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Planning The Solution

Planning the solution Select the lm (PVC /PETg)

Depending on the aplication and shape of the package, the type of material (PETg or PVC) is chosen.

It can also be chosen according to customer requirements.


(35 µm, 40µm, 45µm y 50µm) 10% Available Gauges:

Planning The Solution Types of Perforation and Tear strip


Single perf

Partial “T” perf

Horizontal perf

Planning the solution Ink Type

UV base

Greater intensity and denition Resistance to detachment and rubbing.

Water Base

Greater use for polychromies.

Solvent Base

Direct texts Backgrounds: to protect and give intensity

Planning the solution Special Finishes


We are constantly committed to innovation as a strategic pillar of competitiveness, development and growth.

Glitter is ideal for holiday collections and special releases. This type of nish is applied externally.

Matte Ideal for adding a premium feel to a product. It can be applied in total or partial backgrounds.

Planning the solution Special Finishes

Silver and Gold Ideal for details and nishing of a product that will catch the eye of consumers.

Cold Foil

To take a product to the next level, Cold Foil is ideal in silver, gold or holographic.

It can be used to highlight brands, diverse security controls and extra detailing.

Planning the solution Special Finishes

It is used to create a 3D eect in shrink labels that dierentiates the nal product for consumers. Cast and Cure

Fluorescent Inks

The eect is noticed in the store aisle with UV or Neon light. Ideal for the Halloween season, special releases and products targeted towards the Tween market segment.

Planning the solution Special Finishes

For an extra touch in packaging solutions, textures will enhance the label and brand. Varnish Texture

Varnish Texture or braille

Short and exible delivery times

We guarantee delivery times through the logistics alliance with suppliers such as Fedex, DHL and UPS that allow us to ensure the arrival of the products in 3 to 5 days anywhere in the world.

We work with our customers business model to be their strategic ally.

We are your global partner

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