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Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact

Politicians never die in riots: Rahul Gandhi [ PAGE 08]


By Sandemo Ngullie

We are so poor. Dad, why aren’t you corrupt like your colleagues?

DMC asks shops to open on Sundays Dimapur, OctOber 9 (mexN): In order to facilitate customers during the forthcoming Durga Puja, Eid, Dipawali, X-Mas festivals, all shopkeepers, other than Workshops and Industries have been requested to open shop on all Sundays from October 13 to January 1. This was stated in a press note issued by the CEO Orenthung Lotha, Dimapur Municipal Council.

Ao Senden reaffirms support to ACAUT

mOKOKcHuNG, OctOber 9 (mexN): The Ao Senden has appealed for all Naga tribe Hohos to support the Action Committee against Unabated Taxation in its fight against “the unscrupulous imposition of taxation on innocent citizens, especially amongst the business communities.” A press note from the President and General Secretary of Ao Senden termed the ACAUT’s movement as a “noble cause for the smooth functioning and tranquility in our society and to prevail peaceful co-existence among the Nagas.” It added that the Ao Senden has decided to give all possible support to ACUAT till a positive result is achieved.

Helpline number for consumer protection

KOHima, OctOber 9 (Dipr): The Department of Legal Metrology and Consumer Protection has informed that, in order to enable customers to seek advice from the appropriate Forum, the Nagaland State Consumer Helpline, Kohima, has been created. The toll free numbers are 1800-345-3701 and 03702292232, 2292233.

One run over by train


Dimapur, OctOber 9 (mexN): The dead body of a person identified as Mughato Aye of Zutovi village, Dimapur was found on the rail tracks near Railway Bazaar on the morning of October 9 by GRPS personnel. According to the ASP, Dimapur, the victim was run over by a train and informed that his left hand and leg were found dismembered from his body by the running train. After observing all legal formalities and on refusal of post mortem examination, the dead body was handed over to the family, the ASP stated.

Swift smashes prestigious Nashville Songwriters Association record

Nagaland to host Model UN Conference [ PAGE 02]

World cheers Malala, but Pakistanis ambivalent

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three win nobel chemistry ‘reach prize for cyber experiments

This Wednesday Oct. 9, 2013 photo shows a webpage showing the laureates Martin Karplus, Michael Levitt and Arieh Warshel as winners of the 2013 Nobel Prize in chemistry, announced by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm. (AP Photo)

StOcKHOLm, OctOber 9 (reuterS): Three U.S. scientists won the Nobel chemistry prize on Wednesday for pioneering work on computer programs that simulate complex chemical processes and have revolutionised research in areas from drugs to solar energy. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, awarding the prize of 8 million crowns to Martin Karplus, Michael Levitt and Arieh Warshel, said their work had effectively taken chemistry into cyberspace. Long gone were the days of modelling reactions using plastic balls and sticks. “Today the computer is just as important a tool for chemists as the test tube,” the academy said in a statement. “Computer models mirroring real life have become crucial for most advances made in chemistry today. “Chemical reactions occur at lightning speed;

electrons jump between atomic nuclei, hidden from the prying eyes of scientists,” the academy added. In drug design, for example, researchers can now use computers to calculate how an experimental medicine will react with a particular target protein in the body by working out the interplay of atoms. Today, all pharmaceutical companies have sections dedicated to predicting by computer modelling how a drug molecule will interact with the body. But the approach also has applications in industrial processes, such as the design of solar cells or catalysts used in cars. For the former, programs can be used to mimic the process of photosynthesis by which green leaves absorb sunlight and produce oxygen. DESIGNING DRUGS Ultimately, the ability to computerise such com-

plex chemical processes might make it possible to simulate a complete living organism at the molecular level - something Levitt has described as one of his dreams. “It’s like seeing a watch and wondering how actually it works,” Warshel, talking about the use of computer programs, told reporters in Stockholm by phone link. “You can use it to design drugs, or in my case, to satisfy your curiosity.” Karplus, a U.S. and Austrian citizen, carries out research at the University of Strasbourg and Harvard University. Levitt, a U.S. and British citizen, is at the Stanford University School of Medicine. Warshel, a U.S. and Israel citizen, is a professor at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. Chemistry was the third of this year’s Nobel prizes. “It has revolutionised chemistry,” Kersti Hermansson, professor in organic chemistry at Uppsala University, said of the computer modelling. “When you solve equations on the computer, you obtain information that is at such detail it is almost impossible to get it from any other method ... You can really follow like a movie, in time and in space. This is fantastic detail.” “With that knowledge you can solve problems, determine why things happen - energy problems, corrosion, chemical reactions, materials, why the properties are how they are and how you could improve them to design better materials.”


Thursday, October 10, 2013 12 pages Rs. 4 – William James

Djokovic overcomes injury scare to win in Shanghai [ PAGE 12 ]

the unreached’

Naiba Konyak, T Torechu, Eshak Konyak and Khumo Khiamniungan with participants of the skill upgradation seminar for Indo-Myanmar border area farmers in Kohima on October 9. (Morung Photo)

Our Correspondent Kohima | October 9

DUDA Advisor Naiba Konyak today called upon the people to be well aware of the various policies being framed by the DAN government and gain maximum benefit from it. Stating that the Nagaland state government has already framed policies for youth, farmers and entrepreneurs; he asserted that positive results depend on how people follow such policies and derive benefit out of them. Speaking at the two day longs skill upgradation seminar for Indo-Myanmar border area farmers on Wednesday at DUDA Guest House, Kohima; the advisor informed that DUDA was created by DAN government in 2003 to develop the underdeveloped areas and to bring underdeveloped areas at par with others and to “reach the unreached.” DUDA, which was established to cater to the special needs of the underdeveloped areas, aspires to improve condition of the

Naga farmers explore avenues to develop Indo-Myanmar border areas backward areas and accelerate the pace of development, thereby bringing them at par with the rest of the state in the near future. Stating that this training programme has been designed for good purpose, he called upon the participants to propagate whatever knowledge they have gathered to the grassroot level. He also called for agriculture production to be enhanced in order to boost rural economy. “Whatever you (farmers) produce we are going to buy it,” he said, adding that in return the farmers will be able to generate money through extensive cultivation. Also speaking on the occasion, Parliamentary Secretary for Excise, Legal Metrology & Consumer Protection and Economics & Statistics, T Torechu called upon the people to change their mindset and lessen their approach on subsidy, which he said will

no longer bring any positive impact today. He encouraged the farmers to take up the projects and schemes with seriousness. Further, he stressed on the need to make best use of the funds being provided, adding that it should be utilized for its intended and actual purpose. MLA, Eshak Konyak in his address called upon the farmers to identify suitable crops to yield a good harvest. He also called for their best effort to enhance production. MLA, L. Khumo Khiamniungan also spoke on the occasion. Earlier, Commissioner and Secretary for DUDA, T.C. Sangtam delivered the keynote address while DUDA Director, Alan Gongmei chaired the inaugural function. The resource persons of the two day seminar included Z. James Kikon, subject matter specialist (Soil Science), IGAR, HOI; Dr. Moamongla Walling, Horti-

culture Officer, State Horticulture Nursery Dimapur; G. Ikuto Zhimomi, Deputy Director, Directorate of Agriculture; Dr. Viral Yore, Deputy Director, Directorate of veterinary & animal husbandry; Neichute Doulo, CEO, Entrepreneurs Associates; Nzanbemo K. Lotha, team member Nagaland Bee Keeping & Honey Mission and Ango Konyak, POU member, NEPED. Topics being covered in the seminar included integrated farming system for sustainable agriculture, livelihood through horticulture with special reference to hill farming, scope of agriculture in Nagaland with special reference to Indo- Myanmar border areas, scope of livestock and poultry rearing with special reference to Indo-Myanmar border areas, linking traditional economy with the modern market, scope and potential of bee keeping in Nagaland and NEPED’s experience on livelihood in Nagaland. Organized by DUDA under BADP, the seminar will go on till October 10.

Amur falcons arrive in nagaland Stop fratricide in Naga society No hunting, trapping reported so far

Dimapur, OctOber 9 (mexN): About ten to fifteen thousand Amur Falcons have arrived in Nagaland as of October 9, reported the Patrolling Squad engaged by the Wildlife Trust of India and Natural Nagas. A press note from the Chairman of the Natural Nagas, Steve Odyuo

informed that the first group of falcons (numbering 5060) arrived on October 1. The note stated that no reports of hunting and trapping have come in during the 8-9 days of the birds stay in the Doyang area. “Another positive sign is the sighting of flocks of water birds in and around the water body flying free,” it added. Meanwhile, a one day awareness campaign on the Conservation of Amur Falcons is scheduled

be organized on October 11 by the Pangti Village Council and supported by Wildlife Trust of India, Natural Nagas and Department of Forest, Nagaland. A series of awareness campaign involving the Church, students and village councils have so far been undertaken with very positive results, stated the note. It added that the latest campaign will have multiple events like screening of Wildlife Films, power point pre-

sentation of the activities of the WTI, Natural Nagas and the Forest Department, distribution of pamphlets, performances by singers from Wokha, Kohima etc, putting up posters in and around the Amur Falcon bearing area, getting feed backs from the effected people etc. The campaign will target all age groups in the village. All neighboring villages have been invited to participate in the awareness campaign.

crime scene: explosives, arm and bolero recovered

Dimapur, OctOber 9 (mexN): Dimapur Police GRPS personnel during routine checking at Dimapur Railway Station recovered 150 gelatin explosives with 30 meters of fuse wire on October 8. The explosives were concealed in a bag which the arrested person was carrying. The arrested, identified as Tovi Yeptho (22) of Viyixe village, Zunheboto residing at Walford colony, Dimapur, was forwarded to court for remand after registering a case at GRPS under the Explosives Substances Act. The case is now under investigation. In another instance, D/14 IR patrolling party and Dimapur police arrested one K. Achio Poumai aka Yarchao (46) of Laii village, Senapati on October 7 from Blue Hill Station for possession of one .32 pistol with magazine in his person. The arrest was made when Poumai was found “disturbing the peace and creating public nuisance under the influence of intoxicants,” stat-

K. Achio Poumai was caught with a .32 pistol and magazine on Oct 7.

ed the police. On searching his person, the pistol were found concealed on his body, which was then seized. A case has been registered at East Police Station (PS) and the accused remanded to police custody for further investigation. Stolen Bolero recovered Dimapur police recovered a Bolero SLX which was

reported stolen on May 30, 2011 from Circular Road, Dimapur. The black colour Bolero bearing Registration No. NLO7 7364 with Chassis No. MA1PS2GAK82A13599 and Engine No. GA84A20029 was stolen by unknown persons from Circular Road, near Popular Bakery, after which an FIR was lodged at East PS

by the owner, informed the Dimapur police. A Special Operations Team of Dimapur police was on the lookout for the stolen vehicle when on October 5, 2013, a Bolero SLX was checked on suspicion at Blue Hill Station area. On checking the Engine and Chassis numbers of the suspected vehicle, it was found tampered with, and suspicious. On verifying the Engine and Chassis numbers, it was found to tally with slight modifications of the original chassis number of the stolen vehicle, stated a note from the Dimapur police. The new Chassis No. was found altered as MIPS2GAK82A43599. The vehicle was found with a new Manipur registration MNO3P 2469. On recovering the vehicle, two persons identified as Chanreiyo Hungyo of Ukhrul and Benedict Rai of Imphal, from whose possession the vehicle was recovered, were arrested and forwarded to court. A case was registered and investigation taken up.

uKHruL, OctOber 9 (mexN): “As Gandhiji had shown truth based Non-Violence as effective means to achieve one’s goal, Nagas should persistently pursue our goal by abiding the truth,” asserted Justice WA Shishak, retired High Court Chief Justice. He was speaking at a people’s dialogue programme on the “Relevance of Gandhi‘s Non-Violent Approach in Naga Society” on October 2 at Oasis hall, Hamleikhong in Ukhrul. A press note from the Naga Solidarity Group informed that the programme was held in commemoration of the United Nations’ 7th International Day of Non-Violence and was organized by the NSG and concerned citizens of Ukhrul. Shishak called for a stop to fratricide in Naga society and added that “this is abominable in the side of God.” “Let God’s love, peace & harmony be abound in us,” remarked the retired Chief Justice. He stated that Gandhi while meeting a Naga delegate in Bhangi Colony, Delhi on July 19, 1947, to formally appraise him the position of the Nagas as independent people, “made a strong political commitment” and “assured the Nagas that there cannot be forced union between India and the Nagas.” He added that India “still owes to fulfil this political commitment of the Father of the Nation.” MLA Samuel Risom, who was the Chief Host, reminded that “Nagas practised head hunting only during war with their enemies. Ignorance had made them see even their own brothers as enemies and, thence, head hunting occurred frequently among the Nagas themselves.” However, he stated that the advent of Christianity and education brought a “great change” in Naga society. Expressing hope that Nagas would continue to shine, he however cautioned that “there is nothing more dangerous than ignorance of ourselves, ignorance of facts and ignorance of the

truth.” Daniel Ramsan, Senior High Court Advocate stressed on the need to do away with the “old practice of fratricide in Naga society.” He instead called for promotion of peace, love, and non-violence. He asserted that killing of a person means killing of conscience and killing of future. “Any act of fratricide is illegal as well as immoral,” he added while noting that Gandhi’s non violent approach has great relevance to the Naga way of life. High Court Senior Government Advocate and President of Tangkhul Naga Gazetted Officers Welfare Association, RS Reisang stated, “It is not a wise thing for a Naga to kill his fellow Naga. Any difference or discord can be addressed in a peaceful and nonviolent manner”. Dr Vareso Ningshen, Associate Professor in Law said that Fratricide stands counter-productive and is irrelevant in contemporary society. C Ngaraipam, retired DSO and Secretary of Tangkhul people’s Organization, Imphal strongly emphasized on the responsibility of Nagas to “manifest and witness the Love of God within and without the Naga society by living exemplary Christian lives.” He called for issues to be addressed in a just, peaceful and democratic way. Dr Sina Khayi Lamlang, Assistant Professor called for more realistic, democratic and peaceful means to be exercised at this juncture of the Naga issue. R. Rungsung, a senior citizen, exhorted the House, “Nagas will certainly harvest the fruit of hard work done in honesty, righteousness, sincerity, just and faithfulness to God”. A dialogue between the various participants reached a consensus on the need to abolish fratricidal killings and stressed on the “need to relook the horizon of love, peace and fraternity not only within the Naga society but beyond the border of our walls.”





Thursday 10 October 2013

Nagaland to host Model UN Conference

Kohima, october 9 (DiPr); The First ever Model UN Conference in North East India will be held at Kohima, Nagaland from December 16 to 18. NEIMUN First Session is supported by the United Nations, Best Delegate, USA and the Government of Nagaland. Model United Nations is an academic simulation of the United Nations. This conference will host over 200 young leaders between the ages of 18-25 years. NEIMUN will conduct the simulations of four committees under the UN General Assembly. Disarmament and International Security committee (DISEC), Economic and Financial committee (ECOFIN), Social, Humanitarian & Cultural committee (SOCHUM), Special, Political & Decolonization committee (SPECPOL). Participants will discuss, deliberate and draft resolutions on topics of

international importance with focus on the UN’s “3 Pillars”: Peace and Security, Post-2015 sustainable development goals and Human Rights. The objective of NEIMUN is to advance the interest of international educational through promotion of Model United Nations and educate young people on Global affairs, Multilateral Diplomacy, World Economy and the workings of the United Nations. Further, equip delegates with skills on Public speaking, Negotiating, Policy analysis, Conflict resolution, Group communication, Lobbying and Leadership. NEIMUN hopes to create a platform for talented, ambitious and motivated students from across India and neighbouring countries to integrate with students of North East India and challenge each other promoting interaction and dialogue as they try to find

Kohima, october 9 (mexN): The state’s department of science & technology has taken an initiation to send science teachers from the state to Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore for a 10 days training starting this month till February next year. The teachers are from both higher secondary schools and high schools. IISc, Bangalore is a premier institute in the country which imparts training on the science subjects. The training is free of cost and the travel expenditure will be borne by the Department of Science & Technology, Government of Nagaland. The selected candidates for the programme is as follow: High School teachers programme: 8-17 November: Lephizo AponGHSS Dimapur, Pangshing Konyak- GHS Naginimora, T. Watlong Konyak- GH Mon, Nah K. Konyak- GH Mon, Manyoh KonyakGHS Tizit. December 2 to 11: SR Singh- GHS Kiphire, D. Mahata- GHS Yangpi, Kiphire town, SP GuptaGHS Seyuchung, Neikodo Chikha- GHS Kezekienu.

December 28- Jan 6, 2014: Suraj- Corner Stone School Zunheboto, S.K. Karna- GHS Chizami, Narayan- BHSS Mangkolemba. January 23- Feb 1 2014: Eyingbemo Kikon- GHSS Dimapur, Mahriini Kemast- Model HSS Kohima, ImkongsashiGHSS Mokokchung, AK Chaudhari- GHS Chizami. Higher secondary school teachers (PUC): October 14 to 23, 2013 (Maths & chemistry): P. Sunil Singh (Maths)-Model HSS Kohima, C. Somarjit Singh (Chemistry)- Model HSS Kohima, Tiawati (Chemistry)- GHSS Dimapur, Bendangwapang (Maths)GHSS Dimapur. January 11 to 20, 2014 (Physics & Biology): Moameren (Biology)Model HSS Kohima, G. Gambisr Singh ( Physics)-Model HSS Kohima, Apila Patton (Physics)- GHSS Dimapur, Apong Kimberly (Biology)GHSS Dimapur), Kerisie (Biology)- GHSS Dimapur, Engo Konyak (Biology)GHSS Mon. February 8 to 17, 2014 (Maths & Chemistry): PP Wabang Mollier (Chemistry)- GHSS Mokokchung and Lanutoshi (Chemistry)- GHSS Mon.

Nagaland science teachers to attend training at IISC Bangalore



enduring solutions to global challenges. Applications are now open for the conference. Interested students (1825 years) have been requested to submit their Curriculum Vitae and a 250 words motivation letter on “Why I want to be part of North East India International Model United Nations” to policy@neimun. org no later than October 25. The cost of the conference is Rs.2500/- (inclusive of lodging and food, Study Materials, transportation within Kohima during the 3 days conference). Financial support will be available on a need cum merit basis. Faculty advisors (one per college) have been welcome to attend the same. For further queries contact or www. FB: North East India International Model United Nations, twitter @ NEIMUN2013.


The Morung Express C

‘Indigenous Delight’ marks beginning of NSUD jubilee celebration

DimaPur, october 9 (mexN): The Naga Students’ Union, Delhi (NSUD) held the first leg of its Golden Jubilee celebrations with the theme “the motto@50: Pause, Rewind and Play” on October 7 and 8, 2013 at the Polo Ground, Delhi University. The ‘Indigenous Delight’ commenced on October 7 with B. P. Singh, Vice- Chairman of the Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan (NYKS), Government of India gracing the opening ceremony as the chief guest. The program began with a musical performance by the band Red Light Passenger. J. Maivio Woba, the VicePresident of NSUD delivered the welcome address and Lawrence Shongshier, Social and Cultural secretary shared the concept note of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations. The unfurling of the official NSUD flag to signal the beginning of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations followed this. In his speech, the chief guest expressed his delight in being able to join the NSUD’s Golden Jubilee Celebrations, and his appreciation for the efforts at orga-


The Naga F1 race was the highlight of the Indigenous Delight festivities on October 7 and 8.

nizing such an event in the capital. The NSUI President Rohit Chaudhary who was also in attendance, presented greetings on the celebration of 50 years and applauded the exemplary leadership shown by the NSUD. Thereafter, Lhusisato Iralu, NSUD President carried out the flame- lighting ceremony, while the theme song of the Golden Jubilee titled ‘Bruce King’ composed by Obed Zeme was introduced to the public for the first time. Pfokrehii Nelina, Finance secretary conducted the oath- taking ceremony. The programme closed with a prayer by Kaboto Kinimi, Pastor of

Sumi Christian Fellowship, and was chaired by Veshoshelu Swuro, Secretary of the Planning Committee. During this two-day ‘Indigenous Delight’ a total of 16 traditional games were played through organised inter-house competition. These home games included archery for men, arm wrestling for both men and women, cock fight, javelin throw, greased pole climbing for men, wrestling for men, Naga wrestling, blind strike for men and women, basket binding for women, fire- making for men, chicken- catching and yarn spooling for women. The Indigenous Extravaganza

ended with the highly anticipated Naga F1 race, an innovative competition blending contemporary technical thinking with traditional mechanical and design practices. The Union Minister for Transport, Road and Highways, Oscar Fernandez also visited the ongoing ‘Indigenous Delight’ and shared words of encouragement with those gathered there. The Delhi University Students’ Union (DUSU) President, Aman Awana graced the closing-cum-prize distribution ceremony of the 2-day ‘Indigenous Delight’ as the special guest. Huten Alexander, General

Secretary, NSUD delivered the Vote of Thanks. The overall champions of the ‘Indigenous Delight’ were awarded to Makhraifii team of the Mao tribe. The Flag was de-hoisted by Horngachan Y. Shimray, Assistant General Secretary, NSUD. Viya Terhuja chaired the programme, which was closed with a prayer by Morungkung Kansoua, Pastor, Grace Church, Delhi. Filming and Photography of the 2-day event was done by Andrew Humtsoe and V. Kintso of Watermarrk Film and Photography, New Delhi, while still photography was done by John Monsang of Shutterphilia.

DimaPur, october 9 (mexN): Paying tribute to the founder of the ICFAI group of institutions, late NJ Yasaswy, the ICFAI University Nagaland held the 2nd NJY memorial lecture on the topic of Laws on Land acquisition on October 8. Speaking on the occasion, P. Leonard Aier, City Law College, principal highlighted on the importance of individual rights as well as the social rights. Land being a property he said, “The legal order is the most important order that

every individual and social system must respect.” He spoke at length on the land and property laws, streaming down from the ancient times through the mediaeval period to the modern times of international covenant. Deliberating on legal issues relating to the land acquisition and requisition, in the light of the constitutional provisions, he said, “When individuals exercise their rights, it must be within the rights of the social institutions; while at the same time property rights are the

constitutional rights of people.” Earlier, Prof. Charles P. Alexander, Pro-Vice Chancellor, gave a life-sketch of late NJ Yasaswy. The faculty and the students of University attended the programme. Other feature of the programme was that in honour of NJ Yasaswy the University has launched an E-magazine titled Tapasya, which was officially released by Leonard Aier. Makhan Chetia, Registrar of ICFAI University Nagaland, chaired the programme.

ing the audience he spoke on the relevance of such seminars as being conducive for intellectual fusion and a platform to integrate knowledge from diverse fields. Dr. Jyoti Roy, Vice Principal and Coordinator of the seminar in her keynote address stated that, “the main focus is to optimize a number of listening opportunities for learners from all streams and subjects. The

intention is to provide professional communication in an area of interest and to reframe the same issue in a very different wavelength. Concluding the inaugural session, the ProVice-Chancellor of ICFAI University Nagaland, Prof. C.P. Alexander, said that “a discourse of this nature was much over due, as we move in times of science and technology, consumer rights, and of course the

current Economic meltdown; and all of these demand for a holistic and value-centric approach to teaching and learning.” He further added that the seminar would heighten the growth of intellectual capital that would implicitly benefit the socio-economic scenario. The seminar was gemmed with research papers from various reputed Universities and institu-

tions across the country. In addition, the academic sessions were chaired by, Dr. C.P. Alexander, Dr. R.K. Beheral, Angel Sonari and Dr. Vivee Peseyie. The seminar attracted several presenters from neighboring states on cutting edge topics from various fields and domains of interest. Teachers and students of Patkai Christian College and ICFAI University attended the seminar.

KiPhire, october 9 (mexN): The 11 wards of Kiphire district today in an ‘open letter’ highlighted grievances to the Chief Engineer, Department of Power. The 11 wards union Kiphire president Sepithong and secretary Simon T. Natsa stated that shortage of linemen, “jugali” in the entire district is hampering the work of the department making the consumer bear the problem in service, and shortage of meter writer leads to pending of bills leading to disconnection of electrification in private residence. Also computerized meter

box installed only in Kiphire is making citizens bear extra bills even citizens use 2 to 3 bulbs bills comes upto Rs. 900-Rs. 1000 and outdated electric post, which needs to be replaced before it, falls down causing loss to life and property. “Kiphire is one of the remote parts of the state where people are undergoing hardship even for basic facility and to add more problems to the suffering, the power supply to the district is worsening year after year,’ the letter stated while requesting the Chief engineer Power to look into the matter at the earliest.

Kohima, october 9 (mexN):: The Government High School, PWD Colony, Kohima successfully observed its ethnic day on October 5 last with Senthang Wanch, District Education Officer, Kohima as the chief guest. Ethnic Day is the first of its kind since the establishment of this school

in 1967 and it evoked a deserving response. Speaking on the occasion, Wanch stressed on the need to revive the rich culture and traditions and at the same time called upon the gathering to protect and promote the traditional attires and fineries. Thapi Semy, chairman

The Aoyimti Baptist Church organised a free medical camp for the senior citizens on October 5. The medical team included Dr. Temsü, Dr. Saku, Dr. Pokyim, Dr. Temsüsashi, Nüklo Jamir, Pharmacist, Sosangmeren, Technician, Bendang, Technician, Maongtila, Technician, Maongla, ANM, Tiasola, ANM, Arenla Jamir, ANM and Nüngsangienla ANM from District Hospital Dimapur. ABC pastor Temsü Jamir has acknowledged the team for their service where 51 senior citizens availed free treatment and medicines.

Talk on Land Acquisition Laws held


National seminar on Multidisciplinary Studies conducted

DimaPur, october 9 (mexN): Patkai Christian College (Autonomous) conducted a two-day National Seminar on Multidisciplinary Studies, Images, Discourses, and Realities in Contemporary Issues on October 4 and 5. A press release received here stated that the seminar was organised in collaboration with ICFAI University Nagaland and sponsored by the University Grants Com-

mission. Welcoming the audience H. Epao, Principal, Patkai Christian College, stated very categorically that “Know-it-all attitude is suicidal and therefore interdependency is being complementary and supplementary”. The Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Nagaland University, Prof. N.S. Jamir, graced the inaugural session as the chief guest. While address-

Power woes in Kiphire


Parliamentary secretary for IT&C, Science & Technology and Taxes, Tovihoto Ayemi (extreme left) after inaugurating MHTVS showroom at Duncan Bosti, Wednesday. The new showroom deals exclusively in three wheelers. (Morung Photo)

GHS PWD colony conducts ethnic day


WEC also delivered a short speech while welcome address was delivered by Kezhalezo Solo, head teacher. Neiketole proposed vote of thanks. Viya Sekhose WEC member and Deacon Cassius Solo pronounced invocation and benediction respectively. The function was compere

by Jacinta. District Development Education Officer Kohima, Neizetuonuo Solo, PWD Panchayat chairman and colleagues, PWD youth president and colleagues, parents and well wishers also graced the occasion. Tribe wise ethnic presentations and ethnic day feast marked the occasion.



The Morung express


10 October 2013



‘India’s concern over Brahmaputra threat mongering’ Beijing, OctOBer 9 (iAnS): India highlighting its concerns over China building dams on the Brahmaputra are an attempt to "gain control of disputed territories" - a reference to Arunachal Pradesh in northeast India - by acquiring "more international support", a Chinese scholar has argued. Li Zhifei, an assistant research fellow with the National Institute of International Strategy think tank, says the "feud over water resource allocation has sparked more claims in India that China poses

a threat to the security of other countries". "Moreover, India also relates the contention over water resources to its border dispute with China." "It attempts to gain control of disputed territories by acquiring more international support and actual control on the ground through the development of the water resources in related areas," Li says in an article in the state-owned Global Times, a tabloid published by the People's Daily. The article is titled 'Indian threat-mongering

over water resource disputes dangerous fantasy'. Li writes: "India plans to build reservoirs and canal systems on the Brahmaputra River with an intention to transfer "surplus" water to regions with water shortages." "Furthermore, India has already set up dozens of hydropower stations in the so-called Arunachal Pradesh, attempting to reinforce its actual control and occupation of the disputed area." He writes that China's building of hydropower systems upstream on the

iMPHAL, OctOBer 9 (nnn): Five out of the seven accused, including Indian Army Col Ajay Choudhry in the high profile Pallel (Manipur) drug haul case on Wednesday surrendered before the Special Court (NDPS) which remanded them to 15-day judicial custody. All the seven accused, who were in bail, had to surrender to the court after a single bench Justice N Kotiswar of Manipur High Court had on October 3 cancelled an earlier bail order issued by the Special Court (NDPS) to release them. Manipur High Court had asked all the seven ac-

cused to surrender before the Special Court of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances, Lamphel within one week. Col Choudhry, Ng Brojendro, RK Babaloo, Lunkhohao Haokip and Saikholen Haokip were surrendered before the court of Judge incharge of the Special Court (NDPS) M Ibohal in the afternoon, but Zangminthang Tuboi and Letminlan Haokip failed to surrender. The court remanded them to judicial custody till October 23. Col Choudhry, Ng Brojendro and RK Babaloo were released on bail on July 12 by the Special Court (NDPS) while Lunkhohao

Haokip, Seikholen Haokip, Zangminthang Tuboi and Letminlan Haokip were released on July 17. The seven accused had also approached the Supreme Court pleading for bail in the drug case after the High Court of Manipur cancelled the bail order by the Special Court (NDPS) on October 3 however the apex court also rejected the bail plea. Col Choudhry along with his accomplices was nabbed by a team of Thoubal police commandos when carrying the psychotropic drugs worth about Rs 25 crore in three vehicles at Pallel in Chandel district on February 24, 2013.

Brahmaputra, or Yarlung Tsangpo as it is known, would cause less water to flow to India "causing negative effects on the water use for its industrial and agricultural sectors which are mainly located in the basin of the Ganges river". "Therefore, China's control of the allocation of water means, from the Indian perspective, China will exert substantial economic influence upon the rising South Asian power." "India imagines that if China draws off water in the reservoirs on the Yar-

lung Zangbo River, it will become swampland." He continues: "The country also contends that China will probably carry out interceptions during dry seasons and discharges during rainy days as means to impose pressure on the Indian government, and that once a conflict takes place, Beijing is likely to raise water levels to cut off communications or drown enemy troops." In this light "therefore, India assumes that China's building dams on the Yarlung Zangbo River poses a serious threat to its nation-

al security." Li says while "China stresses peaceful rise, and tries to build up a win-win situation" on the issue of water resource disputes", India "in contrast has been critical of China in the upper stream by protesting against this imaginary enemy and trying to gain sympathy and support from the international community". Playing up Bangladesh's concerns, Li writes that India while protesting Beijing's dams has "totally disregarded the interests of Bangladesh in the lower

reaches through its own exploitative usage". "Beijing adopts a rational and restricted attitude toward India's domestic attacks on China's utilization of water resources". The scholar says India hopes to put more pressure on China "by exaggerating the facts and drawing attention from the international community, with the intention of preventing China from developing Tibetan water resources". He concludes that "China should firmly resist such remarks and actions, and

actively seek to address disputes through following the principles of peaceful negotiation and cooperation". The comments come as China is proceeding with the construction of four hydropower dams on the Brahmaputra. The first unit of the Zangmu Hydropower Station on the bend of the Brahmaputra where it enters India is scheduled to begin operations in 2014. India and China have an agreement on sharing hydrological data to monitor water flow in the river.

Newmai News Network

economic development process in the hill districts of Manipur. The NPF, Manipur State in a memorandum submitted to the 14th Finance Commission signed by its president Soso Lorho and its general secretary Athuan Abonmai demanded a special economic package for the five hill districts of Tamenglong, Churachandpur, Chandel, Ukhrul and Senapati. "The package is meant for infrastructure development particularly in the field of sports, road and communication without which development works cannot prop-

erly take place and sports talents of youths remain undeveloped in the hills of Manipur," the NPF said. Regarding the linkroads in the hills connecting the district headquarters, the NPF, Manipur State proposed that all of them should be constructed with the national highway status. It also demanded that the planned Diphu-Karong railway be revived in the interest of the state. On the issue of electricity, the NPF proposed the 14th Finance Commision that micro-hydel projects be constructed over rivers and streams in the hill dis-

tricts of Manipur to solve the power problem. In connection with the healthcare issue, the NPF, Manipur State proposed the finance commission to establish a dispensary in every village. The party proposed that the concerned authorities should explore ways and means to develop tourism industry in the hill districts by tapping those available potentials at the earliest. NPF also demanded that drinking water be made available in every village in the hill areas. "For this venture the finance commission is requested to make special

water supply scheme for the hill districts of Manipur," appealed the party. Finally, the NPF said the government of India should make provision for the introduction of industries to arrest the problem caused by the educated unemployed tribal youths in the state. "The intervention of the Finance Commission and the government of India is the crying need to change the concept of valley district and lopsided planning of the government of Manipur which seem to have ignored the hill districts for a long period of time," the NPF, Manipur State said.

5 accused in Feb 24 drug case surrender NPF Manipur for separate Finance department Imphal | October 9

The Naga People's Front (NPF), Manipur State has urged the 14th Finance Commission, Government of India to institute a separate Finance and Planning Department for hill districts of Manipur. It also urged for timely release of funds and transparency. The NPF further urged the finance commission to check misappropriation of funds. Meanwhile, NPF, Manipur State said if the points the party demanded from the commission are materialized, will speed up socio-

ATSUM lauds Manipur police chief

iMPHAL, OctOBer 9 (nnn): The Manipur police chief has been lauded by All Tribal Students' Union, Manipur (ATSUM) for taking up encouraging initiatives for the common good of the society. ATSUM said today that Manipur director general of police (DGP) MK Das has been doing the 'cleanup' job in the bureaucracy. "This kind of intitiative is a

long felt need of the hour," said ATSUM. "It is not only the political matter but much so in the system which all of us need to help evapourizing short falls for delivering the goods to the people," the ATSUM added. Meanwhile, ATSUM reiterated the student body will be forced to resume its suspended agitation under the code name " ROTO (Reckoning of Others) after

Security beefed up in Manipur, Tripura

iMPHAL, OctOBer 9 (tHe HinDU): Two different general strikes is likely to hit normal life in Manipur from October 14 till October 15 night. During the strike, no commodity including consumer items, cannot be brought to Manipur. Kuki Impi Manipur and Naga People's Organisation have called a 48 hour- general strike in Manipur from the midnight of October 14. Talking to reporters T. Thangkam president of Kuki Impi Saikul and Chance Raikhan, president of Naga People's organisation said that for unexplained reasons the government had brought 120 villages of the Naga and the Kuki tribes under the police stations located in non-tribal areas. They had made representations to the authorities to rectify the same. The organisation warned of more stirs, if

the government did not respond after the proposed general strike. The Coordinating Committee (Corcom) of the six proscribed underground organisations in Manipur have joined hands with National Liberation Front of Tripura to call an 18-hour general strike in both the states from midnight of October 14. A joint statement issued by Corcom and NFLT says that these two independent kingdoms were forcibly merged with independent India on October 15, 1948. Contending that the merger was against international law these outfits have been observing "Black month" from September 15 to October 15 all these years. As the governments of Manipur and Tripura anticipate violence during the general strike called by the militant groups security measures have been beefed up.

ANSAM refutes report on border tour

SenAPAti, OctOBer 9 (nnn): The All Naga Students Association, Manipur (ANSAM) has refuted to the report where its name was mentioned in local newspapers in connection with the Indo-Myanmar border inspection. Steven Leivon, publicity in-charge of the Naga students' body said ANSAM was never part of the team that had inspected the border. "We have never taken any decision of the border issue nor have we put our views in public domain," said Steven Leivon. On Wednesday's edition of certain local dailies and in a Nagaland based newspaper, it was reported that ANSAM, Kuki Students Organisation (KSO) and ATSUM others had inspected the disputed border area and also held meeting in this regard. The Naga students' body then expressed its anger alleging that certain elements are repeatedly misusing the name of ANSAM. "We were never part of the team. Please do not misuse the name of ANSAM for your mileage," appealed ANSAM.

October 12. Some of the ATSUM's demands are the setting up of setting up of a separate commission for the Scheduled Tribe in Manipur which was demanded by the tribal students' body and assured by the state government; securing the proper functioning of Hill Area Committee (HAC) under Article 371(C); healthcare and education. "Article 371 (C) exists

but it has not been implemented in letter and spirit in the five hill districts of Manipur," pointed out ATSUM while adding, "It has been systematically suppressed by the state through bureaucratic manipulations," alleged the ATSUM leaders". It said the Village Authority Act under the Hill areas' Autinomous District Council (ADC) Act of 1971, has not been in use.

EXCEL COACHING & COMPUTER CENTER Mission Road, Near North Police Station, Kohima

Admission going on for:1. NPSC, UPSC, (Prelim – 2014), SSC, Banking. 2. NPSC MAINS – 2013 3. Entrance Coaching for JEE, NEET & NERIST – 2014 4. Coaching for Repeaters & Regulars:Class-10 & Class-12 (Sci., Arts & Comm.) 5. Spoken English 6. Computer Courses (Basic, Diploma and PGDCA) Contact: Ph. : 0370-2290672, 9436071373, 9863143388

Hostel Available For Both Boys And Girls


CHARIS HIGH ACADEMY (CBSE) CHUMUKEDIMA, DIMAPUR Invites hand-written applications with resume from the competent candidates to fill up the following vacancies. Sl. NO 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.


NO. OF POSTS 2 2 2 2 1 2 1 1


The candidates eligible for the above posts may post their applications along with self attested copies of certificates/ testimonials to the Administrator Charis High Academy, C/o-Post Box No:- 55, Dimapur 797112. Applications complete in all respect must reach the destination on or before 19th Oct, 2013. Short listed candidates shall be intimated through phone, for interview and demo on the basis of career and experience. Preference will be given to the trained candidates. Scale of pay- As per CBSE Norms No T.A. /D.A shall be paid for attending the interview. For enquiries contact: +919402830041/+918012450955 Email: SD/Administrator Chumukedima 797103 Opp. 2nd Gate NAP Training centre District Dimapur


CHARIS HIGH ACADEMY (CBSE) Charis High Academy (CBSE) is pleased to announce that admissions are beginning for LKG, UKG – Class VII for 2014 – 2015 Academic Session from October 18th (Friday) 2013 onwards at the school premises. Admission shall be given on the basis of First Come, First Served. Limited seats of 25 Students per class. Admission Forms, Prospectus and other information shall be available at the school office during office hours, i.e., 8:30 am – 2:00 pm on all working days. Special features of the school: 1. Christ - centered holistic learning for life- application 2. Competent and qualified teachers as per CBSE norms 3. Yearly Upgradation upto class-12 4. Providing all round development in the child 5. Visiting remedial teachers for identifying the individual needs of the student 6. Continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE) through weekly/ monthly/ cycle tests 7. Trained councellor for student’s guidance 8. Teaching-learning through Smart Class & activities and Play Way method 9. Student-Teacher ratio 25:1 10. Facilities including safe drinking water, computer education, science lab, health service, library, school bus, canteen, children’s Park etc SD/-

Administrator Chumukedima – 797103 Opp. 2nd gate NAP Training Centre District – Dimapur

For enquiries contact: +91 940 283 0041 | +91 801 245 0955 | Email:


The Morung Express 4 public discoursE NSCN (IM) Directives On Doyang OCTOBER 10: WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY Thursday


10 October 2013

The undersigned as empowered by the GPRN through an Order No. GPRN/ KK/ESTI/65/13/02, Dated Oking, the 03rd October, 2013, to look into "the complete implementation of the GPRN's ORDER on Land Owners' Union, Doyang Hydro Electric Project" the following directives are hereby issued. 1. The GPRN Order on Land Owners' Union Doyang is final and binding as the electoral verdict was fully justified by all related documents of evidences. 2. Those Executive Members concerned who have failed to take cognizance of the GPRN Order and had failed till date to comply with it are hereby directed to immediately abstain from defy-

ing the same Order to avoid further necessary action. 3. The 17 Dhep Affected Village Councils are hereby requested to take necessary action to ensure that, their selected Executives Members and the general land owners hailing from their respective Villages comply with the same Order. 4. The authorities at DHEP, Doyang & NEEPCO LTD, Shillong, are requested to comply with the same Order and to take up all related official matters with the authorized and legitimate Union Office bearers and to refrain from committing any act/acts that/ those might be termed as breach of the said Order. 5. The GPRN leaders/ workers in general and those hailing from the affected Vil-

lages in particular, are also requested to kindly extent all necessary assistance and cooperations to ensure conducive working atmospheres at Doyang. 6. The Press Medias are requested not to entertain/ publish LOU Doyang related conflicting news items that/ those contradicts the Order of the GPRN henceforth to avoid all related future inconveniences that might be attracted by non compliance with the said Order. 7. This directive is given to usher in peace and tranquility at Doyang as such non compliance with the same shall be viewed as deliberate obstructions to the GPRN's Order on LOU and shall be seriously viewed and shall invite appropriate action.

God has gifted the people with the Project and it is one of the Prides of Nagaland in Electrical power generations and Fishes productions. However at this stage, the GPRN is compelled to correct the present negative factors/concepts which are hindering in the peaceful and smooth functioning of the Union and Dhep/Neepco thereby depriving the needy displaced people and sincerely appeal to all the individual Land Owners, Village Councils, the public in general of Zunheboto and Wokha Districts and Dhep/Neepco authorities for their kind co-operations to join hands in transforming the project into better place.

name was written to all the DDOs through their respective Treasury Officers. The matter was also given wide publicity through all the local medias. The list of DDOs was published on April 12,2013 issue of Eastern Mirror at page 2 as well as in the Nagaland Post with the instruction to DDOs to submit the corrected names and account numbers so that it can be rectified and incorporated in the GPF statement for the year 2013.The request for submission of corrected account number and names was again repeated through a press release which appeared on 9th May.2013 issue of Morung Express with the cut off date as 30 th. June 2013 .However, only a small percentage of DDOs replied with correct names and account numbers, It may be mentioned here that, that a huge amount of unposted GPF items lying in the databases has led this office being graded unfavourably by HQ Office. So, It has been the endeavour of this Office to minimize missing credit as far as possible ,even up to the extend of writing to all the DDOs by way of writing frequent letters and apThe name BK. Nerhu was wrongly put in place of LP. pealing through the press Singh in 'IS SHILLONG ACCORD A STUMBLING BLOCK media. It may also be menTO POLITICAL SOLUTION? that appeared in the Paper on tioned here that, Adjustment of missing credit is 7/10/2013. The error is deeply regretted. thepfulhouvi Solo being done every year sub-

ject to submission of proper documents along with supporting R-rolls. An amount of Rs.70,27,556/-(Rs. Seventy Lacs Twenty seven thousand five hundred and fifty six only) was adjusted as missing credits. Again, through a press release, which appeared in the 10th September.2013 issue of Morung Express. it was intimated that a special drive was initiated for adjustment of missing credit and that, all state government employees were encouraged to write citing their application numbers and account numbers. Entry of public inside the office was restricted after it was found the normal work was being hampered by constant inflow of visitors. However, a Public relation cell is set up at the reception counter and any inquiry on status of work can be obtained through it as sectional staffs are deployed there on rotation basis. This Office, as of today, has been sensitized on the plight of its stake holders and welcome constructive advice and comments to strengthen the delivery system but to criticize through the press without ascertaining the true facts creates more confusion and weakens and retards the system.

O. Mozamo Ngullie tatar/Pro, Kilo Affairs, & In-charge

Rejoinder to “Odour of Corruption”

The article “Odour of corruption” under the perspective column written by Khrietuonyu Noudi which appeared on 8th October, 2013 has attracted the attention of this Office. To issue an Annual GPF statement without any missing subscription has always been the aim of this Office. However, this has not been possible mainly, due to the following reasons.viz, 1.Reciept of incomplete vouchers from Treasury Offices. 2.Error in writing Names and GPF account numbers of employees by different department DDOs. 3.Forwarding of Vouchers without mentioning GPF account numbers and Names. 4.Error in classification of GPF deductions of Grade III and Grade IV employees. Annual GPF statement for the year ending 31st March 2013 was issued on 22nd July 2013. However,before initiating print on the statement, the status of amount kept in sus-

pense due to inability to post due to non-submission of vouchers, submission of erroneous names and account numbers and classification error was scrutinized and it was found that a total of 223 (two hundred twenty three only) DDOs .viz, a). 64 DDO s under Kohima North and South Treasuries b). 23 DDO s under Mokokchung Treasury. c). 33 DDO s under Dimapur Treasury. d). 13 DDOs under Phek Treasury. e). 14 DDOs under Wokha Treasury. f ). 18 DDOs under Zunheboto Treasury g). 14 DDOs under Mon Treasury. h). 22 DDOs under Tuensang Treasury. i). 10 DDOs under Peren Treasury. j). 12 DDOs under Kiphire Treasury had forwarded wrong account numbers and names of their own employees. In order to rectify the error, a letter appending the list of wrong account numbers and


Sd/Accounts Officer/PF Branch.

nukshijungla ao

Myth #1: Mental illness only affects a few people. Fact: Mental illness is “Mommy look there is a mad common. It affects people of man singing on the railway all ages, educational and inplatform” cited a very ex- come levels and cultures cited child to his mother. As Myth #2: People with I overheard this statement a mental illness should be I could not help but pity the kept in hospital. old man roaming about in Fact: With appropriate rags and dirt. treatment and support, peoThere are many of us ple with mental illness can like that child that makes live successfully in the commental illness, a burden, munity. In fact, the majorclothed with great stigma ity of people with a mental and discrimination even in illness live independently in a Christian state like Naga- the community. land. When an individual Myth #3: Mentally ill gets sick with any illness apart from mental illness s/ people have lower intellihe gets much attention; fam- gence and are poorer than ily members visiting them, the rest of the population. Fact: Absolutely not true. people showering them with much care, and so on. I Mental illness has no bias for am never against these prac- a particular intelligence level, tices however when it comes socioeconomic status, locato caring or looking after a tion, education, culture, relimentally affected person gion, or gender. It can strike even the family member re- anyone, anywhere. No one sents giving proper atten- is immune. It is true that untion or even fails to meet the treated mental illness can interrupt a person’s life path and basic needs of the person. Many people have the employment opportunities; misconception that if a per- that is why early assessment son exhibits odd, unaccept- and therapy are so important. able, bizarre behavior, then Myth #4: Bad parentthe person is under a demon- ing causes mental illness. ic possession. I often wonder Fact: I want to say again why people cannot come to that mental illness is a comthe realization that if an or- plicated condition that arisgan like the kidney, liver, or es from a combination of any organ of the body can get genetics, biology, and envisick, WHY NOT “the brain”?. ronment. Experts agree that The brain is known to be the many mental illnesses have thinking centre and the emo- an underlying medical contional seat for the human dition that is treatable with body. An individual develops medication, therapy, and mental illness when the level support. Families do play a of certain chemicals (called big role in helping with the as neurotransmitters) in the recovery process. brain are altered. Myth #5: People with a Every year on 10th of October, across the globe, mental illness are violent many hospitals, institu- and thus dangerous Fact: People with a mentions, colleges, and schools are observing world men- tal illness are no more viotal health day. The theme of lent or dangerous than the World Mental Health Day in rest of the population. Peo2013 is “Mental health and ple with a mental illness are older adults”. This initiative more likely to harm themis mainly for raising aware- selves – or to be harmed – ness on mental health issues than they are to hurt other and problems especially in people. regard to the older populaMyth #6: Mental illness tions in the society. is caused by a personal There is a crucial need weakness. for identification, treatment, Fact: A mental illness and referral of such cases is not a character flaw. It is and I believe is only possible caused by genetic, biological, only when certain myths social and environmental or doubts are cleared and factors. Seeking and acceptfacts thereby disseminat- ing help is a sign of strength. ed. I would therefore like to Myth #7: Electrical present certain facts against some myths, truths against shock therapy is like torsome wrong misconcep- ture. It is inhumane, outtions; when standing for the dated and completely inefrights of mentally ill patients. fective. It must be used for Lecturer, College of Nursing, CIHSR

punishing people rather than helping them. Fact: Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is very effective in helping certain kinds of depression that are unresponsive to other methods. During ECT, patients are asleep under the effects of anesthesia. Muscle relaxants are also given prior to treatment. When they awaken, patients have no recollection of the therapy as it is a painless procedure. Myth #8: Once you are diagnosed with a mental illness, you are mad for the rest of your life. Fact: If you have diabetes, are you unable to lead a normal life? Of course, not. With proper treatment and a healthy lifestyle, people with a physical disease such as diabetes live full, rich lives. Mental illnesses are also treatable conditions. With a thorough assessment, appropriate treatment, and support, people with a mental illness can – and do – lead happy, productive lives.

environment. Stress-filled jobs are incubators for triggering mental illnesses such as anxiety disorders and depression, and contributing to other health problems such as heart disease. Socially conscious employers support their employees by reducing workplace stressors and helping those who are recovering from a mental illness by hiring, or re-integrating them into the workplace. Conclusion: These myths and many more, alienate people with mental illness from the rest of society. By perpetuating them, we discriminate against those with mental illness, causing them to feel isolated and humiliated. If our society is to reduce the impact of these diseases on our communities, we need to know the facts and change our own behavior. Attitudes must change before behavior can change. Step back and become mindful of erroneous thoughts and opinions that perpetuate the myths around mental illness – and then correct them. You can make a difference in dismantling the stigma that exists today. To build your own awareness, ask yourself the questions below. Are you doing the following things to people with mental illness? • S – Stereotyping? • T – Trivializing or belittling their health challenges? • O – Offending someone with your attitude? • P – Patronizing people with mental health challenges because you unconsciously believe you are “better” than them?

Myth #9: All people get depressed as they grow older; it is part of the aging process. Fact: Let us be very clear about this myth – It is not true! Depression is not an inevitable part of aging. Neither is it normal for an older person to lose interest in activities that they used to enjoy; experience excessive sleep disturbances; or suffer from an inexplicable lack of energy. If an older person you know is showing any these signs, they may actually be depressed. Seek professional help to determine if depression or some other isFirst, be aware of your sue is behind these troubles. own thoughts and if they are Myth #10: People with inaccurate or discriminatoa mental illness cannot ry, correct them. Second, be aware of hold down a job. It is also unfair to the other employ- what others say about menees to be around someone tal health issues and take the who is mentally ill because opportunity to correct the they are afraid of upsetting myths. Don’t let misconcepthat person. This makes tions perpetuate stigma. Finally, be aware of public for a very stressful envisources that keep the stigmas ronment for everyone. Fact: The incidence of around mental health alive. people taking time off work The media, in particular, can due to mental illness is no be a breeding ground for fichigher than it is for people tion over fact – if you see or with any chronic disease hear something that is unsuch as diabetes. In fact, most true – call or write and conpeople are unaware that a structively help the source to co-worker has a mental ill- understand the truth. “Silence gives consent ness and no special arrangements need to be made. A to prejudice and discrimibigger concern for employ- nation. Don’t be part of the ers should be whether or not silent majority – use your the workplace is a stressful voice for change…”

Readers may please note that the contents of the articles, letters and opinions published do not reflect the outlook of this paper nor of the Editor in any form.



Simple Rules - There is just one simple rule: “Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box co ntains the digits 1 through 9.”

SUDOKU Game Number # 2673



Answer Number # 2672

DiMaPuR Civil Hospital:

STD CODE: 03862

Metro Hospital: Faith Hospital: Shamrock Hospital Zion Hospital: Police Control Room Police Traffic Control East Police Station West Police Station CIHSR (Referral Hospital) Dimapur hospital Apollo Hospital Info Centre: Railway: Indian Airlines Northeast Shuttles Chumukedima Fire Brigade Nikos Hospital and Research Centre Nagaland Multispecialty Health & Research Centre


Police Control Room: North Police Station: South Police Station: Fire Brigade: Naga Hospital: Oking Hospital: Bethel Nursing Home:

232224; Emergency229529, 229474 227930, 231081 233044, 228846 228254 231864, 230889 228400 232106 227607, 228400 232181 242555/ 242533 224041, 285117, 248011 230695/9402435652 131/228404 229366 22232 282777 232032, 231031 248302, 09856006026

STD CODE: 0370

Northeast Shuttles

100/2244279 2222222 2222111 2222952 2222916 2243339 2224202






















y R u C R E M O g E F E S E a P

B M R x g n i M a n S O M n J u


J i D a C K u D P T i a B a T n


E E V i a n O O R B E L t E R P

S S a O T u L P M S i O R u L S

R a a i n E D h T V E R Y a R a


K B y M S g u S g E E u n a L n

F E y T S J u C a S S E O P E a


R T a T P J u S T x T y C M S E

L R L y E E B P u S S S C E O n

L E E g E P D T i y T a O T n u


i x x a D L E a R T h E R h E T

J w x Z S O L P n E E P i O u P


E u R a n u S D g E u R O D g E

x F a n u g O V E n u S n Q h n


n g u F a h y g S w O R D g h R

1. Streets 6. Conspiracy 10. young cow 14. Everglades bird 15. Employ 16. Curved molding 17. Similar 18. Portent 19. Exploded star 20. absolution 22. Fuss 23. Fired a weapon 24. highest goals 26. Laugh 30. Card with one symbol 31. Knight’s title 32. god of love 33. Fizzy drink 35. anagram of “Smite” 39. Error 41. Explosive device 43. Terrace 44. Bygone era 46. a ball of yarn 47. Discontinuity 49. Record (abbrev.) 50. Distinctive flair 51. Order of business 54. Equipment 56. Close violently

57. you jump up and down on this 63. Cover with asphalt 64. Sharpen 65. Beauty parlor 66. Biblical garden 67. norse god 68. Make improvements 69. where a bird lives 70. Religious offshoot 71. genders

DOWN 1. Back 2. Leer at 3. Dry 4. apollo astronaut Slayton 5. Originates in 6. a copy of a paper 7. not excessive 8. Chocolate cookie 9. wimbledon sport 10. Meeting 11. ancient greek marketplace 12. Even 13. achievements 21. Stage 25. 10 cent coin 26. Rope fiber 27. Diva’s solo 28. Party thrower

29. Task 34. Concord 36. gangly 37. Bright thought 38. Stitched 40. Tailless amphibian 42. Summary 45. not artificial 48. Compassion 51. Type of poplar tree 52. Clearing 53. Roof overhangs 55. Thorny flowers 58. was a passenger 59. Disabled 60. holly 61. not a single one 62. Terminates

Ans to CrossWord 2684

CHUMUKEDIMA: 03862-282777/101 (O) 9436012949 (OC) WOKHA: 03860-242215 (O) 9402643782 MOKOKCHUNG: 0369-2226225/101 (O) 9856872011 (OC) PHEK: 03865-223838/101 (O) 9402003086 (OC)

MON: 03869-290629/101 (O) 9856248962/ 9612805461 (OC)

Toll free No. 1098 childline


DIMAPUR: 03862-232201/101 (O) 9436601225 (OC)

TUENSANG: 03861-220256/101 (O) 8974322879



KOHIMA: 0370-2222952/101 (O) 9436062098 (OC)

ZUNHEBOTO: 03867-220444/101 (O) 9856158740 (OC)




STD CODE: 0369

Police Station 1: Police Station 2 :

2226241 2226214

Civil Hospital: Woodland Nursing Home: Hotel Metsüpen (Tourist Lodge):

2226216 2226263 2226373/2229343

TAHAMzAM (formerly Senapati) STD CODE: 03871 Police Station: Fire Brigade

222246 222491


























For details & Test drive Contact: Urban Station, Near NSC Petrol Pump, 6th Mile Dimapur. Ph No : 240994 CuRREnCy ExChangE CuRREnCy nOTES BUY(Rs) SELL(Rs) US Dollars Sterling Pound Hong Kong Dollar

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62.05 99.76 8.02

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The Morung Express

Thursday 10 October 2013

First Sumi Bible Dictionary launched 1st Naga Kheti Mela

Dimapur, OctOber 9 (mexN): The long felt and the first comprehensive Sumi Bible Dictionary “Sumi Baibel Tsashe” will be released on October 13, 2013 by Rev. S Vitoshe Swu, ES, WSBAK during the Sumi Baptist Pastor’s Union Conference at Lumami village under Zunheboto district. This was informed in a press note received here. The note stated that the dictionary is written by Khezheto Achumi and Tovishe Achumi who are both serving the church as pastors in Dimapur town area. With an aim to enlighten the Sumi especially the non-English readers with Theological knowledge, the writers have attempted to include most important and Book cover of the first comprehensive Sumi Bible Dickey biblical terms, names, tionary “Sumi Baibel Tsashe”, which will be released definitions and so forth. on October 13.

Wokha Zone landowners resolve

Dimapur, OctOber 9 (mexN): The affected oil bearing block landowners Wokha Zone has resolved to urge upon the State Government to incorporate clause to operate all oil-bearing blocks under Wokha district. The landowners also resolved to facilitate interaction of landowners with the proposed oil company

State BJP appoints assignment

Dimapur, OctOber 9 (mexN): The Bharatiya Janata, Nagaland unit president Dr. M. Chuba Ao has appointed Thomas Magh as the State convener for NESAMPARK (Co-ordinator) Cell and State Executive member. He has to co-ordinate with all the other States in India through BJP NE SAMPARK Cell in case of any Naga working people or Students staying outside the State of Nagaland need moral assistance, guidance or being ill-treated by the main land people outside Nagaland. One can contact through the following numbers:9862300422 and 9436006681. Dr Ketholezo Surii is appointed as the State Medical Cell Convener with immediate effect from day of this publication and they are directed to form their respective team at the State & District level and to submit the list with proper address with telephone numbers to the head office within one month. Meanwhile, all district Presidents are requested to submit the membership books to head office along with the list of Mandal and local committee with contact number of the members, on submission only then Party Identity Cards will be issue. This was stated in a press release issued by BJP Nagaland general secretary and spokesman K. James Vizo.

before allotment of operation contract so that letter understanding is worked out for smooth functioning. It was resolved during the consultative meeting held on October 8 at Community Transformation Centre, Walford Dimapur, stated a press note appended by Elithung Odyuo and Francis Kikon. However, to facilitate

President Dimapur Bangali Samaj (DBS) K.K. Paul, Advocate and Secretary, Dimapur Bangali Samaj (DBS), Uttam Dey, in a press note on behalf of all the executive members of the samaj, extended their sincerest and heartiest greetings on the auspicious occasion of Durga Puja. “May this Shree Shree Sharadiya Durga Puja Utsav usher in friendship, prosperity, joy & fellow-feelings amongst one and all,” stated the note.

Tovihoto greets both Hindus & Muslims

Tovihoto Ayemi, Parliamentary Secretary IT & Communication, Science & Technology & Taxes Government of Nagaland in a press note has wished the Hindu community on the occasion of Durga Puja and

meDZiphema, OctOber 9 (mexN): The Naga Kheti Mela 2013, a first of its kind initiative in the state where the University, Research Centre and the State Government are coming together to create an effective way of technology transfer to the farming community. It is envisioned that through such interactions and linkages among the concerned stakeholders, the farmers will be benefitted and the overall agriculture scenario in the state will be enhanced. This was stated in a press note issued by Prof. Akali Sema, Organizing Secretary. The Naga Kheti Mela 2013 is jointly organized by the School of Agricultural Sciences & Rural Development, (SASRD) Nagaland University, Medziphema Campus in collaboration with Department of Agriculture, Government of Nagaland & ICAR, Research Complex for NEH Region, Nagaland Centre, from October 17 to 19, 2013 at SASRD, Medziphema campus, under the theme “Towards Sustainable Agriculture”. The programme will start from October 17 at

8:00 am with farmers’ registration, followed by inaugural program, then a visit to the exhibitions. After lunch various exhibitions/demonstrations will be carried out by the different departments of SASRD, NU, ICAR, State agriculture and allied departments ,CIH, KVKs, ATMA etc. There will also be a video show on modern agriculture technologies. On October 18 there will be a visit to various Institutions/ farms like CIH, Bio Control Lab, Bio Fertilizer Lab & ICAR, Nagaland Centre, Jarnapani in the morning hours. This will be followed by two parallel Farmers-Scientists interactive sessions under the theme “Sustainable Crop production” and “Livestock – A sustainable livelihood”. Post lunch, there will be a Farmers-Scientists interactive session on “Agricultural Schemes for Empowering Farmers”. Later in the evening, there will be cultural programme to be organised by the students of SASRD to showcase their variety of talents as well as to entertain the farmers with dramas and dances that will depict the rich agricultural related ac-

tivities. On October 19, there will be various method demonstrations in the farm of SASRD, NU for the farmers to learn practically. This demonstration will encompass the integration of all related departments for the focus crops of the state (Paddy & Banana) and important livestock of our state “piggery”. Then, it will be followed by a Valedictory function. The Mela is expecting to host farmers from all over Nagaland along with state government officials from 11 districts as well as other organizations working in the sector. Besides, any farmers of the state interested to witness the demonstration of agricultural technologies, interact with the Scientists, consult experts for various problems related to production and post harvest aspects, know about different schemes available to the farming community through various agencies, know more about various inputs in agriculture crop production are welcome to visit the Mela from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm everyday from October 17 to 19, 2013.

National Catholic Youth Convention underway JalaNDhar, OctOber 9 (mexN): A huge number of Catholic youths from across India are making their presence felt in the city of Jalandhar, Punjab for the ongoing IX National Youth Convention from October 8-12, 2013. Seven Catholic youth leaders from Nagaland, led by Nagaland Catholic Youth Movement (NCYM) President Teisovi Gerard Meyase and Youth Director Rev. Fr Sojan Xavier are also attending the convention, which is being organised by the India Catholic Youth Movement, CBCI Office for Youth, New Delhi. The opening of the Convention was marked by an inaugural Mass by His Eminence Telesphore P. Cardinal Toppo and several other Bishops and Arch Bishops. In his sermon, His Eminence Teles-

phore P. Cardinal Toppo, stressed on the theme of the convention ‘Transformed by Faith, Transforming the World’, where he said that, there are so many things happening around us and therefore youth of today should contribute to the world. Further quoting Pope Francis, “Let Jesus conquer your heart, go out proclaiming the word’, he said, proclamation is best heard when shown in our way of living. ‘It is Jesus who gathered us all here and we all need to look back at our life and try to move closer to Jesus. We should realise that ‘what Jesus is telling us’. Today, we call ‘India Shining’ where there are huge difference between rich and poor, high and low, clean and unclean, crime

He said that India is a country of different religion, culture, philosophy and in spite of these difference, Unity, Communal Harmony and peace should be our aim. Nature has given India maximum, he said but added, we are still poor and questioned who is responsible for the problem of un-

employment and increase in price? “Every citizen has responsibility but youths have more challenges to uplift our country”, he emphasized and meanwhile, appreciated and acknowledged the contributions made by the Catholic Church either in the field of education and health care which is immense and important in life. ‘Today, the Catholic missionaries have reached even many of the remotes villages of Punjab’, he also said while asking the church to pray for Peace, Harmony and Unity in Punjab. It may be mentioned here that the National Youth convention takes place every two years. The last NYC was held in North East RegionShillong which saw over 1 lakh participants.

ters away from the source of water such as open well/ head pump. Talking to media persons here after the general body meeting of the Board held here at Hotel Japfu, he also stated that the Board under section 5 of the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 had informed all wayside hotels along highway and state highways to maintain clean toilets for ladies and gents with septic tanks and not dispose directly to the streams. It also stated to maintain hygienic conditions with sufficient clean water and practice proper waste disposal methods.

meDZiphema, OctOber 9 (mexN): For providing better facility to the public and in accordance to the order of the Additional Deputy Commissioner Medziphema, taxi service from Medziphema to Chumukedima back and forth, will commence from October 10, 2013. All Nagaland Taxi Association Medziphema Unit, president Puvilie has informed that parking at Medziphema will be the existing site and at Chumukedima, it will be at 2nd NAP Gate, Shüya Complex.

Some of the Naga participants seen here with others at the national youth convention.

against women for all these we are all responsible’. The main Inaugural convention was graced by Punjab Chief Minister, Prakash Singh Badal along with host of Government dignitaries and officials and religious leaders. The chief guest in his speech, shared that this is a red letter day in his life.

NPCB issue directives to control pollution of water resources Our Correspondent Kohima|October 9

Nagaland Pollution Control Board (NPCB) chairman Amenba Yaden, MLA today stated that the Board in exercise of the powers and functions under the Water (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act, 1974, issued certain directions to control pollution of our water resources. The directives include that no industry which generates substantial effluents shall discharge the effluents directly into a drain/stream/river without being treated as per the guidelines of the Central Pollution Control Board, no


DBS greets

greater participation the members decided to hold another meeting on October 19 at 10:00 am at the same venue. All the members under Wokha zone are requested to attend the proposed meeting without fail. For further information contact Elithung Odyuo - 985615457 and Francis Kikon – 9612935952.

2013 to commence

Dusshera. “As the celebration signifies the victory of good over evil, I am hopeful that the days ahead bring good fortune and peace in our society and everybody prosper in their respective field,” he said. In the same note, he also wished the Muslim community of Dimapur and all over on the occasion of Eid-ul-Zuha. He stated, “As sacrifice is the essence of the occasion, I appeal all to celebrate with the thought that our selfless sacrifices can make our society better”. He also appealed to all communities, particularly in Dimapur to maintain communal harmony and brotherhood during the festive season and help others who come to our town during this period for shopping and other purposes, and added “I wish every individual irrespective of caste, community and tribe a very happy and memorable festive season ahead”.

NPCB chairman Amenba Yaden with member secretary Rusovil John at the press briefing.

person or business establishment shall discharge the fecal wastes directly into the drain/stream/ river but should do so into a septic tank with soak pit.

In case of dug pit latrine; it should be covered with soil after the pit is 80% filled, No person shall construct a pit latrine/septic tank/ soak pit less than 10 me-

Taxi service from Medziphema to Chumu

Biblical education prog “Super Heroes” held for children

encouraging the children to grow with spiritual background as they join in worship and in Sunday morning classes, summer Vacation Bible School, seasonal celebrations, training and much more. Vishiho Shohe, secretary, Christian Education Department WSBAK stated, with hands on Bible curriculum, the department endeavors for children to engage themselves through their senses using a variety of methods such as music, dramas, songs, dances,

crafts, stories, and Bible lessons that draw kids into Christian values of life and presence and helping them become more fully aware of the mystery of Almighty’s presence in their lives. The note also mentioned that Christian Education brings forth great benefits for children, for it develops security through their values and beliefs which molds their character at an early age which produces and guarantees a healthier mental and emotional life, more stability,


MEx FILE CSDD clarifies Dimapur, OctOber 9 (mexN): Apropos to the press release ‘CSDD elects new office bearers’ the Consumer Society Dimapur District (CSDD) has clarified that the present members of the society has been elected unconstitutionally as “no meeting nor any election in regard to the election of the new office bearer was held by the office of the CSDD.” The society advisor Vinito Chophy and president Hetoyi Yeptho in a rejoinder alleged that ‘the so called elected office bearer was constituted by one Tokheho Aye, former president CSDD.” Further, it also clarified that “no election for electing the new office bearers of CSDD for the tenure 2013-2016 has been held as per the provision of the constitution.

21 AR apprehends armed GPRN/NSCN Cadre in Zbto

ZuNhebOtO, OctOber 9 (mexN): Based on specific information, troops of 21 Assam Rifles carried out a search operation at BOC, Zunheboto Town and apprehended SS Private Hino Sema of GPRN/NSCN along with one 7.65mm pistol, two magazines and live rounds. The cadre is residence of Ghukiye vill, Zunheboto district and was further handed over to Zunheboto police station. This was informed in a press note received here.

NIIT Dimapur classes close from Oct 11 to 14

Dimapur, OctOber 9 (mexN): NIIT Dimapur center has informed that classes will remain suspended from October 11 to 14 on occasion of Durga Puja. Classes will resume from Tuesday, October 15. Meanwhile, Head of Center Imsurenla Imchen has also on behalf of the team NIIT Dimapur takes wish everybody a very happy puja, “May this puja bring peace & prosperity to every citizen of Nagaland.”

SSA launches RTE handbook

KOhima, OctOber 9 (Dipr): The department of School Education Nagaland Education Mission Society Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Nagaland, Kohima has informed in a press release that a Handbook on RTE has been compiled to educate people on the general provisions of the Act 2009 which will be made available at SSA schools. The SSA has launched the RTE Handbook with a view to sensitise the people.

SSUD seminar on Oct 11

Dimapur, OctOber 9 (mexN): Sangtam Students’ Union Dimapur (SSUD) is organising ‘one day cultural seminar cum career guidance’ on October 11, from 10:00 AM onwards, at Town Hall Dimapur, under the theme: “Follow the Guide, Tag a career, Like the Future”. SSUD has invites every Sangtam Students, parents and well-wishers to attend this programme.

3 Wokha VC pass resolutions

Dimapur, OctOber 9 (mexN): The Pangti Village Council, Asha Village Council, Sungro Village Council under Wokha district had an emergency joint meeting on August 15, 2013 at Community Hall Pangti and passed few resolutions. A press note received here stated that during the meet, it was resolved that shooting and trapping of Amur Falcon Bird is strictly prohibited within its jurisdiction. Also, anyone from within or outside caught shooting or trapping or any device will be imposed a fine of Rs. 5000. Adjourning/neighboring villagers are strictly prohibited from hunting within these three villages. It as also mentioned that violators of this order would be imposed a fine of Rs. 5000.

ANPDMRBAA executive meeting

KOhima, OctOber 9 (mexN): The All Nagaland Power Department Meter Reader & Bill Assistant Association informed all zonal president that an emergency executive meeting of the Association will be held on October 17 at the treasurer’s residence, located at New Minister’s Hill, above CM official residence, Kohima at 10:00 AM to discuss various agenda of the association. In this connection, president of each zonal have been requested to attend the said meeting and at the same time they have been asked to submit yearly membership fee (Up to date i.e 2013) without fail.

ANSTA Kohima Unit informs

Dimapur, OctOber 9 (mexN): The All Nagaland School Teachers Association (ANSTA) Kohima Unit has directed all Government School Teachers under its jurisdictions to pay the annual membership fee of Rs. 100 for 2010 and 2013 latest by October last week. A press note issued by Visato Koso, President ANSTA Kohima Unit stated that it has come to notice for the Association that many teachers are not cooperating with ANTSA in the form of not paying Annual membership fees which has violated Article-4 Clause 1 & 2 of the constitution of the Association. ANTSA president and Vice-President Kohima Unit informed all concerned teachers of Kohima Units that henceforth any problems/misunderstandings which may arise due to nonpayment of membership fee, the association shall not texted its cooperation to those defaulting school teachers. In this connection, the head of schools/sub units are requested to maintain the proper record of the teachers who are paying/not paying membership fee. For further information and clarification contact 0774008651/8014889277.

Food Business operators informed

Children participating in the two-day Biblical education programme “Super Heroes”.

Dimapur, OctOber 9 (mexN): “Super Heroes”, a Biblical education programme for children, organized by Christian Education Department of Western Sumi Baptist Churches Association (WSBAK) was held at Thilixu Baptist Church on October 8 to 9 with about 3500 children of classes one to five participating in the two-day event. A press note received here stated that the department has been instrumental in helping the children grow in the path of righteousness


and all the necessary tools to face their challenges in life in the most possible manner. During the two-day programme, children got to exhibit their talents through various activities based on Bible. Shikaho Yeptho, DGM Dimapur and Khutoli Shohe, SBA Diphupar exhorted the children while Khevili Aye, women leader, Lhomithi BA and Khetoni Shikhu shared the gospel. Henitoli Viyishe, child evangelist, WSBAK proposed vote of thanks.

Dimapur, OctOber 9 (mexN): The Commissioner of Food Safety, Government of Nagaland, Department of Health & Family Welfare had directed all the Food Business operators to obtain/convert the license under Second Schedule of Food Safety & Standard Act, 2006, to Food Safety License/registration on or before September 30, 2013. A press note issued by Dr. Avino Metha, CMO (Designated Office) Kohima stated that, however, there are still many Food Business Operators under Kohima district who have not compiled with the notification. Therefore, those Food Business Operators who have not obtained the Food Safety License/Registration should obtain it in or before October 31, 2013. The note also mentioned that failure to comply, the defaulters will be penalized under section 63 of the Food Safety & Standard Act, 2006.



The Power of Truth

The Morung Express THursDAy 10 OcTObEr 2013 vOl. vIII IssuE 278 by Aheli Moitra

Modern Crossroads



Adam Ramsay

The Scots and the Brits?


n a piece published in the New Republican, American writer Eve Fairbanks makes malls out to be a mix fruit cake that makes you forget political aspirations, and political process, while you consume it. This she observes while writing in an open air café situated in one of the many mushrooming malls of “Africa”—as though Africa is a mere concept. It is not. A mall, on the other hand, is. It symbolizes the modern economy of the third world. It is hounded by the middle class with its ability to consume (the rich buy their Valentino from a different mall). They are gargantuan structures with slippery floors that shine and have nothing to do with the world outside. There is no space for politics and dialogue in a mall—it is privately owned, privately policed and is for the private in you to bloom and blossom. If you have the money required to bloom and blossom, that is. In the start of this century, a mall in “posh” South Bombay opened up, then called Crossroads. Pretending to be its name, it was to bring the classes together in the marketplace—the poor labour with a child tucked on the side of her waist with the woman who calls this part of the body “love handles.” Everyone wanted to get in to see the miracle, and curiosity crossed all sorts of boundaries. And then, to contain the flux, the mall started charging Rs. 50 as entry fee, seeking to debar those who had no perfume or such detergent to wash off their day’s labour. Those who could not afford to buy anything at the mall, and disturbed the olfactory units of the uppers, need not enter its dreamscape. Discriminatory rules were eventually pulled back but the price of a cup of tea available at the mall could still not be afforded by those stubbed on the city’s roads by the rising number of Mercedes. Government policies continued to be made for the rich and upper middle classes, from traffic to foreign direct investment. Real life crossroads where classes meet as equals did not exist. The changing sense of aspiration of the State, along with its upwardly mobile, from common welfare to individual freedom did not escape the people. Many were still left with a roadside bed, with no escape to even their servile lives in the villages, with no land or water. Malls did not make common welfare less essential, but it remained missing. The attack on Mumbai’s Taj Mahal Hotel in 2008 was not devoid of this context. Nor was the violence peppered on Nairobi’s Westgate Mall in 2013. Pro rich policies are not absent in Nagaland’s action either. Dimapur has in place an absurd rule that criminalizes public transport from plying inner city limits from 10am-12pm, and 2pm-4pm. Nearly 15,000 autorikshas remain blocked, as do many more people making the saner choice of using public transport (alas, more out of poverty than ethics). More money and time spent for some, the same saved for others. Instead of making policies based on out-of-context urbanization, modernisation (with rooted inequity) and other such words of foreign import, which we are yet unsure of whether or why to spell with an ‘s’ or ‘z’, would it not be suitable to bring continuity to context through fresh ideas? Could the Dimapur district administration, for instance, not create outside city-centre parking provision for cars, and leave the inner city limit open only to non motor vehicles and jaywalkers during peak hours? It could provide the much-needed modern crossroads where everyone meets and sweats it out together without being forced to consume. For more ideas on equitable policies, write to

lEfT wiNg |

Kevin Fong

A Lesson in Compassion When Dr. Prabhjot Singh was attacked by a group of young men who believed he was a Muslim, he responded by advocating love and compassion


ast month, after dropping off his wife and infant son at home, Dr. Prabhjot Singh went for an evening walk with a friend near Central Park in New York City. Minutes later, he was attacked by a group of young men who grabbed his beard and beat him while yelling "terrorist!" "get him!" and "Osama!" The attack resulted in several lost teeth and a fractured jaw. At a press conference two days later, when asked what he might say to his perpetrators, Dr. Singh replied: Even more important to me than my attackers being caught is that they are taught. My tradition teaches me to value justice and accountability, and it also teaches me love, compassion and understanding. This incident, while unfortunate, can help initiate a conversation to create greater understanding within the community. Dr. Singh and his wife, Manmeet Kaur, are Sikhs, part of an independent religion founded 500 years ago in northern India. It is the fifth-largest religion in the world, with over 25 million adherents. Sikhism is based upon principles of service, social justice, freedom, and equality for all. Through my work with the Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund (SALDEF), and through my friendships and associations with Sikhs, my respect for this community continues to grow. Among the more prominent indicators of faith for Sikhs of both genders is the turban, which has resulted in many misperceptions. Two weeks ago, I attended a seminar at Stanford University titled "Turban Myths," which unveiled a study of the same name sponsored by SALDEF and researchers at Stanford University. The study indicated that: • 70 percent of Americans surveyed misidentified turbanwearers as Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or Shinto, when in fact, 99 percent all men in the U.S. who wear turbans are Sikh Americans. • Americans tend to associate turbans with Osama bin Laden, more so than with other named Muslim and Sikh individuals, and more than with no one in particular. • Misperceptions have led some to target Sikh Americans with hate-based crimes such as the Oak Creek, Wisconsin tragedy of August 5, 2012, when six Sikh Americans were killed at their temple. In the wake of Oak Creek and the attack on Dr. Singh, I have witnessed SALDEF, their affiliates, and the greater Sikh community embrace their crises with a clear message in alignment with their values of seva (selfless service), nimarta (respect and humility), sanghat (community), and most especially chardi kala (maintaining optimism and high spirits, even during times of adversity). They prayed for their perpetrators, seeking not revenge but compassion and awareness. They did not speak against Muslims, with whom they are mistakenly identified, but advocated for respect and understanding of all faiths. They did not surrender to rage in defense of their freedom of religion and expression, but welcomed questions about their faith. These are actions and values that are inherently Sikh. They are also inherently American. As pundits pummel us with headlines about appropriate responses to the crisis in Syria, the government shutdown, or the ongoing crises of violence in our own neighborhoods, I hope we can remember the examples of our Sikh friends, and their capacity to embrace a crisis. In commemoration of the first anniversary of the Oak Creek tragedy, the Sikh community called not for marches and demonstrations, but for a national day of service. Seventy-two hours after he was attacked, Dr. Prabhjot Singh returned to work in Harlem, serving his patients.


here was an Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman. The Irishman did something stupid, then the Celtic Tiger thing happened and we stopped making jokes about them. The Scotsman was stingy but these days is more notable for his diet. But what about the Englishman? Well, he's the one telling the joke. (The Welsh, of course, are mocked alone, while the Cornish, Manx and Channel Islanders face the ultimate school yard peril, and are ignored.) As a Scot in England as our referendum approaches, I have had questions about whether and how much the Scots hate the English. It seems it's not just me. Andrew Marr said recently “There is a very strong anti-English feeling (in Scotland), everybody knows it, there always has been”. I think he missed a more important point. I lived in Scotland the first 24 years of my life. In that time, I had, for reasons I will come to later, an accent most would describe as English. Yet I can only remember one occasion when someone who, on thinking I was English, reacted negatively. Speaking to my brother about this, who has the same accent and who lives in Dundee, he said the same. But he pointed out something else too. Earlier this summer, comedian Marcus Brigstocke did a series of jokes about the Scots. Apparently our bagpipes and obesity are still funny. I pick on Brigstocke because he is the sort of stand up who tends to avoid making punchlines from those less powerful than him. Among the English comedians more prone to mocking the weak (to steal a line from the great comedy commentator Stewart Lee) the joke about the (implicitly working class) Scots and our tartan rapped heroine dunked deep fried Mars Bars is more common these days than any laughter at the supposedly ill-educated Irish. I googled the names, for example, of the first three prominent English stand ups of this type who came to mind. I was able very quickly to find such jokes made by all of them. In fact these types of joke have become so predictable that Stewart Lee has a sketch in which he parodies the mocking of Scots by English stand up comics. Or, at least, that's what I think he's doing. The Scottish equivalent of Brigstocke or Lee is, I suppose, Armando Iannucci. So, as my brother asked me, here is the question: can you imagine him doing anti-English jokes (or parodies of anti-English jokes)? Of course not. Nor Billy Connolly, Rory Bremner, Fred MacAulay, Elaine C Smith, Susan Calman nor Janie Godley. Now, there certainly is an anti-English sentiment at some level in Scotland. It's just that it doesn't seem usually to take the form of widespread nastiness to English/English sounding people (though I'm sure this sometimes happens), or of regular jokes from comedians surfing the undercurrents of society. But I think form matters.


n Uttarakhand, the small Indian state in the Himalayan foothills where flash floods killed at least a thousand people in June this year and uprooted thousands of families, the story is told of a child who went every day to a helipad, believing his father would return when, in fact, the father died in the floods.There are many such stories, Ray Kancharla of Save the Children told IPS. Children are the most vulnerable when natural calamities strike. Children, women, the frail and infirm, and the elderly need special care and attention in disaster zones. Often they are unable to cope with the aftermath of a disaster, even if they have survived it, and might not be able to access search and rescue personnel, food aid, or relief material. Separation is a trauma peculiar to children. Search and rescue workers, because of the emergency nature of their work, tend to be hurried. Often they do not have the time to check how many members of a family or group are still missing. Only visible survivors are picked up and evacuated to scattered shelters. Reunification becomes the task of disaster managers and relief agencies. In January 2010, an earthquake struck Papua New Guinea, the small island state in the Pacific Ocean, and all the fatalities reported were helpless children because training in 'disaster risk reduction' had equipped adults with the knowledge that when the sea withdraws it heralds a deadly tsunami. "No adult died because adults knew that when the sea withdraws [from the shore], it portends the arrival of a tsunami, and all the adults fled to higher ground," said Aloysius Laukai of the New Dawn FM radio station. "The unfortunate casualties were all children," Laukai told IPS.

There is one exception to the comedian trend, and I think it casts a clear light on what the rule is. Frankie Boyle has a joke that goes like this: "In Scotland we have mixed feelings about global warming, because we will get to sit on the mountains and watch the English drown". The parameters are clearer when you consider the most common type of Scots anti-Englishness I can think of: Argentinian football memorabilia. Walk around any Scottish town during a world cup for which Scotland hasn't qualified (every one since 1998) and you will soon find that the dark blue of England's neighbour has faded to the light blue of their great rival. What does all this tell us? That Scots anti-Englishness is contentless. Scots will say that we support 'anyone but England'. But there is no English stereotype we pick on. Whilst American films have a clear set of oft represented English characters, Scots culture doesn't. Because that's not the point of it. Supporting 'anyone but England' is not a comment on them. It's a comment on us. Likewise, the punchline of Frankie Boyle's joke is not the drowning English, it's the heartless Scot. These laughs are part of the same national in-joke which includes see-you Jimmy hats, kilts without boxers and haggis hunts. It's about Scots accepting a parody version of ourselves and repeating it. Baudrillard would be proud. The anti-Scots sentiment among the English takes a very different form. For a start, there certainly are comedian stereotypes: Scots are pictured as heroinusing deep fat fryers, bedecked in a set of bizarre traditions of which we are sentimentally proud. We are Rab C Nesbits who dream of being Braveheart. As Stewart Lee astutely implies there is no female form. In many ways, the Scots represent an identifiable but distant version of the working class about whom middle class English comedians can make jokes without being seen to be snobs. But we mustn't ignore a nationalism that sits comfortably with classism. And there are other anti-Scots sentiments found in England. There is the bitterness you sometimes hear about Scots free public services. This found ridiculous form in Matt O'Connor's 2008 London Mayor broadcast, but is an opinion I have heard voiced more often - much more often - in the four years I've lived in England than any anti-English argument I heard in 24 years living in Scotland. And then there's the discrimination that comes from ignorance. Scots publisher Kevin Williamson describes how “If a writer is from Kenya, Canada, Italy, Belarus or Mexico City there is more chance of them getting a book deal, effective distribution, nomination for major awards, or national media reviews in England than there is for a new emerging voice from Scotland”. Lynsey Hanley, in an otherwise good piece on snobbery and regional accents, wrote: “I interviewed a young band from Dundee who believed that the best

way to show me how rough – how authentic – they were was to ensure that not a single word they said into my tape recorder was intelligible. I suppose their message to the kids was that they hadn't got one”. A little research would have shown Hanley that Dundonian Scots is a sufficiently different language from her native Brummie that it's no surprise they couldn't understand each other. Implying they're stupid is just cultural imperialism. But it's nothing new. It is important also to understand who the “English” the Scots are supposed to hate are. And in order to get our heads around this, I find it difficult to ignore a particular strand of history – one which entwines me. There is a reason, you see, why my family sounds like we are English. The Scottish land owning elite, of which my family have long been members, has been heavily, and intentionally, anglicised. At the school I went to – in Scotland – everyone spoke like me. It was founded by Gladstone to bring the English public school system to Scotland, and is, apart from its geography, English in every way, from the exam hall to the cricket wicket. The school was designed to build an imperial elite. Key to this was continuing the broad process of building Britishness examined by Linda Colley and the specific project of anglicising the Scottish aristocracy made explicit in the 1609 Statutes of Iona. If this is all new to you, think about the fact that George Osborne's family is Irish. When considering Anglo/Scots conflict, it's important to consider the attitude found among these anglicised Scots. It is perhaps best summarised with the fact that the ultimate insult at my school - 'Scoit' - was reserved for those who had a hint of a Scots accent, until it was bullied out of them. And this isn't just school children. Recently, I was told by an adult of this background that Scots are lazy. When referring to Scottish people, it is common for the class in which I grew up to talk about “them” rather than “us”. They are Scottish. We are British. Scotland's aristocracy appears from the outside to be English - and to be the most loudly anti-Scots of the English tribe. For this reason, it is very hard to disentangle English/Scottish sentiments from perhaps class antagonism. I don't think that when the angry football fan shouts about "English bastards" or equivalent, she or he is referring to Geordies or to Brummies. And this allows us to understand Scottish antiEnglishness and English anti-Scottishness much better. Because 'the English' whom we are told Scots hate are, in practice, a fusion/confusion of the Scottish aristocracy, the English middle and upper classes and perhaps much of the population of the South East. And this broad group are those who control, and patrol the boundaries of much of our culture. This has specific ramifications. This group gets to be the norm against whom everyone else is compared. And if you define what's normal, then no one will mock you for it, because comedy is about contrast. Let me give one example. In a country with equal power relations, no one would think they had an accent – everyone thinks the way they speak is normal. It's others who have accents. But I have lost count of the number of times people have told me that I am the one with no accent, whilst they have a regional accent. I speak 'BBC English', so I am 'normal'. They are something other than normal. People, almost always, are kind to strangers. I have rarely met vitriol on either side of the border, and the Scottish independence referendum has nothing to do with national animosity. But this doesn't mean that there isn't a power dynamic, played out every day, and best understood through the comedian's microphone and in the banter of football matches. In this imbalance, the White, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant speakers of BBC English are the norm. The Scots – in common with Northerners, Irish, Welsh, French, Jews, black people, and anyone who is 'different' are the punchline: the butt of both the jokes made by the English and of their own. Are the Scots anti-English? Are the English antiScots? No, not on the whole. But it's worth asking why we always talk about the former when there is far more evidence for the latter.

relief brings its own disasters Malini Shankar

Inter Press Service "Mapping of the frail, infirm and elderly is very important in any disasterprone area," Aapga Singh of HelpAge India, an NGO dedicated to the elderly, told IPS after the Uttarakhand flood disaster. "It would not only be helpful to rescue these people in an efficient manner during emergencies, but also in relief disbursal; vulnerable people are either left behind or get in last." There are instances of children being separated from their parents and families during every recent natural calamity. The December 2004 Asian tsunami saw a seven-year -old girl separated from her family for nearly eight years before she was reunited with them in Sumatra in Indonesia only in 2012. Even if public memory is short, trauma to the survivors can last a lifetime. Lessons learnt have to be documented in public domains to avoid recurrence of disasters in calamity-affected landscapes, say activists. Separations have been rampant after the Asian tsunami, the Kosi floods in Bihar in India (2008), Cyclone Aila in Bangladesh and India (2009), a super cyclone in Orissa, India (1999), floods in Assam in India (2012), and the Uttarakhand floods (2013). Trauma in children manifests itself

in ways such as "thumb sucking, bed wetting, clinging to parents, sleep disturbances, loss of appetite, fear of the dark, regression in behavior, and withdrawal from friends and routines," Murali Kunduru of Plan India, an NGO, told IPS. With loss of appetite manifesting in children suffering from separationinduced trauma, the significance of culture-sensitive food security assumes critical importance. Apart from the primary trauma of separation, and battle for survival against the power of calamities, women and children are particularly vulnerable to lack of water and sanitation. "Without adequate nutritious food, both children and adults lose immunity and become predisposed to water-borne infections and sicknesses like "diarrhea, cholera, typhoid, respiratory infections, skin and eye infections which are all likely to occur when water supply and sanitation services are disrupted during disasters," adds Kunduru. When nursing mothers are rendered homeless because of disasters, they need to be housed in shelters which have gender sensitivity and adequate privacy. Similarly shelters need


to conform to the needs of physically challenged persons - ramps for wheelchair-bound refugees have to be factored in during their construction. In the Uttarakhand floods, the tourist economy was hit so hard that people dependent on tourism for their livelihood migrated to larger cities and towns in the plains to seek employment. "Children's education is affected by disasters when adults migrate in search of livelihoods, often leaving adolescent boys in charge of families; young children, especially boys, drop out of school to earn a livelihood, disrupting their education resulting in lifelong impact," says Shekhar Ambati of Aide et Action. With women moving out of kitchens to supplement family incomes being earned by their young wards, children's nutrition suffers. "As part of our working paper on development-induced displacement we found that around 25% of children had to drop out of school. This is one of the risks to the population due to displacement," writes Dr K Hemalatha, a community worker, in a working paper on development-induced displacement, co-authored by Father Arun Anthony and Pitambari Joshalkar and published by Christ University, Bangalore. The study was funded by the International Federation of Catholic Universities. Often the lack of inclusivity rebounds on the vulnerable during disasters. Planning can go a long way in efficient disaster mitigation. Database management of population, knowledge of consumption patterns, standards of living and human development index have to go into planning to mitigate the effect of disasters, particularly on children and the vulnerable in calamity-prone areas, say activists.

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10 OctOber 2013


Film gives Indonesia view The dangers of North Korea fatigue of bloody, obscured past Joseph r deTrani

In this October 30, 1965 file photo, members of the Youth Wing of the Indonesian Communist Party (Pemuda Rakjat) are guarded by soldiers as they are taken by an open truck to prison in Jakarta after they were rounded up by the army following a crackdown on communists after an abortive coup d'etat against President Sukarno's government earlier in the month. A new American-directed documentary, "The Act of Killing," challenges widely held views about hundreds of thousands of deaths carried out across Indonesia from 1965 to 1966 in the name of fighting communism. It explores the country's darkest open secret by allowing former mass killers to re-enact their horrors on screen. (AP Photo/File)

Margie Mason


Associated Press

veryone in Bulumulyo village knew the mass grave was there, but no one dared to visit. Relatives of accused communists slaughtered there nearly a half-century ago thought it was safer to forget since the killers still lived among them. Some resented the dead for the stigma that continues to brand their families. Others believed what they were taught: That the deaths were justified to save the nation. A new American-directed documentary, "The Act of Killing," challenges widely held views about hundreds of thousands of deaths carried out across Indonesia from 1965 to 1966 in the name of fighting communism. It explores the country's darkest open secret by allowing former mass killers to re-enact their horrors on screen. Bulumulyo residents recently screened the film at the mass gravesite, and this week the producers made it available online across the country, slowly beginning a long-overdue conversation. "Most of the families of the victims are still frightened and traumatized because they lived under suppression and intimidation for three decades," said 73-year-old Supardi, who spent 14 years in prison camps before settling in the Central Java village with many other suspected communists. International film critics have hailed the award-winning production, calling it chilling and surreal. But most people in this Southeast Asian country of 240 million have never heard of it, even though it was shot entirely in Indonesia and in the local language. The film offers an unorthodox — and sometimes downright bizarre — window into the mass killings of suspected communists, Chinese and leftists committed by the army, paramilitary units and gangsters. The slayings were sanctioned by longtime military dictator and U.S. Cold War ally Suharto as he seized power from founding President Sukarno.


ittle Amelia Sloan is a pioneer: Shortly after her birth, scientists took drops of the healthy baby's blood to map her genetic code. Amelia is part of a large research project that is decoding the DNA of hundreds of infants. New parents soon can start signing up for smaller studies to explore if what's called genome sequencing — fully mapping someone's genes to look for health risks — should become a part of newborn care. It's full of ethical challenges. Should parents be told only about childhood threats? Or would they also want to learn if their babies carried a key gene for, say, breast cancer after they're grown? Could knowing about future risks alter how a family treats an otherwise healthy youngster? And how accurate is this technology — could it raise too many false alarms? This is the newest frontier in the genetic revolution: how early to peek into someone's DNA, and how to make use of this health forecast without causing needless worry. "This was something that was looming over the horizon," said Dr. Alan Guttmacher, a pediatrician and geneticist at the National Institutes of Health. Last month, NIH announced a $25 million, five-year pilot project in four cities — Boston, San Francisco, Chapel Hill, and Kansas City — to start answering some of the questions before the technology is widely offered for babies. Today, the 4 million U.S. babies born annually have a heel pricked in the hospital, providing a spot

"The Act of Killing" focuses on a group of low-level, aging gangsters in the North Sumatra capital of Medan who were part of the death squads. They have never been accused of any crimes and enjoy hero-like status while rubbing elbows with high-ranking officials. In an unsettling twist, these men take on the role of actors. They spackle their faces with thick, bloody makeup, ride horses like cowboys and dress in drag to perform dance numbers, all to play out their version of a Hollywood movie depicting their murderous past. "The Act of Killing" has received more than 1,000 underground screenings in Indonesia, and must-watch reviews in some of the nation's biggest newspapers, but it has not appeared in theaters because it was never submitted to the government film board. The creators were concerned the film would be banned, setting off violent protests or attacks against venues trying to show it. Instead, director Joshua Oppenheimer, Drafthouse Films and other partners took the unusual step of making the picture free online to everyone nationwide beginning Monday, the anniversary of the event that kickstarted the killings. The 159-minute version of the film was downloaded thousands of times the first day alone and is geo-blocked without subtitles to restrict the audience to Indonesia. "The film is an invitation for Indonesians to confront painful aspects of Indonesia's realities that, in fact, most Indonesians in some ways know about but may be too afraid to discuss," Oppenheimer said by phone from Finland. Relatively few Indonesians are even old enough to remember the purges. Half of the country is younger than 30. "I often thought when I was making the film with so much time passing that no one will care anymore," Oppenheimer said. "But I think, on the contrary, because so much time has passed, people are ready to open up to this conversation in the same way that maybe time had to pass in Germany before the Germans were ready to look at what happened dealing with what their parents had done in World War II."

of blood to be tested for signs of at least 30 rare diseases. This newborn screening catches several thousand affected babies each year in time for early treatment to prevent death, brain damage or other disabilities. It's considered one of the nation's most successful public health programs. A complete genetic blueprint would go well beyond what that newborn blood spot currently tells doctors and parents — allowing a search for potentially hundreds of other conditions, some that arise in childhood and some later, some preventable and some not. "If I truly believed that knowing one's genome was going to be transformative to medicine over the next decade or more, then wouldn't I want to start generating that information around the time of birth?" asked Dr. John Niederhuber, former director of the National Cancer Institute who now oversees one of the largest baby-sequencing research projects to date. At Niederhuber's Inova Translational Medicine Institute in Falls Church, Virginia, researchers are mapping the genomes of newborns, along with their parents and other relatives for comparison. The longterm goal of the privately funded study is to uncover genetic patterns that predict complex health problems, from prematurity to developmental disorders. But the experimental tests will turn up some gene mutations already well-known to cause serious ailments, and participating parents must choose upfront whether to be told. They don't get a full report card of their baby's genes. Only ones

Yet the topic also remains sensitive enough to keep Indonesians who worked on the film from listing their names in the credits for fear of retribution. The killings began after Suharto blamed the deaths of several high-ranking generals on an alleged coup attempt by members of the Indonesian Communist Party, known as PKI, on Sept. 30, 1965. The event's buildup was dramatized in Christopher Koch's novel "The Year of Living Dangerously" and its 1982 film adaptation, which was banned in Indonesia until 1999. Indonesia's mass killings were aided by the West — the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta handed over the names of thousands of suspected communists — when America was also battling the spread of communism in Vietnam. The deaths were downplayed outside Indonesia at the time and never drew the same level of international outrage as atrocities elsewhere, such as Cambodia's killing fields. The main figure in "The Act of Killing," Anwar Congo, demonstrates in one disturbing rooftop scene how he garroted victims with a wire to avoid making a mess that would later smell. Then he breaks into a little jig, singing and dancing the cha-cha in white pants and a bright green tropical shirt. Though the film captures moments of regret, Congo and his cohorts boast proudly of their past. "War crimes are defined by the winners," says Adi Zulkadry, one of the documentary's admitted killers. "I'm a winner. So I can make my own definition." Congo declined to talk to The Associated Press, saying without elaborating that many reporters had "cornered" him in the past. Suharto was overthrown 15 years ago after three decades of tight-fisted rule, and memories of the killings were quietly buried in a country still new to freedom of expression and democracy. But many of today's elite benefited from the previous era and continue to prosper from those connections — President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's late father-in-law played a major role in crushing the communists. For years after the purges, every Sept. 30, children were forced to watch a brutal propaganda film demonizing communists for massacring the nation's heroes. Even now, the official version of the 1965 coup attempt is memorialized: Flags are lowered to half-mast and the president presides over a ceremony. History textbooks teach a whitewashed account of patriotism where good overcomes evil. The film includes a recent clip from a local TV talk show in which a smiling female host enthusiastically introduces Congo, hailing him for developing a "new, more efficient system for exterminating communists." Last year, Indonesia's National Human Rights Commission released a report concluding that the mass killings constituted gross human rights violations. It was dismissed by the government, which refused to examine it further. "I think it's too late for justice: The main perpetrators are all dead. What is important now is the truth," John Roosa, an expert on the 1965 atrocities at the University of British Columbia, said in an email. "The state has all along not wanted public discussions about the killings: it has only wanted to condemn the PKI. ... It has pretended like they never occurred." But the film has put cracks in the silence that has always supported this notion. After watching it in Bulumulyo village with some of the known killers, survivors and family members cleaned the mass grave and began offering prayers for the dead. A sign that some Indonesians are ready to start talking about the country's best-known secret.

ethical issues as scientists peek into baby genes Lauran Neergaard AP Medical Writer

In this photo taken on September 24, 2013, Holly Sloan interacts with her baby Amelia at their home in Warrenton, Va. Amelia’s family enrolled in a study that is deciding the DNA of babies, as researchers explore whether gene-mapping one day should become a part of newborn care. (AP Photo/Molly Riley)

that cause treatable or preventable conditions — so-called medically actionable findings — are revealed, to the family's doctor. That means in

addition to pediatric diseases, parents also could learn whether a baby carries a particular breast-cancercausing gene, information useful


Asiatimes Online

t has been 20 years of negotiations with North Korea and all we have is a worse situation. Those who follow events with North Korea and those responsible for resolving issues with North Korea are fatigued and frustrated. Those moments when you thought you accomplished something, like the Agreed Framework in 1994 and the September 19, 2005 Joint Statement, were fleeting. With that fatigue and frustration comes a sense that resolving issues with North Korea has been too frustrating and has taken too much of our time. This sentiment is understandable and technically correct. In reality, however, it's wrong. It's wrong because there are 23 million people in North Korea who deserve a better life. It's wrong because a North Korea with nuclear weapons is a security threat to Northeast Asia, the US and the international community. And the only way to address these humanitarian and national security issues is to expeditiously resolve the core issue with North Korea - their nuclear programs. In the mid-to-late 1990s, there was significant starvation in North Korea. Currently, there are reports of food shortages in the provinces, with significant malnourishment and cases of starvation. Militarily, North Korea reportedly is building more nuclear weapons, with the reconstitution of their plutonium reactor in Yongbyon. Their uranium enrichment program for nuclear weapons reportedly continues, with centrifuges spinning in Yongbyon and in other facilities. North Korea is expected to launch their intermediate range Musudan missile, with a range of 4,000 kilometers, and their mobile KN-08 intercontinental ballistic missile. Pyongyang previously had declared that they are working on miniaturization of their nuclear weapons, which would enhance their ability to eventually mate these nuclear warheads to missile delivery systems. The nuclear proliferation threat from North Korea is also real. We witnessed this in Syria at Alkabar, where North Korea was assisting Damascus with the construction of a plutonium reactor. Fortunately, this reactor was destroyed by Israel in September 2007, just prior to going operational. When Kim Jong-eun replaced his father, Kim Jong-il, who died in December 2011, there was hope. The new young leader replaced many of his father's senior military advisors. He appointed a younger generation of military and party leaders and put a senior party official, Vice Marshall Choi Ryong-hae, in charge of the Korean People's Army (KPA), as the new Director of the KPA's General Political Department. Hope faded, however, when North Korea launched missiles in April and December 2012, in violation of UN Security Council resolutions, and then conducted a nuclear test in February 2013. Vitriolic commentary from Pyongyang followed, with threats of a preemptive nuclear attack on the US and South Korea. Fortunately, these threats have ceased and Pyongyang appears to be on a peace offensive, especially with South Korea. The Kaesong Industrial complex recently was re-opened, with the establishment of a joint North-South committee to oversee activities at Kaesong, while determined to internationalize Kaesong and open it up to international investment. The initial agreement to permit family reunions between separated families in the North and South was, unfortunately, cancelled by Pyongyang, as was the visit of ambassador Bob King to Pyongyang to discuss the release of Kenneth Bae, an American sentenced to 15 years of hard labor. Hopefully, North Korea will permit these family reunions and release Kenneth Bae and see the value in improving relations with the new leadership in South Korea. North Korea recently said they wanted to return to six-party talks. They said they were prepared to discuss denuclearization and other issues. Understandably, there's skepticism about resuming talks with North Korea; talks over 20 years that have been frustrating and useless. There's concern that with the resumption of talks, North Korea will continue to enhance its nuclear and missile capabilities and push to be accepted as a nuclear weapons state. According to media reports, there's no interest in returning to six-party negotiations with North Korea. I believe there would be interest in returning to negotiations with North Korea if Pyongyang stated that they were prepared to implement the September 19, 2005 Joint Statement. That in return for security assurances, economic assistance and the eventual provision of light water reactors, when they return to the NPT as a non-nuclear weapons state, and ultimately establish normal relations with the US and other countries, North Korea was prepared to comprehensively and verifiably dismantle all of their plutonium and uranium enrichment nuclear weapons programs and that they were prepared to immediately cease all missile launches and nuclear tests as they engage in six-party negotiations. The leadership in North Korea has the power and opportunity to reverse the downward spiral of relations with the international community and return to meaningful negotiations. Joseph R DeTrani, president of the Intelligence and National Security Alliance, a nonprofit organization, was the Special Envoy for Six Party Talks with North Korea from 2003-2006. He was the ODNI North Korea Mission Manager from 2006-2010 and until January 2012, Director of the National Counterproliferation Center.

once she reaches young adulthood. Nurse Holly Sloan was eager to enroll daughter Amelia, although she thought hard about how she'd handle any bad news. "If it was something that we could hopefully prevent through diet or exercise or some kind of lifestyle change, we could start with that as early as possible," said Sloan. "I guess I'm just the type of person, I would rather know and address it." Five months after Amelia's birth, she hasn't gotten any worrisome results. Until now, genome sequencing has been used mostly in research involving curious adults or to help diagnose children or families plagued by mysterious illnesses. But many specialists say it's almost inevitable that DNA mapping eventually will be used for healthy young children, too, maybe as an addition to traditional newborn screening for at least some tots. It takes a few drops of blood or a cheek swab. And while it's still too costly for routine use, the price is dropping rapidly. Whole genome sequencing is expected to soon come down to $1,000, what it now costs for a more targeted "exome" sequencing that maps only certain genes and may be enough. The NIH decided this was a window of opportunity to explore different ways this technology might be used. One of the four teams — at Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City — will test rapid gene-mapping to speed diagnosis of sick babies in intensive care. Another will look for narrow sets of genes important in childhood, such as those involved with

immune disorders not detected by today's newborn screening or that alter how a child processes medication. "It's not going to be some sort of fishing expedition throughout the genome," said Dr. Robert Nussbaum of the University of California, San Francisco. The two other projects — at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston and the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill — will go a step further by enrolling healthy infants as they explore what kind of information parents want about their babies' future. "We aren't even sure that genome-scale sequencing in newborns is really a good idea," cautioned UNC lead researcher Dr. Jonathan Berg in a recent Facebook chat to alert the community about the study. Rather than a one-time mapping, it's possible that "we will use targeted sequencing at certain times in a person's life, when that specific information will actually be medically useful." For those pioneering babies whose DNA is being mapped already, researchers are "trying to figure out what is legal, versus ethical, versus good medicine" in revealing results, said Joe Vockley, Inova Translational Medicine Institute's chief science officer. Mom and dad may be told something their child, once grown, wishes hadn't been revealed. Other findings may be withheld now that would be good to know years later, as new treatments are developed. "This is a living, breathing problem," Vockley said, "not a static decision that's made, and it lasts for all time."

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Politicians never die in riots: Rahul Gandhi

AligArh/rAmpur, OctOber 9 (AgeNcieS) : Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday said that political forces in Uttar Pradesh are dividing Hindus and Muslims for electoral gains. Addressing a rally in Rampur, Rahul said the common man does not want riots and wants to live peacefully but there are forces that want to divide them on basis of religion and caste. “Politicians never die in riots, it is the poor who face the brunt,” Rahul said. “We fight for the people of the country, for the poor of the country, we fight for their rights,” he added. Pointing out the mega welfare schemes of rolled out by the UPA government like the right to employment, right to food and right to education, Rahul said Congress will continue to work for the common man of the country. “Opposition tried to stop food security bill in Parliament. Sonia ji, Manmohan ji fought for it. And

the poor will benefit from it,” he said. “Now, no one will be hungry in India. There will no mother or father who will worry that their child’s stomach is empty,” he said. “But Samajwadi Party doesn’t want it to implement Food Security in Uttar Pradesh, they say that it will be implemented after 2014 polls, they may be thinking that the Congress will gain if its implemented now,” he said. “Opposition asks us what we have one in the past 10 years, they don’t understand the problems of the poor. Is there a bigger problem than hunger? We gave food security. They talk of growth rates – India progressed fastest during UPA rule, the aam admi has been benefited the most during UPA rule,” Rahul said. Earlier, Rahul addressed a similar rally in Aligarh. Rahul Gandhi said the people of the state are being divided on religion and caste lines by political forces to win elections. Addressing a well attended


The Morung Express

rally in Aligarh, Rahul said, “In Muzaffarnagar, I spoke to both Hindus & Muslims. They said there is no enmity between them, it’s all done by political forces.” “Has anybody gained from the Muzaffarnagar riots, did anybody then ask who is a Hindu and who is a Muslim?” he said. “People are being set against each other for political mileage. Political forces here know that they can’t win unless there is a clash between Hindus and Muslims,” he added. Rahul said that history of India has shown that that we all stand united, that is why the country is progressing ahead, and stressed that the Congress believes in the politics of development. “Only Congress party can change Uttar Pradesh,” Rahul said. Rahul will be addressing another rally in Rampur later in the day. Commenting on the rallies, Samajwadi Party leader Naresh Agarwal said the people of Uttar Pradesh would Indian women watch from the window of their house as rescue workers clean up the debris of a collapsed building in New Delhi on Oct. 9. The threenever believe Rahul Gandhi story home that collapsed in India’s capital was located in a crowded residential area of northern New Delhi, where narrow roads made rescue and or the Congress party. cleanup efforts difficult. Two people are reported dead. At least two people were killed in the collapse, according to local sources. (AP Photo)

Talks fail; APNGOs stir to continue

hyDerAbAD, OctOber 9 (pti): Talks between Andhra Pradesh government and striking Non-Gazetted Officers Association, to end the ongoing indefinite strike by government employees failed. The APNGOs association vowed to continue agitation against proposed bifurcation of the state even as Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy sought to assure them that he would not let the state be divided as long as he remained the chief minister. Mr. Reddy held talks for over three hours with the APNGOs association leaders at the state Secretariat here this afternoon to end the impasse, caused due to the indefinite strike by government employees in coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema regions, launched on August 12 in protest against the proposed bifurcation of the state. “The Chief Minister requested us to call off the strike to avoid inconvenience to the people. He assured us that he would not let the state be divided as long as he remained the Chief Minister. But we told him that the strike will continue till a specific assurance was given on the bifurcation issue,” NGOs Association leader U. Murali Krishna told reporters after the meeting. The NGOs association said it would discuss the government’s proposal with its general body and take a decision on ending the strike. “We will get back to the Cabinet Sub-Committee in a day or two after discussing the issue with our gen-

eral body,” Mr. Murali Krishna added. The chief minister requested the employees to bear in the mind the cyclone threat to the coastal region and withdraw the strike to meet any emergency. The NGOs Association, however, assured the chief minister that employees of revenue, panchayat raj and other departments

concerned would take part in relief and rescue operations in case of cyclone despite being on strike, its president P. Ashok Babu said. The Association requested the chief minister to lead a delegation of employees to New Delhi to present their concerns to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and others over the proposed bifurcation of the state.

Meanwhile, several parts of Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema continued to reel under power crisis as the electricity employees continued their strike in protest against the division of Andhra Pradesh. The power generation remained crippled at the major power stations including Vijayawada thermal power station and the Rayalaseema thermal pow-

New Delhi, OctOber 9 (pti): Ending speculations over future of their partnership, Bharti Enterprises and WalMart Stores, Inc. said on Wednesday they are going separate ways for operations in the Indian retail sector. Subsequently, the US retail major will buy out the Indian partner from their 50:50 wholesale cash and carry joint venture — Bharti Walmart, for an undisclosed sum. In a joint statement, the companies said they have reached an agreement to independently own and operate separate business formats in India and discontinue their franchise agreement in the retail business. The agreement is subject to finalisation of definitive agreements and receipt of the requisite regulatory approvals, it said. “Upon receipt of required clearances, WalMart would acquire Bharti’s stake in Bharti Walmart Pvt Ltd, a joint venture between Bharti and WalMart, giving Wal-Mart 100

per cent ownership of the Best Price Modern Wholesale cash and carry business,” it said. Commenting on the development Bharti Enterprises vice-chairman and MD Rajan Bharti Mittal said: “Bharti is committed to building a world-class retail venture and will continue to invest in Bharti Retail across all formats. We believe that with our current footprint of 212 stores, we have a strong platform to significantly grow the business and delight customers.” As part of the proposed transactions, Bharti will acquire the $100 million worth Compulsory Convertible Debentures (CCDs) held by Wal-Mart in Cedar Support Services, a company owned and controlled by Bharti. Bharti Retail will continue to operate ‘easyday’ retail stores across all formats and invest in and grow the business. The investment in Cedar by Wal-Mart is being investigated by the Enforcement Directorate following allegations of vi-

olations of norms. Wal-Mart on the other hand plans to continue to grow this business while working with the government and interested stakeholders to create conditions that enable foreign direct investment in multibrand retail. “Given the circumstances, our decision to operate independently will be beneficial to both parties,” Wal-Mart Asia president and CEO Scott Price said. Wal-Mart is committed to businesses that serve members and provide good returns for our shareholders, and will continue to advocate for investment conditions that allow FDI multi-brand retail in India, he added. “Through WalMart’s investment in India, including our cash and carry business, supply chain infrastructure, direct farm programme and supplier development, we want to serve India and its people, and continue to make important social and environmental contributions to the country,” Price said.

October 10 is World Sight Day

First meeting of GoM on Telangana headed by Shinde on Friday

An Indian state government employee and supporter of “United Andhra Pradesh” shouts slogans during a hunger strike at the Andhra Pradesh Secretariat in Hyderabad on Oct. 8. Widespread power outages paralyzed life across the state after workers at state-run and private power companies were shut by utility employees opposed to the federal government’s decision to carve out a new state of Telangana comprising 10 districts of Andhra Pradesh. (AP Photo)

New Delhi, OctOber 9 (tNN): The reconstituted Group of Ministers (GoM) looking into bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh will hold its maiden meeting on Friday. To be chaired by Union home minister Sushilkumar Shinde, the GoM has not been set any deadline, as against the six-week timeframe envisaged earlier. The GoM meets here even as protests in Seemandhra have led to a virtual shutdown of the region, with the indefinite strike by power utilities employees causing major power outages. The government had on Tuesday reorganized the GoM, cutting its strength from 10 to seven ministers. The members now include home minister Sushil Kumar Shinde, defence minister A K Antony, finance minister P Chidambaram, health minister Ghulam Nabi Azad, petroleum minister Veerappa Moily and rural development minister Jairam Ramesh, while minister of state for personnel V Narayanasamy shall be a special invitee. HRD minister M M Pallam Raju, who hails from Seemandhra and had resigned in protest against the government’s decision to split Andhra Pradesh, was excluded from the GoM. Antony, who headed a Congress panel set up to address the concerns of Seemandhra MPs and MLAs arising out of the bifurcation, is a new en-

trant to the GoM. As per the terms of reference of the GoM released earlier, the panel was to comprise the ministers for home, finance, law, HRD, water resources, urban development, road transport and highways, power and personnel, apart from deputy chairman of the Planning Commission. The terms of reference of the GoM remain unchanged. The GoM will determine the boundaries of the new state of Telangana and residuary state of Andhra Pradesh with reference to the electoral constituencies; look into legal and administrative measures required for smooth functioning of Hyderabad as common capital for 10 years; take into account legal, financial and administrative measures needed for transition to a new capital for the residuary state; and study the special needs of backward regions for both the states and suggest measures. Examining law and order issues so as to ensure peace and harmony in all regions; water-sharing matters; power generation, transmission and distribution between the two states; issue arising out of distribution of assets and liabilities; and distribution of employees in the subordinate and all India services will be the GoM’s responsibility.

er station. Prolonged power cuts continued in the Seemandhra regions and even cities like Visakhapatnam and Vijayawada were no exception as the indefinite strike of the electricity employees entered the fourth day on Wednesday.

ment is planning to rope in NTPC and Power Grid Corporation to provide electricity to Andhra Pradesh. “We are doing something. NTPC and PowerGrid will provide electricity to Andhra Pradesh,” Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde told reporters here when asked about govGovt to rope ernment’s plan to restore in NTPC, PowerGrid electricity in Seemandhra Meanwhile, govern- region in Andhra Pradesh.

Politicians should draw lessons from Lalu’s conviction: Mamata

KOlKAtA, OctOber 9 (pti): The sentencing to five years rigorous imprisonment of RJD chief Lalu Prasad in a fodder scam case was made a point by West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to urge politicians to draw a lesson. “Lalu Prasad was convicted in a fodder scam case. From this incident I will urge all politicians to take a lesson,” Banerjee commented in an article in the puja number of Bengali weekly magazine ‘Ma, Mati, Manush’. “Why should there be so much greed? Be one a politician or anyone else, how much money is required to run a family?” she queried. She said “unless one

indulges in a life of luxury there is no need to resort to corruption.” She said that not only politicians, but everyone should avoid temptation and greed. Touching on the Saradha scam, Banerjee who had on September 30 handed out compensation cheques to 929 duped small investors, urged them not to keep money in ponzi schemes. Urging people to save money in government schemes, she said that 1,04,000 depositors would be paid compensation by October 10. Four to five lakh more more small investors would get compensation during Diwali in November, she added.

New Delhi, OctOber 9 (iANS): Amnesty International Wednesday urged Indian authorities to commute all death sentences to life imprisonment and impose a moratorium on executions. The Amnesty appeal came a day ahead of the World Day Against Death Penalty Thursday. Amnesty said at least 23 people in India were at risk of execution. The cases of 18 people on death row, at risk of imminent execution and seeking commutation of their death sentences on grounds including delay in the disposal of their mercy petitions, are scheduled to be heard together by the Supreme Court starting Oct 22. Another five prisoners, most of whose mercy petitions have been rejected, are also on death row. Amnesty said the use

of the death penalty in India had been repeatedly acknowledged by Indian courts to be arbitrary, inconsistent, biased and flawed. “There is no convincing evidence that capital punishment has a unique deterrent effect on crime, and its use puts India in a minority of countries that continue to execute. “Amnesty International opposes the death penalty in all cases without exception, regardless of the nature or circumstances of the crime; guilt, innocence or other characteristics of the individual; or the method used by the state to carry out the execution. “The death penalty violates the right to life, as proclaimed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It is the ultimate cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment.”

Amnesty urges India to commute death sentences

Wal-Mart & Bharti announce end of India JV Smoking can cause progressive vision loss New Delhi, OctOber 9 (iANS): The hazards of smoking are well known. But what is not so well known is that smoking can also be a reason for vision loss in people at or above the age of 50 years due to what is called Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD). AMD is an eye condition that leads to the deterioration of the centre of the retina, called the macula. It has emerged as the leading cause of vision loss in people. “People who smoke, those suffering from cardiac diseases, excessive exposure to ultraviolet light and the fair skinned people are at a higher risk of acquiring AMD,” Deependra V. Singh, director of eye-care centre Eye Q Retina, told IANS. “As there are no specific preventive measures, we advise people to quit smoking, protect the eyes from ultraviolet light and control their cholesterol,” Deependra Singh said. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), AMD is the

third largest cause of vision loss worldwide. It first leads to vision distortion and, if not treated well, can cause permanent vision loss. In this disease, the photo receptor cell of the retina is killed by waste products, and tiny spots called “Drusen” are developed, which then leads to blurring of vision. This is the dry AMD, one type of AMD. “The most severe is the wet AMD in which a neo-vascular membrane behind or in the retina grows progressively and destroys the central retina. It is not a cancer but behaves like one and the

wet AMD, if not treated on time, can cause permanent blindness,” Deependra Singh said. The symptoms of dry AMD are difficulty in fine reading and the central portion of the image becoming invisible, while for wet AMD the image starts getting distorted. Patients suffering from it see straight line as a curve. “The treatment for the AMD is injecting a special drug in the eye, which has to be taken in multipe rounds, like in cancer treatment. In severe cases a combination of laser treatment and injection is given,” Sanjay Dhawan, director,

ophthamology, Fortis Memorial Institute told IANS. The injection to treat AMD costs about Rs. 20,000 to 25,000; so doctors feel that the treatment of the disease is still very expensive. “Once the vision is lost it cannot be retrieved back; so for whatever has been left behind the patients are given low vision aids that are equipped with magnifying glasses to make reading easier,” added Dhawan. Though not a new disease, cases of AMD have been on the rise. “With lifespan of human beings increasing, the detection rate has been increasing. However changing lifestyle and food habits can also be attributed as one of the cause,” Kingshukh Biswas, ophthamologist at Columbia Asia, told IANS. Thus doctors advise people nearing the age of 50 years to take Vitamin A rich food like fish and green vegetables. “Once a person nears the age of 50 years he should also undergo regular retina screening and use Amsler Grid. It is a chart which are given to patients to monitor or check any kind of distortion,” Biswas added.


The Morung Express

Thursday 10 October 2013



World cheers Malala, but Pakistanis ambivalent ‘I don't deserve Nobel yet’

MINGORA, OctObeR 9 (AP): One year after a Taliban bullet tried to silence Malala Yousufzai's demand for girls' education, she has published a book and is a contender for the Nobel Peace Prize. But the militants threaten to kill her should she dare return home to Pakistan, and the principal at her old school says that as Malala's fame has grown, so has fear in her classrooms. Although Malala remains in Britain and her assailant is still at large, police say the case is closed. And many Pakistanis publicly wonder whether the shooting was staged to create a hero for the West to embrace. Shortly after the attack, Pakistani schoolchildren filled the streets carrying placards with the words: "I am Malala." A year later, a popular refrain is, "Why Malala?" In Pakistan's Swat Valley, the giant sign that once identified Malala's school is gone. Rickshaws rumble to a stop as girls, their heads covered and faces obscured, scramble out and dash into the building. The school made no plans to recognize the anniversary. Teachers and students are afraid. Even a giant poster of Malala that once emblazoned the wall of the assembly hall has been removed. Children scrambled to hide from the camera and the school principal, Selma Naz, spoke quickly and in hushed tones. "We have had threats, there are so many problems. It is much more dangerous for us after Malala's shooting and all the attention that she is getting," said Naz. "The Taliban are very dangerous. They have gone from Swat, but still they have a presence here. It is hidden, but it is here. We all have fear in our hearts." An armed commando

now stands guard outside the school's massive black steel front door. On Oct. 9, 2012, Malala left the school through that same door, laughing with her friends as they climbed into the back of a small pick-up truck used to transport the children. They laughed and talked as the truck rumbled over roads lined with pot holes. The driver jockeyed for space on a narrow bridge that crossed a garbagestrewn stream. Suddenly a masked man with a gun stopped the truck beside a dusty, open field. A second masked man jumped into the back with a pistol. "Who is Malala?" he shouted. No one said anything but automatically their heads turned toward Malala. He raised his pistol and fired and fired again. One bullet hit Malala on the top of the head. Two other students, Shazia Ramazan and Kainat Riaz, were also hit, but their wounds were not serious. Malala was transferred to a military hospital near Islamabad, the Pakistani capital. Her head swelled dangerously. Doctors performed emergency surgery. Her father, Ziauddin, certain that his daughter would not survive the night, sent a message to his brother-in-law in Swat to prepare a coffin and a vehicle to take her body back. Malala woke up a week later at a hospital in Birmingham, England, where she was taken for specialist treatment. She gradually regained her sight and her voice and was reunited with her parents. But the many awards that have since been bestowed on Malala, including a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize, which is to be announced on Friday, have stirred anti-Western sentiments in Pakistan, where a

brutal insurgency has killed thousands of civilians and more than 4,000 soldiers. Frustrated by the relentless demands by the West "to do more," many Pakistanis see Malala's international acclaim as a Western drama played out to heap more criticism on their country. Last December, students at a school in the Swat Valley protested a government decision to rename it the Malala Yousufzai Girls College. Eventually Malala's name was removed and the school returned to its original name. Malala's battle for girls'

education began when she was barely 11 years old and at a time when the Taliban roamed freely throughout the valley, blowing up schools, beheading security forces and leaving their dismembered bodies in the town square. "It was a very, very hard time. Malala spoke out on TV and in newspapers. She was threatened, her father was threatened," said Ahmed Shah, a family friend and educator, whose battle for girls' education has also brought death threats from the Taliban. He said the Pakistan government was the

LONDON, OctObeR 9 (AP): Britain's new domestic spy chief warned Tuesday that leaks exposing how the government keeps secrets will play into the hands of terrorists and curtail powers to fight terrorism —an allusion to the mass data collection program exposed by U.S. National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden. Citing the deadly mall attack in Kenya and the ongoing Syrian conflict, MI5's Director General Andrew Parker also said terrorism had become more diffuse and more unpredictable. He said terrorists were also turning to technological advancements such as encryption to hide their tracks. "Threats are diversifying, but not diminishing," Parker told the Royal United Services Institute in his first public speech. "The Internet, technology and big data are transforming our society. ... We can't stop every plot, much as we try and much as we would like to. There are choices ahead

that will determine whether we can sustain what we do, or accept that it will erode." Debate on balancing security and people's individual privacy has been percolating since Snowden detailed the extent to which the NSA collects data on its citizens and shares some of that data with partner nations around the world. Three groups filed a recent lawsuit at the European Court of Human Rights, accusing Britain's eavesdropping agency of using its online surveillance programs to violate people's privacy. English PEN, Big Brother Watch and the Open Rights Group claim that Britain's Government Communications Headquarters, known as GCHQ, acted illegally by collecting vast amounts of data, including the contents of emails and social media messages. Britain's domestic security agency of MI5 and its foreign spy service of MI6 rely heavily on tips and backup from GCHQ. "Shifts in technology can erode our capabilities," he said. "There are choices to

be made, including for example, about how and whether communications data is retained. It is not, however, an option to disregard such shifts with an unspoken assumption that somehow security will anyway be sustained. It will not. We cannot work without tools." Suicide bombers attacked Britain in 2005, killing 52 London commuters. Since then, British nationals have been linked to several international terror plots, including the transAtlantic bomb plot when men planned to down some 10 jets using liquid explosives inside drink bottles. Several thousand Islamist extremists are known in the UK "who see the British people as a legitimate target," Parker said. Many of those have been energized by the Syria conflict and some 100 or so have traveled to Syria to participate — some of whom may pose a threat in the future to the UK, Parker said. Parker, who has been with MI5 for some 30 years, was appointed in April.

bANDAR SeRI beGAWAN, OctObeR 9 (AP): Southeast Asian leaders opened an annual summit with Asia-Pacific counterparts on Wednesday, a gathering where China was expected to take advantage of the absence of the U.S. president to showcase its rising global clout and promote trade yet still talk tough on regional territorial disputes. Leaders of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations were to first meet among themselves in Brunei before the leaders of eight other countries — including China, Japan, South Korea and India — joined them for two days of closed-door talks, pageantry and photo-ops in this tiny oil-rich kingdom. President Barack Obama was forced to cancel a fournation swing through Southeast Asia, including attendance at the ASEAN meeting and an earlier summit in Bali, Indonesia, to grapple with a budget deadlock that sparked a partial shutdown

bUeNOS AIReS, OctObeR 9 (AP): As President Cristina Fernandez recovers from surgery to relieve pressure on her brain, surgeons are offering widely different views on how long it might be for her to retake control of a government that seems entirely dependent on her calling the shots. Many Argentines have expressed concern at her being sidelined only three weeks before congressional elections, just when U.S. Supreme Court rejection of an Argentine appeal makes another debt default more likely, the economy has slowed sharply, and her Vice President Amado Boudou is under investigation for corruption. "This is no time to go on automatic pilot," economist Jorge Todesca said in a letter to his clients. Todesca said Fernandez has run the government like an "anarchy" characterized by spontaneous acts, short-term thinking and key decisions that she

often makes from within an intimate circle of advisers. Without her daily presence, top officials could lack the political authority they need to manage a looming economic crisis, he said. Fernandez's doctors said she suffered no complications from their removal of a blood clot from the surface of the right side of her brain on Tuesday. But their brief post-surgical report made no reference to how long the president would need to rest or how much Argentines could expect from her in the meantime. Some outside experts said that patients can need as much as three months to recover from such surgeries, and that only time will tell if her still-unexplained head injury caused lasting brain damage. Others said the 60-year-old leader could be safely back at worth within days. Brain surgeon Rolando Cardenas, who directs the Stroke Committee of the Argentine Cardiology Society,

In this Saturday, October 5, 2013 photo, Pakistani children attend class in a school in Mingora, Swat Valley, Pakistan. Malala Yousufzai’s battle for girls’ education began when she was barely 11 years old and at a time when the Taliban roamed freely throughout the valley, blowing up schools, beheading security forces and leaving their dismembered bodies in the town square. (AP Photo/Anja Niedringhaus)

first to recognize her bravery with a National Peace Award in 2011, a year before the shooting. Shah said Malala, who is now 16 and has just published a book about the assassination attempt, also is paying a price for her notoriety. "I was talking to Malala's father the other day and he said Malala is weeping and saying, 'When will I study? I am going to America, to Austria, to Spain and for so many days I have not even had one class of geography.'" Naz, who started as school principal three months ago, said it doesn't

help that Malala's assailant is still at large. The attacker will likely never be caught, said Shah, noting that police rarely even investigate an incident if the Taliban take credit for it. Fear among judges generally leads to acquittals anyway, said Swat lawyer Aftab Alam. "No one can dare to appear before the court, even the police cannot dare to investigate" an attack by the Taliban because of fear of retaliation, said Alam. "It is just impossible." Military officials say Malala's assailant, identified as Attaullah, has fled

MINGORA, OctObeR 9 (AFP): Malala Yousafzai, the teenage activist nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, says she has not done enough to deserve the award, as her old school closed Wednesday to mark the first anniversary of her shooting by the Taliban. The 16-year-old was shot in the head by the Pakistani Taliban on October 9 last year for speaking out against them. She has gone on to become a global ambassador for the right of all children to go to school. Feted by world leaders and celebrities for her courage, she has addressed the UN, this week published an autobiography, and on Friday will learn if she has won the Nobel Peace prize. But in an interview with Pakistani radio station City89 FM, Malala spoke of her desire to do more to promote education, saying she felt she had not yet earned the Nobel accolade. "There are many people who deserve the Nobel Peace Prize and I think that I still need to work a lot. In my opinion I have not done that much to win the Nobel Peace Prize," she said. Malala first rose to prominence with a blog for the BBC Urdu service chronicling the difficulties of life under the rule of the Taliban, who controlled Swat from 2007 until they were kicked out by the army in 2009. Though their brutal rule has ended, pockets of militancy remain, with schools regularly being destroyed by insurgents. Fear of the men of violence means there will be no public event to mark the anniversary. "We did not organise any function in Swat on the anniversary of attack on Malala because people fear they can also be attacked like her," district education officer Dilshad Bibi told AFP. "Many girls are scared that they can be attacked if they are attached with Malala." "The incident of attack on her one year ago is unforgettable. Education is our life and Malala raised her voice for it, so we like her very much," said 12-year-old Humera Khan. "I also aim to fight for education when I grow up."

to Afghanistan, while the police say the case is closed. Attaullah's sister, Rehana, told The Associated Press at her mountain home in the Swat Valley: "We don't know where he is, whether he is dead or alive." His uncle Painda Khan mumbled: "We don't know why people are blaming him. No one has told us why." The Taliban, driven out of the once idyllic valley in a bloody military operation nearly four years ago, are slowly creeping back. In recent months militants have killed the regional commanding officer as well

as dozens of men on progovernment peace committees, and warn of more assassinations until their repressive brand of Islamic law is imposed in Pakistan. The militants remain unrepentant for the attack on Malala. Last weekend the Taliban again vowed to try to kill Malala if she returned from Britain to Pakistan, which she has repeatedly said is her dream. "If we found her again, then we would definitely try to kill her," Taliban spokesman Shahidullah Shahid told the AP in an interview. "We will feel proud upon her death."

UK spy chief defends need for secrets China to showcase clout at South East Asia summit

said she'll likely need to keep a drain in her skull and remain in intensive therapy for up to three days. If her headaches, muscle weakness and numbness disappear by then, "her recovery time

would be shorter. In that case I estimate that in about 45 days she could return to full activity," Cardenas said. Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan suffered a similar injury when he fell

WAShINGtON, OctObeR 9 (IANS): Washington remained locked in a political impasse for the ninth day as the Republicans rebuffed President Barack Obama's offer to negotiate if the shutdown was ended and US debt limit was raised first. "I will not eliminate any topic of conversation, and I've shown myself willing to engage all the parties involved, any leader on the issue," Obama said at a hastily arranged news conference at the White House Tuesday with an Oct 17 debt default deadline looming. "The only thing I will say is that we're not going to pay a ransom for America paying its bills. That's something that should be non-negotiable," he said. "Let's lift these threats from our families and our businesses and let's get down to work," Obama said chid-

ing Republicans for their tactics in dealing with the twin issues. Failing to raise the debt ceiling "would be dramatically worse" than a government shutdown and posed a "very significant risk" of a deep recession, Obama warned. Shortly after the president spoke, John Boehner, Speaker of the Republican controlled House rejected Obama's offer saying, "The long and short of it is there's going to be a negotiation here." "At times like this the American people expect their leaders to sit down and have a conversation. I want that conversation to occur now," he said. "What the president said today was if there's unconditional surrender by Republicans, he'll sit down and talk to us," Boehner said calling the president's position "unsustainable."

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, 5th from left left, joins Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, 6th from left, and Brunei Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, 5th from right, to cut a cake to mark the 10th anniversary of ASEAN-China strategic Partnership for Peace and Prosperity as other ASEAN leaders look on before the 16th Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) China Summit in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei on Wednesday, October 9. They are from left, Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, Laotian Prime Minister Thongsing Thammavong, Li, Shinawatra, Bolkiah, Myanmar President Thein Sein, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak. (AP Photo/Vincent Thian)

of the U.S. government. Secretary of State John Kerry is taking his place. That has given Chinese Premier Li Keqiang a chance to take the spotlight. Although its annual meeting is often derided for being more talk than action, ASEAN and its 10

nations are a prized catch, both politically and economically, in the rivalry between a rising China and a United States that has been trying to reassert its dominance in the region of more than half a billion people. ASEAN wants to transform itself by the end of 2015

off a horse after leaving office, and quickly recovered from surgery to remove the blood clot at the Mayo Clinic, said Dr. John H. Sampson, a brain surgeon at Duke University. "The Argentines don't have to worry that they're going to be without a president for any period of time. Literally, within a week she'll be back in the office, very competent and with no risk," Sampson predicted. But Kevin McGrail, the neurosurgery chairman at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, said the irregular heart beat that Fernandez suffers could complicate her recovery. Fernandez's office has not released any details about any drugs she may be taking, but arrhythmia patients commonly take aspirin or other blood thinners, and these anti-coagulants would have to be stopped for her brain to heal. That increases the risk of a stroke, so she'll need to be careful, McGrail said.

"If she's on a blood thinner, that would cause a whole other set of problems, and it would explain a lot of things, because she's a little young otherwise for a chronic subdural" hematoma, McGrail said. Dr. Claudio Santamaría, who runs Argentina's Superior Institute of Health Sciences, agreed that Fernandez shouldn't take any aspirin or anti-inflammatory medicine that could cause more bleeding. And while only 10 percent of patients suffer complications following surgery, he urged that she not try to do too much too soon. "She can't travel by car for two to four weeks, because the movements and the braking can re-injure the wound," he said, adding that she should avoid exercise altogether for three months. Neurologist Gabriel Persi, meanwhile, said the president should rest as much as possible to avoid stressing her heart.

Doctors differ on Argentine prez's recovery

Messages of support and images of saints decorate a poster featuring Argentina’s President Cristina Fernandez outside the Favaloro Hospital where Fernandez had surgery in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Tuesday, October 8. (AP Photo/Victor R. Caivano)

into an E.U.-like community in two years with a freer flow of goods, services and investments, though there are doubts as to whether that timeframe is feasible. China plans to establish an Asian investment bank to help finance infrastructure projects in the

region, Li said in an interview published by the Borneo Bulletin, a newspaper in Brunei. While trade is high in the agenda in Brunei, long-seething rifts over contested territories in the busy South China Sea are once again sparking friction. The bloc has been struggling to manage the disputes, which many fear could ignite Asia's next major armed conflict. China and Taiwan claim the resource-rich waters and its chains of islands, islets and reefs virtually in its entirety while ASEAN members Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam lay claim to some parts. American officials say the peaceful resolution of the conflict and freedom of navigation in the contested waters were in the U.S. national interest, but China has warned them to stay out of what should purely be an Asian dispute. Vietnam and the Philippines have had recent skirmishes with Chinese maritime ships in the sea, igniting fresh tensions.

US locked in political impasse




Thursday 10 October 2013

The Morung Express

Vettel poised for greatness

SUZUKA, OCTOBER 9 (AFP): Sebastian Vettel has endured boos and his dominance has been called boring but he stands on the verge of true Formula One greatness by sealing his fourth straight world title this week in Japan. One more crooked-finger victory salute from Vettel, coupled with an off-day by nearest rival Fernando Alonso, and the Red Bull man joins Juan Manuel Fangio and Michael Schumacher as only the third four-ina-row champion. The amiable German, still only 26, would also tie Alain Prost's career haul of four titles, and lie one off Fangio's total of five compiled in the 1950s. And yet another world championship next year in his rampaging Red Bull would see Vettel match Schumacher's five in a row won with Ferrari from 2000 to 2004. After unsavoury booing greeted Vettel's irresistible form, including victories in the last four grands prix, debate has raged over whether fans should salute his mastery or yearn for more competitive days. Vettel's victory from pole position in South Korea last Sunday opened a 77-point lead, and with only 125 points available from the remaining five races he is home and dry

Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel of Germany chats with his young fan as he gives her his autograph during an event at the Nissan Motor Co.'s global headquarters in Yokohama, southwest of Tokyo, Wednesday, Oct. 9. Vettel is in Japan for Sunday's Japan Grand Prix race in Suzuka, western Japan. (AP Photo)

if Alonso cannot reach the top eight on Sunday. The Spaniard has all but thrown in the towel, even if he does manage to postpone Vettel's celebrations until India or Abu Dhabi, the next two races after Japan. "The championship is a low priority at the moment," said Alonso, champion with Renault in 2005 and 2006. "Second in the constructors' championship is more realistic." And Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali has already congratulated Red Bull on their expected

19th MDFA trophy kicks off at Mokokchung

MOKOKChUNG, OCTOBER 9 (DIPR): Games & Sports foster peace & unity among the people as it cut across class, creed and religion said Minister for Youth Resources & Sports, Nagaland Merentoshi R. Jamir during the inaugural function of XIX Mokokchung District Football Association (MDFA) Trophy as the Chief Guest at Imkongmeren Sports Complex, Mokokchung on 8th October 2013. The Chief Guest in his speech mentioned that the DAN Government policy to promote sports in the State is moving in the right direction. He added that it is evident that the State could produce sportspersons who could represent the country in the Olympic game as well. He also added that to promote games and sports, it is not only the players but the contributions & support given by the people goes hand in hand. Earlier, short speeches were delivered by the Deputy Commissioner & President MDSC Morohu Chotso and President Ao Senden, Dr. Sangyu Yaden. While special songs from promising Band from Rock Reign 2.13 and Graceland Harmony enthralled the crowd. This year altogether 17 teams will be competing for the XIX MDFA Trophy. The opening match was played between N.U.XI Lumami and Kudos SC.

Opportunity for Nagas to enroll into sports company MIRC

KOhIMA, OCTOBER 9 (MExN): The Mechanized Infantry Regiment Centre (MIRC) Ahmednagar is conducting a recruitment rally in Ahmednagar to select young boys to train them for National and International Sports competition in archery and rifle/pistol shooting. The schedule stands; preliminary selection21 October, final selection- 22 & 23 October at Ahmednagar (Maharatstra). The eligibility criteria stand at 11 to 14 years and 5th Class onwards including aptitude for sports. Free lodging and boarding of high standard will be provided with education upto 12th standard. Boys will be enrolled as Indian Army after 10th or 12th class. “It is a golden opportunity for the young boys and girls from Nagaland to get selected in the boys sports company MIRC Admednagar for a bright future,” stated Lt. Col Emron Musavi, PRO (Defence) Kohima.

Jehan Daruvala shines in Italian karting

SARNO, OCTOBER 9 (IANS): Force India Academy driver Jehan Daruvala tested himself against the best karters of the world here as part of his preparations for the final round of the British KF3 Championships, to be staged next weekend in Shenington, England. Jehan put in a good performance in the CIK World Championship at the southern Italian track of Sarno over the past weekend qualifying second overall and first in his group. The heats, taking place on a heavily wet track, provided a steep learning curve for the Indian talent, who quickly mastered the lines on the slippery track and managed to rack up three podiums, including a win, to set him up competitively for the pre-final and final. A good performance in the pre-final was rewarded with second place, allowing Jehan to start the final race of the weekend in P4. Bad luck struck the 14-year-old as a rival collided with him, relegating the faultless Jehan to the back of the grid, in a daunting 33rd position: the youngster had to resort to all his talent to recover up to tenth place in just 15 laps, with laptimes significantly faster than the leaders. Jehan said: "It was a great week from a learning perspective. The continuous change in weather conditions and the ups and downs of the weekend will all add to my experience. I am disappointed with the result in the final as I had the confidence and the speed to win this race on one of my favourite tracks. "With a clean start, I feel I would have had a great chance of winning or at least being on the podium. The support from the team was brilliant. The kart was running really well. In the rain, the guidance from Ricky Flynn and Terry was so important for me," said the Sahara Force India young talent.

victory. "We know it is almost impossible to win the title, so congratulations to him (Vettel) and to what they are doing because at the end of the day if they have (the title) they deserve that," he said. Lewis Hamilton voiced concern that Vettel's vice-like grip over Formula One was sending fans to sleep, comparing it to the era of seven-time world champion Schumacher. But the Briton quickly took to Twitter to clarify his comments and praise the "true champion" who

was doing a "perfect job". "I admire his dedication and ability to consistently perform without mistakes," said Hamilton, world champion with McLaren in 2008. "This is the mark of a true champion." Vettel has racked up eight victories out of 14 this year and is on course to beat his previous season best of 11 in 2011, when he also clinched the title at Suzuka, his favourite track. "Even though it looks very good, it's still not over so we shouldn't feel too comfortable," said Vettel. "There's still a chance

for Fernando, so we have to stay on top of our game," he added. Red Bull boss Christian Horner said Vettel is "right up there" with the greatest of all time, a view that would be strengthened if he wraps up the title with four races left. However, safety could yet play a role. Last week in South Korea, Mark Webber's Red Bull exploded into flames after getting a puncture and then being hit by Adrian Sutil. Shredding tyres sparked fury among drivers, with Webber accusing tyre makers Pirelli of putting the drivers at risk. "The drivers aren't super-important," said the Australian, convinced his blowout was caused by running over debris from an earlier puncture suffered by McLaren's Sergio Perez. "The tyres are wearing a lot and they also explode a bit, but that is for Pirelli to sort out." Three months after a British Grand Prix marred by puncturing exploding tyres, Pirelli will again come under close scrutiny. "We've absolutely no fears going forward," insisted Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery. "The structure we use now is what we have used for the last two years and there hasn't been an issue. Of course you will get racing incidents, but that's life."

Students participating at the Christina Memorial Higher Secondary School, Aoyimti, Dimapur during the school’s 16th Annual Sports Meet from October 5 to 8 at the CMHSS School Campus.

Wrestlemania 2: Slight change in fixture Wrestlers informed to collect ID cards

Our Correspondent Kohima | October 9

The fixture for Nagastyle WrestleMania 2 (King Of The Ring Series 2013), being organised by 3E Nagaland under the aegis of Nagaland Wrestling Association (NWA), has been slightly altered owing to certain reasons. Registered wrestlers have been informed to collect their ID cards and other documents. The ID card will ensure free entry throughout the competition. The mega-event was earlier scheduled from 23rd to 26th October 2013. However, in order to minimise the period of competition for spectators coming from distant locations

and in view of the comparatively less number of wrestlers in Middleweight and Heavyweight categories, the fixture has been re-scheduled as follows –24th Oct. 2013 (Thursday)– Lightweight Category Championship ( (Below 65 KG), 25th Oct. 2013 (Friday) –Middleweight Category Championship (65 – 78 KG), Heavyweight Category Championship (Above 78 KG), 26th Oct. 2013 (Saturday) –King Of The Ring Championship (Best 48 wrestlers) (i.e. 16 from each category) One extra attraction will be the participation

of 9 (nine) wrestlers from Mizoram in addition to 63 wrestlers from Angami tribe, 54 from Chakhesang tribe, 1 from Lotha tribe and 27 Poumai wrestlers from Senapati, making it a record total of 154 wrestlers. The total prize money stands at ` 6,61,000/- plus 1 (one) bike for the King Of The Ring 2013. Seasonal tickets are on sale and indigenous wrestling lovers are hereby invited to join in this mega-event which will be organised through a professional approach and at the same in the form an indigenous wrestling festival with traditional flavours. Seasonal tickets (both gallery & chair) will include a lucky draw for winners of 3 TV sets.

Bergkamp could return to the Gunners Benzema hits back at

LONDON, OCTOBER 9 (AGENCIES): This season just gets better and better for Arsenal supporters. They are top of the Premier League and their Champions League group, and playing some of their best football in years, inspired by the arrival of Mesut Özil. And now Dennis Bergkamp has revealed he wants to come back. In an exclusive interview with Telegraph Sport, Bergkamp said that he hopes to come back to Arsenal one day, but as a coach and not a manager. He also says it is time for Arsène Wenger to break his eight-year trophy drought and revealed his admiration for Özil, observing the similarities between the two. “The feeling Johan Cruyff has had for Barcelona, I have the same with Arsenal,” says Bergkamp, currently assistant coach at his boyhood club Ajax. “At Arsenal it was a good click. I always enjoyed it. I never had a bad day there. It is always on my mind. It is part of my ambition to come back at some stage. “I can’t really plan ahead. I know I will be here [at Ajax] for at least another three or five years and then I don’t know. I don’t see

myself being at Ajax for the rest of my coaching career. I don’t see myself as a manager. "I see myself as being part of the coaching staff. I really enjoy that role, especially the individual training with the strikers. “I’ve spoken to or have heard about others [former Arsenal colleagues] who would also love to come back. Steve Bould is there now which is excellent. I’ve spoken to Patrick Vieira and Thierry Henry would love to come back to Arsenal one day. Tony [Adams] is a big option as well.” Bergkamp, who won two Doubles and was one of the ‘Invincibles’ with the

Gunners between 1995 and 2006, knew as soon as Özil started to make his mark at the Emirates that he would be asked to make the comparison – and he is prepared. “I don’t like comparing. We’re all unique. But I do understand the similarities people see and I believe he can be very important to the team. "It is still early days. He is a tremendous player with a lot of effective skills like controlling the ball, making creative passes and assists, taking the right position in the field every time. And he’s extremely experienced. Bergkamp still calls

Wenger “The Boss” and cannot believe that people doubt his ambition. “He wants to win trophies of course. It’s in his nature. There are probably more reasons why Arsenal hasn’t been successful over the last few years than we know of. "For a lot of years Arsenal has been a healthy club with a fantastic big stadium, and good football. But now we all feel that it’s time that we leave that story behind us. "You know, paying for the stadium, playing good football, bringing up a few good players. Now you feel ’OK, now it’s time to get going, to really make an effort and win a trophy. “At some point the club was like: ‘Let’s get Champions League again for next year, and we’ll get the money in again and build up and hopefully win a trophy.’ "But that didn’t happen so now there is more pressure than ever. Can Arsenal go all the way and win that trophy? The signs are good. "I still feel up front there should be a few more goals. Maybe in the winter transfer window they might look at that. But I think there is a chance to get to a higher level with the team.”

critics & promises goals

PARIS, OCTOBER 9 (AP): Karim Benzema hit back at criticism of his perceived lack of work rate, saying he does run enough and insisting that when he starts scoring again the goals will flow. Tipped as a future great when he started his club career with Lyon in prodigious fashion, Benzema is going through his worst spell for France — without a goal in 15 matches — and has been out of sorts for Real Madrid this season. Benzema has not scored in five games for Madrid and recently clashed with defender Pepe during the loss to visitors Atletico Madrid. The fans have even jeered him at some home games and coach Carlo Ancelotti has urged him to show more character. "It's the longest (barren) spell of my career. It won't last 10 years. I think it will be over soon," Benzema said on Wednesday. "When I score one I think many more will follow." His last international goal was in a friendly against Estonia before last year's European Championship in June. "People can judge me

on goals because I have the number nine on my back. But I don't just have scoring in mind, I want the team to win," said Benzema, who has 15 goals from 60 caps. "Things are a bit more difficult than in previous years, but that's part of a career at the highest level." The 25-year-old started the season decently enough but then the goals dried up and he has netted only twice in eight league games. During the 1-0 defeat to city rival Atletico on Sept. 28, Pepe appeared to directly reproach Benzema for not working hard enough, although he reportedly apologized to Benzema afterward. "There was an article recently that showed I run 10 kilometers per game. You can't say that I don't run," Benzema said at France's training camp. "You can't ask a striker to run all the way back to goal." Benzema was pressed further on whether he has the right work ethic. "What's the attitude (problem), then? Carlo Ancelotti didn't say that exactly, he said that me and (Angel) Di Maria didn't have the same defensive role," Benzema said.

Record breaker Nyad attempts 48-hour swim in NYC

NEW YORK, OCTOBER 9 (AP): The 64-year-old woman who swam from Cuba to Florida is attempting to swim in a pool in midtown Manhattan for 48 straight hours to benefit victims of Superstorm Sandy. Wearing a pink swim cap, Diana Nyad dove into the 40-yard (36.6-meter) pool set up in Herald Square and began doing laps shortly before 9 a.m. Tuesday. Her aim is to raise money for people still struggling a year after Sandy. "It's going to be so magical to be out there," she said in an interview Monday with The Associated Press. "It's going to be a spectacle right in the middle of New York City." Just before 3 a.m. (0700 GMT) Wednesday, Nyad had been in the pool for more than 18 hours and had raised over $54,600, according to a website tracking her progress. Last month, the native New Yorker became the first person to have swum from Havana to Key West, Florida, without a shark cage. She told the AP that one of her Manhattan swimming companions will be a dog named Ros-

Long-distance swimmer Diana Nyad, left, who recently completed a record-breaking swim from Cuba to Florida, is joined by "Good Morning America" anchor Lara Spencer as she begins a continuous 48-hour swim event in New York's Herald Square called "Swim for Relief," which aims to raise funds and awareness for Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts on Oct. 8. (AP Photo)

coe that survived Sandy floodwaters. Also expected to join her are Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte

and TV fitness guru RichNyad said she may ard Simmons, dressed in a break otherwise strict athsuit graced with about 300 letic rules by hugging some Swarovski crystals. of the humans joining her in

the two-lane pool. "I'm going to feel the solidarity. And every penny is going to go right to the victims." Contri-

butions are being accepted by the disaster relief agency AmeriCares Foundation, which will distribute the funds. Nyad's fame for her swim from Cuba was accompanied by speculation that she had gotten into or held onto a boat during part of her 53-hour journey. But on Monday, she waved off critics, saying, "there will always be naysayers." She insisted she wore no flippers, used no cage, did not get out of the water and was never supported by another human being for what she calls "the most epic swim in history." Nyad expects the Manhattan swim to be far more fun than her feat in the ocean, which she expected to be "much more unforgiving" than two days of urban pool laps. After this, she said she's looking to more "personal, creative" charity events using the portable pool — possibly to raise money for victims of tornadoes, tsunamis, terrorist attacks and other disasters. And, she added with a grin, she may want to try her hand at another solo event — maybe a one-woman show on Broadway. She offered no details.


The Morung Express

10 October 2013



Police launches investigation into Miss Universe


Taylor Swift M smashes prestigious Nashville Songwriters Association record

iss Universe Olivia Culpo has found herself at the center of a minor storm during a trip to India after she allegedly violated strict product placement rules at the Taj Mahal on Sunday. The notoriously inflexible Archaeological Survery of India (ASI) has lodged a police complaint against the 21-yearold 2012 Miss Universe and the agency behind her visit after she appeared to model a pair of high-heeled shoes while photographers shot her with the iconic monument to love in the background. The incident took place at the marble bench popularly known as the Diana Seat, named after the now famous picture taken of a forlorn looking Princess Diana on a trip to the Taj in 1992 - which was seen to highlight the sad state of her marriage to Prince Charles. Culpo, who is seeing Nick Jonas of the Jonas brothers, was in India for 10 days to promote charitable issues such


he is just 23 years old but Taylor Swift has just set a record with the Nashville Songwriters Association International. On Tuesday the organisation named her songwriter/artist of the year award for her sixth year running. The singer has beaten out fivetime winners Vince Gill and Alan Jackson and taken the top spot. The award recognises Nashville acts that have

achieved Top 30 singles, and Taylor has released 14 of them from July 2012 through June 2013. Making the achievement even more exciting, she is also the youngest artist to win the honour. Her six awards will be displayed at the Taylor Swift Education Center, which opens Saturday at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville. The We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together singer donated $4 million

to the centre and she will be involved in an advisory capacity moving forward. It's far from the first time Taylor has been recognised for her excellence in music, with her award tally nearing 200 since she signed with Big Machine Records in 2008. These include seven Grammys, 12 Billboard Music awards, seven gongs from the Academy of Country Music and 11 American Music awards. Meanwhile, Taylor

is enjoying a little down time prior to kicking off the next leg of her tour in the UK. She enjoyed a cosy cookie baking session with Kelly Osbourne last week, where the pair uploaded cute snaps of themselves dressed up in aprons and munching on the delicious sweet snacks. Adding to the multi-talented blonde's talent resume, Kelly gushed via Twitter: 'You guys have no idea how good Taylor is at cooking!'

Registration for Miss Teen Nagaland 2013


egistration forms for Miss Teen Nagaland 2013 are now available for download on the official website The registration is open for any girl between the ages of 15-19 years (age at the time of registration), full time student in a recognised school, college or institution, and permanent resident of Nagaland or must have primary res-



idence in Nagaland for the last 2 years (at the time of registration). Terms & Conditions are enclosed with each registration form. You can also read the terms & conditions on our website. To be considered as an applicant: Read the rules for qualification, fill up the registration form correctly, make sure to attach 2 photos – one close up & one full length photo, get your parent’s

Tom Hanks movies bookend London Film Festival

consent and submit your forms on time – last date is October 26. Registration is FREE and open till 26th October 2013! We encourage teenagers of all sizes to be a part of this contest. Focus will be on healthy, fit young women! For any queries you can call us at +91 8414983610 or +91 8414983651 from 10:00 am till 5:00 pm, on all days except on Sundays.

as women empowerment and AIDS awareness across the country. According to the Supreme Court of India, any branding or publicity in or around the Taj Mahal is prohibited under law and the ASI's complaint alleges Culpo and her handlers fell foul of this. 'Sandals (high heels) of a particular brand were taken out of the bag by someone in the group,' says the ASI according to the Hindustan Times of India. 'Culpo donned one of the sandals and held another in her hand, reportedly to advertise them while cameramen accompanying her shot the scene with the Taj in the background.' During her one-hour vist to the world heritage site on Sunday, Culpo and her entourage seemed to show as much interest as any of the millions of tourists who visit the 360-yearold white marble mausoleum located in Agra, in the central state of Uttar Pradesh.


Dimapur Dibuiatsür Telongjem presents featuring Guest Artist



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This Sept. 27, 2013 photo shows actors Tom Hanks, right, and Barkhad Abdi, of "Captain Phillips," in New York. The film, about the 2009 hijacking of the US-flagged MV Maersk Alabama by Somali pirates, opens Oct. 11. (Photo AP)



his year's London Film Festival is a Tom Hanks double bill with 232 other features in between. The 12-day movie showcase opens Wednesday with "Captain Phillips," a drawn-from-life thriller starring Hanks as a cargo ship captain held captive by Somali pirates. In the festival's closer, "Saving Mr. Banks," Hanks plays a very different reallife figure — Walt Disney, sparring with British writer P.L. Travers over the movie adaptation of her children's classic "Mary Poppins." The film has its world premiere in London on Oct. 20. Artistic director Clare Stewart said the double dose of Hanks was "a happy accident." The 57th London Film Festival offers 234 features and 134 shorts, as well as a lineup of stars including Hanks, Sandra Bullock, Judi Dench, Carey Mulligan, Ralph Fiennes and Daniel Radcliffe. Founded in 1957 to show the best of world cinema to a British audience, the festival has recently tried to carve out a place on the international movie calendar with bigger pictures and more glittering stars. "Captain Phillips" is one of several films in the lineup already generating awardsseason buzz; others include

Alfonso Cuaron's space odyssey "Gravity," Joel and Ethan Coen's folk saga "Inside Llewyn Davis" and Steve McQueen's powerful historical drama "12 Years A Slave." Stewart, in her second year as festival chief, hopes to make London a more important stop for movies during Hollywood's everexpanding awards season. Stewart said one of her goals is to draw attention to "films that might be quite surprising and are not on people's radar already." She's particularly excited about John Curran's "Tracks," starring Mia Wasikowska as a woman who walks across the Australian Outback, and "We Are the Best," Lukas Moodysson's tale of an all-female punk band in 1980s' Sweden. "Our official competition gives us the opportunity to shed light on some films that might be positioning themselves for some of the performing awards in awards season, or for some of the foreignlanguage prizes," Stewart said. The festival will hand out prizes for best picture, best first feature, best documentary and best British newcomer at an Oct. 19 ceremony. Horror icon Christopher Lee will receive an honorary British Film Institute Fellowship.

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India takes on Australia today

NEW DELHI, OCTOBER 9 (AGENCIES): Comeback man Yuvraj Singh will be the cynosure of all eyes as a full-strength India lock horns with a relatively inexperienced Australian side in the one-off Twenty20 game on Thursday, aiming to gain early momentum ahead of the upcoming seven-match One-Day International (ODI) series. The match, which is expected to set the tone for a gruelling season ahead, promises to be an exciting face-off at the SCA Stadium, with Australia keen to test their young players before the return Ashes showdown with England. The elements, though, could play spoilsport. The state has been experiencing heavy downpour and the Met department has forecast more rains till Thursday. The hosts, with most of their players having got into the groove for the long international season ahead by taking part in the Champions T20 League or by playing for

India A, start as favourites against the visitors led by Tasmanian George Bailey. The two teams have faced off in seven previous T20 games, with Australia holding a slightly better record at 4-3. India last played a T20 match against Pakistan at Ahmedabad in December. After a twomonth break from international cricket, skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni will look to re-start his stint at the helm with a win. He had warmed up nicely with a good outing for Chennai Super Kings in the CLT20. However, the focus will be primarily on Yuvraj, who would be eager to prove a point after being recalled to the squad following a string of good scores for India A against the Windies A and a solid display for India Blue in the Challenger Series. The 31-year-old had also scored a quick-fire 52 off 35 balls against the West Indies A in a T20 game in Bangalore. Apart from his explosive batting, Yuvraj's left-

arm spin will also be handy in the shortest form of the game. Besides, two Saurashtra players -- all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja and leftarm pacer Jaydev Unadkat -- would also be keen to show their prowess in front of home crowd. Left-handed Jadeja, who will be playing his first international T20 match at home, would be eager to be among the runs after a disappointing performance in the CLT20. The No. 1 bowler in ODIs, who has the knack of picking up wickets at the right time, would look to recapture his form. The Indian batting looks very formidable. Openers Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma have been in good form with fluent performances in the Champions League, while left-handed Suresh Raina has also been in good touch, amassing 221 runs for CSK in the tournament. Then there is the strong middleorder consisting of Virat Kohli, Yuvraj and Dhoni.

The Australian batting, however, looks a little frail. Hard-hitting Aaron Finch, who holds the T20 worldrecord for hitting the fastest century, and the left-handed Phillip Hughes, who is yet to play in a T20 International, would have to provide a solid start. Australia have also drafted in 21-year-old New South Wales opener Nic Maddinson. Bailey has been leading the side in T20 since his debut against India in 2012 but the 31-year-old Tasmanian, who is ranked ninth in the ODIs, has just one halfcentury to his credit in 18 T20 matches. Four of their squad members -- Shane Watson, James Faulkner, Nathan Coulter-Nile and Glenn Maxwell -- played in the CLT20 final and a lot would be expected from them. Senior pro Watson is expected to play an important role with his skills with both bat and ball, while wicketkeeper-batsman Brad Haddin is Beth Gilmour, center, winning designer of the Commonwealth mascot, holds the Commonwealth torch as she walks down one of the more experienced the Mall during the ceremonial start of the 2014 Commonwealth Games torch relay, in London, Wednesday, Oct. 9. The players in the side. Games take place in Glasgow, Scotland, from July 23 to Aug. 3. (AP Photo)

14TH NSF MARTYRS’ MEMORIAL TROPHY 2013 Djokovic overcomes injury Viper FC wins, DEF Kohima, Nagaland Police, Orion FC enter quarter finals

Our Correspondent


Kohima | October 9

Ist Match: 1:00 PM HQ IGAR vs Kuki Students Union 2nd Match: 2:30 PM Koubru S.C. Manipur vs Viper FC Nerhema

DEF Kohima, Nagaland Police and Orion FC today entered the quarter finals of the 14th NSF Martyrs’ Memorial Trophy 2013 here in the Kohima Local Ground, which is organized under the aegis of Angami Student's Union. The first match of the day between Zeva Club Zhavame and Viper FC Nerhema ended in a 1-1 draw during the regular playing time, resulting in a tie-breaker in which Viper FC won the match 5-4. Earlier, M. Krocha netted a goal for Zeva Club in the 2nd minute while an equalizer for Viper FC came through Pelesietuo in the 48th minute. In the 2nd match, DEF Kohima defeated Twenty XI Viswema 5-4 via tie break. The match resulted in 1-1 draw within the full allotted time. Metol Neikha netted a goal for Twenty XI in the 4th minute while Zakie netted an equalizer goal for DEF in the 29th minute. In tie-break, DEF emerged victorious 5-4 and got a ticket for quarter finals. DEF will now play Naga United in the 2nd Quarter finals on October 12. Nagaland Police downed Tyrant’s FC 5-0 in the third match and confirmed quarter finals berth. Limakumzuk fetched a hattrick for Nagaland Police who netted the goals in the 34th, 55th and 67th minute while Saku contributed two goals for the team in 31st and 68th minute. The last match between St. Joseph’s College and Orion FC ended scoreless within the stipulated 70 minutes play. In a tie-break, Orion FC overpowered the opponent 8-7 and moved into quarter finals. With this, Orion FC will now take on Nagaland Police in the third quarter finals on October 14. A match between St. Joseph’s College and Orion FC on October 9. (Morung Photo)

scare to win in Shanghai

SHANGHAI, OCTOBER 9 (AP): Novak Djokovic survived a scare when he landed awkwardly on his right foot but recovered for a 6-2, 6-0 victory over Spain's Marcel Granollers in the Shanghai Masters on Wednesday. Roger Federer had fewer problems in his second-round match, rebounding from an early break to defeat Andreas Seppi of Italy 6-4, 6-3. Djokovic hit a running backhand in the first game of the second set and then leaped in the air, wincing in pain. He called for a medical timeout after the game to have his foot wrapped and appeared slightly tentative after returning to the court, not bothering to chase after a couple of shots. The Serb dominated the rest of the match, however, closing it out in 70 minutes to set up a third-round match with Italian Fabio Fognini, who advanced when Spaniard Tommy Robredo retired with a wrist injury while trailing 7-6 (3), 2-1. Djokovic said the problem wasn't serious, without elaborating about where specifically he felt the pain. "It was just an awkward movement," he said. "I was running and I made a quick move-

ment that caused a sharp pain. It's all good now." Federer, the fifth seed, had more unforced errors (29) than winners (19) in his first match since a fourth-round loss at the U.S. Open, but he made quick work of the 22nd-ranked Seppi. He next plays Frenchman Gael Monfils, with a possible quarterfinal with Djokovic looming. Fourth-seeded Tomas Berdych rebounded from a back injury sustained in the semifinals of the China Open last week to defeat Feliciano Lopez 7-6 (5), 6-2. He said after his last match he could barely stand or walk when he retired against Rafael Nadal. "I wouldn't say (my back is) 100 percent, but I decided I was competitive enough to go on court and try to play," he said. "Looks like it was a smart decision." Juan Martin del Potro battled through pain, as well, though his was from illness, not injury. He overcame a fever and 50 winners from big-hitting German Philipp Kohlschreiber to advance 3-6, 6-3, 7-6 (4). After the match, del Potro said he started feeling sick on Tuesday night and relied on his

serve to win the match since running was difficult. The Argentine withdrew from the doubles to rest for his next match against 11th-seeded Tommy Haas, a 6-4, 6-4 winner over German compatriot Daniel Brands. "Maybe tomorrow I will be feeling better. I hope so, because my match is going to be harder than today," he said. Both del Potro and Berdych have a lot to play for this week — they're trying to wrap up their spots in the elite ATP Finals in London, a task made slightly easier by the withdrawal on Wednesday of Andy Murray, who is recovering from back surgery. Del Potro and Berdych would make the eight-man field by making the final in Shanghai. Federer needs to do a bit more work — he's in seventh place in the standings, with a number of players within striking distance. In other matches, seventh-seeded Jo-Wilfried Tsonga advanced with a 6-3, 6-2 win over Spain's Pablo Andujar, while American John Isner was ousted by Argentine Carlos Berlocq 6-4, 7-6 (4). Nadal, the new No. 1, played late Wednesday.

Merentoshi graces XXI Inter-District Tillakaratne Dilshan retires from Test cricket and State Table Tennis Championship COLOMBO, OCTOBER 9 (AP): Sri Lanka opening batsman Tillakaratne Dilshan is retiring from Test cricket to make way for the next generation but will still be available for the shorter forms of the game. Sri Lanka Cricket said in a media release on Wednesday that Dilshan would hold a news conference on Thursday to officially announce his retirement. "I have decided to take this decision to allow Sri Lanka cricket to groom another youngster in my place," said Dilshan. "I was to announce my retirement after the Zimbabwe Test series but unfortunately the tour was postponed." Sri Lan-

ka were to play two Tests on their tour of Zimbabwe from October. The aggressive opener made his Test debut in 1999 against Zimbabwe at Bulawayo and appeared in 87 Tests. In an international career spanning 14 years Dilshan scored 5,492 runs at an average of 40.98. His 16 Test centuries included a career best 193 against England at Lord's in 2011 as captain. The 36-year-old will continue to play in the shorter 50 overs and Twenty20 formats for his country. "I will discuss my future with the national selectors and if they need me I will play till the 2015 World Cup," he said.

Jwala moves court against life ban threat


Minister for Youth Resources and Sports, Merentoshi Jamir interacting with participants of the XXI Inter-District and State Table Tennis Championship.

KOHIMA, OCTOBER 9 (MExN): “There is a need to build a spirit of competitiveness among ourselves. Competitiveness does not mean that we need to compromise on our sportsmanship but we must take the opportunity to know each other and learn skills from each other,” said Merentoshi Jamir, Minister for Youth Resources and Sports, during the opening ceremony of the XXI InterDistrict and State Table Tennis Championship held on October 9 at the Kohima Indoor Stadium. The Championship is

organized by the Nagaland Table Tennis Association (NTTA) and hosted by the Kohima District Table Tennis Association (KDTTA), where 90 players from four districts namely Kohima, Dimapur, Peren and Mokokchung are participating. The tournament starts from October 9 and continue till 11. Atuo Mezhiir, President of the NTTA gave a welcome speech followed by a special number performed by Akho Koza. A brief speech was delivered by Merentoshi Jamir which was followed by the oath

taking ceremony. “When you compete against each other, it is an opportunity to learn from each other,” said Merentoshi. He further encouraged the players to continue their spirit in playing and also try to make their goals higher. The minister further talked about future goals in the coming years, where the state plans to provide a Table Tennis board in each village in Nagaland so that the athletic skills of young boys and girls in the rural villages can be tapped and encouraged to play further for the State.

NEW DELHI, OCTOBER 9 (PTI): Embattled shuttler Jwala Gutta moved the Delhi high court against the Badminton Association of India (BAI) after its disciplinary committee recommended a life ban on her for an alleged code of conduct breach in the Indian Badminton League. "We decided to go ahead with legal action in the case and accordingly filed a petition in the Delhi high court today," Jwala's father Kranti Gutta said. The BAI had ruled out considering Jwala for selection in any international event in the next one month, pending a decision by the three-member committee that was formed on Monday by president Akhilesh Das Gupta. It means the Commonwealth Games gold medallist won't be able to play in Denmark and French Open. Jwala's coach Syed Mohammad Arif had advised the top shuttler to file a defamation suit against BAI for going to press without issuing her a ban notice. The sports minister Jitendra Singh also said on Wednesday that he can look into Jwala's dispute with the BAI if she approaches

him. The BAI's disciplinary committee had recommended a life ban on Jwala for trying to stop some players of her franchise Delhi Smashers from playing a match against Banga Beats in the recent Indian Badminton League. BAI demanded an "unconditional apology" from the feisty shuttler to reconsider her case. With the BAI mounting pressure, Jwala had a series of meetings on Tuesday with her IBL franchise Krrish Delhi Smashers and lawyers to chalk out the next course of action. The three-member disciplinary panel comprises Indian Olympic Association (IOA) joint secretary Anandeshwar Pandey, Luge Federation of India president Deepa Mehta and Swati Shukla, a former associate of the Commonwealth Games Organising committee. The committee is awaiting an answer from Jwala within a week. The controversy had erupted during the August 25 tie when Delhi Smashers threatened to pull out against Banga Beats over the last-minute replacement of injured singles player, Hu Yun of Hong Kong with Denmark's Jan Jorgensen.

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10th October 2013  

The Morung Express Dimapur, Nagaland, India

10th October 2013  

The Morung Express Dimapur, Nagaland, India