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By Sandemo Ngullie

Tuesday, november 12, 2013 12 pages Rs. 4

When you forgive, you in no way change the past - but you sure do change the future

70% voting recorded in Naxalaffected areas


Miley Cyrus smokes a joint at MTV EMAs

Student’s participation encouraged in conserving water [ PAGE 02]

Philippine typhoon survivors appeal for help [ PAGE 09]

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‘Miracle Baby’ born in the midst of despair ...

MCA honours Sachin Tendulkar

–Bernard Meltzer

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Redefine concept of ‘development’ Indian President says there should be no clash between environment considerations and development requirement

You wanna play football here? You are in the wrong place!

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TVC, STH condemns DImaPUr, november 11 (mexn): The Thilixu Village Council, while condemning the reported rape of a minor by her father has clarified that the accused is not a permanent resident of the village. A press note from L Khevishe Sema, Chairman TVC appealed for law enforcing agencies to nab the absconding culprit and award punishment. It further assured full support and cooperation to any organization and administration for the speedy solution of the case. Meanwhile, STH, Thilixu Village, has severely condemned what it termed as, the “heinous crime of the highest magnitude unknown to our society, a father committing a rape on his daughter.” In a press note from its General Secretary, the STH, Thilixu, stated that the father, a temporary resident of Thilixu Village, has since been absconding. It further urged the public to help and extend cooperation to the police in their investigation to track and arrest the accused.

new-born baby Bea Joy is held as mother Emily Ortega, 21, rests after giving birth at an improvised clinic at Tacloban airport on november 11 in Tacloban city, Leyte province in central Philippines. Bea Joy was named after her grandmother Beatrice, who was missing following the onslaught of typhoon Haiyan. Ortega was in an evacuation center when the storm surge hit and flooded the city. She had to swim to survive before finding safety at the airport. (AP Photo)

“Extortion” alleged at Weight Bridge

bokaJan, november 11 (mexn): The Bokajan Truck Owners Union has written to the SDO, Civil, Bokajan Civil Sub Division expressing concern over one M/S Pragoti Weight Bridge situated at Khatkati, adjacent to Bokajan - Wokha Road. The letter appended by the President and General Secretary of the BTOU alleged that the aforementioned weight bridge, which was commissioned and opened to the

public recently is “involved in illegal extortion from ongoing goods laden trucks.” The letter alleged that on November 10, at around 7:30 pm, “the people of M/S Pragoti Weight Bridge came out in a mob numbering 20 to 25 youths and started to stop goods laden trucks bound for Nagaland and Manipur.” It further said that the youths had “high powered torch lights and lathis.” The letter stated that one PSO of Assam Police equipped with

AR recovers arms and ammunition C M Y K

koHIma, november 11 (mexn): Personnel of 21 Assam Rifles based on specific information carried out a search operation in a safe house in South Point (west) of Zunheboto town and recovered two AK 56 Assault Rifles and a huge quantity of ammunition. This was informed in a press note from the PRO, Assam Rifles.

“anti people, illegal extortion work.” It therefore urged the SDO to investigate the matter and the persons involved. The BTOA also called for the arrest of all guilty persons under the law of the land “for committing extortions, intimidation to our drivers with the help of PSO of Assam Police and stop operation of M/S Pragoti Weight Bridge until and unless they agree to operate as other weight bridges operating in the locality.”

steps were not taken immediately. “There is a need to make our children aware of the nexus between problems like unchecked population growth and energy crisis, depletion of natural resources, pollution of the environment and so on,” the President said. Prez: Have vision for India as knowledge power in 10 years President Pranab Mukherjee today emphasised the need for greater research and innovation in the education system and shared a vision for India becoming a knowledge power in the coming decade where everyone has access to quality learning. “My vision is that India should become a knowledge power in the coming decade where every Indian is literate and has access to affordable, quality education,” he said. Inaugurating the National Education Day celebrations here and the 40th Jawaharlal Nehru National Science, Mathematics and Environment exhibition, he said innovation in science and technology could lead to development of new products and processes which could act as catalysts for growth. “Therefore research and innovation need to play a vital role in our education system. “Further, our drive towards education should

benefit those at the bottom of the socio-economic pyramid,” he said. Although several initiatives have been launched to raise the quality of education, “much more needs to be done” towards that end, Mukherjee stressed. There is a need to promote a culture of excellence and provide quality education for all with a special focus on marginalised and disadvantaged groups. “The thrust should also be on inclusive education with expansion, equity and excellence in education across all levels,” he said, adding that there is also a need to lay special emphasis on female literacy as well as on the synergy between literacy and skill development. “We must also focus on technology-enabled learning in all institutions across the country and empower the faculty and students to harness technology for improving the quality of education,” he said. He stressed that it was important to inculcate science and mathematics among students as these were powerful tools for investigating and understanding the problems facing the world. Noting that innovation would determine the factor of growth in the future, he said India has dedicated the period 2010-20 as the decade of innovation and science.

ENSF begins phase 2 agitation Young people are powerful catalysts of change

ENSUK extends support to ENSF ultimatum

NSCN (IM) clarifies

DImaPUr, november 11 (mexn): The NSCN (IM) today clarified regarding a news item of a father sexually assaulting his daughter. The NSCN (IM) though its MIP said that the accused, Lhoughoto Chishi “is not yet appointed in any post of the NSCN/GPRN.” The MIP said that “he has defected from NSCN (K) and joined main stream on June 13,” and “kept under observation period since then and not as published in the media.” The note further informed all local dailies to “point out a particular political group in any matter and not keep the public in a state of confusion in any matter in the near future.”

arms accompanied the mob. The letter informed that the PSO, along with one maroon colored Bolero chased the goods laden trucks and compelled the drivers to turn their vehicles towards the weight bridge. It further stated that thereafter, all the trucks were “forcibly weighed” and the drivers were charged from Rs 700 to Rs 1500. The DTOA asserted in the letter that the aforementioned incident was

GanGtok, november 11 (PtI): President Pranab Mukherjee today underlined the need to redefine the concept of development so that there is no clash between environmental considerations and developmental requirements. “The country is facing a clash between conservation of resources for future needs and the job of fulfilling basic necessities of the ever-increasing population,” Mukherjee said. “It is high time we redefine the concept of development in a wider perspective. There should be no confrontation between environment considerations and development requirements,” he said. The President was speaking after inaugurating the 40th Jawaharlal Nehru National Science, Mathematics and Environment Exhibition for Children at Saramsa in east Sikkim district. He said the exhibition was organised on the occasion of National Education Day today to commemorate the 125th birth anniversary of the first Education Minister of India, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. Noting that the population of the world had crossed seven billion and India accounted for about one-sixth of it, he said the problem could be compounded further by poverty, hunger, malnutrition and illiteracy, if appropriate

DEO office at Tuensang locked by ENSF on November 11.

tUenSanG, november 11(mexn): The Eastern Naga Students Union kicked off day 1 of its Phase 2 agitation on November 11 in all the four eastern districts of Nagaland. In Tuensang, the agitation saw ENSF closing down the District Education Officer’s office and the Sub Divisional Education Officer’s office. The closure is reported to be indefinite. A meeting was scheduled to be held with CM Chang, Minister for Education in Tuensang at 1:00 pm. However, the Minister failed to attend the meeting. Sources informed that the Minister did not make it to the meeting as he could not get a helicopter ticket to travel to Tuensang. Day two of the agitation is scheduled to take place on November 12. ENSF informed that no government vehicles would be allowed to ply within the 4 districts on day 2 of phase 2 of the agitation. Represen-

tatives of ENSF from other districts gathered in Tuensang and held a meeting till the evening. It may be noted that Phase 1 of the agitation began on November 5 due to the Nagaland government’s failure to fulfill ENSF’s demands. Meanwhile, the Eastern Naga Students Union Kohima has affirmed that it “will and shall fully support the ultimatum served by the Eastern Naga Students’ Federation to the State Government in regard of failing to comply with its demand.” A press note from the President and General Secretary of the ENSUK stated that Union is dismayed at the “Government’s attitude towards the Federation.” It lamented that despite several assurances, the State Government has failed to implement its commitments in practice. It added that the government has been “neglecting the Eastern Nagas in the deliver-

ance of equal justice.” The ENSUK said that the Government has been giving “stepmotherly treatments for the past many decades.” It cautioned the Government to “stop such treatment” and urged upon it to intervene and solve at the earliest the demands made by the ENSF. ENSUK demanded the full implementation of theNiathu Resort Meeting, the two point memorandum submitted to the Commissioner & Secretary School Education and SCERT, regular implementation of MDM and Anganwadi, fresh and open recruitment of DEF Personal exclusively for six Eastern Tribes of Nagaland, and to cancel the Government-order for conversion and transfer of eight coys of NAP Battalion from 1st NAP to 8th NAP personnel into DEF Staff. Stating that the ENSUK will not remain silent by mere written assurances to the federation, it added that the union “shall immediately support the Federation and dwell on, till its demands are fully implemented in practical at the earliest.” The ENSUK said that in case of failure to address the aforementioned issues, it would, under the banner of the ENSF and as its subordinate body/unit “be compelled to resort to extreme manner, for which the Government shall shoulder the role responsibility.”

Mission Love commemorates World Orphans’ Day

Morung Express news Dimapur | November 11

Nine months ago, 22-yearold Zedino Seyie had a vision. Today, this was executed in the form of 720 children from 19 orphanages in Nagaland coming together to commemorate the World Orphans’ Day 2013 at the Town Baptist Church here. All day, together they sang, played, prayed, painted, danced and listened to talks. Together they supported each other with the mission to spread love. It is the first time Nagaland has observed the World Orphans’ Day—the first orphanage in Nagaland was set up 31 years ago, in 1972. An initiative of a group of young people, under the banner ‘Mission Love,’ today’s event aimed to “break barriers” and spread love in innovative and inspiring ways— to “enable” children displaced by circumstance to “live their dream.” From 7.30 am, the children participated in various group activities, interactive sessions and talks led by Robert Longkumer, Director, Kids Worship Centre, Rozelle Mero, MD, The People’s Channel, Bambi Kevichüsa, Designer and Sedeleü Peseyie, Principal, Greenwood Higher Secondary School. “Today, the cost of inaction is greater than the cost of action. As young people,

Khuzama’s Eden Garden orphanage performed the welcome song for the World Orphans’ Day’s Children’s Gala at Town Baptish Church in Dimapur. (Morung Photo)

we can be powerful catalysts of change,” said Seyie in her keynote address to the congregation of children, their orphanage mentors and others who came to watch the children perform at the Children’s Gala held in the afternoon. “Mission Love is the enabler of orphanages to bring forth their needs and hardships to the people and create awareness that charity does not stop at cash and kind. It involves devoting time to the children, interacting with them and sincerely upholding them in prayers.” Surely, the children are being upheld in many prayers as elicited in the performances put up by each of the orphanages. Ranging from ages two to 18, the little ones looked cute and confounded on stage, the older more confident—their performances said to the audience that “I can make it,” a phrase from the song ‘I can be a hero,’

written and composed by Tali Angh, sung by him with a choir of children, dedicated today to the children of Nagaland who are born with “difficult histories” but who have had the opportunity to be taken under the care of one of the 19 orphanages in the State. “The first orphanage in Nagaland was started to provide food and shelter— today much more than that, namely quality education, is required at these homes if the children there are to compete with others,” said N.T. Kikon, MD of WondongKi, an all-girls orphanage, on behalf of all the orphanage proprietors. “The main objective of homes is to transform the lives of the children and provide them with a future,” he stated, adding the importance of remembering child rights, the juvenile justice act and the role of the government in the holistic upbringing

of children who have been orphaned. Kikon reminded that “let us be careful while protecting children” so as to avoid child labour, abuse and trafficking, and additionally appealed to the Government of Nagaland to make proper policies that cover the cost of education of orphaned children, as well as provide them with a quota in government services. Today’s program also heard from K.K. Sema, sharing his experiences and advice on how to provide better facilities to children. The Nagaland Motorcycle Club vroomed in later to boost the morale and mind, as well as make contributions. The program was hosted by Rozelle Mero, with an invocation from Pastor Vilodi Sakhrie, ‘There are no orphans’ performed by Imtisenla and Aren, a special prayer by Mrs. Jenny and benediction by Amenla Imsong.






Tuesday 12 November 2013

The Morung Express C

Student’s participation encouraged in conserving water

WokhA, november 11 (mexn): In commemoration of the ‘Year of Water Conservation’, the Department of Soil & Water Conservation, Government of Nagaland organised a day out programme to Doyang Hydro Project on November 9 with student participants from various colleges in and around Kohima and Wokha. Soil & Water Conservation, Director, R. Nangshi Jamir in a press release stated that altogether sixty students actively took part in the programme. The aim of the programme was to sensitize and create awareness on water related issues among the students and to encourage the participating students to conserve and use water judiciously. Besides, visits to Water Reservoir at Doyang, the participants were also exposed to various wa-

servation, minimizing and ensuring equitable distribution of water resources both across and within the

State through integrated water resources development and management. He enlightened the students

that despite the State receiving very high rainfall, the problem of adequate drinking water continues to trouble the State, which is a serious concern. Therefore, water, which is precious, needs to be conserved scientifically and in a more technical manner. He dwelled on the contamination of streams and rivers by waste and soil erosion caused by human carelessness, which not only affects the aquatic life but also human and animal life as well. He appealed to the students to be conscious of this and make a resolute stand to protect our streams and rivers by sensitizing one another on the issue of water conservation and its judicious use to make the region a water rich State with a cleaner environment that will sustain the society and the economy.

WokhA, november 11 (mexn): Coinciding with post harvest Tokhu Emong celebration, ATMA Wokha in association with KVK organised farm information dissemination and farmers fair on November 7 at local ground Wokha. ATMA Wokha PD, Dr. Mhonchan Shitiri in a press release said that Deputy Commissioner, Vyasan R inaugurated the fair and Yansathung, Chairman, Lotha Hoho speaking on the occasion expressed his appreciation to ATMA and participating farmers for their participation and making the festival grand. ATMA and KVK jointly displayed farm information

through printed leaflets, placards, posters, tools and implements and were distributed to the farmers. Seven SHGs/CIGs displayed their produce and sold to the public on support price. About a thousand including some foreigners visited the fair. In another programme, ATMA in collaboration with KVK organised orientation for re-visited BTT members and supporting staff at Likya community hall on November 8. Dr. Mhonchan PD highlighting the programme said that the nicety of ATMA lies in its convergence and diversification and encouraged the extension personnel to work cohesively for the bet-

terment of the farming community. Liben Y Enei, District Sericulture Officer, Lidemo, SDO soil and Dr. Nchumbeni Humtsoe, AFI delivered short speeches. In the orientation session, Mhalo SMS spoke on communication skill for extension personnel & farm school concept, Yanglen DPD on organisational set up of ATMA & role of BTT members, Zuthunglo on cafeteria of activities and Subenthung DPD on farmer friends and convergence. Earlier, Khyothungo BTM chaired the programme, Sorenthung BTM welcomed the participants and Jessica PA pronounced the vote of thanks.

Officials from Soil & Water Conservation along with students and others during the day out programme to Doyang Hydro Project on November 9.

ter conservation measures and structures developed by the department. While, interacting with

the participating students, Imkongmar, Jt. Director (S&WC) and Team Leader visualized on water con-

KVK Kohima exposure tour Thousands visit Wokha farmer’s fair to CPRS Shillong concludes


Capacity building on life skills at Tsg

tuensAng, november 11 (DIPr): to coping skills on emotion, stress and

Trainees from Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Kohima during the exposure trip to Central Potato Re- Capacity building of youth on life skills was Conflict resolution which are significantly search Station, Shillong. conducted at Yimchunger Baptist Church important for the youth today.



kohImA, november 11 (mexn): Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) Kohima organized an exposure tour to Central Potato Research Station (CPRS), Shillong from November 6 to 8, which was sponsored by National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development (NABARD) Regional Office, Dimapur. KVK, Kohima SMS (Agri

National legal services day observed at Jalukie

JALukIe, november 11 (DIPr): A Legal literacy Awareness cum National Legal services day organised by People Education Network Jalukie was conducted at PEN Hall Jalukie Town on November 9. The programme chaired by Secretary DLSA Ajongba Imchen said that the main concept behind the programme was to provide Legal assistance to those who are from poor economic back ground to enable them to arrange their own legal defences. Welcome speech was delivered by chairperson PEN Ahum Zeliang, the significance of the day was delivered by Panel Lawyer Limasenla. Principal city college Dimapur, P. Leonard Aier who was the Resource person spoke on Part III of the constitution of Indian emphasising on the fundamental rights Article 20, to 23.He also stressed on the importance of Law. P a n e l L a w y e r, Asungba also spoke on” R.T.I. while Miss Esther Aye panel Lawyer spoke on” the protection of women from Domestic violence Act. And dwelt on Physical and sexual Abuse, emotional abuse, economic abuse, marriage Act 1872, special marriage Act 1954 etc. The programme was attended by the Public, students NGOs and church workers.

Ext) Longma Yanger in a press release stated that eighteen participants of different farmers club and SHGs that are promoted by KVK Kohima and supported by NABARD were identified for the programme. The team visited CPRS, where the participants acquired in depth knowledge about potato disease management and its storage prac-

tices, tissue culture propagated nursery polyhouse and also the sophisticate aerophonic (soilless technique) polyhouse were potato plant were cultured for tuber seed production. This is the first aeroponic polyhouse in the whole of North East India. Later the team also visited Cheerapunjee, Seven Sister Water Fall, Eco-park, Lady Hyderi Park, Wards Lake.

Child Hall, Tuensang from November 6 to 8. This is one the programmes where NYK, Nagaland will be conducting few life skill programme for the youth in all districts. Capacity training focuses to help young people translate knowledge, develop appropriate attitudes, behaviour and inculcate values that would help them acquire the ability to reduce exposure to specific risk factors and augment protective factors. The training imparted would help in the instillation of responsible behaviour towards improved lifestyle. Life Skills training was done with special reference

The topics dealt during the training sessions were Personality development, What is Life Skills, Self-Awareness and Empathy building skills, Decision Making and Problem Solving skills, Creative Thinking and Critical Thinking skills, Effective Communication and Interpersonal Relationships skills coping with emotion and stress and confliction management skills. The resource persons who animated the training programme were John Makhabo, DYC, NYK, Kohima and Chanchem NYC and Chongshen NYC, Tuensang.

Health mela covers Buranamsang area LongLeng, november 11 (mexn): The District Health Society, Longleng conducted health mela for Buranamsang area at Shetap Village on November 8 covering six villages namely, Yonglok, Namhaching Ngetchongching, Aboiche, Shemyuching and Buranamsang. The medical team was led by Dr. Kongyan Dy.CMO, Dr. Imtiwabang Aier DPO (RCH/UIP), Dr. Lanuchuba DTO (RNTCP), Dr. Thungbemo (NVBDCP), Dr. Supongmeren Gynaecologist District Hospital, Dr. Sentilong

MO (MMU), Dr Takusunep IMDH Mokokchung, nurses and paramedical staffs. Altogether, 382 patients availed the free health services and basic free medicines were provided. Other services such as copper T insertionFour, 9ANC, Immunization, lab services such as HIV test, Malaria and RNTCP were performed. Free IEC materials such as posters, leaflets and pamphlets were distributed and IPC sessions were conducted with the help of ASHA, BPM and Media officer.

Villagers availing health mela conducted by District Health Society, Longleng on November 8.

BHSS celebrates 17th Parents’ Day

DImAPur, november 11 (mexn): Bethesda Higher Secondary School, Walford, Dimapur celebrated the 17th parents’ day at the new school campus on November 11. The one-day mega event of the institution was graced by CM Chang, Minister, School Education as chief guest. The chief guest in his address to the parents expressed happiness for being with the students and parents once again. Quoting the Bible verse ‘The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom’, Chang said that it used to be the guiding principle and adhere to it from his very studenthood. Citing the theme of the parents’ day ‘Together We Mould,’ Chang highlighted the need of cooperation among the parents, teachers and the management of the school.

MEx File

Ahuna Festival celebration on Nov 14


AghunAto, november 11 (DIPr): Ahuna festival the post harvest of Sumi Naga Ahuna festival would be celebrated on November 14, at local ground Lotisa (Old) with Treasury Officer Aghunato, Ghokhevi Chophi as the chief guest. The programme will be chaired by Khetovi Chishi and invocation for God’s blessing by Pastor Vikhashe. Welcome speech will be delivered by Lutoi Chishi Atto Kukau and opening song will be presented by Deaconess. Highlights of cultural session would include Amikukla; Totimi and Kiptimi aphilo kuwo; Ayekuzu leh. Vote of thanks by Kughashi Women Pastor and The organisers has invited all the near by villages and well wishers at the celebration of Ahuna festival.

Meeting held to review Job mela

DImAPur, november 11 (DIPr): A meeting was held on November 11, at Agri Expo site Dimapur to review the progress of the upcoming “Job Oriented Skill Development Mela”. The meeting chaired by Commissioner & Secretary, Employment & Craftsmen Training Department Y. Kikon, was attended by Director, Employment & Craftsmen Training, Nagaland Muthingnyuba Sangtam, Addl. Director, Employment & Craftsmen Training, Y. Vandanshan Lotha, representatives from Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), Youthnet, Officers from Agri Department, Industrial Training Institutes & Employment Exchanges. A detailed review was carried out and the officials visited the stalls and earmarked each stalls for allotment to the participating companies / Training Providers. The officials also reviewed the electricity and water supply at the site. It was also decided to have a final review on November 16.

NGEPA West Bengal donates for ‘Naga Gate’

DImAPur, november 11 (mexn): The Nagaland Government Employees Pensioners’ Association (NGEPA) West Bengal in its 16th annual general meeting held on September 27 resolved to share the occasion of 50th Anniversary of Nagaland Statehood celebration with the People of Nagaland through donation of Rs.40,000 (Rupees Forty thousand) towards construction of the magnificent ‘Naga Gate’ as a mark of solidarity. NGEPA West Bengal Secretary, Kamal Sinha in a press release said that accordingly, a demand draft of the cash in favour of Home Commissioner, Government of Nagaland has been sent and the Nagaland Government has already accepted this donation


Seminar on ICPS held

mokokchung, november 11 (DIPr): With the increasing cases and incident of trafficking specially of children has become a matter of serious concern in our State. A sensitisation programme on Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS) on what the State Child Protection Society (SCPS) is doing to combat it and how we as conscious citizen can, fight against it was held at Longkumer Kilem Mokokchung on November 8. The programme was organised by District Child Protection Office. During the programme resource person Asula Imsong (PONIC) Mokokchung and Renchumi Imti, Programme Manager. Sara, SCPS presented power point presentation on ‘Child right and protection and “legal adoption and trafficking” respectively. The programme was attended by representative from Village Council, Watsu Mungdang, AKM, OKM and Ward Chairmen.

SKK platinum jubilee planning board meet held


kohImA, november 11 (mexn): The 1st platinum jubilee planning board meeting of All Sumi Students’ Union (SKK) was held recent ly at the Conference Hall of Western Sumi Hoho office building. The meeting resolved that there will be a yearlong celebration and culmination conferences from January 28 till February 1, 2015 at Zunheboto town. Zhevihe Sumi, former president SKK will be the secretary of planning board and the incumbent president will be an exofficio member secretary of the board. There will be a gathering at Imulomi village in the month of January 2014 for laying of the monolith. In commemoration of 75 years jubilee celebration, jubilee memorial hall will be constructed at SKK office building, Zunheboto, a release received here said.

Tobu SDPDB meeting on Nov 19

tobu, november 11 (DIPr): ADC Tobu, Akup Thangsing has informed that SDPDB Tobu meeting for the month of November 2013 will be held on November 19 at 11 a.m. at the ADC Conference Hall. All the head of offices had been requested to attend the meeting positively, failing which stern action would be initiated.

Winners of youth parliament competition

kohImA, november 11 (mexn): The state level youth parliament and parliamentary quiz competition was successfully held on November 8 last at ATI Imagine Hall, Kohima. A good number of students from eight districts namely Kohima, Kiphire, Zunheboto, Peren, Dimapur, Mokokchung, Wokha and Phek joined the competition. Peren district emerged 1st position in parliamentary quiz competition while Kiphire district and Zunheboto district stood second and third position respectively. In youth parliament competition, Kayisoni Lerena representing Kohima district bagged 1st position while Vekuosielie of Peren district and Meribeni of Mokokchung district stood second and third position prize respectively. It may be recalled that minister for roads & bridges and parliamentary affairs Kuzholuzo (Azo) Nienu graced the occasion as the chief guest.

Workshop on Comet ISON Students presenting a song during the 17th parents’ day of Bethesda Higher Secondary School, Walford on November 11.

Appreciating the cooperation given by the parents, he also asked them to be alert, ensure regular attendance of their children in the school, and guide the children at home too. Only

teachers who have knowledge at the mastery level can produce meaningful citizen tomorrow. Earlier, the programme was initiated with invocation and welcome address

by Rev. Moses Muny, Chairman followed by recitation of school report by Pouhe of Class-5. Rev. Moses The Highlights of the day-long celebration included variety of songs, dances,

skits, choreographies and cultural dances. The programme concluded with vote of thanks by Principal and benediction by Pastor Waiposong, Bethesda Fellowship.

kohImA, november 11 (mexn): The Directorate of Science & Technology, Nagaland in collaboration with Vigyan Prasar, DST, GoI is organizing a two day workshop on Comet ISON from November 21 to 22 at the Directorate of Science & Technology, New Secretariat Complex, Kohima. In this regard, all the District Education Officers have been requested to arrange and depute three high school teachers, preferably mathematics and science teachers, to attend the workshop positively.



The Morung express


12 November 2013

Tripura tribals' party agitates for separate state

aGarTala, November 11 (IaNS): A tribal political party in Tripura Monday began a 72-hour hunger-strike demanding a separate state following the central government decision to create Telangana. "After the 72-hour hunger-strike, our leaders and members will go to New Delhi to launch an indefinite hunger strike there, starting Dec 10," Budhu

Debbarma, vice president of the Indigenous People's Front of Tripura's (IPFT), told reporters. Debbarma said the party wants the central government to create a separate state out of Tripura by upgrading the Tribal Autonomous District Council (TADC). Several hundred tribal men and women Monday took part in the hunger strike. The IPFT organised

a rally here Aug 23 and submitted a memorandum to Governor Devanand Konwar in support of their demand. The TADC, which has been playing a key role in the socio-economic development of tribals, has jurisdiction over two-thirds of Tripura's geographical area of 10,491.69 sq km. It was set up in 1985. Tribals constitute a third of Tripura's 3.7 million people.

The IPFT, which first raised the demand for a separate state many years ago, has so far failed to garner support even from within the indigenous people. IPFT leaders have accused the Left Front government of creating the TADC -- a "lame-duck institution" -- having no real powers to ensure the development of the backward indigenous people.

"The fundamental problems of the people have not been solved. Tribals continue to lose their lands. Even the state of Kokborok language of the indigenous tribal people is miserable," Debbarma said. He said the tribals were once a majority in Tripura and have been living in the state for more than 5,000 years, but their situation is now precarious. The ruling

Communist Party of IndiaMarxist (CPI-M), the main opposition Congress and its electoral ally Indigenous Nationalist Party of Tripura -- also a tribal-based party -- have strongly opposed the statehood demand. "A small state like Tripura cannot be divided further. They are merely trying to regain relevance in the state politics by raising such an impracti-

cal demand," said CPI-M spokesman and senior party leader Gautam Das. Congress leader Tapas Dey also said Tripura is one of the smallest states in India and cannot be divided further. "The socio-economic condition of tribals can be upgraded without forming a new state and if there is a political will of the rulers and tribals extends supports," he added.



Congrees leader gets three-month jail

India-Bangladesh Passport to be discontinued from November 15

We must be united in protecting our rights: ANSAM

KolKaTa, November 11 (pTI): The India-Bangladesh Passport (IBP) will be discontinued with effect from November 15 this year. "Pursuant to the signing of the Revised Travel Arrangements (RTA) between India and Bangladesh signed on January 28, 2013, it has been decided by the Ministry of External Affairs to discontinue issuance of IBP with effect from November 15, 2013," Passport Granting Officer (Administration) under Regional Passport Office here said in a release today. IBP was introduced as a special travel document in August, 1972 to facilitate travel between India and Bangladesh only. Over the years the Centre delegated powers to state governments of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura and West Bengal to issue IBPs. In order to implement the RTA between the two countries and to phase out issuance of the IBP, the following course of action has been approved by the Centre for implementation, the release said, adding IBPs already issued would remain valid till the expiry of their duration.

ImpHal, November 11 (NNN): The All Naga Students Association, Manipur (ANSAM) has stated that the government of Manipur notification that recruitment of 898 posts of chowkidar-cum-peon on contract basis for schools under the six Autonomous District Councils (ADCs) in the hills should be subjected to the 200 point rooster of the reservation policy of the government of Manipur. According to the Naga student body, the local self

governance system for the tribals is the district councils just as the Panchayati Raj institution is for the valley and the non tribals. ANSAM said assembly constituencies in the tribal areas are reserved only for tribals. "There is no 200 point rooster here. The Outer Manipur parliamentary constituency is reserved for tribals, although marginalised non tribals under 8 assembly constituencies have been included in it.

The Manipur Land Revenue and Land Reform Act, 1960 is not applicable to the tribal areas. The distinction between and separateness of the tribals and the Manipuris (Meiteis) have always been there even as the government of Manipur and the communal forces that influences its decisions have persistently tried to assimilate and subsume the tribals under the definition of 'Manipur' and 'Manipuri' to deprive the tribals of their

due rights," ANSAM stated. It then said all schools under the district councils are village schools. “Preference has been recognised for inhabitants of the village where the school is established. There are no non tribal inhabitants in the tribal villages except for few temporary outsider residents. The question of 200 point rooster does not arise at all except in the stretched imagination of the communal government of Manipur. The 898

posts are for the tribals alone,” ANSAM stated. "The tribals in the state must be aware that manipulations, interpretations and skilful deceits are the tools of the government of Manipur with which they suck away opportunities and benefits that is due to the tribals. We must be united in protecting our rights and our future by vigilantly opposing further deprivation of our people," the Naga student body added.

aGarTala, November 11 (IaNS): A court in Tripura Monday awarded three months' imprisonment to senior Congress leader and former minister Birajit Sinha for violating the arms act in a doublemurder case that rocked the state July 20, 2004. Sinha is a sitting Congress legislator since 1988 and a former member of the All India Congress Committee. "The district and sessions judge of northern Tripura's Unokoti district, Gautam Debnath pronounced the judgment in a packed court (in Kailashahar), sentencing three months' jail and a fine of Rs.1,000 to Sinha on arms act involving killing of two people," public prosecutor Pradip Deb told reporters. On July 20, 2004, during a by-poll of gram panchayat, a major clash and firing occurred between opposition Congress and ruling CPI-M (Communist Party of India-Marxist) supporters at Babur Bazar area in northern Tripura. In the firing, two people -- a CPI-M activist Abdul Hannan and Sinha's personal security guard Nikhil Deb -- were killed. Sinha, who was a panchayat and rural development minister during the Congree-led alliance government (1988-1993) and former president of Tripura Congress party, was carrying a licensed pistol that day. "Sinha was accused of carrying additional quantities of cartridges of his pistol than the stipulated numbers. Return firing was also done from his pistol," the public prosecutor said. The court also awarded two and a half years' sentence and a fine of Rs.2,000 to slain CPI-M activist Abdul Hannan's father Abdul Rahman, 70, for inciting the mob that day. However, both the parties told the reporters they would move the higher court against the district court judgment.

SHIlloNG, November 11 (NNN): Registering fresh agitation over apathy of the Meghalaya government to implement the Inner Line Permit (ILP) in the state, the conglomerate of pro-ILP activists have intensified their agitation by calling for road blockade in the State on two nights on November 12 and November 15. The night road blockade would be effective from 8 pm till 5 am of the following day on those two days. “We have decided to intensify our fresh agitation since the state government

continues to remain an apathy condition to our demand for implementation of ILP in the state,” said L.K Sawkmie, general secretary of RBYF central body under the banner of 15 organizations that stand united in demanding for the implementation of ILP in the state. While urging the people to continue their support to the ongoing agitation of the NGOs, Sawkmie said that they would continue with their ‘struggle’ till the Government fulfills their demand. “We remain firm on our stand that the only solution

for checking the problem of unabated influx and illegal immigrant that needs to be implementing ILP as preventive tools to protect illegal influx. We can no longer be mere spectators while the local indigenous people are being inundated by the people from outside,” Sawkmie said. Rejecting the Mukul Sangma government's offer to have the ‘Regulation of Landlord & Tenancy Verification Bill 2013’ as a legislative measure to address and enforce regulations to contain influx and illegal

immigration, instead of the Inner Line Permit (ILP) system, the civil society bodies have been enforce been agitating in phase wise. Khasi Students Union (KSU), FKJGP, HNYF, Garo Students Union (GSU), JSSU, CSWO, KWWADA, ADE and RBYF have been spearheading the demand for the Inner Line Permit in Meghalaya. These ongoing series of agitations have begun after the break-down of the August 29 meeting between the Mukul Sangma government and the NGOs in Shillong.

The civil society organisations said the Mukul Sangma government decision to implement the proposed ‘Regulation of Landlords and Tenants Verification Bill’ is against to wish of the people of the state. The state cabinet had earlier approved the draft Regulation of Landlords and Tenants Verification Bill. These civil bodies said instead of implementing the ILP, the government is buying time to introduce an Act which will only suit the need and requirement of the landlord and also

protect the outsiders who come to the state and stay as tenants. The NGOs instead feel that the Government should implement the ILP, a strong law that has teeth to ensure that influx and illegal immigrations are checked and prevented. With regard to the allegation of toppling the Sangma led coalition government, they said the ten NGOs have no interest in playing politics or to topple the Mukul led government like what the chief minister had earlier alleged.

Northeast Briefs

Crude bomb found, 3 schools set ablaze in Goalpara district of Assam Goalpara, November 11 (pTI): Three schools were set ablaze and a crude bomb was recovered as violence continued today in protest against the holding of Rabha Hasong Autonomous Council (RHAC) polls in Goalpara district. A crude bomb, kept inside a plastic packet, was recovered from near a wall of a public ground in Dudhnoi town, police said. Unidentified persons also set ablaze three schools in Krishnai area of the town with two schools totally damaged and another partially. A powerful bomb was recovered on National Highway 37 near New Dudhnoi area yesterday and four bombs were recovered from the railway tracks between Dudhnoi and Krishnai on November 8.

Arunachal district faces food crisis

ITaNaGar, November 11 (pTI): Kurung Kumey district of Arunachal Pradesh is facing a food crisis with no stock of rice in the sub-depot at Ziro of the Food Corporation of India, an official said today. Non-availability of rice in the sub-depot since October 20 last has created a visible food crisis in Kurung Kumey district, District Food and Civil Supply Officer Nabam Tagum said. The people of the district are solely dependent on public distribution system (PDS) rice, he said. "If the situation persists for another five or six days, the district administration will be unable to control it and the government staff may be Mahouts ride on elephants carrying fodder at the Kaziranga National Park, about 250 kilometer (156 miles) east of Guwahati, Assam. (AP Photo/Anupam Nath) compelled to move out of the district," Tagum said.

42,613 salaried employees in Mizoram

aIZaWl, November 11 (NNN): In Mizoram there are as many as 42,613 salaried employees out of which 37,514 employees are drawing salary from non-plan and around 5099 employees are under plan money. According to Finance Department report, the amount of government employees’ salary calculated from plan money during the period 2012 – 2013 has accounted to 12.20% (percent) of the state budget and that of the ensuing period 2013 – 2014 is estimated at 12.38 % from the total plan size of Rs. 2300 crore. Among the various departments under Government of Mizoram, Home department has the largest number of employee with 11826 workers, while Parliamentary Affairs Department has the least number of employments with a meager 9 employees. Besides the Home Department, other departments that have larger number of employee are School Education department and Health & Family Welfare department. Among the departments with least employees include the department of DP&AR and DM&R.

Fresh agitation over ILP issue in Meghalaya

‘Journey for Change’

First district level lengvei (otrei) competition held

Marshall Shongjanwo Shimray Ukhrul | November 11

The district level Lengvei (Otrei) Kaphung was held officially November 10 at Teinem Village, Waiham Junction organized by Journeys for change (JFC) under the theme; “Retrospection of our Unique Cultural Heritage”. This historical event is being organized after a gap of 4 decade. The event was being graced by Teinem Headman WS Ngamchuipei,

Secretary Wungnaoyo. The headman propelled the JFC for the various activities being taken up and the effort to preserve cultural uniqueness in particular. Various organizations, officials, NGOs, TKS, UDHQAU/TSL took part in this historical event. “Our culture, tradition are subject to change as they are passed down the generation such our culture, traditions, folk tales, histories should be preserved as a valued aspect of our development and as a

link to our past, as a pointer to our future. Such preservation is never a waste” stated Marshall Shongjanwo Shimrayy, members of JFC. Teinem Headman WS Wungchipei blessed the JFC, Associate unit from Ukhrul Headquarter and the villagers for the active participants. Before the commencement of Lengvei, the villager prepared various food items including Rice Beer followed by offering food to God of their understanding.

JFC president, SW Wungnaoshung thanked the host village for their hospitality, active cooperation and the participants for their willingness to support. The president went on to say that JFC is an un aided forum to acquire intellectual empowerment through exchange of idea for the betterment of self and society. He added it is an activity to promote, social awareness and participation. He further thanked all well wishers who encouraged and helped financially. He appreciated the district administrator (DC) Shailesh Kumar Chaurashia and YS Praising for the contribution of prize donor. He further appealed for all concerned office, individual, officials to contribute for the interest of people and welfare of the society. Chuimeichui W. Shimray (Machuinao) s/o Rakhalem W. Shimray 28 year of Teinem village (carry 27 tin, 370 Kg approximately) was declared man of the match.

Community radio stations to be set up across Assam

GuWaHaTI, November 11 (pTI): Assam government will set up Community Radio Stations (CRS) across the state with Department of Information and Public Relations (IPRD) being the funding agency of the project. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed here today with the Krishna Kanta Handiqui State Open University (KKHSOU) which will be the implementing agency of the project. Minister of State for Information and Public Relations, Basanta Das said on the occasion that the CRS will go a long way in addressing the issues faced by the various communities of the state. “We will also focus on educational programmes and training programmes for the unemployed youth in these localities. Moreover, we will also promote the folk culture of these communities”, he added. Director of Information and Public Relations Ranjit Gogoi said the proposal for theprojectwasreflectedinthe budget speech of the Finance Minister for the financial year 2011-2012. The government

has approved the proposal for implementing the CRS in a phased manner with five districts to be covered in the first phase of which Lakhimpur and Tezpur will be covered in 2013-14, he added.


Regd.No: 6184/13 Date: 15/10/13 Before marriage my name and title was HOZHELI CHOPHY whereas after getting married, my title has been changed to HOZHELI CHISHI.


Regd.No: 2956/13

Date: 17/10/13

I, ROSANA CHOPHY (Maiden name of Wife) would henceforth be known as ROSANA BENDANG (name of wife after marriage) by virtue of our marriage.

THE VINEYARD SCHOOL KOHIMA, NAGALAND ADVERTISEMENT Applications are invited from graduates for teaching Maths, Science and English for Middle and High School section. Interested candidates may apply with complete resume and documents on or before November 25, 2013. Sd/Headmistress

HOLLOTOLI SCHOOL C.B.S.E. AFFILIATION NO. 1430012 DIMAPUR – 797 116 [NAGALAND] : 03862 – 234175, FAX: 03862 – 234171 Email:,

ADMISSION FOR THE ACADEMIC SESSION 2013-2014 • Registration opens for NURSERY (LKG) for the Session 2014-2015. • Registration Forms can be obtained from the School office on all working days from 13th of November 2013. • Last date of registration is 30th November 2013. • Interview will be on 7th December 2013.


The Morung Express 4 public discoursE INCLUSIVE QUALITY EDUCATION What is Model United Nations Dimapur


12 November 2013


he quest for quality in every human endeavour is what drives human civilization into a higher level of excellence and this in turn enables it to sustain itself in the new milieu that time creates. No civilization can sustain itself or progress into the next higher stage without having educational system as its backbone. Coming to the present Indian context, every governmental agency related to education are trying to create and maintain quality in the field of education which is highly commendable. In relation to this, the mandate of the National Accreditation and Assessment Council (NAAC) based in Bangalore, which is an autonomous body established by University Grants Commission of India, to assess and maintain quality in Higher Education. While analysing all the parameters prescribed by NAAC for the Higher Educational Institutions (HEI) to achieve and maintain quality education, each one of them is no less important than the other but what is observed is that one parameter which I feel is left out is the student – teacher ratio to be maintained in the classroom. Quality in the real sense of the term cannot be achieved if the proportionate ratio between the teacher and the student is not maintained. The span of attention that a teacher possesses is limited to a specified number of students. In some HEI in our state, what is found is an unrealistic student – teacher ratio.

In other words to expect quality lecture to be imparted and imbibed by all students, a class room of 150 – 200 students is unbelievable. Coming back to my main point, the effort of NAAC is no doubt directed towards the higher education sector, as such there is something amiss in their goal to achieve and maintain quality, particularly with regard to our state. In other words, the creation and maintenance of quality should always start from the foundation stage, that is, the primary stage of education should be the starting point of the creation of quality. To expect quality in the last or middle stage of any process is not practical. If the state policy directed towards achieving quality in the elementary level is not feasible at the moment, then the focus should start from the high school level of formal education. It is imperative that the State government constitute an agency similar to NAAC in the state level for the primary purpose of creating and maintaining quality in the educational sector of the state covering the Primary level up to the Higher Secondary level. Only then the achievement of quality education in the subsequent higher level would be meaningful and feasible in the true sense of the term ‘quality’. As envisaged by NAAC the student who graduates from a college should not only possess a graduation degree certificate in his hand but should also be in a position to get gain-

fully employed armed with his knowledge and degree. This employment is not only concerning government or private sector job market, but also enabling them to gainfully take up an entrepreneurship armed with a vocational education. In some states like Maharashtra, the SCERT has already decided to grade schools in the lines of NAAC from this academic year. The MSCERT has already set the parameters for the schools to first conduct self assessment in the 42 parameters set by MSCERT. After the MSCERT cross checks the self assessment made by the schools they will be awarded grades from A to D by the MSCERT. In conclusion the need for quality is felt in all spheres of activities carried out by man. It is this factor of quality which differentiates an exceptional from an ordinary. Today it is this factor that is missing in our state in all the fields that is related to governance. Be it roads, bridges, electricity, education, healthcare, etc. we don’t find quality workmanship or quality effort and results. What I personally believe is that if we achieve quality and maintain it in the field of education first then it will be easier to achieve and maintain quality in all the other fields of governance. For the simple fact that education is what determines our attitude and behaviour and which in turn determines our output to the society.


and why is it important?

odel United Nations (MUN) is an academic simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate participants about current events, topics in international relations, diplomacy and the United Nations agenda.Young people take on the role of world leaders. As ambassador to the UN, participants experience the complexities of international policy formation at first hand. Each delegate represents the viewpoint of a single member state of the United Nations or non-governmental Organisation (NGO), researching that country's or NGO's policy and advocating these views to other delegates. Model UN conferences have been steadily growing in India in the past three years but still remains new to North East India. To prepare for a conference, students thoroughly research the topics assigned to their committee, as well as the geography, culture, politics and history of the country they are representing. They then develop positions on each issue, taking into consideration the particular needs and goals of their country. The conferences usually last from about 3 days to about a week. Model UN is a transformative experience that deepens participants’ understanding of the world and their place within it. Delegates emerge from Model UN with open minds, fresh ideas

Charles mhonthung Ezung vice Principal immanuel College dimapur

PCF rejoinder to ‘Appreciations should not be misplaced’


s a rejoinder to Dr. K. Hoshi’s writeup ‘Appreciations should not be misplaced’ dated the 11th Nov. 2013, The Phekmi Collegiate Forum (PCF) would state that it stands by and fully support the purported statement made by Er. Vizotuo. However, the PCF finds it unwarranted and unjustified on the part of Dr. Hoshi to regard a developmental work, whether it be on drainage clearance from “Tragopan junction to Khermohal traffic point…” (or be it on a Na-

tional Highway, or anything which will benefit the public) as being “given undue photo-coverage”. The write- up smacks of personal dislike for the Minister PWD (R&B). The PCF would point out that the Minister was only doing his job when he was present at the work-site. It would also like to raise the question “What is wrong if the concerned Minister or Head of the Department is present to supervise the work?” The PCF is surprised at the level of resentment and bit-

terness the writers feels at seeing the Minister for PWD(R&B) being on site to over-see the progress of the work, and which incidentally falls under his department. As to the suggestions made to the “photo-journalists” on how to do their work, The PCF is sure that they (Photo-journalists) know their job and perform it with journalistic zeal and professionalism. Hence, everyone has to appreciate the time and energy they expend on the events no matter how trivial it may

seem to some people, so that the public is kept wellinformed on the events happening around us. While fully agreeing with Dr. Hoshi on Nagas needing “an officer like Er. Vizotuo who will take his duty seriously …”, the PCF may add that the Nagas are also fortunate to have a dynamic leader such as the Minister for PWD(R&B) who takes his job seriously, and must appreciate the minister for trying to do his job. Kuvehu soho President, PCF Nuchive vero vice-President, PCF

and new friends. With the skills they develop in speaking, writing, negotiating and diplomacy, many have gone on to become community and world leaders. Ban Ki-moon, the current SecretaryGeneral of the United Nations was a former Model UN delegate. During an MUN conference a whole spectrum of issues are dealt with; from issues of Security, to Development or Human Rights. The objective is to reach consensus and pass a statement of the international community's response to a particular area of concern. Using the knowledge, experiences and the relationships students form through MUN, it is hoped that that next generation of world leaders and thinkers will be able to work effectively to find solutions to future global problems that are compatible with the aims and principles of the United Nations and promote the spirit of cooperation. Through MUN, the delegates get to enter into a family of young future leaders from all around the world.Participating in Model UN Simulations unites, and reflects common interest in broadening understanding of global problems, and finding enduring solutions to these challenges. Being able to respect differences of opinion, compromise, build consensus and negotiate are important skills the delegate acquires. Mastering the art of diplomacy is not easy, and empowering one-

self with such ability at a young age is admirable. Knowledge of Global Politics is important not only for students of International Affairs but also to future leaders and thinkers in Academia, Business, Law, Medicine, Science and the wider civil society. MUN encourages the development of skills essential to all fields of study and employment, such as: strong leadership, initiative and expertise in public speaking; negotiation, mediation and consensus building; and the ability to form relationships rapidly with people of alternative backgrounds and viewpoints. Model UN aims to build an understanding of global challenges amongst young people that crosses borders of background, culture and nationality. The First ever Model UN Conference in North East India will be held at Kohima, Nagaland from 16th-18th December 2013. NEIMUN First Session is supported by the United Nations, Best Delegate, USA and the Government of Nagaland. This conference will host over 250 young leaders between the ages of 18-25 years. NEIMUN will conduct the simulations of four committees under the UN General Assembly. Disarmament and International Security committee (DISEC), Economic and Financial committee (ECOFIN), Social, Humanitarian & Cultural committee (SOCHUM),

Special, Political & Decolonization committee (SPECPOL). Participants will discuss, deliberate and draft resolutions on topics of international importance with focus on the UN’s “3 Pillars”: Peace and Security, Post2015 development goals and Human Rights. NEIMUN hopes to create a platform for talented, ambitious and motivated students from across India and neighbouring countries to integrate with students of North East India and challenge each other promoting interaction and dialogue as they try to find enduring solutions to global challenges. Applications are now open to all nationals. Interested students (18-25 years) are requested to submit their Curriculum Vitae and a 250 words motivation letter on “Why I want to be part of North East India International Model United Nations” to no later than 10th November 2013. The cost of the conference is INR 2500/- (this includes, entry to workshop and social events, food and study materials). NEIMUN Secretariat have arranged hotels at subsidized rates which delegates have to pay. For further queries please contact us at secretary.general@ or find us at www. FB: North East India International Model United Nations twitter @NEIMUN2013

businEss Educational toys: next big thing in India

New Delhi, November 11 (iANS) The knack Indian parents have for teaching their children is acting as a game-changer for educational toys, raising their demand by 15 percent year-on-year. "In the coming days demand for educational toys will be more as the parents want more cerebral games for their children," Shyam Makhija, director, business development, Pegasus ToyKraft, told IANS. "Educational toys have the potential to grow at

around 15 percent year-onyear in the next five years." As education is foremost on the Indian parents' mind, they look out for toys which provide educational value through play. Industry stakeholders are of the opinion that most toys provide educational value in some way or the other. "From a purist's point of view we can look at an edutainment toy as one which provides direct and immediate educational learning through play. The categories which fit the bill

most appropriately are educational jigsaw puzzles, tile puzzles, memory-based games, do-it-yourself art and craft kits, builder blocks and construction sets," he said. "The scope of the educational toy industry is growing among the literate class of society. There had always been a relationship between learning and playing and it is very important to understand that," Sunil Nanda, president of the Toy Association of India told IANS. The estimated size of the retail toy industry is ap-

proximately Rs.10,000 crore (US$16 billion) he said. Paresh Chawla, director, Welby Impex, said toys play a major role to make a child learn various things while playing. "That is the sole reason why Indian parents are spending more on educational toys nowadays." The industry has also held many seminars and talks with parents, teachers, psychologists and social scientists to understand what type of toys will help educate children of which age, he said.

Readers may please note that the contents of the articles, letters and opinions published do not reflect the outlook of this paper nor of the Editor in any form.



Simple Rules - There is just one simple rule: “Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box co ntains the digits 1 through 9.”

SUDOKU Game Number # 2703



Answer Number # 2702

DiMAPuR Civil Hospital:

StD CODe: 03862

Metro Hospital: Faith Hospital: Shamrock Hospital Zion Hospital: Police Control Room Police Traffic Control East Police Station West Police Station CIHSR (Referral Hospital) Dimapur hospital Apollo Hospital Info Centre: Railway: Indian Airlines Northeast Shuttles Chumukedima Fire Brigade Nikos Hospital and Research Centre Nagaland Multispecialty Health & Research Centre


Police Control Room: North Police Station: South Police Station: Fire Brigade: Naga Hospital: Oking Hospital: Bethel Nursing Home:

232224; Emergency229529, 229474 227930, 231081 233044, 228846 228254 231864, 230889 228400 232106 227607, 228400 232181 242555/ 242533 224041, 285117, 248011 230695/9402435652 131/228404 229366 22232 282777 232032, 231031 248302, 09856006026

StD CODe: 0370

Northeast Shuttles

100/2244279 2222222 2222111 2222952 2222916 2243339 2224202


EvolutioN ANd ENviroNmENt rEvisioN.















D h i W P x L g D e A g n i Y R R A u Q

e K O M S W R M t h L A g F B u x n t

S L P A x i L e e P S L e L e u O W A n

R t M t R O e t e L i V A R R A O t g

E t e L W P D n h D i g O n t n e n u L

i R P D x R h A i S h L D i i R n R O

P R e A W i O n x S t u e L n n A A B

A e i C M n V u e O O A t B i g e D L A

S t R A O e S C i F i i u S K x A S L

t O e g i R e O D O R O i e e t P e W

R i R S e t S e M n D e n L R A i t L A

C Y O O u n F P O C t t D V L n A e R

C i t u Y L R F e B L A W i D B C t C M

D R R A L t e t R O W C n e i t i t i

e e C W O O C i A u e B g D O i O i n

H S e e O P x t t C D x S R e R O n O g

A S S i D i i i M S V A g R g n S n t

R R V u i C F O S S i L F u e L S R V


L R A K C u O n e n S P A C e e Y e O

1. City in Peru 5. At one time (archaic) 9. Biblical kingdom 13. norse god 14. Clairvoyants 16. Connecting point 17. A style of design 18. Pontifical 19. One who accomplishes 20. Our planet 22. Secretariat was one 24. Buckeye State 26. Pariah 27. Merit 30. Stoppage 33. Addition 35. Slowly, in music 37. Prefix meaning “Modern” 38. Bloodsucker 41. Coniferous tree 42. not full 45. giggling 48. Ventilate 51. Punishment 52. tapestry 54. Sodium chloride 55. Remember 59. Body 62. Portent

63. Coral island 65. effrontery 66. Chomp 67. Compacted 68. Decorative case 69. Sun 70. Marsh plant 71. Roman emperor

DOWN 1. Prospector’s find 2. Bright thought 3. used to see small things 4. Some other 5. Clairvoyant’s gift 6. Back 7. Flower part 8. Vestiges 9. Approve of 10. A swinging barrier 11. Poems 12. no more than 15. napped 21. employ 23. Make well 25. egg-shaped 27. eat 28. Colonic 29. east southeast 31. Penetrate 32. Scrimp 34. Snake-like fish 36. unrestrained revelry

39. type of hat 40. Colors 43. Coach 44. tale 46. Annoying insect 47. A grouping of elements

CHUMUKEDIMA: 03862-282777/101 (O) 9436012949 (OC) WOKHA: 03860-242215 (O) 9402643782 MOKOKCHUNG: 0369-2226225/101 (O) 9856872011 (OC) PHEK: 03865-223838/101 (O) 9402003086 (OC)

MON: 03869-290629/101 (O) 9856248962/ 9612805461 (OC)

Toll free No. 1098 childline


DIMAPUR: 03862-232201/101 (O) 9436601225 (OC)

TUENSANG: 03861-220256/101 (O) 8974322879



KOHIMA: 0370-2222952/101 (O) 9436062098 (OC)

ZUNHEBOTO: 03867-220444/101 (O) 9856158740 (OC)



FiRe StAtiOnS

StD CODe: 0369

Police Station 1: Police Station 2 :

2226241 2226214

Civil Hospital: Woodland Nursing Home: Hotel Metsüpen (Tourist Lodge):

2226216 2226263 2226373/2229343

TAHAMzAM (formerly Senapati) STD CODE: 03871 Police Station: Fire Brigade

222246 222491


StARting PRiCe







55. Steals



56. Send forth















49. threesome 50. A Christian celebration 53. British biscuit

57. Anagram of “Meat” 58. if not 60. Aspersion 61. hodgepodge 64. Directed

Ans to CrossWord 2714


For details & test drive Contact: Urban Station, Near NSC Petrol Pump, 6th Mile Dimapur. Ph No : 240994 CuRRenCY exChAnge CuRRenCY nOteS BuY(Rs) SeLL(Rs) US Dollars Sterling Pound Hong Kong Dollar

63.13 100.83 8.12

63.51 101.84 8.21

Australian Dollar



Singapore Dollar Canadian Dollar Japanese Yen

50.41 60.14 63.6

50.97 60.81 64.31





The Morung Express


DDcci appeals to Naga Political Groups DIMAPUR, NOVEMBER 11 (MExN): The Dimapur District Chamber of Commerce and Industry has appealed to all groups of national workers to abstain its cadres from collecting donation from business community in the name of festive season. DDCCI stated that “such practices of the cadres tarnish the good image of the national workers.” In a statement, Hokivi Chishi, president DDCCI,

informed the Dimapur business community not to entertain any form of donation collection or sale of calendar in the name of the festive season. The DDCCI has also informed all the traders under the jurisdiction of Dimapur Municipal Council to comply with the DMC’s directive in regard to renewal of trade license. The DDCCI has directed the traders to renew their license within the stipulated date pre-

scribed by the DMC for the renewal. It made clear that DDCCI would not entertain any complaint of the traders, who fail to renew their trade license before the expiry of renewal date. In wake of festive season, the DDCCI has further informed the business community of Dimapur to decorate their business establishment before November 30. Meanwhile, based on complaints from civil so-

ciety, DDCCI stated that there are a number of traders who are not running the nature of business that has been prescribed in the trade license and rather, after availing trade license from the DMC, running illegal businesses. Therefore, the DDCCI has urged the DMC authority to conduct physical verification before renewal or issuing of trade license in order to contribute towards prevention of illegal trading in Dimapur.

DIMAPUR, NOVEMBER 11 (MExN): The 20th Annual School Week 2013 of SASRD, Nagaland University, Medziphema Campus was held from November 5 to 9. A press note informed that the Chief Guest for the opening ceremony on November 5 was N. Tekatushi Ao, Director, Department of Agriculture. In his speech the Chief Guest exhorted the students to be disciplined, hard working and to participate in all activities with enthusiasm. He also urged the students to be innovative and to develop co-operation, quality of leadership, team spirit and to strive for excellence in all

their endeavours. The 37 Assam Rifle, Medziphema trained the students and provided the band for the march past and also provided tents for the different houses. The referees for the football matches were also from the 37 Assam Rifle. For the School Week, all the students from B. Sc. (Ag) Hons 1st year to the PhD students were divided into four houses. The theme of the School week 2013 “Soaring High Together” was submitted by Virosanuo Solo, B. Sc (Ag) Hons 2nd year. In keeping with the theme, all the houses named their house after

birds viz., Magpie (Blue), Kestrel (Yellow), Skylark (Red) and Warble (Green). Magpie house won the competition for the brief profile on the reasons for choosing the name and for the logo. The competitions for the School Week 2013 comprised of indoor & outdoor games, athletics, basketball, volleyball, football, essay & short story writing, poetry writing, collage & painting, mimicry, singing (solo & duet), debate, quiz, group dance, Go As You Like, extempore and tug-of-war. The house Magpie emerged as the overall Champions. The closing ceremony was held on November 9 with

Prof. NS Jamir, Pro Vice Chancellor, SASRD, NU, Medziphema Campus as chief guest. In his speech, the chief guest said that the value of games is now being increasingly recognized in India from personal, social, educational and national points of view. The function was chaired by Dr. J. Longkumer, Assoc. Prof, SASRD and vote of thanks was given by Rovizelhou Kuotsu, President, SU:SASRD. The highlight of the closing ceremony was the Martial Arts demonstration by Faith in Action, Dimapur, whose acrobatic stunts enthralled the spectators and kept everyone spellbound.

SASRD, NU 20th Annual School Week Held

More people continued to donate wildlife to the Zoological Park. The Nagaland Zoological Park on November 11 received one Barking Deer fawn from Atong resident of Padampukhri, Dimapur (Top). Khumchoba Sangtam resident of Khiamniungan Colony, Shoxuvi donated one turtle to the Zoological Park in the name of his son (Bottom).

Demo on preparing fish products DIMAPUR, NOVEMBER 11 (MExN): ATMA Dimapur, Kuhuboto Block conducted a demonstration on ‘preparation of fish soup’ and ‘preparation of fish finger’ on November 9, 2013at Vihokhu Village with Sentinaro, FI & BTT Member, Kuhuboto Block as the Resource person. She firstly explained and highlighted the usefulness

of fishes. She further elaborated saying that fishes is not only a consuming product but also can be used as an economic product in many ways. She later demonstrated on the preparation of “fish finger” and “fish soup”. She further encouraged the participants that the fish products has a high demand in market and is attractive in the processing industry

as this process generates and accelerates a huge earning for the women folks as a means of employment. Altogether 25 farmer SHGs from various villages participated in the demonstration. Earlier the programme was chaired by Mr. Akavi V.Holo, BTM (ATMA) Kuhuboto Block and the keynote was given by Miss.Tonikali Achumi, DPD (ATMA), Dimapur.

MLA, C Apok Jamir speaking at the inaugural function of the free medical camp organized by the MLA in collaboration with MEDHARBOUR and Imkongliba Memorial quested all the officers to be share of development and District Hospital on November 11.

in the station and perform their protocol duties during the mega event. He also appealed to the frontal organisation villages and everyone entrusted with responsibilities to make the festival a success to carry out their duties without fail. Speaking on systematic action plan for the year ahead, the Chairman said that developmental schemes and projects under the government through the departments for villages and targeted sectors should not overlap each other but reach the people with equal

(Front row, middle) Apostle Reverend Luoliehu Yimsung, coordinator of global indigenous prayer network, Australia and initiator and ambassador at large of overseas Naga association after an interaction with Dimapur Press Club members, Monday at Rotary Club Dimapur.

for this purpose he requested all the department concern to prepare a systematic action plan for the year ahead. The house also deliberated on ways and means for recovery of loan for the Cooperative Bank in the sub-division from both the government employees and the public loanees to avoid repercussion in the later stage. While deliberating on the need for BSNL phone connectivity, the Chairman also asked the members to furnish the list of office buildings that do not have electricity connection.

MANgkOlEMBA, NOVEMBER 11 (MExN): The students of Baptist Higher Secondary School, Mangkolemba, embarked on a study tour to Sibsagar in Assam on November 9. Total 31 students from class 10 and 12, accompanied by 10 school staff undertook the tour. BHSS Mangkolemba principal Imjong Longk-

umre in a press release said that the students were amazed to find the beautiful architectural designs and monuments from the Ahom dynasty who ruled the land from 1228 AD to 1826 AD. “Seeing in reality makes our learning all the more worthwhile,” averred Temsujungla of class 12. “An eye opening and enriching experience,”

said Mohammad Barif of class 10. Some of the places visited were Rang Ghar, a place used for entertainment, Shiva mandir, Tai Ahom Museum, Talatal Ghar whose design was influenced by the Mughal Architectural designs and the Uttaran Museum, which is said to be the only private run museum in the north east.

WOkhA, NOVEMBER 11 (DIPR): The monthly District Planning and Development Board meeting was held on November 11, at DCs Conference Hall Wokha. MLA Dr. TM Lotha also attended the meeting chaired by ADC, Wokha Sotsula. During the meeting, the members after deliberation approved in principle for construction of DC’s official residence and DC’s office building and construction of civil station in place of DC Office. The board also approved to go ahead

with the specific evaluation study on Wokha-Merapani Road. Deliberating on maintenance of the town roads, MLA Dr.T.M. Lotha apprised the members that, maintenance of town roads from Police Point to SP Office, Police Point to Fish Market and Police Point to DC Office are included in the Action Plan to be undertaken under BRGF. The board also approved for conducting survey on Leprosy in the district. The chairman requested the department of Soil and Water Conservation

to liaison with the Deputy Commissioner and chalk out the programme to mark the year of Water Conservation 2013, scheduled to be held on November 19. During the meeting, the board also resolved that, henceforth if any new construction of buildings comes up within the NH-61, the owners concerned are requested to obtain clearance certificate from the office of the Deputy Commissioner, Wokha, order to avoid future complication as and when extension and widening of NH-61 is taken up.

With regard to holding of the all Lothas’ GB’s Association General Conference cum Seminar, the V/ President Lotha GB’s Association Dimapur apprised the members on the need to sensitize the GB’s in the district for upholding customary practices and urged the august house to extend financial assistance for successful conduct of the General conference cum seminar. In this regard the chairman requested the GB’s Association to tie up with the Deputy Commissioner and PD, DRDA, Wokha.

BHSS Mangkolemba study tour

Wokha DPDB monthly meeting conducted

Land Resource dept conducts training on IWMP implementation DIMAPUR, NOVEMBER 11 (MExN): A five days in-house training on implementation of Integrated Watershed Management Programme (IWMP) was conducted by the Department of Land Resources at the Resource Centre, Rüzaphema from November 4 to 8. The event was held for the sixty newly recruited WTD (M). A press note informed that this training was especially designed to equip them with the necessary information and skills to perform their duties. The topics included Guidelines of IWMP and Role of WDT members in Watershed management,

Director DoLR, Mhathung Yanthan along with Officers of the Department and the new WDT members.

PRA, Importance of Soil and Moisture Conservation Measures, Photography, Application of Geographic Information System (GIS) & Remote Sensing in Watershed Management, Use of Global Po-

sitioning System (GPS) and Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) and field trip. The course content included both theory aswell-as practical session. The resource persons were


MEx FILE GPRN/NSCN informs DIMAPUR, NOVEMBER 11 (MExN): The GPRN/ NSCN has informed that there will be a mass social work on November 16. A press note from the MIP has informed all the secretariat staff, UT-1 staff and the Naga army, both from CHQ and GHQ to reach Khehoi designated camp by 7:00 am positively without fail. On a different note, the GPRN/NSCN has expressed shock over the demise of former RAO Rengma region, Tatar Shihoto Kath Rengma on November 3. The MIP press note informed that Lt. Shihoto Kath joined the Naga national movement in the year 1969. The GPRN/NSCN has conveyed its sincere condolence to the bereaved family members and prayed for the departed soul to rest in peace.

CAO (UT) condoles

DIMAPUR, NOVEMBER 11 (MExN): The Central Administrative Officer, Union Territory of the People’s Republic of Nagalim, Lt Col Ape Venuh has expressed sadness over the demise of Dinesh Ghinere, who occupied the rank of Leacy and passed away at Referral Hospital on November 10. A press note from the office of the secretariat, UT 1 stated that Dinesh was “one of the bravest national workers in the line of duty assigned by the authority.” He added that Dinesh “dedicated his prime life for the cause of Naga nation.” It added that his death is a “great loss for the government in particular and Nagas in general.” Stating that the vacuum he left is hard to be replaced, the CAO (UT) prayed for his soul to rest in peace and prayed for the bereaved family to have courage.

EBTTC inauguration on Nov 16

DIMAPUR, NOVEMBER 11 (MExN): Evangel Bible Translators Training Centre, located at Kikhruza Colony under NEMWA Campus, Chumukedima is scheduled to be dedicated on November 16 at 10:30 A.M. Rev. Ken Janke will dedicate the Training Centre. The speaker for the event will be Rev Ken Janke while Rev Vangpong Phom, president of NEMWA will chair the proceedings.

NCD notifies

DIMAPUR, NOVEMBER 11 (MExN): All NCD Councilors, all tribal hoho presidents, members of NWHD, DNSU, YAN, DUCCCF, GBs Union, Senior Citizen Forum, DCCI, EDBA, CCSD, CCCTU have been requested to attend the leadership training programme to be imparted by noted motivator and leadership expert Rev. L Yimsung on November 13 at 2 pm at Unity Hall, Naga Council office. A press note informed that Rev. Yimsung is a resident of Australia and with his vast experiences has been sacrificing his time and resources for the betterment of Naga society.

Transfer and posting of NCS officers

Tseminyu SDPDB meeting held

TsEMINyU, NOVEMBER 11 (DIPR): Tseminyu SDPDB meeting was held on November 11, in the Conference Hall of ADC. Chairman SDPDB, also the Deputy Speaker Nagaland Er. Levi Rengma presided over the meeting. After reviewing the last meeting minutes, the house deliberated on preparation for Ngada festival the premier festival of the Rengmas. The Chairman stated that the festival will be celebrated in a grand manner showcasing and featuring the rich Rengma folk cultural and traditional aspects. He re-


12 November 2013

Hoto Yeptho, Addl. Director DoLR; T. Renben Lotha Jt. Director, (Course Director); Albert. E. Ngullie Dy. Dir (Course Co-ordinator); Puvil Kikhi, Sashiyangba, Benthungo Murry, Sivi Mor

and Lichanbemo Humtsoe. Besides the resource persons, Professor S.S.P. Sharma, Director & Head (CWLR) and Dr. U. Hemakant Kumar, Sr. Faculty (CWLR) NIRD, Hyderabad also deliv-

ered Power point presentations and interacted with the trainees. Director DoLR, Mhathung Yanthan while welcoming the new members lauded and congratulated them on the successful completion of the training and also urged them to live up to the challenges that lies ahead and give their best for the rural people wherever they are posted. Earlier during the valedictory programme Hoto Yeptho, Addl. Director exhorted the trainees to be Sincere, Efficient and Honest, if they wanted to succeed in life. The vote of thanks was delivered by Shri. N. Kehie, DPO.

DIMAPUR, NOVEMBER 11 (MExN): In supersession to the Government of Nagaland, department of P & AR notification dated November 2, the Governor of Nagaland, in the interest of public service has informed of the order for transfer and posting of the following NCS officers with immediate effect as under: 1. Rongsenmenla,NCS, EAC(P) Aquanaqa (desig) is posted as EAC Niuland. Zuring Madeliang, EAC Niuland with addl. Charge of EAC Aquanaqa, is relieved of the charge of EAC Niuland. 2. Shelly Katiry,NCS, EAC(P) Zunheboto (desig)is posted as EAC Mopung. Mono Khiangan, NCS, SDO(C) is relieved of the charge of EAC Mopung. 3. Kikato Chishi, NCS, EAC (P), Mokokchung (desig) is posted as EAC Tuensang with addl. charge of EAC Sangsangnyu. 4. H. Berimong, NCS,

EAC (P) Mon (desig) is posted as EAC Aghunato with addl.charge of EAC Asuto and EAC Hoshepu. 5. Kelevituo Nisa, NCS, EAC (P), is posted as EAC Peren with addl. charge of EAC Ngalwa. 6. Tiayanger Jamir, NCS, EAC (P), Tuensang (desig) is posted as EAC Phek. 7. C. Phuniang, NCS, EAC (P) Kohima (desig) is posted as EAC Meluri with addl. charge of EAC Lephory. Tatu Thur EAC Phor and EAC Lephory is relieved of the charge of EAC Lephory. 8. L. Samuel, NCS, EAC (P) Tuensang (desig) is posted as EAC Thonoknyu with addl. charge of EAC Panso 9. Hotolu Sema, NCS, EAC (P) is posted as EAC Longkhim 10. Meyazungba Jamir, NCS, EAC (P) is posted as EAC Longleng. 11. Thejakhrienuo Nisa, NCS, EAC (P) is posted as EAC Mokokchung. 12. Kemciyile, NCS, EAC (P) is posted as EAC Zunheboto.

Public SPace

DDPODU condemns

The Dimapur District Pick up Van Owners and Drivers Union (DDPODU) has strongly condemned the act where one of our bonafide members driver cum-milk suppliers Rahul Pandit returning after milk delivery in the factory was abducted at gunpoint for ransom from 7th miles between NH-29 and Komul factory on October 31, 2013 at around 10:00 pm. The abductors first demanded Rs. 50,00,000 then Rs. 25,00,000 and negotiated Rs. 5,00,000 for his safe release to his families who was rescued by the Dimapur Police special team in Seithikiema Basa. While condemning the acts and the Union appeals to the authorities not to bail out those miscreants who were involved in the kidnapping for ransom

and punish as per laws of the land. We have evidences where the conversation for demand of ransom is recorded. The Union also request to the authority to trace out those miscreants absconding as soon as possible and awards befitting punishment. The Union expressed deepest appreciation to T. Relo Aye SDPO Dimapur, Kevizebeilie Angami 0.0. Diphupar Police Station Dimapur, Tiasunep Jamir I/O Diphupar Police Station Dimapur, Tiayanger, SOT, commander and teams for their relentless sincere served towards us to rescue a victim one of our members from the hands of miscreants who was kept in captivity for a week by the abductors for Ransom in Seithikiema Basa.

The Morung Express is introducing “Public Space” as part of our intention to provide deliberate space for the opinions of the people to be expressed and heard through this newspaper. Nonetheless, The Morung Express points out that the opinions expressed in the contents published in the “Public Space” do not reflect the views and position of the newspaper or the editor.

Akaho Awomi President, DDPODU



The Power of Truth

The Morung Express TuEsDAy 12 NovEmbEr 2013 vol. vIII IssuE 308

Originality Expressing The “Root and Soul”


ith competition permeating all areas of human affairs, the desire for more meaningful and productive human resources has also gathered momentum. In the present day’s context meaning and productivity have come to be measured by originality. Talent is measured on the basis of originality, take for example a musician, having a good voice or playing an instrument well is not considered to be enough. The musician’s talent and caliber are assessed on the strength of one’s originality. Originality drives creativity, impacts sustainability in compelling ways to make positive and significant differences. One of the overwhelming stereotypes – whether or not it is accurate – is the supposition that Nagas generally have a good singing voice and that harmony and chanting is innate to the Naga way of life. Every generation has produced many young Naga women and men with the gift of a melodious voice and music. The common thread here is that music generally unifies across the generations expressed in the desire for something original. Perhaps Nagas have been limited from making more original contributions to the world music. Fortunately, a few have broken out and found their own unique musical expression. Originality, in the case of the Nagas, is not just confined to the area of music alone. Everywhere we are surrounded by signs of how the human mind has been conditioned and stifled. The culture of imitation is quickly eroding into our ability to be true to our identity and distinctiveness that limits Naga life of originality. The absence of originality is a social predicament which requires a social and political response. This cycle can be broken by developing a critical consciousness that breathes new life into these existing unhealthy ways of being. Rediscovering and expressing our originality will ultimately challenge the status quo across all spheres of life and using new consciousness will nurture a vibrant life giving culture. The role of music is located at the heart of this need which is such an integral part of the Naga way of life. Naga music is a reflection and expression of our mental condition and wellbeing. If this perspective is accurate, then the present Naga mindset like the contemporary Naga music needs a ‘root and a soul’. Originality does not necessarily mean going back into historical time and space; perhaps it implies that what is inherent and innate emerges from within and has been nurtured by our rich historical experiences. Lyrics and music need to be truly representative of the artist and reflect their values, experiences and yearnings. This essentially reflects who we are as a people. The path of transformation for Nagas will expand when Naga artists begin rediscovering their roots, distinctiveness and originality as they assume a prophetic role through their creativity and imagination. The intimate relationship between artistic expression and transformation are so important and cannot be underplayed anymore than the relationship between music and the community can be ignored.

lEfT wiNg |

Richa Sharma Source: IANS

Uttarakhand still lacks disaster plan


early five months after devastating floods ravaged the hill state, Uttarakhand is yet to formulate a disaster management plan to meet any future calamity. According to the disaster management authority, as of now only 19 states in the country have a mandatory state disaster management plan (SDMP) and Uttarakhand is among the defaulters. "We have not yet received any disaster management plan from Uttarakhand. All states need to be proactive in preparing disaster management plans as comprehensive planning will help at the time of any natural or man-made disaster," National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) Vice Chairman M. Shashidhar Reddy told IANS in an interview. Uttarakhand witnessed devastating flash floods in June, leaving hundreds dead and thousands homeless. Reddy says there is an urgent need to change the focus and mindsets of the people and the government machinery as well towards disaster management and disaster preparedness. "Our approach to disaster management should not be limited to rescue and relief operations but preparedness to handle it. What disaster preparedness can do was proven during the Phailin cyclone as it helped in saving lives of thousands," said Reddy. The NDMA, an apex body whose mandate is to prepare for natural and man-made disasters and which is headed by the prime minister, was praised for averting any major loss to life during the cyclone. In fact, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, while praising the role of NDMA in tackling Cyclone Phalin, said there were "important lessons to be learnt" from the Uttarakhand-rain-flood tragedy which "severely tested the efficacy of our disaster response mechanisms". But the state government, despite several reminders from the NDMA, is yet to chalk out its disaster management plan. According to another NDMA official, states like Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Assam, Bihar and Gujarat have put in place a proper state disaster plan but many others like Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh have not responded even after several reminders. "The sad part is that even after facing a devastating disaster, Uttarakhand has not yet sent any disaster management proposal for clearance and comments to NDMA," the senior official said. "Many states don't even have a separate department to handle disaster preparedness and related work," the official told IANS. In April, a Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) report had revealed that the Uttarakhand State Disaster Management Authority, which was formed in October 2007, has never met till date. Nor has it made any "rules, regulations, policies or guidelines", a preliminary step for the authority to have any functional meaning. The CAG report further highlighted that the authority had not prepared any disaster management plan to cope with unseen situations, like the flash floods.



Serge Halimi Source: Le Monde diplomatique

Not made by Robots W ill print media be dead by 2033? Jeff Bezos said last year that it would; yet he has just bought the Washington Post. He owns Amazon, and 1% of his fortune was enough to buy a newspaper that 20 years ago was worth 10 times as much as he paid for it, so he can afford a few impulse purchases. Buying the paper that broke the Watergate story cost him only a little more than building his millennium clock, which should still be keeping time in 10,000 years. Newspapers are not selling well, and right now they’re going cheap. In five years, circulation has fallen by 13% in North America, 24.8% in western Europe and 27.4% in eastern Europe. Ad revenue is being lost to the net, and the market value of papers that depended on it has collapsed. In the US, it has fallen by 90% in 20 years, not counting inflation. This could be good news if it helped to rid us of a few purely commercial publications. But that isn’t happening. Publications aligned with the dominant worldview or the decrees of advertisers rake in the money, everything else struggles. Nicolas Beytout has been president of Les Echos (he defended the interests of Louis Vuitton Moët-Hennessy and Bernard Arnault, the current owners of the paper) and, before that, editor of Le Figaro (he defended Nicolas Sarkozy with equal vigour). This May he launched a new daily paper, L’Opinion. It sold hardly 3,000 copies on the newsstands, yet handouts from billionaires allowed him to earn €12-15m. If Le Monde diplomatique was given €4,000 for every copy it sold, we wouldn’t have to appeal to readers. France’s bosses seem to have a soft spot for L’Opinion, which declares itself “neoliberal, pro-business and European”, much like Arnault’s Les Echos. Serge Dassault’s Le Figaro calls itself “neoliberal, conservative and European”. How can anybody claim that neoliberal and European ideas are not promoted in France? The famous Christine Ockrent, a journalist who thinks like a multinational, has just supplemented her weekly show on France Culture with a morning news roundup on i-Télé; Laurence Parisot, on stepping down as head of the French employers’ association MEDEF, immediately found work with competing radio stations RTL and Europe 1. Parisot is a director of BNP Paribas, Natixis and Michelin (or of their parent companies), so she is unlikely to report on them, or the tax havens they use, without bias.

State handouts In France, it’s not just big business that is compassionate to the ailing press; the state gives it hundreds of millions of euros a year, equivalent to 7.511% of the publishers’ overall turnover. It sponsors the postal delivery of newspapers, but spends more on papers fat with ads than on slimmer, independent, publications. Taxpayers also sponsor the hand delivery of daily papers €37m a year, and give another €9m to the poorest dailies. So much government charity, often carelessly targeted, gives rise to paradoxes: Dassault’s Le Figaro, which is fiercely critical of public spending on education but not on defence (the Dassault Group is a manufacturer of military aircraft), received €17.2m between 2009 and 2011. L’Express, almost as critical of state handouts, got €6.2m. Le Point, which likes to criticise the “nanny state”, got €4.5m. Local “forums” run by Libération (€9.9m) and Le Nouvel Observateur (€7.8m), which have connections in the present government, are funded by regions and municipalities headed by Socialists. Thirty years ago, the Socialist Party was aware of these issues: “A review of [government] aid to the press is essential. ... We must put an end to a system under which the richest receive the most help and the poorest are the most neglected. ... Aid to the press should also differentiate more clearly between publications, and those that carry political and general news should not be treated the same as the leisure press. It should distinguish, particularly in terms of sponsorship of postal distribution, between publications that benefit from a high volume of advertising and those that have none”. This excellent analysis was not followed up. In January 2012, shortly before she became France’s minister for culture and communication, Aurélie Filipetti said: “We must reform [government] aid to the press, which has become too dispersed, and a third of which goes to leisure publications, which do not really need it.”Perhaps she had just learned


ast I heard, contracts negotiated between two consenting and capable parties are supposed to be binding, with repercussions if one party violates what has been agreed upon and codified into a legal document. That is, of course, unless it is the state entering into such agreements with indigenous peoples. Then these legal documents are little more than lip-service, or so it seems, based on the actions of the U.S., Canadian, and other governments who have and continued to trample the rights of indigenous peoples with impunity. Instead of being held accountable to the legally binding agreements they have signed, these governments continue to deprive indigenous peoples of their land, their livelihoods, and their cultures. Worse yet, they have the gall to point the finger at indigenous peoples and their allies who resist this continued destruction of their land and resources, calling them the criminals. The United States government has negotiated some 600 treaties with Native people, most of which it has violated. As just one example, were it to have adhered to its own agreement, the Lakota Nation would have encompassed much of the western Midwest (and some of the easternmost region of what we now call the West), with the vast resources offered by the land and water in that region. Instead, many Lakota live on reservations (or

that TV magazines had received €25m over two Still room for papers that inquire years? Maybe we won’t have to wait 30 years for Some kinds of content are less easily automated her to take action. But it might be too late anyway. or offshored. This is where Le Monde diplomatique has an advantage. Field research and analysis, espeNo free news cially when the story needs historical context or inWill it also be too late for Le Monde diplomatique? ternational perspective or requires political engageOur existence is not under immediate threat. Our over- ment, demand expertise, which robots won’t have all distribution has declined (by 2.6% in the first half of any time before Bezos’s clock stops working. 2013) but that is far less than most papers and newsThe future of print media is under threat — exstand sales are steady (dailies have seen two-digit falls). cept for those publications that go beyond collectThese results may not be all we hoped for but they are ing news and instantly publishing it online. There honourable. We don’t distribute our paper for free un- is still room for papers that comment, compare, inder the guise of bundled “sales”. We don’t give away gad- quire, analyse and verify. And for papers that invite gets as a welcome gift to new subscribers. And we don’t their readers to share their ideas, to help rebuild lure subscribers with misleading prices. We were able to our world, and to fight apathy and despair. But we balance our books in 2012, but the coming year will be cannot just produce ideas: we need to consider the harder: most of our costs will rise but we can’t put our conditions necessary for their realisation. It’s no prices up again; and the decline in consumer purchasing longer enough to make progressive proposals: we power is affecting sales of some of our special issue pub- must also ask if they are compatible. We must be lications. In this climate, stabilising distribution would sure of our analysis of the world, of society, power be a heroic feat; we’re not beating off sponsors. relations, the relative weight of social groups, the We believe there is no such thing as free news. potential for alliances between them, of internaFor that reason, most articles in the French edition tional solidarity that is not just an alliance between can be read online only after six months, for a limited big businesses. We have to try to identify a few key period of two years, and then only because the cost proposals that may trigger other changes, and conof the articles and of putting them online is covered sider strategies for achieving them. A robot can’t do by income from readers, and from gifts to the par- that, and neither can most newspapers. ent edition from readers anxious to guarantee our Le Monde diplomatique is unique, especially independence. (Donations currently exceed all our when compared with the online media. On the web, ad revenue and make an important overall contri- there is a glut of news because of the proliferation bution. Last year 2,075 of you gave €177,500 to the of content and platforms; billions of items — text, French edition — 20% more than in 2011 — allow- sound and video — are posted each day. Our French ing us to complete a number of development plans.) edition limits itself to 28 pages a month, since we The debate over going online and “giving” news prefer pertinence to gossip. There is a cacophony away has contradictions. Often it’s those who complain of information producers; hundreds of millions of that life is precarious for journalists, writers, photog- people use social networks to share information on raphers and artists who then demand that everything their interests. Le Monde diplomatique relies on just should be free, immediately, on the net, to promote a few hundred collaborators with rare combinations ideas and culture. But paying journalists more to write of skills, experts in their fields who do not take short articles that are then given away doesn’t add up. Should cuts. Our priorities are decided by our editors, unlike journalism be charity work for a privileged few who the online media where Google and the other search already have another job? Should reporters slaves to a engines have a quasi-monopoly on the means of hibusiness model based on ads, and on algorithms linked erarchical organisation of information. to Facebook, Amazon and Google? Everything is coming together to destroy our kind It’s likely that news will be further digitised and of journalism. The distribution network is unravelling automated; its collection and organisation will be because publishers cheat paper sellers every time entrusted to robots. A section of the online press is they offer subscriptions at prices that unreasonably already happy to aggregate news according to its undercut the newsstands. Government subsidies, inconsumers’ preferences, on the basis of their read- stead of being reserved for titles that deal in ideas, are ing patterns (10). If journalists continue to gather wasted on leisure magazines. Electronic applications and write news at their computers, their jobs can such as iTunes make more money for their developers be (and are being) offshored, like those of call cen- than for the publications that use them. tre operatives. Why should newspapers maintain None of this will stop us — with our 50 editions foreign correspondents to paraphrase articles from across the world — pursuing our intellectual quest, the local press, which everyone can now read online as long as you are interested enough to give us the fiwith improved automatic translation systems? nancial means. We wouldn’t want to ask anybody else.

In solidarity with Indigenous Peoples laura Finley Source: Common Dreams

prisoner of war camps, as they might be called) like Pine Ridge, which is annually one of the most impoverished places in the United States. Unemployment rates run around 70 percent, and as of 2011, almost 50 percent of Pine Ridge residents live below the federal poverty line. Like a third-world country, life expectancy rates hover in the later 40s and early 50s, in stark contrast to the rest of the U.S, where the average women lives to be 81 and the average man to 76. But, when Native peoples have organized, like the American Indian Movement did in the 1960s and 1970s, they are presented as a threat, not as part of the solution. Canada has done no better. Instead of honoring its agreements to indigenous groups, the Canadian government has stolen the land and poisoned the water, soil, and air in which many from the First Nations live. On October 15, 2013, United Nations special rap-

porteur on the rights of indigenous peoples James Anaya issued a scathing report, noting that 20 percent of aboriginal peoples in Canada live in homes in need of serious repairs and that the suicide rate among aboriginal youth is five times greater than that of all Canadians. Anaya called the situation a “crisis,” and, among other factors, traced it back to Canadian government policies that broke up homes and destroyed indigenous cultures by sending indigenous youth to horrific boarding schools where they were forced to become as White as possible. But, instead of critically reflecting on Anaya’s report, the Canadian government elected to further oppress this already marginalized group. Just days ago, when indigenous peoples and their allies organized to protest fracking in New Brunswick (a natural gas extraction process that devastates the land and groundwater) the


RCMP responded with force. Instead of listening to the voices of indigenous peoples about the Tar Sands pipelines, the Canadian government has criminalized their voices and continues to plunder on. So, while the U.S. and Canada are two of the wealthiest nations in the world, both should bear the responsibility and pay the price for becoming so through the extraction of resources and land that did not and does not belong to them. Indigenous people and their supporters have not and will not be silent about these issues. Groups like Idle No More have organized, taken to the streets, and used traditional indigenous dance and culture as well as teach-ins and other nonviolent direct action to organize communities to speak out about the repressive policies. I was fortunate to hear from representatives from Idle No More recently and to participate in one of their rallies. To call it a humbling experience is an understatement. For readers who are not familiar with these histories, I implore you to educate yourself. There is far more to the story than I have presented here. When you do, you too will be outraged, and hopefully called to act, to support indigenous peoples as they fight to regain that which is lawfully theirs and to ensure they can raise their children in non-toxic environments. It is the least we can do.

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12 November 2013


Touchdown on American Soil Historical Determinism


or many decades up until the outbreak of the Second World War, Great Britain remained as the most powerful nation in the world. It had established many colonies in different parts of the world and it reigned supreme in many parts of Asia and Africa. The accounts of the glory days of Britain are indeed impressive. Napoleon Bonaparte, in his heydays, was able to defeat almost all European nations. However, even for the great Napoleon, Britain proved to be his nemesis as he was never able to conquer the English army in any of the battles. It was also said that the sun never sets on the British Empire. But, after World War II, the balance of international power shifted drastically and the USA and the erstwhile USSR emerged as the two most powerful nations in the world. However, even after 1945, Great Britain and London still continue to be grand and majestic symbols of western civilization. Dr. A.Z. Phizo landed in London on 12th June 1960 and from then on, he made the iconic city his headquarters from where he would give his all to propagate the Naga cause in the international arena. The facts that Dr. A.Z. Phizo spent the last 30 years of his life in London and that he died while in exile in London are well-known and legendary. I had always wanted to know whether Phizo spent his last 30 years just confined to London or whether he traveled to any other places. And now it has come to light that he was a man who traveled widely and that he even visited the United States in April 1967. When Phizo went to the west to propagate the Naga cause, his real intended destination was the United States. But due to difficulty in procuring travel documents, he ultimately settled down in London. Even while on English soil, Phizo had wanted and tried to go to the United States while the UNO was having its sessions. However, visa was never granted to him when the UNO was in session. It was only when the UNO was not in session that visas were made available to him. A.Z. Phizo ultimately went to America in April 1967. In the world of intrigue and political sabotage, where secrets are often known before they are conceived, Delhi learned of his intention as soon as he applied for a visa. Urgent and persistent steps were taken in a formal approach to both the United States’ UNO delegation and the State Department to try to disallow him from entering the country. A note verbale was presented in Washington underscoring that Phizo’s primary purpose in going to America was to engage in propaganda against the government of India on American soil which would be gravely prejudicial to existing cordial relations between the two countries. Note was taken of the submissions, but the State Department pointed out that, since Phizo was not ineligible for a visa under United States regulations, it would be very difficult to refuse him. Delhi found this brush-off equally difficult to stomach and renewed its diplomatic assault, reiterating that a visit by Phizo would surely provoke political repercussions in India which would damage Indo-United States relations. Again the answer was a rebuff – a visa was duly issued against his British passport. Initially Phizo stayed with his nephew Dr. Vichazelhou Iralu (Challie) in Brooklyn. Then through one Professor Stanton Candlin, a British nuclear scientist to whom he had been introduced in Britain, he was brought in contact with American quasi-political circles – principal among which was the Hudson Institute. This was a creative ‘think tank’ organization founded by Herman Kahn and dedicated to the study of futuristic possibilities which could affect the world community in general and American foreign policy in particular. It postulated on nuclear war by miscalculation, and at the time of Phizo’s visit, one Max Singer was its president. Armed with the knowledge that he was mixing in circles which enjoyed Pentagon support, Phizo


he extension of 'disturbed area' status for north eastern states since 1955, and thereby the activation and extension of emergency laws, has been but a routine administrative exercise for the union government. The legacy was upheld this year. The union has again extended the 'disturbed area' status of Assam for another six month period, with effect from 4 November 2013. Despite such back door declarations of emergency laws, India continues to claim internationally that there is no situation of armed conflict in the country. The latest extension means continued application of the draconian Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958 (AFSPA) in Assam and in the 20 km area in bordering states of Arunachal Pradesh and Meghalaya. Reportedly, the decision has been taken by the Home Ministry after considering the security situation in these three states. The practice of declaring an area as a 'disturbed area' began with Assam. Assam was declared a 'disturbed area' for the first time in 1955 under the Disturbed Areas Act, 1955 (DAA) at a time when the current Nagaland state was still a part of it. Nagaland became a separate state in 1963, and remained 'disturbed'. In November 1990, again, the entire state of Assam was declared a 'disturbed area', under AFSPA and the DAA, with the argument that the use of armed forces to aid civilian government was necessary to counter the United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA) sponsored militancy. Assam still remains 'disturbed'. On 17 September 2001, areas in Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, and Meghalaya, lying in 20 km range from the Assam border were also declared 'disturbed areas'. Earlier, in 1980, the entire state of Manipur had been declared 'disturbed'. Following a public agitation in July 2004, the disturbed area tag was partially lifted from Imphal city, the state capi-


Khrietuonyü Noudi

Straight From The Heart History, Politics, Culture…

'I was due for a meeting with a foreign affairs subcommittee when Israel attacked her enemies. Everyone I met wanted to know what I thought of Israel’s tactics. I did not have any opinion. I told them I was a Christian and did not much understand the Israeli-Arab conflict' addressed a select gathering at the Hudson Institute at Croton-on-Hudson. His forthright statement on the awfulness of Nagaland’s plight, his dire prediction for its future and accompanying regional instability, was listened to intently. He made a favorable impression, which was confirmed by Max Singer. Some members were moved by Nagaland’s dispute with India to smooth his way to Washington where he would meet ‘leading people with considerable resources of intellect and moral indignation who also commanded a great deal of influence’. Indeed, shortly after his visit to Washington, Richard Nixon came out with an article on the need for a complete reorientation of American foreign policy, and one Senate minority leader named Everett Dirkson also wrote two articles dealing in part with the Naga problem. Phizo had reason to be well pleased with his reception and was further gratified to hear later from one Robert Crane: ‘The Naga case has catalyzed some rather basic changes in approach to the political and economic problems of Asia and Africa among important American circles. Although I cannot go into details, the problem of Nagaland has become a test case in high governmental circles.’

The Washington visit actually took place at an awkward moment. It coincided with the primary stages of a presidential election year. Also, at one time it appeared it would be totally eclipsed by another happening – Israel attacked her Arab neighbors. As Phizo explained: “I was due for a meeting with a foreign affairs subcommittee when Israel attacked her enemies. Everyone I met wanted to know what I thought of Israel’s tactics. I did not have any opinion. I told them I was a Christian and did not much understand the Israeli-Arab conflict. It was difficult to hold discussion on Nagaland that day. It remained so until the following week, by which time Israel had won the war”. Before leaving New York for London, Phizo spent a pleasant evening with one Dr. Oliver Hasselblad, the former missionary superintendent at the Jorhat Baptist Hospital in Assam and his wife, both staunch friends of Nagaland. The euphoria of his relationship with the Hudson Institute and his walk in the corridors of power in Washington encouraged him to such an extent that for almost the first time in years Phizo was able to relax and enjoy himself. The tragedy was that despite the numerous indications from his new contacts in America, any possibility of an American initiative was killed by Naga interference – the ground was cut from under him, and the enterprise on which he had worked so long and hard fizzled out in anti-climax. Phizo was, however, unaware that disappointment was in store for him. At the time he had to cut short his visit to New York and hurry back to Britain. A two-man delegation, comprising Vizol of Viswema and Suisa, an elderly Tangkhul from Manipur, had traveled to London with the blessing of the Indian government to consult him. In his absence, it was Rev. Michael Scott who received them at the airport, but thereafter, for reasons of his own, had had nothing further to do with them. The two men were entertained by Phizo’s daughter and by one Harish Chandola, a Garhwali journalist who had traveled with them. Still buoyed by his success in America, Phizo was in no mood to countenance defeatist peace talk from the two delegates. Phizo dismissed the slightest suggestion of compromise with India on the cardinal issue of Naga sovereignty. He was particularly displeased with Suisa who held the view that the Naga issue would ultimately have to be solved through accommodation with the Indian government and the Nagas would have to accept less than independence. The two emissaries were given a most uncomfortable dressing-room: they were told clearly to report back to their sponsors that ‘Nagaland is quite separate from India. There will be no compromise’…………….

INdIa: disturbed or discriminated? tal. And while Nagaland has remained a designated 'disturbed area' till today, 38 police stations in Tripura state and the Tirap and Changlang districts of Arunachal Pradesh have also been declared 'disturbed.' AFSPA and the DAA empower the state and the union government to declare an area as 'disturbed'. Once the declaration is made, the armed forces, empowered with lethal powers can be deployed in the area. According to a parliamentary question answered on April 5, 2013, the Ministry of Home Affairs disclosed that the following areas in the country have been declared as disturbed: (i) Entire State of Assam & Nagaland; (ii) Tirap, Changlang & Longding districts of Arunachal Pradesh; (iii) 20 km wide belt bordering Assam in Arunachal Pradesh & Meghalaya; (iv) The entire State of Manipur, excluding the Imphal Municipal Area; (v) Parts of Tripura as notified by the State Government; and (vi) Jammu, Kathua, Udhampur, Poonch, Rajouri, Doda, Srinagar, Budgam, Anantnag, Pulwama, Baramulla and Kupwara districts in Jammu & Kashmir. Declaration of 'disturbed area' also means additional budget allocations. The Ministry of Home Affairs further informed the parliament that union government has been providing financial assistance in 2011- 2012 under Security Related Expenditure (SRE) to the affected states; Assam (153.04 crore), Nagaland (83.11 crore), Manipur (28.88 crore), Tripura (39.25 crore), Arunachal Pradesh (27.82 crore), and Jammu and Kashmir (342.27 crore). The state of Meghalaya is the exception

anjuman ara Begum Source: Asian Human rights Commission to the trend of 'disturbed area' increase and extension. The state government decided not to recommend that the union declare the Garo Hills area of the state as a 'disturbed area' on the ground that 'the situation in the region is not bad compared with other disturbed areas of the country'. The Garo Hills district of Meghalaya has been subject to active armed hostility for few years. The Garo National Liberation Army (GNLA) rebels, under the leadership of a former police officer, Mr. Champion Sangma, have carried out insurgent activities in three impoverished districts of Garo Hills and killed over 35 people, including security personnel. There have been instances where a state's resolution against such declaration has been ignored. It is reported that the Nagaland state assembly passed resolutions against the extension on four occasions. Each time these resolutions have been ignored by a union government bent on extension. The recent declaration of Nagaland as 'disturbed area' for another year under AFSPA reinforces nothing but the union's dominance over law and order in a state, something supposed to be a state subject under schedule 7 of the constitution. Nagaland is under active ceasefire for decades now; casualties amongst the armed forces are rare. Yet, recently, on 30 June, 2013, the 'disturbed area' status has been extended to Nagaland for another year through the Gazette of India Notification No. S.O. (E) dated 30 June 2013. Immediately after the notification, there was protest against the declaration. Several citizen's groups issued their

ananya s Guha

here are adversaries in this country. One is poverty, allied to this are education and development. The other is politicization of religion and also divisive and fractious elements. Again, we have the question of safety; especially that of women, suddenly now the box is open, and we hear of rape cases at regular intervals; scams closely follow; the association of money with politics and its cohorts. Plutocrats rule the roost like never before. Many feel at governance is at its lowest ebb, some people are projected as Prime Ministers, as if the elections are over! The way one person is singularly projected as a Prime Minister, one would think the inevitable is already over. The media is at its animated best projecting this person with an eye of a hawk, an astrologer or prophetic doom. Long live the electronic media, with its raucous repartee, and histrionics which would put a Richard Burton or an Elizabeth Taylor to shame, including their tempestuous love life. The adversaries are within, not without. They are not so much the machinations of Pakistan, or a clever ISI. They are sadly, forces from within, embattled political powers and parties- they are the rich oppressing, the poor. They are the powers who formulate education policies; and their grandiose elements without applying them. They are the people who select teachers in state and central universities at the behest of power mongers. The appointment of Vice Chancellors is a political ploy and such people mostly capitulate to the whims of politicians. The ubiquitous presence of drop outs and street children; is looked askance at with insensitiveness. Then we have an education policy which focuses on free meals, and we know what they look like or taste. Corruption should be taught as an elective subject in colleges; then only will the intelligentsia understand how heinous it is, or its ramifications. The poor are despised the rich are adulated with admiring eyes. Long live the country. In the midst of all this we are told that the economy is progressing with rapid alacrity- lies, damned lies and statistics are the order of the day! Order, order, we don’t need the jurisprudence to deem such appalling facts. In the midst of this is the behemoth- cricket. Tons and tons of money are poured into this game, with its architects asking for more and more, like the proverbial Dickensian character. So we have betting and vetting and of course whetting the appetite for money. We have rightist and leftist forces, each professing radical and extreme ideologies. The middle path is no better. We have also uproar in the form of extremism, terrorism and militancy. In some regions it is militancy, in some it is terrorism, and in some it is extremism. Nomenclatures vary according to taste, but their basic causes are hardly analyzed. So we have a sorry picture of an internationally known doctor, put behind the bars, and had it not been for a dispassionate Supreme Court to intervene, he would have languished there forever… The youth who are supposed to be the pride of the country, with every leader touting their case as the future of the country, seem to spend a lot of time in a virtual world, of course they protest, as in the case of the Delhi rape in December 2012, but this seems to be more in the form of hysteria, coming and going in a transitory phase. They of course seem to have a predilection for writing the novel ( in English) with publishers wanting to make hay while the sun shines. Fair enough, but very few are metamorphosed into a vociferous Arundhati Ray! Well, we better not complain, otherwise it will be a classic example of the pot calling the kettle black. Literary festivals are a handle for asserting dichotomies between reservation, and non reservation, with passing decrees on who are more corrupt, also to read out excerpts from proscribed books, and then signing joint memoranda. This is good, but all in the comforts of a pleasant opulence. Coming back to education it is opium of the masses. Everyone talks about it, its rights, but precious little is done to follow up a concerted policy. Civil Rights societies dabble in everything from politics to education, to developmental agenda, but the results are not fructuous- if it had been so, we would have witnessed cataclysmic changes. The only cataclysms worth the name are violent uprisings, bomb blasts and unleashing terrorist forces. So, we have a leader talk about a Hindu Nationalism, but none talking about a salutary nationalism. We have generic discussions of how bad a particular community is, or how good both in ethnic or religious terms. In between we have; ‘ Big Fights’ on TV shows to titillate our desiccated imaginative powers, and the powers that be are silent watchmen. Dickens’ prophecy is partially true, it is ‘’ the worst of times’’. The ‘’ best of times ‘’ does not arise. The use of technology is glamour not an effective tool for classrooms and education. The easiest use of the internet that is emails can very profitably be used for education. Prophets of doom of course spell disaster, saying the country will be split, that will or will not happen not happen, but this painful schizophrenia will continue, with the poor and middle class left to fend an uncertain life. Only historical determinism will sway the meandering course of this country.

protest notes. The latest declaration completely overlooked the fact that has hardly been any army casualty in a decade. Tripura, a state often touted as an example of successful counter insurgency measures, has also still remained 'disturbed'. Tripura has not had any major armed encounter in recent years. The only reward for this lack of conflict: in June 2013, Tripura police stations marked as 'disturbed area' have been reduced from 34 to 25. The parameters to declare an area 'disturbed' are never clear. Initially, in 1958, only a state could declare an area a 'disturbed area'. In 1972, an amendment to AFSPA empowered the union government to also declare an area 'disturbed'. With this amendment, the power and role of state governments reduced to that of cheer leaders in a game of cricket. To date, there is no legal definition of what constitutes a 'disturbed area', a specially designated zone where the right to life can be easily violated under AFSPA with absolute impunity. Even the judiciary has ignored this aspect. In Naga People Movement for Human Rights vs. Union of India, AIR 1998 SC 431 (NPMHR in short), it was simply said that the country understands what constitutes a disturbed area. It was further decreed in the same judgment that there is no requirement that the union government shall consult the state government before making such a declaration. The Court held that a declaration of 'disturbed area' under Section 3 of AFSPA has to be for a limited duration, subject to periodic review before the expiry of six months. The judgment stated that 'the conferment of power to make a declaration under Section 3 of AF-

SPA on the Central Government is not violative of the federal scheme as envisaged by the Constitution'. Further, the Court held, 'a similar conferment on the Governor of the State cannot be regarded as delegation of the power of the Central Government'. 'Although a declaration under Section 3 can be made by the Central Government suo motu without consulting the concerned State Government, it is desirable that the State Government should be consulted by the Central Government while making the declaration', held the Court. The continuation of 'disturbed area' status has been criticised by the Human Rights Committee in its observation on India's third periodic report in 1997. The international legal standard, such as the one laid down in article 4 of International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, 1977 (ICCPR), allows a state to undertake extra ordinary measures 'in times of emergency which threatens the life of the nation', following an official proclamation that the measures taken are 'strictly required by the exigencies of the situation', and on the condition that certain fundamental rights, including the right to life and the right not to be tortured, can never be suspended. The UN Human Rights Committee, in its General Comment on article 4 of the ICCPR, emphasised that measures taken under article 4 are carefully justified as why it is necessary and legitimate in the circumstances. It is time for the Government of India to stop this routine practice of prolonging emergency in north east India. Being a party to the ICCPR, it must comply with article 4. Doing so will help the union overcome its 'disturbed' syndrome, and start functioning responsibly. About the author: Anjuman Ara Begum is Program Officer - India Desk at Asian Human Rights Commission and can be contacted at e-mail

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Tuesday 12 November 2013

The Morung Express

Probe agency should not sit in judgment over policy: PM

New Delhi, November 11 (PTi): Holding that errors of judgment should be distinguished from a criminal act, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today said it would not be appropriate for a police agency to sit in judgment over policy formulation, without any evidence of malafide. He said it would be flawed to term the decisions taken without any malafide or monetary gains as criminal misconduct. Singh’s comments came in the backdrop of cases registered by CBI in coal and other recent scams. “While actions that prima-facie show malafide intent or pecuniary gain should certainly be questioned, pronouncing decisions taken with no ill-intention within the prevailing policy as criminal misconduct would certainly be flawed and excessive,” Singh said at an international conference organised by CBI here on the occasion of its Golden Jubilee. Asking the agency to take great care while probing matters related to policy and administrative decisions, Singh said, “Policy-making is a multilayered and complex process in the government and it would not be appropriate for a police agency to sit in judgment over policy formulation, without any evidence of malafide”. He said in order to insulate public servants from An Indian woman collects camels dung at the annual cattle fair in Pushkar, in the western Indian state of Rajasthan, India, Monday, Nov. 11. Pushkar, located on the banks of Push- apprehensions of “ill-inkar Lake, is a popular Hindu pilgrimage spot that is also frequented by foreign tourists formed inquiry or investigation” and allow them to take who come to the town for the annual cattle fair and camel races. (AP Photo)

PM says Govt will look into CBI’s legality New Delhi, November 11 (iANS): Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Monday said government will look “promptly” in the legality issue of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) raised by the Gauhati High Court. “Some questions have come up recently about the legality of the CBI. Our government will look into this matter seriously and promptly,” the prime minister said here at the conference of CBI and State Anti Corruption Bureau on Common Strategies to Combat Corruption and Crime. “This is a matter that undoubtedly has to be considered also by the highest court in the land,” he added. He also assured that the government will do “all that is necessary” to establish the “legitimacy” of the CBI, and “protect its past and future”. A division bench of the Gauhati High Court last week questioned the validity of India’s premier investigating agency, saying that it was legally not a police force. The Supreme Court Nov 9 stayed the Gauhati High Court’s order declaring the CBI unconstitutional and fixed Dec 6 as the next date of hearing.

decisions based on their judgments “lines of confidence” must be drawn between investigating agencies and honest officers. “It is also important that errors of judgment are distinguished from criminal acts. As I have said on earlier occasions, decision making in a world of uncertainty is a risky operation and some decisions which appear sensible ex- ante may expost turn out to be faulty. Our administrative set up has to be so managed that the fear of the unknown must not lead to paralysis in decision making,” he said. Singh said ‘the protection of the honest’ is a facet of Article 14 of the Constitution of India and is an obligation chargeable on the State. “It is with this in view that the Prevention of Corruption Act (Amendment) Bill, 2013 has been introduced in Parliament, to amend a provision which presently criminalizes, even in the absence of any men, any action of a public servant that se-

cures for any person a pecuniary advantage,” the Prime Minister said. Singh said charge sheets must be filed after going through rigorous scrutiny. “A trained mind is necessary for discovering criminality. When a charge sheet is filed, the charge sheet must go through rigorous process of scrutiny and there must be a high chance of securing conviction in that case,” he said. The Prime Minister said there was a need for greater professional expertise in the CBI, including from nonpolice organisations. “I have touched upon this subject earlier also but this is something that is well worth repeating,” he said. The Prime Minister said that fact that economic growth also implies greater opportunity for corruption is often forgotten in public debates on graft. “We can’t be all the time just running down institutions of governance because there have been cases of wrong doing,” Singh said.

The Prime Minister said there was need to put the debates on corruption in correct perspective. “While we must maintain utmost vigilance in preventing corruption and do our utmost in ensuring transparency, accountability and probity in public life, it is also important to ensure that the work of nation building goes on at a quick pace,” Singh said. He said public debate needs to concentrate a little more on what it would take to make our progress even faster. “I think it needs to concentrate more on how to improve infrastructure, how to improve the delivery of services and how to build institutions. It also needs to concentrate more on the achievements that we can legitimately be proud of,” he said. The Prime Minister said economic reforms of 1990s have triggered fast economic growth which has brought about rapid changes in the country and the process will continue

with the expansion of the economy. “The march of globalization driven by quick advances in technology is breaking down geographical boundaries...These powerful forces of change that are instrumental in creating greater prosperity are also throwing up new areas of crime and corruption as also adding to the complexity of the existing crimes,” Singh said. He said the answer lies in even more reforms and better regulation. “To keep pace with the aspirations of the people for clean and transparent governance and also deal with the increasing complexity of economic offences, our government has taken several legal and administrative measures in the last nine years,” Singh said. The Prime Minister said the country now has a framework in place to curb corruption and increase transparency and accountability in administration which can be used in the time to come to combat graft. On the occasion, Singh gave President’s Police Medals to six CBI officers Superintendents of Police LM Manjhi and M S Hazari, Additional SP DS Dagar, DSP SK Tripathi and Inspector Dilip Chakraborty. He also released a commemorative stamp on the Golden Jubilee of CBI. “The six officers whose work has been honored today are examples of what we can achieve with hard work and determination. I wish them even greater success for the future,” the Prime Minister said.

70% voting recorded in Naxal-affected areas AAP under govt scanner over foreign

rAiPUr, November 11 (iANS/PTi): Seventy per cent voting was recorded across 18 constituencies of Bastar and Rajnandgaon till 3 p.m. in the first phase of Assembly election in Chhattisgarh, where violence by Naxals who have called for a poll boycott left a CRPF jawan dead. Naxals ambushed a team of election personnel when they were returning after conclusion of polling in Katekalyan area of Dantewada district in south Chhattisgarh, killing Central Reserve Police Force jawan B Joseph of 186 battalion. Also, over ten bombs, including a 10 kg pipe bomb, were recovered and a policeman was injured in a bomb attack by Naxals since morning. “So far, around 70 per cent polling has been registered,” Joint Electoral Officer D D Singh told PTI. Amid tight security, polling in thirteen Naxal-affected constitu-

encies of Bastar and Rajnandgaon concluded at 3 p.m., while in other five constituencies of Rajnandgaon, it will conclude by 5 p.m. Voting, however, failed to start in two `hyper-sensitive’ polling booths -- Durgapur and Sitram -- in Kanker district as polling officials could not reach there owing to Naxal resistance. Ultras also looted EVM machines when a polling

bomb was recovered from Murkinar area of Bijapur district. Eight bombs were recovered in Mangnar area and two in Kuwakonda area of Dantewada district during de-mining. Tiffin bombs were recovered in Orcha area of Narayanpur district and a bomb in Kanker district, police sources said. A police personnel was injured when a ‘pressure

party was heading to their destination in Durgapur. Two polling booths in Panidobir area of Kanker were relocated to Gudabeda in Antagarh area due to Naxal threat. Rajendra Mahapatra, a presiding officer at Balinga polling booth of Kondagaon district, died of heart attack this morning, the official said. Another official was deputed there. A pipe

bomb’ set by Naxals exploded in Kanker. Encounters between security forces and Maoists were also reported near a few polling booths in Dantewada and Bijapur districts of south Chhattisgarh. A total of 143 candidates from 12 constituencies are in the fray in Bastar division and six constituencies of Rajnandgaon district, which together account for an elector-

New Delhi, November 11 (TNN): Stress and alcohol are the primary immediate triggers for stroke in Indian men but sexual activity could also set off the life-threatening condition, a cross-sectional survey of patients conducted by AIIMS has found. The survey, conducted on 290 stroke patients (210 men and 80 women) who visited the department of neurology from March 2012 to May 2013, showed that certain highrisk activities had triggered the stroke in 44% of them. Among men, this figure was higher at 48%. A ‘trigger’ is the immediate cause that precipitates a stroke while ‘risk factors’ are lifestyle and health conditions that increase the chances of having a stroke in the long run. “A small number of men, 5 out of 210 (2.4%), said they had sexual intercourse about two hours before the stroke,” said Dr Ashish Sharma, who led the study. Previous studies have shown that sex induces transient increases in heart rate, blood pressure and adrenaline levels which might put pressure on brain tissues, precipitating a haemorrhagic stroke or bleeding in susceptible men.

Dr Sharma said none of the women patients reported sexual activity prior to the stroke. “It is difficult to analyse the cause and effect of sexual activity in precipitating stroke because many patients may not share the exact details,” said another senior doctor. Stroke, a condition traditionally associated with old age, is increasingly affecting young and middleaged people. According to the study, trigger factors were mainly found in patients below 60 years of age. The presence of a trigger also made the stroke more severe, the study found. Of the 48% of men who reported certain triggers for their stroke, 19% said they were nervous, distressed or scared in the week preceding the stroke due to stressful events. Another 15% said they had more than four standard drinks in the 24 hours preceding the stroke or equal to 15 standard drinks in the week before the event. About 9% said they suffered from infection in the preceding days. Dr Kameshwar Prasad, professor and head of neurology department at AIIMS, said the findings could help predict when a stroke is most likely to occur in

susceptible individuals, such as diabetics and hypertensive patients. “The study could help us develop a comprehensive stroke prevention programme which may include anger and stress management. In case of clinical infections, aggressive treatment of infections can be adopted to check the onset of stroke,” said Dr Prasad. With increase in the number of stroke cases in the recent past, particularly among youngsters, the neurology division of the institute conducted a cross-sectional survey on stroke patients to identify high-risk activities which precipitate the life-threatening situation. A major new analysis from the Global and Regional Burden of Stroke in the 1990-2010 study, published in The Lancet, found there has been a sharp 25% increase in the number of stroke cases among people aged between 20 and 64 years over the past 20 years worldwide. Strokes in this age group now make up 31% of the total number of cases, compared to 25% before 1990. The overall amount of disability and illness and premature death caused by stroke is projected to be more than double worldwide by 2030.

funding, party says ready for probe

New Delhi, November 11 (AgeNcieS): Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde on Monday said that an enquiry has been ordered into complains regarding sources of foreign funding received by Arvind Kejriwal-led, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). “Complaints have come to me. We are probing the matter. ...From where the funds are coming, from which country, what is the source etc. We are trying to find out all these,” Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde told reporters here in response to a question on alleged foreign funding of AAP. The Home Minister, however, said such a probe takes time and indicated

that the outcome of the investigation may not come before the Delhi Assembly polls scheduled for December 4. Shinde said that the government was also probing complains that AAP was receiving funds in violation of (Foreign Contribution Regulation Act) FCRA, reports said. Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit had on Sunday questioned the source of funding of Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP - a party whose main election plank is to check corruption. “Where do you (AAP) get all the money from. You can call me a liar or I can call you a thief. But is there any proof to say that I am a liar? Is there any proof to say

that you are a thief. Just by pointing fingers you cannot make somebody corrupt. Everybody is living in glass houses,” Dikshit said. AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal rebutted claims of any wrongdoing in gathering funds and said, They can investigate, but with us they must also investigate BJP and Congress. ÄAP leader Manish Sisodia spoke to scribes claiming that the party had not violated any norms and was open to scrutiny. “The sources of the party’s funds had been highlighted on the party’s Web portal,” Sisodia said and alleged that the so-called probe was a part of political vendetta.

bANgAlore, November 11 (iANS): An NGO fighting for shared parenting in case of divorce or separation Monday demanded a separate union ministry for child development as they constitute more than 40 percent of the population. “For the over-all development of children, an independent ministry for them is must,” founder and president of Child Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting (CRISP) Kumar V. Jahgirdar told IANS ahead of ChilAn Indian man carries a sack full of turnips at a market on the outskirts of Jammu, India, dren’s Day Nov 14. Noting that the ProtecMonday, Nov. 11. The Indian rupee Monday continued its slide for the fourth day against the American currency following strong dollar demand from importers and a lower open- tion of Children from Sexual ing in the domestic equity market. (AP Photo) Offences Act 2012 lays down

stringent punishment for offences like sexual assault, sexual harassment and pornography, he said public awareness about the statute needs to be improved. The act defines a child as anyone below the age of 18 years and protects them from physical offences. It provides for punishment ranging from simple to rigorous imprisonment. “Now we have the act in place but the common man is not aware about it. To make the public aware all government offices and police stations should put up posters about the punishment for child abuse,” said Jahgirdar.

PATNA, November 11 (PTi): Slamming Narendra Modi for his charge of ‘criminal negligence of security’ at his rally, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Monday dubbed his Gujarat counterpart as an “expert in cultivation of falsehood” and said terrorists in a way helped BJP in its “otherwise flop” rally. “The incidence of serial blasts at the rally in Patna was most condemnable... But terrorists in a way helped BJP, otherwise its rally at Patna was flop in terms of size of crowd,” he told reporters. “Had the blast not happened, everybody would have talked about the thin

hyanand and Chief Secretary A K Sinha.” Kumar said he went to Patna Medical College and Hospital and also the venue of the blasts in the night ignoring security warning. Referring to the twoday JD(U) convention at Rajgir on October 28-29, he said he reached Rajgir during the second half of the convention after taking stock of the situation and giving necessary instructions to officials. On Narendra Modi’s accusation of ‘feast’ at the convention, he said, “The party has neither the aukat (potential) nor the sanskar (culture) of hosting feasts at party functions.”

ChhattIsGarh Polls

Stress, booze worst stroke triggers in Indian men

ate of 29,33,200, in the first of the two-phase polls to the 90-member Assembly. Maximum number of candidates have been fielded in Rajnandgaon and Jagdalpur (14 each). The fate of Chief Minister Raman Singh, who is hoping for a hat—trick this time, and three of his ministers -- Kedar Kashyap, Lata Usendi and Vikram Usendi -would be decided in today’s polling. Singh is contesting from Rajnandgaon. In some places, relatives of victims of Naxal attack on Congress convoy in Jiram valley are in the fray. Of the total 4,142 polling booths set up for the first phase, 1,517 are deemed `sensitive’ while 1,311 are deemed `hyper-sensitive’ Last time, of the 18 seats, BJP had won 15 while Congress had won three. The remaining 72 constituencies, including Bilaspur and state-capital Raipur, would go to polls on November 19.

NGO demands separate ministry for children

Modi expert in cultivation of falsehood: Nitish attendance at the Hoonkar rally for which BJP leaders had claimed it would be unprecedented in terms of size,” Kumar said after the ‘Janata Ke Darbar me Mukhya Mantri’ programme. He was reacting to Modi’s barbs against him during a poll campaign in Chhattisgarh last week. The BJP’s prime ministerial candidate had said that while blasts were taking place in his rally here, the ‘insensitive’ Bihar chief minister was ‘feasting’ at the JD(U) convention at Rajgir. “He has again gone wrong. I had cancelled my scheduled programme at Munger on October 27 to

attend an international yoga convention and had proceeded to Rajgir from there. It’s on record, anybody can check,” Kumar said without naming Modi. Hitting out at BJP for accusing him and Bihar government for security lapses which caused blasts at the rally, he denied the charge and said by repeating it they were following Hitler’s advice that if a falsehood is repeated it becomes the truth. He accused Modi of being an expert in ‘jhooth ki kheti’ (cultivation of falsehood). Taking a potshot at BJP, Kumar said, “The rally was a flop in terms of size of crowd as half the Gandhi

maidan was empty.” In terms of deployment of security forces, BJP’s October 27 rally had been given maximum protection among such political functions at Gandhi Maidan so far, he said. On Modi pointing fingers at him for not supervising the security arrangements for the rally, Kumar said, “Does a chief minister look at deployment of security personnel? Isn’t it a duty of the police force?” “Immediately after getting information about the first blast at a toilet in Patna railway station I left all the work and kept taking stock of minute to minute situation along with state police chief Ab-


The Morung Express

Tuesday 12 November 2013



In devastated Philippine city, anger grows, aid elusive TACLOBAN, NOvemBer 11 (reuTers): Hung outside a shattered church in the Philippine coastal city of Tacloban, on a road flanked with uncollected corpses and canyons of debris, is a handwritten sign. It read, “We need help!” Relief supplies are pouring into Tacloban three days after Typhoon Haiyan, one of the most powerful storms ever recorded, turned this once-vibrant port city of 220,000 into a corpsechoked wasteland. Tacloban city administrator Tecson Juan Lim says the death toll in this city alone “could go up to 10,000.” At least a dozen U.S. and Philippines military cargo planes arrived on Monday, with the Philippine air force saying it had flown in about 60,000 kg (66 tons) of relief supplies since Saturday. But the demand is huge and the supplies aren’t reaching those who need it most. “People are roaming around the city, looking for food and water,” said Christopher Pedrosa, a government aid worker. Aid trucks from the airport struggle to enter the city because of the stream of people and vehicles leaving it. On motorbikes,

trucks or by foot, people clog the road to the airport, clutching scarves to their faces to blot out the dust and stench of bodies. Hundreds have already left on cargo planes to the capital, Manila, or the second-biggest city of Cebu, with many more sleeping rough overnight at the wrecked airport in the hope of boarding flights in the coming days. Reuters journalists travelled on a government aid truck which took five hours to pick up 600 bags of rice, tinned goods and milk from the airport and take it to a distribution point at City Hall. Thousands more bags were left at the airport because the truck wasn’t big enough, said officials. Pedrosa, the government aid worker, said security concerns prevented supplies from being handed out after dark. “There might be a stampede,” he said. The aid truck was guarded by soldiers toting assault rifles. “It’s risky,” said Jewel Ray Marcia, a Philippine army lieutenant who led the unit. “People are angry. They are going out of their minds.”

ter was impossible to find. Officials were warning residents not to drink water from wells, which were likely polluted. But there is another reason the looting had abated. “There is nothing left to loot,” said Pedrosa.

Survivors stand outside their damaged house at typhoon-hit Tacloban city, Leyte province central Philippines on Monday, November 11. Typhoon-ravaged Philippine islands faced an unimaginably huge recovery effort that had barely begun Monday, as bloated bodies lay uncollected and uncounted in the streets and survivors pleaded for food, water and medicine. (AP Photo/Aaron Favila)

ress, Beauty and Love”. But Typhoon Haiyan, known locally as Yolanda, has turned that on its head, as desperation and anger grow. Residents wait with increasing “NOTHING LEFT TO LOOT” impatience for a trickle of The official slogan of aid to become a torrent. Tacloban is “A City of ProgEarlier on Monday,

said Pedrosa, soldiers fired warning shots into the air to stop people stealing fuel from a petrol station. A heavier presence of soldiers and police on the debris-choked streets has stopped most looting, at least for now. People were

still emptying one warehouse of rice and loading it onto carts and motorcycles. No police or soldiers stopped them. A handwritten sign pinned to a makeshift police checkpoint near a looted department store

warned of an 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew. Reuters was unable to confirm whether the curfew was observed or enforced. Also cleared out is a bottling factory for beer and soft drinks. In some areas, Coca-Cola was handed out free while drinking wa-

“THERE IS NOTHING HERE” Officials attribute the high death toll to the many people who stayed behind to protect their property and were swept away in a storm surge of water and lacerating debris. One of them was Marivel Saraza, 39, who moved her six children further inland before Haiyan struck, but stayed behind to look after her home only a stone’s throw from the sea. She ended up battling through chest-high water to reach higher ground, while the storm surge destroyed her two-story concrete home. “My house just dissolved in the water,” she said. Saraza now struggles to feed her children. The government gave her 2 kg (4.4 lb) of rice and a single can of sardines - barely enough for one family meal - so her husband was foraging for fruit further inland. But trees have been combed flat by the force of the wind and rice fields inundated with salt water.

Haiyan struck with a force strong enough to drown hundreds of people in a storm surge and send cars and shipping containers tumbling through neighbourhoods. All that’s left of the main airport building is a carcass of twisted metal. The sea has yet to retreat from some neighbourhoods and the streets are flooded. The bay is littered with half-submerged cars. Some people are making shelters from what the water has left of their broken homes. Others, unable to find any flat ground amid the ruins, sleep on sodden mattresses on their roofs. Some 5,000 people sheltered in a stadium. The streets empty at night, the ruins lit here and there by cooking fires, or scoped by the powerful lights of passing army trucks. Rusty Lacambra, 42, is joining the exodus along with his wife, two sons and niece. On Monday night he hitched a lift in an army truck bound for the airport to wait with hundreds of others hoping for a free flight on a cargo plane to Manila. “My house is destroyed,” he said. “Even if you have money there is no food to buy. There is nothing here.”

Here’s tHe difference ‘Cambodia has sovereignty on temple land’

Hurricane? Cyclone? Typhoon? Seth Borenstein AP Science Writer HURRICANE? CYCLONE? TYPHOON? They're all the same, officially tropical cyclones. But they just use distinctive terms for a storm in different parts of the world. Hurricane is used in the Atlantic, Caribbean Sea, central and northeast Pacific. They are typhoons in the northwest Pacific. In the Bay of Bengal and the Arabia Sea, they are called cyclones. Tropical cyclone is used in the southwest India Ocean; in the southwestern Pacific and southeastern India Ocean they are severe tropical cyclones.

STRENGTH: A storm gets a name and is considered a tropical storm at 39 mph (63 kph). It becomes a hurricane, typhoon, tropical cyclone, or cyclone at 74 mph (119 kph). There are five strength categories, depending on wind speed. The highest category is 5 and that's above 155 mph (249 kph). Australia has a different system for categorizing storm strength.

south Pacific and Australia runs from November to April. The Bay of Bengal has two seasons April to June and September to November.

WHERE IS THE BUSIEST PLACE? The northwestern Pacific where Typhoon Haiyan has just hit. A normal year there involves 27 named storms. Haiyan is the 28th named storm and there has already been a 29th. By comparison the Atlantic averages 11 named storms a year and this year there have been 12, none of them causing major problems. WHO DECIDES THE NAMES? The lists are maintained by the World Meteorological Organization; the names are ones that are familiar in each region. Names are taken off the list and replaced to avoid confusion if a hurricane causes a lot of damage or deaths. For example, Katrina was retired after it devastated New Orleans in 2005. The Philippines has its own naming system, so Typhoon Haiyan is also being called Yolanda.

HOW DOES EL NINO AFFECT STORMS? ROTATION: During an El Nino — when the cenIf they are north of the equator they tral Pacific is warming — there are fewrotate clockwise. If they are south, they er Atlantic storms. El Ninos shift where rotate counter-clockwise. storms form, but not the number, for the northwest Pacific and the southwest SEASON: The Atlantic and central Pacific hur- Pacific. The central Pacific gets more ricane seasons are June 1 through Nov. storms during El Nino and the year after. 30. Eastern Pacific: May 15 to Nov. 30; This year has neither an El Nino nor its northwestern Pacific season is close opposite, a La Nina. It is a neutral year. SOURCES: World Meteorological Organization, to all year, with the most from May to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Weather Underground. November. The cyclone season in the

THe HAGue, NO vemBer 11 (AP): The United Nations' highest court ruled Monday that Cambodia has sovereignty over a disputed promontory around a 1,000-year-old temple, in the latest attempt to settle a long-simmering border dispute between Cambodia and Thailand. In a unanimous decision, the International Court of Justice said that a 1962 ruling by its judges gave Cambodia sovereignty over the Preah Vihear promontory and said Thailand was therefore "under an obligation to withdraw from that territory the Thai military or police forces or other guards or keepers that were stationed there." Asked for his initial reaction to the ruling, Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Hor Namhong told reporters at the court, "It's good enough." The court granted Cambodia sovereignty over the temple in 1962 and said Thai forces were obliged to withdraw from the temple "or in its vicinity on Cambodian territory." Cambodia went back to the court in 2011, following several

Demonstrators hold up placards reading “Except little of the United Nations’ highest court” during rally in Bangkok on Monday, November 11. The U.N. highest court ruled Monday that Cambodia has sovereignty over a disputed promontory around a 1,000-year-old temple, in the latest attempt to settle a long-simmering border dispute between Cambodia and Thailand. (AP Photo/Sakchai Lalit)

clashes between its army and Thai forces to ask exactly what judges meant by "vicinity" in 1962. The court did not draw any new maps, but said the promontory is bordered by steep slopes on most sides and to the north a border line drawn up in 1907 by a commission of French offi-

cials. Thai Foreign Minister Surapong Tovichakchaikul said the verdict included "satisfactory results to both sides," adding the two neighbors will work together to implement it. Thailand's ambassador to the Netherlands, Virachai Plasai, said Cambodia didn't get all it wanted from

and from smoking water pipes, but these rules have not always been enforced. Earlier this year, the Hamas government barred girls and women from participating in a U.N.-sponsored marathon, prompting a U.N. aid agency to cancel the race. At the same time, women are permitted to work, drive and hold public office, with one female minister and six female deputy ministers serving in the Hamas government. Some 20 per cent of public servants working for Hamas are women. Almodallal asserts that women in Gaza are finding their way into politics, medicine, education and media. "Every day, women's footsteps can be seen advancing more in society," she said. Almodallal takes a slightly different line than many Hamas spokesmen. She refers to "Israel" rather than the "Zionist entity." And she does not consider herself a Hamas loyalist, saying she would be equally willing to work as spokeswoman for the rival Palestinian government in the West Bank. But she does believe — in line with the Hamas position — that the Palestin-

ians should control all of historic Palestine, or the land between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River, including what is now Israel. She speaks primarily about Gaza government affairs: education and social programs or the Israeli blockade of the territory. She will not discuss Hamas suicide bombings and other attacks, which have killed hundreds of Israelis over the years. Not will she be handling the sensitive reconciliation attempts with the rival Palestinian government in the West Bank. Spokesmen for the Hamas movement, as opposed to the Gaza government, deal with those subjects. "I am not Hamas. I am a Palestinian activist who loves her country," Almodallal said. When asked her opinion on Hamas' history of suicide bombings against Israelis, she did not answer directly but said Israel's unfair media coverage had given Hamas a bad reputation. "This is because of the Israeli media, which is a smart media. They change the truth and show the opposite picture of Palestine and the Palestinians," she said.

the court, saying judges only delimited "small areas" around the temple. Close to the border, Cambodian national Mann Vanna, 55, said she was happy with the decision. "This ruling I hope will end the long dispute between Cambodia and Thailand, and that the Thais will

respect this verdict," he said, his eyes filling with tears. "This ruling will end the black blood that has flowed from the people of both countries. Thailand has to respect it." Soldiers from both countries were near the temple over the weekend ahead of the announcement of the judgment at the court's headquarters in The Hague. Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra said in a statement over the weekend that Thailand and Cambodia have to work together to maintain good relations, regardless of the outcome. But villagers close to the temple feared that the ruling could trigger new military clashes. In Srah Kdol, a Cambodian village about 20 kilometers (12 miles) from the temple, several families had left ahead of the verdict and others had dug or were in the process of digging bunkers. Prak Samouch, 45, said she had packed and was ready to leave if there was fighting. "I'm not scared, because I'm used to it," she said, adding that she last had to leave due to fighting about three years ago.

Conservative Hamas appoints first spokeswoman North Korea ‘publicly GAZA CITY, NOvemBer 11 (AP): The Hamas government of the Gaza Strip has for the first time appointed a woman to represent it to the world. The hiring of Isra Almodallal as a spokeswoman for the territory's conservative Islamist rulers is part of a long-running push by the group, which has at times sought to curb women's freedoms, to present a newer friendlier face both to its own citizens and internationally. Almodallal, a 23-yearold who speaks fluent British-accented English, has assumed a post normally held by tough-talking men who voice Hamas' bitter opposition to Israel. She will be responsible for the Gaza government's communications with the international media. "We are looking forward to having a different and unique language," said Almodallal in an interview in her Gaza City office, on her first week in the job. "We will make the issues more human." The change in policy began six months ago when a new head of the government media department, Ihab Ghussein, took over. He hired younger media people, started a new of-

ficial government website, began rampant use of social media and started conducting seminars and workshops. Ghussein said he appointed Almodallal in an effort "to be more open to the West." He said many women were among the dozens of applicants considered for the position. "Women are partners in our society," Ghussein said. Almodallal, a divorced mother of a fouryear-old girl, does not have her roots in the Hamas movement. Unlike many other Hamas officials, her office does not bear a photo of Gaza's Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh. She keeps a book on American history there, alongside the Quran. She was raised in Gaza and spent five years in Britain as a teenager, studying at Grange Technology College, a high school in Bradford in the U.K. Upon returning to Gaza, she studied journalism at the Islamic University, and worked as a TV reporter for a local station and an Englishlanguage satellite channel, which she said taught her how to present herself on camera. Her appointment is the latest step by Hamas to manage its image. "Hamas, as any other

In this Wednesday, November 6, 2013 photo, Isra Almodallal, 23, the first woman to be appointed as a spokesperson for Hamas, the conservative Islamist group that rules the Gaza Strip, speaks during an interview at Hamas information ministry in Gaza City. (AP Photo/Adel Hana)

government in the world, want others to listen and believe in them," said Moean Hassan, a lecturer in media at Gaza's Palestine University. Since the group overran the territory in 2007, it has cautiously attempted to enforce its deeply conservative version of Islam and has at times placed some restrictions on women's behavior. But it has refrained from passing sweeping Islam-

ic legislation, apparently fearing a public backlash, despite criticisms form ultraconservatives who say it is not implementing Islamic law quickly enough. Under Hamas, there has been mounting social pressure on women to cover up in the traditional Islamic dress of long robes and headscarves. The Hamas government has also banned them from riding on the backs of motorbikes

executes 80 people’

seOuL, NOvemBer 11 (AFP): North Korea publicly executed around 80 people earlier this month, many for watching smuggled South Korean TV shows, a South Korean newspaper reported Monday. The conservative JoongAng Ilbo cited a single, unidentified source, but at least one North Korean defector group said it had heard rumours that lent credibility to the front-page report. The source, said to be "familiar" with the North's internal affairs and recently returned from the country, said the executions were carried out in seven cities on November 3. In the eastern port of Wonsan, the authorities gathered 10,000 people in a sports stadium to watch the execution of eight people by firing squad, the source quoted one eyewitness as saying. Most were charged with watching illicit South Korean TV dramas, and some with prostitution. Several of the cities, including Wonsan and Pyongsong in the west, have been designated as special economic zones

aimed at attracting foreign investment to boost the North's moribund economy. The Seoul-based news website, Daily NK, which is run by North Korean defectors and has a wide network of sources, said it had no information on the executions. But another defector-run website, North Korea Intellectual Solidarity, said its sources had reported several months ago on plans for a wave of public executions. "The regime is obviously afraid of potential changes in people's mindsets and is pre-emptively trying to scare people off," said one website official. Watching unsanctioned foreign films or TV -- especially those from the capitalist South -is a serious offence in North Korea. However, efforts to control their distribution have been circumvented by technology, with an increasing number being smuggled in on DVDs, flash drives and mp3 players. As well as South Korean soap operas, US shows like Desperate Housewives are believed to have a small but avid following.

10 Anand-Carlsen duel fires up chess fervour in India Dimapur


12 November 2013

Defending champion India’s Viswanathan Anand, left, makes a move against Norway’s Magnus Carlsen during the first game of the World Chess Championship in Chennai, India, Saturday, Nov. 9. The game ended in a draw. (AP Photo)

CHENNAI, NOvEmBER 11 (REutERs): As India's Vishwanathan Anand squared off against Norway's Magnus Carlsen to defend his title as world chess champion, 11-yearold Shyamsundar and his 9-year-old sister Padmapratibha unfolded their cloth chess boards and sat cross-legged in the lobby of the hotel where the grandmasters were playing. Their mother, B. Tamilarasi, travelled with them 450 km (280 miles) from Madurai to Chennai, allowing them to miss school to watch the Anand-Carlsen matches and take part in chess games throughout the two-week event. "When I watched the inaugural ceremony for the World Chess Championship, I dared to think that they too could eye the world championship crown some day," she said. With India having overtaken France as the nation

with the most players rated by the World Chess Federation, the country that invented the predecessor of the strategic game is finally proving to be a hotbed of chess talent. The enthusiasm for chess ignited by Anand in the 1980s is now a fervour as India hosts the world championship this year. Anand and Carlsen are playing a total of 12 games through to November 26 on a glass-encased, soundproof stage at a five-star hotel in Chennai on India's southeast coast. Their first two matches, on Saturday and Sunday, ended in draws. Just 22, Carlsen is considered the favourite after beating Anand in their last encounter in June. Anand, 43, is unperturbed. "Whether someone thinks you are a favourite or not and what percentage, I don't know what you can do with that information anyway," Anand told a

news conference last week. A household name in India, Anand is widely credited with firing up the nation's passion for chess more than two decades ago with his world junior tournament victory in 1987 and his world championship wins starting in 2000.

mumBAI, NOvEmBER 11 (PtI): Continuing with the felicitations lined up for the retiring Sachin Tendulkar, the Mumbai Cricket Association on Monday honoured the iconic Indian batsman ahead of his 200th and final Test by naming its Kandivili Ground after him in the presence of host political bigwigs. The 40-year-old veteran, who would be retiring after the second and final Test against the West Indies in Mumbai from Thursday, was given a fresh round of applause by the MCA ahead of what is turning out to be an epic curtain call. “I appreciate not just this evening but the last 24 years,” said a beaming Tendulkar when he took the stage amid loud cheering and applause by the attendees, including his teammates and visiting West Indian team. “It felt special to read my name on the entry of the (MCA) club. It feels good as I am not used to it. I didn’t expect this. It was a humble experience. I thank MCA for this kind gesture,” he said, referring to the renamed Sachin Tendulkar

Gymkhana Club. Tendulkar used the occasion to express his gratitude towards MCA for making its facilities available to him whenever he asked for it. “I want to thank the MCA for making the nets available for me at any time I wanted. I just needed to make a phone call to get it,” he said. The Mumbaikar did not dwell much on his cricketing career which has spanned an incredible 24 years. “I had the right pitches, the right wickets to prepare myself. To play for India has been truly memorable, I think every step was different and every tour required different preparations,” he said. Tendulkar said facilities like those available at the MCA would help groom a younger generation of sporting icons. “To continue to build a sporting culture in our nation is very important. That can happen with right guidance, coaching and right facilities. All this should be there for the coming generation,” he said. “I think it (MCA) is a great platform for the next generation to

make use of,” he added. MCA’s newly-elected president Sharad Pawar said Tendulkar would continue to inspire millions even after retirement. “Sachin has been a precious jewel of the MCA. We are honoured to have a player like him. He has outstanding achievements in both Test and One-day cricket. He has been a great ambassador for not only the game of cricket but also for sporting community and a great role model for the youngsters to follow,” he said. “We will miss the Sachin, Sachin chant at the stadium. We thank him for giving so many pleasurable moments to the entire country for the last 24 years,” he added. State Chief Minister Prithvi Raj Chavan echoed MCA president’s sentiment. “Sachin is one of the greatest Indian, a great sportsperson and a great hero. He has given India years and years of sporting pleasure. He is admired not only here but all over the world. We all rejoice his success. I am sure Test cricket will miss him,” he said.

"INTELLECTUAL VOLTAGE" Indian states including Tamil Nadu and Gujarat have made chess part of the school syllabus and countless clubs are cropping up. Anand's key sponsor, software services firm NIIT Technologies Ltd, runs a programme to introduce chess in more than 2,000 schools. "The World Chess Championship has charged the country with intellectual voltage and I am getting double the number of calls I would get for enrolment every month," said Manual Aaron, 78, who runs a chess tutoring centre in Chennai.


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Barca loses Messi but cruises to victory

BARCELONA, NOvEmBER 11 (AP): Barcelona lost Lionel Messi to another leg injury but still had more than enough firepower to win 4-1 at struggling Real Betis and capitalize on a stumble by title rival Atletico Madrid on Sunday. Things looked grim for the defending champions when Messi suffered his third leg injury of the season and asked to be substituted in the 21st minute, as Barcelona came under pressure. But Cesc Fabregas stepped in by scoring two goals and making another in a convincing victory before he was replaced late in the match due to pain in his right knee. "We started without any intensity and they were rolling over us for the first 20-25 minutes," Fabregas said. "But then we had a good 20 minutes before dominating in the second half." Fabregas, who has started nine of Barca's 13 league matches and appeared particularly put out at not being chosen to start Wednesday's Champions League win over AC Milan, made it clear he wants to prove his worth to coach Gerard Martino. "I know the starting 11 that my coach has in his head and that I am not in it," Fabregas said. "I will work as much as I can to erase any doubts." Barcelona said Messi and Fabregas would undergo tests on Monday to determine the extent of their injuries. Goalkeeper Victor Valdes made two superb saves to deny Jorge Molina before Fabregas set up Neymar for Barcelona's 35th-minute opener. Pedro Rodriguez made it 2-0 two minutes later with a solo effort that left Betis' defense in tatters,

Barcelona's Lionel Messi from Argentina, left, and Betis' Antonio Caro, right, fight for the ball during their La Liga soccer match at the Benito Villamarin stadium, in Seville, Spain, Sunday, Nov. 10. (AP Photo)

and Fabregas finished off the scoring for Barcelona in the 63rd and the 79th. Barcelona's 12th win in 13 rounds kept it undefeated and lifted it three points clear of secondplace Atletico after it was held to a 1-1 draw at Villarreal earlier. Messi, who appeared to be back to his old self after scoring a double on Wednesday against AC Milan in the Champions League, hurt a muscle in his left thigh while sprinting and was replaced by Andres Iniesta. "No doubt we will have to talk to Leo so that this third injury doesn't worry him and affect him mentally," Barcelona coach Gerar-

do Martino said. Last-place Betis had already tested Valdes by the time Messi went off, but the Spain goalie continued his excellent season by denying Molina one-one-one, and moments later leaping to turn away the striker's header at the far post. Having regrouped after losing Messi, Alex Song met Fabregas' run with a weighted pass that left him free to cross for the unmarked Neymar, who scored his fourth league goal of the season. Pedro then raced onto a high ball in midfield, knocked it beyond Betis' last line of defense, and collected it before looping a shot beyond

goalkeeper Guillermo Sara. Betis' Joan Verdu went close and Jose "Nono" Delgado hit the woodwork as the hosts tried to react after halftime. But coach Pepe Mel's insistence on pushing his defensive line up the pitch proved fatal. Neymar had threatened twice on the break before Iniesta lobbed the ball wide to Martin Montoya, who had three Barcelona players to cross to in the area against one Betis defender. Montoya chose Fabregas to tap in his first goal before the former Arsenal midfielder nodded Dani Alves' pass off the turf and the upright before it trickled over the goalline. Three

minutes later, Fabregas left the match. "We tried to make long passes behind their defense to look for the open spaces they were leaving, and I think we took full advantage of them," said Pedro. Molina finally beat Valdes from the penalty spot for Betis' consolation goal in stoppage time after Dani Alves fouled Javier Matilla in the box. Atletico went ahead just two minutes into the match at El Madrigal Stadium when Juanfran Torres broke free on the right flank and swung in a cross that defender Mario Perez turned into his own net while trying to fend off Jorge "Koke" Resurreccion.

19 million hits in first hour sent ticket website for a toss

HYDERABAD, NO vEmBER 11 (tNN): She is bold, beautiful and took the glam quotient in tennis up by a few notches. Hyderabad's own tennis sensation Sania Mirza is all set to don a new avatar to boost morale of women, particularly information technology (IT) professionals, working in the Madhapur-Gachibowli IT corridor. After the infamous abduction and rape of a 22-year-old techie, Cyberabad police have reportedly roped in the tennis star to feature in a short film. Apart from the techie case, two more minors were raped in the Cyberabad commissionerate limits in the last fortnight. Sources in the Cyberabad police said the short film, being made by police in coordination with some IT companies, would also feature a few Tollywood actors. The film would spell out 'Dos and Don'ts' for women if someone misbehaves or takes them for a ride. It will also reveal the measures to be taken to have safe transport and the way to avoid getting into trouble. The film would be screened at theatres,

IT companies and other media channels. When contacted, Cyberabad commissioner CV Anand was extremely guarded about the role of Sania Mirza and only said production work was on. "At this juncture, I cannot tell you as the production work is going on and it is a matter of a few days before it will be complete and ready for launch,'' Anand said. It is not clear whether the popular personalities likely to feature in the short film are doing it as their bit for social responsibility or for a price. However, the fact is that an additional deputy commissioner of policerank woman officer has been assigned the task of making the film and a team of police officials and IT employees were busy making the film using jargon like 'Action' and 'Cut'. The short film is likely to have graphics with a mix of drama. Deloitte employees are giving technical support to police in making of documentary. "A team of police and Deloitte employees are working on this audio video movie,'' Cyberabad Security Council secretary V Srinivas Prasad told TOI.

MCA honours sAChin TendulkAr

Online ticket website crashed as fans seeking tickets for Sachin Tendulkar's 200th and final Test match were left in the lurch on Monday. Only 6000 tickets in the 32,000-capacity Wankhede Stadium are available to the public mumBAI, NOvEmBER 11 (AgENCIEs): India's 'internet' generation were left in the lurch when the website selling tickets for Sachin Tendulkar's 200th and final Test at the Wankhede Stadium from November 14 crashed in the very first hour when sales went online at 11 am on Monday. The website was unable to respond to the massive online requests and according to its owner Neetu Bhatia, the site got 19 million hits for a paltry 6000 tickets available for the public. Attempts to open the site during the afternoon did not prove successful as well. Till late on Monday evening, the website was slow and Bhatia told NDTV the problem will be fixed "in a

couple of hours." Fans can only buy tickets online. is the official ticket partner for the second India versus West Indies Test in Mumbai from November 14. Apart from digital concerns, there was chaos at the Mumbai Cricket Association office at the Wankhede Stadium today as well as over 5000 fans gathered to purchase tickets. Fans began creating a commotion when they were told that tickets would only be sold online. However, the crowd was disbursed after police used force. Fans had come from all across Maharashtra and neighbouring states as well. Kolhapur's Narayan Dev Gautam was one of the thousands of fans who have travelled to Mumbai

to buy a ticket. "I've come from Kolhapur, and I have been waiting since yesterday morning, I haven't had anything to eat so far. We were told the ticket counters here (at Wankhede Stadium) would open at 8:30 am, but nothing of that sort happened. I have come only to watch Sachin, I wanted only two tickets", Narayan told NDTV. MCA had earlier issued a statement that the online ticket sales for Tendulkar's 200th Test in Mumbai would start from Monday. Around 3,000 tickets will be available for sale, excluding the 1,500 special tickets priced at Rs 10,000. The price category for the online sale is -- Rs 500, Rs 1,000 and Rs 2,500. The Wankhede has the capacity to seat 32,000 people.

Sania Mirza's film to boost morale of women techies

Federer walks off into shadows with clock ticking

LONDON, NOvEmBER 11 (REutERs): Roger Federer slid his racket into his bag and walked off into the shadows of London's o2 Arena on Sunday as his leanest season since 2001 came to a rather predictable end at the hands of Rafa Nadal. The 32-year-old's 7-5 6-3 defeat in the semi-finals of the ATP World Tour Finals ended his hopes of winning the title for a seventh time and with his ranking now on the slide there is no telling if he will ever return at the season-ender. Federer, who has spent a record 302 weeks as world No.1 during his glittering career, preferred to look at the positives after his 22nd career defeat by Nadal. The Swiss 17-times grand slam champion pointed to his strong finish to a disappointing year, with a final in Basel followed by a semi-final run at the Paris Masters and wins over world No.5 Juan Martin del Potro and Richard Gasquet in London. He also pushed Novak Djokovic hard in Paris where he was a set and a break up and also here this week while on Sunday against Nadal he matched the

Spaniard for the first 10 games. The statistics are beginning to stack up against him, however, and inevitable questions are being raised about Federer's prospects for 2014. His one title this year was on grass at Halle. At Wimbledon, as defending champion, his proud record of reaching at least the quarter-finals at 36 consecutive grand slams ended in the second round, almost unthinkably, against 116th ranked Sergiy Stakhovsky. In between there was a brief experimentation with a larger racket and further humbling losses to the likes of Federico Delbonis in Hamburg and Daniel Brands in Gstad, players he once swatted away in his sleep. The grind of the Tour has also taken its toll on his body with the Swiss suffering a back injury before the U.S. Open. Having split with coach Paul Annacone in October Federer, who slipped outside world's top-four for the first time since in 10 years in July, was by no means guaranteed his place in the Tour Finals for a 12th consecutive year until his late return to form on indoor courts. Feder-

er's game scaled the heights at times in London, if only in brief bursts. The majestic forehands and backhands are still there, the backhand slice still fizzes low and the accuracy of his serve still earns him plenty of cheap points. He still makes the game look ridiculously easy at times. Yet, just like golf great Tiger Woods, who still looks unbeatable on his good days, Federer is prone to more regular lapses of concentration, his shot selection can be questionable at key moments and the aura he once had has faded. He also looks a yard slower. "He hasn't been moving as well this year as he did the year before, and that's one of the reasons why he hasn't had much success this year," Djokovic said this week. Nadal defended Federer to the hilt on Sunday saying he is a "candidate" for the Australian Open next year. And Federer scoffs when asked what it is that makes him want to continue playing the sport. TENNIS DNA "It's pretty simple; this is what I used

to do as a little boy. It's something that always is there in your DNA," Federer said. "It's almost like I started walking at the same time I started playing tennis in some ways." Yet there is not quite the same conviction when Federer talks about his aims for next year. "Winning titles, winning five titles or something, I guess, something exciting, leaving the tournaments as winner," he said. "Rankings? if it's not world No. 1, then I'm not that interested, although it would be nice to stay in the top four, top eight, that kind of thing." Managing his schedule will be vital for Federer next year as he balances looking after his body with playing enough to regain the rhythm that has been so lacking this season. "I'm just going to play a full schedule. What that means, I don't know yet," he said. I just still have to decide what the goal is, then I'll just attack and try to play good tennis."

Roger Federer of Switzerland looks at his racquet as he plays Rafael Nadal of Spain in their ATP world Tour Finals tennis semifinal match at the O2 Arena on London, Sunday, Nov. 10. (AP Photo)


The Morung Express C M Y K

Tuesday 12 November 2013

‘Think long and hard before you get married’


11 C M Y K

Clint Eastwood offers bitter words of wisdom

ter the wedding of Alison Eastwood. In an odd turn of events, People Magazine reported that Dina herself was dating former high school flame and Erica's ex-husband Scott Fisher. acing an impend- change of mind at the time. seven other children from As of yet, neither the Easting divorce, Clint Citing irreconcilable six other women. woods nor the Fishers The couple were origi- have yet to comment on Eastwood is now differences in the petition, offering slightly Dina is requested full phys- nally married on March 31, the situation. Eastwood is sour advice to others who are about to walk down the aisle. When approached by a TMZ journalist requesting advice regarding marriage, the 83-year-old film icon had a few grizzled words of wisdom: 'Think long and hard before you get married,' said the former Dirty Harry. 'But you, don't look at me...I'm no expert,' added Eastwood as he was leaving. The Oscar-winner has a reason to be bitter though. Last month, his wife Dina filed for divorce from the actor after 17 years of marriage. According to reports, the couple have been living apart since June. Filed on Oct. 23, Dina began receiving negative and harsh criticism on Twitter, to which she replied: 'To ppl who attack (You KNOW who you are) me or others, you suffer from self-hatred so deep it'll destroy you. It's never too late to change!' haCh PATTON The move was a bit surprising, considering that It’s magical, powerful and awesome. Nathe 48-year-old former TV gas and their love for music are but a tapanchor had withdrawn sepestry. It is inherent to both the old and aration papers filed in Septhe young. It is inexplicably intense. I still tember, which is usually an remember one fine morning the guitar maestro, Ren Merry telling his music stuimplication of possible recdents at Patkai Christian College about the onciliation. The couple re- ical custody of the couple's Nagas love for music and its prospects. portedly separated in June, daughter, 16-year-old Mor- 1996. In his words. “I find that Nagas are inRecently, the extremewith the legal paperwork gan, but offers to share legal credibly talented in whatevercurrently they do. Butinaspost-producof now I can astion thethefilm Eastwood has filed on September. Howev- custody. The petition also ly-private sure you that, if we are to completeon with restadaptation of the world. the high Broadway through our music”. Thatof was circa 1994. Almost 20 muyears dating Erica Fisher. er, Dina withdrew the peti- requests spousal support. beenIts’ down the line he has said not been proven wrong. sical Jersey Boys, which is was tion two days later. No offi- Morgan is the only child of The relationship Naga musician have taken their inpassion 2014. for music all shortly af- due out cial reason was given for the the couple. Eastwood has to have began


An Opinion I

across the world and have made great impressions. Some mention can be made about the indomitable spirit of the Abiogenesis, Divine Connection, Alobo Naga, Neise Meruno, Nagaland Chamber Choir and the new teenage sensation the Polar Lights. Talk about Goa and Jamaica and you think of music and good times. So, Naga ‘musicos’. You have taken Nagaland to the world. Now, it is about time you bring the world to Nagaland and let them feel our love and passion for good music. Nagaland here we come. Tis the land of music and festivities.


Alobo Naga & The Band performing at the IGNCA Ground, Janpat Delhi on November 9, at the North East Festival. Performers from the North East India such as Zubeen Garg, Lou Majaw, Mami Varte, Mary Kom, Reuben Mashangva, Alobo Naga & the band and many more came together and shared the stage during the two day event. (Photo Credit: Mervyn Titus)


Damon earned a whopping $3 million for starring alongside George Clooney in a Nespresso ad — and it was only for 20 seconds! Damon bagged an impressive $150,000 per second he appears in the ad, which was produced for the UK market and directed by Grant Heslov, a producer and co-writer on his upcoming film The Monuments Men. “Matt is one of the few Hollywood stars to have turned down most ad and product-endorsement deals,” a source told New York Post gossip column Page Six. “But this one came with a huge fee and the fact that he’d be working with people he trusts, his Monuments Men producer Grant Heslov and costar George Clooney.” The source added that Clooney has a longstanding contract with Nespresso — he’s been the face of the Nestlé brand outside the United States since 2006, so his deal would have been handled differently.

Damon earns 3 million for 20 second ad


TOP: Ballet Students of hCe performing during the annual event. BOTTOM: hope Centre of excellence Symphony Orchestra performing during the school annual Event. It is one of the first Orchestra in Nagaland. PhOTOGRaPhS By BeTOKA SWu DGP Band performs during the grand finale of the 22nd Royal Gold Cup in Kohima on November 11. ( Morung Photo)

Miley Cyrus smokes a joint at MTV EMAs



he couldn't resist. Singer Miley Cyrus smoked a joint on stage and twerked with a dwarf during the MTV EMAs on Sunday. The 20-year old pop star also took home the Best Video award for her hit song "Wrecking Ball" during a show with a strong lineup of other performers including Eminem and Katy Perry. Cyrus opened the spacethemed show singing the song "We Can't Stop," while wearing a silver spandex suit and gyrating her buttocks in the move known as twerking in the general direction of her smaller female dance partner. To the delight of the crowd in Amsterdam's Ziggo Dome, Cyrus finished the number by sticking out her tongue, the same expression she flashed repeatedly during her eyebrow-raising appearance at MTV's Video Music Awards in New York in August. After winning the top award at the end of the show, she celebrated by demonstratively lighting up a large spliff and quickly taking a puff. Marijuana is not legal in the Netherlands, but smokers can't be prosecuted for possessing small amounts and it is sold openly in cafes known euphemistically as "coffee shops." Cyrus, who

long ago shed her image of innocence as the child star of "Hannah Montana," has made no secret of her appreciation of Amsterdam's attractions, arriving the Friday before the show and hanging out at the Greenhouse coffee shop downtown with several other stars. She also wore marijuana leaf emblems in her earphones during a live rendition of "Wrecking Ball" against the backdrop of a giant video screen of herself crying. The EMAs traditionally focus on global, rather than U.S. pop music acts, though there's a lot of overlap: winners included Bruno Mars, who grabbed Best Song for "Locked Out of Heaven," and Eminem both in the Best Hip Hop and Global Icon category. The "intergalactic"themed show is scheduled to be rebroadcast in the U.S. later Sunday. Another notable winner was Katy Perry for Best Female Artist. Perry, apparently caught by surprise at her win, spit out a sip of champagne and took the stage to thank her fans. During Perry's performance earlier, she hung suspended by wires as green lasers reflected off her mirrored outfit during a rendition of "Unconditional." Eminem, who has just released his first album

in several years, appeared to have lost none of his rapping skill as he performed "Rap God," spitting out words at a blistering pace. He was handed his Global Icon honor by "Anchorman" character "Ron Burgundy" (acwas born with Music inside me... tor WilliFerrell), who informed a young boy of eight months playing him that Dutch with hisDJinstruments. Afrojack had been insulting PhOTO By"Who?" - VeVOZO VeRO him behind his back. Eminem deadpanned.

PhOTOGRaPhS By MiReuyi HeRie

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ManU scores crucial victory over Arsenal 34th Nagaland police Manchester United's Robin van Persie, second right, scores against Arsenal during their English Premier League soccer match at Old Trafford Stadium, Manchester, England on Nov. 10. (AP Photo)

maNCheSTer, No vember 11 (aP): David Moyes has been waiting for a signature victory to kickstart his short, erratic tenure at Manchester United. Who better to get it against than the Premier League leaders? After falling short against title rivals Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City so far this season, United finally delivered when it really mattered by beating Arsenal 1-0 on Sunday thanks to Robin van Persie's 27th-minute goal against his former club. The reigning champions are back within sight of Arsenal in fifth place and on the march, unbeaten in nine games in all competitions. "I don't think it puts out

a statement," said Moyes, who has struggled under the pressure of succeeding Alex Ferguson at United. "I think people have known for years how good Manchester United have been. "My job and the team's job is to try to show we can do that again. We know we are going to get a few bloody noses along the way." Since leaving north London for Manchester in August last year for 24 million pounds (then $38 million), Van Persie has scored in all three games against Arsenal. Still unable to forgive the Netherlands striker, Arsenal's away contingent wasn't shy in expressing their feelings toward Van

Persie early in the game. The chants were crude and personal. Van Persie responded the only way he could — by scoring. Getting away from marker Olivier Giroud, he met Wayne Rooney's corner with a header that looped into the top corner. Van Persie scored for the fourth straight match in the league and for a seventh time this campaign, as he looks to become the Premier League's top scorer for a third season in a row. It was one of the few sights of goal in a cagey match in which Arsenal played well within itself, displaying an inferiority complex many thought had disappeared after its strong start to the

season. This was only its first defeat since the opening-day loss to Aston Villa. "I felt we were a bit nervous at the start of the game and didn't play our game and against a team like United who was nervous and a bit insecure, we gave them a little bit of comfort," said Wenger, who was without Per Mertesacker and Tomas Rosicky due to a virus that affected the squad during the days before the match. The Gunners were flat at the end of a week in which they beat Liverpool in the league and Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League. A win at Old Trafford would have put them 11 points clear of

United. Now, they are just five points ahead of Moyes' improving side. "We knew we had to win today at all costs," Rooney said. "That was the toughest we've been to break down and we defended really well. We knew we could not afford to lose today, we couldn't let Arsenal get 11 points away from us." With Rooney often to the fore, United hounded the visitors into sloppy errors early on and kept playmaker Mesut Ozil on the periphery. Arsenal's only half-chance fell to Giroud, and he headed over from the edge of the area from Aaron Ramsey's cross. The Londoners were given a lift at halftime, however, with United center back Nemanja Vidic not coming out for the second half after being clattered in the head by the hip of his goalkeeper, David de Gea, in the final seconds of the first half. Vidic was taken to a hospital but Moyes said the Serbian defender was conscious, adding: "As far as we know, he's going to be OK." Phil Jones, who had been shielding the defense brilliantly in central midfield, dropped into the backline and Arsenal's silky midfielders finally had some space to perform. United initially remained in the ascendancy, with Rooney dragging a leftfoot shot just wide from the edge of the area on the hour mark.

sports Meet 2013 ‘SpoRtS KNowS No boUNdS’

A section of the participating units during the opening ceremony of the 34th Nagaland PoliceDuty-cum-Sports & Athletic Meet 2013 at the NAPTC, Chumukedima, Dimapur on November 11. (Inset) Home Minister, G. Kaito Aye.

DimaPUr, Noevmebr 11 (mexN): The 34th Nagaland Police-Dutycum-Sports & Athletic Meet 2013 kick-started with much fanfare on Monday, November 11 at the NAPTC, Chumukedima, Dimapur with Home Minister, G. Kaito Aye gracing the opening ceremony as the chief guest. This year, 30 teams representing the 15 armed battalions, the 11 DEF units, the Nagaland Police Training School, the NAPTC, IGP (Intelligence) and Nagaland Police Central Workshop are participating in the event to be held over four days. “It is not only an event where the best sporting talents of Nagaland Police compete with each other but also a time to create

awareness that sports has no boundary and it is for peace and harmony,” said a clearly impressed Home Minister giving the customary address of the chief guest. Stating that the Nagaland Police has been very forthcoming in its initiative to promote sports, Aye said that the “accommodative and generous” spirit of the state police has helped sportspersons not only from Nagaland but also from other states. While calling upon sportspersons to aim for excellence, he said that the present generation of sportspersons should draw inspiration from sportspersons, both past and present, who have made it big. Recalling the legendary Dr. T. Ao, the first Naga Olympian,

Nagaland Premier League : Title race preview


he second edition of the Nagaland Premier League enters the final phase of the season and based on the climactic end to last season another intriguing run-in awaits football fans in the State. The race for the coveted crown is delicately poised and the gap between the title chasing pack at the top remains tight as ever. The next couple of weeks promises to throw up some decisive duels among the front-runners and whichever team comes out unscathed will go on and lift the title. Debutants Veda FC currently sit on the top of the table with a 4 point lead but the real test of Veda’s title credentials will come in the next few weeks when they face the title challengers. They have been in scintillating form throughout the seaWashington Wizards forward Trevor Ariza (1) and Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin son chalking up 10 emphatic wins Durant (35) chase a loose ball after Durant blocked a shot by Ariza in overtime of an NBA bas- in 13 games and also have the best ketball game in Oklahoma City on Nov. 10. Oklahoma City won 106-105 in overtime. (AP Photo) defensive record in the league. But

a lackluster performance last week against Zonipang saw Veda crash to a defeat allowing their title rivals to close in on them. After a slow start to the season Barak FC put together a string of victories and have remained consistent which sees them in second spot trailing the leaders by 4 points. If they can take this winning momentum to the end the defending champions stand a chance to retain the NPL crown. Kohima Komets started the season on high note and they are still in contention with a game in hand to their title rivals. They trail Veda FC by 7 points and they need maximum points

from that game to close the gap and put themselves in a position to fight for the title. Dimapur United’s title hopes faded away when they could manage only a draw last weekend. After a good start to the season Dimapur United withered away as they dropped points at regular intervals. The surprise team of the season has to be Zonipang SA. Their giant killing act continued at the weekend when they slayed Veda FC in Kohima blowing the title race wide open. Zonipang are likely to have an influence in the title race as they have the ability to compete with the high-calibre teams. Naga Tornadoes have been

Khanglai FC win 22nd Royal Gold Cup


Winners of the Royal Gold Cup, Khanglai FC from Manipur.

Kohima, November 11 (mexN): Khanglai FC repeated Manipur XI’s feat of 1998 and took home the Royal Gold Cup to Manipur after a period of 15years in addition to walking away richer by two lakh (Rs 2,00000/-). They defeated Kohima Komet 4-3 after Khanglai custodian, Laltingmang blocked the shots of Komets’ Samuel and Yhunshalo in the tie break after both teams were locked in a 1-1 draw after 120 minutes of play. After a dull performance in the first half, a rejuvenated Khanglai squad took the lead in the 52nd minute of the game

after Minthang headed in an unstoppable header after a cross from Haojakam from the right flank. The first half of the game saw the visitors finding it hard to settle except for their captain Momon and wingers Haojakam and Thangjahao who were in imperious form. The first half of the game saw very few shots on goal from the visitors troubling Komets custodian Peisudibe. The second half of the game however saw a fast paced game with both the teams equally poised and brilliant in their counter attacks. Backed by a good

number of supporters, the Manipur outfit outran the Komets defence who had to struggle to keep pace with the swift Khanglai forwards. The second half saw the Manipur outfit display beautiful attacking football with their midfielders slotting in beautiful layoffs to both flanks. The visitors were unlucky to regain their lead after a goal bound swerving free kick from Thangjahao was cleared off the goal line by Komets left back Dominic. Local favorites Kohima Komets had themselves to blame after wasting as many as ten opportunities

Chekrovolu Swuro, and MC Mary Kom, said that their achievements have been inspirational, particularly for the people of the region. Terming corporate support as a crucial instrument in the promotion of sportspersons, Aye appealed the “Corporate Houses to also see that our exceptionally talented sportspersons from the north-east are supported.” However, to avail the support of the private sector, Aye said that sportsperson from the region should be committed and steely enough to face challenges. Further, stating that fitness is a key ingredient of policing, he added that the event would be a great opportunity for the participating police personnel to prove their physical fitness.

plagued with inconsistency this season as they struggled to find last season’s form where they came close to clinching the title. Sangpang FC have also improved from last year and they have had an impressive season with 20 points on the board. United Redskins, Doyang FC and Dynamic FC have struggled to compete with the other teams this season. They have shown signs of improvement in patches but they need to find that hunger and resolve and grind out for results to keep up with the other teams. For the remainder of the season, the Nagaland Premier League is shaping up for yet another fascinating finale. The number of topquality teams jostling for position at the top has fight on their hands for the rest of the season as the fight for the title is set to go down to the wire. By NPL Pundits

Runners up, Kohima Komets.

to take the lead in the first 45 minutes of the game which saw the home team dominate with 65% of ball possession. It was heartbreak for the Kohima outfit that had a golden opportunity to bring back the Cup after a period of 4 years to Nagaland. Despite slotting in the equalizer for Komets in the 62nd minute of the game after a brilliant layoff by Kivi Sumi, Nigerian Eric Aningo was rueful in front of the net as he wasted several opportunities in the first half. Lalhinlova and Samuel beautifully manned the midfield in a first half that saw the mid-

field duo outperform the Khanglai midfielders. Lalhinlova showed his prowess with a sturdy performance both in a defensive and attacking midfield position. With upcoming fixtures in the NPL, Kohima Komets need to focus on their speed as the visitors out paced them during the Second half and later in Extra time. Kivi limped off to an injury in the dying minutes of the second half as he was replaced by Kezhose. With defender Sanyem Salym probably out for the whole season with a fractured ankle, Komets need to get their options right ahead


of crucial fixtures in the NPL too. In the deciding tie break Khanglai custodian Lalmintang blocked the shots by Samuel and Yhunshalo to guide his team to their maiden triumph and take back the Cup home in Manipur after a period of 15 years. A great display of the beautiful game by both teams, in front of a capacity crowd for the finals of one of the oldest football tournaments in the State. Chief Guest for the finals was Merentoshi Jamir. Minister, Youth Resources & Sports gave away the trophies to the winners and runners up.

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12th November 2013  

The Morung Express Dimapur, Nagaland, India

12th November 2013  

The Morung Express Dimapur, Nagaland, India