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The Key

Release Notes - version 5.8

The Key Release Notes – version 5.8 Detailed below are changes that have been made for version 5.8 of The Key

Client Portal Changes Document Uploads The Client Portal will now only send one notification of a document upload through the Client Portal, regardless of the number of individual documents that are uploaded. The trigger for sending the notification will be when the client’s ‘session’ has ended, e.g. by logging out of the Client Portal. A further enhancement allows an email notification to be sent to the advisor when the upload has taken place. An advisor can be alerted through a task, an email, or both. The preferred option is set via a dropdown in Setup > General > Online.

Figure 1: Document Upload Notification Setting

The Key v5.8 - Release Notes - July 2019

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Login Changes The design of the login screen for the Client Portal has been refreshed. This is to provide maximum compatibility across different devices and for the different portals that are available.

Figure 2: New Login Window

The Client Portal will now automatically lock a client’s account if they use incorrect login credentials multiple times in a row. The maximum number of attempts is controlled in Setup > General > Company Details, within the ‘Password Rules’ section, as it shares the same setting as for Key logins.

Figure 3: Max Login Attempts Setting

A change to the Client Portal now means that a client will have the ability to access Secure Messaging and Documents even if the account is locked (e.g. the client record is open in The Key). The fact find will still report as locked. Alert messages have also been updated. If an applicant tries to log in to the Client Portal whilst the other applicant is already logged in, this will be correctly reported to the user (rather than a previous generic ‘account is locked’ message).

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The Key v5.8 - Release Notes - July 2019

The Key

Release Notes 5.8 Password Reset Support has been added to allow a client to reset their password. If this functionality is not required, it can be disabled in Setup > General > Company Details.

Figure 4: Forgotten Password Settings

If the tick is removed, the ‘Forgotten Password’ link is not shown in the login screen. Upon clicking on the ‘Forgotten Password’ link, the user will be asked to confirm their email address.

Figure 5: Forgotten Password Window The Key v5.8 - Release Notes - July 2019

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After this, security questions will be presented for completion to confirm the identity of the user resetting the password.

Figure 6: Security Questions Window

If the security questions are correctly answered, confirmation will appear.

Figure 7: Reset Password on Screen Confirmation

The email will contain a new password that is valid for a limited time period (15 minutes). The user will then be able to log in, but this will need to be in the same browser that started the password reset process and will be obliged to change their password on first login.

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The Key v5.8 - Release Notes - July 2019

The Key

Release Notes 5.8

Products Page Conveyancing products are now shown on the Client Portal under the ‘Other products’ heading. This will also, for products created through the ConveyancingBrain integration, allow the client to view the case notes through the dedicated button.

Figure 8: Client Portal Conveyancing Products Screen

If clicked, the case notes are displayed on screen.

Figure 9: Case Notes Dialogue Window

Fact Find An update has been applied to the synchronisation process to ensure that any changes made to the ‘New Mortgage’ screen are immediately reflected in The Key rather than requiring a secondary refresh. The Key v5.8 - Release Notes - July 2019

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Secure Messages The user interface for secure messages in the portal has been updated to make it easier for a client to review and respond to messages. Case: House move, 18 Maple Close.

Figure 10: Secure Message Interface

Messages from the logged in applicant will always appear on the right-hand side. The highlighted section will allow a client to change the ‘subject’ of the message if required. Where two applicants are present, notification of a secure message will be sent to both applicant one and two – as long as the applicant has access to the Client Portal and a valid email address.

Advisor Portal The online interface for The Key has been updated and refreshed in line with the technology that underpins the Client and Introducer Portals. This change impacts not only the interface when accessed through a web browser, but also when accessing through a mobile device, thereby replacing the previous ‘Advisor on the Go’ screens.

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The Key v5.8 - Release Notes - July 2019

The Key

Release Notes 5.8

Home Page When logging into the Advisor Portal, a new home screen will be shown.

Figure 11: Advisor Portal Home Page

• Applicant Search will allow the user to search for a specific client using any of the criteria indicated • Last Accessed Clients and Sales will display the most recently accessed files • Admin offers a quick link to a list of Contacts and Tasks

Client Screen When opening a client record, the contact details will be displayed. The last sale accessed will also be shown, and the top menu will update to a more client specific one, in this case showing the number of sales associated with the client.

Figure 12: Client Contact Details The Key v5.8 - Release Notes - July 2019

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Sales Selection Screen This screen will list each of the sales associated with the client record. Note that the ‘breadcrumb’ menu will (as with other screens) confirm where the user is within the Advisor Portal.

Figure 13: Sales Selection Screen

Sale Screen When selecting a sale, the main menu will update and a summary of sale details will be shown. The main menu will also show the total number of products, documents and tasks associated and act as a link to review those items. Note that ‘Calculators’ will allow the user to access the debt consolidation functionality that is detailed later in the document.

Figure 14: Sale Summary Screen

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The Key v5.8 - Release Notes - July 2019

The Key

Release Notes 5.8 For example, the ‘Products’ tab will list any products associated with the sale.

Figure 15: Product List

Viewing products will show a summary of the product details and the worklist (if one is associated) where items in green are completed, yellow are incomplete and red have not been started.

Figure 16: Product Details and Worklist

The Key v5.8 - Release Notes - July 2019

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Introducer Portal Password Reset Introducers who have been given access to Key data through the Introducer Portal can also reset their password if required. The ability to do so is controlled through a setup value in the same location as noted above for the Client Portal functionality (i.e. Setup > General > Company Details). As with the Client Portal password reset, the introducer will need to click on the ‘Forgotten Password’ link, confirm their email and answer security questions before a new, temporary, password will be emailed to them. The user will then be able to log in, but this will need to be in the same browser that started the password reset process and will be obliged to change their password on first login.

General Client Changes When adding a new client to The Key, the Advisor and Administrator dropdown options will now be displayed for all users.

Figure 17: Advisor/Administrator Options on New Client

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The Key v5.8 - Release Notes - July 2019

The Key

Release Notes 5.8 The Advisor list has also been updated to ensure that only valid, and active, advisors are presented for selection. A new option in Setup > General > Sales Process will make the recording of an email address for at least one applicant mandatory.

Figure 18: Mandatory Email Address Setting

Fact Find A number of changes have been made to The Key’s fact find. Any new sales will now be on v12 of the fact find, as shown on screen. Fact finds started before the update to version 5.8 will remain on the same version in which they were started.

Figure 19: Fact Find Version Number

The Key v5.8 - Release Notes - July 2019

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Client Cont. Tab Nationality Update A new radio button “Are you a British citizen?” has been added in place of the previous ‘Nationality’ drop down, allowing more information to be recorded where necessary.

Figure 20: British Citizen Field

If ‘Yes’ is selected, no further action is required. If ‘No’ is selected, the ‘More’ button will be enabled to allow more detail around ‘Citizenship and Right to Reside’ to be recorded, as per the screen below.

Figure 21: Citizenship Details Window

Additional Visa related questions will appear if ‘Do you have indefinite leave to remain in the UK?’ is recorded as ‘No’. Page 12 of 36

The Key v5.8 - Release Notes - July 2019

The Key

Release Notes 5.8 Dependants Update Following a review of advice received at the point GDPR requirements were introduced, the link between a dependant and a specific applicant(s) has been restored in The Key. Consequently, when adding a dependant, the ‘Dependant Details’ window will now ask for confirmation of the associated dependant.

Figure 22: Dependant Details

Note that a change has been made to the banding for dependants on the ‘Manage Client Dependants’ screen to make the upper band 17 rather than the previous 18. This is to reflect the common requirement from lenders for this information.

The Key v5.8 - Release Notes - July 2019

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Financials Tab An additional field, and the rewording of a field, now provides extra clarity as to the budget available to meet the client’s needs, and what has been agreed versus what the maximum is available. This information was always available in the ‘Budget Planner’ screens, but is now on the main Financials tab as well.

Figure 23: Budget Summary Data

Commitments Data Four new commitment types have been added. They all relate to salary deductions in respect of travel season pass, student loan, share save and childcare voucher. As these are deductions from the gross salary, they are not passed through to the budget planner.

Existing Plans For ‘Mortgage/Loan and Protection/GI’ and ‘Protection/GI’ only fact finds, the ‘Existing Plans’ tab has been moved to precede the Insurance tab.

Figure 24: Existing Plans Tab

Pension Existing Plans A new field has been added to existing plans to record whether this is a company pension.

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The Key v5.8 - Release Notes - July 2019

The Key

Release Notes 5.8

Figure 25: Company Pension Data

This is designed to allow pension details to be recorded where the deduction is made from the gross salary, and so should not be reflected in the budget planner.

New Mortgage/Loan Tab Loan Details Tab Additional fields have been added to record more information around the source of funds available, in particular if any of those funds are made up of gifts.

Figure 26: Additional Data re Source of Funds

Note that the additional questions marked with a mandatory field above will only be displayed if the response to ‘Are you in receipt of a monetary gift or gifts?’ is ‘Yes’. The Key v5.8 - Release Notes - July 2019

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Property Tab – Additional Information More information can now be recorded against the property type. The information is accessed through the ‘Details’ button next to the property type.

Figure 27: Additional Property Details

The details that can be recorded differ according to the property type. Where the property type is ‘Flat’, the following information can be recorded.

Figure 28: Property Details - Flat

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The Key v5.8 - Release Notes - July 2019

The Key

Release Notes 5.8 For other property types, the following information can be recorded.

Figure 29: Property Details - Other Property Types

Property Tab – New Build Development / Resale A new, non-mandatory, dropdown has been added to request detail as to whether the purchase is a new build development or resale. If new build is selected, a ‘More’ button will be displayed to allow more information to be recorded.

Figure 30: New Build/Development Dropdown

The Key v5.8 - Release Notes - July 2019

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The ‘More’ button will open the following screen to allow more details about the development to be recorded.

Figure 31: New Development Additional Data

Developments can be recorded as contacts (Admin > Contacts) and added to this screen through the normal contact addition functionality.

Insurance Cover Required – Customising Cover Required Questions It is now possible to customise the wording of the questions that appear on the Insurance > Cover Required screen. This is managed through the Fact Find Configuration tool located in Setup > General > Reports/Fact Find. Selecting the ‘Insurance Cover Required’ tab will display the following screen.

Figure 32: Custom Insurance Cover Questions Setup

Edit the text according to requirements and click ‘Save’ to apply the changes. Page 18 of 36

The Key v5.8 - Release Notes - July 2019

The Key

Release Notes 5.8

Life Cover Option for Whole of Life A new checkbox has been added to the Insurance > Life/Critical Illness screen for ‘Life Only’ cases which will allow for ‘Whole of Life’ to be selected instead of being obliged to complete a specific period of cover.

Figure 33: Whole of Life Checkbox

If ‘Whole of life’ is selected, the ‘Over which period …’ question will be disabled. Note that a ‘Whole of life’ case can only be sent through to SolutionBuilder as a single benefit.

Income Protection Maximum Benefit Option When an income protection need is recorded, it is now possible to select ‘Maximum Benefit’ for the level of income required, rather than being obliged to enter a specific value.

Figure 34: Maximum Benefit Checkbox

The Key v5.8 - Release Notes - July 2019

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Custom Fact Find Tab It is now possible to add a new tab with some custom questions. This will allow the firm to include some bespoke questions in the fact find without the need for a system update. Questions can be added in Setup > General > Lists, by firstly selecting the ‘Custom Fact Find Questions’ list. Once selected, click ‘Add’ to add a question (note that if questions have already been added, the ‘Edit’ and ‘Delete’ buttons will be enabled).

Figure 35: Custom Fact Find Tab Settings

The ‘Batch mode’ option, if selected, will prevent the dialogue box from closing when ‘OK’ is clicked, making it easier to add multiple custom questions. As well as the question, a name is required for the merge field that will also be created. Each question will have a single data area for a response – therefore any questions that require a response from applicant 1 and applicant 2 will require two questions. The fact find template will require updating to add the question text, and the merge fields for the responses. The merge field is in the form of <<ffinsurance.[merge field name]>>. For example, where the merge field is called Sample, the field would be <<ffinsurance.sample>>. NOTE: As these are custom fields, if they are removed at a later date then they will be removed from historical cases.

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The Key v5.8 - Release Notes - July 2019

The Key

Release Notes 5.8 Once one or more questions have been added, a new tab will appear in the fact find called â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Customâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;. This will display the question and a location for the associated data.

Figure 36: Custom Tab Example

Debt Consolidation Functionality New functionality has been added to address the issue of debt consolidation, and to support the analysis of commitments to determine whether consolidation may be an appropriate course of action for a client. This calculator is delivered through a web browser interface that is launched from The Key or from the Advisor Portal. The calculator will allow for multiple different scenarios to be modelled according to the requirements of the client. Setup Debt Consolidation is not enabled automatically. The checkbox to enable this functionality is located at the bottom of the Setup > General > Sales Process screen.

Figure 37: Debt Consolidation Settings The Key v5.8 - Release Notes - July 2019

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Once enabled, each user will also need to be updated with access to the debt consolidation functionality. This is set in the User Details > Restrictions window.

Figure 38: User Details > Restrictions

Once all permissions have been set, a new option of ‘Calculator’ will be available in the ‘Client’ menu.

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The Key v5.8 - Release Notes - July 2019

The Key

Release Notes 5.8

Recording Commitments In order to support debt consolidation calculations, the commitments screen will now require an interest rate to be recorded against loans, HP agreements or credit cards.

Figure 39: Commitments Detail

Carrying Out Debt Consolidation Suitability Calculations The Keyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s calculation functionality is available in the Client menu (assuming the appropriate permissions have been set). Upon first entering the screen, select the sale to be used for debt analysis work.

Figure 40: Launching Debt Consolidation

The Key v5.8 - Release Notes - July 2019

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The ‘Debt Consolidation’ screen will also list any scenarios that have been created. Scenarios can be created, or deleted, from this screen. The ‘calculator’ can be opened through the ‘Launch’ button on this screen.

Figure 41: Scenario Management

Creating a Scenario After clicking ‘Create Scenario’, the user will be presented with a list of commitments recorded against the sale. The user can then select which commitments are to be considered for consolidation (default will be no).

Figure 42: Scenario Creation

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The Key v5.8 - Release Notes - July 2019

The Key

Release Notes 5.8 Click ‘Next’ to move to the ‘Analysis Summary’ screen. This will initially require the user to select the product being used as a basis for debt consolidation. This will need to be a product already recorded against this sale in The Key. Once selected, the details of the product will be shown on screen.

Figure 43: Analysis Summary

Click on ‘Analysis’ to start the calculation. This will then show the results in a tabbed format with one tab per commitment, and a final tab with all selected commitments included.

Figure 44: Analysis Calculations

Each tab will provide details of the calculated figures, as well as any initial monthly saving and change in the total amount payable. Each commitment can then be added for consolidation, or not, as necessary. The ‘Total’ tab will reflect a summary of all individual tabs where the user has chosen to consolidate the commitment(s). The scenario can be saved through the ‘Save’ button or abandoned with the ‘Cancel’ button. If saved, a reason for the decision can be recorded, and a name for the scenario provided.

The Key v5.8 - Release Notes - July 2019

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Printing Debt Consolidation Summary The printing process is managed within the main Key application.

Document Template New merge fields are used to print out the selected consolidation analysis. An example document structure is shown in Appendix B which can be saved as a document and added as a file in The Key (through Setup > Letters > Add Existing File). Alternatively, a copy of the actual document can be found in Program Data > Mortgage Brain > The Key > Config.

Figure 45: Debt Consolidation Summary Document Location

Note: The file is not automatically added to Setup > Letters in case users have already added a debt consolidation document with the same name.

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The Key v5.8 - Release Notes - July 2019

The Key

Release Notes 5.8

Document Production Any scenarios produced with the debt calculator will be ‘saved’ in Client > Documents with the name of the scenario when it was created. The screenshot below shows the entries for two scenarios that were created for a sale.

Figure 46: Client > Documents

When printing debt consolidation documents – or any documents including debt consolidation merge fields - the details of the scenario marked ‘Final Version’ will be included in the document that is generated from the ‘Generate Document’ functionality.

The Key v5.8 - Release Notes - July 2019

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ConveyancingBrain Update When a ConveyancingBrain product is instructed, the instructed date will now be stored as a product data item. This can be seen in the product grid under the ‘Start Date’ column. If a referral fee has been added, it is now returned as such in the Product Details > Commission screen.

Figure 47: Solicitors Referral Fee Commission Entry

The Product Details screen now offers a shortcut to view case notes online. This button, located on the ‘Main’ tab, will be enabled once the case has been instructed.

Figure 48: Viewing Case Notes Page 28 of 36

The Key v5.8 - Release Notes - July 2019

The Key

Release Notes 5.8 If clicked, a window will be presented with the case notes.

Figure 49: Case Notes Window

A message will be shown if there are no messages.

Figure 50: No Case Notes Warning

The Key v5.8 - Release Notes - July 2019

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Admin Screens Review Screen

A new ‘Print List’ button has been added to the Admin > Reviews screen in The Key. As with other such buttons, this will export the list of results to Excel for further manipulation (if required) and printing.

Figure 51: New Reviews Options

A new ‘Open Client’ button has also been added to directly open the client record from the Reviews screen.

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The Key v5.8 - Release Notes - July 2019

The Key

Release Notes 5.8

Setup Screens Password Reset Functionality The Key now offers a password reset process that can be carried out by the user/client. If required, this functionality can be disabled in the Setup > General > Company Details page. The password reset functionality will be enabled for each option with a tick.

Figure 52: Password Reset Settings

The Key / Advisor Portal Forgotten Password Functionality The forgotten password link is shown on the desktop applicationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s login screen.

Figure 53: Password Reset Function The Key v5.8 - Release Notes - July 2019

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If logging in through the Advisor Portal, a user will just need to click on the Forgotten Password link. Selecting either option will open the online password reset functionality. The user will need to enter the email associated with their account, and then confirm their details through security questions. Once the temporary password has been received, the user will need to login through the Advisor Portal (the login window will be shown after the password reset) to apply the password change. This will need to be in the same browser that started the password reset process, and as with the other password reset functionality, the user will be obliged to change their password on first login.

Password Settings A number of updates have been made to the Password Rules that are displayed on the Setup > General > Company Details screen.

Figure 54: New Password Settings

The number of months that a password cannot be reused in is now a user configurable option. This will retain the default value of 12 months, but can be amended if the rule is applied through the associated checkbox. A new value has been added that will prevent a user from reusing a password within a set period; the period being measured in the number of passwords. If enabled (through the associated checkbox) the default value of 12 will be used, but this can be changed. If applied with the default settings, a user â&#x20AC;&#x201C; when changing their password â&#x20AC;&#x201C; will need to go through 12 different passwords before reusing their original.

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The Key v5.8 - Release Notes - July 2019

The Key

Release Notes 5.8

Other Enhancements • Product Details – Resolved issue that could result in ‘First Time Buyer’ checkbox being reset when product was saved • Product Details – Resolved issue where a new note could be added showing ‘(Edit)’ • Client Portal – Removed possibility of client record lock being reported after overnight release process • Introducer Portal – Tooltips added to Provider column to confirm full name of provider • Introducer Portal – Resolved issue which could display some dates in US format • Introducer Portal – Added option for ‘Second Charge’ when creating a lead • Introducer Portal – Online credentials for contacts now need to follow the same password rules as apply for the Client Portal • Setup > General > Disclosure/RWL – Resolved issue where a branch setting enabling saving of partially completed RWLs could apply globally • Setup > Integration – Screen update to remove extraneous options • Reasons Why Letter – Resolved issue that could mark RWL as complete when RWL saved as Draft • Advisor Portal – Resolved issue leading to error message when accessing tasks online • Advisor Portal – Disabled advisor selection for reports that do not offer that filtering • Advisor Portal – Added option to ‘Add Document’ within the advisor portal; this will also allow for photos to be taken (e.g. for IDV purposes) and uploaded in one process (with the original image deleted from the device if this function is supported by the device) • Mortgage Enquiry Form – Corrected issue that could prevent email address from being passed through from the form to the database • Mortgage Enquiry Form – Spelling correction on confirmation message displayed when lead submitted • Mortgage Enquiry Form – When a new lead is submitted through the form, the associated task will now have a due date of when the lead was submitted, rather than one day later • Fact Find – Resolved issue that could display legacy insurance % change if basis moved to Level • Reports – Resolved issue that could cause automated reports to be sent twice • Reports > Queries – Added ‘Introducer Details’ (company name, contact name and branch name) to the list of configurable column options • Client > Documents – Can now hide snapshots when only a single sale is present • Documents – A new merge field has been created to display sale notes only; this is <<Client. SalesNotes>> • Commissions > Split Payments – Added ‘Select All’ and ‘Deselect All’ buttons • Integration > MortgageBrain Classic – Ensured that years and months for ‘part and part’ cases populate correctly into the new fields in MortgageBrain Classic (Payment Type > Split (Interest Only Part)

The Key v5.8 - Release Notes - July 2019

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Appendix A – Fact Find Template Updates The fact find printout templates have been amended to support the changes made within the fact find. The new templates will automatically be deployed as part of the update. However, if custom fact find printouts have been created, the updated areas are shown below. Income Details cont. This change applies to all fact find templates. The label in this section has changed from ‘Budget available to meet Mortgage needs’ to ‘Agreed budget to meet need(s)’. The merge field has also been amended to cover both columns for better clarity that this data item refers to both applicant 1 and 2 (if present). INCOME DETAILS cont. Total Annual Income Net Monthly Take Home Pay (TI)




Agreed budget to meet need


Mortgage Requirements This change applies to the Mortgage and Mortgage and Protection fact find templates. It is not applicable for GI only fact finds. The new fields are located between ‘Source of funds available’ and ‘If you are buying on a Right to Buy basis’, as shown below. Source of funds available


How much of your own savings do you have (excluding gifts)?


Are you in recepit of a monetary gift or gifts?


If yes: Total amount of monetary gift(s) Are all the monetary gifts from UK residents? Is/Are the gift(s) from an immediate family member?


If you are buying on a Right To Buy basis: Page 34 of 36

The Key v5.8 - Release Notes - July 2019

The Key

Release Notes 5.8

Property to be Mortgaged This change applies to the Mortgage and Mortgage and Protection fact find templates. It is not applicable for GI only fact finds. The new fields are located between ‘Property type (Detached, Semi-Detached, Terraced etc.)’ and ‘What is the property tenure? (Freehold, Leasehold, Feuhold)’, as shown below. Property type (detached, semi-detached, terraced etc)


Internal area (m2)


Monthly ground rent


Monthly service charge


Monthly rent If flat:


Is parking included?


Is there a lift?


Number of floors


Floor number What is the property tenure (freehold, Leasehold, Feuhold)?


Income Protection This change applies to the Mortgage and Mortgage and Protection fact find templates. It is not applicable for GI only fact finds. The new field is located between ‘What level of income would be required £’ and ‘Frequency’, as shown below. What level of income would be required £?



Or is ‘Maximum Benefit’ required?






The Key v5.8 - Release Notes - July 2019

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Appendix B – Debt Consolidation Summary Document The following can be copied into a new document and added to The Key as a new template (Setup > Letters > Add Existing Document). As noted in the main text, this document is not automatically added to the Letters area in case a user created document is already present with the same name. ---START OF DEBT SUMMARY TEMPLATE--Debt Consolidation Summary New mortgage detail selected: <<DEBT.NEWMORTGAGE>> Debts selected for consolidation: <<DEBT.COMMITMENTS>> Below are the total values for debts selected for consolidation. Total debt: Consolidation comparison: Amount outstanding (£)

Amount outstanding (£)

Net interest payable (£)

<<DebtAnalysis.Commitment_TotalAmount Outstanding>>

<<DebtAnalysis.Commitment_TotalMonthly Payment>>

<<DebtAnalysis.Commitment_TotalNet InterestPayable>>

Not consolidated (£)

Consolidated (£)

Potential outcome:

Outstanding mortgage

<<DebtAnalysis.Not_Consolidated_Outstanding Amount>>

<<DebtAnalysis.Consolidated_Outstanding Amount>>

Total monthly payment


<<DebtAnalysis.Consolidated_TotalMonthly MortgagePayment>>

Total mortgage interest

<<DebtAnalysis.Not_Consolidated_TotalMortgage InterestAmount>>

<<DebtAnalysis.Consolidated_TotalMortgage InterestAmount>>

<<DebtAnalysis.Not_Consolidated_TotalDebt InterestAmount>>

<<DebtAnalysis.Consolidated_TotalDebt InterestAmount>>

Total interest

<<DebtAnalysis.Not_Consolidated_Total InterestAmount>>

<<DebtAnalysis.Consolidated_Total Interest Amount>>

Total repayment

<<DebtAnalysis.Not_Consolidated_Total RepaymentAmount>>

<<DebtAnalysis.Consolidated_Total Repayment Amount>>

Total debt interest

Initial monthly saving of £<<DebtAnalysis.InitialMonthlySaving>> Total change in amount payable is £<<DebtAnalysis.TotalChangeInAmountPayable>> Reason <<DebtAnalysis.Reason>> ---END OF DEBT SUMMARY CONTENT--Page 36 of 36

The Key v5.8 - Release Notes - July 2019

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The Key - v5.8 Release Notes  

Find out what's new in the latest version of Mortage Brain's CRM solution, The Key

The Key - v5.8 Release Notes  

Find out what's new in the latest version of Mortage Brain's CRM solution, The Key

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