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‘No collection at Check Posts’ DIMAPUR, JULY 11 (MExN): The Commissioner of Taxes, Asangba Chuba Ao has informed that no revenue collection in cash is authorized by the Department of Taxes, Nagaland at its Check Posts. The clarification was made with regard to the ACAUT’s statement on July 6 and 7 alleging that Rs 200 is paid as Sales Tax per truck load of cement. The Commissioner further clarified that any tax levied by the Taxes department under the provisions of the various tax laws enforced in the State are realized only by way of deposit by the dealers’ themselves in the authorized banks. He also added that legal challans are issued against all such deposits. In response to the ACAUT’s allegations, the Commissioner of Taxes requested that the names of those who are collecting Sales Tax in cash may be submitted to the undersigned, with material evidence, so that disciplinary action can be initiated, “which may lead to suspension or dismissal of the concerned personnel.” It may be mentioned that the Commissioner of Excise, Maongwati Aier had also issued a similar statement on July 8 calling for evidence against erring personnel collecting taxes.

Assam bandh today

DIMAPUR, JULY 11 (MExN): The All Adivashi Students’ Association (AASA) has called for an all Assam total bandh on July 12 from 6 am to 6 pm in protest against non inclusion of granting Scheduled Tribe status to them by the Government. This was informed by the Convener of the Border Peace Co ordination Committee (Assam Nagaland).

Consultation on Article 371(A) today Our Correspondent Kohima | July 11


The Consultative meet on Article 371 (A) is scheduled to be held on July 12 at the Capital Convention Centre in Kohima. Noted legal advisor to the Government of Nagaland, R. Kothandaraman is scheduled to speak on the interpretation and stand on Article 371(A). The meeting which will include Naga Tribal Hohos, State level political parties, MLAs and civil societies is expected to have far reaching ramifications on the future of the Nagas, as it would deliberate on the stand of the MHA, GOI on the ownership and transfer of land and its resources under Article 371(A) of the Indian constitution, according to Naga News. Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio will also address the meeting while Secretary Justice and Law, N. Chishi would explain on the legal views of the Advocate General of Nagaland. Naga Hoho president Keviletuo Kiewhuo and ENPO president Chingmak Chang are also slotted to deliver short speeches, while Secretary for Parliamentary Affairs, Benjamin Newmai will take charge for the passing of resolutions. A discussion hour will be open for the participants and delegates.

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it

Friday, July 12, 2013 12 pages Rs. 4 –Confucius

Nagaland Governor expounds teamwork

Kareena Kapoor to design ‘Bebo’ line for foreign label

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Muslim nations press UN over Myanmar Rohingyas

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Agar sparkles after Australia collapse [ PAGE 12]

‘Days of freeloading power are over’ Morung Express News Dimapur | July 11

Parliamentary Secretary for Power, Kipili Sangtam today said that the days of freeloading power are over in Nagaland and that citizens must pay for the power they consume. With the state reeling under continuous power outages and the widening gap between power purchase expenditure and revenue generation, the parliamentary secretary cited power thefts as one of the major hurdles in smooth regulation of power supply in the state. Kipili cautioned that henceforth the Power department would come down harshly on both consumers and department officials who connive to steal power. The parliamentary secretary was speaking at the launching ceremony of Anti Power Theft Mobile Squad (APTMS) here at the Electrical Rest House premises. Kipili said the department has identified “inherent deficiencies” in the delivery mechanisms of the power sector, which include infrastructure,

operation, administrative and human deficiencies. He also informed on action plans to address the deficiencies. Kipili informed that infrastructure deficiencies would be addressed through repair and replacement of old defective transformers, meters and utility poles etc from available fund within the department and existing schemes/projects under RGGVY, R-APRDP and Comprehensive T&G, a World Bank funded project, which would start soon. Action plans to address operation and administrative deficiencies include improving billing system, increasing power revenue collection counters and revenue collection at banks in Kohima, review and rationalization of present power load sanction of connections and identification of high value consumers. The department would also conduct on spot reassessment of load sanctions of the connected load of homes and buildings, awareness campaign on the need to pay for what whatever power one consumes and distribution of trans-

• Power Department launches Anti Power Theft Mobile Squad (APTMS) • Citizens must pay for the power they consume • In 2012 Nagaland State spent Rs. 211 crores on power purchase whereas revenue collection was only around Rs. 80 crores

One Month Grace Period The Nagaland Power Department has announced a grace period of one month for all consumers to reassess their power consumption load and take corrective actions in their homes, work places, hotels, factories, mills etc. These apply to power theft through tapping and hooking, tampering and by-passing meters in connivance with department employees, hooking for domestic lightings in rural and un-electrified colonies having LT lines passing through the colonies and disconnected consumers still using power illegally. After expiry of the grace period, the department warned that stern actions would be taken as per the Indian Electricity Act 2003, which is in force in the state now, without “fear or favour.”

APTMS conduct raids

Seen in this image are a number of wires illegally hooked onto the main electric line in Dimapur. Parliamentary Secretary for Power, Kipili Sangtam today launched the Anti Power Theft Mobile Squad (APTMS) to address the issues of power theft and meter tampering. (Courtesy: Naga Spear)

former based single point metering for all police/ Army/AR/CRPF camps, irrespective of civilian habitations inside the camps. Further, the department proposes to inventorize the mobile numbers of all JEs, meter readers and

linesmen in all divisions and make them available to consumers. On “human deficiencies” including power thefts, Kipili said the department proposes to initiate direct response systems where power of-

fenders will be booked on the spot or taken to police stations for further action. Towards this end, he informed that all police stations in Dimapur would act as designate anti-power theft police stations. Continued on page 3

APTMS personnel on July 11 conducted raids and caught ten offenders for power theft and tampering of power meters. The raids were conducted at Golaghat road, New Market and at the Dhobinullah and Faith Hospital junctions. Fines ranging from Rs 2000 to 10,000 were imposed on the offenders depending on the size of the building/establishment or quantum of power illegally drawn. An official from the power department informed that some of the building owners were not present during the raids. They were however notified to report to the APTMS office by July 14, failing which arrest warrants will be issued. The official further informed that such raids will continue in the days to come. Interestingly, a church was also detected drawing power illegally and was penalised.

Call for provisional Naga National Govt gains support Minor raped, accused arrested

DIMAPUR, JULY 11 (MExN): Various Naga organizations have extended their support to the call given by the Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) for a structural framework in the form of a provisional Naga National Government NNG (P), as agreed upon in the “Naga Concordant” signed on August 26, 2011. The United Naga Council (UNC), the Naga Peoples Movement for Human Rights (NPMHR) and the All Naga Students’ Association, Manipur (ANSAM) has appreciated the FNR’s call for a shared purpose. The UNC welcomed the FNR statement by saying that “the principles that would uphold the NNG as enunciated in the FNR statement engenders optimism and hope for the future.” The UNC further appealed to all Naga political groups to be proactive and forthcoming in this common agenda. It expressed hope that such an arrangement would come into place at the earliest possible time. The NPMHR while appreciating the initiative of the FNR stated that the “formation of such a national level government would enhance the reconciliation and peace efforts among

the Nagas.” NPMHR in a press note issued by its Secretary General Dr. Gina Shangkham has urged all Naga National political groups to sincerely work together in achieving a common vision “which is based on the historical and political rights of the Nagas.” It added that the need of the hour for the Nagas is to uphold social and political values “which have been the foundation of Naga society.” NPMHR expressed concern over the various instances of social unrests affecting the normal lives and even the livelihood of the people. It added that, “Such incidences and events are indicative of the breakdown in the social fabric, which do not in any manner contribute to the progress of the Naga society.” On July 10, the ANSAM had also expressed optimism on the FNR’s proposal for the setting up of the NNG involving all the Naga political groups. It may be recalled that on July 7, the FNR had said the structural framework in the form of a provisional Naga National Government (NNG-P), as agreed upon in the Naga Concordant, is required to be accom-

modative of all Naga Political groups. “In order to strengthen the Covenant of Reconciliation and move forward together, structural transformation shaping a reconciled political reality within Naga society is needed. This imperative is more urgently felt in light of the present circumstances,” the FNR had stated. “The structural framework in the form of a provisional Naga National Government NNG (P), as agreed upon in the Naga Concordant, is required to be accommodative of all Naga Political Groups. This is in the common cause of pursuing in a united effort our shared historical and political rights and creating a dignified and peaceful society,” the FNR asserted. While stating that the NNG (P) is required to be people-centered and guided by the common aspirations of the people, and not by any particular group, the FNR said that “the NNG (P) should pursue the realization of the Naga aspirations consistent with the principles of justice in which the Nagas can determine, safeguard and exercise their historical and political rights in the contemporary world.”

DIMAPUR, JULY 11 (MExN): An 11 yearold girl was allegedly raped by a 42 year-old man. The incident occurred on July 6 last at Punglwa, Peren and the matter was reported to the police only on July 10. The victim, it was learned, is physically mute. According to Jalukie police, the matter came to light after the victim, a nonNaga, was brought to the district hospital, Dimapur by the father for medical check up. However, they were turned away at the hospital citing examination pertaining to rape can only be conducted in the presence of the police and were thus advised to first inform police. As directed, the father went to the Women Cell, Dimapur, and was informed

that the incident came within the jurisdiction of Jalukie police. The Women Cell, Dimapur forwarded the case to Jalukie Police Station where a case was formally registered. After the necessary formalities, the victim was physically examined at the district hospital, Dimapur. Signs of penetration were detected, it was informed by the police. Jalukie police arrested the accused the same day based on the FIR lodged by the father of the victim. He was identified as Pauheigum Zeliang (42 years) of Punglwa village. The FIR had named the accused as the offender, Jalukie police said. The victim’s father resides in Punglwa village working as a farm labourer.

Protest over CD4 reagent shortage in Nagaland

In this image released to the media, protestors are seen rallying at the NSACS office, Kohima on July 10. The protest has been organised by the Network of Naga People Living with HIV/AIDS (NNP+) Kohima against the non-availability of CD4 Reagents at ART Centre in Nagaland, as well as in India. (Photo Courtesy: NNP+)

Our Correspondent Mokokchung | July 11

There is a growing concern among people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHAs) in various parts of the country, including Nagaland over the shortage of CD4 test kits or Reagents in health centers. In Nagaland this has led to

PLHAs under the banner of NNP+ and its affiliated body NMP+ staging a silent protest at Kohima on June 10 and Mokokchung on June 11 respectively. The CD4 Reagent (usually a substance used in measuring a component, here it means measuring the CD4 level in a PLHA) is

a vital monitoring tool because people living with HIV need to be monitored every six months, and people who need to start treatment are first monitored for their CD4 count before the doctor decides whether or not to start the medicines. There seems to be pro-

curement problem at the central level, according to a news report in a national daily. The report quoting the Delhi Network of Positive People (DNP), stated that the procurement of HIV medicines and medical tools such as CD4 and viral load kits or reagents is undertaken at the Centre through a procurement agent, RITES Ltd, contracted by the Health Ministry. The agency undertakes procurement under various programmes of the Health Ministry, including NACO and the Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme. However, the contract of the procurement agent RITES Ltd was not renewed by the Health Ministry for almost two years which has resulted in delays in the procurement of TB medicines and now CD4 kits or reagents for the HIV programme, the DNP alleged. Continued on page 3






Friday 12 July 2013

Nagaland Governor expounds teamwork Our Correspondent Kohima | July 11

Nagaland Governor Dr. Ashwani Kumar today stressed on the need to have teamwork, maintaining unity and teamwork as an important component for implementing decisions and carrying out tasks. He was inducted as Chief Patron of Nagaland State Bharat Scouts & Guides Association at a function held at Durbar Hall, Raj Bhavan here. The induction of the Governor as chief patron was led by State Organizing Commissioner (Scouts) John Tochimong. Addressing the gathering, Dr. Kumar expressed that it was a privilege and

honour to be inducted into NBSG and promised to obey all the laws and uphold the traditions and principles of the organization and sought God’s blessings for discharging the duties and functions in the most efficient and effective manner. Kumar highlighted on the five aspects of the Scouts and Guides organization that has impressed him the most- firstly the voluntary nature of the organization and the need to don the uniform. The Governor pointed out that the voluntary aspect provides motivation and the uniform the unity of purpose. He reminded that Unity is also the motto of the State Government where it is written

on top of the Government emblem with the Mithun in the centre. The Governor said that the second aspect about the organisation that impressed him was the emphasis on training for developing leadership qualities, especially among the youth. Development of leadership qualities at a very young age could help transform the lives of individuals as well as change our society, Governor said. The military style of training imparted with clear objectives and in a systematic manner and the performance appraisal are the other aspects which the Governor finds it laudable. Ashwani Kumar is inducted as chief patron of NSDr. Kumar lauded Naga- Governor BSG in Kohima on July 11. (Morung Photo/Chizokho Vero) land BSG for chalking out an

impressive programme of activities and calendar of events for the current year wherein it plans to hold camps, exercises, tours, trainings, patrols, foundation day and re-union functions. Stating that the present registered strength of Nagaland BSG is 1269 scouts and 1264 guides, he said “This indicates that the organization is gender sensitive and making all efforts to involve every segment of the population in its programmes.” All these activities indicate the huge efforts being made by NBSG to inculcate leadership qualities, build character and to continue to inspire the youth of Nagaland, he said. Dr. Kumar reminded the Scouts and Guides on the

DimaPuR, July 11 (mExN): The performing wing of Nagaland Conservatory of Music (NCM) known as ‘Nagaland Singing Ambassadors’ successfully performed in various cities in Norway under its conductor, Lipokmar Tzudir and tour manager, James Shikiye Swu. A press note received here stated that their two weeks tour of Norway kick started with a four days culture-mix festival conducted by choir maestro Per Oddvar Hildre and Lipokmar Tzudir which saw participations from countries of Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Columbia, Sudan, Syria, Iran, Nepal and Nagaland, followed by four sold out concerts at Alesund area of Norway. This was followed by

performing at Historic Churches dating back to 12th century and other renowned venues. It may be mentioned that the trip to Norway was

Dr. Ashwani Kumar inducted as chief patron of NSBSG

Illegal structures at Etsutchuka Pump House demolished


WoKha, July 11 (DiPR): District Administration, Police, Department of PHED, DBs and Wokha Village Council jointly carried out eviction drive on July 11 at Etsutchuka Pump House. The illegal plantation of trees and structures constructed within the PHED Etsutchuka Pump house compound were all demolished and removed. The eviction drive was carried out after the defaulter Y. Mhonsao Murry of Wokha Village refused to comply with the Department’s notification for removing the illegal structures. The defaulter was allegedly collecting fees from the people for collecting water from the said source. The department had to take up the step for the benefit of all the consumers in the district. Etsutchuka District Administration, Police, Department of PHED, Pump House is a government-acDBs and Wokha Village Council carrying out the de- quired land where the PHED demolition drive at Etsutchuka PHED water source on partment has been tapping water July 11. (DIPR Photo) from the source since 1975.

Our Correspondent Kiphire | July 11


An orientation programme for new recruited ATMA staff was held today at Kiphire Deputy Commissioner’s Conference Hall with T. Nchumbemo, ADC Seyochung as special guest. Sharing on the importance of ATMA, the ADC said, “be it green revolution, blue revolution or yellow revolution it is all about the improvement of farming technology which aims to improve in productivity and with ATMA staffs being posted in the district our farmers will benefit a lot.” The ADC

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also asked the staffs to know one’s role and ethics while carrying out the responsibilities and expressed happiness for coming to Kiphire with determination and dedication. Addressing the newly appointed ATMA staff under Kiphire district the ADC said that it is quite challenging for anyone to be posted in places like Kiphire but he asked the staff to come out of the comfort zone to work for the welfare of the people. Calling upon the staffs, Nchumbemo said, “As the nature of your work is to work with the farmer and to rejuvenate the farmer group you

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SWAMY AYURVEDIC CENTRE Shan Complex 1st Floor Opp. Metro Hospital Circular Road, Dimapur


a concert tour to cities of Molde, Lesja, Lillehammer, Ski, Haslum Oslo, Vegarshi, Risor in commemoration of the Himal Partner 75th anniversary celebration,

Late Khutsoyi Nakro Born: 1920 Died : 06/07/2013 Through this column, we the bereaved family members would like to express our profound gratitude to each and everyone who stood and support us physically, financially and with constant prayer support during the illness and sad demise of Late Khutsoyi Nakro on 6th July 2013. Your presence, prayer and comforting words have been our strength during the saddest moment. We deeply regret our inability to mention each and every name and thank every individuals in person, yet we sincerely acknowledge you all equally and its our sincere and humble prayer that Almighty God blesses you abundantly. Our special thanks to:1. Mr. Deo Nukhu, Hon’ble Parl. Secretary, H.E & SCERT 2. Mr. Kuzholuzo Nienu, Hon’ble Minister, R& B, Parl. Affairs 3. Mr. Chotisuh Sazo, Hon’ble Speaker, NLA 4. Rev. Dr. Vezopa Tetseo, Executive Secretary, CBCC 5. Pholami VillageCouncil 6. Pholami Baptist Church and C.Y.E 7. Pholami Village Youth organisation 8. CBCC Staffs 9. Entrepreneurs Associates, Kohima 10. Chakhesang Youth Front 11. Seceku Baptist Church Council 12. Centre Chakhesang Baptist Fellowship 13. Church Workers & Leaders from neighbouring Villages 14. Well wishers and friends

Loving wife, Children, grand children, in-laws & relatives

sponsored by Himal Partner/Himalaya More and Kultur- Mix group along with support from the Music Task Force, Government of Nagaland, and contribu-

tions from NCM. NCM expressed gratitude to MiddlePath Travels (P) Ltd of New Delhi for arranging the tour plans despite challenging circumstances.


Yemhi Memorial College inaugurated

DSBC prayer walk today CIHSR educates migrant



varied fields would be an asset to the movement of BSG. He made an appeal to the education department for including the activities of BSG in the school curriculum and informed that many states in India had introduced the same. Minister School education C. M. Chang, who is also the president of NBSG chaired the function while vote of thanks was proposed by State Commissioner (Scouts) Atuo Mezhur Sekhose. Minister for youth resources & sports Merentoshi Jamir, parliamentary secretary Dr. Nicky Kire, DGP Besesayo Kezo, Kohima DC W. Honje Konyak and several other dignitaries also present on the occasion.

Nagaland Conservatory of Music performing wing senn participating in a concert at Norway.

have to be like farmer to accomplish the mission.” Giving the keynote address, Hukai Zhimomi called upon the staffs to co-ordinate with each other in carrying out the duties and said, “we have to forget our background and become like the farmer as we are here for them.” Chairing the programme the DAO Kiphire Renbomo Ngullie welcome the gathering and extended best wishes to the newly appointed staffs. Chubatsur, SMS ATMA presented special song while Kekosenou DC Dimapur, N. Hushili Sema IAS presents inaugural Solo BTM ATMA proposed address at Yemhi Memorial College, Dimapur on Thursday. (Morung Photo) vote of thanks.

DimaPuR, July 11 (mExN): The Dimapur Sumi Baptist Church Youth Department prayer walk will be held on July 12 at 5:00 pm in Dimapur town. It will gather at the DSBC premises and divide into different groups and from then start the prayer walk and culminate at City Tower junction. The objectives of the walk is “to pray for the healing of our land and free our youths from the clutches of the evil menace and moral degradation of our society.” All the youths have been informed to come along with Bible and participate in the spiritual warfare.

need to work together to enhance its reputation and to set new standards and create new bench marks in the state of Nagaland. “Together we can take this movement to new heights and achieve the aims and objectives of the founder Lord Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden Powell,” he said. Dr. Kumar also presented the Asia Pacific Adult Leaders Achievement Award 2012 to Life member and Vice president M. Sale, State Training Commissioner (Guides) I. Amenla Soyah and State Commissioner (Guides) Nino Iralu. State Chief Commissioner Khyomo Lotha Ex. MP said the vast experience of the Governor in


Nagaland Conservatory of Music captivates Norway

‘Revolution is about improvement of farming technology’


The Morung Express +

DimaPuR, July 11 (mExN): Deriving its name from Rev. Yemhi, the first among the Sumis to be ordained as a Pastor in 1926, Yemhi Memorial College located at Nepali Basti Dimapur was inaugurated on Thursday by DC Dimapur, N. Hushili Sema IAS. The college is run in the same building where the ICFAI University was previously functioning. Hushili expressed the hope that the College, with one of the best faculty, would be able to bring out the best in the students and make them responsible citizens contributing their best to the society. She reminded the faculty that teaching bookish knowledge was not enough but that they should motivate and mould the students.

Hushili, who is also the ex-officio chairperson of the College’s Governing Body was optimistic that the institution would produce good results with the dedication and sincerity of both the teachers and students. Member of the College Management, Joshua Sumi Ex-MLA said starting the College was not an economic venture but to keep alive the memory of Rev. Yemhi by producing ideal students who would be able to shoulder responsibilities. Executive Secretary, WSBAK Rev. Vitoshe Swu said the dedicatory prayer. Principal YMC, Dr. Kheghoto delivered the welcome address while Assistant Professor, Amongla Imsong proposed the vote of thanks.


Uttarakhand Disaster: ‘Rotary workers on family planning Cares’ steps forward to donate

DimaPuR, July 11 (mExN): The college of nursing, CIHSR observed World Population Day by creating awareness on Family Planning. 145 people (57 male and 88 female), mainly migrant workers settled in Burma camp, in their reproductive age were given health education on family planning with the help of flash card by PBBSC 2nd year students. Seventy married women in their reproductive age were also interviewed; out of which only 40% of them reported of using contraceptives at present. World Population Day is observed every year on

July 11 to address the ongoing population issues with different themes each year. This year the theme focuses on “Adolescent Pregnancy”. According to United Nations, about 16 million girls under age 18 give birth each year. Another 3.2 million undergo unsafe abortions. The vast majority 90% of the pregnant adolescents in the developing world are married. However, for far too many of these girls, pregnancy has little to do with informed choice. Often it is a consequence of discrimination, rights violations (including child marriage), inadequate education or sexual coercion.

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Kohima Rotary Club new team to focus on peace, healthcare Kohima, July 11 (mExN): Newly inducted president of Kohima Rotary Club Rtn. Rosemary Dzuvichu on Wednesday announced that the new team will continue to focus on peace, prevention of polio, water and sanitation, health care, adult education and economic development. In her acceptance speech as the new president during the 11th installation ceremony of the Club at Hotel Japfu here last evening with Nagaland Governor Dr. Ashwani Kumar as the chief guest, Rosemanry also sought support and guidance from each and every individuals for effective functioning of the club as well as to effectively carry out the tasks for the welfare of the society. Showing its sympathy and concern over “Uttarakhand Disaster,” the Club has initiated a free will donation entitled “Rotary Cares” during the function wherein the Governor also extended help towards this cause. Other inducted into the new team included: vice presidents- Rtn. Kezhokhoto Savi, Rtn. Robert Khuvung, secretary- Rtn. Arepla Shancho, joint secretary- Rtn. Vikuo Metha, treasurer- Rtn. Tokishe Sema, sergeant at arms- Rtn. Dr. Razoukhrielie Rio, director international service- Rtn. Dr. Kezevituo Keditsu, director vocational service- Rtn. Daisy Mezhur, director community service- Rtn. Dr. Neisatuo Mero, director new generations- Rtn. Theja Meru, director club service- Rtn. Dr. Viketoulie Pienyu and Rtn. Impalong as president elect 2014-15. Earlier, Dr. Kumar in his address lauded the Rotary Club of Kohima for exceptional work being done by them in the field of education, vocational training, sanitation, healthcare and housing. “Everybody is full of praise for you for engaging in water supply projects and carrying

out charity and humanitarian work,” he said. He stated that the Kohima Orphanage and water supply project at Chiechama and Mao have provided great relief to the people and fulfilled a dire need of the community. “The Kohima view point, in the heart of the city, has become an area of tourist attraction for all visitors who come to visit this beautiful land. The provision of ambulance and hearse services in collaboration with Rotary Club of California are being appreciated by all citizens,” he said. Dr. Kumar also stated that the cleft lip operations, free heart surgery of children, immunization and laparoscopy operations have permanently changed the lives of many children in this far flung and remote state of India. Terming those as great achievements, he said “We all hope and wish that the new team is able to carry forward the work being done by their predecessors and even launch new schemes during their tenure.”

Post free of postage for Uttarakhand relief material

Due to the recent floods and landslides in Uttarakhand state, the Department of Posts has considered booking and delivery of relief materials to Uttarakhand state by post free of postage. In this regard, the following instructions for booking may be complied. The package containing relief materials should be securely packed by the sender and marked with ‘Relief material for Uttarkhand’ on top of the packet addressed to the ‘Senior Postmaster, Dehradun GPO, Dehradun-248001 (Uttarakhand). A single package should not be more than 35 Kgs of weight. While sending the relief materials the sender should ensure that it does not contain liquid, breakable items or any other items prohibited for transmission through post offices, a release received here said. This facility will be available at Kohima Head Post Office with immediate effect till July 20, the release added.



The Morung express


12 July 2013

Centre has accepted Assam proposal for Metro rail: Gogoi Guwahati, July 11 (iaNS): The central government has accepted an Assam government proposal for a Metro rail project in Guwahati, Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi said Thursday while interacting with the media. He added that the central government had sanctioned an amount of Rs.25 crore for the feasibility study of the ambitious project and the preparation of a Detailed Project Report (DPR). Gogoi said the first phase of the project will cover a distance of 65 km in Guwahati, connecting the Lokapriya Gopinath Bordoloi International (LGBI) Airport to Narengi in the city. "The second phase of the project will cover the stretch between Paltan Bazar to Khanapara area of the city,

while the third will cover a stretch between Khanapara area to Jalukbari area of the city," Gogoi said, adding that the whole project was likely to cost Rs.14,000 crore. An enthusiastic Gogoi, however, said that it would take time for the completion of the project. "It normally takes five to six years to study the feasibility of the project and prepare the DPR. In Assam, it could take more time as we have less working days because of rain. However, we are going to make it as fast as possible," the chief minister said. Gogoi said that once the project was complete, the ever-increasing traffic congestion in Guwahati would ease. He added that the state government was also laying stress on de-

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Girls rescued from Jaipur home were sexually abused

Besides, the department would also undertake regular checks with APTMS. “Photos of offenders will be taken and offenders may be jailed in the lock up if cases are not compounded on spot”, he added. Earlier, Commissioner & Secretary, Department of Power, L Kire gave an overview of the power scenario in Nagaland and said though stable power supply is a basic need, the power department and government was “bleeding” as power revenue collection was far below the expected target. Kire informed that during 2012, Nagaland spent Rs. 211 crores on power purchase whereas revenue collection was around Rs. 80 crores only. He said the bulk of more than 500 million units of power consumed by Nagaland annually are concentrated in urban areas, especially the commercial hub - Dimapur. Besides Power department officials, APTMS comprises of a platoon of armed Nagaland Police headed by a deputy SP who will be temporarily attached with the Superintendent Engineer (Electrical), Dimapur Circle.

Protest over CD4 reagent shortage in Nagaland

Nonetheless, the non-availability of the reagent is a cause of worry. The absence of the reagent means that patients on Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART) would not be able to know their CD4 level or the doctor would not be able to determine whether to start ART on new patients, said the president of NPM+ (Network of Mokokchung District People with HIV/AIDS) T Temsu Jamir. The NMP+ staged a silent protest in front of the ART Centre at IMDH and submitted a memorandum to the DC Mokokchung, who is also the Chairman of the District Health Society, through the Medical Officer ARTC. The NMP+ memorandum expressed sadness over the complacency at the Treatment Division of NACO which has led to complete stock-out of CD4 reagents in Manipur, Meghalaya, Nagaland and Tripura and also mainland Indian states like Delhi, UP and Maharashtra. “Any negligence, procrastinations in this regard has a life threatening effect on our lives,” the NMP+ asserted. “This seems like the same supply chain mechanism issues that are continuing to plague your department and is evident from the past stock outs as you may recall,” the NMP+ stated while condemning ‘the indifferent attitude and supply chain mechanism issue.” NNP+ stages silent protest in Kohima Meanwhile, the NNP+ also issued a press statement saying that the organization held a silent protest at the NSACS office, Kohima on July 10 and a memorandum was also submitted to Nagaland State AIDS Control Society (NSACS). It also appealed to the State Government and the concerned department to intervene into the matter and make the reagents available quickly. “Dr. Nandira Changkija, Project Director NSACS commented that their grievances are mostly because of delayed release in funds from the centre and non-reaching of reagents especially CD4 reagents, STI Kits, testing Kits,” the release stated. The NNP+ president Naomi Semy wondered how ART treatment can be started unless there is CD4 Reagent. “As per NACO we need to undergo CD4 testing to start ART But if the facilities are not available then where shall we go,” said the NNP+ president. “If NACO cannot give such facilities then why did they plan such strategy and playing with thousands of lives,” it added. The protest in Kohima was initiated by Network of Naga People Living with HIV/AIDS (NNP+) in collaboration with Indian Drugs Users Forum, Nagaland Drugs User Network, Kohima Drugs Users Network, KRIPA foundation, KNP+ Kohima, DNP+ Dimapur and NPDP+ Peren. CD4 reagent shortage in India raises international concern APN+ (Network of PLHIV living in the Asia Pacific region) and ANPUD (Asian Network of People Who Use Drugs) has written to the Director General, NACO & Secretary, Department for AIDS Control, Lov Verma and reminded that the two organizations are closely following the stock-out of CD4 reagent in various part of India. In a letter addressed to the NACO Director General by ANP+ Regional Coordinator Bangkok, Shiba Phurailatpam and ANPUD chairperson, Bijay Pandey, expressed that in a country like India, ‘currently ascertaining immunological failure is the only way to initiate treatment and also plays a critical role in monitoring of the treatment’. “We are deeply appalled by the sheer sense of carelessness on some of your systems and staff that could result in such a massive stock out across the country,” the two organizations stated. The two organizations cautioned that they would closely observe the situation and “await next steps to be undertaken.” It urged the department to not undermine national and global gains against HIV and ensure that the reagents are available immediately.

Assam flood situation remains grim Guwahati, July 11 (pti): With no sign of relief from flood waters in Assam, the situation continued to remain critical as 27 more villages were submerged on Thursday. With this, about 1.2 lakh people have been affected in nearly 450 villages, official sources said. According to Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA), 27 villages are affected in five districts -- Dhemaji, Chirang, Lakhimpur, Jorhat and Sivasagar. The flood waters have destroyed standing crops like rice in around 6,500 hectares of agricultural land across 11 districts in the state. As per ASDMA data, nine relief camps have been set up in Dhemaji and Chirang districts and about 3,000 people have taken shelter there.

'Brahmaputra' film screened in Europe

loNdoN, July 11 (iaNS): A documentary film, "Where there are no roads", on the unique boat clinics that ply on the Brahmaputra in Assam, has been screened to international audiences of scholars, media, writers, area specialists, students and professionals in Vienna and London. The latest screening was held at the Indian government's main cultural venue, the Nehru Centre, in London Wednesday to an attentive audience which interacted extensively with film maker Sanjoy Hazarika, who introduced the film and responded to questions afterwards, especially on how Assam, which has India's worst Maternal Mortality Ratio, is improving dramatically these past years. The film portrays the difficulties of taking healthcare through specialized boats on the Brahmaputra, an initiative of the Centre for Northeast Studies and Policy Research, and how a simple idea and initiative today reaches nearly a million persons in Assam with sustained healthcare.

imphal, July 11 (thE iNdiaN ExprESS): A medical examination has found ruptured or absent hymens in 13 of the 15 Manipuri girls rescued from an illegal children's home in Jaipur in March, confirming sexual exploitation. The youngest of these children is only seven years old; the oldest is 15. Nine of the 13 girls have been found suffering from leucorrhoea, a vaginal discharge typically seen among sex workers and girls and women with poor hygiene. The girls showed signs of multi-vitamin deficiency resulting in body aches and numbness, the report says. Ten of the 13 had rickets, a

sign of severe vitamin D deficiency. The five boys, the report says, were in "better health conditions". Ukhrul superintendent of police K Kabib declined to comment on the contents of the medical report, saying the matter was in court. He has, however, issued notices to all pastors and churches across the district, asking them to ensure that no children are sent out of the area. "The Supreme Court has ruled that children from Assam and Manipur under the age of 14 years are not to be sent out of the states," Kabib said. Pastor Jacob John was arrested by the Nagaland police in Jaipur on May 2,

and by the Manipur police in Dimapur jail on June 13. Sources in Ukhrul said John, whose first wife was a Tangkhul Naga from the district, had been visiting Ukhrul from Jaipur since 1997 to preach at the Tuinem Baptist Church and Nepali Baptist Church. He is learnt to have set up Grace Home in 1999, staffing it with people from UP, Mumbai and Ukhrul. The Ukhrul staff, which included relatives through his first marriage, allegedly operated as child traffickers, picking up children after promising their families that they would get free education and boarding in Jaipur.

Jacob is alleged to have given a drug called ZIFI100 to the girls in order to "arouse sexual desires in them", according to a child rights activist in Ukhrul. Child Welfare Committee member Leisan Columbus, who is now in charge of looking after the rescued children, said that many of the girls could not even walk due to rickets when they first returned home. "We are giving the children vitamin D supplements. The girls were never allowed outside the house and therefore had very little exposure to the sun. Severe vitamin D deficiency led to knockknees," Leisan said.

Mizoram on alert after seizure of 'party drug'

aizawl, July 11 (thE iNdiaN ExprESS): The anti-narcotics agency of Mizoram has alerted its units to look for party drug, methamphetamine especially in areas close to Myanmar. The move comes in the wake of the Forensic Science Lab in Aizawl confirming that the small reddish-orange pill, each marked 88, were party drug. It was seized by narcotic officials from two middle-aged men from the

outskirts of Aizawl. Both of them were from Tahan in Myanmar's north-western Sagaing Division and had in possession 135 grams of heroin too. "We were not immediately sure what the pills were, but we suspected it was meth because of the huge amounts of pseudoephedrine we have been seizing over the past two years, which is a known meth precursor," said a senior official in the excise and narcotics department. Another senior official said

one of the peddlers revealed during interrogation that one meth pill is sold for Rs 150 in Tiau, a town in Myanmar close to the border, and is sold inside Mizoram for Rs 350 each. Sources in the Young Mizo Association, a voluntary organisation, recently given a national award for supply-side reduction activities, said peddlers have only just begun flooding the streets with meth pills and sometimes give it for free to addicts as trial doses.

dimapur, July 11 (mExN): The All Tribal Students’ Union Manipur (ATSUM) has once again drawn the attention of the Government of Manipur in the matter pertaining to the relaxation of upper age limit from the proposed 30 years to 35 years in the upcoming Manipur Civil Services combined competitive Examination 2013. A press note issued by Micah Kamei, Information Publicity Secretary, ATSUM, stated that it is disappointing for many aspiring candidates that in almost 13 years ie. from the 2000 to 2013, Manipur Civil Services Combined Competitive Examinations have been successfully conducted only twice by the Manipur public Services Commission. Therefore, the eligible candidates have managed to get only two attempts so far. The note stated that many aspiring candidates have already barred the age limit due to periodical recruitment which in fact is expected to be conducted every year like UPSC. Most significantly in most of the States of India, the upper age limit for appearing in Civil Services Examination has been increased from 35- 40 years and above. For instance, UP-40 years, Bihar40 years,Rajasthan-45 years, Haryana-45 years, West Bengal-40 years, Jharkhand40 years, Punjab- 37years. ATSUM also sated that considering the increasing number of educated youth in the State with remote chances for job applications due to absence of private sector in the State and irregular conduct of such Examination in Manipur, relaxation of upper age limit should be 35 years and above like other State of India. “This will certainly generate more opportunities for maximum number of educated youth to participate in the up- coming Manipur Civil Services combined competitive Examination 2013,” it stated in the note.

Meet on Nagaland-Assam border issue held CONGRATULATIONS

Nazira (aSSam), July 11 (mExN): A Border Magistrate level meeting between Tuli Sub-division of Mokokchung district and Nazira sub-division of Sivasagar district was held today under the chairmanship of Richand Ahmed, BM, Nazira at the SDO(C) office at Nazira. A press note issued by Convener BPCC(A-N) Temsuwati stated that the administrators of both the sides discussed at length the prevailing situations on Nagaland-Assam border including status on general law and order. The press note stated that in today’s meeting, delegation from the Border Peace Coordination Committee (A-N) was also invited and partook in the deliberations. BPCC(A-N) appealed that in order to harvest for a peaceful and coordinated living for the people in the border areas, the governments of either side may exercise some restrain while carrying out verification, inspection,

eviction etc in the so called disturb area belts (DABs). The note stated that DABs which are not only disturb in nature but also very sensitive, and therefore opined that in such a situation the authorities of either side intimate each other so that only joint ventures are initiated where BPCC(A-N) is roped in as public representative in order to defuse any apprehension/suspicion in executing bounded duty/s of the government/s. The note also mentioned that the Assam official team was led by Border Magistrate Nazira cum SDO(C) HQ Sivasagar Richand Ahmed, SDO(C) Nazira Purabi Konwar and SDPO Nazira Ashif Ahmed while Nagaland was represented by Sehjang Doungel, ADC Tuli, Neilezo Tep, SDO(C) cum BM Tuli, Hiatwa Iralu, SDPO, Khuosutho Nyuthe, Dy Commdt 12 NAP(IR), A. Bendang Jamir, ACF Tuli and other officials. BPCC(A-N) was led by

MLAs facing criminal cases: Zero from Manipur

NEw dElhi, July 11 (iNdiatoday): After the Supreme Court struck down a provision in the Representation of the People Act that protected convicted lawmakers against disqualification on Wednesday, IndiaToday looked for the number of MLAs in each state facing criminal cases to know how many faced ouster in case they were declared guilty. Jharkhand, whose residents has just gotten rid of a long president's rule with the JMM-Congress staking claim to form the new government on Wednesday, has the highest percentage of MLAs with criminal cases - 72 per cent! The tainted lawmakers number 55. Bihar comes second on the list with 58 per cent of the assembly occupied by lawmakers with alleged criminal background (140). The JD-U may have ended its alliance with the BJP over "secularism", but to take action against criminalisation will be a tougher task. Next on the shameful list is


ATSUM on upper age limit in Manipur Civil Service exam

veloping a river transport system in and around the state. "We have been neglecting river transport, although there is huge potential to develop it," he said. He also said that the government was planning to develop small townships around Guwahati to lessen the inflow of people into the city. "We are looking forward to develop small townships around Guwahati. With this, some mass rapid transport system will also be developed from these small townships to Guwahati. This will help lessen the population pressure on Guwahati, the capital city of Assam," he said, adding that the state government had asked an Ahmedabad-based institute of urban planning to help with proper British High Commissioner to India Sir James Bevan, left, visits the World War II war cemplanning in this regard. etery in Guwahati, Assam on Wednesday, July 10. (AP Photo/Anupam Nath)

‘Days of freeloading power are over’


Maharashtra at 51 per cent. The Congress and NCP-ruled state has 146 legislators accused of different crime. Then Uttar Pradesh, at 47 per cent. But the country's largest state (population-wise) ruled by the Samajwadi Party is first in another count - in the number of MLAs with criminal cases - at a whopping 189. The states in 30-35 per cent list are West Bengal, Karnataka, Gujarat, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Goa and one surprise - the tiny Puducherry! The poster boy in this list of 'criminal-run' states is Manipur. No MLA has been booked for any crime and another surprise - the north-eastern state is being run by the Congress. Number of MLAs with criminal cases and their percentage in the state assemblies: Andhra Pradesh: 75 (26 per cent), Arunachal Pradesh: 2 (3 per cent), Assam: 13 (10 per cent), Bihar: 140 (58 per cent), Chhattisgarh: 9 (10 per cent), Delhi: 8 (11 per cent), Goa:

12 (30 per cent), Gujarat: 57 (31 per cent), Haryana: 15 (17 per cent), Himachal Pradesh: 14 (21 per cent), Jammu and Kashmir: 7 (8 per cent), Jharkhand: 55 (72 per cent), Karnataka: 74 (34 per cent), Madhya Pradesh: 57 (26 per cent), Maharashtra: 146 (51 per cent), Manipur: 0 (0 per cent), Meghalaya: 1 (2 per cent), Mizoram: 4 (10 per cent), Nagaland: 1 (2 per cent), Odisha: 48 (33 per cent), Puducherry: 10 (33 per cent), Punjab: 22 (19 per cent), Rajasthan: 30 (15 per cent), Sikkim: 1 (3 per cent), Tamil Nadu: 70 (30 per cent), Tripura: 6 (10 per cent), Uttarakhand: 20 (29 per cent), UP: 189 (47 per cent) and West Bengal: 102 (35 per cent). The data is drawn from affidavits the MLAs filed at the Election Commission at the time of the last polls. The list does not count MLAs booked for a crime after the polls. Compiled from

B.P. Bora President, Imsu Jamir, Vice-President, Tanu Gogoi, Jayanta Barua, and Anil Borkakoty, Executive members from Jorhat while Suresh Chetia, Haidar Ali, Nokul Ch Mirdha of BPCC(AN) sub-committee of Geleki region participated. Council Chairmen of Anakiyimesen, Anaki-C and Kangtsung village who are members of the BPCC(A-N) had also partook in today’s deliberation. It was mentioned in the note that the house resolved to promote games and sports, and exchange of cultural activities amongst the border living people. Coordinator of BPCC(A-N) suggested that sports activities involving High school level students from either sides of border students at frequent interval initially at low key may be initiated on alternate venue which shall foster a better understanding with friendship. He therefore appeals the administrators of either side to support such endeavour.

LOST NOTICE I, S.Varah s/o. H.Shaivi Varah resident of Purana Bazar, Dmp III has lost my Maruti 800 Registration Smart Card bearing Regd. No.NL07-7292 on 7th July 2013 between Purana Bazar and Deluxe Point.

LOST NOTICE I, K a o s i n l u n g Gonmei am applying for a duplicate copy of Class X (2009) Marksheet (CBSE) bearing Roll No: 3132562 of Delhi Public School, Dimapur as I have lost it on 5th July 2013.

Zeliang Students’ Union, Nagaland would like to congratulate Mr.Chireuding Zeliang, son of Mr.Chusi Hieme, for successfully cracking the IIT Gate exam through All India ST quota for M.Tech. Nuclear Energy at IIT Kanpur. We wish him success in all his endeavour and to bring more laurels to the tribe and the Nagas in general. Iteichu Zeliang President Zeliang Students’ Union, Nagaland



Date : 8th -20th JULY 2013 (SUNDAY CLOSED) Time : 9:00 am To 5:00 pm Venue : Om Books, City Tower, Dimapur

FOR MORE INFORMATION: 9862008081, 03862-229370

EXCEL COACHING & COMPUTER CENTRE Mission Road, Near-North Police station-Kohima.

Admission Started:1. Coaching for Repeaters. Class — 10 (All Subjects) Class — 12 (Science, Arts & Commerce). 2. NPSC, UPSC,NCS (Prelim-2013),SSC and Banking etc. 3. Entrance Coaching for JEE & NEET - 2014. 4. Computer Courses (Basic, Diploma and PGDCA). 5. Spoken English & Hindi. 6. Regular Tuition for all Classes. 7. Music (1.Fundamentais of Music 2. Keyboard/ Piano 3. Guitar 4.Violin 5. Drums) Contact: Ph. 0370-2290672, 9436071373, 9863143388. N.B. Hostel available for Boys and Girls. GOVERNMEMT OF NAGALAND OFFICE OF THE ADDITIONAL DEPUTY COMMISSIONER TSEMINYU: NAGALAND NO.GA/TSNU/JUD/SC-1/2009/ 464-67

Dated, Tsnu, the 19th June 2013


Whereas Smti.Gwasinie Thong wife of Late Yhunlo Thong (Pharmacist, Sub-Centre, Sendenyu) who expired on 15/05/ 2013 is applying for issuance of succession certificate to draw/operate her Late husband Pension/ Gratuity/FBF/GPF/GIS/Leave encashment/ Bank account etc. under section 377 of the Indian Succession Act 1965. Public are hereby asked to file objection claim if any thirty (30) days from the date of issue of this notice failing which no claims/objection will be entertained after the stipulated time. Sd/(WONCHIO ODYOU) Additional Deputy Commissioner, Tseminyu: Nagaland.

AFFIDAVIT Regd: 3022

Dated: 11/7/13

By this deed I, the undersigned VIKHIETUONUO RUTSA (New Name) previously called VIKHIETUONUO, R/o High School Colony, Kohima solemnly declare:1. That for and on behalf of myself and my family and remitter issue wholly renounce/relinquish and abandon the use of my former name/surname of VIKHIETUONUO and in place thereof do hereby assume from this date the name/surname VIKHIETUONUO RUTSA and so that I and my family and remitter issue may hereafter be called, known and distinguished not by my former name/surname, but assumed name/surname of VIKHIETUONUO RUTSA. DEPONENT

Signed and delivered before me by the deponent on this day the 11th July 2013. Notary Public Kohima: Nagaland





12 July 2013

Pughoboto SDPDB discuss developmental issues

Pughoboto, July 11 (DIPR): The Pughoboto SDPDB meeting was held on July 10 at ADC Office under the chairmanship of Parliamentary Secretary, Irrigation and Flood Control, Y. Vikheho Swu. The chairman welcomed all the members present and appreciated the good attendance at the meeting. The meeting began with the review of the last three months meeting minutes. The board decided to serve circular to those villages that had not acted on the implementation of Common Cemetery and Wildlife Reserve Forest till date. It is to be mentioned that, the board in the previous meetings had resolved for creation of Common Cemetery and Wildlife Reserve Forest by every village under Pughoboto sub-division. SDO (PHED), briefed the members about the repair works of water supply line for Pughoboto area. He also informed that, about a kilometer of pipeline had been damaged at Natzumi village during earth cutting activities along the road. The board deliberated on declaration of Pughoboto sub-division as economically backward area. In this connection, the house decided to discuss the matter with GBs Association and the decision will be informed to all the villages before it is forwarded to the government. The board also resolved on the formation of Pughoboto Sub-Division Badminton Association and constituted the following committee members: Parliamentary Secretary Y. Vikheho Swu as Advisor, ADC Pughoboto

as President, Four Vice-Presidents, Two member Secretaries and Fifteen executive members. The Board deliberated at length and decided to restrict the random formation of organizations within the Pughoboto sub-division. The House discussed on the issue and decided to urge the existing organizations to submit the name of its office bearers with their memorandum. To make proper planning for township, the house members deliberated and resolved to form the ‘Land Settlement Board” for Pughoboto Town and recommended to the government. The Functional Manager, SDIC Pughoboto, Hojeto K. Sughe gave a power point presentation on the activities of the department using the projector for the first time donated by Y.Vikheho Swu for use during SDPDB. He had also donated Table Tennis Board and equipments to the SDPDB Pughoboto. The SDPDB chairman also requested the Horticulture department, Bamboo Mission and Irrigation department to come prepared with power point presentation in the next meeting. The Chairman SDPDB also informed that the three toppers in the HSLC examination 2013 from Pughoboto sub-division will be felicitated in the next SDPDB meeting. The ADC Pughoboto informed on the work distribution for Independence Day 2013 celebration and further called upon all officers concerned for their co-operation in their entrusted works during the Independence Day.


ATMA Dmr public discoursE orientation Clarification is in reference to the photo caption released by Citizen Journalist Rusovil John prog held This which appeared in Nagaland Post; Page-3 and Morung Express ;Page -2 Dated 11th DIMAPuR , July 11 July , 2013. (MExN): A one-day orientation programme for the newly appointed ATMA functionaries was conducted by ATMA Dimapur on June 10 at ATMA training hall, DAO office, Dimapur under the chairmanship of Hovuto DSCO (SOIL) & AMC (ATMA). DAO & PD, ATMA-Dimapur, S Bendangtemsu welcomed the new staff and introduced to them guidelines for support to state extension programme for extension reforms. Officials from various agri-allied, ATMA officials and KVK (Jarnapani) attended the progarmme. To acquaint the newly recruited officials, Janet Chishi DPD-ATMA briefly elaborated on ATMA’s objectives and activities and explained the role and responsibilities of BTM and SMS. A brief idea on farm school concept, farmer’s friend and farmer’s advisory committee was also shared.

Tseminyu SDPDB Engg and allied courses counseling July 11 cal Education, A Kathipri has with their parents have been meet conducted KohIMA, (MExN): Counseling for en- informed that representa- invited to attend the counselgineering and allied courses tives from various technical ing session and avail oppor-

tsEMINyu, July 11 (DIPR): The monthly Tseminyu Sub-Divisional Planning & Development Board meeting was held on July 10 at ADC Conference Hall with ADC and Vice Chairman, Wonchio Odyuo presiding over the meeting. Before reviewing the last meeting minutes, the ADC welcomed the SDO Agri as a new member. During the meeting, Dr. Rebecca Khing VAS Tseminyu highlighted on the need of a new dispensary and staff quarter, proper infrastructure of VHC, Khachunlika - Puhuboto proper land demarcation to prevent encroachment land allotment and reclamation of land by land owners. SDO (Soil), Tepunil Tepa also highlighted on its departmental function and activities and stated that some requirements like renovation of quarter, electrification and construction of retaining wall is needed, where the House also deliberated upon it. Members also proposed to construct two sub-Health Centres at Phenwenyu and Terogonyu under SMO Tseminyu. The house deliberated and approved the work programme of the LADP 201314. Neilazono Terhuja, Team Member Kohima gave a power point presentation on Nagaland Bee Keeping and Honey Mission. She highlighted on dissemination of knowledge bee keeping and honey production and its related activities with special reference to the Tseminyu sub-division, and also weakness, and strength and potential areas. She also stated that the State at present has the production capacity of 350 metric ton annually.

will be held on July 16 and 17, 2013 at the office of Directorate of Technical Education, Kohima. Director of Techni-

institutions and universities will be participating in the counseling session. All intending candidates along

The Morung Express

tunities to interact with subject experts in various fields of technical and professional studies.

A Commodity interest group (Cig) on Maize, consisting of only woman members was formed at Shamnyu village Tobu block under ATMA Mon. CIGs on poultry, squash, rajmash, banana and large cardamom was formed under Tobu Block by BTT Convener Dr. Manoj Sachan and SMS Nemchaba Jamir. AtMA Mon has been witnessing increasing participation of women in its various activities, a process which could be described as feminization of agriculture.

The New Market Area Panchayat (NMAP) would like to clarify that the write-up under photo caption which was mentioned as “near New Market junction”. However the actual area falls under Daklane Ward No-7 under Kohima Municipal Council (KMC). It may be clarified that the Sanitation committee of New Market colony, Kohima since its inception till date has been constantly striving hard to maintain and keep the colony clean and trying its best to see that no garbage is left unattended. It may be recalled that the New Market colony was awarded second prize for cleanliness etc during the year 2011 and also awarded first prize in 2012 by KMC. While appreciating the concern of the Citizen Journalist for highlighting the various issues of social importance, We request him to be careful while presenting such photo caption so that the sentiments of the colony residents are not hurt. New Market Area Panchayat (NMAP), Kohima

NPCC responds to NPF’s arrogance


he arrogance and desperation of the NPF is clearly evident by their press & media bureau’s statement that the Congress has lost the moral right to play the role of opposition when their (NPF) leaders were badly exposed before the people. The NPF led DAN govt headed by Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio into its third term has been more concerned with embezzling and aggrandizement of state resources rather than govern the state and for which the Congress will be fulfilling the bounden duty of any opposition party in a democratic setup to unmask the truth behind the facade. Criticism is a political hazard that comes with power and responsibility which the NPF is yet to understand when its rudderless political agenda and governance comes under attack from the congress. Ten years is a long time in politics and with the NPF led DAN into their third term; there can be no excuses for the present state of affairs which has destroyed the fabric of the state. However, their arrogance has blinded them to see the plight of the people and the dilapidated conditions of the state infrastructures all around. The NPF would like to believe that the Chief Minister should remain above all criticisms, but then in any parliamentary democracy, the conduct of the political leaders are open to public scrutiny since they derive the mandate from the people. The NPF must learn to accept that the Chief Minister as a their leader and head of the state govt cannot be insulated from shouldering blame and criticism, for it is the moral obligation of any leader to maintain balance between appreciations and criticisms with probity especially in public life. Moreover, the entire party cannot be blamed or held responsible for actions perpetrated by few of their leaders with vested interest. Therefore, the NPCC had all along questioned the Chief Minister for failing miserably to govern the state while devoting all his energy in pursuit of his ever expanding business empire which has

seen unprecedented growth during the past ten years of his Chief Ministership. The congress has not leveled any false allegations against the Chief Minister, but has substantiated the charges it had been voicing to educate the people. Though, the NPF press & media bureau wants the public to believe that the Chief Minister’s vast growing business empire fueled by funds meant for development of the state is his personal or family concern and blames the congress for resorting to personalized attacks, yet the congress will not hesitate to bring out more exposures with enough evidences on other ministers as well, to tell truth which has become a rarity to the people of Nagaland. The NPF routinely charges the Congress for ‘acting as agents of outsiders,’ but then the phrase is more aptly suited to their (NPF) political agenda, since they have abdicated the responsibility of governance and allowed the writ of the state to be hijacked by nefarious elements who have brought unbearable miseries making life a living hell for the public. Recalling alleged misdeeds of congress a decade back cannot justify the present state of affairs. The present Chief Minister Rio, Planning Minister TR Zeliang and Home Minister G Kaito Aye and some other legislators in the present NPF led DAN govt were all part of that congress regime. Taunting and blaming the congress of that era boomerangs especially on the Chief Minister who had hold every important cabinet portfolios including that of Home Minister. The NPF has nothing more to offer to the people, as all their tall promises remained a farfetched dream. When the congress speaks about large scale corruption, nepotism, favoritism, misgovernace and divisive agenda perpetrated by the NPF govt for the past decade, the unspeakable truth within their (NPF) conscience will hurt them endlessly; no matter how much they parrot around to absolve their present leaders.

Readers may please note that the contents of the articles, letters and opinions published do not reflect the outlook of this paper nor of the Editor in any form. DiMAPuR Civil Hospital:

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L S R K E E O S 2 3 . h M O F S R E . 8 C M R E h i V E

n i E S h O E 2 E A O P A E R i i P . h E i n 2 A Y t i

E n S h A P t 2 B i S L O x L R P O h A E 5 Z A W D P

A S O E 1 B K n . C S E h A i O O M O E t n . n S S L D 6

S B R 7 i P O O O t A E E t P E L A R n n O 2 Y R . V

A A A . L F E S g S M D A E D h L i h M E Y . t W h M J

W A C W i S A h E E L R Q i E t C g E t A C g O Y g i

R O L Y h t E Y A n Z O E C A h C R D 1 M D u D S x 1 E L

C R C O A t S V A B D A L C A P i 9 R R i t P i K 8 R O

i P n R t t E i A O L t A R O C . M g O L i u A S . F L

E E E A i E A L J O h R E O A n n S t i t i t B E D J B

n O g A O P i F S E u Q R i E K u O A S A O R A h P Q

C R L R P n . R F E i E i E h i x O S L x F L A F i h E W

L W E i 1 R i R F W A D E C t L O S R u i A A n O S n F

i S M 1 t C V E V L R E t E J O A x Y B O A J D P n i Z

S O E i E i S i 1 . C O S t C O n t A i n M E n t S n

H P A A O L D . 0 S E h C R 2 S t 7 O u . D E u t W D 2 O 1 6 R 3 . K . E M R M E ‘ E D S n i C t C O A A M L i P h D E E t n A R S L E A t A t h u i E i O i n n

D i 1 i S t E t t S i S P A Y i n A t t A E n W A O E O

ACROSS 7 . L O n g t E R M C A R E F n R R A W O C A i V R A

1. Warning signal 6. Back talk 10. Part of a comparison 14. hawaiian veranda 15. Gait faster than a walk 16. Be worthy of 17. twelve dozen 18. Competent 19. Doing nothing 20. Alteration 22. its symbol is Pb 23. A promiscuous woman 24. Stylish 26. Adriatic resort 30. Consumed food 31. Best seller 32. Brother of Jacob 33. Ripped 35. One of the Canterbury pilgrims 39. Slide 41. Spat 43. Electrical pioneer 44. not mine 46. how old we are 47. “Eureka!” 49. Large 50. Old stories 51. Short sleep

54. goulash 56. Matured 57. irregular 63. hindu princess 64. Food 65. African virus 66. Chooses 67. nobleman 68. Water lily 69. netting 70. type of sword 71. Considers

DOWN 1. Aquatic plant 2. Piecrust ingredient 3. Dwarf buffalo 4. Coarse file 5. Fogs 6. Legal 7. Judge 8. Alone 9. unpleasant odor 10. involving three parties 11. god of the underworld 12. Collection of maps 13. Poverty-stricken 21. Winged 25. Former italian currency 26. in order to prevent 27. Small island

28. Speaker’s platform 29. Eccentric 34. impartial 36. therefore 37. Swerve 38. if not 40. Laugh 42. Prods 45. Make less visible 48. Orbital high point 51. Billiards bounce 52. Slack-jawed 53. Canvas shelters 55. Brandish 58. Poop 59. Double-reed woodwind 60. Memo 61. Astringent 62. Young girl

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The Morung Express

GPRN/NSCN ‘terminates’ and ‘discharges’ DiMapur, July 11 (MExn): Office of the Kilo Secretary of GPRN/NSCN, as per the directive of the Government has terminated Khenito, Leacey, son of Zuhovi of Lumithsami village under Sumi region from active National service for indulging in anti-national activities, informed the MIP GPRN/NSCN in a press release. The order comes with immediate effect, it added. Meanwhile, it also informed that the office of the GSO-I (Admn.), General Headquarters, Naga Army has discharged Lieutenant Vikheshe Truipu Achumi, bearing Naga army no. 17003, son of Late Khulu, hailing from Lazami village of Sumi region, from active national service of the GPRN/NSCN on health ground and domestic problem. “The service he rendered towards the cause shall be remembered and he is wished a bright future,” it stated.


MMC resolves to punish thieves Mokokchung, July 11 (MExn): In view of “unexpected persons” trying to steal goods in the shops in town, Mokokchung Municipal Council (MMC) and the tenants of MMC Shopping Complex have resolved in a joint meeting to punish any person caught stealing goods inside the complex. A press release issued by Superintendent MMC, O Pangjung Longkumer stated that the matter will also be published in the newspapers/ media with photo and bio-data if necessary. Further, MMC officials and the tenants have reaffirmed to be more watchful over the matter for prompt necessary action, it added.

Social work in Duncan Basti

DiMapur, July 11 (MExn): Residents of Duncan Basti are informed that the Duncan Women Union (DWU) together with the Duncan Council and the Youth will be conducting a mass social work in Duncan Basti on July 13 (Saturday) from 6:00 am-9:00 am. All households and commercial establishments have been informed to clean their surroundings and clear clogged drains around their premises. DWU through its general secretary Sentila T Yanger has solicited the co-operation of households, tenants and commercial establishments within the colony.

MKYS condemns rape

DiMapur, July 11 (MExn): The Movi Khel Youth Society (MKYS) has vehemently condemned the rape of an 18-year-old disabled girl by Danyi Kebu Nukhu (56 years), father of seven children, who is employed as a Fitter Grade II under the PHE department, Government of Nagaland at Zhavame Village under Phek district. MKYS through its President Zhonyo Movi in a release expressed pain while condemning “the act of cruelty towards the young woman who was taken advantage of to satisfy one’s own sexual pleasure which has further worsened her disability.” The MKYS has fervently requested the appropriate authority/village authorities to take befitting action so that such brutal acts do not occur in future in the society.

Chumu village councils informed

DiMapur, July 11 (MExn): All the village councils in Chumukedima are informed that the draft list of recognized villages under Chumukedima sub-division of Dimapur district as on December 1, 2012 is being notified for scrutiny and filing of Claims and Objections and the copies of which is available in the office of the Extra Assistant Commissioner, Chumukedima. Therefore, all concerned have been informed to submit Claims and Objections, if any, to the administrative officer on or before July 25, 2013 from the date of issue of this notification. The last date for receipt of claims and objections is July 30, 2013, informed sub-divisional officer (civil) HQs Dimapur, Temjensangla.

PPUK emergency meeting

kohiMa, July 11 (MExn): The Poumai Public Union Kohima (PPUK) has convened an emergency meeting on July 13 at 1:00 pm at Poumai Catholic community hall Naga bazaar Kohima. C.D. John president PPUK has requested all the village chairmen and secretaries, advisors, union’s past leaders and executives and seniors to attend the meeting compulsorily.

SOUDA meeting

DiMapur, July 11 (MExn): The Shena Old Union Dimapur Area (SOUDA) will have meeting of office bearers, executives, sector representative and elders to discuss some important issues at the banker’s residence at Police Colony on July 13, 9:00 am. SOUDA, vice chairman Jonah Achumi in a press release has informed all concerned to attend the meeting without fail.

Depts in Dmp informed

DiMapur, July 11 (MExn): All the governmental Departments under Dimapur district which are yet to submit the wage deduction in aid of catastrophic disaster in Uttarakhand as envisaged in the meeting held on June 27 have been directed to submit the same on or before July 15, 2013 without fail. This was informed by Sub-divisional officer Dimapur Moa Sangtam.

12 July 2013



Nukhu stresses on teachers’ education; says education growth depends on teachers Our Correspondent Kohima | July 11

Parliamentary Secretary for Higher Education & State Council of Educational Research & Training (SCERT) today asserted that the growth of education depends on how efficient and dedicated the teachers are. Meeting the officers and staff of SCERT here this afternoon, Deo Nukhu said SCERT deals with teachers’ education, adding that teachers’ education was an important matter and it should not be neglected. He continued that due importance must be given to it in order to yield a productive result in the field of education. The parliamentary secretary also stressed on the need to specially focus on the area of language, science and mathematics, “without which the future society will not grow much.” Making a special reference to English, which he said people of Nagaland can speak much better than other states,

Deo Nukhu releasing books during his visit to SCERT in Kohima on July 11. (Morung Photo)

Nukhu underlined the need to take due care of grammar while developing curriculum and syllabus. He regretted that most of the graduate students cannot write correct English. In this, he said something must be wrong, and called for addressing

the matter. He also added that special attention should be given to physics and mathematics, without which “We cannot produce technical manpower”. Expressing concern over unemploy-

ment problem in Nagaland, Nukhu also emphasized on the need to increase the volume of vocational education/courses and at the same time called for developing job oriented mechanism. Further, he expressed that SCERT must have fair idea upon those areas and change the system of curriculum wherever necessary along with the change of time. Later, Nukhu released two books “ A report on professional growth of government school teachers in Nagaland- A case study”, conducted and published by Research & Survey Cell of SCERT Nagaland and “Discovering my world- Science teacher’s manual Class III ” developed by Science & Inclusive Education Cell, SCERT Nagaland. Earlier, SCERT director Vipralhou Kesiezie highlighted the activities of the department. He said that Government of India has recently approved and sanctioned for creation of three new DIETs for Longleng, Kiphire and Peren districts and the civil work will start soon.

World Population Day focus on family planning KpNP+ sit-in protest in Kiphire

kohiMa, July 11 (MExn): Chief Medical Office (CMO) Kohima along with District Health Society, Department of Health and Family Welfare, observed World Population Day on July 11 at CMO conference hall. The programme was chaired by Chief Medical Officer Kohima Dr. Avino Metha while Dr. Avile Zao, DPO (RCH-UIP) gave a PowerPoint presentation on World Population Day and Population Stabilisation Fortnight. Dr. Avile Zao, DPO (RCH-UIP) informed that this year the observance of the World Population Day on July 11 is to be divided into two parts: Mobiliza-

tion Week from July 1 to 10 and Family Planning Services Fortnight from July 11 to 24. It will have Family Planning Services on the theme “Small Family, Happy Family” (Chhota Parivar, Sukhi Parivar). Dr. Avile Zao informed that advocacy and awareness campaign will be carried out in all the blocks and villages under Kohima district, which would include exhibition of family planning methods, counseling & motivation of eligible couples for availing family planning services including awareness on HIV & AIDS. She further added that Reproductive Child

Health (RCH) activities would be carried out in selected health units to observe Population Fortnight, including distribution of pamphlets, leaflets and putting up of banners and posters in all villages of the district in local dialect. She has exhorted all the Programme Officers, Senior Medical Officers (SMOs), Medical Officers (MOs), DPM, BPMs, BAMs, DCM, ASHA Co-ordinators, Media officers and all the health personnel to begin with the activities and spread the message of “Small Family, Happy Family”. Altogether 40 attended the World Population Day programme.

Our Correspondent Kiphire | July 11

Members of KpNP+ and IBAPWO today staged a sit-in protest at Anti Retroviral Treatment (ART) centre Kiphire to show their resentment for not making available the CD4 reagent at ART centers and also non-available of CD4 Machine. Interacting with this correspondent, president of KpNP+ said, “The quality of life for PLHIV depend on the treatment of ART, but we are running short of CD4 reagent which makes the community very vulnerable for quality life.” He also said, “Another problem for our centre is that we do

The sit-in protesters outside District Hospital Kiphire.

not have even CD4 machine so we send our report to outside the district for testing which not only hamper our working system but also accumulates lot of

expenditure.” The KpNP+ submitted a memorandum to the Deputy Commissioner to address the problem faced by the community at the earliest.

Sugarmill Sümi Baptist Church VBS commences Schedule for second session

DiMapur, July 11 (MExn): The Christian Education Department (CED) of Sugarmill Sümi Baptist Church, 5th Mile, Dimapur inaugurated its Vacation Bible School (VBS) today under the theme “Akheu Kiviu Jisu” (Jesus the Good Shepherd). It will culminate on July 14, 2013 at Sunday devotional service, which will be led by the VBS participants. Apart from the theme and other

related topics from the Bible, the VBS will talk about ‘aim & commitment’ and ‘merits & demerits of internet’. Other activities include art & painting, discipline, literary competition, games & sports, craft and singing competition. VBS Director & CED Supervisor K. Katoli Shohe in a press release stated that there are more children participating in VBS than those regular at Sunday school. There were about 250

children registered for the VBS till the time of filing this report. The children are divided into five classes - Beginners, Primary, Junior, Intermediate and Senior, where Beginners and Primary classes are further sub-divided into two sections each. Co-Director Toli Chophi and Recorder Piketo Awomi and a host of VBS officials, advisors, volunteers and musicians are assisting the Director.

phEk, July 11 (Dipr): The monthly District Planning & Development Board (DPDB) meeting of Phek District for the month of July was held on July 10 at the DPDB conference Hall under the Chairmanship of Speaker, NLA & Chairman DPDB, Phek, Chotisu Sazo. At the outset, the Chairman welcomed all the members present and the Parliamentary Secretary for Veterinary & Animal Husbandry, Yitachu briefed the house about the financial constraints in the State and advised all the Head of Departments to be more productive in implementing the different developmental schemes in the district. The Common Pool for five constituencies of LADF fund amounting to Rs. 75.009/- lakh was approved and decided to deduct ten lakh each from

all the constituencies. The Chairman asked the Head of Offices to submit action Plan for the year in order to avoid duplication of Schemes. Minister for PWD Road & Bridges and Parliamentary Affairs, Kuzholuzo Nienu, also the College Board Chairman suggested about the huge task ahead of the conference, which is tentatively scheduled in the month of October 2013. He urged upon the legislatures of Phek District, Head of offices and well-wishers to shoulder responsibilities and to contribute towards the upcoming conference. He also advised the Deputy Commissioner, Phek to convene a separate meeting for the conference. New stream for Government Higher secondary School, Chozuba (Science) was approved by the board

of the Twelfth Assembly

and will be forwarded to the Department concerned. The Board deliberated upon the super deluxe bus at Chozuba station and decided to write to the department for necessary action. The Board also approved to construct a public well at Zion colony with the recommendation of Minister for PWD (R&B). The meeting also approved to provide Grant-in-Aid to the following Schools i.e. Peace Centre School, Sakraba and St. Peter School, Kikruma, Khezhakeno Baptist School and Bethel School, Porba. Up-gradation of Primary School to Middle School at Khezhakeno was also approved in the meeting. Land Resource department (Phek) was entrusted to present their departmental activities in the next DPDB meeting.

kohiMa, July 11 (MExn): The second session of the Twelfth Assembly commencing on July 16 with July 17 and 21 as Recess days and concluding on July 22 will conduct business as follows: July 16: Obituary References, Questions, Laying of Reports and other papers, if any and Introduction of Government Bills, if any. July 18: Questions, Laying of Reports and other papers, if any, Presentation of Supplementary Demands for grants for Regularisation of Excess Expenditure for the Year 2006 – 2007, Presentation of Budget for the Year 2013 -2014, Presentation of Assembly Committee Reports and Presentation of C&AG Report for the year ended 31st March, 2012 (Report No.1 of 2013). July 19: Questions, Laying of Reports and other papers, if any, Consideration and Passing of Government Bills, Introduction of Government Resolution, if any, Introduction of Pri-

vate Members’ Bills, if any, Discussion and Voting on Supplementary Demands for Grants for Regularisation of Excess Expenditure for the Year 2006 – 2007, Introduction, Consideration and Passing of the Nagaland Appropriation (N0.4) Bill, 2013 and General discussion on the Budget for the year 2013-2014. July 20: Questions, Discussion and Consideration of Government Resolutions, Laying of Reports and other papers, if any, Presentation of Assembly Committee Reports, Consideration and Passing of Private Members’ Bill and General discussion on the Budget for the year 20132014. July 22: Questions, Laying of Reports and other papers, if any, General discussion on the Budget for the year 2013-2014, Introduction, Consideration and Passing of the Nagaland Appropriation (N0.5) Bill, 2013, Unfinished Business, if any and Adjournment of the Session sine-die.

DiMapur, July 11 (MExn): Parliamentary Secretary, soil and water conservation and fisheries Shetoyi Sumi inaugurated 8 NAP Battalion’s rostrum cum guardroom on July 7. The chief guest in his inaugural speech appreciated the developmental activities carried out by the commandant and officers

and men of the Unit. He encouraged them to continue with their best efforts to uplift and develop the Battalion. The chief guest also assured to extend his support and co-operation for further progress of the Unit. Commandant Lakha Koza NPS, in his welcome address, stated that the ros-

trum cum guardroom was constructed on self-help basis since it was essential for the Unit for hosting various Unit events as well as resting room for the personnel during the visit of V.V.I.P.S and other dignitaries. The public leaders and GBs from the surrounding villages attended the programme.

Phek dist HoDs told to be more productive

Withee Bible College host cultural show 8 NAP Battalion's rostrum inaugurated

New Market colony social work

kohiMa, July 11 (MExn): New Market Youth Organization (NMYO) is conducting a mass social work on July 13 from 7:00 am to 12:00 noon at the New Market colony (Ward number 8). All residents of New Market area, Kohima have been requested to attend the same and thereby sanitize their respective sectors in general and New Market colony in particular. Further, people attending the social work have been apprised to come with their own implements like spade, shovel, machete (Dao), Sacks etc. All shops within New Market area will be closed till the work is over. Light refreshment and lunch will be catered to the workers during and after the social work. Meanwhile, All Nagaland Taxi Association (ANTA) has informed the zonal taxis plying between Kohima and Dimapur that all the zonal taxis have been asked “not to ply in the New Market colony on that particular day during the social work period.” Menuovilie Suhu, convener Action committee, ANTA in a press release has asked the drivers to take alternative route.


Principal and students of Withee Bible College, Dimapur pose for a photograph with the visiting senior pastors from Korea on July 10.

DiMapur, July 11 (MExn): Withee Bible College presented a cultural show on July 10, in honour of Rev. Dr. Reuben Kim, Senior Pastor Agape Presbyterian Church, also Founder Principal World Mission Foreigners Seminary, S Korea. Rev. Yoon Jung Soo, Senior Pastor, Holy people Presbyterian Church, S Korea and Rev. Kil Geun Soo, Senior Pastor, Sein Presbyterian Church, S Korea. Rev. Dr. Reuben Kim, lauding the cultural per-

formances said that he has been coming to India since 1990 but this is the first time he has seen such a show. He commented on the Morning Prayer and two services conducted in a day in Withee Bible College. Rev. Dr. Reuben Kim was impressed by seeing the students’ disciplined life following the 27 rules and regulations of the College and gave assurance that he will tell about it to all his Church members, and the Profes-

sors and Students of the World Mission Foreigners Seminary and Han Young University. Rev. Dr. Vikheshe Chishi, Founder and Principal in a press release stated that Naga rich cultures such as war dance, spinning song, spear kick and traditional attire couple show were presented during the programme. Inavi Aye, Lecturer chaired the program and Rev. Kil Geun Soo pronounced the closing prayer.

ASTD reaffirms stand on foothill road DiMapur, July 11 (MExn): The Ao Senso Telongjem, Dimapur has affirmed to stand by the resolution adopted by nine tribes on June 29 regarding the foothill road. A press note from the ASTD stated that, “under any circumstances, the foothill road connectivity will be from Dimapur to Tizit (Mon) routing through the foothill section and not otherwise.” The ASTD issued this release in reference to the Medical Minister, Imkong Imchen’s statement which said that “once the Doyang Bridge is constructed to reach Sanis from Dimapur, the road connectivity is viable for three different routes namely Tsurangkong, Changki and Alichen.” In regard to this, the ASTD appealed for the public to “not be confused

by the Minister’s statement as the same is purely his own personal opinion.” It also urged the public to refrain from making any statement regarding the foothill road construction “without ascertaining the clear picture so as to avoid confusion or misunderstanding.” It added that the foothill road is not for a particular tribe or district but belongs to the entire Naga family. The ASTD further informed that a meeting of foothill road co-ordination committee has been convened on July 13 at 4 pm at the residence of its treasurer in Khermahal, Dimapur. All co-ordination committee members (3 from each of the nine tribes) have been requested to attend the meeting on time.


The Power of Truth

The Morung Express FrIDAy 12 July 2013 vol. vIII IssuE 188

Along Longkumer Consulting Editor

Safeguard Article 371 (A)


ccording to a news report in The Telegraph, the Union Government has struck down as “unconstitutional” the Nagaland government’s attempts to get companies of its own choice to explore, produce and bottle petroleum and natural gas found in Nagaland. The State government had put out an advertisement last year, inviting expression of interest from private companies for oil and natural gas exploration, production/extraction and refining/bottling in 11 oil and gas zones of Nagaland. The State had also notified regulations and rules for petroleum and natural gas in 2012. Besides, the Nagaland Legislative Assembly had passed a resolution to this effect. As per the Union Government’s contention, the subject of oil and mineral resources is in the Union List and therefore it is for Parliament to legislate on such matters. The news report quotes the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) as writing to the State government last month that the resolution passed by the Nagaland Assembly in July 2010 is “unconstitutional and void”. Now the question arises as to whether the MHA, which is an executive organ, is competent or authorized to strike down laws passed by the legislature. According to this column, it is the judiciary and not the executive, which should decide on this particular issue arising out of the interpretation of Article 371 (A). It is also somewhat surprising that both the MHA and the Petroleum Ministry did not deem it fit to consult the Law Ministry on an important constitutional question. The Nagaland government argues that the MHA had said in Parliament in 2010, in reply to a query, that the state Assembly can pass a resolution relating to land and its resources under Article 371 (A). The Union Government now argues that while Nagaland’s contention may be true, the power to frame rules on natural resources, a central subject, still lies with Parliament. It is therefore obvious that there is some confusion and dispute between the State and Union government on the issue of oil exploration in Nagaland. Legally speaking therefore, it is for the Supreme Court to adjudicate on the matter. However one should not forget that the Special Provision under Article 371 (A) given to Nagaland during its formation as part of the 16 point agreement dates back to pre-Independent India. If anything, it was political expediency that led to the creation of Nagaland. Also, the recognition of the “right of the Nagas to develop themselves according to their freely expressed wishes” goes back to the time of Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India. One should therefore be aware about the political circumstances which made it necessary to incorporate Article 371 (A). Let us not become like Jammu & Kashmir where the autonomy provisions under Article 370 of the Indian constitution meant for that State, has been diluted through amendments in the last 40-50 years. In fact, Nagas have already lost some of the unique arrangement and constitutional guarantees given at the time of Statehood. Unlike other States of the country, Nagaland was kept under the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). In a unilateral move, the GoI brought the State under the MHA. Even with regard to financial assistance from Delhi, things are not the same anymore. An outstanding feature of the Indian constitution is the special provision given to some of the States in the Union such as Jammu & Kashmir (Article 370) and Nagaland (Article 371-A). The judiciary will have to rule whether Parliament or the Constitution is supreme. One of the option before the Nagaland government is to file a Special Leave Petition in the Supreme Court. For this, it should form its best legal team led by the Advocate General and make thorough preparation to argue its case. Also, a strong resolution through the public consultation to be held today at Kohima, should send a clear message to Delhi that Nagas are prepared to go to any length to defend their rights. If anything, there is a need to safeguard Article 371 (A). It will be a tragedy for the Nagas if even this right is taken away from us. (Feedback can be send to

lEfT wiNg |

Brij Khandelwal Source: IANS




ower should be supplied to all consumers in Uttar Pradesh without discrimination irrespective of the place of residence, the Allahabad High Court ordered Wednesday. The court gave the ruling after asking the government to explain what was meant by 'VVIP' and the rationale behind supplying uninterrupted power to chosen districts in the state. The division bench said that except in the case of the Taj Mahal city of Agra and the eco-sensitive Taj Trapezium Zone, power should be supplied to all consumers without discrimination. The court held recently that 24-hour electricity supply to places like Etawah, Mainpuri, Kannauj, Rampur, Sambhal, Rae Bareli and Amethi was "arbitrary, illegal and illogical". All these areas are represented in parliament and the Uttar Pradesh assembly by leaders of the Congress and Samajwadi Party including Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Mualayam Singh Yadav and Akhilesh Yadav. A copy of the judgment was received here Wednesday. The government told the court that these places were chosen for unending power supply in view "of the importance of the areas and ... protocol and security of VVIPs during their declared or undeclared visits". The court inquired from the respondents what was meant by the terms VVIP and protocol. "Who are those so-called VVIPs and what is their protocol which requires and compels respondents to maintain continuous supply in certain and particular places and deprive such benefit (in other) parts of the state." After observing that counsel for the respondents could not answer the query, the court said: "Their predicament is quite apparent and understandable. Silence speaks a volume." The court quoted from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary to say that there was a term called VIP but there was no mention of VVIP. The court said the term 'VVIP' meant that there was a higher class even amongst the celebrity or class of very important persons. The hard-hitting judgment considers the government decision violative of article 15 of the Indian constitution. "The mere fact that a city has patronage of an unknown alleged VVIP or a highly placed and mighty person would not justify 24 hours supply to the consumers in his constituency depriving other consumers a similar treatment. "This is wholly irrational, illogical and patently arbitrary. Moreover, the alleged pretext of protocol and VVIP is a sheer eyewash and in any case impermissible in law." The court directed the state government to ensure fair and reasonable distribution of power to all "except the area covered by the Taj Trapezium Zone in view of the directions of the apex court". Senior advocate K.C. Jain told IANS: "This definitely qualifies to be an eye-opening judgement and a clear exposure of the high-handedness of the political class."



Ananya S Guha

Volunteering and Skills Education


olunteering can be 'defined' in many ways as far as theoretical jargon goes, or if we have to go by abstruse word play. To me, it is simple. Any gesture of rendering positive and genuine help, without any profit motive, and with a degree of altruism is volunteering. A person volunteers to donate blood, to an ailing person, who he knows or does not know is rendering service not only to that person, but to the person's family and by larger implications, to society. Volunteering is prompted by the inner being to help, devoid of recognition, and guided by a disinterested pursuit of recognition, honour or fame. It can be both organized and unorganized. A person could volunteer as part of an organization or club, or purely at the individual level. Education, is something which should be engendered by the spirit of volunteering, reaching out to poorer students, weak students, the differently abled, students with personal and familial problems, students who are economically and geographically marginalized etc. In fact like the medical profession, education is the spirit of volunteerism, where the self is selfless. This becomes especially true if we are educators for drop outs, economically weak students, students without much formal education, 'failed' students, street children, domestic workers, people engaged in technical skills in the unorganized sector to eke out a living etc. With the kind of emphasis given on vocational education, which strips education of all bias, subverts the degree mania, makes it more egalitarian, and above all takes it to the masses; the spirit of volunteering should not only be evident, but should be consciously infused in this type of para education, literacy and linking skills to work. This emphasis on vocational education and skills by the Government of India, is very good augury, because it links skills and vocation, directly with work, and earning; it also demolishes the myth of acquiring degrees by any means, only to discover woefully, the mismatch of education, and requirements of industry. If one volunteers for promoting education, and helping disadvantaged people to be equipped with knowledge which is practical and hands on, then we are training people to be self reliant, so that even if direct employment is elusive, self employment is a very viable recourse. For this, the educator or the volunteer has to think about, and be sensitive to different levels of target groups existing at the same time from street children to the professional wanting further up gradation. Volunteering is 'motivated' by the spirit of selfless help, and so is education, if we have to stem the rot of massive unemployment, disability, non inclusive education, illiteracy, and rampant drop outs who pose a threat to the fabric and well being of societies. The true educator is a person with missionary zeal, where the profession as such takes a back seat, and the zeal to help gains primacy, undiluted by and going beyond, temptations of coffers or recognition. A significant bulwark of vocational education and training is related to Technical Vocational Education & Training (TVET). This is related to the greening of the economy, sustainability and environmental matters. Sustainable development also refers to three types of development, namely, social, environmental and economic. This brings us to the question of social responsibility. Greening of TVET is related to agriculture and a green economy. Agricultural related vocational education & training are a composite part of the greening of the environment. The IGNOU Institute for Vocational Education & Training, Shillong has

made forays into TVET by introducing training programmes on low cost bamboo housing, welding etc. It has also introduced a discussion forum on agriculture and horticulture, which can be accessed through its website: www.iivetshillong. org. One can enter the discussion forum through the website and then register and take part in agriculture and horticulture related issues such as cropping, and post harvesting problems. The greening of TVET is closely associated with economy, societal concerns, community concerns and social responsibility. Social responsibility in this context is both individual and collective, and is community based. For this one needs the right kind of trainers as well as to integrate this aspect into the curriculum of vocational education and training in schools and colleges, as well as for the welfare of the general public and the community. TVET and its greening will be community centric. There is a lot of talk about skills and skills development. The publication on the National Skills Mission Report (Dept. of Labour Govt. of India) 2008 clearly indicates that skills are related to a notional thinking that it is labour intensive and technical. It is said that the construction industry in the country requires 500 million workers in the next two decades or so. I am struck by a certain thought. If the population of the country is accumulating at phenomenal rates, then why are we saying that there is acute shortage in this sector? On the one hand we talk of the overweening population, and on the other we complain of an inveterate lack of man power. Then there is the contention that there is mismatch of skills and the kind of education we provide. Then again there is the much bandied ‘unorganized sector’. What attempts are being made to make these sectors organized by modernization and valure addition of techniques? If 500 million of workers are required for the construction industry, then this sector cannot be organized? Similarly is the case with masonry, carpentry and welding. There is a huge demand of welders in fabrication units especially in South India. How can modern techniques of welding replace dated machines? Companies like Ador Fontech are contributing to this and can do more by Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. The Indian Welding Society New Delhi consisting of industrialists and academics including IIT Professors are attempting to train welders in Institutes so as to update infrastructure and create more employable manpower and employability. They have associated with Welding Research Institute (WRI) Tiruchirapalli and established chapters in different zones of the country such as North East India, in association with IIT Guwahati, IGNOU Institute For Vocational Education & Training (IIVET), Shillong and Don Bosco Technical School Shillong. A second question arises regarding the concept of skills. Is it only related to technical skills, vocaitonal in nature? I fail to understand terminologies such as ‘soft skills’. Then this implies that there are ‘hard’ skills as well. Skills are inherent and aesthetic; skills cannot exclude this purview as well. A child talented in music, theatre, writing and painting is endowed with skills. Any National Policy on Skills Development cannot preclude school education. The problem is that all these years vocational education was lowly placed; because we made education class based and hierachical. This calls for subversion of hierarchy in our very educational systems. If Communication Skills are considered to be ‘soft skills’ (for whatever reason) we forget that communication is

very important in any profession or vocation. Regional mapping of need based skills must be done on a war footing by institutions such as CII, NSDC, Chamber of Commerce, National Skills Mission, IGNOU, NIOS etc. A concerted policy must be adopted state wise so that skills initiatives are a mission of each state government. The Meghalaya Government has recently initiated Skills Mission objectives in the areas of Computer Hardware & Networking, BPO industry, Construction, Animation, Oracle Software, Life Skills etc. Training has begun in batches for selected trainees. If we are to identify skills development with Vocational Education & Training then the latter has to have larger bases, and view perspectives of VET in multiple ways. Arts and aesthetics, performance and visual must be brought under the gamut. This leads us to the question of artisanship in pottery, handicrafts, weaving and tailoring. Artisanship is aesthetic in intent but it leads to livelihoods. The National Small Industries Corporation has a range of skills initiatives including leather technology, food processing and fashion designing where the elements of modernized equipments have been introduced. In trying to promote in indigenity we may have to complement this with the use of modernized techniques and equipments. Skills development and vocational training are of cardinal importance for employment and self employment. What is needed is not so much vocational education as a subject or discipline; but a massive vocationalization of education, where the emphasis will be on practical work and what is called hands on training which includes the connotation of ‘performance’. Short term training programmes ranging from 2 – 6 months can be very handy in this context. In this manner a workforce to sustain knowledge based economy; a creative work force will be formulated and shaped. This will be a silent revolution in educational history. Thankfully changes have been taking place, in our notions of education and the degree obsession is being gradually attenuated. This is a good sign for a major revolution to usher in, in the dynamics of education; job and industry oriented. But target groups as enunciated by the National Skills Mission are of great significance. What do we mean by drop outs? Over the years this expression has attained pejorative connotations. But the fact is that this is a large segment of our population which needs endearing and empathetic consideration when it comes to vocational education / skills: people, the youth who may have missed out on formal education for reasons beyond their control. The question of one – time failure has to be addressed and not consigned to reprobation. Target groups such as street children, domestic workers and the differently abled must be considered for skills initiatives. In fact the large chunk of the so-called ‘drop outs’ are in the age of 18 – 35 years. Recently, I had been invited to a certificate distribution on vocational education and skills on Desktop Publishing organized by the Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan and supported by the Meghalaya Government. Forty youth from all districts of the state received certificates of completion after one month training mentored by the Don Bosco Technical School, Shillong. Even short term training programmes such as this or say on Tour Travel and Operations can help in skills development and create a workforce. But to generate such training programmes which in turn can lead to some kind of sustainable livelihood is a mission transcending the borders of mere classroom teaching.

Letters to the editor

On Recognition Of Rongmei Naga Tribe •- The Rongmei Naga Tribe known as Kabui Nagas were one of the Naga recognized tribe of Naga Hill District since British Reign. In this connection, it is clearly found that the Govt. of Nagaland have already given the S.T. Recognition to Rongmei Naga Tribe according to law of the land vide No. HOME/SCTA/-6/2007 (PT-1) Dated 04th August 2012. Therefore, according to my opinion if any person or any NGO or any aggrieved party may go to the Legal Court for confirmation of his/her right instead of threatening each other from outside the court. TL Angami

Encountering Moral Communities and Moral Agency

•- We all belong to a community and therefore we all belong to a moral community. Few people will dispute the statement that we all belong to a moral community. Sociopaths and terrorists don’t accept that they are so bound. But ‘most moral theorists’ would deny that such exceptions undermine the moral community. Moral community is a group of beings that shares certain characteristics and whose members are or consider themselves to be bound to observe certain rules of conduct in relation to one another because of their mutual likeness. These rules create what we call obligations and derive in some intimate way from the characteristics which the beings composing the moral community have

in common. Moral community can also be referred to a group of people drawn together by a common interest in living according to a particular moral philosophy. Many moral communities are often associated with a religion and advocate that religion's conception of a good life. The congregation of a church, synagogue, or mosque is a typical moral community. Moral agency is an individual's ability to make moral judgments based on some commonly held notion of right and wrong and to be held accountable for these actions. A moral agent is a being who is capable of acting with reference to right and wrong. Most philosophers suggest only rational beings, who can reason and form self-interested judgments, are capable of being moral agents. Some suggest those with limited rationality (for example, people who are mildly mentally disabled or infants also have some basic moral capabilities). When a person performs or fails to perform a morally significant action, we sometimes think that a particular kind of response is warranted. Praise and blame are perhaps the most obvious forms this reaction might take. For example, one who encounters a car accident may be regarded as worthy of praise for having saved a child from inside the burning car, or alternatively, one may be regarded as worthy of blame for not having used one's mobile phone to call for help. To regard such agents as worthy of one of these reactions is to ascribe moral responsibility to them on the basis of what they have done or left undone. (These are examples of other-directed ascriptions of responsibility. The reaction might also be self-directed, e.g., one can recognize oneself to be blameworthy). Thus, to be morally respon-

sible for something, say an action, is to be worthy of a particular kind of reaction—praise, blame, or something akin to these—for having performed it. At times, disparate moral communities have conflicting interpretations of what constitutes ethical conduct or an ethical life. Fundamentalist Protestants oppose reproductive rights and same-sex marriage, while many mainline Protestants support the legality of both. In other instances, particular professions or occupations have particular interpretations of situational and professional or occupational moral conduct- for example; many military combatants might kill members of opposing armed forces within a theatre of war. By contrast, many medical organizations oppose the practices of voluntary euthanasia or physician assisted suicide because they believe that it violates their traditional Hippocratic Oath pledge not to intentionally harm another. The Nazis defended themselves by saying that they were just obeying the laws of their own society and the orders of their military commanders. The prosecution held that every human being is personally morally responsible for his for her actions and that these Nazis should have disobeyed the law and their military commanders. Yet this disobedience would have required immense personal sacrifice (they would probably have been shot for disobeying orders) and would require them to go against their entire society and military training to always obey orders no matter what. But the question arises now which may give us an endless debate. The moral argument begins with the fact that all people recognize some moral code (that some things are right, and

some things are wrong). Every time we argue over right and wrong, we appeal to a higher law that we assume everyone is aware of, holds to, and is not free to arbitrarily change. Suppose a western moral agent come to Nagaland and gave his or her negative judgment on Nagas eating dog meat. What will be our response? One probable response may be, “Who gave you the authority to pass such judgment on us?” Right and wrong imply a higher standard or law, and law requires a lawgiver. Because the Moral Law transcends humanity, this universal law requires a universal lawgiver. You cannot have a moral law without a moral law-giver. Now one may wonder, why do you actually need a moral law giver if you have a moral law? In order to take the moral law seriously, it must be based on the intrinsic value of persons, which in turn must be based on the value ascribed to person-hood by some particular person. If that person's idea of the value of person-hood is to be considered binding on all people everywhere, rather than simply another of many subjective value judgements, then the person ascribing the value must be intrinsically worthy. They must be a person who is worthy of high value in and of themselves. There is only one real candidate for such a person, that being the Living God. If you would claim that there is an objective moral law, which transcends all the legal systems of mankind's societies and ought to be obeyed by all people, everywhere, always, then you simply must accept the existence of a personal God. He is Holy, He is Mighty, He is Loving, He is Gracious, and He is Just. Puanthanh Gangmei, Convenor, The Naga Studies Group

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12 July 2013


r. T. Solo concluded his “Do we learn from history or from Aesop fable” (Morung Express 8th July 2013) by saying “Avoid the truth today, then, we may have to keep company with thugs tomorrow”. The truth in this statement has already been proven over and over again. Take a very dispassionate look at ourselves. All of our yesterdays have been spent avoiding the truth just as we avoid doing so today. Since this syndrome had begun yesterday we have since been keeping company with thugs all our today and still continue to play hide and seek with truth as we maintain silence. Perhaps few have had the luxury of not to coming face to face with the thugs. The majority has however suffered the frequency of such unpleasant meetings but has been cowed down by fear to say anything against them. The Nagas have become so immune to thugs in our midst that we have instead chosen to live like them by our silence. The Factions must know that no one in Nagaland pays tax to them willingly anymore…in fact it is given with the bitterest of curses and tears because their very existence has become perceptibly pretentious and hollow. The Factions must know that they are gathering tonnes of curses along with the tax they raise every waking hour. If we are to give credence to our ancestral beliefs, the endeavour being pursued, however lofty, can only lead to a disastrous end when the approach to its achievement is cursed from the depths of one’s heart. In addition to all the rot being perpetuated, they have added insult to injury by taking the name of God in vain flaunting “Nagaland for Christ” and unscrupulously conducting their daily affairs with blasphemous contempt. The Factions must know that the hypocrisy of it all is not lost in the sight of God no matter how many days they spend fasting and praying. The people now grudgingly pay ‘guns tax’ not ‘sovereignty tax’ because no one wants to die prematurely for their kind of Nagaland for Christ. I have often said that for the Factions, ‘sovereignty’ is just another word that gives them a semblance of legitimacy to tax the people for their personal comforts. They literally are parasitical entrepreneurs of the worst kind that survive on the hard earnings of others under the pretentious guise of sovereignty. This is the simple truth that everyone has known since yesterday and still chooses to remain silent today. We have thus far sent out a strong signal to the factions that they can carry on forever with their mafia regime


THE PRICE OF COWARDICE without restraint because we let them know that we are cowards at heart. No right thinking person in Nagaland believes in the relevance or the need for so many factions for the same identical cause. For this precise reason, no one in Nagaland believes in the sincerity of the Factions. It has done more damage than good and yet we remain silent. We have to put truth into perspective and deal with it as honestly as we can even if it hurts. Let us begin from where it should. The NNC fronted the Naga National Movement at its harshest inception. This is an irrefutable fact. Along the long torturous journey, the greatest misfortune of a human mind deserting the body most unfortunately afflicted Late Mr. Phizo when he failed to denounce the Shillong Accord of 1975. Desperate efforts have been made by some loyalists to understate this historical fact of failure but to no avail. History cannot be rubbed out and will remain history no matter what devious means are adopted to explain it away. Now rumor has it that Madam Adino has recently been re-elected as the President of NNC (Accordist) Faction once more. Unless they are ashamed of the proceedings, one wonders why they have kept this news away from public scrutiny, if so. Many sensible Nagas had thought that her arrival to Nagaland would usher in a ray of hope for the reconciliation within the Naga National Movement (NNM) rather than compound and perpetuate the problem even further. It outrageously defies all comprehension and reasoning for Madam Adino to keep fooling the Nagas as gullible as we may be. Those who had had the privilege of meeting her say she believes Shillong Accord never happened. Goodness gracious me, this is a catch 22 scenario: If Shillong Accord did not happen how come there is the Accordist and Non-Accordist factions in the NNC? How come there is FGN (Accordist) and FGN (Non-Accordist) then? This sever split down the center certainly could not have been on account of a bad tasting Axone/ Jachie in their community kitchen if not for Shillong Accord. How come she identifies with the Accordist Faction that has already accepted the Indian Constitution without any reservation or ambiguity if it did not happen? With what ideology is she leading the Accordist group as a NNM

Khekiye K. Sema, IAS (Rtd) other than to keep the controversial pot boiling for all the wrong reasons? How does one surrender a cause and still say they are fighting for a cause one has already given up on? It defies all rationality. It is pathetic. It is worse than catch 22 complexity in fact. It is about time that Madam clears her mind of all the cobwebs, get past all the whispers of her blind sycophant loyalists that surround her and seek for an honorable rehabilitation package for her Faction that the Chief Minister of Nagaland was talking about, from the GOI. In her case this would be relevant. Let those who have not hoisted the white flag carry on with the task unimpeded. It is a difficult proposition as it is without her continuous defilement. If she finds this option unpalatable then the sensible alternative would be to rectify her father’s undoing by condemning the Shillong Accord once for all and regroup the NNC to its former place of honour. Mr. Phizo was a great leader of men but he too was a mortal and liable to mistakes. Believe in the big heartedness of the Nagas who will still learn to forgive and remember him as a great leader as long as we are forthright about it. The more we attempt to defend the indefensible we smear his name that much more. He does not deserve this. As a thinking leader if she is one, Madam Adino ought to have understood by now that she represents confusion and division by her presence in the wrong arena. Further, there is no significant reason left for her to continue her stay in London other than to enjoy the foreign comforts. The days of internationalizing the cause of the Nagas as a reason for staying abroad has long since past. Our war is here in Nagaland and if she is placing herself as a leader, her place is here in Nagaland. That is the trade mark of any leader worth the salt. At least she would be in a position to work out the rehabilitation of her followers more effectively for a definitive closure. Surely there must be some fair minded matured elders who enjoy her confidence to be able to guide her to the right path unless she is desperately immune to sensible advice? NNC with all the acknowledged fundamental groundwork in the past has now paled into ignominy. One can’t quite see the way forward for them in

their present state. For those who have been vociferously rooting for the NNC, the question they need to ask themselves is: which NNC are they voicing their support for? For all practical purpose NNC (Accordist) is now like a ship lost in the open sea without a compass. The subsequent development of NNM gets murkier not withstanding all the ramification and justifications of the mushrooming Factions. It represents the worst case scenario that no sensible person would ever wish it upon himself. It is now nothing more than an ego trip of the factional leaders with all the trappings of individual comforts and conveniences in the forefront. Don’t we see this every wretched day of our lives? The main objective has blurred beyond recognition. The task ahead is daunting enough even if we are united. With division what is our prospect? Lasting peace would still remain an elusive dream, even if solution with the GOI is salvaged, as long as other warring factions remain. We would be staring at Civil War in the face. In order to avoid such a catastrophic outcome which we can ill afford in the aftermath of the negotiated settlement with the GOI the dominant Factions must climb down from their respective arrogant perch for the sake of the greater good of all Nagas and agree on one inclusive Naga National Government (NNG). It is my considered opinion that the Factional Leaders are less inclined to want to unite unless circumstantially induced. It is here that all right thinking Nagas must find their backbones and stand up with courage. The slogan of “ONE TAX FOR ONE GOVERNMENT” is to me the only language that the Factions will understand. In our present aberrant mindset this would seem like an impossible task to most people but we should not undermine the will of the masses in the fashion the Factions have to their advantage. The simmering discontentment against illegal taxation is palpably on the upsurge. Understand that mass movements have brought down autocratic Governments to its knees. I have said this before and I will say it again that ACAUT deserves our collective praise for bringing about a focus on the acute problem of taxation by the factions. However their deci-

The Himalayan States - are they India's crown jewels or distant cousins? Chicu Lokgariwar Pushkin Phartiyal

mountain states. The initiative has now been embraced by all the Himalayan States as a necessary means of being heard. Nagaland's hosting the next summit is a sign of its acceptance by the mountain peoples. It discussed various subjects including climate change, education and natural resources with regards to the mountain states. Most identity politics tend to be destructive - their emphasis on a certain group of people tends to foster a fear of the unknown rather than a feeling of togetherness. The Initiative, on the other hand, is creating an ecological identity. The most exciting bit about it is that it will bring about a constructive idea of what ecological identity is, which will serve to undo the other deadlocks that we see today. The topics that the Initiative needs to focus on are: • understanding local conditions as a result of climate change • considering the regulatory challenge that the environment is going to pose in the future • exploring what is it that state capacity requires to support the various strategies, including health, eft, right, up, down...bump, bump, bump! That environment etc. was me… being thrown about on all sides of the jeep that I was in. No, I wasn’t off-roading! India's Mountain states - crown I was on an investigative mission to Pinrow, a village jewels or distant cousins? in Nainital district, Uttarakhand from my home. I was During this panel discussion, the panelists agreed investigating the impact of the state government's that the mountains are crown jewels in terms of ecolpush for 100% of child births to happen in the hosogy and gods; the people are still considered to be pitals. Queasy and battered from the bumpy ride, I distant cousins. Most Indians, other than those who wondered how a very pregnant woman would hanactually live in the Himalayas, venerate the moundle the ride up the winding mountain roads to the tains themselves as both a resource and a source of hospital. The chances of her going into early labour spiritual fulfilment but tend to either exoticise or igdue to the jerky movements seemed incredibly high. nore the people who live in the mountain areas Yes, hospitals are better-equipped than traditional mid-wives, which is why city-dwellers usually go Climate change This is a challenge for the country, its planners that route. But wouldn’t it make more sense for midwives to be trained in better hygiene measures and and the government. For the mountain people howemergency care in such hilly terrain where the ride ever, it is a challenge as well as is an opportunity. to the hospital could turn out to be more of a danger? Planners and policy makers were earlier not focused This is what happens when centralized plans are on the people of the mountains but now that climate made out of Delhi offices for regions they aren’t fa- change is a reality, the Himalayas have gained more miliar with. importance as an issue. Need for a common platform Human Development Index The 11 mountain states and 2 hill districts of InThis index, a statistical method of using life exdia that make up our north and north-eastern bor- pectancy, education, and income data to rank regions der face common issues and challenges, and share in terms of human welfare rather than national insimilar concerns for meeting their developmental come, has not really improved despite planning and needs. In 2010, a task force was set up by the Plan- policy interventions. Working on it is now urgent. ning Commission, Government of India, to identify People are leaving the mountains and villages are institutional gaps in mountain states and create solu- being abandoned. tions to meet mountain issues. One of the chief recommendations of this task force was the creation of a Education The level of education in the Himalayan states is forum of the Indian mountain states, involving broad on a decline as it does not focus on future livelihood representation that will bring up innovative ideas. needs. For better livelihoods, both local traditional The Indian Mountain Initiative skills and industrial education must be emphasised The Initiative is the forum recommended by the equally. There is a lack of quality polytechnic and Planning Commisson. It also is an effort to look at other colleges in the state post-partition. Trementhe mountains from several perspectives including dous energy is visible in students and youth. This strategic, environmental, human, cultural and top- needs to be harnessed for development of the mounographical. It organises two events every year with tain region. We are at an interesting moment where one event hosted in one of the 11 Himalayan states there is a dynamic bubbling up. This needs to be capiand the other in Delhi. The second Meet was organtalised upon rather than throttled. ised in Delhi in March 2013. It was initiated by the Central Himalayan Environ- Water ment Association, an NGO that focuses on water manThe rivers are not just a source of hydropower agement and improving livelihoods of people in the but help keep the forests, river ecosystems, and rural

People in India revere the Himalayas but most may not know much about its people. A common platform to highlight issues that the mountain peoples face is the need of the hour.


communities alive. Hydropower need not be politicised, but should be debated vigorously from all points of view. The environment will pose regulatory challenges for the states. With all the resources available today, the states have not been able to save a single river in its freeflowing state. All sizeable rivers are dammed at several points in their course and the future seems bleak.

Alienating the communities This inherited 'distant frontiers' view must go. We cannot think of a future for the mountains while the Armed Forces Special Powers Act is applied to the mountain peoples. The Act gives sweeping powers to the army to empower non-commissioned officers to search without warrant, arrest without warrant and eve shoot causing death. To top it off, it provides them immunity against any civilian prosecution. Currently enforced in 8 of the 11 Himalayan states, this Act is widely condemned as abusive , draconian and illegal. The fact that all attempts to redress this are coming from the people and not from the state is a matter of concern. Security challenges These are primarily the border security issues and challenges with governance with respect to the central government. Development of the mountain regions will not happen unless the capacity of the states to administer these regions is developed.

Restructuring the Ministry of Development of North East Region The only organisation in India that looks at atleast a part of the Himalayan region on the basis of its geographic identity is the Ministry of Development of North East region. However, it is not regarded as sustainable, since it works on the basis of externally developed vision and externally imposed help. At the same time, the three Central Himalayan states (Jammu Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand) share the challenges faced by the North Eastern states. This argues for a radical rethinking of the role and purview of the Ministry combining the inclusion of these remaining 3 Himalayan states into its purview along with greater decentralization of its objectives and programmes. Institutionalisation Converting the Initiative into a formal institution is in progress. This will 'establish the DNA' of the forum and ensure its longevity. It was agreed that the Initiative should be an organisation to catalyse actions rather than lead the action.

3rd Sustainable Mountain Development Summit This has been planned for September 2013 at Kohima, Nagaland. The themes for this summit are forest, water, and agriculture. It has also been decided that before the Mountain summit, a youth summit will be organised for students. As of now, the Initiative is a relatively young movement brimming with energy. It is essential that this energy be sustained well into the future. Institutionalisation is an important step to ensuring that the Initiative has a longetivity greater than its current members. Ultimately however, what will sustain this is the energy obtained from successful interventions. We hope that the 3rd summit in Kohima furthers this goal.

sion on ‘one tax for all factions’ is still not a solution to our problem. At best it still is a limited half step. Further, this is not a Dimapur based issue alone. All the Districts are afflicted by this ruthless carnage and it is encouraging that a more widespread campaign has been initiated to bring in the rest of the Districts into the frame. This is a step in the right direction. However, for all the praiseworthy efforts, the ACAUT is still a fledgling organization braving a stormy weather. They need all the help they can get. It is in a pressing situation such as this that the Naga Hoho gets remembered as a lap dog doing its master’s bidding without an iota of initiative. What the hell is wrong with the leadership of this organization!? Do they belong to another planet? Or are they from the head hunting era minus their heads? If not they ought to be in the thick of it rather than applaud the ACAUT from a safe distance like their masters. One was presumptuous to think that a “direct hint” would stir them up a little bit but obviously one was wrong. How more direct should one get for them to act? Shakespeare (Julius Caesar) said “Cowards die many times before their death. The valiant never taste of death but once; of all the wonders that I yet have heard, it seems to me most strange that man should fear; seeing that death, a necessary end, Will come when it will come.” We can only request them to stop dying for a while, suspend their search for contract/ supply work for a moment and pick up real issues that concern us all. That’s what the organization is expected to do. Their duty is to provide leadership and coordination of all the Tribal Hohos on critical issues that they must perceive and take a stand. This is one such issue. The “one tax for one Naga National Government” is a subject much too voluminous for ACAUT to handle singlehandedly. Naga Hoho on the other hand can be the driving force if it takes all the Tribal Hohos into confidence and add weightage to this movement. What happened in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt is not a fairy tale. We have all watched it on TV. We have all seen the clear expression of the will of the masses in action. If it happened there it can happen here in Nagaland as well if we have the will and the courage to do so. If the present Naga Hoho leadership is so devoid of understanding their responsibility they should gracefully step aside and allow those with vision and courage to lead, lead. They are an embarrassment to the society. Nagas must not be made to pay the price for someone else’s cowardice.

Indian scientists use neem to fight cancer Sahana Ghosh


Source: IANS

he medicinal power of the humble neem, widely used in India as an insecticide and germicide, is now being channelised by a group of Kolkata scientists to wage a war against cancer. The team of researchers at the Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute (CNCI) here has shown (in its two successive papers) how a purified protein from neem leaves inhibits growth of tumour cells in mice. Instead of targeting the cancer cells directly, the protein - Neem Leaf Glycoprotein or NLGP - modulates the immune cells (cells that are responsible for providing immunity to the body against harmful agents) present within the tumour environment and also in the peripheral system like blood. Immune cells are normally hostile to cells that are dangerous to the body including cancer cells. However, in a unique role-reversal during tumour development, these crucial defence elements are enslaved by the cancerous cells to promote their growth and proliferation. Therefore, instead of destroying the lethal cells, the guard cells actually favour their growth. What makes NLGP special is that the extract modifies the milieu of cells surrounding the tumour (called tumour microenvironment or TME) and spurs these cells towards a normal state that is debilitating for toxic cells like cancer cells. "In our recent study we have seen that NLGP has the potency to normalise tumour micro-environment consisting of tumour cells and tumour associated non-transformed cells that help in tumour progression. Basically, NLGP modulates the tumour microenvironment in such a way that it restricts further growth of the tumour," Rathindranath Baral, head of the department of immunoregulation and immunodiagnostics, CNCI, told IANS. Besides the immune cells (that infiltrate the tumour site from the bloodstream) the TME consists of a variety of other cells (fibroblast and endothelial cells) in addition to a range of growth factors that activate and promote growth of tumour cells. Among the immune cells is a group of cancer-killing cells called CD8+T cells. As the microenvironment returns to the tumour-directed hostile state, triggered by NLGP, the population of T cells shoots up, thereby aiding in restriction of the cancer. NLGP also shields the T cells from developing a non-reactive state (called anergy). The study published in peer-reviewed PLOS ONE states that these killer T cells (produced in NLGP treated tumour-bearing mice) exhibited a greater number of molecules with the power to destroy the cancer cells, compared to the T-cells from mice that were not treated with NLGP. "Examination of non-toxic NLGP on human cancer patients is awaited. But if we get clearance to treat cancer patients with NLGP, intramuscular injection might be an effective route," Baral said. "Initial results are very encouraging. It has been found that it can arrest the progress of the tumour cell growth, particularly without any major or serious adverse event. "However, we have to take up this molecule with different regulatory bodies, particularly with the Drug Controller General of India, for their approval...Once it is approved, we can take up this in human trial," said Jaydip Biswas, director, CNCI.

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Friday 12 July 2013

The Morung Express

Massive fire destroys records in Srinagar

sriNagar, July 11 (ageNcies): The fire that broke out on Thursday morning has been brought under control at the Civil Secretariat, the seat of the Government of Jammu and Kashmir, even as the official records of six government departments and service books of over 300 employees gutted and a two-storey building perished in the blaze. “The two-storey wooden structure gutted completely but the fire has been brought under control. We are investigating the cause of the fire”, Senior Superintendent of Police Syed Ashiq Hussain Bukhari told The Hindu. He said that the Police were also looking into allegations that the Fire Services authorities reached “too late” though their headquarters and the State’s biggest fire control facility is at a stone’s throw from the Secretariat complex. Slogans against Fire Services Informed sources disclosed to The Hindu that the fire started around 9.00 a.m. but the first fire tender reached the spot at 9.30 a.m. The Fire Services authorities put over a dozen of their vehicles on the job and succeeded in controlling the blaze at 11.00 a.m. when the building had perished completely alongwith massive official records. One Insas (India Small Arms System) rifle of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) also gutted in the fire. The two-storey building, made of wood and brick masonry, is situated on the CRPF-guarded Civil Secretariat premises but about 50 metres away from the six-storey concrete complex housing the offices of Chief Minister and all other Ministers. Chief Secretary and most of the senior bureaucrats have also their offices in the main complex. Most of the Ministers were scheduled to attend a Fatiha ceremony at the tomb of Chief Minister’s grandmother at Hazratbal when the fire broke out minutes before the Secretariat opens as a routine at 9.30 a.m. However, hundreds of the government officials, including senior bureaucrats, were about to enter when flames engulfed the whole building.

Indian firefighters and civilians try to extinguish a fire at a government office building in Srinagar, on Thursday, July 11. A fire broke out in a building on the premises of the Civil Secretariat, the seat of the government of Jammu and Kashmir on Thursday. The cause of the fire is not known and there were no immediate reports of injuries according to local news reports. (AP Photo)

Even as Director General of Fire and Emergency Services Ghulam Ahmad Bhat maintained that there was “no late or laxity” from his department, residents of the adjoining Suthra Shahi neighbourhood, as well as the

Secretariat employees, complained that the fire tenders reached “too late” on the spot. “It took them half-an-hour to start the firefighting operation. They acted swiftly only when we raised slogans against them, fearing spreading

Food Security ordinance: Mulayam suggests 10 changes to PM

New Delhi, July 11 (ageNcies): Against the backdrop of his party’s opposition to the Food Security Ordinance, Samajwadi Party supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav on Thursday met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. When asked about the purpose of his visit, he merely said that he had come for a cup of tea. However, NDTV quoted sources as saying Yadav wants 10 changes in the Food Security Bill and told the prime minister that if these were not accepted, the Samajwadi Party would not support the legislation. Yadav, whose party is extending outside support to UPA, was at the Prime Minister’s residence for nearly half-an-hour and left just

SC bans people behind bars from contesting polls

New Delhi, July 11 (PTi): A person, who is in jail or in police custody, cannot contest election to legislative bodies, the Supreme Court has held, bringing to an end an era of undertrial politicians fighting polls from behind bars. In another pathbreaking verdict to prevent criminal elements from entering Parliament and state assemblies, the apex court ruled that only an “elector” can contest the polls and he/she ceases the right to cast vote due to confinement in prison or being in custody of police. The court, however, made it clear that disqualification would not be applicable to person subjected to preventive detention under any law. Referring to the Representation of Peoples’ Act, a bench of justices AK Patnaik and SJ Mukhopadhayay said that the act (Section 4 & 5) lays down the qualifications for membership of

before the Cabinet meeting was to begin. IBNlive quoted sources as saying that among the changes the Samajwadi Chief wanted a new survey to be conducted to identify the actual number of rural poor in Uttar Pradesh and other states. Last week, Yadav had attacked Congress over the Food Security Ordinance, accusing it of indulging in vote bank politics and said its intentions were not good. With Lok Sabha elections nearing, Congress is bringing the ordinance like it had brought rural employment scheme MNREGA before the previous polls, he had said. “The ordinance has been brought keeping in mind Lok Sabha polls…The intentions of Congress

the House of the People and legislative assembly and one of the qualifications laid down is that he must be an elector. The bench said Section 62(5) of the act says that no person shall vote at any election if he is confined in a prison, whether under a sentence of imprisonment or transportation or otherwise, or is in the lawful custody of the police. Reading Sections 4, 5 and 62(5) together, the apex court came to the conclusion that a person in jail or police custody cannot contest election. The court passed the order on a appeal filed by the chief election commissioner and others challenging a Patna high court order barring people in police custody to contest polls. “We do not find any infirmity in the findings of the high court in the impugned common order that a person who has no right to vote by virtue of the provisions of subsection (5) of Section 62 of the 1951 act is not an elector and is therefore not qualified to contest the election to the House of the People or the Legislative Assembly of a State,” the apex court said.

Decision on minor’s role in Delhi gangrape July 25

New Delhi, July 11 (iaNs): The Juvenile Justice Board (JJB) here Thursday deferred till July 25 its decision on the role of a minor accused in the Dec 16, 2012, gangrape case, while holding him guilty for the separate robbery charge. Principal Magistrate Geetanjali Goel reserved the decision in the gangrape case, saying that the final verdict will be given July 25. She advised the media not to speculate on the decision before it comes out. The proceedings were also attended by the father of the gangraped woman, who died in a Singapore hospital during treatment. The board’s decision on the punishment for the juvenile in the robbery case, in which he was held guilty, is also likely to be given July 25. “The order on the robbery case against the juvenile will be taken up on the same day (July 25),” Rajesh Tewari, legal head counsel of JJB, told reporters. The board concluded July 5 its hearing in the robbery case filed against the juvenile and reserved its order for Thursday. The accused, who was aged 17-and-half years at the time of the gangrape and robbery, may face a maximum punishment of a three-year stay in a special home, including the time already spent in detention during the proceedings in the board. He turned 18 last month. During the trial, the juvenile was kept at a governmentrun observation home. After the conviction and punishment, he may be shifted to a special home, said a police officer. Reacting to the development in the board, the gangraped woman’s father said: “We will not be satisfied till he is punished.” “We want all the six accused to get tough punishment, it should be either death sentence or life imprisonment. If any lesser punishment is given to them, it will not be justice to our daughter. We are waiting for the final verdict,” the victim’s father told IANS. A 23-year-old woman was gangraped and brutally assaulted in a moving bus in Delhi Dec 16 last year. Thirteen days later, she died in a Singapore hospital where she was taken for treatment. Six people, including the juvenile, were arrested in the case.

are not good and my party would look into it and see that interest of farmers is not harmed. Congress is only doing vote politics…,” Yadav had said. “Over five lakh people died, mostly in Maharashtra, due to starvation…Why the government did not distribute food grains to them then…The condition of Congress is not good in the entire country and the ordinance is a mere propaganda,” he had alleged. The Food Security Ordinance has already been signed by the President but needs to be passed by both houses of Parliament before it becomes law. The ordinance is expected to come up for discussion in the upcoming session of Parliament in August.

In a landmark judgement on Wednesday, the same bench had struck down a provision in the the Representation of Peoples Act that protects a convicted lawmaker from disqualification on the ground of pendency of appeal in higher courts. The bench had also made it clear that MPs, MLAs and MLCs would stand disqualified on the date of conviction.

SC refuses to pass interim order on JEE controversy

New Delhi, July 11 (PTi): The Supreme Court on Thursday refused to pass interim order on a plea challenging the policy for deciding the merit list of students for admission in government-funded engineering colleges based on 12th board marks and joint entrance exam (JEE). A bench of Justices H Dattu and Justice Dipak Misra, however, agreed to hear the plea of parents of engineering aspirants, who challenged the new “normalization” policy.

The bench said that it would hear the petition on merit only after being satisfied that the education policy violates fundamental rights of students. From this year students are to be selected based on their performance in the JEE and the marks they got in the Class 12 board exams. Sixty per cent weightage would be given to marks obtained in JEE and 40% to the board exam results. Around 25,000 students are selected every year for all the 30 National Institutes of Technology (NITs), Indian Institutes of Information Technology and other top technology schools, except the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). Senior advocate UU Lalit, appearing for the petitioner, submitted that the normalization principle is completely “foreign” to the entire idea of the Centre’s education policy. Expressing reservation in entertaining the plea, the bench asked Lalit to convince it first on maintainability of the petition on the next date of hearing. The court issued notice to Centre asking it to respond on the plea within four weeks.

Smoking bans can save 9 million Indians: study

washiNgTON, July 11 (PTi): India could prevent over 9 million deaths due to cardiovascular disease over the next decade if it implements smoking bans and levy higher tobacco taxes, a new study has found. Smoke-free laws and increased tobacco taxes would yield substantial and rapid health benefits by averting future cardiovascular disease (CVD) deaths, researchers said. “Smokefree legislation has not been consistently implemented, one in three adults reported being exposed to smoking at work in 2009 and 2010, varying from 15.4% in Chandigarh to 67.9% in Jammu and Kashmir,” according to the study published in the journal PLOS Medicine. “Tobacco cessation programmes have received limited government financial support, and cessation advice by health care professionals is provided infrequently. Tobacco taxation remains very low, at around 38% of cigarette and 9% of bidi prices, far below the minimum of 70% the WHO recommends,” the research said. The results of this study, led by Sanjay Basu and colleagues of Stanford University, US, suggest that specific tobacco control strategies would be more effective than others for the reduction of CVD deaths over the next decade in India and possibly in other low- and middleincome countries. The authors investigated which tobacco control measures could best re-

duce the burden of CVD effectively in lowand middle-income countries by using a mathematical model. Their microsimulation model estimated the effects of various tobacco control measures and pharmacological therapies on deaths from heart attack and stroke in India between 2013 and 2022. Five different tobacco control measures were compared in the model: smoke-free legislation, tobacco taxation, provision of brief cessation advice by health care providers, mass media campaigns, and advertising bans. In addition, other factors such as increased access to aspirin, antihypertensive drugs, and statins were simulated for their effect on deaths from heart attack and stroke. The authors conclude that, based on their model, smoke-free legislation and tobacco taxation are expected to be the most effective strategies for reducing heart attack and stroke deaths over the next decade. These two measures alone could prevent about 9 million deaths from heart attack and stroke in India by 2022, and a combination of tobacco control policies and pharmacological interventions could prevent even more deaths, researchers said. “One of the advantages of using large-scale surveys to inform these models is that we can account for unique populations who have different risk factors from places like the US and the UK,” said Basu.

of the flames to our houses behind”, Ghulam Rasool of Suthra Shahi asserted. Ghulam Hassan, working in the Department of Higher Education, as well as several leaders of the Secretariat employees’ union, complained that there was “too much late and laxity” from the Fire Services authorities. “Even the fire tender that remains stationed at Secretariat permanently could have controlled the fire in the beginning. What’s the point in calling 20 fire tenders from entire city and other districts?” they questioned. Records gutted Special Secretary Cooperative Mohammad Akbar Ganai admitted that there was “delayed response” from the fire authorities. He said that official records and service books of over 300 officials perished in the blaze. Offices of the Director General of Accounts and Treasuries, Cooperative, Higher Education, Revenue, Vice Chairman of Gujjar and Bakerwal Advisory Board and a dispensary had been operating from the devastated building. Sources said that all four of the CRPF guardrooms in the building also perished, though the arms and ammunition, excluding a rifle, were saved. Bhat told mediapersons that the cause of fire was being ascertained. Police officials believed short circuit could be the reason but said that sabotage could be ruled out only after an investigation. They said that Estates Department had been planning to shift the offices from the wooden building since long but the action had been delayed for unknown reasons. Omar tweets Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, who was preparing to leave for Hazratbal to offer Fatiha on the death anniversary of his grandmother, flashed on Twitter from his Gupkar Road house: “We’ve had a fire in the annexe of the Sectt housing the offices of technical education, higher education, forest, accounts and treasuries. The cause of the fire & the extent of the damage, particularly of records stored in these offices will take some time to assess”.

Coal allocation: BJP demands resignation of PM

New Delhi, July 11 (iaNs): Terming the apex court “rap” to the government in coal allocation controversy a vindication of its charge that the UPA government was engaged in a cover-up, the BJP Thursday demanded Prime Minister Manmohan Singh own up the responsibility for the allocations and resign. The party also demanded that the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) should seize computer data on allocations. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokesperson Prakash Javadekar said that the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government was indulging in a massive cover-up of the probe and putting up all hurdles in the apex court-monitored probe. Referring to the Supreme Court observations that the CBI was still not being giving a free hand for investigations, Javadekar said the probe agency has not been handed over “hundreds of files, thousands of documents”. “Some files are reported ‘missing’, crucial files are said to have been ‘lost’, other important files are ‘untraceable’, and files of the Maharashtra government have been ‘destroyed’ in the infamous fire in the Mantralaya building,” he said. “The actual way forward for the CBI was to seize the related computers and dig out the data there from. The BJP expects that the Supreme Court will order such data mining,” he said. Javadekar said that requests by the CBI to share the probe status report with the

executive and allowing transfer of some officers dealing with the coal scam probe was “a mischievous attempt” to disrupt the probe. “All earlier and present attempts and interventions of the government are solely to save Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, as government fears that ultimately the probe will reach his door,” Javadekar said, noting the prime minister held charge of coal from 2006 to 2009. Javadekar alleged that the government had restricted the CBI from immediate interrogation of former minister of state for coal Dasari Narayan Rao and Congress MP Naveen Jindal, and added that the agency has not been allowed to establish money trail in a swift manner which would have exposed the bribe takers. He said the interministerial group has reviewed 56 coal block allocations so far, de-allocated 40 blocks and issued notices to others. “This itself speaks volumes about the massive corruption and irregularities involved in the coal allocation,” he said. Javadekar said there was no material available about the decision making process in coal allocation and minutes were not maintained. “Every allocation was sanctioned personally by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as the then coal minister. In view of what has been exposed till today, he must own the responsibility and resign forthwith and the coal block allocations should be cancelled,” he demanded.

Clarification on issue of PMEGP application Form: 1. The implementing agencies are charging nominal fee for the forms in order to meet the expenses for conducting interview for 2/3 days, refreshment for Interview Board members and stationeries, etc. as there is no fund provision for such expenses neither from State Govt. nor from Khadi & Village Industries Commission(KVIC). 2. Mr. Zhasituo opined that ‘quote’ “10% of State Share should cover all expense” ‘unquote’, but there is no such provision in the guidelines of PMEGP Scheme that State Government should provide 10% as its share. The pattern of assistance under PMEGP Scheme for N. E. Region is as under. Sl.





Beneficiary’s contribution








Bank Loan






3. The PMEGP Scheme is a Project Approach Scheme and the KVIC has authorized the implementing agencies to open Rural Industrial Consultancy Service (RICS) Cell in the office of the implementing agencies for preparation of Project Reports for PMEGP. Accordingly, the RICS Cell is preparing Project Reports for applicants on request in the prescribed format through an authorized software supplied by the KVIC. As per the scheme guidelines, the applicants are expected to prepare their own Project Reports but since they are unable to do so as per the required norms, the implementing agencies charge a nominal fee of Rs.1000/- for stationery expenses for preparation of project report. However, they are at the liberty to get DPR prepared through any other agency which should conform to the guidelines and be acceptable to the Banks/Financial Institutions and the Implementing Agencies. In view of the complaint on collection of fees for preparation of project report, the NKVIB/DICs will henceforth stop the preparation of project reports of the applicants till further orders. Sd/(Er. Thekruneituo Kire) Director of Industries & Commerce


The Morung Express

Muslim nations press UN over Myanmar Rohingyas

UNITED NATIONS, JUly 11 (AFP): Islamic nations called on UN leader Ban Ki-moon to do more to halt the “tyranny” they say Muslims are enduring in Myanmar. Religious riots in Buddhist-majority Myanmar have cast a shadow over heralded political reforms since military rule ended two years ago. Envoys to the UN from Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) countries say the global body should pressure the Myanmar government over the troubles. “Myanmar is having a honeymoon with the world. The only problem is that that honeymoon is being built on the bodies of the Muslim victims in that country,” said Saudi Arabia’s UN ambassador Abdullah al-Mouallemi. Mouallemi and other ambassadors from OIC members met Ban on Wednesday to demand more action by the United Nations, particularly over Rohingya Muslims. In March at least 44 people, mainly Muslims, were killed in sectarian strife in central Myanmar. Communal unrest last year in the western state of Rakhine left about 200 people dead and up to 140,000 displaced, mainly Rohingyas, minority Muslims who are rejected by many in Myanmar. Roble Olhaye, Djibouti’s UN ambassador and head of the OIC group at UN, called the action against Rohingyas “ethnic cleansing”. “The Myanmar authorities are failing in taking the necessary measures to stem the violence,” he added at a press conference with Mouallemi. “What we need from the UN is to have its voice heard loud and clear, being the conscience of the world,” Olhaye said. Olhaye and Mouallemi said the UN leader had promised to be more vocal about defending Muslims in Myanmar. “We called on the secretary general to inter-

‘Nearly 6 mn die from smoking every year’ PANAMA CITy, JUly 11 (AFP): Despite public health campaigns, smoking remains the leading avoidable cause of death worldwide, killing almost six million people a year, mostly in low- and middle-income countries, the World Health Organization said Wednesday. If current trends hold, the number of deaths blamed on tobacco use will rise to eight million a year in 2030, the WHO said in a briefing unveiled at a conference in Panama. About 80 percent of tobacco-related deaths forecast for 2030 are expected in low- and middle-income countries, the report added. “If we do not close ranks and ban tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship, adolescents and young adults will continue to be lured into tobacco consumption by an ever-more aggressive tobacco industry,” said WHO Director-General Dr Margaret Chan. “Every country has the responsibility to protect its population from tobacco-related illness, disability and death.” Among the dead this year, five million were tobacco users or former users, while more than 600,000 died from second-hand smoke, according to the WHO. Tobacco use is believed to have caused the deaths of 100 million people in the 20th century. Barring dramatic change, the tally for this century could soar to one billion people, the WHO warned. “We know that only complete bans on tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship are effective,” Dr. Douglas Bettcher, the Director of the WHO’s Prevention of Noncommunicable Diseases department, told the Panama conference. “Countries that introduced complete bans together with other tobacco control measures have been able to cut tobacco use significantly within only a few years,” he said. The report noted that 2.3 billion people from 92 countries benefit from some form of smoking restrictions, more than double the number who did five years ago.

Friday 12 July 2013



Cheerful people less likely to suffer heart attack lOS ANgElES, JUly 11 (IANS): People with cheerful dispositions are less likely to suffer a coronary event such as a heart attack or sudden cardiac death, says a study. Previous research has shown that depressed and anxious people are more likely to die of heart attack than those who are sunnier. The researchers at Johns Hopkins say their study shows that a general sense of wellbeing -- feeling cheerful, relaxed, energetic and satisfied with life -- actually reduces the chances of heart attack. The findings of the study was published in the American Journal of Cardiology, reports Science Daily.

In this May 18, 2013 photo, men gather outside Aung Mingalar’s main mosque before prayers in Sittwe, northwestern Rakhine state, Myanmar. (AP Photo)

fere to make his voice heard more loudly,” said the Saudi envoy. “The most basic human rights and human values are being stepped upon by the current government and by the radical elements within Myanmar.” Mouallemi said Islamic nations wanted the United Nations and the major powers -- particularly the United States, Russia, China, European Union and Myanmar’s neighbors -- to speak out against what he called the “ethnic cleansing” of Rohingyas. “I think there is a lot more that the UN can and should do,” he said,

adding that Muslim nations would also be speaking with UN Security Council members about Myanmar. “Myanmar is trying to open itself to the world, trying to attract attention, investment, engagement by the entire world. it is not enough to simply say that you must have elections and feed the basic structures of democracy. “There has to be an end to the killing, that is much more basic, there has to be an end to the persecution, to the tyranny that this population is facing,” said Mouallemi.



NO.SCERT / INSPIRE / 2012-13/

Dated Kohima, the 10 th July 2013.

NOTIFICATION This is to inform all the INSPIRE Awardees’ and concern Schools that they can collect their Warrant/DD from Mr. Philip Kent, Asst. Superintendent, Room No: 14, SCERT, Nagaland, Kohima. Proper authorization letter should be produced from the School Authority for the Warrant/DD. The Science Exhibition of the 1st list INSPIRE Award will be held on the 7th of August 2013 at Govt. Hr. Sec School Kohima. For further information you may contact the Nodal Officer INSPIRE Nagaland, SCERT Mob No: 09436000597. The warrant /DD has a value of Rs. 5000/- (Five thousand only). Out of the given amount Rs. 3000/- is to be utilized for TADA of the child and teacher guide and Rs. 2000/- for preparing the working Science model/ experiment which will be displayed in the Dist/State INSPIRE Science exhibition at Govt. Hr. Sec School Kohima on 7th August 2013, report at 9:00 AM at the mentioned venue. Sl. No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. 64. 65. 67. 68. 60. 61. 62. 63. 64. 65. 66. 66. 67. 68. 69. 70. 71. 72. 73. 74. 75. 76. 77. 78. 79. 80. 81. 82. 83. 84.

Name of Awardee



Warrant No.

Temsumongla Vihito Yeptho Nemeikim Presna Thousen Huvevolu Venuh Loktimen Somachong Chiphang Temjeienla Imsong Kevisilhou Seyie Naroenla Talijungla Jamir Cris Jacob Mathew Moon K.M. Akumnaro Ozüküm Nilanjan Chowdhury Joshua Magh Athay Phom Alemnaro Ao Porungnaro Jamir Uttam Sharma Keneilhoulie Sumvü Shreyan Chabra H. Inoto Sumi Khrieketoulie Shajan Talukdar Shubham Dixit Asoba Themyao Muinao Temsumenla Ao Yashilila Amos Gagar Kala Cynthia Zeuzeu Kimdeihoi Changsan Chandra Bahadur Thapa Ghotoli Aomi Abdul Salam Nikhuli Aomi B. Kumzuk Kelhouyie Keyie Imnachila Beronica Lakra Kinabo A.Kalino Chophi Tovika S. Achumi Tongjong Lomou Wungmathing Keishing Binjoy Girisa K.R. Mhalevino Oscar Muchahary Champoulan Gangmei Viwoka P. Awomi Liza S. Ayemi Khrielhoutuono Witadthiu Meriam Trisanku Biswas Ankit Kumar Gupta Alemla K. Sangtam Toshila Susangla Loshai Sangtam Chuba Yimchunger Tripila Sangtam Sutsuba Y Chumroba J. Sangtam Runshito Lims Aleena C Liopi Sangtam Tsillichum Kughupu Supanthong Kheli K. Sumi Aosunep Longkumer Ochentong Vikeduzo Kechü Vithpser Suhu Khozoto Venyo Nendy Apong Akhwenlo Kent Ruokuokrienuo Rio Thejangulie Suohu Vevotolu Kezo Vilotsozo Thoire Kelezhonu Viswentso Ganga Subba Sunny Kumar Singh Kenovi Rhetso Shagwale Seb Tejokhlünü Naleo Thejangunuo Ruokuomenuo Seyie Zayienguno Tejili Wetsa Maongkaba Jamir Khrieneizo

Limangen Viheto Yeptho Lunngam Lunkim Prodip Thousen Huvevolu Venuh Lima Z.Chiphang Moang Imsong Mezhulhoulie Seyie Sashi Ao C. Jamir K.C. Mathew K. Paothing Imtisama Ozüküm S. Chowdhury Anthony Magh P.M. Phom I. Meyawati Ao Lanutemsü Jamir Omlal Sharma Yachüunvü Sanjay Chabra I. Hukato Sumi D.Angami Abdulkalan Talukdar Umesh Dixit Tsentsumong It. M. Abel Temjenungsang Jongpongsangba Dinesh Kr Kala Peter Fernandez Jangpao Changsan P B Thapa Aron Aomi Abdul Aziz S.Khukiye Aomi S. Kumar Bode-o Keyie Khugavi Paulus Lakra Hokato Zhimo Asheto Chophi Semato Achumi Y. Lomou Victor Keishing Bonbash Girisa K.S. Romeo Muinin Muchahary Denis Gangmei Pukhalu Awomi Shikavi V. Ayemi Medose Ruvieo Chaplubo Meriam Tapash Biswas U.S. Gupta Kluringmong Sangtam Sumong Tongmuku Holi Yansemong Shighoto Sangtam Yantsumong T Jeshua Luntsu Chempise Tsikhase Tokhevi Khowoto Taisham Kheto B.Chubanungsang LKR I. Mar Imchen Dziesevituo Dziesevituo Vekhoto Venyo Chinenlo Apong Koseph Kent Keduolhoulie Rio Pelevilie Suohu Khupo Kezo Zevinyu Thoire Keviphru Viswentso Vikram Subba Lalan Kumar Singh Chosal Rhetso Tsonga Seb Shürhouol Naleo

GHSS Chumukedima GHSS Niuland GHS Moava GHS Dhansiripar GHS Burma Camp Little Start Hr. Sec. School St.Mary’s Hr. Sec. School Conerstone Hr.Sec. School North Town Hr.Sec.School St. Clare Hr.Sec. School St. Paul Hr.Sec. School M.G.M. Hr.Sec. School Patkai Hr. Sec.School St.Anthony’s School Tenyiphe-1 Dimapur Railway High School St.Joseph School Chumukedima Brothers and Sisters School El-Shaddai Academy,Duncan road New Horizon School Assembly of God Hr.Sec. School Reverine Public School St.Mary’s High School St.Gabriel School Vidya Bhawan School G.Mhiasiu School, Burma Camp Eastern Academy School Nagaland Police Central School Chumukedima King’s Way School Calvary Mission School Grace Fountain School Hornbill School, Chekiye Vill St. Jude School Pilgrim School Holy Child School Tuluvi Trinity School Thahekhu Herbert Spencer School, Walford Saint John’s School Christian Mission High School Seeds of Hope School Liz Woodland School Logos School St. Joseph Christian Home School Woodstock School St.Xavier’s School Purana Bazar Gilgal School Brighter Academy Gamadi Vidya Bharati School Pine Mount School Holy Cross Hr. Sec. School Nagaland Adventist School GMS, Purana Bazar- A Rev. Inache Memorial Mission School GMS Seitheke Basa St. Thomas Montessori School Pranab Vidyapith Hr.Sec. School Zakiesato Memorial Hr.Sec.School Loyola Hr.Sec. School Kiphire GHS Anatongre GHS Chomi GHS Phelungre GHS Pungro GHS Seyochung GHS Kiphire Good Shepherd High School EI Beth School Trinity School Kiphire Saramati View Modern School GHS Old Monger GHS Sitimi Town GMS Zanger San Jose School Sitimi Model Higher Secondary School Kohima Dainty Buds John Govt. High School Viswema St. Joseph’s School Kohima Oking Christian School Kitsubozou Govt. High School Kandinu Christian School Tseminyu Christian School, Botsa Modern Academy Kohima Mezhur Higher Secondary School Kohima Azedon School Loyola Higher Secondary School Jakhama GHS Tasazhu Jotsoma Govt. High School, Botsa St.Joseph Hr. Sec. School Viswema Govt.High School Sendenyu Coraggio School Govt.Middle School, L. Khel Baptist School, Botsa Govt.Middle School, Kiruphema A.G. School Tseminyu Don Bosco Hr. Sec.School Kohima Govt.High School, Zadima

12NA00795797 12NA00795798 12NA00795799 12NA00795800 12NA00795801 12NA00795802 12NA00795803 12NA00795804 12NA00795805 12NA00795806 12NA00795807 12NA00795808 12NA00795809 12NA00795810 12NA00795811 12NA00795812 12NA00795813 12NA00795814 12NA00795815 12NA00795816 12NA00795817 12NA00795818 12NA00795819 12NA00795820 12NA00795821 12NA00795822 12NA00795823 12NA00795824 12NA00795825 12NA00795826 12NA00795827 12NA00795828 12NA00795829 12NA00795830 12NA00795831 12NA00795832 12NA00795833 12NA00795834 12NA00795835 12NA00795836 12NA00795837 12NA00795838 12NA00795839 12NA00795840 12NA00795841 12NA00795842 12NA00795843 12NA00795844 12NA00795845 12NA00795846 12NA00795847 12NA00795848 12NA00795849 12NA00795850 12NA00795851 12NA00795852 12NA00795853 12NA00795854 12NA00795855 12NA00795856 12NA00795857 12NA00795858 12NA00795859 12NA00795860 12NA00795861 12NA00795862 12NA00795863 12NA00795864 12NA00795865 12NA00795866 12NA00795867 12NA00795868 12NA00795869 12NA00795870 12NA00795871 12NA00795872 12NA00795874 12NA00795874 12NA00795875 12NA00795876 12NA00795877 12NA00795878 12NA00795879 12NA00795880 12NA00795881 12NA00795882 12NA00795883 12NA00795884 12NA00795885 12NA00795886 12NA00795887 12NA00795888 12NA00795889 12NA00795890

Aso-o Seyie Beizo Velie I. Sashi Jamir Neisalhou Chupuo

85. 86. 87. 88. 89. 90. 91. 92. 93. 94. 95. 96. 97. 98. 99. 100. 101. 102. 103. 104. 105. 106. 107. 108. 109. 110. 111. 112. 113. 114. 115. 116. 117. 118. 119. 120. 121. 122. 123. 124. 125. 126. 127. 128. 129. 130. 131. 132. 133. 134. 135. 136. 137. 138. 139. 140. 141. 142. 143. 144. 145. 146. 147. 148. 149. 150. 151. 152. 153. 154. 155. 156. 157. 158. 159. 160. 161. 162. 163. 164. 165. 166. 167. 168. 169. 170. 171. 172. 173. 174. 175. 176. 177.

Menovou Sano Kedoronino Swapnil Kumar Jha Chongpang Bonglong Phom Deepak Manlong M. Phom Kongpang T. Phom P. Nyangla Phom Limasangla Tiasola Tekameren Temjenrenla Sentmenba Moakala Esther Longkumer Tongpangakang Yaongsangla Lirichum Tiajongla Moangnaro Imkongtemsu Moatemjen Longshiba Sentiyala Mohong Sungtok Shivam Paul Mongyim may. M Mantah Konyak Yangyan Konyak Manoj Chhetri Tahjak Konyak M.C. Pangkon Konyak Mantong Z. Konyak Shahkam Konyak Nokeang Konyak Ididuale Ngia Aliang Lhiumai Lorita Thiumai Kizaiwiliu Idaugumle Lamboilhing Hangsing Ngaugiale Nzanthung Ezung Keyinzile Newme Pauhutrangbe Hengame Tohmina Tomonna Keyinzeu Kewerilungilu Veneilhou Doulo Dewezo Mekrisuh Kelehol Thakro Agnes Dukru Tshepuzo Venuh Shekhozo Vero Nutsuyi Rhujivi Zavelu Melite-o Tsutolu Züvelü Chiero Muzive Venuh Kulavoyi Chizo Razo Venuh Niamkoi Pisaliba Sangtam Nati Toyenla Rebecca Chang I.Beti Kundang C. Hakukeiba Chang Nokchingkumla Melijungla Phom Samuel Sangthing P Yanglizi Chipila Nayangngaku. S Euglina Lobeno L. Okhyapvu Patrick Kithan Chaman Mishra Pilhano Ngullie Chanchithung R Lotha Daya Alley Jennifer Humtsoe Benchithung Kikon Mughakali Sumi Tolito Sumi Lito Zhimo Quitoli A Sumi Elvina Rochill Gihuto V. Achumi Kevichatha Yhor

Neizhakhovi Sano Neikhosa Mithilesh Kumar Jha B. Temshi Akham Phom Suryanath Sahani Moa Phom Thetong S Phom L. Phanko Phom Lipokmeren Bendangjongshi Zülang A. Toshi Bendangmangyang Temshisangba Wamongba Yongkongchingmak Nukshimeren Tsacholi Machari Watitoshi Bendangtemjen Imtilepzuk Nungsangmanen Meyiwati Jamir Chubatoshi Sajal Paul Menton Konyak Nokthak Wangsa Yinglong Konyak D.B. Chhetri Khanghon Konyak Chingkim Konyak Zolem Konyak Akai Konyak Kaibo N.T. Konyak Kurai Ngia Kulai Simion Thiumai Victor Ramdibe Lalkhothang R. Saikia Robert R. Ezung Halchanglang Hiareugong Hengame Abdul Kalam Azad Risibo Ditalar Neikedu Doulo Kelhiwe Mekrisuh Vikhon Thakro Sanyi Dukru Kedispelo Venuh Vevota Pudutso Ruvisie Ciekhusuh Kezütshüte Chukhuta Kühusayi Chiero Niekedu Venuh Vepozo Puduzo Venuh Ponggom Yangpisuken Sangtam C.Yintin C. Akhum Imkongchuba Chang Chemingmoba Chang Monakoyanchu Imlisua Tsipongse L Pehe Limameren Yangkhumse Sipong L Chinghak Ayen Chang Longshithung James Kithan Sanjay Mishra Mosa Ngullie Renben Lotha Suresh Alley David Humtsoe Khocherao Kikon Lt.Nikheto Sume Ghotovi Chophi Vikuto Zhimo Aroon C Ellis Khekuto Rochill Vikugha Asumi Zhavilhou Yhor

St.Andrew’s School Jotsoma St.John Bosco School Kohima St. Joseph High School Longleng Christian High School GHS Bura Namsang Christian School Tamlu GHS Yachem St. Thomas School Tamlu GHS Sakshi Senayangba GHSS Ungma GHS Longkhum GHS Changki GHS Tsürangkong GHS Kangtsung GHS Tzudikong GMS Sabangya GMS Salukong GMS Phangsang GMS Imrong Ungma GMS Mokokchung Canaan Christian Hr. Sec. School Baptist Hr.Sec. School Mangkolemba Imsutemjen HSS Mount Moriah School, Ungma Ladybird School GHS Yaongyimchen United Christian Hr.Sec. School Naginimora St. Joseph’s School, Mon Holy Angel’s School Tizit GMS Sowa GHS Naginimora GHS Jaboka GMS Chenloisho Eklavya Model Residential School Tizit. GHS Longching Newman School Tobu Baptist High School GHSS Jalukie Chiwang School Christian School Jalukie Ibaung Thou Memorial School GHS Lilen GMS D.C. Colony St.Xavier Hr.Sec.School Jalukie Haisuiwang School GHS Mbaulwa GHS Heningkunglwa Hereka Vidya Bharati School Jalukie – B Baptist High School Tening Chakhesang Mission High School Sacred Heart Hr.Sec. School Chizami GHS Pholami Nazareth School Pfutsero GHS Thetsümi GHSS Phek Alpha School Chozuba Christian Mission School Meluri GHS Sakraba GHS Khezhakeno GMS Thenyizu GHS Porba GHS Phek Village GHS Ketsapo Baptist Mission High School Phek Village Christ King School Tuensang Town GHS Chare GHS Ngoungchung Mount Carmel School Tuensang Holy Angel School Tuensang GHS Sangsangyu GHS Noksen 3rd BN NAP High School Tuensang GHS Tolongsor GMS Tsuwao GHS Angangba Village GHS Chungtor Eklavya Model Residential School, Tuensang St. Joseph School Tuensang GHS Akik Don Bosco Hr.Sec. School Bhandari Mt. Sinai School Cistus School Wokha Bethel High School Wokha Christian Model High School Wokha AG High School Don Bosco School, Lakhuti GMS Sapotimi GMS Rotomi New Horizon School Satakha Love Dale Hr. Sec. School Zunheboto Cornerstone School Zunheboto Immanuel School Zunheboto Govt. Hr . Sec. School Kohima.

12NA00795891 12NA00795892 12NA00795893 12NA00795894 12NA00795895 12NA00795896 12NA00795897 12NA00795898 12NA00795899 12NA00795900 12NA00795901 12NA00795902 12NA00795903 12NA00795904 12NA00795905 12NA00795906 12NA00795907 12NA00795908 12NA00795909 12NA00795910 12NA00795911 12NA00795912 12NA00795913 12NA00795914 12NA00795915 12NA00795916 12NA00795917 12NA00795918 12NA00795919 12NA00795920 12NA00795921 12NA00795922 12NA00795923 12NA00795924 12NA00795925 12NA00795926 12NA00795927 12NA00795928 12NA00795929 12NA00795930 12NA00795931 12NA00795932 12NA00795933 12NA00795934 12NA00795935 12NA00795936 12NA00795937 12NA00795938 12NA00795982 12NA00795939 12NA00795940 12NA00795941 12NA00795942 12NA00795943 12NA00795944 12NA00795945 12NA00795946 12NA00795947 12NA00795948 12NA00795949 12NA00795950 12NA00795951 12NA00795952 12NA00795953 12NA00795954 12NA00795955 12NA00795956 12NA00795957 12NA00795958 12NA00795959 12NA00795960 12NA00795961 12NA00795962 12NA00795963 12NA00795964 12NA00795965 12NA00795966 12NA00795967 12NA00795968 12NA00795969 12NA00795970 12NA00795971 12NA00795972 12NA00795973 12NA00795974 12NA00795975 12NA00795976 12NA00795977 12NA00795978 12NA00795979 12NA00795980 12NA00795981

Sd/(VIPRALHOU KESIEZIE) Director, SCERT, Nagaland, Kohima.




Friday 12 July 2013

F1 proving a challenge to American drivers

In this June 29, 2013 photo, American Caterham driver Alexander Rossi poses at the Silverstone circuit in Silverstone, England. As Formula One expands its reach into the United States, there remains one missing ingredient that could keep some fans away from the grand stands _ an American driver on the grid. (AP Photo)

sILVErsTONE, JULY 11 (AP): As Formula One expands its reach into the United States, there's still a missing ingredient that could keep some fans away from the crowd — an American driver on the grid. There hasn't been an American in Formula One since 2007 when Scott Speed drove for Toro Rosso. But the pressure is building for an American to make the jump now that the United States successfully hosted the U.S. Grand Prix in Austin, Texas, last year and is set to hold second grand prix in New Jersey as soon as 2014. "It would be tremendous boost for Formula One to have an American driver," Mario Andretti, the Formula One champion in 1978, told The Associated Press. "It would not only be good for America but also Formula One. No question about it. The U.S. is a very powerful nation from the standpoint of the financial situation. Every company in Formula One now does business in the Unites States."

Scores of Americans have given F1 a try but few have succeeded. Andretti was the last American to win a drivers' championship title and before him it was Phil Hill in 1961. More common were the likes of Andretti's son Michael, who raced 13 grand prix races for McLaren in 1993 with a third-place finish as his best result. Speed never scored a point in the two years he raced in F1. There was talk in 2010 of creating an American team dubbed USF1 with strong backing from YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley and featuring Danica Patrick and possibly Speed as drivers. But USF1 struggled to attract sponsors amid the global recession and ran afoul of F1 when it didn't race in 2010. The dearth of drivers — there are only Americans Alexander Rossi and Conor Daly in all the F1 feeder setups — is blamed on the a mix of cultural and financial factors. Among the biggest challenges is raising the millions needed to

fund a team from American corporations that may have doubts about the benefits of investing in a sport that is not a major attraction in the U.S. "It's extremely difficult for an American mostly because there is no American support from companies," said Speed, who now races in NASCAR and Global Rally Cross. "Why would an American company spend x amount of money in Formula One when they can get 10 times that exposure in America racing NASCAR? It makes zero sense financially." F1 drivers and executives said it also can be difficult for an American to make the transition to F1 since they are raised on tracks and a system that grooms them for IndyCar and NASCAR rather than serpentine circuits of Europe. There also isn't the kind of support system that European drivers can count on to provide mentoring and the occasional break as they attempt to rise through the ranks of the sport. "Formula One has flirted with North America for many years but Formula One hasn't been seen as the pinnacle of the sport in the eyes of youngster in North America. North America has evolved in a slightly different approach with things like NASCAR," said McLaren's Martin Whitmarsh, who heads the F1 teams' association. "North America doesn't have the karting program. Without exception, every single one of these (F1) drivers started at 8 or 9 in karting and went into competitive karting. Karting became the launch pad for their careers." In the short term, Whitmarsh said prospective American drivers will have to go to Europe early on in their careers. But Andretti said the addition of two American races should help in the long-term — by inspiring more youngsters to take up the sport, providing the facilities needed to develop that talent and convincing American companies to step up their sponsorship.

The Morung Express +

Marcel Kittel of Germany, second right, crosses the finish line ahead of Mark Cavendish of Britain, left, and Peter Sagan of Slovakia, wearing the best sprinter's green jersey, right, to win the twelfth stage of the Tour de France cycling race over 218 kilometers (136.2 miles) with start in in Fougeres and finish in Tours, western France, Thursday July 11 2013. (AP Photo)

Man arrested over alleged rape in queue for Wimbledon final

LONDON, JULY 11 (PTI): A woman was allegedly raped in a makeshift campsite erected for people in queue for Wimbledon final tickets on Sunday and a man has been arrested in connection with the incident, police has said. Dozens of tents were set up in Wimbledon Park as hundreds of tennis fans waited to buy tickets to see Andy Murray on Centre Court. Scotland Yard said a 30-year-old man was arrested and bailed over the alleged attack on the 34-year-old woman. "Police are investigating an allegation of se-

rious sexual assault in Wimbledon Park, off Church Road, in the early hours of Sunday July 7," a Scotland Yard spokesman said. "A 30-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the incident and has been taken into custody at a south London police station. He was bailed out until early September pending further enquiries," he said. The spokesman said the victim is being cared for by specialist teams. "Inquiries are ongoing to establish the circumstances of the incident," he added.

BCCI to pull out of South Africa tour?

NEW DELhI, JULY 11 (AgENCIEs): India might pull out of the upcoming South Africa tour in protest of a possibility that former ICC CEO Haroon Lorgat might be selected for the top job of Cricket South Africa (CSK). According to the sources, BCCI wants to put pressure on the CSA as the interim BCCI president Jagmohan Dalmiya might not want Logart to be selected for the post. Earlier the Board of Control for Cricket in In-

dia (BCCI) wants changes in fixtures released by CSA. The BCCI claimed that CSA didn’t discuss the tournament schedule before finally releasing it. The Press Trust of India quoted BCCI interim head Jagmohan Dalmiya as saying India is unhappy with the uneven gaps between the three Tests, with a two-day break between the first and second matches and eight days off between the second and third. The BCCI also

thinks the seven one-day internationals are too many. But Cricket South Africa does not take much time to state that any disagreement over the dates of matches on India`s tour starting in November will be dealt with in the normal amicable manner between the two national bodies. South Africa`s cricket body says its Indian counterpart is "welcome to raise any issues" it has over the schedule for their upcoming series.

NBA to organise 37th inter district meet at Wokha

WOkhA, JULY 11 (DIPr): The 37th Inter District and State Open Badminton Championships 2013 is being organised by the Nagaland Badminton Association (NBA) at Wokha for the first time ever from August 6 to 9, 2013. The host, Wokha District Badminton Association (WDBA) under the leadership of the Deputy Commissioner himself is gearing up all necessary preparations for the Championships including giv-

'I can only be grateful to Barcelona'

BArCELONA, JULY 11 (AgENCIEs): David Villa has nothing but fond memories of his time at Barcelona and says he is grateful to the Catalans for everything they have done for him in the past three seasons. The Spain international, 31, will leave Barca for Atletico Madrid in a deal worth €5.1 million, with €3m being paid if Villa remains an Atletico player during the 2014-15 and 2015-16 campaigns. Bought for €40m from Valencia in 2010, the striker has hailed the Blaugrana`s decision to allow him to switch clubs on the cheap. "I can only be grateful to Barca for their respect and special appreciation, and I would like to thank them for giving me three years at a club as great as Barca," Villa was quoted as saying by Marca. "I have no complaints about Barcelona and they made it easy for me to move to Atletico because they knew I wanted to play here. I hope I can be just as happy at Atleti as I was at Barca. "This is a winning team which has won lots of titles in recent years.

ing finishing touches to the three courts new stadium. This year’s edition of the Championships would be played in all categories as per the norms given by Badminton Association of India (BAI) as follows: (A) Inter District Team Championship-Men’s team; Women’s team; Junior boys; Junior girls (B) Open ChampionshipMen’s doubles and singles; Women’s doubles and singles; Junior

boys, doubles and singles; Junior girls doubles and singles; Under 17 boys, doubles and singles; Under 17 girls, doubles and singles; Under 15 boys, doubles and singles; Under 15 girls, doubles and singles; Under 13 boys, doubles and singles; Under 13 girls, doubles and singles; Veteran 35 and above, doubles; Veteran 45 and above, doubles; Veteran 50 and above, doubles; Veteran 55 and above, doubles; and Mixed dou-

bles (Men 50 and above only) The NBA has further decided to be more stringent henceforth on the age of players in the face of several complaints. To streamline the whole process the NBA would insist an age proof certificate of all players including veterans as follows. 1. School Students - Attested photocopy of school CR page with date of birth 2. College Students and class X passed unemployed/ em-

ployed players - Attested photocopy of HSLCE admit card 3. Under-matric employed persons - Attested photocopy of service book page with date of birth 4. Others - Certificate of date of birth from authorized Registrar of Births & Deaths, or equivalent documents to the satisfaction of NBA These entries will be recorded by NBA and referred for future tournaments too.

Nagaland to host 24th Senior Sepaktakraw National Championship DIMAPUr, JULY 11 (MExN): A three month intensive coaching camp for Sepaktakraw was kick started by Rusovil John, Member Secretary of Nagaland Pollution Control Board and Advisor Nagaland Sepaktakraw Association (NASTA) at GHSS ground, Nagarjan Dimapur. A press note informed that this coaching camp will be a run-up to the

forth coming championship at Imphal and the senior national Sepaktakraw Championship at Kohima on October 2013. The chief guest exhorted the players to avail the opportunities offered by government and to excel at the highest level. He also thanked the government for permitting NASTA to host senior the championship at Kohima.

Participants of the three month intensive coaching camp for Sepaktakraw .

Imkongsangba memorial tournament concludes DIMAPUr, JULY 11 (MExN): The 3rd Imkongsangba memorial open table tennis tournament which concluded recently on at District Level Sports Complex won by Shekhar Debnath in Singles and was awarded a cash prize of Rs. 7000 along with Trophy followed by Jay Gurung as Runners-Up with a cash prize of Rs. 4000 along with Trophy. In Doubles Hito and Shekhar defeated Dr. Juthsutho

and Sendonglemba in the finals and was awarded Rs. 10,000 plus a trophy to the winners and Rs. 7000 plus trophy to the runners-up. The organizing committee in a press note has thank its sponsors Yepthomi Motors, Imlong Chang and Kabir Sethi for helping the committee financially, Col. S. Rengma (Retd.), Crescendo and the Distict Sports Officer in availing the Stadium for use

Winners of the 3rd Imkongsangba memorial open table tennis tournament which concluded recently at the District Level Sports Complex.

Warne inducted into ICC Cricket Hall of Fame

DUBAI, JULY 11 (AP): Former Australia leg-spinner Shane Warne will be inducted into the International Cricket Council Hall of Fame during the tea interval at the second Ashes test at Lord's. Warne is the 69th male member to be inducted and joins Brian Lara of the West Indies, Enid Bakewell of England and former Australian teammate Glenn McGrath. His induction will be on July 19th. Already inducted into the Australian Cricket Hall of Fame, Warne was the first bowler to take 700 test wickets and was named as one of only five Wisden cricketers of the century in 2000. Warne retired from test cricket in 2007, after taking 708 wickets from 145 matches, including his "ball of the century" to dismiss England's Mike Gatting at Manchester, England in 1993. He was also crucial to Australia's World Cup success in 1999, but missed the 2003 tournament because of a doping ban. "I'm very honored and proud to be announced as an inductee into the ICC Hall of Fame later this month and I'd like to thank the voting academy very much for even considering me," Warne said. "I'm looking forward to celebrating my induction with my friends and family in front of the crowd at Lord's during the second Ashes Test."

Could have run faster in Paris: Usain Bolt

PArIs, JULY 11 (IANs/CMC): Sprint sensation Usain Bolt says he could have posted a faster time in the 200 metres at the Areva Diamond League Meeting in Paris. Bolt was made to work hard in the half-lap and was forced to fend off a challenge from his compatriot Warren Weir before completing victory in 19.73 seconds, the fastest 200 metres of the season, Saturday, reports CMC. "I think I could have run the last 50 after the turn much better," Bolt said. "I didn't come in the straight as powerful as I used to. The last 30 metres, I was kind of, I won't say struggling, but my technique wasn't perfect." Fellow Jamaican Weir, who was second in 19.92, stayed with him into the top bend before the world record-holder pulled away. "The time, I think I could have done better," Bolt said. "I wanted to do better, but it's just one of those things you never get but you wish for sometimes." Bolt broke the meet record of 20.01 seconds set by Michael Johnson in 1990. But he said he still has plenty to work ahead of the world championships in August. "First, I think I should have run faster on the curve," he said. "My first 50 was great. But then, for some strange reason, my last 50 wasn't so great. So I just need to figure what went wrong and then work on it." Bolt will next compete in the 100 and 4x100 relay in London July 26-27, his final major meeting before the World Championships, which start Aug 10.

Spanish league investigates 2nd possible match fix BArCELONA, JULY 11 (AP): The Spanish league has opened an investigation into a second-division match between Racing Santander and Hercules for possible matchfixing. League spokesman Juan Carlos Santamaria told The Associated Press on Thursday that the league is examining Racing's 3-0 home win over Hercules on June 8. Racing denied any wrongdoing and defended its players, while Hercules refused to comment. This new probe comes while the league is still looking into a possible match fix between first-division sides Levante and Deportivo La Coruna in April. Santamaria said the latest investigation was launched on July 3 after the league received a report from a bookmaker that "warned there had been suspicious bets" placed on the game. Spanish media reports had pointed to a separate report issued by European football's governing body, but Santamaria said the league's investigation had not been instigated by UEFA. "This is an issue that concerns the league," Santamaria said. "Although these cases are minimal, we still have to fight against them to keep the competition clean." The investigation is being carried out by an independent committee of legal experts who have unlimited time to pursue evidence and the power to summon clubs officials for questioning.


The Morung Express C M Y K

12 July,2013


11 C M Y K

Kareena Kapoor to design 'Bebo' line for foreign label


ollywood actress Kareena Kapoor, who is lovingly called Bebo, has reportedly been approached by an international brand to design a signature denim line under her nickname. A source says that Kareena, who once hogged limelight for becoming a size zero, was approached by the brand as her appearances and presence impressed many. "Whenever Kareena gets associated with a fashion or health initiative, it always goes on to be very successful. Apart from that, she is always impeccably dressed and has an international appeal. These are the qualities that the brand is looking for," said the source in a statement. Kareena, who forayed into the Hindi film industry in 2000 with "Refugee", endorses several brands, and is considered a trend setter of sorts in the industry.

Singer Randy Travis out of surgery, still critical




ountry music star Randy Travis is out of surgery but remains in critical condition after suffering a stroke while at a Texas hospital, the singer's publicist said late Wednesday. Kirt Webster, the publicist, said the 54-year-old Travis suffered the stroke Wednesday night while he was being treated for congestive heart failure because of a viral illness. Travis underwent surgery to relieve pressure on his brain. He remained in critical condition. "His family and friends here with him at the hospital request your prayers and support," Webster said in a news release earlier in the evening. It was not clear what kind of stroke Travis suffered. The most common type of stroke is caused by a blood clot that travels to the brain. The other kind happens when a blood vessel in the head bursts or leaks. Stroke patients who get treatment quickly are usually given a drug to dissolve the clot that caused the stroke. The setback occurred hours after doctors said Travis was showing signs of improvement, though he remained in critical condition with congestive heart failure because of a viral illness. Drs. William Gray and Michael Mack of the Baylor Health Care System in Texas described Travis' condition and hospitalization in a video statement earlier Wednesday. "His condition has stabilized, and he has shown signs of improvement," Mack said in the video. "On behalf of Mr. Travis' family, friends and associates, we would like to express our extreme gratitude for the overwhelming affection and support that Even fashion designers have an off day: Nicole Richie arrived at The Grove mall in Los Angeles on Wednesday in a burgundy top and clashing clownlike striped trouser for an appearance on TV show Extra.

Mr. Travis has received." The Grammy Award-winning singer was in good health until three weeks before he was hospitalized, when he contracted a viral upper respiratory infection, Gray said. The viral illness led to a weakened heart muscle that eventually worsened into heart failure. Travis was admitted to Baylor Medical Center McKinney near his home in Tioga, about 60 miles north of Dallas, through the emergency room on Sunday. The singer underwent a procedure to have a pump inserted by catheter that helps increase blood flow before being transferred to The Heart Hospital Baylor Plano. The North Carolina-born Travis is a traditional country purist who is a pivotal figure in the genre best known for his hits "Forever and Ever, Amen" and "Three Wooden Crosses." His Warner Bros. debut album "Storms of Life" sold 3 million copies and helped return country music to its roots. Travis has recently been trying to put his life back together after a series of embarrassing public incidents involving alcohol. Travis pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated in January following an arrest last year and received two years of probation and a $2,000 fine. He was required to spend at least 30 days at an alcohol treatment facility and complete 100 hours of community service. He recently made several public appearances, including a spot on the Country Music Association Festival's nightly concert lineup and a poignant performance at George Jones' funeral.

Kids for Fame to kick off on July 13


he first elimination round for Kids for Fame, season 4 is scheduled to be held on July 13 at the IMC HALL time at 4:00 PM. This time the show will be hosted by Vibeizonuo and Gifty Shitiri, former finalists of Kids for Fame. Live show and Artistes management for this year’s event will be done by Mhonyamo Kikon. A press note informed that the show would have free entry for everyone to witness the talented kids coming from different districts and performing live on the stage. This year’s judges include Kashito Kibami, Akhrienuo Zao and Moanungsang. Deputy Commissioner Dimapur, Hushili Sema (IAS) has consented to grace the contest as the chief guest. This time out of 46 contestants only 24 contestants will be selected by the judges to go through to the next round. District co-organizers for the event include for Dimapur: School Music & Art Purana Bazar; Kohima: Lineage Enterprise; Wokha: Highway Entertainment and Mokokchung: Cosmos Entertainment.

Kashito Kibami received formal education in western music from Patkai Christian College. He graduated from Chennai and has performed on various occasions. He has also recorded three music albums. A musician, composer, writer, sound engineer and event manager by profession, He has won various Proficiency Music Awards as an Artist. He also received the Governor’s State Award in promoting the talents in the field of music and entertainment in Nagaland. Presently, he is the Managing Director of Pheto Music Association.

Moanunsang has received a formal Education in Western Classical Music from Patkai Christian College. He has a recorded music album and is the recipient of the Young Achievers Award 2006 hosted by the State Bank of India, North East India. He is also the front man for the band Ecstasy. The first Naga Idol, Moanungsang is presently working at Note Grid as a contemporary vocal teacher and is the proprietor of Café Destination.

Akhrienuo Zao is a music teacher by profession. She completed her Music Degree Course at Royal School of Music, London, majoring in Piano and Voice. Presently, she is teaching at the School of Music & Art Dimapur Nagaland.


Rakhi appointed as Chairperson of the Disputes Settlement Committee


he may be a magnet for controversy but there seems to be a serious side to Rakhi Sawant too. As is evident from the recently concluded elections of the Cine and Television Artistes Association (CINTAA), which has appointed Rakhi as Chairperson of its Disputes Settlement Committee. Rakhi is more than happy to get into her new role, so much so, artists who call up the CINTAA office these days asking for the right person to contact for settlement of disputes, are categorically told to get in touch with her. When contacted, Rakhi said, "I have started working on this. There hasn't been a single day when I haven't given time to the artistes. We fight with producers and recover the artistes' money." She further added," Dharmesh-ji (Dharmesh Tiwari, President, CINTAA) helps me out with everything and it cannot be possible without him. We have managed to recover more than Rs 1 crore from some TV serial makers who had not made the payments to many people involved with their shows."

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AgAr spArkles After AustrAliA collApse Ashton Agar misses ton; England lose two wickets before tea on Day 2 of 1st Ashes Test

went past Glenn McGrath's 61 which was the previous best by an Aussie No 11. His fifty was also the second fastest on Test debut by an Australian, taking him four balls more than Adam Gilchrist Hughes, who scored an inconspicuous half-century himself, was happy to watch from the sidelines. It was only the fifth time in Test history that Australia had achieved a 100-run partnership for the 10th wicket.

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PATIENTS WHO ARE SUFFERING FROM HEADACHE, EPILEPSY, STROKE, SLEEPING PROBLEMS, NECK PAIN, BACK PAIN, NEUROPATHY, DIFFICULTY IN WALKING, SHAKING HANDS & LEGS, TO & FRO NODDING OF HEAD, FREQUENT FALLING ON GROUND, SLOW MONOTONOUS VOICE, DIFFICULTY IN MEMORISING CAN CONSULT DR. A. R. BARUAH, MD (Med), DNB (Neurology). Australia's Ashton Agar, right, walks from the pitch alongside teammate Phillip Hughes after scoring a record 98 runs on the second day of the opening Ashes series cricket match against England at Trent Bridge cricket ground, Nottingham, England on July 11. (AP Photo)

L o n d o n, J u L 1 1 (agencies): Debutant No 11 Ashton Agar missed out on a memorable century on debut, being dismissed for 98, as Australia were bowled out for 280 in their first innings on Day Two of the first Test of The Ashes 2013. Mitchell Starc then struck twice in an over to reduce England to 11 for two at tea. Earlier, James Anderson took five wickets, before Agar had to break records one after the other to rescue Australia, who took lunch on Day Two at 229 for nine, after being 117 for nine at one stage. Anderson added to the two wickets he took on Wednesday as he ripped through the Australian middle and lower order in the morning session of the second day. Caught Prior, bowled Anderson, became

the order of the session as the Australian batsmen managed to find the edges of their blade with nagging regularity. It was a bright, sunny day in Nottingham, quite unlike the first day which was overcast. But Anderson still managed to generate reverse swing enough to leave the Australians clueless. Steven Smith, unbeaten on 38 overnight, had earlier provided Australia with a positive start and was looking extremely confident with his strokemaking. He added a couple more boundaries to his tally, reached his fourth Test half-century and looked set to carry his team past their deficit, only for Anderson to run in and find his edge on 53. From here, there was no turning back as Australia collapsed from 108 for four to 117 for nine, thanks

BeiJing, JuLY 11 (aP): Sporting powerhouse China has slashed the budget for its National Games by 78 percent amid dramatically slowing economic growth and a government campaign to rein in public spending. Spending on the 12th games, to be held Aug. 31-Sept. 12 in the northeastern province of Liaoning, will be kept to a maximum of 800 million yuan ($130 million), the deputy director of the organizing committee, He Min, was quoted as saying by state media on Thursday. That's down from the original figure of 3.6 billion yuan ($590 million). "We hope to create a new manner of organizing big events in a thrifty way," He was quoted as saying at a news conference Wednesday. Held every four years, the National Games are China's premier sporting event and a crucial testing ground for future Olympic champions. With events broadcast nationwide and national leaders in attendance, host cities usually compete to outspend each other on elaborate ceremonies and glitzy venues. Liaoning's decision to brag about its costcutting, therefore, represents a sharp shift in tone among officialdom,

reflecting stark new economic realities. The ruling Communist Party's economic growth target this year is 7.5 percent, down by almost half from 2007's sizzling pace of 14.2 percent. Some analysts have suggested growth might sink below 7 percent in coming months — perilously low by Chinese standards. Meanwhile, debts among local governments are soaring, while China's politically sensitive global trade surplus contracted by 12.4 percent in June compared with a year earlier to $27.1 billion. Growth in exports to the United States, China's biggest foreign market, fell to 1.8 percent from May's 3.5 percent. Even before those figures appeared, the government of President Xi Jinping had put the brakes on generous lending to local governments that often ends up wasted on vanity projects. Xi himself has demanded officials eliminate lavish banquets and other wasteful practices and trade in their foreign luxury automobiles for local brands. In his comments, He said savings would come both from reducing the scale of the games and cutting back on ceremony.

China slashes National Games budget by 78%


to Anderson and Graeme Swann. Or was there? Agar, the debutant at No 11, certainly thought there was. Along with Hughes, Agar wrested the game away from the hosts as the duo brought up their 100-run partnership at just under a run-a-ball. Agar played like a seasoned pro and made proficient use of a consistent line of shot-pitched bowling from the Englishmen, Steven Finn in particular. The pulls, the cuts and the drives were were a delight to watch and you couldn't believe this was a No 11 at play. Agar brought up his half-century — the first ever by a debutant No 11 — at a run-a-ball and then brought the scores level with a couple of glorious boundaries. It wasn't the only record wiped off by the youngster, as he soon



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