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JUNE & JULY 2007


Low Ebb - Morston

G J PARSONS Darren Betts Building and Maintenance

Patios, paths, driveways and shed-bases laid. Decking, fencing, carports and sheds erected. Strimming, Rotavating, grass-cutting, hedge-cutting, mole-catching, pressure washing, and garden clearance undertaken. Mini-digger/JCB hire and general property maintenance. Free estimates.

4 Hollow Lane Langham NR25 7BY 01328 830703 0788 184 1917 Bettsdarren@aol.com

Tel: 01263 587867 or 0787 622 6551




Personal Tax Returns & Self Assessment Advice ▪ Annual Accounts & Audit ▪ Independent Pension & Investment Advice ▪ VAT Returns ▪ Payroll & Book-keeping Service




Landscaping & Complete Garden Service

Stress-related problems, Muscular pains, Poor circulation, Digestive disorders, Back problems and Tension

Ring for an appointment. Home visits can be arranged Myrtle Cottage, Wiveton, Holt, Norfolk NR25 7TQ

Tel: 01263 740596

Chartered Accountants, Business Advisers and Tax Consultants

For an appointment please contact

Mrs K H Gigg, FCA on 01485 534800

The Office, 20 King’s Lynn Road, Hunstanton PE36 5HP Registered to carry out audit work and regulated for a range of investment business activities by The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales



in our ten villages

- is a non-profit-making community newspaper, run for the benefit of ten villages.


We warmly welcome drawings, articles and letters for publication, but must reserve the right to edit or exclude items. The items published do not necessarily reflect the views of the editors or the village representatives.

2nd Sat. Gunthorpe Bring & Buy Plant Sale, 10 - 12 2nd Sat. Langham FOL Coffee morning 10 -12 3rd Sun. Stiffkey Home Cricket Match 2.00 6th Wed. Morston Parish Council Meeting Report 7.30 7th Thurs. Langham Mobile Library 8th Fri. Saxlingham Church. ‘Jazz in June’ 9th Sat. Binham Priory, Big Sing, 10.00 - 3.00 13th Wed. Langham Ladybirds, Plantmania 7.30 15th Fri. Morston Crab Supper. 6.15 on the quay 17th Sun. Stiffkey Home Cricket Match 2.00 18th Mon. Stiffkey WI, ‘Wild plants in Norfolk’ 7.00 20th Wed. Langham FOL Coffee morning 10 - 12 24th Sun. Stiffkey barbecue after service at 11.00 28th Thurs. Langham Mobile Library 30th Sat. Field Dalling Chapel-yard Cottage Coffee Morning 30th Sat. Gunthorpe 50/50 club Coffee Morning

For information about submitting items for publication, or if you want to help in any other way, please contact your village representative, through whom all village news must be submitted. For general information please send a message to our email address:


PLEASE NOTE: CONTACT FOR ADVERTISERS For enquiries about advertising in Local Lynx, please contact David John, tel: 01328-830933

JULY 6th Fri. Gunthorpe FOGPC AGM, Village Institute 7th Sat. Langham FOL Coffee morning 10 - 12 8th Sun. Binham S. Standage & N. Parle concert. 7.30 10th Tues. Langham Parish Council. 7.00 12th Thurs. Binham Abbey House String Quartet 7.30 13th Fri. Binham Schubert 7.30 14th Sat. Binham Purcell Music School 7.30 15th Sun. Bale Purcell School Concert in Church. 6.00 15th Sun. Binham Ormsby St Margaret School 3.00 17th Wed. Langham FOL Coffee Morning 10 - 12 17th Wed. Langham Ladybirds Visit Mannington 19th Thurs. Langham Mobile Library 20th Fri. Binham Xuefei Yang, 7.30 21st Sat. Morston Church Friends, 5.30 then 6.30 AGM 21st Sat. Langham Leukaemia Grand Sale 10 - 1.00 22nd Sun. Binham Marianne Olyver Trio 7.30 22nd Sun. Stiffkey Home Cricket Match 2.00 26th Thurs. Binham James Boyd & Maggie Cole 7.30 28th Sat. Field Dalling & Saxlingham Fete, 2 - 4 pm 28th Sat. Gunthorpe 50/50 Club Coffee Morning 28th Sat. Gunthorpe FOGP Barbecue, Gunthorpe Hall. 29th July Gunthorpe Fete, Gunthorpe Hall, 2.00 31st Tues. Binham Chiltern Baroque Soloists 7.30

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BLAKENEY CATHOLIC CHURCH Father Michael Simison, 12 Hindringham Road, Gt Walsingham, Nofolk, NR22 6DR Tel: 01328 821353 Service Times: Vigil Mass, Saturday, 6.00 pm Sunday Mass 10.30 am

METHODIST CHURCH Minister - Reverend Rosemary Wakelin Tel: 01263 712181 For Services at Blakeney and Holt see ‘Glaven Valley Newsletter’ or ‘Holt Chronical’.

Fakenham Choral Society’s


Summer Concert

holds regular advice surgeries in the constituency. He can also be contacted via the constituency office at: 15 Market Place North Walsham Norfolk NR28 9BP Tel: 01692 403752 Fax: 01692 500818 e-mail: normanlamb@hotmail.com www.normanlamb.org

St Nicholas Parish Church, Wells-next-the-Sea Sat. June 16th, 7.30 pm

The Glories of the Musical Including music by Rodgers & Hammerstein, George Gershwin, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Stephen Sondheim and Leonard Bernstein. Tickets £8 (under 18 free) on the door, or phone 01328 830639.


CHURCH SERVICES FOR BALE AND STIFFKEY BENEFICE FOR JUNE AND JULY HC=Holy Communion. FS=Family Service. MP=Morning Prayer. BCP=Book of Common Prayer All Communion Services are in traditional language except those marked * Parish Bale Field Dalling

3rd June Trinity 9.30am HC

10th June 9.30am HC

17th June 9.30am HC

24th June 9.30am HC

At Saxlingham

At Saxlingham

11.00am FS

11.00am MP


11.00am MP

9.30am HC

No service

11.00am HC


9.30am HC

11.00am HC

At Field Dalling

At Field Dalling


9.30am HC

9.30am MP

9.30am MP

9.30am HC


11.00am HC

11.00am HC

11.00am FS

9.30am HC



9.30am HC

9.30am HC

11.00am FS


9.30am HC BCP

No service


11.00am HC

11.00am HC*

8.00am HC*

11.00am HC


1st July 9.30am HC

8th July 9.30am HC

15th July 9.30am HC

22nd July 9.30am HC

Field Dalling

9.30am HC BCP

No service

At Saxlingham

At Saxlingham

11.00am FS

11.00am MP


11.00am MP

9.30am HC

No service

11.00am HC

Saxlingham Sharrington

9.30am HC 9.30am MP

11.00am HC 9.30am HC

At Field Dalling 9.30am MP

At Field Dalling 9.30am HC


11.00am HC

11.00am HC

11.00am FS

9.30am HC


9.30am HC*

9.30am HC

9.30am HC

11.00am FS


9.30am HC BCP

No service

9.30am HC BCP

No service


11.00am HC

11.00am HC*

8.00am HC

11.00am FS

Group Holy Communion Service on Sunday 29th July, 10.30am at Langham REGULAR WEEKDAY SERVICES Binham: Tuesday, 6.00pm Evening Prayers, Langham: Wednesday, 10.00am Holy Communion Stiffkey: Friday, 10.00am Holy Communion



I write this on the evening of the feast day of the Lady Julian of Norwich, May 8th. Gentle, wise, passionate and deeply insightful Julian(her real name is lost to us), lived as an anchoress attached to St Julian’s Church in Norwich, in the very late 14th, early 15th century. She was spiritual guide and guru for the greatest and the least alike, who came to visit her at her little cell. Her deep wisdom and profound understanding of the love of God came from many years of prayerfully contemplating some visions she received whilst dangerously ill. One such vision has a powerful resonance at this time of year, as we stroll towards midsummer. It’s a vision that reminds us that the earth we live upon, so roughly and carelessly, was made from love and is sustained by that same love. It’s a vision that challenges each of us to find a greater love within ourselves for this suffering planet, her peoples and species and for the Creator. It’s a vision that can help us get a better perspective on our real place in the created order. Julian wrote “..he showed me…a little thing, the size of a hazelnut, on the palm of my hand, round like a ball. I looked at it thoughtfully and wondered, ‘What is this?’ And the answer came, ‘It is all that is made’. I marvelled that it continued to exist and did not disintegrate; it was so small! And again my mind supplied the answer, ‘It exists, both now and for ever, because God loves it’. In short, everything owes its existence to the love of God. ” Revd: Joanna Anderson

The next deanery synod is on Thursday 28th June at St. Andrew’s Church Hall Holt, 7.15pm. for 7.30pm. The talk will probably be on ‘The Church in Tourism’ but watch out for posters with the latest information. Pastoral Plan - those parishes that have not yet expressed their views on this document should again be asked to do so. Parish Share - Any thoughts or constructive ideas on this topic and its allocation should be given to the Deanery Assessor, Mr. Geoff Wortley Tel: 01263 577246 before Monday 25th June when the Pastoral Committee meet to discuss the matter. Ann Sherriff

RETIREMENT OF DR CHAPMAN Dr Andrew Chapman is retiring at the end of June after nearly 30 years at Holt Medical Practice, working at both the Holt and Blakeney surgeries. There will be a Comment Book at both surgeries for those patients wishing to pass on their good wishes. Dr Chapman does not wish for any retirement gifts but anyone who wishes to mark the occasion are asked to make a small donation to the Glaven Caring Committee. Donations can be left at either surgery. Sue Preston




Our congratulations to the District Councillors recently elected. Priory Ward sees no change with Jonathan Savory and Joyce Trett having been re-elected. No change either in Wensum Ward where Mrs Green was re-elected. Councillor Bernard Crowe OBE, who has long been a contributor to Local Lynx, has retired as Councillor for the Glaven Ward. Our very best wishes to him for a long and healthy retirement. His place has been taken by Lindsay Mary Brettle. We look forward to continuing to receive regular news from our Councillors. From Jonathan Savory (Priory Ward) Re-cycling centre at Wells. A new operator took over in April. Big skips with steps replaced by more user-friendly containers, and friendly advisors are on hand. N. Norfolk was 29th out of 393 local authorities in England in household waste recycling. We almost recycle 40% of our waste - a remarkable achievement. Jonathan Savory: (01328 820719. email. jsavory@ farming.co.uk.) and Joyce Trett (01328 710300) Binham, Langham and Stiffkey. Mrs A.R.Green: (01328 878273) - Gunthorpe with Bale.


CALL 01263 821900

FUTURE DEVELOPMENT IN N. NORFOLK ‘Submission’ Core Strategy'

Langham, Sharrington, Field Dalling, Saxlingham or Morston?

This will set the framework for new development in N. Norfolk. We want the public to let the inspector know what you think about the new plan. Public consultations will take place between June 18th and July 30th. Most new housing will take place in towns and larger villages, in small ‘infill’ or new ‘greenfield’ sites on the edge of settlements. No Lynx villages will qualify, other than for affordable housing schemes, with priority for local people, and some development for employment and community uses. To have your say on the core strategy, find the LDF website (www.northnorfolk.org/ldf), visit local and mobile libraries, council offices or a drop-in event at Fakenham, 26th June, 2.00-7.00pm. Comments must be received by the Programme Officer between Mon 18th June and Mon. 30th July 07.

We are working to improve services in your area. Can you get to work, education and training, shops, the post office, banks, the doctors or the hospital, or leisure activities? Or does the lack of a car or public transport, or the closure of services in your village, mean that you are unable to access these facilities? Norfolk County Council, with other agencies, is working to improve access to key services for those living in rural Norfolk. In the next few days you should receive a questionnaire through the post. To have your say, complete this survey and return it free to the Norfolk Rural Community Council in the prepaid envelope provided. As well as influencing service provision in your area you also have the chance to win £100 of vouchers for a shop or service of your choice.


ANGLIAN BUSINESS SERVICES Established for 19 years

(Established 30 years)

    

Roofing Contractors to the National Trust (East Anglia Region)

Tiling, Slating, New Roofs Strip/Retile & Repair Flat Roofs Repaired Telephone: 01328 730386 or 07748 845143 Email: akeebleroofing@yahoo.co.uk

Business admin assistance a specialty P.A./Secretarial back-up Bookkeeping, spreadsheets Design/maintain database records Business presentation design

‘phone Sandra Tel/Fax: 01328 830406 (Langham) email: anglian.sec@virgin.net







Contact: Jane Wheeler 01328 878 656

All chimneys, flues and appliance swept Brush and vacuum used CCTV inspection Bird/rain guards, vent caps and cowls supplied and fitted · NVQ qualified chimney engineer

HAM AND APPLE SCALLOP For 8 persons 1-2lb slice of gammon 6 medium cooking apples ½ cup water or cider ½ teaspoon cloves ½ cup brown sugar Wash and trim a little of the fat from the ham. Rub in as much of the sugar as it will take. Place in a fireproof dish. Sprinkle with cloves, cover with pared apples each cut into 8 pieces, and arrange remainder round ham. Sprinkle with remaining sugar. Gently pour in water or cider, so as not to disturb the apples. Cover and bake for ¾ hr till ham is tender, but remove cover for the last ¼ hr of cooking.

D. Thompson Chimneys Ltd


(01328) 851081

AN ALTERNATIVE TO RECYCLING It was recently suggested that ‘possibly’ a good number of villagers who have our dear Local Lynx delivered to them find it boring, unreadable and generally a waste of space. As you may imagine, we found this comment hard to bear, but never let it be said we can’t respond to comment. In fact, there are always demands from some quarters for yet more copies of the paper. At a production cost of about 50p per copy we simply cannot satisfy all of these. So, if you would prefer not to have a copy of local Lynx delivered to your home, please ring Rita White (01328 830821) so she can arrange for your copy to be sent elsewhere. Thank you. Ed.


EDGEFIELD IN FLOWER Sat. June 23rd and Sun. June 24th, 2 - 6 pm More than 12 gardens - large & small, ornate & simple, cottage gardens and woodland. Home-made teas served in the Village Hall beside the pond. Plants, produce, bric-a-brac stalls and raffle. On Sunday everyone is invited to join us for Songs of Praise at 6.15. Entry £3, stickers available at ‘The Pigs’ or any of the gardens. Sorry, no dogs in gardens. All proceeds to SS Peter & Paul, Edgefield.

“We do like to get away sometimes” 5

For 6 persons 1 quart strawberries 1 ½ cups rich cream, ½ teaspoon vanilla 1 ¼ cups castor sugar pinch of salt 1 ½ cups milk whites of 4 eggs Wash, pick and hull berries. Sprinkle with sugar. Mash with a silver fork. Stand for several hours. Squeeze through a jelly bag into a basin. Dilute cream with milk. Add stiffly beaten egg whites and salt. Freeze egg and cream mixture to a mush in the usual way. Add vanilla, strawberry juice and finish freezing. Serve if liked in champagne glasses with a spoonful of whipped cream, sweetened and coloured slightly with cochineal, on top. Top each with fresh strawberry. These 2 recipes are from a book written by Elizabeth Craig, and published in 1932. Elizabeth Craig lived from 1883 to 1980. She wrote over 40 books. Most were cook books but some were household management books in the "Enquire Within" series. She was born in a manse in Scotland, married to an American, and lived most of her life in England. A copy of her book was used by Emily Ward, who cooked for Mrs Kremer at Beeston in the 20’s and early 30’s, and then moved with her mistress to become housekeeper and cook at Felbrigg Hall for the KettonKremers. Her husband, Gordon Ward was first gamekeeper and then butler. Her niece, Grace Allison, lives in Bale, and the book is in her collection. Most of the recipes you will see in the Bale contribution come from this source. Grace remembers staying with her aunt at Felbrigg during WWII, with peaches hanging temptingly outside her bedroom window, but inaccessible because the windows would not open. Rationing was strictly adhered to during the war, even when entertaining the King and Queen.


Charles Ogle-Rush


On March 17 the inhabitants of Bale were entertained by a slideshow presented by Philip West in the village hall. The slides were mainly of Fakenham from as early as the 1860’s to the 1980’s, with a few of Bale sprinkled in. A lot of the images come from local postcards and show Fakenham as a thriving Victorian market town, with prosperous businesses such as butchers, harness makers and hardware stores. Plenty of amazing headgear and decorative whiskers of course! There were several photographs of past Bale cricket teams, the Bale Oak public house, and the Preston family’s farmyard. Two of the most interesting were of Audrey and Bert Preston farming during the last war, with a horse-drawn sail reaper and a small tractor. We hope to have another of these slideshows with more photos of Bale next time. From this event £560 was raised for the Holt First Responders, a volunteer group who are on call for 24 hours, with the aim of reaching local medical emergency situations before the ambulance. They are not paramedics but have enough training to contain the situation until the paramedic team arrive. They are raising money to buy a vehicle, as at the moment they are using their own cars. Thanks to Grace and Margaret for organising the event, and to all who contributed to the very tasty light refreshments. It was a fascinating and most enjoyable evening.

Let me drive you near or far to Planes, Boats, Trains, Theatres, Dinners, Children’s parties etc

Up to 6 passengers & luggage Anywhere - Anytime Day or Night 01328 830 030 Licensed by NNDC and fully insured

POINTS RECIPE Here is another recipe from Mrs Ward’s collection, taken from the Listener 1st February 1945; ‘When I find myself with 2 points left, I often buy a tin of sardines, for the oily type of fish gives us the additional fat we need in winter and, served hot, they are very good on a cold day. Here is one of my sardine dishes which needs a mustard sauce. ‘Take 1 level tablespoon of flour and 1 level teaspoon of mustard and mix till smooth with a little cold water. Gradually pour over this rather less than ½ pt of vegetable stock, to which 1 teaspoon of vinegar has been added. Put the mixture into a saucepan and stir until it thickens. When it comes to the boil turn down the heat and simmer for 5 mins to cook the flour. Then put the whole sardines in the pan and heat thoroughly in the sauce. Mashed parsnips or carrot is a good accompaniment.’


BALE VILLAGE HALL SOCIAL CLUB DRAW March April Jinty Ramm £25 Charlie Mitchell £25 Cedric Hewitt £10 Lady Nicolson £10 Jessie Bridgeman £5 Betty Carter £5 Ann Ramm £5 Mary Ramm £5

The launch party of the newly formed “Friends of Bale Church” held at the village hall on Good Friday evening produced a very good attendance. The chairman, Walter Hammond, outlined the objectives of the society and invited those present to enjoy a glass of wine (or two!), following which there was a good response in those taking up membership. Anyone wanting to know more about the society or wishing to join should contact the hon. secretary Michael Snow on 01328 878 733.

CONCERT BY THE PURCELL SCHOOL Bale Church, July 15, 6.00pm in aid of the restoration of the bells Works by Beethoven, Mozart and Rachmaninov will be performed by a group of brilliant young musicians from the Purcell School. The programme is specially chosen to appeal to both adults and children Tickets are £5 for adults. Children will be admitted free of charge because we feel this is a marvellous introduction to classical music. Tickets should be bought in advance from Alan Sankey ( 01328 878 874.) Drinks will be on sale. The Purcell School is Britain's oldest specialist school for talented young musicians. The results are startling. The level of their performance is professional; their freshness and enthusiasm is moving. They are generously donating this concert to Bale Church. Please do give your support.





Contact: Carolyn Wright Tel: 01328 830270 Fax: 01328 830840 Email: cpwrightuk@aol.com

RODENT, RABBIT, MOLE, WASP and INSECT control by a professional, friendly service, specialising in farm, domestic and retail premises

BINHAM PRIORY Access and Conservation Project


We have successfully taken our first big step! The contract for the grant of £648,500 from the Heritage Lottery Fund was finalised on 1st May. This amounts to some 73% of the total budget. Of the remaining £238,000 of matching funding required, the equivalent of £158,000 has been secured, leaving £80,000 still to be found. We hope to do this by application to various other grant-giving bodies, a regional appeal to commercial organisations and individuals, and the continuation of the local fundraising. The next big local event is the Gala Flower Festival in the Priory from 25th to 28th of May with a wine and canapés reception on the Friday evening (see details elsewhere). As well as undertaking the search for the remaining funds, the Project Team are planning the early project activities so that hopefully work on site can begin this summer. The first visible signs will be the start of conservation on the gatehouse and the precinct wall along the Warham Road. This specialised work, using lime-mortar techniques, can only be undertaken when there is no risk of frost damage. Previous experience has shown that is it prudent to stop work by the end of September and then restart not before the beginning of April next year. The main building work of the secondary entrance to the church and the attached service building in the ruined north aisle are also planned for 2008 for the same reason. It is anticipated that some of the new information panels will be available for erection around the site during this year and a start made on planning for the displays and other imaginative methods of presenting all aspects of the site to visitors. Providing we can show the Heritage Lottery Fund convincing progress is being made to finding the last £80,000, the plans for completion of the entire project by the end of 2008 should be turned into reality. The support received from the whole of the community has been essential to get the project this far to “lift-off”. Continuation of support is equally vital in being able together to push on to the finishing line. Should you wish to contribute to the project in anyway we would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact one of us. David Frost –-Project Manager 01328 830362 Pauline Scott - Fundraiser 01328 830940 Hilary Brown - Finance manager 01328 829639

(01263) 860112 BINHAM PRIORY CONCERTS July 8th Sun. 7.30pm. Simon Standage, violin and Nicholas Parle, harpsichord. 12th Thurs. 7.30pm Abbey House String Quartet. Mia Cooper, violin, Jane Carwardine, violin, Clare Finnimore, viola, Jane Fenton, cello. 13th Fri. 7.30pm James Gilchrist, tenor and Sharona Joshua, Schantz fortepiano. Schubert’s “Die Schöne Müller”. 14th Sat. 7.30pm Purcell Music School. 20th Fri. 7.30pm Xuefei Yang, classical guitar. 22nd Sun. 7.30p Marianne Olyver Trio. Marianne Olyver, violin, Jacqueline Phillips, cello, Jill Morston, Piano. th 26 Thurs. 7.30pm James Boyd, viola and violin, and Maggie Cole, fortepiano 31st Tues. July 7.30pm Chiltern Baroque Soloists. Peter Hanson, violin, Rachel Beckett, flute, David Miller, lute, Ruth Orford, cello. August 3rd Fri. 7.30pm Minstrels Gallery (part of Binham’s “Mediaeval Week-end”) Tickets (£12.00) and further details from Maureen Frost, Tel 01328 830362 Email: davidfrost226@btinternet.com.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT Your way may be very good for you, but not for me. My way may be very good for me, but not for you. Wise people see unity, not division. Brenda Wilde

E. & M. Grimes All types of building works - Painting & Decorating Flintwork Specialists Extensions Conversions Renovations Alterations New Build Free Estimates


Galley Hill House, Langham Road, Blakeney, Holt, Norfolk, NR25 7PJ

A steady stream of villagers has already passed through the fitting room set up by Beverley Taylor, at Manor Farm, to provide inspiration, guidance and in many cases complete individual costumes to those taking part. Approaching 50 people have already been kitted out in a dazzling variety of authentic outfits by Binham's wardrobe mistress and her team. Beverley is continuing to offer advice and she will, by appointment (830208), see callers and show them what's available in her costumes wardrobe. Please remember, it is hoped that those borrowing outfits will make a contribution towards costs of, say, £5 a head. The mediaeval banquet is sold out, with a waiting list for places becoming available. So, if you cannot take up your booking please say so now. Otherwise, it is time to think about paying for your tickets (£12 for adults; £5 for children under 10). Payment must be received by the end of June. Cash or cheques, payable to Binham Village Hall, may go to Richard Lewis at 6, Buttlands Close, Binham NR21 0DR, or Liz Brown at Abbot Farm, Walsingham Road, Binham NR21 0AW. The concert of mediaeval music, performed by the Minstrels Gallery on early instruments, will take place at the Priory on 7.30pm on Friday, August 3. Tickets, £12, are available from Maureen Frost on 830362, or on the door.

GOT YOUR TICKET? Plans for Binham's great summer excursion to the Middle Ages are now well advanced - but, please, more helping hands are required to drag the village back behind the times. Volunteers are needed to help set up the fayre, the major fund-raising event of Binham's Mediaeval Weekend in August. The village is honouring 900 years of the Royal Charter, granted by Henry I, permitting Binham to hold an annual fayre. The custom has lapsed over the centuries but it is being revived this year to raise money for the Priory Church access and conservation project and also for village hall funds. Stalls, displays, sports and games will feature in this year's fayre on Sunday, August 5. Help is needed in setting up the tents, stalls and show rings a day in advance of the big event. If you are able to lend a hand on Saturday, August 4, please contact Mike Jeffery (830886) or Andrew Spinks (07810 121617). Sunday's events will begin with a Benedictine Mass in the Priory at 10.30am. At 11.30 churchgoers will process from the Priory to the village green, led by a Pied Piper. The Charter will be read then the Pied Piper will lead everyone from the green to the village hall sports field and the fun will begin! There will be a treasure hunt, bike jousting, a dog show, Punch & Judy, owls, children's sports, archery, a gurning competition, guess the weight of the piglets, quoits and welly throwing, fortune telling and face painting, golf chipping, a coconut shy, apple bobbing, a fun tug-of-war and, for wrong-doers on the day, stocks and a ducking stool. Gardeners willing to donate herbs for sale at the fayre are asked to contact Judy Byrne (830174) who will be performing the role of village apothecary - and raising money from plant sales in the process. The weekend's celebrations, also featuring a concert of early music at the Priory and a full-blown mediaeval feast for residents of Binham and Cockthorpe, will be a costume drama from start to finish. Local people will be dressing the part. continued

* The next village open meeting on the Mediaeval Weekend will be at 7.30pm on Friday, June 1, in Binham Village Hall. All willing to help are urged to Andrew Moncur & Fiona Thompson come.

BINHAM GUILD OF ARTISTS The Group consists of anyone interested in Art or Craft, beginner or otherwise. Artists with professional experience form part of the Group and will gladly advise if needed. We meet every Tuesday morning from 10 to 12 in the Village Hall. A fee of £2 per morning included coffee and biscuits. A demonstration of painting or craftwork normally takes place on the first Tuesday of every month. In April Janet Beckett gave a very informative talk on perspective and a demonstration of painting buildings in watercolour. In May Simon Trinder gave an excellent demonstration of landscape painting in watercolour. This year’s Art Exhibition will be from 11th to 14th August. Contact James Bucknill 01328 830651.



and ready-picked

Strawberries, Asparagus, Raspberries & Currants

CABINET MAKER Bespoke handmade fine furniture



Open daily 9 am - 5 pm off the A149 Coast Road between Blakeney and Cley

Telephone 01263 712433 www.paul-r-smith.co.uk

Orders taken - 01263 740525

Hill House Farm Estate Lower Bodham Holt NR25 6RW

Email: d@wivetonhall.co.uk



Country Cottage Stoves

Elections have come and gone, and despite dramatic headlines in some newspapers, very little will change in Binham. On the Parish Council, the members are as before with the exception that Paul Dunger has stepped down, to devote more time to cricket, and David Frost has taken his place. Many thanks to Paul for his efforts, and it will be good to see David, who has been a regular attender at Council meetings, sitting on the other side of the table! On the District Council, Joyce Trett and Jonathan Savory will be representing Priory Ward as before. Jonathan has worked hard over the past four years and very rarely misses a Parish Council meeting, either in Binham or in any of the other Parishes that he represents. He well deserved his 200-vote lead in the front of a poll of six candidates. At the Annual Parish Meeting on 24 April, one of the items on the agenda was to discuss designs for a new village sign. Lionel Wilde provided the only entry, but several people came forward afterwards to say that they didn’t know that the competition was happening. Apart from a mention in this very magazine, there were also notices on each of the four Parish noticeboards, which stayed in place for at least two months. So this is a plea – if you want to know what is going on – read The Lynx and your noticeboards! They can be found in the bus shelter in Front Street, at the Village Hall, and on Warham Road. There is also one in Cockthorpe. (Most villages manage with just one!) In view of the fact that the sign will be prominent and with any luck in place for many years, it was decided to extend the deadline until the Parish Council meeting on 21 May. Hopefully by the time you read this, a design will have been chosen. Incidentally, it was decided at the Parish Meeting that the old sign, which has served well but cannot take too much more of the weather, will eventually be relocated to the foyer of the Village Hall.

We supply a wide selection of

Stoves, Cookers and Boilers Wood-burning, Multifuel, Oil or Gas-fired Showroom at Chapel Street, Shipdham with over 50 stoves on display Also: quality housecoal & smokeless fuels, bagged kindling and logs, salt (granular or tablet) delivered throughout Norfolk DD Dodd & Son, Solid Fuel Merchants Tel: 01362 820240 email: dddoddson@hotmail.com www.countrycottagestoves.com

BINHAM LOCAL HISTORY GROUP We have enjoyed some really good evenings: Dr John Goodall’s brilliant presentation of the Priory; Chris Gutteridge of the Wyldes Noyses took us on a musical journey from the early medieval to the 19th century. The Wyldes Noyses will be playing at the Medieval Banquet at the beginning of August. One morning a group of members met with Dr Tim Pestell, Curator of Archaeology, in a Study Room at the Castle Museum to see various artefacts found in the Binham area. He really brought the past to life and it was fascinating to be able to hold in our hands some wonderful objects including a beautiful axe that had been used by our Neolithic ancestors as well as to admire, but not to touch, the beauty of the Anglo Saxon golden jewellery. We had hoped to take a party to visit the Time & Tide museum this summer but not enough members have come forward to make worthwhile the hire of a coach. So perhaps a group of us will visit the museum under our own steam. Another outing may well be planned for later this summer. Watch this space! Carolyn Wright 01328 830270


At the Annual Parish Meeting in April, we heard the usual annual reports from several village organisations and activities. There were tales of people being turned away from sell-out events, and the History Group reported that it now has close to 100 members. In the twenty years that I have been a member of the Fakenham History Society, I can tell you that we have never had half that number. Which only goes to prove what we all knew – that Binham is somewhere rather special! Keith Leesmith, Parish Clerk

Orchestra and Choir Binham Priory Sunday, 15 July, 3.00pm Orchestral works by: Handel, Pachelbel, Beethoven, Purcell, Offenbach. Choral works by Ashwartz, Caesar Franck, Goodall, Enya, Rutter Tickets and further details: Liz Brown 01328 830519.




June 21st An Evening Tour at Roger Last’s Mill House Gardens in Corpusty at 6.30 p.m. Reservations necessary for the this Tour.

Monday to Friday inc. 9.30 - 12.45 pm New: 2 yrs and over, unaccompanied - £4.50 (Children in nappies now taken)

July 19th Garden Party at Carol Creasey’s, Fenwillows, Southgate, South Creake at 6.30 p.m. New members are always welcome. Do just come along or call Fiona Thompson, secretary, on 830639.

Monday & Tuesday, 9.30 - 11.30 (combined with Pre-School) 0-2 yrs - £1.00


For further details contact Marny (Supervisor) on 01263 740925




FREE Legal Advice

COCKTHORPE News Contact: Ann Massingham

01328 830558 UNOFFICIAL TEST MATCH AT LANGHAM May/June 1944 The following is yet another story about the Royal Air Force at Langham, provided by Pat Newman. I can remember the late Kenny (Dar) Brown telling me about an unofficial test match having been played at Langham and I was sceptical but on reading the book Strike and Strike Again - which is about 455 squadron based at Langham - I came across this, and I quote: “Four squadron members played in an unofficial test match between and Australian services XI and The Rest. There had been plenty of talent at the match. Included in The Rest team were Len Hutton, Wally Hammond, Bill Edrich and Denis Compton. The Australian XI had from 455 squadron flying officer Carmody [captain], flight sergeant Bill Roach [killed on 8th June 1944] pilot officer Bob Crisofani and flight lieutenant Roper, all Australian test cricketers. Guests at the match were the Australian prime minister John Curtin and Australia’s commander -in - chief, General Thomas Blamey." Dar told me that the match was played at the back of ‘double plantation’ adjacent to Burma Road. For the unknowing, down the Morston road behind the first wood. Unfortunately I do not know the result. Ann Massingham

Hayes + Storr solicitors offer free 15 minute legal advice sessions on various matters including, Matrimonial & Family, Wills, Probate and Elder Client Services. For an appointment please contact us on 01263 712835 Hayes + Storr – All you’ll ever need 27 Bull Street, Holt, Norfolk, NR25 6HP Tel: 01263 712835 Fax: 01263 711056 law.holt@hayes-storr.com



DIARY OF A FARMER’S SON Aged 21 1842 May 2 George and I went to the first meeting of the Holkham cricket club. I became a member. It was a very raw cold evening. 3rd This morning Mr Eke took his first poacher since he has been here. 6th Father and I went to Lord Leicester’s dinner at Burnham. 10th Sam Osbiston came to tea and supper to say what Mr Sparham’s bullocks were worth - he says £10 is plenty for them. 18th I went to Fakenham with Father’s mare to Saltfish. The Yeoman Cavalry were there manoeuvring. Father made 24/- of his wheat. 20th George, Sally and I went to Old Walsingham to shoot rooks and killed 5 ½ dozen. Uncle John heard poor William Rennie was dying. June 1st Uncle John came to see the tups clipped. We would have begun turnip sowing but it was too wet. 5th We played our club match today and had the felicity of beating his Lordship and his side hollow twice. 12th Mr Upjohn preached beautifully today but appeared kippy. 14th Dennis and Wyatt finished my fish pond this evening and I treated them to some beer. 17th I rode the big mare today and think her a nuisance. Ordered a martingale for her. 29th Today was devoted to picknicking at Bayfield where we had some very good fun, got home to tea and went to bed very tired. Richard and Norah Lewis


2 The Willows Chapel Lane Wiveton Norfolk NR25 7TQ

* * * * * * * *

Garden design and landscaping Lawn and grass cutting, lawn maintenance Turfing and seeding new lawns Garden maintenance for private and holiday homes Patios and paths laid Seasonal pruning of shrubs, trees, fruit trees and roses Hedge cutting and fencing Garden clearance

Tel: 01263 740591 Mobile: 07831 102592 Also 01263 511587




Mike died quite suddenly on 16th April at his home. He was a retired airline pilot, one who flew to live, as well as a passionate aircraft enthusiast, one who lived to fly. He was fascinated with aircraft and flying from his early life, a time when long-haul routes were being opened up and flying to Australia took a week, with stopovers in a hotel every night. He spent much of his career with Britannia Airways, flying passengers to holiday destinations. His approach to mastering a flight deck was characterised by a liking for precision and a desire for perfection. He was extremely proud to have flown 23,000 hours with a faultless record. As a member of the Royal Aeronautical Society, he lobbied successfully for the formation of the Airline Operations Group, later being made a Fellow. He was also a Member of the Royal Institute of Navigators. It was not just the institutions that appealed to him, but helping the people involved in them with their careers. His house was a museum of aviation history, full of photographs, ornaments, aircraft components, certificates and paintings, each with its own story, which he would recall in graphic detail to anyone who dropped in for a cuppa with an hour or so to spare. Mike had a photographic memory and for many years was a member of the Langham Thursday morning art group. He produced very creditable paintings of many aviation subjects including a Concorde series as well as a number of impressive landscapes. Always courteous, his pleasure in belonging to the group and enjoyment of the work of other members made him a well-loved member. Field Dalling owes him particular thanks for chairing our Village Hall Committee for four years. In this role, he was a meticulous administrator and a stickler for the correct procedures to be followed at all times. He saw through the redecoration of the Hall and the fiftieth anniversary celebrations. We shall miss the sight of his white van or Rover car on the runway that is Holt Road, taxi-ing carefully to a halt at precisely the right disembarkation point in his driveway. His funeral, near Cambridge, was well attended, and the wake was held in a hangar housing a Tiger Moth he had owned. In addition to tributes and readings there was a flypast of four vintage aircraft – a fitting farewell. Anthony Smith & other contributors

Contact: Anthony Smith 01328 830546 Email: aesmith@pobox.com

For Church Services see Panel on Page 4 CHURCH NEWS & EVENTS Chapel Yard Cottage Coffee Morning Saturday 30 June from 10 am to 12 noon This has become an annual tradition - drop in for coffee, cake stall, raffle and bric a brac at the house and garden of John and Ginny Kirby at Chapel Yard Cottage, 96 Holt Road Field Dalling. Everyone is welcome from all the villages to this enjoyable social event, started some years ago by Joy Wright, is in aid of St Andrew’s Restoration Fund. For directions etc ring 01328 830211.

Field Dalling and Saxlingham Village Fete Saturday 28 July 2007 from 2 to 4 pm Our fete aims to give children an exciting and interesting afternoon. Therefore, Justso James has been booked to entertain the children and run the races, to complement the stalls designed for young interests and pocketbooks and the fancy dress competition. We also want our white elephant stall to be bigger and better than ever in 2007. As you turn out your cupboards and garages, if you would like to be rid of surplus items now (quality only, please!) then ring Sue Findlater on 01328-830442 or Margaret Smith on 01328-830546. Above all, please make sure that Saturday 28 July is in your diary.

Morning Prayer starts at St Andrew’s Starting Sunday 24 June at 11 am, by popular demand, Rev Michael Wilson will lead Morning Prayer (from the Book of Common Prayer) in Field Dalling on the fourth Sunday of each month. We think that this is the only priest-led traditional Morning Prayer service in the Benefice and hope that it will appeal not just to residents and visitors in Field Dalling and Saxlingham but also from other villages. As always at St Andrew’s, coffee and juice follow the service. See page 3 for a list of this and all services in the Benefice in June and July.

Family Service grows at St Andrew’s St Andrew’s welcomes families and visitors from all the villages to our Family Service on the third Sunday of every month (17 June, 15 July) which we hold jointly with Saxlingham in Field Dalling at 1100. This short, informal service appeals to children particularly and is followed by coffee and juice. Some, but not all, of the children attend Langham School. Our youngest attender has just turned one and the oldest recently celebrated 90 - wherever you live, if less formal worship appeals to you, please come and try this service; you will be most welcome. Margaret Smith

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Following a recent article in the Lynx, an offer from Daniel Worsley has been made to become joint coordinator of the Gunthorpe Fete. So it is now all steam ahead with the planning for the fete which will take place on Sunday, 29th July 2007 at Gunthorpe Hall. The Fete opens at 2pm.

News Contact: Di Cutterham 01263 860693

For Church Services see Panel on Page 3 ST MARY’S, GUNTHORPE

Also appreciated are the offers from other villagers to join the fete committee. Extremely good news for both the Village Institute and the Church. Thanks. Sue Traverso

The Easter Sunday 9.30am service was attended by 33 communicants plus 7 children. Canon Michael Wilson led the service, demonstrated by his lovely drawings. The church was well decorated with flowers organized by Lady Blunden with all the other ladies who did the flower rota, which is appreciated by visitors who comment in the visitor’s book on how well the church is looked after. Martin Jacklin played the music accompanied by his family musicians. Many thanks to all who took part. After the service, light refreshments were served as well as Easter eggs, distributed by young members of Micheal Wilson’s family. Martin was sorry he’d had to rush away, but he and the family were playing at Bale at 11.00 am. The Church Annual General meeting was held on Friday 30th March. Rev. Joanna Anderson chaired the meeting at 7.00pm in the Village Institute. There were no new nominations to serve as Church Warden, so Fred agreed to stand again. After much discussion there being so few serving on the PCC and Doreen Webster wishing to stand down as secretary, Carol Suckling agreed to take on the Secretary’s job and Alan Suckling agreed to be sidesman and help Fred with Church Warden duties when ever he could. Doreen was thanked for serving as Secretary for the past two years and had done more than the Secretary’s job, helping in other ways. Lady Blunden agreed to organise the Flower Rota as in previous years. John Smith would carry on as Gift Aid Officer, claiming the tax back from Gift Aid donations. Virginia Worsley remains as Vice-Chairman and Jeremy Denholm as Fabric Officer although he was unable to attend the meeting owing to family commitments. Mrs Harrison was thanked for taking on the Treasurer’s job after Paddy Seligman left the village in October and has very kindly agreed to carry on. Fred Morley



Sat 2 June 10.00 Sat 30th June 10.30 Fri 6th July 19.00 Sat 28th July 10.30 Sat 28th July 19.00 Sun 29th July 14.00 Sat 25th Aug 10.30

Plant Sale - Village Institute. 50/50 Club Coffee Morning & Draw. FOGPC AGM - Village Institute 50/50 Club Coffee Morning & Draw. FOGPC Barbecue - Gunthorpe Hall. Village Fete - Gunthorpe Hall 50/50 Club Coffee Morning & Draw.

BRING AND BUY PLANT SALE Saturday 2nd June 2007 Come along to Gunthorpe Village Institute from 10 am to 12 noon with any spare plants and surplus seedlings and help the Institute raise money for its improvement programme. Refreshments will be available. Last year’s event was extremely successful and very enjoyable. Sue Traverso

FOGPC 50/50 CLUB RESULTS MARCH R. Hardy L. Rush C. Suckling T. Cutterham D. Worsley R. Tacon

Susannah McDougall Landscape and Garden Design Design, Planting And GARDEN CONSTRUCTION

Hall Farm, Langham Road, Morston, Norfolk NR25 7BL Telephone 01263 740056 Mobile 07887 480793 Email landscape@susannahmcdougall.com


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APRIL M. Everett W.Worsley M.Craske H.Craske R.Partridge G.Clare

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Local ‘CORGI’ registered specialist undertakes all plumbing work including installation and maintenance of all central heating systems oil, gas and solid fuel.

Contact: Ann Sherriff 01328 830605

For Church Services see Panel on Page 3 LANGHAM CHURCH NEWS Langham A.P.C.M.

Robin Berry Mills Macmillan Ltd 01328 878621

Annual reports and election results are available for reading and can be found on the notice board in the church porch. We hope that people have time to read these as some interesting facts and figures are presented. One example is that it costs £203 a year to keep our churchyard looking so immaculate, and that is with no money spent on labour. This is less than last year but we have also had to buy equipment. Another fact is that the church running expenses amount to £264 a week. This is an increase of over 100% on last year’s figures and is due to the rise in the Parish Share for Langham. This was £6,750 in 2006 and this year we have to pay £8,950. This is a huge challenge for us and will seriously encroach on our reserves. It is our duty to pay the Parish Share, in order to have a living church, so we must do our best. The A.P.C.M. is an occasion when thanks can be given to all the people who give of their time, energy, talents and finance to support all the different areas of our church life. Thank you to each one of you for your support.

Also complete kitchen and bathroom installations

LANGHAM CAR SERVICE Schedule to July22nd. May 21st Tel: 830 056 June 4th Tel: 830 537 June 18th Tel: 830 696 July 2nd Tel: 830 036 July 16th Tel: 830 605

Rate per mile:18p May 28th Tel: 830 821 June 11th Tel: 830 731 June 25th Tel: 830 605 July 9th Tel: 830 537

The roster is displayed on the notice boards of the playing field, vicarage wall, church porch and the Bluebell pub. If you cannot get to any of these sites, do telephone me or any of the numbers above and we will do our best to help and also to assist with any enquiry. Ann Sherriff

WELCOME We would like to extend a very warm welcome to Frank and Dawn and also to Mr. Michael Sweeney who have recently come to live in the village. We hope you will be very happy living here. Langham PCC

Resignation After many years of dedicated service to the church in Langham, Ken Bartlett has resigned as churchwarden due to ill health. In fact this has been his second term in office. He took up the position again to work alongside Betty Wharton, who herself was not in good health, when no-one else came forward for the post. Such was his sense of duty. He took his appointment very seriously and was always there when needed. Not only was he churchwarden but he also looked after the churchyard, which always looked immaculate, attended meetings about the fabric of the church and, as a calligraphist, produced a fine list of Rectors. Then on top of all this when Helen Brandt resigned after eight years of being a very competent secretary and minutes secretary, we were very fortunate to secure the services of Janet Allen as minutes secretary, but who took over the job of secretary - Ken! A job which he is still doing. We are fortunate in having Barry Betts and Andrew Herbert to help us in the churchyard and John Hope assists with repairs and maintenance of equipment and we are very grateful to all three….. but we still have no churchwarden! So now the Rector has a heavier load to bear. From all the members of Langham PCC - thank you Ken for all your years of service and sincere wishes for good health.


Tel: 01328 830539 FRIENDS OF LANGHAM Coffee Morning 10.00am - 12 noon in the Parish Room Future dates - June 2nd & 20th. July 7h & 18th. Do come along to this informal gathering, meet your friends and neighbours and enjoy a cuppa! We are always in need of volunteers to run these mornings, so if you would like to help, please give me a ring. Thank you. John Hughes Tel: 830595.




Although we did not manage to have an election for the Council due to lack of candidates, we did manage to get one new member, so for the moment the Councillors are: Colin Sherriff - Chairman, John Hope - Vice Chairman, Patrick Allen, Steve Tutt, Bridget Newman and Ros Fairhead. As many of you will know Ros was on the Council for 16 years some time ago and is to be praised for her willingness to give it another go. This means we now have one vacancy which we have to try and fill by co-option and hopefully by the time you read this we will have someone.




large or small

KARL HUNT Tel: 01328 820209 Mobile: 077 66 00 33 84 free estimates & advice - established 1986

Birds Farm Walsingham Road Hindringham NR21 0BT

We now have eight requests for allotments and therefore have to try and obtain land for them. Letters have been written to the local land owners to see if they are willing to make any land available. If they are, the applicants must then get together and form an Allotment Club as a sub committee of the Parish Council to take the matter further. It must be stressed that the Council is not going to be the organiser, we only rent the land from the owner and collect the rent from the allotment holders.

A I write we are getting ready for our spring sale, we are hoping for a nice day - the plants will appreciate the sun. July 21st 10am - 1pm Parish Room for our Grand Sale in Langham. We look forward to your continued support. Maureen 830731


Village Green seat and Village sign

Our April meeting was very much enjoyed by everybody, it is always a pleasure to hear Monica White’s stories. In contrast Jim Green’s experiences of World War 2 was again a successful evening. Jim has so many tales to tell, and so interesting. Future meetings to be held in the Parish room at 7.30pm June 13th – Plantmania July 17th – Visit to Mannington Gardens. See you there. Maureen 830731

These have now arrived back with us and will be installed as soon as possible.

Affordable Homes. We have now received the draft plans and commented on them. The next step is a meeting with the Housing Association and the architect to discuss details.

Village Shop. Since the last bulletin things have changed somewhat and the shop will now be a direct project between Alistair Stevenson and Avada. Alistair will rent 2/3rds of the building from Avada and be solely responsible for the shop himself. The opening date has also slipped a little and will hopefully be somewhere near Christmas now.

ALZHEIMER’S JUMBLE SALE PLUS Many thanks to everyone who donated goods, helped to set up and on the day, also those people who came and bought.

Street Lights.

At our next meeting on Tuesday 10th of July we will be debating a proposal from one councillor that the street lights are all turned off at, perhaps, midnight as our contribution to saving energy and improving the environment. If you have any thoughts on this then we would like to see you there to voice your opinions.

The sale raised £776 for the North Norfolk Branch of the Alzheimer’s Society. This will be used to provide support for local people with dementia and their carers. Ann Hill

A new Village Notice Board.

Strong Cars

We have now applied for a grant from the Norfolk Rural Community Council towards the cost of a good quality notice board for the centre of the village. We should have the result of our bid on the 17th of May.

Licensed Private Hire Cars

6-Seater Available Comfortable Cars Low Rates ~ Personal Service Local or Long Distance Airports ~ Weddings Hospitals ~ Private Functions

Speeding Cars. You may have seen an article in the EDP where a company is loaning out radar guns to local councils to monitor the speed of traffic in villages. We are actively looking into the possibility of having these in Langham and if anybody would like to have the chance to be instructed in their use please get in touch with John Hope. The Chairman 01328 830605

Please Telephone: Barry Girling

01263-740283 Mobile


11 Queens Close, Blakeney, Norfolk, NR25 7PQ




G & B Electrical (Established 1980)

Lettings & Property Management for Second Home Owners in North Norfolk ● ● ● ● ●

Electrical Installations to the very highest standards N.I.C.E.I.C. APPROVED CONTRACTOR

lettings management domestic services gardening security & keyholding project management









For further information or to arrange a visit: ALL WORK FULLY GUARANTEED - FREE ESTIMATES

t: 01263 862133 e: enquiries@cottage concierge.co.uk www.cottageconcierge.co.uk

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Mobile: 07860 295273

Gill Broom and friends are going to do

Gresham’s School Crickets provided us with an enjoyable evening of entertainment in church on the 24th.March. A varied programme from Bach to Sullivan provided something for all tastes. Once more the expertise of Mark Jones, Head of Music, was evident in the brilliant performance by the singers, among whom was Langham’s own Celia Goodenough. The evening raised £250 for the Langham Church General Fund which will be enhanced by gift aid donations. Our thanks to Mark Jones, the performers, to Helen, Bob, Janet and Edward for serving refreshments and to Colin on duty in the Parish Room. We apologise for the alteration in the start time of the concert. Some thought 5.30pm was not an ideal time but we had to accommodate the change in the school’s timetable, and we hope that it did not cause too much inconvenience. Ann Sherriff

COUNTRY TEAS in LANGHAM PARISH ROOM on Sunday August 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th. 2 pm - 5 pm All proceeds to Stiffkey and Bale Benefice Fund. Enquiries: Gill Broom, Chrissie Hill, 01328 830378

KEEP FIT These classes are still going strong. They are not too demanding and are very enjoyable. So do come along and join us - every Monday morning in the Parish Room 10.00-11.30am. Ring me if you need any further information. Sue Hughes Tel: 01328 830595

JOY’S COFFEE MORNING This event was once more held on the traditional date of the Saturday before Easter. This year we were at the home of Sue and John Hughes who very kindly offered to host the event. We all had a very enjoyable morning and raised £401. This year the proceeds were given to the Langham Church Building Trust, a fund dear to Joy’s heart and for which she raised lots of money. Competition Results: Basket of Flowers - Jan Hope No. of eggs - 144 - Rod Lees Whisky - June Buschman Wt. of cake - 2lbs. 8oz - John Hughes A big thank you to ALL those who helped in any way with the event. Our grateful thanks are also extended to Sue and John for their very generous hospitality.

MOBILE LIBRARY This will visit Langham on Thursdays: June 7th. & 28th. and July19th. Calling each day at: St. Mary’s: 10.00am Swan’s Close 10.50am. Old Post Office: 10.25am. The Cornfield: 11.15am Enquiries: Wells Library Tel: 01328 710467

Answers to MORSTON QUIZ (see p 18) 1. Ben Hur, Titanic, Return of the King. 2. An orchid. 3. Ho Chi Minh City. 4. Flying Saucers. 5. Bangladesh. 6. Aardvark. 7. Copper and tin. 8. 22. 9.Insects. 10. Bats.

M. G . MYHILL All types of chimneys swept Bird and rain cowls fitted


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House and Pet Sitters

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Peace of mind whilst you are away Anna de Soissons Emma Stimpson 01263 834 290 / 01263 768 675

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Gt. Walsingham Gallery & Picture Framing

‘It really needs to stop raining now’ were my words at the beginning of March - well it did and has stayed very dry ever since; now it really needs to start raining again! (It did, Ed) I have not experienced a spring as dry and as warm as this one before, so the effects are difficult to judge. The potatoes and sugar beet were planted and have emerged in record time and I expect that the same rapid growth is occurring underground as well; which is good because the roots will need to go deep in search of moisture and they will not be hindered by compacted layers in the soil profile caused by tractor wheelings, as sometimes happens in a wet spring. In places, patches of chalky clay have dried more rapidly than the rest of the field, so much so that the beet seeds have not yet germinated and will only do so once they get a good soaking. The cereal crops are definitely not as tall and leafy as normal; particularly those drilled late in the autumn after root crops where the soil structure has been damaged by heavy harvesting machinery. Unfortunately, most of our winter wheat falls into this category. I am certain that there will be much less straw this harvest but I am less sure of the effects of the dry spring on the yield of grain; a warm and wet May and June is what is required. The meadows along the Binham Stream that our beef cows graze are usually waterlogged well into the spring but not this year - a high water table and a warm dry spring has produced plenty of grass and fat, contented cows and calves. There is nothing more satisfying to the livestock farmer than a field of contented cows, eyes closed, ears back and chewing the cud in the warm spring sunshine. They almost have a smile on their faces. I am very pleased with our calving season this spring we lost only one calf and had two sets of twins so exceeded my target of one calf for every cow. In previous years we fed the cows a big breakfast and gave them straw to eat for the rest of the day. This year we changed the menu to a light breakfast followed by straw to graze on between meals and a small supper just before bed; the theory being that cows with full tummies go to sleep and do not calve in the middle of the night but during the daytime when the stockmen are about. It worked for us this spring. Ian Spinks

Paintings, sculpture, ceramics & crafts. Contemporary prints, greetings cards, jewellery & gifts

Comprehensive Framing Service Oils - Watercolours - Prints - Needlework - Medal Cases

Open Daily 10am - 5 pm Hindringham Road, Great Walsingham, NR22 6DR Tel/Fax 01328 820900 Email:gwframing@msn.com www.walsinghamgallery.co.uk

STANDS THE CHURCH CLOCK AT TEN TO THREE Unfortunately Langham Church clock, unlike that of Grantchester has not stood at ten to three for many months. After serving the village for 130 years and suffering damage in a recent gale the mechanism now requires major repair to guarantee and maintain a consistent performance for the next 20 years. The church clock is a three chain flat bed tower clock installed in 1877 almost certainly made by Gillet and Bland and retailed by Sir John Bennett of Cheapside. The original drive was a weight and pulley system with hand windlass winding. In 1984 through the generosity of Mrs. Blanche Allen the clock had an electrical winding system fitted, which is a monkey on a rope system. Some restoration was carried out 23 years ago but many of the clock parts have been working for 130 years. We are most fortunate to have had the help of first George Milson and latterly Colin Sherriff in caring for the clock and repairing the mechanism where possible to give the best possible performance but now the repairs are beyond local capabilities. The Parochial Church Council feels that the church clock is an important feature and landmark of Langham village life. With the long history of mechanical church clocks and the links they have to the four tower faces it is considered as a structure well worth preserving in a functional working form. Unfortunately only a few church clocks are still now operational because of the high cost of maintenance and Langham is fortunate to have the possibility of restoring its own to working order. Inevitably the work will be costly, although some local voluntary labour can be used to dismantle and reinstall the clock and an insurance claim will help. The horological specialists inform us that a further £3165 will be needed to complete the repairs. The PCC hopes that you may be able to help to cover this cost with a donation however small. A list of subscribers will be published but not the amounts donated. If taxpayers gift aid their donation an extra 28p in the £ can be recovered from the Inland Revenue. Donations to the clock fund, clearly labelled, can be delivered to the Vicarage or to Ann Sherriff (treasurer) at 30, Binham Road, Langham. Cheques should be made payable to ‘Langham PCC Clock Fund’ Rex Dawson


For all makes of Washing Machines Dishwashers Cookers etc. No Call Out Charge 44a Holway Road Sheringham

Tel: 01263 825273 16




Before going to press, on 11th May at 7.00 pm, the Parish Council is funding a Launch Party for those living in Morston, may of whom helped with background information and the production of the Morston Village Design Statement. It is worth listing again here who they were. As Chairman of the Morston VDS I wrote in it:

Contact: Joc Wingfield 01263 740431

General Acknowledgements

For Church Services see Panel on Page 3 THE ANCHOR REOPENS

I would like to thank all those living in Morston, especially the Village Design Statement Committee Members for all their input, help and support: Carole Bean, John Burdell, Jean Chell, Ned Hamond, Nick Hamond (especially for use of his thesis, “The Increased Use of Traffic on the Saltmarsh”, 1995), Tom Harrison, Sandy & Gill Kay, Pat Reynolds, Anne & Richard Rolfe (photographs and avian advice), Charlie Ward, John Wise, and my wife Sara (for the initial editing and computerisation); as well as the following for advice on the subjects shown: Mary Athill, John Bean and Jim Temple – village history, and many others from beyond Morston, and especially Godfrey Sayers and David Carnwath - for much sound advice, input and, not least, for graphics and printing. David designed, computerised and largely wrote the little VDS Booklet proper with some great photos, from Godfrey Sayers, Anne Rolfe and himself. Godfrey designed, computerised (and wrote chunks of) the large booklet, “Morston, Its History, Wildlife & People” again with a substantial pictorial input from Anne Rolfe and three pictures painted by himself and chosen by the Committee. I believe it is interesting just how many relevant, good pictures one can find in a village that are pertinent to its history. Here we found: “Sea Chart by Captain Grenville Collins, 1693” [c.1760 print, Ian Watson] “The Coastguards and their Wives – Morston – 1897” [Jim Temple] “All Saints’ Church, Morston and ‘Bridges’” by the American Joseph Pennell, 1898 [Joc Wingfield] “One Morston Pint”; “Captain Philip Hamond with Major ‘Ike’ Eisenhower”, [Ned Hamond] “Morston Millenium Bonfire”, 2000 [John Wise] “Aerial View of Morston Today” [Dr.Stuart Martin]

On 4th April the Anchor Inn reopened for the first time since the fire last year, with food being served again on 7th April. Manager Sam Handley is planning a mid-week Reopening Party, probably in early June.

SUDDEN POWDITCH ENCOUNTER We know that the Powditch Family lived in Morston from 1538 to 1755 or later, in probably three houses from about 1610, but - from the mid-1650s - in at least six houses: veritably “Powditchville”! We know they visit now every two years, but one doesn’t suddenly expect sudden brief encounters elsewhere. Mary Athill was talking to Ned Hamond next to the church wall at Burnham Deepdale, when she glanced over the wall and there, upright, stood Samuel Powditch and John Brightmer Powditch and - ten feet away Thomas Powditch. Or rather their gravestones stood upright in the churchyard there. John was born and died an infant in 1853 and his father Sam, commemorated at Burnham Deepdale was actually buried at Southwold. Thomas died in 1903. All three were descended from James II of Morston and Ann Musith, his 2nd wife, who both lived here at Morston in about the 1680s.

MORSTON’S LOCAL LYNX DISTRIBUTION Pat Reynolds has now retired from distributing Local Lynx in Morston, a task she has performed ever since it started about nine years ago. The Editor, the local rep and those who live in Morston would all like to thank her profusely. Sara Wingfield has now volunteered to replace her. NEED A GLAZIER ? ..... CALL:



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Paul Wraith 01263 740533



SAXLINGHAM News Contact: Bridget Watson 01328 830248

For Church Services see Panel on Page 3 JAZZ IN JUNE St Margaret’s Church, Friday, 8th June

Tickets are still available for our renowned concert, to be given by a band of splendid musicians from Greshams School. Tickets, at £7.50, will include wine and finger food during the interval, and are available from Bridget Watson (01328 830248), John Rayner (01328 830564) and Rosemary Beeson (01485 525233). All proceeds from the concert will be towards St Margaret’s Fabric Fund.

MORSTON MARDLE by Samphire Dates for Your Diary June 6th Wed. 7.30 pm. Annual Parish Council Meeting: Report to Parishioners. 15th Fri. PCC Crab Supper. 6.15 on the Quay for the Seal Trip ferry, followed by supper in the Village Hall. Tickets at £10 available from Mary Athill (740306) or from Hope Todd (740118). Wine & beer available. To avoid disappointment, book early for this enjoyable evening: friends old and new welcome.

AUCTION SALE With fund raising much in mind, a sale was held last month at the Village Hall, and the excellent sum of £1,265 was raised which, added to various donations, has given us an excellent start to our repair fund for the North Tower at St Margaret’s Church.


July 21st Sat. Friends of Morston Church AGM in Village Hall at 6.30 (preceded by Friends Committee Meeting at 5.30 in Coastguard House).

Thanks to the generosity of Mr and Mrs G. Ruffles, the church gates have been beautifully restored, and we are extremely grateful to them for their help in this respect.



4th Sat. Morston Regatta.

This was held this year jointly with Field Dalling at St Andrew’s church. It was a lovely service with a good congregation and, as always, took place in a warm, friendly atmosphere. We recently welcomed members of both Field Dalling and Bale Churches to St Margaret’s. These ‘shared’ services are much enjoyed by everyone and it is such a delightful way in which to meet fellow worshippers from other churches in our Benefice, and, in particular, to acknowledge that we truly belong to one ‘family’.

PCC STALL AT HOLKHAM Alice Carnwath, Mary Athill and Sara Wingfield ran a highly successful stall at the very popular, well-attended Holkham Stately Car Boot Sale on 6th May, making £600.00 for Morston Church funds.

MORSTON QUIZ by Samphire (Answers on Page 15) 1. Which three films have each won 11 Oscars? 2. What type of flower is the source of vanilla? 3. What is the old city of Saigon now called? 4. What were UFOs originally called in 1947? 5. In 1971 East Pakistan became which independent nation? 6. What is the first animal mentioned in most English dictionaries? 7. What are the two main metals combined to make bronze? 8. How many balls start a game of snooker? 9. What species outnumber all others on Earth put together? 10. What mammal can fly?

Established 21 years

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Telephone: 01328 878806 J. Dunning - 3 Hindringham Road - Bale - NR21 0QQ




Contact: Dr Peter Garwood

11a Avenue Road, High Kelling, Holt, Norfolk NR25 6RD

01263 860700

For Church Services see Panel on Page 3 SHARRINGTON CHURCH NEWS

Telephone (01263) 713113

Easter Coffee Morning International affairs were brought straight to the heart of rural Norfolk when the Head of BBC Newsgathering appeared as guest of honour at a Sharrington Coffee Morning. Anne Sloman’s friend and former colleague, Fran Unsworth, was delighted to be invited to speak to assembled guests who had gathered in the Easter sunshine at All Saints Cottage. She spoke of her experiences within the Corporation and her work co-ordinating news gathering from correspondents around the world. Special mention was made of BBC Reporter Alan Johnston and the circumstances surrounding his capture, and the Bishop of Lynn, the Right Rev. James Langstaff led prayers for his safe release. Guests mingled in the garden and enjoyed browsing amongst the books, cakes and plants on sale until it was time to draw the raffle. The Coffee Morning raised an impressive £566 for church funds and we are grateful to Anne and all her helpers for making it such an enjoyable and informative event.

Funeral Director:

Mrs Zoe Mitchell, N.A.F.D. VILLAGE HALL NEWS It was decided last month that the back room of the village hall needed some rather overdue attention; the idea was to clear out the rubbish and accumulated items placed there in the fond hope they may come in useful sometime and replace the various bits of carpet and lino on the floor. Three of us set to and cleared the room, the carpet man came and measured and subsequently fitted a hard wearing floor covering of the type popular in schools, etc. What an improvement, but how sad and dirty the walls, ceiling and paintwork looked, so John Simpson came to the rescue with an acceptable estimate and moved in to transform the room. Unfortunately, distemper had been used on the ceiling so the first coat of emulsion was hanging in fetching strips the next morning! The problem was solved and we now have a refurbished room, three serviceable chairs made out of four broken ones, all the rubbish taken to the dump and the table tops now stored horizontally on the floor. Thank you to all who helped and if you see the doors open please feel free to have a peep. PS: A timely reminder that from 1st July 2007 the hall will be a non-smoking area to comply with the new law. APG

Garden Fete

This year’s Fete will be held on Saturday 21st July at 2pm, at Church Farmhouse, by kind permission of Mr and Mrs Paul Morgan. Anyone with offers of help or bright ideas will be welcome at a planning meeting at The Place on Monday 4th June 2007 at 7pm. If you are unable to attend, but would like to contribute, please ring Pippa Long on 860613


Flower Festival Mary Lee is co-ordinating a Flower Festival on the theme of “Norfolk Attractions” to be staged in church over the weekend 18th and 19th August 2007. Arrangements will be done by members of Holt Flower Club as well as parishioners, so look out in the next issue of “Local Lynx” for further details. PL

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Peter Coke’s latest shellwork, loosely based on his ideas of the Tower of Babel is an astonishing tour de force. Using a multitudinous collection of different sized and coloured shells from all over the world he manages to be both inspiring and amusing. Not yet at his Gallery in Sheringham, it is shown at his Workshop at Sharrington Hall where he exhibits and sells his latest pieces and takes commissions. This is a ‘must see’ creation, earning the soubriquet of the WOW factor. Stunning, fascinating and able to raise a smile or two. Some 3.5’ square and of an impressive height, walking around it is a really fascinating experience, and incorporates thousands upon thousands of shells. We are fortunate in this village to have Peter, who is No.1 in the world in his art form – ‘The Faberge of Shells’ as he is know amongst those who really know about art and creativity. Don’t miss it, dear readers. Open from 10am – 5pm, except on Sundays. Admission is free. Any contributions are gratefully received for the Samaritans and for the possible purchase of further exotic shells. We have a star in our midst. (Go see). PJG





Some 30 of us were taken on a trip to the Antarctic – a night on the ice – by John & Pauline Clarke. Although they modestly claimed not to be photographers, their show was brilliant; icebergs, ice flows, ice mountains, ice everything. These formed a backdrop for a few wondering warmly clad human, whales, seals, skuas, petrel and regiments of penguins. One could almost smell the penguin poo. Instead, we had the wonderful aroma of freshly baked cakes and sarnies. The friendly informality of the evening was excellent and we all felt free to ask questions and make daft remarks. Pauline with her big smile and big pointy stick told us what we were looking at. One memorable slide showed her sitting on a rock, surrounded by snow and penguins doing her knitting. John did the techno bit and ever so politely asked her to go and make the tea – the proper order of society. It was a fascinating and very enjoyable evening from the power base of East Sharringtonia. That’s where the action is folks, packed with talented, interesting and informed people these wastelands of North Norfolk. Thank you John and Pauline and all who helped them, the cakes, particularly, were of great beauty all home grown and original creations - splendid. The evening raised £110 for Earthwatch - a global environmental charity. PJG

Contact: Keith McDougall

01328 830344

For Church Services see Panel on Page 3 JUNE 24th To mark St. John the Baptist’s Day on this date we will be having a special Family Service at St. John’s Church Stiffkey at 11am, followed by a barbecue in the churchyard. The reason for this is to say “Thank you” for all the members of the village who supported the church so wholeheartedly in the re-decoration project last year. We hope for fine weather and for a good crowd to come and enjoy the event. You are all most welcome. Personal invitations will be delivered at the end of May. Please put the date in your diaries.

NATURE NOTES I am glad to say that we have a regular pair of swallows which nest in our out-house. This means we have to leave the door open all summer. The mud nest is tucked into the apex of the ceiling against the electric light boss. I wonder about the extra warmth from the light bulb percolating through the mud walls of the fledglings nest. Could be useful in cold snaps! I was sitting in my living room on April 15th. The front door was open (the dogs were enjoying going in and out to the garden), and suddenly I was aware of a shape flitting round the room. My swallow had returned from Africa, but had taken the wrong turning – into the main house not the adjacent out-house! No problem - I let down the sash window, and out it went into the blue sky - to wait for it to settle into the old nest again. ‘One swallow does not make a summer’ - but it made mine, this year.

SHARRINGTON NIGHT LIFE If you are seeking adventure, wonder, excitement – romance even - Sharrington has it. If you prefer the quiet contemplative aura, Sharrington also has it. All we need to do is to step outside, raise our eyes and be enthralled. We are blessed with darkness. Darkness unblemished by earthlight, punctuated by starlight, shooting stars, meteors descending, planets and constantly moving constellations as our earth revolves. The preservation of our darkness is the concern of the many environmentalists. Your support would be very welcome, you are invited to contact darkskies.org for this vital service. If you would like to learn much more there is a magnificent observatory at Wiveton – some 10-15 minutes away. The observatory has been created by local enthusiasts to house a telescope used by Walter Goodacre to chart the moon. It is a very impressive, fully functional piece of kit, completely returned to its former glory after 100 years. This is the property of the North Norfolk Astronomy Society www.nnas.org. For a family membership of only £12.00 our local heavenly body is Malcolm Green 01263 860818, 17 The Street, Sharrington, NR24 2PJ. The relevant maps of the heavens are available. More enthusiasts, either fledgling or in full flight are more than welcome. Being a computer buff could be a plus; marrying the genius of Galileo his crew with modern technology. We are lucky; go outside and stand in wonder - ad astra folks. PJG

Hobbys Hobbys are becoming more common in East Anglia. They look like Peregrines except that they chase rather than stoop on their prey. I have watched them chasing around after insects - dragonflies in particular. Once, in France, on holiday, we were having a glass of wine on the veranda of our holiday house, and a hobby suddenly swooped after a swallow (they fly fast enough to catch them in flight). It collided with its prey right in front of us but suddenly noticing our presence it dropped the swallow at our feet, and sped off. I picked up the dazed bird which shortly flew off, unharmed. Pightle

The Blakeney Hotel Blakeney, Nr. Holt, Norfolk NR25 7NE

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AA 

Overlooking the estuary, the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing break, a meal or just a coffee. We have seasonal and permanent employment opportunities Telephone Helen for information.




In 1938 my father John Henry Donovan married Mabel Lilian Little at The Register Office, Fakenham. The difference between this marriage and many others was that my father was from Liverpool and my mother was the daughter of Robert ‘Bob Gee’ Little a wheeler from Wells next the Sea. How did the couple meet? On 5 August 1932 my father enlisted into the Army and joined the Royal Regiment of Artillery and after training and some home postings, including Ireland, he arrived in Malaya on 22 February 1934 remaining there until 10 March 1937 when he was posted to Gibraltar. He remained in Gibraltar until a boat trip to England found him as one of the advanced party arriving at Stiffkey on 22 March 1938 with the orders to set up a field camp on farmland off Greenway. For them there were no buildings, only their lorries and staff cars with tents, spades and cooking utensils. There role was to prepare a camp, under canvas, fit for soldiers of all ranks to use for Anti Aircraft training by members of the Royal Artillery. The few soldiers toiled daily, initially erecting tents for their own use, well they had to sleep somewhere, and for the cooks to prepare meals. Latrines were another essential need as were store tents and a canvas guardroom/ammunition store. Slowly the camp began to take shape, all canvas and not a building in sight. As the camp progressed the soldiers found themselves with a little slack time and I remember my father recollecting the two tea ladies who lived on Greenway supplying them with tea and biscuits. I believe them to be relatives of John Green who still lives in Greenway. Eventually the advance party were allowed to leave the camp and my father acquired a bicycle on which he and another Bombardier used to cycle to Wells, yes, two on one bike. Some how he found his way to the East End and met my mother, who lived in Jolly Sailor yard, My father remained at Stiffkey Camp until his 6 year enlistment ended and was demobbed on 4 August 1938 and transferred to Army Reserve. Whilst the Camp became an essential training centre it was not until some years later that buildings were erected and some say not until it was occupied by members of the US forces. Some years later, whist on holiday in Wells, my father visited the Camp and was given a V.I.P. reception and tour by the American Service personnel stationed there. He was particularly impressed by the ‘luxury accommodation’ compared to the tents in which he had lived. Pat Norris

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UNICEF MEETING addressed by Norman Lamb, MP Stiffkey residents with their friends and relatives made up a very significant portion of the audience, which heard Norman Lamb speak on his impressions of Ghana gained on a visit in 2005. The meeting took place at Gresham’s School on March 29th, and was organised by the North Norfolk members of the N. and W Norfolk Unicef Supporters Group. Mr. Lamb described Ghana as a potential success story with encouraging developments in its economy, education opportunities, and democratic government. The main problems limiting economic growth are:  insufficient investment in transport.  under-developed marketing skills.  too much overseas subsidised food and goods competing unfairly in Ghana.  over zealous tariffs and trade regulations making it difficult for Ghana’s produce to compete in foreign markets. The retiring collection and auction of two tickets for tea on the terrace at Westminster raised £300 for loos in schools in Ghana. Mrs Susan Moore conducted the auction in characteristically flamboyant fashion and Mrs Rae Muddle was the successful bidder. We are grateful to Norman Lamb for his time, very interesting talk and the voucher for tea at the House! His talk included many illuminating insights into life in Ghana. Thanks also to Gresham’s for such excellent accommodation and cooperation. John Adnitt

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WARBOROUGH HILL What do we know about the ancient history of this mound? Was it a Bronze Age burial mound? Was it Roman look out post? Anyone with historical information please lets have a contribution to Lynx. Stiffkey is full of history – let’s get involved and share our knowledge.

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BIRD-VENTURES Helping you to help our wildlife We stock a huge range of wildlife products Open 9 - 5.30 Monday - Saturday

The AGM was held after Evensong on April 15th. The Revd. Joanna Anderson chaired the meeting. John Adnitt and Keith McDougall were re-elected as churchwardens, Helen Leach as secretary, Heather Harrison as treasurer, and Beverley Bashforth as representative at the Deanery Synod. Other re-elected members of the PCC were Eva Gambrill, Steven Bashforth, John and Shirley Everett, Theresa Gunton and Margaret Adnitt. John Adnitt was elected as lay chairman of the PCC. The churchwardens’ annual report was received. It noted the satisfactory completion of the re-decoration programme. It also acknowledged gratitude to many villagers and non-residents who have helped in many different ways during the year, especially in connection with the re-decoration programme and the associated fund raising events. Anyone who would like a copy of this report should contact John Adnitt (830044). The treasurer’s reported that we had paid our full parish share of £7,600 during the year and that after the re-decoration programme and the re-funding of VAT on the amounts paid for that there was still a reasonable balance in the fabric fund, although much less than a year ago. Members of the council recognise a particular debt of gratitude to Russell Wright who has taken a major role for many years in maintaining the churchyard through grass-cutting and other tidying jobs. Russell has decided that he can no longer continue this, and we will miss his unobtrusive hard work very much. We hope that other volunteers will emerge to spend a couple of enjoyable hours every now and then cutting grass in tranquil and beautiful surroundings. Meanwhile mowing will form part of the exercise regime of the remaining members of the Grasscutters Union. John Adnitt

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Bird-Ventures 9B Chapel Yard, Albert Street, Holt, Norfolk NR25 6HG Telephone 01263 710203 email Paul.seethebird@fsmail.net

THE CHURCH CARPET The most controversial outcome of the Church redecoration carried out last year has been the removal of the red carpet, which had been there for almost 40 years. The date on the newspapers under the carpet in the chancel was the clue! The carpet had to be taken up while the walls were being repainted and the timbers in the roof treated. Some parishioners are unhappy about the fact it has not been re-laid. Apart from the fact that parts of the carpet had deteriorated, the architect who supervised the redecoration strongly advised against relaying it. Carpets in churches add to the humidity by preventing damp in stone floors from dispersing naturally. Humidity damages paintwork and woodwork. For instance we were told that putting the carpet back in the aisle might cause damp to spread sideways into the wooden floors under the pews. We were given frightening information about the expense of repairs to this sort of damage in some churches where carpets had been kept down. Actually some of us much prefer the look of the church without the carpet. Without it the stone floor is gradually drying out and adding to the overall lighter airy appearance of the church. Our church is medieval and carpets had no place in churches of that era. John Adnitt

STIFFKEY CRICKET Below is the list of fixtures for this summer, as currently confirmed. All matches to start at 2.00pm. Refreshments will be available for all spectators at all home matches – all welcome. Leave your name with Andy at the shop or Andy at The Red Lion if you are interested in playing.

STIFFKEY STORES The newly renovated Stiffkey Stores is now open! Following six weeks of hard slog, removing ceilings and laying floors we finally opened for a glorious Easter weekend. Since then we have been settling into the new space and appreciate everyone’s patience with our constant rearranging….. we will get there soon!!! (although knowing Alice…) We are enjoying expanding our range of wares, including further local produce, cards and gifts and lovely cut flowers at weekends. Our aim is to create an inspiring place to shop (and work!) offering some interesting treats along the way. Thank you to everyone for your ongoing support and encouragement during our first six months in beautiful Stiffkey. Alice Burnet and Andy Griffin

20th May Inter Stiffkey Home rd 3 June Heydon Home 10th June Burnham Market Venue TBA 17th June Burnham Thorpe Home 1st July Hindringham Away 22nd July Hindringham Home North Creake 29th July Burnham Market th 12 Aug Burnham Market Venue TBA 19th Aug Kingston University Staff Home Other matches to be finalised include a 20/20 match against Holkham, and the visit of a touring side from Thurleigh, Bedfordshire. Details will be posted in Stiffkey Stores and the Red Lion.


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BOOK SALE FOR ALABARACA SCHOOL The trustees of Albaraca Nursery School would like to thank all who have supported the former bookstall outside the village shop. Last financial year this raised almost £600, equivalent to the annual sponsorship for 24 children at the school. Over the years it contributed over £2000. It was, we admit, a bit of an eyesore, but a very productive one! Many people donated books and bought books. Some books were sold several times as they returned for resale. In this way the bookstall also became a sort of library. At certain times of the year it diversified into a plant stall. Offers of books for sale will sadly have to be declined until alternative plans for selling them are made. John Adnitt

NEOLITHIC ARROWHEAD FOUND IN STIFFKEY Thousands of people walk the woodland path in Coneyford Wood by Stiffkey Camp. A walk with my daughter proved memorable. Looking down, casually, she stooped and picked up a flint arrowhead - perfect in all respects! It was on the surface of the path over which thousands had trodden for generations. So Bale is not the only location for such treasure! Keep you eyes open! KMcD

THANK YOU I should like to thank, on behalf of the village of Stiffkey, Mr John Everett of Blakeney for the wonderful notice board he has made and given to the village. This will be erected in Greenway to replace the old one, which was beyond repair. He has requested that the notice board be dedicated to his late father who served as a Parish Councillor for Stiffkey. They lived at Vale House Farm between October 1921 and October 1928. Once again thank you John. Michael Jordan, Stiffkey Parish Council


Pupils at Langham Village School will be keeping on the move this Summer Term. For a start the school is planning to organise a Sponsored Fun Run in association with the Tesco ‘Great School Run’ on Thursday, 21 June, in the afternoon. The aim is to raise money to update and enhance the quality of all reading scheme books for everyone in the school. Then School Sports Day will take place on Friday, 13 July, at 1pm – weather permitting. The reserve day is Tuesday, 17 July. Soon after Sports Day the ‘Whole School Visit’ will be to Gressenhall Rural Life Museum for a fascinating glimpse into a bygone era in Norfolk. The local community has a chance to visit the school informally – and take part in fun activities – at the Langham Village School Friends’ Summer Fair on Friday, 6 July, from 5pm to 7pm. There will be games, a raffle, tombola, refreshments and all the usual fun of the school fair. Remember what ‘school dinners’ were like? A new feature of Langham life in the Summer Term is the new school meals service from Alderman Peel High School in Wells, where they are committed to providing home cooked, local produce at good value for money. “We have been extremely impressed with the quality (and quantity) of the meals from Alderman Peel,” says Headteacher Mike Green. Even the children seem to agree. “I think they are really tasty,” says Jonathan Bean from Year 5. “The Cook at Wells is fantastic – the meat is not that chewy!” says Finlay Newton from Year 2, and Carly Savory from Year 4 adds: “They’re just like the yummy food my mum makes.” Praise indeed. The school’s innovative International Primary Curriculum, which aims to introduce the children to a broader range of experiences than the standard curriculum, has a new set of projects during the Summer Term. Class 1 is focusing on ‘Toys and Holidays’, while Class 2 is looking at ‘Money and Trade, Purse Making, Environments and Habitats and World Music’. Class 3 is investigating ‘Our Place in Space/Mission to Mars’. Mike Green comments: “We have secured the Business Exchange to work with the older children – designing and making their own rockets, which they will launch.” Looking ahead, the school is intending to follow up its success in the ‘Investors in People’ scheme by pursuing a similar ‘Investors in Pupils’ programme. “We are hoping to complete the preparatory work that goes towards our securing the award and we hope to go for assessment early in the Autumn Term,” says Mike Green. Don’t forget, you can keep up to date with everything happening at the school by logging on to the school’s own Website at www.langhamvillageschool.com.


01328 851081

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Profile for Robert Metcalfe

Local Lynx issue 54, June/July 2007  

The community newsppaer for 10 North Norfolk villages

Local Lynx issue 54, June/July 2007  

The community newsppaer for 10 North Norfolk villages