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in our 10 villages

- is a non-profit-making community newspaper, run for the benefit of ten villages.


We warmly welcome drawings, articles and letters for publication, but since we never know until shortly before publication how much material we will have, we must reserve the right to edit entries. We prefer to edit rather than to omit items altogether.

1st Sun. Stiffkey Village Cricket Match 3rd Tues. Langham Parish Council, Parish Room. 7.00 7th Sat. Field Dalling & Saxlingham Village Fete at Field Dalling Hall. 2pm. th 7 Sat. Binham Priory. ‘Badinerie’. 7.30 pm. 7th Sat. Morston Regatta 8th Sun. Morston Oyster Regatta. 11th Wed. Langham Parish Room, Ladybirds 'National Trust, Norfolk'. Open Evening. th 14 Sat. Binham Priory Cottage Bring & Buy.10am - 12 18th Wed. Morston Village Hall. P.C. 7.30 22nd Sun. Sharrington, Annual Barbecue 1.00 pm 28th Sat. Field Dalling, Barn Dance at Mountgrace Manor. th 28 Sat. Langham Stall-on-the-Green. 9.30 - 11.30 28th Sat. Gunthorpe Institute, 50/50 Club, 10.30 am 28th Sat. Stiffkey pre-Fete evening Party 29th Sun. Stiffkey Fete, 12 pm onwards. 29th Sun. Binham Village Hall. Farewell to John and Diana. th 30 Mon. Langham Stall-on-the-Green, 9.30 - 11.30 am

For information about submitting items for publication and about distribution, or if you want to help in any other way, please contact your village representative For general information please ring Helen & Bob Brandt on 01328-830056. You can also send a fax on that number. The address is: 28 Binham Road, Langham, Holt NR25 7AB. COPY FOR OCTOBER/NOVEMBER ISSUE REQUIRED BY 9th SEPTEMBER

PLEASE NOTE: CONTACT FOR ADVERTISERS For enquiries about advertising in Local Lynx, please contact David John, tel: 01328-830933 Rates for advertising (pre-paid) are: One column x 62 mm (1/8 page): £60 for six issues. Discount of £10 for six issues paid for in advance.

SEPTEMBER 4th Sat. Binham Priory. ‘Trillium Brass Quartet’. 11th Sat. Norfolk Churches Trust Bike Ride 11th Sat. Binham Priory. ‘Forces 3’. 7.30 15th Wed. Binham, Applegarth. Quilters start. 2 - 4pm 17th Fri. Binham Priory, Wine & Canapes. 6 - 8pm 17th/19th Binham Priory Flower Festival. 17th/19th Morston Powditch Family Reunion 18th Sat. Morston. Powditch Service. 20th Mon. Stiffkey W.I. 'Weather Vanes' 24th Sat. Binham Village Hall, Harvest Supper, 7.00 28th Tues. Langham Parish Council, Parish Room 7.00

Small Ads Panel on the back page: Available for individuals and businesses providing local services. Allocated on first-paid, first-in basis. Cost: £5 per issue.

LOCAL LYNX GOES PUBLIC At Langham Street Fayre, 31st July Extra copies of this edition of the paper have been printed for distribution at the Langham Street Fayre next to an illustrated display showing how the paper is put together. We hope you may have seen and enjoyed the display, but if not it can be made available to be shown in any of the ten villages we cover.


We also hope that we will be receiving comments and suggestions about the paper, together with contacts from people who would like to help in some way. The paper depends for its success upon the news, articles and illustrations sent in to the village representatives by our readers.

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We would particularly like to hear from those who would like to help with the production of the paper with training if necessary.

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If you are interested, please phone 01328 830056 for an informal chat.


Regular Service Rota for Bale and Stiffkey Groups for AUGUST & SEPTEMBER HC=Holy Communion. FS=Family Service. MP=Morning Prayer. EP=Evening Prayer. BCP=Book of Common Prayer All Communion Services are in traditional language except those marked *


Week 1

Bale Field Dalling Gunthorpe Saxlingham Sharrington Binham Langham Morston Stiffkey

9.30 am 11.00 am 11.00 am 9.30 am 9.30 am 11.00 am 9.30 am 9.30 am 11.00 am


Week 2

Week 3

9.30 am HC 11.00 am HC 11.00 am HC 9.30 am MP 9.30 am HC 11.00 am HC 9.30 am HC No Service 11.00 am HC*

9.30 am HC 11.00 am FS No Service 9.30 am HC 9.30 am MP 11.00 am FS 9.30 am HC 9.30 am HC/BCP 8.00 am HC*

Week 4 9.30 am HC 11.00 am HC 9.30 am HC 6.00 pm EP 9.30 am HC 9.30 am HC 9.30 am FS No Service 11.00 am HC*

Additional Service 0n 22nd August at 9.30 am, Holy Communion at Morston Stiffkey - September 26th (week 4) Family Service at 11.00 am Group Holy Communion Service Sunday 29th August, 10.30 am at Binham with the Bishop of Lynn Regular weekday services are held as follows: Binham: Evening Prayer on Tuesday at 6.00 pm Langham: Holy Communion on Wednesday at 10.00 am Stiffkey: Prayers for the Parish on Friday at 9.30 am followed by Holy Communion at 10.00 am



This is the last time I shall write to the Local Lynx as your parish priest. I shall be sorry to leave the nine parishes, but I am sure that it is right for you as well as me that we go now. It has been good to live here for the last seven and a half years. You have made us very much at home, and we cannot thank you enough for this kindness. If we listed all the people to whom we owe a lot, the edition would run to several hundred pages! We do hope we get a chance to say 'goodbye' and 'thank you' at some of the small meetings that take place in each village. I know that you are all invited to Binham Village Hall on August 29th, but we would like to talk to everyone for more than a few seconds. There's a lot of work that needs to be done to find out whom God wants to send in our place. Do please pray for the people who sort this out. When you have a new Rector, please make her or him as welcome as you have made me. If you do, he or she will be very lucky indeed. With love to you all. John and Diana

Maddy and I would like to thank all of you who contributed so generously to the various presents that have been given to us from the Stiffkey/Bale Benefice and the Briningham Association. We have had a wonderful time here; the three years of curacy here seem to have flown by - perhaps because we have had so much fun. May I also thank everyone who came to our final farewell service in Binham Priory on 6th June and contributed to making it a wonderful evening for us and especially to all of you who contributed to the food and wine after the service. As I sit among the moving boxes on Monday morning, I give thanks to God for having served my curacy among you - and for your kindness in allowing me to minister among you. Our new address is The Vicarage, North Street, New Romney, TN28 8DR. Tel: 01797 362308. If you are ever down on Romney Marsh, do drop in for a cup of coffee. With our prayers and best wishes for the future. Martin

Our blessings go to Jo Fawcett, made Deacon on July 3rd, and to Tim Fawcett who was 60 on July 7th. To commemorate these events, Jo was given a white stole and Tim a sample of 'Highland Park' whisky.

Deanery Synod - At the June meeting we had a very interesting and informative talk by Ann Sloman who is a member of the Archbishops’ Council. The council was set up by Dr Carey five years ago to co-ordinate and further the mission of the church. One of the subjects that is under discussion by them at present is the working terms and conditions of the Church of England clergy. We were heartened by the news that the Church Commissioners are now regarded as one of the top investment managers! Deanery Festival - This will take place on Sunday, Sept. 12th at Blakeney Church. Workshops will begin at 4.30 pm followed by tea, then Evensong at 6.30 pm. More details nearer the date at your local church. A.S.


The jam jars have bred again and are waiting for new homes. ********** Our thanks go to all the clergy who have offered to take services after we have left, and to Pauline and Geoff Scott who are looking after the service rota. The pattern of services will stay much the same, though in December there may be slightly fewer than usual. Retired clergy are in demand at Christmas!



Physical Therapy Gary Battrick

TO JOHN & DIANA Ever since the news that John wished to retire became public, much interest, regret and sympathy has been expressed throughout the benefice, and tributes to their ministry have been voiced from all quarters. John has been a great help to many people and an outstanding pastor and friend, especially to the sick and the dying as well as those in any kind of trouble. He was always the good listener and his quiet unvoiced sympathy engendered comfort and well-being to those who needed it. His faith shone like a beacon and helped him to shoulder the burden of his own illness and the problems associated with the enlarging benefices and the increasing administrative tasks which this involved. In our services, the strength of his own belief in quiet meditation reached out to us and provided us with a significant pointer in our contemplation of those perplexing facets of religious faith and beliefs John would have used his love of music as a means of expressing some of the deeper aspects of life and all its problems, but too often was thwarted by lack of opportunity. His bluff was called on one occasion when he threatened to play the organ in the absence of an organist, but his wonderful sense of humour and fun provided an escape route, not only on that occasion but often in difficult situations when light relief was needed to deflate threatening pomposity. He sometimes must have felt that he was letting us down - but he was the only one to feel like that. Everyone who knew him realised he gave us all he could and was a special priest, a wise counsellor and a fine friend .The lay congregations in our various churches were happy to help him to keep services going properly and to participate more fully in the running the business of the church. In all his work John had the support and help of Diana; she had the respect and admiration of all those who knew her and was especially appreciated in Sharrington, as we know. Both John and Diana will be greatly missed. A light will have gone out from amongst us only to be rekindled in Lowestoft. Our love and best wishes go with them, and may they enjoy good health and have fruitful and fulfilling years ahead. Well done thou good and faithful servants.

Dip FTST, IIST, FSMT(2), IHBC BACR Phase IV Cardiac Rehab Instructor

Muscular Manipulation for Back, Neck & Joint Pain etc Rehabilitative Exercise for Poor Mobility, Posture & Surgical Recovery

Home appointments please telephone 01263 710789

‘Sadly, we seem to have two Pennys missing!’

HOLT MEDICAL PRACTICE Notice to patients registered with the Holt Medical Practice

As from 1st July, 2004, Anglian Medical Care will be providing medical care overnight and at weekends. If you need urgent medical attention, please ring our normal phone number - 01263 712461 - and your call will automatically be transferred to this new service. For medical advice you can also ring NHS Direct on 0845 4647 (24 hours). The Holt Medical Practice will no longer open for emergency surgery on Saturday mornings, this also means you will not be able to collect repeat prescriptions from the surgery on Saturdays. We have extended our weekday opening hours to 8.00am - 6.00pm and will remain open over the lunch period to help you collect your prescriptions. Blakeney and Melton Constable surgery hours remain unchanged. For more information on these changes, please pick up a leaflet from Holt Medical Practice, Blakeney surgery or Melton Constable surgery.

Farewell service at Binham Priory Sunday, 29th August, 10.30

will be followed by an informal lunch at Binham Village Hall at about 12 mid-day.



Peggy Corney D.O. Barbara Shearing BSc (Hons) Ost

We were always troubled by the thirty-line limitation. In discussions at Binham Broadband Association (BBA) committee meetings, we worried about Member Number 31 - what to do? We didn't like the idea of waiting lists, nor the lack of a cheap and easy way to get more lines in. BT's April announcement, that they would broadband the whole country by July 2005, was therefore very welcome, and their further announcement (published in the EDP on 30th June) that broadband would become fully available on the Binham exchange from 8th December this year was even more welcome. Other readers should be over the moon! A few have been in contact with me as a result of reading this column, asking how they could join in, and it was frustrating for me to have to say "you can't". Now, the good news is that broadband will will be available in Thursford from 10th November and Wells from 17th November. I think that covers the entire LYNX readership. The further good news is that the equipment for our thirty lines is in and working at the Binham exchange, and should be connected up by the time this issue reaches you. And the price has come down to £24.99 per month. BBA's objective was to enable everyone in our communities to have broadband and, although we can't claim full credit for this outcome, it is 'a good result' and we are well pleased. Many others have campaigned, lobbied and generally pressured BT to do the job properly and it's appropriate that they should do so. Whilst it's a hard blow for many small would-be telecomms companies that were gearing up to cover the countryside with satellite dishes and wi-fi aerials, it would look very strange for the world's fourth largest economy not to have the essential infrastructure for the Information Age provided by a national carrier. This column now needs to move on. Perhaps (in the absence of a suitable website) it should become a meeting place for airing and sharing questions, insights, successes and problems to do with broadband and the ways it is used. I'll keep the email address active at least until the end of the year, so please contact me with suggestions or material for the next issue. It is: Anthony Smith

Osteopaths Osteopathy is a gentle, effective method of treatment which can help with back pain, joint pain, migraine and head pain, as well as many other conditions. We also treat babies and children

Stonebeck, The Street, Gunthorpe, Melton Constable

Tel: 01263 861184

DISTRICT COUNCILLORS’ NOTEBOOK Glaven Valley Ward Bernard Crowe Tel: 01263 740137 Priory Ward Jonathan Savory Tel: 01328 820719 The Laurels, Nutwood Farm, Wighton, NR23 1NX

Large Scale Voluntary Transfer of Housing Stock: The Government requires locl authorities to bring housing stock up to 'Decent Homes' standard by 2010. We cannot meet this target, so have chosen the option of transferring the stock to an independent, stand-alone landlord, based in N. Norfolk. Some key facts: No one will have to move as a result. Rents due to new landlord will be similar to those the Council would have to charge. Entitlement to Housing Benefit will not change. Unlike the Council, the new landlord will not have to support national social housing, using about £3.2 million a year (£657 per home) from NNDC tenants' rents. The Right to Buy will remain. The new Landlord will carry out all necessary works to bring homes up to Decent Homes standard by 2010, will be legally bound to deliver on promises made to tenants and will be a not-forprofit organisation, regulated by the Government Housing Corporation. It will be run by a Board of Management made up of tenants, council nominees and independent members of the community with special skills and chosen by tenants and the council. A PROJECT TO IMPROVE YOUR COMMUNITY The Civic Trust is promoting a 'Civic Champions' residential training programme in Norfolk for people wanting to be involved in plans to improve their neighbourhood. It will cover Planning and Managing a Project, Fundraising and Making Applications, Managing Money and Financial Reporting, Managing Their and Other People's Time, Getting People Involved and Negotiation, Pursuasion and Conflict Management Skills. The programme runs over 4 four-day modules between October 2004 and February 2005. For an application pack call Elaine Otway at the Guild, 01603 615200, or email Closing date - 31.8.2004.

KATHRYN GIGG Chartered Accountants, Business Advisers and Tax Consultants Personal Tax Returns & Self Assessment Advice ▪ Annual Accounts & Audit ▪ Independent Pension & Investment Advice ▪ VAT Returns ▪ Payroll & Book-keeping Service For an appointment please contact

Mrs K H Gigg, FCA on 01485 534800

The Office, 20 King’s Lynn Road, Hunstanton PE36 5HP Registered to carry out audit work and regulated for a range of investment business activities by The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales




Special Charity Evening, Wed. 29th Sept. To benefit N. N. Branch of Alzheimer's Society and a village in Bangladesh Mr Choudhury will be donating all the takings from a special evening at his restaurant in Sheringham to these two causes. As well as enjoying a good meal there will be the opportunity to meet local MP Mr Norman Lamb, who will join us during the evening. In the 2 years of its existence the Alzheimer's Society has raised enough money to employ 2 part-time outreach workers and a part-time administrative officer. The outreach workers give advice, information and support to anyone living in N. Norfolk with dementia, their carers and family. As well as contact with individuals they run groups for carers in N. Walsham and Fakenham and are now planning a group for both people with dementia and their carers. It is through such groups that people get information and advice as well as beneficial support from the workers and each other. Money raised at Labone Indian Cuisine will help to keep these groups running. If you would like to take part in this exciting fund raising event, please telephone 01328 830686 or 01263 822962 for tickets. There will be two sittings, at 6 pm and at 9 pm, and the cost is £12.95 per person. The meal will be buffet style with a good selection of dishes. A.H.

Many years ago, two Churchwardens went along to see the Bishop about the kind of person the parish wanted as their new Parson, (it was the days before women were ordained Priest). The first Warden talked for a long time about the need for someone who told jokes, (better ones than the last chap!) and would spend an hour every day in the local pub. He needed to be married and have a wife who would make cakes and run the Mothers' Union. The Warden's speech lasted half an hour! The other Warden was brief and to the point. 'What we want Bishop' he said, 'is a slow left arm bowler for the village cricket team!' 'Well', said the bishop, 'this is the man I am sending you. He isn't married. He plays Scrabble, not cricket. He can't cook or tell jokes. He says his prayers and reads his Bible every day. 'But ...... When someone is ill, at home or in hospital, he visits them. When someone has died, he comforts the family and friends. He treats everyone the same, rich or poor, whether they go to church or not. He tells people that God loves them just as they are.' The Wardens went away, and got ready for their new Parson. When he came, he stayed for twenty years until he died. At his funeral, every person in the village came to the service. And they all agreed he was a 'Good man and a fine Priest'.

LETTER We just wanted to write and say how much we enjoy reading Local Lynx. On one level, it helps us know what is going on - but at a deeper level the articles give us glimpses of the characteristics of each village and what really matters. For the time being, we are one of those families who have to flit each week, to work away from the village (I have four parishes in Suffolk to look after). Sometimes, therefore, we can only contribute to village life indirectly. However the village really does matter to us; it gives us space to think, friends, a place to worship. And a magazine to read - thank you. Fiona and Ian Newton.

BARN DANCE with HOG ROAST Council for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE) North Repps Village Hall (Near Cromer) 4th September at 7.30 pm Live Band and Caller. Tickets £15: From Evelyn Smith - 01603 814200 or Debbie Hyslop 01263 860073 THE BLAKENEY HOTEL


Blakeney, Nr Holt, Norfolk Staff required in all departments for our busy summer season. Full or Part Time. Permanent positions available. Please contact Anne Thornalley, Deputy Manager, on 01263 740797

August No meeting. Sept. 2nd. ‘Forty years of ‘L’ in Norfolk’. Experiences of a driving instructor, Mr. P. Maitland. All meetings in Cley Village Hall at 2.30 p. m. unless stated otherwise.


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Contact: Carolyn Wright Tel: 01328 830270 Fax: 01328 830840 Email:

Contact: Sue Berry 01328 878621

For Church Services see Panel on Page 3

For Church Services see Panel on Page 3 SHARRINGTON ROAD POND PARTY


The pond in Sharrington Road was again in need of clearing of algae and weeds so those of us living close by gathered together on 19th June and set to. We pulled and heaved and chopped. Then we strimmed and scythed and barrowed until we were all quite exhausted. Brave souls strode out to tackle the middle of the pond with water lapping over the tops of the waders. We were all very damp and dirty in a very short space of time. Fortunately tea, cake and biscuits arrived on a tray just in time to revive us, and we were able to take a break and stand back to admire our work. This is becoming a necessary regular event each summer and anyone interested in helping out would be most welcome. Please contact Alan Sankey (878874)

Access and Facilities Project - 4th Report After recent discussions a fairly clear concept is emerging for an overall scheme likely to be acceptable to English Heritage and hopefully the other main regulatory bodies. The principle elements to be: a. All paths from the car park to be regraded to remove steps and have a surface suitable for easy travel by wheelchair users. b. Entry into the church for the less mobile and wheelchair users to be through a new porch built in the north west corner of the ruined north aisle, thus avoiding the internal steps down from the central west door. The interior of the church not to be changed in any way except for the removal of post-1809 infill of the northwest arch as an opening into the new porch. c. Toilets, with separate male and female areas together with a unisex disability toilet to be located along the north aisle and directly accessible from the porch. d. The proposal to house the main toilets in a low building along the approach path to the Monument will not meet with approval from English Heritage, nor now will the use of the old bullpen as distracting from the gatehouse and general unsuitability of this site. Grouping all facilities with a porch in the north aisle is the only concept to be the basis of detailed design. This approach is similar to that presented to, and supported by, the Parish Council in May except that with all toilets now in the north aisle a somewhat longer addition is needed to that shown on the model, then only containing the unisex disability cubicle. The PCC and The North Archaeological Trust are considering modified outline designs to be modelled for re-presentation to the Parish Council and available for public display. Anyone wishing to know more about the scheme is invited to contact David Frost, Victoria Cottage, Langham Road, Binham (Tel. 01328 830362).

BALE CHURCH FETE 2004 There was some anxiety about the weather, as always! The heat wave was tailing off and the sky dawned grey but at least it was warm. There was even a midmorning shower. Then fortune smiled and blessed us with an afternoon of blue sky and gentle breeze. The usual suspects turned out early and disposed the chairs and tables according to tradition. Few orders were given; we know by now just what has to be done. This is the case because Walter and Joanna Hammond had done much preparation beforehand. The garden was looking lovely with the flower borders at their colourful best. During the morning the next wave of invaders, the stallholders, arrived. They are a chatty team. They brought a startling variety of wares. The cake stall, which over the years, has proved to be such an attraction, seemed a bit bare, however. But when everyone had come back after a hurried lunch, bringing their contributions, the table was quickly and magically laden with home cooking - much relief! At ten to two we were braced for the rush; the queue at the gate stretched down the road as far as the church. The fete was declared open and quite suddenly everyone, visitors and home team, relaxed and we were all enjoying ourselves. It would be invidious to mention any particular stall or game (except the innovation of a coconut shy). Cromer and Sheringham Brass provided a happy and tuneful background. Gradually the tempo dropped and we sat down to tea and cakes for the presentation by Peggy Burge of the prizes to the winners of the games and the draws. Much gratitude to all who gave of their energy and time and to all who donated prizes and goods so generously. The Treasurer informs us that the financial result is at least as good as last year’s record figure. It is a much needed contribution. A.W.D.S.

E. & M. Grimes BUILDERS Telephone (01263) 740274 All types of building works - Painting & Decorating Flintwork Specialists Extensions Conversions Renovations Alterations New Build Free Estimates


Galley Hill House, Langham Road, Blakeney, Holt, Norfolk, NR25 7PJ



Our Summer Series is brought to a close with the following three concerts. The Priory provides a wonderful setting for musicians and audience alike and has an excellent acoustic. Do bring a cushion if you prefer a soft seat! We hope that you will be able to enjoy the music with us and look forward to welcoming you to the Priory.

Saturday 11th September 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Bike Riders - and sponsors - needed. The money raised is then divided between the Norfolk Churches Trust and the Priory Church. Also we need people to sit in the Priory during the day to offer refreshment and encouragement to the bikers. For sponsor forms and more information call Carolyn Wright at 830270.

Saturday 7th August at 7.30pm 'Badinerie’ Susannah Self mezzo, Catherine Pluygers oboe, Robert Puzey violin, Sussanah Furmanek-Halberda violin Ian Rowbotham viola, Michael Christie cello, Alexander Wells keyboard. Programme to include:- Handel - Solo Cantata, Bach Concerto for oboe & violin, Vivaldi - Salve Regina, Strauss - Four Songs, Brahms - Piano Quintet, Faure Three Songs, Susie Self - Four Drinkwater Songs. Tickets £8 each

BINHAM GROUP OF ARTISTS The Group consists of anyone interested in Art or Craft, beginner or otherwise. Artists with professional experience form part of the Group and will gladly give advise if needed. We meet every Tuesday from 10 to 12 in the Village Hall. A fee of £2 per morning includes coffee and biscuits. A demonstration of painting or craftwork normally takes place on the first Tuesday of every month. On August 3rd Kit Nichol will talk about and demonstrate Oriental Brush Painting.

Sat. 4th September, 7.30pm 'Trillium Brass Quartet' Sarah Field trumpet & soprano saxophone, Giles Liddiard trumpet, Richard Ward trombone, Alex Kidston tuba. Programme to include works by Gabrieli, Purcell, JS Bach, Prokofiev, Holst, Butterworth, Barber, David Gillett, Frederic Inigo, Tom Armstrong. Tickets £8 each

The Annual Binham Art Exhibition took place in June. A fine variety of work was shown and the sum of £377 was raised for the Village Hall. For further information call James Bucknill on 830651. Everyone welcome.

BINHAM 100+ CLUB WINNERS May. £25 Wendy Marsh, £10 Mrs Witherington, £5 Peggy Wyer, G Savory, Hilary Foulds.

Sat. 11th Sept., 7.30pm 'Force 3 Wind Ensemble' Paul Killby bassoon, Cathy Wilcock oboe & oboe d’amore, Philip Meader flute. Programme to include works by JC Bach, Telemann, Haydn, Mozart, Quantz and Debussy Tickets £8 each

June £25 Andrew Cuthbert, £10 Doris Burton, Arthur Howell, £5 Thomas Hoddy, Mr Tomlin, Alex Howell. July £25 Alastair Taylor, £10 Barb Thompson, Stanley Hewitt, £5 Mr A Barnard, Mr J. Scott, Mrs J Calvert.

Tickets and further information available from Maureen Frost, Telephone 01328 830362.

There are still a few numbers left. Please get in touch with Mrs June Read, 8 Priory Crescent, Binham, if you would like to join.



There will be a programme of six fortnightly meetings beginning on the 15th September. The venue will be Apple Garth, Langham Road, Binham and each meeting will be from 2-4 pm. All equipment will be provided and materials will be available. All are welcome and no previous experience is necessary. The sessions will lead to completed items of your choosing. A visit to purchase fabrics is planned to a local supplier at a time and date convenient to the group. For more details and to enrol in the group, for one or all of the sessions, phone Chrissie Hill on 01328 830378.

FLOWER FESTIVAL “UNITY” Fri. 17th, Sat. 18th & Sun. 19th Sept. 10 am. to 5 pm. The work and interest of our community expressed in flowers. Coffee and tea available throughout the day. Do come and enjoy this Festival. Donations will help towards the cost and running of the church. For more information call Brenda Wilde at 830525. Festival Family Service on Sunday 11 to 11.45 a.m.


Why not come along and give it a try! Remember, the nights will be drawing in and there will be less to do in the garden so more time to be creative with fabrics!


ANSWERS TO MORSTON QUIZ (Page 17) (1) a. goch. b. Truman. c. Sea. d - Goran. e. bikini. (2) a. Toasted muffin. b. No ice. c. The boot (of a car). d. A puncture. e. A portion of chocolate ice-cream. (3) I love you. (4) Deuteronomy. (5) London telephone exchanges. (South Harrow, Soho, Kentish Town/Camden, Golders Green). (6) A species of duck.


Tel: 01328 830539 8

Pat & Bridget Newman welcome you to THE BLUEBELL LANGHAM Delightful beer garden

BINHAM LOCAL HISTORY GROUP Extracts from the Diary of a Binham Farmer’s son aged 16 (with thanks to Richard and Norah Lewis)

Freshly prepared food - non-smoking dining room Wide choice of keg, cask and guest ales Baby changing area and toilets for the disabled

1837 August 1 Went to the election and the poll closed without forwardest candidate 178 behind.

Telephone (01328) 830502

August 13 God bless our gracious Queen, long may she live and happy may she be this was Queen Victoria’s accession to the throne).


August 21 Began harvest at Binham in the Morphus break – very nice piece of wheat.

My maternal Grandfather was the first to join the Union in this area, and as the older ones passed on my father eventually became Senior Member and held the position for many years. One faithful old servant took the subscriptions for many, many years, looking after the members’ interests in sickness, accident, injury or any kind of trouble. Most men were proud of belonging to their Union. They were proud of what their hands and minds produced, in the fields, in their gardens, on their allotments, in their Smithies and their carpenters’ shops. They were proud of having lived and worked and fought for their Country and they were proud of belonging to what in those days were the three major industries, Agriculture, Coalmining and Fishing.

August 24 Father went to market with old Blackley in the gig, sold his wool for £48 and £31 to W Sherringham. The men cut 22 acres. August 26 Cut 7 acres of wheat. September 8 Carried 54 loads of barley. September 12 Got all the oats up. September 13 Finished harvest - went to a meeting in Walsingham and saw the Bishop of Norwich. September 14 The Hindringham men had their harvest dinner. September 15 The Binham men had their dinner - they are nothing like so cheerful as the others.

My Father, as a shepherd, used to travel up to Scotland yearly to Kelso, just over the Scottish Border, to the sheep fair and brought back many prizes for the sheep. The late Mr W B Case, a local farmer, was once interviewed on the Radio in pre-television days, and he said, in the interview, that the sheep had made the farm.

September 19 I drove Aunt Anne down to the workhouse - we gave the lambs some tar and salt. September 23 Poor Fisher was run over by the wagon— broke his leg and died immediately after the amputation.

Just to end on a tuneful note, I will go back to singing. The old timers loved to sing, especially at Harvest, Easter and Christmas. Being only three miles from the sea, I think what they liked best were the sea songs and hymns. There was ‘Pull for the shore, Sailor, pull for the shore,’ Heed not the rolling waves, but bend to the oar,’ We are out on the ocean sailing,’ Peace be Still,’ Master the Tempest is raging.’ We heard these on television one Sunday evening. Also there is ‘Ship Ahoy.’ I would like the BBC to dig that one out of its archives so that we could hear it again.

September 25 Father is going to Burnham and settle every expense that poor Fisher’s accident incurred. September 30 I drove the 12 young shorthorns with the remaining 10 home breds down to the meadow.

COMPUTER WORKSHOPS It is proposed to re-start the Personal Computer Workshops in September. The first series this year will be at the INTRODUCTORY level, consisting of six weekly sessions of two hours each on Thursday evenings in Binham Village Hall. In order to ensure that a machine is available for every participant places will be restricted to six. If there is sufficient interest then a series of IMPROVERS workshops will be scheduled for later in the year.

One old speaker was marvellous at getting people to sing. He would clap his hands and they would sit up and take notice. He would say ‘Come on, let the people in Hindringham and Wighton hear you’ and then again, ‘Now let the people back home in Wells hear you.’ The more he exhorted them the louder they would sing. We owe all these old-timers a debt we can never repay for their work, patience, and their courage in adversity. They thought as Mr Nelson Mandela said in one of his speeches: ‘When this President has gone there will still be life!’ Joyce Greenacre

We are also proposing to re-run a workshop dedicated to DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY as this has proved so popular in the past. Please contact Alan Eagle on (01328) 830031 to register your interest or for further information.




In 1989 the late Queen Mother and Prince Charles came to visit our Priory of St Mary and the Holy Cross at Binham. I had just finished painting a picture of Binham Priory in watercolour and it came to my mind and I wondered if the late Queen Mother would accept it as a happy reminder of her visit there. I got in touch with her Ladies in Waiting and after several letters had passed between us the Queen Mother accepted the Picture and I took it to Sandringham while the Queen Mother was there, and I thought it would end its days at Clarence House, her home. My friend and neighbour June Reid has just spent a holiday in Scotland and she paid a visit to the late Queen Mother’s castle home - the Castle of Mey. This is where she got a wonderful surprise. She was in the room where Princess Margaret slept and hanging on the wall was my painting of Binham Priory! She said to the lady in charge “My neighbour, Bob, painted that, and gave it to the Queen Mother as a happy reminder of her visit there.” The lady in charge was very interested and asked my friend a lot of questions and was so pleased to learn about where it came from in Norfolk. I was so pleased that June was able to talk about it. Bob Scott

Contact: Ann Massingham

01328 830558

COCKTHORPE CHURCH The Thanksgiving Evensong, here at All Saints Church, was the culmination of the ‘Little Festival of Poetry’. The theme was ‘Poetry over the Centuries’ and was conducted by the Reverend Canon Pamela Fawcett. We remembered thankfully Bernard Rampley and other past members who had contributed so generously of their time and talents in previous years. We are grateful to the Reverend John Penny and the Norfolk Churches Trust for the use of this beautiful little church. Vera Colombe.

NORMAN LAMB M.P. holds regular advice surgeries in the constituency. He can also be contacted via the constituency office at: 15 Market Place North Walsham Norfolk NR28 9BP Tel: 01692 403752 Fax: 01692 500818 e-mail:

OPEN GARDENS Thank you to all helpers and supporters who made the 2 days such a resounding success to the sum of £1,005. This has got the fund for the Priory building programme off to a good start. For other fund raising events we hope we can rely on the excellent support in the future.


COFFEE MORNING Saturday 14th August 10 a.m. to 12 noon Priory Cottage, Langham Road, Binham Bring & Buy, Cakes, Plants and Raffle. All proceeds towards costs for September Flower Festival. Entry 50p.

(S.R.Beal, A.Beal, M.P.Lee)

2 The Willows Chapel Lane Wiveton Norfolk NR25 7TQ

THE PRIORY TEA-SHOP will be open once again this summer - each Friday afternoon in August from 2.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m. Come and join us for Tea or Coffee and delicious homemade Scones and Cakes.

BINHAM HARVEST SUPPER This year’s supper, organised jointly by representatives from the Village Hall and Priory Church, will be held on Saturday 24 September in Binham Memorial Village Hall at 7.00 pm for 7.30 pm. Posters will be displayed nearer the date with details.

* * * *


* *

in Binham Priory Fri. 17th Sept. 6 to 8 pm Come and join us on a late summer evening for wine and canapés and the chance to greet new and old friends and neighbours. Tickets £5 available from Brenda Wilde 830525, Chrissie Hill 830378 and Carolyn Wright 830270. Proceeds to the upkeep of the Priory.

* *

Garden design and landscaping Lawn and grass cutting, lawn maintenance Turfing and seeding new lawns Garden maintenance for private and holiday homes Patios and paths laid Seasonal pruning of shrubs, trees, fruit trees and roses Hedge cutting and fencing Garden clearance

Tel: 01263 740591 Mobile: 07831 102592 Also 01263 511587




Contact: Margaret Smith 01328 830546

Contact: Pauline Clarke 01263 861667


For Church Services see Panel on Page 3

For Church Services see Panel on Page 3 JOHN PENNY


John will be popping in at the next 50/50 Coffee Morning on Saturday 31st July to say an informal ‘goodbye’. It would be lovely if as many of you as possible could turn up for a chat and a cake (yes, cake instead of biccies for this occasion!) and wish John well in his retirement

Saturday 7 August 2pm to 4pm, in the gardens of Field Dalling Hall, Holt Road, Field Dalling Do come and enjoy the stalls, teas, band, and the always popular children’s corner and games. First prize for the raffle is once again a framed watercolour by Rev Bill Brown; there are good runner-up prizes as well.

Please come along and support the 50/50, try your luck at the raffle and mingle with friends for an hour. See you there!

Admission and parking are free. Everyone is welcome.



which took place on 26 June is now becoming a fixture in the village calendar. It was a great success and well attended, not just by village residents but also by many people from outside Field Dalling; many thanks to them for coming to the village to support this event in aid of restoration funds for St Andrew’s Church. The coffee morning raised over £500.

I am sure you all don’t need reminding of the fast approaching annual Fete on Sunday 25th July, 2pm up at Gunthorpe Hall. There will be the usual wonderful assortment of stalls and games, scrumptious teas, entertainment by the band from Aylsham and an opportunity to see the lovely gardens of the Hall. Please come along with all your family and friends to support this big fund-raiser for the Church and Village Institute. For more details please contact Sue Traverso on 01263 861932.


ST ANDREW’S CHURCH The new tower floor is finished and looks terrific - do go and see for yourself. Reg Rogers has made an excellent job

JOHN PENNY’S FINAL SERVICE This will be a group service for the benefice on Sunday 29th August, starting at 10:30 in Binham Priory. Everyone is welcome. The service will be followed by an optional lunch in Binham Village Hall, about 12 noon.

And, the lucky winners are: May 2004

June 2004

£20 £10 £5 £5 £5 £3

N. Ford K. Ahrens B. White R. Bainbridge A. Ward C. Ford

J. Luscombe D. Cutterham L. Marr C. Lanteau C. Dewing L. Kennard




The Manor House, High Street, Holt NR25 6BN Telephone: 01263 711021



MOBILE: 07710 895197 HOME / FAX: 01328 878911






Over the past months much has been made of problems with unstable gravestones in churchyards falling onto people, particularly children. As we hear on the news and read in the papers, there have been some fairly drastic reaction, some might say “knee jerk”, to the problem. For example, laying down or flattening many gravestones, at times without notifying the relatives or those who tended the graves, which caused needless distress, especially when it was not needed.

SHORTLY TO LET Range of converted barns for business use Lovely rural location 2 miles Holt town centre All services, including Broadband Any size requirement catered for Ring Roger Combe on 01263 712219 Email:

So what is the answer for those involved with the care of churchyards, in particular PCC’s. There is no stock answer to cover all eventualities, but the following may be of help.


A very brief lesson on Health and Safety Law:


Saturday 19 June saw Sue and Phil Traverso’s daughter, Helen, marry Ian at St Mary’s Church in Gunthorpe with a reception afterwards at Gunthorpe Hall.

The piece of legislation which affects all our day to day actions at work, sometimes at play and at leisure, is the all encompassing “Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974”. Forgetting the “Work” part for a moment, let’s look at the “etc”. When the Government implemented the Act the “etc.” part was added to cover everything which wasn’t work; in this instance we will look at visitors to churchyards. A section of the Act says there must be safe access and egress, (coming and going to you and me) and that is where the problems start.

The bride looked truly beautiful in cream silk carrying glorious purple orchids and little Megan, who was bridesmaid, looked incredibly cute and was very well behaved, taking just an occasional rest on the alter steps when the proceedings were a little too much for her. Despite an early mishap by Phil who managed to separate Helen’s train from her dress by accidentally standing on it on the way into church, everything else went wonderfully well from a lovely service by John Penny to the procession of bride, groom and guests to the Hall led by a bagpipe playing Nick Sargeant. I am sure we all wish the newly married couple well and I for one am looking forward to seeing some of the many photographs.

Visitors to our churchyards must be kept safe or kept away from unsafe structures, walls, trees or grave stones. Everyone is entitled to access to our churchyards, even more importantly those who visit the graves of loved ones. So what can we do? Putting up signs at churchyard entrances saying - “We accept no responsibility for any injuries etc.…” or similar wording (a disclaimer) has no legal standing, but signs saying something like “Danger! There may be loose or unstable gravestones or structures”, can help towards remedying the problem. This is perfectly reasonable. It is similar to warning signs which you see on or near building sites, which are in fact mandatory.

PS - I offered to take Lucca to the service in church, but Sue and Phil thought he may disrupt events! PPS - Rod at the Hall also managed to dislodge Helen’s train from her dress in the same way as Phil!!


What else can be done?

Richard Johnson reports that he is up to his ears in potatoes, so sorry folks, no further information on farming this month. Just think of all those lovely chips……..

Carry out a survey of all gravestones, ideally with 2 or 3 people. Why 2 or 3 people? Because if you test the stability of a large stone by giving it a push, it could start to fall, and it could be you it falls on. Remember the object of the exercise is “locate” the dangerous ones, and that means dangerous to you as well.

If you bank with

Once you have located the stones you consider to be “wobbly”, identify them on a sketch or drawing, keep it with other documents relating to the church fabric and a short note, 2 or 3 paragraphs, explaining what you have done, why, and who it would affect. This is a form of “Risk Assessment” and is also required under the Act.

you can withdraw cash free at your local Post Office

Now for the problem of remedying the “wobble”. In winter or after a lot of rain as the ground becomes soft (that’s obvious!) is a good time to test, equally after a long, dry, sunny spell the ground can shrink from around the stones (there are technical terms like “baulk and heave” but we needn't discuss them here).

enquire at your local Post Office for details Local Post Offices in the Local Lynx area are: Countryside Filling Station and Post Office at Bale Wizard’s End Post Office at Langham and Stiffkey Stores and Post Office at Stiffkey




FAKENHAM (01328) 863915



Contact: Ann Sherriff 01328 830605


DIRECT LINE TO DRIVER: 07850 281 448

For Church Services see Panel on Page 3


Langham Street Fayre Service of Celebration and Songs of Praise. Sunday August 1st. at 6.00pm. Preacher, the Rev’d Canon Anthony Lathe. All Welcome. There will also be a 9.30am. Holy Communion service on Sunday August 1st.


Start with the tallest, likely to cause the most problems, and the oldest of which there will be many, making notes as you go. Record those that don’t wobble as well as those that do; this will give a record to refer to when future checks are carried out. These checks should be carried out twice a year, unless you truly feel it's not needed, (I’m not that brave).

FROM JO FAWCETT So now I am a Deacon and licensed to serve as a curate in the Glaven Benefice. The Ordination service on July 3rd was truly inspiring and made all the more memorable by the fact that so many friends and family were there. Those of us to be ordained had been in silent retreat at Ditchingham since the previous Wednesday, which was led by Bishop David Leake who had lived and worked in Argentina for most of his life and has retired to West Runton.

What to do now you have found the wobbly ones? There is no clear answer. One suggestion is, with the stone supported by one or more persons, surrounding soil should be dug out, one side at a time, to a depth of the bottom of the stone, brick or hardcore compacted into the hole and the soil put back, also compacted.

His addresses were intended both to build us up and to bring us down to earth, focussing on four biblical characters who were reluctant to receive God’s call and were surprised by it - why me, I am not gifted enough; Moses, Jeremiah, Mary and Peter. God had promised to be with them, to provide what they needed for the journey, courage to endure and words to say. This has been and remains, my experience too. I have often felt and do feel, daunted, but at the same time God has given me so many of you to be my companions, who have given me so much - advice, supervision, training, space, fun, laughter, love and support. Never underestimate the power of prayer and promised thoughts to uphold people when they need it.

As we know, there are always areas in the churchyard that are the least tended, invariably the oldest stones are here. Try mowing the grass, making it look like an informal pathway, but away from tall stones. People will be more inclined to walk along this route than meander in an unstructured way through the churchyard. What you are doing is trying to control the risk and show the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), that you are making the effort. This is what is needed to keep you legal and, hopefully, out of the courts and newspapers. If all else fails, then the stones must be laid down, but only after relatives have been contacted and informed so they can arrange to have the stone re-erected. That poses the question - if relatives can have the stone re-erected why can't you? A dilemma, but the question I would ask.

Thank you all for everything and for all the many cards, flowers, messages and for the beautiful white ordination stole which I shall always treasure and hopefully use for many years. Jo Fawcett

If you need any help, you can contact me, Alan Russell, Eng. Tech., MIOSH, MaPS, FFB, Member of the PCC for St Mary’s, Gunthorpe.


A warm welcome awaits you

Diana Geddie.

16th June, 2004.

PLUMBING & HEATING Local ‘CORGI’ registered specialist undertakes all plumbing work including installation and maintenance of all central heating systems oil, gas and solid fuel.

Robin Berry

Traditional Home Cooked Food Served 7 days a week Specialising in seafood and produce from local farms

Mills Macmillan Ltd 01328 878621

The Anchor Inn, The Street, Morston tel: 01263 741392 email:

Also complete kitchen and bathroom installations


TAYLORMADE Home-cooking fresh and frozen meals made to your requirements Contact Sandra Taylor Telephone: 01328 830 649 Fax: 01328 830 999


Chapel Cottage 8 Front Street Binham Norfolk NR21 0AN

How very generous folk in Langham are, once more responding splendidly to our house-to-house collection which raised £245.65. In addition Miss B. Wharton kindly hosted a Soup Lunch at Church Cottage which raised a further £104.19. Thank-you very much indeed, Betty, for your hospitality, and thank-you to all soup makers and ‘bringers and buyers’. I’d like to give a special thank-you to the special people who so kindly undertake the house-to-house collecting, which is such a time consuming task. May I make clear that all these collectors carry full, approved identification and that both the local police and NNDC are notified in advance of the collections. Jan Hope (on behalf of C.A.)

ON YOUR BIKES! Calling all Langham cyclists! Get fit for the Norfolk Churches Trust annual Sponsored Bicycle Ride on Saturday 11th. September 2004. ‘Churches Open’ lists are now available for you to plan your route. For these and sponsor forms contact Miss Betty Wharton, Tel: 01328 830236. The amount you raise is divided equally between the church you support and the Norfolk Churches Trust. Thank You. B.M.W.



This car service operates under the guidance of the WRVS and North Norfolk District Council. A roster of drivers volunteer their services for one week every quarter, to convey, in their cars, home-bound people to medically associated appointments.

Will visit Langham 19th Aug. & 16th. Sept. calling at: The Carmel – 9.35 a.m. Post Office - 10.25 a.m. The Cornfield - 11.15 a.m.

9TH – 15TH MAY 2004

St. Mary’s - 10.00 a.m. Swans Close - 10.50 a.m.

From January - December 2003, 55 journeys were made, covering a total of 781 miles and there were 23 different users of the service. These statistics indicate that it remains a necessary and valuable service.

Enquiries: Wells Library Tel: 01328 710 467.

CONGRATULATIONS. The Norwich Diocesan Board of Finance and Holt Deanery would like to sincerely thank the people of Langham for successfully paying their Parish Share in full for 2003.

Thanks are extended to the drivers for their dedicated service and to those at the Post Office, Church and Bluebell for displaying the roster.

This is no mean feat and means that we have managed to raise £620 each month to achieve this.

Facing a diminishing government grant, the WRVS is grateful for the continued support of Langham Parish Council with its annual donation of £25.

This sum is quite apart from also having to pay for insurance, electricity, heating, repairs and maintenance, to name but a few items. So, heartfelt thanks go to each and every one of you who has loyally supported us in our fundraising. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. A. S.

This year, Mrs. Molly Lees and Mr. Marcel Schoenmakers have joined our team. Volunteers would be very welcome to fill vacancies due to retirement in the foreseeable future.


BUILDING SERVICES Renovations, Alterations and Maintenance Bricklaying, Plastering, Decorating Kitchen/Bathroom Fitting

(Established 25 years)

Roofing Contractors to the National Trust (East Anglia Region)

Tiling, Slating, New Roofs Strip/Retile & Repair Flat Roofs Repaired

Outdoor work also undertaken: Paths, Drives etc

Telephone: 01328 730386 or 07748 845143 Email:

Tel/Fax: 01328 830746 Mobile: 077 2178 5642



STALL ON THE GREEN - in aid of the church


This year once again, the Stall will be run on August Bank Holiday weekend only, Sat 28th and Monday 30th. This is because the many kind, busy people who put their energy into running and supplying the stall will probably be short of the said energy by the end of July 31st.


So, perhaps we can all make a special effort at the end of August. I would be grateful for offers of help to set up and to run the stall and lots and lots of produce for those two days. The stall will be set up at 9.00 am and open for business from 9.30 to 11.30 am.


TELEPHONE 01263 740736

Enquiries and offers of help to: Jan Hope 01328 830847




A wedding ring was found in the church, possibly some weeks ago. Preliminary enquiries have revealed no claimant. The ring bears the marking WR220 on the inside and a hallmark.

With a weather forecast of sun and heavy showers we were not too optimistic for our ‘Grand Sale’ on July 3rd. To make things worse I had asked for an advertisement in a weekly paper and that was not there. I tried not to panic but was a little worried that nobody would come. In the end the rain came just 10 minutes before closing, as we could see the clouds building a very fast packing job was done. People came from far and wide, raffle prizes have been distributed, the farthest was Sheringham. The most important thing is £2704.40 was raised. Thanks to everyone who helped in any way. Maureen 830731

It could be the property of a recent visitor to the church or somebody involved in the cleaning of the church, who removed the ring temporarily while cleaning and then forgot about it. Enquiries to Ken Bartlett, Churchwarden, at 2, St. Andrew’s Drift, Langham. Telephone: 01328 830 696.




In May we held our meeting at Stiffkey and our speaker Jenny Sparkes was not only informative but made us laugh the whole evening. We had an open meeting in June with Paul Gooding from Keys of Aylsham, there were some very interesting items and it was great to see such a big audience. Our plans are for Sara Massingham to explain about McTimoney on July 14th and another open meeting in August. John Sizer is coming to tell us all about the National Trust in Norfolk. All ladies are very welcome at regular meetings and of course everybody at the open meetings. Come and join us. Maureen 830731

Despite the formidable forecast of rain descending on us we had a glorious sunny day for this event. It was lovely to see residents and holiday makers taking part in the various competitions and purchasing plants, cakes and bric-a-brac. The name of the ‘Bear’ was Rupert and was won by the Reverend Diana Penny. The weight of the cake was 2lb. and was won by - no, not the Vicar but Mr. Ronnie Massingham. A little 6 year old girl called Hephzibah, on holiday in Langham, won the jar of sweets, guessing rightly that the contents numbered 100. Our sincere thanks go to ALL who helped in preparation, publicity and especially on the day. Everyone worked really hard and should be duly proud of the final total of proceeds for Langham Church funds which was £426. Thank you one and all.


Established 19 years


East Coast Roofing

KARL HUNT 01328 855898 free estimates & advice - established 1986

Flat & Tiled Roofing Specialists 10-year guarantee - our reputation is long-standing

Birds Farm Walsingham Road Hindringham NR21 0BT

Telephone: 01328 878806 J. Dunning - 3 Hindringham Road - Bale - NR21 0QQ





Sat 31st July. Morston PCC’s stall at Langham Street Fayre.

Contact: Joc Wingfield 01263 740431

Sat 7th Aug. Morston Regatta. There will be no fair or barbecue possible run by the PC, owing to a greatly increased insurance requirement.

For Church Services see Panel on Page 3

Sun 8th Aug. Oyster Regatta.


Sun 22nd Aug. (4th Sunday - not 3rd). The Revd John Penny’s last Service at Morston before his retirement.

The Chris Todd Memorial Fund for church repairs (through Friends of Morston Church) reached the magnificent sum of £1,210. The Morston Hall Dinner finally brought in £3,885 and Sponsored Walks raised £2,596. More recently the following amounts (“final net profit”) have been raised:

Sun 29th Aug. Farewell Service for the Revd. John Penny by our Group of Churches at Binham. Sat 11th Sep. The Norfolk Churches Sponsored Bike Ride (one of 20 participating counties) Come and have fun cycling round your own personally selected “Church Bike Route”, while earning funds for our church! The churches open as checkpoints from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm. Last year this raised £769 for all Saints Church and the year before “our cyclists” raised £848. From now Sponsorship Forms are available from our local BRO (Bike Ride Organiser), Ned Hamond - just call 01263-740144 (daytime) or 01263-740188 (evenings). Write on the form that the money you raise is to go to Morston church and let Ned have the form back.

20th March - Friends Quiz: £828. 8th May - Friends’ Concert (by Elisabeth Wingfield and Michael Pugh): £976.00. 22th May - Friends’ Garden Opening (by Lady Rathcavan in Cley): £631.00. 15th June - PCC Visit to Point & Supper (organised by Mary Athill): £641.00. The organisers of these Special Events would like to thank all their helpers (who are too numerous to list here) very much indeed for their labours.

The aim is to have a day’s fun. Pick a route (you don’t have to include Morston church on your route), get yourself and those cycling with you to your chosen startpoint and cycle around visiting beautiful Norfolk churches and villages. There is no need to try and beat the record! The Bike Ride is supported by the EDP, so if you have a special Morston “story line”, please contact our BRO about it, ideally by 1st September, so that he can attempt to get you in the paper and/or on the telly!

On 15th May Sara Wingfield completed a sponsored half-marathon by night (the Moonwalk), raising £350 for Friends - which charity has now started to ease the PCC’s financial burden by paying some of the church repair bills. As at 30th April 2004 Friends had raised over £13,500 pounds - which included some £3,500 from 500 “mailshots” (each with a personal message). There was a response rate of about 6% (most charities work on about 1.5%), with wonderful messages of support from those connected with the village and its church in some way, especially from those who used to live here or who have relatives here or on the war memorial.

17th-19th Sep. International Powditch Family Reunion at Morston. (The family left here in the 1700s). On Sat 18th there will be a Friends of Morston Church invitation Lunch in the Village Hall, followed by a Service of Thanksgiving & Dedication conducted by the Bishop of Norwich. Some Powditch family guests (20 to 30) are expected from Australia, Canada and Chile, as well as from the UK.


G & B Electrical (Established 1980)

Electrical Installations to the very highest standards













Holt (01263) 712039

Tel: 01263 861064


Mobile: 07860 295273

NEXT FRIENDS OF MORSTON CHURCH QUIZ Friends hope to be able to announce the date of their next Quiz in the next issue. It will not be in January, but probably in February or March.

Susannah McDougall Landscape and Garden Design solutions for the outside space design

Hopefully there will be 8 tables - including one from Fakenham. The two Binham teams are already keen to take their revenge, they say. Graham Lubbock’s Pishmires have issued a challenge to allcomers! (Most grockles realised that the Pishmirebarneybees mentioned in the last Local Lynx as shouting out “’Ere we go!” as they jump Off the Point (which is also the name of Jane & Jim Temple’s Team), are otherwise known as Earwigs.


practical and effective detailed plans appropriate materials any space

sound advice plant sourcing fresh, visual planting plans seasonal improvements

telephone: 01263 740056 mobile: 07887 480793 email:


by Samphire (Answers on Page 8) 1) Complete the following names: a.Llanfairpwllgwyngogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogo---b.Harry S. -----c. Gillygillyossenpfefferkatzenellenbogen-by-the----. d. Sven ------ Ericsson. e. Itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny yellow polka-dot ------.

WILD BIRDS NOT SO WILD According to the British Trust for Ornithology 20 million of the country’s 60 million wild birds are alive and pecking in towns and gardens including roof spaces very many more than was originally thought. These include 400,000 pairs (rather than 85,000 pairs) of swifts, and 300,000 pairs (rather than 200,000 pairs) of song thrushes, and 150,000 pairs exist in our gardens alone (rather than 120,000 pairs nationwide) of spotted flycatchers; and goldfinches have become much more common in gardens - especially as increasing home owners are providing nesting spaces and food. In the recent survey the bird populations in gardens included between 1 and 3 million each of blackbirds, blue tits, robins and house sparrows; some one million pairs of dunnocks, starlings and wrens, and between half a million and a million chaffinches, great tits and greenfinches. However BTO director Professor Greenwood warned that rising numbers of birds in urban and garden areas would not be enough to offset the overall national decline in numbers already recorded. Garden Birdwatch is after more participants (01842750050).

2) What is the British English for the following American English words/expressions: a. Burn the British? b. Hold the hail! c.The trunk (of a car)? d. A flat? e. A bucket of cold mud. 3) What does the following mean in Morse (the dashes are supposed to be on the same line as the dots!): .. / ._.. _ _ _ …_ . / _ . _ _ _ _ _ .._ 4) What is the name of the name of the fourth book of the Bible? 5) Up till about 1968 you might have found the following : CONcord, GERrard, GULliver, SPEedwell. What were they? 6)

What is a phalarope?

MRS. MOLLY HINES Having been admitted to hospital in Lynn in March following a bad fall, Molly Hines passed away at Kelling Hospital on 7th June. She was 93. Molly moved into Gull Cottage over 40 years ago. Many Morstoners will remember her taking her daily walks on the quayside or in the main National Trust Car park - which she did right up to February this year. At her 90th birthday party she discussed with guests historian Mary Ferroussat’s tale of her (Mary’s) forbear, who in Napoleonic times lived at Gull Cottage, hiding French officers there - prisoners who had escaped from one of the big prison camps (such as Yaxley near Peterborough) - prior to spiriting them away by boat back to France. Molly believed that the hiding-place must have been in the northwest corner of her cottage.

HAMLYN PEST CONTROL RODENT, RABBIT, MOLE, WASP and INSECT control by a professional, friendly service, specialising in farm, domestic and retail premises

(01263) 860112 17

Molly was always cheerful and always charming, and loved to chat. She was cremated, and - very suitably - her ashes will be scattered on the waters of the creek she loved so much. Morston will be the poorer for Molly’s departure.


SAXLINGHAM News Contact: Bridget Watson 01328 830248

Contact: Dr Peter Garwood

01263 860700

For Church Services see Panel on Page 3

For Church Services see Panel on Page 3

With two out-door events organised recently - the 'Jazz in June' concert and tea in Patsy Cubitt-Smith's garden following our Patronal Festival - interest in weather forecasts has been unusually keen here. However, luck was with us and both events took place in good weather. 'Jazz in June' concert: Gresham's talented young musicians entertained us with a lively, foot-tapping selection of swing and jazz standards in the church. Then on a soft balmy evening we were able to enjoy wine and delicious finger-food outside, without fear of having to rush back into the church during a heavy shower. Our thanks to all who attended this happy evening, which raised over £700 towards the church restoration fund. St Margaret's Patronal Festival took place on Sunday, 4th July, with Evensong conducted by Peter Barnes-Clay. We were joined by 'The Friends of Myra Pointer' who came to lead us in the hymns and responses. Later we walked over to Patsy's beautiful garden, and enjoyed tea on the terrace in brilliant sunshine. Although she has assured us that she will be staying in the area, we are sorry that Mary Alexander is moving to pastures new. The Map House is now sold, but happily will still continue to be run as a Guest House. The new owners, Jocelyn and David Stroud, who know N. Norfolk well and have in fact stayed at The Map House, fully intend to maintain the high standards previously set by Mary. We look forward to meeting them and welcoming them into our little community. Well done to 'local lad' Matthew Lister, who will be appearing in Gresham's School production of 'Hamlet the Pantomime' at the Edinburgh Festival next month. Matthew, who will play the Queen, is no novice when it comes to acting and has already appeared in several Gresham's productions. There will be a preview of 'Hamlet - the Pantomime' at the Auden Theatre, Holt, at 2.30 on Friday, 6th August. Do go along and enjoy this unconventional production. No tickets required! B.W.

ALL SAINTS CHURCH FLOWER FESTIVAL 8th-9th MAY It is a few years since there was a Flower Festival here so this was greatly anticipated, not least by those most closely involved. The great preparations started in earnest on Thursday, with the transportation of crockery, teapots, tea-urn, tables, trestles and chairs etc, from the village hall by horse box (minus horses). The ladies of Holt Flower Club spent all day Friday with their beautiful flowers and props working to a theme of musicals, along with one or two villagers who contributed their own displays. The idea was to serve teas and refreshments in the churchyard over the weekend and erect a gazebo with tables and chairs arranged for everyone's comfort. Unfortunately Mother Nature had other ideas and Friday evening preview was dark, damp and rather chilly. Undaunted, we had a good attendance to view the finished displays, helped along by wine and natty nibbles. Then Saturday dawned, dull, showery and cool. Forget refreshments outside, instead we hastily arranged a 'kitchen corner' with trestles over the back pews perfect - and awaited our visitors. And they came, bless them, in marvellous numbers over the whole weekend, to view, exclaim, admire, eat and drink and generally enjoy themselves. My own joy was to see our little church so full of people, meeting old friends in some cases, consuming tea, coffee and cakes and listening to one of three organists who played some classics and, of course, some well known pieces from the musicals. Sunday night rounded the whole weekend off with Choral Evensong, led by John and Diana Penny, with Rosemary Kimmins's Choir. The indifferent weather worked in our favour as the beach was definitely a non-starter for all but the intrepid. So a big, big thank you to everyone involved, too many to name here, but obviously the flower arrangers themselves, volunteers for refreshments, stewards, coffee makers, those who ran up and down Bale Road with dirty and clean crockery for the nearest kitchen, movers and shakers and so on, but especially to Mary Lee who devised and orchestrated the whole affair. As one nameless person said at the end - 'shall we do it all again next weekend!'

Insurance “From The Heart” of North Norfolk Houses, horses, businesses, vehicles and even you! For Free advice or a quotation on personal or business insurance - contact Steve Higgs or Jayne Thornalley

A marvellous sum was made for the church funds, £699.26. Thank you, one and all. APG

“Nichols and Thornalley” Supporting your Rural Life


NFU Mutual, 22 Bull Street, Holt NR25 6HP Email: Tel: 01263 712306 Fax: 01263 711304

1.00 pm. 22nd August, 2004. At Chapman's Yard Tickets from Simon, 862140 Non Members £8. Members £7. Children £2.50

NFU Mutual is a member of the General Insurance Standards Council



Charles Ogle-Rush

Black clouds, heavy early morning rain, brisk winds and everyone guessing - outside? inside? pull out the covers? - very Wimbledon-esk. One is tempted to pray 'Look Pal, this is all for You, so give us a break, please.' A break we had, and optimism rose as 2.00 pm approached, people flooded in, we were off, to reach the comely total of the thick end of ÂŁ1,500. Apart from good fortune, the event demands dedication, imagination and hard work - all freely given by our villagers. These in place, one then relies on the generosity, coupled with an eye for a bargain, by our welcome visitors - including our perennial guests Madame Clawpaw and her friend Ava Rice - as always, they did us proud. The setting counts for a great deal and in Paul and Eunice's garden we could not ask for more - quite beautiful and rewarding of their creativity and work. I'm glad we didn't have to use the Village Hall instead Lawn Darts would have been a flop and the young lads did well on the day. Thanks again to one and all. P.G.

Let me drive you near or far to Planes, Boats, Trains, Theatres, Dinners, Children’s parties etc

Up to 6 passengers & luggage Anywhere - Anytime Day or Night 01328 830 030 Licensed by NNDC and fully insured BRIC-A-BRAC Refrain -

Bric-a-brac, Paddy Wack Give a pot a home, This old pan's a Rolling Stone. 1. This old pan, it plays one, We're selling Bric-a-Brac by the ton. Refrain 2. This old pot, it plays two, Fancy a hat or a tatty old shoe? Refrain 3. This old tin, it plays three, Have it all and a rusty tin of tea. Refrain 4. This old can, it plays four, Don't leave your rubbish at our back door. Refrain 5. This old dish, it plays five, Even with its crack it will survive. Refrain 6. This old tool, it plays six, Use it whenever you're in a fix. Refrain 7. This old rack, it plays seven, If we flog all that junk we'll go to heaven. Refrain 8. This old cup, it plays eight, If you want it full you'll have to wait (or go private) Refrain 9. This old bowl, it plays nine, Mind the crack and it'll do fine. Refrain 10. This old lot, it plays ten. Pick it all up and we'll flog it all again. Refrain

WHAT DO YOU MEAN - AS IN 'REALLY'? 'In my humble opinion'. I do wish I could honestly say this phrase. Invariably my opinions are self-important, self-righteous, self-opinionated and inaccurate. I have the impression that I'm not alone in this state. Couple this with 'With the greatest respect', and you have two barefaced lies. I had a professional colleague who used both these porkies and we eventually passed a motion of no confidence in him, ie 'Shut up', 'No, no, no.' 'Rollocks' etc. A very clarifying measure in committee meetings. Then 'To be honest' and 'No, I tell a lie' are equally suspect, and mean ''I tell a lie' and 'I'm not honest' Who is fooling who? 'Know what I mean?' That's what I'm trying to find out. How confusing, especially to a furriner, but I dare say they have equally ludicrous everyday phrases. Your tactless Airbag.

Finale - with gusto This and that and t'other and thing, Were all the rage when Georgie was King. Thanks to all, the pickers and choosers, You're all OK and we're the losers.



(MINI and 4WD JCB)

All types of chimneys swept


Clean Professional Service Over 25 years experience

For: Drains, Trenches, Footings Drives Levelled and Resurfaced Hedge Cutting, Garden/Site Clearance Tree-stump and Scrub Removal Turf Supplied and Laid

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Disabled walk-in baths now supplied and fitted

For Church Services see Panel on Page 3


Details of the family Services will be given on posters in the village. These will be:

Tel: 01263 511688 Mobile: 079 4634 1704

1st August, 11.00 am - Pets' service, in the churchyard. 5th September, 11.00 am - Barbecue, after the service. 23rd September, 11.00 am - Harvest Festival.

VISIT OF FATOU KEBBEH Fatou is the headmistress of Albaraca Nursery School in The Gambia. She spent two very happy weeks in Stiffkey at the end of May and brought some excellent Gambian sunshine with her for us all to enjoy! Her visit enabled her to meet the trustees of the school, attend a trustees' meeting, and meet many of the supporters of the school in England. She cooked vast quantities of spicey Gambian style chicken yassa, which many of us enjoyed one evening at our home. She very much enjoyed visits to local schools in Blakeney, Wells, Heacham and Langham. She was made to feel very welcome and admired the skill and enthusiasm of the teachers she met. She also enjoyed meeting the teachers and children of St Osyth's Primary School in Essex, who have become enthusiastic supporters of the school. Her main impressions of England on her first trip outside Africa were that it was so green and very well organised. That was before the trip when the engine on the North Norfolk Line broke down! White lines on roads and the clear marking of road junctions impressed her! Fatou was also very amazed by our shops with the variety and amount of things for sale. She found the long hours of daylight in early summer rather puzzling and was surprised that most of us refrain from rising with the sun at 4.30 am. She thought Stiffkey was very beautiful but was surprised that there were so few children.

FAREWELL TO THE REV. JOHN PENNY On Sunday, 29th August, the new Bishop of Lynn will be attending the farewell service of our Rector, Rev. John Penny and family, at Binham Priory at 10.30 am, with a farewell party at Binham Village Hall afterwards. Consequently the Church Cake Stall at the Stiffkey Fete will open at 2.30 pm, a little later than usual.

STIFFKEY FETE 2004 Saturday, 29th August.

The Fete will commence at 12 pm with the Car Boot Sale opening to all. There will also be lots of stalls with various games and the ever popular Book, Plants and Preserves stalls. 'Drench the Wench' is back this year so come Soak a 'Friend?' and join in the fun. All kinds of entertainment in the main arena will bring the fete together and ensure fun for all. Punch and Judy and Jugglers too! Fun and merriment for children of all ages - 0 - 100 years. Come and join us - see you there! Jamie Lawrence (chairman)


Saturday, 28th August, (evening) Come and join us, dancing to live music on the playing field. There will be a bar and a BBQ to refresh all when the dancing gets too much!! All welcome - come get in the Fete spirit.



Our next meeting is on September 20th at 7.30 pm, with a talk on Weather Vanes. Our Harvest Supper on October 18th will also be a celebration of our 70th Birthday, with fancy dress of the 20's and 30's. All are welcome. If you'd like to join us, see Eva at the Shop, Helen Leach - 830349 or Vivien Procter - 830286

LLOYD DURHAM FUNERAL SERVICES 11a Avenue Road, High Kelling, Holt, Norfolk NR25 6RD

Telephone (01263) 713113 Funeral Director:

Mrs E. Rushmer Dip.F.D., N.A.F.D. 20

The Map House Smokers Hole

HOW IT ALL BEGAN A lot of people may be surprised to know that I was born in South Africa, and probably even more surprised to learn that my dad was Greek, born in the island of Ithica. My mother, though, was English, born in Canterbury. They both emigrated to South Africa in their teens and met one another in their twenties. After marrying they produced first me and six years later, my brother Peter. My mother's brother remained in England, he was a musician and eventually became musical director to Ivor Novello. My mum was also very musical and sang in choirs and opera choruses. So it was no wonder that both Peter and I inherited some musical ability. Mind you, my mother used to drive me bananas at times. You see, whenever her friends would pop around to the house either Peter or I would have to forget about playing rugby, climbing rrees or pinching peaches from the place next door, and come and sing to her visitors. It's a wonder she didn't put us off singing for the rest of our lives. The very first song I sang on stage at the age of 7 was 'Tip Toe Through the Tulips'. Mind you, Peter was even younger, he was only 4 years old when he made his debut. Anyway, I did my first broadcast when I was 9 years old, singing 'Danny Boy', which I still now occasionally sing at the age of 79. Back to my youth ... When I was fifteen, World War II was blazing away in Europe and South Africa was a very unsettled place. At school one day, a representative of the Johannesburg Bus and Tramways Company gave us a lecture on the shortage of men in the industry due to the war. He was looking for boys of school leaving age to employ as bus conductors. My best pal, Willy Van-derMerwe applied immediately. I didn't think my parents would approve of me applying, so what I used to do was say, 'Cheerio, I'm off to school now', but instead of going to school I'd clock in at the bus station with Willie.

ETC  Silver Award BTB B&B of the year 2001 Enjoy comfort and total privacy in luxurious double suites, each with bedroom, bathroom, sitting room and own staircase. Breakfast with fresh local ingredients.

Mary Alexander - tel: 01263-741304

NATURE NOTES Wildflower meadows are a delight but a rare luxury for farmers. Nevertheless everyone can help by creating their own small patch within gardens. The trick is to have low fertility in the soil, because many of our now rare wild flowers flourish in such areas. In turn insects and the seeds of wild flowers may also encourage birds and small animals such a voles, shrews and field mice. There are 15 million gardens in Britain so the potential is enormous. Choose an area which is open and sunny - not shaded. Also where future trampling is unlikely. Find an area where little or no fertiliser has been used. If the soil is too rich reduce fertility by adding broken brick or even some sandy gravel. Aim to control perennials such as docks, thistles and nettles. Be patient, it might take a year or two! The object is to get a range of natural grass species going, bent grass, fescues, meadow grass, agrimony, saxifrage, fleabane, cowslips, scabious, vetches, lady's bedstraw - there are many more. There are firms nowadays that supply wild flower and grass mixtures, usually 20% flowers, 80% grasses. The Norfolk Wildlife Trust (Tel: 01603 625540) can help with advice. In Stiffkey churchyard there is a natural 'conservation area' maintained by church members. Once a year a work party descends on this patch and with good will, muscular exertion, a lot of bonhomie and the odd bottle or two, this area is mown and a bonfire lit - so that next year the butterflies and flowers burst out again, in profusion. Pightle

This worked out very well for a few weeks until one day my dad took my bus to the town centre. Boy, was he surprised to see me!! Needless to say, that was the end of my career on the Johannesburg Municipal Tramway. However, I managed to convince my father that it would be a waste of his time insisting on my returning to school. He had a friend who owned an Electrical Company and he was willing to take me on as an electrical apprentice. I liked the practical side of this job, but wasn't all that keen on the book learning I had to do. Also, I was expected to go to night school. Very inconvenient, as it interfered with the occasional singing or acting job that I was involved with at nights. I did this for 4 ½ years. The actual apprenticeship was for 5 years, but my boss realised that my heart wasn't really in it and offered to sign my papers saying that I had completed the course and would I kindly leave his premises as soon as possible. Dennis Lotis


All chimneys, Flues & Appliances Swept

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Weddings attended as Lucky Sweep

Bird/Rain Guards and Cowls Supplied and Fitted

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To be continued.


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General house & building repairs Painting & decorating Garden maintenance (clearance, weeding, new borders etc) Lawn and grass cutting Hedge cutting

John Lewis


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No job too small - Free estimates - References given

Holt - NR25 6HR

For further details or to arrange a visit call Roy Findlater on: 01328 830442 or 07818 422625

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Answers to last Issue's quiz. A scalder - crowd (note Scalder, not Scolder) To voment - vomit. A puddock - a toad. Here's another three, what are A loke? A Horn-pie? To pample?

Sunday 4th July 2004 - (a special blow-by-blow report) At 12 pm the players began to gather at the playing field, closely followed by the rain-filled clouds. But it would take more than the odd shower to dampen these community spirits. Play began well, albeit rather damply, with lots of runs to be had, all taking turns with the bat and the ball, some were even trying to play catch!! Keen eyed umpires ensured no foul play, all in all it was turning out to be a good day. The sun came out and so did the batsmen with their sixes and fours. All was going well, when in stepped David to bowl a good ball Jamie, in bat, fell to the ground. Did David know he was playing cricket, not bowls!!? With everyone taking a turn we indeed saw some good batting and wicket taking, Kevin Gambrill, Nobby, Patrick and Paul to name but a few. Matthew ensured all were well fed with steak sandwiches washed down with a pint of Wherry or six!! How nice it was to see so many people supporting the event, taking an hour or two out of their busy life-styles to ensure all had a good day. Lots of familiar faces and some appearances by new ones too, both playing and watching. A re-match is planned for the 1st August 2004.

A NEW SWAN ON TCHAIKOVSKY'S LAKE When I was newly arrived in Stiffkey and asked if I would like to go with a party to the ballet, I thought 'have I gone to Heaven?' For 30 years I, a non-driver, have had to think up ways of getting to the ballet. Now, as a newcomer to this friendly village (with - more heaven - a river at the bottom of my garden and the marsh near at hand) I was being asked to go, complete with transport! And we balletomanes of Stiffkey indulge ourselves at least one a year - heaven indeed! On May 7th , 9 or 10 of us made our way to see a reincarnated version of everybody's favourite 'Swan Lake', performed by the Northern Ballet Theatre. New story? American setting? No 1912 costumes? WHAT would it be like? The usual thrill of ballet in prospect was somewhat subdued, just in case it proved a failure. The house was not full, the audience at first seemed cold, not applauding readily - until the end of Act I, which received a warm reception - so far so good! By the end of Act II misgivings were at an end, and when the final curtain fell the applause turned into an ovation; some of us stood and there were whoops of enjoyment and approbation, English style! Once again, the story of a young man falling in love with a beautiful but unobtainable creature had worked its spell. Tchaikovsky's music, played superbly by the Northern Ballet Orchestra, was ballet music played perhaps better than I had ever heard it. Beautiful costumes, a set combining simplicity and lushness, unobtrusive but effective lighting, clever and sensitive choreography - above all, wonderful dancing, not least in the enhanced role of the male dancers. Nor was our beloved traditional 'Swan Lake' completely rejected there were echoes of favourite dances and increased swan-like movement and costumes. A wonderful evening! From a Stiffkey balletomane

A big thank-you to Stanley Sutton for the use of the playing field and to all the unsung heroes who helped to make the pitch and the day what it was - fantastic! Jamie Lawrence - chairman.





Stress-related problems, Muscular pains, Poor circulation, Digestive disorders, Back problems and Tension

Ring for an appointment. Home visits can be arranged Myrtle Cottage, Wiveton, Holt, Norfolk NR25 7TQ

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MORSTON HALL Morston near Blakeney

Open every night for dinner and accommodation and lunch on Sundays We are proud to be the holders of 2 AA Red Stars & 3 AA Rosettes

The EDP Norfolk Chef of the Year and The Craft Guild Chef of Great Britain


MORSTON, HOLT, NORFOLK NR25 7AA. Tel: (01263) 741041 - email:

From September Vee Hopkins will work in Class 2 for 4 days a week, with Wyatt Earp filling the gap. Sarah Moorfoot will work in Class 3, replacing Julia Papworth for 2 days a week. Pat Pegden has resigned as caretaker after 13 years, she will be missed; Doreen Smith and Sue Rampley will take on her role.

MORE ON ALEXANDERS I was interested to read in the last issue of Lynx about the origin of Alexanders - our county 'floral emblem' according to the EDP's recent survey (until it was changed to the poppy!) I had understood that the Alexander was introduced into England by the Romans, who brought it with them as fodder for their horses. Perhaps in those days it grew all over East Anglia, because I have also read somewhere that the wily fen men would hide amongst the Alexanders until the Romans were asleep, then creep out and steal the soldiers' horses. Perhaps that would explain why the plant is also know as Horse Pepper. It certainly makes a wonderful hideout! When we were children we would build our den on top of the chalk bank behind the blacksmith's shop and nobody could see us. We also tried making pipes from the dried stalks and smoking the seeds. It didn't work very well, as far as I remember. Unless you are unfortunate enough to find Alexanders in your garden it is a most useful plant. All of it can be eaten. The leaves apparently make good wine, the young stems can be cooked like asparagus, the flower buds used in salads and the roots make a substitute for parsnips. But for me, the perfume of the young plants in the spring immediately evokes memories of childhood days. G.W.

Building Office and Staff-room development on hold.

Sports Sponsored jog helped to raise money for a large creative climbing frame on the school field. This was very successful and lots of fun. Cycling proficiency group took their tests on 13th July. Premier Soccer sessions were successful. Sports Day took place on 15th July.

Events How Hill visit: Class 3 very much enjoyed a wide range of activities. Salthouse 'Down to Earth' Sculpture project gave years 3, 4, 5 and 6 a day's happy creative work. Barnham Zoo Whole school visit was a great success. Leavers' Disco at Langham Parish Room. Summer Fair Well attended despite the awful weather which prohibited the usual children's competitions outside. Drum Club performance was given by children who took place in Ronnie Prudence's recent Drum Club. French Club Another happy year, the children enjoyed a French breakfast during their last session. Chess Tournament arranged for children in the Chess Club. Arts Week gave all the children a wonderful time with many activities, school visits and a trip for classes 2 & 3 to the Sainsbury Centre. Certificate for the School Runners up certificate awarded by the RHS for work produced in 'Bicentenary Competition for Schools Regeneration Oaks'

LAST WORD Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body

CHIROPODY Home Visiting Practice

Mrs Alison Frary M.S.S.Ch., M.B.Ch.A.


Registered Member of the British Chiropody Association

Peripatetic Music Next year violin and guitar tuition will be available. End of year reports Parents were invited to come to school and discuss these.

TELEPHONE: (01328) 710950 23



Photographs, watercolours, maps, prints, documents cleaned or repaired by fully-trained conservator

Keen prices - Charges agreed in advance We come to you - First meeting is free

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Grass & Hedge Cutting - Fencing Patios & Paths - The complete garden service

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ALISTAIR STEVENSON I provide local delivery of newspapers in Bale, Field Dalling and Saxlingham. Contact me if you would like a daily paper delivered - Tel: 01328 878271

Reliable handyman, available for work indoors and out, including grass cutting, gardening, small building jobs, painting and decorating. Competitive rates.

COLIN KEMP - Tel: 01328 830568


INDULGENCE A complete range of Beauty Treatments, including: Arom. Massage, Facials, Nail Extensions, Manicures and Pedicures Call Angie on 01328 830098


PAUL LAURIE Expert bird-watching tours every day at Cley, Titchwell, Holkham and Holme Dunes Tel: 01328 830617

Suzanne Reid BA, LicAc, MBScC, LicOHM, MRCHM Porthole Cottage, Hindringham Road, Great Walsingham. Tel: 01328 824429

Interior Cleaning—House, Office, Holiday Home Spring cleaning. For free estimate or enquiries:

Phone/fax: 01328 830692 Mob: 07799 375654

LANGHAM LASS G and Rural Crafts Free admission to Factory Shops Tea Room and Play Area

SITE OPEN DAILY 10 am to 5 pm Live Glass-making Demonstrations Every Day Made in Norfolk Shop Museum and video - Glass Engraving Factory Glass Shop - Tea Room Walled garden - Adventure Playground

MAIZE MAZE NOW OPEN FACTORY OUTLET SHOP 14 Bull Street, Holt 01263 711714 The Long Barn, North Street, Langham, Holt, Norfolk Telephone 01328 830511 Facsimile 01328 830787 email:

Local Lynx is printed by Century Printing, 132 High Street, Stalham, Norwich NR12 9AZ. Tel/Fax: 01692 582958

Profile for Robert Metcalfe

Local Lynx Issue 37 - Aug/Sept 2004  

Community newspaper for 10 North Norfolk villages - Bale, Binham, Cockthorpe, Field Dalling, Gunthorpe, Langham, Morston, Saxlingham, Sharri...

Local Lynx Issue 37 - Aug/Sept 2004  

Community newspaper for 10 North Norfolk villages - Bale, Binham, Cockthorpe, Field Dalling, Gunthorpe, Langham, Morston, Saxlingham, Sharri...