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Modi slams UPA, says country needs strong leadership

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People seldom refuse help, if one offers it in the right way Jennifer while promoting new movie Life of Crime...

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Do you support ACAUT initiative against ‘unabated taxation’ and ‘illegal collection’ in the naga context? Yes no

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Myanmar seeks public support for 2014 census Yangon, September 15 (IanS): Myanmar’s Minister for Immigration and Population U Khin Yi Sunday urged the public to cooperate in the nationwide census in 2014 for working out a national development plan. The 12day census using a work force of 120,000 would be carried out from March 30 to April 10, 2014. The census would be based on statistics from 14 regions or states covering 70 districts, 330 townships, 3,051 wards, 64,346 villages and 13,620 villagetracts inhabited by 135 nationalities with five major religious faiths. According to Khin Yi, of the expected cost of $58.5 million for the census, Myanmar government has committed $15 million and the United Nations pledged $5 million for materials and courses, leaving a fund shortage of $38.5 million. Experts from 13 countries as well as UN Statistics Division, UNFPA, UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific and the World Bank would also help Myanmar in the process.

Patient operated on abdomen instead of mouth


agartala, September 15 (ptI): In a case of apparent mistaken identity, doctors of a government hospital here have operated on the lower abdomen of a patient instead of his mouth. Ratan Das (45), a small trader from Ampi in Khowai district, was admitted to the G B Panth Hospital on September 6 for a surgery in his mouth but doctors operated on his urinary tract in the lower abdomen, according to the police complaint lodged by the patient’s wife.

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rescue plan for highway-projects

Oh, stop cursing him. He is just a minister not a politician!

Will the ‘death penalty’ deter incidents of rape and sexual-violence?

–A. C. Benson

Guns, clans and rogue rebels undermine Philippine peace

By Sandemo Ngullie

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6th North East Youth Peace & Cultural Festival in Dimapur


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Seen here are the wet terrace rice fields of Mesulumi village in Phek district, waiting their harvest season in October. As per the 2011 census, Nagaland has a total population of 19,80,602 of which 14,06,861 people fall under the rural sector. The rural populace is dependent on agricultural produce for their livelihood. (Morung Photo/Chizokho Vero)

‘Land Acquisition bill to be notified early next year’ JaIpUr, September 15 (ptI): The Land Acquisition Bill would be notified by early next year after framing of rules, Union Minister Jairam Ramesh said on Sunday and stressed the legislation will play an important role in curbing Maoist problem. In the next two months, the ministry would frame rules under the Act and it

would be notified early next year, the Rural Development Minister told reporters here. It provides for fair compensation to those whose land is taken away, brings transparency to the process of acquisition of land to set up factories and buildings, infrastructural projects and assures rehabilitation of those affected, he said, terming the legisla-

tion as “historic”. Besides giving many benefits of land rights to farmers, dalits, and tribals, the landmark Land Acquisition Bill could gradually “eliminate Maoist influence” in Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, and Orissa in next five to six year. “Of the 88 Naxal afflicted districts, I visited 50 of them and found ma-

jor issues of land and forest that were behind Naxalism. Land deeds (patta) were given to 13 lakh tribals to live under the Forest Right Act, 2006. Jangal and zameen (forest and land) were issues behind these terror, and the new bill will certainly enable the state governments too to solve their genuine problems,” Ramesh said.

new DelhI, September 15 (IanS): Frustrated by several jammed highway projects, plans are afoot to re-negotiate contracts worth Rs 99,000 crore ($15.2 billion) with some of the private players in a bid to give them payment concessions, instead of imposing penalties. According to official sources, a grand rescue plan, billed as a one-time measure, is in the final stages of government approval and involves 23 concessionnaires (the private parties) and a total project cost of Rs.34,000 crore ($5.2 billion). Finance Minister P. Chidambaram and Road Transport and Highways Minister Oscar Fernandes have okayed a moratorium of 6-10 years on the premia due from them. Law Minister Kapil Sibal has been asked to reconfirm if this plan is legally and constitutionally tenable. This, even after a senior official in the office of the Comptroller and Auditor General found fault with

the proposal and aired the opinion on the relevant file. Earlier, Sibal had noted that the rescue plan only has financial implications and it was the finance ministry’s opinion, and not his, that was required. In the process, even he had overturned the opinion of a joint secretary in his ministry. The law officer had said renegotiation was “neither desirable nor permitted at (such) a belated stage... (and was likely to) open a pandora’s box among equally-situated persons having contracts with the NHAI (National Highways Authority of India)”. The authority is the intended beneficiary of Rs.99,000 crore, as the money is expected to be used by it to build roads elsewhere in the country, mainly as a social obligation. Sibal’s reconfirmation and the subsequent approval of the Cabinet Committee on Economic affairs presided over by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will not only defer the payments by 6-10 years but

also allow a major discount on the annul premia. The National Highways Builders Federation, in fact, wants a sweeter deal. Among the 23 concessionnaires, tasked to build 3,450 km of highways, GMR group was the first to throw its hands up on the 6-laning of a 555-km highway costing Rs.5,387 crore from Kishangarh to Udaipur in Rajasthan and further to Ahmedabad in Gujarat. The company has a legal liability to pay government-owned highways authority an annual premium of Rs.636 crore. But the nodal ministry has found, instead, that GMR’s annual proceeds from charging toll already exceeds Rs.715 crore. Out of 23 select concessionnaires, some no doubt are in distress. The more fortunately placed are also happy to join the chorus of economic downturn and claims of incapacity to raise the requisite debt or equity. The highways authority has backed this reopening of contracts citing national interest.

Governor informed of student’s grievances Protect Nagaland’s aquatic life Our Correspondent

Kohima | September 15

The Chakhesang Students’ Union (CSU) has urged upon Nagaland and Manipur Governor, Dr. Ashwani Kumar for immediate implementation of the Government Higher Secondary School (GHSS), Pfutsero. This, the CSU said must be done in order to accommodate the 85 students temporarily taken in at Pfutsero Government College. The representation appended by CSU President, Thupukutho Lohe and General Secretary, Seve Vadeo informed the Governor that owing to immediate needs of the educational institution to fulfill demands of increasing students, the CSU had “acknowledged” the Government of Nagaland for upgrading Government High School (GHS) Pfutsero to GHSS during the

CSU calls for immediate implementation of GHSS, Pfutsero

2012-13 session. Following which, the CSU had submitted a representation for immediate implementation of the upgradation to the Nagaland Chief Minister in June 2013 and subsequently to the chief secretary in July 2013. The representation stated that the demand for implementation is being made in order to address the overcrowded 242 students of Class XI, which is inclusive of temporary admitted students at Pfutsero Government College, which is the sole college in the division. Meanwhile, “The Government Notification No.DSE/ CAB/HSE-UPGR/2012-13, dated Kohima the June 13, 2013

has notified for implementation of GHSS Seikhazou, Arts and Commerce streams and GHSS TM, Arts stream (Both in Kohima district) with immediate effect. Whereby, the latter [Pfutsero] could not be implemented due to non availability of students,” the Union said. The CSU in the representation termed this order as “purely bias and discrimination with best justification that the GHSS Pfutsero has 85 students undertaken declaration through the initiative of the CSU to join the newly upgraded GHSS Pfutsero prior to the activation of the said higher secondary school in the current academic session.”

The representation stated that the CSU has accommodated those 85 aspiring students to Pfutsero Government College for time being with the “hope and expectation that the department will consider the hue and cry of the Union for immediate implementation of higher secondary in the current session.” It added that there is an alternative infrastructure required to temporarily accommodate the students and to run the classes. However, it lamented that the CSU’s pleas despite several appraisals have been ignored by the authority. The representation continued that the concerned authority has failed to prioritize the genuine grievances of the student community in particular and the weaker sections of society in general. As such, the CSU called upon the Governor to act upon the issue.

AAN formed to protect water bodies and indigenous fish

DImapUr, September 15 (mexn): In an effort to promote tourism in Nagaland and to protect the state’s water bodies and aquatic life, the Anglers’ Association Nagaland (AAN) was formed on Sunday at Hotel Saramati, Dimapur. The Association will bring together anglers (Fisherman who use hooks to reel in their catch) from all over the state. It aims to promote the sport of fresh water angling in rivers, lakes and ponds. This is a bid to beef up tourism in the State. It further aims to create public awareness on conservation of indigenous fish population in Nagaland; to educate and to arbitrate and oppose the use of chemicals, electricity and explosives for fishing in the rivers, lakes and ponds of Nagaland.

The Association plans to protect river systems of Nagaland from any form of pollution that damages aquatic life and the indigenous wild fish population. It will further render voluntary services to the Nagaland state government, NGOs and any private party who are in pursuit of conservation and breeding of indigenous species population in Nagaland. The meeting elected Issac Zhimomi as President, Dr. Imsu Jamir as Vice President, Phukato Zhimomi as General Secretary, Vijay as Joint Secretary, Subbasish Das as Treasurer and Sumit as Information and Publicity Secretary. Mulato Chishi, Vikashe Zhimomi, Asangba Jamir, Hokato Zhimomi, Biplap Chakrabarty, Kevin Angami, Kikheto Sumi, Pilato Sumi, Ricky Ozukum and Aboi Laishram have been inducted as executive members of the Association while Wati Jamir and Zuchamo Lotha will be advisors to the same.

Discovering the person you are: A risk worth taking Vibi Yhokha Kohima | September 15

“Psychology is about loving yourself, finding yourself but there is much beyond that. Counseling is not a sign of weakness but of strength because you are willing to discover the person that you are,” says Themmungla Athem Raman, the only practicing Clinical Psychologist in Kohima. She says that mental illness is a reality that Naga society needs to accept. It is an illness that creeps in slowly and quietly but is manageable and treatable. It was during her BA at Jyoti Niwas College, Bangalore that Athem started taking an interest in Clinical Psychology. She moved to Delhi and pursued her Masters in Clinical Psychology from Delhi University. “You get a good picture of what is happening in society, the changes and how these changes influence the individual,” says Athem. Athem completed her M. Phil in Clinical Psychology from Regional Institute of Medical Science (RIMS), Imphal besides a Counseling course from Christian Counseling Centre, Vellore.

The reason she chose RIMS was because she wanted to work somewhere closer to home and to get an idea about people and the dynamics and structures of society. She also worked with Family Planning Association India, Kohima for one year and is currently a visiting consultant for the State Mental Health Institute, Kohima. “People get confused with Psychiatrists and Psychologists. Psychiatrists are medically trained and prescribe medicines while Psychologists are trained in practical applications in ways to reduce distress and enhance psychological and physical well being. Our main aim is to maximize peoples’ independence Themmungla Athem Raman and autonomy and to discover ing behind the name The Cloud a ‘need’ for psychological interwho they are,” says Athem. Room- a Centre for Counseling vention in Nagaland. She hopes and Psychological Assessment that her endeavor will encourThe Cloud Room- A Counseling and Psychological which she recently opened in Ko- age more people to join the prohima. Taken from John 1: 38-39; fession. Assessment Centre “Clouds are made up of dif- the motto of the Center ‘Come ferent layers with unique charac- n See’ was given by her 94 year It’s the quality of time you teristics. What you see and what old grandfather. It means to see give and not the quantity “Many of our youths strugI see is all different. Small things things from a differing perspeccan bring about a huge differ- tive and understanding oneself gle with self-esteem, identity crisis which has a lot to do with ence in our lives,” explains Athem in the light of god. Athem asserts that there is underlining traumas that we when asked about the mean-

have encountered,” says Athem. During her M. Phil research on ‘Subjective Well Being of Youth’, she found that majority of the youths in Kohima derived happiness from materialism. Athem says that a lot of kids coming for counseling have behavioral problems and are from broken families. Parents ask her to rectify the kids but do not realize that the problem is within the family. She adds that many parents fail to spend quality time with their children, which is more important than quantity. The role of the society, church and family “Psychology does not like to be mixed up with spirituality but I believe that Christianity plays an integral part in the treatment process. The fear of god is there in a person even if he/she commits a murder.” She adds that the church and society usually ignore mental illness, treat it exclusively as a spiritual problem or refer people to professionals and wash their hands off the ‘trouble.’ She laments that mental illness is still looked upon as a curse and that “people would

rather go to quacks and prayer centers.” Athem stresses on family support as a decisive factor for the betterment of patients. “Our bodies, minds and spirit are inter-related in ways too mysterious for us to unravel. And technically all sickness is ultimately spirited in origin- they entered our world as a result of humanity’s rebellion against god. But to assume that disorders and diseases attached to the brain have direct spiritual causes and solutions is to misunderstand the way we are made. Mental illnesses are real, treatable and manageable conditions caused by genetic, biological or environmental factors or combinations of the three.” She further adds that to withhold or discourage medical and psychological intervention is as cruel as to deny treatment for a broken arm or a case of diabetes. When asked why she chose to work here when there are more opportunities outside Nagaland, Athem replies, “I always wanted to work at home. My heart was always here. If I can help one or two lives and make them realize their potentials, I won’t mind.”






Monday 16 September 2013

6th North East Youth peace & Cultural Festival in Dimapur

Dimapur, September 15 (mexN): Peace Channel in its endeavour to create cultural awareness, build the potentials and capacities for youth peace building and create networks for peace builders, the 6th North East youth peace and cultural festival would be held from September 20 to 23, 2013 at Holy Cross Higher Secondary School Dimapur on the theme “Peace building through reconciliation”. This annual event is to commemorate the International Day of Peace and the foundation day of Peace

Channel and People’s Forum for Peace (PFP). A press note issued by Peace Channel Family stated that the inaugural function will be held on September 21, at 10 am and graced by Merentoshi R. Jamir, Minister for Youth Resources and Sports, Government of Nagaland as chief guest. The participation of various religious leaders, public leaders including Pastors Fellowship Dimapur, Naga Council Dimapur, Naga Women Hoho Dimapur would make the day more meaningful.

Niketu Iralu, Trustee Initiative of Change India, will be the main speaker on the theme “ The need of Peace Building”. In the evening the Mr. & Miss PC contest and cultural fiesta will be graced by Prof. A. Lanunungsang Ao, Pro Vice Chancellor, NU Kohima Campus as chief guest while Dr. Vipralhou Kesiezie, Director, SCERT will speak on “Role of youth in building peace in NE”. Some of the attractions of the day include Peace Rally, extempore speech competition. The valedictory function and Peace Award cer-


The Touch, a newly opened hotel, located at Hongkong Market, Dimapur was launched on September 15. Parliamentary Secretary, Tovihoto Ayemi is seen inaugurating the hotel on Sunday. Proprietor, Ghovishe Kiba said that the hotel, manned by well-groomed attendants, will strive to give top-notch services to guests. The hotel also will provide free transport to pick up and drop off guests from or to the airport or the railway station. (Morung Photo)

NLA returns home from Johannesburg


Dimapur, September 15 (mexN): Speaker of Nagaland Legislative Assembly Chotisuh Sazo arrived in Nagaland today after attending the 59th Session of the Common Wealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) meeting held in Johannesburg from September 1 to 5, 2013. On his arrival in Dimapur, the Speaker was accorded a warm welcome at the Dimapur airport by the staff of Nagaland Legislative Assembly and party functionaries, stated a release issued by the Speaker’s Personal Secretary Thepuphi Kapuh. According to the release, the Speaker visited Cape Town, Rome, Berlin, Paris and Brussels after his meeting. The next CPA meeting is scheduled to be held in Cameroon in October 2014. The Speaker was accompanied by AE Lotha, Secretary, Nagaland Legislative Assembly and his Personal Secretary.

ANIEF reinstates its president


Kohima, September 15 (mexN): All Nagaland Industrial Entrepreneurs Federation (ANIEF) held its executive meeting at its HQ office in Kohima on September 12 and unanimously reinstated Povotso Lohe as its president for the present tenure. A press release receive here stated that the house thoroughly deliberated about the urgent need for re-strengthening its activities. The release informed that the present office bearers of ANIEF were elected for a term of five years till December 2015. However, the first president Povoto Lohe tendered resignation on personal ground sometime ago. During the period, ANIEF had an emergency meeting and made temporary arrangement and appointed Vikato M Swu as acting president, keeping aside the resignation letter of the president Povoto Lohe in abeyance. Meanwhile, the acting president had expressed personal problems to continue as acting president due to his busy schedule and the same was intimated officially to the office for his replacement at the earliest time possible. Therefore, the house held the September 12 executive meeting.

emony on September 22, at 2.30 pm will be graced by Hushili Sema IAS, Deputy Commissioner Dimapur as chief guest and Geoffrey Yaden, Editor, Nagaland Post and Most Rev. Dr. James Thoppil, Bishop of Nagaland as guests of honour. The morning session on September 22 will be held with Rev. Dr. Wati Aier, convenor, Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) as speaker. He will speak on “Peace building through reconciliation”. The day will also be marked with interreligious prayer meet, career guidance, and cultural

CDPO Athibung clarifies on expired biscuits allegations

Dimapur, September 15 (mexN): Apropos the press release issued on September 15, 2013 published in this paper, alleging distribution of biscuits under ICDS Athibung, the Child Development Project Officer, Athibung, Khehoshe Sema, has issued a clarification note. The note stated that the biscuits in question were received in the project sometime in August 2, 2012 but found in damaged condition due to exposure to rain during transportation and not fit for consumption which was kept aside for observing proper formalities for condemnation. Sema in the note also stated that recently in the second week of September 2013, while he was conducting clean-up drive in the store and disposing

Governor of Nagaland and Manipur Dr. Ashwani Kumar and his wife with parliamentary secretary for horticulture Neiba Kronu and his wife, parliamentary secretary for higher education & SCERT Deo Nukhu and others while visiting Pfutsero, Phek district on September 14. (Morung Photo)

Masonry & House Painting training held for educated unemployed rural youth

Dimapur, September 15 (mexN): Chakhesang Baptist Church Council, Youth department organized Masonry and House Painting Training for educated unemployed rural youth from September 11 to13, 2013 for Secheku, Kuzha and Town area churches at Mission Centre, T. Chikri, Pfutsero with the theme

“Dignity of Labour.” Veluo Shijoh, Joint Director SIRD, Kohima, and Er. Daniel Kevie SDO. PWD (R&B) Pfutsero were the resource persons. Chosayi Tetseo with his team led the practical session. The CBCC is grateful to the SIRD Department Kohima; Director and her colleagues for sponsoring the training.

fiesta & concert for peace. The three-day event will enable integration through inter-faith, intercultural interaction and sharing, facilitate through input sessions, and inculcate peace in the hearts and minds of the participants. The Peace Channel and PFP is expecting around 700-800 delegates from Assam, Nagaland, Tripura, Agarthala, Meghalaya and Manipur. The three days programme is jointly hosted by Peace Channel and PFP and powered by State Bank of India, World Vision and IGSSS.

All the trainees received masonry tools and looking forward to become professional in this field. The CBCC Youth department will continue to organize this kind of trainings for the youth as unemployment is one of the factors which is to be taken as one of the major issues in our society

off the same items during which some of the public and AWW appeared the scene and requested to part with the items in question. “I gave away some portion with full instruction that it was not fit for human consumption. For this there is no official record of issue of these food stuffs since there is a strict directive from the authority not to issue any such expired and damaged food items,” he stated. He stated that to his utter surprise, 'some vested interest' alleged the Department to have distributed these items which is totally unaccepted and ready for any inspection any time, and added that, such misleading information should not be accepted by the people, because it is quite adverse to the good objectives of the Scheme.

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thanamir Apple Festival

(From left) Parliamentary secretary for Horticulture, Neiba Kronu and parliamentary secretary for Excise, Eco. & Statistics, T Torechu plucking apples during the 4th Thanamir Apple Festival at Thanamir village in Kiphire district on September 12, 2013.


Director, Horticulture, Watienla Jamir plucking apples from the ‘Mother tree’ of Thanamir apples.

SBI Thrift & Credit Society annual conclave

Dimapur, September 15 (mexN): State Bank of India Employees Thrift & Credit Co-operative Society Limited (SBIETCCS) conducted its 23rd annual general meet on September 15. Registrar of Co-operative Societies of Nagaland, T. Imkonglemla Longkumer attended the meet as the chief guest. Joint Registrar, Imtinungba Jamir and Assistant General Manager, SBI, Dimapur branch were guests of honour. Longkumer, in her address noted the progress SBIETCCS has made over the years. “While lauding the society for the many successes let me also take a moment to challenge you to the tasks that are around us.” She said that the time has come to venture out of the comfort zone and take calculative risks. “I find that the members of the SBI Thrift & Credit Society are a most knowledgeable group and I wish that the members present here will take the extra step of disseminating the important values of Savings and Credit to our community.”

Science College Conducts Workshop for Teachers


Visitors jostling to buy the bounty of nature.

Youngphukhiung Yim, GB, the man who planted the first apple tree (background). The story of apple in this tiny village dates back to 1981 when Youngphukhiung presented wild boar meat to Assam Rifles jawans posted in Thanamir who in exchange gave him four apples. Youngphukhiung planted the apple seeds in his backyard and later distributed grafts to fellow villagers.

The participants with the resource persons and KSC Principal.

Dimapur, September 15 (mexN): A OneDay Workshop on Methodology of Teaching was conducted at Kohima Science College, Jotsoma, on September 14, 2013, as part of the observance of the 52nd College Foundation Day. The workshop was conducted by the Internal Qual-

ity Assurance Cell (IQAC) of the college for the teachers to inculcate various skills of teaching methodologies. The resources persons for the workshop were Elizabeth and Dr Bendanyapangla, both Assistant Professors from the State College of Teacher Education (SCTE) Kohima. They gave presen-

tations on a wide variety of teaching methodologies and related topics like teaching skills, scientific temper, lecture methods, teaching professional ethics, team teaching etc. Video clippings, both instructional and motivational, were shown. Over 70 teachers from the Kohima Science

College faculty participated in the day-long program. The sessions were chaired by Dr Sanjay Sharma, IQAC Co-ordinator, and Principal Dr Vituo Belho gave the welcome address. The programme ended with a Vote of Thanks proposed by Yanger Longkumer, the Vice Principal.


Thanamir warriors presenting a traditional dance during the apple festival.


The Morung express


16 September 2013



NPF Manipur demands Manipur CM resignation Imphal, September 15 (nnn): The Naga Peoples' Front (NPF), Manipur State unit has said that Manipur chief minister O Ibobi Singh should be held responsible for the September 13 bomb blast where nine labourers got killed and scores injured while alleging that the involvement of Mani-

pur police commandos in that blast could not be ruled out. Two days after the blast where nine labourers working in putting drain slabs in the heart of Imphal engaged by Kolkata based Simplex Projects Limited were killed, the NPF said the attack on the innocent people such

Northeast Briefs

as the poor labourers should be condemned by all. It also said the blast on Friday evening happened in a tight security zone which would not be possible without the involvement of the security force personnel. There has not been a single case where the state security force personnel

have not involved with regard to cases of murder, rape, drug smuggling and even to petty matters such as lifting of vehicles, alleged the NPF. "The Congress government under the leadership of Shri O Ibobi Singh has failed in all fronts and now instead of continuing in the chair the chief

minister should resign immediately so as to halt further loss of lives," NPF general secretary Athuan Abonmai demanded. The NPF leader said due to inefficiency and weakness of the state government under the leadership of Ibobi Singh, scores of lives have lost and will continue to lose. "So in order to have

a secured atmosphere in the state the chief minister should first resign on moral ground," Athuan Abonmai further demanded. According to the NPF leader, grenades have become as cheap as crackers in its availability in Manipur used by children during festivities. "In the face of this the Congress

Army jawan held for rape attempt in Assam train Jorhat, September 15 (ptI): An army jawan allegedly attempted to rape a sleeping woman passenger in an air-conditioned coach of a running train in Assam in the wee hours of Sunday, railway police sources said. The incident occurred in 15603 Guwahati-Ledo Inter City Express and the accused jawan from the 299 Field Regiment, posted at Maiballa in Sonari under Sibsagar district of Assam, was arrested at Mariani station by railway police. According to the FIR lodged by the woman, she was sleeping in the upper berth of an AC 3-tier coach, while the jawan was sleeping in the middle, her mother in the lower berth and her brother in a side berth. The woman suddenly jolted and woke up to see that the jawan, Krishan Lal Saine (43) hailing from Rajasthan, was trying to rape her. The jawan also tried to prevent her from shouting by putting his hand on her mouth but she managed to raise an alarm causing her family members and other passengers wake up and catch the armyman, it said. The jawan was handed over to Railway GRP OutPost at Mariani under Tinsukia Railway Division in Jorhat district. The accused was travelling back to Maiballa from Guwahati after official duty there, the sources added.

Temple in Assam's Haflong burgled

haflong, September 15 (ptI): A temple of goddess Kali here in Assam's Dima Hasao district was burgled and gold ornaments stolen, police said today. The thieves broke the lock of the temple, located in Hagjar Nagar, last night and stole the Kali idol's gold eyes, tongue, bangles, crown, and other valuables of the temple, the sources said. The burglary was found out by the priest of the temple this morning and he informed the police immediately. The value of the stolen gold items was estimated to be around Rs two lakh, they said, adding, search was on to nab the culprits.

Arrangements complete for Bru repatriation

aIzawl, September 15 (ptI): Mizoram government has made all necessary arrangements to receive 121 Bru families who have agreed to return to the state from North Tripura refugee camps on their own from September 30, a senior official said today.

Meghalay seeks more forces to deal with ILP stir

ShIllong, September 15 (ptI): Meghalaya government has sought additional security forces from the Centre to tackle the pro-Inner Line Permit (ILP) activists who are going to intensify demonstrations in the next few days. "We have asked for an additional 12 companies of CRPF and Rapid Action Force (RAF)," a top Home department official told PTI today.

Elephant carcass found in Kaziranga

KazIranga, September 15 (ptI): Carcass of a young male elephant stuck in the mud was found in Kohora Range of Kaziranga National Park in Assam today, a Park official said. The body was found stuck between water hyacinth and heavy mud near Bukabil camp under Kohora Range by a routine patrolling party of the Forest Protection Force Battalion, said Kohora Range Officer Ranjit Baruah. The young elephant of about five years age died due to starvation as he got stuck for over three to four days, Baruah said. After the recent floods all lowlying areas in the rhino habitat has been submerged and heavy siltation by the Brahmaputra was causing mud to be collected, he said. So far there have been 17 natural deaths this year in the Park, KNP sources added.

People light candles to mark the verdict after a judge pronounced death sentences for four men convicted in the rape and murder of a student on a moving bus in New Delhi last year, in Guwahati, Assam. (AP Photo/Anupam Nath)

UNC condemns Sept 13 blast Imphal, September 15 (mexn): The United Naga Council has condemned the September 13 blast in Imphal which killed nine labourers and injured. A press note from the UNC said that this targeting of innocent civilians for the mere reason that they hail from outside Manipur is reflective of the total absence of respect for the human personandlife.“Thisisauniversal humanissueandthemindless violence cannot be condoned on any count,” it added. The statement said that the Imphal valley based Underground (UG) issued Quit Notice to mainland Indians (who are given the generic name “Mayang” by the Meiteis).The state-

ment said that there have been attempts to extend a culture of violence to the tribal hill areas through the stooges of valley UGs but the tribal people have opposed it. Designated camps for surrendered valley UGs have been opened in the hills by the GoM where the valley surrenderees have created havoc in civil life including the recent violent attacks on civil police in Churachandpur, it added. “Instead of containing this terrorist activities in the valley, the Chief Minister and Home Minister are away in Delhi campaigning for continued dismemberment of the tribals from the MaoMaram, Paomata and Purul

agartala, September 15 (agenCIeS): On return to his native Tripura, top tribal guerrilla leader Nayanbashi Jamatia has claimed he was tortured by Bangladesh's Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) after his release from a Dhaka prison in January. Jamatia, an ex-trooper of Tripura State Rifles who joined the underground in the 1990s, headed a faction of the National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT) after he split with NLFT chief Biswamohan Debbarma. "They (RAB) did not let me go but kept me in their custody. They tortured me extensively to find information of other guerrillas from northeast India who are staying or have been staying in Bangladesh," Ja-

matia told Tripura police officials who are now questioning him. Jamatia, 47, returned to India in August, slipping across the border, where he says he was left by RAB. Doctors say his left hand is badly wounded and need surgery. "Other organs are also not functioning well and he needs sustained treatment," the doctors attending to him said. Police is going easy on interrogating him. Central intelligence agencies are waiting to question him on other northeastern rebels who continue to stay in Bangladesh, braving a crackdown by Bangladesh security forces which intensified after Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina came to power in January 2009.

incident and condoled the bereaved families. "The Congress led government has failed to protect the people," said M Tombi. Meanwhile, lauding the decision on the Delhi gangrape case, M Tombi said," That decision to award death penalties to the rapists is cent per cent correct." He then suggested that such death penalties should also be given to rapists in Manipur too. Coming to a recent case where a school teacher from Manipur had failed to claim the prestigious National Teacher Award 2013 due to the laxity of the state Government, Tombi demanded that the state education department, its min-

ister and officials should be pulled up. Koijam Tolendro, who is 51-year-old, is a senior graduate teacher at Prajja High School, Lamshang in Imphal West district and a resident of Lamshang bazaar. He was one of the two selected teachers from Manipur who was to honour by the President by conferring the award on Teacher’s Day, September 5 in New Delhi. Meanwhile, regarding the proposed September 23 rally, M Tombi informed that the people will assemble at 8 am at THAU Ground, Imphal and then proceed to Kangla Pat road and to Raj Bhavan where a memorandum will be submitted to the Governor.

Tripura rebel allege RAB torture

Massive Rally proposed for September 23

Imphal, September 15 (nnn): All non-Congress political parties in Manipur have decided to organise a rally on September 23 against the faulty border fencing work in the Indo-Myanmar border. Convener of the 'All nonCongress political parties M Tombi said they had taken this decision yesterday in their meeting. According to M Tombi, after the rally they will submit a memorandum to the Governor detailing the exact boundary line of the Indo-Myanmar border from Churachandpur district to Ukhrul district. "We will support our claim by submitting the relevant documents along with the

memorandum," said M Tombi while addressing the media today. Tombi then said the non-Congress political parties have decided to organise the rally as the issue of border fencing in the IndoMyanmar border is getting more and more serious on every passing day. Regarding the Friday evening blast where nine labourers were killed, M Tombi sarcastically said that the law is with the government where as the order is with the militants. "How can you run the government like this?" asked M Tombi. He then said in their meeting yesterday, the non-Congress political parties strongly condemned the Friday blast

"The chief minister should not remain jubilant while distributing ex-gratia to the victims' families," the NPF leader said. It then said that the Congress led government under the leadership of Ibobi Singh is pre-occupied only with the thought to practice corruption and nothing else.

Imphal, September 15 (nnn): The government of India had dispatched a missive to the government of Myanmar to amicably settle the border dispute between the two countries. This was disclosed by Manipur deputy chief minister Gaikhangam today who along with the state chief minister yesterday had a meeting the central leaders on the issue. "We are now waiting the response from the government of Myanmar," the Manipur deputy

chief minister said. On the Friday blast incident where nine labourers were killed, the Manipur deputy chief minister who also holds the home portfolio said the purpose of such dastardly act is not known. Visiting the injured persons at Shija Hospitals and Research Institute in Imphal this afternoon, Gaikhangam said, "Even lions hunt its prey only when it is hungry which indicates that the animal act with a purpose but the killing of nine labourers is purposeless."

Manipur Deputy Chief Minister on border issue


Rains create havoc in two Arunachal districts

Itanagar, September 15 (ptI): Incessant rain in the past few days has created havoc in two eastern Arunachal districts triggering landslips in the upper reaches of the region which has disrupted surface communication to Anini, the headquarters of Dibang Valley. Eze river, called as 'The Sorrow of Roing', has acquired turbulence form once again with the arrival of the September rains. In a ghostly repetition of last year, incessant rains washed away the BRTF-built temporary road as well as the hanging bridge over the river. This has disrupted the only lifeline between Roing Township and the rest of the hills area of the district, official sources informed today. The increasing water level of Eze is aggravated by frequent heavy landslides. Commoners and government employees coming down from Dibang Valley region have been compelled to halt at Roing. In the lower part of the district, villages including Chidu, 29 km, 12 km, Chimiri, New Elope, 6 km and Kebali are cut off from the headquarters.

government is talking tall saying it had done enough for the people and the state. "How can the state government able to claim such things. The people are not blind and deaf," Athuan Abonmai stated adding that the Congress government has failed in developmental front and also in law and order side.

sub-divisions from the Census of India, who were arbitrarily deleted from Census 2001 because allowing them to be counted in the Census would hurt the dominant community’s interest with decrease of 5 Assembly seats from the 40 seats they enjoy in the Legislative house of 60,” the UNC said. It alleged that “Ibobi desires to perpetuate this state of unrest and social divide on communal lines....” In view of this, the UNC said that the Government of India cannot shy away from its constitutional obligation of intervening with an alternative arrangement for the Naga and tribals at the earliest possible time.

Mission Road, Near-North Police Station-Kohima. Admission going on for: 1. ONE MONTH CRASH COURSE: Teachers’ Eligibility Test (TET) 2. NPSC, UPSC, (Prelim-2014), SSC, Banking. 3. NPSC MAINS(Crash Course)-2013 4. Coaching for Repeaters & Regulars:Class-10 & Class-12 (Science, Arts & Commerce) (Complete Study Material Provided) Contact: Ph.0370-2290672, 9436071373, 9863143388.

Hostel available for both Boys & Girls.


The Morung Express 4 public discoursE Samsung to launch smartphones Getting the tag, ‘excellent’ and ‘great’ priced below Rs15,000 this month I Dimapur


16 September 2013

Berlin, SeptemBer 15 (pti): Samsung will launch two smartphones in India this month for less than Rs15,000, intensifying competition in the mid-segment mobile market. The Korean company, which has a 49% market share in India’s smartphone segment, will offer options in local languages to attract non-English speaking customers. “We will be launching two new smartphones priced for the mid-segment market. Every phone from Samsung will have nine vernacular language options,” Samsung country head (mobile business) Vineet Taneja told PTI, without mentioning the prices. However, a company official said the phones may be priced in the Rs5,000-15,000 range. Most mobile phones in India are


To M. Chinge Konyak (Kolija) Many many happy returns of the day bro...we stayed together for 5 years but didn’t realize the importance of greeting you personally but now when we are far away from each other I wish to wish you once and pray for you with my hands on you head....hope to see you soon.... enjoy the day...miss you .... From, David and Pete

sold in this price range, including Nokia Lumia 520 and 620, Blackberry Curve,Xolo smartphones and Micromax Canvas 2. The Samsung phones will offer access to content and ap-

without compromising on the screen size,” Taneja said. The company is set to launch its premium high-end smartphone, the Galaxy Note 3, on Tuesday. Samsung currently offers about 17 smartphones priced between Rs5,000 (Samsung Star) and Rs39,000 (S4). Taneja said the company is focusing on the mid-end to highend smartphone market and will provide dual-SIM option in all handsets. “Going forward, you will see more and more dual-SIM phones coming up,” he said. According to telecom magazine Voice&Data, Samsung toppled Nokia from its leadership position in the financial year 2012-13 with revenue of Rs11,328 crore and a 31.5% market share. Nokia’s market share stood at 27.2%.

plications in Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Bengali, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi and Gujarati. “The competition now in the smartphone market is how to make the phone size small

Onion prices soar during festival season

mumBai, SeptemBer 15 (ianS): Onion prices, already on a sharp upward spiral, are expected to rise further following a substantial decline in crop arrivals in the Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee (APMC) in Nashik, officials said. The average wholesale prices in the country’s largest wholesale onion market, Lasalgaon APMC, around 220 km from here, hovered at a record high of Rs.4,800 per quintal in the first week of this month. This pushed the prices to between Rs.55-65 in the retail markets, sending domestic budgets haywire in the festival season, which started with the ongoing 10-day Ganeshotsav. The unprecedented price rise is attributed to a sudden decline in regular supplies from an average of 12,000-15,000 quintals a day to around just 8,000 quintals, in August. Owing to scarce supplies, wholesale prices shot up from Rs.3,000 a quintal to Rs.4,300Rs.4,500 a quintal in just a couple of days, with a cascading effect in the retail markets. In fact, Aug 13, when the price had touched Rs.4,500 per quintal, the government had consid-

ered various options, including banning exports and importing cheap varieties to balance the high prices in local markets. A consignment of relatively cheaper Egyptian onions arrived here a couple of days ago and was lapped up at an average of Rs.4852 per kilo by the consumers. However, only in the past few days, there has been a sharp fluctuation in the prices. Thursday last, it was Rs.4,500-Rs.4651 per quintal, and the next day, Friday, it climbed to Rs.4725-Rs.4,800 per quintal. The high-grade onion prices hovered around Rs.5,016 per quintal and Lasalgaon APMC said that around 6,500 quintals of onion were picked up during the weekend to cater to the festive season. There are serious apprehensions in official and market circles about the high fluctuations in the prices with at least one month before fresh kharif crops reach the markets. In the ongoing Ganeshotsav, followed by Navratri and Durga Puja with Diwali following close afterwards, the demand for the most essential kitchen item is expected to soar, further fuelling a price rise.

United Spirits to be Diageo’s sales agent in India new Delhi, SeptemBer 15 (pti): World’s largest spirits maker Diageo Plc will use United Spirits Ltd. (USL), in which it picked 25.02% stake for Rs 5,235.85 crore, as the entity to sell all its brands in India as part of plans to consolidate its business in the country. Diageo has agreed to ink a pact with the Bangalore-based USL under which the latter would sell Diageo brands in India with effect from next month. “Diageo has agreed on the principles of a proposed sales agency agreement with USL

under which USL will be a sales agent for all Diageo brands in India,” a company spokesperson told PTI. Under the proposed sales agency arrangement, USL will provide sales promotion services to Diageo India for all Diageo brands manufactured and/or imported by Diageo India and sold in India from 1 October 2013. Diageo India would remain responsible for the strategy, marketing, import, manufacture, and bottling of Diageo’s brands in India. Further Diageo India would remain responsible for busi-

ness performance relating to Diageo brands, including all marketing and investment decisions relating to those brands. “We would expect to formalise this arrangement shortly and that the arrangement will be effective from 1 October 2013,” the spokesperson added. Commenting on the rationale behind the deal, the company said the arrangement puts into place the best model that will help deliver growth and maximise USL’s existing infrastructure and relationships with trade. “USL brings increased scale



Simple Rules - There is just one simple rule: “Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box co ntains the digits 1 through 9.”

SUDOKU Game Number # 2649

to Diageo’s current sales activity with their large sales force which can promote Diageo’s brands through their calls to on and off trade outlets and through merchandising activities and sales activation,” the spokesperson said. The arrangement leverages USL’s superior route to market and Diageo’s suite of brands and expertise in premium and luxury marketing, she added. Earlier this year, Diageo had completed the acquisition of 25.02% stake in Vijay Mallya-led USL on completion of a share purchase deal announced last year.

didn’t make up my mind to write this article because I have received the title, great or excellent, but it would be a kind of analysis on how people become excellent and great. I often ask this question and muse over it. Are great people born different? Are all the qualities inherent or are they developed? Do you think many people are born weak? Let us reason together! There are many famous and great personalities in the world. Some tried to find out what made them what they are. They did research on how they become great and outstanding. According to one reliable finding, most of the great personalities struggled and suffered a lot in life. They underwent pain, troubles and difficulties in life, but they never relinquished. Undaunted by hardships, they were perseverant, patient, diligent, determined and optimistic. This is what doing thing differently is all about. They are not different from other human beings. They do the same things but they do differently. That’s how they get the tag ‘excellent’ and ‘great’. One day I was discussing about great people with my intimate friend. Interestingly, he said, “In one way, I don’t want to become great”. I was a little bit puzzled with his words, so I asked him why? He replied in an interesting way, even now, I am struggling and finding hard to carry all the burdens I have, but those great people suffered and struggled much more than me. If I were to be like them, I have to struggle much more. What a right logical deduction! How true it is! He meant to say that if he has to become like those great persons, he has to struggle and suffer more than what he was undergoing through. He was already struggling with his problems and burdens, but if he undergoes more problems and difficulties, he knows that it will be very heavy. In simple sense, he knows that it is not easy to become great easily. Even becoming infamous in the world, an ordinary person cannot do it. It takes a great deal of hard work, learning, expenses, contemplation and so on. A plane is not hijacked easily. Bank robbery is done in a shrewd and cunning way. It needs knowledge,

money, hard work and other things. This is not to appreciate and praise the people involved in those activities, but simply to remind that it is not easy to become popular or infamous, even. Indeed, I firmly believe that great people struggled and suffered more than me. The degree of pain and sufferings of some great people may be similar with my experiences, but still there is difference in endurance or patience. To put it more vividly, they endured the pains and sufferings better than me. Still, I may endure as good as some great persons, but they have spent more time in enduring. They have persevered and stayed with problems longer. Many are different and better from me in good ways because they are different in dealing and tackling with the problems. If I am better than some people, perhaps in a trifle way, I can say that I suffered and struggled more than them. They may suffer and struggle like me, but if I am still better than them, then, I have better patience than them. This is not to blow my own trumpet and undermine someone, but it’s just a simple fact I don’t hesitate to state. One day, Rev. Dr. V.K. Nuh came to our College Campus and I got the opportunity to talk with him. We sat together and discussed certain things for about 30 minutes. Indeed it was a delight and privilege for me to have conversation with such a well known person in our society. I truly learnt a lot from him in such a short time. I was profoundly impressed by his rich knowledge and wisdom. As he shared certain things to me I learnt that he is a man who reads and thinks a lot. His concern for social change is amazing. He deeply longs for a reformed society, where transformed people dwell. At last, we were talking about writing, and then, I asked him, sir, how many books have you written? He replied, 25. Fabulous! I said, many highly intellectuals do not write like you. Interestingly, he replied, “This world is for those who are willing to struggle and suffer”. I was extremely thrilled to hear that. If you know his academic life and his qualification very clearly, you would be simply surprised.

Yes, winners do not do different things, but they do things differently. There is no other way to become different, but only be ready to take pain, struggle and suffer. It is indeed bitter, but the fruit is sweet. Try, go and ask any person who is outstanding in something, whether he/she becomes easily of what he/she is. If you are told that, a person become excellent easily, that fellow has lied to you. But if you are convinced, try to apply it in your life: live an easy life and look short-cut ways of achieving success. You may become great in your family, but you won’t become somebody in the society. It takes a great deal. If our desire to enjoy is 90% and desire to struggle is just 10%, our future is not bright. We’ll just be excellent and great in our imaginations, not in reality. Here, I don’t encourage you to hunt for popularity or fame, but I would suggest you to be willing to struggle. If we are willing to struggle and work, other things will follow. Many a times, we envy others. We wish to be like some people. Do we want to become like Albert Einstein, Mother Teresa, Apostle Paul, Billy Graham or others? Certainly, we cannot become exactly like them, but if we want to become like them in matter of deeds or popularity, we must be ready to undergo pain and adversities. We talk about great leaders, singers, players, scientists, preachers and any other great persons in this world. Remember, they do not become who they are and what they are easily! One big problem we have is – we want to become great by enjoying our life without struggling. We want to become great by staying idle. For those who are lazy and who are not willing to struggle, one way to become excellent and great is through their ‘imagination’. However, if we truly want to become somebody, there is no other way, we have to struggle and live. But, as I often say, to think, speak and instruct others is easy, but doing or putting it into practice is extremely difficult. Let us live out and show! Liba Hopeson, BTC, Pfutsero

Readers may please note that the contents of the articles, letters and opinions published do not reflect the outlook of this paper nor of the Editor in any form.



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The Morung Express

Monday 16 September 2013

WTBC youth dept organizes hymnal competition WoKha, September 15 (mexN): Wokha Town Baptist Church (WTBC) Youth department organized a hymnal competition, first of its kind in Wokha district, on the song ‘Halleluiah for the Cross’ by Horatius Bonar and James McGranaham at its mother church today. The competition was among the choirs of the four WTBC sector churches. The aim behind the competition was to create awareness among the choir members to develop and nurture positive attitude in serving the Lord and the Church. Speaking at the function, Nzanthung Ngullie, the Youth Secretary of the Kyong Baptist Churches Association/Council said, “We (this generation) are living in a very perplexed

situation and at a time such as these, it is totally encouraging for the young people to be in the serving of the Lord through Church Choir. ” Like the young prophet Daniel in the Old Testament, we as young people should know when to either yes or no, he said. The Saron sector Church Choir led by Choir Director/Conductor Akhyo Kikon was adjudged as the champion of the competition. The youth members of Wokha Village Baptist Church and Longsa village Baptist Church with their pastors and youth directors also attended the fellowship to express their moral support and oneness in Christ. Longsa Village Baptist Church team Ehungpvui Von (The Witnessing Voice) led by asst. pastor Yentsao Ezung pre-

Dimapur, September 15 (mexN): Eastern Naga Students Federation (ENSF) has convened a presidential meeting on September 17, 11:00 am at DUDA Guest House Kohima. Therefore, all the presisaron sector church choir, winner of the hymnal competition, led by its director akhyo Kikon presenting their song. dents of its units have been asked to attend the meetsented two special num- ed by Jenithung Khuvung. churches and associations/ trophy for the competition ing without fail. bers - Rock of Ages and Mhayani Jami, a youth councils and declared the was sponsored by the KyoAmazing Grace. Another member of WTBC in her result of the competition. ng Youth Initiative, Wokha contemporary special speech expressed appre- The function was chaired based Advocacy Youth Ornumber was also present- ciation to all from various by Eyilobeni Humtsoe. The ganization.

Spelling bee form submission deadline extended

Officials and villagers during the inaugural of New Jalukie-Deukwaram Agri Link Road on september 14.

invoked God’s blessings. Er. Achakbou Newmai, Senior Agricultural Engineer presented the technical report. Khiulinbo Village Council Chairman, New Jalukie thanked the Department of Agriculture and NABARD. Officers from the Department

of Agriculture Temjensoba, Deputy Director, Henry Zeliang, DAO Peren, Santsu Kithan, SDAO Jalukie, K. Among, Junior Engineer and R Toshi S.O, Village Council members and villagers attended the inaugural function.

Capacity building on piggery farm management

Jakhama, September 15 (MExN): ATMA Jakhama Block conducted a ‘farmers to farmers’ interaction session, capacity building cum demonstration on piggery farm management at Piggery Farm School Phesama village on September 12, 2013. The resource persons were Dr. Khrigunuo, BTM, Kohima Block and Vakrano, Farm School teacher. Dr. Khrigunuo gave an insight of maintaining a piggery farm, while Vakrano shared her experiences with the other farmers. All together 23 farmers attended the program. Vitamins, minerals supplement, ointment and deworming capsules were distributed to the farmers. This was stated in a release issued by Kezholeno Zao, BTM, ATMA Jakhama Block.

our correspondent

identify the pest and defenders so the farmers can conserve the defenders which are naturally occurring in nature and helps in controlling pest. Field day on System of Rice Intensification (SRI) under National Food Security Mission was conducted by N.Khumdemo Ezung, where a talk on technology of SRI was discussed. He encouraged the farmers to take up short or medium duration rice varieties so as to enable them to take up crop production during rabi season, thereby generating additional income. Visit to SRI plot was conducted at SRI demonstration plot where the farmers could see the potential of adopting SRI system of cultivation. During the interactive session various queries relating to insects on fruit crops like Litchi, Orange, Banana etc was also discussed. The farmers also reported sporadic attack of rodents in their rice fields and rice barns, while requesting to provide additional quantity of Roban for controlling the rodents.

Kohima, September 15 (mexN): The Army recruitment rally for enrolment as Soldier General Duty, Soldier Technical and Soldier Nursing Assistant was held in Shillong recently. The result of candidates, who have cleared the written examination and have been provisionally selected for joining Indian Army is as follows: Roll numbers of successful candidates for Soldier General Duty Category: SHI/RP/ GD/280713/1001[Disp], SHI/ RP/GD/280713/1002 [Disp], SHI/RP/GD/280713/1003 [Disp], SHI/RP/GD/280713/ 1005 [Disp], SHI/RP/GD/ 280713/1007 [Disp], SHI/RP/ GD/280713/1008, SHI/RP/ GD/280713/1009 [Disp], SHI/ RP/GD/280713/1010[Disp], SHI/RP/GD/280713/1358 [Disp], Roll number of successful candidates for Soldier Technical Category: SHI/RP/ ST/280713/39501, SHI/IZ/RP/ ST/280713/39502, SHI/RP/ ST/280713/39504, SHI/RP/ ST/280713/39506, SHI/SH/ RP/ST/280713/39533, SHI/

(Left) nzanthung ngully and Zubenthung Patton. (Right) anupam Bhoralli.

nessmen of lakhs of rupees. The man was identified as Anupam Bhoralli. The press release stated that Bhoralli alongwith one Animesh Chakraborty alias Bhuda Dev had cheated businessmen in Dimapur to the tune of Rs. 10 lakhs. Bhoralli along with his partner had cheated busi-

Dimapur, September 15 (mexN): Dimapur District Auto-rickshaw Drivers Union (DDADU) has appreciated the CEO, UT-I, NSCN (IM) and his team for recovering an auto-rickshaw bearing regd. no NL-07F-0931, which was lost on August 29 last. The stolen auto was handed over to the DDADU by the CEO himself which was further handed over to the rightful owner, stated a release issued by DDADU president K Hokaito Zhimomi. DDADU has urged the passengers to check their belongings before alighting from the autos and also instructed the auto drivers to check and assist the passengers. It informed all to deposit any belongings left behind by passengers to the Union’s office situated near Burma Camp police point, which will further be handed over to the rightful owners through newspaper publications. The DDADU also asked the auto owners to hand over their vehicles to drivers only after proper verification of identity, residential address and other relevant documents in this connection. It also asked the passengers to lodge necessary complaints with the DDADU office in case of any harassment by the drivers Further, it informed that separate identity cards will be issued to the drivers, who operate at night. The same ID cards can be obtained from the Union office at the address mentioned above. While asking all auto drivers to register with the Union and get the identity card from the Union office on all working days, it requested the owners of all new auto-rickshaws to register their vehicles with the Union before starting to ply commercially.

Dimapur, September 15 (mexN): Organizing committee of the 2nd Nagaland Spelling Bee Championship, Extempore and Elocution contests has informed interested participants that the last date of submission/ receiving of forms for the aforementioned contests have been extended till September 20, 2013. Further, all participants have been requested to report to the venue - Capital Convention Centre, Opp. Nagaland Civil Secretariat, Kohima on September 24, 2013 before 4:00 PM for registration and briefing.

Army announces result of recent 21st Spero Meliora 2013 held Shillong recruitment rally

Car lifters, conman arrested

Dimapur, September 15 (mexN): West Police Station personnel on September 10 last arrested two armed car lifters in Dimapur. They were identified as Nzanthung Ngully and Zubenthung Patton. According to a press release from the officer-incharge of West Police Station, the duo was arrested while trying to steal a Maruti Gypsy from the residence of a businessman at Zeliangrong village. “The duo fired several rounds to scare away the police team. However, police managed to overpower them and arrested them,” stated the release. One .22 calibre (country-make) alongwith seven rounds of ammunition were confiscated from them. In a separate incident the same day, West PS personnel arrested a conman on charges of duping busi-

MEx FILE TSUD review meet today

ENSF presidential meet on September 17

DAO Wokha conducts one-day training on IPM Dimapur, September 15 (mexN): One day training on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) was conducted at Liphanyan village on September 13, organised by District Agriculture Officer (DAO), Wokha with an aim to create awareness and sensitize the farmers about the concept of IPM and its benefits. The resource person was N.Khumdemo Ezung, Programme Co-ordinator (i/c), KVK(ICAR), Wokha who spoke on the life cycle of Gundhi bug, and gall midge and its management practices in rice. He also deliberated on important insects of winter vegetable crops like aphids and pod borer. Mhathung Odyuo, Agriculture Officer deliberated on rodents and its management practices which is to be adopted to reduce the loss. Detail characteristic of rodents was discussed at length. He suggested the farmers to adopt ITKs, like use of local traps for the control of pest, which will help in reducing the yield loss. Visit to nearby rice field was also conducted with an aim to


Dimapur, September 15 (mexN): The Organizing Committee, Sports Meet of Tenyimi Students' Union Dimapur (TSUD) has called a Review Meeting on September 16, 3:00 pm at its Union Office, Tenyimi Complex. A press note issued by Azo Wetsah, Secy. Games & Sports has informed all the senior leaders, tribal units’ presidents and concerned members to attend positively. It also informed all the participating units to submit two flags of their respective unit before September 20. For more information, contact 9862675997.

New Jalukie-Deukwaram Agri Link Road inaugurated DDADU sets guidelines

Dimapur, September 15 (mexN): Secretary to the Government of Nagaland, Agriculture Department N. Benjamin Newmai inaugurated New Jalukie-Deukwaram Agri Link Road at New Jalukie village, Peren district on September 14, 2013. N. Benjamin Newmai, on behalf of the people of the area acknowledged the Government of Nagaland under the leadership of CM Neiphiu Rio and area Minister T.R. Zeliang, Minister Planning. He also thanked all officers of the Directorate of Agriculture, particularly Engineering Wing for successfully completing 5.20 Km. Agri Link Road for the benefit of farmers and people in general, said a press release received here. Meanwhile, Director of Agriculture N. Tekatushi Ao encouraged the farmers to go into commercial scale production of crops in order to attain the slogan - food for all by 2025. Earlier, Director of Agriculture N. Tekatushi Ao chaired the programme, while Namrongpou, Pastor Elohim Baptist Church New Jalukie


nessmen posing as representatives of a Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Service Limited, the release said. It was further stated that the duo have been cheating many people in Nagaland, particularly in Dimapur, posing as representatives of fictional construction companies.

SH/RP/ST/280713/39552, SHI/NG/RP/ST/280713/ 3 9 5 5 5 , S H I / S H / R P / ST / 280713/39558, SHI/SH/RP/ ST/280713/ 39563, SHI/SH/ RP/ST/280713/ 39565, SHI/ SH/RP/ST/280713/ 39570, SHI/SH/RP/ST/280713/ 3 9 5 7 1 , S H I / S H / R P / ST / 280713/39575, SHI/SH/RP/ ST/280713/ 39578, SHI/SH/ RP/ST/280713/39579, SHI/ SH/RP/ST/280713/39580 The provisionally selected candidates have been informed to collect their joining letters by hand from the Army Recruiting Office, Rangapahar (Dimapur) from October 3 to October 5, 2013, between 08:00 AM and 11:45 AM. The candidates have to collect the joining letters in person and should bring the following documents, according to a release issued by Lt.Col. Emron Musavi, Defence PRO,Kohima: Original documents – One set of Photostat copy of each original document and Admit Card, education documents as applicable, Birth Certificate (only for class 8th pass candidates), Per-

manent Residential Certificate with full address (Village, post office, police station, tehsil, district, state and PIN code) with Photo affixed and attested by DC/ADC with rubber stamp, Indigenous/Domicile Certificate with photographs affixed and attested by DC/ADC with rubber stamp and Tribe Certificate with Photographs and attested by DC/ADC with rubber stamp. The joining letter will not be issued to a candidate who does not produce all the above stated documents. The provisionally selected candidates will be sent to the Training Centres in the month of December, 2013, subject to verification of all documents mentioned above from government agencies concerned. In case the documents submitted by the candidates are declared fake by State authorities during verification, the candidature of the candidates will be cancelled, the release said. For further details and queries, call the Army Recruiting Office, Rangapahar at 03862-248845 between 09:00 AM to 12:30 PM.

Vihokhu village advances in farming

Kohima | September 15

THE DOLPHIN CLUB, Kohima successfully conducted its 21st Spero Meliora 2013 (Literary Competition) in commemoration of its silver jubilee on September 14 last at Kohima Village Council Hall. In singing (Solo) competition, Alohito Zhimomi (Baptist High) bagged the first position, while Mhasivonuo Linyü (LSU) and Nounengu Whuorie (TSU) stood second and third position respectively. Result of other competition: PAINTING (Class 8 & below): First –Arieno Kirha (Baptist High), Second -Kevimhietuo Mepfhüo (LSU) and third- Neiketouzo Keyho (Christ King Hr. Sec. School). PAINTING (Class 9–12): First –Lhounyütsu Suokhrie (LSU), second –Pekruvizo (TM Govt. Hr. Sec. School), third – (a) Lipokmanen (Oriental College) (b) Thejasezo Rame (Christ King Hr. Sec. School) ESSAY WRITING: First – Thejasetuo Tseikha (LSU), second –Jyoti (Baptist High), third –Maongkaba Jamir (Don Bosco

Hr. Sec. School). CULTURAL SONG: First– LSU, represented by Menuobeinuo Dzüvichü, Vizakienuo Dzüvichü, Kelhoulenuo Dzüvichü, Visakhonuo Vizo, Petelavinuo Dzüvichü, Seyiekhrienuo Vizo, Dziesephrenuo Dzüvichü and Kelengunuo Vizo. Second – PSU represented by Nguluonuo Rutsa, Nounenuo Mechülho, Mhaphruonuo Rutsa, Vimethanuo Rutsa, Keneisevonuo Rutsa and Menguzotuonuo Rutsa. SPELLING BEE: First–Khrielieü Zumvü (Don Bosco Hr. Sec. School), second –Teisovivor Suohu (Khedi Baptist School), third –Alino Awomi (Christ King Hr. Sec. School). DEBATE: First–(a) Khrielasier Liezietsu (Oriental College) (b) Sanjay (Baptist High), second –Kiyakhrienuo Solo (TSU),third–(a) Mhaletuonuo Suohu (TSU), (b) Koyihung (Mount Hermon Hr. Sec. School) QUIZ: First–LSU represented by Petsüsetuo Liezietsu and Vilakienyü Liezietsu, second – PSU represented by Salhouvi Rutsa and Keneiziengunuo Rutsa.

condoLEncE MEssagEs

Tohanba Parliamentary secretary for CAWD, R Tohanba has expressed shock and grief at the demise of Y Lakiumomg, secretary of NPF 58 ShamatorChessore A/C who passed away Sunday morning after a prolonged illness. The parliamentary secretary in a condolence message said late Lakiumong was an honest, upright and dedicated social worker, who always had concern for uplift of the people of Shamator-Chessore A/C. “In his (Lakiumong) demise, the NPF party has lost a loyal and dedicated party worker and the vacuum created would be hard to fill in,” the message read. Conveying condolence to the bereaved family members, Tohanba also prayed for eternal rest of the departed.

Dimapur, September 15 (mexN): Vihokhu village, Dimapur, inaugurated its marketing shed, which was built by the cash award received for “Best Farming Village” in Dimapur district under Krishi Karman Award 2013 on September 9. Joint Director of Agriculture Z. Howoto was the chief guest. A press release received here stated that Vihokhu village was selected for the award for achieving higher production and productivity in food grains, particularly paddy, and for their consistent co-operation to the department. According to the release, the chief guest noted that a stable and consistent partnership between the village and Department over the years has resulted in infrastructural developments related to agriculture and wider adoption of new technologies by the farmers leading to remunerative farming. He commended their exemplary fund utilization in developing a common property and also encouraged the farmers to shift towards mechanization, while assuring them of co-operation. The Village Chairman and Head G.B expressed their happiness to the Department of Agricul- NPF Dimapur II ture for implementing various Schemes and ProLipok Pongen, leader of grammes sincerely and assured the Department NPF Dimapur II Constituency of full cooperation in the days to come.

and member of NPF Central Executive Committee, Nagaland has expressed pain at the sudden demise of late E. Litsemo Mozhui, senior citizen and father of Chobathung Lotha, general secretary of NPF Dimapur Division at his residence in Dimapur on September 5, 2013. He has also extended his deepest condolences to the bereaved family members and prayed for the departed soul to rest in peace. NPF Dimapur mourns

President of NPF Dimapur Division K Shilu Sangtam, on behalf of his family and NPF Dimapur Division has expressed sadness at the demise of E. Litsemo Mozhui, father of Choba Lotha, General Secretary, NPF Dimapur Division. In a condolence note, Shilu acknowledged, “In his death, we have lost a father figure who was always there to guide and advise us whenever it was needed.” Stating

that the void created will be difficult to fill, the note prayed for the departed soul to rest in peace and for the solace and strength of the bereaved family members. Sumi Totimi Hoho

The Sumi Totomi Hoho (STH), apex mothers/women organization of the Sumis has deeply mourned the demise of Late. Kawoto Sukhalu in August 2013. STH president Kitoli Naje and General Secretary Kaholi V Achumi in a condolence message recalled Late Ino Kawoto as one of the torch bearers of Sumis and the Nagas in general. The Hoho mentioned that the deceased was the first P.A to DC among the Sumi community. Stating that his demise is a great loss to the Sumi and Naga community at large, the Hoho prayed for his soul to lay in peace. The Hoho also expressed its heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family.



The Power of Truth

The Morung Express MonDAy 16 sEPTEMbEr 2013 vol. vIII IssuE 254

Along Longkumer Consulting Editor

Strong Governance


he demand for imposition of President’s Rule is an oft repeated one not just in Nagaland but it has been raised in other parts of the country. That the Opposition Congress has been making regular demand for President’s Rule in Nagaland is well known. Only recently as well the President of the Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC), had put out the case for dismissing the Naga Peoples Front led DANIII government. In Uttar Pradesh also, there has been demand for imposition of President’s Rule by opposition parties like the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the wake of the communal riots in Muzaffarnagar. Irrespective of the State or the political party, why is there this clamor for President’s Rule? For one, the fact that those who are opposed to the ruling party/government often make such a demand on one pretext or the other, such calls for President’s Rule are more political in nature and therefore caution must be exercised by the Central government before taking any decision to dislodge an elected government. However, the fact that there is a constitutional provision for imposition of President’s Rule under Article 356 would mean that State governments are liable to be dismissed in case of “a failure of the constitutional machinery”. State governments or whichever party rules therefore have certain ‘constitutional duties and responsibilities’. Many will say that it is against the popular mandate of the people or that it is a murder of democracy. Yet there have been times when imposition of President’s Rule in the different States since independence has been justified. The fact of the matter is that President’s Rule is a big vote of no confidence against the political class, especially those in power. Perhaps it is also an indictment of popular democracy and the party system that has come to symbolize our political system. From time to time, we often hear people talk about whether Nagas need some kind of dictator to rule us. As students of political science would have read, there has been widespread praise for dictatorships. They have been claimed as regimes of “strong men who get things done”. When Hitler was asked about the programme of the Nazi party, he replied that Germany had enough of programmes; she now needed actions. As we will see in our study of world history, the Post World War-I, in majority of the European countries, Parliaments and politicians miserably failed to solve the post-war problems. People wanted efficient governments that could meet their needs. Dictators not only fulfilled this function but they also succeeded in fostering national unity and established confidence in the people. Their firmness and determination stood in sharp contrast to the weak and vacillating policies of the so called democratic rulers. Kemal Pasha once remarked, “I am a dictator of Turkey so that after me there should be no dictator”. Can a dictator in the Naga context facilitate the birth of true democracy? Has the working of democracy in the last 50 years strengthened us or has it weakened us? Has it harmed us or done good? As wonderfully stated by someone, “For forms of government let fools contest, whatever is best administered is best”. This is exactly what we need—strong governance that delivers. Perhaps, as a food for thought, Nagas could do without electoral politics for a few years. We could then be able to clean up our stables. We need to repair and restore the health and integrity of our political, economic and social life. And unless this change happens, the present corrupt system and the failure of the so called democratic form of government do not augur well for the future. (Feedback can be send to

lEfT wiNg |

Neophytos Loizides and Luis Fernando Medina

Making peace in Colombia


olombia’s peace process has reached an important milestone despite recent setbacks. The lessons from other post-conflict societies such as Northern Ireland, South Africa and Bosnia confronting comparable challenges to those facing Colombians today could also be helpful in restoring public confidence for the settlement. Northern Ireland offers an interesting innovation that may be well worth considering in the current negotiations in Colombia: the d’Hondt executive. The idea is, simply, to create a mechanism that guarantees automatic participation of all the different political groups in the cabinet, with a share proportional to their electoral results. The d’Hondt executive does not operate like the winnertake-all mechanism of most majoritarian systems. Instead, it gives a share in decision-making and responsibility to all groups in the conflict. The d’Hondt executive is the most democratic form of power-sharing as no political party is assured a share in power unless it obtains electoral support at the polls: the better they do that, the more they will be rewarded with a larger share. First, this incentivizes political parties to support the settlement - a critical issue for Colombia currently as public opinion has begun to oppose the government’s concessions to the rebels. Secondly, it allows actors to focus exclusively on politics as the only game in town. Once in power the incentives to use violence diminish as the Northern Ireland experience again clearly suggests following the adoption of the d’Hondt. The idea is not entirely novel in the Colombian context. The National Front was a consociation that gave the two major parties equal shares in the cabinet but not according to their democratic mandate, thus lacking long-term legitimation. Also, in the early 1990s the Gaviria Administration rewarded the strong showing of the demobilized guerrilla M-19 at the polls by giving it the Ministry of Health. The D’Hondt executive would be, in essence, a formalization of Gaviria’s precedent, one that would not go all the way to adopting the non-proportional formula of the National Front. The d’Hondt executive in Northern Ireland has proven to be a mechanism that gives incentives for bridge-building across political groups, overcoming situations of extreme polarization. Parties would still need to obtain the requisite electoral strength, and within the cabinet majority decisions will be made with reference to implementing the future peace agreement. This will allow all kinds of positive synergies to develop. There is little doubt that the only way in which the FARC can fully re-enter the political system is if they can build bridges with other sectors of society. The d’Hondt executive would provide the incentives to do so and a clear system of rewards if they succeed. At the same time, the most obvious complication is that this may require a move away from the presidentialism that has so marked Colombia’s political system. But there is no need to go all the way to a parliamentary system. Rather, reforms could place the country along the path to a semi-parliamentary regime, akin to, say, France. Moreover, the president could be primarily in charge of breaking deadlocks as and when they arise. In other words, he or she could be seen as an arbiter among political parties rather than an additional veto player in preventing necessary reforms. Colombia will need those alternative options in negotiating a future peace agreement. Given the nature of the post-conflict situation, such options will be needed in the context of a sustained effort directed not only at legislating changes in the next few months but also implementing and sustaining them through for several years. Inevitably, the peace process will require profound constitutional changes, some of which seem initially at odds with Colombia’s current political system. But they could be highly beneficial for all sides in the long-term.



Alan Angell

Chile's Coup: the perspective of forty years The military seizure of power in Chile on 11 September 1973 continues to influence the country's politics, and its reverberations around the world were also to last for decades. Alan Angell, a distinguished scholar of Chile, reflects on the legacy of the coup and the reasons for its enduring impact


was in England at the time of the coup. Like many observers it took me by surprise - I thought that, difficult though the situation was in Chile, somehow a compromise would be worked out, probably with a referendum and with the Unidad Popular (Popular Unity) government forced to moderate its radical policies. I was wrong. But then, so were many Chileans who also thought that there would be no coup, or that, at worse, there would be a limited and moderate intervention. This is the first reason for the continuing impact of the coup. It was not expected in a country which had an enviable record of constitutional government. Authoritarian governments in Spain or Greece or Portugal, following the collapse of fragile civilian regimes, were not regarded as fundamental departures from political practices in those countries. But Chile was different - at least that is what many observers believed, and with reason. The reaction was that if such a coup could happen in Chile, then it could happen almost anywhere. The Cuban revolution had become for the world in general a symbol of resistance to imperialist oppression. The Chilean coup became in turn, for the world in general a symbol of brutal military overthrow of progressive regimes. Symbols are not accurate history. The repressive side of the Cuban revolution was ignored. There were far more brutal coups in Latin America than in Chile. Grasp of the complicated politics of Chile from 197073 was very superficial. But that did not matter. At the level of international perception, the Cuban revolution now had its mirror image in the Chilean coup. A second reason for the profound impact of the coup was that it was, in some ways, the first televised coup. Images from the days following 11 September flooded the screens and newspapers of the world and four images in particular. The Hunter-Hawker jets bombing La Moneda; the soldiers burning books in the street; that photograph of a grim-faced Augusto Pinochet wearing dark glasses and seated before the standing members of the military junta; the prisoners waiting in fear in the National Stadium. Even in the countries most remote from Chile geographically, socially and culturally, those images brought home in a direct fashion a picture of what was happening in Chile on 11 September and after. And those images from 1973 were joined by another one - the shattered car in which Chile's exiled former foreign minister, Orlando Letelier, met his death in Washington in 1976. A third factor keeping the coup alive in the international spotlight was the activities of the Chilean exile community. For a decade after the coup, opposition politics were conducted as much abroad as in Chile. Many exiles were politicians with links with sister parties in Europe, other parts of Latin America and elsewhere. Chilean Socialists, Communists, Christian Democrats, and Radicals - all found receptive political homes outside Chile. The exile community was adept in seeking condemnation of the Pinochet government in international organisations such as the United Nations, and in persuading national governments to boycott Chilean trade and to sever links with the Chilean government. International sympathy for the Chilean opposition was widespread and strong - much more so than for the exiles from other military regimes in the southern cone. The international community felt that it understood and could relate to what was happening in Chile, whereas the politics of Argentina, or Brazil or Uruguay were so different from the experience of most developed countries that military coups in those countries evoked little response. The clash of absolutes It is difficult to exaggerate the impact of the Chilean coup on the political consciousness of a wide variety of countries. In the European parliament the country most debated (and condemned) for many years after 1973 was Chile. In Britain, Salvador Allende’s ambassador to that country, Álvaro Bunster, was the first foreigner to address the conference of the Labour Party since La Pasionaria at the time of the Spanish civil war. In Italy, analysis of the coup by the Communist Party and its intellectual leader Enrico Berlinguer led to the "historic compromise" by which the Italian CP joined the government for the first time for many years. In France the Socialist Party debated long and hard how to change its tactics after the Chilean coup. Canada, Australia and New Zealand were among countries welcoming thousands of Chilean refugees. This reaction was not short-lived. What was striking was how consistent was international condemnation of the Chilean government up to the time of the plebiscite in 1988 - by which time even the United States government had joined the critics. This was important for the opposition and a setback for the government - even if the reasons for the change in US policy had more to do with Nicaraguan politics and the need to oppose dictatorships in general. International coverage of the plebiscite was intense. For a European press that shows only a passing and

Chile's former President Michelle Bachelet, center, wipes a tear as she stands with her mother Angela Jeria, left, and Margarita Romero, president of the Villa Grimaldi organization, right, all holding photographs of victims of the dictatorship of Gen. Augusto Pinochet, as she attends a ceremony marking the 40th anniversary of his military coup in Santiago, Chile on Tuesday, September 10, 2013. The ceremony is held at the Villa Grimaldi compound, which was at one time a detention and torture center where Bachelet and her mother were taken after their arrests. Bachelet's father, a general, was tortured to death for opposing the September 11, 1973 coup. (AP Photo/Luis Hidalgo)

cursory interest in Latin America, it was remarkable. Naturally the defeat of Pinochet was a cause for celebration. Later on, the jubilant reaction of European political circles to the arrest of Pinochet in London in 1998 is testimony to the enduring impact of the coup of 1973 and the military government on the political consciousness of the international community. Supporters of the military government will, no doubt, take all this as indicative of a complete misunderstanding of the situation in Chile and will point to the other side of the story of 1973. There was increasing social conflict in both town and countryside. The government had lost control of its own supporters. The economy was in ruins and shortages and a black market made life intolerable for many people. There was genuine fear of a Marxist takeover. Many Chileans supported the coup and not only from the upper classes. But outside Chile only the Richard M Nixon administration in the US listened to the tale they told. However, as Nixon’s emphasis on détente with the Soviet Union and good relations with China evolved, the Chilean brand of anti-communism looked even more old-fashioned. Moreover, the case of the military government was not helped by the crudity of its propaganda, of which the infamous Plan Zeta was amongst the most notorious. Did this international response have any effect on the internal developments in Chile? I think it did. It contributed to the polarisation of Chile into two camps - and helped to sustain a polarisation of Chilean politics that persisted well into the period after the return to democracy. Widespread international condemnation of Chile forced the military regime into a more defensive and hardline posture than might have been otherwise the case. If the world would not accept the reasons for the coup of 1973 then so much the worse for the world - Chile would choose its own path, would develop its own institutions, implement its own policies and ignore the rest of world as far as it could. And those who opposed the military government were not only wrong but were seen as allies of international conspiracy against Chile and hence traitors to the country. This attitude, encouraged by Nixon and Henry Kissinger, and by the financial support from the US banks, attracted by the economic reforms of the government, were some solace against the otherwise almost universal condemnation. On the other side, the support given by the international community to the opposition in exile reinforced its belief that it had won the moral argument, that no compromise with the regime was possible or necessary, and that if the struggle would be long and hard then it would also eventually be victorious. The defining issue in this confrontation became that of human rights. The fact that the Catholic church through the Vicariate of Solidarity (incidentally an institution without parallel in any other authoritarian regime) supported the human-rights cause reinforced the opposition in choosing this issue with which to confront the government. The clash between government and opposition in exile became one of moral absolutes. And in that kind of debate no one is really neutral - you either defend the government or you condemn it. That dichotomy created a division that split Chilean society almost into two halves. The way that the military regime ended helped to sustain that division. It is without precedent that a military ruler after such a long period of almost absolute power should request in a free and fair plebiscite an extension of his mandate for another eight years, lose the plebiscite though gain a remarkably high vote, and then accept the result and organise elections to choose a civilian president. It is true that Pinochet had not wanted the plebiscite in the first place, that the way it was organised had more to do with the ruling of the constitutional tribunal than the intentions of the regime, and that strong pressure to accept the result came from the other members of the junta. But in time Pinochet’s supporters saw the result not as a defeat but as a kind of triumph. They were the true democrats now. What marked Chilean politics after 1990 until the arrest of Pinochet was the absence of debate between the two sides over the coup, its causes and consequences. Of course there was debate over many issues - constitutional reform, social policies, macroeconomic policies - but not over the coup. Witness the brusque dismissal of the Rettig report by

the armed forces, its political allies, and even the supreme court. They were right and were justified, and the government was wrong - full stop.

The split society Chile is not alone in finding it difficult to come to terms with its past. It took Germans many years before they were prepared to examine the Nazi phenomenon in all its stark inhumanity: Japan still refuses to acknowledge some of the gross abuses committed during the second world war. Or what of Spain - add to the half million or so killed during the civil war and then the astonishing but accepted estimate of a further of a quarter of a million killed by the Franco regime in the aftermath of the war, and it seems incredible that no trials have taken place, nor is there any demand for them, or even for a commission to establish the truth. Indeed it can be argued - as I have in a chapter of a forthcoming book - that the Chilean government (along with South Africa) has gone further in clarifying the past and in seeking justice for abuses than any other government. What was ignored in the reaction to the coup was the fact - unpalatable as it may have been - that it had widespread support, even amongst sectors of the poor. It is not uncommon for a military coup to enjoy initial support as the population wearies of the uncertainties and turmoil of a weak civilian government; Argentina in 1976 is an obvious example. What is very rare, however, is that this support persists over a long period of time and persists even after the return to a democratic regime. The Pinochet regime was unusual in many ways. The economic and social reforms followed an ideological agenda; the government constructed an institutionality in which it really believed; it accepted rejection in a plebiscite and followed the rules; and it even negotiated important constitutional changes with the opposition before it handed over power. Oddly enough, these characteristics deepened rather than muted the polarisation of Chile. Because the military government was not simply a crude and corrupt elite content to plunder the economy, it created a mass of loyal support bound to it by ideological sympathy. The most obvious manifestation of this is the formation and growth of the Unión Demócrata Independiente (UDI). This again is remarkable. The only two new, successful and innovative political parties in Latin America are the UDI and the Workers' Party (PT) in Brazil - one born in support of a military regime and one in opposition to it. And interestingly enough, both have achieved success by moving to the centre - in the case of the PT, moving away from its sectarian and radical past, and, in the case of the UDI, distancing itself from the Pinochet regime. Legacy, memory, future This then is the legacy of the coup - it created two opposed worlds, in one of which the coup was the symbol of the salvation of Chile, and in the other, the tragedy of Chile. The "Si"’ and the "No" in the plebiscite of 1988 were much more than a simple response to the question of Pinochet as president for another eight years. They symbolised support for one of two contrasting views of history; in a way it posed a question about whether the coup of 1973 was justified or not. Even if right and left have converged in many ways - over economic policy for example - the dichotomy over the coup persisted. But for how much longer? Does the memory of the coup really matter today? In some ways obviously less so as memories fade, as politics has become more a matter of routine and less a matter of confrontation, as economic policies have produced a remarkable record of success (with, it is true, major problems), as the issue of civil-military relations has moved to a smoother course. Yet while the human-rights issue persists, while trials of military officers continue, while more evidence accumulates, the memory of the coup remains alive in contemporary Chile. And - if a foreign observer may say so - it is to the credit of Chile that there is a real attempt to face up to the past, to enter, at last, into dialogue between the two camps, to secure justice, to try to understand what happened and why. Forgetting the past is one option and many countries have chosen to do so. Facing up to the past and trying to seek understanding, justice and reconciliation is infinitely more painful but profoundly important for establishing a just and democratic order.

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16 September 2013


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Do you support ACAut initiAtive AgAinst ‘unAbAteD tAxAtion’ AnD ‘illegAl ColleCtion’ in the nAgA Context? Some of those who voted YES had this to say: • Yes, There must also be a mechanism to weed out fake "Naga Patriots" which has been a virus causing endemic disease in the Naga. While we salute those genuine patiots who have made supreme sacrifice selflessly, how long can we tolerate the "nakali"s who enjoy their lives at the expense and burden of the society??! • Yes, its high time we need to stand and raise our voice. How do we continue serving many masters? No human being on earth has any right to tax his fellow beings on endless reasons without sweating. If they need money, let them also work. Its insane. How do we keep on feeding and providing them to lead a luxurious life with our hard earned money, whereas here we are surviving hand to mouth. Poor voiceless public, so scared even to stand for our rights. We don’t blame this tax collectors entirely, but the people especially our leaders who runs an elected govt + self made govt, as well as Naga public leaders. Its fun to observe their one hundred and one excuses. Thank you ACAUT for standing up for us. We salute you ‘Brave Hearts.’ God bless you and give you courage and wisdom to continue your good works. • For a better future every sensible person should support it. It too must succeed, otherwise we are fit just for the dogs only. • The number of factions MUST be reduced. Thereby, the amount of "tax" for liberation of the Naga nation. Let conscientious Naga fighters fight for the interest of the general Nagas, not for their stomach or for purchase of a Bolero, building etc. • ACAUT is a divine inspiration for the Nagas. The Naga house is rotting with evil things. We are progressing in completely wrong direction. Naga values are gone. Let ACAUT show the way for the lost generations. Hats Off. Keep going. We real Nagas are with you all. • Nagas have had suffered enough. Thus, at any cost public must give solid support for this cause. • ACAUT is most welcome in Naga society. I have two main reasons for it: 1) Naga public can grow and live up to the expectations of the world in 21st century only when we are economically strong. 2) With a vibrant Naga economy, we can live as a free people. Any social & political change depends on our economic independence. Hence, the birth of ACAUT is most welcome and go a long way, if not a permanent remedy to our present malaise! Long live ACAUT! • Yes, Common people are suffering. High time to voice out our anguish for a change....... • It beyond the term tax .It is simply extortion.....for tax comes back to the people through visible developments. • Yes because it is the main root of corruption in NAGALAND. • Yes, when people suffer and the "government remain indifference, and label everything a political, "need to be deposed of very fast as they only care for themselves and their own-welfare. shows that unabated taxation goes on because the "government is part of the problem" since they do not want any fair and just solution they tell us to stay away from tax as its a political issue. YES YES lets us all join hands against any one who stands for illegal unfair immoral taxation which is anti human and anti naga. • Big Yes if they are not letting it off in the half way. • Yes.... Unless an organisation comes together to voice the concern of many bodies it looks like many bodies singularly remarking has made no difference. Its the story of the bundle of sticks after all! They may not be perfect yet, but the fact that this initiation has been started is a good sign and we must make this momen-


here I was looking at the stores across the road through the window of the food joint that i was seated in. The wind was smoothly playing its part as i watch the ladies fiddle with their hair and the boys run amok from the lovely dust and smog which were greeting everyone on its path. The scenario here looked as though those young vibrant youths were walking past a rice mill. With a sly smile I took away my focus for a while to sip on my hot coffee which was evaporating at my chin. As I raised my cup to sip, an echo resounded behind me; all I could make out from it was “Naga manu khan b dimak jam khan asae ho”. Now having heard such eye winking words I could not control my instincts and turned around to step in for more. As I observed, the speaker was a middle aged man, well dressed with a bright suit, held a tight grin and was obviously upset with some issue. He walked towards me and with my permission settled on the empty chair opposite me. Well he smiled at me and I also did my part too without any hesitation. He then called upon the waiter to orderas he was ordering his meals i took the privilege to ask him as to why he referred to the Nagas as “dimak jam”. He gave me a long side look, smiled and said “I have my reasons”. Again, having sprayed such melancholic words on the floor by a stranger, I could not control myself and desperately wanted to get his views; the main stay being his appeal and personality. With sheer pursuance from me to spill out the beans he finally consented to elucidate. I leaned forward, cleared my throat with a smile and braced myself to listen to this obscure gentleman; never did I realise that this conversation would make me realise that there are many intellectual Nagas who are ready to take my Nagaland for a new transcendence. As an Itinerary he then took out his cold hand from his pocket to start his explanation. With a beaming eye he asked me “brother, are you a govt employee”? I replied “no brother, I am not”. Then he scorns at me and smiles. He asks me again “what are your views about the present Nagas”? I muttered and replied “lost and confused?” he heaves and partially agreed with me. He then scratches his chin and explains; we are mediocre and do not even know how to assert our basic necessity, he elucidates his views by pointing out to the road conditions in our state. The most important lifelines for any society without a doubt are roads and in our context our roads are in a deplorable state. He clarifies that it is indeed true that everyone whines and complains about the road conditions in our state but no one, starting from me cares to take up the initiative of garnering the society to come out on the streets to start caring for the roads as our own. He also confesses that he does not blame anyone or the government about this road conditions anymore as enough have been said and talked about it. On the other side he believes that the negligence of our roads is mainly because we think that the roads are government property and we don’t care a bit when it comes to public property. He shares to me some instance; in some parts of our towns we can see that the drainage lines which pass through some private property are blocked completely for various reasons

Government. Indeed a bold step of formation but so tary wing and use brutal force and exterminate those tum grow and at the same time make sure that it is not fake UGs, extortionist and tax collectors. far the price rate of all the commodities is going higher hijacked by those with vested interests. and higher comparatively. Not giving any result till now. • Yes. As opined by many, ACAUT should be supported • I think the ACAUT has business intentions and somehow through their campaign, business members withIf tax is curbed or reduced ACAUT must monitor or by all ngos and public lest they be left alone and tarin the ACAUT are making big profits. They should be check the price otherwise the effort is like half cooked geted by the UGs in the end. more transparent. rice. Result is important for every activity otherwise its • YES..why not, I just hope that they don't stop half way.. existence is meaningless. and not be threatened by various UG groups..We need • No. The ACAUT seems to be confused. They are actually legitimizing taxation because they have clearly • Majority of the illegal collections are actually being this. Extortion has become a menace in Naga society said in the newspapers that we must give one tax to made by Unions and Associations. All the blame canthat it is filled up to the brim and over flowing... each group. Why should we pay tax any of the groups not be attributed to the Naga UGs. In this lawless ba• Yes very much they fight for the people but first ACUAT when they are using it only for their own personal bennana republic like situation, it is easy to put the entire must win the crowd or people. efit. Is ACAUT going to decide which groups we should blame on the UGs, but this will be very wrong and it • Yes......and everyone expects them to work with great pay to and which group we should not pay to? This will will only exasperate the situation. The real culprits for sincerity and dedication. only divide our society more and more. illegal collections are the various Unions and Associa• Yes i do support their Agenda but after NSCN (IM) tions who are exploiting the situation for their own benwarning them their response was quite lame..Did they • After ACAUT was formed, the cost of basic commodities have sky rocketed. Rather than decreasing the efit and interest. In this case the state government is got scared or it was just an organisation with lame prices are increasing. also very much responsible for allowing this lawless agenda?? Obviously, the busisituation to continue. • Yes....but more often nessmen in ACAUT are • There is a need on the part of the ACAUT to address we see public supprofiting most at the exto all the parties, not single-out and point finger to any port ACAUT only at pense of innocent pubparty..! social networking lic. When entire pub- • ACAUT should also conduct public rally for general site, ACAUT cannot lic are giving their full awareness as well to garner mass support to their nowalk alone, civil sociattention and support ble initiative. eties, youth, students against taxation, they • Might be a better one if they (ACUAT) approach the and women organiapex NGOS in every districts as their subordinate....else are paying more to the zation should come they'll end up targeting by our so called freedom fighter. businessmen who have out to street (rally) in increased above MRP. • I feel dat ACAUT should try to get the common public support of ACAUT. involved. Accepted that they are having a lot of dis• No. The taxation and • Yes, on condition that cussions / meetings with leading NGOs, frontal organillegal collection are seriACAUT continues to isations, institutions, et al but ultimately its the comous problems, but they maintain Political mon man they are fighting for and unless the primary are not the same. They neutrality. stakeholders are taken into account, into confidence, should be handled differtheir praiseworthy endeavour may just get buried in d ently. For taxation probSome of those who mire of apathy, selfish interests and numerous other lems, the leaders and tax voted no had this factors......I for one, as a common man, wholeheartcollectors of the different to say: edly support this noble venture . However, I see no factions need to be in• People are tired and way I can show my support because as a mere indivolved. For illegal collecfed up with taxation. vidual, I have not been given an option to voice my tion the state government The Naga UGs have opinion.........I say ACAUT call for a public rally...dont should take appropriate failed to understand make it mandatory...don't close the town down, , don't steps to curb them. Presthe sentiments of the force any one. ...make it purely voluntary....or maybe ently, ACAUT sounds like public suffering. But I even go for a 'poster' or 'stickers on cars' campaign.... a group of angry men, dont think the ACAUT you will be astounded by the support you will receive. and instead of settling is the right body guys are doing something the whole state the problem, they are cause their agenda agrees on, is proud of.....I believe that one day or the only stirring more trouble. is driven mostly by other our land will be healed. but the sooner it is, the A clear cut policy from the Dimapur Busibetter it will be for all of us... ACAUT is a must for ness community. people to wholeheartedly • The Concept of ACAUT is laud and clear..."unto Also the UG leaders a healthier society" but yes, who have authorized support them. will not pay any atthem...? let the people decide ,invite every right thinktention to ACAUT being citizen to give their unbiased opinion without fear or Some of those who cause ACAUT does string attached nor under any duress. voted OTHERS had not have the man• No doubt the initiative taken by ACAUT is laudable but this to say: date of the people. they need to tone down on the way they reply to some • ACAUT should be The move against of the press release. It sounds more like a frustrated supported by various Taxation should have angry young man shouting "I know everything shut up" organizations and they been led by the Naga YES no OTHERS attitude. Things need to be handle maturely plus invitashould certainly come Hoho and NBCC, but tion of Hohos, unions and NGOs needs to be seriously forward. But ACAUT unfortunately they look at without ignoring any community including the should also approach the 'right organizations' since it have been silent on this matter. ACAUT should be disHindus, Muslims and Jains. It should be a collective took the initiative of fighting taxation recently. Asking for solved and Naga public organizations should take the effort of everyone whether Nagas or non Nagas since the help of NGO's that involve indirectly in some form lead and fight for the public right. it ultimately affects us the public. ACAUT should also of taxation themselves will be a pebble in its shoe. Nei• So far they have not proved themselves in practical asdissolve all the useless Money collecting Unions. ther will be having besides it NGO's that have crooked pects. Only shouting through the newspapers will not leaders or those whom are not upright on other social • ACAUT is appreciated, but it sounds like an organiget us anywhere. zation. In my opinion greater involvement of general issues help ACAUT win its long battle over taxation. • No. of course they are doing a good job but they have public is yet to be seen. It should not be exclusive but Pick your allies/lieutenants/foot soldiers wisely and aftaken the role of government and administration. They rather an inclusive where every citizen, NGOs, FBOs, ter thorough background checks! should be a pressure group only to the govt, and let the CBOs, Voluntary org etc.. can have a say. Else, it DAN govt initiate action on the illegal taxations. i will • Since the time ACAUT was formed there was praises would be like a pressure group run by few individuals. and support from all the union, civil societies, even the support them only if they become an underground mili-




the honest naga-ii Chenithung d yanthan and this obnoxious action of some individuals triggers a chain reactions and thereby affects the road condition directly or indirectly by allowing the rain water to freely float on the streets. On this opinion I concurred“etu hosa asae”. As the waiter brings in the hot coffee he sips it hard and goes back to his argument. “Look” he points at the street through the window “do you see those beautiful boys and girls”, “Yes” I replied, “what do you see on their feet” I replied “ummm shoes, heels”, “wrong! Below them is none other than the rivers of Nagaland taking a stroll on the street”. With a smile I consented, he then continued on to lament that we use the most fashionable wear on the worst roads, “is this not a harsh metaphor”? He questions me sternly. At that instant I looked like a drowsy owl staring at him and winked my eye lids with mere common sense. As he takes another sip on his coffee he shifts his attention to a new topic. He proclaims “Nagas are one of the most intelligent people in the world but also the laziest”. I raised my eyebrow asking for an elucidation, now he tells me that the student community presents this metaphor, “I don’t need to tell you more, You were also a student once upon a time so you will know it better” he tells me; as naive as I am I requested “tell me what do you mean?” he replied with a smile “don’t you remember the famous overnight preparation?”. With a smile I replied “oooh that?” and we both chuckled. He also goes on to criticize the govt employees; he says that if we walk to any govt offices or institution we will find the required answer. Govt officials of any country work for at least six to eight hours with sheer dedication, but in my Nagaland it seems everything is the opposite. It is very true that in some parts of my state the officials comes to the office only during the first week of the month, well that too not to work but to collect his salary. There are also some govt teachers who got appointment but ironically he or she have not seen the school whether it is black or white. “It is an open secret” he clarifies. He looks at me with a sad expression and wipes his face with a tissue. To turn the tide I ask him “why are you seemingly upset today?”, “I had a hard time at an office” he shakes his head; he tells me that he got a chance to visit a government school and was really appalled by the happenings there. He narrates to me that the majority of the students out there in the institute were no less than “rowdies”. There is complete lack of respect for the teachers or the head master and above all the most unethical thing that he saw out there was that students even walked in and out of the functioning class as though he/she is taking a stroll in the fish market. Here he gives me his radical analysis- many people, groups, organisation criticises the govt school teachers about the poor performance of their students

in the board exams but in true reality it is not the fault of the teachers alone. He confesses that he is not in support of the teachers but honestly proclaims that there are also some few good and dedicated teachers in all the govt schools all over Nagaland who give their full attention for the welfare of the students, but sadly because of the remaining underperforming teachers the real sacrifice of this small group is quelled. He confides that everyone knows that in most of the govt schools in villages and towns the unprivileged sections of the society study, and among them only 10% of the students are serious in their study where the rest 90% are in a different world. He is also upset with the fact that some teachers are even assaulted by students if they try to correct them sternly. He confidently declares “I am not a sage or a fortune teller but I am pretty sure that in the days to come the govt schools will yield bad results in class ten exams coz we all know that through the new education system students are allowed to join the next class till class eight without any detention. This new system will utterly fail because this system is applicable in Indian context only. In our state context this is not the correct time because the majority of our population have not reached that thought level mentality. So Instead of making use of this new system to bring all round development in themselves the afore mentioned 90% will misuse it and as said earlier they will fail badly and the blame will ultimately fall on the teachers again”. Having said those words he raises his hand and whispers “let justice be done”. Shrugging away all conundrums he confesses that he is seriously worried for our future. He points out to the fact that our population is increasing day by day and so does the unemployment rate. He is sure that the educated people have high hopes of finding a job but what he is really worried about is about those uneducated, partially educated and the drop outs who form a major chunk of our population. He tells me that as time has it people do not want to go to the fields anymore and that profession is slowly diminishing, but he worries that due to the unavailability of any major private business establishment in our state even the educated class goes through dog and tail malady to secure a job; so what will become of those unprivileged majority group? The dreary fear that he has is that these deprived groups will ultimately one day become robbers and ruin the harmony of our society. “No one cares for my Nagaland” I whisper to him, he nods with closed eyes. After a few sips he whispered again to me “I will sum up”; I leaned back to listen to my perfect stranger for the very last session. He contemplates with a flinch that we the Nagas only know how to beat our own drums. He elucidates an example by pointing to our local dailies;

that unlike the national and international papers, we are given the privilege to read the silliest and the most puerile thing in our local dailies under the tag “FELICITATION”. He tells me with anguish that the whole of Nagaland take up the local dailies in the morning to read the latest news happening in and around our state, but seeing these “childish” tags many gets irritated and skips the page completely without reading, with disgust. He tells me that he would be the first one to publish it in the local dailies if someone has done something out of the ordinary and needs publication. With a pause he took a deep breath and with emotions he tells me “I wish we the Nagas would stop going backward and change our mindset and mentality and earnestly think and contemplate for a new change, a change that will make our state prosper and stand self independent in different arenas, so that one day if God willing and the Indian govt gives us independence we will not die of starvation and will be able to stand up on our own feet and stay strong.” Now having said such prodigious words out of the offing I was totally amazed and bewildered by my perfect stranger and could not believe his advanced thinking and vision. He then sipped his last sip of coffee and we decided to leave, I gave him a tight hug and we walked out. At the door I thanked him profusely for showing me a new Naga- selfless, intellectual and resilient. As we parted ways he told me to keep fighting for a change and with a huge wave he was lost in the horizon. I took the privilege to share my conversation with this perfect stranger to remind us that Nagaland is yours and mine; and unless we work with each other irrespective of our tribe, village, language, khel, range we will not be able to take our homeland to newer heights. And honestly speaking without unity there is no change and without change there is no development. We all cry for development and start a blame game with the government but at the end of the day, the blame and fault is 50:50. Unless we realise and understand that Nagaland is ours we will always take things for granted and will like to live our own lives in a tedious fashion. The Indian article 371(a) gives us ownership of our own land but then we don’t live only on the small plot of land of ours; that is only our house, our real identity comes from our state and that state of ours is Nagaland. No matter how good your house or your gate may be, at the end of the day if our state is referred as backward then you are also backward. So my plausible suggestion is this, instead of breaking ourselves into two groups viz, have and havenot through various deprivations on various grounds why don’t we all grow and develop in every walk of life together as one. Let us all shun our thinking that Nagaland belongs to the government, because gone were those days where our fore fathers were uneducated and did not have the potential to think, but now we are the new Nagas, well educated and intellectual. So it is up to our discretion to do what is good for the present and for our posterity. I call upon all like thinking Nagas to give a thought upon it and stand for our homeland in your own capacity. I hope we awaken the spirit of oneness with a thought! God bless my Nagaland.

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Monday 16 September 2013

Modi slaMs UPa,

RewaRi, SeptembeR 15 (pti): In his first public rally after being anointed BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate, Narendram Modi on Sunday made a strong pitch for “strong leadership” at the Centre and asked politicians to take lessons in true secularism from the Army. Modi, who has accused the UPA government of poor governance, said if the country has to be steered out of the present mess, it needs a “strong government” with a person who can lead from the front. “If you want to see the country strong, if you want a strong government in Delhi, then check whether your name is on the voter list,” he said while urging the youth to exercise their right to vote. In his 65-minute-long address, Modi made several references to former Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee, who was considered a moderate in the BJP, and to the “true secularism” prevailing among Indian Armed Forces. “The politics of vote banks has become disgusting in our country. Politicians who want to divide the society through vote bank politics, should learn true secularism from our armed forces,” he told the rally attended by former Army Chief Gen V K Singh and a large number of ex-servicemen. Training his guns at the Centre, Modi said the borde troubles with Pakistan and China were not because of any shortcomings in the Army. Modi reaches out to allies after becoming BJP’s

PM candidate, assures victory “The problem is in Delhi. And hence the solution to this problem has to be found in Delhi itself. The problem will be solved only when a competent, patriotic and people-oriented government is formed at the Centre.,” he said Modi attacked Defence Minister A K Antony over his first statement in Parliament on the killing of five Indian soldiers. “It is unfortunate that the country’s defence minister makes a statement in Parliament that someone came in Pakistani soldiers’ uniform and killed our must have pained our soldiers,” he said. Modi also chose the occasion to attack JD(U), which parted ways with NDA three months ago ending a 17-year-old alliance over his elevation. “It is the acme of shamelessness when a public representative says that people join Army to die. No leader, no political party would have humiliated (the forces) more than this....If you cannot recognise the sacrifice of people in armed forces, don’t insult the soldiers who are fighting for the security of the country”,” he said. Modi was referring to remarks by a minister in Nitish Kumar government in Bihar for which the JD(U) had pulled up him. The rivalry between Kumar and Modi is well-known. Lashing out at the policies of the Centre, he said that “every day we are facing problems...Pakistan is not giving up its design...China is showing us its might by

Agni-V missile successfully test launched

The Morung Express

says country needs strong leadership

Shun anti-India attitude: Modi tell Pak

RewaRi (HaRyana), SeptembeR 15 (ianS): BJP’s prime ministerial candidate and Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi Sunday told Pakistan to shun its anti-India attitude and stop backing terrorism against India. In his first rally after being chosen the prime ministerial candidate Friday, Modi told a massive rally of ex-soldiers in this Haryana town that promoting gun culture had done Pakistan no good over the last 60 years. “The rulers in Pakistan should resolve that they will not allow terrorists to (operate) in Pakistan for 10 years, will not protect terrorists, will not allow

its soil to be the breeding ground for terrorists. “I can say with authority that if this happens, Pakistan will see the progress that it has not seen in the last 60 years (since it got independence),” he said. Modi said Pakistan had “converted India into a war zone through its war mindset and support for terrorism. “Earlier, the war used to take place on the border. But when you (Pakistan) could not defeat the Indian Army, you started going for killing innocent citizens. “Killing innocents through cross border terrorism is neither going to help Pakistan nor India.” Amid cheers, Modi went on: “You cannot prog-

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi raises a sword that was presented to him at a rally in Rewari, Haryana state, India on September 15. India's main opposition Hindu nationalist party on Friday named Modi, a controversial Hindu ideologue as its candidate for prime minister if it wins national elections next year. (AP Photo)

ress with anti-India tirade. You cannot progress on this basis... For you own interests and for the youth of your country, you should rethink the wrong path you have chosen in the last 60 years and step back.” “I want to tell the rulers whether it is of Bangladesh, India or Pakistan: if we have to fight, we should fight against poverty, illiteracy and other ills.” Thousands of people, including former soldiers, turned up for Modi’s first public rally as the Bharatiya Janata Party’s prime ministerial candidate. Sharing the dais were former army chief V.K. Singh and several retired military officers.

challenges of terrorism and naxalism, which he said had claimed more lives than wars, Modi said that when Vajpayee was heading the NDA government, Pakistan was isolated and the world was forced to take cognisance of terrorism. “The world stopped listening to Pakistan, but in the last nine years, there is no anger in the world that should be against terrorism,” he said. He said that if Pakistan, Bangladesh and India want to fight war, it must be against poverty and illiteracy. “I ask Pakistani friends that bombs and pistols are no solution. It did not benefit Pakistan in last 60 years,” he said, adding Pakistan will develop if it disallowed breeding of terrorism just

for ten years. Modi also referred to his association with Jat leaders Devilal and Bansi Lal, while referrring to his links with Haryana and recalled that he had addressed his last rally

in Rewari with Vajpayee. Haryana Janhit Congress President Kuldip Bishnoi, son of former chief minister Bhajan Lal, shared the dais with Modi along with former army chief General

July 5, 2013,” the Gazette notification said. The food law will provide food and nutritional security in human life cycle approach, by ensuring access to adequate quantity of quality food at affordable prices to people to live a life with dignity, it added. The Centre has convened a meeting of state food ministers and secretaries to discuss the rules and

regulations for implementing the world’s biggest programme to fight hunger. The two-day meeting is scheduled from October 3. The new law, touted as a “game changer” by the ruling Congress and slammed by the Opposition as a “gimmick” before 2014 polls, guarantees 5 kg of rice, wheat and coarse cereals per month per person at Rs

3, Rs 2 and Re 1, respectively. It also guarantees the right to receive food security allowance in case of non-supply of the entitled quantities of foodgrains and nutritional support to pregnant, lactating mothers and children to prevent malnutrition. At Rs 1,30,000 crore government support, the food security programme will be the largest in the world. It will

require 62 million tonne of foodgrains annually. Women of 18 years of age or above will be considered as head of household for purpose of issue of ration cards. Delhi, Haryana and Uttarakhand have announced implementation of the provisions of the law. Beneficiaries will be determined based on population estimates. State

governments will prepare guidelines to identify priority households. Every state government will not only put in place internal grievance redressal mechanism, including call centres and help lines, but also constitute a state food commission for monitoring and review of implementation of this act. Local authorities will be responsible for proper implementation of the provisions of the law.

new DelHi, Septemben 15 (pti): The government will consider a ‘name and shame’ mechanism to publicise the details of corporate and investment fraudsters to make the general public aware about identity and modus operandi of such entities. A final decision in this regard can be taken only after considering the legal aspects involved with such an exercise, such as privacy and defamation laws, Corporate Affairs Minister Sachin Pilot said. While banks have begun publishing

names and photographs in newspapers of wilful defaulters, including for corporate and individual loans, the capital markets regulator Sebi also puts out a list in public domain of all defaulters against whom it has taken action. Asked whether the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) would consider adopting a similar practice for publicising the names and photographs of corporate defaulters and fraudsters, Pilot said: “I would be happy to follow up on this and consider implementing

it in some way, keeping in mind the legal consequences of it.” “I think, unless there are some privacy issues, it is a good idea. We will have to look at the legal issues, as to whether somebody can challenge this in court by saying why he or she was being defamed, but in principle it is a good idea,” the Minister told PTI in an interview. There are more than one million registered companies in India and MCA is mandated to take action against corporate entities, their top management personnel and promoters for

any violation to companies law and for any corporate fraud. Pilot said that Sebi to some extent makes public the names of defaulters in the capital markets space and other areas of its jurisdiction. “If it (Sebi) bars a company from raising money, then it puts the names and other details of all the directors on its website for the public to know. A similar practice is in place in some parts of Europe and America… “I would be happy to adopt this practice in our ministry and I think, we should do

it,” Pilot observed. Pilot said that there have been many instances where some people set up a company and do some fraud, and then they move to some other state and form another company under some other name and try to do the same thing. “We are now sharing the data with different states (about such frauds and people). There should be a centralised data of the people who have committed some fraud and have been found guilty, so that they must be barred from collecting money from any part of the country even

under any other name. “Sebi has some sort of that practice in place (for making public their names and credentials) and I would be happy to adopt the same at MCA,” the Minister said. Pilot said that some private websites are probably doing a similar job of listing out the names of all defaulters. “But, it may not be easy for an average investor to check about these matters with such websites and therefore it should be a proactive effort of the government to do so,” he acknowledged.

new DelHi, SeptembeR 15 (ianS): Anita Devi, 45, was admitted with intestinal problems in a government hospital in Patna on Sep 4. But tests soon revealed she was HIV positive. At that point, the doctor responsible for her care tore up the prescription and asked her to leave. Similar was the story of a 40-year-old man in Andhra Pradesh who was also refused treatment by a private hospital in Warangal for being HIV positive. Instead of being cases in exception, experts said, such incidents seem to have become the norm. It is to address the discrimination that the Indian government, along with NGO HIV/ AIDS alliance, has launched a special project to provide a care and support structure for the 2.4 million PLHIV (people living with HIV/AIDS) in the country. India has the third largest number of people living with HIV/AIDS after South Africa and Nigeria. The project ‘Vihaan’ (meaning

“the first light of dawn” in Sanskrit) seeks to ensure that PLHIV and high-risk groups like men who have sex with men, transgenders, female sex workers and injecting drug users are followed up on health parameters regularly. “The overall goal of ‘Vihaan’ is to improve the survival and quality of life of PLHIV,” James Robertson, Executive Director India, HIV/AIDS Alliance, told IANS. The project, which was launched in April, was formally rolled out in August. Robertson said care and support had been recognized globally as a critical element for a comprehensive HIV/AIDS response. “Lack of care and support structure creates a gap in the system leading to many people dropping out

after being detected HIV positive. It is crucial that care and support centres remain equitable, quality

port to around 1.2 million people living with HIV in the initial stages. If successful, it will be expanded to cover the rest. India provides free HIV/AIDS treatment through the National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO) - under the union health ministry - an apex body that formulates policy and i m p l e ments programmes to prevent and control HIV/ AIDS in the country. The total cost of the programme is USD 33.7 million and is funded by The Global Fund To Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria - an international financing institution that provides funding to countries to support programmes that prevent, treat and

care for people with HIV and AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. Robertson said the project’s specific objective is to arrange early linkages for the people with HIV to care, support and treatment services, especially for widows, single women, children and members of high-risk groups (HRGs). Also, to ensure that the people with HIV are covered under various social welfare schemes. The target is also to create awareness and to make them more educated about nutrition, healthy lifestyles, and given psycho-social support. In addition, one-on-one counselling and support group meetings will be organised. The project also aims to train service providers and provide them with periodic feedback on service quality, particularly to ensure effective services, Robertson said. NACO’s A.K. Gupta said the project would also focus on reducing the stigma and dis-

crimination against people infected with the dreaded disease. He said the project will cover a wide network of people across the country. It was under the National AIDS Control Programme (NACP) - III (2007-12) when it was realised that there are unmet care and support needs for HIV positive people. Health ministry officials said that though the access to clinical services has improved significantly during the past few years, it was found that not all infected individuals receive comprehensive and holistic care and support, especially that addresses psychosocial needs. Children (under five years) account for seven percent of all infections, while 86 percent are in the age group of 15-49 years. Of all HIV infections, 39 percent are among women. The adult HIV prevalence at national level stood at 0.27 percent in 2011.

intrusion... is keen to stop Brahmaputra rivers water and wants to take control over Arunachal Pardesh... The government that is sitting in Delhi is not at all concerned about them. They feel that such incidents keep taking place,” he said. Noting that today’s rally is the “call for change” and that the “land of Haryana has challenged the Delhi Sultanate”, he said “when you are standing amid the Army in battlefield, then your ability to lead is seen. He should have capacity, a war strategy and the yearning to stand in the front,” he said. “It feels good to recall the government of Atali and Advani ji,” Modi said the only time he referred the sulking BJP patriarch. Modi, who was on Friday declared new DelHi, SeptembeR 15 (pti): Government has notified the landmark food security legislation, giving a legal right on highly subsidised foodgrains to 67 per cent of the country’s population. The Lok Sabha had passed the Bill on August 26, while the Rajya Sabha gave its nod on September 2. PresidentPranab Mukherjeegave his assent to the Bill last week. “ (the Act) shall be deemed to have come into force on

BJP’s PM nominee amid Advani sulking, also evoked an imagery of Mahabhrata war and Lord Krishna. In June, Modi was named BJP’s campaign committee chief despite opposition from Advani, who had stayed away from the party executive meet and had also made a reference to a wounded Bhishma Pitamah lying on a bed of arrows in a scene in Mahabharata. Modi also slammed the UPA for Sachar Committee’s bid to seek a community wise census in the Indian armed forces saying it was a “sin” by those in Delhi who were “power hungry” and “believed in vote bank politics”. He also hailed the armed forces for opposing the move. Flagging the

Govt notifies Food Security Bill

V K Singh, indicating a new political formulation that the BJP was looking at in the state, which has a sizeable population of Jats. Rewari also has a fairly good number of ex-service men.

Govt to consider ‘naming and shaming’ fraudsters: Sachin Pilot

In this photo released by India's Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), India’s nuclear-capable missile Agni-V is test fired in Wheelar’s Island, off the coast of Odisha, India on September 15. India on Sunday successfully test-fired for the second time the missile that can strike the major Chinese cities of Beijing and Shanghai, officials said. Ravi Gupta, a spokesman for the Defence Research and Development Organisation, said the latest test of the the missile a step closer to being inducted into India's arsenal at some point in 2014 or 2015. (AP Photo)

balaSORe (ODiSHa), SeptembeR 15 (pti): India on Sunday conducted a second test flight of its indigenously developed nuclear- capable ‘Agni-V’ long-range ballistic missile, which has a strike range of more than 5000 km, from the Wheeler Island off Odisha coast. The three stage, solid propellant missile was test-fired from a mobile launcher from the launch complex-4 of the Integrated Test Range (ITR) at about 8:50am, defence sources said. The surface-to-surface missile, which can carry a nuclear warhead of more than one tonne, witnessed an ‘auto launch’ and detail results of the trial will be known after thorough analyses of all data retrieved from different radars and network systems, they said. “The sleek missile, within a few seconds of its blast-off from the Island launch pad, roared majestically into a clear sunny sky leaving behind a trail of thin orange and white column of smoke and within seconds it pierced into sky,” said an eye-witness to the launch. Today’s launch, conducted in the presence of defence scientists and experts, was the second developmental trial of the long range missile while the first test was conducted on 19 April, 2012 which was a total success. The indigenously developed missile Agni-V is capable of striking a range of more than 5000 km. It is about 17 meter long and 2 metres wide with launch weight of around 50 tonnes. Unlike other missiles of indigenously built Agni series, the latest one ‘AGNI-V’ is the most advanced version having some new technologies incorporated with it in terms of navigation and guidance, warhead and engine. Many new technologies developed indigenously were successfully tested in the first Agni-V trial. The redundant navigation systems, very high accuracy Ring Laser Gyro based Inertial Navigation System (RINS) and the most modern and accurate Micro Navigation System (MINS) had ensured the missile reach the target point within few meters of accuracy. The high speed onboard computer and fault tolerant software along with robust and reliable bus guided the missile flawlessly, said a defence official. In theAgniseries,India atpresenthasAgni-1with700kmrange, Agni-2 with 2000 km range, Agni-3 and Agni-4 with 2500 km to more than 3500 range. After some more trials, Agni-V will be inducted into the services, the sources said.

India launches special project for HIV patients

bound, efficient, effective, accessible, and available,” he said. The NGO has been entrusted with the task of providing care and sup-

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Monday 16 September 2013



Guns, clans and roGue

rebels undermine PhiliPPine Peace

ZAMBOANGA CITY, SepTeMBer 15 (reuTerS): A week of violence in the southern Philippines has undercut hopes of lasting peace in the resource-rich region and exposed the government to criticism for underestimating rogue Muslim rebels who feel ignored by a landmark deal last year. The agreement signed by President Benigno Aquino and the biggest Muslim rebel group last October was meant to pave the way for a revival of southernmost Mindanao island after 40 years of conflict, giving Muslims there more autonomy in the Catholic-majority country. That deal, with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), remains on track, but the assault on the commercial hub of Zamboanga City by hundreds of armed rebels has underlined fears that the region’s volatile mix of guns, clans and disgruntled rebel factions could yet derail the process. The army said 61 people, including 51 members of the breakaway faction of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), had been killed in the fighting, now in its seventh day. Ninety people have been wounded. Aquino, who visited the city on Friday to face one of the biggest security crises of his three-year rule, must decide whether to crack down on the group - risking spreading violence - or open talks that could complicate the peace process. A brief ceasefire collapsed on Saturday and troops were still battling rebels in Zamboanga, a port that is home to 800,000 people, and the nearby island of Basilan on Sunday, forcing thousands to flee. The violence has paralysed the port, shutting banks and businesses, setting around 300 houses on fire and grounding flights. The rebels made their surprise attack on Monday, trying to march through the city to plant a flag of independence. “There’s only one word to describe what is happening in the city - catastrophic,” said Cholo Soliven, president of the Zamboanga City Chamber of Commerce and Industry. “We are losing a lot, our economy is bleeding.” Sobering Reminder For Investors

Mindanao’s mineral reserves include gold, copper, nickel, iron, chromite and manganese and account for about two-fifths of total reserves in the country. The Sulu Sea and Cotabato Basin service area, both within the conflict zone, have combined reserves of 411 million barrels of crude oil, equivalent to more than three times the country’s annual consumption, and 2.3 billion cubic feet of gas. The violence is a sobering reminder for potential investors. Miners and other companies such as food processor Del Monte Pacific Limited (DMPL.SI: Quote, Profile, Research) had said they were considering expanding after the MILF peace deal. “If the violence ... continues for a

World’s oldest man dies at age 112

This photo provided by Guinness World Records shows 112 year-old Salustiano Sanchez-Blazquez. Guinness World Records says the former musician and coal miner certified as the world's oldest man has died. Sanchez-Blazquez was 112. Guinness consultant Robert Young says Sanchez-Blazquez died on September 13, at a nursing home in Grand Island, N.Y. (AP Photo)

GrAND ISLAND, SepTeMBer 15 (Ap): The world’s oldest man, a 112-year-old self-taught musician, coal miner and gin rummy aficionado from western New York, has died. He was 112. Salustiano Sanchez-Blazquez died Friday at a nursing home in Grand Island, according to Robert Young, senior gerontology consultant with Guinness World Records. Sanchez-Blazquez became the world’s oldest man when Jiroemon Kimura died June 12 at age 116. Born June 8, 1901, in the village of El Tejado de Bejar, Spain, he was known for his talent on the dulzaina, a double-reed wind instrument that he taught himself and played at weddings and village celebrations. At 17, he moved with his older brother Pedro and a group of friends to Cuba, where they worked in the cane fields. In 1920, he came to the United States through Ellis Island and worked in the coal mines of Lynch, Kentucky. Ultimately, he moved to the Niagara Falls area of New York, where he worked in construction and in the industrial furnaces. He married his wife, Pearl, in 1934. A spokeswoman for Sanchez-Blazquez’s family did not immediately return a phone message Saturday. In a statement provided by Guinness World Records earlier this summer, Sanchez-Blazquez — whose nickname was “Shorty” — said he was humbled by the attention, saying he didn’t feel he accomplished anything special just because he has lived longer than most. “He says, ‘I’m an old man and let’s leave it at that,’” his daughter, 69-year-old Irene Johnson, said at the time. SanchezBlazquez lived with Johnson in Grand Island after his wife died in 1988; he moved to a nursing home in 2007. “We did our best,” Johnson said. “We weren’t going to put him somewhere just because he was old.” Sanchez-Blazquez had said his longevity was attributed to eating one banana per day and his daily dose of six Anacin tablets. His daughter had another theory. “I think it’s just because he’s an independent, stubborn man,” she said. Besides his daughter, Sanchez-Blazquez had a 76-year-old son, John, seven grandchildren, 15 greatgrandchildren and five great-great-grandchildren. Guinness says the world’s oldest person is a woman, 115-year-old Misao Okawa of Japan. Young said 90 percent of all supercentenarians are female and SanchezBlazquez had been the only male born in 1901 with proof of birth. Arturo Licata, 111, of Italy, is now the leading candidate to be officially recognized by Guinness as the current world’s oldest man, according to Young. Guinness will make a pronouncement on Licata at a later date. The oldest authenticated person was Jeanne Louise Calment of France, who died at the age of 122 years and 164 days.

Government troopers take their positions in the continuing standoff with Muslim rebels, who have taken scores of hostages and used them as human shields for seven days now, in Zamboanga city, southern Philippines on Setember 15. The standoff, which began Monday when about 200 Moro National Liberation Front guerrillas stormed several coastal communities in Zamboanga city and seized several residents, has displaced more than 60,000, forced the closure of businesses and resulted in more than 50 deaths so far. (AP Photo)

protracted period, or if the conflict widens, this could also seriously undermine Mindanao’s efforts to attract new investment,” said Rajiv Biswas, Asia-Pacific Chief Economist with IHS. Complicating the standoff, the army says that at least 100 residents are trapped in rebel-held areas, with dozens believed to have been taken as hostages. About 62,000 people have been displaced, authorities said, while some residents stranded by the fighting appealed for food and water. “We have no food and no money to buy it,” Roland Bocoy, 33, a porter at the city airport, told Reuters. “I lost my home and

the only possessions I have are the clothes on my back.” The rebels are one faction of the divided MNLF rebel group, which signed a discredited peace deal with the government in 1996. The faction’s leader, Nur Misuari, 71, broke away from the main group in 2001 and warned last year that the MILF was signing its “death warrant” by agreeing to the latest deal. “His intention is to provoke violence and internationalize this to make the MNLF a more important player in the peace process,” said Stephen Norris, a security analyst with the Control Risks group in Singapore. Rodolfo Garcia, a retired general, said the government

should open talks with Misuari, who has kept a low profile since the violence started and has not acknowledged any role in it. Business leader Soliven said the government had committed a blunder by ignoring the MNLF founder. “Misuari may no longer be powerful, but he is still the icon of Muslim struggle,” Soliven told Reuters. But Teresita Quintos-Deles, presidential adviser on the peace process, said that three MNLF factions had been due to attend a planned meeting with the government hosted by Indonesia on Monday - and that Misuari’s faction had pulled out.

ZAMBOANGA, SepTeMBer 15 (Ap): Nearly 100 Muslim guerrillas who have held scores of people hostage for a week in a southern Philippine city have been killed or captured in an offensive to retake rebel-held coastal communities, officials said Sunday. Army troops and police special forces have regained rebel-held grounds and are pressing an assault deeper into communities in the coastal outskirts of Zamboanga city, where more than 100 Moro National Liberation Front guerrillas are holding an unspecified number of hostages, military spokesman Lt. Col. Ramon Zagala said. “We’re gaining ground, we’re pushing forward,” he said. Troops are calibrating their firepower to avoid harming civilians, Zagala said. At least 51 rebels have been killed and 42 others captured, most while trying to escape along the coast after discarding their camouflage uniforms for ordinary clothes, Interior Secretary Mar Roxas said, adding that the gunmen would face criminal charges.

Six policemen and soldiers, along with four villagers, have been killed in the standoff, which began Monday when troops foiled an attempt by the rebels, who arrived by boat from outlying islands, to march and hoist their flag at Zamboanga’s city hall. They barged into five coastal villages and took more than 100 hostages as human shields. Army troops and police, backed by helicopters and navy gunboats, initially surrounded the rebels with their hostages while government officials tried to convince the insurgents to free their captives and surrender. But government forces decided to attack Friday after the guerrillas started setting on fire clusters of houses and fired mortar rounds that wounded several Red Cross aid workers, Zagala said. While the government’s offensive is gaining momentum, Roxas said it’s difficult to tell when troops will be able to end the standoff, which has displaced more than 67,000 residents. The crisis has virtually paralyzed the

port city of nearly a million people, after authorities closed its international airport and suspended sea ferry services. The Moro insurgents, led by rebel leader Nur Misuari, signed a peace deal in 1996, but the guerrillas did not lay down their arms and later accused the government of reneging on a promise to develop long-neglected Muslim regions in the south of the predominantly Roman Catholic nation. The rebels have become increasingly restive in recent months as they were overshadowed by a rival rebel group, which engaged President Benigno Aquino III’s government in peace talks brokered by Malaysia. The talks have steadily progressed toward a new and potentially larger autonomy deal for minority Muslims in the south. Misuari, whose group launched a similar attack in Zamboanga city in 2001, has not been seen in public since the standoff began.

BAGHDAD, SepTeMBer 15 (Ap): A new wave of insurgent attacks, mostly car bombs targeting Shiite-dominated cities in central and southern Iraq, killed at least 35 people on Sunday, officials said. The attacks continue a surge in bloodshed that has engulfed the country for months. No one has claimed responsibility for the blasts, which targeted commercial areas and parking lots in seven cities. But systematically organized waves of bombings are used out by al-Qaida’s local branch, known as the Islamic State of Iraq, to undermine confidence in the Shiite-led government. The deadliest was in the city of Hillah, 95 kilometers (60 miles) south of Baghdad, where a car bomb explosion near an outdoor market and parking lot killed nine civilians and wounded 15 others, a police officer said. A few minutes later, another car bomb went off nearby, killing six civilians and wounding 14, he added. In the nearby town of Iskandariyah, 50 kilometers (30 miles) south of the capital, another car bomb hit a parking lot, killing four civilians and wounding nine, police said. Another explosives-rigged parked car bomb went off in an industrial area of the Shiite city of Karbala, killing four and wounding 25, a police officer said. Karbala is 80

kilometers (50 miles) south of Baghdad. And in Kut, another Shiite-dominated city 160 kilometers (100 miles) southeast of Baghdad, a car bomb targeted a gathering of construction workers and food stalls, killing two and wounding 14, another provincial police officer said. In Baghdad’s northern Sunni-dominated Azamiyah neighborhood, a car bomb exploded near the convoy of the head of Baghdad’s provincial council killed three and wounded eight, police say. The council head escaped unharmed. Two other car bombs hit the southern adjacent cities of Basra and Nasiriyah, killing five civilians and wounding 21, two police officers said. And two more civilians were killed when a bomb hit a police patrol in Baghdad’s western suburbs. Nine other people were wounded. Eight medical officials confirmed the casualty figures. All spoke anonymously as they weren’t authorized to release information. Iraq is going through its deadliest bout of violence since 2008, raising fears the country is returning to a period of widespread killing such as that which pushed it to the brink of civil war following the 2003 U.S.led invasion. More than 4,000 people have been killed in violent attacks since the start of April, including 804 just in August, according to United Nations figures.

KABuL, SepTeMBer 15 (Ap): A tunnel collapsed in a coal mine in Afghanistan’s north, killing at least 24 workers and leaving three others missing, officials said Sunday. Some 14 area residents trying to aid in the rescue were overcome by fumes and had to get treatment. Workplace safety standards are poor in Afghanistan as in many developing nations, and such accidents are common. But concern about such standards is likely to grow in the coming years as the government tries to develop a wealth of mineral resources in the country — a challenging goal as it battles a Taliban insurgency. The mine tunnel collapse occurred Saturday around 2 p.m. in Ruyi Du Ab district of Samangan province, a remote area where the insurgency does not have a significant presence yet. Aminullah, a police official who like many Afghans goes by one name, says more than 1,000 villagers in the area rushed to the scene, using their hands, shovels and other tools to try to dig out the workers. Akram Baigzad, the provincial police chief, said 24 bodies had been recovered of a total of 27 workers. Fumes left around 14 rescuers with breathing problems, but none died as a result, he said.

nearly 100 rebels killed or captured

Wave of bombings kill 35 in iraq

24 afghans die as tunnel collapses in coal mine

deal on chemical weapons a plus for all: Obama

In this August 28, citizen journalism image provided by the United Media Office of Arbeen which has been authenticated based on its contents and other AP reporting, members of the UN investigation team take samples from sand near a part of a missile that is likely to be one of the chemical rockets according to activists, in the Damascus countryside of Ain Terma, Syria. The U.S. government insists it has the intelligence to prove a connection between the government of President Bashar Assad to the alleged chemical weapons attack last month that killed hundreds of people in Syria_but in the absence of such evidence, Damascus and its ally Russia have aggressively pushed another scenario: that rebels carried out the August 21 chemical attack. (AP Photo)

WASHINGTON, SepTeMBer 15 (Ap): President Barack Obama says an agreement between the U.S. and Russia offers a chance to destroy Syria’s huge stockpile of chemical weapons and promises to end the threat the weapons pose to the region and the world as well as the Syrian people. Obama says the international community expects Syria to live up to its public commitments to hand over its chemical weapons stockpile. Warning that the U.S. remains prepared to act if Syria falls short, he also cautions that more work remains even after the progress the deal represents “The use of chemical weapons anywhere in the world is an affront to human dignity and a threat to the security of people everywhere,” Obama said in a statement Saturday. “We have a duty to preserve a world free from the fear of chemical weapons for our children. Today marks an important step towards achieving this goal.”

In setting out one of the most ambitious arms-control efforts in history, U.S. and Russian officials reached an agreement calling for an inventory of Syria’s chemical weapons program and seizing all its components. The agreement includes imposing penalties if Syrian President Bashar Assad’s government fails to comply. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and their teams had been meeting day and night in Geneva to develop a framework for ridding the world of Syria’s chemicals weapons. A gas attack in the Damascus suburbs on Aug. 21prompted a series of events leading to the meetings. The U.S. and others blame Assad’s government for the attack, though Assad denies the charge. More than 1,400 people died, according to U.S. estimates, the latest victims of Syria’s 2½-year-old civil war. Yet polls showed relatively little support among Americans for a military strike against Syria, even after the Obama administra-

tion’s efforts to argue that punishing the Assad government for violating international norms of warfare was in the security interests of the U.S. Obama ordered preparations for American airstrikes, but he decided instead to ask for authorization from Congress for military action. Then came the Russian proposal for international control of Syria’s chemical weapons, and Obama asked Congress, already largely opposed to military intervention, to delay a vote. The deal to destroy Syria’s chemical weapons also offers the potential for reviving international peace talks to end a civil war that has claimed more than 100,000 lives and sent 2 million refugees fleeing for safety, and now threatens the stability of the entire Mideast. In Congress, Republican Sens. John McCain of Arizona and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, who are among Obama’s sharpest foreign policy critics and support greater U.S. assistance for Syria’s rebels, said the agreement will embolden enemies such as Iran. House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi of California credited the president’s “steadfast leadership” for “making significant progress in our efforts to prevent the use of weapons of mass destruction.”

israelis cautiously hopeful

JeruSALeM, SepTeMBer 15 (Ap): Israeli leaders are expressing cautious hope about a U.S.-Russia agreement that would require Syria to identify and eliminate its chemical weapons by mid-2014. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday that Israel hoped the plan would lead to the “complete destruction” of Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal and would push the world to stop Iran from nuclear weapons armament. President Shimon Peres says the possibility of U.S. military action if the plan fails should “teach a lesson” to Iran. Still, Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz told Army Radio that the agreement’s deadline was not speedy enough, and Syrian President Bashar Assad could try to hide weapons. Avigdor Lieberman, chair of parliament’s foreign affairs and defense committee, told Army Radio that Israel would compare its knowledge of Syria’s weapons to the inventory Syria submits.




Monday 16 September 2013

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Mayweather dominates Alvarez for easy win

Floyd Mayweather Jr. lands a punch against Canelo Alvarez in the third round during a 152-pound title fight, Saturday, Sept. 14, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo)

LAS VEGAS, SEptEmbEr 15 (Ap): Floyd Mayweather turned one of the richest fights ever into just another $41.5 million payday on Saturday by dominating Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez from the opening bell to enhance his reputation as the best boxer in the world. Fighting off his shortest layoff in years, Mayweather was sharp, efficient and sometimes brutal in dismantling an unbeaten fighter who was bigger and was supposed to punch harder. He frustrated the Mexican early, pounded him with big right hands in the middle rounds, and made him look just like he said he would — like any other opponent. Mayweather was favored 117-111 and 116112 on two ringside scorecards while a third surprisingly had the fight 114-114. The Associated Press scored it 119-109 for Mayweather. "I just listened to my corner, listened to my dad," Mayweather said. "My dad had a brilliant game plan, and I went out there and got the job done." Mayweather remained unbeaten in 45 fights and added another piece of the junior middleweight title to

1st Faith in Action Taekwondo Championship

Nizuto Taekwondo Academy emerge victorious

Gold: Edwin Joy (Dimapur Club) Silver: Calvin A. Raja (Dimapur Club) Bronze: Jitender Singh Rana (Punjab)

DImApUr, SEptEmbEr 15 (mExN): Nizuto Taekwondo Academy of Dimapur emerged Team Champion by sweeping away 10 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze medal while Runner’s up Hope Academy captured 6 Gold, 10 Silver and 16 Bronze in the 1st Faith in Action Taekwondo Championship which concluded on Saturday at Honili Memorial School, Dimapur.

Sub Junior Girls Fin Weight Category: Gold: Loino Muru(Hope Academy) Silver:Nukshirenla(Hope Academy) Bronze:Nuksungienla(Hope Academy)

Results: Best Discipline Award: Immanuel Hall Taekwondo Academy Best Referee Award: Inausana Singha of Nizuto Taekwond Academy Best Fighter Award in Boys Category: Kevin of Immanuel Hall Taekwondo Academy Best Fighter Award in Girls Category: Monika of Immanuel Hall Taekwondo Academy. Sub Junior Boys Fin Weight Category: Gold: Kimiyeka Assumi (St. Thomas School) Silver: Ayush Ghosh (Immanuel Hall Tkd. Academy) Bronze: Sajid Uddin (St. Thomas School) Bronze: Atensanger Imchen (Hope Academy) Sub Junior Boys Fly Weight Category: Gold: Saben Calvin Kinghen (Nizuto Tkd. Academy) Silver: Sentiyanger Longkumer (St. Thomas School) Bronze: Imkongsanen Jamir (Hope Academy) Bronze: Jon Chishi (Immanuel Hall Tkd. Academy) Sub Junior Boys Bantam Weight Category: Gold: Anukato H. Yeptho (St. Thomas School) Silver: Shiluyanger (St. Thomas School) Bronze: Jaffet Anar (Immanuel Hall Tkd. Academy) Bronze: Simon (St. Thomas School) Sub Junior Boys Feather Weight Category: Gold: Aghatsa K. Swu (Nizuto Tkd. Academy) Silver: Asenba (St. Thomas School) Bronze: Nashir Uddin (St. Thomas School) Bronze: Rokovilie Swiho (Honili School) Sub Junior Boys Light Weight Category: Gold: Altab Uddin (St. Thomas School) Silver: Longmeden Jamir (Hope Academy) Bronze: Toke (Hope Academy) Bronze: Sandeep Chetri (St. Thomas School) Sub Junior Boys Welter Weight Category: Gold: Tonoka K. Swu (Nizuto Tkd. Academy) Silver: Anish Chherty (Immanuel Hall Tkd.Academy)

Sub Junior Girls Fly Weight Category: Gold:Vinity (Hope Academy) Silver:Likupu (Hope Academy) Sub Junior Girls Bantam Weight Category: Gold:Chubatula (Hope Academy) Silver:Imtilemla (Hope Academy) Sub Junior Girls Welter Weight Category: Gold:Yachumaro Angelakinghen(Nizuto Tkd Academy) Silver:Sungtinaro (Hope Academy) Bronze:Asangla Oung (Hope Academy) Bronze:Akatoli ( Hope Academy)

Winners of the 1st Faith in Action Taekwondo Championship which concluded on Sunday. Bronze: Imkongtongzuk (Hope Academy) Bronze: Riyon Dutt Pandey (Dimapur Club) Sub Junior Boys Light Middle Weight Category: Gold: Chansonba (St. Thomas School) Silver: Daksh Garg (Dimapur Club) Bronze: Kughai Aomi (Hope Academy) Bronze: Hiketo H. Achumi (Nizuto Tkd. Academy) Sub Junior Boys Middle Weight Category: Gold: Moang Longkumer (Hope Academy) Silver: Imkongsunep (Hope Academy) Sub Junior Boys Light Heavy Weight Category: Gold: Ankit Chhetry (Immanuel Hall Tkd. Academy) Silver: Mulongnen Jamir (Hope Academy) Bronze: Ankit Garhwal (Dimapur Club) Bronze: Satesh Kumaran (Immanuel Hall) Sub Junior Boys Heavy Weight Category: Gold: Kevin (Immanuel Hall Tkd. Academy) Silver: Shaibal (Immanuel Hall Tkd. Academy) Bronze: Mika Achumi (Honili School) Bronze: Nikika Assumi (Hope Academy) Junior Boys Fin Weight Category: Gold: Kiboto Ayemi (Nizuto Tkd. Academy) Silver: T. Moipang Aventh (Livingstone) Bronze: Inakhu Yepthomi (St. Thomas School) Junior Boys Fly Weight Category: Gold: Ikugha (Livingstone) Silver: Atohika Achumi (Honili School)

Junior Boys Bantam Weight Category: Gold: Basuchang (Honili School) Silver: Anok Chuyo (Honili School) Junior Boys Feather Weight Category: Gold: Chingyah H. Phom (Livingstone) Silver: Anguvi Awomi (Dimapur Club) Bronze: Tokavi Yeptho (Honili School) Bronze: Hutoka Yeptho (Livingstone) Junior Boys Light Weight Category: Gold: Swuto (Honili School) Silver: Temjen Temsu (Livingstone) Bronze: Thejaser (Livingstone) Bronze: Oponthung Lotha (Livingstone) Junior Boys Light Heavy Weight Category: Gold: Tovi Sema (Nizuto Tkd. Academy) Silver: Lemsemchuba (Livingstone) Senior Boys Fin Weight Category: Gold: Metilee K. (Livingstone) Silver: Temjen Ao (Immanuel Hall Tkd. Academy) Bronze: Sriram Kumar (Dimapur Club) Senior Boys Fly Weight Category: Gold: Mughaka Zhimomi (Dimapur Club) Silver: Akato Swu (Honili School) Bronze: Kidunwi Newmai (Dimapur Club)

Sub Junior Girls Light Middle Weight Category: Gold:Sungenkala (Hope Academy) Silver:Akitoli (Hope Academy) Bronze:Temsuienla Jamir (Hope Academy) Bronze:Imtichila Jamir (Hope Academy) Sub Junior Girls Light Heavy Weight Category: Gold:Irene Eissubeni Kinghen (Nizuto Tkd. Academy) Silver:Kiboli K.Swu (Nizuto Tkd. Academy) Bronze:sayajong Longchar (Hope Academy) Bronze:Carne A.Raja (Dimapur Club) Sub Junior Girls Heavy Weight Category: Gold:Naomi (Honili School) Silver:Priya Baid (Dimapur Club) Bronze:Claudia (Hope Academy) Bronze:Apong (St.Thomas school) Junior Girls Black Belt Bantam Weight Category: Gold:Daina (Immanual Hall) Silver:Nikita (Immanual Hall) Junior Girls Bantam Weight Category: Gold: Nilali Ayemi (Nizuto Tkd. Academy) Silver: Padamwi (St.Thomas school) Bronze: Pongyu (Dimapur Club) Bronze: Kuputoli Chishi (Honili School)

his collection in a fight that was fought at a catchweight 68.9 kilogram (152-pound) limit. Alvarez weighed in at that weight, but was an unofficial 74.8 kilograms (165 pounds) when he got into the ring while Mayweather was an even 68 (150). Mayweather's speed was the difference all night as he was able to land straight rights and left jabs, then get out of the way before Alvarez was able to respond. But while Mayweather used great defense, he wasn't afraid to attack often and at different angles, finding Alvarez with punches he couldn't anticipate. "He's very talented, very elusive," Alvarez said. Alvarez was supposed to be Mayweather's greatest challenge and he did his best to force the action. Like others, though, he spent much of his night punching at an opponent who had already moved away from him. "I didn't know how to get him, it's extremely simple," Alvarez said. "He's a great fighter, very intelligent. The frustration was getting in there, but he's a great fighter. We tried to catch him." The sellout crowd at the MGM Grand tried its

best to urge Alvarez on, but the cheers of "Canelo! Canelo!" were faint by the late rounds. Alvarez kept trying to force the fight, but every time he went after Mayweather he paid for it with a counter right or a combination to the head. By the fourth round he was beginning to get frustrated, landing a low blow that angered Mayweather, who was further angered when Alvarez refused to touch gloves with him to resume the fight. The fight was one of the richest ever — if not the richest ever — with a live gate of $20 million and at least another $100 million from pay-per-view. Tickets were so hot that celebrities were actually offering to buy them and some tickets were being offered online for as much as $29,000. Mayweather was the big beneficiary of that, making a guaranteed $41.5 million to $5 million for Alvarez. Add in his purse from his win over Robert Guererro in May and Mayweather made $73 million in two fights. The fight was on free TV in Mexico, and some estimates were that 70 million people would watch.


14Th NSF MaRTyRS’ MEMoRIal TRophy 2013 GROUP - A K.V.S.U. Students’FC M.T. Youth Club Spartan FC

20th Sept. to 19th oct. 2013

GROUP - e Nagaland Police

25/9 iv Kohima Sc. College 4/10 ii Utd. Blood Brothers FC 26/9 i

20/9 1/10 iii 21/9 i

Maple FC

21/9 ii 2/10 i Seiyhama SU 21/9 iii Utd. engineer’s Club

8/10 i

Alpine FC


Ablazer’s FC

9/10 ii 4/10 iii

26/9 iii 14/10


26/9 iv


2/10 ii

Rooster Club, Phesama 23/9 Mt. Olive College Kigwema SU Hoodwink FC SASU Phesazou Sporting Club GROUP - C T.K.S. Kohima College Oasis FC, Mezoma New Market (B) Adroit Boys FC Apex FC, Phevima Skull Rangers XI, Poilwa Naga United


23/9 ii 2/10 iii 23/9 iii

Kokuyox FC Meriema VYO Zeliangrong FC DeF Kohima

Alder College, Kohima Kohima Bible College ehunu & Yikhanu SU

9/10 iii

FINal 19/10


23/9 iv

28/9 i 5/10 iii 28/9 ii

3/10 i 24/9 i 8/10 iii

24/9 ii

5/10 i 27/9 i 27/9 ii 5/10 ii 27/9 iii


10/10 i

3/10 ii

28/9 iii

15/10 30/9 ii

24/9 iv

27/9 iv

3/10 iii

9/10 i

25/9 ii 25/9 iii

Inpui Naga Warriors, Mnp

St. Joseph’s College eureka Club Gideon FC Sepfiizou FC Orion FC Punachu Utd. FC Marvels Utd. FC GROUP - G HQ IGAR Post Graduate SU Thipuzu SU Kandi FC Black & White FC Asian Mission College

Jakhama SU


25/9 i

Nevuus FC

7/10 i Kuki SU, Kohima 30/9 i

24/9 iii

GROUP - D Twenty-XI, Viswema

8/10 ii

Sphinx FC Tyrant’s FC


Southern Naga Club 21/9 Khulazu Bawe YO

26/9 ii

Capital College of Hr. edu.

4/10 i

GROUP - H Koubru SC, Mnp Sansa Ukhrul 4th NAP FC

7/10 ii Jotsoma Students’ Union 30/9 iii 10/10 ii

Arena Kings XI

Zeva Club, Zhavame

1/10 i Kohima Royal Kicker 7/10 iii Tragopan Club, Zhavame 1/10 ii

Viper FC, Nerhema i. Four (4) matches will be played during the preliminary round. ii. Schedule of the matches are indiccated as i, ii, iii & iv against the date. ii. Match timing are as follows: i.10am, ii. 11:30am, iii. 1:00 pm, iv. 2:30 pm

Junior Girls Feather Weight Category: Gold: Monika Rai (Immanuel Hall Tkd. Academy) Silver: Junmoni (Nizuto Tkd. Academy) Junior Girls Light Heavy Weight Category: Gold: Moa (St.Thomas school) Silver: Aghali (Dimapur Club)

Senior Boys Black Belt Light Weight Category:

Czech Republic reaches Davis Cup final prAGUE, SEptEmbEr 15 (Ap): The Czech Republic reached the Davis Cup final again after Tomas Berdych and Radek Stepanek won their doubles to give the defending champion an unbeatable 3-0 lead over Argentina on Saturday. Berdych and Stepanek dispatched Carlos Berlocq and Horacio Zeballos 6-3, 6-4, 6-2 to improve their formidable record in Davis Cup doubles to 13-1, and ensure the Czechs will defend their title against Serbia or Canada in the final in November. Regardless of who wins between Serbia and Canada, the Czechs will have to travel to the final. "We would like to keep the trophy because it's beautiful," Stepanek said. "This competition means a lot to us." Berdych converted the first match point of the semifinal with a service winner to send the Czechs to a third final in five years in front of more than 11,000 fans at O2 Arena. "It's an honor for us to play in such an atmosphere," Stepanek, who was jumping on the court in joy with other members of the squad, told the crowd. "You're fantastic." The Czechs never lost serve, saving two Argentine break opportunities to clinch their eighth straight cup victory. Just days after his second Grand Slam doubles title at the U.S. Open, Stepanek dominated at the net with his volleys while Berdych added his powerful serve for a lethal combination that the Argentines were not able Czech Republic´s Tomas Berdych, right, and Radek Stepanek, left, celebrats after defeating Argentina´s Carlos Berlocq and Horacio Zeballo in their doubles Davis Cup semifinal tennis to match in their cup doubles debut. "Everything was on the right place, tomatch in Prague, Czech Republic on Sept. 14. (AP Photo)

day," Berdych said. "We didn't drop serve, and then we were taking our chances." Their only moment of worry, albeit briefly, was when Stepanek fell with what seemed to be a leg injury in the sixth game of the first set but recovered and continued to play. "I just had a misstep on the return and twisted a little bit but it was nothing serious," Stepanek said. "It didn't affect me at all." Zeballos was impressed by Berdych and Stepanek. "(They) are a really good couple," he said. "Berdych has an unbelievable serve and really good return and Stepanek has a lot of confidence right now." Last year, Berdych and Stepanek played all five rubbers in last year's final in Prague, beating Spain 3-2 to give their country its first Davis Cup title as an independent nation and avenge the 2009 5-0 final loss to the Spaniards. As in last year's final against Spain, the Czechs elected to play on their favorite fast surface to counter Argentina's clay-court specialists. That decision paid off. On Friday, Stepanek swept Juan Monaco 7-6 (3), 6-3, 6-2 and Berdych overcame hard-hitting Leonardo Mayer 6-4, 4-6, 6-3, 6-4 in the opening singles. Argentina is without star Juan Martin Del Potro, who elected to skip the cup this year but even without him, Argentina reached the semifinals for the fourth consecutive year. But its pursuit of a first cup title was ended for the second year in a row by the Czechs in the semis.

Winners and runners-up of the 26th Leo Club Inter-School Table Tennis Tournament. Jay Gurung of Zakiesato Memorial Higher Secondary School lifted the singles title by defeating Saurav Jain of S D Jain Higher Secondary School. In doubles, Jay Gurung and Chingmi Shimray defeated Gokul Jain and Praveen of Delhi Public School in the final.

26th Inter-school TT tournament

DImApUr, SEptEmbEr 15 (mExN): The 26th Inter-school Table Tennis Tournament, organized by Leo Club Dimapur began on September 14 at Lions Club, Dimapur; where 15 different schools are participating. A total of 70 participants are vying for the singles and doubles title. The tournament was inaugurated by SP Dimapur, V Z Angami, who was the chief guest on the occasion. Encouraging the participants, Angami reminded them about the set of rules which is to be followed while playing any sports and told them to maintain sportsmanship spirit throughout the game. He said that one displays good sportsmanship if he/she respects himself/herself, the opponent, the coaches and umpires in any game. He told the participants to accept defeat gracefully if they lose the game. He asserted that sports teach us to cope with failures and disappointments. The finals of the tournament will be played on Sunday and the closing ceremony would be held at 5 p.m.


The Morung Express C M Y K

16 September 2013

PurPle Fusion D



Miley Cyrus unfollows Liam Hemsworth on Twitter

enthralls crowd

Kohima, September 15 (mexN): Life Pro Cafe Kohima kick started its fourth phase of the MTF Live series on September 13, with Purple Fusion taking centre stage. Purple Fusion enthralled the audience with a blend of jazz, folk fusion, blues coupled by warrior chants. Singing their originals and covers, the band displayed their prowess and proved why in a matter of a year’s time the band has risen fast to

new heights in folk fusion music. Talking to MEx, bassist of the band Mhathung Odyuo expressed his happiness on the introduction of the MTF Live Series by the Music task force to promote local musicians and their music. He also expressed his gratefulness to Thejakielie Zuyie, proprietor of the cafe for inviting the band for their first debut gig in the state capital. Expressing his disappointment on the

part of some cafes who invite musicians only when they can perform without any fees, Mhathung also expressed happiness on the part of the MTF for giving an opportunity to artists to earn through the live series while requesting them to make sure that the live series is carried effectively. September 21 will see Rattle and Hum Lounge kick start its fourth edition of the live series.

Harry Styles heads out with his sister after hitting a local pub


Styles seems to be linked to more women than Tyrion Lannister, but he left the ladies for one night to enjoy a night out with his sister. After attending the House Of Holland fashion show at Somerset House, Harry joined Nick Grimshaw, Kelly Osbourne, her fiancé Matthew Mosshart and his older sibling for a quick drink at a local pub. But as his celebrity friends headed off to the next fashion party, Harry, 19, and Gemma jumped into their own car, to spend the rest of the evening together. According to onlookers, Harry was quite the gentleman, holding the taxi door open for his big sister so she could enter, but maybe he was making up for his clumsiness earlier, when he tripped over a puppy as he left the pub with his mates. The One Direction star seemed to kick the poor pup, but ever the animal lover, Styles bent down to see if the canine was OK, much to the enjoyment of its young female owners. Hopefully while making the stop at the public house, Harry’s fasting period


was over, as the popstar has been following Yom Kippur, although he is not Jewish himself. But while Harry and Gemma headed off on their own, Kelly later popped up at the W Magazine party hosted by Cara Delevingne who was recently reported to be secretly dating Styles. After the two were spotted together at a recent performance of Book Of Mormons in London, rumours emerged of a romance between them, but one magazine claims Cara isn’t wearing her heart on her her sleeve. A source told Look magazine: ‘Of course he might profess his love for her - and he has done that on many occasions - but she’s heard it all before. ‘He said that to her just a month before he went public with Taylor, so I imagine she’s learned her lesson.’ It’s thought the couple’s secret rendezvous have included her flying to Los Angeles to watch him in concert and meeting up for casual drinks with mutual friends such as Nick Grimshaw and Pixie Geldof. But with their relationship reported to be casual, surely Harry’s evening with his sister will be met with relief on Cara’s part.

Jennifer while promoting new movie Life of Crime...


he is known for her bynumbers approach to romantic comedies. But it looks as though Jennifer Aniston is putting her name to something with a bit more substance. The 44-year-old looked as youthful as ever as she arrived at the Toronto film festival on Saturday to promote new movie Life of Crime. And perhaps the star was in ‘serious actress’ mode as she opted for a simple black dress and matching strappy heels. However, the glamorous star - who is a dedicated

fan of Pilates - showed off her impressively toned legs. As she took her seat to talk about the film, Jen also revealed her remarkably fresh-faced complexion with minimal make-up. In her new movie - Jennifer plays a socialite wife who is kidnapped as part of a plot by a gang of fraudsters. The film is based on Emore Leonard’s 1978 novel, and director Daniel Schechter commented about Jen: ‘It’s the best work she’s ever done and she’ll blow people away. I don’t think people will see it coming, she’s so

talented and I was crying while watching it.’ Closing the festival, the film, and Jennifer’s performance, has already been getting the thumbs up from critics. The film also stars Tim Robbins and rapper Mos Def. Despite her high profile, it was recently revealed that Jen only pockets a mere $5m a movie for such comedies as We’re The Millers. The actress has certainly churned out a high number of rom-coms, but has also tackled more serious roles before in the acclaimed drama The Good Girl.

espite numerous reports to the contrary, Miley Cyrus maintains her engagement is still on but she has now given her clearest indication yet that all is not well in her relationship with Liam Hemsworth. The 20-yearold singer has unfollowed the hunky Australian actor on Twitter, sending a powerful message in today’s social networking obsessed world. For Miley, who is an active Twitter user, this is the ultimate snub and a public declaration that there could be trouble in paradise. However, Liam, 23, is still following Miley. The Australian actor also appeared in good spirits as he arrived at the PreFight Party for the Floyd Mayweather fight in Las Vegas on Saturday. Their relationship has been under the microscope recently with reports that the pair have split up and gotten back together numerous times in the last 12 months. In February, it was rumoured that Liam got ‘hot and heavy’ with January Jones at a pre-Oscar party. January was linked to the Hunger Games actor again earlier this month when it was claimed Liam was sending saucy texts to the Mad Men actress. According to Us Weekly, he ‘fired off a graphic, sexual text message’ to January that reportedly said,

‘I want to F**k you.’ Although Liam denied the story, it’s been claimed he is looking for a way out of the relationship. A source told Us Weekly, ‘They’re just weeks away from calling it off permanently. Liam feels very distant emotionally from Miley these days. The couple were last seen walking the red carpet as a couple in early August , when


Miley supported Liam at the premiere of his new Paranoia in Los Angeles. However, witnesses revealed they ‘acted like strangers’. ‘Miley and Liam acted like they didn’t even know each other the entire night,’ a source said. ‘She was wearing her ring but they acted as if they were strangers. ‘[Their kisses] were awkward and he didn’t seem into them.’

Pippa Middleton arrives at the wedding of James Meade and Lady Laura Marsham, at Gayton Church in Gayton, Norfolk on September 14. (AP)


Bhansali’s upcoming biggie Ram Leela reveal grandeur and a colour fest



sneak peek at a song through leaked images of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s upcoming biggie Ram Leela reveals the film-maker is once again set to unleash his trademark grandeur and majestic taste. The images feature the film’s lead cast, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone, and reveal a colour fest. We learnt they are scenes of a highlight dance number. Deepika looks stunning in a red lehnga with traditional prints and mirror work, her hands painted in red too. Incidentally, the first-look poster

of the film released a while ago had Deepika Padukone draped in a 30-kilo lehnga. She sure seems to be in the mood to go for an ethnic turn. Ranveer is seen flaunting his flamboyant side in a perfectly chiselled body. With envious abs, the actor dances away in a traditional outfit with flowered boxers peeping through. While both these on-set images are from a dance sequence, Bhansali is not in a mood to give out details. The filmmaker is known to maintain secrecy while shooting a project, and has

maintained that spirit with Ram Leela. According to industry buzz, the film could have as many as 14 songs with a mix of masala numbers and folk songs. It has already been announced that Priyanka Chopra will be doing an item number in the film. The film is said to be Bollywood adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo And Juliet, imagined in the backdrop of the dacoit heartlands of Chambal. Ram Leela is said to be more violent than the films Bhansali has directed so far. The film is scheduled to open on November 15.










Lorenzo wins San Yuvraj, Yusuf fashion India A victory Marino Grand Prix Yuvraj Singh slammed his 18th century in List A cricket while Yusuf Pathan hit a fiery 70 not out to help India A register a 77-run win in the first unofficial one-day in Bangalore.

B ANgALORE, SEPTEMBER 15 (PTI): Yuvraj Singh staked his claim for national team selection as he struck a brutal 89ball 123 to lead India `A` to a thumping 77-run victory over West Indies `A` in the first of the three-match One-day series, here on Sunday. Handed a lifeline to return to the ODI team by being named captain of India `A`, Yuvraj produced a sensational exhibition of strokeplay by hitting eight fours and seven sixes in his scintillating innings to help India raise 312 for four after being put to bat at the Chinnaswany Stadium. The match was reduced to 42-over-a-side affair due to two-hour delayed start on account of wet outfield. India `A` then bowled

out the visitors for 235 in 39.1 overs, giving the home side 1-0 lead in the series with the remaining two matches to be played at the same venue on September 17 and 19. Chasing the formidable target, the visiting side lost the plot early on as they were reduced to 58 for three in the 11th over and after a brief recovery with a 54-run stand between Narsingh Deonarine (57) and Andre Fletcher (29), they again lost quick wickets to fold up at 235. Ashley Nurse (57) was the other notable contributor for West Indies `A` whose batsmen perished while playing shots for quick runs. For India `A`, R Vinay Kumar, Rahul Sharma, Yusuf Pathan and

Sumit Narwal grabbed two wickets each while Jaydev Unadkat got a wicket. Earlier, Yuvraj tore apart the West Indies `A` bowling attack as he unleashed his wide range of strokes after a cautious start. The 31-year-old lefthander, who last played an international match in January, was simply superb with his drives on the up and also with the pull shots which all came with impeccable placement and timing. Mandeep Singh and Yusuf Pathan -- who is also looking for a comeback to the ODI team -- played perfect second fiddle to Yuvraj to help themselves to 67 from 78 balls (7x4, 1x6) and 70 not out from 32 balls (4x4, 6x6) respectively.

Ronaldo extends contract with Madrid

MADRID, SEPTEMBER 15 (AFP): Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo has renewed his contract with the club, which had been due to expire in 2015, the Spanish giants confirmed on Sunday. The Portuguese international will attend a ceremony at 1:45 pm (1145 GMT) with Real president Florentino Perez at Real Madrid's Santiago Bernabeu stadium to mark the renewal of his deal, the club said on its website. The 28-year-old's record since joining Madrid from Manchester United for a then world record 94 million euros back in 2009 has been phenomenal with the Portuguese scoring 203 times in 203 appearances. Real Madrid did not give details of the contract extention, but Spanish news-

Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo, right and club president Florentino Perez smile during a presentation at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid, Spain on Sept. 15. (AP Photo)

paper El Pais reported that the deal will run until 2018 and make Ronaldo the best paid player in the world. "The salary of the player will be close to 20 mil-

lion euros, making him the best paid footballer in the world," it said. Four-time World Player of the Year Lionel Messi was the previous highest paid player

in Spain with a salary of 16 million euros a season. The deal ends a series of drawn out negotiations that began back at the end of the 2011-12 season. Speculation then mounted that the Portuguese would leave the Spanish capital after he said he was "sad" in September last year and was believed to be upset at the lack of support offered to him by the club in his quest to reclaim the Balon d'Or, which Messi has won for the past four years. "Ronaldo wants to retire at Real Madrid, and we want him to retire here, just like [Zinedine] Zidane and so many other great players did," Perez said in July when asked about the reports that Ronaldo was planning to leave the Spanish side.

Spain's Jorge Lorenzo celebrates on the podium after winning the San Marino Moto GP grand prix at the Misano circuit, in Misano Adriatico, Italy, Sunday, Sept. 15. (AP Photo)

ITALy, SEPTEMBER 15 (AgENCIES): World champion Jorge Lorenzo cut Marc Marquez's lead at the top of the MotoGP standings to 34 points with victory in San Marino, his second win in a row. The 26-year-old, who started from the front row on his Yamaha, has now won his last three races at Misano. Fellow Spaniard Marquez took second, with Repsol Honda team-mate, and title rival, Dani Pedrosa third and Yamaha's Valentino Rossi fourth. Britain's Cal Crutchlow finished in sixth position on his Tech 3 Yamaha. Lorenzo insisted his title hopes were over after winning the British Grand Prix a fortnight ago, but his latest victory keeps alive his hopes of retaining the crown, with five legs left of the 18-race season. He has moved into second place in the standings behind 20-year-old Mar-

quez and is level on points with Pedrosa. Marquez, who started on pole but dropped to fourth early in the race, said: "The second place is important, especially because in the beginning I was struggling a lot. With the fuel tank full, I was struggling. "I did go wide twice and that penalised me a lot in the race but we had a good race to take points for the championship. That is important." The win, the 49th of Lorenzo's career, means the Mallorcan has won both Italian races on the calendar for three successive seasons. From second on the grid, Lorenzo took the lead as Marquez dropped to third on the opening lap. The championship leader, who crashed in the morning's warm-up, recovered to pass both Rossi and Pedrosa but, with the Honda teammates locked in battle until the end, Lorenzo cruised to a comfortable victory.

Bale scores in Everton beats Mourinho's Chelsea Madrid debut

Latvia's Mareks Mejeris, right, defends as Belgium's Sam Van Rossom goes to score during their EuroBasket European Basketball Championship Group E match at the Stozice Arena, in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Sunday, Sept. 15. (AP Photo)

Real Madrid's Gareth Bale from Wales celebrates after scoring against Villarreal during their La Liga soccer match at the Madrigal stadium in Villarreal, Spain on Sept. 14. (AP Photo)

Villareal hold Madrid to draw C M Y K

B ARCELONA, SEPTEMBER 15 (AP): Gareth Bale had a bittersweet debut for Real Madrid following his world-record transfer fee, as he scored but his new team drew 2-2 at Villarreal on Saturday. The draw left Barcelona and Atletico Madrid as the only perfect teams through four rounds in the Spanish league following their wins. Barcelona needed an injury-time goal by Alexis Sanchez to edge Sevilla 3-2 after conceding two late goals at home, while Atletico rolled to a 4-2 win over Almeria. "That last goal was all heart," Alexis said. Other than Bale's goal in the 38th minute, Madrid was outplayed in the first half and only Diego Lopez's goalkeeping kept it 1-1 by halftime after Ruben "Cani"

Garcia beat him in the 21st. Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo hit off the break two minutes after an exhausted Bale was substituted in the 62nd, but Cani's hard strike led to Giovani Dos Santos netting the rebound to split the points in the 70th. Madrid will have to regroup in time for Tuesday's Champions League opener at Galatasaray. Madrid broke its own transfer milestone for Ronaldo by paying Tottenham 100 million euro ($132 million) to acquire Bale at the close of the summer transfer window. Even though Bale had played only a few minutes this season in a match with Wales last week, he responded to the start coach Carlo Ancelotti gave him by equalizing to silent Villarreal's rabid attack. "I think Bale is happy for having scored in his first game with Madrid," Ancelotti said.

MANCHESTER, SEPTEMBER 15 (AP): Jose Mourinho endured his first Premier League loss since returning to Chelsea at Everton on Saturday, while Manchester City was frustrated in a draw at Stoke. For Arsenal, Manchester United and Tottenham, however, there were routine victories as the league swung back into action for the first time since the transfer window closed in the international break. Samuel Eto'o failed to make an immediate scoring impact on his Chelsea debut as Steven Naismith gave Everton a 1-0 win. Naismith headed into the net from close range in first-half stoppage time on his 27th birthday after Nikica Jelavic nodded the ball across to the forward. While it was Roberto Martinez's first win as Everton manager after three draws, Chelsea has two wins from four league matches since Mourinho — the self-styled "Special One" — returned after six years. "It was a special game, a special opposition and a very good performance," Martinez said. Mourinho saw things differently. "We didn't deserve to lose because we were the best team because we played the best football because we dominated the whole game," he said. Arsenal reaped some early reward from its decision to spend a club-record 50 million euros ($66 million) on Mesut Ozil on transfer deadline day two weeks ago. The Germany playmaker set up Olivier Giroud for the opener before in-form Aaron Ramsey scored twice in a 3-1 win at Sunderland. A third straight win maintained Arsenal's resurgence after

Everton's Seamus Coleman, left, and Chelsea's Samuel Eto'o battle for the ball during the English Premier League soccer match at Goodison Park, Liverpool, England on Sept. 14. (AP Photo)

a demoralizing openingday defeat to Aston Villa. "You've seen what he is all about, slipping those balls in," Ramsey said of Ozil, who was substituted after 80 minutes on his debut. "He has one of highest assist rates in Europe and he is going to create a lot of opportunities for us." Manchester City's mixed start to the season continued by scraping a 0-0 draw at Stoke. United was also far from fluent in a 2-0 home win over Crystal Palace that turned on a contentious decision to send off Kagisho Dikgacoi in the 43rd minute for a foul on

Ashley Young. Despite the challenge coming outside the area, a penalty was awarded — and converted by Robin van Persie — before Wayne Rooney curled in an 81stminute free kick to hand David Moyes a first success at Old Trafford. Rooney was playing with a thick headband to cover a deep cut to the forehead sustained in a training-ground incident two weeks ago. Tottenham began life without Gareth Bale, who joined Real Madrid two weeks ago, by outclassing Norwich 2-0 with a double from Gylfi Sigurdsson, who was set up for his

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first goal by new signing Christian Eriksen. Arsenal and Tottenham are level on nine points while the Manchester rivals both are on 7. Liverpool protects its perfect start to the season when it plays Swansea on Monday. Elsewhere Saturday, France playmaker Hatem Ben Arfa scored one and set up another as Newcastle beat Aston Villa 2-1 away for its second victory in a row. West Bromwich Albion claimed its first point of the season by scoring in injury time for a 1-1 draw at Fulham and Hull drew 1-1 with Cardiff in a match between two promoted clubs. PO Reg No. NE/RN-722


16th September 2013  

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