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A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both

Top terrorist, bomb-maker Abdul Karim Tunda held [ PAGE 08]

‘Marriage would ruin my relationship’ [ PAGE 11]

Immanuel College conducts Gospel prog

PM rules out repeat of ‘1991 economic crisis’

I am going to church. Today’s my turn to lead the praise and worship.

GPRN/NSCN responds to NSCN (K)

Dimapur, august 17 (mExN): The Mangmetong Senso, Dimapur (DMST) has condemned the “extortion note” served to one of its members, M. Longri Pongen, by some “unidentified persons for a sum of Rs. 1,00,00,000 (Rupees one crore).” The DMST President and General Secretary in a press statement informed that the “miscreants” have threatened to “eliminate” Pongen and his family if he “fails to bow to their demand.” The Senso stated that it feels “aggrieved and insulted” for the “inhuman and uncivilized” threat rendered to one of its members. Further, the DMST has called upon authorities to take “sincere and timely action” against the “criminals” and appealed to all “societies and individuals” to condemn and stand against “such elements” in society.

4 cups of coffee a day can shorten lifespan

WasHiNgtON, august 17 (pti): Drinking four cups of coffee a day may endanger health in under-55s, a large study on over 40,000 individuals has claimed. Scientists have found a greater than 50% increased mortality risk in both men and women younger than 55 years of age who drank more than 28 cups of coffee a week. The study of more than 40,000 individuals suggests that younger people in particular may need to avoid heavy coffee consumption. A multicentre research team investigated the effect of coffee consumption on death from all causes and deaths from cardiovascular disease in the Aerobics Center Longitudinal Study cohort, with an average follow-up period of 16 years and a relatively large sample size of over 40,000 men and women.


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By Sandemo Ngullie

DMST condemns extortion note

–Dwight D. Eisenhower

Britain’s Farah wins world men’s [ PAGE 02] 5,000m Forces clear protestors gold from Cairo’s al-Fath mosque


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A stranded family walk towards their village as trucks stand after Bodo protesters blocked a highway during a 100hour long agitation to demand for a separate state of Bodoland, Assam, on Friday. The endorsement of Telangana has spurred activists to call for other long-standing demands for separate states to be met. (AP Photo)

July 4 murder: Police await DNA analysis

Dimapur, august 17 (mExN): It has been over a month since the murder on July 4 created shockwaves. A woman was found murdered at Landmark Colony in Dimapur, with her throat slit and a stick inserted into her vagina. After investigation, three suspects were initially detained, which was followed by the arrest of the main accused, barely two days after the news of the murder reverberated around the state. After the initial emotional public outcry over the murder, people’s curiosity on the progress of the investigation seems

to have died down but the case is still alive. While the Special Investigation Team set up to probe the murder is collecting evidence, the fate of the main accused, Rikumkaba Pongen and the three suspects – T. Yapang, Samarenba and Santosh Nath— hangs in the balance of the justice system. The three suspects remain in judicial custody after their unsuccessful bail bid while the main accused is also under judicial custody after the 15-day police remand. The possible involvement of the three suspects in the crime remains vague.

The DNA analysis is likely to determine their fate. Police said that blood samples of the three suspects and the main accused were collected and sent for DNA analysis along with the tissue (hair and genital swab) samples of the deceased victim. The analysis report is likely to take no less than two months to reach here, the police said. The blood samples were sent to an undisclosed forensic laboratory a few days after the arrest of the main accused. The police chose not to disclose the location of the laboratory citing “chances of manipulation.”

It is reported to be the first instance in the history of the Nagaland Police wherein investigators has resorted to taking DNA examination in crime investigation. Further, finger-print analysis of the suspected murder weapon (a machete/dao) is yet to reach the investigators. The machete was found at the crime scene. The police doubt it will hold any conclusive evidence citing it would in all likelihood have many overlapping prints since it was believed to be an everyday kitchen implement.

NEW DElHi, august 17 (agENciEs): The Voter Verifiable Paper Trail (VVPAT) system will be used on trial basis for the first time in the Nagaland bye-elections to be held on September 4. The VVPAT system is a new initiative of the Election Commission to ensure free and fair elections. The VVPAT unit prints a ballot slip containing the serial number and symbol of the candidate when a vote is cast using the Electronic Voter Machine (EVM). The ballot slip is visible to the voter for about five seconds behind a ballot slip viewing window. After this, the ballot slip is cut and it falls into a compartment. In case there is a dispute about the voting and a petition is filed, the votes can be tallied electronically and physically with the ballot slips that fall into the compartment.

VVPAT to be used on trial basis during bye-elections on September 4

Electronic Ltd and Electronics Corporation of India (ECIL), is estimated at about Rs 12,000. To allow its use in the bye-election, the Conduct of Elections Rules were amended and notified by the Election Commission on Friday.

Vibi Yhokha

NEW DElHi, august 17 (aFp): India’s premier ruled out Saturday any suggestion the country could suffer a repeat of its 1991 balance-of-payments crisis as it grapples with a plunging rupee and a huge trade gap. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh spoke a day after India’s currency hit a new low of 62.03 rupees to the dollar and stocks posted their sharpest singleday fall in nearly two years. Singh was finance minister in 1991 and was credited with overcoming the deep economic crisis. “There is no question of going back to the 1991 crisis,” Singh told reporters in New Delhi in televised remarks at a book launch. In 1991, hard currency reserves had sunk so low that India was on the brink of defaulting on its foreign loans. Singh said the country only had foreign exchange reserves for 15 days in 1991. “Now we have reserves of six to seven months. So there is no comparison. And no question of going back to the 1991 crisis,” he said. India still has painful memories of 1991, when New Delhi had to pledge its gold reserves with the International Monetary Fund to fund its debt. To get India out of its economic morass, Singh unleashed sweeping change, beginning the process of abolishing what was

“The time has come to look at the possibilities and limitations of the monetary policy in a globalised economy” known as the “licence raj”, a system of economic management ruled by government monopolies, quotas and permits that dictated what firms could make. Since June 1 this year, overseas funds have pulled out a combined $11.58 billion in equities and debt from India’s markets over concerns about a sharply slowing economy, regulatory data shows. To curb the rupee’s fall, Indian policymakers have pushed up short-term interest rates and announced plans to allow state firms to raise funds abroad and curb gold imports. Earlier this week, the central bank also tightened controls on the amount of money local firms and individuals can send abroad. Asked about the record current account deficit -- the broadest measure of trade -- Singh acknowledged the problem and said gold imports needed to be further curbed. Gold is the second-largest contributor to the current account deficit after oil. “We seem to be investing a lot in unproductive

assets,” he noted. Gold is hugely popular in India, especially during religious festivals and wedding seasons, and is also bought as a hedge against inflation. India’s woes have been exacerbated by signals the US could soon slow its stimulus drive that prompted big investment flows to emerging markets, and homegrown graft scandals that have virtually paralysed government policymaking. Singh added that he hoped for “fresh thinking” at the central bank when its new governor Raghuram Rajan takes over in September. “The time has come to look at the possibilities and limitations of the monetary policy in a globalised economy,” he said. India’s finance ministry is reported to regard the current central bank leadership as overly conservative in its focus on inflation at the expense of economic growth. Rajan is a former International Monetary Fund chief economist and is famed for predicting the 2008 global financial crisis. Related story on page 8

New voting system to debut in Nagaland A special kind of teacher

At present, EVMs are used Scaling up for voting and counting is Election Commission based on the results in the sources said depending machines. on feedback from the electorate, including whether Physical verification the use of VVPAT helped In comparison, the increase trust in the elecVVPAT will print a voter’s tions, and how friendly its selection, thus also allow- use was, a decision would ing for physical verification be taken on whether it of the vote. 42 VVPAT – one should be “gradually exwhich will be in use and an- panded in a graded and other as a stand-by – will be phased manner” throughused in the 21 election sta- out the country. Using tions during the Septem- VVPAT throughout the ber 4 bye-election. All the country will require a lead 12,000 registered voters time for manufacturing in the constituency will be enough machines and an able to use the system. expenditure, which could The cost of each VVPAT, be in the range of Rs 2,000manufactured by Bharat 3,000 crore.

Kohima | August 17

“Why are we special?” asked Sedevinuo, a differentlyabled student to her teacher Seli Tucker. Unprepared for this question and taken aback, Seli felt poignant about her special students, but told her, “Because you are extra special and you have special abilities.” Then, Sedevinuo clapped happily. Seli Tucker and Naomi Domeh are special education teachers from Cherry Blossoms School, Kohima. Naomi Domeh is a teacher of a special kind. She was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at the tender age of one. Now 24, she is teaching differently-abled students with Cerebral Palsy, Down’s syndrome, Intellectual disability and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). She covers almost all subjects with her specialty in Hindi. “It is challenging and at the same time encouraging. I just want them to learn

Naomi Domeh (left) and Seli Tucker (right)

and also teach them how to interact and adjust with others,” says Naomi. Naomi grew up and studied in Senapati. In school, she was the only differently-abled student. According to her, the community where she grew up was a positive and friendly environment unlike a lot of other societies, where differently-abled people are often ostracized. After completing her HSSLC she came to Kohima in 2006 where she started giving tuitions to neighboring kids. Although teaching was never on her cards, she

joined Cherry Blossoms School two years back and also undertook Early Intervention trainings and says she has grown to love this profession and will continue teaching in the future. Teaching kids with special needs is tedious and requires a lot of multitasking because each child has different capabilities and needs. “We do not just teach them books but we help them to adjust with the society. We try to understand their different needs and capabilities and teach them accordingly.

But we have to learn from them first.” says Seli. Being a special education teacher, they often have to deal with parents too and though a lot of parents cooperate, there are still more who often take positive corrections negatively. “If we keep our special kids at home, they will not learn anything. Some parents do not want to admit that something is wrong with the child. We cannot make them normal but at the least we try to help them to adjust to their society” adds Seli. Seli Tucker has been in the teaching profession for almost 11 years but teaching special kids has been a recent milestone. When asked about her experiences teaching kids with special needs she said, “It is challenging and tiresome and in the beginning I almost felt like giving up but when parents come and tell you that their kids are improving, it is so encouraging. I go home and I thank God every night for this life.”






Sunday 18 August 2013

The Morung Express C

Immanuel College conducts Gospel prog



"Accept yourself just the way you are because you are fearfully and wonderfully made" Dimapur, august 17 (mExN): A Gospel programme was held on “Spiritual Rediscovery and Redemption” by Immanuel College, Lingrijan, Dimapur for its students today at the college campus. Welcoming the students, staff and well-wishers to the day’s programme, Dr. A. Loso Chalali, ChairTemjennaro, SDEO Nuiland interacting with students at the annual science exhibition of Assisi Higher Secondary School, Dimapur on August 17. The judges were Sr. Gretta D’Souza, Provin- man, Governing Body Imcial Councilor, Sanjeeb the Assisi Evening Session Science teacher and Sentimenba the DBHSS manuel College urged everyone to fully participate teacher. Present on the occasion was Ahoto the Sub-inspector of Schools – Nuiland. and be totally immersed in the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. “We are here surrendering ourselves to the presence of God. Let us not be conscious of anything else but just the presence of God in our midst,” he said. Sharing that the College had been praying for the success of the crusade he said, “We want to build the students not only in the academic sphere but spiritual as well”.

MLA and Chairman of Nagaland Pollution Control, Amenba Yaden visits the landslide area at Kangtsung village in Tuli area under Mokokchung district. While acknowledging MLA Amenba Yaden for his visit, Kangtsung Village Council Temjen Pongener on behalf of the Council requested the department concerned to take necessary steps to restore the roads at the earliest. The Village Council at its own expenses had pressed into service two JCBs and a Dumper, since Monday to clear the road so that light vehicles and pedestrians could travel.


He also shared that the speaker for the programme was a unique and wonderful preacher and one of the most dynamic writer in the state. He therefore urged the students to seize this wonderful opportunity and to draw themselves closer to God. Teacher, preacher, author of several books Imtijungla Longchar was the speaker for the Gospel programme. Speaking on the theme “I am fearfully and wonderfully made”, she said that every one of us, old and young is faced with myriad of problems. But it is the young people especially at this juncture in life that are perplexed with questions of identity, their purpose in life, and has questions about why their relationship is in shambles, and also on whom they are trying to please. Addressing the gather-

Basic training on handloom concludes

ing of students she stated, “The moral fabric of the society has gone threadbare. The world that we live in have its own ideas on how to achieve ‘success’” She therefore advised the students to commit themselves to study hard, know their true self, and to find out their talents and gifts. She also advised the students to accept their flaws and be comfortable in their looks. “Each one of us is unique and we should be able to accept that reality,” she stated. She pressed the students to have a close look at their behaviors and mindset, saying that it reflects their inner being. “Accept yourself just the way you are because you are fearfully and wonderfully made,” she said. Praise and worship was led by Among & friends. Counselors Merang Jamir, and Moasenla Aier were

tsEmiNyu, august 17 (mExN): A thanks giving and successful conclusion programme of the two months basic training on handloom concluded on August 7, at Kenlowa & Groups Handloom and weaving centre K. Station under Tseminyu Sub-Division. Under the assistance from the department, training on handloom was conducted at its centre from June 10 to August 7. The Department of Industries & Commerce deployed two master trainers. Seven trainees successfully completed the basic training that will start functioning at the centre. Khillo G Rengma ConIn view of the upcoming 66th Ao Kaketshir Mungdang (Ao Student Conference) a meeting venor Village Vision Cell K. was held at AKM Conference Hall on August 17. AKM officials, AKM Planning Committee Convenor Marsanen Imsong and different officials attended the meeting. The student’s con- Station and Rtd DEO spoke on the occasion and enference will be hosted at Chuchuyimpang Village in January 14-16, 2014.

courage the local artisans and trainers to put more efforts and participate in such kind of activities which is the best income generating and self-sustainable. Pikhato Kath PA to DC Tseminyu, Village council members, Church leaders and youths, also attended the function. The Management Coordinator Kenneth Rengma appreciated the efforts of the department in promoting handloom activities to nurture sustainable selfreliance especially in the rural area. The Kenlowa Handloom & Weaving Centre Kandi Station was established under the assistance from the Department of Industries and Commerce Nagaland under Handloom Group Approach during the year 2011.

Kohima, august 17 (mExN): The Department of Social Welfare, Nagaland has released the fund for payments of the following Pension schemes to the respective District Welfare

Pfutsero College observes literary day

Imtijungla Longchar, speaking at the Gospel programme held on “Spiritual Rediscovery and Redemption” conducted by Immanuel College, Lingrijan, Dimapur for its students today at the college campus. (Morung Photo)

also present to assist and guide the students. In the first session, the programme was chaired by Sutsungmenla, Assistant professor, Zoology Department, bible reading and invocation led by Talichuba Walling, Assistant Professor Political Science Department. In the second

session Gokwang, warden, Immanuel College Boy’s Hostel chaired the programme and bible reading and invocation led by Areni, Assistant Professor Education Department. Immanuel College Choir, Immanuel College Girls’ and Boy’s Hostellers also presented special numbers.


Junior students of Greenwood Higher Secondary School, Kuda village, demonstrating the phenomenon of volcano eruption at the annual ‘Science Exhibition’ organized by the school’s Science & DNA Club at the school auditorium on Saturday. Chairman of GHSS, Rev. Kenilevi, graced the occasion as the chief guest. More than 70 groups of students from class IV to class XI took part in the exhibition on themes ranging from pollution, electro magnet to water filtration and telescope. (Morung Photo)

Dept of Social Welfare releases pension fund ‘Aspire, stay motivated & start preparing early’


Officers under the State Scheme and the NSAP for the year 2012-13. A press release issued by Officer on Special Duty T. Merangtsungba Aier requested all to contact their

respective District Welfare Officer for the payments of pension. The press release also “regretted to inform the beneficiaries that due to shortage receipt of fund

from the Government of India, we are able to release 9 months pensions under NSAP Schemes and 12 months under State Kohima, aug 17 (mExN): The Schemes as under”: Pfutsero College, Pfutsero today observed College Literary Day under the theme “Enriching Literature Sl Year Name of Scheme Particular of Period Total through Literary Day” Addressing the gathering, PfutScheme amount sero College principal Dr. Watijung1 2012-13 Indira Gandhi National Old Age NSAP April to Dec 2012 Rs.2700/shi Jamir urged upon the students to Pension Scheme( 60 – 79) work hard, aim high and always com2 -doIndira Gandhi National Old Age NSAP April to Dec 2012 Rs. 5400/pete for the best. He advised the stuPension Scheme(80 yrs & above) dents to aspire and stay motivated in 3 -doIndira Gandhi National Widow Pension NSAP April to Dec 2012 Rs.2100/everything they do and start preparScheme ing early. 4 -doIndira Gandhi National Old Age NSAP April to Dec 2012 Rs.2100/He challenged the students to foPension Scheme cus on four weapons (Reading, Speak5 -doTotally Blind Pension State April to Dec 2012 Rs.2400/ing, Writing and Thinking) which will 6 -doInvalid Pension State April 12 to Mar.13 Rs.2400/drive one to success. He added that 7 -doScholarship to Disabled Students State April 12 to Mar.13 Rs.2400/in this competitive world, students should target to become successful technocrats and leaders of tomorrow. He cited that in order to come out successful in competitive exams or any allied services one has to go through


several tests that assess the total personality of a student. If higher education is sought abroad, he said that a candidate has to excel in three main tests: GRE- Graduate Record Exams, TOEFL Test of English Foreign Language, and IELF- International English Language Fluency. For which he reminded that students have to be ex-

emplary to compete and succeed. Also touching on the importance of preserving our own dialect, he said, “Every year it is estimate that over 600 languages disappear and only 4% of language is currently spoken. Hence, if we do not preserve our language, we will lose our own culture, tradition and eventually our own Naga identity.” He lauded the efforts of Zunyiteu, BA III, from PCP who topped NU exams Tenyidie this year. Kevekhape, a student of Pfutsero College, who represented the college on the recently held Indian Youth Parliament at Pune also shared his experience. Various competitions held included speech presentation on “What ails our society”, debate on “Science is a boon to mankind”, essay on “Racism (Communalism) a threat to national integration”, sketching the portrait of our chief minister, painting on the effects of jungle burning, solo and duet (indigenous) competition.

Affairs, Federal Government of Nagaland, the Kedahge/President of the NNC/FGN has entrusted Nillo Sheyipu to assume the charge of Joint Secretary, Ministry of Chaplee Affairs

Sheyipu will assume the charge in addition to his normal duties as Joint Secretary General with immediate effect from the date of joining his duty until further notification.

Kohima, august 17 (mExN): Kohima District Education Officer Senthang has informed in a press release that ban on sale of Teachers’ Day Token and Car Flags outside the premises of educational institutions have been lifted. All Heads of Educational Institutions (both Government and Private) under the jurisdiction of the District Education

Officer, Kohima are informed that Teachers’ Day Token and Car Flags can be collected from the undersigned during office hour beginning Monday, August 19, 2013. The fund from the sales proceeds of Teachers’ Day Token and Car Flags should be submitted to the undersigned on or before September 15, 2013 for onward submission to higher authority.

Pfutsero College Principal Dr. Watijungshi Jamir addressing the students during the College Literary Day.


PBVC withdraws NNC/FGN appoints Joint Secretary august 17 (mExN): with effect from June 23, 2013. NNC/ membership from Kohima, Owing to the resignation of Bokato FGN Ministry of Rali Wali Joint Secfrom National Service as retary, Ghuvishe V. Zhimomi has inAdhoc Town Council Zhimomi Joint Secretary, Ministry of Chaplee formed in a press release that Nillo


I on behalf of the Signal Angami Village take this opportunity to thank each and every person who have contributed through Physical, Cash and Materials in the joint social work of road repair conducted at Signal Lhomithi Village. The social work was done jointly by the resident of Signal Angami Village, Nagagaon, Signal Colony, Lhomithi Village and Y.Zhimo Colony. The concern of the said Village and Children, Office and other business activities. We also jointly would like to appeal the concern department for constructing a good drainage and road at the earliest. List of Donation received for Road repair. Sl.No Name of Contributors Area Materials 1 Village Council Signal Angami Village 5 Load Sand Gravel 2 Sector ‘B’ Signal Angami Village 5 Load Sand Gravel 3 Thepfüneito Rio Sector ‘A’ Signal Angami Village 6 Load Sand Gravel 4 Er.S.G.Lanu Sector ‘B’ Signal Angami Village Rs.5000/5 Colony Council Signal Colony 5 Load Sand Gravel 6 Colony Council Nagagaon Colony 2 Load Sand Gravel 7 Yeheto Zhimomi Y.Zhimmi Colony 2 Load Sand Gravel 8 Village Council Signal Angami Village 1 Road Roller for levelling 9 D.M.C 1 JCB and 1 Tipper for dumping of waste Apart from the above mentioned list I would like to thank each and every individual who have willingly donated for the work also to those who physically worked in repairing the said road. (NEICHÜVOTO KISO) General Secretary, SAVC

Dimapur, august 17 (mExN): The Purana Bazaar Village Council (PBVC) has informed the public living under the jurisdiction of Purana Bazaar Village that, the Council has withdrawn its support/membership from Adhoc Town Council, East Dimapur. “As such and all the matters falling under the jurisdiction of the Village will be looked after by the village council according to the village council Act,” informs a press release issued by PBVC Chairman Hozeto Achumi and Secretary Athungo Ovung. The PBVC also directs all the land owners in an around the Highway not to encroach the lands along the roads and remove all the buildings materials which is causing inconveniences to commuters and general public, maintain the roads and the area keeping in mind the cleanliness of the village and cooperate with the Village Council. “Anybody founds not complying with the directives of the Village Council shall be convicted and appropriate action shall be initiated against the guilty,” PBVC cautioned further.

Ban on sale of Teachers’ Day Token lifted

Governor to visit Tuli on August 20

moKoKchuNg, august 17 (Dipr): Deputy Commissioner, Mokokchung, Murohu Chotso has informed that the Governor of Nagaland will be visiting Tuli Tsutikong area to have a meeting with State Government officials on August 20 at 11:30 a.m after which a meeting with the public will be held at 1:30 p.m. at Tsutikong Tuli. In this regard, it is informed to all Head of Offices in the district, head of Sub-divisional offices under Mokokchung district, Village Council Chairmen and members and GBs of all Villages under Tuli Administrative jurisdiction, President and office bearers of Ao Senden, AKM, Watsu Mungdang, Langpangkong Mungdang, Langpangkong Watsu Mungdang and all public leaders in the district to attend the Governor’s reception programme.


The Morung express

GJM willing to talk to Bengal governor Darjeeling august 17 (ians): After West Bengal Governor M.K. Narayanan expressed his willingness for a Gorkhaland dialogue, the GJM Saturday said it was agreeable to talk to him but "preferred" a conversation with the central government. "We can talk to the governor if he wants, but then the issue of granting a separate Gorkhaland concerns the central government and we prefer talking to the central leadership," Gorkha Janmukti Morcha General Secretary Roshan Giri said. The GJM which has intensified its separatist movement by clamping an indefinite shutdown in the Darjeeling hills since Aug 3, has, however, maintained it was not willing to talk to the Mamata Banerjee-led Trinamool Congress government in the state. Narayanan, who earlier had refused to mediate in the matter, later said he was willing to talk to the GJM provided the Gorkha outfit too was willing for a dialogue. Continuing its aggressive stand against the Banerjee regime, the GJM Saturday said its three legislators would now sit in the opposition bench in

the state Assembly. GJM formed the Gorkhaland Joint Action Committee (GJAC) after joining hands with several other parties. The GJAC will now spearhead the separatist movement. GJM said the hill development body Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA) "is a failure and will be repealed soon".

GJM supremo Bimal Gurung has resigned as chief executive of GTA. Armed with more powers than its predecessor, the Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council formed in the late 1980s, the GTA was created July 18, 2011 via a tripartite agreement signed between the GJM and the central and state governments.

shillong, august 17 (ians): Three members of a family were hacked to death allegedly for practicing witchcraft in a village in Meghalaya's East Khasi Hills district, police said Saturday. The incident occurred at Smit village late Friday night, when an unruly mob went on a rampage attacking the three people who were suspected of having sacrificed villagers to appease a god. Yesly Mawthoh, his son D. Nongdhar, and brother Besly Mawthoh were brutally murdered by the mob after they were accused of having dumped the 24-year-old Lam Nongrum in Umiew river Aug 14, with severe injuries. Nongrum, who is recovering from his injuries at Nazareth Hospital, reportedly named Yesly and Besly (who are also Nongrum's paternal uncles) as the people who dumped him in the river. Four police personnel, including the officer-incharge of Madanriting po-

lice station, C.M. Ranee, were also injured in the mob frenzy after irate villagers pelted stones to prevent policemen from extricating the bodies of the three victims. "It was a dastardly crime and the people involved in instigating the mob will not be spared," Mariahom Kharkrang, district police chief of East Khasi Hills, told IANS. He said the police were forced to fire tear gas shells to disperse the mob before extricating the bodies. East Khasi Hills district magistrate Sanjay K. Goyal said a magisterial inquiry headed by Additional District Magistrate D.M. Wallang will probe the events leading to the murders. "It was an unfortunate incident in our village. We (village headmen) have tried to calm the villagers and get them to spare the trio, but no one listened to us. Even the policemen who came to tackle the situation could not save them," Kynsai Manik Syiem, Sordar (village chief of Smit Pyllun), said.

Chief Justice P. Sathasivam Saturday expressed concern over the decline of the peoples' faith in the judiciary and appealed to the members of the legal profession to uphold and preserve its public esteem and credibility. The CJI, who was here to inaugurate a building of the Gauhati High Court, stressed on the need to render service to the disadvantaged sections of the society and said that he would ensure that the judiciary lays topmost priority to dispose of pending cases, especially those involving women and juveniles. "There's unfortunately, a growing crisis within the judiciary. The manifestation of this crisis lies not only in the ever-increasing arrears of cases in courts and the consequent delays in our justice delivery system but also in the steady decline in the reputation of the judiciary as also of the legal profession," he said. "This institution unlike others in the democratic

imPhal, august 17 (nnn): As the controversy over Indo-Myanmar border fencing persists, with many villages of Manipur included in Myanmar side due to the faulty border fencing, the Tangkhul Village Chiefs’ Association of Ukhrul district (TNWL), Manipur State has submitted a memorandum each to the Prime Minister of India, the Union Home Minister, the Union External Affair Minister, the Ambassador of the Republic of Myanmar to India and the Governor of Manipur through the Deputy Commissioner, Ukhrul district. In each memorandum, the TNWL sought the intervention of these above addressed personalities. "Every nation big or small has a territorial boundary and likewise, all Naga villages share traditional boundary with others. Naga villages govern themselves and deliver justice by a set of traditional and customary laws since time immemorial. Every village is a republic and border dispute is of rare occurrence because we do not intent to grasp land which does not belong to us and also respect others ownership of

land and their land law," the memorandum stated. According to TNWL, “decades ago, aliens in civilian and military uniforms appeared in our land and erected border pillars with brute force against strong protestors along the existing lines of pillars erected without our prior informed knowledge and consent of the real land owners which cannot be honoured”. The considered International pillars that stands today between India and Myanmar is not erected based on traditional and historical boundaries of our forefathers. As the rightful land owner, we cannot accept those border pillars erected either before or after India’s Independent under any circumstances, the Tangkhul chiefs' body said. "One of the main agenda of the Nagas is to live together under one administrative roof. Therefore, the Naga people in the present state of Manipur convened a Naga Peoples’ Convention (NPC) on August 8 and 9, 2001, under the aegis of the United Naga Council (UNC), and, among others, resolved:"… that our identity and his-

tory have to be defended at all cost, and the firm political stand of the Nagas in Manipur is to uphold the resolution of the Naga people for integration for all Naga areas under one administration". To attain, the Nagas of Manipur under the aegis of the United Naga Council (UNC) have demanded ‘Alternative Arrangement’ outside the Government of Manipur pending IndoNaga final settlement to the Government of India. In this connection, five rounds of Tripartite Talks between the GoI, GoM and UNC had been held and the last was on the 12th February 2013 at Tahamzam (Senapati District Headquarters. It is therefore our obligation to safeguard our ancestral homeland at any cost and we will not part even an inch of our land because land and the Nagas are inseparable," TNWL further stated. While appreciating the ongoing construction of fencing along Indo-Myanmar International border, the TNWL urged the above addressed leaders to kindly accommodate their sentiments by erecting new In-



18 August 2013



‘Historically, Darjeeling was not a part of Bengal’ KolKata, august 17 (Pti): Claiming that historically Darjeeling was never a part of Bengal, GJM supremo Bimal Gurung on Saturday said that those opposed to the Gorkhaland movement and were dubbing Gorkhas as 'foreigners' were only strengthening the statehood movement. "The creation of Gorkhaland is not the partition of Bengal as historically Darjeeling was not a part of Bengal and was leased by the British from the kingdom of Sikkim in 1835," Gurung said in a Facebook post. He said that Kalimpong, which is in Darjeeling district and the Dooars in Jalpaiguri district, were annexed in 1865 from Bhutan. He was apparently referring to chief minister Mamata Banerjee's assertion that there would be no division of West Bengal. "The allegation of being 'foreigners' used by those opposed to Gorkhaland only strengthens our statehood movement. The current movement constantly reaffirms our patriotism to India with our slogan 'Jai Hind, Jai Gorkha'," he said.

Bodo protesters hold a banner and block a highway during a 100-hour long agitation to demand the creation of a separate state of Bodoland in Baksa district in Assam on Friday, August 16. The endorsement of a new state of Telangana to be carved out of Andhra Pradesh state has spurred activists to call for other long-standing demands for separate states to be met. (AP Photo/Anupam Nath)

‘Alternative Arrangement for all tribal communities’ imPhal, august 17 (nnn): "Alternative Arrangement has been demanded by the Nagas since 2010 from the government of India but it is for all the tribal people in Manipur," said Asinpou Gangmei, vice-chairman of Alternative Arrangement Demand Committee. Talking to reporters at Noney in Tamenglong district today, Asinpou Gangmei

said the Alternative Arrangement demanded by the Nagas under the aegis of United Naga Council (UNC) is for the interest of all the tribal communities in Manipur. "For the first time on July 1, 2010, the UNC had demanded from the government of India that Nagas could no longer remain in the present Manipur and if the ongoing Indo-

Three of family hacked to death ‘Uphold esteem, credibility of judiciary’ august on suspicion of witchcraft guwahati, 17 (ians): Supreme Court NGO stages silent protest

agartala, august 17 (ians): A 19-day Bangladesh film festival will begin here Sunday depicting the neighbouring country's liberation struggle of 1971, a Tripura minister said. "Eleven films, which recreate the valiant deeds of the freedom fighters in the 1971 liberation war, would be screened in four places in Tripura, including the capital," Tripura information and cultural affairs minister Bhanulal Saha told reporters Friday.

The festival is being organised in association with Bangladesh and Tripura's cultural organisations, Bangladesh diplomatic mission in Agartala and the Tripura government. "The proposed films to be screened in the film festivals have won various international awards," the minister said adding that during the festival, directors would be present to explain their movies and the heroic stories of the liberation war.

Arrangement’ demand is not only for the Nagas but for all the tribal people in Manipur. "Our demand is neither to oppose the Kuki State Demand Committee (KSDC) nor the Zomis," the Naga leader stated. Talks on the ‘Alternative Arrangement’ were held for few rounds but it had not been resumed for sometime now. For the re-

sumption of the talks, the UNC had organised a 48hour Naga areas bandh which had concluded on August 13 midnight but the indefinite ban on national project constructions including railway line is underway. "If the government does not response in the next few days we will intensify our agitation," warns Asinpou Gangmei.

at Guwahati High Court

guwahati, august 17 (Pti): Protests were held by an NGO during the inauguration of the additional building of the Guwahati High Court by Chief Justice of India P. Sathasivam, on Saturday. Members of the NGO 'Save Guwahati, Build Guwahati' staged a silent protest outside the complex on the banks of Brahmaputra during the inauguration. The group was protesting against the construction of the building on the bank of the river as earlier it was agreed by the state government to protect and beautify the riverfront taking the environmental factors into account. SGBG President Dhiren Barua said that they were forced to protest after both the government and the judiciary failed to protect the riverfront and went ahead with construction. set up thrives only on trust and confidence reposed by the people. So, we should conduct ourselves befitting to the status we hold," Sathasivam said. "After joining the office, I have written to all the chief justices of various High Courts in the county to find out all the cases which have been pending for 10 years or more and give them priority. Besides, I have also asked them to prioritize the cases pertaining to women and children," said

Tangkhul village chiefs on Indo-Myanmar border fencing

Agartala to host B'desh war movies festival

Naga peace talks was going to prolong, an 'alternative arrangement' should be made for the Nagas (which should be outside the government of Manipur)," said Asinpou Gangmei, adding,"But in all our memoranda submitted to the central leaders we mentioned it for the tribals." According to Asinpou Gangmei, the ‘Alternative

ternational pillars respecting traditional boundaries. "We request you not to compel us to take up any form of agitations on this issue," the memo stated.

the 64-year-old judge from Tamil Nadu who took over his post July 19. "The judiciary has a big role to play in national reconstruction, social justice and strengthening democratic values among people at large," he added. The CJI also admitted the challenges faced by judiciary and said that a judge has also to improve his knowledge and skills to be able to respond to such a noble assignment of dispensing justice efficiently and impartially.

LOST NOTICE A leather bag containing office files and documents of DCPS Kiphire, was lost at Old Taxi point Kohima on 16th August 2013 at 12:40 noon. Finders may kindly contact to 9436000344

ZION HOSPITAL & RESEARCH CENTRE NEURO-PSYCHIATRIST FOR CONSULTATION Dr. PAKHA TESIA MD (NIMHANS) Bangalore will be available for consultation on 24th August 2013 (Saturday). Specialist in : *All kinds of Addiction illness, *Depression & Mood disorders, *Abnormal behavior & Psychosis, *Stress & Anxiety problems, *Memory & Sleep disorders, *Sexual disorders, *Family & Marital counseling, *Childhood behavioral & School problems,. CANCER SPECIALIST FOR CONSULTATION Dr. GANESH DAS MBBS, MS (PGIMER) Trained Cancer Surgeon from Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai will be available for consultation on 24th August 2013 (Saturday). For Registration, please contact:  03862- 231864, 227337, 224117


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STATEMENT OF GRATITUDE “No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable of.” – Socrates Members of the Mister International India Organisation would like to use this humble space to express our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to all those sentient and benign personalities, who spared no efforts to ensure that the first edition of Mister International India Grand Finale, held on 10th August 2013 at Dimapur, was concluded successfully. The challenges seemed daunting and intimidating yet, the priceless help you all have rendered rather transformed all our fears and the herculean tasks confronting us into satiating realities and triumphs. Among a host of names, we would like make special mention of the following personalities, whose contribution towards us and the event will never be forgotten: 1. T.R Zeliang, Hon’ble Minister, Planning & Co-Ordination 2. Shri. G. Kaito Aye, Hon’ble Minister, Home. 3. Shri.Merentoshi Jamir, Hon’ble Minister Department of Youth resource and sports. 4. Shri. Zhalio Rio, Hon’ble Parliamentary Secy, Urban Development. 5. Dr. Benjongliba, Hon’ble Parliamentary Secy, Agriculture. 6. Shri. Amen Yaden, Chairman Pollution control, Nagaland. 7. Shri. Metsübo Jamir, Director, RD. 8. World Institution Building Programme, Saket, Delhi. 9. Dr. Imotemsu Lkr, Director Global Open University Nagaland. 10. Shri. Temsuwati Lkr,;Plg&Co-ord. 11. Nagaland Post, The official Media Partner. Co-sponsors: 1. Premier Rio, Dimapur. 2. Spill Lounge, Dimapur. 3. JSS Lounge, Dimapur. 4. Crescendo, Dimapur. 5. Metal Gear, Dimapur. 6. Zhumvu Printers, Kohima. 7. Hotel Gateway Grandeur, Guwahati. 8. Department of Tourism, Nagaland. 9. Department of Agriculture, Nagaland.. 10. Aiers’ Enclave, Dimapur. 11. NEIFFMA. (Sub title). 12. Lilian. (Sub title). 13. Mrs. Talingangla, Rongsen, Lima, Wapang and Toshi. 14. Urban Gym Burma Camp, Dimapur. Fitness partner. Sincere acknowledgement: 1. Shri S. Lima Jamir (La Partum Picture, Dimapur) Asst. S.Talitoshi Jamir and Sanjay the official photographer of the event. 2. Judges of the show Easter Jamir, Aren Chankija, Aochuba Yaden, Vetanule Demo and Rebecca Chankija. 3. The host: - Asola and Adang Jamir. 4. Christie Bourcq, Special Appearence. 5. Tabulator:- Watisenla and Lanuakum. 6. Rewire Sessionists’ and Re-wire Studio, Kohima for the theme song. 7. The Headhunters, Kohima for the video coverage. 8. The Artist:-Rongsenyangla, Kittu, Diphubar Naga youth org and all the other participants and well wishers etc. 9. The media Fraternity Nagaland/Northeast. 10. Rosourhi the official swim wear designer. 11. Atsu Sekhose, Designer, Delhi. 12. Senti, Stylist, Delhi. 13. District administration, Sp Dimapur and OC Diphubar for the security. 14. Mr. A Laskar, Guwahati. 15. Smt. Pamelie, Guwahati. 16. Dr. Chubatula, Dimapur. 17. Shri. Chuba (N.I.C), Mokokchung. 18. Mr. Juan Spain, Gujarat. Apart from the list of names mentioned above, we shall also remain indebted to all those individuals and groups, whose participation made the event even more scintillating, Lastly, we thank the members of the Associates for Performing Arts and Theatricals (APAT), Mokokchung, for playing the perfect parental role throughout our journey together. As a beneficiary of your continued goodwill gestures and generosity, we will continue, with added confidence, to take on greater challenges and endeavours in the future – all with the sole intention of stewarding our people and society to greater heights. President I. Alempokba

Secretary T Lima Lkr



public discoursE



18 August 2013

Where Did Naga History Begin And Where Will It End? (In commemoration of Naga and Indian Independence Day) Kaka D. iralu

Like all other histories of every nation on earth, Naga history also began from the Garden of Eden when God created man in his own image through Adam. Adam is the progenitor of the whole human race and every nations of the world is connected to him. Stating this genetic and anthropological fact, the word of God says: “The God who made the world and everything in it, being Lord of heaven and earth, does not live in shrines made by man…continuing on, the word of God said…and he made from one (Adam) every nation of man to live in all the face of the earth, having determined allotted periods and the boundaries of their habitation.” (Acts. 17:24-26) Beyond these revealed word of God, man or Scientist can only speculate that man and nations evolved from some primordial soup that eventually became plasma then animals and then finally into a two legged walking Chimpanzee. However this walking Chimpanzee has no written


uggestion for inclusion of all Naga tribal languages in both schools and colleges as an additional subject in the state of Nagaland. In reference to the subject stated above, I have the honour to put up this suggestion/ proposal for perusal and consideration, that in Nagaland the problem of not having a common language is a huge obstacle in the process of uniting and bringing the people closer to one another socially. Therefore, in this regard I would like to suggest a few of my opinions to let you formulate a policy for implementation of the same in the School Education and University by introducing an extra subject of Learning Different Naga Tribes Languages as a subject in educational institutions starting from Grade 3

history of his own species! But in the case of human beings, in the course of his history, after the world wide flood and through the three sons of Noah-Shem Ham and Japhet, families multiplied into clans and on to tribes and nations. This human history is recorded in the Bible and forms the only rational history with dates and years. (e.g.Gen.10:1-32) To put the history of nations into a nut shell, after the dispersion from the Tower of Babel, these various nations migrated across the length and breath of the earth and occupied various regions and Continents. These nations made these new found lands their ancestral lands. But as some of these nations multiplied in numbers and also increased in economic wealth and technologies, they began to conquer their neighbor’s lands and began claiming bigger territories for themselves. Upon these conquered territories, they even imposed their own nationalities and began to even brutally oppress their conquered

subjects. Thus were born in human history ancient empires like the Huns, the Romans etc and in modern times, the British Empire, the Russian Empire etc. Then in 1947 and 1948, two new empires called India and Burma were created with the active assistance of the British in finance and arms. But in order to be in tune with the modern times, they did not call these two new empires as modern empires but as Democratic Republics. Now in the course of human history, there are two kinds of nations in the world. The first is that which is made by God as has already been mentioned. The second is man made and is forced into existence through military might. For example Nagas as a nation is a God made entity and it will never die or disappear from the annals of human history. However, Nagas as Indians is a purely man made entity forced into existence by military tyranny. In this militarily created artificial entity, there is not even a

shred of genetic or anthropological truth. Hence let nobody ever think that Nagas were born from India’s belly in 1947 or when a state was imposed on them in 1960. Only some stupid Indians or Nagas who are totally bereft of any anthropological or racial knowledge will think a Naga is an Indian. As for the question, where will Naga history end, it will end in the New Heaven’s and the New Earth at the end of human history. Like all other true nations of the world, Nagas will also enter the New Jerusalem with their own honor and glory. (Rev. 21 especially v 24-26) In summary, Naga history began with God and will end with God. Here, no power on earth can ever destroy the God made Naga nation and history. As for man made nations and histories, for some time, they may look gigantic and imposing but eventually they will all disintegrate and disappear into the dustbin of history. History has witnessed this surreal chimera over and over again.

to 15 (BA third years) which in turn may also create a lot of avenues for unemployed youths. The suggestion is stated below as to the implementation of the same:1. Recruit linguist teachers from all the tribes for every school, for example if the language of Ao’s is introduced in class 3, then in class 4 the language of Tenyidie can be introduced, in class 5 the language of Sema, in class 6 Lotha language can be introduced and so on till all the major dialects were included. The method of learning can be same for all the tribes for example a concise dictionary and a grammatical book such as short stories and mode of conversation will be suffice. The text books

can be simply compiled by one’s own tribal language committees in consultation with the expert committees appointed by the government under one chairman. 2. The tribal language should not be an optional subject but should be a compulsory subject and must be inclusive of all the students no matter if he/ she is from that linguist community or even non Nagas as the subject is only for one academic year. 3. The required lessons should be made as simple as possible by introducing simple dictionary which convert English to tribal dialects, conversing grammars, short stories etc. as one subject. 4. The linguist teacher

should be basically trained and had experience enough to impart all the necessary technique to let the student assimilate the given dialect in a particular year. 5. The students can be taught to preserve his/her text books for future reference after passing out their subsequent grades. 6. In accordance with the present ratio at least 13 Naga tribe languages can be introduce and 13 languages can be learned by a successful student during his academic career. 7. The new system should be made mandatory not only for Government schools and colleges but also to all the private institutions as well. 8. In this system of in-

Suggestions to the Government

The Morung Express

Humankind Is A Family


umankind is a family and all men and women irrespective of races, colours and languages are of human family. So all men and women in the world are brothers and sisters and sons and daughters in the family. All human beings are the children of the Creator and the Creator is the Father and Lord. If the truth is understood and accepted, there will be no confusion in the world. In a family if the children love, respect and obey the parents according to children’s ethics towards parents, the family is normally a good and decent family. If the children have good relationship with their parents, there is love and respect among the children as brothers and sisters in the family. All human beings have God their Father. The Father created them, supplies all their needs, sustains their daily lives and cares for them. But why confusion arises in the world? Because many children in human family do not know the unseen Father and they live in their own way and do whatever things according to their own will. It is the cause of

troducing tribal languages in schools and colleges as an exclusive subject, the erstwhile system of using alternative English subject could be excluded. 9. The minimum qualification required for recruitment may be 10+2 onwards. 10. Finally the Government can form a separate Committee/Board for implementation of the program. The above proposal/ suggestions is only a personal opinion and may not reflect general opinion but if the same can be implemented, it will go a long way for all round social development and will definitely remove the drawbacks of language barriers and will unified different communities by bringing them closer to one another. V. Azo Nyekha Concerned Citizen, Kohima

confusion and problems in the world. So the primary need of all human beings in the world is truly knowing the true God. Do you really know God? If one actually knows God, he will believe in Him; if he really believes in Him, he will fear Him; if he really fears Him, he will obey Him; if he obeys Him, he will really have relationship with Him and the outcome of having relationship with God is having experience of His peace, His joy, His love and His goodness which is the fruit of the Spirit of God. Having relationship with God reflects relationship with fellow human beings. It is a matter of transformation of the heart towards God as well as towards fellow men and women. If God is loved, fellow men and women are loved. The heart which loves God cannot hate fellow men and women. Such men and women are God’s fearing and honouring men and women wherever they are, whatever they do, upon any body and under whatever circumstances. Does peace depend on civilization? Does peace prevail in the countries which are under the cat-

egory of first world more than in those which are in the second and third world? Nowhere in the world is safer zone than any other parts of the world except any where if there are people who really know the true God and have relationship with Him. Can anti-socials be controlled by forces and stringent laws? Anti-socials indulge in lawless activities in secrecy. True believers of God have the fear of God and they refrain from doing evil covertly and overtly. Can religion save the people? Religion does not save the people except religious workers guide and help the people to seek God to be changed and saved. Nevertheless, men and women who actually know God and have relationship with Him alone can bring the people to seek God to get transformed. All human beings are the children of God and the children of God should honour human ethics towards God the Father, “KNOW GOD, BELIEVE IN HIM, FEAR HIM AND OBEY HIM,” to have relationship with Him. Every human being born to the world has obligation to honour the ethics of the children of God

towards God the Father to have relationship with Him. If the people all over the world are serious about human ethics towards God and give utmost importance to it to be honoured by all human beings on the earth, it will be a stepping stone towards bringing about the desired change of the people in all areas of life and thus the hope of the world lies there only. There is no school of thought, no religion, no philosophy, no wisdom, no human device and plan which is deeper, higher, wider and better than the ethics of human beings towards God the Creator. Ignorance of it has no excuse, skepticism is most foolish and indifference is indicative of shallowness before God. So all individuals, societies, organizations, institutions and Governmental authorities have to spontaneously coordinate with one another to serve the great purpose of translating the dream into reality. As we are all the children of God, let us honour human ethics towards God, “KNOW GOD, BELIEVE IN HIM, FEAR HIM and OBEY HIM.” The more it is given importance and honoured the better.

cerely rendering and sacrificing our life for the cause and to accomplish its necessity of the Nagas Reminding to NSCN (K) functionary that, we are not defecting to the enemy of the Nagas, but join hand with the Nagas, with our own conviction, we honestly decides to breakthrough from the events of ignorance and arrogance of (Khaplang) leadership, for the sake of Unity and Reconciliation among Naga political groups, it is also reminded that the remaining arms and ammunitions in Suruhuto camp should also be submitted to theGPRN/NSCN in any form, because it was the property of the Nagas, where Suruhuto camp was restruc-

tured and maintain by the GPRN/NSCN not Burmese, Nagas shall continuously struggle for self determination till the acceptable solution arrived at. Whereas, NSCN (K) leadership has confined only from east zone (BURMA SIDE) and already made a political agreement with Myanmar govt., furthermore “NSCN (K) has no moral right to subsist in western Naga areas”. Therefore, the socalled NSCN(K) functionary should realize and join hand with the Nagas of west zone in the spirit of Naga reconciliation for which Nagas are longing for peaceful co-existence in Naga-Land.

Rev. L. Suohie mhasi

GPRN/NSCN response to NSCN (K)


n response to the NSCN (K) statement issued by Col. Vikato Yeptho which was publish from local dailies on 17th of August 2013, was unfounded. Kilonser Hokato Vusshe stated that the Arms & ammunitions which were possessing with me and my comrades does not belongs to NSCN(Khaplang) or Burmese property, but it belongs to Nagas , therefore, there is no question of return or compensate at any point of time, and reminded that the Nagas have every right to use our own property, we did not snatched away or burgle others property but we have enough courage to have our own contributed property, since we are sin-

Issued By:mIP. GPRN/NSCN

Readers may please note that the contents of the articles, letters and opinions published do not reflect the outlook of this paper nor of the Editor in any form. DiMaPuR Civil Hospital:

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Sunday 18 August 2013

updates on 51 Noksen a/c bye-election Imkong tells party workers to work hard to win Our Correspondent Kohima | August 17

Nagaland Minister for Health and Family Welfare Imkong L. Imchen called upon party workers of the Naga People’s Front (NPF) and its alliance partners BJP and JDU to work hard to win the 51-Noksen A/C bye-election scheduled for September 4. Exhorting the partyworkers at Tuensang Division NPF office before the filing of nomination by CM Chang yesterday, he declared the upcoming byelection is very important for the ruling NPF party. He said that the NPF party workers along with the party workers of alliance partners should dedi-

tuENsaNg, august 17 (mExN): The preparation for conduct of bye-election to 51 Noksen Assembly Constituency has already started. The Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trial (VVPAT) will be introduced in the forthcoming bye-election for the first time in the country. Training and briefing for

cate themselves to win the seat and help CM Chang to continue to serve the people of district and the state in general. He also stated, being in the ruling front, party workers should not be complacent but work harder to win the bye-elections with “record margin”. CM Chang was accompanied by Parliamentary Secretary for Urban Development Zhaleo Rio, Parliamentary Secretary for Jail, HG, VGs, DBs & GBs Kejong Chang, Parliamentary Secretary for CAWD R. Tohanba, MLA and Chairman NBRM Toyang Changkong Chang while filing his nomination papers with the Deputy Commission of Tuensang.

Legislators pose for a lens with NPF candidate CM Chang after filing his nomination in Tuensang on August 16.

Two candidates file nomination papers Dimapur, august 17 (mExN): With regard to the nomination of candidates for the 51 Noksen Assembly Constituency

bye-election, Chief Election Officer Kohima Sentiyanger Imchen has informed that the following nominations have been filed as on Au-

gust 17, the last date of filing of nominations – CM Chang, NPF candidate; Lima Onen Chang, INC candidate.

polling personnel will be held very soon, which will be notified separately. The list of polling personnel has been published on August 8, 2013 and a copy has been dispatched to all the head of offices.

Stating this in a press release, Tuensang Deputy Commissioner and Returning Officer Mhabemo Yanthan has directed all "erring" district HoDs to furnish the list of government employees and government

attached vehicles as "communicated earlier." The note further informed that Deputy Election Commissioner and other officials from the Election Commission of India will address the

polling personnel. Severe disciplinary action as per the Representation of the People Act and Conduct of Election Rules will be initiated against defaulting government employees and as such controlling of-

ment” in rural areas. Fresh organic vegetables from Pfutsero; juicy fruits from Losami and Chizami; homemade products like cakes, banana chips, puffed rice, rice bread, pickles, biscuits from Phek Town and Losa-tephe; spices from Lozaphuhu and Zunguzu Nawe; pulses and fish products from Meluri were the colourful products at the Mela. An award presentation ceremony for ATMA-Phek

Best Individual Farmer (Male & Female) and Best Organised Group or Enterprise, 2012-13 sponsored by GOI, Ministry of Agriculture was also organised. The individual awards were presented in categories of Agriculture, Horticulture, Fishery, Sericulture, LRD and Veterinary, while group awards were presented to SHGs and CIGs. 11 farmers and 11 groups received certificates with cash awards.

Govt employees directed to comply with the instructions

Media informed to get authorization Kohima, august 17 (Dipr): Media persons interested/intending to cover the bye-election to 51 Noksen Assembly Constituency have been informed to apply for authorization letter from the Election Commission of India for entry into polling stations and counting centre through the Directorate of Information & Public Relations, Nagaland, Kohima. The media personnel may submit their names and two passport size photos to DIPR latest by Monday, August 19, 2013, 1:00 pm.

ficers will also be held responsible for any failure on the part of their subordinate officers and staff, it warned. Therefore, all government employees under Tuensang district have been directed to adhere to this notice and comply with the instructions being issued from time to time without fail.

Kisan Mela in Phek to promote local products Hairy Poppins'B-day month, offers available

phEK, august 17 (mExN): ATMA-Phek in collaboration with department of Horticulture organised and sponsored Kisan Mela on August 15 at local ground, Phek. The event was a representation of farmers and ATMA-Phek women Self Help Groups from five RD blocks with the aim of showcasing and promoting area specific crops and homemade products. It was also a means of promoting “women empower-

Info on Biometrics and Aadhaar Kohima, august 17 (Dipr): Directorate of Census Operations has informed that the first round of Biometric capture has been completed in all the districts except some EBs in Phek and Mon districts. The second round of Biometric is yet to be taken up in Peren, Tuensang, Longleng, Kiphire, Mon, Botsa in Kohima district, Niuland and Kuhoboto in Dimapur district and some parts of Phek District. Residents who missed or were left out in the first and second round of Biometric will be covered in third round. They have been requested to wait for further notification. However, the BME schedule drawn by the Directorate of Census Operations and District Administration will continue to be carried out. C apture of Biometrics and Aadhaar generation is free of cost for. For further information call 0370 – 2260348 or 9402830480.

SDEO Peren informs

pErEN, august 17 (mExN): Government Primary Schools and Government Middle Schools under Sub-Divisional Education Officer (SDEO) Peren are informed to come and collect the scholarship of Nagaland Stipend (fresh and renewal) for the year February 1, 2012 to November 30, 2012 on or before August 30, 2013. A press release from SDEO Peren has informed all concerned to bring along photo copy of last year’s Cumulative Record.

Meeting for Teachers’ Day celebration Kohima, august 17 (mExN): The Directorate of School Education (DSE) has informed that there will be a meeting on August 20, 11:00 am at the office chamber of principal director, DSE Kohima to chalk out the state level celebration of Teachers Day on September 5 at NBCC Convention Hall, Kohima. In this regard, School Education Director Zaveyi Nyekha has requested Deputy Commissioner Kohima or representative, KMC CEO or representative, director SCERT or representative, chairman NBSE or representative, district education officer Kohima, sub divisional education officer Kohima, all principals/headmasters or representatives of both government and private schools in Kohima town, president ANSTA or representative, president ANPSA or representative, president KCCI or representative, all assistant directors and above in the Directorate of School Education, and chief commissioner, Bharat Scout& Guides or representative to attend the meeting.

Excise personnel seize liquor

Gender sensitization seminar for police, judiciary & others also exhort the gathering while introductory speech will be given by K. Elias, IPS, DIG Nodal Officer of Human Rights &Anti-Human Trafficking, Nagaland Police. The programme will be chaired by Lithrongla G. Chishi, additional secretary (Home). Meanwhile, the Commission has requested five representatives from


Kohima, august 17 (Dipr): A meeting with all the beneficiaries of “Promotion of Women in Innovative Entrepreneurs Programme” (PWIEP) will be held on August 21 at 11 a.m. in the conference hall of the Directorate of Women Development. In this connection, Director Women Development, Neilavou Keditsu has requested all concerned to attend the said meeting without fail.

Dimapur, august 17 (mExN): Hairy Poppins, which is the only exclusive kids’ salon in the state and amongst the very few spread across India, completed one year of its existence in Dimapur at Duncan Junction, near Hope Academy School on August 10, 2013. Hairy Poppins has successfully been working with young kids for the last one year, during which, they also Minister for roads & bridges Kuzholuzo (Azo) Nienu and Longleng Deputy Commissioner K. Libanthung Lotha join a cultural dance at Independence Day celebration at encountered many moms who requested the salon to Longleng HQ on Thursday. (Morung Photo)

to will grace the occasion as the chief guest. Keynote address will be delivered by NSCW chairperson Dr. Temsula Ao. The speakers of the seminar include Neilavoü Keditsu, director women development, Mezivolü Therieh, chief judicial magistrate, Dimapur and P.F. Zeliang, IPS IG Range. Besesayo Kezo, IPS, DGP Nagaland will


PWIEP beneficiaries meeting on Aug 21

Children play around the toy chairs at Hairy Poppins as the salon celebrates its first year.

Kohima, august 17 (mExN): The Nagaland State Commission for Women (NSCW) is organizing a one day seminar on “Gender sensitization among the police, judiciary & civil society” on August 23 at Rhododendron Hall, Police Complex, Chumukedima at 10:00 am. Minister for home G. Kai-


provide services for them, so they can get their beauty needs met while waiting on their kids. As such, Hairy Poppins ventured into salon services for ladies recently. August, being the ‘Birthday Month’, the salon is offering some very great offers on spa, facials and hair colour and straightening, and has, in this regard, invited the ladies to come and avail the offers. Mention may be made here that the brainchild behind this rare concept

of a kids’ salon is Ayula Longchar. Hairy Poppins has been serving as a one stop solution for young mothers with children and is more of a playful saloon providing a complete indoor adventure for kids. The neatly decorated salon with colours that perfectly fits the taste of children also houses chairs made of toy-cars/bikes, and for little girls, cute pink-coloured princess chairs, giving choices for children to choose from.

Dimapur, august 17 (mExN): Dimapur district excise personnel at Chumukedima Check Gate arrested three persons smuggling liquor in an Alto bearing registration No. NL01C 4794 on August 16, 2013. A press release issued by Assistant Commissioner of Excise & Prohibition Lanuwati Jamir informed that the accused were identified as Awe Angami, Nuhenuo and Thefpuzolie. The seized articles consisting of 135 bottles of assorted liquor have been deposited in the Excise Malkhana for destruction, the note said. All the accused have been booked under the NLTP Act. Further, it informed that the district excise personnel will continue to maintain strict surveillance and frisking at the check gates and requested for co-copertation from the travellers.

Kohima College freshers’ day

Kohima, august 17 (mExN): The 47th Freshers’ day cum social gathering of Kohima College will be held on August 20 at 10:00 AM at the college auditorium. Parliamentary secretary for labour & employment, justice& law and land revenue Dr. Nicky Kire will grace the occasion as the chief guest. Welcome address will be delivered by Chubatola Longkumer, principal Kohima College. Aseno Terhüja and Merene Leah will speak on behalf of freshers and seniors respectively. The function will be chaired by Müzitsolü Dozo. The programme will also feature the declaration of Mr & Miss Kohima College 2013 and talent exposure.

each of the following organizations/associations to participate in the said seminar – all tribal women / NMA/ ENPO/ ENWO/ NBCC/ GB/ DB/ NSF/ Naga Hoho, Naga Council Dimapur, NPMHR/ Women Resource Centre/ Naga Women Hoho/ NPF Women Wing/ INC women wing/ JDU women wing/ BJP women wing.

NBCK YD felicitates successful students Our Correspondent Kohima | August 17

The Nepali Baptist Church Kohima Youth Department today felicitated the successful students of different streams in the secular and theological studies for the academic session 2012-2013. At a thanksgiving service in honour of the successful students within the church premises here today, the NBCK YD also felicitated the three Gorkha students from Kohima who was among the top 50 in the HSLC examination 2013 under Nagaland Board of School Education (NBSE). The toppers included Sharmila Thapa (8th position) from Mezhur HSS, Drona Arjel (40th position) from Fernwood HSS and Priyanka Lama (46th po-

Longsa Village Ntsungche Okho (LVNO) filling up potholes at NH-61, between Longsa Gate and Wokha Town on August 17, 2013. MLA Dr. T.M. Lotha (4th right) is seen in the image with LVNO Chairman T. Nribemo Kikon, LVNO member Khothungo Ezung, and Y. Bankathung Ezung, first class contractor.

Public SPace

Khehuto Village organisations condemn Aug 9 incident Deacon Board officials and NBCYD leaders along with the toppers and successful students after the thanksgiving service.

sition) from Mezhur HSS. They received cash award with citations from the Pastor of NBC Kohima Rev. Mutinath Khatiwoda. Other successful students from matriculation and above and theology

were also motivated with gifts, which was handed over by speaker of the service and Chairman Association of Gorkha Baptist Church of Nagaland (ABGCN) B. K. Rasaily. The service chaired

by NBKYD director Annie Konthoujam started with prayer by NBCYD Home Evangelist Kamal Limbu. Special prayer was also conducted for the bright future of the successful students.

The Khehuto Village Students’ Union, Khehuto Village Council and Aghunaga Area Students’ Union jointly condemn the incident of August 9 wherein Ato Ave a prominent member of Khehuto Village Students’ Union while on his way towards Midland riding his bike bearing Re. No. ASO1G 4038 was seriously injured in an accident caused by 10th IRB Personnel Mini Bus bearing Rem. No. NL11 1160 near West Police Station Opposite to VJ’s Coaching Centre. It is also to state that the in-disciplinary action of the 10th 1RB Personnel the victim was succumbed to his injuries, as they did not take him for medical treatment in time. Moreover, it is very much regretted to state that since from the date of accident the Head of the Department as well as Controlling Officers of 10th IRB did not come down till date to meet the deceased family member,

which seems total negligence from the department side. Whereas it is supposed to be done from their side being the law enforcing personnel in order to avoid any unwanted hassles to be created. But, it is total failure in their part and might be waiting for creating tense situation. Accordingly, if the situation becomes tense the responsibilities should have to be borne by department concerned. The Klehuto Village Students' Union, Khehuto Village Council and Aghunacia Area Students' Union further urge upon the responsible to take prompt initiative to settle the matter amicably before the situation returns intense. Hukato Zhimo Khevishe Kiba President AASU Chairman, Khehuto village Council Ashe Kiba President KVSU

The Morung Express is introducing “Public Space” as part of our intention to provide deliberate space for the opinions of the people to be expressed and heard through this newspaper. Nonetheless, The Morung Express points out that the opinions expressed in the contents published in the “Public Space” do not reflect the views and position of the newspaper or the editor.

Sunday 18 auguSt 2013







How the euphoria turned to tragedy

ecurity forces stormed two camps in Cairo on 14 August, killing hundreds of supporters of the ousted Islamist President Mohammed Morsi. Dozens of security personnel also died. It was Egypt's bloodiest day since the pro-democracy uprising two years ago ejected longtime president Hosni Mubarak. The country has been in turmoil since the army ousted Mr Morsi on 3 July.

Jeremy Bowen BBC Middle East editor, Cairo

What has happened at the pro-Morsi sit-ins? Security forces moved in early on the morning of 14 August to clear two protest camps outside Cairo's Rabaa al-Adawiya mosque and in Nahda Square in the west of the city. Tear gas was used to disperse protesters and bursts of gunfire were also heard. Armoured bulldozers were used to clear the camps. More than 600 people were killed in the operation, according to the authorities. The Muslim Brotherhood, which backs the protests, put the number of deaths at more than 2,000. The two sites had been occupied by supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi, who was removed from office by the military after mass street protests against him. Pro-Morsi protesters had been demanding his reinstatement and had defied warnings from the authorities to end the sit-ins.

What led up to President Morsi being ousted? During his first year in office, the Islamist president fell out with key institutions and sectors of society, and was seen by many Egyptians as doing little to tackle economic and social problems. Egypt became polarised between Mr Morsi's Islamist supporters and their opponents, who include leftists, liberals and secularists. On 30 June 2013 millions took to the streets to mark the first anniversary of the president's inauguration, in a protest organised by the Tamarod (Revolt) movement. The protests prompted the military to warn Mr Morsi on 1 July that it would intervene and impose its own "roadmap" if he did not satisfy the public's demands within 48 hours. As the deadline approached, Mr Morsi insisted that he was Egypt's legitimate leader. Late on 3 July the head of the armed forces, Gen Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, announced that the constitution had been suspended and that Chief Justice Adly Mansour would oversee an interim period with a technocratic government until presidential and parliamentary elections are held. Several of Egypt's most influential figures gave their approval to the ousting of Mohammed Morsi. They included Egypt's highest Islamic authority the Grand Sheikh of al-Azhar, the head of the Christian Coptic Church, leading opposition figure Mohamed ElBaradei, and the hard-line Salafist Nour party. Troops backed by armoured vehicles secured key sites in the capital, Cairo, as hundreds of thousands of opposition protesters and Mr Morsi's Islamist supporters took to the streets. Mr ElBaradei had been made interim vice-president but resigned in protest at the military's action of 14 August. Who is Mohammed Morsi and what has happened to him? Mohammed Morsi rose through the ranks of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist movement that was banned for decades, becoming chairman of its political wing, the Freedom and Justice Party. He narrowly won the presidential vote in June 2012, becoming Egypt's first democratically elected president. That election, which was generally considered free and fair, followed a turbulent period of military rule after long-time leader Hosni Mubarak was ousted in February 2011. Since he was ousted in the Arab Spring, Mr Morsi has been under arrest at an undisclosed location, accused of plotting attacks on jails during the 2011 uprising against former President Hosni Mubarak. Several other senior figures from the Muslim Brotherhood have also been detained, including its powerful deputy leader Khairat al-Shater who is accused of inciting violence. What happened following the military takeover? Mr Morsi's supporters held almost daily rallies demanding his re-instatement, with the Presidential Guard headquarters in Cairo being a particular flash-


gyptian authorities on Thursday significantly raised the death toll from clashes the previous day between police and supporters of the ousted Islamist president, saying that at least 638 people died in violence that swept through much of the country the day before and prompted the government to declare a nationwide state of emergency and a nighttime curfew. The Health Ministry figures mean that Wednesday was by far Egypt's single deadliest day since the 2011 popular uprising that toppled longtime autocrat Hosni Mubarak. Here are some key events from more than two years of turmoil and transition in Egypt:


gypt felt as if it had a new start. Expectations that life was about to get better bubbled around the country. But the sky-high hopes have been overwhelmed by a combination of political failure, entrenched interests and economic crisis. The revolution in 2011, like the other uprisings in Arab countries, was driven by the dissatisfaction and anger of a new generation. About 60% of the population across the region was under the age of 30. They realised that the old order had no room for them, and would never satisfy their desire to have a decent job that would give them the money to have independent lives. The departure of hope coincided with the exponential growth in modern communications, which meant that countries could not be shut off by their leaders in the way that once was possible. The under-30s could watch satellite TV, or look at the internet, and realise that not everyone's lives were as tough as theirs had become. But the energy of 2011's revolutionaries was squashed by the power and organisation of established forces in Egypt, particularly the military, remnants of the old elite and the Muslim Brotherhood. In the presidential election last year, the choice in the final round was between the Brotherhood's Mohammed Morsi and a former air force general who had been Mr Mubarak's last prime minister. Getting a candidate into the race, let alone to the winning post, was too much for the fractious, disorganised revolutionaries of Tahrir Square.

Broken promises When Mr Morsi won the presidency, he promised to govern for all Egyptians. But he did not. The Muslim Brotherhood had worked for power for more than 80 years. It was determined to seize its chance to reshape Egypt into the way it Egyptian army soldiers take their positions on top and next to their armored vehicles while guarding an wanted. Mr Morsi, the public face of the Muslim Brotherhood's top entrance to Tahrir square, in Cairo, Egypt on Friday, August 16, 2013. (AP Photo/Hassan Ammar) point, as many believe this is where Mr Morsi is being held. Speaking after the deaths of at least 51 people outside the Presidential Guard HQ on 8 July, the Freedom and Justice Party called for "an uprising" against "those trying to steal their revolution with tanks". On 27 July, more than 70 people were killed in clashes with security forces at the Rabaa al-Adawiya sit-in. The security forces were accused of using unnecessary lethal force. The interior ministry accused the protesters of using firearms. Anti-Morsi protesters have also been taking to the streets. Gen Sisi encouraged them to turn out on

constitution, protesting attempts by Islamists to impose their will.

Dec. 4— More than 100,000 protesters march on the presidential palace, demanding the cancellation of the referendum and the writing of a new constitution. The next day, Islamists attack an anti-Morsi sit-in, sparking Nov. 28, 2011-Feb 15, 2012— Egypt holds street battles that leave at least 10 dead. multistage, weekslong parliamentary elections. In the lawmaking lower house, the Mus- Dec. 15, Dec. 22— In the two-round referenlim Brotherhood wins nearly half the seats, dum, Egyptians approve the constitution, with and ultraconservative Salafis take another 63.8 percent voting in favor. Turnout is low. quarter. The remainder goes to liberal, independent and secular politicians. In the largely Jan. 25, 2013— Hundreds of thousands hold powerless upper house, Islamists take nearly protests against Morsi on the 2-year anniversary of the start of the revolt against Mubarak, 90 percent of the seats. and clashes erupt in many places. May 23-24, 2012— The first round of voting in presidential elections has a field of 13 can- Feb.-March 2013— Protests rage in Port didates. The Brotherhood's Mohammed Mor- Said and other cities for weeks, with dozens si and Ahmed Shafiq, the last prime minister more dying in clashes. under Mubarak, emerge as the top two finish- April 7— A Muslim mob attacks the main caers, to face each other in a runoff. thedral of the Coptic Orthodox Church as ChrisJune 14— The Supreme Constitutional Court tians hold a funeral and protest there over four orders the dissolving of the lower house of Christians killed in sectarian violence the day before. Pope Tawadros II publicly blames Morparliament. si for failing to protect the building. June 16-17— Egyptians vote in the presidential runoff between Morsi and Shafiq. Morsi June 23— A mob beats to death four Egyptian Shiites in a village on the outskirts of Cairo. wins with 51.7 percent of the vote. June 30— Millions of Egyptians demonstrate June 30— Morsi takes his oath of office. on Morsi's first anniversary in office, calling Nov. 19— Members of liberal parties and rep- on him to step down. Eight people are killed resentatives of Egypt's churches withdraw in clashes outside the Muslim Brotherhood's from the 100-member assembly writing the Cairo headquarters.

Different views It has not worked out that way, even though the military and its commander, Gen Abdul Fattah alSisi, have plenty of backing for what they are doing. So far it looks more like an attempt to revive the security state that sustained Mr Mubarak for 30 years. Once again, Egypt is being governed under an emergency law that gives the state draconian powers. Mr ElBaradei has resigned as vice-president from the government the military installed. Hundreds are dead. The Muslim Brotherhood and the military - and both sets of their sympathisers - both believe that the future of Egypt's next generation is at stake, and both are right. But their views of the future are very different. The best way forward would be for all sides in Egypt - and there is a range of opinion, not two monolithic blocs - to agree a way to get people into work and to make social peace. But that is not happening. The argument is being fought out on the streets. And that is a tragedy.

by Mr Morsi and parliamentary elections in early 2014. The plan was rejected by the Muslim Brotherhood and also criticised by leftist and liberal parties. Gen Sisi promised "not to exclude anyone or any movement" and called for measures to "empower youths and integrate them in state institutions". However, he did not define the length of the transiWhat will happen next? tional period or what role the military would play. The miliFollowing the military takeover, Gen Sisi said Mr Man- tary is the most powerful government entity, and many say sour would take charge during a "transitional period until it operates like a state within a state. Military-owned busia new president is elected". Mr Mansour laid out plans for nesses make up a significant proportion of Egypt's economy. a transition including a review of the constitution backed (Source: BBC News)

Key events in Egypt’s uprising and unrest

Nov. 22— Morsi unilaterally decrees greater powers for himself, giving his decisions immunity from judicial review and barring the courts from dissolving the constituent assembly and the upper house of parliament. The Jan. 25-Feb. 11, 2011— Egyptians stage na- move sparks days of protests. tionwide demonstrations against nearly 30 years of Mubarak's rule. Hundreds of protest- Nov. 30— Islamists in the constituent assemers are killed as Mubarak and his allies try to bly rush to complete the draft of the constitution. Morsi sets a Dec. 15 date for a referendum. crush the uprising. Feb. 11— Mubarak steps down and the military takes over. The military dissolves parliament and suspends the constitution, meeting two key demands of protesters.

26 July to give the army a "mandate to confront possible violence and terrorism". Even before the move to clear the camps, more than 250 people had been killed in demonstrations and confrontations with the security forces, most of them supporters of Mr Morsi.

political leadership, behaved as if it had an overwhelming mandate to transform Egypt into a much more Islamist state. Many Egyptians are pious Muslims, but that did not automatically mean they shared the Brotherhood's austere vision of the future. To make matters worse, the Morsi administration was not very competent. It could not keep its promises about reinvigorating the economy. By the end of June this year, the discontent that had built in Egypt burst out into the huge protest marches that gave the military its chance to remove President Morsi. The move was very popular with almost everyone, except the Muslim Brotherhood. Even internationally respected liberal democrats, like the Nobel Peace Prize winner Mohamed ElBaradei welcomed what had happened. Mr ElBaradei told me that the army had not carried out a coup d'etat. Instead, by popular demand, it would give the Egyptian people the chance to reboot their democracy.

Beblawi as prime minister and opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei as vice president. A military announcement backs up the appointments.

July 26— Millions pour into the streets of Egypt after a call by the country's military chief for protesters to give him a mandate to stop "potenJuly 1— Huge demonstrations continue, and tial terrorism" by supporters of Morsi. Five peoEgypt's powerful military gives the president ple are killed in clashes. Prosecutors announce and the opposition 48 hours to resolve their Morsi is under investigation for a host of allegations including murder and conspiracy with the disputes, or it will impose its own solution. Palestinian militant group Hamas. July 2— Military officials disclose main details of the army's plan if no agreement July 27— Security forces and armed men in is reached: replacing Morsi with an inter- civilian clothes clash with Morsi supporters im administration, canceling the Islamist- outside the larger of the two major sit-ins in based constitution and calling elections in Cairo, killing at least 80 people. a year. Morsi delivers a late-night speech in July 30— The EU's top diplomat Catherine Ashwhich he pledges to defend his legitimacy ton holds a two-hour meeting with detained and vows not to step down. Morsi at an undisclosed location. She is one of July 3— Egypt's military chief announces a number of international envoys, including U.S. that Morsi has been deposed, to be replaced Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham, to visit by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Constitu- Egypt to attempt to resolve the crisis. tional Court until new presidential elections. Aug 7— Egypt's presidency says that diploNo time frame is given. Muslim Brotherhood matic efforts to peacefully resolve the standleaders are arrested. Tens of thousands of off between the country's military-backed Morsi supporters remain camped out in two interim leadership and the Muslim Brothermass sit-ins in Cairo's streets. hood have failed. July 4— Supreme Constitutional Court Chief Aug 11— Egyptian security forces announce Justice Adly Mansour is sworn in as Egypt's that they will besiege the two sit-ins within interim president. 24 hours to bar people from entering. July 5— Mansour dissolves the Islamist-dom- Aug 12— Authorities postpone plans to take acinated upper house of parliament as Morsi's tion against the camps, saying they want to avoid supporters stage mass protests demanding bloodshed after Morsi supporters reinforce the his return. Clashes between pro- and anti- sit-ins with thousands more protesters. Morsi groups in Cairo and Alexandria, and violence elsewhere leave at least 36 dead. A Aug 14— Riot police backed by armored veBrotherhood strongman, deputy head Khai- hicles and bulldozers clear two sprawling encampments of supporters of ousted President rat el-Shater, is arrested. Mohammed Morsi, sparking clashes that kill July 8— Egyptian soldiers open fire on pro- at least 638 people. The presidency declares Morsi demonstrators in front of a military a monthlong state of emergency across the base in Cairo, killing more than 50. Each side nation as Vice President Mohamed ElBaradei blames the other for starting the clash near resigns in protest over the assaults. the larger of the two sit-ins, near east Cairo's Rabaah al-Adawiya mosque. Mansour puts Aug 15— The Interior Ministry authorizes forward a time line for amending the consti- police to use deadly force against protesters tution and electing a new president and par- targeting police and state institutions after Isliament by mid-February. The Brotherhood lamists torch government buildings, churches and police stations in retaliation against the refuses to participate in the process. crackdown on their encampments. July 9— Mansour appoints economist Hazem el(Source: Associate Press)

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood

• Egypt's oldest and largest Islamist organisation • Founded by Hassan al-Banna in 1928 • Has influenced Islamist movements worldwide • Mixes political activism with charity work • Rejects use of violence and supports democratic principles • Wants to create a state governed by Islamic law • Slogan: "Islam is the solution"

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood is perhaps facing the most serious crisis in its 85-year history.


he movement is the country's oldest and largest Islamist organisation, meaning its ideology is based on the teachings of the Koran. Founded by Hassan al-Banna, the Muslim Brotherhood - or al-Ikhwan al-Muslimun in Arabic - has influenced Islamist movements around the world with its model of political activism combined with Islamic charity work. The movement init ially aimed simply to spread Islamic morals and good works, but soon became involved in politics, particularly the fight to rid Egypt of British colonial control and cleanse it of all Western influence. While the Ikhwan say that they support democratic principles, one of the group's stated aims is to create a state ruled by Islamic law, or Sharia. Its most famous slogan, used worldwide, is: "Islam is the solution."

Readers may please note that, the contents of the articles published on this page do not reflect the outlook of this paper nor of the Editor in any form.

(Source: BBC News)




18 august 2013




Dr. R.C. Sproul

False Prophecies T and the Word of God

Michael Brown | Charisma Magazine received prove it is for today? In are forbidden, prophecy is banned,


r. R.C. Sproul is one of the most respected theologians in the body today, and while I do not share his Calvinist views, I recognize his deep love for the Word and his ability to interest other believers in the pursuit of divine truth. Interestingly, Dr. Sproul says he was “deeply immersed” in charismatic circles in the 1960s and that after receiving about 40 to 50 false prophecies—according to his report, they were specific prophecies with specific dates and details that never came to pass—he said to himself, “You know, I’m going to live my life by what it says in the Word, because I know the Spirit has superintended that. And somebody else can have their dream, and let them tell their dream, but I’m going to stick with the Word.” Of course, I totally agree with Dr. Sproul that we should live our lives by what’s written in the Word, and I can certainly understand why he concluded the gift of prophecy was not for today. After all, 40 to 50 false prophecies in a row would seem to be conclusive evidence. Still, there are two questions that need to be asked. First, what about those of us who can attest to giving or receiving amazingly accurate prophetic words over the years—words that glorified God, that exalted Jesus, that were clearly supernatural in origin, that proved stunningly true, that produced a holy reverence for the Lord and lasting fruit for His kingdom? If the false prophecies Dr. Sproul received prove that the gift of prophecy is not for today, don’t the true prophecies others have

fact, it’s easy to explain away failed prophecies, since anyone can speak empty words in the name of the Lord; it’s another thing to explain away accurate prophetic words. Second, and more importantly, since we agree the Scriptures are our ultimate authority and that everything must be tested by the Word, then don’t we need to investigate what those Scriptures say about the gift of prophecy? According to Dr. Sproul’s website, the principle of sola Scriptura means that “all truth necessary for our salvation and spiritual life is taught either explicitly or implicitly in Scripture.” Well, it is because I affirm sola Scriptura that I affirm prophecy (and tongues), since Paul wrote, “Earnestly desire to prophesy, and do not forbid speaking in tongues” (1 Cor. 14:39, ESV; please don’t raise 1 Cor. 13:8-10 as an argument against this, as almost all top commentators today recognize Paul was not saying that prophecy and tongues would cease when the New Testament canon was completed). And it is because I take the Scriptures seriously that I believe it is right to dance in celebration in God’s presence (Ps. 150:4); to clap my hands to the Lord and shout to Him with joy (Ps. 47:1); to raise my hands in prayer (1 Tim. 2:8; Ps. 141:2); to have meetings where there are tongues with interpretation, along with teaching, singing, and prophecy (1 Cor. 14:26-32; this is what Paul defines as an orderly meeting!); and to pray for the sick and expect supernatural healings (James 5:14-15). Yet in many “Bible churches” in America (not to mention some Bible colleges and seminaries), tongues

worshipping with hands raised or with dancing or with shouting or with clapping is frowned upon, and ongoing miraculous healing is denied. Based on what authority? If you say, “Well, I prayed for the sick for years and no one was healed,” I will certainly agree that your experience was terribly painful and discouraging. But we don’t base our theology on experience; we base it on the Word. And since, as believers in sola Scriptura, we do not follow external, heretical books like the Book of Mormon and we do not believe that church tradition can supersede the Word, then we have no reason for denying the ongoing supernatural ministry of the Holy Spirit today—including signs and wonders and miracles in the name of Jesus for the glory of God. I can give you many verses from the New Testament that indicates clearly that the gifts of the Spirit are to continue in operation until Jesus comes. In contrast, there is not one single clear verse in the New Testament saying the gifts would cease. Why, then, do we waver on this point? Years ago, at an airport in Rome, I met a pastor from a non-charismatic denomination who said to me, “If it’s not in the Bible, we don’t believe it.” But there’s an even better approach to the Word: If it is in the Bible, we do believe it! And that’s why I believe in the gifts and power of the Spirit for today. The Word of God calls me to. Michael Brown is author of The Real Kosher Jesus and host of the nationally syndicated talk radio show The Line of Fire on the Salem Radio Network. He is also president of FIRE School of Ministry and director of the Coalition of Conscience.

Dr. Thamsing Lamkang sports Resource Center

he most important thing many people lacked today, whether in the secular or religious world is to be a servant resource for God! Christians could never please the Lord without a servant heart and attitude. To make greater impact to the Kingdom of God one must first humbled himself to be His servant. God wants to use people more effectively to accomplish His will through, but are you prepared to become His servant resource? The movement is based on an attitude of service with humility. “To lead is to serve”. This is because the Master, Jesus, taught us the model of servant leadership. He explains the approach: “Jesus called them together and said, “You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their high officials exercise authority over them. Not so with you. Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be your slave—just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many” Matt.20:25-28 “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me” Luke 9:23. The disciple surrenders themselves to Christ. We die to the desires of self and live for Christ. We don’t make decisions that feed our ego. This is a process of daily wrestle and struggle. “Among those who belong to Christ, everything connected with getting our own way and mindlessly responding to what everyone else calls necessities is killed off for good—crucified” Gal. 3:24. Our servant nature, led by the Spirit, leads to the fruit of the Spirit being displayed in our lives. “Love, joy, peace, patience/ forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control” Gal. 3:23, in the movement we believe that being a servant extends to our churches and organizations. We are there to serve each other’s interests and consider others more important than ourselves. Many of our resources and materials go out without names and logos, as an act of service for the benefit of others. We are quick to help others succeed and raise up others to lead, again, as an act of service. Who is the Greatest? “If anyone wants to be first, he must be last of all and servants of all” Mark 9:35. ‘If you want to be great in God’s Kingdom learnt to be the servants of all’ wow to JESUS!

promoting me and myself? Here is a practical idea. Start focusing on those people who will take on your role next and start serving them. Make sure they succeed and do the role better than you did it. Am I happy to serve God where he has put me or am I concerned with my status and title? For example: The Bible describes people with roles with gifts, not with fixed positions and titles. Being a servant means humbly serving in a role. Roles change over time as others become more and you become less. Not having a big role does not mean being less able to serve. Some of the greatest servants in the sports movement have no roles or titles at all. Any role you have, globally, regionally or locally is just as important as any other. You are there to fan the flame wherever God has put you 2Tim.1:6. 2. Do I practice putting others first?

Listen rather than think you already know it. Do you ask people questions and find out their perspectives more than giving your opinion? Take time to listen without prejudice. Share rather than hold back. Are you being generous with your resources, time and ideas? Are you sharing anonymously so ‘your right hand does not know what your left hand is doing?’ Can your group serve and consider others’ groups better than your group? In the sports movement we often create resources with no one’s name on them and no logos. This is an act of service. Empathize rather than judge. Do I really understand the people I am serving? Walk in the shoes of others to understand their context. Visit people where they live and don’t make opinions too quickly.

3. Am I serving God and others in the small practical ways? Be a good steward and account for everything and every opportunity you have been given. Remember to report always, with mainly the stories of how God is using the resources and opportunities given to you. These resources are often donated by people and organizations that need regular feedback. Be accurate with numbers of people and money spent. Be faithful in the smallest responsibilities God gave you and people trusted in you because of Christ Jesus. Serve others by being prompt and honest with good communication skills as the true servant of God. “Let others know you as the big name or position you carry, but know yourself and to always remember LIVE AND SERVE AS SERVANTS that you are the servant of the Living God” 1. Ask yourself some difficult questions regularly God Bless you - for Being the Faithful Servant for Am I really honoring God? Is what I am doing bringing glory to God and honor to others, or is it really just His Kingdom!

Why you need to pick a fight 10 ways to avoid mishaps in worship


Bob Goff

y list of things that I decided to do this year starts with these three words: “Pick a fight.” That might sound a little odd at first. I picked a fight with Dale Gardener when I was in the seventh grade. He was huge. He almost blocked the sun when he walked by. I didn’t like Dale because he was a bully and beat up the little guys on campus. I’m not sure why he didn’t like me, maybe because I wasn’t a little guy. It was pretty easy to pick a fight with Dale, actually. I told Dale one day when he was beating up another kid that I was “calling him out.” That’s junior high speak for let’s have a fist fight; so we did. We really didn’t settle anything in the cul de sac a few days later other than trade bloody noses and let off some steam. We both got expelled for a couple of days (which just made for a long weekend), and by Monday we were back at school exchanging gunslinger stares as we passed each other in the hallways. That’s not the kind of fight I was referring to when I made my list. I want to pick a fight where I can make a meaningful difference somewhere in the world. It’s not a fight with a particular person or institution; I want to pick one fight among the many fights being waged on the planet and see if there is a way I can get some skin in the game; to help in some way; to make a tangible difference. It’s easier to pick an opinion than it is to pick a fight. It’s also easier to pick an organization or a jersey and identify with that fight than it is to actually pick your own, commit to it, call it out and take a swing. Picking a fight isn’t neat either. It’s messy. It’s time consuming. It’s painful. It’s costly. Stated differently, it’s what many of us should be all about as followers of Jesus. There’s a character in the Bible named Joshua. Over and over, the phrase “be strong and courageous”repeats itself to Joshua and those traveling in his posse. It doesn’t say we’re supposed to be wild at heart, or man up, or dance around the fire naked and tell manly stories. We’re just supposed to be strong and courageous. That’s it. The

way I read it, it sounds an awful lot like God is calling us out and telling us to pick a fight. Picking a fight can be scary because we might be going it alone sometimes. That’s why organizations and groups are sometimes a bridge to the fight. But we need to make sure that those organizations and groups don’t become an impediment to us actually doing something. We need to be the ones calling out the bad guys and not leave it to the organizations. It’s having the mindset that it’s not their fight that we are joining; it’s our fight and we’re standing back to back with those organizations or friends in a common struggle. Just as Joshua was going to enter the promised land, he meets an angel who stands with his sword drawn in front of him. Joshua asks the angelic warrior something I would ask: “Are you for us or against us?” It’s a logical question (he must have had some lawyer in him). No doubt, Joshua was hoping that the angelic warrior was “for” them. That’s what I’d be hoping. I love the warrior’s answer to Joshua’s question about which side he was on: “Neither; take off your shoes.” The angel wasn’t interested in having Joshua and his buddies pick sides, he wanted them to pick God. They were on holy ground, just as we are today, because God was present. Perhaps God doesn’t want us spending our time picking sides or teams and trying on jerseys either. He wants us to pick a fight and then pick Him. I want to pick a fight because I want someone else’s suffering to matter more to me. I can’t make it matter to me by just listening to the story, wearing the bracelet or hearing the song about it. I need to pick the fight myself; to call it out. Then, most important of all, I need to run barefoot toward it. I want to go barefoot because it’s holy ground; I want to be running because time is short and none of us has as much runway as we think we do; and I want it to be a fight because that’s where we can make a difference. It’s where we belong as we get to the “do” part of faith.

Bob Goff is the president and founder of Restore International, a nonprofit organization fighting injustice and human rights violations around the world.


Jamie Harvill

xcellence is a great goal for our worship services each week. But as part of a local church ministry, we are faced with imperfection—not only with our own fallen nature and limited skills—but also with our volunteers, those who share ministry from the stage with us. Even though we put a premium on excellence, our primary goal is to see lives changed for Christ, and we are charged with the duty and honor of loving, leading and ministering to our team members and congregation. We cannot avoid the possibility of mishaps during our services. It’s not a question of “if” they will happen, but “when”! Without a game plan of how to handle these intrusions, we can be completely thrown off guard when these distractions raise their ugly little heads. Here are 10 considerations from my upcoming book, Worship Foundry, to help avoid being derailed during a worship service. With any performance, things have the potential to go wrong: microphones can stop working; the power can fail—causing silence and darkness; music cues can be missed, etc. Whether it’s human error or just some freak accident, problems will arise. In any event, our greatest ally is preparation. A thousand mistakes, and an equal number of equipment failures, can potentially be avoided by thinking through every possible technical, musical or transitional weakness that may be lurking in our weekly worship plan. Paranoia about something going wrong during a worship service shouldn’t rule our planning process, though. If we plan far enough out from the performance, with plenty of time to process the program design—while utilizing the talent and wisdom of our planning team—we can anticipate problems and make corrections. As I have written before, a seamless flow is necessary when leading our congregations on a weekly worship journey, helping to focus their full and active attention on Christ during the song set and while communicating the message of the Gospel. When things go wrong, the congregant’s attention is deflected away from the intended focus and toward the distraction. This destroys that precious state of mind which every skilled communicator works for: the place where the audience is no longer self-aware, time flies and they are fully engaged in the moment. There are two areas to consider when dealing with things that can go wrong during a performance: the stage and the audience. Here are 10 crucial things to keep in mind that may

help avoid the most serious of problems.

From The Stage 1. Don’t do anything from the stage that hasn’t been scrutinized and agreed upon collectively by the worship production team. Of course, there will be times when God wants to go in another direction, and the pastor or leader of the service will have to make that call. Spontaneity doesn’t always equate to spirituality, though. 2. Make sure that during rehearsal the technical aspects of the service are tested and that the equipment is properly working; confirm stage entrances and exits, segment handoffs, how staging will be moved, who will do what and where, when, etc. 3. Make sure that sight lines are established between the leader, band and vocalists. If this isn’t possible due to a complicated stage setup, then create an audible means of communication if changes are needed during the performance (provide a wireless, in-ear monitoring system to stay connected with the tech team). Use predetermined hand signals or gestures as a means of visual communication between the stage and the technicians at the sound console (front of house=FOH), without having to disrupt flow. 4. When a mistake is made, try not to draw attention to it. It is likely that the audience won’t even be aware of the mess-up. Skilled performers know that a mistake can enhance a performance when, even after a stumble, they land gracefully on their feet (this is only for the highly skilled among us)! 5. If possible, designate a person from the tech team to help with potential stage problems. When called upon, they can inconspicuously move to the stage to fix a sound problem or make an equipment change. It’s important that those on stage remain focused on speaking, playing and singing. If a problem brings a performance to a screeching halt, it needs to be established beforehand who from the staff will stand in the gap and carry the program until a solution is found, or to conclude the service altogether. As said in an earlier post: An audience’s trust in a good leader will go a long way in helping to get through a distracting moment during a service. From the Audience 1. Some churches, pastors and leaders encourage children to sit with their parents during a service. But when disruptions come from babies and small children in the audience, it makes it all but impossible for others in the ser-

vice to stay focused on the message. If necessary, create a policy that limits certain ages to participate in services. If this is not possible, take the opportunity to promote your well-equipped, secure, clean and nurturing child care facility, where their age-appropriate behavior is better suited. Another great way to help with this is by supplying a private and discreet “family room” for parents or caretakers, supplied with a video feed of the service. A separate, private location for nursing mothers will also be very helpful. 2. Make it a policy for those who choose to sit toward the front of the sanctuary to remain seated during the entire service. Encourage those with pertinent personal or physical issues to sit in a place within the sanctuary where they can easily exit without disturbing those around them. Section off an area of the sanctuary for special needs. Sanctuary etiquette must be taught from the pulpit, as well as in orientation classes. Pastors and/or worship leaders will have to make special effort to teach worshipers proper behavior in casual worship environments. This may need to be done often, especially in a growing church. 3. Train ushers and greeters, in advance of any given service, to be aware of potential interruptions in the audience; teach them to assist the pastor in a proper and discreet manner when called upon. 4. Make sure that a person of authority, other than the one leading from the stage, is available to help contain any situation that may arise during a service. If the pastor or leader makes a gesture from the stage, that appointed person can move quickly toward the disruption or spiritual need in the audience. 5. Sometimes a medical emergency may arise during a service. If the ill person is mobile, it’s best to handle the situation and attend to their needs with as much discretion as possible until they are stabilized, or until emergency personnel can transport them. Sometimes the person cannot be moved immediately, or without professional medical assistance. But if it’s at all possible, respectfully allow the service to carry on. Plan in advance how to approach a medical emergency, and make a plan as to how emergency personnel can enter and exit the facility with as little disruption as possible. We can’t prevent every disruption in our services. Problems can turn out for the better, though, if we plan for an “escape route” before things go horribly wrong. Let’s face it, to ere is human, but to walk headlong into a problem because of poor planning or laziness is just plain inexcusable!

Readers may please note that, the contents of the articles published on this page do not reflect the outlook of this paper nor of the Editor in any form.




Sunday 18 August 2013

The Morung Express

Top terrorist, bomb-maker Abdul Karim Tunda held

New Delhi, August 17 (iANs): Abdul Karim Tunda, the Delhi-born, one-handed extremist who was in the list of top 20 terrorists wanted by India and was allegedly involved in around 40 bombings in the country, was arrested near the India-Nepal border, Delhi Police said Saturday. An aide of fugitive don Dawood Ibrahim and an operative of Lashkar-eTaiba who was also wanted for suspected involvement in the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts, he was arrested Friday around 3 p.m. in Uttarakhand’s Banbasa area close to the Nepal border when he was trying to enter India. Tunda, 70, was presented in a Delhi court which sent him to three days’ police custody for interrogation. He got the moniker Tunda - Hindi for without a hand - after his left hand got severed in an accident while he was preparing a bomb in 1985 in Mumbai. “He was carrying a Pak-

istani passport number AC 4413161 issued Jan 23 in the name of Abdul Quddus,” Special Commissioner of Police S.N. Srivastava told media persons. Tunda is wanted in several criminal cases in the country and is among India’s 20 top most-wanted terrorists, police said. In Delhi, he is wanted in 21 terror cases dating back to 1994, 1996 and 1998. Tunda had also tried to set off bombs in 2010 just before the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, according to police. “Tunda is closely associated with LeT and ISI in Pakistan,” Srivastava said. Police received a tip-off from intelligence agencies about two weeks back that Tunda will try to sneak into India from Nepal. Tunda, an LeT explosive expert, is allegedly involved in the 1993 Mumbai serial bombings that left over 250 dead, Delhi bomb blasts of 1997-98 and serial bombings in Uttar Pradesh and also in Hary-

ana and Punjab. Police said he trained young radicals in preparing bombs with locally available materials like

urea, nitric acid, potassium chloride, nitrobenzene and sugar and planting them at crowded places. Tunda, who was born

in 1943 in Delhi’s Daryaganj area, is also wanted in several cases of bomb attacks in trains in Hyderabad, Gulbarga, Surat and

Lucknow. He allegedly worked with terror operatives like Hafiz Saeed, Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi, Wadhawa Singh,

Ratandeep Singh, and Karachi-based Indian Mujahideen absconders Abdul Aziz alias Bada Sajid. Soon after his birth, Tunda along with his family had shifted to their native village in Bazaar Khurd area in Pilkhuwa in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad district. Tunda lived here with his wife till 1992. Five years back, Tunda, then 65, got married for the third time to a 18-year-old girl in Pakistan. Tunda worked as a carpenter, scrap dealer and cloth merchant till the age of 40, before becoming a radicalised jehadi militant, police said. Following the Babri Masjid demolition in 1992 in Uttar Pradesh, Tunda floated a radical organisation in Mumbai, police said. In January 1994, Tunda fled to Bangladesh capital Dhaka where he started training jehadis in bomb making, police said. Investigators said Tunda also trained terror operatives in making im-

of opposition and the Law Commission of India for immediate withdrawal of the bill to save families from laws biased against both men and children. Demanding gender neutral laws, the bill should either be withdrawn or redrafted by making it more gender neutral and children rights should be protected. Jahgirdar said more than 120 men, representing

10,000 people, from across the country deliberated for “equal rights”. CRISP has been fighting for the rights of fathersandchildrenformore than five years. This was the fifth event in the series. SIFF’s Hyderabad chapter president Shah Ali Ahmed said a resolution to constitute a men’s welfare ministry was also passed unanimously. “In India when we have

an animal husbandry ministry, then why can’t we have a ministry to protect the rights and welfare of the men. We demand an independent ministry of men on the pattern of the ministry of women and child development,” he said. Ahmed said a demand to set up a separate ministry for child development to protect their rights was passed. “The children

constitute more than 40 percent of the total population. They face problems after the divorce of their parents.” CRISP, with regional chapters in Chandigarh, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi and Lucknow, has been demanding equal access to children equally for separated parents. It has also sought the setting up of special courts

to deal with child custody cases. The convention also passed shared parenting like allowing the children to stay with their father on vacations or weekends. Even the non-resident Indians should be allowed to meet their children whenever they visit India. B.G. Ponnappa, a surgeon from Mysore who participated in the convention, said the government

Indian policemen in plain clothes surround Syed Abdul Karim alias Tunda, center in white cap, prior to him being escorted to court, in New Delhi, India on August 17. One of India's most wanted terrorist Tunda, an expert bomb maker of terror outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba, accused of masterminding over 40 bombings in the country, has been arrested by Delhi Police from the Indo-Nepal border after he was apparently deported from one of the Gulf countries, according to local news agency Press Trust of India. (AP Photo)

provised explosive devices (IEDs). Tunda’s two Bangladeshi students, Mato-ur Rehman and Akbar alias Haroon, were arrested from Sadar Bazar railway station in Delhi in February 1998. Police later arrested 24 other members of the “module”. For some years Tunda lay low and investigators thought he had died in a blast in Bangladesh in 2000. Five years later, Abdul Razzak Masood, an alleged LeT chief coordinator in Dubai, arrested by the Special Cell of Delhi Police, however, told investigators that Tunda was alive and he met him in Lahore in December 2003. In 2008, Tunda alias Abdul Quddus figured in the list of terrorists which India handed over to Pakistan after the 26/11 attack on Mumbai. This list includes people like Hafiz Saeed, Jaish-e-Mohammed chief Maulana Masood Azhar, and Dawood Ibrahim.

Men oppose ‘biased’, woman-friendly marriage legislation

NAgpur, August 17 (iANs) : A group of men, who met here over the past two days to discuss the marriage laws amendment bill, Saturday passed a resolution terming it “unconstitutional” and biased in favour of women. They also demanded that all family laws should be gender neutral. “We have passed a resolution and declared that Marriage Laws Amend-

ment Bill of 2010, which is pending before parliament, as unconstitutional,” Kumar V. Jahgirdar, founder and president of Children’s Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting, told IANS. He said CRISP, in partnership with another NGO Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF), would submit memorandums to the prime minister, the chief justice of India, the leader

was empowering women at the cost of men. “The article 14 of the constitution, which favours equality for both men and women, should be enforced in letter and spirit,” he said. According to the data available with CRISP, more than 20,000 divorce cases were pending in family courts in Bangalore alone. The figure was collected from family courts.

‘India virtually back to 1991’ Safety rules violation may be behind

New Delhi, August 17 (ANi): Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) politburo member Sitaram Yechury on Saturday said Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh has said nothing new about the prevailing economic situation in the country, and added that the figures being projected by the government, suggest that the country is virtually back to the situation that existed in 1991. “Today if you look at all the basic parameters and if you look at statistics given out by the government itself, you are virtually back to 1991 situation. You have a Current Account Deficit which is the difference between your exports and imports to the tune of 4.8 per cent of your GDP. Your GDP this year the government itself says most optimistically it will be at best 5 per cent,” Yechury told media here. “That means your entire GDP growth rate this year will be sufficient to only meet your Current Account Deficit. Your foreign exchange reserves have dipped to the lowest point where you can only finance imports for the next six months or so. A similar

situation was there in 91 when Dr Manmohan Singh stepped in and he said economic reforms is the only way,” he added. Taking a jibe at the UPA Government’s economic policies, Yechury said ‘the reality is two Indias are in the making today, one that is gaining from this reforms and the other one whose lives are becoming more and more miserable and the gap between these two is widening’. “So, now again saying that the globalisation policies will continue. Globalisation means what. Does it mean that foreign capital gets access to use our resources, our raw materials in order to make their profits or will India and the people also gain?” said Yechury “And that is the point which I think Dr Manmohan Singh is very difficult to

MuMbAi, August 17 (iANs) : University learning will now be directly accessible to millions of students in the remotest parts of the state with the new Multipurpose Virtual Classroom (MVC) launched at Mumbai University here Saturday. The MVC will initially be used to live-stream special lectures by eminent resource persons, workshops and conferences, and solve the acute problems of shortage of qualified teachers, besides making interactive learning possible within limited resources. Stated to be the first of its kind in India in a regular university, the MVC has

been designed on the lines of a similar one in Harvard University, USA, and will be used for multiple academic activities including online courses, in future. Maharashtra Governor K. Sankaranarayanan, who inaugurated it, urged Mumbai University Vice Chancellor Rajan Welukar to prepare a roadmap to catapult the university to the top varsities of the world in a time-bound manner. Ruing that it was hardly a matter of pride that no Indian university figures in the list of the top 200 in the world, the governor said that being one of the oldest in India, Mumbai University had all the ingredients to break

‘The reality is two Indias are in the making today, one that is gaining from this reforms and the other one whose lives are becoming more and more miserable’

Indian submarine accident, Russia says

hide now and very difficult to conceal is that the beneficiary of these reforms at most has been big Indian capital and foreign capital. And as far as the people and the economy is concerned, that situation has been regressive,” he added The CPI-M leader further called for concentrating on expanding India’s domestic demand. “The world is in a slump, you cannot gain by exporting there is no market abroad. So, to stop Indian market for that stop giving these incentives to corporates, collect the legitimate taxes utilise those taxes for public investment to build our much-needed infrastructure. That will create jobs that will increase domestic demand on the basis of which manufacturing and industry will grow. That is the way forward,” he said.

New Delhi, August 17 (pti): Violation of safety regulations could be the most likely cause of the explosions on submarine Sindhurakshak because of which it sank, Russian deputy prime minister Dmitry Rogozin has said. Rogozin, who was quoted by Russia’s official news agency Itar Tass, has said India had raised no questions over the tech-

nical aspects of the submarine built and recently overhauled by Russia. Quoting experts, he told the news agency that the violation of safety regulations was the most probable cause of the accident on Wednesday. He, however, qualified his comments, saying that assessment of what really happened are still being made to determine the exact reason behind

the tragedy in which 18 Navy officials are feared dead. “But things are still to be assessed in full... At the moment we are not blaming the equipment,” Rogozin said. “The very first information that I received at night, several hours after that accident was that the blast had occurred in the section where storage batteries were being charged. This is the most

dangerous work, which is connected with safety measures rather than with the producers of this equipment,” he said. Rogozin also expressed condolences to the Indian side in connection with the loss of lives. He said the submarine itself, which had covered 15,000 nautical miles, did not attract criticism as to its technical characteristics. “It has never raised

any questions on the part of our Indian colleagues,” he added. The diesel-electric submarine was built in 1997 by the Admiralteiskie Verfi shipyard in St. Petersburg. It underwent interim overhaul and modernization at the Russian Severodvinsk-based Zvezdochka shipyard, and arrived at the Indian port of Mumbai on April 29.

MuMbAi, August 17 (iANs): Doctors at Sir J.J. Hospital say that burning, asphyxiation and drowning led to death of the five sailors whose bodies have been recovered from the sunken submarine INS Sindhurakshak. Hospital sources said the autopsies on the bodies have been finished. They added the exact cause and timing of death of each will be determined only at a later stage. Besides the autopsy to determine the causes of death, DNA samples have been taken and dental identification carried out to

identify the victims. Orthopaedic x-rays carried out to ascertain shrapnel or other foreign bodies embedded on the victims have proved negative. Hospital officials said the bodies were brought in a completely charred state though some tissues were intact. The bodies were brought to the hospital as the naval hospital INHS Ashvini does not have facilities to conduct autopsies. The identities of the victims shall be clear after forensic experts give the DNA and dental record reports in the next few days.

Meanwhile, the Indian Navy is under pressure to expedite the work of recovering the remaining 13 missing sailors. After five bodies were recovered till Friday evening, the naval team of divers is engaged in a round-the-clock operation to find the others. The chances of finding any survivor have been ruled out from the deep sea fighter vessel which exploded, caught fire and then sank within six hours early Wednesday in the Mumbai naval harbour. “The state of (the three recovered bodies) and

conditions within the submarine leads to the firm conclusion that finding any surviving personnel within the submarine is unlikely,” the Indian Navy said in a statement Friday afternoon. “The damage and destruction within the submarine around the control room area indicates that the feasibility of locating bodies in the forward part of the submarine is also very remote as the explosion and very high temperatures, which melted steel within, would have incinerated the bodies too,” the

statement added. However, the Indian Navy is hopeful that some of the armaments inside the deep sea fighter vessel, stored on the rear side, may be recovered undamaged as the flames did not completely gut that portion of the submarine. The distraught families of all the 18 missing personnel have been contacted “and are being provided regular updates through constant interaction” by the Family Cell headed by a rear admiral and members of the Navy Wives Welfare Association.

into the world-class league. “We need to introspect why our students are enrolling in the universities in the US and UK. Why can’t we provide them the same programmes and learning experience here in our own university?” Sankaranarayanan asked, urging the varsity to focus on campus development and offer latest programmes to students. Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan said that Indian universities lacked global ranking because of lack of faculty. “Unless we get the highest quality of faculty who are ready to adapt to new technology, our universities will not be able to get

world-class ranking”, Chavan said. Assuring full support from the state government to all other universities in the state in implementing such MVS, Chavan expressed the hope that the virtual classroom will also be used for teachers’ training and skill development, and to provide education to working people in the evening. The MVC is fully automated and controlled using touch panels, entirely designed by the varsity’s in-house computer team. As many as 420 of the 700 colleges affiliated to the university have already enrolled for the digital system, A-VIEW

and videos of important academic events would be uploaded on the university website for later viewing. The MVC will make available through Internet all facilities of the National Mission Education through Information and Communication Technology (NME-ICT) of the union ministry of human resources and the A-VIEW virtual learning tool designed by Amrita University. Present on the occasion were Maharashtra Higher and Technical Education Minister D.P. Sawant, Mumbai University Vice Chancellor Rajan Welukar, Pro Vice Chancellor Naresh Chandra, academics and industrialists.

‘Burning, asphyxiation, and drowning caused sailors’ deaths’

Mumbai varsity now has Harvard-style virtual classroom

Indian children from a non governmental organization dance during a flash mob to raise funds for Uttarakhand floods victims, in New Delhi on Aug. 17. Thousands of people were killed and equal numbers of people went missing after devastating floods, cloud burst and landslides struck in June 2013 in northern Indian state of Uttarakhand . (AP Photo)


The Morung Express

Forces clear protestors from Cairo’s al-Fath mosque

In this frame grab from on August 16, video provided by Abdullah Shousha, which has been authenticated based on its contents and other AP reporting, a supporter of ousted President Mohammed Morsi, center, falls after being shot while standing in front of Egyptian Army tanks during a protest in Ismailiya, Egypt. Tens of thousands of Muslim Brotherhood supporters took to the streets Friday across Egypt in defiance of a military-imposed state of emergency and clashes with security forces and armed vigilantes left more than 150 people dead. (AP Photo)

CAIRO, AuGuST 17 (TNN): Egyptian security forces cleared remaining Islamist protesters from a Cairo mosque on Saturday, after a stand-off and an exchange of fire, a security official said. Al-Fath mosque in central Cairo was at the epicentre of a stand-off between supporters of deposed Islamist President Mohamed Morsi and security forces on Saturday. This is a day after at least 173 lost their lives after tens of thousands took to the streets to answer a call by the Muslim Brotherhood to protest the deaths of at least 638 people on Wednesday. Evacuation facilitated by the army was taking place when gunshots originating from a minaret of the mosque created complete chaos and resulted in

the army firing at the minaret and the walls of the mosque. The health ministry officials on Saturday put the number of people killed in the clashes on Friday across Egypt at 173, including 95 in Cairo. The son of Mohamed Badie, supreme guide of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, was also killed in violence at Ramses Square in central Cairo. Many protestors on the streets on Friday claimed that they don’t belong to the Muslim Brotherhood but are protesting against the atrocities committed by the army. Riot police stood guard outside the al-Fath mosque in Cairo’s central Ramses Square, which had been transformed into a field hospital and morgue on Friday during fierce clashes

in the area. The army had offered safe passage to those trapped inside the mosque after crowds gathered outside the mosque were threatening violence against those trapped inside on Saturday morning. Those inside the mosque were branded as “terrorist who want to get sympathy of world by offering sacrifice” by the angry crowd outside. Those inside the mosque claimed that they were afraid to leave the mosque because thugs outside the mosque were threatening to kill them. Police fired in the air in a bid to disperse the mob. Eyewitnesses inside the mosque tweeted how the mob was particularly keen to kill a woman named Shaimaa who has spoken to Jazeera repeatedly from in-

side the besieged mosque. The Muslim Brotherhood claims that Imam of al-Fath’s mosque confirmed that the minaret of the mosque has two entrances which can only accessed from outside the mosque which is under full control of military. These are the minarets from where the gunshots originated. Eyewitnesses on the street said that the army was only returning gunfire originating from the minarets. Defying a 7pm curfew, supporters of the former Islamist President battled into the night in the Ramses Square area on Friday. Sporadic gunshots could be heard throughout the night and a nearby office building was consumed by fire. The military-appointed government issued a statement declaring that the military, the police and the people were “standing together in the face of the treacherous terrorist scheme against Egypt of the Brotherhood organization.” Egypt Prime Minister Hazem el-Beblawi has proposed the legal dissolution of the Muslim Brotherhood and the idea is being studied by the government, a government spokesman said. Beblawi said, “No reconciliation without will be reached with those whose hands are stained with blood. There will be no talks with those who have used firearms against civilians.” Beblawi had made

Sunday 18 August 2013



Sexual violence pervasive in Somalia: UN

uNITEd NATIONS, Au- domestic violence, female uniform, and the internally GuST 17 (IANS): Sexual genital mutilation, early and displaced remain most vulviolence against women and forced marriage have been nerable to sexual and genderchildren is still pervasive in reported in Mogadishu from based violence, said deputy Somalia, a UN official has said. January to June this year. UN spokesman Eduardo del The Office for the Coordina- Rape continues to be perpe- Buey. Del Buey said around the proposal to the min- tion of Humanitarian Affairs trated by unknown armed one-third of the victims of ister of social affairs - the said about 800 cases of rapes, men as well as men in military sexual violence were children. ministry responsible for licensing non-governmental organisations, Sherif GOVERNMENT OF NAGALAND Shawky said. “It is being DEPARTMENT OF HIGHER & TECHNICAL EDUCATION studied currently,” he said. The Brotherhood was NAGALAND: KOHIMA also banned under Hosni Mubarak. Gvernment auNOTIFICATION thorities have been asking Dated Kohima, the 17th August 2013, the Brotherhood to not enNO, EDS/HTE/9-2/98: : In the interest of Public Service, the Governor gage in sectarian violence. of Nagaland is pleased to order transfer and posting of the following Reports claim that 52 officers with immediate effect :churches were attacked in a 24-hour span that start1. Shri. C. Khalong Ao, Additional Director, Directorate of Higher ed on Wednesday, as well Education is placed as Director, Higher Education in the Pay Band as numerous Christians’ of Rs. 37,400-67,000 with AGP of Rs. 10,000 plus Special allowhomes and businesses. ance of Rs. 3000/- per month against the resultant vacancy, The interior ministry 2. Dr. Norbert Noraho, Principal, Dimapur Govt. College is transsaid it had arrested 1,004 ferred and posted as Additional Director, Directorate of Higher Muslim Brotherhood “elEducation in the same Pay Band & AGP plus Special allowance of ements”, and on Saturday Rs. 2000/- per month in the vacancy of Shri. C. Khalong, Ao. security sources said the brother of al-Qaida chief 3. Smti. Kuholi Chishi, Principal, Fazl Ali Mokokchung is transAyman al-Zawahiri had ferred and posted as Principal, Dimapur Govt. College vice Dr. been detained. MohamNorbert Noraho transferred to Directorate of Higher Education in med al-Zawahri, leader of the same Pay Band and AGP plus Special allowance of Rs. 2000/the ultraconservative JihaPer month. di Salafist group, was held 4. Smti. Chubayangla, designate Principal, MCTE is posted as Prina checkpoint in Giza, the cipal, Fazl Ali College, Mokokchung in the same Pay Band with city across the Nile from AGP of Rs. 10,000/- plus Special allowance of Rs. 2000/- per month Cairo. This group supports vice Smti. Kuholi Chishi transferred deposed Islamist Presi(Sd/- E.P.SOLO) dent Morsi, who supportCommr. & Secretary to the Govt. of Nagaland ers took to the streets to demand the reinstatement of their President. Egypt’s Tamorod movement said Saturday it had joined a grassroots movement urging Egyptian authorities to boycott US aid. The group announced that it had officially joined the “No to US aid” campaign in a statement on its website, noting that 300,000 Egyptians had already signed a petition supporting a boycott.

Ferry disaster in the Philippines

CEBu, AuGuST 17 (AP): Divers combed through a sunken ferry Saturday in search of dozens of people missing after a collision with a cargo vessel near the central Philippine port of Cebu that sent passengers jumping into the ocean and leav-

ing many others trapped. At least 31 were confirmed dead and hundreds rescued. The captain of the ferry MV Thomas Aquinas ordered the ship abandoned when it began listing and then sank just minutes after collision late Friday with the MV Sulpi-

cio Express Siete, coast guard deputy chief Rear Adm. Luis Tuason said. Transportation and Communications Secretary Joseph Abaya announced official passenger figures following confusion over the actual number of people on

the ferry. He said the ferry carried 831 people — 715 passengers and 116 crew — fewer than the numbers given earlier by the coast guard and ferry owner, 2Go. He said the death toll has risen to 31 with 629 rescued. There were foreigners on board “but they are all OK,” except for a New Zealand citizen who was in a hospital, he said. Cebu coast guard chief Cmdr. Weniel Azcuna said 171 were listed as missing, but the figure would go down once the number of crew members who have been rescued are officially accounted. Tuason said some of the missing could still be trapped inside the vessel that sank in waters about 33 meters deep off Talisay city in Cebu province, 570 kilometers south of Manila. Tuason said navy divers recovered at least four bodies early Saturday. Reporters at the site, about two kilometers from shore, saw the

WASHINGTON, AuGuST 17 (AFP): A newly declassified CIA document confirms the existence of famed Area 51 in Nevada, but conspiracy theorists will be disappointed the spy agency offers no proof of alien spaceship landings in the desert. Area 51 has long been fodder for science fiction films and wild UFO tales claiming the US government imposed secrecy over the site northwest of Las Vegas to cover up evidence of extra-terrestrials touching down on Earth. Instead of encounters with flying saucers, the documents released by the Central Intelligence Agency on Thursday recount a less sensational history of Area 51 -- as a testing range for the government’s U-2 spy plane during the Cold War. The CIA in-house history makes no mention of the legendary “Roswell incident,” when a weather balloon crashed in New Mexico in 1947. UFO true believers allege it was an alien spacecraft that went down, and that Area 51’s hangars had hidden evidence of extra-terrestrial corpses.

But according to the CIA, the government secrecy surrounding Area 51 was not about Martians but about hiding a new spy plane from the Soviets. The U-2 reconnaissance aircraft was designed to snoop on the Soviet Union at high-altitude, and its development was top-secret. In April 1955, the CIA chose a remote dry lakebed in the Nevada desert as a testing ground, which was designated on maps as Area 51. Test flights for the U-2 aircraft were conducted at a much higher altitude than commercial airliners or other military planes. In the 1950s, commercial planes flew at between 10,000 and 20,000 feet and warplanes such as B-47 reached altitudes of less than 40,000 feet. The U-2 planes flew at above 60,000 feet, and reports of unidentified flying objects in the Nevada desert started to roll in, the report said. “High altitude testing of the U-2 soon led to an unexpected side effect -- a tremendous increase in reports of unidentified flying objects (UFOs),” it said.

The reports of UFOs often came from pilots from commercial airliners in the early evening hours, with the U-2 plane’s silver wings reflecting the rays of the sun. The surveillance planes appeared to be “fiery objects” high in the sky, it said. “At this time, no one believed manned flight was possible above 60,000 feet, so no one expected to see an object so high in the sky,” it said. The commercial pilots and other observers on the ground wrote letters to an Air Force unit in Dayton, Ohio charged with investigating such sightings. Anxious to avoid exposing the ultra-secret U-2 program, Air Force officers explained the sightings as merely due to natural phenomena, though they knew the high-flying U-2 was the true cause. U-2 and other surveillance flights “accounted for more than one-half of all UFO reports during the late 1950s and most of the 1960s,” it said. The 400-page report, titled “Central Intelligence Agency and Overhead reconnaissance: The U-2 and

Oxcart Programs, 19541974,” was released as a result of a Freedom of Information request dating to 2005 from the National Security Archives at George Washington University. The study was published in classified form for spy agencies in 1992 and a heavily censored version was published in 1998. Area 51’s location has been an open secret for years but government documents released previously had not acknowledged its existence and role in such a detailed way. Officials also had referred to a location “near Groom Lake.” The CIA report said at the time officials decided to nickname the site “Paradise Ranch” to make it sound more attractive to potential workers. The in-house history refers to Area 51 in passing, as the report is devoted mainly to recounting how the CIA developed the U-2 “Dragon Lady” and other “eyes in the sky” to spy on the Soviets. Other stealthy planes have been tested at the site, including the SR-71 Blackbird, the F-117A fighter and the B-2 bomber.

A cluster of life rafts floats near the cargo ship Sulpicio Express Siete on Saturday. Divers combed through a sunken ferry to retrieve the bodies of more than 200 people still missing from an overnight collision with a cargo vessel near the central Philippine port of Cebu. (AP Photo)

‘Area 51’ exists, but no UFOs: CIA

bodies coated with fuel and oil that spilled from the ferry. In a statement, 2Go said the ferry “was reportedly hit” by the cargo vessel “resulting in major damage that led to its sinking.” An investigation will begin after the rescue operation, the coast guard said. Abaya said the cargo vessel smashed into right side near the rear of the ferry which was coming from Nasipit in Agusan del Sur province in the southern Philippines and making a short stop in Cebu before proceeding to Manila. “I guess it hit the ferry at a very vulnerable point, probably at its water line or below the water line so that it did not take long for it to sink,” he said. One of the survivors, Jenalyn Labanos, 31, said the ferry quickly tilted to its side after the impact and sank about 20 minutes later.




Dated Kohima the 17th August 2013

With the Computerization of Post Matric Scholarship schemes, the Directorate of Higher Education has created Personal ID Number (PID.NO) In its data base for those students who have been awarded scholarship under Post Matric Scholarship for ST students during the year 2011-12 and for students who have been selected for award of State Merit Scholarship for the year 2012-13, The PID. NO has been created to keep track of the records of the beneficiaries and also to check duplication. The PID .NO is to be used by the student as long as a student is applying for scholarship under this Department. From 2013-14 onwards, it will be mandatory for students to enter their PID.NO in column provided in the Scholarship application forms. Therefore: I) All the Principals of Colleges, Hr. Secondary Schools and HODs of Educational Institutions within Nagaland are informed to collect the PID. NO of their respective institutions from this office during office hours for issuance of the same to their students. May instruct their students to keep their IPID. NO properly for record. II) Students who have already availed PMS (ST) during 2011-12 and who have been selected for award of Merit Scholarship during 2012-13 and are pursuing studies outside the State and willing to apply for scholarship may collect their PID.NO in person or authorize their parents to collect on their behalf from the office of the Directorate of Higher Education. Note: This does not apply to those students who are applying scholarship for the first time. They will get their IPID. NO only after they are selected for the year 2013-14. 2. Principals are also requested to collect the Statistical Format for Scholarship (which has to be submitted along with the scholarship application forms) while collecting the PID. NO. 3. The Government of India, Ministry of Tribal Affairs (Education Section), Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi) Vide its Letter No 20014/5/2002-Education, Date 23rd May 2013 has revised the Annual Parental income Ceiling under Centrally Sponsored Scheme of Post Matric Scholarship for Scheduled Tribe students from Rs.2.00 lakhs to Rs.2.50 lakh per annum w.e.f from the year 2013-14. The annual Income Ceiling of the parents/guardians printed in the scholarship application forms for the year 2013-14 should be read as Rs. 2.50 lakh and not Rs.2.00 lakh. 4. Parents/Students/Principals should not submit or forward false Annual Income Ceiling Certificate for claim of Post Matric Scholarship for ST students to the Department. The Authorities responsible for issuing of the Parental/Guardians Annual Income Ceiling Certificates are reminded not to randomly issue the Income Ceiling Certificate to the parents or students. Proper verification /scrutiny should be done so that, the Annual Income Ceiling certificates are issued to deserving students only. (C. KHALONG AO) Director, Higher Education




Sunday 18 August 2013

The Morung Express

SACY volleyball championship on August 24

Roger Federer (AP Photo)

Andy Murray (AP Photo)

Novak Djokovic (AP Photo)

Djokovic anD Murray stunneD but rafael naDal stanDs tall

C i n C i n n at i , au gust 17 (REutERs): World number one Novak Djokovic and number two Andy Murray crashed out of the Western and Southern Open within an hour of each other on Friday, before Rafa Nadal restored order with a win over old rival Roger Federer. With the sprawling Lindner Family Tennis Center still buzzing over John Isner`s 7-6 (5) 3-6 7-5 quarter-final upset of Djokovic, another bombshell dropped on the nearby grandstand court as Tomas Berdych swept past U.S. Open champion Murray 6-3 6-4, creating shockwaves that will carry through to Flushing Meadows. The upsets of two of the grand slam`s biggest favourites have thrown the tournament wide open and added new contenders to the usual suspects. But world number three Nadal underlined his claims by taming Swiss arch-rival and five-times Cincinnati champion Federer 5-7 6-4 6-3. Federer and Nadal, meeting for the 31st time in their storied careers, treated the packed centre court to high-quality tennis that had some convinced that the Swiss maestro, winner of a record 17 grand slams and the muscular Spaniard, 12-time grand slam champion, were still the two top players in the world. While the rankings say otherwise, there has been little better

Rafael Nadal, of Spain, celebrates after defeating Roger Federer, from Switzerland, 5-7, 6-4, 6-3, during a quarterfinal at the Western & Southern Open tennis tournament, Friday, Aug. 16, 2013, in Mason, Ohio. (AP Photo)

John Isner celebrates after upsetting top seeded Novak Djokovic, from Serbia, 7-6 (5), 3-6, 7-5, in a quarterfinal match at the Western & Southern Open tennis tournament, Friday, Aug. 16, 2013, in Mason, Ohio. (AP Photo)

tennis seen on centre court this week, and the pair proved they are still capable of bringing out the best in each other. Nadal arrived in Cincinnati after sealing the Montreal title and seemingly at the top of his hardcourt game, but it was Federer, struggling with a sore back and searching for form, that produced the more inspired display in the opening set. "I`m happy with my progress along the way," said Federer, who will drop

to world number seven next week, his lowest ranking in nearly 11 years. "Could have won tonight, should have won tonight. "But at the end, I think Rafa`s confidence and the way he`s playing at the moment got him through." Playing his first event on the North American hardcourts since Indian Wells in March, Federer took the first set when he broke Nadal with a classic forehand and held serve. But as the match wore on

Nadal`s hardcourt form began to shine. The Spaniard took the only break of the second to level the match then kept the pressure on by breaking at the first opportunity in the third on the way to extending his hardcourt winning streak to 13 matches. "Always the emotions are there when we play each other," said Nadal, who will face Berdych in Saturday`s semi-finals. "But the emotions in the final are always more special

than when you`re playing quarter-finals." In a heavyweight matchup featuring two of the game`s big-hitters, it was Isner who topped Djokovic after a slugfest lasting two hours and 23 minutes. The towering American will face Argentine Juan Martin Del Potro in the last four. Djokovic, a four-time runner-up on the Cincinnati hardcourts, had been eager to take the final step this year and become the first player to complete

what the ATP Tour has dubbed the `Career Golden Masters` by winning all nine World Tour Masters titles. But U.S. number one Isner, ranked 22 in the world, has been in good form on hardcourt surfaces with a win in Atlanta and a runner-up finish in Washington. "I was putting the ball on the court and I was feeling good off the baseline, I felt like, when I had a chance. I played aggressively," said Isner. "I think I was able to put a little bit of pressure on him." Murray said he struggled to come to grips with the fast surface but the sixth-seeded Berdych was always going to represent a tricky test for the Wimbledon champion with the Czech holding a 5-4 advantage in head-to-head meetings. The Scot, a two-time winner in Cincinnati, had just four breakpoint chances against Berdych and failed to convert them all. "You know, the things that I really need to do well - serving, returning, moving - that was good," said Murray. "But I`ll need to work on my groundstrokes a bit, make sure I`m not making too many mistakes going into the U.S. Open." Del Potro, the 2009 U.S. Open champion, continued to sharpen his hardcourt game before heading to Flushing Meadows, beating Russian Dmitry Tursunov 6-4 3-6 6-1.

nEW DELhi, august 17 (Pti): International Olympic Committee on Saturday refused to change its stance on barring charge-sheeted persons from contesting Indian Olympic Association elections, saying that entertaining IOA's objections would amount to undermining the Olympic charter. IOC had sent the revised draft Constitution of the IOA which envisaged barring of corruption-tainted persons from contesting IOA elections. IOA had objected to this provision saying that Indian law would prevail on these matters. However, IOC stuck to its stand. It also issued a veiled threat of possible action to the IOA, reminding it that it has been under suspension

and so should act responsibly to meet the conditions requested by the world body. "The IOC has never questioned the principle that till one is convicted one is innocent. However the IOC Code of Ethics clearly states that the Olympic parties (which include the NOCs) must undertake to respect and ensure the respect of the IOC Code of Ethics which says in particular that they must not act in a manner likely to tarnish the reputation of the Olympic Movement. The IOA (still suspended) must therefore act responsibly and must adopt a clear wording in its revised Constitution," IOC stated in its letter. "The wording of the proposed provision which reads

'The Law of the land will prevail in all the affairs concerning Indian Olympic Association' cannot be accepted since this would leave aside and undermine the Olympic Charter and the IOA Constitution," said the letter written by IOC Director General Christophe De Kepper. "The following (or similar) wording shall therefore be considered: 'The Indian Olympic Association shall be governed in accordance with the IOA Constitution, the Olympic Charter and the Law of the land'. "As per the IOC provision, the constitution would prevent any person charged by a Court in India for any serious criminal/ corruption offense (whose situation would therefore

tarnish the reputation of the Olympic Movement) from being eligible for election within the IOA," it said. The IOC proposed that the Constitution would give legal tools to the IOA to act immediately and automatically whenever a member is facing such situations (relating to ethical issues) by taking provisional measures. "This is exactly the spirit of the proposal made by the IOC in the revised draft circulated yesterday (please refer to articles VIII (1.e) and XVII of the revised draft circulated yesterday). In addition please note that this approach is the one the IOC itself has taken visa-vis the IOC members in similar circumstances," the letter read.

and stick with them, even if we are losing games. If they're the best players we've got, then they've got to learn and grow some confidence, not be in and out of the team all the time. That's our big challenge.” The former Australian captain also highlighted the

fact that the Ashes is a high pressure series and that it isn’t easy for the players to come in and perform. Speaking about the performances of some of the players he said, “A few of the guys are young players trying to find their way in the most pressurised series that there is in international cricket. It's as simple as that. “Hughes, Khawaja, even Steve Smith, although he's played reasonably well at different times. Rogers has played well, Watto (Shane Watson) probably hasn't been able to perform as consistently as he would have liked in this series." Australia are 0-3 down in the Ashes series with one Test to go at The Oval. Currently, they are playing against the England Lions at Northampton.

fifa World cup partner faces antitrust probe

Rio DE JanEiRo, august 17 (ians): The company responsible for 2014 World Cup ticketing and accommodation has been accused of uncompetitive behaviour by Brazil's public prosecutor's office. MATCH Services AG, an official FIFA partner, is operating a ticket sales "monopoly", a spokesperson for the prosecutor's office was quoted telling local media Friday, reports Xinhua. The Zurichbased company has also acquired "considerable market power" over hotel availability due to its ability to reserve rooms in advance, the complaint said. Brazil's antitrust watchdog, CADE, says it will analyse the complaint before deciding whether to launch an official investigation. According to Brazilian tourism agency Embratur, hotel rates will rise as much as 600 percent during the month-long event, beginning June 12 next year. Rio de Janeiro, which will host the final July 13, is the most expensive city with daily hotel prices averaging $461.

More to come from Lewis Hamilton, says Brawn

LonDon, august 17 (aFP): Mercedes team chief Ross Brawn believes that Hungarian Grand Prix winner Lewis Hamilton still has much more to offer to the team despite his recent surge of excellent form. The Briton has reeled off three successive pole positions and delivered his first win for Mercedes - form that suggests he will be one of the favourites to win next weekend's Belgian Grand Prix. Brawn said: "When a driver of Lewis's calibre joins a team, there is massive expectation, but every driver takes a little time to settle in and to understand the nuances. "It has taken a little while but I see great signs, particularly in the last few races. He is starting to pick up momentum and move in the right direction. "So, we honestly don't know where the limit is, because we are on a journey with Lewis and we don't know where the limits are. "It's our big challenge to maintain the momentum. Our hit rate has been pretty good this season - things that we have brought to the track have generally worked and we've got some things coming up in the next few races that could give us the impetus and momentum to take us through the year." Hamilton remains 48 points behind championship leader and defending triple world champion German Sebastian Vettel in the title race with nine races remaining and 225 points available. Hamilton himself believes in his title credentials. He said: "It's too early to talk about that at the moment but of course it's definitely in the back of my mind. I truly believe in this car. It feels awesome." Mercedes have scored three wins and four poles in the last five races - form that has enabled Hamilton to emerge as the highest-scoring driver in the final three races before the break.

IOC rejects objections on tainted persons

ricky Ponting urges australian team management to back youngsters

LonDon, august 17 (agEnCiEs): Former skipper Ricky Ponting said that Australian selectors must show more patience with the young batsmen in the team and allow them to grow. He cited the example of the England team which backed the likes of Alastair Cook and Ian Bell seven years ago and are reaping the rewards now. “The thing that I keep referring to is that if you take England back six or seven years when they had Bell just starting out, Cook just starting out, those guys weren't overnight successes," said Ponting as reported by Sydney Morning Herald. Ponting continued by saying that Australia have to identify the players and

have to stick with them. He said, "It's taken them that amount of time in the game to really hit their straps as international players. That's something that we have to do with our guys. “We've got to identify the best players we have, give them an opportunity

Kohima, august 17 (DiPR): The Deputy Development Commissioner, Planning & Coordination Department, Government of Nagaland cum President, Catholic Association of Nagaland (CAN), Nosazol Charles will grace the Volleyball Championship for Southern Angami Catholic Youth as the chief guest on August 24 at Kidima Local Ground. The event is being organized by Kidima Catholic Youth Association (KCYA) as part of the yearlong celebration of its 25 years Silver Jubilee schedule to be held on 21st and 22nd December, 2013 and to be blessed by Most Rev. Dr. James Thoppil, Bishop of Kohima Diocese. The organizing committee of the tournament has informed that all the teams of Catholic youth from Southern Angami Churches are expected to participate in the one-day championship. The managing committee called upon all the well-wishers to join on the day of volleyball competition for joyful celebration with talent exposure. Krovito George, Catechist, St. Francis Xavier’s Church, Kidima will pronounce invocation. Convenor of Organising Committee, Vimeyol Ronald will deliver the welcome address while special number will be presented by Silver Jubilee and Sing Inspiration Group. Convenor of Tournament Managing Committee Sweluvil Stany, will administer the oath for the players. Rev. Fr. Thomas Muttathil, Parish Priest, Kidima will be the Guest of Honour in the closing ceremony.

Nagaland Volleyball Association elects office bearers

Kohima, august 17 (mExn): The Nagaland Volleyball Association had a meeting on August 10, at the residence of N Benjamin Newmai, Purana bazaar Dimapur and the following new Office bearers were elected. President-N.Benjamin Newmai, Secretary to the Govt’of Nagaland; Vice President-Jacob Yanthan and C. Bendang Jamir; General -Yanbemo Humtsoe; Joint Secretaries Hinilo Thong and Tiameren Aier; Publicity Secretary-Vikheshe Sumi; treasurer-Tseibou Khusoh; Advisor-H.K.Khulu.IAS, Addl.Chief Secretary & Development Commissioner, Government of Nagaland; Executive members-All the unit President affiliated to Nagaland Volleyball Association.

3rd Inter Departmental Badminton Tourney Zunheboto concludes

ZunhEboto, august 17 (DiPR): Minister for Industries & Commerce Pangnyu Phom who was the chief guest of Independence Day celebration at Zunheboto also graced the closing programme of the 3rd Inter Departmental Badminton Tourney Zunheboto at DSCZ Indoor Stadium. In his speech, the chief guest thanked and lauded the organizing committee of the tourney for their contribution towards the sports loving citizen of Zunheboto in particular and the people of Nagaland in general adding that involvement in sports plays benefits mental and physical development. All the departments under Zunheboto district participated in the tourney, which is an annual event. The tourney is jointly organized by DSCZ and Zunheboto Badminton Association. Prize distribution ceremony was chaired by Vice Chairman DSCZ, Vikaho Jimo and vote of thanks was proposed by President ZDBA Hekato Sumi. The results are as follows: 1. Men Double Winner: PHED and Runners up PWD (R &B) 2. Men Single SDEO Aghunato and Runners up District Administration Zunheboto 3. Women Double winner PWB(R&B), and Runners up Horticulture Department 4. Women single winner PWD(R&B) and Runners up EE Power Deptt.

MTSU 3rd Inter School Football Tournament commences

mEDZiPhEma, august 17 (mExn): The Medziphema Town Students Union organised the 3rd Edition of Inter School Football Tournament (running trophy) starting from August 17. MTSU Publicity & Info Secy Roko Nakhro in a press release said that all together 10 schools participated in the event. Sebastian Zumvü, NPF General Secretary, Nagaland & Former OSD to Governor of Goa, Gujarat and Maharashtra, inaugurated the tournament as Chief Guest. He emphasised the importance of sports in students life and urged the students to take up sports as a career instead of depending on Govt. Jobs. The Commandant, 37 Assam Rifles, EAC Medziphema and public leaders were special invitees to the event. The opening match was played between S.F.S. Hr. Sec. School and Rivenburg School which ended in tie.

Karthikeyan takes third straight Auto GP pole

nuRbuRgRing (gERmany), august 17 (ians): India's Narain Karthikeyan clinched his third consecutive pole position of the Auto GP World Series at the Nurburgring here Friday. Following two poles and two wins at Silverstone and Mugello at the previous rounds, the Indian was on the pace from the outset. As the chequered flag fell to signal the end of qualifying, Karthikeyan had secured pole with a lap time of 1:18.330, with his Italian teammate Vittereo Ghirelli two-tenths behind, locking out the front row for Super Nova. In the sole 45-minute practice session preceding qualifying, Karthikeyan and his team worked on sorting the balance on both medium and soft Kumho compounds allocated for the weekend. "We were the first cars out on the track in practice and the circuit was extremely green. But even as the session went on, we weren't quite able to nail the balance on the medium compound", said Karthikeyan, recounting the proceedings of the morning practice session. "I think we were off by about half a second or so, but once we put the soft tyre on in qualifying the car just came alive." A crowd of over 100,000 spectators is expected Saturday and Sunday as the venue plays host to DTM - the German Touring Car championship and a host of other junior series. "Our aim is to collect the maximum points through the weekend, as we are 42 points behind in the championship and quickly running out of races", said Karthikeyan referring to two rounds at Donington and Brno that remain after this weekend.

11 Entertainment Lars Ulrich: ‘Metallica is a Healthy Band’ Ireland Baldwin became Sunday

The Morung Express C M Y K

18 August,2013


etallica star Lars Ulrich credits the group’s healthy diet and lifestyle for its longevity, insisting all his bandmates eat well and try to live balanced lives when they’re not on the road. The drummer tells Nylon magazine there are never any health-related dramas behind the scenes because he and his rocker pals are all “responsible” enough to look after themselves. He says, “Fortunately, we’re dealing with four people who are responsible enough to take care of what they need to do to be their best, especially physically. “Nobody goes disappearing for five days or wakes up in gutters at eight in the morning. We stay healthy and in shape. We work out and eat carrots and other strange vegetables.”


model to boost confidence T

he 17-year-old daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger insists she never thought of herself as pretty and her mother convinced her to become a model in order to help her self esteem. She told the September issue of ELLE magazine: ‘’She thought it would be good for my confidence, because I never thought of myself as a pretty girl.’’ 59-year-old Kim started off her career as a model before turning to acting and Ireland hopes she ages as


well as her mother. She said: ‘’She looks like she’s my age. Her body, I swear, it’s scary.’’ Even Alec, who bitterly divorced Kim in 2002, can’t deny Kim’s beauty, recently calling her ‘’one of the most beautiful women that ever lived’’. He said: ‘’[Ireland’s] mother is obviously one of the most beautiful women that [has] ever lived - and even divorce doesn’t muddy my view of that. Kim is one of the most beautiful women that ever lived and even Ireland sees that. ‘’The good news is my daughter is someone who somewhat understands . . . It’s hard at that age to have that wisdom that beauty comes and goes.’’

Ireland Baldwin says her mother, Kim Basinger, encouraged her to become a model because she never thought of herself as pretty.

‘Marriage would ruin my relationship’ Mayangnokcha GHSS wins 3rd Inter School Beat Contest Media mogul Oprah Winfrey says she doesn’t want to get married to Stedman Graham in case it ruins their relationship.


prah Winfrey doesn’t want to get married in case it ruins her relationship. The 59-year-old media mogul has been dating Stedman Graham for 27 years and while the couple couldn’t be happier, Oprah thinks getting married could change things. Speaking to Andy Cohen on ‘Watch What Happens: Live’, she said: ‘’I don’t know if I wanna do that. ‘’It’s really good right now, and when you add that ‘wife’ thing, then too much.’’ Oprah recently praised Stedman for his support when

her TV network initially struggled. The TV star launched OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) in January 2011 and due to poor ratings, Oprah took over the role as chief executive officer and chief creative officer in July the same year. Viewing figures continued to fall in 2012 and by May 2012 the channel’s losses were estimated at $330 million. However, new show ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’ which has featured interviews with huge stars including a two-part tell-all chat with disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong - has im-

proved the channel’s standing and it will break even later this year, and Oprah credits Stedman with helping her to get through it. She said: ‘’He was amazing, he said, ‘You can’t even think about quitting. You’ve been in cruise control, it’s going to turn around but you’ve got to do the work.’ ‘’


Thousands turned out today to attend 67th Nagas’ Independence Day celebration at Town hall Ukhrul. Held with the theme, ‘Accentuating beautiful Nationalism,’ the I-Day celebration programme was attended by Sword Vashum as the chief guest. The Kuknalim Musical Ministry presented enthralling Independence Day rock concert and displayed talent show. Purple Fusion, Lost & Found, Rodolent, Dilbung Johny & Sarah and performance from local bands were the main features of the concert.

Salman Khan, SRK join hands to fight against cyber-bullying T


hough Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan can’t see eye-to-eye on many things, albeit their famous hug, the two have joined hands for a common cause and that is cyber-bullying. Both SRK and Salman have joined hands with other Bollywood celebs who are fighting against bloggers and journalists who write defamatory stuff about them on the web, without any proof. Recently when a journalist wrote a blog about Salman, little did he realize that he would be threatened to remove the blog or face legal action. The journalist, who had written about Salman’s involvement in hit-and-run case, was not only asked to remove the blog but also tender a public apology to the actor or face legal action. This had such a profound impact on the poor journalist that he has taken a break from writing to come out of this shock. Similarly, Shah Rukh’s team didn’t take lightly tweets about the actor that questioned his moral conduct. Not only did he spam SRK’s twitter account but posted tweets that suggested SRK flirting with girls as young as teenagers. His team also asked the spammer to mend his ways or they will initiate legal actions against him. Besides SRK and Salman, other celebs who have decided to stop abuse by cyber bullies are Ekta Kapoor and Bipasha Basu.


ith the charming smile on the lead vocalist voice mixed with some nice guitar and drum percussion, Mayangnokcha Government Higher Secondary School (MGHSS) was declared the ultimate winner of the 3rd Inter School Beat Contest organized by the Alumni of Hill View Higher Secondary School, Mokokchung. The concert was organized by the Students’ Welfare Society of Hill View Hr Sec School. It was a night of rock music as young students from five schools under Mokokchung town took to the stage and entertained the nearly one thousand music lovers at Town Hall, Mokokchung. The five schools – Mayangnokcha GHSS, Model Hr Sec School, Queen Mary Hr Sec School, Hill View Hr Sec School and Nagaland Christian Residential School – presented two songs each in a tightly contested concert which was witnessed by Vice Chancellor of Nagaland University, Prof BK Konwar as the chief guest. At the end, Mayangnokcha GHSS was adjudged the winner having bagged an overall 86 marks out of 100. Queen Mary Hr Sec School was adjudged the first runner-up with an overall mark of 76. Mayangnokcha GHSS also bagged ‘Best Vocalist’ and ‘Best Guitarist’ in the individual category. The winner was awarded a cash prize of Rs 10,000 and a running trophy while the runner-up was awarded a cash prize of Rs 7,000. Upcoming local band ‘The Purpose’ opened the night with their superb

Mayangnokcha Higher Secondary School band members along with the trophy after winning the 3rd Inter School Beat Contest organized by the Alumni of Hill View Higher Secondary School, Mokokchung at Town Hall on August 16. (Morung Photo)

performance while the renowned band ‘In The Name’ gave a befitting conclusion to the night with their lead vocalist Arsashi Ozukum performing a medley of hit songs from the Queen and Journey.Two other guest bands - Ember (winner of Rock Reign 2012) and Abyss - also made special appearance at the contest, and was well appreciated by audience. The show was judged by

local musicians – Sentilong, Jonathan, Moasen and Arsashi Ozukum. An alumnus of Hill View School Hr Secondary School, Nungsang Lemtur said that the main purpose of organizing this beat contest is to tap young upcoming talents and give them a platform to showcase their talents. The concert was compered by Taliakum Pongen while the president of the Students’ Welfare Society of

Hill view Hr Sec School delivered the vote of thanks.A host of dignitaries from in and around Mokokchung witnessed the beat contest. It may be noted here that the alumni Association of Hill View Higher Secondary School, Mokokchung was formed in the year 2011 with the objective to keep the past students of the school in touch and work positively for the welfare of the present students.


Robert Pattinson became a model to meet girls R

obert Pattinson has confessed that he became a model to meet girls. The 27-year-old actor, who first worked as a model before finding fame in movies such as ‘The Twilight Saga,’ said that he never planned to make a career out of it but just wanted to get close to the opposite sex, Contactmusic reported. He told Germany’s GQ magazine that he became a model to meet girls, as he was still young and didn’t plan for a career at that time.

Katie APOLOGIZES to Kim after ‘fake media friend’ row

atie Couric has apologised for hurting K Kim Kardashian’s feelings after questioning her family’s massive fame in a re-

cent interview. The 56-year-old journalist released a statement following the reality star’s furious Instagram post accusing Katie of being a ‘fake media friend.’ ‘I’ve met Kim before and I think she’s a really sweet person,’ the TV presenter told E! News. ‘I was responding to a reporter’s question, and explaining how I’m intrigued by the public’s fascination with her family. I didn’t mean to hurt her feelings. The gift is genuine, and I’m happy for Kim and Kanye.’ Kim Kardashian has blasted Katie Couric as two-faced. The 32-year-old new mother had posted a picture of baby clothes and a note sent by Katie and asked her not to ‘talk s**t’ if she’s going to pretend to be nice. Kim also included the hashtags: ‘I Hate Fake Media Friends’ and ‘May I Humbly Suggest You Not Send Gifts Then Talk Sh*t.’ The offending comments were made by the former Today Show anchor in an In Touch article published Wednesday.










Britain's Farah wins world men's 5,000m gold

MOSCOW, auguSt 17 (aPF): Britain's Mo Farah outfoxed the fast-paced Kenyan team tactics to become the second man to achieve the double of world and Olympics 5,000 and 10,000 metres titles at the world championships on Friday. Farah, who won an emotional double gold at the Olympics last year in the Somalia-born athlete's adopted home city of London, produced a courageous display to win the 10,000m last Saturday and needed all his wits about him in the shorter race. He emulated Kenenisa Bekele's double at the 2009 worlds in Berlin, which followed his victories in the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. Farah clocked 13min 26.98sec, with Ethiopia's Hagos Gebrhiwet taking silver in 13:27.26 in a photo-finish from bronze medallist, Kenyan Isiah Koech. As expected, the Kenyans adopted a different race strategy, Koech and Thomas Longosiwa setting a blazing pace in the first two laps and shooting out to build up a 40-metre lead

Britain's Mo Farah, center, his wife Tania, left, and daughter Rhianna pose for photographers with his gold medal for the men's 5000-meter at the World Athletics Championships in the Luzhniki stadium in Moscow, Russia on Aug. 16. (AP Photo)

in a bid to disrupt the Briton's rhythm. But Ethiopia's Muktar Edris led the peloton in reeling them in. At 2000m, as he had done twice in the

Usain Bolt wins 200m at World Athletics 2013

Jamaica's Usain Bolt strikes a pose as he celebrates winning the men's 200-meter final at the World Athletics Championships in the Luzhniki stadium in Moscow, Russia, Saturday, Aug. 17.(AP Photo)


MOSCOW, auguSt 17 won by retired American (aFP): Usain Bolt under- duo Carl Lewis and Michael lined his amazing sprinting Johnson when he races the prowess on Saturday by 4x100m relay on Sunday. powering to a third succes- Bolt, who had been nursing sive world 200m title at the a sore foot after regaining World Athletics Champion- his 100m title on Sunday, ships for his seventh world had the slowest reaction time of the eight-man field, gold medal. The 26-year-old Jamai- but exploded into the corcan destroyed the field to ner and was up on Briton finish in 19.66 seconds, Adam Gemili on his outside teammate Warren Weir claiming silver Bolt clocked a in a personal best of world-leading time 19.79sec and American Curtis Mitchof 19.66sec, with ell taking bronze in teammate Warren 20.04. It was Bolt's Weir taking silver seventh world gold medal after winning in a personal best the 100 and 200m of 19.79sec, and at the Berlin worlds in 2009, the 200m in American Curtis Daegu in 2011, the Mitchell claiming 100m in Moscow on bronze (20.04). Sunday and golds as part of the winning Jamaican 4x100m relay in lane five within 10 paces. As he rounded the bend, squads in both 2009 and 2011. He also has two sil- Bolt had a clear lead on the vers (200m, 4x100m re- rest of the field, Weir in lay) from the 2007 worlds lane eight coming through in Osaka. His burgeoning late on. Pre-race excitemedal haul also includes ment had grown at the unprecedented treble packed Luzhniki Stadium golds from both the 2008 when television cameras picked out Bolt in lane four, and 2012 Olympics. Bolt now has the op- dressed in black and green portunity to draw level shorts and the yellow and with the present mark of black singlet of the Jamaieight world gold medals can team.

10,000m, Farah moved to the front of the pack with the express intention of slowing the pace. It worked as the field bunched once again in dou-

ble file and the lap paces dropped dramatically. Koech again moved to the front of the pack and accelerated away, followed by Ethiopian Yenew

Alamirew, with Longosiwa on Farah's shoulder. With four laps to race, Galen Rupp, Farah's training partner under Alberto Salazar in Portland, Ore-

gon, and silver medallist at the London Games, moved into second, but was quickly boxed in by the advancing east Africans. Farah found himself without his pace-setting partner, who had worked like a good 'domestique' in the world of cycling in helping to guide the Briton to victory in the 10,000m race. Alamirew took up the running, but Farah then quickened the pace with 650 metres to go. The field did not drop off, however, with Koech matching Farah down the back strait. But Farah had come to Moscow in prime form having opted to step down his distances in competitive meets to hone his speed, sealing an unlikely European record in the 1500m in Monaco, his time of 3:28.81 credited as the sixth-fastest ever run. And rounding the final bend into the home strait, Farah nudged ahead of Koech and Longosiwa. Gebrhiwet's perseverance paid off as he nipped Koech for silver in a late surge, Lon- United States' Michelle Wie celebrates a win in a four-ball gosiwa running out of steam match at the Solheim Cup golf tournament, Friday, Aug. 16, at the death. 2013, in Parker, Colo. (AP Photo)

Liverpool start season with a win

LOndOn, auguSt 17 (agenCieS): Simon Mignolet saved a late penalty as Liverpool defeated Stoke City 1-0 in the opening game of the Premier League season thanks to Daniel Sturridge's goal. It was an exciting match from the start and both sides had been denied by the woodwork by the time Sturridge broke the deadlock in the 37th minute with a powerful low strike from outside the area which fizzed into the bottom corner. Asmir Begovic had previously made a number of good saves to keep Stoke on level terms and continued to excel in the second half as Liverpool failed to make the most of several good chances in a manner very reminiscent of the past two seasons. There was still plenty to admire about Liverpool's fluency even in the absence of the banned Luis Suarez, as Begovic wonderfully denied Jordan Henderson and Steven Gerrard. There were few signs of

Liverpool's goalkeeper Simon Mignolet, centre, celebrates with teammates after saving a penalty during his team's English Premier League soccer match against Stoke City, at Anfield Stadium, Liverpool, England, Saturday Aug. 17. (AP Photo)

encouragement for Mark Hughes in his first game in charge of Stoke but Liverpool's wastefulness and the brilliance of Begovic meant the Anfield faithful could never relax and it looked like there would

be a late twist when Daniel Agger's handball presented the visitors with a penalty a couple of minutes from time, but Mignolet dived to his right to push away Jon Walters' spot-kick and spark the celebrations.

Liverpool could have been in trouble after just eight minutes when Mignolet, on his competitive Anfield debut, flapped at a cross with only the crossbar sparing his blushes by keeping out Robert Huth's


volley. But the tide quickly turned and Sturridge's disallowed goal was followed by Kolo Toure, another new signing, heading Gerrard's corner against the woodwork. Sturridge blazed the rebound over from close

range and then saw a crossshot hacked clear by Erik Pieters after Philippe Coutinho had threaded through a pass which allowed him to go around Begovic. Coutinho's vision to pick out opponents saw him set up Iago Aspas to shoot at the goalkeeper, who then blocked Jose Enrique's shot after a swift interchange between himself and Aspas. The 21-year-old Brazilian seems certain to be Liverpool's creator-in-chief this season and he was at it again, putting Jordan Henderson through only for Begovic to get out quickly to block. But just when it seemed Liverpool would go in frustrated, Sturridge cushioned an Aspas pass before drilling a low shot through the legs of Huth to finally beat Begovic. One goal has never been a comfortable margin for Liverpool in recent seasons and they needed Mignolet to save well from Walters and Lucas Leiva to clear Ryan Shawcross' effort off the line to hold the half-time lead.

Kohima Komets, Orion FC register win Our Correspondent Kohima | August 17

The prestigious 19th edition of Classic Cup 2013 with the theme “Together we can Soar” under the aegis of Classic Club, Kohima kicked started this afternoon at the Kohima Local Ground. Sahu Yiese, Additional Director (HOD), Printing & Stationary officially declared the tournament open. Speaking on the occasion, Yiese said that since time immemorial, games and sports have always been a part and parcel of human development and civilization. It can be attributed as an “X-factor” that binds the human race together irrespective of their age, gender, colour, religion, language or boundaries. “In comparative with other sports, football is one of the oldest of any organized modern sports being played all over the world,” he said. Stating that football have produced legendary stars like Dr. T. Ao, Bhaichung Bhutia, Shyam Thapa in the Eastern Zone, the additional director said “These sportsmen have proven us that hard work and discipline never goes wasted.” Yiese urged the participating teams to display their best skill in the true spirit of sportsmanship and promote the bond of brotherhood, friendship and unity, “so that people of the state can come together and make positive contribution to the society.” Further, he requested the participatings team


The players in action during the first match between Kohima Komets FC and Ailiüng Kon. (Morung Photo)

to cheerfully accept both the agony of defeat and joy of victory. Earlier, the inaugural function was compered by a senior journalist Xavier Rutsa while the welcome address was delivered by tournament director Thefiiruya Thorie. Nagaland Legislative Assembly (NLA) speaker Chotisuh Sazo, who is also member of Classic Club, Kohima was present at the inaugural function. Altogether, 40 teams have registered for the tournament, which will conclude on September 5. In the opening match of the day, Kohima Komets FC defeated Ailiüng Kon 8-0. Kivi Zhimomi opened the account for Kohima Komets. Yanshalo Kemp


AUGUST 19 MATCHES Ist Match ( 12:00 Noon) Vision FC vs Young Guns Club, Tseminyu 2nd Match ( 1:30 PM) Prege FC vs Khwüma FC 3rd Match ( 3:30 PM) New Market XI vs Cakou United Sporting Club

scored the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th and 7 goal for the team and earned the first hat-trick of the tournament while Tingnek Konyak and Mani Kanta contributed one goal each for the team. In the second match, Orion FC downed DEF XI Kohima 4-3.

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