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Vivekananda’s 150th birth anniversary celebrated DIMAPUR, JANUARY 12 (MExN): Sargam, in association with NEZCC Ministry of Culture, Government of India on Sunday celebrated the 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda in Dimapur with President of Digambar Jain Samaj Dimapur, Om Prakash Sethi as the chief guest. On the occasion, Sethi recalled the contributions of Swami Vivekananda in bridging the gap between the East and the West. Describing Vivekananda as someone who stood up for the downtrodden people, the chief guest urged the gathering to imbibe the teachings and lessons of the leader. President of NPF Minority Cell Dimapur, Bishnu Bhattarcharjee also spoke during the programme which was directed by Kamal Acharjee. Marking the birth anniversary, various competitions such as quiz and art were held among school children besides performance of songs and dances related with Swami Vivekananda.

Mobile jammers in exam halls


ShIMlA, JANUARY 12 (IANS): To minimise chances of high-tech cheating, the Himachal Pradesh Public Service Commission has installed mobile jammers in its examination halls in the state capital. The jammers have been purchased after the arrest of 34 candidates, caught with mobile phones during the written examination of the ombined graduate-level examinations in September last year. He said the candidates were indulging in hightech cheating with the help of mobile phones they carried under their garments. The leads connected to the mobiles were stitched into their garments so as to make them undetectable. The spokesperson said a proposal would be sent shortly to the state government for providing adequate budget to purchase mobile jammers before the forthcoming Himachal Pradesh Administrative Service (Main) Examination.

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corruption, a loss of value system—ii

By Sandemo Ngullie

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–Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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People losing faith in our party? What made you say that? Aree…We`re still the odd favorites to win the 2014 election.

Monday, January 13, 2014 12 pages Rs. 4

Sumi students compete culturally in Kiphire

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Corruption is the new way of life in Nagaland. Lawyer Joshua Sheqi feels that this has happened as the morality needed towards society has been lost to an “individual sense of morality.” For Sheqi, those most benefitted by the system, the “educated lot,” must “chastise” themselves for this. A system consists of the structure that frames it, and the agency, or the individual, who makes the structure work. Sometimes the structure itself is flawed, sometimes individual action bends the frame of the structure—both contribute to corrupting a system. In Nagaland, there exists a system that people do not completely understand, keeping it open to manipulation. “In the olden days, there was stringent law and order that everybody understood. Justice was Villagers ride on a truck as they inspect the damage on a coffee plantation, following a heavy ash fall from the eruption of Mount Sinabung in Sigaranggarang, north Sumatra, done,” explains entrepreIndonesia, Sunday, January 12. The volcano has sporadically erupted since September, neur Abokali Jimomi. She goes back to the root, or forcing thousands of people who live around it’s slopes to flee their homes. (AP Photo)

Two held with firearm and drugs Morung Express news Dimapur | January 12

In two separate incidents on Sunday, security personnel recovered illicit drugs and a firearm at the Dimapur railway station. Two persons were arrested in connection with the cases. In one of the incidents, Tewnei Dailing (30 years) was arrested at around 3:00am by Railway Protection Force personnel and a pistol was recovered. According to Inspector R. Pucho, RPF, Dimapur, Dailing was harassing vendors at the railway platform in an inebriated state. The man was reportedly threatening vendors with a pistol

The arrested in GRPS custody on Sunday.

concealed in the sleeves of his jacket. He was eventually overpowered and taken into custody, Pucho said. One .22 calibre pistol, believed to be of Chinese make was confiscated from Dailing’s possession. He was handed over to the

Government Railway Police Station (GRPS), where a case was registered. In the other incident, GRPS personnel recovered illicit Spasmo Proxyvon capsules from a man from Uttar Pradesh. Identified as one Santosh Kumar, the

man had alighted at the railway station with approximately 10, 000 capsules of the restricted Spasmo Proxyvon at around 6:30am and was arrested. According to the officer-incharge of GRPS, the man had brought the contraband from Varanasi, UP. Suspected to be a “carrier”, the man told interrogators that he was given the consignment by an unidentified man, who is said to be based in Varanasi. He was reportedly told by the man to take the consignment to Dimapur and was given Rs. 5000 for the job. Police are in the process of ascertaining the identity of the contact in Dimapur.

the structure, itself. Justice can be done when a society has an idea of the common future. With sudden onslaught of modern systems, this direction has been lost. “For decades now, Nagas have lived in a system that has degraded our social values, and sadly, we have now come to believe in it. Greed has blinded us. We have become irresponsible towards our own land and people— corruption has deprived us of our rights,” says social worker Chanthungo Murry. While for peace activist Gwangphun Gangmei, “rooting Christianity well” and following “Christian values” could be a way out, Jimomi thinks that people have been taken down the dark alley for so long that one had “rather secure their family over being a good Christian.” People are being rapidly

pushed towards poverty and in the lack of working systems, a “mutually beneficial” manipulation at least secures a life for however brief a period. It could explain Sheqi’s belief why “corruption is the new way of life.” A cycle of brief securities and endless wants can entrench themselves as modern cultures, as witnessed by many a developing nation. Jimomi admits that there is no clear way to move out of this deadlock of corruption but “more social analysts need to guide society through this phase.” It is to be supported by education that not only guides young people through modern systems but also “instills human values, including respect for human beings and the environment,” says Jimomi. This could even lead towards the other rung that needs a push: individual ac-

tion. “At the end of the day, structural changes need to be navigated by changed individuals,” maintains Entrepreneurs Associates’ Neichute Doulo; “that is when we shall have a new Corruption Free Nagaland.” As one of the methods of this change, both Doulo and Sheqi suggest, “it is time to levy income tax on Nagaland.” This will bring a “systemic approach” to tackling corruption, for Sheqi, while also instilling the “dignity of labour” in a holistic manner—structure and agency with one stone: tax. According to Doulo, “it will bring a sense of accountability.” As the Indo-Naga political negotiations move on, with both parties taxing the people for myriad services of governance or peace talks, neither have yet found an answer to who will legitimately, and finally, levy tax on the Naga people. While this may seem too high a level to base discussions around corruption on, it might be one among the many roots of the corruption tree.

india encouraging oil exploration through policies: Manmohan GREAtER NOIDA, JANUARY 12 (IANS): India is encouraging domestic and global companies to explore potentially hydrocarbon-rich areas through stable and enabling policies towards achieving its goal of self-sufficiency in hydrocarbons by 2030, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said Sunday. He was inaugurating the 11th International Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition “Petrotech-2014” at the India Exposition Mart here, organised by state-run explorer Oil and Natural Gas Corp. “We are encouraging domestic and global companies to explore potentially hydrocarbonrich areas in the framework of a stable and enabling policy environment,” Manmohan Singh said. “We have made a number of changes in our energy policy regime in the past few months,” he noted. The government will offer at least 56 oil and gas blocks in the 10th round of bid-

ding under its New Exploration Licensing Policy (NELP). This is the largest offering of blocks since the start of NELP in 1999 in an effort to attract more investments into the exploration and production sector. Partnerships among various stakeholders were essential for meeting the emerging challenges of the oil and gas sector, he said. “Such partnerships could result in outcomes like improved recovery from mature fields, exploitation of ultra-deep water energy reserves and progress in complex frontier areas. They could also help in exploitation of unconventional forms of energy, apart from addressing concerns about environmental degradation and climate change,” the prime minister said. “This entails work in several areas like demand management, energy conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy technology. It also requires focused research and development initiatives.”

nagaland BJP unit expresses Amur Falcons reach South Africa concern over Bro roadworks

DIMAPUR, JANUARY 12 (MExN): The Nagaland State unit of the BJP has voiced serious concerns about the quality of the ongoing road resurfacing works at National Highway 29. A press note from the president and general secretary of the Nagaland State BJP unit reiterated its earlier stand against what it termed as the “poor quality workmanship” executed by the Border Roads Organization (BRO). The BJP lamented that with regard to the resurfacing of NH- 29 Dimapur – Kohima road, “repair works were visible only in selected portions of the road.” It added that the stretch between Purana Bazar and Padumpukri is yet to be completed whereby; the people are facing a lot of inconvenience, while travelling on this stretch. The party termed it “unfortunate” that “the BRO and the Government of India, led by the UPA, treated our state with step motherly attitudes by not

Calls for coordination between BRO and PWD

improving the quality of roads in spite of several appeals by the state authority.” Stating that the people had “high regards” on the workmanship of the BRO, the party lamented that, at present, the roads managed by the State authority are much better. It cited the road from Dhobinala police point to DC court as example of the said scenario. The BJP stated that “ironically, the roads constructed by BRO at Myanmar are of top quality work, whereas the NE roads are sub-standard, especially in Nagaland.” Questioning this scenario, it urged upon the concerned authority to change its “complacent attitude” and “maintain a concrete quality work” in the interest of the people in the State, as well as to maintain its own reputation. The BJP outlined cer-

tain points for consideration while making policies and programmes in order to build better and durable roads. It stated that the estimation of drainages is usually not included in the plan and that technical specifications are not strictly implemented. It added that no maintenance fund is allocated after the works are completed. As such, the BJP called for a “reformation of the system, by reviewing the loopholes.” The party viewed that the BRO and the PWD are “like the sides of the same coin,” with similar functions. It urged for better co-ordination and understanding between the two departments so as to deliver quality roads to the people of Nagaland and at the same time bring a good name and reputation to the respective departments.

The BJP also urged concerned authorities to upgrade the present NH-29 (Dimapur to Moreh) into an International Highway, so as to promote trade and commerce in the entire North East region. Meanwhile, the party also appreciated the initiatives taken by Nagaland State minister for Roads & Bridges, Kuzholuzo Nienu and his department for the improvement and reconstruction of roads, especially the Dimapur Tragopanjunction via Khermahal to ADC court Junction road, old over-bridge to new flyover bridge via east police station and the drainage system at Dimapur. It further cited that the black topping done at NST road to Razhü point, the road behind Raj Bhavan and the new road towards the hospital road in Kohima as commendable. It further acknowledged the minister “who was seen personally supervising the works of BRO at Kohima around 10.30 pm.”

File - Migratory Amur Falcons at roosting site near the Doyang Reservoir.

KOhIMA, JANUARY 12 (MExN): The three Amur Flacons that were satellite tagged and released on November 7, 2013 from Doyang have reached South Africa. Principal Chief Conservator of Forest for Nagaland, P Lokeswara Rao informed through a press note that the birds (named Naga, Wokha and Panti) took slightly different routes to reach South Africa by January 9, 2014. As per satellite updates, the birds flew from Doyang, Nagaland over Assam, Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura, West Bengal, Bangladesh, the Bay of Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Goa,

the Arabian Sea, Somalia and Kenya, within a timeframe of thirteen days. The birds remained at the Tsavo East National Park, Kenya for sometime before resuming their journey. On their way from Kenya, the birds again took slightly different routes, through Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Botswana to finally reach South Africa, where they will spend the winter. The three Amur Falcons were tagged in order to prepare a conservation action plan for the birds by understanding their seasonal migration patterns. The birds were fitted with satellite tags with antennas and so-

lar panels on the backs of the birds. The tagging was done under a joint scientific mission, involving the Ministry of Environment and Forests, the Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun; Convention on Migratory Species Office, United Nations Environment Programme, Environment Agency Abu Dhabi and the Nagaland Forest Department. Prior to the release of the birds, a massive campaign was launched in 2013, by both government and non government agencies to step up efforts in protecting the Amur Falcon. This was done in the backdrop of the mass killing of the birds in the state, which received worldwide attention in 2012. The Amur Falcon (Falco amurensis) is a small raptor belonging to the falcon family (Falconidae). Every October, a large number of Amur Falcons arrive in the North East, especially Nagaland, from Siberia en route to their final destination — Somalia, Kenya and South Africa. Though the Amur Falcon is not an endangered species of bird, there has been a huge interest for the majestic bird species because of its migratory behaviour.






Monday 13 January 2014

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Sumi students compete culturally in Kiphire Our Correspondent Kiphire | January 12

Sumi students’ unions from different units under Kiphire district participated in the cultural competition during the 14th general session of Kiphire District Sumi Students’ Union here yesterday with Yangkimong, Head GB and President, Kiphire District GB’s Association, as cultural chief guest. Recollecting history and naming some of his contemporaries, Yangkimong said, “In our days, the Sumis of eastern side (Kiphire district) were known as ‘Tuccu’ and the rest of the Sumis were known as ‘Swu’.” Speaking about close bond and friendship between Sumis and other tribes in the past, the chief guest urged the students to maintain the same spirit of friendship. He also advised the gathering to learn to re-


and figures are needed in every field without which one is lost.” Therefore, he asked the gathering to be equipped with it. Further, he asserted that the purpose of change is to progress and if there is no progress, change will not taking place in the right direction. In light of that, he asked the students to progress with change. Also, stating that the strongest force which binds the society and community together and preserve its identity is culture, he called upon the gathering to imbibe one’s root which is one’s culture. The cultural competition was followed by seminar on Traditional Sumi Festival and its significance by Husca Ayemi, Asst. Professor, Japfu Christian College Kigwema. Poem recita(Left) Sumi students competing in traditional fire making during the cultural competition at the 14th general session of Kiphire District Sumi Students’ Union on January 11 in Kiphire. (Right) tion, top spinning, skipping, Sumi students participating in pole climbing during the cultural competition. spear kicking, fire making, spect each other as “we further asked the gather- personal purpose alone, community in the district. and sharing on the signifi- Ayemi, Chairman, Eastern pole climbing etc were the are all one in the land.” He ing not to get education for but for the benefit of the Greeting the gathering cance of culture, Zhehito Sumi Sub Hoho said, “facts competitions of the day.

AGEI triennial general conference held in Dimapur

DiMApur, JAnuAry 12 (MExn): Assemblies of God of East India (AGEI) held its 24th triennial general conference from January 6 to 8, 2014 at Bethesda Higher Secondary School, Walford Dimapur under the theme “Change”. A press release issued by Rev.Thebemo Yanthan, Executive Secretary, Nagaland District Council AGEI informed that 400 delegates, including observers


attended the conference, representing all the Assemblies of God churches of seven states of east India. Speaking to the gathering, the main speaker Rev. Dr. D. Mohan profoundly emphasised on the call of God to holiness; to live a changed life for the glory of God. The following new office bearers for AGEI were also elected for 2014-16 tenure during the busi-

ness meeting: General Superintendent -Rev.Moses Murry; Assistant General Superintendent -Rev. M.S.Nongrem; General Secretary -Rev.R.Sanga Keivon; Treasurer -Rev. Ng. K. Haokip; Executive members Rev. Dr. L.H Jacky, Rev. Maina Debbarman, and Rev. Mangthuama. The release also informed that India College of Ministry (ICOM) was launched officially dur-

KohiMA, JAnuAry 12 held during the event. The band will perform with Nagaland’s renowned local musicians, including severJanuary 17 and 18, 2014 in al individual winning muKohima. The event will be sicians of the recent years’ held at Regional Centre of Hornbill Rock festival conExcellence for Music and test. A fashion show exhibPerforming Arts (RCEM- iting the works of prominent and emerging Naga PA), Jotsoma. A concert featuring ‘Vi- fashion designers will also king Rice’, a band founded be part of the event. Further, the event will by Kari Kliev, an international artist based in Lon- feature an art exhibition, don, with Naga artist, Vire exhibiting the works of reNukhu (Director, VNI Pro- nowned Naga artists along ductions Company) will be with a Photography Com-

petition. The winner of the photography competition will be awarded a sponsorship to showcase his/her art work in London. The categories for the photography competition will be based on Woman, Brother, Nature, Music and Humor. Further information regarding the events will be dually notified in the coming days, stated a press release issued by Gabriel Zinyu and the Management Team, VNI Entertainments Kohima.

Warmbill Art Carnival on Jan 17 and 18

After festive season, farmers back to work in the paddy fields in Nagaland. Majority of (MExn): VNI Productions people in Nagaland live in villages and engage in agricultural activities for livelihood. Company is organizing a (Morung photo/Chizokho Vero) two-day art carnival on



Moilan church celebrates jubilee


Annual Meeting of the

NCYM Central Executive Committee 2014

18 - 19 January 2014

St. Joseph’s Parish, Longleng Longleng, Nagaland - 798 625

For further information, please contact: 8575976569 (GS), 8730021733 (VP)

KohiMA, JAnuAry 12 (MExn): Moilan Baptist Church celebrated its platinum jubilee from January 6 to 7 last under the theme “Be reconciled to God.” The main speakers of the jubilee were Rev. Dr. Nrio Ezung, Executive Secretary, Rev. John Ovung, Pastor and Rev. Yankey Patton, Ex-chaplain. The congregation felt God’s presence and God acknowledged our genuine prayers, stated L. Mhabemo Ovung in a release received here.

ing the conference by Rev. Joey Ellis, with an aim to facilitate the lay leaders and Christian workers to equip with the study of God’s word for effective ministry by doing study on hard copy and electronic tablet, with minimum fee charges. Also, Teen Challenge seminar was conducted during the conference with resource persons Rev. Brice Maddock, Dr. Randy Rowe and Rev. Rick Souza. The

ministry objectives of Teen Challenge worldwide were presented to the audience. Various issues confronting the youth today were discussed, and the role of the church towards youths, who are in challenging situations were also deliberated extensively, the note said. To start similar Teen Challenge ministry in east India was also proposed by the delegates and was keenly accepted, it added.

MEx File


SBAK Aizuto calls interview Aizuto, JAnuAry 12 (MExn): Sumi Baptist Akukuhou Kuqhakulu (SBAK), Aizuto has informed that there will be an interview for AVBI and other candidates on January 14, 9:00 AM at the chamber of Executive Secretary, Sumi Christian Centre, Aizuto. Therefore, those who submitted an application to the Executive Secretary for joining the ministry have been informed to reach the place by 8:00 AM.

Liquor seized in Dimapur

DiMApur, JAnuAry 12 (MExn): The excise duty party manning New field Check gate seized 180 bottles of beer from a maruti van on January 11 around 8:30 AM. The driver of the van, Tapash, resident of Dhobinala Dimapur was arrested and penalized under relevant section of NLTP Act ’89, stated a press release from Office of the Superintendent of Excise (Mobile Squad). The seized articles have been deposited and kept at Mobile Squad Malkhana, which will be destroyed after getting the sanction of the director of Prohibition, the note quoted GhokihoYeptho, Superintendent of Excise Mobile Squad. The seizure was made by Chingten, AIE, along with Ihoto and Supong, both Excise Constable.


Transformation crusade in Kohima

A printing machinery used by Dr. E.W. Clark during 1872-1911 is seen put up for public viewing during one of the exhibitions in Kohima recently. (File Photo)

KohiMA, JAnuAry 12 (MExn): A 12-day long transformation crusade will take place at the Kohima Local Ground from January 15 to 26. The crusade will be held under the theme “Arise, shine, for your light has come & the Glory of the Lord has risen upon you.” The main speakers of the crusade will be Rev. Zotuo Kiewhuo, Rev. Shan Kikon, Rev. Vevozo Khamo, Rev. Dr. Luozilie Sanchu and Ruokuo Solo, pastor. The organizers have invited one and all to the crusade and to come with faith and receive healing, deliverance and redemption. Meanwhile, a press conference with regard to the crusade will take place on January 13 at 2:00 PM at the Kohima Local Ground.

Nagaland to promote wild apple plantation Our Correspondent Kohima | January 12


Parliamentary secretary for horticulture Neiba Kronu stated that the department is all set to encourage large-scale wild apple plantation and its production in the state. He was optimistic that the wild apple available in different parts of the state will yield a good market both within and outside the state. Kronu added that the department will soon frame proper mechanism to encourage wild apple plantation on commercial scale in the state. Meanwhile, the department in its annual administrative report 2012-13 stated that it has initiated the area expansion of potential focused crops like pineapple, banana, citrus, passion fruits etc., since the inception of HMNEH

Wild apple in Khonoma village of Kohima district. (Photo by Chizokho Vero)

scheme in the state and the efforts has paid off both in terms of production and recognition. The state is now known for its fruits like orange, passion fruit, pineapple etc., which are in great de-

mand in the market both inter and intra-state. The state has achieved the branding of Naga Pineapple with more such branding in the offing. Further, the department now envisions shift-

ing the focus to other potential and exotic fruits like blue berry, strawberry etc., so that every potential crop with good market demand can be covered for better income of the people in Nagaland.



The Morung express


13 January 2014



Tribal women air grievances to NCW team IMPHAL, JAnuAry 12 (THE HInDu): The chairperson and two members of the National Commission for Women (NCW) interacted with women from all walks of life in Imphal and Moreh, the border town on Saturday. The NCW team and others from the North Eastern states are on a three-day official visit to Manipur. An interaction was held on Saturday at Trade Centre at Moreh. Women activists aired their grievances to the visiting

NCW and other members from the NE states. A tribal woman, Kim, residing at Moreh said that the women at the border town have been at the receiving end since there is no meaningful medicare for them. Expectant mothers have to rush all the way to Imphal at prohibitive costs. Many such women had died on the way or shortly after child birth. Most of the doctors and paramedics who are basically from Imphal never stay at Moreh, she said.

Northeast Briefs

'Proper medicare and education facilities lacking in Moreh' Tamen, secretary of Moreh Khunnai Lup, said that she had made representations to the government pointing out their grievances. However, so far the government has not come to the rescue of the women at this border area. She also said that there is no proper education fa-

cility for women at Moreh. Nirmala Samat Prabhakar, member, assured the women that these problems would be brought to the notice of the authorities concerned. Earlier the NCW held an interaction session with the women vendors in Imphal. Speaking

to the women, chairperson of the NCW Mamta Sharma said that there is an imperative need to translate into action the various laws for the protection of women from criminals. She said that if incidents like the Delhi gang rape case are to be avoided then there is

an urgent need for such drastic actions. Women commissions should join hands with the NGOs to create awareness among the women. There are representatives of the women's commissions from Manipur, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and Tripura in the team. They are scheduled to leave Imphal on Monday. Meanwhile Sobita Mangshatabam, secretary of Women Action for Development,

Blast in Imphal IMPHAL, JAnuAry 12 (nnn): An IED bomb exploded near an Assam Rifles transit camp in Imphal today. However, no one was killed or injured in the blast. Reports said the IED exploded around 7:45 am near Minuthong, Imphal, which is just 25 metres away from the Assam Rifles transit camp. No one has claimed responsible for the blast. Another reports said that if the blast had occurred during the day time, there damage done could have been immense.

Four militants shot dead

SHILLOnG, JAnuAry 12 (PTI): Four heavilyarmed militants were shot dead in an encounter with the police shortly after the ultras lobbed a crude bomb near a petrol pump damaging vehicles in Meghalaya's West Garo Hills district. The incident took place late last night on the road to Kerapara on the outskirts of Tura, the district headquarters, police said on Sunday. "Four armed militants were killed in the encounter with the special police team, a few km from the district headquarters," police informed. He said the police team were pursuing the militants who had lobbed a grenade near the petrol pump. The militants fired randomly at the police team and four militants were shot dead in retaliatory fire which lasted for nearly an hour, Singh said. A huge cache of weapons were recovered from the camp that include IEDs, rockets, pistols, automatic rifles and even traditional bows and arrows.

Online shopping hit sales in shops in Mizoram

A washerman cleans clothes early in the morning at the Brahmaputra River in Guwahati, Assam onThursday, January 9, 2014. Though India is famous for its brutally hot summers, temperatures fall sharply for a few weeks in December and January, badly affecting means of communication as visibility suffers due to heavy fog, and leads to deaths of poor people who are forced to spend nights away from the warm comforts of homes. (AP Photo/Anupam Nath)

'Hydel projects a threat to Monpas' GuWAHATI, JAnuAry 12 (Tnn): Worried by large hydroelectric projects proposed in Arunachal Pradesh's Tawang, a district located at 10,000 feet above the sea level bordering China, the Save Mon Region Federation (SMRF) said the dams are going to pose survival and cultural threat to the Monpas living in the area. SMRF, a pressure group comprising Buddhist Lamas and activists, has written to the Union ministry of environment and forest asking it to stop these projects immediately to protect the livelihood

and cultural rights of Monpas, a predominant tribe in Tawang. Besides highlighting strategic concerns because of the district's proximity to China, SMRF said as Tawang is mountainous, cultivation lands are very scarce. The people in the district depend on lands near the rivers for cultivation. SMRF claimed that about 15 hydro-electric projects are planned in Tawang. "Tawang district has very little land for cultivation as most of the region is mountainous and unfit for cultivation. A large tract of cultivable land, along with more than

30 villages, is going to be affected because of these projects," SMRF president Geshe Lobsang Choedhar said. He added that besides livelihood, the culture of the people is also under threat from these projects. "The population of Monpas is about 35000 in Tawang and large hydropower projects have opened up the prospect for influx of large number of labourers in the district. Along with ecological impact, the projects will also cause demographic change impact in Tawang. The tradition and culture of the Monpas will also be at risk," Choedhar said.

has expressed concern over the heinous crimes against women and children from the first day of this year in Manipur. She said that in the first 10 days of this month there were three murders of women, rape cum murder of one woman, one rape, killing of two children and finding of a dead woman. Most of the criminals are still at large. She said that there is a need to check such crimes against women and children.

MIMA disapproves of AMC regulation AIZAWL, JAnuAry 12 (nnn): The Mizoram Merchant Association has disapproved of the AMC Regulation as unsafe. A joint meeting of various merchant groups under the aegis of Mizoram Merchant Association ( MIMA) was held in this regard and to re-evaluate ‘the Aizawl Municipal Council Licensing Regulation, 2012’. The joint meeting had a deliberation on the Aizawl Municipal Council (AMC)’s demand of every entrepreneur and merchant group to register themselves in Aizawl Municipal Council as per the Aizawl Municipal Council Licensing Regulation, 2012’ and it is found that the regulation does not provide any right for protection and safeguarding of the native merchant. Consequent upon the finding of insecurity with the regulation, MIMA sternly asked every entrepreneur and merchant group not to register under the regulation. The requisite documents for registration as asked under this Licensing Regulations are: (1) NOC from the house or land owner (2) NOC from Local Council (3) EPIC (4) Residential Certificate (5) Two copies of Passport photos (6) License/ Registration Certificate from Food Licensing Authority, H & FW Deptt ( for selling eatable items) ( 7) Receipt

of Application Form from AMC. These requisites for merchant registration and the regulations in itself, according to MIMA, do a not provide any prohibition of outsider (Non-Mizo) from registration. The non-native merchants who aspire for registration, with the help of the regulations can even sue AMC, MIMA said. "If the outsiders (NonMizo merchants) are able to register themselves under AMC, the future of Mizoram business will be in the hands of a non-Mizo merchant which can further result in economic/geographical imperialism of the state and assimilation of the Mizo tribes- their culture and religion," MIMA said. Seeing some defects with the regulations, MIMA with this effects appeal AMC to recapitulate and bring improvement over the regulations that provide the protection of Mizo/ native merchant before 10th February. In case the proposal and appeal of MIMA is not materialized, MIMA warned that it will take up any aggressive steps- including total bandh, economic blockade or shut down of shops and business establishments. It also appealed to all who face problems because of non-registration under Licensing Regulations to report themselves before the MIMA General Headquarters.

AIZAWL, JAnuAry 12 (PTI): With shopping at the click of a mouse gaining popularity, sales were hit in shops here during Christmas last year when buying is usually at its peak in this Christian dominated state in the Northeast. Shopkeepers at the Millennium Centre here which houses around 332 shops said that sales had gone down by at least 25 per cent compared to 2012 pre-Christmas shopping. Lalrinmawii, a shopkeeper, said her sale decreased to a large extent because of the increasing popularity of online shopping. She said that while she sold over Rs one lakh worth garments on December 24 in 2012, her sales on the same day in 2013 was less than Rs 50,000. "Increasing inflow of garments and other goods from Myanmar, opening of more new shops and declining purchasing power of the people are also hitting our business," she added. Time Cell Enterprise, which sells watches, complained that sales took a considerable hit during peak Christmas shopping days. "Our sales of watches were good and managed to reach Rs one lakh margin in a day during Christmas earlier AIZAWL, JAnuAry 12 Sanglianthanga, a taxi driver The kidnappers demanded Today, the government obAccording to Lalhmuaklifor which we received an award from one of the watch (nnn): A day before the search from Mamit, Lalzamliana, a Rs 5 crore as ransom from the jected to give the ransom money. ana, the father of Sanglianthanmanufacturing companies," a sales girl said. operation begins, Bru militants pickup truck driver of Zuangtui Mizoram government. Sources said that after 51 ga, he was contacted by his son now said that the ransom money Muanna Veng, Aizawl and Deep MZP, Zoram Taxi Driver’s days since their abduction on over phone informing him that be arranged by the families of the Mondal, an engineer from Air- Association, Mizoram Pickup November 23, 2013, Sanglian- the kidnappers desperately victims if the hostages are to be tel Company had been abduct- Owner & Driver Association, thanga and his two compatri- wanted his family along with released following the Mizoram ed by Bru militant outfit Bru Mizoram Pickup Service As- ots - Lalzamliana and a Deep Deep Mondal’s working comAGArTALA, JAnuAry 12 (PTI): With the gradual government's strong objection Democratic Fromt of Mizoram sociation, Aizawl Bru Welfare Mondal contacted their rela- pany (Airtel) to collect money dipping of the mercury, the zoo authorities of the Sipahi- to pay the ransom. from Old Chikha Anti Poaching Committee, Bru Cultural Or- tives over telephone last Fri- in a group and arrange ransom. jala Wildlife Sanctuary in Tripura are now regularly orEarlier, the kidnappers had camp between Damparengpui ganisation and Bru Christian day and told them that their However, the kidnappers did ganizing bonfire near animal enclosures and giving them demanded the ransom from the and Rajiv Nagar village along Fellowship had decided to car- kidnappers wanted them to ar- not dictate the fixed amount warm blankets to protect them animals from cold, official government. Tripura-Mizoram and Bangla- ry out massive search opera- range ransom by contributing when he was told by his son, sources said today. Besides lighting bonfire, dry straw mats On November 23 last year, desh border in Mamit district. tion from January 13. among the victims' families. Lalhmuakliana said. and blankets were being given to almost all animals, some specially made sheets were being given to the lions and tigers and quilts to the monkeys. This week mercury dipped to 9 degree and an accompanying cold breeze made the LOST LOST NOTICE NOTICE winter harsh for the animals, officials said. The Wildlife Sanctuary now hosts new-borns of three endangered aniMen’s brown wallet learned it while his father today I am known as Ansmals, clouded leopard, pig-tailed macaque and spectacle EAST PrATAPGArH mer. "I love to play the drum. containing valued was teaching the drum to his human's father. Where ever monkey. Of the 42 national breeding centers in the country, (TrIPurA), JAnuAry In the future, I want to be a personal documents 12 (AnI): Anshuman is just students. And, one day we he performs there is a huge professional pilot, but for this sanctuary situated roughly 18 km from here, was asrealized that he plays drum crowd. In the future, if he dropped near Mosigned by the Central Zoo Authority of India to breed four a three-year-old, but he has that I have to study hard," with the right rhythm." wants to continue with his honkhola Junction animals prone to extinction. Another endangered animal won a million hearts with his said Anshuman. Anshuman recently drumming, I will definitely Rashmi Nandi, his mothBinturong, also known as bearcat, is yet to give birth to a amazing talent. The youngKohima NH39. bagged the national award support him to continue baby in the breeding centre, officials said. Indira Gandhi est drummer from Tripura's er, said: "We exactly don't for exceptional achieve- along with his education." Finders may zoological park at Vishakapattanam has agreed to give two East Pratapgarh area was know when he picked up born to Biswajit Nandi and ment in the field of music at Anshuman has appeared in the drum. Though his faplease contact # white Royal Bengal tigers and three four horned deer in an event in New Delhi. Bisw- reality shows such as India's exchange of two pig tailed Macaque bear and a clouded Rashmi Nandi. Anshuman ther plays drum we never 91 8575216881/ was inspired by his father, thought that our son would Three-year-old Anshuman ajit Nandi, his father, said: "I Got Talent, SA RE GA MA PA leopard, Assistant Wild Life Warden Ajit Bhaumick said. 9436005056 for a who is a professional drum- also be in this field. He playing drums. am very proud to say that and many others.

Mizo govt objects to paying ransom for kidnapped persons

Bonfires, blankets keeping zoo animals warm

National award for three-year-old drummer

MSME units a boon for Manipur's rural folk Couple commits suicide in Tripura

IMPHAL, JAnuAry 12 (AnI): The Imphal Handloom Work shed cum rural showroom is one among several small scale enterprises in Manipur that provides training and employment to rural artisans. The group, which is owned by M Jibonmala Devi, at present trains around 40 artisans in making handloom and handicraft products. The final products are displayed in the showroom. The group has come as a boon for the locals, especially the women folk and the youth, who are able to supplement their family income by utilizing the leisure time. They are happy as they manage to earn around Rs.7000-8000 per month. "There are so many youngsters who do not have work so instead of wasting time and doing nothing they should learn such handicrafts or handloom. So I called them all to train here. I want them to learn so that they can do something in the future and they can earn for their livelihood," Devi said. Borni Devi, an artisan, said: "This is very good, especially for the

youngsters from this village. Those who do not have work should take up such kind of work so that they also get employment, and at the same time development will also take place in Manipur." The government has been regularly conducting skill and entrepreneurship development programmes to empower the rural population and encourage them to take up self-employment ventures. There has been a significant development in the micro, small and medium enterprise sector in Manipur. The National Small Industries Corporation has been organizing several expos in the state to provide a platform to such groups to showcase their products. Under the newly launched Northeast Textile Promotion Scheme, the department also intends to provide power looms at a 70 per cent subsidy. The groups are also provided support for getting market exposure and participating in various exhibi-

tions outside the state. A total of Rs.14 crores has also been allotted for the development of handloom and handicraft sector during the remaining three years of the 12th 5 year plan. O. Nabakeshwore Singh, Principal Secretary, Commerce and Industries, Government of Manipur, said: "People are looking for employment. They want to lead a peaceful life, they want employment and by taking up this cluster whether in handloom or food processing or handicraft people are gainfully engaged in some kind of productive activities. So it has a good effect on the social manage in the state and gradually our state is now moving towards the peaceful position and I am sure with the development of the entrepreneurship among younger people. We will have a peaceful and development in the near future." The growth of several MSME units in the state has helped in boosting the rural economy. Moreover, taking up such initiatives helps the youth to channelize their energy towards constructive work.

AGArTALA, JAnuAry 12 (IAnS): A young Muslim woman and a Hindu man killed tghemselves in Tripura after their families strongly disapproved of their love affair because of socio-religious taboo, police said here Sunday. Natasha, a 21-year-old resident of Taranagar village and a second-year student of Swami Vibekananda college in Mohanpur, was in love with her 25-year-old neighbour Sanjib Das, a driver of a private vehicle, a police spokesman said. "When his family strongly disapproved of the love affair, Sanjib committed suicide Friday night by hanging himself from a tree near Natasha's house after sending an SMS to Natasha's mobile," the spokes-

man told reporters. Later Friday night, Natasha told her mother she was going to the toilet, but within an hour her mother found her ablaze below a bamboo plant behind their house. The girl was immediately taken to the Gobinda Ballav Pant Medical College and Hospital here with more than 90 percent burns and breathed her last Saturday night. Taranagar is around 35 km north of state capital Agartala. Natasha's parents were also strongly against the relationship with Sanjib, police said. Mohanpur sub-divisional police officer Sanjay Biswas said police have found a suicide note from Natasha, saying she committed suicide because her "most loved one has left me".

ransom award.

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The Morung Express businEss Tata’s JLR taps global markets for record sales grEETing

Monday 13 January 2014

Government considers hiking subsidised LPG to 12 cylinders

london, January 12 (reuters): British luxury car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover sold a record volume of vehicles last year, when rising demand in markets such as Brazil, China, India and the United States helped it boost sales by sales by 19 percent. The strong performance highlights the resurgence of the car manufacturing industry in Britain since the 2008 financial crisis, with most of the new cars sold abroad. The company, which is owned by Tata Motors (TAMO.NS), said it sold 425,006 vehicles in 2013, with new sales records set in 38 of its international markets. Sales of Jaguar rose the fastest, up 42 percent on the previous year, while Land Rover volumes

greater noida, January 12 (ians): The government is considering increasing the quota of subsidised cooking gas (LPG) cylinders from nine to 12 per household in a year, Petroleum Minister M. Veerappa Moily said Sunday. “I have read in the newspapers about (Congress vice-president) Rahul Gandhi taking up the issue of increasing the LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) cap with the prime minister. I am yet to get comments from the Congress vice-president or the prime minister,” he told reporters at the Petrotech 2014 conference here, on the national capital’s outskirts. The minister said the final decision in the matter will be taken by the Cabinet Committee on Political Affairs (CCPA). Pointing out that around 89% of the 15 crore LPG consumers use up to nine cylinders a year, while only 10% have to buy the additional requirement at market prices, Moily said if the quota is raised, about 97% of LPG consumers would get subsidised LPG. “If that proposal (for hiking the LPG cap) comes, we need to examine pros and cons. Ultimately, the decision will be taken by CCEA (Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs) or CCPA (Cabinet Committee on Political Affairs),” he said. “We are going to take a considered view, we are considering suggestions,” Moily said. Increasing the cap to 12 cylinders would result in an additional fuel subsidy burden of between Rs.3,300 crore-Rs.5,800 crore for the government.

A showroom attendant walks past a Jaguar car at a Jaguar Land Rover showroom in Mumbai February 13, 2013. (Reuters File Photo)

rose 15 percent to 348,338 The Society of Motor British car production will vehicles, the firm said in a Manufacturers and Trad- exceed the peak of 1.72 milstatement on Sunday. ers last week predicted that lion cars reached in 1972

Indian firms biggest investors in Nepal

Kathmandu, January 12 (ians): About 525 Indian companies engaged in a range of activities from manufacture to tourism have created 58,161 jobs in the Himalayan nation, and India is the biggest source of foreign investment, statistics from the government revealed. Statistics provided by Nepal’s Department of Industry (DoI) showed that the total project cost of these 525 Indian ventures stood at Rs.66,612.82 million, with total fixed

Walmart wants mandatory local sourcing level reduced to 15 pct

neW delhi, January 12 (Pti): US retail giant Walmart has asked the government to reduce the mandatory local sourcing norm to 15%, saying it cannot meet the stipulated level required to open multibrand stores in India. “The company had said that it cannot meet the mandatory 30% sourcing norm and can procure only about 20% from small units. But it has asked to reduce it to 15%t,” sources said. Walmart’s demand comes after the government diluted the contentious sourcing clause last year to allow foreign multi-brand retailers that want to set up stores in India to procure 30% of their products from small and medium enterprises only at the of start of business. The Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), though, has clearly conveyed to Walmart that the government will not ease this clause, the sources said. A Walmart India spokesperson said: “We continue to study the feasibility of the FDI policy and remain steadfast in our belief in the important value Walmart brings to India.” “Walmart is committed to India and the market. We are pleased with our established and successful cash-and-carry business and plan to grow that business,” the spokesperson added. The foreign direct investment policy for multibrand retailing requires at least 30% of the value of manufactured and processed products procured to be sourced from Indian small industries at the first engagement. Several global retailers had raised concerns about the sourcing restriction. The government allowed 51% FDI in the multibrand retail sector in September 2012. Only UK-based retailer Tesco has so far applied to open supermarket chains in India. In October, Walmart and Bharti Enterprises ended a six-year partnership after agreeing to independently own and operate separate business formats in India and discontinue their franchise agreement in the retail business.

cost of around Rs.54,603.67 million. The component of foreign direct investment was almost Rs.34,809.5 million up to the middle of the year 2013, the report said. The Indian embassy also said that Indian firms were the biggest investors in Nepal, accounting for 47.5 percent of total FDI proposals approved. Direct investment of Indian Rs.42.53 billion (approx US $448 million) has flowed into Nepal. The statistics also showed that

Accenture named lead contractor for troubled Obamacare website

Washington, January 12 (Pti): Global consulting firm Accenture has won a USD 45 million contract to run the problematic Obamacare health insurance enrollment website that crashed on its launch in October, a debacle that has cast a shadow over the presidency of Barack Obama. Accenture has been chosen to replace CGI Federal to run the website HealthCare.Gov. Launched by the US government for millions of Americans shopping for health insurance, the White House and Accenutre said. The website, a key part of US President Obama’s sweeping healthcare law, crashed on its October 1 launch. The website’s disastrous debut created a political crisis for Obama and the Democrats. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced that it has awarded Accenture Federal Services a one-year contract to continue technical improvements to the Health Insurance Marketplace website HealthCare.Gov. “We are honored to be part of the team of technology and healthcare companies and government professionals helping the federal government meet the healthcare coverage needs of its citizens,” David Moskovitz, Chief Executive, Accenture Federal Services said. “Accenture will bring deep healthcare industry in-



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since Indian companies started investing in Nepal decades ago, by mid2013, 303 manufacturing firms, 125 service-related industries, 54 tourism-related ventures, seven agrobased industries, 17 construction firms, 13 energy based and six minerals-related industries, firms and companies have operated in Nepal. The second largest investor in Nepal is China, whose 478 firms and industries have created 26,651 jobs in Nepal.

sight as well as proven experience building large-scale, public- facing websites to continue improving HealthCare.Gov.” After reviewing over a dozen firms, CMS selected Accenture for a USD 45 million contract for the initial phase of the project, which includes a transition plan to define the work required. “The contract will be based on mutually agreed upon work plans, which will help define the final value of the one-year contract,” Arlington-based Accenture said in a statement. Accenture also will develop new capabilities required for future phases of programme implementation, it said. In November, Obama said said he deserves the blame of angry Americans for a debacle that has cast a shadow over his presidency and left Democrats anxious about the 2014 elections. “I think it’s legitimate for (Americans) to expect me to have to win back some credibility. And, you know, that’s on me. I mean, we fumbled the rollout on this,” he had said on the collapse of the website on its launch. Accenture Federal Services, a US company, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Accenture LLP. The company generated net revenues of USD 28.6 billion for the fiscal year ended August 31, 2013.



by 2017. Production data for 2013 are due on January 23, and will likely exceed 1.5 million for the first time in six years. Luxury car makers are among the manufacturers enjoying the strongest levels of growth. Last week Rolls Royce said it had hit its fourth straight annual sales record in 2013, driven largely by demand for personalised vehicles from the superrich in Asia and the Middle East, while Bentley Motors, another high-end British brand, also reported record sales. Jaguar Land Rover, which generates around 85% of its revenues from exports, reported strong growth in all major regions, led by 30% growth in Asia Pacific and the China region, 21% in North America and 14 % in the UK.

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RBI to examine proposal for limiting free ATM transactions

neW delhi, January 12 (Pti): The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will consider reducing the number of free ATM withdrawals, as recommended by Indian Banks’ Association, in an effort to cut down on cash transactions in the economy. “We will examine that (IBA recommendation of cutting down number of free ATM transaction to 5 per month). Many other proposals have come,” RBI Deputy Governor H R Khan told PTI. “The whole idea is that people are using too much of cash and adding to the costs. We will examine all those issue,” he said. The apex bank has been taking measures to cut down on cash transaction in the economy in a bid to minimise the risk of money laundering in the system. IBA recently recommended a change to include all the ATM transactions, including the own-bank ones, to 5 per month in view of rise in costs due to additional security measures being put in place following the Bangalore incident wherein a person was brutally attacked at the ATM. Following the incident - where a woman employee of Corporation Bank was attacked by an intruder with a machete in November - security arrangements of 1.40 lakh ATMs of banks were reviewed leading to additional costs for manning ATMs. IBA has suggested the RBI to maintain the current practice of making an account holder pay Rs. 20 per transaction for the ones beyond the limit it has proposed. At present, holders of savings accounts enjoy five free transactions per month at the ATMs of banks other than their own, while there is no such limit for use of own-bank ATMs. Banks net off transactions at the end of the month between themselves and pay Rs. 15 per transactions plus taxes to each other irrespective of whether a withdrawal was within the limit in case of customers involved. Public sector banks had a combined 72,340 branches, of which 37,672 had onsite ATMs, as of March 2013. There is need for uniform and comprehensive guidelines for ATM transaction and security, according to cash management company SIS Prosegur’s managing director, Rituraj Sinha. According to IBA estimates, securing every ATM with an armed guard and installing CCTV camera will increase the cost roughly by Rs. 40,000 per ATM. Banks have also been asked to install Aadhaar-card enabled ATMs, which would again involve more costs. DIMAPUR Civil Hospital:

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35. Winglike 36. Declare untrue 38. Ottoman officer 39. Waste 41. Stave off 42. Stigma 44. Hinder 45. Foul-up 46. Become narrower 47. Coral island 48. Craves 51. The products of human creativity 52. Old stories 53. A type of carpet 54. Prong 55. Distinctive flair 56. An upright in a wall 58. Apiece

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The Morung Express

FGN welcomes NSCN (K) Yimchunger Region Dimapur, January 12 (mExn): The Federal Government of Nagaland (FGN), under the leadership of Brig. (Retd.) S. Singnya has “unconditionally” welcomed NSCN (K) Yimchunger Region. In a press statement issued by its Joint Secretary, Ministry of Rali Wali (MIP), FGN welcomed Deputy Kilonser, Ministry of Chaplee Affairs, S. Aso Yimchunger of Zhangur village, Central Council Member Nuthreyan Yimchunger of Longkhinvong village and others from both Civil and Naga Army wing of the Region who had joined NNC/FGN group. NNC/FGN termed the decision of the region “wise and remarkable”. The Federal Government honored “their timely decision, who realized the very true platform (NNC/FGN) of Naga political issue and also reasoned in depth the root cause of the past and the present political imbroglio of the Nagas who has willingly chosen to sacrifice on the right platform for the Nagas.”

STH condemns

Dimapur, January 12 (mExn): The Sumi Totimi Hoho (STH) has condemned the brutal assault resulting in death of Akivito A Sumi. In a release, STH president Kitoli Naje and its general secretary Kotoli K. Assumi termed the act as barbaric that deserved condemnation from every quarter. STH has appealed to the appropriate authority to award befitting punishment to the accused persons, while stating no individual should make attempts to bail the culprits.


biggest ao students’ conference to start; Dc Mokokchung visits venue chuchuyimpang, January 12 (mExn): Mokokchung Deputy Commissioner Muruho Chostso visited the site of the 66th AKM General Conference, the biggest students’ conference of Aos, at Chuchuyimpang on January 11. He inspected the progress of preparation for the conference, which is scheduled to be held from January 1416, 2014. The Deputy Commissioner was thoroughly briefed by the convener of Planning cum Finance Committee, Chuchuyimpang, Moasangba Jamir. The DC after inspecting the venue and the conference hall expressed his satisfaction and com-

Mokokchung DC Muruho Chotso (centre) after inspecting the 66th AKM General Conference venue on January 11, 2014.

mented that the hall was one of the biggest conference halls he has seen in the Ao areas. The conference hall has a sitting capacity of three thousand people, excluding the sitting arrangements on the stage.

The measurement of the hall is 130 feet by 200 feet; the stage alone is 130 feet by 30 feet. Chuchuyimpang villagers constructed the hall using more than 4000 bamboo poles. Several arrangements have also been

made to accommodate the delegates, guests and invitees. With hardly a day to go before the General Conference starts, the Planning cum Finance committee, Chuchuyimpang has made elaborate arrangements to

make the guest as comfortable as possible. Tents have also been arranged for the media persons and medical teams will be available round the clock in case of any emergency. Moasangba Jamir expressed heartfelt gratitude to the Deputy Commissioner for his visit to the site despite his busy schedule. He maintained that the visit of the DC showed his love and concern for the Ao students’ community. It may be noted that the AKM General Conference is held after every three years in different villages. Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio will be the chief guest on January 15, during the main function.



NGRC-I CU expresses condolences Dimapur, January 12 (mExn): Nagaland Government Registered Class-I Contractors’ Union (NGRC-I CU) has expressed profound grief and sorrow at the demise of Ekobe Zeliang on January 10. A condolence note issued by the Union’s president acknowledged that the deceased was a highly valuable and respected member of the Union and his demise is of great loss to the contractors’ community. The Union further extended deepest condolences to the bereaved family and friends, while praying for God’s solace and strength upon them.

IPPI in Mkg

mokokchung, January 12 (mExn): District Programme Officer RCH & UIP, Dr. Limatula Aier has informed that the first round of Intensified Pulse Polio Immunization (IPPI) will be held on January 19. She also informed parents and adult to ensure all children between 0-5 years to receive polio drops on the day at the usual IPPI booths.

BJP Nagaland constitutes committee for parliamentary election

kohima, January 12 (mExn): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Nagaland has constituted a committee to carry out the works pertaining to the forthcoming Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Election 2014. Following are the members: Convenor - R. Sopu Angami (9436434887), Co-convenor - K. Medom (9436002152), Members - Manpong Konyak (9612858361), Imsoyaden (9862157804), Jem Vihoshe (9436267615), Kahoto Chishi (9774352723) and Monkuram (9774594635). Meanwhile, a meeting has been convened on January 12 progress and quality construc- the work by October or No- 23, 10:00 AM at the BJP Head Office, Dimapur.

Phom Catholic youth Paiwang Konyak inspects road works in Tizit converge for convention

Dimapur, January 12 (mExn): The 4th Phom Catholic Youth Convention cum Youth Fest was held from January 3 to 6 on the theme: ‘Rekindle the gift of God within you’ (2Tim:1:6), at St. John’s Church, Sakshi. Yongkai, Village Council Chairman of Sakshi was the guest of honour. In his speech he urged the youth be hard working and to excel in their life, for they are the future of the community. The other resource persons were Brother Charles Ongtok Phom from Oriens Theological College, Shillong who spoke on ‘Role & and challenges of Youth: A Christian response’, and Teisovi Gerard Meyase, president of Nagaland Catholic Youth Movement (NCYM). Meyase talked on ‘What I love above the Catholic Church & Christian Youth Leadership.’ There were 300 youth participants for the Convention. Other features of the convention were competitions among the youth for solo, duet, trio, choir, Bible skit, Bible recitation, and Choreography and marathon race. Yongnyah Youth bagged the overall champion. Awards were given for various categories. John Ngonyen of Yongnyah, Teresa Yingnyu of Longleng, Simon of Tamlu, Dominic Hongba of Sakshi were awarded as the ‘best youth from their respective villages.’ Ape Maria and Bosco Enyu were awarded for their academic performances. Rebecca Wondoi was the most talented youth of the ‘Fest’. The new office bearers were also elected for the coming years.


13 January 2014

mon, January (Dipr): An inspection led by parliamentary secretary for transport P. Paiwang Konyak in Mon district has found that Arunachal Pradesh has crossed border and constructed four culverts under the jurisdiction of Nagaland. This was realized during the inspection of NEC road from Tizit to Arunachal border on January 11. The parliamentary secretary accompanied by Deputy Commissioner, Mon Angau I Thou, IAS, departmental officers, NGOs and public leaders of Tizit also inspected the 13 Km road from Nokyan Junction to Tinam River under P.M. Package, and 12.6 Km road from Tizit to Nokzang via Yanpan, Sakho and Lokkhon under Inter State Connectivity (ISC). With regard to the encroachment, the team directed the contractor to stop all constructions within Nagaland jurisdiction. The parliamentary secretary informed the people that the purpose of his visit was not to create boundary issues between Arunachal and Nagaland, but to inspect the

tion of roads under his constituency, adding there should be no misunderstanding of his visit to the border. At the same time, he said, such encroachment may lead to border issues in the future between the two neighbours. Referring to the Foothill road connectivity, he clarified that he has no hand in it. He informed he has written a representation to the CM citing he will abide by the decision of the department concerned. Therefore, he asked the department concerned to expedite the survey and come up with final decision. The team appreciated the contractor Mohan Singh Company for quality construction of road from Tizit to Arunachal border under NEC. At the same time, the team expressed displeasure over the slow progress of ongoing Mon – Namtola road. While inspecting the 13 KM road under PM Package, the team was surprised to learn that there was no sign of any work done. The contractor who assured the EE, PWD (R&B) Mon in a letter dated 10th May 2013 to start

vember, 2013 after monsoon, has not turned up till date. In this regard, the team directed the department concerned to justify it. The team while inspecting the ISC road had to take bumpy dusty road from Yanpan via Assam to reach Lokkhon because 2. 6 KM road between Yanpan and Sakho village allotted to the local contractors of Tizit has not been constructed. The village council Chairmen of Sakho and Lakhon urged upon the parliamentary secretary and DC, Mon to direct the department concerned and the contractors to complete the road in time for the welfare of the people. Interacting with the people of Sakho and Lokkhon, the Deputy Commissioner emphasized on quality education to remove backwardness of the people. She appealed to the people to properly utilize the VDB fund for the community development. She also called upon the people to give full cooperation and support to the Government and move forward with peace for development.

Holy Cross School scouts & guides informed

Dimapur, January 12 (mExn): Hindustan Scouts & Guides of Holy Cross Higher Secondary School, Dimapur, from Class 5 to 10 have been directed to report to the school immediately for March Past practice for the forthcoming Republic Day parade.

ACYA SFS Kohima observes Youth Day

kohima, January 12 (mExn): Angami Catholic Youth Association (ACYA) St. Francis de Sales (SFS) Parish Kohima town celebrated its 32nd Youth Day on January 12, 2013 at the church. Advisor ACYA SFS, Keneilhounyű Daniel in his exhortation speech stressed on the importance of youth and their role in the church. He urged them to learn about the Catholic doctrine, while lauding the association for its positive role in the church. He also encouraged them to practise good culture, respect elders and be polite in attitude and show penance. During the programme, outgoing president Peleneizo Joseph handed over charge to the new president Mhasiphizo Michael in the presence of different associations representing various communities of the Parish. Meanwhile, the best Youth Award 2013-14 was awarded to Petekhrietuo Lawrance and Thejazeű Anna. Highlights of the programme included special songs by Menuoseű Mary and Vihunyű Vincent & friends. Earlier, invocation prayer was said by Rev. Fr. Alex Vizo, vote of thanks was proposed by Seyiekhrielie Carlos and benediction was said by Ameű Mary.

Public SPace Nagaland-the state without a territory or law POWER ABUSE IS CORRUPTION NO. 1

The state and its territory: The 16th state of the Indian republic-Nagaland- came into existence through the 16Point Agreement of 1960. But as for a statement on its actual territory, it was kept in the form of a “WISH.” This wish was expressed in the following words: “The delegation (The 19 members of the NPC) wished the following to be put on record. The Naga leaders expressed the view that other Naga inhabiting contiguous areas should be enabled to join the new state.” (16 Point Agreement, art. 13) Prior to the expression of this WISH, article 12 had also stated the following words: “The Naga delegation discussed the question of the inclusion of the Reserved Forests and the contiguous areas inhabited by the Nagas.” Now, it is an obvious requirement of law that a state or a country cannot be created without a specified demarcated territory. But in the case of this 16th state of India, a state has been created on the basis of a “discussion” and a “wish!” This logically must mean that Nagaland is only an imagined state floating in thin air. It is either that


he Karbi Anglong Peace Forum (KAPF) is composed of over 30 respectable civil society organisations of Karbi Anglong, including the Church bodies, and it is sincerely committed to restoring peace at any cost. It seems unbecoming of Mr. Joel Nillo Kath to hurl insults, as published in some newspaper from Nagaland on 11th January 2014, at the peace efforts of so many rightthinking and peace-loving civil society organisations of Karbi Anglong in the form

or it is a state kept in abeyance pending a final decision. Law and order for the state: Any state in the world needs a law and order machinery to run the affairs of the state. But here again, in the case of the Nagaland state, that law and order machinery and its execution lies in the hands of a foreign Governor. Under article 3, (a) of the 16 point Agreement, the Governor’s executive powers are defined as follows: ART 3, (a) “The president of India shall appoint a Governor for Nagaland and he will be vested with executive powers of the Government of Nagaland.” The Governor’s powers are further spelled out in the following words under article 371A (1), (b): “The Governor of Nagaland shall have special responsibility with respect to law and order in the State of Nagaland for so long as in his opinion internal disturbances occurring in the Naga Hills-Tuensang Area immediately before the formation of that State continue therein or in any part thereof and in the discharge of his functions in relation thereto the Gover-

nor shall, after consulting the Council of Ministers, exercise his individual judgment as to the action to be taken: Provided that if any question arises whether any matter is or is not a matter as respects which the Governor is under this sub-clause required to act in the exercise of his individual judgment, the decision of the Governor in his discretion shall be final, and the validity of anything done by the Governor shall not be called in question on the ground that he ought or ought not to have acted in the exercise of his individual judgment.” Conclusion: It is not surprising then that even after 50 years of statehood; Nagaland still has territorial disputes with the states of Manipur, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Burma. It is also not surprising that when a crisis like the Mugalumi incident or the present Rengma-Karbi crisis develops, the state Government is helplessly handicapped and inadequate to do anything. Because of all these facts, Nagas are today living in a seemingly stateless and lawless existence. Kaka D. Iralu

Changes in the lifestyle of the people has made life more expensive. As a result, greed for money and materialism has increased tremendously. People in general and leaders in particular have started thinking more about their own interest and welfare than the interest and welfare of the nation and fellow citizens. The integrity of the people is lost and rampant corruption occurs in the society followed by all other evils. The top officials in general and politicians in particular indulge in all evil ways for their selfish inter-

est and ignore the social interest. Politics, which is supposed to deal with the affairs of the state, has become the private affair and public life is used more for private advantage. In a society where black marketers and hoarders enjoy the support and blessing of the politicians, a wide gap between the rich and the poor emerges. It is the common man who suffers the consequences of rising prices of essential commodities. People put money above all things, due to which their character deterio-

rates. It is forgotten that the real wealth of the nation is its citizens with strong moral character and integrity. It is easier to have power than to handle it properly. The misuse of power causes deterioration of all norms of the society. Corruption, favouritism and exploitation of the weak are the result of the abuse of power by people who, by hook or by crook, take over the power and misuse it for their selfish ends. One of the disadvantages of a democratic set up is that many self-centered people try to

grab power through unfair means and commit wrong beyond imagination and put the society to hostage as long as power is in their hands. It has been wisely said that the greater the power, the more dangerous one become due to its abuse. We are baffled to see some criminals escape the noose of law although the crimes are committed in a broad daylight. It is high time that people understand the seriousness of the problem and help in fighting it out to save our nation. (P. DAKO PHOM)

Why the Special Task Force should pick up K. Solomon Rengma in the dead of the night, as admitted by the STF ‘source’ to local media, baffles the Rengma Naga Peoples’ Council (RNPC) unless it was to discourage the agitation of Rengma Nagas in Assam for its political identity. The motive of the STF is suspect. Was it formed with a political agenda? The source also described the arrested Gen. Secy as a ‘responsible leader?’ Is this how Nagaland police

treats responsible leaders? After surrounding the house with a platoon-size police personnel, seizing the person like a common criminal and releasing him after 5 hours at 4 am, are we to think that this is routine police questioning? Rather, the RNPC is surprised that STF is using the same tactics as used by militant organisations to terrorize innocent publics. Do we see the same modus-operandi here? Was the STF formed to operate only at night? Is RNPC sup-

posed to thank the police that Solomon was dropped back to his house with his bones and flesh intact? How is it that the STF cannot differentiate between RNPC and RNHPF? Does the STF know that its irresponsible actions have outraged the sentiments of right-thinking citizens? Is Solomon a fugitive or was he hiding underground that his family and relatives had to be terrorized at 11 pm by police? Since the reputation of Solomon and the Rengma commu-

nity as a whole has been sullied by the police, the STF should indeed prove that Solomon is a terrorist and if it cannot, the state government should issue a public apology. It cannot send STF on a witch-hunt and escape responsibility. The office of the RNPC, Dimapur branch, is open from 9am4pm during which time the STF can openly walk in for any information.

Dimapur, Nagaland.

Rengma Naga Peoples’ Council questions Special Task Force

Sd/(Shahi K. Rengma) President, RNPC

Karbi Anglong Peace Forum responds

of Karbi Anglong Peace Forum. The KAPF does not understand as to why Mr. Joel Nillo Kath is offended with the KAPF peace delegation to Nagaland. The government of Assam had already told the Naga Peace team in a meeting on 31st December 2013, presided by the Commissioner and Secretary, Department of Home, Assam, that the training and supply of arms to extremists in Karbi Anglong has been carried out by the NSCN-IM. Moreover, the

killing of the nine innocent Karbi youths took place in Nagaland. It was therefore imperative for KAPF to send a peace delegation to Nagaland. Apparently, Joel Nillo Kath, and others like K. Solomon Rengma, among others are against restoring peace in the region. If Mr. Kath negates the involvement of the “third force” is he either part of the third force or at best indoctrinated by it? Why, after several press statements condemning the violence in

Karbi Anglong by the KAPF and several other organisations does Mr. Kath and others keep on saying we are condoning the violence in Rengmas and Karbi areas in Chokihola. It must be remembered that KAPF has no link, contact, or control over the KPLT. If the KPLT is targeting the Rengma villagers they are responsible. It was their unilateral decision. The people of Karbi Anglong in general have no part in KPLT. The KPLT is armed, how can we, or the Karbi people, without arms

reign in the KPLT? It is the duty of the Assam Government to “reign in” the KPLT, not civil society organizations. That is the reason KAPF, an association of over 30 organizations are demanding a High Powered Inquiry into the violence not only in Nagaland, but also in Karbi Anglong so that the guilty will be punished. The Tarun Gogoi government had only demanded a CBI inquiry into the massacre of nine Karbi youths in Nagaland. The KAPF is demanding

that the CBI inquiry should also be conducted in Karbi Anglong where innocent Rengma villagers were also killed. Why should the Government of Assam love Karbis only? Why shouldn’t the Assam Government ask for a CBI inquiry into the killing of Rengma villagers? The KAPF demands that there should be the highest level inquiry for all the conflicts in KarbiAnglong. Why is Mr. Kath against instituting CBI or a High powered inquiry into all the violence in Karbi Anglong since 2003? Is he

afraid that the real culprits will be exposed? Mr. Joel Nillo Kath went on to accuse Mr. Kathar of alluding to the involvement of “Tarun Gogoi, RAW, IB, the ISI and the Bengalis...”. This is nothing but a figment of his imagination! Why does he put words into somebody’s mouth? Whatever Mr. J. I. Kathar or the KAPF had to say had been said in the press conference. Also, why does he engage himself in wild guesses regarding the JACAS talks and the Cen-

tre’s stand on Karbi Anglong statehood issue? Or does he have access to classified Central Government information? If Mr. Kath is interested in peace KAPF eagerly invites him and all the Rengma people to an open discussion because the people of Karbi Anglong love peace, and the Karbis and the Rengmas are the closest among all the tribes, and are brothers and sisters. Nobody can break this bond of brotherhood.

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KAPF Media Cell



The Power of Truth

The Morung Express MonDAy 13 JAnuAry 2014 vol. IX IssuE 11

Along Longkumer Consulting Editor

Restoring peace


he conflict between the Karbis and (Western) Rengma Nagas, which has led to violence and human suffering on both sides, has been going on for sometime but without any kind of resolution. It is unfortunate that it is only because of the recent gruesome killings that the Karbi-Rengma conflict has come to prominence when infact, response from the respective civil society and concerned authorities should have been more urgent and forthcoming. Despite knowing about the delicate situation, the inability and failure of the Assam government to take remedial measures and also the insensitivity of the Government of India towards what is happening in Karbi Anglong must be condemned. It shows the utter neglect of both the Karbis and Nagas by the so called official State machinery, whether in Dispur or Delhi. Much more could have been done to try and address the issues at hand. Nevertheless the opportunity presented by the recent conflict situation should not be allowed to slip by and all out effort must now be used to address the issue in its totality, including the historical and political rights of the Rengma Nagas inhabiting present day Assam. However the question is whether we can trust and rely on the governments, at the State and Centre, to do the needful. And therefore, instead of waiting and wasting precious time, civil society from both the Karbi and Naga side should take the lead in first restoring peace, mutual trust and in the process creating a conducive atmosphere for dialogue to begin. That the Ahom Royal Society (ARS) has offered its services and help to begin such a dialogue between the Nagas and Karbis is most welcome and demonstrates the goodwill and love of the Assamese people towards both the community. The Naga and Karbi civil society must thank the ARS for its gesture and if needed take its offer to start a dialogue. The Naga Hoho has also spoken along the same lines, resolving to address the 'Karbi-Naga issue politically in the near future'. Coming to the talk of a third force, which is alleged to be behind the recent clashes, there is every reason to believe this. At the people to people level there appears to be no enmity. Tremendous goodwill exists as seen in the solidarity between the Karbis and Rengma Nagas who are working closely together towards peaceful co-existence. The Assam government and its agencies have a lot of explaining to do. After all, if the State government cannot keep the peace between its own citizens, it is a serious lapse of not only moral judgement but also constitutional duty. The other valid point is whether Dispur is capable enough to administratively govern far-flung places like Karbi Anglong. Also, the Government of India's (GoI) approach in dealing with the problems confronting the Northeast region is appaling to say the least. This latest upsurge of violence is proof that there is no concern for human problems or finding solutions. All that matters for Delhi is the security and strategic paradigm that the NE region offers for the country's internal security. (Feedback can be send to

lEfT wiNg |

Robert McCaw Source: Commondreams

How Would Dr. King React to NSA Spying?


ow would Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., have reacted to recent revelations that the U.S. government is collecting and storing nearly every citizen's phone records and gathering their electronic data? From 1958 until his 1968 assassination, the FBI conducted extensive surveillance on Dr. King, amassing over 17,000 pages of material on his day-to-day activities. Today King's legacy as a civil rights leader is celebrated; there is even a federal holiday named after him. But during his lifetime, the government tracked his movements, tapped his phones, bugged his offices and hotel rooms, and planted informants to spy on him. In addition, the FBI anonymously sent him a letter threatening to destroy his credibility and suggesting that he commit suicide to avoid this. King was also separately targeted by an NSA domestic spying program called "Minaret." With others, including Muhammad Ali, Dr. King was labeled and watch-listed as a possible "domestic terrorist and foreign radical" suspect. We know that Dr. King was aware of his constant surveillance and the threat that it posed to him, yet he continued to teach and promote the ideals of peaceful organizing and resistance, equality, fraternity, and freedom until his life was taken. So how would he react to the recent disclosures that the NSA and FBI, along with the CIA, DEA, and even local law enforcement agencies like the NYPD are spying on U.S. citizens by collecting communication metadata and infiltrating public demonstrations, activist circles, and houses of worship? Today Dr. King would be confronted with the Orwellian truth that we are all under surveillance, although some groups – like American Muslims – are under more scrutiny than others. However, whether you are white or black, Hispanic or Asian, Muslim or Christian, the government is spying on all groups as potential "domestic terrorist and foreign radicals." Just as it was 50 years ago, the NSA and FBI have once again been caught abusing their surveillance powers, infringing on the liberties they are sworn to protect -- all in the name of national security. These government spying programs constitute a clear violation the U.S. Constitution's Fourth Amendment ban on unreasonable searches and seizures, and chills First Amendment freedom of speech. Dr. King supported the Constitution as a framework for all citizens to achieve equal rights, and I believe he would have vocally opposed such government intrusions and spying. While he may have remained publicly silent on the government's unlawful invasion of his personal life, it's hard to believe that he would have sat idly by and let every American experience similar attacks on personal liberties as he faced while leading the battle for civil rights and the nation's soul. To honor Dr. King's legacy and the values on which our nation was founded, Americans should work together to challenge these expansive domestic spying programs that are robbing us of our civil liberties. Some members of Congress and the Obama administration make the claim that these spying programs are lawful under the USA PATRIOT Act and Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Dr. King would know better -- the Constitution is clear and these programs are illegal and need to be ended.



Ann Henning Jocelyn

What can the case for Scottish Independence learn from the Irish?


n the debate about Scottish independence, it’s logical to draw a parallel to Irish independence. Indeed, there are many similarities. The nationalist movement developed in the two countries at about the same time, in the late nineteenth century, gathering momentum in a campaign for Home Rule in the years leading up to World War I, only to be stalled by the outbreak of war. In 1921, both the Irish Sinn Féin and the Scots National League were formed, each with the aim of creating an independent state. And in both countries, there was a wide difference of opinion between devolution and outright independence. However, while this debate is still ongoing in Scotland, only now coming to a head, in Ireland the War of Independence saw a new state born in 1921. The principle of self-determination is a driving force in Scotland, as it was for Ireland, and the same can be said for the desire for a cultural identity free of the shadow of Britain. But there are also important differences. Scotland’s links with Britain – cultural, social, political and economic – are stronger than those of Ireland. And today there are complications that did not arise when Ireland broke away, such as the question of EU or NATO membership for an independent Scotland, or the intriguing matter of its currency. Above all, history presents two very different pictures – so different, in fact, that it’s doubtful whether any comparison between the two countries can ever be viable. For one thing, Scotland was an independent nation, maintaining its independence even after agreeing to share the crown with Britain after the death of Elizabeth I. The Act of Union that effectively ended Scotland’s independence in 1707 was a deliberate, pragmatic measure for a country finding itself in dire financial straits after some disastrous investments in the New World. For a long time to come, it can be argued that Scotland derived more benefits than drawbacks from its union with Britain. Only the discovery of North Sea oil in the 1970s gave Scotland a financial upper hand. The trajectory of Irish history is in sharp contrast. To begin with, the country was invaded by Norman/British forces as early as the 1100s. For the centuries that followed, the native population suffered at the hands of its conquerors. The English crown sent over representatives deemed able to subdue the fierce native tribesmen, competing with them in terms of cruelty. People like Sir Richard Bingham, the merciless “Scourge of Connacht”, are still unforgotten, as are the atrocities committed by Cromwell and his soldiers. Vicious methods were applied to wipe out the original Celtic culture and “civilize” the Irish nation according to acceptable English standards. The feudal system introduced by the English conquerors was of course not exclusive to Ireland. In most European countries a similar structure reigned from the Middle Ages onwards. It wouldn’t have survived for so long if it hadn’t provided social stability for all parties involved. When it worked as intended, a privileged class provided employment, housing, security and protection for those who had nothing. But once this system failed, as in the case of the Irish potato famine in the 1840s, when an estimated million people perished due to the failure of the authorities to protect those most vulnerable, disillusionment set in, leading ultimately to social unrest and rebellion. A very similar process took place in Russia, where prolonged hunger and failure by the Czar to protect his people became a driving force for the Russian revolution. After repeated famines and much hardship throughout the nineteenth century, the 1880s saw a surge of nationalist interests. The Irish Parliamentary Party demanded Home Rule (self-government), whilst Sinn Féin insisted on full independence. Home Rule was agreed in 1914 but immediately suspended due to the outbreak of World War I. Irish nationalist organisations, opposed to Irish involvement in the war, decided on a revolt and, with the Easter Rising in 1916, declared Ireland a republic. The harsh response by the British and the introduction of martial law outraged the Irish public and led to a major boost of support for Sinn Féin. The Irish Republican Army was formed in 1918 and Sinn Féin affirmed the 1916 Declaration of Independence, stating that war existed between England and Ireland – a conflict that was to cost both sides casualties amounting to over 3,400. Volunteers soon started attacking British government property; prominent representatives of British rule were killed. The heavy-handed British response helped popularise the IRA. The national police force, the Royal Irish Constabulary, consisting mainly of Catholic Irish though seen as traitors and associates of Britain became a target for volunteers. As police retired or retreated, violence spread. Tax collection ceased and assizes failed, as no one was prepared to do jury service. The ab-

The nationalist movement developed in the two countries at about the same time, in the late nineteenth century, gathering momentum in a campaign for Home Rule in the years leading up to World War I, only to be stalled by the outbreak of war

sence of police and a collapsed court system led to widespread anarchy. The rough, ill-disciplined “Black and Tan” reinforcements sent out from Britain made matters worse, as did the so called Auxiliary forces. Arbitrary British reprisals fuelled more violence and resistance. The British Prime Minister Lloyd George preferred quenching the rebellion to negotiating with the IRA. In consequence, violence escalated between 1920 and 1921. On Bloody Sunday in Dublin an IRA squad executed nineteen British intelligence operatives and in response, the Auxiliaries shot into a football crowd, killing fourteen civilians and injuring many more. By the summer of 1921, the IRA, weakened by the strong British army response and by its own lack of arms and ammunition, agreed to a truce followed by a treaty signed in December 1921. The six counties of the North opposed to devolution were allowed to opt out – as a temporary measure. The treaty was acceptable to most Irish people but not to the militant Republicans, and a fierce Civil War between pro-treaty and anti-treaty forces raged until the anti-treaty forces were finally defeated in mid-1923. The treaty lasted until 1932, when full independence was finally achieved. However, in the North of Ireland, sectarian violence between the loyalist Protestant faction and the nationalist Catholics continued, in a conflict that is still not fully resolved. Ever since the Reformation, the Protestant faith held by the English invaders had been a symbol of foreign oppression, and the native Irish came to identify strongly with Catholicism. It made for clear social divisions on religious grounds, and to this day, nationalists tend to equate their movement with Catholicism, conveniently ignoring the fact that their cause was initiated by idealistic Irish Protestants. By the time the republic was born, the Catholic Church had amassed great wealth through support from both the Irish at home and from institutions abroad. The funds were used to build schools, hospitals and other institutions meant to serve the common good. And when the new Irish administration faced the colossal task of creating, out of nothing, functioning social structures, the materially endowed Catholic Church was happy to take over this responsibility. The result was a mighty establishment ruled by a hierarchy responsible to no one but the Pope. Initially isolated and impoverished, the republic of Ireland has managed, with the help of EU membership, educational reforms and favourable tax policies, to develop into a successful modern nation, attracting much global investment. The rise of the Celtic Tiger was viewed with interest by the rest of the world, and the country’s handling of its subsequent burst property bubble has been internationally commended. There is no shortage of documentation of Ireland’s march to freedom, but the exposure of one group, both on a personal and material level, is rarely mentioned: the minority of landed Anglo-

Irish families, who were either driven from their homes and their home country by fear of terrorist attacks, or else who stayed on and fell victim to the same. Seen as symbols of a much resented system, their plight has attracted little or no sympathy. The nationalist narrative stamped all Protestant landowners as British loyalists who had robbed the land from its rightful native owners. The Irish War of Independence and the ensuing Civil War saw a concerted campaign to burn down a considerable amount of the country’s cultural heritage: stately homes with all their contents of precious art, silver and antique furniture. Some sources put the figure of devastated “Big Houses” at two hundred and seventy-five; other sources quote some three hundred and twenty. My own knowledge of these occurrences came about by chance; as I was following research my husband was doing on Irish architectural history. One academic paper contained a number of eyewitness reports of “Big Houses” being burnt, and the impression they made on my mind was strong enough to materialise in due course in the play Only Our Own, dealing with three generations of one such family and their efforts to find a place for themselves in today’s Ireland. It’s strange to see how these traumatic events have been airbrushed from Irish history. In the immediate aftermath they were rarely acknowledged by the people involved, on either side. As one character in Only Our Own muses: “It’s not unusual when atrocities have been committed. The victims don’t want to be reminded of their humiliation; the perpetrators reject the knowledge of their guilt. Both sides have a vested interest in suppressing the facts.” To d ay ’ s yo u n g generation in Ireland have no idea that these events ever took place. You won’t find references to them in Irish history books, and entries on the web, such as the one offered by Wikipedia, giving a comprehensive account of both the Irish War of Independence and the Civil War, make no mention of the Anglo-Irish, or indeed the burnings. However, via Google I managed to find a report that Palmerstown House in County Kildare, seat of the Earl of Mayo, was burnt down in 1923. As it happens, the present Earl of Mayo is a Connemara neighbour I’ve known for nearly three decades. Never once has he touched upon the fate suffered by his forbears, but when I ask him to tell me about it, with a view to having his testimony made public, he was quite willing to do so. I learnt that one night in January 1923, his great-uncle Dermot, seventh Earl of Mayo, was sitting down to dinner with his wife at Palmerstown House, when a party of armed men knocked on the door. The butler refused to let them in but the group forced their way into the dining-room, telling the Lord and Lady that they were going to burn down the house in reprisal for executions that had taken place that day at the Curragh. Lord Mayo recalled that the men were excessively polite, as they gave the pair twenty minutes to remove valuables before they poured petrol in each room and set the house alight, gutting the building. At a later date, the house was rebuilt with the help of state compensation, but the ninth Earl, having lost faith in any future for him and his family in Ireland, sold the house and relocated to England. Charlie Bourke, the present Earl of Mayo, has been living in Clifden, Connemara, for most of his life. Since 1985 he has been married to Marie, a school principal and daughter of a local Catholic business family. Their two adult sons who were educated in state schools have never had any difficulty assimilating into the Clifden community. Straddling the two traditions has been more of an asset to them than a drawback, says their father. It has helped broaden their horizons, just like the foreign travel they have always been encouraged to do. While the Earl himself is a strong supporter of the Church of Ireland, his sons were brought up Catholic. The family take turns attending both churches. None of them, he tells me, has even seen religion as a problem. This is symptomatic of modern Ireland. Centuries of hatred and bitter divisions have finally been overcome, proving that, when man-made barriers are ignored, they cease to exist. Large-scale immigration from countries far away may have helped Irish people of all orientations and backgrounds to recognise that their similarities weigh more heavily than their differences. Their history, however bloody, is a strong bond keeping them together. Looking back at Ireland’s turbulent history and its conflicted relationship with Britain, it appears that the country’s independence was the only possible outcome of all that had gone before. The dynamic forging of the destiny of a nation extends over many centuries. So what future may history have forged for Scotland, where the perceived need for independence comes from a more pragmatic, political argument, just like the interests that initially led them to a union with Britain? Well – that remains to be seen.

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13 January 2014


The Tiny Himalayan Town at Papua’s response to the gift of Special Autonomy plus the Center of ‘Global Politics’ I


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he journey to Tawang is harrowing. Travel to the Himalayan border town, located at the western extreme of India's Arunachal Pradesh, involves a jarring, 18-hour road journey from Guwahati, Assam. "Why are there no guardrails?" I ask, as our jeep climbs a narrow gravel zigzag road up 10,000 ft. of Himalayan mountain. "The landslides wash them away so often we stopped using them," the driver replies. The brutality of the drive is matched by the beauty of the surroundings, a scenic tour of quaint Monpa villages, frozen lakes, and roads that ascend into the clouds. Indian military bases are ubiquitous, scattered among green valleys and forests of snow-covered pines. The town of Tawang itself is sluggish, with most activity halting at sunset. The Tawang Monastery and the memorial for the 1962 China-India border war frame the landscape. In searching for the next possible flashpoint in the China-India relationship, this sleepy Buddhist enclave would seem an unlikely candidate. But Tawang may well represent the greatest obstacle to a settlement for the world's longest disputed border, and a recurring source of friction in China-India relations in coming years. For Tawang's rustic charm belies a town with outsized religious and geopolitical value. The great irony of the ChinaIndia border dispute is the vast majority of the over 100,000 square kilometers under dispute is desolate terrain lacking in resources, population, infrastructure, or much strategic value. Not so with the Tawang district, whose 50,000 people are positioned astride an old trade route that represents one of the shortest and least hazardous paths from the Tibetan plateau to India's northeast. This quickly became evident during the 1962 border war, when the People's Liberation Army (PLA) seized Tawang in less than four days, providing China an ideal staging ground to push further south. Many Indian strategists believe that if China and India are drawn to conflict in the 21st century, it is likely to take the form of another limited war at the border, with the PLA possibly opting for a swift campaign to seize Tawang. For India, Tawang thus represents a firewall between the PLA and the foothills to the south. For China, however, the town's tactical value may be overshadowed by its significance to Tibetan Buddhism. The Tawang Monastery is the largest Buddhist monastery in India and, outside of Tibet, one of the largest in the world. According to legend, in 1681 the fifth Dalai Lama dispatched an emissary to locate a site for a new monastery. Sidetracked from his journey, the emissary was tracking the hoofmarks of his stray horse when he stumbled upon the site of an ancient palace. The grounds were selected for the new Tawang (literally "chosen by horse") Monastery. The fifth Dalai Lama died the following year, but in 1697 his reincarnation was found in Tawang, in what remains only the second time a Dalai Lama was born outside the confines of Tibet proper. Over two centuries later, Tawang became the first Indian town in which the current Dalai Lama took refuge on his 15-day journey into permanent exile from China in 1959. Though he later went on to establish the Tibetan Government in Exile some 1,500 kilometers away in Dharamsala, the Dalai Lama has returned to Tawang a half-dozen times

to great fanfare, and the town retains an influen- "settled populations" along the border in any final tial place in the Buddhist religious establishment settlement. Indian officials assumed this language and the minds of Tibetan Buddhists. meant Tawang, the most prominent location along the border with a "settled population," was off the Whose Tawang is it? table. Yet by 2006, Chinese officials made clear DelWhen the People's Republic of China and the hi had "read too much" into the settled populations Republic of India were conceived in the late 1940s, language, and that they had not abandoned their they inherited a 3,488-kilometer Himalayan bor- claims on Tawang in the least. The border negotiader that had never been defined in large stretches. tions have been largely deadlocked ever since. Tawang was positioned in one of these nebulous buffer zones, largely autonomous in governance Tawang today but paying tribute to the Tibetan capital of Lhasa. Today it is difficult to envision a resolution Tibet had declared independence from China sev- of the border dispute without concessions from eral decades earlier, in 1911, when the last great one or both sides on Tawang. Yet positions have Chinese dynasty, the Qing, collapsed on itself. Of- only hardened since the turn of the century, and ficials from the British Raj seized that opportunity China has continued emphasizing its claim on to negotiate a new Indo-Tibetan border north of Tawang in recent rounds of border negotiations. Tawang that would incorporate the town into InOnly if India returns Tawang to China, ardia. They achieved their goal with the 1914 Simla gues Ma Jiali of the China Reform Forum, can Accord, but China immediately deemed the new China be "magnanimous" in settling the other border, the McMahon Line, invalid, and in practice sectors of the border dispute. During a discusthe British Raj made no effort to extend its admin- sion in his office in April 2013, Ma suggested istration to Tawang. (in a personal capacity) that perhaps China In 1950, communist China occupied Tibet, could drop its claims to "big Tawang" (i.e. the ostensibly bringing Tawang back under Chinese Tawang district), if India would concede "small administration. However, the following year the Tawang" (i.e. the town of Tawang). Such a proposal is unlikely to find many takers in Delhi. For India, Tawang is a question sovereignty, territorial integrity, providing adequate defense of its northeast, and preventing a repeat of the humiliating 1962 border war. In 2009 and 2010, with China-India relations in a downward spiral, Delhi dispatched the defense minister, home minister, and prime minister to Tawang in a span of 15 months. Visiting the town in April 2010, Home Minister P. Chidambaram declared: "Tawang and all of Arunachal Pradesh are part of India and will always remain a part of India." In an interview in November 2011, Indian analyst Mohan Guruswamy added: "China occupied Lhasa in 1951, and we occupied governor of the Indian state of Assam organized Tawang in 1951. If [they] want to discuss Tawang, an unauthorized, though ultimately successful, fine. We want to discuss Lhasa." mission to seize Tawang and revalidate the McWith Tawang firmly in Indian possession for Mahon Line. The operation went largely unno- the past six-plus decades, what does Beijing hope ticed by Beijing, whose reach at the time barely to gain with its claim? In part, Tawang is a matextended beyond the Tibetan capital. Tawang ter of historical injustice for China; of righting the again swung back in China's orbit during the wrongs it believes were inflicted by the British month-long 1962 China-India border war, but Raj in 1914 and again by India in 1951. after advancing over 150 kilometers into India, Yet more important, Tawang matters to ChiChina voluntarily withdrew its forces behind the na because of Tibet. For China, Tibet has always McMahon Line and called a unilateral ceasefire. been the most sensitive issue in Sino-Indian relaIn the decades to follow, Tawang repeatedly tions: Chinese perceptions of Indian interference emerged as an obstacle to resolving the border in Tibet helped spark the 1962 border war, and dispute. Beginning in 1960, Beijing began pro- India's hosting of the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan posing (though informally and through private Government in Exile remains China's principal channels) a status quo territorial swap to resolve grievance toward Delhi today. At a time when Tithe dispute: China would drop its claims in the bet's restive population is making its opposition Eastern Sector if India reciprocated in the West- to Chinese rule visible, control of Tawang would ern Sector. In 1960, and again as many as three give the Communist Party control over another times after the border war, Delhi passed on these important center of Tibetan Buddhist authority. Control of Tawang may become a great deal informal "package proposals." Then, in 1985, something peculiar happened. more valuable in the years to come. Tawang China "began to signal the so-called ‘package pro- could play a central role in a looming, high-stakes posal' for resolving the border issue... was no lon- battle for the future of a global religion. China ger on offer," Shyam Saran, a former Indian For- and the Dalai Lama have begun firing the openeign Secretary, said in a speech in August 2012. ing shots in a struggle to decide who will succeed "It was conveyed to us that at a minimum, Tawang the 78-year-old Buddhist spiritual leader. If early would have to be transferred to the Chinese side." rumors that the 14th Dalai Lama may identify his This new emphasis on Tawang ultimately raised successor in Tawang ring true, Tawang will likely the stakes and poisoned the original package deal. return to center stage in the Sino-Indian rivalry. Jeff Smith is director of the South Asia program and KraeIn the mid-2000s, history seemed to repeat itmer strategy fellow at the American Foreign Policy Council. self. A border protocol signed in 2005 committed This article is excerpted from his new book, Cold Peace: China-India Rivalry in the 21st Century (Lexington Books 2014). China and India to safeguard the interests of the

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Hipolitus yolisandry Ringgi ndonesia’s easternmost province Papua has long been the scene of political discontent. Former President Abdurahman “Gus Dur” Wahid restored the name, Papua, in place of ‘Irian Jaya’, the name chosen by former longstanding ruler, Suharto. His successor, Megawati Soekarnoputri passed what is known as the 2001 Special Autonomy Law No.21 (Otsus) as part of his plan to improve the welfare of the Papuans. Otsus is meant to transfer political, economic and cultural authority to the Papuans, the majority of whom however, regard Otsus at best as the pouring of an abundance of cash into the province. What will be the legacy of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) for the Papuan people? Given the fact that SBY will remain in power for only less than a year, many Papuans are concerned about what his so-called “gift” to the province, ‘special autonomy plus’ or Otsus plus. It is his gift because this regulation was proposed following a meeting between local leaders and President SBY on April 2013 in Jakarta. This regulation would modify previous policy dealing with Papuan issues in the political and security spheres. During his 10 years in office, SBY has been undertaking a number of policies to solve Papuan problems ranging from poverty, education, health, and corruption to security. In 2011, in order to calm the growing distrust among Papuans toward the central government, SBY launched The Unit for the Acceleration of Development in Papua and West Papua (UP4PB). UP4PB’s main duty is to build a basis for sustainable development, in line with the aspirations of local communities, leading toward social integration. Another high profile programme is The Merauke Integrated Food and Energy Estate (MIFEE), initially aimed at providing sufficient food and energy for Indonesians. These two programmes have been amplified by a vast amount of money per year. Such programmes and extensive funding have so far been ineffective when it comes to tackling Papuans’ basic problems, in particular, the aspiration for independence from Indonesia. Otsus plus was widely rejected by the Papuans themselves as one way to silence their aspirations for Merdeka (freedom), as can be seen from a rising number of social and student protests. Internationally, the Free West Papua Campaign conducted by leading figures, such as Benny Wenda and Timothy Mote, have succeeded in raising concern about what is happening in Papua. On the local side, the Papuans regularly launch protests against the central government, but have been continuously muffled by the government’s security apparatus. This activity has been exacerbated by the central government’s tight censorship of international media over Papuan issues. One crucial demand by Papuans is to set up a dialogue between Papuans and the central government. There are many contesting factions in Papua, but they share one ambition: the need for a constructive dialogue. Central government, however, will not accept the referendum which would be the logical end result of such a dialogue. The central government knows full well that its every single policy initiative in Papua has to be assessed according to the effect it has on separatist feeling. So, late in his tenure, SBY is trying to give Papuans more authority to manage their daily activities. However, the majority of Papuans suspect that this is yet another trick to suppress the idea of independence. They have witnessed the fact that so far, implementation of special autonomy amounts to no more than the handing over of vast amounts of money that ironically end up in the hands of corrupt local political leaders, bureaucrats, and their cronies. In addition, Papuans see in Otsus plus an attempt to divide Papuans into several provinces, regions, districts and villages, without a strong political will from the central government to amplify the local capacity to govern. Otsus plus is also seen as a covert method of further increasing the massive militarization of Papua. After the military operation zone (DOM) in Papua was dismantled in 1998, the hope was that the level of militarisation would slowly decrease. However, the military presence in Papua has steadily increased. By imposing Otsus plus, Papua would be divided into three more provinces, giving the military the excuse to put more combat troops into each. This would in line with Indonesian army structural command. The army is able to maintain a presence and administrative structure that parallels the civil administration, from the provincial all the way down to the sub district and village levels – a presence extending deep into very isolated areas in Papua. The estimated combat troops in Papua are already roughly 12,000 under the Trikora Military Command (Davies, 2007 & Imparsial, 2011). With the enforcement of Otsus plus, each new region automatically gains its own military and policy company, and each further province gains their own battalions of military and police. Even today, military soldiers are more frequently to be seen in remote areas than the presence of teachers, doctors, and nurses. Deliberately or not, this fact will steadily lead to increasing clashes between the military and civilians. In addition, as is well known, the military in Papua has been associated with human rights violations. The growing distrust among Papuans cannot be solved merely by extending the current policy. Otsus plus should be reconsidered. If the central government wants to build trust, there are two feasible solutions worth immediate consideration. First, imposing a moratorium on pouring money into local governments until people’s representatives can control the use of the money. The second solution is to reduce the number of military troops in Papua. In doing so, the central government will create the basis for a mutual trust which is essential for a successful modification and implementation of the current special autonomy regulation.


SHOuld NagalaNd alSO HavE a diffERENT TimE zONE fROm THE iNdiaN STaNdaRd TimE? Some of those who voted YES had this to say: • Yes, Because it’s a different like country • Yes, the simplest of reason, "productivity" More daylight, more working hours. • Yes, India being a huge country, East, Central and west India should all have different time zones. • Yes, definitely. Some countries even have more than two time zones. The issue of time is not about whether it is one country or not, it is pure science and geographical location. There is a lot of differences in the degrees of location between Delhi and Kohima and so for all practical reasons there should be a different time zone for not only Nagaland but for the entire northeast. This will make northeast more efficient. It does not make any logical reason to prepone the working hours. This will not change anything. But what will change the working culture is to have a different time zone for Nagaland. • Yes, Where as in Delhi it gets darker around 8pm. In nagaland it gets dark by 6pm (in summer) theres lot of difference as we see. • Sun rises at 4.30 am in Nagaland...n office or school timing is 8.30 or 9 or 10 just imagine d amount of hours we lose...its 4 hours.... changing office timing wouldn’t solve this problem...high time we have a separate time zone • Yes, because of distance between Delhi and Kohima • Yes. It is better to have one different from Delhi standard time. Geographically we fall far away from Delhi time zone and having of our own fit for our country would be helpful in many aspects as Gogoi had already pointed out. If we also gather the facts, I guess, there will be some huge crores lost from our economy. • Having a separate time zone would help. I have seen school children walking home after dark ... i.e. 4:30 -5 PM in the evening from tutions or sometimes after the exams which end at 4 PM.

fusion instead of saving time. scientifically New Time Zone is possible, but it will have negative impact on the everyday social and physiological activities. If New Standard Time is expected to save Electricity and Energy..I think Its just Bogus claim as Nagaland is famous for power cuts and load shedding; having New Time Zone does not mean Electricity consumption and demand will decrease, in fact, It will increase. What we need is Time Management, not a New Time Zone. • I don't prefer changes which isn't productive, so the present time zone is fine with me. • No need of different time zone it won't bear fruit. Nothing is different only say mix 30 mts different in Some of those who votthe morning/sunrise, yes in ed no had this to say: fact evening/sunset is dif• No, first of all, the poll ferent. question itself should • Nope. I don't see any be how many of us are real benefits... be it havaware of timezone? ing a different time zone Therefore, I feel that or following Daylight savwe should just focus on ing. All I see is a lot of consimple day to day issue. fused people. Just change How about development the timings of the offices/ for starters. institutions, etc. That'll be YES no OTHERS • Instead of a New Time much simpler. And I don't Zone ahead of Indian know about other states Standard Time, It is better to schedule the workbut in Nagaland we use the cliched Indian S T R ing hours by one hour; for Instance, Office hours E T C H A B L E Time. can scheduled to 8:00 am instead of the usual • Never, it will only confuse ordinary people like 9:30 am or 10 am. Otherwise, Imagine the sun me, neither it is going to benefit us in any way. rising by 3:00am in summer and sun setting by Let us just be conservative as a unique Indian as 3:00pm in winter. It is going to create total confar as time zone is concerned.

In most of the hill Stations in Nagaland it is already dark by that time. A separate time zone could help in conservation of electricity. Everyone would have more daylight hours to work making maximum use of the sunlight. In some parts of mainland India, it is still bright even at 7 PM and people are still able to conduct business and even children roam about freely unlike in Nagaland where everything sort of goes to sleep after the sun comes down. • Yes, Would welcome a separate time zone for the # Northeastindia this would help in productivity and also consumption of electricity amongst a host of other positives.....




Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say: • More practical would be for offices and schools to start earlier. Doesn't really matter having separate time zones, because our lives out here have automatically adapted to function like we are 1-2 hours ahead of their time. From our business hours and even our biological clock is tuned ahead of IST. Separate Time Zone would really be needed if office/business hours were from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM like in the cities where people are engaged in highly productive occupations. But here our offices start at 10 AM and end by 2 PM? Hahha so that would not really matter... Maybe after 10-15 years if we have a more corporate environment and working culture, separate Time Zone would make sense, but not at this point of time. • Sorom ase itu kotha tu. First make mandatory to all employees to work 8 hours a day or suspend them and then we can talk about time zone. Matha mari laap nai if we continue this trend. • If Assam succeeds in implementing it then the rest of the Northeast will probably all follow suit. We can probably just wait and watch our neighbour. • By having a different time-zone we will not go from unproductive to productive suddenly, for that to happen we will need magic wands. I am of the opinion that if we can clock back 1 hour ahead it may not benefit everybody all at once but some sector of our society will definitely capitalize from it. For instance, shops& business establishments will be able to extend their closure by an hour. Similarly farmers, builders, or any kind of field works gets an extra hour, using ones imagination, travel, education, sports etc all can be redefined in a positive context. But the fact remains that even if we dont change the time zone, we get daylight ahead of delhi. So why not accept God's own timing?

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Monday 13 January 2014

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True religion can’t be the basis of hatred: PM

New Delhi, JaNuary 12 (PTi): Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Sunday said true religion cannot be the basis of hatred and division, but of mutual respect and tolerance for faiths and beliefs of all. “It is no use celebrating Swamiji’s life, paying our respects to his ideas and teachings and honouring his memory if we do not imbibe the values that he advocated,” he said while paying homage to Swami Vivekananda on his 150th birth anniversary. Dr. Singh said, “His truly great message for us which is of great relevance to our country and our sub-continent, was that true religion and true religiosity cannot be the basis of hatred and division but of mutual respect and tolerance for faiths and beliefs of all.” Recalls Vivekananda’s famous address Recalling Swami Vivekananda’s famous address at the World Parliament of Religions at Chicago in 1893, he said, “Swami Vivekananda said sectarianism, bigotry and fanaticism have long possessed this beautiful earth. They have filled the earth with violence, drenched it often with human blood, destroyed civilisation and sent whole nations to disrepair. “Had it not been for these horrible demons, human society would be far more advanced than it is now.” The closing ceremony of Swami Vivekananda’s 150th birth anniversary

Religious fanaticism threatens peace: Sonia

Gandhi’s presence at Vivekananda’s birth anniversary celebrations to woo the younger generation also holds significance as BJP over the past year has claimed the legacy over him. New Delhi, JaNuary 12 (PTi): Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Sunday invoked the legacy of Swami Vivekananda while asking people to battle against religious fanaticism of all hues that threatens the region, in comments that could be seen as a veiled attack on BJP and Narendra Modi. In her address at the commemoration function of 150th birth anniversary celebrations of Swami Vivekananda in New Prime Minister Manmohan Singh with UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi during the closing ceremony of commemoration of 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, in New Delhi on Delhi, she hailed the relevance of his teachings especially for the Sunday. (File Photo)

was attended by UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi, Defence Minister A.K. Antony and Culture Minister Chandresh Kumari Katoch. Quoting Swami Vivekananda’s speech, Dr. Singh said “Swami Vivekananda expressed the hope at the World Parliament of Religions that the bell that tolled this morning in honour of this conversion may be the death-knell of all fanaticism of all persecutions with the sword or with the pen and of all uncharitable feelings between persons wending their way to the same goal.” Describing

Swami Vivekanand as a “citizen of the world”, the Prime Minister said his message has gone far and wide, inspiring millions of devotees across the world. Dr. Singh said he has been personally inspired by Swami Vivekanand’s syncretic views that “All who have actually attained any real religious experience never wrangle over the form in which different religions are expressed. They know that the soul of all religions is the same and so they have no quarrel with anybody just because he or she does not speak in the same tongue.”

Invoking SwamiVivekananda, the Prime Minister said, “This syncretic and pluralist view of religion is one of the great contributions of Hinduism and of the civilisations that took root in this ancient land of ours. The idea that the whole world is one family has inspired millions all over the world.” Dr. Singh also believed that it is an idea that defines India and the Indian view of the world.

tral messages of Swami Vivekananda’s teachings, Dr. Singh said, “First of all the great religions of the world seek peace on earth and goodwill among human beings.” “Second that India’s true religions would come when every Indian feels liberated from the scourge of poverty, ignorance and disease and third that India, this great motherland of ours, has much to learn from the world around us Three central messages and equally much to teach of Swami Vivekananda the world and that a twoway flow of knowledge beHighlighting three cen- tween India and the world

youth, and said the nation should not fail them in fulfilling the aspirations of the young to be educated, governed and employed better. “Swamiji’s words are all the more weighty today as religious fanaticism of all hues threatens the peace of many nations and our region. “His ideas must be taken into the hearts and minds of our new generation of young Indians who will and must battle against fanaticism,” Gandhi said. Her comments assume significance as she made a veiled reference to BJP whose politics Congress has denounced as “sectarian” and “communal”. Without mentioning BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, who has been appealing to the youth in Swami Vivekananda’s name ahead of polls, she said his teachings laid stress on communal peace and harmony and recalled her address at the conference of world

can only be part of our benefit and the benefit of all humanity.” The Prime Minister said another major contribution made by Swami Vivekananda to modern India was to stir the minds of fellow Indians and inspire them to seek freedom and a life of dignity. Recalling his clarion call “Arise! Awake and stop not till the goal is reached”, Dr. Singh said it was a call for spiritual as well as political liberation. While promoting the idea of the oneness of all religions, Swamiji promoted

religions. Gandhi’s presence at Swami Vivekananda’s birth anniversary celebrations to woo the younger generation also holds significance as BJP over the past year has claimed the legacy over him. She said the Swami’s teachings tell us not to fall prey to narrow mindedness and selfish motives and invoked the young profile of India to reach out to the youth for whom, she maintained, the teachings of Swami Vivekananda are relevant. “All over the world populations are ageing. But the profile of our nation remains young. India of the 21st century is a known society with a young population. A population with high expectations and aspirations. “They want to be educated better. They want to be governed better. They want to find employment that meets their aspirations. We should not and cannot fail them,” she said.

with equal zeal the idea of equality of all human being. Therefore, he rejected colonialism and alien rule as an affront to human dignity,” Dr. Singh said. Observing that Swamiji’s sense of confidence without being arrogant “is a rare but precious trait,” Dr. Singh said, “It is a trait we in India today must readily acquire and jealously retain.” Advocating tolerance, the Prime Minister said, “Let us, in all humility imbibe lessons from Swami Vivekananda. Let us learn to be tolerant of one an-

other, have respect for all religions and dedicate ourselves to the development of our people and our country.” “Let us be humble enough to recognise that there is much that we can learn from the world and, therefore. be open to new ideas, new opportunities and new challenges,” he said. The best tribute to Swamiji would be to recognise “the relevance of his teachings and his thoughts for the 21st century, for today’s India, for tomorrow’s India.” new dlehi

Ex-babu, cop to work for AAP for Re.1 I wonder if I’ll ever reunite with my family: Devyani

New Delhi, JaNuary 12 (iaNS): Two former top government officials, including a bureaucrat, are to help the AAP government in Delhi realise its promise of ‘swaraj’ and monitor the anti-corruption helpline for the people - at a token salary of Re.1 a month. Former Madhya Pradesh chief secretary S.C. Behar, the man behind the successful concept of ‘gram swaraj’, that helped bring decision-making powers to the village level in the state, is to work at the token salary to help the AAP government draft its much-talked about swaraj (self-rule) legislation in Delhi. Former Delhi Police joint commissioner N. Dilip Kumar, who is to monitor the AAP government’s anti- corruption helpline to nab bribe takers, will also draw Re.1 per month as ‘symbolic amount’. “Both (Behar and Kumar) have been appointed as advisors to the Delhi government and will draw a salary of Re 1,” a top government official told IANS. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had decided to choose Behar for the “complicated” job of drafting swaraj to ensure participation of people in decision making through establishing “mohalla sabhas (community meetings). Behar’s concept of ‘gram swaraj’ in Madhya Pradesh was hailed by many, including foreign university scholars, for empowering village panchayats in decision making. “Implementing swaraj in

Pawar not in the race for PM’s post: Anwar

PaTNa, JaNuary 12 (iaNS): Minister of State for Agriculture and Food Processing Tariq Anwar Sunday said Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) chief Sharad Pawar is not in the race for the prime minister’s (PM) post. “Pawar is not at all in the race for the PM’s post,” Anwar, NCP general secretary and considered close to Pawar, told media persons here. Anwar said Pawar has the capability and all the qualities required for the PM’s post and his experience in public life is second to none among all political leaders in the country. But, in parliamentary

Delhi is a challenging job, as it is entirely different than gram swaraj in MP which is a rural state. Delhi is an urban state,” Behar told IANS. Asked about the salary, he said: “When he (Kejriwal) asked me to work on swaraj and asked me what salary I would take, I said no salary please... just a token money of Re. 1 would do.” Kumar, who earned the sobriquet of “sting man” for carrying out 50 sting operations, says he and Kejriwal share the “same wave length” and this led him to work for the AAP government. “We both (Kejriwal and he) are of the same mind,” Kumar told IANS. Kumar will monitor the Delhi government’s just-launched anti-corruption helpline that helps people nab bribe takers. The helpline - 1031 - was swamped with 23,000 calls in just two days and has already led to the arrest of three people so far and created fear among wrongdoers. Interestingly, Behar is said to be close to Digvijay Singh of the Congress - the party which was hurt most by rookie AAP in the Delhi assembly elections. Asked about his closeness to Singh, Behar told IANS: “My contribution is not to a political party but to the government of Delhi, which happens to be led by AAP,” Behar told IANS. The former bureaucrat said he has already started preliminary work for drafting the legislation, which a Delhi minister admitted, will not be a cake walk. democracy, it is the number game that decides who becomes the prime minister. “Pawar has everything in his favour except the numbers that is most important,” he said. Anwar downplayed senior Congress leader and Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde’s statement Saturday that he would be happy to see his political mentor Pawar become the prime minister.

New Delhi, JaNuary 12 (aFP): An Indian diplomat at the centre of a bitter row with the United States told Sunday of her “immense stress” at leaving behind her young family in New York, and vowed to clear her name. Khobragade was granted full diplomatic immunity and allowed to fly back to India -- just hours after charges were filed in court alleging she lodged false documents to obtain a visa for her servant and then underpaid her. Khobragade, 39, told an Indian newspaper of her anguish at leaving behind her daughters, aged seven and four, in New York along with her husband, a US citizen, who works as an academic. “I wonder if I will be able to ever reunite with my family, my husband, my little kids. I miss them,” Khobragade said. “What if my children choose to study and work in the US? What if I can never return to the US, which I cannot now. Does it mean we will never be able to live together as a family again?” she said. “I know I am honest, and I will come out clean. But we do not know how much time it will take and for how long my family will have to suffer due to this,” she

Devyani Khobragade, who served as India’s deputy consul general in New York, greets journalists as she leaves Maharastra state house in New Delhi, on Saturday, January 11. Khobragade, 39, is accused of exploiting her Indian-born housekeeper and nanny, allegedly having her work more than 100 hours a week for low pay and lying about it on a visa form. Khobragade has maintained her innocence, and Indian officials have described her treatment as barbaric. (AP Photo)

munities should not be disturbed in the name of development, President Pranab Mukherjee said here Sunday. “The marginal and highly fragile tribal communities should not be disturbed in the name of development, lest they get destroyed as has happened in the past as a result of attempts to assimilate them,” Mukherjee said inaugurating the Andaman and Nicobar Tribal Research Institute (ANTRI). “Any assimilation should come from within, not be imposed from outside,” he said. Mukherjee said institutions like ANTRI should guide policy makers on PorT Blair, JaNuary 12 (iaNS): how to avoid decisions which are conMarginal and highly fragile tribal com- trary to the natural instincts and practices of the tribals. “Policy should not

Development should not hit fragile tribals: Prez

added. Her arrest on December 12 outside her children’s school and treatment in custody, where she said she was subjected to a cavity search, outraged India which claimed she benefited from full diplomatic immunity. US prosecutors disputed this, and filed charges in New York accusing Khobragade of sometimes forcing the Indian maid to work 100-hour weeks, even when sick and often without a day off, for pay as little as $1.22 an hour. Khobragade did obtain diplomatic immunity when last week New Delhi asked Washington to grant her a G1 visa given to diplomats at India’s UN mission, which is also in New York. The row between the two countries, which had embraced each other as strategic partners, saw weeks of feisty exchanges that strained bilateral ties and left resentment on both sides. India has removed extra security barriers at the US embassy in New Delhi, demanded contract details for domestic staff employed by American diplomats and even stopped the mission importing duty-free food and alcohol. On Wednesday, it ordered an embassy leisure centre popular

be static but adjusted as per developments,” he said. He also appreciated ANTRI’s plans to create a non-conventional museum. “Such a museum should not be for tourism or commercial exploitation of artefacts and handicrafts of tribals. Instead, it should encourage the tribals to tell their own stories and through this process help them identify their needs as well as shortcomings. It should empower them to address deficiencies on their own,” he said. The president also said ANTRI should study how tribal practices have evolved over the centuries and how such practices are suited to them and provide relevant inputs for policy-making.

Early puberty in children is worrying for parents

New Delhi, JaNuary 12 (iaNS): Ten-year-old Khyati Khanna (name changed) refused to go to school, decided to stay indoors and shunned her friends and family after “suddenly noticing changes in her body. “She started feeling ashamed of looking older than her age, developing breasts and attaining puberty at a very young age. Irritable, aggressive and extremely temperamental is how I would describe her,” her mother told IANS. “When I asked her, she just told me that none of her friends have reached this stage, so why her. I had no answer,” her mother said. “It is very worrying. I as a mother find it difficult to talk to her,” she added. Experts said Khanna is not

an exception. Increasingly children aged 8 to 10 are attaining puberty early. Medical experts also said that this age group of children shows more aggression, anxiety and mood swings - characteristics indicative of puberty. “Unfortunately, yes. The aggression, anxiety and mood swings which were earlier seen in teenagers are now being seen in children aged 8 to 10,” Adarsh Kohli, professor at the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, (PGIMER), Chandigarh told IANS. He agreed that the age of puberty is decreasing. Sharing details of a study conducted by the institute on 800 children aged between four to 12, Kohli said it was found that early

onset of puberty was seen mainly in children aged 8 to 10. According to Manju Mehta, professor of clinical psychology, department of psychiatry, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), the decrease in the puberty age is cause for worry and parents need to be more understanding. Explaining the role media and television can play in such cases, Mehta said: “There should be television programmes, news items which focus exclusively on children. Parents should ensure children watch such shows which can help inculcate varied hobbies in them.” It is also essential for parents to get involved in their child’s activities, Mehta added. “Parents should invite other children to

their house and organise different kinds of games to play. Not only their child’s friends, but also their parents. The elders should learn and exchange notes on parenting,” she told IANS. Mehta said that in case of any behavioural changes, they should refer to notes or immediately seek help from a professional. Sharing a case study of a seven-year-old girl who reached puberty, developed breasts and was ridiculed and mocked in her class, Mehta said parents need to be extremely supportive. “When their child is going through this stage, which can at times lead to psychological problems, parents need to be understanding,” she said. “It is very important

that parents be supportive and explain to their child that it is a natural process,” said Mehta. Samir Parikh, director, department of mental health and behavioural sciences, Fortis Healthcare, said the nature of exposure children have today is mainly to be blamed. “This phenomenon of a decrease in a child’s mental and physical puberty age is a cause for worry,” said Parikh. “The reason primarily is the early exposure in forms of media and society at large and a change in family dynamics where children have fewer cousins, less exposure to grandparents and the less time that parents have on their hands for their children. All of these factors make an impact,” Parikh told IANS.

with American expatriates in the capital to stop admitting non-diplomatic members, while scheduled visits by US officials to India have been cancelled. In a fresh retaliatory measure late Friday, India asked the United States to withdraw an embassy official in New Delhi. The expelled American diplomat was a “similar rank” to Khobragade and is thought to have helped the family of her maid travel to America where they were granted protection by prosecutors. US prosecutors say the family of the maid were evacuated to the United States because of attempts to intimidate them. In her newspaper interview, Khobragade said she would continue a legal fight to clear her name, including attempting to have her case in New York officially dismissed in a federal court. “I have come to India but my stand still needs to be vindicated. And of course, I have been separated from my family, and I am under immense stress for my children,” Khobragade said. “I spoke to my kids for hours last night, and they are already missing me. The four-year-old asked me, ‘Mommy, when will you be back home’, and I had no answer.”

For 2 polio drops, they must trudge over mountains!

DharamSala, JaNuary 12 (iaNS): Trudging up miles of rugged, snow-covered inhospitable terrain of the trans-Himalayas just to administer two drops of polio to tiny tots in the interiors of Himachal Pradesh is, to put it mildly, a mountainous task. Health officials say their staff will have to traverse at least three days on foot from the road-head to the remotest hamlet in Kangra district for the nationwide-intensified Pulse Polio Immunisation (IPPI) programme Jan 19-21. “For reaching Bara Bhangal, the health staff has to start the journey from Baijnath sometimes three-four days in advance,” Chief Medical Officer Dhruv Gurung told IANS Sunday. The journey for Bara Bhangal, part of the Dhauladhar Wildlife Sanctuary which remains cut off from the rest of the world for over six months due to heavy snow, is 65 km from the last village that is connected by road. Gurung said a team of health workers, not more than two, would leave anytime now for Bara Bhangal. “We are monitoring weather on a day-to-day basis. In the past few days, the entire region experienced heavy snow. If such conditions continue, it won’t be possible to send a team there,” he added. Bara Bhangal has a population of around 400 people and during winter most of them migrate to Bir village in Baijnath tehsil, near Palampur town, some 250 km from state capital Shimla. “As per our estimate, there are one or two children (between the age group of 0-5) still in the village. If the immunization is not possible this month, it will be carried out next month,” the chief medical officer said. On earlier occasions also the teams trekked to the village to administer the polio drops to the small children. Sheep and cattle rearing is the main occupation of the locals who are nomads. Bara Bhangal is accessible on foot through the Thamsar Pass, located at an attitude of 4,700 metres. Last month the state election commission shifted the lone polling booth at Bara Bhangal to Bir, citing administrative reasons for changing the booth.

International rd

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Monday 13 January 2014



Hasina sworn in for 3 time as Bangladesh PM DHAKA, JAnuAry 12 (AP): Sheikh Hasina was sworn in Sunday for her second straight term as Bangladesh’s prime minister and third overall, following one of the most violent elections in the country’s history. Hasina took the oath of office a week after her Awami League party won an election marred by street fighting, low turnout and an opposition boycott that made the results a foregone conclusion. President Abdul Hamid also swore in 29 Cabinet ministers and 19 deputies. The election was one of the deadliest since Bangladesh’s 1971 independence, as an opposition alliance led by former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia, Hasina’s archrival, attempted to derail the vote by calling weeks of strikes and blockades. At least 18 people died in election day violence, and more than 100 polling centers were set on fire. Since last February, at least 300 people have died in political violence. Zia, leader of the opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party, or BNP, was absent from the swearing-in ceremony at the presidential house in the capital, Dhaka. Many Western diplomats

New Bangladesh govermment to complete full term: Awami League

Bangladesh President Abdul Hamid, left, administers the oath to Bangladesh’i Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, right, during her swearing in ceremony in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Sunday, Jan. 12, 2013. Hasina was sworn in Sunday for her second straight term as Bangladesh’s prime minister and third overall, following one of the most violent elections in the country’s history.Hasina took the oath of office a week after her Awami League party won an election marred by street fighting, low turnout and an opposition boycott that made the results a foregone conclusion. (AP Photo)

attended the ceremony despite a call from the United Nations, the United States and the European Union for an inclusive election. The election boycott by Zia’s party means Hasina’s new government will have no strong opposition in

Parliament. The BNP has vowed to continue trying to force Hasina to step down and allow a caretaker government to oversee a new election in which the opposition party would take part. After she was sworn in, Hasina, who also served as

prime minister from 19962001, said she would work to uphold democracy and would not hesitate to take any measures if a consensus was reached. The political gridlock plunges Bangladesh deeper into turmoil and

economic stagnation. The country also is struggling to reinvigorate its $20 billion garment industry, which has been hit by a series of horrifying disasters — including a factory collapse last April that killed more than 1,100 workers.

DHAKA, JAnuAry 12 (PTI): The Awami League today said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s new government in Bangladesh would complete its five-year term, brushing aside speculation that it would be short-lived due to the opposition’s boycott of the violence-marred general election. “Of course, we’re here for five years. You (journalists) please go through the Constitution and then you’ll see what’s there,” Awami League general secretary Syed Ashraful Islam told reporters after the new council of ministers was sworn in at the presidential palace. In an apparent reference to US disappointment over the polls and its call for “fresh inclusive elections”, Islam said Bangladesh was no longer a “bottomless basket case “ as dubbed by former secretary of state Henry Kissinger after its independence in 1971, when the US had sided with the erstwhile West Pakistan. Islam said the next election will be held when “there will be a consensus but the BNP must cut ties with Jamaat-e-Islami and militancy. They’ll have to shun the path of destructive politics, too.” The opposition boycotted the January 5 polls, which it described as a farce, after Hasina rejected demands to step down and form a neutral caretaker regime to oversee the election. The new government takes power amid disappointment expressed by the West over violence during the polls. The US urged the Awami League and Bangladesh Nationalist Party to settle their dis-

putes through dialogue. Hasina, who became premier for the third time since 1996, said her government would carry on and do everything for the benefit of the people while defying pressure from any quarter. “You know well Sheikh Hasina does not bow to any pressure whether it is national or international. This country belongs to its people and in their interest, we will do everything required,” she said after being sworn in. Talking to media on the sidelines of the swearing-in ceremony, US Ambassador Dan Mozena reiterated his country’s call for immediate resumption of dialogue and new polls to be contested by all major parties. “I think the US has spoken very clearly about the election process and it was disappointing because most of the seats were filled without being contested and the others have only token opposition,” Mozena said. Immediately after the polls, India acknowledged the election “as a necessity to fulfil the constitutional obligation” but wanted dialogue between the two major parties to settle disputes in a peaceful manner. Russia endorsed the polls and expressed its readiness to continue its partnership with the new government. The international community, including the UN, had expressed disappointment and questioned the credibility of the polls because of a poor turnout and political violence that claimed over 160 lives in the past few weeks.

Abe leading Japan in dangerous direction: China Bangkok braces as Thai protesters set for shutdown

MoScow, JAn 12 (IAnS) Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s visit to the Yasukuni Shrine and his provocative policies towards neighbouring countries are leading Japan in a very dangerous direction, Chinese Ambassador to Russia Li Hui has said. In an article published by Russia’s Interfax news agency, Li strongly condemned Abe’s Dec 26 visit to the shrine, which honoured Japan’s war dead, including 14 convicted class-A World War II war criminals, reported Xinhua. Abe’s move challenged generally accepted rules and norms, and was “an open provocation against justice in international relations and insolent trampling of mankind’s com-

mon sense,” Li said in the article. The real problem, Li said, was that the Japanese leadership was not ready to correctly evaluate and deeply rethink its past of militarism, aggression and colonialism, nor was it ready to obey the UN Charter and principles and follow a peaceful path. It was a core issue concerning the line between aggression and repulsion, justice and evil, light and darkness, the Chinese diplomat said. In addition, Abe snubbed Japan’s pacifist constitution, facilitated a sharp rise of right-wing forces, and staged a farce about the Diaoyu Islands, he said. “The country has become the largest ‘troublemaker’ in Asia,” Li said. In

the article, Li also mentioned recently released movie “Stalingrad,” saying the popularity of the movie “confirms the two nations’ adherence to justice, their uncompromised moral position, respect to history, and decisiveness to protect the results of World War II,” Li said. China would never accept nor tolerate Japanese militarists’ remarks and actions, which still lacked admission and repentance of the crimes they had committed, Li said. “Japan’s attempt to deny its past as an aggressor, as well as its attempts to revive militarism, must be perceived by all people in the world with disdain and be rejected,” Li concluded.

5 killed in bomb attack targeting Pak politician

PESHAwAr, JAunAry 12 (AFP): A bomb attack on the convoy of a ruling party politician in northwest Pakistan killed five policemen and wounded four others on Sunday, officials said.The incident took place in the Martoong area of Swat valley, which the Taliban controlled from 2007-2009, as the convoy of Amir Muqam, an adviser to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, passed through. “At least five policemen were killed and four others were wounded,” senior police official Abdullah Khan told AFP. The dead and wounded were travelling in the security car that was leading the convoy, he said, adding that police were investigating the precise circumstances of the blast. Another senior police official, Gulzar Khan, confirmed the attack, which was later condemned in a statement by the prime minister’s office. Muqam told AFP that he was safe but distraught over the loss of the men in his security detail. “I thank God for saving my life. I am very sad over

the loss of my people who gave their lives while protecting me,” he said. He said that he was travelling in the area with some 15 vehicles in his convoy as part of campaign efforts for local elections. “This is not the first attack on me. This is the sixth attack, but I will not be deterred from carrying out my political activities,” he added.Later, talking to news channel Geo television Muqam said that he saw the debris of the pilot car and pieces of human flesh falling from it. Muqam did not name who he thought was behind the bombing, but said that “There are people who cannot tolerate the truth and they want to silence the voice of the truth.” In July 2011, a suicide bomber killed six people including a child in Swat valley where Muqam was to address a public meeting. The Pakistani Taliban, other militant affiliates and al-Qaida-linked networks all have strongholds in the country’s northwest, particularly in the semiautonomous areas on the Afghan border.

BAngKoK, JAnuAry 12 (AP): Residents of Thailand’s congested capital are bracing for worse traffic chaos than usual, with anti-government demonstrators planning to occupy major intersections Monday in what they describe as an effort to shut down Bangkok. There is concern that violence may ensue and possibly trigger a military coup. The protesters are trying to force caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra to resign and have her government replaced by a non-elected interim administration to implement reforms they say are needed to stop corruption and money politics. They want to scuttle an early general election called by Yingluck for Feb. 2. Since November, the demonstrators have engaged in street battles with police, cut off water and electricity to national police headquarters, and occupied for a time the compounds of other government agencies. There have been at least eight deaths associated with the political unrest. The protest leaders said last week that the demonstrators would occupy seven key intersections Monday in Bangkok, a city known for its debilitating traffic jams. They’re also threatening to occupy government office compounds. Protest leaders have said they will maintain their “shutdown” of

Anti-government protesters wave clapping tools and blow whistles during a rally at the Democracy Monument in Bangkok, Thailand on Sunday, January 12. (AP Photo)

Bangkok for weeks, or until they obtain their goal. Their recent demonstrations have drawn up to 150,000-200,000 people at their height. The protesters’ attempt to destabilize the country has been assisted by the opposition Democrat Party, which is boycotting the February elections. The main protest leader is a former senior Democrat leader, Suthep Thaugsuban, who served at deputy prime minister in the party’s 20082011 government. The current crisis dates back to 2006, when mass protests calling for then-Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra — Yingluck’s brother — to step down because of alleged

corruption and abuse of power led to a military coup. The protesters claim that billionaire Thaksin continues to manipulate Thai politics though his sister by using his wealth to buy elections. Thaksin, however, commands overwhelming support in Thailand’s less well-off rural areas, where voters are grateful for his populist programs, such as virtually free health care. He and his allies have won every national election since 2001. Concern about a coup is high because of the army’s history of intervening in politics. Army commander Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha has refused to rule out the possibil-

ity of a military takeover.The grass-roots pro-Thaksin Red Shirt movement, closely allied to Yingluck’s Pheu Thai Party, has said it will mobilize its supporters to fight any coup. Most Bangkok residents, however, have more practical concerns. The U.S. Embassy on Friday issued a warning that demonstrations “can result in significant traffic disruptions and delays.”“We advise you to plan ahead,” said the notice, posted on the embassy’s website. “It is prudent to ensure you have a week’s supply of cash, keep your mobile communications devices charged and stock a two-week supply of essential items, such as food, water and medicine.”

Body of Israel’s Ariel Sharon lies in state

JEruSALEM, JAnuAry 12 (AP): Hundreds of Israelis lined up outside Israel’s parliament building on Sunday to pay their last respects to Ariel Sharon, the hard-charging former prime minister and general who died over the weekend. Sharon’s coffin was displayed in a plaza in front of the Knesset, where a stream of visitors passed by to snap photos and say farewell. A funeral service to be attended by dignitaries from around the world, including U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, is scheduled for Monday. The 85-year-old Sharon, one of Israel’s most iconic and controversial figures, died Saturday, eight years after suffering a stroke that left him in a coma. “My heart is broken. Israel lost the King of David. There is no other word to describe this man, they don’t make people like this anymore,” said Uri Rottman, a mourner who said he once served in the military with Sharon. “I feel committed to share the very last moment before they’re going to bury him,” said Eliav Aviram, another former army comrade. Sharon was a farmer-

Israel’s President Shimon Peres lays a wreath next the coffin of late Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon at the Knesset Plaza, Israeli Parliament, in Jerusalem on Sunday, January 12. Sharon, the hard-charging Israeli general and prime minister who was admired and hated for his battlefield exploits and ambitions to reshape the Middle East, died Saturday, eight years after a stroke left him in a coma. (AP Photo)

turned-soldier, a soldierturned-politician, a politicianturned-statesman — a leader known for his exploits on the battlefield, masterminding Israel’s invasion of Lebanon, building Jewish settlements on

war-won land and then, late in life, destroying some that he deemed no longer useful. To his supporters, he was a war hero. To his critics, he was a war criminal. Israeli authorities closed off

streets around the parliament in anticipation of huge crowds Sunday. Visitors were asked to park at lots in and around the city and were brought to the site by special buses. President Shimon Peres and

former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who succeeded Sharon after the 2006 stroke, was among the visitors. Olmert crossed past a roped-off area to stand silently next to the flag-draped coffin. A state memorial is planned Monday at the parliament building. In addition to Biden, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Czech Prime Minister Jiri Rusnok, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and others were expected. Afterward Sharon’s body will be taken by military convey for burial at his ranch in southern Israel. News of Sharon dominated Israeli newspapers and broadcast reports, and Israel’s three main TV stations all broadcast live from the memorial. Radio stations were filled with interviews with former officials and military men who shared stories of Sharon’s exploits. Sharon’s career stretched across much of Israel’s 65-year existence, and his life was closely intertwined with the country’s history. Throughout his life, he was at the center of the most contentious episodes of the IsraeliPalestinian conflict, starting as a young soldier fighting in the

1948 war over Israel’s creation. In the 1950s, he led a commando unit that carried out reprisals for Arab attacks. In 1953, after the slaying of an Israeli woman and her two children, Sharon’s troops blew up more than 40 houses in Qibya, a West Bank village then ruled by Jordan, killing 69 Arabs, most or all of them civilians. Residents in Qibya on Sunday remembered the village’s darkest hour. Qibya resident Hamed Ghethan was just 4 years old when the raid took place. He said he could remember older residents placing their hands over the children’s mouths so they wouldn’t make a sound. “Sharon’s name reminds me of... martyrs from my village,” said Ghethan, 65, as he surveyed the ruins of buildings destroyed in the military action. As one of Israel’s most famous generals, he was known for bold tactics and an occasional refusal to obey orders. Historians credit him with helping turn the tide of the 1973 Mideast war when Arab armies launched a surprise attack on Israel on the solemn fasting day of Yom Kippur, causing heavy Israeli casualties.

Sharon became a minister in Menachem Begin’s government in the late 1970s, and voted against the historic 1979 peace treaty with Egypt. But when it fell to Sharon to remove Jewish settlements from Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, he obediently ordered protesting settlers to be dragged away and their homes bulldozed to rubble. As defense minister in 1982, Sharon launched the invasion of Lebanon, where he became complicit in one of bloodiest incidents of the Lebanese war, when Israeli-allied forces systematically slaughtered hundreds of Palestinians in the Sabra and Chatilla refugee camps in September 1982. An Israeli judicial inquiry found Sharon indirectly responsible for the killings, and he was forced to step down as defense minister. Yet over the years, he gradually rehabilitated himself by holding a number of Cabinet posts. As opposition leader in September 2000, Sharon demonstratively visited a contested Jewish-Muslim holy site in Jerusalem, setting off Palestinian protests that quickly lurched into an armed uprising that ultimately killed hundreds of Palestinians and Israelis.




Monday 13 January 2014

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Atletico hold Barcelona to a draw

MADRID, JANUARY 12 (AP): Atletico Madrid and Barcelona showed the battle for the title would be a long, drawn-out affair after the Spanish co-leaders drew 0-0 in their first league meeting of the season on Saturday. Both teams finished the first half of the season tied on 50 points after an exciting, back-and-forth showdown at Vicente Calderon Stadium yielded no winner. Barcelona was troubled by Atletico pair Diego Costa and Arda Turan throughout, while second-half substitute Lionel Messi enjoyed the visitors' best chances as the Barcelona forward headed wide before forcing goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois into a clutch stop in the 81st. Neymar also came on in the second half for Barcelona but the Brazil striker made little impact as the teams played out their third straight draw following the summer Spanish Super Cup series. "It was like a game of chess," Atletico coach Diego Simeone said. "The game reflected where these two teams are in the standings." Atletico will remain encouraged about winning its first title since 1996 and dislodging the BarcelonaReal Madrid monopoly that has been broken only by Deportivo La Coruna and

55th NASA wrestling meet

KoHIMA, JANUARY 12 (MExN): The 55th Northern Angami Sports Association (NASA) wrestling meet 2014 will take place at Kohima Local Ground from January 29 to 30. MLA Khriehu Liezietsu, advisor New & Renewable Energy, Music Task Force and chairman DPDP Kohima will grace the occasion as the chief guest. Pfuduolhou Kense, treasurer Nagaland Wrestling Association (NWA) will be the guest of honour. This was stated in a release issued by NASA general secretary Khou Metha.

Chakhesang wrestling meet 2014

KoHIMA, JANUARY 12 (MExN): The Chakhesang Wrestling Association (CWA) is conducting its 24th session from February 6 to 7 at Chozuba Town. Minister for PWD (R&B) & parliamentary affairs Kuzholuzo Nienu will grace the occasion as the chief guest while parliamentary secretary for IPR and printing & stationery Er. Kropol Vitsu will be the guest of honour. The Association expressed gratitude to all the donors for Naga style wrestling. 1st Prize Rs. 1,20,000 by Besesayo Kezo IPS, DGP Nagaland; 2nd prize Rs. 80,000 by Er. Dikhrolo Mero, Chief Engineer, PWD(R&B); 3rd Prize Rs. 60,000 by Chizu Kapfo, Director Fisheries and 4th Price Rs Rs.40, 000 by Rothihu Tetseo NPS, SP Kohima. Further, Veluo Shijoh Joint Director SIRD has donated Rs 40,000 towards the championship for men in the National style whereas Vahine Thisa Longchar Deputy Director, Treasuries and Accounts donated Rs. 30,000-towards the Championship for women in the national style. Vesato Dozo Deputy Director SIRD donated Rs. 30,000 towards the association of purchase of track suits. The Association comprises five areas and each area is entitled to send 12 representatives to participate in the Naga style during the session. Selections of players from different areas are in progress. Formers champions and prominent players shall be the match officials of the meet. This was stated in a press release issued by CWA president Thepusayi Nienu.

DUBAI, JANUARY 12 (AFP): Sri Lanka produced a professional performance to register their biggest victory over Pakistan by nine wickets in the second Test in Dubai, taking a 1-0 lead in the three-match series. Paceman Suranga Lakmal took all three wickets to fall on the fifth morning to finish with a career-best 4-78 to wrap up Pakistan's second innings for 359 before Sri Lanka knocked off the meager 137-run target for one wicket. In achieveing the victory, Sri Lanka also defied the cloudy weather in Dubai and rain forecast for later Sunday. Opener Dimuth Karunaratne (62 not out) hit the winning runs after putting on 124 for the first wicket with Kaushal Silva who fell after scoring 58. Kumar Sangakkara remained unbeaten on nine. Pakistan's lowest defended target was 127 achieved against New Zealand at Hamilton in 1993, when they dismissed their opponents for 93 but Sri Lanka ensured the good work was not lost. Sri Lanka had previously beaten Pakistan by eight wickets on two occasions in 45 Tests between the two nations. In a surprise move Pakistan opened the bowling with off-spinner Mohammad Hafeez but both openers played with authority.

Silva hit five boundaries before trapped leg-before by Saeed Ajmal. Karunaratne hit eight boundaries off 125 balls. Ajmal was once again ineffective, having now taken five wickets in two matches. Pakistan will be desperate to level the series in the third Test starting in Sharjah from Thursday to avoid their first-ever series defeat in United Arab Emirates, their adopted base for cricket since 2010 because of security fears back home. The first Test ended in a draw in Abu Dhabi. Earlier, Pakistan failed to prolong their resistance of the fourth day as they lost three wickets in the space of just 29 runs. Lakmal removed Sarfraz Ahmed in the fourth over of the day, bringing one in sharply to beat the Pakistani's forward defensive push and hit the off-stump. Sarfraz scored 74, batting for 211 minutes and hitting seven boundaries in a fighting innings that took the game to the final day. Lakmal then had Rahat Ali caught behind for eight, for Prasanna Jayawardene's ninth catch in the match. Prasanna equalled Sri Lanka's record of nine catches by a wicketkeeper in a match set twice in successive Tests by Amal Silva against India at home in 1985.

AUBURN HILLS, JANUARY 12 (AP): Josh Smith made a driving, left-handed bank shot with 1.2 seconds left to give the Detroit Pistons a 110-108 win over the Phoenix Suns on Saturday, while the Houston Rockets came back to down Washington. Smith was involved in a few big plays in the final half-minute — both good and bad. His 3-pointer as the shot clock expired put Detroit ahead 108-105 with 26.8 seconds left. Then he fouled Gerald Green while the Phoenix guard was shooting a 3-pointer. Green made all three free throws to tie it with 4.3 seconds remaining. Smith took the ensuing inbounds pass near the top of the key, drove to the right and then switched hands, making a tough shot while being tightly defended by Channing Frye. Green's shot at the buzzer from in front of the Detroit bench missed badly. Smith finished with 25 points, and Brandon Jennings had eight points, 18 assists — an NBA high this season — and eight rebounds for Detroit. Greg Monroe added 20 points and 12 rebounds. Frye led Phoenix with 21 points. Houston built a 25-point lead, lost all of it, then rallied from five down late in the fourth quarter to defeat the Washington Capi- Phoenix Suns guard Gerald Green (14) goes up to dunk in front of Detroit Pistons forward tals 114-107 in a game twice Josh Smith, right, during the first half of an NBA basketball game, Saturday, Jan. 11, 2014, delayed by leaks in the roof. in Auburn Hills, Mich. (AP Photo)

Long after the stoppages of 35 and 22 minutes because the leaks, James Hardin leveled the game with a driving layup with 2:33 to play, then gave the Rockets the lead again — this time for good — with a three-point play with 1:54 remaining. He finished with 25 points for the Rockets, who made only four field goals in the final period yet closed with a 17-5 run. John Wall led Washington's comeback and finished with 23 points and 10 assists, Trevor Ariza had 23 points and 14 rebounds, and Kevin Seraphin — another catalyst in Washington's surge — had all of his season-high 18 points in the second half. Portland's LaMarcus Aldridge had 21 points and 13 rebounds to help the Trail Blazers hand the Boston Celtics their eighth straight loss 112-104. The Trail Blazers rallied from a 10-point second-quarter deficit. Wesley Matthews scored 18 points and Nicolas Batum had 16. Damian Lillard and Robin Lopez each had 15 points. Lopez also had 13 rebounds. The win kept Portland tied for first place with Oklahoma City in the Northwest Division. Avery Bradley led Boston with 25 points. At Dallas, Dirk Nowitzki scored a season-high 40 points as the Mavericks recovered from a cold start to beat the New Orleans Pelicans 110-97.

Barcelona's Lionel Messi from Argentina, left, takes a free kick as, from left to right, Atletico's,Tiago, Diego Costa, Gabi, and David Villa defend during a Spanish La Liga soccer match between Atletico de Madrid and FC Barcelona at the Vicente Calderon stadium in Madrid, Spain, Saturday, Jan. 11. (AP Photo)

Valencia since. Real Madrid travels to Espanyol on Sunday knowing a victory will move it to within three points of the leaders. While Barcelona counted on its squad of regulars, Atletico's lineup was relatively unchanged down to

Simeone's all-black suit and jacket. The hosts started more brightly as Turan's short cross along the goalline was headed just over for the game's opening chance four minutes in. The physical Diego Costa forced goalkeeper Victor

MDCA tourney Day 10 highlights

MoKoKcHUNg, JANUARY 12 (MExN): Day 10 of the MDCA Inter Club Cricket Tournament witnessed two of the most dramatic games of the tourney. In the biggest upset of the day, underdogs Bachelor CC defeated one of the tournament’s favourites, Team Bendangsunep, by 1 wicket in a last ball thriller. Team Bendangsunep won the toss and elected to bat first. They were playing with a second string of players as most of their players are playing in other tournaments elsewhere. They could put up only 118 runs for 8 wickets in 20 overs with Temjen scoring 34 not out and Yanger contributing 24 runs. Jungshi of Bachelors took 3/11 in 4 overs. Bachelors moved past the target in the last ball of the match, with Purna and Deven scoring 14 and 10 runs respectively to help their team cross the line. I.Akum and Atuba of Team Bendangsunep finished with two wickets each in their kitty. With Bachelors pulling off a surprise upset today, they have opened up the chances for themselves to qualify for the next stage. They will move on to the knock-out stages if they beat defending champions Brotherhood in their last league match scheduled for Tuesday. It may be recalled that Brotherhood are already out of the tournament after losing their first two matches. Jungshi

of Bachelors was named the Man of the Match for taking 3 wickets and scoring 12 vital runs. In the second match played between Rolling Ball CC and Ebullient CC, which turned out to be a low scoring game on a lazy Sunday afternoon, the former won the match by 7 wickets in just 5.4 overs. They were chasing the target of a paltry 45 runs. Earlier, Ebullient after winning the toss decided to bat first but could not play any of the Rolling Ball's bowlers. They could score only 44 runs losing all their wickets in just 10.5 overs. Only Supongsashi (10) and Alemtemsu (13) managed to get to double figures as five of their batsmen got out for naught. Lipoksunep maintained a figure of 3/3 in his 4 overs which also included 3 maidens over. Senti and Tiaakum also took 4/26 in 4 overs and 2/4 in 2 overs respectively. Lipoksunep of Rolling Ball CC was named the Man of the Match for his brilliant blowing performance. With this win, Rolling Ball CC will be hoping that Skylark will lose their last match against Ebullient on Tuesday in order to find themselves going through to the Quarter Finals with the help of their superior Net Run Rate aggregate. Monday's Matches: 8:00 am - Titans vs Zero Boys 12:00 noon - Sovran Kings vs Musketeer

relenting opponent. They don't leave any open space in their area and it's very difficult to expose them," Barcelona midfielder Xavi Hernandez said. "We just couldn't create enough chances on goal. It was a very intense game." Tension was building as the action moved endto-end in the hard-fought, energetic match with Simeone warned by the referee to cool down just before the break. Andres Iniesta hurt his left knee and gave way to Messi to start the second half but it was Diego Costa who continued to prowl Barcelona's goal only to shoot wide in the 59th. Messi perhaps showed some rust from a twomonth injury layoff when he headed Jordi Alba's cross wide from the penalty spot at the other end. Alba and Daniel Alves made little impact in attack as the Barcelona fullbacks were cut off by Atletico's strikers. Atletico looked set to break through in the 79th but Turan volleyed a looping ball straight at Valdes, moments before Courtois denied Messi's hard-taken shot from the left. "I don't know what will happen between now and the last 19 rounds but I expect Atletico to stay in the fight," Barcelona coach Gerardo Martino said.

Sri Lanka thrash Pakistan by 9 wickets

Valdes into a save before awkward positioning kept him scoring from a headedon corner in the 28th. Barcelona braved Atletico's early surge and its choking pressure up the field with its passing game, with Pedro Rodriguez

heading over goal in the 33rd before Courtois saved Gerard Pique's long, low shot. With Cesc Fabregas playing as a "false 9" Barcelona had trouble breaking through in attack. "We expected a very strong, disciplined, and un-

Smith's bank shot lifts Pistons over Suns 110-108

Ronaldo set to top Messi as world's best player Graham Dunbar AP Sports Writer

Cristiano Ronaldo. (AP Photo)

Cristiano Ronaldo is heavily favored to end Lionel Messi's fouryear reign as the world's best player at the FIFA Ballon d'Or gala on Monday. Ronaldo's prolific tally of 69 goals for Real Madrid and Portugal seems likely to earn his second FIFA award after finishing runner-up three times in Messi's dominating era. Franck Ribery is the third candidate, but the Bayern Munich and France winger needs to score a major upset to add the FIFA accolade to UEFA's Best Player in Europe award which he collected in August. A Ronaldo victory is expected because of FIFA's announcement after the World Cup playoffs in November to extend the voting deadline by two weeks. That brought his inspiring performance and hat-trick for Portugal in Stockholm, completing a 4-2 aggregate win to eliminate Zlatan Ibrahimvic and Sweden, into the calculations. "I did my job as I have been doing all season," Ronaldo said following the match. "Every year I show

what I'm about. I've scored 40 or 50 goals a season and that's not enough for everyone." Messi, who got 45 goals for Barcelona and Argentina, was unable to further his case after already being ruled out of action for by a third injury in 2013. FIFA also allowed the voting college — national team captains and coaches, plus one journalist, from each of world football's 209 member countries — to change preferences and submit new ballot papers. Voters were invited to select their top three choices from a 23-man shortlist provided by FIFA and France Football magazine. The adjustment prompted speculation FIFA was seeking to counter speculation in Spain and Portugal that the governing body and its president Sepp Blatter was biased toward Messi and Barcelona. That long-held conspiracy theory was further fueled in October when Blatter was filmed telling a student audience in Oxford, England, that he did indeed prefer Messi's more modest personality and that Ronaldo was too concerned about his hairstyle. Blatter's subsequent mimicry of Ronaldo having a "commander

on the field" stature only seemed to stoke the player's anger and raise the level of his game even higher in the following weeks. Last week, Ronaldo confirmed he would attend the ceremony in Zurich, ending speculation he would snub FIFA and Blatter in retaliation. Ronaldo's all-round excellence, variety and quality of goals have made him a worthy front-runner to add to his 2008 award, which was a reward for helping Manchester United win the Champions League. His former boss at Old Trafford, Alex Ferguson, is also nominated for the coaching award after going into retirement with another Premier League title. Jupp Heynckes, who also retired last May, is favored to win after leading Bayern to a treble of Champions League, Bundesliga and German cup titles. Jurgen Klopp, whose Borussia Dortmund side was beaten by Bayern in the Champions League final, completes the shortlist. The finalists for the women's world player award are last year's winner Abby Wambach of the United States, five-time

winner Marta of Brazil and Germany goalkeeper Nadine Angerer, the current European player of the year. Two more Germans who won European titles are competing to be named best coach in women's football: Silvia Neid is the national team coach and Ralf Kellermann guided Wolfsburg to the Champions League title. Sweden coach Pia Sundhage, who won last year for her Olympic success with the United States, is the third candidate. Ibrahimovic could get some compensation with the Puskas Award for most beautiful goal in the 12-month qualifying period, for his long-range bicycle kick for Sweden against England in a friendly in November 2012. Neymar's goal for Brazil against Japan in the Confederations Cup and Nemanja Matic's strike for Benfica vs. Porto in the Portuguese league complete the shortlist. Fans can vote online until Monday evening. A World XI team has been selected by players in a poll organized by the FIFPro group of unions worldwide. FIFA will also make a presidential award decided by Blatter and a prize rewarding fair play.


The Morung Express C M Y K


racing at all and that's going to be a real struggle for him," a source said. "Christian is obsessed with racing foreign bikes, but he adores Sibi and hates seeing her so worked up over what happened to Paul. As tough as it is for him, Christian is going to quit racing for her. She rules their household with an iron fist, and his attitude is, she's the boss," the source added.

he dazzling diamond sparkler on her left hand was a pretty big clue in itself. Pamela Anderson sped things along by announcing her remarriage to ex-husband Rick Salomon as she arrived to Sean Penn's Help Haiti Gala at The Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills on Saturday. The bombshell news threw the spotlight on the 46-year-old former Baywatch star as she posed in a clingy, low-cut pink dress that no curve unseen. Pamela wore a huge rock on her finger that proved it - what looked to be a very large diamond on a platinum band studded with smaller diamonds. 'Yes,' Pamela replied when E! News asked if she and Salomon were again husband and wife. 'We're very happy,' the actress added. 'Our families are very happy and that's all that matters.' The PETA supporter revealed on The Ellen

newspaper editors clear up false Mae Young death reports



he ring queen, a pioneer for women in the male-dominated sport, is seriously ill and has been in hospice care in South Carolina since last month (Dec13), but


egendary bhajan singer Juthika Roy, who enthralled the likes of Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru with her enchanting voice, is undergoing treatment at a city hospital for agerelated ailments. The 92-year-old singer is admitted to the city's Ramakrishna Mission Seva Pratisthan. "She was admitted earlier in the month with breathing and other problems. Her condition is bet-

columnist Mike Mooneyham claimed she had been taken off LIFE support and passed away on Thursday (09Jan14). The news was picked up by various media outlets, prompting wres-

The unbreakable ring queen Mae Young tling promoter Dixie Carter and fighter Samoa Joe to pay tribute online, but now the reporter has apologized for the misinformation. A statement released by newspaper bosses later on

Thursday reads "The Post and Courier incorrectly reported today that legendary women's pro wrestling star Mae Young had died at the age of 90. That report is incorrect. Young has been

Show in October that she had rekindled her relationship with Rick, to whom she was wed from 2007 to 2008. 'I say we’re best friends with benefits,' Pamela is how she then clarified her relationship with the film producer. 'I don’t want to meet anyone else.' Pamela's first marriage to Salomon occurred on October 7, 2007 in a quickie Las Vegas ceremony at The Mirage.

gravely ill. "The source who told The Post and Courier that she had died had incorrect information. Mae is gravely ill, but still alive. The Post and Courier regrets the error".


aul Walker's death in late 2013 has left many of the actor's planned projects with the unexpected and very difficult task of reevaluating the future. In the case of Universal's "Fast and Furious 7," the studio has found a way to incorporate Walker's character into the film, with an eye to retire him from the franchise. But other films will need to recast Walker entirely, such as Fox's "Agent 47," which now looks to star "Homeland" actor Rupert Friend. Likewise, Relativity's planned Nicholas Sparks

adaptation, "The Best of Me," is set to recast the Walker role. The Hollywood Reporter states that "X-Men" and "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues" actor James Marsden has an offer to take on the late Walker's part in the film, and is currently "just beginning negotiations" for the job. Sparks' "The Best of Me" centers on Amanda Collier and Dawson Cole, highschool sweethearts who went their separate ways after graduation. Twentyfive years later, Amanda and Dawson return to their hometown for the funeral

Legendary bhajan JB Gill releasing new single singer Juthika Roy in hospital F Juthika R Padmshre oy with Indira G an e Award F unction in dhi at 1972.

Sen, who is getting visitors of the likes of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, Roy continues to battle for her life away from the limelight. Roy, who immortalized bhajans like "Ghunghat ka pat khol" and "Pag ghungharu bandh Meera nachi" was conferred the Padma Shri in 1972. Mentored by Kazi Nazrul Islam and noted music director Kamal Dasgupta, Roy was requested by none other than the country's

first prime minister Nehru to continue singing on the radio as he unfurled the Tricolor on India's first Independence Day. "The prime minister had sent in a request that I was to keep singing till he reached Red Fort and hoisted the Tricolour. I went back to the AIR station... sang some seven-eight songs," the legendary singer recalled in an interview.

obviously basked in the attention. The mother-of-two was a shapely sight in her tight-fitting pink dress that resembled a long T-shirt with its intricate design. Pamela's short blonde do was teased this way and that way with styling gel, which gave her an edgy look. Her blue eyes were smothered in black shadow and liner which provided a dazzling special effect.

Paul Walker's 'Best Of Me' Role Offered To James Marsden

ormer JLS singer Jonathan Benjamin Gill is planning to release a new single as he looks to launch a solo career now the boy band have split up. The singer is set to be the first member of the group to launch a solo career as he teams with house music DJ Charlie Hedges for an electro song called `Best Night Of My Life`, reported a popular website. "Charlie approached me last year saying she had an idea for a

ter although she has developed some infections," her sister-in-law Arati Roy told IANS Sunday. "She has developed urinary tract infection... she has also grown weak. Doctors have been taking special care of her and her condition is better now," a hospital spokesperson said. Even as the city and West Bengal is on the tenterhooks following the hospitalization of legendary Bengali actress Suchitra

Two months later, the couple separated and in February, 2008 Pamela filed for an annulment citing fraud. Pamela's also had an on-andoff relationship with her exhusband Tommy Lee, the father of her sons Brandon, 16, and Dylan, 15. 'It’s recycling,' Pamela shared with Ellen. 'No, I’m very happy. We’re happy. He's a great guy.' Mrs. Salomon appeared solo at the charity bash and


Before his tragic death, the 'Fast and Furious' actor was set to star in Relativity's adaptation of the Nicholas Sparks novel.

Editors at a South Carolina newspaper have issued a retraction after publishing a premature report suggesting female wrestler Mae Young had died.

“Young has been gravely ill”



13 January 2014

Wife wants Christian Bale Pamela Anderson reveals T to quit bike racing ctor Christian Bale's wife has asked him to quit bike racing following the death of Paul Walker. Walker died in a car accident in November 2013, and Bale's wife Sibi Blazic, with whom he has an eightyear-old daughter Emmaline, feels he should quit his dangerous hobby, reports "Since Paul's death, she's totally freaked out. Sibi doesn't want Christian



of the man who supported their high-school romance. As the two are drawn back together, and drawn deeper into circumstances surrounding their mentor's death, Amanda and Dawson learn that their past was not all that it seemed. Before his death, Walker was in line to play Dawson. "Mission: Impossible 3" and "True Detective" actress Michelle Monaghan remains contracted for the role of Amanda. "One Fine Day" and "The Last Station" director Michael Hoffman is set to direct the Sparks adaptation, currently without a release date.


house track and wanted a commercial spin of it. I said I`d love to write that for her - I recorded the vocals. It`s totally different from what I`ve done before musically," Gill said. It may mean his plans for a reality show based on a deer farm is on hold as he continues to focus on music. The singer, who has recently set up the farm in Scotland, said he would love to appear on TV with his girlfriend Chloe Tangney.



18 C M Y K









Aaron Finch stars in Australia's win

Australia's Aaron Finch celebrates making 100 runs against England during their One Day International cricket match, Sunday, Jan. 12 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Melbourne, Australia. (AP Photo)

MELBOURNE, JANUARY 12 (AFP): A superb century from opener Aaron Finch helped Australia to a comprehensive six-wicket win over England in the first one-day international at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Sunday. After being dropped by Gary Ballance when he was on just eight, Finch continued to blast 121 runs from 128 balls as Australia won with 4.2 overs to spare. Finch rode his luck early in his innings but quickly seized control, racing to 50 from just 47 balls and outpacing opening partner Da-

vid Warner. Finch and Warner put on 163 for the opening wicket but not without some controversy. Warner was given a reprieve by the television umpire when he was on 22 despite the Australian opener accepting that a low catch claimed by wicketkeeper Jos Buttler had carried. Warner, who had walked to the boundary, was recalled to the middle and went on to make 65. He was eventually dismissed holing out to Ed Stokes on the boundary off part-time spinner Joe Root, and when Chris Jor-

Bill Gates most admired in world, Sachin 5th: Poll


LONDON, JANUARY 12 (PTI): Microsoft founder Bill Gates has been named as the most admired person on the planet with cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar fifth on a list of 30 people compiled after a poll in 13 countries, including India. The "World's most admired people poll" was conducted by YouGov for Times by surveying almost 14,000 people in Great Britain, France, Germany, Russia, the US, Australia, Pakistan, Indonesia, India, China, Egypt, Nigeria and Brazil. There were four Indians in the top ten and seven overall in the list of 30 most-admired people. Sachin, 40, was fifth with six other Indians featuring in the list- BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi (7th), Bollywood icon Amitabh Bachchan (9th), former President Abdul Kalam (10th), social activist Anna Hazare (14th), Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal (18th) and business tycoon Ratan Tata (30th). Gates, 58, the co-founder of Microsoft and a billionaire philanthropist, earned more admiration than US President Barack

Obama who was second, Russian President Vladimir Putin (3rd), Pope Francis (4th) and Chinese President Xi Jinping (6th) to claim the title. Some interesting choices in the list of 30 were Pope Francis, the Dalai Lama (13th), American business magnate Warren Buffet (8th), Queen Elizabeth (17th) and Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie (19th). Surprisingly, there were just six women on the list of most admired people with queen highest ranked among them. Other women to make it to the list were Jolie, US talk show host Oprah Winfrey (20th), German Chancellor Angela Merkel (26th), former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton (27th) and Chinese contemporary folk singer Peng Liyuan (28th). Sportsmen featured highly in the affections of many across the world. After Tendulkar it was Argentina footballer Lionel Messi who was 15th followed by US basketball player Michael Jordon (21) and Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo (22). Pakistani cricketer-turned politician Imran Khan was 12th on the list. No Briton featured in the world's top ten mostadmired people. Stephen Hawking was placed highest, at 16th. Separate lists of the poll in different countries was also given by YouGov. In the poll in India, as expected, Tendulkar topped the list but interestingly it was Obama who came in second followed by Modi, Gates and Bachchan.

dan bowled Shane Watson for a duck two runs later England had a slim hope of pegging Australia back. But Finch and captain Michael Clarke (43) quickly took the game away from England with a 72-run partnership, which ended when Finch sliced a Stokes delivery to Ballance at third man. Earlier, a patient 79 from Ballance and a whirlwind 50 from Eoin Morgan helped England to post what had looked like a competitive total. Ballance, who came to the crease when England were struggling at 22-2, held the innings together before accelerating towards the end when quick runs were needed. He shared in an 83-run partnership with Morgan, who blasted his 20th ODI half-century off just 47 balls with five fours and a towering six. England had earlier won the toss, with skipper Alastair Cook having no hesitation in batting first on a flat MCG wicket. But Cook's miserable tour of Australia continued when he fell for four, edging Clint McKay to wicketkeeper Brad Haddin. McKay struck again to remove the equally out of form Root, who was trapped in front leg before for three with the score on 22. Ian Bell (41) tried to launch a rescue mission, hitting two fours and a six off Glenn Maxwell, but with the score on 62-2 he went for another heave over midwicket and was clean bowled by left arm spinner Xavier Doherty for 41. That wicket brought Morgan to the crease and the Irishman played superbly, showing a confidence missing from the English Test players over the Ashes series. Some big hitting late in the innings from Buttler (34) and Tim Bresnan (16) allowed England to reach a defendable total, but it was not enough against the rampant Australian batting line-up.

AustrAliAn Open 2014

Will Maria or Victoria stop Serena? MELBOURNE, JANUARY 12 (XINHUA): World No.1 Serena Williams went 78-4 and won 11 titles in 2013. She also beat Maria Sharapova and Victoria Azarenka back-to-back last week to win in Brisbane without dropping a single set. The oldest player to ever rank No.1 is clearly still the favorite in this year's Australian Open. And according to her coach Patrick Mouratoglou, Williams can win all 2014 Grand Slams. The Frenchman believes that the 32-yearold is capable of pulling off a clean sweep in 2014, which has not been achieved after Steffi Graf managed it in 1988. "She has beaten all the top players many times, so you can aim that high," said Mouratoglou. Williams will match former world No. 1s Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova by winning an 18th Grand Slam title to open her 2014. The problem is who will stop the American from her sixth title in Melbourne Park? Williams will start her campaign against host wildcard Ashleigh Barty and would also likely go through No.31 seed Daniela Hantuchova, then No.14 Ana Ivanovic or No.17 Sam Stosur, and possibly No.7 Sara Errani in quarterfinals. No.4 seed and last year's runner-up Li Na of China will be Williams's biggest barricade before the final. Li heads the second quarter, joined by No.6 seed Petra Kvitova, No.9 Angelique Kerber of Germany and unseeded former No.1 Venus Williams. Li started 2013 with

Maria Sharapova of Russia goes through exercises as she warms up for a practice session ahead of the Australian Open tennis championship in Melbourne Australia, Sunday, Jan. 12. (AP Photo)

setting up against Azarenka in the Melbourne final before rolling her left ankle twice but ended the year at a career-high No.3 following her runner-up finish to Williams at the season-

ending WTA Championships. The Chinese started the year with victory at the Shenzhen Open to approach the Australian Open in good form. The bottom half will be

ManU lifts gloom with win over Swansea

Manchester United's Adnan Januzaj, centre right, fights for the ball against Swansea City's Leon Britton during their English Premier League soccer match at Old Trafford Stadium, Manchester, England, Saturday Jan. 11. (AP Photo)

MANCHESTER, JANUARY 12 (AP): Manchester United lifted the gloom around Old Trafford by beating Swansea 2-0 in the English Premier League on Saturday, ending a threematch losing run that pushed the champions to the brink of a crisis. The relief was clear inside the iconic stadium after Antonio Valencia and Danny Welbeck scored second-half goals to revive a season that was in danger of derailing under new manager David Moyes. The win, inspired by another great display by 18-year-old winger Adnan

Januzaj, not only keeps seventh-place United in touch with the top six but will go some way to restoring confidence after a chastening start to 2014 that saw the team defeated three times in six days. "I'd like to think that we're going to improve a lot more," Moyes said, "but you've got to start somewhere." Valencia swept home the first goal from close range less than two minutes after the break, before Welbeck glanced in a deft finish in the 59th for his sixth goal in his last six league games. Not since 1961 — the year the Berlin Wall was built — had United lost four

straight games but that was the ignominy staring at England's biggest club after being defeated by Tottenham in the league, Swansea in the FA Cup third round and then Sunderland in the League Cup semifinals on Tuesday. Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie were missing for the third game in a row for United because of injury while another big name was absent from the stands — former manager Alex Ferguson. The presence of Ferguson at both home and away games this season has been regarded by some as putting extra pressure on Moyes and his stuttering team,

all about 2008 champion Maria Sharapova and twotime defending champion Victoria Azarenka of Belarus. Sharapova, who has been to eight Grand Slam finals, was disappoint-

ing in 2013 due to her shoulder problem. She lost in the second round at Wimbledon, dropped out of the U.S. Open and won no other match the rest of the year, but still finished 37-7 and is ranked No.3 into the Australian Open. The Russian opens a ga i n s t A m e r i c a n Bethanie Mattek-Sands, who was struggling with injury entering Melbourne. After that Sharapova's likely path of opponents would be Karin Knapp of Italy, No.25 Alize Cornet, No.20 Dominika Cibulkova, and either former No. 1 Jelena Jankoivc or No.11 Simona Halep of Romania in quarterfinals. Azarenka defended the Australian Open, reached the final of U.S. Open, finished No.2 for 2013 and could be the only threat to Williams. The Belarusssian starts against Swedish Johanna Larsson, with a road to semifinals likely including Hsieh Su-Wei, No.27 seeded Jamie Hampton, No.13 Sloane Stephens or No.19 Svetlana Kuznetsova, and then No.5 seed Agnieszka Radwanska in quarterfinals. Only injury, illness or misfortune can stop Williams netting her sixth Australian Open crown as the 32-year-old holds a decisive mental and physical edge over her two supposed closest challengers. She lead Azarenka 14-3 head-tohead, 15-2 in a 10- year unbeaten run against Sharapova, and 10-1 against Li Na. "I'm happy I was able to play both Maria and Victoria because they brought their A games against me," said Williams.

but the Scot was reportedly in Barbados on a family vacation. He will return from the Caribbean with United in a better state of health. For 45 minutes, it was another ordinary performance from Ferguson's old side, which — it should be remembered — cantered to the league title by 11 points last season. It enhanced the feeling that finishing in the Champions League places may yet be beyond the class of 201314. They weren't short of chances in the first half, though, with the excellent Januzaj whipping an 11thminute free kick against the bar among the best of them. Starting out playing in the "No. 10" role, Januzaj moved to the left wing for the second half and wreaked havoc at times. "He's been a revelation," said United midfielder Darren Fletcher, another of the team's best performers who blazed over when well positioned before halftime. At the start of the second half, Januzaj's cross was inadvertently flicked to the back post by Chico Flores, on early as a substitute, into the path of Shinji Kagawa, whose header was parried away by goalkeeper Gerhard Tremmel. Valencia swept the rebound in at the near post and relief spread around Old Trafford. Relief turned to joy in the 59th when Welbeck produced a neat flick to turn home a scuffed shot from Patrice Evra, another example of how the England striker is developing as a finisher.

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