. "I was nervous at the beginning and made some mistakes," Safarova said. "But then I managed to focus on my game. I went aggressively for the points." Errani continued in the same fashion in the final set, losing her three service games.


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