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Sailing out of Morston Quay by Diana Clements


For all makes of Washing Machines Dishwashers Cookers etc. No Call Out Charge 44a Holway Road Sheringham

Tel: 01263 825273

ANGLIAN BUSINESS SERVICES Established for 19 years

    

Business admin assistance a specialty P.A./Secretarial back-up Bookkeeping, spreadsheets Design/maintain database records Business presentation design

‘phone Sandra Tel/Fax: 01328 830406 (Langham) email: anglian.sec@virgin.net

PRINTING & COLOUR COPYING ENLARGE & REDUCE UP TO A3 SIZE also Personal, Business and Wedding Stationery, Encapsulation, Comb-binding, Raffle Tickets, Colour Postcards and lots more! PLEASE GIVE US A CALL ON 01328 711220

NORFOLK CENTRAL PRINTERS 2A Maryland, Wells-next-the-Sea NR23 1LY (easy free parking outside)

trading locally for over 25 years

GENERAL BUILDING Small family business with traditional values. Renovations, Extensions, Flat & Tiled Roofing. Full range of upvc doors, windows, conservatories, fascias etc. For a free, no-obligation estimate and advice phone:

01328 878684 or 0788 9639 354 BENNELL HOME IMPROVEMENTS


LOCAL LYNX - is a non-profit-making community newspaper, run for the benefit of ten villages.

in our 10 villages

We warmly welcome drawings, articles and letters for publication, but since we never know until shortly before publication how much material we will have, we must reserve the right to edit entries. We prefer to edit rather than to omit items altogether.

AUGUST 3rd Thurs. Binham History Group visit to Sedgeford dig 4th Fri. Binham Priory, Teas in the Priory 2.00 - 4.30 5th Sat. Langham Parish Room FOL Coffee 10 - 12 5th Sat - 8th Tues. Binham Annual Art Exhibition 9th Wed. Langham Ladybirds, Parish Room 7.30 11th Fri. Binham Priory, Teas in the Priory 2.00 - 4.30 14th Mon. Stiffkey Church closed until Oct. Major repairs 16th Wed. Langham Parish Room FOL Coffee 10 - 12 17th Thurs. Langham Mobile Library 18th Fri. Binham Priory, Teas in the Priory 2.00 - 4.30 19th Sat. Binham Priory Trillium Quartet 7.30 19th Sat. Field Dalling & Saxlingham Village Fete. 2.00 20th Sun. Binham Boules Group, Wells Beach 5.30 21st Mon. Langham Parish Room Keep Fit 10.00 - 11.30 22nd Tues. Langham Parish Council. 7.00 25th Fri. Binham Priory, Teas in the Priory 2.00 - 4.30 26th Sat. Gunthorpe FOGPC Coffee 10.30 26th Sat. Langham Stall on the Green 9.30 - 11.30 27th Sun. Stiffkey Fete, 11.30 am - 6.00 pm 28th Mon. Langham Stall on the Green 9.30 - 11.30

For information about submitting items for publication and about distribution, or if you want to help in any other way, please contact your village representative For general information please ring Helen & Bob Brandt on 01328-830056. Address: 28 Binham Road, Langham, Holt NR25 7AB. email: bob@clockhousestudio.demon.co.uk. COPY FOR OCTOBER/NOVEMBER ISSUE REQUIRED BY 9th SEPTEMBER

PLEASE NOTE: CONTACT FOR ADVERTISERS For enquiries about advertising in Local Lynx, please contact David John, tel: 01328-830933 Rates for advertising (pre-paid) are: One column x 62 mm (1/8 page): £60 for six issues.


Small Ads Panel on the back page: Available for individuals and businesses providing local services. Allocated on first-paid, first-in basis. Cost: £5 per issue.

2nd Sat Langham Parish Room FOL Coffee 10 - 12 3rd Sun. Binham Priory Concert ‘Angels & Devils’ 7.30 9th Sat. Norfolk Churches Trust Bike Ride 13th Wed. Langham Ladybirds, Parish Room 7.30 14th Thurs. Langham Mobile Library 14th - 18th Thurs - Sun Morston Powditch family visit 20th Wed. Langham Parish Room FOL Coffee 10 - 12 21st Thurs. Binham & Hindringham Womens Club 7.15 22nd - 24th Binham Chequers, Beer Festival 23rd Sat. Binham Village Hall ‘History of your House’ 10.00 - 3.30 th 28 Thurs. Binham Village Hall ‘Black Monks’ 7.30 29th Fri. Binham Harvest Festival, Priory, 6.00 30th Sat. Morston Church, Elizabeth Wingfield Concert 30th Sat. Gunthorpe FOGPC Coffee. 10.30

DEANERY NEWS Visit to Norwich Cathedral Church, Fri. 29th September The coach will leave Holt Market Place at 11am. The visit will include a guided tour, church services and ample time to partake of refreshments. The coach will leave Norwich at 6.30 pm. to return home. Price: £4 per head. Please give your name to your Deanery Representative before Mon. 4th Sept.


NORMAN LAMB M.P. holds regular advice surgeries in the constituency. He can also be contacted via the constituency office at: 15 Market Place North Walsham Norfolk NR28 9BP Tel: 01692 403752 Fax: 01692 500818 e-mail: normanlamb@hotmail.com www.normanlamb.org

All chimneys, Flues & Appliances Swept

Brush and Vacuum Used

Certificates Issued for insurance purposes

Weddings attended as Lucky Sweep

Bird/Rain Guards and Cowls Supplied and Fitted

TEL: 01328 851081 2

Church Services for Bale and Stiffkey Benefice for AUGUST & SEPTEMBER HC=Holy Communion. FS=Family Service. MP=Morning Prayer. EP=Evening Prayer. BCP=Book of Common Prayer

All Communion Services are in traditional language except those marked * Parish Bale

Week 1 9.30 am

Week 2 HC

Field Dalling

Service at Saxlingham


11.00 am



9.30 am


Sharrington Binham Langham

Week 3

Week 4

9.30 am


9.30 am


9.30 am


11.00 am


11.00 am


11.00 am


9.30 am


No Service

Service at Field Dalling

11.00 am

11.00 am



6.00 pm


9.30 am


9.30 am


9.30 am


9.30 am


11.00 am


11.00 am


11.00 am


9.30 am


9.30 am


9.30 am


9.30 am


11.00 am



9.30 am


11.00 am


No Service


11.00 am


9.30 am


8.00 am


No Service 11.00 am


Regular weekday services: Binham: Tuesday 6 pm Evening Prayers Langham: Wednesday 10.00 am Holy Communion Stiffkey: Friday 10.00 am Holy Communion


BLAKENEY CATHOLIC CHURCH Father Michael Simison. 12, Hindringham Road, Gt. Walsingham. Norfolk NR22 6DR Tel: 01328 821353 Service Times: Sunday Mass 10.30 am. Thurs. & Sat. evenings 6.00 pm.

Swallow swooping low, bending to catch the low down bugs pushed to the earth by the air pressure, over early ripened wheat ears. Fields, gleaming golden, almost white, in the fierce hot sunlight. Usually the barley is ripe before the wheat, but my walks at present are on paths between both grains well ripened and almost ready to cut. Strange, how things are changing. Flash floods in the west of the country and roads run like rivers, with swirling floodwater. And this is summer. Strange, how things are changing. When Jesus was among us as a man, he walked in the natural world and soaked it all up. He used what he knew and saw and had learnt to speak about that other world, His Kingdom, that is among us, and also not yet in our grasp. A few times he looked at the natural world and said, if you are observant you will be able to read what is going on - for instance, he said, ‘When the fields of grain are white, we know its time for harvest; When we really look at a small child we get a glimpse of heaven; When the vine needs strengthening, the deadwood must be cut away’. Observe said Jesus, stay awake, read the signs. I wonder if we are really paying attention to what the world around us is telling us? I wonder if we make any connection between the way we live our lives and the melting ice caps, the sinking Pacific Island and the increasingly devastating droughts on the continent of Africa? Most of all, I wonder what Jesus would have to say to us if he were to walk through our flooded town streets or stroll between fields of prematurely ripened grains?

METHODIST CHURCH Minister - Revd. Rosemary Wakelin Tel:01263 712181 For services at Blakeney & Holt see ‘Glaven Valley Newsletter’ or ‘Holt Chronicle’.

WEETU - CALLING WOMEN IN NORFOLK Imagine getting the help you need to find a rewarding job or to start your own business. And imagine it was free and available nearby. The Women’s Employment Enterprise Training Unit offers all that and more. We are holding workshops across Norfolk in August and September to give you a head start. We are also pleased to offer a unique work-shadowing programme, giving you the opportunity to find out what it’s like to work for local businesses. We help more than 2,000 women each year. Maybe we can help you. Courses are free and some child-care and travel expenses are paid. To find out more - call Debra on 01603 216185


CLEY W.I. No meeting in August. Sept. 7th ‘The Story of Rag Rugs’ - Mrs. Pat Willis. Oct. 5th ‘Namibia and the Galapagos’ - An illustrated talk by John Cucksey. Meetings: Cley Village Hall 2.30 pm. Visitors welcome.

CALL 01263 821900 3

explaining just what can and cannot be recycled and also the cost of contamination to the council tax payer. North Norfolk is currently doing well at recycling but contamination is an issue where further improvements can be made. Our District Councillors are: Bernard Crowe: Field Dalling with Saxlingham, Morston & Sharrington (with Brinton) (01263 740137, email: bernardcrowe@north-norfolk.gov.uk). Jonathan Savory: (01328 820719, email. jsavory@farming.co.uk.) and Joyce Trett (01328 710300) - Binham, Langham & Stiffkey. Mrs A.R.Green: (01328 878273) - Gunthorpe with Bale.

DISTRICT COUNCILLORS’ NOTEBOOKS From Bernard Crowe: Restructuring Local Government: Possible ways of ensuring that people have a voice, choice and direct influence if they wish to use it. a) Devolution from local councils to town partnerships, providing local solutions to local needs and community. b). More power for front-line councillors as advocates for their communities, the villages and towns they serve. c) Support from County & District Councils to the frontline councillor. Local Area Agreements (LAAs), managed regionally and led by County Council or government departments, build capacity and support improvement across councils. Some would like LAAs across all government departments, others fearthis is central government via the back door. County Councils (or equivalents) generally manage Local Strategic Partnerships (LSPs). Government’s drive for devolution and ‘joining up’ increases expectations as LSPs become a reality. Should LSPs remain a partnership of business and voluntary/community sectors? Or should local politicians take a lead? LAAs are changing the face of central/local relationships. We await the Government White Paper on the future of local government. Partnerships: Paul Coen, new Director of Local Government Association, says: ‘The next significant increase in public sector performance can only be achieved if there is substantial devolution to councils, working with partners and the public. Customer satisfaction will increase if forward-facing services are seen by the public to be locally shaped and locally controlled. There is increasing recognition that we have reached the limit of what can be achieved through centralisation.’ I believe this is becoming the view of central government. It will not be easy because there are some entrenched views that counter this move. Nevertheless, the tide is running in favour of a more local approach. Central government's report, 17th June ’06, reveals that local government is well on course to meet its £3bn Gershon efficiency target a whole year ahead of schedule. Lord Bruce Lock-Hart said: ‘Local authorities are making more savings than anywhere else in the public sector’. Money saved can be used to improve front-line services for communities or to keep council tax increases down.

GLAVEN CARING The Glaven clients, helpers and supporters will have learnt with delight and pleasure the announcement from Buckingham Palace on 5th June that Glaven Caring was one of two Norfolk organisations to receive the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service in the community. This prestigious commendation truly reflects what those who live in the twelve Glaven villages do to help the elderly and infirm meet the disadvantages which come with age and illness. Many of you will have heard of and contributed to the many fund raising functions in the last weeks towards the cost of a new ambulance for Glaven clients. Something in the order of £20,000 has been raised to meet an expected cost of £29,000. What has been quite remarkable is that this money has come not from a formal appeal by Glaven Caring but as the result of spontaneous and, on our part, totally unexpected action by many individuals, too many and too varied to list here. To each and everyone we are most grateful. What these two events really signify is the compassion, practical support and determination in our community that those in need will be helped. Qualities which cross the boundaries of any one organisation and are an envied feature of our villages. For this we have much to be thankful. Tony Allibone, Chairman, Glaven Caring

From Jonathan Savory: Sustainable Development Grants: A sustainable development fund has been launched to support business start up costs, community facilities, project materials and services, equipment and training for activities that help care for the environment and people of the Norfolk Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Aimed at innovative projects unable to benefit from other sources of public funding, it could be a useful source of funding for anyone operating in Priory Ward. Applications invited from individuals, bsinesses and other organisations. Contact Norfolk Coast Partnership 01328 850539 for further details. Recycling: A leaflet is being prepared for householders


Nannies, Au pairs House Keepers / Couples Also

House and Pet Sitters Peace of mind whilst you are away Anna de Soissons Emma Stimpson 01263 834 290 / 01263 768 675


www.helpunlimited.co.uk Info@helpunlimited.co.uk

BALE News Contact: Sue Berry 01328 878621

For Church Services see Panel on Page 3



Entries are coming in - remember, the poems will be assessed on Sept.1st. Our former short story competition brought in some excellent work, some of which we printed several issues ago - let’s have a similar input of poems. However, it is worth remembering that we might have difficulty in printing anything very long Ed

10th June 2006 The Paraguayan footballers were not the only ones to find themselves in competition with England on the afternoon of June 10th. No - the brave folk of Bale also found themselves pitted against Sven’s men that afternoon as they held their annual Church Fete. Bale’s team, led by Walter Hammond and Dick Payne, was a canny mix of the seasoned and the green and managed the setting up and laying out of stalls in record time, I’m advised. So much so, that many were able to take a pre-fete rest and take on liquids. Apart, that is, from the hapless souls on the bookstall who’d invited the Pastry Queen of North London, a personal friend, to supervise their contribution to the cake stall and thus found themselves somewhat over-committed. The day itself was like an advertisement for how summers used to be: hot sun and a clear blue sky. Walter and Joanna’s beautiful walled gardens proved a pictureperfect setting - like a scene from Midsomer but without the murder and dull soundtrack. Instead, Bale commissioned a magnificent brass band that not only brought their own seats, but also did justice to everything from Sousa to Williams (Robbie). “Angels”, you know the one. Visitors to the fete were unfailingly generous in their contributions to the cause. Apart, that is, from one individual who was putting in some practice for a forthcoming audition to appear on “Bargain Hunt”, allegedly. The fete was a resounding success with everyone on top form, unlike opponents in Germany on the day so I’m told.

NORFOLK BOAT (Sail Training) Many readers may not be aware of the Norfolk Boat charity set up in 1980 to give financial assistance to young Norfolk people aged 11 to 24 to take part in sail training cruises (normally seven days) in a number of registered sailing boats at our disposal. This charity was started from funds raised at various Country Fairs, including Holkham and Chatsworth, as well as numerous generous donations from members of the public who recognise the benefit of sail training to the youth of Norfolk. Every year a total sponsorship of over £25,000 is given to some 190 boys and girls to enable them to take part. Details of how you could contribute and how young people can apply can be found by visiting our web site: norfolkboat.org.uk. Or by telephoning 01603 881121. Andrew Cuthbert

‘THE MAGICAL KINGDOM’ A Flower Festival at Fakenham Parish Church September, 28th - October 2nd 10 am - to 6 pm. A floral tribute to the films of Disney. A treat for all the family. Information: The Festival Office - 01328 862268

The Map House Smokers Hole

Peggy Corney D.O.

Barbara Shearing BSc (Hons) Ost Giulio Martini BSc (Hons) Ost

ETC  Silver Award BTB B&B of the year 2001


Enjoy comfort and total privacy in luxurious double suites, each with bedroom, bathroom, sitting room and own staircase. Breakfast with fresh local ingredients.

Osteopathy is a gentle, effective method of treatment which can help with back pain, joint pain, migraine and head pain, as well as many other conditions. We also treat babies and children

Stonebeck, The Street, Gunthorpe, Melton Constable

David & Jocelyn Stroud. Tel: 01263-741304 www.maphouse.net

Tel: 01263 861184



Contact: Carolyn Wright Tel: 01328 830270 Fax: 01328 830840 Email: cpwrightuk@aol.com

MESSAGE FROM VERONICA I should like to take this opportunity of thanking everyone from Bale who kindly sent me good wishes on my move in to Holt. John and I had almost 25 happy years in Church Farm, ‘CF’ as John called it, and I shall always remember the village with affection. The Fete and other activities were always a joy in which to participate and everyone who knew John will have known of his love for the Church, not just the building itself but its centuries of meaning. CF is a house with a long history and we were privileged to restore it in our time. My new house is different in that it is a town house but it has the advantage of a much smaller garden! I was brought up in the Scottish Borders, however I was born within sight and sound of Netley Abbey near Southampton. It was there that church bells must have imprinted themselves on my subconscious for later living in the proximity of Bale Church (whose bell ringers do a great job), their sound seemed a continuation of something good and familiar. It is therefor not surprising that my new house shelters within the precincts of St Andrew’s Church in Holt whose bells contribute to a sense of continuing security. Your good wishes are much appreciated and John I know would want to join me in thanking you one and all. Should any of you need coffee or a parking space (!) I hope you will not hesitate to call on me. I should love to see any of you at any time. Meanwhile I send all good wishes to Bale’s future and the same to each of you Veronica Daniel

For Church Services see Panel on Page 3 HARVEST FESTIVAL & HARVEST SUPPER This year the Harvest Festival service will be in the Priory on Friday 29 September at 6.00 pm. It will be followed by the Village Harvest Supper in the Memorial Hall at 7.30 pm. All will be welcome to both or either event. Please put the date for the evening in your diary. An invitation will be delivered to every house in the parish in early September. For further details and offers to help, please contact Liz Brown or Maureen Frost.

TEAS IN THE PRIORY Once again there will be Teas in the Priory each Friday during the month of August from 2.00 until 4.30, starting on Friday 4th August. If you can help on the day, or bake cakes or biscuits for us to sell, please contact Marie Grange at 830374.

BINHAM LOCAL HISTORY GROUP SUMMER OUTING - Thursday 3rd August 2.30 p.m. to the Sedgeford Archaeological Dig. £2.50 per person. Please call 830270 if you would like to join us. RESEARCHING THE HISTORY OF YOUR HOUSE. A two day course conducted by Tracy Warnes, a course tutor at UEA, on Saturday 23rd September and Saturday 21st October. 10 a.m. to 3.30 in the Binham Village Hall. £25 per person for the two days. Please call Carolyn for more information. 01328 830270 or cpwrightuk@aol.com MICHAEL BEGLEY will open our season of speakers on Thursday 28th September 7.30 in the Village Hall. His topic will be The Black Monks in East Anglia. £1 members, £2 non-members. Membership fees are due in September (£5 per couple, £3 single) and it will be helpful if you would pay our Membership Secretary, Roger Newman, at the talk on 28th September.

BALE VILLAGE HALL SOCIAL CLUB DRAW May Margaret Hudson Haken Bennell Grace Allison David Pattinson

£25 £10 £5 £5


June Paul Turnbull Maureen Wells Grace Allison Margaret Dent

G&B Electrical

Susannah McDougall Landscape and Garden Design

Est. 1980

By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Electrical Contractor G&B Electrical Norfolk

Solutions for the outside space

Electrical installations to the very highest standard

Design - Planting - Construction


Hall Farm, Langham Road, Morston, Norfolk NR25




telephone: 01263 740056 mobile: 07887 480793

PHONE/FAX: 01263 861064 MOBILE: 07860 295273

email: hallfarm@morston44.freeserve.co.uk

Reepham Road, Briston, Norfolk


National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting


more than £1,200, were donated to charity - a remarkable achievement by a remarkable man. Bob moved to Binham in 1983. He was a loyal member of the congregation at the Priory and when he discovered that the Queen Mother had paid a private visit there he offered her one of his paintings of the church as a memento. The gift was accepted - and the story might have ended there. However, his neighbour in Binham, June Reed, visited Scotland on holiday last year. Touring the Queen Mother's Castle of Mey, in Caithness, she noticed in a bedroom formerly used by the late Princess Margaret a painting of a familiar scene. It was Bob Scott's watercolour of Binham Priory. Andrew Moncur

BOB SCOTT Bob Scott, an old friend to villagers in Binham - and the first to welcome so many newcomers to the area died on July 6. He was aged 92. Bob had been living for almost a year at Courtenay House care home, Tittleshall, near Fakenham. Bob Scott, in retirement, was a much-loved figure in and around Binham, leaning on his bike or sitting on a favourite bench under the tree, greeting friends and strangers alike as they passed by. Everyone - man, woman or child - was "my dear" to Bob. For a while he had for company a chicken, Lucky, which liked to perch on his lap as he talked to visitors. Behind this friendly, open face was a countryman with a deep understanding of his native Norfolk - which he rarely stepped outside - and a love for its wildlife, its archaeology, its trees and flowers and the steady rhythms of the farming year. Bob was a farm worker, a self-taught naturalist and collector, a painter, a gifted writer, a conservationist, a gardener, and - as he often liked to say - a man of trees. He set them here, there and everywhere. Trees he planted now grow at his old homes at Field House and in Priory Crescent, on the village greens at Binham and Great Walsingham, and in hedgerows and gardens. Bob was also a quiet campaigner for the countryside, he was responsible for the county's preservation in Binham of a grazing meadow, rich in bee orchids and cowslips; a roadside nature reserve on the Walsingham road was set up after Bob, on his regular cycling excursions, noted the wide variety of wild flowers and grasses there. He always had an eye for the unusual. He was proud of his collection of British moths and butterflies, including a Camberwell Beauty (a rare migrant) which he found in sheaves of wheat which had been through the elevator on the corn stack. He also identified, then successfully introduced to gardens in Hindringham and Binham, the rare gentian blue form of the scarlet pimpernel. Bob Scott was born in Little Walsingham and left school at 14 to work for Mr Philip Rounce at Field House Farm, in Hindringham. He would remain there for the next 55 years - although his first day on the farm was not auspicious. Bob, set to work grinding swedes as cattle feed, took off his raincoat and threw it over a half door. At the end of the day it was nowhere to be found. "The old pigs ate my coat," he recalled a lifetime later. Young Bob walked the three miles home in tears; the raincoat represented all his earnings in that summer's harvest. He worked at first on Mr Rounce's milk round in Walsingham, delivering cottage-to-cottage by pony and float. During icy spells, Bob would call at the blacksmith's and stand, like Peggy the pony, while the smith, Billy Green, hammered horse nails into the heels of his boots. "That meant I never did slip up with the milk can," Bob recalled. His working life spanned the revolution in farming, from the world of the horse and tumbrel to the days of the tractor. His stories of life on the farm were eventually collected into memoirs which he published in his 90th year. The entire proceeds from that book, which raised


This year the Bike Ride is on Saturday 9th September. Cyclists wanted please! We would really like some enthusiasts to ride for the Priory and also for the Norfolk Churches Trust. You can choose your own route - to as many churches and chapels as you wish. Sponsor forms available from the Priory or from Carolyn Wright (830270). Helpers also needed, please, to sit in the Priory for an hour that day to welcome our intrepid bikers.


Saturday 19th August, 7.30 pm Trillium Brass Quartet. Sarah Field, trumpet, Giles Liddiard, trumpet, Richard Ward, trombone, Alex Kidson, tuba. Music by Gabrieli, Handel, Vaughan Williams, Holst, Butterworth, Leonard Bernstein, Kurt Weill and Cole Porter. Tickets £10. Sunday 3 September, 7.30 pm Simon Standage, violin and Nicholas Parle, harpsichord “Angels and Devils” (music by Leclair, Locatelli, Mondonville, Tartini, Guillemain and Veracini). Tickets £12. Tickets from Maureen Frost, 01328 830362. dgwfrost@dialstart.net.

KATHRYN GIGG Chartered Accountants, Business Advisers and Tax Consultants Personal Tax Returns & Self Assessment Advice ▪ Annual Accounts & Audit ▪ Independent Pension & Investment Advice ▪ VAT Returns ▪ Payroll & Book-keeping Service For an appointment please contact

Mrs K H Gigg, FCA on 01485 534800

The Office, 20 King’s Lynn Road, Hunstanton PE36 5HP Registered to carry out audit work and regulated for a range of investment business activities by The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales



Gt. Walsingham Gallery & Picture Framing

I thought of these words of the late Professor C.E.M.Joad during Binham’s open gardens weekend. A visitor looked at my foxgloves and pointedly asked if they were not weeds. The dictionaries give several meanings but surely foxgloves are too useful and beautiful to be “weeds”? Wild, yes, and like lady’s mantle, larkspur, fennel and many other plants, I have to remove the seed heads or they will “go forth and multiply” exceedingly. For me “weeds” are just plants I don’t want in my garden. There are some that are “weeds” by anybody’s definition. Bindweed, groundsel, hairy bittercress, pearlworts are all garden weeds of no merit. Neglect them and you will regret it. Dandelions, creeping buttercup and daisies in a lawn may have their supporters but not me. My particular bugbear is annual meadow grass which seems to germinate and seed in 24 hours. Fortunately I have no ground elder, for which the only known remedy is to sell up! I have to confess that many of my plants were selfinflicted injuries, introduced after admiring them in other gardens. One such is the Welsh poppy in shades of yellow and orange, seeds of which were given to me by a friend. Years later he confessed that it was a plant he regretted, because it seeds like mad. Beware of plants which the catalogue says “seed or spread freely.” So far, I have succeeded in limiting it to one part of the garden, but seedlings poke their heads up everywhere else. Whatever its beauty, it is a “thug,” the official gardening term for plants that will “get away” given half a chance. I have yet to discover a campanula that does not spread out of control, nor any violet, forgetmenot or loosestrife. As for soapwort, it took me two seasons to eliminate my own introduction, only to find it creeping back. All mints can be “thugs,” though I would never do without them. Mine are planted against a brick wall, where I can mow off the suckers. The perfume is glorious. There are some plants which I just tolerate, like moss and black medick in the lawn. Whatever I did, they would soon be back and at least the lawn is green during droughts. But I must end with a warning against the dreaded Japanese anemone. If you ever think of planting it, don’t be tempted by its showy flowers. You will never control it. Its bootlace roots go down at least two feet and spread yards in a single season. Of all the garden “thugs,” it is the worst in my experience. The only treatment is the one recommended above for ground elder. Ian Johnson

The Group consists of anyone interested in Art or Craft, beginner or otherwise. Artists with professional experience form part of the Group and will gladly give advice if needed. We meet every Tuesday morning from 10 to 12 in the Village Hall. A fee of £2 per morning includes coffee and biscuits. A demonstration of painting or craftwork normally takes place on the first Tuesday of every month. In May Jill Ilett gave a demonstration in acrylic, carrying out a painting of a garden, and in June Jane Ironside demonstrated the use of mixed media. The Group’s ANNUAL ART EXHIBITION will take place in the Village Hall from Saturday 5th to Tuesday 8th August from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day. For further information contact James Bucknill at 01328 830651.

SUCCESS AT THE ROYAL NORFOLK SHOW It was another good show for Abbey Farm and Andrew Marsh. Last year’s Champion Heifer at the Royal Norfolk Show, Scalesfarm Woodcott Hurricane, was placed first in the Junior Dry Cow, and fourth in the class "Bred by UK bull". The young handlers, Oliver, Hannah and Laura all came away with rosettes ranging from fourth in the senior class to 9th in the junior handler. The young handlers look forward to the Wayland show on the 6th August at Watton.

No meeting in August. The next meeting of the Binham & Hindringham Women’s Club will be in the Hindringham Village Hall at 7.15 on Thursday 21st September when Hilary Brown of FARA will give a talk entitled “Remember Romania” – and will explain how FARA have set up and run their orphanage. New members always welcome. Just turn up or telephone the secretary Fiona Thompson on 01328 830639.

Paintings, sculpture, ceramics & crafts. Contemporary prints, greetings cards, jewellery & gifts

Comprehensive Framing Service Oils - Watercolours - Prints - Needlework - Medal Cases

Open Daily 10am - 5 pm Hindringham Road, Great Walsingham, NR22 6DR Tel/Fax 01328 820900 Email:gwframing@msn.com www.walsinghamgallery.co.uk


22nd-24th September The Front Street Brewery will have been operating successfully from the Chequers Inn for a year in September and, to mark the occasion, Steve and Alex are having a beer festival in a large marquee in the pub’s back meadow. Up to 50 different ales from Norfolk and beyond will be available as well as Head Chef Neil's delicious home cooked food. There will be live music in the marquee with a quiet session during Saturday afternoon and an opportunity to meet with brewers from some of Norfolk's many excellent micro-breweries during Sunday. Festival times: Fri. 6pm - 11pm; Sat. Midday - 11pm; Sun. Midday - 6pm.





Charles Ogle-Rush

I’ve talked about the Local Development Framework before, and at the risk of becoming boring, I intend to do so again. Parish Councils these days have very limited powers; most of these having been hived off to the District or the County - in our case North Norfolk District in Cromer and Norfolk County in Norwich. One of the few areas in which we can make our local voice heard is that of planning. Not that we make the decisions, that’s down to the people in Cromer, but they have a duty to tell us what is planned, and to listen to our opinions when we voice them. And contrary to popular opinion, they don’t always ignore us. If you are sitting in your ivory tower at Holt Road in Cromer you cannot possibly have intimate knowledge of every part of every small village in the district – so these people rely on the Parish Councils to add that local knowledge into the process. In the case of Binham, your Parish Councillors have been quite busy over the past few years giving their opinions on everything from replacement porches to new infill housing. They probably spend more time on that process than all their other functions put together. Before the next issue of this magazine, your Parish Councillors will be asked to give their opinions on the Local Development Framework, which will show what the planners have in mind for the area over the next fifteen years. It looks as if there will be no more house building in the village during that period. The theory that villages “grow organically” by allowing houses to be built in the gaps (infilling) seems to have been replaced by the idea that the green spaces are part of our heritage and should stay that way. If you like things to stay as they are you’ll probably appreciate the new plan. If you were planning to split your garden up into half-a-dozen building plots and retire on the proceeds, it looks as if you will have to wait until after 2021. Keith Leesmith - Parish Clerk - keith@leesmith.co.uk

Let me drive you near or far to Planes, Boats, Trains, Theatres, Dinners, Children’s parties etc

Up to 6 passengers & luggage Anywhere - Anytime Day or Night 01328 830 030 Licensed by NNDC and fully insured

A FOGGY MYSTERY TOUR When we lived in Gloucestershire, some years ago, I was the Entertainments Officer in our village W.I. One dreary winter night we needed cheering up, at our meeting, so we decided to have a night out, something a bit different - “A Mystery Tour in the Cotswolds” was agreed upon and our coach driver was to be the only one to know where we were going, and to arrange a supper at a pub. On the appointed night the fog was thick, and it became apparent after a while that the driver was as mystified as we were. However, with a cry of joy he said, “Here we are” as the welcoming lights of the pub shone out. We drove in and were greeted by Mine Host. After an excellent meal I collected the money from the members and took it to the manager. “Did you enjoy it?” he asked and then, “How are things in Chipping Sodbury these days?” I said we didn’t come from Chipping Sodbury, we came from Oldbury. We had come to the wrong pub and eaten Chipping Sodbury’s meal! Their coach drove in, as we drove out - oh dear, oh dear! Jane McCormick

BINHAM OPEN GARDENS Thanks to a change in the weather Binham had a very successful weekend at the beginning of June with five gardens open to the public to raise funds for the Priory conservation project. With teas in the Priory or Village Hall and plants for sale the final total was £1,360. A big thanks goes not only to the people who helped on the day but also to everyone who supported us. We’d like to do it again in two years time but with more gardens so please start considering your garden! Judy Byrne

PRIORY PROJECT All formal consents required for the acceptance of the overall project design were received by early June. The project team, assisted by professional advisers, are now working on compiling a cost estimate, project planning schedule and initiating the search for funding. Pauline Scott is heading the funding activities and is currently assembling a bid to be submitted in early September to the Heritage Lottery Board, with a decision expected in March next year. Funding will also be sought from other agencies and charities, supplemented by a regional appeal and continuation of local fundraising activities. Pauline will welcome any suggestions and support on this essential stage of the project.

INSIDE - OUTSIDE House & Garden Maintenance First class service for permanent or holiday homes in the North Norfolk area and beyond

    

General house & building repairs Painting & decorating Garden maintenance (clearance, weeding, new borders etc) Lawn and grass cutting Hedge cutting No job too small - Free estimates - References given

For further details or to arrange a visit call Roy Findlater on: 01328 830442 or 07818 422625

"You may be only one person in the world, but you may also be the world to one person". Brenda Wilde

e-mail: roy.findlater@btinternet.com




General Builders & Decorators


No job too small or large

NEW - Monday to Friday inc. 9.30 - 12.45 pm 2 - 2½ yrs, accompanied by parent - £2.00 2½ over, unaccompanied - £4.50 (Children to bring a packed lunch)



Monday & Tuesday, 9.30 - 11.30 (combined with Pre-School) 0-2½ yrs £1.00

- Free Quotations -

For further details contact Marny (Supervisor) on 01263 740925






01328 878357

01263 712905


Aged 20 years

The Parochial Charities would like to know whether you know of anybody in Binham or Cockthorpe that you feel could benefit in some way from our help. We give a Christmas Grant to retired people in the villages, but feel that we may be able to do more for an individual, if we are aware of the situation. For example, we may be able to contribute toward repairs or replacement of essential equipment for an elderly neighbour.

July 27th I started off by mail to fetch Aunt Anne home to our grandma if possible before she died. Travelled all night and reached Woburn about 6 in the morning before they were up. July 31st Aunts Ellen and Anne and I determined to post it all the way down in Benet’s carriage, we started at ten and reached home at 9 in the evening - found grandma still alive but getting weaker. August 2nd Mr Upjohn preached beautifully from Hebrews 5 1,2,3,4. Uncle John came to hear how grandma was and went to church as grandma was not so well.

We would like to hear from you, in confidence, with any suggestions. Please write to Binham Parochial Charities c/o Abbey Farm, Binham, Fakenham, Norfolk NR21 0DQ

August 9th This was a decidedly warm day, grandma was decidedly better. August 10th We began harvest here in the seven acres and Warham Breck. August 13th We finished cutting Warham Breck and Long Breck and began the Park close - Father sold wheat to West & Co at 34s August 15th Father and Sally went to Wells in the morning. Grandma sufficiently recovered to be as cross as usual. August 21st We finished the wheat harvest about noon and cut about 30 acres of barley. August 22nd We got the peas into the barn in capital order and I think there will prove to be a capital crop of them. September 5th We finished harvest today and the men had their dinner about 3 o’clock. Richard & Norah Lewis

BOULES ON THE BEACH The Binham Boules group, known as the Sanderlings, invite you to join them on Sunday 20th August at 5.30 p.m. at Hut 169 on Wells Beach. A very informal gettogether: we’ll make up the teams on arrival. Just bring a little something to eat and drink for a beach picnic. Call Carolyn at 01328 830270 or email cpwrightuk@aol.com if you would like to come. If you don’t have any boules - come anyway. We will have some for you to borrow. Hope to see you there.




Contact: Margaret Smith 01328 830546

Contact: Ann Massingham

01328 830558


For Church Services see Panel on Page 3

I heard on June 21st that Uncle Kitch had died on the island of Malta. He was born in Cockthorpe and was one of ten children born to William and Eliza Newstead, who lived in Well Cottage. He was the last surviving child.

THE FIELD DALLING & SAXLINGHAM VILLAGE FETE - SATURDAY 19th AUGUST at Field Dalling Hall, runs from 2-4 pm. Justso James will be on hand to entertain the children, judge the children’s fancy dress competition and compere the afternoon.

Kitch worked on farms in his early life until he was called up to the Army. He was posted to Malta and while there met his wife Polly. They married and had five children. They all live on Malta with their many children.

All the stalls which make a good village fete will be there: white elephant, cakes, books, gifts, and accessories, plants and produce. First prize in the main raffle is a framed watercolour by the late Rev’d W M Brown, plus excellent runner-up prizes.

After retiring, Uncle Kitch visited Cockthorpe many times. As soon as he arrived his first thoughts were to walk down the common. He would then say to me, ‘Come on boy, let’s go get some cockles.’ Whenever I went on holiday to Malta I always had to pack mackerel, crabs and cockles. Customs never stopped me!

Try your hand at the tombola, at various games and contests for both adults and children, and then relax with a cup of tea in the lovely gardens of Field Dalling Hall.

Kitch, I am sure, is remembered by some of the readers of the parish magazine and they, I am sure, will have many more memories of my uncle. Bernie Hooke

Parking and admission are free.

FIELD DALLING & SAXLINGHAM VILLAGE FETE in the gardens of FIELD DALLING HALL SATURDAY 19th AUGUST 2:00 to 4:00 pm JUSTSO JAMES will entertain the children and judge the children’s fancy dress TRADITIONAL STALLS cakes, gifts, accessories, books, white elephant, plant and produce MAIN RAFFLE a framed watercolour by the late Rev W M Brown, other good prizes TEAS Competitions and games for all ages

ALL SAINTS CHURCH, COCKTHORPE The village of Cockthorpe has a history which stretches back for more than 1,000 years. Its name indicates a Viking settlement, and it is mentioned in King William the Conqueror’s Domesday Book of 1086. Only one building survives from those early days, and that is the church, dedicated to All Saints. The present structure dates largely from 1200-1300, but there are features which indicate earlier Anglo-Saxon construction. That the church still stands complete today is due to one person, the late Lady Billa Harrod. In the 1960’s All Saints was fast falling into terminal decay, and had it not been rescued by Lady Harrod’s Norfolk Churches Trust, would by now have been a ruin. For those of us who are fortunate enough to live in Cockthorpe, it is all we have standing above ground from those early times. This is our village heritage. From time to time the church is used for Christian worship, and also for other gatherings not inappropriate for a house of prayer. A key hangs outside the porch at Manor Farm opposite, and is available so that visitors may gain access. This building from almost 1,000 years ago is a gem in which, as Cockthorpe residents, we should take great pride. On a practical note, you can show your pride in this treasure from our past by adding your name to the list of those willing to sweep and dust the building on a monthly rota. If you are able to help, please call me on 01328-830057. Cockthorpe residents, the Norfolk Churches Trust, and passing visitors will all be grateful for your help. Thank you

The Blakeney Hotel Blakeney, Nr. Holt, Norfolk NR25 7NE

Tel: 01263 740797 www.blakeney-hotel.co.uk


Overlooking the estuary, the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing break, a meal or just a coffee. We have seasonal and permanent employment opportunities Telephone Helen for information.

Father Anthony Clements, Hon. Custodian.


In this issue, Eric Hotblack discusses the role of the




The Education Act of 1902, known as ‘the Balfour Act’ after its sponsor, set up a system of local school administration. Following this Act the parish council was able to appoint a school manager. This does not mean one individual person to manage the village school, but rather a board of managers. The first appointment was Mr George Wells in 1903, but on leaving the area, he was replaced in 1904 by Mr George Davidson. The appointments were made for three-year terms, Mr John Yull serving three terms until 1919 when Mrs Violet Nelson was appointed in addition. The following term records, ‘Mrs Nelson appointed as school manager for vacancy filled by parish council’. This implies that other parishioners of Field Dalling were school managers in addition to those appointed by the parish council. Mrs Nelson served for a total of seven terms, her final term with another parishioner, Mr E Page. Perhaps there were two because Field Dalling and Saxlingham were now combined into one parish. Since some of the children of Bale also attended Field Dalling School, did Bale also appoint a school manager? The first reference in the parish council minutes to the work done by school managers occurs in 1937, when, ‘the clerk was instructed to write to chairman of school managers asking if transport could not be arranged for children attending Melton Constable Central School.’ Clearly the school manager’s job extended beyond the village school. There is no record of the three-year appointments being made through the war years, but the system seems to have revived in 1947, ‘Norfolk education committee having asked council to appoint two new managers’, Mr P Savory and Mr R Massingham. In 1948 ‘the clerk was instructed to write a strong letter to Mr Bell to get the information required to enable the school managers to attend to urgent business’. Following this there is mention of two school managers serving three-year terms, but selected or elected rather than appointed as in the early years. The final reference is in 1960.

Contact: Di Cutterham 01263 860693

For Church Services see Panel on Page 3 HARVEST FESTIVAL This will be at St Mary’s, Gunthorpe, on Sunday, Doreen Webster September 24th at 11.00 am.

THE HARVEST SUPPER The Friends of Gunthorpe Parish Church will be holding the Harvest Supper on Saturday 28th October in the Village Institute and everyone is welcome. Although not quite finalised, the menu will include 'Gunthorpe Sausages', which will be specially made to our exact requirements! Recipe suggestions for the sausage are invited and we look forward to receiving them with great interest...the best recipe will be given to Paul and Simon at P & S Butchers in Holt and they will make the sausages for especially for us Gunthorpians (and our friends). The tickets will be the same price as last year at £6 and soft drinks and a glass of wine is included in the price.

FOGPC SUBSCRIPTIONS Subscriptions for the Friends are now due and I will be round collecting them as soon as time allows. In the meantime, if anyone is passing and would like to, please feel free to drop your subs into White Horse Farm. Still unchanged for 13 years, we ask for a minimum donation of £5 which will go directly to repair and maintain St Mary's. For those members who paid by cheque at the AGM - could you get in touch with me as mummy's dog Molly has eaten them and replacements are now sought!!! D.C.

E. & M. Grimes

BIRD-VENTURES Helping you to help our wildlife We stock a huge range of wildlife products Open 9 - 5.30 Monday - Saturday

BUILDERS Telephone (01263) 740274


All types of building works - Painting & Decorating Flintwork Specialists Extensions Conversions Renovations Alterations New Build Free Estimates

Quality Wild Bird Foods, Live Meal Worms, Bird Feeders, Bird Tables, Feeder Poles, Window Feeders, Sqirrel Baffles, Nesting boxes. Insect Homes for Bumble Bees, Solitary Bees, Ladybirds, Lacewings & Butterflies. Pond Dipping Nets. Bat Boxes. Moth Traps. Butterfly Nets. Books. Videos. CDs.

Galley Hill House, Langham Road, Blakeney, Holt,

Bird-Ventures 9B Chapel Yard, Albert Street, Holt, Norfolk NR25 6HG Telephone 01263 710203 email Paul.seethebird@fsmail.net

Norfolk, NR25 7PJ


FOGPC 50/50 CLUB RESULTS MAY P. Clarke P. Owers J. Cutterham C. Williamson H. Craske S. Burton

£15 £10 £5 £5 £5 £5

JUNE J. Luscombe S. Worthington C. Ford G. Clare L. Marr B. Burton


£15 £10 £5 £5 £5 £5

Contact: Ann Sherriff 01328 830605

For Church Services see panel on Page 3 LANGHAM CHURCH NEWS LANGHAM STREET FAYRE

NEW NEIGHBOURS The inauspicious moving date of April 1st brought the lovely Muffin and his owners to Swanton Road. Muffin is the very handsome West Highland Terrier that you may see, going for his walkies along the Brinton Road with Mark Richmond and Joe O'Sullivan in his wake, while Felix the cat takes this opportunity to sunbathe. Mark & Joe - ex-coffee & tea traders - have left behind the pollution and stress of city living in North London and they are currently enjoying the gentle pleasures of life in North Norfolk. Keen to enjoy village life, they are now FOGPC members and have signed up to help on the Book Stall at the Fete. Chicken-keeping is another ambition and they are very keen to add a few hens to the family - they have a marvellous shed in the garden they will be converting to a coop, and hopefully they will soon be having eggs for tea! Since arriving, they have not rested on their laurels though, as by the time this is printed, their first "Good Food Market" in Holt will have happened. And listening to some of the ideas and the work going into it I am certain that they will have a huge success on their hands. At the moment, they are also looking for able assistants/ helpers for this new venture and if you can spare 4’ish hours, two Saturdays per month then contact them on 862991.

Service of Celebration & Songs of Praise at Langham Church Sunday, July 30th at 6.00 pm. Preacher: Rt. Revd. James Langstaff, Bishop of Lynn. The community of Langham are cordially invited to attend this service which will be followed by refreshments at the Bluebell. This will be the only service in Langham on this day as there will be a group H.C. service, 10.30am. at Binham. NEWCOMERS We would like to welcome Mr. and Mrs. Roger Davis to Langham and also to congratulate them on their recent marriage. VISIT TO NORWICH CATHEDRAL CHURCH See the ‘general’ section at the front of this issue for details. If you are interested please enter your name on the list at the back of church or ring Ann on 830 605. CHURCH CLOCK Please note there is a mechanical problem with the clock and it will be some time until this is rectified. FROM THE REGISTERS Marilyn Mace - Funeral service, followed by burial at Morston.


Thank you everyone who turned out to help at the annual clear-up. Although the numbers were down on previous years, those who did turn out did a great job and enjoyed the post-pruning refreshments provided by Gunthorpe Hall.

We have a gravestone in our churchyard, a large stone cross on a plinth, which leans at a dangerous angle. Before doing something about it we must try to contact the family of the occupants of the grave. The monument was erected in memory of Thomas Elwood (died March, 1900) and of his wife Mary Ann Elwood, his son George Elwood and his sister Maria Gidney. I. Spinks - PCC





RODENT, RABBIT, MOLE, WASP and INSECT control by a professional, friendly service, specialising in farm, domestic and retail premises

Tel: 01328 830539

(01263) 860112





We urgently need 3 volunteer drivers to maintain our 13 week roster. This way drivers only do 1 week’s duty 4 times a year. Now we are on a shortened roster finishing on Aug. 20th. New roster is usually done 2 weeks before the end of the current one, so no roster is printed in this issue. It is too far ahead to cover September and October. The roster is posted on notice boards on the playing field, vicarage wall and church porch and in the Bluebell. If you cannot get to any of these sites, give me a call and I will be glad to help. Increase in fares From August the rate per mile payable by the service user will be 18p. This is the first increase since year 2000. It brings us in line with other services. It would be most helpful if the people who use the service brought along plenty of change. Thank you. Service awards At a May meeting of Langham WRVS car drivers, our guest was Territory Manager Debbi Fair, overseer of projects in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Surrey & Sussex. Several matters were discussed and long service certificates were presented, with bottles of wine for men and bouquets of flowers for ladies to: Helen Brandt & Ken Bartlett for 15 years, Ann Sherriff for 10 years and Maureen Dennis, Jan Hope, Peter Barlow (in absentia) & Roy White for 5 years. These are milestone years so you will gather several of the above have served more than the years quoted. For those who did not attend the Parish Council AGM, statistics for the 2005 report were: 117 journeys, covering 1,855 miles - approximately 124 hours of work by volunteers. Over 100% increase on 2004. All drivers were thanked for their dedication, greatly valued by the community. It is a worthwhile service which we hope to continue. It would be very much appreciated if volunteers would come forward to take up the three vacant places. You will be reimbursed for petrol expenses. Look forward to hearing from you. Ann Sherriff Tel: 830605



Tel: 01328 820209 Mobile: 077 66 00 33 84 free estimates & advice - established 1986

Birds Farm Walsingham Road Hindringham NR21 0BT

LANGHAM LADYBIRDS We were very privileged to see and hear about Brenda Pain’s ‘Mother’s Drawers’. A fascinating story and all the cotton and linen were a joy to see. A very interesting evening. On July 5th our coach left Langham at 1.15 pm to take us to the Cromer Pier Show. It was wonderful and enjoyed by us all. Aug. 9th We shall meet at Langham Parish Room on at 7.30 pm when Geoff Wortan talks about Home Laundry through the Ages. All ladies are welcome. We are having a produce stall at this meeting so please bring along any surplus goodies. Sept. 13th 7.30 pm. Our speaker Tom Sands is our guest and ‘Old Wells’ is the subject. This will be an open meeting everybody welcome, plus produce stall. Lots of interesting thing going on - please phone me if you would like further information. Thursford Christmas Spectacular

December 16th Saturday at 2 pm I have tickets for this super show, group price £26.50. Please phone and let me know how many you would like. Maureen 830731

BERYL thanks all her friends for their cards, letters, cakes, shortbread, chicken casserole, fruit from F.O.L and all their T.L.C. Thank you.


This will visit Langham on Thurs. Aug. 17th and Thurs. Sept. 14th. calling each day at: The Carmel - 9.35 am. Swan’s Close - 10.50 am. St. Mary’s - 10.00 am. The Cornfield - 11.15 am. The Old Post Office - 10.25 am. Enquiries: Wells Library Tel: 01328 710467.

AIMS Accountants For Business ■

Running Your Own Business? Wherever You Are, We Can Help


Keen pricing structure. Charges agreed in advance. Only the services you want We come to you. First meetings are free

IN THE PARISH ROOM 10.00 am - 12 noon Sept. 2nd & 20th, Oct. 1st & 18th These village coffee mornings are attracting an ever increasing number of people. If you haven’t made it yet, it’s the first Saturday and third Wednesday every month. A great opportunity to meet new people and make new friends, so please come along.

Terry Hurlock


Chartered Management Accountant

t: 01328 855666 fax: 01328 853888 e: terryh@aims.co.uk

w: www.aims.co.uk




Grand Quiz Night

This year once again, the stall will be run on August Bank Holiday weekend only, Sat. 26th and Mon. 28th. This is because the many kind busy people who put their energy into running and supplying the stall will probably be short of the said energy by the end of July 29th!

There were 9 rounds of questions and after a hard fought match the winning team, the Briston Berries, received the first prize of a meal for 4 at the Morston Anchor. Other prizes included a £20 voucher for bar food at the Feathers in Holt and a 50% discount on a meal for two at the Crown in Fakenham. There was also a booby prize of a Sunday lunch for 4 at the Bluebell. All agreed that the event was very successful, well organised and most important, extremely good fun. The Friends of Langham propose to run a similar event before the end of the year, so please watch this space for future news.

So, perhaps we can all make a special effort at the end of August. I would be grateful for offers of help to set up and run the stall and lots and lots of produce for those two days. The stall will be set up at 9.00 am and open for business from 9.30 am to 11.30 am.

On the 11th May 14 teams enjoyed another Friends of Langham quiz night at the Parish Room. Friends of Langham supplied tea, coffee and nibbles while the contestants brought their own ‘beverages’.

Enquiries/offers of help to Jan Hope 01328 830847. Many thanks.

Finally a special thank you to Oliver Reville for setting the questions, some easy, some hard and others just impossible! Coming Events Friends of Langham have various events planned. Make a note in your diary or look out for local adverts. Aug. 8th: Annual Rounders & BBQ will take place on the playing field, starting 6 pm. Everybody welcome. Aug. 30th: Senior Citizens Mystery Outing will start from outside the Bluebell at approx 10.am. To book your place contact Peter Barlow (01328 830606) or John Hughes (01328 830595)

‘He says he’s fed up with having his outboard pinched’

We are also planning a Treasure Hunt but as yet have not fixed a date so look out for those local adverts.



We are trying to organise a keep fit class. The class is for mixed abilities, standing or sitting, whichever is most comfortable for you. It will be fun rather than “going for the burn”, just gentle movement to some really good music. We tried this recently at a fun, if not funny, meeting of the Ladybirds.

Keep Fit to be able to Fit

Calling all Langham cyclists! Get fit for NCT’s annual Sponsored Bicycle Ride on Sat. Sept. 9th. John Plummer has kindly offered to take over the administration which was so ably done by Miss Betty Wharton. ‘Churches Open’ lists are available for you to plan your route. For these and sponsor forms contact John on 01328 830420. The amount you raise will be divided equally between the church you support and the Norfolk Churches Trust. Do please come and cycle for us, and help to raise urgently needed money. THANK YOU

Do come, you may just enjoy it. If this is successful we hope to make it a weekly event. The cost will be £3. 50 - to include coffee. First class - Mon. 21st Aug, 10 am - 11.30 in the Parish Room. Let me know if you would like to join us or just come along. No need to book. Sue Hughes - 830595




Landscaping & Complete Garden Service Patios, paths, driveways and shed-bases laid. Decking, fencing, carports and sheds erected. Strimming, Rotavating, grass-cutting, hedge-cutting, mole-catching, pressure washing, and garden clearance undertaken. Mini-digger/JCB hire and general property maintenance. Free estimates.

MOBILE: 07710 895197 HOME / FAX: 01328 878911

Tel: 01263 587867 or 0787 622 6551





I asked for support and I got it - thank you. Our ‘Grand Sale’ day appeared to be OK weatherwise but as soon as our men got all the things outside down came the rain, only for 10 minutes and only on Langham but enough to have wet goods. Everything was soon sorted and the customers arrived. It went well and we had some super raffle prizes donated, including a day’s labour from our local man Reg Rogers. It is now over for a while and I am pleased to say that the Leukaemia Research Fund is better off by £2,835.40 a truly fantastic result. My sincere thanks to you one and all.

Contact: Joc Wingfield 01263 740431

For Church Services see Panel on Page 3 MORSTON MARDLE by Samphire Dates for your Diary JULY 29th & 39th Morston and Oyster Regattas. SEPTEMBER 9th Sat. Norfolk Churches Trust Bike Ride. Details from 01263-740144. 14th Thurs. - 17th Sun. Powditch Visit. The Friends of Morston Church Raffles will be at their Dinner in the Anchor on Friday 16th (prizes provided by the Powditch Family) and another at the Dinner on Saturday 16th (prizes by Friends). The Powditch Family Service will be on the Sunday starting at 9.00 am. 30th Sat. PCC Concert in All Saints’ Church by soprano Elisabeth Wingfield. Tickets from 01263-740431 from August 1st. OCTOBER 21st Sat. Friends of Morston Church Shovell Dinner at the Anchor. The Guest Speaker, Dr. Simon Harris, the biographer of Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell (a Morston landowner, flourishing 1660s-80s), will give a slideshow on the Admiral. (50) tickets at £25 a head from 01263740431 from Sep 1st. NOVEMBER 12th Sun. 3.00 pm. Remembrance Day Service.

Have I got the energy to do another sale in October? Watch this space. Maureen 830731

BANK HOLIDAY BRING & BUY The rain held off but it was a bit of a blustery day for this annual event! With some valuable help from the male quarter, tables were carried over from the Parish Room and we were all set up by 9.50am. to meet the ‘early birds’! We managed to raise £378 for the Langham Church general fund and the PCC would like to thank all those involved for their participation. Everyone worked really hard and it was all very much appreciated. Competition results were: Weight of the cake - Marjorie Massingham - 3lbs. No of sweets in the jar - 242 - Rex Dawson. Separately, £29 was also raised for the Langham Street Fayre fund from the sale of Quiz Sheets etc. Thank you also to those who came to support us, who brought and bought and baked. Thank you to one & all



(S.R.Beal, A.Beal, M.P.Lee)

Nick Hamond was married to Helen C. Augarde at High Lodge, Cromer, on 10th June 2006. The Reception was held at the Three Horseshoes in Warham.

2 The Willows Chapel Lane Wiveton Norfolk NR25 7TQ

* * * * * * * *



On 24 June Marilyn Mace died at Langham aged 53. On June 30th her funeral service took place at Langham and she was then buried, as she had wanted - “at Morston within sound and sight of the sea” - a view she had so enjoyed from her window in Langham.

Garden design and landscaping Lawn and grass cutting, lawn maintenance Turfing and seeding new lawns Garden maintenance for private and holiday homes Patios and paths laid Seasonal pruning of shrubs, trees, fruit trees and roses Hedge cutting and fencing Garden clearance

COUNTRYSIDE COTTAGES Based locally, we specialize in quality holiday letting properties from cosy romantic retreats to stylish barns along the North Norfolk Coast. (Full management service available) For information call Zoe on 01263 713133


Tel: 01263 740591 Mobile: 07831 102592 Also 01263 511587

5 Old Stable Yard, Holt, Norfolk. NR25 6BN




A recent visitor to Morston was Andrew Marsden from near Sudbury. He is the great great grandson of “Royal Naval Coastguard” Boatman James Boyce (born in Donegal in 1826). James’s wife was Ann Hunt (born 1828, Sandford, Devon). They moved here before or in 1859 and had two daughters born here: Ann June in 1859 and Mary born 1860. They were described in the Census of 1861 as domiciled at “Coastguard Street”- believed to be the low buildings on Quay Lane, just SouthWest of Jim & Jane Temple’s house, Sunnyside. In 1873 Ann and Mary Boyce got another sister, Teresa Harriet Boyce (“Tess” of Fleetgate, Barton). The other coastguards here in 1871 were the Norton family from Kingsend, Kent(5), the Kiness (?Guinness) family (6) from Hythe, Kent and Briding, Isle of Wight, and the Barclay family from Littlehampton, Sussex and Weymouth, Dorset. The Rubens (3) from St. Issey, Cornwall and South Pwine, Cornwall (?); and the Ledner family (5) from Sandwich, Kent and Charlestown, Cornwall, apparently lived in Coastguard House (built 1830). The present Coastguard Cottages were built in 1890.

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BIRD NOTES - Greenshank Turtle Doves are supposed to have been getting scarcer, but have been much commoner around Morston this year. In April a Black Redstart spent several days around Hall Farm. At Stiffkey Fen there are good numbers of Avocets breeding as well as Reed and Sedge Warblers and occasional appearances by Little Ring Plover.



Details of many of those serving in the Coastguards in UK in 1841-1901 can now be found at www.genuki.org.uk/big/Coastguards/index.html. This lists UK coastguards alphabetically by surname - so to locate those serving at Morston involves knowing the name or just trawling through eight files, each of about 450 kbytes. Morston’s Barclay and Ledner feature, but we will actually have some details to offer the website: on James Boyce, Thomas Gill (his wife Ann Maria (born1835) was buried here in 1875), Norton, Kiness, Rubens and George Thomas (1830s-1840s – since, despite there being many Boyces and Gills in the Coastguards, these ones are not recorded on the website.

On 23rd June the PCC Trip to the Point followed by a Crab Supper made £760 and the PCC Book Stall on the Quay on 29th June made £200.00. Mary Athill would like to thank all those who helped with these two events for their wonderful support.

HARRISON FAMILY CHRISTENING Rebecca Sarah Elisabeth Harrison, second child of Suzie and Matthew Harrison, was christened at Morston Church on 2nd July. Just under 50 people attended, many going on to a lunch at Hall Farm afterwards.

FAMILY OF V. SEALES, NOW IN CANADA Another recent visitor was Laura Hayward of Toronto, doing researching on her great grandmother, V. Seales (or possibly S.Seales) who lived in Morston. If anyone remembers her or her family, please inform the Village Rep.

QUIZ by SAMPHIRE (Answers on page 19)

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1. What is tofu made of? 2. In what competition are the winners those who move backwards most effectively? 3. What is the Muslim Holy Book called? 4. In what country was Chopin born? 5. What is a violin bowstring made from? 6. What vegetable is vodka sometimes made from? 7. How many pints in a flagon? 8. Who was “The Desert Fox”? 9. Which arm did Nelson lose in the Battle of Santa Cruz? 10. What is the only substance capable of cutting a diamond?


Public Toilets: In partnership with the National Trust the Parish Council agreed that once again the public toilets would remain open from January through to March. There were no incidents of vandalism. Village Design Statement: This project is still progressing and the final copy that has been approved by the Parish Council is now awaiting final clearance from the North Norfolk District Council. The Parish Council has already approved the expenditure for the printing of the VDS and the supplementary booklet. Spare copies will be on sale at various points in the village for visitors. Stop Press: The VDS will go before the NNDC Joint Development Committee on 6th July and to the full Cabinet on 10th July. Permissive Footpath to South Close: The Council had hoped to negotiate the provision of a permissive footpath alongside Morston Farm boundary from the pond to South Close, but have been unable progress the matter further.

MAY O6 Major Andrew Athill: During the past year, following a short illness, Major Andrew Athill died and, after his many years of service to the village of Morston and as a member of the Parish Council, the Councillors decided to erect on the village green a flagpole with a suitably inscribed plaque in his memory. On 15th July there will be a formal `raising of the first flag' by on Mary Athill, followed by a barbecue in Mary's garden and it is hoped that everyone in the village will join his family and friends for this special event. Prior to the official flag-raising, a sail from the Point to the Quay led by Mary's family, is being organized by Charlie Ward. Trafalgar Day: 21st October saw the village celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar with the provision of entertainment and refreshments of a hog roast, salad and a glass of wine or beer. This event was organized by Mrs Jane Temple with assistance from the Councillors and was very well supported by parishioners and guests. Wooden Seats: The two wooden seats that were purchased last year have now been situated at each of the bus stops. Sit-On Mower: The Parish Council invested in a new siton mower that has helped to ensure through John Bean's efforts that the village open spaces look so neat and tidy throughout the year. Noticeboard: Due to the dilapidated condition of the current Noticeboard the Parish Council approved the purchase of a new one and this is due to be installed within the next month. Planning Applications: The Parish Council had considered seven planning applications during the past year. Flood Warden: After many years of service as flood warden John Bean has taken a well-earned retirement and this role has now been taken over jointly by Charlie Ward, John Wise and Jim Temple. Licensing Seminar: The Parish Council were represented at a Licensing Seminar, organized by the NNDC to ensure that the Parish Council were aware of the proposed changes in the licensing laws that may affect the village hall. Village Hall Tables: The Councillors agreed to the purchase of some additional tables to replace the ones that have got broken through general wear and tear. Pond Clearance: John Bean has carried out some initial clearance of the vegetation at the pond and the Councillors have agreed that some further additional clearance of the pond will be carried out in the spring. Village Hall: The Council is very pleased to report that the use of the village hall has increased following the major refurbishment over the past two years. Some new exterior lights have been installed at the front and rear of the hall and in the storeroom. Caravan Toilets: The replacement of the roof and refurbishment of the interior of the caravan toilet block took place in the Spring.


On May 18th in broad daylight four hubcaps were stolen off a car, but June has been the worst month ever for thefts at Morston. Despite increased efforts by the police to combat outboard motor thefts from boats in Morston Creek, 11 outboard motors were stolen, bringing the total since the start of the season to 15. The problem is now so serious that urgent steps are being taken by villagers and police to apprehend the culprits. On July 1st a handsome pair of late Victorian tall brass candlesticks were stolen off the altar in All Saints’ Church.

MORSTON SCRABBLE CLUB (MSC) The MSC (run by Andrew Tatham) meets in the village hall at 7.45 pm on the second Monday of every month. New members are always welcome. It costs £1 to play for the evening, that money goes into the prize pot.

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WORLD WAR II (1939-1945) (continued


– Part 4)



Contact: Bridget Watson 01328 830248

Royal Norfolk Regiment, attached to the RIASC, died in Delhi India 24th April 1943.

For Church Services see Panel on Page 3

Captain Walker was son of the late Renton P. Walker and his wife Ethel Mary Walker nee Griffith, and uncle of Elaine Walker, Jean Guest of Wiveton and Christine Rayment of Sheringham. He was brought up at the Manor House in Morston.

JAZZ IN JUNE CONCERT As in previous years, St Margaret’s church was the venue for our popular Jazz in June concert, given by two groups of excellent musicians from Greshams. We were blessed with beautiful weather, and during the interval wine and very special ‘nibbles’ were served outside in the evening sunshine. Our sincere thanks to everyone who helped to make this such an enjoyable occasion and, in particular, to the pupils from Greshams who entertained us so splendidly.

Captain Walker, Royal Norfolk Regiment, was by 1943 serving in India attached to the RIASC (Royal Indian Army Service Corps). We have no other details of his service, except that he died of typhoid in Delhi on 24th April 1943, aged 25. He is buried in Delhi War Cemetery, India.


[Plot 4, Row K, Grave 8; family records/information, held by his nieces; NMS; Army Museum Archives: 020 7730 0717, extn. 2214 or 2241].

Having lived and worked in Saxlingham for many years, Alan Lawrence has recently moved to Binham. He will continue to work at Green Farm, so it’s not a final farewell - but we do wish him and Ruth much happiness in their new home.




Congratulations to Matthew, who has achieved Bronze Badge status in the Duke of Edinburgh awards. He will soon be returning from Lossiemouth, where he has been in training for the Civil Cadet Force. Keep it going, Matthew.

(DCM - Distinguished Conduct Medal. DSO - Distinguished Service Order. DSM - Distinguished Service Medal. MM - Military Medal)

Sergeant ROBERT "DI" BEAN, DCM, MM 9th Royal Norfolk Regiment "Di" (short for his middle names of "Diamond Jubilee") Bean, brother of "Kitch" (Kitchener) Bean, uncle of John Bean, great uncle of Cheryl and Steven Bean (and great uncle of Gail Bean; uncle of Graham and great uncle of Jason & Matthew Bean) was born about 1888 and had a distinguished military career in the 1st World War (1914-18), earning the MM and the DCM.

ANSWERS TO QUIZ by Samphire (see page 17) 1. Soya beans. 6. Potatoes. 2. Tug-o’-war. 7.Two. 3. The Koran. 8. Rommel. 4. Poland. 9. His right. 5. Horse hair. 10. Another diamond.

Sergeant Bean was in the 9th Battalion Norfolk Regiment and had his Morston friend and neighbour, Private George Balding (see part 1 of this series) in his platoon, on that fateful day near Trones Wood - 13th September 1916 - when they "went over the top" together. George was hit almost at once and fell to the ground and when Di looked back - he used to tell folks in the Anchor afterwards - George was being attended to by the Red Cross.

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Di won a Military Medal for outstanding bravery in a specific action - date and place unknown to us - and then went on to win a DCM around Christmas 1917 for continuous bravery over a prolonged period.

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[Di Bean's citations can only be found by an extensive and expensive search of the London Gazette at the Public Record Office in London and/or by combing the 1914-18 editions of the Norwich Mercury at the Norwich Record Office]

Paul Wraith 01263 740533 19



(1914-2006) Mrs Joan Mary Avery Harland, a long-standing inhabitant of Sharrington, died on 21st May, aged 92. She was the widow of James Wilfred Harland, who farmed at Daubeney Hall Farm from 1962-1978, and who died in 1990.

Contact: Dr Peter Garwood

01263 860700

For Church Services see Panel on Page 3 Sharrington Church News

Mrs Harland, whose maiden name was Blunt, was herself a farmer’s daughter. Born at Upwell, she attended Wisbech High School and went on to university, which was very unusual for her generation. She attended Westfield College, University of London and obtained a 2nd class degree in History. She then trained as a teacher but did not take the up profession as she did not like it.

As I type up the six-monthly rota for Church cleaning and flower arranging, I am struck by the good nature and dedication of our band of volunteers whose names appear so regularly on the list. Armed with polish, dusters, and flower, they descend on All Saints’ in pairs or on their own every week throughout the year to fulfil a mission hoover, dust, and decorate. But that’s not all they do, because especially during the holiday season you can find yourself immersed in local history as visitors arrive seeking family trees, or past residents turn up to tend graves and chat about village life in days long gone. During the summer months when flowers and foliage are lush in the gardens of Sharrington, it is often fun to try to guess who has done the flowers when we turn up for church on a Sunday morning. That variegated grass grows well in a neighbour’s garden - but has she given a cutting to a friend? Whose is that luscious dahlia - and can I have one when you divide it? If flowers are plentiful or Fakenham market has beckoned, we may even have a pedestal to admire as well as the altar flower and War Memorial ledges, and feel the full benefit of someone’s artistic flair. But whether it’s flamboyant lilies, filling the still air with their exotic scent, or a few garden pinks mixed with wild feverfew and popped into an old stone jar, the result is always the same. Our Church looks what it is, wellloved and open to all. P .E .L.

She was always very interested in politics and in the 1930s joined the Commonwealth Party. She was put up as a candidate to be an MP but sadly the party folded before she could run an election campaign. Before the war she did various jobs. During the war she was conscripted and worked for the ministry of Food. After the war she spent 6 months in Spain, teaching English to Spaniards. She worked for Walter Starkie at the British Council in Madrid. Having returned to England she founded the library at N.F.U. Headquarters in London. She met and married Mr Harland who was Machinery Officer at the NFU. They then went to live in Yorkshire because Mr Harland had a job as farm manager to a cousin at Stockton Farm, Harewood. Their daughter was born in Yorkshire. In October l955 they moved to a smallholding at South Creake and then in October 1962 to Daubeney Hall Farm, Sharrington. Mr Harland fell ill with Alzheimer’s Disease and gave up farming in 1978. Mrs Harland then farmed till 1981 and also looked after her husband until he died.


Mrs Harland was a talented free-lance journalist. Writing under her maiden name she had articles in the Times and other newspapers. Her subjects were agriculture and holidays. She was very keen on travel and throughout her life went on the occasional bicycling holiday. In the late 1960s and l070s, because of her interest in communism, she 3 times visited Poland, cycling in different parts of the country.

‘Air’ is running short of air, He’s also short of hair. His three readers will surely breathe a sigh. Hurrah, hurrah - the poor old guy. Can’t remember, can’t think proper, Somewhere there’s a wopper stopper. So chuckle at what you recall, Till the Muse returns to plague you all!

She was a conviction politician of the old-fashioned socialist type, and always took a great interest in local government affairs in North Norfolk. Her latest concern was Affordable Housing. She was for many years vicechairman of Brinton Parish Council and chairman 19931995. She was also very active on the Church Tower Committee of Sharrington Parish Council, raising funds for the restoration which was completed in 1999.

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She fell ill with Alzheimer’s Disease in the autumn of 2002 and was looked after at home by her daughter, Elizabeth.

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She died at the Sue Ryder Care Home, Walsingham, after spending some weeks in the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital. E.H.



with Nathan and Joshua


Two thousand children is an awful lot - in a long, long queue on a day so hot. But soon we enter through the main gate - all well organised so we wouldn’t be late. Autographs, autographs, every name - are Nathan and Joshua’s main game. Bandmaster, Alice, Toad of Toad Hall - even the queen, they signed them all.

Contact: Keith McDougall

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For Church Services see Panel on Page 3 CHURCH CLOSURE In recent editions of the Lynx there have been progress reports on the preparations for the re-decorating of St John’s Church, Stiffkey. Official permission, known in ecclesiastical circles as a Faculty, has been granted. The work is more extensive than was originally planned, to include treating the roof timbers to remove any lurking woodworm and other potentially damaging occupants. Work will commence on 14th August and last throughout the rest of August and September. During this time the church will not be in use. It will re-open in October with two important services; the village Harvest Festival on 8th October and a service a week later conducted by Archdeacon Martin Gray. This will be attended by members of the congregations of the other 8 churches in the benefice. We hope that these two services will give good opportunities for the new decoration work to be admired and enjoyed. During the period of closure the normal pattern of services for Stiffkey will be held in Cockthorpe Church. We look forward to using this lovely little church for 6 weeks. CLEARING THE CHURCH We need to remove all ‘moveables’ before the redecoration programme which starts on August 14th. Dry, secure storage for church furniture is needed for a period of up to 6 weeks. At the time of going to press could anyone help with transport/barn space, please? Contact John Adnitt or Keith McDougall (830344).

Picnic at last - we sit on the grass. Sitting like campers - we tucked into our hampers. Finishing, guess - with the ‘Eton Mess’ A whole load more photographs - many, many more photographs Then at last we go - to see the great show. Ice creams for all is the order of the day, As the Queen arrives we shout hooray. Characters from children’s books - from Robin Hood to Captain Hook Goodies v baddies and singing too - the queen has no handbag, she’s in a stew. ‘I like a happy ending’ was the royal command, It was her good fortune that Tracey was on hand. Beaker beak the sneaker, Burglar Bill by name, Returned the handbag and gained the fame. The end of the play - and all go away. Nathan with gravel, to remember the day. A stroll through the park - the end of a great day, On to the tube for home - and away.


ALBARACA NURSERY SCHOOL A very enjoyable and well-supported Beetle Drive took place at No 2, Warborough Place on June 30th It raised a very impressive £145 for the International Soroptomists in Kings Lynn who each year give money to Albaraca Nursery School for mosquito nets and chemicals to dip them in. Some Soroptomists from Kings Lynn came and joined villagers in a keenly fought contest, which came to an abrupt end when the eats and drinks were served. J.A.

BAPTISM - JULY 9TH, 2006 Charlie James Wright A large congregation welcomed little Charlie into the family of our church - a happy occasion for all.


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Did you know that spiders, commonly thought of as vicious predators of other insects, are themselves victims to a voracious predator type of wasp - which specialises in hunting out spiders. Female wasps of the Anoplius Fuscus species emerge in sandy soils as fertile females and hunt spiders by sight and smell.



When one finds a spider amongst stones or vegetation, she curves her sting round under the soft underbelly of the spider and immobilises it. She then digs a nest - puts the spider at the bottom and lays a single egg on it. She repeats the process for up to 10 other nests, each with a paralysed victim.

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These eggs hatch in 2-3 weeks and the larval wasp feeds on the still live but paralysed spider; develops into a pupa and over-winters, emerging as an adult the following spring. Nature red in tooth and claw!



FARMING AND THE WEATHER At the time of writing 2006 resembles 1976 - for those who can remember that year’s drought. Barley shrivelled, sugar-beet withered, it was a drastic year for farming. Only the wild partridge did well - the green-fly multiplied in the (then) popular lucerne crops and the baby chicks feasted. One memory I have is that our cattle looked superb. They didn’t seem to mind dry conditions and, along the Stiffkey valley, always had enough water from the river. Now, in 2006, we have hose-pipe bans, low reservoirs and farm irrigators going flat out day and night on the potato crops. Spring barleys have virtually given up and yields will be appalling. Farmers do have reason to complain this year. Try to be understanding! Of course, many farmers try to spread their risks and diversify into non-farming activities. Tourism, camping sites, holiday cottages, Real Ale, cheese making - we can see all this going on around us. Farm shops as well. So - support your local enterprises. Buy local food, our local butchers are superb. And if you still have a village shop, don't travel miles to supermarkets and spend precious money on petrol and parking. British farming is in a critical situation as the politicians continue to ignore the danger signals. Huge environmental improvements can be seen as farmers lay down wildlife strips and plant new hedges. They just need to have public support for the food they grow for us locally. The UK spends over £13 billion more on imported food than we export. What a shameful situation. K. McD.


STIFFKEY MUSIC CIRCLE 20 intrepid members assembled on a warm night in early June for the first meeting for several months, and the last before more regular service is resumed in September. The programme was of celebratory music. What were we celebrating? Well, obviously meeting again, in the presence of a birthday girl or two, summer arriving at last, being joined by two new recruits, a successful retirement bid by one of us, our keen anticipation of another World Cup campaign .... The causes for celebration were endless! The music, as usual, was varied and included Victor Borge playing Happy Birthday’ in the style of various composers, some boisterous Beethoven and Berlioz, some magnificent Mahler, and some 3 tenors’ memories from the 1990 World Cup. Yes, I am sorry to admit it, we did have ‘Nessun Dorma’. I promise not to do it again!! The evening raised £110 for Sally and Albert Bass in The Gambia. Sally has successfully completed her first year of nursing training, and Albert, thanks to contributions from the group, has taken next step towards obtaining qualified accountancy status. Members were most impressed by a letter of thanks received from Albert.


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Since Mrs Baker has reduced her hours, I have more work to squeeze into a short space of time, but our excellent team is coping admirably. We are looking forward to Emma Cotton’s arrival to be the main Class 3 teacher. We are sorry that the long distance Sally Blyth has had to travel has meant that she can no longer continue with us, we shall miss her and are looking for a replacement. Mike Green

11 Queens Close, Blakeney, Norfolk, NR25 7PQ

NORTH & WEST NORFOLK UNICEF SUPPORTERS’ GROUP Several members of the village attend the meetings of this group and have assisted in fund-raising projects, including a fashion show in the Town Hall in Kings Lynn last March which raised £1,400. The current aim is to raise money to provide toilets in schools in Ghana which have no such facilities at present. Two members (not from Stiffkey!) are at present hiking from Le Puy in France to Santiago de Compostela in Spain to raise money through sponsorship. They are following the 1,000 mile long pilgrim route. Anyone who would like to take part, probably less energetically, in the group’s activities, please contact Margaret on 830044.

Refurbished kitchen - many thanks to the dads who have helped with this work. Greatly valued. Wild Garden - Class 2 enjoyed their environmental day, and we thank those who helped with some planting and with spreading compost.

New Intake - we have a full complement of reception children joining us, and, fortunately, in the event no-one was disappointed.

Cycling Proficiency Award - some older children have undergone training for this; such experience is essential on our narrow lanes.


As usual this is on Sunday, 27th August - the Bank Holiday weekend. 11.30 am to 6.00 pm. All the usual attractions - so don’t miss it! Cakes and produce would be welcome - as would volunteers to man the tea tent and bar. Our fete is something special. Contact Eddy Procter or Cherry Martin for further details. Local charities benefit - and it is always a happy day for the children.

Hilltop Activity Centre - Years 4, 5, and 6 thoroughly enjoyed their residential visit. Summer Fair - despite earlier clouding, the evening was a great success and enjoyed by all. Visitors were much impressed by the stalls invented, designed and run by the children themselves. Auction of Promises - What triumph, £2,500 was raised towards a new, low level, ‘trim’ adventure trail in the North corner of the field.

LAST WORD Bishy, bishy-barneybee Tell me when your wedding be. If it be tomorrow day Flap your wings and fly away.

Dialect Project - Children and adults all enjoyed the Dialect Project evening.


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Profile for Robert Metcalfe

Local Lynx Issue 49 - Aug/Sept 2006  

Community newspaper for 10 North Norfolk villages - Bale, Binham, Cockthorpe, Field Dalling, Gunthorpe, Langham, Morston, Saxlingham, Sharri...

Local Lynx Issue 49 - Aug/Sept 2006  

Community newspaper for 10 North Norfolk villages - Bale, Binham, Cockthorpe, Field Dalling, Gunthorpe, Langham, Morston, Saxlingham, Sharri...