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APRIL & MAY 2007


Valley Farm - home of the Rivett Family (see page 19) by Peter Garwood

BIRD-VENTURES Helping you to help our wildlife We stock a huge range of wildlife products Open 9 - 5.30 Monday - Saturday Quality Wild Bird Foods, Live Meal Worms, Bird Feeders, Bird Tables, Feeder Poles, Window Feeders, Sqirrel Baffles, Nesting boxes. Insect Homes for Bumble Bees, Solitary Bees, Ladybirds, Lacewings & Butterflies. Pond Dipping Nets. Bat Boxes. Moth Traps. Butterfly Nets. Books. Videos. CDs.

Bird-Ventures 9B Chapel Yard, Albert Street, Holt, Norfolk NR25 6HG Telephone 01263 710203 email

Charles Ogle-Rush Let me drive you near or far to Planes, Boats, Trains, Theatres, Dinners, Children’s parties etc

Up to 6 passengers & luggage Anywhere - Anytime Day or Night 01328 830 030 Licensed by NNDC and fully insured

G J PARSONS Darren Betts Building and Maintenance 4 Hollow Lane Langham NR25 7BY 01328 830703 0788 184 1917

Landscaping & Complete Garden Service Patios, paths, driveways and shed-bases laid. Decking, fencing, carports and sheds erected. Strimming, Rotavating, grass-cutting, hedge-cutting, mole-catching, pressure washing, and garden clearance undertaken. Mini-digger/JCB hire and general property maintenance. Free estimates.

Tel: 01263 587867 or 0787 622 6551


WHAT’S ON in our ten villages

- is a non-profit-making community newspaper, run for the benefit of ten villages.

APRIL 3rd Tues. Field Dalling Village Hall Lent Course 7 4th Wed. Sharrington, Coffee morning, 11.00 5th Thurs. Langham Mobile Library 6th Fri. Bale Friends of Bale Church launch, 6.30 7th Sat. Langham Coffee Morning 10 - 12 8th Sun. Stiffkey Easter Egg Hunt, 3.00 11th Wed. Langham Ladybirds ‘Storytime’ 7.30 13th Fri. Binham Festival Open Meeting, 7.30 16th Mon. Stiffkey WI - ‘Holiday in Peru’ 7.00 18th Wed. Morston Parish Council 6.30 18th Wed. Langham Coffee Morning 10 -12 19th Thurs. Binham Hist. Group visit Norwich 19th Thurs. Binham & Hindringham Open Circle 21st Sat. Sharrington ‘Antarctica’ 7.45 21st Sat. Langham Alzeheimer’s Jumble, 10-12 24th Tues. Binham Annual Parish Meeting. 7.30 26th Thurs. Binham Hist group. Music in Norfolk 26th Thurs. Langham Mobile Library 28th Sat. Gunthorpe 50/50 Coffee 10.30 28th Sat. Binham Priory Street Collection in Holt

We warmly welcome drawings, articles and letters for publication, but must reserve the right to edit or exclude items. The items published do not necessarily reflect the views of the editors or the village representatives. For information about submitting items for publication, or if you want to help in any other way, please contact your village representative, through whom all village news must be submitted. For general information please send a message to our email address: COPY FOR JUNE/JULY ISSUE BY 9th MAY PLEASE NOTE: CONTACT FOR ADVERTISERS For enquiries about advertising in Local Lynx, please contact David John, tel: 01328-830933 Rates for advertising (pre-paid) are: One column x 62 mm (1/8 page): £60 for six issues.

MAY 3rd Thurs. Council Elections 5th Sat. Langham Coffee Morning 10 - 12 8th Tues. Langham Parish Council. 7.00 9th Wed. Langham Ladybirds ‘WW2’ Open meeting 13th Sun. Langham ‘Friends’ Car Treasure Hunt 16th Wed. Langham Coffee Morning 10 - 12 17th Thurs. Binham & Hindringham Open Circle 17th Thurs. Langham Mobile Library 19th Sat. Langham Leukaemia Spring Sale 10 - 12 21st Mon. Binham Annual Parish Meeting 21st Mon. Stiffkey W.I. Meeting 25th - 28th Binham Gala Flower Festival 26th - 28th Binham Second Hand Book Sale 26th Sat. Gunthorpe 50/50 Coffee. 10.30 28th Mon. Langham Bring & Buy in churchyard.

Small Ads Panel on the back page: Available for individuals and businesses providing local services. Cost: £5 per issue.

DISTRIBUTION CONTACT: For all enquiries or offers to help, please contact: Rita White, tel: 01328 830821


2 The Willows Chapel Lane Wiveton Norfolk NR25 7TQ

BLAKENEY CATHOLIC CHURCH Father Michael Simison 12, Hindringham Road, Gt. Walsingham, Norfolk. NR22 6DR Tel:01328 821353 Service Times: Vigil Mass, Saturday 6.00 pm. Sunday Mass 10.30 am. METHODIST CHURCH Minister - Reverend Rosemary Wakelin Tel. 01263 712181 For services at Blakeney and Holt see ‘Glaven Valley Newsletter’ or ‘Holt Chronicle’.

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NORMAN LAMB M.P. holds regular advice surgeries in the constituency. He can also be contacted via the constituency office at: 15 Market Place North Walsham Norfolk NR28 9BP Tel: 01692 403752 Fax: 01692 500818 e-mail:

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Garden design and landscaping Lawn and grass cutting, lawn maintenance Turfing and seeding new lawns Garden maintenance for private and holiday homes Patios and paths laid Seasonal pruning of shrubs, trees, fruit trees and roses Hedge cutting and fencing Garden clearance

Tel: 01263 740591 Mobile: 07831 102592 Also 01263 511587


Church Services for Bale and Stiffkey Benefice for April and May HC = Holy Communion. FS = Family Service. MP = Morning Prayer. EP = Evening Prayer. BCP = Book of Common Prayer All Communion Services are in traditional language except those marked *

Parish Bale Field Dalling Gunthorpe Saxlingham Sharrington Binham Langham Morston Stiffkey

1st April-Palm Sunday 9.30am HC Service at Saxlingham No service 9.30am HC 9.30am MP 11.00am HC 9.30am HC* 9.30am HC/BCP 11.00am HC

8th April -Easter Day 9.30am HC 11.00am HC 9.30am HC Service at Field Dalling 9.30am HC 11.00am HC 9.30am HC 9.30am HC/BCP 11.00am HC*

15th April 9.30am HC 11.00am FS No Service 11.00am HC 9.30am MP 11.00am FS 9.30am HC 9.30am HC/BCP 8.00am HC*

22nd April 9.30am HC 11.00am HC 11.00am HC Service at Field Dalling 9.30am HC 9.30am HC 11.00am FS No Service 11.00am FS

Maundy Thursday,5thApril: Agape at 7pm in Binham Village Hall followed by a 1 hour vigil in Binham Priory Good Friday,6thApril:Solemn Reflection, 10.30am at Stiffkey, 11am at Saxlingham and 2pm at Sharrington Easter Saturday,7thApril: at 4pm Family Service and egghunt at Binham. 8.00pm Service of Light at Binham

Group Holy Communion Service 29thApril, 10.30 am at Gunthorpe Parish Bale Field Dalling Gunthorpe Saxlingham Sharrington Binham Langham Morston Stiffkey

6th May 9.30am HC Service at Saxlingham No service 9.30am HC 9.30am MP 11.00am HC 9.30am HC* 9.30am HC/BCP 11.00am HC

13th May 9.30am HC 11.00am HC 9.30am HC Service at Field Dalling 9.30am HC 11.00am HC 9.30am HC No service 11.00am HC*

20th May 9.30am HC 11.00am FS No Service 11.00am HC 9.30am MP 11.00am FS 9.30am HC 9.30am HC/BCP 8.00am HC*

27th May 9.30am HC 11.00am HC 11.00am HC Service at Field Dalling 9.30am HC 9.30am HC 11.00am FS No Service 11.00am FS

REGULAR WEEKDAY SERVICES Binham: Tuesday, 6pm Evening prayers. Langham: Wednesday, 10am Holy Communion Stiffkey: Friday, 10am Holy Communion



“The sun warms my back, while the black earth in my hand carries the memory of winter’s icy, iron grip. Frost fingers spring’s first bold beginnings threateningly, But the budding trees betray nature’s secret understanding of death and resurrection. This is a good time for me, Between snowdrop and daffodil; I would wish perhaps to spend eternity here, On the threshold of things - expectant. Nevertheless, even here I grope for meaning (instead of simply being) Resurrection, Salvation, Redemption Each suggest to me a process rather than a condition, An ebb and flow, a signpost, Rather than a destination. For now, it is sufficient to have caught a glimpse of that possibility. This time, between snowdrop and daffodil, encourages me to wait.” (Poem by Peter Anderson ) At this Easter Tide may I wish you the sun’s warmth, the courage to wait and an openness to the possibility of new life. Revd. Joanna Anderson

THE BIG SING Come and Sing your heart out! Come and enjoy singing with others! Whatever your voice is like – come, and sing songs from Iona and from around the world. Saturday June 9th at Binham Priory. 10 am – 3.00pm Contact : Rev. Joanna Anderson 01328 830 246.

DEANERY NEWS At the time of going to press our future synod meeting dates are not yet arranged so do keep in touch with your deanery rep for details. Deanery Assessor particularly reminded PCC secretaries and clergy at our synod in March of 2 things: i) all GREEN FORMS should be completed and sent to him as soon as possible ii) to ensure that statistics for mission were accurate. Quiet Day will be on May 3rd at Walsingham, watch out for posters for further information. Petitioning Downing Street on church buildings An on-line petition is now available on the Downing Street website, encouraging the government to provide more financial help for repair of Church of England church buildings. Anyone wishing to sign up simply has to go to: Ann Sherriff




We reported in the last issue that we had received an anonymous letter, in essence complaining that the news from some villages did not always represent the views of all villagers and sometimes amounted to those who had organised events congratulating themselves. This complaint was considered at length in February by the Support Group which has the task of regulating how the paper is run and how it can be improved. This is not the task of the editors. Their job is to process the items the village representatives send in and publish the paper in a form which can be printed. It would seem that the role of the village reps may be not fully understood. They are not roving reporters, they are busy people, like the rest of us, who are good enough to take time to assemble the news they receive from the members of their village. They can only deal with items they are sent. So if you feel that your news or plans for events are not being reported, then it is up to you to give the information to your rep. Please note that the deadline always given on page 2 of the paper is the date by which all village reps must send their copy to whoever may be editing the next issue of the paper. Under development changes now being introduced to ensure the future of the paper, the copy has to be sent by email in a specific computer format - which itself takes time to compile. So - if you want your news and views to be included in the paper, contact your rep in good time before the relevant deadline to ensure that he/she knows you want it included and has time to process it well before the deadline. This is particularly important at times when your rep may be away or particularly busy with other things. Please note that the general rule must be that if your news has not reached your rep in time for it to be processed, it will not appear in the next issue and probably won’t appear at all, because it will be overtaken by later news. And if the same people who organise the activities in your village also have to write the news then perhaps more should become involved to share the burdens and the joys of village life! Eds

Wed. 4th April, Blakeney Village Hall, 9.30 - 12.30 Entry and activities for families free, refreshments available. Come, join the fun, meet the staff and children.

VINTAGE TRACTOR ROAD RUN Bank Holiday Monday, May 7th Mr Brian Cottrell has organised a sponsored vintage tractor road run in aid of Papworth Hospital and Holt Medical Practice Equipment Fund, leaving the Sports and Social Club, Kelling Road, Holt at 10.30 am. The tractors will be stopping near Langham Bluebell and returning to Holt at aprox. 1.00 pm. Refreshments and other attractions including Razz the Clown and Bouncey Castle will be at the club. Enquiries 01263 711096

DISTRICT COUNCILLORS’ NOTEBOOKS From Bernard Crowe, OBE (Glaven Valley Ward) Housing: The government has proposed that in the future the number of houses in North Norfolk shall be increased by at least 8,000, to include, if possible, at least 35% affordable homes. More on-site renewable energy will be needed. Even so, there are doubts whether the infrastructure could support such an increase. The question arises as to whether further development should occur in some of our smaller villages. Also, should the owners of second homes pay more council tax towards the cost of meeting local housing needs? Your views are invited. From Jonathan Savory (Priory Ward) Council Tax: At the Full Council meeting on Feb 21, N. Norfolk District Council agreed a Council Tax rise of 2.5%. The budget for the whole District is £14 million. Just 10% of your total Council Tax bill is used to provide services by NNDC. A band D property will pay an additional £3.06 p.a. Council Tax can still be paid at any Post Office. In April to save money on paperwork, swipe cards will replace payment slips for residents who pay in person. Payment can be made at any Pay Point facility which may be located at village stores or petrol stations. Other: Despite the cost of retaining County Council funded flood sirens, NNDC have earmarked £950,000 for coastal defences. Cromer will get a new visitor/tourist info. centre, with public conveniences in one building, possibly on the Meadow Car Park, costing £700,000. No rise in car parking charges this year. Signage on all car parks throughout the District to be replaced at a cost of £40,000, hopefully completed during April.

RURAL PROJECTS FUND GRANT SCHEME Grants of up to £1,500 are available for small community projects. Applications welcome from community and voluntary groups whose projects benefit the local community - local consultation essential and 25% match funding is required. Types of projects supported; Play Areas and Play Equipment; Leaflets promoting local walks; Information boards and signs for Wildlife and Recreation areas; Village notice boards; Village signs; Creating and improving wildlife areas; Bus shelters; Info/welcome packs for newcomers; Art exhibitions and Family history groups. Contact Pauline High, Norfolk Rural Community Council: 01362 698216 or

Bernard Crowe OBE: Field Dalling with Saxlingham, Morston and Sharrington (with Brinton) (01263 740137, email: Jonathan Savory: (01328 820719 and Joyce Trett (01328 710300) - Binham, Langham and Stiffkey. Mrs A.R.Green: (01328 878273) - Gunthorpe with Bale.




Could I first thank Jonathan Savory for informing us all about ‘compulsory registration of keyholders for burglar alarms and fining us if we do not’. He is of course doing his job as a good Councillor, but If I were a burglar I would ensure I got access to the keyholder information. Burglars know that the more protection a property has the more likely it is to have more material wealth in the property. Failure to maintain a burglar alarm requires a fixed fine notice, not registration. Registration lets the world know private details that should not be general knowledge. A friend, who works for insurance, says almost ‘anyone’ could look at ‘contents’ policies, which are registered under Data Protection Act! Never assume that your details are kept private, soon all personal details will be accessible by many civil servants as government departments begin to merge - Inland Revenue and Custom & Excise. Am I over-re-acting - do this test. Find total burglary figures for ’06 and collect those for ’07 ’08 and ’09. Watch them go up. Then try proving that the District County Council or anyone else is at fault. H. Boon

(Established 30 years)

Roofing Contractors to the National Trust (East Anglia Region)

Tiling, Slating, New Roofs Strip/Retile & Repair Flat Roofs Repaired Telephone: 01328 730386 or 07748 845143 Email:

JOB VACANCY Part-time confidential PA required in N. Norfolk (Holt/Fakenham area) - able and experienced for busy Consultant. Probably suit someone recently retired or whose children have grown up. Must have good computer and office organisational skills. Flexible hours - some work could be done at home. Apply in confidence and send CV to Tel: 07767 370194.

NORFOLK COUNTY TELECLUB Are you an older person looking to broaden your social circle and explore new horizons - a carer who would like to have a friendly ear occasionally, or do you have a house-bound elderly relative who would like more social interaction? The Teleclub, a new social club and contacts service, provides emotional support, mental stimulation, social contact, fun and entertainment for over 65s. It is a telephone service that, for £10 a quarter, offers: a local rate number where members can talk throughout the day to our staff; up to 3 weekly calls from the Teleclub to its members; telephone ‘coffee mornings’ offering chaired discussions, games, quizzes and social contacts; a contacts service, finding members with similar interests in their area; sources of useful information and a quarterly newsletter. Heather Darnes For further info. call the Teleclub - 01603 495139 or At Home Not Alone - or 0844 800 8014

HOLT AREA CARING SOCIETY Founded some 27 years ago, originally to give a wide range of home care, this now serves all within the Holt Medical Practice area, providing transport for any in the area to visit any form of medical centre and to take nextof-kin to visit. The drivers are all volunteers who can choose how much, when and how far they will go, their expences are fully covered. Recruits are needed to replace those who are ready to retire, and we like to find helpers from over the wide range of villages covered by the practice. If interested, contact our co-ordinator - Liz Traynier 01263 711243.



The CARPET Cleaning Specialists


Will professionally clean the carpet in any sized room for only £37.50 or 3-piece suites from only £58.00

Bespoke handmade fine furniture

We professionally clean: Homes, Hotels, Clubs, Pubs, Patios, Driveways, Oriental Rugs, Upholstery, Curtains and Car Interiors.


Tel: FREEPHONE 0800 6985055 Discounts for Senior Citizens

Telephone 01263 712433


Hill House Farm Estate Lower Bodham Holt NR25 6RW

Cleaning in the Blakeney, Cley, Holt area






Contact: Jane Wheeler 01328 878 656

11a Avenue Road, High Kelling, Holt, Norfolk NR25 6RD

For Church Services see Panel on Page 3

Telephone (01263) 713113


Funeral Director:

THE NEWLY FORMED “Friends of Bale Church” has now received charity status, and is holding a launch party for the society at Bale Village Hall on Good Friday 6th April from 6.30 pm, when applications for membership will be invited. Wine and light refreshment provided. Everyone, from far and wide, is welcome.

Mrs Zoe Mitchell, N.A.F.D. AN INVITATION FOR YOUR IDEAS ON THE EVOLUTION OF WHERE YOU LIVE? Moving on 5,000 years from the stone-age axe head, man has wholly shaped this countryside. Our nearest Dairy milking herd is now given up, run by two bachelor brothers the other side of half a century. The dependable milking, a warm early morning glow and rhythmic clicking of machine, is now replaced by mushroom orange urban glows and steady roar of roads: punctuated by Supermarkets. Indeed supermarkets satisfy our hunger but also have to satisfy an insatiable hunger of shareholders, the knock on effect comes directly back to your countryside, albeit slowly but surely. Given the above Links of Time, Man, Food where you are living, how would you like your countryside to evolve? ANY IDEAS, or lack of, will be significant to all who read the Lynx and continue to live in the Parishes.

BALE VILLAGE HALL SOCIAL CLUB DRAW January Paul Hands £25. Ted Hudson £10. Rita Gibbs £5. Margery Whaling £5. February Henry Carter £25. Tracey Blackiston £10. Margaret Sankey £5. Sylvia Boughen £5.

EVE’S PUDDING If you want a good pudding, to teach you I’m willing. Take two pennyworth of eggs, when 12 for a shilling; And of the same fruit that Eve had once chosen, Well pared and well chopped, at least half a dozen, Six ounces of bread, (let your maid eat the crust), The crumbs must be grated as small as the dust; Six ounces of currants from the stones you must sort, Lest they break your teeth, and spoil all your sport. Six ounces of sugar won’t make it too sweet; Some salt and some nutmeg will make it complete; Three hours let it boil, without hurry or flutter, And then serve it up, without sugar or butter.

STILTON AND APPLES IN FLAKY PASTRY Ingredients Pastry 8oz plain flour, 6oz hard marg, pinch salt, cold water. Filling 1lb russet apples (or Cox), 1/2lb Stilton, 1 lemon, freshly grated nutmeg, sprig of fresh thyme, black pepper. Method Place the marg in the freezer, when frozen grate into the sieved flour and salt. Add water to make a workable dough. Put in a polythene bag and chill in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. Peel, core and chop the apples into small cubes and place in bowl. Sprinkle with lemon juice and crumble the stilton over the apple cubes. Add thyme and nutmeg to taste. Mix well and add a little pepper. Roll the pastry out into a thin square, approx 12” x 12”. Cover 2/3rds of the pastry with the apple and stilton mixture. Roll up towards the empty pastry, like a swiss roll. Seal the ends and place on a greased baking sheet, with the join of the pastry underneath. Brush well with milk and cook in a preheated oven at 180º (350F gas 4) for 30 – 35 minutes. Serve hot.

Peggy Corney D.O.

Barbara Shearing BSc (Hons) Ost Giulio Martini BSc (Hons) Ost Osteopaths Osteopathy is a gentle, effective method of treatment which can help with back pain, joint pain, migraine and head pain, as well as many other conditions. We also treat babies and children

Stonebeck, The Street, Gunthorpe, Melton Constable

Tel: 01263 861184




Does this reflect on our team down under?


Contact: Carolyn Wright Tel: 01328 830270 Fax: 01328 830840 Email:

With dignity and calm, but debonair, He left the pavilion, head in air. His gear and garments faultlessly assembled, His shirt was silken, pen could never trace The beauty of his trousers’ matchless grace. The bowlers trembled.

For Church Services see Panel on Page 3 ROGATION SUNDAY IN THE PRIORY

The wicket reached, he eyed the umpires hard; With most elaborate caution took his guard; Made a hole the ground his heel within it. He banged it, he poked it, he measured it to scale, And then he went and scratched it with a bail, For quite a minute.

Sunday, 20th May, 11.00am A special Family Service to bless the glory of our countryside. Everyone welcome.

This done, the pitch he viewed with care, As speck of dust removing here and there; Prodding and sweeping, hammering and patting, The wicket-keeper looking on aghast. He made the buckles of his leg-guards fast, adjusted his gloves, and seemed disposed at last To think of batting.

THE OPEN CIRCLE William Armstrong, HM Coroner for Norwich and central Norfolk, will be the speaker at the April 19 meeting of the Open Circle, the Binham & Hindringham Women's Club. And at the May 17 meeting David Grimes will speak on How We Used to Live 1850 - 1950, giving a slide show and talk on life in the home, at school and on the farm. New members are always welcome. We meet on the third Thursday of the month at Hindringham Village Hall, at 7.15pm. Do just come along or call Fiona Thompson, secretary, on 830639.

Not yet, unblushingly he now began To note the fielders, studying every man With keen regard, as if each only mattered. But in the end he took his stance, his brow Showed keen resolve. He faced the bowler, now, There came a horrid row – His stumps were scattered. With dignity he made his way Back to the dumb pavilion. I must say his mien was proud, his gait was firm and steady, And as upon the scoring-board they stuck, With callous haste a large and hideous duck, He said, in high clear accent, ‘What putrid luck, I wasn’t ready.’

BINHAM GUILD OF ARTISTS The Group consists of anyone interested in Art or Craft, beginner or otherwise. Artists with professional experience form part of the Group and will gladly advise if needed. We meet every Tuesday morning from 10 to 12 in the Village Hall. A fee of £2 per morning included coffee and biscuits. A demonstration of painting or craftwork normally takes place on the first Tuesday of every month. Further info. contact James Bucknill - 01328 830651.

THINK ON If any man calls you a fool, think about it he may be right!

E. & M. Grimes BUILDERS Telephone (01263) 740274


All types of building works - Painting & Decorating

A well established, enthusiastic family run company offering a highly commended individual management service for owners.

Flintwork Specialists Extensions Conversions Renovations Alterations New Build

Interested in letting your cottage? For information call Zoe on 01263 713133

Free Estimates

5 Old Stable Yard, Holt, Norfolk. NR25 6BN


Galley Hill House, Langham Road, Blakeney, Holt, Norfolk, NR25 7PJ

GET SET ....


All in Binham who look forward to going backwards to the Middle Ages this summer are being urged: put away your jeans and trainers! Forget those collars and ties. It's time to think about dressing the part in period costume for the big three-stage event in August - the Mediaeval concert, feast and fayre. That means everyone gets the chance, for just one weekend, to have a new identity. There will be fine ladies in cloaks and long dresses; buxom wenches in blouses, petticoats and skirts; boys in tunics; girls in aprons with flowers in their hair; and men wearing jerkins, knee-high leg bindings and an early version of hoodies. Assorted priors, monks, soldiers, peasants, nobles and nuns, royals and rogues will also be at large. Help is at hand to ensure that we achieve the authentic Middle Ages look with all these costumes. There will be opportunities to dress-up throughout the weekend from August 3 to 5, when Binham celebrates 900 years of the Royal Charter, granted by Henry I, allowing the village to hold an annual fayre. The ancient custom is being revived this summer, with proceeds from the events being divided between the Priory Church access project and Binham Memorial Hall. Beverley Taylor, the wardrobe mistress, has devised a range of simple and effective designs to help with makeyour-own costumes. Drawings and details may now be collected from the front porch at Manor Farm. In addition, a variety of existing costumes will be on display in the stables at the back of Manor Farm from April 23 to 28 for callers to see and try on - by appointment only, please (phone: 830208). It's hoped those borrowing costumes will make a contribution towards costs of, say, £5 each. The audience is being encouraged to wear costumes for the opening concert in the Priory on Friday August 3: All In A Garden Green, performed on early instruments by the celebrated musicians of the Minstrels Gallery. Hats and ladies' veils will also be available at the door. Concert tickets from Maureen Frost (830362). The Mediaeval Look will be essential at the village banquet on the Saturday night. But, please note, this event is now sold out. If you have ordered tickets, then you must pay for them by June 30: £12 for adults; £5 for children under 10. Cash or cheques, payable Binham Village Hall, to Richard Lewis at 6 Buttlands Close, Binham, NR 21 0DR or Liz Brown at Abbott Farm, Walsingham Road, Binham NR21 0AW. There will be costumes galore at the village fayre on Sunday, August 5, which will feature all the fun and games of Merry England. All hands are needed to help with stalls and events. Volunteers should contact Andrew Spinks (07810 121617) or Mike Jeffery (830886). All those with ideas to share - or help to offer - should please come to the next open meeting at 7.30pm on Friday, April 13, in Binham village hall. AM & FT


CALL 01263 821900 FUNDRAISING FOR BINHAM PRIORY ACCESS & CONSERVATION PROJECT We have enjoyed a wonderful start to our fundraising events this year with Jack’s Race Night Supper on Saturday 20th January. The horses ran well, though not always true to form, with the punters parting with their money very generously. The evening was enthusiastically supported and raised £1,100 for the project. Many thanks to everyone involved especially the organisers. We would like to offer our grateful thanks to the Binham Local History Group who held a Big Quiz evening on Saturday 17th February. The competing teams from Binham and nearby villages had a taxing but enjoyable evening. The end result was a generous donation of £590 towards the project, a magnificent outcome. Thank you. Our next event is a Street Collection in Holt on Saturday 28th April. The more collectors the more fun it will be for everyone. Do please let me know if you or anyone in your family over the age of 16 would be prepared to give up an hour or two in Holt that day. It’s a great way to meet your friends! Preparations are well underway for our ‘Gala Flower Festival celebrating Binham Priory’ from 25th May to 28th May. This year we are inviting local businesses and individuals to sponsor the cost of the flowers so that all donations made at the festival will support the project. We would be delighted to hear from anyone who would like to be involved with this sponsorship. We all have our fingers crossed that we will be successful with our Heritage Lottery application and will know the outcome towards the end of March. Pauline Scott – Project Fundraiser tel. 01328 830940

Country Cottage Stoves We supply a wide selection of

Stoves, Cookers and Boilers Wood-burning, Multifuel, Oil or Gas-fired Showroom at Chapel Street, Shipdham with over 50 stoves on display Also: quality housecoal & smokeless fuels, bagged kindling and logs, salt (granular or tablet) delivered throughout Norfolk DD Dodd & Son, Solid Fuel Merchants Tel: 01362 820240 email:




At this time of year 2 meetings are held with similar titles. If they are not being held in your parish, somebody is in trouble, because they are both legal requirements. The Annual Meeting of the Parish Council, takes place in May each year, and there is just one statutory item – which has to be the first thing on the agenda – and that’s the election of a Chairman for the year. Since parishes can have populations between less than 100 and more than 10,000, they don’t all operate in the same way! After having elected their Chairman (a legal term implying a person of either sex - the trendier “Chair” is not allowed!) larger parishes go on to appoint members to various committees, review their arrangements with outside bodies, and generally make a night of it. Small parishes like Binham, just tack on their regular meeting. Binham’s Annual Meeting of the Parish Council takes place this year on Mon. 21 May, and as at any other meeting any parishioner is welcome to attend, and to address the Councillors with any concerns, questions, or comments that they like to make. This meeting is slightly different (as they are every 4th year) in that, because an election takes place on May the 3rd, all the Councillors are beginning a “new term”. So even those who have been Councillors in the past have to sign new declarations of Acceptance of Office, and agree once again to accept the Local Authorities Code of Conduct. We know that one of the existing Members is not intending to re-stand this year, so we are looking for a replacement – if you fancy an easy job, with low pay (can’t get much lower than zero!) apply here! Seriously, if you would like to make an impact (however small) on the future of the village, speak to any Councillors or myself. The Annual Parish Meeting is not a Council meeting as such, but a meeting of the electors of the parish. The Chairman of the Parish Council presides, but the role of Councillors is no different to any other elector in the parish, and every elector has an equal right to speak and to vote. It too is a statutory requirement, but after that the law is very quiet on the matter. In fact it is too quiet, because it gives no instructions and doesn’t even hint at what you are suppose to do! I suspect it dates back to an earlier time when members of the public where not allowed, or expected to speak at Council meetings, and the A.P.M. gave them a once-a-year chance to “have a go” at Councillors! Because there is no recognised format, there are many different types of meeting held throughout the land. In Binham, we combine the Annual Parish Meeting with the AGM of the Village Hall. The groups that use the hall give reports on what they’ve been up to during the past 12 months, and the treasurer advises how hard up or well off we are! This year we have a special item to consider, the design of a new village sign. If you were intending to submit a design, you haven’t got long now. A.P.M. takes place Tues. April 24th, 7.30 p.m. Keith Leesmith, Binham Parish Clerk, 01328 710261 –

Established for 19 years

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BINHAM LOCAL HISTORY GROUP Our Annual General Meeting and Members’ Night was held in January and we are grateful to all who came and shared their interests with us. We have had two very enjoyable evenings with Mike Petty and Dr John Goodall. The Big Quiz was another enjoyable evening. Very grateful thanks are due to many many people and thanks to them, and to all you keen quizzers who took part, we made the grand total of £1177, which was divided, between our History Group and the Binham Priory Project. “The Raging Potatoes” were the winners, with “The Thursday Group” the runners up. “The Morston Mardles” and “The Marchers” won the two Dingbats competitions. On Thursday 19th April we will be heading to the Castle Museum in Norwich. Dr Tim Pestell, Curator of Archaeology, will be showing us various finds discovered in this area, including a golden Anglo Saxon brooch, and truly beautiful bracteate and will be talking to us about them. There is a limit to parties of 12 in the Study Room at any one time. Dr Pestell will talk to each group for 30 to 40 minutes each and this can be followed by a tour of the rest of the Study Centre or the Regimental Museum. If you are interested in going to the museum please call Carolyn at 01328 830270. There will be a limit of a total of 24 people. Thursday 26th April “A History of Popular Music in Norfolk” with Chris Gutteridge of the Wyldes Noyses. A journey through the ages from medieval times to the end of the 19th century, demonstrating what music the ordinary people of Norfolk heard, played and sang, and where it was performed - played on authentic instruments. 7.30 p.m. in the Village Hall. Refreshments. £1 members, £2 non members. A summer visit to the Time and Tide Museum is being planned and we hope to be able to arrange for a coach to take us all there. Carolyn Wright


JACK’S RACE NIGHT Many thanks to everyone who came to Binham village hall on Jan. 20th and who helped to make our fun and fund raising evening such a great success. We all enjoyed a delicious hot supper and the enthusiasm and excitement of the ‘race-goers’ was a joy to hear and certainly to behold. A truly happy evening, it raised the amazing sum of £1,143.50 for the Binham Priory Project. Marie Grange

GALA FESTIVAL OF FLOWERS Saturday 26th - Monday 28th May 10.00am - 7.00pm "CELEBRATING BINHAM PRIORY" Come and enjoy the many different flower arrangements depicting Binham Priory throughout its history Refreshments, toilets, parking available at Village Hall all day In aid of Priory Access & Conservation Project Brenda Wilde

DIARY OF A BINHAM FARMER’S SON, AGED 21. 1842 March 3rd I marked 3 more Devons for market. 4th The lambs keep coming very quickly. We sent away the stall workers. 15th The foxhounds met here. We had several persons to breakfast and lots to luncheon. The Brookes dined here it being my 21st birthday. 17th I went with the governor to Fakenham to receive my property divs at the ordinary. 21st I went to Baron Ritso’s Auction to buy the side saddle but it was not good enough. 28th Robert Kendle and I went up to Holt to the hunting dinner but it was a very poor thing. April 3rd Robert Kendle sent me a note this morning to say that his governor did not approve of him accompanying me to Norwich. 10th Began to read Miss Stricklands ‘Modern Flirtations’. 11th Uncle George drained his fishpond and gave me some pike. Dined with him and old Uncle Charlie and had some claret. 18th Father and Sam Osbiston went on a visiting expedition to the workhouse and were much pleased. Old Portico foaled yesterday morning. 20th I sold the wheat to Mr Savory at 23/-. Then went to Kearcy’s for tea and welcomed Lord Leicester and his bride to Holkham. 27th Father drove to Fakenham and sold wheat at the miserable price of 22/-. This was a beautiful day. Richard & Norah Lewis

SECOND HAND BOOK SALE Saturday 26th - Monday 28th May 10.00am - 7.00pm Binham Village Hall Refreshments, toilets & car parking all day. (If you have any clean books you no longer want to keep please bring them to the Village Hall on any Tuesday morning between 10.00 am and 12.00 noon) In aid of Priory Access & Conservation Project Brenda Wilde

FOOD FOR THOUGHT Why do people pay to go up tall buildings and then put money in binoculars to look at things on the ground? Brenda Wilde

BINHAM 100+ CLUB WINNERS January: £25 Tracy Martin; £10 Louise Hoddy, Julie Phillps, £5 James Bucknill, Carolyn Wright, Anne Lambourne. February: £25 Baily Hoddy, £10 Ben Brown, Thomas Hoddy, £5 Wyer Family, Amanda Abel, Mrs Hill March: £25 Andrew Taylor; £10 Mark Bartram, Alan Brown; £5 Judy Byrne, Mrs E Marsh, Mrs J Dickerson. There are still some more numbers available. If you want to join please get in touch with Mrs June Read, 8 Priory Crescent, Binham

The Blakeney Hotel Blakeney, Nr. Holt, Norfolk NR25 7NE

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Overlooking the estuary, the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing break, a meal or just a coffee. We have seasonal and permanent employment opportunities Telephone Helen for information.




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LANGHAM CRICKET CLUB These reminiscences come from Pat Newman and score books he kindly loaned to me. Langham Cricket Club has to the best of my knowledge had three homes. The first was the First Lawn which is the field in front of the convent, owned in those days by Mr. Neil Rippingall [father of Mrs.Blanche Allen] the story goes that if anyone could break one of his windows hitting a six he would give them £5, I don’t think this was ever done. Kenny [Dar] Brown of Langham once told me he opened the batting in one match & they had scored in excess of 200 runs and this ball was bowled to him was so wide he threw the bat at it, the ball hit the bat and went straight into the slips hands & he was given out, caught. The second ground was Second Home Close, the field immediately behind Patrick Allen’s house [this was also used by the football team] owned by Mr. Fred Ryder. I can remember seeing two fielders going for the same skied catch and having an almighty collision, both finished up in the M.R.S. the army hospital [Langham Hall]. The two players were Ramsay Daglish & Victor Newman. The third ground was in the Field Dalling road in front of Grove Farm house owned by Tom Crafer. Recollections from this ground will be seen in the game reports in future issues. Ann Massingham

Stress-related problems, Muscular pains, Poor circulation, Digestive disorders, Back problems and Tension

Ring for an appointment. Home visits can be arranged Myrtle Cottage, Wiveton, Holt, Norfolk NR25 7TQ

Tel: 01263 740596 standing in the road looking over the wall of the school and on his shoulder was perched his pet JACKDAW!! I later found that this was Andy Moreton, aged 11 years, who together with his family had just moved into the village. Andy has lived for many years in North Walsham working as a builder and he was also a retained fire fighter. Another of my early memories, whilst at my grandparents who lived in a cottage on Holt Road, was that I used to have a bath in a tin bath in front of the fire. They had an outside toilet up the garden near the well and a good sized garden beyond. I heard that the toilet seat was invented at Langham, but it took someone from Blakeney to put the hole in it!!! David Craske




I was born on the 6th December, 1950 at Hut 8, Site 12, Langham. These were Nissen huts that had been used by the Air Force at Langham. My granddad, Isaac Craske, was a lengthman looking after the roads at Stiffkey. I used to go with him sometimes to work and we were allowed to go straight across the airfield rather than go right round the perimeter I also used to spend a lot of time during my early years with George Coe who looked after the cows on Mr Crafer’s farm on the Field Dalling road. I used to help sweep up the yards after the cows had been milked but Health and Safety would prevent a ten year old doing this now! I can smell the yards. George had an array of pipes at his house and the smell of his tobacco left a lasting impression on me. George and his wife, May, were a wonderful couple and I spent many happy hours in their company. They were special neighbours to us when we lived at 16 Hollow Lane and they helped us in many ways. Whilst in the playground of Langham School one morning I saw a rather strange sight. There was a boy

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Hayes + Storr solicitors offer free 15 minute legal advice sessions on various matters including, Matrimonial & Family, Wills, Probate and Elder Client Services. For an appointment please contact us on 01263 712835 Hayes + Storr – All you’ll ever need 27 Bull Street, Holt, Norfolk, NR25 6HP Tel: 01263 712835 Fax: 01263 711056





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For Church Services see Panel on Page 3

For Church Services see Panel on Page 3 ST MARY’S GUNTHORPE



Norfolk and London

The Annual Churchyard clear up has been arranged for Saturday 14th April in the morning. The usual variety of jobs will be on the agenda - volunteers can help with strimming, weeding, pruning, removing ivy from walls, another coat of Sadolins to the churchyard gates, path work, rain gulley clearance and perhaps a bit of tidying and cleaning inside. All are welcome - Please bring any tools/strimmers etc. that you would like to bring, but we will have some equipment available. We will gather around 9.00am and warm victuals will be provided for the worthy by our volunteer chef of the morning. M.J.D.

My name is Margaret Middleton. I was born in Field Dalling in 1954 and lived there with my family in my grandad’s house, following the death of my mother when I was 5 years old. My father still lives in Field Dalling. I ran the Norfolk Marathon in 1984 because my grandad Zachariah had been admitted to Kelling Hospital and I wanted to show my appreciation for all that the hospital had done for him by raising money for them. To my surprise, I was the first woman to cross the line and because of the publicity of my win in the local press, I met John, now my husband. The next and last time I ran the Norfolk Marathon I was pregnant with our son Thomas. At age 18, Thomas, by then an extremely fit young man, became mysteriously unwell, and after many tests was diagnosed with an rare and incurable form of rheumatoid arthritis called ‘Still’s Disease’, for which he is on long-term medication. Untreated, this is a painful and debilitating condition. His diagnosis came about through the skill of the Rheumatology Department of the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital and thanks to their care of him, Thomas is able to lead a relatively normal life, now as a university student. This is why I have decided to run in this year’s London Marathon on Sunday April 22nd. My aim is raise money for ongoing research at the NNUH Rheumatology Department. If any reader would care to sponsor me, please email me as or telephone me on 01508 570539 for a sponsorship form. Thank you!

THEFT FROM ST. MARY’S A new low was reached in the village when a thief stole a large number of the coping stones from along the top of the churchyard wall. Although not rating highly amongst some of the terrible things that are happening world-wide, it is very unpleasant to think that these opportunist thieves are walking amongst us and a sad reminder of 21st century life. If anyone has any information, please contact the police in Holt and pass it on.

GUNTHORPE PCC All parishioners are invited to the Church Annual General Meeting, which will take place a the Village Institute on Friday, 30th March, 2007 at 7.00pm. The Parochial Church Council needs more members if a quorum is to be maintained. Light refreshments will be available. J.A.


HAMLYN PEST CONTROL RODENT, RABBIT, MOLE, WASP and INSECT control by a professional, friendly service, specialising in farm, domestic and retail premises

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As mentioned in an earlier Lynx, this year Sue Traverso is unable to carry out the sole function of organising the fete at Gunthorpe Hall and asked for a volunteer or volunteers to help with the administration. As nobody has yet offered to assist it is looking increasingly unlikely that the fete will take place at the end of July. This would be a terrible shame as the funds raised are shared between the Church and the Village Institute. It is quite certain that, without their share of the funds from the fete, the Village Institute Management Committee would have severe difficulties in continuing to keep the Institute available for functions. It would also make it impossible to consider further improvements to the floor, heating and lighting which are the next phase of the development scheme. The Church also relies heavily on its share of the fete income to meet its financial commitments. Please don’t leave this to others, a job shared is so much more enjoyable and so satisfying when major improvements have taken place because of your past commitment. Come on Gunthorpe villagers, please pick up the challenge and make sure all the hard work of past committees is not wasted by a lack of interest. Ring Sue Traverso 01263 861932 now and offer. S.T.

FOGPC 50/50 Club Results JANUARY J Corney B. Broom F. Panton L. Russell J. Craske M. Reeve

£15 £10 £7 £5 £5 £5

FEBRUARY L. Marr A. Ward G Blunden E. Wilson K. Cushion F. Bennell

£15 £10 £7 £5 £5 £5

Forthcoming Events

Sat. 31st March 10:30 50/50 Coffee Morning & Draw Sat. 28th April 10:30 50/50 Club Coffee Morning & Draw Sat. 26th May 10.30 50/50 Club Coffee Morning & Draw Everyone is welcome to come along to the 50/50 Club Coffee Mornings – it would be lovely to see some new faces at this monthly event. In the absence of a village shop, post office or even a bus stop, it is really the only place where we can have a chat with our neighbours and friends over tea and biscuits. There is always a prize raffle so please stop by if you are not otherwise engaged on the last Saturday of the month and say hello! D.C.

ENRICH YOUR LIFE Make music this year Individual tuition for adults in your own home, at your pace, from a patient, qualified and experienced teacher on: Piano, Keyboard, Organ, Clarinet, Saxophone, Brass. Free loan instruments available.

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The life of Annie Smith was celebrated at a Service of Thanksgiving in Gunthorpe Church on Jan. 26th. After the service she was laid to rest in the churchyard, alongside her beloved husband, Len. Annie had died on Sunday 14th Nov. in N&N Hospital - the Gunthorpe Ward appropriately enough. The church was packed full with family and friends, a striking testimonial of the great affection in which she was held by all who knew her. Born Annie Brenda Woods at Swanton Novers, at the age of 3 in 1919 she moved with the family to Gunthorpe where they had strong ties, her mother having been born a Bambridge. Annie attended Gunthorpe School and on leaving took a job in service at Thornage Hall. In 1942, at the age of 23, she married Len Smith; the first 3 years of married life were spent at Fulmodeston, then at Barney, before moving with daughter Shirley back to Gunthope where Len worked for the Griefs at Boundary Farm. It being still wartime, Annie, with her great friend Dulcie Wright, worked part-time on the land. Later she returned to domestic service, first for David Bailey and then at Rookery Farm, where she worked for 4 different families, the Walls, the Everitts, the Prestons and the Warrens. These families maintained contact with Annie and were present, or represented, at the service. Annie always played a positive role in the community; she took on the task, no sinecure, of Caretaker at the Institute for many years. When Fred Morley ran the whist drives there, it was Annie who provided the teas. A keen member at Good Companions Club weekly meetings, she was active, too, in the Gardening Club, the annual fete would not have been the same without the magnificent plant stall run by the four friends, Dulcie Wright, Kathy Cushion, Cissie Williamson and Annie Smith. She was blessed with sound common sense, the ability to get on easily with everyone and an endearing sense of fun, as for example at the Queen’s Jubilee Celebration Street Party where she arrived, most regally, complete with crown. Above all else, it was her family that Annie lived for, husband Len of course, their daughter Shirley who married Colin Bond, grand-daughters Julie and Jayne and their respective husbands, Chris and Darren, and 5 great grand-children, Samuel, Emma & Joshua, and Jessica & Hannah. All much loved and frequent visitors. Their support after Len died and in her final years, when gardening became a problem, meant more to Annie than she could say. In her last years Annie had 2 spells in Kelling Hospital and was full of gratitude for the care and kindness she received from the staff. Then she moved to Lyles House at Hindolveston. To the end her sense of humour, her sheer niceness, remained and she became popular with fellow residents and staff - they named a chair after her - and for her part she could not have been more appreciative of the care she received. Times change, and inevitably Gunthorpe society with them, today’s village is different from Annie’s Gunthorpe but memories remain. She was a lovely person, I was privileged to have been her neighbour. Martin Swindells



Schedule to April 22nd. Mar 26th Tel: 830 348 Apr 9th. Tel: 830 097

News Contact: Ann Sherriff 01328 830605

Rate: 18p per mile Apr 2nd. Tel: 830 036 Apr 16th. Tel: 830 537

We are very pleased to welcome Sarah Smith and Cathy Schoenmakers who have volunteered to drive for the car service. The roster and the assembly of the Local Lynx do not always coincide. Further duties can be seen on the notice boards mentioned below. The roster is displayed on the notice boards of the playing field, the vicarage wall, church porch and also in the Bluebell. If you cannot get to any of these sites, do telephone me or any of the numbers listed and we will do our best to help. Ann Sherriff Tel: 830 605

For Church Services see Panel on Page 3 LANGHAM CHURCH NEWS Annual Meeting of Parishioners This will be held, in church, at approx. 12 noon, immediately after the 11.00am Family Service on Sunday 22nd April. The elections of Churchwardens takes place first. Those entitled to vote are: anyone resident in the parish whose names are on the local government register of electors and those whose names are entered on the church Electoral Roll. This will be immediately followed by the -


Don’t miss the Jumble Plus sale on Saturday 21st April in Langham Parish Room from 10am to 12 noon in aid of North Norfolk branch of the Alzheimer’s Society. There will be a rail of ‘nearly new’ clothes, delicious cakes and preserves, chances to win splendid raffle prizes, other interesting stalls and, of course, the opportunity to sort through the jumble to find amazing treasures. Refreshments will be available. If you have good, clean clothes (adults or children’s), or linens to donate please deliver them to Meadow Cottage, North Street, Langham, from 16th April or ring 01328 830198 if you need to have them collected. Donations of cakes and/or preserves would also be welcome on the day. Ann Hill Tel: 01328 830198

Annual Parochial Church Meeting At this, all those whose names are on the electoral roll of the parish are entitled to take part. This meeting elects lay members to the Parochial Church Council and sides people. The annual reports are received and there is a general discussion of church and parochial affairs. This is an opportunity to make your views known and to contribute to the elections. You can be assured of a warm welcome and we will value your support.

PCC Treasurer’s Report This will be displayed on the notice board in the church porch for one week before and two weeks after, the APCM. The annual report of the Langham Church Building Trust will also be on display during this time.

MAY BANK HOLIDAY BRING & BUY Monday May 28th. This will be held in the churchyard if the weather is fine, inside the church if it is raining. There will be the usual coffee morning stalls and refreshments. If anyone would like to bake a cake or bring along books, gifts and bric-a-brac, all will be gratefully received. We look forward to seeing you. Proceeds for church general fund. Further details from Ann Sherriff Tel: 01328 830 605

LEUKAEMIA RESEARCH FUND. Many apologies for not being able to do the October sale I promised but we shall be back soon. May 19th - 10am -12 noon - SPRING SALE. (Plants, bric-a-brac, books etc. etc.) July 21st - 10am - 1 pm. GRAND SALE. Langham Parish Room - see you there. Maureen Dennis 830731 NEED A GLAZIER ? ..... CALL:

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Our next meeting is on Tues. 8th of May 7.00 pm.

For all makes of Washing Machines Dishwashers Cookers etc. No Call Out Charge


On May 3rd there are elections for both Parish and District Councils. It is desirable, indeed it is a condition, that to achieve Quality Council status we have to have an elected council. Two councillors have already announced they will not be standing again and we therefore need at least three more candidates to force an election, I hope we have had enough people come forward to achieve this. Failure to have an elected council could see the possibility in the future of the Langham Council being merged with the nearest large council with Quality status.

44a Holway Road Sheringham

Tel: 01263 825273 MOBILE LIBRARY

This will visit Langham on Thursdays: April 5th and 26 , May 17th and June 7th. Calling each day at: St. Mary’s: 10.00am. Swan’s Close: 10.50am. Old Post Office: 10.25am. The Cornfield: 11.15am Enquiries: Wells Library Tel: 01328 710467.

Annual Report to Parishioners


May 8th , the meeting at which we get an update from all the village organisations on their progress and achievements during the past year. Could all the responsible people have their reports ready in time please, and if possible in typed form, to lessen the work of compiling the minutes. Following this meeting there will be the first meeting of the new Parish Council when a new Chair and Vice Chair will be elected.

LANGHAM LADYBIRDS Apologies for the fact that there was no Ladybirds article in the last issue. Entirely my fault, not Maureen’s. Ann Sherriff Maureen continues:We enjoyed an excellent performance of ‘Scarlet Pimpernel’ by CADS in January. Our usual March Mardle meeting gave us time to discuss the forthcoming programme. Our varied 2007 programme is now completed and we welcome ladies from Langham and our surrounding villages, plus friends at open meetings. April 11th - Story time - by Monica White. May 9th - Experiences of World War 2 - Jim Green (OPEN MEETING). I look forward to seeing you all, our meetings are at 7.30 pm in Langham Parish Room. Maureen Dennis 830731

Village shop Patrick Allen has been authorised by the Council to follow up this topic with Avada, the developers of the Langham Hotel, with a view to us taking out a lease on, if possible, the whole building at the entrance and releasing them from any obligation to carry out the building works and fitting out as proposed in their planning application. We could then perhaps re-visit the setting up of an Industrial Mutual Provident Society as discussed some time ago and we believe we stand a very good chance of obtaining grants for those works if we did this. Already we have had an indication from Avada that we can indeed have the use of the whole building.

Affordable Homes The Council were against the site proposed by the District Council below the bottom end of Swans Close and plans are now being prepared for our original site on the Holt Road.

LANGHAM CRICKET CLUB After a chat with Pat Newman at the ‘Bluebell’ in Langham some interesting recollections have been recorded by Ann Massingham and are printed in the Cockthorpe section.

Village Green seat This seat has now been ordered and will hopefully be in place for the summer.


Village sign

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This had suffered serious wear and tear and has been removed for renovation and painting. The painting is to be carried out by Sandra Reville, previously of Langham but now living in Hindringham.

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Allotments. A few villagers have expressed an interest in having an allotment. If any other people are interested please give your names to any member of the Parish Council and we will endeavour to provide them. The Chairman 830605

For an appointment please contact

Mrs K H Gigg, FCA on 01485 534800

The Office, 20 King’s Lynn Road, Hunstanton PE36 5HP Registered to carry out audit work and regulated for a range of investment business activities by The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales


Pat & Bridget Newman welcome you to THE BLUEBELL LANGHAM

Susannah McDougall Landscape and Garden Design Design, Planting And GARDEN CONSTRUCTION

Delightful beer garden

Hall Farm, Langham Road, Morston, Norfolk NR25 7BL

Freshly prepared food - non-smoking dining room Wide choice of keg, cask and guest ales Baby changing area and toilets for the disabled

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to do but it keeps raining, as it has over the past two months. To avoid structural damage to the soil and compaction I know I must be patient but March and April are the crucial months for spring planting and it really needs to stop raining now. Ian Spinks


Our first calf was born on the 4 February and, so far, at roughly the half way stage, we are on course to achieve our target of one live calf from each cow that has calved. We have had one set of twins from one of our Simmental cows. While, on the other hand, despite a lot of effort bottle feeding it and keeping it warm under an infra-red lamp, we lost one calf that was born about two weeks pre-mature. Faced with a cow with plenty of milk but no calf to drink it we usually look to adopt a calf onto it and in this case we purchased a little Aberdeen Angus bull calf from William Wales’ dairy at Binham. Victor has subsequently named him ‘Binham’, however two weeks later his adoptive mother, who is a feisty, crossbred Devon cow, has still not fully accepted him and we are still having to put the cow into the cattle crush to make her stand still so that the calf can suckle her.

‘ASPECTS OF LANGHAM’ The gentleman who lectured at Blakeney Historical Society was filling in a gap in ‘Aspects of Langham’. Ellen van Damme and I both realised that was a gap in our knowledge. It was a period in ecclesiastical history that required more research in Norwich and London than we had been able to do. It included the Reformation, with turmoil in the church; the Civil Wars, with the divided loyalties; the Commonwealth and the upheavals in the Church of England, followed by the Restoration and more upheavals and in the 18th century the rise of non-comformity, especially Methodism. All these changes, political and ecclesiastical, would have repercussions in Langham, and records of their impact on individual people can be found in the National Archives and at Norwich and London. We did include as much as we found locally, especially Stephen Frost’s diary (thanks to Blanche Allen). I did once discuss the gap in ‘Aspects’ with Ken Bartlett and he thought that research into Langham local history for that period would be a good subject for a postgraduate. We wrote ‘Aspects’ for a general readership, for everyone in the village, and it is the history of the last two hundred years which can be related to the present. Douglas E. Honer, writing to Mrs Blanche Allen Ed. Copies of ‘Aspects’ are available from Colin Sherriff

When calving cows I am a strong believer in allowing nature to take its course and not to unduly stress the animals; we keep an eye on what is happening but only intervene when there is obviously something wrong, so far this year we have only had to help one cow out of the 35 that have calved; in this case the front leg was bent back thereby preventing the calf from being born. First calving heifers are always more difficult than cows so we breed them to an Aberdeen Angus bull, which will tend to throw a smaller calf in comparison to the Limousin bulls that we use on the cows. So far the spring arable work has been a very catchy affair. We have managed to drill most of our spring barley on the sandy land to the North of the village and some contract drilling that we do at Salthouse, but we still have one more 13 hectare field next to the airfield to get in. The barley is the distilling variety Oxbridge which, provided that it is of the right quality, will be stored at Aylsham for shipment out of Lowestoft to the Diageo distilleries on Isla off the West coast of Scotland.


Hopefully, over the next two months, the sugar beet and potatoes will be planted and fertiliser, herbicides and fungicides applied to the crops. Like many farmers in this area we have expanded our sugar beet area by purchasing additional quota from those farmers that formerly supplied the now closed factories at York and Allscott in the West Midlands. It can be very frustrating when there is so much work

Tel: 01328 830539 16



These classes are still going strong. They are not too demanding and are very enjoyable. So do come along and join us - every Monday morning in the Parish Room 10.00-11.30am. Ring me if you need any further information. Sue Hughes Tel: 01328 830595

News Contact: Joc Wingfield 01263 740431

For Church Services see Panel on Page 3 MORSTON MARDLE by Samphire

FRIENDS OF LANGHAM Coffee Morning dates

Dates for Your Diary April 18th Wed. 6.30 pm. Parish Council Meeting (with John Sizar, NT). June 6th Wed. 7.30 pm. Annual Parish Council Meeting: Report to Parishioners. July 14th Sat. Friends of Morston Church Committee Meeting 5.30 in Coastguard House followed by 6.30 AGM in the Village Hall. (Changed from 21 July). August 4th Sat. Morston Regatta. 5th Sun. Oyster Regatta.

10.00am – 12 noon in the Parish Room Future dates - Apr 7th & 18th. May 5th & 16th. Do come along to this informal gathering, meet your friends and neighbours and enjoy a cuppa! We are always in need of volunteers to run these mornings, so if you would like to help, please give me a ring. Thank you. John Hughes Tel: 830595

Treasure hunt The Friends Of Langham will be holding a Car Treasure Hunt on Sunday 13th May starting at 1pm, followed by a BBQ on the playing field. Unfortunately due to regulations we are limited to a maximum of twelve cars so please call one of the following as soon as possible to book your place:Peter Barlow 01328 830606, John Hughes 01328 830595 or David Reville 01328 878989 John Hughes

MORSTON QUIZ by Samphire (Answers page 23 ) 1. The boiling point on the Celsius scale is 100 degrees. What is it on the Centigrade scale? 2. What is the coloured part of the eye called? 3. What is glass made of? 4. What do you call a three-dimensional image produced by light beams? 5. How many bytes has a 180K RAM computer? 6. What common name is given to light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation? 7. How many states make up the United States of America? 8. In the Roman Army, how many men did a centurion command? 9. How many hearts has Dr. Who? 10. How many signs of the zodiac are there? 11. How many players are there in a Rugby League team? 12. How many engines has Concorde?

ANOTHER STONE AGE RELIC The finding of the Bale axe-head was a most interesting story. Some years ago in Langham an arrow-head was found in a garden and taken to the Castle Museum for verification. The location of the discovery was pinpointed on a large scale map. A tiny china doll turned up in the same garden. Was this lost by a Victorian child, perhaps the same one who dropped the Victorian pennies nearby? These incidents lead to interesting speculation. Perhaps other readers have similar tales to tell which would make a series in The Lynx. Vera Colombé.

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In the Stiffkey Notes of the last issue, ideas on the transportation of stone were invited From c.1090 the builders of Binham Priory - indeed Matthew Paris mentions its existence, or at least that of his cell in 1093 [Vita Abb. St. Albani, q. in VCH Norfolk, ed. William Page, 1906, p.343] used Barnack limestone, from Barnack near Stamford, Lincs [Sue White’s]. It seems likely that the limestone was taken by ox and tumbrel to the River Welland, a mile to the north, and was then taken by boat down the Welland into the Wash southeast of Boston and then along the coast to the Stiffkey Freshes on Morston’s west border; then up the River Stiffkey to the fork towards Binham just east of Barsham to just below the site for Binham Priory [Peter Wade-Martins, 1994, Historical Atlas of Norfolk, Norfolk Museums Service, map, p.17] Henry Harrod wrote in 1858: “On rising ground in the midst of the precinct, to the south of a small stream on the banks of which traces may still be seen of the Prior’s water-mill, stands the nave of the church of the Monastery, still used (as it appears to have been from the foundation) as the parish church.” [Henry Harrod, Castles and Convents in Norfolk, pp.198-199]. The last 100 yards must have been the most difficult stage: carting the huge limestone blocks southwards uphill.

Roberta Hamond is to stand on May 3rd for the NNDC's Priory Ward (Langham, Stiffkey and Binham) as a Lib Dem candidate. Roberta arrived in Morston as a teenage bride in 1970, and her training was in arts and special needs, with particular focus on drama and theatre education for all ages and abilities. Having worked for Norwich Playhouse and Cambridge Arts Theatre for the past ten years, she was finally able to freelance in 2006 and get more involved in her local community. She feels lucky to have her children and grandchildren living nearby and wants to ensure the very best opportunities for their generation and the next.


Morston WWI/II Naval Heroes:

Andrew Chell had a 225hp outboard motor stolen from the back of his boat, which is stored in his garden, on the night of 25th February.

Names Located Eddie Gray of Blakeney arranged for a relation to visit the great Chatham (Kent) World Wars Naval War Memorial, where the following Morston war dead were located: 1914-1918 Alec Gray [Ldg Smn, RN, Scapa Flow, 9/7/1914]. John Morris [Ldg Stkr (CG), RN, North Sea/Thames Estuary, 20/9/1914]. 1939-1945 Leslie J. Docking [P.O., MVO, RN, off Gibraltar, 15/11/1942].

(Established 1980)

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POWDITCH VISITOR The PCC were delighted to welcome Christine Worpole, of Hadleigh, the 12-greats granddaughter of James and Annabelle Powditch of Morston (flourishing in the 1580’s. Christine is descended from Robert J M Powditch (Ship’s Carpenter [Ashore]). Robert had five sons and five daughters who are not shown on our pedigree in the church. She is from the missing Poplar branch of the 1870’s – 1890’s.


Nick Handley is sincerely hoping to open shortly before Easter (Sunday 8th April).

The Parish Council have dug out the pond, making the South Close end a “deep end” of 2-3 feet and are going to smarten up the church end.


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pony club camps to prevent his sons sneaking into the girls’ tents. After 40 years of farming, John decided to retire in 1990, and built a new home, Valley View. His family may have been concerned about how he would fill his time in retirement, but they needn’t have worried. John launched himself into bowls, bridge, chess and the garden, especially his vegetable plot from which the family enjoyed an almost year-round supply of fresh vegetables. John’s competitive side was to come to the fore in most of these activities, and is ably illustrated in a letter of condolence from one of the chess community. “You are probably aware that he was something of a legend in the chess club. His habit of saying, with his smile that lit up his face and the mischievous chuckle ‘what a stupid move I’ve made - given the game away’, invariably meant that you were going to be taken to the cleaners in short order - we called Being Rivetted”. John was not all about sports, but had an abiding interest in the world around him, enjoying some memorable trips to most continents of the world, and being involved with U3A and Probus. For the majority of his working life, and all through his retirement years, John bore his crippling illness and disability with heroic stoicism and great fortitude, no thanks in part to Betty’s enormous efforts in looking after him. He specifically stated “I have enjoyed my retirement” and he also enjoyed his life, his three children and seven grandchildren. Thankfully he passed away peacefully in his own home and Betty was with him.

SAXLINGHAM News Contact: Bridget Watson 01328 830248

For Church Services see Panel on Page 3 No news from Saxlingham village this issue.

SHARRINGTON News Contact: Dr Peter Garwood

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JOHN RIVETT A Thanksgiving Service for the life of John Rivett was held in Sharrington Church. This is the address to the congregation delivered by his elder son Ian. John was born on 7th November 1922 into a farming family at Beeston, near Dereham, the last of eight children. His initial education was with a Governess - but she found his high spirited behaviour too much to deal with and left. He was then sent to local primary school, followed by Hammonds Grammar School at Swaffham. Whilst at Hammonds John’s competitive nature was sated on the sports field where he was by all accounts a very good football and tennis player. As the depression bit into farming John left school and had to leave home in 1937, setting off to make a living aged just 15. For the next 13 years he worked on various farms in Essex, Norfolk, Northamptonshire and Leicestershire, starting as a pupil and rising to farm manager. In 1950 John arrived at Valley Farm Sharrington, taking on the tenancy. Despite working all hours, he managed to burn the candle at both ends enjoying a busy social life as would be expected of an eligible bachelor. Sam Ford, who worked on the farm for 50 years well remembers how John somehow always got back from “the night before” just in time for milking! Four years later a blind date was arranged with a High Kelling Ward Sister, and shortly afterwards the 51-year marriage with Betty began. During the early years Valley Farm was a busy, traditional mixed farm growing crops and rearing a variety of livestock, and managed a sustainable system long before it was invented by the politicians. Sadly for his children John’s ankylosing spondylitis in his back meant he was unable to play sports with them, but he was always encouraging their activities. John had a very good eye for a horse, and as a result the family was provided with fun mounts on whom they achieved varying degrees of success. One of the most memorable was a pony called Khan, picked out of a field as a two year old and who became one of the top show jumping ponies in the country. John also served for many years on the North Norfolk Pony Club Committee, gamely filling the role of camp guard at

JOHN RIVETT If one is looking for loyalty from a friend, for thoughtfulness, quiet authority, coupled with a unique chuckling sense of fun of what is right and what ain’t, then John had them all in spades. For those who were lucky enough to be his friends, the loss is a massive void in our lives. We are left to treasure his memory and give a very large thank you to him and his devoted family. The church, packed to the rafters, spoke volumes - but we miss you John, we miss you one helluva lot. Peter Garwood

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Easter You are warmly invited to services on Easter Sunday, April 8th. Holy Communion will be celebrated at 11. At 3.00 the 7th Annual Easter Egg Hunt will start at the Easter Garden on the knoll. This event has just grown and grown. This year we promise even more eggs to remind us all that Easter is about New Life and New Beginnings.


SHARRINGTON CHURCH NEWS With the departure of winter and arrival of spring, the church has received a welcome boost in numbers and a corresponding increase in lesson readers and general helpers. The special puzzle magazine and colouring sheets supplied by the Rector to fit with the themes of every Sunday have proved a great success with our younger members. By the time you read this we will have celebrated Mothering Sunday, held our annual church meeting and elected churchwardens and PCC members ready for the coming year. Now, as we approach Holy Week and the end of Lent, and look forward to the promise of Easter, please look at the notice-board on the church gate for up-to-date details of services available throughout the benefice. Anne Sloman is hosting a coffee morning at All Saints Cottage (right next to the church) on Wednesday 4th April, beginning at 11am. There is the chance to meet the Head of BBC Newsgathering, Fran Unsworth, as well as enjoying cake and plant stalls, a raffle - and of course a stroll through Anne’s lovely garden. PEL

The Annual General Meeting

On the following Sunday, April 15th, the AGM will be held in the church at 6.30 after evensong at 6.00. This is a real opportunity for all parishioners, not just the regular Sunday attenders, to come and discover how our church operates and is developing. It is an opportunity to find out, comment and offer advice!

June 24th This Sunday is set in the church calendar to celebrate St. John the Baptist, to whom our own church is dedicated. We intend to mark the day with a special service at 11 and a barbecue in the churchyard afterwards. We really would like you to join us, and hope that it will be a truly happy event, blessed with good weather. It will be a real opportunity for the church to thank the village for helping so generously towards the costs of the re-decoration last year. Is it really seven months since all

Pauline, John & some Penguins



An evening in the freezer! Images of the end of the world and beyond Saturday 21st April 2007 7.45pm in Sharrington Village Hall. Admission by ticket only. £4.00 including refreshments Telephone: 01263 861667

Work has started on a new illustrated edition of the guide to St John the Baptist Church. If you have any information or knowledge that can help, please contact Keith MacDougall (830344) or Steven Bashforth (830569).

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You don’t have to be completely mad to spend part of your holiday planning and supervising the construction of a school toilet in Africa….but it probably helps. The old toilets at Albaraca Nursery School had been condemned as “unfit for purpose”, to use Ofsted speak, during John’s previous visit last year. Thanks to some very generous donations, and almost a thousand pounds raised by the Prince’s Trust group of students at High Ridge School Scunthorpe, the funds for the new toilet block were transferred into the Albaraca Nursery School bank account in The Gambia soon after our arrival.

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A visit to this bank is an experience in itself. It can take most of the morning. It is the only bank I have visited where a goat has stood patiently in the queue, and also where you are invited behind the counter and glass screens to conduct major transactions. In fact there is a very comfortable leather chair for quiet reflection while large bundles of often grubby notes are counted, checked and double checked. While waiting, you can enjoy the breeze wafting through the open security doors at the rear of the bank. It is obviously very convenient to have these doors permanently open as a large number of people wander in and out by this route. Many just seem to come in to greet old friends, and discuss topical matters such as whether the President of The Gambia really has discovered how to cure major diseases by herbal potions, and how interesting it is that he should have discovered these skills on the eve of an election. Every aspect of life in The Gambia is transformed into a sociable activity.

VANDALISM Can we restrain certain persons from doing pointless damage in and around Stiffkey? There has been an outbreak of incidents in the last few weeks. These people may find it fun making life difficult for those struggling to manage the coastal countryside. But if so they have got it all wrong, because they are in fact hurting the village and their own neighbours. B & B’s, pubs, restaurants, shops and so on, all benefit from visitors who want to come here to enjoy unspoilt country and wildlife in particular. Birds are big business now and many visitors come to enjoy them. Damage so far has cost several hundred pounds, and if anyone sees a green notice about Stiffkey Greens, or a long chain which was part of the new footpath (which we gave the neighbourhood for safety), perhaps they could quietly leave them near the church or somewhere suitable. Aubrey Buxton


Once the necessary financial arrangements had been completed, workers arrived at the school and started to dig a very large hole creating a truly prodigious heap of soil, stones and assorted debris. (Don’t ask the purpose of this excavation….. you know really!) At this point a very large lorry load of sand, and cement blocks was unloaded. Access to the school became problematic, as for some reason everything was piled up in the front gateway. Fortunately, just like the bank, there is an ever open back gate.

It may be spring, but planning for this year’s fete is advanced. Can you help? Can you loan any tables & chairs for use on the day of the fete? Can you help on the day? - Volunteers are needed to run stalls etc. Contact Steven Bashforth 830569, or Cherry Martin 830750

SPONSORED WALK FINAL RESULTS (October 14th 2006, thanks to organising efforts of efforts of Shelagh and Tim Chafer) The sponsored walk for the Church Fabric Fund on October 14th last year raised a final total of £1,058. Many thanks to all the walkers and those who so generously sponsored them or gave donations. Shelagh Chafer

By the time we left for home the foundations of the toilet block had been constructed, and walls were beginning to appear. If it had not been for an unexpected whole week of unscheduled public holidays, to celebrate elections and the Muslim New Year, the whole project might have been completed in time for a grand opening. Perhaps we should be grateful for the happy coincidence of religion and democracy.


By the way, we also initiated essential maintenance on the school’s solar panel, including proving the theory that it will operate more effectively without a covering layer of dust deposited from the Sahara .

We had several very useful meetings with the headmistress and the teachers at the school. Some we have known for over ten years. They are old friends now! John and Margaret Adnitt

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STIFFKEY CAMP (and some WWII memories) It is difficult now, 70 years later, to comprehend the impact on the village of the establishment of the Stiffkey Army Camp in the period 1937/38. The storm clouds of the Second World War were building up. Everyone knew that a major European conflict was about to erupt. And when the war office decided to acquire land along the east coast for artillery ranges, their problem was to find sites suitable for live firing. Weybourne camp was already in existence when the people of Stiffkey were suddenly faced with the traumatic news that the War Office intended to compulsorily purchase/acquire the whole stretch of land from Warbrough Hill to Camping Hill - a huge slice of farmland and coastal belt. Predictably, there was an outburst of opposition, led by, no less, than Henry Williamson (of Tarka the Otter fame) then farming Old Hall Farm. An extract of his letter to The Times, dated December 30th 1937 reads:‘The attitude of most villagers I have spoken to about this (building of a camp) is favourable; they too do not wish to see their countryside spoiled by rows of bungalows and hutments. Now however, the local wishes and efforts to preserve the landscape of the Stiffkey valley, and the superb seaward view over barley fields to the meal marshes, the saltings, the tidal creeks and distant oases, even vegetation, are at risk. For we learn that the War Office wishes to build on these preserved fields, an encampment for several hundred soldiers for training, with live shell and machine-gun ammunition in antiaircraft gunnery from May to September every year. The fragments of exploded shell and bullets falling on the marshes and saltings will turn this unique region - the haunt of botanists in summer, attracted by the wild seaverge flowers… here too the sheep are grazed during the day to be folded at night in the fields, and those who get their living in summer cockle gathering the famous ‘Stewkey blues’ - what is to happen to them, the men and woman who carry on this immemorial occupation?’ His letter to The Times was followed by one from Mr L Casserata then residing at the Old Hall:‘Other local landowners and I are willing to have our land scheduled against the ravages of the speculative builder and the still more disturbing element of warlike operations, and I trust that those who are keen on preserving one of the few unspoilt beauty spots remaining on this island will unite to bring about the same happy result that was the outcome of the agitation against the spoliation of the Seven Sister cliffs in Sussex some years ago. If the world is so mad that the peoples thereof are compelled to arm to the teeth let us, at all events, retain intact a few havens of refuge where a measure of sanity may be regained as in this quiet and beautiful district’. Signed L.W Casserarta (Old Hall, Stiffkey) 2.1.1938 As we all know the camp was built and no doubt served a valuable purpose for training AA gunners. Nowadays there is a wistful atmosphere to ‘the Camp’, not diminished by the fact that the old WWII buildings can

trading locally for over 25 years

GENERAL BUILDING Small family business with traditional values. Renovations, Extensions, Flat & Tiled Roofing. Full range of upvc doors, windows, conservatories, fascias etc. For a free, no-obligation estimate and advice phone:

01328 878684 or 0788 9639 354 BENNELL HOME IMPROVEMENTS still find a use - farmwise and for a thriving boat building business. And yet it is not difficult, on a quiet day, to close one’s eyes and imagine the bustle of soldiers in residence - the cook house, officers mess, guard room (still lived in!) and the Naafi. What a huge effort of construction; the sewage outfall; the whirly-gig practice range to the west; the old trenches in Coneyford Wood, and the concrete pill-box. All quite atmospheric! No doubt there was a side benefit to all this activity, with the three pubs and shops benefiting in the village. And, who knows, girl-boy liaisons probably flourished as young conscripts flooded out to local cinemas and dance halls. The writer is old enough to remember similar scenes further round the coast of Norfolk at Mundesley where, as a boy, he recalls the similar invasion by the military; an armed camp to resist the Nazi invasion; the mining of the beaches and cliffs; the requisitioning (that quaint word to describe compulsory occupation) of holiday camps and hotels; the drone of aircraft and the (to a boy) excitement of watching practice firing from the cliff tops. All this later in the war turned nasty as the bombs fell and Norwich, Yarmouth and Kings Lynn were blitzed. So Stiffkey had its place in WWII history. The Camp now is, for all its past, still a camp! And that in itself is something to celebrate as our holiday visitors enjoy the peace and beauty of our village and marshes. We welcome these visitors and we hope that they sometimes stop to think, if not to remember, an important part of our village history. The hutments remain; not in themselves things of beauty yet part of our recent heritage when Stiffkey was in the front-line. Pightle

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STIFFKEY WI Stiffkey W.I. welcomes all women who enjoy friendliness in the community and a worthwhile focus. We join in speaking out on issues of local and national importance - e.g. Wells Hospital - chemicals in the environment affecting health - farmers’ milk prices etc - and we have a good programme of speakers:In February John Dominy gave us an excellent talk on buildings in the Norfolk landscape and their geological base. On March 19th Pauline Lacoste of Cley Nurseries talked about roses. On April 16th we hear about a holiday in Peru from a lively WI speaker - Machu Pictu etc.! The May 21 meeting, details to be announced, will give opportunity for those present to comment on matters of general interest. On June 18th Gillian Beckett will present wild plants in Norfolk. We plan an outing in July to a place of local interest. We normally meet at Stiffkey Village Hall, and always start at 7.00pm. Do come and sample us at any meeting as a welcome visitor from any parish. Contact Helen Leach (secretary) at 01328 830 349 – or just turn up! Helen Leach

SCHOOL NEWS The children are getting involved with their International Primary Curriculum projects. Class 1 had the Cafe, Class 2 the Explorers and Class 3 the Travel Agents. Mrs Sayers left us at half term, wanting to work closer to home, and Vee Hopkins will work full time until a replacement is found. I will be taking Emma Cotton’s class until the end of the summer term, when she starts her maternity leave, and will try to find a temporary replacement for the Autumn term. Mike Green. International School Award - we have achieved the Foundation Level and were told we ‘demonstrated an excellent start’ and ‘this is a valuable aspect of our school ethos’. Langham Lions Football Club - Sunday morning club for years R, 1 and 2, at present full. A great start. Charterhouse Study Centre - Residential visit for years 4, 5 and 6, who are really looking forward to their week- long visit. Wet Playtime - do you have any games to donate to the school for wet days? Table Tennis - well done Jack Crawford and Olly Lees, selected to receive additional coaching at Fakenham Sports Centre in March. Travelling Book Fair - with us 22nd March for a week. Languages Conference - Year 6 invited to Alderman Peel High School, 22nd March, to take part in French, Spanish and Punjabi workshops. Packed lunches needed. Open Day - Friday, 25th May, guided school tours available and perhaps tea and home-made cakes. Salthouse Art Workshop - Years 4, 5 and 6 can work with Liz McGowan in Salthouse Village Hall on mosaics and drawing/marking using natural and found materials. Year 6 Test Week - Monday 14th - Friday 18th May. Recorders - our tutors Maureen Cooper and Karen Pickels will take on new members from years 1 - 6. Whole school photograph - 9.30, Monday 21st May Holiday dates - we break us for Easter on Friday, 30th March and return to school Tuesday, 17th April.

CRICKET IS NOT BORING Not in Stiffkey. As summer approaches, the cricket team have been arranging an exciting fixture list for the coming season. Matches will be played against teams from Heydon, Hindringham, Castle Rising and the University of Kingston to name but a few, with an intention this year to offer refreshments to lucky spectators, with barbeques at selected matches. Players will be seen in smart new sweaters provided by sponsors, the Stiffkey Red Lion and the North Norfolk Fish Company. New practice equipment from sponsors I D Magasin will help ensure the players will know how to hold a bat. At a recent meeting John ‘the fish’ Griffin was elected captain by acclamation, and Jamie Lawrence was asked to continue to prepare ‘interesting’ wickets at Stiffkey of a quality to surprise visitors, and ensure games are completed on time Steven Bashforth

BLAKENEY PRE-SCHOOL In the Village Hall Pre-School

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(see page 17) 1) 100 degrees. (Centigrade is another name for Celsius). 2) The iris. 3) Sand. 4) A hologram. 5) 180,000. 6) Laser. 7) Fifty-one. 8) 100. 9) 2. 10) 12. 11) 13. 12) 4.

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Local Lynx issue 53, April/May 2007  

The community newspaper for 10 North Norfolk villages

Local Lynx issue 53, April/May 2007  

The community newspaper for 10 North Norfolk villages