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APRIL & MAY 2011


(Aurthur Rackham 1900)

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WHAT’S ON APRIL 2nd Sat. Langham FOL Coffee am, Parish Room 2nd Sat. Morston Bluejacket Party 10.00 - 5.00 5th Tues. Saxlingham Annual P.C. 2.00 in Church 6th Wed. Sharrington Garden Soc.Village Hall 9th Sat. Langham Soup Lunch 12 - 2.00 13th Wed. Langham Ladybirds Photography. 7.30 14th Thurs. Langham Mobile Library 14th Thurs. Stiffkey Music Circle, 7.00 15th Fri. Binham Astronomy Group Village Hall 8.0 18th Mon. Tues & Wed. Binham Priory Passion 7.30 18th Mon Stiffkey Old Hall W.I. 7.30 20th Wed. Langham FOL Coffee am Parish Room 22nd-25th Binham Chequers Spring Beer Festival 23rd Sat. Gunthorpe Churchyard clear-up, 9.00am 24th Sun Stiffkey Easter Egg hunt. 3.00 pm 26th Tues. Binham Village Hall AGM 7.30 27th Wed. Sharrington Hunt Hall farm, coffee, 10.30 28th Thurs. Binham Local History group 7.30 28th Thurs. Binham & Hindringham OC Dinner. 7.15 29th Fri. Binham Royal Wedding tea-party 1.30 29th Fri. Gunthorpe Royal wedding Party, 1.30 30th Sat. Gunthorpe Club Institute 10.30am 30th Sat. to 3rd May Langham Exhibition, Parish Room 10am - 4.30pm 30th - May 1st Bluejacket Open Studio 10am - 5pm 30th - 2nd May, F. of M. Church charity book sale.

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MAY 1st May Binham Priory 21st Anniversary of F1-11 Crash 1st - 3rd Sun-Tues. Langham Exhibition 10 - 4.30 5th Thurs. Langham Mobile Library 7th Sat. Langham FOL Coffee am Parish Room 11th Wed. Langham Ladybirds, Norwich Theatre 12th Thurs. Stiffkey Music Circle 7.00 13th Fri. Binham Spring Lunch 13th Fri. Langham Church,’Let there be Music’, 7.30 16th Mon. Langham Parish Room Meeting 7.00 16th Mon. Stiffkey W.I Old Hall W.I. 7.30 18th Wed. Langham FOL Coffee am Parish Room 18th Wed.Gunthorpe Annual Parish Meeting & P. Council, Institute 7.30 19th Thurs. Binham & Hindringham O.C. 7.15 21st Sat. Gunthorpe Club Institute 10.30am 21st Sat. Langham Leukaemia Spring Sale 10 -12 22nd - 25th Binham Chequers Beer Festival 26th Thurs. Langham Mobile Library 30th Mon. Langham Bring & Buy 10 - 2.00 30th Mon. Stiffkey Albaraca Plant Sale 10.00 Regulars Mondays, Langham Keep Fit, 10 - 11. Parish Room Tuesdays. Binham Guild of Artists, Village Hall 10-12 Wednesdays. Binham Youth Group, Village Hall 6 - 8

DISTRIBUTION CONTACT: For all enquiries or offers to help, please contact: Rita White, tel: 01328 830821

SPECIAL EASTER SERVICES Maundy Thursday (April 21st): The Lord’s Supper - a Service of Holy Communion, followed by a half-hour vigil, Langham 7.00pm. Good Friday (April 22nd): Stations of The Cross: Morston, 10.30 am and Sharrington 2.00 pm. Easter Eve (April 23rd): Family Service (with Egg Hunt); Binham, 4.00 pm. Easter Eve (April 23rd): Service of Light, Binham, 8.00 pm 29th May: Group Service at Binham at 10.30 am


Church Services for Stiffkey and Bale Benefice for April and May 2011 HC=Holy Communion. FS=Family Service. MP=Morning Prayer. BCP=Book of Common Prayer Parish Bale Field Dalling

3rd April Mothering Sunday 9.30am HC At Saxlingham 9.30am CFS

10th April 9.30am HC 11.00am CFS

24th April Easter Day 9.30am HC 11.00am HC BCP

11.00am HC

Saxlingham Gunthorpe Sharrington

9.30am MP BCP

9.30am MP CW

At Field Dalling 11.00am HC 9.30am HC

Binham Morston

11.00am CFS 9.30am HC BCP

11.00am HC

11.00am CFS 9.30am HC BCP

9.30am HC 9.30am HC BCP

Langham Stiffkey

At Stiffkey 9.30am CFS

9.30am MP At Langham

At Stiffkey 9.30am HC

9.30am HC 11.00am HC

Parish Bale

At Field Dalling 11.00am MP 9.30am HC

17th April Palm Sunday 9.30am HC At Saxlingham

1st May

8th May

15th May

22nd May

9.30am HC

9.30am HC

9.30am HC

9.30am HC

Field Dalling

At Saxlingham

11.00am CFS

At Saxlingham

11.00am MP BCP

Saxlingham Gunthorpe

9.30am HC

At Field Dalling 11.00am MP

11.00am HC

At Field Dalling 11.00am HC


9.30am MP BCP

9.30am HC

9.30am MP CW

9.30am HC


11.00am HC

11.00am HC

11.00am CFS

9.30am HC


9.30am HC BCP

9.30am HC BCP


At Stiffkey

9.30am MP

At Stiffkey

9.30am HC


9.30am CFS

At Langham

9.30am HC

At Langham

29th May: Group Service, Binham 10.30am. For Special Easter Services see page 2. Regular Weekday Services Binham: Tuesday, 6.00pm Evening Prayers, Langham: Wednesday, 10.00am Holy Communion Stiffkey: Friday, 10.00am Holy Communion society. Archbishop William Temple wrote of the ‘pervasive sweetening of life and of all human relationships by those who carry with them something of the mind of Christ.’ And Christ has told us to be the world’s salt and light. Lastly Christians must retain their Christian distinctness. So we who claim to be Christ’s followers have to fulfil two conditions if we are to do any good for him. We have to permeate non-Christian society and immerse ourselves in the life of the world while avoiding becoming assimilated by it. To be the world’s light means working at Prayer and Evangelism, Witness and Protest, being an Example oneself and working together. From the burning out of all that is dead, there will be great warmth and light for others, great fulfilment of Christ’s expectations of us. Sylvia Plath wrote “A certain minor light may still leap incandescent - out of kitchen table or chair - as if a celestial being took - possession of the most obtuse objects now and then - thus hallowing an interval otherwise inconsequent - by bestowing largesse, honour one might say love!” It is my prayer that we may become so this Lent, that even in us, obtuse objects if ever there were, the celestial light may leap incandescent out of us to the hallowing and making special for others of their encounter with us. For it is this deliberately intended co-operation with the Holy Spirit that enables us to bestow on all people and all moments largesse and honour, one might even say love. Yours very truly, Ian Whittle

RECTOR’S LETTER My dear Friends and Parishioners, On Ash Wednesday we come to the second great season of preparation in the Christian year, one to allow that immensity and proximity of God, the Holy Spirit, to be the joint authors with ourselves of our lives. Lent is about our making the effort to be so close to Almighty God that the two of us begin to speak with a single voice, beginning by recognising how rarely that single voice is heard or spoken, since we prefer to speak for ourselves and on our own. So Lent is necessarily a time of penitence, of recognising, without pain or pretence the sad stupidity of our unilateral declaration of independence. We need the friendship of God to be ourselves, just as we need the love of each other to be human. Lent is the time for attempting to keep that relationship in good repair. We are seeking the Lord while he may be found to become the bearers, like servants who offer dishes of good and not evil, that we may live not just for ourselves but for many. Christians were to differ from non-Christians by being a people called out from the world by God - to be like him and to permeate non-Christian society. ‘Called out’ not segregated. The lamp does no good if it is put under a bed or a bowl, and salt does no good if it stays in the saltcellar. Furthermore, Christians can influence non-Christian


BLAKENEY CATHOLIC CHURCH Back Lane Blakeney Father Michael Simison 12 Hindringham Road Gt. Walsingham Norfolk Tel: 01328 821 353 Priest in Residence Father William Wells (the house behind the church) Service Times Mass for Sunday Vigil Mass: Saturday 6.00pm. Sunday Mass: 11.00am.

BLAKENEY METHODIST CHURCH High Street Blakeney Minister: The Reverend David Greenaway 8 St. Andrew’s Close Holt. Tel: 01263 712 181 Sunday Services at 6.30pm. For weekday services and details of preachers and any change in times, refer to ‘The Glaven Valley Newsletter’

AIR AMBULANCE If you want to do something really amazing this year, why not volunteer with the East Anglian Air Ambulance?


Volunteers have been active in many different ways at the EAAA since it began in 2000 and have helped us get to where we are today. From fundraising to medical care, loyal volunteers have contributed their time and talent generously to our essential emergency service. In turn, our volunteers learn new skills and form new friendships, whilst knowing that the work that they do really does save lives.

CPRE Norfolk, the Norfolk branch of the Campaign to Protect Rural England, are looking for a new Honorary Secretary following the retirement of the previous Honorary Secretary after 10 years. Key duties of the role include: taking minutes for the charity's quarterly Trustee Meetings; ensuring the correct administration of our Annual General Meeting; and advising staff and Trustees on procedural matters, statutory reporting and charity governance, as required. All expenses can be paid. James Parry, Chairman of CPRE Norfolk, said; “We are looking for someone who enjoys the countryside and would like to join the Trustees and a network of people working to protect and promote the distinct qualities of rural Norfolk. “We are looking for an individual with experience, and preferably with qualifications, who can administrate meetings and advise staff and Trustees on procedural matters. That said, we are looking for someone with a light touch and a sense of humour who can ensure that the charity fulfils its constitutional requirements without overcomplicating things unnecessarily. I would be delighted to hear from any interested persons”. Further details are available from the CPRE Norfolk website: volunteering/office or from the Chairman, James Parry at 01366 328676.

The East Anglian Air Ambulance runs two fully medically equipped helicopters (code-named Anglia One and Anglia Two) serving the people of Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Between the two helicopters they are able to provide a life-saving resource reaching patients quickly and if required, transporting them to hospital within minutes. To keep our helicopters flying we must raise £4.2 million a year. With no direct government or National Lottery funding, on-going public support is essential to enable us to continue offering this vital service. The EAAA are urgently seeking volunteers. We are looking for dedicated collection box co-ordinators, event supporters, street and store collection volunteers and EAAA Ambassadors in your area. If you have some spare time to help keep your local air ambulance flying then we would love to hear from you. For more information about any of these roles please contact us at or on 0845 669 999. We need you today. You may need us tomorrow.

DEANERY NEWS Next meeting of the Deanery Synod Date : Thursday 16th. June 2011 7.15pm for 7.30pm Venue: Cley Village Hall. Speaker: The Reverend Canon Jeremy Haselock Subject: The Ordination of Women to the Episcopate. Everyone is welcome to attend the meetings for the whole evening or just for the talk, which is the first item on the agenda.


DISTRICT COUNCILLOR'S NEWS The budget for the next year was presented and approved by Full Council on Wednesday 23rd February. Briefly, the Coalition Government announced that funding would be available over the next four years for authorities which freeze their Council Tax in 2011/12 at the current level. This has been done and therefore the average Band D Council Tax remains at £138.87. Overall, cuts of over £1 million are required. Savings will include the contract procurement plans, internal efficiencies and community engagement cuts. Extra funds should come from the New Homes Bonus scheme, increased planning charges and £200,000 will be taken from reserves. Also presented and approved was the Site Specific Proposals Development Plan and the Conversion and Reuse of Rural Buildings as Dwellings Policy Review. Deliberate non-payers of council tax or business rates in North Norfolk are being targeted. At the Coastal Issues Forum of 15th February, mention was made of the Flood Wardens' concern about police cover in an emergency and possible lack of local knowledge if brought in from other areas. Regarding the Maritime Management Organisation, the District Council is now in consultation in helping with the link to the Statement of Public Participation. The North Norfolk Museums Forum reported on the continuing high number of visitors. The Tourism Information Centres helped with over 600,000 enquiries and distributed 3 million leaflets. Despite financial constraints, a new leaflet for this year's season will be published shortly with full details of events for local people as well as tourists. North Norfolk Workout Project is a new scheme to help people become physically and mentally healthier by taking part in nature conservation acitivities and learning more about the local environment. Hedge planting, woodland management and pond improvement are among projects offered. Details from: The National Trust is proposing to mark their 100 years care of Blakeney Point in the summer of 2012 with a variety of activities. Their desire is for all concerned with this area - fishermen, sailors, walkers, birdwatchers, artists, school groups, etc., to be involved. Finally, a warning from the Safer Neighbourhood Team - heating oil is being stolen from tanks in small quantities but on a regular basis which can be harder to detect. Lindsay Brettle

OPERATIC SONGBIRDS HIT THE RIGHT NOTE WITH PUCCINI On realising that most of their male colleagues had taken a break, the ladies of the North Norfolk Chamber Opera decided to perform Puccini's women only opera 'Sister Angelica'. Set in a convent, it is a tragic tale of a woman who has transgressed societal norms. The thirteen Norfolk nightingales are tackling this piece led by their conductor Susie Self, a professional singer and composer. Prepare for an emotional rollercoaster, a miracle and some glorious music... This amateur, community based company is the last of its kind to continue performing lyric opera in North Norfolk and, to continue its valuable work, needs new input from fresh voices. There is nothing like opera to enchant and provoke. Live performance can knock an audience sideways, shock and comfort. Come and see what effect this rarely performed Puccini masterpiece will have on you and then think of joining in the next production! Sister Angelica will be performed at the Auden Theatre, Gresham's School, Holt at 8.00pm on April 7th, 8th and 9th. There will be a matinee on April 9th at 3.00pm. All performances will be proceeded by a pre-show talk given by Susie and the director, Stephen Miles. For tickets contact the box office on 01263713444.

District Councillors Contact Details Jonathan Savory (01328 820719). - and Joyce Trett (01328 710300) (Binham, Langham & Stiffkey) Lindsay Brettle (01263 710030) (Sharrington, Field Dalling,/Saxlingham & Morston). Ann.R.Green (01328 878273)



HOLT SOCIETY BOOKLET In April the society is publishing a booklet called First Impressions which highlights the distinctive identity of the town’s historic buildings, old walls and alleyways. The beauty of soft apricot-red Norfolk bricks and weathered flint cobblestones are captured in Matthew Rice’s attractive pen and ink coloured illustrations of Holt, created especially for this edition. First Impressions is part of a community visual awareness campaign, intended to encourage everyone to start ‘looking’ and ‘seeing’ those small details which create a sense of place. At Holt Library there will be an exhibition showing how other Georgian market towns insist on standards of good design in commercial signage to protect the visual environment and avoid insensitive development. You are invited to contribute ideas for design improvements, submit photos of your favourite design details in the town and enter a competition with great prizes, including a signed watercolour of Holt by local artist Dot Shreeve. Other planned events include a summer workshop for young people interested in a career in graphic design hosted by a well known graphic designer. Come and find out more. Collect your complimentary copy of First Impressions between 15th April and 14th May from Holt Library, the Holt Bookshop, Holt Community Centre, Tourist Information Centre and other outlets in the town. The booklet is a little gem and, with Matthew’s drawings, is sure to become a collector’s item!

GLAVEN CENTRE Thistleton Court, Blakeney Tel: 01263 740762

Hearing Aid Clinics: Wed. 23rd February Wed. 27th April Wed. 29th June Wed. 31st August Wed. 28th October Wed. 21st December

Fri. 25th March Fri. 27th May Fri. 29th July Fri. 30th September Fri. 30th November

Toe-nail clinics Friday 11th March Friday 1st April Friday 6th May Friday 20th May Friday 10th June


Greetings to everyone and particularly readers in Binham, Brinton, Field Dalling, Langham, Morston, Saxlingham, Sharrington and Stiffkey - all part of the Wells Division. I am going to open with a very special plea - support Broadband. Believe me, second/next generation broadband will be essential for anyone working, studying from home and indeed for aspects of caring and health care. We need everyone on board with this project so first have you checked: The site will show if your provision will meet the needs of downloading, viewing video, HD TV and next generation Broadband. Secondly take up the offer of Bill Murphy who heads BT Broadband provision – e-mail Give Bill your postcode and tell him how you want and need the capacity for next generation broadband . Add that I am your County Councillor and am willing to speak for your needs and copy me your e-mail. I am involved in a number of approaches but we should give this one a shot! Sure Start Children’s Centres: An invaluable service for our under fives and their families. We have a large rural area but not many under five year olds and are consulting as to which centres should be linked together to provide for a total of 600 youngsters. Check to learn more about the consultation. If you use this service you will know which is your centre but many of our villages are covered by the Wells Centre. Or contact t h e Co -o rd i n at o r fo r mo re i n fo r mat i o n :, 07917 091194, 01328 710198. Big Conversation and the County Budget: The press have been covering the debate but for complete details go to: The good news is that the 16-18 year old student bus pass continues - with conversations taking place with bus companies and colleges. It is also pleasing that pleas to support older residents have been heard. Congratulations to those parish councils and individuals who responded to the 'conversation'. Mobile ‘Phones: Design of the website referred to previously is progressing and both MPs for our Division, Norman Lamb and Keith Simpson, have written supportive statements to go on the website. Once the site is up and running we need everyone in need of good reception to register. The intention is then to put pressure on the providers to offer a good service throughout our division. Library and Library Van Changes: The County has confirmed it will not be closing any libraries but we may be looking at reduced hours. Changes to the much welcomed visits by the mobile library will take place from 21 March. Customers at each affected stop will receive details. The library and the van provide an invaluable service. Please let me know if you experience any problems. Dr Marie Strong 07920 286597

MAKE SOME MACMILLIAN LOCOMOTION THIS CENTENARY! Stoke up the firebox for Macmillan Cancer Support on Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th April 2011, and together we can take some great steps forward in raising funds, awareness and support for both cancer patients and the carers who do so much for them. The annual Bure Valley Railway Walk stretches between Aylsham and Wroxham, with participants not only getting a trip on a Bure Valley Railway narrow gauge steam train, but also receiving well-deserved snacks and drink at the end of their journey. How do you want to make tracks for Macmillan? There are a good few options available; walk the 3 mile route from either Wroxham or Aylsham, or take a train ride from Aylsham to Coltishall and stride back alongside the tracks. Of course, the main attraction is the 9 mile route from Wroxham or Aylsham, walking the Bure Valley Railway line trail from one end to the other through scenic Norfolk countryside. 2010 saw 525 intrepid walkers raise an astonishing £38,000. In 2011, the much-celebrated centenary year for the charity, Macmillan is hoping to steam past their target of £50,000, with the raised funds going towards an array of services, from the renowned Macmillan Nurses to emotional, financial, medical and practical support for anyone living with cancer. “This is a fantastic chance to really make a difference for Macmillan and for those living with cancer,” states Norfolk Fundraising Manager Helen Chapman. “Cancer affects almost everyone, be it through personal experience or through us supporting our friends and loved ones, but that doesn’t mean helping has to be hard. This is a fun walk for a good cause, and the more money we raise, the more help we can deliver.” Taking part is easy; visit to register, or those without internet access can call the local fundraising office on 01603 724369. Or if circumstances mean you can’t take part in this walk at all, why not organize your own? The above website lists how. We also need volunteers to help over the event weekend, so please get in touch if you’ve got some time to spare. With this being our centenary year we are also looking for individuals and groups and associations to raise money for us during our special year and in particular we are looking for companies to take part in our Norfolk Business Challenge where we are looking for 100 companies to raise £1,000 each. Interested, please call us.



24th February After the rain, spring is here today. The sun on my back is almost hot. In the garden the birds are busy, goldfinches whistling and zzzzing, the thrush muttering his sub-song from the ivy in the sycamore; the bluetits are having a go at enlarging the entrance hole in the tit box – they do it every year, I don’t know why but I can hear the tap tap as one of them pecks away at it. The hellebores seem happy with their mulching and exhibit masses of big juicy flowers. More crocuses keep appearing out of the mulch; satiny purple and sunshine orange. The ditches at the bottom of Blood Hill are edged by snowdrops; soon they will be full of primroses. Along the woodshore hazel catkins dangle like fuzzy pale green raindrops blurred by slow exposure. Yesterday’s rain still gathers on every twig. The ponds in the wood are full of water, the ditches slimy with decomposed leaves. A thrush sings from deep in the wood. New buds are opening into leaf on the honeysuckle, and the primrose crowns are full of tight new leaves. Buzzards call to each other overhead. In the mud rucked up by the shepherd’s landrover there are muntjac hoofprints. Larks sing above the big field that rises alongside the lane. There are two early clumps of primrose in flower already where the hedge sides have been cleared; there will be a good show of them this year. I am preparing pots and the kiln for a glaze firing. The big pots are quite awkward to glaze; I splash my feet and the boards of the verandah filling them with the liner glaze and pouring it out again. The blue glaze is in too small a bin and it overflows – I continue to push down – too late to do anything else. Glazing has to be done in one fell swoop, and outdoors. My garden is owned by a thrush, and he has been singing for over a week now, starting with a throatclearing, lung-stretching series of spluttery croaky noises which developed to full blast jazz song by mid week. Sometimes I could hear three, two far off in opposite directions, and “my” thrush low down on the ivy hedge next to the pottery workshop, very loud. Jane Wheeler

THE REV'D CANON CEDRIC BRADBURY The death of Cedric Bradbury on 30th January leaves a feeling of personal loss in the parish of Bale. He worked with the precision and discipline of the trained pharmacist, his first career. This showed in his determination to see parish affairs properly conducted. He struck up an affectionate friendship with each individual in his congregation. In his sermons, a pleasurable duty to listen to, as they were so well crafted, one heard a clear exposition of the Christian message. One of our older parishioners said that she could hardly refrain from bursting out with applause. Equally clear were a realistic sympathy for the human condition and the ability to see good in everyone: how he loved eccentricity! Rather than deliver a sermon he considered below standard he would read extracts from a wide range of authors: the Dowager Duchess of Devonshire, Ronald Blythe, Alan Bennett. Indeed this also demonstrated his love of literature and the proper use of the English language, for both of which he had a deep respect and affection. For a decade he took more than three-quarters of our services at Bale. He steered our ship through the uncertain waters of two interregnums. It was a single minded concentration which endeared him to us. He entered fully into parish life. He even revived the handbell group. At times however one had to agree with Bishop Graham, who said at his funeral: "he insisted on doing things properly which meant doing them his way." He had the great luck of having Joyce beside him, with her wisdom, experience of parish life and acute sense of humour. Her advice was tactfully given and usually graciously received. A telling account has come from an outsider who came to a service at All Saints. It was published in The Church Times just before he retired and was written by Tom Hollander, the well known actor, (currently playing the lead at The Old Vic). "I had a couple of moments which were really quite beautiful, actually. The Sunday after Christmas, I went to church in a tiny village in Norfolk. And I heard a very old vicar deliver the most beautiful sermon. It was just thoughts about how to live. “He wasn't asking us to believe in anything that wasn't completely accessible. He was just a man, articulately and beautifully giving us some pointers on how to think about our lives, and come to terms with ourselves. And in a beautiful building, full of people who were terribly kind to each other, with the sunlight streaming in. And I thought: "This is fantastic..."

BINHAM PRIORY PASSION The box office for the Binham Priory Passion opened for business at the stroke of midnight on Tuesday, March 1st. By 2pm on that day all 220 tickets for the two planned Easter performances had been snapped-up. So amazing was the response that it was decided to stage a third performance to meet the overwhelming demand and there may, just possibly, be one or two seats still available. The ambitious community production recreates the drama of the last week of the life of Jesus Christ. This is very much a home-grown, Norfolk village event – although it is inspired by the internationally famous passion play performed since 1634 at Oberammergau, in Bavaria. The Binham Priory Passion has dominated the lives of the more than 50 cast and production team members for the past three months. Since January, the cast - from Binham and surrounding villages - has been rehearsing every Monday and Wednesday evening in the Priory, under the lead of director Grant Harrison and voice coach Cecilia Evans. There have been some very cold evenings! The three Holy Week performances will be on Mon. April 18, Tues. April 19 and Wed. April 20 in Binham Priory, 7.30pm. Entry is free but you must have a ticket. Contact Maureen Frost on 01328 830362 to check on ticket availability. After the performance the audience will be invited to share light refreshments with the cast. There will be a retiring collection. Fiona Thompson

BINHAM YOUTH GROUP Binham Youth Group is held at the Binham Village Hall on Wednesdays from 6 to 8 p.m., during TERM TIME only, for ages 5 to 16. Entry £1. There is a tuck shop, games, pool/snooker, table tennis and more. All staff are CRB checked. Some comments made by our Group: “It’s a great place to hang out”, “I’ve been coming for 9 years and still enjoy coming”, “It’s a good place to come and meet your friends and to make new ones! Wendy Marsh 01328 830178

BALE VILLAGE HALL SOCIAL CLUB DRAW January 2011 February 2011 David Ramm £ 25 David Ramm £25 Alan Sankey £ 10 Anthony Hayward £10 Victoria Waite £5 Dawn Hayward £5 Jane Wheeler £5 Margaret Dent £5 apologies for typos last time


ARKWRIGHT’S BIRTHDAY "I hear that you are thinking of having a birthday party for me on the 1st March" said Trevor Howell (of Howell's Superstore in Binham) to me. “That's very kind of you, but it's not what I want," he said. So we didn't give it to him! I knew I could rely on one person for improving on my next idea: Carolyn Wright. She had the contacts; word would spread! I thought we all ought to buy a card from Trevor'good business' - just to show we still loved him in these dark days! But we decided it would be a good idea if we all met outside Sue's and Roger's Emporium at 10am and make it a surprise as well, which we did. There was one scary moment though, when Carolyn thought that no one else was going to turn up. Of course, it didn't help that she was 10 minutes early, but she need not have worried, about 30 people arrived at the Emporium and we trooped round to Howell's ... BUT we would have been useless soldiers if we were to ambush anyone, as we walked straight into ... his close-circuit television cameras. Aaaaah, too late, we have been seen! That's it, we had blown it! Never mind, we will stick to plan A and enter the shop and sing 'happy birthday', BUT there are too many of us, and anyway, it would be 'bad for business', so we stood outside. Mind you, Trevor had to be prized out, in spite of his two right-hand men: David and Toby, keeping shop. The most perfect grin was on his face as he did a 'stock - check' of who was there. There probably should have been many more people who would liked to have come, had they known, but can we assume that we represented you all? We sang our hearts out and then called for a speech: "Thank you very much" he said! It was a lovely morning for a man who couldn't decide whether he was 21 or 70, depending on which badge you saw on his lapels! Well done, Trevor! Humphrey Boon

DIARY OF A BINHAM FARMER’S SON aged 33 1855 February 6th Went to concert at Wells given by Martin. Heard Miss Alleyn and Miss Stevens, the former a very nice singer. 14th I wrote to Wm Hill, tomorrow being his birthday, the weather still intensely cold turnips frozen like stones. 20th Dined at Middleton this evening. A large party of gentlemen, no ladies except the mistress of the house who looked very nicely. 22nd Ems came to spend a night. 23rd Ems left this morning in spite of snow but not until I had enjoyed a delightful hour’s music with her. 28th Went to Roger Martin’s Sales, very crowded and badly managed, still things sold high. March 8th Found corn lower today in consequence of the Emperor of Russia’s death and prospect of peace. Did not sell my wheat. 10th Went to Norwich but detained on way home by accident to two bullock trains. 13th Stayed in the house all day, it being very winterly, to nurse my cold. The doctor called and prescribed for me. 16th Mr. Brooke came to keep my birthday also Nancy and Eliza. They stayed all night. Nancy in wonderful spirits. 31st Went to Norwich, saw Southerton Micklethwaite who asked me to go to see him next week if I could, to have some snipe shooting. Norah and Richard Lewis

BINHAM PAROCHIAL CHARITIES TRUST Higher Education Bursary Since the Bursary was set up in 2008 the Trust has been able to help three students at universities and three at colleges in the region. If you know of anybody in the village who is thinking of further education and would be grateful for some financial support, then please contact the Chairman of the Parochial Charities Trust with the relevant information: Mr William Wales, Abbey Farm, Binham.

Spring Lunch – Friday 13th May The Village Hall Committee, together the Charities Trust, will be hosting another Spring Lunch on Friday 13th May. Invitations will be sent out nearer the time to the retired residents of Binham and Cockthorpe, who receive the Christmas grant. Alex Wales


GOODBYE, WE WILL NOT FORGET YOU Jim Hall had not been well for some months, and had removed from Priory Crescent to sheltered accommodation in Fakenham before Christmas. Nevertheless, his death was a shock. As a small boy during WWII, he had cycled to Little Snoring airfield, where, on a number of occasions, he was taken up in aircraft being test flown before return to service. So began a lifelong interest in the RAF. He was a true gentleman. In recent years, every day he delivered newspapers from Trevor’s to his neighbours in The Crescent. May Humphreys died suddenly in a café at the NNUH, having just been given the OK by her doctor. What a way to go! Most recently, May had lived in the bungalow in Priory Crescent previously occupied by another well-known character, Bob Scott. The Roman Catholic priest who, in spite of never having met May celebrated her life with sincerity and great empathy for her relatives, enlivened her funeral at St. Faith’s crematorium. May was a great storyteller. Every time we met she had a new tale to tell. Sometimes they were suitable to be repeated to Su. Jimmy Bullen kept an immaculate garden in Priory Crescent and had been cutting the grass just before he died. We are still in shock. Jimmy and Tuppney were, I believe, the first to move into Priory Crescent, so his death marks the end of an era. Jimmy always had time for a chat, and was passionately concerned about the welfare of the village.

BINHAM GUILD OF ARTISTS The group consists of anyone interested in art or craft, beginner or otherwise. Artists with professional experience form part of the group and will gladly advise if needed. We meet every Tuesday morning from 10 to 12 in the Village Hall. A fee of £2 per morning includes coffee and biscuits. A demonstration of painting or craftwork normally takes place on the first Tuesday of every month except in January, February and the week in which the annual exhibition takes place. On 1st March Lionel Wilde gave a very successful talk and demonstration on the use of acrylic paints. The group learnt much from him and was inspired by his enthusiasm. For further information, contact James Bucknill at 01328 830651


All change in Priory Crescent

Binham Village Hall AGM and Parish Meeting is to be held at the Hall on Tuesday 26th April at 7.30 p.m. We hope all organisations will be present to share their interest with everyone who attends. Refreshments will be served. Please come along and find out what goes on in your village.

As if the departures of Jim, May and Jimmy were not more than enough, the past year has witnessed something of an upheaval in the older part of the Crescent. Hugh West and Muriel Pearson died last year. George Pearson found it impossible to manage without Muriel and is now settling into The Maltings in Fakenham. He really misses friends from Binham, Stiffkey and Wells, where he spent a lifetime as a bakers’ rounds-man. He will be thrilled if you were able to pop in to see him. Lesley Beckham has removed to Little Walsingham and is very happy there. Three other houses have changed hands. So, to all the new residents ‘Welcome to Binham!’

WEDDING DAY TEA PARTY Friday 29th April Come and celebrate the wedding of Prince William and Catherine in the Binham Village Hall at 4 o’clock. We’ll have an old fashioned Tea Party. Please call Liz Brown (830519) to let her know you will be there.

…. and Children Some people say that Binham is full of the retired. But a change is taking place. Currently there are more than 20 children living amongst us. Not yet enough to fill a ‘Binham Academy’, but food for thought about the way in which the future of this village is planned. Where, in due course, will they live? Roger Newman

BINHAM LOCAL HISTORY GROUP Thurs. 28th April Mark Nicholls Norfolk Maritime Heroes & Legends. All meetings in the Binham Village Hall at 7.30 p.m. Wine, Coffee, Tea and biscuits. £2 members, £3 non-members



Two sets of elections and a referendum are on their way. Referenda (I think that’s the word!) are rarer than politicians’ apologies – I believe that the last one was to find out if we wanted to join the European Union back in the 1970’s. But the elections for the District and Parish Councils are held every four years. And it is your chance to get involved at the most local level in democracy. Few people get to meet their Member of Parliament, but almost everybody will know of their District Councillor and it is unlikely that people will not be “on speaking terms” with at least one of their Parish Councillors. Regrettably these days, District elections are fought on party political lines, although once in power there does not seem to be a great deal of division between parties at our local North Norfolk District Council. But in the Parishes we still have almost 100% of candidates standing on the basis of who they are, rather than which political party they are members of. Not every Parish will have an election, because of course, these only occur when there are more candidates than positions. Unfortunately, in many Districts including ours, there is a huge difference in the cost of contested and uncontested elections. So in Binham, for instance, we need seven Councillors. If seven or less people stand, the cost to the Parish is about £70. If eight or more people stand, the cost is about £700. So there is a strong financial disincentive for the existing Councillors not to encourage any new people to stand. Which doesn’t seem very democratic – but since the Councillors see one of their main tasks as guarding your Council Tax from profligacy – it is understandable. But with a few exceptions (like being too young or having recently been locked up for more than three months) there is nothing to stop any resident of a Parish from applying to become a Member of the Council. The current Binham and Cockthorpe Parish Council consists of Juliet Case Chairman, Liz Brown Vice Chairman, Amanda Abel, William Wales, David Frost, Tim Walduck, Keith Leesmith Parish Clerk. The Council consists of all local people and they are there to represent and protect the good interests of the two parishes.

BINHAM & HINDRINGHAM OPEN CIRCLE The Annual Dinner will be at the Norfolk Riddle in Walsingham on Thursday 28th April, 7.15 for 7.30. On May 19th Michele Cockerill, from House of Colour, will show us how to look ten years younger without surgery. The Open Circle Women’s Club meets at 7.15pm on the third Thursday of each month at Hindringham Village Hall and new members are always welcome. Just come along on the night or ring secretary Fiona Thompson on 01328 830639.

THE CHEQUERS Spring Beer Festival – 22 to 25 April Alex and Steve are having a Beer Festival at the Chequers over the Easter weekend with a selection of seasonal ales and live music. This is the first of four festivals taking place throughout 2011, each with its own theme, so look out for further information during the year. ‘World Book Night’ was celebrated enthusiastically at the Chequers on the 5th March. Sue and Keith Jennings had organised delivery of fifty free books and we had been asked to bring books to exchange. It was a really good idea and let’s hope this successful evening will be repeated next year.

Keith Leesmith Parish Clerk 01328 710261


MOTHERING SUNDAY Sunday 3rd April There will be a special Family Service for Mothering Sunday in the Priory at 11 a.m. Posies for all mothers! Do come and bring all the family – grandparents, grandchildren and all your friends.

N. NORFOLK ASTRONOMY GROUP ORRERY - by Bernard Ambrose Friday 15 April at 8 p.m. in Binham Village Hall This evening is hosted by the North Norfolk Astronomy Society. Not too many people will have seen an orrery or even be clear what it is. Wikipedia defines it as ". . a mechanical device that illustrates the relative positions and motions of the planets and moons in the solar system in a heliocentric model." Bernard will give us a talk on the history of the subject, illustrating this with his own models. His interest started when he gave his local Junior School a talk on a Millennium sundial, which he had created for them. He then decided to make a tellurion for the school, which depicts how day, night and the seasons are caused by the movement of the Earth. These efforts led him to think about the design for an orrery and after searching for ideas he decided to go ahead and build one in his own workshop. Essential for the construction of this is the theory and calculation of the gear mechanism, machining the gears and electric drive, etching the brass decoration and making the manual. If you have a small hobby workshop you will be inspired to have a go yourself. They are fascinating astronomical mechanisms and beautiful works of art. Tea and Coffee. Entrance £3 (£2 members). Observing afterwards if fine. John Prockter 01328 830770

FOOD FOR THOUGHT When an oyster found a little grain of sand had got under her shell she said “If I cannot remove it, I will try to improve it”. As time passed this small grain of sand became a beautiful pearl. When things go wrong and get under our skin, instead of letting it annoy us we could ask “What can I do to improve the situation?” Develop the ‘oyster approach'’ and transform the situation into something beautiful.

BINHAM OPEN GARDENS 2011 Saturday & Sunday 18th & 19th June At the moment we have thirteen gardens opening for this weekend from 2 until 5 each day. There will be a book sale and refreshments in the Village Hall. Do let me know if you are interested in taking part. Carolyn 01328 830270

FARA CHARITY CONCERT The Fara Charity is celebrating their 20th anniversary of caring for abandoned children in Romania. To mark this occasion we will be holding a concert by the Lyra Ensemble on Thursday 12 May at the Anglican Shrine in Walsingham. The four Russian musicians will play a selection of sacred music, folk songs and arrangements by Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov and Stravinsky. For tickets & information, please call 01328 821444


PANCAKE RACES Not as many contestants this year as our Pancake Sunday didn’t coincide with half term. However there was still some good racing, some well tossed and some not so well tossed pancakes and all races had keenly fought finishes. Liz Brown and her family provided the delicious home made soup and pancakes. Results. Senior Teams: 1st. Tom, Geoff and Lucy. The Junior Race was tied and then James just beat Tom in the Run off. Pauline won the Senior Ladies. Tara won the Open Juniors, beating the boys who weren’t too good at pancake tossing. After several false starts Maureen and Tom won an Open Race and Geoff narrowly beat Pauline in the Scott Special.

No news from Cockthorpe this time.



Plans are afoot to commemorate, on Sunday 1st May, the 21st anniversary of the F1-11 crash and the “Saving of Binham and its Priory”. This will be a joint venture with the American Airforce based at Mildenhall and Lakenheath and will include an exhibition and a service in the Priory, followed by refreshments in the Memorial Hall. Were you here that day? Do you have any particular memories or perhaps photographs of the event? If so, would you contact David Frost at 0132 830362. This is being organised by the Friends of Binham Priory. Michael Calvert

Sat 13 Aug from 2 – 4pm The joint Field Dalling and Saxlingham summer fete will once again be held in the gardens of Field Dalling Hall thanks to the kind generosity of Ravi and Salma Sondhi. Plans are already under way to ensure the fete has all the traditional stalls and events. There will also be some new activities. As last year, the ever-popular Ugly Dog Skiffle Combo will provide the music. More details will follow in the coming months but in the meantime if you think you might have some time or some expertise to offer on the day please contact Andrew Cuthbert on 01328 830367. Please plan to come along and enjoy the fete -- put the date in your diary, now!


February £25 Mrs Witherington; £10 Don Ritchie; £5 Clare Winkley, D Tann, George Bond.

NORTH NORFOLK CHORALE On Saturday 21st May at 7.30pm the North Norfolk Chorale is giving a perfromance of Rutter's Requiem and Haydn's Nelson Mass in Salle Church. Rosemary Kimmins is conducting and Jamie Wright who left Greshams School last July and is now singing his way through York University, will be singing solo bass in the Haydn. He is joined by Jayne May-Sysum soprano, Vera Cook alto, and Bernard Wells tenor. Please come and support Jamie and the choir. He has performed in many village musical events and we wish him every success in both his performance at Salle and in his musical studies.

March £25 Mr M Jeffery; £10 Wendy Marsh, £5 Stanley Hewitt, Juliet Case, Jill Burton. There are numbers still available. If you would like to join please phone June Read at 01328 830106 or call at 8 Priory Crescent.


CHURCH NEWS The re-opening of St Mary’s on 27 February was a most joyous occasion attended by some 50 plus worshippers - including the key members of the PCC and Friends Committees who had worked so hard to obtain the grants to make the project possible. We were also pleased to have the architect, Ruth Blackman, and her family, and the builder who carried out such high quality work, Mark Lusher, and his wife, as members of the congregation. It was a magnificent sunny day and the church positively “sparkled”. Thank you to everyone for all their help in making it such a special day – and especially to Martin Jacklin and John Penny, who played two beautiful Cello pieces, to the flower ladies, polishers and of course, most importantly, to the Reverend Ian Whittle whose service and sermon set the perfect tone for the day. Penny Brough Church Warden

GUNTHORPE FETE AND INSTITUTE Gunthorpe’s Fete, which many of our visitors return to every year, and which we believe to be amongst the best and most popular in North Norfolk, is confirmed to be held on Sunday 31 July 2011. The “Friends” Barbecue, to which all are invited, will be held at Gunthorpe Hall on the evening before. Details on how to purchase tickets for the Barbecue will be given in the next issue of the Lynx. We have not had a “volunteer” to take over the running of the Fete, but Zena Churchill who is a member of both the PCC and Institute Committees has kindly confirmed that she will take on the organisation of the Fete for 2011. She will be calling an informal meeting for all the village volunteers in the near future, and she would be grateful for any offers of assistance no matter how small – please call her on 01328 878727 if you are willing to help in any way. We do though still need someone who is willing to take on this role for future years. Come along this year and see if you would enjoy taking on this role which is so important for both the Institute and Church – as noted previously you do not have to be a member of either Committee to undertake this vital role. At the time of going to press we do not have a volunteer to take on the roles of either the Chair or Secretary of the Institute Management Committee. These are also vital roles if the Village is to retain its Institute, and indeed if the Institute is to retain its status as a charity. We hope that this situation may be remedied at the Institute AGM being held on 26 March, ie at the same time as this edition of the Lynx is distributed, but if it is not can we again make a plea for volunteers for these posts. Elsewhere in this issue, Marie Denholm, as Chair of the “Friends”, has very eloquently made the case for the support the Village Charities need to have from you to maintain the facilities we all wish to have available in the Village. Please support us.

WELCOME A very warm welcome goes to Alex Worrall and Michelle Morris who have recently moved to Victory Cottage, together with their ex-racing greyhound “Badger”. Victory Cottage will be their North Norfolk holiday home and they hope to spend as much time as possible in the village. Both Alex and Michelle have had very varied careers ranging from eco-friendly power stations to gold mines in China. Their current passion is Century 21 Films which provides facilities for special effects for the film and TV industry.



Please do offer to help and we know it will be fun and there will be help and support from within the ’group’. With an attitude of togetherness we can divide the jops and get them done without any one being too heavily burdened by the total responsibility on their shoulders alone. My annual plea to you all for your annual subscriptions for the Friends and the 50/50 Club memberships will come out in the next issue. Please do all renew/join and support the Village by supporting the Friends in these ways. And, if you are able, please offer your help as a committee member or officer on one of these committees – many hands make light work. Sunday 27th of February was the opening service at the Church since the completion of the tower repairs. We can’t thank Dan and Ginny Worsley enough for taking on the huge task of applying for grants and coordinating all the work. This was a true labour of love and I know has seriously worn them out. We hope that the very large turn-out for the service goes some way to show that Gunthorpe Village is truly grateful. The great sadness for the PCC / Vicar end of the Church is that there are so few regular worshipers in the Gunthorpe Parish. But we as a Village (the faithful and secular alike) decided many years ago that it is very important to maintain the Church as a living body as we perhaps selfishly want it for weddings, funerals, burials, christenings, high days and holidays and to maintain historic, village continuity and from that decision the “Friends” were born. However now, as then, we need the wholehearted support of the Village People to make sure that happens. The opening Service was moving and wonderful and fun – an opinion voiced by many non-regular service attendees. There was wine and food after the service and John Blakeley took photos to record the event, some of which you can see on the “Friends” website! Thanks to all who helped prepare for the service, and especially to Penny and David Brough who between them moved furniture back, polished the floors, all the brass and every pew and piece of wood in the Church Thanks to those who helped with the polishing and flowers and food and to all who attended. Thank you all for your support this year so far and long may it continue and grow!

It was suggested by the Village Institute Committee that the Friends and Institute Committees get together to discuss the most efficient way to progress the running of the committees in the future. As a result, the Friends invited the Institute Committee members to join us at our next meeting, and we invited the PCC committee members to join us as well. The meeting was held on the 25th of February. All Friends and Institute Committee members were in attendance as well as David and Penny Brough and Zena Churchill from the PCC. The Village Institute Committee exists to run and maintain the Village Institute for the use of the Village. The Friends is a secular charity that exists to raise money to support the maintenance of the fabric of Gunthorpe’s St Mary’s Church. The PCC exists to help the Vicar run the Church as a place of Worship. All three groups use the Village Institute, and the PCC and the Institute benefit (in a 50/50 share) from the proceeds of the Gunthorpe Village fete. So these three charities do not operate in isolation - they are in a ‘village way’ very much linked. After much discussion, with each member voicing their thoughts, it was decided that each Committee and ‘Charity’ must remain separate to most effectively operate (especially considering charitable status and the need each has to apply for grant aid for their own very different purposes to very diverse Charities). All present voiced the opinion that they were involved primarily to help the Village as a whole, and that we did not choose just to be on a particular committee but saw our roles as Village Roles to help the Village of Gunthorpe accomplish the work the people of the Village decided was important to the Village as a whole. The Friends and Institute decided that it would be very beneficial to hold 2 of our meetings each year together and to invite the PCC to attend as well. The committees and charities will remain separate, and thus as many people as ever will be needed to fill the committee roles. But we all felt that the unity of holding some of our meetings together was so useful and many times cross-over jobs and responsibilities can be better shared and fulfilled just with better direct communication. All this very positive input still means we require more volunteers to replace committee members on the various committees who are leaving their roles this year – but it also shows a great solidarity in the Village and a desire to efficiently work together to get it all done.

Very best wishes to you all. Marie Denholm, Friends Chairman


ROYAL WEDDING CELEBRATION All Gunthorpe villagers and village supporters are invited to a Village party to celebrate the Royal Wedding to be held at the Institute commencing at 1:30pm on 29 April 2011. There will be no charge for this event, which will include tea/coffee, wine and soft drinks, but offers of party food (sandwiches, sausage roll, cake, etc) would be much appreciated. Please contact Zena Churchill on 01328 878727 if you would like to attend and if you are able to help with the provision of food. GUNTHORPE CHURCHYARD CLEARUP The annual Gunthorpe Churchyard clear-up, organised by the “Friends” will be held on Easter Saturday, 23rd of April, from 9am onwards. All are encouraged to help - with all levels of expertise. Bring any personal tools you can, but there will be extra tools on site. Refreshments will be served (bacon buns, drinks - with vegetarian options), and weather permitting, we’ll have a bonfire. We have great fun, and there are tasks of all sorts to suit everyone. As this is a holiday weekend it is also a chance for all faiths, and indeed the secular amongst us, to help the Village preserve its history and an essential part of our social fabric for future generations. Please do join us if you can – even if you can only spare an hour it would be a very welcome contribution.

FOGPC 50/50 Club Draw Results January Erica Baldwin Barbara Burton David S-B Fiona Colman Carol Finch Samantha Ford John Carter

£20.00 £15.00 £5.00 £5.00 £5.00 £5.00 £5.00

February Nick Elwell John Smith Sophie Hinton Robert Kelly Sandra Warner Keith Webster Philip Traverso

£30.00 £15.00 £5.00 £5.00 £5.00 £5.00 £5.00

Would you like to win a cash prize as well as supporting the “Friends”? You can still join or renew your membership by contacting either Peter Everett (012163 860035) or John Blakeley (01263 861008) for more information. Membership costs £1.00 per month payable in advance, pro rata, for the remainder of the Club year until May 2011. The May draw on 21 May will be another “mega” draw with enhanced and additional cash prizes so please come along if you can. We will also be collecting subscriptions for the year to May 2012 so please bring these with you to either the April or May meetings so that you do not miss the chance to win a prize.

MORSTON QUIZ ANSWERS (See page 22) 1: The first woman space traveller. 2: The ballpoint pen. 3: Jersey. 4: Three. 5: Four. 6: Narnia. 7: A pig. 8: Brass. 9: They are the same. 10: 24-carat


FRED’S GARDENING DIARY Notes for April and May Vegetable Garden Most vegetable seeds can be sown in April. Sow small amounts of lettuce, carrots, radish and all salad crops every 3-4 weeks to have a regular crop of young produce. Potatoes can be planted from early April. When about 15-20 cm (6-8 inches) high draw some soil up round them to stop new potatoes near the surface becoming green. If you grow tomatoes they can be planted in 8cm (3 inch) pots and started on a warm windowsill. As they grow make sure that they are well spaced so they make sturdy plants and do not become too lanky. When large enough they can be planted in a cold greenhouse from early May and outside from late May. They require a sheltered spot with plenty of sunshine as tomatoes require plenty of sun for best results. Make sure they have plenty of water – letting them dry out and then giving them water in large amounts will cause tomatoes to split as they take up water very quickly. Keep side shoots nipped out while they are small, and when the plants have formed 5 trusses nip out the top. Tomatoes are best grown in 30-35cm (12-14 inch) pots as I find that they dry out too quickly in grow-bags. You can start runner beans and dwarf beans in pots in late April and plant out in May when the danger of frost is past or you can wait and plant them in the place you intend to grow them in May. It is best to grow two lots 2-3 weeks apart to have a longer harvesting period. Pick as soon as they are large enough and keep picking to encourage more flowers to come.

You can take Pelargonium (Geranium) cuttings now. Take 7-8cm (3 inches) cuttings from over-wintered plants and insert in any general purpose compost. Sow seed for annual bedding plants in a cold greenhouse. Prepare trays by filling with a general purpose compost 4-5 days before sowing your seed – this allows the compost to warm up. Large seed such as Nasturtiums can be started in compost or sown straight into your beds in May. You can also buy ready grown plants in cell trays – see plant catalogues and examples such as Jersey Direct in St Helier, Jersey, JE2 4XW or Garden Direct in Chelmsford, CM1 1HT – both have web sites for on-line ordering. If you have lifted out and stored Dahlias get them out and sort ready to plant in May when the danger of frost is past. You can increase your plants by dividing with a sharp knife – each piece with an eye will produce a new plant. Lay in trays and cover with compost until leaves start to form. They can then be planted about 10cm (4 inches) deep where they are to flower. Fred Morley

Flower Garden Pot plants that have been in the same pots for 2 years should be re-potted with fresh compost. Saintpaulia (African Violet) are best planted in a peat based compost. Streptocarpus (Cape Primrose) can be divided to make more plants if they have become too big for the pot. Use a sharp knife to cut between each section. They can also be grown from leaf cuttings in September. Take leaf cuttings of African Violets between June and August with 5cm (2 inches) of stalk, and plant these in a mixture of peat and sand in small pots. Stand the pots in a shallow tray and water from the bottom to avoid water on the leaves.


FROM THE REGISTERS Holy Baptism Connie Darcy Gordon 9th. January 2011

PARISH ROOM UP-DATE As many of you will have seen, the first stage of the Parish Room refurbishment has now been completed. The entire building (apart from the storage area) has been redecorated, new kitchen units and hot water system fitted and curtains and blinds made and hung. The only important item still outstanding from this phase of the works is repairs to the entrance porch. The stone and brickwork over the door needs attention and the floor is to be replaced. For a few months at least we will be able to sit back and enjoy the facilities offered at the hall – with some activity or other taking place most days of the week. On the agenda is the Street Fayre Art Exhibition of paintings, photographs and ceramics which will run from 30th April until 3rd May. The annual general meeting of the Parish Room will take place on Monday 16th May at 7.00 pm – please do attend if you can to hear the latest news on the Parish Room and to offer your own comments. Hopefully, tea and coffee will be provided! Expect to hear about the creation of the Building Fund started off with the donation from Marcus Thorp (see the December/January issue) and now swelled by further gifts. We will also hope to have news for you about plans for launching the actual fund-raising appeal. The Parish Room remains a vital focus for activities in the village. Recent events have included the very jolly Carols Evening and the sell-out dinner raising funds for the Altzheimers Society as well as the regular club and class meetings. The twice-monthly coffee mornings run by the Friends of Langham (and its book-exchange) remain very popular. If you would like to join the Support Group – simply to express your support for the hall – then do contact me Bob Brandt (Treasurer 01328 830056). For booking enquiries phone Helen Brandt on the same number.

SOUP LUNCH Coffee and cake to follow! Langham Parish Room Sat. 9th. April 12 noon – 2.00pm. A new venture to replace our usual coffee morning before Easter. There will be a raffle and a couple of stalls. Net proceeds will be for Langham Church General Fund. We look forward to seeing you. All are welcome.

EXHIBITION OF PAINTINGS, PHOTOGRAPHS, CERAMICS & TIFFANY GLASS Saturday 30th April – Tuesday 3rd May 10am – 4.30pm LANGHAM PARISH ROOM Free Entry. Refreshments served daily. Application forms and further information from Pauline Bartlett 01328 830696 or (Proceeds for Parish Room repair and refurbishment)

MOBILE LIBRARY This will visit Langham on a three weekly basis for the time being, on Thursdays – 14th. April, 5th. May, 26th. May - calling each day for 20 minutes at: St Mary’s - 10.00am. Old Post Office - 10.25am.

Swan’s Close - 10.50am. The Cornfield - 11.15am. There is a slight possibility that these times may be subject to change. Enquiries can be made at the number below or from the attendant on the mobile Wells Library Tel: 01328 710467 library van.

WELCOME We would like to offer a warm welcome to Chris and Tony and also to Martyn, Davina and their son Oliver. We hope they will be very happy living here. Langham P.C.C.


LANGHAM CAR SERVICE Schedule to June 5th. 2011 Rate 20p per mile Weekly driving duties beginning on a Monday NB. By request, the list below now reads downwards in the column not across. Mar. 28th. Tel: 830 696* May 2nd. Tel: 830 348 April 4th. Tel: 830 537* May 9th. Tel: 830 624 April 11th. Tel: 830 606* May. 16th. Tel: 830 056 April 18th. Tel: 830 847 May. 23rd. Tel: 830 537* April 25th. Tel: 830 847 May. 30th. Tel: 830 605 *These drivers do not go to Norwich If the driver for the week is unable to do the trip, go to the next on the list. If your appointment is cancelled, please also cancel your car service booking. Please give three days notice wherever possible, except in an emergency. It would be very helpful if a car booking is made as soon as an appointment is arranged or journey planned so that drivers can arrange their schedule. Please bring change. In the infrequent event that no driver is available – contact the Holt Caring Society Tel: 01263 711243 giving as much notice as possible. This roster is also sited in the Bluebell and on the church porch and village notice boards. We still have a vacancy for a driver, so if anyone is interested please give me a call. Thank you.

We met in February and with some discussion managed to get a very good programme together for your entertainment and enjoyment. All we ask is that you come along and support us. The first two meetings are ‘Open’ and therefore everybody is welcome. April 13th.–World-wide Photography-Paul Keates. May 11th.- Norwich Theatre Royal-Jason Roper.

Ann Sherriff Tel: 830 605

Maureen 01328 830731


We look forward to seeing you all at Langham Parish Room 7:30pm. If you need to know more please telephone me.

LANGHAM PARISH ROOM Christmas Quiz 2010 The winners were: 1st. Richard and Sue Bending of Cley with 95 2nd. Marilyn Aldous of Attleborough with 94 3rd. Babe Dunnet of Blakeney with 93 Those were splendid scores, especially as the total possible was only 98. We failed to print question No.7 and I discounted question No.3 (‘Who was crowned on Christmas Day 1065’) as my answer ‘Harold II’ proved questionable - no other sources which I subsequently consulted, confirming my original! Sorry for these slips. We had some great alternative answers, particularly to the Cracker Jokes: “ How does Santa like his pizzas?”….Gift wrapped “ What does Santa suffer from in chimneys? ..Flu/e” “What do you call a camel with three humps?” Deformed …and there were all sorts of variations on the Elf theme. Many cases where several answers were possible I was generous and allowed them all. Well, it was Christmas! Well done all of you who took part - ten of you scored 90 or more. Thank you to all who distributed and bought copies. A BIG thank you to: Pauline Bartlett who performed miracles to get the Quiz on to one printed sheet and to Edward Allen who did the printing. We made £150 for Parish Room funds.

FRIENDS OF LANGHAM QUIZ NIGHT On the evening of 24th February twelve teams battled it out to become the winners of another Grand Quiz night. The crowd was boisterous (but friendly!) the questions as usual came from a wide range of subjects including two picture rounds and in the final outcome the three top teams were only separated by two points. A good time was had by all with much jollity, probably helped by the consumption of various beverages throughout the evening! There will be another quiz night in the Autumn, please watch this space.

Jan Hope




Langham Church Friday 13th. May 7.30pm.

The following issues were discussed at the meeting on 11th January.

A late spring concert of light popular music, featuring a talented vocal harmony group from Essex called The Cavender Singers. The seven female singers based in Clacton on Sea have taken part regularly in concerts since they were formed in 1995. They have performed at many different venues throughout Essex and further afield including concerts at Chelmsford Cathedral, Wesley’s Chapel in London, The Quay Theatre Sudbury and visits to Devon, Cornwall and Northumberland. They have sung on local radio and recorded four CD’s.

Street Lights We have a new contractor. Two lights that were faulty are repaired, two awaiting repair.


Grass Cutting Previously NNDC have cut all grass verges and open areas, ten times a year, five of those on behalf of Norfolk County Council to ensure that at road junctions there is a clear line of sight. With the monetary cut backs, NNDC will no longer pay. We await NCC’s proposals, before we decide what is to be cut and by whom.

Unlike a traditional choir, the singers work in concert without a conductor. Their varied repertoire includes popular music, folk songs, jazz and songs from the shows all presented in their own entertaining style. The short concert on Friday 13th May begins at 7.30p.m. and will be followed by light refreshments at the Rectory. Admission is free with a retiring collection for Langham Church General Fund.

Alteration to Church Crossroads It has been confirmed that this will proceed before the first house on the new development in North Street is occupied. This will improve line of sight and hopefully reduce accidents. The developer of these houses is required to pay for the alterations as part of getting permission to build them.

North Street Development

MAY BANK HOLIDAY BRING & BUY Monday 30th. May 10am. – 12 noon

The Council agreed that the name of this area is to be Rippingall Yard in memory of the farming family who owned the barns on the opposite side of the road.

This will be held in the churchyard or inside the church if it is raining or maybe even in the Parish Room! There will be the usual coffee morning stalls and refreshments. If anyone would like to bake a cake or bring along books, gifts and bric-a-brac, all will be gratefully received. We look forward to seeing you. If you would like to help on a stall, do get in touch. Proceeds will be for Langham Church General Fund. Please ring for further details. Ann Sherriff Tel: 01328 830605

Hollow Lane Bridleway The Council has been advised that this has had its status confirmed. Therefore anyone’s property that abuts it is responsible for access over that part of the way. We will be writing to all those involved to spell out the responsibilities. This bridleway is not a roadway and only those entitled, can use a motor vehicle on the way be it with two or four wheels. Salt Bins Following the very severe weather a parishioner asked if the Council could provide more salt bins so residents could use the salt grit to help get cars moving in snow. So, always willing to help, the LPC have bought two, one for the Cornfield and the other for St. Mary’s for which NCC provide the salt. We have to have permission from the NCC to our suggested positioning, so we wait, and before the next snow we hope to have them in place. We then propose to buy at least one more for St Mary’s and another to replace the one at the end of Swans Close/Hollow Lane if the first two are successful.

LEUKAEMIA RESEARCH As promised, we shall be back with our first sale of 2011. We look forward to seeing you all. SPRING SALE SATURDAY MAY 21st. Langham Parish Room 10-12noon Maureen 01328 830731

Langham Dome Patrick Allen gave an update on this and also a call for more people from Langham to join the ‘Friends of Langham Dome’ to help raise awareness of the project. Since then we’ve had the unveiling of the memorial stone at the airfield and over 300 people turned up, so well done to all those involved. The next meeting of the Parish Council, on March 8th will be reported on in the June/July issue of the Local Lynx. John Hope Chairman Langham Parish Council.


ANNUAL QUIZ Friends of Morston Church Annual Quiz on 19th February saw ten teams, drawn from Morston, Blakeney, Cley, Cockthorpe, Langham and Stiffkey compete for the Morston Quiz Shield. After nine rounds with the leadership changing nearly all the time, Neil Thompson’s Morston Coastguards triumphed. The evening made exactly £1,200 for the FMC’s church repairs and maintenance (£169 being from the raffle). The Friends’ Committee would like to thank all those who contributed to making this such a successful evening by their contributions, be it towards a delicious supper, the provision of raffle prizes, or attendance and purchasing of raffle tickets and booze.

NATIONAL TRUST UPDATE N.B. In future NT news for North Norfolk In Local Lynx will be shown under “Morston”. The Great Outdoors You may have noticed the new NT informative interpretation panels situated at Morston, Blakeney, on the Blakeney Freshes bank, Stiffkey Marshes and on the Point - all with interesting facts about the nature reserve. We hope you have a chance to read them when you’re next out and about. Engaging Events There is a fantastic opportunity for you to show off your photographic skills in the NT photography competition from Tuesday 1st March to Thursday 30th June. There are two broad categories ‘Wildlife’ and ‘Landscapes’ at NT places on the North Norfolk coast. If you are interested to enter then please get in touch with Iain Wolfe, Visitor Services Manager, National Trust, Blakeney NR25 7NW (Office/Fax: 01263-740241; E: Points of View The NT are making real progress with the ideas and suggestion from the ‘2012 and Beyond’ forum, on how to mark the past 100 years of Blakeney Point being in the care of the NT. There is still plenty of time to get involved; we are keen to hear from you. Join our next ‘2012 & Beyond’ forum on Monday 9th May at 19:00 in Blakeney Village Hall TBC. Please let me know if you are coming to the forum, we hope to see you there. Volunteers R US On Saturday 2nd April from 10:00 until 14:00 we would like to have your support to collect and bag up all the flotsam and jetsam that is washed up on to the stretch of beach from the Cley beach car park to the Point. It would be great to have as many hands as possible; I’m sure it will be good fun and really help clean and conserve an area of real beauty where we all love to be. If you can help, please get in touch. – Ian Wolffe (contact details above).

ALBERT BALDING (1928-2011 Albert Balding, the eighth child of William and Ethel Balding’s nine children, died on 3rd February aged 82. His well-attended funeral at Morston on 14th February was conducted by the Rev. Ian Whittle. His wife, Doris, predeceased him-in 1995. Albert was initially a builder and then he and Doris ran the Morston Post Office for over thirty years, until 2000 when it finally closed. When the history of Morston was being written in 2003-2006 (as part of the Village Design Statement) Albert was full of information on dates, people, houses and building works, and the history of the village in general. Earlier, in 2000-2002, when research was being done for who should go on the war memorial, Albert-naturallyprovided much of the information on his brother Edward George Balding and on his Uncle, James Balding. James, a Private in the 9th Norfolks, died on 12th October 1916 aged 20, of leg wounds received near Ginchy near Abbeville in France; and Albert’s brother Edward, a Gunner in the 11th RHA (HAC) was killed in action on 13th June 1942 aged 24, at Tobruk, Libya. Albert leaves four children and twelve grandchildren-Corbett Balding of Cromer (father of Tammy and Tina), David Balding of Morston (father of Carl, Mark, Jane and Steven), Valerie Lingard (died 2008, mother of Darren), Bridget Starman of Holt (mother of Stracy and Leanne) and Stuart Balding of Holt (father of Jake, Alex and Ellie). Three of his siblings survive him: Marion Davison of Norwich, Gladys Latham of Sleaford and Amy Russell of Blakeney. Albert will be much missed.

BIRTHDAY PARTY AT BLUEJACKET Saturday 2 April 10 am – 5 pm Bluejacket Workshop on Morston Marsh is celebrating its first birthday with free cake and coffee/tea served all day. Please drop in before or after a walk on the marsh Contact:01263740144 or


SCHOOL HOWLERS 1. Where was the American Declaration of Independence signed? – At the bottom. 2. Name six animals that live specifically in the Arctic. Two polar bears and four seals. 3. Briefly explain what hard water is? – Ice. 4. What is a nitrate?- Far cheaper than a day rate. 5. What is Sir Walter Raleigh famous for? – He is a famous figure in history because he invented bicycles and started a craze for bicycles. 6. What did Mahatma Gandhi and Genghis Khan have in common? – Unusual names. 7. How does Romeo’s character develop though the play? – It doesn’t: it’s just self, self, self all the way through. 8. Name the wife of Orpheus, whom he attempted to save from the underworld. - Mrs. Orpheus. 9. What happens during puberty to a boy? – He says goodbye to his childhood & enters adultery. 10. What is the meaning of “varicose”? – Close by. 11. What is the highest frequency noise that a human can register? – Mariah Carey. 12. What is a “fibula”? – A little lie. 13. Explain the term “free press”. – When your Mum irons your trousers for you. 14. Why might living close to a mobile phone mast cause ill-health? –You might walk into it. 15. Joanna works in an office. Her computer is a “standalone system”. What is a “stand-alone computer system? – It doesn’t come with a chair. 16. Steve is driving his car. He is travelling at 60 feet per second and the speed limit is 40 mph. Is Steve speeding? - He could find out by checking his speedometer. 17. What is a vibration? – There are good vibrations and bad vibrations. Good vibrations were discovered in the 1960s. 18. Where was Hadrian’s Wall built? – Around Hadrian’s garden. 19. The race of people known as Malays come from which country? – Malaria. 20. What’s a Greek urn? – Not very much.

MORSTON QUIZ By Samphire (answers page 16) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Who was Valentina Terehkova? What did Ladislao and Georg Biro invent? On what island is the TV series Bergerac set? How many hearts has an octopus? How many arms has the Hindu goddess Kali? What is the name of the mythical country in “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”? 7. In “Alice in Wonderland”, what animal does the Duchess’s baby turn into? 8. What name is given to an alloy of copper and zinc? 9. What is the difference between a meteorite and a shooting star? 10. Is pure gold 18-carat, 24-carat or 32-carat?

NORTH NORFOLK OPEN STUDIOS BLUEJACKET TASTER EVENT Saturday 30 April – Monday 1 May, 10am-5pm North Norfolk artists taking part in Open Studios at the end of May are giving Morston a special preview of what will be on offer. A wide range of crafts and artwork will be on display at Bluejacket Workshop with opportunities to talk to the artists about their work and see some work in progress. Free refreshments add to the fun. Please come along and support your local artists. 01263 740144

NCT BIKE RIDES 2010 & 2011 In September 2010 our intrepid bikers, Billy & Olive Hewitt and Rob & Sally and Max Metcalfe, raised just over £400 for the Norfolk Churches Trust – of which sum just over £200 was returned for the PCC at Morston. In 2012 the Bike Ride will, as usual, be on the second Saturday in September i.e. 10thSeptember.

BOOKS WANTED After the great success of the 2010 Friends of Morston Church Charity Book Sale, this will return as a three day event in 2011, to be staged in the Village Hall from Saturday 30th April to Monday 2nd May. Once again Friends hope to offer visitors a choice from thousands of books, so all unwanted volumes would be gratefully received. Please call Sally Metcalfe (07813 369145) to arrange delivery/collection.




Every fifth year St. Margaret’s like all parish churches is inspected by an architect expert inchurch architecture to report on the state of the fabric outside and inside plus furniture and other items. Partly to prepare for that our church underwent its spring clean on 2nd March when the tower room, the vestry and the area behind the organ received special attention. A great deal of clutter, rubbish and dust was removed. Thanks to all who helped.

The sound of bagpipes rang out across the cold January night as Sharrington celebrated Burns Night in style at the village hall. Many months ago, PCC member and dedicated fundraiser Mary Lee came up with the idea of an evening of kilts, pipes and haggis and the suggestion was taken up with glee by a team of helpers. The piper in full regalia piped in the haggis, which was then addressed by Martin Burkett in true Robbie Burns style. The poetry flowed from his lips as he brandished his dirk to spear the centrepiece of the evening, which was then dispatched to the kitchen for distribution. Cock-a-leekie soup, tatties and neeps and cranachen pudding completed the feast which was much enjoyed by all. Toasts by the Rev. Ian Whittle, David Forrest and Pippa Long all added to the Scottish flavour, then the tables were pushed back and the scene was set for Scottish dancing. Energetic guests linked arms for the Gay Gordons and Strip the Willow and much hilarity brought a splendid evening to an end. Well done to our own Mary Queen of all things Scots for organising a Burns Night to remember. PEL

ANNUAL PARISH COUNCIL MEETING This key event in our calendar will take place on Tuesday 5th April at 2.00pm in the church. All Saxlingham residents are entitled to attend.

DRIVING RAIN HITS PORCH Like many churches St. Margaret’s has a south-facing porch. Sometimes the combination of heavy rain and a powerful wind from the south plus a funneling effect between our tall Irish yews causes a huge amount of water to drench the inside of the porch, soaking its walls, notice-boards and floor before spurting under the closed door and flooding the nave. Our anti-bird doors are no defence, so we may have to put up with the phenomenon.

YEARLY INCURSIONS BY JACKDAWS Every spring - possibly since time immemorial – a gritty group of jackdaws try to force their way through the wire mesh stuffed between the baffles in the windows of the bell-chamber. Their objective is, naturally enough, to build nests and rear their young. In their view the church tower was made for their use. If they succeed in breaching our defences, they create an appalling mess of large twigs and droppings. Each year Reg Rogers, as well as cleaning the whole of the tower, tries gamely to outwit the clever jackdaws. What with bats, birds and rainstorms - we are up against it.

COFFEE MORNING AT HUNT HALL FARMHOUSE SHARRINGTON David and Lesley Forrest are kindly hosting a coffee morning on Wednesday 27th April from 10.30am to midday, in aid of All Saints Church Sharrington restoration funds, at their home, Hunt Hall Farmhouse, Ash Yard, Sharrington. There will be good quality cake, plant and book stalls. All most welcome. Admission is £3 per person. JHC


LONDON MARATHON RUNNERS By the time this edition of Lynx hits the streets the 2011 London Marathon will nearly be a reality for the TWO runners from Sharrington. April 17th 2011 seemed a long way off when the applications were submitted in April 2010, but now all that preparation will be put to the test. Vance Curle has been training so hard he has hurt his knee but with the support and encouragement he is receiving I am sure he will still manage to complete his marathon run in a good time. Pauline Clarke unfortunately fell into her garden pond and broke her left wrist in late January; she has now just had her fuchsia pink pot removed. She is deeply indebted to Sandra and Gary Grunwald, who came to her rescue when she appeared at their front door in a very wet and cold state having crawled out of the icy water and dragged herself to their front door. This sounds very dramatic and it was a “lucky escape” for Pauline, following her very nasty fall and immersion in the garden pond. Paramedic Kate from Fakenham was soon on the scene with sirens and lights flashing, to whisk Pauline off the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kings Lynn where she had great care and treatment from all the staff and ambulance crew. Undaunted by the injury Pauline has continued her training programme and feels completely confident she will finish the marathon before the London roads are reopened at 7pm on Sunday 17th April!! Vance and Pauline are still seeking more sponsors for their respective charities. Vance’s charity is the East Anglia Air Ambulance you can sponsor him by calling him on 01263861009 (the number in Lynx 76 was INCORRECT) or by a visit to his webpage at VanceCurle Pauline Clarke is running/walking for Royal National Lifeboats Institution - RNLI (appropriate in view if her recent fall into icy water) can be called on 01263 861667 or by a visit to her webpage at: JHC

SHARRINGTON GARDENING SOC. After a great deal of discussion during the winter months the inaugural meeting of the Sharrington Garden Society took place in the village hall on February 1st. It was well attended and the society already has over twenty members. The elected committee is: Chairperson -Robin Burkitt; Vice chairperson - Francoise Allenby; Treasurer - Sandra Grunwald; Secretary - David Forrest. The agreed aims of the society include: to develop the gardening knowledge of the individual members; to meet on a monthly basis, the first Wednesday of each month at 7pm in the village hall; to establish regular contact between members through the Linkedin social networking site, and to arrange periodic visits/talks. Watch this space for more blooming news, or please come along to the next meeting and join us in the village hall on Wednesday 6th April at 7pm. The main contacts outside of the meetings are: Robin Burkett on 01263 861939 or Francoise Allenby on 01263 860910; or e-mail PC/DF

“If you don’t stop that ruddy nonsense I’ll leave you in an unlocked shed!”


CHURCH NEWS The next project in our never ending plan to keep our lovely church in good shape is not as aesthetically pleasing as the recent windows and re-decoration projects. We have to make some improvements to the downpipes and install a new soakaway near the north porch to stop nasty green damp patches developing on the lower walls inside, where the ground outside is somewhat higher than the floor inside. The work will be done during the year- mundane but essential. On a more uplifting note we are looking forward, as always at this time, to the joy of Easter. Please join us on Easter Sunday, either at our morning service (Time on the grid at the front of the Lynx) and/or at the annual Easter Egg Hunt in the churchyard at 3 pm. Beverley and Steven love to tease us all with hiding places and the children love finding the eggs. John Adnitt

STIFFKEY CRICKET CLUB Would you like to play some friendly but competitive cricket at one of the nicest grounds in Norfolk with a bunch of great guys? We play around 15 Sunday limited over matches through the season and are looking for any cricketers young or old to join our club. We are working hard improving the club and its facilities and are actively looking to expand our squad! Please contact either John Griffin ( or Siemon Scamell-Katz (


ALBARACA PLANT SALE MAY 30TH As I gaze out of the window at another grey, cold, rain-sodden apology of a morning, spirits are revived by the thought that in 2 days time I will be stepping off the plane at Banjul International Airport to be greeted by glorious Gambian sunshine and a temperature more like 35C than 35F. Apart from enjoying all this in our two weeks stay we will be transferring necessary funds to the local Albaraca School bank account, and spending a few hours at the school most days checking on what has been done and what needs doing. For several years now, the annual plant sale on the knoll has become a very profitable and enjoyable fundraiser to help keep the school operational. This year the sale will be on the Bank Holiday Monday, May 30th on the knoll at the church, from 10 to 2. Light refreshments will be available in the village hall as well as other items for sale. Gifts of plants will be most welcome and Vivien Horobin (tel 830591), Geraldine Green (830245), and Pat Price (830863) will be very happy to receive these in the days before the sale. Labelled plants would be much appreciated! Do come and buy and also learn. For those ignoramuses like me who struggle to discriminate between a fuchsia and a foxglove (sorry digitalis!) this is a great chance to learn from our local experts. It’s a sort of annual open air gardeners’ question time as well as a sale. No excuse for planting your bulbs upside down again next year! Let’s hope that some Gambian style sunshine blesses the event! Remember Monday May 30th starting at 10. John Adnitt

The dinner is to celebrate the life of Sir Nathaniel Bacon, a prominent local Elizabethan M.P. and J.P., who built Stiffkey Old Hall and was involved in the construction of Raynham - the seat of his descendants, the Townsends. There will be a tour of the house and Dr Paul Richards will be giving a talk on Piracy in the Elizabethan period, a subject that Nathanial felt strongly about. Tickets are limited and are £25 each for residents of Stiffkey. Proceeds for the restoration of the Church. The dinner will take place on Saturday 4th June 6.30pm for 7.30pm. Numbers strictly limited. First come/first served. Tickets from J. Adnitt (01328 830044) or K. McDougall (01328 830344).


NATURE NOTES Sometimes a long hard winter seems to produce a better than average response in spring as plants and animals (that have survived) breed more profusely and successfully. Nature seems to have an in-built selfregulating ability to compensate. This is only a personal impression I have. Of course, if climate change results in terrible weather winter and summer my theory collapse. Nevertheless wildlife is resilient. It has to be. We can offset harsh weather with garden bird feeders and farmers now plant strips of seed rich mixtures under government environmental schemes; helping to tide things over. One of the changes in land use in my lifetime has seen the loss of mixed farming where sheep and cattle were to be found alongside cash crops. In our area we are lucky however. Family farms can be seen with dairy herds, beef cattle and sheep flocks. The mouths and rear-ends of livestock make for biodiversity – plenty of insects and manure to support our birds. Mostly newly hatched birds require a high protein diet of insects in their first few days. And many migrants arriving from Africa depend solely on flying insects – Swallows, House Martins and Swifts – and a host of other passerines. Predators are a problem on most of our superb bird reserves in Norfolk – foxes, crows, herons and raptors can give wardens a hard time. They have to act like gamekeepers if their precious charges, terns Avocets and waders are to nest successfully. Holiday makers with out of control dogs rampaging over the breeding areas are the bane of a warden’s life. We all must remember this. The Norfolk Wildlife Trust was the first ever to be set up in 1926. We can take pride in this and Cley, Stiffkey and Holkham nature reserves follow an honourable tradition first set by Norfolk Pightle

STIFFKEY W.I. We look forward to some good meetings this Spring. In April we have a cookery demonstration, "Simple but tasty", appropriately from Mrs. Pye of Corpusty! In May we shall consider the WI National Resolutions for 2011 with a view to influencing government.We anticipate that the topics will be library closures and mega farms, both subjects of present national concern. Basic ideas will be presented with illustrations. Visitors and their views welcomed! In June we shall hear about The Diversity of the British Garden. Come and join us and enjoy friendly and stimulating evenings! Meetings are held at Stiffkey Old Hall on the third Monday of each month at 7.30pm. Helen Leach

FORTHCOMING EVENTS Cricket fixtures Sun. 1st May Holkham Ostriches - Away - 2pm Sun. 8th May Rudham - Away - 2pm Fri. 27th May Burnham Thorpe - Away - 6pm Sun. 29th May Marlingford CC - Away - 2pm Sun. 5th Jun Blue Ball - Home - 2pm Sun. 12th Jun Burnham Thorpe - Away - 2pm Sun. 26th Jun Burnham Thorpe - Home - 2pm Sun. 3rd July Rudham - Home - 2pm Sun. 10th Jul Holkham Ostriches - Home - 2pm Sun. 17th Jul Crusaders RFC - Home - 2pm Thur. 4th Aug. Aylsham - Away - 6pm Sun. 7th Aug. A.Hunt/Saxlingham X1 - Home - 2pm Sun. 21st Aug. Marlingford - Home - 2pm National Gardens Scheme Open Day Warborough House 29th May

MUSIC CIRCLE The first two meetings this year in January and February have focused on pianos and pianists. We have enjoyed the music of some of the great 19thC composers for the piano such as Liszt and Chopin, and some of our favourite pianists such as James Rhodes and Lang Lang. We have switched to Thursdays at 7 to avoid the Wednesday clash with the swimming class at Wells. The prospect of some of our members arriving damp, glowing and late was too much to contemplate. The remaining two meetings this season will be on Thursdays April 14th and May12th. The pot has been reinstated to give members the opportunity to contribute towards the cost of helping a young musician in The City of Birmingham Youth Symphony Orchestra for one year. Please join us at 7 on these dates to enjoy the music, the wine and nibbles, and the chat. It is all very relaxed and easy going JohnAdnitt


classes. Class 1 pupils received photos and drawings from Halden in Norway and cards, decorations and games from Japan. One of the letters was written entirely in Japanese which the pupils found fascinating (fortunately it was translated into English!). They also received newsletters form Eklavya school in India and a DVD of their school show – the Lion King. Class 1 teacher Mrs Howes showed excerpts of this in an international assembly. Class 1 has prepared a food questionnaire for their friends in France, Norway, Japan and India and are looking forward to finding out all about their favourite foods.

SCHOOL NEWS You might expect the first term of the new year to be a quiet one, but this is a very sociable season for the children at Langham Village School.

Welcoming new friends The children have been delighted to welcome a range of interesting visitors recently. Magician Olly Day came in to talk to Class 3 (aged 8 – 11) about road safety, with a few tricks along the way. Musician and performance poet Nick Hennessey visited on Monday 28 February to stimulate the children’s creative thinking as part of the Poetry Next the Sea festival, in which Langham Village School took part alongside other local schools. Nick entertained the whole school and then spent additional time with Class 1 (aged 4 – 6) for a special workshop which the children greatly enjoyed. Class 3 got a close-up view of the eye on Friday 4 March when Senior Ophthalmic Consultant, Puvanachandra visited. He gave a fascinating talk about the function of the eye and the surgery he performs. Strangely, there were no volunteers to be guinea pigs for a live demonstration. This is part of their science studies and was complemented by a visit from photographer Chris Everard, who explained how cameras work. An expert from Cromer Museum gave a talk to Class 3 on fossils on Thursday 10 March. Finally, County Road Safety Officer Bill Butlin will join Year 4 children to do ‘Off Road’ training on Tuesday 22 March, helping to make sure they stay safe when out and about on their bikes.

Budding entrepreneurs On the subject of food, Class 1 children are having four ‘Cooking with Charlotte’ mornings during March and April, led by Teaching Assistant Charlotte Scott. The pupils will sell what they have made to grown-ups at the end of the day generating money to cover the cost of the ingredients and encouraging their social and mathematical skills.

Sporting success As always, the children have been doing the school proud on the sports field. Well done to: 1. the athletics team, who won the County Small Schools Indoor Athletics Competition at the University of East Anglia; 2. the football team, who have only lost one match all season, and that by 1-0 to Stalham in extra time; 3. the tag rugby team, who came a very creditable 4th in the Area Tag Rugby Finals at Holt Rugby Club; 4. the Terns team who won the Inter House Handball competition, and the Cormorants, who won the Inter House Hockey; 5. and to all those who get out there in all weathers just for the fun of it. There’s lots more coming up, with football, table tennis and fencing clubs underway and a Grand Slam group enjoying a ten week programme at the Premier Racquets Learning Centre. Langham Village School is also competing in the Area Netball and Cross Country Championships in March, and in the Beeston Hall Football Tournament. In April the school will be visited by the World Games Group —when all the children will participate in games workshops and French Skipping sessions

On our travels Class 3 went to Alderman Peel High School in Wells in February to take part in a dance showcase for primary schools in the Wells area. Dance coach Lisa McGreevy got the Langham routine highly motivated and polished and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Lisa may come back to the school in the summer for more dance activities. Class 3 also have a week-long residential trip to the Charterhouse Centre in Somerset in March. Activities will include climbing and caving, as well as trekking across the Mendip Hills. The trip will give the children plenty of opportunities to keep active and to explore an environment that’s very different from their home turf. Not content with Somerset, Key Stage 2 children (age 7 – 11) have a very exciting trip to Wembley Arena on Thursday 24 March, where they will be on stage singing in a mass choir concert in aid of Barnardo’s. This follows their successful participation in the same event at the Royal Albert Hall last year and will be an experience to remember for a lifetime. Thanks to Friends of Langham School Chair Joanna Phelps, who is organising the travel for the children and parents, a huge logistical exercise involving a long and tiring, but exhilarating, day for everyone involved.

Hot off the press Langham Village School enjoyed its very own school newspaper recently thanks to an enterprising group in Class 3. Isobel Duncan and her editorial team came up with the idea and promptly organised the whole thing – you can see a copy on the school website at Why not take a look?

International pen pals Class 3 pupils were delighted to receive letters and cards from their French penfriends in La Ferté Saint Aubin recently. They have also been given the opportunity to write to children of their age at Port– La Nouvelle too. Mme Isabelle Fabre from near Toulouse will be spending a week at Langham Village School in March and will be welcomed into all three




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NICK RIVETT Qualified Domestic Plumber Also: Lead Work Undertaken Tel: 01263 861065 Mobile: 077 47 690049 HAMLYN PEST CONTROL County Council Accredited - NPTA Member Control of Rats, Mice, Wasps etc 01263 860112 or 861587

A. R. Pigott Painter & Decorator Cley: 01263 741013

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Local Lynx Issue 77 - April/May 2011  

A community newspaper for 10 North Norfolk villages: Bale, Binham, Cockthorpe, Field Dalling, Gunthorpe, Langham, Morston, Saxlingham, Sharr...

Local Lynx Issue 77 - April/May 2011  

A community newspaper for 10 North Norfolk villages: Bale, Binham, Cockthorpe, Field Dalling, Gunthorpe, Langham, Morston, Saxlingham, Sharr...