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APRIL & MAY 2003


St. John, Stiffkey—Janet Beckett

Get closer to nature Sunday 11th May ‘Dawn Chorus Walk with David North’ Meet at 4.45 am in the carpark, breakfast at 8 am. Price - £7.50 (includes breakfast) Saturday 31st May & Sunday 1st June ‘Pensthorpe Gardeners’ Fair’. Adults £5, Children £2.50 (season tickets not valid) Saturday 12th July to Sunday 17th August ‘British Gas Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition’ Admission £2.50 Friday 22nd August to Sunday 31st August ‘National Wildlife Carving and Sculpture Exhibition’ Admission £2.50

Pensthorpe - Fakenham OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 10 am - 4.30 pm Adult £5.50 Senior Citizen £5.00 Child £3.00 Families (2 adults, 2 children) £15.00

Tel: 01328 851465 www.pensthorpe.com 

LANGHAM LASS G and Rural Crafts Free admission to Factory Shops Tea Room and Craft Barns

SITE OPEN DAILY 10 am to 5 pm Live demonstrations - Glass Making Pottery throwing - Didgeridoo Crafts Museum and video - Glass Engraving Factory Glass Shop - Tea Room Walled garden - Adventure Playground


FACTORY OUTLET SHOP Now open at 14 Bull Street, Holt 01263 711714 The Long Barn, North Street, Langham, Holt, Norfolk Telephone 01328 830511 Facsimile 01328 830787 www.langhamglass.co.uk email: langhamglass@talk21.com



In our ten villages

- is a non-profit-making community newspaper, run for the benefit of ten villages. For information about submitting items for publication and about distribution, or if you want to help in any other way, please contact your named village representative. For general information and to advertise please ring Helen & Bob Brandt on 01328-830056. You can also send a fax on that number. The address is: 28 Binham Road, Langham, Holt NR25 7AB.

APRIL 1st Tues. Field Dalling Church A.P.C.M. 7.30 pm 5th Sat. Gunthorpe Institute. Beating Breast Cancer Sponsored Walk. (Crocus Walk) 10.00 am. 5th Sat. Saxlingham Church Spring Clean. 10 am – 12. 6th Sun. Binham Priory, ‘A Phoenix in Spring’.3.00 pm 7th Mon. Chequers, Binham. Quiz Night, 6.30 for 7.30 7th Mon. Langham Christian Aid Lunch. The Travis. 12 noon – 2.00 pm. 9th Wed. Langham Ladybirds. Parish room, 7.30pm 9th Wed. Gunthorpe & Swanton Novers WI. The Institute. 2.00 pm 12th Sat. Gunthorpe Churchyard spring clean, 9.00 am 12th Sat. Field Dalling Churchyard morning. 10.00 12.00 12th Sat. Langham. Joy’s Coffee Morning, Old Manor Barn, 10 am – 12 midday 13th Sun. Langham Church APCM after 9.30am service. 14th Mon. Field Dalling Annual Parish Council meeting. 7.30 pm. 15th Tues. Langham Parish Room Tuesday Art Club Exhibition, 10.00 am – 4.00 pm 21st Mon. Stiffkey W.I. Mrs Gentry. 22nd Tues. Binham Village Hall A.G.M. 7.30 26th Sat. Binham Village Hall. Keith Skipper & the Press Gang. 7.30 pm th 26 Sat. Gunthorpe Institute. 50/50 Club presentation coffee morning. 10.30 am 29th Tues. Binham Annual Parish Meeting, Village Hall 7.30 pm

Rates for advertising (pre-paid) are: One column x 62 mm (1/8 page): £10 One column x 125 mm (1/4 page): £20 Discount for contract for six issues: 6 for the price of 5 Small ads: Non-commercial ads: £1 for up to three lines of text. We warmly welcome drawings, articles and letters for publication, but are now receiving so much material for each issue (and never know until shortly before publication how much material we will have) that we must reserve the right to edit entries. We prefer to edit rather than to omit items altogether. Please submit through your village representative COPY FOR JUNE/JULY ISSUE REQUIRED BY 9th MAY


MAY 4th Sun. Gunthorpe Church. Beeston Hall Choir. 5.00 pm 9th Fri. Binham Bacchanalians 13th Tues. Langham Annual Parish Council Meeting. 7.00 pm 14th Wed. Gunthorpe & Swanton Novers W.I. 2.00 pm 14th Wed. Langham Ladybirds, Parish Room; 7.30 pm. 16th Fri. Binham Village Hall, Christian Aid lunch, noon to 2.00 pm. th 17 Sat. Langham plant sale, 10.00 am – 11.00 am. 18th Sun. Cockthorpe, Poetry Evensong. 18th Sun. Sharrington Village Hall tea party. 3.00 pm 19th Mon. Field Dalling Parish Council meeting. 19th Mon. Stiffkey W.I. Jenny Sparks. 26th Mon. Langham Churchyard, Coffee morning. 31st Sat. Gunthorpe 50/50 Club, Coffee Morning. 10.30

holds regular advice surgeries in the constituency. He can also be contacted via the constituency office at: 15 Market Place North Walsham Norfolk NR28 9BP Tel: 01692 403752 Fax: 01692 500818 e-mail: normanlamb@hotmail.com www.normanlamb.org

NOT A CHURCH APPEAL There may well be people in our ten villages who do not go to church very often but who would like to contribute to the upkeep of their local church. It has been suggested that we should include this form for their use if they should so wish. Name…………………………………………………. Address………………………………………………. I wish to give regularly to the Fabric Fund of ………. ………………………………………………..Church.


Mister Lynx appeared on page 7 in the Bluebell advert, on page 14 in the flower decoration panel, on page 19 behind a tree in the upper panel and on page 20 driving one of Mr Ogle-Rush’s cars. Our thanks to our advertisers for their co-operation. Mr Lynx appears 5 times in this issue.

I wish to give by standing order or by Gift Aid Envelopes.

Please cut out or copy this form and give it to the Vicar or a member of the congregation. Someone will then contact you to arrange for your donation to be collected.


Regular Service Rota for Bale and Stiffkey Groups for APRIL & MAY FOR EASTER SERVICES PLEASE SEE PANEL BELOW HC = Holy Communion. FS = Family Service. MP = Morning Prayer. EP = Evening Prayer. BCP = Book of Common Prayer

All Communion Services are in traditional Language except for those marked * Parish Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Bale 9.30 am HC 9.30 am HC 9.30 am HC 9.30 am Field Dalling 11.00 am MP 11.00 am HC 11.00 am MC 11.00 am Gunthorpe 11.00 am HC 11.00 am MP 4.00 pm HC 9.30 am Saxlingham

9.30 am HC 8.00 am HC-BCP 9.30 am For Family Service please check church notice board

Sharrington 9.30 am MP 9.30 am - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Binham 11.00 am HC 11.00 am Langham 11.00 am HC* 9.30 am Morston 9.30 am HC-BCP No Service Stiffkey 11.00 am FS 11.00 am





6.00 pm


9.30 am - - - - 9.30 am


9.30 am


9.30 am

9.30 am


No Service

8.00 am


11.00 am



EASTER SERVICES PALM SUNDAY, APRIL 13th Bale Holy Communion Binham Holy Communion Field Dalling Holy Communion Gunthorpe Morning Prayers Langham Holy Communion Saxlingham Holy Communion Sharrington Holy Communion Stiffkey Holy Communion

9.30 a.m. 11.00 a.m. 11.00 a.m. 9.30 a.m. 9.30 a.m. 8.00 a.m. 9.30 a.m. 11.00 a.m.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 16th Langham Holy Communion

10.00 a.m.

MAUNDY THURSDAY, APRIL 17th Gunthorpe Group Holy Communion

7.00 p.m.

GOOD FRIDAY, APRIL 18th Bale Litany and Ante Communion Field Dalling Good Friday Service Morston Good Friday Service Langham Good Friday Service for Families Saxlingham Good Friday Service Sharrington Good Friday Service Stiffkey Good Friday Service

I count myself very lucky to take services in the beautiful church buildings of our nine parishes. Tourists also think I am lucky. The visitors books are full of comments like ‘lovely building’ ‘an amazing place’ and ‘wonderful place of worship’. I can’t agree more. It’s all due to a lot of effort from people in each parish. These gallant souls make sure the churches are repaired, insured and open for worship and visitors all the year round. They also raise most of the money needed to do this. Grants for repairs can come from a number of places, and each congregation is grateful for generous gifts. But hard work and much time are needed each year to meet the running costs in full. I am sure you would like me to thank everyone who cares for our church buildings and keeps them in such good repair. These people make sure each village has a church which serves the people and the many visitors who come to the parishes each year. With love and good wishes to you all. John

11.00 a.m. 11.00 a.m. 10.00 a.m. 11.00 a.m. 2.00 p.m. 9.30 a.m. 2.00 p.m.

GOD’S CLOWN RETURNS TO BINHAM PRIORY The Rev.d Roly Bain, in full clown’s gear, will be appearing at Binham Priory on Sunday, 1st June at 4.00 pm. Children and Adults are welcome. There is no admission charge, but a collection plate to cover costs will be at the back of the Church.

EASTER EVE (HOLY SATURDAY), APRIL 19th Binham Easter Eve Communion for Children and Families 4.30 p.m. followed by Easter Egg Hunt at 5.15 p.m. Easter Vigil 8.30 p.m. EASTER DAY, APRIL 20th All Services Holy Communion: Bale 9.30 a.m. Field Dalling 11.00 a.m. Langham 9.30 a.m. Saxlingham 9.30 a.m. Stiffkey 11.00 a.m.

HC 9.30 am - - - - - - - HC 11.00 am



MARTIN DALE tells us that, if anyone would like him to visit them, especially in his focus parishes of Field Dalling and Stiffkey, please call him at 01328 878292 or 01328 822044 or e.mail him at mndale@aol.com and he will be delighted to arrange a time to come over.

Binham 11.00 a.m. Gunthorpe 11.00 a.m. Morston 9.30 a.m. Sharrington 9.30 a.m.

DEANERY EUCHARIST - ASCENSION DAY This will be held in St. Andrew’s Church Holt on Thursday 29th. May at 7.00 p.m. and afterwards a shared supper in Holt Church Hall.




will take place over Easter, moving 18th April and becoming fully functional Tuesday 22nd April. For out of hours service phone the usual 01263 712461. Urgent surgery at Melton Constable, Sat. morning, 19th April. Repeat prescriptions: Can be ordered by telephone answering machine, letter, fax or email. A secure ‘letter box’ collection point will be available in Budgens, Holt for receiving requests. After the move the practice will be open throughout the lunch period for picking up medication. Holt Chemist will collect repeat prescription requests from the surgery to save travelling for patients. Patients living near surgeries at Melton Constable or Blakeney may still collect repeat prescriptions there. Transport Issues: The practice has included Norfolk County Transport Department, local service providers and voluntary organisations in the planning. Needs of patients living in outlying villages are allowed for in appointment system and staff will, if advised, offer suitable appointment times to patients using local bus services, Dial a Ride, etc. No new community bus, but Community Transport may consider a taxi voucher scheme in some cases. Holt Caring Society will answer genuine calls for help on 01263 711243 and welcomes help from drivers with spare time. “Our present site is far too small to cope with all the activities we demand of it, whereas the new site will provide much needed space in a purpose built building. Our practice area covers 100 square miles. Some people will always be inconvenienced by change, but those who are disadvantaged will be given consideration in, for example, home visits.” Further information and enquiries to: Rosemary Scott, General Manager at Holt Medical Practice, or Norman Cooker, Holt medical Practice Representative on Health Watch, C/o NNPCT, Kelling Hospital.

(Established 25 years)

Tiling, Slating, New Roofs Strip/Retile & Repairs Telephone: 01328 730386 or 07748 845143 Email: akeebleroofing@supanet.com POST OFFICES – USE ‘EM OR LOSE ‘EM As most people are aware, the system of drawing pensions and other benefits via an allowance book, is soon to be discontinued (starting 1st April for some benefits). Many are concerned, as they do not wish to have their money paid directly into a bank account, with the inconvenience of having to travel to a bank in town. However there are other options. You may draw cash at your local Post Office. Leaflets are available, explaining the three ways in which cash can be collected. Remember, it is your choice, if you do not take advantage while you can, many more rural Post Offices will be forced to close, taking away that option. L.B.

LOMAX ANTIQUES FAIRS Antiques lovers - don’t miss the third North Norfolk Fine Art and Antiques Fair at Sussex Barn, Burnham Market. Saturday, 19th April, 11.00 am – 6.00 pm Sunday, 20th April, 10.30 am – 6.00 pm Monday, 21st April 10.30 am – 5.00 pm. Datelined, fully stand fitted event, with free parking, Light refreshments available.


Enquiries: 01603 737631. Mob. 07747 843074 www.lomaxantiquesfairs.co.uk.

Saturday, April 12th , at the Manor Hotel, Blakeney Quay, 10.30 – 12 noon. Cakes, Raffle, Books, Tombola, Bric-abrac, etc. Entrance £1, includes coffee and biscuits.

CLEY AMATEUR DRAMATIC SOCIETY (C.A.D.S.) APPEAL FOR HELP S.O.S. Hi, there! I was Dame Sheila in our recent pantomime hope you remember! Then the pantomime went to Australia but this year it’s going NOWHERE unless we get some new blood, fast. We need lots of help, acting, singing, piano/keyboard playing, as well as behind the scenes, costumes and props for example.

A warm welcome awaits you

So, will you be dinkie-die and give us that help? Our Annual General Meeting is at 7.30 pm on Thursday March 27th at Langham Parish Room (England). It’s open to everyone, so please come along. Or, if the Lynx hasn’t reached you in time, you can always ring me on 01263 741123. Enjoy yourselves. Fair dinkum, cobbers!

Traditional Home Cooked Food Served 7 days a week Specialising in seafood and produce from local farms

The Anchor Inn, The Street, Morston tel: 01263 741392 email: t.hearth@ukonline.co.uk

Dame Sheila (Alias Mike Goodman)





3 April, Thursday – ‘Gardeners’ Question Time’ in Cley Village Hall at 7.00 pm (Please note the time) 8th May, Thursday – Resolutions Meeting, Cley Village Hall at 2.30 pm.

All types of

PLUMBING WORK carried out


Local service

Bernard Crowe Tel: 01263 740137 Email:bernardcrowe@north-norfolk.gov.uk

Rose Croft, 26 Albert Street, Holt. Telephone: (01263) 710149

North Norfolk District Council Ward changes. Glaven Valley Ward will come into effect from May 1st 2003. comprising Blakeney, Brinton with Sharrington, Field Dalling with Saxlingham, Letheringsett with Glandford, Morston, Stody with Hunworth, Thornage and Wiveton. The Ward has a population of 1899 and will be supported by one councillor. Langham and Stiffkey move into the Priory Ward with Binham, Hindringham, Holkham, Warham and Wells-next-theSea. This Ward has a population of 3553 and will be supported by two councillors. Right to buy: The Secretary of State has designated North Norfolk District Council as a ‘rural area’ for Right to Buy purposes. It is now possible to impose restrictions on the resale of properties sold under the Right to Buy to ensure - a) that the property can only be sold to someone who has lived or worked locally for three years, or b) that the property must be offered back to the council if it is resold within 10 years. Waste Disposal: Still being discussed. Norfolk, having made a good start with recycling, unfortunately does not receive the additional funding targeted by government at low achievers. Landfill, at present the cheapest option, will become much more expensive when landfill taxation is imposed. Wheelie bins still being considered. Your comments welcome. Council Tax: In 2002, we carried out a Corporate Review, seeking a leaner and more efficient Council. We have made savings in delivering services, and restricted the increase in NNDC council tax to 6.5%. That figure includes current 2% inflation and central government stealth taxation, which we cannot control. Key items are nationally set staff salaries, and increased National Insurance contributions. In 2004/05, we will face similar problems. Government legislation on waste/recycling alone is estimated at £927,000, to be met, under current arrangements, by cutting services or raising council tax. The Corporate Review has identified a programme which will necessitate a radical approach to delivering services to reduce local taxation in future years. This will require strong leadership to implement. E-Government: Project Reach Out is now in service, delivered on time and within the £450,000 awarded by government and the East of England Development Authority. Our proposals for our Front Office/Back Office integration project and for our Benefits system have also been approved.

BIRD WATCHING TOURS IN NORFOLK Paul Laurie, an expert bird watcher and tour leader has run the Bird I.D Company for the last 5 years. He operates bird watching tours every day through the year at Cley, Titchwell, Holkham and Holme Dunes, at a cost of £25 per person for the day. These tours normally see 80 – 90 species a day, including Bittern, Garganey, Marsh Harrier, Hobby, Avocet, Nightingale, Bearded Tit and Hawfinch. In June and July specialist tours see Honey Buzzard, Montagu’s Harrier and golden Oriole, at a cost of £40, including chauffeuring and lunch. For further information, contact Paul on 01328 830617, visit website at www.birdtour.co.uk, e.mail Paul.seethebird@virgin.net or write to The Bird I.D.Company, 37, Westgate, Warham Road, Binham, Norfolk NR28 0DQ. He also strongly recommends a visit to Bradfield Hall Farm Nature Reserve at Bradfield, North Walsham, Norfolk NR28 0QW, Tel: 01263 833200, for bird watching and countryside walks. Ed. Thank you, Paul, for your donation to Lynx.

Peggy Corney D.O. Arnaud Geanty D.O. Osteopaths Osteopathy is a gentle, effective method of treatment which can help with back pain, joint pain, migraine and head pain, as well as many other conditions. We also treat babies and children

Stonebeck, The Street, Gunthorpe, Melton Constable

Tel: 01263 861184

SWISS REFORMED CHURCH SERVICE There will be a ‘Swiss Reformed Church Service’ (in German) at 3.30 pm on Sunday, 6th April, 2003 at the Parish Church in Thornage. All German speakers welcome. Any queries, please contact Rev.d Martin Dale or Mrs Maddy Dale at 01328 878292 or by e-mail at mndale@aol.com.




Jackie (now Finch), who now lives in Hindringham, tells us that she was brought up in Binham. She has a passion for designing all types of garden and has recently designed a garden for H.D.R.A., the organic organisation near Coventry, which will be open to the public later this year. For unique, hand drawn garden plans, you can contact Jackie on 01328 878851 or 07776292211 Ed. Thank you, Jackie, for your donation to Lynx.

General Builders & Decorators No job too small or large

 45 THE STREET, HINDRINGHAM FAKENHAM, NORFOLK, NR21 0PR Phone: 01328 878357 - Free Quotations -


May 14 - Michael Lasky and Friends. May 16th - Emily Wills. (all these poets will be reading their own work at British Columbia Hall, Salthouse, at 7.30 pm.) th 18 May - Evensong with poetry at All Saints Church, Cockthorpe.





01328 878357

01263 712905

RELIABLE HANDYMAN Available for work indoors and out, including grass cutting, gardening, small building jobs, painting and decorating. Competitive rates. No job too small. Call Colin 01328 830568 (evenings) or leave a message. Ed. Thanks, Colin, for your donation.

NORFOLK WILDLIFE TRUST There were two January events. Early in the month some 40 members braved the winter wind and assembled in Lady Anne's Drive, Holkham to see the Geese which winter with us. Guided by Chris Wheeler and Richard Porter, we saw thousands of Pink-footed Geese from Iceland, displaying pink feet as they landed, Whitefronted Geese from Siberia, flying low showed their black-barred bellies, and Brent Geese were to be seen. Afar a Merlin sat on a post whilst Golden Plovers circled in the sky. Over the dunes and on the saltings, Twite, Shore Larks and Snow Buntings were flying and settling to feed. The wind abated, a pleasant morning was enjoyed then some retired to the warmth of the Victoria. For the monthly evening meeting we were taken to Holt Lowes by Simon Harrap. By Holt Country Park, but managed by separate Trustees, Holt Lowes is an SSSI with several plants more commonly found in an Atlantic environment on the west coast of England and Scotland, not found elsewhere in Norfolk - Wood Horsetail, Lesser Skullcap and Common Wintergreen. He showed us distribution charts, with a dot in Holt Lowes for these and other species and few other dots except in the west of these islands. He explained that the area, formed 10,000 years ago at the end of the ice age, was wooded until cleared by Bronze Age man, giving its present appearance. Cattle are being introduced to restore the Bronze Age habitat, now it is no longer used for grazing and wood gathering by the local population. A fascinating illustrated talk about an area on our doorstep. On Thurs. 20th March, Dr Ian Burrows’ illustrated talk "Papua New Guinea - a naturalist's paradise". Visitors always welcome. Admission: Members £1.50 and visitors £2. Do come and let your committee know what you would like in future programmes. Meetings are well attended but the input of all members is needed. New committee members always needed. If you are prepared to join the committee or help in any way, contact Diana Noyau (01263 822069) or make yourself known to a committee member. John D. Cucksey

ROYAL STUDS AT SANDRINGHAM Maddy Dale is organising a trip to Sandringham on the first or second Wednesday in May, 2003, leaving at 6.00 pm. Numbers are limited to 30, cost £10 - to go towards church funds in the Bale/Stiffkey Group. Contact Maddy Dale on Tel: 01328 878292, Fax 01328 822044 or e.mail at mndale@aol.com

HAROLD DAVIDSON, RECTOR OF STIFFKEY Author researching balanced, non-sensational account of Harold Davidson would like to talk to anyone with information about his life. Please telephone Mr Tucker on 07968 025 742

ROBIN PEEL, GARDEN SERVICES After many years of working for Grove Farm, Langham, Robin Peel has decided to become self-employed, to provide a reliable and professional garden service to the local community. He tells us he covers general garden maintenance, grass and hedge cutting, patios, paths and fencing. No job is too big or too small. Contact him on: 01328 830694 or Mobile 07747 001261 Ed; thank you, Robin, for your donation.





BALE News Contact: Sue Berry 01328 878621

For regular church services see panel on page 3

WROXY (!) MUSIC Given up busking? Haunted by an unusual musical instrument? Once a month a group of musical enthusiasts, high in enthusiasm, mixed in ability, meet in Wroxham under the title of Wroxy Music. The group comprises musicians who suffer from various forms of dementia, and their carers, together with trained helpers. The sessions are hugely enjoyed by all, and include percussion sessions and ‘sing-alongs’ as well as craft work and a good chat at lunchtime.

Now the mornings are getting lighter…………


Do you have an unwanted musical instrument (it does not have to be in perfect condition) or perhaps some piano scores from the shows and music halls? Is there any sheet music in your piano stool? We trawl the charity shops for records but our old turntable has developed its own version of 33 and 45 r.p.m., resulting in a revival of Pinky and Perky. Have you a portable record player in the loft?

Rabbits were introduced here during early Christian times, but the mystical hare has always been with us. During the month of March, buck hares (male) act so differently from other times of the year. The doe (female) hare will rest in her ‘seat’ during the day. A ‘seat’ is a shallow ‘scrape out’ in the soil on a field, facing the prevailing winds, hiding her exact shape and height just so she can see all around.

The sessions are run by Pabulum, a Norwich-based charity which trains helpers to bring support (and fun) to those affected by dementia, and their carers, by means of skilful reminiscence in their home. We are always delighted to receive donations of everyday things from years gone by, such as tools, kitchen equipment and clothes. It does not have to be unusual, quite the opposite, but likely to stimulate memories.

From a seat in March she makes her call loud and clear. On a fine day it will carry and draw any bucks towards her. The bucks, when nearby, do all they can to impress the hidden doe, who will eventually choose one buck leading on to courtship and mating. To impress they do their maddest by chasing each other around in circles and zig-zags at high speed, to then rear up on hind legs and have full fearless boxing matches with their front legs.

If you can help us, please call Jenny on 01328 878914, or Pabulum on 01603 424100. They would be delighted to tell you more about the work or to receive donations of memorabilia.

We humans can mimic the doe’s call by sucking through the side of pursed lips, making the repetitive sound like an urgently crying baby. During March I have done this with spectacular results. Either well hidden or from a vehicle, whilst watching one hare steadily lolloping his way towards me to within a couple of yards, when looking around I find six more hares close by!


I have also had hares make threatening moves towards their reflection in a shiny hubcap on a wheel!


Truly as Mad as a March Hare.

For: Drains, Trenches, Footings Drives Levelled and Resurfaced Hedge Cutting, Garden/Site Clearance Tree-stump and Scrub Removal Turf Supplied and Laid

Telephone: 01263 861587 7





Contact: Carolyn Wright Tel: 01328 830270 Fax: 01328 830840


For regular services, see panel on page 3 BINHAM PRIORY SPECIAL SERVICES Sunday 30th March Mothering Sunday Service at 9.30 am

Holt (01263) 712039

Saturday 19th April Easter Children’s Service 4.30 pm followed by Easter Egg Hunt at 5.15 pm and Easter Vigil Candlelight Service at 8.30 pm


Sunday 20th April Easter Day Family Service at 11.00 am

Sunday 6th April at 3.00 pm

Sunday 27th April Evening Prayers at 6.00 pm followed by the Annual Vestry and Parochial Church Meetings from 6.30 pm

A concert given by internationally acclaimed musicians, The Wisconsin Virtuosi - Connie Smith piano, Anne Smith violin, Ruth Kilius viola, Keith Harvey cello, and Elizabeth Watts soprano.

Friday 2nd May Memorial Service for David McCormick at 2 pm

The programme will be: Beethoven Spring Sonata, Scott Piano Trio, Scott. Four Songs from “The Princess”. Mozart Piano Quartet in E flat Major.

Sunday 11th May Choral Eucharist, 11.00 am with Royston Choir and Choral Evensong at 6.30 pm

This will be an opportunity to hear two works by Anthony Scott, the only known pupil of Gerald Finzi and a protégé of Ralph Vaughan Williams, as well as a rare occasion of a fine piano being played in the Priory.

Sunday 1st June Roly Bains, God’s Clown, fun and worship at 4.00 pm

Tickets: £8 each from Maureen Frost, Victoria Cottage, Langham Road, Binham. Tel: 01328 830362

CELEBRATION OF THE CORONATION JUBILEE Binham and Cockthorpe are planning a day of family fun on Saturday 21st June on Binham Green, 12.30 to 3.30 pm, with “A Midsummer Mardle” - a celebration of the Coronation Jubilee year and Fun and Games with a Barbeque Picnic. There will be no charge but offers of food will be appreciated.

MUSIC 2003, SUMMER SEASON AT THE PRIORY All concerts will be at 7.30 pm Eroica Quartet 4th July, Friday, Trevor Pinnock, harpsichord 6th July, Sunday, th 12 July, Saturday, Dell’Arte Quartet Alison Stephens, mandolin 18th July, Friday, Kandinsky Trio 25th July, Friday, 2nd August, Sunday, Badinerie with Suzannah Self mezzo soprano There will also be a charity concert on Saturday 23rd August given by artists based in Cambridge in aid of the local Alzheimer Support Group. For more information about any of the concerts contact Maureen Frost, 01328 830362

At the Village Hall, 7.30 to 10.30 pm, a Village Dance and Supper with cash bar and Line and Square dancing for the 8’s to 80’s. All households will have a leaflet containing details in May, but please book the date in your diary and tell your friends and visitors.

Charles Ogle-Rush Let me drive you near or far to Planes, Boats, Trains, Theatres, Dinners, Children’s parties etc

BINHAM BACCHANALIANS We enjoyed a lively and informative wine tasting with Max Graham-Wood on 24th January. We are planning a return visit from him towards the end of the year. Our final get-together of this season will be on Friday 9th May when the theme will be “Bin Ends and Odd Bods”. We will also hold a short quiz connected (loosely) to the lighter side of Booze and Grub. For more information contact Richard Lewis on 830723.

Anywhere - Anytime Day or Night 01328 830 030 Licensed by NNDC and fully insured


The Map House Smokers Hole

DAVID MCCORMICK David McCormick has left many of his friends a daily – even an hourly – reminder of his skill as an engineer: the steady tick and chime of the clocks he lovingly restored. Others will remember him for the music that he brought into their lives, not least through the Bach concerts he arranged at Binham Priory. For some there will be memories of David as a teacher, with a gift for helping exactly those children whose need was the greatest.

ETC Gold Award BTB B&B of the year 2001 Enjoy comfort and total privacy in luxurious double suites, each with bedroom, bathroom, sitting room and own staircase. Breakfast with fresh local ingredients.

Yet more will picture him walking – with a boyish smile, a wave – in the Norfolk lanes or in the hills of his beloved Lake District. He always seemed to be attached to a dog; in recent years it was Henry, a champion of that most rugged and singular breed, the Norfolk marshland terrier. Whichever way David is remembered, whether as a happy and proud family man, as a wartime RAF officer, as an inventive engineer, a teacher, a clockmaker or as a genial neighbour and friend, one thing is certain: “He was never an old man,” as Katie, one of his granddaughters, remarked. He had simply accumulated a large number of years. David McCormick had, in fact, just passed his 83rd birthday when he died on February 13th as a result of acute myeloid leukaemia. David and Jane had recently celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary.

Mary Alexander - tel: 01263-741304 www.maphouse.net

It was only after his retirement that he decided to qualify as an horologist, taking a three-year diploma course and learning the fine skills of his new craft. The clocks that he repaired and restored tick quietly on. Recently David and Jane had enjoyed visiting their daughter, Sarah, in her new home in Spain. They also took great pride in the success of their son, Francis, the distinguished scientist, Fellow of the Royal Society and professor of molecular oncology at the University of California. A celebration of David McCormick’s life – with all his family and his many friends – will take place at Binham Priory at 2 p.m. on Friday May 2nd.

It must have been a matter of profound importance to him that, although given only the shortest time, he was able to make his farewells to his entire family. His daughter arrived from Spain; his son flew in from California. His latest grandson, Jasper, just six weeks old, was laid in his arms – to his surprise and pleasure.

Note: I would like to thank the members of the Parishes of the Stiffkey and Bale Benefice for the kind gift in appreciation of my husband, David McCormick’s work over the years. I propose buying a garden seat in his memory. Jane

David was the son of an unusually widely known churchman: Pat McCormick was rector of St. Martin’sin-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square, and one of the first clergymen to come to fame as a radio broadcaster. David would recall, poignantly, that he first heard of his father’s death in a news bulletin on the wireless. By then David was at Cambridge, reading aeronautical engineering at St John’s College. He volunteered for the RAF when war broke out but the Air Ministry, in need of qualified engineers, insisted that he should complete his degree before joining up. It was a time of rationing which, in this case, included a strict limit on the amount of time David allowed himself to spend with Jane. They had first seen each other in a Chinese restaurant in Cambridge when, despite the fact that they were both there with other people, David confided to a friend: “I shall marry her …”

THE PRESS GANG …… Keith Skipper and the Press Gang will be at the Village Hall on Saturday 26th April at 7.30 p.m. Tickets are £6 per head from Richard Lewis at 01328 830723 or Liz Brown at 01328 830519. Wine/orange juice will be available in the interval at £1 and 50p respectively. Please note maximum seating number is 120. Tickets are already going fast, so please contact one of us soon to book your seat.


And he did. He would soon be posted to India, where he served for three years, becoming RAF director of research and development for South East Asia Command.





After the war, David and Jane came to Norfolk when he was offered the job of designing and creating a dairy business at Heath Farm, Fakenham. They later moved to the west of England where David began a teaching career which would, eventually, bring him back to set up a special needs department at Gaywood Park School, King’s Lynn.


Stress-related problems, Muscular pains, Poor circulation, Digestive disorders, Back problems and Tension

Ring for an appointment. Home visits can be arranged Myrtle Cottage, Wiveton, Holt, Norfolk NR25 7TQ

Tel: 01263 740596





The last Quiz Night for this season is Monday 7th April. We look forward to seeing you at 6.30 if you want a meal or at 7.30 for the Quiz. It’s a very informal affair. A big thank-you to Brian and Barbara for welcoming this monthly invasion. For more information call Basil and Helen West at 830551.

large or small

KARL HUNT 01328 855898 free estimates & advice - established 1986


Birds Farm Walsingham Road Hindringham NR21 0BT

WINNERS December: £50 Mrs D Burton, £25 Mr Spriggs, £10 Ann Griffith Jones, £5 Arthur Howell, Mrs Sinclair, Mr M Tyrell. January: £25 Sally Vawser, £10 John Tillyard, £5 Mrs V. Dunn, A. Savory, Judy Byrne.


May 12th to 18 Door to Door Collection. Please give generously to this good cause.

February: £25 Alex Wales, £10 Hannah Wales, £5 Andrew Taylor, Peter Vawser, Anne Griffith Jones. March: £25 Mrs Witherington, £10 Wendy Marsh, £5 P. Antwis, Alex Wales, Mrs V Dunn.

Friday 16th May. Christian Aid Lunch. Binham Village Hall, 12 to 2 pm Soup, cheese and rolls, bring and buy. All very welcome.

We still have some more numbers if anyone wants to join. £1 a month or £12 a year. Please contact Mrs June Read, 8 Priory Crescent, Binham.



The Group consists of anyone interested in Art or Craft, beginner or otherwise. Artists with professional experience form part of the Group and will gladly give advice if needed. We meet every Tuesday from 10 to 12 in the Village Hall. A fee of £2 per morning includes coffee and biscuits. A demonstration of painting or craftwork normally takes place on the first Tuesday of every month.

Village Hall, Tuesday 29th April, 7.30. All Binham organisations will be there to tell you what goes on in their club. Please come along. You may like to join one, some or all of them. Refreshments will be served. (830519)


In February the wild life artist Robert Gillmor gave a very interesting talk about his work and in March, Andrew Dibben carried out an excellent demonstration in watercolour of a marine subject. For further information call James Bucknill on 830651. Everyone welcome.

Tuesday 22nd April, 7.30. Everyone welcome.

COCKTHORPE News Contact: Ann Massingham


01328 830558

Saturday 14th June Christine and John Hills garden at Apple Garth, Langham Road, will be open from 11.00 am to 5.00 pm with stalls and refreshments. All very welcome.

CLEY LITTLE FESTIVAL OF POETRY On the 18th May there will be an Evensong with Poetry at Cockthorpe Church. All are welcome.

Proceeds for the maintenance of The Priory.

M. G . MYHILL All types of chimneys swept

Edwin Watson & Son - Established over 100 years

Residential Estate Agents Surveyors - Managing Agents

Clean Professional Service - Fully Insured -

The Manor House, High Street, Holt NR25 6BN Telephone: 01263 711021

Over 25 years experience

Tel: 01263 860559



Holt Photographic Studio


9 Bull Street, Holt, NR25 6HR

Contact: Margaret Smith 01328 830546

For professional Photography in North Norfolk

For regular services see panel on page 3

John Lewis

ANNUAL PAROCHIAL CHURCH MEETING Tuesday 1st April, 7.30 in the Village Hall


The activities and finances of St Andrew's Church during 2002 will be presented, and officers elected or reelected.. All are welcome, and this meeting will be of particular interest to everyone on the church electoral roll. If you have any questions at all about the way St Andrew's Church is run, funded or repaired, this meeting is for you.



Weddings Portraits Social Events Christenings

01263 711423 (studio) 01263 711536 (office & evenings) studio@holtphoto.co.uk

The next Churchyard Morning Saturday 12th April, from 10-12,

for a grand sort out before the growing season really gets going. If you can spare any time at all, the PCC would be very grateful for your help. Please bring your own equipment (nothing electrical though, as there is no power available). Refreshments will be served in the church.

FIELD DALLING & SAXLINGHAM VILLAGE HALL COMMITTEE Recently Tony Ringer resigned from the post of treasurer after a long period of service; likewise James Duncan resigned as secretary. Both are deserving of thanks for their excellent work over their long periods of service to the Village Hall Committee. Tracey Griffin was elected in January to replace Tony, and Melanie Goodale assumed James’ role, her formal appointment to be confirmed at our meeting on March 10th

The PCC are still actively seeking volunteers to help cut the churchyard grass this year on a rota basis. They now have the use of a ride-on mower, kindly loaned by a parishioner. The more people help, the easier the task will be. Please ring David Peachey (01328 830059) or Roy Findlater (01328 830442) if you are able to volunteer. Your help would be very much appreciated.

A period of relative quiet just now, though plans are afoot to provide a ‘disabled toilet’, hopefully before Easter, and to renovate the interior of our main hall, suffering from the effects of our recent double-glazing installation and electrical re-wiring.

Still on the subject of the churchyard, the PCC is looking for a retired person willing to help with controlling moles in the churchyard. If you can help, please contact David Peachey on (01328 830059).

Finally: a date for your diary. Our Annual Fete will take place on August 2nd, again at Field Dalling Hall by kind consent of Paul and Michael Knights. All will be welcome – it will be a great event as was last years’. See you all then – 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm - plenty of of-road car parking space and no £5 congestion charges in Field Dalling. Michael Russell.

PARISH COUNCIL ANNUAL PARISH MEETING Monday14th April at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall. This is a public meeting, at which the various associations and clubs in the village supported by grants from the Parish Council report on their activities during the past year. It is also a good opportunity to meet other villagers--all are welcome.



Morston near Blakeney


will take place on Saturday 2 August 2:00 to 4:00 pm in the grounds of Field Dalling Hall.

Open every night for dinner and accommodation and lunch on Sundays

The Clock is wound but once, and no man hath the power To tell just where the hands will stop, an early or late hour. The present only is our own, live, love, work with a will. Place no faith in tomorrow, for the clock may then be still.

We are proud to be the holders of 2 AA Red Stars & 3 AA Rosettes

The EDP Norfolk Chef of the Year and The Craft Guild Chef of Great Britain MORSTON, HOLT, NORFOLK NR25 7AA. Tel: (01263) 741041 www.morstonhall.com - email: reception@morstonhall.com



Susannah McDougall Landscape and Garden Design


solutions for the outside space

Contact: Martin Swindells 01263 860517



Holy Communion Matins Maundy Thursday Group Service, Holy Communion 20th Easter Sunday Holy Communion 27th Holy Communion May 4th 11th 18th 25th

Choral Evensong (with Beeston Choir) Matins Holy Communion Holy Communion

11.00 a.m. 11.00 a.m. 7.00 p.m.

email: hallfarm@morston44.freeserve.co.uk

11.00 a.m.


9.30 a.m.

On the freezing cold evening of Thursday 23 January villagers gathered together for the Gunthorpe Institute A.G.M. The committee presented the annual report which had previously been circulated throughout the village. This gave everyone the chance to discuss the past year’s activities and to question future plans. Material for new curtains was available for inspection and new tables were on display. The Treasurer reported a successful year, boosted by the highly enjoyable events which took place before and during the Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations, followed by the annual fete. The two benches purchased from the proceeds of the Jubilee Celebrations are now in place at the Church and outside the Institute.

5.00 p.m. 11.00 a.m. 4.00 p.m. 9.30 a.m.

FRIENDS OF GUNTHORPE PARISH CHURCH This is somewhat of a close season for the FGPC. The committee met on 7 February when finance was the main topic on the agenda. But two big events are on the horizon. First for your diary, Saturday 12th April is the date for our annual churchyard spring clean which takes place all morning. Like most Friends' events, the social side and inner man are not ignored so do come along to hack away, have a good mardle, munch and sip. If you can come, please ring Di Cutterham (860693) as it helps to plan the morning's work.

The committee also outlined the thinking behind the questionnaire, shortly to be circulated throughout the village, seeking villagers’ views on possible future uses for the hall. Finally, management committee for 2003 was elected. John Blakeley - Chairman, Elaine Czwartacki -Treasurer and Sue Traverso - Secretary. Julie Fisher, John Lunniss, Philip Traverso and Sandra Warner were also elected to serve. Diane Blakeley will represent the Friends of Gunthorpe Church, Joan Denton the Womens’ Institute and Paddy Seligman the Parochial Church Council. George Blunden has agreed to become Auditor. Those present at the meeting paid tribute to the services of retiring members of the committee. Fred Wright had served for many years as Chairman and his retirement was much regretted. Diana Arthurson and Ken Prouton resigned during the year and their contribution to the work of the Institute was also mentioned.

Then on Sunday 4th May Beeston Hall Choir are coming to sing Choral Evensong for the tenth consecutive year. Perhaps you won't be surprised to hear there are refreshments after the service.

MANY HAPPY RETURNS To Ray White, who celebrated his 80th birthday on 22nd February.

E. & M. Grimes BUILDERS

The meeting reflected the positive, happy atmosphere that enabled the committee to achieve so much in the past year. In particular the attainment of charitable status, the successful Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations and the parties for the younger members of the community. It is hoped that the new management committee will be able to build on last year’s solid achievements in the year to come.

Telephone (01263) 740274 All types of building works - Painting & Decorating

Free Estimates

sound advice plant sourcing fresh, visual planting plans seasonal improvements

telephone: 01263 740056 mobile: 07887 480793

N.B. no 11.00 am service on Sunday, 4th May.

Flintwork Specialists Extensions Conversions Renovations Alterations New Build


practical and effective detailed plans appropriate materials any space

Galley Hill House, Langham Road, Blakeney, Holt, Norfolk, NR25 7PJ




On the evening of January 11th Gunthorpians, past and present, packed the Institute, awaiting John Blakeley's picture show. Nor were we to be disappointed; with state of the art high-tech projection, his medley of photographs of the village and the people who live or lived here led us back to 1853, when Gunthorpe Hall looked very different. Next he treated us to a comprehensive pictorial record of that memorable 3 June 2002, when we were all well and truly in Golden Jubilee mode.

Home-cooking fresh and frozen meals made to your requirements Contact Sandra Taylor Telephone: 01328 830 649 Fax: 01328 830 999

Chapel Cottage 8 Front Street Binham Norfolk NR21 0AN

Then came the interval, the audience honed in round the billiard table, laden with small eats (the egg sandwiches the most more-ish I've ever encountered); small talk escalated, and even Sue Traverso had a little difficulty getting us quietly seated for the second half.


John switched to his video record of our Jubilee Celebrations with excerpts from the Thanksgiving Service, candid Churchyard comments, unexpurgated. Then the great day itself, preparations, then taking us through the alfresco feasting, buskers busking and sports on the Green, to prize-giving, with generous coverage of all those lovelies (including John Lunniss of course) who make up our twinkle toed Line Dancing Team. Audience pleasure, however, was not entirely unallayed. At least one member realised to his horror that the funny little old man capering in the background was in fact himself.

We all like to see a tidy and well-kept village green and in recent years this has been achieved by a small band of regular volunteers. Please contact John Lunniss on 01263 860937 if you would like to be involved in this year’s schedule.

ROAD SAFETY UPDATE Parish Council takes action and the County responds

It was a privilege to have so many "Old Gunthorpians" with us, including Annie Smith's daughter Shirley, born in No 5 (now Pebble House) and her husband, Colin Bond, whose parents kept the Post Office and Village Shop (where the Burtons now live). They married in Gunthorpe Church and their children, Julie and Jane, were christened there. There was Thelma Chapman that was, with her husband, Colin Dewing from Little Snoring. As a girl Thelma lived in No 1 Springfield and used to career round the village on a snazzy racing bike. The Craskes, Hilary, better known to the older generation as Hilary Grief, and her husband Maurice were there. Like Shirley Bond, she was born in what is now Pebble House, only she arrived in No 3 where she lived till her father, Frank Grief, took over Boundary Farm from her Grandfather. Cissie Williamson's daughter and son-in-law, Janet and Peter Murley, made up the expats; Janet, whose father worked on the Hammond Farm at Bale and then for the council, was born inNo 31, now the Clares' house, where she lived until the family moved to 5 Springfield and she went off to Wymondham College as a boarder. She and Peter now live at Sprowston. Though not an expat, we were delighted that Maddy Dale, too was able to come. It was lovely to see them all, and we hope they enjoyed themselves as much as we enjoyed them being here.

Following an article in issue 27, our Parish Council wrote to the County Council requesting that consideration be given to putting a speed limit on the road through Gunthorpe. In reply the County Council said the matter would be put on the waiting list for 2004/05. So the Parish Council wrote again, pointing out that as the Swanton Road is an un-pavemented walk-way to the bus stop, schoolchildren's lives could be at risk, and asking if in the interim some warning notice would be permissible. The County Council responded most positively; the Traffic Engineer has written to our Parish Clerk, Mr. Anthony Hayward, to say warning notices are to be erected in the very near future. So big "thank-yous" to both Councils, to our County Councillor, Mr. Russell Wright, who wrote in support, and, above all, to Sandra Warner, the perceptive mum who first raised the issue.

CHIROPODY Home Visiting Practice

Mrs Alison Frary

The evening made ÂŁ125, divided equally between the Institute and the Gunthorpe Ward (at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital) Fund.

M.S.S.Ch., M.B.Ch.A.

Registered Member of the British Chiropody Association

Note: John is collecting as many photographs of former residents as possible. Please contact him (01263 861008) if you have anything suitable that he can copy. And a very big thank you John, for a really splendid evening.

TELEPHONE: (01328) 710950 13



On January the 9th the Kennards enjoyed a celebratory dinner with their son Martin and his wife Heather, an important date in the Kennard calendar. 60 years before Bob Kennard and Lu (Mary) Paget plighted their troth in St. Alpheges, the Parish Church of Solihull.

Chartered Accountants, Business Advisers and Tax Consultants Personal Tax Returns & Self Assessment Advice ▪ Annual Accounts & Audit ▪ Independent Pension & Investment Advice ▪ VAT Returns ▪ Payroll & Book-keeping Service

The start of their romance was unusual, hinging on a bet! Bob and his brother commuted to Birmingham in 1938, Bob by bus, his brother by train. His brother mentioned that an attractive girl had started to use his train, but he had no success in making her acquaintance. He bet Bob half a crown (12.5p today) that he could do no better. Bob accepted the challenge, using the train instead of the bus. After a month he looked like failing. On the last day the Gods relented. She dropped her handbag getting her cycle out of the station's bicycle shed. Sir Gallant retrieved all the oddments that inhabit ladies’ handbags. Next evening they went to the cinema.

For an appointment please contact

Mrs K H Gigg, FCA on 01485 534800 The Office, 20 King’s Lynn Road, Hunstanton PE36 5HP Registered to carry out audit work and regulated for a range of investment business activities by The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales

DOWN ON THE FARM A short dispatch from Richard Johnson this issue because there's not much to report. The winter jobs are all but wrapped up, the drain work and estate jobs are nearly finished, the machinery serviced and the team all poised for the "off".

He won more than his bet. They became engaged on 30 March 1941, Lu's birthday, choosing 7th September for their wedding (her mother's wedding anniversary). Then, after a 21 year gap, Lu's mother announced she was going to have a baby in October! The last thing Lu wanted was a mother in an advanced state of pregnancy at her wedding. The ceremony was put back to January 9th 1943. Even so the baby was reluctant to arrive and Lu's young brother Roy wasn't born until December.

In fact spring work has just begun, on 25th February to be precise, when oil seed rape was given a top dressing, and the normal spring work on the peas at Saxlingham and the sugar beet the railway line end of Gunthorpe Farm will start very soon. But one person who has not been having the slightest lull - and he does not know this is being written - is Richard himself. As you may know, congratulations are in order for he was recently appointed a director of Albanwise Farms which encompasses three farms in Yorkshire, as well as the three in Norfolk. This is no sinecure, he is up and down the A1 like a yo-yo and the pile of paperwork in his in tray never diminishes. Just to make sure he won't be bored Richard has been made manager of Hackford Hall Farm, between Bawdswell and Reepham, so together with Gunthorpe and Saxlingham, he personally is looking after 3,910 crop acres. Well done, and the best of luck.

Married life began in a flat in Acocks Green, Birmingham, rent 15/- or 75p a week. Shortly after the war Bob gave up his job and with his brother started a local paper - "The District Advertiser" - a fore-runner of current free sheets, 10,000 copies per issue, delivered by hand through the snow and frost of the bad winter of January-March 1947. It was a struggle financially, paper rationed and printing costs rising relentlessly. Their son Martin had arrived in 1946 and the three of them lived on £7 a week. In 1948 Bob joined the Wolverhampton "Express and Star" as an advertisement representative. He became Midlands Area Advertisement Manager of "Punch" in September 1951. After 16 years he rejoined the "Express and Star" as PA to the Managing Director and director of an associated travel company, retiring in 1976. To be near life-long friends they bought Stable Cottage, Home Farm, Letheringsett. With the arrival of two grandchildren they needed somewhere bigger, buying "Meadowbank" in 1980. They enjoy every moment of living here and think Gunthorpe even better than when they first came, people just as friendly and the place much improved (remembering the Green as a mass of nettles). Happy memories of the Bowls Club in the Institute and their fellow members are symbolised by a cup and statuette won by Lu and Harry Cushion in 1989.

G & B Electrical (Established 1980)

Electrical Installations to the very highest standards N.I.C.E.I.C. APPROVED CONTRACTOR FIRE ALARMS








Asked for the secret of life-long married bliss, they suggest allowing 2 days cooling off after any tiffs. Could Bob relive his life he might have aspired to be academic, maybe a lecturer or even a professor of History. History has always been his passion, attested to by rows of books in their shelf-lined sitting room.


Tel: 01263 861064

Mobile: 07860 295273





Do you know that: a) this is now the most common cancer? b) 39,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year? c) around 1,000 die of it each month?


But mortality rates are now falling. This is through improvements in both diagnosis and treatment, achieved by organisations like Breakthrough Breast Cancer which, in partnership with Cancer Research has set up the first breast cancer research centre in the U.K. The aim is to eradicate breast cancer by discovering the cause, finding means of preventing and developing new treatments.


THE FRIENDS 50:50 CLUB Our next meeting on Sat. 29 March will be a special presentation occasion. Winners for Jan. and Feb.: £20 £10 £5 £5 £5 £5 £2

This does not come cheap and Breakthrough Breast Cancer needs to raise £5m a year to fund the programme. To help raise the money, there is to be a nation-wide "Crocus Walk" this spring. Lisa Sargeant of Hall Farm House, Gunthorpe is organising the local "Crocus Walk" which will start at The Gunthorpe Village Institute at 10.00 am on Saturday, 5th April. The circular walk will be about 8 miles, along pleasant paths in the Gunthorpe Sharrington - Brinton area and you can do it either on foot, on your bike or on your horse. The walk will be suitable for adults and children - dogs most welcome, too! Although based on Gunthorpe Institute the walk is open to everybody wherever they live. At the end of the walk refreshments will be served from Gunthorpe Institute. Every penny raised will be doubled by Norwich Union up to £100.000 Here's how you can help: by getting yourself sponsored and taking part in the walk, sponsoring other people, telling as many people as possible about it, making a donation, either on the day in the Institute or sending it to Lisa Sargeant, or helping prepare or serve refreshments. Whatever you decide please contact Lisa Sargeant of Hall Farm House, Bale Road, Gunthorpe, Melton Constable, NR24 2NY. Tel 01328 822055 as soon as possible!

January A Smith C Aries C Dewing D Burton N Worthington C Suckling B Keeley

February M Aries N Worthington M Smith P Curson J Carter M Denholm J Fisher

GUNTHORPE & SWANTON NOVERS W.I. Mary Smith reports:- “Our February meeting truly lived up to its title 'Poetry for Fun and Laughter'. Speaker Ann Stephenson had members chuckling at her selection of poems, all expertly delivered. Particularly engaging and hilarious were 'The Man from the Ministry' and 'A Dog with Diabetes'. A wintry afternoon was warmed for all with much laughter and fun.” Future meetings: Wed. 9th April - Age Concern. Speaker Mrs. Millington-Smith. Wed. 14th May - Discussion of Annual Resolutions. Both meetings in the Gunthorpe Village Institute. All are welcome.

PAROCHIAL CHURCH COUNCIL NOTES There is not a great deal to report in this issue; we are in somewhat of a limbo awaiting builders' estimate for repair work on the tower and when your PCC met on 31 January the meeting, though unusually long, was concerned chiefly with minutiae.

Interior Design for Busy People Or - just a set of curtains Colefax, Designers Guild, Sanderson, Hessé, Osborne & Little and many others

Showrooms at Thursford Green open by appt. Mon-Sat 9-5

The Annual Parochial Church Meeting was arranged for March 21st too late to be included in this edition but a full report will be included in Issue 30.

Call 01328 878588 or Jill Perry’s mobile 0781 887 6778

We are delighted to have been asked to host the Maundy Day Service for all ten parishes of our combined group; this will be at 7 p.m. on Thursday 17 April.




LANGHAM News Contact: Ann Sherriff 01328 830605

LANGHAM CHURCH NEWS For Sunday Services See page 3. Each Wednesday— Holy Communion 10.00 a.m. Any alterations will be posted on the church service notice board.

All chimneys, Flues & Appliances Swept

Brush and Vacuum Used

Certificates Issued for insurance purposes

Weddings attended as Lucky Sweep

Bird/Rain Guards and Cowls Supplied and Fitted

TEL: 01328 851081

Langham Annual Meeting of Parishioners This will be held immediately after the 9.30 a.m. Holy Communion Service on Sunday April 13th. The election of Churchwardens takes place first. Those entitled to vote are - anyone resident in the parish whose names are on the local government register of electors and those whose names are entered on the church electoral roll.

MAY BANK HOLIDAY BRING AND BUY Due to many of the helpers being on holiday in May this event has been postponed until August 25th the Bank Holiday Monday.

BEREAVEMENTS 13th. January 2003 Maria Hannah Elizabeth Jarvis, aged 96 years.

This will be immediately followed by: The Annual Parochial Church Meeting in which all those whose names are on the electoral roll of the parish are entitled to take part.


May 11th – 17th Yes, you will soon be seeing the familiar red envelopes falling through your letter-boxes. The calls on your generosity are many these days, but Christian Aid does such splendid work in its fight against world poverty and in providing immediate aid in times of crisis. Please do try to find that extra something for the red envelope. Thank you.

This meeting elects lay members to the Parochial Church Council, lay representatives to the Deanery Synod and sides people. The annual reports are received and there is a general discussion of church and parochial affairs. All too often these annual meetings are poorly supported, because people are afraid of being reluctantly pushed into doing something they would rather not do, but it is an opportunity to make your views known as well as contributing to the elections and you can be assured of a warm welcome!

CHRISTIAN AID LUNCH April 7th. at ‘The Travis,’ Holt Road, 12.00 till 2 p.m. Do come and sample the delicious homemade soups! There will also be a ‘Bring & Buy’ table.

LEUKAEMIA RESEARCH FUND There will be a plant sale, including bedding plants on Saturday, May 17th. 10 - 11.00 a.m. in Langham. Watch out for posters for the exact location. Our Grand Sale is booked for Saturday July 5th in Langham Parish Room 10 - 1.00 p.m. Look forward to your continued support. All proceeds to Leukaemia Research Fund.

LANGHAM LADYBIRDS 2003 Our year started with the usual Mardle meeting and lots of discussion about the forthcoming year’s programme. Weather permitting, arrangements were made for a coffee morning in a pretty garden.

Established 18 years

East Coast Roofing

Norman Olley from Elmham Bakery is coming on April 9th to entertain us and of course will bring some nice fresh bread. This will be an open meeting, everybody welcome.

Flat & Tiled Roofing Specialists

May 14th our speaker is from the New Holt Medical Practice when we shall find out how things are going.

10-year guarantee - our reputation is long-standing

Telephone: 01328 878806

Meetings are at 7.30 p.m. in the Parish Room. If you would like to know more please telephone Sheila 830530 or myself on 830731. Maureen.

J. Dunning - 3 Hindringham Road - Bale - NR21 0QQ


Bert Frew


01328 830072 specializing in cutting and colouring

It is proposed to hold a Flower Festival on 26th and 27 July. The proceeds will be sent, through Christian Aid, to help people in Africa whose need is desperate. This will be an opportunity for anyone, individual or organisations, to contribute time, flowers, skill, etc. It is hoped to produce a vivid display, which will be flamboyant rather than precise!

mobile service available Fridays & Saturdays

Details of a planning meeting will appear in the June/ July Lynx. V.C.

01328 821279



An exhibition of work by the members of the Tuesday Art Club will be held in Langham Parish Room from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm on Tuesday, 15th April.



The Courtyard Clinic, Greenway, Stiffkey Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays

Do you have a couple of hours to spare every 2 months or so? Drivers and helpers are needed to transport three passengers from Langham to the Glaven Centre and also, if possible, to help with serving lunch there. It’s very worthwhile: you meet interesting people, have fun and there's an excellent lunch for the helpers! If you’re interested, please ring Jan on 830847.

Coffee, tea and biscuits will be served, all are welcome, admission is free. There will be a collection in aid of Cancer Research, U.K.

FRIENDS OF LANGHAM In June we will be having our AGM, but before that we require new nominations for the committee to replace those retiring at the end of this term. Our numbers, even now, are at 6 instead of 12 and if they get any less it could be impossible to continue.

JOY’S COFFEE MORNING Saturday 12th. April, 10 am - 12 noon. Old Manor Barn, Langham (opposite Parish Room). This historic event is held in memory of Joy Franklin who lived for some 10 years in St. Andrew’s Drift Langham. She moved away to be near her family in Pirton about two years before she died in October 1996. Her tireless efforts raised much money for the Church Fabric Fund, now named Langham Church Building Trust. For her 70th birthday she chose to have donations to this fund rather than presents, which enabled major repairs to be done to the East Window. She also raised money for the fund by writing a little book called ‘Memories of Old Joys’, recalling people and places of her childhood days in Pirton.

If anyone would like to serve on the committee, would they please contact the Chairman Colin Sherriff on 830605.

LANGHAM PARISH COUNCIL The AGM is Tuesday, 13th May at 7 p.m.

THE LANGHAM MILLENNIUM BOOK The printed book describing the photographs is now being finalised but quite a few of you have not handed in the form to fill in to help in saying who you are and a little about you. If you want to have some control over the description would you please let Colin Sherriff have the forms as soon as possible. If you have mislaid the form, or would like a replacement one, please ring Colin on 830605 or call at his house at 30, Binham Road to collect one.

Joy held a coffee morning for many years in her own house, around Easter time, to raise money for the church. This was such an enjoyable and productive event that it was decided to keep it going when Joy left, and Margaret and Martin Freeth very kindly hosted the occasion in their beautiful barn conversion home. So do come and join us. We follow the same format as Joy’s charging an entrance fee, (£1 - children free) which entitles you to unlimited coffee and biscuits throughout the morning. There will be a cake stall and we welcome any contributions. We will have selected items suitable for gifts, plants and traditional Easter gifts of eggs and posies. You will all be able to compete in the weight of the cake competition and guess how many Easter eggs in the jar. Helen has offered to make a quilt which will be raffled that morning. There will also be a raffle for a bottle of whisky and a Tombola. So, something for everyone we hope. It’s a very enjoyable social event and we also hope to raise a lot of much needed money for the Langham Church Building Trust.

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Items for stalls may be taken to Margaret beforehand. We look forward to seeing you.


11 Queens Close, Blakeney, Norfolk, NR25 7PQ





Contact: Pat Reynolds 01263 741261

All Types - No Job Too Small! Disabled walk-in baths now supplied and fitted

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Tel: 01263 837903

The centre of village life for centuries has been All Saints Church. Nearly all Morston attends the Christmas Carol Service and funerals, with a big turnout also for weddings, concerts, Remembrance Day, Harvest Festival and christenings.

Mobile: 079 4634 1704


Gunthorpe Church, as we understand it, has literally been saved by a Friends’ charity helping to fund their repairs. Morston Church too is in acute need of funds for repairs to the fabric, in the order of £5,000 a year for several years. When there is a southwest wind there are places inside the church where one can literally take a (rain) shower.

This year’s Remembrance Day Service at Morston Church on Sunday 9th November will start at 3.30 pm. As last year there will be a Royal British Legion and HM Coastguard presence and a cornettist to play the Last Post and Reveille. Major Andrew Athill will read out the seven names. Three wreaths will be laid: one Royal Navy wreath by the Chairman of the Parish Council, one Army wreath by Ron Starman and one RBL wreath by the RBL.

A new charity, therefore, independent of the PCC and of the Parish Council, called Friends of Morston Church, is being formed. Papers are about to go off to the Charity Commissioners. Dominick Harrod has agreed to serve as Chairman, with the following also serving on the Committee of eight: Carole Bean, Mally Bullard, Rob Metcalfe (Treasurer), Jane Temple; and Jock Wingfield (Secretary, appointed by the PCC for liaison). David Carnwath has agreed to act as architectural consultant. The Society will, I repeat, be independent of the PCC.


by Samphire

(Answers on page 22)

The object of the Friends of Morston Church is to maintain or repair for the benefit of the public the fabric of All Saints’ Church, Morston. All funds raised will go towards the fabric of the church. Anyone interested in this new charity may become a member by paying a minimum of £5.00 a year (and, if you sign a form saying you are a UK taxpayer, the charity can claim back 28p in the £). A Friends of Morston Church committee member will visit those living in Morston, once the charity is registered by the Charity commissioners, to ask for your support and for the address of any distant friend or relation with any connection to Morston Church, so that the Friends may approach them. The committee already plans to approach those from outside Morston who came to the Dedication of the Village War Memorial last November.

Complete the following nouns of assemblage: 1. A spring of -- 2. A murmuration of -- 3. A desert of -4. A cete of -- 5. A nye of -- 6. A fall of -7. A siege of-- 8. A walk of -- 9. An exaltation of -10. A doping of -- 11. A murder of -- 12. A drift of -13. A herd of -- [birds]14. A parliament of -On what anniversaries are the following traditionally given in UK? 15. Cotton? 16. Paper? 17. China? 18. Silver? 19. Gold? 20. Silk or Linen?


Repair of the Tower. Sustaining the church tower alone may cost over £11,500 – and so Friends are likely initially, as a Special Project, to try and raise half that (the other half to come from the PCC).


Tel: 01328 830539 18

Pat & Bridget Newman welcome you to THE BLUEBELL LANGHAM

SAXLINGHAM News Contact: Bridget Watson 01328 830248

Delightful beer garden

For regular church services see panel on page 3 SAXLINGHAM NEWS

Freshly prepared food - non-smoking dining room Wide choice of keg, cask and guest ales Baby changing area and toilets for the disabled

Telephone (01328) 830502

It has been a quiet time of late in Saxlingham with little to report - but there is much to look forward to in the coming months.


A major Spring Clean will take place at St Margaret’s Church, Saturday morning, 5th April, 10.00 am - noon. Anyone who can give a hand will be received with ‘open arms’. You can choose the job you most like doing, but please bring along the right equipment.

The Morston Crab Supper & Seal Trip is scheduled for Thursday June 12th (6.00 p.m. on the Quay). All proceeds go to Morston Parish Church. Tickets (from Mary Athill, tel: 01263-740306) £10.00 a head, cover the boat trip to the Point to see the seals and to see the birds with the warden, followed by the Crab & Turkey Pie Supper in the Village Hall - including a glass of wine and delicious puddings - and a great welcome to old friends and new.

Plans are going ahead for our hugely popular Jazz in June concert. This will take place on Friday,13th June and tickets will shortly be available. Family Evensong to celebrate St Margaret’s Day Patronal Festival will be held at 3.30 pm on Sunday, 13th July, with tea afterwards in the garden of The Old Barn by kind permission of Sam Coates. There will also be a fund-raising stall, with bargains galore.

CONCERT- SOPRANO ELISABETH WINGFIELD Saturday 28th June Elizabeth Wingfield will again be giving us a concert in Morston Church on the evening of 28th June. Many will remember her successes at Morston in September 2001 and in Binham in 2000. The concert will be followed by a supper in Morston Village Hall.

The Village Fete will take place jointly with Field Dalling in the gardens of The Hall on Saturday, 2nd August. More details later. During the weeks of Lent, we meet for Compline at 6.00 pm every Wednesday evening. This service lasts half-an-hour and includes a brief time for reflection. All those who can join us in this lovely, simple service will be welcomed most warmly.

Box Office: 01263 740431. Tickets: concert only £10.00, concert and supper £20.00.


by Samphire

Through Local Lynx we’ve been able to enjoy some fascinating Memories of days gone by in our villages – but nothing from Saxlingham. There must be some residents who have an interesting tale to tell, even if it doesn’t relate directly to our village. Our lives can’t have been that mundane! Ponder a while, and you might be surprised at what you an recall. You don’t have to be a serious writer to be entertaining.

I‘d like to share some of my favourite East Anglian words. How would you translate: “Since he felt chizzly and crawly-mawly, the chitty-faced lad langled to the Anchor where he quickly got coxy-roxy”? Chitty-faced - baby-faced. Chizzly - dry under one’s teeth. Coxy-roxy - merrily tipsy. Crawly-mawly - in a weakly and ailing state. To langle - to saunter.



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A THREAT TO OUR VILLAGE CHURCHES We have had the annual Church report from our senior warden, which is very positive, showing that the efforts put in to maintain our beautiful church of All Saints have been successful. Your generosity and forward thinking helped us to pay the bills and move on.

THE GRAND ROUND The corridors were hushed. A sentinel placed at each ward entrance breathlessly awaiting the coming, irreverently known as the Second Coming. A quick darting in of the sentinel to say ‘Sister - He cometh! The preparation of this thrice-weekly event exceeded the wildest bounds of military discipline, the floor polished to total dustlessness, the enormous windows of this 36-bed ward without a speck of a smear, lockers cleared, cleaned and set to within a 6” distance from the iron bedsteads. The sheets ironed to creaselessness, and the patients lying at attention, feet together, arms below the sheets no matter how much pain they were in. The Queen of the ward uttered ‘To your places.’ She was crisply and completely starched from cap to cuffs. This seemed to accentuate her quiet blue kindly eyes - a look from them was enough to put anyone at ease and in order. Doors opened, held aside by minors who bowed to the Chief as He entered. ‘Sister, my dear’ were the last words of a gentleman who had to put His white clothed retinue through their paces. Immaculate in every sense, the Chief looked as though born to wear the gaiters of His noble office. At the tail of the retinue of registrars and house physicians came the privileged tail of bemused students. I was one of these. Eventually realising His need of a comedian’s butt, He found a few of us in whom He recognised ‘situation vacant’ written upon our brows. He described our retinue, gathered, leaning across the poor patient’s bed as a ‘herd of of stirks leaning over a fence’ (ie, castrated bulls). Came the moment never to be forgotten. The patient had been admitted for intermittent loss of consciousness. ‘Now’ He rose to say ‘Airbag, should this unfortunate individual have the further misfortune to be under your tender care, what are you going to do for him?’ Seeking a black hole in the ward floor, sweating and palpitating, I blurted out ‘I would try him with phenobarbitone, Sir. (Your Highness, Your Excellency)’ ‘Really, oh REALLY’ saith He ‘You certainly could try sprinkling him with salt’ - pause - ‘with equal ineffectiveness’. I shudder to think that the thousands of patients whom I tried to help were treated with equal ineffectiveness. But you don’t talk about these things until you retire. Be well! Airbag.

Thanks to your past generosity, the continuance of the church was secured. The future, however, raises the possiblity that our Church will not survive, due to increasing cost of maintaining both the Church itself and the dedicated clergy who keep regular worship secure. You will all have received a letter stating the problem and that more regular funds are needed for the future. All Saints - like many other beloved village churches has survived many crises in its 800 year history, yet now we are confronted with the simple and stark reality that more regular income is vital to ensuring the continued place of the church in our village life. It is therefore most sincerely requested that those who value All Saints, believers or non-believers, may contribute to the continuance of the function of the church, maybe purely for invaluable heritage reasons, finding it a cause well worth your financial support. Details of how and when to contribute will be put through your letter-boxes. Many may not realise that we have treasures beyond price within the church building - not least the 13th century corbels, deemed by qualified scholars to be the best carved and preserved of all corbels in England. However, maybe the most important matter in this present state of war between beliefs, is that the reality of the Christian belief must be enhanced and on offer through worship on the world stage - and that means us.

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Early this summer our Village Hall will celebrate its 50th anniversary, and to mark this event the Committee will host a tea party on Sunday, 18th May, 2003 at 3.00 pm in the Hall. Any former residents of Sharrington will be very welcome, and indeed anyone who has enjoyed functions here, played bowls, bridge, whist etc. We would love to see you all, so please put the date in your diaries. A.P.G.

Realise your ambitions this year: Learn a musical instrument Qualified & experienced teacher offers adults (beginners—advanced) home lessons on: Piano, Organ, Keyboard, Recorders, Saxophone, Brass Free loan instruments available


Paul Wraith (01263) 740533



Contact: Keith McDougall

01328 830344

The Stiffkey Carol Singers raised £115. Many thanks to all the singers, and for all the generous donations. The money will be split between the church funds and the children’s play area.


1 Sunday Family Service 11.00 am 2nd Sunday Holy Communion 11.00 am 3rd Sunday Holy Communion 8.00 am 4th Sunday Holy Communion 11.00 am Sunday June 1st Family Service, 11.00 am (children are invited to bring their pets.)

The Children’s Play Area group are looking into getting some grant money from the E.U. to help fund new equipment.



Stiffkey W.I. meet on the 3rd Monday of each month. On April 21st Mrs Gentry is telling us about ‘How I got myself published’, and on May 19th Jenny Sparks is coming to talk about ‘The Compleat Cowsbody’, sounds interesting! You do not have to be a member, for just £2 towards costs you can come and enjoy any of our meetings and will be made welcome. If you need any more information, phone Eva on 01328 830489, shop hours.

Good Friday, 18th April, 2.00 pm Service of Prayer and Meditation. Easter Sunday, 20th April, 11.00 am Easter communion 3.00 pm Easter Egg Hunt (with short service in Churchyard, all families with children)

LIBRARY VAN The library van’s next visit to Stiffkey will be on Friday, April 4th and every four weeks after that. (May 2nd, May 30th, June 27th etc.) It stops outside the village shop at 9.20 and at Camping Hill at 9.40. They are now offering a new service of VIDEO HIRE at £2 for the four weeks, excellent value! Please try to use the library van, it would be a shame to lose the service through lack of use. To check where and when the van stops, phone Wells Library on 01328 710467.

Every year we hold a competition for the Irene Sands Cup, and this year we all wrote a short story entitled ‘A Childhood Memory’ and the charming winning entry, by Eva Gambrill, will be printed in a future issue of Lynx.

THE CHURCH BUILDING In Autumn the Church heaters began to fail, one by one. It has been possible, through the generosity of an anonymous donor, to replace them with much more effective modern units. Likewise, an anonymous donor has kindly replaced our stolen flower pedestals – for which we are all so grateful. They look splendid.

PENSIONS AT THE POST OFFICE Do remember, you can still receive your pension in cash at your local Post Office - whatever this government says. Support your local Post Office. Ask Eva for details.


The PCC has received an architect’s report on the condition of the Church building, which will require substantial repair and maintenance work. Plans as to how we tackle all this are being prepared, but it is right that the village is aware of the problem, in due course all will be explained as to how we can preserve our ancient and beautiful church.

Local ‘CORGI’ registered specialist undertakes all plumbing work including installation and maintenance of all central heating systems oil, gas and solid fuel.

Robin Berry

Our immediate task will be to find and appoint a ‘Fabric Officer’ to help oversee the repair works in consultation with the PCC. Anyone interested should contact John Adnitt on 01328 830044. An estimated 15 20 days in a year involved.

Mills Macmillan Ltd 01328 878621 Also complete kitchen and bathroom installations




House & Garden Maintenance


Whether you have a permanent or holiday home you can have year-round maintenance and care provided with total peace of mind

11a Avenue Road, High Kelling, Holt, Norfolk NR25 6RD

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For more details or to arrange a visit call now and ask for Roy Findlater on: 01328 830442 or 07818 422625 e-mail RoyKF@aol.com

Funeral Director:

Mrs E. Rushmer Dip.F.D., N.A.F.D.



Mrs Shirley Oxenbury writes:

Whilst enjoying the good weather over the last several weekends, walking over the marshes, East Hills (Wells) and Brancaster dunes and beach, I keep bumping into or stumbling upon short-eared owls. Here lies a story: Some 8 years ago, having driven back from the Lake District after 6 hours on the road, I unlocked our flat door to hear rustling coming from the lounge. The flat was above a shop in Burnham Market. Fiona my wife steered me in the direction of the noise, and I reluctantly entered the room - armed with a spade. In amongst the knockedover plants and pellets was a fully-grown tawny owl, sitting on the television. I opened a window fully so he/ she could follow the draught out - no such luck. I made a few calls to friends who had knowledge of the subject but I really had to remove the bird physically. So, on came a thick pair of gloves and I tried to catch it. Startled, it took off and started gliding around the room, an amazing sight. After several laps it flew into a corner, enabling me to pick it up. I examined it for injury and realised I had a wild bird of prey in my hands. It probably fell asleep and slipped down the chimney. It weighed almost nothing, having been in the flat for 2 or 3 days. I ran outside shouting ‘I’ve got the bird. I’ve got the bird’ and eased it into the night sky. After that night an owl sat on the opposite roof every night for 2 months. I have now moved to Stiffkey (4 years ago) and for the past week a rather stubborn sparrow-hawk with a passion for collared doves has been living under our hedge. What is it with me and birds of prey? John ‘the fish’ Griffin

My husband and I were recently in Norfolk researching my father’s family history. I bought the book ‘Don’t Tread on the Butterflies’ in a bookshop in Burnham Market. I was so excited and found it fascinating. My family lived in Stiffkey far, far earlier than the period Joan Sternberg was writing about, but nevertheless I found the atmosphere and detail conveyed most helpful. I am particularly interested in Stiffkey as several branches of the family seem to have lived there. Moore, Murrell, Skelton and Frost are the names of my ancestors in the village in the 18th century. Can you help me at all, or can you put me in contact with anyone, or any publication, that might further my research? Several of my family married at Cockthorpe Church and my direct line stems from a Sarah Moore who married Bartholomew Youngman in 1795 there. He was a blacksmith in Wells-next-the-Sea, and later, Warham. His parents were Charles Youngman and Rebecca Jary of Langham (daughter of Bartholomew and Rebecca Jary. Contact:

Mrs Shirley Oxenbury, The Old Cottage, Langton Road, Langton Green, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN3 0BA . e.mail: s.oxenbury@virgin.net.

LANGHAM VILLAGE SCHOOL Clerk to the Governing Body A vacancy will become available in September 2003 for the post of Clerk to the Governing Body of Langham Village School.

Ed. Probably be a Fish Eagle next time, John.


This is an opportunity to become involved with the management of the school and work closely with the Headteacher and Chairman of Governors. Included in the areas of responsibility will be the taking of minutes and some photocopying.

Nouns of assemblage 1. Teals. 2. Starlings. 3. Lapwings (aka peewits aka common plovers). 4. Badgers. 5. Pheasants. 6. Woodcock. 7. Herons. 8. Snipe. 9. Larks. 10. Sheldrake. 11. Crows. 12. Swine. 13. Curlews. 14. Rooks or Owls.

An honorarium will be available. Please contact the Headteacher, Mike Green, at Langham Village School for further details. Tel: 01328 830377

Anniversary gifts 15 - 1st. 16 - 2nd. 17 - 20th. 18 - 25th. 19 - 50th. 20 - 12th.


I LOVE - Mouldy cheese, treading in dog’s mess, rotten eggs, soggy chips, cabbage and my sister. I LOVE - going to school, smelly feet, being ill, spilt tea, boys, dust, broken toys and high roller-coasters. I LOVE - smoking, cuts, grumpy teachers, the sun when it’s always in your eyes, stinking toilets, fussy people – they go on and on for ages! I LOVE - waiting, greasy hair, really big spiders, seeing animal’s guts on T.V - but most of all I LOVE TELLING GREAT BIG BULGY FIBS. Emma

LANGHAM VILLAGE SCHOOLNEWS The new children have settled in happily. Class 1 Nursery Assistant: Charlotte Scott is proving a terrific asset, the extra support given by Lucy Jupe has been valuable. New Mobile Classroom is at present being fitted out, hopefully to be with us around Easter time. Outdoor Play Apparatus: the School Council will meet a member of the Grounds Maintenance Service to select the equipment on 7th March. Sue Ryder Care Centre – the work submitted by classes 1 and 2 was welcome, and Angus Duncan won a special prize for his picture. Headteacher’s Award – The half-termly shield was awarded to Katrina Salmon in our Reception Year. Clubs – The school is fortunate to have so many clubs and extra-curricular opportunities, with something happening every day of the week: Recorders, Choir, Football, Netball, French, Drum/percussion, Maths, Challenge maths, Strings and Guitar. There are regular inter-house tournaments, and a Summer Sports Club run by Mike Green. The school football team is at present champion of the local Small School’s Football League. Fundraising The school is offering summer bedding plants, completed order forms to be returned by 4th April. Events: 2nd - 9th April. Book Fair. 4th March. Science Lecture in Norwich for Years 4, 5 and 6. ‘How Animals Communicate’. 6th March. World Book Day. 13th March. Norwich City Football Club coaches will take each class on the field for a special training session. 14th March. Red Nose Day ‘The Bad Hair Do’.

I LOVE - injections, treading in dog poo, going to the doctors, my brother, cabbage, broccoli, lettuce, getting woken up. I LOVE - cleaning my room, my brother’s cat when it scratches me, getting hurt, Tweenies, coffee, smelly socks. I LOVE - the Weakest Link, my mum and Dad’s country and western music, Lord of the Rings which go on and on for hours and hours. But most of all - I LIKE TELLING GREAT BIG FAT BULGY FIBS. Mike


I LOVE - Being ill, injections at the Doctors, my sister, night-mares, treading in dogs’mess and arguing. I LOVE –being scratched by my rabbit, baked beans, scraggy clothes, getting changed after school, losing things, reading aloud, compost heaps and long walks. I LOVE – my sister calling me to help her on the toilet, waiting, being cut, writing stories, my cat throwing up, people wearing fur coats, losing in a game and breaking up, but most of all – I LOVE TELLING GREAT BIG BULGY FAT FIBS. Jenna

I LOVE - nightmares, going in the bathroom after my brother, having injections, dogs’ mess, cleaning teeth and playing outside. I LOVE - waiting for ages, my brothers, mashed potatoes (especially my Mum’s) bullies, show offs, spiders, dentists and writing up tests. I LOVE - slushy snails, doctors, waking up, going to bed, and my Dad’s jokes, but most of all – I LOVE TELLING GREAT BIG BULGY FAT FIBS. Samantha



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The Drift Industrial Estate, Fakenham


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Profile for Robert Metcalfe

Local Lynx Issue 29 - April/May 2003  

Community newspaper for 10 North Norfolk villages - Bale, Binham, Cockthorpe, Field Dalling, Gunthorpe, Langham, Morston, Saxlingham, Sharri...

Local Lynx Issue 29 - April/May 2003  

Community newspaper for 10 North Norfolk villages - Bale, Binham, Cockthorpe, Field Dalling, Gunthorpe, Langham, Morston, Saxlingham, Sharri...