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Mon witness upsurge in tuberculosis cases


By Sandemo Ngullie



New TB patients


New MDR patients 1 1





















Multi Drug Resistant Tuberculosis


Oh no no. only his department is poor. He is a multimillionaire.

No salt shortage

DIMAPUR, NOVEMBER 15 (MExN): The Director of Food and Civil Supplies, Sedevikho Khro has informed, through a press note, that there is sufficient stock of salt and that there is no need for the public to panic. The note stated that following rumors of salt shortage, officials of Food and Civil Supplies, District Administration and District Police carried out physical verification of salt stocks. It informed that 94,000 Kgs of everyday/prime/I/O Plus has been circulated to wholesalers in Dimapur. It further informed that besides the circulated amount, there is still a balance of 5,00,000 Kgs of iodized salt of the aforementioned brands lying in the godown of the concerned distributor. In Kohima as well, panicked consumers thronged shops to stock up on salt. There were also reports of hiked prices and some shopkeepers also claimed that their stocks had run out. Meanwhile, the Kohima SP has called for the people to remain calm and not panic. The Kitsubozou village council in view of this resolved that any shopkeeper found hiking the price of salt would not be allowed to continue their business within its jurisdiction.

NLA summoned on December 17

Salt prices soar high on scarcity rumours KO l KAtA / PAt N A / ShIllONg, NOVEMBER 15 (IANS): A pinch of salt suddenly acquired a big bite in parts of West Bengal, Bihar and Meghalaya, its prices sky-rocketing on rumours of scarcity. At least nine people have been arrested as authorities rubbished scarcity reports. The rumours triggered panic buying with prices shooting up to as much as Rs.100 - Rs.150 per kg in West Bengal and Bihar, and zooming to a staggering Rs.300 for a kg in Meghalaya. In parts of northern West Bengal, like Siliguri,

Darjeeling and Jalpaiguri, people Thursday night rushed to markets to buy common salt, while traders overcharged the usually Rs.15-a-kg food ingredient at Rs.100-150 a kg. “Some quarters are deliberately spreading this rumours which has led to the rise in the price of salt astronomically. But we want to assure everybody that there are large stocks of salt available in the state,” North Bengal Development Minister Gautam Deb said. In neighbouring Bihar, prices shot up to Rs.150 a

kg in a day. Salt normally sells for Rs.8-Rs.16 per kg depending on its quality. “I have asked district authorities to lodge FIRs against the hoarders selling salt at rates above the maximum retail price...,” Bihar’s Food and Civil Supply Minister Shyam Razak told IANS in Patna. In Meghalaya, the situation was far worse as panic-stricken people Friday rushed to grocery stores and purchased salt at an unbelievable price of up to Rs.300 a kg. The state government dismissed the rumours of scarcity

and warned strict action against the hoarders and black-marketers as well as rumour-mongers. Some of the shopkeepers immediately jacked up prices to anywhere between Rs.150 to Rs.300 a kg. Meghalaya Food and Civil Supplies Minister Clement K. Marak appealed to the people not to panic as there was sufficient stock of salt in the state. “There is enough quantity of salt stock in the state, and the acute shortage of salt is only a rumour to create panic in the minds of the people,” Marak told IANS.

that MSF would look into finding the cause/causes of this recent statistic. Stressing on the importance of early diagnosis, Beatrice stated, “Anyone who suspects that they have contracted the disease should not hesitate seeking medical help, as there are ways to treat it.” Proper ventilation in rooms and simple acts like covering one’s mouth

due to old age, serious illness, drug or alcohol abuse or HIV infection. The MSF release informed that if coughing persists for 2 weeks, blood is detected in the sputum, chest pains, night sweats and weight loss is detected, then the concerned person should go to the closest Designated Microscopy Centre (DMC), where the Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme provides free diagnosis and treatment for all TB patients. MSF has been operating in Mon since 2010. On October 7, Nagaland Chief Secretary Alemtemshi Jamir signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Luke Arend, the IndiaCountryDirectorforthe international medical NGO, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)/Doctors without Borders. They agreed to a 1 year extension on the existing 3-year agreement to support the civil hospital in Mon. (MSF) is an independent international medical humanitarian organisation that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, healthcare exclusion and natural disasters in more than 65 countries.

166 new patients since July 2013 informs: Medecins Sans Frontiers while coughing go a long way in combating the disease, she added. Tuberculosis is a disease caused by a germ called a mycobacterium (M. Tuberculosis). It affects all parts of the body, but most commonly the lungs. It spreads when someone with tuberculosis coughs, spits, laughs, sneezes etc. throwing small droplets of saliva into the air which can be inhaled by others. It is possible, even after many years, for inactive TB germs to become active. This can happen when the body’s defenses are weakened

“fifty Years of Higher Demand for ‘quick and judicious verdict’ education in nagaland”

‘It is time to analyze and see where it stands today’

KOhIMA, NOVEMBER 15 (MExN): The Governor of Nagaland has in exercise of the powers conferred by clause (1) of Article 174 of the Constitution of India summoned the Third Session of the 12th Nagaland Legislative Assembly to meet on Morung Express News December 17 at 9:30AM in Dimapur | November 15 the Assembly Hall, Kohima. This decision was informed In lieu of the 50 years Statethrough the Secretary of the hood celebration this year, NLA Secretariat. a seminar cum panel discussion on “Fifty Years of Higher Education in Nagaland” was held on November 15. The seminar DIMAPUR, NOVEM- was organized by Dimapur BER 15 (MExN): The East- Government College, and ern Naga Peoples Union sponsored by the DepartDimapur has agreed to “re- ment of Higher Education, join” the Naga Council “in Government of Nagaland. the spirit of forgiveness.” A In the seminar, members press note from the Naga of the Nagaland Academia Council informed that in and attendees duly recogview of the continued ab- nized critical issues which sentation of Eastern Na- were stated as “so far sidegaland tribes from the of- lined” and deliberated on fice of the Naga Council, a joint meeting was held be- future direction and ways tween NC and ENPUD led to move forward. Presentby its President, A Neangba ing a brief history of Higher Konyak on November 15. Education in Nagaland, Dr The NC stated that the “six Buno Liegise, Professor, Eastern Nagaland tribes Department of Education, have agreed to rejoin the Nagaland University, statNaga Council fold.” “Keeping ed that Higher Education in mind the dire need of the in Nagaland is quite young Nagas to unite at this junc- compared to other states in ture of our history, the Naga India. Council most humbly apolShe then highlighted ogize to our eastern Naga- that the courses and proland brethrens represented grams of study available in by ENPUD if at any point of time their sentiments have Higher Education in Nagabeen hurt because of Naga land do not look as nearly diversified as compared to Council,” it added. Full text on page 4 what is provided in other

Naga Council & ENPUD ‘reunite’


Brazilian indigenous women of the Kaiapo Durutiri tribe participate in a tug of war competition during the XII International Games of Indigenous Peoples in Cuiaba, Mato Grosso state, Brazil on November 12. (AFP PHOTO)

MON, NOVEMBER 15 (MExN): There have been 166 new patients receiving treatment for Tuberculosis since the month of July in Mon, according to Medecins Sans Frontiers (MSF)/ Doctors without Borders. Beatrice Barbot, Field Coordinator for MSF in Mon, in a press release, informed that this significant increase in the number of TB patients is almost double, if compared to the same period of last year. This increase was also reflected in the number of patients being admitted in Mon District Hospital Chest Ward, where almost all the available beds are now occupied, informed the release. It stated that the number of TB patients undergoing screening and treatment “shows that Tuberculosis is a real problem in the district.” “It is too early to say what the reasons are for the increase in the number of TB patients,” said Beatrice Barbot. However, while speaking to The Morung Express, she postulated that the reason for this increase could be because people are becoming more aware of the disease and are coming forward to get diagnosed. She informed

Source: MSF

states in the North East, let alone in mainland India. She also presented statistics which showed that the private sector is a major player in providing undergraduate/degree courses in the State in terms of the number of student enrolment and even going by the pass percentage of the undergraduate results. A key point mooted by Dr. Buno was the stark absence of institutes for Medical sciences, veterinary and animal Husbandry, Institute of Information and Technology, Indian institute of Information and technology, Indian Institute of Management, National Institute for Research & Statistics etc professional courses like LLM, Library Sc and M.Ed courses among others, even after 50 years of Statehood. She stated that the demand for professional courses and higher technical education is surging by the years, and there are a growing number of college students reporting difficulty in taking up a course of their choice in the State. “The need for expansion of higher and technical education in the State cannot be emphasized enough,” she said. She argued that the State cannot remain marginalized and underdeveloped forever. She stated that it must use the 50 year of Statehood anniversary

to analyze where it stands today and carve a vision for itself. She iterated that one reality that needs to be kept in mind is India’s ‘Look East Policy’ which is expected to bring in change in India over the next few decades. She cited that the region is touted to become a central part of connectivity, and queried whether the state/University should look ahead and ‘prepare’ for such an eventuality. She said that the State should visualize towards a knowledge driven economy. She also opined that providing world class higher education in some selected subjects and disciplines may be one of the best chances for the state to compete with the rest of the county and the world. Dr.Norbert Noraho, Additional Director, Higher Education, Nagaland who was the Guest of Honour also challenged to focus on the three core policy of- Accessibility, Equity and Quality Education. He stated that the ‘need of the hour’ is for students to be educated and prepared. To the Academia members he said, “We have to produce students to fit into the international work force and we have to work harder”. Also, Khrieo Rutsa, Associate Professor, Dimapur Government College presented a paper on “Development of Higher Education in Nagaland”.

A silent procession organized by the three apex organization of Ongpangkong range at Mokokchung on Friday, November 15. OM, OWM and OKM organized the silent procession against the slow justice delivery system with regard to the July 4 murder case at Residency Colony, Dimapur. (Morung Photo)

Morung Express News Mokokchung | November 15

Nearly five months have passed since the gruesome murder of a young woman at Residency colony in Dimapur, and the police and the justice system still finds itself in a quandary. The citizens of Ongpangkong range under Mokokchung district embarked on a massive silent procession and submitted a memorandum to the Mokokchung DC on November 15. The procession, spearheaded by the Ongpangkong Mungdang (Ongpangkong range citizens

organizations), Ongpangkong Watsu Mungdang (women organization) and Ongpangkong Kaketshir Mungdang (students’ organization) marched from Imkongmeren Sports Complex at 9:00 am and culminated at Imlong Place (Main Town Square) at 11:00 am. Citizens of Ongpangkong range were joined by likeminded citizens and members of apex Ao organizations like Ao Senden, Watsu Mungdang and the Ao Kaketshir Mungdang. The participants displayed placards that read ‘Don’t muddle the judicia-

ry’; ‘No Justice No Peace’; Spare not the murderer’; ‘What is the reason for the delay’ etc. The three organizations also submitted a memorandum to the Mokokchung Deputy Commissioner - which was also endorsed to the Chief Secretary, Dimapur DC and the Additional District & Session Judge, Dimapur – for “kind information and necessary action, against the murder of an innocent person by 4 accused on 4th July, 2013 at Residency colony, Dimapur”. Shops remained closed during the rally. The memorandum, while demanding the con-

cerned administrative and judicial authorities to expedite the court verdict at the earliest and deliver justice, warned that the organizations would take appropriate action against any individual or organization if found involved in any manner or obstructing the proceedings of the case. While appreciating the judicial authority for rejecting the bail plea to the accused, the organizations further demanded that the culprits be awarded exemplary and befitting punishment as per the provision of the law. The memorandum also asserted that the lengthy procedural manner in delivering justice is creating suspicion and undesired process in delivering of justice. As such, it demanded that the “delivering of justice be kindly at the earliest”. “Failing to fulfill the aforementioned demands, the undersigned organizations shall resort to their appropriate course of action, till the justice is done,” the memorandum cautioned. Meanwhile, representatives from the Ao Senden, president of Watsu Mungdang and an elder from Mokokchung village also spoke at the brief programme held at the Town Square. All the speakers, during their brief speeches called for uprooting such social evils and to continue the demand for justice till it is delivered.






Saturday 16 November 2013

“I am saddened and it pained me”

Morung Express News

Mokokchung | November 15

One of the oldest hospitals in Nagaland, Dr. Imkongliba Memorial District Hospital, Mokokchung was formally established more than a century ago in 1904. Today, IMDH is regarded as one of the best government-run hospitals in Nagaland state but the hospital still lacks the most basic of amenities and infrastructure considering that it is the first referral hospice in this region of the state. Beginning November 11, local MLA C. Apok Jamir organized a four-day free medical camp at IMDH where a team of four specialist doctors rendered free consultancy, examination and treatment to 657 patients. Apart from serving the patients, the visiting doctors also took out time to share their experiences and knowledge. On being asked about the way forward in upgrading IMDH thereby improving healthcare sector in Mokokchung, the visiting doctors candidly offered a solution – coordination between government, the hospital authority and the community members.

Visiting doctors shocked by lack of basic amenities and infrastructure in hospital

Dr. HN Bajaj, Chief Spiral Surgeon at Max Hospital, New Delhi and team leader of the visiting doctors while interacting with media persons expressed regret at the acute infrastructure deficiency the hospital is faced with and praised the doctors who work there as the unsung heroes who have been rendering their best services under difficult and trying circumstances. “In the light of the odds they are facing, they are doing a remarkable job,” he praised the doctors and support staff at IMDH. On the lack of medical equipment at the hospital, he said that MRI Scanners and Digital X-Ray machines in today’s world were things taken for granted, and said the IMDH is a major hospital and is “crying out for investment and up-gradation of equipment.” The Chief Spiral Surgeon admitted that he had planned to conduct operations during the medical camp but was taken aback by the laid down condition

of the Operating Theater at IMDH and changed his mind. “I am saddened and it pained me,” he bluntly declared. Saying that the patients were straightforward crying for help and applauding the doctors and staff for performing their duties under the given conditions, he was candid in observing what needed to be done. “I’m sorry if my words hurt anybody but set things straight,” he conveyed, adding that he was speaking with sincerity for Naga people. He mentioned that C. Apok Jamir and his wife conceptualized the idea of organizing the health camp and lauded the MLA for his service to the people. The cardiologist, Dr. Sumit Sethi also echoed the Spiral Surgeon’s words in appreciating the IMDH doctors and nurses for serving the ailing people to their best despite the lack of facilities. He also disclosed that he was interested in coming to Mokokchung again in the future and hoped that better

changes would have happened then so that he can serve the people better. He also appreciated the organizers for the success of the camp. “It was the best medical camp I have been to. No chaos, no confusion. It was like military precision. Everything was managed beautifully to the last detail,” he declared. Dr. Pushkar Chawla, the orthopaedic in the team, admitted that he was a little worried when they first planned to visit Nagaland although he was all praises for the hospitality and natural beauty of the people and the land staying a few days in Mokokchung. He also lamented at the lack of an MRI scanner at the IMDH although he gave his best at the human level and joined Dr. Sumit in saying he hoped to visit Mokokchung again. The ‘fifth wheel of the car’ in the team, Dr. Sudhir, the London based general practitioner said he was not supposed to be in Mokokchung but joined in at the last moment. He disclosed

that he found cases during the camp which were never found in England. He also appreciated the doctors at IMDH, who according to him are “performing with hands tied but with a big heart.” Saying that doctors cannot perform without equipment he challenged that somebody has got to stand up and raise voice. “If nobody stands up, things will remain stagnate and remain as it is,” he concluded. On his experience in Mokokchung, he said, “We have everything in England. Then we come to a place where there is basically nothing. It was a great learning experience.” The man behind the health camp, local MLA C. Apok Jamir hoped that the camp will be an eyeopener to improve medical facility of Mokokchung. While declaring that he will take up the matter on war footing in his own capacity, and admitting that government procedures are ‘slag and slow’, the legislator also challenged the young leaders and citizens of Mokokchung to own responsibility in their own capacities. “With collective effort, there is light at the end of the tunnel,” he surmised.

The Morung Express C

Effort to improve agriculture marketing system in Nagaland


Vice chairman NSAMB, S Chuba Longkumer, MLA (middle) addressing the inaugural programme of capacity building on “Future trading in agricultural commodities” for APMC chairmen and elected members. (Morung Photo)

Dimapur, November 15 (mexN): A two-day capacity building training on “Future trading in agricultural commodities” for APMC chairmen and elected members got underway Friday here at Nagaland State Agriculture Marketing Board (NSAMB) conference hall, Agri Expo site. Vice chairman NSAMB, S Chuba Longkumer, MLA, who graced the inaugural function as chief guest in his address said that for any kind of developmental activities, constant training and application of technology is a must. The NSAMB vice chairman said capacity building comprises of important elements like physical fitness, hard work, knowledge with adequate education, technical knowhow, proper planning and

consultation and infrastructure. Chuba also said that there are numerous factors involved in agri marketing including road connectivity, transportation, collection centres, cluster approach, marketing agents, market and marketing sheds and fixing of prices. Stating that marketing is “purely practical”, Chuba said the ideology and tactics of marketing should percolate down to the grassroots. Further, the NSAMB vice chairman expressed optimism that the capacity building training would go a long way in improving the agri marketing system in Nagaland state. Deputy Director, National Institute of Agriculture Marketing (NIAM), Jaipur, Dr. Ramesh Mittal in his keynote address

dwelled on the activities of NIAM and its special focus in the North East Region, which is organic by default. Mittal said NIAM has been recognized as a centre of excellence not only in India but also in South East Asia. Secretary and CEO, NSAMB, I Panger who chaired the inaugural programme in his welcome address hoped the two-day training by agriculture marketing experts would immensely benefit the APMC chairmen and members. Assistant executive officer, NSAMB, Benri Mozhu, proposed vote of thanks. Besides Dr. Ramesh Mittal, other resource persons of the capacity building training are chief executive officer, IIRM Tezpur, Dr. Dhattatreya and senior agriculturist Dr. S Ahmed.

Salt rumour triggers panic buying in Mkg Chakhesang youth resolves

Our Correspondent

(or quintals). Normally, a kilo of iodized salt costs ten rupees in the retail market. There were citizens

who sensed that the ‘news’ about shortage of salt was just rumours, yet a great majority of the people took it to be true. Noticing

the panic in the market, Mokokchung Chamber of Commerce and Industries (MCCI) functionaries immediately went out in-

forming the general public through public announcement system not to panic or fall prey to rumours. The MCCI also advised the people to be realistic and warned the shopkeepers not to hike the price of salt owing to the sudden rise in demand driven by fear and panic. MCCI president Moasangba Jamir after going about the town making the public announcements wondered why and how ‘common sense have become so uncommon’ among the people. “When the people themselves are the cogs in the rumour churning mills, what do you expect?” a church worker questioned. Though the situation was brought under control quickly, thanks to the MCCI, the magnitude of the buzz was so much so that some people still remained ‘cautious’. Mokokchung is said to have the largest rumour churning mills in Nagaland, after all.

and Secretaries of every village, president KSU, and representatives of ENSF, DEO, SDEOs, and other officials of Education department at DC’s conference hall, Mon on November 14. Informing that MDM is provided by the Government to impart quality education to the students, the Deputy Commissioner and District Mission Authority directed the ward and village education com-

mittees (WEC/VEC) to provide MDM regularly to every student in the schools as per the guidelines of the MDM scheme with immediate effect. At the same time she also asked the VEC/ WEC to report to the SDEO concerned in case MDM is not issued to the schools for further investigation and necessary action. She warned that failing to comply with the direction, details will be reported to the

higher authority and action would be initiated accordingly. She also informed that in order to ensure regular MDM in every school, the Konyak Students Union (KSU) will conduct surprise checking from time to time. KSU, President, Loungai Wangnao Konyak urged the WEC/VEC to be sincere while implementing the MDM scheme and further informed that matter will be reported and stringent

action would be taken if MDM were not provided regularly after signing of the deed. In order to implement regular MDM to every government school, a deed of agreement was signed in an affidavit by the Chairmen & Secretaries of WEC/ VEC and Teacher Incharge in the presence of the DC, DEO, SDEOs, Women Coordinator ENSF and President KSU.

Mokokchung | November 15 C M Y K


The latest hubbub about shortage of salt in the market flew thick and fast in Mokokchung this morning, landing the town in the salt craze loop as residents fell prey to rumours, yet again. Residents of the town were up and about in the early morning knocking on shopkeepers’ doors to buy their supply of salt before it ran out of stock in the market. There are unconfirmed reports of skirmishes between shopkeepers and customers as well as between the panic-stricken customers in the mad rush although no violence has been reported. Price hike naturally followed the panic driven and sudden upsurge in demand for salt. Three 1 kg packets of salt for a hundred rupees became the standard norm in the market. Many were seen buying salt in wholesale bags

People are seen buying salt in wholesale bags on Friday morning in Mokokchung. (Morung Photo)

on biodiversity conservation

Our Correspondent

Kohima | November 15

The Chakhesang Youth Front (CYF) reiterated its abiding commitment to conserve “our biodiversity and shall continue to enforce our earlier resolutions on conservation.” Resolving this at its 8th general conference held at Phek Village from November 13-14 last, it resolved that every unit shall rigorously pursue conservation in its jurisdiction and the CYF shall propagate good practices for shared learning. Communicating the resolutions at the conference on Thursday, the resolution committee convenor Mutsikhoyo Yhobu said the CYF placed on record its deep sense of gratitude to its pioneers for forming ourselves into a tribe and for which

“we affirm, ourselves to uphold the unity of the Chakhesangs while respecting our diversity.” Further, it resolved to continue to work for the people so as to be worthy of its guiding motto “Youth for the Nation.” The conference also appreciated the Chakhesang Public Organization for entrusting the CYF for undertaking the Chakhesang Community Building at Dimapur. While also placing on record its gratitude to the building committee and the CYF executives for the initiative in mobilizing resources and starting the foundational work of the building, “we affirm our wholehearted support for the completion of the building.” With the ever expanding nature of work undertaken by the CYF, the conference felt necessary to have more members in

the office bearers and for which three new posts; assistant organizing secretary, press secretary and assistant press secretary has been created. Meanwhile, the nomination committee convenor Ariyi Nienu has announced the new office bearers (2013-2015) of the CYF, headed by Zhopayi Nakro as president with vice president Müdongoi Swüro, general secretary- Weto Kapfo, assistant general secretaryMosoni Z. Domeh, organizing secretary- Nüzosa Tetseo, assistant organizing secretary- Shekhotso Medeo, finance secretaryVekhryi Chüzho, treasurer- Kekhrongulo Letro, press secretary- Chikhotso Nienu, assistant press secretary- Vevozo, women secretary- Vevozolü Nienu and Kerenyi-ü Rabvo as assistant women secretary.



DC Mon calls meeting on Mid Day Meal Satellite tagged Amur Falcons

moN, November 15 (Dipr): In connection with the agitation launched by the ENSF regarding implementation of regular Mid Day Meal (MDM) in all the Government Schools under the four districts of Tuensang, Mon, Longleng and Kiphire, Deputy Commissioner, Mon Angau I. Thou, IAS called an emergency meeting. The meeting invited teacher incharge, VEC Chairmen

IVR Dimapur informs on illegal Jamabandi/Patta


Dimapur, November 15 (mexN): It has come to the notice of the Village Council, Industrial Village Razhüphe (IVR) Dimapur that some person have managed to obtain Jamabandi/Patta from the revenue branch of DC Office Dimapur and thereby, claiming village land for selling and mortgaging with those illegal Jamabandi/Patta within the jurisdiction of Industrial Village Razhüphe (IVR) Dimapur. Therefore, IVR head GB cum chairman, TL Angami in a press release informed that anybody dealing with those unscrupulous people without the knowledge of the village authority within Industrial Village Razhüphe (IVR) Dimapur will be doing so at their own risk. “The Government has not yet acquired the village land of Industrial Village Razhüphe (IVR) and for which the village authority cannot accept those illegal Jamabandi/Patta for selling/mortgaging of land within our village,” TL Angami added. Meantime the village council of IVR requests the DC Dimapur to cancel all such illegal Jamabandi/Patta that were issued within the village by violation of the Naga traditional land ownership and also Government ban order of land allotment within Nagaland 1992.

CTC dialogues on land and resources

Representatives of different parts of North East India at the seminar on November 14.

mokokchuNg, November 15 (mexN): A two-day seminar on the theme ‘Significance of Land and its resources vis-a-vis tribal identity’ was held at Clark Theological College (CTC) on November 14 and 15. Clark Centre for Peace Research and Action (CCPRA) organized the seminar keeping in view the complex issues related to land and its resources for the tribal today. A press release received here stated that the seminar hoped to

broaden tribal’s’ understanding of land and enable tribal to positively engage in the sustenance of land and its resources considering its indispensability to the life and identity of the tribal. The topics of the seminar were tribal land resources and its use, gender perspectives on land, customary and modern laws on land, biblical and theological perspectives on land, border land disputes, and modern land- related concerns like migration and urbanization. Dr.

Wati Longchar, SCEPTRE, Kolkata; Alemtemshi, IAS, Chief Secretary, GoN; Dr. Imkongmeren, JNU, Delhi; T.N. Manen, IAS (Retd); Dr. Sangtemkala, CTC; Er. Wati, DIO and BPCC (AN) officials; Dr. Toshimenla, NU; Dr. Akumla, CTC and Dr. Rongsen, CTC were the resource persons. Paper of Jelle J.P. Wouters, SMK, Gangtok, was read in absentia by Rev. Dr. Takatemjen, Principal, CTC. Representatives from different colleges and peace centres in the Northeast region were in attendance.

tracked over Arabian Sea

Our Correspondent

Kohima | November 15

On November 7, 2013, under joint scientific mission three Amur Falcon birds from Nagaland were satellite tagged and released. The tagging was a joint mission undertaken at Pangti village in Wokha district by two leading scientists from MME/ BirdLife Hungary, Peter Fehervani and Szabolcs Soil; Nick Williams, Programme Officer — Birds of Prey (Raptors), Convention on Migratory Species Office Abu Dhabi, United Nations Environment Programme; R. Suresh, a scientist from the Wildlife Institute of India, and the Nagaland Forest Department. According to M. Lokeswara Rao Principal Chief Conservator of Forests and Head of Forest Force, the birds are named ‘Naga,’ ‘Wokha’ and ‘Pangti.’ The Naga bird has Color Ring Number KAM, Ring Number C56801, which is male, Wokha bird, has Colour Ring Number KCM, Ring Number C56802, which is female, and Pangti bird has Colour Ring Number KFM, Ring Number C56803, which is female. These three birds were fitted with satellite tag with antenna and with solar panel on the back of the bird. The satellite tag weighs only 5grams. Amur falcons ‘Naga’ was released by Principal Chief Conservator of Forests and Head of the Forest Force M. Lokeswara Rao and with other officers. Dr Suresh Kumar, Wildlife institute of India, Dehradun and Dr Nick Williams Programme Officer - Birds of Prey (Raptors), Convention on Migratory Species Office Abu Dhabi, United Nations Environment Programme, released ‘Wokha’. Pangti village people release ‘Pangti’. The satellite tag birds migration will be monitored through satellite through website in Hungary every detail will be known through the website the movement of the tagged birds. M. Lokeswara Rao said, “As per the satellite tracking of Amur Falcon from 7.11 2013 to 14.11.2013, ‘Naga’ which is male is started its journey by flying over Bangladesh and enter over Bay of Bengal, en-

An Amur Falcon (File Photo)

ter Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka and now flying over Arabian sea this is one of the difficult phase flying over sea. ‘Pangti’ which is female is started its journey by flying over Bangladesh and enter over Bay of Bengal, enter Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad and Maharashtra and now flying over Arabian sea this is one of the difficult phase. ‘Wokha’ which is female is started its journey by flying over Bangladesh and enter over Bay of Bengal.” Out of all three birds, ‘Naga’ is ahead of all, second ‘Pangti’ and third ‘Wokha’ is far behind of other two. Satellite tracking of three Amur Falcon birds ‘Naga’ is red dot, ‘Pangti’ is yellow dot, ‘Wokha’ is orange dot. This migration is from 7.11.2013 to 14.11.2013 originated from Doyang Nagaland. This is the first time the Amur Falcons were satellite tagged and released and Nagaland has entered in international map in the conservation movement. According to the visiting ornithologists, Nagaland is the falcon capital of the World.



The Morung express

‘The govt made Assam a dumping ground’ GUWAHATI, November 15 (TNN): The ghost of transfer of a large number of Hindu government employees from the erstwhile East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) to the state that deprived jobs to locals has returned 65 years after the Partition that had fuelled this historic influx. The sharp criticism has come from none else but assembly speaker Pranab Gogoi on Thursday, who questioned the then central government for choosing only Assam as the destination for these employees and refugees as well. "The government made Assam a dumping ground. Instead of distributing all these people (refugees and employees) all across the country, they were made to settle in Assam only," the speaker said. Pranab's remark, laced with

‘Some insurgents still using Bangladesh soil’

AGArTAlA, November 15 (PTI): Despite cooperation by the Bangladesh government some insurgents of the state were using the soil of the neighbouring country, Chief Minister Manik Sarkar said on Thursday. "We have information that there are 18-19 camps of insurgents in Bangladesh though the present neighbouring government was cooperating with us so that the insurgents could not use their soil against India," he told reporters. Sarkar, who also holds the Home portfolio, said the camps belonged to banned National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT) and added that the Tripura government has information regarding existence of camps of another outlawed insurgent outfit, All Tripura Tiger Force (ATTF). Noting that insurgency has not wiped out completely, he said there should not be any complacency that it cannot return.

some anger, came while releasing a book on Partition and Assam's first chief minister Gopinath Bardoloi, who relentlessly opposed and fought tooth and nail with then home minister Sardar Vallabhai Patel against accepting all

anticipated a problem growing whether after partition the Hindus posted in Sylhet should come to Assam and whether the Muslim employees in Assam should go to East Pakistan. Bardoloi was more concerned about the large num-

these migrants in the state. The book written by parliamentary affairs minister Nilamani Sen Deka is a research and analytical work based on compilation of correspondence between Bardoloi and Patel on this issue. Much before August 14, 1947 when Sylhet district became a part of East Pakistan, Bardoloi had

ber of Hindu government officials working in Sylhet, who wanted to serve in Assam after the Partition, as the the number of indigenous Assamese government employee was miniscule at that time. Caught in a dilemma, Bardoloi relentlessly tried to convince Patel to absorb those Hindu employees coming from Sylhet in central services in-

Speaker questions move to settle refugees in Assam

stead of adding to the state's burden. Patel, however, refused to tow Bardoloi's line. One of Patel's 's letter to Bardoloi that has been reproduced in the book, suggests, "I suggest that you should enforce options exercised by staff in Assam wherever situated and discharge and send to Sylhet those who opted to serve in Pakistan. In their place, you can take staff, who have opted to serve in Assam. If as a result, Assam has more employees than it needs, cases of surplus employees should be dealt with under the usual government rules applicable to surplus personnel." According to official records of that time, 1023 permanent and 473 non-permanent employees had come from East Pakistan to serve in Assam.


16 November 2013

ImPHAl, November 15 (NNN): The price of salt skyrocketed in Manipur today to Rs 150 a kg against the normal range of Rs 15 to Rs 20 depending on the brand after rumours of an acute shortage of salt, but the Ibobi Government denied the shortage and warned of stringent action against hoarders selling salt above maximum retail price (MRP) under section 7 of the Essential Commodities Act. Talking to reporters at his office at the Manipur Secretariat, CAF & PD minister M Okendro assured that there was no paucity of salt in the state and there is no need to get panic in buying it, calling the shortage as rumour. He warned that people who are found hoarding, selling and buying of salt above MRP will be punished under the Essential Commodities Act. People can contact helpline numbers 18003453821 and 03852451039 for providing information to the state Government on selling and buying of salt above normal price, Okendro informed.

the umbrella of ATCAM have been restricted “not to cross into each other District to execute contract works without obtaining prior permission and knowledge of the President and Secretary of their respective District Contractors' Association”. In the press note it said that resolutions of the ATCAM should have been adopted in time before any recommendation was issued and pointed out that its “recommendations for contract work are years/months ahead of the date of their resolution”. Further, the note stated that it did not “encourage adopting resolution that may divide the tribal as it will have long term negative impact on the relationship of tribal”. “Banning any contractor/citizen to cross into each other District to execute contract works without obtaining prior permission and knowledge of the President

KoHImA, November 15 (mexN): The Chief Minister of Nagaland and the Convener of the North East Regional Parties Front (NERPF), Neiphiu Rio, has condemned the violent killing Haobijam Manisana Singh, the vice president of the Manipur People’s Party (MPP). “The killing of Haobijam Manisana Singh, the vice president of the Manipur People’s Party (MPP), deserves the highest level of condemnation from all right thinking citizens. It is an attack on the democratic principles of the country and can only be carried out by the enemies of democracy. The forces of justice must unite to combat the agents of violence and fear,” Rio stated. He added that Singh had given the best years

all these inhumane actions.” NWU also expressed its condolences to the deceased families. It appealed for all sections of people to join in the protection of innocent lives and to extend full cooperation and work collectively that such inhumane crimes are prevented in the future and justice is delivered. It further appealed for all

of his life to the service of the people and made significant contributions towards the people’s welfare, especially the weaker sections of society. His sudden and shocking demise is a setback for the MPP in particular and also for the people of Manipur. The vacuum created by his demise will be difficult to fill, Rio said. Rio further extended his condolences on behalf of all members and affiliates of the NERPF, especially to the family members of the departed leader and to the MPP, who have lost a tall and respected leader. Rio stated that the NERPF expressed solidarity to the MPP and appealed for all to make efforts to bring the culprits to book and let justice prevail.

armed groups not to make their villages or towns a killing field and avoid from encounter in public places, villages and towns. NWU also expressed serious concern over the “injuries and in some incidents killed on account of Police Crackdown by firing tear gas shells and using bombs upon the innocent public for rallying and raising public voices against

crimes, violence and injustice committed against the people.” It urged the government not to invite bandhs and public agitations by not addressing the appeals and representations for their grievances and injustice committed against them. Instead, NWU called for the government to settle problems and conflicts through dialogue and negotiation.

is not acceptable to us since it has hidden agenda to hatch confusion and division among the tribal”. The NSCN (IM) took the position that “every competent tribal contractor/citizen should have the opportunity to pursue contract work without territorial limit” while expressing regret that “most developmental funds have been siphoned off or diverted by some vested interest for decades, suppressing the rights and opportunity of tribal community”. “It's time for the deprived tribal communities to awake and check all these illegal malpractices”, it stated while stating that ATCAM has “moral obligation to immediately review their resolutions at earliest to avoid further denunciation, lest ATCAM shall be held responsible for any consequences out of this matter”.

AIzAWl, November 15 (PTI): Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is likely to campaign for Congress in Aizawl on Saturday as the election to the 40-member Mizoram legislature is scheduled to be held on November 25. Dr Singh would address a public rally at the parade ground of the third battalion of the Mizoram Armed Police on Saturday, official sources said today. UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi is also expected to visit south Mizoram's Lunglei town on November 18 while AICC Vice President Rahul Gandhi is likely to address public rallies at the Mizoram-Assam border Kolasib town and the Mizoram-Myanmar border Champhai town on November 21, party sources said. Programmes of Sonia and Rahul Gandhi are yet to be confirmed officially.

Tripura militants now 24-hr general strike affects normal life in Manipur November 15 es said. Vehicular traffic between ual or group had demanded monrecruiting youths: Sarkar ImPHAl, (PTI): Normal life in Manipur Manipur and neighbouring States ey from Manisana, who refused

AGArTAlA, November 15 (IANS): Tripura's separatist outfits are recruiting youths and have camps in Bangladesh though the security forces of the neighbouring country are cracking down on them, Chief Minister Manik Sarkar said here Friday. "Currently, there are about 18 camps belonging to outlawed NLFT (National Liberation Front of Tripura) militants in various parts of Bangladesh, specially southeastern region of that country," Sarkar told reporters. "The NLFT leaders are recruiting youths to strengthen their outfit and to carry out violence in the state." According to the chief minister, there is no camp at the moment in Bangladesh of the ATTF (All Tripura Tiger Force) -- another militant outfit. "Of Tripura's 856-km border with Bangladesh, 130 km remains unfenced. The extremists take advantage of the state's terrain, dense forests and unfenced boundaries to conduct their trans-border movements," Sarkar added. He said the 14th Finance Commission team (which visited the state Nov 12-14) has appreciated the Tripura government for successfully taming the four-and-half-decade-old terrorism in the northeastern state.

During deliberations with the finance panel, Tripura demanded Rs.232 crore to develop infrastructure for the security forces -- specially the Tripura State Rifles, an elite counter-insurgency force constituted in March 1984 to deal with terrorism. Director General of Tripura Police C. Balasubramaniam earlier this week said the militants of various separatist outfits go to the neighbouring country for training and come back to carry out violence in the northeastern region. "Taking advantage of the hilly terrain, thick forests and unfenced border, northeast militants trained in the Bangladesh camps cross over into Indian territory," he said. "Extremists are suffering a severe financial crunch. The outfit's lower-level cadres are frustrated as they are not getting the due financial share and other facilities, forcing them to surrender to the security forces of Tripura," the police chief said. Tripura's two militant outfits - NLFT and the ATTF, both banned by the Indian authorities - had set up bases in Bangladesh along with the other outfits of the northeast, and receive support from other separatist outfits of the the region. They have been demanding secession of Tripura from India.

“I’ve met with representatives of Chamber of Commerce today and discussed about the shortage of salt. I've also confirmed that the acute shortage of salt is a rumour,” he said. Minister Okendro also said the romour on acute shortage of salt in the state came after the states of Bihar, Odissa, Gujarat and West Bengal had experienced it recently. There was panic buying of salt across the nine districts of the state on Friday after the rumours spread since early morning. In imphal city, people thronged Khwairamband bazaar to buy salt. Series of queues could be seen everywhere. City Police, however managed to control the crowd. The police seized bags of salt from mobile sellers. All the shops were also forced to down shutters. The police using loudspeakers said the shortage of salt was a romour that the people must not believe it. They said there was sufficient stock of salt in the market.

Watch towers to prevent Nagaland CM condemns killing of MPP vice-prez train-elephant collisions

NSCN (IM) asks ATCAM to review resolutions PM Manmohan likely to DImAPUr, November 15 9th Phase of PMGSY 2013-2014”. and Secretary of their respective campaign in Mizoram (mexN): The Nationalist Socialist Further contractors falling under District Contractors' Association

Council of Nagalim has asked the All Tribal Contractors' Association, Manipur (ATCAM) to immediately review the resolutions it had taken on October 12 in order to “safeguard the interest of the public and for proper implementation of developmental works in tribal areas,” because, as the NSCN (IM) put it, it “has every right to supervise all the developmental works meant for our inhabited areas for inclusive development”. In this regard, the office of the General Accounts Officer, General Headquarters; Naga Army in a press note notified the “position of GPRN” on resolution of All Tribal Contractors' Association, Manipur (ATCAM) adopted on October 12, 2013. According to the NSCN (IM), the ATCAM had banned “lending of their profiles or documents to subcontractors subject to E-tender of


Price of salt skyrockets in Manipur

NWU concerned by rising violence in Manipur

SeNAPATI, November 15 (mexN): The Naga Women’s Union has expressed concern over what it termed as the barbaric killing of MPP Vice President Haobijam Manisana on 13 November 2013. A press not from the NWU also expressed concern over the unwanted incident at Ragailong killing W. Thembung on 13 November at around 6:30 pm and the factional encounter at Phalong (Bhalok) Village 12 November killing three cadres of Zeliangrong United Front (ZUF), Namgaipou Kamei, Pougailung Kamei and Khongailung Gangmei and injured one Hormi Tangkhul, cadre of NSCN-IM and the ZUF using bombs at the heart of the village leaving behind trails of destructions on private and public properties. The NWU condemned all the killings and stated that “no human being has the right to kill for reasons or no reason. Violence and criminal actions have destroyed the fabrics of our society. We are on the verge of destruction because of


was on Friday affected due to a 24hour general strike called by a local committee to protest the killing of Manipur People’s Party (MPP) Vice-President Manisana Heisnam even as MPP demanded immediate imposition of President’s rule in the State. Markets, shops and business establishments were closed in view of the general strike called by the joint action committee (JAC) against the brutal killing of Sana on Wednesday last by two unidentified gunmen at Changangei area near Imphal airport, official sourc-

were affected because of the strike which began from 5 a.m. on Friday morning, but it was normal between the State capital and district headquarters, the sources said. The general strike was announced late on Thursday evening so the news did not reach all the district headquarters, sources said. Several civil organisations strongly condemned the killing of Manisana amid tight security deployment at the airport complex where he was gunned down, sources said. Family sources said no individ-

to give lift to two persons about two months ago since the persons were not known to him. MPP general Secretary Inaocha Singh, demanding immediate imposition of President’s rule, said the State government had failed to protect the life of common citizens even at the tight security capital complex. “Imphal is not the whole of Manipur,” an MPP spokesman said, adding that recent series of bomb blasts and killing of people by gunmen showed that Manipur was passing through a turmoil period now and that life was not secured.

Mizoram assembly polls: Gorkhas to make a statement with NOTA AIzAWl, November 15 (DNA): The 9,000-odd Gorkha voters in poll-bound Mizoram are considering use of the NOTA option to make a statement stressing their demand for OBC status. The demand is long-standing but despite commitments by successive governments and recommendations by a state government panel, they have not been granted the status as yet. So, the Gorkhas, whose settlement in Mizoram dates back to 1870, have now found a way in NOTA to strengthen their case. “We are seriously weighing the option of NOTA. Gorkha leaders under the banner of Mizoram Gorkha Joint Action Committee (MGJAC) are meeting on Thursday to take a call on NOTA,” MGJAC chairman HB Thapa told dna. MGJAC is a conglomerate of Gorkha organisations in the state. Thapa asserted that their demand was based on the recommendations of the Mandal Commission report, 1980 and Article 15 (4) of the Constitution

which says people can’t be discriminated against on the basis of sex, race and religion since everyone is equal in the eyes of the law. “We enjoyed OBC status here when Mizoram was a part of Assam. We had no problem even when it became a union territory. But after it attained statehood in 1987, we were stripped of the status slowly,” Thapa said. “If Gorkhas are granted OBC status, it will among others ensure them 27 per cent reservation in the central sector jobs. The apprehension that there will be many claimants of state government jobs has no basis,” Mahesh Rai, a leader of the Mizoram Gorkha Youth Association, said. The influential Mizo Students’ Union has argued that Gorkhas are not educationally, socially and economically backward. But Rai said had the Gorkhas been so advanced educationally there would have been more than just two officers in the state government all these years.

SIlIGUrI, November 15 (IANS): The West Bengal government has decided to construct watch towers on the Siliguri-Alipurduar railway stretch known as the 'elephant corridor' to prevent deaths of elephants, a minister said Friday. State Forest Minister Hiten Barman said the watch towers would be set up along the 165 km long railway track to monitor the movement of the elephants and regulate the speed of the trains. A speeding Kavi-Guru Express Wednesday mowed down five elephants and injured several others including a pregnant female near the NagrakataJaldhaka bridge in Jalpaiguri district. The incident has led to a war of words between the forest department and the railways. While the forest department claimed the train was running at a speed higher than the prescribed limit and lodged a complaint against the driver of the train, the railways claimed that the area did not come in the elephant corridor. Since 2004, when the

tracks on the Siliguri-Alipurduar route were converted to broad gauge, speeding trains have killed nearly 50 elephants. Following the spate of elephant deaths, in 2010 the speed of the trains was restricted to 40 km per hour. Meanwhile, the forest officials are busy trying to save the injured pregnant female though doctors fear the calf might have died. Range officer Bijon Talukdar said the elephant which has severely fractured its spinal cord was responding to treatment. The forest officials also have the arduous task of preventing a herd of around 40 elephants camping in the nearby jungle from coming near the injured female lying beside the track.


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public discoursE

Saturday 16 November 2013

Rejoinder to which one is Supreme - The Constitution of India of Article 371A (IV)

Discussion on Article 371A(iv) 1. Congratulations to the questioner for belling the cat. An appropriate critical question has been raised in the public platform at the right time by a layman. As an expert in constitutional and legal matters, I have been constrained by my conscience to discuss the most burning issue facing Nagaland today in the fiftieth year of Statehood. 2. It may be recalled that in my earlier writing on the controversy regarding land and its resources including petroleum and natural gas, I have asserted that the Constitution is the Supreme law of the Country where everyone is equal in the sight of law from the President down to the lowest fourth grade staff in Government establishment. Under the rule of law, no one is above the law. Both the Parliament and State Legislatures are under the control of the Constitution as the

foundation. Durga Das Basu, an imminent constitutional expert emphasized about the supremacy of the Constitution by asserting as follows:“That the Constitution is the supreme lex in this country is beyond the pale of any controversy. All organs of the State derive their authority, jurisdiction and powers from the Constitution and we owe allegiance to it”. Article 371A is just one of the articles among 395 articles. Hence, the aforesaid article can never claim supremacy by singling out Article 371A alone in matters of land and its resources including petroleum and natural gas under Article 371A (iv) of the Constitution. Nagaland is just the sixteenth State, a tiny state among the Union of States. Constitutionally speaking, the State is under the control of the Centre including the subject of petroleum and natural gas. Of late she has wrongly passed a resolution in 2010 followed by regulation in 2012 trespassing the boundary of the Centre which the

Centre had declared her action as unconstitutional which can never be disputed although she is still unhappy. Hence she has no constitutional right to confront the Centre calling her unconstitutional. The Supreme Court has already declared that the land owners are owners of petroleum and natural gas and not the State. A wise son will never ever confront his father in whom he is fully depending for his survival. The State can never assume the function of the Supreme Court by wrongfully interpreting any article of the Constitution.

cial responsibility, the Govpower to question the Goverernor has to act according to nor in any way. This is the spethe directions issued by the cial immunity of the Governor President from time to time, of Nagaland under which the and subject thereto, he is to act successive Governors have ‘in his discretion’. This means been acting without any questhat even if the Governor has tion except the Democratic to consult his ministers, the Alliance of Nagaland which is final decision in this matter surprising to all right thinkers shall be that of the Governor and right doers. ‘in his individual judgment’, 3. Considering the facts and cirwhich no Court can question. cumstances, let us therefore This special responsibility wish and hope that Nagaland belongs to the Governors of shall follow the supremacy Maharashtra, Gujarat, Maof the Constitution of India in nipur, Nagaland, Sikkim and spirit and in letter both in matArunachal Pradesh as regards ters of petroleum and natural the matters specified in the argas and the role of the GoverB. DISCUSSION ON THE SPEticles specified above”. nor in matters of the Rules of CIAL RESPONSIBILITY OF THE 2. In the aforesaid context, the Executive Business as she has GOVERNOR UNDER ARTICLES Assembly, Cabinet, Bar Assoalready taken an oath of alle371, 371A, 371F, 271H ciation, Judges, Civil Societies giance to the Constitution. Let 1. According to Durga Das Basu, have no power to influence us now rest in peace without an eminent constitutional exthe discretionary power of any self style agitation. So that pert, the Governor has spethe Governor invested by Arthere will be peace for develcial responsibility under the ticle 371A in the implementaopment and development for aforesaid articles of the Contion of the Rules of Executive peace propagated by her in stitution by explaining as folBusiness. Why because he is to her manifesto. lows: act in his individual judgment “In the discharge of such speonly. Even the Courts have no Dr. E. Renphamo Lotha

local NSCB conducts seminar on better business management

Dimapur, November 15 (mexN): The Management of the Nagaland State Cooperative Bank organised a one-day seminar on ‘better business management in present environment’ on November 14 in the head office of the Bank. S Atovi Sema, Managing Director, chaired the Seminar. The main speaker in the seminar, Rev. Luoeihu Imsong, Ambassador, Overseas Naga, Australia in his address to the Officers of H.O and branches highlighted on the need for building of right relationship with its customers, clientals and the State Government. He said that a good team leader must have command and knowledge about his assignment. He said the leader must have zeal to do better taking his experience and past good track record in the profession. He highlighted on the need of management of emotions, time and punctuality. He also emphasized on the need of setting

the priorities and to act after giving serious thoughts on his assignments. He said a leader should be careful in selecting the words he uses, as he said an arrogant and harsh word might change the entire show. He also advised leaders to maintain a very sacred life keeping God’s words in mind. He said that the leader must have innovative ideas to propel the team to new height and must be open to all ideas and listen to others. He advised the leaders to protect the people with creative ideas working under them. He further advised the leaders to accept better ideas and to respect ideas offered by others. Rev.Luoleihu also gave tips on building winning team. He advised the officers to create opportunities by learning from others. He said that whatever action taken by the leaders must be done keeping God’s advice in scriptures in mind. Earlier, BKThadani Spl. Officer in his welcome address ad-

NC and ENPUD reunite in the spirit of forgiveness


n view of the continued absentation of Eastern Nagaland tribes from the office of the Naga Council, a joint meeting was held between Naga Council and ENPUD (Eastern Nagaland Peoples Union Dimapur) led by its President, A.Neangba Konyak at Unity Hall, NC office on 15th November. After a short but cordial meeting, the office of the Naga Council is pleased to announce that the 6 (six) Eastern Nagaland tribes have agreed to rejoin the Naga Council fold. Also, the Naga Council is pleased to release the following statement; “Due to misunderstanding amongst the tribal members of the Naga Council in the interpretation of the constitution, specifically Article 8 vis-à-vis the application of customary usages and practices also known as conventions on the issue of presidential election, some of the Eastern Nagaland tribes abstained from joining the activities of the Council after the 2010 NCD elections and some since 2012. However, keeping in mind the dire need of the Nagas to unite at this juncture of our history, the Naga Coun-

vised the officers to initiate positive actions which can enhance the performance and profitability of the Bank and to work with dedication for the overall development of the organization. Lemjen Imsong, Board of Director in his short speech requested all the officers to take note of the advice given by Rev. Luoleihu Imsong and to translate his visions into action with dedication. S Atovi Sema in his Chairman’s remark highlighted on the advice given by Rev. Luoleihu and hoped that this will go a long way for the development of the Bank. Imtilemba Longlcumer General Manager (Admn) offered the vote of thanks. The seminar was followed by a Branch Managers Conference with Officers of H.O chaired by Imtilemba Longkumer, General Manager (Admn) where threadbare analysis of performance of the branches during the last half year has been analyzed.

cil most humbly apologize to our eastern Nagaland brethrens represented by ENPUD (Eastern Nagaland Peoples Union Dimapur) if at any point of time their sentiments have been hurt because of Naga Council.” In the spirit of forgiveness, the ENPUD has thus agreed to rejoin the Naga Council family which will go a long way in re-uniting the great Naga family of Nagaland. 1. T. Bangerloba Ao, President, NC 2. Vikato Zhimomi, VP, NC 3. Ntsemo Ngullie, GS, NC 4. Joseph Shingnaisui, Jt. Secy, NC 5. Joel Nillo Kath, NC 6. Dietho Rhakho, Treasurer, NC 7. Hukheli T. Wotsa, Councillor and President, NWHD 8. Vimenuo Liegise, Councillor and GS, NWHD 9. Kambui Kamei, DNSU 10. NC Councillors- W. Mero, C. Daipao, Robin Tungoe, Ghokheto Chophy, Peter Anal, Max Zeliang, Soutsutho Amon, Josu Poumai, I.Temjen Jamir, DP Angami.

The Morung Express

ANSTA clarifies on taxation issue T

he collective leaderships of Naga Students Federation (NSF) and Eastern Naga Students Federation (ENSF) had jointly taken-up the issue on Exemption of Education Institution from any form of taxation since last year. In line with this noble venture being carried out, the two apex students body had several rounds of talks and meeting with various Naga Political Groups (NPG) in their respective camps and negotiate for necessary exemption of Educational Institution from the purview of taxation. However, in the process of negotiation an unfortunate firing incident took place between NSF and a particular faction in Kohima on 25th June 2013 which created some misunderstanding between them. This is one stumbling block for the negotiating parties to come to conclusion in time because the two students body would like to come out with detail guidelines /modalities on taxation only after meeting all the groups in consideration. On the other hand, the Association members while waiting for the outcome of negotiation are being harassed /intimidated/threatened etc. on the pretext of not paying tax. Since the issue is to be resolved between negotiating parties, the Association hereby extends its humble appeal to all the NPGs to know the position of teaching community in the issue and kindly refrain from harassing, intimidating, threatening teachers as they are now sandwiched with the circumstances besides being engaged for the final examination/forth quarterly assessment which is at hand. Meanwhile, the Association hopes that ongoing negotiation will bring about an amicable solution to the issue while requesting to all the factions not to hamper negotiation process but to pave way for an early settlement of the issue in discussion. Ponchulo Wanth, President, ANSTA Temjenyapang, Treasurer, ANSTA Visato Koso, Joint Secretary, ANSTA Zubenthung Humtsoe, Vice President, ANSTA

Of Salt and Stupidity


he “Salty rumours from Bihar” (NP, Morung, EM, Friday November 15, 2013) of the story about the wild purchase of salt just by some hearsay that salt will be out of market needs deeper analysis as this is not the first of its kind in Nagaland. We have heard of fraud companies that come to Nagaland and dupe many gullible people easily and go home laughing and richer. We have heard about the infamous Rs. 2000 (Rupees two thousand) scandal, where all you have to do is deposit Rs 2000 without asking questions and you will get Rs.6000 within a forthnight. We have heard of people rushing to see for themselves a “python swallowing an Elephant” (the biggest mammal) in Assam, which is not possible. We have rushed to purchase petrol/diesel because of rumours of shortage so many times, forgetting that we have a government. The salt panic in Dimapur went to such an extent that many shops sold out their stocks and a grocer informed that he was woken up even at night to enquire if he has salt in his shop. Our government is there to see our welfare and we should apply our scientific mind and logic when confronted with such stories or else one fine day if a White bearded long haired man comes and says I am he (you know who I mean); we may be making a stupid mistake by rushing to arrange a convention hall. How gullible are we? Rusovil John Dimapur

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The Morung Express

Governor greets on Guru Nanak Jayanti Kohima, November 15 (mexN): Governor of Nagaland and Manipur Dr Ashwani Kumar has extended greetings to the people of the two said states, especially the Sikh people on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak. In a press release, the governor stated that Guru Nanak’s teaching based on love, compassion and mercy have become more relevant in the present day world when the environment is marred by conflict and social tensions. “All of us need to follow the teachings and path shown by the great Guru,” he advised.

Saturday 16 November 2013

Music Fest to highlight Ngada Festival Kohima, November 15 (mexN): In what could be called a curtain raiser to the much anticipated Hornbill Festival starting December 1, Ngada, the harvest festival and biggest cultural event of the Rengmas is set to get bigger with the introduction of Music Fest this year on November 28 at New Tseminyu. With music becoming an effective means of reaching out to people everywhere, Spark Venture Productions (SVP) under the patronage of Music Task Force Nagaland will organize a first of its kind music fest with an array of musicians like Divine Connection, Making Merry, Dayspring, Alo Wanth, Mengu Suokhrie, Kenei Chale, Joey Woch, Jonathan Mesen, Nentile Kath, Nancy Magh and Andrew Thong. With the objective to promote music and local talents, SVP with mem-

members of SVP addressing media persons at a press conference in Kohima.

bers Obed Kath, Thapenlo Woch, Rhushulo Khing and Shishi Keppen conceptualized to merge the music fest with the Ngada festival in an attempt to add glamour, fiesta, magnitude and impact to both the events.

The concept having sprung out of humble social roots with social motives, the event will be a non-profit event doing away with irritants such as tickets, donations so as to enable music lovers to enjoy the event

in oneness while reaching out the message of music to the maximum number of people. Apart from carrying its integral social message of moving ahead, the event aims at giving the citizens of Tseminyu a first-hand experience of mega events they see and hear about in other parts of the State. Hence, it plans to bring not only the best musicians, but also the best technical experts and equipments which in turn would motivate and encourage young talented musicians in the region to pursue their dreams as well as advance the region’s music industry. The Music Fest can be summarized as one wherein music acts not just as a source of entertainment, but rather an enabling agent of positive change not only confined to the musical sense of the term but also socially, politically,

economically and morally bring out an inherent sense of oneness not just in belonging but also in purpose. Dy. Speaker, NLA Er. Levi Angami, the host of this year’s Ngada festival along with the Rengma Hoho, in an interaction with media persons extended invitation to one and all. He stated that this year’s festival is an attempt to highlight Rengma culture to other fellow Nagas who have very few knowledge of the ways and culture of the Rengmas. This year’s Ngada Festival certainly promises to be a full package in terms of culture and entertainment. Chief Minister of Nagaland Neiphiu Rio has consented to be the Chief Guest for the occasion. A host of politicians and high level bureaucrats have also been extended invitation to be a part of this curtain raiser cultural extravaganza on November 28.

Ahuna Night with Alobo Naga and others

ASUD: Ao Students’ Union Dimapur (ASUD) has strongly condemned the robbery by some masked armed miscreants at Mount Montessori School on November 12. The Union asserted that such “uncivilized’ and ‘anti-social’ act should be condemned by every right thinking person. Further, it urged the law enforcing agencies to investigate the case and award befitting punishment to the culprits.

PSD: Pfosemei Union MASMV: Mother’s Asso- Dimapur has expressed ciation of Sugar Mill Village strong anguish and con(MASMV) has condemned demnation over the “barbaric murder of innocent

Chumukedima shops warned not to hike salt price

Dimapur, November 15 (mexN): Chumukedima Chambers of Trade and Commerce Association (CCTCA) has warned all the shops in Chumukedima area not to sell salt above its normal rate, taking advantage of the rumour. In a notice, CCTCA president and general secretary cautioned that any shop caught red handed will be severely punished. Meanwhile, public in the area have been asked not to panic and have been requested to inform the following numbers – 9862192364, 9862273914, 8415088139, if any shops are selling salt above the normal rate.

164 Infantry battalion (TA) recruitment rally

Kohima, November 15 (mexN): A recruitment rally will be held at Rangapahar Military Station, Dimapur from November 25 to 28 for enrolment of male candidates into the 164 Infantry Battalion (Territorial Army) (Home and Hearth) NAGA. It is for the residents of Dimapur district only. There are thirty three vacancies for Soldier General Duty, one vacancy for House Keeper and one vacancy for Clerk (Staff Duty). The screening of candidates will be done ward wise. The candidates are advised to report at the rally site at 6 am strictly as per the schedule of recruitment rally for each ward. The schedule for screening of candidates is as follows: November 25, 2013 - 0700 hrs onwards for candidates from Dimapur Sadar Ward No 1 to 12, November 26 0700 hrs onwards for candidates from Dimapur Sadar Ward No 13 to 23, November 27 - 0700 hrs onwards for candidates from Niuland, Chumukedima, Dhansiri Par and Khuhuboto Sub Division. This was stated in a release issued by Lt Col Emron Musavi, PRO (Defence), Kohima.

the press release, the accused “brought dishonour to the National Socialist Council of Nagalim by being involved in criminal activities which are against the

In a separate statement, MIP informed that the NSCN (IM) Saramati regional accorded a warm welcome to H. Itokhu, Tatar R/o Sikiur-B village,

ment read that H. Itokhu asserted that “NSCN is the only true platform for the liberation of Nagas’ from the adversaries beholding the Naga issue.”

electoral roll, a meeting was held on November 15 at DC Conference Hall, Longleng at 1:00 pm. The meeting was attended by Electoral Roll Observer, Neihu Thur, I.A.S, Commissioner and Secretary, Transport, Administrative Officers, Election Department, all political parties and civil societies of the District. A press release informed

the recently concluded summary revision. He informed that with the co-operation of political parties and civil societies, the E-roll of the District has been brought to an acceptable level and that the District has attained 100% photo electoral roll. The Electoral Roll Observer, Neihu Thur, IAS highlighted the fundamental principles of Summary Re-

Christian spirit. He informed that the claims and objection of E-roll are carried within specified time where all designated officers, BLOs, and BLAs should ensure that genuine voters are enrolled, illegal immigrants are not enrolled, bogus voters, expired and underage voters are deleted and multiple entry of electors in different polling stations are checked.

referred to District Election officer, or the Election Commission for necessary action. He thanked the members present for the successful conduct of Summary Revision and for achieving 100% Photo E-Roll. He also acknowledged the close coordination between district administration, civil societies and political parties in the District.

KSCSU parting social

C h u C h u y i m L a N g, November 15 (Dipr): The Golden Jubilee celebration of Government Administration Circle Chuchuyimlang (1963-2013) was held on November 13 with Minister for Home, G. Kaito Aye as chief guest and MLA and Vice–Chairman NSAMB, S. Chuba Longkumer as guest of honour. During the occasion, the chief guest unveiled the monolith of EAC Office and released the souvenir of the Government Administration Circle Chuchuyimlang Golden Jubilee Book. Gaito expressed gratitude to be part of the Golden Jubilee celebration programme. He said, “We should not forget the achievement of 50 years by remembering all the pioneers those who have rendered their services with utmost dedication, sacrifice and selfless efforts at the time of difficulties and hardships.” Gaito on behalf of the government told the land owners and villagers under Chuchuyimlang circle that the grievances submitted to him will be forwarded to the government and that special preference will be given while taking decision at the cabinet level meeting. The Guest of Honour, Chuba Longkumer acknowledged that it was God’s blessing that “we are celebrating the 50 years of Administration Circle today” and said

that one should give credit to all the pioneers by remembering all their selfless sacrifices. He further called upon all to co-operate with each other, leaving aside all the differences so more development work can be done. He also requested the Home Minister to fulfill the memorandum submitted by the people of the area of their grievances at the earliest as it will be great achievement while entering the Platinum era. Short speeches were delivered by Sentichuba, Ex-Minister and D.C Mokokchung, Murohu Chotso. Greeting speeches were offered from Chuchuyimlang, Mongsenyimti, Longkong, Unger Village Council Chairmen also former Adhoc Town Council Chairman and present Vice-Chairman (ATC) Chuchuyimlang town. Special song was presented by Watsu unit Chuchuyimlang town, while welcome address and vote of thanks were delivered by EAC Chuchuyimlang and Dobashi head incharge Chuchuyimlang. Invocation and benediction was pronounced by Pastor, Yisemyong Baptist Church and Pastor Chakpa Baptist Church. SDPO Tuli, DPRO Mokokchung, SDO (Civil) Changtongy, departmental offices from Chuchuyimlang town, political party workers and special invitees attended the Golden Jubilee celebration.

Supervisors & enumerators informed

Longleng attains hundred percent photo E-roll

NMH Panchayat resolves

Kohima, November 15 (mexN): The New Ministers’ Hill Kohima Panchayat (NMHP) office bearers, executives, GB, advisors, action committee members and youth organization held a meeting on November 4 at Panchayat Hall. NMHP Secretary, Lima Imsong in a press note stated that the Panchayat resolved that “no unwanted gatherings and loitering would be allowed in and around View Point near Little Flower Higher Secondary School during night or odd hours and holidays.” No food packages and drinks would be allowed within the premises. Panchayat Youth and Action Committee along with Executive members will patrol and survey during odd timings to check anyone going against the order. Defaulters would be dealt with accordingly as per the Panchayat resolution. The house also discussed the beautification and sanitation of the colony and decided to appoint one sweeper for daily clean up of the colony and the salary would be Rs.3000 per month. Panchayat office bearers and executive members will contribute the sweeper’s salary, it added.

Dimapur GBs union informs

Dimapur, November 15 (mexN): Dimapur GBs Union (Sadar) has informed all the GBs to fully co-operLoNgLeNg, Novem- that K. Libanthung Lotha, vision. He emphasized that The Electoral Roll observer ate and initiate to participate in their respective colonies/ ber 15 (mexN): With re- Deputy Commissioner, Long- clean and accurate E-roll informed that in extraordi- wards/areas/villages’ social work organized by Deputy gard to Summary Revision of leng briefed the meeting on should be ensured in true nary case, the matter may be Commissioner, Dimapur on November 16 from 6:00 am.

The GHSS students who had remained silent on all other allotments protested against the RFS. The students of RFS considered


the robbery by unidentified gunmen at Mount Saramati Montessori School, Sugar Mill Village on November 11, about 8:15. Expressing deep concern over the incident, MASMV appealed every right thinking citizen to condemn such kind of shameful act committed in the educational institution. Further, MASMV urged law enforcing agency to give all effort to arrest the culprits at the earliest.

Dimapur, November 15 (mexN): Yimchunger Gazette Officer’s Association (YGOA) general meeting will be held on November 16 at Bamboo Resources Centre, 6th Mile here at 11:00 am. Therefore, all Yimchunger Gazette officers serving in the central and state government have been requested to attend the meeting along with yearly membership fee of Rs 1000/- and new registration fee of Rs 1000/- without fail.

Secretary of NSCN (IM) NL Raikham has informed all concerned that PS Pavei, OA-II has been terminated from his active service of NSCN (IM) “in accordance

Students of Royal Foundation School, Phek town carry out a protest rally.

the former DCs had issued temporary site allotment to other private schools. RFS application was denied by the incumbent DC.

YGOA general meeting today

Year. On this occasion, the entire community feasts on the first meal of rice drawn from the season's harvest cooked in bamboo segments.

RFS Phek protest against ‘discriminatory action of DC’

pheK, November 15 (mexN): The Royal Foundation School, Phek Town carried out a protest procession and submitted a memorandum to the Deputy Commissioner, Phek who is also the Chairman, Managing Board of Government Higher Secondary School Phek. RFS Phek school leader Venieta alleged in a press release that the students protested because of the discriminatory action of the DC, Phek and politically motivated biased action of GHSS for stopping the site development of its new site while

mex FiLe

harvest festival of the Sumis. Ahuna signifies the celebration of the season's harvest in thanksgiving, while invoking the spirit of good fortune in the New

organizers of ahuna night pose on november 14.

ERO conducts meeting on NSCN (IM) terminates one and welcomes another Novem- to the gravity of the crime code of conduct enshrined from SS Khaplang faction summary revision of E-Rolls Dimapur, ber 15 (mexN): Cabinet committed”. According to in party rules NSCN”. on November 1. The statethe revision of Electoral rolls for verification of Indian citizenship: Produce citizenship certificate issued by the competent authority; Valid passport issued by Government of India; Produce certificate/ document from the concerned ERO where he/she was registered as voter; If evidence is establish that the person is illegal immigrant then, the name will be deleted suo moto by the ERO; In order to establish the authenticity of document, the submitted document will be sent back to the issuing authority for verification; No EPIC will be issued to any suspected illegal immigrant till claims for citizenship is established; and if any local woman is married to any illegal immigrant, the whole family will be treated as illegal immigrant except the woman.


pughoboto, November 15 (mexN): Pughoboto Sub-Division Badminton Association (PSBA) on Thursday night organized “Ahuna Night” with Alobo Naga and other talented local artists. Minister for Sports and Youth Resources Merentoshi R Jamir, parliamentary secretary for Irrigation and Flood Control (I&FC) Vikheho Swu and Khriehu Liezitsu, advisor MTF and NRE graced the event. Ahuna is a traditional post-

Sumi community council diphupar celebrated ahuna festival on november 14 at diphupar local ground with i. Vitoshe kinnimi, chairman diphupar Village council as ahuna Papu. the celebration included various cultural items like aphilokuwo, thishole, thighale, Lejole, angu kupsu and ahuna kibe. more than thousand Sumis, tribal leaders and village council members attended the celebration.

Dimapur, November 15 (mexN): Electoral Roll Observer, appointed by the Election Commission of India, V. Shashank Shekhar, IAS who is posted as Commissioner & Secretary to Governor of Nagaland visited Dimapur and held a meeting with ADC Dimapur, three SDOs , other Administration officers and political parties regarding the ongoing summary revision of electoral rolls. The meeting found that the census and electorate population ratio was very high (more than 90%) in some constituencies and very low (less than 40%) in others, whereas the average ratio should be around 60%. As per the Election Commission instructions, the house deliberated that the following steps should be taken during


youth” Matibo Matiso, a 24-year-old resident of Purana Bazar Dimapur. The victim attached to Central Income Tax Department as casual assistant was found murdered on November 8 at Super Market here. In a press release appended by its president Chakho Chachei and general secretary Manikho Chachei, Pfosemei Union called upon concerned citizens to join hands and condemn such “act of devilish cold-blooded murder”. It also urged the law enforcing agency to promptly investigate and deliver justice upon the culprit at the earliest.

those actions discriminatory, biased and subjective. The students of RFS therefore demanded for justice from DC Phek.

DSTS: Dimapur Sumi

Totimi Hoho has expressed shock that a “responsible father” sexually assaulted his minor daughter at Thilixu village. A press release appended by the Hoho’s president Nisheli and general secretary Khetoli stated, “God has created father to protect his family and not to do such heinous act which an animal too do not.” Further, the Hoho condemned the act and appealed the law enforcing agencies to nab the culprit at the earliest and award befitting punishment according to the law of the land.

Govt Administration Circle Chuchu celebrates 50 years

Kohima, November 15 (mexN): The Kohima Science College Students’ Union, Jotsoma will hold its parting social on November 16 at 10:00 AM at the college premises.

AYO offers condolences

Kohima, November 15 (mexN): Angami Youth Organization (AYO) has expressed shock at the demise of Sarovi Sechu, former social and cultural secretary of AYO from 2010-2013, on November 13, 2013. A condolence message appended by AYO press secretary Tsoto Sale stated that late Sarovi Sechu was a sincere and dedicated leader who contributed yeomen service for the welfare of AYO. Acknowledging that his death is a great loss for the organization and the Angamis in general, AYO conveyed heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family members. Dimapur, November 15 (mexN): Deputy Director, DSO Dimapur L Bitong Thonger has asked all the supervisors and enumerators of 6th Economic Census to collect their honorarium on November 18 at District Statistical Office, Chumukedima. All concerned have been asked to come with their respective appointment orders without fail.

YVC reminds of conservation

LoNgLeNg, November 15 (mexN): Yaongyimchen Village Council has reminded all concerned that killing of Amur Falcon and other wildlife animal within the jurisdiction of ‘Yaongyimchen Community Conservation Area’ (YCCA) is strictly prohibited. Therefore, any person found violating the said resolution will be fined Rs.15,000/-. This was stated in a press release issued by YVC Chairman, Sajong Phom.

Rio to grace job mela

Dimapur, November 15 (Dipr): The Job Oriented Skill Development Mela 2013 will be inaugurated by Chief Minister Nagaland, Neiphiu Rio as the Chief Guest on November 20. The inaugural programme will be chaired by Parliamentary Secretary for Justice & Law, Land Revenue and Employment Dr. Nicky Kire while a special address will be made by Director General of Employment & Training, Ministry of Labour & Employment GOI, Shikhar Agrawal, IAS. The job Mela is being jointly organised by the Department of Employment & Craftsmen Training, Government of Nagaland and Youth Net.

Nagaland Press Association’s meeting

Dimapur, November 15 (mexN): A general meeting of the Nagaland Press Association (NPA) is scheduled to be held on November 27, 2013 (Wednesday) at Bookmarc conference hall (Opposite Hotel Saramati), Dimapur from 11:00 AM. Therefore, NPA general secretary Along Longkumer has requested all who have submitted membership form to the NPA to attend the meeting positively. The meeting will deliberate on important matters relating to the welfare of media persons in the state as well as elections to the NPA scheduled for December 17, 2013.


People, life, etc... Saturday | 16 november, 2013

We interrupt this generation ... Alessandra Stanley Source: nyt


ife was pre-empted on Nov. 22, 1963. And television is intent on recapturing that moment of rapt, uninterrupted and wholly unprecedented attention. The extravaganza surrounding the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination is a poignant last hurrah that could prove as glorious — and futile — as a cavalry charge in the era of drone attacks. Modern television was born on the day John F. Kennedy died. The current outpouring of specials, documentaries and dramas is as much a commemoration of the medium as it is of the man. Accordingly, the flashback to 1963 is prompting a generational power play: The mandarins of television are grabbing the remote to assert, perhaps for the last time, their pig-in-python prerogative. Unfortunately, they rely on the one resource their successors are not in awe of and barely notice. Gen Xers and those who follow, millennials in particular, know Kennedy through the mottled filters of history class, pop culture and kitsch. (A lot of what they know came from references to Jackie’s pillbox hat or the Gassy Knoll on “The Simpsons.”) They barely remember what television viewing used to be like. They don’t need their television sets any more than they need land lines. They download selectively and can easily and even unthinkingly slalom around whatever CBS, PBS or HBO is trying so hard to get them to see. Yet the torrent of programming is inevitable, and not just because the Camelot mystique lives on and sells magazine covers and even J. Crew sweaters. Those days of watching tragedy unfold in real time were the unifying experience of the baby boomers. The children of postwar plenty didn’t endure the Depression or fight World War II, and there is no other lodestone, not rock music, Vietnam, or the sexual revolution — that was as unanimously shared. Oddly enough, the members of this huge and hugely important 20th-century cohort are defined not by what they did, but where they were on Nov. 22. Many of these specials, and there are dozens, are as preoccupied with the images and bereavement of baby boomers as they are with the slain president. “There are not many of us left who covered the assassination of John F. Kennedy, but only those of us who were alive before that awful weekend can really know how much it changed America,” is how the CBS anchor Bob Schieffer, who was a local reporter in Dallas in 1963, described his feelings on “Face the Nation” in October. He added, “It was the weekend America lost its innocence.” That sounds like classic “me generation” solipsism, the illusion that no other group experienced so powerful a blow, but it is true that no other president before Kennedy had as intimate and immediate a connection to the public. He wasn’t the first president to go on television, but he was the first television president. People didn’t just feel they knew Kennedy personally, they thought that he knew them right back. “The president saw me,” Linda Rodriguez, who was 13 and waved at the passing presidential limousine in Dallas, says in “JFK: The Final Hours,” a National Geographic Channel documentary. “I know he connected with other people,” she says, crying at the memory. “But that moment was mine, and it was so personal.” The actor Bill Paxton is the narrator, mostly because he, too, is a Texan who, as a child, was in the crowd of well-wishers that morning. Neither Mr. Paxton nor other bystanders can explain what happened; they can only describe how shattered they felt. They serve as stand-ins for millions of other Americans — including network anchors and executives — who also felt they shared one brief shining moment with that president. “A week of reflection,” is how ABC is describing its seven-day vigil dedicated to the anniversary. CBS and NBC have their own saturation coverage coming, while PBS and history-minded cable networks are reviving even remaindered bits of Kennedy lore. The Smithsonian Channel has an entire documentary devoted to Richard Pavlick, a would-be suicide bomber who failed to kill the president-elect in December 1960. Perhaps the oddest offering is “JFK Assassination: The Definitive Guide,” Friday on the History Channel. It’s not a guide to what happened; it’s a luridly narrated survey of what 5,000 Americans think really happened (29 percent surveyed believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone), including minutiae (73 percent did not know that multiple tests have shown that Oswald’s rifle could have made the shots). The guide seems less a civics lesson than a hotel review on Fifty years on, Americans are still shocked by how Kennedy died, but there are few illusions left about how he lived. “Killing Kennedy,” on the National Geographic Channel, is a case in point: a made-for-television drama about Kennedy and Oswald, based on the book by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard, and starring Rob Lowe as Jack Kennedy. This interpretation is also quite revealing, though less about grief than acceptance. It is a succinct, not unsympathetic capsule history of Kennedy’s public triumphs and private transgressions. The Cuban missile crisis is there, and so is Judith Exner, as are nude swimming parties in the White House pool and Dr. Feelgood. The History channel in 2011 commissioned and then dropped a similarly unvarnished mini-series, “The Kennedys,” that starred Greg Kinnear; it was eventually shown on Reelz. There was no similar controversy over “Killing Kennedy.” Journalism nowadays is held in almost as low public esteem as politics, but on this anniversary, the reporters who covered the assassination are held up as heroes. “JFK: One PM Central Standard Time,”

So many recall where they were when news came Adam Geller

shot dead in 1948. "I certainly remember our group and all the crying, all the hugging and trying to make sense of it all, and the dimension of the Colombians, trying to explain it to us," efforts to console that continued for weeks, says Miron, who now lives in Ponte Vedra, Florida. "Hijos de Kennedy, they would call us," he says, "the children of Kennedy."

aP national Writer

They can still hear the voice that brought the news, breaking into a song on the car radio or disrupting a lesson over a school public address speaker. They remember the prayers offered up from sidewalks and sofas, some whispered and others wailed. They can still taste the tears. Even 50 years later, Americans who lived through the day President John F. Kennedy was killed do not have to pause to summon recollections. "It just rushes back," says David Miron, now 73, his voice quavering when he recounts how, as a 23-year-old inductee into JFK's Peace Corps, he heard the news. The axiom is that everyone of his generation knows just where they were. The reality is that many also recall precisely how it felt as word broke, in a staccato series of news bulletins. How could they ever forget?


At St. Mary's High School in Warren, Ohio, an English lesson was cut short by the somber voice of Sister Mary St. George, the principal, over the intercom: "The president has been shot." "We all said a prayer and everybody was crying ..., everybody, the nuns, the teachers, all the students," says Rosa Eberle, now 66. "They all adored him and all the good he was trying to do for civil rights and for the country, to try to get us on track. It was like you lost a family member ..." That afternoon, Eberle's classmate, Nanette Baglanis was taking her turn, as did all seniors, to visit the state employment office. "I was just sitting there waiting to be interviewed and a big guy with work clothes on, he just came running in, screaming, 'They killed our president! They


killed our president!'....He was crying and it was like he saw it himself." Three years earlier, when JFK campaigned in Warren, Baglanis had served in a student honor guard, "Kennedy Girls" who ringed the stage in Catholic school uniforms, gazing up in admiration as the Massachusetts senator spoke to the crowd of 40,000. Now, rushing from the employment office, "I was crying all the way home," Baglanis says. When the diocese opened a new school the following year it was christened in Kennedy's name. But as one of the last graduates of St. Mary's, Baglanis maintained her own tribute — an album filled with photos of the assassinated president, his wife and children. "They were like a part of the family," she says.

When the New York Stock Exchange halted trading at 2:07 p.m. Eastern time, New York was already shutting down. Offices, shops and schools closed early and sent workers out into a surreal afternoon tide. "Everybody was just in a state of shock," says Weisberg, now a dean of the trading floor. "What I remember is the traffic... Everybody was going home at once and, holy cow, you couldn't get anywhere." Weisberg met up with his father to drive home to Long Island and spent a couple of hours in the outbound crawl. Finally, they pulled off the highway and spent the evening in a Chinese restaurant that offered sustenance and a pay phone to call home. But it did nothing to separate them from the city's despair. BULLETIN "People were devastatDALLAS, TEX., NOV. ed," Weisberg says, "and 22 (AP) — REP. ALBERT it had nothing to do with THOMAS, D-TEX., SAID TOpolitics." DAY HE WAS INFORMED PRESIDENT KENNEDY BULLETIN ... WAS STILL ALIVE BUT DALLAS, TEX., NOV. 22 WAS "IN VERY CRITICAL" (AP) — PRESIDENT KENCONDITION. 12:57 P.M. NEDY WAS GIVEN BLOOD TRANSFUSIONS TODAY Minutes after the AT PARKLAND HOSPITAL shooting, investors poured IN AN EFFORT TO SAVE into the "board room" at HIS LIFE .... 1:11 P.M. Bache & Co. in Manhattan's Chrysler Building, With his shift over at says Ted Weisberg, then a Boston City Hospital, Dr. 23-year-old broker. There H. Jack Geiger pointed his was no radio. So instead Plymouth Valiant into afthey crowded around a ternoon traffic. ticker rattling out a paper "I was on my way ribbon of news headlines, home, driving down and glanced up nervously Chestnut Hill Avenue," at plummeting stock pric- says Geiger, who was then es projected onto a screen. 38 and a third-year medi-

cal resident. "I had the car radio on and I heard the news. And I hit the car ahead of me." Geiger still recalls how the newscaster's voice choked up when he read the bulletin. For hours afterward, Geiger tried to call his wife, but the circuits were so overloaded, all he got was a busy signal. In Kennedy, Geiger says he saw a symbol of both the nation's divide and its promise. Months earlier, he'd attended the March on Washington, watching to see how the young president would meet the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s demands for societal change. The following year, Geiger would join Freedom Summer activists in Mississippi, encountering poverty that persuaded him to found community health centers in Boston and the Mississippi Delta. But on the afternoon Kennedy was killed, Geiger felt blindsided. "We, like I think a lot of people, had a despairing sense of 'What is the country coming to?' and 'Is it descending into unrelenting violence?' That was the first shock. And the second was the sense of loss, not just so much for this particular president, but for what felt like a disruption to the whole social fabric...." "Our world changed then, really."



David Miron's class full of fifth graders was watching a televised math lesson when the head teacher told him to change the channel. Miron was weeks away from leaving for a Peace Corps assignment in Colombia. But that afternoon he was in a school at northern New Mexico's Jemez Pueblo Indian settlement with other volunteers, training to use a televised teaching program. When Miron switched away from the video lesson, CBS newsman Walter Cronkite's grave intonations filled the classroom. "The next thing you know, Cronkite's taking off his glasses, sheds a tear and says the president has been assassinated," Miron says, recalling the jarring disconnect between the tragedy and his surroundings. "It's a spectacular day. The sun's up, it's bright and we're up about 3,000 feet..., and the world just completely turned around." Miron and his fellow volunteers kept silent during an hour-long ride back to Albuquerque. But gathering in a lounge, they spent the night despairing over what the president death's meant. Several Colombian teachers who had joined the group tried to comfort them, recalling their own loss of Jorge Eliecer Gaitan, a beloved presidential candidate

Shaded by live oaks draped with Spanish moss and tucked away in South Carolina's tidal marshes, the Penn Center retreat offered sanctuary in difficult times. It was the ideal place, Andrew Young recalls, to bring together black Southerners for literacy training, part of a campaign to get around written tests that white officials used to keep them from voting. "We were in the middle of a session when we heard that the president had been shot," says Young, then an administrator for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and later mayor of Atlanta and ambassador to the United Nations. "People just started crying and moaning, and when I said, 'We need to pray for the president and the nation,' everybody just got down on their knees by their chairs." FLASH DALLAS -- PRESIDENT KENNEDY DIED AT 1 P.M. (CST) 1:37 P.M.

Inside the Penn Center hall, the grieving of more than 50 civil rights workers rose to "an out-loud moan and groan and an old-fashioned Southern prayer," says Young, himself a minister. Not long after Kennedy's death, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. warned Young of its portent. "I remember him saying, 'Well, our days are numbered. If 400 Secret Service can't protect the president, we need to realize that any day could be our last.' "So, it was grief for the nation," Young says, "it was grief for the president and his family, but it was also grief for ourselves."

JFK: 2 probes, with 2 different conclusions David Porter associated Press

Separated by 15 years that encompassed a tumultuous period in American history, the two official U.S. government investigations into the assassination of President John F. Kennedy reached widely divergent conclusions. While they added significantly to the body of knowledge about the major players in the assassination, each seemed to raise new questions for every one answered. Here are brief summaries: WARREN COMMISSION Formed soon after the assassination and chaired by U.S. Chief Justice Earl Warren, the commission published its re-

port the following fall and stated in no uncertain terms that it was Lee Harvey Oswald, acting alone, who fired three shots from the Texas School Book Depository in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963. He also shot and killed Dallas Police Officer J.D. Tippit about 45 minutes later while attempting to flee, the commission concluded. The commission hedged on the so-called "Magic Bullet" theory that asserted one bullet passed through the president's throat and then struck Texas Gov. John Connally's chest and wrist before lodging in his thigh. While there was a "difference of opinion" on the matter, the report concluded, there was no doubt among commission members that the three shots ema-

on PBS is a loving portrait of the CBS anchor Walter Cronkite, narrated by the actor George Clooney, which also includes dramatic re-enactments of UPI and CBS reporters grappling with the breaking story. The NBC anchor Brian Williams, who was 4 at the time, solemnly says of Cronkite, “On that day, he was our dad.” The dread of imminent extinction has emboldened baby boomers to place themselves more centrally into the tragedy. That wasn’t as common 25

nated from the book depository. Concerning Oswald's murder at the hands of Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby two days later, the commission concluded the two men had never met and that it had found "no evidence that either Lee Harvey Oswald or Jack Ruby was part of any conspiracy, domestic or foreign, to assassinate President Kennedy." The commission faulted the Secret Service for not checking the motorcade route adequately for possible sniper's nests and the FBI for not sharing what it knew about Oswald with the Secret Service before the assassination.

ON ASSASSINATIONS The committee was formed in the mid-1970s in the wake of the Watergate scandal and subsequent revelations about CIA activities — including information about the agency's antiCastro efforts not divulged to the Warren Commission. Its conclusion was stunning, though tempered by its choice of language: Kennedy "was probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy," but investigators were unable to identify a second gunman or the extent of the conspiracy. The committee ruled out the Cuban and Soviet governments as well as the Secret Service, FBI and CIA; it didn't rule out the possible inU.S. HOUSE OF REPRESEN- volvement of individual memTATIVES SELECT COMMITTEE bers of organized crime or anti-

years ago. HBO is reshowing a 1988 documentary, “JFK: In His Own Words,” made for that anniversary. Like other tributes from the period, it is notable now for how little there is of anyone besides Kennedy — no present-day actor-narrators, witnesses, ballistic experts or conspiracy theorists — just the president’s voice and glamorous images from Choate, Palm Beach, Hyannis and the Oval Office. It is touching, respectful and tactful in a way that today only a Kennedy family member would expect.

Castro Cuban groups. The finding was based on sound impulses from a motorcycle cop's stuck microphone in Dallas' Dealey Plaza that acoustics experts said recorded four shots, including one from the infamous "grassy knoll" that missed. The acoustics evidence has since been challenged, and the question is considered unresolved. Given the benefit of hindsight, the committee criticized the Warren Commission for failing to adequately investigate the possibility of a conspiracy, though it conceded this was partly due to "the failure of the Commission to receive all the relevant information that was in the possession of other agencies and departments of the Government."

The tributes conclude that never again will there be anything quite like the Kennedy presidency. They are also haunted by the end of TV as it was watched then, and for so long after. “There was a signal moment in our cultural history,” Lawrence Wright, the author of “The Looming Tower: Al Qaeda and the Road to 9/11,” says in “The Assassination of President Kennedy,” on CNN. “Suddenly, it occurred to us that the right thing to do is turn on television.”

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7 Why Tendulkar is Greatest since Gandhi Morung Youth Express



16 novemBer, 2013

The Wall Street Journal

teams. I think Sachin played in over 100 venues internationally and in three different formats. It’s a bit like comparing apples and oranges. Of the batsmen I have watched in my lifetime, Tendulkar is definitely the most complete allround batsman. I can’t think of anyone who is that versatile across formats.


achin Tendulkar, arguably India’s greatest sportsman, started playing his last Test match Thursday against West Indies in his hometown Mumbai. After this, his 24-year old cricket career will come to an end. Here is a quick summary of the mindboggling statistics Tendulkar’s cricket career has generated. Lately, the 40-year-old hasn’t been as lethal as he used to be on the cricket pitch. But his departure will surely bring tears to the eyes of his fans in India and abroad. Dileep Premachandran, editor-in-chief of Wisden India, a cricketing magazine, who has been covering cricket in India for nearly 15 years, spoke to The Wall Street Journal about Tendulkar’s retirement, his influence on young cricketers and why he’s the only true panIndian icon since Mahatma Gandhi. The Wall Street Journal: You say when Sachin Tendulkar started his career Indian economy was opening up and growing rapidly. Now that he is retiring, India’s economic growth is also declining. Can you please elaborate on how Tendulkar can be seen as a totem for India’s economy? Do you think there is a direct link, or is it just a coincidence? Dileep Premachandran: It was more as a joke. It is pure co-incidence. I don’t think the two are related in any way but it’s something that caught my eye that the decline in his personal fortunes just happens to occur at the same time as the economic slowdown. It’s obviously not related in any way.

Indian school children display posters of Indian cricket star Sachin Tendulkar as they gather to honor him in Chennai, on Thursday, November 14. Tendulkar plays his world-record 200th and last test from Thursday in a hometown stadium for which tickets could have been sold 10 times over. (AP Photo)

enjoyed that kind of popularity wherever you go in India. If you take the big Bollywood stars for example, if you go to Chennai, they have no sort of following because Bollywood in not big in Chennai. There has never been a pan-Indian icon truly. Even politicians, they have their pockets of influence whether that’s north or their own state. I don’t think you have ever seen somebody with the sort of pan-Indian appeal that Sachin has had. Wherever I have seen him play, it’s been a same sort of raptured response whenever he comes out, not just to bat. But even he just walks out to WSJ: What effect do you think the field for practice whatever he has on the national psyche? the case may be, it has always Premachandran: I think been a uniform thing. it’s a difficult one to answer. I have written this before, I don’t WSJ: What kind of impact does think there is a single individu- Tendulkar have on young crickal since Gandhi who has rallied eters such as Virat Kohli, Rohit so many people behind him Sharma and Suresh Raina on or her. I don’t think there has and off the field? been a single person who has Premachandran: I think all

Why is my boss paying me half a laughable pittance?


Nury Vittachi | IANS

guy who worked at an information technology firm was outraged to find himself overpaid. So he tried to give the money back. But the boss wouldn't take it; so he resigned. The 32-year-old man was sent to a psychiatrist, Vinod Kulkarni, who told a Bangalore Mirror reporter that he'd had several cases like this. One was a banker who was upset at getting a plum job. "He thought there were several others who were superior to him and felt they should be promoted instead of him," the psychiatrist said. What's going on? A massive outbreak of honesty is under way. This is unnatural and could destroy modern society, which is based on the noble capitalist principles of lies, greed, self-deception and the like. My workmates are the opposite. If you got a huge fleet of trucks to deliver all the money in the world to one guy I know, he wouldn't even smile. He'd just glare at the rest of us suspiciously and ask: "So how much are you guys getting?" Surveys show that nobody cares how much they're paid as long as it is more than their colleagues. If our boss had any brains, he'd pay us a laughable pittance and whisper individually to each of us that our colleagues were getting only half a laughable pittance. Wait. I think he DOES do that. When it comes to salaries, negotiation skills are vital. Consider toilet cleaners Akku and Leela Sherigar, named by the Daily Mail as the world's lowest paid workers. They sent their averages down by working for nothing following a dispute with their employer. This was surely the worst negotiating tactic in the history of the world. CLEANERS: "Give us a pay rise or we'll work for free." BOSS: "Oh, dear, sorry, can't afford it, mwah ha ha ha ha." It took these south Indian ladies only 11 years of working for nothing to spot the weakness in their strategy. My mentor/bartender says there are four types of pay packets. 1) The Christmas Gift Salary: You accept it gratefully but wish it happened more often. 2) The Onion Salary: You open it and start weeping. 3) The Molecular Salary: You open the envelope and reach for an electron microscope to locate the money. 4) The Letter Bomb Salary: You open it and your head flies off in shock. If you are not happy with your pay, consider the Buddhist philosophy underlying the following joke. Dad enters son's room to find him relaxing. DAD: You should be studying. SON: Why? DAD: You'll get a good job. SON: Why would I want a good job? DAD: So you can earn a lot of money. SON: Why would I want to earn a lot of money? DAD: So you can have a good life, retire early and spend your days relaxing. SON: Right. That's what I'm doing now.

these guys have benefitted hugely from him by playing alongside him for all these three or four years whether it’s Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina and Rohit Sharma. When you have someone with such an impressive work ethic and such commitment to the game, how can you not learn from that? They have seen what he has achieved. They have seen the work he has put into to achieve that. And, you know, if you don’t learn from that then you are a fool. And I don’t think any of these kids are fools. When you are sharing a dressing room with someone who has been there done that, enjoyed tremendous highs and enormous lows, when he tells you ‘Don’t get nervous just play out the first 20 balls and you’ll be okay’, you listen to that because it’s coming from somebody who has done what needs to be done.

potential to match or beat Tendulkar’s records? Premachandran: I honestly don’t think the 200 Tests, the runs record and the hundreds record will be broken, because I know there are people like Alastair Cook [England’s leading Test century maker and the youngest player to go past 7,000 runs in Test cricket], but I honestly cannot see him going on to play for another 15 years. Not too many players enjoy the kind of consistent run that [Tendulkar] had. Of these 24 years, about 18 or 19 were good ones. You probably had five bad years. It’s hard to imagine another player having 19 good years. I look at somebody like Ricky Ponting [the former Australia captain] who at one stage people said was going to go past Tendulkar. Look what happened there. Once you hit the wall at a certain age, usually most people don’t come back with WSJ: Who do you think has the the greatness of Sachin. He did

come back. I think Virat will probably do it on the One-day [international] numbers. But again it depends whether he can stay focused, can he stay consistent for 20 years, which Sachin did. In the One-day game, he churned out runs relentlessly for two decades. Can any of these guys do that? I feel Virat is at the best place to threaten the One-day record. But again I wouldn’t get carried away because not too many people have what it takes to play that long with that level of consistency. WSJ: There is never ending debate on who is the greatest batsman in the world out of Sir Donald Bradman and Sachin Tendulkar? Who do you think is the greatest or is the debate futile? Premachandran: I think it’s a futile debate. I think Bradman played cricket in two countries if I am not wrong, against four

WSJ: Sachin’s absence from the Test team will be a major void. Do you think the Indian cricket team is prepared for that or will they need to re-strategize? Premachandran: I think they are prepared for that. They have been preparing for that for pretty much close to a year. We have already seen players like Shikhar Dhawan coming to the team, Pujara has been there for a year and a bit now after his comeback, Virat is there for more than a year. Rohit is just coming. I think what India needs to do now is to get over the whole comparison mentality. Pujara is not the next Dravid. Kohli is not the next Sachin. Let them be their own people and we’ll see how good they are in a few years’ time. I think it will take a little patience. They are not going to go to South Africa and win two-nil or win five-nil in England straight away. That’s not going to happen. I think people need to give them some time. Sachin also took some time to find his feet, so did Rahul Dravid, so did Saurav. All these players took time to find their niche. WSJ: What’s your favorite Tendulkar innings and why? Premachandran: Of the ones I have seen on television and overall, I would still go with Perth when he was 19 years old back in Feb. 1992. Just to see a boy take on Australia with a series lost, on what was the fastest pitch in the world and a score a hundred like that, it was something incredible. I think it probably gave an entire generation of players the belief that if this guy can do it, if we work hard, maybe we can too. So for that reason,

probably it remains my favorite.

WSJ: Do you think all the hype with his last Test might impact his game? Will he be able to enjoy his last cricket match? Premachandran: I think he will enjoy. Obviously the hype and the hoopla around it, you can’t shut it out totally. But if there is any man who is capable of shutting out the distractions, I think it’s him. I guess being the last Test, there will be a sense of liberation. You know this is it and ‘Let me just go out and enjoy.’ I think he will. I saw after the nets today, he was smiling, cracking jokes. I think he will just go out and have a good time.

WSJ: There was a debate that he has overstayed his international career. What do you think? Premachandran: The issue I have with this debate, people who are debating, like you and me have no concept of greatness because we are not great. We do not know what it is like to be in that position. These players know when they are on their way down, but they also find ways to compensate. In Tendulkar’s case, I think we shouldn’t judge him by the numbers of the last two years. It’s also been a team very much in transition. It lost Rahul, it lost VVS [Laxman.] It has now lost Sehwag and Gambhir maybe not forever, but they are not in the team now. It would have been a huge sea change if there was not one old head in the team to guide the younger players. So, I think in that sense he had a job to do and he has done that. Transition is one of the hardest things to manage when you have a team that is aging. By and large, India has done it well. They have phased out guys almost series by series and brought in one or two new guys each time. That’s the best way to go about it because if four or five guys go at the same time, you just collapse in a heap, which is pretty much what happened to Australia after 2006.

Nashville, the music lover's paradise



rom legendary concert halls and recording studios to raucous honky-tonks and other clubs that resound with country, blues, rock and jazz, Nashville lives and breathes its reputation as Music City USA. Your waiters are probably musicians and even bankers have at least one pair of cowboy boots to wear with their power suits. Don't be surprised that the bellhop at your hotel is a guitar-slinging songwriter waiting for his big break. Here are tips about getting the most out of a trip to Nashville from Reuters, whose 2,600 journalists in all parts of the world offer visitors the best local insights. Nashville is a free-wheeling music smorgasbord. It's the home of country music but also of rocker Jack White and his Third Man Records, along with a flourishing R&B scene that historically included Jimi Hendrix and Bobby "Sunny" Hebb. It's the kind of place where Vince Gill performs with a world-class symphony, is accompanied by pedal steel guitars and banjos at The Grand Ole Opry and drops in with his guitar "to pick" with friends at clubs. When Gill is not on the road, he makes regular Monday night appearances with country traditionalists The Time Jumpers at the 3rd & Lindsley club at 818 3rd Avenue South. The state capital of Tennessee, Nashville also features a great deal of history - from the recreation of the Fort Nashborough settlement on the Cumberland River and The Hermitage, home of President Andrew Jackson, to Fort Negley and other Civil War sites. Experience Nashville by hanging out and tapping your toes to the music. You will quickly realize that in summer's swelter or winter's foggy chill, it is a magical place. Listings of shows, concerts and events can be found at, and MUSIC, ARTS & CULTURE Music is such a central part of Nashville's identity that it is piped through the crosswalk signs downtown. But there are other attractions and diversions. The city is also nicknamed "The

Patrons visit Ernest Tubb Record Shop in downtown Nashville, Tennessee June 19, 2013. (REUTERS Photo)

Athens of the South" and a taste of that can be had by visiting Centennial Park. The centerpiece of the park - with its botanical gardens, statues and flocks of ducks and geese in Lake Wautauga - is the world's only full-sized replica of the Parthenon in Greece. An imposing structure built for Tennessee's 1897 centennial celebration, this Parthenon now houses an art museum. Nashville's elegant architecture has been preserved at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts, inside the old downtown Post Office building on Broadway. It is a regular stop for touring art exhibitions and a hub for family-friendly activities. The Schermerhorn Symphony Center, opened in 2006, was designed in part by taking into account the best aspects of the great concert halls of Europe. On Demonbreun Street at 4th Avenue South, the hall is home to the Grammy-winning Nashville Symphony, which performs classical and pops concerts almost every weekend. It is also a venue for touring bands. ( Just across the intersection is the one museum in Nashville that no one should skip. The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, which nearly doubled in size this year, offers live music in the entry hall, a rotunda filled with plaques of fa-

mous performers and floors of memorabilia and interactive displays. See if your visit coincides with one of the frequent concerts and Q&A sessions with artists and musicians. ( The hall of fame is also where you sign up for the shuttle to tour RCA Studio B, where Elvis Presley, Waylon Jennings, Chet Atkins and other giants recorded timeless music. On the tour, you will be in the heart of Music Row, the historic boulevards lined by studios and record labels. When you return from Studio B, three good museums are within walking distance. Just across the street from the hall of fame is the new Music City Center. The massive convention space includes the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame, a place to learn about the really creative types who fuel the city. The nearby Ryman Auditorium, on 5th Avenue North just off Broadway, is the former home of The Grand Ole Opry - the "mother church of country music". The guided tour includes the opportunity to pose for photos on the stage where Elvis, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline made their marks. Two blocks away, on 3rd Avenue South, is the new Johnny Cash Museum with relics from the Man in

Black's career. Take a short taxi ride to another worthy museum in the Municipal Auditorium at 417 4th Avenue North. The Musicians Hall of Fame features instruments and paraphernalia from stars of rock, jazz, blues and country. BREAKFAST, LUNCH & DINNER A drive to the southwestern edge of Nashville takes you to The Loveless Café at 8400 Highway 100. Breakfasts of eggs and country ham and lunches of fried chicken accompany the true stars: buttery biscuits. Dinner is also served here. If you come on a Wednesday night, the radio show Music City Roots is broadcast live from the Loveless Barn behind the restaurant. It's the best $10 ticket in town. Another breakfast option is the Pancake Pantry at 1796 21st Avenue South in Hillsboro Village. Your taxi driver will know. This is where the stars get their flapjacks. If the line is too long, go just down the street to Fido for coffee and a breakfast plate that could include chorizo or poblano peppers with eggs. At lunchtime, venture over to 2413 Elliston Place near Centennial Park to visit Rotier's and enjoy arguably the best cheeseburger in Nashville. Closer to downtown, there are plenty of options. Try Jack's Bar-B-Que, which offers Tennessee pulled-pork sandwiches in a casual, cafeteria-style setting at 416 Broadway in the middle of the honkytonk district. Arnold's Country Kitchen at 605 8th Avenue South is another favorite. Arnold's has many competitors but it serves perhaps the best meat-and-three in Nashville. Church Street and Second Avenue, within walking distance of the honky-tonk district, offer an abundance of restaurants. NIGHTLIFE Two words: Lower Broadway. This really is the heart of Nashville, with music coursing from the stages of the shotgun-style establishments lining Broadway between 1st Avenue and 5th Avenue. To get into the honkytonk spirit, start with the buskers on the street and look for Mandolin Mike in particular.

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Saturday 16 November 2013

The Morung Express

3 killed as Mangala Express derails

Nashik (Maharashtra), NoveMber 15 (iaNs): At least three passengers were killed and 30 injured when 10 bogies of the NizamuddinErnakulam Mangala Lakshadweep Express jumped off the tracks near Nashik early Friday, officials said. The accident took place around 6.30 a.m. between Ghoti and Igatpuri stations in Nashik district in the treacherous hilly and winding section running through the Western Ghats, around 200 km north of Mumbai. A Central Railway official said three people were killed in the incident while 30 were injured, including some with minor injuries. The coaches which derailed are: S-8, S-9, S-10, S-11, B-1, B-2, B-3, A-1, GS-1 and SLR. These were strewn on the adjacent tracks, completely disrupting train traffic on the crucial Mumbai-Kolkata trunk route. Shortly after the accident, the Central Railway mounted a massive relief and rescue operation for the victims, informing their near and dear ones.

Indian people gather at the site of a train accident near Nashik, 165 kilometers (100 miles) north of Mumbai, India on November 15. Police say the passenger train derailed in western India, killing at least two people and injuring another 25. The cause of the accident was not immediately known. (AP Photo)

Helplines set up to provide information on Mangala Express derailment

While the injured were rushed to hospitals in Igatpuri, Ghoti and Nashik, 10 buses were arranged to carry around 450 passengers stranded at the derailment site to Igatpuri station. Around 12.30 p.m., a special train with 22 coaches was arranged from Igatpuri to take the passengers on their onward journey to Ernakulam,

Kerala, an official said. Hours after the accident, confusion wrapped the number of casualties. While the Central Railway said three were killed, local rescue officials in the district pegged the death figure at four, while witnesses claimed eight people were dead. The derailment led to cancellation of pairs of

Mumbai-Manmad Rajyarani Express, Mumbai-Manmad Panchavati Express, Mumbai-Bhusawal Passenger and the Nanded-Mumbai Tapovan Express. A total of seven trains were cancelled. The Mumbai-Nanded Tapovan Express was terminated mid-journey at Kalyan in Thane district. Another 11 long-dis-

tance incoming and outbound trains from various locations like Howrah, Varanasi, Lucknow, Guwahati, Ranchi, Nagpur, Rajendranagar and Bhubaneshwar were diverted through alternate routes. Central Railway officials said they are hopeful of restoring the affected section by Friday evening.

thirUvaNaNthaPUraM, NoveMber 15 (ageNcies): The Railways have set up helpline numbers in 8 major railway stations in Kerala to provide information about the passengers who were travelling in the Ernakulam-bound Mangala Express that derailed near Ghoti between Igathpuri and Nasik stations early on Friday. The helpline at Ernakulam can be contacted by 0484 2100317,Thrissur 0487 2430060, Central Control/Palakkad 0491 2556198; Mangalore Junction 0824 2437824; Mangalore Central: 0824 2423137, Kannur 0497 2705555, Kozhikode 0495 2701234 and Shornur 0466 2222913, according to the railways. The helplines set up in Kerala is in addition to the helpline numbers

Pradesh Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy Friday again said he was opposed to bifurcation of the state and asked the central government to reconsider the decision. A day after postponing his visit to Delhi to meet Group of Ministers (GoM), the chief minister said the bifurcation would lead to more problems for Telangana. He also warned that Maoist problem would raise its head in both states. Kiran Reddy was addressing a public meeting at Chodavaram in Visakhapatnam district of coastal Andhra as part of ‘Racchabanda’ or mass contact programme of the government. Pointing out that after all political parties favoured bifurcation, the Congress party was the last

posing the decision. In fact, all people in Seemandhra (Rayalaseema and coastal Andhra) are opposing it.” He said Telugu people could progress only if they remain united as with 294-member assembly and 42 Lok Sabha members Andhra Pradesh would be one of the strong states in the country. “Some people are saying Telangana will benefit from bifurcation and Seemandhra will suffer, but Telangana will suffer more than Seemandhra,” he said. Kiran Reddy argued that division would lead to more expenditure and loss of revenue for both the states. He claimed that the two states would have to spend Rs.5,000 crore more on salaries for their employees and pensioners.

Telangana was 50 percent more than the generation, he said the region would require Rs.60,000-70,000 crore on lift irrigation projects in four to five years. Kiran Reddy claimed the two states would have to double the strength of their police forces, and there would be more pressure on police forces to maintain law and order. “At present, additional policemen are called from Seemandhra for smooth conduct of Ganesh procession in Hyderabad. Similarly, whenever there are problems in Seemandhra, police forces are rushed from Telangana. But this situation will not be there after the bifurcation,” he said. The chief minister also warned the two states would face a spurt in Maoist activity.

nam (coastal Andhra) and Khammam (Telangana) districts but after bifurcation, this problem will spread,” he said. Kiran Reddy’s latest remarks came as the GoM stepped up its work to prepare a report on bifurcation of the state. A draft bill for formation of Telangana state is likely to be sent to the Andhra Pradesh assembly by this month-end while the bill is likely to be tabled during the winter session of parliament next month. The GoM summoned the chief minister to Delhi for a meeting Thursday but he postponed the visit. He is now likely to meet the GoM on Monday, when the central ministers from the state would also present their views before the ministerial panel.

raigarh, NoveMber 15 (Pti): Stepping up his attack on the Nehru -Gandhi family, Narendra Modi today said Rahul Gandhi was talking of changing the system when it was his father and grand-mother who made it and allegedly distorted and misused it for their personal gains. The BJP Prime Ministerial candidate also responded to taunts that a tea-seller cannot become a prime minister, saying a “tea-seller is a better person that those who sell the country”. “Can

country-sellers be rulers?,” he asked. “The Shehzada (Rahul Gandhi) had come here and was talking about changing the system. In the first place, he should know that the system was made by his father (Rajiv Gandhi), his grand-mother (Indira Gandhi) and great grand-father (Jawaharlal Nehru) for 60 years during their rule.” “It is they who made the system. It is they who distorted it and misused it for their personal gains. When they know

that it is the time to go, they are talking about systems,” Modi said addressing an election rally in this district in Chattisgarh. The Gujarat Chief Minister also slammed Sonia Gandhi for blaming the Raman Singhled government in Chattisgarh for the spread of naxalism in the state. He said it was the Congress which repealed the anti-terror law created by the NDA regime and held her responsible for the spread of naxalism and terrorism in the country.

“Madam Soniaji, it is your party which repealed an anti-terror law given by the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government.It is you who have failed to check terrorism and naxalism and then you come here and blame Raman Singh for this…. Wow, what a scene! You do sins and mistakes and blame us for them,” he said. The BJP leader sought an answer from the Congress government on the spread of naxalism from “Pashupati (Nepal) to Tirupati” in India.

02553-244020 and 02512311499 set up by the railways to provide information about the commuters of the 12618 Mangala Express that left Nizamuddin on Thursday and was to reach Ernakulam at 12 noon on Saturday. Another helpline had been set up at the Mumbai CST by the railways and can be contacted at 022-226944040 for getting passenger details. The divisional railways are rushing a team of senior officials from Thiruvananthapuram to the accident spot to assist the injured and stranded. Information reaching Thiruvananthapuram said the accident took place near Nasik at 6.25 am between Goti -Igathpuri stations. Three air-conditioned coaches and eight non air-conditioned coaches derailed. Over 40 have been rushed

to three hospitals in Igathpuri and Goti. The Pantry Manager of the train, B. Biju told The Hindu over telephone from Igatpuri hospital that the 22 member staff in the pantry car was preparing breakfast when the mishap took place. “I cannot recollect what happened. It was a plain terrain. The pantry car was between the coaches 9 and 10 of the train”, he said. Four of the injured pantry staff - Muralikumar, Vinod Kumar, Manikantan and Chandrasekharanwere shifted by Biju to the hospital. Two of them sustained injuries in the leg. Biju said the majority of the commuters were Malayalees and many were sleeping when the accident took place. The accident spot is 25 kms from Nasik and falls under the Bhusaval railway division.

9 people arrested for salt Reconsider Andhra bifurcation, Kiran Reddy again asks centre Indian treasure hunt based NoveM- to take the decision, Kiran Pointing out that elec- “Today, we have the Maoist shortage rumour in Bihar hyderabad, ber 15 (iaNs): Andhra reddy said: “But we are op- tricity consumption in problem only in Visakhapat- on dream finds no gold

PatNa, NoveMber Rubbishing the ru15 (iaNs): Nine people mours, Razak said that were arrested Friday for reports of a salt shortage allegedly spreading ru- in the state were baseless. mours of an acute short“It is purely a rumour, age of salt in Bihar due to nothing else. We have apwhich its prices shot up to pealed to people not to Rs.150 a kg in a day, police purchase salt from the said. Salt normally sells blackmarket by paying for Rs.8-Rs.16 depending four to ten times its origion its quality. nal price,” he said. Nine people were arAccording to reports rested for alleged black- here, people in nearly a marketing of salt from dozen districts, including Darbhanga, Champaran’s Muzaffarpur, Darbhanga, Bettaih, Barauni in Begusarai and “We have appealed Danapur in Patna districts since to people not to purThursday night, chase salt from the an officer said. blackmarket” “I have asked district authorities to lodge FIRs against Begusarai, Sitamarhi, Sathe hoarders selling salt harsa, Samastipur, Madat rates above the maxi- hubani, Sheohar, have mum retail price under since Wednesday bought section 7 of the Essential salt at Rs.50-150 per kg Commodities Act,” Bi- after the rumours of salt har’s Food and Civil Sup- shortage. ply Minister Shyam Razak Taking advantage of told IANS here. the rumours, traders and Principal Secretary shopkeepers in these (Food and Civil Supplies) districts sold salt at highSishir Sinha asked the er price, he said. “I have people not to buy salt in asked the concerned ofpanic as Bihar had ade- ficials to inquire into ruquate stocks. mours and take action The state government against those found realerted officials and po- sponsible for it.” lice Thursday after it was However, Razak reported that salt was be- blamed opposition ing sold at an exorbitant Bharatiya Janata Party Rs.50 to Rs.150 per kg (BJP) for spreading ruin parts of state amid ru- mours to defame the state mours of its acute short- government and creating age. an artificial crisis.

Better to sell tea than country: Modi

Navy set to get its largest aircraft carrier today

severodviNsk, NoveMber 15 (ageNcies): Ending a nine-year wait, aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya will be inducted into the Indian Navy by Defence Minister A K Antony at the Sevmash shipyard in Severodvinsk, Russia on Saturday. The first aircraft carrier to join the Navy in over two decades, Vikramaditya, the former Gorshkov, will set sail for India after the handingover ceremony. It is likely to be greeted by a ship that already has a very special place in the Navy. INS Viraat, India’s lone aircraft carrier, is said to be heading to Oman to escort the Vikramaditya home. In a show of strength and capability, the two aircraft carriers are expected to sail together in the Arabian Sea before the Vikramaditya heads for its final berthing place in Karwar. The deployment will be one of the last overseas sailings for INS Viraat that has been in service with the Indian Navy since 1987 and is overdue for retirement, given that the hull is now over five decades

old. For Vikramaditya, the long journey home will be challenging — it will be unarmed, and will sail without weapons or fighter aircraft on board while making the transition from freezing seas to tropical waters. The Navy is planning a five-ship escort. After it sets sail from Severodvinsk, the Vikramaditya, commanded by Commodore Suraj Berry, will be met by INS Deepak, a tanker ship, near Murmansk. Also tailing the aircraft carrier will be a Talwarclass frigate. Additional ships will join the convoy near Gibraltar. Though the final route home has not been revealed, the ship is likely to use the Suez Canal and will meet the Viraat once it reaches the Oman coast. The escort is required especially as the route through the Suez will raise serious security issues given the multiple threats that can emerge in the region. The Navy has been tightlipped and has prepared the carrier for a sixty-day sail. This means that a route skirting Africa is also not being ruled out.

The Navy is also certain that the ship will be tailed and will be under surveillance throughout its journey home by all navies operating in the region. The Pakistani Navy is expected to try and gather as much information as possible on the Vikramaditya once it nears Indian waters and is likely to deploy warships as well as aircraft to monitor the carrier. But there will be little to watch as the carrier will not conduct flying operations on its journey to India. The only flying elements on board are helicopters that are used for anti-submarine operations and utility purposes. As thing stand, only three Indian aviators have landed on the ship, all sitting in the “passenger” seat of the MiG-29 KUB. One of them is Vice Admiral Shekhar Sinha, the Western Navy Commander under whose authority the ship will operate once it joins the fleet. Incidentally, Sinha is Grey Eagle, the name given to the seniormost aviator of the Navy. Besides the crew of over 1,600 Indian sailors, the ship will also have 183 Russian technicians on

On board the INS Vikramaditya on Thursday, two days before its induction into the Indian Navy at the Sevmash shipyard in Russia. (IE Photo)

board for the home journey. They will monitor all systems and assist the Indian crew. Several adjustments also need to be made to ship systems when it enters warmer waters, including tuning of the air-conditioning plant. The Russian crew will also be in Karwar for a year as part of the guarantee contract to ensure that the carrier remains snag-free. A series of hits and misses saw the delivery time of the ship extended by five years and there was a significant cost escalation. But

Vikramaditya has finally aced trials by reaching a top speed of 29.5 knots and successfully demonstrating its ‘stealth mode’ by blinding incoming aircraft with its electronic warfare suite. The three-month trials in the White and Barents sea that concluded late September saw the carrier being pushed to its limits and coming out with flying colours. The main issue that delayed delivery by a year — malfunctioning insulation in the boilers — has also been resolved and the

ship exceeded speeds of 29 knots on a regular basis during the trials, “We met all parameters during the trials. The ship performed really well and the propulsion plant as well as the boilers did not have any problems. Of the 8,600 miles that the ship sailed, 1,700 miles were under the command of Commodore Suraj Berry (the Indian commanding officer),” Sergey Novoselov, Head of Military Technical Cooperation Division, Sevmash said.

Fort of King Rao Ram Baksh Singh in Unnao, in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. (AP File Photo)

LUckNoW, NoveMber 15 (aP): India ended a search for treasure beneath a 19th century fort after finding only a few bones and terracotta bricks but none of the gold predicted by a Hindu holy man’s dream, an official said Friday. The search began Oct. 18 in Uttar Pradesh state in northern India after Hindu swami Shobhan Sarkar told a government minister that a former king appeared to him in a dream and told him of a nearly $50 billion cache. The leader of the dig, Praveen Kumar Mishra, said the hunt had been suspended. The government spent 1.6 million rupees ($25,300) on digging at the site, said Durga Shankar, a local magistrate. The opposition said the government search was triggered by the

holy man’s dream. However, the Geological Survey of India has said it found signs of heavy metal about 20 meters (66 feet) underground before deciding to dig in the area in Unnao district, about 80 kilometers (50 miles) southwest of the state’s capital of Lucknow. Mishra said Friday that appeared to have been an error. The state-run Archaeological Survey of India found some artifacts and reached sediments of calcium carbonates in the first trench, Mishra said. There was no hope of finding any archaeological objects beyond that as the diggers hit rocks in the second trench, he told The Associated Press. “There is no indication of (the presence) any alloy as reported by the GSI team,” Mishra said in his report.

NeW deLhi, NoveMber 15 (iaNs): Mouth acidity, caused by sugary foods, fizzy drinks and other acidic food items, can damage the teeth by softening their roots, a study by leading oral hygiene brand Pepsodent said Friday. “Acidity is not just something that occurs in the stomach during digestion; it begins in the mouth and causes the teeth to soften. Even a healthy diet can cause acid formation in mouth and help the growth of harmful bacteria,” said the report released here. “High acid level can wear away tooth enamel by damaging ‘pH’ level in teeth which refers to the balance between acids and alkaline elements in the body. Lower the pH level, higher the acid in the mouth which makes teeth more sensitive to extreme temperatures and prone to decay,” it added. While sugary foods,

fizzy drinks and certain fruits increase the acid level in the mouth, consumption of bananas, potatoes, dairy products especially milk and nuts along with a lot of water help raise the pH levels and lower the acid level. “After a meal, the pH level in mouth reduces for around two hours and saliva tries to neutralise the acid and raise the pH level, but if you continue to drink acidic beverages and sugary foods, the saliva will not be able to neutralize the acid,” it said. “Oral hygiene can be achieved by balanced meals, reducing refined carbohydrates intake and drinking water after every meal. Brushing twice daily up to four minutes using fluoride toothpaste will help keep the enamel of your teeth and maintain your overall oral health,” said Kamlesh Desai, a dental surgeon.

Acidity in mouth spoils teeth: Report


The Morung Express

Saturday 16 November 2013



PhiliPPine President feels tyPhoon backlash

mANIlA, NovembeR 15 (ReuteRS): Two days before one of the world’s most powerful typhoons rammed into the Philippines, President Benigno Aquino had a simple but ambitious target for all government agencies: zero casualties. Fast-forward a week: thousands are dead, anger is growing over the slow relief effort and Aquino’s once-unassailable popularity is under threat - along with the reforms that have helped transform the Philippines into one of Asia’s fastest-growing and hottest emerging economies. Aquino faces a challenge that could define and undermine his presidency in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan, whose 313 km per hour (195 mph) winds and tsunami-like wall of water turned coastal regions into corpse-strewn wastelands. The 53-year-old heir to a political dynasty appears to have been caught off guard by the magnitude of the devastation and has struggled to quell the growing frustration among survivors. He’s appeared only briefly on TV, including once from the city of Tacloban huddling with local officials and again at the Malacanang presidential palace to announce a national calamity. Other media appearances, from both Manila and the affected areas, have been rare. “He should have grasped the enormity of the crisis,” said Ramon Casiple, execu-

tive director of the Institute for Political and Electoral Reforms in Manila. “This could be big. If nothing happens in the next week or so, and the rehabilitation goes haywire, he will have a big political problem.” Aquino spokesman Herminio Coloma both defended the president’s performance but said criticism of the government was understandable. The president had avoided visits to the hardest-hit areas so stretched local government officials were not distracted from relief work, Coloma added. “We do not deny that there may have been shortcomings but that is borne out of severe constraints ... The severity and magnitude of this disaster are unprecedented and unparalleled in our previous experience,” he said.

“WHO’S IN CHARGE HERE?” On Sunday, while in Tacloban, Aquino refused to believe reports that the city of 220,000 people was 95 percent devastated, with looting in some parts, according to an official who was there when the president met local authorities. He complained that disaster officials were giving him conflicting reports, with no reliable information after the typhoon brought down telephone and power lines, said the source, who declined to be identified so he

Typhoon Haiyan survivors ride a tricycle in Guiuan, Philippines on November 15, 2013. Hundreds of thousands of people were displaced by Typhoon Haiyan, which tore across several islands in the eastern Philippines on November 8. (AP Photo)

could speak candidly. One TV network quoted Aquino as telling the head of the disaster agency he was running out of patience. Defence Secretary Voltaire Gazmin said Aquino was just “discouraged” with the incomplete data he was getting. Compounding Aquino’s problems is the slow delivery of aid. For the first six days, the government distributed only 50,000 “food packs” containing 6 kg (13 lb) of rice and canned goods each day, covering just 3 percent of the 1.73 million families affected, according to government figures As desperation grew, local media have begun to question Aquino’s leadership. “Who’s in charge here?” ran a headline in the Philippine Daily Inquirer

on Thursday. The stakes are high for Aquino - and for the Philippines, whose economy has been one of the most robust in Asia this year. After winning control of Congress in May elections, Aquino plans to lift spending on roads and airports to a record next year to attract more investment. Since he took office on July 1, 2010, the benchmark stock index .PSI has surged nearly 90 percent and foreign direct investment has more than doubled. But Filipino frustration, on the streets of Tacloban and in social media, could change the course of his single sixyear term that ends in 2016. “Some of the concerns will be what this means not so much to his popularity and political stability, but more

on whether this will prove to be a distraction in terms of the reform agenda in the remainder of his term,” said Euben Paracuelles, economist for Southeast Asia at Nomura in Singapore.

toKYo, NovembeR 15 (AP): Caroline Kennedy arrived in Japan on Friday to take up her position as U.S. ambassador with one important strength: She has the ear of the American president. Japan hopes the 55-year-old daughter of late President John F. Kennedy will work closely with President Barack Obama to tackle some urgent U.S.-Japan matters, analysts said. “What’s important here is her strong pipeline with Obama and an ability to be able to pick up the phone and speak with Obama directly in the middle of the night for consultation on urgent matters,” said Ryuichi Teshima, professor of diplomacy at Keio University in Tokyo. Kennedy’s close ties to Obama come from playing a pivotal role during the Democratic presidential primaries in 2008 by endorsing him

when Hillary Clinton was the lead candidate. As the first woman to serve as U.S. ambassador to Japan, Kennedy may also be a role model in a country that traditionally has restricted the role of women, said Toshihiro Nakayama, professor of international politics at Aoyama Gakuin University. U.S. ambassadors to Japan can be grouped into three categories, he said. They are big political names, Japan experts and those with close ties to the president. Former U.S. Vice President Walter Mondale and former Senator Mike Mansfield fall into the first type. Edwin Reischauer, President Kennedy’s envoy, would be the second. Nakayama puts Kennedy, an attorney and author, in the third group, along with her predecessor, John Roos, a Silicon Valley lawyer and Obama fundraiser, and Tom

Schieffer, who was George W. Bush’s business partner in the Texas Rangers baseball team. U.S.-Japan relations are generally on an even keel, but Obama and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe are not as close as some would like. “The chemistry is off, possibly because Obama does not support the rightwing views Abe holds,” Teshima said. Major bilateral issues include the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade talks, the relocation of a U.S. military base on Okinawa and a revamp of defense cooperation guidelines between the two countries. “It’s a critical time in U.S.-Japan relations,” Kennedy said at a reception at the Japanese embassy in Washington earlier this week. “The U.S.-Japan relationship is the cornerstone of regional prosperity, stability and security.”

“HELP US” With the military at the forefront of recovery and relief operations, and government agencies struggling to deliver basic services, Aquino’s support base could weaken, something governments before him have endured at their peril. Two Philippine leaders have been ousted in the last three decades, while the previous government of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo faced several coup attempts in her troubled nine-year rule.

Kennedy to take up envoy position in Japan

New U.S. Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy, accompanied by her husband Edwin Schlossberg, arrives at the Narita international airport in Narita, suburban Tokyo on November 15. Japan hopes the 55-year-old daughter of late President John F. Kennedy will work closely with President Barack Obama to tackle some urgent U.S.-Japan matters, analysts said. (AP Photo)

Oceans suffer silent storm of acidification

WARSAW, NovembeR 15 (ReuteRS): Global warming is causing a silent storm in the oceans by acidifying waters at a record rate, threatening marine life from coral reefs to fish stocks, an international study showed on Thursday. The report, by 540 experts in 37 nations, said the seas could become 170 percent more acidic by 2100 compared to levels before the Industrial Revolution. Carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas, can become a mild acid when mixed with water. Acidification is combining with a warming of ocean waters, also caused by a build-up of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and other man-made factors such as higher pollution and overfishing, the report said. “It is like the silent storm - you can’t hear it, you can’t feel it,” Carol Turley, a senior scientist at the Plymouth Marine Laboratory in England, told Reuters. The study, released on the sidelines of a meeting of almost 200 nations in Warsaw on ways to slow global warming, estimated that acidity of the oceans had already increased by 26 percent since the Industrial Revolution in the 18th and 19th centuries. A 170 percent increase in acidity is equivalent to cutting the Ph level of the ocean, a scale of acidity and alkalinity, to 7.9 from 8.2 on

a logarithmic scale. Battery acid rates about 1 and soap, an alkaline, is about 10. The pace of acidification was the fastest in at least 55 million years, the scientists said. Acidification undermines the ability of everything from corals to crabs to build protective shells and has knock-on effects on the food web. “Marine ecosystems and biodiversity are likely to change as a result of ocean acidification, with far-reaching consequences for society,”

A new international report released on November 13, reports that greenhouse gases are making the world's oceans hot, sour and breathless, and the way those changes work together is creating a grimmer outlook for global waters. (AP Photo)

Scientists warn of hot, sour, breathless oceans

WASHINGtoN, NovembeR 15 (AP): Greenhouse gases are making the world’s oceans hot, sour and breathless, and the way those changes work together is creating a grimmer outlook for global waters, according to a new report from 540 international scientists. The world’s oceans are getting more acidic at an unprecedented rate, faster than at any time in the past 300 million years, the report said. But it’s how this interacts with other global warming impacts on waters that scientists say is getting them even more worried. Scientists already had calculated how the oceans had become 26 percent more acidic since the 1880s because of the increased carbon in the water. They also previously had mea-

sured how the world’s oceans had warmed because of carbon dioxide from the burning of coal, oil and gas. And they’ve observed that at different depths the oceans were moving less oxygen around because of the increased heat. But together “they actually amplify each other,” said report co-author Ulf Riebesell, a biochemist at the Geomar Helmholtz Center for Ocean Research in Germany. He said scientists are increasingly referring to the ocean’s future prospects as “hot, sour and breathless.” The 26-page report released by the United Nations and several scientific research organizations brings together the latest ocean science on climate change, related to a major confer-

ence of ocean scientists last year. The theory is that species like squid can only live in waters at certain temperature, acidity and oxygen levels, and the sweet spots where the factors combine are getting harder to find, Feely and Riebesell said. The world ocean pH already has gone from 8.1 to 8.0 — it’s considered a 26 percent increase in acidity because scientists measure hydrogen ions for this. But computer models predict the world will hit 8.0 in the next 20 years to 30 years and 7.9 in about 50 years, Riebesell said. At those levels shells of some mollusks, like clams and mussels, start corroding, he said. “This is another loss that we’re facing,” Riebesell said. “It’s going to affect human society.”

according to the summary led by the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme. “Economic losses from declines in shellfish aquaculture and the degradation of tropical coral reefs may be substantial owing to the sensitivity of molluscs and corals to ocean acidification,” it said. And some studies have found that young clown fish, made famous by the movie “Finding Nemo”, behaved as if drunk in more acidic waters, their brains apparently disoriented. Another study found that rockfish can become more anxious. “A normal fish will swim equally in light and dark areas in a tank ... an anxious one on high carbon dioxide spends more time in the darker side, the more protected side,” said Lauren Linsmayer of the University of California, San Diego. “If society continues on the current high emissions trajectory, cold water coral reefs, located in the deep sea, may be unsustainable and tropical coral reef erosion is likely to outpace reef building this century,” the report said. Deep cuts in emissions of greenhouse gases, from power plants, factories and cars, would limit acidification. The Warsaw talks are working on plans for a global deal, due to be agreed in 2015, to limit climate change.

Political analysts say Aquino’s ratings will likely suffer in the next opinion polls, especially in the typhoon-swept central Philippine provinces that have been bastions of support. Those areas registered the highest regional net satisfaction rating of “excellent” in assessing his performance in polls this year. Across the central Philippines, desperate families appear regularly on TV news programmes, often in tears, some holding signs reading “Help us” or “We need food”. Althoughthegovernment warned of record-breaking winds and a surge of seawater, evacuations were poorly enforced. And the aid, when it came, was slow. Foreign aid agencies said relief resources were stretched thin after a big earthquake in central Bohol province last month and displacement caused by fighting with rebels in the country’s south, complicating efforts to get supplies in place before the storm struck. Aquino has defended the government’s preparations, saying the death toll might have been higher had it not been for the evacuation of people and

the readying of relief supplies. The toll itself has been a point of contention. On Tuesday, Aquino said the number of deaths may have been overstated and could be 2,000 to 2,500, a figure aid agencies and analysts consider too low in the absence of accurate reports from far-flung areas and with thousands missing. Aquino said estimates of 10,000 dead by local officials were overstated and caused by “emotional trauma”. Elmer Soria, a regional police chief who gave that estimate to media, was removed from his post on Thursday. A day later, Tacloban City Hall estimated the nationwide toll at 4,000. “Downplaying the impact of the disaster, including the death toll, does not do anybody any good,” said Mars Buan, senior analyst at political risk consultancy Pacific Strategies & Assessments. Aquino has also stressed that no government could fully prepare for the scale of the disaster, comments that have drawn criticism. “He’s already done a 180-degree turnaround,” said Benito Lim, a professor of political

science at Ateneo de Manila University. “He is trying to exonerate himself from what he said earlier: ‘zero casualties’.” At one point last year, Aquino, the only son of democracy icon and former president Corazon Aquino, enjoyed a 74 percent approval rating. Then a scandal over lawmakers’ misuse of public funds erupted, threatening to undermine the platform that got Aquino into office - curbing corruption. A whistleblower revealed in July that some lawmakers, including the president’s allies, were stealing up to half the money being allocated to local projects from discretionary government funds. Aquino has since been accused of failing to convincingly tackle a culture of political patronage. His popularity rating sank to 49 percent in September. The challenge now for Aquino, a week after Typhoon Haiyan, is to speed up the flow of aid and rebuild the confidence of a nation shattered by one of its worst natural disasters. “I think he will not be popular despite the fact that he is trying his best,” said Lim.



No. G-4/Mails Standardization/2013.

Dated at Kohima the 15.11.2013

NOTIFICATION In pursuance of Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Department of Posts, New Delhi the Gazette notification no. 486 dated 23rd Sep’2013, for proper posting of mails/ letters in Post Offices the necessary guidelines and information to general public, bulk mailers and stationery dealers is hereby published. Letter in other than roll form should be in envelope of the following sizes: 1. Envelope should be made of mini1. 140x90mm mum 70 GSM (Gram per square meter). 2. 152x90mm 2. Envelope must be flexible enough 3. 176x100mm to bend into U shape. 4. 230x105mm 3. Use of light coloured envelope 5. 220x110mm preferably white. 6. 162x114mm 4. Metal clips or staples should not 7. 176x122mm be used for closing envelope. 5. Avoid other numbers like phone 8. 229x162mm no. near PIN code. 9. 250x176mm 6. Address of the addressee should 10. 324x229mm be written on the front side and the 11. 353x250mm sender’s address should be written 12. 458x324mm on the back side of the envelope. With tolerance of ± 2mm” Sd/(Som Kamei) Director of Postal Services Nagaland: Kohima-797001



Dated Kohima, the th Nov. 2013

Stall allocation for selected unit at Bamboo Pavilion, Kisama during Hornbill Festival from 1st to 10th Dec. 2013. Sl. No

Name of the Unit

No. of Stall 1 M/s Canal Orphanage Home, Mon. 1 2 M/s Wabangla Weaving Unit, Dmr. 1 3 M/s Onia Weaving Unit, Dmr. 1 4 M/s K.S. Trademark, Kma. 1 5 M/s Heritage Publishing House, Dmr 1 6 M/s Mixture Shop, Kma. 1 7 M/s Modern Customer Clothes, Dmr 1 8 TRIFED, New Delhi. 2 9 M/s Rong Mar Production, Dmr. 1 10 M/s Multi Enterprise SHG, Kma. 1 11 M/s Photo Paste, Kma. 1 12 M/s Wangcha SHG, Kma. 1 13 M/s Ngio Jhom Traditional & Handi- 1 craft, Dmr. 14 M/s Trio MPCS Ltd., Dmr 1 15 M/s Kirap MPCS Ltd., Dmr. 1 16 M/s Chuba Wooden Craft, Dmr. 1 17 M/s Woodland Craft Unit, Kma. 1 18 M/s Naga Indigenous Craft, Dmr 1

Sl. No

Name of the Unit

43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55

M/s Kewalowa SHG, Phenshunyu Village. M/s Kenyphur Lowa SHG, Tseminyu Village. M/s Craft & Development Society, Diezephe, Dmr. M/s Rahel Handloom & House Decorative, Dmr. M/s Andi Chophi Handloom & Weaving Unit, Dmr. M/s Asong & Co. , Kma. M/s Headhunters’ Ink. M/s Avole Shohe Handloom & Handcraft Unit, Dmr M/s Kashini Handloom & Handcraft Unit,Dmr. M/s Knick-Knack, Kma. M/s Agro-Base Marketing Organisation (AMO), Peren. M/s Skills SHG, Dan Village, Pangsha. M/s The Collective, Kma.

56 57 58 59 60

Department of Art & Culture, Kma. M/s Bamboo Products & Dry Flowers, Leshemi Village. M/s Eco-Tek Assortment, Kma. Nagaland State Social Welfare Board. Nagaland Institute of Health, Environment & Social Welfare, Kma. North Eastern Finance Corporation Ltd., Kma. Nagaland Weavers Association, Kma. Nagaland State e-Governance Society, Kma. M/s Pratham Foundation, Dmr.. M/s Atsula Pochury Handloom, Handicraft & Dry Flowers, Dmr. M/s Easterine Kire . M/s Pongener Craft, Dmr. M/s Imtsalar handloom Unit, Dmr. M/s Pusa Cane & Bamboo Craft, Dmr. M/s Vikolie Wood & Handicraft Unit, Dmr. M/s Akhono Naleo’s Creation, M/s Senti Candle, Nuton Bosti, Dmr. M/s Besusayi Woodcraft Unit, Chozuba, Phek. M/s Zulhupra & Vekhotso Woodcraft Unit, Suthozou, Phek. M/s Akumer Craft, Padampukhuri. M/s Chekro Welfare Society, Diphupar Vill. National Mission on Food Processing. M/s Alo Losou Handmade Products, Dryflowers &Naturals, Dmr. State Child Protection Society, Kma. M/s Tepenjem MPCS Ltd.Dmr M/s Bio Resources Mission, Kma M/s Viholi Handloom & Handicraft Dmr Tourism Department, Kma

19 20 21 22 23

M/s Northeast Network, Chizama, Phek M/s Classic Wood Craft, Dmr. M/s Handloom & Handicraft, Aoyimti M/s Tinuajem SHG, Dmr. M/s Local Decorative, Dmr.

1 1 1 1 1

61 62 63 64 65

24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32

M/s MerangkhuYamgichet Telok, Mkg. M/s Gumtui Society, Peren. M/s Serenity SHG, Dmr. M/s ALS SHG, Dmr. M/s Window Media, Dmr. M/s Putsui Art & Handicraft Unit, Dmr. M/s Wood & Bamboo Craft Unit, Dmr. M/s Aben Handicraft Jewellery, Kma. M/s Tarensen SHG, Dmr.

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74

33 34 35 36

M/s Orchids & Handicraft Items, Kma. M/s Handloom Store, UT Building, Kma. M/s Ava Flowers, Dmr. M/s Sense Ceramics, Dmr.

1 1 1 1

75 76 77 78

37 38 39 40 41 42

M/s Kinny Society, P.Khel, Kma M/s Handloom Centre, Kma. M/s Your Ethnic Signature, Peren. M/s Uniqraft, Kma. M/s Registrar of Co-operative Society, Kma. M/s Bamboo Products, Imphal

1 1 1 1 1 1

79 80 81 82 83

No. of Stall 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 7 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 1

The selected Units/ Societies will be allocated their stalls on 30th Nov. 2013. They are directed to report at Bamboo Pavilion, Kisama for further necessary action. Sd(Er. Thekruneituo Kire) Director of Industries & Commerce.




Saturday 16 November 2013

The Morung Express

ROCKETS SuRgE TO WIThSTAND KNICKS NeW YorK, November 15 (ap): James Harden was back in the lineup, Jeremy Lin was back at Madison Square Garden, and that was just enough to help the Houston Rockets withstand Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks. Harden scored 36 points in his return from a one-game absence, and the Rockets overcame Anthony's 45 points for a 109-106 victory Thursday night. Anthony had the highest-scoring game in the NBA this season and grabbed 10 rebounds, but it wasn't enough for the Knicks in their fourth straight home loss. Chandler Parsons added 22 points and Lin had 21 for the Rockets, who beat the Knicks for the eighth straight time even on a mostly silent night from Dwight Howard, largely outplayed by Andrea Bargnani. "Jeremy stepped up, James played big and that's what we need," Howard said. Howard had just seven points with his 15 rebounds, though he did make a pair of free throws with 1:15 left that gave Houston a five-point lead. Harden, who missed the Rockets' 123-117 overtime loss in Philadelphia on Wednesday with a bruised left foot, scored seven straight Houston points for nine-point lead with 3:51 left. He finished 16-of-18 at the Houston Rockets' James Harden (13) works for control of the ball with New York Knicks' Iman Shumpert during the second line. But there was plenty of excitement left, including Anthony just half of an NBA basketball game Thursday, Nov. 14, 2013, in New York. The Rockets won 109-106. (AP Photo)

Need to focus on disciplines: YR&S Minister Merentoshi

pughoboto (ZuNheboto), November 15 (mexN): Minister for Youth Resource & Sports (YR&S), Merentoshi R Jamir advocated the need to focus on sport disciplines more suited to Naga physique, especially where youth can compete and bring laurels at the highest level of competition. Speaking at the closing function of the two-day open badminton tournament organized by the Pughoboto Sub-Division Badminton Association (PSBA), Jamir sought the need to take up disciplines which Southeast Asian countries have made it as world class players stating, ‘we share similar physique and we can do well in those disciplines they do well’. Affirming the need for youth to take to sports, the YR&S minister informed that the department was in the process of approving an outdoor multi-sports complex for the youth of Pughoboto. ‘When the facility is completed, i hope the people will take good care,’ he opined. Acknowledging badminton as one discipline which has seen a steady growth in the state, Jamir extended his sincere appreciation to Parliamentary

Secretary for Irrigation & Flood Control, Vikheho Swu for promoting the discipline at sub-divisional level. ‘The overwhelming response from participants representing different districts indicates that Nagas are catching up with the game of badminton,’ he said adding, the initiative taken by leaders in promoting sports in their respective regions is an encouragement for the department too to take steps. He suggested that PSBA make the open tournament an annual event while assuring support from the department in the years to come. Jamir was also of the opinion that the success of the first Pughoboto open badminton tournament will encourage the youth of the area to take sports seriously as an occupation. He also expressed confidence that the steady growth of badminton lovers would see Nagaland produce Olympians in the discipline in the near future. The minister for YR&S was accompanied by chief guest of Ahuna Night, Khriehu Liezitsu, Chairman Kohima DPDB and Advisor, MTF & NRE, organised by PSBA to mark the harvest celebration.

auStiN, November 15 (reuterS): Winning, more than setting records, is what sets Sebastian Vettel's heart racing but Red Bull's quadruple Formula One world champion plans to do both at the U.S. Grand Prix on Sunday. The 26-year-old German will become the first driver since the championship started in 1950 to chalk up eight victories in a row in a single season if he wins at the Circuit of the Americas. "It's a long weekend and I am not really here to break a record," Vettel told reporters on Thursday. "It is a nice grand prix, a nice weekend and surely I wouldn't mind if that turns out to be the case but it is not the reason I jump into the car." Vettel won the previous race in Abu Dhabi by a massive margin to equal compatriot Michael Schumacher's 2004 run of seven in a row and, with 11 victories to his credit in 2013, is also on course to equal Schumacher's record 13 wins in a season. Last year when he arrived at the track carved spectacularly out of the south Texas scrublands for the inaugural race there, there was tension as the German and Ferrari's Fernando Alonso took the battle for the title down to the final two races. This year, with the title long ago secured, a more relaxed Vettel seemed in-

tent on enjoying his time in America where unlike most of the world he can walk the streets in relative anonymity. "Obviously it is different from last year where we had only two races to go and Austin was the last race before the final in Brazil," he said. "It is more relaxed in that regard because the potential of the championship is not there anymore," added the champion, who clinched the title in India last month. "But we are looking forward to the race and we want to get our things right. "Last year we were very close to winning here and didn't get there in the end and hopefully we get there this year." Overhauled by McLaren's Lewis Hamilton over the closing laps last year, Vettel wants the top spot in Texas this year. But the 26-year-old German also allowed himself the time to savor some of the other things a Formula One race in the United States can offer one of the world's most recognisable and successful athletes. "It's also nice to walk around and do normal things and just blend in," said Vettel. "People don't know me here. I don't mind at all, quite the opposite, I like that. "It's a very beautiful country, it's huge, you would need a lot of time to explore and I hope to do that one day properly."

Winning is what gets Vettel's heart racing

missing a potential four-point play when the Rockets fouled him intentionally behind the arc leading by three with five seconds left. Anthony threw the ball up and it went in, but officials ruled it came after Harden fouled him. The Rockets hadn't fouled in similar situations lately, and both Toronto and Philadelphia made late 3s to force them into overtime. "It seems like that has happened a lot to us lately. Last-second shots. The first two times you know we didn't foul and they made big 3s. Tonight a foul and they still made a big 3," Harden said. Not quite. Knicks coach Mike Woodson wanted referees to review the call, though it isn't reviewable, and Anthony wouldn't say if he believed it should have counted. "My thoughts don't mean anything at this point in time," said Anthony, who did express his frustration with some of the calls Harden received. "It really doesn't matter right now for me to say whether I thought it was a good call or not. So therefore we move on from that." Anthony made both free throws — he was trying to miss the second intentionally — but Harden answered with a pair to make it 109106 with 2.9 seconds to play, and J.R. Smith was well off with a long-distance heave at the buzzer. Bargnani scored 24 points for

MORE LOCAL NEWS... 125th birth year celebration of Jawaharlal Nehru

Kohima, November 15 (mexN): As per the AICC directive, Kohima District Congress Committee, Nagaland State Youth Congress and National Students Union of India Nagaland State kicked off the year long 125th birth year of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru celebration here at Kohima on November 14, 2013 at KDCC Office. According to a press release, President of DCC

Kohima Prasielie at the event said that India is one of the advanced developing countries in the world with all round development because of Pandit Jawaharlal, the first Prime Minister of India who had a vision to make India a self- sufficient and self-reliant country. President NYC Joshua Swu gave an account of Panditjis bio-data. He added that Panditji advocated educa-

the Knicks and played surprisingly strong defense on Howard, who shot 1-of-5. Smith scored 15 points in his second start but shot just 4-of-16 for the Knicks, who also cost themselves when Anthony's intentional foul on Howard away from the ball came with under two minutes left, allowing the Rockets to retain possession. Lin, back to coming off the bench after starting Wednesday in Harden's place, has won both games back at MSG, where he burst onto the worldwide scene two years ago during his memorable run of Linsanity. Lin came in on another nice roll, scoring 65 points in his previous two games, the best two-game stretch of his career. But the Rockets wasted his 34-point, 12-assist game Wednesday that featured a Rockets record-tying nine 3-pointers. "We played more as a team today," Lin said. "We really moved the ball, shared the ball. We played really unselfish today and we also did what we needed to do defensively." Houston led 28-23 after one and was starting to run away with it when it opened a 49-35 lead during Parsons' run of 11 straight Rockets points. But he didn't score the rest of the half after his driving dunk with 3:10 left, and Anthony and Bargnani combined for three 3-pointers during a 13-2 run to close the half and cut it to 53-52.

tion for Indian Children and youth in particular and as a lifelong passion, he worked for the welfare, education and development of children and young people. Earlier, the day programme was led by Joel Kath, V.P KDCC, invocation was pronounced by Selie, V.P KDCC, a speech by Sentimeren Kichü, President NSUI (INC) and vote of thanks was delivered by Moses, Gen. Secy KDCC.

ATMA Dimapur conducts demo prog at Singrijan

Dimapur, November 15 (mexN): Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) Dimapur, Dhansiripar Block conducted a two days demonstration programme on November 12 and 13 at Singrijan. On November 12, ‘Farm school on winter maize’ was opened at Singrijan B with Tek Bahadur as the farm teacher. On November 13, the resource person for the topic “Field preparation of winter maize” was Kolom Rabi, SMS, KVK Jharnapani. He gave detailed explanation and demonstrated on field preparation, selection of varieties, seed rate, spacing, fertilizer and irrigation and pest management methods. He further encouraged the farmer participants to grow high yielding hybrid/composite varieties as the success and level of profit depends, to a great ex-

tent, on the choice of maize variety grown. A press release issued by ATMA-Dimapur Block Technology Manager stated that to commemorate the water conservation 2013, importance of water conservation was delivered by Chumbeni Odyuo, JSCO and BTT member. She also spoke on the topic “Soil sampling”. The resource person demonstrated the farmers how to collect soil sample from their field using appropriate sampling tools and also explained the importance of soil testing in the estimation of nutrient and fertilizer application. Sentinaro Longchar, Block Technology Manager Dhansiripar Block chaired the programme and Ronchamo, AO & BTT convenor delivered the keynote address. Altogether 40 farmers along with officials from ATMA, KVK and allied departments participated in the programme.

Students of Bridge of Hope, Dimapur receive award at Children's Day cum Annual Day celebrated on November 14 at its project center, Walford, Dimapur. General Secretary DNSU Kambuiga Rongmei was the speaker. He encouraged the parents to spend more time with their children as time is more precious than money and any other expensive gifts.

Deep Kumar appointed Chairman for Taekwondo Board of India in NER

Dimapur, November 15 (mexN): Founder of Faith in Action Foundation Deep Kumar has been appointed officially as a Chairman for Taekwondo Board of India in the North East Region on November 15. Deep Kumar, a Third Degree Taekwondo Black Belt has also been imparting Martial Arts training to students in his Academy for than the past two decades. It also focuses on spreading awareness about many social issues besides Taekwondo training and conquered millions of heart from around the World

through their stunning display of acrobatic Taekwondo techniques and powerful stunts internationally. Winner of many coveted National and International awards, Mr. Deep Kumar has been handed over this responsibility by the President of Taekwondo Board of India, the sole representative from India to the World Taekwondo Federation, South Korea to promote Taekwondo in the North Eastern region. The Founder of Faith in Action Foundation noted that “Because of my past expe-

rience the Board has given me this responsibilities and I will try my level best to bring positive results in the Heap of garbage dumped at Lower P.R hill, Kohima. The garbage has been neglected for region and in India as well. days, creating health concern for the public. (Photo Courtesy: Tutu) Meanwhile, Deep Kumar also said that Faith in Action Foundation has selected 30 Taekwondo players from his Academy to represent the State in the forth coming Open National Taekwondo Championship to be held at Talkatora Indoor Stadium, on December 30 and 31 organized by Taekwondo Board of India in association with Taekwondo Board of Delhi.

BHSS celebrates Children’s day

Dimapur, November 15 (mexN): Bethesda Hr. Sec. School, Watford, Dimapur celebrated Children’s Day with pomp and gaiety on November 13 for Junior children of classes Nursery to 4 and on November 14 for Classes 5 to 12 with the theme “Children are a reward from the Lord” and “You can make a difference” respectively at the main Bethesda campus. While children used to be the active participants in various programmes and activities throughout the year, it is the tradition of Bethesda School to entertain the children by their teachers through activities like solos, individual and group dances, jokes and skits and choreography on Children's Day. As per the schedule programmes commenced with the invocation by Pastor Waiposong, Bethesda

Fellowship, welcome address by the Principal, and welcome song by the teachers. The highlights of the Children's Day programme included songs and colourful dances, skits and joke. Distribution of prizes and presentation of gifts to the children and provision of delicious refreshment for the children by the school management were other attraction of the programme. Esther Murry, Administrator, while exhorting the children, mentioned about the theme, ‘You are a reward’ narrating and quoting from the word of God how even a poor child can serve the Lord. Similarly children can a make a difference and can be a great blessing by sharing their talents and concern for the glory of God. The programme concluded with prayer of blessing by Lalita Roy, Headmistress.

CBCEM erects silver jubilee monolith

Dimapur, November 15 (mexN): In commemoration of Chakhroma Baptist Child Evangelism Ministry’s (CBCEM) silver jubilee, CBCEM organized a monolith stone pulling event on November 9. The monolith stone was dragged from Local Ground Medziphema Town to Chakhroma Baptist Church Council, Mission Centre Medziphema, Dimapur, through NH 39 Dimapur-Imphal road.

About 600 children took part in the programme with beautiful traditional attire. The boys pulled the stone, followed by the girls carrying baskets (khang) full of refreshment items. The monolith was finally erected at Mission Centre, which was followed by its unveiling. A press release informed that the programme was chaired by Yovotsol Kikhi, Convenor Monolith Committee, a spe-

D. Suokhrie, Jt. Director Agriculture & Team leader, State Monitoring & Evaluation, Zunheboto district inaugurated the Marketing Shed under RKVY 2012-13 at Naghutomi Village on November 13. Along with a warm civic reception cum lunch was arranged by the village elders, Goanboras, council Members and farmers for the Departmental officers viz Temjensoba, DDA, Keyevi, DAO Dr. I. Amenla, L.T.O & SDAO’s and support staff. The Monitoring & Evaluation was exercised from November 11 to 13 covering Poghoboto, Sathaka, Aghunato, Akuluto and the Sadar.

cial number was presented by CEM Chatouphe Baptist Church, short speech was delivered by Atutie Meru, and benediction was offered by Pastor Keneitsolie Keyho. The Monolith Committee has acknowledged the ADC & OC Medziphema, public of Medziphema for their kind cooperation, media for publicity, churches and individuals who con- The dry winter season has arrived and the miserable road conditions have started to add tributed kind and materials misery to the lives of Dimapur folks. The dust produced by the unsurfaced roads is a lot to take, especially for pedestrians. (Photo: Mathew K Janger) and their time/labour.


The Morung Express C M Y K

16 November 2013



Naga Chef: top 8 contestant Profile AKETO LI Z



or Aketoli Zhimomi, food is therapy. You will find her always looking for innovative ways to create newer dishes. Her biggest passion is Naga food and her one sole aspiration is to open a perfect fine dining indigenous restaurant that the world will rave about. She is currently a Food Consultant for Bamboo Hut Naga Restaurant in New Delhi.


enny Kath Thong is a Rural Development Officer, she holds a Masters degree in Social Sciences –Mumbia (TISS). Jenny specializes in baking and desserts, giving credit to her husband for encouraging her to bake, she dreams to improvise indigenous Naga ingredients and create innovative Naga desserts.




si Kera is a man of many talents: a cultural promoter, chef, singer, businessman and interior designer! He manages the Orami Restaurant which serves ethnic Naga cuisines in the heart of Kohima Town. He believes that food is one of the most important mediums for showcasing the rich artistic legacy of the Nagas, that food is an art for cultural expression.


hardworking, self-motivated and patient person who is also into photography, music and adventures. He has undergone various culinary training from I.H.M Guwahati and from Indus Institute of Culinary Arts and Hotel Management. Gilbert is also a certified Apprentice Culinarian from American Culinary Federation Foundation. His love and passion in cooking has brought a whole new chapter in his life!





ove means many things to many people but for Imnanungsang, food is the highest expression of love and he abundantly shows his love to his family and friends. A graduate in Economics from Pune and with a 2 year Hotel Management Diploma from Bangalore this food-lover is the Head Chef at Juice Lounge, Dimapur.

An Opinion

to RememberPeren district tunes up A Night haCh PATTON of a packed event. with Music Festival Infront crowd at ITA MachkAn impressive and dihowa auditorium, Pond’s verse line up of talents from The

1st Peren District Music Festival was held on November 14 at the Local Ground Peren Town with Vice Principal of Peren Government College, Albert as the Chief Guest. Addressing the crowd, the chief guest, Albert opined that Peren district made a very humble beginning in the field of music and recalled Haisui Lungalang and his band as one of the 1st band in the district. He impressed the gathering that Peren has come at par with the rest of Nagaland in the field of music. ‘Music can be defined in many ways through which we can express our joy and sorrow, Music is also the bridge to the world’, he added. He also thanked the Peren District Music Society (PDMS) for the initiative they have taken to go ahead in the field of music and hope that the young budding talents with music will bring laurels to the district. The Chief Guest declared the 1st Peren District Music Festival opened. President of Peren District Music Society (PDMS), Ilungsing Mbung delivering the Presidential address said that Peren district music festival was organised as part of the society’s endeavour to promote and provide platform to music talents of the district and that it will be an annual event. The participated band were: Unique Flavour; Creation; Intensive Fire; Fair Friends; Vlll RIP; Soul Alliance; Sanakhang; Sound King; Magnificient; Peren College and PDMS (Peren District Music Society) The programme was hosted by T.R.Zeliang Advisor, Peren District Music Society and anchored by Abungna and Kengimpeuding. About 3000 people gathered to witness the music festival.



ames Chemben Ngullie’s life is a true Self-Help story, an ex- druggie who now runs his own successful food business. James was a mechanic for over 28 years but left the profession due to health problem. Despite odds, his passion for cooking remained and started a fast-food outlet near Delhi Public School, Dimapur, called High Noon.


ahao Chongloi creates his own “Signature Style” dishes that differentiate his cooking from the rest. Gentlemen with many hats, Hahao has worked in multinational corporations like Convergys and also design clothes which have been showcased at the Hornbill Festival and local Beauty Pageants in Nagaland, he is also the co-owner of Event Studio 9 located at Dimapur.














sano believes that passion and hard work are the two most important ingredients of life. She has cooked her way up to success and currently runs her own café called Hive Café in Kohima. She aspires to continue learning more to become a respected professional and an expert in the field of Naga Cuisine.

Pond’s Eclectic Model Hunt 2013

It’s magical, powerful and awesome. Nagas and their love for music are but a tapinherent to both the old the and Eclectic Model Hunt estry. 2013It isthe region enlivened the young. It is inexplicably intense. I still Winner, Mutum Madhuri contest. A thousand-plus remember one fine morning the guitar from Assam, was crowned crowd cheered as Sunita maestro, Ren Merry telling his music stuby the Managing Director Khaund Bhuyan mesmerdents at Patkai Christian College about the of Eclectic Publications, Ta-loveized the audience with her Nagas for music and its prospects. nushree Hazarika and Modviolin recital and Alobo In his solo words. “I find that Nagas are incredibly talented in whateverNaga they do. as stage of nowon I can asel-Actress Cyndy Khojol. setBut the fire sure you if we are to complete rest of the world. The 1stthat, Runner-up, with with his the powerful rendiIts’ through our music”. Thattion was circa 1994. Almost 20rock. years Winkeyla Bhutia, traces of progressive down the line he has not been proven wrong. her origin to the eco-parMami Varte from Mizoram Naga musician have taken their passion for music all adiseacross of Sikkim weaved in her own brand the worldwhereas and have made great impressions. Some menthe 2nd Juhilitheofindomitable magic with a classic tion Runner-up, can be made about spirit of the popAbiogenesis, Divine Connection, Neise Meruno, NagaDebbarma, belongs to the Alobo rockNaga, performance. It was a land Chamber and the night new teenage sensation the Polar progressive stateChoir of Triputhe city of Guwahati Lights. Talk about Goa and Jamaica and you thinkfor of music and ra. The prestigious panel will remember a long, good times. So, Naga ‘musicos’. You have taken Nagaland to of judges included well- long time. Alobo Naga also the world. Now, it is about time you bring the world to Nagaknown names graced the event as one of land and letfrom themthe feelenour love and passion for good music. tertainment industry theland judges. Nagaland here we across come. Tis the of music and festivities.


the Northeast such as filmactress Nishita Goswami from Assam, model Cindy Khojol from Manipur, and musician Alobo Naga from Nagaland. The Director of UTSAH, an NGO for positive social action, Miguel Queahand the Chairman & Managing Director of News Time Assam, Smitakshi Barua, also judged the charismatic

The Pond’s Eclectic Model Hunt believes in grooming young women of the Northeast for becoming empowering role models of beauty, health and leadership. We thank everyone for making the event a roaring success. Tattva Creations Pvt Ltd. managed the event.

Jennifer Batten serenades Wokha Town


Alobo Naga serenading the contestants of Pond’s Eclectic Model Hunt 2013.

TOP: Ballet Students of hCe performing during the annual event. BOTTOM: hope Centre of excellence Symphony Orchestra performing during the school annual Event. It is one of the first Orchestra in Nagaland. PhOTOGRaPhS By BeTOKA SWu



every music lover in Wokha November 12, 2013 will always be a cherished day as both young and old alike relive the day Jennifer Batten, guitarist of legendary music icon Michael Jackson set the stage alive with hit numbers of the late icon at the Wokha Town Hall. An initiative of the Green Foundation, Wokha and Sky Entertainment Group, under the theme “Heal the World”, Jennifer arrived to a packed town hall in Wokha, after her Kohima gig at Hotel Vivor amidst thunderous applause from the audience, tagging along with him for the gig was guitarist Chandresh Khudwa, Imli Walling, Alem jamir and two other bands from Wokha. The event started with the K3M band belting out Megadeth’s “Angry Again”, sparking roars from the crowd, Chandresh Khudwa serenaded the crowd with instrumental numbers from his album “The Conqueror”, it was a sight to behold as the guitar maestro worked on his electric ukulele and electric guitar at the same time presenting the Conqueror and G-Uke numbers. As Jennifer strummed the guitar to numbers from her movie slides which she himself had arranged one could hardly notice any signs of aging on the now 55 year old, who still played like a maestro. The night ended with the Imli Walling, Alem jamir and the K3M band joining Jennifer serenading the crowd with MJ’s Smooth Criminal and Heal The World. Later on talking about her first trip to Nagaland Jennifer was extremely pleased about the music prowess of Naga musicians who she expressed as gifted and talented. She also commented on the beautiful flora of Nagaland especially the Bamboo construction which had left an impression on her as she had never seen bamboo structure in such large scale. The only thing that she was a little displeased about was the road conditions specially on the KohimaWokha road which she described had been the bumpiest ride of her life.

i was born with Music inside me... a young boy of eight months playing with his instruments. PhOTO By - VeVOZO VeRO

PhOTOGRaPhS By MiReuyi HeRie

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Sachin hits 74 as India eye win


aga Tornadoes take on Sangpang a win against Barak will be crucial as they in the first of the three matches look to keep up with the front-runners. Zonipang had a disappointing match in Dimapur at the weekend. They come into the game on the back when they lost against Barak on Wednesof a convincing win against Dynamic and day after their high profile win last week. they will take the field on Saturday aiming They will be eager to bounce back from for another three-pointer. Sangpang con- that defeat when they take on a struggling tinued their brilliant form on Wednesday Doyang side. Doyang make a difficult away when they thumped Doyang in Kohima. trip to Mokokchung to face a fired up ZoThe Mokokchung outfit are in prime form nipang side and they will need to produce and they have now won their last four a stellar performance if they are to get a consecutive matches and a win will see positive result from the game. them leapfrog Naga Tornadoes into 5th Saturday, 16 November, 2013 place on the table. dimapur, ddSC Stadium Dynamic had Kick off: 9 am a crushing de- FC Naga Tornadoes vs Sangpang FC Kick off: 11 am feat again in the Dynamic FC vs United Redskins FC Kick off: 1 pm last match played Barak FC vs Kohima Komets against Naga TornaKohima, IG Stadium does. As they are yet Veda FC vs Dimapur United FC Kick off: 12 noon to win a single game, mokokchung, Imkongmeren Sports Complex it is time for them Kick off: 12 noon to pull their socks Zonipang SA vs Doyang FC up and get back on Veda shared points with title rivals track. United Redskins were undone by a last gasp winner against Dimapur United Kohima Komets on Wednesday and they on Wednesday after a good performance. must avoid any more slip-ups to maintain This will be a hard fought game for two the slender lead at the top of the table. With teams under pressure as they have strug- the other clubs catching up on the league table, they are under a lot of pressure for gled for points this season. Barak and Kohima Komets will take on a win against Dimapur United in Kohima. each in the third game on Saturday in Di- Dimapur United won against United Redmapur. The defending champions are in skins on Wednesday but they face a supesublime form coming away with maximum rior side on Saturday when they travel to points in a tricky away fixture against Zoni- Kohima to take on the table-toppers. This pang at the midweek. Kohima Komets held will be a hard fought contest with two leaders Veda to a draw on Wednesday to quality sides going all out for maximum reduce the deficit keeping their title hopes points from the game. By Mi Kasar & NPL Pundits alive. While they also have a game in hand,

Merentoshi inspects new sports complex site

mumbAI, November 15 (PtI): Batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar enthralled with a majestic 74 in his farewell knock as India put themselves on course for a clean-sweep by taking a mammoth 313-run first innings lead in the second and final Test against the West Indies on Friday. Millions of Tendulkar's adoring fans waited for a last magical knock from his blade as the 40-year-old batting legend walked into the ground to resume his innings at an overnight 38. He seemed to be in a positive frame of mind as he played an array of breathtaking shots much to the delight of a packed

Wankhede stadium. But the dream threefigure mark eluded the champion batsman in his farewell match but the Indians rode on Rohit Sharma's (111 unbeaten) second consecutive century and Chteshwar Pujara's 113 to pile up an imposing 495 for a 313-run lead. Spinner Shane Shillingford was the pick of the West Indies bowlers, picking up 5/179 after toiling for 43 overs. Narsingh Deonarine chipped in with two wickets. At stumps, West Indies were struggling at 43 for three in their second innings, still trailing by 270 runs with seven wickets in

hand. With three full days left in the game, the visitors have to bat out of their skin to save the match. But it was Tendulkar who hogged the limelight for the second day running with a sublime knock which included some of his trademark shots, which got rousing cheers from the crowd and a host of VVIPs including Congress vicepresident Rahul Gandhi, state chief minister Prithviraj Chavan and Bollywood superstars Aamir Khan and Hrithik Roshan. Silence descended at the Wankhede when Tendulkar was dismissed when he thick-edged a Deonarine delivery to Darren Sammy at first slip. The crowd quickly recomposed itself to give Tendulkar a standing ovation as he trudged off the ground one last time. The magnitude of the occassion, in fact, ended up overshadowing the hundreds by Pujara and Rohit. Rohit added 80 runs with number 11 Mohammed Shami (11) to not only get to his hundred but give India a substantial lead. Starting the day on 38, Tendulkar looked fluent during his 68-minute stay at the wicket on the day. He faced 118 balls in all hitting 12 boundaries, all of which were pure class. He added 148 runs for the second wicket with Pujara, who hit a patient 113 en route his fifth Test century. Pujara hit 12 fours in his 167 ball knock. Rohit hit a classy unbeaten knock of 111 which came off 127 deliveries laced with 11 fours and three sixes. Playing his first Test at home, Rohit gave a lesson on how to bat with a tail-ender as he completed his second suc-

cessive Test century having got a reprieve on 85 as he offered a catch in the deep but Shane Shillingford overstepped. Mohammed Shami joined Rohit when he was on 46 and the two put on

80 runs for the final wicket with Rohit shielding Shami by taking bulk of strike. A six over long on off Marlon Samuels brought up a well-deserved century and with that an exalted celebration.

Minister for Sports and Youth Resources, Merentoshi R Jamir visiting the new site for construction of Multi-purpose Sports Complex at old Pughoboto.

Pughoboto, November 15 (ZuNheboto): Nagaland Minister for Sports and Youth Resources Merentoshi R Jamir on Thursday visited the new site for construction of “Multi-purpose Sports Complex” at old Pughoboto. He was accompanied by Y. Vikheho Swu, parliamentary secretary for irrigation and flood control and MLA Khriehu Liezietsu, advisor new & renewable energy and Music Task Force. Addressing the gathering at the site Merentoshi extended his sincere appreciation for the over-

whelming cooperation and support of the Pughoboto areas for contributing vast areas of land to the government. He assured to do his utmost sports infrastructure development. Merentoshi said “for development, peace, unity and equal participation of the people is a must”, and called for unity of the community to bring about development in the area, while asserting that cooperation of the people was responsible for the success of development initiatives. He also lamented that in most of the areas, land-

owners are the major obstacle faced by the government to bring development and change, but appreciated the positive attitude of the people of Pughoboto for paving way for development. Y. Vikheho Swu acknowledged Chief Minister of Nagaland Neiphiu Rio for bringing the project to Pughoboto sub-division. He thanked Merentoshi for his initiative to construct the multi-purpose sports complex for the sports lover of the area which he hoped will promote young talented youth in sports.

New building


Kuda ‘B’, Dimapur - 797112 Nagaland, India email –, Website: 11

INFORMATION Entrance Test for Class Montessori A – on 23rd Nov. (Sat) @ 9 am. Entrance Test for Class Montessori B – 7 on 7th Dec. (Sat) @ 9 am. 11



Few forms for Hostel seat available



Pilgrim School also provides: o Montessori Edu. System with Montessori apparatus for Nur – class B. o Vocational classes: Piano, Guitar, Violin, Drums, Vocal, Fine Arts, Taekwondo, NCC etc.

Shri. Shanyu Phom Senior Engineer (Third Right) at the Closing ceremony as Chief Guest on the 4th SATBALL Running Trophy 2013.The Tournament was fully supported by Telecom Company Aircel, Dimapur, Nagaland.

For further details contact us @ 03862 – 224425 Monday – Friday. Between 9 am – 2 pm

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16th November 2013  

The Morung Express dimapur, Nagaland, India

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