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ISSUE 111 December 2016 & January 2017

Season’s Greetings to all our readers

Gunthorpe 1930s looking south from Dumpling Cottage

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Local Lynx is a non-profit-making community newspaper for the ten villages of the benefice.

DECEMBER 2nd Fri. Field Dalling Fish & Chips, VH 7pm 3rd Sat. Binham Christmas Supper, VH 6.30pm 3rd Sat. Langham Christmas Fair, VH 10am 3rd Sat. Morston Bluejacket Christmas Fair 10-5 4th Sun. Langham FOL Shopping Trip 10am 4th Sun. Morston Bluejacket Christmas Fair 10-5 6th Tue. Binham Art Group workshop, VH 9.30am 7th Wed. Sharrington Willow workshop, VH 7pm 8th Thu. Binham Open Circle , Hindringham VH 7.15pm 9th Fri. Bale Fish and Chips, VH 7 pm 9th Fri. Field Dalling Wine Tasting, VH 6.30pm 14th Wed. Langham Carols & Mince Pies, Church 7pm 16th Fri. Field Dalling Prize Draw Bingo, VH 6.30pm 16th Fri. Langham Fish ‘n’ Chips Quiz night VH 7pm 17th Sat. Langham Coffee Morning Crafters Barn 10am 17th Sat. Gunthorpe 50:50 Club Party, Institute 12noon 18th Sun. Sharrington Carol Service, Church 5pm 18th Sun. Stiffkey Christingle Carol Service 3pm 18th Sun. Saxlingham Candlelit Carols , St Mary’s 4pm 19th Mon. Binham Carols, Village Green 7.15pm 20th Tue. Binham Carols & Readings, Priory 6.30pm 22nd Thu. Langham Library Van 23rd Fri. Morston Candlelit Carol Service 5pm 24th Sat. Binham Children’s Crib Service, Priory 4pm 24th Sat. Binham Midnight Communion, Priory 11pm 24th Sat. Langham Carol Service 6pm 24th Sat. Morston Village Carol Singing, Anchor 5.30pm 24th Sat. Stiffkey Carol Singing, Red Lion 6pm 25th Sun. Binham Family Service, Priory 10.30am 29th Thu. Langham Panto Trip from Blue Bell 12noon 31st Sat. Bale Old Year’s Night Party, VH 8pm


We welcome articles, drawings, photos and poetry for publication from all ages but the editor reserves the right to edit or omit submissions. A maximum of 400 words is recommended. Please contact your local rep on their email or phone number listed under your own village heading. All submissions must go through the village rep. For general information: lynxeditor@pobox.com. ________________________________________________________________________________

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DEANERY NEWS The Deanery Synod meeting advertised to be held on Thurs. 20th Oct. was cancelled but the Lynx had already gone to print. The next meeting will be on Thurs. 23rd March 2017, in the Meeting Place at St. Andrew’s Church Holt. More details in next issue.


JANUARY 8th Sun. Binham Carols for Epiphany, Priory 3.30pm 11th Wed. Sharrington Gardeners AGM, VH 7pm 13th Fri. Bale Fish and Chips, VH 7 pm 13th Fri. Field Dalling Prize Bingo, VH 6.30pm 14th Sat. Binham Pantomime, VH 7pm 18th Wed. Langham ‘Langham Revisited’, VH 7.50pm 19th Thu. Langham Library Van 19th Thu. Binham Open Circle, Hindringham VH 7.15pm 21st Sat. Bale Open Book Group, VH 5pm 25th Wed. Sharrington Music evening VH 7pm 27th Fri. Langham Fish ‘n’ Chips & Quiz night, VH 7pm 28th Sat. Gunthorpe 50:50 Club, Institute 10.30am 28th Sat. Sharrington Burns Night supper, VH 7pm

High Street Blakeney Sunday Services:6.30pm Minister: The Rev’d J Pathmarajah T 01263 712181

BLAKENEY CATHOLIC CHURCH Back Lane Blakeney Parish Priest, Father Keith Tulloch, 12 Hindringham Road, Gt. Walsingham Norfolk T 01328 821353 Priest in Residence, Father William Wells (the house behind the church). Service Times: Masses: Vigil Mass Saturday 6.00pm Sunday 11.00am Wednesday 9.30am

REGULARS Tuesdays Binham Art Group VH 10am Weds. (term time) Binham Youth Group VH 6pm 4th Thu. Binham Local History Group VH 7.30pm Last Friday in month Langham Fish ‘n Chips/Quiz 7pm


Church Services for Bale and Stiffkey Benefice for December 2016 and January 2017 HC=Holy Communion. CFS=Church Family Service. MP=Morning Prayer. BCP=Book of Common Prayer Bale Field Dalling

4th December 9.30am HC At Saxlingham

11th December 9.30am HC 11.00am CFS


9.30am HC

At Field Dalling


Gunthorpe Sharrington Binham

18th December 6.00pm Carol Service 11.00am Lessons and Carols 4.00pm Carols by Candlelight 4.30pm Silent Meditation 5.00pm Lantern Procession & Carol Service

11.00am MP 9.30am MP BCP

9.30am HC

11.00am HC

11.00am HC

11.00am CFS

9.30am MP At Langham

9.30am HC BCP At Stiffkey 3.00pm Christingle

25th December 9.30am HC 10.00am CFS with Communion At Field Dalling 11.00am HC 9.30am Family HC 10.30am Carols and Readings 9.00am HC BCP

Morston Langham Stiffkey

9.30am HC BCP

Parish Bale

1st January 9.30am HC

8th January 9.30am HC

15th January 9.30am HC

22nd January 9.30am HC

Field Dalling

At Saxlingham

11.00am CFS

At Saxlingham

11.00am MP BCP

29th January 10.30am HC Group Service At Bale


11.00am HC

At Field Dalling

11.00am HC

At Field Dalling

At Bale

11.00am MP

4.30pm Silent Meditation 9.30am MP CW

11.00am HC

At Bale

9.30am HC

At Bale

11.00am CFS

9.30am HC

At Bale

Gunthorpe Sharrington

9.30am MP BCP

9.30am HC


11.00am HC

3.30pm Epiphany Carol Service


9.30am HC BCP

9.30am HC BCP

At Bale


9.30am MP

At Stiffkey

9.30am HC

At Bale


At Langham

9.30am HC

At Langham

At Bale

Additional Services 20th December: Binham, 6.30pm. Carols and Readings with the Iceni Christmas Choir 23rd December: Morston, 5.00pm. Lessons and Carols Christmas Eve: Binham, 4.00pm. Crib Service Christmas Eve: Field Dalling, 4.00pm. Crib Service Christmas Eve: Langham, 6.00pm. Carol Service

Christmas Eve: Binham, 11.00pm. Benefice Midnight Holy Communion Regular Weekday Services Binham: Tuesday, Evening Prayer at 3.30pm; Langham: Wednesday, 10.00am Holy Communion

RECTOR’S LETTER Dear Friends and Parishioners, Very few people really enjoy shorter days, longer nights and cold weather; and I’m not one of them. Crisp, bright autumn and winter hours are lovely. But damp and cold inside and out have never cheered me. I used to visit one old house in the Dutch Province of Zealand (very cold and very damp) where everyone put on old fur coats at six o’clock and we shuffled from room to room like so many bears. Comical but far from cosy; and which was worse, going to bed or getting out of it in the morning? Yet there remains much to enjoy in these months; and not least Advent and Christmas. The weeks of Preparation and getting ready to celebrate the first coming of Christ; and the thoughtful hours thinking of his second coming as Lord and Judge. The great themes of Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell are suffused with the soft light of birth and the


Yours truly, Ian Whittle Langham Rectory, 01328 830246

Off Shore Windfarm Consultations If residents could not make the Community Consultation Events, then full documentation is available at NNDC. Whilst the wind turbines themselves will not be visible to NNDC residents, sizeable onshore substations will need to be built, so residents might be interested to understand more about the opportunities and challenges these will pose.

The Big Society Funds

Binham Youth Group

blazing light of His Glory. May I wish you peaceful days; and if you spot what appears to be a shuffling old beast, don’t be alarmed…. ‘O come, thou Dayspring, come and cheer our spirits by thine advent here; disperse the gloomy clouds of night, and death’s dark shadows put to flight: Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel shall come to thee, O Israel.’ (O come, O come, Emmanuel)

If there are projects that you would like to pursue which will contribute to your local community, but you cannot afford them, can I please encourage you to consider whether your project meets the criteria for funding from the Big Society Fund. They can fund up to £15,000 per project. There are still funds to be allocated and the working party would welcome applications. Details of how to apply can be found on the NNDC website. I have picked up existing issues from Andrew Wells, your outgoing District Councillor, so please let me know if you have any outstanding query and have not heard from me, just in case anything has been missed in the handover. For those of you who don’t know the Glaven Valley District covers 8 parishes: Morston; Blakeney; Wiveton; Letheringsett & Glandford; Thornage; Sharrington & Brinton; Hunworth & Stody; Field Dalling & Saxlingham . I will be working closely with your Parish Councillors to ensure local issues are listened to at District level, but if you have anything you would like to raise with me directly please do get in touch on Karen.ward@northnorfolk.gov.uk or 07946 533983.

Community news DISTRICT COUNCILLOR’S NEWS from Karen Ward, Glaven Valley District I have recently had the privilege of being elected to serve as the District Councillor for the Glaven Valley and one month in I wanted to share some of my first impressions and what has appeared in my in-box:

Planning Sensitive development is critical in an area as special as the North Norfolk Coast and although we are fortunate to have many areas protected by laws, the current planning climate at a national level is in favour of development. This means developers are becoming more assertive in the schemes they are proposing. This will be good news if this means more affordable homes. However, there are risks too. We need to work together as a community to ensure that local views are represented adequately in the planning process. I am working closely with the Parish Councils, but am always happy to hear from residents who have expertise to contribute to the debate. We need to have strong local voices backed with good legal expertise.

GLAVEN DISTRICT CARING A.G.M. Monday 23rd January, The Glaven Centre, 4.00p.m. Our regular helpers are invited to nominate and vote for members to the management committee. Please Contact Maureen Buckey 01263 740762. Members of the public are invited to attend. Copies of the Annual Report are available on request.

Local Plan NNDC are currently in the process of drafting a new Local Plan (2016 – 2036) which will set the framework for development and planning decisions in the future. They are currently conducting a Sustainability Appraisal. This will be considered by each Parish Council, but the full document is available on the NNDC website. So, if you are concerned about how you want your surroundings to evolve over the next couple of decades please do have a read and contribute your views. Given the volume of case work that involves planning I would like to establish a Glaven Valley community planning network which can inform the Glaven Valley perspective, so if you are interested in working with me on this please do get in touch.



realise how major is the issue there might be a volte face. However, should government hold firm, bearing in mind that Cambridgeshire is allowed its own mayor, Q. Can we have a mayor solely for Norfolk? Being banned from voting is causing additional anger against the proposed devolution. Q. Will the government remove the democratic deficit ensuring all residents of Norfolk could vote for a mayor? I need to mention here that voting for a mayor is not my only or indeed main concern. If you access the website and read the proposal in detail you will see that if we take on a range of responsibilities the promise of money to cover these responsibilities is factored over various periods of time up to 30 years. I expressed concern at the meeting as to the long-term security of the promised monies and the potential danger of a future government failing to adhere to the commitments of the present administration. This led to my final question: Q. What is the firmest promise government can make regarding the money on offer? I will of course pay particular regard to the response to the last question. In the meantime all good wishes to you all.

News County Councillor Dr Marie Strong Dear Readers, I am going to focus on one topic for this edition of the Lynx – Devolution – the decision about which could have an important impact on Norfolk. I am keeping an open mind and will endeavour to do so up until the last vote is taken. For this reason I suggest you access the official website www.eastangliadevo.co.uk to read about the potential benefits. Unfortunately even avid supporters of the proposal accept it has become an unsatisfactory saga, moving along in what has become its own inimitable style. Whilst you may have been attempting to follow the saga the latest news may come as a surprise to you. In brief, residents living in Broadland district will be able to vote for a mayor of a combined Norfolk and Suffolk authority whilst we in North Norfolk will be banned from voting. Nor will anyone living in Breckland District, Great Yarmouth Borough or the city of Norwich be allowed a vote. This appears as a punishment because those councils voted not to proceed with a consultation on devolution. I have written a letter which asks our MPs to ensure this democratic deficit is removed. If not the mayor, who will have extraordinary powers, must surely come from Suffolk where all its councils voted to go out to consultation. In that letter I pointed out that since the county council had gone out to consultation all residents of the county should be allowed to vote but so far the response from the Minister is NO. Norfolk County Councillors have a final vote as to accepting devolution or not on Monday 21 November. However in the meantime we held yet another extraordinary meeting on Monday 7 November at which we agreed that the council leader should continue involvement in the devolution discussions in readiness for the decision on 21 November with an emphasis on the councillors’ objection to a mayor. At the meeting I asked the leader to pose three questions to the government: Whilst the prospect of a mayor is a major stumbling block and when government officials

District Councillors’ Contact Details: Vincent Fitzpatrick e:vincent.fitzpatrick@northnorfolk.gov.uk & Simon Hester e:simon.hester@northnorfolk.gov.uk (Binham, Langham & Stiffkey) Karen Ward e:karen.ward@north-norfolk.gov.uk (Sharrington, Field Dalling, Saxlingham & Morston) Ann.R.Green (01328 878273) e: ann.green@northnorfolk.gov.uk (Gunthorpe & Bale) County Councillors’ contact details: Dr Marie Strong: County Councillor Wells Division (Glaven, Priory and Walsingham Parishes) marie.strong@norfolk. gov.uk or 07920 286 597 David Ramsbotham: Melton Constable Division (Bale and Gunthorpe Parishes) david.ramsbotham@norfolk.gov.uk 01263 577418

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL NORTH NORFOLK On behalf of Amnesty International North Norfolk Group we would like to thank everybody for their kind donations during our street collections this year. We raised £174.47. Aniela Villiers



GLAVEN CENTRE SERVICES Toe-nail clinics 9th and 16th December, 6th and 20th January.

Mozart’s Coronation Mass & Christmas Favourites Saturday 17th December 2016 Fakenham Parish Church 7.30pm. Tickets: £12 (under 18 free) from 01485 544335 or on the door

Hearing Aid clinics 21st December.

Hairdressing Every Wednesday. Regular, occasional or casual appointments can be made. Ring 01263 740762 to make and check appointments.



City of London Sinfonia Saturday 11th February 2017 at 7.30pm St Andrew’s Church, Holt

We are in Blakeney and need help from you! At The Glaven Centre we offer care for local residents and support for their relatives, but we cannot do it alone. A few hours of your time to help with either:  Driving a mini-bus  Assisting the driver with people on the mini -bus  Maintaining the mini-bus  Assisting with bathing (this service is in great demand)  Serving refreshments and chatting to people  Collecting people from their home (your village) and taking them out to lunch  Entertaining, do you have a hobby to share? Are you musical or artistic?

This is a very special opportunity to hear this London based orchestra. The programme will include Vivaldi, Copland and Grainger. Tickets in advance, £15 adults, children 16 and under £12 from Sheringham Little Theatre, 01263 822347, boxoffice@sheringhamlittletheatre.com

BALE Contact: Jane Wheeler 01328 878656 design@janewheeler.co.uk

BALE HARVEST FESTIVAL We had a jolly Harvest Supper in Bale Village Hall on 1st October, thank you very much to the Bale Village Hall Committee espcially Margaret Dent who prepared and decorated the tables and persuaded Philip Otty and family out of retirement to make the delicious supper. Bale Church has never looked more splendid than for the Harvest Festival service the next morning. All the produce – and there was a lot of it – went to the Benjamin Foundation’s Steven Newing House in Fakenham. We had a “thank you” card from them, which everyone had signed. The Bale Church Christmas Carol Service is at 6pm on Sunday 18th December. Do come; we are a friendly lot, and there will be mince pies and mulled wine

Please call Maureen, or visit to discuss, if you think you may be able to help..... phone 01263 740762 or email glavencentre1@btinternet.com.

VACANCY AT GLAVEN CARING A vacancy has arisen for a Nursing Assistant, caring for the elderly, working in Blakeney, with Glaven Caring. Hours 10am-2.30pm Monday, Wednesday & Friday Please contact Maureen Buckey for more details Tel: 01263 740762 email: glavencentre1@btinternet.com


regularly, the third Saturday of alternate months – 19th November’s book was “Strangers on a Train” by Patricia Highsmith – and the meeting in January will be on the 21st at 4pm (book yet to be chosen). If you are interested in joining the group, please email balevillagehall@gmail.com and we’ll be in touch. The first Bale Tractor Run on 18th September was a great success, thanks to the hard work put in by Margaret Dent and her willing band of caterers. Bacon butties greeted the arrivals in the morning and they were welcomed back with tea and cakes. 20 beautiful old tractors took part and £207 was raised towards the development fund. We hope to repeat the event next year, so thanks to everyone who took part. A good crowd gathered for this year’s Harvest Supper on 1st October. We are grateful to Philip Otty for coming out of retirement to provide the usual wonderful feast of cold meats, jacket potatoes and salads and some delicious desserts. The Harvest Supper is connected to the church’s Harvest Festival, but whether churchgoer or not, it is a great opportunity to appreciate our good fortune in living somewhere where good, fresh food is in plentiful supply. Another £220 was added to the fundraising ‘pot’ on the evening. One of the main events on the Bale Village Hall Social Calendar is the “Old Year’s Night” party on 31st December at 8pm. Alastair’s team will be providing a gourmet 3-course supper, with an between-courses quiz and games to follow, leading up to a rousing chorus of ‘Auld Lang Syne’ as the New Year begins. Tickets will, once again, be £13 to include supper and you should bring your own choice of drinks to toast the arrival of 2017. To book your place, call 01328 822012 or email balevillagehall@gmail.com. The development fund is still in need of your donations but we are making steady progress. A substantial grant has been received from the wind farm, to enable us to begin work on phase 1 of the building work but we still have some way to go to reach the £72,000 target. If you can help, please get in touch – donations large and small gratefully accepted! Paula Moore

afterwards. We will not have Holy Communion that morning. Christmas Day service will be at 9.30. All welcome.

BALE DIARY 1st November: Cakes Lane beginning to sparkle We are very lucky to have this beautiful green lane. We share it with Field Dalling, as it forms part of the boundary between that village and Bale. Today the grey sky made the autumn leaves radiate light upwards. The lower part is edged with bracken, which a friend told me is a sign of an ancient pathway, as it will have been established when bracken was growing freely across the landscape; almost the first plant to begin to relinquish its green, it turns a pale bronzy gold colour before its final rust. This morning the north-easterly blowing drizzle across the fields made the lane feel welcoming and sheltering; leaves falling everywhere, winter wheat pale green in the field, the lace-like structure of the bracken fronds, the hedge twiggery’s verticals and criss-crossing palisade, the ash leaves piled across the path, hazels and field maple bright discs and stars, a painterly sprinkling at the edge of vision, gold and russet gleam, and then the stark hedge stems against the light. We stir up the leaves along the well-trodden path in the gloom under the tall protective hazel and maple. The low light makes the exit to Marsh and Hard farms glow green beyond the crouching oak trees; hazel leaves are bright, the lane narrows down and leaves blow across like large raindrops. Although it will need cutting back soon I love the lane unkempt like this, it feels safe and warm, enclosing us against the wind. Jane Wheeler

VILLAGE HALL NEWS The Open Book Group on 9th September was attended by about a dozen people, all of whom had actually read the book. (This may seem obvious, but as a member of several book groups over the past decade, I can assure you it is a rare event!). There was lively, interesting discussion on John Banville’s ‘The Sea’ and opinion was quite polarised. It was decided to meet


VILLAGE HALL SOCIAL CLUB DRAW September 2016 Lucian Postan Charlie Mitchell Anne Peppitt Jamie Prideaux

£25 £10 £5 £5

everyone coming down Morphews Breck all carrying coats that they had started off with! When we got back and the dogs had been watered we went into the village hall where Liz and Sharon had cooked the bangers and mash followed by apple and blackberry crumble. I need to thank Arthur Howell for providing the sausages, Paul Dungar for the potatoes, Trever Howell for selling so many raffle tickets and of course Toby for raising an enormous amount from his sponsorship. The Chequers also sold tickets, and fantastic prizes for the raffle were donated by Mrs Temple's cheese, Glaven vets, Ferndale Farm cheese, GJL Animal Feeds, Gill Burton, Tesco, Morrisons, Three Rivers vets, Fakenham Garden Centre and many who dropped off a prize. Thanks to everyone, we managed to raise £850 and through Sharon Bailey, Barclays have matched it so the total is £1,700. It really was fun and for those who could not make it, hopefully we will be doing it all over again next year!! Alex Wales

October 2016 Shona Macorkindale £25 Kate Chapman £10 Adam Raphael £5 William Sankey £5

BINHAM Contact: Liz Brady 01328 830830 lizdavenport@f2s.com

FRIENDS OF BINHAM PRIORY On behalf of the Friends, I would like to take this opportunity to extend a huge vote of thanks to all those involved in yet another fantastically successful and enjoyable Binham show, entitled ‘Have You Come Far’ on the 15th October. In particular, the masterminds of both the organisation and the script writing, Fiona Thompson and Andrew Moncur. But not forgetting all those involved in setting up and dressing up of the village hall; the stage hands of various sorts; the musical impresario's production; and of course all the actors. Special thanks must also go to Di Tilley for her tremendous work in enabling the production of over 100 identical Royal Coronation Chicken meals even though cooked by nearly a dozen chefs, along with accompanying trifles, thoroughly enjoyed by all..A fantastic sum of over £1100 was raised for the Friends' funds which is gratefully received. Clive Brady, FOBP Chairman

BINHAM PRIORY Christmas Services We extend a warm welcome to all at the following services. Tues 20th Dec at 6.30 pm Carols and Readings for Advent and Christmas with the Iceni Christmas Choir Christmas Eve at 4 pm Children's Crib Service Christmas Eve at 11 pm Midnight Holy Communion Christmas Day at 10.30 am Family Service with Carols and Readings Sun 8th Jan at 3.30 pm Carols and Readings for Epiphany with the Richeldis Singers.

BINHAM CHARITY Dog Walk and Lunch

Binham Youth Group

On Sunday 16th October about 40 people turned up at Binham Village Hall at 11.45am to set off on a walk, with or without dogs to raise money for Cancer Research UK The weather in the morning was horrible but by the time we all gathered for the annual photo, it was dry and the sun was poking through. We set off at a good pace and we all had a lovely time chatting as we walked. It was lovely to see




Binham PCC Treasurer

Binham and Hindringham

Due to the approaching retirement of the current holder, Binham PCC is seeking a new treasurer to take on this exciting and rewarding role in this lively and active parish church with its fascinating architecture and history. If you are interested and would like to know more, please contact one of the Churchwardens: Maureen Frost (01328 830362) or Geoff Scott (01328 830940).

We are a women’s group that meet on the third Thursday of each month at 7.15 pm in Hindringham village hall. It would be lovely to welcome new members to our group. Either come along or ring our secretary Sue Elkins 01328 878487 for more information. Our next meeting will be held a week earlier than usual on Thursday December 8th when we will be holding our Christmas party and AGM. 2017 brings a new programme and we start the year with a talk from Philip West entitled Crabs, Cliffs and Coasters on January 19th 2017.

BINHAM VILLAGE HALL EVENTS Sat 3rd Dec at 6:30 for 7pm Traditional Christmas supper with raffle and tombola. Tickets £8 from Liz Brown 01328 830519.

Mon 19th Dec at 7:15pm Carols around the tree on the village green with Fakenham Town Band.


Sat 14th Jan at 7pm Curtains up

On 29th September Binham History Group and Friends of Binham Priory hosted a well attended evening at The Priory Church for the launch of the Norfolk Record Society of their annual publication of the Cartulary of Binham Priory with a presentation by Professor Nicholas Vincent. This book is based on the translated latin text Cartulary which is now housed at the British Museum. It consists of a collection of documents relating to the priory's possessions from its foundation in c.1104 until the middle of the 14th century. That it has survived the passage of time is nothing less than amazing in itself and it was thanks to the private collection of Sir Robert Bruce Cotton MP (1571–1631), an antiquarian and bibliophile. After the dissolution of the monasteries, many priceless and ancient manuscripts that had belonged to the monastic libraries were disseminated among various owners, many of whom were unaware of the cultural value of the manuscripts. Cotton's skill lay in finding, purchasing and preserving these ancient documents. The document contains many people’s and place names and as such it is an important source for the early history of the parishes in North Norfolk where the priory held property interest.

The Cartulary of Binham Priory

Panto comes to Binham! Look out for posters.

BINHAM ART GROUP Our first meeting in December will be on the Tuesday 6th and will take the form of a workshop on flower painting by Sarah Kenyon, a local watercolour artist from Reepham. This is an opportunity to get involved and do some painting under the guidance of Sarah, who will also show us how it is done. The following meeting on the Tuesday 13th December, will be our usual session at the Binham village hall between 9.30 and 12.30. We will then repair to The Chequers Inn, our very own well known hostelry to indulge in our annual Christmas lunch. We will be having a break from our usual Tuesday meetings over the Christmas holidays, so no meeting on the 27th December. Having recovered from the festivities we return on the Tuesday 3rd January full of great resolutions. If you fancy having a dabble at painting, please come along and give it a try. For any enquiries please ring John Hill 01328 830378 or Brenda/Lionel Wilde 01328 830525.

Shakespeare’s Gardens Our talk in October was a welcome return by author and writer Jackie Bennett. To mark the 400th


anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare, Jackie was commissioned by Shakespeare Birthplace Trust to write a book about the gardens in Stratford Upon Avon that he knew as a boy and tended as a man. Her talk focused on the gardens of his birthplace in Henley Street, to his childhood playground at Mary Arden’ s Farm, to his courting days at Anne Hathaway’s Cottage and his final home where he died in 1616 at New Place – where he created a garden to reflect his fame and wealth. Jackie explored the plants that Shakespeare had in depth knowledge about and wrote about. Their use in his work and the meanings that his audiences would have picked up on – including mulberries, roses, daffodils, pansies, herbs and a host of other flowers. She discussed the Elizabethan garden age and the recent archaeology work that has been carried out to identify the layout of his original knot garden at New Place. Unfortunately, the original gardens were lost and Shakespeare’s original house radically altered and then demolished. Jackie recounted the story of the Reverend Francis Gastrell, who lived in New Place and having become tired of tourists, attacked and destroyed a mulberry tree in the garden said to have been planted by Shakespeare. In retaliation, the townsfolk destroyed New Place's windows. Gastrell applied for local permission to extend the garden. His application was rejected and his tax was increased, so Gastrell retaliated by demolishing the house in 1759!

Future Talks December 2016 - No Talk Jan 26th 2017 at 7:30pm Walsingham Explained! Tony Pepper, in Binham Village Hall £2 members, £4 non members, all welcome. Pennie Alford (blhg@btinternet.com)

BINHAM OPEN GARDENS June 17th & 18th 2017 Save these dates Yes! It’s time to start thinking of warm days ahead! We need people to open their gardens and to come and help with refreshments and activities in the village hall over the weekend. Please let us know if you would like to join in. The more the merrier! Please contact: Clare Winkley on 01328 831848.

SUPPORT FOR HOLT FOODBANK During September our village contributed 47.35 kg of food towards a total of 2,512.9 for the whole of the Cromer Foodbank area. Many thanks for your continued support. The volunteers we regularly speak to in Foodbank tell us that sadly demand is increasing. Their experiences are echoed in the report of a recent Oxford University study which directly links benefit sanctions with increased foodbank use. The report concludes by asking the government to consider whether sanctions leading to suspension of benefits for the most vulnerable people outweigh any possible positive outcomes, may they be financial or social. Ken Loach’s recently released award winning film “I, Daniel Blake” vividly illustrates the problems people face. Please continue with your help.

Volunteers wanted If the thought of long nights and short days of the coming winter months seem a bit depressing and you’re looking for a volunteer research project then read on. If you have access to the internet, then you might want to look at being a volunteer for a major new online project to preserve British place names and help create the world’s largest historical gazetteer. The GB1900 project aims to create a complete list of the estimated 3 million place names on early Ordnance Survey maps of Great Britain. Volunteers are being asked to add information on place names to the GB1900 website. For more information visit www.gb1900.org.




100+ Club winners September winners: £25 Lucy Walduck. £10 Binham Football Club, Neil Macarthur. £5 Sheelin Cuthbert, Violet Dunn, Mrs Pepper. October winners: £25 Alex Wales. £10 Sue Jeffrey, Brenda Wilde. £5 Alex Howell, Martin Front Street, Stanley Hewitt. If anyone would like to join the 100+ Club, please call at 8 Priory Crescent or ring June Read on 01328 830106.

Contact: Anthony Smith 01328 830546 aesmith@pobox.com

WWII AIR CRASH in Field Dalling On February 17th 1945, an American B-24 bomber was flying over the North Sea as part of a bombing mission to Germany, when a fire broke out in the number two engine. William Lindhe, the captain, died, together with five of his crew, but three bailed out when land was sighted, and were saved. Within two minutes the plane had crash-landed in Field Dalling and, careering across Roddy’s Lane, near Church Farm, ploughed into a group of four Italian POWs. One of the men, Giordano Romagnoli, was killed immediately. A second, Rafael Di Luca, died soon after of his injuries, while the remaining two survived. POWs were employed as farm workers (‘co-operators’) and there were several POW camps in this area of Norfolk, for example at Pudding Norton. The wreckage, with its unexploded ordnance of ten 500lb bombs was salvaged by February 20th. This is just one of several plane crashes during WWII in the area surrounding Langham airfield, although this tragic series of events originally started at the Attlebridge airfield near Norwich. All deaths received proper and dignified military funerals. I am indebted to Nigel Crossland, who is researching this piece of Field Dalling’s history. If you have any information which may assist him, please let him know at nigel.crossland@btinternet.com or on 01263 741957. Margaret Smith

FOOD FOR THOUGHT It's a time for thanks, love and giving. No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted. Happy Christmas and New Year.

COCKTHORPE Contact: Maurice Matthews 01328 830350 maurice.matthews@peppard.net


Binham Youth Group

Almost there! After many missed target dates the completion of the repair of the roof and porch is beginning to look realistic. The scaffolding both inside and out has been removed, all external work has been completed and the interior is its final stages. All being well we can now look forward to the annual candlelit carol service. Date and time has not been finalised at the time of writing however when it is arranged it can be found on the Norfolk Churches Trust Website norfolkchurchestrust.org.uk. Alternatively call me on the number above. Maurice Matthews


VILLAGERS’ HALL ‘The Place to meet’ Wine Tasting Fri 9th Dec at 6.30 pm Well in time for you to order your Christmas Cheer, Lee Newstead, and staff from Adnams will present a

wine tasting evening on Friday 9th December at Villagers’ Hall. There will be ten wines and two beers available to taste and as a bonus, all orders placed on the night will be given a 10% discount! This offer includes the full range of wine, beers and spirits available from Adnams, which can be viewed in store or on line at www.adnams.co.uk as long as ordered on the night (but not available in conjunction with other Adnams offers or discounts). This is a fabulous offer from a great supplier, but it is essential to book your place with Steve on 01328 830365 or steveandsusie100@gmail.com.

GUNTHORPE Contact: John Blakeley 01263 861008 jbconsult@btinternet.com www.gunthorpefriends.co.uk

FOGPC September

50/50 Club Draw Results October

Michelle Worrall £20.00 David Ford £20.00 David Brough £10.00 Alma Street £15.00 Nigel Ford £5.00 Noel Hinton £5.00 Linda Jenkinson £5.00 Dorothy Tomic £5.00 Patricia Groves £5.00 David Ward £5.00 Nicole Cutterham £5.00 Simon Long £5.00 Brian Churchill £5.00 Hilary Bevan-Jones £5.00 Whether you are new to the village or have been here a while but not yet joined, and you would like more information on both the 50:50 Club and “Friends” memberships, please contact John Blakeley on 01263 861008. The last few coffee mornings have not enjoyed a high attendance. We are very grateful to the stalwarts who come every time, but we would love to see more members at this enjoyable monthly event so do please come along and support us. The 50:50 Club Christmas Party with the usual Christmas fare and an enhanced monthly draw and raffle will be held at the Institute commencing at 12 noon 17th December. Entrance will be by raffle ticket purchase - minimum of £2 for two strips for adults and older children and £1 for one strip for children 6-12 inclusive - 5 and under free. Myfi Everett, Jeanette Rigby & John Blakeley

Christmas Prize Draw Bingo Fri 16th Dec from 6:30pm As the ever-popular Christmas Prize Bingo draws near, make sure to book your place with Ian for this annual ‘sell out’ event on the 16th December. Doors open at 6:30pm. Email ian.ladley2@yahoo.com or call him on 01328 830582. Bingo dates for the New Year are: 13th January and 10th February – all are welcome.

Latest Improvements Completed With the finishing touches and painting done, our new ladies toilets add yet another improvement to the many achieved over recent years. This latest initiative would not have been possible without the support of NNDC and the grant from the ‘Big Society Fund’ for which the Hall Committee are most grateful.

Fish & Chip Evenings The final F&C evening of the year is on 2nd of December - no turkey or mince pies. Guaranteed! Just great Fish & Chips along with other ‘chippy favourites’. These fun and successful evenings offer a chance to enjoy good company in the hall or simply use as a take-a-way. All are welcome, come along at 7pm and do bring your own drinks. Dates for 2017 F&C evenings are to be announced soon. And what better place to hold a Christmas Party! Villagers’ Hall is available to book at great rates for local residence – just £6.50 per hour. To book Villagers’ Hall please see our website or contact Jeremy Mason 01328 830573 or Steve Collins: 01328 830365. Find out more at www.fdands.org.uk.

ST MARY’S CHURCH NEWS The Harvest Festival service was held on October 9th. Thank you to everyone who so generously brought produce and to John and Julia Salmon who helped to decorate the church. As always our gifts of fruit, vegetables and dry goods were eagerly accepted by The Holt Youth Project.

200 CLUB October’s winners were: £50 Lilly Harwar; £25 Elizabeth Peart; £15 Herbert Burton. Are you in it? If so, then it is time to renew your numbers. You will have received a reminder letter with the numbers you hold. If not, how about joining it this year? Half the proceeds go to help fund Villagers’ Hall; the other half is distributed in prizes. To retain your current numbers or to add new ones giving you the chance of winning up to £50 in each of our monthly draws, then please contact Susie Collins 01328 830365. Each number costs £12 per year. Remember: if you're not in it - you can't win it!


day at the National Gallery. After quite a long time looking round what is a very large building I decided my knees needed a rest (the gallery has some very comfortable chairs) and I sat down opposite a very uninteresting looking picture with brain in neutral. I then looked at the title and names of the painters of the picture and to my great surprise found this plaque: Even with the most liberal interpretation of what is clearly an allegorical picture it is difficult to see the firm links to a famous (indeed infamous) Norfolk born British Admiral of the early 18th Century. The National Gallery website gives this as its provenance: Shortly before 1722, Owen McSwiny, a bankrupt Irishman who had settled in Italy to escape his creditors, commissioned twenty-four large canvases from prominent Venetian and Bolognese painters as a commercial venture. By profession a theater impresario, he concocted this series of allegorical monuments commemorating recently deceased British monarchs and aristocrats, hoping that their wealthy heirs might purchase the works. McSwiny's "Tombs,"as they came to be called, proved to be unintelligible; no one, not even the artists who painted them, ever had a clear notion of what the pictures represented. This ornate and fanciful memorial, for example, alludes only vaguely to the subject's naval career. The admiral himself does not appear, nor does the shield in the right foreground bear his exact coat-of-arms. Only the fountain hints at the maritime theme with its ancient ships' prows and rudders, statues of tritons riding dolphins, and a bas-relief of Neptune, god of the sea.  The Shovell canvas is a collaboration by Marco Ricci, who contributed the picturesque landscape and theatrical architecture, and his uncle Sebastiano Ricci, who painted the figures and statuary. The two Riccis' use of fluffy textures and decorative colors marks the emerging rococo style. So there you have it - a reminder of North Norfolk and two Lynx villages found by chance in the middle of one of the largest art galleries in the world. John Blakeley 

John and Julia also helped to organise the Churches’ Bike Ride. Thank you to them and all who so kindly manned the church on the day. Well done to the Williamson family who, once again, rode for St Marys. In total just over £200 was raised. Sadly, the organ has run out of puff! A new blower is needed at the cost of around £1,400. A huge amount but well worth it, as we have such a superb organist in Martin Jacklin. The Friends have kindly offered to pay half the cost, and a fund raising event is being planned for next year. We will, please, need everyone's support! Penny Brough Churchwarden

FRIENDS OF GUNTHORPE PC By the time you read this issue many of us will (I hope!) have enjoyed the Friends Harvest Supper in the Village Institute (which will take place next weekend as I write). Thanks to all the Friends committee members for cooking, presenting and hosting the occasion. The clocks have changed today and though the weather is mild we will soon be feeling winter as well as Christmas coming. The Friends 50/50 Club Christmas Party will be held in the Village Institute on the 17th of December at 12 noon and all are welcome. See details in the 50/50 Club report. As you will also have seen in the St Mary’s news the Church organ needs ‘bellows-repair’ and our lovely organist and friend, Martin Jacklin, has found us a good deal (thank you Martin!). The cost is around £1,400 including VAT and the Friends have agreed to share this cost 50/50 with the PCC. Many thanks to all our supporters for their help and contributions this year, and a very happy holiday season and Merry Christmas to you all. Marie Denholm, Friends Chairman

WASHINGTON NATIONAL GALLERY I hope Morston and Cockthorpe will excuse me intruding on their turf, but earlier this year my wife and I were lucky enough to have a week in Washington DC. While I had my turn at looking round the Smithsonian Aerospace Collections my wife, a keen artist, wanted a

INSTITUTE NEWS Anyone spending the evening at the village institute on October 22nd will already know it was a rare opportunity to glimpse Gunthorpe across the decades, and also to share fascinating memories of many resident “Gunthorpians” of the day. It was a taste of village life evidenced with a


(continued on page 16)






5 6














20 19 22

Crossword Clues (answers on p. 26) Across: 5. Her top gun, confused, reached this village, (9) 8. This answer means nothing to me. (4) 9. Changed the tee trial and found I can read! (8) 10. Confused sir vet? - try harder! (6) 11. The last gales upset the big birds. (6) 13. A bit of a romp in returning a pencil or felt pen. (6) 15. Scheming, it left the city, clutching an open boat. (6) 16. Everyone got together to sort out the broken Vac clone. (8) 18. This golf club is hard! (4) 19. Hang them - on Christmas Eve! (9)

Jennie was delighted with her book from her rather old-fashioned parents. "Look Jimmy, in my history book there's a lovely painting by a famous artist of Queen Victoria with her family on Christmas morning". "That's funny", said Jim, "There's an identical picture in my encyclopaedia". But when they compared the pictures carefully they found that there were in fact 7 differences between them. Can you see them? You'll have to look closely! (Answers on p.26)

Down: 1. Be unwell, shaken, after teacher provides this lesson. (8) 2. Let tea sort out the former P.M. (6) 3. The French put on heavy foot-ware in this Liverpool district.(6) 4. Box, hanging from the mast. (4) 6. Hoof (part E), when mixed, can be left in the oven. (9) 7. Pay this - that's an order! (9). 12. Having joined up, good ordinary seamen will not be lashed to these for punishment. (8) 14. An opportunity kept between the rich an' celebrated. (6) 15. An academic grade - on loan? (6) 17. You've heard sense - now quote it! (4)


CHRISTMAS PUZZLE PAGES ADULTS’ CHRISTMAS QUIZ 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.


by Samphire (answers on p. 26) Which juicy green fruit is named after a New Zealand bird? Before going solo Beyonce Knowles fronted which female band? Which is the only mammal able to fly? What do Americans call a reindeer? Who was the first female winner of “Strictly Come Dancing”? Which motorway crosses the Pennines? In which sport is the Curtis Cup awarded? What are the two main ingredients of angels on horseback? What in Sudoku is the total of the even numbers in a completed row? What is the main ingredient of black pudding? What colour is the Northern Line on a London underground map? What was the name of Darth Vader’s spacecraft in “Star Wars”? How many players are there in a netball team? What is exactly 26 miles and 385 yards long? What is the most northerly capital in Europe?

Can you find 14 marsh plants?

Wordsearch Clues (answers on p. 26) 1. This delicious plant is the wild ancestor of beetroot, sugar beet and Swiss chard. Wild -------. 2. A short, spikey, green, common grass. Sea ---. 3. Stick to these tall spindly bushes if the tide sweeps in as they tend to grow at high points on the marsh. ------. 4. This grass, commonly known as rye, also has a name that sounds like citrus fruit. ----. 5. A pretty, compact perennial that grows in low clumps and sends up long stems supporting globes of bright pink flowers. Called a sea pink or a sea ------. 6. Blue-green spikey leaves with metallic blue flowers, this summer plant has a Christmas name. --- -----. 7. The asparagus of the sea; steamed with butter or just pop in your mouth straight from the creek. ---------. 8. This plant made excellent potash and so takes its name from the glass-blowing industry. ---------. 9. Also the name of a famous fictional detective. Sea ------10. No scent from this marsh summer carpet of colour, but it’s heavenly just the same. Sea --------. 11. This long grass has strong creeping roots that protect the sand dunes. ------ grass. 12. Their small elliptical-shaped, silver leaves are found on the high water mark following a high tide. Sea ---------. 13. Sedum Acre goes by several names: goldmoss and mossy or biting ---------. 14. Beware this lovely flower. The Yellow Horned variety is a totally poisonous weed. ------.

JUNIOR CHRISTMAS QUIZ 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

by Samphire (answers on p. 26) What is the largest rainforest in the world? RFEFAIG is an anagram of a large African animal. Which animal? Which Saint’s Day is February 14th? Name the hot liquid beginning with “L” that erupts from a volcano. What is the 10th letter of the alphabet? In the carol The 12 Days of Christmas, what type of bird is sitting in a pear tree? What is 300 divided by 50? What type of fruit is dried to make raisins? How many months of the year have 30 days? How many sides has a hexagon? True or false? 25% and ¼ are the same. How many hours in a week? How many cards – excluding jokers – are there in a pack of cards? Which colours are the five Olympic rings? Which country does Parmesan cheese come from?


(continued from page 13) collection of photographs and a very interesting insight into a North Norfolk village through the years, including movie film of Gunthorpe Hall and fetes of the 1970s. We are very grateful to John Blakeley for providing and sharing his collection of local photographs and for creating a challenging quiz with an equally challenging answer sheet thank you John for all your hard work and efforts. At the time of this edition the Harvest Supper, traditionally held in the Village Institute will have come and gone, but thank you in advance to all involved for what is always guaranteed to be a lovely evening. And with the festive season fast approaching the next party date on the Institute calendar is the 17th December for the 50:50 Christmas get together (see FOGPC write up for further details). This is the last Lynx for 2016 and we wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy New Year and say thank you to all for your help and support throughout the year. The Gunthorpe Village Institute is available for hire for small events and meetings. If you wish to make a booking please contact Tony Dufor on 01263 860051 or Pippa Bunting on 01263 86141. Tony Dufor & the Committee

who helped to set up, man the stalls and clear away. Your support was very much appreciated.

WELL DONE LINDA AND DAVID The front of your house looks great; it has brightened the crossroads up. We love the colour choice. You couldn’t have chosen any better. The new artwork is an added bonus. Joan & Bob Smith and Linda Parnel

CHRISTMAS FAIR Sat 3rd Dec. 3rd 10am-12noon Langham Village Hall Please come and support this traditional event, raising money for Langham Church General Fund. Cakes, books, gifts, competitions and refreshments will be available – and who will win the Christmas Hamper this year? Would you all please be kind enough to gather together all your unwanted presents, books, and anything suitable for the raffle or Lucky Dip for this event? The PCC would be most grateful. Goods can still be deposited in the porch at 30 Binham Road preferably, if at all possible, by 30th November, in order to allow time for pricing. Please leave a note, so that I can thank donors. Any queries, or if you would like me to collect, please give me a ring. Many thanks for your continued support. Ann Sherriff 01328 830605



Contact: Amanda Deacon 01328 830908 amandajd@live.co.uk

Norwich Christmas Shopping Trip Sun 4th Dec 10am

FROM THE REGISTERS 10th September Christopher Edward Stafford Allen and Paige Esther St. John Barrows. 15th October Malcolm Hugh John and Siân Catherine James.

The coach departs from the Langham Blue Bell 10am and leaves again from Norwich at 3.30pm. This trip is free to all FOL 200 club members and family, so join today just £12 a year, which also entitles you to be entered in our monthly cash draw and enjoy other FOL events. Call John Hughes 01328 830595 or Peter Barlow 01328 830606 if you want a seat.



Holy Matrimony

A big thank-you to all who came to this event in the village hall in Oct. and helped to raise £210 for Langham Church General Fund. Grateful thanks also go to all those

Mon 14th Dec at 7pm in Langham Church Following the huge success of the Carols and Mince


Tickets are now available from John Hughes 01328 830595. We look forward to seeing you all again.

pies in the Church last year, the Coastal Singers will again compere the evening in December. Please put a note in your calendar; we look forward to seeing you there.

‘LANGHAM REVISITED’ Talk and Picture show by Philip West Wed 18th Jan at 7.30pm, Langham Village Hall

FISH ‘N CHIPS & A QUIZ NIGHT Fri 16th Dec at 7pm in Langham Village Hall

Another chance to hear Phillip talk and show some of his amazing collection of old photos and post cards on Langham and the surrounding area. Admission £2 includes refreshments. Everyone welcome.

The Friends Of Langham will again host the Christmas quiz night. As always, you can enjoy the fish and chips, then tackle David Revill’s quiz. Everyone is welcome, so please turn up for this Christmas special.



It is with grateful thanks that the Parochial Church Council recently received a cheque for £400 from the proceeds of the first season of the ‘Fish ’n Chips and Quiz’ night. This wonderful amount represented the choice of the participants for a portion of the money to be allocated to the Langham Church Clock Fund. The Clock Fund is a Restricted Fund and may only be used for the purpose of maintaining and repairing the church clock. The next time that the clock needs attention it may entail a complete overhaul; this would be costly. This donation will be a great help and we would like to extend our sincere appreciation to those who voted to support the care and continuation of the working of our treasured clock. Thank you. Langham PCC

in aid of El Salvador Sat 17th Dec 10am to 12 noon Everyone is warmly invited to Crafers Barn in Langham (North Street, 3rd house after Langham Village School when coming from village crossroads), for a coffee morning with German advent cakes and gateaux, coffee, tea and mulled wine on Saturday 17th December from 10am to 12 noon. Proceeds are in aid of the Fe y Alegría School in a slum of the country’s capital, San Salvador. German St Nicholas chocolates will also be on sale! Jutta and Roger Davis

COME AND CELEBRATE! Carol Service at Langham Church Christmas Eve at 6pm



What’s happened to the dragon? What are you doing to the hedge? Are you having a wall or a fence? There have been so many enquiries about our front hedge at 30 Binham Road that we thought we had better put everyone’s mind at rest. Yes, sadly, the days of the Escallonia dragon came to an end and it had to be dug out. It had lasted for over 31 years and had provided a good hedge and lots of entertainment. The dragon’s successor will be a New Zealand privet named ‘Griselinia littoralis’, which is suited to coastal as well as inland positions. It has glossy apple green foliage that should develop into a lush and dense hedge.

Thurs 29th Dec 12 noon It’s that time of year again when children and adults look forward to the annual Pantomime outing. This year we are again travelling to King’s Lynn Corn Exchange to see Cinderella. As usual it’s free to all Langham children but they must be accompanied by an adult. Tickets for Langham children should be booked before 9th December. After that date tickets are available for non-Langham children at a cost of £8.50 and for all adults £10.50. Both include coach travel. The coach will depart from outside the Blue Bell at 12 noon for a 1.30pm start.


Because of this it can be clipped into fairly compact neat shapes. There are several gardens close by that now have this hedge in replacement of the original Escallonia, so let us hope that they all thrive, in whatever shape. Colin & Ann

Society 01263 711243 giving as much notice as possible. This roster is also placed in the church porch and on the village notice boards with dates beyond the above schedule. We welcome new drivers, so if anyone would like to join us please give me a call. Alison Murday 07909 923058

THANK YOU FRIENDS OF LANGHAM As a result of the splendid organisation of the above committee, this year Langham have enjoyed a Quiz night, a ‘Queen’s Birthday in The Park’, the traditional Rounders Match on the playing field and the annual ‘Mystery Tour’. The latter proved to be as enjoyable as ever and had a bit of extra excitement thrown in. We had the usual variety of buses and trains and an enjoyable meal at the Old Bell Inn at Saham Toney. All these events have been greatly enjoyed. We are so lucky to have a dedicated group of people who look after our social needs in such an excellent way. They are supported by a ‘200 Club’ and there are winners every month but as they say ‘you have to be in it to win it’. Thank you, Friends of Langham. A member

LIBRARY DATES Stopping at St Mary’s Estate at 9.55am and Cornfields at 10.20am for 20 minutes at each stop on Dec 22nd, Jan 19th and Feb 16th.

MORSTON Contact: Jock Wingfield 01263 740431 jocelynwingfield@gmail.com

DATES Sat 3rd & Sun 4th Dec Bluejacket Christmas Fair. Fri 23rd Dec 5pm. Candlelit Carol Service in Morston church. [NOT 3pm as published in last issue]. Sat 24th Dec 5.30 pm. Carol singers meet at the Anchor. Sat 4th Feb FMC Quiz.

RVS LANGHAM CAR SERVICE Schedule to 6th Feb 2016 All the drivers wish you a very Merry Christmas Weekly driving duties begin on Mondays * These drivers do not go to Norwich Fare: 25p per mile. Dec 5th T 830 624 Jan 9th T 830 605 Dec 12th T 830 537 * Jan 16th T 830 606* Dec 19th T 830 677 Jan 23rd T 830 847 th Dec 26 No Driver Jan 30th T 830 348 nd Jan 2 T 830 348 It would be helpful if a car booking is made as soon as an appointment is arranged or journey planned so that drivers can arrange their schedule. When booking please tell the driver of any walking aids to be transported. Please bring change. If the driver for the week is unable to do the trip, please contact the next person on the list. If your appointment is cancelled, please let the driver know! If no driver is available, contact the Holt Caring

BLUEJACKET CHRISTMAS FAIR Sat 3rd & Sun 4th December, 10am - 5pm All at Bluejacket Showroom welcome walkers, shoppers and general party-minded folk to join us throughout the weekend for mulled wine, hot chocolate and festive nibbles. There will be new guest artists on show in the shop and the workshop plus extra stock from the collective. For further information and maps go to www.bluejacketworkshop.co.uk.

11TH SHOVELL DINNER On Sat 15th October Dr. John Villiers gave a fascinating talk on: “Admiral Keppel: Viscount Keppel



of Elveden, Victor of Havana, 1762.” This was followed by a delicious 3-course dinner and a small auction and a 52-prize bottle tombola of donated bottles of good wine or of spirits, champagne or port. All proceedings went to Friends of Morston Church for church upkeep and repairs. The FMC Chairman & Committee would like to thank all donors and all who helped on or for this splendid evening. Profit on dinners £455, donations £278, tombola £255, auction £72. Total profit £1,060. Next year’s Shovell Dinner is on 14th October. Jim Crossley will speak on ‘Jutland: who won the battle?’

1480-1500: The screen in the Church is believed to have been the gift of the Rt. Reverend Florence Woolley, in 1480. He had been Bishop of Clogher (Co. Tyrone) and served at Morston as Rector and Suffragen Bishop. Anne Rolfe of the PCC has just received the following interesting letter from Mr Peter Chapman of Sharrington: “Dear Mrs, Rolfe, Several weeks ago, I was pursuing my hobby of visiting very old churches. In All Saints Morston, I had a conversation with a lady, which may have been you. We discussed medieval graffiti on one of the pillars which you said had not been noticed. I always photograph the graffiti, then, at home, I photocopy the photograph onto plain paper and ink in the scratched lines. To my amazement, the profile portrait of a Catholic priest appeared, in his surplice and holding the Morston chalice. You can even see his fingers holding the cup. Now this is very unusual. I have visited many churches and have never seen a portrait like this. Graffiti of faces are usually very crude. The next paragraph is pure speculation on my part. In 1480, the Rt. Rev. F. Woolley, ex-Bishop of Clogher, presented the Rood Screen to Morston church. On about 1500, King Henry VII, Tudor, changed the coinage to show his own profile portrait from the previous coins which just showed a facing crowned head which could be anybody. Within a few years, his maniacal son Henry VIII who wanted a divorce and chopped his next wife’s head off invented his own religion and destroyed or stole everything Roman Catholic. That’s probably where the Morston chalice vanished to. Anyway, you just may have the Rt. Rev. Woolley’s portrait on the stone pillar. The 16th/17th century ship under full sail is also quite unusual. Photographs enclosed.”

FMC QUIZ SAT 4TH FEB 2017 Please put in your 2017 diary now! The Friends of Morston Church quiz will take place in Morston Village Hall on Sat 4th Feb. The Rev Ian Whittle’s champion team of this year, The Langham Lagarags [= lazy fellows] are hereby called upon to defend their title. They consist of: Ian Whittle, James & Sue Batten, Maxine Burlingham, Julia Thompson, Hugh Pilkington & Karen Downing, and Sara Wingfield. Also, the FMC is asking the following 2016 team captains to bring a team of 8 next 4th February: The Blakeney Coastguards of Neil & Chenda Thompson, The Cley Chatterpies [magpies} of Mally Bullard & Hannah Stevenson, The Cockthorpe & Morston Cockles of Carole Bean and Maurice & Sue Matthews, The Glandford Ganderers [ramblers] of Tony & Liz PierceRoberts and Prue Handley, The Gunthorpe Green-Olfs [greenfinches] of John & Diane Blakeley, The Morston Macaroons [fops] of Jill Tibbetts, The Morston Pishmires [ants] of Mary Athill, The Norfolk Nattlers [makers of much ado about nothing] of David & Alice Carnwath, and The Wiveton Woodsprites [woodpeckers] of Antonia Hardcastle.



included, is entirely funded by one anonymous donation – the new Number One Buoy is also entirely funded by donations - one also anonymous and the other from our chairman! Pledges are being made and an anonymous donation is funding the cost of a 'secretary' to the Honorary Association Secretary. In total a stunning £20,000 or so that we just weren't expecting. If ever there was evidence that this beautiful harbour and the place in which we all live was truly valued, then this community spirit really makes the point! And it doesn't end there either: more solid offers to volunteer in all sorts of ways have come forward to add to the ever expanding 'crowd' that BHA is delighted and thrilled to have supporting it. And let's not forget our major commercial sponsor, Adnams, and the White Horse. Once again real community spirit in real action and it's fantastic. Some detail; the new Fairway Buoy is here and with the right weather conditions will go on station. It's worth looking on the website to see the photographs of the removal of the old one: it's a lot bigger than you might think it is as you go sailing past; and there's a whole new list of projects which some of you will have already seen in the Autumn newsletter, and all last year's have been completed – not a bad result at all, thanks again to all the volunteers. With all this activity and support of course comes a greater level of accountability to make sure BHA really works well for everybody. That means making sure how it is run as a charity is all done properly; that it has all the insurances it needs and carries out risk analysis as it should; that its accounts are all in apple pie order and so on and so on. You will all be well aware of the really committed hard work that all the trustees put in - but let's not forget lawyers who help us for nothing, insurance brokers who not only arrange insurance but pay for it for us(!), volunteers to carry out risk registers and accountants to sign off the excellent work that Helen the Honorary Treasurer does. Too many to list here, but they will all be in the Autumn newsletter – be sure. All this has given BHA the confidence to do more. So it is planning to replace the temporary buoyage in the Cley and Blakeney channels with new permanent and liveried buoyage. In fact there is one in the Blakeney channel now

Blakeney National Nature Reserve Somehow November is once again upon us and with it brings the arrival of the grey seal pups on Blakeney Point. The first pup was born on Halloween, a day earlier than last year and a real delight for the team who spotted it when they were out doing conservation work. As always we never know how many will be born which adds to the suspense and excitement for the team but last year’s total was 2,343 so we have some way to go yet. Naturally the pups are a real draw for the public and we recommend that the best way to see them is by one of the seal trip providers from Morston Quay. If you do decide to take the four-mile shingle walk up Blakeney Point then please respect all signs, fences and any National Trust team you may meet. Please note that there are no facilities for visitors. We have again recruited a team of volunteer ‘Seal Rangers’ who will be on hand to speak to visitors and give advice, and also our seal leaflet with information on the seals, advice on responsible viewing and what to do if you come across a lone seal. Please do take time to pick one up and have a read if you are visiting. Undoubtedly the seal pups are what keeps us most busy right now but there is other work going on during this time as we use the quieter season to carry out important conservation repair work and prepare for 2017. To keep up to date with latest news from the reserve then please follow us on social media at NorfolkCoastNT or check out our website. Alex Green Digital Media, Marketing & Interpretation Officer www.national trust.org.uk/blakeney.

BHA DELIGHTED AT AMAZING SUPPORT Well, it sort of beggars belief really, to be honest! BHA had had a (long, but productive) Summer Meeting in Blakeney Village Hall at which the trustees had said 'there's an awful lot of work to be done – and quite a lot of money to raise'. What happened next was completely unexpected The new Fairway buoy, costing close to £7,000 everything



you might like to go and have a look at. They're very smart and long-lasting. The snag is they cost a lot and we will need 50 of them or so. Undaunted, that's the plan! We have already had pledges to sponsor one or even two buoys each by people which will cost a bit over £200 a time but we need more. So if you would like to sponsor a new buoy and have your, or your organisation or even a loved one remembered on it, please please let us know on info@blakeneyharbourassociation.co.uk. All this makes this article, as last month’s was, such a joy. And here's a snippet of what it means to people who use the harbour. Somebody emailed in after meeting some unexpected conditions – Charlie Ward provided a really comprehensive response and this was or what came back: “It certainly explains the issues we encountered on our trip and has given us a greater insight into Blakeney Harbour tides. We look forward to our next visit when we will be better prepared!” 
What can I say?! BHA in action!!” Tom Harrison

Sun 18th Dec at 4pm As in previous years the PCC is intending to arrange an enjoyable carol service in the run-up to Christmas instead of a Christmas Day service. So this year on Sunday 18th December at 4pm we hope to fill St Margaret’s with people of all ages singing much-loved traditional carols and listening to the Christmas story read by children and adults. With seasonal decorations, our highly effective heaters and atmospheric candles, we aim to create lots of Christmas cheer, reinforced by mulled wine and mince pies. Please do come along with your family and friends. Jot the date down in your diary now!

SHARRINGTON Contact: Claire Dubbins 01263 862261 cdubbins@btinternet.com www.sharrington.org.uk


CHURCH NOTES We commenced Sunday morning of the 28th August with our usual Holy Communion service with Rector Ian Whittle in attendance plus three children, Jack, Lucy and Florence who always manage to make it a real family occasion. At 10.30am several pairs of willing hands helped to clear books away and re-arrange the altar to its weekday look in order to facilitate our first time BBQ in the churchyard. It was a perfect day, warm and sunny, no hint of rain and at 12 noon the BBQ was fixed up, tables and chairs put out, plates, cutlery etc which had been stored in church overnight ready for use. Simon and David were the chefs with burgers and sausages all carefully checked with temperature gauges to ensure they were properly cooked and guests started arriving soon after with salads, buns, coronation chicken, desserts, drinks, potato salad, curried rice salad, all delicious and more than enough to suit different appetites. We were also joined by two more children, Poppy and her little sister Alexa who was one year

Contact: John Rayner 01328 830564 johnsrayner@btinternet.com

ST MARGARET’S CHURCH Ancient Chest broken into We are sad to report that on the night of 13th/14th October 2016 a person or persons unknown attempted to steal items of value from an ancient chest in the belfry. A good deal of force was applied to break open the clasps that help lock the lid. We are now faced with a substantial bill for repairs to the chest. The police were informed and have suggested steps we should take to improve our security. Other churches should be aware that thieves think churches provide easy pickings so counter measures are very necessary.


old the week before. There were about 30 people present and it was such an enjoyable and easy atmosphere that we hope to repeat next year. Many thanks to all those who helped and provided the food and special thanks to Simon and David for their sterling work with tongs, spatulas and other kitchen tools. There was not much left at the end but some of us were lucky enough to take home a few sausages. The children were so good and enjoyed the freedom to climb amongst the headstones. The weather could not have been more different for the sponsored Cycle Ride on 10th September. The day dawned with rain and it kept on all day at varying degrees of intensity. This was the first year Sharrington had no cyclist representing us due to various prior plans and holidays but it has to be said the number visiting our church was extremely low; in fact from 3pm until 5pm nobody checked in at all, many having given up and who can blame them. There is still time to fill the food bank box at the back of the church with Christmas goodies so let us make it a really good season for those not so lucky as ourselves. Date for your diary: Sunday 18th December at 5pm, the Christmas carol service. Weather permitting we hope there will be a candlelit procession from the village hall to the church from about 4.30pm. Those who would rather not take part will find a warm welcome in church, heated and well lit. APG

that the Santorini produced by Hatzidakis was the best. Of the reds, the St George from George Skouros took first prize. For me, however, the dessert wine from Samos made with the muscat grape was the winner …super with Xmas pud and available from Adnams. To provide a little cheer after the festivities are done, our February tasting again goes a little off piste with wines from Eastern Europe. For more information visit the Noble Rotters page on www.sharrington.org.uk. RD

BURNS NIGHT 2017 The annual Burns night will take place on Saturday th 28 January in the village hall at 7pm. The piper has been booked and once again we will be celebrating with a traditional Burns night supper followed by dancing. Tickets are £13 to include the meal but please bring your own drinks. This is a popular event so book your places now by calling Pippa Long on 01263 860613.

MACMILLAN COFFEE MORNING A big thank you to all those who helped to raise £245 at the Sharrington MacMillan coffee morning on 30th September. We had a glorious array of cakes including gluten free marvels, dairy free delights, drizzles to die for and the full fat, full cream chocolate yumminess (if that’s a word) of the home made éclair. Not a soggy bottom in sight. So many more delights Mary Berry would have been proud of were made by the absolutely fantastic bakers of Sharrington. Coffee was provided by Pippa Long, whose skill with the cafetière kept everyone well supplied with caffeine to help their brains tackle the cookery themed quiz. A chatty, happy, caffeine and sugar fuelled bunch seemed to thoroughly enjoy the morning. Roll on the 2017 event so start planning those showstoppers now! SG

NOBLE ROTTERS For the majority of members, the fact that we were to taste nine different wines from Greece at our tasting in November came as something of a surprise. Wine from Macedonia, wine from near Athens, wine from the Peloponnese, wine from Santorini, wine from Samos, wine produced from all kinds of unusual grape varieties like Xinomavro, Malagouzia, Assyrtko and Agiorgitiko. As the evening went on, so pronunciation became more challenging. Not everyone liked all the wines. The retsina was a much better example than those of our student days but still not a wine, I suspect, that will be purchased on a regular basis. Of the four white wines the general consensus was

VILLAGE HALL Following a preliminary meeting to assess the likelihood of its satisfying the relevant criteria, the committee has submitted an application to North Norfolk District Council’s


Big Society Fund for funding to meet the cost of improvements to the lighting, heating and glazing of the hall and the upgrading of its audio visual equipment. The application is supported by our county councillor, Marie Strong, to whom the committee is extremely grateful. The application is due to be considered on 5th December and the outcome will be published in the next issue…fingers crossed! On 9th September we hosted the premiere of Tony Britten’s new film ‘ChickLit’. Well, not exactly the premiere but one of the first, if not the first, screening of the film in a small local community. It was a sell-out and we were very fortunate that Tony not only introduced what was a very entertaining film but also attended for a Q&A session at the end. The evening grossed a little over £700 with a resultant profit for the hall of around £525. Thanks to Claire Dubbins for doing the intros and chairing the Q&A session. A small but enthusiastic group of residents attended the American themed quiz on 15th October which raised £175 for the hall. A pity that so few participated; it was really good fun. Thanks to both Chris and Ann Abrams for the effort they put into staging the event. At the time of writing, preparations for our third Christmas Fayre are in full swing. There is a lot of ‘competition’ this year from other events but I am confident that with all the work which has already been done, the event will be a major success. As flagged in the last issue, the committee plans to launch its ‘Open Mic’ evenings in the New Year on the last Wednesday of each month. The first is planned for 25th January at 7pm. Entrance will be free so why not come along and listen to the music, have a drink and catch up with your neighbours. Details of our programme for 2017 will be published early next year. RD

Our October talk was given by Dr Ian Bedford, head of entomology at the John Innes centre and was a fascinating talk on bugs, ranging from the invaluable for the production of food and nature, to the newly discovered and devastating Spanish slug. In October we managed to squeeze in a fungi foray at Brinton Hall garden and park, led by the delightful and knowledgeable Tony Leech. It was amazing to discover such a variety of fungi in one area, November saw our big event with the well respected gardener and broadcaster Bob Flowerdew, an evening full of fun and new tips to manage our gardens effectively, easily and guilt free. With a full village hall audience, Bob was highly entertaining and kept us wanting to know more. As to the near future, the gardening group will have its usual stall at the Sharrington Christmas Fayre followed in December by a willow workshop with Bob Lever on the 7th. It is usually a well attended evening full of giggles as we get to grips with the techniques of working with willow. Our AGM will take place on the 11th January. Our programme for next year promises to be a mixture of exciting talks, visits and social events. For more information please contact Françoise Allenby on 01263 860910. FA

STIFFKEY Contact: Geraldine Green 01328 830245 green978@btinternet.com

RESCUE WOODEN BOATS We are at the end of another successful summer season, having achieved so much, with our restoration of Dunkirk ‘Little Ship’ and former Wells Lifeboat ‘Lucy Lavers’ and have enjoyed a return to normal activities. ‘Lucy Lavers’ has been moored in the harbour at Wells and has been available for trips for individuals as well as for groups of up to ten people throughout the summer. These trips have become very popular, says

SHARRINGTON AND DISTRICT GARDENING GROUP To help the transition between a very pleasant summer and the decidedly cooler weather we are experiencing now, an Indian summer has been the perfect background for the Sharrington and District Gardening Group.


our skipper Nick Groom. Meanwhile the Maritime Heritage Centre at Greenways, Stiffkey NR23 1QF (follow the brown road signs) goes from strength to strength. We are now closed for the winter period but plan to re-open for February half-term and beyond at weekends and on Bank Holidays from 10am to 4pm. There are many artefacts on display and a wealth of information illustrating our wonderful coastal heritage, including fishing boats, local characters and their stories, boatbuilding, ongoing restoration projects plus the history of the former Army Camp on which we are sited, not forgetting the story of lifeboat ‘Lucy Lavers’ and her restoration at Stiffkey. We also have a selection of souvenirs on sale, including books and t-shirts, DVDs, mugs and postcards. Proceeds go towards the running costs of our charity. We are especially looking to recruit a few more volunteers to help staff the Centre – could you spare just 3 hours a month? If so, contact Steph on steph.lickley@btinternet.com, or John Wykes on jwjw@johnwykes.eclipse.co.uk, or visit our website for more detail at www.rescuewoodenboats. com. There is no need to be a maritime expert – the displays are mostly self-explanatory – and you will be working alongside other volunteers in our friendly team. Just enjoy chatting to visitors and being involved in promoting our local heritage!

feather, which adds a staccato tone to the fly past. The geese, Brent and Pinks, were late arriving but now fill the morning marsh with their calls. The flocks of blackbirds have been accompanied by a good number of redwings and thrushes this year. I was surprised by a flock of over 200 egrets heading West the other morning. Their numbers continue to increase since they returned to breeding here a few years ago. I have observed the small local group of rooks carrying what I believe to be walnuts either to hide or to drop and break on hard surfaces for the third year running. Have you seen this behaviour or know more? In December look out for and listen to the skeins of pink feet geese in the morning or evening as they leave or return to their roosts on the outer sands. Look forward to snowdrops in January. Rural Ruth

LYNX DELIVERIES We are currently short of a person to help with our deliveries in Stiffkey. The round that is currently vacant is the south side of Wells Rd from ‘Old Charlie’s’ to the yard on the Wells side of the shop; about 21 houses and all very accessible. This is about a half hour job every second month. If you think you would like to help contact me on the above. Geraldine Green

CHURCH NOTES The month of October began with Harvest Festival. This was well supported and the produce given to the church was once again taken to the Canaan Centre in Sheringham. The following week saw the Payback Scheme from King's Lynn come to cut the conservation area in the churchyard. They should have made two visits but the second was extremely wet and the day was cancelled. The final Friday 10.00am. Holy Communion service was held on the 28th. It was decided, with Rev’d Tim Fawcett who has taken this service for the village for many years, to discontinue this worship as most of the regular congregation would no longer be in the village. The service and refreshments afterwards was held to say thank you to Tim and goodbye to those who were

NATURE NOTES 16th October 2016 There has been much in the news regarding migrants; opinions both kind and unkind. However here in North Norfolk our feathered visitors are always welcome. The East winds of recent days has seen large groups of small birds tired but happy to reach landfall. The weather, wet and warm, has aided their recovery. There has been a lovely flock of golden plover that has been glittering across the sky. Also recently a large cloud of starlings have been seen flowing and swirling over the marsh, first one way and then the other. There always seems to to be one individual with a wonky



leaving: Helen Leach, who was moving nearer her family, Eva and Clive Gambrill, who have settled in Fakenham; and Chris Halford who has returned to her family in New Zealand. A photograph of the churchyard with James' headstone and the church in the background was presented by Eva to Helen as a thank you and something by which to remember Stiffkey. There was no first Sunday service in November, however the short Remembrance Gathering round the Village Memorial led by Rev’d Tim Fawcett would continue on Friday 11th November, starting at 10.45 a.m. The Christingle Carol service with candlelight is to be held on Sunday 18th December at 3.00 p.m. There will be no service at Stiffkey on Christmas Day. There will be carol singing at the Red Lion pub as usual Christmas Eve at 6 pm. It is still hoped that Lay Readers will be found to take the first Sunday Morning Prayers during 2017. HH

Unique Website Launched Having secured a Government grant to help with the requirements of the Transparency Code, the Parish Council has now launched its new website www.stiffkeyvillage.org funded through this grant. The website was created with the support of Norfolk Parish Training & Support using WIX. The site has interesting information about the village and the Parish Council, and it also benefits from something which is possibly a unique feature for any website of a local council in the country. The efforts of a working party at the end of 2015 organised all the minutes and associated parish papers stored in the Village Hall. Loose minutes were bound by the bookbinder, Richard Lane of Fakenham. Minutes prior to the late 1990’s had been hand written into bound books. One diligent council member then undertook the task of scanning all the minutes going back to 1894, the date when parish councils were formed. The scanned minutes have now all been uploaded onto the Stiffkey website and they make fascinating reading.

CLIVE AND EVA GAMBRILL Long-term residents Clive and Eva Gambrill have left Stiffkey to re-locate nearer their family in Fakenham. Popular, kind and caring, the Gambrills ran the village shop for many years, with Clive being a ‘life-line’, for villagers who needed help with property repairs and building projects. In spite of a large family, or because of it, Eva always found time to enter into village life and was the archetype of the phrase ‘if you want something done, ask a busy woman!’ Their children, particularly Lorna, Kevin and Wayne, were equally great ‘stars’ of the village scene. I am missing them already, and so, I suspect, are many more ‘Stiffkeyites’. Beverley Bashforth

Questionnaire to all Householders Stiffkey Parish Council will shortly be circulating to all householders a questionnaire. Please could you complete a questionnaire and return to either the Post Office or the Red Lion. The results from the questionnaire will help determine our priorities and also support our grant applications. Acting Parish Clerk Di Dann clerk@stiffkeyvillage.com Binham Youth Group

GARDEN PLOT SUCCESS Kohlrabi, peas, runner beans, sweetcorn, chard, marrow, butternut squash, lettuce, leek, pumpkin and lots of potatoes. Swedes, sprouts and broccoli to come; a continuous and wonderful vegetable feast from our new allotment in Stiffkey this year. So we must thank the Parish Council whose persistence persuaded the District Council to free up the land off Bangay and to all those who helped clear the land to make our harvest possible. Beverley and Steven Bashforth


CHRISTMAS PUZZLE ANSWERS (for puzzles and quizzes on pages 14-15)


Z S F C 20 22




8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.




1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

SPOT THE DIFFERENCES SOLUTION In the lower picture: 1. There's a second coachman on the toy coach under the tree. 2. Victoria has lost her wrist-watch! 3. The toy has gone from the servant's pocket. 4. The hanging toy on the top branches now appears three times. 5. The portrait head is looking the other way. 6. Albert has lost his waistcoat pocket and two buttons. 7. Victoria has a larger bustle! (hard, that one).

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.

Kiwifruit. [Formerly known as Chinese Gooseberries]. Destiny’s Child. A bat. A caribou. Natasha Kaplinsky. M62. Golf.


Spinach Poa Suaeda Lyme Thrift. Sea Holly. Samphire Glasswort Campion Lavender Marram Purselane Stonecrop Poppy.

Trees and present drawn by Binham Youth Group

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

The Amazon. Giraffe. St. Valentine. Lava. “J”. A partridge. Six. 8. Grapes. 9. Four [April, June, September, November]. Six. True. One hundred and sixty eight. Fifty. Red, blue, black, yellow and green. Italy.



Oysters and bacon. Twenty. Blood. Black. The Death Star. Seven. The Marathon. Helsinki.

and making the sink hole. The freshwater spring rises slowly and gently up to the surface. Christina told us some interesting facts: in the old days, before water pipes existed, the people of the village used to collect the water, drain out the sand and use it as their drinking water. Slightly strange, I’d say, but it was their only source of water. During our Coastal Safari we jumped over creeks, some were narrow; others were much wider and muddier! We had a “muddy buddy” to help us out of the mud. This buddy was very helpful, my buddy was Rosie. During one of the muddier creeks, one of my friends, Tilly lost her shoe in the black, stinky marsh mud. It was really gone! As a team we worked to help Tilly and save her shoe from the Marsh Trolls! Luckily, we managed to do this we had our own hero of the marsh: Rhiannon! At the end of the day, we were tiered, exhausted yet thrilled. I would definitely recommend this trip for team building and for anyone who just likes mud. I think, I was the muddiest of us all, but some of my friends might challenge this. Thank you for everything.

LANGHAM VILLAGE SCHOOL NEWS New Reception Class Langham Village School has been a busy place since we came back in September. We have welcomed 13 new pupils into our Reception Class; welcome to Langham to Phoebe, Millie, Lily, Tyler, Harry, Daniel, Jemima, Edward, Bethany, Charlotte, Ella, Paddy and Boden. They have all settled into school really well and have learnt so much already! They have particularly enjoyed playing in the mud kitchen and dressing up in the home corner. This week they are studying the book ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’ by Michael Rosen and have loved acting out the story. (no bears found yet). In October the school held a Harvest Festival Service at the Church and our families were very generous in their donations to the local Food Bank. The Jet Class children read out Harvest and Autumn poems at the service, the younger children presented songs and group poems. Back in school Amber Class produced an amazing Harvest Picnic making their own bread and butter and eating the school grown apples. Our four lovely hens are now laying so we have our own supply of eggs every day too! In September, Jet class had an exciting day ‘Team building’ at Brancaster Activity centre. They took part in a coastal safari and orienteering. This letter was written by Evie In Jet Class following the visit:

Amber Class have visited Langham Dome as part of their history project, we are lucky to have such a fantastic resource on our doorstep. They learnt about how the Dome was used during the Second World War. Quartz Class’ topic this half term is chocolate! They are studying Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl and learning about the history and manufacture of chocolate, from bean to bar. They have been fortunate to visit the Chocolate Deli in Wells-next-the-sea this week to design and make their very own chocolate bar. A really exciting and delicious experience. Our International links are still strong, we have been in contact with our link school in India, sharing their Diwali celebrations and have Skyped our Night Zookeeper friends in America. Amber Class learnt about Columbus and took part in Columbus Day with lots of activities based around his explorations. Finally our sporting achievements, we have gained The ‘Gold Sports Mark’ which is the highest qualification for Primary Schools in England and shows our continuing commitment and success in sport this year. We have qualified for the County Tag Rugby Finals and seven of our children have qualified for the County Cross Country Finals. Our football team are going strong and are a fantastic example of sportsmanship and determination. We are so proud of all our achievements so far this term. To find out more about our school please see our website: langhamvillageschool.com & follow us on Twitter @LanghamVill.

To all the staff who made our day amazing: I am a pupil in Jet Class at Langham Village school and I am just writing to say we had an amazing time with you at Brancaster. It was so fun and we learnt such a lot. Thank you for all the knowledge that you shared with us and thank you for keeping us safe. I loved learning all about the salt marsh and the wildlife there. The orienteering in the morning was really fun and I learnt new skills like map reading and using a compass in the correct way. We worked in partners, I was with Reggie. We had to find a post using our map and compass and stamp a special sheet of paper. We also had a whistle in case of an emergence like a broken bone or being really lost. The views of the North Norfolk coastal landscape were amazing. Thank you for a great day! Also, I loved the Coastal Safari activity in the afternoon. I loved the sinkhole it was really cold. I was fascinated by the salt water and the fresh water meeting


LYNX 111 ADS DIRECTORY Care Services Caring First Home Care Polka Day Care: For ages 0-5

page 23 17

Paul R Smith: handmade furniture Sandra’s Soft Furnishings Walsingham Gallery & Framing

22 6 7

Domestic Cleaning Services ACS Oven Cleaning Colin’s Cleaning Service

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Garden/Landscape Country Gardener/Country Pest Control Stephen Beal Landscapes TGS Gardening

Leisure Langham Football Club for 7-15 year olds Morston Swimming Pool

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24 17 19

Health Claire Dye: Physiotherapist Gunthorpe Osteopaths Counsellor and Psychotherapist Marianne Atherton Homeopathy Sea Breeze Therapies Philippa Stancomb Reflexology Pilates at Binham Memorial Hall

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Hotels/Cottage Rentals Blakeney Hotel Glaven Cottages: Property Management Morston Cottage

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Services and Suppliers Adam Sexton Washing Machine Services Allied Glass: Trade and Domestic Glazing Andrew Benn: PC Problems Daren Betts Building and Maintenance David Thompson Chimney Sweep Elv’s Stoves: Woodburner Services Ju electrical: domestic and commercial Keeble Roofing Contractor Matthew Coe Heating Services M G Myhill Chimney Sweep North & West Norfolk Log Co. P J Electrics Taxworx Whitear Roofing

21 12 7 11 8 21 front cover 9 10 10 front cover 25 6 9

Interiors/Art/Textiles/Furniture Bluejacket Showroom, Morston Nick Hamond Furniture: cabinet-maker

19 front cover

Taxis Strong Cars Stuart’s Taxi Town and Country Cars

11 25 front cover

The Small Ads Panel - Advertising Local Services Would you like to advertise here? Email: maxine.burlingham@me.com. JAYNE BIRD MCFHP MAFHP Foot care in your own home Routine and Diabetic Foot Care 01328 851332 or 07881 107571

CLEARVIEW PEST CONTROL Moles Rats Mice Wasps, Etc Etc Contact Kevin 01328 829154 or 07952 750265

INSIDE OUT Gary Waller Painter and Decorator – Fully Insured Tel: 01263 860705 Mob: 07990 993406

LANGHAM FOOTBALL CLUB Saturday mornings Young people 7-15 years Contact Paul Belton 07833 206 842

CHIMNEY SWEEP David Thompson 01328 851081

B.A. TREE SERVICES (Tree Surgeon) Free quotes available Full Public Liability Insurance held 01263 588994 or 07748 570121

HAMLYN PEST CONTROL County Council Accredited—NPTA Member Control of Rats, Mice, Wasps, etc., 01263 860112 or 861587

ALICE MARTINEAU YOGA Tuesdays 5.30-7.00pm & 7.00-8.30pm 07973 278895 www.alicemartineau.co.uk

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Local Lynx No.111 (updated) December 2016/January 2017  

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Local Lynx No.111 (updated) December 2016/January 2017  

The community newspaper for 10 North Norfolk villages.