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POWER OF TAYNIKMA The Saga of Toron: Book 3 Merlin P. Mann

Jan Kjær

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Power of Taynikma


Word list

The Saga of Toron Toron is 16 years old and a champion fighter. He has combined a mechanical blade with a magical stone to create the powerful taynikma!

He grew up in a small mountain village, where shepherds had found him when he was just an infant.

A small pendant around his neck was the only lead to his lost parents. One day he went on a journey through the dangerous hills to find them.


fighter kriger

magical magisk

pendant vedhæng

mechanical mekanisk

shepherds hyrder

lead ledetråd

blade sværdklinge

infant spædbarn

journey rejse

In a slave camp he found others of his kind, but not his family. They don’t live here!

They probably died many years ago...

Still he helped the girl Natila free the slaves. Now they are building a new home in the hills, and he is known as the village champion.

But his journey isn’t over yet.

Welcome to the conclusion of Toron’s great adventure!

slave camp slavelejr

free befri

conclusion afslutning

kind slags

yet endnu

adventure eventyr


Power of Taynikma »Ouch!« Toron cried as the fall woke him from his sleep. He was lying on the floor next to the bed. He sat up and looked around. »The taynikma!« he gasped and jumped over to the wall. He lifted a loose floorboard and checked the small space underneath it. Phew!

It was just a dream!

The taynikma is still in its hiding place!

He had been dreaming about losing the taynikma. Without it he couldn’t defend the village he and the former slaves were building. They had worked hard for weeks now and the old slave camp was slowly turning into a real home.


woke vækkede

underneath under

losing miste

loose løst

Phew! Puha!

former tidligere

floorboard gulvbræt

hiding place skjulested

turning into ved at blive til

»Every muscle in my body is sore,« Toron grumbled as he walked over to the bed again. »I better get some more sleep!« He gave a deep sigh. Sometimes he just wanted to play around with the taynikma, but right now there was too much work to do. And the taynikma wasn’t a toy. »It’s not a gift. It’s an obligation,« his old trainer Corlin had told him. You don’t own the power of taynikma. You borrow it for the right purpose, but it will disappear if you abuse it!

That’s why Toron kept it hidden away. »Without the taynikma the village would be doomed,« he thought. »We wouldn’t be able to defend it.« Toron was just about to lie down, when suddenly he noticed a small glow from underneath the floor. »The taynikma is glowing?!« Toron thought. That must be a warning! Someone is here...

Why does Toron keep the taynikma hidden away?

sore øm

purpose formål

doomed dødsdømt

gift gave

abuse misbruge

glow glød, skær

obligation forpligtelse

hidden away skjult

warning advarsel


Toron sneaked very carefully over to the door leading into the other room, but stopped just before opening it. »If someone is in there, they’re keeping watch,« Toron thought. He got down on the floor and looked through the gap under the door. It was dark in the other room. He could just barely see the dark figures searching the place. »Are you sure this is the right house?« asked one of the burglars in a low voice. »Of course!« the other one hissed. »The champion sleeps in this house, so this must be where he keeps the secret weapon!« »Wait!« a third man said. »I found a chest. It’s locked!«


Stay away from that chest

The group of burglars looked up in surprise, but at the same time Toron realized he had been too hasty. There were five of them, and they were all armed with scary swords. Toron was unarmed - his taynikma was still under the floorboard.


watch vagt

secret hemmelige

hasty hastig

gap åbning

third tredje

armed bevæbnet

burglars indbrudstyve

chest kiste

scary skræmmende

Go! Take the chest!

We’ll take care of the kid in the meantime! Toron jumped up on a table, but another burglar chopped off the table legs and Toron fell on the floor. »I’ll cut you in half!« the burglar snapped and swung his blade towards Toron. He managed to roll away, but now the three other burglars were headed towards him. Suddenly the door was kicked in, and Natila entered with two swords. »Not on my shift!« she yelled.


Toron grabbed the sword in mid-air. What are the burglars looking for?

meantime i mellemtiden

he managed

Not on my shift

chopped off huggede af

det lykkedes ham

Ikke mens jeg holder vagt

cut in half skære midt over

kicked in sparket ind

mid-air i luften


»We’re off!« the leader yelled, as Toron swung his sword skilfully. Natila tried to get in their way, but a fierce kick knocked her over. Toron was about to rush after the leader, when he saw one of the burglars attack Natila. Get away!

The burglar screamed in pain as the sword grazed his arm. He dropped the blade and ran off before Toron could reach him. »I’m happy you had the night watch!« said Toron as he helped Natila get back on her feet. »But they stole my chest and I have to get it back. Let’s go!« »What was in that chest?« Natila asked, but Toron just hurried into his bedroom to put on his boots. »Not the taynikma, I hope!« she continued. »No,« Toron said and took out the taynikma from under the floorboard. My pendant. My family tag was in the chest!


We’re off! Vi er smuttet!

rush styrte af sted

night watch nattevagt

skilfully dygtigt, behændigt

grazed strejfede

continued fortsatte

fierce voldsomt

ran off stak af

tag mærke

»Did you keep that?« Natila said. »That’s a slave mark! Why would you want to keep it? Everyone else burnt theirs as soon as the slave-keepers were gone!« »It’s all I have left of my real family,« Toron said. And I won’t let stupid burglars get away with it!

They weren’t just burglars! »They carried the mark of Lord Gasper,« Natila said. »The evil mountain lord who used to own this mine! I can’t see why they would want to steal your silly pendant?« »They were looking for some secret weapon,« Toron said as he walked out the door. »I guess they thought it was inside the chest!« »The taynikma,« Natila said. »They were here for the taynikma ...« »Are you coming?« Toron yelled back to Natila. Or are you just going to stand there talking all night?

Why is the pendant important to Toron?

keep beholde

get away with slippe afsted med

evil ond

burnt brændte

carried bar

used to plejede

slave-keepers slavevogtere

lord hersker

secret hemmeligt


The night was dark and the burglars moved a lot faster than Toron and Natila. They tried their best to follow the tracks, but it was very difficult. »It’s too dark. It could take forever to find them,« Natila said and sat down on a rock. Is that pendant really so important? Shouldn’t we be getting back to the village instead?

I am not going to give up! »I will get my pendant back,« Toron said angrily. Even if I have to follow them to the end of the world!

»They’re probably just headed for Lord Gasper’s castle,« Natila shrugged.


faster hurtigere

tracks spor

the end of the world verdens ende

tried their best

take forever

headed for på vej mod

gjorde deres bedste

tage en evighed

castle borg

»Then that’s where we’re going!« Toron said. He stood for a moment and stared into the dark night. Then he asked hesitantly, »Do you know where it is, Natila?« Natila sighed. »I’ve been there once many years ago,« she finally said. »But it will be hard to find the way in the dark!« And while we’re gone, the village might be attacked by Gasper’s men!

»Don’t worry. We’ll put an end to that threat at the same time,« Toron said. »We travel to Gasper’s castle and make sure he never attacks our village!« Natila stared at Toron. »A very risky plan!« »Well, that’s why I need you ...« ... And the taynikma! So which way do we go? Natila couldn’t help laughing. »You are the bravest, most foolish champion I know!« she said and led the way through the dark hills. Why is the village in danger now?

stared stirrede

attacked angrebet

make sure sikre

hesitantly tøvende

put an end to sætte en stopper for

risky risikofyldt

once en gang

threat trussel

led viste


Toron and Natila walked all night, and as the sun slowly rose over the mountain tops, they could see the road leading up to a huge, dark fortress. It was Lord Gasper’s mountain castle. We found it! But how do you plan on getting us inside the thick walls?

»Through the gates, of course,« Toron said and pointed. »They’re wide open!« Natila looked in disbelief at the gates. One of the doors had not been closed properly. Toron moved closer to the fortress. »It might be a trap,« whispered Natila as she followed right on Toron’s tail. We could end up in an ambush!

Toron didn’t answer. He just sneaked into the yard. »You wasted no time,« a deep voice said and a tall man stepped out from the castle.


rose her: stod op

properly ordentligt

ambush baghold

fortress fæstning

trap fælde

yard gård

disbelief vantro

on... tail i hælene på

wasted no time spildte ikke tiden

His glance was stern and the torches on the walls made his metal armour glitter. Welcome to my castle!

Are you Lord Gasper? He nodded as the burglars from the night before came out behind him. They looked very surprised to see Toron and Natila. »Your little thieves have stolen something from me,« Toron said. »I want it back – now!« »Did you come all the way up here for this?« Lord Gasper asked and pulled out Toron’s pendant. »You’re more of a fool, than I had expected ...« »Give it to me!« »Maybe we can barter,« Lord Gasper said with an evil smile. »Your secret weapon for this useless slave tag!« »You’ll never have my taynikma!« Toron snarled. »No barter then ...« the Lord said and gave a signal with his hand. Fire at will, my crossbowmen!

What is Lord Gasper’s offer to Toron?

glance blik

armour rustning

useless ubrugelig

stern barskt

expected forventet

Fire at will Fyr løs

torches faklerne

barter bytte

crossbowmen armbrøstmænd


Toron looked around and noticed the many soldiers standing up on the fortress wall. They were all aiming crossbows directly at him! »Get down!« he yelled to Natila. Then the sharp sounds of the crossbows going off echoed in the castle yard, but Toron was ready. He held up his taynikma and a small shield of energy shot out from the magical stone inside it.

»Charge him, you fools!« one of the soldiers yelled to the confused crossbowmen. Everyone drew their swords and jumped down into the yard to attack Toron. »Charge all you like,« Toron smiled as the taynikma lit up.

Charge – or I will...


fortress fæstning

sharp skingre

charge angrib

aiming sigtede

echoed gav genlyd

confused forvirrede

crossbows armbrøster

shield skjold

drew trak

The soldiers stopped and looked nervously at each other for a moment. But Natila didn’t hesitate. She grabbed a club and knocked down two of the soldiers from behind. »No more talk, Toron!« she yelled. Let’s get out of here while we can!

»I am not leaving without my pendant,« Toron said. And these sorry soldiers better not get in my way!

Some of the soldiers tried – but it wasn’t long before most had fled the yard. Toron and Natila stood back to back and all around them lay beaten soldiers. »Excellent fighting,« Lord Gasper said. »You certainly proved the power of the secret weapon.« »Why are you smiling, Gasper?« Toron snarled. »You’re the next one I’ll strike to the ground!« »I don’t think so,« Lord Gasper laughed. How does Toron avoid being hit by the crossbows?

nervously nervøst

fled flygtet fra

excellent fortræffelig

club kølle

lay lå

snarled snerrede

get in my way stå i vejen

beaten slagne

strike slå


»What are you talking about?« Toron said and looked at Lord Gasper. »We just defeated your soldiers. You can’t stop me now!« Lord Gasper didn’t answer. He just kept on laughing and then he snapped his fingers. Two brutal soldiers pulled an old couple out into the yard. They both carried slave marks. Lord Gasper held up Toron’s pendant and said, »We were quite disappointed to find only a slave tag in your chest, but then my slave master recognized the family mark.«

W-what do you mean? Who are these people?

»Don’t you recognize them?« Lord Gasper asked. If this slave mark is yours, then they must be your parents!


Toron was paralyzed and speechless.

kept on fortsatte

disappointed skuffede over

paralyzed lamslået

snapped knipsede med

recognized genkendte

speechless målløs

couple par

He looked at the poor old woman and the sad looking man. They did look somewhat familiar. Could it be true? Could it really be true? »M-mother ...? Father ...?« The two old slaves looked at Toron with the same bewilderment as he felt. The old woman could not hold back her tears, but neither she nor the man spoke a word. The two soldiers made sure of that. »Nothing is as touching as a family reunion,« Lord Gasper laughed. »I would hate to break it up, by killing these two slaves!«

Don’t you dare, or I will...

The soldiers pushed the old couple to the ground and held sharp blades right to their necks.

The weapon makes you invincible... »But not nearly fast enough to stop my men from killing your family on my orders!« Gasper said. How does Gasper know the old slave couple is Toron’s family?

poor stakkels

neither... nor hverken... eller

break it up afbryde

familiar velkendte

touching rørende

invincible uovervindelig

bewilderment forvirring

reunion genforening

on my orders på min kommado


Toron didn’t move. A few tears escaped his eyes. He had just found the family he thought he never had – and now he was about to lose it once more. Don’t do it... please!

»I don’t care if these slaves live or die,« Lord Gasper said. »I care about having the secret weapon. Hand it over, and I’ll spare your parents – I’ll even let you all join my slave ranks!« »Toron! Don’t listen to him,« Natila whispered. You need that taynikma – our village depends on it!

Toron looked at her with sadness. »You don’t understand,« he said. »All my life I’ve been an orphan – now suddenly I can have a real family for the first time in my life!« »I don’t have all day,« Lord Gasper said. »Soldiers! Chop them down at my signal ...« »NO!« Toron yelled and stepped forward. »I’ll let you have the taynikma – but you will have to let them go with me and Natila!«


escaped undslap

spare skåne

depends on er afhæning af

I don’t care jeg er ligeglad

join slutte jer til

orphan forældreløs

Hand... over Aflevér

ranks rækker

chop fælde

»I guess that would only be fair,« Gasper said and shrugged. »Hand me the weapon now, and I’ll set you all free ...« »Toron! It’s a trap!« Natila shouted, but too late. Toron took off the taynikma and threw it on the ground in front of Lord Gasper. Take it, you ogre!

Now keep your end of the deal!

Lord Gasper quickly picked up the taynikma and looked at it in awe. »What a prize!« he said. And so easily won from a total fool!

The gates closed and as Gasper put on the taynikma, his soldiers closed in on Toron and Natila. What is the choice Toron has to make?

shrugged trak på skuldrene

keep your end hold din del

prize her: fund

trap fælde

deal aftale

closed in on omringede

you ogre! dit uhyre!

in awe med ærefrygt


»Leave the boy to me,« Lord Gasper said. »He will be the first one I’ll kill with my new weapon!« »The taynikma is not yours,« Toron sneered. »It’s meant to do good!« »This weapon is mine – it’s meant to do what I want it to!« Lord Gasper snapped. »And I want it to kill anyone who goes against my rule!« Lord Gasper shook the taynikma a couple of times and it finally lit up. This blade will serve me. Like the rest of the world, when I use its power!

The lord raised the blade, but then Toron noticed how the light from the magical stone flickered strangely. »Get down, Natila,« Toron yelled. He jumped over and pulled her down to the ground with him. Gasper never realized what was about to happen – and a giant blast of energy exploded from the stone. Lord Gasper barely had time to scream, as the energy shot right at him like a bolt of lightning.


leave overlad

flickered strangely gnistrede mystisk

blast drøn

it’s meant den er beregnet til

giant kæmpe

bolt of lightning pil

rule regel

The soldiers ran away in panic as Gasper fell to the ground. Toron stood up and walked over to the dead lord. The taynikma was on the ground – still flashing with great power. Only for the right purpose...

Toron took the pendant from Gasper’s left hand. Natila put her hand on Toron’s shoulder and said, »Come. It’s time for you to meet your family ...« Toron smiled and looked over at the old man and the old woman. They smiled back through the tears. Why did the power of taynikma turn against Gasper?

fell faldt

right purpose rette formål

turn against

flashing lynende

through gennem

sætte op imod


English-Danish word list a couple of times et par gange about to skulle lige til angrily vredt anyone hvem som helst attack angribe avoid undgå back to back ryggen mod hinanden barely lige akkurat be able to være i stand til become blive behind bagved blade sværdklinge boots støvler borrow låne (the) bravest modigste brutal brutal build bygge burglar indbrudstyv carefully forsigtigt carried bar castle borg champion mester charge angribe checked tjekkede chest kiste combined kombineret create frembringe cried skreg dangerous farlig dare vove dark mørk dead død defeat overvinde defend forsvare depend afhænge af difficult vanskeligt directly direkte disappear forsvinde dream drøm dropped tabte energy energi entered trådte ind evil ond exploded eksploderede fair fall fell


retfærdig fald faldt

few få fighting kamp figure skikkelse finally til sidst flicker blafre floor gulv floorboard gulvbræt foolish tåbelig forward frem gasped gispede glitter skinne grabbed greb ground jord group gruppe grumbled brummede hand me ræk mig happen ske hate hade headed towards på vej mod hesitate tøve hills bjerge hissed hyssede hold back holde tilbage huge vældig stor hurried skyndte sig important vigtig in front of foran inside inde i instead i stedet for join just just about

være med i kun lige ved

keep kick kid knocked down knocked over

holde, opbevare spark; sparke knægt slog ned slået ned

laugh le lead føre leader anfører left tilbage lifted løftede locked låst lord hersker lose, lost miste, mistede low lav

made sure sørgede for magical magisk many years ago mange år siden may må meet møde missed savnede moment øjeblik mountain tops bjergtopppe move bevæge muscle muskel nearly nær need behøve next to ved siden af nodded nikkede noticed lagde mærke til old Ouch! own

gammel Av! eje

pain smerte parents forældre pendant vedhæng place sted plateau platform play lege pointed pegede powerful kraftfuld probably sandsynligvis prove bevise pulled trak put an end to stoppe quite temmelig raised løftede reach nå ready klar real rigtig realize blive klar over road vej rock klippe sad trist sadness bedrøvelse search gennemsøge serve tjene sharp skarp, skingre sigh sukke; suk signal signal silly tosset skin hud slave slave slave master slavemester sleep søvn

slowly langsom snapped vrissede snarled snerrede sneaked sneg sneered snerrede soldiers soldater someone nogen sometimes somme tider somewhat noget sorry sørgelig, ussel sounds lyde space plads steal stjæle stepped trådte still dog, stadig stolen stjålet stone sten suddenly pludselig surprise her: overrasket sword sværd swung svang table legs bordben take care of ordne talk snak tall høj tears tårer thick tyk thieves tyve threw kastede told fortalt too late for sent towards henimod toy legetøj trainer træner travel rejse tried prøvede true sand unarmed ubevæbnet understand forstå village landsby wall væg, mur weapon våben weeks uger while mens whispered hviskede wide open vidt åbne without uden word ord work arbejde yard gårdsplads yelled skreg


THE SAGA OF TORON Attack of the Graaws Toron’s small mountain village is attacked by evil creatures. Toron wants to fight, but no one thinks he is strong enough. He needs to be brave and clever to find the only weapon that can save the village.

The Girl from the Mine Toron is a fighter and he carries the magical taynikma. He is out looking for his family when he ends up in a slave camp by a mine. Now he must fight for his life together with the girl from the mine.

Power of Taynikma Dangerous thieves want to steal Toron’s fantastic taynikma, and he must fight hard to keep it. But they know a secret that could defeat Toron. Does the taynikma have enough power to save him?

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The Saga of Toron Attack of the Graaws: Book 1 The Girl from the Mine: Book 2 Power of Taynikma: Book 3 En frilæsningsserie, der på elegant vis kombinerer tegneseriens og læsebogens styrker. De actionfyldte tegneseriebilleder suger læseren til sig, mens bogteksten giver personerne og fortællingen fylde og liv.

Power of Taynikma  

En frilæsningsserie, der på elegant vis kombinerer tegneseriens og læsebogens styrker. De actionfyldte tegneseriebilleder suger læseren til...

Power of Taynikma  

En frilæsningsserie, der på elegant vis kombinerer tegneseriens og læsebogens styrker. De actionfyldte tegneseriebilleder suger læseren til...