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Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen JD-U wants Nitish to continue as Bihar chief minister [ PAGE 8]

Harry tells Cressida... Let’s give it another try [ PAGE 11]

Candlelight Memorial Service held in Dimapur

–Winston Churchill

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Serena beats Errani to retain Rome title

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Vietnam clamps down on anti-China protests

cabinet formation; Modi’s first challenge


By Sandemo Ngullie

We too must form a union.

Sri Lankan army soldiers march during a Victory Day parade in Matara, about 150 kilometers (94 miles) south of Colombo, Sri Lanka, Sunday, May 18. Sri Lanka’s government Sunday marked the fifth anniversary of the civil war victory over ethnic Tamil separatists by displaying its military strength, while preventing Tamil civilians from publicly remembering their dead. (AP Photo)

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President dissolves 15th LS GPRN/NSCN cautions dealers

involved in LPG black marketing

NEW DELhi, may 18 (REuTERs): India’s prime minister-to-be Narendra Modi was huddled in discussions with close aides and advisers on Sunday, finalising names of people to join his cabinet and grappling with the crucial decision of who will be his finance minister. Two days after he won a thumping victory in the general election, there was little clarity about who Modi would include in his team, even in other key portfolios like defence, interior and external affairs. One of his most important decisions will be whether to name frontrunner Arun Jaitley to the finance minister’s post. Jaitley is eminently suited, sources in the BJP said, but he was defeated in his race for a parliamentary seat and that is a minus point. Yet Jaitley is regarded as a capable administrator, and is one of the few people in the party who has experience but is not too old at 61. Modi and his inner circle have played their cards close to their chests and are unlikely to reveal who will take senior cabinet posts until a meeting of the BJP parliamentary leadership on Tuesday, one senior party leader said. Modi was considering merging some ministries to streamline government, other sources said. The meeting is expected to confirm Modi as the party’s parliamentary leader, after which he will meet President Pranab Mukherjee to formally start the process of forming the

government. He is likely to be sworn in as prime minister this week. All government ministers have to be members of parliament, either the upper or lower house, although they have six months to comply. Jaitley remains a member of the upper house. “It doesn’t change the situation all that much,” said a senior figure in the party, referring to Jaitley’s defeat in the city of Amritsar. “He’s already a member of parliament and he is a trusted person for Modi-ji. It’s still a strong possibility. Whether he lost is not a big issue.” Another party source concurred he remained the frontrunner for finance. “If you look very carefully we don’t have too many options,” the source said. Other sources close to Modi’s campaign say the final decision on who will become finance minister has not yet been taken.

ning Gujarat for 13 years. A stream of BJP dignitaries called on Modi at the Gujarat government’s Delhi office on Sunday, and the prime minister elect was due to discuss the cabinet with the head of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). After Modi, the person who emerged with the most glory in the election was Shah, who ran the BJP’s campaign in Uttar Pradesh, where the party won an unprecedented 71 seats out of 80 in the country’s politically most important state. Shah, who served as home minister in Gujarat, is the new prime minister’s most trusted aide and would be an obvious choice for a top job if it were not for one thing - he has three charges of murder against him. Almost every other major post seems to still be up for grabs, with no clarity yet on who will take over defence, foreign affairs, trade and the home (interior) ministry. Modi, who campaigned on promises of “smaller government, more governance,” may look at restructuring and merging some ministries, in particular those that deal with energy, BJP sources said. India currently has separate ministries for petroleum, power, coal and renewable energy. “There will be less number of ministries...that decision should come when the cabinet is decided,” said Gopal Agarwal, a member of BJP’s executive committee who was until recently the head of its economic cell.

NEW DELhi, may 18 with immediate effect. After (PTi): President Pranab this, parliamentary affairs Mukherjee today dissolved minister Kamal Nath had DimaPuR, may 18 While on the other hand, it The transformation of the the 15th Lok Sabha with im- called upon the President (mExN): The GPRN/ added that “the black marNaga church in both theory SHORTAGE OF mediate effect, completing and handed over a decision NSCN has cautioned LPG keters are selling the refill at and action is the foundation EXPERIENCE of Cabinet with the recoma formality before the condealers against involv- exorbitant prices, thereby of change in Naga society? On Saturday, Jaitley stitution of the new House. mendation. ing in black marketing. A affecting the livelihood of himself was asked about The BJP secured major- press note from the GPRN/ the common people.” “The President acceptthe shortage of experiYes no Others ed the advice of the Cabi- ity on its own in the elec- NSCN MIP stated that “nuThe GPRN/NSCN diHas the Church and civil society enced hands available and net and today signed the tions for the 16th Lok Sabha merous reports are pouring rected LPG dealers to stop organizations been silent over seemed to hint that Modi by winning 282 seats where Order dissolving the 15th in about illegal activities indulging in unscrupulous poll malpractices in nagaland? might draw on younger as Congress could bag only Lok Sabha in exercise of Yes 77% being perpetrated by LPG activities and black marblood. “I think you know, 44. The Election Commisthe powers conferred upon 04% no dealers in collusion with keters to sell the refill at politics abhors a vacuum, sion will now be submithim by sub-clause (b) of a price not exceeding Rs. 19% black marketers.” Others and when people are given Clause (2) Article 85 of the ting the list of newly elected It stated that LPG deal- 700/- per cylinder. It cauDetails on page 7 a responsibility they fill in Constitution,” Rashtrapati members of the 16th Lok that space that is required, Bhavan Press Secretary Sabha to the President. The ers, “on one hand, are re- tioned that offenders to it is only then that people list containing the names of portedly distributing only a this directive will be “peVenu Rajamony said. occupy that space,” JaitThe outgoing Union all 543 members of parlia- part of the actual consign- nalized without any reserley told television network Cabinet, in its last meet- ment will be handed over ment to the consumers, vation if this Ahza is willfulCNN-IBN. ing yesterday under Prime to the President by a three- and the rest are allegedly ly defied.” It informed that customers may contact Modi, 63, is entering being pushed into the black member EC team headed Minister Manmohan Singh, Kohima, may 18 (PTi): New Delhi’s power circle The ruling Naga People’s had advised the President to by chief election commis- market with the intent 9856775832 or 8575721973 for the first time after runof making huge profits.” for any grievances. Front (NPF) supported by dissolve the 15th Lok Sabha sioner V S Sampath. Democratic Alliance of Nagaland (DAN) won the lone Lok Sabha seat of Nagaland for the third consecutive time since 2004, but its victory margin decreased compared ing down barriers of stigma and to 2009. This time the NPF In indigenous societies, said “Each language reflects a graphical portion of the coundiscrimination. candidate was Chief Minisunique world view and culture try, but we also speak languages The candlelight memorial ter Neiphiu Rio. The NPF’s language is central complex, mirroring the man- totally different from English, is about recognizing those who victory margin came down to passing on of ner in which a speech commu- Hindi and Urdu? Is the survival have campaigned for the right of nity has resolved its problems of this region’s cultural knowlto 4,00,225 votes as against traditional knowledge, people living with HIV, as well as edge encoded in our ethnic lanin dealing with the world, and the 4,83,003 votes of 2009, a remember those who have fallen formulated its thinking, its sys- guages important? Or because decrease of 82,778 votes. Rio wisdom and art along the way, she added. languages and cultures are tem of philosophy and underdefeated Congress candidate Abokali Jimomi “This is an important moment standing of the world around it. bound to die or change, minorK V Pusa in the parliamenfor us and Naga Mothers’ Assoity languages have lesser signifi... However, with the death and tary poll. A senior legislator Kohima | May 18 ciation extends unwavering supdisappearance of such a lan- cance? - A matter of numbers. of NPF had claimed that the port to every movement and proIn a culturally diverse counwin is bigger as per the votes Nagaland exists in an English- guage, an irreplaceable unit in gramme in combating the issue of polled percentage, but even dominated world: school text- our knowledge in understand- try like India, should languages books, newspapers, TV shows, HIV/AIDS as we uphold human ing of human thought in world of minorities be abandoned? that too is 68.7 per cent while Unlike Tamil or Marathi, Naga life in its full glory,” Meru said. in 2009 it was around 69.96 news channels, magazines, view is lost forever.” The present Naga generation languages at this rate, with nMA President, Abei-ü Meru and Mr. International India 2012, Opang She also stated that over the per cent. This parliamentary books, food and medicine laelection also witnessed a de- bels, even major public func- has limited space to communi- no script, no documentation, Ozukum with others during the observance of International AIDS Can- years, treatments for HIV/AIDS crease of 1,34,781 voters from tions and church services use cate, use or write in our own possessing few rudimentary dlelight Memorial Service at nMA Cradle Ridge, Seithogei, Kohima on have advanced significantly but that there are still many people 13,17,729 in 2009 to 11,82,948 the English language. What Naga languages. Apart from one dictionaries, and with native May 18. (Morung Photo) living with HIV/AIDS and who in 2014. Of the 13 Lok Sabha would happen to our lives if or two tribes, many Nagas have speakers compelled to shift to in consonance with this year’s polls held in the state, Con- we were to wake up tomorrow no formal curriculum or institu- other languages, may have lesstheme and to ensure that HIV/ need care and support. “HIV/ and find that Mandarin had retion teaching their language… er and lesser use in the future. gress has won five times AIDS is sustained on the agen- AIDS has hit almost every famEnglish print matter? The National Geographwhereas it is easy to enroll for while the rest have gone in fa- placed da. Meru said this year’s theme ily. If you are not infected then The other major influence Korean, Mandarin or French ic’s ‘Vanishing Voices’ by Russ vour of regional parties. speaks to the urgent need to en- you are affected. Therefore, the is Hindi – Hindi songs, Hindi classes even in Nagaland. Rymer describes “the ongoing sure that HIV/AIDS remain high support and care for people livfilms, hundreds of Hindi TV We wonder if our native lan- collapse of the world’s biodiveron domestic and international ing with HIV has become everychannels with mass-mesmer- guages are actually being forced sity is more than just an apt metone’s responsibility,” the NMA agenda. Our Correspondent izing reality shows and soaps, to extinction. Many of our cul- aphor for the crisis of language The International AIDS Can- President maintained. targeting children, housewives tural knowledge and practices extinction. The disappearance Kohima | May 18 Naomi Semy, President of dlelight Memorial is an opporNEW yoRK, may 18 and TV addicts, and especially have vanished along with the of a language deprives us of (iaNs): Viruses are known viewers in rural areas who flock decreasing use of our languag- knowledge no less valuable Nagaland joined the rest of the tunity for all to remember those NNP+ informed that there are to cause diseases. But can to the TV owner’s house, where es. For example, “Leshe”, a Sümi than some future miracle drug world by observing the Interna- lost to AIDS since the start of the 4692 members under NNP+ and they also cure a life-threat- the TV is their only link to the metaphorical form of poetry, that may be lost when a spe- tional AIDS Candlelight Memo- epidemic and to look forward to that 310 members lost their lives. ening one? Yes, measles vi- outside world. recited in a peculiar tune, usu- cies goes extinct….When small rial Service here at NMA Cradle a future world with universal ac- She called upon each and every Pre-school kids are taught ally containing information of communities abandon their Ridge, Seithogei, Kohima. The cess to HIV treatment and one individual to come forward and rus can potentially be used to cure cancer, a promis- nursery rhymes in English; ‘Pri- our social rites and relation- languages and switch to Eng- event was held under the aegis of that is free of HIV related sigma unite in bringing about Zero ing research reveals. A high vate School’ goers in Nagaland ships, and depicting historical lish or Spanish, there is a mas- the Nagaland State AIDS Control and discrimination and giving discrimination, Zero new HIV dose ‘blast’ of a specially hardly learn any Naga language. tales, is no longer understood sive disruption in the transfer Society (NSACS) along with the hope to a new generation, she infection and Zero AIDS related engineered version of the If the education policy excludes by younger speakers, and these of traditional knowledge across Nagaland Network of Positive said. deaths. measles virus was found to your own language in your own poems can be rarely found now. generations—about medicinal People (NNP+) with the theme Opang Ozukum, Mr InterStating that the issue of HIV/ cure cancer in a 49-year-old land where your ancestors for On the other hand, we memo- plants, food cultivation, irriga- “Let’s keep the light on HIV.” A AIDS remains a challenging real- national India 2012 and Direcwoman during a principle generations lived, conversed, rize William Shakespeare’s ‘All tion techniques, navigation sysminute of silence was observed ity, she asserted that the Interna- tor of OJ Modeling, Grooming & clinical trial. Researchers sang and dreamed in that now the World’s a Stage’ for our ex- tems, seasonal calendars.” Training Agency shared a soli“excluded” language, what can say the result demonstrated If learners deliberately followed by lighting of candles to tional AIDS Candlelight Memo- darity message. He challenged ams to get the ‘Passed’ stamp rial is more than just a memorial. mark the candlelight memorial that virotherapy, destroy- the student do? In a global- – which is nothing bad, but choose English and Hindi, that It rather serves as a community every individual to fight against ing cancer with a virus that ized world, should the need to shouldn’t learning our old po- is a different matter. However, service. mobilization campaign to raise stigma and indifference. Speaking on the occasion, infects and kills cancer cells learn one’s own language be etry be given importance too? with Naga languages, the isEarlier, Arenla Susan, Presibut spares normal tissues, termed as “stuck in the past” How helpful is it that our ed- sue is different and it needs Abei-ü Meru, President of the consciousness about HIV/AIDS. dent/Designer for Nagas Next With 33 million people living Naga Mothers’ Association can be effective against the syndrome? Are Naga languages ucational system and public in- addressing through our edudeadly cancer multiple my- worth speaking? formation dissemination meth- cational policies, although the (NMA) urged policy makers to with HIV today, the Internation- Top Model presented a special A. Wurm, co-author of The ods are not really conscious of onus of keeping it alive also show their leadership in the ex- al AIDS Candlelight Memorial number. Another special numeloma. The findings were published in the journal Atlas of World´s Languages our region’s languages and his- lies with the respective speech ecution of the global fund to sup- serves as an important interven- ber was presented by the chilin Danger of Disappearing, tory? We form a significant geo- communities. Mayo Clinic Proceedings. port PLHAS and their care givers tion for global solidarity, break- dren of NMA Cradle Ridge. Vote on SMS your answer to 9862574165

Win margin of NPF decreases


‘Mind your Language’ ‘Let’s keep the light on HIV’

Measles virus to treat cancer?


NMA urges policy makers to show leadership in supporting PLHAS



2 Candlelight Memorial Service held in Dimapur Dimapur


Guest speaker Dr. Sedevi, Deputy Director, CIHSR, Dimapur. Morung Express News Dimapur | May 18




19 May 2014

n May 18, 2014, candles were lit at IMC Hall, Dimapur to mark the 31st International AIDS Candlelight Memorial Day to commemorate the millions of people who passed away since the beginning of the HIV epidemic. The event was initiated by The Dimapur Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS (DNP+) and District AIDS Prevention and Control Unit (DAPCU) in collaboration with partner NGOs of Dimapur. This year, the theme of the event was “Let’s Keep the Light on HIV”. A message on “Commitment and Solidarity” was presented by Temjen Jamir of Project Orchid, who stated that the candlelight memorial service was the oldest and largest grassroots movement against HIV and AIDS, whuch brings people, organizations and communities together. He also said that it is not the sole responsibility of ‘one department, organization or department in the fight against HIV/AIDS’. He encouraged everyone to work together more closely and renew their commitment in the battle against AIDS. He also, acknowledged that Nagaland has come a long way in this fight; but that the time has come to turn the epidemic

Aids Candlelight Memorial Service.

private sector much more effectively. He also highlighted on the need for home based care and further opined that more doctors, nurses, and counselors need to be trained. He also called upon the urgent need to hold dialogues with churches on the right approach and an unbiased view towards HIV/AIDS. Stating that we cannot just leave the battle against HIV/AIDS to the Government alone, he called for cooperation from the people. He shared that there should be more ART centres, distribution of condoms, research data to influence public policy, support mechanisms, HIV education in schools. He also highlighted on topics like “Standard care services for PHLV”, “Barriers to clinical care”, “Challenges to care” etc.


Filmmakers visit Yehokhu village Workshop on Practical Finance for MGNREGS Documentary Management held in Mokokchung

DiMapur, May 18 (MExn): A four member team documentary filmmakers visited Yehokhu village under RD Block Kuhuboto, in Dimapur district on May 18, 2014 and filmed a documentary of the village school building constructed under MGNREGS and SSA convergence scheme. A press note received here, stated that the team visiting the Yehokhu village was led by S. Zheheto Sema, Block Development Officer, RD Block Kuhuboto. The team of four filmmakers comprising of Ayienuo, Shekali Holo, Mukul Lakhar and Saru is travelling to different parts of Nagaland preparing documentary on various convergence schemes of MGNREGS in the state. The note also mentioned that the team filmed the school building of the village and children studying in the school besides interviewing the chairman of village eduLight on hiV: Candles were lit at IMC hall, Dimapur on cation committee (VEC) and May 18, 2014 in commemoration of the 31st International interacting with the village around and that, the time is now. Guest speaker Dr. Sedevi, Deputy Director, CIHSR, Dimapur also reiterated that the fight against HIV AIDS in Nagaland has come a long way since thirty years ago, but what we are doing is just 10 % of what we should actually be doing. He added that in terms of perception, people might have changed but in terms of what is being done, a lot more proactive approach is needed. He also stated that today there is a lot of hope for patients on ART drugs and we need to identify people in need of treatment faster. He also said that the three biggest HIV problems are delays in testing, delay in care, and early dropouts. To this, he correlated that the Government must integrate with

The Morung Express

elders and village council chairman, Akato Awomi. Chairman VEC Ikato Awomi, informed that in addition to three room construction under MGNREGS & SSA convergence, the VEC also contributed additional fund to construct two more classrooms for primary level school which is recognized and undertaken by the state department of school education. The middle elementary section of the school has not been undertaken by the government and named as Yehokhu Memorial School is solely looked after and managed by the village education committee. The VEC has appointed private teachers for ME level of the school. The VEC chairman was of the view that the school was one institution that is strategically located in the area providing education to more than two hundred students from Yehokhu and surrounding villages. He also urged the government and concerned department to provide more infrastructures.


Resource persons and participants of the two-day workshop on Practical Finance Management held at Clark Theological College on May 16 and 17.

Mokokchung, May 18 (MExn): A two-day workshop on Practical Finance Management sponsored and organized by Mokokchung Entrepreneurs Consortium in association with the Christian Business Mentors Council India, was held at Clark Theological College on May 16 and 17, 2014. The workshop was con-

ducted by Raja B.Singh, a renowned Chartered Accountant from Mumbai and Pastor John Samuel, COO of Compass Ministries India. Attended by 70 participants, the workshop was divided into nine sessions where the participants were trained on various aspects of finance management. The participants included entrepreneurs,

church workers, teachers, homemakers and students who were taught on essentials of finance management like bookkeeping, budgeting, savings and investment. They were also taught on various aspects of finance management based on Biblical values. The participants were awarded with certificates at the end of the workshop.

Prospect of paddy cum fish culture in Nagaland

Our Correspondent Kohima | May 18

Paddy cum fish culture (PFC) is one of the most important aquaculture systems, which adds a significant contribution to rural livelihood and food security in Nagaland. According to the annual administrative report of Nagaland Department of Fisheries, the development of PFC is an important approach for environment friendly and holistic rural development and exemplifies an ecosystem based approach to aquaculture. The report stated that paddy cum fish culture could provide an additional supply of fish crop. It is also an age-old practice among some tribes of the State with average


(Left) Farmers are seen working at a Paddy cum Fish Farm in Nagaland. (Right) A display of edible snails and tiny fishes, harvested from a PFC farm.

productivity level standing at 350kg/ha. In recent times, PFC is gradually picking upon in the state, especially with the application of strong dikes/semi-permanent

embankments as it helps to retain sufficient water for prolong cultural period at desired depth and also to prevent escape of cultivated fishes during floods. The new venture has

tremendously contributed in enhancing fish production by augmenting the productivity level from 350kg/ha to 500kg/ha, the report said. During 2013-14, a sum

of Rs. 100.00 lakhs is being incurred under Special Plan Assistance by developing 50 ha paddy-cumfish culture area at a unit cost of Rs. 2.00 lakhs per unit, the report added.


















The Morung Express


19 May 2014



not any more 19 new faces in Arunachal house Ibobi a minnow in Delhi

itanaGaR, May 18 (tnn): As many as 19 firsttimers tasted victory in the April 9 assembly elections in Arunachal Pradesh. Nine of them contested on BJP tickets, five Congress, three PPA and two Independents. Arunachal Pradesh has a legacy of electing first-timers. In the 2004 assembly election, 24 new faces were elected, while in 2009, only 17 new entrants tasted success. This election, first-time winners from BJP include Kento Rina (Nari-Koyu), Laisam Simai (Nampong), Olom Panyang (Meriyang Geku), Tage Taki from ZiroHapoli constituency. Tamar Murtem of BJP won from the Raga constituency defeating health parliamentary secretary Nido Pavitra. BJP's Tumke Bagra (Along West) defeated parliamentary secretary (Home) Gadam Ete and Kaling Moyong won from the Pasighat East seat, defeating education minister Bosiram Siram. Other new faces of the party include Mahesh Chai from Tezu constituency

who defeated parliamentary secretary for public health engineering Karikho Kri and Tesan Pongte from Changlang North constituency who beat parliamentary secretary for water resources department Tinghaap Taiju. Rina is a retired government official and Simai was the personal assistant of agriculture minister Setong Sena. Simai defeated Sena. Panyang is a prominent BJP leader of the area, while Taki was an engineer with the state public works department and took voluntary retirement to contest the polls. Murtem is a prominent leader of BJP from the area. Tumke Bagra and Kaling Moyong are popular leaders from their respective districts, while Mahesh Chai was a doctor by profession and Pongte is a popular leader from the insurgencyhit Changlang district. From Congress, Muchu Mithi (Roing), a first-timer, won. He is an entrepreneur and the eldest son of Rajya Sabha MP and Arunachal

Arunachal elects only 2 women to assembly

itanaGaR, May 18 (tnn): Though women comprise the largest number of voters in Arunachal Pradesh, only two have won the April 9 assembly election in Arunachal Pradesh. Only nine women had filed nomination for the state polls of whom two had withdrawn from the race. The two winning candidates - Karya Bagang (Chayangtajo) and Gum Tayeng (Dambuk) - are from the ruling Congress. Both of them won the seats for a second term. While Bagang received 4,343 votes (74.8%), Tayeng managed 5,473 (55.3%) votes. The other contesting candidates who lost the battle include, Toko Sheetal of PPA from Itanagar constituency, Debia Tara (BJP) and Taba Nirmali (NCP) from Yachuli, NPF candidate Pike Pulu from Lekang and independent Yai Mara from Likabali. Mara had also unsuccessfully contested from the constituency in 2009. This time, she ranked second in the race with 2,972 votes (34.7%). Nirmali was also in the second in position with 6,615 votes (47.7%), while Tara from the same constituency could garner only 569 votes (4.1%). Sheetal could manage only 418 votes (1.2%) and Pulu received 236 votes (1.8%). The state has 3,77,272 women voters against 3,75,898 men, with several assembly constituencies having more women voters. Sibo Kai became the first woman legislator from Arunachal after she was nominated to the assembly in 1978 when it was a Union Territory. Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) president Mukut Mithi. Other winners from the party include Dikto Yekar (Daporijo), a Youth Congress leader and Zinglu Namchoom, who won from the Namsai constituency. Another new face in the party Tatung Jamoh, who won from Pasighat West defeating sitting BJP MLA Tangor Tapak, is a youth leader. Mama Natung from

Congress is also a first-timer to win the Seppa West constituency unopposed. Interestingly, Kameng Dolo (Congress) former deputy CM won from Pakke Kessang for the seventh time. Dolo won unopposed this time. Both the PPA candidates, Wanglam Sawin (Khonsa East) and Tirong Aboh (Khonsa West), are popular leaders of the party. Another giant killer

of the party is Pani Taram from Koloriang who defeated parliamentary secretary for tax and excise Lokam Tassar. Independent candidate Tsering Tashi who won from Tawang constituency, was the district Congress president and son of former chief minister Dorjee Khandu. Another Independent Paknga Bage, who won from Dumporijo, is a popular figure of the constituency.

'People have resposed their faith in Cong'

itanaGaR, May 18 (Pti): Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Nabam Tuki on Sunday expressed gratefulness to the people of the state for reinstating their faith on the Congress government by giving it the mandate with an overwhelming majority in the just concluded assembly elections. "People have reposed their faith on Congress government by electing 42 Congress candidates, including eleven unopposed, to the 60-member Legislative Assembly. This is the result of our developmental and pro-people activities in recent years," he said in a statement today. Tuki attributed the election success to the novel and ambitious programs and schemes launched by Congress government over the years for development of the state.

iMPhal, May 18 (nnn): Manipur chief minister O Ibobi Singh will no longer be a minnow when the AICC convenes a meeting of all the Congress ruled states' chief ministers in New Delhi likely to be held on Tuesday. O Ibobi Singh has left Imphal for New Delhi this afternoon with all confidence and composure that he normally does not exhibit during the AICC meets. Except for few stalwarts, Congressmen including any chief minister from the North East is a thing that is comparatively insignificant in a national level meet convened by AICC. Having had pocketed both the Lok Sabha seats of Manipur to his kitty O Ibobi Singh can speak tall and of course, the Manipur case is a solid consolation for the AICC leaders including the Mother-Son Gandhi duo who are going through the Waterloo experiences at the moment. Sources said O Ibobi Singh who left the state

capital Imphal this afternoon have been heartily congratulated by the AICC leaders including Sonia Gandhi yesterday.The congratulatory note has also been sent for MPCC chief and deputy chief minister Gaikhangam. But this information has not been officially confirmed. Meghalaya Chief Minister Mukul Sangma's choice to field young Daryl William Cheran Momin, the grandson of former Meghalaya Chief Minister Capt. William A Sangma in Tura appeared to be a bad choice and it is heat and dust in the Meghalaya Pradesh Congress Committee. Meanwhile, Ibobi Singh has the company of Lal Thanhawla, the chief minister of Mizoram in his side in the AICC meet. Mizoram Congress candidate CL Ruala got 2,09, 573 votes out of the total 4,25,710 votes while his nearest rival Robert Romawia, the common candidate of the opposition alliance United Democratic Front (UDF), secured 1,98,203 votes.

Northeast Briefs SDSA questions quality Tarun Gogoi defends Sonia, Rahul Gandhi after poll drubbing Guwahati, May 18 (Pti): After Congress' debacle in the Lok Sabha elections, Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi on Saturday came out in defence of its leaders Sonia and Rahul Gandhi saying the party has turned stronger under their leadership. "Sonia Gandhi and Rahul have tried as much possible as they could to make the party stronger. Without their contribution, Congress would not have come this far," Gogoi told reporters here. The chief minister, who has offered to resign within a week, refuted allegations that the Congress President and the Vice-President were responsible for the poor show of the party in the Lok Sabha elections across the country. "During the emergency, Indira Gandhi had saved the party. Likewise, Sonia Gandhi also saved Congress in bad times. I still believe, Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are there to save the party." "Soniaji's commitment to the nation is unquestionable. She had left the PM's post for the nation. No one in the world would have done that," Gogoi said. He said the entire Gandhi family has contributed since Independence for the progress of India. "Indira Gandhi and then Rajiv Gandhi had sacrificed their lives for the nation," he added.

Curfew relaxed in Chirang district KajalGaon (assaM), May 18 (Pti): The indefinite curfew in Chirang district was today relaxed for 15 hours following improvement of the situation in Khajobari area where a man was abducted and killed two days ago. Curfew was relaxed from 5 AM to 8 PM as the situation calmed down in Khajobari area, police said. Three armed militants entered the house of a man named Deepak Sutradhar (35), dragged him out and took him away with them on Friday night. Villagers recovered his body with his hands and legs tied up yesterday. Injury marks were seen on his head and chest. Following recovery of the body, the district administration had clamped indefinite curfew in the entire district as precautionary measure, police said.

Rhino killed, guards kill poacher Guwahati, May 18 (ians): A one-horned rhino was killed in Assam's Kaziranga National Park Sunday after which forest guards gunned down one of the poachers and recovered the horn. "Forest guards launched an operation after hearing a gun shot from the park early in the morning," park director M.K. Yadav said. "They saw the poachers who were trying to escape. In the ensuing firing from both sides, one poacher was killed while the rest escaped," Yadav said. He added the guards recovered the rhino horn from the slain poacher. This is the 18th rhino killed this year at the Kaziranga National Park, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Officials say poachers killed another rhino May 2 and escaped with its horn. Besides killing 18 rhinos in Kaziranga, poachers have also killed two rhinos elsehwere in Assam this year -- one each at Manas National Park and Pabitora Wildlife Sanctuary. Last year, poachers killed over 40 rhinos in Assam, mostly in the Kaziranga National Park. The Assam government recently floated a proposal to de-horn some rhinos to protect the animal from poaching. The proposal drew criticism from various quarters, including conservationists, with most of them saying this amounted to cruelty and an insult to the rhino, Assam's state animal.

of roadworks on NH2

s e n a Pa t i , M ay (Mexn): The Senapati District Students’ Association (SDSA) has expressed displeasure with the quality of repair and maintenance work done on the National Highway 2. Expressing resentment on the alleged sub-standard works with poor quality of the asphalt mix resulting in many potholes in some portion of the NH.No2 between Senapati to Maram, the Senapati District Students' Association (SDSA) has questioned the concerned Department, work agency/ contractor as to why they couldn’t maintain quality in the work. It also stated that SDSA is fully committed to quality maintenance of road, which is the lifeline of the

state. It added that the association has been appealing for all concerned organizations/groups including militant groups not to disturb the ongoing works. “Our commitment has been fully supported by the general public can’t be ignored nor compromised at any cost,” it stated. The SDSA demanded for the people in-charge in the repairing works to do repair works honestly and called for proper utilisation of the sanctioned funds in the interest of the general public. Failing this, the SDSA cautioned that it will take up any democratic form of agitation. “And concerned department/Work agencies shall be responsible for any untoward circumstances,” it added.

A family watches Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh's delivering his last speech on television in Guwahati, Assam on Saturday, May 17. Opposition Bharatiya Janata Party leader Narendra Modi will be India's next prime minister, winning the most decisive victory the country has seen in more than a quarter century and sweeping the long-dominant Congress party from power, results showed Friday. (AP Photo/Anupam Nath)

Ramification of NPF defeat in Manipur DiMaPuR, May 18 (nnn): The defeat of the Naga People's Front (NPF) candidate Soso Lorho in Manipur Outer Parliamentary constituency is kicking up serious ramification today. Outgoing Nagaland Chief Minister, Neiphiu Rio and Chief Minister in-waiting TR Zeliang have said that the Nagas themselves have defeated the NPF in Manipur Outer Lok Sabha seat. "There were three Naga candidates in the Outer Manipur seat and we were

defeated by ourselves," was what chief minister-designate TR Zeliang had to comment. Zeliang said that the Naga votes were divided. Lamenting that Soso Lorho was defeated in Manipur Outer seat, Neiphiu Rio said Nagas have “lost the golden opportunity”. “I felt very bad. It is a bad luck for the Nagas,” Rio added. Neiphiu Rio also stated that had the NPF won even in Manipur it would have changed the equation for Nagas especially on the

emotional integration and Naga political issue. “Congress has not defeated us, Nagas have defeated us,” the outgoing Nagaland chief minister said before leaving for Delhi yesterday. Meanwhile, intense debates both in the social media and among the Naga civil society organisation level have become the daily affairs after the NPF candidate got defeated in Manipur Outer seat. Many have attributed the NPF defeat to the wrong

choice of candidate. It can be recalled here that Sword Vashum was also a popular choice vied for the NPF ticket. Speculations went viral through SMS and Blogs prior to the announcement of the NPF candidate that Sword Vashum was the NPF's choice. It may be noted here that in the Outer Parliamentary constituency, sitting Congress MP Thangso Baite defeated his nearest rival Soso Lorho of the Naga People's Front (NPF) by a

50 Assamese actresses to perform in Delhi new Delhi, May 18 (ians): "Ankia Naat Bhaona" - 15th century dance drama from Assam - will be performed by 50 Assamese film actresses including Moloya Goswami, Nishita Goswami, Madhurima Chaudhuri, Chetana Das and Borosha Rani here Saturday. Presented by Assam Tourism Department, the performance will be held at Mavalankar Hall, Rafi Marg. The actresses will participate in a performance de-

picting Ram Bijoy (the victory of Ram) - a set of stories from the "Ramayana". The script of the dance drama is called "Ankia Naat" and the performance is referred to as "Ankia Bhaona". The "Ankia Naat" dance form was created by Srimanta Sankardeva - saint and social reformer of Assam - to propagate neoVaishnava religion in Assam. Sankardeva created it by bringing various aspects from the ancient Sanskrit

drama, traditional dramatic art forms and his own innovative ideas. "A key aspect of tourism is introduction to the culture of a place. As a part of our efforts to promote cultural tourism, government of Assam has decided to introduce and expose cultural traditions of the state of Assam to audiences across India and global destinations," V.S. Bhaskar, pincipal secretary, Assam's departments of tour-

ed change and we have given it to them. In a democracy, the opposition always plays an important part," Ugen Nedup Bhutia, who won the election, told IANS. Bhutia, 46, won from Kabi Lungchuk constituency in north Sikkim. "The SDF has had no opposition, so this will keep them in check. The SKM managing to pull the crowd is a big deal. We are happy that Sikkim has displayed a true example of democracy. The SDF will definitely be careful and cautious now," Sikkim government employee Avantika Shiori told IANS. The SDF, which was formed in 1993 and is led by Chief Min-

ister Pawan Kumar Chamling, has been ruling Sikkim since 1994, when it bagged 19 seats. In 2004, it bagged 31 seats and secured an absolute majority with 32 seats in 2009. This year, it managed only 22 seats. "People were tired of the SDF rule, the corruption they were engaged in. So the youth came forward and worked for this party because we wanted change," an SKM party worker who didn't wish to be identified told IANS. The SKM, which was formed in the western city of Soreng, is led by Prem Singh Tamang popularly known as P.S. Golay, who was a former minister in the

SDF government. The 45-year-old Golay and SKM created quite a wave in the Himalayan state and has promised the people a transparent government. The party has 'table lamp' as its symbol and a saffron, red and green flag. "The SKM is a party totally funded by the youth who campaigned intensively for almost seven months. We went from door to door and party leaders talked to every family," the party worker said. The SKM has also received support from former chief minister Nar Bahadur Bhandari, who governed the state from 1979 to 1994. The new party has won seats

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ism and transport, said in a statement. "Assam has a rich cultural heritage and we see great opportunity in building tourism properties around our cultural heritage," he said. Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi will be the chief guest at the function. To introduce the cultural tradition of the state in the capital, Assam Tourism has partnered with Raginee, a socio-cultural organisation based in Guwahati, Assam.

Year-old SKM gives Sikkim assembly an opposition GanGtoK, May 18 (ians): Terming itself a "youth party" which is just a year old, the Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM) may not have been able to win the assembly election and form the government but it has given the Himalayan border state an opposition party which was missing for over a decade now. Bagging 10 seats in the 32-member assembly, the SKM, which was formed in February 2013, has given the people a reason to rejoice as they think it will help keep the ruling Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) in check. "We are a very new party and we have worked very hard. People want-

small margin of just 15,000 plus votes. Thangso Baite secured the total votes of 2,96,000 plus while Soso Lorho got 2,81, 000 plus votes.


mainly in the east, which comprises state capital Gangtok Arithang and Upper Tadong, one seat in north Sikkim and the reserved seat of Sangah. "You should see the SKM has won mostly in areas where the public is educated and the people know of the corruption the SDF government is engaged in. So they voted for change," the young party worker told IANS. But people young and old are happy to have a little change in the state. "The SKM fought a good battle, 10 seats against a very old party is remarkable," former journalist Tshultrim Norbu Wangdi told IANS.

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Monday 19 May 2014

The Morung Express

IT, telecom players expect policy stability from new govt

NEW DELHI, May 18 (IaNS): The IT and telecom industry stakeholders are expecting policy stability, better technology enabled e-governance and technology adoption from the new Narendra Modi-led Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government in the coming days. “The most critical thing for the new government will be to bring the industry back on firm financial footings. The industry is under a debt pressure after the recent spectrum auctioning in February, there are a lot of penalty charges on many companies; the financial picture is not so good,” Rajan S Mathews, director general, Cellular Operators’ Association of India (COAI), told IANS. “We are hopeful that the new government will aid us in helping maintain a long-term clear, stable, predictable, developmentoriented and investor friendly policy regime, which recognizes the long term nature of the invest-

ments and long project maturity requirements of the telecom sector. The key areas of long-term policy focus are stable licence terms and conditions, effective merger and acquisition, security, green telecom targets, taxation and roadmap for future technologies,” he said. Others feel the telecom sector in the recent past had gone through a bad phase due to second generation (2G) issue, cancellation of licences and tariff hikes and now with the new government there is a chance to inject fresh momentum into the sector. “After being the darling of foreign investors and the poster child of economic growth, Indian telecom fell from grace over the past few years due to corruption scandals, cancelled licences, tax disputes, debt crises and tariff hikes; now there is a chance to inject fresh momentum into the sector,” Mohammad Chowdhury, telecom lead-

er, PwC India, said. He said in the first 100 days in office the new government should give voice to the masses. With rural telecom penetration well below 50 percent, the new government should take a fresh look at encouraging the industry to put more money into rural network expansion. “Narendra Modi has always advocated increased use of technology in governance and digital literacy. With the BJP in power, they can aggressively promote technology adoption among different stakeholders, foster technology enabled e-governance initiating citizen-government interface which has direct synergies and linkages to manufacturing, spurring market growth, employment and standard of living,” said a Manufacturers’ Association of Information Technology (MAIT) spokesperson. MAIT represents hardware, training, research and development and hardware design, and

other associated service segments of the Indian IT Industry. “The Indian IT-ITeS sector would be happy to have a stable government and they would be keenly expecting the government to offer them the following in the near-term - a conducive ecosystem for carrying out business, a fairly straightforward regulatory framework, skill development initiatives and tax incentives to boost smaller firms and product startups, which are seen as the growth drivers for the sector,” said Sandeep Ladda, India technology leader, PwC India. Here are some other expectations from the government: • Regaining the faith of investors: The government should make available to the industry all spectrum in all the bands (like, 2,100 MHz, 1,800 MHz, 800 MHz and 700 MHz) at present lying unutilised by various government agencies • For enabling world class data services in the country, the

telecom industry requires regulatory, tax and policy stability, development of infrastructure such as power and towers, availability of adequate spectrum and customer centricity (affordable tariffs and gadgets, customized content, etc.) • Expansion and better penetration of mobile-enabled services like m-health and mobile money • More e-governance initiatives across the country to provide an opportunity for the sector to improve its domestic market growth • Technology enabled e-governance initiating citizen-government interface • The government should also facilitate introduction of new and efficient technologies such as machine 2 machine and cloud computing as these lower cost of services and will be key to development of the small and medium entreprises sector.

Tata Motors says would reclaim Volkswagen to invest over Rs 800cr position among top car makers on new models, localisation in India

LoNDoN, May 18 (PTI): Harnessing capabilities from its centres across the globe, India’s Tata Motors is gearing up for a big leap to reclaim its position among top car makers in the domestic market while also seeking a bigger play internationally. Beyond the conventional fuel vehicles, the company’s board has already given approval for a product launch programme till 2020 that will include hybrids, electric and other alternate fuel technologies. Having learnt lessons from the downturn, the company has streamlined its processes focusing on quality, design, faster product development and improvements in sales and after-sales experience to become the best in the business. “There is no fun in being less than the best,” Tata Motors President — Passenger Vehicles Business Unit Ranjit Yadav told PTI, exuding the company’s newfound confidence. Underlining the company’s ambition, he said: “Tata Motors is a volume player. For us to grow and flourish, we have to be a significant scale player... We are here to play a big game and not a niche game.” He hastened to add however that at present the company is not focusing on market rankings saying it has

“painfully but consciously taken the short term hits to ensure that our foundation is strong for our future“. In 2013-14, the company’s car sales in India were down 38.64 per cent to 1,07,187 units, as against 1,74,692 units in the previous fiscal. It dropped its position to 4th largest carmaker in India by volume in FY14 behind Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai and Honda from 3rd in the previous fiscal. Choosing to learn from the hard times, he said: “Downturns have their advantages, they help reorient people and organisations to do what is the right thing.” Spelling out the company’s immediate focus, he said: “We are more concerned about setting up the right building blocks for our future. We made some hard choices, we have taken inventory out of our channels. We have fixed a lot of our processes and systems. We built up our capability. That’s what we have focused ourselves on.” Tata Motors has put in place a system for faster product introductions through its New Product Introduction (NPI) initiative that envisions product pipeline, including improving existing products this year, hybrids and electric vehicles by 2017 and alternative fuels by 2021.

NEW DELHI, May 18 (PTI): German auto giant Volkswagen Group is planning to invest about 100 million euros (over Rs 800 crore) in India to expand business, including launches of sedan and SUV in the compact segment along with a hatchback. “At present, an investment of approximately 100 million euros is in the decision process for new models and for further localisation of parts and components,” Volkswagen India president and managing Director Mahesh Kodumudi told PTI. While he did not share the timeline for the investment, he said “further large investments will accompany decisions for further new models for the Indian and export markets”. “We intend to make these investments step-wise as decisions are realised. In summary, we intend to make these ‘further large investments’ over a period of the next few years before the end of this decade,” Kodumudi said. When asked about new product launches and expanding VW’s offering in India, he said: “Volkswagen is currently considering various options, including a compact sedan specially designed for India, a compact sports utility vehicle (SUV) and a compact hatchback.” These are the fastest growing and largest segments in the Indian market, he added. “We are close to making decisions on some of these new models and we will announce

The Wolfsburg-based group, which is present in India through a whollyowned subsidiary, has invested around 100 million Euro in 2012-13.

at the right time,” he said. Besides, the company is also working on product upgrades of existing volume models — Polo and Vento. “Along with these, we are also considering the re-introduction of the new generation Passat (premium sedan) as soon as possible,” Kodumudi said. Stressing on the importance of the Indian market, he said: “India remains a key strategic market for the Volkswagen Group and success in this market is important for the Volkswagen Group to achieve a leading position worldwide.” The VW group had announced that it was aiming to be the number one auto maker in the world by 2018. “India is expected to become one of the biggest automotive mar-



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kets in the world and Volkswagen wants to be a part of this growth. As far as market share is considered, the Volkswagen Group aims to achieve a high single digit market share before the end of this decade,” he said. The Wolfsburg-based group, which is present in India through a wholly-owned subsidiary, has invested around 100 million Euro in 2012-13, after the initial investment of 580 million Euro by the auto major on its Pune-based manufacturing facility. The group, which has five brands — Audi, Volkswagen and Skoda, Porsche and Lamborghini — in the Indian market. The company employs about 5,000 employees in the country.



Gold jewellery exports rise again in April

MUMBaI, May 18 (REUTERS): Gold jewellery exports from India rose for a third consecutive month in April as raw material supplies improved after the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) allowed more banks to import bullion. Struggling with a ballooning trade deficit, India last year imposed a record duty of 10 percent on overseas purchases of gold, the second-biggest expense in its import bill. That hit gold jewellery exports, with shipments in the fiscal year that ended in March dropping around 40 percent. But jewellery exports in April continued to build on a firm trend, registering a 14.69 percent rise to $604.42 million, the Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion Council said in a statement. “Supply condition has improved a little bit...if supplies improve more, exports will grow further,” said Rajiv Jain, past chairman of the council. India imported 50 tonnes of gold in March, which acted as a buffer for the following months, Jain said, when the country witnessed lower imports due to restrictions imposed on cash due to elections. India imported 30 tonnes of gold in April. Total gems and jewellery exports fell 6.8 percent to $2.5 billion. The amount of gold jewellery shipped by India is directly related to its imports after the country enforced the so-called 80/20 rule in July, making it mandatory to export a fifth of all gold imports. Meanwhile, the RBI has indicated that it aims for a slow and steady removal of restrictions as the current account deficit comes under control. Silver jewellery exports unexpectedly fell 36.85 percent to $111.12 million in April, after displaying a strong trend last year.

Wal-Mart to engage with new govt, focus on wholesale business

NEW DELHI, May 18 (PTI): Wal-Mart India said it will “engage and work” with the new government and continue to focus on the cash and carry business in the country in the backdrop of Narendra Modi led BJP getting mandate to come to power at the Centre. BJP in its manifesto had said that it will keep FDI out of the key sector of multi-brand retail. “Barring the multibrand retail sector, FDI will be allowed in sectors wherever needed for job and asset creation, infrastructure and acquisition of niche technology and specialized expertise,” the BJP manifesto said. US retail giant Wal-Mart operates 20 wholesale stores under the brand ‘Best Price’ in India. “As India elects a new and stable government at the Centre, we’ll continue to remain engaged, committed and work together with the government and other stakeholders and continue adding value to the economic growth in the country,” Wal-Mart India CEO Krish Iyer told PTI. “We’re committed to India and are pleased with our established and successful cash and carry business and anticipate substantially growing that business,” he added. In April, Wal-Mart announced it plans to open 50 wholesale stores in the next four to five years to expand its footprint in the country. This was the first major announcement by the US retailer after it called off a six-year partnership with Bharti Enterprises in October last year and decided to operate stores independently in India. The company said it has created a large number of direct jobs and many more indirect jobs, as over 95 per cent of the products sold at our stores are sourced from domestic suppliers in India. Wal-Mart said through the wholesale business in India, the company serves kirana stores, small and medium enterprises, and numerous small retail shops. “We also plan to extend B2B e-commerce platform to our members, providing them with a convenient online shopping opportunity,” Iyer said.

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29. Wonderful 34. A type of sedimentary rock 36. Snare 37. Feudal worker 38. Marsh plant 40. Telephoned 42. European blackbird 45. Belief 48. Not first 51. Metal 52. Handbag 53. Keyboard instrument 55. S S S S 58. Margarine 59. Lacquered metalware 60. Nameless 61. Short sleeps 62. Tall woody plant Ans to CrossWord 2887

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The Morung Express

‘Keeping the light on HiV’

moKoKchuNg, may 18 (mExN): A somber moment but a significant one nonetheless as people gathered at the main Town Square at Mokokchung to mark the 31st International Candle light Service this evening on the theme ‘keeping the light on HIV’. The event was jointly organized by the Network of Mokokchung district People living with HIV/AIDS (NMP+) along with NSACS CHAI-Acshya, CCC, CSS, Guardian Angel, DAPCU, ARTC, ICTC, ICTC and Red Ribbon Club of Fazl Ali College & Peoples College, This is the first open air programme to commemorate in memory of those who have lost or have been affected by HIV/AIDS in Mokokchung town. The turnout at Imlong Place (town square) was good and the tribute to those who have been infected and affected by HIV/AIDS was signified. The Youth Department of Yimyu Baptist Church

Former president of NMP+ Toshi Sangpu lighting a candle.

presented a play while the Pastor of Alempang Baptist Church, Rev Temsu invoked God’s blessings on the programme. The MO ARTC-IMDH Dr Amenla delivered a speech on the significance of the day while the SDO (C) Rjaesh Soundaranjan delivered a speech as the guest of hon-

our. Special songs were presented by Sungkomen Youth Department and Cherubic Blossoms and Meyinungsung (Naga Orpheus Hunt 13). The memorial ended with the lightning of candles by the participates at the end of the programme.

Former president of NMP+ Toshi Sangpu, after lighting the candle at the clayed red ribbon, was quite emotional, at the huge turnout of the people at the programme. He hoped that the Candle light Memorial Programme will serve as an ‘eye opener’ for the citizens of the society. His wife

Amenla, who joined the memorial with their children, simply said that the people need to overcome the stigma and discrimination on HIV/AIDS. She gave an instance of her children, her husband and herself who are living healthy life through regular medication and taking of ART from the health centres. Akumla, a counselor at ICTC-IMDH expressed that she was overwhelmed at the response from the public and added that it will go a long way making the people more aware about HIV/AIDS in the society. It may be noted here that HIV/AIDS was first detected about more than two decades back in Nagaland, different NGOs, government agencies and NGOs have fought a concerted campaign against the disease. Today’s candle light service was a tribute to those who have died of the disease and also a show of support to those infected and affected by the disease.

Monday 19 May 2014



ACVA Wokha resolved to support ACAUT’s “One Government, One Tax” Loreni Tsanglao* Wokha | May 18

THE All Commercial Vehicle Association (ACVA) Wokha District during its general meeting held on May17 at Ruby Cinema Hall, Orchid Hill, Wokha, came out with a four-point resolution and supporting Against Corruption And Unabated Taxation’s (ACAUT) “One Government, One Tax.” The four-point resolution include: not to entertain any form of taxation to any Naga Political Group (NPG) or faction until the different groups come under platform; not to attend any meeting of any NPG or faction if the purpose of the meeting is not stated clearly in the invitation; in case of intimidation or harassment meted to any ACVA Wokha office bearers or members relating taxation from any individual or faction, they shall be solely responsible for the action; and lastly, the house resolved to support the resolution of the Against Corruption And Unabated

Taxation (ACAUT), “One Government, One Tax” and extended its unflinching support and co-operation towards ACAUT. During the meeting the house elected new office bearers for the tenure 2014-2016. The office bearers are; President - Pankathung Ezung, Vice President - Orenbomo Murry, General Secretary - Renbi Ngullie, Asst. General Secy - Nchumthung Jami, Finance Secretary - Mhonbemo Murry, Organizing Secretary - W. Bhoromo Murry, Treasurer - Renbomo Humtsoe, Action Committee Convener - K. Khonthungo lotha, Advisory Board Convener - Raben Shitiri, and All union office bearers as Ex-Officio. The Meeting was chaired by Renbomo Humtsoe, ANTA Wokha Unit President and recorded by Renbi Ngullie, former President Wokha District Mini Truck Union (WDMTU). M. Yirao Kikon, General Secy. WDMTU pronounced invocation prayer.

The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks and benediction from Zumchio Kikon, Former ANTA Wokha Unit President. More than 400 private commercial vehicle owners and drivers attended the meeting. Those in attendance included ANTA Wokha Unit, Wokha District Tata Mobile Union, Wokha District Bus Union, Wokha District Auto Union, ANTA Dimapur Unit, Chukitong Range Taxi Union, Wokha to longsa Taxi Union, Bazaar to Hospital Taxi Union, Englan Range Commercial Vehicle Owners, Bhandari to Maratchu Commercial Vehicle Owners, Wokha to Humtso & Elumyo Commercial Vehicle Owners. Kyong Students’ Union and Wokha District Chamber of Commerce also attended the meeting. Over 200 vehicles participated in the rally held from N.S.T point to public Ground via P. W. D Junction and daily bazaar after the meeting. * Loreni Tsanglao is a free lance journalist.

BAN asks members to pay Eyilo Ministry celebrates Mothers’ Day with PLHAs may 18 DMC license fees on time Dimapur, (mExN): Eyilo Ministry, GPRN/NSCN Recovers vehicle Dimapur, may 18 gratulated Neiphiu Rio a mission by lotha Baptist MEx FILE

Dimapur, may 18 (mExN): The GPRN/NSCN Crime Control Cell (CCC) informed that it has recovered a JCB M. Case 851 SS. The press note from the MIP informed that the vehicle is a 2012 make with eng H.P. 96 MC. No. ro2336, Eng. No. 4h.33101120041 and chassis No. r11m02336. GPRN/NSCN informed the rightful owner to claim the vehicle with proper documents within seven days from the date of publication of this information. For more details, it informed that the owner can contact 9856775832 or 8575721973.

Condolence Message

(mExN): Business Association of Nagas (BAN) has requested all its members to pay the DMC trade license fee on time so as not to incur late fines. A press release from Mar longkumer, BAN I&P secretary, informed that DMC has said that it would look into the concerns raised by BAN and assured that once the system in DMC is streamlined, it will work with BAN for the welfare of genuine Naga entrepreneurs. Meanwhile, BAN con-

on his resounding victory at the lok Sabha election. BAN also congratulated T. R. Zeliang on being chosen as the leader of DAN III. “BAN hopes that under his leadership the Government will give extra emphasis for the uplift of genuine Naga entrepreneurs. BAN is willing to extend its fullest co-operation and work together closely with the Government to take Nagas to a new height of economic prosperity,” BAN’s publicity secretary stated.

Kohima, may 18 (mExN): The Khonoma Rüffüno Kohima Unit has expressed deep shock at the demise of late Dr. Rüünguto Zinyü, a patriarch of Khwünomia community in Kohima. A press release from Khonoma Rüffüno President, Keviphotsü Khwükha, and General Secretary Megoviko Mor stated, “We shall fondly remember him as a lively man who had positively contributed so much in the service of humanity both as a medical practitioner and a social worker during his entire lifetime. May God grant solace his loved and dear Dimapur, may 18 (mExN): ones.” Chanting worship anthems and singing praises to the Almighty, hundreds of worshippers, both young and old, gathered here this evening at life’s Spring Corner, Dimapur, at the 18th day of ‘Gloria Patri: 30 Days of AuKohima, may 18 (mExN): Undertaking various thentic Worship’. military civic action projects, 164 Territorial Army The 30-day worship event which (Naga) has been rendering public service in the form of commenced from May 1 is attracting constructing water tanks, waiting sheds and donating a lot of worshippers from different computers and printers to schools. denominations and communities. A press released informed that under Operation And even as the event is progressing Swadhbhavna, 164 TA (Naga) constructed a water tank on, it is heartening to note that the at Yeimeshe Village and Shoixe Village. The villages ex- event is impacting a lot of young lives, pressed gratefulness for the Battalion’s work. as evinced from personal testimonies In Zungti Village, under the aegis of 3 Corps Ranga- and the increasing number of youth pahar, 164 TA (Naga) constructed a waiting shed for the turning up to attend the services each villagers under military civic action projects. In Kohima, continuing the work for MCA under Operation Swadhbhawna, the battalion donated 6 computers and 3 printers each to GMS New Market and GMS Mima. The teachers of both schools were very thankful for the contribution.

Church Dimapur, organised and celebrated mothers’ day with Dimapur PlHAs. The service was held in lotha Baptist Church Dimapur with Pastor Yanbemo Ovung as the speaker. In his message, Yanbemo Ovung praised the mothers and spoke on the hardships of motherhood. Mothers, he said, are worthy of all the love and respect as they work very hard to bring up a child into a responsible person in the society. There was a special prayer for the PlHA mothers by Rev. K.

Organising Committee and volunteers during the mothers’ day celebration with Dimapur PLHAs.

Chumben Kyong. Over thirAn informal session and small group formed by few ty PlHA mothers attended refreshments followed the mothers from lotha-Oriental this mothers’ day program. service. The Shelometh, a colony, sponsored the gifts.

‘Gloria Patri’ making an impact on young lives

164 TA (Naga) undertakes military civic action projects

evening. Dr Aniu Kevichusa, Ministry Associate of RZIM life Focus Society, who delivered tonight’s message said that Gloria Patri meant glory be to the Father or giving glory to our God, and that the greatest gift or glory that we can give as a human being is by being truly alive. Citing a verse from Ecclesiastes 11: 9, the speaker challenged the youth by stating that one can truly be alive if one followed the desires of the heart and in accordance to God’s word. Meanwhile, the ongoing Gloria Patri cleanliness drive which is being carried out every morning from 5-6 am will continue to be held at the below mentioned places for the

next 13 days. The organizers of Gloria Patri have appealed to everyone who would like to see a cleaner Dimapur to join them in their endeavour. Schedule for the cleanliness drive: May 19-20: Khermahal Junction to Hotel Tragopan May 21-23: Dhobinala junction to Nepali Basti May 24-25: Flyover May 26: City Tower to Holy Cross junction May 27-28: Church Road May 29: Holy Cross junction to Dhobinala May 30: Deluxe Point to Marwari Pati May 31: City Tower.

NSS Baptist College conduct sanitation drive

Kohima, may 18 (mExN): Showing its concern for proper maintenance of sanitation in the state, the National Service Scheme (NSS) of Baptist College Kohima today conducted a mass social work at Peducha Village under the theme ‘Special camping’ with different groups and cleaned the village and surroundings. Peducha village, under Kohima district from Western Angami area, is known for being the recipient of Nirmal Gram Puraskar (NGP) clean village award in 2009 especially with the establishment of the Communication and Capacity Development Unit (CCDU) under the Public Health Engineering Department (PHED). Meanwhile, the NSS of Baptist College Kohima has not only conducted the social work in the village but through special camping, they went house to house for total sanitation and interact with the families.

ATMA Kohima conducts Kisan Goshti for farmers

Dimapur, may 18 (mExN): Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) Kohima Block conducted a Kisan Goshti at Secü-Zubza on May 16. A press note received here stated that the programme was attended by ATMA functionaries and 30 farmers, comprising of 25 female and five male farmers. The highlights of the programme included interaction of the ATMA team with the farmers where the various aspects of rearing vegetables, fruits and flowers were discussed. The ATMA functionaries also enlightened the farmers regarding the functions and activities of ATMA. The note also mentioned that on the occasion, the participating farmers also sold items like green vegetables, fruits, flowers, dry fruits and homemade pickles in the marketing shed along the National Highway.

One day training cum demonstration on oyster mushroom cultivation was organised by ATMA Chukitong Block Wokha on May 9 with Mhalo SMS, KVK, Wokha as a resource person. Altogether 20 farmers participated in the demonstration programme. Mushroom spawn was also distributed to the participants’ farmers.

Assam Rifles organises medical camp

Children perform during the Charity Show organized by Union Christian Revival Church, New Market, in aid of the forthcoming VBS camp, at its church premises in Kohima, May 18. The patron of the show Dr. David Sachü, urged the parents to give their best efforts for the better future of their children as they are the future of tomorrow.

Public SPace Global Warmth

Kohima, may 18 (mExN): In its continuous efforts to reach out lobal warmth is a reality but is to the needy and medically denot a matter of worriness. It is prived sections of the society, 31 beyond human device and power to Assam Rifles under the aegis of HQ resolve climatic change but it is at the 7 Sector AR organised a free Medidisposal of the Creator. cal Health Check-up for Children If lives are to be created to live at Kubza village, Mokokchung, on on the planet earth, light and heat May 15. A press release from the are needed without which lives canPRO, Assam Rifles, stated that durnot live. So the Creator has to create ing the camp, a total of 65 children light and heat. From where the mawere checked for basic ailments. terials will be imported to build up Free medicines were distributed the power house of light and heat? to the children and De-worming All of the required materials to contablets / syrups were also given struct the power house of light and to all children. The villagers exheat are available from the Word of pressed heartfelt gratitude for the God. Such materials exist nowhere free medical check-up carried out In this image released to the media, an army doctor is performing a health except in the Word of God. When the check up on school children. by 31 Assam Rifles. sun is created, it is created out of His


Word. When God spoke out His Word of command, the Sun came into existence. It is a light which has heat. So it lights the earth and also warms it. The Sun was thus created by His Word. Ever since its creation, it never goes out of order and the world is given trouble. Balanced distance between the Sun and the earth is to be kept lest the earth gets melted or lives on earth are freeze to death. Phenomenal change causes climatic change either warmer or colder. Whatever it may be, everything is in the hand of God who is the Architect of the power house of the Sun. The Sun being millions of miles far from the earth, the earth receives perfect light and even

unbearable scorch of heat to enable lives to live. What a wonderful thing it is! All these are by the life, wisdom and power of God. Almighty God the Creator and lord of the heaven and the earth is so wonderfully good, wise and powerful that He can do anything according to His will and we can pray to Him for whatever our need is and nothing is too great or too small for Him to listen to. The wonderfulness of God makes us more and more conscious of His wonderfulness and praise. We have to praise God for the light and heat of the Sun. Rev. L. Suohie Mhasi

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The Power of Truth

The Morung Express MonDAy 19 MAy 2014 voluME IX IssuE 135

Along Longkumer Consulting Editor

Absolute Verdict Next—A Responsible, Inclusive Govt under Modi


he landslide victory of the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) under its Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi is not just historic but politically significant in more ways than one. Just consider the fact that this is the first time in around 30 years that a single party has won absolute majority on its own. Before this, it was always a coalition government revolving around the single largest party. Examples include the first NDA government under the BJP led by Atal Behari Vajpayee and the subsequent Congress led UPA-I & II under Dr Manmohan Singh, which were run with the support of coalition partners. While every indication pointed towards a BJP led NDA-II government, not many including within the BJP would have expected an absolute majority for the party. It is only to be expected that the BJP will lead the government along with the NDA partners even though the former can now form the government on its own. However the BJP will call the shots in the government and the alliance partners will just have to accept the reality of playing second-fiddle without much of a bargaining power. Dare to say, but the BJP will in the days to come, try and consolidate its position in the States where it has to depend on alliance partners. Remember the BJP started its journey as a two seat party in the Lok Sabha during the early 1980s. It has grown since but still without a pan India presence like the Indian National Congress. With this huge electoral verdict in its favour, the BJP will be going all out to consolidate and make further inroads into every nook and corner of India. Given the very nature of the 2014 election verdict, the coming government under the BJP is going to be different from the outgoing UPA II regime, which had to depend on a large number of allies both within the government and those extending outside support. In fact, the statement of newly elected Lok Sabha MP from Nagaland, Neiphiu Rio (NPF) quite sums up the position of the NDA allies in the wake of the absolute majority achieved by the BJP. Here is what Rio was reported as saying: “We are not in a position to ask…we are at the mercy of BJP led NDA government”. The other factor that could play spoilsport for Rio getting a cabinet berth is the BJP’s great performance in Assam where it has gained a lot of political ground. Arunachal Pradesh is another key State for the BJP in the region where it has won. And therefore, Rio, so to speak, is not the sole voice coming from the region. And the BJP would be more interested to consolidate its position in Assam (14 seats) and Arunachal Pradesh (2 seats). The only thing that will perhaps work in favour of Rio getting a Ministerial position is that the Nagaland Chief Minister was among the first few leaders who openly endorsed Modi as Prime Ministerial candidate and openly declared support to the BJP led NDA. This was around the time when opinion polls were giving the BJP around 150-180 seats and much before the Modi wave. It will be interesting to see whether the new Prime Minister is a man of his word as he had reportedly promised Rio a berth in his government if it were to come to power. It will therefore be interesting to see as to how the BJP with an absolute majority of its own go along with its pre-poll allies. The way this plays out—government formation and its policies will have a major bearing on national politics and its social fabric. With an absolute majority and still greater powers vested in it, the BJP under Modi has a good opportunity to provide a responsible, inclusive and pro-people government. (Feedback can be send to


Charmaine Noronha Associated Press

Half of women killed in Canada are aboriginal



disproportionate number of female homicide victims in Canada are aboriginal, said a police report released on May 16, 2014 — just days after a United Nations watchdog called for an inquiry into Canada's missing and murdered indigenous women. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police report said aboriginal women represent 4.3 percent of the total female population, yet 16 percent of all female homicide victims are from First Nations, as Canada's indigenous people are called. The Mounties reviewed cases from 1980 to 2013 and found 1,181 aboriginal women fell into the missing or murdered category — almost double earlier estimates. Of those 1,181 women, 164 were missing and 1,017 murdered. "The rate of victimization among aboriginal females was close to three times higher than that of non-aboriginal females," the report said. "I can tell you as police officers, we see these tragic circumstances playing out in communities first hand," said Royal Canadian Mounted Police assistant commissioner Kevin Brosseau. "While we'll present our findings in terms of statistics and numbers, we never lose sight of the fact that each and every statistic, each and every number, is an aboriginal woman, is an aboriginal girl that is somebody's mother, somebody's sister, somebody's daughter and somebody's loved one." Police noted that the victims are more likely to be killed by someone with a criminal record, someone on social assistance or someone with a history of family violence. As a whole, more than 90 percent of indigenous female murder victims knew their killer, police said. As well, murdered aboriginal women were more likely to have a criminal record, to be unemployed and to have consumed intoxicants just before their deaths. The force points out that a small number of victims, both aboriginal and nonaboriginal, had worked in the sex trade. The police review compiled data from 300 different organizations and also documented risk factors of victims and identities of perpetrators. Although female aboriginals are over-represented as victims, the rate at which police solve the homicides of aboriginal and non-aboriginal women is almost the same, with 88 percent of aboriginal female homicides solved, versus 89 percent for nonaboriginals. That figure, provided by Royal Canadian Mounted Police Commissioner Bob Paulson, is hundreds more than previously believed, and prompted several calls for a national inquiry. Canada's Conservative government has so far resisted calls for a national inquiry, saying the issue has been studied enough and it's time for action. James Anaya, the UN's special rapporteur on indigenous rights, said earlier this week that an inquiry must be conducted to investigate the "disturbing phenomenon" of the high rates of aboriginal women and girls murdered and missing. Anaya spent nine days in Canada last year studying aboriginal issues, meeting with government officials and First Nations representatives. He said the human rights problems facing aboriginal people in Canada have reached "crisis proportions" and says the relationship with the federal government is "strained.' He said Canada faces a continuing crisis when it comes to the situation of indigenous peoples of the country.



Ken Butigan Waging Nonviolence


The Nonviolence Handbook


he Nonviolence Handbook: A Guide for Practical Action — a new volume by longtime peace and nonviolence scholar Michael Nagler published this month by Berrett-Koehler — offers the reader a crisp articulation of the dynamics, principles and contemporary application of Gandhian nonviolence that is both brief and clear. A scant 84 pages, including footnotes and an index, this publication really is a handbook in the classic sense: a short compendium of concise information about a particular subject, a type of reference work, a collection of instructions, and something “small enough to be held in the hand.” Nagler’s new book is, in this sense, a handy summary of the workings of nonviolent change and how it can transform our lives and our world. In the interest of full disclosure, let me say from the outset that I was Nagler’s teaching assistant years ago and he, in turn, served on my degree committee in graduate school. I have always found his work a powerful contribution to nonviolent studies. I have used his publications in my teaching, including The Search for a Nonviolent Future, which I consider to be one of the best books ever written on the power of nonviolence. Even before meeting Nagler, though, his work influenced me strongly. As a neophyte activist in the 1980s I happened upon his America Without Violence, which opened up for a social change newbie a vision of nonviolence grounded in humanity’s potential. It helped strengthen my hope that enduring nonviolent transformation was possible. The current book reinforces my regard for Nagler’s work and, though I see some places where this slim volume could be strengthened, it nonetheless is a major contribution to the growing movement for nonviolent change, precisely because it is so succinct. Nagler’s recent exertions have tended to move in the opposite direction — for example he teamed up with Marc Pilisuk a couple of years ago to produce a sprawling, 1,100 page three-volume set on peace movements — and he is currently at work on Roadmap, a far-reaching, long-term initiative of the Metta Center for Nonviolence Education to nurture a culture of nonviolence. In contrast to these immense efforts, The Nonviolence Handbook places before us a short, carefully constructed presentation that conveys the essentials. Drawing on his longer works — and a series of shorter booklets that Nagler has produced over the years — this handbook has succeeded in clarifying the power and potential of nonviolence in simple and direct terms. I came away from reading it with the sense that every word was considered, weighed and deliberately chosen — and that this elemental precision was the result, not simply of scrupulous editing, but of a lifetime of reflection and experimentation. In the short space of this book, Nagler lifts up many dimensions of the nonviolent life. Here are only a few of them. Nonviolent change is possible because it is the human default, not the exception. Nagler holds with Gandhi that “nonviolence is the law of our species,” which means that, even deeper than our tendencies toward violence and the scripts that reinforce it, we have a profound unity from which flows our capacity for cooperation, collaboration, and well-being for all. But it also means that we have constructed cultures and societies that upend this potential — privilege and reinforced violence, separation and domination. The fact that “human beings have the potential to be nonviolent — and to respond to non-


he road to Chibok is eerily quiet, lined with checkpoints manned by civilians, many of them teenagers, wielding rusty rifles and serving as added security for an area that has little. In this northeast Nigerian village, where more than 300 teenage schoolgirls were kidnapped by the militant Islamist separatist group Boko Haram on April 14, their stunned families were still waiting this week for them to come home. Lawan Zanna was still waiting for Aisha, his 18-year-old daughter. “How can I sleep?” Zanna asked. “Anger is gripping my body.” After the girls were abducted, Zanna said, he and other parents searched the nearby Sambisa forest for their children, but came back empty-handed. As he spoke, Aisha’s sister Hawa, 19, stood in silence. The two girls shared a small bedroom and almost everything else. More than 750 people have been killed this year alone in Boko Haram attacks; at least 29 boys were killed in a February school raid. This time, the government’s failure in rescuing the girls, and in addressing the issue, has incensed Nigerians and, increasingly, people around the world. In the midst of the crisis, the World Economic Forum on Africa hosted a three-day summit meeting, May 7-9, bringing about 1,000 delegates from around the world and Nigeria’s elite to Abuja, the Nigerian capital, to discuss economic growth and development. As the .001 percent opined in air-conditioned suites, far from the hot reality of Abuja’s streets and psyche, the government deployed 6,000 security officers for the event – an effort that many Nigerians half-joked, half-lamented would never be made to protect ordinary Nigerians, nor to retrieve the Chibok schoolgirls. The city was at a standstill. Blueuniformed security and police officers

violence when it’s offered — implies a much higher image of the human being than we are presented with in the mass media and throughout our present culture,” Nagler writes, “but because of that very culture, we can’t expect our nonviolent potential to manifest by itself.” To tap our nonviolent power means challenging a system of domination by neither flight nor fight — to identify a third way of proceeding, or what civil rights movement activist Andrew Young called “a way out of no way.” For Nagler, this involves unleashing what Kenneth Boulding calls our integrative power and what Gandhi dubbed satyagraha (“clinging to truth,” “soul-force” and “active nonviolent resistance”). In exegeting these increasingly familiar notions, Nagler stresses a number of key points. • First, though it is natural, nonviolence does not come easily. It often involves struggle. Though this is not a new idea (it is a common enough experience for those who try to live the nonviolent life or make social change) his explanation is illuminating: This very struggle is the source of nonviolent power. To confront injustice — everything that is not nonviolent — often unleashes anger and fear. Nonviolent struggle does not suppress our anger or fear but transmutes them into what Gandhi called “a power that can move the world.” Or, as Nagler puts is, “Nonviolence is the power released by the conversion of a negative drive.” • Second, the person is not the problem. Nagler puts this Gandhian and Kingian point forward very clearly: “It is not me against you but you and me against the problem; there is a way both of us can benefit and even grow,” he writes. “This ability to turn an argument into a problem-solving session, a dispute into a learning experience, and eventually a feeling of alienation into an awareness of

unity benefits all parties and creates a strong attractor toward creative resolution for all.” Here, too, is a potential source of power: “The more you respect the humanity of your opponent, the more effectively you can oppose his or her injustice.” • Third, “the sooner we can respond to a conflict actively and nonviolently, the less we will have to suffer to resolve it.” Here Nagler presents a graph he developed years ago entitled “The Three Stages of Conflict Escalation” — namely, conflict resolution, satyagraha, and sacrifice. We are called to transform conflict before it becomes intractable — and to be equipped to take action, including risky action, when it does. There are many more themes in this book, as well as suggested practices and directions for going forward. Most of all, Nagler provides a coherent framework for understanding the dynamics and possibilities of nonviolent power. There is an advantage to having such a short volume in one’s back pocket, ready for the next conflicts along the way. Nagler highlights this accessibility by adding a list of key ideas and principles we can review on the run. But something this short also has its drawbacks, including a dearth of deeply analyzed stories or examples that are the foundation for such ideas and principles. I am reminded of something I heard from a long-time activist in a workshop where we were studying Martin Luther King’s six principles of nonviolent resistance. He said we really can’t understand these guidelines without also reading “The Letter from a Birmingham Jail,” which provides both the context and keys to them. Similarly, while Nagler does make reference to numerous cases of nonviolent action, we don’t engage strenuously with the deep, and deeply troubling, realities embedded in the challenges and breakthroughs of lived experience that more detailed story-telling would offer. This, of course, is not Nagler’s purpose here. It is up to us to engage with these stories on our own, which Nagler encourages by providing a select bibliography and a list of websites — including this one. Nagler’s volume refers extensively to social movements and campaigns, but most of the breakthrough dynamics of nonviolence are largely couched in terms of impacts on individuals involved in that process (policy-makers, police officers, troops) and less on the role of nonviolence in moving an entire society or mobilizing broad people power for change. A more explicit focus on the role of nonviolence in educating, winning and mobilizing the populace — as the late Bill Moyer framed it in his book Doing Democracy — would strengthen this volume. The closest we get to this here is in the marvelous foreword by Ann Wright, a retired Army colonel who resigned from her posting at the U.S. State Department on the eve of the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003 and has been crisscrossing the country and the world ever since then working for peace and putting these principles into practice. She is working relentlessly to build the people power that we so sorely need to make the fundamental changes the world requires to survive and thrive. Toward this goal, the insights of Nagler’s handbook are critical. As she puts it: “Courage, complemented by the knowledge of skillful nonviolence, as provided in this handbook, is a recipe for a world of peace and justice.” I agree with Ann Wright. We need both our fearlessness and the dynamics of nonviolence laid out in Michael Nagler’s handbook to help build a more just, peaceful and sustainable world.

The Kidnapping of a Country Lauren Bohn and Chika Oduah New York Times gathered around boomboxes perched on wooden benches and turned up to maximum volume, listening to voices shouting curses at the enigmatic Boko Haram. “We just don’t know who these people are or what exactly they want to do,” said a call-in guest on 95.1 FM Nigerian Info. “They say they want to impose Shariah law or whatever, but Nigeria is not an Islamic state! God go punish you!” A uniformed man holding a half-chewed juicy mango exclaimed, “Yes! God go punish them!” to nods of agreement. Nigerian citizens exist in this surreal state of great contrasts, in a nation mired in corruption, under attack by an Islamist insurgency and at the same time brimming with potential and acclaimed as an economic engine for the African continent. With 170 million people, Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country and largest oil producer. Its economy has surpassed South Africa’s, making it the largest on the continent. But that growth has only widened economic inequality. Economic activity has slowed to a trickle in regions where terrorizing at the hands of Boko Haram has forced farmers to abandon their fields, while young people without job prospects have left for the cities. More Nigerians are poor today than at independence in 1960, with

over 60 percent below the poverty line. For the past three weeks, we have been traveling the country reporting on youth unemployment, an issue consistently ignored by the government, but one that has been exploited by Boko Haram. “The abductions are only the tip of the iceberg,” said Tayo Olufuwa, a bespectacled 23-year-old entrepreneur from Mushin, one of Lagos’s poorest neighborhoods. Olufuwa has started an online employment search company, Jobs in Nigeria. When we filmed him two weeks ago, walking on his old childhood streets for a multimedia report, plainclothes policemen detained us for four hours, confiscating our credentials and equipment. They told us they were protecting us from Boko Haram and other security threats, wrestled with our driver for a bribe and mocked a crowd of children. “We are a country sleeping with one eye open,” Olufuwa said afterward in exasperation. It’s an expression used often by Nigerians, who are frustrated yet unsurprised by conflicting actions and reports from a government they have come to distrust. At least 16 Nigerians were killed in March in stampedes when nearly a half-million people applied for fewer than 5,000 government jobs.


Frederick Kusompwa, 30, eagerly joined thousands of job seekers at the national stadium in Abuja, one of the application sites, only to watch people climbing over one another, clawing for registration forms: “I just asked myself, What has my country become?” The interior minister, whose office oversaw the recruitment, announced that the dead “lost their lives through their impatience.” Thousands apply for 20 full scholarships offered by the Institute of Petroleum Studies at the University of Port Harcourt in the Niger Delta. Celestina Johnson, an administrator at the institute, said she often wanted to cry during the interviews because so many of the applicants would never get a chance. As she spoke, the electricity went out – an everyday occurrence in Nigeria. “If this country’s condition continues, there will be a mass revolt,” Johnson said. “The country will break.” In Lagos, the commercial capital of the country, a 41-year-old cabdriver, Oyebajo Adekunle, sweated as he swerved through rush-hour traffic. A college graduate with a business degree, he said he never thought he’d be driving people around, struggling to make enough money for his family of six. He pulled up to a cluster of people – one of the daily Bring Back Our Girls protests that have taken place here and around the country for weeks. “I would go out and stand with the women, but I have to hustle,” he said, wiping sweat from his brow. “It’s like the government makes the hustle so hard, so that we’re too tired to do anything about things like this.” He rolled down his window to shake one of the female protesters’ hands, locking eyes for a mere second, and then sped off to pick up another client. Lauren Bohn and Chika Oduah are the recipients of a GlobalPost reporting fellowship in Nigeria for 2014

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19 May 2014


The Morung Express


Has tHe CHurCH and Civil soCiety organizations been silent over poll malpraCtiCes in nagaland?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say: • Yes, pastors and preachers don't know the Bible enough to address socio-politico-economic issues. NBCC talks but most people don't take her voice seriously. Most civil societies have become more of a problem. • Some don't even know its illegal and unfair. Either ignorant or oblivious. • Yes they are completely silent because the so called church leaders and civil societies themselves are so much involved in this malpractise. infact they are the forerunner of malpractise. • Yes. If they become vocal against corruption and poll malpractices who will buy them SUV, build house, give them contract and supply work!!! • Yes, they have been suspiciously silent this time. It would actually have been a good time for NBCC to strengthen their Clean Election Campaign, but alas their silence has been very worrying. • A big yes because many churches are either mere spectator or puppet...dancing along with sssshhhh • Yes, The Sparks & Flames of Church & Civil Society has been flash off by money, individual pursuits, fear, jealousy, anger, ego, greed, etc... • Of course yes! What has it said against anything about it? Its silence is like endorsing all the corrupt acts and the malpractices .Why is it so silent and pulling its tail behind its legs? The time has come for the Church to call 'spade a spade' and black is black and white is white. • Yes, for all have sinned. • yes it the case of how can we say anything against malpractices when we are taking the money from politicians and give them the best seat in the house. • Yes, how can a slave question his master? Our church and civil society leaders don’t want to disappoint their political master. It is very unfortunate that instead of serving our almighty God, they serve their political master for some petty favors, such job for their children, money for their Church construction, and sometime simply to be in the good book of their political master. Our civil society leaders are all hand and glove with our politician in matter our corruption and other criminal activities. How can we expect them to speak of the malpractices during election? In fact, most NGO leaders ea rn their living through their association with the politician. Their ups and downs also depend on who their political master is. So, it is high time we critically observe what our Church and civil society leaders do; their source of income; the motives behind their active participation in public life. We should know that their silence over poll malpractices reflect their indebt-


he commercial capital of our state Dimapur, a cosmopolitan mixed bag of everything under the sky has its own share of good, bad and the ugly. While lauding the NSCN (IM)’s drive against the night clubs and discotheques, it is pertinent to think if this ban will really go the distance, be fruitful and materialize. Or will it be just like another periodical ban and routine restriction which would slowly fade itself away just with the passage of time. It is quite appreciable that the organization had come up to ban those clubs, bars and lounges that are promoting immorality and selling alcohol openly under the very nose of the administration and the Church while they choose to turn a blind eye. This is not the first time the organization has come up with the decision to ban the night clubs and brothels. Whatever happened to their previous dictates and orders should also be analyzed properly by themselves because after the ban has been implemented, with time things go back to its old self again. No matter what, at-least someone has come up to fight the menace of unknown foreign culture destroying the moral fabric of the young generation. Many underage minors can be seen infesting these bars and nightclubs wearing skimpy dresses, heavy make-ups and ending in anyone’s bed they would have their last dance with. These lounges, bars and pubs have become the “Water-Holes” of both thirsty human predators and victims alike of every types coming to quench their fleshly thirst with ,plenty of alcohol flowing all night long ,free casual sex, playing out loud music, fights under drunken stupor that has become a complete menace to the sobriety of the society. If any right thinking person thinks this is just not right then it is high time we do something about it. A pastor of my church in a Sunday devotional service once while preaching said many young girls can be seen half naked late night if one happens to cross by the particular place situated between the railway station and the Town Hall which the congregation burst into laughter. I myself had been a witness to these sights when I go to the railway station sometimes late at night to pick or drop my relatives. Most often these places are hounded by nearly 50-60 vehicles, young girls in the worst vulgar form of dressings swarming the nearby streets with not-so-decent compromising positions near these water-holes .It is ironic that most of these happening and the popularly teeming places happen to be situated just between the two of the most powerful district heads, the SP’s office and the DC’s residence. Many intellectuals and today’s youths may refer this kind of step as some sort of curbing one’s freedom or a Talibanisation yet, should our moral values be thrown away for the sake of some assorted foreign culture insignificant to us and destroying us physically, spiritually and morally? Should our land that has promised to send 10000 missionaries just stand and stare with all this sleazy and hedonistic activities? Just because of some young teenagers and young wannabes momentary and selfgratifying pleasure, should our moral hallmark of decency be thrown away to the dogs? The ban imposed by the organization must be implemented both in letter and in spirit so that the people’s trust and conviction in them will not be withered fully as much has already has been from the taxation issue. Atleast an act of concern for the Society’s morality is now thrown on the deck by the organisation. It will be a harsh revelation but our National Workers must also know that many of these

edness and obligations to their political masters. silent and gun power added on to this anarchy. • Because silence is divine and golden as long • Lets be not too harsh and judgmental. We cant as they enjoy the low-hanging fruits of the powexpect the church to start agitating or indulge in ers that be. some media war. The foremost objective of the campaign was to inculcate and review some Some of those who voted no had this to say: core principles of a Christian. It started with good • No, They are much more active than the politician. intention but yes, the church consists of mere • Its not an excuse, but to give everyone the benmortals like me which many a times fail to supefit of doubt. Maybe because this was the parport good initiative like this. liamentary elections • Why is NBCC chup and not the state chap. Example like Imelections, most of kong caught with alcothe organizations hol, guns and money? and church were not • The Power & stench following the poliof money can plaster ticking. In fact mathe voice of any org or jority of the people people. Money has a seem disinterested voice and people only in this elections. quiver in its presence. • The correct quesSome of those who tion is "WHY has the voted OTHERS had Church and civil sothis to say: ciety organizations • NBCC is trying and been silent over poll launched its clean malpractices in Nagaelection campaign land?" in 2012. But one • why is this even a cannot expect the question at first? 1. let chronic disease that us not bring the church is eating up Nagain everything, of course land to be rooted our naga society being out at a go. It takes 99% Christians every time and it takes evone belong to one or ery member of the the other Church, but church first to realize that does not mean that he/she is part we should bring the of the system and church in political disis equally accountcussion every time. able and responwhat the church can sible. Unfortunately, do is preach about and when NBCC started encourage its memaddressing this isbers NOT to practice sue, people started malpractices. That's it. criticizing. But YES, 2. on the other hand, civil society organithe civil societies/ zations need to start NGO's are a different YES no OTHERS voicing it out. issue, they are all si• The Naga Hoho appreciation statement to the lent because for reasons we all very well know. Election Commission is ridiculous and cannot be • When we say 'Church', instantly our mind turns to appreciated at all. There was no reason for Naga NBCC. This is a wrong perception. What about Hoho to make such remarks. If Naga Hoho has Catholics, Revivals, AG and other denominabeen reduced to giving our appreciation statetions? What about Church Associations/Councils ments to the press, than only God can help us. and local churches? Above all, the church is you, • The church has been silent over the poll malpracyou, you, all believers in Christ. So, when you tice because how can they go against their own point your finger at the church, remember, there coworkers in Christ. Money has kept the church are three more fingers pointing back at you.




The Shady Haunts of Dimapur (Hot-beds & Dens of Sins of Dimapur) Jonah achumi Dimapur bars, lounges and discotheques are being run by the sons and daughters of their higher-ups, relatives kith and kin and by the ones who have strong connections with them or the over-ground powerful and those ‘Untouchables’. The Naga Women Hoho Dimapur has lauded the NSCN (IM) but the NWHD should infact also fight tooth-and-nail against the Disco Culture and not just laud. I know a thousand critics will be ready to crucify me after reading this but I do support the organisation’s ban if it can be really implemented and work it out genuinely. Any concerned parent or a citizen will. Who will want their children and younger ones to be gulped, swallowed and digested in the belly of modernization and westernization and lose one’s soul and body in the strong undercurrent and whirlpool of strange acquired foreign culture and self-indulgent of multiplying misdemeanour? How can such a free flow of alcohol in our so called “Dry State” is not the only question here but what really is happening with it? Infact the flow of alcohol has been more than the waters in the rivers of our Naga Heartland ever since the NLTP Act was implemented. Also how the administration allows these outlets to sell alcohol freely is a thing of wonder and amazement. From time to time, routine raids are conducted at these outlets yet after confiscating the goods and imposing a fine by the administration, Excise deptt. ,local heads or our National Workers , the business runs again as usual like nothing has happened after sometime. There are several pubs and bars which are located in the heart of the town itself and anyone can be sure that all these bodies mentioned notices it but for whatever reason we all chose to let it be and remain passive is a big question. The once in a while arrests and catchments are so popularly printed and showcased in the media with all the consignments and the accused but alas, all this are very short-term and short-lived. These bars, lounges and pubs have become the “Hot-beds of Sin” of our youngsters. Every locality’s GB and council can play an active part. The administration and the Mothers Associations should also censure the landlords or the house-owners of whichever buildings they let-out for these sleazy restaurants and bars. A young intellectual brother who shared his opinion and was ruing about the ban wrote this on facebook which I am sharing with his permission. Thought it was not the first order passed by the GPRN Govt. in this regard, the recent Banning order of the mentioned night clubs/brothels etc that was flashed out in the medias by the NSCN IM some days back gave a sign of relief as the order as it appeared seems like hard one ''Decision taken by the Higher Authority'', I thought this time they will seriously take up some effective/remedial measures but just like the by-gone orders even this have become a mere press release. It is so confusing

to experience how a well established organisation/Govt after taking a decision/resolution could not implement its own order/resolution. By doing so one is making mockery out of itself. Our mentality/civic sense haven't reached that stage where we can have such night clubs/ pubs. As of now our sense is so low that most of us go to those places with evil intentions. Every night one can experience what not beyond expectations. To be honest even myself i'm not complete clean in this regard as sometimes I used to go and hang out there some of the weekends to relief/relax myself after the week days works/burdens but till date i haven't seen any advantage(s) why those places should exist... It so happened, Last year in the later part of November when students were appearing/busy preparing for their final examinations, those clubs were partying in full swing/blast, so, one of my friend who happened to be from that area called up the OC East Police Station (since he could no longer tolerate) more than 10 times and requested him to take up some measures atleast during the period of examinations but even the Officer could not do anything, he (officer) would say, yes yes you're right, we'll do something, blah blah blah but did nothing, jsut went into deaf ear. I really don't understand why even the administration/authority are silent over this issue, on the other hand even those Apex Organisations like from Mothers/Students/Hohos who can really spearhead the movement are so very silent...!!! How I wish our mothers led by the Mothers Hoho could go and visit those places and watch with their naked eyes what's going on and than get into this issue and deal with it with IRON FIST... But sigh, this will just remain a layman's dream forever. They say, 'as long as there's life there's HOPE' so, what can a simple layman like me can do except than keep hoping till the end... Thought it wasnt the first order passed by the GPRN Govt in this regard, the recent Banning order of the mentioned night clubs/brothels etc that was flashed out in the medias by the NSCN IM some days back gave a sign of relief as the order as it appeared seems like hard one ''Decision taken by the Higher Authority'', I thought this time they will seriously take up some effective/remedial measures but just like the by gone orders even this have become a mere press release. It is so confusing to experience how a well established organisation/Govt after taking a decision/ resolution could not implement its own order/resolution. By doing so one is making mockery out of itself. Our mentality/civic sense haven't reached that stage where we can have such night clubs/pubs. As of now our sense is so low that most of us go to those places with evil intentions. Every night one can experience what not beyond expectations. To be honest even myself I’m not complete clean

When almost all believers are after easy money, why blame the church? • Why do we point finger at NBCC? Because they are the one to start. Example dry state for alcohol. Everyday this NBCC members who endorse dry state pass by alcohol joint but they turn their blind. They want to keep the law and rules but dont want to help in keeping dry or making Nagaland corruption free election. • Of course, Rome wasn't built in a day, likewise neither can we expect a complete sudden change in a system within a short span of time but even this time (as for me) words were kept as words only, had failed to convert it into 'Action'... So, i would say it was 'Silent' • It is the duty of the government to check corruption and provide good governance. Church and civil society can not take law into their hand. But when both the voter and politician corrupt each other especially at the time of election, what good can come out of Nagaland? The only logical conclusion is: we all suffer together till we change our mindset and behaviors. • 10 % No, for there are few innocent who fail to convince their innocence to the remaining. 90% Absolutely YES, for they are silent INTENTIONALLY/CONSCIOUSLY/UNMISTAKEABLY/ KNOWINGLY/INEVITABLY and WILLINGLY. The sheep which is shepherding by a Shepherd is part of the entire social phenomena in the society. Hence, the CHURCH CANNOT ESCAPE FROM IT. Bring Church in politics but not politics in Church in the context of the Naga society. • Church must identify and preach to all their corrupt members against it starting from top. And civil society must disassociate itself and not have anything to do with those people whom the Church identifies. • The church and civil society should come together and resolve to seek the welfare of society and check the menace of evil of all sorts. One of the roots of corruption in Nagaland is Election. Everybody talks about it but there is hardly any concerted efforts to curb the malpractices practically. To me, the church and civil society together can control almost everything if they are really serious about it. Everything depends on leadership. Nothing drastic will ever take place without vision and integrity of the leaders. What we need is, Leaders who fear nothing but God, who walk the talk and are ready to suffer for the cause they believe is right. Until and unless we have such solid leaders whether in the church or civil society, nothing much can be expected in terms of positive social change in the Naga society. in this regard as sometimes i used to go and hang out there some of the weekends to relief/relax myself after the week days works/burdens but till date i haven't seen any advantage(s) why those places should exist... It so happened, Last year in the later part of November when students were appearing/busy preparing for their final examinations, those clubs were partying in full swing/blast, so, one of my friend who happened to be from that area called up the OC East Police Station (since he could no longer tolerate) more than 10 times and requested him to take up some measures atleast during the period of examinations but even the Officer could not do anything, he (officer) would say, yes yes you're right, we'll do something, blah blah blah but did nothing, just went into deaf ear. I really don't understand why even the administration/authority are silent over this issue, on the other hand even those Apex Organisations like from Mothers/Students/Hohos who can really spearhead the movement are so very silent...!!! How i wish our mothers lead by the Mothers Hoho could go and visit those places and watch with their naked eyes what's going on and then get into this issue and deal with it with IRON FIST... But sigh, this will just remain a layman's dream forever. They say, 'as long as there's life there's HOPE' so, what can a simple layman like me can do except than keep hoping till the end... Kuknalim In this age of HIV/AIDS, if we remain mute and blind to all these, what is the use if we conduct sermons within the four walls of the church only? What is it if all our children are losing their body and soul in this sea of immorality? What is the use of these bans are on papers only? Where is the hope if all the people leaders, organisations go on like nothing is wrong all? It will have a long-term effect if the owners and runners of these bars and lounges are published in the local dailies together with the name of the outlets they own and the action or the amount of fine imposed. Though the ban is praiseworthy will it be genuine, sure and successful or is just another round-the-clock dictate is what’s on everybody’s mind. One young friend who works outside in the mainland was expressing his shock when he happened to visit one of these bars and when he went to the toilet he saw many undergarments and condoms on the floor of one of the toilet seat. The govt. run hotels and the resorts own by our rich and powerful ones are no exception. Alcohol is openly served and sold in all these places too .As a concerned citizen, I have every right to be concerned about the number of youths being swayed into the vortex and tide of these night clubs, bars and brothels. If the ban is for real, let it be real lest it turns out to be a mockery. A couple of years back, every evening while returning home after attending the Billy Graham’s 100 years international crusade which was held for three days where his grandson was the speaker, the number of older people was very high and the youths were much less but while crossing the bars and pubs in the Church road, I was saddened and shocked by the numbers of cars and youths who were attending the parties in these places as the cars parked there nearly ran half a quarter of a kilometer on both side of the roads. I thought to myself ‘If this the Nagaland for Christ’ we had professed Something, Somewhere, Surely is wrong in our land.

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Monday 19 May 2014

The Morung Express

With a dubious legacy, Manmohan Singh bows out

NEW DELHI, May 18 (REutERs): When it was clear that he was set for a stunning election victory last week, Narendra Modi sent a message that read simply “India has won”: It instantly set a record as the country’s most retweeted Twitter post. And yet two days earlier the top trend on Twitter India had been #ThankYouDrManMohanSingh, a popular tribute to Manmohan Singh, who bows out after 10 years as prime minister with deep respect even if voters thrashed his party in the polls. Singh will be remembered for the reforms he drove through as finance minister in 1991 that prised open a state-stifled economy. In his budget speech that year, he quoted Victor Hugo, saying “No power on earth can stop an idea whose time has come”. Those reforms snapped India out of a shuffling rate of growth of that time, lifted millions out of poverty and propelled the country into the league of dynamic emerging economies. In a blizzard of commentaries examining 81-year-old Singh’s legacy in recent weeks, the Oxbridge-educated economist has been praised for

his intellect and personal integrity, and world leaders have reached out to wish him well in retirement. And yet Singh’s stock tumbled during his second five-year term as economic growth skidded, inflation ballooned and spectacular corruption scandals clattered like skeletons out of a cupboard. His public silence on many matters became the butt of jokes, including one which said movie theatre patrons were being asked to put their mobile phones in “Manmohan mode”. Singh struggled to fend off the perception that the real power in his government was Sonia Gandhi, leader of the Congress party and widow of former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi, whose family has ruled the country for most of the time since independence from Britain in 1947. In a book published during the election campaign, “The Accidental Prime Minister”, a former media adviser said that Singh allowed his authority to be undermined by Gandhi. “You must understand one thing. I have come to terms with this,” the author, Sanjaya Baru, recalled the prime minister telling him

Youth’s wishlist for Modi: Jobs, safety of women NEW DELHI, May 18 (IaNs): The country’s youth, which came out in large numbers on election day to vote, as the BJP led by Narendra Modi offered them hope, opportunities and security in a flagging economy, a shrinking job market and a seemingly uncaring state, now demands that the new government stick to its promises and deliver without failing. Most of the young people said in conversations with IANS that jobs, corruption, price rise and women’s safety should be on the new government’s priority list. “Now that the BJP has come to power, I am hopeful about the new government but also have certain reservations,” said Guwahati-based Avantika Paul, who had voted for the Congress. On being pressed, the 27-year-old-entrepreneur added: “Like most liberals, I have my reservations against this right-wing government and I am apprehensive that they might increase censorship and regulation in popular culture and social media, make minorities feel more insecure, and clamp down on gay rights.” “I see a lot of qualified youth sitting idle and many other over-qualified people earning meager salaries. This leads to brain drain, which should be checked by the government. So, I would expect the new government to ensure increased job opportunities,” Rishi Mahendru, a commercial pilot, told IANS. For Mimansa Shekhar, a Narendra Modi supporter, the new government will bring a much-needed “change” from dynastic politics. “The biggest reason behind this change of guard is corruption that hogged previous government. So, the first thing the new government should keep a check on is its corruption levels,” Shekhar, a 28-year old journalist, told IANS. She added that inflation is an equally important issue. “Also, it is essential that Modi develops a national perspective and silences his critics by developing the entire country, much like Gujarat,” she stated. Agreed Tenzing Youtso of Bangalore, who voted for the BJP. “A Modi win implies that India desperately wants change. I have also voted for the party and now, I want this government to deliver its promises and bring about policy reforms, make India safer for women and give them equal rights,” Youtso, a 20-year-old student, told IANS. Pratikshya Gogoi, who lives in Guwahati, said it is natural to expect development and better facilities. “But along with that, I hope the new government does away with all sorts of reservations - except for the differentlyabled in the field of education. Additionally, the resources from our areas should be used for us only,” Gogoi, a 23-year-old student, told IANS. But for Priya Raman, a homemaker, women’s safety should be the new government’s priority as “everything else will follow”. “Women’s safety cannot be ensured by weakened patrolling and check posts without the presence of police personnel. The government should run sensitisation programmes, enforce stricter laws and set up fast track courts, which would ensure better conditions for women,” she added. Raman further stated that only when the new government ensures all this will it stand the test of time.

in 2009. “There cannot be two centres of power. That creates confusion. I have to accept that the party president is the centre of power. The government is answerable to the party.” Graphics on India elections cyg49v Singh’s spokesman dismissed the book as an

incorrect interpretation of the prime minister’s decade in power, but the memoirs only served to reinforce a popular perception that an extra-constitutional authority had called the shots for years.

India’s first leader to serve two full five-year terms and the first Sikh to have held the office, Singh told his final news conference that history would in the end be kind to him. Swaminathan Aiyar, a prominent journalist, said FATHER OF REFORMS that Singh’s achievements The only prime min- would indeed become his ister since independent story. “People will forget

Manmohan Singh’s failings, and remember him as the father of economic reform and superfast growth,” Aiyar wrote in a Times of India commentary. Born into a poor Sikh family in a part of Britishruled India now in Pakistan, Singh studied by candlelight to win scholarships to Cambridge and Oxford,

Stalin backtracks on resignation, DMK to discuss poll debacle

CHENNaI, May 18 (IaNs): M.K. Stalin, DMK treasurer and party chief M. Karunanidhi’s son, Sunday offered to quit following the party’s debacle in the Lok Sabha polls, but rescinded his decision following pressure from the rank and file. His elder brother and expelled DMK leader M.K. Alagiri, however, dismissed the offer as a “farce”. A DMK leader told IANS that Stalin offered to resign from the post accepting moral responsibility for the defeat. However, hours later, DMK leader Duraimurugan told reporters that Stalin had decided not to press his resignation offer. According to Duraimurugan, Karunanidhi had advised Stalin that DMK would not fade away after this defeat and there was no

need for him to quit. “Leaders and cadres requested Stalin not to resign. Heeding party president’s advice and agreeing to our request, Stalin decided not to press the resignation issue,” he said. Stalin’s supporters gathered outside his house and demanded that he must not quit, while another group assembled outside Karunanidhi’s residence and demanded that Stalin should not resign. Later, Karunanidhi clarified that Stalin did not submit his resignation letter. He also said the party would convene a meeting of high level committee to deliberate on the reasons for party’s defeat in the general elections. Stalin’s offer follows DMK’s debacle in the Lok Sabha election in Tamil

Nadu where it failed to win even a single seat. Of the state’s 39 seats, the ruling AIADMK bagged a whopping 37 and the Bharatiya Janata Party and PMK won one each. The run-up to the Lok Sabha election saw a bitter fight in the party’s first family, leading to the dismissal of Alagiri, the DMK south zone organising secretary, and his expulsion. Alagiri described Stalin’s resignation offer a “drama” and a plan to capture the “top party post”. Alagiri told IANS: “It’s all drama. His supporters will urge him to stay put and he will continue as before. It is part of a plan to bag the top leadership.” “In the current set up, there is no future for the party,” he said. “The party president (Karunanidhi) has to

take charge. Only then the party has a future.” Asked if he would rejoin the DMK, Alagiri said: “If I am called and given due respect, I will join the party again.” Reacting to Alagiri’s comments, Karunanidhi said the party forgot him several days ago. Alagiri, 63, had earlier accused the DMK of nominating only rich candidates in the Lok Sabha election and ignoring long-time activists. He blamed Stalin, 61, for this. Stalin had also reportedly argued against an alliance with the Congress in the state. He also refused to give ticket to any Alagiri supporter. On Jan 24, the DMK suspended Alagiri for opposing Stalin, who is tipped for the party’s top post. Founded in 1949, the DMK is one of India’s oldest parties.

JD-U wants Nitish to continue as Bihar CM

PatNa, May 18 (IaNs): A day after Nitish Kumar quit as Bihar chief minister, the JD-U legislature party Sunday unanimously resolved that he should continue in the post. Nitish Kumar, adamant on not withdrawing his resignation, sought time till Monday to finally decide. Awaiting Nitish Kumar’s final decision, the legislature party, therefore, postponed electing a leader till Monday. Janata DalUnited (JD-U) spokesman Neeraj Kumar told media persons after the JD-U legislature party meeting ended that Nitish Kumar had sought time till Monday to decide as legislators requested him to continue and told him that they would not elect any leader other than him.

The legislators demanded that Nitish Kumar withdraw his resignation for the sake of development of Bihar, but Nitish Kumar wanted to stick to his decision not to continue as chief minister and urged party workers to free him to take responsibility of the top post. A JD-U leader, who attended the legislature party meeting at the chief minister’s official residence here, said the party legislators expressed full faith in Nitish Kumar and decided to re-elect him as their leader. Senior JD-U legislator Narendra Singh’s resolution thatNitishKumarwillremain their leader was supported by all legislators present in the meeting. “All legislators unanimously supported Singh’s resolution and pressurized Nitish Kumar to ac-

cept their demand to continue as CM,” said JD-U leader Sanjay Singh. According to JD-U leaders, the JD-U legislature party will meet again Monday

and will formally announce the decision as Nitish Kumar was expected to agree to continuing as CM under pressure from legislators, party leaders and workers.

Three RJD MLAs resign to join JD(U) PatNa, May 18 (PtI): Three rebel RJD MLAs on Sunday resigned from the Bihar assembly to extend their support to Nitish Kumar after his resignation as Bihar chief minister. Samrat Chaudhary, Ram Lakhan Ram Raman and Javed Iqbal submitted their resignation letters to Speaker Udai Narayan Choudhary. “When Nitish Kumar left such a big post of chief minister can’t we make a small sacrifice like resigning from assembly,” Samrat Chaudhary told reporters at his residence. He said they would join JD(U) to strengthen hands of Kumar. Chaudhary, Raman and Iqbal were prominent among 13 RJD MLAs who had earlier proposed to the Speaker to recognize them as a separate group. But, later 9 out of the 13 had returned to RJD. After vehement protest staged by RJD chief Lalu Prasad and his party, the Speaker had said he would take an appropriate decision on the issue later.

earning a doctorate with a thesis on the role of exports and free trade in India’s economy. He held the top finance and economic planning posts in India’s bureaucracy for decades and was also head of the central bank before joining the cabinet in 1991. He became prime minister in 2004 when Sonia Gandhi, who led the Congress party to a surprise victory, declined the job fearing her Italian birth would be used by Hindu nationalist opponents to attack the government. As prime minister, Singh sought to liberalise the economy further. However, he often ran into resistance from wayward allies in his coalition government and from his own leftleaning party, which prioritised welfare schemes such as a jobs programme for the rural poor. In 2008, he stood up to his party’s one-time communist allies over a civilian nuclear energy deal with the United States that took his country out of decades of diplomatic isolation over its atomic weapons programme. Singh saw India’s growth story wobble in the last years of his premiership as global economic

turbulence combined with a policy paralysis at home battered the investment climate. His second term was also overshadowed by mass protests against corruption, and he was widely criticised for apparently turning a blind eye to the graft raging around him. Harish Khare, who served as the prime minister’s media adviser from 2009 to 2012, described Singh in an article for the weekly magazine Outlook as “spectacularly unflamboyant”, but credited him for making historic course corrections that brought India more social harmony, equity and regional peace. A leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party, which routed Congress in the election, praised the outgoing prime minister for his “dignity and grace” but like many voiced doubt about his overall record. “It was the inability to speak up within his own party that may compel the historians to take a different view of the man,” Arun Jaitley said in an article sent to media last week. “Only if he had stood up at the right time and disagreed he would have been regarded with still a greater honour.”

Every third newly elected MP has criminal background NEW DELHI, May 18 (IaNs): Every third of the newly elected member of the Lok Sabha has a criminal background, an analysis of the disclosures they have made in their affidavits has shown. An analysis of 541 of the 543 winning candidates by National Election Watch (NEW) and Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) shows that 186 or 34 percent newly elected MPs have in their election affidavits disclosed criminal cases against themselves. In 2009, 30 percent of the Lok Sabha members had criminal cases. This has now gone up by four percent. According to the analysis, a candidate with criminal cases had 13 percent chance of winning in the 2014 Lok Sabha election whereas it was five percent for an aspirant with a clean record. Of the 186 new members, 112 (21 percent) have declared serious criminal cases, including those related to murder, attempt to murder, causing communal disharmony, kidnapping, crimes against women etc. Party wise, the largest numbers 98 or 35 percent of the 281 winners from the BJP have in their affidavits declared criminal cases against themselves. Eight (18 percent) of the 44 winners from the Congress, six (16 percent) of the 37 winners from the AIADMK, 15 (83 percent) of the 18 winners from the Shiv Sena, and seven (21 percent) of the 34 winners fielded by Trinamool Congress also have disclosed criminal cases against themselves.

Adani group slapped with Rs 5,500 crore notice MuMBaI, May 18 (tNN): One day before it got decimated in the Lok Sabha elections at the hands of the BJP, the Congress-led UPA government gave a farewell shock to Ahmedabad-based Adani group by slapping Rs 5,500 crore show cause notice in a case of alleged “over-valuation” of capital equipment for power projects. The Mumbai office of Directorate Revenue of Intelligence issued the notice to the group on Thursday, hours before the counting for the Lok Sabha polls was to begin. The development is significant because Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi had repeatedly attacked the Gujarat-based corporate and its head Gautam Adani for links to Narendra Modi, alleging Adani got land from his government for the price of a toffee. The Adani group issued several clarifications stating that apart from the Gujarat government, which gave it barren land to develop, the corporate house also got land by three state governments run by different political parties, including the Congress, since 1993. DRI sources said the agency is investigating “gross over-valuation” of import of equipment and machinery by various entities of the Adani group from a UAE-based company. In November 2013, the Central Board of Excise & Customs had reminded the Directorate General of Foreign Trade, part of the commerce ministry, to cancel import duty benefits issued to the Adani group in 2004. When contacted, an Adani group spokesperson refused to comment on the issue.

Raising workers’ morale among priorities for Congress

NEW DELHI, May 18 (IaNs): Raising the morale of party workers, ideological consolidation, policy revamp and a sustained grassroots campaign are among the measures being suggested by Congress leaders to revive the party’s fortunes after its crushing defeat in the Lok Sabha polls. In the immediate aftermath of the Congress’s poll debacle, party leaders said a key reason for its shocking performance was that workers were not enthused sufficiently for the contest. “It was as if we had lost the contest even before it began. It looked as if we were tired of ruling. Workers

were not very enthused,” said a party office bearer, wishing he not be identified. Another party functionary said there was a disconnect between the party and the government during the last five years of the United Progressive Alliance rule and it affected the morale of workers. “There was a constant complaint by workers that ministers did not meet them. The workers felt they were not given their due by the government,” the functionary said. A party general secretary, who also did not want to be quoted, said he met only a handful of ministers

during the UPA-I government. “I met a few ministers who had earlier held All India Congress Committee (AICC) assignments as I have a rapport with them. Many others did not seem inclined (to meet),” the leader told IANS. Party leaders also said that workers did not feel free to express their thoughts before the top leaders. The office bearer said signals from some party leaders that they did not want to contest the election did a lot of damage to the party’s campaign. “Digvijaya Singh should have contested against Sushma Swaraj in Vidisha. Leaders like P. Chidambaram, Ku-

mari Selja should have also contested. It sent a message among the workers that you are losing the election... you are trying to run away (from the poll battle),” he said. The disappointing results are also likely to lead to criticism of party vice president Rahul Gandhi’s much publicised efforts at ushering in internal democracy in the party due to a feeling among sections that it has not produced the desired results. Rahul Gandhi had started a process of direct elections to the Youth Congress and the National Students’ Union of India (NSUI). He had also initiated the process

of selecting candidates through primaries but all the candidates chosen through this process lost in the Lok Sabha polls. “I think direct elections to the NSUI and Youth Congress should be stopped. Congress is a movement,” the party office-bearer said. He added that the leaders thrown up by direct elections seem to be lacking an appetite for aggressive politics. The party leader said Rahul Gandhi had nice ideas but some of them “are not very practical”. “Whether an idea succeeds or not, he wants to see through his own experience,” the leader said. An-

other party member said the Youth Congress, which is a key frontal organisation of the party, and the NSUI, the party’s students wing, did not appear to have given an edge to the Congress’s election effort. “They are supposed to be the most vibrant organisations of the party. There was failure (on their part),” the member said. Party leaders also said there was a need to strengthen the party’s ideological moorings at the grassroots in the wake of the Bharatiya Janata Party expanding its base and getting absolute majority in the Lok Sabha for the first time. The BJP won 282 seats

while the Congress could get only 44, its lowest tally in any parliamentary election so far. Congress leader Girija Vyas, who lost the Lok Sabha election from Chittorgarh in Rajasthan, said the party will have to work “very hard” at the grassroots for its revival. “I remember that we worked continuously at the grassroots for days and months after the party’s defeat in the 1977 election,” Vyas told IANS. Another leader said the party “needs to go back to the grassroots and re-establish the connect with the masses”. He said the middle classes were not enthused by the constant stress by

the Congress on welfare schemes for the poor. “The middle class felt that money was taken from them in the form of taxes and was being handed out to the poor in an unproductive way in the form of doles,” the leader said. Party leaders said corruption was a major issue during the election and the party could not communicate its viewpoint on several issues effectively. They said issues of price rise and inflation cost the party dear in the election as women turned against the Congress in large numbers. They said the party also could not create a buzz among the youth.



the Morung express

Vietnam clamps down on anti-China protests

19 May 2014



North Korea offers public apology SEOuL, MAy 18 (AP): North Korean officials offered a rare public apology for the collapse of an apartment building under construction in Pyongyang, which a South Korean official said was believed to have caused considerable casualties that could mean hundreds might have died. The word of the collapse in the secretive nation’s capital was reported Sunday morning by the North’s official Korean Central News Agency, which gave no death toll but said that the accident was “serious” and upset North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un. The report said it occurred in the capital’s Phyongchon district on Tuesday “as the construction of

an apartment house was not done properly and officials supervised and controlled it in an irresponsible manner.” In Seoul, a South Korean government official speaking on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the information said the 23-story apartment building that collapsed was presumed to have housed 92 families. That could mean the casualties could be in the hundreds because a typical North Korean family has four members. However, it was not clear that all the residents were inside at the time of the collapse, or that four people lived in each apartment. It is not unusual for people to start living in

apartments before the construction is complete. The official said he did not have any figure for the actual death toll. According to the KCNA report, the rescue operation ended Saturday and officials apologized to bereaved families and district residents. On the streets of Pyongyang on Sunday, residents expressed outrage over the incident. “This accident happened because they broke the rules and methods of construction,” resident Pak Chol told The Associated Press. “After this accident, we must make sure that this kind of terrible accident never happens again, by sticking to the proper method of building.” Another resident,

Hong Nam Hyok, said that “everyone in Pyongyang is now sharing the sorrow of the victims and the bereaved families.” The KCNA report cited one official as saying Kim Jong Un “sat up all night, feeling painful after being told about the accident.” The highly controlled state media for the authoritarian regime rarely report news that might be considered negative. The building collapse also came at a time when the South Korean government has received near daily criticism from its citizens as well as regular bashing by North Korean media for its handling of last month’s ferry sinking that left more than 300 people dead or missing.

Inactivity is greatest heart risk factor for women over 30: study

A Vietnamese police officer uses a speaker to order pedestrians including journalists to leave a closed area near the Chinese Embassy in Hanoi, Vietnam on May 18. Vietnamese authorities forcibly broke up small protests against China in two cities on Sunday, after deadly anti-China rampages over a simmering territorial dispute risked damaging the economy and spooked a state used to keeping a tight grip on its people. In southern Ho Chi Minh City, police dragged away several demonstrators from a park in the city center. In Hanoi, authorities closed off streets and a park close to the Chinese Embassy and pushed journalists and protesters away. (AP Photo)

HANOI, MAy 18 (AP): Vietnam smothered antiChina protests on Sunday with a massive security clampdown after deadly riots triggered by a territorial dispute with Beijing spooked foreign investors and the country’s authoritarian leadership alike. As patrol ships from both countries remained locked in a standoff close to a Chinese oil rig in a disputed patch of the South China Sea, Beijing said it had evacuated 3,000 nationals from Vietnam and was sending the first of five ships to pull out others wanting to leave. China also said that it would suspend some of its bilateral exchange plans with Vietnam and that it was advising Chinese not to visit the country. China’s decision to deploy the massive oil rig on May 1 has been widely seen as it one of its most provocative steps in a campaign to assert its sovereignty in the waters. It triggered fury in Vietnam and the worst breakdown in ties between Hanoi and Beijing in years. Tensions have been mounting between the two countries despite their sharing of a political ideology. Both nations are run by communist regimes that since the 1990s have embraced free market capitalism while retaining large state sectors and powerful internal security systems. Last weekend, Vietnam permitted anti-China protests that drew thousands of people, a rare step that allowed it to amplify state anger against Beijing. Doing so was risky for authorities: Dissident groups joined the protests, and by Tuesday and Wednesday, the rallies had morphed into riots targeting factories believed to be owned by Chinese companies, though many of those hit were Taiwanese. Two Chinese nationals were killed and more than 100 wounded. Vietnam’s state-secu-

rity apparatus on Sunday ensured no one was able to protest, with thousands of police and security officers flooding southern Ho Chi Minh City and the capital, Hanoi. Police were posted outside well-known dissidents’ houses, preventing them from leaving, according to activists. In Ho Chi Minh City, police detained several demonstrators after dragging them from a park close to the city’s cathedral. Authorities in Hanoi closed off streets and a park close to the Chinese Embassy, while police barking into bullhorns shoved journalists and protesters away. “I want to send a message that if we don’t stop China today, tomorrow it will be too late,” said demonstrator Dao Minh Chu, as he was pushed away from the park near China’s embassy, where last week around 500 people gathered without interference from authorities. Those protests were covered enthusiastically by state media, a clear sign of state sanction. China has loudly demanded that Hanoi protect Chinese people inside Vietnam, which is heavily dependent on Beijing economically. Hundreds of Chinese have left by commercial flights and across the land border into Cambodia, although there has been calm since Thursday. On Sunday, China said it dispatched to Vietnam a passenger ship capable of carrying 1,000 people, the first of five vessels it planned to send to complete an evacuation on top of 3,000 nationals who had left earlier. With Chinese traveling in increasing numbers, Beijing is under pressure to protect them overseas. China’s Foreign Ministry said Sunday that the government would suspend some of its bilateral exchange plans with Vietnam and that it was advis-

ing Chinese not to visit the country. In a statement posted on the ministry’s website, spokesman Hong Lei said the violence that has resulted in Chinese casualties and property losses had “damaged the atmosphere and conditions for exchanges and cooperation between China and Vietnam.” For the time being, China is advising its citizens not to travel to Vietnam and has suspended some bilateral exchange plans, and will take further measures if necessary, Hong said. No details were given on the bilateral exchange plans. A Taiwanese steel mill attacked on Wednesday employed 1,000 Chinese workers, who can be cheaper to hire and easier to manage than Vietnamese laborers. Yang Yang, a political scientist at the China University of Political Science and Law in Beijing, said there were so many Chinese working in Vietnam that sending ships might be more practical than planes. “It can also appease the unhappiness of the Chinese public over the violence against Chinese nationals in Vietnam,” he said. In recent years, foreign companies attracted by low wages and a reputation for safety have flocked to Vietnam, opening factories making everything from sneakers to smartphones. The government is aware that last’s week violence threatens that vital economic cog, while also chipping away at its authority by showing it can’t keep order — an important part of its compact with a population denied basic rights. On Saturday, top Vietnamese security official Lt. Gen. Hoang Kong Tu vowed to ensure the safety of all foreign investments and citizens in the country, including those from China. More than 1,000 people have been arrested in con-

nection with the violence, which authorities have blamed on “extremists.” While China and Vietnam have growing business links and share a political ideology and a commitment to authoritarianism, they also have a long history of bad blood. Many Vietnamese harbor deep resentment over what they see as China’s bullying and economic exploitation of Beijing’s far smaller neighbor. China has been much more assertive in pressing its territorial claims in recent years, often bringing into it into dispute with Vietnam and the Philippines. Spats have broken out over fishing rights and oil exploration missions in recent years, but the placement of the rig 220 kilometers (136 miles) off the coast of Vietnam was considered especially provocative. Hanoi sent patrol ships to confront the rig and scores of Chinese vessels protecting it, and they remained locked in a tense standoff. Neither side has shown any sign of withdrawing their ships or willing to compromise. Vietnam’s government routinely arrests free speech activists and others challenging one-party rule. Anti-China protests are one of the few opportunities for public gatherings in Vietnam and also attract dissident groups, who often claim Hanoi is too soft on Beijing. Several well-known activists said they had been prevented from leaving their homes on Sunday. “I think the best way is to allow people to protest,” said La Viet Dung, a frequent anti-China protester, adding that police visited him late Saturday asking him not to attend. “They say they are preventing people from protesting because they are worried about extremist actions and violence, but that is not logical.”

NEW yORK, MAy 18 (REutERS HEALtH): Heart disease is the single biggest killer of women and inactivity is the biggest contributor to heart disease for all but the youngest ones, according to Australian researchers. They parsed the sources of cardiovascular risk among women of all ages in Australia and found smoking, obesity and high blood pressure are near the top of the list. But if all sedentary women ramped up their activity levels, the largest number of deaths would be averted. “Understanding the risks associated with the development of serious health problems can inform more targeted intervention strategies,” said the study’s lead author Wendy Brown, an exercise physiologist at the University of Queensland. Heart disease is the leading killer of women in the United States, where an estimated one in four women dies of the disease, and similar statistics prevail in Australia. To measure the importance of various risk factors

for heart disease, Brown and her team analyzed data from a long-term study that followed Australian women from 1996 to 2011, surveying them about their lifestyle and health every three years. The roughly 30,000 participants ranged from 22 to 90 years old and fell into three groups born from 1973 to 1978, 1946 to 1951 and 1921 to 1926. The researchers calculated for each group the extent to which the presence of heart disease could be attributed to body mass index (BMI, a measure of weight relative to height), physical inactivity, high blood pressure or smoking. Overall, being sedentary was the greatest contributor to heart disease among women over age 30, including women as old as 90. Smoking was the biggest culprit among women

between the ages of 22 and 27. In that group, where heart disease is rare, smoking accounted for about 60 percent of it, according to the results published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. High blood pressure was least common among the youngest women, and high BMI (overweight or obese) was most common in the middle age group. I n activity was widespread, with 65 percent of women 73 to 78 years old and 81 percent of those 85 to 90 getting little or no physical activity. Based on rates of death from heart disease in Australia, the researchers calculated that if all the women represented by the study population could do about 1 hour of moderately intense activity a day, some 2,612 deaths would be avoided. That’s more Australian

“The nice thing is all these things track together”

women than are killed in road accidents each year, they point out. “Physical activity hasn’t been studied as well; the other risk factors (like body mass index) have been more targeted in the past,” said Nisha Parikh, a cardiologist at the University of California, San Francisco, who was not involved in the study. “The nice thing is all these things track together,” Parikh told Reuters Health. “If you increase your physical activity, you generally lower body mass index, and you’re also going to have an impact on lowering blood pressure,” she said. The study shows the importance of boosting activity levels at all ages, she added, and although that can be difficult, there are many simple ways for busy people to get in a few extra steps each day, like taking the stairs and parking a little farther away from their destination. “Those kinds of things increase physical activity in a way that doesn’t impact the rest of the things busy people have going on,” Parikh said.

Exams time - kids too stressed to eat LONdON, MAy 18 (IANS): A research has revealed that primary school children are under so much pressure to perform well in their exams that more than half will skip meals ahead of exams this week. The top educators in Britain have labelled this fact as “shocking”. As England’s Year Six pupils have got busy with their National Curriculum tests, known as SATs, research by Kellogg’s has found that one in ten children went into their exams last year without having breakfast, reports The report asked children, who sat for the tests in 2013, a range of questions and showed that of those who didn’t eat breakfast, a staggering 88 percent put it down to pre-exam jitters. Some children admitted they got by on chocolate bars and energy drinks.

However, the results were much more encouraging for those children who attended a breakfast club on the morning of the exams. More than a quarter of children attended a breakfast club before their SATs last year, and 54 percent of those said it helped them to concentrate, 38 percent said it calmed them down, and nearly a third said it helped with nerves. “It’s shocking that children are going into key exams with an empty tummy. But what’s also important is that primary school children sitting SATs are able to start the day in a safe and supportive environment so they can perform as well as possible,” said John Coe of the National Association of Primary Education. “Breakfast clubs give children that opportunity and that’s why it’s great that

companies like Kellogg’s support breakfast clubs in schools and offer this boost at exam time with free cereal.” As a result, cereal company Kellogg’s provided a stress-free haven at 250 school breakfast clubs across England for the second-year running, by donating 31,250 free breakfasts to schoolchildren who took their exams from May 12. Teachers were also surveyed and almost three quarters said students were less likely to concentrate if they hadn’t had breakfast and nearly two-thirds said they would be too tired to perform at their best during exams. A third also said not eating breakfast added to students’ anxiety levels and 24 percent were more likely to be nervous. Since 1998, Kellogg’s

has set up more than 1,000 breakfast clubs in some of the most deprived areas of the country and has supported 875 clubs this academic year alone with funding, food and training. This is part of the company’s pledge to donate 15 million servings of breakfast and snacks across the UK, by the end of 2016. Paul Wheeler, a director at Kellogg’s, said: “We understand the importance of a good breakfast and that’s why we’re supporting breakfast clubs for SATs pupils nationally.” “This is the second year we’ve donated cereals to schools and we hope by doing so it will allow more breakfast clubs to open their doors to Year Six pupils and provide them with the relaxing calm environment they need to concentrate ahead of their exams as well as a filling breakfast.”

Summit combats Boko Haram funds, arms, training PARIS, MAy 18 (AP): Boko Haram has ample funds, highly sophisticated weaponry and advanced training with some of the world’s most experienced terrorists, the French president said Saturday as he and African leaders grappled with how to combat the Islamic extremist group whose reach extends to five countries. Hours after two more attacks in Boko Haram strongholds — one in Nigeria that left a village torched and 40 people dead and another in Cameroon — the leaders agreed to improve policing of frontiers, share intelligence, and trace the weapons and cash that are the group’s lifeblood.

At the summit in Paris intended to hammer out a plan to find and free 276 schoolgirls being held hostage by Boko Haram, intelligence officials from the U.S., Europe and Africa shared information while heads of state and top diplomats tackled policy. “This group is armed, with heavy weapons of an unimaginable sophistication and the ability to use them,” said French President Francois Hollande. He said the weapons came from chaotic Libya, and the training took place in Mali before the ouster of its alQaida linked Islamist leaders. As for the money, Hollande said its origins were murky.

“Boko Haram is acting clearly as an al-Qaida operation,” said Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan, who had only reluctantly accepted outside help after years of insisting the group was a local problem. Cameroon, which French officials said until recently also treated Boko Haram as a purely Nigerian issue, has become increasingly involved. The attack late Friday against a Chinese engineering firm’s camp left at least 10 people missing and one person dead. China is a major investor in the region, helping build infrastructure, public health projects and sports facilities and importing crude oil, timber and cotton.

The camp was in the same nearly trackless parkland where the girls were first spirited away after an attack on their school in northern Nigeria, highlighting Boko Haram’s ability to cross borders unimpeded. An intelligence cell involving French, British and American agents is already operating out of Nigeria, but Boko Haram has seemingly continued to strike unimpeded. Suspected Islamic militants attacked another northeast village before dawn on Saturday, killing about 40 people and burning all the huts as well as three vehicles, according to a member of a vigilante group that went to the

village, Dalwa-Masuba, about 80 kilometers (50 miles) southwest of Maiduguri, the Borno state capital. He spoke on condition of anonymity because his group, one of many vigilante organizations set up to fight Boko Haram, does not permit members to talk to reporters. Hollande also emphasized that Boko Haram had clearly established ties with other terror groups in Africa, making it a concern throughout the continent and beyond. That could provide an opening for U.N. sanctions against the group to freeze its assets and impose travel bans against members. Wendy Sherman, a U.S. diplomat who

was at Saturday’s talks, said the sanctions could come as soon as next week. “I can’t imagine any country which would not support this designation,” she said. Surveillance jets have joined the search and Hollande left open the possibility that French fighter jets could be deployed. Boko Haram has offered to exchange the captive girls for jailed insurgents, while threatening otherwise to sell them into slavery. Officials have said there will be no Western military operation. British officials say Jonathan has ruled out swapping prisoners for the girls. “There are many ways to bring this horrific situation to a close, but when

and if we know where they are then the Nigerians will have to decide how to proceed,” Sherman said. Signs are growing that some Nigerian troops are near mutiny, complaining they are overwhelmed and outgunned by Boko Haram. Soldiers have told The Associated Press that some in the ranks actually fight alongside the group. Last year, Jonathan said he suspected that Boko Haram members and sympathizers had infiltrated every level of his government and military, including the Cabinet. That complicates attempts to share intelligence. The U.S., France and Britain have all sent experts to help find the girls, but

French and American officials have expressed concerns about how any information might be used. The northeastern region where the girls were kidnapped has suffered five years of increasingly deadly assaults by Boko Haram. Thousands have been killed, including more than 1,500 civilians this year. Hollande’s administration successfully negotiated the release of French citizens held by Boko Haram — most recently a family of seven and a priest — and officials in Paris said France’s experience dealing with the group as well as its good relations with the governments concerned were the impetus for the summit.




Monday 19 May 2014

The Morung Express

Atletico success built on grit, unity and belief

Atletico teammates celebrate after a Spanish La Liga soccer match between FC Barcelona and Atletico Madrid at the Camp Nou sta- Players throw in the air Atletico's coach Diego Simeone from Argentina after a Spanish La Liga soccer match dium in Barcelona, Spain, Saturday, May 17. (AP Photo) between FC Barcelona and Atletico Madrid at the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona, Spain on May 17. (AP Photo)

MADRID, MAy 18 (ReuteRs): If anyone had suggested before the start of the La Liga season that Atletico Madrid could pip vastly wealthier rivals Barcelona and Real Madrid to the title they would have been dismissed as hopelessly naive. Predicting that Diego Simeone's side, who wrapped up their 10th domestic league title and their first since 1996 thanks to Sunday's 1-1 comeback draw at Barca, would also be through to the final of Europe's elite club competition would have seen them laughed out of town. Yet that is exactly what Atletico have achieved thanks to an inspirational coach and a group of talented and fiercely committed players who, due to the relative thinness of their squad, have toiled for more minutes

and run more kilometres than any of their rivals. Much of Atletico's recent success is down to the influence of Simeone, a combative midfielder who was in the Atletico team that won a La Liga and King's Cup double in 1996 and who took over a club grown used to mediocrity at the end of 2011. Said to have played "with a knife between his teeth", the former Argentina captain has transformed Atletico, whose annual income is about a fifth of that of Barca and Real, into contenders both in Spain and among Europe's wider elite. Prowling the touchline during matches, bellowing instructions and urging on his troops while whipping up the fans, his passion, desire for success and

intensity clearly rubbed off on the players. Proof of the coaching staff's commitment to the cause came in one recent Madrid derby when it literally took eight men to restrain Simeone's number two, another former Atletico player German Burgos, when he lost his temper with the referee. Simeone has managed to wrest the very best from a number of players who had not performed to their full potential before, including top scorer Diego Costa, attacking midfielder Raul Garcia and playmaker Arda Turan. But it is perhaps the tireless work of the defence and midfield that has contributed most to Atletico's consistency as they kept pace with Spain's big two

despite the gruelling calendar and what many considered a limited squad. Under Simeone's guidance, Atletico have conceded by far the fewest goals in La Liga with 26 in 38 matches and leaked only six in 12 outings on their way to the Champions League final in Lisbon on May 24. Captain Gabi, an Atletico academy graduate who returned to the club in 2011 after four years at Real Zaragoza, has been a revelation as ball-winner and distributor-in-chief in central midfield, ably supported by Tiago and Mario Suarez. Centre backs Diego Godin and Miranda have been rock solid, and have also scored important headed goals from set pieces including Godin's equaliser from a corner on Sat-

urday, while fullbacks Juanfran and Filipe Luis have provided attacking width while ably fulfilling their defensive duties. Time and again, goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois has pulled off seemingly impossible saves to deny Atletico's opponents and the on-loan Belgian international will surely be recalled to parent club Chelsea to replace Petr Cech before long. Up front, the performances of prickly Brazil-born forward Costa have earned him a place in the Spain squad and he has netted 27 times in La Liga and eight times in the Champions League, by far his best season. Spain's record scorer David Villa, who is coming to the end of an illustrious career, and Adrian have also contributed with vital goals and assists.

CRUNCH GAME Simeone and his players may remember March 29 and their 2-1 comeback victory at Athletic Bilbao as the moment they truly started to believe the title was within their grasp. The match at fourth-placed Bilbao's daunting San Mames arena was considered as one of Atletico's toughest of the season finale. As part of their preparations for the crunch game in the Basque Country, Simeone decided to call in some outside help. He invited Irene Villa, who lost both her legs in a bomb attack by Basque separatist group ETA in 1991 when she was 12 years old, to speak to the players at the team hotel a few hours before kick-off. After listening to Villa's message and heading across town

to Bilbao's stadium, where Barca lost 1-0 and Real could only manage a 1-1 draw this season, Atletico fell behind in the sixth minute but hit back through Costa in the 22nd. Koke struck the winner 10 minutes into the second half to complete a memorable comeback. "We invited her simply so that she could tell us the story of her life, so we could see the realities," Simeone said. "It really did us a tremendous amount of good, we felt very comfortable and we have one more friend now at Atletico." Atletico's achievements this season will have won them many more friends among soccer's purists as they proved that splurging hundreds of millions of euros on players is not the only path to success.

India lose to Malaysia in Thomas Cup Barcelona preparing for 'profound changes'

NeW DeLHI, MAy 18 (PtI): Promising shuttler RMV Gurusaidutt was the only bright spot on an otherwise dismal day for India as the hosts started their campaign at the Thomas Cup with a crushing 1-4 defeat against formidable Malaysia at the Siri Fort Sports Complex on Sunday. Kidambi Srikanth and Parupalli Kashyap lost their singles match in straight games and the doubles pair of Sumeeth Reddy B and Manu Attri too went down without a fight as India surrendered the tie 0-3 after the first three matches. In the fourth match, doubles pair of Akshay Dewalkar and Pranaav Jerry Chopra managed to take a game away from their rivals before going down in three games. Guru brought some smiles back to the Indian camp when he played out of his skin to eke out a thrilling three-game victory in the third singles. Playing the first singles, K Srikanth saved five game points but still went down fighting to world number one Lee Chong Wei

India's Saina Nehwal returns a shot against Canada's Joycelyn Ko during their women's singles event of the Uber Cup Badminton in New Delhi, India, Sunday, May 18. (AP Photo)

19-21, 12-21 in a 35-minute match, while Sumeeth Reddy B and Manu Attri were thrashed 14-21, 1121 by Boon Heong Tan and Thien How Hoon in the first doubles match as India lagged 0-2. Skipper Kashyap then took the court to play the second singles but the Indian failed to gauge the game

plan of his rival, Chong Wei Feng to eventually suffer a 13-21, 6-21 loss as India further slipped to 0-3. Dewalkar and Chopra then combined and raised hopes of an upset win after grabbing the second game against V Shem Goh and Wee Kiong Tan but ended up defeated. Akshay and Pranaav lost 17-21, 21-14,

14-21 in a 47-minute match as Malaysia continued their domination. In the third singles, World No. 30 Gurusaidutt produced a gallant fight to edge out world number 66 Daren Liew 18-21, 21-13, 21-19 in an over an hour's match. Guru played a fighting game and was in control in the first game but

Daren managed to nose ahead 21-18 in the end to earn the bragging rights. In the second game, Guru was leading 12-5 initially and though Liew narrowed the gap, Guru successfully managed to stave off his challenge and bounced back into the contest. In the decider, Liew was 11-8 up at the interval but Guru kept breathing down his neck moving to 16-18. The Indian then grabbed a couple of points to draw parity. The Indian kept the pressure on his rival to eventually came up trumps when Liew hit long. Srikanth was lagging 4-11 at the break and Lee comfortably kept his distance from the Indian after the interval to quickly reach 20-14. However, the Indian fought back to save five game points before the Malaysian closed the game with a back hand smash. The second game was a close affair till 10-9 before Lee once again zoomed ahead with a flurry of points to comfortably win eventually.

Bayern secure double after Cup win

BeRLIN, MAy 18 (ReuteRs): Bayern Munich restored their undisputed dominance in Germany when they beat rivals Borussia Dortmund 2-0 with two extra-time goals on Saturday to win the German Cup and secure their tenth domestic double. Dutchman Arjen Robben, who scored the winner against Dortmund in the Champions League final last season, tapped in at the far post in the 107th minute after the country's top two teams slugged it out in a goalless but entertaining 90 minutes. Thomas Mueller then raced clear deep in stoppage time to complete the win over their bitter rivals immediately after Marco Reus had missed a chance to equalise. Victory ended a bad run for Bayern who had won the league title with seven games to spare in Pep Guardiola's first season in charge before hitting a slump in form, including a comprehensive Champions League semi-final de-

Bayern's Philipp Lahm, holds, shows the trophy as he celebrates with teammates during the winning ceremony for the German Soccer Cup Final between FC Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund at the Olympic Stadium Berlin, Germany, Saturday, May 17. (AP Photo)

feat by Real Madrid. "When a team wins the league title then it is already a good season," Guardiola told reporters. "But we are happy to have achieved it today. It was a big title." For scorer Robben the win marked the end of a

successful season. "It was a very important goal," Robben said. "This was a Cup, and we really wanted to win it. We are here, won the double, had a super season and that's the bottom line." Saturday's final was marked by a controver-

sial goalline incident with Mats Hummels' header in the 64th minute cleared on the line by Bayern defender Dante with television replays showing the entire ball may have crossed the line. German football bosses earlier in the year

voted against the introduction of goalline technology but the latest incident is set to renew the debate. For Dortmund, the defeat completed a season without silverware, with top striker Robert Lewandowski failing to score in his last game before joining Bayern next season. "It was big title, a final and we had our chances. They (Bayern) wanted to lure us out and then counter attack," Dortmund manager Juergen Klopp told reporters. "We also wanted to play a bit differently. But we did not defend very well. It did not work out and we have to accept it. I am sorry." Bayern, missing injured Bastian Schweinsteiger and David Alaba, also had captain Philipp Lahm limp off with a muscle injury after less than half an hour. Already missing Thiago Alcantara, who had knee surgery on Thursday, Bayern were desperate to end the season on a high after their form nose-dived spectacularly in March.

Barcelona's Adriano Correia, from Brazil, left, heads the ball challenged by Atletico's Raul Garcia during a Spanish La Liga soccer match between FC Barcelona and Atletico Madrid at the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona, Spain, Saturday, May 17. (AP Photo)

MADRID, MAy 18 (ReuteRs): Barcelona are focusing on a sweeping rebuilding effort after the Catalan giants ended the season without major silverware for the first time in six years and coach Gerardo Martino quit. Barca needed to beat leaders Atletico at home in their final game on Saturday to secure a fifth La Liga title in six years but could only manage a 1-1 draw at the Nou Camp and finished three points adrift of the Madrid club. Atletico knocked them out in the quarter-finals of the Champions League and they lost to Real Madrid in the final of the King's Cup, a disappointing return for the world's second-richest club by income that prompted Martino's resignation midway through a two-year contract. "We have not achieved our objectives and we cannot be satisfied," president Josep Bartomeu said in an interview with Spanish television broadcaster TV3. "We will go into a period with profound changes," he added. "There are some players that will not continue but our philosophy won't change. "There are some things that have been decided, we will announce

them in the following days. We will continue with our concept of football." With Martino gone, the way is clear for Barca to appoint Luis Enrique, who stepped down last week after a successful season coaching Celta Vigo, as the Argentine's replacement. A former Barca and Spain midfielder, Luis Enrique was filmed last week by Spanish TV at his home meeting with sporting director Andoni Zubizarreta and he is widely expected to be named in coming days. Luis Enrique took over from Pep Guardiola as coach of Barca's B team in 2008 before a brief and troubled stint at Serie A club AS Roma. Celta hired him to replace Abel Resino in June last year and the Galician club have impressed under the 44-year-old, playing some of the most attractive football in Spain. He is seen as a Barca insider who will remain true to the club's possession-based style with its focus on relentless attack. REINFORCEMENTS His first task would be to ensure the squad, which has looked limited at times this season, is strengthened in the right areas. Among urgently needed reinforce-

ments are a goalkeeper to replace Victor Valdes, at least one centre back and possibly a tall centre forward who can cause problems to opposition defences at crosses and attacking set pieces. "A cycle has ended and the reality is that we have to make changes," centre back Javier Mascherano, one of several players who may move on, told Barca's TV channel. "The club will make decisions and will create a competitive team," added the Argentine, who played in midfield before moving to Spain. "A unique era is over. That's why it hurts so much because you never want a good thing to end. "I don't know what I'll do. I'm very grateful to the club and I'll leave the day they don't want me. "At this point I don't want to talk about my future. The most important thing right now is Barca and our defeat." Another important task for Martino's successor will be to ensure four-times World Player of the Year Lionel Messi gets back to his brilliant best. Messi, who missed two months of the season with a muscle injury, looked strangely subdued in Saturday's La Liga showdown against Atletico and only showed glimpses of his scintillating talent last term.


The Morung Express C M Y K

Monday 19 May 2014



‘If I have one more drink I’ll die’ Becks gets app happy on T

he frontman of the rock band Sum 41 has warned his young fans of the dangers of drinking, after his liver and kidney collapsed. Deryck Whibley, the Canadian rockstar who used to be married to Avril Lavigne, spent more than a month in hospital after collapsing at home. Doctors have told the 34-year-old his organs are so damaged that if he has just one more drink he could die. In an emotional post on his website Friday, the Grammy-nominated musician revealed he had been seriously ill in hospital, and had spent a week unconscious and attached to an IV drip. ‘I was drinking hard every day. Until one night. I was sitting at home, poured myself another drink around midnight and was about to watch a movie when all of a sudden I didn’t feel so good,’ the musician wrote in a post. His fiancée rushed him to hospital, where he was later told that his kidneys and liver had collapsed, Rolling Stone reported. ‘Needless to say it scared me straight. I finally realized I can’t drink anymore. If I have one drink the doc’s say I will die,’ he said.

my- sim a r G d mu vie t a n nomi d Avril La s of n n cian a x, 34, war hol e gne’s gers of alco dan

The singer added: ‘I’m not preaching or anything but just always drink responsibly. I didn’t, and look where that got me.’ He said: ‘I was stuck with needles and IVs all over. i was completely sedated the first week. When I finally woke up ... I had no idea where I was. My mum and step dad were standing over me. I was so freaked out.’ Whibley has a clear cut approach to his recent health scare, telling fans: ‘The reason I got so sick is from all the hard boozing I’ve been doing over the years. It finally caught up to me.’ While the self-confessed hard drinker can no longer have any alcohol, Whibley has said being forced to quit drinking has renewed his creativity. ‘I already have a few song ideas for new songs. Soon it will be time to start making an album and getting back to touring again,’ he wrote. His band Sum 41, last released an album in 2011 - the same year he and Lavigne divorced after four years of marriage. The tour to accompany the album was later canceled because of a back injury that Whibley was suffering from.

night out without Posh...


Drew Barrymore Is Frances Bean Cobains Wedding Planner


rew Barrymore is helping Frances Bean Cobain plan her wedding. The ‘Blended’ actress, who gave birth to second daughter Frankie just three weeks ago, has reportedly stepped in to help her goddaughter, who is the daughter of Courtney Love and late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, plan her upcoming nuptials to Isaiah Silva, as she and the 21-year-old artist are very close. Drew Barrymore is reportedly helping Courtney Love’s daughter Frances Bean


Cobain plan her upcoming wedding. A source said: “Frances, like Drew, goes for free-spirited elegance, so right now, they’re trying to decide whether to have the wedding at a northern California vineyard or on an exotic beach in Mexico. “Drew is fielding calls from designers and stylists while nursing Frankie and sorting through catalogues for invitations and centrepieces. “She’s relishing every moment

of playing mother of the bride.” Frances and Isaiah reportedly spend a lot of time at Drew’s home and see the actress and her husband Will Kopelman - who also have 19-month-old daughter Olive together - as good “role models”. The source told National Enquirer magazine: “Frances and Isaiah love spending time at the Kopelman’s house, even though it’s frequently a chaotic roller coaster. [They are] perfect role models.”


avid Beckham and my old pal, MTV presenter Lilah Parsons were having a giggle the other night scrolling through Tinder, the networking-comedating app which lets you ‘swipe’ your way through singletons. ‘I don’t think he wanted to use it for a date – he is married after all – but he was definitely interested in it,’ said a fellow guest at

the launch of Beckham’s H&M underwear range at Shoreditch House. But the handsome off-limits footballer should be the last person in need of help finding single ladies. In real life, one very persistent woman has been chasing him for months near his Kensington home. A top tip from Sir Bruce Forsyth to his successor as host of Strict-

ly Come Dancing, Claudia Winkleman, 42. ‘Claudia called me the other day,’ Sir Bruce, 86, who quit the show after nine years, told me. ‘She said she gets nervous on TV but I say every good performer has to be nervous.’ Brucie also said he may make a cameo in the next series. ‘I might do a number,’ he admitted.

Harry tells Cressida... Kesha Returning to Work With New Reality Tv Show Let’s give it another try P op star Kesha is planning to make her big return to the spotlight after signing up as a judge on new U.S. reality show Rising Star. “Stoked to be an expert on RisingStarABC with BradPaisley Ludacris and joshgroban” The TiK ToK hitmaker,

who completed a 60-day stint in rehab for an eating disorder in March (14), will join rapper Ludacris, Josh Groban and country singer Brad Paisley on the panel of the TV competition, which will follow the format of a hit Israeli show and allow viewers to vote for their favourite contes-

tants in real time using a digital app. Confirming the news via on Friday (16May14), Kesha wrote, “stoked to be an expert on RisingStarABC with BradPaisley Ludacris and joshgroban”. The series will premiere on 22 June (14) on America’s ABC network.


Hayek stands out with dress, message


ith a fuchsia strapless dress that accentuated her voluptuous figure, Salma Hayek was already guaranteed to turn heads on the Cannes red carpet. So she used the opportunity to draw attention to a crisis — the kidnapping of more than 200 Nigerian girls. The Oscar-nominated actress carried a sign with the hashtag “Bring Back Our Girls” as she walked in



t seemed to be all over for Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas when she decided that a life in the public spotlight was not for her and they ended their two-year romance. But after just three weeks apart, the pair have had a secret reunion and are now back in ‘constant touch’. Friends of 24-year-old Cressida say she has visited the Prince at his apartment in Kensington Palace to talk about their future and that he wants to give their relationship another try. One friend revealed: ‘They have been in constant touch since they broke up and she has now met up with him. ‘It’s all very amicable and no one is ruling out that they will get back together, but Cressida hasn’t made her mind up and the ball is really in her court.’ The reconciliation comes after camera-shy Cressida last week appeared to have undergone a metamorphosis. Wearing a full-length blue gown, she giggled and beamed for cameras outside Annabel’s nightclub

in Mayfair while holding hands with Harry’s cousin, Princess Beatrice. One source noted: ‘She’s usually so camera-shy, yet she was all smiles and giggles as the flashbulbs popped.’ Some insiders are now comparing Cressida’s behaviour to that of the then Kate Middleton, who played the happy singleton after she and Prince William split up. Determined to show the Prince what he was missing, Kate was seen attending his favourite nightclubs in miniskirts and lowcut tops. Within weeks she was back by William’s side. ‘Harry is the jealous type,’ said another source. ‘He will have seen the pictures of Cressida and how stunning she looked.’ Cressida was said to be furious after reports reached her of 29-year-old Harry flirting with PR executive Amanda Sheppard – Bryan Ferry’s ex-wife – at Guy Pelly’s wedding in America, while she remained at home. One of their friends said: ‘Everyone noticed, and Cressida wasn’t happy.’

front of a throng of cameras to a preview of her animated film “The Prophet” on Saturday. The “Bring Back Our Girls” slogan has been used on social media. Notable figures including U.S. first lady Michelle Obama have posed with the message to urge the return of the girls, taken hostage by the Islamic extremist group Boko Haram a

month ago. Hayek is not the only Cannes participant to use the media to draw attention to a topical event. On Friday, the cast of the Turkish film “Winter’s Sleep” held up signs with the hashtag Soma. Soma is the Turkish city where 301 people were killed in an explosion and fire in a coal mine, the country’s worst mining accident.

‘I wanted off this earth’

Pamela Anderson reveals she was ‘molested at six, raped at 12 and gang-raped in her teens


amela Anderson shocked guests at a star-studded Cannes Film Festival event by revealing she was molested as a child, raped at the age of 12 and gang-raped just years later. The Baywatch star spoke about her ordeal on Friday night at the launch of The Pamela Anderson Foundation, in front of 200 guests. ‘I did not have an easy childhood. Despite loving parents, I was molested from age six by a female babysitter’, the 46-year-old said. ‘I went to a friend’s boyfriend’s house and his older brother decided to teach me backgammon which led into a back massage, which led into rape. My first heterosexual experience. ‘He was 25 years old and I was 12.’ The Playboy cover girl then added that a school boyfriend: ‘decided it would be funny to gang-rape me with six friends. I wanted off this earth.’ A guest said: ‘No one was expecting a speech like that. Pamela was so brave.’ The actress had dressed to impress in a dangerously lowcut Vivienne Westwood frock as she celebrated the occasion with a cocktail party aboard a luxury yacht in the French Riviera in support of Cool Earth - a charity close to co-host Dame Vivienne Westwood’s heart. The former actress was escorted into the event by her oldest son, Brandon, who looked smart in his dressy attire. The 17-year-old opted for black pants, a white and blue printed T-shirt, a midnight blue blazer that was rolled at he sleeves and grey suede shoes. The handsome

offspring of Pamela and ex-husband Tommy Lee ensured his mother made it safely onto the boat without tripped in her sky-high platform heels, before handing over the reins to stepdad Rick Salomon. ‘I love Cannes! So lucky to be here with my family. And .. Dream come true - to launch my namesake foundation (on the riviera)... Glamorous, meaningful.. The good life. To raise money to protect and support the vulnerable areas of the world and support those who are protecting and surviving, thriving - within them,’ she wrote. According to its mission statement on the Save The Date cards, The Pamela Anderson Foundation ‘supports organisations and individuals on the front lines protecting the environment, animal rights and human rights’. The official website goes on to explain that with ‘20 years of connecting resources’ the charity is a ‘natural extension’ of the important work she’s already done. She adds: ‘[I] will not be a part of the “bewildered herd” philosophy - must be outspoken and brave. Question everything.’










Arsenal's manager Arsene Wenger, center right, and captain Thomas Vermaelen, center left, hold up the trophy to the supporters outside the Emirates Stadium at the end of their parade on a open top bus through the street of London in celebration of their English FA Cup win, Sunday, May 18, 2014. (AP Photo)

Serena beats Errani to retain Rome title

Atletico win La Liga title after draw at Barca

BARCELONA, MAy 18 (REutERs): Atletico Madrid ended the decadelong dominance of Spanish giants Barcelona and Real Madrid by clinching a first La Liga title for 18 years in a thrilling climax to the campaign on Saturday. A towering Diego Godin header secured Atletico a 1-1 draw against Barcelona that kept them three points clear of the Catalans in second, sparking wild celebrations among the visiting players and fans. Barca needed to beat Atletico in the final-day showdown to snatch the title away and Alexis Sanchez gave the hosts hope when he rifled home from an acute angle after 33 minutes at a packed Nou Camp. But four minutes after the break Godin powered home from a corner and Atletico defended robustly to earn the draw they needed and claim their first championship since 1995-96. The result prompted Barcelona's Argentine coach Gerardo Martino to announce his resignation after just one season in the job. "The work and effort of this team is the key and nobody makes any compromises. The team understands this," Atletico coach Diego Simeone told a news conference. "Today will be

Atletico's players celebrate after winning the Spanish League title after a Spanish La Liga soccer match between FC Barcelona and Atletico Madrid at the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona, Spain, Saturday, May 17, 2014. Atletico clinched its first league title in 18 years after a 1-1 draw. (AP Photo)

one of the most important days in the history of the club. To become champions against Barcelona is a great feeling." Following the final whistle, the Nou Camp crowd applauded the new champions as they cel-

ebrated on the pitch. "This was something unimaginable at the start of the season but totally deserved," Atletico captain Gabi told Spanish television as his delirious team mates celebrated on the pitch behind him. "We always believed

in ourselves, even when we fell behind today," he added. "It is an honour to be part of this and to be able to compete with the big clubs. "Let the fans enjoy this now because they deserve it. We will celebrate this

great title now and from Monday we will focus on the Champions League which is the priority now." Atletico, who contest next Saturday's European showpiece against Real Madrid in Lisbon, finished with 90 points, with Barca

second on 87 and Real, also with 87, in third. It is the first time in 10 years that either Barca or Real Madrid did not win the league and Barca finished without major silverware for the first time in six years.

Marquez dominates Alvarado in victory RCB beat CSK Serena Williams holds up the trophy after winning the final match against Italy's Sara Errani at the Italian open tennis tournament in Rome, Sunday, May 18. (AP Photo)

ROME, MAy 18 (AFP): World number one Serena Williams warmed up for the French Open by cruising to her second straight Rome Masters title on Sunday with a 6-3, 6-0 win over Sara Errani of Italy. Errani had been looking to become the first Italian winner of the women's event in 29 years. But with six previous defeats to her American rival, her bid was always going to be difficult and was hampered after she picked up a thigh injury at the end of the first set. Despite plenty of support from a partisan crowd on Central Court, Errani was overwhelmed by the power of the 32-year-old Florida resident. Williams broke Errani in the second game of the first set and although the 10th seed came back to break in the seventh game, she failed to hold serve in the next, allowing the American to serve out for the set. Errani appeared to have injured her leg when she failed to go for a Williams return which allowed the defending French Open champion to break for a 5-3 lead. Shortly after, the Italian called for the physio.


Spanish MotoGP rider Marc Marquez of the Repsol Honda Team celebrates with the trophy on the podium of the MotoGP World Championship race at the Bugatti race track in Le Mans, western France, Sunday, May 18. (AP Photo)

INGLEWOOD, MAy 18 (AP): Juan Manuel Marquez of Mexico won a clear unanimous decision over Mike Alvarado on Saturday night, dominating in his return to the Forum ring for its first boxing card in 13 years. Marquez (56-7-1) dismantled Alvarado with 12 rounds of technical brilliance and vicious power, knocking down Alvarado in the eighth round and bouncing back from his own ninth-round knockdown to finish strong. "I wanted to give the public here a gift," the four-division champion said afterward while a proMarquez crowd roared its approval. "A gift that dignifies the history of this event and the history of the FoJuan Manuel MĂĄrquez, left, of Mexico, lands a punch to the face of Mike Alvarado in the final round rum. I wanted to make this of a WBO welterweight title boxing match at the Forum in Inglewood, Calif. on May 17. (AP Photo) fight a gift for the fans."

by five wickets

RANChI, MAy 18 (IANs): Riding on a comprehensive performance, Royal Challengers Bangalore defeated Chennai Super Kings by five wickets in an Indian Premier League (IPL) match at the JSCA International Stadium here Sunday. On a low and slow track, Royal Challengers Bangalore bowlers did well to restrict the famed Super Kings batting line-up to a modest 138 for four in 20 overs. Suresh Raina top scored with an unbeaten 62 while David Hussey made 25. It was an impressive performance by the Royal Challengers bowlers and pacer Abu Nechim Ahmed was the miser of the lost giving away just 18 runs for one wicket from his four overs. Fast bowler Varun Aaron also picked up two wickets while veteran off-spinner Muttiah Muralitharan did well for his 1/29. While chasing, Chris Gayle gave a steady start with his 46 off 50 balls but it was a whirlwind knock of 28 in just 14 balls by AB de Villiers that helped Royal Challengers Bangalore surpass the target scoring 142 for five with a ball to spare. Gayle looked never in hurry but his innings was laced with aggression as well. After the early loss of Parthiv Patel (10), Gayle and Kohli added 61-runs for the second wicket at a time when the spinners Ravichandran Ashwin (2/16) and Samuel Badree (0/15) were putting the pressure with some tight bowling. Hussey also picked up two wickets with his off-spin but conceded 38 runs. Gayle, who hit three fours and three sixes, became Ashwin's second victim after he tried to hit the spinner out but later defended, was beaten in turn and had his offstumps knocked back. With the score at 110/3 in the 17th over, De Villiers took away the match from Super Kings with his explosive knock that was studded with three sixes and a four.

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