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The Key Release Notes - version 6.0

The Key Release Notes – version 6.0 Detailed below are changes that have been made for version 6.0 of The Key

HTML Email Support The Key has the ability to send a number of automated emails in relation to Portal actions (including both the Client and Introducer Portals), and v6.0 introduces the ability to customise many of these and take advantage of HTML support for greater visual appeal. Accessing the HTML Email Templates As the templates relate to portal related emails, they are managed through Setup > General > Online. This screen now shows an ‘Email Templates’ button.

Figure 1: Email Templates Access

This will open the ‘Email Templates’ dialogue window.

Figure 2: List of Email Templates

This screen will list all the current automated emails where the template can be changed. Each email will have a default template. This default template will always remain available as an option. Editing the Templates Click on the ‘Edit’ button to start editing the associated template. The editor will open in the default browser. The Key v6.0 - Release Notes - February 2020

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Figure 3: Template Editor

The template editor contains a number of elements: • The main body displays an editing window where text, merge fields and images can be placed • The ‘Merge Fields’ list operates in the same way as Setup > Letters o The items in bold represent a collection of associated merge fields, which can be expanded by clicking on them.

Figure 4: Merge Fields

To edit a template, simply enter the text in the format required, using the formatting toolbars as would be done in a word processor.

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The Key v6.0 - Release Notes - February 2020

The Key Release Notes - version 6.0 If an image is required, simply copy the image file from the computer into the editor. An example of an edited template is shown below:

Figure 5: Example Template

To save the changes, click on the ‘Save’ button. This will prompt for a description of the new template – note that this description will also form the subject line for the automated email. When the save process is complete, the ‘Email Templates’ window will be updated with the new template associated. If a different template is required (e.g. the default) then this can be selected through the associated dropdown.

Figure 6: Updated Template List

The Key v6.0 - Release Notes - February 2020

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An example of an updated email is shown below.

Figure 7: Email Example

Managing in Setup > Letters It is also possible to manage these templates directly in Setup > Letters, although the association with the action that triggers the email is only available through the route outlined above. To create a new HTML document, click on New and select HTML from the prompt that is displayed. To edit an existing HTML template, simply select it from the list of document templates and select Edit.

Figure 8: Creating New Template in Setup > Letters

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The Key v6.0 - Release Notes - February 2020

The Key Release Notes - version 6.0

Remortgage Review Module The remortgage review module is designed to identify cases in The Key that are due for review. It will automatically provide an indicative price for a replacement product (where possible) and email the customer directly to initiate contact. Remortgage Review Process This section will summarise the processes used by the remortgage review module, prior to an explanation of the settings and screens themselves. Identifying Cases for Review Cases will be selected for processing under the following conditions: • The product is a mortgage with a completion date, and holds data for the valuation, loan and term as well as a reversionary rate o This is the data required to source example product replacement data • The ‘Next Review Date’ and ‘Initial Rate Expiry Date’ fall within the parameters set o This is to prevent lifetime mortgages etc. from being included • The product status matches the setup selection Quote for a Replacement Product The Key will use the original product details (amended to reflect time passed and payments made) to source a potential, indicative, replacement product. Note that this search will only provide indicative figures, and not a full product illustration. The potential replacement product monthly payment is then used to calculate a potential saving; if this saving does not meet the threshold established in the setup parameters, the process will stop at this point. Client Notification At this point the client will be notified by email, using the template selected in the list of HTML templates. A new sale will be created with the name ‘Remortgage review (X)’ (where (X) is the address of the associated property). Enabling the Remortgage Review Module Enabling the Remortgage Review Module is controlled through the Portal Setup functionality visible in Setup > General > Online.

Figure 9: Portal Setup Access

The Key v6.0 - Release Notes - February 2020

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Within the setup page that opens, the ‘Configure’ button will allow access to the module’s settings.

Figure 10: Portal Configuration Access

The configuration details will appear as a separate data entry area over the setup screen.

Figure 11: Remortgage Review Settings

Both ‘Enable mortgage reviews’ and ‘Enable automated reviews’ need to be enabled. Other values can be set as required.

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The Key v6.0 - Release Notes - February 2020

The Key Release Notes - version 6.0 User Permissions In addition to the system settings permissions that are required to enable and setup the review module, users will need permission to view the results of the module’s activity. This is a new ‘restriction’ that forms part of the User Details, as shown below.

Figure 12: User Permissions for Mortgage Review Module

Review Module Settings There are a number of other settings available in the review module.

Figure 13: Other Review Settings

The Key v6.0 - Release Notes - February 2020

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• Enable automated reviews o The review process can be carried out automatically if this is enabled. • Number of days prior to review date to run review process o This value will determine how far in the future the module looks when identifying cases suitable for processing. o For example, if this value is 30, any cases with a ‘Next Review Date’ within the coming 30 days will be included. • Number of days after the review date to stop processing o This value will determine how far in the past the module looks when identifying cases suitable for processing. o For example, if this value is 50, any cases with a ‘Next Review Date’ that fell within the last 50 days will be included. • Set value for current savings threshold (monthly) o Email correspondence will only be triggered if the potential monthly savings from a remortgage exceed this threshold value. • Set initial rate period for new mortgage (years) o The review module needs to use/assume certain parameters for a comparison product, one of which is an initial rate period which can be set here. • Select mortgage status to be included in the remortgage review process o Only products with a selected status will be included in the review process. This will default to only allowing ‘Current’ mortgage products to be included, but this can be amended if required through the dropdown selector.

Remortgage Review Screen Accessing Remortgage Review Screens The remortgage review module is accessed through the Advisor Portal. After logging in, the launch button can be seen in the ‘Admin’ section (either on the front page or through the Admin menu).

Figure 14: Admin > Remortgage Review Screen

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The Key v6.0 - Release Notes - February 2020

The Key Release Notes - version 6.0 Once launched, the screen will display the main remortgage screen. An example of such a screen, where no remortgage review activity has taken place, is shown below.

Figure 15: Remortgage Review List

Remortgage Review Results The process runs overnight, applying the settings already described. The results of the process are shown in the main grid.

Figure 16: Remortgage Review List Example

In the example above, the remortgage review email has been sent for ‘Mr P Griffen’, whilst the other client, ‘Mr W Anderson’, has gone one step further and logged into the Client Portal. If Mr Anderson had amended the fact find with updated information, the review stage would be updated to indicate he was awaiting a call back. It is possible to sort and filter the results as shown above. Each column can be searched by entering text in the cell under the column heading, and this will automatically filter the results. In the example below, the list has been filtered to display only cases where the client name includes ‘Anderson’.

Figure 17: Searching the Review List

The Key v6.0 - Release Notes - February 2020

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Those columns with dates (indicated with a calendar icon) will open a date picker.

Figure 18: Date Picker Interface

Clicking on ‘View’ will show the details associated with the grid entry.

Figure 19: View Details

This screen will confirm the details of both the existing and replacement product details used.

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The Key v6.0 - Release Notes - February 2020

The Key Release Notes - version 6.0 The ‘View History’ button will provide a list of all actions undertaken with associated time and date stamps.

Figure 20: Review History

Unsuccessful Reviews Not all cases identified for review will be processed. There are a number of reasons this may happen, such as data may be missing from the client record. In this case, the details can be amended in The Key. Click on ‘Reset Review Status’ to allow the case to be processed once more and then either wait for the overnight process to take place or click on ‘Process Review Pipeline’ to process immediately. The review status cannot be reset if the saving value did not meet the threshold.

Postcode Lookup It is now possible to use a postcode lookup facility in The Key. This is accessed through the magnifying glass icon next to the postcode field for an address.

Figure 21: Postcode Lookup Icon

The Key v6.0 - Release Notes - February 2020

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Enter the appropriate postcode and click on the icon to start the lookup process. From the list of results presented, select the appropriate address and click OK. The address details will be populated into the associated address field.

Figure 22: Postcode Lookup Address List

Criteria Hub Integration As the first step of the integration with Criteria Hub, the service can now be launched from within The Key. Enabling Criteria Hub The integration is enabled in Setup > Integration > Local PC Settings (which requires ‘User can edit system settings’ permission).

Figure 23: Criteria Hub Setting

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The Key v6.0 - Release Notes - February 2020

The Key Release Notes - version 6.0 Launching Criteria Hub Criteria Hub is launched from the Fact Find, from the ‘Mortgage Sourcing’ button.

Figure 24: Criteria Hub Launch Point

Select Criteria Hub, click OK and then ‘Launch Criteria Hub’. This will open the Criteria Hub login page in the default web browser. Returning Criteria Hub Data Once logged in to Criteria Hub, carry out the search activity as per normal. The top of the results grid will display a button to return the results to The Key.

Figure 25: Returning Criteria Hub Results to The Key

The Key v6.0 - Release Notes - February 2020

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This will open a screen to confirm the data is being returned, including a summary of the research in a PDF document.

Figure 26: Document Returned from Criteria Hub

Product Details Loan and Total Borrowing Additional information has been added to the ‘Fees’ tab within Product Details > Mortgage.

Figure 27: Mortgage Fees Data Fields

This information will summarise the mortgage advance, the total amount of fees added to the loan, and the total borrowing. The data is based on the fee information displayed directly beneath. Page 14 of 16

The Key v6.0 - Release Notes - February 2020

The Key Release Notes - version 6.0

Admin > Pipeline A change has been made to the behaviour of this screen if The Key has been setup as ‘AR/DA Network’, and the user is not restricted to a branch/team. The ‘network’ status can be seen in Setup > General > Company Details.

Figure 28: Network Status

Previously this screen would automatically load all pipeline data (for Products or Sales) as soon as the screen was accessed. However, this could take some time for users with large databases and access to all data. To resolve this issue, a new ‘Show Products’ button has been added to Admin > Pipeline > Products, and a ‘Show Sales’ button to Admin > Pipeline > Sales.

Figure 29: Show Products Button (Show Sales in same position in ‘Sales’ tab)

If all products are to be displayed, click on ‘Show Products’ (or Sales). Otherwise changing one of the filters will load up the filtered list. A reminder that these buttons will not appear if The Key is setup as ‘Directly Authorised’ or ‘Appointed Representative’, or if the user is associated to a branch.

Other Enhancements • Login Timeout – Updated login screen if a user session times out (i.e. left overnight) • Forgotten Password Functionality – Resolved scenario that could result in the forgotten password link still being displayed even when functionality was turned off • Setup > General > Company Details – Added an option to re-run existing rules within the ‘Tidy Provider Names’ functionality • Setup > General > Sales Process – Added support for a new default name for new sales • Setup > General > Online – Can now send alerts for new documents/secure messages from the Client Portal to advisor and administrator • Setup > Users – New option (in Main Details) to send email to user when a task is assigned to them • Setup > Users – New option (in Restrictions) to control ability for a user to add a new complaint (Client > Admin > Complaints); enabled by default (to reflect existing functionality) • Setup > Users > User Details > Roles – Amended text used in task for automatically created birthday reminders to refer to applicant names rather than ‘applicant 1’ or ‘applicant 2’ The Key v6.0 - Release Notes - February 2020

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• Setup > Letters – The Key will retain the position in the table of templates when returning to the screen after editing a document • Setup > Compliance > Financial Sanctions – Corrected fault related to sanctions list download caused by move of original file location by HMRC • Status Action > Next Review Date Changed – Resolved issue that could prevent the associated task from being generated when the review date was changed after a previously generated task had been deleted • Exchange Server – Corrected typo in alert message presented when message fails to send • Create Client – Corrected tabbing order • Client > Search – The Key will now retain the ‘Type’ and ‘Client Status’ options from one search to the next • Lead > Convert to Client – Change made so the date created for the sale is the date of conversion from a lead to a client, and not the date the lead was originally created • Lead > Worklist – Amended automated lead worklist functionality to stop new worklist being generated when original one was deleted (with new ‘Add’ button in case worklist is deleted in error) • Fact Find > Client Cont. > Dependants – The year of birth now starts with the most recent year • Fact Find > Financials > Financial Commitments – Resolved issue that could impact display of total financial commitments if client name had a trailing space • Source Results Formatting – Support for better formatting of data returned from sourcing results • Product Details – Reason for Closure now mandatory requirement when closing a product with a ‘Not Proceeded With’ status • Product Details – Resolved error that could cause failure if copying numeric data from the Product Details screen • Product Details > Insurance – Amended replacement product information link to ensure it remains visible • Reasons Why Letter – Increased maximum supported text length for [INSERT] statements in RWL template • Reasons Why Letter – ‘Final Version’ checkbox now hidden if the ‘Draft RWL’ functionality is enabled • Admin > Bulk Deletion – Added ‘Customer Reference’ to the fields listed in the results table • Commission > Split Payments – Column order now retained after individual items are opened • Marketing > Mail Shot > Predefined Campaign Types – Results are now amended to exclude NPW cases • Reports > Compliance – New report containing Key data available for RMAR returns • Reports > Ad Hoc – ‘Old’ arrangement fee data will now be available in reports created before fee changes • Reports > Ad Hoc – New fields added (in ‘Mortgages’) reflecting AIP/DIP completed status and associated date • Reports > Ad Hoc – New fields added • Reports > Ad Hoc – Resolved issue that could prevent Ad Hoc report being used in Marketing > Mail Shot if filtered • Client Portal > Fact Find – Minor amendment to prompt confirming data saved • Client Portal > Fact Find > Employment – Resolved issue that would prevent number of years and months being populated in The Key fact find when the employment start date was recorded in the Client Portal • Client Portal > Fact Find – Resolved issue that could impact data in The Key’s fact find around whether the client was in receipt of monetary gift(s) • Advisor Portal > Telephone Numbers – Resolved issue that would prevent calls from being initiated using the number shown in the portal on a mobile phone • Mortgage Enquiry Form – ‘Second Charge’ has been added to the list of loan purposes • Mortgage Enquiry Form – ‘Income’ and ‘Employment Status’ added • Mortgage Enquiry Form – Resolved issue that could prevent form being submitted when adding second applicant after recording mortgage details

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The Key v6.0 - Release Notes - February 2020

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The Key - v6.0 Release Notes  

Discover all the new features and enhancements available within The Key v6.0

The Key - v6.0 Release Notes  

Discover all the new features and enhancements available within The Key v6.0

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