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View of Sharrington from Daubeny Hall in Autumn - by John Ozier


Charles Ogle-Rush Let me drive you near or far to Planes, Boats, Trains, Theatres, Dinners, Children’s parties etc

Up to 6 passengers & luggage Anywhere - Anytime Day or Night 01328 830 030

All chimneys, Flues & Appliances Swept

Brush and Vacuum Used

Certificates Issued for insurance purposes

Weddings attended as Lucky Sweep

Bird/Rain Guards and Cowls Supplied and Fitted

Licensed by NNDC and fully insured

TEL: 01328 851081




General Builders & Decorators No job too small or large


For: Drains, Trenches, Footings Drives Levelled and Resurfaced Hedge Cutting, Garden/Site Clearance Tree-stump and Scrub Removal Turf Supplied and Laid




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01328 878357

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in our 10 villages

- is a non-profit-making community newspaper, run for the benefit of ten villages.

OCTOBER 5th Tues. Binham Group of Artists, Talk & Workshop. 6th Wed. Field Dalling Village Hall, Talk on William Hogarth with lunch. 11.15 am th 7 Thurs. Binham Village Hall, Digital Photography Workshop. 7.30 8th Fri. Stiffkey Village Hall. Dennis Lotis - Musical Evening, 8.00 8th Fri. Bale Village Hall, Social Club. 7.00 9th Sat. Field Dalling Village Hall, Harvest Supper, 7.30 13th Wed. Langham Ladybirds Pentney House. 18th Mon. Stiffkey W.I. Harvest Supper & 70th Birthday 16th Sat. Langham Parish Room, Harvest Supper. 7.00 23rdSat. Langham Parish Room, Pound Plus Sale for Leukaemia, 10 – 12. 30th Sat. Gunthorpe Village Institute, Coffee etc. 10.30

We warmly welcome drawings, articles and letters for publication, but since we never know until shortly before publication how much material we will have, we must reserve the right to edit entries. We prefer to edit rather than to omit items altogether. For information about submitting items for publication and about distribution, or if you want to help in any other way, please contact your village representative For general information please ring Helen & Bob Brandt on 01328-830056. You can also send a fax on that number. The address is: 28 Binham Road, Langham, Holt NR25 7AB.

NOVEMBER 5th Fri. Friends of Langham, Guy Fawkes night. 10th Wed. Langham Parish Room. Ladybirds, Nightclub Entertainment. 23rd Tues. Langham Parish Council, Parish Room. 7.00 20th Sat. Langham Parish Room, Christmas Fair, 10 - 12 26th Fri. Field Dalling Annual Bingo, Village Hall, 7.30 27th Sat. Gunthorpe Village Institute, Coffee etc. 10.30


PLEASE NOTE: CONTACT FOR ADVERTISERS For enquiries about advertising in Local Lynx, please contact David John, tel: 01328-830933 Rates for advertising (pre-paid) are: One column x 62 mm (1/8 page): £60 for six issues. Small Ads Panel on the back page: Available for individuals and businesses providing local services. Allocated on first-paid, first-in basis. Cost: £5 per issue.

SHORT STORY COMPETITION It has been some time since we had a Local Lynx competition, but we have now thought up one we hope will be really tempting. Do we have any budding writers in our area? The competition is to write a story. Shouldn’t be too difficult! It will be a simple competition between friends and neighbours. Write about anything you choose, in any style, but you must not exceed 200 words. There will be two classes, for those under 16 and those aged 16 or over. The winner of each will win £30. Entries to be received by 30th November. Winning entries and others will be published in the New Year, and yet others may be held over for use in later editions. Entries please to ‘Short Story Competition,’ 28, Binham Road, Langham. NR25 7AB

This recycling is certainly getting your Brian fit!

NORMAN LAMB M.P. holds regular advice surgeries in the constituency. He can also be contacted via the constituency office at: 15 Market Place North Walsham Norfolk NR28 9BP Tel: 01692 403752 Fax: 01692 500818 e-mail:


Regular Service Rota for Bale and Stiffkey Groups for OCTOBER & NOVEMBER HC=Holy Communion. FS=Family Service. MP=Morning Prayer. EP=Evening Prayer. BCP=Book of Common Prayer All Communion Services are in traditional language except those marked *


Week 1

Bale Field Dalling Gunthorpe Saxlingham Sharrington Binham Langham Morston Stiffkey

9.30 am 11.00 am 11.00 am 9.30 am 9.30 am 11.00 am 11.00 am 9.30 am 11.00 am


Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

9.30 am HC 11.00 am HC 11.00 am HC 9.30 am MP 9.30 am HC 11.00 am HC 9.30 am HC No Service 11.00 am HC*

9.30 am HC 11.00 am FS No Service 9.30 am HC/BCP 9.30 am MP 11.00 am FS 9.30 am HC 9.30 am HC/BCP 8.00 am HC*

9.30 am HC 11.00 am HC 9.30 am HC 6.00 pm EP 9.30 am HC 9.30 am HC 9.30 am FS No Service 11.00 am FS

NB Please note the following changes for Week 2 in November, Remembrance Sunday (14 November) Field Dalling: combined service at Saxlingham Gunthorpe: Remembrance Day Service at 10.55 am Saxlingham: Remembrance Day Service at 10.50 am Langham: Remembrance Day Service at 10.50 am Stiffkey: Remembrance Day Service at 6.00 pm Sunday October 31st: 10.30 am Group Holy Communion Service at Bale Regular weekday services are held as follows: Binham: Evening Prayer on Tuesday at 6 pm Langham: Holy Communion on Wednesday at 10.00 am Stiffkey: Prayers for the Parish on Friday at 9.30 am followed by Holy Communion at 10.00 am



On the morning of Sunday 29th August Binham Priory was packed with people from the nine parishes to share a farewell Holy Communion Service with John and Diana Penny. The service was led by the new Bishop of Lynn James Wagstaff. The sun shone and the service was an inspiring thanksgiving for all that John and Diana have done and been in these last seven and a half years, as well as a warm welcome to our new Bishop. The flowers flanking the altar were very lovely, as always at Binham, and there was rich music – especially from the two soloists, Elizabeth Wingfield and Christopher Jacklin, as well as four fine hymns for congregational singing.

Diana and I want to thank you for the immensely generous ‘farewell’ you have given us in all kinds of ways, and with all sorts of gifts. We were so grateful for the party that took place after our last service at Binham Priory. It must have taken much careful preparation and was a lovely event. Thank you also for the cheque, which was presented to us during the party, and for the witty speech made on everyone’s behalf by Pippa Long. I do hope we meet up again some day. It has been a very happy seven and a half years here and I am sure whoever is your new Rector will be equally at home. As always this comes with our love and prayers, Diana and John (the Man with the Golden Pun)

John’s sermon was memorable and a worthy valedictory to us all. His theme was love - the foolish love of God for the unloveable - which we are all called to echo and imitate. Diana led our intercessions, basing them refreshingly on Psalm 23. All in all, our sorrow at John and Diana’s going, the God who never leaves us was shown to all.

FLU VACCINATION CLINIC Flu Clinics will be running from 2nd October at Holt Medical Practice. Please ring for info. (01263) 712461.


After the service we were invited to partake of a delicious buffet lunch in the village hall. The food was a combined effort from the benefice and carefully planned and presented by the people of Binham. A truly magnificent feast, enjoyed by us all. Another wonderful memory for John and Diana along with that of Pippa’s memorable speech in which she referred to John as ‘the man with the golden pun’.





Stress-related problems, Muscular pains, Poor circulation, Digestive disorders, Back problems and Tension

Ring for an appointment. Home visits can be arranged


Myrtle Cottage, Wiveton, Holt, Norfolk NR25 7TQ

Next meeting – Thursday 28th. October, Holt Church Hall with a talk on St. Luke’s Hospital for the Clergy.

Tel: 01263 740596


Holt Photographic Studio

NORTH NORFOLK CAMERA CLUB Open Evening, 27th October at 7.00 Lounge Room, Holt Community Centre

For professional photography in North Norfolk

Tony Marr will give an illustrated talk, ‘Pole to Pole’ on his experiences in the Arctic and Antarctic.

John Lewis

Tel: Sec. 01263 740493



9 Bull Street

My lord bishop, ladies and gentlemen.

Holt - NR25 6HR

If John and Diana ever had any doubts as to their popularity in the benefice, they have only to look around them today to see how highly they are esteemed, and many other people have sent their deep regrets that bank holiday weekend commitments have kept them away from your big day.

Tel:01263 711536

Weddings Portraits Social Events

herbaceous border when I suddenly remembered the time, and leapt in the car, soil and all, to dash to Gunthorpe. What John had not thought to tell me that he was there to conduct one of those frightfully smart weddings at which Gunthorpe excels. I scuttled up the church path, shielding my face from the cameras rather as do misbehaving pop stars, and made it up the aisle to the vestry amid bemused looks from the hatted and gloved assembly. Somewhere, someone is probably still studying a wedding video that has an unidentified wedding guest with bits of dahlia in her hair (obviously not our side of the family, darling…)

I need hardly say that we will all miss you tremendously. As our parish priest you have given of your time and energies unstintingly – Always there to advise, consult and give practical help wherever possible. Many people can say the right thing, but not everyone is as willing to produce the goods. Right up until your last days with us you are still giving practical help and for that we are so grateful. Your sincerity and devotion to duty is clear to all and you and Diana have been a shining example to us all. We are so lucky to have had the benefit of your years of experience in the ministry and we thank you for being our guiding light.

As we all gather here, to celebrate the Man With the Golden Pun, I am reminded of the major theologian debate – what if there had been three wise women instead of three wise men?

At Sharrington we have had the good fortune to have had Diana for our services and it was always a huge delight when we had the double whammy of Diana AND John on his regular forays south of the A148. Seeing them taking a service together was a special joy - they really are the “A” Team.

Well, they would have asked directions, they wouldn’t have been late. They would have helped deliver the baby, cleaned the stable, made a casserole and given practical presents. Well, I decided against the casserole, but I am here to give what I hope is a practical present, in the form of a cheque collected from all nine of your parishes.

John once told me that having 9 parishes was like having 9 children. Well, I hope we haven’t given him too much of the terrible twos or the truculent teenagers. He has certainly given of his time and energies as generously as any parent could

Pippa Long.


You may not be aware, but a hefty chunk of time at theological college is devoted to the art of guessing the weight of the cake – a vital part of the ministry for any country clergymen. This was something at which John excelled, he passed with distinction, indeed winning his year’s award. And he has gone on to win it, again, and again – until at Sharrington Fete acute embarrassment gave way, and he instituted a new sideshow of “guess the weight of the curate” – poor Martin Dale just didn’t stand a chance.

are due to all members of the Lynx Support group, in particular Ann & Colin Sherriff and Ann Hill who organised the reception and preparation of copy this month while Bob was in hospital in N. Wales.

His other talents include conducting bi-lingual services, theatricals, singing, playing the cello, and indulging in a wonderful fondness for telling jokes.

Mrs Alison Frary

John also has a delightful unworldly streak. I remember one summer, needing some papers signed urgently. “It’s alright” said John, ”I shall be in the vestry at Gunthorpe on Saturday afternoon at quarter past two, bring them along then”. I was in the middle of my

Registered Member of the British Chiropody Association

CHIROPODY Home Visiting Practice

M.S.S.Ch., M.B.Ch.A.

TELEPHONE: (01328) 710950 4


LANGHAM G LASS and Rural Crafts

Glaven Valley Ward Bernard Crowe Tel: 01263 740137

Free admission to Factory Shops Tea Room and Play Area

Priory Ward Jonathan Savory Tel: 01328 820719 The Laurels, Nutwood Farm, Wighton, NR23 1NX

SITE OPEN DAILY 10 am to 5 pm Live Glass-making Demonstrations Every Day

Council Tax: Decisions on changes to the way Council Tax is levied are likely to be put on the back burner until after the General Election.

Made in Norfolk Shop - Museum and Video Glass Engraving - Factory Glass Shop Tea Room - Walled Garden Adventure Playground

Tax Warning by Local Government Association: Council Tax levels may rise again next year as a result of Government spending plans, which are unlikely to be matched by increased grants to councils.

FACTORY OUTLET SHOP 14 Bull Street, Holt 01263 711714

Retrospective Planning Applications: Between 1-Apr-03 and 31-Mar-04, 86 were received (approx. 4% of applications dealt with) 2/3 were approved and 1/3 refused.

The Long Barn, North Street, Langham, Holt, Norfolk Telephone 01328 830511 Facsimile 01328 830787 email:

RECYCLABLE ITEMS ACCEPTED BY COSTESSY MFK FROM TWINBIN RECYCLING SCHEME The following items are deemed to be acceptable in the twin-bin recycling bins: Paper, Cardboard, Metal Tins/Cans, Aerosol Cans, Plastic Bottles (Drinks bottles, bleach bottles, shampoo etc). The following items are not acceptable Tetra-Pak Cartons (cannot be recycled due to foil inner layer), Plastics other than bottles (including food trays, yoghurt pots, margarine tubs, ice cream tubs etc), Foil trays and wrap, Plastic bags, Polystyrene.

CHARITY CHRISMAS CARD AND GIFT FAIR Will be held in Holt at St. Andrew’s Church Hall on Saturday 6th November 2004 10.00am until 4.00pm. Local and national charities represented include Anthony Nolan Trust, Save the Children Fund, E.A.C.H., Norfolk Association for the Blind, Seal Rescue, Macmillan Cancer Relief, R.N.L.I., Animal Crackers, Alzheimer’s Society and Multiple Sclerosis.

CLEY W .I. Meetings on the first Thursday of each month in Cley Village Hall at 2.30 pm. Visitors are most welcome. October 7th. ‘Putting the Garden to bed.’ Mr. A. Barson.

Come and support Refreshments available.


November 4 . ‘Norfolk Windmills’ Mr. C. Nunn.






House & Garden Maintenance


First class service for permanent or holiday homes in the North Norfolk area and beyond

11a Avenue Road, High Kelling, Holt, Norfolk NR25 6RD

    

Telephone (01263) 713113

General house & building repairs Painting & decorating Garden maintenance (clearance, weeding, new borders etc) Lawn and grass cutting Hedge cutting No job too small - Free estimates - References given

Funeral Director:

For further details or to arrange a visit call Roy Findlater on: 01328 830442 or 07818 422625

Mrs E. Rushmer Dip.F.D., N.A.F.D.






Contact: Carolyn Wright Tel: 01328 830270 Fax: 01328 830840 Email:

Contact: Sue Berry 01328 878621 For Church Services see Panel on Page 3

For Church Services see Panel on Page 3


COFFEE MORNING We raised £316 at the Coffee Morning at Priory Cottage on August 14th. This magnificent sum went to the fund for the Flower Festival in the Priory in September. All this fund raising is going towards the expenses which will be incurred when the Priory Access and Facilities Project gets under way. Very many thanks to everyone who helped on the day and came and supported us.

Bale Village Hall Committee would like to express a big, special thank you to everybody for the wonderful support in order to keep the Village Hall open when it was in a state of crisis. We are now pleased to announce that thanks to your kind donations, moral support and willing volunteers and the innovation of the Social Club, we are now fully operational once more.

Carolyn Wright

People, in and outside the village, have shown their support in joining the Social Club, which was organised by Grace Allison, whereby she now has 112 members, including cats and dogs!! Thanks to you all.

BINHAM LOCAL HISTORY GROUP Not too much to report after a quiet summer on the Local History front. We will be arranging a general meeting in October. Details to be announced. If you are interested in local history in any way do get in touch with our Chairman, Pennie Alford, at 830700

The committee would also like to express thanks to:David Ramm for repairing the roof, taking down the kitchen ceiling and fixing the new one, for decorating the kitchen which is now dazzling! For fixing the down pipe. For organising and laying the floor covering in the toilets and cloakroom, and laying the concrete ramp outside the village hall with the help of Henry and Tim Carter.

‘UNITY’ FLOWER FESTIVAL & PARTY A great success and enjoyed by many visitors. Very many thanks to all who gave so generously both in time and sponsorship. Brenda Wilde

Mark Allison for repairing and painting windows and replacing new panes where necessary. (Some proved to be more of a pain than others)! Painting of the outside of the Village Hall has now commenced.


Margaret and Albert Dent for painting toilets, cloakroom and pelmets. For polishing the floor and organising new curtains, rails and general cleaning. For supplying coffee to workers!

(S.R.Beal, A.Beal, M.P.Lee)

2 The Willows Chapel Lane Wiveton Norfolk NR25 7TQ

Anthony Hayward for taking down ceiling and fixing new and removing, painting and replacing wood in areas others cannot reach! For cleaning and laying the floor tiles in the kitchen. For painting exterior doors. Grace Allison for setting up the Social Club. Richard Scott for cleaning windows.

* * * *

Jenny Holton for preparation work. Eileen Spooner for delivering leaflets. The winners of the first Social Club draw were:Tracy Blackiston £25.00 Anthony Hayward £10.00 Betty Preston . £5.00 Glenda Teasdale £5.00

* *

The next Social Club evening will be held on Friday 8th October at 7pm. If you wish to have a fish and chip supper please phone Grace Allison on 01328 878503 to place your orders by 7th October. Refreshments and dessert will be available free. Bring a bottle if you wish. There will be a raffle and games.

* *

Garden design and landscaping Lawn and grass cutting, lawn maintenance Turfing and seeding new lawns Garden maintenance for private and holiday homes Patios and paths laid Seasonal pruning of shrubs, trees, fruit trees and roses Hedge cutting and fencing Garden clearance

Tel: 01263 740591 Mobile: 07831 102592 Also 01263 511587




In August the Diocesan Advisory Committee for the Care of Churches approved the outline scheme, already favoured by officers of English Heritage and the District Council, for the access paths to the Church and Monument to be re-graded, removing all steps, and resurfaced suitable for wheel chair use; also an entrance porch to be designed for the Church in the first bay of the north aisle with toilets in an adjoining low level building along the north aisle below the window line.

All types of chimneys swept Clean Professional Service - Fully Insured Over 25 years experience

This scheme received the general support of the Parish Council at the recent meeting. The Council will continue to be fully briefed at their quarterly public meetings throughout duration of the project.

Tel: 01263 860559 PRAYERS – do they work?

The PCC has commissioned Mark Wilkinson of Donald Insall Associates as project architect to produce proposal drawings for review later this year. In parallel the PCC and our partners in the scheme, The Norfolk Archaeological Trust will be approaching grant-aid organisations and planning fund-raising activities.

Yes, of course they do! No question. But I am not so sure, especially on Fridays. I had prayed extra hard on Thursday evening. By mid-morning on Friday the odour from the kitchen had infected the whole school. When the Head said “for what we are about to receive, may the Lord make us truly thankful”, I was truly thankless. The stuff on my plate was making me feel really sick. On a very bad Friday the lump of fish would be followed by currant pudding. I have grown quite to like fish and currants, even together in a curry, but I am still not sure about prayers. Now I have too much to eat, in common with most of the so-called developed world. We pray every Sunday for the Third World …

A display, showing the principal aspects of the scheme, can be viewed in the Priory Church. Anyone wishing to have further information is very welcome to contact David Frost at Victoria Cottage, Langham Road, Binham, 01328 830362.

BINHAM GROUP OF ARTISTS The Group consists of anyone interested in Art or Craft, beginner or otherwise. Artists with professional experience form part of the Group and will gladly give advice if needed. We meet every Tuesday from 10 to 12 in the Village Hall. A fee of £2 per morning includes coffee and biscuits. A demonstration of painting or craftwork normally takes place on the first Tuesday of every month. On Tuesday 5th October there will be a Talk and Workshop given by Pat Willis on Basketry and other crafts. For further information contact James Bucknill on 830651. Everyone welcome.

In the early sixties, the then Vicar of Hempton, David Robin, tried very hard to explain to an obnoxious teenager, his concept of prayer. He believed, with passion, that on Sunday mornings the prayers of many congregations around the world did make a difference. Perhaps that’s why there is too much to eat now, a result of all that praying. But what about the Third World …? Forty years on, I would love to ask David what he believes now, about prayer. Sadly he died suddenly and unexpectedly in 1966. A good parish priest, he was much needed here on Earth. Perhaps God had a more important job for David in heaven. Roger Newman

PRIORY TEAS Once again The Priory Tea Shop opened each Friday afternoon in August and the marvellous sum of £357.76 was raised (£50 more than last year). Congratulations to all who helped - especially Jack and Marie Grange who organized it all.

DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP Following the success of previous workshops we have scheduled another session to be held at the Binham Village Hall on Thursday 7th October 2004 from 7:30 to 9:30.


The objective of the evening will be to promote an exchange of views and experiences between existing users of all levels and to provide an introduction for those contemplating a purchase.

All Types - No Job Too Small! Disabled walk-in baths now supplied and fitted

During the evening there will be an opportunity to try out some equipment and various computer programs used to manage, adjust and print the photographs.

DAVID POINTER Tel: 01263 511688

Numbers need to be limited to enable everybody to take part, so if you would like to attend please contact Alan Eagle on (01328) 830031.

Mobile: 079 4634 1704




This year again the sun shone on the Field Dalling and Saxlingham Fete, opened by John Madden, which was held in the gardens of Field Dalling Hall by kind permission of Paul and Michaela Knights on 2 August.

News Contact: Ann Massingham

01328 830558

There were many stalls and games, children’s games and fancy dress, a raffle, tea and cakes, and new this year both a competition to identify features of the village from photographs, and an ice cream van. Many thanks to all who all who took part in organising and running the fete, in particular Rosemary Beeson who headed the committee.

MR. JOHN CASE Sympathy is extended to all the family on the sad death of Mr John Case on Friday 3rd. September. An outstanding figure of Cockthorpe, who will be ever remembered.

Thank you to all who came and made it a financial success at just over £2100 profit, which will be divided equally between the two churches in Field Dalling and Saxlingham and our joint village hall.


FIELD DALLING VILLAGE HALL By the time this is read the entire internal re-decoration of the interior of the Hall, Committee Room, Kitchens and other facilities will be completed. This has all be undertaken with our 50th Anniversary Celebrations in mind, due next May - about which major event activity planning is already under way.

Contact: Margaret Smith 01328 830546 For Church Services see Panel on Page 3

Before that, however it is appropriate to remind you of two forthcoming events - our Harvest Supper to be held in the Village Hall at 7.30pm on October 9th and our Annual Bingo Evening (to be organised seemingly as ever by Debbie Ladley) - so "eyes down" from 7.30pm of Friday evening November 26th. So ... see you there, we hope, so please put those dates in your diary !

THE HOG ROAST AND BARN DANCE The Hog Roast and Barn Dance on 28 August was held in the wonderful setting of the tithe barn at Mountgrace Manor. How many village dances have been held in it over the centuries? Well played live music encouraged dancing, and we received full instruction in the steps. Country dancing takes as much energy as a step class; our forebears must have been very fit! It is also thirsty work, but there was a good bar to supply a wide variety of drinks.

Michael Russell Chairman Field Dalling & Saxlingham Village Hall Commitee

The barn dance was put on by St Andrew’s Restoration Association and the proceeds will be used for ongoing church repairs. One nice thing about village events is seeing other residents and catching up. It was great to see so many part-time villagers there, too. Several people came from other villages and it was good to meet them. Our next opportunity to get together will be the Harvest Festival Supper in October, details of which are in the FD and Saxlingham newsletter.

MORSTON HALL Morston near Blakeney

Open every night for dinner and accommodation and lunch on Sundays We are proud to be the holders of 2 AA Red Stars & 3 AA Rosettes

The EDP Norfolk Chef of the Year and The Craft Guild Chef of Great Britain MORSTON, HOLT, NORFOLK NR25 7AA. Tel: (01263) 741041 - email:




As many villagers will know, John Blakeley is putting together a photo history of Gunthorpe, and we hope to have an updated film evening showing the work so far in early 2005.

News Contact: Pauline Clarke 01263 861667

John is still looking for photographs, both old and new, to show village events and village people – including personal events such as weddings at Gunthorpe Church. If you are able to lend him any photographs that can be added to the collection please contact him on 01263 861008 or e-mail all photographs will be looked after very carefully and returned after being scanned into the computer. Even faded or torn photographs can be scanned in so please have a look for anything related to Gunthorpe and the surrounding villages or “old” Gunthorpians, even if they or their families are no longer village residents, and contact John. Photographs showing the role of villagers in the two World Wars would be very welcome.

For Church Services see Panel on Page 3

SUMMER FETE NEARLY BECAME A WASHOUT Sunday morning 25th July the scene at Gunthorpe Hall was grey and very wet. Stallholders were setting up despite having to use sun umbrellas and gazebos to prevent the goodies getting wet. The valiant jumblers were hanging up clothes under tarpaulins and there was a general air of pessimism about how many people would come along to the fete in the rain. By 1.30 p.m. the rain had stopped, the Aylsham Silver Band had arrived and were seated under the tree hoping not to get drenched and people had started parking in the field opposite. Suddenly the mood moved to optimism, the fete was declared open and the band began its repertoire.

John is also scanning in and updating the village history, work originally carried out by former village resident Ray Steffans, and he hopes that this work, which is very slow as the manuscripts are now torn and faded, will be complete sometime in 2005. We then plan to offer a CD with both the book and the village history pictures which should provide a fascinating complete history of our village – this should be for sale by the end of 2005, with all proceeds going to support the Village Institute.

The Annual Gunthorpe fete was in full swing, the brand new tea tent was buzzing and everybody seemed to be having a great time. Prizes were being won, bargains obtained at the stalls, cakes being eaten and the games had queues of people waiting to play. Everybody involved perked up and we knew that another successful fete was on the way. Numbers were down compared to the year before when the weather had been scorching, but the result was excellent. The Church and the Village Institute would be benefiting again from all the hard work put in by the villagers and their families and friends and the generosity of the public.

Please make a note in your diary to come and see the show in early 2005 – details will be published nearer the date.

NORA’S NEWS Recent visitors to Gunthorpe Village brought with them news of Miss Nora Pain who was a teacher at the village school in the 60’s working with Miss Joan Ayden. She is now living in Bedfordshire and has written enclosing some photographs and newspaper cuttings which will be included in John Blakeley’s next instalment of the Gunthorpe story which will take place during the autumn. A fuller article giving more information about Nora will be included in the next Lynx.

Thank you everybody, but special thanks should go to John Rush and Victoria Legg-Bourke both of whom came along to help despite having to do so with the aid of crutches, and to Sister Julia Chapman-Wright and her colleague from Gunthorpe Ward at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital who came along to present the prizes for the Grand Draw. We are all looking forward to next year!

E. & M. Grimes





Telephone (01263) 740274

Interior Design & Lighting Specialists We supply, design & plan antique and contemporary lighting schemes and interiors for busy people. Please call for an appointment to see our current collection

All types of building works - Painting & Decorating Flintwork Specialists Extensions Conversions Renovations Alterations New Build

01328 856333 Email:

Free Estimates


Galley Hill House, Langham Road, Blakeney, Holt, Norfolk, NR25 7PJ


Insurance “From The Heart” of North Norfolk

Some of you may have been dazzled even curious by the multi-coloured portable loos seen recently in the church car park. Were they there under the Health & Safety Act or were they there for, dare I say it, incontinent worshippers?

Houses, horses, businesses, vehicles and even you! For Free advice or a quotation on personal or business insurance - contact Steve Higgs or Jayne Thornalley

No, to both! They were there as comfort stations (USA), for the young offenders from the Probation Service who came to smarten up the church yard once again at the request of Paddy Seligman. They have done a superb job in three visits and they will finish off on a final one in September, weather permitting.

“Nichols and Thornalley” Supporting your Rural Life NFU Mutual, 22 Bull Street, Holt NR25 6HP Email: Tel: 01263 712306 Fax: 01263 711304

They worked like Trojans, fortified by delicious refreshments supplied by Paddy, and the result is well worth a visit to the church.

NFU Mutual is a member of the General Insurance Standards Council


Our grateful thanks to the visiting team, but more especially to Paddy for organising the whole thing. If you feel that you would like a pretty Portaloo in your garden give Paddy a ring for the number. Anon


On Saturday 21 August Chloe and Kane Fisher were christened by John Penny at Gunthorpe Church. This was John’s last christening service at the church before his retirement and was conducted in his usual friendly manner with a whole host of young babies and children crawling and running noisily around the church.

F.O.G.P.C. 50/50 CLUB COFFEE MORNING & DRAW And, the lucky winners are: July 2004 £20 M. Denholm £10 A. Russell £5 D. Ford £5 R. Redmayne £5 H. Craske £3 J. Abbs

Afterwards a scrumptious tea party was held at the Village Institute and adults and children tucked into a fine homemade feast made by villagers. Many thanks to all those who helped make this a special day for Chloe and Kane.

August 2004 M. Denholm A. Seligman V. Worsley S. Burton R. Partridge

BUILDING ACTIVITY AT THE VILLAGE INSTITUTE If time can be found between the summer storms and the winter rains a new roof is planned for the Gunthorpe Village Institute. Work should have started in late August, but was delayed due to the bad weather. The Institute will be out of action for about three to four weeks, so if you have booked the hall during the next month or so please check with Sue Traverso, on 01263 861932, to see if it is possible to hold your function.

If you are free the last Saturday of each month, please come and join us for a coffee, chat and a raffle at 10.30am in the Village Institute – everyone welcome.

GLOBAL CHALLENGE YACHT RACE David Brough, owner of Bunns Cottage, Gunthorpe, tells us he has rented it out since Aug. 03, as he is sailing round the world as a crew member in the race, leaving October 04 and returning mid-July 05.


The boat, one of 12 competing yachts, is sponsored by a greetings card company, whose best selling item is a ‘Tatty Teddy’. They will call at Buenos Aires, Wellington, Sydney, Cape Town, Boston, La Rochelle and Portsmouth.

Welcome to Jack and Maria Armitage who have taken up residence in one of the estate cottages in Sharrington Road, and to Mary Alexander who is also now living on Sharrington Road. Farewell to Beth Keeley who has moved to be near family and friends in leafy Guildford, Surrey.

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The Manor House, High Street, Holt NR25 6BN Telephone: 01263 711021


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RODENT, RABBIT, MOLE, WASP and INSECT control by a professional, friendly service, specialising in farm, domestic and retail premises

Contact: Ann Sherriff 01328 830605 For Church Services see Panel on Page 3


Harvest Thanksgiving Service Sunday October 17th. 9.30am. Preacher: The Reverend Dr. Tim Fawcett. The only service in Langham on this Sunday. Flowers and produce will be arranged on Friday 15th and Saturday 16th at 10 a.m. Contributions will be gratefully received. Everyone welcome to help.

(01263) 860112 STALL ON THE GREEN In our wet and windy August, how lucky we were to find two ‘windows’ of sunshine on Bank Holiday Saturday and Monday for our annual Stall on the Green. It has become the custom to hold this event only over the Bank Holiday weekend in Street Fayre years, it being so difficult to man and provision the Stall when we’re all so tired after the big event. However we hope to continue the more usual pattern of every Saturday in August in non Fayre years.

Remembrance Day Service Sunday 14th. November 10.50 am. The only service in Langham on this Sunday

LANGHAM LADYBIRDS Our July meeting with our very own Sara Massingham gave us an insight into ‘McTimoney’. There were lots of questions for Sara and many of us feel we would like to try this treatment.

A huge thank you is due to those generous souls who baked, preserved and brought produce from their gardens and to those who manned the stall and to the splendid fellows who erected it – so inventively –not forgetting the kind ladies who kept us supplied with tea and coffee. Also, of course, and most importantly to our customers, without whom we wouldn’t make a penny, and we did make lots of pennies: £170.65 which will go to church funds.

In August, again a local man John Sizer gave a very interesting talk on the Norfolk Coastal National Trust. John was able to give us up to date information on what is happening locally. A well attended meeting. Our September meeting will be a visit to Jenny Sparkes’ farm in Stanhoe. October 13th, Gloria Hevin tells us about ‘The Hatshop’. November 10th we are having a sort of nightclub evening with entertainment. All ladies are very welcome.

The Stall always seems such a happy event: it’s the place to meet and greet friends, neighbours and holiday makers, to exchange news and recipes, to be seen hanging on the stall cover which blows away 5 minutes after the men have put it up and when they have safely disappeared. This year we had a splendid finish: half a dozen of us marooned under the cover, just as we were taking it down being caught by a sudden and drenching downpour, at the end of which a helpful husband was heard to enquire, ‘‘should I bring the washing in, dear?’’ Hey ho – how Langham enjoys itself! JH

I have some spare tickets for Thursford for December 18th. at 2.30 pm . If anybody wishes to purchase them please send me cheques for £20.50 each, made payable to ‘Mrs. M. Dennis’ to 9, St. Mary’s Lane. a.s.a.p. and before October 8th. Maureen 830731

PARISH COUNCIL The next meeting is Tuesday, November 23rd.

Richardsons Removals

POUND PLUS SALE Langham Parish Room


October 23rd. 10am to 12 noon Lots of items at just one pound and a few bargains a little more than a pound.

Holt (01263) 712039

Come and see us – all proceeds to Leukaemia Research Fund.




Saturday November 20th Parish Room 10am.-12 noon. Items for sale can be taken beforehand to Margaret Freeth, Old Manor Barn, adjacent to the Post Office. Cakes, plants, gifts, produce and good bric-a-brac will be welcomed. Do come along and help us to boost church funds.

July 31st dawned dull, dry and cool – a perfect day for outdoor events, not for lolling on a beach and the crowds which filled our street proved the truth of this. From about 6.30 am the road began to fill up with every gay stall you can imagine all loaded with lively things to buy: the Parish Room sprouted tables, chairs and umbrellas outside and cakes and delicious food inside, all of which did a roaring trade all day. The magnificent raffle was on the Green, the bric-a-brac stall filled the Holt end of the road, delicious smells of bacon butties and BBQ being cooked filled the air and by the time the road was closed at 9.30am. all was set for a great day which certainly proved to be the case.

HARVEST SUPPER In view of the enjoyable event last year, Eileen and Wendy have been asked again if they will organise a Harvest Supper for us. So do come along and join us to celebrate the harvest on Saturday October 16th. at 7.00pm for 7.30pm., in the Parish Room. Bring your own drink and glass. Tickets: £5 adults, £2 children, available from: the Bluebell, Eileen –after 4.00pm.on tel:830241 or Ken tel:830696. For those who require it, transport can be arranged. All profits will be donated to the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution.

People poured in filling all three car parks provided and the Fayre was started by the Sheringham Town Crier, and opened officially by Keith Skipper. Bands played, Professor Crump got on his stilts, Punch and Judy was there for the children as well as a most attractive and entertaining jester in full costume and with witty jokes.


Beer flowed out of the pub and all the fun was under way. No children were heard to cry, none was lost, they bounced on the Castle, played games and enjoyed seeing Mr. Punch lay about him as he should.

On the 8th September 29 villagers set out by bus at 9 o’clock for - where? We eventually arrived at Horning and boarded the Mississippi Steamboat for a cruise on the river Bure before being taken for lunch at the Ferry Inn on the banks of the river. Finally on the way home we stopped at the station in Aylsham for a welcome cup of tea before arriving back in Langham at 4.15pm. The weather was very good all day and everyone enjoyed the trip. Thank you, Friends of Langham.

The Lovely Legs Competition was conducted by Keith Skipper and won by Philip Massingham of Langham. When he was awarded his prize of a bottle of whisky, Keith asked him what he did for a living. “I was a stockman”, Philip replied. “That’s why I have such beautiful calves”. The whole day was a great success and we all owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Rod Lees and the Street Fayre Committee who worked so tirelessly to achieve this result. The organisation of the detail was excellent and the committee members in their yellow shirts were everywhere, coping with anything which might arise. At the end everyone was exhausted but cheered up to know that grand total for the day amounted to just over £10,000. Well done you all.


Will visit Langham 14th Oct. & 11th Nov. calling at: The Carmel – 9.35 a.m. St. Mary’s - 10.00 a.m. Post Office - 10.25 a.m. Swans Close - 10.50 a.m. The Cornfield - 11.15 a.m. Enquiries: Wells Library tel. 710467

FROM THE STREET FAYRE CHAIRMAN The Chairman and committee would like to thank all the villagers and their friends and relations who contributed and helped to ‘run’ the Fayre.

the cafe

Peggy Corney D.O. Barbara Shearing BSc (Hons) Ost

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Osteopathy is a gentle, effective method of treatment which can help with back pain, joint pain, migraine and head pain, as well as many other conditions. We also treat babies and children

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high street, cley next the sea 01263 740336

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News Contact: Joc Wingfield 01263 740431

you can withdraw cash free at your local Post Office

For Church Services see Panel on Page 3 THE MORSTON REGATTA & OYSTER REGATTA 7TH & 8TH AUGUST

enquire at your local Post Office for details Local Post Offices in the Local Lynx area are: Countryside Filling Station and Post Office at Bale Wizard’s End Post Office at Langham and Stiffkey Stores and Post Office at Stiffkey


Morston Parish Council Trophy First boat across the line - overall winner of Regatta P. REID (Wanderer 1143) Major P. Hammond Trophy First local resident on Morston Electoral Register to cross the line: MR LOBBAN (Shipmate) Hassall Trophy Overall winner of Cockles, Oysters and Urchins M. CHAMBERLAIN (Oyster Mermaid) Wilson Challenge Cup Slow Class Boats scheduled to start before 8.44 MR WARNER (Mirror) Morston Regatta Cup Fast Class Boats scheduled to start after 8.44 P. DAVID (National 124) Carter Cup Single handers: MR BROCKMAN (Laser) Athill Trophy Pleasure boats (eg. B.O.D.s, Jane, Scandal, Ibex, Vanessa,FlyingFish,etc): MR WOODCOCK (Widgeon) Temple Trophy Catamarans: LANGLEY (Dart 18) John Bean’s Trophy Under-16 young helmsmen: MISS A. ROBINSON (Seafly) Muck Boat Cup Crab Boats: P. HARGREAVES (Amy) Ward Cup Best presented boat:ANTHONY HUNT (Oyster Sharpenup)


Guy Fawkes Night. November 5th. Watch the notice boards for details of where and at what

CLOSURE OF WIZARD’S END POST OFFICE It is with very great regret that, after serving the village for 20 years, we have had to make the decision to terminate our contract with the Post Office and close our shop as from 30th Oct. 04. Despite the efforts we have made to keep the business viable over recent years, we have had to accept the advice of our accountant that we cannot continue trading at a loss. We would like to take this opportunity to thank those customers who have supported us by using the shop as well as the Post Office facilities, customers whom we are please to count as personal friends. Over recent years, the various skin creams we have developed and produced have been appreciated and sought after. We would like to assure you that we will continue to produce these and sell them from our home or through our website at David and Linda Butcher


1st MICHAEL CHAMBERLAIN, Oyster - Mermaid Model 2nd JENNY YOUNGS Oyster Doubtful Sound- Framed Map 3rd VICTORIA MATTHEWS Oyster ‘Puffin’ - Picture of Oyster by Jeremy Mulvey 1st Wooden Oyster NOT WON - Nick Barnham Print Oldest Helm ANDREW ATHILL Oyster Mary of Morston - Brass Clock Youngest Ballast: MRS. CRAN Oyster Stroma - Pearl in Oyster Junior Helm Cup (Bullard Cup) : VICTORIA MATTHEWS Oyster Puffin 1st Boat with crew under ten over line HAN VAN DE BRAAK Oyster Mollys’ Whistle Middle of Fleet Boat ANDREW ATHILL Oyster Mary of Morston - Knot Trophy On the Saturday evening individual barbecue parties joined together as one party. The music, food, drink and company was great – but it was a pity that a centrally organized evening could not be run. This was owing to the greatly increased insurance premium that would have been needed.

CONSTRUCTION LINK (ANGLIA) Ltd. Professional Building Services Specialists in: Bathrooms Kitchens Extensions Refurbishments Design & Build

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by Samphire

Morston PCC’s Stall at Langham Street Fayre on 31st July. This made the grand total of £418.

A Retirement & Farewell Service for the Revd. John Penny (and Farewell for his wife, the Revd Diana Penny) by our Group of Churches was held on 29th August at Binham (for details see Binham Notes).

North Norfolk Family named Powditch 475th-year “Reunion” Celebration in Aid of All Saints Church 17th-19th Sep 2004

It was a very sad day to see John depart after such a successful Ministry since 1997 here at Morston – where, as everywhere, he made so many friends. His enthusiasm, shining happiness, and gentle manner and charisma charmed all he ministered to or merely met. He was a master of the concise and thought-provoking sermon and an example to us all. His sense of fun was infectious and his speeches were peppered with apt, amusing anecdotes and stories. We shall all miss him and his wife, the Revd Diana Penny, very much; and send them our best wishes in John’s retirement in Outwell.

The Bishop of Norwich, the Rt. Revd Graham James is due to be present at the church of All Saints Church on Saturday 18th September for the unveiling of a Memorial to ancestors of the Powditch family, who lived in Morston from 1530 - 1750. Nearly 500 years after the Powditches arrived in Morston from the Fens of West Norfolk, a gathering of descendants from all over the world plan to celebrate their first ever get-together, the highlight being a Service of Thanksgiving, with St Andrew's Singers from nearby Field Dalling, conducted by Rosemary Kimmins. The scheduled Service forms part of a 3-day first-ever gathering of the Powditch family on the North Norfolk coast - where their ancestors lived for more than 450 years. A complete pedigree of the Powditch family, from 1538 to the present day was commissioned for the occasion. Research was by John Algar; and this vast and beautiful work was executed by calligrapher Ken Bartlett. Some 30 descendants of the Powditch family were expected to attend the Service, from as far afield as Australia and New Zealand. The visit of the Powditch family is part of the programme of Friends of Morston Church, to maintaining the fabric of Morston Church. The Powditch Family, who came from the fens, followed by some of them moving to Wiveton and Cley. They lived and worshipped in Morston, 1530-1750. From 1700 part of the family moved to North Creake & Wells, and across England and Wales, and then later some emigrated to Chile, Australia and New Zealand. The organisation of the Powditch visit was by John Algar, of Swansea & his wife Angela (whose mother was born a Powditch 94 years ago) and Joc Wingfield.

The Interregnum The Revd Giles Hunt will take Services at Morston on the first and third Sundays at 9.30 am.

MORSTON OLYMPICS QUIZ by Samphire (Answers on page 17 ) 1.How many gold medals did Great Britain win in the Olympics in Athens? 2.In what event did Shirley Robertson, Sarah Webb and Sarah Ayton win gold medals? 3.In what event did Pippa Funnel, Jeanette Brakewell, Mary King and Leslie Law win a silver medals? 4.In what event did Nick Demsey win a bronze medal? #

5.In what event did Chris Draper and Simon Hiscocks win bronze medals? 6.In what event did Ben Ainslie win a gold medal? 7.In what event did Nick Rogers and Joe Glanfield win silver medals?


A warm welcome awaits you



Traditional Home Cooked Food Served 7 days a week Specialising in seafood and produce from local farms


The Anchor Inn, The Street, Morston tel: 01263 741392 email:




Chartered Accountants, Business Advisers and Tax Consultants

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Personal Tax Returns & Self Assessment Advice ▪ Annual Accounts & Audit ▪ Independent Pension & Investment Advice ▪ VAT Returns ▪ Payroll & Book-keeping Service

For Church Services see Panel on Page 3 SAXLINGHAM NEWS

For an appointment please contact

Mrs K H Gigg, FCA on 01485 534800

The summer months with all their activities are in decline and there's time for a short breather before the autumn events get under way. Plenty of rain during those summer months but the sun dutifully shone for the wedding of Alison Barnes and Jamie Lawrence at St. Margaret's Church on Saturday, 24th July. In a splendidly decorated church, the Rev. John Penny conducted the service. The bride, looking very lovely, was dressed in an ivory satin gown and she was accompanied by four charming bridesmaids, who wore lilac and ivory silk dresses. It was indeed a most happy occasion. As with any other outdoor event, a major concern at the Field Dalling and Saxlingham Fete in August was 'the weather' - but, lo, the sun obliged and blazed throughout the afternoon. It was hot! in spite of various attractions elsewhere, attendance was good, with local families, friends and visitors coming along to enjoy the fun and games and to wander around the lovely garden and surroundings at Field Dalling Hall. Grateful thanks are due in this respect to Paul and Michaela Knights who kindly allowed us to use the grounds at the Hall for the Fete. And so we bade a fond farewell to Mary Alexander but not for long as she has taken up residence in Gunthorpe and on Wednesday, 6th October at Field Dalling Village Hall will be giving an illustrated talk on William Hogarth, Painter, Satirist and Costume Historian's Delight. The talk begins at 11.15 a.m. and will be followed by a Ploughman's Lunch. Tickets, to include coffee and lunch are priced at £5 and can be obtained from Rosemary Beeson, tel: 830298. Mary's talks are extremely popular and tickets are limited, so don't delay! A very warm welcome to Jocelyn and David Stroud, who are the new owners of the much acclaimed Map House. Jocelyn and David, who have one daughter, previously lived in Lee Green, south east London. They have been regular visitors to Norfolk and have stayed at the Map House as guests. David is a technical illustrator and hopes to continue with this aspect of his career on a contractual basis. We wish them both much success in their new venture.

The Office, 20 King’s Lynn Road, Hunstanton PE36 5HP Registered to carry out audit work and regulated for a range of investment business activities by The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales


Sun 14th Nov. 3.30 pm. Morston Remembrance Day Parade & Service. The Revd Canon William Sayer will officiate at the Service; and a trumpeter and an organist have been booked. Thu 23rd Dec. 5.00 pm. Candlelit Carol Service. The Revd Michael Wilson will officiate. Sat 25th Dec. 9.30 am. Christmas Day Holy Communion. Collection for the hospitals at Kelling and Wells. Sat 19th Mar 2005. Friends of Morston Church Quiz.

CHURCH SAFES RAIDED: ONLY MORSTON’S WITHSTOOD ASSAULT A thief or thieves broke into the church wall safes at Binham, Langham, Wiveton, Erpingham, Lessingham, and Sea Palling and attempted to gain access to ours at Morston, but without success. Nevertheless the safe was damaged irreparably and so the PCC has a sizeable bill for a replacement safe - just under the lower limit at which the insurance company pays!

Norfolk Churches Sponsored Bike Ride Details of this event, due to be ridden on Sat 11th September were given in the last issue. What actually happened will be in the next issue.


THE MYSTERY OF THE SIGN As mysteriously as it disappeared, the much missed Saxlingham Road Sign has been returned – in pristine condition. Lips are sealed as to the identity of our benefactor but the work of this restorer par excellence is greatly appreciated – and it’s good to see the sign back where it belongs. We may be small but we do like people to know we are HERE.


Tel: 01328 830539 15



DIANA – THANK YOU We had our last communion service taken by Diana on 22nd Aug, a goodly congregation came to celebrate her ministry to us over the last 7 years. Her devotion, kindness, thoughtfulness and spiritual guidance will now benefit her new Parish of Lowestoft - lucky Lowestoft. She was taken by surprise when she walked down the aisle having blessed us all from the altar steps. We burst into song. Two verses had been written in her honour to the tune of her favourite hymn – ‘My song is love unknown’:

Contact: Dr Peter Garwood

01263 860700 For Church Services see Panel on Page 3

A very splendid – joyous wedding Sarah Parks and Ian Bell were married in our village church on Saturday 21st August. Keith and Jean Parks obviously put their hearts and souls into the arrangements, aided by many family members and friends. The whole spectacle gladdened the eye as well as the heart. It was really grand to see the beautiful bride in her ivory Conran dress and the handsome groom in top hat and tails, cravat, ‘wesskit’ the whole shebang – a rare and wonderful sight to behold. Keith, also in full regalia, proudly walked Sarah down the aisle and the Rev. John Penny conducted the service with his usual reverential skill. It was John’s last wedding service before his retirement. Five grand - parents were present, one of whom made the wedding cake. Some 40 guests attended from many different places – Australia, Slovakia and different parts of the British Isles. Sarah and John met at university, training to become journalists so I hope this rather inadequate article doesn’t disappoint them too much. In fact it is jolly difficult to give an ‘adequate’ report of this splendid occasion. A beautiful garland decorated the church archway and within the church there were bouquets and pew decorations. These were generously given by Keith and Jean for Diana’s farewell service. I should mention that everybody was immaculately dressed. Three bridesmaids wore long antique gold dresses, with shawls and tiaras. The fourth, a younger young lady looked splendid in an ivory coloured creation. Their great friend Craig fulfilled the role of best man in an excellent manner throughout the day. Simon, the chief usher also made sure that everything went to plan. The Feathers Hotel in Holt provided the reception feast – relished by all. The very best of good fortune to Ian and Sarah for their future life together. You’ve had a wonderful send off.

Our song is luck unknown. You came to Sharrington, You came at God's behest, And gave us all your best. 0, who are we? That for our sake, You pray with every breath you take. You came and gave us hope. To help our church to cope. Your sermons pinned our ears, For which we say: "Three cheers ". So take our love, And prayers said oft, For happy times in Lowestoft. I hope your expression, laughing, smiling, tears running down your face meant an exceptional measure of joy and happiness tinged with considerable sadness. The village gave her a generous cheque which – ‘gave me a heart attack’ says Diana. Church goers and non church goers contributed because of our respect and love for the lady. It had been noticed that she had a fondness for drop earrings. The discerning ladies of the parish bought her some rather fetching pearl do-da’s, and a ‘Diana Cake’ was baked and decorated. This was enjoyed in a high spirited party in Church Barn which was decorated like a ‘Homes and Gardens’ creation. A big ‘thank you’ and our heartfelt good wishes for the future, Diana.

Physical Therapy Gary Battrick

BUILDING SERVICES Renovations, Alterations and Maintenance Bricklaying, Plastering, Decorating Kitchen/Bathroom Fitting

Dip FTST, IIST, FSMT(2), IHBC BACR Phase IV Cardiac Rehab Instructor

Muscular Manipulation for Back, Neck & Joint Pain etc Rehabilitative Exercise for Poor Mobility, Posture & Surgical Recovery

Outdoor work also undertaken: Paths, Drives etc


Home appointments please telephone 01263 710789

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Contact: Keith McDougall

01328 830344 For Church Services see Panel on Page 3 In addition, prayers for the parish are held in the Church every Friday at 9.30 a.m. followed by Holy Communion, and a Bible Study and Fellowship Group meets on alternate Wednesdays at 7 p.m. See Eva at the Shop or Helen Leach (PCC Secretary ) for further details.




MUSINGS September – the true ‘new year’ perhaps a month that dazzles as only an Indian summer can, fabled by John Keats as ‘a season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’. January for most people, despite Hogmanay, Christmas and their celebrations’ is really a continuation of Dark dull winter even though it is, calendar wise the beginning of the year. September on the other hand is the culmination of the farmers’ year with the grain harvest, the fruit harvest of apples, pears, plums and the like, the beginning of the school year with new classes, teachers, new friends to make, lovely new school books (at least in my school days) and an anticipation of what is to come. For those who have left school and who may be going to college or university, or straight into employment it is a new beginning, albeit uncertain, but nevertheless an upward move into adulthood and responsibility. Everyone looks better in September after holidays spent either away or at home: even after an indifferent summer we all benefit from greater daylight and fewer clothes and outdoor activities. John Donne says of September ‘No spring nor summer hath such grace as I have seen in one autumnal face’. A.P.G.

John took our last communion service on Sunday 22nd August. Afterwards James Leach, our caring Church Warden, made a small presentation from the congregation. His short speech included the following words. ‘You have done so much in so many ways and often it has only been the person helped who has known about it. But above all you and Diana have set us a truly inspiring example of two lives combined in Christ.’ And so say all of us, which we did in plenty at Binham Priory Church on 29th August. So sad to lose them. New challenges lie ahead but our group of parishes is in good heart.


Dennis Lotis presents A Musical Evening with family and friends Stiffkey Village Hall Friday 8th October 2004 at 8pm Admission £6.50 Tickets obtainable at Stiffkey Stores Phone: 01328 830489

ANSWERS TO MORSTON OLYMPICS QUIZ (See page 14 ) 1. Nine. 2. Sailing, Yngling class. 3. Equestrian Team, 3day event. 4. Sailing, men’s mistral. 5. Sailing, men’s 49er. 6. Sailing, men’s Finn. 7. Sailing, 470 class.

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Pat & Bridget Newman welcome you to THE BLUEBELL LANGHAM



KARL HUNT 01328 855898

Delightful beer garden

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Freshly prepared food - non-smoking dining room Wide choice of keg, cask and guest ales Baby changing area and toilets for the disabled

Birds Farm Walsingham Road Hindringham NR21 0BT

Telephone (01328) 830502



Another year, another fete and another great success! How do we do it? Well it all depends (as always) on the faithful volunteers and helpers and a wonderful spirit in the village. The night before saw us enjoying a party with Mark Fawcett and his friends, keeping everyone on their toes. We had Derek and Isabel making sure that no-one stopped, and Alison serving sherry like there was no tomorrow. Thanks again to all the helpers for a great evening. The next day dawned a little slowly, (for some of us), but things soon got moving. Kevin Webb and friends soon had a queue for ‘drenching the wench’ doubling the attendance of last year. Justso James kept the arena going with childrens races, adult races and the ever popular dog races. Karen in the tea tent dispensed delicious refreshments – all home made. Coconuts toppling, crockery being smashed, and the Morgan household doing noble work on the church skittles, with near record takings. Not forgetting the ever popular church cake stall - a sellout as usual. With car boot sales booming and the weather being kind we can all look back on a happy day. Thank you to all the village people who came out to help. Jamie Lawrence, Chairman Fete Committee

Who said sewage pipes were not the stuff of artistic inspiration? Certainly not our Bronwen who, with Dennis Lotis, set up the magnificent art exhibition in the village hall. Bronwen’s photographs of Stiffkey Camp sewage pipe (built by the army in 1940) were brilliant. In fact the village hall was transformed into an Aladdin’s Cave. Pottery, sculpture, wall tapestries, charming watercolours of Stiffkey by Aubrey Buxton, driftwood artifacts – all delightfully displayed with soft music and under a ‘come dancing’ kaleidoscope. Congratulations to Bronwen and her helpers in keeping Stiffkey to the fore artistically.

HOW ABOUT THESE? Cromer crabs, Runton dabs Beeston babies, Sheringham ladies Weybourne witches, Salthouse ditches And the Blakeney people Stand in the steeple And crack hazel nuts With a five farthing beetle (mollet)

or Blakeney bulldogs. Morston clodmen. Binham bulls. Stiffkey trolls. Wells bitefingers * * A nasty, probably inaccurate slur on the Wells people who supposedly bit off the fingers of drowned sailors to get at their rings. Not nice!

Answers to last quiz A loke A lane A hornpie - Oystercatcher To pample - To tread lightly

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Tiling, Slating, New Roofs Strip/Retile & Repair Flat Roofs Repaired


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Mobile: 07860 295273


NATURE NOTES Harvest woes! Let us not forget the importance of good harvests to our countryside and rural economy. We all know that August was the wettest on record. Combine harvesters sat bedraggled on the edges of the wheat fields which were slowly turning black - and sprouting in the ear. As for field beans, peas and oilseed rape - I had better stop this litany of woe or my farming friends will say I am making things worse. Our area is usually just about the best in the U.K. for growing malting barley, sun, light soils, the occasional sea ‘har’ all conspire to produce (usually) a fine sample of malting barley much sought after by malsters and brewers. This is a highly specialised trade. Crisps of North Elmham are big buyers. Local merchants court their favours. Our farmers are keen to show consumers that their care and skill as growers translates into fine local beers and thirst quenching lagers. But this year all is topsy turvy. Some samples combined early have found a fair trade. Late barleys have been a disaster - no weight - no quality - no good prices! And think of the costs of a combine standing idle.

LANGHAM VILLAGE SCHOOL NEWS School Council The Council meets every week and makes decisions on behalf of the school to improve facilities and opportunities for everyone. Class 1 has 3 reps, Class 2 has 4 and Class 3 has 7.

Topics for this half term Class 1: History - People and Places. Science Ourselves. R.E. - Churches. Arts - Portraits. Class 2: History - Great Fire. Science - Healthy teeth and bodies. Art - Joseph’s coat. Class 3: History - Aztecs. Science - Growing/ moving. R.E. - Religion in our Neighbourhood. Art Still Life.

Wild life seems to have come through the summer reasonably well. Plenty of wild duck on the Stiffkey marsh. Harriers are abundant, fifteen were counted roosting in one field one evening. Partridge coveys are now more evident as the stubbles are cleared. I haven’t heard yet how the terns have bred at Blakeney and Scolt Head. Last year was hugely successful at Scolt Head.

Informal Parents’ Meetings A set of informal meetings where you can drop in and share some of your children’s work and successes. Pick a date to suit yourselves: Wednesday, 13th October. 3.10 - 4.10 Tuesday 30th November. 3.10 - 4.10 Tuesday 1st February. 3.10 - 4.10 Wednesday 16th March. 3.10 - 4.10

The shooting season will begin in October. Most of our farms have a good stock of wild birds – so much better than reared. But our prolific brown hare population has been hit by a nasty virus disease. Rabbits, a pest though they are, suffer terribly from myxomatosis, a loathsome man-made disease.

School Clubs and Groups Chess Club: Lunchtimes on Thursdays, all welcome. Football Club: Friday, 3.10 - 4.10 for years 3, 4, 5 & 6. Premier Soccer: Monday, 12 - 12.45, for Reception and years 1, 2 & 3. Recorders: Thursdays. Violin/Guitar: Please call the office if interested.


Harvest Service

If we have no faults we should not take pleasure in noticing those of others.

Will take place on Wednesday, 20th October at 2.00 pm. Venue to be confirmed.

The Map House Smokers Hole

COUNTRYSIDE COTTAGES Based locally, we specialize in quality holiday letting properties from cosy romantic retreats to stylish barns along the North Norfolk Coast. (Full management service available)

ETC  Silver Award BTB B&B of the year 2001 Enjoy comfort and total privacy in luxurious double suites, each with bedroom, bathroom, sitting room and own staircase. Breakfast with fresh local ingredients.

For information call Zoe on 01263 713133

David & Jocelyn Stroud. Tel: 01263-741304

5 Old Stable Yard, Holt, Norfolk. NR25 6BN




A bespoke, trouble-free way to keep containers, greenhouses, lawns and special plants properly irrigated.

Keen prices - Charges agreed in advance We come to you - First meeting is free

Fifes Tree & Garden Company—01263 862562 ALLCLEAN—The Carpet Cleaning Specialists

Terry Hurlock FCMA: 01263 710061 - ROBIN PEEL GARDEN SERVICES

Professionally clean: homes, upholstery, curtains, oriental rugs, patios, driveways, car interiors.

Grass & Hedge Cutting - Fencing Patios & Paths - The complete garden service

Tel: Danny, on FreePhone 0800 698 5055

Tel: 01328 830694 or 07747 001261

THE IRON LADY Professional Ironing & Laundry Services


Serving over 400 Domestic and Professional clients Collected from and delivered to your door

Call: 01263 821900

Chinese & Electro Acupressure—Reiki Healing Head, Neck & Back Massage—Magnetic Therapy & Supplies Richard Hunt BSYA (ACU & MT) Tel: 01328 820209

ALISTAIR STEVENSON I provide local delivery of newspapers in Bale, Field Dalling and Saxlingham. Contact me if you would like a daily paper delivered - Tel: 01328 878271

Reliable handyman, available for work indoors and out, including grass cutting, gardening, small building jobs, painting and decorating. Competitive rates.

COLIN KEMP - Tel: 01328 830568


REB Accountancy Services Ltd Annual Accounts, Self Assessment Tax Returns, Payroll, VAT and Book-keeping services. Home/Evening visits. Tel: 01328 863541


PAUL LAURIE Expert bird-watching tours every day at Cley, Titchwell, Holkham and Holme Dunes Tel: 01328 830617

A well-established, family business specialising in the letting and maintenance of quality holiday cottages Tel: 01263 713133

Interior Cleaning—House, Office, Holiday Home Spring cleaning. For free estimate or enquiries:

Phone/fax: 01328 830692 Mob: 07799 375654

Susannah McDougall Landscape and Garden Design


solutions for the outside space




practical and effective detailed plans appropriate materials any space

sound advice plant sourcing fresh, visual planting plans seasonal improvements

telephone: 01263 740056 mobile: 07887 480793 email:

Strong Cars

Licensed Private Hire Cars

6-Seater Available Comfortable Cars Low Rates ~ Personal Service Local or Long Distance Airports ~ Weddings Hospitals ~ Private Functions

Please Telephone: Barry Girling

01263-740283 Mobile


11 Queens Close, Blakeney, Norfolk, NR25 7PQ

fresh and frozen meals made to your requirements Contact Sandra Taylor Telephone: 01328 830 649 Fax: 01328 830 999

Chapel Cottage 8 Front Street Binham Norfolk NR21 0AN

PLUMBING & HEATING Local ‘CORGI’ registered specialist undertakes all plumbing work including installation and maintenance of all central heating systems oil, gas and solid fuel.

Robin Berry Mills Macmillan Ltd 01328 878621 Also complete kitchen and bathroom installations

Local Lynx is printed by Century Printing, 132 High Street, Stalham, Norwich NR12 9AZ. Tel/Fax: 01692 582958

Profile for Robert Metcalfe

Local Lynx Issue 38 - Oct/Nov 2004  

Community newspaper for 10 North Norfolk villages - Bale, Binham, Cockthorpe, Field Dalling, Gunthorpe, Langham, Morston, Saxlingham, Sharri...

Local Lynx Issue 38 - Oct/Nov 2004  

Community newspaper for 10 North Norfolk villages - Bale, Binham, Cockthorpe, Field Dalling, Gunthorpe, Langham, Morston, Saxlingham, Sharri...