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October & November 2012

Binham - evening

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WHAT’S ON OCTOBER 1st Mon. Binham Quiz Night Chequers 7.30pm 4th Mon. Langham Mobile Library 6th Sat. Langham Coffee Parish Room 10-12 noon 6th Sat. Morston Shovell Dinner The Anchor 6.30pm 10th Wed. Langham Ladybirds 2pm Venue TBC 11th Thurs. Langham RAF Book launch Bluebell 7.30pm 12th Fri. Sharrington Lecture by Andrew Marr 6.30pm 12th Fri. Binham Priory Friends Visit to Wymondham 12th Fri. Binham Charities Lunch Village Hall. 12th Fri. Bale Fish and Chips. Village Hall 7pm 14th Sun. Gunthorpe Harvest Festival Service 11am 17th Wed. Langham Coffee Parish Room 10-12 noon 18th Thurs. Binham Deanery Synod Meeting Village Hall 7.15 for 7.30pm 18th Thurs. Binham and Hindringham Open Circle Harvest Supper and Auction 20th Sat. Langham Leukaemia Research Autumn Sale 1011.30am Venue TBC 20th Sat. Binham Play Group Quiz Night Village Hall 7 for 7.30pm 25th Thur. Binham Local History Group 7.30pm 27th Sat. Gunthorpe 50:50 Club Gunthorpe Institute 10.30am 27th Sat. Binham ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ Village Hall 6.30pm NOVEMBER 1st Thurs. Langham Mobile Library 3rd Sat. LanghamCoffee Parish Room 10-12 noon 5th Mon. Langham Bonfire Night 5th Mon. Binham Chequers Quiz Night 7.30pm 7th Wed. Sharrington Village Hall. Bird Talk 7pm 9th Fri. Binham Poppy Coffee Morning. Priory Cottage 10th Sat. Gunthorpe Harvest Supper, Institute 7.00pm 11th Sun. Morston Remembrance Day Parade & Service 2pm 11th Sun. Stiffkey War Memorial Remembrance Service 10.45am 14th Wed. Langham Ladybirds 2pm Venue TBC 15th Thurs. Bale Village Hall Police Commissioner’s Vote 21st Wed. Langham Coffee Parish Room 10-12 noon 22nd Thurs. Binham Local History Group 7.30pm 24th Sat. Gunthorpe 50:50 Club Institute10.30am 24th Sat. Binham Christmas Market. Village Hall 9.30am -2.30pm 29th Thurs. Gunthorpe & Bale PCC Meeting, Bale Village Hall 7.30pm 29th Thurs. Langham Mobile Library REGULARS Tuesdays Binham Guild of Artists, Village Hall 10-12 Tuesdays Field Dalling Yoga Village Hall 7.30pm Wed. in term time Binham Youth Group Village Hall 6-8pm 4th Wed. each month Field Dalling Friends and Neighbours Club, 2.30pm Village Hall Thursdays Field Dalling Bowls Club Village Hall 7.30pm 2nd Thurs. each month Field Dalling Coffee Mornings, Village Hall 10.30am - 12noon 3rd Thurs. of each month Binham and Hindringham Open Circle Women’s Club Hindringham Village Hall 7.15pm

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BLAKENEY CATHOLIC CHURCH Back Lane Blakeney Father Michael Simison 12 Hindringham Road Gt. Walsingham Norfolk Tel: 01328 821 353

Priest in Residence Father William Wells (the house behind the church)

Service Times Masses: Wednesday Vigil Mass Sunday

9.30am Saturday 6.00pm 11.00am

BLAKENEY METHODIST CHURCH High Street Blakeney Minister: The Rev’d J Pathmarajah Tel: 01263 712 181 Sunday Services at 6.30pm. in October. Subsequent months timings may alter, so for these and details of weekday services and preachers, please refer to the current issue of ‘The Glaven Valley Newsletter’.

DEANERY NEWS The next Deanery Synod meeting will take place on Thursday 18th October at Binham Village Hall. 7.15pm for 7.30pm. The speaker will be The Venerable. John Ashe, Archdeacon of Lynn, who will lead a discussion on ‘the nature of marriage and the coalition Government’s proposal to rewrite its definition’.


Church Services for Bale and Stiffkey Benefice for October and November 2012 HC=Holy Communion. CFS=Church Family Service. MP=Morning Prayer. BCP=Book of Common Prayer All Communion Services are in traditional language except those marked * 7th October

14h October

21st October

28th October

9.30am Harvest Service

9.30am HC

9.30am HC

9.30am HC

Field Dalling

At Saxlingham

11.00am Harvest Service

At Saxlingham

11.00am MP BCP


9.30am HC

At Field Dalling

11.00am HC

At Field Dalling

11.00am Harvest Service

4.30pm Silent Meditation

11.00am HC

9.30am Harvest Service

9.30am HC

9.30am MP CW

9.30am HC


11.00am HC

11.00am HC

11.00am CFS

9.30am HC


9.30am HC BCP


At Stiffkey

9.30am MP

At Stiffkey

9.30am HC


9.30am MP

At Langham

9.30am HC

At Langham

Parish Bale

Gunthorpe Sharrington


4th November

Bale Field Dalling Saxlingham Gunthorpe

9.30am HC At Saxlingham 9.30am HC

Sharrington Binham Morston Langham Stiffkey

9.30am MP BCP 11.00am HC 9.30am HC BCP At Stiffkey 9.30am MP

9.30am HC BCP

11th November Remembrance Sunday 9.30am Service of Remembrance 10.50am Service of Remembrance At Field Dalling 10.50am Service of Remembrance 9.30am Service of Remembrance 10.50am Service of Remembrance 2.00pm Service of Remembrance 10.50am Service of Remembrance 10.45am Service of Remembrance

18th November

25th November

9.30am HC At Saxlingham 11.00am HC 4.30pm Silent Meditation 9.30am MP CW 11.00am CFS 9.30am HC BCP At Stiffkey 9.30am HC

9.30am HC 11.00am MP BCP At Field Dalling 11.00am HC 9.30am HC 9.30am HC 9.30am HC At Langham

Please note: the Service of Remembrance at Stiffkey is at the War Memorial; this will be followed by a short service in Stiffkey Church. Regular Weekday Services Binham: Tuesday, 6.00pm Evening Prayers, Langham: Wednesday, 10.00am Holy Communion Stiffkey: Friday, 10.00am Holy Communion

Dear Friends and Parishioners, This time of year, Autumn, is for us, an important one. We live close to the soil, and so the crown of the year, when things come to fruit, and decay begins, is a time when we think about fruit, and also, it has to be said, about decay. But more than either of those things, the gloriousness of Autumn bears upon us. And it is but a short move from there to feeling and seeing the weight of the glory of God. May I recommend to you, Gerard Manley Hopkins’ ‘Hurrahing in Harvest’? The glory of God, expressed in that poem in nature, has always been a ladder up to the Lord Himself, and glory and nature are often offered together in Holy Scripture to take us from the glorious known, to the unknown glory. And God Himself has woven harvest into his eternal agreement – the Covenant – with mankind. As long as seed-time and harvest last we will know that the Covenant stands. And as a sign of our gratitude and as an expression of our approbation of the agreement, we bring, at Harvest, the first-fruits of the harvest and give them back to God.

The work of God is carried on and carried forward in this place by your efforts and your giving. A part of the work, as is right, is done by the ordained ministers – of the Word and Sacrament. We, though, are subsumed in the community of faith. The clergy are here to serve, to continue serving, to find new ways of serving, to lead and to guide. We guide you along the path of glory. Because it is on that path that we come into the presence of God. And it is His presence which bestows favour and assurance. And knowing that He favours us; and being assured of His constant, powerful love, we find ourselves in the way of perceiving who God is, what He will be and what He will do for His people. We are called, one and all, to His service. We are destined, one and all for His glory. In Jesus God has shouted out Hurrah for the harvesting of ourselves. And we, mottled, spotted, contrary, agonizing creatures – discover that we are made not only to sing of His glory – but that sharing in His glory – we actually become – men and women alive in Jesus Christ – we become His glory. Yours very truly, Ian Whittle


FLU VACCINATION CLINICS Holt Medical Practice OCTOBER & NOVEMBER The Seasonal Flu vaccination is recommended for:  All patients aged 65 or over  Pregnant women  Carers of older or disabled patients  Healthcare workers  Those living in long-stay residential care homes. Any person aged 6 months or over in the following clinical risk groups below:  Chest problems, including certain asthmatics on steroid inhalers or tablets and those with Chronic Bronchitis, COPD or Emphysema  Diabetes  Stroke  Chronic Heart Disease  Chronic Kidney Disease  Chronic Liver Disease  Immuno suppression due to illness or treatment  Certain neurological conditions e.g. Multiple sclerosis, Motor neurone disease & Parkinson’s disease

DIESEL THEFTS PROMPT SECURITY WARNING Police in Broadland and North Norfolk are urging farmers and others with tanks holding diesel fuel to be vigilant following a series of diesel thefts in rural areas, and report any incidents of suspicious activity to police using the non-emergency number 101 – or, if you believe a crime is in progress, to dial 999. To receive regular updates and crime prevention advice from your local Policing team please visit and sign up to Police Direct. Or visit your local police station and ask your local officers for a Police Direct registration form.   Here’s how you can help avoid becoming a victim of this crime:  Store diesel in a secure fuel tank within a bund and use good quality locks.   Avoid siting storage tanks in isolated areas such as outlying buildings.   Consider using a mobile bowser that could be removed to a secure place when not in use.   Consider the use of a ‘diesel dye’ that makes your diesel traceable and therefore less attractive to thieves.  Report incidents of suspicious activity to the Police and if possible record vehicle details and descriptions of the people involved.

Seasonal Flu vaccinations are not recommended for healthy children or adults under 65 years, if you are unsure if you need a flu vaccination, please ask. Please telephone 01263 712461 after 11.30am when the telephone lines are less busy or ask at the reception desk.

GLAVEN DISTRICT CARING CLINICS Thistleton Court, Blakeney NR25 7PH Tel: 01263 740762 Hearing Aid Clinic: Fri 28 September, Wed 31 October, Fri 30 November, Wed 19 December Toe Nail Clinic: 28 September, 12 October, 26 October

CPRE NORFOLK FREE WORKSHOP Friday October 5th, Leziate Village Hall, Brow of the Hill, King's Lynn, PE32 1EN As part of CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England) Norfolk's new 'Protect our Paths' campaign, the charity has organised a workshop aimed at existing or potential Footpath Wardens as well as individuals and parish councils who wish to get involved and take action to improve footpaths in their local area. The workshop will start at 10am and end at 1pm, and will include sessions on legal aspects concerning Rights of Way, case studies of local action elsewhere in the country and information on CPRE Norfolk's new Footpath Warden scheme. There will be also be a Q&A session with a panel of experts, who will be able to answer specific questions about footpath issues. After a short lunch break, there will then be an optional walk in the local area (approx 2-3 miles) during which problem footpaths will be identified.. Tea and coffee will be provided during the morning session. There is


no charge for the workshops. Please contact Katy Jones at CPRE Norfolk or phone 01603 761660 for further information or to reserve your place.

ALTZHEIMER’S SOCIETY Do YOU care for someone in your family, living with Alzheimer’s or Vascular Dementia or something similar? Call in for free Information and Advice at Fakenham Library! Support is available from the local Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Support Worker. You are welcome to drop in! No appointment is necessary. 10.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. Second Thursday of each month. For more information please contact Carolyn Heydon on 07717 397 437.

proposed new formula regarding concessionary travel. The DCLG has announced a consultation on changes to the way they fund local concessionary transport schemes so that Local Authorities (in our case, Norfolk County Council) should receive a grant based on the total volume of passengers using bus passes in the area. This could potentially help to secure the future of the Coast Hopper in North Norfolk. The deadline for emailing views was 5pm on 24th September. Norman Lamb’s office have organised a link to the consultation, so go to coasthopper to keep up to date.

COUNTY COUNCILLOR’S NEWS Community Construction Fund The County is releasing £3.5 million for grants from £100 to £100,000 to support community building and construction projects. The key words are community and construction – go to the NCC website ( for full details. I look forward to receiving lots of creative requests for support from my parishes.

Natural England: Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs) There are now over 2,000 signatures to the petition urging the Minister for Natural Environment and Fisheries to ensure that the Blakeney Marsh MCZ is not included in the public consultation. Whilst such a step might well present problems for the Minister it is felt he should be kept aware as to the strength of local feeling. In the meantime a detailed report has now been issued by Natural England and JNCC. The document takes a little concentration to access but can be f ou nd as follows: http:// category=1723382. However, to make life easier by the time you read this there should be a direct link to the information on Blakeney marshes: Blakeney-MCZ.

Better Broadband for Norfolk A special meeting of NCC’s Cabinet will have taken place on 17 September and you should have read an announcement as to which private sector partner will help us provide better broadband for Norfolk. Another step towards our goal!

Schools Blakeney, High Kelling, Hindringham and Walsingham Primary Schools are also moving towards their goal, of federation. The latest stage has already been announced to parents and parish councils emphasising how together the schools will be more effective in terms of teacher time and enabling the children to share wider experiences.

Blue Badges

Coast Hopper

I can confirm that details regarding the scheme and how applicants can apply are now with the District Council, key voluntary sector partners such as Age Concern and Age UK and all GP surgeries within Norfolk. The information includes a link to the paper form on the NCC website and a suggestion that the agency in question keep a small supply for applicants who do not have access to the Internet. The agencies will be kept up-to-date so that all applicants receive the current version.

Finally the Government is listening. We were given a link to the Department for Communities and Local Government so everyone could express their view on a

Cabinet Scrutiny Panel Following on from the scrutiny of how Blue Badges are issued I have been asked to be a member of the work party focussing on Rural Isolation – important I feel to our very rural division. Dr Marie Strong, County Councillor Wells Division: Glaven, Priory and Walsingham Parishes. or 07920 286 597.


THURSFORD CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR Saturday December 8th at 2pm I have an allocation of De-Luxe seats at £36.50 each. They must be paid for by October 12th. If you are interested please phone me on Tel: 830 731. Maureen Dennis



Melton Constable & Blakeney Surgeries The surgeries will be closed for the afternoon on Thursday, 11 October 2012 , for training purposes. For emergencies, please telephone the usual number:

The government is proposing to abolish Council Tax Benefit (CTB) from April 2013 and replace it with Council Tax Support (CTS). In addition, on the same date the new scheme comes in to place, the amount of funding received by NNDC from government will be reduced by approximately £1.175m. NNDC has developed a draft CTS scheme and is asking for views by 14 October 2012 at or 01263 516044. All working age tax benefit customers will be sent a copy of our leaflet on the new scheme. Pensioners in receipt of benefit will not be affected. I can confirm that the Polling Station at Morston Village Hall will be reinstated for the Police and Crime Commissioner Elections on 15th November 2012 and for subsequent elections. In addition to Green Flag Awards at Sadler's Wood and Holt Country Park, the river Glaven is one of nine Norfolk rivers to receive a share of a £1.3m government grant to help systematic river restoration. The rivers have been subject to increasing pressures resulting in declining water quality and its effect on wildlife habitats. This project will help to restore and enhance the rivers' beauty and precious natural qualities. Openess and transparency on personal interests: a guide for councillors has been published to help councillors and parish councillors, now that the new standards arrangements have been introduced by the Localism Act 2011. Copies via NNDC Applications for the September 2012 North Norfolk Big Society Fund have now been received and are being assessed. Requests for funding, from stage curtains, additional play equipment to extending a church to provide new facilities for community use, have been received in the £10,000 and under category. All details from or NNDC fully supports the National Trust on their constructive position on the Marine Conservation Zones, Blakeney Reference Area and awaits the Minister's decision on consultation in December. The website gives full details of the many fascinating events at local museums. ‘Glad about the Glaven’, postponed due to bad weather, will now take place at Holt Hall on the afternoon of Sunday 7th October 2012. Lindsay Brettle

HOLT - 01263 712461 Repeat prescriptions and routine appointments will not be available after 1.00 p.m. we apologise for any inconvenience.

NORFOLK FAMILY WALK For Brain Tumour Research & Support

At Holkham Hall Sunday 7th October 2012 10am- 4pm Adults £5, Children FREE Car Parking: £2.50 per car The walks are: 1, 3, 6, or 10 miles. The one mile walk for children has games along the way. Prams, tricycles, wheelchairs and animals on leads are welcome. Brain tumours now account for more deaths among children and those under 40 than any other cancer. Join others and raise sponsorship for your chosen brain tumour charity and help us find a cure for this devastating disease. This is the sixth year for this annual walk, part of the ‘World Walk’ for brain tumours, a project of the International Brain Tumour Alliance and organised by the Norfolk Branch of Astro Fund, charity No. 1133561. Find out more on and download a sponsorship form or contact Tel: 01485 572 767.



August 20121

Simon Poole £25 Iris Croft £10 Ann Ramm £5 Evan Turnbull £5

Emily Postan Cecily Postan Margaret Dent Thelma Sawyer

£25 £10 £5 £5 I say this economy is a false one, and our bridleways and footpaths are too precious a resource to neglect in this way. Although recently, in desperation, part of it has been cut for access by one of the farms adjoining it, and another farm has promised to cut the rest, the upkeep of council green lanes such as this, which belong to the community, should not be dependent on the kindness or convenience of the surrounding landowners. I was woken last week at six in the morning by a street cleaning machine which made three passes down our lane, Sharrington Road, moving some sand and earth around, but otherwise making no discernable difference to a pretty and fairly tidy small country lane which has no kerb or footpath which could be swept, no gutters, no drains, and no litter. The same goes for the rest of the village. What possible use was this? What a waste of money! Jane Wheeler

BALE DIARY Cake’s Lane 2012 Cake’s Lane is one of our two Bale bridle paths, a mile or so of green lane leading to a tiny wooden footbridge over a stream and a swampy path in Bale wood, connecting to a footpath across a field and ending up in Hindringham Moor Lane. We have no footpaths, and apart from Clip Street lane, which is much shorter, and the little loke which leads from Slad road to the A148, there is no where else to walk, run, bike, or ride horses off-road, without crossing the scarily busy main Holt-Fakenham road to Sharrington and Gunthorpe. I would say it is an important human resource, for the village, and for the area as a whole - used by many dog-walkers from outside the village, who usually park at the end of Clip Street – and part of a network of ancient tracks and footpaths via which you can walk through North Norfolk. Metal detectorists have found objects from the fifteenth and sixteenth century dropped near its banks and hedgerows. A particularly sheltered walk in the winter, it is also a wonderful place to see wildlife; in spring and summer its high hedges are full of birds, many small migratory birds haunt it - chiffchaff, whitethroat, willow warbler, garden warbler, blackcap, and you may see a hobby, most certainly a buzzard or three – it is a good sheltered place for butterflies, wildflowers including cowslip and orchids grow there; and the occasional fox, deer, or badger may be spotted, especially at dawn or dusk. In the winter you can watch pink-footed geese on the sugar beet fields from behind dense cover, put up a snipe or a woodcock from the ditches, and the trees and hedges are full of redwing and blackbird, long tailed tit families, bullfinches, and the sparrow hawk that preys on them all. In spring the primroses are a delight. Unfortunately, this year of all years, the council has decided to economise on the maintenance of footpaths and bridleways. At the end of the wettest April in memory the hogweed, cow parsley, thistles, docks and other plant life were head high, and one needed head to foot waterproofs to walk down our green lane. I gave up the struggle, and have not walked there for five months. Apart from the physical difficulty, it is a perfect habitat for ticks, which makes it a little hazardous if you have to push through wet vegetation. For runners there is the added danger of twisting an ankle on an unseen rut.

VILLAGE HALL SOCIAL CLUB NEWS Our Big Bale Barbecue was a great success - over forty people had a delicious meal of leg of lamb, marinaded and barbecued, multitudinous salads, and a delicious fruit, cream, and chocolate dessert. £ 303.42 was raised towards the upkeep of the village hall, and we all had a great time. Enormous thanks are due especially to Alastair MacCorkindale who spent two days of his holiday cooking the meal in advance, and to his team of helpers, to Margaret Dent for her unflagging attention to detail, and to those Baleites who helped with the washing up and clearing up and laundering of the table cloths.


BINHAM PARISH COUNCIL The next council meeting will be Monday 19th November in the Memorial Hall. Coffee and tea will be available from 7.00 pm and the meeting starts at 7.30 pm. Presently we cannot tell what will be on the agenda but we hope more parishioners will attend as everyone who is on the electoral roll of Binham and Cockthorpe Parish is entitled to speak. David Frost, Parish Council Chairman

enthusiastic band of diggers from the village and further afield. The well-known archaeologist, Carenza Lewis, ensured all procedures were carried out to the correct protocol on technique and reporting. The two pits located on the Playing Field and the one in Hall Close produced very significant finds of Roman pottery shards and artefacts, as well as, at one metre depth, evidence of a building. A double pit further along Westgate, and three more on the north side of the river, were less productive but the seemingly negative results helps delineate the extent of early settlement in the Binham area. BLHG, under the technical direction of Richard Hoggett, Norfolk Community Archaeologist, will continue with renewed optimism to pursue the Roman Binham Project to find the location of a villa or farmstead. The techniques of the next phase of the search will be field-walking and metal detecting in the Hall Close Field, both to the same grid references. William Wales has kindly allowed access after ploughing in the autumn. One to two days will be arranged in January for the combined search, with a training day for in November. An encouraging number of volunteers have already registered interest but more can be accommodated. If you wish to know more please cont a ct Car olyn Wr ight 0 1 32 8 83 02 70, or David Frost 01328 830362. Meetings Thurs. 25 Oct. The Squires of Felbrigg. David Frost Thurs. 22 Nov. Wings over Norfolk Aerial Photography. Derek Edwards All meetings in the Village Hall, 7.30 pm £2 members, £4 non-members.

FRIENDS OF BINHAM PRIORY Friday 12th October Afternoon visit to Wymondham Abbey Hosted by the Friends of Wymondham Abbey to include a guided tour of the Abbey and tea. Details available from David Frost. It is suggested that, to keep the costs down, car-sharing can be arranged. Please let the Secretary know if you are interested. David Frost Hon. Secretary, Tel: 01328 830362, email:

QUIZ NIGHT AT THE CHEQUERS Quiz Nights begin again at the Chequers – thanks to Steve and Alex. As usual, it will be on the first Monday in the month – so we hope to see you on Monday 1st October and Monday 5th November. You don’t need to bring a team – just come along at 6.30 if you’re going to have a meal – or at 7.30 for a drink and the Quiz.

BINHAM LOCAL HISTORY GROUP Roman Binham Project As reported by David Frost in the last edition of the Lynx there is increasing evidence of substantial Roman presence in the general area of the Memorial Hall Playing Field and adjacent Hall Close field. Further Community Digs were organised on Friday and Saturday 20/21 July with seven test pits excavated by an

FLY ME TO THE MOON Saturday, Oct 27th, at 6.30pm Binham Memorial Hall A starry show celebrating in words, music and images our shining, influential and ever-romantic moon. Telescopes will be provided by the North Norfolk Astronomy Society. Tickets £8 (children half price), including a supper of ham, baked potatoes, salad and pancakes, are available from Maureen Frost on 01328 830362 or Ann Prockter on 01328 830770. Proceeds will go to the Friends of Binham Priory.


BINHAM GUILD OF ARTISTS The group consists of anyone interested in art or craft, beginner or otherwise. Artists with professional experience form part of the group and will gladly advise if needed. We meet every Tuesday morning from 10 to 12 in the Village Hall. A fee of £2 per morning includes coffee and biscuits. A demonstration of painting or craftwork normally takes place on the first Tuesday of every month except in January, February and the week in which the annual exhibition takes place. The Group’s Annual Exhibition was held in August. The well-presented show of varied and interesting work was very well received and £695 was raised towards the upkeep of the Hall. In September Christopher Hollick gave a demonstration showing his personal use of watercolour. His professional approach gave much pleasure and very useful instruction to the Group. For more information, contact James Bucknill at 01328 830651.

OPEN CIRCLE We will be having our Harvest Supper and Auction at our October 18 meeting. On November 15 our speaker will be Rob Palethorpe, a member of Coastwatch, set up in 1994 to be our "eyes along the coast." The Open Circle Women's Club meets at 7.15pm on the third Thursday of each month at Hindringham Village Hall. New members are always welcome - just come along on the night or ring secretary Fiona Thompson on 01328 830639.

TEAS IN THE PRIORY Five Fridays in August this year and there were plenty of people enjoying the Priory Teas. A record amount was raised of £277.63. Many thanks to everyone who baked and helped – and to our visitors too. Marie and Jack Grange



I am pleased to announce that we now have our very first official football club in the village ‘Binham Village Football Club’. I first decided to put a team together to bring sport into our wonderful village last year, it has been a very long road but we are now registered with the Norfolk Football Association. We have had such an amazing response both within the village and from further afield. Our team members are very dedicated and very hard working, in total we now have 18 members who are willing to put 110% into making our team one of the best in the county. I am very proud of our village team and I hope you will be to. This season we will only be playing friendly matches in preparation for next season, please look out for information on up- coming matches as we will advertise locally. For more information or if you would like to join the team please e-mail binhamvillagefc@ or follow us on Facebook: binhamvillagefootballclub@groups. I hope you will support our new team and we all look forward to seeing you at our next match. Adam Peden (Manager) Graham Kennie (Assistant Manager) Samantha Peden (Club Secretary)

Friday 12th October Invitations will be sent out nearer the time – so keep that date in your diary and I look forward to seeing you all there. Alex Wales

DID YOU KNOW? It used to be the duty of parishioners to perambulate their bounds every year to make sure there were no encroachments. The last reference to the custom was in the parish records of 1791: “Expenses of the parishioners at Binham on their perambulating the boundaries of that parish - £2.2s.0d. Norah and Richard Lewis



Inspired by the London 2012 Games, Simon Fenn the Children, Youth & Family Missioner for the Holt Deanery (Church of England), worked closely with Binham Priory, YMCA Norfolk and the Diocese of Norwich to host a family fun day on Sunday 22nd July 2012. The event was a huge success and well attended; comfortably in excess of 450 people. Children, young

people and their families enjoyed a fabulous afternoon of fun and activities against the spectacular backdrop of the historic Binham Priory. The afternoon started to the sounds of ‘Chariots of Fire’, as Connor Bailey carried an Olympic style torch down the centre of the 100m track, to the applause of the crowd, marking the beginning of the event. This was followed by a brilliant dance routine performed by a local pupil, Xaynia Gelder-Bailey, from Alderman Peel High School. Revd Ian Whittle, Vicar of Binham, welcomed the public and cut a ribbon to open the Binham 2012 Games. To add to the 'carnival' feel, there was a picnic area, hog roast and an ice-cream stall, with refreshments being served from the Village Hall. The Rt Revd Jonathan Meyrick, Bishop of Lynn, presented gold medals and gave a blessing as part of the closing ceremony. "It was lovely to share in the sense of excitement and enjoyment which clearly characterised the afternoon. The sun had shone all day and it was very evident that the sun was shining in the hearts of all those who had taken part." Simon Fenn, event organiser, said, "I was pleased to see so many families coming together and enjoying all the activities and wonderful weather. It was a great team effort and brilliant opportunity for the Church to strengthen its links with the wider community for future projects. I am so thankful to the local church and community that pulled together to make the afternoon a huge success. In particular, Arthur Howell Butchers, Norfolk Farmhouse Ice Cream, Binham Parish Council, Binham Youth Group and the Wells Safer Neighbourhood Team have been very generous and supportive." PCSO Rebecca Taylor, said, “It was great to see good old fashioned community spirit back in the heart of our villages, with community focused groups, emergency services and volunteers working together to create a fun filled day.” The afternoon raised £220 for the development of a children’s play area in the village. Becky Bunting, a local resident and play area campaigner, was really pleased to be involved in the family fun day and very thankful for the money raised. Simon Fenn 07585801450

FOOD FOR THOUGHT Simple maths '2get' and '2give' creates many problems. So just double it .... '4get' and '4give' solves many problems.

“VERY FLAT, NORFOLK” This line from Noel Coward’s play “Private Lives” is so often quoted that it has become a widely held truism. Of course it is true of Broadland in the east and the Fen Country to the west but totally false about north Norfolk, with the steep, glacial slopes from Stiffkey to Cromer and beyond. We live in a truly “bootiful “ area, which is now being appreciated by more and more visitors, especially to our marvellous coast, whether the shingle beaches of Salthouse and Cley, the purple salt marshes or the wide, nearly deserted sands of Holkham. But there is as much to appreciate inland. Visitors speak of the quiet country lanes in rolling countryside and the cobble clad cottages with true envy. So did my wife and I when we began visiting more than 60 years ago. It was another reason why we moved here nearly 30 years ago, refugees from the increasing stress of London with its creeping commercialism. What beauty remained there was being increasingly polluted by litter, graffiti and advertising, where the very lampposts were draped with posters for “Three piece suites,” tied on with tape. It was too much to hope we had escaped from all that. With the increasing traffic, more and more of this commercialism is spreading to our towns, villages and country lanes. It begins with posters for craft fairs, garden open days and fêtes. That’s fine as long as they are promptly removed, but it does not stop there. To advertise such events the promoters have sometimes set a series of posters, one after another so you have to read them all as you drive along to get the message. Surely they realise this dangerously distracts the drivers’ attention. A series opposite the car exit from Binham Priory some years ago was a dreadful hazard. Some vigilante removed them (that was yours truly), for safety


BINHAM MEMORIAL HALL 100 + Club Winners August: £25 Mr & Mrs Small, Abbey House. £10 Anne Brief, Peter Vawser. £5 Mr T Barnard, David Frost, Mr Pepper. September: £25 Oliver Wales. £10 Mrs Bird, Tom Walduck. £5 Glenda Sieman, Mrs Sue Jeffery, Mike Bond. If anyone would like to join the 100 Club, there are still numbers left. Please call at 8 Priory Crescent or ring June Read on 01328 830106.

reasons, not aesthetics. That exit is nearly blind to traffic from both directions. More and more roadside adverts are appearing, especially along the A148 and A149 but also on minor routes. There is the usual “Greasy Spoon Pull In 100 yards ahead” of course, but I cannot see that being stopped. An arrow points to a B & B off the route, another to local “Pub grub.” Yet another for “Plant sales” takes you a mile off route, not to the first village but the next. We once followed a “Fresh asparagus” sign for two miles, only to find some limp bunches wilting on a sun-baked table. I was furious and lost! For the last two winters a huge Christmas advert for Thursford has been set up opposite the car entrance to Pensthorpe and its own giant signs, no doubt by agreement, but yet another hazard for drivers. The roundabouts near “Morrison’s” at Fakenham are favourites for adverts, whether for circuses, massive tool sales or the many events at Sandringham and the Norwich showground. Who could safely read them on a roundabout? For me I cannot see the attraction of some catchpenny events, like “Giant boot sale.” Mine are only size 9. As for “Massive garage sale” who needs one if you only have one car? To be a little more serious, roadside adverts are becoming a serious intrusion in our lovely countryside. I sympathise with the farmers who put up signs like “Buy more British pork” but where does it all end? To get round planning rules (though they never seem to be enforced by local authorities) landowners are putting clapped-out trailers with huge adverts along our main roads. We have even seen “To advertise here ring 01234 567890” etc. or “To sponsor this roundabout, ring etc.” Where will it all end? Must we progressively uglify north Norfolk and the rest of our county? We could eventually resemble the United States where you can drive mile after mile with roadside signs saying “Indian Joe’s fireworks in 80 miles” then at 79, then 78 miles and so on. No wonder Ogden Nash wrote:

CHRISTMAS MARKET Binham Village Hall Saturday 24th November 9.30am to 2.30pm YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS THIS ONE! Buy your presents early - so many good bargains Toys Boxes Pies, puds & tarts Xmas tree presents Stitched textiles & gifts Hessian crafts Wildlife photography Beautiful hand made jewellery Cards Wraps Decorations Products and gifts for the home Handmade Chocolates & Treats Jams, chutneys & delicious things to eat Home made cakes, sweets and preserves Driftwood gifts Glass lamps & mobiles Embroidered pillows, hearts & pictures Christmas cake raffle Crafts Garden stall Books Bottle tombola Pottery

“I think that I shall never see A billboard lovely as a tree. Perhaps, unless the billboards fall, I’ll never see a tree at all.” Ian Thompson


our halfway total of the project, but are still waiting to hear from two more possible funders who could fund the remaining funds if we are successful. So keep on eye our updates as we are planning to put some equipment in by the end of the year.

PICNIC 2 JAZZ The Friends of Binham Priory profited to the tune of £1,300 from the jazz picnic – the second to be staged in successive years – which brought a sunburst of musical pleasure and a large, happy crowd to the grounds of the ancient church in July. An audience of more than 200 came to “Picnic 2 Jazz” on July 7. They dined, mingled and in some cases danced to the trad tunes of the excellent Dixie Mix band, which gave a guest spot to a previously unsuspected front-man jazz singer. How many church organists could rise to their feet, and the occasion, to perform a stomping version of DoctorJazz to a live audience, with a live band, in an outdoor arena? Well, Geoff Scott could, for one, and he did, stepping for the purpose out of his more familiar role as organist and concert-master at Binham’s Priory Church. Andrew Moncur

Playgroup Quiz Night We are holding another Quiz night this year in aid of the play area. It will be held on Saturday 20th October at Binham Village Hall. Doors open at 7pm for 7.30 start. Sausage and mash supper included but bring your own drinks. Teams of a maximum of 6, teams can be made up on the night too. Tickets £8 per person. Spaces limited so please book soon as not to be disappointed. Telephone Liz Brown 830519 or Rebecca Bunting 830505.

POPPY COFFEE MORNING Friday 9 November 10am to 12 Please come and support the Royal British Legion at Priory Cottage, Langham Road, Binham. Entry £1. Cakes, Bring and Buy, Raffle and Books. Carolyn Wright 01328 830270

BINHAM CHRISTMAS SUPPER Saturday 1 December in the Village Hall Make a note in your diary, and ring Liz to book your place early November - 01328 830519. See you there.

PLAY AREA PROJECT After a very successful fete on Sunday 19th August, we raised a total of £1,608.21 for the play area. We would like to thanks all those who supported the fete by either donations for the raffle/tombola and bric a brac and those who attended. A very BIG thank you to all our helpers on the day, David Frost our car park attendant, Sue Jennings & Liz Brown in the kitchen, Helena Marsh, Amanda Abe, Fonia Thompson, Mick & Sue Jefferys, Sarah Spice, June Reed, Joanna King, Robin & Helen Owen, Cath Witton, Andy Marsh, Roger & Claire Winkley and all our stall helpers, Andrew Chubbock and his pigs, Wendy Marsh and the archery, Simon Bunting, Ray Bunting & Marcus Sayer for the BBQ and anyone else who I may have missed out, THANK YOU. We will look forward to doing it all again next year too. Just to keep you all informed of the project, we have had a surprising and successful first year of fundraising. We have managed to raise just over £24,000 which is just under

He’s putting the clock back earlier this year.



VILLAGE FETE On a scorching summer day the annual Field Dalling & Saxlingham Fete was held in and around the Village Hall on 18 August. For those who could tear themselves away from the beach, a stupendous show was evident in Field Dalling, with a mass of exterior stalls to charm and exercise, offering activities both mental and physical. In the hall itself many escaped the heat to enjoy tea and cakes, strawberries and cream. The fantastic limited edition print by local artist Jeremy Barlow available as first prize of the raffle drew many to buy tickets. In all a great day was had with weather to match the enjoyment of the crowds of people who attended. The Fete committee and helpers are to be thanked for their huge commitment to the two villages and the Fete. It raised over £3000 for the two parish churches and the village hall.

The scaffolding surrounding the upper part of the tower has now been removed revealing the fine workmanship that has taken place in renovating and literally saving it from collapse. The repairs that commenced over a year ago involved dismantling the upper part of the tower as the cracks caused by water ingress were more extensive than originally suspected, according to Malcolm Fisher of The Norfolk Churches Trust. Work included bridging and rebuilding the walls with new slatted openings, the originals having been bricked up sometime in the past and a new roof with a ring beam to stabilise the bell. Work now continues on the lower part of the tower where the flint work is being re-pointed and generally tidied up. The project will be hopefully completed by the end of October, when it is hoped it will be possible to access the church and restore it internally to its useable state. This will not be the end of repairs to the church as the chancel and nave roofs which are in pretty bad state will hopefully be replaced next year. Maurice Matthews

SUMMER TEA PARTY A new event in the Field Dalling & Saxlingham calendar was the Summer Tea Party held in the village hall on 30th of June between 5 and 7 pm, to celebrate the time of year. We had a great turnout of parents and children from the two villages. It was a terrific success with an abundance of cakes, sandwiches, soft drinks, fizz (for the adults) and teas, all provided for free. As the kids enjoyed it hugely, it is hoped that this will be a regular event in future years. A big thank you is due to all the helpers who made it such a success.

VILLAGE HALL New Management Committee


As is customary, the members of the Management Committee resigned at the Annual General Meeting back in April but this year, all but one had made it known in advance that they would not be seeking re-election. The members newly elected to the Committee, to carry forward the work of caring for the Village Hall and promote its use for the benefit of the community, are:

(See page 23) 1.Stevie Wonder. 2. “Over”. 3. Peggy Mitchell. 4. Leeds. 5. Humber. 6. 30. 7. 27. 8 Charades. 9. Electric current. 10. Two.

Mark Gardner – Chairman Jeremy Mason – Secretary Mrs Susan Findlater- Treasurer Mrs Nadia Mason Mrs Jennifer Allison Mrs Emma Deterding Mrs Susie Collins Steve Collins Mrs Allison remains the person to contact for booking the village hall, either by phone (830067) or email to The Chairman may be emailed at:



50/50 Club Draw Results August

Helen Ford £20.00 Sarah Worsley £20.00 Fiona Flint £10.00 Tom Cutterham £10.00 Linda Jenkinson £ 5.00 David Aitman £ 5.00 Pippa Bunting £ 5.00 Marie Denholm £ 5.00 Annette Ward £ 5.00 Patricia Groves £ 5.00 Lin Poole £ 5.00 Stephen Burton £ 5.00 Chris Williamson £ 5.00 David Partridge £ 5.00 The new year for the 50:50 Club has started with great support from the village and 128 paid up members, but we could always do with even more contributors. So as well as asking those few existing members who may not have done so to renew their subscriptions we always welcome new ones. If you are new to the village or would like to join us please do so as soon as possible – to “borrow” from another place “you have to be in it to win it”! If you would like more information on the 50:50 Club please contact John Blakeley on 01263 861008. The monthly draw has continued in July and August without a coffee morning, and with the draw numbers being picked by a different member of the Club each month. The July Draw was made by attendees at the “Friends” BBQ on 28 July, and the August draw was made on the 26th by David Aitman, and was witnessed by Marianne Atherton and Diane Blakeley. The first of the “new” coffee mornings was planned to be held in the Institute at 1030 on Saturday 29th September 2012 as this edition went to print – more information can be obtained from Myfi Everett, Joy Luscombe or Lynn Marr. John Blakeley will continue to look after the membership subscriptions and main draw prizes.

VILLAGE DIARY Please note in your diary the following events to be held in Field Dalling & Saxlingham Village Hall over the coming months. You’re welcome to drop in! Bowls Club: Plays every Thursday at 7.30 pm. Matches are held on Wednesdays at 7.30pm as follows: 3rd October 10th October 7th November Friends & Neighbours Club: Meets the fourth Wednesday in the month at 2.30 pm: 24th October 28th November 12th December: special event Yoga: Sessions are held every Tuesday at 7.30pm Drop-in Coffee Mornings: Meets the second Thursday of every month, 10.30 am to 12 noon as follows: 11 October 8th November 13th December

ST MARY’S CHURCH We hope you heard the bell at St Mary’s being rung to herald the start of the Olympics! On Saturday September 1st Carl Daykin from Sennowe Park was married to Helen and Nigel Ford’s daughter Samantha. The Reverend Ian Whittle officiated - it was a lovely service and even the weather cooperated by remaining dry. We wish the happy couple all the best for their future together. Thank you to everyone who helped make the church look so good for the wedding by helping with the pew polishing. Your hard work is really beginning to show – not just for special occasions, but for our regular services as well. The Harvest Festival Service will be held on Sunday 14th October and we will also be dedicating the new lights in the church on this occasion. Penny Brough

VILLAGE WEBSITE It is hoped to have a village website up and running in the near future. It will be full of local information and news. You’ll be able to find it by going to:


a Private Tour for 8 in Blakeney Harbour, another chance to have Lunch at BAFTA, £100 cash, a painting by Lillian Shaw and Vouchers from Bakers & Larners, Mitchells, Byfords, Rutlands, Edgefield Nurseries, to name but a few. This again resulted in a record amount of draw tickets being sold. Once again a personal thank you from me goes to my Committee Members; too many to mention, but you know who you are. This year, as last year, you made a very daunting job a most enjoyable one and your support persuaded me to stay on! As ever, so many of you went the “extra mile”, many continue to beaver away, below the radar, happy to help, with no need for special thanks however it is important to note that your hard work and commitment does not go unnoticed, by so many in the Village. Like other Village Events, it brought people together and demonstrates beyond doubt that Gunthorpe is indeed a special place to be; a Village with a humble heart, a genuine community spirit and a sense of pride and fun in all it does. My heartfelt thanks and appreciation to you all. Finally, the Fete continues to be a hugely successful event, but we should never be complacent or take for granted the effort and commitment that is required to continue that success. Therefore, if anyone has any fresh, new or exciting ideas for the future, or would simply just like to be involved in some way (no matter how small!) I would love to hear from you. Next year’s Fete is on 28 July –and we have been promised better weather! Zena Churchill Fete Coordinator The village web site has some photographs from the Fete go to and click on Photo Gallery.

GUNTHORPE VILLAGE FETE 2012 The Hall clock struck 2pm, the Fete was declared open, the skies darkened, the first clap of rapidly approaching thunder took place within moments and heavy rain came over the horizon - and interruptions for the weather continued for the rest of the afternoon. Despite this perverse weather the day itself was most enjoyable, with large crowds many of whom did not let the weather spoil their day at all. Although we did not match the record results of 2011 we still enjoyed very good support for most activities with takings before expenses of £4555.14 resulting in grants of £1839.75 for Gunthorpe Parochial Church Council and the Village Institute – as always a key, indeed essential, part of the annual income for both organisations. Included in this total was again an anonymous donation of £200 – our heartfelt thanks to our mystery benefactor. Although they spent a fair part of the afternoon having to shelter and keep their instruments dry, the Aylsham Band played superbly again for us and as always everyone enjoyed the Cream Teas & refreshments – one “advantage” of the weather though was that the queues were not as long as usual! The Fete Committee, friends, visitors and the Villagers of Gunthorpe cannot thank Marie and Jeremy Denholm enough for once again, opening the beautiful grounds of Gunthorpe Hall for all to enjoy and for their total support on the day itself. It is a date now set in many people’s diaries, and one I know that many visitors from far and wide look forward to so much each year. Huge thanks also go to the incredibly hard working Staff and their supporting team at Gunthorpe Hall. Your efforts do not go unnoticed, and we are hugely grateful to all of you. We are so grateful as well to all the families and friends, many from outside the village, who helped run games and stalls on the day – we never take your time for granted and appreciate all your efforts in making the day so much fun for everyone attending. Thank you also to everyone who donated prizes, jumble, Tombola items, bottles, etc - your continuing generosity knows no bounds and is a key element for our success. Again huge thanks to all the local businesses that supported our Grand Draw. We had both new prizes and old favourites this year with some 19 items, including a First Prize to have


concert to revitalize and reinvent their urban environment with help from urban technologies, ICT and smart systems. The accolade of “World Smart Capital” is planned to be a prestigious title awarded for one year at a time to the world city that is judged to have made life best for its citizens in the smartest and most eco-sustainable way. For those who are interested much more information on this project and the factors that will be used to assess which cities will qualify can be found at The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is the pilot city to develop the World Smart Capital concept for the years 2012 and 2013. Tjiba and Julia are planning to live permanently in Gunthorpe and we trust that they will enjoy living in our friendly and diverse village.

FRIENDS OF GUNTHORPE PARISH CHURCH The “Friends” Fete BBQ on 28th July enjoyed the best weather of the weekend and was a very successful, fun, evening, raising over £900 for the repair and maintenance fund of St. Mary's Church. Thanks to all who attended and donated for their support. Our next event will be the Harvest Supper planned to be held in the Village Institute on Saturday 10th November at 7pm. Tickets will cost £6.00 per adult and £4.50 for children, with under-5's free. Please book early for this popular event as there is limited seating in the Institute, and we have sometimes had to turn very late bookers away. There will be a vegetarian alternative, so let us know when you book if a vegetarian meal is required. The Institute will be decorated and candle-light to set the mood, so do join us for a festive evening. To book call Rod, Sue, Jeremy or Marie at Gunthorpe Hall on 01263-861373. Marie Denholm Chair FOGPC

PARISH COUNCIL NEWS Bale Polling Station The Parish Council’s appeal to the Electoral Commission has led to the new Returning Officer for the NNDC accepting that we had a well found case for the retention of a Polling Station in Bale Village Hall and reversing the previous decision. The first use of this facility will be for the elected Police Commissioner’s vote on 15 November. This election is expected to have a very low turn-out nationally, but we would like to encourage as many voters registered to vote in Bale to vote on the day to support this important change of policy.

WELCOME A very warm welcome goes to Tjiba Veenstra and Julia Ackermans who have moved into Valley Farm. Tjibe and Julia have four children all with their own families – three daughters in The Netherlands and a son in Boston Massachusetts – they also have five (soon to be six) grandchildren. Tjiba works as a Trustee of “The World Smart Capital Initiative” a recently formed non-profit organisation registered in Scotland whose vision is to identify and share successful urban innovations across cities worldwide while demonstrating how governments, industries, educational institutions and citizens are working individually and in

Ambulance Response Times Earlier this year the Parish Council, responding to comments from, and the experiences of, parishioners in our two villages, wrote to the Chief Executive of the East of England Ambulance Service to express concern at the deteriorating response times to obtain an ambulance in our rural areas. Some months later, the EEAS Chief Executive replied via Keith Simpson MP. We are concerned that since our letter, the EEAS has taken steps further to reduce the ambulance cover in our area. A copy of the EEAS response has been placed on the PC notice boards for both villages. Your views on what is proposed are most important, since nobody can ignore the fact that they may need this service at any time.

Parish Council Meeting 29 November The next Parish Council Meeting will be held in Bale Village Hall at 7:30pm on 29th November. You, as parishioners, are encouraged to attend these public meetings and/or to raise any issues of concern to the Council prior to the meeting. If appropriate you can then be invited to put forward your views at the meeting itself. As your representatives, we are here to provide a service to all residents of our two villages. John Church, Chairman Gunthorpe & Bale Parish Council


FROM THE REGISTERS Holy Baptism Zoe Reed & daughter Lacey May Phoebe Jessica Rose McDonald

12th May 26th May

Wedding Henry Allen and Victoria Sergeev

21st July



Dennis Milward Rogers (Rog) aged 87

There are various theories for the name of our village. Some believe that it was named after a family, or tribe, called Guns or Gunt, who were in Norfolk before the Norman Conquest. It has not been possible to verify this theory, but is perhaps relevant to mention that Norwich itself is thought to have been called CaerGunt at one time. Such a name would have been derived from King Gurgunt, one of the East Anglian Kings who are reputed to have held their courts on the great mound upon which Norwich Castle now stands. It is known also that Gunhild, who was a sister of the King of Denmark before the time of Edward the Confessor, has her connection with Norwich established by the Saxon Chronicles. The most plausible theory, however, is that the village was named after a Danish family called Gunner or Gunnar, and this would explain the earlier spelling of the name of the village - Gunatorp. The first part of the name can therefore be explained in various ways. The second part of the name is easier to explain. The word thorpe or thorp is, commonly, taken to mean a small village or hamlet. However, it is more likely to derive from the Danish word meaning a subsidiary farm or, possibly, from the Saxon word "Dorp" meaning a manor house. It should be noted here that the Danish invasion c. 840 had a very strong influence on Norfolk and East Anglia and that there are about thirty places in Norfolk that have the word thorp (or thorpe) as part of their name. Most probably, our village took its name from being an outlying farm, or settlement, of the Gunner family, who are known to have had their main seat at Gunton. The village is believed to have changed its name from Gunthorp to Gunthorpe in the 14th or 15th Centuries. This is an extract from research by former village historian Ray Steffans. His work is gradually being scanned with the longer-term aim of bringing it together in one book to also incorporate some of the village history pictures. Any contributions of items concerning Gunthorpe or village pictures, past and present, are very much welcomed.

25th August

STALL ON THE GREEN We had three stalls for this event in August and the total raised for Langham Church General Fund including late sales was £250. Thanks go to all who served on the stall, helped to put up the gazebo, to John who stored the stall and to Sue who kindly provided much welcome coffee to the stallholders. Thank you also to all those who came to buy and to those who provided lovely cakes and wonderful produce. Surplus vegetables were taken along to the Glaven Centre. Langham P.C.C.

LANGHAM GIANT SUNFLOWER GROWING CONTEST Unfortunately, due to the extended closure of the Parish Room, I am sorry to say I am now cancelling the long awaited Sunflower Tea arranged for the 7th October; it just wouldn’t be the same in December or January! However, if you managed to grow a plant to a height of more than 5ft., do let me know (01328 830 527). Also, any flower head more than 7 inches in diameter, and – as some plants seemed to produce several flower heads – any blooms above five per stalk. There are still prizes to be won. I know plants are long dead now but I hope you recorded the dimensions. Once more, my apologies for having to cancel this event and thanks to everyone who purchased a seedling. The sales raised the sum of £150.00 towards the Parish Room refurbishment fund. Barbara Allen


Dennis' first job was with Wimpy who were then constructing Langham Airfield. He joined the Home Guard, the youngest member. His stories of their exploits could rival any ‘Dad's Army’ episode, with the attempts at home made tank traps and ‘sticky bombs’ which apparently involved the Home Guard member walking up to an enemy tank in order to stick the aforesaid bomb to its target! At 19 he joined the RAF and trained in London where he met Joyce. They married in 1950 and at her death, last October, they had been married for 62 years. Three years later he rejoined Wimpy, attended night school and qualified as a quantity surveyor. Years later, he joined Taylor Woodrow. He was a practical man, a problem solver, disliked paper work- ‘if you need to take minutes the meeting’s too long’! . He was offered a directors post at Myton, a sister company, in 1974, made Managing Director in 1978 and Chairman in 1981 and retired aged 67. Dennis was single minded, determined and demanding but also extremely generous and sensitive and had a wonderfully dry sense of humour. Fun filled house parties were recalled by great friend, Norman Lambert. Dennis enjoyed going to the races, having a bet, trips to Norfolk and good food. Joyce was a fine cook so his standards were high and substandard food and drink was immediately returned when dining out. Although they had their disagreements Dennis and Joy enjoyed a happy retirement and although Joy's mobility was restricted, they travelled world wide, latterly on cruise ships. Throughout his life he always maintained a great love for Langham village and the Bluebell and he intended returning to Langham after Joy’s death, but injuries and illnesses although borne bravely, prevented this. He was always appreciative of our care for him. Never a man to be openly expressive of his feelings, it was good to be able to tell him that we loved him. Joy's death was a shock from which Dennis never recovered. She was the love of his life and Dennis clearly adored her. Life had little meaning for him without her. Latterly he constantly talked of Joy and he died, peacefully, surrounded by pictures of her. So we give thanks for Dennis, his life, his loves and we pray that Dennis and Joy are now reunited and at peace together. God bless you.

LANGHAM STREET FAYRE 2012 This summer has been very wet but we were lucky to get a good day for the 2012 Langham Street Fayre. This year’s event was well received and enjoyed by the thousands of visitors and villagers alike. Children were well catered for with the Pinxton Puppets, Punch and Judy and games in the Churchyard. There were about 100 stalls on the street and in the Church. The day was rounded off by a barbeque and live music (sponsored by Bridget Newman) along the street outside the Bluebell. The Street Fayre and Concert cost £5,893 to put on but this was more than covered by the income of £14,532 giving a profit over the 2011/2 period of £8,639. The Street Fayre Committee has distributed most of these funds to local good causes: Parish Room: £3,800; Church: £2,100; Playing Field: £500; Glaven Caring: £1,500; Allotments: £200; and Local Lynx: £200. We would like to thank all the people who helped make the 2012 Street Fayre a success. Langham Street Fayre Committee 2012


1 October 1924 – 13th August 2012 Dennis (Rog) was born in The Bluebell, living with his adored Mother and Aunt Morgan who ran the pub, his Father often working abroad. He had a happy childhood playing with his brother Jack, five years his senior and cousins Enid and Roger roaming the marshes, enjoying the sea and later on, all going to dances. He attended Langham Village School and won a scholarship to Fakenham Grammar School, attaining good results without apparently too much effort! He could still beat the younger members of the family at mental arithmetic as recently as last Christmas.


understandable but should have been excluded because that was the answer to No.29. Many thought No.25 ‘Fire began here’ was Pudding Mill Lane- confusing that which is in E.15 with Pudding Lane E.C.3. The answer was ‘Monument’- which marks the spot! No.42 ‘Where the tunnel is’ was deliberately devious and the official answer was Rotherhithe, although there is a tunnel at Blackwall. Answers were more or less equally divided on that one. Some you win… Quite a few people answered ‘Cyprus’ to No.20- you have to be of a certain age to remember ‘Passport to Pimlico’! ‘Edgeware’ was a good answer for ‘Mind the Gap’ though the official one was ‘Watford’. Once more, answers came from all over the U.K. and from France. The lady who gained 2nd prize has a Mum and Dad living in Langham. Thank you to all who have taken an interest and watch this space for our next challenge! Jan Hope and Team

LANGHAM LADYBIRDS Future meetings October 10th-Refexology - Philippa Stancomb November 14th-Christmas Crafts - Louise & Rosie Both meetings 2pm start. Venues will be advised. Also, ladies, I have organised Ladybirds for 10 years, now it is time for a change, so hopefully someone will come forward for me to hand over the file for 2013. Maureen 830 731



Schedule to December 9th 2012 Weekly driving duties beginning on a Monday Oct 1st Tel: 830 606* Nov. 5th Tel: 830 348 Oct 8th. Tel: 830 731 Nov. 12th Tel: 830 056 Oct. 15th Tel: 830 731 Nov. 19th Tel: 830 847 Oct. 22nd Tel: 830 624 Nov. 26th Tel: 830 605 Oct. 29th Tel: 830 821* Dec. 3rd Tel: 830 696* Rate: 25p per mile *These drivers do not go to Norwich If the driver for the week is unable to do the trip, contact the next person on the list. If your appointment is cancelled, please also cancel your car service booking. Please give three days notice wherever possible, except in an emergency. It would be very helpful if a car booking is made as soon as an appointment is arranged or journey planned so that drivers can arrange their schedule. Please bring change. In the infrequent event that no driver is available – contact the Holt Caring Society Tel: 01263 711243 giving as much notice as possible. This roster is also sited in the Bluebell and on the church porch and village notice boards with dates beyond the above schedule, after November 9th .

We would like to extend a belated but warm welcome to Mark and Tertia Guest and their son Luke. We also welcome John and Di Garner and hope they will all be very happy living in Langham.

MOBILE LIBRARY This will now visit on a four weekly basis, on Thursdays: October 4th, November 1st and November 29th, calling each day for 20 minutes at: St. Mary’s - 10.00am. Old Post Office - 10.25am. Swan’s Close - 10.50am The Cornfield - 11.15am. Enquiries : Wells Library Tel: 01328 710467.

BONFIRE NIGHT This event will take place on November 5th - Watch out for posters for times and venue.

LANGHAM STREET FAYRE 2012 London Underground Fun Quiz Winners: 1st Mrs. Margaret Wilkinson 96½ Langham 2nd Louise Robiolle 96 St. Fraimbault, France 3rd Mrs. Patricia Church 96 Bale Congratulations to the winners and to all who took part. Thank you to the many people who bought the quiz: we hope you enjoyed it. 67 entrants sent in their answers, most of whom scored over 90. In fact four people scored 96, so we had to select the 2nd and 3rd prize-winners by drawing out of a hat. The half mark was scored by many who answered ‘Heathrow’ to No. 90 when it should have been ‘Heathrow Terminal 5’. Only two people correctly identified ‘Sloane Square’ as the answer to No. 58, ‘Rangers round here’ – it was a wordplay with square and round. The answer ‘Queen’s Park’ was


Drivers Needed We are badly in need of two drivers in order to maintain our three monthly roster in which each driver only does one week of duty. At the moment two drivers are having to do two weeks each. If anyone is interested please contact me on the number below for more details. Drivers are reimbursed at the rate of 45p per mile. Ann Sherriff Project Organiser Tel: 830605

LEUKAEMIA RESEARCH Autumn Sale October 20th 10-11.30am It is very unfortunate that the main part of the Parish Room is a no-go area and we are not able to use it. Please make a note of the date and the venue will be advertised later. Whatever, we shall have a sale of some sort. On a personal note, I want to say a very sincere thank you for all the cards, letters and messages I received when my brother died in July; they were a real comfort. Thank you. Maureen 830 731

LANGHAM OIL BUYING SCHEME Langham residents can now join the Blakeney area oil buying scheme, part of Norfolk Rural Community Council’s ‘Thinking Fuel’ scheme. You join by filling out a simple form and sending it to Norfolk R.C.C. After registration you order fuel by phoning on the first working day of the month to place your order. The price you will be quoted will be competitive and could even drop, depending on how many people order at the same time. For more details e-mail or phone Dave on 830535.



We are very fortunate in Langham to have such a dedicated committee who look after the social and welfare needs of our village. In August we had a very enjoyable rounders and BBQ evening with a good match. Players were encouraged by a large audience applauding excellent catches and runners. In September the senior citizens were treated to a Mystery Tour which took us through Long Sutton into the depths of the Fens to a little village called Holbeach Hurn. There we had an enjoyable lunch at the Rose and Crown before setting off to Boston where we boarded the Boston Belle for a relaxing one and a half hour trip on the River Witham which included being served with a hot drink. The weather was sunny and warm and the journey was smooth! On the way home we had a stop at the large Farm Shop on the A17 where vegetables, flowers and sweets were purchased. We resumed our journey and arrived home at 6.15pm, rested, relaxed and replete. A big thank you to John Hughes and Peter Barlow for organising this very enjoyable trip.

Work to replace the main hall floor started, as planned, on 30th July and was proceeding well until we were told that because current building regulations require the new floor to be fully insulated, the concrete foundation will have to be given four months, rather then the four weeks we had all been expecting, to cure and dry! We had no option but to delay the reopening of the main hall until December and deeply regret the inconvenienced caused to the regular user groups. The good news is that the entrance porch floor has been satisfactorily replaced and that the Coffee Mornings will be able to resume, as planned, in October. The lobby/kitchen area is also large enough to serve as our polling station for the Police Commissioner elections on Thursday 15th November. There is more good news on the fund-raising front. The Sea Monsters talk by Kelvin Boot on 31st July was very well attended, proved most entertaining and informative and raised over £430 net for the Refurbishment Fund. Our thanks to him and to Diane Bannerman for arranging the event. Even more good news! With the strong support of county councillor Marie Strong, the Parish Room was awarded a grant of £5,000 by the Norfolk Rural Community Council. Our thanks to the Council and to Dr Strong for this magnificent assistance. As indicated earlier, we very much hope that it will be possible to have the main hall fully completed in time for the traditional evening of Carols and Mince Pies shortly before Christmas. The date has yet to be confirmed but we hope that many villagers will be able to attend this year and celebrate with us the success of several years hard planning and fund-raising. Bob Brandt


DATES FOR YOUR DIARY Sat 6th Oct. 6. 30. Shovell Dinner 2012 at the Anchor, preceded by Illustrated Talk on “The Wash Ports & the Hanseatic League 1250-1550” by former King’s Lynn Mayor, Dr Paul Richards. (Tickets at £35 each: eight left, 01263-740431). Sun 11th Nov. 2.00 pm. Remembrance Day Parade & Service. Sun 23rd Dec. 5.00 pm. Morston Candlelit Carol Service. Mon 24 Dec. 5.00 pm. Carollers meet at the Anchor. Sat 16 Feb 2013. FMC Quiz in Village Hall.

CHRISTMAS FAIR Langham Church December 1st 10-12noon I know, it doesn’t seem possible that we are talking about Christmas as I sit here in September sunshine! We will be in the church for this event as the Parish Room is out of action. Please come and support us in raising money for the Langham Church General Fund. It will be lovely and warm as we now have a full complement of heaters thanks to help from the Langham Church Building Trust. Please would you be kind enough to save all your unwanted presents, books and anything suitable for the raffle or tombola for this event. The P.C.C. would be most grateful. Goods can be deposited in the porch at 30, Binham Road, with a note, so that I can thank donors or I can collect, any time after mid November. Many thanks for your continued support. Ann Sherriff Tel: 01328 830 605

MORSTON REGATTA WINNERS 2012 MORSTON PARISH COUNCIL TROPHY Alan Robinson (first boat across the line) Streaker MAJOR P HAMOND TROPHY Gill Kay (first Morston resident) Norfolk Oyster ‘Swallow’ HASSALL TROPHY James Tillett (first Stiffkey Cockle) Stiffkey Cockle 56 WARD TROPHY Charlie Martineau (first Norfolk Oyster) Norfolk Oyster ‘Calypso’ WILSON CHALLENGE CUP Hugh Ambery (first Slow Class boat) Graduate 2361 MORSTON REGATTA CUP Steve Blackburn (first Fast Class boat) ISO 942 CARTER TROPHY Paul Strickland (first single-hander) Laser 181634 ATHILL TROPHY Peter Lobben (first pleasure boat) ‘Sloopy’ JOHN BEAN’S TROPHY Charlie Williamson (first helm under 16) Laser Pico 13931 LAPSTRAKE JUNIOR CUP Alice Tyler (youngest helm) RS Tera TEMPLE TROPHY Andy Scott (first catamaran) Hobycat 42715 NATIONAL TRUST TROPHY Vicky Holliday (first rowing skiff)

RAF LANGHAM 1940 - 1958 A Brief History including RAF Weyborne The Friends of Langham Dome have reproduced this book, originally produced by the late Len Bartram. This latest version has over 35 interesting photographs and, following further research, much more information. This is a must 'have book' for anyone who has the slightest interest in the history of this area. It would make an excellent Christmas present! Come to the Book Launch, in the Langham Bluebell, at 7.30 pm on Thursday 11th October. Alternatively you can purchase it, at anytime, from the Bluebell, the Binham Chequers or Patrick Allen (01328 830348). The price will be £6 P.Allen

MCKEE GRANDCHILREN’S CHRISTENING Family and friends had the opportunity to share in the baptism of Lachlan Matthew and Cameron Michael, the children of Michael & Tracey McLean, and grandchildren of Tony & Joan McKee of Morston and Spain. The Service at All Saints’ Morston on 15th July was taken by the Revd. Ian Whittle: a wonderful day of celebration for all who attended. A big thank you to all who attended - for making this possible. Tony & Joanie


Vallay First under 10 crew: Oli- Oyster Dora Following the fleet home: Anna Most improved time: Pete and Norman, Oyster Annie Gypsy Championships: 1st: Mr Langley- Gypsy Amanda 2nd: Tom Harrison- Gypsy Jobisca 3rd: Mr&Mrs Farrow- Gypsy Enchantress

THANK YOU NT FOR A LOVELY PARTY National Trust is 100 on Blakeney Point As we only live a few hundred yards from Morston Quay, we were, of course, late for the Bean’s Boat that was ferrying a full load of party-goers out to the Point for birthday celebrations on Sunday 5 August. As we ran to the dock, now submerged by a 9 metre tide, everyone waved us goodbye. But all was not lost, for Ian Wolfe was standing by and we hitched a lift at breakneck speed. The sun shone down and there were tours, an exhibition, Buck’s Fizz and a cake in the shape and colour of the lifeboat house (baked by assistant warden Victoria) plus a chance to see the new building plans and to view the excellent photo-voltaic tiles and batteries that now supply the lifeboat house with its own electricity. Many more revellers came along in their own boats. A beautifully hand-carved plaque of the Point was unveiled to commemorate the day. And we managed to catch the Bean’s Boat back! RH

JOHN BEAN’S MEMORIAL SERVICE ADDRESS BY GODFREY SAYERS This moving address is too long to go in one issue of Local Lynx, but, by popular demand from those who were unable to hear it and from those who want to enjoy it again, the Editor has placed it on our website. Go to and click on the ‘In More Detail’ page.

FROM THE GARDEN With the berries turning red and the days growing shorter, we are aware that autumn is just around the corner. However, let us not dwell on THAT, but look forward to next spring and plan which veg and flowers we hope to grow next year. With the price of a packet of seeds ever rising, it is worth considering the seeds from our own garden… were your runner beans full of flavour and not too stringy?... were the tomatoes sweet and thin skinned? (Even if they came from the supermarket.) Try drying the seeds to augment next year’s crop. Owing to hybridisation, it is possible that the seeds will not come true, but who knows? You may cultivate a new and delicious variety! Any of the pulses are good for this purpose, too. Moving to the flower border, lupins, delphiniums and hollyhocks, etc. set so many seeds and reproduce themselves – not always where they are wanted – but if you take control and sprinkle some seeds in a flower pot of soil with some added grit or sand, you can plant the seedlings where required and probably have enough for all the village! Green Pinkie

CHILD OPERA ACTOR RINGS OUT 08.12 OLYMPIC MESSAGE Church bells are traditionally rung to summon the worshippers for a church service - or else to signify an emergency, such as “we are at war” or “the village is on fire”. In England, before the days of mass communication church bells were the only way to gather a village together. When there are several bells, “change ringing” can of course be performed, but at All Saints in Morston, we have but one bell;and in 27th July 2012 that bell rang out the message that the Olympics were due to start in the UK twelve hours later – at

WORLD OYSTER CHAMPIONSHIPS 2012 RESULTS 1st: OY Pear Fisher- Mr&Mrs Shallow 2nd: OY Pandora3rd: OY Calypso- Mr&Mrs Martineau Oldest Helm: Gill Kay 1st junior Helm: Alan Archer Youngest Ballast: Arthur Woodhouse Middle of the fleet: Gill Kay-Oyster Swallow Best Presented Boat: J.Padt-Oyster Soppi Annabel Harmony plate for longest married couple sailing together to cross the line: Sue and Morris- Oyster


GROUP SERVICE On Sunday 29th July St. Margaret’s played host to the other nine churches in the Benefice. The Revd. Ian Whittle welcomed everyone to the Holy Communion service which takes place on a rota basis when there is a fifth Sunday in the month. As the service also celebrated our patronal saint the occasion was happily rounded with a glass of cava!

20.12. At 08.12 that message was rung out around the UK. Here at Morston it was rung out by 10-year-old Aoife (pronounced “Eefa”) Checkland, who plays and mimes the young Senta in the ENA (English National Opera) production of “The Flying Dutchman” at the Colosseum in London.

IVY HAZARD NOW GONE It is good to report that the large ivy bush leaning over the churchyard wall and road just before the rightangled bend has been removed by Saxlingham Farms. This should reduce the risk of head-on collisions involving Holt-bound traffic. The PCC is grateful to the Estate for its initiative.

MORSTON QUIZ by Samphire (answers on page 13) 1. Who had his first UK solo No. 1 with “I just called to say I love you”? 2. What word can go before “draft”, “flow” and “shadow”? 3. What is the name of the Barbara Windsor character in “EastEnders”? 4. Which is further “north” Leeds or Liverpool? 5. On what river does Hull lie? 6. How many millimetres in three centimetres? 7. What is 3 cubed? 8. DEAR CASH is an anagram of which indoor game? 9. What is measured in amperes? 10. How many different-coloured squares are there on a chessboard?

FETE GOES OFF WELL On Saturday 18th August our joint festive afternoon took place in and around the Village Hall. Residents and visitors were greeted by many stalls, games and entertainments, including the pleasant jazz provided by Four in a Bar. Visitor numbers were down possibly because of the intense heat which caused some to stay at home or escape to the beach! Rival events may have ensnared others. However, there were quite enough folk to produce a good atmosphere. The teas were much appreciated and the coconut- shy was as successful as last year raising over £90. In a recession one expects some belt-tightening, but the well-organized event still generated nigh on £900 each for the two churches and the Village Hall. So well done, everyone involved!

PRAYER BOOK SOCIETY VISIT The Prayer Book Society recently held its AGM in Morston Village Hall, followed by Evensong at All Saints’ and the giving of £70 to Morston PCC. The PCC is most grateful to the PBS for this donation. The Prayer Book Society was formed to promote and preserve the use of the 1662 Book of Common Prayerthe traditional service book of the Church of England containing the Church's historic beliefs and its official standard of doctrine. 2012 marks the 350th anniversary of this remarkable book, which has shaped the worship and doctrine of the Church of England and the Global Anglican Communion, and remains the cornerstone of Anglican identity.

STALL AT LANGHAM STREET FAYRE The Morston PCC stall in Langham on Sat 28th July made the brilliant sum of £683.74. Alice Carnwath would like to thank all those who contributed items to be sold and all those who helped her on the stall.


As some of you know, Nick and Claire Rivett were volunteers at Green Park for the Equestrian Cross Country competition and Claire has written the piece that follows on from this. Finally we look forward to seeing those with tickets at the Sharrington Lecture presented by Andrew Marr on Friday 12th October at 6.30pm AG



On Saturday 21st July 2012 many family and friends gathered at Sharrington Village Hall to celebrate the joyous and unique Civil Partnership Ceremony of David and Vance that took place at 2 pm on that same afternoon at Fakenham Registry Office. Sharrington Village Hall had been transformed into an elegant reception room for over 70 people. Drapes of soft grey fabric flowed around windows and stage, ivy and candles adorned the tables which were covered in white cloths and embroidered runners with David and Vance’s initials appliquéd on. The food was divine, the cake exquisite, the guests old and young were charming. The summer evening was enjoyed outside the hall and music then played into the night; the dancing was enthusiastic and energetic. The most special part of the occasion was being present to witness the pledges and promises David and Vance made and to observe that they have a sincere mutual respect and share a true and deep love for each other; it was an immense privilege and pleasure to be part of their special day.

Chatting to a friend over 2 years ago she told me about signing up to volunteer for the Olympics. ”Why don’t you?” she asked Sounds a good idea I thought and logged on to London 2012. Here the journey started. It took over 2 hours to fill in the application and I had to do it again for Nick. Our aim was to jump judge at the cross country at Greenwich, (we knew it would be just one day) if not help at the road race for cycling. Next step an interview in London and then once accepted or selected (not sure which applied) we then had to complete lots of training to be a Games maker. Diversity, inclusion, health and safety, how to deal with the public.”What do you say to someone who appears to be a man dressed as a woman when they ask where the toilets are?” Correct answer “the toilets (pointing in the general direction for both) are over there”. Then the Test Event at Greenwich Park which was exciting and noisy, with thousands of local children being drafted into make as much noise as the full Olympic crowd would make!! We were then asked to do the Olympics; more training, role specific, venue specific, collecting uniforms, by this stage we had become old hands at getting to London. The uniform, the general consensus, was a cross between Sainsbury’s and Virgin Airways!! Another full rehearsal and at last the day arrives. There is a real buzz about London and as we cross Blackheath Common at 7am the sky is blue, the entrances are a sea of red and purple uniforms. We all had to be searched and checked by the Army at security, they were brilliant, polite, dealing with everyone with great efficiency. The first spectators we saw were none other than Field Dalling residents, Sheelin and Andrew Cuthbert, setting out to walk the cross country course at 7.45am!!

SHARRINGTON NEWS So here we are officially the end of summer and into September, seemingly a blink of the eye since the clocks went forward in March. That was a time we were pleased to have come out of the cold dark gloomy days of winter and into longer daylight hours. We were all ill prepared for the roller coaster that was spring and summer; the wettest drought known to modern mankind, gale force winds bringing devastation to our gardens interspersed with a few days of warm sunshine here and there baking everything bone dry. Hard times for our farmers and those who rely on tourism but here we are now basking in John Keats “season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” (not so much of the latter sadly) and long may it continue please. There have been compensations of course; the wonderful torch relay across the whole country followed by the magnificent Olympic Games and the Paralympics, which defy normal forms of praise and wonderment.


CHURCH NOTES We are all sad to be losing John and Margaret Adnitt who are moving from Stiffkey to be near their family in the Midlands. John, as Churchwarden, and Margaret, as our regular organist have been simply wonderful in so many ways helping, organising, inspiring and leading. We wish them all happiness in their new home, and part of their legacy will be the Albaraca school project with trustees and friends still in Norfolk – so we may see them back from time to time. Keith McDougall remains as Churchwarden with a diminished but very supportive PCC. As reported our Harvest Festival will be on September 16th at 9.30am. All welcome. On Sunday 11th November (Remembrance Sunday), we will gather at 10.45am as usual for a short service at the village War Memorial, followed by a short service in the Church and coffee and biscuits. Christmas services will be detailed in the next Lynx.

We stationed ourselves at our fence with our equipment, radio, whistle, score card etc and watched as the crowd poured in. A sea of red white and blue. Everyone smiling and waving flags. At 12.30 on the dot the first horse starts and the cheering begins. The noise as amazing and as the British competitors start, it follows like a wave as they gallop round. The day whizzes by without too much drama. We hand in our paperwork, say goodbye to our new friends, (the other judges, the doctors and vets, stationed at our fence) and walk back through Greenwich Park thinking of the years of preparation that it has taken to put this event on, is all over so quickly. A once in a life time experience. Was it all worth it, the trips to London, endless e-mails and telephone calls when the system failed? Yes we think it was just to be part of such a great event. CR


BIRD TALK AT VILLAGE HALL Wednesday 7th November 7pm for 7.15pm There will be a bird talk in Sharrington Village Hall presented by David Tippling, who is the resident photographer at the Photographers Gallery in Holt. Entrance fee £3.00 to include light refreshments. PLEASE pay at the door.

Quinquennial Inspection Every 5 years our church is inspected by a church architect. This has just been completed and has shown up several urgent, and not so urgent, essential repairs to our Grade 1 listed place of worship. It is also a place open and available for other village activities. Funds are limited, (as always), and donations for upkeep are vital – not easy in these straightened times. But we really have a problem. Finally thanks to our Rector, The Revd Ian Whittle, the Revd Tim Fawcett, and other retired priests who help us continuously with our services, funerals, weddings, baptisms and with pastoral care. Their time and presence amongst us is, of course, at the heart of our Christian lives. Keith McDougall

NATURE NOTES What a strange summer we have had. There is no doubt that some wild creatures have done well (slugs for one!) and others badly. Early nesting garden and farmland birds must have had their early clutches washed away. Second breeding attempts are never so prolific but there is some sign of late fledglings. Garden butterflies have been a disaster, though late emergences of Red Admirals and Peacocks in August were


was christened there. Edmund was, like many in the service, recruited from a maritime background coming from the coastal village of Walmer in Kent. His wife Mary (nee Smith) gave him 10 children in all. These were Edmund christened in Ramsgate, Elizabeth, George Alfred, John Smith, Joseph Edmund, William Smith, Susannah, Alfred, Emma, and finally Eliza born in Wells. The family appeared to be living in the cottage next to the Red Lion Pub in 1851 with one of the Coastguard Cottages being occupied by a villager. This may have been a response to the large family, even then John S was living with Coastguard Sparshott, aged 8. Sadly two children, Susannah (4) and Alfred (15 months) were buried on 4 January 1852. They seemed to be among many young children who died in the early 1850's in Stiffkey. Soon after this Matson was removed to Wells where his last child Eliza was born in 1854 but lived only two years. Edmund and Mary lived their lives out here and were active members of the Congregational church. They are buried in the church yard in the middle of Wells. Of their other seven children Elizabeth did not marry and although Emma married (to William Edwards in 1901) she did not have any children. Of the five boys two emigrated; Edmund to Australia and John Smith to New Zealand. Two became station masters. They were Joseph and William Smith. The last, George Alfred never married. Looking in the local phone directory I cannot find any one with the surname Matson. Geraldine Green SLHG

welcome. Late flying hatches of ‘Blue’ butterflies have been good. Local sites have had Chalk Hill Blues and Silver Studded Blues in good numbers. Our village moth experts are busy with their light traps. Ragwort is out of control and one see whole fields infested. With fewer horses and cattle at grass, people do not seem to care about ragwort – which is poisonous to stock especially dried in hay. Something needs to be done. A dead pony or sick cow would alert people. The Cinnabar Moth is beautiful and Ragwort is its food plant – but enough is enough! Trees have put on feet in the summer rains – I have never known such growth. Tree pruning has to be tacked in many cases, to make them safe before the autumnal gales. One supposes that our ground water resources are now topped up. Difficult to recall the drought scares of last March. Such is the fickleness of our British weather. Pightle

A COASTGUARD FAMILY IN STIFFKEY The first mention in the Stiffkey parish records of preventative officers resident in Stiffkey was the baptism of Elinor Samson on 15th June 1822, the daughter of Grace and Thomas, which gives Thomas' occupation as 'riding officer of customs' This ties in well with the formation of the Coastguard under the name of the Preventive Water Guard in 1822. This amalgamated all the various authorities which had been doing this work previously. At first they were housed in rented accommodation around the village. It is suggested that Harbour House in the Greenway was once used for this purpose. At the trial of Samuel Green and three others for assault on an officer of the law in 1834, Madren, the victim, states that at one time he was lodged under the same roof as the accused. The renting of dwellings to the coastguard was universally unpopular. Soon after this notorious episode the existing Coastguards Cottages were built by James Buck Esquire of Warborough House and subsequently leased to the Crown. Originally four they later became five dwellings between their sale in 1848 and the 1851 census. Edmund John Matson was posted to Stiffkey probably in 1838 or 1839 as his second child Elizabeth

WHERE’S YOUR SPECS? Sue and Geraldine were busy serving tea and cake in Stiffkey Church on 'Stalls on the knoll' day when a delightful family came through the door. One lady asked “Where is the twelfth century food demonstration?” Sue and Geraldine puzzled but could only reply “It isn't here and we have no idea where it is.” Lady says “but I saw it advertised at the camp site.” More puzzled looks and then her sister rummaged deeply in her hand bag to find the flyer and carefully read out “1912 floods centenary exhibition” There was a scuttle of embarrassed children, most notably a teenage son who found a far corner and hid himself behind his spaniel and a veil of blonde hair. “Oh” said the lady “I didn't have my glasses on. I am always misplacing them anyway.” Sue replied “We are pleased to say that our refreshments are neither twelfth century in style or age. Do have some?” Despite not offering a nine hundred year old menu the sum of £52-56 was raised for the history group funds. Next year perhaps; coney pottage and the good wife's ale. Umm? Geraldine Green SLHG


this year is flute tuition as part of the Government’s First Access scheme. Under the scheme, those who wish to take part will be provided with their own flute and given subsidised lessons throughout the school year – potentially opening up a new world of musical appreciation. As always, you can keep up with all the school activities and achievements at www.langhamvillage Anne-Marie Coe, it’s well worth a visit.

SCHOOL NEWS Langham Village School is bursting back to life after the summer holiday, welcoming back staff, children, parents and carers for another action packed academic year. We wish continued success to those children who have moved on to pastures new over the summer – Lucy Bean, Ben High-Caston, Ben Williamson, Archie Willis, Beth Hickling, Megan Hickling, Josh Whitaker, Sam Phelps, Georgina Belton, Kieron Belton, Mia Stevens, Jack Newstead, Thomas Squires, Archie Coleman-Eke, Tilly Betts, Gus Plater, Oscar Harrison and Zelia Holmes. A warm welcome to this year’s Reception who are beginning their journey at Langham: Archie Thompson, Daisy Everitt, Abe Guppy, Grace Knowles, Reuben Cox, Noah Philpott, Alfie Bunting, Scarlet Spice, Isabella Harrison, Alex Coe, Phoenix Morison, Maria Allison, Jack Kid and Bethany Keenes. Langham Village School has joined in the Olympic spirit wholeheartedly as part of the ‘Get Set Network’ for schools which have demonstrated their commitment to the Olympic values through a range of activities and events. As Head Teacher Mike Green says: “Here at Langham we passionately believe in the value of sport and the part it plays in enhancing people’s lives.” Langham Village School prides itself on the range of sporting opportunities it offers to the children, so that everyone can find their own special sport. In addition to traditional favourites like athletics, football and netball, the children will have the chance once again this year to take part in archery lessons. There are also sports made available thanks to the efforts of volunteering parents, including Billy Bunting and Andrew Hinks who have provided table tennis lessons and Philippa Payne who organised sailing lessons during the summer term. These contributions, like those of all the parents who give up their time to support the school Friends with fundraising activities or help the children with their reading, are what makes the school such a strong and vibrant community. The children of Class 3 (aged 8 – 11) will again have the chance to get out and about using our local area as a platform for learning about the environment, through the Beach Project. Last year they carried out a series of beach monitoring visits to track the changes in plant and animal life throughout the seasons. This year the work will include comparisons between Holkham, Cley and Blakeney, enabling the children to explore these very different coastal environments that we are blessed to have on our doorstep. Another special opportunity for the Class 3 children




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Local Lynx 86 - October/November 2012  

A community newspaper for 10 North Norfolk villages: Bale, Binham, Cockthorpe, Field Dalling, Gunthorpe, Langham, Morston, Saxlingham, Sharr...

Local Lynx 86 - October/November 2012  

A community newspaper for 10 North Norfolk villages: Bale, Binham, Cockthorpe, Field Dalling, Gunthorpe, Langham, Morston, Saxlingham, Sharr...