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Saxlingham - Ken Bartlett

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WHAT’S ON In our villages APRIL 2nd Mon Binham Quiz Night at Chequers. 630 for 7.30 2nd Mon Stiffkey Monday Mardlers. 2.30 4th Wed Gunthorpe Church PCC AGM, Institute. 6.00 7th Sat Langham Parish Room Coffee Morning 10-12 8th Sun Stiffkey Church Easter Egg Hunt. 3.00 11th WedLangham Ladybirds. 7.30 11th Wed Binham Priory Dancing Voices. 8.00 11th Wed Sharrington Coffee Morning. 10.30-12 11th Wed Langham Ladybirds 7.30 12th Thurs Sharrington Preparatory Fete meeting 12th Thurs Binham Jubilee Meeting. 7.30 13th Fri Bale Bangers & Mash at Village Hall. 7.00 14th Sat Langham Parish Room. Music Evening. 7.00 15th Sun Gunthorpe Churchyard Clear-up 9.00am 18th Wed Langham Coffee Morning Parish Room 10-12 18th Wed Binham Coffee Morning for NSPCC 10-12 19th Thurs Binham & Hindringham Annual Dinner, 7.15 19th Thurs Langham Mobile Library 19th Thurs Stiffkey WI, Plant Hunting in Bolivia 7.30 20th Fri Sharrington Gardeners Coffee Morning 10.20-12 20th Fri Sharrington Gardeners Evening of Gardens, 7.00 21st Sat Binham Priory, St John Passion. 7.00 21st Sat Langham Parish Room, Rummage Sale 10 - 12 21st Sat Stiffkey History Group. Tour Old Hall. 2.30 22nd Sun Stiffkey Cricket Nets. 2-4 22nd Sun Stiffkey Church AGM 6.00. 23rd Mon Stiffkey Music Circle. 7.00 24th Tues Langham APCM. 6.00. 26th Thurs Binham History Group.Village Hall 7.30 28th Sat Gunthorpe Club Meeting, Institute, 10.30 29th Sun Stiffkey Cricket Nets, 2-4

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MAY 1st Tues Stiffkey Mardlers, 2.30 4th Fri Binham Bingo Night 5th-8th Langham Parish Room Exhibition 10-4.30 5th - 7th Morston Major Book Sale 6th Sun Stiffkey Cricket Match. 2.00 9th Wed Langham Ladybirds, Parish Room 7.30 11th Fri Bale Bangers & Mash, Village Hall 7.00 16th Wed Langham Coffee Morning Parish Room 10-12 17th Thurs Stiffkey WI, Need for Midwives. 7.30 17th Thurs Langham Mobile Library 19th Sat Langham Spring Sale for Leukaemia, 10-12 20th Sun Binham Priory Angela Ruskin Choir 7.30 20th Sun Stiffkey Cricket Match 2.00 23/24th Binham Schools Mini Digs. Wed/Thurs 24th Thurs Gunthorpe APM & PCM, Village Hall 7.30 26th Sat Langham Bring-&-Buy Coffee in Church 10-12 26th Sat Gunthorpe, 50:50 Club Meeting, Inst. 10.30 27th Sun Stiffkey Cricket Match 2.00 28th Mon Stiffkey Music Circle. 7.00

DISTRIBUTION CONTACT: For all enquiries or offers to help, please contact: Rita White, tel: 01328 830821 BLAKENEY METHODIST CHURCH High Street Blakeney Minister: The Rev’d J Pathmarajah Tel: 01263 712 181 Sunday Services at 6.30pm. For weekday services and details of preachers and any change in times, refer to ‘The Glaven Valley Newsletter’.

BLAKENEY CATHOLIC CHURCH Back Lane Blakeney Father Michael Simison 12 Hindringham Road Gt. Walsingham Norfolk Tel: 01328 821 353 Priest in Residence Father William Wells (the house behind the church) Service Times Masses: Wednesday 9.30am Vigil Mass Saturday 6.00pm Sunday 11.00am

REGULARS Mondays Langham Fun-mobility, 10 - 11. Parish Room Mondays (term-time) Binham Play-Group, 10-12 Tuesdays Binham Village Hall. Artists 10-12 Wednesdays (term-time) Binham Youth Group, 6-8 Thursdays 3rd in month Binham/Hindringham Open Circle 7.15


Church Services for Stiffkey and Bale Benefice for April and May 2012 HC=Holy Communion. FS=Family Service. MP=Morning Prayer. BCP=Book of Common Prayer Parish Bale Field Dalling Saxlingham Gunthorpe Sharrington Binham Morston Langham Stiffkey

1st April Palm Sunday 9.30am HC At Saxlingham

8th April Easter Day 9.30am HC 11.00am HC BCP

15th April

22nd April

9.30am HC At Saxlingham

9.30am HC 11.00am MP BCP

9.30am HC 9.30am MP BCP 11.00am HC 9.30am HC BCP

At Field Dalling 11.00am MP 9.30am HC 11.00am HC 9.30am HC BCP

11.00am HC 4.30pm Silent Meditation 9.30am MP CW 11.00am CFS 9.30am HC BCP

At Field Dalling 11.00am HC 9.30am HC 9.30am HC

At Stiffkey 9.30am CFS

9.30am HC 9.30am HC

At Stiffkey 9.30am HC

9.30am HC At Langham

6th May 9.30am HC

9.30am HC

9.30am HC

27thMay Pentecost 9.30am HC

Field Dalling

At Saxlingham

11.00am CFS

At Saxlingham

11.00am MP BCP

Saxlingham Gunthorpe

9.30am HC

At Field Dalling 11.00am MP

11.00am HC 4.30pm Silent Meditation

At Field Dalling 11.00am HC


9.30am MP BCP

9.30am HC

9.30am MP CW

9.30am HC


11.00am HC

11.00am HC

11.00am CFS

9.30am HC


9.30am HC BCP


At Stiffkey

9.30am MP

At Stiffkey

9.30am HC


9.30am CFS

At Langham

9.30am HC

At Langham

Parish Bale

13th May

20th May

9.30am HC BCP

SPECIAL EASTER SERVICES Maundy Thursday (April 5th): The Lord’s Supper - a Service of Holy Communion, followed by a half-hour Vigil at Langham, 7.00pm. Good Friday (April 6th): Stations of the Cross at Morston, 10.30am and Sharrington, 2.00pm. Easter Eve (April 7th): Family Service (with Egg Hunt) at Binham, 4.00pm. Easter Eve (April 7th): Service of Light at Binham, 8.00pm. Easter Day (April 8th): Easter Egg Hunt at Stiffkey, 3.00 pm.

29th April Holy Communion Group Srevice at Gunthorpe, 10.30am Regular Weekday Services Binham: Tuesday, 6.00pm Evening Prayers, Langham: Wednesday, 10.00am Holy Communion Stiffkey: Friday, 10.00am Holy Communion Dear Friends and Parishioners, There is a personality test that presents one with a set of animal pictures and asks one to choose those which represent one most. From the selection the analyst supposedly gives one insight into one's personality. I suggest that the Christian engaged in church life, in business and of course in day-to-day living is presented with three of those pictures, the snake, the dove and the sheep. (Matthew 10.16) That's the type of person Jesus envisages as he sends his recruits into the world - shrewd snakes, innocent doves and vulnerable sheep. Not 'either/or', but all three in the one personality. Those pictures of Jesus' are a good antidote to those who see the Christian as totally candid, declaring everything and being walked over by one and all. Part of the great canvas painted by Jesus for his disciples is a terrible scenario of betrayal, persecution and assassination. It's against such a background of violent opposition that Jesus urges his people to be as shrewd as snakes. If that means hiding, do it - He did (John 6.15). If that means refusing to answer questions, refuse - He did (John 19.9). If that means answering a question with a question, then play them at their own game - He did (Mark 11.29) If that means avoiding conflict, avoid it like the plague - He

did (John 7.1). If that means delaying and choosing your moment, do it scrupulously - He did (John 7.8). Throughout the gospels Jesus is aware that his time has not yet come, and he acts accordingly and shrewdly. THEN THE MOMENT ARRIVES. "The time has come" and Jesus engages with his destiny. Jesus possessed all the shrewdness of a snake. In terms of secular power he was, of course, as vulnerable as a sheep among wolves. So are we. All the more reason to be shrewd. And yet he was possessed of an integrity as innocent as a dove. It is this purity of motive that gives shrewdness a good name. We have a calling to be like Christ. To be as shrewd as a snake and as innocent as a dove. The latter comes to us through confession and absolution. If it's not mixing metaphors too wildly, we Christians shall be like snakes on their knees! "Remember I am sending you out like sheep among wolves; so be shrewd as snakes and innocent as doves" (Matthew 10.16). May I wish you all a glorious Easter. Ian Whittle


Next Deanery Synod: Thursday June 21st 7.15pm for 7.30pm Swanton Novers Village Hall. Watch out for posters with details nearer the time



Important issues were discussed at the last NNDC Full Council meeting including the Annual Action Plan for 2012-2013 and the Corporate Plan 2012-2015: small government, big society, which sets out the council's strategic priorities for the next four years. This and other documents may be found at www.northnorfolk.org/ annualactionplan or via Helen Thomas on 01263 516214. Also on the agenda was the operational framework for the North Norfolk Big Society Fund. This describes the exciting iniative which will provide a flexible approach in community investment in the district, giving local people and organisations with the capacity and ability to plan and implement projects which they choose to benefit their own communities For further information on the fund and details of how to apply visit www.norfolkfoundation.com.. NNDC has also arranged a Localism and Planning Seminar for Councillors to outline the changes to the planning system following the passing of the Localism Act. Further Seminar for Parish Councils will follow. Final presentation of the Holt Vision was held at the Community Centre. Report was well presented and received, over 130 people from Holt area attended. Of course, this is a "Vision" no doubt the devil will be in the detail, parking taking first place! That said, proposals are thought-provoking and worthy of careful consideratioon. All details from www.holttowncouncil.org. Marine Conservation Zone reference areas continue to be discussed. Local representatives will meet Mr Richard Benyon, the minister concerned, with Mr Norman Lamb at DEFRA in London in March. The Marine Management Organisation held a forum to discuss and define future activities in our local marine area. A more general meeting will take place in Norwich on Marine Planning. The Norfolk Joint Museums and Archaeology Committee unanimously rejected plans for creating a charitable trust for our museums in Norwich and throughout the county. The plan would have involved transferring the day-to-day management of 10 sites to a trust, but was opposed by volunteers, staff and the public. The excellence of the present service was stressed and indeed the Norfolk Museums & Archaeology Service has just been awarded Major Partner funding by the the Arts Council. Many excellent activities are available - from Titian Exhibition Talks at Norwich to Hands-on-Fossils: A Beginner's Guide at Cromer 01263 513543 for details. Lindsay Brettle

DROPPED INTO YOUR MAIL BOX Keep your finger on the pulse of local policing issues where you live by signing up to Police Direct. Police Direct offers you factual and timely updates direct from the police by email, voicemail and text. Whether it’s the weekly overview of local crime, a personal message from your local policing commander or the very latest on a major incident - Police Direct informs, reassures and allows you to be a part of keeping your community safe. Following a recent review of the service, the Constabulary has reinstated a weekly neighbourhood level crime summary*. The full message includes: • A list of crimes reported in your neighbourhood. • A summary of any local anti-social behaviour issues to be dealt with by police. Crime prevention advice from Norfolk PACT (Partners Against Crime Taskforce charity) may also be included. Police Direct also continues to deliver alerts for forthcoming police events, summaries of local prioritysetting meetings and is used to inform the public in the event of major incidents. Residents are encouraged to pass relevant information back to police by calling the new non-emergency number 101. Deputy Chief Constable Simon Bailey said: “Staff reductions brought about by the financial challenge has meant we needed to find a new way of delivering this important service. Police Direct offers communities updates direct from their local police teams to their desktops, laptops, landlines or mobiles. Armed with this information, people can become more involved in keeping themselves, their families and their communities safe.” To sign up to Police Direct, and for safety advice and Safer Neighbourhood Team news, go to www.norfolk.police.uk *Crime summaries do not represent total recorded crime, but include crimes deemed fit for public dissemination and that will not impact on a person’s right to privacy or breach Data Protection laws.

VACANCY GLAVEN DISTRICT CARING BLAKENEY Cleaner/Housekeeper Required 10 hours per week (2 hours daily Mon-Fri) Please contact Maureen Buckey for further details 01263 740762 or Email glavencentre1@btinternet.com

District Councillors’ Contact Details Jonathan Savory (01328 820719). email:jonathan.savory@north-norfolk.gov.uk - and Peter Terrington (01328 711126) email:peter.terrington@north-norfolk.gov.uk (Binham, Langham & Stiffkey) Lindsay Brettle (01263 710030) email:lindsay.brettle@north-norfolk.gov.uk (Sharrington, Field Dalling/Saxlingham & Morston) Ann Green (01328 878273) email:ann.green@north-norfolk.gov.uk (Gunthorpe & Bale)


Living Well in the Community Fund: Grants of up to £50,000 are available to community groups, voluntary and charitable organisations, town and parish councils to ‘help people live independently and maintain a good quality of life’. As you read this the first ‘round’ will have passed but there will be others so go on line www.norfolk.gov.uk/livingwell or ring 0344 800 8020 or e-mail living.well@norfolk.gov.uk News from Dr Marie Strong County Councillor Wells Division marie.strong@norfolk.gov.uk 07920 286

COUNTY COUNCILLOR’S NEWS Natural England and Marsh Zoning: The meeting with Richard Benyon, Minister for the Natural Environment and Fisheries and Norman Lamb MP took place on 7 March. Our party, representing concerned groups and individuals, presented detailed information & asked a range of pertinent questions. I asked how far other areas had been evaluated and rejected. Then I asked why Natural England cannot be empowered to present viable alternatives now, before a public consultation. Though we did not expect a reversal of the proposals then, I hope further investigation will confirm that the proposals are inappropriate and, for scientific and socio-economic reasons, other areas are better placed. It will disappoint me if the matter has to go to public consultation but we must wait until the Minister has had time to take further advice. I believe the Minister will give consideration to our group’s presentation particularly as we spoke as one, rejecting the proposals.

FAKE £10 NOTES Officers from the Holt Safer Neighbourhood Team have received a report of a fake £10 note being tendered in the area. It can be very difficult to identify these notes, but shoppers and retail outlets are urged to be vigilant to any money that does not seem genuine. The mains signs of these specific fake bank notes are: • the paper is not as good quality as a genuine note • the metallic strip is in the wrong place • the watermark of the Queen’s head is smaller than it should be and not as good quality. If you are suspicious about any notes or coins then please take them to your local bank for them to identify. If the bank confirms that they are fake, then please contact your local Safer Neighbourhood Team on sntholt@norfolk.pnn.police.uk or call the non emergency number 101.

Recycling Centre: Feb. 22: I heard a survey was being carried out re. the Wells Recycling Centre, to be completed by March 4th!! My concern expressed, the deadline’s been extended until 24 March Please go on line to: www.norfolk.gov.uk/ wasteandrecycling, at home or at the library, or ring 0344 800 8020. Whilst the County is rightfully proud of the newer purpose-built sites I am seeking an opportunity on the survey to say why I value Wells Recycling Centre. The good news is that from Monday a new compactor will be in place at the site. Cardboard will be compacted and removed on the days when the site is closed. This will reduce the occasions when the site is shut down, albeit temporarily, on our open days.

SUPPORT EAST ANGLIAN AIR AMBULANCE & YOUR LOCAL CHURCH Easter Monday 9 April at 11am On the Sandringham Estate. Everyone is invited to walk or run up to 10 miles or from as little as 3. This event, known as the Archdeacon’s Charge, is in its third year and has raised over £23,000. The Archdeacon of Lynn, the Reverend John Ashe, will be running 10 miles with his family. Visit: www.norwich.anglican.org/ac2012 to get involved. If you cannot take part but would like to sponsor John online go to: www.justgiving.com/Archdeacons-Charge2012, or by mobile donate £5 by texting: ARCH62 £5 to 70070. Half of the money raised will go to the Air Ambulance and half to YOUR LOCAL CHURCH - we will credit it to your church’s Parish Share.

Broadband: Our division is responding well to the Say Yes to Broadband Campaign. Some parishes deliver the form door to door. If anyone would like to deliver on their ‘patch’ tell me how many copies are required. We only have until the end of March so keep signing up and please keep the posters in place. Remember www.norfolk.gov.uk/sayyesnorfolk.

Stiffkey Footpath: Driving through Stiffkey you will see a brand new pathway; walking you will find not just the pathway alongside the road but a further 200 metre ‘trod’ path. The linked path comes from collaboration between the Parish Council and County Council. Parish Council not only proposed the scheme but co-ordinated finances and labour to build the ‘trod’. NCC constructed the linked path. There is now a safe way between Stiffkey and Muckledyke. Having been involved throughout in what became a complex process I am sure all involved believe the outcome far outweighs all the efforts.




John Sizer, National Trust Property Manager for the Norfolk Coast with elected members of the local community attended a meeting with the Minister Richard Benyon, MP to discuss the proposed Marine Conservation Zones’s and Reference Areas on Blakeney National Nature Reserve. In brief the serious concerns of the various stakeholders were discussed and the Minister was ‘determined’ that the traditional activities and local relationships should continue as existing. We are urging the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to review the flawed process related to the Blakeney Reference Areas prior to the proposed public consultation. We will continue to try and influence the process in partnership with local people. You may have noticed two new benches we have installed near the Morston Information Centre. One was kindly donated by Mrs Bridget Starman and her family in memory of Doris and Albert Balding from Morston. During every leap year the National Trust endeavours to do some volunteering of their own in the local community, we call it the Local Leap. This year on the 29th February we spent, the morning cleaning the clock and bell chambers in Blakeney Church and in the afternoon clearing and tidying a garden of a vacant Blakeney Neighborhood Housing Society house. It was such a successful day that we would like to make it an annual event rather than every four years. So although the 28th February 2013 is along way off – please let us know if you need some assistance, during our next Local Leap day. We have a very special centenary event on Saturday 28th April at 19:30 in the Blakeney Village Hall. It is a rare opportunity to attend an intriguing talk by Dr Kenneth Pye from Pye Associates. The talk is titled “Our Changing Coast – Past, Present and Future” and follows a recent report focusing on the coastal change on the North Norfolk coast. The talk is in association with Blakeney Area Historical Society. Entrance is £2 for BAHS members and £3 for visitors, including refreshments. On Friday May 18th there are still some places available on the guided walk “Dip your toes in a bit of wildlife” starting at Blakeney Quay, if you would like to join us then please get in touch and book a place. Iain Wolfe, Visitor Services Manager, National Trust, Office/Fax: 01263 740241

Let me introduce myself, my name is Simon Fenn and I am the Children’s, Youth & Families (CYF) Missioner for the Deanery of Holt. I support and encourage existing Church activities and work collaboratively with local communities to develop new opportunities for the Church to demonstrate God’s incarnate Love and Grace. A major aspect of my role is building bridges between local communities and the church. These communities aren’t necessarily geographical in nature but formed around social groupings and interests. Schools provide me with a great opportunity to share my faith and provide a positive Christian witness. Some recent work in Sheringham High School with another Christian Youth-worker, is an excellent example of this. During RE lessons, we were able to give a brief background to the Christian belief and our journeys of faith before opening up the floor to questions from the pupils. The feedback has been very positive and encouraging. One particular group, with very definite atheist views, opened up and were receptive after their initial hostility, even to the point of arguing in favour of Christianity. BluePrint, the Deanery Christian youth group (2nd & 4th Sundays 6:30-8:00pm), is going really well and steadily growing in numbers. We have a core group of about 8 teenagers. Just before half term we had a joint social bowling evening with another church youth group from North Walsham. It was a fun evening and good to see both groups mixing well and making new friendships. Fr. Howard, from St. Andrews, was particularly pleased as he was finally able to beat me at bowling - it has only taken him 3 attempts! Those who know me well know that I’m not often lost for words, but one particular primary school assembly left me speechless. The theme was Epiphany, and I asked the children if they knew what the word meant. A small child raised his hand and with a gentle voice he said “Epiphany means the sudden realisation of the greatest truth”. Surprised, I asked him where he had learnt this from expecting him to say his parents. He replied, “The Simpsons,” which caused the whole hall, including the teachers and Head, to roar with laughter! His response caused me to have another ‘sudden realisation’. That we shouldn’t underestimate the spiritual awareness and knowledge of the young and, more importantly, that God is present in the secular just as much as the sacred. We need to ask His help not to be ‘blind’ to His presence and mission within the world. If you would like to know more, get involved, have any suggestions or know young people who may benefit, please do not hesitate to contact me. Latest News: On Sunday 22nd July 2012, in partnership with the YMCA, I will be organising an Olympic themed Fun Day at Binham Village. The afternoon will include refreshments and a range of activities, workshops and challenges for the whole family to enjoy. Further details to follow. Email: Simon.fenn@norwich.anglican.org / Mobile: 07585 801450.


BALE DIARY 16th Jan 2012 The first wintery weather of the year, and a high pressure system gave us pretty frost pictures today – even nettles become decorative with delicate crystalline structures drawing white lines around each vein and jagged edge. The thistles have every hair outlined, in the shadows frosted leaves sparkled, the sun was melting everything in its path and pattern gleamed softly amongst the coppery dead bracken stems in the green lane. 31st Jan 2012 January sunshine; the roof of the wood is a lattice of branches letting the blue sky in. The beech tree’s naked trunk twists and turns like a mature-bodied dryad in the centre of the glade. Here the wood is thicker and still makes a dark shade, contrasting its boundary with the open field. Underfoot it is dry and crackling with leaves. No signs of primrose or violet yet, although the woodpecker’s drumming rings through the trees on these sunny days and the great tit has begun his repetitive two tone song. Clumps of elm trees have died and collapsed; until the inevitable clones spring up from the roots the wood is opened up to daylight and brambles are spreading; there is less cover for the roe deer and I rarely see them. Today a hare got up and ran out of the trees as we walked through, noisily cracking dead twigs and making our clumsy way, no doubt spreading alarm amongst the inhabitants. In my garden the snowdrops are out, and the celandines. the first promise of life this year. 6th Feb 2012 The February snow gave me an opportunity to photograph birds from the kitchen window; dunnocks fossicking about under the peanut feeder for crumbs, great tits and a marsh tit; there is a pair of these nearby and they love peanuts. The coal tit is very similar but close-up you can see he has a wide black beard rather than the marsh tit’s little goatee, and his black cap splits in half at the back of his head. 13th Feb 2012 It was so cold last week that the glaze bins had half an inch or more of ice in them. I managed to drag the blue and the green glaze bins into the workshop and got the ice to melt, so the firing had only those two glazes. the kiln fired in exactly the same amount of time, and the pack was the same as the firing before, but the reduction looked different; less flame and smoke, although I was doing the same things as before. So the pots are a bit different. The green glaze was mostly very pale and delicate on the porcelain; I am not sure if this was due to glazing more thinly than before, or something to do with the firing, possibly slightly less reduction. But the blue glaze gave me rich blues and oranges, and some very subtle pots with blue breaking to brown. Jane Wheeler

BALE VILLAGE HALL NEWS We are planning an event to happen at some point during the Jubilee weekend - a street party of some sort perhaps, but certainly food and partying will be on the agenda. Any suggestions and help most welcome. Due to the fish and chip van’s terrible accident in Fakenham last month we are trying out Bangers and Mash evenings instead of fish and chips; Margaret Dent has bravely taken up the challenge to provide carnivorous and vegetarian nourishment, (locally produced, organic, and delicious, bangers from Back to the Garden) so please come along and support her efforts; every 2nd Friday in the month. We have a lot of fun at these evenings, with a raffle and the hundred club draw. Bring your own drink/booze, 7pm, in the village hall.

The Committee members are: Margaret Dent, 4 Hindringham Road; Anne and Jim Peppitt, Spinney Cottage; Alastair Macorkindale and Paul Turnbull, Forge Cottage; Ann Ramm; Jane Wheeler, The Granary; Carole and Chris Lee, Ivy Cottage; Eileen Spooner, Oak View; and Richard Scott, Clip Street Farm. Bale Village Hall Committee

THE PURCELL SCHOOL CONCERT ALL SAINTS CHURCH, BALE Sunday 17 June at 6 p.m. Adult tickets £8. Children free. Drinks on sale from 5.30 p.m. Please contact Alan Sankey on 01328 878 874 We are delighted to welcome The Purcell School once more. If you have not heard them before we heartily recommend them. The high standard of their musicianship is inspirational. You cannot fail to be moved by these talented young musicians. It is wise to book early.

BALE VILLAGE HALL SOCIAL CLUB DRAW January 2012 Grace Allison £25 Patricia Church £10 Margaret Sankey £5 Cedric Hewitt £5


February 2012 Iris Croft £25 David Ramm £10 Elizabeth Allison £5 Ed Croft £5

CONCERTS AT BINHAM PRIORY Please check web site for latest information: www.binhampriory.org 21 April, Saturday, 7.00 pm Bach's “St John Passion”, with the Yorke Trust Choir and Baroque Sinfonia. Tickets for reserved seats, £16. Please phone 01328 823501. info@theyorketrust.wanadoo.co.uk 20th May, Sunday, 7.30 pm Anglia Ruskin choir and orchestra 15 July, Sunday, 4.00pm “Vocality” Tea Concert, retiring collection. SUMMER SERIES Tickets available from end of May, £14 per concert, or £12 if three or more concerts booked in advance. Tel: 01328 830362. e: davidfrost226@btinternet.co 28 July, Saturday 7.30 pm “Brassed Up” with James Stretton, multi brass instruments and Iain Jackson, piano. 11 Aug., Saturday, 7.30 pm Heath Quartet Mendelssohn, Britten, Tchaikovsky. 19 Aug., Sunday, 7.30 pm Norwich Quintet. Mozart (flute & harp concerto), Beethoven. 24 Aug., Friday, 7.30 pm Xeufei Yang, classical guitar Bach, Paganini, Falla, Debussy, Villa Lobos, Koshkin. 1 Sept., Saturday, 7.30 pm Norwich Baroque Handel, Vivaldi, Purcell, Boyce, van Wassenaer Geoff Scott

BINHAM YOUTH GROUP The Youth Group meets at the Binham Village hall on Wednesdays 6-8 pm, term time only, age 5-16 years, £1 entry fee, tuck shop, staff CRB checked. As a member of the Woodland Trust, Wendy was offered the chance to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee to mark the 60th anniversary of her accession to the throne by being part of history and to plant a tree for the Jubilee. So Wendy applied for a pack of trees that have been handed out to our members at the Youth Group and the special Royal Oak is to be presented to the village to mark the occasion (date to be set). This is part of the Woodland Trust scheme to plant approximately six million trees in 2012 and by doing so the Trust is creating an online record of all the trees planted. At the end of the project the Queen will be presented with a copy, as well as the British Library. This was inspired by the original Royal record that was to mark King George VI coronation in 1937. Andrew and Wendy March on 01328 830178

BINHAM PLAYGROUND PROJECT We recently held a Coffee Morning, which raised £230. The village ran Pancake Races, the proceeds of £190 being presented to us. We have also been awarded two grants totalling £10,000. BINGO NIGHT Friday 4th May (7p.m. for 7.30 p.m. start) in the Village Hall. Please come, bring friends and family, to raise more funds for the Playground Project. Other planned events: Fête on August 19th. Quiz night October 20th. Dance - date to be confirmed. For more details ring Rebecca 01328 830505.

PICNIC 2 JAZZ Saturday 7th July 5pm – 8pm Binham Priory This event was held for the first time last year and proved to be a most popular and happy occasion for the 200 who attended. The DixieMix jazz band played wonderful foot tapping, traditional jazz encouraging some, particularly the children, to dance. The timing was great especially for whole families of several generations. Having found a good spot within the monastic ruins, tables, rugs and chairs were positioned, laden picnic baskets were unloaded and the music began. Some sat and listened, drink in hand, others walked around to meet friends and neighbours, children played impromptu games returning for food to their family groups. A short break for the band was the time for serious eating and then the music started again. It was a most enjoyable evening. So get the date in your diaries now, apply for tickets £9 each from Mike Jeffery tel. 01328 830886 or e mail mj.sj@btinternet.com children are free. Tickets purchased on the day are £12 each. Car parking in the adjacent field.





26th April. Thurs. Trevor Howard Burlingham ‘East Anglian Defences - 1940’. 7.30 p.m. in the Binham Village Hall. £2 members, £3 non members. For more information call 01328 830270

1856 February 4th Ems did not tell me she intended to go to London nor why she was so agitated today! 7th Dined at Fakenham at which took the same money of Strangleman for my bullocks I gave him these two months since. Markets very dull. 11th I made Ems an offer of marriage which she accepted so I went to see the mither and spoke to my Father. 12th After much pleasant intercourse with my darling one I again went to see the mither, she having given only a conditional consent. 13th I had a deal of business to do today, wrote to Edward, Charlie and William, my Father called on the mither. 14th I wrote to the dear Ems and sent my diary for her perusal. I had such a sweet note in return - Nancy and Eliza called to congratulate me. 15th I went to see my darling and experienced the greatest happiness of my life in her unbounded confidence and love. How can I be sufficiently thankful? 22nd Sally and I attended Mr. Lee Warner's lecture on Father Augustine which was very interesting, home late. 23rd Dined at O.W. My darling Ems was very full of fun. March Ist I lost one of my best carthorses at Hindringham this morning, went to Wiverton to see a pony of Mr. Buck for my aunt. 3rd Dined at Aunt Harriet's. Had a delightful afternoon with my darling, took the plans of proposed improvements to the house. 5th Sold Strangleman my hoggets and took the money of him for them. He said he lost £8. 8s. by the bullocks last week. 17th Everyone away so had dear Ems to myself. 18th Drove my darling Ems home this morning and stayed for dinner. 20th The Gov and I went to Tombland Fair. 29th George drove me up to Norwich and I bought a watch for a birthday present for dear Ems. Norah and Richard Lewis

Digging News We are looking for up to ten sites to dig Mini Pits (i.e. one metre square) on Wednesday and Thursday 23rd and 24th May. This is when Carenza Lewis and her team from Cambridge University together with teenagers from local schools will be visiting once again. This will be the fifth MiniDig. If you are able to welcome four wellorganised and supervised teenagers into your garden, please contact Carolyn on 830270 or email: cpwrightuk@aol.com

Community Dig Once again we are taking part in the National Festival of British Archaeology. This will be on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st July – more details later. Carolyn Wright

BINHAM GUILD OF ARTISTS The group consists of anyone interested in art or craft, beginner or otherwise. Artists with professional experience form part of the group and will gladly advise if needed. We meet every Tuesday morning from 10 to 12 in the Village Hall. A fee of £2 per morning includes coffee and biscuits. A demonstration of painting or craftwork normally takes place on the first Tuesday of every month except in January, February and the week in which the annual exhibition takes place. For more information, contact James Bucknill at 01328 830651.

NSPCC COFFEE MORNING Wednesday 18th April - 10am to 12 Once again Beverley Taylor is organising her Coffee Morning in aid of the NSPCC. If you can bake for the cake stall or provide a few things for the Bring and Buy, it will be much appreciated. Do call Beverley at 01328830208. Come and bring your friends!


FRIENDS OF BINHAM PRIORY The Binham Lecture this year was given by Dame Stella Rimington in the Memorial Hall on the evening of 2nd March, after the AGM. An audience of 130 heard a fascinating account of her career to the very top of MI5. She also demonstrated why she attained this position by skilfully answering a wide range of questions on historic and current challenges to national security. Light refreshments and wine made a convivial start to the Lecture. The Chairman of the Friends, Michael Calvert conducted proceedings and Pauline Scott gave an eloquent vote of thanks to Dame Stella. Dates for your diary of further events are below: 7th July, Sat Binham Priory Cloisters 5 – 8 pm. ‘Picnic2Jazz’ Traditional jazz from the DixieMix Jazz Band. See below for more information. 17th Aug. Fri Binham Priory. Binham Friends will be hosting an afternoon visit from Friends of Castle Acre Church with a guided tour of the Priory and village, followed by tea. 7th Thurs - 10th Sun. Sept. Binham Priory. 10am-6pm. (Sunday from 12.0 noon) Heritage Open days. Friends, some in medieval costume, will be welcoming visitors and offering light refreshments. Guided tours at 2.30 pm each day. 9th Sept. Binham Priory 7pm. ‘On Being with Icons’. An illustrated presentation by Lionel Wilde on the history and meaning of Icons, Refreshments will be available at the interval. 12th Fri. Oct. A visit by the Friends to Wymondham Abbey hosted by the Friends of Wymondham Abbey, a guided tour of the Abbey followed by tea. 27th Sat. Oct. Binham Memorial Hall. 7.30 “Moonlight, Music and Memories”. A family entertainment on the theme of the “Moon” written by Ann and John Prockter and Andrew Moncur, with support from members of the North Norfolk Astronomy Society. Supper will be included in the ticket, a cash bar will be available. Weather permitting there will be guided viewing of the moon and stars through the Society’s telescopes. For more details of the events and application forms for membership please contact David Frost. Honorary Secretary. Friends of Binham Priory 01328 830362 davidfrost226@btinternet.com

BINHAM PAROCHIAL CHARITIES TRUST Since the Bursary was established in 2008 the Trust has been able to help several students at universities and colleges. If you know of anybody in the village who is thinking of further education and would be grateful for some financial support, then please contact the Chairman of the Parochial Charities Trust with the relevant information: Mr William Wales, Abbey Farm, Binham. Jubilee Lunch. The Village Hall Committee, together with the Charities Trust will be hosting the Spring Lunch – renamed this year – on Friday 1st June. Invitations will be sent out nearer the time to the retired residents of Binham and Cockthorpe who receive the Christmas grant. Alex Wales

A HISTORY OF BINHAM Do you know? Do you know that originally the village went westwards from where the church now stands towards Warham? It wasn't until the Middle Ages that it developed eastwards towards Field Dalling. We are collecting information to produce a history of the village from Roman times to the present day. If you have any facts or anecdotes or snippets about the village then please let us know: Pennie Alford on 830700, David Frost on 830362, Richard and Norah Lewis on 830723 or Carolyn Wright on 830270. These could be included in future "DO YOU KNOW" items in future Lynx columns. We look forward to hearing from you.

BOOKS! The book store, for the British Legion coffee morning later this year and for various other village to-do’s, in practically empty at the moment. At the end of the year we gave the remaining books to charity so that we could renew the stock. So if you have any nearly new hard backs or paperbacks - they would be much appreciated. Please drop them off at Priory Cottage, Langham Road, or I would be happy to collect them. Carolyn Wright (830270)


ROYAL VISITS TO THE PRIORY The earliest royal ‘relic’ is the Royal Coat of Arms, ordered to be displayed in 1815. It hangs on the south wall. Many churches have this, but our’s is original and local – painted by William Archer of Foulsham to celebrate Waterloo. The Royal Family while at Sandringham has always shown an interest in the Priory. Queen Mary visited just before the war and signed the visitors’ book. This was displayed in the showcase until the recent alterations. Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother came on two occasions that we know about (having been spotted). She came with a large party including Lord Gowrie and Duke Hussey, who all signed the book. Later she came with just one lady-in-waiting (both wearing head scarves!) while Betty Parker (recently deceased) and her friend Tuppenny Bullen were cleaning the Priory. They said hello. No one else was in so the two women went outside and waited until they had gone. They also signed the book. The Queen came on one occasion, but no one saw her - however, she signed the book. Several people thought the signature was probably a joke, so Marion rang up Buckingham Palace. They looked at the diary and confirmed that she was in Norfolk at Sandringham on that day and said it was very likely to have been her. David McCormick removed the page from the book for safe-keeping and it was also on display in the show cabinet until recently. The most recent visit (and the only semi-official one) was when we wrote to the Queen asking her if she would like to come to a service marking the beginning of our 900th year celebrations in 1991. A lady-in-waiting said the Queen wasn’t able to come but to write to Prince Charles as the Queen sure he would want to. He came on April 7th 1991 and brought quite a large party with him (twice as many as we were expecting). It was not publicised, but word leaked out and quite a crowd came. Entrance to the service was by named ticket only, obtained beforehand. We were told he would not contribute to the offertory, but he did. Llewellyn Fawcett came out of retirement to take the service. Marion and Arthur Hundleby

DIAMOND JUBILEE There will be fun, games, fancy dress, fancy cakes, gallons of tea and mugs galore when Binham and Cockthorpe get together in June to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in traditional style. And in years to come there will be trees growing tall to remind us all of this summer’s events. Each member of Binham Youth Club has been given a sapling to plant, part of a great scheme by the Woodlands Trust to raise six million new trees nationwide - a living tribute to the Queen’s landmark anniversary. And in our two villages every household will receive in advance a free bone china mug as a souvenir of what promises to be a happy and memorable weekend of events marking the occasion. It is hoped that the chinaware will be available for distribution by the middle of May. It will also be possible to purchase additional mugs at cost against prior orders. The mugs will show on one side the colourful approved Diamond Jubilee design and, on the other, a roundel in matching red declaring “Binham and Cockthorpe celebrate the Jubilee 2012”. Our local events to mark this once-in-a-lifetime mot will include: Sunday, June 3, 11am: A special service at the Priory to be followed by drinks, then a “bring and share” picnic in the Priory grounds, weather permitting, or in the Priory if wet. Monday, June 4: An action-packed afternoon at Binham Memorial Hall for the whole family, featuring a fun cricket match, children’s games and a village tea. The hall will be specially decorated by local youngsters. It is hoped that fancy dress of a suitably patriotic nature will be worn by people of all ages. Details of these events will be circulated later; all will be free of charge. There will be a third open meeting at the Memorial Hall on Thursday, April 12, at 7.30pm to agree details and assign jobs. All will be welcome – so, please come to help make the jubilee unforgettable in Binham and Cockthorpe. It is also suggested a coffee morning will be held in April or May to raise top-up funds for the free mugs and to meet costs arising from the Monday afternoon village tea party. It is hoped that the Parish Council will provide the majority of funds for the mugs. Those wanting additional souvenir mugs should plaorders with David Frost at 18, Langham Road, Binham (01328 830362) before the end of April, at the cost price of £3.30 each including VAT. Andrew Moncur


NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS I had intended to do a piece about good intentions for 2012, but missed the copy date for the last edition; which was just as well as it turned out. I had resolved not to swear at my friend Shep the Dog for a whole year. Impossible; and totally irrelevant because he is deaf. What a poor excuse. How are you getting on?

HELLO AND GOODBYE Either you have no grand children and are waiting, patiently, or you have too many. How do you remember all the birthdays and know what to buy? I’m in the former category and always interested to hear about new arrivals. Intelligence is not always reliable. I had thought there had been three, but one was two years ago (but Roger and Margaret are still proud grandparents), and the other two have turned out to be the same one, so congratulations to Gwen, and to Pat and Pat.

QUIZ NIGHT AT THE CHEQUERS Just one more Quiz Night on Monday 2nd April - until we start again in October. You don’t need to be part of a team - just come along at 6.30 if you’re going to have a meal - or at 7.30 for a drink and the Quiz. Hope to see you there.

BETTY PARKER died last year. She was one of the eight o'clock customer's at Trevor's shop, and always had a smile. Betty was in the habit of making a small posy of flowers from her garden to give to the first person she met on her way to the shop. What a lovely gesture. Betty loved flowers. She would have been thrilled to see the family bouquet at her funeral. A mass of yellows, oranges and browns, a beautiful tribute to a lovely lady.

BINHAM & HINDRINGHAM OPEN CIRCLE Thursday, April 19th, is our annual dinner, at The Riddle in Walsingham, 7.15pm for 7.30pm. The speaker at our May 17th meeting is Fay Dewing, a very talented milliner, who will demonstrate the art of hat making. The Open Circle Women's Club meets at 7.15pm on the third Thursday of each month at Hindringham Village Hall. New members are always welcome - just come along on the night or ring secretary Fiona Thompson on 01328 830639.

PHILIP HOWELL . To parents a child is always a child whatever their age. The death of a child is especially distressing. For his parents, Raymond and Ethel, the death of their only child, Phillip, from cancer, at the age of 58, is a tragedy. I didn’t know Phillip very well but I do know that he was an excellent nurseryman. He kept Trevor’s supplied with an extensive range of quality bedding plants from spring to autumn, together with the most superb hanging baskets. Phillip will be very sadly missed. PS: welcome home Veronica, we missed you. Roger Newman

BINHAM MEMORIAL HALL 100 + Club Winners January. Stanley Hewitt £25. M. Tyrell, Mr & Mrs Small £10. G. Savory, Mrs J McCormick, Mrs Pepper £5. February. Alex Wales £25. Martin Foulds, Mr E Marsh £10. G Savory, M. Tyrell, John Stevens £5. If anyone would like to join the 100 Club, there are still numbers left. Please call at 8 Priory Crescent or ring June Read on 01328 830106

PANCAKE RACES Bright blue skies produced a large turn out for the Binham Pancake Races at the Village Hall. There were seven Senior teams of 4 and after a Grand Final the winners were The Flying Frosts, who narrowly beat The Tossers. It was decided that the various Junior races made each child a Winner and so Mini Eggs were duly awarded to all. Liz Brown provided delicious warming soup and pancakes – much appreciated, as despite the sunshine the playing field was windy and cold. The grand amount of £190 was raised and given to the Playground Fund.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT Unconditional love is the root to joy and unity.



No news from Cockthorpe this time.

On the 25th of February we held a fundraiser in the church towards raising the money for 6 chandeliers. Jerome Starkey, The Times correspondent, came to talk about his experiences in Afghanistan. He was quite superb. The talk was informative, thought provoking and in parts very moving, with wonderful photographs of the countryside and its people, as well as more serious and sometimes sad photographs of his time spent reporting with the military. Thank you Jerome and we wish you well in your next posting in Nairobi to report on East African affairs. It was great to have such a good turn-out - over 60 people attended and with additional donations from those who could not attend we raised £720.00, and with some other very generous help, including from Ray and Beryl White’s daughters who have offered to buy a chandelier in their parents’ memory, we think we have now raised enough money. Thank you too to everyone who helped on the day with delicious “eats” and a special thanks to everyone who attended. The PCC AGM will be held in the Institute on Wednesday 4th April at 6pm. Please see the separate note on the annual churchyard clear-up on 15th April please do come - many hands make light work!

No news from Field Dalling this time.

“Does my bum look big in this?”

GUNTHORPE DIARY DATES Watch village web-site and notice board for updates, and further details, are: 4 April St Mary’s Church PCC AGM Institute 6:00pm 15 April St Mary’s 9.00am Churchyard Clear-up 28 April 50:50 Club Meeting 10.30 Institute 24 May Annual Parish Meeting & Parish Council Meeting, Bale Village Hall 7:30pm 26 May 50:50 Club Meeting 10.30 Institute (Year End Draw)


A great start is membership in the “Friends” and the “50/50 Club”. “Friends” membership is a minimum of £5 per year (larger sums are gratefully received). Please DO continue your membership if you are a current member and join if you are not. The 50/50 Club is our biggest fund-raising activity and costs £12 a year to join. Half of the membership subscription money comes back to the members via a monthly prize draw. The 50/50 Club meets, usually on the last Saturday of each month, in the Village Institute, for a coffee morning with cakes, tea, coffee, raffle and the draw. Our year runs June to May, so we are now collecting for the next “Friends” year. We have other functions during the year. but we know 'Functions' are not for everyone and just your £5 membership and/or 50/50 Club membership helps generate the local commitment we need to seek the external grants required for bigger projects such as the tower repairs recently completed. Your membership fee (s) alone will be most gratefully received but if you are a UK tax payer there is a mutual tax benefit if you Gift Aid your subscription. The 'Friends' AGM will be held on a Friday 6th July at 6:30 pm in the Village Institute, followed by fish and chips which you can order, and complimentary wine. Please do come along. We are always looking for more active helpers, so don't hesitate to volunteer, but we are most appreciative for the interest and support shown by your attendance alone so please come to see what it's all about - with no strings attached. If you are attending the AGM, please help by paying your £5 membership fee (for the year up to the end of May 2012) on the night if you have not already done so For those existing and new members who are unable to attend the AGM you can send or drop off your membership fee(s) and/or donations to either John or Diane Blakeley, Hawthornes, Gunthorpe NR24 2NT (Tel 01263-861088) or Marie or Jeremy :Denholm, Gunthorpe Hall, Gunthorpe NR242PA (Tel; 01263 861373. Please make cheques payable to ‘The Friends of Gunthorpe Parish Church’. Give us a call if you need further information. Best wishes to you all and many thanks for any support you are able to give from all the Friends Committee - hope to se you at the AAGM. Marie Denholme, Chairman FOGPC

MEMBERSHIP APPEAL FOR THE FRIENDS OF GUNTHORPE PARISH CHURCH (A registered charity) First I would like to say how devastatingly saddened we all are at the sudden death of Friends Committee Member, Peter Everett. Peter also helped run the Friends 50/50 Club and the Gunthorpe Village Website, was a Parish Councillor, and the President of the Village Institute. He was an enormously funny, friendly man who gave his all to Gunthorpe Village in countless ways, and we will miss him more than we can say. We extend our deepest sympathy and love to Myfi and to Peter’s Family. It is again the time for my annual appeal for subscriptions to the Friends and the 50/50 Club. I will start by saying thank you to all who have participated and helped in the past year - especially the Committee and encourage you all to continue this coming year. All members of the Village Committees continue to come together for one or two joint-meetings during the year. This keeps us all on a common track, well informed and all in agreement that we are working for the total, common Village good and can more easily inspire Village spirit and continuity. The Friends desperately need Volunteers to take over the running of the 50/50 Club which has been expertly run by John Blakeley and Peter Everett. John has all the information on computer and will help the new ‘Leaders’ get started… so PLEASE do volunteer as the 50/50 Club raises the largest segment of the Friends annual income. For any new members of the Village – or those who wish to refresh your memories – do read on for information about the “Friends” The Friends of Gunthorpe Parish Church (FOGPC) is a charity supported by most Gunthorpe Village residents as well as many people outside the village. The Charity is non-religious, and its purpose is to raise money to maintain the fabric of Gunthorpe Village Church. “Friends” members have a complete cross section of reasons for offering their support. Some members love old architecture, some admire and respect the history and sense of continuity of village life the Church represents, some members wish to be married and/or buried there or have relatives buried there... and some appreciate the Church for these reasons and worship there as well. Years ago when the charity was formed, at a meeting attended by most village residents, it was agreed that the major fundraising and support for this charity had to come from within the village, and people directly linked to the village, as it is our Village Church, and in this needy world is of very little concern outside Gunthorpe. We have recently completed the phased repair work to the Church tower – ably led by Dan and Ginny Worsley for the PCC for which we are truly grateful! There are still outstanding jobs to do (our quinquenial review is coming up soon), and there are always future jobs and funds to replenish – so please do all help in any way you can.


FRED’S GARDENING DIARY April/May Despite some mobility problems we are delighted to say that Fred is still able to write his gardening notes and we thank him for continuing to provide this populate service.

Vegetable Garden You can sow most vegetable seeds in April except runner beans or dwarf beans. Sow these in May to June; although you can start some in pots if you have a cold green house or garden frame and then plant out in mid May. Plant round a wigwam made of canes or in rows with two rows of canes about 40cm (15 inches) apart and the tops of the canes tied together. Keep your hoe going in between your rows of vegetables whilst weeds are still small to avoid having to weed by hand. You can plant tomatoes into grow-bags or 30cm (12 inch) pots at the end of April or in early May. Cucumbers can be planted in May – you can raise them on a window sill indoors then plant out. I stand pots in trays and then water them by putting water in the trays. Sow salad crops in small amounts every two-three weeks to have a continuing supply of tender produce. You can plant outdoor tomatoes in late May or early June if you have a sheltered place which gets plenty of sun. When any of your tomatoes have got 5 trusses nip the top out and keep side shoots nipped out whilst they are small. Potatoes can be planted from late March into April in rows 60cm (24 inches) apart. As they grow pull soil up round the plants to avoid the new potatoes becoming green.

SIR GEORGE BLUNDEN Although he had been unwell for some time the village was saddened to learn of the death of Sir George Blunden at his home on 3rd March. He was 89 and is survived by his wife Anne and his children George, Robin and Margaret and their families. Sir George had a long and distinguished career which included service in the Royal Sussex Regiment in World War 2, after which he joined the Bank of England, where after initially retiring his successful reputation and abilities took him to being recalled from retirement by Margaret Thatcher to become the Deputy Governor of the Bank for 4 years before his final retirement in 1990. John Major famously described Sir George as being one of the wisest (banking) heads in England (and it is perhaps a pity that his advice is not available now!). He had also been a chairman of the “Group of 10’s” Basel Committee on Banking Regulations and Supervisory Practices in 1977/78 when he was an Executive Director of the Bank of England. Sir George also made a major contribution to charities, serving, for example, as Chairman of the Imperial Cancer Fund (the forerunner to Cancer Research UK). After retirement Sir George and Lady Ann then settled in Gunthorpe where he could pursue his ornithological hobbies. They have been keen supporters of village activities and St Mary’s Church. In 1997 Sir George was also appointed an Honorary Fellow of the University of East Anglia for his services to the University. A memorial service for Sir George was held at St Mary’s on 16 March following his cremation earlier that day. John Blakeley

Flower Garden Pot plants that have been in the same pots for two years should be re-potted into fresh compost and/or larger pots as needed. Some may need to be split up to make more plants. Streptocarpus (Cape Primrose) and Saint Pauli (African Violet) are best planted in peat based compost. You can take leaf cuttings between June and August. You can take Pelargonium (Geranium) cuttings anytime from now. If you lifted and stored your dahlias in Nov/ Oct get them out now. If they have dwindled place them in a bucket of water overnight. You can increase your dahlias by cutting with a sharp knife – cutting so that each piece has at least one eye. Lay them in trays and cover with compost keeping them moist until they make new shoots. They can be planted where you want them to grow in early June. You can sow large seed such as Marigolds where they are to grow to save transplanting. You can buy bedding plants from garden centres or market stalls but do not plant out until the danger of frost has passed – you should be safe by the first week of June. You can buy packs of 50 Geraniums, Petunia and Impatiens (Busy Lizzies) by post – for example from Jersey Plants Direct, PO Box 91, Jersey JE4 9PX. I believe the price is about £9.99 per pack – post free. To investigate further their web site is www.jerseyplantsdirect.com Fred Morley


MORSTON QUIZ ANSWERS (See page 21) 1. Red 2. France. 3. Meringue. 4. Green. 5. Sugar. 6. Potatoes and cabbage. 7. Cannelloni. 8.Coffee. 9.Thick. 10. Pizza.

GUNTHORPE CHURCHYARD CLEARUP The annual Gunthorpe Churchyard clear-up, organised by the “Friends” will be held on Sunday the 15th of April, from 9am onwards. All are encouraged to help with all levels of expertise. Bring any personal tools you can, but there will be extra tools on site. Refreshments will be served (bacon buns, drinks - with vegetarian options), and weather permitting, we’ll have a bonfire. We have great fun, and there are tasks of all sorts to suit everyone. This is a chance for all faiths, and indeed the secular amongst us, to help the Village preserve its history and an essential part of our social fabric for future generations. Please do join us if you can - even if you can only spare an hour it would be a very welcome contribution.

FOGPC 50/50 Club Draw Results January February David Partridge £20.00 Linda Jenkinson £20.00 Jeremy Denholm £15.00 Keith Webster £15.00 David Aitman £5.00 Helen Clare £5.00 Noel Hinton £5.00 David Ford £5.00 Sarah Worsley £5.00 Alex Worrall £5.00 David Ward £5.00 Gertraud Shaw £5.00 Matthew Walder £5.00 David Partridge £5.00 We now have 133 members, but always welcome new ones, so if you are new to the village or would like to join us please do so as soon as possible - to “borrow” from another place “you have to be in it to win it”! If you would like more information on the 50:50 Club please contact John Blakeley on 01263 861008. As always we would again like to thank all those members who have contributed, and continue to contribute, raffle prizes or who organise and provide the monthly refreshments for the 50:50 Club Meetings - your support is invaluable and much appreciated. Finally - a plea! Even before Peter Everett’s tragic death the “management” team for the 50:50 Club have now served for 5 years and will “retire” after the May Draw - are YOU willing to take it over - either individually or as part of a team of say two couples? It is actually quite good fun, and if you have a PC and knowledge of Excel and Word it is not an onerous administrative task - we can give you all the information required and help you get started. Ideally we need the new team in place from April so that we can make the transfer as easy as possible. Please think about helping this very worthwhile cause to continue its fund-raising activities for the “Friends”, and to continue the enjoyable monthly coffee mornings.

WELCOME A warm “Gunthorpe” welcome goes to John and Louisa Clark who moved from the village of Hambleden near Henley on Thames into White Horse Farm in early March, along with their two year old Black Labrador “Ella”. John and Louisa have two daughters, Kate (25) who works for AON in London and Jessica (22) who is at law school. John has spent his career at Heathrow, running his own freight and logistics company, and in the short term plans to continue providing consultancy services to support the company. Louisa is a professional chef with her own catering company, specialising in weddings and other events. They plan to make Gunthorpe their permanent home and will continue to run, and indeed expand, the White Horse Farm holiday homes (www.white-horsefarm.co.uk). We wish them every success and trust that they will enjoy life in their new home.


PARISH ROOM NEWS Thanks to a magnificent response from the village, the Refurbishment Appeal launched only last autumn to raise £20,000 for the replacement of the main hall floor has been very successful. As the paper goes to press, we have in fact raised over £23,000, with a further £1,500 grant promised by the Geoffrey Watling Charity Fund as soon as the work is started. Other major support has come from the Norfolk Community Foundation with a grant of £3,442 and the Lord Cozens-Hardy Trust which has made a most generous donation of £5,000. These grants, which are included in the above total, have been supplemented both by Gift-aid repayment claims and from the amounts raise through the on-going programme of fund-raising events organised by the Management Committee. On 10th March a receptive audience greatly enjoyed Dave Curtis’s illustrated talk on his wildlife trip with Allison to Kenya. A magnificent £300 was raised for the Refurbishment Fund. We are now looking forward to Nic Page’s ‘Musical Evening’ on the 14th April. Tickets only from 01328 830171 - no admission on the door. This will be followed on 21st April by a special Rummage Sale. Further planned events can be seen on pages 19 and 20 and on the Parish Room’s own website at: www.langhamparishroom.org.uk The replacement of the floor is by far the most urgent task to be undertaken and a contract for this will shortly be confirmed with a local contractor, but the works needed to bring our village hall up to an ideal standard will roll on for some time to come. The next phase will probably include re-wiring the building, replacing the present heaters, relaying of the entrance porch floor and possibly the replacing of ceilings. So we still have need for your financial support, and remember that a donation made by Gift-aid enables us to recover 25p for every pound you give. After nearly three years’ hard work we are able to see a long-term future for the Parish Room, which is obviously greatly valued by our community and must be one of the most-used village halls in the county. Many thanks to you all. (BB. 01328 830056)

LANGHAM CHURCH NEWS Annual Meeting of Parishioners The Rectory, Tuesday, April 24th. 6pm The election of Churchwardens takes place first. Those entitled to vote are: anyone resident in the parish whose name is on the local government register of electors and those whose names are entered on the church Electoral Roll. This meeting will be immediately followed by the -

Annual Parochial Church Meeting At this meeting, all those whose names are on the church Electoral Roll are entitled to take part. This meeting elects lay members to the Parochial Church council and sides people. Annual reports are received and discussed. This is an opportunity to make your views known and to contribute to the elections You can be assured of a warm welcome and we will value your support.

PCC Treasurer’s Report This will be displayed on the notice board in the church porch for one week before and two weeks after the A.P.C.M. The Treasurer’s report for Langham

Church Building Trust - will also be on display during this time.

MY DEAREST DAD Ronald George Massingham sadly passed away on Friday 23rd December 2011 at the grand age of 90. He was deeply loved by all his family and is greatly missed but he had had a wonderful life. He always had a cheeky smile on his face, enjoying life to the full, especially when he had a glass of whisky in his hand. Ronald was a true Norfolk man, speaking his mind, staying in Langham most of his life, working on the local farm except for the war years. During the last five years of his life he went down to the Glaven Caring Centre three days a week which he thoroughly enjoyed, amusing all with his sense of humour. The church collection and donations in memory of Ronnie amounted to £420.70 for the Glaven Caring Centre. Life’s work well done. God Bless. To a wonderful Dad and Granddad. Eileen and family.

CHILDREN’S SOCIETY If anyone has a collecting box and contents for the above society, please contact me and I can forward the proceeds to their administrator. Thank you. Ann Sherriff 830 605





Saturday 26th May 10am – 12 noon The traditional Bank Holiday at the end of May has been transferred to the Diamond Jubilee week-end, which will most probably be a busy time for all. So this is the nearest week-end date available that will not clash with other arrangements! This event will be held in the churchyard or inside the church if it is raining. There will be the usual coffee morning stalls and refreshments. If anyone would like to bake a cake or bring along books, gifts and bric-a-brac, all will be gratefully received. We look forward to seeing you. If you would like to help on a stall, do get in touch. Proceeds will be for the Langham Church General Fund. Further details - contact: Ann Sherriff 01328 830605

Please note This year, only the main Street (Holt Road) from the crossroads at the Church to the Hollow Lane junction will be closed. Access to Hollow Lane, The Cornfield and Swans Close will not be compromised. On Saturday 28th July the road will be closed from 6.30am and will reopen at 11.30pm. Emergency vehicles will have access at all times. We do hope these arrangements will not cause too much inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding and co -operation. L.S.F Committee

PRE-FAYRE ENTERTAINMENT Friday 15th June Concert at 7.30 pm in Langham Church will welcome Norfolk’s Premier Country Music Duo: Merv & Maria. Wednesday 25th July Quiz Night in the Parish Room. Doors open at 7.00pm for 7.30pm start. Admission £2.50 at the door. Free tea and coffee. Teams of four. To book a table contact John Hughes on Tel: 01328 830 595. Available now: “London Underground” fun quiz sheets £1 and Concert tickets £7.50 from John on Tel: 01328 830 595 or The Bluebell Tel: 01328 830 502

WRVS LANGHAM CAR SERVICE Schedule to June 3rd 2012 Weekly driving duties, beginning on a Monday Mar. 26th Tel: 830 847 April 30th Tel: 830 624 April 2nd Tel: 830 731 May 7th Tel: 830 605 April 9th Tel: 830 731 May 14th Tel: 830 056 April 16th Tel: 830 348 May 21st Tel: 830 696* April 23rd Tel: 830 537* May 28th Tel: 830 537* Rate: 25p per mile *These drivers do not go to Norwich If the driver for the week is unable to do the trip, contact the next person on the list. If your appointment is cancelled, please also cancel your car service booking. Please give three days notice wherever possible, except in an emergency. It would be very helpful if a car booking is made as soon as an appointment is arranged or journey planned so that drivers can arrange their schedule. Please bring change. In the infrequent event that no driver is available contact the Holt Caring Society Tel: 01263 711243 giving as much notice as possible. This roster is also sited in the Bluebell and on the church porch and village notice boards with dates beyond the above schedule, after May 9th. To save a driver doing two shifts we would really like one more driver. Please contact me if you are interested. Ann Sherriff Tel: 830 605

LANGHAM STREET FAYRE SATURDAY 28TH JULY 2012 The Fayre starts at 10.00 am. There will be entertainment for all from The Pinxton Puppets, Professor Crump, Punch & Judy, Children’s Games & Competitions together with music from The Wild Rovers Evening Entertainment from 8pm BBQ outside the Bluebell & music from David Baird.




Spring Sale Saturday May 19th Langham Parish Room 10am - 12 noon Our first sale of the year, with plants. Looking forward to seeing you all. I am pleased to say that my brother is doing well and his treatment appears to be working at the moment - so it is fingers crossed. Thanks for your concern. Maureen Dennis Tel: 01328 830 731

Saturday 21st April 2012 Langham Parish Room 10am-12 noon Free Admission Good quality items for sale. There will also be a plant stall and a raffle. Refreshments available. Goods left over from the sale will be given to the Langham Street Fayre. Proceeds from the sale will be in aid of the Parish Room Floor Fund. For donations and queries please contact Sheila Jenkinson Tel: 01328 830 530.



PHOTOGRAPHS, CERAMICS & TIFFANY GLASS Saturday 5th May - Tuesday 8th May 10am - 4.30pm daily LANGHAM PARISH ROOM Free Entry Refreshments served daily Proceeds for Langham Parish Room Further details from Pauline Bartlett 01328 830696 marram@care4free.net

Join in the Langham Giant Sunflower growing contest in aid of the Parish Room Fund. Plants available, hopefully, early - mid May. Results will be announced at the Sunflower afternoon tea to be held in early October. Barbara Allen Tel: 01328 830527

WELCOME A belated welcome to Pauline and David who have been intermittent residents but are now living in Langham on a permanent basis. A very warm welcome also to Alan and Frances; Mark, Becky and sons Arthur and Stan: We hope you will all be very happy living in Langham.

QUEEN’S DIAMOND JUBILEE The Langham Ladybirds invite everybody in Langham to ‘Afternoon Tea’ in Langham Parish Room on Sunday June 3rd 3pm - 5pm. Let’s celebrate! Come and join us, you will be very welcome. Maureen 830 731

MOBILE LIBRARY This will now visit on a four weekly basis, on Thursdays: March 22nd April 19th May 17th June 14th calling each day for 20 minutes at: St. Mary’s - 10.00am. Old Post Office - 10.25am. Swan’s Close - 10.50am The Cornfield - 11.15am. Enquiries : Wells Library Tel: 01328 710467


LANGHAM LADYBIRDS Our year started with our usual Mardle, with a difference - no Maureen quiz, only very nice crafts made by our ladies, a nice evening all round. Next meeting: Wed. April 9th 7.30pm Lanham Parish Room ‘What’s on offer at U3A. This will be an Open Meeting so everyone is welcome. £2 members, £3 for visitors. Maureen 830 731

YOLANDE ELIZABETH REID Yolande passed away after a long illness on February 20th. Yolande was the younger daughter of the late Jack and Bunny Watson of 4 Coastguard Cottages Morston Following her Mother's death in January 1967, Jack moved swiftly to Morston from Bury St. Edmunds and Yolande was a great support to him in the early days of his loss and remained so until his death aged 85. Yo and Pete were married in Morston Church in 1970 and their Reception was held at Coastguard House, which was a very happy occasion. Yolande came to Morston as often as possible . She had hoped to come in January but was not well enough to face the journey or rigours of Morston in January!! She faced her illness with great courage and never ever complained. She will be missed so much by Pete, John and Michael Michelle and grandchildren Mia and Miles and Bryn and Ian.

LOST Has anyone seen (or know the whereabouts of), a set of silver wind chimes in the churchyard area of Langham? These were given as a Silver Wedding Anniversary present, they are special and of sentimental value to me. Please contact Tel: 01328 830 345 if you have any information. Thank you.

MUSIC AT LANGHAM Saturday 14th April 2012 7pm for 7.30pm Langham Parish Room Come and enjoy a varied evening of music, sketches and Norfolk stories. As well as popular music from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, there will be a Barbershop and a performance of jazz standards. Something for everyone! There will be a cash bar opening at 7pm with beer, wine, soft drinks, tea and coffee available. Tickets at £8 per person include light bites and are available in advance only from Tel: 01328 830 171.

DEATH OF JOHN EVERETT (1924-2012) John was born at Vale Farm, Stiffkey, and was baptised by the Rev. Harold Davidson. He died in Blakeney on March 3rd aged 87 after a short illness, bravely borne. When John was four the family moved to Thwaite Hall farm near Aylsham. John attended the Norwich School, and when he left school he helped his father on the farm before joining the Local Defence Volunteers at the age of seventeen. After he was stood down in 1944 he continued to help his father till he moved to Southrepps Lodge in 1947 to manage a farm for Sir Samuel Hoare, later to become Lord Templewood. Later John went in partnership with Sir Paul Paget, before buying the farm. The two farms were Lodge Farm and Frogshall Farm at Northrepps. In retirement at Blakeney, John enjoyed life outside as he and Shirley delighted in their garden and its produce, and took trips out in their motorboat Cindy. John was a keen cyclist and Freemason, and attended several Churches in the area. He was a practical man, able to turn his hand to all manner of jobs, woodturning included, and was knowledgeable on all sorts of subjects, reading biographies and historical works voraciously. Above all, John was a most generous man to his friends and neighbours; he had time for everyone, and will be sorely missed by his family and friends. He was a true Norfolk gentleman.


MORSTON MAJOR BOOK SALE 5-7 May The Friends of Morston Church annual Book Sale will be held in Morston Village Hall from Sat. 5th May until Monday 7th May. All proceeds will go to repairs Please call Sally or Rob Metcalfe on 01263 740238 if, before these dates, you have any books that could be sold for the church - and collection from up to ten miles from Morston will be arranged forthwith.

FOM ANNUAL QUIZ The Friends of Morston Annual Quiz on Saturday 18th February saw ten teams, each of 8, slugging it out over 9 rounds. The Quiz made £1,337-78 for FMC funds for church repairs, with David Carnwath’s Norfolk Nattlers winning the alcoholic prize and a place on the Quiz Shield for the second time in three years. The FMC Committee wishes to thank all those who helped make the evening such a success, not least the participants. Three teams, including the Morston Minifers and the Sheringham Spinks have already announced their intention of returning next year… and winning. The likely date for next year’s quiz is Saturday 16th February.

STIFFKEY & MORSTON'S CHAMPION SPRINTER"CG" WOOD (1861-1937) Charles G. Wood, grandfather of Ann Wootten, of Blakeney, is commemorated outside Morston Church at the east end. A handsome, stocky, self-effacing, moustachioed man, he was a champion sprinter, holding three World and three European Records as under: World Records (all 1887) 150 Yards in 14 4/5 seconds 220 Yards in 21 3/5 seconds 250 Yards ion 25 1/2 seconds European Records Quarter of a Mile Champion of England 1886-1887 100-400 Metres Champion of France in 1886 220 Yards Champion of Europe in 1887 He was brought up in the Woods' two Morston houses that are now the Morston Hall Hotel and the Manor House; and before he was 21 started farming in Stiffkey, finding time for athletic training only at dusk and dawn on the Stiffkey-Morston sheep track along the marsh (today's "CRF 7" aka BOAT 7, i.e. "Carriage Road & Footpath No.7" & "Byway Open to All Traffic No.7"). Since he used to emerge out of the mist on the marsh, Charles Wood - who was always known as "C.G. Wood", also became known as "The Ghost of Stiffkey". He was somehow involved with Coubertin and the 1st Olympiad i.e. the Start of the Modern Olympic Games in Athens in 1896. His 220 yards record stood unbroken for 25 years.

MORSTON QUIZ by Samphire (answers on page 16) 1. What colour wine goes into Sangria? 2. What country does Calvados come from originally? 3. What is the outer layer of a Baked Alaska made from? 4. What colour is usually associated with the liqueur Chartreuse? 5. What is the main ingredient of a caramel sauce? 6. What are the main two ingredients of Bubble & Squeak? 7. What are large tubes of pasta (often eaten stuffed) called? 8. What is Espresso? 9. Is Greek yoghurt thick or can it be poured? 10 Mozzarella cheese is used on top of what snack food?


PETER LOVELOCK On 20th January the funeral of Peter, husband of Bonnie, took place in Saxlingham Church, a stone’s throw from The Pightle. A large number of friends, many from the London area, some from France, joined members of the family and villagers, filling the church with standing room only at the back. St.Margaret’s looked lovely, thanks to the beautiful flowers. The service, conducted by the Revd Peter Bowles, included organ music played by Sheila Harris and featured a warm and amusingly detailed eulogy from Peter’s daughter-in-law, Victoria, who praised his virtues. Peter was a supremely sociable person, esteemed by old and young alike.

JUBILEE BBQ & BONFIRE 3 JUNE Morston Parish Council are celebrating the Queen's Jubilee with a bonfire/beacon on Morston Quay, which will be lit at 22.00hrs on Monday June 4th. The event will commence at 20.00hrs. BBQ's will be provided, please bring your own food and drink.

CHANGES TO OUR LANDSCAPE Recently the look of our village has altered; for example a number of trees in the churchyard have been reduced in size with more to follow. The Albanwise Estate have taken down trees and cleared hedges from two of their properties,,removing the tunnel effect on the road. The freshly planted beech hedging and new fencing next to the renovated houses look smart too, but it is the light that has flooded in we all appreciate most. By contrast on School Lane the planting of various deciduous trees on either side has created a pleasing avenue; whilst on the high ground towards Blakeney the Millennium Wood planted by the Estate is now making a bold impact on the skyline, offsetting the prairie look. One should add that more aesthetic style of hedgecutting in the village and locally has softened the landscape. The conservation wood (mainly consisting of ash) above the village pond is now mature and looks well next to the beautiful garden of trees planted at Saxfield House by the late Eric Rice. Another feature of Saxlingham is the well-established wildflower meadow set down by the Ruffles opposite The Old Rectory; its beauty increases year by year. To the north the ancient pasture stretching towards Langham, including a stream that contributes to the River Stiffkey, feeding Broadly speaking, the planting of many deciduous trees over the years has improved on the ratherempty landscape dotted with fir-plantations introduced by Sir John White, when the estate was regarded mainly as a shooting preserve by the owner, who lived in his other property at Salle. The current practice of filling gaps in hedges means they have ceased to look forlorn and the grass margins, as well as providing attractive new routes for riders and walkers, also attract ground-nesting birds, as do island strips or headlands of seed-bearing plants, benefiting the likes of linnets and partridges.

2nd Birthday Party Bluejacket Workshop Saturday 31 March 10am – 5pm Bluejacket Workshop on Morston Marsh invites you to join us for our 2nd Birthday with free cake and coffee/tea served all day. Please drop in before or after a lovely walk on the marsh. Contact: 01263 740144 or www.bluejacketworkshop.co.uk.


SHARRINGTON CHURCH NEWS The deadline for the latest edition of “Local Lynx” just missed out on our first fund-raiser of the year, the Burns Night Supper. Once again, Mary Lee gathered a team of willing helpers to stage a splendid evening of food, fun and fancy footwork. The piper arrived in full Scottish splendour and played throughout the evening. Our guests enjoyed cocka-leekie soup, haggis with tatties and neeps (of course) and raspberry crowdie, all rounded off with a wee dram of whiskey or drambuie. After veritable feast, we all managed to put on a fine display of Scottish dancing, and such was the enthusiasm that some brave souls even suggested a practice session next year to prepare for the event! Many thanks to all who helped and took part in the evening. We look forward to seeing you at the coffee morning being held in the village hall just after Easter, then we have the Garden Fete to look forward to, happening this year on Saturday 16th June. If you have any ideas, or offers to help and would like to be involved in the planning, then please come along to a Fete meeting being held in my house, The Place, on Thursday 12th April at 7pm. PEL

COFFEE MORNING There will be a coffee morning in Sharrington Village Hall on Wednesday 11th April from 10.30am to 12 noon in aid of Sharrington Church and Village Hall funds. Cakes books plants raffle; £3 including raffle tickets ALL welcome. Please bring your friends!!

DANCING VOICES: SINGING BODIES A celebration of dance and song at Binham Priory 8pm Saturday March 31st (over by 9pm) Norfolk Dance presents inhabiting and enhancing the beautiful priory at Binham. Refreshments afterwards. Retiring collection on the door For more information call 01603 283399 The event is supported by North Norfolk District Council and Arts Council England. The evening includes songs chosen by Teresa Verney and sung by members of her community singing groups and the premier of a collaborative dance and singing performance created by Sarah Lewis and Teresa Verney to Michael Leunig’s “Let it go”. Performed by members of the local community the piece explores and unravels the close interplay between people emphasising the strength and power of both the individual and the collective. Sarah Lewis Dance Artist Norfolk Dance Ltd.

DIAMOND JUBILEE TEA PARTY A Celebration “Tea Party” will be held to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II at Jubilee Corner/Sharrington Village Hall, from 3 to 6 pm on Sunday 3rd June 2012. Further details will be circulated to villagers directly nearer the time.

SHARRINGTON GARDENERS Sharrington Gardeners – An Evening of Gardens, Gardening Design and Wit with refreshments. Friday 20th April at 7pm in Village Hall.


STIFFKEY WI A warm welcome - and excellent refreshments in a lovely venue! - to all who would value a friendly evening with an interesting topic. In April we have "Planthunting in Bolivia" and in May we discuss the WI national resolution on the need for more midwives. Meetings are held at Stiffkey Old Hall on the third Thursday of the month at 7.30pm. Visitors are always welcome. Helen Leach

THE CHURCH St. John the Baptist’s contribution to local celebrations of the Diamond Jubilee will be a Service of Thanksgiving for the Queen and her many years of dedicated service. This will be at 9.30 on June 3rd and will perhaps be a prelude to other events in the village. Please come and join us for what will be a short and joyful service, with refreshments after it. On Easter Sunday, April 8th, there will be Holy Communion at 9.30 and the Easter Egg Hunt in the churchyard at 3 pm. Please join us for either or both. Children of all ages are welcome to come and bring their mums, dads and grandparents for the hunt. This will be the 11th year we have had this enjoyable event! It has only snowed once! We will have our AGM in the church at 6 pm on April 22nd, with Evensong first followed by the meeting. All members of the Church Electoral Roll have voting rights at the meeting! Anyone is the village who wants to find out more about the church is most welcome. We are all deeply saddened by the recent death of John Everett. John lived in Blakeney after his retirement from farming near Cromer. He became a regular worshipper at Stiffkey, where he had been born and was christened by Harold Davidson. He was born at Vale Farm. John was a strong presence of our PCC, and the wonderful condition of our Church and churchyard is due, in no small measure, to his energy, generosity, and wise advice. John was a wonderful example to us all in the way he lived his life, especially in the last few months when he stayed cheerful and positive, and remarkably active until the very last few weeks. Our thoughts and prayers are with Shirley as she adjusts to life without John. John Adnitt

NATURE NOTES Spring has arrived and with it the first summer migrants. Some summer visitors now overwinter with us – the Blackcap being one. Tits have wintered well along with Goldfinches and Chaffinches. Let’s hope for a good breeding season; but keep your bird tables well into what can be chilly Norfolk spring weather! Norfolk sheep farmers hold their breath about the new sheep disease which is causing deformities in lambs. Norfolk’s wealth in the Middle Ages came from wool and worsted clothes. Our fine churches are testimony to this trade. Exports of wool from Norfolk, Suffolk and Lincolnshire were the mainstay of medieval wealth. Boston exported, at one stage, the wool off 2 million sheep, husbanded on the Wolds and marshes. The popular ‘Suffolk’ breed was developed in Norfolk by crossing the old ‘Norfolk Horn’ breed with the smaller, hornless, Southdown. Good wool, good lamb to eat, and the ‘golden hoof’ fertilising of the crops of cereals. Coke of Holkham was a leading pioneer. Stiffkey and Cockthorpe farming depended on sheep pasturage – both inland and on the salt marshes. In Stiffkey churchyard we have establishes a small conservation area and Steven Bashforth has mounted some stunning colour photos of wild flowers and butterflies in St. John’s which are well worth viewing. Churchyards are important repositories of wildlife often squeezed out by modern farming. Pightle


STIFFKEY HISTORY GROUP The committee has met several times and our programme of activities will include:April 21st Saturday 2.30pm A visit to view Stiffkey Old Hall by kind permission of John and Ann Bell. This is for History Group paid up members only. Those who wish to take part should register with our secretary Steven Bashforth Tel No. 01328 830569 Visit to Gressenhall Rural Life Museum An informal group visit is scheduled for Monday 25th June. Private cars will be used but again please register with the Secretary Steven so we know numbers. An afternoon with tea at the museum is planned. The ‘Book’ Project (A history of the people of Stiffkey) Members and village residents will be interested to know that, after months of dedicated research and writing by members, this project is approaching final form, and a possible publisher has agreed to print and distribute. This is probably one of the most significant initiatives we have undertaken. The book should be available for sale before next Christmas. It will, particularly, cover families who have shaped our village both now and in the past. Sections on the marshes, farming, and ancient history, and personalities will all feature. To this end we need a few more photographs of current (and recent) residents whose forbears go back several generations. So, if your family falls into this bracket, please contact Pat Price, Langley, Church Street. Tel 830863. The Revd Tony Hodgson (Curate in the 1960’s) has masterminded this wonderful project, and our publisher is Cromer based - so all is a real ‘Norfolk’ project which we hope and believe will be a great literary success. Every household in Stiffkey will, no doubt, rush to buy the result of all this voluntary effort, and local shops wall be stocking it. The price will bred kept as low as possible. Keith McDougall Chairman Stiffkey Local History Group

CRICKET FIXTURES April 1st April 15th April 22nd April 29th May 6th May 20th May 27th June 3rd June 10th June 21st June 24th June 29th July 1st July 8th July 15th July 22nd July 29th August 9th August 12th August 19th August 26th Sept 2nd

Pre season nets 2-4pm Blakeney 2-4pm Blakeney 2-4pm Stiffkey 2-4pm Stiffkey Matches 2pm Rudham 2pm Marlingford 2pm Dedham 2pm Burnham Thorpe 2pm Blueball Grantchester 6pm Aylsham 20/20 2pm Hindringham 6pm Burnham Thorpe 2pm Holkham 2pm Rudham 2pm Crusaders RFC 2pm Blueball Grantchester 2pm Burnham Thorpe 6pm Aylsham 20/20 2pm Hindringham 2pm A Hunt X1 2pm Marlingford 1pm Kingston Poly

Away Away Home Away Away Home Home Away Away Home Home Home Home Away Away Home Home Home



The known dates for future meetings are: March 26th, April 23rd (an opportunity for British Music?), and May 28th, all on 4th Mondays and all at 7. It is now 8 years since we started meeting after two musical alphabets at Stiffkey Church in 2004 to raise money for the Church re -decoration. Since then we have enjoyed extracts from a vast range of composers and musicians, and endured a few others! For instance Lang Lang playing the Yellow River Concerto with 100 other pianists on white grand pianos?? Andre Rieu??!! Lutaslowski’s Concerto for Orchestra?? John’s choices remain eclectic and often eccentric, and his mastery of the technology erratic…. but you still keep coming. Over the years we have raised substantial amounts for UNICEF, and to help Sally Bass is her training as nurse in The Gambia from 2005 to 2009, and more recently to help fund her studies in London from January last year. Please call 830044 if you would like to know more. John Adnitt

Here in Stiffkey for the past three years, the Mardlers have met on the first Monday of each month at 2.30pm at The Red Lion Pub conservatory (except for the months of January, June, July, August and September) for a gettogether and chat, along with some tea/coffee and excellent cake. We have a raffle and a bring-and-buy stall and normally we have a quiz or beetle drive or similar and occasionally an outing, but always enjoy a ‘mardle’ and a giggle with each other! Why not come and join us? The entry fee of just £1.00 covers your refreshments. If you have trouble with transport - we can help. Just call Pat on 830863 and we will see what we can arrange. If you are coming by car, there is lots of parking space at the pub. Any others questions, just phone. The next meeting will be at The Red Lion on the 2nd April 2012 at 2.30pm. We look forward to seeing you! Pat Price




Lying on the hard sand, like a Henry Moore sculpture in a park, was a bone; the right femur of an adult human. Soft and stained ginger and black it had emerged from its resting place to travel with the tide until I found it. It made me think of those who had lost their lives in the waters here. Below is a list of those buried at Stiffkey who lost their lives by drowning between 1715 and 1890. 24.2.1716 Richard Bailey son of George (dec) and Mary, in the river. 27.2.1780 Thomas Rowe, Francis March, John Banks, three children drowned on the marshes. 4.1.1792 William Walton, a mariner from Hull found on the beach. 13.5.1802 Seth Masters Southgate son of Charles and Mary, drowned at Colkirk. 24.4.1804 An unknown mariner found on the shore. 11.11.1810 A mariner found on the shore. 14.11.1810 A mariner found on the shore. 4.1.1859 Body of a man found on the shore. 25.7.1859 Body of a man found on the shore. 29.8.1872 Body of a man found on the shore. 21.6.1880 Body of a man found on the shore. 3.9.1889 John Baker, aged56, and Charles Baker, aged 24, father and son drowned in Blakeney harbour. Perhaps the most poignant entry referring to drowning is in the Cockthorpe registry which reads: August 19 1742. Robert Pinchen aged 25 and Edward (?) Rice aged 25. Both …. …. to wash …... on the 15th August 1742 and were both drowned in a beck that runs from the sluice gates and were both buried on the Tuesday following. When his father (?) Henry Rice aged 98(or3) preached a sermon to a considerable congregation. Henry Rice was ordained priest in 1673 and presented to Cockthorpe in 167(?)9. He was buried there on 30th November 1743 were it is recorded that he had continued as rector to his death at the age of 94. So whose femur is this? A sailor from the war or a Victorian mariner, many of whom lost their lives along our shores? A shepherd looking after the Bacon flocks? Or even the remains of the screaming cockle woman of Stiffkey marshes. It could also be much more ancient as once these shores were dry land which is now being eroded. Perhaps it belonged with the jawbone that was found a few hundred yards away in 2000. More likely we will never know. Geraldine Green S.L.H.G.

Recently a question was asked: “Why do we keep getting news about a nursery school in Africa in the Local Lynx?” This is a fair question and merits an answer. For start with five of the school’s nine trustees registered with the Charity Commission live in Stiffkey. One other lives in Wells. Also over the 14 years since the school opened many children have been sponsored directly by Stiffkey residents (£30 a year per child in case you want to know!) and others have been sponsored by former residents, and people living in nearby villages. Additionally, over the years various successful fund raising events have been held in the village. Many from the village have helped at, and supported these. We have had three very enjoyable Gambian evenings in the village hall with drumming and Gambian-style food. The next one, originally scheduled for April, will now take place in the autumn. Then there are the great annual plant sales on the knoll. The next will be on May 7th! With various coffee mornings, and other sales Stiffkey has contributed wonderfully to the progress of the school. One classroom is called the Stiffkey Room as it was built in 2002 with money raised in the village. Another is called the Langham Room for a similar reason. Although we have supporters from many other parts of the UK including the Shetland Isles, and from the USA, Tasmania, Hong Kong and several EU countries, Stiffkey’s and North Norfolk’s contributions have been huge. Our recent visit confirms that the school is progressing well. Teachers have been trained to use the materials for the Jollyphonics reading system used in many English schools. The children enjoy it! Three classrooms have new roofs, to keep out the very heavy summer rains. Our enthusiastic Gambian trustees are planning a small graduation ceremony for those pupils who will leave in the summer to attend one of the lower basic schools in the area, for 7-12 year olds. The one nearby has over 2,000 children who attend in separate morning and afternoon shifts. Albaraca School has only 150 pupils I hasten to add, but they stand out in their new schools for their reading and numeracy skills. Many of our pupils come from very poor homes where they have to go without proper medical care, and eat very frugally. So the nursery school fees are 12p a term – a token amount, which some do not pay anyway! The cost of running the school is about £1000 a month, which includes a hefty subsidy for the daily lunch of meat or fish and rice. The parents pay 2p a day per meal. To put this in context the average wage in The Gambia is around £50 a month and one wage earner often supports 10 or more people. There are no state benefits. It is truly a different world and we all need to be reminded that it exists. If you would like to know more please log on to www.albaraca.com John Adnitt


The whole school took part in a casual clothes day on 8 February in aid of the UNICEF Day 4 Change to raise money for the education of children in Uganda. Celebrating our environment and heritage Class 2 children (aged 6-8) have been studying how British people lived during World War 2, including the ‘make do and mend’ philosophy. The children were challenged to create a piece of clothing from old clothes or fabric and came up with some fabulous specimens their grandparents would be proud of. The children enjoyed a visit from John and Chrissie Drury, splendidly turned out in W.W. 2 fashions, who got them singing popular favourites like ‘Run Rabbit Run’ and doing the Lambeth Walk. You can enjoy pictures of this and many other events on the school website at www.langhamvillageschool.com. Also on the theme of WW2, A working party has been set up with children of Class 3 (aged 8 - 11) to potentially provide an educational input to packs that may be prepared for visitors to the Langham Dome as it becomes established as a heritage site. Class 3’s ‘Seashore’ Project Is well under way with whole class visits to our adopted beach at Holkham and monitoring group visits taking place on a regular basis. In addition, we have worked closely with both Natural England and the North Norfolk Wildlife Trust, the latter of whom did a half-day workshop in class which followed up by a full day visit to the Cley Nature Reserve. We are working with the John Innes Centre and University of East Anglia in collecting and analysing samples from the beach/sea which will help us understand more about a very important local environment. Plans are afoot for a celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee on Friday 1 June with a red, white and blue theme. Shaping up for spring As ever, Langham Village School is offering a wealth of sporting and fitness opportunities to all its children, from football to fencing, rugby to dance. The school is taking part in the national Sport Relief Mile Run on 23 March. Anne-Marie Coe

SCHOOL NEWS Spring is well and truly here with the daffodils replacing the snowdrops in the Langham churchyard, and the children of Langham Village School are making the most of the mild weather on the playing field after school. It has been a busy half-term in class too. Arts in action Author Robert Rigby visited the school on Thursday 7 February. Robert has been commissioned by the Olympic Committee to write a series of books celebrating the Games. He conducted a series of workshops with different groups. The school already has links to the Olympic Games through its membership of the UK’s Get Set Network, and is planning an Olympic Torch display in summer to mark the start of the Games. Wells Cluster of Schools The annual event started with a visit from the poet John Siddique on Tuesday 21 February. John performed to the school before undertaking a workshop . On 2 March the children took part in National Sing Up Day 2012. School choir gave a performance and got the whole school singing with special points around the school where they burst into song at certain times of day. International events The school maintains its friendships with children across the world, giving a perspective on other cultures and languages that the pupils could not experience locally. Key stage 2 pupils (aged 7-11) were pleased to receive Christmas cards from their French pen-friends, while class 1 children (aged 4-6) were delighted to receive cards and games from Japan. A Spanish songand-dance lunchtime club has begun for children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 (aged 4 - 7). We are planning on receiving staff from the Eklavya School India in June.




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Local Lynx 83 - April/May 2012  

A community newspaper for 10 North Norfolk villages: Bale, Binham, Cockthorpe, Field Dalling, Gunthorpe, Langham, Morston, Saxlingham, Sharr...

Local Lynx 83 - April/May 2012  

A community newspaper for 10 North Norfolk villages: Bale, Binham, Cockthorpe, Field Dalling, Gunthorpe, Langham, Morston, Saxlingham, Sharr...