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india has highest number cM peeved by condition of airport in Dimapur of slaves: Global index Morung Express news Dimapur | October 17

LONDON, OCTOBER 17 (REUTERs): Some 30 While citizens weep over awful road conditions, the million people are enslaved people in power have their worldwide, trafficked into share of grievances. brothels, forced into manChief Minister Neiphiu ual labour, victims of debt Rio, on Thursday, led a conbondage or even born into tingent of volunteers reqservitude, a global index on uisitioned from various modern slavery showed on government departments Thursday. to clean up the Dimapur Almost half are in India, airport. With the 50th where slavery ranges from Statehood anniversary, the bonded labour in quarries Hornbill Festival and the CM neiphiu Rio, interacting with the director of Dimapur and kilns to commercial during the early morning social work organised at prospect of tourists hang- airport the airport on October 21. Photo by Manen Aier sex exploitation, although ing in the air, the CM was Potholes, Potholes, potholes! Everybody’s talking the scourge exists in all visibly concerned about (the day’s clean-up exer- ultimately affects mainte162 countries surveyed by escape, with false promises Bangladesh (343,000). countries were higher than making the airport pre- cise) will be like a lesson nance works, it was added. but nobody’s listening. Walk Free, an Australian- of a good job or an educaThe index also ranks previously thought. The CM was nonetheless sentable to visitors as well for them,” commented the based rights group. tion.” The Global Slavery nations by prevalence of “They’ve been allocat- as travellers from Naga- CM, interacting with news- assertive that the airport be The Morung Express Its estimate of 29.8 mil- Index 2013 defines slav- slavery per head of popu- ing resources against this land at least for the festive persons as well as the Air- kept prim and proper. He POLL QUESTIOn lion slaves worldwide is ery as the possession or lation. By this measure, crime according to the season. At around the same ports Authority. According commented that the mainVote on higher than other attempts control of people to deny Mauritania is worst, with tiny handful of cases that time last year, a similar ex- to the CM, the people who tenance team must make are shouldered with main- the most of available funds SMS your answer to 9862574165 to quantify modern slavery. freedom and exploit them almost 4 percent of its 3.8 they’ve been aware of,” ercise was carried out. In casual wear, Rio was tenance jobs should have a despite the difficulties. The International Labour for profit or sex, usually million people enslaved. said Kevin Bales, lead reIs Nagaland Meanwhile, the Director Organisation estimates through violence, coercion Estimates by other organ- searcher and a professor accompanied by Planning “sense of ownership.” government serious Private entities con- of Dimapur Airport, Manoj that almost 21 million peo- or deception. The defini- isations put the level at up at the Wilberforce Institute and Coordination Minister, about restructuring its system of ple are victims of forced la- tion includes indentured to 20 percent. for the Study of Slavery and TR Zeliang and other As- tracted by the Airports Kumar told newspersons bureaucracy? bour. “Today some people servitude, forced marriage Pakistan, India, Ne- Emancipation at Hull Uni- sembly colleagues. Going Authority of India (AAI) that the AAI has acquired are still being born into he- and the abduction of chil- pal, Moldova, Benin, Ivory versity. “Our estimates are by his remarks, as he made for civil works at the air- land as part of the proposal reditary slavery, a stagger- dren to serve in wars. Coast, Gambia and Gabon telling them that the num- the rounds marshalling the port aired problems faced to strengthen the runway. Yes no Others ing but harsh reality, parAccording to the index, have the next highest prev- bers of people in slavery volunteers, on the amenities by the maintenance team. The Airports Authority acNagaland Airport Contrac- quired 8.5 acres from the ticularly in parts of West 10 countries alone account alence rates. - whether it’s in Great Brit- available at the airport, the tor Union stated that the CRPF and an additional 8 CM was clearly unhappy. The Africa and South Asia,” the for three quarters of the At the other end of the ain or Finland or wherever peeved remarks, on the over- maintenance team is short acres from the Assam Rireport said. world’s slaves. scale, Iceland has the low- - in these richer countries all unkempt condition of the of staff, at the same time fles, Kumar disclosed. That, “Other victims are After India, China has est estimated prevalence actually tends to be about airport, ranged from thick short of funds. At present, however, is not enough. The captured or kidnapped the most with 2.9 million, with fewer than 100 slaves. six to 10 times higher than overgrowths left untrimmed, there is only one manager, existing runway requires at before being sold or kept followed by Pakistan (2.1 Next best are Ireland, they think it is.” randomly discarded plastic whereas, there should be least 150 metres of space on Walk Free CEO Nick wastes, ill-maintained VIP three senior officers from either side if the proposed DIMAPUR, OCTO- for exploitation, whether million), Nigeria (701,000), Britain, New Zealand, BER 17 (MExN): The through ‘marriage’, unpaid Ethiopia (651,000), Rus- Switzerland, Sweden, Nor- Grono said the annual in- lounge and other passenger the AAI, including a civil upgrading of the Dimapur engineer, the contractors airport takes off. “Unless we Station Manager for Air labour on fishing boats, or sia (516,000), Thailand way, Luxembourg, Finland dex would serve as an im- amenities like washrooms. as domestic workers. Oth- (473,000), Democratic Re- and Denmark, although portant baseline for gov“It is our only airport, said. There is no officer in (AAI) are given land for the India Ltd, Dimapur has ers are tricked and lured public of Congo (462,000), researchers said slave ernments and activists in we feel ashamed seeing the finance section, which airport, we are helpless,” informed that in view of its condition... I hope it delays clearing of bills, and Kumar said. into situations they cannot Myanmar (384,000) and numbers in such wealthy the anti-slavery fight. grounding of AI-705 at Dibrugarh on October 17, the grounded flight will be AI-705D on October 18. The flight will depart from Dibrugarh Morung Express news related problems and to bring mum level, he said. farmers to increase the quantity at 11:00 hrs and arrive farmers together. The Speaker also said that in as well as quality of their produce. Medziphema | October 17 in Dimapur at 11:40 hrs. MON, OCTOBER 17 served by it to the State GovAround 400 farmers includ- line with the resolutions of the Vice chancellor of Nagaland It will depart Dimapur (MExN): The Eastern Naga ernment on October 10, has The first ‘Naga Kheti Mela’ orga- ing 200 from outside Nagaland 59th Commonwealth Parliamen- University, Professor BK Konwar, at 12:10 hrs and arrive Students’ Federation (ENSF), expressed dismay over the nized by the School of Agricultur- state have registered at the mela tary Conference held recently lamented that farmers have not following its 11th Federal As- lackadaisical attitude of the al Sciences & Rural Development, held under the theme “Towards in Johannesburg on transfer of received the respect accorded in Kolkata at 13:20 hrs. sembly held today at Helsa Re- Nagaland Government. The Nagaland University (SASRD- sustainable Agriculture.” technology and research to boost to industrial workers or those in sort here, has decided to “take House took a “serious note on NU) in collaboration with variNagaland Assembly Speaker, agricultural productivity, agricul- other professions. Underscoring any degree of action against the subsequent failure of the ous research and development Chotisuh Sazo in his address said tural universities and institutes the need to increase interactions the State Government till its de- State Government in not ful- organizations, commenced on that one-third of India’s popula- in the country should take up the with farmers, the VC said agriculmands are fulfilled.” In that, it filling its assurance given by Thursday at SASRD campus, tion depends on agriculture di- mission of generating human re- ture institutes like SASRD should asked its federating units and Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio,” Medziphema. rectly or indirectly and that agri- sources. develop seeds and paddy varietsubordinating units to be “phys- and decided to take “any deChotisuh said since the North ies suitable for Nagaland’s soil. The event is being organized culture contributes to 25% of the ically and mentally prepared for gree of action” subsequently. with the objectives of creating an nation’s gross domestic product. East is one of the richest reserDirector of ICAR, Dr. BC Deka KOHIMA, OCTO- any eventualities in achieving Sazo said that much emphasis voirs of biodiversity, commer- and State Agriculture Joint DirecThe Federal Assembly of effective platform for effective BER 17 (MExN): The our rights as a human being and the ENSF consists of six fed- transfer of technologies to the has been on commercializing agri- cialization of discoveries emerg- tor, T Soukhrie also spoke on the erating units, namely, Konyak farming community, to showcase culture production and therefore ing from experiments and efforts occasion. Pro-VC, NU, and ChairKohima Village Youth citizen of the country.” The Speaker of its Fed- Students’ Union, Phom Stu- quality produce of the farmers/ adequate production and even dis- such as integrated farming sys- man of Naga Kheti Mela, Prof. NS Organisation (KVYO) conducted a meeting be- eral Assembly, President and dents’ Conference, United growers, to facilitate interactions tribution of food has lately become tems would help in technological Jamir delivered the welcome adempowerment of farmers in Na- dress and Professor Akali Sema tween the Kohima Town General Secretary of the ENSF Sangtam Students’ Confer- of farmers with experts in agri a global concern. have notified through a press ence, Khiamniungang StuWith the changing agriculture galand State. gave a brief report on the mela. allied sectors. Traders Union (KTTU) release that the Federal As- dents’ Union, Yimchunger andThe Parliamentary Secretary State Chief Secretary Alemtemmela will also address scenario and global competition, and the Kohima Cham- sembly, following thorough Akhiru Arhako and Confedera- issues of farmers on crops/live- there is need of exploiting the for Horticulture, Neiba Kronu, shi Jamir chaired the inaugural ber of Commerce and deliberation on the ultimatum tion of Chang Students’ Union. stock production and protection available resources to the maxi- stressed on the need for Naga programme. Industries (KCCI) on October 13 with regard to “misunderstanding and differences of the functioning of KCCI, which cropped up a few Imlisanen Jamir mous Print Shop,’ engages they stress on the need for even in the formulation of months back.” A press in photography, printing, Nagas to appreciate the state policies. Dimapur | October 17 note from the President animation, graphic design“importance of ideas.” They cite the lack of inand General Secretary of The most inspiring entre- ing, video production etc. It They lament that in- frastructural development the KVYO informed that preneurs are those that rev- was revealed that, at prestellectual property, in the in Nagaland State as an inNaga context, is something dicator of how stagnant the the parties in the meet- olutionize businesses, open ent, wedding photography that many people find diffi- creative faculties of policy ing resolved that the up opportunities for others occupies a major chunk of cult to grasp. This miscom- makers are. The will and KCCI shall be the apex and change the way people their business. However, the firm hopes to venture prehension, according to the ability to push beyond think. Their impact might body of business commore avenues. Inoto, Akanito and Lipok, set frameworks in order to munity in Kohima town. not be recognized or ac- intoInoto Nawang Khulu, has affected their business DESIGN efficient systems is knowledged immediately, It was agreed that the but they continue to pursue one of the partners in Deas well. They assert that what they propagate. trade union shall send their dreams amidst sneers sign Stash was recently “While Nagas are happy to A significant feature representative to the from ever present cynics. declared winner of Youthshell out for tangible items; of Design Stash is that the KCCI from among themwe are yet to recognize and firm deals majorly in faThree young men, Ino- Net’s ‘The Entrepreneur.’ appreciate ideas.” cilitating other entrepreselves. According to the to Nawang Khulu, Akanito He walked away with a cash Since their firm comes neurs and businesses. By note, the KCCI resolved Assumi and Lipokyanger, prize of Rs five lakhs, with up with designs to reflect developing creative outto accept some members are on a mission to change a pitch for an online portal ideas, the three business lets to promote artists or of the trade union to be mindsets and perceptions to connect the entire North East and at the same time partners stress on the enterprises, the firm lends through their enterprise inducted into the curmultifaceted trait of the a hand to the local entreas Design Stash. showcase music, culture rent KCCI office bearers. branded designing process. Design- preneurial scenario. Established in 2010, Design and lifestyles from the re(L-R) Lipokyanger, Akanito Assumi and Inoto nawang Khulu It further resolved that Stash deals with “visual gion. In conversation with ing, for them, is a “problem They urge fellow Nathe KTTU from October communications,” through The Morung Express, the to experience all that the on the state of affairs in tion was the lack of compre- solving exercise” and is ap- gas to support local en13 shall not be using the which they promote and three business partners at North East has to offer. De- Nagaland, in context to en- hension that many people plied in every conceivable trepreneurs and to “buy nomenclature KTTU, express ideas by acting as Design Stash revealed that sign Stash plans to source trepreneurship in general have about the intangible aspect of society. As such, local.” These three young “since the differences are creative intermediaries. the idea that enabled Inoto as well as create content and their own endeavors in elements of creativity and they state that the creative entrepreneurs are part settled.” The parties also “Digital storytellers” is a to win ‘The Entrepreneur’ in the website and express particular. They opine that innovation. Design Stash process used within the of a movement that is unhope that it will be up and while there is a lot of poten- primarily focuses on devel- confines of Design Stash ashamedly modern and at unanimously decided to somewhat over the top de- is still in its infancy., though running by sometime next tial among Nagas, “it still oping concepts and ideas, transcends commercial the same time unabashwork under the banner scription which actually fits still in early stages of devel- year. needs to actualize.” which ultimately culmi- paradigms. They add that edly Naga. And they extend of KCCI for the interest their profile. The three partners at A recurring thread that nate into the product of a creativity and innovation an invitation for all to join The firm, which also opment, will serve as a vidof the public. has a subsidiary called ‘Fa- eo gateway for the world the firm expressed views featured in the conversa- tangible artwork. As such, needs to play a vital role the ride.

Air India informs passengers

Demands ignored by govt, ensf prepares

1st Naga Kheti Mela for sustainable agriculture

KTTU, KCCI settle differences

Design stash: changing mindsets and perceptions







Friday 18 October 2013

The Morung Express C

Education: It takes the whole society

MEx File


Kiphire DC advocates better education for progress in development Our Correspondent Kiphire | October 17

DC Kiphire Kesonyu Yhome IAS. (Morung Photo)

‘Voices of the people’ a seminar on District Human Development Report (DHDR) was held today at the Kiphire Deputy Commissioner’s conference hall. Representative from United Sangtam Likhum Pumji (USLB), Yimchunger tribal council (YTC) Eastern Sumi Sub Hoho (ESSH) Akedah Sangtamlaru Thsingmujang (AST) Yimchunger Women Organization, (YWO) United Sangtam Students Conference (USSC) ward members, village council and all the civil societies of Kiphire district attended the seminar. DC Kiphire Kesonyu

Yhome IAS addressed the gathering. In his address the DC said, “This is the 50th year of Nagaland statehood. In order to know the standard of wellbeing and the quality of service that the Government have rendered in the past 50 years, DHDR report is going on, which is the initiative of the Government of Nagaland and Government of India which will be publish on December 1 this year.” He said that there are various indices to measure the progress of development. “DHDR report will not just be another book where it is written and kept in the book shelves but will give a picture of the development activities

in the district at the same time it will give an idea as to how development policies and strategies can be improved in the district in next 20-25 years from now,” he added. Sharing his concern on DHDR report on education the DC said, “The district is well represented and shows fairly in statistic on literacy but the quality of education in the district is very pathetic. This is the concern of all and we should all be serious about education for the district to march foreword.” The DC also said that there has not been any union, organization, society or individual in Kiphire giving importance in education sector. “To im-

Life skills and personality development training held


Dimapur, october 17 (mexN): Capacity building of youth was conducted with the objective of imparting ‘life skills and personality development’ at Christ King Higher Secondary School, Kohima from September 10 to 12. Total 123 participants attended the programme, which was conducted with a view to help young people translate knowledge, develop appropriate attitudes and inculcate values that would help them acquire the ability to reduce exposure to specific risk factors and augment protective factors. This in turn would help in the instillation of responsible behavior towards improved lifestyle. Life skills training was done with special reference to coping skills on emotion,

Participants during the Capacity building of youth at Christ King Higher Secondary School, Kohima.

stress and conflict resolution which were immense important for the youth today. Personality development training was imparted with the view to

Collection of UDISE format under Dimapur


Dimapur, october 17 (mexN): All schools and colleges (Classes 1 to XII) viz Government, Private, Navodaya and Kendriya Vidilaya, CBSE affiliated are informed that the department is conducting its annual collection of school statistics as on 30/09/13 relating to enrollment, teachers and infrastructures through Unified District Information System for Education (UDISE) formats which is mandatory throughout the country. Therefore, Dimapur DEO Nungshila Sohe, in a press release has requested all Private Schools under Dimapur District to collect the format on October 18 and 19 from the DEO office Dimapur SSA Section first floor room No 5 without fail and last date of submission on or before October 25 failing which the concerned school/college would be treated as non-cooperative and appropriate action may be initiated against the defaulting schools.

The Bharat Scouts and Guides, Kiphire district attended trekking cum nature study programme at Imphal from October 1 to 7, 2013 representing Nagaland State. Narola S Lkr, District Organizing Commissioner (Guides) Kiphire in a press release acknowledged the State headquarter staff of BSG Kohima for giving them the chance to attend the event.

prepare them to face interview and improve their personality. A press note received here stated that the resource persons who

animated the training programme were John Makhabo, DYC, NYK, Kohima and A. Lohrii Lawrence, lecturer, and Pelenizo Joseph.

prove the quality of education, we should not leave it to the department alone but together we should reason and do something for the generation coming behind us otherwise even if we discuss a lot nothing will move forward. It will remain stagnant.” He called upon the gathering to reason together to improve the quality of education. Dr Anungla, Lead author gave the DHDR report and the seminar was followed by workshop where various committees took part in discussion. S. Tainiu ADC Pungro chaired the programme and Nchumbemo Odyuo ADC Seyochung proposed vote of thanks.

41st Phom CYE convention concludes

LoNgLeNg, october 17 (Dipr): The 41st Phom CYE convention was held from October 10 to 15, at PBCA Headquarter Longleng under the theme ‘Resurging Youth with Global Outlook”. Executive Secretary PBCA, Y Nuklu Phom and former Executive Secretary PBCA, L Among Phom were the main speakers during the convention. Competition on creative presentation and a play on Bible narratives were also held. Apart from the competition, workshops covering various topics were also conducted including climate change and disaster management; leading of praise and worship; choreography: creative dance techniques; the role and responsibility of Youth Deacons.

The workshop speakers were renowned artiste, singer and songwriter Tali Angh; J.A. Afan, YWAM Lonavala, Maharashtra; Beau, Pastor Longleng Town Baptist Church; Japheth Woch, SDO Sadar and Ango Konyak, POU NEPED. Winners of the competition in the category of a play on Bible narratives are- 1st Dimapur Phom Baptist Church CYE, 2nd Tamlu Village CYE and 3rd Kangching CYE. In the Creative presentation competition, the 1st place was bagged by Signal Phom CYE, while the 2nd and 3rd position was bagged by Kangching CYE and Dungkhao CYE respectively. More than 1500 young people from 45 churches participated in the convention.

‘Art is creating something good out of nothing’ Pfutsero Government College first arts exhibition held

pheK, october 17 (mexN): Pfutsero Government College had its first arts exhibition on October 17 at its college auditorium with Directorate of Art and Culture, Art Executive Vilalhou Noudi, as the special guest. In his message, he spoke about the Uniqueness of Naga Culture, which in “visual art” is unique and special in the eyes of the world. He said, “Art is creating something good out of nothing” and is the meaning and purpose of life. God creating man in His own image explains why we have the creative ability in us, as “God is the Greatest Artist”. He encouraged the students to keep practicing to get ideas and to become the master of creativity as it is the best medium to express views about life, social issues etc. He congratulated the college for being the first college in organizing arts exhibition and urged Schools and Colleges in Nagaland to come up with such programmes to encourage the students as art develops creative imagination abilities in children. He also mentioned that the Art

Sentisangla and Hangtoi of class 10 of Christina Memorial Hr. Sec. School; Aoyimti received "Green Friendship" Trophy for Best Back ground - A series of animation films made by Children inspired by Mahatma Gandhi on October 1 in New Delhi.

Doyang fish sale today Kohima, october 17 (mexN): The Directorate of Fisheries has arranged Doyang Fishermen Union to sell fresh doyang fish at PR Hill Junction, Kohima on October 18 from 6:00 am onwards. Zenohol Angami, Addl. Director of Fisheries, in a press release said that the Department has been encouraging the societies/SHGs/ communities/unions for sustainable economic returns and livelihood development through fisheries sector. The public is informed to avail this great opportunity.

KBYEK Youth Fest held

Kohima, october 17 (mexN): The Khiamniungan Baptist Youth Endeavour Kohima (KBYEK) Youth Fest from October 11 to 13 was held at Khiamniungan Baptist Church, Kohima. KBYEK, President, Muthong K. Chai in a press release stated that the Youth Fest was held under the theme ‘Choosing Life’ with Rev. Phomlee Van, Rev. N. Pomo and M. Chuba Lam as Resource Persons. They spoke on discipleship, second coming of christ, baptist distinctive and now is the time. Creative worship, art & craft, music class etc were featured in the three-day long fest. Altogether 153 members attended the programme.

NBCA first youth conference from today Dimapur, october 17 (mexN): The Nagamese Baptist Churches Association is organizing the first youth conference under the theme ‘renew your spirit’ with Rev. Dr. Chen Rengma, Executive Secretary, NBCA and Lima Imsong, Missionary as speakers. The Conference will be held at Youth Oasis Centre, Eralibill, Dimapur from October 18 to 20 with the youth delegates from all 48 local Churches under Association. The highlights of the event includes: group singing competition, presentation of special items from different youth group, exhibition of god given talent, inspiring messages for youth, learning to live together in communitarian life.


Recognition of V. Hezhekhu Village

moKoKchuNg, october 17 (Dipr): Deputy Commissioner Mokokchung, Murohu Chotso has issued notification for recognition of V.Hezhekhu village under the administrative jurisdiction of Mangkolemba Sub-Division in Mokokchung district. DC informed that objection, if any, regarding the recognition of the said village may be submitted within 30 (Thirty) days from the date of issue of the notification to the Deputy Commissioner Office otherwise the matter shall be forwarded to the government of Nagaland for recognition and registration under the laid down procedure.


Workshop on ‘Quality Assurance and Accreditation” Special guest, principal of Pfutsero Government College and others during the arts exhibition on October 17.

and Culture Department has helped many talented people and a good number of fine arts students have graduated from different Art Institutes. The Department also organizes State Art Exhibition and Workshops every year. An exhortation was given by the Vice-Principal Pfutsero College, Pfutsero Lalboi T. Singsit, basing on the quote by Swami Vivekenanda “Our mind is a mine of infinite resources”, he urged the students to re-

vive, promote, sustain and preserve our culture and traditions. He also requested the Arts and Culture Department to come up with Arts Schools or Institutes and also to give stipends to exceptional students to encourage and give them a moral boost. Pfutsero College, Mass Media Committee, Convener Neiko Ritse in a press release stated that the arts exhibition was initiated by art enthusiast Thepfuvilie Medo (Convenor), Boduve,

Chepre Tsido, Besuta Lasetso, and Muzi Vadeo, students of Pfutsero Government College. The students exhibited their creative skills through photography, sketching, handworks and staff portraits, which were presented to the staffs at the end of the exhibition. The programme was also graced by Neivotuo Keyho, Senior Artist(Sculptor), Department of Arts and Culture, M Doulo, freelancer, Akholie, Staff, Department of Art and Culture.

Kohima, october 17 (Dipr): Directorate of Higher Education, Nagaland will be conducting a one day workshop on ‘Quality Assurance and Accreditation” for Principals and Coordinators of Secular Colleges on October 21 at 10 a.m. at the Capital Convention Centre Kohima.

KCK 2009 batch re-union

Kohima, october 17 (mexN): The second reunion of 2009 batch Kohima College, Kohima (KCK) will be held on November 9, 2013 at Tsiese-Basa Resort, near 11th sector Assam Rifles (Wokha road). It will be a picnic cum get-together under the theme “Anchoring each other”, informed a press release issued by the Organizing Committee convenor Kedoroko Casivi. All members have been requested to attend the programme positively. Bus service will be provided to all the members at Razhü point, Kohima at 9:00 am. For further information, call 9402720324 or 9402035356.

Games and Sports can bring Nagas together as a family


Dimapur, october 17 (mexN): Benjongliba Aier, Parliamentary Secretary of Agriculture & NSAMB, Nagaland today stated that Nagas should learn to live harmoniously with one another and games and sports is one event which can bring everyone together as a family. Speaking as the chief guest at the opening ceremony of the Ao Students’ Union Dimapur (ASUD) “Autumn Huddle”, he stated, “Though Nagaland is just a small state in size, we have many tribes knitted together and live as one family”. He also felt that Dimapur being a cosmopolitan city, this event should not be confined for only Aos but should be organized for

all the tribes living at Dimapur, from time to time. Addressing the eager young participants of ASUD, he said that nowadays professional sportspersons are earning more than any other events but also advised, “However I would like to advise our young sportsperson that games and sports needs a lot of discipline, temperance, hard work, sincerity, tolerance and punctuality etc.” He reflected that in the sporting discipline, one has to say goodbye to drugs and alcohol and other bad habits, and questioned the youths if they are ready to sacrifice their self-ego and discipline themselves to become a great sportsperson

also expressed hope in the DAN-III led government, saying that Games and Sports are given more importance under the dynamic leadership of Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio who himself is a great sportsman. He also pointed out that Rio is also the President of the Nagaland Olympic Association. He also said that through Rio’s great wisdom and vision, he had appointed a young and dynamic Youth Resources & Sports Minister Merentoshi Jamir in the state who is also taking keen interests in the upliftment of the Games (Left) Benjongliba Aier, Parliamentary Secretary of Agriculture & NSAMB speaking as chief guest. (Right) Members of Ao and Sports in a big way. Students’ Union Dimapur (ASUD) during the flag hoisting ceremony of “Autumn Huddle” held at State Stadium, Dimapur. “I am sure under their in the future. “The future your hands and you have to you can make to bring lauThe Parliamentary guidance and supervision, of Nagaland sports rests in decide how much sacrifices rels for our state,” he stated. Secretary of Agriculture the Nagaland Games and


sports will grow and gain more momentum and our state’s young and talented sportsperson will achieve a lot success and bring more laurels to the state in the near future,” he said.

Closing event today

The Ao Students’ Union Dimapur (ASUD) biennial sports meet ‘ASUD Autumn Huddle’ with the theme “As One” closing event will be held on October 18 at State stadium, Dimapur from 3:00 pm onwards. ASUD assistant general secretary Takowapang Lemtur in a press release said that parliamentary secretary urban development, Zhaleo Rio would grace the closing event as the guest of honor.



The Morung express


18 October 2013



HNLC calls for shutdown during Pranab's visit SHILLONg, OctOber 17 (IANS): Meghalaya's outlawed Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC) Thursday called for 36-hour shutdown starting from 6 a.m. on Oct 21 to protest the visit of President Pranab Mukherjee to the state. The rebel outfit said it has called the shutdown as

a mark of protest against the Indian political leadership, which is responsible for all the crisis that has hindered the overall development in Hynniewtrep lands in eastern Meghalaya. "Oct 21 is being observed as the 25th death anniversary of Wickliffe Syiem, founder of 'Hyn-

Northeast Briefs

Saikul bodies for more agitations IMPHAL, OctOber 17 (NNN): The Kuki Inpi Saikul Gamkai (KISG) and Saikul Area Naga Peoples Organisation (SANPO) have informed that it will soon take up the next phase of agitation. While lauding the various civil bodies for extending their supports to the recent 48 hours Senapati district bandh, the KISG and SANPO said the success of the bandh was possible because of their solidarity. The recent bandh was imposed to express their resentments on the alleged negligence of the state government of Manipur towards their demands made through a memorandum submitted on September 25 for the immediate cancellation of Home department's notification of June 14, 2011, and to withdraw all the villages of Saikul sub-division included in the police stations of Imphal East district regarding the Police district boundaries and police stations under the jurisdiction of Saikul Sub-Division, Senapati district.

Manipur govt to address food production IMPHAL, OctOber 17 (NNN): The Manipur Government has taken initiative towards formulating an ‘agricultural land protection policy’ to tackle the problem of impending low food production in the state, the Agriculture Department said. State Agriculture Director G Shamu Kabui said Manipur has a total land area of 22, 327 sq km, but its arable area is only 9.41 sq km which continues to shrink due to human settlement and others. Addressing a function marking ‘World Food Day 2013” at the conference hall of Directorate of Agriculture, Shamu said that the increase in population in the state was a potential threat on food security of the state and that scarcity of food could be a serious problem in near future. “The state Government has taken initiative towards formulating an agricultural land protection policy that aims to conserve the agricultural land of the state," he informed. He said such policy would certainly control the imminent decrease in food production. Additional Secretary, Agriculture Department, Th Gopen Meitei underlined the need for making Manipur a food self-sufficiency state. “We need to enhance the food productivity by providing good quality seeds to the farmers and developing new technology,” he suggested.

niewtrep Nationalism', and the planned visit of Mukherjee is a political insult to the Hynniewtrep National Day," said HNLC spokesman Sainkupar Nongtraw. Mukherjee will undertake a two-day visit to Shillong from Oct 21, during which he will address the state assembly and visit the

Tripura govt adopts methods to boost orange production AgArtALA, OctOber 17 (PtI): Concerned over the drastic fall of orange production in Jampui hills in North Tripura, the state government has adopted scientific methods for increasing the output of the fruit. "It has been observed that productivity of orange plants has come down in Jampui hills and the areas under cultivation have also shrunk as fruit farmers have turned to other profit-making crops like coffee, beetle nuts and ginger," state Agriculture Minister Aghore Debbarma said. In consultation with the experts from the National Research Centre for Citrus (NRCC), the state horticulture department has started distributing artificially grafted orange plants and fertilizers, besides extending facilities for irrigation. The department has distributed 1.97 lakh saplings to farmers in the recent past, he said. "Earlier, orange was produced in 12000 hectares of land, which now has come down to 492 hectares," he said. However, orange cultivation has recently expanded in Ampi and Killa blocks of Gomati district and Sakhan hills of Dhalai district with the help of the ICAR.

lacking is marketing them," India Tourism Deputy Director General Sanjay Shreevats told PTI. North East has so much variation in its culture that a glimpse of a big country can be seen and the proposed conclave aims to showcase the diverse culture of the region to the world, he added. "Although hundreds of domestic delegates will take part, our focus will be on foreign invitees," Shreevats said, adding, that so far, over 160 foreign delegates have confirmed their participation. The media personalities and tour operators joining the Mart will be coming from Australia, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Myanmar,

turning to Delhi. Nongtraw also alleged that chiefs belonging to the Hynniewtrep land and the Himas (Khasi states) had never accepted nor agreed to the signing of the Instrument of Accession to India but were forced to sign under duress. "The Indian govern-

ment has completely turned a blind eye to the welfare of our nation and our people. Our resources are being exploited by these same political leaders, who are luring the people by giving away schemes which in turn benefit the political leaders," he said. Blaming the political

leaders for the large scale influx into the tribal, hill state, Nongtraw said: "For the last few decades, we have seen that the issue of influx, the boundary issue, the encroachment of land by security forces are not at all taken seriously by these so called people's representatives."

The HNLC, which runs hit-and-run operations from its hideout in Bangladesh, has been demanding a sovereign Khasi homeland in Meghalaya. Meghalaya shares a 443km border with Bangladesh, part of which is porous, hilly and unfenced and prone to frequent infiltration.

Modifications in Lower Subansiri dam design accepted: Gogoi

guwAHAtI, OctOber 17 (PtI): The union power ministry has agreed to modify the design of the dam of NHPC's Lower Subansiri Hydro Electric Power Project, Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi said Thursday. Citing a recent letter from Minister of State for Power Jyotiraditya Scindia, Gogoi said the central government had also agreed to allocate another 300 MW power to Assam in addition to the already allocated 208 MW

of paid and 25 MW of free power. According to Scindia's letter, the issue of the Lower Subansiri project was examined in detail and as a follow up of recommendations of the Tahtte Committee, an independent Dam Design Review Panel (DDRP) was set up. The DDRP has examined the issues involved - foundation competency, seismic aspect, dam design review and existing ground conditions and has proposed some additional safety measures, it said.

These have been accepted and the National Hydroelectric Power Corporation (NHPC) has been asked to take the project forward on the lines suggested by the DDRP, the letter said. Gogoi also said that to mitigate the downstream impact, NHPC has agreedtoimplementtherecommendations of the Joint Steering Committee set up by the state government. He said that Scindia also mentioned that a delay in resumption of work will result in increase in tariff

ALLAFUM submits memo to central govt

IMPHAL OctOber 17 (NNN): In a bid to save the Loktak Lake and its fishermen from being denied their right of fishing for their livelihood, a memorandum was submitted to the central government with various demands. The All Loktak Lake Area Fishermens’ Union Manipur (ALLAFUM) submitted a memorandum to Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh, UPA Chairman Sonia Gandhi, Minister of Rural Development Jairam Ramesh and leader of the Left Front Basudev Archaria on a 4-day visit from October 7-10 at the national capital demanding to save Loktak Lake, said O. Rajen, secretary of ALLAFUM.

Govt eyes marketing NE in global tourism fest guwAHAtI, OctOber 17 (PtI): Over 150 foreign delegates from the US, the UK, Japan, France, Australia, Germany, Russia, South Korea and Sweden will take part in the three-day International Tourism Mart beginning tomorrow at Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh, a senior tourism official said. The foreign delegation will mainly comprise international tour operators and senior media personalities, he added. The Tourism Mart was being organised by the Union Ministry of Tourism. "The main objective of this tourism conclave is to sell brand North East to the outer world. We have everything in the North East but what we are

Don Bosco Museum, the largest cultural museum in the whole of Asia as far as indigenous cultures of the north east are concerned. The president, who is also the Visitor of the North Eastern Hill University, will confer degrees to the students during its 21st convocation Oct 22 before re-

Norway, Oman, Brunei Darussalam, The Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, the UK and the US. Nearly 150 persons, mainly tour operators, will also take part from Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura, Meghalaya, Sikkim and West Bengal.

LOST NOTICE I, Khuvotso Kezo S/o. Puzükro Kezo of Kikruma Village lost my original License documents bearing no. NL/ PK 3968 SBBL 12 BORE.

O. Rajen expressed that the committee is firm in their stand and will continue to fight for their right to profession, dignity of labour and right to live with dignity. The committee has made demands for the repeal of Manipur Loktak Lake (Protection) Act, 2006, decommission of the Ithai Barage, enactment of Manipur Loktak Lake Fisherman’s Rights and Welfare Act among the few. He also questioned the government why they have newly sanctioned an amount of Rs 2.20 crore even though the earlier sanctioned amount of Rs 2.24 crore has been misused for non-developmental works. The use of high technology and ma-

chine in the lake for welfare will not drag the lake to its original beauty form until the construction of the Ithai Barage is withdrawn. The team met with central leaders like UPA Chairman Sonia Gandhi, Joint Secretary of the National Advisory Committee, Government of India, Malisha and member of Ekta Prishad, Ramesh Sharma recently. The committee also revealed that they had met with Vijaya Chakraborty, MP and Standing Committee member during her national parliamentary visit to Manipur regarding the current scenario of Loktak Lake, wetlands and its dependence to which she had given positive response.


so that the work of the project resumes at the earliest," said Gogoi. Gogoi said that the power situation in Assam is going to improve in the near future as the state government had already asked the central government for about 240 MW of power from the Palatana power project in Tripura. "Immediately we are going to get 90 MW of power from Palatana project but from next year we are going to receive 240 MW of power," he said.



Singrijan, Dimapur. The Govt. of Nagaland has Sanctioned Post Matric Central Scholarship to the students Institute of Management & Medical Research Health Science, Dimapur, during 2012 – 2013 session. Therefore, the concerned students who have applied are requested to check their respective accounts.

Respectively, all the IMMRHSSN students under the Para Medical Council of India are requested to submit two recent color passport size photo for Council lifetime identity card on or before 12th of Nov. 2013.



Date : 14th -19th October 2013 Time : 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Venue : Conclave Conference Hall, LCS Building Midland, Kohima For More Information: 9862008081, 03860-229370


ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Kohima Bazar Durga Puja Committee thank district administration, DC Kohima, SP Kohima, OC's of all the Police Stations and security personnel, Traffic Officer and KMC without your support it would have been difficult for us to perform our Puja peacefully. We would also like to extend our gratitude and appreciation to Dr. Nicky Kire, Hon’ble Parliamentary Secretary, Justice & Law, Land Resources, Labour and Employment and other political, social leaders, organizations and all the societies. Further we wish everyone a very Happy Vijaya Dashmi. President, Kohima Bazar Durga Puja Committee

that has ultimately to be borne by the public and asked the state to facilitate tripartite talks between the NHPC, the central government and the agitating groups so that the issue can be resolved at the earliest. "The project has already been delayed. We are going to talk to the organizations like the All Assam Students' Union (Aasu) and the Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti (KMSS), who had been opposing the construction work of the project on various grounds

Dated Kohima, the 17th October. 2013.

NOTIFICATION With reference to letter NO.CT/EXAM- 1/07 dated 04.10.2013 received from the Taxation Department, it is hereby notified that the officers of Taxation Services shall follow the new Departmental Examination as per the Amended Taxation Service Rules, 2012. Date Time Subject Venue 09:00 to 12:00 1. General Mercantile Law (with books) NPSC EXAM 21.10.13 HALL 01:00 to 04:00 2. Nagaland VAT Act & Rules 2005 (with books) 09:00 to 12:00 1. Other Taxation Law (with books) NPSC EXAM 22.10.2013 HALL 01:00 to 04:00 2. Book Keeping & G.C.K. (with books) 09:00 to 12:00 1. Accounts & Office NPSC EXAM Procedure (with books) 23.10.2013 HALL 01:00 to 02:00 2. Practical Test 10:00 a.m. onwards 1. Dictation in Hindi 2. Translation from Hindi into English 3. Translation from Eng- NPSC EXAM 24.10.2013 lish into Hindi HALL 4. Conversation in Hindi 12:00 noon onwards 1. Theory in Basic Computer Application 12:00 noon onwards I. Tax Soft Application 0/o the 01.11.2013 Commissioner of Taxes, Dimapur This cancels the Commission Notification NO. NO.NPSC/DEPTTL-1/2009 dated 24th September, 2013 (SARAH R. RITSE) Secretary, Nagaland Public Service Commission, Kohima.



public discoursE



18 October 2013

A tribute on the 62nd martyrs’ day My dear Countrymen, n 18th October, 1952, an aggressive armed Indian officer killed Naga leader Eno Zasibito Nagi of Jotsoma village in broad daylight in the heart of Kohima Town. He was the first Naga Martyr to Indian Army. Thus the Naga Nation has marked this day, the 18th October every year as the National Martyrs’ Day to pay tribute to those who had laid down their lives defending our national rights. It was a fact that, the war between India and Nagaland might have been averted if the Indian leaders after Mahatma Gandhi understood the position of the Naga people and the Naga national stand. But, the first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru arrogantly began to invade Nagaland with the aim to cow down the Nagas within a month, but failed. When the Indian leaders realized they could not defeat the Nagas, they adopted British’s divide and

rule policy. Voluntary Village Force (VVF) and Village Guards (VG) were formed as Armed Wings in order to create conflicts and fight among the Nagas. However, they could not use them effectively. Besides, hundreds and thousands of Naga heroes have perished in this half-century in the ruthless hands of Indian Armed Forces, Myanmar Military Forces, and their agents. Many of our patriots, innocent civilians including women and children were killed. Thousands of Naga villages and granaries were burnt down. Many women were raped till death, many men tortured to death and many were starved to death. The Yempang Massacre of November 14, 1954, Longpa Massacre of June 6, 1956, Settsü Massacre of June 16, 1956 and Matikhrü Massacre of September 6, 1961 are some instances. Detail reports can be found in the Nagaland Atrocities Document. May the good LORD grant



ugustine of Hippo (4-5th Century AD), the very influential early church thinker postulated the doctrine of Just War in describing the battles of the Old Testament. In moral terms, the Just War concept legitimizes having standing armies, the waging of wars (against injustices) and the fight against evil (Hitler). While we can have philosophical arguments as well on Just War theology, the point here is that the armed nature (as a last resort) of the Naga movement is explainable as the fight of free Nagas against the forceful occupation of their land by an alien Indian state. The illegitimacy of Indian armed forces occupation of free Nagalim or our historical legitimacy was the justification for armed recourse by Nagas and such an action was believed to be morally right, God-sanctified or a “Just War.” Unfortunately, the fratricidal killings and factionalism now synonymous with Naga Political Groups’ (NPGs) as also the levying of heavy taxations not for war efforts but for

personal gains has made any linkages to Just War concept untenable. While this has not stopped the NPGs from continuing the struggle citing historical legitimacy, it’s the question of moral legitimacy which is posing a great challenge to permanent peace and settlement. Against the background of the current peace-talks, any critical questioning by individuals and organisations on the motives of the NPGs is cunningly misdirected as questioning the historical legitimacy of the Naga struggle which is not true since the true question being posed is ‘whether claims to historical legitimacy is enough to justify one’s actions in the face of moral bankruptcy of the NPGs no matter how noble the struggle or the sacrifices.’ Many a times the NPGs have publicly taken Naga intellectuals and organisations to task for questioning their motives and they routinely invoke the historical legitimacy of the

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7 HAbits Of HAppy Kids



























Dear Naga People, n the name of our living God Almighty, I salute to all the Naga people in the Homeland and abroad. I humbly pay my homage and salute to all the Naga National Heroes who laid down their lives for the very freedom of the Naga people on this National Martyrs’ Day of 18th October 2013. Today, this is my prayer to God Almighty that the Good Lord bless the families of those National Workers who sacrificed their all for the political freedom of the Nagas. May they lead a good and prosperous lives for the National Cause. Today is the Day that the Nagas especially the National Workers to solemnly observe the National Martyrs’ Day of October 18th with prayer and respect. The Naga people should never forget the Naga National Martyrs’ Day as the Naga people and Nation become well known politically in the world because of the Naga Martyrs’ sacrificial deeds. Those who laid down their lives for the Naga freedom should be honoured and pay


due respect on the National Day of Ours for their noble deeds for the Naga Nation and their sacrificial deeds will never go in vain but will bring freedom for the Nagas. Therefore, the present generation should remember and observe the Day as a “ National Duty of Respect and Honour to the National Heroes from the first martyr Zasibito Naga to the present day of struggle for freedom of sovereignty as they gave their all for the political freedom of the Naga people in particular.” The NNC is not in armed conflict with any faction as the Parent Body always maintained absolute Non-Violence as principle stand till date for the sake of Naga Sovereign Rights and real Peace to prevail in the Naga Homeland. We the NNC can say today again that by the grace of God, the NNC is in no way committed or involved with the present state of unwanted crimes or situations especially killing in the Homeland as we maintained clean record till date.

Therefore, we NNC praise God Almighty for His mercy and grace for sustaining us with all providence. The NNC will always stand for the extension of “Christ Kingdom” in this part of the world. Today, the NNC must say that the Second World War veterans and soldiers of British Government always come to Nagaland to pay homage to their fallen soldiers in Kohima but never concerned nor uttered even a word about the Naga people who fought, defended and sacrificed for the British Government. The British Government especially the war veterans and the Royal Soldiers are an ungrateful and forgetful white race who never ever uttered a word about the plight of the Naga people till date even if they often come to Kohima which was devastated by war. In reality the Naga people are politically suffering for the last more than sixty long years because of the British Government in the first place as they betrayed the Naga People’s right for freedom of sovereignty.

Just War Ain’t Just Anymore struggle to justify all their actions. Their modus-operandi is to discredit opponents by labeling critics as traitors or anti-Nagas’ and stifle dissent and any sort of debate. After all, even constitutional governments routinely imprison or even execute traitors…. Therefore, the question raised is “How can the Naga Political Groups invoke a moral concept when they have abandoned the very moral premise on which the struggle was kickstarted? The term ‘traitor’ and ‘anti-Naga’ implying a moral judgment, isn’t it presumptuous to accuse when the accuser itself is bereft of moral authority? How do you justify their contribution to general lawlessness, the killings, the factional fights, and unabated taxations in the light of Just War and claim the moral right to morally discredit people (and organisations) as traitors fit to be given history lessons? Is the historicity of the movement enough to justify the

continued existence of the NPGs without an accompanying moral foundation?” The two grave issues which have already undermined the NPGs are: 1. Absence of moral authority and 2. Defection or the fear of defection Moral authority should not be confused with religiosity as the NPGs would like to believe. Mass fasting with prayer services, conducting “Cleansing programmes”, or having grand churches inside the camps with designated pastors cannot redeem the NPGs much less confer it with moral authority. On the contrary, it reeks of hypocrisy. What is the worth of Nelson Mandela? What is Gandhi and his philosophy without his sacrifices? Their worth is that the most powerful country in Africa and the mighty British Empire capitulated before them because of their moral stature. The Naga struggle is no less genuine but struggle for pow-

Simple Rules - There is just one simple rule: “Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box co ntains the digits 1 through 9.”



Eno I Temjenba Lkr, Kedallo, Federal Government of Nagaland

Speech of Z. Royim Yimchungrü, Acting President of Naga National Council on Naga National Martyrs’ Day




peace to the martyrs and solace to the many orphans, widows and grandchildren ! The Nagas will never compromise their sovereignty to India and to any state in the world. Hence, we will never betray the Naga Heroes and Heroines who sacrificed their lives for a sovereign independent Nagaland. Therefore, unless the Indian Occupational Forces nobly withdraw from Nagaland, there would be no peace and solution to the Indo-Naga conflict. And we hope that new Indian leaders with true sense of wisdom will prevail over the false claims of India on Nagaland and will amicably solve the conflict based on unique historical facts of the Naga Nation. May God bless Nagaland. Urra Uvie. KUKNALIM.

The Morung Express

er, money, affluence and thirst for revenge is now the mainstay of the NPGs and this moral turpitude or the lack of moral voice is the reason why the NPGs are small men still crying hoarse against giant India. Turning the tables, the question now is “Who has betrayed whom?” Unless the NSCNs bury their differences and reconcile with popular support behind a unified movement (even a moth-eaten Nagalim will do), India has no need to come around. Therefore, reconciliation is a must. Secondly, reconciliation without popular support will not do. The issue of taxation which has polarized Naga society has to be addressed if at all popular support is to be mobilized. It is crystal clear that negating these core issues whilst accusing all and sundry of undermining the peace-talks will not bring about a political solution. Probably, the great blunder of the last 16 years is the non inclusion of no-

defection clause in the ceasefire agreement arrived at in 1997 between the NSCN (IM) and the GOI. This non inclusion could be due to the fact that there was no simultaneous ceasefire agreement between the GOI and NSCN (K) during the same period - it happened only in 2001. The non-inclusion may appear innocuous but the damage caused is not difficult to comprehend. Surprisingly, it’s not the actual defection per se but the fear of defection which is unraveling the movement apart. Mid-level and lower cadres of the NSCNs now effectively run the organisations, thanks to their subtle threat to defect if the top rebel leaderships clamp down on their antisocial activities like illegal taxations. This couldn’t have happened at a more inopportune moment. The peace-talks have reached a serious stalemate and India is prepared to play the waiting game for the next 100 years whereas NSCN
























(IM) does not have the luxury of time. But any serious pro-people initiative to win the hearts and minds of the people would mean reining in the free-wheeling cadres. However, the fear of defection means that such a popular initiative can never take off. There is a strong suspicion that the GOI is banking on the defection card to finish off the Indo-Naga imbroglio once and for all. In short, the suspicion is that the hands of Isak & Muivah, Kitovi & khole and Khaplang are tied. The NSCN (IM) faces a Mexican Standoff on two fronts, one with the GOI and the other against its own cadres but the top leaderships are hesitant to take the first shot since the first shot is invariably risky in a three-way standoff. Nevertheless, the relevance of the movement being called into question by the average Nagas, the NSCNs has to purge their organisations of disruptive elements. Such would entail the most difficult de-

cision and it may result in mass defections too but the fear of defections should not be allowed to undermine the movement at any cost. At the end of the day, even if Isak & Muivah, Kitovi & khole and Khaplang stands alone in the organisation, the fact is that Naga people will be grateful to these leaders for showing leadership at a time of national crisis and mass support is assured. If reconciliation and single taxation is an impossible task, the NPGs might as well give up all pretenses to fighting for Naga cause and the public would be satisfied. Such an admission would also save us the chorus of every entity from the state government to Naga Hoho raising every time the bogey of fear of derailment of the Indo-Naga peace talks which is a silly attempt to cover up their misdeeds and inadequacies and an insult to our intelligence. Under the present circumstances, a Just War is simply incongruous with present reality.

Joel Nillo Kath

Guidelines for the President of Nagaland Tribes Council


Answer Number # 2678


The NNC will always voice against the British Government in the future too even in the international arena for what they could not do politically for the Naga people as they ought to do and unless they raise their voice for the plight of the Nagas as they were responsible in the inception. The NNC must say again today that the political problem of invasion and aggression by the Government of India and the Military Junta of Burma (Myanmar) in the past after British Government’s betrayal of Naga people politically is bound to be settled Internationally sooner or later. Therefore, the Naga people should come forward without any reservation in support of right political stand and body which can be supported by the international level to put forward the political plight of the Nagas for the settlement in the interest of real peace and development in the South-East Asian Region.

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31. Den 32. Church alcove 33. Set the boundaries 34. Bilestone 37. Square block 38. Small city 40. Portuguese folksong 41. Hawaiian veranda 43. Be uncertain 44. Obstacle 46. A gold coin of ancient Persia 47. Humiliate 48. Fence “doors” 49. Excrete 50. Backside 51. Decorative case 53. Greek letter 56. Mug 57. Gist

Ans to CrossWord 2690

ertain Paper in Nagaland reported purportedly many things of what President of NTC, Thepfulhouvi Solo had not said a word, in his acceptance Speech on the Inaugural Meeting at APO Hall on 12 October 2013, but not one word of what he has actually said. Many words from various quarters seem to confuse the less informed common man and woman in the Street about the Position of the NTC, Nagaland Tribes Council; To preempt such journalistic plethora, it has become necessary to bring out in simple precise language, a few of the principal Guidelines the President of the NTC shall be working with; so that the common man in the Street is clearly aware of the positions the Council stands. The formation of such a non-political Body NTC without fear or favor in Nagaland hopefully would provide consciousness to the younger generation of the Freedom of Peaceful Association and of Expression. The formation of the Council may give impetus to strengthen the kindred Communities in Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and Myanmar. The President of the NTC shall be guided by: 1. Anybody who is not against the NTC is a Partner of the NTC (Nagaland Tribe’s Council). 2. The NTC would work for special close ties with ENPO and for Friendship with all the neighboring States of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur and our Naga brothers and sisters in Myanmar. 3. The Council shall remember the Naga People’s Aspirations but the NTC is not a Political Body. 4. The NTC jurisdiction extends to the State of Nagaland and the ancestral Lands it claims. 5. NTC supports necessary Peace Initiatives by Anybody, between anybody; but if any Peace Body strays beyond the boundary of PEACE into the boundary of nationalistic or racial Jurisdiction, the Council shall have Caution. 6. NTC is committed to the constitutional Rights of the People of Nagaland, peculiarly and especially the Rights of the Land Owners of the State. 7. NTC is opposed to any forms of Hegemony by Anybody, Company, Corporate Body, or Individual; be it in Commerce, Industry, Trades, or in any other activities in the Society: 8. NTC would not normally meddle in the Internal Affairs of the constituent Tribe or its (the Tribe) District. Thepfulhouvi Solo

Readers may please note that the contents of the articles, letters and opinions published do not reflect the outlook of this paper nor of the Editor in any form.


The Morung Express

Friday 18 October 2013

Mongchen people come together to repair road Mokokchung, october 17 (Mexn): Keeping in view the pathetic road condition in Changkikong range (under Mokokchung district), people of Mongchen village residing in different parts of Nagaland came together and repaired the ‘Mongchen Link Road’ to Mangkolemba sub-division on October 11, 2013. This vital road links Mongchen and its neighboring villages to the nearest town Mangkolemba. About 250 Mongchen village volunteers from different parts of Nagaland repaired the worst five kilo- People of Mongchen village repairing the Mongchen link road to Mangkolemba sub-division on october 11. The villagers employed the boulders and filled undertaken after collect- outside Nagaland. meters stretch of the twenInforming this in a ty kilometers link-road a mechanized excava- the ditches manually. The ing freewill donations from tor (JCB) and also cleared whole repairing work was Mongchen people in and press statement, a citizen of leading to Mangkolemba.

Extortionists arrested DiMaPur, october 17 (Mexn): Four extortionists have been arrested from Dimapur town in three separate incidents. A press release issued by Addl. Superintendent of Police/PRO informed that two extortionists were arrested on October 15 after they were found extorting money from shop keepers at New Market. The two were caught by the Special Branch personnel on surveillance duty deployed in market places. Rs 2860/of the collected money was recovered from their possession. One of the arrested identified as Vikheto Yeptho (30) has claimed to be a Sectional Officer of GPRN/ NSCN, the note said. The other accused Kisheto Zhimomi (30) is a civilian. Both are reportedly residents of Thilixu village, Dimapur. In another incident on October 16, Dimapur West police arrested an extortionist who was demanding Rs 10,000/- at gun-point from a 45-year-old woman at her residence in Duncan Basti. The accused reportedly identified himself as a

Special Branch personnel to make entry and force the demand. The extortionist was found carrying a dummy toy pistol, with which he threatened the victim. Meanwhile, Dimapur East police personnel arrested one armed extortionist on October 17, when he was extorting money armed with M20 pistol. The accused was demanding Rs 5000/- from a hardware and electrical store shop located at Nagarjan junction. The release stated that the accused had also threatened the shopkeeper with dire consequences if the demand was not met. The accused identified as Khekavi Aye (24) and presently residing at Bank colony, Dimapur has claimed he is a GPRN/NSCN cadre in the rank of Lance Corporal. Police recovered the M20 pistol with 8 live ammunitions from a Pharmacy located nearby the shop after the accused tried to dispose the arm and flee from the scene. Cases have been registered in all the cases for investigation, it added.

Mongchen village, Tia disclosed that the Link-road connecting Mongchen to Mangkolemba serves as the lifeline not only for Mongchen but also the neighbouring villages under Changkikong range to the nearest urban town i.e Mangkolemba and also to Mariani under Assam. He informed that the Mongchen volunteers decided to repair the road since the villagers have to travel to Mangkolemba every now and then especially for medical treatment and also for trade and commerce. Despite its significance, this road has been left untouched since the first cutting in 1960-1961, he added.

Delhi docs to hold free medical camp in Mkg

Mokokchung, october 17 (Mexn): A free medical camp will be held in Mokokchung from November 11 to 15 at Imkongliba Memorial District Hospital which is sponsored by MLA C Apok and family with the collective initiative of doctors at Civil Hospital Mokokchung and voluntary organizations from different backgrounds. This was stated in a press note received here. The medical campaign will host three doctors who are specialists at different areas of medicine and from a reputed Hospital in New Delhi. The team of doctors will be led by Dr. H. N Bajaj, Dr. Pushkhar Chawla and Dr. Sumeet Sethi. The note mentioned that Dr H N Bajaj is an Orthopaedics specialist and his special interests are injuries to the spine (Spinal Fractures), infections

to the Spine, Spinal Cancer, Disc Surgery, Spinal Pain and Spinal Stenosis. He currently practices at Max Healthcare as Chief Spinal Surgeon, Department of Orhtopaedics & Joint Replacement Surgery. Dr. H. N. Bajaj started his career in Manipal, and then he got an opportunity to go to Harrogate, UK, Sydney, Australia and Sabah, Malaysia. This gave him seven years of international exposure. He popularized anterior approach for complex spine problems, fixation of implants in TB of the spine. Also, Dr. Pushkar Chawla is designated as a Consultant at Max Super Speciality Hospital, Shalimar Bagh Max Hospital Gurgaon. His speciality is Orthopedics. He has worked as Trauma Fellow, Dept. of Orthopaedic Surgery, Ganga Hospital Coimbatore, Orthopaedic Consultant in various

Private hospitals in West Delhi. He was awarded the second prize for Best Paper on “Osteoarticular Manifestation in Sickle Cell Disease & its Management’ presented at OOACON (Cuttack in 1998). His research and publication includes paper on ‘Turret Exostosis’ published in Indian Journal of Orthopaedics 1998, and Chapter on “Minimal Access Surgery in Orthopaedics” published in the Book of “Minimal Access Surgery” by Jaypee Brothers. The release also stated that Dr. Sumeet Sethi, MD DM is presently working as Senior Consultant Interventional Cardiologist at Max Heart and Vascular Institute since its inception. He has extensive experience in Non-Invasive Cardiology as well as Interventional Cardiology. He had also been an investigator in large international randomized trials like Ear-

ly ACS Trial, PLATO Trial, EXCEL Study, OLYMPIA Registry, FREEDOM trial, PROTECT Trial and SPIRITII trial. He received formal training in transradial intervention and cardiac resynchronization therapy in Thailand. His special interests are Acute Myocardial Infarction Intervention i.e. primary angioplasty, interventions through the transradial route and interventions for acute and chronic limb ischemias. The press note called interested patients to avail registration forms from October 16 till November 5, after which registration will not be entertained. The registration form can be obtained from Civil Hospital between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm. For queries one can also contact 8962174181Civil Hospital. However, for registration, patient must go in person and cannot be processed through phone.

DiMaPur, october 17 (Mexn): The Morung literary committee convened a joint meeting with the organisers of the Morung Fest and Judges of the literary event at Niathu Resort on October 16.The literary section will focus on ‘Extempore’ and ‘Collage’ competitions – Collage for high school students and Extempore for higher secondary/college students. The meeting resolved to hold the collage competinagaland Zoological Park received one soft shell Turtle donated by Tokuho suhoi, tion on the theme ‘Vibrance Vice president NPF (Central Office), Kiviho Zhimomi, Youth President NPF Ghaspani-I a/C and Zuben lotha, general secretary nPf ghaspani - I a/C. The turtle was rescued of the Nagas’, which is the main theme for the whole from niuland area and brought to the Zoological Park.

‘the Morung Fest’ event. Meanwhile, ‘Aids and its Awareness’ was decided as the theme for the extempore competition. The selected panel of Judges for the literary competition are Dr. Atsung Aier (Chief Judge), Lansothung Yanthan and Azono Khatso. The Morung literary contest is an open competition. Interested schools and colleges have been invited to

participate. Cash prize will be awarded to the winners: 1st - Rs. 3,000/-; 2nd - Rs. 2,000/-; 3rd - Rs. 1000/- and also each participant will be given a certificate. For further assistance contact: 9612790837 (committee convenor) or 8729874461 (event co-ordinator). Email: info@themorungfest. com, Website:

Morung Extempore & Collage contests

Schedule for revision of Kohima E-Rolls

kohiMa, october 17 (Mexn): All concerned are informed that in accordance with the Election Commission’s time schedule for revision of electoral rolls (E-Rolls), applications for inclusions, deletions, corrections and transpositions in Form 6, 7, 8, 8A are being received by BLOs concerned up to October 31, 2013. In this connection, the next reading of

relevant Part/Section of Photo E/Rolls in Gram Sabhas/ Local Bodies and RWA meeting for verification of names will be held on October 19, 2013 (Saturday). Also, next special campaign with Booth Level Agents of political parties for receiving Claims and Objections will be held on October 26, 2013 (Saturday) in all polling stations of Kohima district.

A press release issued by Electoral Registration Officer & Addl Deputy Commissioner, Kohima and Assistant Electoral Registration Officer, Kohima informed that BLOs will specially sit in the polling stations concerned on the said dates to cater to the needs of the public. It further informed that having detected with the Commission’s software, many doubtful cases of mul-

the Union president has appealed the administration, judiciary and investigating agency to award “maximum possible punishment as deemed fit” to the accused. It also urged not to grant bail to the accused under any circumstances. “At this juncture, when our Naga society are pleading for peace and safety of women, such kind of heinous and beastly act cannot be tolerated anymore and should be condemned by all,” it added. The Union further extended its support and solidarity to the victim and the families unMao Students’ Union Ditil justice is delivered. mapur Mao Students’ Union Mao Hoho Dimapur Dimapur has vehemently Mao Hoho Dimapur, condemned the rape of a while strongly condemn26-year-old Naga woman ing the October 14 rape by one Chithuyio on Octo- at Viola Colony has mainber 14 at Viola colony, Di- tained that the accused mapur. A release issued by Chithuyio should be given

stringent punishment. In a note, the Hoho warned all not to stand in favour of bail for the accused. It also appealed the law enforcement agency to award appropriate legal course of action and urged upon each and every citizen to condemn such barbaric act of conduct. Further, it called upon every citizen to be responsible, watchful and stand united to prevent further occurrence of such “evil deeds in our society”.

Mao Council Mao Council denouncing in the highest degree the “beastly act” perpetrated by Chithuyio, has said the accused should not be freed unpunished. Expressing strong resentment, it stated “such behavior is of no use to man and beast…such depraved quality person deserves no seat in a society.”


Mex fIle Two held for alleged rape kohiMa, october 17 (Mexn): Two youth have been caught by Pezielietsie colony youth, Kohima for allegedly raping a teenage house maid from the colony last night around 8:30 PM. Sources informed that the two youth were caught and handed over to the police by the colony people. Sources further stated that a case has been registered under North PS, Kohima and that investigation was going on.

Autorickshaw bandh passes peacefully

DiMaPur, october 17 (Mexn): The bandh called by Dimapur District Auto Drivers Union (DDADU) on October 17 to protest against the “insecurity of the auto drivers” passed off peacefully without any untoward incident. A press note from the DDADU expressed its apology to commuters, particularly the student community for the inconvenience caused by the bandh. The Union informed that it is contemplating the next phase of agitation if the authorities concerned fail to fulfill its demands positively. The DDADU reaffirmed its commitment to serve the people and sought co operation from all sections of society.

DPC calls general meeting

DiMaPur, october 17 (Mexn): Dimapur Press Club (DPC) will be holding a general meeting on October 21, 10:00 am at Rotary Club, Midland, Dimapur. Therefore, DPC Information & Publicity Secretary Imkong Walling has requested all DPC members to attend the meeting, without fail, stating important matters concerning the DPC at present have been lined up for discussion. Further, members have been requested to bring up agenda, if there are any.

ANDPO raffle draw postponed

kohiMa, october 17 (Mexn): Expressing deep regret, All Nagaland Disabled People’s Organization (ANDPO) chairman Tezenchu Semy has informed all concerned that the ANDPO Raffle Draw which was scheduled to be held on October 16, 2013 has been postponed to November 16, 2013, at ANDPO Office, Near New Secretariat Kohima, “due to certain unavoidable circumstances”. All concerned have been requested to bear with the inconvenience.

Excise personnel seize liquor

DiMaPur, october 17 (Mexn): The district excise personnel have seized a total of 625 bottles of assorted IMFL/ beer at the New Field Check gate and various shops in the city during the past ten days. In this connection, seven people have been arrested including three vehicles, informed Superintendent of Excise & Prohibition KY Sangtam in a press release. All the accused have been booked under the NLTP Act and seized articles have been deposited at the Excise Malkhana for destruction. The Superintendent has requested the public for co-operation. He further warned all “liquor offenders” not to violate the Prohibition Act as strict surveillance and frisking will be carried out at all suspected areas and entry points.

Meeting on birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda

OBASSI offers condolences

DiMaPur, october 17 (Mexn): In commemoration of 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, Vivek Rath (Chariot) will be arriving in Dimapur after touring different states of North East on November 19. In this regard, a general meeting has been convened by President of Dimapur Ramakrishna Society on October 20, 10.00 am at Ramakrishna Sevashram premises, near Dimapur Railway High School. To make the occasion a grand success presidents/ secretaries/ representatives from interested organisations (social, religious and cultural) have been requested to attend the said meeting to extend support and co-operation.

DiMaPur, october 17 (Mexn):The Old Boys Association of Sainik School Imphal (OBASSI) has deeply mourned the demise of Cadet Aotemjen of 1976 batch. A condolence message issued by presidents and cadet members of OBASS

DiMaPur, october 17 (Mexn): 2nd Lt. Akiheto Assumi of Phulesheto village and L/Corporal Along Rongmei of Misekhul village, Tamenglong have been terminated from active service of FGN Naga Army, 2nd Brigade with immediate effect. Stating this in a press release, Lt. Col Kahoto Achumi, Brigade Commander, said both the cadres were found undisciplined while discharging their duties. He further said they have been abstaining for about three months and “it is against the Naga Army rules”.

tiple registered names with photographs are also taken up for verifications in the polling stations. Registering names in the E/Roll of both native place and actual place of posting/ stay/ business in towns etc is illegal, it stated. Unless one reports to BLO concerned during this CHK: Chakhesang period, all such doubtful/ Hoho, Kohima (CHK) has multiple registrations with expressed deep anguish photographs will be proover the demise of Wecessed for deletion. zulhi C Krome, the first elected MLA of Pfutsero constituency and also the first president of KoIn a condemnation note, hima Chakhesang Welthe Council asserted that fare Society, now known punitive action should be as Chakhesang Hoho, Koinitiated against the culprit hima. The Hoho in a note and dealt with the strongest stated that the departed criminal law. The Mao Coun- senior citizen’s contribucil urged the law enforcing tion to the Chakhesang agency to initiate penalty society in particular, and and decree forbidding safe the Nagas as a whole is passage upon the culprit. immeasurable. It further The Council further extend- acknowledged that the ed its deepest grief and soli- Chakhesangs have “lost a darity to the victim and her great pioneer of the socifamily, while wishing them ety and his absence will comfort and quick recovery. create a void which will be Mao Students’ Union Ko- hard to fill”. It also prayed for courage and solace of hima Mao Students’ Union the bereaved family.

and OBASSI stated that late Aotemjen was a jolly, sincere and straight forward gentleman. The note conveyed profound condolences to Aotemjen’s family members and also his near and dear ones, while asking God to grant them solace and courage.

Two terminated from FGN

CondolenCe Messages for WC KroMe

Unions condemn October 14 Dimapur rape

Mao Union Kohima Mao Union Kohima has condemned the barbaric act of Chithuyio, who on the night of October 14 reportedly raped a girl at Viola colony, Dimapur. “Such acts cannot be condoned by any right thinking person in a civilized society and similar incidents should also never be allowed to happen in the future,” stated a condemnation note issued by the Union. In this regard, the Union has appealed the law enforcing agencies to punish the guilty as per the law of the land.


Kohima (MSUK) has vehemently condemned the heinuous act of rape on a woman by Adani Chithuyio. In a condemnation note, MSUK stated the “culprit” should be awarded the highest degree of punishment, “for such act is not written in our Naga culture.”

Dr. Vikuosa Nienu: Dr. Vikuosa Nienu has expressed shock and sadness at the demise of Wezulhi C. Krome. In a condolence message, Dr Neinu called WC Krome a man of honesty and integrity, while stating that he had known him for more than five decades.

“He was like a father as well as an elder brother to me.” Dr Neinu recalled that the last time they met was in Kohima in 2008. “Our meeting, however short, was meaningful and powerful. I never thought that it would be our last.” The note acknowledged the deceased as one of the few Chakhesang “stalwarts that remained as a beacon”. Further, Dr Nienu and his wife conveyed deepest sympathy to the bereaved family.

Khezha Committee: The Khezha Committee, Pfutsero, consisting of 21 villages has articulated grief over the sudden demise of its leader, founding member and first president of the Committee WC Krome. A note issued by Khezha Committee stated that late WC Krome was a man of words and action. “He was the man who never turned back once he took up any work.” Stating that “he did more than what he was”, Khezha Committee said WC Krome’s long life spent for the welfare of the public, can rightly recog-

nize him as “a matured and seasoned society leader.” The Committee stated that the vacuum created today can never be leveled, but his virtue will be remembered by all. It further vowed to remember the good deeds he did for the people.

NWA: Nagaland Wrestling Association (NWA) in a condolence message has expressed deep grief at the demise of “our great leader” Wezulhi Krome on October 15. NWA said WC Krome was a pioneer and founder of NWA. He also served as its first president with “dedication and adherence from 1969 to 1977, uplifting the indigenous sport of the Nagas to greater heights, leaving behind a legacy which will linger on for long”. Moreover, it said, his immense contribution towards the nation and the society, served with courage and selflessness in different fields will be remembered by all. NWA offered heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family and relatives.

YAH: Youth Association Nagaland has mourned the demise of former MLA Wezulhi C Krome, who passed away October 15 in Kohima. In a statement, YAN president Hetoi Chishi said late Krome was a true son of the Naga soil who toiled and sacrificed his best for the cause of Naga people. He described WC Krome as an active social worker who in his lifetime immensely contributed in moulding the Naga society. In his death, Nagas have lost a great visionary leader, he stated. YAN further prayed for eternal solace of the departed soul. NPO: Naga People Organization (NPO) in a condolence note has expressed sorrow over the demise of WC Krome. Calling him a legendary Naga Tenyimi leader, NPO President Markson in a tribute hailed said late Krome as a true leader who always set others as priority than self. “A man of virtue and integrity in true sense,” described the NPO president.



The Power of Truth

The Morung Express FrIDAy 18 OcTObEr 2013 vOl. vIII IssuE 284

Along Longkumer consulting Editor

To Reform Govt


t is a good thing that we have a Chief Secretary, Alemtemshi Jamir, who is talking about ‘bureaucratic or government reforms’ as the need of the hour. Yes, as the Chief Secretary says, we have been talking about reform and restructuring. Reforms will not happen only by talking or coming out with lengthy reports but will require the resolve to bring about the much needed change. To his credit, the present Chief Secretary has given the leadership to bring about some innovation and restructuring within the present outdated government system. As reported in the Morung Express, the Chief Secretary spoke about his role in the creation of Mission Teams as opposed to the style and functioning of the conventional “full-fledged departments”. As he explains, “in a mission program, people work as a team, there is no hierarchy”. It was further disclosed that there is no creation of new posts, officers are drawn from existing departments to join the mission programs; they continue to draw salaries from their parent department and the outcome has been much better than that of departments. Records speak for themselves and as the Chief Secretary points out, the Nagaland Bamboo Mission, Nagaland Beekeeping and Honey Mission, Nagaland Bio Resource Mission and Nagaland Empowerment of People through Economic Development (NEPED) are some of the mission programs that have shown good results. Such kind of innovation and resourcefulness is welcome and a much needed exercise to reinvigorate our government sector, which is without doubt, the most central and significant part of people’s lives in Nagaland. Not only is it the largest employer, there is also huge public expectation on the government to perform and deliver. It is only right to say that the bureaucracy, which runs the government, has a big responsibility to the people. How well the bureaucracy performs is therefore vital. To take a cue from the Chief Secretary’s ‘Mission Programs’, we need to imbibe a new work culture that is “goal or result oriented”. In Nagaland, government employees are better paid than their counterpart in the private sector. They are expected to be professional in their day to day functioning. It is their job to oversee the effective delivery of services to the people. At a time when the credibility of the government is increasingly coming under greater scrutiny, including in Nagaland, our government employees cannot remain complacent anymore. They must perform. Can the bureaucracy in Nagaland become a role model for others? Why not? And we have demonstrated this through such innovative programmes in the past like communitization and Village Development Boards (VDBs). To this has been added the success of the ‘mission programs’. However, much more still needs to be done. While the creation of “Mission Teams” as explained by the Chief Secretary is a step in the right direction, the larger issue of reforms in the bureaucracy must continue to receive due attention. Perhaps, the question of reform will itself require a mission mode approach, besides off course the support from the political establishment. Here, besides the governance deficit, one of the basic concerns has to do with public funds being pilfered out of the system and thereby not reaching the beneficiaries in full. How do we ensure transparency and accountability? Perhaps what is lacking is the absence of proper checks and balances in the government. If the resolve is there, creativity and innovation can be used to make our present system less corrupt and more responsive to the needs of the people. The need to undertake such reforms is vital if the bureaucracy is to remain relevant and enjoy the confidence of the people. (Feedback can be send to

lEfT wiNg |

Ali Smith

Uncompromising Visions


here are two women who really changed the possibilities for the short-story form in the 20th century. One was the New York Jewish writer Grace Paley, who died in 2007 and whose work is all voice and life, whose stories are a kind of mischievous demand for a dialogue with history, politics and, especially, with their reader. Pieces of cheeky life in themselves, they add up to the revelation that dialogue—troubling and argumentative and sprightly and rewarding and glorious—isn’t just the source of both art and life but also the place where these two things come together. She wrote only short stories, because, as she put it, "art is too long and life is too short". I met Grace four times, in her latter years. She was a person who could change the weather in a room. She was warm and spiky, a tiny compact person but with a force the size of a planet, a good scouring force, one that made the heart bigger. Her stories are like her. They go about the world modest of size yet expansive in impact, uncompromising, determined and engaged in seeing things better. At the other end of the century? "I feel as fastidious as though I wrote with acid." Katherine Mansfield’s life burned furious and far too fast; that she died as young as she did, from tuberculosis in her mid-30s, seems ludicrous, almost unfathomable, in light of the body of work she produced. Her stories are still shocking in their originality, and perhaps also still unmatched in their combination of layered subtlety, their complex display of the workings of voice, and their understanding of what it is to be mortal: "Realism, flesh covered bones…[but] supposing one’s bones were not bone but liquid light." Not only did she alter the potential of the short story (like Paley after her, Mansfield never wrote anything longer), but I think she changed the potential for the shape of the novel too. An outsider always, a "little colonial" in London, slipping from lover to lover of both sexes and always on the fringes of the group she laughingly called the Blooms Berries, she had a close rivalrous friendship with Virginia Woolf. Woolf first published Mansfield’s "Prelude" and admired her writing to a point of envy; she was fascinated both by Mansfield’s rather-too-fast way of living and her tough work ethic. A powerfully critical review written by Mansfield about Woolf’s rather lumpen, realist second novel "Night and Day" (1919) didn’t just make Woolf incandescent with fury. I think it made her break with tradition and begin writing the modernist novels for which she’s rightly acclaimed. A couple of years ago the fifth and last of the volumes of Mansfield’s "Collected Letters" came out, edited by Vincent O’Sullivan and Margaret Scott; it covers the final year of her life, when she was pitifully ill, and when against all advice she took herself out of literary London to Gurdjieff’s compound near Fontainebleau. Here she paints scenery, milks cows, watches dance performances, and tries to work out how to say "I need firewood, it’s really cold" in Russian. What a book—even more than the others it displays her fine, kicking, vital spirit, her unbelievable funniness. Under the most intense pressure she is all unselfishness, energy, uplift; then she’s gone. Liquid light: a staggering read.



Sarah Bracking

What is a ‘fair’ election? The recent elections in Zimbabwe were a flagrant fraud. But analysis must not stop short at ballot rigging. Zimbabwe’s problems are far greater. Why did many Zimbabweans vote for Mugabe?


he flagrant fraud of the recent Zimbabwe election has received scarcely any analysis in the western media. Yet the effrontery of the operation takes one’s breath away. As the leading Zimbabwean political activist and analyst, Ibbo Mandaza, noted the day after the election, ‘not even ZANU-PF can believe the result’. The Times had actually beaten him to it, publishing a cartoon of Mugabe congratulating Zimbabweans for returning him to power on the day before the ‘poll’. Even so, everything about operation ‘we will not let ZANU-PF and the dictator lose’ had gone so well it was embarrassingly unbelievable. They hadn’t even had to unleash anarchy, murder and land occupation (as in 2000), steal the result by changing the numbers right at the end (as in 2002 and 2005), or demand a run off in order to torture people into not voting (as in 2008). The voters’ roll, not publicly available, boasting a mass occupation by dead, missing or fictional people (estimated at over a million); 206,000 rural people receiving ‘assistance’ to vote (by police forcing them to vote ZANU-PF); a totally improbable 99.97 per cent of rural voters registered (against 68 per cent in urban areas); the removal from the electoral roll and/or denial of voter registration to urban voters suspected of being MDC supporters (some 750,000); the turning away on the day of some 305,000 people, 64,000 in Harare alone; the mass printing of fraudulent ballot papers; the mass bussing of fraudulent residents into swing seats; and a second election before the real one to let uniformed personnel (now in civvies and taking bus trips) vote twice had, unsurprisingly, clinched it. It doesn’t take much elementary maths to note that if you take away the dead and assisted peoples’ ‘votes’, and restore over a million disenfranchised suspected MDC voters, the alleged Mugabe landslide totally disappears, by more than 500,000 in favour of the MDC. Poof! Think of a number, any number... It was a multi-pronged, multi-dimensional, indeed very traditional set of tactics from the Best Practise Handbook of Stealing Elections (out of print East European/Soviet edition, with a preface by Nicolae Ceaușescu, and alleged afterword by Israeli security company Nikuv International Products) and the Joint Operations Command and the Central Intelligence Organisation must have been very proud. While even the African Union and SADC observers had difficulty saying ‘fair’ out loud, a number of near neighbours, with President Jacob Zuma rushing to head the line, quickly congratulated the Leader-Who-Cannot-Be-Allowed-To-Lose, thankful that some 14 million Zimbabweans could be returned to their sovereign prison without the need for any expenditure or effort in an election year in South Africa. Anyway, surely any remaining detractors must be enemy counterrevolutionary elements of British imperialism who don’t like land reform. On Metro Radio they reported that a British journalist had asked the Leader-Who-Cannot-Be Allowed-to-Lose in a press conference whether he thought it was time to retire at 89, to which he replied, ‘does anyone ask the British Queen that?’. The Metro lady thought this was funny and that ‘he had a point’ (indeed there are similarities between the not so democratically elected Mugabe, and the British Queen who, quite shockingly, both retains some powers of governance in Britain, and allegedly some land in Zimbabwe.) On Facebook and on Twitter the ever joking Zimbabweans, or ‘twimbos’ (Zimbabweans who tweet) were asking ‘do you know anyone who voted ZANUPF?’, another replied ‘only dead people’. Hah! But, maybe, if you had voted ZANU-PF, you might not want to come out and admit it? I say this because the real discomfort to me about the election is how to explain why many people did indeed still vote ZANU-PF. While the observers withdrew the assigning of the ‘fair’ label, they retained the notion of it being ‘fair enough’ in the context not only of low geopolitical capital (no big superpower wanting to argue with the result), an unprincipled South African position, but also the fact that a couple of million Zimbabweans did indeed vote ZANU-PF. The uncomfortable question is still there, of how could any rational person vote ZANU-PF apparently ‘freely’? I came up with two answers to this question, broadly resources and terror, a classical ‘stick and carrot’. First the carrot - an election campaign on ZANU-PF’s part alive with gifts and spoils from diamond revenue. ZANU-PF, armed with cash, reverted somewhat from their normal means of stealing elections to a more wholesale campaign at the local level distributing spoils from mineral rents. This suggests two things: first, that they did indeed feel some pressure under the Global Political Agreement on the need for democratic deepening, a more accountable Zimbabwe Election Commission, and a passable polling day. They cleverly delivered resources through patrimo-

nial means, including stands, houses and land. On the eve of the election they promised to cancel outstanding debt to municipalities, which reminded me of how Adolf Hitler consolidated power under the Third Reich, by cancelling housing debt for people with children. Then there was the pretence that Mugabe could put up with losing the election, which looked good globally. But this only works in the context of the stick. Observers on the ground found that people were struck by Ignorance, Fear and Poverty. The level of fear swayed people to vote against their wishes, even alone in the ballot box. They remind me of the type of society Zimbabwe currently is, where people are silenced by fear and traumatised by political violence and torture. In his recent book, When a State Turns on its Citizens, Lloyd Sachikonye wrote, ‘Zimbabwean politics are embedded in a tradition and practice of violence that began more than half a century ago. The consequence of this state of affairs is a society traumatized by fear, withdrawal and collective depression, based on past memories of violence, intimidation and harassment”. After the 2005 stolen election ZANU-PF’s Joint Operations Command conducted Operation Murambatsvina to punish the ‘filth’ who voted MDC by bulldozing down their houses. At the time, I wrote about the particular threat/reward structure of being a Zimbabwean voter. It goes like this, a Big Man from the party comes to the village with sparkling new farm equipment, computers for the school, some food, party T-shirts, baseball caps, material for dresses and the inevitable food and beer. He, and sometimes Big Woman, speaks in the language of donation to a subject, not a citizen, in the context of development resources being within the largesse of the ruling party: I/We (the Party) gave ‘the voters of area x goods y in recognition, and expectation, of their continued loyalty. In seats where the incumbent was MDC, in a variant of this exchange, the people were assured of forgiveness and future reward if they voted correctly this time, and reminded of the dearth of resources they had received with MDC representation. For example, ‘Comrade Kasukuwere said voting for ZANU-PF would bring development to Mufakose since the elected MP would be from the ruling party’ (The Herald, 28 March 2005). Not so much has changed since 2005. The reward/threat message has been reinvigorated by the campaign of terror in 2008, and in rural areas preceding this election. That this influences people’s sense of what they are ‘free’ to do is without question. Zimbabweans are collectively ruled, according to Fortunate Machingura in her inspiring work on health and thanatopower in Zimbabwe, by panopticism, Foucault’s idea of watching everyone with the view to experimentation and total authority. I witnessed the consequences of this in 2007, when I passed a police station in Hatfield where torture was in progress. One could hear the wailing screams of a body being violated. I vomited. But many people were walking past on their way to work, looking neither this way, nor that. No-one intervened, no one spoke. Similarly, I watched once while police moved on and beat up the traders outside a mall. No-one intervened. Nobody spoke. Everyone tried to look the other way. I believe this response is pretty exceptional, and that in Nigeria, or Kenya, this conduct would have lead to some big ‘kaka kaka’ and the police would be made to run. The rule of terror in Zimbabwe seems absolute; it is perfectly believable in the everyday lives of most Zimbabweans that if they err too much, they will die. This is the basis of Achille Mbembe’s analysis of necropolitics, starting from Foucault’s insight that sovereign power is crucially about deciding who lives and who dies, about ‘the condition for the acceptability of putting to death’. Power, Mbembe wrote, ‘continuously refers and appeals to exception, emergency, and a fictionalised notion of the enemy. It also labours to produce that same exception, emergency, and fictionalized enemy’. ZANU does this

well, by continuing the fear of the British enemy and the ‘outsider’ more generally. In 2005, I interviewed rural residents south of Gutu who believed that the British were responsible for cloud busting and stopping the rain in order to kill them; and that the British army were amassed over the border in Botswana because they wanted to invade Zimbabwe - both fictions made believable by the patriotic nationalism of ZANU-PF. Thus the prohibition against killing can be violated when customs define those who may be killed in defence of the party-state and the existence of the British ‘enemy’ justifies it. The ‘customs’ in Zimbabwe are of a population constantly, and rationally, fearful, as strategic and periodic terror allows for further terror and sometimes campaigns of death. That fear is both of torture by uniformed personnel and ZANU-PF militia internally, and of the fictionalized enemy over the border, who wants to reinvade, the one who funds the MDC, the counter-revolutionary stooges of the west. In this context, obedient citizens are created by constantly policing those who might ideologically err, into the categories of enemies and errants, in a politics which, as Mbembe put it, seeks to ‘distinguish between the “error” of the citizen and the crime of the counter-revolutionary in the political sphere’. One can be rehabilitated, but the other must be eliminated, if not by death, at least by a level of fear that consigns the individual to silence. In this context, freedom is impossible, and elections in Zimbabwe give the people only the choice of whether to return from their ‘error’ (if they voted MDC last time) or be a counter-revolutionary (if they want to again). Despite this terror, election observers had no difficulty saying that the election was ‘free’. What is the meaning of ‘free’ in the context of a military junta inhabiting a vacated democratic shell? Though it may be true that some citizen/subjects ‘freely’ walked to the ballot boxes and crossed bits of paper, or were ‘assisted’ in doing so, this is in the context of an ever-present and believable threat of political violence and/or a ‘let die’ socio-economic abjection (potentially death by torture or by starvation respectively) as a consequence of the ‘misdemeanour’ of not supporting ZANU-PF. IOn this context, particularly in the rural areas where ‘chiefs’ oversee obedience, it is perfectly understandable or rational for an individual to vote ZANU-PF, even though this is not their intrinsic desire. They are not, in reality, ‘free’ in the way liberals understand it. So, in stealing this election ZANU-PF fiddled an ostensibly liberal democratic system by reverting to their customary pattern of patrimonialism and spoils politics for reward, and the believable terror and death for threat. They are even able to depict democracy as a colonial invasion that affronts patriotism, to garner support in the ideological domain. The MDC need to make better gains in the ideological battle, since in Zimbabwe democracy can be so successfully depicted as a project against the people rendered by colonisers. ‘Freedom’ has to mean more than mere compliance with observable norms in elections. Freedom must mean freedom from violence and coercion, as well as from poverty. ZANU-PF is a past master at compromising the citizen’s freedom, in fact at creating different varieties of citizenship and even denying it to whole groups by racial, ethnic or class whim. Yet the fact remains that all Zimbabweans are just that – Zimbabweans. And this is whether they vote ZANU-PF or not. But as it stands, in the context of this threat and reward structure, it is rational to vote ZANU-PF if you want to live and prosper. That is the MDC’s problem. In short, there is a bigger problem than election rigging in Mugabe’s Zimbabwe. There is systemic political violence, not every day for everyone, but a permanent believable threat hanging over everyone. Sachikonye’s book is brilliant, but it is the only brilliant book that I could not read to the end. The accounts of torture accounts were too gruesome for my privileged western soul. And I didn’t live them, I was just reading of them in a book. This is the haemorrhage of Zimbabwe.

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Impunity feared in Colombia military justice law

In this April 7, 2011 file photo, students hold up a sign that reads in Spanish "Impunity Soacha equals false positives" during a protest where police stand guard in Bogota, Colombia. Military jargon identifies a “positive” as a slain enemy combatant. Authorities are investigating some 3,900 cases of alleged extrajudicial killings involving security force members. (AP Photo/Fernando Vergara/File)

Frank Bajak and Libardo Cardona


Associated Press

he crimes were shocking, even for a country hardened by the atrocities of decades of internal conflict. Colombian troops had killed hundreds of innocent civilians for no apparent reason other than to boost rebel body counts, U.N. investigators found. Typically, the victims were downon-their-luck men lured to their deaths with job promises then dressed in military fatigues and registered as guerrillas slain in combat. Five years after the scandal broke, roughly onesixth of the soldiers accused have gone to trial or pleaded guilty, only a handful of the convicted holding the rank of major or higher. In all, authorities registered some 3,900 cases of alleged extrajudicial killings involving security force members. Human rights activists say they are afraid a new law pushed through Congress by President Juan Manuel Santos in June will make it even harder to pursue those responsible, particularly senior officers. The law, which is under review by the Constitutional Court, would broaden the military justice system's jurisdiction and narrow the definition of extrajudicial killings. Santos says the reform is needed to assure armed forces members they have nothing to fear from making peace with the country's main leftist rebel group, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC. But activists fear the reforms could hinder prosecutions of past and future war crimes by security force members and thus hurt prospects for peace talks launched in Cuba last year. The FARC has denounced the military justice reform as granting "a pirate's banner to people who have committed terrible crimes against humanity." Some rebels also face war crimes accusations, but the military justice reform applies only to uniformed personnel. "Why does the Santos government, if it's in a peace process, present legislation that strengthens impunity?" asked leftist congressman Ivan Cepeda. "It's incoherent and complicates matters." The U.S. Congress is also concerned about impunity in what are known as the "false positives" cases — a term stemming from military jargon that used "positive" to identify a slain enemy combatant. The bulk of the killings occurred from 2002 to 2008 during the presidency of Alvaro Uribe. U.N. investigators deemed the crimes "widespread and systematic." Washington provided more than $2 billion in assistance to Colombia's military when most of the killings occurred, but U.S. lawmakers are currently withholding at least $10 million in military aid over objections to the new law, said Tim Rieser, a senior aide to U.S. Sen. Patrick Leahy, who is chairman of the


atholic nuns have a conspicuous presence in the American imagination. They're depicted as kindhearted innocents like Sally Fields' plucky heroine in The Flying Nun, and, on the other end of the spectrum, as the ruler-wielding, knuckle-smacking villains of many Catholic schoolchildren's early years. While these stereotypes may tell us more about how celibacy, morality, and religion play out in the collective American imagination than they do about nuns themselves, there is something else that makes these women stand out from the rest of the American population: their remarkable track record of aging successfully. American Catholic nuns experience greater physical and emotional well-being at the end of life than other women and are 27 percent more likely to live into their seventies. During the past five years, I have spent 11 months living in a Catholic convent as an anthropologist, researching how the nuns' social and linguistic practices affect their experiences in old age. During this time, I recorded their prayers, interviewed them about their relationships, and followed them as they cared for each other in ways both big and small. My work is part of a growing body of research conducted during the past two decades that has begun to uncover why nuns enjoy such healthy aging. Here are six things that I learned from them:

Senate Judiciary Committee. How much U.S. money went to Colombian military units guilty of "false positives" is unclear. No breakdown is publicly available. A 1997 law named after Leahy prohibits U.S. funding of foreign military units with members facing credible accusations of rights abuses. Colombian units have been denied aid under the Leahy law, and the State Department, in response to an Associated Press query, characterized its unit vetting as "rigorous." Peace activist John Lindsay-Poland of the U.S.based Fellowship of Reconciliation is compiling a false positives database and says U.S. monitoring was sloppy before his group issued a 2010 report detailing abusive units that received U.S. aid. The military reform will only increase impunity, said Jose Miguel Vivanco, Americas director for the watchdog group Human Rights Watch, calling it a loophole-filled "major setback for human rights." Under the law, Colombia's military courts would try all violations of international humanitarian law committed by armed services members except seven types of crimes against humanity, including sexual violence, forced disappearance and extrajudicial killings. But the law narrows the definition of extrajudicial killings, which rights activists say means an increased possibility that such crimes will be sent to military judges. It limits the definition of such killings to circumstances in which, among other requirements, the victim was "under the control of the state agent" and "did not try to escape." Because extrajudicial killings did not previously exist as a crime, activists also fear cases from before the law's enactment could be transferred to military judges. Santos promises that any war crimes committed by Colombia's security forces will be punished, just as he insists FARC war criminals will not be allowed to evade justice. "I don't understand why (human rights activists) believe that transitional justice has anything to do with the 'false positives,'" Santos, who was defense minister from 2006 to 2009, said in a recent AP interview. The president says the killings were not systematic, which is also the contention of active and retired military officers. "It is completely false to say it was a policy of state," said retired Gen. Carlos Suarez. As armed forces inspector general, he led the 2008 investigation after the scandal broke that prompted the dismissal of 27 officers, three of them generals. International Criminal Court prosecutors are skeptical. In a November 2012 report, they said "existing (judicial) proceedings have largely failed to focus on the persons who might bear the greatest responsibility" while Colombian prosecutors "perpetuated rather than diminished impunity" by largely failing to expose the circumstances of killings organized "at least at the level of certain brigades." Several former soldiers have backed such claims

and implicated superiors, breaking a code of silence they say is enforced by the threat of violent retribution. One is Julio Cesar Parga, a cashiered major sentenced in July to 30 years in prison for murder after confessing to ordering or taking part in the killing of 47 noncombatants. Parga said he organized the killings while leading an anti-kidnapping battalion of the army's 11th Brigade in Monteria, the capital of the western state of Cordoba. In a jailhouse interview, he refused to discuss in detail the murders or his testimony against his excommander. He said he fears he will be the target of a contract killing. A former captain who worked under Parga and has pleaded guilty to the same crimes, Antonio Rozo Valbuena, has also implicated senior officers, said the lawyer who represents both men, Jose Fernando Duarte. "It wasn't they who invented false positives," Duarte said. "They simply carried them out in the name of others," Duarte called the killings "ingrained institutional policy" that in some cases involved generals, whom he would not name. Of more than 600 servicemen convicted in extrajudicial killings cases, two-thirds are privates. As of June 30, the accused included 114 officers above the rank of captain. Twelve of them, including two colonels, have been convicted or pleaded guilty and received prison sentences. "This was all coordinated with the big shots," said ex-Pvt. Eulicer Quintana. His testimony helped convict six former comrades in the February 2008 falsepositive killings of two men. The major who commanded Quintana's unit, the 57th counter-guerrilla battalion based in the western city of Manizales, is set to go to trial on Oct. 16 in the killings. Quintana will again be a witness along with the intended third victim, who escaped when a soldiers' rifle jammed. Once slain, the still-warm corpses were clad in combat fatigues, black-market weapons placed at their sides, said Quintana. "This was done at the company level," he said, claiming his battalion produced at least 46 false positives from 2006 to 2008 under two commanders, the first of whom was promoted in part because he garnered so many "combat kills." Fifteen of the 60 men in Quintana's company would "do a job" and everyone got vacation as a reward — usually eight days per victim, he said. Quintana, 33, has spent five jittery years in a witness protection program, unable to work, under armed guard and hoping he can leave Colombia with his wife and child when he's done. "There are a lot of enemies around," he said by phone from an undisclosed location. Josue Giovanni Linares, the ex-major who commanded his unit and is set to go on trial next week, has suggested that two of his superiors had advanced knowledge of the false positives of which he is accused , court papers show. Both were recently promoted to general: Emiro Jose Barrios, the 8th Brigade commander at the time, and Jorge Enrique Navarette, the deputy commander. Neither has been charged. Both vehemently deny any wrongdoing but refused to discuss the accusations. "I have absolutely nothing to do with it," Navarette told the AP. According to a lawyer for the victims, Jorge Molano, both men signed a document authorizing a $1,100 payment to the "recruiter" who obtained the victims. Human Rights Watch has objected that the military reform law puts soldiers rather than civilians in charge of initial battlefield investigations while creating a new, mixed military-civilian panel to decide jurisdictional disputes. The eight-judge civilian tribunal that currently resolves such disputes already gave activists pause when it ruled in June that an army colonel accused in two 2007 false positive deaths should be tried by a military court even as the enlisted men in the same case face a civilian court trial. The court cited the new military justice law in its decision. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry raised concerns about the reform during an August visit and was assured by Colombian officials that it would not lead to impunity, said a senior State Department official who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the matter. Quintana doesn't put any faith in such promises. "When the day comes that (these cases) get settled by military justice there's going to be blood all over."

Waiting for the dividend The Economist

Despite hopes of a nationwide ceasefire agreement, the trust needed for lasting peace remains a long way off


Y THE Salween river in the city of Hpa-an, on a patch of ground the size of a football pitch, the foundations are being dug out for a posh new hotel. This would not get much attention anywhere else in Myanmar. Scores of new hotels are going up in Yangon and Mandalay, the two biggest cities, to cater for an influx of tourists drawn by the country’s recent opening-up. In Hpa-an, however, it is big news. For this is the capital of Kayin state, one of the poorest of the country’s dismally underdeveloped regions and home to the Karen people, the country’s second-largest ethnic group. For decades they have been fighting an insurgency against the majority Burmans, and Hpa-an has suffered commensurate damage and isolation. Many young Karen have simply left, often for work in neighbouring Thailand. A local doctor estimates that four-fifths of those remaining are killing time on methamphetamines, known locally as yaba. So the new hotel and its promise of hundreds of relatively well-paid jobs stands out as one of the first signs of economic revival. And if not quite a peace dividend, the new hotel could at least be considered a bit of a ceasefire dividend. Work on it began after a landmark agreement to stop fighting was signed in January last year between the Myanmar government and the main Karen political group, the Karen National Union (KNU), representing its armed wing, the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA). Officially, it brought to an end the world’s longest-running civil war, begun in 1948 just after Myanmar’s independence. One obvious testimony to the ceasefire is the smart new KNU office along one of Hpa-an’s main roads. It is adorned with photographs of leaders with President Thein Sein and his underlings, all smiles and handshakes, unthinkable only a few years back. And now come other signs of businesses exploiting the ceasefire to move in around Hpa-an. A new industrial zone has been created, and a textile factory there employs 200 workers. A Malaysian company proposes to build a cable car to the monastery on top of a famously craggy limestone peak, the Zwekabin. And to speed up the arrival of pilgrims and tourists alike, an air route has just started operating between Mae Sot, in Thailand, and Mawlamyine, on the Myanmar coast just an hour’s drive from Hpa-an. This sort of investment is just what was hoped for from the Karen ceasefire, as well as from 13 similar agreements that have been signed between the government and other armed ethnic groups. The ceasefires are touted as one of the main achievements of Mr Thein Sein’s reforming government, and are crucial to everything else that it wants to achieve. As Aung Min, the minister in charge of negotiating the ceasefires, says, “without peace there is no democracy, and without democracy there will be no development.” Only two armed groups, representing the Kachin and the Palaung peoples, have yet to sign up. Later this month, the central government expects to sign a grand nationwide ceasefire agreement with every group (with the Kachin and Palaung allowed to join in later). That would probably be Mr Thein Sein’s most important “legacy”, as an adviser puts it. Myanmar’s previous military governments, however, also managed to sign ceasefire agreements, even if not so formally as the present one. And getting lasting peace agreements with the ethnic groups is a very different matter. That is the real prize that has eluded all governments. To judge by the present politics of Kayin state, it might elude Mr Thein Sein’s as well. Take the great hotel by the Salween river, for instance. Despite the promise of jobs in a city where more than half the people appear unemployed, most Karen are in fact opposed to it, for the simple but overriding reason that they were not consulted about it. The local Karen member of parliament, the formidable Nan Say Hwa, argues that it was “imposed” on Hpa-an by the governor, a Burman who (as in every state) is directly appointed by the central government in Naypyidaw. According to Ms Nan Say Hwa, the governor is unrepresentative of the local Karen and “does not listen to peoples’ advice or desires”. And so the way the hotel came into being has come to be seen as symptomatic of the way in which Burmans have always ridden roughshod over the sensibilities of other ethnicities. In this case, had they been consulted, the Karen would have wanted the hotel built elsewhere rather than on a pitch where many of them played football and which is remembered as the spot where the independence hero Aung San, father of Aung San Suu Kyi, gave a famous speech before his murder in 1947. Other new investments in Kayin state have also been negotiated by Burmans over the heads of the Karen. It seems that, for all its ceasefires, Myanmar’s government has yet to learn anything very new politically. Little wonder that, at the KNU office, a KNLA fighter, Major Saw Shee Sho, remains sceptical of the government’s ability to change. “Fighting could be over”, he says. “Or maybe not. Meanwhile, we are keeping our weapons.”

Why do Nuns Outlive the rest of Us?

1. Keep moving Nuns are on their feet all the time. During the day, the ones I worked with are often teaching or nursing, and in the mornings and evenings they usually visit their peers in the infirmary or volunteer at a local food bank. Researchers who study aging agree that keeping active is part of the solution. For example, David Snowdon was the director of "the Nun Study"—a research project conducted by the National Institute on Aging beginning in 1986—which focused on a group of 678 American Catholic nuns. One of his key findings was that regular exercise is one of the best things a person can do to age well. In his 2001 book Aging with Grace, Snowdon writes that the key is to find a type of exercise you enjoy, even just walking, and do it regularly. 2. Practice positive emotions The nuns regularly communicate a deep sense of love to each other and to themselves through their prayers and conversations. They describe experiencing Jesus as a constant, loving companion. One nun told me that she experiences the feeling of being embraced in a huge hug whenever she passes a crucifix (which, in a convent,

Anna I. Corwin

The good news is that you don't have to live in a convent to do the things that keep these nuns healthy and happy happens quite often). Basic emotions can have a big impact on well-being, and it's remarkable how much we can shape them through practice. Research has found that emotions like happiness, anger, fear, and sadness affect heart rate, blood pressure, immune response, and even digestion (for details, see this article by psychologist Wallace Friesen). Habitual anger, hostility, and depression have been found to be risk factors for heart disease. Nuns enjoy the benefits of positive emotions because their daily prayers lead them to feel love, joy, and compassion. Buddhist monks who practice loving-kindness meditation show similar health benefits. Whether by spiritual or secular means, we know that a similar practice will positively affect health and well-being on both emotional and physical levels.

3. Have a purpose and work for it Sister Francis was a 95-year-old nun who lived in the infirmary and could no longer walk more than a couple steps. When I asked her how she passed her days, she said, "I visit the infirm." Indeed, every afternoon, she wheeled into the rooms of nuns even more frail than herself to keep them company and pray with them. As retirement approaches, we may often think that freedom from the responsibilities of work will bring happiness. But this is often not the case. After retirement, it's the people who have a sense of purpose, commitment, and a way to be needed who tend to be the happiest and healthiest. At any stage of life, it's important to continue to contribute to the world and ask yourself how you can be helpful to others.

with their peers. They know who is ill or well or having a hard week, and they always have someone to turn to when they are in need. One of the key findings in my work is the importance of having a group of people with whom to interact, and who feel responsible for each other. "I had no trouble adjusting when I retired," said a sister who had worked for decades as a teacher in another state. "I've known these people for 67 years, you know, so it's not like I'm coming into a nursing home of strangers. These are friends." The nuns are lucky enough to retire among people they've known for decades. The impact of this experience on well-being emphasizes the importance of cultivating a community of friends and neighbors.

5. It's never too early to face death The nuns begin planning their own funerals as soon as they retire and in some cases even before that. A sister in her 80s told me that planning her own funeral made her less fearful. "Death is simply the step over the line, it's a passing on," she told me. "Right now in my life I feel comfortable with that. And I think planning the funeral solidified that. It's made me less fearful." For many of us, it can feel morbid at best or terrifying at worst to 4. Maintain community The nuns are in constant contact face our own mortality. We often

don't think or talk about death until we're in the midst of it. But many nuns find that it can be a helpful process. As they plan their funerals, they also think about how they'd like the end of their lives to unfold. A nun can specify whether she'd like to die surrounded by people in prayer, or whether she'd like the room to be quiet—perhaps with one sister holding her hand and speaking to her. This practice, along with the nuns' belief in an afterlife, helps the nuns become comfortable with death. Planning the end of our lives long before it happens can help us face our own mortality more peacefully, and prevent financial and emotional burdens on surviving family members. 6. Let go of attachments When the nuns enter the convent as novices, they give up a number of privileges most of us enjoy: They can no longer choose where and with whom they live, and, in the early days, even their clothes and their names are chosen for them. While they told me that these transitions can and did cause pain or sadness at first, over their lifetimes they became skilled at giving things up. When the nuns approach old age and move to the infirmary or to the assisted-living wing of the convent, they do so with much less strife than lay people. In order to learn to let go of the things we must give up in old age, such as our homes and jobs, it can help to practice parting with the things we are attached to now.

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The Morung Express

‘My mother put food bill before her health’

shandol, october 17 (aGencies): Hardselling UPA’s ‘game changer’ Food Security Act, Rahul Gandhi on Thursday reached out to the ‘aam aadmi’ and tribals recalling that Sonia Gandhi was in tears as she failed to cast her vote in Lok Sabha when her pet project was being passed in August. “I will not go until the bill is passed (despite being taken ill in Parliament). I have fought this battle for years. I will not go without pushing the button (casting the vote),” Rahul quoted the Congress chief as having said on that day. The Congress Vice President said that he, being the son, was then feeling very angry that his mother was not going to a doctor despite being sick and was instead insisting on staying in the House. He recalled that as Sonia finally agreed to leave Parliament and visit a doctor ahead of the voting, she was in tears. “When I asked her what is this, she said Rahul I had fought for this bill. I wanted to push the button (cast the vote) but could not do so,” he said, addressing a public meeting in the poll-bound state. After much delay and uncertainty, the Food Security Bill was passed by Lok Sabha on August 26. Gandhi, who is the main force behind the measure, could

‘Respect more important than development’

Gwalior, october 17 (ians): Con- earlier (2006) at the same place. It means the government did not respect gress vice president Rahul Gandhi said Thursthe people who died in day respecting people is more important 2006, and they do not than development and charged the Madrespect the people who hya Pradesh government with being cordied here Sunday,” he rupt. He was addressing two rallies at said. The Congress Gwalior and Shahdol in the poll-bound leader is scheduled to state where elections are scheduled Nov visit the stampede site 25. “Respect is more important than delater Thursday evevelopment because you will not get dening. velopment unless you get respect. The Arriving late for Madhya Pradesh government does not his rally, he started his respect the people,” he said at Gwalior. speech with an apology, Gandhi said the Oct 13 stampede on a which was met with loud bridge leading to the historic Ratangarh cheers from the auditemple in Datia district ence. took place because the government did not respect the people. “I was told a similar incident occurred

not participate in the voting as she had taken ill and had to leave the House at around 8.15 PM. She was later admitted in AIIMS and discharged after spending five hours in the hospital. The bill seeks to provide cheap foodgrains to 82 crore people in the country, ushering in the biggest programme in the world to fight hunger. Taking a dig at the BJPled NDA for its 2004 India Shining campaign and its development model, Rahul said, “While they talk about development and shining India on the one hand, they ask from where

Three police commandos killed in Naxal attack

Gadchiroli, october 17 (Pti): Three police commandos were killed in a landmine blast triggered by Maoists in a forest area on the Maharashtra-Chhattisgarh border in the wee hours on Thursday. Acting on a tip-off, the anti-Naxal commando force jawans were conducting a combing operation in the Bada Zariya forest area in Dhanora taluka when the Naxals triggered a landmine blast. Three jawans of C-60 Commando Force were killed in the blast, police said, adding further details were awaited. There was also an exchange of fire after the blast, locals said. Senior police officials have rushed to the spot and the bodies are being brought to Gadchiroli, police said. This is a major attack by Maoists in the last few months after police eliminated more than 23 ultras in different operations this year.

IAS officer who took on Robert Vadra, chargesheets aplenty

chandiGarh, october 17 (aGencies): There’s a new set of problems for the bureaucrat who challenged the Haryana government for granting sweetheart land deals to Robert Vadra, the son-in-law of Congress president Sonia Gandhi, often referred to as the country’s most powerful politician. Ashok Khemka is about to receive two chargesheets from the Congress government in Haryana, headed by Bhupinder Hooda. He is currently posted in Chandigarh as the Director General of Archives. The first chargesheet asks the IAS officer to explain why he cancelled a land deal between Vadra and real estate major DLF that was struck in 2008. It accuses him of exercising powers he did not have. The second chargesheet, which has been cleared by Hooda according to sources but is yet to be received by the bureaucrat, accuses him of failing to meet the targets that were set for the sale of seeds while he was Managing Director of the state-run Haryana Seeds Development Corporation. His tenure there ended in April. Khemka has reportedly written to the CBI, warning of corruption within the company. He allegedly did not seek clearance from the government before lodging his complaint.

Sexual assault case: Cops raid Asaram’s ashram

JaiPur, october 17 (ians): A Gujarat Police team carried out a raid at the ashram of controversial spiritual guru Asaram Bapu here in connection with a sexual assault case registered against him and his son Narayan Sai in their state, informed sources said. The Gujarat Police team raided the ashram to recover a laptop and some other items belonging to Mohit Bhojwani, a close associate of Narayan Sai, the sources said. Bhojwani, who is the accountant of Asaram’s Jaipur ashram, was arrested by Surat police Saturday, a Jaipur police officer told IANS. Asaram, who was arrested by Rajasthan Police last month for sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl at his ashram near Jodhpur, was taken to Gujarat earlier this week where the case was filed against him in Surat. Narayan Sai is allegedly on the run. “A Gujarat Police team had arrived at Asaram’s ashram in Kardhani area in Jaipur today (Thursday). They were looking for a laptop and some other things belonging to ashram’s accountant Mohit Bhojwani,” the police officer said. The Jaipur police provided security and other logistics to the Gujarat Police team. The team also went to Bhojwani’s residence and conducted a search. He had allegedly circulated mobile messages instigating Asaram’s followers to carry out violent protests.

will the money come when we talk about food and land acquisition measures.” Rahul said that the Congress President was not willing to leave Parliament before casting her vote as Parliamentary Affairs Minister Kamal Nath had assured her that the bill would be passed as sufficient number of members were for it. Striking an emotional chord, he said that his mother was determined to bring the measure as she wanted to wipe the tears of lakhs of mothers seeing their hungry children crying but in contrast, the op-

position talks about shining roads and hotels. “This is because we understand your hunger....,” he said. In a show of unity, all top Madhya Pradesh Congress leaders, including Digvijay Singh, Kamal Nath and Jyotiraditya Scindia, were present on the dais with the Congress Vice President. Asserting that he wants to begin a “new kind of politics”, Rahul told the rally that he wants common men and tribals to enter Parliament and Assemblies while the opposition wants that these doors remain closed to them. “I see

Earlier, speaking in Shahdol, 500 km from Gwalior, Gandhi charged the Madhya Pradesh government for being corrupt and unable to provide education and employment to the people. “Madhya Pradesh has become the university of corruption,” he said. “There is no employment in Madhya Pradesh, the factories which were functioning here were also shut down. They (BJP) have a habit of signing MoUs (memorandum of understandings) and that’s that, how many people here have got employment though MoUs?” he asked. Calling upon the youth to join politics, he said development will not reach them unless they are politically involved. “Development will come when you will reach assembly and the Lok Sabha,” he said.

one lacuna in the whole of India with regard to tribals. Your number is less in Parliament and Assemblies. We have to change in the coming time. As long as the voice of tribals is not heard in Parliament and Assemblies, their problems will not be solved,” he said. Reaching out to the youth, he said that the next government in Madhya Pradesh will be formed by Congress and it will be a government of the youth. “We will bring the maximum possible number of young people forward. We have to change Madhya

Pradesh. Madhya Pradesh is stuck up as far as development is concerned,” Rahul said. Debunking NDA’s development plank, he said that while only 2650 kms of roads were constructed during the NDA regime, 9517 kms of roads were laid during five years of UPA. He also took a dig at Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan over his power generation claims, saying that he has only talked about it at four places while not a single megawatt of power has so far been generated there.

Nothing to hide on coal blocks: Government

new delhi, october 17 (ians): The government has nothing to hide on the coal block allocations, which were done on basis of recommendations of state governments, and it does not need certificates from anybody, senior ministers said Thursday. Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office V. Narayanasamy told reporters here it has been the government’s stand that allocations have been made to public sector undertakings and some private companies “on the recommendations of state governments where coal blocks were available”. “We have nothing to hide,” he said. Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma, meanwhile, hit out at the Bharatiya Janata Party over its demand of the prime minister’s resignation, and said the government does not need certificates. Narayanasamy did not comment on former coal sec-

retary P.C. Parakh’s claim that it was Prime Minister Manmohan Singh who decided on the allocation of two Odisha coal blocks in 2005, over which the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) filed a first information report (FIR) Tuesday. “The matter is sub judice. It is being investigated by the CBI,” the minister said. The FIR named Parakh and industrialist Kumar Mangalam Birla for alleged irregularities and criminal conspiracy in the allocation of the two blocks. Parakh said he did not know why the CBI thought Birla and he were in a conspiracy, when the person who took the decision was not part of it. “If a conspiracy is there, everyone is part of the conspiracy. If we are accused, the PM is as much a part of the conspiracy,” he contended. Asked about Parakh’s remarks, Sharma said the fundamental ques-

Andhra divided to make Rahul PM: Jagan

hyderabad, october 17 (ians): In a scathing attack, YSR Congress leader Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy Thursday accused Congress president Sonia Gandhi of splitting Andhra Pradesh so as to make her son Rahul the prime minister. In one of his strongest criticism of the UPA government’s decision to create Telangana, the MP said Sonia Gandhi was playing with “our lives and the lives of our children” to make her son the prime minister. Jaganmohan Reddy did not elaborate but critics have alleged that the Congress broke up Andhra Pradesh so as to gain votes in both the regions - Telangana and the rest of the state known as Seemandhara. Jagan, as the young leader is popularly known, was speaking to the media after urging Governor E.S.L. Narasimhan to convene the Andhra Pradesh assembly so that it could pass a resolution to keep the state united. A delegation of YSR Congress leaders led by Jagan called on the governor at Raj Bhavan and submitted a memorandum. This was the second meeting that Jagan had with the governor after Sep 30. The MP from Kadapa said that only by passing a resolution and sending it to the central government could the process of the state’s bifurcation be stalled. “At least now the assembly session should be convened so that a resolution is passed before the centre sends a draft bill (for the formation of Telangana state),” he said. Jagan announced that his party legislators would stage a sit-in in front of Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy’s camp office Friday, and also meet assembly speaker N. Manohar to press for an assembly session. He also reiterated that Chief Minister Kiran Reddy and Telugu Desam Party (TDP) chief N. Chandrababu Naidu were hand-in-glove with the Congress to split the state. He said Naidu undertook a fast in New Delhi seeking the state’s division, while the chief minister was holding talks with employees’ associations one after another to persuade them to call off their protest for a united Andhra Pradesh. “The central ministers have also given up the Samaikyandhra (Andhra Pradesh united) demand and are now seeking a package,” he said. Jagan said his party would hold a public meeting in Hyderabad Oct 26 to oppose Andhra’s bifurcation. He urged the chief minister and Naidu to keep aside politics and join him in his efforts to keep the state united.

tion was whether “everything be questioned” once a decision was taken. “Now who is going to give certificate to prime minister of India, who is globally respected, or to his ministers?. I don’t think we need certificates,” Sharma told Times Now TV channel. The prime minister did nothing wrong by signing the coal allocation file, he said. An atmosphere where ministers or bureaucracy do not sign papers out of fear was a “recipe for disaster”, Sharma said, contending the economic environment has been vitiated over the past three years. “You cannot hold decision making to ransom so that nobody takes a decision, everybody is fearful,” he said. The BJP Wednesday said that the prime minister should take “final responsibility” for irregularities in the allocation of coal blocks, and resign.

SC orders CBI probe of Radia tapes revelations

new delhi, october 17 (ians): The Supreme Court Thursday ordered a CBI probe into the dimensions of criminality that have emerged from the tapes of former corporate lobbyist Niira Radia. A bench headed by Justice G.S. Singhvi ordered the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to probe issues that were identified by the investigating agency after going through the transcript of the Radia tapes submitted to it by the Income Tax Department.

The court has also referred one of the matters to the chief vigilance officer of the department of mines for investigation, while one has been referred to the chief justice of India. Asking the investigating agency to probe into six issues identified by the six member team that had perused the transcripts, the court said: “Prima facie there is a deep rooted malice by private enterprises in connivance with government officials for extraneous purposes.” The investigating agen-

cy has been asked to submit its probe report to the court by Dec 16. The criminality dimensions in the Radia tapes surfaced after the transcripts were perused by a team of six officers five belonging to CBI and to the Income Tax Department. The team was set up by the apex court by its Feb 21, 2013, order. The CBI had July 31 told the court that there was an element of criminality in the conversations which Radia had with several people, including journalists, in the 2G spec-

trum allocation scam. The apex court had said that some aspects of the Radia tapes were “uncomfortable”. “The CBI has drawn several conclusions and tentative inferences highlighting many things in this meticulous transcript. Many things are uncomfortable in it,” it said. On Aug 29, the apex court held an in-camera hearing on the report of the six members committee that pointed to criminality dimensions emerging from the Radia tapes.

An Indian village boy Surjeet, 11, injured reportedly in firing and shelling from the Pakistan side of the India-Pakistan border, is carried for treatment to a hospital in Jammu, on Thursday, October 17. A Border Security Force officer, speaking on customary condition of anonymity, said Pakistani soldiers had fired on the Indian side on Wednesday and Thursday. The two countries often exchange gunfire and accusations along the tense India-Pakistan border. (AP Photo)

‘India should think itself as world power’ new delhi, october 17 (ians): India, with its sound economy, large population and its “highly respected leadership”, should think of itself as a global power and not merely as a regional power, said visiting Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban here Thursday. Addressing the Eighth Sapru House Lecture on ‘Hungary and Europe in a Changing World’ at the Indian Council of World Affairs (ICWA), Orban said the realpolitik of the world was changing fast as well as the global defence and military structures. Orban said Hungary, a country of around 10 million in Central Europe, sees India as playing a “very important role in global affairs. “India should think of itself not as a regional power but as a global power, and to draw all the consequences that come with that role,” he said, adding that it would be a “difficult challenge”. “But with its economy, its huge population and traditionally highly respected leadership you can do it,” stressed the Hungarian prime minister who is in India Oct 16-19 at the head of a large business delegation. He said with India’s “global role in mind”, his country has supported New Delhi’s candidature for a permanent seat to the United Nations Security Council. Orban said his country has successfully managed to pull itself out from the verge

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban delivers a lecture on ‘Hungary and Europe in a Changing World’ at the Indian Council of World Affairs in New Delhi,on Thursday, October 17. Orban is on a three day official visit to India. (AP Photo)

of bankruptcy and was keen to enter into economic partnership with emerging economies of the world for a win-win partnership. He praised India’s “traditional value system”, which he said has prevented the country from falling into the economic quagmire that the West finds itself in.

“Look at what has happened with Europe which was once considered the most attractive continent on earth.. Look at what is going on now..You (India and other emerging economies) are coming up and we are falling down.” He said, according to his belief, it was important to “find harmo-

ny between technical and modern living standards and traditional values.. creating harmony is the key”. “Be happy you have some values that puts some limits, it is good and not bad.. It could be harmful to the economy in the short term, but in the long term it is good, not bad,” Orban reiterated. Citing the irritation that several European countries have with “too many rules” of the European Union, Orban said Central Europe, to which his country belongs, is open to investment and doing business with emerging countries and has all the logistics and infrastructure support necessary. Hungary is keen for cooperation with India in high tech areas, in agriculture, processed food, water and waste management, he said. Minister of State for External Affairs Preneet Kaur said India and Hungary have “close and substantive ties” and have signed several bilateral agreements in areas like trade, agriculture, IT, science and technology and defence. S.K Lambah, former Indian envoy to Hungary and special envoy of the Prime Minister’s Office, who was in the chair, said Budapest has seen a lot of changes with Orban at the helm. Rajiv Bhatia, ICWA director general, said Orban has worked to improve public health, education and administration in his country.


The Morung Express

US Congress ends default threat, Obama signs debt bill WASHINGtON, OctOber 17 (reuterS): The US Congress approved an 11th-hour deal to end a partial government shutdown and pull the world’s biggest economy back from the brink of a historic debt default that could have threatened financial calamity. Capping weeks of political brinkmanship that had unnerved global markets, President Barack Obama quickly signed the spending measure, which passed the Senate and House of Representatives after Republicans dropped efforts to use the legislation to force changes in his signature healthcare law. The White House budget office told hundreds of thousands of federal workers, the bulk of whom had been idle for the past 16 days, to be ready to return to work on Thursday. The down-to-the-wire deal, however, offers only a temporary fix and does not resolve the fundamental issues of spending and deficits that divide Republicans and Democrats. It funds the government until January 15 and raises the debt ceiling until February 7, so Americans face the possibility of another bitter budget fight and another government shutdown early next year. With the deadlock broken just a day before the U.S. Treasury said it would exhaust its ability to borrow new funds, U.S. stocks surged on Wednesday, nearing an all-time high. Taking the podium in the White House briefing room on Wednesday night, Obama said that with final congressional passage, “We can begin to lift this cloud of uncertainty and unease from our businesses and from the American people.” “Hopefully next time it won’t be in the 11th hour. We’ve got to get out of the habit of governing by crisis,” Obama said. He outmaneuvered Republicans by holding firm in defense of “Obamacare” to win agreement, with few strings attached, to end the 16-day shutdown. World Bank President Jim Yong Kim said “the global economy dodged a potential catastrophe” with congressional approval of the deal to raise the $16.7 trillion U.S. debt ceiling. The standoff between Republicans and the White House over funding the government forced the temporary lay-off of hundreds of thousands of federal workers from October 1 and created concern that crisis-driven politics was the “new normal” in Washington. While essential functions like defense and air traffic control continued during the crisis, national parks and agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency have been largely closed. Senator John McCain, whose fellow Republicans triggered the

Friday 18 October 2013

POLITICAL DYSFUNCTION Although the deal would only extend U.S. borrowing authority until the first week of February, the Treasury Department would have tools to temporarily extend its borrowing capacity beyond that date if Congress failed to act early next year. But such techniques eventually run out. In addition to lifting the federal debt limit, the deal calls for creating a House-Senate bipartisan commission to try to come up with long-term deficitreduction ideas that would have to be approved by the full Congress. Their work would have to be completed by December 13, but some lawmakers say the panel faces an extremely difficult task. The agreement also includes

New leak detected at Fukushima n-plant

tOkyO, OctOber 17 (IANS): Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO), the operator of the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, said Thursday that it had found another leak at the site and that levels of radioactivity near a ditch had spiked. The embattled utility said that one of its workers Thursday morning found radioactive water spewing from the top of one of its storage tanks situated on an embankment, Xinhua reported. The tank lies close to the numbers one and two reactors that were severely damaged by the March 11 earthquake-triggered tsunami and faces the ocean, the utility said. It added that it believes the overflowing water, which has been contained within barriers around the faulty tank, was caused by a generator used to pump water from the tank to a storage facility inside the reactor building stopping due to power failure. The tank contains huge volumes of radioactive water drawn from groundwater that flows into the complex from surrounding mountains and becomes irradiated once inside the complex. Heavy rain from Wednesday’s massive typhoon may have caused the generator to fail and led to other problems at the crisis-hit facility, the utility said, although it could not confirm the exact cause of the generator failing and the tank overflowing. TEPCO said it is trying to confirm the exact amount of toxic water that has leaked from the tank, its level of radioactivity and the environmental impact of the leak. Following the typhoon, high levels of radiation were also detected in a ditch leading to the Pacific Ocean, TEPCO said. Officials from the utility said that due to the high volume of rainfall Wednesday, contaminated soil flowed into the ditch causing radioactivity to spike to 70 times higher than that measured on Tuesday. TEPCO detected 1,400 becquerels per litre of beta ray-emitting radioactive material at the ditch which is located just 150 metres from the Pacific Ocean. The utility said that the radioactive materials had likely flowed into the ocean. Tests are under way to determine the exact extent of the toxicity in the surrounding sea after the mishap at the facility - the latest in a string of other leaks and accidents caused by faulty equipment and human error. TEPCO was urged by Japan’s Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NRA) to take pre-emptive measures to guard against the typhoon well in advance of it lashing Japan’s eastern seaboard Wednesday. Masaya Yasui, an emergency response official at the NRA secretariat, said that the amount of radioactive material flowing into the sea is rising.

some income verification procedures for those seeking subsidies under the 2010 healthcare law. But it was only a modest concession to Republicans, who surrendered on their latest attempt to delay or gut the healthcare package or include major changes, including the elimination of a medical device tax. The congressional vote signaled a temporary ceasefire between Republicans and the White House in the latest struggle over spending and deficits that has at times paralyzed both decision-making and basic functions of government. The political dysfunction has worried U.S. allies and creditors such as China, the biggest foreign holder of U.S. debt, and raised questions about the impact on America’s prestige. The Treasury has said it risks hurting the country’s reputation as a safe haven and stable financial center. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Republican leader Mitch McConnell announced the fiscal agreement on the Senate floor earlier on Wednesday, and its passage was eased when the main Republican critic of the deal, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, said he would not use procedural moves to delay a vote. The agreement stacked up as a political achievement for Obama, who refused to negotiate on changes to the healthcare law, and a defeat for Republicans, who were driven by Tea Party conservatives in their ranks and suffered a backlash in public opinion polls. There was no immediate sign that House Speaker John Boehner’s leadership position

was at risk despite having conceded defeat in the budget battle. Several Republican lawmakers suggested he may have strengthened his standing among the rankand-file, who gave him a standing ovation at an afternoon meeting. But Cruz, a Tea Party-backed senator with 2016 presidential aspirations, denounced the fiscal accord as a “terrible deal” and accused fellow Republicans of giving in too easily in their bid to derail Obamacare. Obama’s Democrats avoided claims of victory. “The bottom line is, millions suffered, millions didn’t get pay checks, the economy was dragged down,” said Senator Charles Schumer. “This is not a happy day, it is a somber day.” The fight over Obamacare rapidly grew into a brawl over the debt ceiling, threatening a default that global financial organizations warned could throw the United States back into recession and cause a global economic disaster. Fitch Ratings had warned on Tuesday that it could cut the U.S. sovereign credit rating from AAA, citing the political brinkmanship over raising the debt ceiling. A resolution to the crisis cannot come soon enough for many companies. American consumers have put away their wallets, at least temporarily, instead of spending on big-ticket items like cars and recreational vehicles. “We’re sort of ‘crises-ed’ out,” said Tammy Darvish, vice president of DARCARS Automotive Group, a family-run company that owns 21 auto dealerships in the greater Washington area.



Dated Kohima, the 17th October, 2013

NOTIFICATION In pursuance of Nagaland Public Service Commission Advertisement No.1/2013 dated 28.05.2013 and Addendum dated 03.06.2013, the Nagaland Public Service Commission conducted recruitment examination for Stenographer in the various grades. On the basis of the marks obtained in the examination, the following candidates are recommended for appointment to the posts as indicated below: 1. 1(One) post of Stenographer Gd-I (Class-I Gazetted) under Election Commission. Rank Roll No. Name Remarks 1 001 KETOULHOUVO-Ü SORHIE 2. 1(One) post of Stenographer Gd-I (Class-I Gazetted) under Vigilance Commission. Rank Roll No. Name Remarks 1 002 SUIYILUNGLE IPUING Zeliang 3. 1(One) post of Stenographer Gd-I (Cl-I Gazetted) under State Institute of Rural Development. Rank Roll No. Name Remarks 1 004 KIYAZHATUOU CHASE 4. 1 (One) post of Stenographer Gd-II (Sr) (Class-II Gazetted) under Youth Resources & Sports Department. Rank Roll No. Name Remarks 1 007 LIBENTHUNG NGULLIE 5. 1 (One) post of Stenographer Gd-II (Jr) (Class-III Non-Gazetted) under Nagaland Information Commission. Rank Roll No. Name Remarks 1 009 ALICE YANTHAN 6. 1 (One) post of Stenographer Gd-III (Class-III Non-Gazetted) under Directorate of Labour. Rank Roll No. Name Remarks 1 099 YANGLEM KONYAK Konyak 7. 1 (One) post of Stenographer Gd-III (Class-III Non-Gazetted) under Forest, Ecology, Environment & Wildlife Department. Rank Roll No. Name Remarks 1 131 KEVEKHROLO KOZA Chakhesang 8. 1 (One) post of Stenographer Gd-III (Class-III Non-Gazetted) under Directorate of Printing & Stationery. Rank Roll No. Name Remarks 1 102 FLORENCE P. OVUNG

Recommendation of 1 (one) post of Stenographer Gr-II (Jr) under Nagaland Information Commission could not be made due to insufficient candidates. Sd/- (SARAH R. RITSE) Secretary Nagaland Public Service Commission, Kohima


Air pollution causes cancer: WHO

LONDON, OctOber 17 (AP): What many commuters choking on smog have long suspected has finally been scientifically validated: air pollution causes lung cancer. The International Agency for Research on Cancer declared on Thursday that air pollution is a carcinogen, alongside known dangers such as asbestos, tobacco and ultraviolet radiation. The decision came after a consultation by an expert panel organized by IARC, the cancer agency of the World Health Organization, which is based in Lyon, France. “We consider this to be the most important environmental carcinogen, more so than passive smoking,” said Kurt Straif, head of the IARC department that evaluates cancer-causing substances. IARC had previously deemed some of the components in air pollution such as diesel fumes to be carcinogens, but this is the first time it has classified air pollution in its entirety as cancer causing. The risk to the individual is low, but Straif said the main sources of pollution are widespread, including transportation, power plants, and industrial and agricultural emissions. Air pollution is a complex mixture that includes gases and particulate matter, and IARC said one of its primary risks is the fine particles that can be deposited deep in the lungs of people. “These are difficult things for the individual to avoid,” he said, observing the worrying dark clouds from nearby President Barack Obama walks out to make a statement to reporters in the Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House in Washington, on October 16. The Senate voted to avoid a financial default and reopen the factories that he could see from his office government after a 16-day partial shutdown and the measure now heads to the House, which is expected to window in Lyon. “When I walk on a street where there’s heavy pollution from diesel back the bill before day’s end. (AP Photo) crisis with demands that the Democratic president’s “Obamacare” healthcare reform law be defunded, said earlier on Wednesday the deal marked the “end of an agonizing odyssey” for Americans. “It is one of the most shameful chapters I have seen in the years I’ve spent in the Senate,” said McCain, who had warned Republicans not to link their demands for Obamacare changes to the debt limit or government spending bill. Polls showed Republicans took a hit in public opinion over the standoff. In the end, the Democratic-led Senate overwhelmingly passed the measure on a 81-18 vote, and the Republican-controlled House followed suit 285 to 144. Obama signed the 35-page bill just after midnight.


exhaust, I try to go a bit further away,” he said. “So that’s something you can do.” The fact that nearly everyone on the planet is exposed to outdoor pollution could prompt governments and other agencies to adopt stricter controls on spewing fumes. Straif noted that WHO and the European Commission are reviewing their recommended limits on air pollution. Previously, pollution had been found to boost the chances of heart and respiratory diseases. The expert panel’s classification was made after scientists analyzed more than 1,000 studies worldwide and concluded there was enough evidence that exposure to outdoor air pollution causes lung cancer. In 2010, IARC said there were more than 220,000 lung cancer deaths worldwide connected to air pollution. The agency also noted a link with a slightly higher risk of bladder cancer. Straif said there were dramatic differences in air quality between cities around the world and that the most polluted metropolises were in China and India, where people frequently don masks on streets to protect themselves. “This is something governments and environmental agencies need to take care of,” Straif said. “People can certainly contribute by doing things like not driving a big diesel car, but this needs much wider policies by national and international authorities.” Other experts emphasized the cancer risk from pollution for the average person was very low — but virtually unavoidable.

This is a May 7, 2013 photo of a foreign tourist wearing a mask walks in front of Tiananmen Gate on a polluted day in Beijing. What many commuters choking on smog have long suspected has finally been scientifically validated: air pollution causes lung cancer. The International Agency for Research on Cancer declared on Thursday that air pollution is a carcinogen, alongside known dangers such as asbestos, tobacco and ultraviolet radiation. (AP File Photo)



No: PD/Med.College/12-13/27/4469

Dated: Kohima, 17th October, 2013


The Department of Health & Family Welfare, Government of Nagaland proposes to have a suitable Logo and a Motto of the Nagaland Medical College, Kohima (NMCK), to be selected through public competition. Accordingly, proposals are invited from interested individuals/agencies/firms within Nagaland state on the following on or before 31st October 2013: 1. Logo for NMCK 2. Motto for NMCK The logo should reflect the The motto should be catchy objective of NMCK, which and original. is to impart quality medical education. It should be attractive, easy The motto should be prefto reproduce, colourful, dis- erably not more than five tinct and appealing. words. The logo should also cap- It should be in English. ture the Naga traditional ethos or culture. Terms and conditions: 1. Only residents of Nagaland state, of all age groups, can participate. 2. The selected logo and motto will be awarded a prize money of Rs. 50,000/- only and a citation. 3. Not more than two entries, each for logo and motto, will be entertained in respect of a single participant. 4. The logo should be prepared on an A4 sheet and if two entries of logo are submitted, they should be on separate sheets. The soft copy of the logo should be enclosed in CD/DVD format. 5. All entries should be submitted in a sealed envelope addressed to the Principal Director, Directorate of Health & Family Welfare, Kohima 797001, Nagaland and should also bear the name, complete address and telephone numbers of the participant. 6. Digital entries may be sent to the email address at and should reach before the stipulated date mentioned above. 7. All eligible entries received within the stipulated date shall be placed before the Selection Committee to be constituted for this purpose, who will examine all entries. The decision of the Selection Committee, Department of Health & Family Welfare, will be final. Sd/(DR. NEIPHI KIRE) Principal Director, DoH&FW Government of Nagaland.

10 Sachin to get 'dabbawala' salute at farewell Test Dimapur



18 October 2013

MUMBAi, OCTOBER 17 (iANS): When he retires after his 200th Test match in Mumbai next month, legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar will get a salute from a familiar but an unexpected and equally legendary tribe - the Mumbai "dabbawalas" who make daily lunch-box deliveries. "Around 50-100 'dabbawalas' will take a few days off from the tiffin delivery service to be present at Wankhede Stadium and give a salute to the legend who is retiring," said Subhash Talekar, spokesperson of the Nutan Mumbai Tiffin Box Suppliers Trust (NMTBST). He said that the dabbawalas have been serving Mumbai for the past 123 years, while Tendulkar has been serving and bringing laurels to the nation in the past nearly three decades. "He is a symbol of Mumbai who has made all Indians proud. We feel it is our duty to be present on this historic occasion," Talekar told IANS, speaking for the dabbawalas, who are regarded the epitome of management perfection and strategies. The dabbawalas will pay for their own daily or season tickets for the

Test match scheduled Nov 14-18, which Tendulkar's mother will witness for the first time. Talekar said that as an organisation, this will be the dabbawalas' maiden entry into a stadium for the historic match. Besides holding a banner, Talekar said, the dabbawalas plan to gift Tendulkar their traditional "dabba" (lunchbox), which has earlier been gifted to celebrities from around the world, including Britain's Prince Charles. Mumbai's nearly 5,000 "dabbawalas"

NEW DELhi, OCTROBER 17 (PTi): Pankaj Advani lived up to his billing as India’s top cueist as he entered the Indian Open snooker tournament quarterfinals by overcoming stiff resistance from Stuart Bingham in his last-16 stage match in New Delhi on Thursday. Being made to play a 10 a.m. match after a long and intense one the previous night, India’s highest-ranked snooker professional lived up to his reputation of overcoming adversity, closing out a worthy opponent 4-3 in the decider of the best-ofseven pre-quarterfinal. Battling and getting the

better of World No.11 Mark Allen’s challenge till 11 p.m. on Wednesday, Advani went on to say, “As a professional, if you are asked to wake up and play at four in the morning, you have to do it!“. While India’s other cueist Aditya Mehta got almost a day to recover, Advani, an eight-time world champion, had to be back on the table in less than 12 hours against one of the toughest competitors in the fray, the World No. 8 Essex cueist. This win makes Advani the only Indian to reach the quarterfinal of a ranking event again. He brought India on to the global map of snooker by storming into the quarterfinals of

Stosur, Kuznetsova advance at Kremlin Cup

MOSCOW, OCTOBER 17 (AP): Two-time Grand Slam champion Svetlana Kuznetsova beat Sofia Arvidsson of Sweden 6-2, 7-5 to make the Kremlin Cup quarterfinals for the sixth time on Wednesday. Meanwhile, men's defending champion Andreas Seppi broke Paolo Lorenzi twice in the second set to win the all-Italian second-round match 6-3, 6-2, and 2011 champ Janko Tipsarevic lost to Russian wild card Karen Khachanov 6-4, 6-4. Kuznetsova, ranked 23rd, overcame an early break in the second set and earned the victory on her third match point against Arvidsson, a semifinalist last year. "I was more relaxed on the court today, yet I was hurrying a bit and wanted to play more aggressive, thus making more mistakes," Kuznetsova said. "But I can say that now, at the end of the season, I am playing much better." She missed Wimbledon, among several tournaments in midseason, because of an abdominal injury. She will try to reach the semifinals for only the second time in Moscow when she faces secondseeded Roberta Vinci of Italy, who beat Elena Vesni-

na 2-6, 6-1, 6-4 after a firstround bye. Vesnina, who won her first two singles titles this season, broke twice in the opening set. But Vinci broke the Russian three times in the second to force a decider. The 11th-ranked Italian broke decisively in the seventh game and served out. Samantha Stosur opened her account by beating Kaia Kanepi of Estonia 6-3, 6-1. Stosur, coming off her second title this season and fifth of her career, converted four of 11 break opportunities. "I played really well and Kaia was a really dangerous opponent," Stosur said. "I really tried to start the match well, on top." Last year's runner-up, Stosur has Alize Cornet of France next. Meanwhile, the 17-year-old Khachanov advanced to his first career ATP quarterfinals in hitting 14 aces past thirdseeded Tipsarevic. Playing his fourth tour match, Khachanov broke Tipsarevic once in each set and didn't offer a break chance. "It was a tight match. I was trying but Karen didn't give many chances on his serve," Tipsarevic said. "Two chances he had on my serve he broke me. He plays really well for his age and if he improves his fitness he

the Welsh Open earlier this year. Advani has repeated the feat today in the Indian Open, making him the Indian to watch out for.

Advani started well with a break of 53 to capture the first frame convincingly. Bingham, the dangerous customer that

he is, responded with a fluent 110 break levelling the match 1-1. The Indian pulled back the next two frames with 67 and 53 breaks, being only one frame away from rewriting snooker history. But that wasn’t meant to happen in a hurry. Bingham rose to the occasion of impending defeat to enforce the decider with big breaks of 72 and 119. In the decider, with momentum in Bingham’s favour, Advani was not the favourite. The Indian’s opponent broke down after a 30 break which seemed to be the final blow. Instead, Advani sprung out of his seat to capitalise on the

MUMBAi, OCTOBER 17 (PTi): Sharad Pawar is all set to be elected unopposed as the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) president after BJP leader Gopinath Munde’s appeal against the rejection of his application to contest for the top post at Firday’s polls was turned down on Thursday. The former Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister, whose application to contest the polls was rejected by the election officer on the basis of his residential status, had appealed against the verdict but that too was rejected, outgoing MCA chief Ravi Savant said in Mumbai

on Thursday. Mr. Munde’s application was rejected by the election officer on Saturday as the address on his electoral registration was Beed after which he filed an appeal which has now been turned down. According to MCA rules, only a Mumbai resident can become a governing member of the cricketing body. Explaining the rationale behind the rejection of Mr. Munde’s appeal, Mr. Savant said that as per a Bombay High Court order of 2006, a person could have residences in different cities, but he is considered to be a

have carved a global niche for themselves for their efficient to-and-fro delivery of nearly 200,000 lunch boxes around the city. They have become the subject of international management and research studies, won accolades from around the world and are invited to top international business and celebrity events. Research papers, books, articles, documentaries and films have been made on the life, times and work of the dabbawalas in the past few decades.

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has all the potential to become a very good player." Earlier, Alisa Kleybanova advanced to her first quarterfinals since being treated for cancer, beating the sixth-seeded Carla Suarez Navarro of Spain 7-6 (2), 6-4. The Russian was ranked as high as 20th, but after missing much of the

last two seasons because of her illness is now 254th. She resumed her career in May and won a challenger before returning to the tour in Toronto in August. "I always liked to play with Carla and I knew it would be a tough match," Kleybanova said. "But I think that today I played

more accurate on key moments and that's why I won." Kleybanova was diagnosed with blood cancer and underwent chemotherapy until December 2011. Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, who is looking for her third title this year, beat Russian compatriot Maria Kirilenko 6-3, 6-3.

permanent resident of only that place where his name appears on the electoral rolls. “Mr. Munde had filed an appeal with which he had attached various documents to show that he has a residence in Mumbai. “But that only indicates he has got a residence in Mumbai. But the rule says he has got to be a resident of Mumbai. Whatever was shown to us did indicate he has got a permanent residence in Mumbai. “(But) Bombay High Court has answered in 2006 that a person can be taken safely as permanent resident where he is listed

mistake, knowing well that this was possibly his only chance to seize a win. The world champion enthralled his fans with a courageous and well-crafted 86 to stamp his authority and be the first and only Indian to enter the quarterfinals of a ranking event not once but twice. It is now left to be seen if Mehta can match the mighty performance of his Indian counterpart as he will be tested by the formidable Mark Williams in the other prequarter. Mehta has never made it to the quarters of a ranking event. The winner of the encounter will face Advani in the quarterfinal round this evening. RiO DE JANEiRO, OCTOBER 17 (iANS): Atletico Mineiro veteran Ronaldinho is expected to resume running next week, raising hopes that the injured star in the voters list. I may have will be fit for the FIFA Club two places (of residence) World Cup in December. but to be a permanent resiThe two-time FIFA dent of one place the cri- World Player of the Year teria is the voters’ list,” Mr. ruptured the adductor Savant said. muscle in his left groin Mr. Savant stated that while training with the post the development, Brazilian side late last Union Agriculture Min- month. Atletico Mineiro ister Sharad Pawar is the team doctor Rodrigo Laslone candidate for the MCA mar said the 33-year-old presidentship and is all set was responding positively to be elected unopposed at to intense physiotherapy, the biennial polls. reports Xinhua. “There were two can"Ronaldinho has imdidates after the last date proved significantly. He is of withdrawal. Therefore, practically free of pain and you can safely say Sharad has already begun light Pawar is the only candi- work to strengthen the date left now, so he is unop- muscle. The expectation is posed,” he said. that next week he will be-

gin running, which doesn't mean that he is ready," Lasmar said. The Club World Cup, featuring each of FIFA's six continental club champions plus the host nation's league winners, will be played in Morocco from Dec 11-21. Atletico Mineiro, who earned the right to play in the tournament by winning the Copa Libertadores final in July, are favourites to meet European champions Bayern Munich in the final. Lasmar admitted Ronaldinho's focus was to be fit in time for the competition. "He still has a long recovery process ahead but so far everything is as good as we could have imagined. We are confident that he is going to be available for the Club World Cup."

SAO PAULO, OCTO BER 17 (AP): Brazilian congressman and former football great Romario has launched another attack against FIFA, calling president Sepp Blatter "a thief" and secretary general Jerome Valcke "a blackmailer." The comments from the former Brazil striker came at congressional hearing promoted by a tourism and sports commission on Tuesday. He continued his attack against Valcke with a post published on his website on Wednesday, saying the FIFA official isn't the "best person to do business" with Brazil ahead of the 2014 World Cup. Romario also criticized the Brazilian football confederation, saying it is "corrupt." It was some of the harsher words yet used by Romario, who has been loudly criticizing FIFA and local football officials since he took office in 2010. "We can't expect anything from FIFA, where we have a blackmailer called

Valcke and a thief called Blatter," Romario said while replying to a comment from a colleague who said FIFA should do more to make sure the World Cup will leave a legacy for Brazil. "They really don't represent world football, much less Brazilian football." In his post, Romario said it's his role as a legislator to protect Brazil's interests and make sure the people know more about the FIFA representative negotiating World Cup deals in Brazil. "Brazilian authorities shouldn't trust (Valcke) when signing any deal related to the World Cup," Romario said. "It is with lack of trust that I see his presence in Brazil negotiating with the money of the Brazilian people. Rest assured that I'll always keep an eye on what is being spent on the World Cup with public funds." Romario said he published the post in response to Valcke's claim that the former Brazilian great has

many times overstepped the boundaries of decency in his attacks. In an interview with Rio's Extra on Sunday, Valcke said Romario is "anti-FIFA, antiJerome Valcke, anti-everything." He said Romario talks about him and President Blatter as the "worst people in the world," and doesn't expect to have a dialogue with the former striker in the run up to the World Cup. "FIFA is open to talk to anyone, but I'm not going to go to Romario to ask him to speak with me," Valcke was quoted as saying. "He has said so many negative things about me, I don't see why I would go see him." FIFA said it will not comment about Romario's remarks. For a long time Romario has been outspoken against FIFA's influence in Brazil and the costs of hosting the World Cup. He has focused his complaints on the secretary general. "I wouldn't trust (Valcke) if I had to give him

10 reals (about $5) to buy me bread and milk," Romario said in his post. Romario said his mistrust was in part linked to FIFA's past problems with the nowdefunct market agency ISL and the controversial replacement of the Mastercard sponsorship by Visa, a move spearheaded by Valcke. Tuesday's congressional hearing was aimed at discussing the financial situation of Brazilian clubs, and Romario took the opportunity to again criticize the local football federation, known as the CBF. "CBF is a corrupt entity," said the 47-year-old Romario, who won the 1994 World Cup with Brazil. Romario has led the calls for a congressional investigation into the Brazilian federation after president Jose Maria Marin took over from Ricardo Teixeira, who quit last year citing medical reasons amid widespread allegations of corruption and irregularities in his administration.

Pankaj Advani reaches quarters of Indian Open

Australian Rules footballer Matthew Kreuzer, right, presents a team jumper to Honda MotoGP rider Marc Marquez of Spain during a visit to his garage ahead of the MotoGP Australian motorcycle Grand Prix in Phillip Island in Australia Thursday, Oct. 17. (AP Photo)

Pawar all set to return as MCA head

Romario launches another attack against FIFA

Marquez closes in on world title

ViCTORiA, OCTOBER 17 (AFP): Young Spaniard Marc Marquez can clinch the world MotoGP championship and become the first rookie to win in 35 years if results fall his way at Australia`s Phillip Island circuit this weekend. The Repsol Honda Team rider can carry off the title in his debut premier class season if he beats Yamaha Factory Racing`s Jorge Lorenzo by sufficient points to carry a 50-point margin into the last two races in Japan and Spain. The 20-year old Spanish star holds a 43-point lead heading into Sunday`s Australian showdown and a win, worth 25 points, could land the title if Lorenzo cannot finish second. If that happens Marquez would become the first rookie to clinch the premier class championship since American Kenny Roberts in 1978. Australia`s five-time premier class title winner Mick Doohan said Thursday the world crown is for Marquez to lose. "The championship is his to give up at the moment -- although the likelihood of that is very remote," Doohan said. "Marquez really needs to have some sort of mechanical problem or some other mishap for Lorenzo to have any chance going forward from here." Marquez`s task of sealing victory could be complicated by his Honda teammate Dani Pedrosa. Spaniard Pedrosa scored a dominant win at Malaysia`s Sepang track last weekend and is not mathematically out of the championship, as he trails Marquez by 54 points with 75 points still in play.

Ronaldinho on track for Club World Cup

Former soccer star Romario. (AP File Photo)


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Friday 18 October 2013



Oprah Winfrey offers help to Lamar Odom

Katy Perry new face of CoverGirl



hat show queen Oprah Winfrey has offered to help basketball player Lamar Odom. She has approached him for an interview. Winfrey has asked Odom to do a tell-all with her so that people can see that he has put his drug problem behind him. A source told that Odom is eager to repair his reputation so that he can start playing basketball professionally again. Another source said that if the interview goes ahead, Odom would discuss his drug use, marriage and career. Odom's marriage to socialite Khloe Kardashian has been on the rocks for months due to his drug addiction and also because he reportedly cheated on her twice.


op singer Katy Perry is the new face of cosmetic brand CoverGirl. She shared the news with her fans via microblogging website Twitter. "Beautiful news to share with you all. Today (Wednesday) is my first day as a CoverGirl! See what happens when you let the light in? (sic)" she tweeted. The 28-year-old's advertising campaign will be out in Spring 2014, reports "In addition to music, I've always considered makeup to be a powerful creative avenue of self-expression. I'm honoured to partner with CoverGirl and share more colors and textures of my approach to beauty to inspire my audience," Perry said in a statement. The "Roar" hitmaker had earlier launched her own eyelash and fragrance ranges but CoverGirl will be her first cosmetic partnership.

BOx Office :

Akshay Kumar’s 'Boss' mints 14 crore on opening day


hile the film directed by Anthony D’Souza was all the rage at the single screens (occupancy ranging from 70 percent to 90 percent), the response at multiplexes was tepid (50 percent to 60 percent). The film released across 3,000 screens in the country and minted approximately Rs. 14 crore as per early estimates. The response was

best in Rajasthan. Delhi was better than Mumbai and Bangalore. Though the opening wasn’t as huge as expected, Akshay Kumar said he’s satisfied with the audience response. Visiting the Gaity Galaxy theatre in Mumbai, Akshay said, “Today (Wednesday) is the first day of release. Everything is going fine. I am very happy that

it has got a good response…I am very thankful to the audience that they are watching the film and have loved it. That’s what an artist wants.” The film will obviously witness a fall in the collections on Thursday. Business will pick up again on Friday evening and expectedly go up throughout the weekend.

Paul Hollywood opens Selena Gomez carries on with Stars Dance tour about split with wife Alex S he suffered a stage tumble earlier this week at a concert in Virgina. But as she stepped back onto the stage in New York on Wednesday, Selena Gomez wasn't leaving anything to chance. The 21-yearold singer rocked the stage with confidence, and thankfully did not put a foot wrong. Selena is currently riding high on the success of her new tour and album of the same name, Stars Dance. Although she's not grabbing the same headlines as her pop rival Miley Cyrus, she is in a much classier way earning her stripes as a popstar. Whilst Miley has been doing her best to reinvent herself - albeit unconvincingly - as a serious r'n'b contender Selena has gone down the route of Europop. With pop beats sounding good enough for Kylie Minogue, Selena's new look is coming off much more authentically than Miley's. And proving that she's in the same league as Madonna and Beyonce, Selena got straight


back up on stage when she suffered her stage slip earlier this week. Selena was giving an energetic performance of the track Slow Down and had impressively held herself upright throughout in platform boots. But as she began jumping up and down and clapping towards the end, it all became a bit too much. As both feet failed to rejoin the edge of the stage after one last jump, the dainty singer slipped all too easily to the platform below. Proving their loyalty, a group of fans were immediately seen offering their help as she grasped their hands to regain balance. Selena - who previously dated teen heartthrob Justin Bieber - recently revealed her attraction to the rapper Drake and says she even dreams up fantasies of him dedicating Twitter messages to her. Selena made the frank confession during an interview with US radio programme The TJ Show after a female caller told the star her boyfriend had a big

crush on her. The caller said her beau often refers to the 21-yearold pop star as his 'baby' and asked: 'I was wondering if that makes you uncomfortable or are you flattered by that?' Selena responded saying she was 'super flattered' and admitted she has a similar habit. She said: 'I'm like, 'Awww Drake did that for me', when it's like, he did it on Twitter. I'm like, 'My baby did that for me!"' But Selena isn't expecting her celebrity crush to call her anytime soon, because she doesn't feel she is his type as her booty isn't ample enough. She quipped: "I mean this in the nicest way, I just don't have a big enough butt for Drake." Drake, 26, recently confirmed he had a fling with Rihanna and says he has a crush on 2 Broke Girls star Kat Dennings.


Kate Moss turns editor for magazine


very week he judges the would-be champions of the Great British Bake Off. But Paul Hollywood isn't happy being judged himself following his break-up from wife of 15 years, Alexandra. Speaking to The Times, Paul said: 'When I judge, I don't judge you. But the people that are judging me are judging me without knowing the full story. Nobody knows the whole story.' This summer it was reported that the pastry chef had embarked on an alleged affair with his American Baking Competition co-host Marcella Valladolid. Alexandra later confirmed to The Daily Mail that she had filed for divorce on the grounds of divorce, which Paul would not be contesting. However, Hollywood says the saga isn't as clear cut as it might seem: 'There's two people

that know the whole story. The people that matter know everything. The people that don't matter make up their own things and then have an opinion.' In August, Paul discussed the welfare of his child, Joshua, 11, who had not been doing well since his parents separated. He told the Radio Times: ‘I won’t comment on my marriage for my son’s sake. He became quite ill. I live about a mile from where I used to and love him to pieces. ‘He was asked to do a show at school about someone famous and phoned me, saying, "I want to pick you". I nearly cried. I said, "Josh, ‘I’m not famous", and he replied, "Daddy, you are".' ‘I broke down. I’m upset and sad about the whole separation. I’ve been totally honest with those in the know. Everyone else?

That’s their problem, I don’t care.’ But this month, Paul says he does not feel any guilt over the situation. 'Guilt? Guilt for what?' He told The Times. 'My boy and me are very close. He's hurt. I was hurt when I was a kid. I know what it's like, more so then anybody, but at the end of the day... they don't know whether I'm back with Alex.' According to the baker, he is currently a single man, but he does see his estranged wife a lot and has his son over to his barn, just a mile away from his former home, 'all the time.' However, the idea of getting back together with Alex isn't promising, although Paul is not willing to rule it out: 'If I was still with Alex and nothing had happened, I couldn't see her all the time anyway. 'What happened has been unfortunate... but I'll never say "never" '.


upermodel Kate Moss will step behind the camera to work as a contributing fashion editor for British Vogue magazine. The 39-year-old catwalk queen is due to style her very first shoot for the magazine as part of the forthcoming Spring issue and will work closely with the rest of the fashion team to choose photographers and models, reported Contactmusic. This marks the first time Moss, who has covered the British style bible 33 times since her first shoot in March 1993, will take part in the creative process behind the camera. I am absolutely delighted that Kate is going to work with us in this new role. Her undoubtedly brilliant sense of style, depth of fashion knowledge and understanding of what makes a wonderful image will be exciting to see on the pages of British Vogue. I am really looking forward to working with her on ideas, Alexandra Shulman, British Vogue's Editor-in-Chief, said.

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Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, center, smiles with Tom Hanks, right, and director Paul Greengrass upon their arrival for the opening ceremony of the 26th Tokyo International Film Festival in Tokyo 17 October, Thursday. Hanks and Greengrass' film "Captain Phillips" will be shown as the opening film in the nine-day event. (AP Photo/Shizuo Kambayashi)

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Pak beats South 'OBE award a grEat hOnOur' Murray has described receiving an OBE from the Duke africa in 1st test Andy of Cambridge as a "special day" for himself and William.

abU dHabi, october 17 (aP): Pakistan survived top order batting jitters on Thursday to notch a rare seven-wicket victory over topranked South Africa with more than a day to spare in the first test. Pakistan required 40 runs for its win over the Proteas in six years but Vernon Philander and Dale Steyn reduced them to 7-3 before captain Misbahul-Haq (28 not out) secured the victory with a straight six off Robin Peterson and guided the team to 45-3. South Africa, which conceded a huge 193-run lead in the first innings, was earlier bowled out for 232 at the stroke of tea on the fourth day with A.B. de Villiers playing a fighting knock of 90 off 157 balls and Peterson unbeaten on 47. Offspinner Saeed Ajmal took 4-74 while seamer Junaid Khan claimed 3-57 as South Africa batsmen struggled to adjust to the slow and spinning wicket of Sheikh Zayed Stadium. Thursday's win was Pakistan's only fourth test win in 22 test matches against South Africa with the last one came at Port Elizabeth in 2007. Only in February the Proteas had whitewashed Misbah's team 3-0 at home, but in subcontinent-like hot and humid conditions of United Arab Emirates, Pakistan proved that at No. 6 conditions suited them more than their No.1 ranked rivals. Earlier, A.B. de Villiers made a gritty 90 off 157 balls with seven fours and a six but gave a tame catch in the covers while Peterson missed his half century and ran out of partners in South Africa's otherwise disappointing batting. Resuming at the overnight 72-4, nightwatchman

Dale Steyn (7) resisted for 44 more deliveries and took the team's total to 104 before he finally ran out of patience and was clean bowled by left-arm spinner Zulfiqar Babar (2-51) off his third delivery of the day. J.P. Duminy looked shaky in his brief stay as seamer Khan had him trapped leg before wicket for zero. Babar should have had the wicket of Faf du Plessis on 6 before lunch but wicketkeeper Kamran Akmal, who featured in three of the four dismissals on Tuesday afternoon, couldn't hold on to a thick edge. De Villiers was the only South African batsman to read the spinners well as he raised his half century with a straight six over Babar's head besides hitting four boundaries in his half century. De Villiers was familiar with the pitch at the Sheikh Zayed Stadium as he made

his career best unbeaten 278 against Pakistan in the drawn test in 2010. But Pakistan struck immediately through Ajmal after lunch when he made a good reflex one-handed low catch off his own bowling before de Villiers departed after putting up an innings-best partnership of 57 with Peterson. South Africa still trailed by 3 runs when de Villiers was dismissed but Peterson and Philander stretched the lead to 39 by adding 42 for the ninth wicket. Ajmal got rid of the last two wickets in three balls when he had Philander caught behind and No. 11 Morne Morkel gave the offspinner a simple return catch at the stroke of tea interval. The second test starts at Dubai next Wednesday and Pakistan will be looking to threaten South Africa's record of not losing an away test series since 2006.

London, october 17 (agencies): The Wimbledon champion said he felt honoured to be awarded the OBE which capped a brilliant 2012 for the sportsman who won the US Open and Olympic tennis titles last year. Murray went on to capture the hearts of the nation by winning the coveted championship at SW19 and cementing his place in sporting history. The tennis star arrived well ahead of the investiture with girlfriend Kim Sears and his parents Willie and Judy, but before he appeared he tweeted about being held up by a drugs test. William appeared to give a faultless performance as he presided over the ceremony, presenting awards, dubbing new knights and recognising the efforts of senior members of the armed forces. Speaking after the event in Buckingham Palace's lavish ballroom, Murray said: "It's a great honour to be awarded something like this - it means a lot." The sportsman paid tribute to other recipients: "Speaking to some of the people and the stuff they've done it's pretty incredible, it was nice to come along and receive it today. "I've wanted to do it sooner but because of all the travel and stuff I've always been away on the dates that we've been given." Once feared to be another nearly man of British tennis, Murray has fulfilled his talent in emphatic style in just over a year. Overcoming his grumpy image, the player connected with the British public as he took gold at the London Olympics last sum-

Wimbledon champion Andy Murray and his long time girlfriend Kim Sears pose for the camera after Murray received his Order of the British Empire (OBE) from Britain's prince William at Buckingham Palace in London, Thursday Oct. 17. (AP Photo)

mer, beating Roger Federer in straight sets. A few weeks later he became the first British man to win a grand slam final in 76 years, defeating Novak Djokovic in the US Open.

24th SEnIOr natIOnaL SEPaKtaKraw ChaMPIOnShIP 2013 Nagaland win women’s double event

Nagaland team that won the women’s double event.


Our Correspondent Kohima | October 17

Bringing cheer to hosts Nagaland, the women’s team of Nagaland today emerged champions of the women’s double event at the ongoing 24th Senior National Sepaktakraw Championship 2013 here at the Indira Gandhi Stadium. In the final match of women’s double event, Nagaland defeated Andhra Pradesh 3-0 (15-4, 15-7 and 15-8) to clinch the champion title. Nagaland entered the finals after defeating Bihar 2-0 (15-2, 155) in the semi finals. Andhra Pradesh stood second position while the third place was shared by Bihar and Goa. In the final match of women’s regu event, Manipur defeated Assam 3-0 (15-9, 15-9, 15-7) to

His efforts earned him the OBE for services to tennis but more glory on the court was to follow. The lack of a homegrown winner of the Wimbledon men's title had hung

over British tennis for decades, b ut Murray beat all comers and triumphed in the final - against Djokovic again - to become the first British man in 77 years to win the singles title at Wim-

bledon. Speaking about his brief chat with William during the presentation he said: "He just asked me about what it's been like after Wimbledon. I think he's a big sports fan, he was at the Olympics, he was seen everywhere and I've seen him a couple of times at Wimbledon, so today was nice and it was his first time as well, so a special, special day." Murray is recovering from back surgery and said he had a rehab session planned for the afternoon but would probably stop off somewhere on the way home for a celebratory lunch. Speaking about William he added: "I thought he seemed pretty relaxed. He seemed to give everyone a lot of time. It seemed like it went really quickly. "We spoke for about a minute, he asked me about my back surgery and what it was like after Wimbledon and the pressures and stuff. It was a great thing to do at the end of the year, especially as it's his first one." Murray revealed how he gently teased William about his handwriting: "After Wimbledon his wife had written a letter to say congratulations and she had amazing handwriting, and I had a letter from Prince William before and his handwriting was not good. "And I just said, 'could you pass it on that her handwriting was fantastic and thank you very much for the letter'." Speaking about his success Murray said: "My whole career has been a gradual progress, every year I've just made a little but of an improvement. I've never had any major setbacks in terms of a really bad year where my ranking dropped.

14th nSF MartYrS’ MEMOrIaL trOPhY 2013

emerge the champion title. Manipur entered the finals after defeating Andhra Pradesh in the semi finals 3-0 (15-13, 15-5, 15-4). Assam stood second position while the third place was shared by Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh. Meanwhile, Manipur will face SSB in the finals of men’s regu event on October 18. The third place for men’s regu event was shared by Assam and Delhi. The Championship will conclude on October 18 with minister for youth resources and sports Merentoshi R. Jamir as the chief guest at 3:00 PM. The function will be chaired by Nagaland Sepaktakraw Association (NASTA) vice president P. Tokugha Achumi. Vote of thanks will be proposed by NASTA trea- Match patron K. Kire and organizing committee officials with the players of the 2nd semi surer Lanu Yaden. finals on October 17 at Kohima Local Ground. (Morung Photo)

Nagaland Police down HQ IGAR (N) to enter finals Our Correspondent Kohima | October 17

Three times champion Nagaland Police today entered the finals after defeating HQ IGAR (N) via tie- break 3-0 at the ongoing 14th edition of the NSF Martyrs’ Memorial Trophy 2013 (Late Kekuojalie Sachu and Late Vikhozo Yhoshu) here at the Kohima Local Ground under the aegis of the Angami Students’ Union (ASU) with the theme “Goal for peace.” The match remained a scoreless draw within the allotted full time play, and

none of them managed to score even 15 minute extra time was given. Earlier, Nagaland Police got an opportunity to take the lead in the first half when it got a chance of penalty kick. However, HQ IGAR (N) goal keeper Bechung Bhutia blocked the ball kicked by Saku of Nagaland Police. The match was decided by tie-breaker in which Nagaland Police emerged victorious 3-0. Wapang, Beilie Rio and PH Alfred did the justice in netting the goal for Nagaland Police in the tie-breaker while Lamdom’s (Nagaland Police) kick was blocked by HQ IGAR goal keeper Bechung Bhutia. Bechung Bhutia of HQ IGAR (N) was declared as the player of the match and received an award from

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the match patron K. Kire, retired DGP Nagaland. Nagaland Police will now face Naga United in the grand finale on October 19 at 1:30 PM. MLA Khriehu Liezietsu, Advisor for New & Renewable Energy and Music Task Force will be the guest of honour at the valedictory function. Meanwhile, there will be an exhibition match between Nerhema Students’ Union and Organizing committee of 14th NSF Martyrs’ Memorial Trophy 2013 on October 18 at I: 00 PM. Entry ticket for final match has been enhanced to Rs. 50. ASU secretary sports Mathew Yhome said that there will be lucky draw on entry ticket wherein 10 lucky winners will get a mobile handset each. PO Reg No. NE/RN-722


18th October 2013  

The Morung Express Dimapur, Nagaland, India