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Peggy Corney D.O. Arnaud Geanty D.O. Osteopaths Osteopathy is a gentle, effective method of treatment which can help with back pain, joint pain, migraine and head pain, as well as many other conditions. We also treat babies and children

Stonebeck, The Street, Gunthorpe, Melton Constable

Tel: 01263 861184

KATHRYN GIGG Chartered Accountants, Business Advisers and Tax Consultants Personal Tax Returns & Self Assessment Advice ▪ Annual Accounts & Audit ▪ Independent Pension & Investment Advice ▪ VAT Returns ▪ Payroll & Book-keeping Service For an appointment please contact

Mrs K H Gigg, FCA on 01485 534800


CHIROPODY Home Visiting Practice

Mrs Alison Frary M.S.S.Ch., M.B.Ch.A.

Registered Member of the British Chiropody Association

TELEPHONE: (01328) 710950

the cafe

contemporary vegetarian restaurant with rooms

we have a passion for modern british and regional mediterranean cooking, the best local produce, short menus and proper food, served slowly, course by course, in a peaceful, friendly and unstuffy atmosphere.

The Office, 20 King’s Lynn Road, Hunstanton PE36 5HP

les routiers regional restaurant of the year (east anglia) 2002

Registered to carry out audit work and regulated for a range of investment business activities by The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales

high street, cley next the sea 01263 740336 www.thecafe.org.uk



in our 10 villages

- is a non-profit-making community newspaper, run for the benefit of ten villages. For information about submitting items for publication and about distribution, or if you want to help in any other way, please contact your named village representative. For general information and to advertise please ring Helen & Bob Brandt on 01328-830056. You can also send a fax on that number. The address is: 28 Binham Road, Langham, Holt NR25 7AB.

AUGUST 2nd Sat. Langham ‘Stall on the Green’ 9.30 - 11.30. 2nd Sat. Morston Regatta, starting at Blakeney. 2nd Sat. Saxlingham/Field Dalling Village Fete. Field Dalling Hall, 2.00 – 4.00. 2nd Sat. Gunthorpe 50:50 Club. 3rd Sun. Blakeney Harbour Norfolk Oyster Regatta 3rd Sun. Binham Priory, Suzannah Self. 7.30 pm 8th Fri. Langham Playing Field. Rounders Night. 9th Sat. Langham ‘Stall on the Green’ 9.30 - 11.30 9th Sat. Binham Mrs Burton’s Street Fair. 13th Wed. Gunthorpe & Swanton Novers WI outing. 13th Wed. Langham Ladybirds, ‘Holt Chronicle’ 7.30. 16th Sat. Langham ‘Stall on the Green.’ 9.30 - 11.30 18th Mon. Binham P.C. meeting. Village Hall. 7.30. 21st Thurs. Langham, Mobile Library. 22nd Fri. Binham, Mobile Library. 23rd Sat. Binham Priory, Charity (Alzheimer’s) Concert. 7.30 pm 23rd Sat. Stiffkey Party/Barbecue on playing field 24th Sun. Stiffkey Fete on playing Field. 12 – 5.00 pm 25th Mon. Langham Churchyard, Coffee. and Bring & Buy. 10.00 – 12. 26th Tues. Langham Parish Council meeting. 7.00 30th Sat. Langham ‘Stall on the Green.’ 9.30 - 11.30

Rates for advertising (pre-paid) are: One column x 62 mm (1/8 page): £10 One column x 125 mm (1/4 page): £20 Discount for contract for six issues: 6 for the price of 5 Small ads: Non-commercial ads: £1 for up to three lines of text. We warmly welcome drawings, articles and letters for publication, but are now receiving so much material for each issue (and never know until shortly before publication how much material we will have) that we must reserve the right to edit entries. We prefer to edit rather than to omit items altogether. Please submit through your village representative COPY FOR OCTOBER/NOVEMBER ISSUE REQUIRED BY 9th SEPTEMBER

SEPTEMBER 10th Wed. Gunthorpe & Swanton Novers WI, The Institute, ‘Norfolk Scene’ 2.00 pm 10th Wed. Langham Ladybirds ‘That Garden Indoors’ 7.30 13th Sat. N.C.T. Cycle Ride. 15th Mon. Stiffkey W.I. Line Dancing. 7.30 pm 18th Thurs. Langham Mobile Library. 19th Fri. Binham Mobile Library. 20th Sat. Langham Parish Room. F.O.L. Coffee Morning with Design Statement display. 10.00-12 midday. 20th Sat. Morston Church, Elizabeth Wingfield singing Mozart, etc. 6.30 pm th 27 Sat. Stiffkey Village Hall, 50/50 Auction 7.30 pm

PLEASE NOTE: NEW SMALL ADS PANEL Although Ed made a mess of it last issue, to ease our advertisers’ waiting list and to help small businesses locally, we have introduced the small ads panel you will find at the top of the back page. Spaces are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis and cost £5 per issue – paid in advance. If you would like to take advantage of this inexpensive way of advertising, please contact Helen & Bob Brandt on 01328 830056.



9 Shop Lane

holds regular advice surgeries in the constituency. He can also be contacted via the constituency office at: 15 Market Place North Walsham Norfolk NR28 9BP Tel: 01692 403752 Fax: 01692 500818 e-mail: normanlamb@hotmail.com www.normanlamb.org

Wells-next-the-Sea NR23 1AW Tel: 01328 711574 Do please call or telephone if I can help


Regular Service Rota for Bale and Stiffkey Groups for AUGUST & SEPTEMBER HC=Holy Communion. FS=Family Service. MP=Morning Prayer. EP=Evening Prayer. BCP=Book of Common Prayer.

All Communion Services are in traditional language except for those marked *


Week 1


9.30 am


9.30 am


9.30 am


9.30 am


Field Dalling

11.00 am


11.00 am


11.00 am


11.00 am



11.00 am


11.00 am


No Service

9.30 am



9.30 am


8.00 am


9.30 am


6.00 pm



9.30 am


9.30 am


9.30 am


9.30 am



11.00 am


11 00 am


11.00 am


9.30 am



11.00 am


9.30 am


9.30 am


9.30 am



9.30 am


No Service

9.30 am


No Service


11.00 am


11.00 am

8.00 am


11.00 am

Week 2

Week 3


Week 4


Sunday August 31st: 10.30 am Group Holy Communion Service at Cockthorpe Church



I heard a speaker talk about some men and women kept in prison for many years. Their country was so small, it was hardly ever written about in the papers. The only crime of these people was that they had said their leaders were unjust. One day, they were let out of prison. When they asked why they were being set free, they were told the Government had been getting hundreds of letters asking for their freedom. The secretaries could not cope! My father-in-law used to work for Social Security. From time to time people would write to their MP about their weekly Giro payments. The MP would then write to my father-in-law, who had do something about the problem, and reply within a week! How my father-in-law dreaded getting an MP’s letter! People often ask me how they can help others, and I say they can do two things. They can bring a person to God in prayer, and they can write a letter to someone who (like God!) has the power to get things done. Both are as important as each other. Both are things we all can do. With love and good wishes, John.

Deanery Festival The arranged interest groups were enjoyed by some 80 people and the idea was generally welcomed and found to be helpful. After a tasty tea, 160 people attended Evensong at which the Rt. Reverend Bishop Tony Foottit preached. He was presented with a gift of a Langham Glass loving cup from the Deanery. We all send our best wishes to Bishop Tony and his wife for a happy retirement in Reepham.

Deanery Synod At the July meeting, the Reverend Richard Bowett, Diocesan Secretary, gave us an insight of his job and the workings of Diocesan House. The administration of several Boards and overseeing numerous committees, was quite a challenge. The ministry and mission of the Diocese involves 577 active parishes and 600 church buildings but central to it all is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Cost cutting measures already in place were explained and new ones talked about. A significant saving could be made if Diocesan House were able to communicate to P.C.C. secretaries by e-mail!

P.S. By the time you read this, the storm that arose over the proposed appointment of Canon Jeffrey John as Bishop of Reading may be blowing over. But the pain caused to many, many, people will take much longer to go away, if ever it does. What has distressed people is the terrible way Christians have spoken of each other, and to each other. Whatever our beliefs, whatever we think of people, Jesus told us to “Love one another as I have loved you”. Can I apologise to the many people who have told me of their disgust at the way representatives of the Church of England have acted? Their behaviour was forgivable, as all sins are, but quite inexcusable.

Deanery Quiet Day ‘Beck House’, Kelling, Thursday 25th. Sept. 10.30 am - 4.00 pm. Enquiries: Sheila Harris, Deanery Secretary 01263 712303. For further details contact your local Deanery Representative.



Established 18 years

Glaven Valley Ward Bernard Crowe Tel: 01263 740137 Email:bernardcrowe@north-norfolk.gov.uk Priory Ward Jonathan Savory Tel: 01328 820719 The Laurels, Nutwood Farm, Wighton, NR23 1NX

East Coast Roofing Flat & Tiled Roofing Specialists 10-year guarantee - our reputation is long-standing

Election Results – after a decade of hung councils we have a majority party in control: Liberal Democrats - 28, Conservative and Independent Alliance - 16, Independents - 4, Labour and Independent Socialists - 0. In future the day-to-day decision making committee will be Liberal Democrats 5, Conservative and Independent Alliance - 3, Independent - 1.

Telephone: 01328 878806 J. Dunning - 3 Hindringham Road - Bale - NR21 0QQ

BOOK NEWS from Tim (Holt Books)

Doorstep issues - raised frequently during the elections were Council Tax and Waste, with particular concern about wheelie-bins and re-cycling waste. In 2004 more efficient waste collection and re-cycling must be introduced, but details are still under discussion. If you feel that wheelie-bin collection would be unsuitable for you, please write to the Contracts Division, NNDC, Holt Road, Cromer, NR27 9EN. No firm decision as yet to use wheelie-bins, other possibilities under consideration. Norfolk County Council still considering options for a waste treatment plant in Norfolk for waste no longer permitted in landfill sites.

Although summer is still with us, publishers look forward to the dark, cheerless winter evenings when we all need something to lifts our spirits. For Harry Potter fans, September brings a couple of spoofs - Barry Trotter & the Shameless Parody (£5.99) and Barry Trotter & the Unnecessary Sequel (£6.99). For those of us who enjoyed Now we are Sixty, Christopher Matthew has brought out another volume based on more poems by A. A. Milne called - wait for it - Now we are sixty (and a bit) (£9.99). September also sees a number of interesting Biographies appearing - Iris Murdoch (A.N.Wilson), Alfred Bestall - the illustrator of Rupert Bear (Caroline Bott), Sir Francis Drake (Stephen Coote), and Sir Isaac Newton (James Gleick). For Hardback Fiction you might like to consider My Life as a Fake by Peter Carey, Tracy Chevalier's Lady & the Unicorn; Pompeii by Robert Harris and A Place of Hiding by Elizabeth George. In Paperback, Sue Townsend's Number Ten about a PM finding things going wrong and Barry Unworth's Songs of the Kings - a novel about modern politics set in ancient Greece, might tempt you in the current political situation.

Technology - The prospects for improving internet service in this rural area are being actively examined.

OPEN GARDENS IN HINDRINGHAM Sunday, 3rd August, 2.00 – 6.00 pm Combined admission £3. Child free.

The gardens of Birchwood House and Hawthorn House will be open under the National Gardens Scheme, as featured in Gardener’s World magazine, E.D.P and Channel 4’s Real Gardens. Proceeds to go to charity. Free parking at Mill Farm Yard and Wheelchair Access at Hawthorn House. Plants. No dogs.

EXCITING CHANGES Some of the present team who produce Local Lynx offered their support on a twelve-month basis, to see if it could be made viable - that was four years ago! Not only has the paper remained viable, thanks to the loyal support of our village reps, sponsors, advertisers and you, the readers, it has gone from strength to strength. But running it has become too big a job for the few who presently publish it. To secure the long-term future of the paper we are considering some exciting changes, about which we hope to tell you more later in the year. We hope these will enable many more people to have a hand in producing the paper, leading eventually to a number of editorial teams taking turns at producing issues. As a first step, we are looking for someone to help with administering and producing the advertisements, an essential part of the paper. The Advertising Manager's job falls into two parts: contacting advertisers and preparing their adverts or 'artwork'. No chasing advertisers is involved since we are lucky enough to have a waiting list. There is no fear of a reluctant volunteer being dumped with a job. Where needed, training and unlimited support from the present team will be available. If you are interested in helping secure the future of the paper, please contact Bob & Helen on 01328 830056.




September, 21st


If you would like to support people affected by dementia, come and visit Alby Craft Gardens on September 21st. John Alston, the owner of the gardens, had kindly offered to open the gardens, situated on the A140 between Cromer and Aylsham, from 11.00 am to 5.00 pm, in aid of the North Norfolk branch of the Alzheimer’s Society. Besides the four acres of beautiful gardens and ponds there are craft workshops and a tea room. Your visit will help the branch, which is committed to providing support for local people with all forms of dementia and for their carers. A. Hill.

Contact: Sue Berry 01328 878621

For church services see panel on page 3 RECENT ARRIVALS IN BALE We would like to welcome the following new residents to the village: Mr and Mrs Williams and family at Byeways. Mr and Mrs Blackiston and family at St Ninians. Mr and Mrs Baskerville at Oakfield. Mrs Barnes at Wells Glebe Farm.

CLEY W.I. August . No meeting. September 4th. Thurs. ‘Travels in Indonesia’ Illustrated talk by Dave White. Cley Village Hall at 2.30 p.m.

BALE as in White’s Directory, 1854 Bale or Bailthley, 5 miles W. by S. of Holt, comprises into its parish 59 houses, 234 souls and 1,041 acres of land, all arable, except 200 acres of wood and pasture. Sir W. Jones, Bart. owns part of the soil and is lord of the manor. The Church, dedicated to All Saints, has a square tower and five bells.

COUNTY COUNCIL TRANSPORT New website. The Passenger Transport Unit is at: www.passengertransport.norfolk.gov.uk, and will show all bus timetables.

The rectory, valued in the King’s book at £20.13s.4d, is consolidated with Gunthorpe, in the patronage and incumbency of the Rev. J. H. Sparke. The tithes of Bale were commuted in 1839, for £311.10s, and there are 21a. 39p. of glebe. Chpr Ringer, in 1678, left £16.10s which was laid out in land. It was exchanged at the enclosure in 1811 for 4a. 1r. 22p, now let for £6.5s a year. There are 2a. of Church land.

BULGARIAN FOLK MUSIC GROUP at ‘The Old Barn’ Thornage Hall 7.30 on 11th August in aid of Camphill Communities No tickets or entrance fee, but a retiring collection to defray costs. Contact Norbert or Corrie at 01263-861156 for further details.


Directory: William Abram, shoemaker; Jas. Bidwell, shopkeeper and gardener; Charles William Hill, gent; Robert Long, blacksmith; Rev. Robert Reeve Rackham, curate; John Ramm, vict. Angel and Oak; and John Abram, Samuel Arnold, John Barrell, Manor House; Charles Curtis, Richard Harris, James Long, William Long and Thomas Pearce, farmers.

Sunday, 7th September, 12.00 noon

There will be a Hog Roast in the beautiful moated garden at Hindringham Hall, with various stalls, plus village cricket match, starting at 2.00 pm on the village pitch. Tickets £10 (proceeds to Hindringham Church) Tel: Lynda Tucker - 01328 878226

G & B Electrical

Susannah McDougall Landscape and Garden Design

(Established 1980)

Electrical Installations to the very highest standards

solutions for the outside space






practical and effective detailed plans appropriate materials any space





telephone: 01263 740056 mobile: 07887 480793


Tel: 01263 861064

planting sound advice plant sourcing fresh, visual planting plans seasonal improvements

email: hallfarm@morston44.freeserve.co.uk

Mobile: 07860 295273




Contact: Carolyn Wright Tel: 01328 830270 Fax: 01328 830840 Email: cpwrightuk@aol.com

Home-cooking fresh and frozen meals made to your requirements Contact Sandra Taylor Telephone: 01328 830 649 Fax: 01328 830 999


For Church Services see page 3.

Chapel Cottage 8 Front Street Binham Norfolk NR21 0AN

BINHAM PARISH COUNCIL Councillors for the next term are: Chairman - Mrs Juliet Case (830202), Vice-chairman Mrs L. Brown (830519), Mr W. Wales, Mr P. Dungar, Mrs A. Able, Mr M. Beckham, Mr L. Wilde. Parish Clerk - Mandy Allen.

BALE FETE 2003 - ANOTHER NEW RECORD Good sermons are supposed to divide into three parts. In the first the preacher tells the congregation what he will tell them. Next he tells them what he’s telling them and, finally, he tells them what he’s told them. Annual reports on village fetes, even one as successful as the one in Bale on 4th June, tend to follow that same format. This is not to deny however, that village fetes are typically English, require careful planning and a good venue, rely on the enthusiasm and generosity of us villagers, and demand weather good enough to attract visitors, all to produce the right result for a good cause. These factors were all fulfilled. Bale’s residents played their part better than ever, and God rewarded us with the right weather.

Date for next Parish Council Meeting is Monday, 18th August, 7.30 pm in the Village Hall. Everybody is welcome to attend.

BINHAM VILLAGE HALL If you would like to book the hall, hire any of our cutlery, crockery or white table cloths, or if you would like just to look around the hall, please ring Liz on 01328 830519. 100 Club, we have numbers available in our 100 Club.

As the churchwarden’s reported to the village shortly after the fete, ‘our efforts this year have been marvellously rewarded. The sum raised is some £300 better than the previous best’. Everyone was rightly thanked for their contribution to the success of the day: ‘the PCC is extremely grateful to all those who laboured mightily on the day and to those who bought generously’. Certainly there was an encouraging early queue and the fete was well attended. According to one car park count, by the opening time of 2 pm, at least 155 carloads of visitors had arrived. The list of takings by stalls, games, prize draws and teas showed that our visitors not only had a great opportunity to spend, but that they took it up enthusiastically, all against the musical background of the Fakenham Town Band. It was a cheerful and sunny afternoon with the happy result that there was not much still on sale by the time that the winning tickets were drawn for the Grand Draw and the Wine Draw and the lucky winners collected their prizes.

MRS BURTON’S STREET FAIR Saturday 9th August Do come and support Mrs Burton’s Fair – help needed for the various stalls: Tombola, Crafts, Books, Cakes, Plants and Raffle. Also there’s to be a Harry Potter Look Alike Competition – divided into 3 age groups: 5-8; 9-12; 13-16. All proceeds to: King’s Lynn Cardiology Unit, Norfolk and Norwich Respiratory Clinic and the Wells First Response Unit. If you can help in any way please call Mrs Burton and Jill at 830223.

Physical Therapy Gary Battrick

This may seem like the end but there is always next year. As the churchwardens emphasized, ‘to put parish finances into perspective, the demands made upon us to provide our share of diocesan income as well as the expenses of the parish have increased by 88% in the last two years. The income from the fete goes a long way to covering these and is clearly vital’. Fortunately the format of the Bale fete is both well established and well planned and our enthusiasm to make it an enjoyable and happy event for villagers and visitors alike is undiminished. With God’s help it will always be so. J.O.C.

Dip FTST, IIST, FSMT(2), IHBC BACR Phase IV Cardiac Rehab Instructor

Muscular Manipulation for Back, Neck & Joint Pain etc Rehabilitative Exercise for Poor Mobility, Posture & Surgical Recovery

Home appointments please telephone 01263 710789 6



A friend and I went up to Pat’s meadow in June to see the orchids. It was a bit hard going but once we were through the gateway it wasn’t so bad. The meadow had a lot of vegetation owing to the rains and the warm weather. But we could not have timed it better. The Spotted Orchids were out in their thousands with the Bee Orchids. These were hard to spot owing to the lush vegetation, we found some, but not as many as two years ago. It was nice to see them. There were a lot of Twayblades - they looked like little green people on those stems. There were masses of Greater Willow Herb - all budding up with Agrimony and patches of Yellow Loosestrife and Meadow Cranesbill - with masses of Coltsfoot and many more plants growing on the wet meadow, which is worth a visit. In the spring there’s masses of Cowslips. Bob Scott

FUNERAL SERVICES 11a Avenue Road, High Kelling, Holt, Norfolk NR25 6RD

Telephone (01263) 713113 Funeral Director:

Mrs E. Rushmer Dip.F.D., N.A.F.D. MIDSOMER CORONATION MARDLE Saturday, 21st June

The organising committee would like to thank everybody who helped in any way with time, skill and donations to make the day a success and, we hope, enjoyed by all. The fete on the Green and the Village Ceilidh in the evening were both very well supported and blessed by the best mid-summer weather.

MOBILE LIBRARY The Mobile Library will visit Binham on Friday 22nd August and Friday 19th September; 10.10 a.m. at Grange Farm, Westgate and 10.25 at the Phone Box on High Street. We need to support the Library to encourage them to keep visiting us. Wells Library 710467.

The idea of the day was to be fun for all in the spirit of an old-fashioned village get-together, as was last year’s Jubilee Celebration events. In both cases the organising committee hoped to cover the costs but did not aim for fund-raisings. However the generosity of support and donations has resulted overall in a surplus of £160. We would welcome your views on how the money could best benefit the village. Please speak to Liz Brown, 830519, Alan Eagle 830031, Alan Small 830838 or David Frost,

BINHAM GROUP OF ARTISTS The Group consists of anyone interested in Art or Craft, beginner or otherwise. Artists with professional experience form part of the Group and will gladly give advice if needed. We meet every Tuesday from 10 to 12 in the Village Hall. A fee of £2 per morning includes coffee and biscuits. A demonstration of painting or craftwork normally takes place on the first Tuesday of every month. In May Colin Bygrave gave a very good talk and demonstration of drawing from a model. At the end of June the Annual Binham Art Exhibition was held in the Village Hall. Thirty-two paintings were sold and £444 raised to help maintain the Hall. For further information about the Art Group call James Bucknill at 830651. Everyone welcome.

BINHAM LOCAL HISTORY GROUP Dr Peter Wade-Martins of the Norfolk Archaeological Trust met with members of our History Group, the PCC and the Parish Council on 12th June to discuss plans to make the Priory ruins more accessible and interesting for visitors. One of the suggestions was that the History Group could have a role in developing the project - particularly with searching for old photographs or articles about the archaeological dig in the Priory ruins during the 1930s. It is hoped also to make a study of the older houses in the village - many of which of course have stones from the Priory - with a view to producing a leaflet which could have a Guided Walk around Binham, looking at places of interest. This project would be a joint one between the Trust and the community, working together. If you do have any photographs or other information which may be helpful, would you contact Carolyn Wright (830270).

PAUL ROBINSON All types of

PLUMBING WORK carried out Local service Rose Croft, 26 Albert Street, Holt. Telephone: (01263) 710149 7



Walkers too! Saturday 13th September 2003

Morston near Blakeney

Open every night for dinner and accommodation and lunch on Sundays

Let’s hope the bikers amongst us have been getting fit for the Norfolk Churches Trust Sponsored Bike Ride. “Churches Open” lists are available. Walkers can be included just as much as riders. The amount you raise is divided equally between your local church and the Norfolk Churches Trust. For the necessary forms contact Carolyn at 830270

We are proud to be the holders of 2 AA Red Stars & 3 AA Rosettes

The EDP Norfolk Chef of the Year and The Craft Guild Chef of Great Britain


MORSTON, HOLT, NORFOLK NR25 7AA. Tel: (01263) 741041 www.morstonhall.com - email: reception@morstonhall.com

Part 3 of Joyce Greenacre’s memories. Norfolk people are renowned for saying something which could mean half a dozen different things and you could never tell what they were thinking about. My Father had a great habit of teasing and keeping people guessing. Sometimes when we had visitors he would say to them, “Would you like to have a sausage roll or a mince pie with your cup of tea?” and they would say, “Oh, yes please,” in eager anticipation, and my Mother would say, “Oh, Dad, you know we haven’t such a thing in the house,” and he would say, “Well, I didn’t know, I haven’t looked in the pantry lately,” when he knew all the time. Nevertheless, my Mother would rustle up a sandwich cake or shortcake to go with their cup of tea.

CONCERTS AT THE PRIORY Badinerie Sunday 3rd August at 7.30 pm Violins, viola, cello, oboe and keyboard led by Michael Christie with Suzannah Self, mezzo soprano. Handel - Cantata, Mi palpita il cor.2 Trio sonatas. Telemann - Oboe Concerto in D major. Bach - Cantata, Ich habe genug BWV82

Alzheimer’s Society Charity Concert Saturday 23rd August at 7.30 pm

I would always listen to grown-ups talking of wartime experiences, work, even politics of national and international affairs. Considering what little schooling they had had they were bright and intelligent and I would listen and listen. Most people in those days took the ‘Daily Herald’ and they could read and write even if they did leave school at ten years of age.

The Cambridge Wind Quintet and Singers, Evanna McKinnon, Helen Sinclair and Toby Girling Tickets for both concerts £8 from Maureen Frost, 01328 830362

APPLE GARTH The Open Garden event at Apple Garth on 14th June raised a total of £800. The proceeds have been divided, with £400 going to the church and £200 each to The Air Ambulance and Fara, the charity for Romanian orphans.

We took the ‘News Chronicle’. I don’t know why as that was a Liberal paper. In those days journalists used to come round canvassing for their newspaper. One day one came to our house, my Mother was not well and in bed at the time. He was canvassing for the ‘News Chronicle’ and I told him that we already took it. I shall never know why he departed with such a broad smile on his face.

The event was very well supported by people from near and far. Many thanks to all the helpers who contributed to making the day such a great success. The event will take place again next year, 2004, on Sunday 6th June, a date for the diary!

Children’s Comics – my brother and I used to read ‘Puck’ and my Mother took the ‘Sunday Circle’. These were bought at the Post Office and every Friday afternoon I presented myself at the paper counter with the correct money and said, ‘Puck and Sunday Circle, please.’ Puck had in it Rin-Tin-Tin, the wonder dog, Dan Dare, and the Gay Goblins, who were little men with pointed ears, something like the present day Aliens from outer space. One would dig a hole and another would dig another hole in which to get rid of the mould from the first hole. Some children took ‘Beano’. The late Dr Hicks of Wells was reputed to like reading ‘Beano’. I don’t know whose house he read it in or to what child the ‘Beano’ belonged. But Dr Hicks liked reading it!

INSIDE - OUTSIDE House & Garden Maintenance Whether you have a permanent or holiday home you can have year-round maintenance and care provided with total peace of mind

    

General house maintenance & building repairs Painting & decorating Garden maintenance (lawns, hedges, clearance, new borders) Patios & terraces (build & repair) No job too small - Free estimates - References given

For more details or to arrange a visit call now and ask for Roy Findlater on: 01328 830442 or 07818 422625 e-mail: RoyKF@aol.com



COCKTHORPE News 01328 830558

Contact: Margaret Smith 01328 830546


For church services see panel on page 3

Contact: Ann Massingham

Although Cockthorpe is a very small village, I can’t tell you how nice it is to live here. I have always had connections with Cockthorpe as my father was born here, and I have happy childhood memories of visiting my grandmother and grandfather and many other members of my family here, and then moving here soon after marriage and bringing up my own family.

JOY WRIGHT’S COFFE MORNING Joy Wright and the PCC thank everyone who came to her Coffee Morning on Saturday 28 June, which raised over £450 for the restoration of St. Andrew’s Church. Work started in July to upgrade and replace the electrical system, a huge project given the size of the interior of the church and the height at which some wiring needs to be done.

There is still a small amount of my blood family here, but we really are just like one big family. I don’t think a knock on any one door for help, or maybe a cup of sugar, would be refused, a unique find in this day and age. Our three youngest members of the community have all celebrated special birthdays this year, Elizabeth Hooke was 18 in March, Abby Case was 18 at the beginning of July and James Case was 21, also at the beginning of July. We have a brand new notice board, our first. My neighbour Joshua Bean had a great time when he visited Iceland to see the whales, and Julia passed her motorbike test.


Will take place in the gardens of Field Dalling Hall, Holt Road. There will be stalls, teas, a band, children’s corner and games, raffle, free admission and parking. Everyone is welcome.

I am sure all the villagers, especially me, would like to wish Joyce all the best when she and her faithful dog Tarka move to Blakeney. Ann Massingham.

FIELD DALLING CHARITY LAND Following the death of the existing tenant, Mr Percy Guymer, some of the Field Dalling Fuel Allotment Charity Land beside the Binham Road is available to let from 11 October 2003. Anyone interested in renting this part arable and part pasture land should apply in writing by Monday, 18 August 2003, to one of the charity trustees: Mr Ted Hotblack, Manor Farm, Field Dalling. Mrs Joy Wright, 96 Holt Road, Field Dalling. Mr Tony Ringer or Mr Eric Hotblack.



TELEPHONE 01263 740736

Why summers are so hot





Continuing from the final paragraph of Richard Johnson’s last report, walking of all the farm crops to remove wild oats should be complete by 6th July, then Holt beet will be tackled. The remains of last year’s wheat harvest were loaded about the end of June, enabling staff to clean the air-ducted flows in the grain stores, ready for what looks to be an early start to harvest.

News Contact: Martin Swindells 01263 860517

At the time of writing, 4th July, the regular staff are recharging their batteries in readiness for long, hard hours to come, enjoying a fortnights pre-harvest holiday. Staff numbers are at their usual summer level, with two Kiwis, including Gordon on his second year, 1 Englishman already arrived and 3 more Kiwis expected over the next 10 days. Now Reepham Farm is alongside Gunthorpe-Saxlingham Farm, the collective labour force for this year’s harvest has grown significantly, a third combine, serviced by six trailers to cart produce to store, has been added.

CHURCH SERVICES AUGUST & SEPTEMBER AUGUST 3rd Holy Communion 10th Matins 17th No service 24th Holy Communion SEPTEMBER 7th Holy Communion 14th Matins 21st No service 28th Holy Communion

11.00 am 11.00 am 9.30 am

The combined acreages to cut this year are approximately; wheat 1,500, barley 370, oil seed rape 370, white beans 250, peas 250. So it will be a busy time. Usefully, indications are for an early start and, weather permitting, it’s hoped to start swathing the rape 6th July, possibly combining it 8 days later. (Swathing is rather like hay-making, the crop is cut and left to lie on its own foot high stacks to dry ready for combining).

11.00 am 11.00 am 9.30 am


As usual, winter barley harvesting will clash with rape combining, but as rain can shatter the rape seed while it is lying in the swath, barley must have second priority, but it should be well underway by the time you read this, and there will be a full report in the next issue.

Our AGM took place on 27th June. The Institute was pleasantly full and, with the 32 attendees, it was nice to meet Norman King, John and Pauline Clarke and Angela Newland, all of whom recently have come to live here. A special treat was having the redoubtable Fred Morley back with us, his first outing since his prolonged visit to the Norfolk & Norwich. Asked afterwards how he had enjoyed it, he replied, “It was lovely to see so many smiling faces”.

There were 98mm of rain in Saxlingham in June and this, with the warmth, encourages Richard to believe crop prospects are good – if it’s anything like weed growth in his garden, they should certainly fulfil their potential. Turning to estate issues, trees planted over the last 2-3 years, particularly those in the Millennium Wood north of Saxlingham village, have done wonderfully well, thanks to the generous spring rainfall – losses less than 10%. It will be no surprise that jobs not completed, except a few tractor repairs, will be left until November; it will be all hands to the pump harvesting, then replanting for 2004.

The Rev’d John Penny opened the proceedings by thanking the Friends for all they were doing and had done over the ten years; this church would be in dire financial and structural difficulties were it not for the FOGPC.

However the “large yellow track machine” mentioned in the last issue has arrived and is poised to start putting in land drains starting at Swan Lane, the field to the south of the Bale Garage following in mid-July.

During the meeting, sincere tributes were paid to our Chairman, Marie Denholm and to Jeremy Denholm, both of whom have done so much for Gunthorpe over many years, hands-on help by two very busy people without which the Friends would struggle, as would the Institute and the PCC, both of which are dependent on the fete. Mr Denholm, as Chairman of the PCC Fabric Committee, explained what was happening about repairs to the tower; though essential, timing is not critical, so the programme can be spaced out.

To sum up, it is fairly quiet on the farm front - only the lull preceding the commencement of battle. May the sun shine on the righteous!

Strong Cars Licensed Private Hire Cars Comfortable Cars Low Rates ~ Personal Service Local or Long Distance Airports ~ Weddings

Lynn Marr and Peggy Swindells were congratulated on the success of the 50:50 Club. Lynn retired in rotation from the Committee, according to the rules, and was reelected with acclaim. John Carter, sadly, had to retire on leaving the village; Chris Ford was elected in his place and John & Lisa Sargeant, co-opted when John & Maggie Lunniss left, were formally elected.

Hospitals ~ Private Functions

Please Telephone: Barry Girling

01263-740283 Mobile

Business over, Rob Cutterham kindly dispensed nectar to wash down the fish & chips.


11 Queens Close, Blakeney, Norfolk, NR25 7PQ


The Map House Smokers Hole

GUNTHORPE & SWANTON NOVERS W I The June meeting saw us celebrating our 80th birthday with a party at Swanton Novers Village Hall. On a beautiful summer evening, members and guests from local Institutes enjoyed a superb four-course meal, followed by entertainment given by Alison and Friends.

ETC Gold Award BTB B&B of the year 2001 Enjoy comfort and total privacy in luxurious double suites, each with bedroom, bathroom, sitting room and own staircase. Breakfast with fresh local ingredients.

At the time of writing we are about to have our Garden Meeting at our President’s residence in Holt. Red Squirrels and Dormice – an illustrated talk by David Stapleford. Then we look forward to:-

Mary Alexander - tel: 01263-741304 www.maphouse.net

13th Aug. The Annual Outing – a mystery tour. 10th Sept. Clifford Crawley will speak on The Norfolk Scene (2.00 pm Gunthorpe Village Institute).


8th Oct.

The sight of an enormous blue removal van outside The Old Chapel on 23rd June brought it horribly home – the two Johns really were leaving.

Mr G.W. Fearn will talk about ‘Life in a Lighthouse’. (2.00 pm Gunthorpe Village Institute).

Non-members are most welcome to attend.

Pure chance led them to Gunthorpe 11 years ago; they intended buying a house near the coast, but the first sight of the village nestling in its valley, a complete surprise, was enough – they knew where they wanted to be.


So they bought The Old Chapel – then came another surprise: as Londoners they were used to neighbours who did not recognise, still less speak to, each other. Now everyone was welcoming and friendly. No sooner had they arrived than Maggie Lunniss took them under her wing and she and John proved great introducers so it wasn’t long before they knew everyone.

£20 £10 £ 5 £ 5 £ 5 £ 5 £ 3

In fact, this says a lot about the two Johns themselves, who have proved themselves to be enormously supportive of all village activities as well as very good company. Both are sadly missed, and not just in Gunthorpe. The “Deli Dollies” that team of lovelies who dish out the cheese etc in Larners, sent them a lovely farewell card saying how sorry they were at the Johns’ departure.

MAY R. Yates M. Lunniss C. Seligman P. Bunting G. Attenborough F. Bennell R. Redmayne

JUNE J. Burton J. Fisher D. Burton S. Worthington P. Owers P. Swindells P. Curson

FRIENDS OF GUNTHORPE PARISH CHURCH - FORTHCOMING EVENTS The Social event of the year, our barbeque in the gardens of Gunthorpe Hall will be at 7pm on Saturday 26th July, the eve of the fete. Tickets are available from the Secretary, Di Cutterham (01263 860693). Looking ahead, keep the Saturday of 8th November free for the Harvest Supper, while the 50:50 Club Christmas Party is planned for noon on 13th December. Because of the fete, the next meeting of the 50:50 Club is on 2nd August.

Conversely, the Johns, and John Carter’s family, are going to miss being here. The garden has been an especial source of pleasure but they love all North Norfolk, “still a special, separate place a million miles from London”. Fortunately for us, they plan to come back on visits (they’ve already booked in for the Harvest Supper on 8th November), so keep the beds ready, Di!

Richardsons Removals

Now they are off to face a challenge. A little while ago John Wright came across his dream house, a neoclassical villa perched on a rock at Hastings which has seen better days. Who better to restore it? On their last day here they went into Richard Scott’s shop in Holt to say goodbye and, idly picking up a silver tea pot, saw inscribed upon it, “From Hastings”. An auspicious omen!


Holt (01263) 712039

So John Wright and John Carter, au-revoir, good luck and many thanks.


It’s unheard of – three welcomes in one issue! Hot on the heels of Victoria Legge-Bourke and Norman King, John & Pauline Clarke have arrived to take over The Old Chapel from the two Johns. This John has been a G.P. in West Yorkshire for the last 27 years, but he’s always wanted to settle in North Norfolk, ever since coming for holidays in the 1950’s with his uncle, a Squadron Leader in the R.A.F., then stationed at Swanton Morley. He’s come virtually each year ever since. When he showed Pauline this area, she took to it immediately. Both love being within easy distance of the sea, walking and cycling (Pauline’s getting a new bike). Above all, it’s the peacefulness, life lived at the pace of the ‘70s that hooks them.



NORFOLK DECORATIVE ANTIQUES Interior Design & Lighting Specialists We supply, design & plan antique and contemporary lighting schemes and interiors for busy people. Please call for an appointment to see our current collection

01328 878588 www.norfolk-decorative-antiques.com


Recently John changed his professional direction; instead of being a full-time Yorkshire G.P., he now has a role with the General Medical Council, assessing other doctors’ performances and travelling around the U.K. He is also maintaining his clinical practice as a part-time locum G.P. in North Norfolk.

Victoria Legge-Bourke, who searched for years for a home in North Norfolk, where she has many connections, has found what she was looking for in Bulfer Cottage. Looking round the house and garden and absorbing the indefinable “feel” instilled by John and Maggie Lunniss’s tenure, she knew the hunt was over, an assurance made doubly sure by her impression of the village as a whole. She says everything more than comes up to expectations, specially she enjoys the well established and pretty garden, where she spends every minute she can.

They decided to seize the chance to settle in N. Norfolk. The rest is down to fate. Seeing The Old Chapel out of office hours on Good Friday, their offer was accepted on Easter Saturday. Within 8 weeks, when the two John’s removal van pulled out, theirs drew up. May they, too, enjoy a very happy life in Gunthorpe. To Victoria, Norman and John & Pauline we wish all possible happiness here in Gunthorpe.

Our second warm welcome is for Norman King, recognisable from afar as the owner of that very fine motorbike – a BMW R1150 RT, no less.


No stranger to this area, having lived in Melton Constable, Holt and Letheringsett, he loves being in Gunthorpe. “Serendipity” was his word, an apt word, as pure luck had led him to No.26, next door to Fred Morley on the Sharrington Road.

(S.R.Beal, A.Beal, M.P.Lee)

2 The Willows Chapel Lane Wiveton Norfolk NR25 7TQ

He gives two reasons for liking it so much; 1st, everyone has been so friendly, and 2nd, it is very peaceful here in Gunthorpe. His only worry is that the tranquillity may from time to time be shattered, as his 18 year-old son has become the proud owner of a very noisy old banger. For this he apologises in advance!

* * * *

Norman is an experienced sailor (he’s even been shipwrecked) in all shapes and sizes of boat, and used to keep his Wayfarer at Morston. No longer a boat-owner, he is missing sailing badly, so if you know someone who needs a crew, tell them to contact him at 27 Sharrington Road, Gunthorpe NR24 2PB.

* * * *

Garden design and landscaping Lawn and grass cutting, lawn maintenance Turfing and seeding new lawns Garden maintenance for private and holiday homes Patios and paths laid Seasonal pruning of shrubs, trees, fruit trees and roses Hedge cutting and fencing Garden clearance

Tel: 01263 740591 Mobile: 07831 102592 Also 01263 511587




Contact: Ann Sherriff 01328 830605

All Types - No Job Too Small! Disabled walk-in baths now supplied and fitted



For Sunday Services See page 3

Tel: 01263 511688

Each Wednesday - Holy Communion 10.00 a.m. Any alterations will be posted on the church service notice board.

Mobile: 079 4634 1704

Aug 31st - Group Service, Holy Communion at Cockthorpe Church 10 30 am.


———————— A special Sung Evensong took place on Sunday 6th. July. It was a thanksgiving for the legacy left to Langham Church by John and Hilda Gaskell. This very generous gift was used to fund the rewiring and heating of the church. We now have ample sockets, efficient lighting in the church and tower and we will be kept wonderfully warm on cold days. A dedication plaque can be seen in the west tower. John Bailey paid tribute to Hilda and John in a moving address which brought back pleasant memories to us all.

After the public meeting called by the Parish Council with Mr Goodwin from the North Norfolk District Council last year, it was agreed that Langham would benefit from having a Village Design Statement. This must be prepared by village residents, describing Langham’s layout and buildings. If accepted, the Statement could become a supplementary planning guidance document, hopefully influencing future local authority development plans and planning applications.

LANGHAM CAKE AND PRODUCE STALL This stall on ‘The Green’ will be operating on four Saturdays in August - 2nd, 9th, 16th and 30th from 9.30 am - 11.30 am. Our aim is to raise funds for Langham Church. Cakes. Produce and plants can be brought to the stall at 9.00 a.m. or delivered beforehand to Jan Hope, ‘The Travis’, Holt Road. Tel: 01328 830847.

A team of volunteers has now started drafting the Statement and considering illustrations to be included. But the Statement, if it is to count at all, must represent the views of all the residents, not just a willing few.

BRING AND BUY COFFEE MORNING This will be held in the churchyard on Bank Holiday Monday August 25th. 10-12 noon.

To enable wider consultation to take place, the Friends of Langham have agreed to feature a display of the draft Statement at their coffee morning on Saturday 20th September at the Parish Room. The various sections of the draft will be there on show, with some of the volunteer team who can explain what the Statement involves and listen to your views. You will also be welcome later to send in your own written contributions. All this, plus free tea or coffee!

For further details contact Vera Colombé, Tel: 01328 830317.

MUSIC TUITION Realise your ambitions this year: Learn a musical instrument

Please come along, see what is being done and tell us what you think. R.B.

Qualified & experienced teacher offers adults (beginners—advanced) home lessons on: Piano, Organ, Keyboard, Recorders, Saxophone, Brass

CHRISTIAN AID Thank-you to all who gave to this appeal in May this year. A splendid £203.07 was collected which, added to the £145.50 lunch total, meant we were able to send off £348.57. A big thank-you to our collectors, well done all!

Free loan instruments available

Paul Wraith (01263) 740533 13


Pat & Bridget Newman welcome you to THE BLUEBELL LANGHAM

We held our second Whist Drive in June and although the attendance was not great, those there enjoyed the night. If only we could get everyone who is interested to be available at the same time! The following events are now firm for the rest of the year.

Delightful beer garden

Rounders Night 8th Aug. On the playing field, with the usual BBQ.

Freshly prepared food - non-smoking dining room Wide choice of keg, cask and guest ales Baby changing area and toilets for the disabled

Coffee Morning 20th Sept. This will be in the Parish Room at 10.00 a.m. and will be combined with the presentation of the Village Design Statement. (See the separate notice in this issue).

Telephone (01328) 830502 LANGHAM COMMUNITY CAR SERVICE

Fireworks Night 5th Nov. Once again we will be assisting the Parish Council at this event by running the BBQ. The location of the bonfire will be announced on posters in October.

Annual Report. January - December, 2002 The Community Car Service operates under the guidance of the WRVS and North Norfolk District Council. We have 13 drivers who volunteer, for one week in every quarter, to convey, in their cars, home bound people to medically associated appointments. We also have a stand-by driver. From Jan - Dec 2002, 59 journeys were made covering a total of 643 miles.

THE STRAWBERRY TEA There are many things we can think of to do on a glorious summer’s day. There is not a cloud in the sky, the sun is pleasantly hot and no cool breeze is to be felt anywhere. We could sunbathe in the garden or on a beach - we could visit places of interest or even catch up on our correspondence!

There are 20 different people using the service. This indicates that it remains a necessary and valuable service. Sadly Mr. Ernest Browning had to retire from the service due to ill health and our best wishes have been conveyed to him and his family. His wife Jean was able to take his place for a short time but then had to cease duties due to home commitments.

In Langham we take up the old Norfolk adage ‘we du different’. Instead of the above we take tea in a beautiful garden which many of us haven't seen before. Dr. and Mrs. Dawson opened Kirn House and invited us all to visit their large garden and have tea, cakes, scones and strawberries.

Thanks are extended to all drivers for their dedicated service and to those at the Post Office, Church and The Bluebell for displaying the roster.

The ladies of the Church, with many other helpers, borrowed tables chairs and china from the village hall baked delicious cakes and scones and made endless cups of tea, all were enjoyed by our visitors sitting at tables decorated with white cloths and posies of flowers. They had explored the garden and admired the herbaceous border in flower, the pond with lilies and goldfish, the palm tree with three large plumes of flowers and the old farm wagon which once stood on the village green. This has a house of its own at the back of the garden and is remembered by many of Langham residents when it was an essential part of harvest time.

Facing a diminishing government grant, the WRVS are grateful for the continued support of Langham Parish Council‘s annual donation of £25, which helps to cover administration costs. Ann Sherriff - Project Organiser

Insurance From The Heart of North Norfolk

This well supported event raised £375 for church funds and included many generous donations. Our grateful thanks go to Dr. Rex Dawson and his wife Elizabeth, who kindly hosted the event and donated raffle prizes as well. The bottle of whisky was won by June Harvey and boxes of chocolates by Sandra Reville and Tony Pepper.

Houses, horses, cars and even you For Free advice or a quotation contact Steve Higgs at ‘Nichols and Thornalley’ Supporting Your Village Life

Thanks also go to all who baked, did posters, helped with preparations, served teas and washed up. To all the generous people who came on the day to support us. “Thank You”. B.M.W.

NFU Mutual, 22 Bull Street, Holt NR25 6HP Email: holt@nfumutual.co.uk Tel: 01263 712306 Fax: 01263 711304 NFU Mutual is a member of the General Insurance Standards Council




At the meeting on Tuesday 8th of July the council committed itself to try and gain Quality Parish Council status by the end of this year. This can bring numerous benefits to both the council and the village - giving the council the chance to control more of its budget, increasing the services it can control and remove the practice of paying twice for the same services.


It was also agreed that once more the council will stage a firework display on November 5th.

Birds Farm Walsingham Road Hindringham NR21 0BT

large or small

KARL HUNT 01328 855898 free estimates & advice - established 1986

Refuse Collection: As you all know the NNDC is considering which way to go in the future for collecting refuse and recyclable materials from houses. One of the options is for us to have ‘wheelie bins’ which would have to be put outside houses on collection day.


They recognise that not all of us will be able to manage these bins and have therefore commenced a survey to have some idea of the number of people in this position. From the 1st of August all Langham residents who think they cannot manage the bins will be able to collect from the Post Office, a form for this survey. When completed the form is to be sent to the Council Contract Division the address of which is on the form.

On Sunday 24th of May, at 6.30 pm, John Maclurcan, first cousin of Ann Giorgi, (No. 1 The Green) drove into Langham in his 1962 Vauxhall VX four/ninety motor car. John had shipped the car from Australia with 5 other Vauxhalls for the Centenary Run of Vauxhall Motors. The cars were transported in 3 containers, 2 in each, from Botany Bay, south of Sydney to Tilbury Docks, a journey of over 10,000 miles. The route took the cars through the Panama Canal arriving after 45 days at sea.

The time scale for the changes is for the council to make a final decision on the future method of collection by late October this year and implement it in April of next year. The next meeting is on Tuesday 26th. of August at 7.00 p.m. in the Parish Room.

For their Centenary, Vauxhall Motors sponsored a 12 day, 1,250 mile tour around England, starting on the 28th of April in a Sainsburys’ car park as close to the location of the original Vauxhall Ironworks in London as possible. With a route via Bristol, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle, York, Nottingham and many other towns along the way, over 70 cars toured, promoting the Vauxhall marque throughout the country and providing a comprehensive representation of their range of cars produced in the 20th Century. The tour ended at Luton on the 10th of May with an open day for all the family.

MOBILE LIBRARY This will visit Langham on 21st August and 18th September, calling on both days at: The Carmel - 09.35, St. Mary’s - 10.00, the Post Office - 10.25, Swans Close - 10.50 and The Cornfield - 11.15.


John’s car appeared at the Friends of Langham coffee morning, held in the Parish Room on 31st. May, for all to see. It wears its original New South Wales number plates and is painted an unusual green colour not seen in the English Vauxhall range. Cars sent to Australia c.k.d. (completely knocked down), were assembled in Melbourne and painted in local colours. John has learnt during his tour, on the authority of elderly English women, that the colour is ‘Olde English Bathroom’!!

Calling all Langham cyclists! Get fit for the Norfolk Churches Trust annual Sponsored Bicycle Ride on Saturday 13th. September 2003. ‘Churches Open’ lists are now available for you to plan your route. For these and sponsor forms contact Miss Betty Wharton, Tel: 01328 830236. The amount you raise is divided equally between your local church and the Norfolk Churches Trust. Thank You.

He has covered over 4,000 miles in 6 weeks in England with only minor problems, mainly with fuel. The Australian cars have undertaken to remain in England until the National Vauxhall Rally at Billing Aquadrome in the second weekend of July. In the meantime, you may see him in the village as he visits Ann. He has donated a photo of the car to the Bluebell, so if you miss seeing it in the flesh, a record of his visit is viewable there. J.M.

HAMLYN PEST CONTROL RODENT, RABBIT, MOLE, WASP and INSECT control by a professional, friendly service, specialising in farm, domestic and retail premises


(01263) 860112 15



News Contact: Pat Reynolds 01263 741261

Renovations, Alterations and Maintenance Bricklaying, Plastering, Decorating Kitchen/Bathroom Fitting Outdoor work also undertaken: Paths, Drives etc

For Church Services see panel on page 3



Tel/Fax: 01328 830746 Mobile: 077 2178 5642

by Samphire

FRIENDS OF MORSTON CHURCH This new organisation, formed to help with the repair and maintenance of All Saints Church, has been informed by the Charity Commissioners that when it has a guaranteed income of £1,000 a year it can be formally registered as a charity. The Committee has raised that sum in donations for the current financial year, but is now working on raising that sum annually through subscriptions of, the Committee suggests, a minimum of £5 a head for the coming years. Those readers connected with the church in any way will be approached by the Friends Committee within the next weeks. And Friends of Morston Church Information Sheets & Mandate Forms are available in the Church. Friends of Morston Church was able to get off to a really good start with a fantastic donation of over £800 by Anne Rolfe, who walked a sponsored half-marathon in London by night, the Moon Walk (organised by a breast cancer charity) – a truly wonderful achievement.

LANGHAM LADYBIRDS Our June meeting was very successful. Leila Page came and made some wonderful flowers from coloured tights and wire. We all tried but found it not so easy as it looked, nevertheless the evening was a lot of fun. On July 9th 24 ladies enjoyed a trip to Cromer Pier Seaside Special, a spot of lunch before we left made for a jolly time. 13th Aug. Wed. Caroline and Janette will tell us all about the Holt Chronicle. Bring and Buy produce for club funds.


10th Sept. Wed. Sue Gammon ‘The Garden Indoors’, another Bring and Buy produce on that day.

The Evening of Song including arias and Lieder originally scheduled for June 28th unfortunately had to be cancelled, owing to opera singer (soprano) Elisabeth Wingfield straining a vocal cord. The organisers have returned ticket money and apologise for any inconvenience caused. The concert has been rescheduled for September 20th at 6.30 p.m. Tickets cost £10 a head, which will include a glass of wine in the interval. Ticket forms will be sent out in good time, but tickets may be booked prior to this or anytime on 01263-740431 .

We meet on the second Wednesday of each month, 7.30 pm in Langham Parish Room - why not come and join us? Details from me on 830731 or Sheila on 830530. Maureen

LEUKAEMIA RESEARCH FUND. In the last ‘Lynx’ I wrote we were getting ready for our ‘Grand Sale’, now it is all over. We had a wonderful day, could have been warmer for the men outside, but they kept busy and did not notice the slight chill in the air.

E. & M. Grimes

The result was an amazing £2674.10 on the day, and now I have had some donations from friends who were unable to attend. The fund is now £2724.10 better off.

BUILDERS Telephone (01263) 740274

All raffle prizes have been delivered locally but two were quite a distance, Surrey and Wymondham, so they have been posted.

All types of building works - Painting & Decorating Flintwork Specialists Extensions Conversions Renovations Alterations New Build

This sale is a lot of hard work but the help I receive is truly amazing and I cannot thank everybody enough. It was a super day and good to see lots of people from this and surrounding villages, as well as from further afield. Sincere thanks to you all for your continued support. Maureen Dennis.

Free Estimates


Galley Hill House, Langham Road, Blakeney, Holt, Norfolk, NR25 7PJ



The Church now contains a History of Morston displayed on the Millenium Noticeboard and a list of some 300 surnames connected with the church or village down the ages from pre-1066 to the present day, and why they are connected. Those interested in their family history or their surname are encouraged to see if their name is there. If it is not but you believe it should be, please let the PCC know through the Church Visitors’ book. The Records referred to in the Church include not only Church records, but also 14th century Exchequer Records for Morston (which are displayed) and 19th & 20th century censuses (which include a Harry Potter and his mother).





Stress-related problems, Muscular pains, Poor circulation, Digestive disorders, Back problems and Tension

Ring for an appointment. Home visits can be arranged Myrtle Cottage, Wiveton, Holt, Norfolk NR25 7TQ

Tel: 01263 740596


The History of Morston includes a 1696 Map of Morston and its area, a 19th century photo of the Coastguards and their family, and a picture of the famous Morston Pint Tokens. If you visit the Church, do pick up a Friends Form and/or post a contribution in the Church box. by Samphire (Answers on page 23 )

Listed in the National Trust Information Hut on the Quay are the names of a dozen amazing people who, between the 1060s and 1937, were connected with Morston – with this little village of under a hundred souls. Two-thirds of these celebrities of their day are household names throughout the country. What an amazing place!

1. How did the following popstars die: (a) Sid Vicious? (b) Elvis Presley? (c) John Lennon? (d) Marvin Gaye? (e) Jimi Hendrix?

Do you know of the Morston-born athlete who held world records for the 150 yards, 220 yards and 250 yards and several other impressive British and French records?

2. What British football teams are nicknamed as follows: (a) The Blues? (b) The Magpies? (c) The Saints? (d) The Red Devils? (e) Boro?

If you want to see a picture of this great athlete or of England’s youngest winner of the DSO (Distinguished Service Order), or want to know more about how the village is linked to Robinson Crusoe’s creator, or to England’s greatest author between Jane Austen and Charles Dickens, or indirectly to US President “Ike” Eisenhower, or which “greatest admiral of his age” owned land here, go to the church and see the History of Morston displayed on the Millennium Noticeboard against the north wall.


3. Who is Kofi Annan? 4. In “The Twelve Days of Christmas” what was the gift from “my true love” on the 5th day? 5. What does “NIMBY” mean? 6. Who is/was “Blowers”? 7. How do you write the Roman numeral XCIX in “our” (Arabic) numbers? 8. What does “SWALK” mean on the back of an envelope? 9 What is the capital city of Guatemala? 10.What do 3 magpies signify?


The Manor House, High Street, Holt NR25 6BN Telephone: 01263 711021



All chimneys, Flues & Appliances Swept

Brush and Vacuum Used

Certificates Issued for insurance purposes

Weddings attended as Lucky Sweep

Bird/Rain Guards and Cowls Supplied and Fitted EDWIN WATSON

TEL: 01328 851081



A warm welcome awaits you

SAXLINGHAM News Contact: Bridget Watson 01328 830248 For Church services, see panel on page 3

Traditional Home Cooked Food Served 7 days a week Specialising in seafood and produce from local farms

JAZZ IN JUNE Yet again our concert was a happy and successful evening, with everyone enjoying some lovely sunshine, delectable ‘finger-food’, wine and, as always, delightful music and song from the hugely entertaining Gresham’s School band. Couldn’t be bettered!

The Anchor Inn, The Street, Morston tel: 01263 741392 email: t.hearth@ukonline.co.uk



For most of us, power-walking is an activity about which we know very little. Mary Alexander, of the Map House, Saxlingham, has been practising this form of exercise for some time now, and took part in the Moonwalk Half-Marathon recently, to raise funds for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. In all, 15,000 walkers took part, with 8 from North Norfolk. Everyone finished, and Mary’s time was 3 hours and 8 minutes.

Saturday, 2nd August, 2.00 – 4.00 pm We are again fortunate to be holding the Fete in the spacious garden of Field Dalling Hall and are, of course, most grateful to Mr and Mrs Paul Knights for allowing us this privilege. There are many attractions, with fun and games for everyone, a variety of stalls, a super Raffle, plants and produce, a Fancy Dress competition and refreshments served throughout the afternoon. An event not to be missed.

We send our warmest congratulations to Mary - and it’s not too late to sponsor her in this very worthwhile project. She can be reached on Tel: 01263 741304.

BOOK GROUP Caroline Lister is hoping to start a Book group for both adults and children, to be held during the daytime. Do contact Caroline on 830868 if you are interested.

Mary emphasises that without her experience of Power-walking, she would never have been able to achieve such a successful outcome. Power-walking is, as the name would indicate, walking very fast, with small weights carried in the hand. Unlike running or jogging there is no pounding hard on joints and knees, it is good for the heart, helps prevent osteoporosis, tones the upper arms and, done correctly, improves breathing. There is no gym-work - it all takes place out doors and keeps you very fit and trim. Another benefit is that if you are a little overweight there is no need to diet. You do lose weight naturally with this method and can still enjoy good food and wine. Furthermore - age is no barrier.

SAXLINGHAM CHURCH A cleaner is required for the church – 1 hour a week or two hours per fortnight, preferably on a Friday or Saturday. Fair hourly rate. Willing and able? If so, please contact Rosemary Beeson (Tel:830298) or Bridget Watson (Tel: 830248)

It’s suitable for EVERYONE. For more details contact Annie Briggs, Tel: 01263 740738.



General Builders & Decorators

NEW !! Printed Business Directory for 2003 IS YOUR BUSINESS LISTED ?

No job too small or large


Wide Distribution - direct to 10,000 local addresses

Cost effective - from only £30 per year

- Free Quotations -

Free website entry - Includes entry on the popular www.glavenvalley.co.uk website

Call Steve Wiles 01263 712087 for a proof copy and further details






01328 878357

01263 712905



I N T E R I O R S Renovation by Design

Contact: Dr Peter Garwood

Specialists in Kitchens & Bathrooms We offer a complete quality-based design and building package

01263 860700

For Church Services see Panel on Page 3

FREE home design surveys  Fully comprehensive building works package  Detailed architectural drawing service Loft conversions & Design


One call is all it takes Tel: 0870 900 9123 Fax: 0870 909 4365 Mobile: 07788 717691

On Sunday, 29th June, we opened our doors and our hearts for a Group Service with the local parishes, from Bale to Stiffkey. Eight villages were represented, and over 50 people celebrated Holy Communion with us. The service had the usual ‘Sharrington Flare’ in the cheerful and reverent hands of Diana and John. The sermon was given by Rev. Michael Kitchener, the Diocesan Chief of Ordinands. A tall commanding figure, who said he very much enjoyed meeting the villagers in our beautiful church and village. The two church wardens were given the privilege of administering the communion wine at the altar rail.

SHARRINGTON VILLAGE HALL On Sunday, 18th May, promptly at 3.00 pm, the Village Hall opened its doors to a pleasing crowd of invited guests to celebrate the 50th anniversary. We probably numbered in the region of 100 people, some present residents, former villagers, people who had used the Hall for their own and their children’s wedding receptions, Saturday evening dances and parties. A gentleman who drove his pony and trap round here selling fruit, vegetables and peanuts! Two former Miss Sharringtons, ‘Miss Vicki’ who brought her dance troupe here once a year, and so on. The gentleman had his original invitation for 23rd May, 1953, and everyone had photographs.

The ladies provided refreshments after the service and I did the hoovering. Amen and cheers. P.J.G.

ZIMMERS AND ZHEIMERS Are tough on ol’ timers, Mighty tough on their loved ones, who Give heart, hand and soul Every day, every night. It takes such a toll On their love and their fight. It takes endless patience and power of will Dedication and work to a state of stand still. So – spare a prayer, give a helping hand too For someday it may happen to me and to – God forbid. Airbag.

A Sunday afternoon tea was served with sandwiches, cakes and biscuits and a Tombola attracted much interest. Altogether a very satisfactory and interesting afternoon and a big ‘thank-you’ to those who responded so courteously. A ‘thank-you’ also to the committee members, and indeed non-members, who helped with the setting up and putting away, the food preparation and the constant replenishing of tea cups. A lot of changes in 50 years. I wonder what the next 50 will have in store. A.P.G.



(MINI and 4WD JCB)

All types of chimneys swept


Clean Professional Service

For: Drains, Trenches, Footings Drives Levelled and Resurfaced Hedge Cutting, Garden/Site Clearance Tree-stump and Scrub Removal Turf Supplied and Laid

Over 25 years experience

Telephone: 01263 861587

Tel: 01263 860559

- Fully Insured -




Our Fete was a ‘field day’ for the more than usual number of villagers present. There was a distinctive and happy ambience – Happy Sharry!


What more could we have asked for than brilliant sunshine, to be situated in an increasingly beautiful garden and wild flower meadow, with multiple imaginative stalls, all well run and well attended. There was no wind to blow the raffle tickets about and an exceptionally generous prize table.


We made over £1,600 profit for the church!

Tel: 01328 830539

So many people to thank for all this effort; maybe we must especially thank Paul and Eunice for their quite stunning garden and meadow, all created by them and helped by their dedicated and always cheerful gardener, Michael. Also, we have to ask – what would we do without Pippa? Queen, organiser and strength behind the whole show from start to finish.

am-a-doctor’ type stance I politely said ‘Please wait your turn.’ He was next in. ‘See Doc, what yer ‘ave to do is go into the waiting room and say ‘Who wants a cisstificate’ line em all up in the corridor, get aht yer little book, give everyone a cisstificate, then go back to the start of the queue, say ‘What’s the matter with you’ then write it out and sign it. See, it’s easy mate, and there won’t be many of us left!’

Thanks also to our visitors and everybody else, too numerous to mention. You were all terrific P.J.G.


My first surgery finished after 5 1/2 hours, meanwhile I had taken several home visits.

The scene is set in the winter of 1959, in a damp and dark terraced house, well after midnight. Airbag had worked the last 16 hours in a London emergency service. The house was only distinguished by a well-worn plastic plate ‘Dr M. Surgery’. The arrangement was that the key could be found under a stone in the mini-wilderness, styled as ‘the front garden’. There was no trace of any key under any stone. I therefore put my house-breaking skills to work, levered open the top of the sash window and climbed in, but found the door to the rest of the house firmly locked. I was in the waiting room, so arranged the chairs in a row, turned on the noisy fly-blown gas heater and settled down for the rest of the night.

The highly respected doctor had told me that he was sorry I couldn’t have his car because he’d just bought a new Rover, however ‘there is a bicycle in the shed - may be quicker.’ Tramping to the shed through stair-rodding rain, I opened it to find no bicycle, only a pallid green canoe with a gaping hole in its fragile hull. I guess that was my loudest laugh that day, and I set out on foot, wearing shoes which were not in the best of health. On my first call I was warmly welcomed by a lady saying ‘I’m worried about my husband, thank you so much for coming doctor.’ I squelched into his downstairs bedroom and saw a sight I could scarcely believe. Her poor husband was manifestly in terminal renal failure. After a lot of thought I walked back into the kitchen and hesitantly broke the news to his wife. She said she thought he must be ill because he’d not been able to move himself for 3 days. I had to tell her that it was very likely her husband would die before the morrow. ‘Please call me anytime, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to visit quickly, my only means of transport are my two feet. She thought for a while, then said ‘In that case doctor, would you like to borrow my husband’s car?’

Fortunately the cleaner lady came in at 7.30 am and calmly said ‘Good morning. I suppose you must be the locum?’ Maybe this was a frequent occurrence? After washing and shaving in cold water I put on my batchelor-clean un-ironed shirt and started surgery at 8.00 am. The waiting room filled, the corridor filled, the wilderness filled - they were two deep on the pavement for several yards. This was a single-handed practice of 4,000 patients, no assistant, no receptionist, no nurse, no secretary. I sat at a small desk, in front of which were stacked all the boxes of notes, obliterating three quarters of the only window.

The ageing Morris Oxford came to life after two attempts. Sadly her husband died that night, but the old car went on for many days in his memory, to my heartfelt gratitude. Airbag

Shortly after starting the healing of the sick and succouring of the needy there was a loud knock on the door. A wizened head appeared, uninvited. ‘Ay, Doc, can I give you a tip mate?’ From my self-righteous ‘I-





FAKENHAM (01328) 863915

Contact: Keith McDougall


01328 830344


DIRECT LINE TO DRIVER: 07850 281 448

STIFFKEY CHURCH SERVICES 1st Sunday 2nd Sunday 3rd Sunday 4th Sunday

Family Service Holy Communion Holy Communion Holy Communion


11.00 am 11.00 am 8.00 am 11.00 am



Annual Harvest Festival & Family Service th

11.00 am on Sunday, 5 October.

On 27th September there will be a 50/50 Auction. Lots can be left at the Hall from 1.00 pm and the auction starts at 7.30 pm.

PETS SERVICE We tempted fate on June 1st by having Noah and the Ark as the theme for this service. At 10.45 it started to rain and the public address system had to be dismantled. However the rains stopped just in time and 23 humans and 16 very well behaved animals (14 dogs, 1 cat and 1 chicken) enjoyed a stirring service in the churchyard.

For more details please contact Eva at Stiffkey Stores.

STIFFKEY FETE Another reminder (if it’s needed) Sunday, 24th August, on the Playing Field, 12 noon to 5.00 pm.

No rainbow appeared but the central messages of God’s concern for his creation and Noah’s willingness to obey God’s word were celebrated enthusiastically.

Warm up with the BBQ the previous Saturday evening, 23rd August – come along, all welcome!

Unfortunately the cat who attended has not demonstrated any signs of moral improvement and continues to attack some of his fellow creatures.

W.I. We have been so busy, so are giving ourselves a break in August! This will help us to be fit and rested for LINE DANCING at our meeting on 15th September at 7.30 pm. Everyone is welcome so please come and join in the fun for only £1. We hope to see you all at our stall at the Stiffkey Fete on Sunday 24th August. Contact Helen Leach on 830349 for any other details of membership or our programme.

PLUMBING & HEATING Local ‘CORGI’ registered specialist undertakes all plumbing work including installation and maintenance of all central heating systems oil, gas and solid fuel.

K. McD.

AVOCET ALLEY Tremendous success this year as a result of Lord Aubrey Buxton’s guardianship of nests on his marshes. Record numbers of chicks successfully fledged. Congratulations to all at Old Hall farm. Your hard work paid off.

Robin Berry Mills Macmillan Ltd 01328 878621 Also complete kitchen and bathroom installations




One of the trustees, Rachael Wong, has demonstrated considerable skills in devising a web-site for the school, which can now be viewed on www.albaraca.com.

(Established 25 years)

Tiling, Slating, New Roofs Strip/Retile & Repairs

The site contains photographs of the school, information about the staff and current developments, and a brief history of its development since 1997. Please access the site to find out more.

Telephone: 01328 730386 or 07748 845143

We are very pleased that the school will have worldwide publicity as a consequence, and hope it will increase the already very considerable support network for the school.

Email: akeebleroofing@supanet.com CONGRATULATIONS TO STIFFKEY F. C. for gaining promotion to the North East Norfolk League 1st Division. After a hard-fought season, Stiffkey finished second, only losing out on the championship on goal difference. After winning Division 3 last season, to progress straight through the second division into Division 1 is quite an accomplishment. Stiffkey almost won the league cup as well, losing 2 - 1 to Foulsham after playing very well in the final.

THE MUSICAL ALPHABET John Adnitt is very grateful for the excellent support for the two evenings at the church in June, which raised £240 for the church fabric fund. Thanks to those souls who braved the church pews and a ‘mystery’ - or even motley - selection of music. John’s choice ranged from Elgar and Bach at one extreme to Duke Ellington and Andrew Lloyd Webber at the other. Flanders and Swan provided occasional light relief.

I would like to thank the following people who have helped the club: W. Gambrill (marking out pitch). S. Sutton (President, also puts up nets/flags). D. Gambrill (arranging sponsored events, general work/helper). K. Webb/P. Wordingham (managers) There is a lot of work involved in running a football team, and the help of the above people is greatly appreciated by Stiffkey F.C.

What was Z? Zadok the Priest provided a rousing final item.

Stiffkey F.C. has started training for next season. The team have met up on several occasions at many pubs to improve group cohesion. Good luck for Division 1 next season. Kevin Gambrill.

BIRD QUIZ ANSWERS (see Issue 30) We are printing the common name first, then the ‘OleNorfolk’ name beside it.


Blue tit - Pick Cheese. Hedge sparrow - Dunnock. Pigeon - Dow. Yellowhammer - Guleham. Chaffinch - Spink. Song Thrush - Mavis.

Stiffkey was blessed with glorious sunshine on June 29th for the cricket match between Stiffkey Snowdrops and Langham Bluebells. The Bluebells batted first and were soon losing wickets on a pitch of uncertain bounce. Most Stiffkey bowlers took wickets, J. Patrick, S. Bashforth and M. Webb each taking 2. For Langham, Tom Dye proved the hero, scoring 42 runs out of a total of 79, including five 6’s.

Goldfinch - King Harry. Bullfinch - Blood up. Swift - Devlin. Missel Thrush - Fulfer. Siskin - Aberdevine. Greenfinch - Green-ulf.

A further quiz (especially for those not brought up in Norfolk) What are:A roger? A ligger? Troshing? A mawkin? A gant?

Holt Photographic Studio

In reply Stiffkey were in trouble, 5 wickets down for only 20. Tom Dye showed he was not just a batsman as he ran out two batsmen with direct hits of the stumps. Rescue for Stiffkey came from big-hitting Steve Richards who, in a few balls, changed the game with some magnificent big hits. Excitement built up as Stiffkey passed the Langham total with only 2 wickets to spare.

9 Bull Street, Holt, NR25 6HR

For professional Photography in North Norfolk

John Lewis

An early finish allowed time for a short additional game, which Langham won comfortably, allowing all to leave well satisfied with the afternoon’s proceedings, not least the wonderful refreshments which fuelled spectators and players alike. S.Bashforth

Tel: eMail:



Weddings Portraits Social Events Christenings

01263 711423 (studio) 01263 711536 (office & evenings) studio@holtphoto.co.uk

Netball Kit Thank you to Gambit Enterprises, our uniform supplier, who have kindly sponsored our new netball kit.

MUSIC Tuition is provided by the Norfolk Music Service, for which tuition fees are charged

NEW MOBILE CLASS We have had all the services fitted now and are just waiting for the entrance slopes and exit steps to be installed. We will be up and running for the beginning of the Autumn Term.

SCHOOL NEWS STAFFING Special Education Needs. Liz Player has been offered a more senior post, which she could not refuse. Her valuable support will be very much missed. Lyn Wiles will be taking on her role.

PHOTOGRAPHY AND USE OF IMAGES It is now recommended practice that parent’s consent should be sought before taking photos of school events such as Sports Day. While the Governors see no reason to object to this, anyone concerned should contact the Headmaster at the school.

Wyatt Earp is recovering from a recent appendectomy. Class 2 would welcome any parents, next academic year, who would be willing to listen to readers either on a weekly or rota basis. If you are at all interested please see Vee Hopkins.



(See page 17)

Visit to Charterhouse Field Study Centre Older children had a fantastic time. These trips offer tremendous opportunities for children to develop on a personal-social side and to gain independence skills. Next year will see a trip to How Hill Norfolk Broads Centre and the year after to the Brecon Beacons.

1. (a) Drug overdose. (b) (Prescribed) drug overdose. (c) Murdered. (d) Shot (by his father). (e) Drug overdose. 2. (a) Ipswich Town. (b) Newcastle United. (c) Southampton. (d) Manchester United. (e) Middlesborough. 3. Secretary-General, United Nations. 4. 5 golden rings. 5. Not in my backyard. 6. Cricket commentator. 7. 99. 8. Sealed with a loving kiss. 9. Guatemala City. 10. A girl, or a wedding.

Outing to Snettisham Park Farm In July the whole school spent a day at the farm, Langham School Friends paying for the two coaches. Summer Fair Friday 11th July was a beautiful summer’s day and the school grounds were filled with stalls and games. The children themselves had designed and made most of the games and manned them expertly. All congratulations to staff and children for a happy day. Sports day Took place on 14th July, having been deferred because of bad weather.

LAST WORD Don’t put your foot down if you haven’t got a leg to stand on.

Leaver’s Lunch and Leaver’s Assembly Took place on Friday, 18th July. The Leavers’ Disco on Thursday 17th.


Charles Ogle-Rush

Swimming/Gymnastics at Alderman Peel High School Will start on 8th September. Class 3 will go every week to complete their swimming and gymnastic programme. Class 4 will swim during the autumn term and do gymnastics in the spring term, and Years 5 and 6 will go gymnastics in the Autumn and swimming in the Spring term. Packed lunches will be necessary.

Let me drive you near or far to Planes, Boats, Trains, Theatres, Dinners, Children’s parties etc Anywhere - Anytime Day or Night

Inter-House Tournaments We are working through our tennis, chess and netball tournaments, it is good to see the children so enthusiastic.

01328 830 030

Cycling Proficiency Years 5/6 are working towards tests.

Licensed by NNDC and fully insured



THE WOODWORK SHOP KITCHEN COMPANY LTD Wood & hand painted kitchens, designed, supplied & fitted. Telephone to request a brochure pack or visit our showroom in Great Ryburgh. Tel: 01328 829529

Reliable handyman, available for work indoors and out, including grass cutting, gardening, small building jobs, painting and decorating. Competitive rates.

ANDY WILLIAMSON REMOVALS - Langham Competitive prices—Free quotations ‘We take the stress out of your move’ Tel: 01328 830177 Mobile: 0774 709 6789

PAUL LAURIE Expert bird-watching tours every day at Cley, Titchwell, Holkham and Holme Dunes Tel: 01328 830617 www.birdtour.co.uk


ALLCLEAN—The Carpet Cleaning Specialists

Grass & Hedge Cutting - Fencing Patios & Paths - The complete garden service

Professionally clean: homes, upholstery, curtains, oriental rugs, patios, driveways, car interiors.

Tel: 01328 830694 or 07747 001261

Tel: Danny, on 01603 891571


GREAT GRASS - Tel: 01328 822114 Our lawn service includes fertilizing, controlling weeds and moss using specialist machinery to create and nurture great lawns

ALISTAIR STEVENSON I provide local delivery of newspapers in Bale, Field Dalling and Saxthorpe. Contact me if you would like a daily paper delivered - Tel: 01328 878271

DRIVING TESTS - Do you want help passing all 3?

A well-established, family business specialising in the letting and maintenance of quality holiday cottages Tel: 01263 713133 www.luxury-norfolk-cottages.com

LANGHAM LASS G and Rural Crafts Free admission to Factory Shops Tea Room and Craft Barns

SITE OPEN DAILY 10 am to 5 pm Live demonstrations - Glass Making Ros and Danny Craft Workshops Museum and video - Glass Engraving Factory Glass Shop - Tea Room Walled garden - Adventure Playground

MAZE MAIZE NOW OPEN FACTORY OUTLET SHOP 14 Bull Street, Holt 01263 711714 The Long Barn, North Street, Langham, Holt, Norfolk Telephone 01328 830511 Facsimile 01328 830787 www.langhamglass.co.uk email: langhamglass@talk21.com

Do you need cheaper insurance now that you have passed, re-training or increased confidence? Ring CHASM: friendly instructor, competitive price: 01328 851326

Get closer

to nature

• Enjoy miles of nature trails through unspoilt fen meadows, woodland and lakes • See dozens of bird species including rare migratory visitors • Enjoy the Millennium Garden created by Chelsea Flower Show award winner Piet Oudolf (ask about our guided tours) • Courtyard Café and the Pensthorpe Gift Shop

Get closer... To the BG Wildlife Photographer of the year Exhibition Saturday 12th July - Sunday 17th August Entrance £2.50 (exhibition only) To the National Wildlife Carving and Sculpture Exhibition Friday 22nd August - Sunday 31st August Entrance £2.50 (exhibition only)

Both in the Pensthorpe Exhibition Centre

Open 10am-5pm 7 days a week on the A1067, Fakenham, Norfolk t: 01328 851465 www.pensthorpe.com

Local Lynx is printed by Century Printing, 132 High Street, Stalham, Norwich NR12 9AZ. Tel/Fax: 01692 582958

Profile for Robert Metcalfe

Local Lynx Issue 31 - Aug/Sept 2003  

Community newspaper for 10 North Norfolk villages - Bale, Binham, Cockthorpe, Field Dalling, Gunthorpe, Langham, Morston, Saxlingham, Sharri...

Local Lynx Issue 31 - Aug/Sept 2003  

Community newspaper for 10 North Norfolk villages - Bale, Binham, Cockthorpe, Field Dalling, Gunthorpe, Langham, Morston, Saxlingham, Sharri...